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>What's going on here?
Dead Space inspired stories, discussions on model conversions and theme lists for tabletop armies, and ideas for home brewing a Dead Space system or system adaptations for existing systems.

>Jukebox pastebin
>Zaeed Space
>Isaac's Bizarre Adventure
>Doomed pastebin forthcoming

Any ideas for further DS inspired TTRPG shenanigans are welcome, the floor is open for discussion.

Old thread here
I don't get the council, it's like the idea that they aren't the ultimate authority in the galaxy activly offends them so much that they just hee-haw any evidence until it goes away, so fearful of the idea that they are pawns they play the role even more.
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When they say Isaac has dementia, do they really mean Schizophrenia?

Also, why don't they just invest more in colonialism instead of space whaling?
They're just too lazy to handle anything really important. They imagine themselves to be more figureheads than actual leaders.
That's, that's just retarded, if I felt like a figurehead I'd either try to move to a position that had actual merit or change the one I was in to get shit done, if I sold my soul into politics it would not be to putter away as a fake ruler and betray countless people looking to me for guidence that doesn't exist
The whole dementia thing was bullshit by the unitologists just to get him to walk right into their hands. And Schizophrenia would have worked better but for the most part Issac "knew" what was and wasn't a figment of his fractured mind.
File: IMG_0359.png (1.02 MB, 851x706)
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It wasn't bull though. He actually did have something wrong. It just wasn't dementia.

I've read accounts from Schizos who claimed they could in fact recognize their insanity, but that the "voices" or what have you felt so convincing that they couldn't disobey.
I'm saying the "deadly dementia" is bull, the fact that something is clearly wrong with him is not. Part of the markers' primary abilities are delusions and building more markers, with the "occasional" suicidal tendencies.
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I see. I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
Doubt brings discussion which brings understanding. Always doubt Anon
What was this artist's name again?
Boku no Louis Wain.
File: NYEH SQUIDWARD.gif (1.07 MB, 500x351)
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1.07 MB GIF
Well, that's their problem. They aren't really leaders so much as they are managers. To lead is to be groundbreaking, thinking out of the box, looking at your subordinates with respect, etc. Think of people like Alexander the great, first over the wall, sleeping on the ground and sharing a meal of maza with his men, or perhaps Erwin Rommel, who fought on the front lines with his men in North Africa. His rival, George S, Patton provides another example, displaying infamous vitriol, seeking to be more a figure his men could both fear and look up to more than a man who pleased brass.

A manager on the other hand is just some cuck who sticks to the book and to keeping the status quo to please the main office in times of peace, and to downplay the losses in times of war. Notice there are very few managers who go down in history. Only those who advanced it (leaders) get to write teh history books and be rightfully recognized as the visionaries whose grandiose thinking got people somewhere, as opposed to settling for stagnation same old same old just to earn themselves a quick pat on the head. A manager's first and only concern is himself. He only thinks of how he can acquire more power, rank, or status. To a terrible Officer in the military, the insignia that say "Lieutenant" means more to him than what makes a commissioned officer a true leader.

That's the Council's problem. none of them are leaders. They're mediocre managers who will never be recognized for the mediocre effort they put in, which in a cruel twist of irony, was their imagined vehicle to recognition.
What's the story behind this pic? What did they take?

The problem is that accepting the fact that something like the Reapers exists obligates them to do something about it. Since its a galaxy wide threat, hat means throwing basically everything into a state of emergency and mobilizing the galaxy for a war of apocalyptic proportions, while also distancing themselves from the reaper-based technology their civilization currently relies on.

Can you IMAGINE the catastrophic damage this would do if the reaper threat turned out to not be real if they did all that? They need 100% verifiable proof of the Reapers and the threat they represent before they can sign off on what it would take to fight them. And there is a strong emotional incentive for them to want this to be bullshit, because the alternative is terrifying.

Think of it like an insurance company after your house burned down. They can say 'no' as many times as they want at no cost, but the moment they say 'yes' they have to stick with it.

The cat one is Schizophrenia.

The one with the balding man is dementia.
File: What a shame....jpg (54 KB, 603x393)
54 KB
For the artist, maybe.

That last dementia self portrait is my lock screen photo. My aunt has dementia(she's pretty far along) and the few times she's done something artistic has produced some interesting results. So this particular artist is of special interest to me.

You can read this post and more at my blogspot account.

Who said they have a good system we can work with?
Traveler and Dark Heresy were the two systems I had the most luck with adapting. Traveler could be run as is just need to rewrite some of the character creation bits and your good to go. Dark Heresy needs a bit more work in fine tuning and rewriting the career paths and axing psyker BS but over all I think it's got promise.

A while back I made some headway in adapting Shadowrun 5th to run as Dead Space but I ran out of steam when I was half way through reworking character creation after gutting the metahuman races and magic. Karma Gen was the way to go there I think.

There are two games I'm aware of out there now that would work out of the box. Cold And Dark is basically !Dead Space already and Abandon All Hope has a lot of the same scifi horror themes in it already from what I hear.
got any templates?
Trying to get my computer back up so I can post them, yeah.
Doom space pastebin is now a thing!

File: 9f5.gif (400 KB, 488x519)
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bout time
I'm kind of a lazy something or other about some things. This happened to be one of them. Happy reading!
So they are the type who think they have ambition when in reality they'd be just as content as some middle management pencil pusher
File: oKCkeVx.jpg (65 KB, 411x682)
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I played Dead Space 3 for the first time today. Kill me.
Its okay. Get really, REALLY drunk for a bit. It will all be over soon.
Dead Space 3 isn't a bad game. It's just not a Dead Space game. Like a lot of games that get shit on, if it didn't have the stigma of being part of a franchise, it would have had a half-way decent reception. No critical acclaim, of course; it didn't really do much of anything that was new, but it did pretty well with what it did do.

Microtransactions did kind of suck, as did the special weapons from the endorsement deals, but they're par for the course nowadays.
They're elected politicians.

What do you think *our* politicians would do if someone presented them with verifiable proof that the end is nigh?
Pretty much this. I played it, I had fun, I stuck to the tried and true weapons from earlier in the series and stayed the hell away from the micro transactions.
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232 KB PNG
File: Cerberus_lab_artifact_2.png (879 KB, 1280x800)
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879 KB PNG
Did anyone else talk about the Reaper Artifacts from Mass Effect 3, in that one mission to the Cerberus Labs? They looked kinda similar to the Marker except smoller. I'll post another, admittedly different image of a Reaper artifact.
I mean there's more than just the Reapers in the ME universe (Leviathans, weird plant mind rape thing from the first game, Rachni to lesser extent) so potentially.... the Brother-Moons DO exist except in some pocket beyond the Terminus System. Kind of like sweat shops in Pakistan
It's possible that Reaper activity actually might have prevented the moons from florishing, their mass relay network and the eezo effectivly prevents the kinD of energy crisis that would warrant marker usage, and they would likely destroy any markers they find
It would make a better reason for the cycles then what we got in canon
originally, it was supposed to be Dark Energy, hence the solar fluctuations on Haestrom
File: Reaper_artifact.png (537 KB, 492x498)
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537 KB PNG
I'm trying to write up some sort of cohesive narrative between Dead Space and Mass Effect, the way I see it is:
The events of Dead Space 1 transpire sometime between Mass Effect 1 and ME2. It's noted that in the ME universe there are religions that are similar to Unitology (alien rapture or some shit) though they don't give names.

So Unitology in some form exists except for Protheans/Mass Relays instead of .... well Markers or something.

I'm pretty sure with the discovery of Reaper Artifacts by Cerberus in the third game, and other artifacts in other ME media that these things can indoctrinate similarly to the Markers.

So Dead Space 1 happens essentially as normal, with the ruins of the Reapers or whatever found on Aegis VII by the Ishimura crew, who get slowly indoctrinated by a recently reactivated Reaper akin to the Leviathan of Dis. It commands the ground team to recover Reaper artifacts and spreads it's influence.

With my passing knowledge of both Dead Space and Mass Effect, Markers were harnessed for a new energy resource (?) and the Reaper tech was well... Cerberus's anti-Reaper initiative and the Prothean archeologists trying to find out more about ancient tech and what-have-you.

Anyways shit goes down, with some sort of Reaper-EldritchAbomination spacemagicks happens and causes techno-organic abominations or just necromorphs but with more blue (because indoctrination and robot cuttlefish cthulhu like blue i guess)
Oh god- Thorian necromorph
File: shiala_.jpg (526 KB, 900x1440)
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526 KB JPG
Possibility of asari lewds?
Somewhat lower than the possibility with regular thorian
I'm not a writefag so I apologize if the quality of my work is shit but I hope it proves interesting enough.

Following a total communication blackout and continued unresponsive activity, a Cerberus Recovery Team was sent to investigate the remains of the MSV Ishimura as well as ascertain the success of Cerberus Operative Kendra Daniels. Operative Daniels was inserted into the MSV Kellion’s rescue operation to investigate the progress of the MSV Ishimura’s classified directive: to locate and recover Prothean artifacts as well as it’s secondary objective of skimming precious resources such as iridum, palladium, platinum and element zero from the ship’s hauls into Cerberus aligned interest groups and active projects.
(continued in Part 2)
Part 2
The recovery team was unable to detect any distress signals or Cerberus dead drop signals within the proximity of the planet. However, a single Executive Shuttle belonging to the MSV Ishimura based on it’s designs and serial number, was located above the planet’s atmosphere along with a single occupant, alive but heavily injured and in a nigh catatonic state. Field review of the occupants RIG data drive revealed him to be Isaac Clarke.
continued from part 2....
Based on the data recovered field operatives were able to determine that Isaac Clarke was part of a Systems Alliance intergalactic mining company known as the Concordance Extraction Corporation, which has been one of many corporations who have dared to operate within the Attican traverse, though one of few who have had successful hauls. Originally a voluntary member of a emergency response unit onboard the MSV Kellion to the MSV Ishimura, sent to investigate the distress signals broadcasted by the Ishimura as well as the total communications blackout within. The very same team that included Operative Kendra Daniels. Looking through both audio and video logs of subject Clarke’s activities aboard the MSV Ishimura, it has been determined that an infectious outbreak caused by the mimetic signal emitted by a speculated Prothean or Reaper artifact was capable of altering local cellular lifeforms as well as DNA and cause hysteria, hallucinations and mutations not dissimilar to the effects that the Reaper Sovereign reported to have, as detailed in the files of the Saren Incident and Commander Shepard Investigation.
Currently Cerberus Recovery Team Alpha Victor Papa is enroute to Titan Station where he will be provided to the onboard medical and research staff. Once he has been processed, Cerberus Recovery Team Alpha Victor Papa will return to HQ for recuperation and further orders.
Aw. And I've been finding all this cool concept art as well.

On the plus side, something else I found reminded me of that Miranda/Grunt smutfic idea I'd had.
Wonder how they petsonally can profit off of it.
>The Reapers are just trying to starve out the brother moons by making sure sapient species can't converge.
I do not have enough skeleton images to express how I feel.
File: 1464895251768s.jpg (9 KB, 228x250)
9 KB
I think I have one for you
Well good luck then because that will be quite difficult to pull off properly.
File: archlight_armor_.jpg (220 KB, 1024x1461)
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220 KB JPG
File: Spacecow.jpg (96 KB, 1018x647)
96 KB
Testing of the [REDACTED] Artifact has proven interesting: as noted throughout the data logs of the [REDACTED] RIG, as well as the Cerberus operations team, the Artifact produces a ‘signal’ that is traceable and audible on several frequencies and various electromagnetic wavelengths. Testing on non-sapient subjects seems to cause mutations and accelerated evolution, as subjects were seen to physically change at a rapid pace. Each exposed subject exhibited similar if not identical changes. Experiments were conducted to see if these mutations could be reproduced with a high frequency, which was discovered to be the case with each subject that was exposed for the same amount of time exhibiting the same mutations.
These subjects were shortly thereafter being exposed were placed into cells for further study. Through prolonged study and surveillance it was noted that the exposed subjects exhibited abnormal behavior to the control group, those of whom experienced no exposure to the Artifact. The subjects exposed to the Artifact began splitting off into divisions, exhibiting social behaviors unlike that of the control group and seemed to form a “pack”. We continued observing them and comparing them to other groups of subjects that were exposed to the Artifact for longer periods of time.
Gradually we began noticing a trend of increased estrus periods, less time needed until full maturation and an increase in the number of young being born as a result. This is a noticeable trend of conforming to a K-strategy for propagation before changing to an r-strategy. This trend has a high correlation with changes of mating and maturation of the subjects and the amount of time spent exposed to the Artifact. It is theorized that the accelerated evolution is due in some part to the signal emitted by the Artifact. This hypothesis seems to be proven from brain scans of the subjects, with the subjects who were exposed longer to the Artifact having more higher brain activity overall with various regions of the brain seeming more developed in comparison to the control group.
Further testing is required, especially in regards to how the signal affects multiple species as well as if this would affect the rate at which the young can mature.
However with a high level of certainty, experiments on human or other sentient/sapient beings is viable and could potentially lead to accelerated gene therapy with further experimentation
Sorry dude, yoh seem to have messed up your Ded Spess lore, thd Marker can't mutate living tissue, only dead.
this, you don goofed mate>>50883655
http// deadspace wikia com/wiki/Markers
" ...the Black Marker emits an electromagnetic signal that guides and teaches forms of life into civilization, forcing evolution of certain sentient species.
By this time, the Black Marker is revealed by the species. Once they discover its limitless energy, the species is controlled by it to worship the relic and to create copies of the original.
Eventually, the Black Marker and the copies made by them send out multiple signals. Those alive and afflicted, with lower intelligence, begin to experience hallucinations and contract dementia, sending the living into a paranoid state causing homicidal and suicidal actions. This ultimately prepares the next event by creating increasing dead bodies.
The signals finally are released to begin the final stage which is the Necromorph Infestation. This contagion's genetic code is written in an Alien language on the Markers itself. This signal reanimates the dead cells and tissues of all dead species. These dead bodies are then twisted into nightmarish, monstrous creatures that are built for the purpose of killing other living species and infecting them. This infection occurs not only with the Black Marker, but also where the other duplicate Markers have spread. When the bodies become numerous, the prepare for the ultimate stage of Convergence."
File: Okuyasu is a dumbass.png (208 KB, 500x500)
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208 KB PNG
Episode 2: Avenged Sevenfold.

"You don't have to worry about that." Spoke Jotaro cryptically, "we're quick learners." Isaac caught the knowing glance shot at the man in green.

"Firstly, I'd like to... apologise for attacking you earlier. We were chasing a murderer, so when a [BIZARRE] spaceman turned up out of nowhere i may have overreacted somewhat"
"Overreacted huh?" Isaac said. "Look buddy, i get that you were looking out for your friend there, but i'm getting real sick and tired of getting my ass whupped for no reason."
This prompted an outburst from Okuyasu, clearly incensed he nearly shouted. "Hey, don't act like you aren't to blame for this as well. Of course flying around in that scary suit of yours is gonna make people think you're [AN ENEMY STAND]"
Everything was silent for a moment.
"For fuck's sake Okuyasu."
"Next he'll say, Wait, what's a stand?"
"Wait, what's a stand? questioned the inquisitive engineer. "You wouldn't believe me if i told you." replied Jotaro "besides, we have more important things to talk about, like who exactly you even are. The technology in your suit is decades ahead of anything we have now and none of us has ever seen you round here before."
"I don't even know where here is man, that's what i was trying to ask your buddy over there."
"My name is Josuke."
"Josuke right yeah, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name's Isaac, Isaac Clarke and i'm engineer working for the CEC. Now what planet am i on, and where's my goddamn suit."

"You're in Morioh Isaac, A small town in Japan?"
"What?" Isaac's uncomprehending face twisted in Confusion. "No way. Japan was destroyed. In the Resource Wars, China nuked the hell out of them. Do you honestly think I'm that dumb. You better start making sense."
"Resource wars, what is he talking about?" Koichi piped up.

Okuyasu interjected, his smirking face quickly turned to a pained grimace as Josuke smacked him on the back of the head
Perhaps but.... kind of not entirely.... ish... I'm relying on the wikia for now until I play/watch all the media I need to understand the Dead Space universe. Yes I do know that the marker makes zombehs but according to the wikia (with it's oh so lovely lack of citations) it seems that it just as much affects the living. I mean fucking hell, was Isaac and the rest of the Ishimura not an indication of what the thing could do to the living? Admittedly not mutation but definitely manipulate and control. Originally what I wanted was to have an "octopus in an aquarium" scenario wherein a space cow basically escapes it's enclosure and does a thing. But I didn't really know how to write that so.... boring science reports it is
shit ignore that last sentence, copy+paste error.
Dumb, bumb motherfucker, Okuyasu may you be smacked upside the head a thousand times.
IIRC the Unitologists had some belief that the Necromorphs were the result of mankind tampering with The Markers and weren't the "True" end result of their faith.

It'd be interesting to explore that theme a bit more. Like would Unitologist priests try their best to shelter their followers from Necromorphs and be one of the primary opponents of putting dangerous markers near people? Would The Church of Unitology react to Necromorph attacks like a lot of Islamic groups react to Terrorist attacks? (Embarassed, nervous, etc)

More importantly, could there be a time where The Unitologists are actually somewhat heroic good guys?
There was this one Unitologist miner in the first DS animated movie who was a pretty nice guy who hacked through Necromorphs.

Sadly he died like a shitton of people on the Ishimura.
He went out like a raging badass though.

Dude was cool.
File: ey b0ss.jpg (35 KB, 640x640)
35 KB
>Japan got nuked in the resource wars

oh wow

Also beginning writing
He sat there staring and reading into the reports that filled the holoscreens of his inner sanctum, behind them a red sun shone in a nuclear blaze of glory. He was a man of patience, willing to wait for the right time to act. To strike when his enemies were at their weakest, to persuade and influence those when they thought of turning their back on Him, to build up a legion of faithful soldiers and like-minded folk who would see to it that humanity would survive the worst that the galaxy had to offer them.
He hated to play the long game when the worst was coming and He only had a glimpse at the power that intended to destroy everything he fought to preserve and protect.
It was enough to instill in Him a festering fear, that grew with every passing second. The Council had not heeded the words of Shepard and look where that left them? A ruined Citadel, a broken foundation, their cornerstone of security ripped out of their hands only to be saved by the one who had every reason not to.
A man of virtue, one that He could respect even with his idealistic morals.
A man whom he could put his trust in to do what needed to be done, to succeed.
Now that man was put back together, resurrected like the stories of old
Except this miracle was achieved by the hand of humans, not by divine intervention
One man who alone faced against the Avatar of Old Gods and claimed victory
But there was another threat, one that seemed to have all the trademarks of those vicious machines yet somehow none.
Those words were a trumpet sound, heralding the arrival of something else. Something that forced his hand into taking drastic action.
Time was a luxury no one had except maybe the Krogan and Asari, but with new forces in play: every second counted.
According to current estimates by the Project Lazarus team, it would be a month or so until the completion of the project.
Good, but not good enough. The Reapers were one things and so were the Necromorphs but they had a more immediate threat to face.
All there was left to do was to bide, he checked his reports again: salvage teams out collecting alien tech to reverse engineer, an experiment in controlling the Geth, development of the shackled AI, the prototype exploration vehicle and further development of the biotic suppressant. The timeline had jumped and they were adapting better than he anticipated.
Those projects might have adapted and progressed faster there was the one contentious project that had not seemed to improve.
One project that would be experiencing…
Unforeseen consequences
link your damn posts together>>50884700
"Y'know 2247, the colossal wars over Earth's dwindling resources that permanently scarred our world? That thing that every child is taught about on their first day at school? Did you honestly think that a deception that blatant would work?"
The room was quiet, members of the impromptu meet and greet stunned by this [STRANGE MAN]'s refusal of their very existence.
"What the fuck dude" Josuke said, deciding to throw his opinion in on the matter. "I don't know where you're getting this from, but it's [1999], we haven't even hit 2000 yet let alone 2200."
"I get it now, he's crazy like Mikitaka!" Okuyasu interjected, his smirking face quickly turned to a pained grimace as Josuke smacked him on the back of the head. "Idiot, We have established that Miki actually is an alien, are you mentally deficient?"
"Whaddya mean [1999]!" questioned Isaac. "No way, Time travel isn't possible, at least not to the past."

"There is one explanation." Jotaro interrupted Isaac before he could get going. "What Okuyasu mentioned earlier, [STANDS]. They could be responsible for time travel such as you MAY have experienced."
"Oh yeah," Koichi chimed in. "Hayato told me that Kira could reset the day, Maybe this was just a [NEW STAND ABILITY] of his.
"I still think we are taking the word of a man in a straightjacket too seriously."
I punched a guy so hard he turned into a book Okuyasu, are you seriously doubting whether a weird thing happened?"
"What the hell are you all talking about!"
"I mean we know that the guy doesn't have a stand-
You mean because of how Rohan literally read his mind?"
"Point taken."
"Shut the hell up all of you!" interrupted Jotaro irately "I have to explain [STANDS] to this guy and you all aren't helping."

"Thanks buddy"
"No problem. Right, hear me out on this because it is rather strange. Some people, myself and everyone in this room bar you included, Is capable of projecting a psychic representation of their will to survive, their [FIGHTING SPIRIT].
Oh god...what fucking abomination would Clark put out, and how dangerous could it be?
I'd say that the best way to do it is to just make it a simply rules set. That way people can create their own outbreak scenario.

A nice thing would be to develop a playset to go along with the rules so people can get their feet wet easily.

If we HAD to make a cohesive setting I'd say players would be part of Ellie's "marker hunters" the group that Norton and Carver were a part of. Its implied that there are marker labs all across the galaxy. Players could be a part of fighting their influence from one place to the next.

i'm gonna scan the Dark Heresy designs that I thought up for enemies.
You tell me, how dangerous would [NICOLE] be?
File: EPSON002.pdf (694 KB, PDF)
694 KB
694 KB PDF
FYI They probably are terribly balanced
Huh...maybe a nightmare inducer, with a hint of body manipulation?
So a nightmare on elm street stand like death 13?
"This emanation is referred to as a [STAND], and they can have many different powers depending on the user, for example my [STAR PLATINUM] can stop time for a small duration.
Kira Yoshikage, the man we were chasing is also a [STAND USER] but he uses his to murder people."
"Huh, I thought you were using a stasis module."
It was now Jotaro's turn to be confused.
"Wait, you knew that i stopped time?"
"Yeah, my suit's safety features prevent time manipulation based accidents. Otherwise i'd have accidentally stasis'd myself a hundred times by now." the engineer embarrassedly stated, smiling sheepishly. "I'm guessing that [GIANT BLUE THING] is [STAR PLATINUM] too then."
"HOLY SHIT HE CAN SEE STANDS" Screamed josuke and Okuyasu in perfect synchronicity.
"I wonder whether it has anything to do with that red script" thought Rohan."
"Uhh, anyway so to recap, I'm probably from the future, can see these [STANDS] even though i don't have one and will never see any of the people i love again."
"Yes" replied Jotaro, attempting to regain his composure.
"Can i have my suit back then go lie down?" The snarky, conversational and angry Isaac Clarke had left some time ago. Now the only thing left was the tiredness, and the fear."
"Sure, your suit is in the wardrobe, We'll speak more later,the Speedwagon Foundation has paid for your room for the next few days.

Isaac retrieved his [RIG] and slunk off to bed, tired eyes barely open as he headed back to his room in this [STRANGE HOTEL].
It'd be good to rest up a bit.
Maybe, but more extreme. Isaac turns into a sudo Marker, he doesn't create necromorphs (unless he maybe, possibly gets hit by an arrow) he just fucks up the mind of ANYONE that comes into contact with him. And the effect even goes through enemy stands too. Hell it might even make an enemies stand go berserk and kill its master.
So...Marker induced madness lets him see crazy shit no one else can see normally? Sounds about right.
"I feel like we're making a mistake." Spoke Yukako, her eyes had not left Isaac during the discussion and she had seen much. "Something feels terribly off putting about him."
"Yes, being able to see [STANDS] without being a [STAND USER] makes no sense" agreed Koichi. "We should talk more about this later, but for now i just want to head home, my mom's probably really worried after what happened yesterday."
"Yes Koichi, I agree, this past day has been pretty tiring and we still don't know where Kira is, we need to be careful and keep in contact. His stand excels in stealthy attack.
(advertising break)

I have some pretty cool plans for isaac's stand don't you worry.
as always shout at me and tell me what to do better.
any questions or anything that requires clarification i'll be happy to answer.
File: EIGHTEEN.png (26 KB, 647x535)
26 KB
>(advertising break

Well, I was thinking that if the end of 2 is anything to go by, just making people kill themselves is part of its thing.
>Yukako can sense madness in other people
That, makes a lot of sense all things considered.
File: YES.jpg (9 KB, 284x177)
9 KB
Alright fuck it lets go boys

Isaac awoke after a night of fitful and intermittent sleep, luckily only some of the screams followed him into the waking world. Quickly donning his [FRESHLY WASHED STRAITJACKET] and [RIG] he exited his room slowly heading down towards reception. This was a hotel, they had to have a restaurant or breakfast bar somewhere that he could partake of.
As if to confuse him further, almost as soon as he had begun to ruminate on the matter of his hunger a small door appeared next to him with the word [COMMISSARY] written on it in small gold lettering, Briefly Isaac wondered if the [HOTEL ITSELF WAS A STAND] but quickly dispensed with that line of thinking upon the realisation that he hadn't eaten anything in almost two days, a fact his stomach chose that moment to remind him of.
"Right, musing on whether i'm walking around in someone's soul can come later, right now. Food."
As soon as he opened the door Isaac was bombarded with the delicious smells of real food. Actual non-synthesised bacon, eggs, toasted bread.
A symphony announcing Culinary delight reached a crescendo as Isaac entered the restaurant proper.
It was magnificent.
Roughly twenty minutes later Isaac was slumped in his chair, mind reeling in the kind of feeling usually experienced directly after coitus, the bar was both self-serve and empty, meaning that even if Isaac was capable of feeling shame over the sheer mountain of food he was consuming, it would not matter.

Isaac was almost too comatose to hear the person sneaking up on him.
Oh shit...he gonna shoot a nigger.
File: Spoiler Image (60 KB, 564x851)
60 KB
Isaac waited, whoever this person was they had the advantage, he would be sluggish and lacking in energy after his colossal breakfast, his best bet was to let them get close then use kinesis on them, maybe knock them around a bit.

"I know you're awake spaceman." Spoke an almost impossibly deep voice. "Damn, I wish I could have removed my stand's armour, it would have been so much easier to sneak up on you if i could float.
Isaac opened his eyes and stood quickly, clearly having lost the element of surprise. He quickly scanned the area eventually resting them on a hideous looking and colossal being standing in the entrance to the commissary.
"You know for all that Jotaro Kujo thinks this place is an impenetrable fortress, once you're in everything becomes exceptionally easy, just think of what you want and the [HIGH LIFE] delivers."
"Who are you?" questioned the wary mechanic as he stomped out into the open centre of the room. "And why did you want to find me?"
"Asking the right questions i see, My name Is Yatsuhashi Daishi and this is my [STAND].
"As for what i want, my boss hates things that he can't control, random variables like you...
I'm here to kill you spaceman."
Isaac almost couldn't see the fist coming, it was faster than anything he'd ever fought or even seen before.
This [H2K] was powerful, that much was apparent but Isaac couldn't see the person in control of it. The entire time it was the stand who had been speaking.
Isaac felt his ribs crunch and grind together as he rebounded off the wall behind him.
"You shouldn't feel bad about dying here Spaceman." Rumbled the skeletal colossus. "My [H2K] is an utterly perfect [STAND], Strength, speed,precision and unlimited range, even if you had a stand you would almost certainly die."
Isaac stood slowly as [H2K] slowly advanced on him, leaning against the wall for support as he pushed himself upwards.
This fool is playing with nitroglycerin. I cant wait to see the burn.
"This guy really loves the sound of his own voice" thought the imperilled Engineer bitterly as he faced the [ENEMY STAND]. there was no way he could fight this thing head on, clearly he was going to have to run, but the way out of the commissary was blocked by [H2K]. Isaac needed a distra-
Isaac's train of thought stopped here, because he was punched through the wall behind him into the kitchen.
"You know, Spaceman i'm really enjoying our little talk but i should probably wrap this up, so for your own sake. Stay dead after I kill you."

Isaac couldn't see, he couldn't stand and his ears were ringing from the force of the impact.
He felt a bony hand grasp his scalp, wipe the blood from his eyes and painfully drag him to a kneeling position.
"This is only Further proof that my [Stand is the most powerful stand in the world! Now i'll behead you with my [Stand]'s fist, Behold my Royal decree!"
A flat palmed hand descends on Isaac's extended neck with force enough and at speed enough to cut through steel.
And is swiftly deflected.
File: NUT.jpg (25 KB, 287x284)
25 KB
Jojo time? Jojo time.
or this>>50887491
this is a very scary thing.
File: ISAAC STANDO.jpg (148 KB, 720x1200)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
"WHAT" exclaims the incredulous [STAND USER] as his fist flies past Isaac's head "well that's embarrassing, I must've missed"
"Now i just feel awkward, let's get this over with. AHEM, Behold my [ROYAL DECREE]!
this time [H2K]'s fist is sent rocketing into a nearby steel oven, sounding a sickening crack as bone meets steel.
And breaks.
"AAAGH, You Bastard!
"NANI! That terrible voice, where is it coming from?!"
(pic related)
A [STRANGE BEING] rises from the battered body of Isaac. [THREE YELLOW LINES] glow where it's eyes should be and it's body, made of [TWISTED STONE] is covered in [RED SCRIPT].

"A [STAND], I should have known. but you have made a terrible mistake, you should never have faced me directly."
A [SHATTERED ARM BONE] sharpened into a [DEADLY POINT] speeds at incredible velocity towards the ghostly apparition shattering it into a million pieces.

Like some sort of [MAGNESIUM BATH TOY]
Yeah...that is more or less what I pictured. Maybe a little more Venom or some other symbiote mouth thing.
>Horrified but arroused
Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. The Marker is a physical feature in Clarks head...and Clark doesn't have nearly as much control over his head as he needs to keep this thing.
How the fuck are you aroused?
Just the amount of kickass we might be seeing from the sheer terror made manifest from Isaacs mind.
File: Spicy.gif (992 KB, 267x200)
992 KB
992 KB GIF
Ah...fair enough then. The badassery boner is strong in this situation.
File: STAND PROUD.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
As Isaac's [STAND] shatters it falls and crackles with teal energy. Each shard of [TWISTED STONE] slowly floats in the air, a thousand tiny mirrors refracting light through themselves to cast the now standing Architect in a rainbow of [RED AND GOLD].
"I'll admit i wasn't quite expecting this, but at this point i should really be ready for [BIZARRE] shit like this."
(bullet with butterfly wings is now playing quietly in the background)
"I always hated Assholes like you, guys who think that just because you've got big muscles you can push other people around. people who think that just because they Can it gives them the Right."
"EarthGov and the Unitologists were the same, And look what happened to them, devoured by what they hoped to control."
"You're a problem Yatsuhashi Daishi."
"And i fix problems"
I can't help but feel that [RAT IN A CAGE] is the kind of stand that persists after its user's death, but becomes even more dangerous much like [NOTORIOUS B.I.G]
I would say a completely broken and dead marker influenced stand with a dead master immediately bumps the thing up to a new living being, that thing would fucking think and act on its own. And its violently insane. Plus side, while Isaac is still alive he is probably completely immune to mindfuckery shit from outside sources. Rat in a Cage doesn't like sharing his already broken down real-estate. Not enough room.
File: Aahhhhhh......gif (2.79 MB, 400x300)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB GIF
>"You're a problem Yatsuhashi Daishi."
>"And i fix problems"
I soncerrly hope his battlecry as he attacks is just shouting out a string of expletives ending with "Fuck you and fuck your X!" where X is the name of their stand.
This, it just works so well.
Isaac's stand begins to shudder, shards of [RED] slowly beginning to orbit [H2K], Forming a fence around the [STAND], sharpened obsidian and cruel intent slowly pushing in on the braggart.
"I'm guessing your boss is that Kira guy right? The murderer Jotaro and those kids are chasing. He's gonna be sending more guys after me, i know it.

"I'll have to discourage him."
[RIAC] perforates [H2K] piercing and crushing Ivory bone until the the entire [STAND] is covered in [RED].

Two miles away Yastsuhashi Daichi has had a thermos of tea raised to his mouth for two minutes now, the other arm lies at his side unable to move. He can feel something pressing into his mind, something [SICK AND DARK] pressing and groping around in his psyche until it finds exactly what it's looking for.

[RAT IN A CAGE] reforms, in front of a rather handsome young man, seated on a motorbike.

Isaac steps forwards towards [H2K] and raises his fists.
The marker spots it's prey and raises claws.
Their arms descend in unison.
it screams in it's creators voice at the end.
Kek, this is amazing!
File: MAJIC.png (141 KB, 320x403)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Do they actually curse much in the manga/anime? if so, this will most liekly be just fine. Otherwise it might come across as jarring and out of place.

I have never gotten a chance to check Jojo out though, so I I really have no right to say this or that. I guess it feels that way since I've not yet gotten into it.
There is cursing, but not usually a whole lot. The amount can very between characters and it's very in character for Isaac.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 283x178)
8 KB
[STAND]: Rat In A Cage.
[USER]: Isaac Clarke
[DESTRUCTIVE POWER]:C: Stronger than the average human.
[SPEED]:A: Faster than light, slightly slower than STAR PLATINUM.
[RANGE]:A: 100 metres. Can treat any [INFECTED] being as a [STAND RELAY]
[PRECISION]:C: slightly more precise than the average human.
[DURABILITY]:Beyond: Stand itself is indestructible.
[POTENTIAL]:B: Reason unknown
[GOLD MARKER]: this Stand is actually the last fragment of the Gold MARKER Isaac created, it retains the ability to broadcast the marker signal, however in order to do so, it either has to scream, broadcasting it to everyone nearby, or impale the enemy allowing it to broadcast directly into them. either way the result is the same, RIAC and by extension Isaac gains full access to the [INFECTED]'s mind and senses. This also allows Rat in a cage to use it's second ability.

[I WANT TO CHANGE]: This ability allows RIAC to treat an [INFECTED] individual as it's stand user.
Isaac's fists Glow with [GOLDEN ENERGY] as he frenziedly pummels H2K to the ground, [SUIT] Enhanced strength cracking ribs and snapping vertebrae as H2K attempts to protect itself.
His Creation rips and tears at Yatsuhashi's flesh, with [SERRATED CLAWS] Effortlessly cleaving muscle and sinew.

Yatsuhashi Daishi escaped and is living the easy life with the money he stole from Kira Yoshikage, he is also in a coma.

Isaac's boot grav-locks above H2K, crushing it's skull and sending bone flying.

Yastsuhashi Daichi has [RETIRED]: Dead.
File: Dead Space 2 shot 18.jpg (41 KB, 640x360)
41 KB
That'll be the last one for the night. But as always I am monitoring this thread, feel free to ask or say anything, and i hope you all had a very merry Christmas.
got a separate paste for stand stats iv'e made/stolen.
File: LINCOLN LOGS.jpg (154 KB, 576x778)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Looking forward to more
So the Gold Marker effectivly acted like a bastardized stone arrow
actually the stone arrow acted like a stone arrow, in the initial, "who's this jackass?" fight, yoshikage's dad stabbed Isaac with the arrow in the hope he'd fuck up Jotaro.

The stone arrow forced the Gold marker to act as the guiding intelligence behind isaac's stand.

If Isaac hadn't been stabbed everyone would have started going crazy.
Oh shit, so this is a case of "nice job fixing it villain"
File: Is this the real life.jpg (31 KB, 441x538)
31 KB
The alarm clock next to his head screeched its electronic banshee scream, jolting Isaac half upright before he came fully awake. Groaning and squeezing his eyes shut against the pounding hangover which seized his head the moment his brain kicked into gear, he flailed blindly at the air next to the bed until his hand passed through the red flashing holographic face of the clock. The sensor built into the wall, and tied to the apartment’s computer system, correctly interpreted the motion and shut off the alarm, leaving a pale blue display reading the time and, in smaller characters below it, another clock rapidly counting down the time until the alarm started up again. The only way to cancel that one, he knew, was to get up and get moving.

Cursing under his breath, Isaac swung his legs out from under the covers and sat on the edge of the bed, head hung low and eyes screwed shut. What the hell had he done last night, he thought to himself. He usually didn’t drink much. Whatever the cause, the wool that had replaced his brain left the previous night an obscure blur. “Whatever it was, it must have been exciting,” he murmured to himself.

“Are you talking to yourself again Isaac?” a feminine voice called from the next room. “I let you sleep in a bit, but you need to get moving if you want to have time to get cleaned up and eat before we need to leave!”

“Right, right,” Isaac called back. “I’m up. Give me a minute, I’ll be right out.”

Wincing at the pounding in his head and levering himself to his feet he stretched as best he could, trying to prod himself into a semblance of coherence. “What the hell did I do last night?” he mumbled under his breath.

“Is there someone else in the apartment?” Nicole called from the front room again in a joking tone. “Someone you don’t want me to meet, maybe?”
File: Is this just fantasy.jpg (236 KB, 1680x1050)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
“No babe, it’s just the two of us here,” Isaac called back laughing. “Just hung over from the going away party last night, trying to get my brain back up to critical, nothing special.”

That’s right, the going away party, Isaac thought as he shuffled like an old man towards the bathroom. Today Nicole was shipping out for a six month berth on the Ishimura, a planet cracker headed out to some forsaken corner of the galaxy. They had thrown a party, them and their friends, both to congratulate Nicole on getting the posting and to try and forget the fact that unless something went very wrong Isaac wouldn’t see her for half a year or more depending on where his job took him. Shaking his head silently he taped the bathroom’s light control and winced as the normally dim lights sprang into eye searing, blinding white light. Damn hangover.

Making his way by feel and habit Isaac found his way to the sink and fumbled for the cold water control. When he heard the small jet of water start splashing into the sink he cupped his hands and splashed cold water over his face. The sudden shock jolted his system and drove the hangover back, turning to from overpowering to something approaching a bearable level. Isaac rubbed the grit from his eyes, pried them open-

-and froze.

The sink below him was red. Bloody water filed the basin, swirling down the drain and spattering the counter. Isaac stared dully at the bright, almost cheerfully deep pink water below his face, uncomprehending. “Isaac, honey? Are you ok?” Nicole called from the front room. He must have made an involuntary sound. “Is something wrong?”

“Uh…I don’t…did I hit my head on something last night?” Isaac called back in confusion
File: Caught in a landslide.jpg (47 KB, 1280x720)
47 KB
“I don’t think so,” replied Nicole. He heard her footsteps approaching; she must be coming to see what’s wrong.

“I’ve got one hell of a nose bleed or something,” he called back, wiping another handful of water over his face and watching more bloody water run down into the sink. “Do me a favor and hand me a-“ Isaac looked up at the mirror and froze.

The face that looked back at him wasn’t his. Or rather, it was, but barely recognizable. The face that looked back, his face, was gaunt and pale to the point of being cadaverous. Lank, stringy unwashed hair hung to his shoulders. A thin beard, more the result of not shaving for weeks or longer than a deliberate attempt at growing facial hair and shot through with grey covered ‘his’ cheeks and jaw. Wide, feverish eyes stared out from their sunken sockets, eyes made all the more striking from the dark circles that hung below them. And covering it all was a patina of old crusted blood mixed with bright crimson rivulets of new, fresh blood. Isaac jerked back away from the mirror and bumped into the wall behind him, choking back a startled shout.

“Are you alright?” Nicole called again, this time from the bedroom on his left. He could see movement in the corner of his eye, the motion of his girlfriend Nicole approaching hurriedly towards the sound of his alarm. “Do I need to call a doctor?”

“What’s going on-“ Isaac began, turning towards Nicole in confusion. He cut off when he saw her clearly, his mind frozen and rebelling against what he saw. Standing in the doorway was a thing in Nicole’s clothes.
File: Spoiler Image (68 KB, 1024x819)
68 KB
It was hunched and cadaverous, limbs too long and thin to be natural. It reached out towards him with spider like fingers, too long and with too many joints, each digit tipped with a fine, needle sharp talon of bone. Its skin was ripped and torn in places, forced beyond its ability to cover the dark red tissue beneath by the shifting and bone. Her once neat dirty blonde hair was matted and filthy with dark, unnamable fluids and falling out in clumps. And her face…

‘Wore’ was the correct word for it. The flesh of her face was pallid and dead, stretched and torn over distended and deformed bone until it was barely recognizable as her. Lidless, dead white eyes stared at Isaac, her brows knitted together in a mockery of worry. It’s mouth stretched lipless from ear to ear, the horrid maw filled with needle like yellow teeth.

“Isaac,” it said in a perfect imitation of Nicole’s voice, reaching out to comfort him. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

Isaac screamed. He threw himself backwards, away from the thing in Nicole’s flesh. His feet betrayed him, slipping on the wet floor and sending him crashing to his back. His head struck the raised edge of the shower stall door, blurring the world in a haze of sickly red light, Nicole reached out to catch him-
File: Open your eyes.jpg (6 KB, 212x204)
6 KB
Isaac started awake to the sound of howling wind and shifting sand. He looked around in a panic, blindly fumbling for the plasma cutter he had made sure was within easy reach. He gulped the dry, stale air of his RIG’s life support greedily as adrenaline sang through his body. Trembling he looked around wildly, and realized two things. Firstly, there was no creature in Nicole’s skin about to attack him; and secondly, he was not in the locker room where he had gone to sleep.

A second surge of adrenaline hit Isaac as he scrambled to his feet, looking around wildly. The sterile metal walls and bare LED lights of the refuge chamber had been replaced by wind blasted rock and a leaden sky above, under lit by hellish orange and red light. Isaac scrambled to a nearby pile of rocks, his mind spinning. Where was he? His frantic searching of the surroundings offered no clues to his location or how he came to be there. He’d never seen anything like this place; the closest thing he could think of was old pictures of the surface of Venus before it had been plundered by mankind in its endless drive for resources.

On the verge of panic Isaac scrambled up the pile of stone. He was grasping for straws, searching for something, anything, to tell him what was going on. “A dream,” he whispered frantically to himself. “A dream. This has to be a dream.” Scrambling from wind blasted stone to stone he climbed. He reached the top…and froze.

There in the middle distance, crashed into the broken, black and grey stone landscape, was a Brother Moon.
Of its own accord Isaac’s helmet folded away, leaving his head bare. Isaac was blasted by a scorching wind, furnace hot and stinking of sulfur and dust. His skin prickled as sweat tried to form on his face and was instantly boiled away by the harsh heat and driving wind. He was distantly aware of his skin being singed and burned by the baking wind. Aware but uncaring.

Around the crashed Moon a swarm of shaped swarmed and surged, visible at this distance only because of their number. There must be millions, he thought. Millions of creatures swarming around the corpse of a dead god, made infinitesimal by the scale of the thing before them. They surged and moved like a tide, swarming around and over things that were completely submerged by their sheer numbers.

Isaac couldn’t say if he stood there on the blasted rocks for seconds or hours, completely hypnotized by the activity below.

A voice slithered through his mind, a voice that froze Isaac’s spine and filled him with dread. It was a voice he had last heard aboard the Terra Nova. The voice of the Brother Moons.

“There is nowhere you can go that we will not follow. You have shown us the door. You have opened the way for us.”

Another voice came hard on the heels of the first. Whereas the Brother Moons whispered in his head, this voice blasted his mind. It was like standing naked next to a ship blasting for orbit. It filled his being with force and rattled his bones. Isaac didn’t know if it was an actual physical voice or something heard only by him in his mind.

File: Im just a poor boy.jpg (12 KB, 400x574)
12 KB
Isaac sat bolt upright. He was back in the refuge chamber, plasma cutter gripped tightly in his fist. Gasping for air Isaac coughed and retched, rolling onto his hands and knees. The stink of brimstone filled his nose and the dry taste of baked stone and dust filled his mouth. Isaac spat, trying to clear both from his head. He spat again, and froze. Slowly looking around the room he took stock. He was back here he started, in the refuge chamber. The work bench still blocked the door. The half-drunk bottle of water lay on top of the single bench, right where he left it.
>my suggestion for Isaac's [stand] was used
Aw yis. Feels good man.
Crap, wedged between two omnipresent evils. The lovecraftian horror of the moons and the Gothic horror of Hell itself, and Hell seems a bit... worried about the moons
I've noticed that as maligned as DS3 gets, nobody ever has a problem with where it led the Marker Lore
File: triple double trouble.jpg (62 KB, 400x366)
62 KB
some complain about it. I think it went well. I can't imagine what else they could have done save for "hurr durr aliens made it to take over hurr". Then again, that might just be my own lack of creativity speaking.

also, checked
>all'a these filenames
Isaac's madness is thematic with how spastic Bohemian Rhapsody is as a song. I like this, and, by extension, you.
>Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.....

I was hoping someone would notice that.
Any place I can find a good marker mini? I need it to spice up a battle environment
I see a couple up on Etsy.
This is pretty bad.
File: it burns.jpg (51 KB, 394x379)
51 KB
I'm having a bit of a brain storm here. What would you anons say to a Dead Space table top game in the spirit of Betrayal at House On The Hill? For those of you who don't know how the game plays, it's a randomly generated boars game with random event and random encounters. I could see something along those lines working for a DS game, pick a character from a deck, generate the map of the ship/colony/mine/whatever, generate a set of objectives and play it out. Say, 2 to 6 players with one person being a game master of sorts, handling the necromorphs. What do you all think, potential?
Could definitely work, would obviously need to be flavored. It would be really cool if it had all the atmosphere of a fucked up planet-cracker being overrun by Necromorphs
That'd be the idea, a frantic survival cooperative table top game. I'll kick the idea around in my head tomorrow and see what I can come up with. If anyone else wants to brainstorm on this please do I'd look forward to bouncing ideas off the thread.
I think that instead of starting together, they should start separately, and as they gang up, the game gets more difficult as they rush to try and prevent convergence
All for it
Well shit...I the Marker can function as its own Stand with Isaac being a platform for it, then that means it still isn't Isaac's Stand. He can still get one.



I like how it looks like that infector(?) on Isaac's left is on his side, like "Keep shootin' buddy, I got ya covered back here."
That'd definately be an interesting way to play the game, a fun one too I'd think.
It could also give rise to a couple of different strategies- do you group up to have better odds at achieving things, but also have more difficlt tasks and cant cover as much ground, or do you split up so that you stop the more difficult challenges from happening but be weaker in combat and have less manpower to solve things.

Im thinking maybe something like an event deck happening, and when people meet up, you update the party tracker and shuffle more cards into the deck, from the higher difficulty pool.
Yeah, I think I can see how it works- you have your board, set characters each with speciality and their own starting location.

Each turn, you can take a move, take an action, and then draw a card from a central event deck. Sometimes they're good, like "cache of supplies in SHUTTLE BAY" or "you find a power node, you may discard this card at a bench to look at the top 3 cards of item deck, draw one, and put the rest on bottom." - Good cards give you things to better fight the necromorphs or fix the ship.

there's the bad, like "Door malfunction- door between BRIDGE and COMMAND LOBBY is now locked" "Severe door malfunction- all doors connecting to HYDROPONICS are now locked. " "Security malfunction- place a sentry gun in BRIG" - bad cards are things that add inconveniences.

Then there's the very bad- outbreaks and crises- A crisis is a time limited event- you have X turns to do something, if you fail, bad shit happens. the effects of failure are worse than regular event cards as there's the chance of preventing them.

Necromorph outbreaks are the bad shit- they place some necromorphs in a location. Some other event cards will also have additional effects that move active necromorphs in X direction.

Everyone starts off separate, and when people meet, you shuffle the higher tier event cards into the deck- there's less cards in each tier, igher tier positive cards are better, but higher tier negative cards are worse- better gear finding, better supplies, but nastier malfunctions, worse necromorph outbreaks, multiple outbreaks, worse crises.
Once you hit the second last tier, you shuffle the convergence card into the deck as well, and you shuffle a second convergence into it at final tier reached. Ill explain what those do in a minute.

So, your objectives- survive. There is an objectives deck made of T1, 2 and 3 goals- "fix comms array" "find fuel" "repair the shuttle" - "stop the poison gas" "kill the hunter" - things you need to do- TBC
Continued- achieving objectives is how you win, either by a completed all objective or a victory points system. But there is one other thing that can happen- said before that you shuffle the convergence cards into the deck as you group up. If you draw convergence, then everything changes- if you havent found a marker token, place on on board in location specified by card. At this point, all necromorphs present in the ship will start moving towards it. If X necromorph tokens reach the marker, or ifX turn pass and you havent beaten the objective stated to stop convergence, game over. If you can stop convergence, you win- its supposed to be an "oh shit" moment thats an alt win / loss condition designed to shake things up a bit in late game where you're all probably getting fairly sorted.
File: (aztec dubstep).jpg (686 KB, 906x1174)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
AWAKEN MY...yadda yadda
How does necroecology actually works?

I mean, lets get technicall here and apply the theory of living systems, so far we know:
>The system ingest organic matter through almost everything.
>That matter is processed by infestors and bacteria into necrogrowth(in lack of a better term)
>Waste is not extracted but left there.
>The necrogrowth moves with the binary scision of bacteria
>Asociators, memories, deciders, encoders and other information processors are centralized into the markers which transmit that information to the mindmoon.
>Necrogrowths seems to act as boundaries for the system.
>The system reproduces through the use of organic matter without taking much care from where it came from.

But there are questions that need to be solved, where is matter stored for future use? The necrogrowth functions as a way to change the enviroment into one more favorable to the necros or does it actually have more functions(sensorial, ingestor, waste procesing, distribution...)? Can the necromorphs reproduce using not-organized-organic matter(aka dead bodies) or they just can't create new bodies without the baseline from them?(because then, we incurr in a major and very easily explotable flaw in their strategy), can the necromorphs actually react creatively both in new tactics and bodies?(like using plants instead of animals in case they lack the latter to sucessfully expand)
I think the necro growth functions more like the Flood spores from Halo, it just spreads out, maybe acting as a living muscle for the Necros to move quickly across, the final stage of any Maker infestation is a Brother Moon. So spreading out to every corner of a planet would be more like growing skin on a human body. Only its dead. The rot perpetuates itself as long as there is something organic to assimilate/kill to add to the pile.
File: images (2).jpg (7 KB, 269x188)
7 KB
Isaac stood over the swiftly disappearing body of Yatsuhahi's [STAND], trying to regain his breath. At a thought request [RIAC] returned to his side, stone claws slowly retracting into it's arms.
"So you're my [STAND]." Spoke the Engineer, blood dripping from his mouth. "I gotta admit you're pretty dope, but i heard what you said about me. You're the marker aren't you?
"What d'you mean somewhat?
"Bullshit, you know exactly what's going on. Probably planning my death al- wait, did you just call me master?"
YOU ARE THE ARCHITECT, I AM BOUND TO YOU, I AM YOU. The Marker was confused, It's master seemed to question it's loyalty.
"Well that's a pretty reassuring thing to hear from a giant murder rock." Mumbled Isaac rhetorically. "And very damn convincing coming from You."
"you're goddamn right i'm sceptical"
"Wit wait wait wait, Stands are manifestations of the mind right? So you tried to get out of my head..."
"And got stuck as my [STAND]!"
"You Fucking Dumb ass heheh" The engineer had descended into manic giggles now, the sheer absurdity of his situation finally sinking in.


"Hey do a backflip."
"I said do it jackass"
So it's like Spice Girls, it can talk to its user
File: KramerChicken.gif (568 KB, 500x375)
568 KB
568 KB GIF
Ahhhh, getting a little too goofy with the interaction between Isaac and the stand. I'd try focusing first and foremost on his dialogue. Think of what Isaac would actually say and think. When talking about marker related subjects, he tends to be very sober and serious Goofy words like "murder rock" don't sound too in character, let alone joking around and telling the marker stand to do a backflip

Not trying to hate. Just giving some feedback
In fairness it is very at home with the Jojo side of things
I'm sorry to disappoint but that will be all for today on account of me getting Final fantasy 15, however there will be more updates tomorrow.
I'm having way too much fun to stop doing this.
And that yes,
fair enough, i'll admit I don't have much of a frame of reference for this.
It's just how i Imagine most people would react when your worst enemy fucks up so bad that not only do they essentially fix themselves as a problem They also place themselves completely under your control.
although again, looking over it I do feel you're right.
Seems like the drawanon dissapeared so I'll try to give it a shot, he's wearing the [advanced suit] right?
yeah that's the one.
One thing i would like anons to keep in mind is that I am writing a Jojo story, whose protagonist happens to be Isaac Clarke rather than a dead space story taking place in the Jojo universe.
It will be a bit goofier, certainly.
File: nyo ho.jpg (96 KB, 500x313)
96 KB
And I can see that, to be honest. I recognize balance may be tricky, and I think Isaac just might be a nerdy enough guy for funny stuff to happen. I'd just watch some of his dialogue
Hey, good stuff man.
I like what you've got going so far. Keep it up!
True, but Isaac isn't a Jojo character, he may have Jojo esk moments with other characters. But with a stand that is literally projected from the Marker piece in his head? He would NEVER be friendly towards that thing, let alone having a silly moment like this>>50900352 with it. Especially sense it can actually talk back to Isaac, he is smart enough to KNOW on an instinctual level, that that thing is not really his. The fact Isaac isn't trying to cut the fucker into pieces(his lack of a plasma cutter in his hands at the moment not withstanding) is because he A)doesn't know what happens if "his" stand is destroyed yet, and B) he doesn't want to risk that stand becoming its own creature using his corpse as a host for the Marker itself. So suicide that fucking thing to death would not be an option for him.
I may be with this guy anyways>>50900597
but still keep going, just make sure to pay attention to his conversations towards "it".
File: isaac stand.jpg (557 KB, 1024x1024)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
So I did a small bit of drawfaggotry for the jojo story. I'm not araki tho.
File: SALT.jpg (22 KB, 500x283)
22 KB
>not having the stand's pose be the unitology marker prayer pose


still good tho
The advanced suit is such a pain in the ass to draw
Ditch the Brethren Moons and have the Markers as alien terraforming tools.

Stage #1. The Marker drives living organic creatures within its vicinity into murderous/suicidal insanity, unless they qualify as sufficiently intelligent by some criteria it uses, in which case it implants the desires to create more Markers, spread them everywhere possible and the instructions to do so into their minds.

Stage #2. All dead organic matter (plentiful thanks to stage one) around the Marker is converted into necromorphs.

Stage #3. The necromorphs increase their numbers by killing everything in sight and produce specialized necromorph forms to alter their environment.

Stage #4. Once sufficient necromorph-ized biomatter is acquired, all natives are safely killed and the environment is terraformed so the newly formed life can survive there, Convergence takes place. All the necromorphs are dissolved into raw biomatter which is then reconfigured into a copy of the original biosphere needed to sustain the original Marker creators and said creators.

It'd be a brilliant parallel to Isaac himself: He's just an engineer with who fights with incredibly unsafe weaponized industrial tools, whereas the necromorphs, which looks like some horrific genocidal bio-weapon, are really just an equivalently dangerous alien tool.
I would say you got it right, just keep the Brethren Moons as the final stage of evolution, maybe even have the thing make markers like seeds that it spews. Its still a tool, just an obscenely dangerous one to everyone nearby, and in other star systems.
Kind of like a mix of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Arkham/Eldritch horror.
File: 1480963519572.jpg (45 KB, 527x515)
45 KB

That was my pet theory after playing DS2. The Super Necromorph Regenerator's streamlined and finished appearance could have been the original Marker creators finally resurrected properly. The Necromorph hallmarks of glowing eyes and extra limbs were the Markers' incomplete programming attempting to bruteforce their originators back to life using what was on hand.

The swarming of the Necros on the Sprawl around the reverse engineered EarthGov Marker and how they seemingly were being used as organic energy collection also lent some weight to that fan theory.

I'm not disappointed by the Brother Moons in DS3 though the Ubermorph seems like a wasted design in hindsight.
File: innatubes.png (2.13 MB, 1920x4444)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
File: Defeated.jpg (146 KB, 1058x595)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I was there for that. Gave them the pic of the Excalibur.

Still need to finish reading that "A Good Day to Kill La Kill" story one of them gave me...
This is great.
File: Isaac_DS2.jpg (72 KB, 370x600)
72 KB
>haven't played DS1 or 2 since their respective release
>grabbed the DS Pack (3 not included but who gives a shit) in the christmas sale
Yeah bois.
Lord Gaben is most graceful to the bereft of vidya
I'd take drawing that one over any of the unitology based RIGs tbqh. I mean sure you could try to be lazy and just slap on random squiggles rather than trying to use the actually using the marker's symbols, but if you're going to half ass it then why bother?
>the Excalibur

Ensign /k/ would actually fit in perfectly aboard the Excalibur.

Is anyone familiar with the board game "Room 25"? I've seen it once or twice in a local board game shop with the focus of it being to escape a space prison (or something) with players having certain characters with certain abilities. From what I can gather it's basically Betrayal at the House on the Hill IN SPAAAAAAACE and I wanted to know if there was something that either games had that the other didn't which could be implemented into a Dead Space homebrew of the game
2185 CE
Ezra Shepard rubbed the sleep from his eyes, the recent recruitment of Jack (a.k.a. The Convict) had gone swimmingly. Not only had they been forced into a shootout with at least a hundred Blue Suns infantrymen and automated defenses, culminating in an escape from a structurally unsound ark ship and made it out by the skin of their teeth before Council rescue ships and armed escort fighters arrived.
The aftermath had been thankfully less painful, Jack’s abrasive attitude notwithstanding, and was over soon enough giving Shepard some time to think over their next COA. He looked over the dossiers as well as two new missions before he was interrupted from his musings as the sound of EDI’s voice echoed from a nearby console:
“Commander, your presence is needed in the communications room”
He breathed deeply, he was notified again on his omni-tool that The Illusive Man wanted to talk with him. Not unheard of, perhaps he had a new lead on the Collectors? It was probably a new assignment though whatever it would involve was a mystery. He made his way to the Communications Room, where the hologram of The Illusive Man sat patiently, though subtly stressed.
“Shepard. I’m sure you have received the files concerning Cerberus’s alternate endeavors and are familiar with our efforts to help humanity and have always been about protecting them from all potential threats” The Illusive Man drummed his fingers, irritated at recent events that have come to pass.
“Would I be right assuming that something went wrong?” The discontent in Shepard’s voice was telling of his tiredness. How many times had he been forced to clean up and contain the messes from the efforts of those wishing to do ‘good’? He already had enough to deal with, and needed time for some R&R before prepping for his next mission.
The Illusive Man took a drag of his cigarette, breathing in the nicotine and tobacco before letting out a wisp of smoke. His face betrayed nothing, but the drumming of his fingers had stopped. “Something wrong can be fixed Shepard, always. I require your unorthodox experience in dealing with a situation on the civilian space station of Titan Station. A total communications blackout, all attempts at hailing them have failed.”
That woke Shepard up
“Is it the Collectors?” The sand fell from his eyes and his mind was already mentally prepping an anti-synthetic combat kit, along with team formations. Titan Station, technically Titan II named after the moon of Saturn. It was large urban center built mainly for and by humans, though it wouldn’t surprise him if there were a few aliens, probably spouses or partners. Other than that, he had nothing.
At this The Illusive Man took another drag of his cigarette, cautiously judging the merits of revealing what they had there.
An additional little carrot on a stick wouldn’t hurt.
“Potentially. A recovery team from Titan Station recovered the remains of a Planetharvester, the MSV Ishimura, outside of Aegis VII within frontier of the Attican Traverse. The crew of the ship were missing or killed, though by what remains a mystery.” The Illusive Man stared into the eyes of Ezra, appealing to the man’s bleeding heart. A surefire way to incite him to action.
“Cerberus intelligence revealed that there was something else that was recovered but was deemed classified. We believe that what they discovered a Prothean or Reaper artifact, which may have broadcasted a Reaper indoctrination signal. I’ll be sending you our files concerning what they found and the Ishimura Incident. This requires our immediate response, plot a course to the Kepler Verge and get your ground team ready.” Shepard nodded as the hologram dispersed, leaving the room shrouded in darkness.
As he walked out, he remembered the last time he got involved with a Prothean artifact: Eden Prime and the race to stop Saren, what had ultimately led up to both their deaths. He absently checked his omni-tool as a little bling! Sounded from it, notifying him of the files sent by The Illusive Man.
There were psychiatric video logs of sessions with several patients, in varying states of lucidity and catatonia. What he could gather from these sessions was that mental deterioration of cognitive functions occurred. Some of these patients who were lucid mentioned the same thing: a darkness, a black thing, symbols and signs that glowed and whispering. These lined up with his experiences with indoctrinated individuals and backed up by Cerberus’s files. But something was missing, he trusted The Illusive Man to have humanity’s interests but at the same time… if he knew anything about those in power, they’d be willing to hide things from their own people if it proved dangerous enough.
I've not heard of this one but I'll look it up. Sounds promising!
File: WAAAAA.png (197 KB, 433x436)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Jonesing out harder than I've ever Jonesed out before.

Gonna start writing in a few. Just trying to overcome a block
take it it at your own (slow as hell) pace.
File: this is my thanks.jpg (92 KB, 872x685)
92 KB
Hey, it's Christmas/New years time. Family's over.

You know when I start writing it all gushes out into a wall of text. Don't be such a worrywart, ya silly goof.
Man, I would LOVE write something myself, but English is not mine native language (and I'm illiterate as fuck) and I don't know what to write. Man, this "I don't have ideas and i must write" feeling is killing me.
On the topic of adapting Dead Space, in a game wherein you use tiles to basically dungeon crawl, "insanity" effects could manifest in physically changing of the map, by moving certain tiles around or something like "Bad Memory" remove the top 3 Station tiles and place them at the bottom of the Station tile deck
File: i must.jpg (37 KB, 250x323)
37 KB
Try expressing your creativity another way, like drawing or something.

I usually like to draw, but if I'm hitting a block, I'll just write something instead
I love also from Zombicide "SUDDENLY ZOMBIES" cards, where they come in sometimes ridiculously huge packs, from really unexpected positions (THEY COMING FROM A WALLS!!!)
Wall of text board game anon here- I'd seen it as something like a fixed map, as it means that you can do things like tying cards to locations- so while you've drawn a necromorph outbreak happening at hydroponics, nobody needs to go there for now so you can ignore it. But then suddenly a new objective i revealed and you do need to go to hydroponics or the outbreak has moved.

The way I'd do it is you'd have a set board, say a planet cracker, stacks of tokens, a good shit deck and a bad shit deck of cards. Say, 2-whatever players. There's a set roster of characters, each with their own specialisations and starting location. Each turn, you get X actions- moving to adjacent space, using the tram to move along ship assuming it works and hasn't broken, drawing cards from the good shit deck for tools, supplies, stuff you need to counter necromorphs, or you can do stuff like fixthings, lock or unlock doors, etc.

At the end of your turn, you draw a card from the bad shit deck.
Each deck of cards has 4 levels: tier 1, 2 3 and 4. You keep track of these with the groupup meter- any time 2 characters are in the same location, you immediately shuffle X tier 2 cards into the decks. When you hit 3 people in same place, shuffle some more T2 and a lot of T3 cards in, along with 2 cards from the convergence deck. When you hit 4 people, shuffle some T3s, a load of T4s and 3 convergence cards. If there's more than 4 people playing and you hit groups of 5+, just shuffle more T4s and convergence cards in.

As mentioned before, if convergence card is drawn, the game instantly becomes a do or die scenario where you must stop it or game over.

So, the question then becomes, why would people group up if shit gets worse and convergence cards happen?
There's 4 reasons people might do that
1- Better survival vs necromorphs.
2- The good stuff deck also improves as the bad shit deck improves, so you can get better items or supplies.
I think it needs also a mandatory number of people to fix some broken shit. For example, to fix a tram system, you need at least two people at tram control, or to seal off major outbreak about four peoples.
Part 2

3- Crisis cards are a rarer card in the bad shit deck- they are "do X in couple of turns or bad shit happens" - they're designed to get people to group up as they are designed that for each tier, they're going to need a group up to succeed- the T1 crisis can be solved by one guy if hes lucky, but if you have 2 people you're much more likely to et it fixed, etc for T2,3,4...

4- The objectives- these are how you win the game. They're all a mixture of securing supplies, a way to escape, stopping the ship from falling apart and stopping the necro outbreak from getting too bad and killing everyone. There's 10 objectives total, laid out in 3 rows of 3 and a final one. 3 T1 objectives are laid out at start, when you solve one you reveal the T2 objective beneath it, you go to the T3 one when you solve the T2 one, and when all T3 ones are revealed you go to the final objective, where if you complete it you win.

All T1s are revealed at the start of the game, and represent the initial outbreak- The way objectives encourage grouping is that again, they are balanced around it being unlikely for one person to solve them solo, and it's not as safe to do them alone- Objectives are like crises cards in that, while they are out, bad shit will keep happening until solved. So one of the T1 objectives would be "Kill the infecter in the Mess Hall", which would keep producing a low tier necro until dealt with. While a different one could be "Kill the thing making poison gas", which puts gas in ship each turn, filling it up from lower decks upwards.

Just hazards and reasonably difficult tasks that mean you can gear up and try to solo them but it will be easier if you go as a group.

Im pretty sure I have the concept all nailed down, its just a balancing act now.
Other thing to encourage grouping up is stuff like "you can use medkits, trade itesm etc on other people in same area" etc, just little teamwork benefits.

Im thinking for doors, a door can be working, locked or broken- working door is just that. Locked door prevents player or necromorph movement through that connection. Broken doors are ones that have been broken open and so cannot be locked again.

Poison gas- hazard produced by some things, deals damage when you move into a space containing it or end turn there. Will usually start in lower decks and spread up.

Fire- exactly what it says on the tin.

Necromorph wise, you'll probably have stuff like
Basic necromorphs- slashers, crawlers etc- the low tier stuff.
Mid tier stuff- spitters, exploders, splitters, pregnants, infectors.
High tier- advanced necros.
And finally unique necros- these are usually from crises or objectives, and are bosses / minibosses- Brutes, the hunter / ubermorph, tripod and then some of the bosses like the anus boss from food storage, that thing in DS2 that chases you out and attacks the gunship, snibbeti snab necromorph crab from 3, etc.
Also as serious threat that fucking Regenomorphs. Fuck those things with a rake.
Holy shit, I just started on dead space 3.

Does the story make it worth playing through? I want to finish this trilogy up, but goddamn, it's jarring to hop into it after playing through the previous dead spaces.
Play it with a friend, if you can.
I suppose they could be there a a lesser version of the hunter / ubermorph- "Will regenerate once after being killed" as opposed to "Cannot be killed without X" Hell, put the ubermorph in as a T4 thing of "Cannot be killed."

Yeah, not really an option, none of my friends get along with origin.
I would use Dungeon Quest. Nobody ever wins Dungeon Quest.
Well shit, that sucks, because co-op was the one thing they did right.
Eh, I feel like one of the strong points of dead space was the isolation aspect, so co-op seems rather odd.
Yeah. Half of good stuff is co-op. Double stomping - double fun!
>replies don't give (You)s anymore
But yeah, that's kinda weird but fine, I guess.
Yeah, I agree with you. But it's the way they did the co-op that makes it great.
What way they did it?

People masturbated too much to their (You)s, so they got taken away. I'm glad, it was getting pretty cancerous.
Putting them back is such an easy fix that they might as well not even have bothered, frankly. They're basically just treating a symptom instead of the cause.
Well, you know how the Markers cause hallucinations in those that it affects? And you know how Isaac is basically immune to that shit now, and Carver isn't? Well, the result is that from Carver's point of view you're facing literal walking nightmares, while from Isaac's point of view Carver is freaking the fuck out over nothing
More ideas for boardgames from wall of text man

I've been thinkig that the main resolution mechanic should be just flat numbers, rather than dice based- If you have at least X value in skill present when you use the skill, you solve the task.

As such, each character would have a set of stats- health, madness, and say, combat, engineering, scavenging, science, maybe medicine as last one.

And then say, each chatacter could have the same baseline stats, and then +3/4 total increases in specialisations, maybe with one stat getting a penalty for an extra increase- so the soldier could have say, +2 hp, +2 combat, but also have -1 madness because of combat stress / nerves / etc.

And then on top of that each character has their own unique ability. But, there's a catch. If a character's madnes track fills, it's not a death, but the character starts to go insane- you flip their unique ability card over, which usuall changes it to a penalty- So Isaacs one wouod go from the helpful nicole you see in 1 to MAKE US WHOLE nicole etc.

Thoughts on everything I've done so far?
That's pretty good, could also make use of other Dead space protagonists like Carver, Vandal, the guy from severed who's name escapes me etc.
I'm not sure if it should use the main characters or just OCs in universe, given everything that's happened with the storyline and how the idea with the characters starting in different locations is supposed to be like "we're all already here when this shit went down"

I gues it would depend on when it's set
I mean, we could just put Isaac in and have him start in shuttle bay as he just got there, and then maybe just make him a bit OP compared to other characters o grounds of "He's done this shit before" and just say that he is not recommended for normal play.

Ellie and Carver are probably canon chars who could be used as standard chars for this, then maybe couple generic ones.

Maybe have nitologist cultist or ex cultist as one character who doesnt go as bad when madness hits, but isnt as good otherwise.
I would prefer an OC characters. Or something even generic, just roles, like Engineer, Miner, Cultist, Soldier, etc.
I was thinking named OCs as the characters in the original one. No pages of backstory, just enough to give a bit of flavour to them and to explain their specialities.
Make the unitoligist's maddness ability give it bonuses based on the total number of characters that are mad until like it gets to 5+ and then they have to shuffle a convergence card into the deck for every mad character -4 before they draw from the badstuff deck.
Hmm- I think I know how that could work- We don't want convergence to happen every game, it's supposed to be an alternative win / loss thing after all, so we don't want to add too many convergence cards to the deck- I'm thinking 1 for T3, 2 for T4, 2 for every tier thereafter for 5 or more players.

So, I'm thinking that for convergence, the way the card work is this- You need a marker token for convergence to occur. If you draw a convergence card and there is no marker present, a marker token gets placed in the specified location. So, in the absence of everything else, you must get 2 convergence cards before it happens.

There might be other ways of getting a marker, maybe based off unitologists ability or general things- maybe something like 5 marker fragments needed to make one- as characters go mad, the signal gets stronger, making the marker be more complete- so you could end up with a marker token completing before the convergence gets drawn.
That was awesome, is there any more?
So special abilities and drawbacks:
Engineer: he can fix everything. Even a broken door. Drains resources like a madman
Soldier: he can kill everything. Except he have a shitty sanity.
Cultist: he can revert some bad stuff by making himself more mad.
Miner: Makes resources out of nothing. But can't fight for shit.
Hacker(specialist?): Can operate stuff but works better alone.
Officer: maybe an expendable respawnable henchman? And have a slightly shittier stats that everyone.
In response to >>50912648
A perhaps dumb but simple idea is to have two opposing factions: Unitologists and Survivors. That way it allows somewhat asymmetric gameplay that would prove interesting a la Lovecraft meets Tom and Jerry.
Obviously if such an idea were in place either side would have a main objective:
Unitologists: Convergence Event, Complete infestation of station
Survivors: Escape station, destruction of Marker shard
That way you could have multiple people playing a similar role but different/similar objective. Resources should be finite to cause conflict between players, which would be fitting for the 'apocalyptic' scenario the characters are facing. Having to choose sides and make choices that will determine who lives and who dies.
Do the unitoligists have any means of bypassing the necromorphs, what with them being the wrath of the desecrated markers
I'd say instead of officer have a medic or something. Can heal other players/gives one "get out of death free" token or something at the expense of low sanity or something.
I say he can temporally decrease your madness tracker by giving you drugs. It hinders yours ability though, but you can forget a some horrors for a while.
That's even better.
What about stats?

So far I have

Seem good? We don't want too many stats seeing as its based off a flat "do you have X score in stats between all people in this room"
Hot damn we getting to the Marker action.
Madness and HP is okay. I think there must a four stats: Science (combined with medicine), Combat, Engineering and Scavenging (name pending). Each stats have a several tiers, each I think could be represented by cards - the higher the tier, more cards you can play/draw.
I was thinking that depending on tiers, characters start off with a flat bonus to a couple of skills, and then there's gear and such from the card pile that you draw that adds to it, with higher tier stuff adding to it more, adding to multiple stats more. So say, a pulse rifle might just be +1 combat, while the ripper would be +2 combat +1 engineering say.

Good stuff cards would be divided into items which are perma buffs and can be traded to other people in the same room as you, insights which are perma buffs but cant be traded "Prisoners insights- +1 scavenging +1 combat"
And one use actioncards.
File: nu oh.jpg (25 KB, 299x289)
25 KB
Shepard's submissive response softened the councilors' hearts enough for them to become somewhat more receptive. The Salarian spoke first. "If you do indeed proceed with what you have previously informed us, we can definitely administer funding to your investigation, albeit most will have to be out of alliance coffers. They have been trying to win favor from these colonists, am I correct councilor Anderson?"

"We have been." Anderson replied. "I'd be glad to help fund this project. I may need some financial assistance, however. This may end up being a very large undertaking, should things escalate."

"Further funding may have to wait, Councilor Anderson."replied the Asari. "Until further threats emerge, we will only be able to give the Alliance limited financial support. Should things escalate however, we will be able to provide further logistical and military support."

"Speaking of which" the Turian added, "Commander, you did inform us of further cooperative goals. We'll be more than glad to discuss your terms come our next session."

"Sounds good to me." the commander replied, trying to hide his oddly combined relief and anxiety. He knew now that he was only a hair away from agitating Cerberus to retaliatory action. It was anyone's guess as to how long until the shady, corrupt group caught on completely, now that Shepard's initial plan to correlate with the Alliance using Isaac as a proxy had been dashed by both Clarke's insubordination and the Council's own forgetfulness. Now he had to do it himself, and he could only hide his secret correspondence for so long. Cerberus knew where to get information. From here on in, Shepard had to act quick to avoid both retaliatory measures and hindrances to the mission. There was still a lot left to do.
File: ancient reapers.jpg (105 KB, 539x465)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Maybe it was too early to cut Cerberus off. Shepard needed all the help he could get, and Cerberus' vast financial resources added to their lack of red tape made things much easier. Still though, this communication with the council was probably the only real chance he had. Any other scheduled interactions with someone who had labelled the organization "an avowed enemy of the Council" with agendas left unspecified would warrant suspicion and immediate retribution. he had been stuck in a trap since the beginning, and his gamble with the engineer had not payed off as he would have hoped, at least not in this venue. He was far too brash and impulsive to be of any use in diplomatic situations. The council had not been that smart either. What part of "confidential" did they not understand? How could they be so empty headed. these and a million more frustrations whirled around in Shepard's head as the meeting came to a close.

"Very well." the Asari concluded. "because of intermittent duties, we will have to continue our meeting in a few hours.Shepard, we look forward to further cooperation with you and your team. Mr Clarke, we thank you for your scientific contributions, and await further elucidation from you on the subject." With that, all three holograms disappeared.

After a warm but apparently temporary farewell between Shepard and Anderson, the Commander pulled Isaac over outside of the room. "Isaac, I think we have to talk."

Isaac knew right away what Shepard wanted to talk about. 'Alright, look." he said. "I know i got a little carried away in there..."

"'A little' is being generous, Isaac."

"okay, okay, I get it. I was way too rough with those guys, but-"
File: John Carver of Mars.jpg (330 KB, 800x1185)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

How is it I've not seen this before?!
How are good are the Dead Space Novels?
File: Govsec2.jpg (2.56 MB, 1414x2000)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
They're decent. Pretty good for understanding the lore, especially Martyr
It was an pic from the old threads. We were in the habit of calling Carver by MST3K names.
Is someone recording the board game stuff or should I start writing shit down?
No idea, if I were anon I'd be transcribing it all onto a word doc, like I did for an xcom like I came up with involving midevale Europe vs subterraneans
Noting this down then. I'll thrown it up on a Google doc or something eventually.
File: deus weeb.jpg (140 KB, 960x720)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Bump for Storytiems.
SO because I'm a stupid dumb dumb who hasn't played too much of DS or ME, over how many hours/days are the events in DS (Any of them) implied to have occured over?
Also how would you go about miniaturizing a power source to be rechargeable/portable enough that it could say....
creating an electrical charge powerful enough to create superheated, electrically ionized gas and maintain it?
Plz halp, mass effect fields can only do so much.
"[spoilers] Stasis may or may not be an Isaac exclusive thing [/spoilers]"
It's implied that the events of the original Dead Space happened over a couple of days, because no one's mentioned to have slept, not even the one person that was in the safest position.

Same for Dead Space 2. Dead Space 3 is implied to have taken some amount of time, but mostly because of the transportation between places.
It never directly says but in my head DS 1 and 2 take place over an 18 hour period, because that's how long it took me to play them on the hardest difficulty. For 3, counting the introduction, I'd say 2 days.

For your second question, look up arc flash hazards. 480 volts at 2000 amps will cause an explosion a little less powerful than a stick of TNT just from superheating air. There are videos on YouTube with arc flashes in breaker boxes and transformer substations that are pretty scary when you think about it.
Also, as far as the timeline goes, there's three years between DS1 and DS2, and I think about the same amount of time between DS2 and DS3.

As far as an explanation for how stasis works, there's a log that includes a short mention of some of the parts included in a stasis bed in DS2. http://deadspace.wikia.com/wiki/Log:Heisenberg
that thing in DS2 that chases you out and attacks the gunship
That thing was called the Tormentor, and to this day I maintain that it's one of the most terrifying necros in the series. Probably wiuld make for a great enemy to bust out when you decide that it's high time for the party to learn when it's a damned good time to run rather than fight.
Especially since it just bursts in out of nowhere, and it turns the next five minutes into a desperate, non-stop scramble to get away from it.
Now what about squad builds for this mission?
There's: Jack, Miranda, Jacob, Garrus and Mordin.
Shepard in this is a Soldier based on his experience during the Skyllian Blitz in reference to Mass Effect 1's shitty weapon cooldown feature, as the Soldier class had access to a shit ton of weapons at the beginning ME2 and never ran out of ammo on Insanity (except when I did). He enjoys the varied tactical options and has a leveled Adrenaline boost (supposedly on a Soldier build you could wreck fools with an Adrenaline Burst/AR combo) which allows him to adjust to battlefield parameters changing.
My characterization of Shepard is that of a somewhat charismatic Paragon of a man who has experienced a Last Stand many times. He throws himself into harms way because... it's the right thing to do. He lost men before during the Skyllian Blitz and found himself being basically a morale officer for his fellow defenders to rally to. He can't give up on the lives of innocents or collateral, because of his hero complex and probably good old values taught to him when he was young.
Sorry for the irrelevant post but just wanted to get more information because I'm shit at strategizing. I would however like Jack on the squad as Shepard rightfully believes that Jack would come to arms against the Cheerleader and Barrack Guy, as well as give Jack someone she can trust to cover her back. It also provides him the opportunity to set up strategies and formations that could prove useful in the future.
"[spoilers] This was originally going to be posted and I'm not too sure if I'm going to stick with it but I hope you enjoy regardless [/spoilers]"
AwaKEnD. AWOke. I aM he wAs awAKed.
?WherE? who WAss Station. HeeRrrrr. Gone. Nicole? Ishimura. Kendra bitch. Make us Whole. niCOLE! AegiS. Broken. MaRkrR. Gone. silEnCE. Over. It was….
Nicole…… I remember…. I had this dream… I mean it wasn’t a dream…. I remembered a time… when….
“How you doing?”
“Good. The Ishimura is a great ship”
Better times…
“….you made me stick with it”
“You might be getting out of range of the relay..”
“Isaac…. Isasac….”
He returned back to reality, away from better times, to a shrink that talked like he knew him.
“….ead girlfri….. wh…. Her name?”
“Nicole” he answered, things felt far away. Like it wasn’t real. The shrink sounded like a real asshole. Sometimes asking questions, sometimes saying answers….
He had been sedated again…. The realization didn’t hit him as hard as he thought it should have….
It was why even when he was awake everything was….. “away”
“I didn’t want it to end like this.” She was here…. Oh, Nicole… He loved the sound of her voice, whenever he had down time he’d check his extranet mail and just listen to her voice….
“I really wanted to see you again…. Just once.” Oh Nicole…. Don’t say that… you’re hurting me….
“I loved you. I always loved you” loved….. oh yeah…. Right dead girlfriend…. Why’d it feel cold all of a sudden?
“Yes. Nicole Brennan. She was a senior medical officer stationed aboard a Resource Harvester class vessel”
“The Ishimura” ….n….no…
“The MSV Ishimura, yes. Part of a mining operation on Aegis VII. I understand communications went down shortly after their arrival. You were part of the repair mission”
He could feel it…. See it…
“A mission for which you volunteered, am I right?”
No, no, no….. Don’t make me remember….
“What did you find aboard that ship, Isaac?”
“They found something”
The answer came out unbidden, he remembered…. That terrible obelisk like twin snakes coiling around each other. Made from chitin of gruesome origin. He saw it so clearly and…. Someone too….
“What did they find aboard that ship, Isaac?”
“The Marker” closer….. he was closer…. Or maybe…. They. Were closer. He could make out the grooves of the Marker and he felt like her recognized that person… a woman….
“Did you have contact with this…. Marker?”
Closer and closer, he could make out the glowing glyphs of innumerable alien origins covering it’s shell. She was closer…. Too….
“It made you see things, didn’t it?”
She. Was walking towards them
“Things you didn’t want to see?”
He could see her face, pale, rotten, scarred, bleeding. She clambered onto the table as the Marker pulsated once more with an orange glow. Like a star….
“It spoke to me”
Oh…. No…. it Was. Closer. Glowing brighter and brighter
“What did it say to you Isaac?”
No, no, no, no he could hear her – It – Speaking through her voice. He could feel in his body those words forcing themselves into his flesh, carving trenches in his mind and polluting his soul.
“MaKE…… US…… wHOle!”
She was so close, her eyes and mouth were lit up like a beacon, he could only watch, his mind so shattered that he could not even feel scared of the unnaturalness of this vision. The Marker wouldn’t let him go. It forced him to see. Even though he was SURE he destroyed it on Aegis VII, it still haunted him.
“Isaac! Isaac! Can you hear me?” The shrink was so far way…..
Isaac felt himself staring into an infinity, of monsters made from men and women, of a great structure that stabbed the sky preparing it’s ascension, of people dying by the thousands.
Finally the sweet bliss of darkness overcame him
Only to reawaken as a bright light offensively blinded him and a voice….
“ac… Isaac, can you hear me?”
This wasn’t the shrink….
Where, he turned to stare into the darkness
“I found Isaac Clarke! Repeat. I have him!”
Why was the power off?
“Great work Franco. Be careful, he’s been out a long time”
Fran… a long time….? Wha- How…. How long?
The “Not-Shrink” pulled him off a table – a gurney – Isaac felt weak… like his body was made out of cellulite and not a shred of muscle.
“Good, good. Steady, steady, steady. We gotta get you out of this straight jacket”
Straight jacket? Why would he…
“Wh- Where am I?” he managed to rasp out a croak, he sounded like a chain smoker who took sandpaper to the larynx. Like he hadn’t had enough to drink… but he felt…. “fine”.
He felt lucidity come to him, he could finally make out the features of the shadowlit room: it looked like a hospital with it’s sterile paleness and the smell…. Something was off about the smell…
“Alright. I know you’re confused right now. I can explain everything, but you gotta trust me, okay? Listen! You’re in terrible, terrible danger-“
A spike exited Franco’s chest and from behind him rose a misshapen creature…. That smelt rotten…. It sent a second spike through Franco’s forehead before leaving them alone.
Franco seemed to stand in shock before moaning and leaning into Isaac’s face.
Terror and bile rose up inside Isaac but he forced it down through the sheer force of disbelief. What the fuck was happening?
The corpse of the late Franco writhed in pain as a spiked limb protruded out of his shoulder followed by another out of his other shoulder. His neck stretched unseemly revealing ligaments and splashing blood on Isaac’s face.
It grabbed him and for whatever reason it screamed
Everything happened so fast, that it bewildered Isaac.
But he had plenty of time to react
Knocking back the person formally known as Franco with a hard shoulder check, Isaac began running as fast as he could in his straitjacket. He idly noted that a voice – a woman’s – told him to run. So he ran, moving through the hallways of a hospital gone to hell, closed off rooms burst open as other necromorphs leapt out of their ‘cages’. As he ran he heard a synthesized voice on the public speakers say “Evacuation in progress”.
He juked left to avoid a shambling beast that resembled a fucked up orange ‘sheet’ with tentacles and a mouth. It struck him that the ‘orange sheet’ was in fact skin. Horribly mutated skin.
“All Hospital Personnel are to evacuate the building"
Where was this building?
“Please consult your omni-tool for the nearest exit”
Just as he made it into a clear hallway, more necromorphs appeared. They came out of the ceiling and the walls.
Just like last time….
Relying on intuition, he felt himself “guided” him through several doors marked “To Secure Area”. He would have snorted at the irony but didn’t have the time as he was jumped from behind by a something. He wiggled and maneuvered his legs to kick back at what he recognized as a necromorph. Struggling, he finally managed to kick it off of him and witnessed it satisfyingly become smashed between the set of doors he had just passed.
He paused for a split second before getting back up on his feet and began moving. He felt weak and bet that if he could see his health management display it would’ve been low and in the red. As he began moving through the halls he found himself staring at two human soldiers. He noted that they lacked Alliance colors and uniform.
They in turn noted him and trained their rifles on him.
“Clarke! Command we have the subject in sight, moving to-“
Well, remember that Isaac is basically debuff support. Kinesis(which, in case you're wondering, is a sort of stabilized artificial gravity field) and Stasis allow battlefield control on a weirdly high level, and weapons that have special effects - Dead Space lets you upgrade your weaponry by welding power nodes into it and DS2 included special circuits at the end labeled, 'SPC,' that added special effects - like the plasma cutter setting targets on fire, the contact beam gaining a stasis injector that laces every shot with small amounts of stasis, the javelin gun causing its javelins to explode when you electrify them with the alt-fire, that kind of thing. So, you should build it knowing what he's good at.

They ditched it in Dead Space 3 for giving parts that could be configured into weird Frankenstein's monster weapons, though, but I doubt it matters. Especially considering how crazy it could potentially get if he had access to both upgrade methods.
The soldier was cut off from finishing his sentence as like the hand of providence a massive tentacle shot from the ceiling and into the man’s chest. Before lifting him up to presumably infect him and propagate the Necromorphs. The other soldier didn’t seem too shocked, and moved toward the vent aiming his rifle, he stared into the dark abyss only to find himself pulled upwards into the abyss via a spike into his skull, through his guts and out his poop hole. Isaac could hear the man’s scream echo in his helmet.
Carefully he moved on, cautiously avoiding a torso that happened to fall out the ceiling. As he walked he heard the public speakers turn on.
“This is Director Tiedemann to all project personnel. I want the key subject terminated and the facility purged and scrubbed. This is not a drill. Tiedemann out.”
He moved on until he came upon a peculiar room filled with holo-consoles, unmanned yet still active and a few streamed biometrics of who he presumed were patience until one of the holo-consoles caught his eye of a recording.
“Subject is Nolan Stross. Session one-five-eight.”
Keeping an ear out for the recording, he looked around the room to see if there was anything he could cut himself free with. Something didn’t feel right about the patient recording session. Eyes? Correction, eye? He thought he was in a psych ward.
“It was black. Deep black, and glowing red with symbols”
Isaac felt something
“The symbols… whispered to me”
Felt an itching in his brain
“And what did the symbols whisper to you?”
The man he identified as Stross fidgeted, for a second until he regained some semblance of composure.
“…it was just a shard – it was just a shard… but it put so much stuff in my head…. So much shit in my head …. There’s no more room…. For anything. I can’t remember what she looks like…. Why can’t I remember what she looks like?”
He felt like he was missing something that he had once had at one point….
The man he identified as Stross fidgeted, for a second until he regained some semblance of composure.
“…it was just a shard – it was just a shard… but it put so much stuff in my head…. So much shit in my head …. There’s no more room…. For anything. I can’t remember what she looks like…. Why can’t I remember what she looks like?”
He felt like he was missing something that he had once had at one point….
“The symbols, Stross. What did the symbols tell you?”
That's all I got in terms of Isaac's part, thank god for Let's Plays and Wikias. So Isaac can be aggressively supportive: debuffing enemies, delivering hooj damage and copious amount of war crimes driven by his reptile brain screaming at him to survive.

I wonder what else.... Cerberus has their fingers in on Titan Station....
For reference, weapon alt-fires and specials where applicable as of DS2:

>Plasma Cutter
>>Arc-shaped plasma bolt
>>Alt-fire: Rotates between vertical and horizontal
>>Special: Fires agitated plasma, sets target on fire

>Contact Beam
>>Beam of concentrated
>>Alt-fire: Barrel is placed against the ground and energy is vented in a circular explosion
>>Special: Stasis injector, slows targets

>Force Gun
>>Cone of accelerated gravitons
>>Alt-fire: Ejects a graviton grenade, sending opponents flying using gravitic force(DS1)/cone is constricted to a more focused line that penetrates enemies(DS2)

>Pulse Rifle
>>Rapid-fire ultra-low caliber rounds designed to cause massive localized trauma and induce hydrostatic shock(shell-shock)
>>Alt-fire: Its three barrels fan out away from the user and it is held aloft in a crouched position to hit all enemies around the user(DS1)/partial magazine is launched, making for an effective weapon against light vehicles(DS2)

>Line Gun
>>Wide-arc, higher-power variant of the plasma cutter; lacks its ability to change orientation, two-handed
>>Alt-fire: Timed plasma blade mine, kind of like a plasma blade garbage disposal

>>What it says on the tin, uses hydrazine fuel
>>Alt-fire: Cohesive, unstable fireball(DS1)/launches lit remnant of fuel canister(DS2)

>>Spins up a diamond-tipped buzzsaw blade holding it a few meters away using kinesis
>>Alt-fire: Spins blade up past safe speeds and fires it untethered

>Rivet Gun
>>Rapid-fire rivet launcher, like the SMG of construction tools
>>Alt-fire: Detonates the last five rivets fired

>Javelin Gun
>>Rail fires a one meter long telemetry spike
>>Alt-fire: Spike is electrocuted via a bolt of electricity
>>Special: When electrocuted, the spike explodes, with much the same force as a grenade

>Seeker Rifle
>>High-power, long-range rail accelerator rifle
>>Alt-fire: Zoom mode

Those are the ones available in DS2.
I [SENSED] something
A familiar [SOUND]
Part of an [ANTHEM]
An [ANCIENT] command
Our Progenitor had once [INSTILLED] unto [US]
…and [ANOTHER]
[WE] were [COMPLETE]
[THEY] were not
But [REMNANTS] remain
[SCREAMING] into the [VOID]
/running TitanStat_Tech.ip
What would you like to know?
> Titan Station
> Concordance Extraction Corporation (CEC)
> RIGsuits
> Stasis
> Kinesis
> Stores
> Terminals
…selected >Titan Station
Titan Station II is civilian space station designed and built by the Concordance Extraction Corporation, it is a sister of the Titan Station I, a research station within Earth’s solar system. Colloquially known as The Sprawl it originally was a mining platform-cum-colony, designed to extract minerals from the local asteroid belt for relative self-sufficiency while being semi-independent from the influence of the Systems Alliance and Citadel politics. To further deepen it’s purpose as independent and free, the miners of the Sprawl had to manually mine from asteroids using specialized equipment designed and provided by the Concordance Extraction Corporation.
Titan Station II is not unique in it’s nonlinear structure: being built from an asteroid body where conventional terran-based mining takes place along with where the municipal government buildings are situated. This area is known as the Government Sector which is connected by three crossover tubes to the Public Sector. Here is where a majority of the Sprawls inhabitants reside, living their lives in the thriving metropolis free from the political clout of the Citadel.
Due to the sponsorship of the Concordance Extraction Corporation, many unique technologies developed and manufactured on the Sprawl are available nowhere else in Citadel or Alliance space!
CLASSIFIED INFORMATION – Do you wish to read this?
…reading input
…reading clearance level
…Access Granted
The original purpose of the Titan Station was to provide a sovereign entity and place of operations for Cerberus through their bought-out shell company known as the Concordance Extraction Concordance. Here experiments considered unethical or denied by the Systems Alliance as well as the Citadel territories could technically be conducted without much legal fallout. The location of the station near an asteroid belt in the orbit of a gas giant and nearby moon make it ideal for resource harvesting. This ‘frontier’ of Citadel space would also allow ample opportunity to deal with potential interterritory threats such as pirates, slavers, geth and what else may be in wait in the Terminus System.
Here alternative technologies that relied minimally on mass effect fields and element zero was also developed, which was perpetuated by the lack of element zero harvested in nearby celestial bodies. Such technologies are RIGsuits, stasis energy applications, kinesis modules and experimental FTL drives.
Furthermore research into salvage from the [REDACTED] and what occurred during the [REDACTED] was considered the main objective after the discovery of the Reaper threat.
…selected > Stasis
Stasis is a field of science and technology based on advanced quantum physics. Much like biotic applications of mass effect fields, it renders both organic and inorganic matter immovable, although in the case of stasis it instead creates localized time dilations. This technology is applied to both industrial and medical uses. In the case of industrial applications, it’s time dilation effect can be applied to slow down equipment that experience malfunctions and therefore temporarily restraining the hazard. In the case of medical applications, it’s time dilation effect is used on patients from stasis gurneys to minute stasis fields which can halt microscopic activity for surgeries.
CLASSIFIED INFORMATION – Do you wish to read this?
…reading input
…reading clearance level
…Access Granted
Stasis was initially a pre-existing effort by Cerberus of creating a device that create time dilation in order to see if time dilation could occur artificially. With some experimental efforts and further development derived from [REDACTED], there were plans to develop a support device that could be used to suspend the animation of wounds or be used similarly to barriers in the field. Of which there are several variations (marked as developmental versions), with very early commercial builds being used by the Titan Memorial Medical Center, as a result of successful testing of the suspended wound animation with a powered source. Due to Cerberus’s intervention and influence over Titan Station, very few people outside of Cerberus were aware of how this technology worked or were allowed to study it’s mechanics.
…selected > Kinesis
Originally it was an effort achieve a mass effect field without the use of element zero, relying on an alternative method akin to quantum levitation. By distributing a burst of zero point energy that can manipulate dark energy to produce a mass effect field. It exploits electromagnetic forces to create a field around an object in which the dark energy field is contained in. Current technologies are at an industrial size and require connected powered supplies. Modular kinesis devices at the current stage of the project, are only able manipulate small objects.
CLASSIFIED INFORMATION - Do you wish to read this?
…reading input
…reading clearance level
…Access Granted
Development on the project was slow, even with the aid of various [REDACTED] files on quantum physics. However after the [REDACTED] occurred and study on the [REDACTED] began, exposure to the [REDACTED] in some individuals allowed them access to information somehow stored in the [REDACTED] much like some [REDACTED] such as in the case of [REDACTED] during the year [REDACTED]. By using the information stored, construction on a [REDACTED] device allowed access to a clean energy supply and new technologies.
File: Anglerfish need MRAs.jpg (121 KB, 700x1420)
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121 KB JPG
Depends on your definition of lewds.

And also your definition of "asari".

So I was pondering, I'm a huge starcraft fan (yes even 2 for its flaws I still enjoyed) does the dead space crossover bug have any potential here?
Why not? We have here even JOJO crossover, so why not?
Just trying to brainstorm the hows of the concept, and maybe fish for interest
One way I see it is a
Crossover (No inter-dimensional shenanigans) story involving the Hybrid Protoss, essentially becoming a Kerrigan-esque creature. In order to realize some sort of dogmatic ideal or prophecy. Psionicpowers would make handwaving the Marker's influence easy. From there Isaac would probably be some sort of high level psionic, perhaps from the fringe colonies (would explain a Unitology-esque religion/system of beliefs). The religion probably exploited superstitions concerning psionics, making Isaac embittered against the exploitation of psionics and driving him to hide his psionic talents as much as possible. This overtime would force him to develop a technique to hide his psionic presence to be like a shield over his mind.
He 'flees' from the fringe colonies, to pursue a higher education (or as much as he can muster) and goes aboard Terran ships as a ship maintenance and system engineer. From there I would say conflict would arise from Zerg infestation on fringe colonies (as much as you hate home, it's still home).

Better yet:
Alternatively it's a basic alien infestation story with Isaac Clarke as a protagonist with access to the technology and 'wonders' of the Starcraft universe.
The latter idea sounds better (more in the spirit of the original Dead Space)
File: General Order 24.jpg (106 KB, 570x269)
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106 KB JPG
Star Trek would bolostomp the Markers.
>Hand phasers set on disintegrate one-hit-kill necromorphs
>telepathic powers are a known and partially understood thing
>Has better energy generators so they don't need to try attaching jumper cables to the alien zombie apocalypse generator
>pic related

Episode 3: Hello, Morioh-cho

"Jotaro, we have problems!" cried the engineer knocking frenziedly on Mr Kujo's door. "Hey! You in there?" Isaac opened the door slowly and scanned the room, cursing vigorously as Jotaro was nowhere to be found. "Shit i gotta get rid of this thing, and soon."
"I thought i told you to shut up!"
"Alright, if he's gone i'll have to go look for him, let's hope i'm not too far outta town." Isaac ran to the atrium. [RIAC] following close behind, having been ordered not to reenter Isaac.
As he reached the atrium, Isaac noticed that the service robot from before was absent, he also noticed a glass revolving door installed in one of the previously featureless walls.
Looking through the glass Isaac could see people walking back and forth, some wore suits and ties, carrying briefcases and looking important. Others had more casual clothes on. the whole thing reminded Isaac of watching people go to work in the mornings, until he realised that was exactly what he was doing.
He had to find Jotaro and quick, but first he had to find a change of clothes. Going out in military hardware would freak people out, and a straightjacket would have a similar effect. The engineer briefly considered trying to pull it off as a fashion choice before reconsidering, maybe if he was Twenty years younger he could. In the meantime he hoped Jotaro wouldn't mind him borrowing some clothes.
Please tell me other stand users can't hear [RAT IN A CAGE]. I have the picture of him screaming at his stand confusing everyone else.
Anon the best thing is to just start. English was not my 1st lang when I started writing. And you'd be surprised with what you can come up with

Dunno if anyone is still following my story, but I'll brainstorm and try and get some entries done today
Hmm, depending on the time lines I could play with some things, for now it's all conhectare because I can't use my computer for a few days
File: Isaac's New Suit..jpg (13 KB, 236x349)
13 KB
"I hope Jotaro doesn't mind me taking his suit, It's a bit big but i reckon i can manage." Isaac stepped out into the street and and took a look around, wary eyes scanning the crowd.
Luckily Isaac had managed to miss the morning rush, so instead of looking like a horribly out of place tourist far too early in the morning, he simply looked like an out of place tourist.
"Ok" thought the spaceman. "All i gotta do is find Jotaro so I can get rind of my [STAND], How hard could it be?"

Roughly three hours later in the day, near The Ghost Alley.
"Space it all! How can NOBODY have seen a Six foot-two colossus like Kujo?" The frustrated engineer sighed then sat down next to The convenience store, "I mean, how many nautically themed outfits can there even be in this town?" Isaac continued to curse his rotten luck as people walked past, eventually he stood. Resolving himself to the task of finding The fish enthusiast. He stretched his back, turned to his right.
And collided with what he could only assume to be some sort of [ELF].
I'm around, working on the next bit as I get the chance. I'll try to get a post done by this evening.
working on it
File: mikitaka.jpg (63 KB, 399x399)
63 KB
"Ah shit" Isaac clutched his head, reeling from the collision.
"I'm terribly sorry, I was not looking where I was going."
"Hey, it's fine. Don't worry about it." Isaac turned to walk away but quickly changed his mind, completing a 360 degree heel turn "Wait a minute, have you seen a guy by the name of Jotaro Kujo? He's about 6 foot 4 with a white coat. Real quiet stoic kinda guy."
"Yes actually I have. He was headed to the docks to see his grandfather off, I believe. I was just heading down there myself actually. You're welcome to come along."
"Cool, 'cause I didn't actually know the way" Spoke the relieved Mechanic, turning to follow Mikitaka down the road, "So you know Jotaro?"
"I'm more familiar with his uncle actually"
"Yes, Josuke Higashikata, Apparently their family line is a bit [BIZARRE]." Light if slightly awkward conversation continued along this vein for some time.

Eventually both extraterrestrials arrived at the docks, just in time to see Josuke steal an old man's wallet, then taunt him from shore while Jotaro smiled. "A father should give his son an allowance right?!" Yelled Josuke at the swiftly disappearing figure.
Isaac and Mikitaka kept back until Josuke and Jotaro were ready, as they were clearly in the middle of something.

"I'm glad that father is safe." sighed Josuke as he stared at the retreating ship. "He might have been useful some time ago, but now that we know who Kira is. It's best not to put himself at risk."
"Yeah" agreed Isaac's secondary source of frustration, "It's still not safe here."
"Even less safe than you think Jotaro" interrupted Isaac, candid as always. "I just got attacked by a [STAND USER] in your impenetrable fortress."
"Hmph, that's strange. I expected Kira to be wary after his exposure earlier, I assume you triumphed?"
"Yeah, and that's where we get problem number two. I need to get rid of my [STAND] and quickly."
"You have a [STAND]?" Cried the incredulous Kujo.
File: 2d3.png (605 KB, 873x525)
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605 KB PNG
Inspiration is coming pretty slow today so that'll be it for the night. As always, any criticism you can think of is duly appreciated.
That's okay my friend.
Sorry, I can't make any good input but still... That's most bizarre combination - Dead Space and Jojo. How are you come up with it?
It was a pretty nice update, doing well friend.
Hope to see how it develops in the future.
Also I thought [RIC] was akwardly floating by him.
this gets weirder with every post and I love it
there was someone who posted a jojo isaac stand and he took up on it
Yeah basically this, but i was watching Jojo at the time.
File: I'd make that trade.jpg (386 KB, 2160x1080)
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386 KB JPG
File: crunch.png (60 KB, 560x760)
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Ha ha, you messed up the spoilers. Good work with the rest otherwise.
>flood are biological
>all biological matter is corruptible
>screaming intensifies
File: Screams externally.jpg (51 KB, 957x717)
51 KB
File: I cant handle this.gif (1.87 MB, 240x220)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
It's not looking like I'm going to get the next bit done this evening. Hopefully I'll finish writing this up tomorrow afternoon sometime.
File: DS2 final boss.jpg (132 KB, 384x938)
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132 KB JPG
juke, got a ETA on those stories? i need to satisfy my cravings.
Let's add phazon and see what happens!
posting form Mobile. been really busy with senpai who will be here until new years, but I will see if I can steal myself some time for my laptop to continue writing.
>Metroid/Dead Space crossover
>Space Pirates steal a marker from a GFed containment and quarantine station
>Samus shows up in time to watch them dump it in a phazon tank
>Phazon-warped, super-powered Marker signal

Her flashbacks would be just... so fucked up. Let's see; being very young and watching Ridley kill her mother in the midst of a field of fire partially caused by her dad having blown up a space pirate flagship by igniting the fuel they'd stolen. Mother Brain's uprising when she realized that the chozo were dying off and the space pirates were a better species for her to use. Gray Voice, the donor of the chozo DNA that lets her use chozo power armor and surrogate father figure dying for standing up to Mother Brain. The depths of the metroid homeworld SR388, the Queen Metroid and the Baby Metroid. Fighting, but not killing, Ridley at least three times before thinking him dead during Super Metroid. The incident on the bottle ship in the game that shall not be named until someone gives her a better voice actress and characterization instead of the Japan-pandering version we got. There is just so, *so* much for the Marker to latch on to and use to tear her apart.

And then you have Marker-infested and/or phazon-infused space pirates to contend with.

I mean, hell...

File: Isaac Concept.jpg (2.17 MB, 1460x2000)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
What's funny is that Isaac's earliest concepts looked lie a r63'd Samus almost
I just remembered. Prime 3 had Aurora Units, which were basically mass-produced, non-dickish Mother Brain-style(read: biomechanical) supercomputers. They ran all of the GFed's stuff. Depending on when the crossover starts, there's a high probability that there might be a boss fight against a Marker-infested Aurora Unit.
File: MassEffect2Citadel.jpg (1.19 MB, 2048x1024)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
"But nothing, Isaac." Shepard scolded. "Don't try to weasel your way out of this. If anything, I can either help you out with this, or you can rest assured you're gonna see more crap like this happen and we'll all be worse for it. Isaac, you have GOT to learn how to speak with a silver tongue. That's the kind of environment you're in right now. You have to learn to play smart."

Isaac was not very fond of adult scolding sessions, but he had no choice but to swallow his pride and listen as the commander continued to grill him for his carelessness. Being more solution than dwell-on-the-problem oriented, he attempted to coax a conclusion out of Shepard. "Then what do you want me to do next? We both know that you'll be corresponding with Anderson and that the Council wants to talk more tech stuff with me."

Shepard could easily detect Isaac's ploy, but he quickly decided that it wasn't something worth pursuing before answering him. "For one thing, I would suggest being more polite. I guess part of it's my fault for not being thorough when i told you about them. As you clearly just saw, they're hard headed, pessimistic, and fearful."

"Oh, I've got some other choice adjectives." Isaac grumbled. "You sure you didn't furget 'lazy', 'short-sighted', or 'arbitrary'?"

"Though I'm tempted to agree with you Isaac, it's a lot more complicated than that. Just think about it. They've got the lives of trillions in their hands. To protect those trillions from something as big as this would take a mobilization of men and materials the galaxy has never seen before. it would mean they'd be under an unknown time crunch to get those trillions prepared until the reapers come As much as it pisses me off, I can't totally blame them for being so skeptical, even if that skepticism isn't passive."
File: IsaacCitadel.jpg (333 KB, 1350x1350)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
"Alright, so excuse their BS, but be gentle about it. Anything else?"

"They're easily impressed. An outright apology will come across as brown nosing, so an impressive display of what you've got in the showcase ought to woo them back in your favor. Now don't kill yourself by giving them the whole presentation, but try implying what your stuff can do to 'make the galaxy a better place.'" Shepard said, rubbing the fingers and thumb on his right hand together. "Sell it to them. Make yourself a worthwhile investment. You may the only one with e thorough understanding of the tech, but if they get it and examine it for a few years, I imagine they might be able to replicate it."

"Problem is we don't have that time."

"And neither do they" Shepard said, repeating his miserly gesture. "The sooner they can fill the treasury with more pork spending, the better. Make sure you're as much a part of the equation as the tech is."

Isaac nodded affirmatively. "Okay, I think I should be able to handle it. Anything else you want to tell me about them? About the Alliance?"

'I'm going to have to talk with Anderson myself." Shepard replied. 'no offense but I think the original 'Wingman plan' has to be scrapped."

"I screwed up that bad, huh?

'Well, taking data straight off the Normandy's archives was pretty much the snapped twig in the night to Cerberus' ears. They'll be on us really soon, and the sooner we can get this whole transition process figured out with the alliance the better."
File: stomp it out.jpg (83 KB, 597x566)
83 KB
Isaac hadn't even realized what the ramifications of his previous actions entailed. Humiliation was quickly overshadowed fear in Isaac's mind as he asked himself how he could be so incompetent. "I'll be more careful then." he said meekly

"Good. Now, let's head back to the Normandy real quick. I'll need to gather some things before talking to Anderson. You in the meantime can go do what you want for the next few hours as long as you take someone with you should you go ashore. Pretty sure Tali and the rest of the engineering crew wouldn't mind heading out with you."

'Yeah, those dorks would probably start burning up in outside air." Isaac chortled. "Not that that's a bad thing. We've got a little project we've been wanting to do that we've put on hold."

"Sure you'll have enough time to really do anything? We've only got half the day." Shepard said, reading a five minute old message from his omni tool indicating the time left until the next set of interviews.

"Holy crap, that's more than enough time." Isaac replied. "I think with all four of us working it'll take us nine hours, tops."

Shepard continued as they began to walk back towards the taxi station. "You sure you don't want to grab any food? Any sleep?"

"Sleep is for the weak> 'Isaac said jokingly, invoking faux machismo in his voice. "We've got bigger fish to fry."

"Like what?"

"Oh now that'll be a surprise."
File: Spoiler Image (3.39 MB, 1460x2000)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
That'll be all for tonight.

Coming up....

…selected >RIGsuits
RIG (Resource Integrated Gear) suits
“Commander, ETA in 5 minutes”
“Alright, copy that Joker, on my way to the Hanger


What the hell was going on?
Necromorphs were crawling all over the place, how the hell did that happen? Titan Station… For some reason he hadn’t heard of it, yet it seemed like a civilian installation based on the lack of military officer corpses although the rather brutalist architecture notwithstanding, it seemed homely. Definitely familiar enough to know it was a CEC installation, and only they would be crazy enough to bring it back to a civilian station. Presumably they had rescued him and based on some survivor logs he found scattered over the place Unitologists were here too.
Unitology, now didn’t that bring a sour taste to his mouth. The fucking “benign religion” that had sprouted after the Mass Relays were discovered and element zero had been harnessed. They believed that those with biotics were “the chosen of Altman”, it’s founder who was waiting with them beyond the Milky Way Galaxy having been ‘uplifted’ by the “Prothean Remnants” or some crock of shit like that. It was a scam, pure and simple, human greed taking advantage of those foolish enough to believe the shit they were selling.

Fuckers ruined his mom, she had joined up with the group and attempted to undergo a ritual of some sorts that ended up with several shipments of red sand and many of the – let’s be honest – cultists having died from a lack of continence of their recently acquired biotic powers. From then on he was on his own. Organized religions were the basis of what would become modern morality but fuck, were they outdated.
Shaking his head of irrelevant thoughts, he finally found a STORE which he activated. A pleasant digital voice identified him and began updating it’s inventory with profession appropriate equipment: an engineering suit and a plasma cutter. Shit… he still had to pay for the suit, of course the CEC wouldn’t cover that under ordnance expenses.
He stepped into the ‘iron maiden’ of the STORE’s suit kiosk and waited as the STORE took apart the straitjacket replacing it with a sealed hazardous environment suit and began attaching exoskeleton pieces onto the suit with a variety of mechanical and motorized seals and biometrically specified pieces. He felt…. At peace.
It was always strange to transfer from unsuited clothing to suited clothing but it’s design was made to be practical. It felt comfy, familiar, especially with a lack of bloodstains, it took the edge off just a bit. Storing 4 small health kits so as to have some inventory room in the suit, he finished his selection before making his way out…
Into a pressurized vacuum
It was a strange thing to admire the beauty of destruction but as he walked through the vacuumed corridors in varying states of OSHA complied safety, he had to admit: it was beautiful in it’s own way.
The Marker really had fucked him up
It also helped that it was juxtaposed with outer space and the structure that was Titan Station: it was beautiful with it’s gleaming lights and high rise buildings. It was ironic that Tartarus had been opened, it’s occupants unleashed to wreak havoc. He would’ve laughed, if he wasn’t so aware of how bad it could get.
When he entered a giant room, most likely a lobby of sorts, with at one end a huge window that revealed the exterior of the Station in all of it’s majesty. He sighed.
He just knew for whatever reason when shit hit the fan he was going to go flying out of it.

How the fuck did it move?
His question was immediately answered by this three-legged “tripod” leaping an outrageous distance and knocking over one of the support columns.
Fuck, it was kind of fast.
He snorted, he had faced bigger, badder and bitchier things before. This would be no different: If he could stop one Necromorph infestation, then he could do it again and this time:
He knew what he had to do: Run around it like a little bitch, Stasis it and dismemberment.
Hopping backwards, he blasted it with a stasis charge before shooting it’s arms. He noticed that his hands seemed to be shaking a bit more than usual. He’d been in Stasis for three years according to Daina, it wouldn’t have surprised him that atrophy had set in even with the advanced technology of the 22nd Century, time was still an enemy no one could stop.
He had missed a few times before reloading, managing to get it with one more stasis charge before backing away to the end of the lobby where he saw a Stasis recharge station. The thing roared at him before taking a leap, to which Isaac managed to run away in time. It’d be fucking stupid to goalie leap out of the way, nevermind rolling. Especially in this suit, agility and speed were a definite edge one needed in case of a Necromorph infestation and being grounded was a sure way of dying.
He blasted it with a stasis charge and missed. He tried again and managed to score a hit on it’s arm. It was then he noticed small pods that glowed on it’s arms. Contradictory to most creatures in the natural world where something shining, glowing or overall bright in color were used to ward off predators or attract prey, Necromorphs – being wholly unnatural – ironically had glowing spots which indicated their weakness. It was an unnatural phenomena that Isaac was all to happy to take advantage of.
Retconning part of the above (specifically the thing about knowing how long Clarke has been in Stasis)

Hopping backwards, he blasted it with a stasis charge before shooting it’s arms. He noticed that his hands seemed to be shaking a bit more than usual. He’d probably been in stasis for a while, he had exhibited some of the symptoms of stasis reactivation syndrome, it wouldn’t have surprised him that atrophy had set in even with the advanced technology of the 22nd Century, time was still an enemy no one could stop.
Making off at least 3 shots, he sighed in relief as it seemed that it was enough to hack off it’s left arm. It fell, unbalanced to the floor of the lobby, before it began pitifully hobbling it’s way after him. It was kind of funny and Isaac took some amount of glee in seeing his enemy – and the pain it represented – so pathetic and incapable. But he wasn’t going to take any chances, so with a final blast of stasis he fired onto it’s remaining arm where it fell off, the Tripod released a cry of agony before falling limp.
He tilted his head, he doubted it’d be that easy. His gut told him that the damn thing was lying in wait to try and get him with a surprise attack. Too many corpses suddenly jumping up and trying to shank him had taught him that.
Aiming his juryrigged plasma cutter at the Tripod’s tail, he fired on it wherein it suddenly began to wriggle and spasm, swinging it’s tail which managed to cut into Isaac superficially. He mumbled a command and felt the sweet relief of medigel being splurted into his wound. One of few things that the CEC had taken with them, as it’s origin as a human developed first aid application made it ‘acceptable’ to bring with the admittedly xenophobic colonists.
“Jeezus that thing was angry. Daina? I’m out of the hospital.” His communicator crackled with static before the voice of Daina replied “Okay, the tram station is just beyond the apartment blocks.” Making his way to the stasis recharge station, he charged up his stasis module interjecting “Hang on. I need more answers.”
“How long have I been here?” He needed to know, who knows how things have changed, who knows what the hell had been done to him. It was strange he could remember everything that had happened before he destroyed the Marker but…. After that and how he got to Titan Station was absent.
“Three years. Tiedemann found you floating in space near Aegis VII brought you here for study.”
Tiedemann, huh, he had heard that name whilst making his way through the complex.
“Why can I remember anything?” He grimaced at the answer Daina gave him “The Marker you found imprinted your brain with a self-replicating signal. The longer you’re awake, the more the signal spreads. It’s killing you Isaac.”
Of course the Marker was killing him, whatever intelligence that the Marker had had sought it’s own vengeance. Killing it’s destroyer would be the sweetest revenge along with making it’s destroyer’s efforts to stop it, meaningless. As he made his way through a doorway and walked down a hallway, Daina continued
“Tiedemann tried to keep it in check with memory suppressants.” Not only had Tiedemann “rescued him”, he experimented on people with… something to do with the Marker, maybe exposed them to Clarke’s Marker Signal – somehow – and had sedated him to make him forget anything they did to him. Tiedemann was going to give answers once he found him, and he would fix whatever the fuck they got wrong. A small voice in his head whispered the possibility that it was Clarke’s fault that the Necromorphs were here. But he shook it off, focus.“You said you could fix it, right?” Like it or not Daine was his only hope
“Only if you reach me in time.” Well fuck “Tram station. Get moving.”
Obviously I can’t trust her but what choice do I have?
He made his way through a musty maintenance corridor, which he scavenged for supplies, finding several credit chits along with a power node. He made his way through a maintenance vent, Snake crawling through it until he made his way to it’s exit. Turning around he gave a sigh of relief: not only was there a STORE but a BENCH and an audio log. No Necromorphs aside from a corpse.
Which revealed several ships evacuating and a voice on the intercom, which he recognized distinctly:
He was a Director, had enough power to order a martial law on the whole station. So obviously he was probably some sort of mayor or government head of the station. That explained the man’s influence and access to resources. Didn’t explain the Necromorph infestation or the fact that…
He spotted a corpse, which he stomped and much to his unexpressed disappointment there wasn’t anything of value that he could use. Turning around, he saw an inactivate walkthrough, which he activated. Isaac then realized a slight error in his plan with the appearance of a Necromorph corpse ‘awakening’ and sprinting at him, full pelt. He threw a stasis charge and hacked off it’s limbs with his makeshift plasma cutter. He stomped on it and out popped a plasma energy canister. Attaching it to his suit, it’s ionized gases were siphoned from the container into the integrated ‘fuel tanks’ of the suit before the container was ejected from the siphoning port. He reloaded his cutter before moving on.


Don't worry, the whole game is not going to be fucking written down. I'm not that stupid, I mean i'm stupid, but I don't think I could much worse.
Standby for Writefag-fall
What Isaac isn't bringing his other science bro Mordin?
A side story based off of an idea that was then drawn in one of the older threads. Wanted to do something different because Dead Space is just kind of depressing. So time for some holly jolly for our dear and delightful Isaac Clarke.

Speaking of….

“Shepard, allow me to make myself clear: I’m getting off this shit, I’m going to get shitfaced and I’ll be out of your sight and out of mind. I’ve already seen and done enough for the rest of my life, I think I deserve a little fucking break. So fuck Cerberus, fuck the CEC, fuck the Citadel, fuck you, and fuck your Reapers! I’m overjoyed you fucking saved me, but I’m not joining you in what is obviously a suicide mission. Besides: I’m a independent citizen of the Sovereign Colonies, Spectre status doesn’t mean shit there. Now move”
With that Isaac elbowed his way passed Shepard, entering the elevator, but not before throwing the room full of crew members two one fingered salutes. Then he was gone.
Silence reigned over the ship before a sharp look from Miranda sent all the bridge officers back to work, typing away on their holopads.
Shaking his head in exasperation he turned to Samara, who in turn quirked her head in curiosity. With a final breath of ultimatum, he stood up “Samara, you’re coming with me. We’re heading to Afterlife to see if Aria can give us any leads” with that he went to get ready.
Meanwhile in the Afterlife….

Isaac was tired. Let’s not split hairs: he was fucked up in too many ways from recovering from injuries, sleep deprivation, space dementia, PTSD, and to top it off having been locked up in a loony bin for two years. Overall: he was doing pretty good for someone who should have by all logic just shut down and gone comatose.
Imagine a scene - Isaac, Tali, Gabby and Ken with Mordin goes to a karaoke bar.
He had made his way through elcor doorman, at the behest of a duo of batarian soldiers who had cordially invited Isaac up as Aria wanted to see him. Thankfully or regretfully he still had his RIGsuit on, mostly out of habit and mostly out of paranoia honed by surviving two Necromorph infestations and destroyed 2 Red Markers. He mused that he still had his plasma cutter, more in line with his original one, which although looked very much like a gun did not seem like anything the guards here would’ve ever seen. One guard attempted to grab it to which Isaac responded with a swift and strong grip to turian’s wrist.
A bad move as the guards around him trained their weapons on him, his armor could hold up to a lot of things. Lasers not withstanding but sustained fire would definitely wreck his modified exoskeleton even with it’s shields.
“Don’t touch my stuff” he grunted, staring into the eyes of the turian, the headlights of Clarke’s visor glowing ominously. The RIG he currently wore was an augmented/modified Elite Advanced Suit, with additional parts cannibalized from a selection of Shepard’s inventory. It integrated the shifting visor that traditional RIGs featured, as well as conventional shields that Citadel space armors had pre-installed. It had been a real pain in the ass to get that to work. But thankfully with Mordin’s help he had managed to make a “Something” that combined bits and pieces of both worlds. Stasis shielding had also been applied although at the cost that either he was protected from stasis OR he was protected by shields. He would have to find a way around that.
All in all, if push truly came to shove he could easily blast the floor with a stasis charge, affecting the guards around him, quickly let off several shots before reformatting his defense emitters to shields, taking hits, followed by stomping to death anyone who was left. Industrial accidents tended to make people want to be absolutely sure they were safe if they were going to fix them. But then again against weapons that were miniature railguns, it wouldn’t hold up too well.
Fortunately for all parties involved they were interrupted by the Matriarch of Omega: Aria T’loak. She was a sight to see, Isaac had to admit, her face markings adding a tribal appeal to her visage. She exuded confidence and wielded her authority with extreme prejudice. But she, like Julius Caeser himself would be the first to diplomacy and if negotiations failed….
Well she’d be the one to finish them
“Leave us. You, friend of Shepard’s?” She sat arms over the rim of the couch, absolutely relaxed, but cold blooded. Isaac snorted, simply grunting “No.”
He stood, she sat. Both measuring each other up, both coming up with plans to neutralize the other in an instant. She pat down on the space next to ear simply instructing him “Sit.”
He acquiesced but refused to reveal his face, the less she knew of him, the more he had over her. It was a small thing, but to be able to disappear into the ether of the grapevine as Isaac had initially planned would hinge very much on remaining neutral and unknown. Or at the very least friendly with those with clout and power to make sure he was left alone.
She studied him, shrugging as if having found something.
Shit apologies for not linking
“You come from Shepard’s ship and yet you are not a friend… You’re Alliance, you lack that presence that most soldiers have… there are no records have your equipment listed. You came here like a man on a mission yet it seemed to have nothing to do with me. We can’t access your suit or omni-tool, probably a self-contained system to deter hacks and tampering. Paranoid.” Isaac’s gaze remained on Aria but his body tensed, ready to get the hell out of dodge.
“Ah…. You’re ready to run and gun, I can tell. You’re wondering what I want so allow me to introduce myself in case you didn’t know”
At this she stood up and gestured grandly to the lounge below proclaiming: “I am Aria T’loak and I. Am. Omega” she turned towards Isaac continuing “Everyone and everything that comes to and through Omega, I know about. But you. You’re an unknown variable. And I Hate unknown variables. So tell me, what brings you to Omega?”
She then sat down staring presumably in his eyes, Isaac took his time to think of an answer. Just as he was about to answer, Aria interrupted him asking “But without the helmet, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me who you are and why you’re here. If you lie to me, I’ll have my men throw you the airlock. Understand?”He took in a breath before deactivating his visor, making the helmet collapse revealing Isaac’s gaunt but clearly human features, his skin pale, his eyes biotic blue and his hair showing signs of greying; he stared aimlessly. “You can call me Isaac. I don’t want trouble and I don’t want a job. I just want to be left alone and drink so that all I can remember is to forget. So if it’s all the same to you, I’ll be leaving”
At this he stood up, only to have himself stopped by a grip on his wrist.
He turned to see the unamused expression on Aria’s face before she simply said “I’ll tell my men to leave you alone, you’ll be fine if you stay in the Afterlife. Go anywhere else and I can’t guarantee you won’t get in trouble.”
Isaac stared into her eyes, she noticed how dead he looked, like he was just going through the motions of living. A pretender, undead in the galaxy of the living. He left but not before stating “If anyone wants trouble, I can’t guarantee they’ll be alright” walking off to hit the bar. One of Aria’s trusted asari assistants approached her, her beautiful features furrowed in confusion asking:
“Why did you let him go?”
The question was one Aria knew she had answer when she actually stared into his eyes
She had seen it before on slaves, on veterans, on victims
“That man is as broken as it gets, but he’s still got fight in him. He’s an unknown allowed to exist in Omega only because I allow it. I know he isn’t up to something because you can see in his eyes that all he wants to do is die alone. I pity him.”
The assistant simply nodded, her mistress knew better than she.
Isaac walked up to the bartend, he hadn’t cared nor noticed that it said “VIP lounge”, all he cared about was getting as shit faced as possible as soon as possible. He ordered blended whiskey, transferring the credits from his credit chit. He mused that with all the looting and hoarding he had done on the Sprawl, he had accumulated a substantial amount of money. He drank from his glass, thinking about what he wanted to do with the rest of his miserable life. When finally after several rounds, Isaac finally got in himself to think about lodging. With that in mind, he began walking out of the VIP lounge, he was interrupted by a youthful voice:
“My name is Morinth. I’ve been watching you. You’re the most interesting person in this place.”
Turning toward the source of the voice he was taken aback by her regal features – pronounced cheekbones – and her beauty. He certainly wasn’t prepared for the blue skin, an asari, further indicated by her scalp crests. If he was in a right mind and less emotionally compromised he would’ve verbally snuck carefully around Morinth before making his way to exit and doing his best to lose a potential tail.
“I’ve got a booth over here in the shadows. Why don’t you come sit with me?” She smiled at him coyly.
Well that does it
He nodded, before he was guided to a private booth where they got comfortable. He noticed that she took an opportunity to subtly grope him, not that he was complaining. The company of a beautiful asari maiden certainly took his mind off of things.
“Some nights I come here and there’s no one interesting to talk to. Some nights, there’s just one person. Tonight it’s you. Why is that?”
He snorted “I’d say it’s because of my overwhelming confidence”
She had a beautiful smile he noticed that he almost didn’t catch what she said “Do you?”
He mulled over what topics he could broach with her and decided he’d start with something somewhat safe:
“Do you know anything about art?” She seemed pleased, her interest was piqued. Don’t fuck this up Isaac.
“It speaks to the darkest places in me. What about you?” He went over what little he knew about art and decided to appeal to the alien part of her. With all the confidence he could measure he posed the question “Do you know the artist Forta?”
He knew he had scored when her smile seemed more radiant with a subtle leaning in, indicating her interest had ben caught. “I didn’t think anyone here knew him. He’s sublime.” She said with delight “Art comes in many varieties. I’ve seen vids that were more powerful than a sculpture sitting in a gallery.”
Ah perfect chance to move the conversation to something else
And so their conversation went, a back and forth with Isaac gaining a deeper understanding of the woman in front of him. She was a hipster, he could respect that, he was a little bit different from the rest of crop himself back when he was young. He found himself regardless drawn to her, that it made his painful memories just…. Be dammed, kept at bay. It wasn’t long until she made her proposition to which Isaac was all to happy to oblige.
They had talked as they made their way to Morinth’s apartment, he noticed the various trinkets and baubles around the room, which Morinth gave a short commentary over. When he was done perusing the apartment he got out of his suit, which Morinth found to her amusement, was capable of standing on it’s own, revealing Isaac wearing a comfortable combination of black pants and muscle shirt. Sitting down, Morinth mused “I love clubs – people, movement, heat. I can still hear the bass, like the drums of a great hunt, out for your blood.”
Her commentary was disconcerting but fuck he just wanted to give her a hard dicking and introduce her to the planetcracker MSV Isaac Clarke. She continued “But here, it’s muted – and you’re safe. Is that what you want, Isaac?”
He chuckled mirthlessly, safety. He absolutely knew that he wasn’t safe. As the old adage goes “Never stick your dick in crazy” but he supposed that because he was as equally crazy (though now certainly more sane) that the craziness of the two would cancel each other out. Such was the drunken logic of Isaac Clarke. He recalled the Necromorph infestations, remembered seeing the victims of people he couldn’t possibly save without endangering himself. Of the many brushes with death he had over the years with the Necromorph infestation being the absolute worst. He remembered those moments of silence, of peace, of stillness that were ruined by the sudden appearance of a necromorph.
“People feel safest right before they die.”
He believed it wholeheartedly.
She looked into his eyes, into his soul and something just clicked.
“It’s true, we’re never safe. I’ve never understood the fascination with safety. Some of us choose differently.”
She moved herself so as to be seated next to Clarke
“Independence over submission. I think we share that You and I”
He wanted to just appease her, to say what he felt she wanted him to say. But to do so would be a betrayal to all of his actions up to now. In some case it was true he supposed, technically everyone and anyone was at risk of dying at any moment because of some freak accident. Isaac himself at times being the freak in said accident – accident being incident – but he knew himself that although he took some sadistic glee in destroying the necromorph threat or those assholes who stabbed him in the back. It was more of a sweet relief that the threat they represented was over, no longer present and capable of ruining his – anyone’s – life.
He replied tersely “We’ve both killed many times, but that’s where the similarities end.”
She didn’t seem surprised at his statement which reinforced his notion that this chick was psycho and that he was probably going to get killed by her. But hey.... going out with a bang was one hell of thing to put down on his tombstone.
“Why do you say that I’ve killed? What do you know? Let’s stop playing games.”
She straddled his lap, grinding subtly against his dick, he groaned in pleasure. He certainly was an interesting one but he was getting a little boring for her taste. Might as well get this over with.
“Close your eyes and embrace eternity!”
Suddenly a glow came over the both of them, reminiscent of biotics as their minds began meld. Morinth’s eyes dilated.
So, I finally managed to finish Alien Isolation last night, and I noticed something.

Amanda Ripley, on quite a few levels, is very similar to Isaac Clarke. They go through similar experiences, have similar skills, and incur similar levels of emotional/mental damage from them (although hers is merely PTSD, as opposed to outright dementia).

Perhaps this is something we could work with.
I just pissed my pants a little, I am not even joking...welp there goes my desire to sleep. Thanks asshole.
Are you suggesting taking a pre-existing system for an Alien(s) game and adapting it with a Dead Space costume?
https : // boardgamegeek . com/ boardgame /1770/ aliens
“No….” she gasped, as she sifted through his memories. By the Goddess, what was… this?! Every memory she saw, she felt [IT’S PRESENCE], [CRYING] out again and again. MAKE US WHOLE MAKE US WHOLE MAKE US WHOLEEven though it had died, she SAW it, this… this wonder of man mentally KILLED his insanity, remnants, broken and shattered but still there howled in fury and pain. How… how did one remain sane?
ShE sAw tHE BoDieS, THe miSShaPen mOnsTerS tHIs maN hAD kiLLeD, WaS imMerSEd In tHe crUShiNG loNELineSs anD SuiCIdal dEPresSIOn. SHe fElT hErSElF beInG tOrN aNd riPPed aParT, sHE deSpeRAteLY atTEMpteD To deFeND heRSeLf blAstINg aWaY aT The INcoMing mOnsTEr – NeCRoMorPhS! – WiTh biOTicS bUt sOOn FOuNd hERsElf oVErwhElmeD.
She awoke in a darkened void, where she mutely heard the calling of her name.
She saw in the distance a glowing tower, liked the pincers or horns of great beast stab the sky in defiance.
She FElt it calling to her… to coME… [IT] wouLD mAKE hER wHolE. No lONgeR wOUlD ShE bE aLoNe, wITh [IT] iNsiDE hER, sHe WOuLd Be MadE WHOLE
File: 1390923564395.png (145 KB, 640x500)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
When Samara and Shepard heard Isaac yelp in pain, they rushed in to find…
> pic related
As much as I love the start up of DS2 and seeing it written, its a bit jarring trying to tell whether or not it really is in the DS universe and not Mass Effect, also the random jump here>>50939705
and here>>50939736
was awkward to say the least. What are you actually doing with this because it isn't clear to me?
I can imagine Isaac singing with brief interruptions of violent screaming, heavy metal and screamo would be great for him....the others would be a bit scarred from the fact he stomps hard enough to dent the floor every time. His eyes unfocusing on everything around him for a minuet as he just yells and curbstomps to the beat of the music.
The conversation between Isaac and the chick is a bit, stilted. Aside from the brooding edgelord you have Isaac acting like, he sounds to sober to even consider what he is doing right now, let alone being with another person when he is trying to wash away his memories for a few hours.
Okay this random capitalization is getting out of hand, its hard to look at and read with it breaking up the sentence. I would recommend just keeping it for the direct Marker sentences, the rest is just an unnecessary eyesore.
Welp...Isaac broke another one. Really should put a don't read mind sign on him. Also, new thread when?
Admittedly it was just to write it out. I realize now that I pulled a Metroid Other M (i.e. Giving a silent protagonist a voice and making it go against the implied characterization as suggested by in-game action)
Yeah, I don't really have a grasp on Isaac admittedly I'm kind of half-assing it by playing along Dead Space 2, reading up on the settings, reading a shit ton of spoilers, watching said spoilers and playing Dead Space 2. Same cannot be said for Mass Effect 2. Don't worry that Marker speech shit was meant to illustrate it's effects (basically SAN loss in medium) without saying "she saw a spooky scary skelington" or something.
As stated it's a side story, for the sake of just writing out the scene. Does it mean it's canon? Probably not.
Aporogies for my insorence, i wirr commit sudoku to restore honor to my famiry
Before you restore your honor, can you do me a favor and fix your grammar? God damn it feels so good to use that rhyme.
Honour doesn't rhyme with grammar, you idiot.

Emphasis is on the wrong syllable.
Meh, its close enough that I don't care.
No it bloody isn't! They don't sound anything alike!

How the hell do you rhyme honour with grammar?
They both end in an R sound?
So I hate to be the panicky bitch, but uh...new thread when? We're already on page 10.
Not really.

You've got HonOR and grammAR. Sound totally different.
I don't hear it then I guess.
New thread
Based Doomguy.

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