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/tg/, I require your great minds for some brainstorming.

For a while I've been wanting to put together a sort of bestiary as a pet project. I'm a (mediocre) artist and I think it'd be a really fun way to practice. So, can we have a thread for monsters? Whether from actual myths, favorite made up fantasy monsters, monsters you've invented yourself, anything that might look good in a bestiary. You're welcome to dump pictures, write descriptions, tell stories about stuff that happened in your games, we can consider it a general inspiration thread.

For my own goals, I'm going to be aiming to emulate a style evocative of pic related, written in a quasi scholarly way. Once I get the project off the ground I'll be sure to report back.
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I have a few. I tend to only save something if it's unusual (I'm afraid that I rarely get a thrill from a pic of a minotaur or goblin, since I've been playing fantasy games for 20 years or so).
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One of my favorites that really stuck with me is the giant spider who's camouflage is that of a city beggar or stabbing victim. There is a picture of it floating around somewhere but I didn't save it when I saw it.

Also love the project and it is one that I have thought of doing myself as well, really adds something to the world.
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mankind was the real monsters all along
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is that thing a fourth leg or a dick?
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For some reason an idea that keeps sticking in my head lately is the "balloon frog". It would be an exaggeration of how frogs will swell themselves up with air to intimidate predators. The younger ones would be able to float that way, get from pond to pond when migrating or something. But as they aged they'd get huge, adopt a more sedentary lifestyle, but be able to use their now enormous throat sacks to exhale gale force winds to defend themselves with.

Use your imagination.
Radon Elementals.
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I got you.

Many thanks kind wanderer
One useful thing for you might be running through different subspecies throughout the world. Not just an entry for Dragons but also for Celestial or Aquatic species

Or maybe some different entries for Mountainous vs Plains Minotaurs
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>Means "broken bone wolf"
>big, strong claws to crack your skull
>anteater head that slurps your brain out of it
>or it cuts your throat and sucks your blood
>round hooves that difficult tracking
>it also eats recently born cats and dogs
>can only be killed if you shoot his bellybutton
>some xingu indians from Brazil could become one

Also, archives. Lots of ideas:

>Mythological creatures that are much more fucked up IRL myths than in the RPGs they appear in.

>desert/Arabian Nights

>How can I make witches a legitimately terrifying threat?

>vampires I

>vampires II


>favorite folklore monsters
>The copper penis owl.

>real life magical realm
>legless brother bug impregnates his sisters and dies. then the sisters are born

This list is excellent, thanks a ton.


I also like this idea of doing variants of certain species, it could be an interesting approach compared to the usual grab bag of monsters.
My favorite one I made was a frog with large porous holes on its back.
The holes emitted an odor that was dependent on its diet. Naturally, the frogs eat a myriad of disgusting things to emit a vile and toxic smell to ward away predators, but people have found that you can feed these frogs various other things to make much sweeter smells.

lots of people own them as pets, and crush up flowers to mix in with the frogs diet to make their homes smell nicer.
Tall and thin, they look as though they were made from wheat shafts.

Resistant to piercing and bludgeoning damage, vulnerable to ice, extra vulnerable to slashing and fire
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Anything is a dildo if you are brave enough
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>a herd of these creatures is lead by a matriarch
>the mother phooka

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