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Tell me about the most unique/weird sapient race in your setting, tg

Are they unusual physically, mentally, or both?

Do they look out of place amongst the standard elves elves and dwarves, or is every other race as weird as them?

Would you let people use them as a PC, given the chance?

Pic related, dark sun setting best setting
>Tell me about the most unique/weird sapient race in your setting, tg
The silentium, a race of starfish robots. They possess the unique power to connect themselves to each other and to replace body parts and upgrade themselves with various bits of technology.

>Are they unusual physically, mentally, or both?
Both. Starfish robots are strange looking. They also don't think like humanoids, being mostly mathematics based and using pure logic to get through scenarios and situations. They have emotions, technically, but they can just turn them off if desired (and most do).

>Do they look out of place amongst the standard elves elves and dwarves, or is every other race as weird as them?
Out of place, but everyone's used to seeing them, so whatever. They're about as odd as the illithids running around everywhere, so everyone sort of shrugs and says "meh, they're not hurting anyone".

>Would you let people use them as a PC, given the chance?
They are a core PC race, yes.
Uniqueness is not a virtue, OP. Annual flu viruses are unique.
Hey, in a genre like fantasy I'll give props to anyone trying to do something different. Even if it means I end up with Talislanta from time to time
Talislanta is mostly based on Jack Vance's and Clark Ashton Smith's novels. So not very original content donut steel.
They had those dinosaur horses as a player character race though.

By god, at least they tried. Sometimes
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>Tell me about the most unique/weird sapient race in your setting, tg
The Torkul, a race of what were effectively stone-plated clay golems created by a rogue god to test/exemplify his philosophies on mortal life.

>Are they unusual physically, mentally, or both?
Physically they look like something between a Turian and Runescape's TzHarr; relateably humanoid but definitely alien. Torkul live by their body heat and can eat just about anything not cold or wet to fuel this. They have an extremely simplified internal anatomy by the design of their creator god, who wanted a simplified humanoid.

By default the Torkul have a caste society, which places each person into a caste based on one of six legendary figures from their history after adolescence. This isn't really an inherent thing though, so outside of their original empire they'd probably adopt the mentality of the race they spent the most time around. they're fairly impressionable.

Biggest mental weirdness is probably their aversion/sensitivity to touch; they dress extremely heavily and view any sort of physical contact as extremely intimate because of the value/functions of heat to them.

>Do they look out of place amongst the standard elves elves and dwarves, or is every other race as weird as them?
they'd probably look a little bit odd, but not that much more than the 'semi-standard' races like Dragonborn, Thri-Kreen, or Warforged.

>Would you let people use them as a PC, given the chance?
yes, most likely. They're not horribly out of place or 'unbalanced', they're very tough to hurt but heal slowly and have an extreme weakness to cold.
One of my players made a race of humanoids mutated into proto-demonic creatures due to their diet. They eat almost nothing but demon meat. They inhabit a nearby deathworld and are so far advanced they invented the Cannon and discovered metallurgy centuries before any other race did. Essentially a all-male race of demonic Captain Americas.
>Tell me about the most unique/weird sapient race in your setting, tg
The 'Elves', one name for them (and honestly right now just a working title), no one else has a name for them because they live in exactly one area.

>Are they unusual physically, mentally, or both?
Both. They're a pseudo-hivemind, 'elf' life revolves around a single tree-like organism, looks like a a peaked, dead tree out of which come fully formed 'elves', which live for about a year (although the longest lived was three years) and go around collecting meat and plant matter to feed the 'tree' before being buried in the ground around the 'tree'. They also building protective structures (they dot the landscape and are built to last for a very long time since 'elven' life is so short) and generally guard the area. 'Elves' all think of themselves as utterly united in purpose, they are the tree's extension, they are the tree, they are all each other, but can differentiate between 'this elf' and 'that elf'. Physically, they're hairless almost grey alien looking little guys, without the big bulbous heads and are about as tall as a regular person.

>Do they look out of place amongst the standard elves elves and dwarves, or is every other race as weird as them?
Considering the only other race is humans, yes. Some colonies of 'elf' do a little trade with humans, offering labour in exchange for building materials and meat. Otherwise, humans know nothing of what culture they might have, they tend to stick to stick to the wilderness and are seen as kind of creepy little critters by most travelers.

>Would you let people use them as a PC, given the chance?
I guess you could, for a short campaign or one shot, but they'd still die in a year and are generally devoted to their tree because they ARE their tree. You'd need some real creativity to explain why the 'elf' is leaving its tree like this.
Forest hunters. A race of nocturnal amphibious cephalopods with hooked tentacles. They craft a surprisingly functional kind of camo armour using the bark of fallen Krullerken, a tremendously resilient and ugly type of tree. They catch prey by standing very still, pretending to be Krullerken until anything bigger than a boar aproaches.

They only hunt humanoids because they have no idea they are sapient though. Pal of mine and I came up with the concept as an alternative to the usual ""deadly forest filled with tree folk" thing. Making them player characters would be a bit hard to balance, but they seemed like a neat concept to me.
File: 1432197816816.jpg (82 KB, 393x393)
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>Influenced by Runecape
Hyper Intelligent species of fungi are the best race. They're smart mushrooms. I don't know if my players could handle being one of these beasts, but I'd let them try.
post all the [laughing anime girls] you want, Runescape has solid lore and monster design.
>using shit anime reaction pics
get off /tg/ faggot
Imagine a wiry, hairless (save for a fine mane running from the top of the head and tapering down the spine) werewolf-like creature with digitigrade legs and a pronounced bone structure, especially around the chest. Their features are somewhere between canine and reptilian, and they have four arms - two of which are exceptionally long and powerfully muscles, ending in a set of razor sharp talons. Their smaller, lower arms are more suited to the handling of tools and the crafting of arts.

They're carnivores, but discerning in terms of prey, and aren't one of the 'monster races' that eat sapients. Much of their development was in a heavily canopied region where precise eyesight and the ability to climb and vault rapidly was highly beneficial. They can use their upper arms to lop across flat ground at high speed, but generally refrain from doing so, finding such behavior essentially the equivalent of running around in public without pants on.

They believe themselves descended from humans who changed their forms to adapt to the harsh climate of the land, and believe they have a manifest destiny to rule. They don't believe in genocide or cultural domination, only that they should be in charge, as they are intrinsically suited for it.
File: 46026.jpg (75 KB, 400x656)
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TSR Thri-kreen
>barely anthropomorphized giant mantises the size of a horse

WOTC Thri-kreen
>overly anthropomorphized bugmen who cute'd up to appeal to the deviantart crowd

Why was this allowed?
File: Thri-Kreen_Baxa.jpg (131 KB, 759x500)
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131 KB JPG
Compare that to this, a TSR-era Thri-kreen.

I'm not genuinly fascinated. How do they hold things? Do manipulate appendages come out of one of the points on their body? do they just float in the air? Do they basically look like a mecha version of Starmie?
Not, or now? Assuming now...

>How do they hold things?
They have detachable manipulator appendages coming from each point of their body. Each one ends in a cluster of very fine tendrils that is their equivalent of fingers (there are 3/main tendril). They can be fused together or retracted as the construct desires. Each main tendril is also highly internally configurable, with bits being able to swap in and out of them (weapons, tools, etc).

>Do manipulate appendages come out of one of the points on their body?
Basically, yes. Their core is a 5-sided pentagon, the appendages come out of the points.

>do they just float in the air?
No, they walk. Their cores are also water buoyant. There are core attachments that let them hover though, and even fly (to a limited degree).

>Do they basically look like a mecha version of Starmie?
Kinda? When they detach all 5 limbs and float, pretty much. There are examples of silenti replacing their limbs with small turbines and becoming entirely aquatic.
Tralls are 30-foot-tall immortal lizard-people, who do not need to eat, drink, sleep or breathe. They are incredibly strong; despite their immense size and weight, they move with all the speed and agility of a figure one-fifth their size. Tralls do not get sick, and can recover naturally from any injury over time, including total blood loss, severance of the spinal cord, and brain-death. All Tralls carry huge single-edged swords, that are almost as tall as they are, and made of some imperishable, silver-coloured metal.

Tralls spend their time performing duties on behalf of the long-lost Darmonte civilization, whose ruins now litter the land. There are 4 known Tralls, 3 of which guard the doors to certain underground structures, and 1 of which defends an old Darmonte city from invasion (but not from re-settlement - the city has been populated by non-Darmontes for centuries). Tralls hold rigidly to their duties, never wavering or faltering, obliterating any and all threats without hesitation.

Tralls are generally quite stoic, performing their duties with a quiet determination. They are, however, rather touchy and quick to anger, and they never forgive transgressions (a lesson that a tragically high number of children have learned the hard way). Though by no means talkative, Tralls are willing to chat with mortals so long as it doesn't interfere with their duties.

Many interesting tidbits have been gleaned from conversation with the Tralls, but most attempts to tease info out them end in frustration. Tralls are extremely guarded about their speech, often giving vague or incomplete answers, refusing to clarify statements, or flatly ignoring questions or discussions about a variety of subjects, such as where the Tralls came from, who the Darmontes were or what they were like as a people, or what's inside the structures they're guarding.
Cusidhe (koo-shee) are probably one of the more interesting ones. They're technically a kind of elf, but look like elk gorilla bear chimeras, with knuckle walking posture, giant antlers, sharp teeth, six eyes and thick hides. They're descendents of the primeval beasts that were brought by the Fey thousands of years prior. Their psyche is basically composed of archetypical monstrosity and beasthood, and a lot of them go feral and are responsible for a lot of the stories of werecreatures. They're extremely vulnerable to spiritual control, and shamans make up a major part of their religious beliefs. However, an even more important part are "skin horses" , Cusidhe who volunteer their bodies as vessels to be possessed by the spirits and Fey ancestors-cum-gods in exchange for prestige and divine favor. However, a few particularly powerful and willful shamans become "upside down horses" , who instead seize their patron's power, and thus become pariahs.

Also, the exact animals they have features of changes a bit from individual to individual, and a lot between regions, I.e. ones in the desert might look like deathclaws with scorpion tails and Jackal's heads, while polar ones look like tusked yeti with narwhal horns and orca flippers, etc
File: 23729.jpg (13 KB, 221x321)
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I'd give it a shot.
The skragor, the local mook race. Well, former mook race. Their story goes like this, cabal of dimensional conquerors are few in number, and they want a race of disposable, strong soldiers to drown their enemies in.

Enter the skran. Race of scrappy miners, mostly chill but will fuck you up if you bother them with their huge mining arms.

Male skran were way stronger and considerably more resilient than females, so the cabal of cunts wage a campaign of terror against the skran, kidnapping any male they can and killing the females taking up arms against them. Males get dissolved into bio-goo and their juciest traits are used to shape the skragor, basically bigger, nastier skran that happen to be fanatically loyal. Thing is, something went wrong during the "Perfection" process. They are loyal, but only to their own race, and they remember how they came to be.

They bid their time,and by the time Hero McGoodGuy arrives at the fortress of cuntiness, the skragor have already fucked up almost all of the cabal. Skragor are powerfully built, pale green humanoids with oval shaped torsos and massive jaws and lower fangs.They are both genderless and asexual.

I basically wanted to make a race of clones that did not think of themselves as disposable. Skragor value their brothers as much as their own lives, and mourn their fallen deeply. They are not a hive mind, but they do share very similar ideas and values. Meet one skragor, and you've met them all
Good enough for me desu
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Something like pic related for appearance?
I'm really into literalized metaphors and, to a lesser extent, Scandinavian folklore, so instead of elves I have huldra. Huldra are solitary creatures similar in appearance to attractive humans, with two major differences. first, they have a cow-like tail. second, they have a giant hole in their back, with the interior looking like a rotting log full of bugs. these two features appear during puberty. they will never reveal these features to anyone if they can help it. They believe these are awful individual deformities unique to them. occasionally there will be an entire town of huldra with none of them knowing about the others. they are symbols of insecurity.
>I'm really into literalized metaphors
Do you have allegories in your setting as well?

Kill yourself you edgy fuck.
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>Or this.
Fungus fairies. They look like mushrooms for the early stages of their life, but when the cap opens the fairy can climb out and move around. Their hair is mycelium, and they try and spread their spores as much as possible. They also have minor decay magic.

They're sapient, but not really organised enough to make them a PC race.
File: Extra - Andriks.pdf (657 KB, PDF)
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657 KB PDF
They were originally an april fools/backer addition, that in no way are canon, but I think they work quite well as a tragi-comic relief, used sparingly. Being the only small, dwarfish, race fills a visual niche too.

They're literal niggers in the setting as well, the dregs of society, and a few of them have turned nazi pirates (duck supremacy) due to this.
I would play the shit out of one of those, racial traits be damned
File: 1445662212342.png (623 KB, 794x1024)
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623 KB PNG
They form from a hive-mind like commune of algae deep in the Earth; within aquifers and geysers. These algae are the true members of their race, but occasionally they send up scouts to learn things about the world. Because they are still using the genetic run away and fossilized remains of creature from thousands of years ago, they just slap on whatever features on these guys that make sense to them; hence they have fur, claws, horns, fangs, bladed tail, maybe poison and so on. Then, they shoot them up to the world from geysers and sinkholes, typically with a bag of special silver coins minted deep in the earth that are of great quality.

>"A scrawny and lengthy monster approaches you. It's body is covered in charcoal fur and is matted. It's tail is long and swings freely behind them. Their heads resemble that of a rabbits but they have a skull mask with two long horns arching to behind them stained grey. Their eye sockets apear empty and dark."
"A strange beast wanders towards your party. It's fur is a dark grey and looks to be a mess. It's tail is long and swings freely, with fur covering it like the rest of it. The top portion of it's face is exposed bone and forms a shape similar to that of most vermin. A pair of horns grow outward from the top of the head and point upward. The nostrils and eye sockets have are full of darkness."
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>Take an animal that might be cool if made sapient
>make it sapient and try to make a culture
>maybe something cool comes out of the Cauldron of Imagination
I, for example, took social insects, and their society kinda reminds cheesy knight tales. Valorous drone (the males, dunno why this word is sometimes used for workers) knights living for a bloody tournament or challenging quest to win the Queen's heart and become the glorious father of the next few thousand workers and, maybe, even a princess! Commoner workers with heroic dedication to their craft, ready to sacrifice themselves for the brighter future! Ruthless, relentless, fearless and fiercely loyal warriors, terryfing to behold when they meticulously destroy the enemy, be it prey or invader!
A race of sapient beetlemen who make their home in deep in lush forests. They live in a caste system and young are raised communally outside of nobility. Their place in society and the education they will receive is determined at hatching by the color of their shell.
Drab colors, such as black and brown are warriors, hunters, rangers and the like.
Common solid colors, such as greens and blues, are a lower middle class. These are the laborers, craftsmen, farmers, etc.
Very pale colors, or even white, are said to be "touched by the spirits" and commonly become priests or seers.
Brightly colored patterns become artists, scholars, diplomats, advisors, and spellcasters.
Nobility is made up rare metallic colors, such as gold and silver. Members of this caste are the only ones that raise their own young. While heirs to these ruling positions are not specifically detemined by bloodline, successors are often direct descendants.

They have their own language, which consists not only of noises, but body language and pheromones. Dealings with other races is somewhat hampered by this, so written communication is common.
A race of energy beings contained inside tall silver armor with cat like helmets. Despite being basically demigods they love and respect cats because they believe their creator to be a god cat that created the universe.

They fill most the demigod like beings slot in my space opera roleplay.

And are villains that want to rule over all felines in the negaverse counterpart. There it basically took the equivalent of a nuclear strike to take out one of them, and only because it damaged its armor.

I also have about other twenty races but only twelve have been mentioned so far and the players have only meet like seven of them.

Most notable is a race of hares that's a war with a race of arachnids. And the hares leaders mostly keep with the war to cut down their population problem. While the arachnids are the typical predator bad guys with a superiority complex that only tolerate other arachnids.

And of course there is a race of cats that until about a hundred years ago used to worship the energy beings.

Oh and the energy beings are traders when not doing religious stuff. Since they find it as a good way to pass the time.

There is of course the humans who are new to that sector of the Galaxy and arrived thanks to a portal the energy beings put permanently near Venus.

It was basically inspired by Buck O Hare but I decided to make it an original setting from the start to avoid problems and get more players.

Is basically so we can indulge into our magical realms. But I still ended doing a 300 page bible for the setting anyway.
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>"I'll call them 'elves' but they're not elves!"

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