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Lemme hear you best ideas for books of forbidden knowledge /tg/

>1008 Names of Darkness

A book that details the locations or supposed locations of various places in the world where the gates between our world and the otherworld are thin or non-existant. As the book was pinned nearly 500 years ago many of those locations have since changed but always seem to draw in many supposed supernatural events and phenomenon.
Doesn't necessarily just have to be standard grimoires. can be journals, scraps of paper, etc.
Get rolling boys.
>Book of truth
If a sentient creature writes something in the book in its own language and what is written is not objectively true (not what the writer believes to be true, a universal truth), the writer dies immediately. Some of the mysteries of the universe and sorcerous knowledge was found by sacrificing a lot of creatures to donanlot of guesswork.
>A copy of the transcript of a lengthy debriefing of 'Rosemary S.', a student at a California music school, dated March 3, 2003. Her interrogator, apparently an FBI agent, focused questioning on the activities and whereabouts of Dr. Curtis Korman, a professor of Music and the interviewee's academic adviser.
>Great interest in taken in Korman's creation of an elaborate "musical performance piece" for a show consisting of hundreds of electronically controlled tuning forks and other tone producing devices in a 3 dimensional space. Korman called this "the Device" and, while forcing the interviewee to assist in its construction, he refused to explain his increasingly odd and paranoid demands. He was following notes written by someone named "Quantrill" though Ms. S. is unsure of who this is. She claims not to know of Dr. Korman's location, the location of his family, or of two other students and states that she was visiting a sick family member the night of Korman's show (at which there was an unspecified "accident".)
>Review of her discussion of "the device" can allow an attempt to assemble one, if an electrical repair, a mechanical repair, and a music skill roll are made. 0/1 point of Sanity, teaches spell "Summon Angel of Music".

Doesn't close

Tries to attach itself to e-mails and other file-sharing services you have
Read this:
And think on the consequences of basilisk images getting loose.
>Book of Lies
It contains half-truths about people and events that are important to you in your life. The key is figuring out what the deception is.
Here's a really harmless one-off item for you:

A book that contains everything that the person reading it knows. Nothing else. Have it appear as a completely normal book found in a library, and have the PC's stumble upon it by chance. Every time they inspect it you just tell them something about their personal life or adventures that have already passed, even leading to "This page was read by anon on the day of xx-xx-xxxx" kinds of bullshit. There is nothing harmful about the book, it's merely the initial shock value and paranoia. Never have it be relevant in any way.

Until it starts reading things based on the false superstitions of the party, worsened further by the passages that appear to confirm them due to the fact that the party "knows" these things.
"Your Life Story, by --------"

A simple leather-bound tome that can only be seen by one person at a time. To that person, the book functions as an extremely-detailed biography, describing every day of their life in detail. The author is a nameless person who writes in a semi-formal style with constant footnotes.

The book recounts every day of the reader's life broken up with frequent commentary and criticism from the author. The writer becomes more disparaging and "aware" as the book continues. The final chapter depicts the reader actually reading the book. The last few lines describes the reader's death, which predictably occurs just after being read.

The book's origins, purpose, and author are unknown. What is certain is that the book is intensely magical and always causes the reader to die at the end, should they be foolish enough to read that far.
File: 1397584926072.gif (1.96 MB, 220x165)
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>Never finish the book
>Become immortal
I feel like that would cause something amazingly fucked up to happen.

I want to try it.
Now bear with me here...
this could sound strange...
but what if it was bound in human skin, written in an ancient language, and DROVE YOU MAD!

>This book is the Necrofamicom
>It was written by a servant of the Older Gods who went bonkers
>He worshiped the octopus god known as "Cthala"
>Second-rate Lovecraft pawned off by a Chinese author

Fucking kek
The public restroom

A load of insults, racist comments, generic shitpost and other assorted things designed to waste the party's time and to get them angry

The worst part is, that what's on the pages changes each time yo read it ß
Sounds more like something added by Derleth
Tome of the Unknown
It contains the knowledge of everything that has been forgotten.
If something is currently known by someone, it will not be written in the book.
I was thinking that some bbeg might finally get the book searching for some unholy knowledge, but the knowledge he needs isn't written in the book because a small, obscure group of cultists are keeping that knowledge alive to keep it out of the book.

>Tome of Forgotten Knowledge

This massive book contains numerous secrets lost to the ages. Forgotten of lore of ancient kingdoms, lost passages by great archmagi, and intricate plots that could topple the oldest religions. The knowledge and wisdom contained within these pages would slake the thirst of the greediest archivist!
However, unbeknownst to whomever studies the tome, the book saps away everything from the mind of the reader not pertaining to what they've read.
>Tome of Forbidden Knowledge
A factoid/trivia book filled with general knowledge of another world. Harmless but forbidden because of its implications. Teaches a skill that otherwise would not fit the setting.
>Names of the Ancients

Lists every mythos entity known to the authors. Some are dead others dreaming some aren't born at the moment.

>Greater Beings

Extensive information on seventeen mythos entities that were active in the 1630s. Written in Portuguese. Includes a "family tree" of sorts describing links between entities.

>if you have both you can deduce the identities of several very nasty entities and thus summon them.
I like it.

>Tome of Paradoxes

Explains how an all-powerful God could create a rock so heavy that they couldn't lift it.

Makes no sense to most people but can be comprehended with intense study. Tends to cause unpleasant cognitive dissonance.
>Biography of [Thunun]
The book is a detailed biography of a being named Thunun, leading up to the point of detailing how said person roleplays as a character revealed to be the player. the player's backstory and activities are described, including their roleplaying activities (thus mentioning the reader).
Classic incoming

It appears to be a normal leatherbound book but with a yellow tint. on the inside there is only one big list, written in a obscure language. At the end of each line, the signs change and two words seem to be written in another language.

It's an otherworldly phonebook.
>Tome of Cosmic Annoyances Vol. 2
Vol. 1 doesn't exist and is frequently referenced.
Many things are said to be in vol 3, but it's more of a pamphlet about cleaning iron saucepans.
"Mr E's guide to the creepy"

it's a thick paperback book, with a bright yellow cover. on the cover is a cartoonish looking squid monster drawn. there is a magnifying glass on top of the squid monster. there are large block letters displaying the title of the book

on the back are blurbs such as
-"learn all about things you shouldn't know"
-"things man was not meant to know, simply explained"
the book isn't read so much as it speaks, using the rustling of its pages to form words. when asked specific questions, it answers them, but otherwise it constantly whispers impossible secrets and unknowable knowledge to anyone in earshot. it's held closed with a spike driven through its pages when not in use.

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