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Sup /tg/ I’ve been itching to do this again, and I made some swanky new graphics for it too. So since the new Dominaria set is coming out soon, let’s make like oldwalkers and make an MTG plane, and maybe even destroy it and have disastrously petty arguments! Maybe not that last part... or two.

How it works:
Roll 3d36
First roll is for Color, Second roll is for amount of hexes filled, Third is for direction.

>1-6: White
>7-12: Blue
>13-18: Black
>19-24: Red
>25-30: Green
>31-36: Colorless

>1-6: North
>7-12: Northeast
>13-18: Southeast
>19-24: South
>25-30: Southwest
>31-36: Northwest

And hopefully as we fill out the map we can build a setting, brew some mechanics, find or maybe even make some art, and make a hypothetical set.

I’ve always found these threads to be tons of fun. So here’s hoping I don’t make an ass out of myself.
File: Planeforger-Mapv2.png (189 KB, 1280x800)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Rolled 7 (1d9)

And here is a map for us to start filling in. Don't mind the d9 dice roll Just using that to determine where we will start.

Also here are some of the previous planes made so far.

Planeforger I: Anefor/Xanefor http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/45639708/
>An artificial plane created by a pre-mending planeswalker that has begun to fall apart. With the laylines and mana of the plane managed by 5 heavilly modified sliver queens, the Queen of the Green has died, and as such caused life to become out of balance. Pieces of the world slip out into the void, making it into a flat disc, the old races are becoming extinct, with new remnants replacing them. And the sliver queens have broken out into civil war.

Planeforger II: Ur https://warosu.org/tg/thread/53223391#p53223391
>A young plane of myth and magic. Sentient life sprung fourth from the Mountain at the Center of the World, interrupting a mythical “Worldsong”. The Iconic creatures of the plane are colorshifted, with bizarre new philosophies, Red Sphinxes that crave creativity and wish to be entertained, White Dragons that establish order albeit somewhat tyranically, Black Angels solumn sojurners, Green Demons that tempt others away from civilization, and the Blue Hydra hungry for knowledge. Native american inspired.

Planeforger III: Sireneterr https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/57732375/
>An underwater world! A technologically advanced civilization spanning the plane was sent under the waves following the wrath of an angry avatar over the loss of its kin. Now the world is post deluge with 6 factions trying to find their place in this new world. From a giant walking city populated with the remnants of the old world, to a hidden underground hollow core with the last remnants of uncharted dry land, to the denizens of the deep, and fallen empires. The world of Sireneterr also has a French/european arthistory theme.
Rolled 36, 31, 10 = 77 (3d36)

So, after my roll, I describe the region?
File: file.png (334 KB, 1280x800)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Rolled 19, 23, 8 = 50 (3d36)

Yeah. What lives there, or what could it be like?

We've generally used the "Colorless" land to sort of help find something defining for the plane's topography.
For example in the first planeforger Colorless lands were holes in a world falling apart due to the death of one of the Sliver Queens, and the declining health of the Planeswalker that originally made the plane.
The Nativeamericas plane of Ur the Colorless tiles were deserts/unsung lands, places where shapeshifting spirits dwelled, and primal magic can call them to life, sort of expressed in the shape of "Colorless & Color" filter lands.

And Sireneterr treated colorless either as ruins of old surface cities, or the "Continental shelf" the only bits of land above the surface of the great ocean that were ultimately devastated by the flooding.

So we've started with a swath of colorless land. What could that be? Mines? Cities? Giant cables? What could it be?

Sorry for the late response.
>The Steelsprawl of Eresh was a work of artifice none could remember the construction of. Large, mechanical maws devour chunks of land and bits of Steelsprawl itself, and factory-like segments extrude more mechanisms directly onto the machine. When the Steelsprawl "eats" a living thing, sometimes an ilgar emerges - a spindly, wiry puppet-like parody of what came in. The ilgar appear to be bound to the Steelsprawl - both acting as its defenders and as workers to help put new mechanisms into place. Om rare occasion, ilgar have been seem wandering beyond the reaches of the great machine, carrying things from further out on the plane to be fed to their home.
File: file.png (338 KB, 1280x800)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
Rolled 24, 8, 9 = 41 (3d36)

A few little mountains in a north easterly direction.
So some machinery lands? Sounds interesting. So is it a long lost ruin constructed long ago? Some peice of artifice inherent to the plane?

It's making me think phyrexia a little bit.

Feel free to roll more dice.

I'm thinking of splitting this plane up into continents, since the previous two ones were huge almost all land planes. Ur had a great river running through it, and Sireneterr was all underwater afterall.
File: file.png (339 KB, 1280x800)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
More mountains. So we have a bit of a mountain range forming to the north east of the Steelsprawl.

With a name like that is it more of a city? Did the ground get torn away to reveal this converting machinery underneath?

Should we go with a Phyrexian contaminated plane?
Not long-lost ruins. A relatively well-known region, and still doing whatever it's doing. Old Phyrexia invasion tech that, after Yawgmoth's death and the destruction of Phyrexia, stopped receiving orders, so it started 'idling' by doing what it does now. I'm phoneposting right now, and low on power, but I'll roll some more areas later.
Rolled 27, 7, 6 = 40 (3d36)

Maybe stuff left from pre-Invasion era Phyrexia, one of the various staging grounds, that's struggling to keep going in the wake of an entire rest of the plane and no Father of Machines? There's pockets of biomechanical undead horrors that are still functional, some places that they aren't, the ones that ARE are trying to continue in the Ineffable's name regardless.
Or maybe we accidentally make Elspeth's home plane
File: file.png (341 KB, 1280x800)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
Looks like we've got a couple of cool ideas coming up.

>Old Phyrexia invasion tech that, after Yawgmoth's death and the destruction of Phyrexia, stopped receiving orders, so it started 'idling' by doing what it does now.
So its the tech without the people who used it perhaps? And the inhabitants of this plane could've stumbled upon all of this stuff.

In lore Karn carried around Phyrexian Oil albeit unknowingly to a bunch of different planes. It would be interesting to see what a phyrexia without a father of machines would be like. Is the religion of Yawgmoth baked into the Phyrexian's "DNA" in that there must always be a father, a laMirrodin/NewPhyrexia? Is the mission of conversion built into them?

How would the natives of this plane have reacted? What would for example... this plane have been before phyrexians? what is it now after them?

Nice little bit of Green to the north anon.
File: HinterlandHarbor.png (1.45 MB, 1200x881)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Rolled 20, 17, 20 = 57 (3d36)

One of the things I like about some of the new Dominaria art is that a lot of the phyrexian and urza tech is just lying around and people just started living on it.
File: file.png (343 KB, 1280x800)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Rolled 11, 30, 18 = 59 (3d36)

More red from here. Extending south a ways.

So what could be a story behind these mountains?
The red creatures that live here found the Steelsprawl of Eresh?
Are these red mountains the "Eresh mountains?"
Rolled 18, 24, 15 = 57 (3d36)

Well, anything springing from old phyrexia and tracked oil would be radically different - I was suggesting not just old phyrexian tech, but an enclave of old phyrexians. That said, in regards to Karn's muddy footprints, anything coming from that would be much like how the NPH group ended up - desiring to spread and convert and compleat, seeing phyresis as The Best Thing, and having knowledge that there being some sort of Father of Machines is a Necessary Thing. Without being on Mirrodin, with its perfect metallic substrate for growth and seeming temporal fuckery (seriously, nothing about Mirrodin's timeline makes sense unless time passes faster there), anything created by an oil spill here would be much more primitive.
Either way, the planar denizens would likely see the Phyrexians as the horrible monsters that come to take you in the night, kicking and screaming, killing the poorly defended and leaving nothing behind but blood and ruin - the big difference would be if this is something that's started recently or has been happening for hundreds of years.
File: file.png (25 KB, 165x339)
25 KB
And in recompense for self-dice-rolling. Have a quick Ilgar sketch. based off of >>59267872

I worry they are a little too myr-like.
Rolled 9, 26, 34 = 69 (3d36)

Yooooo! I'm super happy to see someone else doing this! These threads are always some of the most fun I have on this entire board, and I regret that I'm often too busy to do them more often. Plus I dig the swanky new graphics. You keep being awesome OP!

For the cool post-phyrexia design, maybe we could focus the belief in the Father of Machines to a kind of softer one? The invasion is long gone, the danger and monstrosity passed, and now we have a world where the Father of Machines is something relatively benevolent in how they see it. History has distorted the true horror of phyrexia, but ended up with a kinder place for it.
File: file.png (348 KB, 1280x800)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
Islands to the northeast, swamps to the southwest.
Islands are interesting, in terms of geography. Often in cards they're either rivers, or well bits of land in the middle of expanses of water. Depending on what forms around this splotch of blue, what could it be? An island chain? A lake? the beginnings of a river?

>I was suggesting not just old phyrexian tech, but an enclave of old phyrexians.

This I like. It sort of gives them a handicap that can almost force these phyrexians or see how phyrexians do what they do without one of their key resources, and how they adapt or evolve in different ways. So yeah lets go with Old Phyrexian Enclave, rather than Oil-Infection.

Hello there old op. Yeah I've been wanting to do this for a little while myself. I did a lot of the art stuff in the old theads and just threw up a different name for the sake of planeforging. Did you ever get a doc/wiki set up? I got one that I saved brief descriptions with and the forging rules, I can link in the thread, if for the sake of expanding and collating the information we've got.
File: Planeforger-80s.png (86 KB, 936x238)
86 KB
Rolled 3, 29, 3 = 35 (3d36)

Speaking of graphics I almost went with this logo, little scifi a little 80's glam, but worried it seemed too power-rangers-y instead.
Rolled 6, 3, 27 = 36 (3d36)

I kinda like a lake, since it feels like it would sit well next to the Steelsprawl. Perhaps it has some runoff issues from being near it, if we roll a nearby swamp? In any case it seems like a fine place for to find coolant for the machines that make up the sprawl. Maybe the sprawl takes in water from the lake and then expells the runoff as the swamp on the other side?

Linking the forging rules would probably be good, at least for new people. As for the docs, I'm still working on them on and off. Been really busy lately, and it's difficult to collate all the things. I'll try to put one together for actual reading during this thread's run.

That is pretty power rangers-esque, yeah. IT's giving me the feeling of some kind of saturday morning cartoon splash screen, like there should be a quick jingle playing as it flies into view.
Rolled 26, 13, 11 = 50 (3d36)

This is making me think a lot of the Spine of Ish Sah, at least visually. Maybe we could describe the place and other colorless lands as having a kind of "coiling" motif? Lots of overlapping and spiraling machineries built into the landscape or otherwise overgrown from the passage of time. Steelsprawls could be a good name for them too, at least as common parlance.
File: file.png (354 KB, 1280x800)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
Rolled 14, 2, 35 = 51 (3d36)

Another bit of forest to the northeast and some plains spreading to the north and southwest.

Well here is that google doc link for you anon.

Like I said, it includes the thread opener, brief descriptions of planes, made so far, and the rolling rules. Feel free to play around with it.

Definitely like that imagery anon. Is that from planechase stuff?
Dead or dying machine gods lying sprawled on the landscape, perhaps by their phyrexian nature, becoming one with and converting the landscape into these living factories?

High Tech vs Low Tech theme?

Also I wouldn't mind more visual inspiration.
Want to give drawing the ilgar another shot.
Additionally how do we figure them into this "Phyrexian Remnant" lore we got building up? Are they poorly made/knock off Phyrexians, constructed without access to glistening oil? Is that just a name they or the natives came up for them because these phyrexian remnants never knew true phyrexia?
Spine of Ish-Sah from Mirrodin.

Also, I'm of the mind that High-Tech vs Low Tech is kind of overdone in MTG.
File: file.png (19 KB, 139x190)
19 KB
Fair enough. I mean its kind of a go to theme any time they print a product to do with artifacts. Inventors vs Elves, Brain vs Brawn, Coalition vs Phyrexia, etc.

Have a quick doodle. Also willing to take requests.
File: Horus.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Rolled 36, 22, 7 = 65 (3d36)


I'll agree that High Tech vs Low Tech is a kind of overplayed thing, though I think we can show shades of it since Phyrexia is pretty much always about tech. Maybe instead we could go for a "certain past vs uncertain future" kind of thing? The phyrexians could be factionalizing around either trying to keep to their classical machine programming, or trying to branch out in this world? I think they could be phyrexians without oil, or maybe just an invading vanguard that got left behind when Yawgmoth popped.

In any case for visual ideas, I was getting a very big feel from the ruins of the HORUS machines from Horizon Zero Dawn.
Rolled 33, 27, 23, 30, 35, 30, 35, 26, 6 = 245 (9d36)

Hmm, I think we need more places rolled before we can really start asking for drawings, though I do quite like the junkyard geth look of that little guy.

I'll roll 3 times to get started a bit more.
>For the cool post-phyrexia design, maybe we could focus the belief in the Father of Machines to a kind of softer one? The invasion is long gone, the danger and monstrosity passed, and now we have a world where the Father of Machines is something relatively benevolent in how they see it. History has distorted the true horror of phyrexia, but ended up with a kinder place for it.

This is interesting. In fact, having the general trauma of the invasion manifest as a general belief that machines are to be respected and feared, and maybe superior to flesh, might be cool. Someone else mentioned the remains of an actual Phyrexian enclave - it might be interesting to have old, barely functioning Phyrexians acting as sort of priest-merchant-engineers for other factions. Their programming is so damaged to hardly understand what they are anymore, but they know they worship the Father of Machines, and they know all others should too. So they serve as machine-priests, helping other beings interface with the divine technologies introduced to the world through the invasion.

I'm thinking maybe there's even a strain of phyrexian oil or flowstone around - whichever we think works best as nanomachines son - that the upper classes and clergy of many factions integrate into their bodies to better know the heart of the machine (and because it makes them superhuman).

Those swamps next to the mountains are making me think of B/R elves for some reason. They've long lost their connection to nature through flowstone/oil integration, and are rapacious raiders and slavers. Maybe with an element of Lorwyn elves, where there's a competitive element to their society - everyone wants to prove they are the most artful, the most beautiful, the best synthesis of elf and 'divine ichor.'
>They've long lost their connection to nature through flowstone/oil integration, and are rapacious raiders and slavers.

Maybe their bodies burn through these substances somehow, so they constantly need new vessels to serve as incubation pods for more of it, so they can top themselves up and stay as perfect as possible. An addiction to nanomachines is pretty cool.
Rolled 16, 12, 22 = 50 (3d36)

Artsy fartsy murderelves sounds interesting. Clearly this place has a functional reprint of Blood Artist, only an Elf.
If the other people of the plane aren't afraid of the Phyrexians, treating them as priests, then they'd be afraid of murderelves. Same 'steal you in the night' tendencies, after all.
Rolled 20, 9, 30 = 59 (3d36)

I really love that idea, especially if they need to be constantly self-reparing, and I'll champion flowstone or modified flowstone as the substance, since I both like the effect and think the shifting nature of it could be really cool mechanically.

Perhaps that's our play on the elven longevity gimmick? Elves potentially can live forever, but to do so they constantly need new flesh and machine and flowstone to keep their bodies from breaking down. As such, they're raiders out of desperation and much as desire.
I could see them unintentionally echoing the Keldons somehwat, as a nice little tie reference.

Anyway for the Phyrexians I'm picturing something kind of like Sebastian from ADAM, machines who are long since building upon themselves with clothes and other trinkets from the environment. the oldest would be the most inhuman of the lot or the most radical in their design, while younger ones would still retain some of their pre-phyresis looks.
File: ADAM_SBSTnLU.png (656 KB, 1125x771)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
Actually here's a better drawing for what I'm trying to get across.
File: file.png (368 KB, 1280x800)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Rolled 31, 3, 31 = 65 (3d36)

More mountains more swamps added.

The Phyrexians here I see as a sort of "Fact of Life" on the plane. They existed here ever since the various races were in their infancy.

I lean towards flowstone as a possible resource on this plane. If we go with the idea of this being like a Phyrexian Crash Site, perhaps with rath destroyed a shard of its flowstone flew off and overlayed into this far flung young plane and screwed with things, same with perhaps a portal ship, or some other element from phyrexia, as what brought phyrexians here.

Basically Flowstone+Malfunctioning phyrexian tech is responsible for things like the Steelsprawl. And what if these patches of "colorless" land are unique from eachother. One's a crashed ship, one is some flowstone that has been incorperated into the landscape, turning into a living factory. Stuff like that.

I third RB Elves. Just a neat color shift if I am honest.
Might be neat to see them have pain/damage for mana. Or Raid with Llanowar elf effects.
Rolled 30, 33, 29 = 92 (3d36)

Rath was not destroyed, though - its entirety overlayed Dominaria, and in fact the entire overlay plan required it to be the exact size of Dominaria to even work, unfortunately. Plus that only gives the ~350 years since the Dominarian Invasion proper for any of this stuff to have been around - if the flowstone and Phyrexians were older, but started acting differently since then, it'd work better.
Hmm. Which means either the elves have memory issues or don't have super long lifespans. Or they know and don't care, because they benefit - perhaps they benefited before as well, and do so moreso now.
File: gilt leaf winnower.jpg (68 KB, 312x445)
68 KB
I think they could still have the lifespans, if they required the upkeep due to flowstone abuse and other such shenanigans. There are probably an elf or two left who remember the time before Phyrexia and before the Flowstone, but I think they've always been black mana aligned on this plane. The corruption just cut them off from G, making them RB instead of Jund. The ones that still remember don't care, and the ones younger don't know.

Maybe the elves have a philosophy entirely based around lionizing themselves? They're the best, so naturally they can do whatever the fuck they want to whoever the fuck they want. Power is to be held to fuck over people who try and stop you, and self-gratification is everything.
Rolled 17, 32, 15 = 64 (3d36)

whoops, forgot my roll.
File: troll ascetic.jpg (71 KB, 418x305)
71 KB
Rolled 31, 1, 4, 12, 16, 7, 6, 2, 32 = 111 (9d36)

So besides phyrexians and elves, who else should we have? I was thinking to contrast elves being the "traditionally good and pretty race as evil assholes" we could have a traditionally monstrous races as kind of nice dudes. Maybe trolls?
Rolled 5, 6, 1 = 12 (3d6)

Nah, elves and trolls is just antimirrodin.
Rolled 19, 36, 13 = 68 (3d36)

...I was going to argue my point, but FUCK IT THAT'S THE COOLEST SHIT.

So sapient hydras. Do we still keep them in green, or muddy the color mixture a bit? I could see them maybe getting some of their red roots from way back when, but in any case they're cool as hell. Maybe they could work kind of like those snake-books from Vornheim, where they have spells or information written into their skin, and so are magic and mysticism oriented, with a possible reprint of Spellgorger Hydra?
File: file.png (381 KB, 1280x800)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Thanks to your roll the lake has been enclosed.

And with regards to the rath thing. Fair point. My mistake. I have to admit I mostly consumed magic lore through tg threads and wiki binges, and the occasional story lore on site. So I guess the question is what did the Legacy Weapon technically destroy? Phyrexia the plane, the entirety of Yawgmoth and his forces? Sussing out this stuff an help sort out how our phyrexians got here. separated from the father of machines? are they a stranded enclave of a failed invasion, or previous attempted incursion.

I was thinking about ways to include orcs actually. They seem to be getting a little more love as of Tarkir and Ixalan, and it would be interesting to have some twist on the Standard fantasy Trifecta of Orcs Elves and Humans.I'd mention dwarves but we've actually featured them in Planeforger I and III.

That is interesting. so hydras with say profession classes? Hydra Wizard? Hydra Artificier? Hydra Warrior?
I can see them as staying "truer" to green mana than the elves ever did, so as such to contrast they might be an enemy color pair? Green Blue? Close to nature, but perhaps due to the phyrexian arrival however many years ago, they got sapience, but maybe lost something?

We had blue hydras that grew based on how much they knew on Planeforger 2's plane but I kind of like this. Sort of makes for a weird family.

Here's the map updated with people's rolls. Might try and put out a couple more updates tonight before going to bed.

So here's a question. How long has this phyrexian remnant been here? and how did they get here? Answering questions like these could key us into how evolution of life on this plane.

There is the Steelsprawl, which is a sort of churning factory land, that converts things into artifact creatures. Does flowstone have a role to play in that? What about strange tectonics?
Rolled 6, 1, 15, 22, 5, 34, 22, 10, 14 = 129 (9d36)

I'm thinking with the Phyrexians, this might be one of the more minor planes that got taken over by it, but then fell to the wayside when Yawgmoth focused his entire attention of Dominaria. A place that basically existed entirely for logistical things, producing more soldiers, maybe some research, stuff like that. It explains why we have Flowstone and other phyrexian goodies here, if this is a plane that had been converted to help make them.

However, this was a long time ago. The Steelsprawl and other such outcroppings are the ruins of phyrexian facilities that nature hasn't overgrown or outlasted. The world is dotted with these ruined or still-functioning facilities, places where once Phyrexia created and designed its deadly works, but now languish quietly in the sunlight, tended to by ancient and malfunctioning servitors. I want to say at minimum a few hundred years, perhaps sped up by some form of nature magic reclaiming lots of the phyrexianized lanscape.

Orcs could be cool too, and I could see them taking the monoR or maybe RW slot to counteract the elves' complete split from nature. Maybe we could pull a tolkein and have them be related, divergent subspecies from phyrexian experiements let loose? Orcs could have been elves taken and experimented on to create shock troops, hence the change in their physiology.

Also a complete aside for flowstone: Flowstone thermal springs.
Rolled 24, 23, 24 = 71 (3d36)

Do you think hydras should look more serpentine or more dragonlike? Maybe kind of mammalian like the ones on Alara?
File: file.png (385 KB, 1280x800)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
Here's one more update for tonight. Might pop back on again sometime tomorrow.
Rolled 3, 23, 2 = 28 (3d36)

The Legacy Weapon destroyed Yawgmoth. That's it. Of course, being able to DO that is a big deal, but that's all it did.
The plane technically outlived him, but the soul bombs (powered by oldwalker sparks, and depicted on Pernicious Deed) had left its spheres wrecked as hell. And as an artificial plane with nobody keeping it together, it would eventually cease existing eventually. Some of the survivors of the whole mess checked the place just to make sure Ol Yawg was truly gone.
File: markus-neidel-hydra.jpg (264 KB, 1000x1000)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Rolled 29, 10, 35 = 74 (3d36)

Here's another potential hydra style we could go with. Something colorful might be nice.
I always prefer serpentine. But out of the two, the more unnerving second image is cooler, imo.
Rolled 24, 33, 28 = 85 (3d36)

Since Phyrexians are some of the oldest living creatures on the plane and relatively helpful, does that mean we could make Phyrexian a kind of secret religious language? Maybe we could have a particular colorless landmark, like some kind of former information or storage facility where the people present in it are venturing out into the world trying to record down written phyrexian and figure out meaning from it?

Perhaps just some lonely tower where an old, malfunctioning phyrexian who was originally in charge of relaying messages tries to continue its programming by training disciples from the regular races that live among it. Halfway between explorers and couriers, relaying messages for payment but also delving into ruins and places like the Steelsprawl in search of phyrexian writings to return to their master, so it can try and piece together a cohesive history or fufill some last directive.
>However, this was a long time ago. The Steelsprawl and other such outcroppings are the ruins of phyrexian facilities that nature hasn't overgrown or outlasted. The world is dotted with these ruined or still-functioning facilities, places where once Phyrexia created and designed its deadly works, but now languish quietly in the sunlight, tended to by ancient and malfunctioning servitors. I want to say at minimum a few hundred years

I think this is the best way to do something like this. That way there's a lot of time for the Phyrexian artifacts to become mythologized, even by the longer-lived races. Phyrexia did invade a lot of other worlds between Ice Age and Invasion.

On these B/R elves, I'm thinking they have some Norse elf elements. Live in mountain warrens, come up from underground to steal people, love artifice. But primarily they love gadgets and tools of death, and they do so in a highly competitive way. They're not just trying to make something beautiful when they create their latest, improved paralyzer gauntlet, they're trying to make the most stunning, most chic paralyzer gauntlet, that will make all the other elves fume inside. Like, their society can be summed up as
All the bulk craftsmanship is done by slaves, which are split into actual cognisant slaves, and drones, who are vessels for flowstone of oil incubation, and are generally highly modified and mindwiped. I'm thinking in game terms they'd be like creatures that give out +1/+1 counters when they die.

>I was thinking about ways to include orcs actually. They seem to be getting a little more love as of Tarkir and Ixalan, and it would be interesting to have some twist on the Standard fantasy Trifecta of Orcs

Maybe orcs and goblins are the Green types of this plane? Maybe the elves served as the usual warriors of nature types against the old invasion, but as the spirit of nature weakened, their magic weakened too,
and by the time the Phyrexians had been cut off from Phyrexia and were falling apart, whatever the overall consciousness of nature is on the plane had fallen completely dormant. So the elves abandoned it, believing it had forsaken them. When it eventually woke up, it found that all but a handful of its servants had become twisted beyond repair, and chose to nurture a new race. Maybe it even created orcs as its new protectors? Orcs are big, burly motherfuckers after all, maybe 'nature' decided that it needed bigger dudes after the horror of the invasion. Or maybe this plane has intelligent baloths?
File: Obstinate Baloth.jpg (200 KB, 920x669)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Rolled 30, 25, 36 = 91 (3d36)

I quite like the norse theme with the elves, and making them culturally a race of Patrick Batemans is fucking fantastic. It also sounds to me like their drone-slaves could be typed as Thrulls, and based around sacrificing themselves for effects. The visual of an engineered creature like a thrull bursting to the seams with flowstone or oil is horrific, but really striking.

I like the idea of Orcs being nature's response to phyrexia, but maybe we could actually type them as some kind of offshoot of Baloths or maybe Kavu? Like when nature needed new champions after the elves bailed, it built up creatures that it already had that could resist and fight and survive, and Orcs are effectively the descendents of that. Perhaps they could have a kind of spiny, hang-jawed aesthetic like Baloths do to note their ancestry, with maybe a few throwbacks in the form of huge baloth-orcs that occasionally crop up. Like if this is to orcs what apes are to humans.
>Perhaps just some lonely tower where an old, malfunctioning phyrexian who was originally in charge of relaying messages tries to continue its programming by training disciples from the regular races that live among it.

This is badass.
Rolled 19, 15, 32 = 66 (3d36)

How's this look for a potential Elf Warren/Canyon?
>orcs are descended from baloths

Metal as fuck.

How about this for the green factions:

>Ulgothan Orc Clans
Known to the world as consummate raiders and powerful warriors, the spine-jawed Ulgothan orcs range ceaselessly across the southern flats. As the chosen warriors of [insert nature deity] they are aggressive in cultural character, but community-minded and oddly patient as individuals. They are highly supremacist, and believe in a marriage between [deity] and the Father of Machines, respecting both the Rusted Priests and the edicts of the forest, and ascribing strange animist properties to machines. They believe that they are in their ascendant hour as a people and believe that their true faith must be spread at the point of the sword.
>G/R/B cyborg forest orcs

>Nammuran Orc Clans
Seen as luddites by their Ulgothan counterparts, the Nammurans reject the Father of Machines entirely and serve [deity] alone. They are closer to their druidic roots and live in more isolated societies, but are just as aggressive when confronted as their Ulgothan relatives. They have a much stronger link with their baloth ancestors and have more throwback characteristics, tending to be broader, taller, and spinier. Knowledge of the Father of the Machines as an invader has been diligently kept alive by their culture, and as such much of the world considers them a society of dangerous, heretic hermits.

>Ensharran Elves
The last remaining elves to have retained their connection to nature, very few of these beings exist. They travel as individuals or as small family units, and often live among orcish clans as sacred elders, serving as advisors and overseers of funerary rites. They are sombre and often ruthless in manner, and believe primarily in the cyclical nature of the world; the line between life and death has little meaning to them and often they persist after death as liches. They were instrumental in the world spirit's creation of the orcish races.
That looks perfect.

Going with a Sumerian theme, are we?
File: 1499292300176.jpg (529 KB, 1450x775)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Rolled 29, 9, 8 = 46 (3d36)

I feel like the Ulgothans would have lots of tamed riding beasts.
File: cravers13.jpg (1.5 MB, 2400x1350)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Why would I ever use anything else? Sumer perfected naming schemes. Everything else since then pales in comparison. If you were a Sumerian you could have been called Ensuhkeshdanna.


Yeeeaaaaaah. Maybe with integrated machinery like pic related?
>powered by oldwalker sparks, and depicted on Pernicious Deed

Man, Urza, you hilarious scamp.

Think the Phyrexians here might remember and pass down the image of Urza as some kind of devil figure? He was Phyrexia's nemesis for like ten thousand years after all.
Rolled 14, 23, 18 = 55 (3d36)

Nah, that happened on Dominaria, and they'd already have their own devil-analogue.
Her name is Rebbec. She's the one that sealed Dominaria away from Phyrexia originally, by using the powerstone containing the spark of her husband whom Yawgmoth had been brought in to heal. Yawg had the hots for her.
Oh shit, yeah, Rebbec. I guess Yawgmoth probably saw her as having betrayed him, what with him being a huge loon and shit.

Rhubek. Rebhek. Regath? I feel like her name would have been corrupted somewhat over the last few thousand years.
Hmm. Relatively few plains and water so far. Obviously we don't know what the full map will look like, but maybe water scarcity could be a thing? Fits in pretty well with the idea that this plane was hit by a Phyrexian exploratory fleet at some point. IIRC they don't give a fuck about hydration.
>So besides phyrexians and elves, who else should we have?

Leonin. Leonin are the coolest.
File: file.png (39 KB, 273x352)
39 KB
Hey guys I'm back. Gonna plug in all the rolls and then see about starting to fill in another part of the map.

In the meantime have a quick "Sapient Hydra" sketch.

Should they be around human sized? Or still super big, and sort of fufill a mythical creature role, kind of like Giants in mythology, or those two serpents from dark souls? Also sporting some Wrong Trousers looking mechanical legs. Like I said, this is an early sketch, and I'm open to suggestions and more ideas.
>Or still super big, and sort of fufill a mythical creature role

I'm a fan of this.
File: file.png (400 KB, 1280x800)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
I think i have a phyrexian font somewhere lying around, doesn't cover all letters or glyphs but it is good enough for fluff text. Liking this, plus some semantic drift could occur, and some of the native races might've adopted phyrexian writing just because these tablets are lying around. I love that art and I want it as a poster.

Is it bad that I'm unironically into typography the same way that bateman is? Either way loving the elves. and Orcs being green sounds pretty good. Could even be Green White with some splashing into red.

Seems about right. alot of the current continent is very Red and Black. A question could be do they build their abodes on the surface or do they do the Norse Dark Elf thing and build underground?

Cyborg orcs sounds pretty metal. So I wonder how "Living artifice" works. Should they just chop off or replace things with artificial limbs, a la Esper and Etherium? Do they live with it naturally like Mirrans? I lean towards the former with the well... more heavilly mechanical aesthetic of vintage phyrexians.

either integrated or repurposed. An old phyrexian head becomes a nice helmet.

Be right back just heading out for some errands.
>Cyborg orcs sounds pretty metal. So I wonder how "Living artifice" works. Should they just chop off or replace things with artificial limbs, a la Esper and Etherium? Do they live with it naturally like Mirrans? I lean towards the former with the well... more heavilly mechanical aesthetic of vintage phyrexians.

I'm thinking the former too.

Man, dat map. All those mountains. Elves fucking everywhere.
It's pretty fortuitous how the mountains and swamps have grouped up so much.
File: belbe.jpg (99 KB, 323x598)
99 KB
Rolled 3, 28, 16 = 47 (3d36)

>elves that look like Belbe and act like Bateman

This is fine.

Also, it seems like they fill the same sort of role vampires do on other planes, so we don't need any stinky undead leeches.
Rolled 31, 30, 27, 16, 31, 29, 12, 33, 21 = 230 (9d36)

>Craver Orcs and Belbe Elves.
Fuck, this is the coolest plane.

I think they should definitely fill the more mythical kind of role, but maybe we could have it that Hydra, being creatures both mechanically and mythically known for boundless growth, are things that both don't have an age cap and don't stop growing as long as they live. Ancient hydras twist and turn through canyons and across entire bays, becoming part of the landscape. However, at the same time it means we can have smaller hydras interacting among the populace, though still big monsters. Also in terms of design, I was thinking they could have cool snake patterns instead of the usual green. Perhaps their patterns mean something, like some kind of specific language as to their purpose, or perhaps how their names work? A hydra patterned like pic related could have a name that translates effectively to something like "Blooded-crown-of-illustrious-cloud-stained-imperfect". Perhaps they get a title for each head?

I love the pants though.
Rolled 12, 16, 32 = 60 (3d36)

>being creatures both mechanically and mythically known for boundless growth, are things that both don't have an age cap and don't stop growing as long as they live. Ancient hydras twist and turn through canyons and across entire bays, becoming part of the landscape.

Bueno. Maybe, as they get huger and longer, and therefore their heads grow further apart, hydras start to get less coherent and able to maintain their one-body hivemind. They start acting erratically, or not acting at all, or become like automated processes that just slither across the land and consume. Avoiding this fate is what motivates many hydras.

Should they take the place of dragons as the 'breath weapon lizard' of the plane?
Worshiped by viashino or nagas, maybe? Or gorgons?
File: lius-lasahido-traxos.jpg (399 KB, 1702x1250)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
Considering that this place was a phyrexian manufacturing facility, I think our dragon-analogues should be actual Dragon Engines. Not fully completed ones mind you, but partially made ones, leftover from when they were making them and got cut off from Phyrexia as a whole. Occasionally explorers or bandits might accidentally activate or unearth one, and then they're walking natural disasters until they can be brought down.

Hydras on the other hand I think could much more fit a kind of "chinese dragon" role in terms of their place in the mythology. The huge ones are keepers of wisdom and potential benefactors, granting strange boons from their incoherent and multitudinous minds. Maybe instead of a breath weapon they could have some kind of green "destroy target artifact or enchantment" thing with their bite or breath, something that helped them survive phyrexia?
>Considering that this place was a phyrexian manufacturing facility, I think our dragon-analogues should be actual Dragon Engines. Not fully completed ones mind you, but partially made one

Oh yeah disregard my shit idea, this is much better.

>Hydras on the other hand I think could much more fit a kind of "chinese dragon" role in terms of their place in the mythology. The huge ones are keepers of wisdom and potential benefactors, granting strange boons from their incoherent and multitudinous minds. Maybe instead of a breath weapon they could have some kind of green "destroy target artifact or enchantment" thing with their bite or breath, something that helped them survive phyrexia?

Some kind of incredibly corrosive venom, especially against metal? Or a poison so brutal it ignores the immunity undead generally enjoy? Either would be pretty nice.
Universal deathtouch on hydras is pretty scary.
No lie, that looks like the comfiest place to live in the multiverse.
> You will never grow up underneath giant decaying phyrexian-town
> ywn climb to the top of the small ridge and watch the elevators transporting goods and people up and down to the catle
> ywn swim in the harbor with your village friends after a successful market day
> ywn agree with your friends to take the 3-day hike over the bridge and back and have a drunken party in the woods on the far side of the arch
> ywn encounter the princess from the castle hunting in the woods on your way back and get a shy wave as you bow to her.
Rolled 34, 8, 12 = 54 (3d36)

Oh right I should roll
So 8 colorless northeast.
Seems like it'll be around the forest or lake. Since it's fairly small, maybe just a current day logging camp? Or maybe a Waste that's been caused by logging in the past.
File: en_511AYOELBC.png (166 KB, 265x370)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
Rolled 35, 1, 22 = 58 (3d36)

A lot of healing dominaria is the comfiest place. If it wasn't for the Cabal, it'd probably be one of the better places to live in the multiverse period, with maybe Lorwyn being a close second.
Inb4 another apocalypse.
File: file.png (404 KB, 1280x800)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
Rolled 6 (1d9)

Hey guys I'm back. Sorry about being so quiet. Errands took longer than I thought they would and sort of segued into my afternoon work shift. However I'm back.

I'm gonna finish up with this roll, start on the next part of the map with all rolls after this, to be determined with this D9 unless people have any ideas on where I should start filling out next.
File: file.png (417 KB, 1280x800)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Rolled 13, 27, 20 = 60 (3d36)

Based off this roll we're heading east for a little while.
using your last six rolls it looks like you've added more islands and swamps to the plane.

And yeah love me some weird snake patterns. I do like the compromise with the hydras. Giant mythical traditional hydras exist, they're just super old, smaller hydras are younger.

Hell fun idea, maybe hydras are born from lost heads, rather than a two heads growing back from a decapitated stump, a decapitated head slithers off to start growing into a new hydra?

And thanks, i was worried it might be silly. Again it could be more of a "Lesser Hydra" thing.

So mono green hydras or Green Blue?

And with these two
we've got a small colorless "circle" of sorts. Which would make for a good location for this "Phyrexian Reliquary"

I feel bad for not seeing the "logging camp" idea earlier when I was doing some filling out. so here have an additional 8 colorless for that little area.

I mean even with the cabal in the current set, they are a pretty clear cut badguy with somewhat more modest goals, no all controlling expansionist hivemind, or a sun god that doesn't like being made to look bad, Some third thing for rule of threes.

I haven't caught up with the story pages yet, but isn't the demon in charge of the cabal's plan to just rewrite the history books to retroactively make him the big bad behind everything bad that's ever happened?
File: file.png (171 KB, 473x450)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Also messing around with ideas as how to "illustrate" the map. Might be creating little "tilesets" for each color and turning them into patterns I can use to fill the hexes on the grid, and then drop the grid away to sort of get the landmass shape down. this is very WIP.
File: Llawan.jpg (54 KB, 392x316)
54 KB
Rolled 5, 3, 3, 35, 36, 11, 2, 14, 5 = 114 (9d36)

>maybe hydras are born from lost heads
Yes, yes, all of my yes. That's also why hydras were able to survive all the things that Phyrexia's intrusion did to the plane: They can't die. Cut off a hydra's head and it becomes a new hydra, they live forever, and they basically breathe Naturalizes. Phyrexia couldn't keep them down.
Maybe there's a myth that the plane itself is the gigantic, sprawling body of a single massive hydra, from which all hydras spawned. The Root of the world, to fit with the branching tree-motif of hydras, forever branching out and out from this mythical progenitor
In any case I think GU seems good for them. Maybe pattern them kinda like trees or vines as well as snakes? Perhaps mangroves.

I think that little colorless "circle" should totally be the lonely tower from>>59277031, where an old phyrexian has inadvertently started a combination courier/explorer organization in an attempt to piece together its last directive.

Also yeah, that's the Cabal's plan basically. Belzenok is trying to actively rewrite history so that he's the big bad in everything, making him seem way more impressive than he actually is.

In any case, what should our more blue-focused race be? I was thinking we could do something fun with a lesser-used blue thing, like Djinn or Cephalids. Perhaps cephalids in Urza-style power armor, as reverse diving suits?
Rolled 35, 31, 8 = 74 (3d36)

Ooh, that looks really cool! I think it might benefit from us figuring out specific kind of "landmarks" like the steelsprawl to draw around though, in case sections there have particularly important mountains/cities/locations.

Still, really cool!
File: file.png (426 KB, 1280x800)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
Thanks anon. Like I said, I'm still working on it. I'm perhaps leaning more towards a stylized representation.

It really depends on if we have a lot of ocean, or more islands. We've got a lot more blue in this new area that's being rolled up. So I can maybe see Cephalids there. Incidentially that new area is shaping up very Esper flavored. with a big winding patch of colorless land. Is it another steelsprawl? or something else? A flowstone thermal spring like mentioned here>>59274209 with flowstone pouring out?

I do kind of like Djinn or or maybe even Efreets though. Going through some Djinn cards, they seem to have a general theme of being above curve with a drawback. And the new legendary Djinn from Dominaria has this cool "Tap an artifact and pay less to summon" effect.

Perhaps Djinn hunt around for artifacts to "live in"? Mortals that find something nice like a lamp or lantern, or statue, to live in get a wish, or a boon of some sort. Mortals that disturb a Djinn in its artifact, suffer the consequences.

And perhaps Djinn have a sort of innate sense for phyrexian artifacts, and don't like or want to live in them. Be it bad vibes, or Phyrexian tech is inherently "Foreign" to the plane.
File: file.png (31 KB, 220x223)
31 KB
Alright gotta run off to bed now. Have a quick rough orc picture.

Hopefully I'll be able to fill out more of the map tomorrow. In the meantime here is a little folder I put together with some planeforger materials. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NgiH8Yu4j5XLT9gOseJ06CouVPDg6pNs
File: fickle efreet.jpg (56 KB, 385x314)
56 KB
Rolled 32, 31, 34, 9, 27, 36, 12, 24, 1 = 206 (9d36)

Perhaps that's actually how we get Djinn and Efreet? Djinn are creatures that live within artifacts, perhaps being intangible until they can find an artifact to attach themselves to and kinda work like hermit crabs, needing larger or more complex artifacts, or simply more artifacts as they grow.
However, Djinn that attach to phyrexian artifacts, while rare due to the Djinn's natural sense for them and distaste for them, get sort of corrupted by it. It's not full Compleation, but it warps them further and further away from what they were. Djinn that have been sufficiently changed become Efreet, wandering wish-granting monsters who act like rampaging monkeys paws, granting boons with disasterous results. I figure they look kinda like the old Fickle Efreet, one of the coolest fucking card arts that makes no sense ever.
Rolled 8, 20, 14 = 42 (3d36)

I'll roll again just to get my mark on the landmass
20 blues heading southeast and hot damn, quads.
The power of 3 compels me.
Djinn homeland confirmed.
Actually I remember ages ago playing RoL and really liking the whole glass aesthetic the Dark Alin had going on (which were Djinn corrupted by an alien artifact...)
Basically I see a lot of island/swamp and think maybe Darkslick shores would be pretty neat for this area, if we go for the whole dark Djinn, some who are possessing old Phyrexia tech.
File: aku djinn art.jpg (63 KB, 388x313)
63 KB
Perhaps in the end Grixis Djinn, though with a focus on blue? Regular Djinn are Blue and artifact based, Djinn corrupted by oil become Black and get a more Aku Djinn kind of aesthetic, perhaps givng more sinister wishes with long-term effects and downsides. Meanwhile, Djinn corrupted by Flowstone become Efreet, and give wishes that are less sinister and more capricious and wild, with potential to be either greatly in your favor or horrifically against you.

Definitely though, regular Djinn should be blue and perhaps their society can still deal with low-level corruption. It depends if we make them a proper society, or more of just an interesting major color-based creature, in the same vein as dragons or angels.
I feel the western side of this this new area is a whole lot of mangrove sorta swamp feeding off a large freshwater source flowing down from whatever the eastern colourless is.
Rolled 3, 16, 12 = 31 (3d36)

Forgot to rolllllll.
I feel like if we have djinn they should be the ruling class of a region. They're not really like a 'main' race, they're sort of how demons are for black or angels are for white.
Rolled 34, 27, 21, 10, 6, 35, 19, 5, 15 = 172 (9d36)

I think they'd work better not as a ruling class but more of a wandering curiosity, a strange kind of hidden species that appears to passerby and occasionally accrues power via their wishes and pacts. The kind of thing where explorers and travelers might find an artifact and free the djinn inside. There are notable and legendary Djinn that exist, but as a whole they are a strange, almost phantom species.

Perhaps that's how they survived the coming of Phyrexia? They completely disincorporated their physical forms and bound themselves to objects, to hide from the invaders. This became a problem though since they didn't know about the artfact-heavy nature of Phyrexia and that they could be corrupted in their safeholds, hence Efreet and Aku Djinn.

Definitely though, they take up a similar spot to angels and demons. Beings of strange and magical power that are revered or feared by mortals.
Esper nagas? I like the idea of naga living among the aforementioned mangroves, like more based on the acrochordidae family of aquatic snakes.

They could forge mechanical totem bodies for their djinn rulers to possess. Maybe a bit of a reference to the traditional 'smoke tail' lower bodies of stereotypical lamp genies in how the naga make their host bodies somewhat serpentine.
Maybe a mixture of this stuff then?

Djinn are enigmatic spirits. There are many of them among the eastern waters, and the naga there often invoke their favor, with many djinn living among the naga in bodies created for them, as pampered religious figures. Maybe these are the more B djinn, taking advantage of the superstitions and lust for knowledge amoung these Esper naga in order to live lives of indulgence.
File: snek girl.jpg (218 KB, 1024x1551)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Could just go with a general serpentfolk theme in the area.

Aquatic nagas are the most populous. They're tightly-woven but highly mercantile as a population, known as prolific traders who delve deep into the underwater ruins throughout the region for artifacts to sell. Though congenial and cosmopolitan toward outsiders, their exterior character hides complex honor code that applies only to other serpentfolk, and always supersedes the wellbeing of others (I'm thinking an almost mafia mindset here) - naga have little issue with tricking, robbing, or disposing of outsiders, so long as they have reason to under serpentine code. They are said to covet the greatest secrets of the region, protecting them both for the knowledge they offer and for a perceived religious importance. More U than B or W.

The highest echelons of serpentfolk in the region are the gorgons. Families of gorgons rule over vast hereditary and merchant groupings of naga, considered closest to the many-headed snake deity they conflate with the Father of Machines. They rule through the carrot and the stick method, and keep all the highest rites of the old machines to themselves. More B than U or W.

Snakeman (working name), the result of magical crossbreeding conducted by the gorgons in the distant past, make up the lowest class of serpentfolk society. Humans with cold blood, amphibious tendencies, and subtle serpentine traits (fangs, forked tongues, strange eyes, etc) they are usually workers, soldiers, or concubines. They are bred to be devoted, patient, and somewhat demure, and are more W than B or U.

All echelons of serpentfolk society have a reverence for the formless djinn that inhabit many of the artifacts and structures beneath the region's waters (though the gorgons revere them more for their power than any true religious belief in them). They see them as intermediate beings between the realm of the Father and the mundane world, sacred fonts of knowledge.
They could feel the same way about hydra that they do about djinn. But instead of wanting to keep hydra close, they believe they should be revered from afar - the idea of seeking out one of he heads of an immense, gibbering hydra and coaxing knowledge from its ancient mind through piety and wit is a heavily romanticized one, featuring in plays and songs. This is in no small measure because the gorgon ruling class realize that, bound as they are to artifices, djinn can be controlled through careful, subtle means. There's no such safety net with hydras, and the gorgons don't want their position usurped by the bigger sneks.
Rolled 2, 34, 36 = 72 (3d36)

I quite like that idea. I kinda see ancient hydras taking up a similar kind of feeling to how Weavers do in the Bas Lag books, only with less madness and more sheer indomitable might. When you beseech a hydra, you do so very, very carefully, as they are liable to eat you without really noticing.
Rolled 10, 29, 13 = 52 (3d36)

I kinda like how we basically made Yuan Ti, but in colors that snakes usually aren't at all. I wonder what the crossbreeding project was for initially. Perhaps some kind of phyrexian infiltrator prototypes?
Rolled 9, 31, 33 = 73 (3d46)

Infiltrator newts sounds like a good origin.
Rolled 11, 8, 3 = 22 (3d36)

I've got nothing specific to add at this point. I just wanted to get a roll in.
File: file.png (454 KB, 1280x800)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Rolled 12, 6, 17 = 35 (3d36)

Back guys!

Loving the fluff so far. So we've got a lot more islands on this new area of the map now, So it definitely leans heavilly towards esper.

So the phyrexian tower/requilary is here, as are sunken ruins with lots of djinn inhabited artifacts.

And three breeds of snake folk, Snakemen (which could be typed as Snake+profession subtyping), with gorgons and Naga as well.

There seems to be a tiny strand of mountains as well to the southeast in this new area. Is that a Efreet area? or perhaps these are mountains that "Grew over" a phyrexian furnace?

If any one has any art or drawing ideas let me know.
File: 1522089400203.jpg (1.58 MB, 2048x1028)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
>or perhaps these are mountains that "Grew over" a phyrexian furnace?
Would pic related come close to that?
>Is that a Efreet area? or perhaps these are mountains that "Grew over" a phyrexian furnace?

Why not both?
Are there any mythological names for snake people? That aren't nagas?
Rolled 30, 33, 5, 14, 22, 25, 19, 11, 3 = 162 (9d36)

Maybe something to do with the old chinese myths of Fuxi and Nuwa, or Gong Gong? Those are pretty important snake people. Interestingly enough too, there are some myths in islamic mythology where Djinn shift into a serpentine form (which in retrospect, is probably what inspired the finale of Aladdin.)
File: file.png (462 KB, 1280x800)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
Glycon is a snake with the head of a man. I can see Glycons or glyconi being a term for some snake humanoids.

In other news we've got some Green and red to the north and some black swamps continuing to expand southwest.

So here's a new question regarding races
, based off of one of the earliest replies in the thread >>59267872 We have the Ilgar.
Should we make Ilgar a creature type? A construct creature unique to this plane, as they are normal creatures turned artificial by the steel sprawl, that strikes me as a sort of "half done" or "off brand" phyrexis.

Basically we could treat them like Myr straight up "Artifact Creature-Ilgar"
We or we could incorperate their "conversion" somehow, for example Ilgar subtype often coming with another creature subtype. "Artifact Creature- Ilgar Orc."

Alternatively alternatively, we could call Ilgars Constructs.
So "Artifact Creature-Construct" or "Artifact Creature-Elf Construct"
>Basically we could treat them like Myr straight up "Artifact Creature-Ilgar"

I feel like this is the most logical option. The Ilgar aren't actually the creatures that have been consumed, after all, they just vaguely resemble them.


Cool, this works.
Just a quick step back, since we should probably be naming stuff

>The Asar Heights
Referring to the long chain of mountains stretching across the southwestern reaches of [plane], coiling northward around a strip of metallic wastelands, the Asar Heights are a perilous wall of snow-capped peaks, sweeping gorges, and flat-topped mesas. The War of Gears has creased the land into unnatural, awkward shapes here, many of the ancient peaks seeming to lean at strange angles. The Asar Heights are pockmarked with deep warrens, where the predatory [cultural name for Bateman elves] elves go about their indulgences. Few natural creatures live here, the gorges littered with the immense bones of creatures long since hunted to extinction by the Heights' fey inhabitants, their remains left to ossify under the sun. The elves have carved their holds deep into the mountains, and deeper still into the very bedrock of the earth here - their under-empire extends far further than the Heights, but the peaks of Asar are its unquestionable center. Vast beasts of burden born of foul artifice range the mountains paths alongside chain-gangs of freshly-caught slaved and bloated ichor-thrulls, often corralled by goblin servants that adore the [cultural name] elves for their beauty and ferocity. Great plumes of black smoke pour from rents in the earth, where the blasphemous furnaces of the elves burn day and night, poisoning the very sky above and staining many of the snow-tipped mountaincaps the colour of pitch. Industrial refuse spills between the mesas and gorges in incredible volumes, the opulent lifestyles of the realm's masters demanding an ever-increasing abundance of waste.
Rolled 12, 34, 28 = 74 (3d36)

>Ka Harsag
A range of spoiled gorges and valleys strung through the middle of the Asar Heights, the mesas of Ka Harsag once loomed over vast freshwater springs and tributaries. Today the region is an immense, fetid swampland, roiling with the excesses of [elf culture name] industry. It provides the perfect conditions for breeding slave-flesh for shaping into warbeasts or thrulls, and as such is the beating heart of the entire [culture name] civilization. The region is presided over by powerful fleshcrafter houses, these institutions serving as the most potent power brokers and kingmakers of [culture name] society, their unmatched ability to produce incubator-thrulls making them essential to its continued existence.
File: 1524443165393 elves.png (435 KB, 1280x800)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
Just to be clear, I'm referring to the general regions indicated by the line here.
Fuck, there needs to be something in that tiny little splotch in the middle of the blue at the southeast.

If it's green, a jungle island. Red, a volcano. White, a temple sticking out of the water. And black, I'd make it still water, but a dead-zone.
Yeah, I was thinking that too. It's too perfect not to be some notable place.
File: file.png (190 KB, 341x276)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Rolled 3, 22, 18 = 43 (3d36)

Yeah I'm pulling for that. I accidentially left it open earlier, but figured it would be a cool thing to let people fill in)


Lets have a poll and a discussion about it?

In the meantime I'm loving the write ups you're doing for the zones anon.

Rough but I like it. I will have to draw some elves before the Evening turns into the very early morning. Maybe do some stylized landmarks when I do the "Drawn Up" map. A little bit pic related.

Map update soon.
File: file.png (467 KB, 1280x800)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
Here you go. So what is up with the "Plains" south of the Elf Territory? are there some creatures there that the elves like abusing?

We've also got that nice patch of grey to the northeast of the forests on "Area 1" which is an old "Logging" thing. Perhaps there's old tree felling machinery there that can be turned back on?
Rolled 33, 6, 3, 14, 33, 25, 9, 2, 35 = 160 (9d36)

Maybe the logging thing does really weird things with trees if left alone? Like it just makes little tiny carvings out of the trees it takes, but has been converted into some kind of murder machine or stronghold by some elves. Some kind of weird and difficult to understand purpose behind it all.
Rolled 1, 29, 13 = 43 (3d36)

Idea for the serpent-people: If they were originally prototype phyrezian infiltrators, perhaps the various species and subspecies like gorgons or naga are various offshoots from the initial attempts to create proper infiltrators, all with various levels of rejection. Contrary to their societal structure, the less humanlike ones are actually the greatest failures of the project, their ability to infiltrate obviously hampered by their inability to blend. The end goal of the project would have been a creature that could shift between forms, acting as a deadly and dangerous sleeper agent.

Perhaps some prototypes still exist.
Rolled 1, 18, 27 = 46 (3d36)

>Here you go. So what is up with the "Plains" south of the Elf Territory? are there some creatures there that the elves like abusing?

Well, I guess we need to decide what plains aligned creatures we want on this plane. Since we have snakemen designed as infiltrators, we should probably have humans. I have a soft spot for leonin too, though.

That's pretty cool. Maybe the original infiltrators are pretty much wereserpents today. It could be that on occasion the glyconi exhibit the ability to shift forms completely as a throwback trait.
Rolled 13, 3, 28 = 44 (3d36)

>Like it just makes little tiny carvings out of the trees it takes

Phyrexian converter with mixed up programming or just some dead wizard's woodcutting aid? Who can tell?
I like the idea of it being some kind of landscape converter that just got something wired with it. Maybe a golem machine that a wandering Druid put a little statue on in an attempt to sanctify it and it took that as the new blueprint. So now it just makes little statues, or of whatever it can get it’s hands on.
>Here you go. So what is up with the "Plains" south of the Elf Territory? are there some creatures there that the elves like abusing?

I feel like we kind have to know what's east of the region.

Way I see it, it's either a ridiculously militarized area, like a fortress-province, or it's a place where civilization is barely on its feet due to constant raiding.
File: b9MIAlI.png (1.23 MB, 2561x461)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Rolled 11, 23, 24, 28, 10, 19, 24, 5, 31 = 175 (9d36)

How about a little bit of both, like how Araba was in Kamigawa. A blasted wasteland from all the raids, interspersed with the impregnable fortresses that can resist them, but not actually push back enough to stop them before they come through to torch the farmsteads again. Like a big bulwark of fortress-lands, guarding the farmland behind it that the fortresses need to survive.

Is this where our Leonin are?
File: why not though.gif (941 KB, 398x223)
941 KB
941 KB GIF
Yeah, that sounds cool. Pic related seems like the anthem of this plane so far.

Can we have maximally chivalric leonin that see it as their noblesse oblige to protect the humans that live in the region?
Rolled 26, 30, 19 = 75 (3d36)

Forgot t roll.
File: nrsimha2.jpg (1022 KB, 1355x1866)
1022 KB
1022 KB JPG
>Chivalric as fuck Lion Knights
Yes. Hell yes. My first thought is to give them a kind of vedic/hindu feel, since it's something that Magic has kinda glossed over and also because Narasimha is cool as hell. Maybe their country as a whole could have a name with "Akasha" since that means "space/aether" and I could see the defining characteristic of a plains-based society being the "kingdom under the sky".

Also because the "Knights of the Order of Akasha" sounds fucking great.
Man... oldwalkers were the best.
File: file.png (482 KB, 1280x800)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
I like this. Its been a while since we've had leonin, the very first Planeforger thread had Red/White Bobcat/mountain lion themed leonin.

Perhaps knightly multiarmed leonin could be great for here.

Do they also salvage old phyrexian tech? Or do they abstain from ever using it? They don't replace arms or limbs with tech.

I am liking all of this this.
Interesting. I'm imagining European plate and mail armor as designed with a Vedic aesthetic. Yeah, this is cool.

Perhaps the higher ranking types incorporate multiple arms as part of their armor. Maybe using stuff based on Phyrexian salvage, maybe something else.
Rolled 23, 20, 12 = 55 (3d36)

Maybe they could have something about repurposing and re-using old tech, but only if they can actually figure it out? Like a cultural bias towards using things, but only if they can recreate them, and a disdain for the actual old artifacts around them. I could see the multiple arms being things built on to the armor of higher ranked knights, as to use multiple weapons. Lots of cool snarling lion faces and vedic detail-work though, and the plate mail sounds good to me.

That said, the actual reasoning behind the multi-arms in hindu myth is to represent their ability to do lots of things at the same time. If we were to be faithful to that, you could represent them in a modern aspect by just making them anime speed lines
Rolled 5, 32, 5 = 42 (3d36)

Yeah, there's no real reason to do the multi-arms thing IMO, aside from perhaps as a note that these guys like using Double Strike magic that lets them appear to strike several blows at once.

I think the idea that these guys only use what they can recreate is good too. Maybe less actual augmentation than other factions too.
File: file.png (487 KB, 1280x800)
487 KB
487 KB PNG
nice we've got some more mountains and plains to the north of the "Snake and Djinn" continent.

Also should these be continents separated by oceans? OR should the ultimate goal be to make this plane one big rolling expanse of land?

Should we keep working on this continent? Or should we move onto another area of the map?

I like the idea of Rebbec as a sort of devil analog. But perhaps with a tinge of tragedy especially amongst "younger" Phyrexian offshoots, or the natives of the plane. Some tragic starcrossed lovers stuff, that... in retrospect is entirely wrong because what, Yawgmoth was treating her husband for his disease and turned him into a monster?

Urza could be used as this almost... headless boogieman more than a devil analog. Watch out and be good at night, or Urza will come get you!

Playing with some semantic drift, words changing and shifting in meaning over time, Urza could be used as an adjective to just describe something really dangerous, or vengeful.

>Urzan Djinn 3UU
>When Urzan Djinn enters the battlefield each player sacrifices an artifact they control.
> During your upkeep each player sacrifices an artifact they control. If you cannot sacrifce Urzan Djinn

A Djinn that just outright hates phyrexian stuff, and just smashes things indescriminantly, and leaves when there's nothing left to smash. Hopefully that works as far as the classic Djinn "Above Curve but for a cost" mechanic.
File: file.png (5 KB, 75x497)
5 KB
Rolled 18, 24, 17 = 59 (3d36)

Is there a good resource for the Phyrexian Alphabet? I found a font but it is incomplete. I want to "extrapolate" a new language from it.
>Also should these be continents separated by oceans? OR should the ultimate goal be to make this plane one big rolling expanse of land?

I was actually wondering about this. Do we represent ocean with darker blue or something?
File: file.png (305 KB, 631x529)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Rolled 4, 25, 36 = 65 (3d36)

That is what the first planeforger did yeah. The idea being this is water without "Land" in it, thus not really "Islands" but I'm open to a lot of ideas.

If we play up water scarcity on this plane for example, I could fill most of the areas between "continents" with brown, to represent mostly dried up wasteland.

I am also totally up for moving the continents around/closer together, to emphasize that as well, so that there's less ocean between the continents instead.

It could be filled in with a different kind of "Grey" for like say more flowstone silliness.

Alternatively alternatively; we could have another rolling phase for what goes on between continents. Make it rolling between "Deep water" "Wasteland" and "Flowstone Expanses" or whatever.

We've still got a ways to go after all.

In the meantime have some Red Black elves.

With flowstone being an element on the plane, what are some interesting mechanics we could mine out of it? there's the classic +1/-1 until end of turn, but what if it had different takes? Defensively focused factions or races getting -1/+1, or big creatures keeping the +1/-1 as a permanent counters instead?
Rolled 19, 31, 35 = 85 (3d36)

>Yawgmoth was treating her husband for his disease and turned him into a monster?

Almost yeah. Yawgmoth was actually exposing him to more of the disease-causing radiation while pretending to treat him, causing him to lose his grip on reality.

Also I'm fine with moving to a new continent. We should decide what all the 'island' bits are, though, so we know how this continent is differentiated from the land around it. Is it mostly just regions with lots of lagoons and rivers?
File: file.png (531 KB, 1280x800)
531 KB
531 KB PNG

Alright lets roll a few d5's to determine where we go next.

Either that or talk about it some.

at 1 we can work on the north western part of the map and have it blend into the southwestern continent.
2 and 5 we can work on whatever exists between these two continents. and better establish if we want an ocean or something else.
3 we work in the north east.

4 we go back to southwest and expand it some more.

As for what the island bits are. I can sort of see the north western islands on our eastern continent being island chains, especially if we do go with deep ocean. But lagoons and rivers I can see being the big thing for it, its the very wet continent with lots of wetlands. An ancient phyrexian tower, and a white temple rising out of a blue lake in the southeast.
Rolled 2 (1d5)

>In the meantime have some Red Black elves.

File: set aside for glory.jpg (748 KB, 858x1190)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
Rolled 1 (1d5)

>As for what the island bits are. I can sort of see the north western islands on our eastern continent being island chains, especially if we do go with deep ocean. But lagoons and rivers I can see being the big thing for it, its the very wet continent with lots of wetlands. An ancient phyrexian tower, and a white temple rising out of a blue lake in the southeast.

Right, cool. So majority land riddled with rivers and lagoons, then tangled mangrove regions for that big clump of swamps.

I feel like that temple should be something highly mythologized by the locals. Something famous but nigh-impenetrable that people trek to from across the world to explore. Maybe a temple to one of the pre-Invasion gods? I kinda had the idea that the native angels of the plane are valkyrie-esque choosers of the slain types of a pic related sort, mostly B/W, and very few people remember anything about where they're from or what they serve, but they know they know they spirit away the valorous dead. Some cultures might see them as warrior-psychopomps, taking heroes to their eternal reward, while others see them as thieves of the dead. This temple could be a monument to whatever lost belief system they were part of.
File: file.png (499 KB, 1280x800)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
So with these two rolls it will look like we'll be working in the north and north west. Especially since the last few rolls kind of rolled us in that direction.

All very Mardu colored as well. With no colorless lands so far.
I kinda think that it would be better for the figures of Yawgmoth, Urza, and Rebbec to be things where the people really didn't know the WHOLE story, but they knew enough to wildly make up shit. They don't know about Urza Planeswalker, brother of Mishra. They know of the Silver Lord, UR ZA, a man of such evil that his body could not contain its wickedness and apostasy against the gifts of the Father of Machines and withered away, leaving only his floating head.
I do quite like "Urzan" as an adjective meaning "dangerous" or perhaps "heretical"

I think a rolling phase for the spaces between continents would be awesome. If not, my suggestion would be basically a big old "rust-ocean", a gigantic mess of collapsing and decaying phyrexian projects and oily water-metal slurry, filled with dangerous wildlife. Like a big ocean that says "here be monsters" only the ocean is made of hundreds of rusted, broken weapons designed to conquer and compleat.
Also rad elf!
Rolled 26, 1, 24 = 51 (3d36)

>the Silver Lord, UR ZA

Urza being conflated with his son? Nice.

Also that's cool ocean stand-in.

I feel like we're getting some pretty solid themes for this plane. Artifice, regrowth/adaptation, loss of history, and scarcity.
Rolled 23, 11, 22 = 56 (3d36)

>someone mentions glory seeking BW warrior angels
>next roll is Marduland


>If not, my suggestion would be basically a big old "rust-ocean", a gigantic mess of collapsing and decaying phyrexian projects and oily water-metal slurry, filled with dangerous wildlife.

That's pretty metal. Pun fully intended.
Rolled 1, 30, 18 = 49 (3d36)

It'd be kinda cool if there was an Urzan Order that had no fucking clue who Urza really was, but were devoted to transgression and amorality, like this plane's version of LeVayan Satanists.
>Mardu intensifies
Rolled 28, 4, 16 = 48 (3d36)

The Angarradh Heartlands: In the far north, the windswept mountains and ruin-choked swamps form a natural barrier around the lowland homelands of the Angarradh peoples. The human clansmen of these lands, considered barbarians and warmongers by much of the world at large, are hardy and strong, adapting to the rugged lands around them and building great lodges amidst the mountains. Some claim that their prodigious strength and toughness are gifts from the Old Machines, though the Angarradh believe themselves touched by the Black God of the Solemn Halls, the keeper of the dead and the patron of heroes. They roam and raid as they see fit, braving land and sea alike, driven by an insatiable thirst for adventure and glory. No clan, though, forgets the arid plains upon which their ancestors made the first of Angarradh oaths. The first and greatest thanes planted their swords here, the blades of uncounted dead warriors have joined them since, borne into the interior of the land by holy-men and family members.
Seems like they would probably be fighting against the whole idea of the Father of Machines being worthy of worship or power. Half rebellion against the status quo, half genuine questions into the history of the plane and the true nature of phyrexia.
I think that would be part and parcel of being maximally transgressive. I'm imagining this as something like the order of "let's do this thing that we're not supposed to do, because we're not supposed to do it."
Of course, that could just be kinda how it is at entry level. Once you're further in you find the members whose search for transgression has led them down more interesting and esoteric paths, and they're doing shit like trying to figure out the old histories.
That's a smug elf.
File: file.png (504 KB, 1280x800)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
Rolled 1, 10, 13 = 24 (3d36)

The Heartlands continue to expand with mostly swamps mountains and plains, with a few little forest groves.

Love this. Somewhere between vikings and mongols? Who is the Black God of the Solemn Halls? And what could its motivation? I can see it having started as a cargo cult of a phyrexian overseer of some sort, and this phyrexian took the role of being the keeper of the honored dead as to start collecting dead bodies to use in phyrexian experiments as soon as it got the resources/orders to. But as the time never came it ultimately found itself as the keeper of a massive mausoleum of heroes. but that's just my idea, do other people have ideas?

Why thank you. Might be giving an orc or one of these Angarradhi People a sketch next.
File: Phyrexian-Delver-Art.jpg (191 KB, 1200x877)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Rolled 35, 3, 7, 18, 14, 17, 29, 31, 26 = 180 (9d36)

That Black God sounds awesome. I picture it as basically a massive Phyrexian Delver, only more classically Old Phyrexia biomechanical, and with lots and lots of limbs. It skitters across the endless corpse-hoard, taking them and storing them in the endless halls of the dead it carves deep in the mountains.
Personality-wise, I almost see it as kind of neurotic, in an "everything in its place" kind of way. It builds the halls not because it wants to, but because it NEEDS to. It can't stand to leave the dead without providing them the proper place for its overseers to observe them and collect them with ease and efficiency. But those overseers are long dead, and it simply keeps building and building, deeper into the earth.

I think it could have been started by someone who managed to find an inkling that the Father of Machines might have been something less than benevolent, and ran with it, at least at the start. Now though, it exists in perpetuation of itself, blindly rebelling and transgressing, while the dwindling core group tries to find the secrets they know are out there.
Rolled 13, 28, 28 = 69 (3d36)

I'll roll some more, hoping we get a big swath of green or maybe lots of blue again.
So 28 black hexes southwest. Seems like we're heading towards the tip of the first continent.
File: file.png (511 KB, 1280x800)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
Well its not a huge swath, but its a fair amount of green on the new continent thanks to this roll >>59333691

This continent is also shaping up to have the least amount of colorless land.

as for the two meeting up. If it happens it happens. So I'm heading off to bed for now getting so tired that I almost put swamps southeast rather than southwest. Will continue in the morning.
>Somewhere between vikings and mongols?

Yeah pretty much.

I kinda see the Black God as something like a mixture of what you're suggesting and a bunch of half-remembered pre-Phyrexia. Like the people that became the Angarradh worshiped an Odin-like deity, and maybe that reference transferred over to a Phyrexian of some kind during the invasion.

Maybe the belief system is in part kept alive by something like >>59333691
where you've got this big Phyrexian thing lumbering around, collecting bodies, or maybe even multiple of them.
File: furnace layer.jpg (195 KB, 864x602)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Rolled 4, 19, 29, 34, 23, 31, 6, 21, 25 = 192 (9d36)

Maybe the lack of colorless land could be interpreted as it being subterranean instead? Like they were trying to start on a Furnace Layer, but then Yawgmoth died and the whole thing broke down. Could tie in to the Black God and its endless halls of the dead, since the whole point of the original Furnace Layer was the repurposing of phyrexians into new forms.
Maybe the little splash of colourless land is its lair.
Rolled 36, 12, 2 = 50 (3d36)

Thanks to this roll it looks like we've got some more solid chunk of colorless land to the northwest. Though that said, this area does still seem to have the least.
Rolled 1, 36, 6 = 43 (3d36)

Everybody stop. It's time for a pastblast.

>The Pale Marches
To the north of the Angarradh Heartlands, the wooded hills give way to sprawling tracks of mist-cloaked marshlands. The thick vegetation here is healthy, but strangely pallid, as though drained of all its vital essence. Amidst the spiraling, ashen-leafed trees live the Night Stalkers, often known simply as the Historians. These secretive creatures weave powerful spells of misdirection and sickness over the borders of their lands, making them nigh-impossible to traverse safely for outsiders, and show little mercy to those who would infringe upon the marshes. According to legend, the Night Stalkers are the remnants of an ancient people who changed their very biology to survive the wars of the Old Machines. They guard the remains of their once great empire, hoarding the trinkets and tomes of the long distant past, before even the Father of Machines and His revelations. They are able to live in the harshest of environments, drawing strength from black mana that would normally atrophy or decay living tissue, but pay the terrible price of being unable to stand under the sun without slowly calcifying into immobile statues of tumorous matter.
File: Prowling_Nightstalker.jpg (227 KB, 721x576)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Rolled 4, 36, 1 = 41 (3d36)

Night stalkers are too cool for modern MtG.
>To the north

Uh, I meant to the south. Whoops.
File: file.png (525 KB, 1280x800)
525 KB
525 KB PNG
Rolled 10, 23, 21 = 54 (3d36)

Okay I was about to append this with "Oh crap forgot to add the map update!" but then 4chan broke again immediately afterwards.

But wahey! More rolls!
Man I love these guys look. Plus their sun weakness makes them a nice alternative for classical vampires, and I wonder if it could be twisted into a neat mechanic?

But with these two posts we've got plains.
So many Plains. We might be filling up the north region now. Leaving a tiny hole in some of the new lands to fill in with something interesting perhaps. 3 separate colors of mana? Or all of one? Mountains, an oasis, a swamp, Another unique Gray land?
Rolled 26, 22, 12 = 60 (3d36)

Huh. What's up with that little dot of green in the middle of the mountains?
>Leaving a tiny hole in some of the new lands to fill in with something interesting perhaps. 3 separate colors of mana? Or all of one? Mountains, an oasis, a swamp, Another unique Gray land?

Gigantic mega mountain maybe?
Rolled 2, 19, 14 = 35 (3d36)

...Did 4chan just eat my post?

Well, whatever. Repostan.

>Plus their sun weakness makes them a nice alternative for classical vampires, and I wonder if it could be twisted into a neat mechanic?

"When Palemarch Nightstalker enters the battlefield, turn off the lights. Whenever an opponent complains that they can't read their cards, they sacrifice a creature."

>So many Plains. We might be filling up the north region now.

Maybe after one or two more rolls we should move on. I feel like a smaller continent or island chain would look good in the middle.
File: file.png (530 KB, 1280x800)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
Someone rolled a 1 on one of these earlier rolls
>>59326551 and it was sandwiched between a roll for some mountains. So I thought it would be cute to put one there.

Here I was making a strawpoll.

I could see it though.

I'll just leave this here and let some people stumble upon it. https://www.strawpoll.me/15570833

I can still see your deleted post, and its diceroll, but I will count the one that's not deleted instead.

And also I agree. With these last few rolls we've got a nice little blue coastline of sorts to the south, another forest or jungle to the northeast, and one more expansion to the plains in the southeast.

I'll consider this area done for now beyond aforementioned strawpoll question. And just move to the middle, and then either expand one of the first two continents.

Also Note to Self; Whenever we next do a Planeforger 5 thread, we should totally do an "Un-Plane"
Rolled 17, 16, 36 = 69 (3d36)

Continent's looking pretty good in general. I can't shake the idea that the mountains and swamp fom a sort of natural barrier between two groups, but we can get back to that stuff.

First role of the middle lands, go.
File: file.png (532 KB, 1280x800)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
Rolled 22, 10, 1 = 33 (3d36)

Swamps. a bulbous patch of swamps heading northwest.

As for the mountains and swamps acting as a barrier? Yeah it could be separating that region of blue and green from the rest of the highlands. Perhaps some hydras or hydra worshippers live there? Mostly protected from raiding by the Highlanders if because of the Nightstalkers that inhabit the swamps.
Rolled 31, 28, 16 = 75 (3d36)

Right, yeah. I feel like there's certainly room for another human culture. Excellent shipbuilders and water wizards who have a pact of sort with sea-hydras that nest in the area? They're protected from the north by the swamps and forest, and defend themselves from coastal raiding through the aforementioned advantages.

Maybe they're the Nightstalker's point of contact with the outside world. Like, they occasionally get creepy pale creatures from up north coming down to purchase or steal some historical text that one of their merchant ships has come across on its travels.
File: file.png (591 KB, 1280x800)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
Also while we roll up this continent I'm just getting started on "Illustrating" the map. What kind of stuff should go in for the steelsprawl? What is a good "General" look for most colorless lands in terms of cartography??
File: file.png (100 KB, 198x277)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Rolled 22 (1d36)

Brainstorming a djinn card.

>Treasured Antique (2)
>Tap and Sacrifice Treasured antique, add UUU. >When Treasured Antique is sent to the graveyard target opponent creates a 5/5 Blue Djinn Token with Flying.

A blue Dark Ritual stapled on an artifact. Plays into the vintage Djinn mechanic of "Power for a Price" and can backfire if another player decides to play some artifact destruction on it.

Flavorwise its basically smashing open an old artifact to get something out of it, and the djinn getting mad at the smasher. It makes me think of maybe adding one more ability along the lines of "If opponent destroys this thing, you get a djinn". But the way I figure it with how it's currently worded, the Djinn is mad at you for being so careless, since it could trigger on milling and discard as well.

one more thing... should it be a blue djinn for this set? Or should it be an artifact Djinn for theoretical synergy with the existing tokens?
Rolled 18, 17, 4 = 39 (3d36)

I think in terms of cartography, colorless lands should echo ruined factories or broken machines of some manner, each specific to the piece of colorless land it represents. For the steelsprawl, I think of big twisting and turning columns built inot the mountainside and descending into the forest valley, whereas for another colorless landmark I see great chimney-vents, overgrown, with the occasional spark from within fading out.

I kinda like the idea that each colorless landmark in this place has its own little snippet of lore, based around the people surrounding it. Some might be more important than others in the grand scheme of things, but I like the idea of having all these little named locations, like all of the Quests on Zendikar.
File: yoshitaka amano djinn.jpg (3.31 MB, 2938x4091)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
Rolled 18, 17, 15 = 50 (3d36)

We do have two separate sets of tokens available though, both the artifact creature Djinn and the Tarkir 2/2 Djinn Monks.

That said, I think we should go with blue Djinn, if only for flavor's sake. Artifact Djinn could be interesting, but mess with their artifact loving flavor if they themselves are an artifact and you could ping djinn artifact-centric effects using other djinn.

In any case, I like the card. Power for a price is always something I enjoy mechanically and that one works well.
Rolled 6, 19, 3 = 28 (3d36)


Speaking of colorless lands, I was thinking that the northern artifact region on the western continent (the one right above the lake/inland sea) is a vast, ancient city (probably originally a factory sprawl for making shit like Phyrexian Hulks, but it has a ton of architecture build on top of everything). The people there are fervent worshipers of the Father of Machines and make widespread usage of the city's mechanics, despite understanding them very little. The plains to the east of this region are the most arable lands on the continent and serve as the breadbasket for said city-state. It's constantly in conflict with the orcish clans of the northern forests.

That's a nice design. I think giving your opponent a 5/5 Flyer is worth more than UUU though.
Man, we just keep rolling Mardu.
File: file.png (539 KB, 1280x800)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
Rolled 22, 34 = 56 (2d36)

Our little middle island is shaping up nicely, still early yet if its still very mardu. Accidentially screwed up my roll here >>59341568
so tossing on the extra dice now.

I was thinking it might be, but I was a little scared to make it give out more mana.
So perhaps Token should be smaller, or that the Treasured Antique should cost only 1?

Perhaps buffing it up to giving UUUU when sacced instead? Or making it give 3 of any color of mana like a beefier treasure token? It could give you enough to say cast an answer to the flyer it just made.

I mean I'm also game for it just being a little mechanically janky and suboptimal.

Like I'm already trying to think up a way to word it so that you could say use harmless offering on the trinket after you start saccing it for mana as you give it to your opponent so you somehow get the Djinn.
Rolled 10, 1, 24 = 35 (3d36)

This is the best idea, letting us make each colorless swath something distinct. The region had a purpose, now it's disused.
File: file.png (628 KB, 1280x800)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
Rolled 35, 8, 31 = 74 (3d36)

A very lonely little island here.

Be right back folks dinner and a quick computer reboot to stop some tablet silliness. Enjoy some inprogress shots of the inky map in the meantime.
File: 543_towerofcalamities.jpg (96 KB, 620x453)
96 KB
I really like it. Good job anon!

On the topic of fixing up colorless lands to be something specific, I could see that little three-hex spot to the upper left of the Steelsprawl being a ruined tower of some kind, perhaps some kind of massive watchtower or perhaps ruined dynamo, one that could be a member of a series of them, perhaps reprints of the Tower cycle from Mirrodin/Scars of Mirrodin. We could even have the Phyrexian Reliquary tower be a play on the Tower of Fortunes/Tower of Murmurs.

In any case, since its so close to the forests and lakes, it should be overgrown and quiet now, home to wildlife and the occasional traveler on their way to try and delve the Steelsprawl for valuable artifacts.
Rolled 24, 11, 11, 33, 18, 11, 2, 27, 21 = 158 (9d36)

Whoops, forgot to roll.
File: Tower_of_Fortunes.jpg (142 KB, 620x455)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Rolled 32, 3, 25 = 60 (3d36)

Another possible tower could be a phyrexia'd up Tower of Fortunes. I really like the weird metal veins.
File: Tower_of_Murmurs.jpg (101 KB, 620x450)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Rolled 16, 3, 33 = 52 (3d36)

Another tower, to bump the thread.
File: phyrexian7.jpg (74 KB, 385x314)
74 KB
Alright, elaborating on this.

Known to the people of [southwestern continent] as the City of the Ancients, Kathlamu is an immense sprawl of ancient factory-systems and inscrutable machines that have remained in remarkable condition for their age. In the wake of the Old Machines' great war, the remaining human tribesmen of the northern reaches came together in this place to venerate its architecture and use its mechanisms to defend themselves. Nowadays, Kathlamu is the largest city on the continent, its inhabitants still making ample use of the sprawl's partly-understood systems. Considered a holy place to the Church of the Father, Kathlamu is essentially a theocractic state, ruled by an upper class of artifice-clergy who blend spiritual teaching into the study of ancient technology. The people of Kathlamu consider themselves the most blessed and highest regarded by the Father of Machines, and are often thought of by outsiders as dynamic, enthused, but almost myopically single-minded. The original settlers of Kathlamu used the sprawl's factory-systems of to produce terrible mechanical war machines, with which thy subjugated the rolling plains to their east. Known as the Kathlan Basket, these plains and hills are the greatest swathe of arable land on the continent, and are essential to keeping the city of Kathlamu fed. The faith of the Father is strong here, but stronger still is the steel of its regent lords, who oversee the toils of its people from their spiraling watchtowers. Kathlamu is in constant conflict with the Ulgothan orcs of the western forests.
Rolled 9, 8, 34 = 51 (3d36)

Forgot to roll.
File: apocalypse.png (21 KB, 600x744)
21 KB
Rolled 10, 26, 27 = 63 (3d36)

Ooh, I like it. Visually, what if they showed their piety with lots of recurrent Yawgmoth's Mask imagery? It could be a symbol that shows up all over their city and that they've adopted, possibly without actually knowing its nature.

You need some help? To roll put "dice+3d36" in the "options" section of the posting window.
Rolled 34, 27, 21 = 82 (3d36)

That would be cool. I'm imagining that the higher echelons of their priestly caste even wear masks similar to that symbol, or helmets in the case of the temple guard.
File: file.png (550 KB, 1280x800)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
Rolled 2 (1d6)


Hey guys I'm back. Sorry for the quiet. Was dealing with computer issues today and right when I finished compiling the rolls for the map my computer crashed so I had to remake it again. Here it is our current map.

It's seeming pretty decently sized. So I'm wondering if we should start say making up any miniature island chains between some of these places or expanding on any of the previous continents?

Or figuring out what's going on between these places. Like its been said earlier, perhaps the ocean is a bit more like a sludgy mess with ruins sticking out of it.

What would be a good process?

Don't mind the D6. I'm just rolling it to determine how many rolls for "Mini Continents" we should do.

Otherwise how's things going?
>So I'm wondering if we should start say making up any miniature island chains

I could do with some island chains.

>Or figuring out what's going on between these places. Like its been said earlier, perhaps the ocean is a bit more like a sludgy mess with ruins sticking out of it.

Yeah, or maybe just heavily polluted? It does beg the question of how people get between continents. Do they use, like, gilding ships that float a little ways above the ground/water/sludge? Do they have flat-out airships?

That said, I have a few suggestions for the northern continent.

To the far north of the Angarradh Heartlands stands an immense artifice of charnel silver and silent gears, half-submerged between ages of rock and soil. Pale arcs of arcane lightning sometimes crackle between the vast antennae that protrude from the back of the construct, lashing though the sky and boiling the clouds overhead. For generations, the Angarradh have believed that this construct's gargantuan maw - easily large enough to swallow a sizeable town - is the entrance to the subterranean halls of the Black God, and have festooned the grand device with countless fetishes and battered shields. They say that the Black God's messengers come and go from here, collecting the bodies of the dead, and flights of the plane's sombre, bat-winged angels can often be witnessed roosting atop its spires.

>Arragal's Spine
To the east of the Heartlands lies the prone form of Arragal, perhaps the greatest of the old dragon engines, stretching miles from tip to tail and the girth of a small mountain from side to side. The Angarradh believe that the immense beast was felled by their forefathers, but none would presume to imagine that the creature is dead - for miles, the shudders of its immortal heart can be felt thrumming through the earth around it. The Angarradh believe that when the final battle comes, Arragal will awaken to consume the world.
File: 1524694910055 annotated.jpg (616 KB, 1280x800)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
Forgot to mention, I imagine that Arragal's slumbering form is inhabited by a strange cult of worshipers who augment themselves heavily in order to mimic its draconic characteristics.

Soaring well above the clouds, Highpeak can be seen from nearly any point on the plane. It is a single mountain of truly perilous height, rumored to have been engineered somehow in the distant past as the foundations for some manner of celestial stairway. Rich in gleaming ores that hold spellweaves with particular efficiency, the base of Highpeak is hotly contested by local Angarradh clans and the orcs of the nearby forest. Some say that at the highest point of the great mountain, its ancient stairway into the heavenly realms lies inactive but entirely intact, but reaching these dizzying heights are a vain effort - not only dye to the height, but also the unfathomably old hydra Algazharezz, who winds his leviathan coils across the mountain as though clutching it for comfort, his rugged scales often seeming to merge into the craggy rock of the mountainside.

Also, have a few rough annotations, just to show what points I'm referring to.
File: li139_scrap.jpg (224 KB, 620x447)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Rolled 25, 28, 34, 15, 11, 10, 3, 11, 22 = 159 (9d36)

For traveling between continents, I think they would use primarily airships of some kind, maybe like the old Thran-style skimmers. Importantly, the area between continents isn't just a polluted ocean, its a gigantic mess of oil, rusting metal, jagged ruins, and horrific monsters. It's like a gigantic swathe of tetanus-bait. Huge beasts, strange artifacts, and other hazards lurk within. Travel across the scrap-sea is difficult and dangerous, but those that can trawl its ruins find treasures beyond imagining.

I really like Arragal, and Erkhalla sounds pretty rad. Not to mention bat-angels. I could see them haivng originally been kind of flying fox/honduran white bat-esque before Phyrexia, but the years stained their fur black with oil and their hearts with sorrow.

Highpeak is great too, like damn. The visual of a gigantic, Madblind Mountain-esque spire with a hydra coiled into it is fantastic. I could see his heads and bodies coiling into the valleys below, underneath sod and plains and deep beneath the roots of the forest, making "pathways" up the mountain, if you dare to scale them.
File: file.png (649 KB, 1280x800)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
Rolled 3 (1d6)

So with this plane being full of leftover Phyrexian stuff, I do feel like its artifact theme compared to say Mirrodin (Everything is half metal) and Kaladesh (Aether Steampunk), would be cobbled together repaired, and jerryrigged.

I can see flying machines, being repurposed as boats just cause they can't figure out how to fly it. Ancient seige engines being drawn by beasts. One person or tribe might actually get an old Portal Ship working for the most part and allow themselves a flying machine for between the continents.

The whole cobbling together new things out of the old feels very Mad Max to me.

PS loving the locations you're making anon. Its giving me ideas for the drawn up map.

>I think they would use primarily airships of some kind, maybe like the old Thran-style skimmers.

I can see flying machines, I don't think they'd be of Weatherlight style size and utility very often though. Maybe more starwars-y. Those desert skiffs in Return, the falling apart Salt skimmers made only for toy sales in Last Jedi.

Also, stealing the first 6 rolls here for a minor island.

is this a good place for this Small island or shall I move it elsewhere? I might make these mini islands on a new layer so they can be moved about shrunk or enlarged as needed.

also started drawing Kathlamu >>59350546 on the illustration layer
Rolled 28, 6, 29 = 63 (3d36)

I think that's a pretty cool place for an island, especially one that's all forest and swamp, like some kind of carnivorous jungle. Maybe it could have a primitive or at least kind of tribal civilization of snakefolk/gorgons in it, since the island kinda looks like two coiling snakes. In any case, the salt skimmers idea is kinda cool, I like the idea of weird ramshackle skimmers or something,
File: file.png (74 KB, 714x382)
74 KB
Rolled 11, 34, 23 = 68 (3d36)

Other ideas I was thinking... especially since Vehicles as a mechanic seems kinda sorta evergreen as of Ixalan and Dominaria. Is "Creature typed" vehicles, Artifact-Beast Vehicle perhaps representing say... a Baloth drawn Juggernaut. Not sure what this could do mechanically speaking. Colored Vehicles perhaps? Token Creation on death? Say a SeaWurm powered boat vehicle dies, it creates a Wurm Token as well? Sort of spitballing here. Was wanting to explore what we could do with this world's artifact theme.

Pic unrelated. Since I was busy drawing a Baloth Riding Orc, I figured I'd draw one of these cyborg orcs... or cyborcs if you will.

Rolling one more d36 and taking yours and the last one from >>59356449. Tomorrow I'm gonna really focus on illustrating the map.

In the meantime. Off to bed I go.
Rolled 1, 21, 34 = 56 (3d36)

Loving the cyborks, they look great.

As for the idea of creature vehicles, I think I would see them more as creatures with Crew effects. Either the crew would let them actually attack and block as a creature, or would give them buffs of some kind, or cause effects. Here's an idea for one, based off that rad drawing.

>Riding Mawloc
Crew 2
Whenever you crew Riding Mawloc, it gets +4/+0 and trample until end of turn.

Stuff like that. Hell, you could even have crew-able noncreature nonartifacts in the same manner. Crew a land or something. Though I suppose its not quite exactly the same basis as the Crew keyword, since what that does is turn a thing into a creature.

The token idea's not a terrible one though, maybe that'd work.
Bumping the thread so it stays up while I work on a drawing of one of the vedic/hindu themed Leonin. Sadly, not one with the multiple arms, but I started giving him crazy armor and I figure their culture has a massive focus on the idea of the "bent" of artifacts. A superstition that if you or someone you trust didn't make the weapon or armor or device, how can you trust it to do what you want? The item carries the will of its maker, and that will may betray you if you aren't careful.

As such, they don't use scavenged technology and relics, instead preferring to scrap them or try and reverse engineer the concept. In doing so, they end up with remarkably strange and reliable things, like their multi-armed suits of armor the higher ranking Knights have, but a huge lack of the more fanciful or impressive tech that the relics and phyrexia had easy access to. Pretty much imagine a leonin with sick extra arms like pic related, and a way more ancient-india/Demon-King-from-Berserk kind of aesthetic.
Rolled 28, 23, 20 = 71 (3d36)

oops, should probably roll.
Rolled 18, 32, 19 = 69 (3d36)


I like the idea of most intercontinental transportation being skimmers that may once have been actual airships. Maybe there's one or two actually functioning properly.

I've actually been thinking on these guys, and where else we might find leonin. I'll post something up when I've had time to wake up properly.
Rolled 36, 17, 10 = 63 (3d36)

I agree, airships should be something that if they exist are treasured an valuable things. The ability to just skip over the nightmarish mess of rusted metal and terrifying monsters that is the oceans, as well as get over terrain simply by flying above it? That's invaluable. The few airships that still work are carefully guarded or constantly fought over, because they're easily worth it.

I look forward to seeing what you're thinking about for the leonin though, I've been thinking up some stuff as I draw them and its kind of weird. Lots of star and space motifs, as the idea of a "kingdom under the plain of heaven" kind of thing.
Okay so, I've outlined in black the areas that I can see as good places for leonin to live.

For the northwestern and southwestern continents, these are both defensive positions. In the north they have a chokepoint into the upper plains contested by the Angarradh, and in the south they're up against the elves. I see both having similarly chivalric cultures, having originated from the same place. Their geography is a good contributor to the "if you don't trust who made it, don't use it" stance on tech suggested in >>59361646
as, with no easy access to a sprawl, their only real source of salvage would be the rusted sea - which is probably far more dangerous, and would result in more damaged, less reliable finds that wouldn't be fit for use, but would be good to draw on for inspiration.

I'm thinking that both come from the central continent, specifically the areas outlined. I have this idea that there are ruins here from long before the Phyrexian invasion, and the people of these mountains/plains - both leonin and human - have less of a fascination with technology, than a reverence of the energy that the tech and artifacts of their lands channel. They see it as like a galvanizing force or animating spark, like ka or pyros. The fire of the gods, that sort of thing. They're solidly R/W and believe that the artifacts of old shouldn't be integrated into flesh; that merging with these objects is a spiritual process alone, a matter of channeling the energy of the cosmos through the metal and into the man. This could also contribute to how the western leonin view technology.
File: MirrodinPurePreview.jpg (33 KB, 300x474)
33 KB
Rolled 30, 28, 29 = 87 (3d36)

Perhaps they could even unintentionally echo the sentiment behind Mirrodin Pure? The idea that adversity causes strength, that the strongest steel is forged in fire and hardship and danger. That their tools should not sit idly by, but be galvanized by use, by action, and by heroism. They are chivalric, but chivalric in the vein of the Questing knight, not the duty-bound one.
File: Knight of Akasha.jpg (319 KB, 800x1448)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Rolled 30, 25, 24 = 79 (3d36)

Alright, finally finished it!

I figured that the largest leonin plains-kingdom would be called Samaraj-Akasha, the Kingdom Under the Stars, due to their particularly awesome space view and celestial-focused culture and cosmology. This guy here would be a veteran, but not necessarily a higher-form knight, as he lacks the extra mechanical arms they get as badges of office/combat tools. Note the Yawgmoth masks showing up, which they attribute to the masks of a figure they call the Weeping Father, a great conquering king who strode across the universe, his sorrow born from the knowledge that for every world under his banner still thousands more suffered.
Their version of the Urza figure is a shapeshifting monster called the Leygaseya, a loathsome demon that hated all of the good in the universe and sought to undo the Weeping Father's works. It would change into endless forms to complete its task, from a floating head with pale white eyes to a great winged ship that birthed demons of legend, to a silver man the size of an orc who could turn metal against its wielder.
File: file.png (7 KB, 92x128)
7 KB
Rolled 5, 2, 3, 3, 5, 5 = 23 (6d6)

The most recent island that was rolled up looks pretty leonin friendly though I don't know where it should go. Off the coast of the elf location? Southeastern edge of the central continent.

Neat thing. Central continent has no green. So the lack of true "nature" or natureness. Could make sense for it being almost the "Landing zone" for the original phyrexians. And as you've said, could be home to most of the pre-phyrexia ruins.

Rolling a few d6's to determine how many rolls I'll be using for future islands. Thinking we could use a couple more maybe in the north east and north west. After that I'll start hammering out the map lines, and working on "Ocean Generation"

Might sue a bigger die to generate since its a lot more space. will still need to be a factor of 6. Alternatively, reusing the 3d36 just with different "Ranges"
1-12=Deep Ocean
13-24= Wasteland
25-36= Sprawl?

Rough Idea so far.
File: file.png (19 KB, 236x167)
19 KB

That anon. Is truly badass. Have another randomly generated island. These can be safely thrown out if there is nowhere good for them by the way.
Breaking down the "ocean", I think we could do it for this particular plane with these.
7-12:Oil ocean
13-18:Deep Oil Ocean
31-36:Slag (specifically, area where the metal and oil scrap is melting down and likely forming new landmasses.)

We could maybe roll 4d36 for these ones, and add the last two numbers together for the total hexes?
File: cleric4.jpg (678 KB, 1168x1496)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
That would certainly be an apt explanation for why a bunch of them decided to roll out to another continent.

By the by,

>The Firetops
A range of mountains in the northern region of [plane name]'s central landmass, the Firetops are home to an esoteric people known as the Abjurers. According to local legend, these men and women are descended from tribesmen who fled into the mountains for refuge during the time of the Old Machines, searching for a place to hide from the demented engines of old as they descended deeper into maddened rage. Deep within the mountains, they found the decrepit city of Sumukan, and were greeted by its last inhabitant, the prophet Rapasu. He taught them the secrets of the sky-people, how to mold the fire of the gods and craft their tools out of blessed iron, and tutored them in the ways of virtue and wisdom. Today the Abjurers, mostly made up of human and leonin descendants of those original tribesmen, teach knowledge to those who seek it, and revere the divine nusku, the celestial energy they channel down into the world through their ancient tools. They believe the nusku is the fundamental energy of all things, the template for all life and vigor, and it destroys and heals with equal ease. To them it is their duty to banish evil and dispel ignorance. They believe that the synthesis of flesh and machine is foolishness, and that only the old ways of Sumukan offer true transcendence. Abjurers travel in secret across all great lands of [plane name], destroying evil beings, healing the sick, and teaching their crafts. Several centuries ago, some of the more aggressively-minded leonin among the strange mountain-folk left to establish new Blessed Lands across the Sea of Rust, but their vessels ran afoul of the dragon engine Erreshalgon, who slumbers beneath the waves of refuse, and were split into two separate fleets that landed on different shores.
File: lightning-helixx.png (127 KB, 223x311)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
They're basically pic related: the faction. Though if I were to make a card to represent these guys, it'd be something like

>Abjurer's Lightning
>Destroy target black creature. If it was a zombie, horror, or demon, you gain 3 life.

Also this is fucking great.
File: latest.jpg (187 KB, 800x648)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
These guys remind me of the Yamabushi from Kamigawa, which I like a lot actually. Wandering magic exorcist-healers is awesome, especially if they have spells to force the nusku within an augmented being to violently reject their augments and burn them. Maybe a spell like:
>Abjurer's Rebuke
>Destroy target artifact. If it was attached to a creature, that creature takes 4 damage and that creature's controller takes 2 damage.
I'm willing to bet that I and whoever designed the Yamabushi are drinking from the same well in terms of influence. I didn't remember then until you brought them up, but they're a good comparison.

That rejection spell is pretty fitting too.

I think these would look good off to the east of the bottom-most continent, or to the west of the top continent.
Rolled 1, 7, 18 = 26 (3d36)

That colorless section to me looks like it should be some kind of Dam or massive canal gate, perhaps used by the phyrexians before the oceans of the plane became entirely wreckage. Now it could be the largest city on the island, rope bridges linking between massive metal bars and broken doors, above an oily sea.
File: file.png (711 KB, 1280x800)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
Love that. Love that idea.
Splitting the difference and putting one up north and one down south. Should I add any more islands? Based off of these continuing d36 rplls? or Should I focus on finishing up the illustrated map?

Got the southwestern continent's city drawn in.
That's pretty excellent.

I think we're mostly done with defining the landmasses. Maybe a small island off the northwest peninsula of the middle continent? I don't mind.
File: file.png (2 KB, 15x77)
2 KB
Rolled 1, 19, 34, 18 = 72 (4d36)

Fair point. I guess We'll just get started with the inbetweeny bits.

I quite liked this Anon's >>59368139 idea. Though I might replace Oil Ocean with "Deep Ocean". That way there's somewhat more Natural/habitable bits of the deeper ocean, where people could do some more fishing. or what have you.

1-6: Rust/Scrap (Rusty Colored)
7-12: Deep Ocean (Dark Blue)
13-18 Oil Ocean (RGB Black)
19-24: Wasteland (Brownish)
25-30: Sprawl/Ruins (DarkerGray)
31-36: Slag (Deep Red/Maroon)

So It'll go like this.
First D36 determines the Filler Type.
2nd D36 deterimines the direction. (I might take some liberties with the placement of this filler stuff to help make the map make sense.)
3rd and 4th D36 are total hexes of "Filler"

I feel like this should be a kind of city of outlaws and brigands from all over. Somewhere people go to disappear. Or maybe there's some rumored treasure of grand significance further inland and this place is a hub for factions trying to claim it. Or both.
Rolled 7, 25, 35, 2 = 69 (4d36)

Alright then, let's fill this map up.
Rolled 22, 13, 30, 21 = 86 (4d36)

Alright, those look good! Let's see what we can do.

its actual location on the map though it is off center OP, same with the bottommost island. You're gonna wanna fix that. being so near another colorless section gives me another idea too: They used to be one gigantic thing, like perhaps a massive dam/power plant or other such processing facility. Now that it's broken, we could even have two separate feuding cities in between the two. They aren't at actual war, but they're bitter rivals over al things, with massive rope bridges swinging between the two cities to allow travel. Both sides constantly threaten to cut the other.
File: file.png (129 KB, 485x286)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
I like that too. I'll try and make it look a little more "Rebellious" when I get the chance.

Additionally this seems to be a good place for the people who "Question" the integrity of the Father of Machines could have a place set up.

Pic somewhat unrelated. Its an attempt at the Ocean Colors. With only the orange bit being what was rolled for.

>though it is off center OP, same with the bottom most island. You're gonna wanna fix that.
Already done. Sort of realized that while doing this test version with the colors. Gonna take your rolls into account instead of these patches of blue and black.

Otherwise there was the topic of the use of Urzan as an adjective, based on the story of urza. and the idea that a lot of the inhabitants of this plane have a skewed view of the story of Yawgmoth as the father of machines. What could be a nice way to express this in terms of artifacts or story? What could be the 'cleaned up' version of events?

Was thinking of fluffing up or brewing a "Effigy" cycle. Basically artifacts that use adjectives derived from characters from the phyrexian mythology, to tell this altered story.

Urzan Effigy
Rebbecan Effigy
Misran Effigy
Gerradic Effigy
Fatherly Effigy
File: file.png (43 KB, 1275x800)
43 KB
Rolled 1, 34, 36, 27, 13, 6, 21, 24 = 162 (8d36)

So some deep ocean.
And some wasteland.

Plugging those rolls in. And doing them on a separate layer so that I can "mess around with it should the need arise.so the map might look a LITTLE weird. its gonna lay over on top of the current map.

In other news, in trying to figure out how to "adjective-ify Rebbec's name... i sort of realize it was just one letter missing away from being like.. a normal human person's name.

So what kind of mythological role does Rebbec play in the mythology of this misinterpreted phyrexia? We've tossed around Satan/Adversary, or at least "figure that betrayed Yawgmoth". I would love to read "The Thran" book proper sometime, (I'm honestly just curious about earlier MTG fiction), but a cursory summary pretty much puts Rebbec and Yawgmoth as a bit of a power couple in the Thran empire before its fall. So Paradise Lost with a bit of Romeo and Juliet?

There is also Dyfed, whom showed Yawgmoth other planes, and also found the plane that would become phyrexia. And while Real Yawgmoth dissected her so he could find which organ housed the Planeswalker spark. In this plane's mythology she gave this knowledge to him willingly. Passing the Illumination of Worlds to the Father of Machines, so that he might take its light to his home. Dyferous could be a good replacement for "Generous" or "Self-sacrificing".
Rolled 23, 18, 9, 9 = 59 (4d36)

I'm not hugely in the know about the old Urza/Phyrexia/Thran stuff, but here's a few ideas.
>Yawgmoth, the Father of Machines, is often portrayed by cultures as a magical orphan, raised by the traveler Dyfed as her own.
>Dyfed is definitely a sacrificial figure, one who gave Yawgmoth the Illumination of Worlds so that he could bring about that light to all the worlds of the multiverse.
>Mishra is a demon or villain like Urza, but one who saw the light of the Father of Machines and joined him under the guidance of one of the first of the Father's previous converts that he made on a big Journey-to-the-West style myth about the finding of Phyrexia, the bandit lord Gix, and eventually sacrificed himself fighting Urza.
>Rebecc is a really complicated figure in every mythos. She's both Yawgmoth's savior and betrayer at points, and they all kind of play them as a cross between star-crossed lovers bitter that they can never be together (since Rebecc's husband getting stabbed is why she pushes to rescind Yawgmoth's exile) and bitter, brutal rivals. In the end, Rebecc seals Yawgmoth and the promised land of Phyrexia away form Dominaria to protect him, an ultimate act of sacrifice from a love that was never to be.
>Urza meanwhile, is the Adversary. Or more the Antichrist. If Rebecc is the paradise-lost Lucifer regretting what she has done, Urza is the Book of Revelations Antichrist, hellbent on destroying the Father of Machines and ending not just the world, but all worlds. He's portrayed exactly how Yawgmoth is in canon, cunning, malicious, psychopathic, and absolutely frenzied towards his goals, with stories playing up his inhuman actions. Stuff like the years he spent doing literally nothing but plan against phyrexia twenty four hours a day are played completely straight for horror value, as an inhuman, immortal monster that seeks nothing but to ruin what the people of the plane hold sacred.
Rolled 36, 1, 29, 7, 18, 13, 32, 18 = 154 (8d36)

We could make them kinda like those Shrines from New Phyrexia, and then give them each a snippet of the story, maybe in some kind of verse. I like it. The Urzan/Gerradic ones definitely have to be hidden and secretive.
File: Zardoz style Urza.png (89 KB, 653x617)
89 KB
Rolled 10, 15, 34, 8, 2, 32, 22, 2, 19, 15, 2, 35 = 196 (12d36)

that is a teeny tiny roll. But it makes for some nice Island chains for in between the southern and central continent.

So I guess the main cut off for lore/history of phyrexia on this plane should be some time before the legacy weapon is activated, and yawgmoth is destroyed, cutting the phyrexians here off from the rest of phyrexia.

Phyrexia Proper could be viewed as some nice place or afterlife.

This begs the question of how much "Softer" phyrexia's history and story is made depending on the peoples in this world. I'd picture the Ilgar constructs being the most rose-tinted about it. The various sentient races associating their own meanings to the mythology, the red black elves having a version of the history that's pretty damn close to how phyrexia really was, albeit with a sort of "And really this was a good thing because it makes us powerful". What would the Phyrexian Mythology mean to Leonin? the human tribes of Angarradh or the peoples of Kathlamu?

Love these guys.

Perhaps worship, or like appreciation of Urza's artifact is secretive, but urzan effigies themselves might be out in the open, and often subject to vandalism if that is the case. He is the central villain in this world's mythology,

It might Gerrard's Lorestone/effigy might be properly hidden, and absolutely unknown, because it might be the only proof on this plane that Phyrexia was properly Destroyed, or that Phyrexia was just a vile evil place.

Loving all the progress in this thread so far. Have a quick Monstrous Floating Head Urza, before I run off for bed for the night.
Rolled 8, 24, 34, 4 = 70 (4d36)

File: 300px-Coalition_flag.png (28 KB, 300x417)
28 KB
Rolled 20, 9, 28, 3 = 60 (4d36)

I started to get into the leonin stuff up here >>59367791 , but their major interpretation of Phyrexia is via a focus on the actual Phyrexian Invasions and Conquests, seeing them as the work of the Weeping Father, the last King of Phyrexia, who died trying to bring the light of the fire and the forge to all the stars in the sky.

They in particular view Yawgmoth as a regretful war-deity, a mournful king who TRIED subtlety and compassion via missionaries (in reality sleeper agents like Xantcha and cultists like Gix), and while many worlds shared in his vision, the one that needed is touch the most and led astray others, the Land of Demons, Dommina, refused at every turn. Tears flowing from his eyes at the impending horror of war, the mournful king led his host to Dommina, and across the stars to bring them light and beauty of purest steel.

As countless stars joined the Weeping King, the monstrous natives of Dommina brought fourth a foul ritual and summoned a creature of purest evil, the shapeshifting demon-god Leygaseya. As all of the worlds under the King's banner focused their efforts to stomp out the formless evil of the Leygaseya, it struck, seeking to slay the Weeping King. Knowing of his death and the danger his people were in, the King used the last of his power to pull the Leygaseya into the heart of Phyrexia and destroyed the great gates that allowed travel between the stars, sealing them forever in that promised land. The leonin believe he is still there, waging eternal war against the demon, and that in death their heroic dead will travel through a ruined phyrexian gate in their capital to their King's side, where they will fight and one day free him and return to glory.

As a note, the Leygaseya is represented by the Coalition symbol for its face in much of their art, or a brand on its myriad forms, like a horrid hydra. Because of that, the more superstitious see them as it's kin and try to hunt them as dragonslayers.
I can entirely believe that Urza designed monstrous floating Urzaheads that shift between planes telling everyone that Phyrexia is evil. And spit out guns. That is something he would definitely do.
Rolled 32, 18, 16, 30 = 96 (4d36)

This is some cool stuff. The whole Leygaseya thing in particular.

I feel like these guys should have a sort of Zoroastrian feel to aspects of their morality. What's true is what's right, etc. Existence is a battle between ultimate good and ultimate evil, and every correct act is a point for good. Certain things are intrinsically benefactors of evil and have to be removed.
File: file.png (584 KB, 1280x800)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Rolled 10, 12, 7, 17, 14, 35, 12, 33 = 140 (8d36)

>As a note, the Leygaseya is represented by the Coalition symbol for its face in much of their art, or a brand on its myriad forms, like a horrid hydra. Because of that, the more superstitious see them as it's kin and try to hunt them as dragonslayers.
I now want to draw the Legaseya Demon. Sounds like fun.
Though I have to admit It might be hard since i'll be sending my tablet in for some repairs later today.

More map Progress. We've got some slag trenches between a couple of the continents. Some mixtures between oil ocean and rust. and some wastelandy islands.
Hmmm, one problem with this is that without the entire 'sea' being a solid color it makes it very hard to differentiate the lands from it. I'm noticing that the black might merge in with the illustrated bits too.
File: file.png (600 KB, 1280x800)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Rolled 4, 36, 26, 15 = 81 (4d36)

that's something I'm noticing myself. After finishing up the Rolling I might recolor everything to a sort of more unified look. Leaving wastelands and "Slag" the same colors. Rust, Oil, and Ocean will be recolored to be more similar.

Pic related. Its sort of a very quick recoloring of the map's oceans to make it look more natural. Though I guess the ocean colors should be different. More... Brown or Gray?
Rolled 1, 16, 24, 20, 26, 26, 27, 11 = 151 (8d36)

Maybe just shift the ocean's color saturation down? Enough to still differentiate the colors, but leave it in a manner that makes the mainland visually pop more and be more apparent.
Rolled 20, 27, 28, 33, 10, 6, 4, 31 = 159 (8d36)

I can kinda see that, though Urza and the Leygaseya should still remain true monsters. Perhaps the more cordial relationship between good and evil could come in the form of Gerrard? A demon who despite being opposed to the Weeping Father, could speak with him. Stories where the two interact could be really interesting mythologically.
Rolled 11, 8, 2, 4 = 25 (4d36)

That could be a good way of dealing with it, actually. In fact that sounds great.
Rolled 18, 32, 16, 6 = 72 (4d36)

Okay, so,

>The Isle of Niimara
Home to exiles, brigands and malcontents, these heavily-forested shores were said to once be the site of a great city. During the Father's War, the people of Niimara, in an act of blasphemous defiance against the gods, enacted a dark ritual that tore the souls free their bodies and sunk the heart of their kingdom beneath the island's roiling swamps. Today, the inner tangles of the island are a haunted, steaming forest, forever choked by a thick fog in which the hateful ghosts of Niimara's past watch and wait for fresh lives to steal. It is said that somewhere in the heart of the swamps, a terrible weapon of the ancient past sleeps, perhaps capable of granting Niimara's fate to other kingdoms. Many have braved the forests, and in time a community of outlaws and adventurers has established itself upon the island's northeastern shores, in the city of Blackgate. The foundations of the city are built atop an ancient system of immense dams and sea gates, its populace living suspended above a sea of churning black oil and metallic refuse. A haven for exiles, Blackgate is ruled by seven shadowy corsair kings, each of them forever poised to strike down the others.
File: file.png (838 KB, 848x517)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
How's this?
Like I said earlier (if i said anything earlier) I'm more or less doing the ocean various colors more to give me an idea on what kind of "extra" stuff to draw there in the illustrated map.

WHich by the way, is still coming, but is gonna be on a bit of a backburner as my drawing tablet gets repaired.
Will we be having some pirate profession tribal round those parts I wonder?
File: file.png (8 KB, 224x103)
8 KB
Rolled 34, 35, 31, 12 = 112 (4d36)

So I got to head off for bed for now, and I'll be inputting these rolls when I next >>59391785 >>59392704
but for now I'll leave you guys with a question. What should the plane's name be?

I was messing around with deriving a name from "Ferrous" or maybe even deriving a name from Phyrexia.
Feros sounded too close to Theros. and I am pretty sure Ferossa is a place in dark souls.

I messed around with Feroxa as a combination of Ferrous and Phyrexia, though wether or not it should be Ph or F at the beginning is up in the air. What are some other cool names you guys had in mind?
Rolled 20, 35, 10, 21, 1, 34, 10, 23 = 154 (8d36)

I like it! It's the kind of place that people tell in hushed whispers or vague fantasies, where enterprising youths dream of traveling to and coming back from the dead swamps with treasure and power. The reality often much grimmer.

Also, we should totally call the seven kings of Blackgate "The Council of Eight", for both the whole "seven pieces of eight" thing, and also the idea of an eighth member for whom a seat is always reserved, despite their absence. Perhaps the eighth member still lives, wandering the world, or perhaps they died a long time ago and only the badges of their office, the items that would grant their finder invitation to the Council with no restrictions, live on.

The dark souls place is Forossa, though I like like Pherox. It's getting just the right difference of sounds and feels good to me. Also kinds of sounds like "Phoenix", which could be a fun idea with the idea of "rising from the ashes" both for phyrexia and the world it conquered.

Otherwise, the map looks pretty good but I think we might need to outline the continents or something. The grey of colorless lands is difficult to make out when next to other greyish shades. Maybe the illustration layer will fix it, I dunno.
I keep seeing that picture and hearing “URZA” in the Zardoz trailer voice, vomiting up powerstones, and I can’t stop laughing. Also, Gerard in the red bondage getup.
So how I can join the thing, anons?
Rolled 31, 7, 10 = 48 (3d36)

Just start talking about stuff! This things open to the public, it’s why it’s on here. Roll some rolls, make up some potential creatures or mechanics or ideas, talk about giant floating Urza heads, do whatever!

Welcome to the party anon
Rolled 2, 5, 7, 25 = 39 (4d36)

All right, let me roll then
Rolled 6, 18, 21, 22, 34, 6, 27, 32 = 166 (8d36)

Rolling bump!
Rolled 29, 11, 22, 14 = 76 (4d36)

>Also, we should totally call the seven kings of Blackgate "The Council of Eight", for both the whole "seven pieces of eight" thing, and also the idea of an eighth member for whom a seat is always reserved, despite their absence. Perhaps the eighth member still lives, wandering the world, or perhaps they died a long time ago and only the badges of their office, the items that would grant their finder invitation to the Council with no restrictions, live on.

This is a nice little idea.

I've been thinking on the identities of the seven, I'll most likely post something up regarding them when I have more time.

Pherox or Pheroxa both sound good to me.
Just suggest some stuff bruh.
File: file.png (76 KB, 436x368)
76 KB
Welcome aboard anon. Its good to have you. and as others have said, simply roll and suggest stuff. We've pretty much finished up with the landmasses, and have moved on to figuring out the oceans and illustrating the map.

I'm mostly finished with the southwestern continent. Just need help figuring out whats in the wastelands and the other sprawl. Will post an overview of the illustration progress and post some ocean progress next.
File: file.png (878 KB, 1264x781)
878 KB
878 KB PNG
So I've combined these two rolls to form an interesting new addition to one of the landmasses. a sort of island chain and "weird shaped piece of land. Perhaps something of importance? Otherwise we;ve got some more rust ocean, deep ocean and slag.

posting a map update with the lines on top. To perhaps help us decide what areas need more info.

So what should this new piece of colorless land be? Off the southwestern tip of the northern continent? Its colorless land surrounded by Ruins. More super structure from the dam? Some sort of phyrexian landing craft? Or fortress? Last resting place of an unexploded soulbomb?
>unexploded soulbomb
Well I think I found the potential thrust of our plot
File: 682_furnace.jpg (100 KB, 620x414)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Rolled 8, 7, 2, 21, 27, 5, 12, 12 = 94 (8d36)

Wow, the map just on its own looks cool as hell. This is really coming together interestingly, and the big lines of Slag showing up in the oceans are giving me some cool ideas about how that Slag develops. Perhaps its a product of tidal forces, grinding together rusted metal, oil, water, and whatever else it can get its hands on into a superheated, roiling trench of molten metal. As it spreads outwards eventually it cools, the hardening metal breaking the currents and forming new landmasses.

Perhaps some of the reasoning for this is some of the earlier attempts at making a Phyrexia-style Furnace Layer still functioning, but not actually having any direction. Some of the infrastructure deep below the seas continues to churn and churn, without direction or design.
File: file.png (246 KB, 1231x765)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Rolled 27, 4, 19, 18, 7, 30, 14, 32 = 151 (8d36)

I agree. I do wonder what the nature of the Planeswalker Spark component is and how people could in theory fight over it.

Any planeswalker from outside this plane might want to detonate it on principle.

Natives of the plane if they ever figure out what the spellbomb is supposed to do will fight to stop it from ever being detonated.

Phyrexians in positions of authority will want it captured to also keep the plane from blowing up... but also perhaps to mess around with the spark powering the device. Having a way out might be what it takes to knock some old phyrexians out of their despondent torpor, or their veneer of "civility".

What about whomever left it here? Would they still be alive? Why did they not detonate it? Change of heart? Or concern for the other beings on this plane?
Or even some teeny, tiny, itty bitty, pang of pity, for the fatherless machines?

Thanks anon. I'm glad you're liking it. Slag has been interesting. I've sort of been treating it as faultines in terms of geography, but I do like your explanation. So much so that I've put a little bit of "entrances" to the this "ProtoFurnace Layer" in the eastern Sprawl of the Southwestern Continent. Which by the way definitely needs a name.

I've tried drawing maps for the other planeforger threads before, but this is the first time I think I've had a good process for it.

The first one I kind of approached it a little too top-down, drawing mountains as concentric rings got tiring. Also planeforger 1 was WAY larger than any I remember ever coming after.

Posting some illustration progress and rolling some more dice while I work on the oceans still.

Drew in some little "here there be monsters pics.

Continent 1 is mostly done, So now it needs a name. Who should have named it? the Orcs? The Elves (and if so the modern red black elves or old ones?) The people in that Sprawl City? Would it have some "utilitarian" name given to it by the phyrexians?
File: duncan-li-plane-crashed.jpg (350 KB, 1920x1043)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
Rolled 22, 26, 12, 19, 12, 26, 20, 5 = 142 (8d36)

Name-wise, I think we should go with the the name that the anon who created the steelsprawl thought up: Eresh. I think it could be a corruption of an old elven term meaning "font" or perhaps "wellspring", referring to it as the origin place of the Ilgar on the continent, and then gets corrupted by the newer elves into the word for "Trove", being Eresh. The elves who live there see the whole continent as a treasure trove, a relatively safe kind of place where they can plunder to their hearts content.

I want to say that the spellbomb originally wasn't meant for this plane. This place is phyrexian sure, but it's a backwater little production plane that wouldn't have been worth spending the destructive force of a spark on. HOWEVER, the planar ship carrying the spellbomb crashed on-world when the portals started falling apart with Yawgmoth's death and the death throes of Phyrexia. That section of land isn't a machine or a land, its a ship. A massive ruin sitting in the ocean, holding a weapon capable of massive, massive destruction. Inside, it is a massive tomb, filled with the dead who thought to strike down the greatest foe the multiverse has ever known. What could set off our plot then is perhaps some old phyrexian, maybe the Chief of the Reliquary, finding a message from the great war detailing an incoming ship with a lethal payload, centuries too late. It could send off someone, or a group of someones to find it, and in doing so catapult a massive race for the treasure as more and more people find out about this potentially world-changing artifact, hidden within the northern seas, especially under the territory of the Council of Eight.
The walker who gave the spark captained the ship, and they survived. They had the chance to set off the bomb.
Rolled 36, 8, 11, 5, 11, 17, 27, 29 = 144 (8d36)

You know what, I'm sitting here bored at work, and I want to draw something to help flesh this plane out. What do you think we need? Monsters? Civilized races? Locations? I'm down for whatever.

Also have a roll, to keep us along.
Rolled 35, 5, 17, 18 = 75 (4d36)

We could definitely use some art of the Ilgar, we've got a description from here >>59267872
Rolled 36, 36, 10, 2, 14, 17, 3, 10 = 128 (8d36)

Can do! I think I'll draw a few of them, from some of the different species. Ilgar are pretty cool.
File: Ilgar.jpg (169 KB, 1000x687)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Rolled 22, 30, 17, 24 = 93 (4d36)

Alright, have some Ilgar. I decided to do them for the main races I remember, and I think they ended out kind of fun. Notably, whatever process makes the Ilgar also has problems if they have existing metal implements attached to them, hence why the Orc Ilgar's arm is all fucked up. The process transforms flesh into metal via industrialized phyresis, but first strips off the existing metal since that can cause problems. With prosthetics, it just tears the whole thing off.

This is also why elf Ilgar get super fucked up looking sometimes, since the process is trying to make sense of their augmented-up biology.
File: file.png (949 KB, 1260x769)
949 KB
949 KB PNG
Rolled 30, 9, 22, 21, 15, 21, 9, 9 = 136 (8d36)

I like Eresh as a name. Southwestern continent is now Eresh.
>That section of land isn't a machine or a land, its a ship
I know what I'm putting on the map next.
>The walker who gave the spark captained the ship, and they survived. They had the chance to set off the bomb.
They sound like a good contender for the missing mysterious 8th captain. I wonder what they could be? A race not found on this plane perhaps? Given that the oceans are such a mess I don't think merfolk would have a good time surviving. But then that begs the question, legged or fish tail merfolk?

Otherwise map update. a few cool places. Slag has stretched northward, there's now a sort of swirling oil and salt sea to the east of the eastern continent. a big stretch of hazardous ruins north of the eastern continent's orthwesterly subcontinent. More rust and slag. Been a while since we've had oil rolls.

Tablet's been misbehaving, so I might try and get more map illustrating done tomorrow. Otherwise.

I love them! Proper creepy looking. Maybe even a little tragic. Kind of looks like the Leonin's armor and weaponry were almost incorperated into its form.

I adore all of these anon! do you have a blog or tumblr or something? Your stuff is cool.
I'm glad you like them! Do we actually have any other major sentient races? I can try and think up some ideas for their Ilgar forms too.
I do, though I actually haven't updated it in months. I keep forgetting. Usually I just skulk around the drawthreads here or doodle things together for stuff, and I'm gonna try to compile all my drawings together tonight and tomorrow and post them up. I'll link it then

Maybe we could buck tradition and have the walker be an Ixalan merfolk? The visual of a piratical merfolk, from long, long before Azor came to the plane, covered in carven jade at the head of the Council of Eight is really cool to me.
File: Charybdis.png (2.22 MB, 1406x761)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Rolled 16, 31, 19, 24, 16, 32, 9, 27 = 174 (8d36)

Maybe that oil/salt swirl could be some kind of Charybdis-style sea monster? A huge whirlpool-creating beast, sucking down oil deep below the ocean. Is it a natural occurance, or the result of some kind of leftover phyrexian technology, or perhaps a magical experiment caused by the gorgons and naga?
Rolled 4, 28, 13, 4 = 49 (4d36)

Well, we have humans, but I guess they're less interesting to draw.

Ixalan pirate merfolk would be pretty cool.

Nice. I'm onboard with that.

I can't help but wonder where all these slag veins are coming from, too.
Rolled 12, 4, 20, 14, 13, 19, 25, 31 = 138 (8d36)

Finally put together the blog with some of the more recent stuff on it. I'm on https://itsxhotime.tumblr.com/

I mean, we kinda postulated the idea that the slag is the result of proto-furnace layer designs still functioning without leadership over here >>59409834 but the actual reasoning behind why the lines appear where they do could be an interesting thing to think of. Perhaps they're forming some kind of sigil, or some kind of pattern? And what is the actual cause of the slag, beyond some strange tidal force?
Hmmm. I like the idea of these slag lines occurring at points roughly corresponding to tectonic creases on an attempted Furnace Layer.

It'd be cool if, while the vast majority of what makes up these slag lines is just metallic detritus of little value, but they're also the only places you can find one of the miraculous metals of phyrexian design - one that only a few factions remember how to make themselves (maybe the R/B elves and the priest guys from the middle continent?). These would be integral for the more complex parts of high-grade augments, so these slag veins are hotly contested by skimmer fleets from across the plane.
File: Phyrexian_Negator.jpg (81 KB, 620x497)
81 KB
Ooh, perhaps some kind of oil-steel, like the stuff that makes up things like Negators. Maybe it's reactive in some way, getting the effect where it lashes out to attack when struck, mimicking the Negator/Obliterator effect.

I will say though that I don't think Elves should know how to make it. Use it and utilize it, definitely, but actually forge it, no. Elves are hedonistic greedy assholes, why would they spend the time learning the careful art of forging black mana nanotech into metal. Instaed they just steal it, or use their own knowledge to rework existing metal.

The phyrexian priests definitely should be able to use it though, and maybe some of the older and more savvy Gorgons, having learned the secret in passing from the mad ramblings of particularly ancient Hydra.
Rolled 9, 1, 33, 8 = 51 (4d36)

Idea for the colorless landscape to the far right on the eastern continent, surrounded by all the oceans: It's a massive plain of dormant smokestacks. They stand still, jutting out of the earth like a massive field of tombstones, concealing beneath the dormant factories that would have used them to spew toxic exhaust. Some of these are still full of virulent, choking powder, and will scatter it if broken.

However, because of this, the plain is often a scavenger's paradise, filled with all manner of corpses from those that would accidentally meet their end via the dormant smokestacks.
Rolled 29, 34, 16, 11 = 90 (4d36)

Since the elves have come up again, I thought I'd finally give them a proper writeup beyond "they're addicted to nanomachines and love comparing business cards."

>Ansharran Elves
The remnants of a once proud race, the Ansharran Elves lost their connection to the verdant heart of Pheroxa(?) long ago, when the plane's life-force waned almost into nonexistence. Believing themselves abandoned, they found new sources of power in the blood of the gods, and have sustained themselves with its power ever since. The Ansharrans are fickle, decadent beings. They have a love of artifice matched only by their love of pleasure - they adore spinning gears and hissing mechanisms, and constantly compete in creating the finest, deadliest, and most elegant tools of death. This element of competition and one-upmanship pervades nearly every element of Ansharran life. They compete to be the most beautiful, the most graceful, the most inspired, the most powerful, simply for validation in brings.

Ansharran elves do not believe in the Father of Machines - indeed, they believe in nothing. Outsiders often prescribe a sense of racial superiority to their society, but in truth, these elves care little for such notions. They enslave and slaughter other beings en masse, not because they see themselves as superior, but because thy see no reason why they should not. There is little unifying philosophy between Ansharran elves - their great houses are driven solely by the force of want, and would have devolved into devastating infighting were they not aware that the other peoples of Eresh would leap at the opportunity to finally be rid of them. If there is one true unifying element among Ansharran elves, it is an omnipresent addiction to the divine ichor - the miraculous flowing substance that makes them stronger, faster, and deadlier than the old elves of Pheroxa. Every Ansharran elf is integrated with this ancient technology, and they constantly require more of the substance.
As such, they are consummate slavers and raiders, striking from an immense labyrinth of underground warrens. Many of their captives are put to work amidst the drudgery of their mines and mountain forges, while others are used purely for sport, but far more are fated to be mind-locked and flesh-crafted into subservient thrulls, their bodies serving as semi-living incubators for the black ichor that sustains Ansharran society. They are also served, more willingly, by the goblins native to the Asar Peaks, who adore them for their beauty, grace, and ferocity. The long-limbed, mottled goblins of the peaks disgust the Ansharrans, but they love the constant attention, and so they keep them around as cannon fodder and pets.

Ansharran elves are extremely pale, with solid black eyes and speckled markings similar to ink-stains that run along their backs and shoulders - where the ichor's effects on their physiology are most visible.
Rolled 2, 11, 19, 15, 2, 32, 2, 7 = 90 (8d36)

I absolutely love them. They're horrid, they're evil, and they're fantastic. The idea that they lack any kind of unifying philosophy beyond sheer hedonistic glory is super fun. I also really like the idea of little long-limbed goblins revering them and being used by them. They seem scrappy and fun.
Rolled 24, 2, 13, 33 = 72 (4d36)

Huh. I was initially just thinking something lightweight, pliable, but extremely strong, like your standard phyrexian adamantium/mithril equivalent - the kind of thing you'd want for intricate parts that need to take a lot of constant stress. But something reactive might be more interesting.
Rolled 20, 36, 17, 9 = 82 (4d36)

Sorry about the silence today. Almost lost the entire file due to a computer crash. It corrupted the document I was working on the map in, but with some hasty file conversions, back and fourth, and some slapshot editing I managed to recover everything and the layers.

Updates on this map... The northwestern bit is now all filled in with an oily and salty ocean spilling from the broken dam. Something that looks vaguely like a ship was drawn in as were the smoke stack fields. As well as a rough town south from the reliquary. There be snakes.

There is also a lake of rust in some of the north eastern wasteland. Which strikes me as a cool, if utterly remote location.

For whatever reason 4chan is not letting me upload the image it seems.

Those goblins sound adorable. I might give one of them a draw soon. Loving these elves as well.
>Sorry about the silence today.

No prob. I've been pretty bust mistake

>yfw you're supposed to be working but you can't stop thinking about worldbuilding

Anyway, I have a few entries. I've been thinking on individual characters.

>Artavadha, the Prodigal
The leonin Artavadha was once a favoured son of Samaraj-Akasha, a commander of legions and paragon of the true and just ways. Considered the prime contender for future Lord-Commander of the Samarajan plains, Artavadha's ascendant career took a strange path after his last official campaign. Pursuing a raider skimmerfleet into the steaming swamps of [central continent], he and his retinue were presumed lost when they failed to return. Shortly after his funeral, Artavadha did indeed return from his long sojourn in foreign lands, arriving to much celebration and applause. But he had been changed somehow in his time away from the rolling Samarajan plains. He was more pensive and withdrawn, at first thought to be a sign of growing wisdom, but soon viewed with suspicion when he and his surviving retinue became ever more secretive. Many began to see in him a strange bitterness. Eventually, Artavadha proved his growing crowd of detractors correct, he and his regiment departing from Samaraj-Akasha in the dead of night - but not before they stormed the inner sanctum of the Father's Fane. Those whore bore witness to the betrayal describe Artavadha as a smouldering blasphemer, he and his men looting what they could and destroying much of what they could not, damaging beyond repair many of the holy relics that had been tended to by the Akashan clergy for centuries past. Most notably, he stole the relic-hammer Drodhana, using it to level the Fane's innermost gates. What transpired within is spoken of by few, but no child of the plains would hesitate to assume that he committed a blasphemy so foul that to utter its nature aloud would darken the world itself.
Artavadha and his men fled to the Isle of Niimara, where he broods to this day as one of the city's ruling Council of Eight.

>Sakarii-Raakel, the Bloody
Known among the Asar Peaks as the Lady Crimson, and elsewhere as the Slaughter-Queen, Sakarii is an Ansharran elf of typically ruthless and decadent manner. Though relatively young, Sakarii is feared and admired by her fellow elves in equal measure, known first as a practitioner, then as a champion, and later of a patron of Ansharran bloodsports. Considered prescient in her awareness of battle and flawless in technique, many Ansharrans consider her the most dangerous duelist currently alive. Most presume her prodigious martial skill a heavenly talent, but in truth Sakarii's magnificence is the result of both natural ability and rigorous practice. Since her youth, Skarii has been consumed by a single-minded love of death and pain - both that of her victims and her own - and this unquenchable thirst for blood dwarfs any other desire she might feel. She cares nothing for competition, or elegance, or beauty. She has no desire for slaves or status - these are merely a means to an end. Sakarii wishes only to feel the rush of combat, to cut down her foes, and one day to be butchered in turn - the more painfully, the better. She is all but dead to the world otherwise, every second without the exhilaration of death weighing heavily upon her. Mistaking her silence for focus, many have been drawn as moths to her flame, and she sails the skies in one of the last functioning airships of Pheroxa, on a never-ending campaign of pillage and destruction. Unknown to all but a select few are her occasional spasmodic episodes, in which she sees visions of another world.
Rolled 23, 18, 5, 3 = 49 (4d36)

Tried to post an update again, but it's still not letting me attach images. So I;m just gonna drop it off on imgur.

Otherwise, wondering here. Could we potentially have a goblin character of some kind? Some particularly servile critter that gets wrapped up in the protagonist band.

Almost imagining a goblin lackey of sorts, who has to grow a bit of a spine, but has a real talent for finding things. Mechanically expressed by say, pinging himself for damage (perhaps by way of Flowstone style +1/-1) and allowing you to scry. And to represent say... becoming a real member of the team, whenever he'd deal damage to an opponent, he fetches something interesting for you somehow. Be it say, putting a card (or certain kind of card like an artifact or non-creature spells to represent say... finding artifacts, new places, or things with weird enchantments or spells) from the graveyard back into the library (be it shuffled in or placed right on top).

Thoughts on goblin boy?

Otherwise was trying to fluff up an Orc character as well. and maybe draw the Merfolk planeswalker that was mentioned as well. Again this assumes the tablet plays nice.

I'm guessing you mean Busy myself. A bust mistake would be like... probably sculpting someone's head upside down on a plinth.

Loving the characters though.
Rolled 13, 33, 4, 31 = 81 (4d36)

One more update before going to bed.

File: sha wu sheng.jpg (112 KB, 500x659)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Ooh, I really like Artavadha. He seems like the kind of character that the eventual central party of the plot finds somewhere in the wilderness, possibly while exploring the central continent and then again as a major player when the plot runs into the Council of Eight. In any case, he's an excellent idea for a character who has seen the truth of Yawgmoth and reacted. Perhaps that could be a running theme throughout the story and setting? The idea of "how do you react to the truth" being a central idea.
Also what should Drodhana do? I'm thinking some kind of gyroscopic engine that lets it generate absurdly huge amounts of kinetic energy, manifesting as "when this creature attacks, it gets +X/+X, where X is it's power and trample". The kind of shit that just explodes buildings.

Sakarii-Raakel on the other hand is what I would call main party bait in the best way. She reminds me of Sha Wu Sheng from Thunderbolt Fantasy in a way, the psychopath who joins the party for selfish means but in the end still is a member of it. I see her as weirdly altrustic, especially for an elf, where things that don't interfere with her conquest and combat are fine to continue. The kind of brutal psychopath who will gladly help a traveler out of a river, so that she can kill them in an actual fight. In any case, her first being an antagonist and then a party member seems like a way to go about it.

Goblin lackey is also excellent, perhaps intentionally echoing Squee? Maybe if we end up with Sakarii-Raakel as part of the party, the goblin could be a servant on her airship?
File: 1497224554217.jpg (126 KB, 1024x1326)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Rolled 25, 15, 26, 30, 29, 12, 16, 30 = 183 (8d36)

I was thinking about how Sakarii might fight and express her whole mastery of combat, and I think what might be a cool idea would be some form of basically "flowstone projector", where she's got containers of flowstone and oil built into her armor that extrude via ports in her skin, allowing them to form weapons. Stuff like her being able to split apart augmented fingers to extend flowstone claws, or fire flowstone spikes from vents under her ribcage. The idea is that in any case, she's ridiculously agumented up, her ability and predilection towards piracy allowing her way more access to fancy materials, potentially coerce-able mechanics and mages who can work on her, and other styles that the Ansharran elves usually don't notice. Perhaps she could even take some ideas from the Leonin's book and run with augmented prosthetic limbs, letting her split her arms like General Grevious?

I'll try and sketch up something for her later.
I like the idea of a goblin delver guy.
I can see the flowstone weaponry, but maybe not the armor. From her description she seems like the type that wants to get hit but is nigh untouchable.

>Unknown to all but a select few are her occasional spasmodic episodes, in which she sees visions of another world.

I didn't think it possible for there to be an edgier BR planeswalker than Tibalt.
>A bust mistake would be like... probably sculpting someone's head upside down on a plinth.

Or a lewd slippage.

>Also what should Drodhana do? I'm thinking some kind of gyroscopic engine that lets it generate absurdly huge amounts of kinetic energy, manifesting as "when this creature attacks, it gets +X/+X, where X is it's power and trample". The kind of shit that just explodes buildings.

That would be extremely badass.
Rolled 20, 35, 6, 34 = 95 (4d36)

Yeah the armor is a lot more the visual aesthetic I think her augments go for, and less of what she's actually wearing. Honestly I pictured most of her augments to be the kind that are concealable, or at least weirdly unobtrustive, when in reality she's approaching Adam Jensen levels of "I didn't ask for this." Lots of either metal-under-skin, or mechanics carefully hidden by clothes, since you know, elven aesthetics and whatnot.

Really I was picturing a lot of her fighting style kind of working like the prospective sketches of Venus from Skullgirls. Lots of strikes that then extend by firing out flowstone spikes or hidden blades, doing a weird powerslide that lets her open up vents under her ribs to release the serrated hooks on cables she has there, weird shit like that.
A little of Tibalt meets Lelith Hesperax, but eh. I like it. It's good to get more RB walkers/potential walkers anyway, it's a color combo that could use some granularity. We've only got Angrath at the moment, plus that one time Sarkhan went nuts.
Rolled 25, 28, 25, 14 = 92 (4d36)

looking nice OP. Pity about that imageposting going down, but what can you do?
Rolled 28, 14, 32, 31 = 105 (4d36)

Don't worry anon. I managed to find a work around via Imgur. But now it seems the images are back! so here you go. Map with some illustration.

Updates include the entire eastern part of the map being full. Extending to the east with more nigh-uninhabitable wasteland, and ruins, of some sort. With a block of Ruin/Sprawl Land showing up between two Slag gorges up north.

Finished drawing out Eresh's map, save for the slag lines. the planar ship is there too. I'll have to post an image with just the lines for the sake of clarity. but otherwise we're getting close to finishing up. especially if we can just fill out the southern ocean and the various "In between" parts up north.

Drawn some interesting wastelands to the west, filled out more of the centrail continent, and also started drawing the eastern Slag Gorge, since it might be one of the few "above ground" areas.

Rolling dice appreciated, but I'll also straight up take suggestions.

I was thinking a cross between squee and slobad yeah, since this plane is part "Old Phyrexia" and "artifact focus plane" like Mirrodin. A goblin rising above their station seems like a good story to tell here.
File: file.png (130 KB, 909x713)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
A quick Goblin doodle. Gonna try and do more "character doodles" today while filling out the rest of the ocean.

What should his name be?
Rolled 10, 25, 15, 29 = 79 (4d36)

File: latest.jpg (213 KB, 1280x960)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Rolled 25, 16, 21, 20, 7, 2, 24, 28 = 143 (8d36)


Did you miss the upload, or is the image uploading thing not working again?

In any case, I quite like the goblin though I kinda feel they might benefit from a slightly less "classical" goblin design. For some reason I see them as kind of fluffy, like Jund goblins. In any case, I like the idea of him finding a Lamp. Maybe setting loose some kind of Djinn or Efreet? A proper wish-warping Efreet would be really interesting in the hands of an eager to please goblin.
I imagine her having things like flowstone talons, but also using conventional weapons. Maybe her hair is prehensile and extremely sharp.

If I were to make a card for a character like this they'd be 3/2 with Haste, Double Strike, and something equivalent to Bushido 2.
File: Map-Update-Missed-Update.png (1.04 MB, 1280x800)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Rolled 1, 31, 35, 34 = 101 (4d36)

I actually missed the upload. My bad. Incorporated the new rolls to fill in the north eastern corner.
Rolled 12, 20, 35, 19, 20, 1, 8, 15 = 130 (8d36)

Alright, I’ve got the drawing of our bloodthirsty elf scanned, but I was having connection issues at work and won’t be able to post it until I get home. Overall, I’m not super happy with it, but it’s a start.

I’ll bump the thread to keep it up until then.
File: Planeforger-Questions.png (1.12 MB, 1280x800)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
I eagerly await it. In the meantime, here is another map update. very slight, but It's opportunity to really get some illustrating done on the map, since we've got a lot of areas filled in.

Some interesting spots.
the Green Black Island is bordered by all three types of ocean; Salt, Oil, and Rust.
There is a bay of rust formed by plains, forests and wasteland at the southern tip of the eastern continent.

The eastern Continent in general has this huge swath of wasteland and ruins that covers up the eastern side of the map.

We have 3ish more Colorless Sprawls to fluff up. The northern wasteland/ruin combo, which could be something neat. This Island of plains north of the wasteland island chain. Likely connecting the central continent to the eastern's northwesterly bit.

Some places need names too.
That'll be great to see.

This is really looking amazing.

I would suggest that the massive colourless land at the lower end of the rightmost continent is some kind of ancient water processing facility, hundreds of miles in length and width, full of little estuaries and semi-functioning pipework.
File: Sakarii, first run.jpg (136 KB, 600x1118)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Rolled 18, 9, 2, 8, 22, 32, 3, 26 = 120 (8d36)

Here's a first run at Sakarii. In retrospect, I'm not totally happy with it. Not enough rail-thin elfness, and I'm admittedly not great at getting across sensuality or more humanlike form anyway. I'll give it a rework later.

That whole massive waste up in the north should be a frozen mess, up in the northern hemisphere and where Phyrexia first landed on the plane. When the plane fought back, Phyrexia retaliated with poisons, armies, and the kind of weapons that salted the earth and left a ruin, both of phyrexian corpses and destroyed civilization.
Ooh, I like it! Maybe some kind of pipe and dam structure like the old Ravnica Flow of Ideas art? It fits well with all the islands around here in any case.
Rolled 30, 22, 26, 7, 4, 4, 3, 10 = 106 (8d36)

Here's the art I was talking about in particular. I think it would look really cool, divested of water and overgrown/rusted, sprawling out for miles, surrounded by lakes created from its discharge.
File: file.png (375 KB, 1274x785)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Rolled 19, 9, 36, 2, 22, 6, 16, 22 = 132 (8d36)

I like it too. Hope I put it in the right place.

Also posting some lines only art this time around just to see how its looking so far. A lot of the blank spaces are still in need of filler. We've got a lot of Ruins and Waste Land bits now, so I might mostly be taking or filling things in, with ocean rolls. So Oil, Rust, And Salt, occasional extensions to slag, and maybe little dots of island of Wasteland or Ruins.

The green questionmarks on the previous map are up for debate as to what kind of ocean should be there.

Otherwise I extended the ruined cities on the central continent. and drew in the estuary/water treatment plant. Sort of imagined it as a big dam with lots of water vomiting Phyrexian mask faces.

Perhaps its called the Mishran Dam?

That is indeed some cool art. I'll try and include more maze-like patterns into the area. Thanks anon. I'll be posting an ocean update tomorrow. Gotta run off to bed again.
Mishran dam sounds cool, and it could even be staffed by assembly workers and dormant Groundbreakers, still playing through their old orders in empty ruins.
Rolled 35, 36, 1, 30 = 102 (4d36)

>Perhaps its called the Mishran Dam?

Because it's treacherous and leaky?
Rolled 1, 6, 26, 14 = 47 (4d36)

Interesting designs on her back. What are those meant to be?

Anyway, expanding on a previous concept:

>The Choosers of the Slain
Also known as the Grim Court, the Bringers of Victory, or the Merciful Ones, Pheroxa's bat-winged angels watch over the battlefields and graveyards of the plane, ever at an unnerving distance from mortal goings-on. Sleek and powerfully-muscled, with skin the hue of flawless marble or granite grey, they often sport stately, curved horns and eyes black as pitch or white as death. According to legend, their wings were once white, but were stained black by the terrible wars of the ancient past - some even believe they themselves were cursed for their part in it. A spare few angels still bear themselves aloft on white wings, and they indeed seem among the most highly-regarded of their flocks. Pheroxan angels are creatures of death and vengeance, often interceding on the part of chosen warriors - sometimes to return life to the fallen, protect the valorous, or punish the craven, but just as often for reasons inscrutable, and most commonly of all to bear away the souls of those who have died well to whatever fate awaits them in the hereafter. They sometimes conduct campaigns of vengeance against those who have offended their shadowy principles somehow, arriving without warning and striking without mercy. Sometimes an angel or group of angels will watch over a clan, family, or single warrior, protecting and guiding them - in many cases lineages that are protected this way will often produce exception heroes, and in many cases the Merciful One that has watched over said hero's ancestors will eventually be the one to carry their brilliant soul into the afterlife.
The cultures of Pheroxa have varying beliefs regarding their plane's angels - the Angarradh believe they are servants of the Black God, tasked to set aside his favoured heroes, while the faithful of Kathlamu think them thieves of the dead who deny the goodly their proper rest among Father's holy foundries. The Samarajan leonin believe that they are servants of the Weeping King, and like all goodly beings strive to redeem the world and in doing so free their absent father-god. The Serpentfolk know them simply as mysterious and wrathful beings, not to be trifled with, while the Ulgothan orc clans praise them as the choosers of champions, and the Ansharram elves of Asar see them as dispossessed beings of little worth - much like themselves. What the Abjurers know of Pheroxa's angels are closely-guarded secrets that rarely leave the Firetops.
Suggesting some stuff for some of these unnamed places.

The isle of Udama appears from the nearby shores as an immense outgrowth of steaming jungle, seeming to rise out of the Sea of Rust like the head of an immense serpent. The thick undergrowth of the island and its soupy, primordial innards have made it a prime staging ground for Kussen raiders. Piratical skimmer fleets operating out of the Shard Isles and beyond congregate here to sell their wares, celebrate their victories, and partake in gruesome Kussen religious ceremonies. Over time, the dangerously unstable artifact-engines the Kussen make use of have poisoned the island's watery swamplands and made caused grotesque mutations among its fauna.

>The Shard Isles
North of Udama, strung across one side of [central continent], the Shard Isles are clumps of solid junksprawl dotted through the Sea of Rust. Though barely hospitable to most, they are attractive bases of operation for Kussen raiders seeking to prey upon nearby lands, and navigating between them is a dangerous, nerve-wracking ordeal requiring either great skill or greater luck.
The Kussen are one of the most widespread and prolific human cultures found across Pheroxa. Like most humans, they worship the Father of Machines - particularly, in his aspect as the Lord of the Wastes. Where the Kussen originate from is a mystery lost to time, but they have been fundamentally twisted by the technologies they uncovered amidst their homelands. The artifacts they use and recreate are dangerously unstable, constantly radiating a lethal force that sickens and mutates those nearby. Prolonged exposure to these energies have made the Kussen a race of sickly, pale albinos, their lungs unsuited to clean air and their flesh dependent upon the very energies that slowly kill them. They consider other races unclean, wearing form-covering armor with distinctive helms sporting red, insectoid eyes and integrated rebreathers when interacting with others. Despite this, they are reliant on transfusions from other humans (or each other) in order to survive longer than a third of a normal man's life, and have imagined into being a system of torturous rituals that they believe to cleanse unafflicted humans of their impurities, making them valid sources of fresh blood. Kussen culture is entirely centered around the capture and sale of flesh, and they peddle slaves across Pheroxa. Most Kussen live among sprawls and junkswathes, which they consider holy places. They are possibly the only peoples of Pheroxa to have forged semi-amiable relations to the Ansharran elves, their exploits providing the fickle lords of the Asar Peaks with a constant stream of fresh slaves.
File: Worldslayer.jpg (77 KB, 357x499)
77 KB
>...can't... stop... worldbuilding!

A string of sodden fens and marshlands stretching from the northwestern peninsula of [central continent], the Mistfall is a realm shrouded constantly in a pall of ghostly fog. Rarely can the wetlands actually be seen from the outside, and once a traveler passes beyond its misted borders their journey will invariably become a strange and disorientating one. Mistfall has been the site of many a grand battle, littered with the bones and armaments of ten thousand ancient legions, some of them said to predate even the Father's War. New arrivals, seeking to plunder the fens, often find themselves joining these corpses in their rest, the mists seeming to conspire against intruders and steer them into like-minded bands of would-be graverobbers. The unquiet dead haunt this place, ever watchful and eternally jealous of the living, some unaware that they have left their mortal lives behind and still fighting one another amidst the fog, or traveling in desperate circles in a never-ending quest to either escape the fens or find their center. Many claim that at the heart of Mistfall lies the Foeslayer, a blade of unparalleled lethality, spoken of in legend to have struck a dolorous wound upon the Machinefather himself (though, others claim that Foeslayer is hidden in the lost city of Sumukan, or the infamous sunken temple of the eastern lands). The Angarradh believe that if any were to retrieve Foeslayer from Mistfall, they would in doing so signal the immanent arrival of the Last War, the time of ruin that will finally drown all of Pheroxa in blood. In Samaraj it is believed that the Foeslayer is a shard from one of Leygasaya's great fangs, and whoever takes it up will be infected with the demon's unquenchable lust for blood and death.
>continues samefag the shit out of this thread

This is an amazing distraction from work.

A note on Foeslayer: whether the Foeslayer is real or just local mythology getting mixed up with other stories is meant to be ambiguous. Maybe it's some kind of old mythology being conflated with tales of the unexploded Soul Bomb. Maybe there really is a Foeslayer, but it's somewhere else, and it's just a very powerful magical sword. Maybe it's really there, but it's simply a Blackrazor type artifact that traps the souls of those nearby and locks them in endless conflict. Maybe Foeslayer has some true relation to the 'Leygasaya', but it's just junk now. Or maybe it really is the sword that ends the world.
I wonder who could possibly be behind this post...
File: platinum angel.jpg (41 KB, 748x561)
41 KB
The designs on her back were kind of a first attempt at folding limbs, like the Leonin use, but disguised as a battle standard. It just looks impressive, right until she activates them and they flip outwards to throw daggers at you.

These angels are awesome though. Bat-winged valkyries are fantastic, and I really like the different cultural viewpoints on them. I could even see an interesting use of something like Platinum Angel coming out of someone trying to build what they think a "pure" angel would be, before their wings were stained black.

You know when you see someone describe something and just think in your head "yeah, that'd be illustrated by Ron Spencer"? That's these guys. The Kussen are totally on point and I love it.

Oooh! I love it.
Northwesterly slag.

On dominaria, it probably would be. But then again this is Pheroxa. Mishra is a redemptive figure, possibly a beacon of creativity and being able to rise above one's station. He was once the brother of Urza, and found solidarity with the Father. And worked with him to bring his enlightenment to the evil world of Dommia.

Mishran dam, is definitely falling apart, if only due to age, but I can see what parts are maintained, being maintained out of that sense of respect. also I was browsing through Phyrexian card art and stumbled upon Mishra's Bauble, and figured to draw the water treatment plant's name from it.

There was some fluff about there being some journey to the west style myth about Mishra as some "Redeemed" demon right?

Rust ocean! I definitely want to draw some of these Choosers now. So question, are they female like most angels in magic, male due to the screwy nature of this plane (Using amonkhet as an example, since angels were male there due to Bolas being bolas), or is being an angel unisex they come in both flavors?

I hope to archive this thread once it starts hitting the bump limit, just to keep some of this awesome lore and name stuff straight once I finish up the map.

I'll have to redraw that part of the map. just have it as an island chain but all of this is very cool!
Perhaps foeslayer is split in two? the hilt in once place, the blade in the other?
File: Real-Qoute-Seriously.png (1.15 MB, 1280x800)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Rolled 36, 34, 7, 6, 25, 27, 13, 29, 33, 28, 19, 8 = 265 (12d36)

In the immortal words of Urza Planeswalker, "Oops! I did it again."

Forgot to post the map.
I've lost all my friends.
And never rolled the dice.

Might I suggest a name for the central continent to be perhaps what the plane was originally called as a whole? This was a place with a lot of ruins of civilization before the phyrexians from what I understand, with a remnant order of monks that specialize in smashing artifacts. So it would stand to reason this might've been the place with the most diehard resistance, and might stand to be named in such a way. I threw around Ferros or Ferroxa as the potential plane name, and man I do quite like the name we've landed on "Pheroxa" as the plane's name as a whole, as a sort of corruption on phyrexia, and perhaps as a alteration on the original plane's name after it was "conquered".

So how do people feel about the central continent being called "Ferros"? If that is too on the nose what with it being a mispelled version of "Ferrous" as in Iron, it does sound a little close to "Theros". So perhaps "Ferris"? Though that just makes me think carnivals.
File: file.png (51 KB, 184x1081)
51 KB
Rolled 18, 26, 17, 25 = 86 (4d36)

A quick Foeslayer Sketch. mostly inspired by Kahmal's art, for no other reason than I just thought it looked cool.

Little weird touches. Foeslayer's blade is engraved with countless names. Thought to be a litany and list of all those poor souls that were slain by the Foeslayer.

In reality, the person who forged this sword, engraved the names of everyone taken by phyrexia upon it.
>So question, are they female like most angels in magic, male due to the screwy nature of this plane (Using amonkhet as an example, since angels were male there due to Bolas being bolas), or is being an angel unisex they come in both flavors?

I'd say just go with tradition. Female. Fits the valkyrie-ish theme and also the plane hasn't been specifically subverted in that way, just tainted by Phyrexian stuff.

That's pretty nice.
Ferrax, maybe?
Rolled 3, 3, 5, 28 = 39 (4d36)

Just want to say, I really appreciate the amount work and creativity that's gone on in here. Genuinely considering running this setting for a D&D game.
File: file.png (1.23 MB, 1280x800)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
I like that.
Central Continent is Ferrax, Western Continent is Eresh. Any other names that were settled on? The eastern continent, is technically two, though I can see the small north western part being wrapped in as part of the rest of it. Maybe that area has a bit of an "independent" streak? Or maybe its been taking by the Angrahads (if I spelt that right.

Thank you so much anon. It makes me feel happy that this little thread can inspire you so much.

And honestly it speaks a lot to how this goes beyond just cardgame fun, but at least solidifies if nothing else, MTG as a setting is great for exploring new worlds and doing some quick world building. With magic tied to colors with themes and emotions associated with each one, and those colors tied to landscapes, its rather easy to sort of suss out a nice story or setting just from a few desperate elements and recombining races in new ways.

If you do a DnD game you'll have to let us know how it goes.
Over the internet or in person?

Otherwise with the previous two rolls we've filled in the rust sea south of the northern continent. So that's cool! I've drawn in some placeholder "industrial stuff" in the dark grey ruins to the north of the highlands. And in the south eastern part... I've drawn the Dark grey ruins as a sort of "Wall of Wonders". Basically the edifice of a new artificial layer of the plane that never got completed, and sort of has been turned into a great big Phyrexian Mount Rushmore. Basically a giant lorewall depicting a likeness of the Machine Father. A softer or more reverant version of how yawgmoth is portrayed on "Yawgmoth's vile Bargain".

Assuming the giant wall is indeed something representing him. its always weird trying to look up pictures of Yawgmoth... makes me wonder if because of the "fictionalization" of phyrexia, if the Pheroxans have a more consistant, or at least "relatable" image of him.
I think that with yawgmoth, you could take that classic design that inspired Yawgmoths Vile Bargain and make it more friendly by keeping the same silhouette. The cloak of flesh becomes one made of fur, taken from the hide of a great and dangerous beast. The weird mouth bar thing is the neck of his gorget, and he wears his classic yawgmoth mask as part of his armor.
At least, that’s a version that works for the leonin and their whole “conquering king” view of him.

Still, keeping similar bits from his designs but making them more friendly looking would do great. Ironically, the kussen are the ones with the most accurate representation.
File: file.png (242 KB, 976x1026)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Rolled 13, 28, 15, 19, 21, 5, 9, 5 = 115 (8d36)

Yawgmoth the healer who makes wonderous creatures. Yawgmoth the Warrior King, Human or Leonin? Yawgmoth the teacher, wrapped up in bandages with untold secrets.

I'd love to have more ideas. Was kind of grokking of a slight Wakfu/Dofus mood for Conquering King Yawgmoth. All the while giving him big Lion Mane hair. Let me know if any of these are silly.

Rolling some dice.

We've got so few white spots left I'd also be happy to take suggestions on what should go where in >>59462090
Rolled 4, 2, 27, 34 = 67 (4d36)

I’m loving the different variations on yawgmoth! The conquering king version havin lion-esque hair is nice too, and I could definitely see the different species jnterpreting him in ways that make him look more like them. Scholar yawgmoth could have long, trailing robes, giving him the impression of a nagas silhouette, while conquering king yawgmoth resembles the leonin. Radical work!
Rolled 10, 17, 29, 30 = 86 (4d36)

Just some ideas.

Cyphids are creatures unique to Pheroxa. Aquatic beings perfectly suited to any liquid environment, whether it be the toxic morass of the Rusted Sea or the freshwater lagoons and rivers of [eastern continent], the Cyphids are strange invertebrates comprised of an oily, fungal mass equipped with an exoskeletal tail somewhere between a prehistoric trilobite and a human spinal cord in appearance. They thrive in areas where the ichor of the gods is present, and some believe they are naturally occurring consequences of its interaction with various flora. Cyphids are intelligent, though they lack comprehension of many humanoid concepts, at least in their early forms. Opportunistic parasites, they seem to have developed the ability to insinuate themselves into the connective tissues that allow machine to interface with flesh. Anyone with any notable amount of augmentation can be puppeteered by a Cyphid, which attaches itself to the host's back and extends a mesh of fungal tissues into the connective ports in their machine limbs or other augments. First it takes control over the metal, then, over a period that varies between hours and days, it actually forges new connections throughout the host's body, extending its control, before eventually embedding the main portion of its body along the unfortunate's spine. At this point, different species of Cyphid diverge in their methods - some shed their exoskeletal mass and insinuate themselves fully into the host as a fungal intelligence. These Cyphids are usually indistinguishable from normal uninfected beings unless subjected to intense scrutiny. Others expand their mass, often replacing the host's spinal column with their own exeskeletal tail, and begin the process of creating chitinous armor, prehensile feelers, or other assorted advantageous growths.
Some of the latter category are brazen with their improvements, even enclosing their host completely in some cases, while others are subtler and less easily detected. Cyphids quickly absorb the memories, understanding, and norms of their host bodies, and can be both intelligent and eloquent at this stage, if unnerving to speak to. They tend to form small communities, and the northmost lagoons of [eastern continent] are infested with these creatures. They are not viciously aggressive, but see it as their purpose and right to take hosts, and have no qualms in doing so. Many Cyphids also roam the southmost waters of [eastern continent], and continue to dissuade many travelers that would otherwise think to plunder the sunken temples of that region.
Rolled 18, 6, 2, 30, 15, 15, 4, 20, 20, 23, 30, 36 = 219 (12d36)

Thank you anon. I'm glad you like it.

I like these guys. If Ilgar are a unique race born of phyrexias artifice, these guys are phyrexian nastiness in meat form.

Just got my good tablet back from repairs, so I just got to reboot my computer real quick.

Noticed we just hit the bump limit it seems. So I've got the thread archived on suptg http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Planeforger

Should the thread die before the next map update, I'll post a new thread.

We've mostly got all the map done, we just got a few spots left to fill in. After that its all illustrating the map, deciding what goes where, fluff stuff, artwork, stories, lore etc. And if we got any cardsmiths in the house, maybe some mechanics or crunch for hypothetical cards.

Regardless I cannot stress enough it has been such a pleasure working with all of you guys.
New Thread here.

Feel free to transfer over whatever. I still got to input some ocean rolls. But I gotta sort out some driver issues before I do.
time test.

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