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Head Canon Edition

A thread where we discuss a setting where the player would be living in an urban apartment and the whole building would be filled with bizarre event and strange tenant. Weird and creepy but
comfy at the same time. Post your idea.

-The first three previous thread are here:

-The Fourth thread:

>Writefag stuff:

Anon's stuff that seems canon:

OP head canon which is autistic and unimportant I planned to draw a comic series about this:

So far there are no coding involved, only brainstorming for now. If you cooked up some delicious doc link it to the op, and maybe it'll be included in the next OP. Pastebin soone
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I'll start,
an enigmatic maid, who always seen cleaning the apartment almost everywhere. e.g as you walk to the apartment lobby you'll see the maid sweeping but when you're on your way to your room, you'll see the same maid vacuuming the hallway. going back to the lobby, you'll see that maid still sweeping the lobby.
the weather outside your room's window always change depending on your mood and taste but on the 13th day of every month the weather is blood mist red and sometime you felt like someone was watching.

A tenant midget who hates you for everything, knows everything that you do and what you are currently doing. he will also know your past and will complain about you to you but never talk behind your back.

Inaudible whisper can be heard at night from everywhere in your room when it's completely pitch black outside and inside your room.

Whenever you tried to have a snack while you're at your lap/computer/TV, there's always a disturbance. sometimes your room is upside down, the furniture aren't in the place that it was supposed to be, for every chip you bite a scream will be heard or every stuff in your room are floating
File: NEE(a)T.jpg (39 KB, 500x500)
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bumping till other poster shows up

Lazy shut in and good for nothing neighbor who always asked for food from you but she know the apartment like the back of her hand, you'll sometime see her wandering around the apartment complex and claim that she's on an adventure.Has a wicked sense of humor and love to tease people. She has been living in the apartment far more longer than you at least.
there's a floor that leads to a white void and will only be accessible through the elevator on certain day the button 4.5 appear. in the vast
white void there'll be 2 woman wearing Victorian
era dresses sitting together while having tea,
there'll be an empty chair as if they were
expecting guest. they will gossip about the
apartment,the tenant or anything related to the
urban apartment in general. Serve as a point of information
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When you take a shower with very hot water, sometimes the mirrors will mist over. Whenever you wipe this mist off, it always instead shows a balding, old man shaving his armpits, and as he does the hair sprouts legs and crawls around before climbing onto the top of his head as a toupe and then he leaves, and the mirror mists over again and goes back to normal.
File: IMG-20170301-WA0048.jpg (60 KB, 323x640)
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Still bumping
Every once in a while, there'll be mock fire drill in the apartment but with real flame
This is a cool concept, I like this
A bellhand at the door who never leaves
Hes always theres
Seemingly benevolent and omnipotent
Doesnt let the players leave but more than willing to send them scurrying off to another quest
There is a cat that always finds its way into your apartment. It observes you expectantly, but won't accept food from you, and doesn't respond to attempts to shoo it away. According to the few neighbours you speak to the cat seems to know secret ways into every apartment. Every now and then the cat and a random tenant goes missing. If you investigate the missing tenant's apartment you find the door locked, barred, and seemingly impossible to open. If you listen closely to the door, you can hear - no, feel - unnaturally loud, contented purring emanating from within the apartment.
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sometime when you try to cook in your apartment, there will be a gordon ramsey spectre who will guide i.e torture you while cooking but the food will always turn out to be excellent.
File: j12.jpg (87 KB, 350x700)
87 KB
just across the street of your apartment, there is a 7eleven store. In there you'll see a worker girl and a headless clerk.Somehow in the store, you feel it was soothing and slowly regain your sanity and consciousness but when you look outside from the store it's really pitch black and you could not see anything but you can feel somewhere out there in the black void, something is waiting to torment you
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at this rate i'm going to run out of idea juice.

A mad scientist that always ask you to try out his new invention which always give a negative outcome. sometime induce madness.

A TV showing a girl as the receptionist, seems to be self aware of her surrounding and always bid you welcome or give a warning in advance when you enter or go out of the apartment.

if someone make a game about this, i'll suggest adding a sanity system, if the player goes insane he's out from the game until he get's his sanity back
pls post here friend, i want to read your stories
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when you're going back to your apartment room, somehow you took many turn than it used to be and suddenly end up in a labyrinth of hallways with a black shadowy figure that keep chasing, if you manage to outrun the shadowy figure you'll end up back in your apartment room but if you fail to do so, you'll end up on the lobby's sofa with a headache.
File: urban-wallpaper-9.jpg (756 KB, 1920x1200)
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thanks for the vertigo senpai
File: 4.jpg (124 KB, 875x915)
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up your game OP
>Why is my butt sore?
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50 KB
File: ashley-francis-3-gp1xowu.jpg (247 KB, 1920x1040)
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You can't get a wifi signal on the sixth floor. You also can't get radio/television signals up there. Hell you can't even get a microwave to work up there. The people living on that floor don't seem to mind, in fact most of them seem to have forgotten what radio, Wifi, TV and microwaves are.

You don't go there much cause it's really boring and everyone there dresses like they're from Great Expectations
Is this supposed to be a videogame concept?
looks like pretty much complete, what is it needing?.
You've found that your food goes missing in your apartment. You turn round from your meal and come back to less fries than you started with. You thought it was rats, but there's no droppings or gnawed packets of food in the cupboards.

You start to hear chuckling when it happens, breathy, sweaty chuckling.

One day when one of your sausages goes missing from your plate, you snap and scream "get out of here you fat fuck!" At the top of your voice.

You hear ghostly footsteps hurry away, coupled with a mysterious sobbing.
You could check the SCP foundation, tons of ideas there
Nah, It's just a collection of creepy but not necessarily outright terrifying ideas revolving around an apartment complex

It's not really a set Canon, as such. there is a set Canon for A Creepy Apartment Building, but you can chose to add ideas that don't relate to that canon.
After re-reading "Great Expectations" the similarities between some of the characters described in the book and some of floor 6's inhabitants become even more obvious. In fact, practically everyone on that floor bears an immense resemblance to characters from works of Victorian fiction. Most of the other tenants are only surprised by the fact it has taken you so long to figure this out.
>There's a China Lake in the corner of your room with "Riot" written in blood on the barrel. You can faintly hear screams coming from it
>Some one is having a great deal of fun in there.
>You've tried to remove it multiple times, but you always wake up to it lying back were it was the day before along with a large pile of strongly worded letters
>Very strongly worded
>Like, the first one nearly knocked you out.
>It seems like the best you can do its put a sheet over it and keep it in the living room.
I would if i could
This single image inspired one of the best horror games I've ever written and ran
Do tell!
Fuck, it's 2 am where I live and I was supposed to go to sleep. It was a mix up of horror and thriller about returning from party in a middle of night. Pretty much Lovecraft's "Rats in the Walls", but in New York metro tunnels and other underground areas. I will gladly tell it in more detail if one of those threads will still be up tomorrow.

As for the clerk in the picture, he was one of the favourite elements of both me and all the players I ran it for. They run into him for the first time after running around the underground for good 1,5 hours already, encountering some weird and spooky shit along the way and being all alone for the whole time. And he's just sitting there, casually, in the middle of empty station that shouldn't even exist. He sells goods from pretty much all time periods and requests many out of place, usually historical currencies for them, apparently not realising there is something wrong with it. He also constantly tells PCs to hurry up with their purchase, because he has to close in few minutes until finally slamming the window shut.

If the players decide to examine the kiosk they find that it appears completely abandoned inside, even though it seemed normal and well stocked through the clerk's window while it was open. On the wall, they can notice a huge timetable with names of every NY metro station on it, including many they've never heard about and a few minutes long time period assigned to each of them. That's when and where you can find the Clerk and buy some really interesting stuff from him, if, of course, you know what to ask for and have a right currency.

By the way he also knows a lot more about The Underworld and dark things happening in it than he initially claims to...
File: 1485510202801.gif (1.75 MB, 547x365)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB GIF
I plan on running a game using the apartment setting combined with night shift's setting soon, so I'd hate to see this thread die. Bump.

>senile old man
That aside, doing good my dude
This thread better be alive when you head back here, this shit's lit as hell
one of the apartment room contain a straight jacketed woman, you can hear her talking in an language that is not from this world, even though her room is very far from you
Another one? Joy!
>you're not sure how you know it's from another world
>and you're not sure how you know she's in a straight jacket, cause you've never even seen her
>you're not sure how you know where she is, cause you've never been in the apartment she is apparently in
>you're not sure why you can understand some of the words she's saying
>but you are sure she is just repeating the words of 90's infomercials
Well I'm back. If anybody's still interested I might write it down, I'm not too good at story telling though. Always write it too long.
File: alex-demolisher-4.jpg (400 KB, 1920x1080)
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400 KB JPG
I'm most definitely interested. I'd tried to start a thread a while back about a dark, mystical underground wonderland in the subways and tunnel systems beneath a big city, and it looks like you were able to take a similar idea and turn it into an actual game.
>if you slip some money under the door you'll receive the product she was describing when you put the money in.
>either that or a small letter containing the money and a note saying "Cheapskate" with a small frown face beneath it
Just reading this thread now and I may have the wrong idea, but I created a thread on /qst/ on this general premise, but only one guy joined it so I dropped it. Basically about a NEET that lived with his insane mother while the outside world went to hell due to a LISA-inspired (stolen) catastrophe and bands of police and residents banded together to create a relative safezone, but internal corruption and outside contamination gradually worked their way in. Multiple layers of segregation, from apartment to apartment, from floor to floor (enforced by the elevator; stairs blockaded), and from building to the outside.

The first encounter was due to the mother complaining that the degenerate druggies in the next apartment over were having sex too loudly, forcing the NEET to leave and confront them. When he finally does, the three of them hear a crash in the closet of the neighbor's closet to find that an obese man had hung himself some time ago on the above floor and fell through their rotting ceiling. Then the bloated corpse begins to get up and crawl towards the tenants...
Heh, I actually think your thread might have been what inspired me for writing this. Ran it a few times with different player groups and they always loved it, although there are still a few things in this scenario I would like to change and make better. I will write it down and post it here, but it will probably take some time, since there is quite a lot of it. Will start a new thread at worst. It's kind of hard to write down really, since there is a lot of background information which players received in form of notes, journals etc. or had to deduce themselves, but I'll do my best.
If it was my thread that inspired you, I'm glad to see that someone was able to take something away from it even if the idea never took off like I'd hoped it might. There's just something about the dark mysticism and mystery surrounding these "urban unease" settings that's really appealing.

I'd very much like to hear more about your games, if you'd care to share. No rush!
There's at least one apartment inside of which time moves faster than it does outside. However which apartment it is changes randomly as does the difference in how fast time moves
>Theres a door in the ceiling of the 8th floor
>For some reason no matter how tall is the hand ladder you bring the knob is always beyond reach
>Maybe its best not to open it
But when the tenants get back, everything is undamaged
Clearly those are the condos that the Man in the Fancy Suit is offering if you just give up living among the weird but cozy community here...
>any and all miniatures brought into the building will be part of a Shakespeare play at least once during the lifetime of the tenant who owns the miniatures.
>I highly recommend staying to watch Romeo and Juliet played by WHFB's Empire and Chaos Warriors if you spot one.
>Archaon makes and excellent Juliette, though Karl Franz is a merely acceptable Romeo
>Someone keeps filling your shoes with coffee beans
>If you grind them up they make the best coffee you've ever tasted
>Just try not to think about how they break into your apartment every night
>There is a group of smokers out in the courtyard every night. The smoke from their cigarettes moves against the wind and never seems to disperse. Despite memorizing what they look like, you never see one of them during the day.

>The building has an old coal furnace to provide heat. At least you think its coal. The man who maintains it is tall and strong, completely covered in fire retardant gear and rarely seen without a fire ax. You've seen him drag huge bags of coal through the lobby and to the back room where the furnace is. You saw the bag move.

>You get a cable package as part of the amenities of living here. It has several strange "Local" channels that you can't find any reference of on the cable website or anywhere online for that matter. Mostly these channels show sitcom reruns from the 80's but late at night, when they're signing off, they sometimes display warnings about walking alone at night. They mention areas in the building specifically and tell you to avoid them.

>You've never seen the woman next door, but you hear her having sex all the time, or coming back home late at night or early in the morning. You've seen men enter her room, but never seen them leave. If you stop to listen to the sounds, pressing your ear against the wall, they start out normal but get increasingly gross and inhuman. Eventually, she starts calling your name.
>Whenever you watch TV you swear you sometimes catch the actors staring at you
> the other tenants suggest not doing >>52041171
>They say it just encourages her, and it's best if she's just left alone.
> The Dead Girl Next Door says the same, but often adds something that sounds like "Attention seeking copycat" under her breath
my bad, that should read
> the other tenants suggest not doing >>52041162
File: 1441249744621.jpg (121 KB, 460x1076)
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121 KB JPG
An unexpected guest
When you wake up there's another one
These weird single eyed fellows turn up when you leave the TV on for too long and multiply every 12 hours. They and their duplicates all vanish when the TV is turned off, but our cycloptian friends don't like their shows interrupted, so you got to be sneaky
>any and all money taken up to the roof transforms into Greek drachma
>Except, funnily enough, for Greek drachma, which turn into US Dollars
>with the face of the Dollar's owner instead of the normal president.
>It's good for the Ego to see yourself as an American President
>Once in a while you see this strange looking 20-something years old guy with a distant look on his face
>He runs around the whole apartment complex with a sword and a homemade armour made of house equipment and random junk
>He apparently thinks he's a knight on a quest, he often makes shopping for old ladies and stuff like that, and is always dead serious about it
>Everyone thinks he's just strongly autistic or even retarded and ignores him
>He actually is a brave adventurer, fighting off urban horrors and venturing all alone into strange forgotten floors, he slewn more weird monsters and abominations than you can imagine
>It all started when he was 14 and lost his way in the apartment complex. After all this years and many epic adventures he's still looking for a way back to his apartment. He might have some really usefull tips for you, as long as you won't break the roleplay.

By the way I'm the NY metro anon, I'm writing this shit down, but it takes much longer than I expected, especially since english isn't my first language. This shit will probably take 5-10 MC Word pages. Fuck, I really can't write shortly.
>buy fruits
>go to school
>come back
>fruits are rotten

Might be a demon. Might be temporal looping apartments, or even a spooky ghost!
>You see a new guy entering your neighbors apartment each friday night. You dont' see her, but you can hear her breathy voice inviting the "darlings" in for a glass of wine. They always leave looking like they've lost thirty pounds, and their clothes don't fit any more. "She's a real maneater!" a couple of them have told you with a smile as they left
Implying a fat eating demon wouldn't be so fucking rich she'd be living in a damn castle rather than an apartment block.
The courtyard is far larger than it should be. And by far larger, I mean it's about 66.6 acres. An apple tree in it always grows pears.
Blood red pears.
They taste like tangerines with a touch of copper.
In the depths of the courtyard is a small chapel. It's open on various days of the week, with decorations and texts depending on the day. On Wednesday, it's Satanism, Thursday it resembles something the Sith would build, Saturday Judaism, and Sunday Catholicism. There is never a religious leader, but all the equipment needed for leading a service is there.
Never use it. The Landlord is quite clear on that.
The Building has more sections than you think. From the outside, it's a U shape, two wings helping enclose a courtyard. They're even labeled, and each section looks like it's supposed to have 10 apartments total.
Section A is where is the lobby is, and the shops. Sections B and C are the parts that shape the courtyard. But each of those lead into three more sections, going from D to Z. Which sections leads to which changes at different times of the month.

The Third floor has two small staircases in it. They lead to the basements and up. The floors above those staircases don't connect to the Building.
THe Ramen shop is in Tokyo. The Karaoke bar is in Sapporo.
On related note, here's the apartment building I used to live in. The apartment I was in was in the basement, wrapped around the elevator shaft, and it used to be a speakeasy, with a window that lead directly into the close (extremely narrow alley that has both ends blocked off).
The Spirits of Spirits are tasty by the way.
(captcha asked for houses. For shame captcha. For shame)
It's also my inspiration for >>52053907 where I flipped it. Still kind of working on getting good details for the four roofs, but I'll get there.
Or should the roofs be something that should not be? I mean, the second roof that the 2nd floor lounge opens up to is a rectangle with 16 90 degree corners after all...
I need to know more about this chapel, anon.
File: noEpc2T.jpg (427 KB, 1280x1024)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
It's actually a bit on the smaller side, looking like it could only hold 20-30 people for services. It's not always surrounded by fog, but on occasion the fog is more green than grey. On the interior...
File: 1241848578771.jpg (137 KB, 1280x1000)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
It's a lot bigger. No matter what religious symbology it shows, the inside is always dark, with pews losing parts of themselves, seats collapsed to the floor, spiderwebs... The decorations always seem to verge on the blasphemous, hinting at unknowable forces and vile rituals hidden in artwork that can just almost explain it away. The windows may have once been grand, but broken gaps that have been replaced by clear glass make their images disturbing. Through the glass, you can see the night sky, and it is wrong. Stars should not be briefly occluded in nonsensical groups by something massive, nor should they be against the backdrop of a blood red nebula. There definitely shouldn't be two full moons in the sky, and they should definitely not be eclipsed every now and then like some lunar deity winking at you.
TO the layman, the equipment available and rituals described by the available holy books look normal. To anybody who has studied them, they show strange heresies twisted to look orthodox.
The bottom floor should be a bunch of businesses with the apartments sitting on top
File: index.jpg (12 KB, 288x175)
12 KB
Tuesday switches based on which Tuesday it is. For example, every third Tuesday of the month, it becomes a slaughterhouse shrine to Poseidon, his trident emblazoned on the end wall of a hip-height pool, cattle hanging from rafters above as their blood spills to fill out. The equipment and ritual for that requires three people: One to act as priest, and two to spear the frenzied shark that is released at the height of the services. At least one person must die for the blessing to happen. The book doesn't say what it is.
That's something already decided: we have a laundromat run by a russian guy who looks a lot like Yuri Gagarin, Uncle Izy's Chinese takeout, a Bodega, an video rental store, and an ever changing storefront.
>residents know they can shop away from the apartment complex
>but... theres just something about the streetside shops that are just so.... appealing
On monday the chapel is apparently closed for renovations. Major renovations.
A small sign says to give the altar blood. Doing so opens a tunnel...
An unused, seemingly unending laundry chute to discard random or unwanted items

A mysterious dumbwaiters the locals swear is inoperable that inexplicably delivers the player rare items at random times or only delivers rare items after so many are thrown down the laundry chute
Near the mountain of unpaired socks in the Laundromat theres a sign that wasnt there before. It reads "Beware of Sock Gnomes". When asked about it, the owners of the Laundromat say something about "thieving little bastards"
>all the closets are far larger than they could possibly be, considering their positions and the apartment's dimensions
>They're basically large enough for your entire wardrobe to fit in there and then some
>but, they're also filled with clothes you've never owned
>The back of every closet door has a small sign on it which reads "Don't Go Too Far"
File: 1478744243552.gif (993 KB, 1600x900)
993 KB
993 KB GIF
I'm waiting to hear about your story too, anon! I run tons of CoC and would be extremely interested to run your adventure.
File: laundromat_05.jpg (239 KB, 1920x768)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Still here, writing it in free time, but as I said before, it takes time. To be honest I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to forget about telling the story and just write it down as a proper scenario and post a PDF here.
>if you sing "Happy birthday" in the building when it isn't anyone's birthday you will find yourself unable to stop singing it
>you will be forced to keep singing it for two hours, without pause.
>however if it is somebody's birthday, birthday cake will be delivered to your apartment, along A with a card
>It's not particularly tasty cake
>but cake is cake
>Ignore what a metalic voice says about the cake not being real
>Sometimes, when you're playing video games and take a short break to make a sandwich or something, you pause the game.
>When you come back, you''ll notice that someone played the game while you were away.
>But no one's been to your apartment, the other tenants can prove that.

>Giving it a bit of testing, whenever you're not focusing on a game, someone else plays it for you.
>They even plug in the charger if your handheld is running out of battery.
>Occasionally, breathy female whispers are heard.
>"i love what you're doing with the garden thingie~"
>"i crafted you a rakdos set. hunters love rakdos sets~"
>"I ended up using that masterball on that roaming bastard~"
>playing sun/moon on an emulator? you dirty boy~
There are three semi-ordinary people living in 4A. They look rather normal, except for how their eyes glow...
They are Mr. Redshire, Ms. Alaun, and Ms. Camphor. You have never learned their first names, despite them being of college age or the names of their two children.
Ms. Alaun stays at home, looking after the two children and making small charms that she sells to the Bodega. If you can pay the right price, she can make a custom charm for you - ignore the weight of an invisible child on your shoulders, and never respond when it calls you "Daddy". Especially if you're female.
Ms. Camphor works as a dog groomer at a chain store. Sometimes she brings home the hair and nail clippings for Ms. Alaun. On occasion, she brings home more of the dog than clippings. Do her a favor, and your pets will be perfectly groomed. Any sensation of them being less than they were before is your mind playing tricks on you. Listen closely if they begin to speak.
Mr. Redshire is a stagehand. He rarely brings anything home, and when he does, its broken or lost equipment and crew shirts two sizes too big for him. Between gigs, he pays his rent by doing maintenance for the Building. The Dead Girl figures he's paid raid for 50 years this way, and that doesn't count the other pay the Landlord gives. If you help him with a task, he can show you a secret of the Building. Pay close attention to the markers he shows you, they're your only way to find it again.
>you can wear the clothes that you don't own, but you always feel a little weird in them
>Friends who've seen you in those clothes say that you "Don't seem yourself"
>You apparently not only act differently while wearing those clothes, but loom a little... Odd
>If you look into the mirror while wearing the clothes you see someone else
>someone who definitely isn't you
On the Tenth of November, the Building always has a major rain storm that never touches the rest of the city. All the windows show is a storm making a giant body of water absolutely impassable, and you swear the courtyard backs up to a small dock. A single small sailboat stands ready to launch, but nobody who has gone out on it has returned.
Before you go to bed, every night, you need to check under your pillow. You'll always find a single kernel of corn, no matter what, and if you don't remove it, horrible nightmares will keep you up all night.
You know how every window in the stairwell shows something other than our world? The Basement 3 windows shows a salt flat. About once a week, you can see what looks like elves on the flats or passing by the window. They're just as surprised as you at the window in the middle of nowhere overlooking a salt flat.
They seem to use the flat as a burial ground, putting the bodies in massive bonfires that they dance around. You can almost hear the music, but you can feel the way the salt acts a drum. If you watch long enough, you will see one of their ghosts standing beside you and watching. Then it goes down into the basements that you can never reach.
You wonder what it might be like to live on that world. Then you realize that the giant scorpions they eat would probably kill you. And the last time you tried to open the window some official of theirs held it closed, then managed to pantomime that if you wanted to crawl through, you would have to fill out a lot of paperwork. He even showed you the stack.
Every other time the chapel (>>52053653 >>52054824 >>52054949 >>52055107 >>52055265) is ready for worship, it does have worshipers and a priest of the appropriate type, and there are between 10-30 of them. The base for them is always the same: black robes with the hood pulled foreward, and you can only see slightly moving shadows where their faces should be. On top of that is items needed for that religion's worship, but the details are always disturbing.
For the Jews, the tefillin straps twitch slightly, while the boxes themselves will weep blood. Their tallit look more like human skin and dried intestines than wool, and the Torah scroll is rotting away, filled with holes. The kiddush wine is black, moving in the cup like it's a small ocean crashing on the shore. The after service bagels and schmear are delicious, but probably not kosher.
The Satanic congregation wear white tabards over their robes, and the entire chapel is well lit and clean. Ironically, this service is the least offensive, and the only disturbing thing about it is that the leader asks for a sacrifice of a dream of a child. Not a child's dream, a dream that someone had of a child. It is unknown what would happen if the person making the sacrifice were to ever have a child.
The Catholic Mass might be the most disturbing. The Christ on the cross has blood dripping from his wounds into a pool, while two statues of angels hold bowls that collect his oily tears. These bowls then transfer their contents into the fonts scattered throughout the cathedral.
Beneath the Christ's skin, something moves like worms or tentacles. At least once during the service, a large white worm comes out from his spear wound and falls into the pool. It is these fallen worms that are cut open during the service and portioned into chunks for Communion, and it is from the pool that the Communion drink is taken. The meat is delivered still twitching.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 187x270)
8 KB
>>52064815 (Cont)
The sermons make frequent references to "Christ Imprisoned", and their bible contains many non-canonical books that you're sure the Church has never heard of. You're free to take a Bible home with you for study. Don't study it too deeply, or you'll find something is now trapped in your nightmares. The priest says to never let it out, for that removes the blessing of the Imprisoned Christ.
Upon your second visit to any worship service, you're given the chance to join the congregation. If you accept, you will something small changed about your body, but will never remember the ceremony other than the black robe and icons of faith they gave you. You must never miss worship after that, even when the other residents warn you to do so. They're rather insistent on that.
In your dreams, the robe sometimes whispers rituals. You don't always understand them, but you feel like you're always one step closer to unlocking something grand.
>The Drachmas and false dollars from the roof are accepted by both the building's vending machines and its ground floor businesses
>You must never miss worship after that, even when the other residents warn you to do so. They're rather insistent on that
The idea that there is something that the other tenants find disturbing is... rather disturbing in context.
Wait, This is back? Alright!

I'm the keeper of the Apartmenomicon. I'll look back through thread 4 and add the new stuff.
And the Apartmenomicon is inspiring me to write my own version for CofD. So this is entire thing is filled with all sorts of goodness.
>>52066978 Here, Updating Apartmenomicon.
Crazy Dan's Genre Supplies pleases me.

Ack. Not a fan of this Church of Christ Imprisoned. I mean, as a narrator, I love it. It's creepy and twisted. As a Christfag, tho... Copying that into the Apartmenomicon gives me the heebie-jeebies. I'll do it. It has backing in "The Door with Two Knobs" on the Fifth Floor.
File: The Suit.jpg (12 KB, 266x400)
12 KB
One morning you awaken with a nasty hangover. Your memory of the night before is foggy. Pretty sure you made a bet with... someone. Pretty sure you lost. It takes a moment to see it there as you force yourself to sit up. Maybe it wasn't even there a moment before, but now it is. Standing at the foot of your bed, a letter tucked between the shirt and jacket that simply reads, "It's your turn now."
It gets worse: my girl is lapsed Catholic, and I'm lapsed Jewish. I made myself a bit sick writing the section on the Jewish congregation, and that's very sparse on detail. The Chapel and the Door with Two Knobs kinda contradict each other, so feel free to mess with it to make it make sense. Or just cut it. I'll suggest a couple edits for the Door With Two Knobs to clean it up too.
The Door With Two Knobs
Every Sunday, when local church conducts Mass, a door appears on the fifth floor, with two knobs, and two apartment numbers. Opening the top knob reveals a confessional. What ever is behind the screen, it will take your confession. Its penances are a bit strange, but they make you feel better. Occasionally the priest will have a request for you. Fulfilling it leads to strange, catholic themed, objects being left on your pillow. Each one might have a power, but a note says that they can only be used once.
The bottom knob must be pulled. It opens to a massive Catholic cathedral, filled with fog. The worshippers all wear large black robes with hoods over their faces. Sometimes the robes have decorations, but you can never see below the hoods. The windows show only night, with two full moons in the sky. One blinks on occasion. The communion wine is red, but delicious. Try not think about how the Communion wafer is a lump of slightly twitching meat. On your second visit you're given a strange bible to take home and study. It occasionally whispers ritual instructions into your dreams. The first ritual makes the door to the cathedral appear outside of mass, or when you need to go to mass. Once you have the robe, do not ever miss Mass. Ever.
The sermons are actually rather normal.
The Rats In The Walls
The Rats in the Walls are different from the russian mice. For one thing, our glorious tiny comrades are above bourgeoisie traditions such as religion.
These rats are very religious, and very Catholic. Well, semi-Catholic. They replace the Communion Wine and Wafer with weed, which makes a lot of sense once you think about it. Leaving weed for the rats, they will leave a very wordy note on your pillow. Not that you can read the scribbles that make up the apparent words, but the note still conveys gratitude and gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. You even feel luckier for a few days afterwards.
The Catholic Rats are engaged in an endless Crusade against the Atheist Roaches. It is tradition to give the rats first salvage rights to your recycling for their war efforts. Attempting to play both sides makes you wake up in the middle of the night with tiny sword wounds.
You don't want to know what the Roaches do to their allies.
On a related note (come on people! The last three posts are mine!), building the Catholic Church of Christ Imprisoned was easy: build from a theme of "perversion of divinity", add the Manichean style heresies, and take Communion literally.
The Jewish one is going to be interesting: How do I make a creepy parody of the Jewish faith without 1: making exactly like a stereotype, and 2: without making it something that someone can latch onto as fact despite reality? (On a related note, until I was 14 I thought all christian churches were same, and that the protestants didn't hold mass because they couldn't harvest jews for flesh and blood. my mother was fucked up) I mean, you never see anyone (except me) latching onto strange and blood beliefs about christians.
I'm thinking about making the Satanic congregation a "safe" place in the Courtyard Chapel. Safe being a relative term, with the priest alternating between being helpful and clawing at his face while screaming "Get out! Block off the door! Save your world from the faiths of this one!"
Really, if it weren't for that priest being so helpful, the Landlady would've blocked off the chapel door like he requests long ago.
File: 1.jpg (58 KB, 852x480)
58 KB
Could this be a tunnel leading off from Basement 1?
File: 980x.jpg (241 KB, 980x653)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
A shot from the bottom of one our most iconic photos.
That's how I always saw it.

Nobody knows for sure when this happens. It seems to be that kind of random that isn't so random. The Chapel seems transformed during these times. It feels utterly still. At the altar is a single man. Young looking, but tired eyed. He is on his knees, praying continually. If you go up to the altar and pray with him. Earnestly pray to whatever you believe in, he will start praying for you too. Not just for your problems, but that you will understand how much you are loved. He will begin listing off the names of people who care about you, telling his unnamed deity details about your loved ones he couldn't possibly know. Even you didn't know. He prays that these people are blessed. Then he stands, puts a hand on your shoulder, and walks off.

If you look at that shoulder in the mirror, a brand has been seared in your flesh where he touched. "Go, and do likewise"
See, that's an even better creepy than my blatant heresies.

If you ever see him a second time, you have either failed or succeeded. Either way, he is understanding. Maybe, if you try well enough, you can be a bit more like him.
You're just not sure exactly what that means. Neither is he.
On a horrifying note, suptg thinks this thread doesn't exist.
It has no clue why I'm requesting that it archive a small spa in Holland that was built over a battlefield...
>On a horrifying note, suptg thinks this thread doesn't exist.
>It has no clue why I'm requesting that it archive a small spa in Holland that was built over a battlefield...

Creepy, but a good creepy. He literally just gave you and everyone you know an intense blessing, and asks only that you pay it forward. Seems like a guy who might pop up when the PCs are having a crisis of faith or something.

Did "The Only War that Matters" just start?
In an earlier thread, it was stated that the most consistent result of putting the address of the Building into google maps was a small spa in Holland that was built over an ancient battlefield.
Third most consistent was a non-existent island in the Bermuda Triangle that you can never find again on any map.
On an unrelated note, suptg has embraced the weird. We are archived, with the full set of proper tags.
>There is a exercise room on the first floor. One of the machines is always occupied by a fit looking gentleman. Despite being on a different machine almost every time you see him, he never leaves and he is always there. If you spend enough time in the exercise room and you go near him, you can hear him whispering through his teeth. Saying such things as "Please. Help me. End it. Kill me."
>You wonder what would happen if you simply turned the machine off.

>Upon walking passed the laundry room, on a Friday or Saturday evening, you can hear a couple machines running despite the lights being off and the room being unoccupied. Not all /that/ strange, honestly. However, when you enter the room and turn the lights on, they stop and there is some scattered clothes.
>One particular evening, you decide to sneak in while keeping the lights off only to find the clothes in the room having a party, using the machines as a sort of dancefloor. You're pretty sure you can spot your missing socks and that jacket you thought you had lost.
I'd love to see this as a Yume-nikki / Japanese RPG maker horror game sort of thing, maybe with touches of animal crossing? In my mind the game's setting is obviously very creepy, but if you mind your manners and follow the rules it's perfectly possible to never have a single harmful thing come to pass to your character. Be rude, stick your nose where it doesn't belong, or get mixed up with "the wrong crowd" and your life being cut short is probably the kindest option... though you might not realize just how much you've lost until it's too late.

Gameplay moves at some multiple of realtime, maybe 12 game days per real day? Restoring from a save always starts on a Sunday evening and the other tenants will sometimes mention your "long weekend" and how you probably needed that extra sleep. No matter how long or short of a time has passed since the last save it's always the next Monday on the game calendar. The goal of gameplay is similar to animal crossing: pay your rent (absurdly cheap, seems they have a problem keeping tenants), befriend or at least not offend your neighbors, and build yourself a comfy little apartment. Getting a "bad end" both deletes your save and makes it almost impossible to make the exact same character with the exact same name. Only by spamming the confirm button can you glitch the game to let you do so... the results should be distinctly unsettling and varied (and virtually unplayable)

The landlord is always very understanding regarding rent payments, and will basically let you delay them as long as you like, or pay a good part of them for completing minor sounding chores (that require varying degrees of knowledge of the buildings secrets). They've never had a tenant leave before paying their rent though, no matter how desperate they where to leave. Just common decency you know?
Rent is either tasks (for the first couple, an experienced hand, like Mr. Redshire, shows you the ropes), or the first of the month.
That is not a typo. You literally lose the first day of the month. No reason is given, but sometimes The Vet and The Other Vet will compliment you on something you did on the missing day. That something is only described in the vague way soldiers use when describing combat.
>everything else
Pretty much. If you've ever read/played the new World of Darkness splat Changeling the Lost, (or are familiar with some obscure parts of European spirit mythology) it acts very similar to dealing with fae bans and geas - follow the rules, be polite, make sure you know what the terms and conditions are. The difference is that the Building and the Tenants are a lot gentler about "i didn't know"s or "i fucked up"s than the Fae ever are.
Your room is randomly inserted in-between the other occupants rooms, and your neighbors may cause you trouble (intentional or not) if you don't get to know them at some level. If you are polite (don't choose fairly obviously rude options) and deal with their quirks they'll be neutral to you at worst and quite friendly (thought still disturbing) at best. They or another resident might explain when you've done something wrong in regards to your neighbors, be sure you don't forget what they say! A grumpy neighbor can make your life a living hell, and that's not a metaphor.

Beyond rent and neighbor relationships which are pretty easy to manage, there are two other semi-hidden stats: Coziness and Adaptation. Coziness increases with improving your apartment's appearance with nice items, getting along with your neighbors, and improving the building as a whole. Likewise it falls harshly when your neighbors are annoyed with you, your apartment is bare or filled with bad things, and when the building as a whole is harmed in some way. Coziness is like HP, if it's low or negative for too long "glitches" start to accumulate until you die or the game becomes unplayable as the stress and predatory forces in the building eat away at you. In game events can damage Coziness, some quite severely. A good night rest restores a good bit, but disturbed sleep doesn't help and likely makes things worse.

In a similar way Adaptation is like AC, after seeing enough weird shit it takes something truly fucked up to throw you off anymore. Some might say this is proof the building has corrupted you, but it's better to think of it as proof humans can adjust to anything. Adaptation prevents "damage" to Coziness from events, but is hard to gain (the yearly gifts give a small bonus to it, but to max it out requires exploration and collecting quest items)
Sorry if I've stepped on the toes of established canon, I'm jumping in without having read much of the document (rude I know, my apologies!) that said, I rather like that "selling you time" idea. I could see it leading to some otherwise inexplicable burdens / "glitches" if done too often though.

Maxing out Adaptation and keeping Coziness at acceptable levels for a few months leads to the "good end" where you are welcomed as a beloved member of the building community at a surprise party on your next anniversary. You're free to keep playing after this event however, and if you loose your adaption and start to collect glitches after that you get the "true ending" where a new tenant arrives and now you're the alien and deranged neighbor the new guy has to deal with. After that point you can only start a new save with that tenants name for your next run. In a way it's a bit of a rogue-like too?
File: creepy-apartment.jpg (118 KB, 450x612)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
You're pretty sure that the 29 sailors who live on the sixth floor, are in fact, the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
File: 7UILMs1.jpg (2.34 MB, 6016x4000)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
Once a year, usually at the end of July, you hear circus music from somewhere within the building. It plays constantly over the course of five days, interspersed with the roar of a crowd, dramatic marching beats, the pratfall soundtrack of clowns and carnival barkers you can't quite make out the words of.

Searching for the source will lead steadily deeper into the building, until suddenly opening up into the courtyard ahead. A clawn of tattered cloth and beaten cardboard stands between you and the carnival. Ahead, you can just make out the sign, "Come see! The Amazing Living Dead Girl! In Person!"

The forboding sense you get from the cutout clown is your one and only warning to go no farther.
He moves you into the judge Dredd film? Cool.

As long as I don't have to live on that floor that gets minigunned
>The building has a swimming pool
>at least, you've been told it does
>but no matter where you go you can't seem to find it
>You'll see people who look and claim to have just been to the pool
>they'll give you directions to it if you ask where it is
>but you can never actually get there
>also, any swimming gear you bring with you when you look for the pool will inevitably go missing within a day
I will have your children if you make it into a .pdf
I got a really tiny dick
Every Sunday night from 23:55 to exactly midnight, every door and window in the building - including fridge and cupboards, if open, will suddenly shut and won't be able to be opened by any amount of force. After the five minute period passes, they can be opened normally. If asked about this phenomenon, other tenants will explain "Oh, don't worry about it. It's just the building resetting" but they will change the subject if pressed for further elaboration.
I'm curious, anon... what DOES happen if you go farther?

The complex has a basement no one is supposed to enter, but there's no one around to really enforce it. Exploring the basement you find that the complex was built on the foundations of another building. Exploring those foundations you find that these foundations were built on yet another set of foundations. As you continue to explore downward more and more evidence that this building was just a long line of buildings being built on top of each other. You haven't found the bottom yet.
Tenants whose birthdays fall on recurrent dates (e.g. 2nd of February, 11 of November etc) will vanish for a few hours on the 29th of February every leap year. When asked where they've been, they generally reply with the number of their apartment. If they're asked who they were there with, the same reply is given.
Still updating the Apartemenomicon, Kinda behind and still working from the content of thread 4.
Just ask old Jerome in 66.5B. Bring a bottle of strong drink.
>living dead girl
good thing I'm immune enough to zombies that biting me will result in them turning human
In retrospect that might provide an even bigger incentive for them to eat me
One of the rules of the Building is this:
>It is firmly suggested that you do not play tabletop roleplaying games in your apartment. Warded rooms are available from the lounge for games.
The game rooms have their own rules, which are mostly sensible. Then there's
>No spinach and mushroom pizzas
>No eldritch symbols on the pizza
>Do not buy props from Crazy Dan
The Dead Girl Next Door says those are good rules to follow. She likes you as you are.
The strong drink is because Jerome is no longer capable of speech when sober.
The really weird thing is when you come across a foundation that is newer than the one above it.
Math doesn't work in some rooms. For example, if you take two things and place them next to two other things, logically you should have four things. But count them. Chances are you probably have 3 or 5 things. Don't even try to do long division, you'll just give yourself a headache... or worse.
>>52078995 #
It's one of the few instances where atrempting to divide by zero actually does something. They only ever found Eric's singed eyebrows after he tried that.
No wonder they warn you against playing RPGs, Roll up a GURPS character and wind up summoning Cthulhu
An empty room on the second floor.
When you first saw the door, wide open, you thought nothing of it.
Later that day, when it was still in the same position, you decided to call out. Letting whomever lived there that their door wasnt shut. Just being a good neighbour.

You got no response, so you advanced. You peeked in.
Nothing. Not just nobody, but nothing. No furniture, no wallpaper, no pictures on the wall, no carpet, no stains, no window. Every other room had a window.
You stepped inside.

A sofa would look good there, a blue one. You imagined the kind of rug that would go well with it. The walls would have to be repainted, of course. A coffee table right there would be perfect.
You wondered if you'd be allowed to move into this room. Hopefully it's not empty because there is something wrong with it, although even if there was, you could always fix that.


Your phone buzzed. Your friend is calling you. You take one last look at the room before stepping out, closing the door and walking down the corridor as you answer your phone.
How strange, you thought, as you looked back.

The door is wide open.
That one broom closet on your floor must be messing with you. It doesn't have an outer door, so you can always see inside. Most of the time it's just a broom closet. Brooms, mops, stuff like that. Last week, when you looked in it, it had two skeletons standing up in it, locked in a compromising position. Yesterday, it was lined with assault rifles, pistols, and- was that a wizard's staff? You passed it today, and it was completely empty. It was more than just devoid of objects, it was truly and profoundly /empty/. You just wanted to stand inside it to make it feel less empty.

Then you remembered it was a broom closet, and continued on your way.
File: abandoned1.jpg (38 KB, 310x400)
38 KB
Sometimes, the courtyard looks like this. On those days, you wonder if it was all dream.
You hope not. Old Man Flynn said he was stopping today.
Please try to refrain from ruining a thread with boring cliche weebshit
When you collect these kernels and make popcorn out of them you discover that they turn blood-red, but are otherwise delicious. You feel slightly luckier after you eat a bowl of this popcorn.

>There is an arcade in one of the sub-basements. The graphics and sounds from the games are a little too life-like...

>One of the apartments on the floor below you is actually a bar. The gentlemen working the bar only asks to hear a tale about your life for any drink you could imagine, but...
About once a year, your apartment gets inexplicably cold and the hairs on your neck stand on end. The maintenance worker who comes to fix the issue explains that it's just a faulty thermostat. If you should watch him work, you'll see him enter your bathroom and leave carrying an old wooden chest with strange engravings.

He came in empty-handed.
There was no wooden chest in your bathroom.
He left without ever touching the thermostat.
>you hear an odd clicking sound coming from a vent in your room, and when you investigate, the dolphin inside apologizes and says he'll keep it down.
>This is what the manual said to do
>If you want a different system, you trawl the maze for the right schematics
You notice from the outside that the fire escape for the apartment seems to end abruptly without ever reaching the ground.

Whenever you ask the other tenants about it, they ignore your question and tell you to never go out onto the fire escape unless you're prepared not to come back.
Hearing this sound is good luck, and you have generally pretty decent days after you have this experience
File: lurking.jpg (206 KB, 1280x960)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
if you guys had any pdf, doc or word that you wanted to share just link it to OP. will be added next thread if possible.
>If you die in one of the games down there you are filled with an odd sense of shame. Deep, dark shame. You hear voices in your dreams for days afterwards calling you a "Scrub"
>all the voices sound like angry twelve year olds
Please OP, or anyone else who can help. On an unrelated note. I am a terranbuilder for my tabletop hobby. I've fallen in love with this building and want to recreate it.

I have done big and crazy stuff before, I'd say I'm pretty good, so this is definitely going to happen, and I have this project on full focus now.

Can anyone tell me a source of the OP pic building? I'd love to see some more angles, especially from the back side.
This is but one version of the Building. Build as you will my friend.
My version is sort of like a staple with the ends bridged. Which sounds weird, and I'll have to draw a few things then put pictures of the pictures up to explain it.
On the other hand, I found the original. It's a CG diorama, so you can move it around and see all angles.
It's kinda cool, but we only resemble the front of that building - where else would we put...
the courtyard...
Has anybody ever seen the sky, I mean the actual sky, from the courtyard? Or is it always just threatening to rain?
Of course I forgot the link
I actually think I know what you mean. The mid-level terrace on the far side is probably the bridge you talk of.

I'll improvise along the way. Will take at least two weeks. If this thread still lives by then, I'll post pics.

Holy shit man, that is ace, I like it even better now. Off to work!
This picture reminds me of a dream I had once about a giant hotel with dozens of floors each larger than a square kilometer. There were help desks scattered about to guide lost guests. They were eerily similar to this picture.

Which reminds me of another location I've dreamed about. A chinese restaurant large enough to have 3-5 floors in two buildings on opposite sides of a street with a bridge connecting them on the third floor. The restaurant has multiple small kitchens serving different dining areas so that the food doesn't get cold on the way to the tables.
Somewhere in an older thread is mention of seeing stars and a full moon from the forest in the courtyard.
I seem to remember it being said that the courtyard was one of those "unreal spaces" that are accessible from inside the building but that don't seem to exist from the outside.

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