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So, after the informative and interesting discussion/ideas from last thread, I'm curious to see if anyone has any more interesting thoughts to toss into the mix.

Fire away, /tg/.

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/48522863/
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also, I set up a sector map.

not complete, mind you.
basic gist from last thread is that this sector is at the edge of Segmentum Solar, bordering Ultima near the galactic core.

Lots of mineral rich worlds that are being mined, lots of radiation so expect quite a few deathworlds. On the bright side, algal growths are used as agricultural products.

A penitent chapter of astartes are in the neighborhood, some cults are trying to screw things up, pirates, eldar, etc.

you know the drill.
The usual then. I imagine it's a place the Red Corsairs love to come and fuck shit up in
where are Red Corsairs usually lurking about, anyway?
ok, one thing I forgot to add last time about the Whirling Abyss:

Since it became so popular to dump shit over into a black hole, like criminal elements trying to dump evidence and bodies and stuff, the Imperial Navy normally has a two flotillas patrolling around there just to make sure there aren't any unauthorized activities.
shameless bump
alright, I guess I'll start it off and hopefully more people will join in:


This Listening post is stationed within the vicinity of Rift of Perdition, keeping a watchful eye on the Cape of the Savior's Light (through which many warp entities/chaos forces spill out of, as well as the derelict forge world Antigone. The station also occasionally acts as a refit and refueling station for imperial recon/scouting ships as they keep tabs on activities near the rift.

In recent years, they've caught sightings of Craft World Ny-Qah as it passes by in it's patrolling orbit around the rift.

Around the time of the last noted passage of the craftworld, defenders of the listening post heard garbled transmissions of unintelligible alien tongue.

At first, it was thought that the aliens were trying to hack into their communication channels, but ultimately nothing came of it.

Weeks later, a distress signal came from the station, requesting immediate assistance, with background noise suggesting a violent struggle and possible rioting/revolt.

However, within a day, a new transmission came from the station, stating that a minor mutiny had been quelled and that business would continue as normal, citing contaminated algae rations as the probable cause.
Civilized world Erralt is famous for its shipyards, producing many ships, though not quite of the capital variety.

From imported Adamantium and other resources, the shipyards producing more light weight and escort type vessels, usually in replacement of those lost in scouting actions near the Rift of Perdition and in skirmishes against pirate raiders.

Still, on the rare occasion they are commissioned to building heavy weight ships, specialist Admech personnel and equipment are usually called in to assist in such endeavors. As such, the ruling government and shipyard administrators are on particularly good terms with the nearby forgeworld, Xiphon.

Still, there are known disagreements between the two parties. In a case towards the end of the 41st millennium, the shipyards harbored a techpriest with extraordinary skill and mind. Under his supervision, shipyard production was boosted considerably, making vast profits for the shipbuilders and the Planetary Government. His only request was that he be granted some of the excess resources for certain projects, and this was given to him by the Shipyard's Chief Foreman.

However, the techpriest was later implicated in various heretek violations. When the investigating party came to collect evidence against him, most, if not all were conveniently missing or lost.

Admech still took the target in for questioning. While he was in their custody, the techpriest somehow managed to break out and flee from his holding cell.

The Admech was furious, certain sources suggesting that someone on Erralt had been helping to cover the rogue techpriest's tracks and then later broke him out. Various friends of the techpriest were known to be high ranking members of society and business from the planet.

But, with no solid evidence, and the suspect having vanished into thin air, all the Admech could do was grumble. Contacts over the years suggest he's still hiding on Erralt, working on something for the ruling government in the dark.
Quarry, a system composed of naught but blasted rock and barren worlds, airless and dead.

The many asteroids that inhabit this place form rings in large belts, layering the solar system, spaced between orbits of lifeless planets and their equally inanimate moons.

Once valued for its metals, it has been bone dry for many centuries. Still, hollowed out rocks and leftover stations litter this gravelly place, and is most likely a hideout for various groups.

If one has the time and resources, carving out a home away from home in this system wouldn't be too bad an investment. Provided, of course, that they play things low key and keep their hands clean.
Nyx is a night world, full of many horrors and ravenous creatures. In the freezing temperatures, only the most vicious and ruthless may survive. This planet (or moon as it is) is almost always in the shadow of two larger gas giants which revolve around one another.

On this deathworld, many animals have grown and adapted to the darkness, some being blind, some without eyes. Their other senses are cultivated to compensate for the lack of sight. Some might even say that they've evolved other senses to help them compete in the prolonged night.

The Nightworlders of Nyx sometimes share these traits. While the more dominant traits are that of darkness adept eyes, perfect for seeing in the dark, others are born without working eyes. These children are known to be far more aware about various different aspects of their environment, their sense of sound making it extremely difficult to ambush them, their sense of smell giving them a better chance at sniffing out possible dangers or even tracking down foes, etc.

Still, the Sons of Heaven Space Marine chapter do not discriminate between their initiates in this regard. So long as the candidate completes their trials, that is all that matters. Ones with blindness can easily be rectified with the introduction of cybernetic replacements. In fact, the Sons of Heaven have recently seen the value in gaining candidates with enhanced senses and are in the middle of restructuring their trials to best test these sightless initiates.

It has also been noted by the space marines that the best time to harvest recruits is at times just after the Purgation, an event where Nyx, at the right time, is shone the rays of the sun, which is enough to burn anything unlucky enough to pass into the light, and severely blinding those who have sight. This event lasts for a brief period of time, with those who manage to escape the disastrous effects of the sun in tact being deemed clever and determined enough to be worthy candidates.
Sold on the name of the sector? I suppose not in any spot but Id hate to bring up confusion with my own nonsense of a sector.
Ok, before I can join in on the fun, what palces does not have fluff written for them? Aslo, do we have a 1d4chan page?
Or can I just make something new up on the spot? Like for example a xeno planet, an asteroid belt, a space hulk, etc?
Suggest some more names, if you like.

There weren't any objections to the original name last time, so that's what we stuck with.


we don't have a page on 1d4chan, unfortunately. I figure it's something to work on after getting a few threads going of interesting content.

I think all the named places in the sector map already have fluff on them, but there are unnamed spots on the map that could use some fluffing, and you could always make up new places.
though, i think it may be best if you looked through the last thread to have an idea of what's going on.

Dharmut, cardinal world, spiritual center of the sector.

Located in Qillion Cluster

keep tabs on local worlds and ensure that all workers from the mines and agri worlds are loyal to the Emperor and the Ecclisiarchy.

Butt heads with admech over mines (ideological differences) over how resources should be used. Admech want more weapons and equipment, ecclesiarchy want more temples and iconography.

Use Frateris Militia to intimidate or extort certain parties into providing various resources for the Cardinal Regus and his world. possible ties with criminal elements? could be competing with them, could be directing them.

Bad relations with Order of the Hallowed Glyph at St. Rhianane's Sanctuary.

Frateris Militia tried to intimidate them into destroying all of their artefacts and research. Their leader found mysteriously dead of unknown causes, no sign of struggle or of injury, no evidence to suggest that the Sisters did it.

have requested on numerous times to have them investigated or excommunicated, but have so far been stuck in red tape, or someone's been purposefully keeping it quiet.

Request new order to be founded, one that they can trust to do their bidding.
File: Voltari Sector.png (207 KB, 1311x1090)
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207 KB PNG
updated sector map
File: Quartermaster 2.jpg (88 KB, 654x534)
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This thread needs more Death Korps!

Varheimanon returns to make a challenger for the 2781st!

File: Valtari_Finish.jpg (1.48 MB, 1644x974)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
It probably won't even matter really, i'm just vain.
Order of the Bloody Grail

Order Origin:
Order of the Ebon Chalice

Purpose of founding:
Crusade - "We need people running around and hitting the Imperium's enemies. Found an Order!"

Pride in colors: behold themselves to no authority aside from the Emperor and the High lords of terra.

Suffer Not the Alien to Live - The Xenos shall fall this day!

Primary Saint:
Canoness Superior

The saint led the Order in many glorious campaigns, slaying hundreds of the enemy’s greatest champions. In the end, they were brought down by treachery within the fold of the Imperium, slain by an assassin’s turbo-penetrator round on the field of battle. Just why they were targeted was never discovered, and the Order harbours doubts of the loyalty of the servants of the Officio Assassinorum to this day.

Feral World


Influence on homeworld:
Noticeable influence - You dabble in the games of power somewhat, just enough to keep the interests of your order protected.

Slight Variation


Traditional Weapon: The Order favours one specific weapon over all others. Choose one specific weapon to serve as the Order’s weapon of choice. Examples: Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Melta Gun
Stake Crossbow/Purgatus crossbow/Condemnor Bolter

Purity of Man - "Protect the Hallowed human form from rusted iron"

Under Powered

Adeptus Astartes Chapter (Black Templars)

The Eldar (alternatively, you may select a particular Craftworld or leader)

This order seem like a fairly good fit.

Ecclesiarchy wanted some Sisters more in line with what Cardinal Regus wanted, so they sent these girls.

Unfortunately, they don’t take shit from anyone besides the big bosses. Someone petty (probably a rival in an ecclesiarchal position) didn’t want their canoness getting more powerful/influential, so they had her bumped off, which is why they don’t like any other authority figures except for the top dogs. As such, Regus can’t really boss them around, which means he’s going to have to try manipulating them subtly.

They’re hatred for Eldar has made them up and use anti psyker weapons to better counter the alien. And they really hate aliens.

Seeing as how the Hallowed Glyph are kind of on ok terms with the eldar from Ny-Qah, that’ll likely prove to be an issue between the two orders.

Due to their low numbers, they usually act as force multipliers for other battle groups, their stealth training allowing them to conduct raids, crippling strikes, and intelligence gathering operations for larger forces.
Eh, it's probably funnier this way. What with Imperial red tape and fuck ups, this is likely to cause problems with the system. Shipments bound for one sector get sent to another, you know how it is.
where would you like your death korp deployed?
research world Veritas, a mechanicus world, with an inquisitorial seal of approval, set up to study the entities that come out of the Rift of Perdition.

Due to the high incidence of warp entities spewing from the rift, the Imperium hopes to gather much more data on warp entities in general from the frequent incursion they make into real space. Expeditions to warp anomalous planets are supervised by personnel from Veritas, studying the weird violations of physics in the real world.

Because of its nature, its defenses are considerable, with many guard regiments and skitarii formations deployed to ensure the safety of the facility, and to put down anything unruly that might be causing trouble within.

Oddly enough, the 1st Raxian Penal Legion was deployed here, relieving another guard regiment for a 2 year duration before being shipped off to another battlefield in the sector.
That is true... all the more reason to have more than is really reasonable, clerks misreading an o for an a or sloppy handwritting. Kyahaha
Is Valtari a canon system or a fan made one?
Additional info for the squats on Antigone.

After setting up a main base at ravine, now called Valley Forge, the squat leader Fistbeard Beardfist took his forces and attempted to scout out the surrounding forge facilities for leftover equipment and schematics, with the help of mechanicus advisors from Veritas, and a large security detail from the Rogue Trader Ignatia Chyron.

the archeo investigation of the abandoned world seems to indicate that the cataclysmic event creating the Rift of Perdition caused a number of warp anomalies to occur here, creating ghosts of people here to reenact their last moments in the world of the living.

throughout the initial foray into the nearby facilities, many of the prospectors had lingering feelings of being watched.

regardless, the combined squat/admech/RT force has made considerable headway in revitalizing parts of the forgeworld.

Just in case, though, someone is standing right next to an astropath, ready to shout out a distress call in case they ever come across something that they simply weren't prepared to deal with. Much in the favor of the Rogue Trader are the Sons of Heaven Space Marines, who partially owe their continued existence to the Chyron Dynasty. (Having, at one point, voluntarily come to the defense of their homeworld when their sects were too far away to be recalled.)
The Anachrion Salient, a series of worlds spreading out coreward to rimward in a rather obtuse line, creating a sort of border between the Rift Worlds and the Fringe Worlds.
Jaunt was once a Hive World of the Imperium, raising many regiments for the guard and running the economy in its corner of the sector. However, it was a cesspit of crime and villainy, not unlike the world of Nostromo millennia ago.

More often than not, the ruling dynasty was in on the criminal dealings that surrounded their neighborhood, making secret pacts with pirates and assassinating any idealistic reformer.

Still, after many centuries of corruption and backroom deals, enough was enough. Word soon got to the Arbites, who then proceeded to conduct a purge of the planet and any associated worlds to clear the tumor. Their crusade brought them to the planetary governor, who, using his favors, called in some pirates to pick him up and save his ass. As the pirate's ship came into high orbit, the arbites and the PDF took several boarding crafts to infiltrate and capture the governor's escape route, just as he himself launched for the vessel.

The Pirates soon found themselves in a losing battle against very tenacious and highly trained law enforcers. A battle on the bridge caused the pirate ship to fall into the lower atmosphere of Jaunt, before someone managed to get it to decelerate and hold its position in the air.

Figuring they'd had enough and not wanting to risk hanging around for more troops to board, the pirates decided to enact a warp jump right then and there.

However, previous firefights had damaged the warp drives and gellar fields, which caused a hole in real space to open up, swallowing the ship and creating a gateway for daemons to spawn from. While the warp hole lasted for only a week, it was certainly enough time for the horde of warp spawn to rampage across the planet, butchering and corrupting everything they saw.

Now Jaunt has fallen to the whispers of daemons and the corrupt. Messages of distress sent out have been received too late to save that world, and only the cleansing fires of exterminatus may bring about its redemption.
Saint Rhianane's Sanctuary
how do Kriegers feel about working alongside aliens?
File: But that's Heresy.jpg (36 KB, 413x569)
36 KB
Pic related. KriegerxXeno never. Seriously, let me tell you about Varheim, and why he wears the mask.

Colonel Varheim is an old man by Death Korps standards. He has survived the deadly nuclear fire of atomic warfare, and is blighted by cancer. The only things keeping him alive are chemotherapy and willpower. However, repeated surgeries have sapped his strength. He cannot get his hands dirty in the trenches, he cannot strain himself, and he cannot perform the duties expected from a Krieger. But Varheim is not willing to be tossed aside as excess; he fights with what little strength remains to remain worthy, and what he lacks in physical capabilities he makes up for in faith, knowledge, and experience. His uniform does not outwardly show his weakness, but his posture and hacking fits betray him. He knows others know, feels it, but he mustn't show weakness nonetheless. He tells himself he is worthy, and that others are weak. His inferiority complex is deep, fueled by repentance and self-loathe, and in turn this complex fuels his faith and hatred for the Imperium's enemies-especially xenos.

>KriegerxXeno never

The inherent problem being that the Order of the Hallowed Glyph are mostly mistrusted by the rest of the sector for having an OK relation with Craftworld Ny-Qah, since they're the one's providing pretty useful intel on Chaos movements.

This could be quite interesting, as it would most likely bring him into conflict with the Craftworld and the Order that holds the Cape of the Savior's Light.
File: Death Korps Zeppelin.jpg (26 KB, 800x345)
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Then the obvious answer is not to tell the incoming Death Korps Regiment that they're xeno-lovers. And even if somebody tells Varheim, well, it's Varheim. He thinks everybody is inadequate.
Crusha's Crook.

A small conglomerate of loosely aligned Ork worlds, the Crook consists (so far) of three major worlds: Vanaheim, Rumak, and Golo.

These are heavily infested fortresses of Orks, having been wrestled from the Imperium near the end of the 40th millennium after a Waaagh! rampaged through the sector, only to be halted and cordoned off at the Crook.

From these holdings, the orks have made many attempts to break out, with various raids and assaults being launched from these worlds continuously over the centuries, giving the Imperial navy a great amount of expertise in combating ork ship formations, and the guard a good familiarity with the green horde.

The Start Stompas, Freebooterz, have been trying to hook up with these hooligans in the hopes that they can successfully Waaagh! out of the Imperial Cordon and eventually find the Sleep of Reason.

fair enough.

Any other Kriegers you want to deploy on other fields of battle?
Maybe a regiment that makes Varheim look over to his superior and say,"You thought I was bad? Check out a Krieg officer fresh out of training."

Maybe something like a foil. Whereas Varheim has developed a (very horrid and foul) personality, this commander is as emotionless and broken as a Krieger should be. He's an artillery commander, she's a cavalry officer. He sometimes talks back, she's quiet and obedient. He needs help standing, she doesn't.
You could name her and have her deployed to Jaunt. Those heretics need a good beat down.
File: Death Korps bunker.jpg (99 KB, 677x425)
99 KB
Oh, what am I talking about. I'm not writing a novel, I'm just doing a Death Korps regiment or two. Or maybe an entire line korps.
Maybe I will.
Al Azra, Volcanic world. not quite a mining world, but the tectonic activities bring up quite a bit of useful material that can be sold off. This world is best known for its pyromaniacal cult, likely due to the residents being saved from Dark Eldar raids by a joint Salamander/Sisters of Battle task force. Or, it could just be the something to do with the crazy hot temperature getting to them. In any case, this world has raised guard regiments that are particularly well trained in the use of flamer weapons and vehicles.

Figured I'd roll up the regiment for shits and giggles.

Imperial Guard: A true regiment, drilled and competent in their service.

Firstborn: Chosen by right of being the eldest child.

Standard conscription: Average or above-average citizens recruited from all levels of society. (If All-Male, All-Female, Firstborn, or Lottery was rolled on the demographic table, you may select this by default)



Core Unit:

Drill and Discipline

Adherent: Hold fast to the Creed and His will.

special equipment:
Special Vehicle (Hellhounds)

Esoteric Beliefs (Emperor is the Flame King, who sent his sons and daughters to save them from the Night Ghosts. They worship him through the burning of DEldar effigies and consider burns on their bodies to by a sign of honor and beauty. They practice cauterization in medicine over more efficient and practical approaches. They think it's the Flame King's way of sharing his pain and love for them.)

Imperial Guard (of a specific world)

Chaos Space Marines
hm, probably make the CSM guys the same ones that are coming out of the Rift.

As for the IG friends... well, seeing as how they're into siege warfare, maybe shack them up with the Kriegers?

Apparently, they love busting fortresses by lighting everything on fire.
Rust Knights

warband structure:
Legion Warband (a warband of one of the nine original Chaos Space Marine Legions)

Iron Warriors

Loathed. Many of, if not all, the marines in the warband refuse to see Chaos as an ally and shun those who submit themselves to it, realizing the dangers of Chaos' ever-shifting nature.

Power demands Sacrifice - The Marines of this force understand that in order to gain you must first give something in return. They're willing to sacrifice anything to advance themselves, even their lives or the lives of others.

Exploit and Conquer. The Warband views all others as mere pawns, assisting them when it helps their own goals and tossing them aside once they are no longer needed. These Marines are selfish and untrustworthy.

Champion of your choice. (Warsmith veteran of the Horus Heresy)

The figure is remembered as a scourge of the Imperium, having ravaged many planets and slaughtering servants of the Emperor aplenty.

Feral World

Warp-twisted, roll again for the base terrain, automatic for Daemon Worlds

Unorthodox Warfare - Alpha Legion Unorthodox tactics here. Stealth, sabotage, infiltration, deceit and subterfuge.

special equipment:
Stolen Technology.

Typical Strength

Specific Chaos Xenos or simply other xenos groups whom they share mutual goals with. See Minor Xenos Table below (Rak'gol pirates who attack Imperial trade routes and admech facilities in the sector)

Specific Ork Waaagh!/Warboss (Star Stompas, they looted the Warsmith’s hammer)
Brothers of the Serpent

warband structure:
Renegade Chapter (once a loyal Space Marine Chapter, now serving Chaos)

Reason for fall:
Near the brink of annihilation, the Marines took an extremely cowardly or horrible action to preserve their Chapter, and were excommunicated for this. (Warp magics to double their gene seeds and recruit survival)


Neutral. The warband believes Chaos to be more of a tool than something to be worshipped, serving the dark Gods when it benefits them.

Chaos Worship:
Chaos Undivided

Death to the False Emperor - The Marines despise the carrion lord and his false empire. They hate every aspect of the Imperium and fight to bring it apart.

Extra Heresy. A surprisingly large amount of the warband is willing to work alongside aliens, so long as they also worship Chaos (also this isn’t always the case. May also just include mutual hatred for the same enemy.). The battle-brothers in this force are more tolerant than most others. (Star Stompas Freebooterz)

Body Horror

mental flaw:
LOUD AND PROUD - Marines feel to need to announce their arrival to their foe, making it clear just who the hell they are and that they are here.


The figure of legend killed a renowned and mighty Imperial hero (like a Chapter Master, a well-known Inquisitor, or a famous Imperial Guard General). (Apothecary kill his own Chapter Master)

Agri World


Bloody Rain - Marines make heavy use of drop pods, gunships, dropships and jump-infantry.

special equipment:
Preferred Fighting Style (Close Quarters bladed weapons)

Typical Strength

Specific group of Chaos/renegade mortals (renegade/corrupted Lost and the Damned regiments, anti-Imperium rebels, clan of tribals, corrupted mutants, mercenary bands, pirate gangs....etc) (Sky Cults)

Specific Tyranid Hive Fleet
>Specific Tyranid Hive Fleet

Hive fleet Urchin

Hive Fleet Progenitor: Moloch
Classification: Hive Fleet Splinter
Fleet size: Large

goal: Rejoin the fleet (Fleet looking to pair up with their progenitor or a larger fleet)

strategy: Stealth and Infiltration (Stealers and lictors)

Common Biomorphs: Other/Create one (Ithonian Infiltrators, small genestealer-ish 'nids that can use their inherent warp based powers to teleport certain distances, more often than not into enemy bases, to sabotage and assassinate or distract)

Specialist creatures: Seeded Lictors

Rivals: Blueberry pie (Tau Sept)

They broke off after attacking some tau worlds before coming to the sector, but got pushed back by the Eldar. After munching on some warp spiders and licking their wounds, they're coming back for round 2.

Kind of wrecked the Brothers of the Serpent in a prior engagement by eating most of their forces and their homeworld, which forced them to use warp magics to try and up their numbers, which got them excommunicated and forced them to escape into the warp. Coming out the rift of perdition in the same sector where the same 'nids are striking is an unusual coincidence, or perhaps it's fate.
in any case, the Brothers of the Serpent managed to convince the Rust Knights to help them topple St. Rhianane's Sanctuary, promising them to backstab the orks and retrieve their vaunted warsmith relic.
speaking of which, Ithoni is the first world that got the honor of being the test subjects for this new form of 'nid. Poor poor miners of Ithoni.
Im just going to write some fluff for a planet;

The volcanic hive world of Ignis Olympia is an aincent hive world with populations rising up to over 700 million souls, and that is only counting in the registered imperial cititzens and not the ones living in slums and underhives.

The planet has 6 hive cities in total, the largest one "Brandfara" is the administrative and commercial hub for the planet and it's many industries. This is also the home of the govenor and his palace that lies above the smoggy and ashy clouds, a smooth and white marble palace that is only shielded for the harsh rays of the sun by a strong voidshield that is said to hail from the very first colony ship.

Due to the harsh and hot world, the inhabitants have been forced to bulk up their hives with many thick layers of ceramite and durasteel since only the richer parts of the hives can afford to have void shields up and running when the planet is not at war.

Ignis Olympia's guard regiment that they raise are called "the magma walkers" and mostly consists of sentinel squads and Wyvern support as their primary force.

What do you guys think? I am not good at writing good fluff, so please expand on this in any way you please
File: volcano_planet.jpg (199 KB, 853x427)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Forgot the pic
File: rocky_forest.jpg (84 KB, 600x400)
84 KB
Just some fluff for a minor xenos race:

>The Wridax

The xenos known as the Wridax are a type of invertebrate. They have four winged arms and two legs, their homeworld, the forest world of Xad'Ir is a hostile deathworld for everything but the native flora and fauna. This is mainly due to the fact that the entire planet is covered in a forest and large natural formed pillars that often can be several hundred meters in height. Most of the flora is also poisonous to touch due to a unknown chemical they use as nutrition.
The Wridax use the largest of these pillars as their homes, and with the help from a superheated form of tiny crystals that shoots up from geysers, they are able to melt the rock and almost hollow out large portions in order to make a lot of room. Even though they are too heavy to fly they are able to glide with their four winged arms, as well as climb the pillars with ease.

The Wridax have yet to discover fire but have advanced enough to have a primitive form of language and even a form of barter system between the different "pillar clans".
Their eyesight is not too great at short distances, making them very vigilant of intruders comming from long distances.
Their skin colors are mostly dark purple, light red and dark blue, which tend to become darker as they age.
The males are usually heavier than their female counter part and their colors are more varied. The females, however, are usually sneakier.

What do you guys think? I just like to write these segments of fluff, hope it fits the sector
File: imperial cult.png (456 KB, 1500x407)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
I really liked the ideas for sects of the imperial cult from /tg/s last sector. Perhaps the Congregants could have some presence in Voltari?
>Ignis Olympia
it's a good start.
>Ignis Olympia's guard regiment that they raise are called "the magma walkers" and mostly consists of sentinel squads and Wyvern support as their primary force.
Their vehicles are airtight and insulated against the extreme temperatures of Ignis Olympia. Their elite machine-mounted infantry, the lava dragoons, wear heavy suits that protect them against the same extreme temperatures as their sentinels. The Ignis Olympia Magma Walkers regiments are some of the few in the galaxy who can fight in such hazardous environments, along with the space marines and skitarii.

You know, in case you like the idea.
it's nice having unique alien species in the fluff. thanks
If so, they'd have to be on the fringes, since Cardinal Regus is kind of strong arming his own little sphere of influence in the sector.
Hey, should this sector have an ending?
how do you mean?
Like a lot of sectors work on the background, but they don't move forward and come to a conclusion. Does Chaos finally take the sector? Do orks raze its infrastructure? Does a hivefleet eat everything?
well, part of the point of making a sector is so you have a sandbox for players to mess around in, right? If you knew what was going to happen and that it wouldn't make a difference at all, why bother playing?
>If you knew what was going to happen and that it wouldn't make a difference at all, why bother playing?
Like the Horus Heresy?

This sector isn't gonna last forever. People are gonna forget about it then move on to another sector in a few months.
>Like the Horus Heresy?
yeah, I felt that was something that didn't need elaborating on.

Still, to leave it open ended and still have a potential end, we could have one of the farseers from Ny-Qah provide a prophecy based on her visions.
Maelstrom is their base of operations, so it's not exactly miles away
File: Spoiler Image (458 KB, 3508x2480)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
>Not exactly miles away.
It's literally trillions of miles away anon.
Kaemela, a Farseer of Craftworld Ny-Qah, had served her kin well for the first half of the 41st millennium. Her visions helped secure the survival of her craftworld and her exodite cousins, repelling chaos incursions and tyranid attacks.

All was well, until after the last Battle of Sanctuary, where upon and Imperial/Eldar victory over the forces of Disorder, she nursed a severe migraine, falling into a coma. Perhaps due to overexertion of her abilities in the fight against Chaos, or simply the fact that they were so close to an opening into the unstable Empyrean caused her to fall unconscious.

Whatever the case, in her unmoving state, she watched and witnessed.

a storm of teeth and talons and claws flew before her. At first, she thought they were descending upon the hapless defenders of the sector, to rip and tear and consume. But the mon'keigh merely watched as they flew away, happy, cheering. They stood above the bodies of their lost brethren, the warp tainted souls of the damned withering away back into the Great Ocean. Their celebrations resonating throughout the ugly metal spires that dotted their planet.

But from the ground under their feet, metal claws drug out skeletal bodies. The defenders were cut down, stripped of their skin and flesh and bones.

The servants of the Yngir rose once more upon lifeless worlds, rulers of barren planes once rich with life.

Those not present for the slaughter fled as far as they could, to the fringes of space, before the Green Savages found and broke them, and they, too, would be cleansed by the ancient horrors.

Her craftworld, once the bearers of life and healing, was shattered, orbiting a world set to the torch, the embers clearly seen from the void, all to the backdrop of a shrinking wound in reality.

From that nightmare did she awake. From that point forth, she put all her efforts, her soul and energy, into averting such a fate for her people.
Storm Bringers

Counter - "There are Orks over here! Found a Chapter!" "But it'll take 50 ye-" "Do it!"

founded when:
38th Millenium

Dark Angels

Gene seed:
Altered Stock - Gene-seed is altered and some implants are deficient

Suffer Not the Alien to Live

Oolitic Secretions - Weird-coloured skin. Yeah, that's it. (Purple)

Chapter Master

The individual was a stalwart enemy of the servants of Chaos, and slew a Daemon Prince.



rule of homeworld:
Stewardship - "Hi, Planetary Governor? It's me, the Chapter Master. Just calling you to remind you that I outrank you, even if I don't do anything."

Divergent chapter

Close Combat

special equipment:
Blessed Wargear: It is common for members of this Chapter to have their Wargear blessed by a Chaplain before battle. Doing so puts the Battle-Brother’s mind at ease and more focused on the task at hand.

Revere the Primarch - "Our Spiritual Liege is better than yours!"

Under Strength

Imperial Guard from a specific world (New Ceres)

Chaos Space Marines (you should choose a particular warband, Chapter, or Traitor Legion)

The chapter of space marines was founded in M38 in order to protect the sector from chaos space marines, like the Brothers of the Serpent. Their Chapter Master, Izuel Thorne, led a battle against a Keeper of Secrets, banishing the daemon back into the warp and saving St. Rhianane’s Sanctuary from destruction. After a particularly nasty campaign defending New Ceres from an Ork Waaagh!, the chapter was severely depleted and needed to recover. Only recently have the Storm Bringers brought their numbers back up, returning to the sector. However, with the propagation of suspicious cults, there are rumors spread that the overall instigator, a person of commonality having a hand in the creation of these heretics, is clad in black, sporting ancient wargear and red wings on his shoulders. Rumors of a Fallen Angel of Death abounded.

Anxious to find this fallen brother first, Thorne has his chapter prematurely deployed to hunt down the instigator, carefully attempting to not arouse suspicion as he does so, but such secrets can only be held for so long. As such, they have begun to thoroughly investigate and purge planets with suspected cults for information regarding the mastermind, all the while intimidating or even outright killing loose ends from ever speaking up again.

With more impending threats to the sector (i.e. tyranid invasion imminent, the arrival of a new astartes chapter, and increased Imperial presence in response to heightened attacks at the Cape of the Savior’s Light, the Storm Bringers will be hard pressed to keep a lid on things for long. And when someone does stumble upon their secret little mission, blood is bound to be spilled.
Can someone update the map? I'm on phone so I have a hard time editing it myself
File: Voltari Sector.png (220 KB, 1311x1090)
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>Tau world

Aren't we located right next to the border of segmentum solar/Ultima segmentum? That's pretty far away from Tau space, but I might be wrong
Ok, so Homebase doesn't quite make sense.

How about, they recruit from a Feral world (Varkith) and their fortress monastery is located on an airless world called (Hydrin)

that's just an addition I made to the legend in case I wanted to make another sector or something.
Lunfri, once a highly productive Agri world with a robust population and vast quantities of food stuffs. But the day that the Rift opened up caused many worlds along the precipice of the Immaterium to suffer from warp phenomena, causing most of them to be abandoned.

A minor warp storm was generated around Linfri's system, preventing its inhabitants from escaping. With their close proximity to the Rift, the incidences of warp phenomena grew and grew, causing the populace to fall into insanity. The whispers of the warp drew many into the embraces of the Chaos gods.

When the storm finally let up a few millennia later, and Imperial forces arrived to investigate, they found themselves swarmed by cultists and daemons, flinging themselves at the Imperials, from the five moons that orbited the corrupted world, to the hidden tunnels where the inhabitants conducted hit and run attacks.

Battles were fought in grim depth and determination, with many a traitor making a name for themselves in the slaughter. Their overall success sent the remaining worshipers of the Emperor packing with their tails between their legs.

Their victory over the corpse god gained the favor of Chaos, soon turning the planet into a daemon world. However, rather than concentrate on gearing the planet for conquest against the greater Imperium, the different factions of the Chaos gods fought each other over who had sole claim over Lunfri. This conflict continues to this day, leaving the Imperium a tenuous amount of breathing space before a potential chaos assault in the future.
Desert world Zawari, home to roaming tribes of scavengers. What once was a civilized world of arts and devotion to the Emperor, fell into the hands of ravenous xenos and traitors.

An exterminatus order came and cleansed the world. a thousand of years later, it was deemed suitable for recolonization, with the first batch of settlers building a city or two with various towns and villages. However, due to bureaucratic incompetence, the next few waves of colonists were diverted to other locations viewed as more critical than Zawari. Those left on the surface had to eek out a living on the harsh world that was their new home.

what meager forces they can muster are used to guard themselves from attacks by Chaos raiders, pirates, and xeno slavers.

More often than not, this world has fallen prey to the sadistic Dark Eldar, and despite their best efforts, it seems there's little that they can do to fend off the vile aliens.
An agri world called Zeet.

Sure, it's got a bunch of tectonic activity and lava spewing around due to the larger celestial bodies it's hanging around with in its solar system (not to mention the radiation).

But apparently, this place couldn't grow algae like the other agri worlds, so it went with radiation absorbing mushrooms instead. These shrooms grow in particularly radiation prone areas, from the ancient landfills that used to harbor radioactive wastes, to the parts of the surface that are bathed in solar radiation. It's not uncommon to find them in the underground tunnels and chambers as well, for the heat given off by the lava flows do stimulate their development.

On another note, these Rad Shrooms or Hot Tops as they are colloquially referred to, do generate a very miniscule amount of chemotoxin. Considered negligible and safe to consume in moderate quantities, enrichment and purification experiments show that this compound, so far dubbed FTX-394, can eventually confer low level psyker like abilities in certain humans with large enough dosages given at specific intervals over an extended period of time (from years to decades depending on the subject).
Lets make a couple forge worlds
well, time to roll up Xiphon's specifics.
Unorthodox: Completely different than the priests of Mars, Going their own way while still not being tech heretics

products of note:

special product bonus:

Faith in the Omnissiah above all

Skitarii Defense Force (Modified imperial guard units)

Above Average: Skitarii numbers are slightly over-strength
right, now to make a new forge world

Orthodox:Patterned after Mars with few deviations

products of note:
Heavy Arms

special product bonus:
Alternative Pattern

techpriest demeanor:
Secretive, Very Suspicious, borderline Tech-heretics

Skitarii Defense Force (Modified imperial guard units)

Below-Average: perhaps rebuilding, or having deployed some already

forgeworld: Sifyrion
guess I'll roll one for antigone, too.
Orthodox:Patterned after Mars with few deviations

products of note:
Energy Field Technology

special product bonus:

techpriest demeanor:
Praise be to the Father Mars!

Skitarii Mars Pattern (codex style)

Average: baseline number of Skitarii for a Forge World

at least, these were some of the things about it before the rift happened.
Dark Eldar Kabal: Kabal of the Spider’s Shadow

Kabal Age: Young (1 - 2,500 years old)

Current Archon: Hellion that 'graduated' from the mean streets

Kabal Leader’s Personality: Tyrannical: "There is a price to pay for failing me. And that price involves a Haemonculus..." -Common response of Archons to failure from their subordinates.
The Archon considers fear and tyranny to be the best motivators.

Kabal Origin: Formed by members seeking excitement and sport

Kabal Demeanor: Purity Above All - A particular hatred of psykers, for the attention from She Who Thirsts that they bring.

Kabal Flaw: Forbidden Pact - The Kabal has had dealings with another power that would earn it the wrath of the rest of their race if this was revealed.

Territory Location: Exiled onto some other world
Territory Condition: Average

Kabal Tactics: Infiltration Tactics

Kabal Resource: Owned Arena

Kabal Signature Weapon: Heavy weapons

Currently Not Betraying: A Haemonculus Coven

Goals: Murder and Destruction
A bunch of DEldar who, though they hate psykers, the higher echelons made a pact with either Tzeentch or Khorne, such that should they die, their souls would go to either of their realms and not Slaanesh’s.

Eventually, this secret got found out by some backstabby nobles, but since the head archon of this Kabal also had some sensitive information on the upper crust (though, not quite as sensitive as the pact he had just made), he and his kabal were exiled from Commorragh rather than executed, citing a trumped up charge rather than the actual cause.

As such, most of the Kabal feel that they’ve been framed and set up, holding a considerable grudge against their brothers and sisters in the webway, while also seeking a method by which to clear their names and return.

They work discreetly with a Haemonculus Coven with good credentials in the Dark City. These ‘allies’ require the services of the Kabal beyond the purview of their City brethren, while also providing what little intelligence they can gather about the incidents that initiated the Kabal’s exile.

The Kabal of the Spider’s Shadow operate out of a hidden base within Imperial territory. Where this is located, no one knows, though many reports of lingering shadows and unnatural presences are felt throughout many worlds in the Anachrion Salient.
Imlon, Death world that is locked with one side facing towards the sun, and the other side facing into the void.

Each hemisphere has various tribes of humans competing with one another for land, resources, and the like, if there aren't any ravenous native flora/fauna trying to murder them.

The Day Siders are desert warriors who fight under harsh arid/hot conditions, capable of taking the heat and dishing it out. As part of their living conditions, they are also well versed in tunneling to avoid the hot sun, and trench/tunnel warfare.

The Night Siders are in a slightly opposite direction, fighting in complete darkness, out in the biting cold and snow. They, too, understand the benefits of hunkering down in the earth to preserve their heat and fend off the unending winter.

Invariably, these tribes fight one another, Day Sider against Day Sider, Night Sider against Night Sider, and sometimes Day Sider against Night Sider.

Overseeing all this is a planetary government sitting in orbit above the planet, City stations placed in geosynchronous positions. From their lofty platforms, they can help direct and maintain the status quo among the tribes, as well as select them for duty in the Guard or as members of the PDF.
File: Voltari Sector.png (224 KB, 1311x1090)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
last update for the night will be the sector map.

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