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We continue our grueling march upwards . . .
Previous Thread:
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A friend carries another to safety. A small 8 steps and our friend pays the crimson price.
File: FLOOR06b_TURN09b.png (2.05 MB, 1700x1606)
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A life saved. A life taken.
A life brought back. An eternal second lost.

Floor Phase.
Wait no

HAVE A BLAST, BOYS! How's that for impromptu Volga Kick-Down comedy? Smooth. Now let's saunter down this here hall-way before anyone becomes the wiser puppy, Spooks--

Ahem. It's a moth. Play it cool, Spooks. Play it cool.

I am a perfectly normal marine. The... Warden sent me to... Ask for.. reinforcements... because. The... Prisoners are... Rioting? Yes, rioting."
A simple frog has given us the ultimate sacrifice this day! You shall not be forgotten!
File: FLOOR06b_TURN10a.png (2.12 MB, 1700x1606)
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The Collectors They Come.

Act Phase
File: 1466125353478.png (732 KB, 1119x1233)
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*Screams and cries silently*

>-Shred of Humanity
>-Regenerate 1
>Move 1W 3N
>Devour Goya
>Rip off Goya's fleshy arm
>-Try to regain Sanity

[U]Ziegfried, Level:7, Adept
Status: Ghoul
HP:??/13(5+8), MOV:6(4+2), ACT:4(3+1), ATK:9(6+3), DEF:3(1+2), MAG:3(3+0)

-Ghoul Teeth [Atk 1]
-Revenant Leathers [Lv6, +1 HP, +2 Str, +2 Mov, +2 End, No Sound, Can't Speak]
-Empty Hands


Skills: [Ghoul]Steal, Backstab, Devour, Regenerate, Wholesale Swallow, Wyrm Bite, Violent Regeneration, Shred of Humanity [Surgery]Wear Person, Snatch, SwordArms, Fire Resistance

Buffs :
+1 Str
SwordArms, Mag into Atk
Berserk (x2 Str, +1 Act, Lower End (forgot by how much))
"What? Marooned marines don't /breathe/?! WELL HOW I WAS SUPPOSED TO FIGURE THAT OUT! What am I some kind of investigative mastermind that can crack the merest bodylanguate at a sniff? 'Course Mendele goes and makes it his goons don't need oxygen!



Livia or anyone some help would be appreciated.

I still have some blood alpha on me, if you could feed that to me.
Can I still register for this?

I was a little daunted, so put it off a whle.

But now I've done my homework on the system, I think I can handle the heat!
Fleur, [R6]Short is right behind you maybe he can do that for you?
File: FloorsClasses1-5.png (2.13 MB, 1925x1815)
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Damn straight you can, anon.

[Class]Name, Level:Class State
HP:Current/Total(Base+Mod) Mov:Total (Base+Mod) Act:Total(Base+Mod)
ATK:Total (Base+Mod) DEF:Total(Base+Mod) MAG:Total(Base+Mod)

Main Hand Weapon (Stats)
Offhand Weapon (Stats)
Armor Equip (Stats)
Offhand Equip (Stats)
Bag: [Zenny]
- Empty
- Empty
- Empty
- Empty

[Prepared Spells/Loaded Ammo]
Skills: [#.# Zeal] (Blooded Weapons)
[Class]Skill Name(Rule Letter, such as P for Passive),
>Move 2W 1S 2W
>-Loot the books and the parts from the Turret
>Pick Up the Chest SW (Drop the Dagger if two hands are required).
"There appear to be horrible things crawling up from where I threw a grenade. Maybe explosives aren't the way to go? Nah. Pardon my lack of proper greeting, Collectors, but I have some deliveries to get started on."

[R]Persica, Lvl 1, Rogue
=Status: Cut, Re-Equipped=
HP:2/5(4+Lvl) Mov:3 Act:3
ATK:3 (2+1) DEF:1(0+2) MAG:2

Main Hand: Dagger, Lvl1, +1Atk
Off Hand: Empty
Prisoner's Clothes (+1Def)
Maiden's Face Plate (+1Def)
Bag: [0Z]
- Dagger (Lvl1, +1Atk), x1
- Dungeon Key, x2
- Empty
- Empty

Skillz: [Steal], [Weapon Throw], [*Butterfingers]
>Tap: loot the spear
>Tap: loot the hel marine rifle
>Tap: loot his skull
>Move 4 west,2 south and 2 west Tap: hug jenny and proclaim "My hero!!!"
[Q1]Coffee and [I3]Burk please listen, Coffee is way closer to the Collectors than I like. Burk is standing on a Ward right now so I can reach you with Aether Wind.

We need [K3] Quaker to move away from where he is standing then I will Aether wind Burk 4 squares to the N Burk can them move away and then Coffee can walk on the Ward 2N of him and I will Aether Wind him too to Move 4N. This way both of you can gain some distance from the Collectors without using your own acts.

Everyone else that is close to the collector please get away and let us set up against them.
File: Poka tide turned.jpg (156 KB, 595x465)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Gilda and Justin please listen we need to save Sir Nut, Justin needs to ward Sir Nut it, then Kail will recover sir Nut's head head and then Gilda needs to reverse him. Also Gilda [R2]Vis will grab you and move you North so you could spare more acts.

The Collectors have arrived at the South East corner right behind us so people need to reposition themselves clear from the and set up. Me miss Runa and the newbie group are advised to move to the West corner, gran stuff on the way if you can but don't underestimate the Collectors, if they are at least as strong as the reapers we fought previously they will blow away low level players. However I suspect that they are much more powerful and they might also be able to pass though walls.

>Move 1S 1W 1S
>-Tap: pick up the BR-02
>-Tap: pick up the hel marine skull or helmet W of me
>Move 3N


[I2] Nid, Level 1
HP:5/5(3+1[LVL]+1), MOV:3(3+0), ACT:2(2+0), ATK:4(0+4), STR:1(1+0), DEF:1(0+1), MAG:1(1+0)


-Blunderbus (RNG:4, AMMO:1, ATK:+1 (Melee))
-Volgan Militia Uniform (and a very nice hat) (+1 DEF, +1 HP)
-Contra rounds (9/10) (+5 DMG)

Bag: 0z

[Loaded: N/A ]
Skills: 0 zeal
[I] Friendly Fire[P] [I] Packed Shot[A]
"My my, don't worry, everything will be alright."

>-Collect my maiden
>Move 4S
>Take [W1]Fleur's blood alpha and feed it to her

HP: 5/5(4+1), MOV: 4 (4), ACT: 2(2)
STR: 3 (2+1) /Atk: 4 (3+1), DEF: 2 (1+1), MAG: 1 (1)

-Hunter Chain (atk +1, range 3, 2 hand)
-Overcoat (+1 atk, +1 def)

-Goya's Wrecking Ball
-Chain 2x
-Maiden 1x
-Hunter bomb 1x

[Hunter] Bloodlust, Hook and Pull
"Right, Spooks - play it cool, play it cool-- STAIRS AND STARS THAT'S ONE LOUD EXPLOS--- We didn't play it cool Spooks. I think they're on to us. That's fire. They're on to us. Right, on my go, we duck left! G-- ARGH MY SUIT, always right in the suitt! I said left! Why'd you duck left? I was trying to out-smart them, you were supposed to duck right! Who's driving this pile of dog fur, me or you? AR-- Ahem I'm sorry Spooks, I didn't mean to shout at you"

>Looks like that Moth S of Trigger has glowing eyes
>Probably an overwatched fireball
>I'd prefer not to move before that's negated somehow.
Gee, where shall I spawn my rogue - bearing in mind I only have 1 HP?

[K] Penny Lvl3 Adept Knight
=Dulahan: Mag adds Are +2, Armor Def adds HP +3, Armor Possession, Armor Mortality=
=Wisp: +2 Mag, -1 Str=
HP:11/11(5+3+3) Str:3(2-1+2) Atk:7(3+4) Def:5(3+2) Mov :3 Mag:2(0+2) Act:2 Zeal:2
-Silver Kunai (Lvl3, Atk+4, 1hnd)
-Acronaut Helm (Lvl1, Def+3)
Bag: [156z]
-1x Sleep Bomb

Skills: [K] Counter, [K] Spin Slash, [K] Shield Bash, [K] Groundslash
Trigger, I can spawn south of the Moth if backstabbing it would have any effect in this case.

But I will help you only on the condition that you become my mentor and I can become the dungeon's first Apprentice Dog
Given that the enemies are rather dangerous, I'll wait until a good opportunity to be beamed in safely. This turn might be cutting it a mite too soon (but I might be late for the party anyway)

I can spawn, then execute two backstabs within the same turn, am I correct?

Consider my timely arrival a benefit from Trigger's M[A]gnate contracts—though I don't necessarily have to spawn in view of Trigger, just anywhere where someone can find me useful.

Oh, and there's no point posting my character loadout until I make my first action, right?
"Right. Back to work, eh ?"
>move 1S 2W
"Oh man, he sure did a number on you. Just wait a second, Nut, bud, we'll get you back in one piece in no time flat."
>-pick up Nut's head
>move 1E 1S
"Now let me put it back just right and..."
>-drop Nut's head back on his shoulders, 1S
"Here we go ! Good as new ! Gilda ! You can work your magic ! And you Zieg, you better stop that before I slap you !"

[W]Kail, Lvl.6
HP:17/17 (1temp) MOV:5 (4+1) ACT:2 ATK: 8 (4(STR)+2+2) DEF: 9 (2+2+5 (shield)) MAG:1

-free hand
-Famous Raider's Armor (lvl6, Def+2, Atk+2, HP+1, Mov+1)
-Castor Fist (Lvl4, Atk+2, Def+5, crushing, knockback, can't be swung with a secondary weapon, hidden skill ???, 1hnd)
-Goya's Sentence (Mov -2, 6dmg Hvy/Crush, 6 range, knockback)
-Goya's Eye x2
-Mortal Teeth x6
Skills: [K]Spinslash, [K]Counter, [K]Shield Bash, [K]Groundslash, [K] Rushdown, [K] Evil Never Rests, [K] Challenge, [W] Eyes Closed, [Axe Artes] Cleave, Wreck, [Shield Artes], Reflect, Kill Medusa, Unshakeable Tera, [Sword Art] Reaper's Execution, [A Big Heart]
Zeal : 0.9
>Move S, S, S
>Move W, Pick up Arm to the N
>Move S, W

[M]Meave : Level 6, Mage Adept, Mastery, Editor
HP:11 (3+6+2) , Mv:3 , ATK:0 , DEF:0 , MAG: 6(4+2) , POW: - , ACT: 2

(Current MAG: 6 )
(Current HP: 10/11)


• Main Hand : Chalk
• Offhand : Mesmeria Illusion Book (Lux/Hydra=Illusion: Words4, Mag0) ***
• Paraiah's Widebrim:[Editor Only](Mag2,HP2,BookSpace2)
+ (BookSpace)
+ (BookSpace)

* Miniature Sword (Fleurette) used as Hair Pin

Mage Skills :
Arrow, Block, Ring, Ball, Hand, Glass, Tandem, Sword, Burn the Body

Editor Skills:

Prepped Spells:
Sword Sword Block Arrow
Sword Sword Block Arrow

Bag: (Contents confiscated for the time being)
• Sturmaug's Dog Whistle
• Llama Water (4 Uses)
• Chalk x1
• Queer Pottery

Loaned to Velen: Blitz Libra (Lux/Pyra=Lightning: Mag1, Words3)
>Rig SE
>Move 5W
>Overwatch Suspend on Ziegfried if he continues to berserk, using 1 chain

[Y] Livia : Level 7
=Midian Mutation : Lux Mortality ; Silver Mortality ; Water Vulnerability ; Healing Bane ; Blood Hunger 01=
=Feast : +1 Str ; Increased Loot=
HP: 15/15 (14+1); MV: 6 (4+2) ; STR: 7 (4+2+1) ; ATK: 7 (7) ; DEF: 4 (2+2) ; MAG: 4 ; ACT: 3(3); ZEAL : 1.2
Equipped :
-Main Hand : The Thousand Arms. ; Lvl 5 ; [Legendary Fake] ; Hidden Skills: Open Book, Page Turn, Close Book
-Offhand :
-Armor : Revenant Leathers ; Lvl 6 ; +1 HP +2 STR ; +2 MV ; +2 END ; Makes no noise ; Cannot speak
Bag :
-14 Chains; Rope substitute
-Chained Maria ; 10 HP ; 3 END ; -2 MV upon deploying

Hunter Skills : Hook and Pull, Suspension, Rig, Bloodlust, Rig Network, Lurk, Mortal Wound, Revenge Has No Home
Vampyre Skills : Wall Shift, Wall Walk, Lovelier
Absorbed Skills : Uninvited Guest
Corridor Skills : Hunter's Lore, Headbutt
Cord Skills : Choke, Arm Bind, Slam Down, Corner Hook, Morning Star
Shield Skills : Boomerang, Reflect, Unshakeable Tera

>Move 3N 5W

[Q]Coffee, Level: 8
Status: Normal
HP:13/13(4+9), MOV:4(3+1), ACT:2(2+0), ATK:2(2+0), DEF:11(1+10), MPow:6(4+2), MDef:5(4+1)

-Napalm Hugs (Rng 3 tile line, 1 Handed) [Ticking Solution Alpha] Engraved : Arrow,Ballx4
-Rainbow Box
-Otherwordly Dictionary (Air, Words 3, Mag +1)
-Storm Coat (+1 Mag, +1 Hp, +1 Def, Wind Proof, Water Proof)
-T.E.K. (Words 5, Chambers 5, Move +1, Hand +1)

-Iron Maiden
-Calorie Gram x2
-Moon's Hate (Pot 7x2, +Mag. Instant Coffee
-Launcher (Rng 4, Ammo 2, 1 Handed)

Chambers : [Empty] / [Empty] / [Empty] / [Empty] / [Empty]

Rainbow Box :
2 Pyracyte Crystals,
1 Teracyte Crystals,
1 Aer Crystal,
1 Lux Crystal,
2 Darc Crystal,
1 Lux Shard
4 Hydra Shards
8 Beakers,
2 Waters,
Gem Cutter,

Lux Solution Alpha
Gravity Solution Alpha
Sizing Solution Alpha

Ammo : Pillshot x10 (Dmg 0), Iron Drops x6

Skills :
[M]Ball, Arrow, Ring, Block, Eye, Hand, In Tandem,
[Q]Engrave, Infuse, Crystalize, Launch Item, Potion Make
Coffee how about this? >>49887600
>Move 3W, 3S
>-Switch to new knife
>Two In Hand 1E moth thing with the 2 knives
>-Switch to Kunai
>Wall walk to flying height, leap at mothmage
>Face West

[$] Beckie ; Level 6 ; Beck Rogue Guild
HP: 11/11 (10+1) Mv: 6 (4+2) STR: 2 ATK: 5 (2+3), DEF: 1 (1) MAG: 3 MAGPOW : 3 ACT: 4 (3+1) CHI : 0 Zeal : 0.5
Equipped :
-Main Hand : Blade Ray (Level 4, Attack +2, Move +2, Knockouts by this weapon leaves a stun counter instead. Mercurial Strike)
-Armor : Mothman's Other Half (Level 4 [$][R], +3 Atk, Slashing, +1 Act, +1 HP, Grants Wall Walk, Takes up armor and a hand slot)
-Accessory: Red Compass
-Accessory: Merchant's Bag : +2 Item slots

Bag 4/6 (4+2) : 1537z
-Crystal Pick; Can mine crystals
-Science Crowbar (Level 2, Attack +2, Opens locks and crates)
-Silver Kunai (Level 3, Attack +4, Silver)
-2 Knives (unknown knife, Attack +3)

Skills : Throw weapon, Switch, Steal, Backstab, Orange Leaves, Spirit Fist
Skillz : Weapon Swap, Pickpocket, Butterfingers, Spinning Throw, Mirror Hands, Ghost Hands, Vacuum Pocket, Moonsault
Thrown : Stone Skip, Catch, Two In Hand
Bank : 0z,
But I do not want to move north. I am cutting westward. Do not worry about me right now I will be alright.

>Also I did not know that skill was a thing anyhow.
>Move south over to where Livia and those books are
>Pick up books

Status:[Fire Resistant Ghoul], [Feast: +1 ATK and Improved Loot Discovery]
ATK: 1 DEF: 1+1 HP: 10+1 MOV: 4+1 MAG:4+3(Turncoat)=7 POW:4+3(Turncoat)+1(Book)=8
M.HAND::Borrowed Blitz Libra(Lightning, Lux, Pyras, Words: 2, Mag +1)
OFF:Dog Whistle
GEAR:Lv. 5 Traitor's Turncoat(+3 Mag, +1 HP, +1 Mov, +1 Def, +2 Book Holsters)
(missing)BAG:Chalk x 3, Spiced Jerky x 3, Darc Shard x 2,
BANK: Ferryman's Coin, Llama Water x 5, Spook's Mask, Fell Ash x 1, Avalonian Herotales

missing book:Lv. 4 Book [It Came From the Sea], Darc, Lux, Hydra, Words:2, Mag +4(Daemon Ink)
Skills:Arrow, Ball, Ring, Block, Hand, Eye, Dimensional Sight(Eye of Eld), In Tandem, Bind, Faery, Mothman, Beast, Amazonia, Fire Resistance Graft

"I feel a disturbance in the force. As if eldritch horrorterrors from beyond have suddenly appeared in the vicinity. Run away!"

>Move 3W
>Move 1S 2W

[M] Zomzom, Lvl.1:Mage
HP:4/4(3+1), MOV:3(3+0), ACT:2(2+0), ATK:0(0+0), DEF:1(0+1), MAG:5(4+1) Zeal: 0
-Main Hand: Book of Fire ([Pyras] Words:2 +1MAG)
-Off Hand:
-Armor: Mask (+1DEF)

Bag: [0z]
-Book of Wind ([Arias] Words:2 +1MAG)

Prepared Spells: RingBall

Words: [M] Ball (R3, arc, +1MAG), [M] Ring (-2MAG, ring 1)
Tell you what, no sense leaving all this good metal on the floor for just anyone to take.

>-pick up broken maiden parts

Hold on, that sounds an awful lot like the screaming of the damned just around the corner. Shit.

>-equip Iron Face Plate
>move 1W 5N
This is assuming I'm on the square 2S 1E of [R6]

[I] Hugo, Level: 1
HP:5/5 (4+1) MOV:3 ACT:2
ATK:1 (0+1) DEF:2 (0+1+1) MAG:1

M/Hand: Blünderbus (RNG:4 AMO:1 +1 ATK)
O/Hand: N/A
Armour: Uniform (+1 DEF +1 HP)
Accessory: Iron Face Plate (+1 DEF)

Bag: 1/4 0z
X- Canteen x2
X- Binoculars
X- Molotov Cocktail
- Skull
Bank: 0z

Ammo: Irondrop Bullets x10 (4AP DMG)

Load: Irondrop Bullets x1 +Firing Solution x2

Skills: [Militia] Firing Solution, Friendly Fire (P)
>Prepare Arrow Arrow Arrow
>Lux Arrow Arrow Arrow 10 S, 3E

"Lady Runa, if you wish to look at the Warden to determine if he is your mentor now is the time. We must flee, ghosts of ancient jailers come for us and I do not know if they are vulnerable to what we can do to them. "

[E] Jackie ; Level 8 ; Party Leader
=Tipped Ewer : Poka, Mordenkainen=
HP : 7/13 (11+2) MV : 4 STR : 1 ATK : 1 END : 1 MAG : 8 (4+4) MAGPOW : 11 (8+3) ACT: 2 WORDS : 3 (3) ZEAL : 11.7
Equipped :
-Main : The Space in Our Minds; Level 4 ; Magic +3; Grants Space; 3 Words; Applied Fairy Ink
-Offhand: Academic Writing Tool ; Magic +1; Range:4 ; Runes can be written at Range; Grants Time
-Armor : Drowned Witch Hat (Level 6, Mag +4, HP +2, Grants Hydras, Lux Vulnerability)
-Accessory : Dog Whistle

Bag : 900z
-4.0 x Cookies ; Heals 3 HP, two bites
-Chalk x3
-Teras Shard
-3 Darc Shard

Prepared : Arrow Ring Ball
Runes : Arrow, Block, Ring, Ball, Hand, Eye, Sword, Glass
Summons : Mothman, Beast
Skills : In Tandem, Bind
Overriding, missed a wall being in my path.

>Move 2W, 2S, 1W, 1S
>-Switch to new knife
>Two In Hand 1E moth thing with the 2 knives
>-Switch to Kunai
>Wall walk to flying height, leap at mothmage
>Face West
>-Gather Chi

[$] Beckie ; Level 6 ; Beck Rogue Guild
HP: 11/11 (10+1) Mv: 6 (4+2) STR: 2 ATK: 5 (2+3), DEF: 1 (1) MAG: 3 MAGPOW : 3 ACT: 4 (3+1) CHI : 0 Zeal : 0.5
Equipped :
-Main Hand : Blade Ray (Level 4, Attack +2, Move +2, Knockouts by this weapon leaves a stun counter instead. Mercurial Strike)
-Armor : Mothman's Other Half (Level 4 [$][R], +3 Atk, Slashing, +1 Act, +1 HP, Grants Wall Walk, Takes up armor and a hand slot)
-Accessory: Red Compass
-Accessory: Merchant's Bag : +2 Item slots

Bag 4/6 (4+2) : 1537z
-Crystal Pick; Can mine crystals
-Science Crowbar (Level 2, Attack +2, Opens locks and crates)
-Silver Kunai (Level 3, Attack +4, Silver)
-2 Knives (unknown knife, Attack +3)

Skills : Throw weapon, Switch, Steal, Backstab, Orange Leaves, Spirit Fist
Skillz : Weapon Swap, Pickpocket, Butterfingers, Spinning Throw, Mirror Hands, Ghost Hands, Vacuum Pocket, Moonsault
Thrown : Stone Skip, Catch, Two In Hand
What are those creatures?...This doesn't look good, grab on me Gilda I think we should run.

>-[tap] loot the broken iron maiden under Gilda
>Grab [N1] Gilda when she gives me the ok
>Move 3N
>Move 1N 2W
>-[tap] drop Gilda if she wishes

R2] Vis ; Level 1 ; Rogue
-STR: 2 ATK: 2 DEF: 0+1(1) MOV: 3 ACT: 3 HP: 5/5 MAG: 2
-Main hand:
-Off hand:
-Armor: Prisoner clothes DEF+1
Bag: 0z
-Dagger lvl-1 ATK-1
-Hellmarine stuffs?
Lost items
-Dagger lvl-1 ATK-1 x5
-Dungeon Key x2
-Thief Bomb x1

-[R] Steal, [R] Switch
Sucks when you're trying to catch up on the game's history and suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com is down... but oh, it's back now!

Anyway, I suppose I'll go to Lidl and wait until the next turn to deploy. Suggestions on how to be useful are very much welcome!

Beckie, are flying enemies immune to melee attacks unless you do something to raise yourself above ground level?

Also, please teach me how to not die as a rogue and grow to become the greatest Shinobi that ever lived ;_;
>Attack the turret SW
>Overwatch Lunge at any ghosts SE through the wall

[S] Jenny : Level 7 : Adept
HP: 17/17 [6+4+7] Mv: 4 [3+1] STR : 4 [3+1] ATK: 9 [4+5] DEF: 5 [1+1+3 (forward)] MAG: 2 [1+1] ACT: 2 Zeal : 0.5
=Dormant Daemon, Void Touched=
-Main Hand : Undustrial Sledgehammer (Attack +5, Defense +3, Reach 2)
-Off Hand :
-Armor : Man-Eater Armor [ Defense +1, HP +4, Stats do not decrease on debuff, -1 HP per stat debuff ]
Bag: 840z
-Jerky x 3.5 [ Heals 5 HP, two bites ]
-Winged Shield [Defense +2, Hover : Become a flying target, like a vengeful gargoyle with a sharp stick !]
-Chain-Sword [Attack +3, Defense +1, Range +3]
-Un. Threaded Harpoon [Level 5]

[K] : Counter, Spin Slash, Shield Bash, Ground Slash
[S] : Jump, Twist, Acronaut, Lunge, Dragon Wings
[Sword] : Double Cut
[Cords] : Choke, Arm Bind, Slam Down, Corner Hook
[Mace] : Arm Crack, Power Smash, Skull Crack
[Great] : The Whole Thing, Block, Limb Smash
Melee range cannot reach flying enemies from the ground. You need a ranged weapon, or a way to get up at them. Weapon throw does allow this, but you must recover the weapon if you want to do it again.

As for how to survive long enough, I can't give you much advice. I've died or near died far to many times for me to be able to impart such wisdom. Though I can say this. Use your skills to the greatest effect that you can, and trust your teammates when things look tough. You don't need to face the enemy on your own.

"Gettin' outa the way! Hopefully."

>-Assume 4 dmg from T-rex was reversaled away by Gilda
>Move 3 W
>Move 2 W
>-Face S

[K3] Quaker Lv1 Human Knight
HP:6/6(B5+1), MOV:3(B3+0), ACT:2(B2+0), ATK:2(B2+0), DEF:5(B1+2+2), MAG:0(B0+0)

-Main Hand: Gladius (ATK+2)
-Off Hand: Round Shield (DEF+2)
-Armor: Knight’s Armor (DEF+2)

Bag: [0z]

Skills: [K]Spin slash, Counter

Ideally at low levels I'll avoid combat and instead try to run items around for people, acting in a general support role.

Reckon if I say that I spawn in mid-air I'll be able to get two backstabs off on one of those moths?
No you cannot spawnstab the moths midair. You cannot spawn next to an enemy, nor can you act on the same turn you spawn.

I think the latter is my fault to be honest, I spawned in and threw a bomb floor 3 on the same turn and the rule was changed shortly after.
haha. Okay, I see.

Yeah, I'm reading the adventure from the very beginning so these rules haven't been implemented yet. Sounds like that was some nice work with the bomb there - I'll be getting to that part of the story soon.

Before I make any more misunderstandings, are there any other rules that were changed in this fashion?
There were several such revisions and clarifications on the rules since floor 1. I cannot recall all of them however. A couple of the others are:

Withdrawing takes a full turn
Overwatch can only use attacks or skills that attack. Hunters can do everything.
That'll do it, all-right. Right. My turn.

Given the nature of this most curious prison, you cannot quite decide where you end up when spawning. If you're up for a bit of adventure, I'd suggest just awakening this phase and seeing where it takes you.
Alright, got that, Beckie-sensei! I do look forward to the parts of the story where these rules are mercilessly abused and have to be changed.

Now to figure out a different plan of attack... Maybe I can help out in that NW corner, whatever's going on there...
"I'd rather not waste these by leaving them so I'll be taking them if no one minds."

>-Drop skull
>Loot Grenouille's corpse for - Unappraised Gun - 2x Keys - 3x Blood Alpha
>Move South 2

[I]Norin Alcos Level:1

-Main Hand: Empty
-Off Hand: Empty
-Armor: Uniform +1 DEF +1HP
-Chalk x2
>Botting [R6]Short on request

>ACT1: Move 3N
>ACT2: Move 2N1W
>ACT3: Move 1N2W
>(this should end at the corner of the wall 1S where Watchful is right now)

[R6] Short, Level 1: Rogue
HP:5/5(4+1+0) MOV:3(3+0) ACT:3(3+0) MAG:2(2+0)
ATK:3(2+1) DEF:2(0+2)
-Main: Dagger (Lvl. 1, +1 ATK)
-Armor: Prisoner's Clothes (Lvl. 0, +1 DEF)
-Eqp: Maiden Face plate ( +1 DEF)

Bag: [0z]

Lost Bag: [0z]

-x4 Dagger (Lvl. 1, +1 ATK)
-x2 Keys (Opens doors or Chests)
-Thief Bomb (Can be thrown, AoE)

Skills: [R] Switch(P), Weapon Throw
>Ward Nut 2E
>Pulse self [POW 7]

"Alright the ward is placed. Commence the operation!"

[P] Justin Lv3 [Human Paladin]
=Interested in gardening=
HP 8/9 [b6+3lv] MOV 3 [b3+0] ACT 2 [b2+0]
STR 4 [b2+2CO] DEF 4 [7 Front] [b2+a2+s3] MAG 4 [b2+a2]

ATK: 5 [b2+2CO+1 Iron Door Shield]
POW: 7 [b2+ a2+ w3]

+Main Hand+ Iron Door [Shield] [lv2; +1 Atk; +3 Def]
+Off Hand+ [Poka] Druidmere (Level 3, Magic +3, Casting Range 4, Grants Plant, Teras, Hydra)
=Armor= Vestal Plate [lv3; +2 Mag, +2 Def]
Bag: 60z [100z + Hammer (1 Atk/ 0 MAG Rng) + Ish Bone in Llama Bank]
- ???? Book

[Guide] Channel; Pulse; Ward; [Paladin] Crusader OATH (Redistributes MAG split between ATK and DEF); Shield Formation
Missing Items: Traveling Cane, Barbed Shotel, Spiced Jerky, Sadia Kopis
Zeal: 3.2
I consent

>Allow myself to be moved
>Cast Reversal on K4 Nut through ward
>Channel E1 Jackie
>Move 3W
[N] Gilda : Level 7
HP : 11/11 (4+7) MV : 3 STR : 2 (1+1) ATK : 4 (2+2) DEF : 2 (1+1) MAG : 5 (3+2) POW : 8 (5+3) ACT: 3 (2+1) ZEAL : 6.4
Equipped :
-Main Hand : Druidmere (Level 3, Magic +3, Casting Range 4, Grants Plant, Teras, Hydra)
-Off Hand : Instructor's Staff (Level 2, Mag +2, Atk +2, Casting Range 3, Attack Range 2, Grants Hook and Pull, Grants Spirit, Lux, Aerias)
-Accessory : Watcher (Level 2, Action + 1)
-Armor : Blood Cloak ( Level 3, Mag + 2, Def + 1, Str +1, Combat Prowess : Allows you to equip [K] weaponry)
Bag : 0z
-Jerky x 5 ( Heals 5 HP, two bites )
-Stalker ( Level 2, Attack + 2, Grants Fast Climb )

Bank : 1142z
Group Bank : 0z
-Hammer ( Level 1, Atk + 1 )

Skills : Ward, Pulse, Channel, Cleanse, Tipped Ewer, Aetherwind, Reversal, Dilate, Accel
Please delete errant posts then, and repost the fix. Also join the IRC instead of posting in the board for OOC conversation: https://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?server=rizon.mibbit.org&channel=%23Skirmish
Into the fray!

[R] Eseirsha, Lvl 1 Rogue, Gender: Elf
HP: 1/1, MOV: 3, ACT: 3
ATK: 2 (no bonus from dagger?), DEF: 1 (0+1 clothes), MAG: 1

-Dagger Lvl1 (atk+1)
-Prisoner Clothes (def+1)

Bag: 0z
-Throwing knives Lvl1 4x
-Key 2x
-Thief Bomb 1x
-Chalk! (if it's okay to start with some from the bank)

[R] Weapon Throw, [R] Switch
>Move 4S
>Use unseeing binoculars on the ancient gaolers

[I] Watchful : Level 5 : Adept
=Lux Sworn: Lux Resistant, Blindness Resistance, +3 Vision, +1 Mag=
=Harpie Graft : Aer Resistant=
=Seamonster Steak : +1 Strength ; Inceased Loot=
HP: 9/9 (3+5+1) Mov: 4 (3+1) Str 2 (1+1) Atk: 6 (2+4) Def: 0 (0) Mag: 2 (1+1) Act: 2, Vision 10(5+3+2), Breaths : 0, Merits : 2 Zeal : 4
-Main Hand : BR-04 (Level 2, 2-Hands, Ammo 2|6, Range 6, +4 Attack, Pike Buster: Melee range shots adds Atk to Dmg. )
-Armor : Ranger Hat, +1 Move, +2 Vision, +1 HP
Bag :
-Unseeing Binoculars (View at a distance, does not dispel darkness, Ghosts cannot enter viewing range, If they do they are frozen in place)
-Spirit Ward (Place to create a warded tile, Wisp types are revealed within sight range, Ghosts cannot approach within 6 tiles, Creatures that die in range roll a second d6 for Wisp\Reincarnation chance.)
-3x Calorie Gram
-3x Water Flask (9 sips remaining)

Ammo :
-Pumpkin Rounds x14 (6 Damage, Fire)
-Silver Rounds x30 (5 Damage)
-Happy Bday x7 (4 Crushing Damage, 5 Aoe)
-Metal Slugs x6 (6 Crushing Damage)
Skills: Firing Solution, Packed Round, Friendly Fire, Spreadshot, Battle Rhythm, Double Time
Loaded : Pumpkin Rounds x6 (6 Damage, Fire) +1 Damage
>- Get re-headed, warded and pulsed
> Move 1N 2W 1S 2W
>-face SW
>-tap Kerosene

Yes, it is. I!
I! I have a head! Heed me, I have A HEAD!
And my head is filled with noble, merciful RAGE!

[K] Nut, Lvl 3: Adept, Human
HP: 5/5 (5+0), MOV: 3 (3+0), ACT:2 (2+0),
ATK: 5 (2+2+1(+1during night)), DEF: 7 (1+1+2+3shield), MAG: 0 (Aether numb)

-Barbed Shotel (lvl2: Attack+2, Defense+1)
-Moon Shield (lvl3: Defense+3, +1Str During Night)
-Knight Kerosene (Lights up to 6 spaces. Reveals ghosts)
-Raider Armor (Defense+2, Str+1)

Bag: [0z]
-1x Sleep Bomb (4 aoe, sleep, throw 3 rgn)
-Bread (3)
-8x 6Cal HVY
-8g Junk Iron

[K] Spin Slash, Counter, Shield Bash, Ground Slash
[Sword Artes] Pawn Stab, Step Cut
[Barbed Shotel] Disarm, Vorpal Blow
File: Poka surprised01.png (569 KB, 1117x1231)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
"What are those horrible specters? Miss Runa we must move now unless you know some way to combat those horrors, please come with me. We must see if the warden that we fought was Lord Barthol or not.

>ACT1: Move 3S1W
>ACT2: Move 3W
>Tap: Bump [R2]Vis N
>Have Miss Runa in tow and have her examine the remains of the warden to confirm if it was indeed Lord Barthold or not. If Runa has 3Mov and 2Acts she moves 2S4W and should end exactly N of the the Warden's corpse

>Channeled to: [E1] Jackie, [M1] Mordenkainen,
>Poka's Tipped Ewer: 9/14(Poka)+4/7(Mord)+11/13(Jackie) =24/34 HP

[G2] Poka, Lvl:8 =Human= Master Guide
HP: 9/14(4+8+2) MOV: 4(3+1) ATK: 1 DEF: 3(1+1+1) MDEF: 3(2+1) MPOW: 4(2+1+1) ACT: 2
MHAND: Bardo's Guide Wand (+1 MAG, RNG3)
OHAND: empty
ARMOR: Swansong LVL4 (HP+2,DEF+1,MAG+1,MOV+1)
Accessory: Reincarnation shell LVL8
BAG: Empty
Money: 0 Zenny
Bank: In debt (-1260 Zenny )

Skills: [Guide Mastery] [Guide] Pulse, Cleanse, Ward, Channel, Aether Wind, Radiance, Tipped Ewer, Relinquish, [?????], [Town] Unbroken Chain, [Song]Steel Song, [Prayer] Pulsa
Mord me and Runa will be standing at your move destination to check if the warden is Lord Barthol. Me at the corner and Runa just N of the Warden.
"Hey, Heavy Foot, let's try one of those tricks out. Just gotta face away from the guy."

>Move 1W, 4S, 3W, 3S
>Throw an axe at monster 3E
>Face W

[R] Torr : Level 4 : Adept
=Tortadyne : +1 Str, +2 Def, -1 Move=
ATK: 9 (2+1+4+2) ACT: 4 (3+1) DEF: 6 (2+4[koutetsu])
HP: 8/8 (4+4) MOV: 4L (3-1+2) MAG: 2
M.HAND: Koutetsu (+4 atk, +2 def, +1 act if 2 Koutetsu are equipped, Two Dagger Fighting)
2n Hand: Koutetsu (+4 atk, +2 def, +1 act if 2 Koutetsu are equipped, Two Dagger Fighting)
GEAR: Black Water Snake Suit. (+2 mov +2 atk, Start the Map Hidden, Hide in Water for a turn to regain stealth, No move penalties while swimming)
BAG: 3 Ax (+3 atk), Moon Shield (+3 Def, +1 Str at nights)
AMMO : nothing
ZENNI : 1070z
LOADED : (nothing)
Skills: Throw Weapon, Steal, Switch, Backstab
[Updated stats, who knew you gain hp for each lvl?!]

[K] Nut, Lvl 3: Adept, Human
HP: 8/8 (8+0), MOV: 3 (3+0), ACT:2 (2+0),
ATK: 5 (2+2+1(+1during night)), DEF: 7 (1+1+2+3shield), MAG: 0 (Aether numb)

-Barbed Shotel (lvl2: Attack+2, Defense+1)
-Moon Shield (lvl3: Defense+3, +1Str During Night)
-Knight Kerosene (Lights up to 6 spaces. Reveals ghosts)
-Raider Armor (Defense+2, Str+1)

Bag: [0z]
-1x Sleep Bomb (4 aoe, sleep, throw 3 rgn)
-Bread (3)
-8x 6Cal HVY
-8g Junk Iron

[K] Spin Slash, Counter, Shield Bash, Ground Slash
[Sword Artes] Pawn Stab, Step Cut
[Barbed Shotel] Disarm, Vorpal Blow
A slight note that I missed +3HP of healing from the Ewer it should be as follows:
>Poka's Tipped Ewer: 12/14(Poka)+4/7(Mord)+11/13(Jackie) =27/34 HP

Apologies once again.

FFS, do not advertise the IRC. It is good that tactics are talked about on the thread, and should be done more often. Only link it if someone asks.
Overiding >>49892366 in case I can't delete it again.

>Move 3S, 1E
>Move 2E
>If able, loot the familiar box south of me for my equipment

[V][QuarterMaster] Hetros "The Judge", Lvl.6:Adept
=Normal Human, Driven For the 7th Floor, Shining Meat of the Extinct Seamonster(Rare Loot Drop,Str+1,1 Floor), Spoilered Missing Gear=
HP:12/14(5+3+6) ACT:2
STR:6(4+1+1)/ATK:6 END:5(2+3)/DEF:5
-Skybreaker Tomahawk (Atk +3, lvl 3, 1hnd, causes -1ACT stun damage)
-Nihelfaust (lvl6,2Handed,HunterLine,Atk+4,Def+2,Rng2,Heavy,Tri Cleave,HalfSwing,Untapped Potential)
-Executioner's Tricone (lvl6,Str+1,End+3,HP+3)
-Iron Maiden*2
-Twin Chevrolet (Lvl5,2Handed,HunterLine,Atk+2x2,Def+1,Rng5, Twin Hook and Jab, Hook and Scissor)
-2 Jerky

-Goya's Chains

Bank:1092z, Void Beast's Spine, Blessed Trenchcoat (lvl4,Def+2,Str+1,Mag+1), Justice Overcoat (Def+1,Str+1,Mag+1)
Group Bank:

Skills: [1.5 Zeal] (Cords)
[Hunter]Bloodlust(P), Hook and Pull, Rig, Suspension
[Adept Hunter] Rig Network(P), Lurk(P), Mortal Blow
[Viscount] Battle Intuition, Life Sentence(*)
[Cord Arts] Choke, Arm Bind, Slam Down, Corner Hook, Morning Star
>HolmGang: Chain Yourself To medium or Large target. They cannot leave you, and you Cannot leave them.
>Tri Cleave: Targets 3Tiles Forwards or Across
>Half Swing: Targets the Frontal Arc.
>Untapped Potential: This Living Weapon may hold more potential once Zeal is spent attuning with it.
>Twin Hook and Jab: Pull a medium Opponent and Deliver a mainhand attack. Two separate targets may be targeted.
>Hook and Scissor: Pull a Medium to Large Opponent and deliver a two armed attack in a single impulse. STR+ATK+ATK.
"Everyone, we're beleaguered, time is running out, and most of us are underequipped. I suggest most of us begin making a break for the stairs, those who want to remain behind as a rearguard and have a controlled retreat? On me."
Burk looked at the horrible appartitions arising from the depths. And at this moment he decided that maybe here was not the best place to be.

"Blow this, I'm going to the front."

>-Speed-Loot Helmarine's Ammo
>Move 5W
>-Loot South Box for Ammo and Back-up stuff


>Move 5W
>-Double-Time 2W more, take cover
>-Battle Rhythm Reload Quicksilver Rounds.

[I]Burkhard, Level 7: Human
HP: 12/12 (3+7+2), MOV: 5 (3+2), ACT:2 (2+0), ATK: 1 (1+0), DEF: 2 (0+2 END), MAG: 1 (1+0)

-Main Hand: Francisco Type-4b -, Range: 5, Ammo: 3|9,
-Armor: Lvl7. Lt MP Custom - +2Hp +2End +2Mov, [Restrain], [Execute]
Reincarnation Shell: 1 Use

Doomsilver Bullets (4 Dmg, x2 vs Humans) : 17/17
Iron Drop (4AP Dmg): 10/10
Pumpkin Rounds (6 Fire) : 14/14
Quicksilver Rounds (5 Dmg) : 12/20

Bag: 325z
-The Holdout - Range: 5, Ammo: 3, Quickdraw, No Loads. [Truesilver (6 Dmg)] 1/3
-5x Calorie Grams
-1x Water Flask

Zeal: 9
Merits: 8
Bank: 2540z, Personal Momento, 4 Water Flasks,
Group Bank: Iron Kisses (5 Dmg) x 6

[9/9 Quicksilver Rounds (5 Dmg)]
Skills: [Militia] - Firing Solution, Packed Round, Spread Shot, Friendly Fire (P),
[Adept Militia] - Battle Rhythm (P), Take Prisoner (T), Double-Time (R), !Bring It Down! (P)
[Militia Mastery]
[Armour Skills] - Restrain, Execute (T)
[Shrine Skills] - Don't You Die On Me (P)
"Don't forget the spectral ward placed in the north! If they're ghosts they can't get close to it."
"Can we get more of those placed? It would be helpful. In the meantime, everybody make a break for that ward if you can and then walk around, we'll try to prevent them from heading West and cutting you off."
"Pretty sure we only have one in the whole hunt and it's on Watchful."
"I left mine with Falconi on the ship."
"It seems we have overstayed our welcome."

>-Tap Aetha Sight
>-Pick up Maiden Faceplate?
>Move 3S
>Move 1E 2S
>-Loot the Cthulhu-head warden of parts and things.

[M]Mordenkainen, Lvl.4 W̶i̶z̶a̶r̶d̶ Mage
=Poison Immune - Channeled=
HP:4/7 MOV:3 ACT:2 ATK:1 (0+1) DEF:1 (0+1) MAG:6 (4+2) POW:7 (6+1)

Hand 1: Lvl.2 Acid Tome [Pyra+Hydra] (+1 POW, Words 2)
Hand 2: EMPTY
Armor: Lvl.3 Red Mask (+1 DEF, +2 MAG, Aethasight)
Accessory: EMPTY
Bag: [0z]
- Midian Ash [Bloom]
- Schrodinger's Faceplate (+1 DEF)

Prepared Spells:
Skills: In Tandem
Runes: [M]Arrow, [M]Ball, [M]Block, [M]Ring, [M]Hand, [M]Glass
Grafts: Poison Immunity
>-Take 4 damage, go to 1
>Fire Glob03 3E, 1S | 2 act damage, +1Aoe (Airburst?)
>Replace Glob03A with Old Castor, Metal Slugs
>Blast Moth 2E with double taps - 4*6 Crush
>-Battle Rythm Old Castor with Pumpkin Rounds

Thanks Quickstep. You look a lot better when all your blood is on the inside, all vim, vigor and wildly wierd mothman mask. You wouldn't happen to have a pocket full of bullets, would you?

I seem to mysteriously be always running out. Just don't know where it all... goes.

I knew you'd catch up, big guy. Not sure your axe'll do it, mind. Here, let me help.

Ah hey, Nut. You mind going on a-head? I can use you up top. Don't want to lose our heads in the confusion. Cleave to me, that way we won't get split -- ooh, is that fresh ammo in your pantaloons?

SPOOKS! That was me, now it's all you!

Right you three, we need secure this staircase and then knock down as much of this wall as possible so people can actually get here. Also, I hear there might be reaping murder-ghosts afoot. Although by now that should really be a given. There's always reaing murder-ghosts. It's just kind of part of the ambiance.

Lvl 6 Magnate
==HERO+Lux, Darc, Illusion Resist=
HP:1/7(5+2¤) MV: 7(5+2) ATK: 6
DEF: [3] 1+2 MAG: 2 Act: 3 SIGHT:
ZEAL: 4.2 ZNY 0--
Old Castor- 5Rng, 4|4**, DT 8Dir
SA02 - 4 RNG, 0|2, DT
PI Coat, lvl6. +2 def/move/hp, lux, darc, illus resist + HERO
Acc: Black Ledger (2-Arms)
MetSl (6 crush) x0 - used this turn
PuRo (6 fire) x4**
IrDp (4AP Dmg): x7
B-day (4 crush 5aoe) x7
Quali (2 act dmg) x8
Silver(5dmg) x14
Blood-Bx2 | 'Caz' | THE CASE (Earth Draught (14Pt, +END) | Glob03)
[I+]Firing Solution, Spreadshot, Friendly Fire, Packed Shot, Battle Rythm, Take Prisoner, Double Time
[A] Disguise, SubDeliver [Ker] Dig, Scent, Beast Talk
[Tech]ProsArms, SlimeFibres-> Lift Heavy, Leap, 2xTB
[Thrown] All.
>*Hero overrides HP lvl
Marco, Bardo, Zomzom, Pilus, Mord and everyone in the newbie North Eastern corner newbie group listen please!

We must all move to the NorthWest corner of the map immediately through the holes on the walls and as far away from the Collectors as we can and then towards the exit on the southwest corner. The rest of the group will try to hold the Collectors back and prepare the way. I will come with you and also take Miss Runa our job now is to try and move to safety and then to the exit and also escort Miss Runa out of here. Rogues can help to carry people in case of an emergency. I know this can sound humiliating but so far we have gotten what we came for on this subfloor and we fought hard to clear the way so we mustn't let this opportunity go to waste.

Verbal frowns at the disgusting template that is Trigger's sheet.
He ditches the hot dog and slips over behind the moth.
Verbal turns the creatures attention towards its allies and unleashes a breath of fire on them.
He smiles and raises his dagger up high for a brutal back attack on his enemy.

>Shadow Possess Moth S
>Moth: Fire Breath Moths E
>Verbal: Back attack Shadow Possessed Moth using ??? Dagger [Stun, ATK:6 (5+1)]

[R] Verbal, Lv.3:Haunt Adept
HP : 7/7 (4+3), MOV : 3,
ACT : 3, STR : 2 (2+0),
DEF : 1 (0+1), MAG : 4 (2+2)
>ATK : 5 (2+3), POW : 4 (4+0)

- ??? Dagger (ATK+3)
- Heist Clothes (DEF+1, ATK+1)

Bag: 0z
- Moblin Dagger (ATK+2)
- Book of Still Wind (MAG+3, Words:???, Darc, Wind)
- Skeleton Skull

Artes: 0.4
[Thrown]: Catch

[Haunt]: Shadow Possession, Shadow Hide, Incorporeal
[Rogue]: Steal, Switch, Weapon Throw, Back Attack, Skillz

Missing Items: Cookies x2, Dungeon Key, Chalk, Moblin Dagger x3
>"I'm a girl"
I see what you did there Monday.
File: Mage preparing spell.jpg (98 KB, 548x657)
98 KB
Botting the newcomer group you may override your actions if you wish.

[G1] Bardo
>Move 5W1S

[G3] Marco
>Move 6W end on Ward

>Move 1N5W

Tap: Try to carefully lootthe gear the helmarine has who is south of me.
Tap: loot the spear i dropped
>Act1: Move 4 west
Tap: hug jenny and say he/she is my hero.
>Act2: Move 2 south and 2 west

[H1]moon Lvl:2 =Human= Hunter
HP: 4/6, ACT: 2, ATK: 3 (2+1), DEF: 2(1+1) MOV: 4 MAG: 1
Gear: Overcoat, lvl1. ATK+1,DEF+1
Skills: Hook and Pull, Suspension, Blood-lust, Dark tendency.
(Dark tendency: Allows you to use an action to over-watch anyone, and also hit it.

"Yup yup yup. Time to get my bullets and binoculars and shoot at spoopy spookies."

>Move 3S, 2W
>Move 3W, 2S
>Move 4S

[I] Isaac Ispie Lvl 7


>The Hunter's Daughter MK-II (HR-04a, lvl.4), RNG: 5+1, AMMO: 2, *ProneShot: If Shooter does not move this turn, +2Rng, 2 HANDS
>LOAD: 1 Contra Rounds (5 DMG) + 1 x Packed Shot (+1 DMG)
>Ammo: 6/10 Contra Rounds (5 DMG)
> Lvl 3 Sergeant Uniform (+1 DEF, + 1 MOV, + 1 HP), Lvl 5 Sniper Cap (+ 2 Vision, +1 RNG, +1 MOV, +2 HP)
ATK: 1
DEF: 0+1
MOV: 3+1+1
ACT: 2
HP: 6/10 (+1+ 2+7[lvl])
MAG: 1
VIS: +2
Skills: Firing Solution, Packed Round, Friendly Fire, Spread Shot, Battle Rhythm, Double Time, !Bring it Down!, Take Prisoner

[Relentless]: Witnessing a murder will allow you to track the culprit with a tap action.
Egads I forget to say ">awaken."

The original post had it, but when I deleted it and re-posted I somehow lost this crucial indicator of my action.

Maybe I'll deploy successfully, maybe nothing will happen, maybe I'll manifest as a half-blancmange, half-wombat failure of a creature, who knows.
Yeah, that sounds good.

>Move 3W
>move 2W, 1S
>Run like the coward momma always said you were

[G1] Bardo, Level: 1 [Guide]
HP:5/5, MOV:3, ACT:2, ATK:1, DEF:2, MAG:3

-Wand (lvl 1, MAG: 1, RNG: 3)
-Cloak(lvl 0, DEF: +1, MAG: +1)
Bag: [$???]
-1 hammer

[Guide]Pulse, [Guide] Ward

[O] Thinly: Level 5
HP : 5/5 (4+1) MV : 4 ATK : 2 DEF : 1 (1) MAG : 5 (3+2) POW : 6 (5+1) ACT: 2 ZEAL : 4.6
Equipped :
-Main Hand : Academic Writing Tool (Range 4, Mag +1, Write Runes and Wards at range, Grants Time, Teras, Lux)
-Off Hand : Academic Writing Pole (Range 4, Mag +1, Write Runes and Wards at range, Grants Plant, Teras, Hydra)
-Accessory : Floor Notes
-Armor : Fools Cap (Mag +2 , HP +1)
Bag : 1210z
-Stale Wafer x5 (Heals +2 HP, Favored by Wisps)
-Jerky x2
-Llama Water x5
-Blood Alpha x1.0

Skills : Pulse, Cleanse, Channel, Ward, Relinquish, Polarize, Tangent
Livia would you mind using your Hunter's Lore on these gaolers next turn?
File: Opensesme.png (320 KB, 513x441)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
So, is anyone in a position to check out this door? Getting it open will make it easier for us to get to the stairs and avoid having our souls eaten/stolen by the things coming to chase us.
Please post all quest threads on /qst/


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