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Your Highness, Emperor Palpatine himself, has orders for you:

"You are to command imperial forces in the invasion of a planet called earth."

"You have at your disposal:"
3 Imperial I-class Star Destroyers
10000 Tie Fighters
2000 Tie Bombers
1 Million Stormtroopers and their variants
250 AT-ATs
1000 AT-DPs
5000 AT-STs

"You must abide by the following rules:"
1. You cannot glass the planet using the star destroyers.
2. You will not receive reinforcements to cover your losses.
3. But you will be supplied with food, fuel, ammo and etc to continue the invasion.
4. Transports will be supplied to move your lands forces into the planet.
5. The terms of victory are: Complete destruction of any kind of governmental entity or rebellion, and subjugation of the populace.
6. If you lose all of the:
Star Destroyers or
Stormtroopers or
Tie Fighters
the mission will be called off, and you will be executed for incompetency.

7. You have 5 years to complete this mission.

How do you proceed?
Glass the planet anyway, because we're the fucking galactic empire.
The TIEs alone would obliterate anything we have. A force 1/10th this size would be able to capture Earth pretty easily, even. Our tech doesn't anywhere near compare to theirs.
Very important question: is this Earth aware of Star Wars, or are we presuming an Earth where there was some other pop culture phenomenon in the same time period (such as, say, a Flash Gordon reboot) and Star Wars itself never existed?

If Star Wars existed on Earth, then this is going to be essentially impossible since everyone knows that Galactic Empire = Bad Guys.

If Star Wars doesn't exist, however, then I just contact the UN and offer them induction into the Galactic Empire in exchange for various technological innovations. I'd also encourage Earth's gradual federation into a singular entity for easier administration.

On the other hand, if war breaks out, I have total space superiority, so I'm not too worried since I'm in a strategically untouchable position. Any attacks from Earth - missiles or the like - would take minutes or even hours to reach me, plenty of time for my standard TIE/ln patrols to get some target practice in.
>Surrender right now or we'll drop asteroids on you.
>Surrender right now and we'll drop asteroids on Mexico
I know that, at least with the Stormtroopers, their armor is meant to deflect energy blasts, bot solid projectiles, so guns may have a chance to at least do some damage to them.

But other than that, >>52594553 pretty much covered most of the bases.
Their ships can literally go light speed just have them zip to any world leader you want dead and fire a laser at them that also goes light speed
File: Smug Asshole.jpg (22 KB, 443x332)
22 KB
Go ahead, we don't like Mexico anyways.
You should read the offer again Mr.Trump. Very carefully.
Is there any actual chance for Earth here? Couldn't the star destroyer ships just bombard any positions of resistance. I mean, our fighters couldn't beat a fucking space empire's and although I don't know much about Star Wars I know that Stormtroopers aren't fucking grunts, they're decent troops.

I'd say we're fucked and the Empire wrecks us, they've got endless ammunition and fuel for fucks sakes, how do we deal with endless space bombardment, bombing all our military bases is hardly glassing a planet so there's nothing stopping them.
Are you implying I'm not accepting?

Are you implying I wasn't planning on dropping Asteroids on Mexico anyways?
>implying everyone thinks the empire is evil

The Empire has a lot of positives, and any Star Wars fan will think it's pretty cool to see them whether or not they think it's evil or not.

Stormtrooper armor is made to withstand hits from weapons much stronger than our conventional ones. You'd probably need a .50 caliber or equivalent round to punch through their armor. Regular men with regular rifle charges will be useless, and Stormtroopers have a much longer and more harsh training regimen than any regular army on Earth does, special forces aside.

A single TIE Fighter squadron could probably wipe out any single major air force in the world, as our missiles are not even a percentage of the power that proton torpedoes and Star Wars missiles are. It'd probably take a few dozen hits from our air-to-air strikes to destroy a TIE, and one shot from each of them to destroy ours, not to mention that they were significantly faster than even the fastest jets in the world.

And a Star Destroyer. A single one could destroy Earth itself without a land invasion even being necessary.

The only possible weapon we'd have against an invasion like this would be nuclear weaponry, which would theoretically be considerable, but since nukes even of Star Wars strength are considered somewhat lower on the scale of power for highly destructive weaponry in the Star Wars universe, I think it would only take a few nukes for the Empire to bring out something far better to counter them, and even then they still wouldn't have to make any real effort to defeat us.
>Stormtrooper armor is made to withstand hits from weapons much stronger than our conventional ones. You'd probably need a .50 caliber or equivalent round to punch through their armor. Regular men with regular rifle charges will be useless, and Stormtroopers have a much longer and more harsh training regimen than any regular army on Earth does, special forces aside.
Gonna have to point to the ewoks here.
>250 ATATs

No conventional, known, earth weapon could take out an ATAT. Maybe a railgun, but still those aren't widely produced enough.

Disable airports, isolate nations. Glass the ocean to disable nuclear subs, which given the Empire's tech, they should be easy to find.

Remove ICBM sites across the US and Russia first. Then just remove nuclear arsenals. Park those star destroyers in orbit, but above key countries such as US, Russia, China/Japan Area, Germany.

But glassing the planet breaks rule 1.
Everything except the Star Destroyers are easy enough to beat. So the Empire's best strat would just be to park their shit in orbit and issue demands - when they get turned down flatten a city.
OP here. Since this takes place in another universe is best to presume that their earth doesn't know jack shit about star wars.

> If Star Wars doesn't exist, however, then I just contact the UN and offer them induction into the Galactic Empire in exchange for various technological innovations.
This breaks rule 5. No form of government should remain intact.
Employ the Tarkin Doctrine. Glass 2-3 local capitals then demand surrender. Repeat until planet surrenders. Fear will keep the local savages in line.
>imperial storm trooper armor designed with blast deflection and heat dissipation in mind and incapable of dealing with minor ballistic impacts (ewoks)
>Tie Fighters are unshielded and lightly armored, relying on speed and maneuverability

As the empire, we're fielding ground forces whose armor is worthless (what else is new), but earth body armor doesn't have that much better protection vs heat based weapons. Our air forces are stupidly vulnerable to flak, and have no countermeasures against guided SAMs. Earth militaries in the northwestern and further east portions of the northeastern hemisphere will quickly regain air supremacy within their territories. The overwhelming majority of our mobile armor is bipedal and can't take a direct hit from a 120mm high ex shell, our super heavy armor is too slow to provide anything but an easy target to scud missiles and Tomahawks. Our one strength is void supremacy.
Precision orbital bombardment of missile silos and military staging grounds followed by immediate and overwhelming landing of ground troops supported by light armor, targeting high population density areas, the locations known as "Beijing," "New York," etc. these locations will be used as mass hostages to force negotiations from an inflated position
> read thread
> Realized that i could just nuke some cities and demand surrender
This was my stupid plan:
1. Station all forces in the far reaches of the solar system
2. Start to send probe droids to gather all information possible about the planet, countries, military bases, current technology, localization of all satellites and telescopes that could detect the invasion, etc.
3. After some a few months (3-6) start to send TIE fighters to destroy all sattelites around earth and any kind of super telescope that could detect our forces on orbit
This would absolutely wreck the shit out of people down here. Internet and TV signals would go down for the most part, causing significant civil unrest
4. Use the TIE fighters/Bombers to destroy the maximum amount of aircraft possible, including civilian planes.
Earth is totally fucked economically and logistically
5. After that try to destroy all large ships, especially cargo ships to further increase civil unrest
6. Wait another 3-6 months and watch as the planet goes down in anarchy
7. Start the land invasion capturing all major cities
8. Broadcast transmissions urging all inhabitants to surrender to their new overlords
9. Kill anyone who resists
10. Turn the planet into a giant slave bay and mining rock
Our tie fighters and bombers are great for dogfights in engagements with forces which inexplicably lack guided missiles, flak, and basic point defense armaments, but throwing them at Earth shipping and airfields unsupported is a waste of the Emperor's currency
>glass anything

Wildly impossible in the Disney canon, and even in the EU Star Destroyers weren't shown doing this. It's a fantasy based on wild extrapolations of BDZ - actual examples shown involved repulsorlift infantry running around manually gunning down primitive villages.

Taking firepower and accuracy from Disney implies that modern forces can threaten Imperial space assets with extant designs for ASAT weaponry. Of course, moderns absolutely rape Stormies on the ground. SW is WW2 ~in spess~, and modern tactics (and weapons) are half a dozen generations past that.
The mission objective is "subjugation of the populace".

You can't subjugate them if they're all dead.
>>250 ATATs

>No conventional, known, earth weapon could take out an ATAT.

Except a fucking rope.
First, I destroy all of the satellites orbiting the planet. Next, I lock the skies - no planes fly without clearance. I make sure to park the Star Destroyers in orbit so as to ensure that no subs or aircraft will attempt to nuke my Destroyers which, I know, would be reflected by the shielding, but ultimately would still be a problem if Earth forces launched every nuke they had.

I'd then use the Destroyers combined with Interceptors to pin-point priority targets to further eliminate communications and targeting among Earth forces. Once this is done, I'd begin the subjugation and removal of one governing body after the other. Every place that we go to, AT-ATs and AT-DPs coordinate with Bombers to scan for known weapon archetypes and we begin to disarm the population of all captured territories.

While I do this, I offer incentives for nations to rally to the banner of the Empire. Increased quality of life, better technology, an end to all war and world hunger - all of this, and more, but only to those that join willingly. All hostile nations will be destroyed and converted into an Imperial garrison. My only threats in terms of militaristic hurdles are the United States, due to their mobile communications array; China, due to the sheer vastness of their militaristic might and their competence wielding a mixed arsenal of modern and outdated tech; and Russia, who would sooner see every man woman and child dead before surrendering a single acre of Russian land.

Basically, take out comms, then take out transportation, then take out air strike capabilities, then disarm, all while bringing willing converts to the table. If any troops on the ground resist, Bomber teams escorted by twice as many Fighters and Interceptors. No aircraft on Earth could last in a dogfight with Star Wars fighters, thus leaving the Bombers free to wipe out bases and strategic resources where ever they want.

Best post
Not entirely true. They CAN be destroyed with explosive weapons, and their armors would eventually deteriorate after hit with enough rounds of bullets from infantrymen.

Their armor is still just steel, after all. Ray shielded, but if artillery were to continuously strike an AT-AT, then it wouldn't last for more than a few minutes before it'd at least start to wear.

And modern artillery can continuously fire for a very, very long time.
>No conventional, known, earth weapon could take out an ATAT

[citation needed]

Star Wars ground firepower has always been weak. AT-AT firepower (and other ground weaponry) shown onscreen is the equivalent of a modern autocannon, with horribly worse rate of fire and accuracy.

Since the hydrodynamics of the most rudimentary shaped charge effectively ignores conventional material strengths, which results in penetration superior to any autocannon, it follows that Somali militiamen with shitty 1970s RPGs will wreck AT-ATs until they are painting ace markings on their launcher tubes.

Given Ewok beatings on the "most elite" stormtrooper legion, it's likely that the poorer Somalis will experience similar success. Especially since some of them know how to use cover. Some Africans famously keep hyena pets - given the Ewok showings, these will massacre stormtroopers in melee.

Ties and X-Wings in atmosphere fight at visual range with amazingly slow, inaccurate weapons of similar power to AT-ATs. Africa air forces will massacre them with AAMs until they run out, forcing a resort to guns, which only outrange fighter turbolasers by a few kilometers. At that point more developed countries will need to step in.
Simply put we're definitively fucked. We don't have anything that could stop an attack from space, and our missiles would probably be ineffective against their spaceships in the atmosphere.

I'm assuming OP thinks that ground forces would make all the difference, and he's not wrong if ground was still important. Air is the way modern militaries wage war, and against fucking laser shooting spaceships we lose the air and the sea and most urban and rural areas. We're dead. Flat dead.
>we don't have anything that could stop an attack from space

Hate to break it to you but the USA has been launching anti-orbital missiles since the 1950s; and any ICBM size rocket will reach middle orbits with a firmware upgrade.

Modern militaries shoot planes down at the 50-70km range, and even their dogfighting takes place at ranges and speeds an order of magnitude greater than SW fighters in atmosphere.
This is intended as a response to Earth vs various science fiction ship WWWs that happen every so often. In those threads there is generally at least one person who says we just fire some ICBMs at them. This is intended to show one of the reasons (there are many) that make it not possible.

In order to figure out how far our missile can go we need to calculate the delta v(the amount an object can change its velocity.)

Delta v chart

At least 15 km/s delta v is needed for lunar orbit.

A Miniuteman III has 3 stages I am assuming they all have the same specific impulse(or Isp) because real finding numbers for that is a bitch and they would be somewhere in between the two numbers bellow.

The stages will burn everything except three 475kt warheads(~816kg).

Delta V = (specific impulse or Isp)*gravity*(natural log(Total mass/dry mass)

Delta V with a normal solid rocket fuel

(250*9.8)*natural log(35400/816) = 9236 m/s

This amount of delta v is more than enough to hit any location on Earth.

Delta V with the Shuttle main engine's vacuum Isp

(443.6*9.8)*natural log(35400/816) = 16389 m/s

Do not focus on the second number too much because it is just setting an maximum upper boundary. The Shuttle has an absurdly high Isp, the real Isp for a Miniuteman III is probably 300ish at best(the US military does not make finding that exact number easy) more likely its ISP is less than 250.

I will admit this makes some weird assumptions for instance the ICBM is made out of fuel and warheads exclusively(though that would boost its delta v).

But it should also be fairly conclusive u

If the ICBM can not even reach upper orbit it most certainly can not touch a ship that is orbiting there with point defenses.


The Minuteman III ICBM - Wikipedia.

Space Shuttle main engine stats - Wikipedia

Tsiolkovsky rocket equation.
File: IMG_0099.jpg (70 KB, 680x660)
70 KB
To the anons thinking the Earth is screwed, consider the following

>SW ray shields provide no defense against small fast moving pieces of metal
This isn't even given the 40k "stops high velocity shells, just not attack craft and torpedoes" treatment

>ICBMs break atmosphere and could doubtless be retooled for guided hits against destroyers
>destroyers have heavy turbolasers but have never demonstrated point defense capabilities, even being shown on film to take direct, unopposed, and devastating hits from small attack craft launched torpedoes
This means the empire's largest weapons, along with everything that isn't landed in the first wave, is dead in the water within hours of the initial volley being fired.
A swift, decisive strike which hampers governments' ability to respond with appropriate levels of force is the only action with a chance of victory
Furthermore is that nukes don’t work in space. hardly at all.
nuclear devices really aren’t that useful (if we take science seriously*). Deployed in a vacuum, they have no explosive power . we’re talking about a lack of a conductor. No atmosphere means that there is no medium through which two of the three waves of energy travel(the one that works fine is radiation). The blast wave owes much of its destructive force to the sudden compression and then expansion of the air around the detonation. A purely radiological weapon wouldn’t be of much use because, due to the amounts of radiation produced by the cosmos anyway, any potential spacefaring craft would already be heavily shielded against it. A little more probably wouldn’t make much difference.

Number one, your claim that the LRBM won't reach is disregarded by annoying facts


Aaaaand a high altitude or in void nuke is still bringing down a destroyer, say hi to a high intensity EMP, say bye to your electronics and main propulsion drive.

Pop pop pop, watchin' niggas drop.
ICBMs are what exist on the shelf with nukes ready to go at a moments notice. ISDs are always shown in-frame because nice cinematics lol, unfortunately in war, this means low orbit to as low as hanging over a city.

If the USA or Russia wants to send rockets further than that [to the moon or mars perhaps, to harass or exterminate any Imperial survivors], space-x has a system for it...unless the nations feel like building Orion nuclear space battleships.

Yes, in space vs a hardened target, omnidirectional nukes have an effective range of a few km.

However, no modern ASAT is this inaccurate (1950s ones were). Direct kinetic kill is the norm. At that range, the evaporation shock of ablation penetrates internal structures, exactly like a nuclear HESH shell.

There are obviously other simple tricks. A Casaba Howitzer [nuclear shaped charge relativistic particle beam] has thousands of kilometers of standoff range. A kamikaze Doomsday Orion is not quite as powerful as the Deathstar's single reactor Jedha test, but can do a good impression.
This is a recreation; but the original plans presumably survive in a dusty USAF vault.
File: let's get nuclear.jpg (74 KB, 342x400)
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Two thousand of these per Orion, and that's just the fuel.
File: 1489770976466.gif (17 KB, 540x316)
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>Arrive and jam all communications the planet has
>Get in contact with one "super power"
>Offer them power if they help subjugate the world with their populace acting as support
>They deny, move onto the next one
>They accept, proceed to wreck shit over the planet, subjugating or murdering everyone in your way
>After proper subjugation/obliteration demand fealty be pledged to the Empire proper
>If they deny destroy them and establish your own government
>Occupy the planet for a few generations slowly bringing them under proper Imperial rule
>Recruit soldiers from willing volunteers to establish a sense of belonging
>Open the planet up to other planets to visit
>Slowly the culture merges with the Empire and is indistinguishable from any primarily human planet controlled by the Empire.

Planet subjugation would take very little time if we shock and awe the planet into oblivion. Full Imperial Immersion would take more time but it would happen as time progresses.
>All of this going on.
>West Virginia still sitting pretty, not giving a fuck because no one wants to bother trying to mess with us.

Right, ray shields don't protect against small bits of metal.
That's what the deflector shields are for. The ones that are always on so as to protect against micrometeors.
And which don't stop fighters or torpedoes because magic, right?

Because the one you're thinking of had its deflector shielding destroyed by ion weapons. 'Member?
You do realize that Earth would be subjugated long before we'd be able to design, build and deploy an Orion space craft, right?

No, of course you didn't. If you did you wouldn't have suggested it as a possible solution, because it isn't one.
I destroy all the artificial satellites.
Then I destroy governmental centres and military bases.
Then I torch the crops.
Then I let them stew.
Then I use my unlimited food supply to lift the famine and gain their obedience through dependence.
File: Anger.jpg (49 KB, 315x352)
49 KB
> unlimited food supply
Do not test the emperor's patience. He's not going to keep sending food to you so that earthlings can jump in the welfare train have 10 children.
You are proposing the ISD's hang out far away at the Moon, cowering in its shadow in fear of Terran weapons they know nothing of.

Unlikely, but yes, in that case, Earth could build plenty Orions.

Here's a more likely scenario: the ISD's descend to hang in menacing repose over some famous cities, announce Imperial rule, and start landing troops.

When their troops get #rekt, the ISDs begin ascension to a higher altitude to provide some orbital fire, and upon exiting the collateral-damage range of the cities, catch some nukes.

Nukes are wild overkill, since asteroid impacts at unrealistically glacial speeds are enough to threaten a Star Destroyer. So are A-wings moving at WW1-2 fighter speed, so are other spaceships ramming them in lovingly slow cinematic vision, so are infantry weapons in Star Wars Rebels or energy tank guns weaker than modern tank guns in the Clone Wars series...ordinary weapons would be plenty. But faced with an unknown threat, Earth nations are unlikely to choose a deliberately underpowered option when they can pop some canned sunshine.
>star destroyers could isolate the strongest nations at first
>take out manufacturing and research plants involving military tech within seconds
>demand surrender from smaller nations
>begin overhauling governments through basic transmissions back and forth
>once submission has been made send in about 450-500k stormtroopers to larger regions along with about 500 tie bombers and 5000 tie fighters
>begin establishing recruitment centers for people to join the Imperial forces to bolster our position within the social units of any given country
>pretty much never have to worry about anything since the technology is so primitive that if anything goes wrong we just murderfuck them from orbit
File: IMG_0113.png (192 KB, 692x687)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
>every space battle with fighters flying around, skimming the edges of ships, or flying straight into fucking hangar bays
>Ep1 over baboon
>Ep3 over Corescant
>Ep4-6 twice a film
>member that one time? With circumstances that don't shit on my premise?
You lost this a while back, and you think ignorance of the subject matter will save you?
1)I move my Destroyers into geosynchronous orbit spaced evenly over the equator. I notably don't even need to wory about weather ICBM's can hurt me at that altitude, they simply lack the Delta V.

2)I land a shuttle in front of the UN and have a junior officer present them with a timetable for disarmerment and disolution of earth governments and integration into the Empire.

3)I have ISB agents incite insergancy against me whatever the governments say, because the Empire was never about order in the galaxy.

4)The decades long quagmire will please the Emperor as his pain engine continues to spread dark side energy.
Incidentally, star wars spacecraft needing deflectors to protect themselves from micrometeorites says volumes on their durability.

Earther satellites often sats use a light ceramic-fiber weave to provide the same effect, which lets us know two things: the level of firepower that SW ships need protection from, and the level of protection deflectors provide.

Micrometeorites have slightly different penetration dynamics, but can be approximated through their armoring level to the equivalent of a rifle bullet.

This lets us know SW ships can't take anything bigger than a rifle bullet to their unprotected hull, which fits with portrayals of blaster firepower and incidents like Grievous bendings/tearing thin hull metal by walking on it in Ep2.

By counting up blaster hits to shielded and unshielded vehicles, we can make a rough estimate of the "HP" equivalent shields provide - several times the structural value of the starship.

This is unflattering, but within range of the scales demonstrated with turbolaser damage, etc in capital ship fights - autocannon level from big guns, HMG+ level from smaller, fighter level ones. This fits the SW aesthetic of WW2 in space.
It'll only take a few generations to get them to culturally assimilate.
Don't tell me a despotic galactic super power can't spare enough food, especially not the same one that built not one, but two moon sized battle stations.
Earth spacecraft don't have thrust in the thousands of G's. I'm sure if you park a TIE in low earth orbit it will handle micrometeorites fine without deflectors. There is also the question of if enginers that can provide a vessel with navigational deflectors consider simple whipple shilds sufficciant even though the risk is very low.
>I notably don't even need to wory about weather ICBM's can hurt me at that altitude, they simply lack the Delta V.

Wew lad.

A Falcon 9 carries over 9 tons to geosynch. A W88 weighs less than 800 pounds.
> You are proposing the ISD's hang out far away at the Moon, cowering in its shadow in fear of Terran weapons they know nothing of.

I said nothing of the sort and you're retarded for suggesting I did. Let me use smaller words so you can understand.

We do not have any Orion spacecraft.
We do not (as far as the public is concerned) have any shaped nuclear charges.
What we do have are missiles designed for radial atmospheric detonation, which kind of suck at destroying things in space.

In the time it would take to develop these weapons, we would have lost.
Neither do Ties or X-wings when they're in atmosphere.

A sounding rocket full of bricks, OTOH, will experience over 12,000 G's in the impact phase of contact with a deorbiting spacecraft.
>A force 1/10th this size would be able to capture Earth pretty easily, even. Our tech doesn't anywhere near compare to theirs.

1 Imperial Star Destroyer and its compliment would be enough. The Tarkin doctrine would work quite well in this case.
Imo the real trick is to sway governments on Earth to your side while using as little force yourself as possible. Get them to fight your war for you and when necessary conduct orbital bombardment in support of the governments that follow you.

Accuracy is not a problem IRL. In Star Wars, tens of meters velocity difference and hundreds of meters distance make misses in star fighter fights. IRL, several km/s velocity difference and tens of thousands of km range don't stop direct body-to-body impact from ASATs, CRAM/TBMs, and other bullet-vs-bullet weapons.

This isn't new tech, it reached mass production about a decade ago, and could have done so two or three decades ago if there was more demand.
Oh yeah, rockets can reach, but having TIEs intercept 1 rocket a month coasting to my altitude is a non issue. Delta and Atlas rockets may rase that rate to 1.3 rockets a month throw anouther 1.5 for both Russia and the EU. so being kind 3 missiles a month, that take the better part of a day to get to me from launch. I'll keep a single flight of three TIEs on alert. It's not even worth proton bombing Vandanberg or Canaveral.
A sounding rocket can not lift very many bricks and has minamal if any guidance.
The Tarkin doctrine had sway in the Empire for a reason, and it's not because terror is a particularly effective deterrent. This Empire is run by a Sith. I think you will find your future promotion opertunities limited.
> Recruiting from the local population without decades of imperial brainwashing first
Pleb pls
Bricks are a metaphor, though given SW sensors, hitting a would-be interceptor via datalinked radar is probably easy.

Normal ASATs use maneuver elements like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBMU6l6GsdM
or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpX0EwO5SkE for anti-missile missions.
Ties are hard pressed to hit X-wings [and at point-blank ranges!], a larger, vastly slower, and less maneuverable craft.
File: Smug.jpg (111 KB, 620x320)
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111 KB JPG
"I'm not going to waste billions of credits so that the new planet and also the invasion force turn into a bunch of NEETs dependent on imperial organizations for daily sustenance! Those credits could be used to build more unnecessary statues of myself in my palace in Coruscant!"
>5 years to take over

Recruitment would be fine after a good show of force.

Just recruit the alt-right masses.
>less maneuverable
You sure about that? Because x-wings will actually try to maneuver and not get hit. Rockets will not.

Just fly out there, match course and speed, line up the shot and pew pew the threat away. Easy peasy.
The rule doesn't make sense anyway. How the hell can the populace give up if there's no governmental entity left.
That's why the only way is to bombard every civilized place into stone age, then declare yourself that the planet have been subjugated.
More like because no one cares.
In 5 years the UN isn't going to be a sovereign government anymore, it will be the local planetary administration maintaining Imperial control. Someone has to collect taxes, pave roads, and so on. Stormtroopers are ill equipped to carry out such tasks.
>tell all the world leaders to meet up for talks after making "invasions" fail
>when they meet blast the area

Tell the rest of the world that if they try anything I'll blow up major cities until they yield
That'll stop governments, but you'll still have to deal with terrorist and rebel cells.
>when their troops get #rekt

Why is it always autistic "hurr empire sux" faggots who use "rekt" in an unironic and extremely Reddit way around /tg/?
>When their troops get #rekt
But they wouldn't. Earth could likely be brought under an Imperial Peace with half of what OP's giving, and a take over is a piece of cake for that many troops and that much armor.
>Pinpoint likely locations of terrorist headquarters with Orbital Scans
>Press button to fire laser

'Deal' with them indeed.
Why would a hangar bay doorway be shielded against physical objects like ships if they expel ships?
We were discussing whether or not an ISD could take space-scale buckshot, not a fighter in atmo.
The real power that the empire has here is mobility. We have orbit-capable transports and space-capable interceptors. Why would we ever fight the enemy where they are? Between the ability of star destroyers to perform bombardments of orbital fire and the ability of my troops to reposition on a global scale in a fraction of the time that earth forces can do so, why would i ever engage a military on their own terms?

Start with probe droids and map out concentrations of military hardware. Blast carrier task forces, missile complexes, air bases, etc. Then take down concentrations of government and administrative personnel. Drop troops to subjugate a city or two, maybe massacre some population. If i see a major mobilization on the way, blast them into oblivion from spess.

My biggest concern is nuclear missile submarines, because i don't have any naval power on hand to counter them. Best bet is a network of probe droid hunter-killers repurposed for sonar scans. Find submarine, latch onto hull, start digging like the squids from the matrix.
They don't know rule one so why not just work with one power to help them completely take over and rule the planet as a proxy, blasting the shit out of anything that could oppose them? If they really care about the Empire taxing them for.....what, materials? Manpower? I don't know, but they can just deal with it or get glassed. Actively ruling it yourself is abject insanity on a galactic scale and doesn't fit the clearly hands-off nature of the Empire anyway.

Gotta Rome this shit. We'll help you become the big dog so long as you admit we're bigger and give us a near time when we stop by every now and then for drinks. Win-Win for just about everyone, especially for such a backwater.
>imperials are barging in

Awww shit

Time to massproduce the Mave
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Trade everything for a mind control superweapon that also makes the populace really stupid. Then I position myself as dictator of the country with the largest land area and have idiots vote my puppets into office in all the leading democracies. Then wait until a small group of plucky rebels blow up my superweapon due to an obvious yet unresolved weakness. Then I get choked out by Vader. Erotic Asphyxiation is my fetish. Check and mate, Vader!
other way around, i think
slugthrowers are useless against their armor, but energy blasts can penetrate it
You do realize that the Empire does more than just "glass" or "massacre" all the time, right?

That it does many benevolent and nonviolent things quite often, right?

That you will very much get a choice of who to side with before violence occurs usually, right?

Unless your Star Wars knowledge comes from Star Wars Rebels and Kennedy.
>How do you proceed?
By posting this thread on the right board.
I'm sure it's honestly a decent place to live, that's my point. It helps establish a friendly power to govern for them and basically is hands off from then beyond whatever taxes it would ask for. Glassing them is just the ultimate "Know your place" threat if they refuse to cooperate at all and probably wouldn't even be used for the same reason that it's rule 1; Wastes too much.
Can TIE even attack BVR?
You are thinking of particle shields and even capital ships struggle with keeping both deflectors and particle shields on simultaneously for more than a few minutes.

That's why bombers use torpedoes and the like because you can't have deflectors up stopping turbo lasers from an enemy capital ship and still have your particle shields up to stop bombs.
The biggest danger to an ISD in low orbit is this >>52596412 the Casaba howitzer.

It's a nuke powered EFP that fires a meter wide jet of tungsten plasma in excess of 120,000 m/s.

They are comparitively cheap to produce and almost impossible to avoid. You can easily fire them from holes in the ground.

You wouldn't want to hang out very close to the atmosphere.
>Another "modern military would totally beat the ass of this FTL sci-fi civilization" post.

Oh joy.
how does the water rise up that elevated gun barrel ?
In a ground fight I have to agree.
Storm trooper armor has been shown to offer poor protection from kinetic weapons and their ground based combat doctrine is fairly poor. Small arms range for GE also is pretty lack luster, <100m for blasters at best. AT-ATs, while having significant protection against plasma weapons due to shielding would be vulnerable to modern MBTs for several reasons:
>limited traverse of weaponry compared to a turret weapon system
>very slow in comparison to MBTs
>vulnerable leg joints
>an apparent lack of properly stabilized guns further limiting fire on the move
They would not hold up well against mobile enemies slinging DU APFSDS rounds at 6 miles out off of their 5 o'clock.
I think it's meant to be a derelict starship that has become part of the terrain.

Compartments have probably filled with rain over the years and it has turned into an artificial spring-fed waterfall.
I wonder if the reason for that is because the setting was made by a director who just wanted a shell that he would be able to direct a sci-fi interpretation of samurai movies within.

Which is what renders any "Earth would totally BTFO any sci-fi state" argument moot. You're placing the military of the real world - which is optimally designed because real conflict has consequences - against fictional militaries designed by directors and authors who put no real thought into how they operate.

All that the argument proves is that the person who designed the military of the fictional setting knows nothing about warfare or speculation about futuristic warfare. And why would they? The Galactic Empire was just made to be a cool-looking antagonist faction, military viability had to be one of the lowest concerns about it during the design stage.
Just looked it up. Apparently, stormies are immune to bullets
Forgot link

Meanwhile in canon they are taken out by Ewoks,
>Don't tell me a despotic galactic super power can't spare enough food, especially not the same one that built not one, but two moon sized battle stations.
People are starving in the US, and you just have to look at this thread to see all the ridiculous shit they've built.
I don't understand what that has to do with my post. The goal is to subjugate a planet with limited resources, and to utterly dismantle its ability to self govern and resist. The best way to do so is to use a devastating first strike to disable major retaliatory capabilities, then take population centers one by one. I'm not talking about glassing the planet. I'm talking about pounding the ever loving shit out of any major concentration of resisting troops until they stop resisting.
OP would usually be right about those ground forces too, if our Air support didn't have unlimited ammo and precision accuracy.
How can people believe this when they watched arrows and rocks take down numerous stormtroopers?
Glass rebels
Spare cities who comply
Cities with rebel presence, give them time to cleanse themselves or else, glass.
What's that?
why is rule 1 in place anyway? Is there some important artifact that needs to be retrieved? Is the planet itself of import?
"Legends" means it's noncanon, m8.
There are plenty of scifi civilizations that would crush the modern world with a hand tied behind their hand. The Quantum Thief series, the Singularity series, many hard-SF works, softer ones like the Culture, ad nauseam.

A small fleet from Star Wars is not one of them. Star Wars is a WW2 ocean fantasy [arguably WW1 for starfighters]. The cosmetic factors may be different, but the nature of the game is WW2 on water, not 1980s on ground or 2010s in space.

A old RL spaceship designed in the 70s with 70s technology, powered by 800 nuclear bombs, that carries a nuclear bomb big enough to lifewipe Russia.
Many gigatons of FREEDOM.
going by the cinematics as the basis for the hard facts of imperial performance also means using the same cinematic standard for earth weapons and equipment. tie fighters and x wings are slow and fight at close range only because that looks cool on screen. real war doesn't make for visually entertaining fair. ewoks win with bows and arrows because plot says so. if your combat armor can't stop rocks and stone tipped arrows, let alone any kind of modern weaponry, why does it exist? in this case to look cool.
itt: earth wins because real warfare and weapons, empire looses because visual entertainment medium.

fuck people are stupid.
the empire is gonna get pissed off and glass our collective asses after the fact tho
Everyone ignores nucanon
Let's compare Ito to earth action movies then.
The us army jobs pretty hard until Arnold shows up with a railgun and shoots the ISD bridge from the ground while saying a witty one liner.
>10000 Tie Fighters
>2000 Tie Bombers
>1 Million Stormtroopers and their variants
>250 AT-ATs
>1000 AT-DPs
>5000 AT-STs

Ask him how the fuck am I going to fit all of this into 3 ISDs.
You can't cackle maniacally as you sit back and watch a planet be subjugated if there is no one left to be subjugated.
I don't know if they'd be capable of targetting the Star Destroyers, but I think our best hope would be ICBMs on them as our first strike.
They'd have warning and probably shoot them all down, but if taking out the three Star Destroyers is a fail state for the Empire I reckon it's our best bet.

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