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I always find you can get some fun stuff by reversing monsters, especially when you're in a creative dry spell

I'll start:

>Can only ever be in light, darkness makes them freeze
>Loves the morning/early hours of the day
>They lose their cuspids
>Can't stomach meat of any kind, let alone blood
>Become extremely fit and muscular but lose any ability for magic or supernatural powers
>Have a dark, rich tan
>Extremely social and charasmatic, everyone in town loves them
>Can heal injuries
>They're blood can remove curses
>Hate to be around others of its kind, no evil secret society
>Loves Garlic, untainted human blood can kill them
>Physically repulsive in every way
>seems very otherworldly, makes no efforts to blend in
>Angelic in nature
>very antisocial and withdrawn, awkward and rude in conversation
>Very straight-forward, does not often have ulterior motives;cold and emotionless
>Sent down to be a benefit to mankind
>Often helps men make correct decisions when tempted
>Androgenous, hard to tell whether it's a female or male, if they have any gender at all.
>Will never betray
>Have no sorcery about them
>ardent hatred of slavery, will go to far lengths to undermined and subvert the institution where ever it exists
File: reverse dwarf.jpg (14 KB, 450x338)
14 KB
Reverse Dwarves
>Tall and lanky, easily tanned, hairless
>live as nomadic herders or far-fairing sailors
>horrible craftsmen and misguided merchants
>very humble, little attachment to racial or clan identities
>mediocre warriors, slings and spears are their preferred weapons
>cannot form meaningful relationships, but are cordial and polite to everyone they meet
>humble, soft spoken, eloquent
>distinct philosophical detachment from worldly objects and ideas
>Super healthy looking immortal martial
>Spends all his time lifting and journeying the world destroying dangerous tombs and making the world safer
>Can only be awoken by destroying their souljar
>Known for their lack of knowledge, but friendly nature.
>Is exactly what it appears to be and it has a very obvious appearance that isn't uniform, but is commonly something possessing undesirable traits
>Very mobile and loud
>Commonly eases people into a sense of security
Damn, I'm going to throw in an anti-lich knightly order like this now
>Hates trees
>Usually a hideous male with a wicked nature who is very open and noticable
>Tend to be the destroyers of forests, groves, and nature in general
>Mobile, but bound to a special axe which they usually use on trees
>Come in few variations
>They tend to be shunned by animals sometimes even violently rebuffed
>Short fleeting lives.
>Their blood is a known anti-toxin prized for its healing qualities
>They possess a singular head, shared by many bodies that resemble birds of prey
>When a head is lopped off, a shriveled deformed half body regrows in its place, unless the wound is burned
>Join us on our quest to gain gains.
>Countless limbs, all muscularly toned, humanoid arms and legs
>blind as a bat
>Can't jump very high
>feral and stupid
>no mouth
>four times the size of a normal man
Mind Flayer
>Known for their lack of psionic presence making them almost immune to psychic attacks
>Disgusted by grey matter and cruelty
>Reproduce by putting other humanoid reproductive fluids into their heads
>Tend to be dimwitted cannon fodder manipulated by the wise and scholarly, yet wicked and cruel all seeing Grimlocks
>A creature of such beauty that stone becomes lively flexilbe flesh around them.
>Usually male, with rare females
>They appear as snakes with humans for scales
>Dwells within oasises in deserts close to many people
>Doesn't handle being alone well
>Created when a priest had consensual sex with a goddess in a temple of a god who was friendly with the goddess in question and was all cool about it.
>half killer whale, half panther
>lives in lakes and ponds close to civilization
>its gaze can heal the wounded and sick, but also give life to the dead
>its inhalations can animate inanimate objects, especially stone
>is increasingly intelligent
>looking at itself in the mirror will heal all their ailments, and make them larger and more powerful. Their lairs are often lined with mirrors or reflective surfaces
>the sounds of a weasel are particularly enjoyable to them, often times to the point of enrapture
daredevils of sassoun my dude
File: david of sassoun.jpg (854 KB, 1000x594)
854 KB
854 KB JPG
hell yeah
Reverse Skeleton
>empty suit of dead flesh, puppeteer-ed around by some unseen force
>behave very inhumanly
>serve no master nor guard any treasure/tomb/dungeon
>cannot use any equipment
>roam around the world, behaving unpredictably
>more likely to be a boss or miniboss rather than a grunt
Holy fuck that actually sounds like a great monster to encounter.
>tfw realizing my strict but fair horrendously obese 3rd grade teacher was actually an anti-succubus who descended from heaven to help mankind before Burger King sent her back
Ms. Duncan, I will never forget your sacrifice.
>before Burger King sent her back
shit, bye sides
File: 1329928292031[1].jpg (224 KB, 693x800)
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224 KB JPG
So an old testament angel, but with a rebellious streak
So Satan?
reverse human
>8 limbs, 4 highly specialized limbs
>no head, multiple eyes on the side of its body
>no mouth, creates nourishment by photosynthesis
>reproduces asexually
>very antisocial
>has some weird kind of land animal gills
>fleshy exoskeleton
>can change skin color like a chameleon
>only lives in very, very particular environments, cannot adapt to foreign climates almost in any capacity
>nigh immortal

I tried my best. It'd be cool to see what someone else comes up with though
>A hideous stallion with a conical indent in its head
>It seeks out virgins and the pure of heart to murder, before ferrying their corpse as a "rider" for all to see to strike fear into the hearts of man
How big and deep is the indent
You can't fuck it, anon.
Sounds like a hecatoncheires
File: 1-13-Skeletor-Orgasm.png (928 KB, 1301x976)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
I'll get you next time
If that was all arms on top of all legs, then yeah. I was trying to remember what that was called desu senpai
I love this idea.
Loch Ness
>light-emitting wisp-like monsters that live in in the sky
>colony-type behavior, each 'Loch Ness' is actually comprised of billions of microscopic organisms that collectively form an omnipresent web
>literally impossible to miss unless you're blind
>so ingrained into the human psyche that it is thought of similarly to clouds
>for over a thousand years people have claimed to see it disappear overhead and fly away for the horizon, but that's never been scientifically documented and is considered an urban legend today

>Noted for her small hands
>Translucent skin from all the time spent inside of civilization
>A common fixture of any settlement; there's a church, a school, an anti-bigfoot
>for whatever reason, she gets incredibly anxious when not in others' view, and will always try to be as public as possible
>For years, it was rumored there was one that stepped in the woods
>the contented spirits of those not yet born
>hyper-social and always active, trying not to dwell on the futile eventuality of life
>regularly perform blessings in hopes that they will be welcome to a family's home, to procrastinate being forced into a mortal corpus
>With humans for scales
Are they gigantic, or are they tiny humans
Tiny humans I suppose
>A fleshy creature in the shape of a stone or some other inanimate object, many appear to be boulders of flesh
>Highly mobile, rarely able to stay place in one area
>Usually they go around to make areas less protected
>Are resistant to magical attacks, but have no resistance to melee and mundane weapons
>Smaller usually orange creatures found in deserts mostly
>They are fairly unimpressive physically, yet are agile, intelligent and cunning known for setting traps and using tools in combat
>Commonly they form groups for combat
>They can only heal when burned by acid or fire, usually they carry vials of acid or torches on them to ensure their healthy nature
>Usually a friendly group of creatures that hate the taste of meat and prefer to just be gathers/nomads
>Other races consider their presence a boon since they take it upon themselves to go on minor quests or slay monsters
>Tall and handsome
>Impressive physical strength, but not very smart
>Extremely honourable and always keep their promises
>Famous for their incredible generosity and altruism
>Extremely hard-working, like manual labour
>Hate machines and engineering
>Greatest ally of the Dwarves
>Only conceive a single child in their lifetime and love him more than anything
>Very gullible and easy to take advantage of
>Live in sunlit plains and worship the sun
>Small herbivorous mammals
>Smart for animals, but well below average human intelligence
>Short-lived by human standards, grow very weak as they age
>Tend to be uniformly one color, usually brown
>Despite being rather mundane animals, are beloved by princesses as they are extremely cute
>Often bred by Squires or Knights as gifts to be given to princesses as a result
>Can be a bit of a pain as they like to throw away their owner's belongings and never keep any toys given to them
>Be careful when cooking around them as they are extremely flammable
>Very nervous of heights, and don't acclimate well to high altitudes
File: MFW.png (404 KB, 436x441)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
>Usually coming in brighter colors with smaller bodies and slender frames
>Weaker than average with more dexterous builds, their women are lusted after, and many wish to be ravished
>Their numbers are few, yet they slowly are growing
>Known to be far sighted and tend to fail at short term plans, they must prepare for their lives are long
>Commonly the victims of raiders
>Prefer more advanced or ranged weaponry in the rare times they do engage in conflict
>They usually oversee lesser forces of good to guide them
>They are rigidly bound to the forces of order and righteousness
>MFW I made TG elves
File: dullahan.jpg (180 KB, 541x743)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
> A disembodied head floating through the air has a warm and inviting smile
> There is no sign of injury or wounds indicating a decapitation
> Despite floating, the sound of footsteps can be heard
> Always accompanied by beautiful white stallions walking beside them, carrying bags filled with gifts and toys to give to young children
> A Dullahan's path is easily blocked, any wall, closed gate or door will signal to them that they are not wanted, and will turn away
> They enjoy company, making friendly conversation to any who choose to walk alongside it.
> They adore and are easily fascinated with rare metals, such as cold iron or gold
> Where they stop walking, something good is sure to happen
> Sometimes they enter a town and loudly declare a name
> Whoever they call will soon be a parent
> The Dullahan will ensure the delivery of the child will have no complications before moving on
I'm imagining something that's born when a traveller lost in the woods is killed/dies to the elements and the soul refuses to move on. The blood seeps out of their body and forms the axe, which acts as the foci for their hatred. Short, violent lives as they run their course before their entire body falls apart as it's consumed by the axe. By the end, they're little more than a sillouette of their past selves wielding a wicked looking axe before that too fading and the only evidence the Daradyd even existed is the wanton destruction left around them.
File: Reverse Wolf.jpg (51 KB, 700x273)
51 KB
Were Wolf
> An ordinary wolf
> By the light of the sun it transforms into a human
> The man is civilized and sophisticated
> Finding himself trapped in the woods, he begins to build shelter and hunt
> Often he winds up killing other wolves of his own pack
> Every night the wolf turns back, and finds evidence of a hunter killing his pack
> The wolf destroys the shelter of the man in anger
>The cycle repeats
I might actually make some of these creatures, the reverse Dryad and troll that I made so far seem like they could be decent creatures for some games, that and who ever made the dullahan is fucking awesome
Make the scales human faces, and you're golden.
They sustain their life by engulfing living beings, wrapping around them and falling into a deep slumber to slowly consume the entombed victim via secreting digestive juices.
File: Snek.jpg (26 KB, 350x400)
26 KB
Shit, didn't see this one until I was already done with mine...

> The hooded head of a cobra attached to an otherwise beautiful body of a human
> Crawls around on all fours
> While believed to be generally harmless, hide themselves away in dark dungeons and caves of their own volition, finding most surface life hideous and frightening
> They often use their magical breath to animate statues or carvings they find in the caves and ruins they inhabit
> They spend their time playing with their stone friends, though the magic is only temporary.
Gotta admit I like yours better though
>>half killer whale, half panther
I got two versions of the rust monster

Embroidery Monster
> Large golden spider creature with gemstone like eye growing crystals on its body
> Strip metal from anything it can find from abandoned objects or adventurers alike
> Coats it in a shining saliva that makes the metal shine bright like silver
> Produces webs of solid gold that it weaves into the metal with beautifully intricate designs
> Sometimes it will rip the crystals from it's back to embed them into the object
> Hoards it's beautiful creations, putting it's favorites on display in its home, an abandoned palace, museum or other suitable place where expensive art and treasure would be found.

Embalming Monster
> Large beetle with fine needle on its face like mosquito
>Injects it into flesh of enemies and releases a deadly poison that paralyzes before stopping the heart
> Once it's victim is dead the creature removes the body from it's equipment, to which it has no interest
>Proceeds to drain the body of blood and replacing it with it's poison, preserving the corpse in an almost statuelike stiffness

Can only be killed by rebuilding their soul-jar would be better.
Can't be permanently killed, the soul jar only temporarily kills it as long as it remains intact
I dunno, cockatrices are serpentine chickens. I tried to think what the opposite of a snake mixed with a rooster is
These are both bretty good

This whole thread is pretty good desu. It'd be fun to run a reverse setting
>Attractive and young all male beings that live in cities
>Often try to tempt the well off and non-needy into making good choices
>Terrible at magic, except the removing of curses and blessing newborn children
>They are usually good with rare cases of them promising aid, yet never giving it at all
>little boys, though they sometimes use glamours to turn themselves into ugly fat men
>God asked for a pact with them, siphoning some of their powers in return for making them stronger after death
>Highly skilled Craftsmen, very industrious, but are awful at the sciences and alchemy
>try to expose corruption and magical deception, often times going on harrowing adventures to do so
>Artificially shortening their lives in order to restore the purity of others
>known by their skull caps and loose clothing
God damn I laughed too much because of that
File: Gear-Harpy_Render.png (26 KB, 380x380)
26 KB
Reverse Harpy
>A large predatory bird with muscular human arms and legs.
>Unable to fly, it crashes through the undergrowth, strangling and throttling anything to slow to get away
> On some occasions, they may take a liking to human settlements, leaving strangled game and other food items at people's doorsteps
> Reverse harpies sing beautifully, and their trilling, twittering, multilayered songs can leave both human and animal listeners enchanted. So enchanted that they don't even notice as a 9 foot tall man hawk crashes though the forest and strangles them to death.
File: Reverse Harpy.jpg (15 KB, 400x265)
15 KB
Gross mushroom skin

>Few in number
>Generally unarmed, but they wear nice armour
>Strong but slow moving, deliberate
>brave as hell, almost never rout unless they know they can't win

This is actually an interesting concept. I like it.
Sound like those big guys from Mass Effect, the elcor
Reverse Human
>assymetrical body layout
>various limbs
>limbs are used to walk and for one other skill
>pairs of limbs are used in conjunction to do the other skill
>again highly specialized to one environment
>spontaneously generate from the environment
>nigh immune to accidents in that environment
>smooth hairless exoskeleton
>various methods of breathing or taking energy from environment
>usually photosynthetic, except in cases of the most extreme environments (such as caves and polar regions
>vehemently antisocial to the point of preferring death over meeting or forming bonds with another of its kind
>Treasure chest given mimic abilities.
a little like elves
oh addendum
>no central brain, instead they have a central nerve ganglion like a cockroach
>their extremities are much tougher and larger
>it varies between different members, but their organs are usually in their limbs, or where their limbs meet their torso
>no head, instead they have eyes and various sensory organs spread throughout their body

Not that slow, those guys have like 2 dex. We're talking +2 int, str, -4 dex.
>cuboid body with a giant nose on one side
>elephant-trunk-like appendages on the top
>each trunk can manifest a spell-like ability by exhaling
>exhalations from the main nose enhance magic
>humble creatures fascinated by exotic, foreign things
>deep sense of solidarity among their own kind; they tend to treat other members of their species as if they were family

Gelatinous Cube
>heavy, hard, smooth black spheres
>attack by crushing their opponents
>startlingly cunning creatures which employ clever tactics
>they hate being coated in any residue from their victims and will go to great lengths to remove such stains

I think I like the simplest possible take on a reverse rust monster— an animal that vomits metal onto adventurers.
>>vehemently antisocial to the point of preferring death over meeting or forming bonds with another of its kind
So they reproduce through budding like polyps?
>Can only ever be in light, darkness makes them freeze
The brighter the surroundings, the faster the creature can move. Flashbulbs = temporary super speed.

The creature is effectively indestructible, so it was sealed away by being buried alive so the darkness paralyzed it. This worked perfectly until some unfortunate adventurers misunderstood the "not a place of honor" warnings and released it.
I was thinking that they would spontaneously generate from the environment around themselves, but I kinda like this more. So, yes they bud off and find different environments before they grow fully.
Reverse Siren
>Listening to other's voices will cause the speaker incredible pain, and sends them into a frenzy
>They use this ability to ward off land traveler's from danger, repelling people far from them
>They are burly men with the head of a fish
>They are known warriors, almost always clad head to toe in suits of fishy armor
>Smell like trout
>Their singing voices are just ok
>not a wolf bite that cures lycanthropy
>>They possess a singular head, shared by many bodies that resemble birds of prey
I have absolutely zero clue how the fuck this supposed to look
A bunch birds all sharing one head and neck that branches off into other bodies my man
>A large chaotic good land bound beast from the nine heavens of the devils
>Usually they get wizards to serve them as righteous agents
>Holy creatures not skilled in manipulation or scheming, they are well known for being trustworthy
>Many are also utterly terrible at stealth, making any attempts to do so comical at best.
File: Reverse Chimera.jpg (30 KB, 500x500)
30 KB
>reverse chimera

See, I was going to say a reverse unicorn would have 10 horns and constantly try to pick up sluts.
>Reverse Sphinx
>Cute humanoid girl with a Lion Head
>Super fucking dumb, with a complete lack of foresight.

Maybe like this?
>tfw when no headfu

In some ways this is the Solar Exalted, fittingly.
I kinda like this race of not!Pawns. It'd be really good for a wizard's servant staff.
I think Ravenloft had a critter like this.
File: reverse monsters.png (1.4 MB, 1432x6864)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
It took more than an hour, but I managed to compile most of this. Good thread, friends.
Doing Reverse God's work anon!

Reverse God
>Female earthbound creature
>Denys any connection to religious writtings refering to it
>hates everyone and everyone forgets about her after they leave
>always has no clue whats going on or what is about to happen
>Very materialistic to the point of obsessive greed
>Demons and evil things seek her out for advice
>Often convinces others heaven isn't a real place
That's already a thing though
Females already exist
File: reverse monsters.png (1.42 MB, 1432x7074)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
I appreciate the support.

Alright, that made me chuckle.

Flammable sea-level dogs.
Any given tumblr poster

>Nothing about smell
>No mention o earth-shakig girth
>Nothung about bright coloured hair warning of toxicity

I dunno anon, doesn't sound much like the tumblr i know
>can only sleep on crosses
>they burn the moon
so basically vegan jersey shore guidos with healing abilities
I really like that mermaid
>Cock slave the race.
my sides
Blink dogs
>Dimwitted muscular feline creatures.
>Extremely wicked and domineering in nature, will refuse to take orders under any circumstance.
>Have the ability to keep themselves and anything/anyone that is eithin its jaws bound to a single spot indefinitely.
>Creature of pure love that occurs when a mother is pregnant with a child
>Very physical creature that sometimes can become incorporeal
>Possesses a touch that can warm and give life to the wounded
>Its body glows all over except its green eyes
>Cannot stand the darkness and grows far more powerful in the light
>Those who it heal are unlikely to ever spawn another wraith
>They stop existing once the unborn child enters the world
Reverse Trolls
>cowardly hemophiliacs
>full of energy, incredibly active, using this to bring their civilization to great heights
>despite their aggressive nature, they're herbivores
>The most common warrior is a heavily armored monk
>small in stature and weak in physicality, make up for this through dark magics
>renown for their culture and works of art, described as some of the most potent philosophers and beautiful poets
Lady of the Lake
>"Man of the Sky"
>Male legs that emerge from the clouds on top of a mountain
>completely malicious
>has a great, booming voice, and is quite articulate and frank, constantly delineating their intentions and insulting whomever approaches
>forcibly takes every weapon save swords and destroys them within the clouds
>Its main goal is the destruction of the Monarchy
>Disenchants objects
>Loves women
So, heroic barbarians?
this one is neat
That feel when you get party wiped by legs.
Reverse Phoenix
>A fish made of mud
>When it dies, it is retroactively erased from all memory in a muddy implosion
>Sapient, but incredibly stupid. Can have small talk at best
>All over the place, next to worthless on the market
>Martials like to carry them around as pets

I giggled
>Reverse Kender
>They are a race of gentle giants that resemble gaunt, elderly humans that are twice as tall with long, drooping earlobes.
>They are clad in rags or simple furs and carry very little material possessions except for their gifts.
>Though hated and shunned by civilized folk as harbingers of ill omen, these beings feel compelled to craft protective amulets and charms to give away as gifts.
>They must do so in secret during the dead of night since they would be attacked in broad daylight.
>Though they are shunned by society, to those that befriend them, they shall know none better or more loyal an ally.
>Their voices are low and deep, and they speak slowly but clearly. When in the wilds they can speak to each other from miles away via subsonic "rumbling"
Edgy mode:
it has a telescopic horn on its back, that is hidden beneath the folds of its skin. It uses a glamour to appear beautiful and innocent to virgins. When they mount he beast, the skin folds away and the horn pierces through the victim, up through its entire body and out its mouth. It acts as a parasite, both consuming the body for sustenance as well as keeping it alive to prolong its suffering. During this time, it dispels its glamour and rides around displaying its true nightmarish features. The victim can often be heard crying, whimpering and pleading for death.
Don't get me wrong, that's pretty edgy, but it's definitely an interesting concept.
Thanks. I almost went full edgy and said the reason it wants virgins is because it pierces through the vaginal cavity but thought yea nah that's unnecessary gore
Huh, it checks out.
>before Burger King sent her back

Holy shit. My sides.
Seconded. I want to include Husks as a wandering boss monster now.
I'm amazed no one tackled elves before, but they'll just come out like orcs or dwarves anyway.
>Broad, graceless humanoids with stumpy limbs and crude, flat-featured faces
>Hopelessly out of contact with nature, and view those who further nature's reign with disdain and hatred - to them, nature is an evil plague that must be held at bay
>Craftsmen who produce shoddily made but brutally effective machinery and weapons, all made of metal
>Short-lived but with little genetic variety - all of them around the world look very similar, despite their short lifespans lending themselves well to rapid evolution
>Open, friendly and garrulous, with a tendency to be too trustworthy and bring other races too close - this has resulted in them becoming enslaved by other races multiple times
>While fast-breeding and shamelessly carnal, the one thing they hold sacred is their own racial purity - it's inconcievable to breed with anyone outside the race. Half-breeds are very rare, but are accepted as part of the community anyway - the blame is all on the parents.
>Artless and unappreciating of beauty, with a very short written history, little spoken history and a fuzzy grasp of abstract concepts
>Fair, realistic and blunt to the point of rudeness or occasional heartlessness; lack patience for long-term ploys and prefer not to take risks
>Consummate meat-eaters and industrialists who consider it bad luck to eat something that's grown in the soil - one of their few idioms is "a vegetable doesn't choose what it eats, but an animal knows what's good for it" - and revere the biggest machine in their encampment as the deity who keeps the plagues and beasts of nature at bay
Yeah, pretty much how I figured it would turn out.
If only we could get our own drawfag in here
Just go to the drawthread and make a request, my dude.
Those shrieking mushrooms that function as alarms by making a loud screech when exposed to light.
Instead, they shriek in the dark.
They have invasively overtaken the area around a town, so the villagers have to put torches all over the place just to get some sleep.
They send the party on a quest to drow society to confirm the rumors that they have rituals to create permanent colored lights on objects and bring back someone to illuminate the town because no matter how many times they burn the mushrooms, they come back.
Touch my dude
File: 1486529615353.png (90 KB, 300x300)
90 KB
Reverse Protestant
>Not heretics
>Charitable, never greedy
>Accepts responsibility for bad behaviour without trying to argue that their relationship with God excuses them from wrongdoing
>Doesn't use their religion as a shield to advance their personal agenda
>Doesn't pretend that Jesus would have agreed with everything they say.
>Would never dream of selling poorly made Jesus memorobelia out of their churches or scamming people out of their money by implying that God is complicit in their "Seed Money" and "faith healing" bullshit
>Doesn't try to rules laywer the ten commandments by telling people that by converting, they'll be "reborn" and none of their old sins will matter anymore.
Simply epic
File: thinking lucoa.jpg (50 KB, 564x663)
50 KB
I feel like you could say the same thing about Catholics and I'm a Catholic myself but I think that's supposed to be part of the joke
Complete and utter heresy.
Yes, protestantism is.
and 4 more arms
>A creature of such beauty that stone becomes lively flexilbe flesh around them.
>They appear as snakes with humans for scales

Yeah its a reverse gorgon. Instead of a human with snakes for hair its a snake with humans for scales. Instead of turning flesh to stone they turn stone to flesh. Its an easy to grasp concept.
Isn't this basically just toxus from Ferngulley?
>Weapon wielding warlord who only occassionally uses magic.
>A once powerful individual who has broken a promise toward a smaller weaker and often good hearted entity.
>Every time he fulfils one of the entity's requests the entity takes more power from him.
>When he has grown especially weak the entity may even take objects or living creatures from him weapons,books, companions and pets.
>When the entity is done with him he will lose almost his physical strength and he will not be able to do anything beyond magic.
Thinking that >>52734257 isnt better than your idea
I know mimic was already posted but here's my go at this.

>A normal monster of any kind
>Runs straight towards you screaming and making the loudest noise possible
>When you kill it, you discover... that it's actually a chest that was trapped inside a monster's body
>The chest rewards you by opening up its treasures to you
>Very pleasant monster to encounter
Snakes with humans for scales are not beautiful I'm sorry.
You just havent found the right snake yet.
This one would be a great reward for a party after a failed dungeon expedition. Have them risk their lives, only to find out what they were after was already taken/killed/accomplished, then when they get out, BAM! Hit them with a reverse mimic and let them enjoy the treasures inside.
You have created piñata golems.
Old Testament God?
Reversest mimic
>semisapient slime-esque creatures that can feel surface thoughts and emotions.
>feed on joy and surprise
>they stick pieces of wood to their outer surface in an attempt to look like boxes or chests.
>collect scraps from around the dungeon when they can't feel anyone around.
>sometimes it's wood, sometimes metal, sometime cloth, sometimes flesh, hide, and bone from corpses.
>when it senses someone who might find it, it scuttles off to find a place to sit and starts using what it's collected to make various objects for visitors to find, smushing themselves flat against their wooden shell so that they look normal when opened.
>mimics don't inherently understand what living things want, but make guesses based on past experiences and what they manage to glean from visitors.
>young mimics will often mistakenly not recognize that some shapes are only supposed to be made from certain materials or it might mix up patterns
>This is why sometimes you'll see weird things like underwear made out of chainmail, sharpened wooden swords, or leather armour with inexplicably placed metal studs in it come out of dungeons. It's doing its best, but doesn't know any better.
>More experienced mimics figure out how to make more detailed or appealing equipment, and also copy trinkets and objects that they've seen visitors using, including magic items if they can find the right materials.

They just want to make you happy when you see what they've made for you.
File: 1486613872485.gif (267 KB, 219x300)
267 KB
267 KB GIF
That's adorable!
I love it
I love it a lot
>Smaller than normal goblins
>known for their loosely organized ways and staunch anti-war mindset
>Tend to break up armies and organizations once they get absorbed into them, their lazy nature is the bane of a well oiled war machine
>Are good guys all around but they are avoided for being a race of dead beats
At least they're not kender
>very antisocial
but anon...
as in anti-society
I want to inteoduce this into a game so badly. But i feel like my players would just kill it without question
Sounds like some mix between gobbos and dwarves, which I suppose makes sense. A lot of races have a foil race that they're rivals with

How would they notice right off?

It looks like a normal treasure chest, it's a mimic. Since it was described as squishing itself flat, maybe it just has a thin layer of barely noticable transparent gel on the inside when it's opened.

If you want them to notice it, maybe send them to the same place twice and one of the chests is inexplicably full again? And if one of the players acts suspicious of it, have it quickly scramble off and around a corner, accidentally tipping and the item inside falls out to the ground.

If your players are anything like mine, if they can't see it right off, they'll try to check the fallen item over to see if it's cursed/trapped/evil, because hey, free loot, and if not will try to figure out what the hell the little thing is.

Now that they're interested, play up the "helpless" angle. Maybe it's fallen over and can't get up, little psuedopod feet wiggling ineffectually. Maybe it somehow managed to irritate something else in the dungeon and when the party catches up it has claw marks in its wood and whatever monster you choose is trying to pry it open.
>actually wants to do its job (treasure chest, pillar, floor), but is terrible at imitation and ends up scaring people
>friendly and non-predatory, mimics will eagerly perform their dreamed duty (treasure chest: hold goodies, switch: operate machinery when activated)
>tfw no reverse mimic gf to try and hide from you while making cute noises or shuffling around for no reason
why live
Sounds like a lovecraftian horror to me.
>why live
Please contemplate this a little more seriously and consider ending it all
>Most terrifying and ill mannered creature in the entire underdark
>Absorbs light to make any place theyre in seem darker
> immune to all telepathy
>Can only communicate through physical gestures
>Feeds ravenously on another creatures physical energy until that creature expires
>Moves by suctioning itself to cave ceilings.
>Is entirely harmless when it is not upside down.
Wait, I think some porn artists actually drew something kinda like this.
Their tentacles were on the back of their heads and concealed a vagina/mouth thing.
File: 11a.jpg (156 KB, 460x461)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>floating orb containing large gaseous sac to decrease its density
>like an oil-covered balloon, virtually impossible to hold onto without slipping away
>pneumatic release valves allow not only rapid acceleration but also targeted bursts of air to push its prey around
>typically ambush adventurers in large bundles, where coordinated bursts prevent victims from ever gaining footing
>commonly found around mountains or cliff-sides where they lets gravity deliver the fatal blow
>feeds primarily on hair and skin, eating anything too dense runs the risk of the monster bursting itself open
So basically oompa loompas?
Kms my man
Some absolute bastard is training them to make booby traps. They don't know that their creations are explosive, they just want to help.
Sounds like Hobbits.
Ale Is poison
>Reproduce by putting other humanoid reproductive fluids into their heads

They reproduce by sucking dick?
>Only conceive a single child in their lifetime and love him more than anything

They would go extinct very quickly.

Imagine being a peasant and not knowing what an Anti-Dullahan is.

>A floating head and some horses show up at the edge of town and it loudly calls out a name
>Your name
>Everyone panics and runs inside
>It floats around the village for a bit, then quickly leaves
>You unlock your door to find that it left its sack in the middle of the village
>Nobody knows what's inside the sack, but it's obviously no good
>Maybe a dead body, or maybe it just curses whoever opens it
>Call the local priest to deal with the probably cursed bag
>He does some chants, casts some spells, then reaches out to open the bag
>Wooden horses, rag dolls, and picture books fall out

File: happyfish.png (246 KB, 650x499)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Hell yeah
No dont ruin blowjobs too with the possibility of those vile little parasites.
File: chitsu_04[1].jpg (403 KB, 1280x1808)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
But tongue louses are cute.
I'm using this.
Holy shit, little fucking flesh Gremlins that fuck with defenses and like work safety is the greatest thing I've ever heard. I'm gonna steal the fuck out of this, it's the perfect problem for low level adventurers in some podunk town to deal with

What have i unleashed upon the multiverse?
At least my non-fetish idea is worth using.
>The blessed half spider half drow servants of lolth
>Commonly found in the bright sunny surface, and have usually light colors on their spider half.
>Males are treated with respect and usually are the dominant ones.
>All from the waist down are humanoid and from the waist up spiders
>They are viewed as a great blessing and boon, despite creeping the fuck out of people, cause they're still giant ass spider people.
I don't know if this would be the right thread for it, but I had a dream last night about a Werewolf variant that I need to write down somewhere before I forget it. Not a lot of it will make sense because I'm just half-remembering something that was working based on dream logic.

It was called a WereWere(I know Were just means Man in this context, but like I said, dream logic).
>At first looked indistinguishable from a werewolf, aside from occasionally attacking with stretchy Mr Fantastic arms. Functionally, most WereWere's are also indistinguishable from normal Werewolves.
>WereWeres, instead of being infected with a wolf-changing virus, were infected with the concept of change
>This causes the infectees to change based on their sense of self. Since most assume they were infected by werewolves and will become werewolves, they do.
>Others go through no change because they still see themselves as normal. This is most common in people who are aware of a WereWere's true nature ahead of time.
>Even rarer are the people who can take advantage of the concept of change and alter their sense of self to basically become shapeshifters with no limit beyond how far they can stretch their sense of self, hence the strechy arms from the original WereWere.
>A true WereWere master who could stretch his sense of self beyond his own body and basically become a limited reality warper.
>the WereWere "virus" isn't infectious by default, and usually only becomes so if the person thinks they are infectious(like most Werewolves) or if they're intentionally passing it on
You could have just said a snake with human hair. That would make the most sense.
The gorgon had snakes for human hair, not scales for hair.
>spawn from intersections of leylines; they possess all five colors of mana
>create planes from those intersections

>mends shattered planes together
>geological structures and vegetation emerge from his wake
>spawn has colorful faces full of features that constantly change, have tentacles for arms and legs with bisecting feet

>stabilizes aether and restores the physics of the plane
>spawn have no eyes, but instead have mouths and are blob-like; they have impossibly white halos that seal the blind eternities, preventing aether flow and planeswalking nearby

>causes life under its influence to duplicate by splitting apart sort of like mitosis
>spawn have polished and smooth surfaces devoid of features; spawn are generated as byproducts of replication; spawn dig into corpses to revive and rejuvenate them as if they never perished
Theyre super wary of chests at this point and shoot them with arrows before evwn touching them. Probably cauae the last DM they had made chests spontaneously turn into mimics if you didnt keep an eye on them for too long.
>can only go in places where they're not invited
>down holy water to stay alive
File: CKl8IpsWcAAZ_EH.jpg (63 KB, 600x360)
63 KB
God fucking damn it, I want to use all of these in some reverse clichéa, and go on a weird reverse hero's journey
>weird reverse hero's journey
The story of an extraordinary man becoming mundane?
Reverse Nightwalker
>Made of pure light
>Can repair broken weapons by touching it
>It's gaze rallies allies with courage
>Can dispel undead
>When in bright area, gains bonus to detecting hidden foes

Seems like one of the best Paladins or party faces.
You missed
>killed by putting their head back on and removing the steak from their heart
>A fleshy creature in the shape of a stone or some other inanimate object, many appear to be boulders of flesh
Completely on his own with no guidance or call to action
>I had a dream last night about a Werewolf variant that I need to write down somewhere before I forget it
I think you're a WereWere dude.
What's it called
A Rock but alive.
Pyura chilensis.
It's edible, and yes, people eat it. Just about my favorite dish in the world, actually.
That's just a paladin
What's it taste like guy
I can dig it. Seems like a bizarre fae creature.
>Can be resurrected with a stake through the heart.
I imagine a series of long necks, that all converge in a single head.

Might be cooler in an aborieal creature.

Sort of like an octopus, but each tentacle has an entire body.
>inexplicably drawn to attempt to answer riddles.
So THAT'S what the Monty Python's Flying Circus foot was.
>really bad at solving riddles because it lacks creativity
That sounds like it has horrible Locomotion
Seems like sort of a trivial threat desu
>A spiky land squid with puma legs coming out from in between each of its tentacles
>has two less tentecales than an average squid
>has a passive aoe that removes all illusions
>gives off an aura such that no matter how obfuscated it is, you always know exactly where it is at all times
>it's bright white in color
>Its thorny on every surface of its body save the ends of its tentacles and puma paws
>a human-like fish, with the body and general shape of a fish, but with a human-ish face, hair, skin, hand-like fins
>behave like feral animals, are only aggressive if backed into a corner
>despite their physicality, they live in high places, making their homes on mountain tops and occasionally on the clouds themselves
>despite being near animals, they will randomly come to trade in dwarven cities, bringing bizarre and eclectic goods, ranging from priceless to worthless
>have a particular dislike for humans
>wear no close, but take a liking to large hats and outlandish and impractical gloves
>they are atheistic in nature, although some worship Plooploodbilb (meaning sky father), an antagonistic figure
My nigga you got some updating to do

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