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40k story thread, mostly about romances with kriegs





Old threads are at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/
No story today I'm tired and have to rethink things.
Good night Mimi.
And I had such a great record too. But I need to stop doing shit at 3 am.
Sleep does help the brain.
I'd normally do it anyway but i have definitely gotten more complaints then usual and since I'm the only one that gets complaints at all its hard not to see that I have a problem.
Bit late, but I said I'd post today, so here we are. I know it's not much, but I'll be back with more in the morning.

"Seeing about getting released so I could come to the card game of course." Rochas replied. "What are you deaf?"

"No, I heard that bit." Gelen snorted. "But what was up with all the hush hush there at the end?"

"I told you." The sergeant said. "Seeing about getting out of here for that game."

"Alright alright say no more." Koenraad huffed while holding up both his hands in front of him. "I won't pry into whatever business you have with the Krieger."

Rochas remained silent, knowing that any denial on his part would just feed whatever inane fantasy the other man was entertaining about secretive dealings between him and the Medicae. He knew that if he kept quiet Koenraad would forget about it and move on, and that's what he wanted. After all if the man started poking around looking for secrets that didn't exist, he might find the one that actually did.

"So what's the word" Gelen said after a moment when he realized that Rochas wasn't going to say anything. " Are you gonna be able to come?"

"Don't know yet." Rochas replied. "We'll find out when he gets back."

"Huh." He said. "Figured he'd be able to authorize it himself."

"Apparently not." The sergeant sighed. He'd rather hoped the Medicae would be able to authorize it actually. That would have simplified things.

There was silence for a minute or two, and then Gelen asked "So how's physical therapy going?"

Rochas sighed again. "The docs say it's going well." He replied. "The leg responded well to treatment and I'm improving rapidly. I'm lucky. It isn't gonna be debilitating, and I'll be able to serve, but it's still damn frustrating to hobble along clutching at guide rails or propping myself up with a cane."

Koenraad snorted "You got no right to complain. When they airlifted you out of there I thought you were dead. The Emperor protected your ass, so be grateful."
Thanks for trying Batavi
....what the hell are you responding too, or who are you responding too?
i dont know i feel like i still need to apologize.
Just keep it in mind, if you randomly apologize you will just encourage people to become coddling whiteknights or some shit, just move on and keep experimenting. If its shit, it will be called on, if it doesn't make sense then the same thing will happen, when your doing good you will be told with or without asking. That's the nature of things here. Hell the skin conversation was just me last thread. Then you up and randomly apologize out of nowhere here>>51703986
you think to damn much about weird shit(glass houses I know). Go to sleep.
Hmmm...It seems I too need to get all the bits of my nonsensical story to pastebin.
bump from 9
(I think I need to add this http://pastebin.com/6Ep1P1tq)

Krieger and quartermaster were going through the ship
As they walked gretchin wearing makeshift exosuit walked by them, carrying a small part of a broken turret.
"Wait here for a sec" quartermaster said to the krieger and ran back to catch up with the small greenskin.
"Hey friend, can you tell the mech to take a look at the chainsword in the armory, just tell him that he doesn't need to use teeth for the chain, no mater how much he wants to...." man then returned to the krieger.
"So where is this civilian? Near the entrance?"
Krieger shook his head
"Cargo bay?"
Krieger shook his head once again
"Don't say you have them in a prison"
Krieger shaked his head and points at one of the small signs on the wall.
"Oh the hospital...Hope they are still in one peace...." man smiles as he gets to walks right next to the Krieger
"So why is this civilian in the hospital?" man asked while looking at the gas masked man as medic opened the door to the hospital.
Inside sleeping in one of the beds was a black haired woman, covered in bruises, cuts that were already stitched up and bandages.
"That woman is sleeping..." quartermaster whispered and tried to get out, but Krieger pushed him onto a chair and pointed at the woman.
"Should I wake her up?" man asked silently. Krieger shook his head.
"Then what, I just wait?" quartermaster looks confused, but kreiger nods
"Well this will be boring...." quartermaster sits down, lays back, pulls down his hat and once again falls asleep.
I like the skin radiation damage idea makes sense to me, it was just very confusing suddenly introducing the idea of getting a face when the reader has no idea why they would need a new face.
In short the idea was fine the introduction of it to the reader was bad.

I hope you don't change your vision of the world just becuase one part of it didnt get the best introduction into the story.
I agree
As I mentioned prior the idea was to gradually get into that. Youd have Sergeant wonder about it, there'd be a tender moment where he actually feels sorry for her for once and wed go from there.

Thudds already seen Kriegers out of uniform all the way at episode 1, but he wasn't particularly fazed because Thudd doesnt think very hard on anything.

I'm going to try to write today, but much earlier then normal and see if sleep deprivation made me write worse.
Batavi! :D
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So now what?
Come up with random 40k pairings and hope someone gets inspired by it.
Ork and.. anuffa ork?
Hot squiggy love?
Stuck at some writers block, deleted just about everything I've written a couple times now. Sorry for the delay.
Bumping from nine right now so this doesnt vanish while I am writing.
(This is ogryn thread i swear)

Field Observation Report 3215.

Observer is Unit 645-88b, Armored Company. Duty was assigned personally by Captain Treant. For the time assigned unit has the captains acting authority. Note, personal moral improved.

Mission Objective simple: Track Field occupied by 3rd Company Siege to optimize against Ork assault. Unit observes that track does lack sufficient amount of sandbags. Further note, artillery has been requisitioned to place on track. Concerns about crashes have been noted among personal.

Conclusion, the artillery would provide only semilethal motivation to improved cornering capacities. Requisition was approved.

Unit is assigned to observe four units. Details listed below.

Inquisitor Anritta Gal, Ordo Malleus: Exceeds authority given to me by Treant. Conclusion, unnecessary to observe, further observations pointless. Note: Inquisitor dresses in commissar garb despite being one. Theory: Hobbyist

Captain 645-31: Captain of the 645 3rd Company Siege. Because of unit's temporary promotion, observer exceeds subject's authority on track. Unit initially does not ever maintain lenses contact with Inquisitor, despite Inquisitor's attempts contrary. Conclusion, soon to be executed. Note: Comrades in Kavuran regiments once remarked upon leafed flora that, upon making contact with skin, provide severe irritation. Upon proximity to Captain, observer experienced what unit imagines to be a similar sensation.

Thudd, rank unknown: Ogryn formerly assigned to 253 Conservator regiment. Ogryn has been placed under high observational status by decree of Captain Treant. Captain has noted that Thudd had presented what he suspects to be a forged Munitorium document. Observation, having personally seen said document, observer reports the forgery, if it is, is chillingly accurate to real documents observer has seen in administratum records. Note: concerned.
Guardman 645-58: Infantry of 645 3rd Company, fellow Krieger, as is 31. Unit has been assigned Plasma rifle. Adjustments on it appear inconsistent with Mechanicus supported sanctions. Note, unit has not bothered to report this to authorities, because Observer, if observer had permission to use Armageddon slang, "does not care". However, unit also appears to be a accomplice of renowned criminal mastermind Thudd, unit put under observation so as not to shame Krieg.

Observation began at 900, Centaurs were assigned by 31 to bring in filled sandbags, said materials were then placed by a combination around key encampments as directed by 31. Note, because 58 was required to operate Centaur, 31 and Inquisitor Gal had to work in tandem to move individual bags due to weight, Thudd was able to lift four at a time without assistance so additional support could not come from that end. Observer offered to take 58's place in operating machinery and received 3 days dessert ration to mantain silence in a corner referred to by Thudd as "Over There."

Unit agreed and, upon maintaining the required silence, immediately went to the tent of Fifth Company Heavy Infantry Commissar Cicartus to report myself and Thudd for accepting and offering a bribe. Commissar accepted the story and informed observer that the proper punishment was to return to the track and to stop wasting his time. Junior Commissar 645-88a was present at the time and delivered a "Look" as I left the premise. Observation: Annoying

Upon returning Inquisitor was obtaining red hue and performing "leisure" with 31 as artillery was maneuver to optimal placements upon the track. While observer was away rations were somehow procurued, given a inquisitor was present unit did not pry.

Observation: If a inquisitor is performing the activities what is Unit's purpose to watch? Conclusion: Disappointment.

Observer decided to provide more direct assistance and, by 1400, track was finished.
Morning turns into afternoon. Afternoon turns into night. I'm sorry anons, I didn't manage to find the time today. Tomorrow for sure. 100 percent. Ugh, I really hate coming in here just to say I don't have anything for you all. Makes me feel like a tool.
I am gonna rephrase a boss from a certain game's phrase, "the one who delievers in the end is righteous."
Upon completion observer suggested a test race, which was agreed upon. However due to track width only three vehicles could be requisitioned. This was met with approval to Thudd, the vile felon smiling and presenting their thumb in a upright position. Observation: Observer appears to have fallen into Thudd's plan. Conclusion: Shame, unfortunately Observer is no longer allowed to deliver reports to Commissar tent.

58 and Thudd accompanied observer to pick out vehicles. Among units picked were Chimera tank, by Observer. A salamander Command vehicle was selected by 58, upon inquiry unit confessed that the open air rear platform would be ideal for Thudd due to his distaste of the "Small". Observations: 58's relationship with Thudd appears confirmed. Further Observation: Designation 'Small' may be a rival criminal within 645's ranks, munitorium records must be checked for similar uses of the moniker.

Finally a sentinel was requisitioned by Observer for personal use. With this strategy the two men crews can occupy both driver and command, while Observer could operate in silence.

Note, upon Thudd seeing Captain Treant's personal Baneblade, the unit immediately places a XXXIV sticker on it. Upon inquiry Thudd reports that his previous boss didn't do the "Sticker trick" and so 100 baneblades went missing. As a result suspect places markers whenever he finds one of the missing Baneblades so that they don't go missing again. Conclusion: Thudd has lost his mind.

Track test performed successfully, note: Thudd appeared fascinated by the Salamanders ability, perhaps Salamanders scouts can be re purposed as Ogryn transports if necessary? Further note: Increased security around Salamander Vehicles are needed.

Chimera tank did not move during third lap and noises indicated Inquisitor was alive and of sound mind. To avoid summery execution, unit evaluated that further observation was not within Treant's set Essentials to Lethality ratio and the premise was quietly evacuated alongside Thudd. Thudd then decided to rendezvous with 58 to Quatermaster-Engiseer Aerugo's quarters for "Celebratory Leisure". Presumably said celebrations refereed to the now optimized track. Considering unit was ordered to observe Thudd until Captain was otherwise unoccupied, Observer accompanied the group.

Final note: The Kavuran act of leisure known as the "Quiet game" and "Sitting still game" is suitably moralizing and practicing it well worth occupying observers free time. Particularly if unit hopes to best 58 before redeployment/death.

This concludes Observer's report.
This concludes my writing of the day too.

I figured I might as well try something new, so this time you can see what Thudd is like to other kriegers.
I like the observer, also god damn, did they really get it on in the third lap?
File: brad.jpg (16 KB, 550x281)
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The observer is a funmy little fellow. It is fun seeing things through his eyes now and then.
Few hours later a female scream could be heard from the hospital.
Inside it woman laid on the ground, while on another side of the bed, laying on the ground was quartermaster, with a scalpel sticking out of his left arm. Man slowly stood up and shouted "Why did you do that?"
"What did you done to me?!" angry woman shouted back, crawling back, with a hand over her left eye, that was covered in bandage.
"Nothing, damned Krieger asked me to sit next to you and wait until you wake up" man replied
"Krieger?" woman asked
"Death korp of Krieg quartermaster, well, former quartermaster, currently he is our doctor..." man explained
"Where am I?" angry woman asked once again
"In Rusty Lady, Rogue trader ship...." quartermaster replied holding onto his hand
"Rogue trader...." woman said silently "So your with imperium...."
"Yes..." quartermaster said "Now where is that damned doc....."
"I am sorry....Let me help..." woman stood up, grabbed bandage from the table and ran closer to the injured man "Don't worry I am Sisters Hospitaler, we know how to fix such wounds"
"Sister Hospitaler?" quartermaster repeated to himself silently
"We are part of Adepta Sororita."
"Oh..." quartermaster let out as he thought "Well we are in trouble..."
As this woman was pulling out the scalpel from quartermaster's arm hospital door opened and a man with a familiar gas mask came in with a lasgun in hand. He charged in and saw the two and instantly lowered his weapon.
"This is not what you were thinking...she stabbed me...I was just sleeping...next to her...in the chair!"
Krieger pulled out a peace of paper and gave it to the quartermaster "What is this?" man opened the folded paper and started to read it.
"Wait what, you did it didn't you?" man turned to the krieger "You kriegers are sometimes overly effective...."

Woman listened to quartermaster
"Well my lady it seems I will be looking after you"
"What?" woman finished wrapping the wound
"As long as someone who doesn't belong to the crew is on a ship, someone from the crew must look after them."
"Don't worry I can take care of myself" woman said as she took a step back from the quartermaster.
"Well I am not here to protect you from them...." man smiled
"Oh, nothing"
Krieger then dropped a pile of folded cloths and a pair of boots one a table on another end of the room and waved to quartermaster to come closer. He then pointed at the pile and at the woman.
"So I give this to her?" quartermaster asked.
Krieger nodded
"OK, small question, can she walk in her current state?"
Krieger nodded once again.
"Thanks, I have no more questions" quartermaster smiled as krieger left.

So should stop? Because there will be xeno, at least 75 of them....
It's only mentioned in the begining because Kriegers dont really bother talking about themselves but the Observer is actually 88b, Misty's sister, the one trying to be more "people".
Don't stop. The more you write, the better your english is getting. I also want to see how this story goes. Keep on being interesting, Paulius.
Thanks, then I will try to finish of this scene tomorrow and get the story moving
Did Proctor just die or something? Haven't seen him in like two threads, maybe more.
Oh a while back someone wanted me to put a joke on Stubb's missing 100 baneblades

>Note, upon Thudd seeing Captain Treant's personal Baneblade, the unit immediately places a XXXIV sticker on it. Upon inquiry Thudd reports that his previous boss didn't do the "Sticker trick" and so 100 baneblades went missing. As a result suspect places markers whenever he finds one of the missing Baneblades so that they don't go missing again. Conclusion: Thudd has lost his mind.

I just want that person to know that they matter.
Bumping for proctor's safe return.
I too hope the proctor lives and will return to us when he can.
Proctor is the true identity of the lost primarch.

Anyway, im going to bed so i dont have delirous ramblings of waifus like what my stories were for the most part. (I averaged sleep at 5am). So hopefully storytime will be tomorrow in the noonish.
Till when? Don't you have to work?
I WISH, why do you think I am always here? I just got out of college and can't find any job that takes a cs major with no prior work experience.
I missed a couple of threasds can someone post Batavi's pastebin?

Quartermaster checked the clothes brought by the krieger, it was just a krieger uniform, just a little greener then standard and without the armor, helmet or the signature gas mask. Another thing that was out of place was a black eyepatch to hide the bandage on woman's left eyes. After making sure there are no weapons hidden or forgotten among the clothes quartermaster picked up the pile and brought it to woman's bed.
"Well if I will be guarding you, may I learn your name?" quartermaster smiled as he gave the woman pile of clothes
"Silvine" woman smiles "And name of my guard?"
"Povilas, ship's quartermaster" man smiles as he steps back "Or am I?" he says to himself as he pulls out a note from before and quickly reads it again. "Excuse me for a bit" Povilas walked to other room, soon after load "Shizen!" could be heard from there.
"What was that?" Silvine asked as she up on the boots, watching the man return
"It seems I am not a quartermaster any more, well at least until you are on board , milady"
"Oh, sorry..."
"No problem, if I was to blame anyone, it would be our doc, he is the one who took quartermasters position...Oh well he really wanted that job" Povilas smiled and looked at the woman "So, as you might be staying in this ship for a while, may I show you around the place?"
"Do I have a choice?"
"Well I could try to find something for you to read..."
"Let's go" Silvine giggled and shook her head.
This strange behavior made Povilas feel a little confused "She seems a little friendlier then sister of battle should be, maybe she got hit on the head?" he thought as he opened the door to the corridor

"Wow Gelen" Rochas laughed. "That's some bedside manner you have there."

"Well it's not like it's not true." Koenraad retorted. "It was a miracle far as I'm concerned."

"I suppose you have a point." Rochas said, and he knew that the other man did. He'd considered how bad it could have been. At one point during one of his physical therapy sessions he'd asked the Medicae about it, and she had explained everything that could have gone wrong. A little further over and the slug would have shattered his femur, and probably severed his femoral artery. If it was only the former then he would have needed a replacement leg if he was to have any hope of ever walking again, let alone soldiering. And in the case of the later the wound would probably have bled him dry on the forest floor regardless of the Medicae's best efforts.

Before they could continue the conversation any further they were interrupted by the silent arrival of the Krieger. She didn't call out a greeting or announce herself before she arrived, she just quietly walked up and came to attention next to his bed. He hadn't even noticed her approach honestly. She had just suddenly appeared in his peripheral vision.

Once they had turned and faced her she spoke up. "Sir, I have spoken with the chief medical officer about your request." She reported to Rochas.

"Alright, well what did he have to say?" He asked.

"The chief medical officer is willing to release you from this facility so that you may participate in the moral building activity if you are escorted by a member of the medical staff." Came back her dull monotone from behind the gas mask in response. "If you do not object I would be willing to volunteer to serve as your escort Sir."

"Would that be alright?" the sergeant asked, wary of selfishly causing the Medicae inconvenience." If its a problem for you you don't have to."

"It will not prevent me from completing my regular duties. I am willing to do this for you Rochas." She replied.
20 thrones on a convoluted attempt to see under the kriegers mask coming up

Well I was expecting that, this will be intresting
Bump from 9
File: 1481732890876.jpg (211 KB, 618x700)
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211 KB JPG

"So what should I show first...Kitchen and dining hall probably, it's that way" Povilas turned to the right and set off, while Silvine walked alongside him
"May I as a question?" woman tried to brake the silence
"Sure" man turned to her
"Your hat, it's looks a little orkish...You know the color and the symbols on it..."
"Well it used to belong to an ork"
"Yeah, a freelancer pirate that I came across long time ago. We had a small fight after which I ended up with a new hat and a pile of weapons"
"But wouldn't ork warboss hat be a little too big for you?" woman smiled
"Well he was not all that powerful to begin with, and they lost some boyz after there last raid." Povilas replied
"So you got lucky?"
"Well not really, our side did have some loses" then silently to himself "Good all of them were from inquisition..." then back in normal voice "So that band was not all that big, about 17 orks, while our side had 50 guardsmen and inquisitors. I don't remember that battle well, only thing I remember how ork boss's head was cut off by a commissars with a chainsword."
"So why did you take the hat?"
"No one else wanted to take it" Povilas laughed as he opened the metal door into the dining room "And here is were most of the crew eat".

Dining room was a long hall, with a long wooden table in the middle of it, with wooden and metal chairs around it.
Silvine walked in and looked around. Hanging on the walls or laying on the ground were all kind of trophies, like ork cybernetic limbs, few bug heads screwed to the wall, a jaw of a squig hanging by a nail and few human skulls that were attached to a throne at the end of the table.
"Well this is a little...." Silvine tilted her head looking at the tyranid heads.
"Unconventional, yeah, captain likes to keep her trophies here though"
"Yes our captain is a woman, well biologically, she doesn't act as one though" Povilas smiled
"Oh....Well if she prefers that I have no right to complain, so can I see the kitchen? Just curios"
"Maybe...." Povilas replied, thinking "Oh shit if she sees the orks...."
Povilas jumps to the door of the kitchen "Give me a sec..." he says as he pokes his head inside.
Inside running around the kitchen was a squig with a gretchin on top of it hammering a nail into squigs skull with an ork running behind them, ready to catch the gretchin if he was to fall off.
Povilas closed the door "Just as always" he smiled and turned to Silvine "Sorry, they are really busy right now, better not interrupt them"
"Ok, maybe next time, where to now?" Silvine asked as she came closer to Povilas.
So can anyone explain to me what's this supposed to be?
40k story thread, mostly about romances with kriegs

It's in the title. The reason its weird is cause its been going oon for a while and there is atleast 10 archived threads to chew threw, or pastebins.
So, can it be about anything 40K related

if so I've like to write some stuff, I dunno much about krieg so I don't feel confident writing about them
Knock yourself out yeah.
Honestly any story time is good, go for it.
“Free time Bravo?”

“5 more Seconds Simon”

“Well how do we spend those 5 seconds?”

“make a 3 second prayer to the emperor, I dunno”

“In some planets that my count as heresy y’know”

“Don’t need it anymore anyways”

“Why is that”

“Cause it’s free time” Bravo says as he puts on his tailormade button-up shirt, green with red square stripes and flames on the bottom, with a Bermuda and some flip flops, looking somewhat silly sure, but when you’re a space marine, you can be as silly as you want “What’s your gonna do?”

“Oh, just the dilly dally, same ol’ same ol’”

“Is that the…The restaurant, with the girlie”

“Ye, that one, I get the free food if I help her for the while” You Put on your leather jacket (Which also has flames on it at the back) and your Jeans “Well, pitter patter let’s get at er’”

You and Bravo exit the quarters inside sanctuary city, walking together for a while

“You saw Roman?” Bravo asks as you both walk on the road, citizens of the emperor waving at you, you manage to wave back the amount that you can, but still answer Bravo’s question

“What’s bout him?”

“He went and made his flamer shoot blue flames”

“Well if’s a man wants his blue flames let’s im have it”

“Well if the flames are blue it’s not really a flamer anymore is it?”

“It’s still burn the things up, I reckon it does”

“Ye, well it’s not natural it’s what I’m saying”

“Look, if it’s to’ much of a probliem go asks him to switchs the color back”

“Well…don’t want to upset him, it probably took him some time, that’s all”

“Well, don’ just pussyfoot arounds and either lives with it or asks him” you say as you see that your paths diverge “Wells this is my road ‘ere it is”

“Right, be seeing ya”

You look at the small restaurant “Accordion” being written daintily and skillfully on the side with some paint
File: 1486662235001.jpg (75 KB, 1024x1024)
75 KB
You open the door carefully and crouch a little to not hit the top of the door frame, entering slowly, some customers looking at you and widening their eyes

>”A salamander eats here?”
>”This food must be really good”
>”I want to ask him an autograph”
>”I-is he staring at me?”

Well, Reckon that might help Amelie with a boost in popularity

You step gingerly in between the gaps of the wooden tables, the ambience is rustic to say the least, there’s no high fancy stuff around here, you’re pretty sure some girl touched the side of your pants just to touch you

Before long you step behind the counter and enter the employees only area, more whispers behind you

>”Does he own the place?”
>”Eee! I touched him!
>”Maybe he eats privately?”
>”Is he hearing us right now?”

Yes, yes I can, please don’t make me blush, it’s unsightly for a space marine to do so

Before long you see a girl tending to some notes, filling up some paperwork, long black hair and pale white skin, normal sized but small compared to you, young face with rosy cheeks

She wanders her eyes towards you before taking a double take and smiling a little bit

“Mooorning Simon~!” she waves while giving a smile big enough to close her eyes

“Well it’s mores of a noon hour, I reckon it does”

“Really? How long have I been here?”

“Well’s you’s usually end up here for a while”

“R-r-right, Well, since you’re here, could you help me with something?”

“It is?”

The girl points at the small box on the top of the shelves “Please get it for me~?”

You look at her for a while with a deadpan expression “Amelie…”

“But you’re strong! And I don’t want to get the ladder! No problem is too big for a Salamander”

“Well’s I can’ts says no to a citizen of the emprah…”

And so your shift as a store clerk of Amelie’s spicy food restaurant starts once again for the day…

(I might write more, if you guys liked it)

Story time is best time. The more the merrier.
If these are the same, link your posts together.
>first name basis
Very cute. I would read more.

Your Shift at the Accordion is usually quite uneventful

You use your better skillsets when it’s needed (Like that time you went and fixed most of the stoves in the kitchen once you realized what a weak and pathetic flame they produced) but most of the time Amelie asks you to be in the kitchen or help her with paperwork and the like

Are you a glorified secretary? No, You’re a glorified cook

“Simooon~! We got two more orders of your Barbecue special!” Amelie chirps happily from the counter

“Amelie, mos’ of my cookins are barbecue special’s you’s have to be more specifics that that!” You Say as you Turn the stove to the “Simon” setting and set half of the kitchen in complete flames, your side cook, of course making sure the citizens of the emperor are safely cooking on the other side…

Still, you’re certain that they’re still scared of your modus operandi

“It’s the one where you put the ghost peppers with the buffalo sauce and make something weird!”

“How tough does he look?”

“It’s a she and she’s about my size!”

Poor girlie, you’ll spare her the pain

Instead of doing the one where you put the ghost peppers with the buffalo sauce and make something weird, you do the one where you mix the siracha with the chipotle and make something mild

Of course the flame is always there, you can’t lower the flame levels, you’re pretty sure you would have to resign if you did, I mean….it’s at it’s lowest setting! For you!

“And, Lower that flame a little, you’re scaring some customers!” Amelie says with a pouty face

“Well’s thats defeat’s the purpose of the barbecue’s doesn’t it?” you say trying to hide an equally pouty face, a Space Marine shouldn’t be pouty

Amelie grumbles a little “Fine! But you’re fixing whatever you burn to a crisp!”

“Gots it!”

You finally finish cooking in your hellscape dungeon of fire and bring out the 2 specials

It’s a combination of pork, beef, sausages, Chorizo, and potato, all seasoned with a fine paste of Chipotle and siracha with fine pieces of pepper, shredded cheese on top as you serve a jug of milk to accompany to meal shall it be to hard on the folks eating it, all of the meat is left to cook to medium rare (Which takes like 30 seconds considering the flames) and all chopped up to accommodate a meal for more than one person should the need be, it is also accompanied by an extra portion of guacamole, and chips

You put the 2 specials on the counter where Amelie smiles at you once again

“Thank you~!” She says with a wide grin, almost like it was still the first time when you wandered into her store

You continue cooking until it’s about 30 minutes left for your free time to be over

“Amelie’s! I’m’s gonna be going now”

“O-oh before you leave, could you do me a favor?” Amelie says from her office

“Better makes it quick, cause I’m-“

Amelie makes some puppy dog eyes as she holds the same box you lowered for her earlier that day

“You want’s me to put the box back where it was?”

“I want you to put the box back where it was~” She blinks cutely a few moments before you sigh and put the box on top of the shelf once again “Thank you! Seeya tomorrow!” she says waving

“Right, Right…” you say as you wave back to your barracks

The walk is uneventful (Aside from the gazes) and you reach the barracks like usual

Bravo comes pretty much as the same time as you do

“How’s it going?” Bravo goes

“good n’ you?”

“not’s so bad” before you both enter the barracks and end the day…

(Sorry for using real names of food, but otherwise it would have been to hard to describe the names and parallels of alien food)
(This is the waifu thread)

Misty stared at the Sergeant, her rebreather shuddering as blended dehydrated freezecream coursed up the tube, the sugarary delite being inhaled as she watched the man chew his square bar.

"Sure was nice of your sister to to lend us her dessert rations." The sarge said fingers twitching around his dried dessert. Agotha doesn't let lho sticks into the medic tent and it has taken its toll on nerves that Misty has noticed getting increasingly thin. Catachan's were strange.

"88b said that a ogryn gave them to her." Misty said, inhaling the sugary gas. "She wouldn't say why she got them though." Misty discardered two cards, drawing the same amount from a deck between them, a small pot between them. "Inquiry. Elaborate again how Leisure is beneficial to recovery?"

"Oh right I wondered about her." The Sergeant said, placing his desert on the table and cracking a chunk of it. "What is with the stitches and face comment. The Steelies don't have those, they just take the mask off. Also as I said before, its not leisure, this is a 'mental exercise'." The catachan tosses the chunk into the pot. "Raise one snack piece."

Misty blinked, staring at the pot. "Protest, sir's residual dna is on that piece." Her mask starts steaming a little.

The sergeant raised his eyebrow. "Yes, and? You have a rebreather your hardly going to catch my no arm."

Misty nodded tossing a piece in as well. The krieger gulped, the stakes were suddenly a lot higher now. After all, the Sarge's saliva was on the line, if she won this pot and consumed the victory nutrients it would be a indirect ki-ki-ki....

A sudden jolt woke her up, the sergeant poking her helmet. "Hey, steam for brains, its your turn to match or fold."

The krieger shook her head. "Kri-kriegers never fold!" She said defiently, revealing her hand.

"Oh a three of a kind Terimators." The sarge said. "Pretty good, but..." The sergeant reached for his hand, flipping it over. "Flush, Ultramar."

The Krieger looked at the hand, then hers, then reached for the poker book... Flush, flush... they beat three of a kinds. But-but that means...

Misty grabs the pot holding it out for the sargeant. "Sir... sir wins."

"Yup." The sergeant said grabbing the pot from the krieger, the girl still gripping it. "So to the winner goes the... Misty let go."

Misty shook her head. "Unit is not doing it. Some technosorcery attached unit's fingers to the pot." She said, resisting the sergeants attempts to yank the pot out of her hands. "Amputation may be required."

The sergeant frowned. "Look, just, if it'll keep you from being so childish you can have one piece."

"...Is Sir accurate in that statement?" The Krieger said, leaning forward towards her nco. "Unit can requisition any piece." The sergeant nods as steam filters up from the kriegers mask. "ANY piece?" She clarifies.

"Yes, Thone on terra you are annoying." He lets go, the krieger hastily grabbing a teethmarked piece of freezecream from the betting pot.

The rasp of the rebreather was audible and Richand swore he heard "Sergeant's dna" whispered before purging the thought from his head. The priests always said "Ignorance was freedom" and the catachan never found the idiom more truer.

"So... why do you use the rebreather anyway? The air here is fine as my lack of dying has shown. Plus you never told me about your sister's whole stitch thing."

"Well..." Misty pauses, he is the nco she doesn't really have the right to refuse. "I MAY need the mask. Gas attacks are a present threat."

The sergeant raised a eyebrow. "Against orks?"

Steam hissed from the mask. "Well, Sir is aware how Krieg is a deathworld?"

The sergeant chuckles. "I'm from Catachan, I know death worlds. Sure Krieg's practically a garden combared to the shit I had to deal with as a child."
Should I continue writing?
The grammar could use some work, but otherwise keep going, we can always use content until Bataavi can get back to posting regularly again. And its nice to have a few more writefags.

The krieger shrugged. "Sir is the authority. However the toxicity of the air has lead to some damage. While mutants are culled and purged as they should be, constitution training results in... scarring..."

"Scarring? Like the Commissar?" The catachan asked as the krieger shook her head.

"Those are the scars of a victory, things to be worn with pride. Our scars are just... if unit performed optimally unit would not be injured so. Units are given treatment to prevent inefficiencies but the outermost layer is not particularly vital so they remain. In doing so our faults are remembered and vigilance is stressed. " The krieger lifted a second finger. "Furthering that, our faces are individually distinct for the most part. The individual does not matter. In the thousand years of krieg's glory as a Hive world the only decent individuals that were produced were the Krieg 83rd Guard regiment lead by Saint Colonel Jurten. With everyone identical it shows that everyone from colonel to guardsmen is worth the same. Which is minimal. "

The catachan frowned. "So your telling me that your sister with the stitches is..."

Misty nods. "Unit is somewhat dissapointed at her podmate's unruly streak, such acts are not against the Uplifting Primer but, if she were under a watchmaster and not a foreign officer she'd have already been disciplined."

The sergeant thought about this. He thought he had it bad just cause he almost was strangled to death by a tree as a kid but compared to her he might as well be one of those noble pounces sipping amaresc as they fucked their sister. He should be a little nicer to her...

"Wait. If you never take off that mask that means you never had food the normal way right."

The krieger nods. "The rebreather extracts nutrtion from rations and delivers it along with oxygen, digesting food is unnecessary."

"Misty... you know Agotha isn't here, if you want to try eating the freezecream normally no one has to see you." The sergeant said, hand gripping the blanket. "I can duck under this for a few minutes so I can't see you."

The krieger looked at her freezecream and then back to her nco. "...Really?"

The sergeant lied down, lifting the blanket overhead. "Let me know when you are done."

"But sir." The grenadier protested. "This is unnecessary."

"We aren't in duty till we recover." The sergeant's retort was muffled slightly from the raggedy blankets. "If you want to see new things you might as well do it now."

The sergeant waits as he hears a buckle unclaps. He was curious what his newest squadmate looked like but he knew it was a bad idea. While Misty still seems primarily made of crazy, even he wasn't dim enough to not notice she had a weird complex about her bare skin. This was probbably the only way she'd try new things.

The crunch of dried ice cream was heard, as well as some sniffing.

"Oi, are you alright up there." The sergeant asked, head still covered by the blanket.

"Yeah, its just, unit's tongue is displaying oddities." The grenadier said, with the mask discarded he could even hear her sniff, her voice, freed from voxlike rasp of the rebreather, was almost melodic.

"Well let me know when I can take this stupid blanket off." The Catachan said.

"Sure thing sir." The krieger said. "Just... give unit a few minutes."
And that is that for the day, this was more how I wanted the face thing to be introduced. There it is now I have a quest to do.
You arrive to have dinner with Bravo in the barracks, sitting at a grand table, ornate with tables of food in there

Your favorite plate was the pork fried rice with Kachai pepper, with a hint of teriyaki and ghost peppers, although plates like Huo Guo and Sik Sik Wat (Plates traditionally from a hive world called Hua Yan) are also quite delicious in their spicyness, but still that was only on the side closest to you, multiple other plates like grilled Parmesan chicken with Sambal sauce sit on the table waiting to be eaten

Of course, while you were thinking about food like the dumb guy you are, your companions have already ate half the table on it’s entirety

Crap and you didn’t get any food from Amelie either! Gotta be quick!

You start to look at the table, of course you’re gonna take a handful of the pork fried rice, but should you combine it’s savory like flavor with the Huo Guo? Oh wait no, the Huo Guo is gone, oh hell’s bells just take the parmesan chicken, you know it isn’t exactly cooked to your likings but you can’t be picky, and…oh no that’s taken already…and…yeah that too

In the end you kind of end up having half of what you wanted to eat

“What’s the matter Bro, feeling dainty?” Anwar says in front of the table “Eating little?”

“On diet?” Prakoso says, sitting next to Anwar “You got yourself some protein but you need your veggies”

“Veggies for life, buddy” Anwar says as he fists bumps Prakoso

“Sweet and and sour broccoli, Buddy”

“Ghost pepper with some lettuce, Buddy”

“Ghost pepper with California Pepper, buddy”

“Ghost pepper, California pepper, Green onions with ranch, Buddy”

Like always Anwar and Prakoso end up talking to each other as you ignore them and go back to your food

“So what are you doing in that restaurant bro, you own it?” Bravo says as tosses you a piece of his food on your plate

“Na, Jus’ cook for the lady’s that owns it” you say as you give him a thumbs up in thanks and go back to eat

“Huh, that’s like a hobby of yours is it?” Bravo says as he keeps eating “Iff sheen shu in fe kitchen y’know” he says with a mouthful of food

“Ye, Hobby of mines, toughts I could gives her a hand, reckon I coulds” you say, eating your food calmly “Owns a restaurant, good food, so might go aheads and does it even better”

“Good on you dude” Bravo says as he pats your back

After a while you all finish your food and go end to retire for the evening, heading to your room, you really can only think of more recipes you want to try out at the restaurant, you don’t have much time to practice your hobbies on the day, so Amelie’s place helps a lot for your cooking

Plus she still promised that she would give you free food, and she didn’t! you should demand it! Wait no, more like, softly ask for it, you’re already scary by existing, try to make yourself look gentler in front of the common folk…
You finish your morning prayer as you grab your flamer and meltagun and skedaddle out of your room into the firing range putting your gear on for a new day


“Look at that godamn travesty” Bravo says as he motions you to look at Roman with his Flamer shooting Blue flames out of it “It’s just not natural”

“Well if he wants it, he gots it” you say as you practice non-chalantly “Tough Natural flame can be blue sometimes”

“I know it’s just…like he has a hard-on for Ultramarines”


“Like he had blue balls and wanted everyone to know it”

“With what balls”

“More the reason”

You look at Roman, he seems to be having fun with his blue flamer

“What if he’s doing it for attention and not cause he likes the blue flames?”

“Don’t think so”

“I heard he plays games with the admechs”

“What kinds of games?”

“I dunno, but you know what the euphemism stands for” Bravo says looking at you and moving his eyebrows up and down

“Just cause’s he might do the up and overdesk for metal tentacles doesn’t necessarily means regular attention’s puts his head in the oven”

“Isn’t that like, Slaneesh following?”

“I put and emphasis on might, now cut off some 20% off your conspiracies and keep training” You say as you give a dope chop to the head of Bravo, he sighs and goes back to focusing on his flamer

Battle practice is uneventful as well with some sparring in the training cages and not much else
You have to many random words capitalized for no reason.
Fuck you for making me hungry, that snack sounds delicious.
And i thought I was the only one who is hungry now

It seems I need to write a lot more XD
please stop these threads
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Please stop your bitching and don't come back
File: 1459693154990.jpg (157 KB, 870x918)
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eat a dick
I try to make everything sound delicious as fuck
Cooking with Salamanders will resume shortly

please wait warmly


Now you have time to fix, tinker and upgrade any armor you have….


You tinker with your flamer a little, making sure it’s still spewing out the right amounts of flame that you want it too (That is, absolute maximum)…

Oh come on, you can only think of cooking! Ever since you’ve been able to work at Amelie’s restaurant you long for freetime where you’ll be able to truly experiment with all the resources available

No, you are a space marine first, you still have your duty, so you will accomplish it…

Okay, you’ll accomplish that duty while eating a delicious snack, good compromise

You open the custom built fridge (Courtesy of Y’utani, resident admech and friend of yours) and see a bottle of red wine with a half eaten wheel of provolone cheese

You take the cheese and cut a piece of it while you take the wine and pour the red liquid in a large bordeaux glass, twisting the bottle so that there’s no dripping

You wish you could be doing this at a time where you weren’t covered in oil and using hard work gloves, but beggars can’t be choosers

You take a small bite of the provolone cheese, it’s soft flavor filling your mouth, until you take a sip of the Red Wine, the cranberry flavor mixing with the cheese and releasing it’s true zesty flavor as you enjoy yourself

You put the glass on a sturdy table away from you so that it won’t fall as you resume the fixing of the flamers, repairing their canister getting your hands dirty with the Oil it secretes, then going to your armor, undenting any sort of bump it my have gotten during battle practice or otherwise, and giving it a new coat of green paint, you also make sure to wash both items thoroughly, just cause you’re a stickler for cleanliness
Need to write something today....

"Hmm...I could show you the way to the armory, in case we were attacked and you would need a gun." Povilas smiled as he walked out into the corridor.
"How often do you get attacked?" Silvine follows him.
"Usually, once a month, nothing much most of the time" Povilas replies as he starts walking.

"May I ask a question?" Povilas asked on the way to the armory
"About what?" Silvine turned to the former quartermaster
"Well what does sister hospitaler do? I never met one"
"Usually we are nurses, surgeons and physicians"
"Oh, I see. It would be nice if you were to join our crew, it would be nice to have at least one doctor with gentle hands"
"It can't be all that bad"
"You have no idea..." Povilas laughed.
As two turned the corned Silvine saw a very peculiar individual - a tall and wide humanoid with green skin...This ork was only wearing a pair of grey pants and carrying a stubber machine gun on it's shoulder.
Silvine grabbed Povilas and went back to hide behind the corner
"There is an ork right there" woman whispers
"Really?" Povilas pokes his head out and looks at the ork
"What do we do?" Silvine asks a little scared
"Let me try something...." Povilas walks out and with a hand on his sawed-off stubber, that hanged on his belt.
"What are you doing?" Silvine says, but was not heard by brave fool that approached this ork.
As Povilas walked closer ork turned around and saw him. Ork then straightened his back and saluted him.
Povilas saluted back and said "You are given permission to speak soldier. What is your task here?"
"I am here to pick up my uniform" Ork replied in meaner unusual to an ork.
"That will be his soldier, you are free to go" Povilas turned around and walked back to Silvine "It's safe to go"
"What did just happen?" Silvine looked at him confused
"That ork only wanted to take his uniform" Povilas smiled
"Yeah, he is one of our crew members...Yeah, that might need some explaining, but first let's go the armory..."
It keeps getting better. You seem to be getting into the groove. Only really one hitch for me and it was "that will be his soldier" which I think may be a autocorrect issue, but I don't know. Liking the theme a lot.

Yeah, it had to be "all" instead of "his", got a little distracted while writing.
Also I hope people didn't mind the shirtless ork...
Why would shirtless ork be a problem?
Big green humanoid wearing only pants can look strange
Report to your local Arbites for execution
It's the hulk...?>>51760909
Nothing today boys. I'm going to try to do things every other day for my health and rest.

Anyway i tried to reintrodcue the mask thing, this time actually in character and in the way i wanted to.
Anyone wants to continue where we left off?
Go for it
by the way how are you liking it?

I see that I should fix some grammar errors (Apart from the intentional ones in Simon's dialogue) but apart from that do you like it?
We got a winner XD
who writes the techpriest stuff and how the fuck did they manage to shove so much personality in it without ever breaking krieg consistency? it's like reading sorcery, that flower thing was beyond great.
File: 1282531992442.jpg (23 KB, 379x424)
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Proctor's been gone for a while, you'll have to ask him when he comes back.
File: 1484004895115.jpg (293 KB, 1280x1047)
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Yes, yes I do
We hold the line
File: gxhLHG2.jpg (35 KB, 442x700)
35 KB

Silvine and Povilas turned the corner and came to the armory.
Sitting inside was a krieger, referred to as doc by Povilas. He was going through a pile of papers, filling out the list of equipment.
"Hey doc, I hope you like this assignment" Povilas smiled as he knocked on the armory's window.
Krieger nodded
"Hello" Silvine waved to him
Krieger raised his head, looked at her and then went back to filling the papers
"He is not a talkative type" Povilas smiles "Most kriegers are...Hey doc, did mech came and took the chainsword as I asked?"
Krieger nods
Silvine looked inside into the armory and said "Is that a bit of a power armor..."
"Yeah, been there even before I joined the crew of the ship, I have no idea from where it come from" Povilas smiled as he noticed a guardsman running closer to him. Guardsman stopped in front of the former quartermaster and held out a letter "I need you to deliver this to krieger in the lower levels"
"Can't you do it yourself" Povilas took the letter
"Captains order" guardsman replied
"I will believe you this time, but if I find out that you didn't have balls to go down there, you will be visiting our "friendly" doctor soon after..." Povilas pulled guardsman closer and looked into his eyes "Got it!"
Guardsman nodded and ran off.

At that time Sivine walked to the window and looked at the krieger
"Could I get a weapon"
Krieger stood up and tapped a peace of paper that was glued to the glass, write on it was this:

"Captains order:
Do not issue any weapons to inquisitors, sisters of battle and other troops that might attack members of the crew on sight.
Also don't issue weapon to Death korps of Krieg soldiers, before they were introduced to the entirety of the crew"

"Oh...." Silvine looked up at the peace of paper
"What was that, oh yeah, we can't give you a weapon until we make sure you won't get into trouble" Povilas turned back to Silvine and noticed her looking up at the sign.
"But I got some good news, you will get a chance to meet one of most powerful people on this ship, right after the captain" Man smiled as he put the letter into one of his pockets.
"Really, what an honor, when can we do this?" Silvine turned to Povilas with a smile in her face
"As soon as I pick up one more thing..." Povilas walks off with hands behind his back, thinking about something.

Two more days to hopefully a better part
>page 11
oh no you dont
Stop forcing your shit on the rest of /tg/. If your thread is saging off the board then let it. There's nothing of value lost. Learn how 4chan works before posting.
>forcing your shit on the rest of /tg/
>nothing of value lost

Maybe other people find value in the stories in this thread and actually want to see this kind of thing instead of letting it fall off the board.

If it's forcing shit on people maybe you should learn how forcing things on people works.
One Day: pastebin.com/embed_js/64EeM2WG

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he nearly did not hear the whistling. He dove to cover just as the ground erupted a few yards a way. An unimpressed voice came over the vox: “mortar fire, just rangefinding.” Theta rose and pressed his hand against a trickle of blood pouring from his shoulder. Only a fleshwound.

“The Emperor has preserved my life,” he thought, “the mission has His blessing.” He was overwhelmed with ecstasy, something that only happened to him during certain worship services.

Guardsmen rushed past Theta to the fire step, their lenses illuminated by flares and mortar impacts. Theta appreciated the spectacle. He felt strange, like part of him was breaking. It later occurred to him that maybe he was always defective. He took advantage of the pandemonium and helped himself to the supplies in an abandoned dugout.

Theta transformed himself into an arsenal. He shoved knives down his boots, loaded his greatcoat with grenades, lasgun magazines, a laspistol and enough chems to fuel a hive gang. He finished his preparations by making a gift for the watchmaster. He took a field jacket, made incisions on the inside and slipped demolition packs into them. He sewed the incisions shut with sutures and used chalk to decorate the outside of the jacket with a childlike image of Saint Celestine. He placed the detonator in the breast pocket. It did not surprise Theta that the first gift he would ever give to anyone was a bomb.

There was no way he could carry the stuffed jacket around without anyone noticing. Theta reluctantly switched his field jacket with the modified one and wore it under the greatcoat. Phaesta was a liar, the corporal could not imagine himself crying or mentioning the Witch and it wasn't like the visions scared him. Wearing the bomb was the least Phaesta deserved. Theta was shoving a bolt pistol down a pocket when he was interrupted.

+Hobby of yours?+
+I told you that I wanted to talk+

The Witch was standing in the entrance, no smiles now, just her green eyes in the dark staring him down. There was no use lying, he could only take comfort in the fact that she was unaware of that…one conversation. “My bones will rest with the company, we will face the Throne together...” Theta began cautiously, “if the plan fails…”

+A golden boot will go up your ass. I know all about it.+

“You do not understand.” He was worried, the mocking smiles were not so bad now.

As she stepped into the light he had to admit she wasn't like that one peasant woman. Covered in grime, wearing a torn coat several sizes too large, she managed not to look too repulsive. He took half steps toward her. “Remove the bond.”

+I am leaving. Horrible things are going to wipe out your company and I am not going to be around when it happens. The bond was a mistake but I won’t weaken myself by breaking it for you.+

This tied in perfectly with the plan. “Wait for me,” he hated the entire situation, “we will leave together. You stand a better chance that way.”

They both knew she was the least of his concern. It was painfully obvious to them how meaningless the exchange was but Theta knew she would wait. She softened and used her real voice. “I tried to talk to you this morning, I wanted to tell you that I still am the same person.” In the dim light her face was the same one he always saw each morning.

She offered a delicate hand and Theta surprised himself by holding onto it with his own bloodstained one. He pressed it against the rebreather, an imitation of an event that he was always trying to forget. Eventually he lowered the hand, let go and left.

“I won’t let you shoot me in the back.” Theta jumped and turned back to her. He felt her emotions but they were unfamiliar. It could've been pity or disappointment, either way he couldn’t stand it. Theta hurried off for the fire step.
Get fucked bitch.
Let the love start in the battlefield!
It's either this or post a new thread every 12 hours or so when the next writefag becomes available.
Or, you know, not using /tg/ to post two to three updates every 12 hours. There are other venues for it that are much more suitable. You've got 1d4chan, pastebin, and so on. People aren't going to read your content if you keep forcing it on the board like you have been.
maybe just don't be butthurt and assume things of others? This tends to be a place where people routinely come to read and write stories that are mainly /tg/ related, or are you someone who cries about the fact that there's a storythread as well?
Pastebin if i recall is against this kindof stuff, you put writefag from here there.

Pastebin has no audiance its just where you store things to show people.

And finally we used to post a lot more. I guess 11 threads may be a long time to keep a story up however.
The storythread is once a week, not ALL THE FUCKING TIME like these stupid threads are. Plus they don't have the same namefag circlejerk going on.

Hmm...I was gona add something, but I see other did everything that was needed already

"We will need to go to lower levels of the ship to met this person" Povilas explains as he slowly walked through one of more fortified areas of the ship
"Was that a sign "Land mines" I just saw over there?" Silvine tried to catch up with him.
"Don't worry, only ones that are here are made for tanks...and ultramarines....We are too light to trigger them" Povilas said without moving his head
"But who's insane idea was to put landmines on a spaceship?" Silvine now watched where she putting her foot.
"One of the Kriegers wanted to protect this entrance route" Povilas stopped in front of one of the metal doors, with a wrench hanging on it. "Mekboyz open up I am here to take back my order"
Door opened soon after as an ork mekboy looked down at Povilas, in the room behind him group of gretchin were putting together some sort of cannon.
"Wat iz it boss?" mek asks
"Boss?" Silvine ask as she turns to Povilas.
Ork tilted his head to see her "Woss she?"
"I will introduce you two later. Right now I am in a hurry. Remember what I asked for?
Ork nodded
"Are you done?"
Ork nodded again.
"Then give it to me and you can get back to... what ever you were doing" Povilas explained
Ork nodded and walked back into the room, where he went through one off the piles and returned with a fine wooden box in hand
"Thanks, see you latter" Povilas took the box and closed the door. He then turns to Silvine "Now let's go and meet the commander of the orks...."
Kill yourself Untermensch. Back to your camp>>51783699
So how is everyone doing?
I'm okay, debating on what to do. I'm kindof tired and feel my story might be a bit played out now.
Need ideas?
Nah I know what i'd do its just I don't really feel like i need to do it anymore. I think the people into my stories moved on and I'm probbably beating a dead horse by continuing.
Na were still in the rafters, well at least i am, we just have no particulate reason to speak up
I have been busy but I still keep poking my head in a few times a day. You do what makes you happy, but as long as you write, I will read.
File: 1458099260506.jpg (239 KB, 980x800)
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..b..But Mimi, I love the waifu story.. :(
I've been around since the first thread and this will be my first time posting. I haven't really had a reason before but I did and still do very much enjoy both of you stories. Yours and cog are my favorite so far.
Well I guess I'll keep going.

I was just worried because the hate for the thread picked up, More people were commenting on flaws and issues I had, and last story got no (Yous) which made me assume no one actually read it and I was just a deal cause with Bavari and Proct missing im the senior writefag.

But I can see guns were jumped. I'll try to fit something in tomorrow.
First off, its just one wrong fun faggot shitposting, ignore him(or point and laugh, your choice), second, you do have flaws in your story that will be pointed out but that is largely irrelevant to what is going on. You are overthinking your value again....and other peoples comments too. Lay off the booze for a bit.
Just one guy shitposting on the same thread multiple times? That seems rather boring?
I don't know why you said it was boring as a question, but yes people are that stupid, your newfag is showing again, and it is just one guy being a faggot. Just point and laugh.
Do you actually *use* this website? Like, seriously? Shitposters are a fact of life around here. Grow some thicker skin and stop begging for validation. Just post content, let people read it, and ignore the shitposters.
Nah, Mimku is a newfag to the board. I didn't bother to remember where he came from though.
As I recall, he's a /qst/fag, meaning he logically once came from /tg/ as the original home of quests. He should be used to this shit by now, especially because shitposting happens on all the boards. He's also shown a history of being an attention whore, which is annoying. He should just fucking post his stories and not need the validation, clearly people are reading them or they wouldn't keep making the threads/posting in them/bumping them.
To be fair, everyone was here for Bataavi first. Wonder how he's doing right now. Oh and the good ol big titted Cog girl. Also the qst board has id links, so its only anonymous by technicality, so if he was a newfag around the time it was created and left to go there first, it would explain his ignorance.
I started posting in like november.

I know shitposters INEVITABLY come, i just figured that since it picked up and a myraid of other factors that people didn't hate my stuff but it was just meh and I didn't have viewers.

I used to frequent /srg/ it actually didnt have many shitposters just assholes who need to pull their dick out of 3e at worse. I didn't even frequent other boards often.

My issue, or rather why I am so concious about all of this, is that since this thread has so many threads sure people are interested in it, but they could just be bumping for 76 or Void. I mean I would.

So it's hard for me to figure out where I stand on quality since there isn't really a way for me to gauge who actually is reading it besides people who say "I read it". Which given that I got some "needs work" followed by silence I thought people finally got bored of me. Which once again, is something I would do.

That isn't to say I DON'T overthink things, I'm just not attentionwhorey, im overly conscious and afraid of being just some asshole who can't take a hint.
>That isn't to say I DON'T overthink things, I'm just not attentionwhorey, im overly conscious and afraid of being just some asshole who can't take a hint.
Your entire post makes this an irrelevant contradiction, now just shut up while the adults talk, or lack thereof.
I feel being defensive doesn't contradict it but okay, I'll stay quiet till i have something for a story.
Now your learning, good man, though if you feel like calling the no fun guy a fagget with the rest of us feel free. Everyone needs that particular cheery popped at some point.
File: 1483639612748.jpg (824 KB, 2694x3402)
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824 KB JPG
Please come back Proctor. We miss you.
This picture is beautiful...

Silvine climbed down the ladder and Povilas followed her soon after as both entered the lower level of the ship where most of the orks resided. The room they entered however didn't look like it was used by orks as it was surprisingly clean, tidy and filled with strategic structures, such as machine gun nests near the exits and in corridors, armored doors and multiple turrets with a strange mix between orkish and imperium design set on walls and ceiling.
There were no one in this room, except for a lone Death korp of Krieg soldier, who was just standing in the middle of the room doing nothing.
"Where is everyone? Oh yeah, it's there free time right now" Povilas said while looking around. This attracted Krieger's attention, as gasmasked soldier turned to Povilas
Povilas saluted immediately and krieger saluted back. Silvine did the same.
Krieger noticed the woman and turned his head.
"Oh, this is Silvine, Doc saved her from....somewhere" Povilas smiled as he introduces woman next to him, then walked closer to krieger and bowed froward to soldier's ear
"She is sister of battle, I needed to show that she doesn't have to attack your soldiers on sight"
"Nice to meet you...." Silvine came closer
Krieger looked at her and then turned his head to Povilas, putting his hand near his throat.
"Oh, not felling well. Silvine this is Commander O-7129... Did I get it right this time?" Povilas looked at the kreiger, who nodded confirming he was was right.
"Commander 712...." At that moment Silvine remembered what she heard about kriegers from guardsmen - they are silent, fearless and nameless...

"Also I brought this for you" Povilas held out the wooden box he got from the mekboy to the krieger.
Krieger took the box and opened it. Inside the box was a surprisingly good quality chainsword, laying on top of red pillow. Commander ran his finger across the teeth and pulled weapon out of the box examined one side, then flipped it over and looked at other side. Krieger's "eyes" moved up and down, until his head stopped on an engraving of some sort. But before Povilas or Silvine got a chance to see it, sword was back in the box, which was quickly closed and ended up in krieger's hands.
(To be continued)
(Thudd time)

Today was a good day.

You know it was a good day because you served the emperor and made his inquistor best friends (besides da goldies who are the extra besties) happy. But dere was a cost. A horrible awful cost.

You sit at da mess hall glummly pokein your synthagetti with green nutrislurry and... no dessert.

Da stitchy krieger was awfully fussy and you had to trade ya desert to her for a few days in order for a cunning plan to fully work. An it did but... it was supposed ta be dried freezecream day. DRIED FREEZECREAM DAY.

Dis is about da... 5th worst thing thats ever happened ta ya in da guard. Somewhere between havin to punch out dat death culty an when da messy skellies attacked ya while yo were sleepin.

"Unit seems upset." Fifteehate says next to you, you look glumly at da dessert square on her plate. Course she has it all easy.

"Ey, can i have dat?" You point at the freezecream block as Fifteehate shakes her head, worried.

"Rations are equipped with optimal nutrional content, giving away parts of it would..." Fifteehate thinks about it.

"Readjusted proposal, your greenslurry has a similar nutricontent as mine. Propositioning a trade?"

You nod, handing your green over for da dessert square, swallowing it whole in one bite.

It's good to have friends.

(I am kinda unsure on what to do for Thudd so I'm ending now and going to try to plan some shennaniry to move things around.)
Personally I want to see a battle start where 58 has to charge head first in to enemy lines by her kreige commanders orders. But Thudd, not wanting his new friend to die like cigg, charges in with the kreige.
>But that's me, I'm juat happy to see any new post of yours.
no die
File: 32167559.jpg (61 KB, 407x405)
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back to page 1 with you!
I like that idea, mind if I steal it for the tale of mine?
Nah I don't care, also long as Kreige-Chan isn't to corrupted.
No no, i am not taking the characters, just the idea of someone "rescuing" a krieger
Feel free to, you wouldnt even have to worry about stepping on my toes. Thudd, despite his seniority, is infantry unlike the heavy special ops the waifu thread is.

If 58 has to do a bayonet charge Thudd would too.
I don't like taking other people characters, mainly because i usually don't know what creators original idea was, I don't want to show them in a wrong light so to speak.
Just write your rescue scene and not include my characters in it then, problem solved.
Hmm...Maybe, I still haven't uploaded my story for today, hopeful I will be able to make a longer post today

A bell could be heard through the intercom followed by a deep voice "Ony humies who want to git sum grub, dis iz da time"
Silvine turned to Povilas confused
"Of it's launch time" Povilas smiled
"Wait, your cook is an ork?" woman's eyes widen
"No...a gretchin..." Povilas said slowly "We have no human personnel capable of doing this...."
"Still...xeno makes your food..." she sighed "Is this reason why you did let me into the kitchen?"
"Yes and no, yes it was at first, but they had a dangerous beast in there as well...." Povilas scratched back of his head.
At that time krieger stood there observing the two.
"Now that I know, could I meet one there xenos?" Silvine asked
Krieger nodded and goes off.
"Why did he left?" Silvine asked
"I think to get one of the xeno...." Povilas followed the krieger with his head as he vanished in one of the corridors. "So are you hungry?"
Silvine glared at him. Povilas took a step away from her.
At that moment krieger returned with an ork behind him. This ork was wearing an appropriate size uniform identical to that Silvine seen worn by kreiger soldiers in the past.
Silvine looked at it a little amazed and scared at the same time.
"Did you train an ork to become an imperial guard...." Silvine finally mutered
"Yes" Povilas smiles "Our friend here did a good work, didn't he?"
Silvine continued to stand there amazed as she nodded slowly
"Hey commander, could I borrow one of your boyz?" Povilas smiled while looking at the krieger
Krieger nodded
"Great, can he take our guest to the dining hall to meet with rest of the crew?"
"Can't you come with me" Silvine finally managed take her eyes away from the ork
"I have few more things to do here...."
"I see..." Silvine replied "Then let's go"
"Before you leave" Povilas grabbed ork's shoulder "Soldier, you have permission to speak"
Silvine smiled as she follows the giant guardsman (or guardsork) up the ladder.

Once both of them were out, kreiger looked at Povilas and tilted his head
"What?" Povilas looked into the lenses
"Commander O-7129?" krieger replied as his voice was muffled by the mask.
"If I have said how I call you, she would have thought even worse about us...Mother of Orks" Povilas smiled "I still can't believe you took that name....Fact that most guards think you are a man doesn't help either"
Krieger made sound similar to giggling
"Your gas mask needs a repair, it started making strange sounds again" Povilas said as he turned to the exit, ready to leave "Bring it to me whenever you feel like doing it" and climbed the ladder out of the ork and krieger part of the ship.
Once he was was gone krieger walked to her living quarters, a small room near ork barracks. There she put the box she go on the table and opened it, pulling the chainsword out of it. Commander flipped it over and read the engraving once again:
"From Povilas with love"
Sound similar to giggling could be heard again, as she attached the sword to her belt, replacing the rusted saber that previously hung there.
Okay...from what I have been barely able to understand trying to read your story, we got a person coming onto a Rouge Trader ship with Xenos and the various highjinks that ensue. Problem is, your grammar is so god damn horrible that I cant bring myself to try to read it. Its a nice idea, but the execution would make a commissar shoot you in the head.
Well I have no other way to improve my writing and know that it actually improved.

Also I am getting to explanations to most things that happened here...
Don't mind the hater, he doesn't need to read it if he doesn't want to. I can read it just fine. Just keep practicing and posting.
That wasn't hating dumbass, that was pointing out terrible grammar, when writefags ask for advice pieces of shit like you that just say your doing fine are the problem. tldr, go fuck yourself.
I don't know what explanations your talking about, as I sincerely doubt it has anything to do with your spelling and word placement...aside from Ork bits, that part is supposed to be badly written and barely legible, so your doing fine on that front.
>advice pieces of
an* after advice

About 3 hour before Povilas's and Silvine's meeting with ork commander.
Mekboy's workshop.
Mekboy picked up the chainsword brought to him from the armory. It took him two hours to put the thing back together and replace all missing gears. Ork then took an old ork helmet with few bullet holes in it. He put it on the table and tested the chainsword against it. Sword shoke and jumped around a bit at first, but once it got a grip, helmet was split in half few scounds later
Big smile appeared in mekboy's face as he shouted to one of the gretchin
"Bring 'im in!"
Few moment later two gretchin push in a guard that was tied to a chair with some wire.
"Now tell us how to write that word!" mekboy tries to shout at the guard using his entire knowledge of gothic.
"L" guardsman replied with tears in his eyes.
"L" ork scribbled it down on a peace of paper.
"O" guards man looked at the back of the ork's head.
"O" ork scribbled down the second letter.
"V" guard struggled in the chair.
"V" ork repeated as he wrote it down.
"E" guard gave up trying to escape.
"E" ork finished the last word in the paper and stood up.
He walked to the guardsman and freed him "You can go, just don't tell anyone, it iz a surprise" ork whispered as he threw guardsman out of his workshop.
Gretchin then put chair back into the back of the workshop, behind half assembled killa kan, while ork sat down to the chainsword and checked the peace of paper he was scribbling into.
"From..." Ork slowly engraves that into the side of the chainsword, after finishing first word, he looks at a name strap from Povilas uniform, that one of gretchin stole, then looked at paper again and finishes the writing "With....Love". Mek put the sword back on the table and returns to working on the killa kan in the back of the workshop.
So based on that I should change the form of the story, from what I was writing right now, into a tale told by an ork painboy in some far off world where no one cares that there is a xeno inside the bar?
....the fuck are you talking about? That wasn't implied at all. Did you hit your head on something?
File: 1427962359101.jpg (27 KB, 599x400)
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>tfw Batavii and Proctor will never return
>It hurts

Well only good part I did was ork speech, so why not tell entire story that way.
You shouldn't be using an ork pov as the main part of a story if you want to improve. That is just making a crux out of bad writing.
Well I will give it another time tommrow
File: 1481073845498.jpg (185 KB, 1440x900)
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File: 1484098672545.png (210 KB, 746x746)
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live thread

The sergeant smiled. "Thank you Medicae, I appreciate it." He told the Krieger.

"Your appreciation is noted." She said. "What is the planned time interval for this moral building activity?"

Gelen and Rochas turned and looked at each other briefly, before turning back to the Medicae. "Well, there isn't exactly a scheduled time frame." Responded Gelen. "It's more of a play it by ear kind of thing rather than something set in stone."

"That is unacceptable" The Krieger replied almost immediately after the words were out of the man's mouth. "If there is not a defined time frame I will be unable to adjust my schedule to accommodate. How is it possible to schedule an event without a defined starting and ending time?"

"Well," Rochas said slowly. "Typically you just set aside the entire evening."

"That is not an effective use of time and seems likely to lead to idleness. Idleness is only a step removed from heresy." Came the flat response from behind the Krieger's Gas mask.

Koenraad shot the sergeant a look out of the corner of his eye, silently communicating that he was out of his depth and imploring Rochas to deal with this somehow. Steeling himself Rochas gathered his thoughts for a moment, planning his next move.

"If we had told you initially that the event was scheduled to take the entire evening, rather than informing you that there was no exact time frame for the event and that it was possible it might take the entire evening, would you have objected?" He asked.

"I would have inquired why the activity needed to be allotted such a large amount of time." The Medicae said.

"But if that had been the allotted time, would you have been able to accommodate it?" Rochas asked.

"An evening is not a precise measurement of time." The Krieger replied. If he hadn't known better he would have sworn she was being petulant.

"Alright, say it was four hours then. If it had been four hours would that have been possible?" The sergeant inquired.

"It would have been possible." Came her clipped response.

"Well then in that case." Rochas began before turning to the other man. "Gelen, when do we start? Surely there is a starting time at least?"

"We start at twenty hundred hours." The trooper replied.

"Alright," Said Rochas before turning back to face the Medicae again. "In that case, we will leave no later than twenty-three hundred hours. That is a period of three hours allotted to the Moral building activity. Is that acceptable?"

"That is acceptable." The Medicae replied after a short pause. "I must make preparations."She said, and then immediately spun on her heel and left.

The two men watched her leave, and then Gelen said to Rochas out of the corner of his mouth "You know he's gonna be pissed when he sees all we're doing is playing cards. As I recall he didn't care much for it."

"You let me worry about that," Rochas replied. "I'll figure something out."

"Well good luck then. You're going to need it." Said Koenraad, and then he turned and began to leave. He took two steps before calling over his shoulder with a lazy wave goodbye. "See you tonight sarge."

Rochas watched him go while he thought about what he had said. She would be angry when she found out. He sighed. That could lead to her causing a scene, and that would ruin the mood and defeat the purpose of going in the first place he thought to himself.

"I really didn't think this through." Rochas mused. He'd gotten so caught up in making it happen that he hadn't considered the consequences of his fast thinking, and now it was going to bite him in the ass. While it was true that the card game was a morale-building activity of a sort, and while he was sure that the Chief medical officer saw through his little euphemism and understood what it was he was really asking, he doubted that was what the Medicae had thought he meant. After all, that was why he had phrased it that way, to give her the wrong impression.

His conscious twinged and he sighed again. Even if he'd come clean in part he'd still deceived her with his wording. His stomach curdled. He'd lied to her. That hurt more than he thought it would have. After a moment more he decided it would be best to go and tell her now rather than letting it surprise her later. He could head off her reaction now rather than waiting until that evening and apologize for what he had done. It would be best to come clean and face the consequences here, rather than later in front of whoever Gelen had invited to the card game.

With a third and final sigh, he grabbed his cane and leveraged himself out of his bed. He needed to go find his Krieger.
3 in one day, good times ahead folks!
BataviAnon lives! With a triple update nonetheless! Drama, petulance, and Kriegers abound. Good stuff, glad to see you're still alive, mate. Keep on keepin' on.
And can't wait to see how this turns out lol
>his Krieger.
File: 1282430518891.jpg (98 KB, 500x500)
98 KB
Strange question, from what kind of creature could you get milk in warhammer?
Ehm cows or grox?
Wouldn't Slanneshi daemons be even better compared to that?
>He needed to go find his Krieger.
>Rochas thinks of her as his Krieger
I should't have said that, now I have a image in my mind of a daemonette, in proper clothing, held in the cell guarded by a kieger....
But I already have one story to finish....
I wasn't asking you, it was a general demand....are you mimiku under a different name? Because that guy responds to shit that doesn't involve him too.
No, I am the one that writes about orks trained by krieger and rogue traiders.
....I know that. I'm not that stupid, even if I am responding to your comment. Improve your writing and finish your story before taking on another challenge mate. Nice dubs by the way.
Sorry, it is hard to follow without any names
Ah, so your a newfag then? Fair enough.
I miss bavati, he's the reason I read these threads in the first place.
He did a triple update like 20 posts above yours.
I missed *

Didn't mean to screw that up
I actually DO it though.
If someone says "Do Blah blah" I actually write it, thats why im doing two damn stories.

I'm mimikyu, i dont use my trip unless im actually doing something relevant to the story.
.....you know what? Fuck it. Not getting into the asinine comment before had, good on you for using proper etiquette.

Mekboy workshop, right after Silvine set off to Dining area with her new ork guard.
Someone knocked on the workshops door. Mek pulled his head out of the pipe of destroyed cannon that he pulled into his workshop few days prior.
Ork turned of the lamp off the lamp on his head and made way to the door.
Standing outside them was a tall woman in a heavily modified officer uniform, with carapice armor underneath it. Standing next to her right leg was a snotling in a tiny suit of red knight-like armor, with a spear in his one hand a shield in the other, both tightly strapped to his hands.
"Captain! Wat dod ya nedd?" ork stepped back a little confused.
"Came to check on our little surprise" woman stepped inside, while little snotling following quick behind her as if it was a tiny puppy.
"Povilas came and took it" Ork replies as he closeed the door.
"Good, I hope you did what I asked" Captain gave a wide smile as she sat down in the chair made from peaces of an old leman russ parts and squig bones. She then grabbed her snotling and put him on her knees.
Ork nodded as he took few scraps of paper that had words "From" "with" and "love" written on them over and over again.
Captain snatched them from ork's hands and looked through them
"So how many guards did you kidnap?" woman laughed
"Three..." Ork replied as he leaned against the pile of metal sheets.
"Only three" woman laughed and noticed the name strip "Oh I see why you only needed three. But next time you can ask my help" Captain stood up and put her snotling onto the ground. "Let's hope those two end up together, because neither of them will make the first step" Captain laughed as she tapped ork's shoulder and left his workshop.
So why here and not in the storythread?
don't need them
Mostly cause the first thread was not in storythread.
File: 2cute5me.jpg (69 KB, 480x800)
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bread be slow today.
File: 1487653768956.jpg (577 KB, 1600x2923)
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577 KB JPG
enjoy some write faggotory that my friend did for this picture.

>From our Dark heresy game

18 awoke in a cold sweat. He breathed hard and ragged. Running his prosthetic arm through his hair. He was wet, just like the dream but this was only sweat. Not rain. But then he felt wet elsewhere. Somewhere he thought long dry in his eyes. He still felt the weight of the body. HER body. He still saw everything so vividly. All their bodies, but her's was the most real. Her right blown off from a Renegade's grenade. Her brown eyes starring at him through the lens as she breathed her last. The guilt and shame of past lives lost hit him 10 fold. He would see to it. That should she would live even if it meant his own death. The life of a hopeful spark. The life of Sister Hana.
What do you do when your waifu ups and diefus?
What happened to the original writefaggotry about the female krieger in drag?
He... he posted yesterday.

I feel bad for all the writefags who arent bavari and proctor. No one gives a shit if they vanish.

It continues, though at a pretty glacial pace. The writefag is still working, he's just got real life shit going on, so he can't post as much as he used to. Updated day before last actually.
Sweet, he have a pastebin he' still updating? I really enjoyed his stuff.
I don't know, when we started posting pastebins I never found Bavaris.
True, true, good I am writing for a different reason
I miss techpriest and krieg anon
We all do.
Towergirls thanks you Kriegers for helping us stat Krieg chan and Cultist once again, as always there's still more gals to work with. If you'd like we'd love to hear some ideas for Tech Priestess stats from you as well

Here's the current update, I'll post the tech priestess sprite as well

Maximum technology. Something about gift of the machine spirits as a special, and a fetish for archeotech sex toys.
Powerfield generator: One item of your choice is now indestructible.

Likes Toys, cybering. Hates unprotected sex
Well no terrible story from me for tonight...Oh, well one less angry dude on the internet.
come back soon.
If your american, one should show up in the evening. Timezones are fun
Timezones are fun.

I dislike timezones. They make coordinating online games difficult. Also, bump.
File: 1283408949195.jpg (281 KB, 1104x1696)
281 KB
281 KB JPG

This makes me think. I wonder if that one drawfriend who popped in briefly a while back has done anything.
Who knows, the original writefags don't show up that often either.

It was just an idle thought. I don't really expect anything to come of it.
+ Access to the latest tech
+ Eagerly tends to your geneseed
+ Completely customizable bod
- Not many fleshy bits left
- Absolute mad scientist

<3 toys
<3 body-mods
</3 organic waste

Power armor MK-Theta
-Gain access to an experimental set of power armor

Servator familiar
-your own customizable servator to help you with busy work

Machine spirit core
- create powerful weapons or grant near organic life to technology

- Absolute mad scientist

Wait how is that a bad thing?
The dinning area. Present time.
Silvine came in, followed by the ork in krieger uniform.
The room was filled with imperial guards, most of which were transported to another planet, all of them sitting at the giant table in the middle of the room.
"Where do you get your food?" Silvine turned to her guard.
Gasmasked ork looked down at her and walked inside, woman following right behind him. He walked to the small opening in the wall, that lead to kitchen. Ork pulled the metal door up and looked inside.
Sitting inside was a gretchin in a little orkish cook's outfit.
"What do you need!" gretchin looked away from the pan with some fungi frying in it. "Oh" it jumped up after seeing the ork. "It's not your turn krieger"
Ork pushes Silvine into the view
"Take your hands away..." woman shouted as he hit ork's hand "Hello, could I get something to eat?" she looks down at the gretchin
"Of course, what would you like?" Gretchin happily stood up and looked at her
"You don't sound like an ork...." Silvine looked a little surpeied
"I am smart enough to learn gothic to deal with mu customers..." small greenskin replied
"Oh I see...What could I get?" Silvina asked
trying to smile.
"Well we have a squig steak with local vegetables and fungi, vegetable soup, squig pie and grox shishkebab" little greenskin replied.
"Give me the grox..." Silvine asked carefully.
Gretchin turned and shouted to someone in the kitchen "Gimme da sword!"
Few seconds later a rapier, with few peaces of roasted meat on the blade was thrown at the wall near the gretchin. Little greenskin tries to pull it out, but to no luck.
"Hey you! Pull it out!" gretchin shouted to Silvine's guard. He leaned in, though the window and pulled the sword out with one strong pull.
"At least you are useful for something...." greenskin took sword from ork's hands, then put it's blade's end into the plate and using giant fork he pulled meat into the plate. Gretchin then opened a pot that stood on top of a re purposed flamer, cooking inside it were steamed vegetables of all kind. He put some of them into the plate and gave it to the woman.
"Here you go" small greenskin returned back to his work.
"Thank you" woman slowly walked away to the table.
(The two stories ended on good notes and my updating has slowed so I'm writing one last story and will come back if the muse hits me. Its a big enough time jump I can go right back to writing the old stories if needed, but probbably not.

I feel I should apologize. Sorry.)

Elysia Three Tear stabbed the dummy, the bayonet sinking deep into the flesh of dead ork. The girl grinning triumphantly, white stripe decorating the 8 year old child's helmet as she turned to her instructor.

"Did you observe Uncle Commissar sir?" The girl pointed excitedly at the blade, lodged all the way to the handle inside the orks leg. "I got it all the way in. That's exceeded personal best."

Commissar Unterbrechan put down his dataslate, hobbling toward the ork on a gnarled cane, a powerfield generator hidden in the handle of the curved metal staff as he leaned down to admire the wound. "Very sufficient." The injured man rasped, face unevern from long healed burns. "Several centimeters deeper then your previous record."

Elysia beamed as the commissar nodded. "Now then Elysia. Pull the blade out." The commissar croaked, a small bit of phlegm spitting out of the warhero's wounded larynx as the child stared at the blade worriedly.

"Acknowledged Uncle Commissar sir." The child griped the blade, the adult weapon's handle dwarfing the child's hands as she did her best to tug the blade out, the red slicked blade impassive to the child's struggles.

"Seems we have ways to go before you get the 645" The commissar says as Elysia pouts, pulling the blade out and handing it to the young girl. "Now run along to your parents, rations are soon."

The girl nods running off as the man chuckles looking at his dataslate, swiping through the pages to its pages, the words "Amore Et Krieg" flickering on the slate's screen.

"Who knew a idle tale from my Schola days would cause all this?" The Commissar muttered as he slipped the slate into his greatcoat.
Elysia wandered under the tree canopy's over head, the half krieger scrubbing her mother's old bayonet. While she certainly was sufficient in injuring the ork currently she needed to work on prying the blade out of the ork bone, it would be inefficient if the ork's healing closed the wound before she could recover the blade. Training would have to be increased.

She peaked into the mess tent, her father grimacing at a bowl of synthetic noodles as if the meal personally offended him, which seemed to be his default expression.

Elysia waved at her father, the greying sergeant's lips curling into a smile. "Parental unit, Elysia managed to exceed current record of lethal insertion! I got it all the way in a Nob corpse." Elysia bragged as she ran up to her dad, the elderly devil lifting his daughter in a metallic black arm.

"I knew you had it in you." Richand said smiling. "But can you do me a favor and drop the fancy talk, I get enough of that talk from your mother."

"Unit speaks well within the Primer's recommended grammatical parameters. " Misty huffed, the grenadier flicking her husband, the red lenses of her rebreather staring at Elysia, a hand awkwardly patting her child's head. "Section 2 Chapter 3 of the Uplifting Primer states that upon achieving a certain milestones it is effective to reward such behavior as appropriate to the regiment. As such Unit awards Whiteshield Elysia 3, with one head pat." The krieger said, gloved hand mussing up her daughter's head. "Furthermore unit states for record that aforementioned whiteshield is a 'good girl' and she is 'very proud of her'." The krieger looked at her husband who nods, Elysia's mother relaxing very slightly as she sat down with her rations.

"Did you see dad?" Elysia said, stars sparkling in her eyes. "I got a headpat! All by myself!"

The sergeant sighed. "What is with kriegers and..." the sergeant muttered before remembering his family's presence. "Yes sugar I saw. Daddy's very proud of you."

Elysia smiled as she sat in front of her father, a bowl of rations in front of her as her mother slipped her mask off, the krieger's face almost unhealthily pale hidden it was from the sunlight under the grenadier's skull rebreather. The only time Elysia say her moms face was during meals, which her dad assured her was 'progress'... though Elysia never was told to what. Must be boring adult stuff.

"Hey dad." the Whiteshield peered up at her father. "Did you REALLY know Thudd? Like really really?"

Richand scowls, swallowing a mass of slightly wormish noodles. "Course I knew him why do you keep asking that?"

Elysia frowned. "Well Treant Junior says Thudd isn't real, he's just a story like Sanguinius."

Richand put out his lho. "First of all Sanguninius is real and don't you dare say otherwise in front of any space marine if you actually like having teeth. Second you tell Junior that if he doesn't stop calling me a liar I'll show him just how Armoured he is with my boot up his..." Richand coughed, noticing his wife's stares. "I mean... yes Thudd is real. He works with this Inquisitor alongside some of his regiment. He even sends us astropath messages some times.And didn't he give you that nice present for your birthday?"

Elysia frowned. "It was just a crayon drawing of rainbow with a little I stamped on the corner."

The sergeant nodded. "Yup that stamped I is a official inquisitor Rosetta, that Rainbow is more official then this regiment."

Elysia shrugged. "I don't know I mean, it seems a little childish. A ogryn who isn't afraid of tunnels who teams up with orks to defeat a daemon. Wasn't those just bedtime stories?"

"Thudd is existent." Misty said enjoying a bite of corpse starch. "But if unit was unpleased with declassified missions then light out debriefing can cease."

Elysia shook her head. "No wait... I mean, that would not be necessary. Debriefings are sufficient in tactical guidance." Elysia nodded as Misty smiled.
"If unit insists." Misty said, strapping her rebreather back on. "Now come, unit must begin shooting drill. " The krieger walked off to the shooting range, Elysia toddling after her.

"Unit is aware that marksmen practice was optimal in Misty acquiring her paramour?"

Elysia tilted her head. "How did shooting well help you meet dad?"

"Well one day unit discovered a misplaced dataslate..."
That is that. It was nice hanging with you guys.

Sorry again for well, me. Have a good day. If this wasn't awful for you I do a quest.

Time for me to put this handle away, I wont need it on tg anymore.
Stop being such a self doubting faggot, your stories were entertaining and I will miss them greatly
I doubt that remark will help....
I am still story writing I just was running out of things to do besides beat the shit out of the ork.

Now I can do different stories later, or do my quest stuff more. So hopefully I WILL be back I just need to find something to do, I was running low on steam and things were going to get stupid eventually.

I also wanted to actually have a story end rather then teeter off abruptly and wanted to have the whiteshield show up for like, months now.
Lol it WAS a good wrap up, super cute kid. I'll miss your tales too Mimi.
Good luck with the quest
Goodbye Mimikyu, it was fun. Don't hesitate to come back if you're ever in the mood.

"What do you mean?" Silvine turned her eyes to the guard that sat in front of her
"Last mouth we got attacked by ork freeboters. Have to say we got lucky - those stupid greenskins entered most fortified part of the ship"
"Captain bridge?" Silvine guessed
"Ork barracks..." guardsman explained "Those kriegers had an entire fort set up there, getting through there is almost impossible. So those orks came straight into there traps" man smiled "But as always, alarm turned on and we got down there to help, not that we were needed"
"What do you mean?"
"The gasmasked boys did a great job holding up the orks. They didn't expect greeting with heavy stubbers" man smiled as he remembered "Then first wave of xeno was gone, we were ordered to board the enemy's ship, our greenskins leading the charge....But we were not successful...."
"At first we easily held off the orks, so our commissar came in, intending to take it over, but right after he gave order for kriegers to move forward, the ork boss came to us...He jumped down through the hole in the ceiling, right behind kriegers and in front of me. I tried to shoot hi, but my lasgun didn't even leave a mark on ork's chestplate, while he just looked down, laughed and punched me in the stomach. I flew almost all the way to the boarding tunnel and I swear I could hear how my ribs snapped" guardsman shutters "There I got a good view how ork threw his chain axe at our commissar, cut off his left arm and ripped off his head..."
Silvine sat silently listening fr every detail.
"One of the gretchin ran in and pulled me out of the battlefield, soon after that I passed out. If you want to hear rest of the story, ask the guy behind you, he might be one of those who fought together with us that time...But then again they all look same to me"
Where is my angry internet guy?
>pale hidden it was from the sunlight
hello master Yoda, what are you doing here. In other news
>Kiddy Krieger
Aside from forgetting to use a few words, I am dying of heart failure from the cuteness.
i liked the wrap up would have liked to read more between where you left off and the wrap up but if your not enjoying writeing it then i wouldnt force you to continue if i could
good dubs excuse bad grammar.
Mimikyu here, thanks for the support.

I realized I made a slight error.

Well 2, one of course is my grammar, which i at least consistently bad.

The more important one is while this is probably the best way to end waifu krieg I can think of, its not a great way for poor Thudd. You don't even know what happens to Fifteehate.

So I'm going to do one more update which is a simillar send off for our favorite ogryn,

In addition if anyone wants to know what happened to a character they liked who I failed to mention, such as 88b, I can provide such details.

Cool. Look forward to seeing what happens in you final update for Thudd.
File: _0a1484097268105.jpg (44 KB, 554x491)
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What is this? What have i been enlightened by?!


Rochas hobbled away from his cot in search of the Medicae so that he could apologize and tell her the truth. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy to find her. The wing of the field hospital where they housed the patients was pretty big. It took him a while to check it all, and after circling the floor looking for her he still hadn't found her. Having determined that she wasn't with a patient at the moment Rochas decided to try and look for her deeper in the building. There was a set of doors he'd seen her and other medical staff disappear through, so he'd start there. By the time he had doubled back he was starting to get a little tired. He stopped in front of the doors for a moment for a breather before reaching out to push them open.

As his palm settled on the door a voice called out from behind him "You can't go in there."

The sergeant turned. It was one of the orderlies. He was young and blonde, and still in that awkward gangly stage of adolescence. Must have been one of the officers brats. "You're not authorized to go back there." The boy said. "That's the labs, the surgeries, and the dispensary. You don't have any reason to go back there."

"I'm looking for someone," Rochas replied. "One of the staff, a Krieger Medicae. It's important that I find them quickly. They aren't out on the floor, so I figured I might find them back here."

"I'm sorry sir, but I still can't let you go back there," He said unapologetically as he tried to brush past Rochas and go through the doors. As he began to push them open the sergeant reached out and grabbed him by the bicep. The boy stopped and tilted his head back in order to look up at him.

"Find the Krieg Medicae for me, and inform him I will be waiting here and that I need to speak with him," Rochas ordered the boy. "Please." He added as an afterthought.

The boy blinked twice and then said quickly "Yes sir" before darting through the door as soon as Rochas released his grip on his arm.
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good to see another batavi post.
File: 1473428743173.png (709 KB, 688x767)
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709 KB PNG
We miss Cog an Krieg bump

He'll be back someday, hopefully.I'm sure he has his reasons.
>You're not authorized to go back there
What is a Kippler?
You keep stoppin' me from doin what I do, yer gunna find out
....but I'm not stopping you, just doing my duty. I rather like not getting a new hole added to my head.
Bump in the name of love
>still no Catachan gf
Damn! Now we need a tiny Krieger and big sister Cata-chan story now. Like a reverse Mimiku.
New thread when?
>officers brats
bump from 9
bump in the name of war (in german)
At 310 bro, new bump limit
What's your guys' thoughts on this: >>51916026
Very intriguing idea. Wouldn't mind reading it if someone tried.
>>51918644 New thread
You missed Bataavi numbnuts.

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