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Seriously. Fricken fat egg looking jerks just sitting on you whenever they damn well please

Last thread here >>52685301
>The Bayushi walked up, to his stance drew and fired drew and fired drew and fired drew and fired drew and fired.
>His hands blured, the last arrow struck before the first stopped quivering.
>And he returned to his seat even before Agito had time to announce his score.
>His targets were on the smaller end of the kill zones, spread out across the width of the field
>A very good score, but several had better already.
>Still, his message had been quite clear
>Then it was Monkeys turn.
>He shot all his arrows into the commander
>One planked off the crest of the helm
>Another struck the knee
>Two more struck the do
>The last one jutted out of the eye of the mempo
>Monkey was a proficent archer. He was not an expert.
>He had done exactly the thing you should not have, gone for to many difficult shots and hoped his score would not suffer from too many misses
>Agito moved up and checked the penetration.
>Boht hits to the do had gone in far enough,
>one hit heart instead of lungs, and was worth more points. The brain was worth the most points.
>Even with only two non scoring arrows, no one would be able to match him without at least a Lung hit on the commander.
>Mantis-san whispred to me
>How the HELL does he do that?!
>I shrugged. Better to be lucky than good?
>Kitsuki-san offerd his own opinion.
>Rather, luck is a skill all it's own, and the Toku seem to have mastered that skill...
>He reminds me of the students of the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies
>When the fuck did Amano-san join us!?
>I scowled at him.
>Don't ninja around me like that, dammit.
>I'm jumpy; you might get hurt.
>Ah yes, the old saying: 'when you wake a Crab, use a stick'
>I will remember that, Ishigaki-san.
>He smilled to assure me there was no malice in his returned banter.
>You know know that guy who went before Monkey?
>Bayushi Kentaro. My cousin.
>That was some impressive speed
>It is the motto of the Bayushi dojo: Strike First' Strike Last
>I grunted
>So who is next?
Monkey what the hell?
God damn it, Monkey.

Why are Monkeys so god-damn adorable?
>It was a Shiba. The Gunso who had taken us to see Ayame
>He fired his arrows in smooth deliberate rythm, as Naomi had done.
>Each shot scoring high
>His last arrow found the do of the commander
>He had passed Monkey's score
>Awww. That fast?
>That's the danger of a tournament like this. If you take the high score everyone after you will try to beat it, even if only by a slim margin
>And you've gaurenteed that everyone will aim for the commander now.
>Agito waved a flag.
>There would be break while the commander was fitted with a new do and re stuffed
>As good a time as any for lunch then.
>Amano joined us, as did his cousin.
>Naomi gave me a discrete elbow when she saw me check my riceball for ninjas.
>Aoi decided to join us as well
>She sat next to Kitsuki-san
>Every time someone asked her to pass something she used it as an excuse to lean against him.
>He kept a stony face up the whole time, which only served to encourage me to ask Aoi to pass more food my way.
>He glared at me the third time I asked for some more shrimp
>Monkey, oblivious to the danger he was in, spoke freely with the Scorpions in our midst
>That was some impressive shooting, Kentaro-san!
>Yours was better though.
>Only my score. I think you'd do better on a real battlefield though...
>Kentaro smiled at the compliment
>It was unnerving, given I could only see half his face
>Oh my, I can see why you keep asking for more of this Shrimp, Ishigaki-san!
>That's because it's done in proper Crab style
>Crabs enjoyed food covered in batter and cooked by immersing it in hot oil.
>They even had a proper dipping sauce.
>Aoi held out a piece, dripping with juice, to Kitsuki-san
>You should try this! It's delicious!
>Naomi hid a titter behind her sleeve as the rest of us just grinned.
ah friends.
Their is no one who can fuck with you as much as friends.
Libraranon, could you post your caps?
These OP pics are just getting better and better
Return home from con
Fatigue and exhaustion grow
Sleep can wait for Crab
Toku Bushi school gives you a not-insignificant bonus to everything you do, providing its challenging enough. They're highly encouraged to go for the high-risk high-reward way of living, since it gives them the best results.
>Kitsuki-san tried to murder us all with his glare as he ate the piece
>It is very good shrimp. Thank you Aoi-san
>My pleasure!
>After a pleasant lunch we returned to witness the end of the archery contest.
>Mantis-san was up next
>he first put three arrows into some moderate targets.
>Then fired his last two shots at the commander.
>He arced his shots up high, the first was taken by the wind and overshot the commander
>The second came straight down and punched through the kabuto, burying itself halfway up the shaft.
>It was close, but he ended up falling shy of the Shiba Gunso's score
>After several unsecsfull attempts to remove Mantis-san's arrow it was decided the kabuto would be replaced
>Mantis-san was allowed to keep the helm, arrow and all.
>I know right where I'll put it, too.
>he grinned.
>After that it was another Lion, followed by an Utaku. Strong showing's from both, but neither was able to take the lead
>Then Crane stepped up. They were very young, and I couldn't tell if I was looking at a pretty boy or a young girl.
>Amono spoke up.
>I know that one. Doji Rei
>Well. Thanks for clearing up the mystery.
>She fired off two shots almost as fast as Kentaro had.
>And took out both eyes on the commander
>Her other three struck the back ranks of straw targets
>Well, that's damn near unbeatable.
>As the rest of the contestants took their shots, damn near became completely
>Doji Rei was declared the winner of the Archery contest
>Hey, uh, Ishigaki-san?
>Is that a boy or a girl?
>I'm married Monkey, I don't need to concern myself with such things.
>Oh, yeah. Guess you've got a point.
>I was just curious, is all.
>Naomi and I ate dinner with our kids, private family time.
>Neither of them had gotten the hang of chopsticks yet, so it was bit messy. Lots of grab and stuff and giggle.
>Tetsute's first word had been HUNGRY
>And much of his vocabulary centered around food.

Eat and grow, small Crab
Soon you will need to carry
The greatest burden
>Even as an infant his I'm hungry cries were cleary different from any other crying
>In that they could probably hear him all the way to the Wall.
>Naomi took the children for a bath, and headed down to the mens baths
>They were empty, save for one other.
>He looked up as I entered, then down. Then away, angrily.
>So, I win again.
>I sat down and began to wash, not giving him any satisfaction by noticing him
>Silnce, for a time
>It is not enough for you take my daughter, now you want my son as well?
>Don't give me that bullshit, you never wanted your daughter to begin with.
>She still had value to this family!
>I dumped my bucket over my head and stood up
>I looked him dead in the eyes.
>You really don't understand, do you?
>THAT is why your son doesn't respect you enough to follow in your footsteps.
>I got in to soak, as Shoji choked back his rage
>You all took a great risk with the incident the other day!
>You were lucky it worked out so well!
>You fools think with your hearts to much, do you know nothing of Duty or Honor!
>I surged across the bath at him
>And pinned him to the wall, my forearm across his neck.
>Not quite choking him, but close
>Do not DARE speak to me of duty little man.
>You have spent your whole life hiding behind others, letting them take the risks for you.
>I have stood at the forefront of every battle I have ever been in.
>You use others to further your own goals
>You throw away their lives when it is convenient
>You have never risked you own life, not once, on purpose
>For an earth tensai, you're pathetic. A sniveling coward afraid to be hurt.
>And you would lecture me about honor? about duty?
>Say something like that again and you'd better pray to every fortune, kami and ancestor you can think off that one of those Crane steps up to defend you.
>I let him go
>And left
>I will make you pay for these insults! One day I will take something YOU hold dear!
File: Stonewall Book 1 chap 1.png (2.13 MB, 3466x4530)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
I gotchu senpai. There's 16 of the things so far, I think...
File: Stonewall Book 1 chap 2.png (3.31 MB, 3463x4738)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
huh. F A M is wordfiltered to senpai
File: Stonewall Book 1 chap 3.png (2.92 MB, 3441x4810)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
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Ooooooooooo Shiiiiiiiit did he just threaten the little crabs?
File: Stonewall Book 1 chap 4.png (2.7 MB, 3474x3850)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB PNG
>One day I will take something YOU hold dear!

I think Shoji is about to have an "accident" and drown in the bath.
Thanks, I have a friend who doesn't browse 4chan that I'm sharing these with.

>inb4 reddit
Oh no he didn't
Sniveling phoenix got balls
Step up crab-sama
File: Stonewall Book 2 chap 1.png (3.28 MB, 3434x4970)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB PNG
File: Stonewall Book 2 chap 2.png (3.41 MB, 3434x4970)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
File: Stonewall Book 2 chap 3.png (3.38 MB, 3434x4970)
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3.38 MB PNG
six captchas. joot plz
File: Stonewall Book 3 chap 4.png (3.41 MB, 3432x5512)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
File: Stonewall Book 2 chap 4.png (3.37 MB, 3434x4970)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
File: Stonewall Book 2 chap 5.png (2.97 MB, 3434x4970)
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2.97 MB PNG
mixed up the post order there
Someone archive this shit so we don't lose these!
File: Stonewall Book 2 chap 6.png (2.75 MB, 3426x4546)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB PNG
File: Stonewall Book 3 chap 1.png (2.98 MB, 3430x4442)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
Ikoma-anon is handling the screencaps, while Librarian Anon is doing a pdf
I don't think anything from the last thread got capped.
File: Stonewall Book 3 chap 2.png (3.04 MB, 3434x4970)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
Little bird brain fool
You can not threaten a Crab
Without a beating
File: Stonewall Book 3 chap 3.png (3.16 MB, 3432x5512)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB PNG
File: Stonewall Book 4 chap 1.png (3.26 MB, 3432x5512)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
Ikoma anon mentioned offhandldy some shit going down irl. Maybe their unable to continue? Because this is it as far as I know
>Nope. Still mad
>So I returned to punch Shoji in the face
>I felt his cheekbone crack
>Shoji was not much of a brawler, and naked while sitting in water up to his waist wasn't helping him any
>So I decided to give him some tips on swiming by shoving his head under the water
>Plus, he couldn't scream for gaurds to come help that way.
>It occured to me that I was having a naked fist fight with my father in law, and seriously trying to kill him
>This... this probably won't go over very well with Naomi.
>He might be a coward, but Shoji was still an earth tensai.
>The human spirit is tethered to it's body. >Damage the integrity of the body, and the spirit's grip loosens.
>Damage it enough and the spirit is no longer bound.
>The most basic 'healing' spell did not actually close wounds. Rather it simply reinforced the damaged bonds.
>At least, that's how Naomi explained it to me.
>The strength of ones earth most determined the strength of those tethers.
>In other words, this could take a while.
>It was then that I heard voices nearing the baths.
>So pulled Shoji up
>As he gasped and sputtered I yelled loudly enough to be heard outside
>Shoji-sama! Are you alright! It is slippery!
>The people outside rushed in
>He glared at me even as I slapped his back.
>To help him get all the water out, of course
>I... I am fine now!
>Good, good.
>Oh, it looks like you hit your face when you slipped!
>Yes, it is nothing though. I trully did not feel it.
>Of course, Shoji-sama, you are durable, if nothing else!
>I left, before I lost my temper again.
>I decided not to tell anyone about that little exchange.
>I joined my family and went to sleep
>There were a few days of more basic courtly activities
>Shoji was 'resting' due to a mild 'illness' and would resume hosting soon.
>In the meantime, we enjoyed watching Aoi pursue Kitsuki-san.
>I wondered if he was serious about his protestations.
Poor poor monkey-san
Centipede persues her prize
Will his resolve hold?
Turkey in cesspool
Feasting with abandon
Chocolate covered smirk

This is going to end so very, very well.

Doesn't anyone think this is going to end well?

Because this is going to end well.

So very, very well.
>After Shoji recovered from his 'illness' he announced the next competition
>A go tournament
>I was beginning to see a pattern here
>There many entrants for the go tournament.
>So many that even though it was single elimination, it would likely take a day or two.
>There was no time limit imposed on the individual games themselves.
>No one liked the weak fools who would play poorly but try to be ahead when time ran out, after all.
>My fist oponent turned out to be the Shiba Gunso
>I drew white
>he placed upon his left corner star
>I mirrored his move
>I played conservatively after all, building up my territory and only then attacking enough to nudge my opponent off the board
>We placed quickly at first, both of us ignoring the other in favor of developing a strong base.
>But while I was still moving up the sides, he took the Origin of Heaven
>Was he trying to fight for the center, while sneaking around the sides?
>Hoping that a battle on all fronts would confuse me?
>If he was, he was in trouble.
>I was not a smart man, but I knew how to defend my territory
>I continued on with my development, pretending to ignore his audacity
>He grew bold and struck at my territory before fully consolidating his position.
>I then sallied forth, harrying his flanks while he tried to push against me
>he wheeled in response
>Only for me to strike a hammer blow to the center crushing his line
>he frowned over the board for a moment.
>Then bowed
>A good game. You are better than I gave you credit for, and my recklessness cost me.
>I'd like to think I had something to do with my own victory, but he was right. I had won because he made a few costly mistakes.
>A good game. Maybe we can play again sometime, and I'll see what you're trully capable off.
>There were several games still ongoing, so I meandered about and observed
>Aoi was still playing.
>She was leaning forward studying the board intently
>her opponent was also studying intently
>just... not the board
It's a little bit after midnight here. Gonna turn in for the evening. Tomorrow should see fewer interruptions
I feel like at this point it's worth seriously considering going into debt to the Scorpion. Hell, maybe they'd give Ishi a discount? Killing Shoji would practically be doing a service to Rokugan.
Hey, I'm reading through the caps again, and what IS Dozega? Google and WIkipedia don't really come up with anything.

Disgracefully, the first result is from 9gag.
I know nothing of L5R, and I love this storytime. I haven't seen one this good since Shadowrun Storytime. We require art of Ishikagi and Dervish as drinking buds
As far as my google-fu can ascertain, a Dozega (possibly spelled dogeza?) is a bow. I'm assuming it's the full forehead on ground knees down hunched over bow.
so much this
Ishigaki has a bad problem with typos when the English biased spell checker just assumes every weeb word is wrong.

Given the context, you're probably right
Take this free bump from a yuropoor guy like me
>Is that a boy or a girl?
>I'm married Monkey, I don't need to concern myself with such things.

Fucking kek.
File: 1962769.jpg (46 KB, 390x600)
46 KB
Where are all the crane boytoys, hmm?
>implying that a crab would concern themselves if someone is a boy or a girl either way
Crane, go and stay go.
File: 2021876.jpg (532 KB, 782x1000)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
No way, this tale is too much fun
Serving as spare mounts for the Unicorn and the Dragon, of course.

Leave us out of your fag-fest, thank you.
>the dragons are only one samurai
I'll help myself to your share then
You can't take my share if I did not claim any share to begin with.

Also, consider changing clans.
I can take your share if someone offered it to you and you refused though. Because it was supposed to be yours but it was refused.

Also, no.
I don't know about your family, but mine doesn't deal with those who would make such offers. Because we do not partake in lowly acts.

Also, consider reviewing your position on the second one. I insist.
It is only lowly if one of the two sides does not consent to it. Strenghtening the bond between two clans is also praiseworthy, in these trying times: those who work together for a commin goal will have more success than those who work scattered and alone.
It is lowly because you do it out of your desire, which is obvious from how insistently you push for such exchenge and how avariciously you try to catch any opportunity to partake in it, as it is seen in you trying to grab on others' non-existant "shares".
Desire is a sin, ands you dishonor yourself by succumbing to it.
>implying you won't regret not taking this opportunity
No, I wouldn't. You confuse me with someone else, probably yourself.
An arrow set loose.
What fate guides it to the mark?
Arrow's or archer's?
>not-insignificant bonus

It is a meager +1k0. But hitting a stationary target in the "eye" is crazy easy (5 + 4 Raises for the Called Shot = TN 25).

Pretty sure an archery contest is not going to use skirmish rules.
Oh, degenerate
I regret to inform you
traps are fucking gay
> not wanting to play burly unicorn or Matsu samuraiko married to white-haired crane trap
Shitposting runs loose
While storyteller is gone.
A shameful display!
I'm more insulted that you'd want to fuck a crane than anything else.

Still gay tho
>a meager +1k0
not wanting to makes it all the sweeter
Ah, traps may be gay
But I have to say, who cares?
Anon, they're still hot.
>I took a glance down at the board.
>With a frighteningly cute 'Yosh!' Aoi placed her piece
>I could see she was going to win.
>his pieces were scattered; she had waltzed into his territory practically unopposed.
>Monkey was sitting across from Katsuie-sama
>Monkey was telegraphing just how much trouble he was in; sitting with his ankles crossed and arms follded
>I came over to see just how bad it was.
>Katsuie-sama had succesfully pushed into the center and was curetnly ahead in the battle for one of Monkey's sides.
>Only a measly strip remained of Monkey's once proud empire
>And given how decisive Katsuie's voctories had been on the rest of the board, he might even be able to take more of that.
>Monkey made a frustrated noise and placed his piece, seemingly at random
>Ohhh, good move!
>Though Katsuie-sama praised Monkey's placement, I couldn't see how it helped him win.
>Katsuie-sama aborted his attack, placing to defend against Monkey's last move
>Monkey placed
>Then Katsuie-sama
>Then Monkey
>Then Katsuie-sama
>Then Monkey
>Then Katsuie-sama
>Then Monkey
>Then it was over
>Monkey had managed to, in the last few turns take back just a bit of his territory, reclaiming one of his sides
>Katsuie-sama thanked Monkey for the good game
>I am pleased to have seen such determination.
>many will simply concede when they think they have lost, but you kept fighting back, until the very end!
>I would have been more impressed were I not certain that Monkey had not planned any of that
>The first round was over.
>From our group, only Monkey failed to advance
>Guess it takes more than just luck to win a game of go, neh?
>Toshiro spoke up.
>Katsuie-sama is renowned throughout the Crab clan as a great go player.
>I looked over at him.
>really? I didn't know
>That's because you don't pay attention to things like that.
>I grunted.
>Round 2 began
>Mantis-san and I got to have our showdown
File: whathaveidone.gif (761 KB, 500x370)
761 KB
761 KB GIF
>decide to toss out a little trap fanservice for you filthy degenerates
>Come back to this wall of shitposts

Never change, you wonderful faggots
>>In our first games, we were lopsided in our styles
>He focused to much on attack, I foccused to much on defense
>We had improved one another considerably in our previous games
>Now an invincible force would collide with an immovable object
>and all of Rokugan would tremble
>I drew white again
>The two of us chose our ground for our basecamps, and began deploying our forces
>He sent scouts along his sides, testing to see how I would react
>I began laying traps just outside my territory
>I also gave up a few peices, sacrificing them to his sides, just so he didn't focus to much on what I was really up to
>He secured the flanks, and begans to bring up his forces, preparing to crush me in a pincer
>To late; I had prepared the center
>I struck deep into his territory, charging his base camp
>he responded swtifly, and I lost more force to his defense
>I fell back, trying to salvage the assault
>he pursued, thinking I had overreached
>Right into my traps
>It wasn't long before he found himself cut off
>I fell upon the center with all my might
>But Mantis-san wasn't about to give up so eaisly
>He marshaled his forces and drove a wedge through my encirclement
>Breaking free, he wheeled,
>It was nearing the end now
>He kept up a constant motion, slashing away wherever he could do the most damage
>rather than chase after him and try to stem the bleeding, I began to set up ahead of him blunting his assault
>When the last pieces were played, it ended up being very close.
>He had two sides, I had one. We contested the fourth. But I had the center
>I had won, though by a slimmer margin than I had expected.
>Well done Ishigaki-san
>You too, Mantis-san
>We grinned at one another, both pleased with ferocity and skill of our rival.
>I looked up to see Kitsuki-san staring down at our board
>He looked between the two of us.
>How is possible the two of you are so bad at this game?
>I've heard of beginners luck, but how did you BOTH manage to get past the first round?!
It's not our faults that we're degenerates!
>Monkey wins through sheer force of Shonen-Protag will
If Monkey keeps acting like this, it won't be long before he's the village Hokage! Believe it!
Kitsuki v Aoi final. Please.
File: 321654987.jpg (129 KB, 828x1163)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Traps are awesome. Every game should have some.
>Aoi wins
>She's upset, because she thought Kitsuki through the match
>really, he was just too distracted by her to play intelignetly
I think she knows exactly what effect she has on people.

"It was then that Ishigaki realised - he was not the hero, he was the token big guy in Monkey's party."
Yes it is you fucking sub-human.
File: 1486322544270.gif (2.99 MB, 480x320)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
>>I looked up to see Kitsuki-san staring down at our board
>>He looked between the two of us.
>>How is possible the two of you are so bad at this game?
>>I've heard of beginners luck, but how did you BOTH manage to get past the first round?!
>my fucking face when
Fine then, it's not my fault that shitposting is so much fun.
>Well, the Shiba I played did fall for my ploy and become overconfident.
>I played Lion, he fell for my taunting attacks and left himself open.
>So really, how do you figure we're bad?
>Kitsuki-san just buried his face in his hands
>It turned out, though, that Kitsuki-san had lost his match.
>Aoi had bested him soundly
>And so proved that playing one's opponent was just as viable as playing the game itself
>I really didn't know where he got off, saying we were bad at go.
>I was annihilated in the third round
>I sat across from an Akodo
>As we bowed he spoke
>Some say that go is superior game, others claim shogi.
>I say both are good.
>In Shogi, one must capture the opponents king, removing enemy pieces and pinning down his forces.
>It teaches one to think tactially, to see the strengths and weakness of each unit and use them to their best potential.
>Shogi simulates a real battle well.
>Go, however, is about controlling territory.
>Each piece is the same as any other. Their individual abilities do not exist, because at this level it is irrelevant.
>Only by working together can they achieve victory.
>Go teaches one about strategy
>I think this guy takes these games waaaay to seriously for his own good
>But, while his obsesion may be unhealthy, it proved it's worth quite handily
>He fell for none of my traps, simply placing his pieces with precision almost as soon as I decided on my own placement.
>He didn't respond to my feints, when I tried to begin setting up a trap he dismantled it before I was finished
>By the time I was done, a full 3/4 of the board was firmly in his control
>As we bowed after it was over he spoke again
>You have potential.
>But you forget this is game.
>Go can teach one strategy, but only if one is broad minded and able to the analogies
>You treat this as a literal battle and so your placement is amateur at best.
>Maybe Kitsuki-san was right after all.
>But he still lost before I did.
>How is possible the two of you are so bad at this game?

>It turned out, though, that Kitsuki-san had lost his match.
>Aoi had bested him soundly

The Salt is real.
>No, I did not lose
>But you were out of the trouney? So you must have lost?
>I conceded, but not because I could not win
>Then why?
>I found her playstyle offensive.
>Folding her hands in her lap to push herself up.
>leaning forward all the time
>Nibbling at her thumb while she thinks
>Shruging before she palced a peice.
>I could not think straight
>So, what you're saying is, she didn't beat your army, she fired an arrow with a letter into your camp that got you so worked up you beat yourself.
>Monkey fell over cackling.
>Beat Himself!
>Kistuki-san and Naomi were confused as to why that was so funny.
>Toshiro just responded to their confusion
>If we have to explain it, it's not really funny anymore
>I hadn't intended to make that joke. but whatever.
>I'd let them think I was clever
>The final turned out to be Katsuie-sama vs Akodo Gocrazy
>Hey, you played him didn't you Ishigaki-san?
>What's his name?
>Akodo Gocrazy
>No it isn't. His name is Akodo Akira
>I like mine better.
>What if he hears you?
>bah. I could take him.
>In a first blood duel over a minor insult? YOU?
>I had no idea why everyone keeps thinking I'm a terrible duelist
>That's it, I'm going to get my own headbag so that the next time we get caught up in a war I could go looking for duels and put an end to that once and for all.
>The real question is how to hide a head bag from Naomi.
>Gocrazy made the same speach to Katsuie-sama that he made to me
>Katsuie-sama offered some of his own go related wisdom
>Go is indeed a fine game. You can learn much about a person from the way they play
>But it is best to dispel all notions of them from your mind before you begin.
>If you have preconceptions, and they turn out to be wrong, you may outsmart yourself and play poorly.
>Katsuie-sama drew black
>He placed his first piece
>The Akodo followed with quick certainty
>As they devolped their openings, Kitsuki-san hissed beside me
>A fuseki!

It is. The Book of Air specifically calls out for that with the expanded Called Shot rules, and looks like Crab-sama and his companions have a major hard-on for by-the-book gaming (sorry, no offense intended).

At the table, the scene probably played out like this:
>Monkey made few-Raise (1-2?) shot, missed (very poor dice roll)
>Monkey made no-Raise shot, hit (in the knee, standard success)
>Monkey player got encouraged, took two Raises for a chest shot, scored a hit
>Monkey player got a good feel of the task, called four Raises for eyesocket shot, Void'd the roll, and scored a solid hit
According to previous combats in the story, I would say the Monkey player is not very familiar with the more advanced L5R skirmish rules. I can see him being in the blind about hitting stationary targets in a non-standard situation (he definitely didn't know that he was up against base TN 5) and thus having a somewhat rough start.


+1k0 is something like +2 to your average result (exploding dice included). That's "okay" at best IMO.
>Kitsuki-san whispered so as not to be overheard by the players
>Katsuie-sama is going for a far more open and relaxed game.
>I watched
>relaxed is right.
>Katsuie-sama was placing his pieces all around the board, isolated and alone
>I was sure he was setting up traps, except I couldn't see how they could form yet, or be closed in time
>Was he thinking of the endgame already?
>Could he really see that many moves ahead?
>Gocrazy's hand paused for the first time
>Naomi whispered to me
>He had been going with a traditional opening, building up his more easily defended sides and corners.
>Now he wonders if he should respond to Katsuie-sama or if he should continue
>Akodo Gocrazy placed his piece. Next to one of Katsuie-samas
>So, it is now then?
>Very well
>Katsuie-sama palced
>Then Gocrazy
>Katsuie placed with great speed
>So did Gocrazy
>Their hands were almost blurs
>Neither was looking at the board much
>They were looking at each other
>The Akodo was stone faced and stoic
>Katsuie-sama wore a faint smile.
>Whether he was enjoying the game or just knew something the Akodo did not was not clear.
>maybe it was both
>The Akodo paused again
>hand hovering over the place he was about set his piece down
>He looked at the board
>For some time
>Slowley, he moved his hand
>Placing the piece somewhere else
>Katsuie kept right with has certain, rapid placement.
>Akodo Gocrazy closed his eyes.
>And bowed to Katsuie-sama
>It was an honor to face such a skilled oponent
>Katsuie-sama returned the bow
>Likewise. I have learned much from you this day.
>Your strategy is strong, sturdy and reliable.
>You are easily the finest player I have ever had the fortune to face.
>At the end of the second day, Hida Katsuie was declared the winner of the Go tournament.
>Later on, I caught Kitsuki-san staring at a go board
>What's up?
>this is the state of the board, just before Akodo Akira made his last play.
Sideline commentators is one of my favourite things about torunament/competition plots.
>If the Akodo couldn't see a way out at that point, I doubt there was one.
>I am not so certain, Ishigaki-san
>I sat down and stared at the board with Kitsuki-san
>Hey, what are you guys doing?
>Kitsuki-san is trying to figure out if there was still a way for the Lion to win before he made his last play
>Monkey sat down next to us
>Before I knew it, we were all sitting around the board, staring it hard enough to set it on fire
>Toshiro got up, and thumpdraged off.
>We continued to stare at the board
>What about here?
>No, that wouldn't work either Monkey.
>See, then Katsuie-sama places here.
>Oh yeah.
>Mantis-san nodded. Yeah, it really is just imposible
>Are you so certain?
>We jumped
>Katsuie-sama came into the room, along with Toshiro
>So that's where he went
>here, let me make you all some tea to clear your minds
>he did so. It was a fine robust tea.
>May I?
>Of course Katsuie-sama
>He placed a piece for the lion. Where the Lion had been about to place
>Then he placed for himself
>He played out the rest of the game, down the very last placement
>We looked.
>The Lion had won this game
>You see?
>It is important to never give up, no matter how bleak things may look.
>He sipped his tea calmly.
>More people lose because they tell themselves they have lost, then have well and truly lost.
>Kitsuki-san nodded
>Conversely, one could say it is just as important to convince your enemy he has been defeated as it is to actually defeat them.
>Indeed, Kitsuki-san.
>Such is the weight or reputation.
>The Akodo are feared as tacticians, the Kakita and Mirumoto feared as Duelists.
>All fear to anger the Scorpion, or to deal with them more than necessary.
>They forget that even Cranes can fall in duels, that sometimes the Scorpion cannot sting you, that even the Lion are not invincible in war
>Moneky spoke up
>I thought that no army led by an Akodo has ever known defeat? Or something like that, anyway.
>Katsuie-sama chuckled
File: HungryCrab.gif (1.24 MB, 307x465)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
The stomach growls
online I go! stuffed crust
coming here. Ja nee
So did scorpion psych out akodo, or did Akodo deliberately forfeit?
First, Katsuie is a Crab. Second, he did not specifically "psych out" Akodo, Akodo just bulked in under general pressure.
I think it was that the Akodo didn't see the path he needed to take to win. Since the whole party was sitting there for a while trying to see it, it seems Katsuie just knew where his own weakness was.

hence the whole; never give up lesson. Foreshadowing on ForeverGM's part?
My bad. But given the peace conference and all that, I wondered if he deliberately threw it as some courtly diplo-speak message.
I'd say Akodo did see the path to victory, he did intend to make that winning move after all. Katsuie made him doubt himself by being nonchalant.
That's it I'd say. it ties in with katsuies earlier lesson about bluffing as well which means that either crab-kun has done some embellishment, the GM decided to roll with that lesson and make it a theme,or the GM is literally godlike and planned everything from ishigakis confrontation at the trial to monkeys game against katsuie and knew exactly how everyone would act in order to teach this over arching lesson
Crab-anon's glory
Is sinking into the depths
A faggot bumps it.
Bump, and is Crane-san around? This might be a good time for some stories.
Well, since Ishigaki-san hasn't protested against, and the prior threads have had other storytime screencaps as bumps, I guess it won't be too much of a bother if i share a bit of my own tale

However, it is 2 in the morning here, and I'm hankering for a cig, so i'll give some background on the party first, next post will be Daikakita Tatsuya's backstory

It started in spring 2015. I was studying at university, and had been DMing a homebrew D&D 5e campaign for a few months already. The group tried with an alternating Shadowrun game to help stave off the repetitiveness of only 1 game per week, but that failed rather quickly due to scheduling conflicts only allowing 1 game per week at the time, and our rigger had to jump ship due to his coursework.

So, my DM, who i've nicknamed first Kami, then Super Kami Guru, as the game eventually went along, suggested L5R due to its interesting roll&keep system, the high amount of and strictly ruled roleplay, the depth of non-combat activites (compared to D&D), and the generally interesting lore, as an approachable version of samurai drama for westerners like us. He's a Crab fan as well, had been for a few years prior, but hadn't quite committed to either the card game or the RPG due to lack of likeminded people. Wouldn't be surprised if he's reading this as we speak, although he hasn't mentioned anything like this to me yet.

He let the three of us all create our characters seperately, and you can imagine his face when we all picked Cranes

A fierce and strong Daidoji, who often acted more like a Crab or a Mantis, with ambitions to join the Imperial Navy (this was also the player's first ever RPG)
A dangerously beautiful Doji who, thanks to generous donations from her parents, was allowed to train as a Togashi, tattoos and all
And me, a humble Crane from a homebrew vassal family of the Kakita, known for being quite dutiful Crane magistrates, the Daikakita
Homebrew because at the time I didn't know any better
Eventually we had a fourth person join us who rolled a Tsuruchi Archer, so it added some more variety to the group, but that was more at the halfway point of Daikakita Tatsuya's story

Speaking of, here's a quick rundown of the family backstory as well as that of Tatsuya-san

>During the second rise of Iuchiban
>Crane Magistrate called Kakita Genji
>leading efforts in rooting out blood mage cabals in Crane lands
>showed exemplary skill in Duty of a samurai, Honor of a Crane, and compassion to Iuchiban's victims
>as reward, was allowed to start a cadet branch of Kakita
>His duty was defending Kakita lands from misuse or abuse of law, therefore the duty of his family
>Picks the name Daikakita
>Defender of the Kakita
>Many generations follow until Daikakita Nobuhide and Doji Uesuko give birth to Tatsuya-san
>Born with the brashness of his paternal grandmother, a Lion
>was taught how to attain inner balance by his sensei, Kakita Masaru
>training as a Kakita bushi leaning heavily towards knowledge of law
>groomed as the heir of Nobuhide-sama
>less so for younger brother Hogai-san, who would join the Doji courtier school, inheriting his mother's gentle voice
>Due to great promise in swordfighting skill, would receive after his gempukku a Kakita blade from his sensei
>as well as the jitte of Daikakita Genji
>due to great promise, would allow to participate in Topaz Championship for his gempukku
>arranged marriage with a lesser offshoot of Isawa
>but tragedy: on her trip to support Tatsuya-san's gempukku, Isawa Kitao was attacked by bandits
>missing, presumed dead
>Tatsuya-san vows to win the Topaz Championship in her name

And thus began the first session
Daikakita Tatsuya
Is this you?
I think that last line has too many syllables
It is indeed me
Didn't think someone would recognize me
I didn't. I saw the word "Daikakita", went "I'm not aware of that. Could that some obscure-ass Crane family?" and punched it into google. Obviously, this was before I read the rest of the post, but when I found the thread, flipped back to here and read the rest and saw that you said it was homebrewed, I felt pretty good about the conclusion.

the idea was for it to be an obscure-ass Crane family, since I didn't expect us to become anything of particular note

Ho boy, was I wrong

>Arrived early morning in the camp for the Championship
>Finally, a worthy test of my skill, and the time of my gempukku
>Go for breakfast in the dining tent set up for the Championship
>Scanning those present, a large number of various representatives of many clans, most sitting together
>Discover a Hare sitting by himself, keeping himself small
>Not seeing any other Cranes, take pity on him, sit myself opposite him
>So this is what a startled Hare looks like
>His name is Usagi Goemon, one of the few Minor Clan contestants in the Championship
>We converse for a while, easily impressing him with my etiquette
>Apparently there's a rumour that Iweko Seiken would visit the Championship
>Great opportunity to show my worth to the future Emperor
>Suddenly, a short man flanked by Seppun bushi joins us
>Otomo Setsuko, another participant, and even I can notice he's incredibly full of himself,
>a Crane would look humble in comparison
>Arrogant enough to already think of himself as the victor
>Even though I'm the one who will obviously become Champion
>but I keep silent, I am from a low vassal family, his is tied to the emperor's
>better not make an enemy of him
>admits to his grooming to becoming a high-ranking Imperial Treasurer
>He's only sitting with us as a publicity stunt
>To show he cares for both Great and Minor Clans
>I let him speak, keep mostly silent
>No more time for talk, the opening ceremony is about to begin
>Beautiful, as usual, as is expected of the Crane hosts
>And thus, the Topaz Championship begins
>First up, the sumai contest
>All contestants are paired up at random, first to win 3 rounds takes the point
>Never paid too much attention to such things in class, prefer the elegance of the sword
>But there were quite a few shugenja
>quite a few courtiers
>luck of the draw should grant me an easy win
>I step into the ring, elegance in every footstep, and look up to see my opponent
>Damn it
>It's Otomo Setsuko

btw, ST changed some aspects of the Topaz Championship, mainly the social/court skill challenges and the hunting challenge, to give us a bit more of a shot at winning the tournament, but more importantly, so we can all finish the gempukku (basically those challenges were made as 3 rolls of TN 5, 10 and 15, with 2 necessary for the point, as i recall, the module has all 3 at 15 which is not that easy when most of us only keep 2 per roll)

>Consider throwing the match so as not to upset this powerful-man-to-be
>Throwing a match would be dishonorable, and I as a Crane cannot allow myself that
>Also, it's the first match of the day, would be poor form not to give it my all
>Look at him
>Such a smug face
>How can one so short think himself so tall?
>Gong rings, the match starts
>Otomo-san is stronger than he looks
>And i should've trained more regarding this
>A rather even contest, 2 rounds go to me, 2 rounds go to him
>Final round, I focus, remembering my training
>Plant my feet forcefully, body moving like water
>Get him to trip himself, let him fall past me, out of the ring
>Mine is the victory
>He looks back at me, basking in my glory
>Visibly displeased, he storms off, Seppun bodyguards following close behind
>It doesn't take long for the rest to finish up
>And the heraldry test follows
>Of course, very important for a Crane training to be a magistrate
>Pass it with flying colors
>The obstacle course follows quickly
>First time I've been through such massive physical exertion
>An obstacle course set up near the woods, contestants must clear it at least twice within the allotted time limit
>As soon as my second lap is done, I am granted the point, and join the other contestants who only managed 2 laps
>I can see a woman with white hair wearing Togashi colors running a third lap with ease
>Almost everybody clears this test, and now, at midday, lunch is served
>Sit down once more with the Hare
>He tells me of his day so far
>Otomo-san is not yet here
Otomo-san is going to be trouble, I can sense it. He's going to be a 'poor sport', to put it lightly.
He is, but more of a long-term grudgebearer

He gave me quite a few headaches during the Summer Court
But we'll get there eventually, don't want to spoil you just yet

>Usagi-san tells me he lost the sumai contest to a burly crab, and his difficulties to pass the Heraldry and Athletics tests
>Confides in me he probably won't participate in the final Iaijutsu test for the title itself
>I reassure him that his presence at the tournament must mean he is skilled enough to pass the gempukku at least
>Then tell him of my own successes
>His jaw dropped quickly when he heard of my victory against Otomo-san
>"Won't he be upset about losing to you?"
>"He's stronger than he looks, even grabbed two rounds"
>"He might think you gave him those two rounds out of pity, Daikakita-san"
>At that moment, we are joined for our meal again
>Speak of the oni
>It's Otomo-san
>Obviously still focused on his image
>And wants to save face regarding his loss to me
>But ignores me mostly
>I don't mind, I excuse myself, there is enough time to drink some tea in my room before the next challenge
>Horsemanship, showing we can not only ride horses, but fight on them as well
>I can clearly handle myself well enough on my horse, though my feet yearn for the ground
>Showing off my Kakita training, the swordstrike comes from the sheath, but I miss the target
>My bowmanship could use some work as well, barely missing the target
>I miss the point, although with 3 of the 5 necessary points for the gempukku and the final test, I don't worry too much
>Finally, the test of Conduct, 3 questions pertaining to law, etiquette and bushido
>My family history and my Crane expertise of court allow me to pass easily, and the question on bushido was quite easy as well
>4 points, only needed one victory next day to be secure
>Although, my honor dictates I must attempt to get them all, of course
>At dinner, the usual with Usagi-san
>Otomo-san has decided to eat in his private room, sparing us his presence

>My show of compassion to Usagi-san seems to pay off
>With my ambitions of becoming and Emeral Magistrate, having a member of the Hare clan can eventually pay off quite nicely
>He tells me of how proud his family is, that he earned a spot at the Championship
>Participation alone is a great honor, after all
>I tell him a bit of myself, of my recently lost betrothed
>He offers his condolences
>And seems sincere in doing so
>After dinner, I decide to take a tea ceremony, to end the day with a well-brewed cup of Crane tea
>A Daidoji, another of the contestants, decides to join me
>As does the white-haired Togashi
>Tattoos leading to quite suggestive places
>She's a Doji, and her family could afford her training outside of the clan, as a show of good faith to Togashi's clan
>Due to being trained as a Togashi, has chosen to take on membership of the clan, and would be referred to Togashi-san after her gempukku
>I focus on the tea
>It is good to share tea with clan members, after all
>Daidoji-san, not so much
>The next day starts with the Weapons contest
>Blunted weapons and proper armor to simulate a real skirmish
>Contestants paired off again, just as with the Sumai contest
>Entering the ring, I face a young Mantis, Moshi Asano
>Her blade is not quick enough, and mine strikes at her head hard enough that she fall over
>A concussion, though she would recover
>The crowd claps in acknowledgement of my victory, except the Mantis delegation and contestants
>I take a mental note to apologize formally for giving her the concussion, although no rule was broken
>The following contest of Haiku was easy given my training in the Kakita Academy
>I had now the 5 points for my gempukku, and for the final Iaijutsu test
>Only now to prove my worth and honor in the remaining tests of the day
>At lunch, I decide to approach the Mantis contestants
>A large Yoritomo, probably the one that beat Usagi-san, and a sour-faced Tsuruchi
>Oh, what joy this would be
File: crabandcranedebate.png (162 KB, 1338x535)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
will leave it at that for now, hope you guys enjoyed, really have to go to sleep now though, might be on vacation, but i can't pull all-nighters just to bump with my own story

Looking forward to whatever additions Ishigaki-san made to his when I wake up
>If that were true, then why have the Lion not conquered all of Rokugan?
>Or at least, destroyed the Crane and Scorpion they so openly despise?
>No, that is kind poetry. Just as there will always be gaps in even the finest suit of armor, so will their be flaws in every man.
>It was at this point that Bayushi Amano, Kitsui-san's friend, entered the room
>I lifted up one of the go pieces.
>No ninjas under that one.
>Naomi elbowed me again
>Ah, Katsuie-sama, you're here. This is fortunate, I have news and you must hear it as well.
>Katsuie-sama took in Amano's countenance.
>I think I will need more tea before I hear this.
>You might, yes.
>I have managed to learn of the next move the Crane and Mantis plan to make.
>The Crane secretly wish for the war because they see an opportunity to inflate the value of their rice, by damaging the Phoenix surplus,
>The Crab, of course, stand opposed because they rely so heavily on Crane rice
>I didn't like that he was bringing up the Crab now.
>The Crane clan made a proposal to the Mantis, gift the rice taken from the Phoenix to the Crab, the Crane will compensate the Mantis.
>Monkey spoke
>Wait, dosen't that defeat the whole purpose of driving up the value of their rice?
>I shook my head.
>The Mantis aren't going to capture enough stores of grain and rice to cover all our clans needs.
>Mantis-san considered it.
>Most likely with value of rice up, the Crane get the same amount of return on their rice as they usual do in a given year, except they don't have to give up as much.
>So they'll have more surpluss to trade elsewhere
>So they still come out ahead
>Just a little more complicated way to do so.
>Katsuie-sama sipped at his tea
>Well, hey. It's not like we've got anything to worry about there, right?
>It's not like Katsuie-sama would take their deal.
>Monkey noticed that Toshiro, Katsuie-sama and I were all looking down.
You know how they say you should never make any important decisions without a lawyer? Well don't make this decision without a Yasuki.
>There is a Yasuki in my entourage. He would halve to look over the proposal.
>Monkey didn't understand
>The Crab maintained the largest standing army in Rokugan.
>At times the Lion would keep more, other times they would include the number of Ahsigaru and reserves they could muster to make their force seem even larger
>But logistical relies kept the Lions actual army smaller then most thought, and because they really didn't need that many troops since large scale war between the Clans was forbidden by the Emperor
>The Crab, on the other hand were in a constant state of war.
>And our enemy was NOT a Clan.
>And we wouldn't be able produce enough rice in year to feed even half of the force we maintained
>If the Crab would come ahead in the deal proposed by the Crane and Mantis, even by a slim margin...
>Katsuie-sama wouldn't like it, but he would have to take their offer.
>Toshiro explained the reality of the situation to Monkey and the others
>Katsuie-sama left to return to his own rooms, no doubt to prepare for the official offer.
>Well, this left a bitter taste.
>I shuddered to think what a Mantis Kobune carrying a Kaiu made siege engine could do.
>Heaven forbid some siege masters be sent to assist the Mantis directly.
>The Kaiu knew how to build the best fortresses in Rokugan.
>That meant they also knew the best ways to take one apart.
>This could get very ugly soon.
>Naomi hugged me feircely that night, worried for the future of her birth Clan.
>I didn't blame her. I hated Shoji and Hohiro, true, but I didn't hate the whole Phoenix Clan.
>Given Shoji's pattern for events, the next one would be physical challenge of some sort.
>I was right.
>A kenjutsu tournament was announced
>The Karo began to announce the rules
>Single elemination
>Using boken
>Those trained in the way of Niten would be permitted a second, shorter boken.
>This is a challenge of Kenjustus, after all, not Iaijutsu, and the second blade is the core of the Niten style
>It was at this point that Shoji stepped up beside the Karo and whispered into his ear
>The Karo's eyes widened, but only for moment
>A contestant will be eliminated if they are disarmed, fall prone, surrender, or are rendered unconscious.
>Those of ill health or frail bodies are encouraged NOT to participate, for while the best shugenja from the assembled clans will be on hand to treat the competitors, serious injury is still possible
>...and death, for that matter.
>Though it wasn't said out loud.
>Killing someone with a boken wasn't easy.
>Deep, heavy brusing and cracked bones were the most common injuries
>But it was possible to crush an eye, a larynx or to break a neck or crack a skull.
>Of course, such a lack of control would be a shameful display, but not criminal
>For that matter, most Kenjustsu tournaments included a certain number of hits as a qualifier for victory.
>This was done specifically to reduce the likely hood of injury, since you only needed to touch your opponent to win.
>It was as though Shoji wanted people to get hurt.
>I glanced up at him as the thought struck
>Our eyes met.
>he was looking straight at me
>Oh. He DID.
>So, this is the best you've got then Shoji?
>Fine. I can handle this much.
>The first match was Chibicorn agains Doji Rei, the winner of the archery tournament
>They were both so small I though we were sitting further back than we actually were at first
>Chibi battle, round one. FIGHT!
>any day now
>yet the two combatants just shifted stances at one another, occasionally taking a step and counter-step
>Hm, yes I see.
>Kitsuki-san, of course.
>Please, do enlighten us.
>Rei is using a Daidoji style I think. It fits with her skill at kyusutsu.
Shoji wants someone to die, so that his son won't want to be a Bushi.
Well since Ishigaki is basically his son's hero, him dying would be a pretty big blow to his wanting to be a Bushi.

2 birds with one stone for Shoji.
>Monkey spoke up
>Yeah, you're probably right.
>They have two they teach, don't they?
>Kitsuki-san nodded
>One is for the battlefield, the other for Yojimbo
>Both are very defensive in nature.
>The more battlefield oriented one teaches techniques that take advantage of allies.
>One exposes themselves when attacking, so the Diadoji teach a style that limits that exposure.
>Mantis-san snorted.
>I decided I wasn't going to be shown up by Monkey of all people
>So I looked over Chibicorn
>Classic stance, almost archaic. And he wasn't a woman
>He's trained in the Shinjo style then.
>Yeah. if you saw the Moto style you'd know right away.
>And the Utaku wouldn't teach men their kenjustsu.
>What do you know of the Shinjo style Ishigaki-san?
>You know how Shinjo beat Hida? Run around dodge, tap him a few times and call that a win?
>Yeah, it's that with a few Gaijin tricks added in.
>I was getting some cold stares from Monkey and Kitsuki-san.
>So these two are both trained to defend and counter. Which is why this fight is so boring.
>It will become very interesting once one makes a move, though.
>Chibicorn made the first move
>He took the high stance, and Kiaied loudly
>then strcuk
>Rei deflected pushed back and followed through with a strike
>But Chibicorn fell back holding his boken in one hand and twirling it in a circle
>It connected with Rei's blade, pulled in into the circle and yanked the blade around
>What is THAT?
>Gaijin tricks. Like I said
>Now Rei was the one exposed
>Chibicorn took proper hold of his boken and thrust the point forward driving it into Rei's sternum
>There was a loud whuff as the air was driven from Rei's lungs
>Rei tried to sidestep and swing, but Chibicorn was already moving in his own sidestep
>he spun as he moved, bringing his boken into his opponents hip
>Rei went down to one knee
>Chibicorn looked at the referee who signaled him to keep going
>You had to be fully prone to be elminated, not just on a knee

>Killing a Defender of the Wall
>With a bokken
>Shoji ACTUALLY thinks this is possible

He really has no idea...The daft bastard.
Do you think he would risk casting some earth spell to weaken Ishigaki in the middle of a tournament? Like the one Toshiro used agaisnt the skin-stealer hags?
>He took a high stance and broght his boken down
>Rei didn't try to deflect
>Instead the rolled backward onto their feet
>As chibicorns boken struck the floor Rei lunged forward hitting him in the temple.
>Chibicorns head snapped sharply to the side, his whole body leaning over
>Blood dripped from the gash opened in his head
>then he fell
>Naomi was the first one to reach him
>Kitsuki-san frowned.
>That was dangerous
>Such a heavy blow to the head like that?
>I could see Naomi using a more advanced healing spell, one that did actually repair a damaged body.
>Chibicorn was able to stand
>The two contestants bowed to one another and returned to their seats
>our next contestants were Bayushi Kentaro
>And Kitsuki-san
>Oh, oh boy.
>I am not certain who to root for
>seriously, stop DOING that!
>Bayushi Amano, that ninja fuck, had one again joined us without any one noticing.
>Well, I know who will win!
>Okay, this is ridicoulous
>The Bayushi joining us without anyone noticing was one thing, but the MOSHI?
>It is obvious that Kitsuki-san will be victorious
>I mean no disrespect, Amano-san the Bayushi train fine swordsmen
>But the infamous Scorpion Feint will not work against Kitsuki-san's all seeing eyes
>No offense is taken, Aoi-san
>In truth, I suspect you may be right
>The two contestants bowed and took their stances
>Kentaro did not bother with a basic stance, but held his blade parallel to his shoulders, with his weight on his back leg
>Amano smiled.
>Yes cousin, he will not fall for simply pretending you are a novice.
>Now then old friend, how will you respond?
>Kistuki san took a low stance, his wooden blade held along the legnth of his waist, tip pointing behind him
>Oh! Wonderfull!
>I wondered at first what Amano was fussing over, then I saw
>Kitsuki-san was leading with his LEFT foot.
>His body was covering his hands
>He was hiding his intentions from his opponent
>Kitsuki-san was trying to deceive the Scorpion
What if it's not Ishigaki he wants to die?
What if he wants Ishigaki to kill? Or be "caught" using dishonourable tactics?
File: sascat.gif (3.76 MB, 400x335)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB GIF
>So, this was now a battle of deception vs perception, and the winner would be the one better at BOTH.
>Is that about right?
>yes, exactly that Ishigaki-san
>I don't see how that helps Kitsuki-san though, do you Amano-san?
>There was always a feeling like something was very wrong whenever Monkey manged to say exactly what I was thinking myself.
>Well, we would not expect to see such things save when sparing against a fellow Bayushi...
>You're saying the Scorpion are better at tricking people than spotting tricks?
>It may give the wrong impresion, but I suppose you could look at it like that, yes
>Indeed, the staredown between those two was quite intense
>I could almost feel their spirits colliding
>People have said things like that before.
>Some of the great treatises on the art of swordplay were often spiritual as well as practical.
>Maybe I was finally starting to see the spiritual side of Rokugan,.
>maybe I was just deluding myself with sweet poetry
>Kentaro stepped in quickly
>Strike First, Strike Last
>He held his blade parerlell to his shoulders, tip pointing toward his right side
>Pulling back on his rear hand and moving foreward with his front, he slashed at Kitsuki-san's eyes
>Then abruptly reversed his momentum
>Returning his balde right where it was, he spun to his right
>Driviing the tip of his blade straight at Kitsuki-san's side
>Kitsuki-san leaned back from the slash to his eyes, and closed his
>he brought his blade up from the low stance.
>and struck precisely where Kentaro's wrists were
>Hands numbed from the impact, Kentaro dropped his blade before it could reach Kitsuki-san
>Both contestants bowed as a Shugenja came over
>Kentaro waved him away, simply massaging his wrists
>Kitsuki-san returned to us
>You damaged his ego more than his body, I think, my friend
>To read him so perfectly, and convince him his feint had worked
My fricken fatass cat must be Kaiu trained.
Furry bastard laid seige to my lap, booting off the laptop Hence the gif in the last post

Hard to type like this, may be a bit longer than usual between posts, but I'm still going.
I doubt that he would be that daft to go for a kill. Probably going for a humiliating loss is the extent of his goal, with scaring Ashitaka a secondary objective.
Or that, that looks the most probable.
Could also be THEM and they're using Ishigaki's hatred of Shoji to blind the group before they strike.
They COULD be using the competition to use rage maho, to make someone kill someone else. It would be quite a ploy also. Who would suspect a seccond Tsukai to use rage maho after a first Tsukai was caught using the same spell!?
>Then it was my turn
>I'm Matsu Keji! Glad to meet you!
>A bit informal. Not that I minded in the slightest
>Likewise, I'm Hida Ishigaki
>I've been hoping for a chance to fight you since the Sumai Tournament!
>Matsu Keji was a big fellow
>Only shorter than me by a few inches
>We both took high stances
>Suprisingly, Hida and Matsu kenjutsu look very similar to one another
>But that is only what is on the surface
>The Hida style of swordplay leaves more openings than one would expect, intent on delivering powerful full swings that can cut even a horse and rider both, or an ogre
>Just like the Matsu
>But that why they do this comes from two very different places
>The Matsu see no need to protect oneself when your foe should be lying dead at your feet
>The Hida style assumes it's students will be in heavy armor.
>The Openings we leave will be covered by our armor.
>Also, while the more advanced techniques of the Matsu continue to hone an invincible offense, the Hida style begins adding deflections, warding stances, and strikes meant to force your opponent back as one advances in the school.
>Of course, I had yet to advance to those levels of Kenjutsu.
>so Keji and I were likely going to just hit each other with wild abadon and see which one falls over first
>The wild grin on his face told me he thought the same thing
>And he liked the idea very much
>Matsu. Crazy, all of them
>At the referess signal, Keji rushed at me
>I allowed him to make the first move
>I watched and waited as he rushed at me, and turned my blade just a bit
>His one blade came down, hitting mine
>My hands stung from the strength of the impact, but I tensed up my shoulders and held firm, letting his blow slide down my boken, and away from me
>I could see he was surprised
>It was true I did not know andy advanced kenjutsu techniques to defend myself
>Only the basic deflections
>But, I knew how to use them very well
>Some people do not put as much stock in the basics as they should
>Keji laghed out loud
>GOOD! How about THIS then!
>he whirled while backsteping, snapping his blade at my exposed side with one hand
>The circular motion added momentum to his attack. A crushing tidal wave
>I pivoted my hips, bringing my boken quickly to my side
>As per the principles taught by Kobo Ichi Kai, straight force must be turned aside, round force must be blocked
>However he dipped his blade at the last moment, striking the very end of my boken
>I did not have the strength to hold back his assault
>And his blade passed by mine and into my hip
>He blinked as my body tensed under his attack
>He was too far back for me to attack
>And my feet would not move
>This is not good
>He flexed his own hands, and shook his head
>That was neat trick there!
>What did you do, when I hit you?
>I borrowed some of Hida's Strength, that's all
>Well then, I'm coming again!
>His attacks were too good, he struck with the force and then moved away like a river that rushed inexorably toward the ocean
>Though I had no idea HOW he could do such a thing, his blows rooted my feet to the ground
>A chill ran along my spine
>This man made me afraid?
>I could not hope to stop his relentless assault
>Then there was only one thing to do
>I closed my eyes and focused upon the kata I knew
>I would become as the earth itself, and endure his assaults until I had an opening to strike
>He struck my blade, passed me and hit me across the back as he did so
>It was all I could do to turn and face him
>Hmm. You know it's no fun if you can't even fight back a little
>Or what? Is your plan to break my boken on your body or something?
>I managed to keep the tremble out of my voice as i returned his banter
>Oh, I'm sorry were we fighting for real now?
>I was just waiting for you to finish running around like a decapitated chicken
>His eyebrow twitched
>BWAHAAHAHA! Man that's good!
>I like your attitude Hida Ishigaki-san!
>Fine then, I'll crush you with my next attack!
It's a bit after two, so I'm going to call it an evening here.
Thank you for storytime Ishigaki! I enjoy the banter between you and the characters. Also, tell monkey that he is adorable.

Come back soon!
>Ending the episode on a cliffhanger
The next will be a full-episode flashback, am I right?
It's the Monkey's Shounen Adventure. You know it will be.
Don't worry, I'm awake now


>I approach, bow politely, give my condolences about young Moshi-san
>Yoritomo-san nods his head in acknowledgement, then continues eating
>Tsuruchi-san puts down his chopsticks
>"You could've gone easy on her, she's just a shugenja"
>"To do any less than one's most in the Topaz Championship would be dishonorable
>I am sure she is aware of this, and is being well taken care of by our Crane shugenja as we speak."
>"Oh, honor? That's why you almost broke your sword when it landed on her kabuto?
>Maybe I, Tsuruchi Bashida, should return the favor for my clan cousin right here, right now."
>Is he really questioning MY honor?
>Would do well to teach him just what honor really means to a Crane
>Before Tsuruchi-san manages to stand up, Yoritomo-san puts a hand on his shoulder, quieting him down
>"We thank you for your kindness, Daikakita-san, and wish you Fortunes' blessings for the Tournament"
>At least one of them knows how to act in public
>I bow again to take my leave
>"Thank you, Yoritomo-san, and Fortunes' blessings to you as well."
>Forcing my hands to loosen up as I make my way back to Usagi-san
>He stares in astonishment
>"I'll never get how you Cranes can do it..."
>"Do what?"
>"Act so calm in the face of...situations like these"
>I give him a brief hint of a smile in acknowledgement
>If only he knew how much of it was an act
>Speaking of acts, the Courtier test was up next
>Almost feels like the Championship was made to be won by a properly trained Crane
>The Courtier test is brief, one question, one short scene, and one short game of sadane
>To show how well one is made for Rokugani court
>The test is won easily
>Though I need to practice my sadane, just in case
>One can take one's time with a poem
>Not so much in a conversational game
>Hogai would've championed this test, for sure
>The test is followed by a brief Go tournament, won by an Akodo
>And then the Archery test

>My horse archery somewhat lacking, hope to make up for it in this test
>3 targets to hit, one almost within throwing distance, one somewhat further away, and one quite far
>3 arrows, 1 for each target, 2 required to pass
>If you miss, you have to go for the next target anyway
>Nobody fails the first target, of course
>And everyone is skilled enough to strike the second with their arrow as well
>We're all competing for who hits the last target
>Except for those that just wanted it to be over and done with
>On my feet, Yumi in hand, I guide the arrow to fly to my target
>Much easier than on horseback
>It just barely reaches it
>The Daidoji misses completely
>Usagi-san wanted it to be over and done with
>Tsuruchi-san looks me dead in the eye as he steps up to the plate
>Everybody wondering how well the trained archer would hit the last target
>His finally arrow flies
>And hits
>Right in the centre
>He looks at me before bowing to the applause of the audience
>I clap along everybody else
>Wouldn't be polite not to
>Finally, for today, the Hunting challenge
>Amended from previous years, each contestant would go into the nearby woodlands and hunt for game until end of the day
>The point would be given based on what animal and how difficult it was to kill
>Arrow notched, I track my quarry through the woods
>Suddenly, scurrying, then a leap, then the twang of a bowstring let go
>A quick, quiet cry, and a thud
>I have felled a hare
>Kami, let this not be a sign of things to come, Usagi-san seems like a nice guy
>Tsuruchi-san returned when I did, deer slung over his shoulder
>I smile at him, hare tied to my side
>All contests are over, time for dinner
>Everybody's wondering who will participate in the Iaijutsu tournament for the title tomorrow
>Meek Usagi-san tells me he won't, but he'll ask the Fortune's to bless my own bid for the title
>Before I can thank him
>"Good evening, Daikakita-san, Usagi-san"
>"Good evening, Otomo-san"

>Why would Otomo-san come here again, now?
>Why else?
>"I wanted to congratulate you both on clearing the challenges as well as I have myself"
>Really does care about his image that much
>We nod, and return the congratilations
>"I hope you are both well prepared for Seiken-sama's arrival tomorrow morning as well"
>So the rumor is true after all
>Usagi-san's eyes widen
>"I am pleased to hear he will honor us with his presence"
>"As am I to tell you this, and that he'll personally oversee my gempukku ceremony...as well as for all the contestants, of course"
>Can't hide your face from me, Otomo-san
>I pick up my chopsticks and ricebowl again
>Looking down at it, I ask
>"Will you be joining me in the Iaijutsu tournament?"
>Otomo-san glares at me
>He knows I asked him, not the group
>I was reminding him of his loss to me at the Sumai test
>Usagi-san is blissfully unaware of what's going on between myself and Otomo-san
>"Oh, no, I'm happy to have gained enough points for my gempukku, I know my skill in Iaijutsu won't be a match for a Kakita Academy graduate"
>Otomo-san glares briefly at him, then back at me
>I keep eating my rice
>"If you'll excuse me, I have matters of my own to attend"
>Almost forgetting to bow, Otomo-san leaves
>Usagi-san is too excited about Seiken-sama's arrival tomorrow
>So few samurai ever get to see a member of The Imperial Family itself
>It is a great honor just to be in his presence
>I am worried Otomo-san might do something dishonorable before my participation in the tourney tomorrow
>But dispel my worries quickly, he does not seem that lowly
>I look around to see what else is happening
>Daidoji-san is drinking sake with the Mantis contestants
>Such a vulgar display
>I excuse myself, and go drink some tea
>The only proper drink for a Crane
>Togashi-san joins me for the tea ceremony, and we spend a quiet, contemplative evening before turning in
>Tomorrow is a big day, after all
This time the Tsuruchi was not ambigously gendered, right?

>Morning arrives, a beautiful day
>I write a haiku about this calm morning, echoed by the excitement of the tournament this afternoon
>Not bad, can still do with some work, some practice
>Everybody gathers for a grand welcoming ceremony, for Seiken-sama
>He stands regally on the pagoda
>Announces the start of the tournament, in his name, in the name of the Empress, his mother, and in the name of the Kami
>May all combatants fight well!
>My first duel is with Daidoji-san
>He does not look hungover
>I am unsure what to think of him
>We bow, settle into our stances
>Hands hovering over the hilts of our blades
>Before we can ready ourselves for the strike, Daidoji-san stands straight, bows
>He concedes the match
>He wanted a win or two to further pad his prestige, but did not expect to win against a Duelist of his own clan
>Togashi-san is luckier in that regard
>She manages to defeat a Shinjo, and concedes to the Akodo in the next round
>Next, in the quarter final I face Ide Xiulia, a duel easily won
>And for the semi-final, Shiba Shaitung, proving more of a challenge
>As we strike, his blade is quicker, slashing across my chest
>Or rather, where my chest had been, had i not been able to avoid the strike at a hair's breath
>As my own blade leaves its sheath, I guide it to cut across his sword arm
>My victory
>We bow, he showed a fair amount of skill
>"I did not expect an outcome like this, Daikakita-san"
>"It is not always the first blade that strikes true, Shiba-san"
>"True. I shall meditate on this wisdom. Thank you for a good match"
>Lunch is held
>Usagi-san congratulates me on going so far
>"Don't congratulate me yet, friend. The tournament is not yet won"
>I look out to the arena, being prepared in grandiose fashion for the final match
>On one side, the Crane mon on bright blue banners, denoting my participation
>On the other, dark green banners emblazoned with the mon of the Spider clan
>Oh dear
He was not, no, rather quite distinctiely male and masculine
He has still a small part to play, but not that much of one

>It is rather known that Seiken-sama has something of a distate towards the Clan lead by Daigotsu Kanpeki
>My father shares that sentiment, has done so since their recent inclusion in the Empire
>Now more than ever it's important for me to win the tournament
>To honor my family
>My lost betrothed
>My father
>And Seiken-sama
>My opponent?
>Daigotsu Yaichiro
>Rumoured to join the Imperial Explorers in the Colonies after his gempukku
>Also rumoured to being more partial to the Empire rather than his Clan
>Regardless of his sentiment, I must defeat him!
>As we enter the ring, we already size each other up
>He looked sure of himself, but not cocky
>He had managed to earn his way to the final, after all
>As we get into place, I can feel Seiken-sama staring at me
>The whole crowd staring at me
>While quite a few were welcoming of the Spider Clan after their recent contributions to the Empire, many were still wary and distrustful of them
>Many wanted to see me win
>We bow to each other, and get ready in our stances
>A final challenge for my mettle
>To prove my worth
>And to gain the prestigios title of Topaz Champion
>We take our time, knowing one movement too soon or too late will mean victory or defeat
>I remember my duel with Shiba-san, remember not to focus too much on striking first, but striking true
>Our hands grip around the hilt of our blades as we focus
>We're both ready to strike
>the whole crowd waits with bated breath
>Suddenly, two flashes, simultaneous
>The telltale sounds of cut cloth of our kimonos
>We both struck across the chest, blades hidden under the sleeves of the others kimono, arms blocking the view of who struck
>Softly, gently, our blades come out from underneath our sleeves
>My blade, clean metal glistening in the sun
>His blade, tipped with the red of my blood
will grab some lunch now myself, feeling a bit hungry
And don't want to write with the distraction of an empty stomache
I shall do likewise! Here's hoping we get to eat something nice.
File: 1463447428524.png (285 KB, 629x608)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
Quick bit of information. There are two of us libraianons around. I'm the one with the greentext archive, with the specific naming scheme.And almost 200 unsorted stories but lets not talk about that.

Also doing the pdf.

I'd just like to point out we are at 301 pages. Roughly half of which is edited. For now I'm going to finish the basic spelling and continuity errors and then drop the pdf so others can start taking a look through and suggesting things.

If anyone has any suggestions to add to the pdf, such as pictures, how to add comments and translators notes (not all of us are exceptionally weeb-versed.), etc, that'd be lovely.

If the workload is a bit overwhelming for you with Ishigaki's tale, I can take my own stuff and put it in a pdf so you can focus more on him

I don't mind telling my tale, but I do have to say his so far has been more memorable, even considering that mine has barely started

More importantly, mine will be quite a bit shorter, so I won't be mixing myself in this for too long

Anything I can do to help, otherwise?
Is this gonna be a daily thing now?
File: 1490048781568.jpg (39 KB, 600x476)
39 KB
More stories are never a bad thing, Crane-san. Plus, the work of copying in the story to the google doc which I've now crashed 6 times in the last hour. Thank the heavens for cloud saving. is very easy. Your own storytelling does not impede that.

As for help, once I finish the first pass of spelling stuff, I'd like some assistance with translators notes. There's a lot of eastern culture stuff that might need notes. Such as who Benten is near the start, or making sure the honorifics are done as correctly as they should be.

Dear god Ishigaki-senpai spell your damn friends names right! Kitsuki is not kistuki, kituki, kisuski, or any others! And stop with the Monekys!

But seriously, amazing tales from both of you. I only jest.
I hope it will be, at least for a bit

Most of the stuff relevant to Rokugan can be found in the L5R wiki, such as who Benten is (Fortune of Romantic Love, btw), they even do have a page on Rokugani honorifics that was always open in a tab during play

Glad to see some appreciation from one of the librari-anons, hope I'll keep you entertained enough during your work while Ishigaki-san is away

Speaking of, time to get back to writing i think
File: fHi9tOc.jpg (236 KB, 853x1280)
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236 KB JPG
Good luck, Crane-san.

I crashed the document for the time being. I think google is mad at me.
Ishigaki-san consistently misspells "nemuranai" as "nemurani"

>Such dishonor
>Such shame
>To lose to a villainous Spider in front of Seiken-sama himself!
>We straighten ourselves, and bow respectfully
>I cannot lose face, not at a time like this
>I must hide my shame, until such a time comes that I may regain my honor
>We turn to Seiken-sama, bow, thanking him for his presence in viewing our match
>He stands, visibly vexed by the display, and storms of to the side, retainers in quick pursuit for his every need
>I can see my career, my future, everything crumbling before me
>My whole life undone in but a moment
>Oh, the tragedy
>What will my father say?
>My prospective in-laws?
>My sensei?
>Honor is everything to a Crane
>Sure, I had already attained a great deal of Honor through my participation
>And great glory and fame for coming second place as well
>Indeed, many would say I greatly honored my family, my ancestors, my clan, through such stellar participation
>But I would know better
>It is a mark of shame I would carry for the rest of my life
>And I would never forget the man who stained my honor thus

>The gempukku ceremony follows shortly after, as is tradition
>Every participant who passed swearing fealty to family, clan and empire
>I can see young Moshi-san still recovering in the sidelines, unable to participate
>My blow shook her so much that she was unable to finish enough of the tests in time to pass her gempukku
>Saddened by her misfortune, I pledge to myself to write a haiku in her name, as an apology

>Our senseis are there, holding the ceremony as it has for the past few centuries
>Kakita Masaru-sensei arrives with his gift to me
>A shining Kakita Blade
>I pledge to him that one day, I shall prove that I am worthy of such a mighty blade
>Daigotsu Yaichiro accepts the more formal gempukku of the Topaz Champion after the rest of us
>His daimyo proclaiming his new, adult name
>Daigotsu Hotoke
>I shall never forget you, until the day i die
>Good luck, Crane-san.

Thanks, I'll need it
My ST lost most of his campaign notes on what we all did exactly some time ago due to a bricked hard drive, was unable to recover anything and knows remembers about as much as I do, so in other words, many artistic liberties have been taken already

Then again, wouldn't be a Crane author unless at least half of the story was changed by artistic liberty, to make it all look better than what actually happened
Welp. I found out how to permanently break a google doc.

Use spelling, manually correct a word because googles spelling is nearly the best, but still retarded at times. Then hit ignore on the spelling window.

Breaks the document. Can still download it as a word docx though.

>Replace "Manits" with "Mantis" 1 of 33

Yeah. I know.

We still love you Ishigaki-an.

>Many left shortly after, especially those with longer travel time
>Seiken-sama barely stayed long enough for the gempukku ceremony himself
>Will be staying a few more days to celebrate with my family
>Hear similar of a few, Daidoji-san and Togashi-san among them
>Togashi-san to tell her family her allegiance to her school, and her name-change
>Daidoji-san to keep up his friendship with the Mantis before they leave on their ship
>In private, my father gifts me the family jitte, once wielded by Daikakita Genji himself
>I feel well and truly honored by this gift, despite my great failure
>Once in private, I receive a letter, and a parcel
>The letter is from Tsuruchi Bashida
>Letting me know he didn't participate in the Iaijutsu test, nor really watch it
>But that he wanted to thank me for what I did in it
>And as thanks, a bottle of sake bought from some of his winnings
>That Mantis bet in a Championship tournament?!
>Against me?!
>The gall!
>The nerve!
>I open the parcel, it's a bottle of rather expensive sake
>I do not trust him,so while i take the bottle, i leave it unopened
>I'm not much of a fan of sake anyway
>Decide to write that haiku for Moshi-san anyway
>Focus myself, write of the crashing waves
>This is terrible
>I take the haiku to a nearby candle and burn it
>Even a Crane can miss, more often than most think
>Which is why nobody can know
>I am disturbed by another messenger
>Kakita Ikura, the Kakita daimyo and lord of Tsuma, has summoned me on urgent business alongside select others
>And that I shall come to the daimyo's abode with the utmost speed
>Barely an adult for a day, and I already must act like one
That Tsuruchi is still salty that you bopped his waifu on the head

>arrive at the daimyo's abode, show the guards the letter that summoned my
>One guard guides me to the waiting room
>Togashi-san is one of the people waiting there
>And soon after, Daidoji-san arrives as well
>My dear friend Usagi-san was one of the early leavers
>A would-be Truthseeker would've been helpful
>We are finally invited in
>Kakita Ikura, sitting slightly higher than us, serene and calm, famously with his biwa, strumming quietly
>We prostrate ourselves before such a grand lord, as is our duty
>A retainer announces our names formally
>The daimyo beckons us to rise
>Now that the formalities are over, explains why we are here
>A drug from the Colonies having recently arrived had become quite popular, both among higher and lower ranks
>It was known as "Sweet Dreams"
>Use led to a sleep-like state that could go for hours, with the most pleasant dreams
>Only pleasant, though, nothing exciting, nothing extraordinary, nothing great
>Just pleasantness
>Only problem is that recently, more and more of the general users stopped waking up
>Still alive, the retainers of the lords and the families of the poor nourish those that have fallen to this drug
>It seems almost more like a curse
>Big issue is that since it's a new drug, no laws regarding it have been enacted yet
>And quite a few magistrates were partial to the drug
>Until they too stopped waking up
>By the time a proper Emerald Magistrate who was not influenced by the drug would arrive, this epidemic would spread too much
>Due to my family, Kakita-ue appoints me as a Crane Magistrate, and the others as my yoriki
>I am to lead an investigation into the Sweet Dreams, stop its supply in Tsuma, track it to its source, and most importantly, find a cure
>This may very well end up saving the Empire itself
>Because this isn't at all too much for someone who just recently passed his gempukku the very same day
>"I thank you for the honor in appointing me to this task, Kakita-ue"
Alright chucklefucks. If you want to start helping with the pdf then make some replies with edits to this.

Cheers guys, and thanks to both Ishigaki- and Crane-san.
Kami's blessings, you were being serious
>"Mantits" right at the second page
You decided to go with the "it's intentional" school of thought, I see.
File: Mon_Crab.png (204 KB, 800x751)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
After the second, more serious pass its going to be significantly shorter. Translating greentext into whatever attempt at prose would be fitting of Ishigaki will cut down a lot of space.

Yeah I changed it once, now its back. I know that after the first few jabs it stays as Mantis though. I'm not about to leave out the jokes that make Ishigaki himself.
File: Im a terrible writer.jpg (60 KB, 634x639)
60 KB
Dear god, it's embarrassing as fuck to see how shit my spelling is. Dropped words, misplaced or absent punctuation... fuck my life.

It's worse because I sometimes try to hide jokes with intention misspellings, mantits but with all the fuckups
you can't tell what is intentional and what isn't.

on the subject or plurals, I know moonspeak dosen't use plurals, it SHOULD be Ninja whether your talking about one or twenty. But "People didn't see shit, people didn't hear shit, I say it's ninjas" was a direct quote from the player. And when Ishigaki is looking in absurd places for them it's intentional there as well, because he's being silly and it became a running gag to do so.

Other than that I have to thank you for your hard work editing as well as preserving my little story here.
It is my honor, friend. If you notice any jokes that got edited out let me know, I'd rather have the humor than be 100% super grammatical.

And honestly with the speed you write out these stories the mistakes really aren't all that common. Not to mention they are pretty easy to fix.
Does your GM have any more drawings? I want to know if Kitsuki-san is as sexy as I imagine him.
You're doing the work of the Kami, librai-anon.
I liked mantits
I'd grope them mantits if you know what I'm saying
File: akali.png (431 KB, 650x940)
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431 KB PNG
I agree

>Bowing deeply, leave according to etiquette
>ask the Captain of the Guards for any relevant details
>we are told that looking in the merchant's district and among the heimin would help
>But they don't have anything to offer us themselves
>Well, damn
>Time to go asking around, then
>First of, a visit to the local archives
>Hmmm, interesting
>Quite a few of the cases seem to be tied with a Geisha house, run by a Bayushi
>Will need some words with her
>On our way there, we split up
>Daidoji-san will check with the sake houses in the heimin district, primarly around the docks
>Togashi-san will try and find some information in the heimin district bordering the temple district
>I go to visit the Bayushi matron
>arriving at the Geisha house, knock on the door
>Quite a few curious glances
>Why would a Crane go to a Scorpion geisha house?
>As the front door is opened, I loudly proclaim that I am here on an official investigation
>Holding my jitte adorned with my family mon, tucked in my obi opposite my wakizashi and katana
>Any lewd notions immediately dispelled by the surrounding heimin and the greeter
>Guided in to a waiting room, am offered tea
>Decline politely
>Although it smells good, I do not trust anything served in a Bayushi establishment
>Led into the office of the Matron, introduce myself
>Her name is Bayushi Asako
>Mask covering her upper face, ornate fan covering her lower face
>"Bayushi-san, I am here investigating any connections between the recent issues surrounding Sweet Dreams and this establishment"
>"Oh, my, Kakita-san, how could you assume a connection to this humble geisha house"
>Once more, I am offered tea
>Again, I politely decline
>Probably doesn't taste as good as Crane tea anyway
>I could see him begin to empty his mind
>Keji was still out of my reach so he could take his time
>My defense, though basic was very solid.
>He hadn't been able to land any decisive blows, only barley reaching me
>He intended to change that
>I had heard the Matsu could paralyze a foe with fear due to the ferocity of their assault
>Until this day I did not realize how powerful that technique truly was
>I knew though, that I could not let his next strike land
>But I was already doing everything I could to cover up, yet he was still breaching my defense
>Very well then. I would have a very narrow window in which to attack him
>I had to make it count
>I shifted my stance, letting my own Fire burst forth
>He came at me, and I struck in between his steps
>I head bone crack as i struck his right shoulder
>I followed through and then pulled my blade back, hitting a second time in the ribs
>It was not enough to bring him down
>It was enough that his own attacks were thrown off
>His blows landed, and I could tell he had broken several of my own bones
>He did...something as he struck me
>form my vantage point on the reciving end, I couldn't tell what
>My vision swam, but I remained standing
>We turned to face one another again
>He had not moved far enough that I could not reach him this time
>i could see his cracked and bruised ribs were making it hard for him to breath
>he panted at me
>Damn! You're a hard one, aren't you?
>A bit, yes
>we both struck each other again
>I could tell he was used to doing battle while injured, and that he had some technique to further that ability
>As did I
>We were both on our last legs it would seem
>our strikes fell upon one another
>I tasted blood
>It was harder to breath then ever.
>I suspected, dimly, that a rib had pierced into one of my lungs
>I planted the tip of my boken into the floor to hold myself up, coughing up the blood in my mouth
>I looked around
>Where was he, where was Keiji-san?
>I found him, face down
He does, but he's redoing them over and over and over
he's an artist, he hates his own work more than anyone and he's never satisifed

If you want I can take the cattle prod to his ass and get him to put up some more
Pls no bully artists.
But bullying artists is the spice of life.
I hate to say it, but we might have to heavily edit it and give it a propper story format, instead of the pseudo-greentext style it's in now.
I'd be willing to do this if I'm not the only one who wants it, once my exams are over in a few days.

Also, I can't believe we haven't asked this yet, but what are Monkey, Kitsuki, and Mantis' names?
>I felt a cool gentle rush
>An unpleasant, but not painful, sensation accompanied my bones sliding back into place
>I hacked up some more blood, until I could breathe again.
>I glanced down and saw the bruises fading from my body
>my Hana-chan was seeing to my injuries
>I glanced over my shoulder and was relived to see Keji-san sitting up, a Kitsu helping him to his feet
>He let out a whistle
>You hit pretty hard yourself there, Hida Ishigaki-san!
>I gotta say though, I thought I shouldn't use that technique, that I'd kill someone for sure with it!
>Not did I not kill you, you were still standing!
>Matsu Keji-san, you're a beast. I couldn't afford to hold back my blows either. Belive me when I say this: You hit harder than an Ogro
>That's some compliment! Thanks!
>We bowed to one another and returned to our seats
>All the otheres, even Amono and Aoi-san, were staring wide eyed at me
>I closed my eyes.
>In a real fight he'd have killed me
>No way.
>It's true. He was able to wound me that much with a boken.
>With a real blade in his hands I'd be dead
>Why didn't you move and hit him?
>Amano, of all people was the one who answered that
>The Matsu teach a technique that causes their attacks to bring forth fear in those they strike
>It leaves them unable to move
>Truthfully, I do not know of many Matsu who would even think to use it the way Keji-san did though.
>Monkey san scoffed
>Oh come on, I've seen Ishigaki-san stare down Oni!
>he's telling the truth Monkey.
>He scared me.
>I'm not immune to the emotion, after all.
>I said nothing more
>I was certain my opponent was not determined by random draw
>But I had overcome Shoji's first, and likely best, challenge
>If there was another warrior in the Empire more deadly than Matsu Keiji-san I had no desire to cross blades with them at least.
File: 1491175126442.jpg (517 KB, 900x719)
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517 KB JPG
Yeah, I see what you mean. My first posts were much more me, and less Ishigaki. Part of this is because Ishigaki was, at first, VERY course in his language and mannerisms.
He softened over time, due to Naomi's influence and the necessity of interacting with polite society as often as he did.

But it's also due to the fact that I found his character again, and his voice, as I kept writing.

As to that last question, ForeverGM and I are going to have to dig through some archives, cause I honestly can't remember. I've already done some random asspulls on a few NPC names, and I didn't want to do that with theirs
Sorry, you misunderstand. What I mean is, since it's originally a greentext story, it's missing shit like "I said" and other connecting phrases that makes it a novel/journal instead of a string of thoughts and sentences making a narrative.
On a side note:
FFG finally released proper info for the new LCG, mostly rules, and some card art by the example cards to explain the rules
Of the CCG vets, any thoughts?

>It is an era of sudden change and upheaval in the Emerald Empire. Mortal schemes, elemental imbalances, and celestial turmoil have disrupted the political, military, and spiritual equilibrium of Rokugan. Long-simmering rivalries and fresh betrayals ripple through the courts and on the battlefield. The Chrysanthemum Throne is beset by threats from without and within, and the honor of the seven Great Clans shall be put to the test.
>While the Crane have been laid low, the Scorpion Clan has ascended to the height of glory. Bayushi Shoju is the trusted friend Emperor Hantei XXXVIII, while his impossibly beautiful wife, Kachiko, serves as the Emperor’s Imperial Advisor. No word is whispered in the Imperial Capital that escapes the Scorpion Clan’s ears, and no plot is hatched that evades the notice of its agents.

We Scorpion Coup Era Now.

My ST is very happy about the timeline rollback, although we're both wondering about how much rewriting they'll do vis-a-vis what was canon after the coup

Maybe even details of the coup itself, I'd guess they're starting year 1120, when Kachiko became Imperial Advisor, because a) that and b) it's a nice number

That, or 1123 with the first GenCon Tournament influencing what happens directly at the Coup itself
File: Crab courting gift.jpg (45 KB, 385x288)
45 KB
Ah shit. ForeverGM's self hate is contagious! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

But you know, the more I think about that, the more I warm up to the idea. I'll admit it, i fucked up and assumed fourth ed symbol of fire worked was just a renamed and re balanced Evil Ward at first, and then I when I realized it wasn't I was scrambling with that little "editor's note" thing. It's where I got the whole reader is reading Ishigaki's journal idea.

So yeah, I could see one of Ishigaki's offspring finding their fathers journals one day, cleaning them up and and publishing them one day.

That is a bit more work than just cleanup though, and there's still a decent amount of story left. I think so anyway. I'm very free form with these posts, I think up a few lines as a starting point and then my fingers take over on their own. My stupid fingers that can't spell worth shit.
Well, could get awkward if FF sets the RPG in the same timeline. Clan War and all... Anyway, I have gotten completely sidetracked. I'll get back to greentexting once I get back from the minnie mart. make it up to you guys by skipping the usual midday break, unless my brain just shuts off.
Just a rules question, but how viable are Kung witch hunters and Kaiu engineers schools in the RPGs?
I've just read the Kachiko article in the wiki. Damn, did she have an interesting life.

It looks like the writers in general are loathe to invent new characters for new plotlines, so they reuse the old ones. Or is it because of the CCG shaping the plot?
Obviously, Kuni witch hunters are gonna be a lot better against Tainted enemies than against mortal enemies. That being said, they're not completely useless against mortal enemies. They count as monks, meaning they get to learn Kiho and other fun stuff like that, so you could easily Kick ass as a witch hunter without ever fighting someone tainted. Against tainted enemies, however, you can absolutely fuck them up. IIRC, you can at-will steal a shadowlands creature's immunity, making all attacks treated as Jade. Yes, it's exactly as OP as it sounds.

I don't know enough about Kaiu engineers to say if they're good or not, I'm afraid.
Actually there was usually fairly high character turnover. Killing old characters and making new ones means new cards to print, after all. Kachiko was just kind of insanely persistent.

Although it's also worth noting that the original CCG opened on the Clan War period, so everything before that, including all of the Coup shenanigans was technically backstory.
>the next bout was the Shiba Gunso
>Against Shiba Ayame
>We exchanged confused looks
>I thought Ayame-san was going to keep a 'low profile', after the issue with my father?
>We all did, Naomi-sama.
>Amano unfolded his fan and cooled himself while he thought
>Mantis-san growled
>I don't like this.
>The competition is rough, she shouldn't be in here.
>Monkey pointed out something else
>If she wins, she's going to have to fight Ishigaki.
>That was true. The first match of the next round would be Kitsuki-san against Doji Rei
>I would have the winner of this match
>Kitsuki-san frowned, putting his fan to his lips
>She faces her own Gunso, who is likely far more advanced in the Shiba style then she is
>Monkey commented again
>It'll be a batlle of footwork.
>Shiba's style teaches more steps than any other school, to maximize positioning
>I looked over at him, incredulously
>Just watch, Ishigaki-san. I'm right
>I wasn't doubting what had been said, I was doubting that it was Monkey who said it
>the fight began, and Gunso stepped forward
>Ayame stepped back
>They did this again
>They each stepped to the side, switching their stances up
>Gunso pulled back his blade and let loose a Kiai
>Ayame fell back several steps
>He simply returned his blade
>So that's his plan. Make her waste energy with excessive maneuvering.
>he took calm forward steps,sliding his rear foot so he would always have stable footing
>Kitsuki-san, do you see that?
>Yes. The variance is subtle, but that is definitely a distinct step
>Ayame took a short, quick step of her own to close the distance and strike at her gunso
>he anticipated it though
>No, the speed of his deflection... he baited her in.
>he then struck, a slow overhead that she caught on her own blade
>The wooden swords ground together as he pushed strongly
>He over balanced her, and a scrape as his boken slid along hers
>And into her eye
>The referee threw himself between the two instantly
>Ayame fell, holding her hand over her eye in shock
>Blood leaked from between her fingers
>Naomi rushed in to help her
>Another shugenja interposed himself
>Hida Naomi, please leave her to her own clan
>But I am a water tensai!
>Nevertheless, the Phoenix Clan looks after it's own.
>The gunso threw himself down in front of Ayame, head to the ground in a dogeza
>Forgive me!
>That sounded like a real plea to me
>I looked over to Kitsuki-san, arching my eyebrow.
>He means it.
>Monkey snarled.
>That bastard! The gap in their skills was to obvious, he did that on purpose!
>Kitsuki-san grabbed Monkey's wrist
>It looked just enough like an accident, though.
>This is Shoji's doing, isn't it?
>And now you will face the Gunso next...
>You will need to restrain yourself, Ishigaki-san
>Amano nodded.
>I can assure you, by the time you face him the whole court will know that you were friends with Ayame-san, and that you hold this against him
>I shot the Scorpion a glare, though our of respect for Kitsuki-san I said nothing
>I could not see his eyes of course.
>Amano faced me directly and said, simply
>It has been done before
>A break was called, so the arena could be cleansed of any negative kharma that may have been brought about by the 'unfortunate accident' and to allow the spectators time to collect themselves.
>We went to visit Ayame-san
>A bandage wrapped around he head diagonally
>blood stained it over her eye
>She gave us a brave smile
>It doesn't hurt, the shugenja's magic saw to that.
>But, they said it was completely crushed, and I will not see out of it again.
>Naomi threw herself down before Ayame with a cry
>Forgive me! I could have saved your eye I know it!
>No, Naomi-sama! No one blames you for this!
>But, my father!
>No. A Phoenix did this to me.
>My Clan, did this to me
>You are a Crab, Naomi-sama. Not a Phoenix
Fuck you Shoji. I hope karma will give you a painful and dishonorable death. I have in mind being eaten alive by half-rotted zombies.
>Her Love taken from her
>Betrayed by her superiors
>Her honor tarnished
>Her eye stolen
>Sleepy-chan is Punished Snake
Shoji will probably find a way to make Punished Sleepy-chan a ronin, but she'll just gather a trained army of ronin followers and establish Outer Tengoku, a nation of ronin where no man is master.
There are gaijin with more honor. He'll be an eta in the next life for sure.
I find you forgiving. It's with this kind of shit that you find yourself in Gaki-do. If Rokugan's karma is doing ironic punishment, he would be reincarned as a shit eating usai-gaki.
>I sat down heavily.
>and cupped my face in my hands
>I had completely underestimated the depths of Shoji's vindictiveness, the depths to which he would sink
>And to think, I had been worried that it was irresponsible of me to take my friends and family to Kuden Hida.
>the full depth of my folly was made clear to me, when the people close to me were in less danger within spitting distance of the shadowlands than my father in laws castle.
>Hana-chan. It is not your fault
>It is mine
>I told them about the 'conversation' I had with Shoji
>I couldn't quite bring myself to elaborate on the messier parts
>But I conveyed the important part
>We had argued, and I had antagonized him
>Amano shook his head
>I believe Isawa Shoji must have a copy of Tangen's Lies in his library.
>If you cannot kill an enemy directly, infuriating them by attacking those close will cause them to make a fatal mistake.
>I do not blame you, either.
>I looked up
>I would not even be alive now if not for you and your friends.
>Shoji is a vindictive man. He would have punished me for not following his plan even without your fight
>I couldn't help but notice she used no honorific
>If there is anyone I will hate for this, it is my gunso, who did as he was told even though it was wrong.
>And the Shugenja, who made sure this wound would be permanent.
>I thank you all for your concern, please, let me rest now
>We filed out, I was the last to go
>Leave him intact, for me, Ishigaki-san
>Leave him intact, for me, Ishigaki-san

If I hadn't known any better I would think she was secretly planning revenge.
>The next battle was Monkey, up against Mirumoto Kokoro
>No question what style Monkey's opponent would use
>The bowed.
>Monkey assumed his stance
>Kokoro did not
>Kitsuki-san hissed "The Eight Directions!"
>Oh? You know this stance, Kitsuki-san? You are well versed, aren't you?
>what stance.
>what the the hell are you talking about you crazy woman
>hes just standing there
>At the referee's signal, the Mirumoto walked up to Monkey
>He did not step. He walked
>And Monkey stepped back
>Kokoro snaped his blade at Monkey's neck in time with his own stride, stamping down with his foot as he attacked
>Monkey got his own sword in the way stoping Kokoro's attack
>Only for Kokoro to get closer and stab his short blade at Monkey
>Monkey lept over the attack
>Okay. What the hell
>This didn't look like Kenjutsu, it looked like two untrained brawlers going at it
>Kitsuki-san nodded.
>Such is the simple grace of the Niten style It seeks to make the swords one with their wielder, so that every movement and action is as normal as walking.
>Amano agreed
>And the Toku teach that one must always strive to do what must be done.
>It will be a wonderful match, each a natural fluid expression of their art.
>I leaned in to Mantis-san
>Those two are out of their minds, aren't they?
>Just checking
>Monkey made several rapid thrusts, but Kokoro spun his blades in circles
>Though Monkey was able to make two thrusts in the time it took for one blade to make a full circle, Kokoro had two blades
>Every blade was pushed aside as Kokoro closed the gap between them again
>Then, when his blades were both outstretched to his sides, he brought them quickly together attacking Monkey in a pincer maneuver.
>Monkey leapt back out of the way of the blades as the whistled past one another
>Then launched himself forward and struck at the Mirumonto as soon as he landed.
>Monkey hit Kokoro across the chest
alright brain meats broken. all I can smell is popcorn and butter. I need to clear my head
Shoji sent us to Jigoku, but we're going deeper.

>I tell her what I know, why I'm here, and what I hope to do
>Bring justice to those who would upset law and order in this way
>She offers her aid, willingly, with no price named, and assurance that no price would come
>Explains how the drug has affected both her geishas and many of her clients in Tsuma
>The thought of Cranes willingly going into a Scorpion Geisha House disgusts me
>I thank her for her offer of aid, though I do not take it
>And I thank her for her time, as I make my leave
>She offers the service of her Geisha house free of charge if I am successful in my task
>I don't even take a moment to consider it, but still thank her for the offer out of politeness
>Outside again, I scan the area
>A young heimin boy playing in the street
>"You there, child, come over here!"
>Startled, the terrified, as curious and fearful onlookers watched what was unfolding
>"Tell me, child, have you heard of the Sweet Dreams?"
>"Yes, mama-sama tells me it is why papa-sama stays sleeping"
>Does this villainy know no bounds?
>"Find out as much as you can about it. I shall be waiting nearby."
>I press a small sum of one bu into his palm
>"If I am satisfied with what you have to tell me, you will have another of these"
>The child stares at the bu in wide-eyed amazement, as if he had never seen such a large amount of money before
>What a ridiculous notion, these are Crane lands, after all
>After a few seconds, he gathers himself
>"Yes, samurai-sama!"
>And he runs off with a smile on his face, intent on finding out as much as he can about it all
>I notice a small tea shop, empty despite the business around it
>I sit down at a table outside
>A young woman, most likely the daughter of the owner, comes and takes my order
>She comes out with a cup and a tea kettle followed by a hideous creature, the likes of which i have never seen before
>"Apologies, Kakita-sama, this is my grandmother. She insists on serving you the tea herself."
Wait, how is it Shoji's fault is Kitsuki said her opponent was truly sorry? Then it wasn't intentional, did Shoji magic something?
Speaking from a reader's perspective, he was ordered to do it, but the opponent felt great shame for having to do it anyway.

Only storytime bump i'll be able to do tonight, I have an early morning tomorrow, and I thought i'd leave my own story on a more fun note after reading of Shoji's treatment of Sleepychan

Your ST really makes it easy to hate that man


The gunso is truly sorry, both for hurting her, and for following the duty to his lord instead of true Honor and the duty to the soldiers serving under him, is what i took from it

He is sorry for following his lords orders, as a true samurai should, even though a true samurai should not follow this type of order

Because that's what Rokugani samurai drama is all about anyway

If you look closely, he's actually living the dream, in a position more often seen in Kabuki plays of men torn between duty and honor
Ishigaki... I'm already an Oni.
PDF-anon back. I intend to do that, with some input as I'm not an english major. The first couple pages started trying to establish that, and then I went for the spell check and basic continuity errors checking first.

The whole journal/prose thing will come with time, its the same thing as the Shadowrun storytime pdf. That took ages to fully correct and its still not quite novel-worthy, but it is a shining example of /tg/,
Anyone have the City of Lies?
Or indeed, some of the older or more esoteric books?
File: downloadfile-1.png (19 KB, 200x200)
19 KB
This is unrelated to crab-sama's story, but would it be wrong of me to play a sparrow bushi with a west country accent? I just can't get the image out of my head.

"Och arr, we don't like them there rat folk on our land, don'tya know. Tried giving us a fetish carved from our daimyo's brother's thigh bone. That's blasphemy that is."
That's literally the perfect way to play Sparrows, imo.
Do it anon, if only because that image is now stuck in my head, thus I need to live vicariously through your exploits
About to go to bed, figured I should ask now because I'll probably forget before I post again.

What's your favourite part of L5R?
Or, if you can't pick one, your favourites?

I haven't played any, but I find all the nuances a blast. There's something for just about everyone. Unless you hate samurai. And thus have no soul.

Wanna beat up monsters? Shadowlands.
Internecine warfare? Well that's what like half the history of the game is about.
Feel like going into high drama and weaving a possibly tragic romance? Yeah, you can do that.
Or you could steal, burn, and pillage your way across the countryside until the samurai catch you.
It just makes my inner ten-year-old light up with glee.
Your GM is milking beloved NPCs for all it's worth, I see.
Seems to be doing a good job at it, too
>She comes out with a cup and a tea kettle followed by a hideous creature, the likes of which i have never seen before
>"Apologies, Kakita-sama, this is my grandmother. She insists on serving you the tea herself."
Kek. Kakita never gets a break
File: eek.jpg (497 KB, 908x1400)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Just going to point out here, that while a Dokufu can take on a human form it always appears to be it's real age. So a three hundred year old one is going to like a three hundred year old person when shifted.
>No more Spider
>Resetting AEG's shitty writing

I fucking love FFG already.
I'll keep that in mind if i ever run an L5R campaign myself
To be honest, in order to have the full traditional player experience, I never read the GM segment of the 4e core book, so a lot of monsters and spirits are unknown to me
Only looking up the relevant monster we were facing quickly on the wiki for a pic and the general description to try and simulate the limited knowledge a non-scholar and non-Crab samurai would know
That way, if i were to ever fight an Oni as a non-Crab, I can easily play the confused "Why is my master swordsman skill not working?!" samurai because nobody else in my party is a Crab, or can identify what we're fighting as an Oni, thus we wouldn't immediately realize we need jade
Also, we almost never had jade

Daikakita-san has his ups and downs in this story, but some ups follow downs, and some downs follow ups. This old woman is unfortunately not a Dokufu, which would've made everything more interesting, but the entire tea shop was a masterful asspull of an improvisation with some neat roleplaying opportunities

For me, the nuance is a fun part, but for me, my favorite parts are more specifically the high drama that would get turned into a play (Daikakita-san's story in-setting is being turned into one as a propaganda maneuver by the Crane, for example), as well as the world of political intrigue
And more importantly, how you can realistically jump from fighting shadowland monsters over the high drama to the political intrigue AND IT STILL MAKES SENSE
Seriously, Ishigaki-san's tale is a perfect example thereof, and Daikakita-san's will turn out to be quite similar
I honestly did almost panic when i realized just before start of the Summer Court that none of the others had seriously spent any points in social skills while i had 3 in both etiquette and courtier long before we had even an inkling of a chance of going to THE Summer Court

Anyway, back to storydumping
Welcome back, Daikakita-san. Got any tips for a newbie looking to start play as a Phoenix Shiba who will act as a Yojimbo for a Void Phoenix Shugenja?

>I barely manage to keep face after finding out that hideous creature was just a really, REALLY old woman
>Living as a Crane, one gets used to a certain standard of beauty
>Even the oldest among the Crane still manage to look beautiful, or at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing
>She shows good form in serving the tea
>I gently lift the cup to my lips for a taste
>I barely manage to keep face once more
>This tea is amazing
>I have never tasted anything like it before
>I feel the need to ask for the recipe, but doing so would be impolite
>I'll just have to visit more often instead
>I thank the old woman for her tea, and compliment her on its quality, belying my true thoughts on this amazing brew
>She humbly accepts my compliment
>Her etiquette on point
>She was obviously raised in Crane lands to be so polite
>I ask her of the drug Sweet Dreams, what she knows thereof
>She wonders aloud why an honourable samurai such as myself would want to know of such a foul thing
>"I am investigating as a deputized Crane Magistrate on behalf of our lord Kakita Ikura-sama and intend to put a stop to this"
>She prostrates herself before me, dogeza
>"Oh, thank you, honourable Kakita-sama, for your work in dealing with this terrible drug"
>"My own daughter, Fortunes bless her, has been asleep for almost a week now"
>"My granddaughter cannot marry because she must help around the tea shop and with her mother"
>I offer my condolences
>"Thank you, Kakita-sama. You honor this tea shop with your mere presence, even more so now knowing your sacred duty
>It's all fault of that Hon, a ruffian, a useless lout, always hanging out at the sake houses near the docks
>Apparently a former sailor, started courting my dear Akemi a month of two ago
>The poor girl had been a widow for a few years, bless her, so she responded easily to his advances
>But that lout, ooooo, he was nothing but trouble
>Bringing drugs into this house
>Putting my dear, sweet Akemi to sleep like that"
Read up on your clan in the core book, and at least the wiki, both clan page, clan founder page, and any related that you think might be relevant
Create the ultimate stereotype, then mold it to your liking, same base shape, but yours, so not quite a stereotype any more

As for being a Yojimbo, you are an extension of the charge you're assigned to protect, specifically the sword hand
And the sword is an extenstion of you
You are your charge's sword, literally
In return, your charge handles things you are less good at, such as courtly or divine matters, depending on who you are Yojimbo to
You should have a basic knowledge of both, skill point wise, so you can assist as needed
And don't underestimate those social skills, either
Daidoji, for example, who nearly was my Yojimbo had i rolled a Doji courtier or Asahina shugenja instead, was not exactly useful in court
About as subtle as a horse in a koi pond would be a compliment

Most importantly, though, congrats on getting to play, it's one of the most fun RPGs i've played, especially once you get past that it's watered-down-for-westerners-samurai-drama and just roll with whatever cliché comes upon you and have some fun with it
Main reason i loved playing Daikakita was because he was such a cliché of the tragic warrior-poet combined with the magnificent bastard
That, and how i magistrate, as you're about to see
I am going to rely on the rest of the party for social related encounters. My character is going to have a few disadvantages in that field, which is why he will have to do his best to stay out of trouble.
For a tip that combines both a mechanical advantage with some rp and samurai drama fodder, you could be secretly in love with your charge.

Kharmic tie is very usefull if you've got a pc you're linked too, true love and bitter betrothal(if you're engaged to someone who isn't the one you love) are both possible, though you'll need to work closely with your charges player and gm to make sure these don't get out of hand

And of course, love is great fodder for Samurai Drama. You're just a yojimbo, and the one you love is not just an Isawa, not just a tensai, but an Ishiken. Chances are good that person has marriage offers out the wazoo from all sorts of high ranked and well off individuals who you likely won't compare to in the slightest.
>the plot's probably gonna diverge
>meaning no Toku
File: thisishowimagistrate.jpg (18 KB, 480x227)
18 KB

BTW, small correction needed, once the endless sleep side effect of Sweet Dreams was discovered, a general ban on use and sale was instated, so the current influx of the drug into Tsuma and the rest of the Empire is done by smugglers

>I've seen Doji that weren't as good at keeping face as this old woman
>I give her assurance that I will find whoever is responsible as swiftly as possible
>She gives her thanks, offers as much information as she can
>Hon is a lowlife, stays in a sake house/tavern near the port, close to the warehouses
>Maybe Daidoji may have already found him
>I thank her for her aid, and for the tea
>As recompense, I leave a koku
>And the promise of justice
>She bows deeply, extremely thankful for such a great award
>A paltry sum for a Crane
>It is late afternoon, time for dinner
>We've been given lodging at Kakita-ue's keep
>Meet with the others for dinner to discuss our findings
>Daidoji-san discovered that the smuggling ring is based in a warehouse, although was unable to discover which one
>I try my best to ignore the smell of sake on his breath
>Togashi-san could only confirm rumours, turns out the temple district got a bit too distracting for her
>As in, most of her afternoon was spent admiring the temples and shrines without doing any investigation
>We decide after dinner to go find Hon
>This should be a simple arrest, so I feel no need to bring my armor
>Daidoji dons a set of heavy armor, and brings a large no-dachi
>This Iron Crane does look quite intimidating
>It doesn't take long to find the inn Hon is staying at
>Barge in loudly, everybody turns to stare
>"I am Kakita Tatsuya, Magistrate on behalf of Kakita Ikura-sama, here to take in the heimin Hon for questioning
>Do not attempt to resist. I. Am. The Law."

Pic related, it's how i magistrate
What you say about the high drama and being able to jump from one type of story being is very true, and I think once I actually get to play I'll probably appreciate being able to do that a lot more.
>I. Am. The Law

Woo Daikakita-san! Fuck up them miscreants! Seventy years Iso-cubes!
Now I want to play a ronin samurai like pic related...

>yare yare daze
There's a good question. I think Jin would probably be a Daidoji Crane, but he could very well be a Crab Hiruma Bushi, too...

>All of the patrons remain seated, none saying a word
>I turn to the innkeeper
>"Where is the heimin Hon?"
>"Upstairs, Kakita-sama, first room to the right."
>Daidoji-san remains at the front door, blocking any attempt to leave
>Togashi-san follows me as I walk up the stairs
>As we reach the door, suddenly, commotion
>The sound of window shutters being flung open
>I bash the door in, we see Hon jumping out of the window to the back alley behind the inn
>Togashi-san rushes past me, jumps out the window after him
>I rush down the stairs, yelling at Daidoji-san that Hon is escaping
>Run through the back entrance, barely see Togashi-san turn a corner
>Follow in quick pursuit
>Daidoji can't keep up in his heavy armor
>Yells that he'll search his room for clues
>Myself and Togashi follow Hon to the warehouse district
>He ducks into an empty looking warehouse
>Togashi-san climbs up to a window, attempting to ambush whoever may be inside
>I take a more honorable approach
>Under the lamps lit for the evening, outside
>Shouting into the warehouse
>"Come out, Hon, into the light, and face justice!"
>I wait a moment
>"The longer you tarry, Hon, the harsher justice shall fall upon you!"
>Finally, steps
>A lot more steps than just one man can make
>Out of the shadows steps a very large man
>Wielding two kama
>Flanked by 4 other men, 2 on each side
>Each armed with a parangu
>I cannot tell who Hon is supposed to be
>But these heimin are threatening a samurai
>They are showing themselves as the lawless vermin they are
>Slowly encircling me
>"The law? You're supposed to be the law? You are only one lonely samurai, Crane, what can you do against the 5 of us?
>Have you even fucked a woman yet? Ha, a mere boy, acting all grown up! About to die before even having felt the touch of a woman.
>Bet you don't even know how to use that sword, boy."
>He dares insult me?
>Taking a step forward, I draw my sword and slash across the chest of the leader
>My blade shall be their justice
Deus vult. Or Ancestors vult, maybe
What would y'all recommend for some courtly intrigue flicks or shows?
Looking for stuff that I can point some potential players to, grant them a relatively quick and hopefully interesting grasp of politicking with an Eastern spin.

>I center myself, having let my grandmother's Matsu blood in me take hold for too long
>With minimal movement, the parangu blades barely touch me, at most damaging my kimono
>The gall of these vermin
>Even their tall leader, skillfully using those kama, only manages to barely scrape me
>With a masterful stroke, I plunge my katana into the neck of one of the other men
>He drops his parangu as he clutches at his bleeding throat
>Suddenly, with a great kiai, Togashi-san joins the fray
>She has undone her top to let her magical tattoos do their work
>The heat of combat has me too focused on meting out justice on these lowlifes to let myself be distracted
>Her body emanates a supernatural heat
>And as her strikes connect with the bodies of our adversaries, their clothes burn at the points of impact
>Kama-man sees an opening, and strikes
>Into Togashi-san
>One kama buried in her shoulder, the other in her side
>She slumps as a parangu blade slashes across her chest
>One last punch immolates the face of her transgressor
>I will avenge you, Togashi-san
>I barely notice her crawling away out of harm's way
>Daidoji-san maybe should have followed us after all
>I keenly manage to dodge the strikes that follow, only barely scraped by the kamas and remaining parangu
>With one quick motion, I slice open the stomach of Kama-man
>Dropping his kama, hopelessly attempting to keep his entrails from spilling out before he slumps to the ground, unconcious, nearing death
>The two remaining heimin are visibly shaken by now
>One attempts to lunge at me with his sword
>I sidestep, and as he stumbles past me, I thrust into his back
>He drops his parangu
>My Kakita blade, shining, exits through his solar plexus
>As i withdraw my sword, he slumps to the ground with a painful gasp
>Turning towards the last remaining, I point my blade at him
>"Face justice with honor, and I shall be merciful"
>The man drops his parangu, prostrates himself, dogeza
>"Anything you want, Kakita-sama!"
It seems to me that the single best reason to play a Togashi is to dramatically throw off your shirt before a fight.
Do you need more reasons?

If you can stay long enough until I get to Daikakita-san's adventures at the Summer Court, you should get a pretty good image of high-stakes politicking, as well as Daikakita facepalming at the relative ineptitude of courtly manners of his companions

And yes, >>52803379
That was exactly the reason why the player wanted to play a Togashi Tattooed Monk
If i recall, even had Togashi Korimi as his character's sensei, and bought the "Dangerous Beauty" perk just to make sure Togashi-san would be hot as hell

>Blade still pointed at the heimin, I slowly approach
>"Tell me all you know of Sweet Dreams"
>With a whimper, he complies
>They've been smuggling the drug in Mantis ships coming
>Most recently, a ship called the "Black Mantis"
>They store the drug at this warehouse, and some homes in the slums at the edge of town, as well as other contraband
>"Very well. You have shown to at least some semblance of honor by facing justice
>And I shall keep my word, and give you the mercy of a quick death."
>He freezes, as if he barely managed to register what I just said
>Before he manages to finish his last word, my blade falls
>His head soon follows

>I am the law.

>I rush to Togashi-san, to see how well she fares
>Death will not take her this day
>It was good fortune that I did not wear my armor
>I remove my haori and drape it over Togashi-san, to cover up her indecent state of dress
>She was in no state to cover up herself, after all
>"Wait here"
>"As if I could do anything else"
>I start running towards the keep, stopping for the first patrolling doshin or guardsman that passes
>"Quick, get a Water shugenja, a healer, Yoriki-san is badly hurt, and get some more guards!"
>I give them directions to the warehouse, and a message for the guard captain, to await my return wit ha shugenja for cleansing
>The cuts and blood spots on my kimono are evidence of that
>Knowing now that Togashi-san is saved, I walk the rest of the way to the keep
>Today has been a long day
>I could really use some good tea
But haori is worn over armor anyway
>As Monkey passed him Kokoro whirled
>His body twisted in the direction of Monkey's strike, softening the blow
>as he spun, Mirumoto Kokoro brought up his blades
>Then brought them down
>he caught Monkey on both shoulders
>the force of the strikes pushed Monkey down onto his right knee
>Unlike Doji Rei, Monkey's opponent did not pause to look at the referee.
>Kokoro knew full well the match was not over
>Kokoro was behind Monkey, who was on one knee and unable to move well
>And poised to strike again
>I could hear Kitsuki-san whisper
>'if the enemy attacks first, kill them'
>'If you attack first, kill them'
>'If you and the enemy attack at the same time, kill them'
>Though I had actually never read Niten, I assumed that must be what Kitsuki-san was quoting.
>I realized I had misconceptions about the Mirumoto style
>I had assumed it a defensive style, as it taught the practitioner to shield oneself with their wakizashi, their honor
>The opposite was true
>As the Hida style taught one to let their armor cover the openings left when one attacks, the Mirumoto style used the short blade to do the same
>Kokoro had kept up a constant attack, putting pressure on Monkey from the moment the match began, let leaving Monkey no opening to safely attack
>And now, this match was over
>As Kokoro began to bring his long blade down Monkey snaped his hips
>Switched from being on his right knee to his left knee
>And brought his boken into and through Kokoro's ankle
>The Dragon's feet crossed over one another, and he fell, spoiling his own swing
>Still, Kokoro lashed out with his short blade even as he neared the ground, and struck Monkey on top of his head
>Kokoro hit the floor
>Monkey's head snapped down
>But he remained on his knee
>As the referee declared him the winner, he looked up with that stupid grin of his
>Monkey's kenjutsu was nothing special
>Like most minor clans it covered the basics yet lacked much of it's own personality
>reset to pre Coup

But, on the flipside, not sure how I feel about the similar setup of having shoju there/reusing characters/setting up the same storyline. Hopefully they will surprise us and use it as a bait and switch.

Not too much of a weeaboo, so not as familiar with how things actually are realistically

But i do think you're thinking of a kataginu, maybe?

Plus, I went by the core book description of haori:
Jacket-like garment worn over a kimono, price: 25 zeni

No mention of armor there, so I assumed

Anyways, removing it from over a kimono would be easier and quicker than from over armor anyway, i'd wager

And the amount of artistic liberty taken already is kinda high, with Hon's name made up on the spot (it's not in my notes because why would a samurai remember the name of a lowly heimin?) and the combat section taking a few rounds longer, and me taking a few more wounds than it might seem

As long as you're enjoying the story, I'm doing a good job
File: 1002766-i_048.jpg (78 KB, 636x834)
78 KB
It's that yellow thing the sitting guy is wearing.
We'll fix it in post.
Wait, so they'll retcon the whole Clan War?
Well, yes. Everything is gone. It's a reboot back to pre scorpion coup times. With some key names the same, and some different.

>Togashi Yukani
Oh boy, they kept Togashi around as an immortal this time too. That guarantees the whole plot with fu lengs return at some point.
>But once again Monkey showed the Toku bushi was at his best when had no chance of victory.
>I heard Mantis-san's whisper plainly
>Seriously. HOW does he do that?!
>Shugenja came up to the contestants, but Monkey whirled and glared at the Isawa nearing him
>He exchanged bows with Kokoro, who still wore a shocked expression of his own
>Then Monkey came over and bowed to Naomi
>HIDA Naomi-sama, please.
>Monkey spoke loudly enough for many nearby to hear
>The Phoenix shugenja are poor healers; they could not save the eye of one of their own.
>I would rather place myself in your care.
>Amano fluttered his fan
>Kitsuki-san just closed his eyes
>Of course, Toku-san. It is my honor.
>Monkey just snubbed the entire Pheonix clan, by suggesting the Hida family was able to produce Shugenja better at healing magic.
>That went over about as well as you would expect
>The Isawa Monkey had turned down stormed over and began yelling
>Just what is that you are saying, Toku-san!
>Monkey looked over even as Naomi healed him. Not bothering with a scroll. She was showing off, just a tiny bit.
>Did I stutter, Isawa-san?
>Or am I wrong about Shiba Ayame-san losing the use of her eye forever?
>With just a little help from my Hana-chan
>Was making the Isawa look incompetent
>And they were doing it on purpose
>As if that wasn't strange enough, I found myself exchanging incredulous glances why Bayushi Amano.
>It wasn't the fact that Monkey, and my wife, were upset. We all were quite furious
>Nor did I find it all that odd that they would choose to strike back in some way
>Naomi would endure great abuse without a word of complaint.
>But should she see someone else being abused she was often the first to act
>Monkey, though not as compassionate as my wife, found deliberate cruelty to be just as offensive
>What boggled the mind here was that after direct warnings from both Kitsuki-san and Amano that I must control my rage, it was THESE TWO that were acting recklessly
File: Mirumoto.jpg (258 KB, 797x1000)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
>'if the enemy attacks first, kill them'
>'If you attack first, kill them'
>'If you and the enemy attack at the same time, kill them'
Sorry, Mirumoto, could you repeat that for me? I don't think I've understood; you used too much prose and symbolism.
>With some key names the same, and some different.

Wait, that chick Hotori wasn't a fucking typo? Oh dear god if O-Ushi isn't still a sexy tomboy...
Well, looks like i was wrong

Was under the impression that the sleeveless version over armor and the sleeved over kimono had different names

Oh well, if it's worked over in post as >>52804156 states, then I'm fine with it

Speaking of, I think I'll keep posting in Ishigaki-san's threads, to keep everything in place, don't want to clutter up the board with another thread that only gets bumped every once in a while to keep the story going

Unless Ishigaki-san minds, of course
They genderbent Hoturi into Hotaru, as you say.
The unicorn clan champion (male) has been replaced by a female one, though their names are completely different. It should be interesting to hear more details as it unveils.

Though the addition of a Tsunami that has hurt the crane pretty bad is pretty new for this period of the new alternate timeline.

Amusingly I just started plotting a campaign set in the pre coup era a week ago.
>The Isawa, a man about my age with long, thin moustaches drooping past his chin, snarled at Monkey
>You insult my family and my clan!
>The Isawa prodcue the finest shugenja in the Emprie and I will prove that!
>I demand satisfaction!
>Toshiro stood up
>really, you too?
>I said nothing, however
>As you wish, Isawa-san
>The Isawa looked up at Toshiro, taken aback
>I assume you meant to settle this with Taru-Jiai, did you not?
>The Isawa looked to Naomi
>Do not look at her. I will be the Champion for my subordinate. She must save her magic to heal the contestants of this kenjutsu contest.
>The Isawa looked to where Shoji sat.
>Shoji nodded
>Well, arguments, and the duels they lead to, were bound to happen once or twice during winter court.
>I just didn't expect that Monkey and my wife would be provoking it.
>At least she wasn't the one fighting it.
>So the entire court headed outside into the snow
>The elemental forces called up in a shugenja duel could, and often did, result in collateral damage
>So they were often conducted in as open a space as possible
>I am Isawa Momotaro!
>I am Kuni Toshiro.
>Shall we duel with avatars, Momotaro-san?
>The Isawa blinked at that.
>Naomi explained to us
>In a Taru-Jiai it is, difficult to avoid injury.
>Both parties seek to call up as many Kami as they can, and throw them at one another
>The one who overwhelms the other is the victor.
>Moshi Aoi spoke up
>Hai. This method stems from the fact that it was trying to be faithful to the nature and spirit of an Iaijutsu duel between bushi, after all.
>Naomi took over again
>It is possible for a Shugenja who can use the strongest magics to instead create an avatar of their chosen element
>This allows for safer duels, as the avatars battle one another, rather then the the shugenja battling directly.
>Mantis-san spoke up
>So Toshiro-sama just told that Isawa he is a really powerful shugenja?
>We all looked on awaiting the Isawa's reply
I don't mind at all. I'm enjoying the Crane perspective.
>tfw everyone starts shouting and pulling weapons in the duke's court and you're the barbarian sitting there going "I thought you guys said I WASN'T supposed to do this stuff."
>No, a standard duel will do just fine.
>Toshiro nodded.
>So you can't make one then.
>Aoi-san giggled behind her sleeve
>He's making his opponent angry already, pointing out Momotaro-san's weakness.
>The two faced off, and stared at one another
>Naomi spoke
>First they extend thier senses, opening their minds eye to the Kami. They will try to see what kami their opponent intends to call, and how strong their connection is.
>It didn't look to me like Tohiro was doing that.
>While Momotaro was staring intently, Toshiro was leaning on his tetsubo with a bored look on his face.
>I saw the Isawa's eyes widen with shock
>Naomi smiled.
>He sees just how powerful Toshiro is now.
>He will surrender.
>Aoi-san shook her head
>I don't think he will Naomi-sama
>He seems to proud to just give up like that.
>Aoi was correct, the Isawa began to pray
>So did Toshiro
>Naomi shook her head
>Oh, that fool...
>The snow began to swirl about, forming up and changing into great chunks of ice around the Isawa
>the earth itself rose up and flowed around Toshiro
>Toshiro's eyse were glowing with a green light, and his hair and Kimono whipped about as though in a strom
>Isawa Momotaro's eyes burned blue, his hair spreading out in a fan like a person floating in a pond
>Then the ice and the earth rushed towards one another and collided
>As both shugenja chanted more and more of their element poured into the swirling chaos that was the battle
>and the the roiling ball where their attacks collided burst
>I had to shield my eyes the light was so bright
>When I could see, the Isawa was laying a good ten feet away from where he had been standing.
>I could tell because his sandals were still where he had been.
>Toshiro had been forced back as well; there were clear marks in the snow showing where he had been pushed
>Another Phoenix ran to check Momotaro.
>he's alive!
>With the assistance of a Shiba they got Isawa Momotaro up and moving
>Toshiro thumpdraged his way back to us
Omnoms required, back in a few
File: Grinning monkey.jpg (173 KB, 707x900)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>mfw all of that
File: glass.jpg (6 KB, 230x220)
6 KB
>>When I could see, the Isawa was laying a good ten feet away from where he had been standing.
>>I could tell because his sandals were still where he had been.
I've been here since the third thread or so, definitely will be around for that. And looking forward to it too!

Looking for things I can show others too, and usually people are too lame to read stuff.
So if you've got any suggestions for some high-level courtly intrigue in an audio and/or visual medium I would appreciate it.
File: temp.jpg (54 KB, 500x467)
54 KB
I like to think this is what happened.
>They genderbent Hoturi into Hotaru
A whole subplot hinged on Kachiko having Hoturi's baby. They really decided to shake things up.
Sub-plot? More like the fodder for a whole arc, when you factor in what went down during the coup, her vengeance for it, and how it effected the whole damn Crane Clan...
File: 0439.jpg (137 KB, 422x600)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>you could be secretly in love with your charge
I think I will try this out when I will be a bit more experienced.

I would love for more drama to ensue, but I will have to see about that, as I am not sure with this new group I am joining...

Pic related is going to be my young adult Shiba

This will be what happens >>52807351
Hoi, didn't notice that thread, be back in a bit
How useful is the Defense skill for a Yojimbo Shiba Bushi? Is it worth it if I take a few ranks in that skill?
It is fairly useful for yojimbo Shiba Bushi as it helps counter the ATN loss from guarding your charge if he is in Defense or Full Defense stance. The down side is you get no other actions when doing so, but if your shugenja charge is heating up a big spell the ATN difference might be a life saver.
Addendum. You get no other actions in Full Defense. In regular defense you get your normal allotment of non-attack actions.

>The cleansing ritual does not take long
>Only a few minor cuts here and there
>Except a long gash along my back that I did not notice in the heat of battle
>The water shugenja takes care of it
>Should be fully recovered in less than a day
>As I get dressed, Togashi-san is brought in on a stretcher, barely concious
>Still draped in my haori
>The shugenja explains that with wounds like these, the water kami can only do so much
>It'll be a week or two before she's fully recovered
>I bow to the shugenja, and to Togashi-san
>"When she wakes, express to her my gratitude in her aid."
>"As you wish, Kakita-san."
>I sit down for tea after such a long day
>Daidoji-san soon joins me
>He had searched through Hon's room, found notes leading him to the houses in the slums
>They were packed with crates, most filled with vials of Sweet Dreams
>Some of the crates had strange pots with a powder he did not recognize
>He had brought one of those pots himself, had ordered the guards to confiscate the crates
>We should report to the captain of the guard as soon as possible
>Find her pouring over a pile of documents
>Explain what has happened, what we've found out
>"Hmmmph. You will deliver this report tomorrow morning to Kakita-ue"
>Daidoji produces the pot, hands it to the guard captain
>She opens the lid, curses under her breath
>"Do either of you know what this is?"
>We both deny knowledge
>"Come with me. I have something to show you"
>This is rather unusual
>To take her time to show us something?
>What is that powder in the pot that had a Crane curse like that?
>We go to a secluded part of the forest near Tsuma
>Nobody nearby so late in the evening
>She lays a short trail of the powder, then sets the pot down next to it, opening facing the trail
>Returns to us
>"You know what hanabi is, right?"
>"Of course, yojimbo-sama, it is a beautiful form of art known by few that amazes both adults and children alike."
>She produces a tinderbox and lights our end of the trail
Poor Togashi. First real combat and she's out for a week.

>"What you're about to see you can tell no one
>It seems our smugglers not only dealt in drugs, but also gaijin pepper"
>Me and Daidoji-san look at each other
>We've heard of this vile substance, banned throughout the empire
>Our own clan even having some not-so great association with it
>As fire touches the trail, sparks fly, and a nauseating smell fills the air
>The sparks travel the trail rather quickly
>As it reaches the pot, suddenly
>The explosion takes us by surprise
>"Consider that this was only one small pot of gaijin pepper
>Consider how much the smugglers brough to Tsuma
>Do you understand why it is important nobody finds out about this?
>Especially those that would accuse our clan of wanting to revive the Harriers."
>We nod our understandment to the guard captain.
>"Nobody will be told of this, we assure you, yojimbo-sama"
>"Good. I will tell Kakita-ue of this myself, there will be no need to repeat this unsavoury detail to him.
>Let us return. You two will need your sleep before your audience with Kakita-ue tomorrow"
>I rest well tonight, knowing my duty was done honorably
>But still some worry for Togashi-san
>She was technically my yoriki, and I failed in my duty as her superior to ensure her safety
>I must make amends
>I will write her a haiku in the morning
>Born a Doji, she will surely appreciate the effort in such fine art
>Morning comes, and breakfast is had
>Togashi-san still resting in the infirmiary under supervision of the shugenja
>I take a step outside, feel the morning breeze as the warmth of the rising sun washes over my body
>Inspired, I head back to write the haiku before my audience with Kakita-ue
>The flow of time in nature as a central theme, of a brisk dawn before unknown happenings
>There, finished
>Another paper sacrificed to the flame of a candle
>But at least the Calligraphy looked nicer this time

>Gets pushed back three feet
>thumpdrag back over
>leaves the other guy's sandals in the snow
I like to imagine the entire fight took Toshiro about thirty seconds tops.
>Also, I can't believe we haven't asked this yet, but what are Monkey, Kitsuki, and Mantis' names?

Kitsuki Takeshi, Tsuruchi Daigo and Toku Satoshi are the names of Ishigaki's companions. Ishigaki (the player) is lousy at remembering names though.

>After breakfast, and attempting to forget yet another failed attempt at haiku, audience with Kakita-ue
>I explain yesterday's events as Daidoji-san looms silently behind me
>Togashi-san is still resting under the care of the shugenja
>Tell of her valor in combat, and how i struck down the villains in our midst
>Of Daidoji's foresight in investigating the vermin Hon's room and confiscating the contraband
>"Hmmm...very well. My yojimbo and captain of the guards has informed me as well of your exploits, including the more...unsavoury details, as is her duty.
>You honor your family name, Daikakita-san, as well as your ancestors in your actions."
>I bow deeply
>"You humble my person with such great praise, Kakita-ue, but it is too much. I am but doing my duty, as Bushido tells us to."
>I notice a small smile on his face
>"And you prove your place among the Crane as well. You were indeed a fine representative of our clan at the Topaz Championship"
>The reminder of my failure still stings me.
>"I will let you go investigate this ship you spoke of. And if the captain of that ship is involved, bring him in for questioning.
>I will not keep you further from your duty. You may leave."
>With a bow, we leave the audience chamber, and make our way to the docks
>It does not take long to find the Black Mantis
>A Mantis is shouting and cursing at the sailors to be careful with the goods they're unloading
>The few that reply address him as the first mate
>I manage barely to recognize his family mon as that of the Hogosha family, vassals to the Yoritomo family
>Now that trade is again the main interaction between our clans after our war in the Colonies, it pays to recognize such details, if only for oneself
>Remembering my rules of etiquette on names, I approach
>"Yoritomo-san, I wish to speak to your captain.
>I am Kakita Tatsuya, Magistrate by the will of Kakita Ikaru-ue, on an official investigation.
>It is imperative that I speak to him at once!"

I'm starting to feel the need for bed as much as Sleepy-chan, so I'll leave it at that for now

The next few posts will have some interesting PLOT once i get back, though, so stay tuned

Same crane-time, same crane-channel
Thanks, Perma-DM
>Toshiro waved Naomi away
>This scrapes are not even worth your effort, I only need a nights rest
>What about the pain?
>What pain?
>Oh. If you are certain then.
>I am. Save your magic for those who need it.
>A lunch break was called, most likely to allow tempers to cool after that display
>You think any more trouble will come from that little display?
>Kitsuki-san nooded
>Officially the mater is resolved. The duel is over.
>Unoficially however we can expect repraisals.
>However, I do not believe there will be significant increase over what negative attention we will already receive.
>None of the Phoenix shugenja will aid us after this, that's about it.
>I had to make certain of something though
>What about Naomi?
>She was part of it.
>No, as I said the matter is resolved legally.
>Now, someone may try to pick a fight with her over some trivial thing because they are upset over this...
>But I would not rise to such things, Ishigaki-kun.
>Mantis-san ate lightly since he was going to be battling next.
>We wished him luck and returned to our seats.
>We were indeed getting dirty glares from the Phoenix Shugenja in the room.
>I made it a point to glare at anyone who gave Naomi the stink eye.
>The hostility became less open after I won a few staring contests
>Mantis-san would be facing Kakita Sakurada
>It was true the Kakita were more known for their single strike style, their emphasis in iaijutsu.
>But they did not neglect more basic Kenjutsu training either.
>Naturally, their Kenjutu had evolved to build off the fundamental principles of their iaijutsu training, for when a duel lasted beyond the first strike, or on the battlefield.
>Namely they relied heavily on speed, the way Hida relied on armor.
>While I was considering that, I realized I knew nothing at all about the Mantis styles of Kenjutsu.
>So... Mantis Kenjutsu...
>Kitsuki-san and Monkey turned slowly to look at me.
>It's pretty... good. Good at that thing, right?
>The light in their eyes died a little as they realized I was ignorant of his technique even after all this time
>Aoi-san was the one who answered me
>I would say it is not good at that thing, or any thing for that matter.
>The Yoritomo are sailors, it would not do for ones katana to be knocked from your hand and washed overboard after all.
>Their use of easily replaceable weapons like kama is a practical choice.
>Tsuruchi, the Wasp clan founder, broke his own Katana. It was not until the after the Mantis as a whole gained great clan status that the wasp began to practice any form of swordplay.
>My own family has a simple style, for the Guardians of the Sun.
>So, we are now pooling our knowledge, to make up for the primary bushi families of our clan having almost no kenjutsu technique at all.
>I see.
>So, what you're saying is, is that Mantis-san is fucked.
>Amano shook his head
>I wouldn't say that Ishigaki-san
>Both you and Toku-san showed the strength of your school, despite lacking in advanced Kenjutsu training yourselves.
>I looked at Amano
>Really? Fine then.
>I've got 5 koku on the Crane.
>my wife followed up her chastisement with a light elbow
>She must have thought I was joking, or she would be more upset with me, I think
>I'll take that bet!
>Monkey, of course.
>Naomi-sama is right Ishigaki-san! Betting against your friend is horrible!
>Thanks for the money, Monkey
>The two bowed and fell into their stances
>The Crane stood still, looking calmly at Mantis-san
>Who ran forward, past the Crane and struck at his hip in passing
>The Crane pivoted, catching Mantis-san's blade.
>A second clack followed the first as Sakurada-san anticipated Mantis-san's follow up
>Then Sakurada-san moved.
>I had seen Mantis-san make use of his constant motion in battle before, I knew he could use his momentum to avoid attacks or to bowl over opponents.
>Given the rules of the tournament, he opted for the latter.
>I wasn't sure if using the former would have helped him, though
>Sakurada-san was able to gauge Mantis-san's strength well.
>He moved his blade with speed, aiming for Mantis-san's temple
>only to allow his blade to quickly slide off of Mantis-san's
>Amano whipsered
>Oh, A feint!
>Having drawn Mantis-san's blade out of position, the Crane struck him in the side
>Then brought his boken down on Mantis-san's wrists
>Mantis-san's boken clattered to the floor.
>Kakita Sakurada bowed to Mantis-san and returned to his seat
>I took Monkey's money
>I gave her the money before she could elbow me again
>I'm just thinking of our future, Hana-chan.
>Ishigaki-san, if you need money you can just ask
>But that would be a loan. I earned this koku.
>Naomi looked at the money I had handed her.
>Forgive me, Toku-san.
>She put the money away, blushing as she did so.
>It's okay to be a merchant but it's not okay to gamble
I was under the impression these things were pretty close to each other in terms of respectability
I think it was just because it was because he bet a friend would lose, then taking Monkey's money when he lost, and less the act of gambling itself.
>Next up, a Dragon and a Unicorn
>Another small woman, with red hair.
>Not the lightly reddish brown of some Lion, but a vibrant gaijin red, clearly betraying some foreign ancestry.
>She was lean and well muscled, stripped to the waist save a sarashi wrapping around her modest chest
>I am Moto Li-Ta! Prepare yourself!
>The Mirumoto facing her was a thin fellow himself
>Lean and lanky, with a shaven head.
>he was going topless as well
>A tattoo of a dragon coiled from his shoulder down his right arm and ended at his wrist
>This Mirumoto was only carrying a single blade
>My name is Mirumoto Sen. I am always prepared.
>Hello, Mirumoto!
>Hello, Moto.
>They took their stances
>Oh, I see what you meant about the Moto style, Ishigaki-san.
>I looked at the two
>So, that isn't Niten?
>Kitsuki-san pursed his lips
>No. And I am surprised to see a Taoist swordsman here.
>A what now?
>Samurai who seek enlightment through mastery of the sword, as did Mirumoto and Kakita.
>Though they choose their own path, rather then follow either of those two.
>They train alongside the Togashi.
>Is that tattoo...?
>No. They train with the Togashi, but they are not monks.
>Oh, okay.
>What do you think Ishigaki-san?
>About what?
>The Unicorn!
>Oh. I think she's in trouble
>I'm also wondering why the Unicorn keep sending out chibis to fight.
>Monkey looked at me.
>You know Unicorn can fight without being on a horse, right?
>I pinched the bridge of my nose
>Yes Monkey, I know.
>But the Moto style is meant to be used with their gaijin blades. maybe a no-dachi or nagamaki...
>She won't be able to bring out her strength with that boken.
>Kitsuki-san nodded.
>I agree.
>Furthermore, the Moto style is best suited to the battlefield. Not a formalized match like this.
>Moto Li-Ta made the first move
>with a ferocious kiai she hurled herself at her foe, swinging her blade one handed and seemingly wildly.
>I knew it was not undisciplined recklessness, however.
>The Moto school was strongly influenced by Fire
>All Kenjutsu styles, indeed all forms of personal combat are connected to fire in some way.
>But the Hida fight in the style of Earth
>The Mantis in the style of Water
>The Shiba, fight in the style of Void
>As do the Mirumto and Kakita, for both those men sought to understand the whole off the world through their mastery of the blade.
>The Moto, like the Matsu, were warriors of FIre
>Their burning rage consumed their enemies and scattered them to the winds.
>The Taoist met her Fire with his own
>Surprisingly, there were no tricks used in this battle, no techniques. Just simple force colliding with simple force.
>The two struck each other repeatedly exchanging blows
>The Dragon signaled his surrender
>The Moto woman sagged, panting heavily. She had several red welts on her body that were already darkening up into deep bruises
>It was then that I saw the Dragon was cradling his arm.
>A lump that could only be a broken bone distorted his tattoo.
>A pair of Phoenix came and tended to them
>They bowed again and made way for the final match of the day
>The first to step up was a Shiba.
>My name is Shiba Asahi
>He faced a Lion
>I am Akodo Yohsi.
>Monkey's jaw dropped.
>I know that name! He's a Kensei!
>Ooooh. Now I was curious.
>The Kensei were quite famous.
>They were trained to fight like water, they sought to master every possible use of the sword, so they could adapt to every situation and foe they might one day face.
>I wasn't the only one watching intently as these two squared off
That's enough for tonight, I think. Probably have to make a new thread tomorrow. Good night, all.
Remember to link it Crab-sama
>Hello, Mirumoto!
>Hello, Moto.
Perma-DM, was that your terrible joke, or Ishigaki's?
Maybe both?
You come back here soon, y'hear!?

I want to know how this went down.
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Screencaps incoming.
I am sorry they are late.
I got so far behind.
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My haiku mistake
I should not have added
the word "far". My bad.
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I did it again.
This time it was a line break
Oh well. So it goes.
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I am almost done.
Although I am not caught up.
It must do for now.
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That is it for now.
I have ignored other tasks.
I must get to work.

Most excellent work
Good libraranon
Your work always satisfies.
Thanks man, you are doing the Emps work
Librarian's task
Monumental, glorious
Worth ten internets
I assure you I did not make that joke!
Fresh bread
Fresh bread
Fresh bread

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