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I'm making the pantheon for my homebrew world, and I've decided to let /tg/ create one of the gods. Just describe the god's alignment, domain, and ideals.

I'll add any I like to the world.

Dubs' god will be added regardless.
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Yad, God of the Flow
Yad is a God of Wealth, patron god of merchants, thieves, entrepreneurs, and archeologists.

Yad's tenants are simple: money and wealth are to be used: invested, spent, or given away. To hoard is to sequester wealth from Yad himself, a deep insult. Followers of Yad pray for good fortune in business and prosperity. Acolytes of Yad often run temples in business districts and act as money changers, ensuring that all who wish to partake in the market can do so.

Taboo: hoarding. Followers of Yad are forbidden from holding wealth without using or investing it. This especially extends to the grave: burying wealth is unthinkably selfish. Yad blesses those who take from hoarders living or dead: while not all thieves are blessed by the god, many are. Archeologists similarly help to liberate lost wealth from the past.
Hello Abby
Enab, he’s a big God.
Oh shit, I like it!
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Lolita, the Goddess of Children
Chaotic Good
Supports children in all their endeavours, especially those who have decided to go their own way without their parents.
Frowns upon oppressing and forbids harming children.
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Did I heard a diety thread? Then I'll bite.

Ionos, the God of Ponder

A somewhat minor and obscure deity, Ionos finds his followers among philosophers, mages, meditating monks, ground breaking inventors and anyone who cherish deep thought and wonder of the nature of things, themselves included. He doesn't offer any ancient knowledge or inspires with great ideas but rather gives his believers abilities to focus better and subconsciously guides them through nontrivial thought processes, always encouraging to find patterns and answers where no one else did.

He himself resides in his small realm. People who were blessed with visions from him describes this place as small, sandy and flat island in the middle of what seems to be an infinite ocean. At the very center, sitting on a large rock, resides Ionos, always deeply focused in thinking about the very nature of godhood and purpose of existence. With every vision Ionos always says one simple sentence, suggesting the believer a way to think differently about his or her problem. It is said that only one person heard two sentences from Ionos during a single vision: a legendary monk from centuries ago, who is now considered by many as an enlightened guru.
God name: Vivec
Alignment: muh dick
Domain: muh dick
Ideals: muh dick n'wah
Seren, Goddess of Happenings

Seren is the patron of the mindful - those who live in the moment without regard for past trouble or future worry - and of causality and the random. She takes a keen interest in gamblers, certain monks, cats, and those who instigate events (such as adventurers). In a D&D-style system, she might be considered a chaotic neutral deity.

Followers of Seren try to adhere to the principle of "right moment - right word - right action". They meditate to free themselves of worry and anxiety, and develop insights into reading events to enable them to act in the most suitable way at the time.

Her adherents often refer to her as The Lady, and although she is often named, it is believed that she intervenes in random events (such as the roll of dice) only if not invoked. In fact, she rarely intervenes in games of chance, unless she perceives a particular outcome as leading to a more interesting event. This has, on occasion, led to her meddling "behind the scenes" to influence adventurers or BBEGs for her own entertainment.

Her followers consider regret and prophecy to be great taboos, and revere cats for their mindful, happy-go-lucky nature. They believe that freeing oneself from the past and future can bring rewards, and as such may be prone to taking risks - but also learn to accept the consequences of such with equanimity. They are particularly harsh in their dealings with those who seek to stifle events - whether that be tyrannical regimes, magic-users freezing others in time, croupiers rigging the table, or corrupt officials stuffing the ballot box.

Seren is often depicted as (and manifests as) a human woman in her late 20s or early 30s, wearing a cloak, and with a black cat resting across her shoulders. She toys restlessly with a pair of knucklebones in her left hand.
Nigger, the God of Ghettos
He is chaotic evil and he goes around capping other Gods' homies.
Lolita was a whore in the book who didn't give a shit about other kids at all.
God name: zara
Alignment: neutral
Domain: luck, self growth, aspiration, personal laws, explosions of joy, passion, revelry, elation, art and creation.
followers, beggars, artists, musicians. philosophers (of some line of thought) those looking to change their lot in life, the individual, the dissatisfied.

Worship is a convoluted affair at the will of his followers, some might take it as a deeply personal affair while others might through grand festivals to celibate. without consistent patterns or rules. one simply worships and venerates as they feel speaks to them.

his faith is focused along always increasing personal goals and expanding one's abilities and reveling in the moment. as such it is chaotic and eclectic.
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forgive this absolutely abhorrent image I threw together to share with my playgroup
kygrnlyxr, god of that feeling you get when you almost sneeze but can't quite
moot, the god of anonymity and faggotry,. the divine and absolute creator of the force know as the "4chan" The original Moot god long disappeared when he found someone who was gay enough to take place as the divine leader of the "4chan" The title of moot is bestowed upon anyone faggoty enough to take up the mantle. mainly worshipped by fiends, fags, and incels moot is shunned by the pantheon of most other gods. when not keeping to himself and monitoring the 4chan he takes the form of a frog and plays tricks on the mundane mortals (known as the normies) followers of moot arent even safe from his faggotry and might even be more vulnerable to his gaze.
moot also blesses with dubs and good rolls ;^)
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Ratvar, the Clockwork Justicar.
God of Clockwork, Imprisonment and Crusading. Patron Deity of Machinists, Clockmakers, Crusaders and Wardens.

Ratvar is an obscure deity, not well known whatsoever, primarily revered by the Clockwork Cult to be a beacon of Justice. Said Cult utterly despises Nar-Sie's Blood Cult, and seeks to put an end to their ramblings about the snuffing of stars.

Followers of Ratvar utilize forced, magical conversion methods to 'enlighten' others to the Clockwork Justicar's will. These converts are violent zealots, but their connection to the Justicar can be broken if fed with enough holy water.

Followers of Ratvar have access to unique magic effects and artifacts created from the rusted parts of his mechanical body. These rusted parts, known as components are as follows:
Belligerent Eyes, which possess the power to focus on certain things and grant malevolent sentience.
Vanguard Cogwheels, which are almost indestructible and serve in protection.
Geis Capacitors, which can manipulate the mind.
Replicant Alloy, which is very strong but can be melted and molded by force of will. It is also often used to fuel machinery used by the Servants of Ratvar, and can be easily shaped into brass sheets.
And finally, Hierophant Ansibles, which can send massive amounts of data in an instant.

Ratvar himself is trapped within the plane of existence known as Reebe, the Celestial Derelict. He rusts away within it's boundaries, trapped there by Nar-Sie and their followers. His sole goal is to escape from Reebe, to bring his light to all beings, and to finally kill Nar-Sie.

Within a Dungeons and Dragons alignment system, Ratvar would likely be considered Lawful Neutral, or Lawful Evil.
Tee-hee Macaroni.
Nolangus, God of Beef

A true neutral god who rewards those that take on and best eating challenges with free burgers on command through a magic restaurant menu.

Lives in the questionably extant realm of cattle.

Frequently smites vegans who attempt to disrupt livestock operations, or farmers that refuse to adhere to standards of decency or abuse their animals when practicing animal husbandry.
>takes the form of a frog
>not wishes to be little girl
Ja'koi, god of wonders, strangers, gratitude, debts and forgiveness.

Patron of travelers, sailors, fools and runaways. The scammed and the betrayed.

Venerated as much by gypsies, beggars and low lifes as by the merchant classes who depend of strangers for their trade, but mostly ignored by the noble higher class.
Praying to Ja'koi is to wish for good relationships with the strangers you meet, and to avoid crossing paths with bad crowds.

Instead of big temples and monuments. Ja'koi is known as a humble god with abundant cheaply made amulets and charms with his name and image. To help as stranger and recieve an amulet is as reciving a debt that the god will pay in the future, and when done so, it is expected to give away the amulet to the stranger that proved help so he may recieve his payment as well. And thus, the worth of the amulets is not by their quality or materials, but how much it has traveled and exchanged hands. These trinkets are also exchanged as coin, promissing the payment by either the debting party or by Ja'koi himself.

He is described as much as a benevolet and loving god as much as a trickster and a cheater.

The love for your fellow stranger is as much veneration to Ja'koi as prayer itself, and thus, betraying those who show you kindness is the biggest offence. To betray your fellow man is to betray him, and thus many are cursed to become hermits as populations shun the offenders off society
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Aeth and Ohmn
Aeth is a God of Identity and Knowledge, patron god of orators, artisans, and actors.
Ohmn is a God of Anonymity and Secrets, patron god of revolutionaries, spies, and actors.

Aeth's tenants are simple: your identity and work are one: no work or endeavor is worthwhile unless you put your identity, reputation, or life on the line. Letting others take risks on your behalf is evil, especially if they are not aware of what is at stake.

Taboos: lying. Information asymmetries create evil, deliberately creating them itself is a malign act.

Ohmn's tenants are simple: remain unnoticed. The public's attention only elevates pride and creates envy. Anonymity is safety: one cannot strike what one cannot see, hear, touch smell or know.

Taboo: gossip.
Spreading information on another: true or false, that they would rather have hidden is wrong. Let the other gods and their agents deal with hidden evildoers.

Aeth and Ohmn are theorized by some to be the same being, or two aspects: Ohmn as Aeth's shadow.
Curious is their dual patronage of actors: the identity if an actor as an actor is sincere, even if they exist to wear many faces. Sincerity and duplicity, together at once.

Actualy this is pretty good, i like it.
Treav, god of Love, Family, Defence of the Home, Birds, Flowers, and Marriage.
Lawful Good
Spreading and safeguarding love, keeping familial bonds strong, protecting your home and love ones
Denying love when the opportunity arises, your heart fill with hate or selfishness, bigamy, mistreatment/abuse of family, and worst of all kin-slaying

Treav is a stoic war god who's the champion of the righteous cause of defending one's home and land from harm, the love that endures. He's the patron of lovers, warriors who want to defend their homeland.
Count Cunt.
File: Ishmael Manson.png (109 KB, 234x520)
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Ishgal, God of Man and Primeapes, Ex-god of cowardice and disgraceful retreat, current god of Freedom and Just Rule. Always wanted to make a setting where Elves were dominant.
Brother to the god of war born in a similar fashion as Jonas Venture from Venture Bros. Ishgal's early days were mostly just him filling soldier's heads with guilt and fear for partaking in fights and skirmishes. He always regrets not being able to be at dawn's creation to grant upon elves humility. So created Humans, he gave them rounded ears as he was scared of pricking himself and made them live much shorter lives so he can watch families grow and flourish in much shorter time. When The Elven Empires came to enslave man, he went from a weak, cowardly god to a much fiercer diety for his chosen people.
Goddess of war

A female whos beauty is unsurpassed. Many countries have waged war to get her favor and even more have been destroyed
Lord Grey, The Gentleman in Rags, The One-eyed King.

Lord Grey is a god followed by those who have lost everything and by those who have everything. Beggars turn to him for protection as the moon, thought to be his remaining eye, sees them when no other will. Likewise, they turn to his priests, who offer their aid with every full moon.

The rich and powerful, on the other hand, run charitable organisations in his name. For some, this is out of a genuine desire to help those less fortunate than themselves. For others, it is an ill-advised attempt to buy his favour..

Protection, Charitable works, Fortune, The Moon.
Selflessness. Making use of what you have. Every person has their worth.
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Tamiira, Scion of Purity. Patron Goddess of the Innocent.

Alignment is Neutral Good, if engaged in combat, Tamiira will much prefer routing her foes and avoiding violence. Dealing with the inconveniences of mercy is an important part of one's growth.

Domains are Luck and Protection. Tamiira knows that one's success in life lies heavily in one's upbringing and circumstances of birth. Her blessings will lend a helping hand even if you are a low-born street urchin, or raised in inhospitable lands.

Her appearance is of a young woman with hair of wispy platinum who wears a long white dress woven from silk. Depending on how pure one is, the dress appears either fully opaque or beyond all perception. Children will often see Tamiira wearing nothing at all or a transparent dress, adults will see her dress as opaque, and those who lust for her will find it difficult to perceive her at all.

Tamiira's personality is kind, tolerant, and patient. She is somewhat active in the material world, helping children understand what it means to grow up, and helping adults understand that one must grow at their own pace and theirs alone. She often takes the form of an older woman, a traveling doctor, or a teacher when she walks the material world.

The main tenet of her faith is "Accept that innocence will leave when it is time". Her followers strongly support healthy mutual relationships, understanding one's growth, and pacifism, and strongly oppose seeing benign and innocent actions as anything but. Following Tamiira is about accepting that all things will grow in time, and there is no need to rush the growth of yourself or others.

The greatest taboo in Tamiira's eyes is to disrupt the natural growth of children, from prematurely ending their innocence or prolonging it. Should a child witness the consequences of life, be they death, suffering, love, hate, or growth, it is to be seen as a natural part of one's growth and one must explain the meaning of what they have experienced.
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Mol, known as a the Leper God or the Gravelord. A lawful neutral God whose domains are natural death, sickness, perseverance, and acceptance. He and his followers abhor the undead and other works of necromancers, seeing them as abominable imprisonments of those who deserve their final rest. By their faith the diseased are given strength enough to face the end, grimly carrying out their last wishes with a newfound determination.

Followers of Mol congregate in places of great necromantic power and dig vast and truly grand catacombs underground even as they fight off the unending hordes of the land's undead. When they hunt the undead they carry off their re-slain bodies to be buried properly and respectfully in their vast underground lairs, with the blessings of the Leper God preventing further reanimation. Servants of the Leper God are expected to persevere through life with quiet dignity as they carry out their grim work. Acts of extravagance are seen as a mockery of the now equal dead who they seek to safeguard. Mol wishes you to live strong, but in the end asks only that you know that your time has come.
I created this generator as a prompt for myself to create some outer/dark/ancient gods. It doesn't give details, just dramatic epithets.

Im absolutely terrible with names, where do you guys get inspiration for naming your dieties?
Pun Pun

Titles: The law bender, God of loopholes, The Great Meta
Alignment: Lawful / Neutral
Domains: Law, Trickery, Artifice, Knowledge
Holy Symbol: An Icosahedron
Lore: He was once a simple kobold wizard that spent his life obsessively analyzing and studying the fundamental laws of the universe. As the legends go, in his studies he discovered several loop holes in that fabric. Subtle and innocuous at first glance, these loopholes were overlooked at the creation of all things. When used in conjunction with each other he had discovered a cycle that by excessive abuse of, gave him a seemingly limitless exponential increase of his power.
By the time the other deities noticed what was going on it was too late, he had attained godhood.
Instead of squelching the new godling, they put him to work as a sort of cosmic debugger of the universes "code" so that something like this might never happen again.
Eka Ka the Sword of Creation

Pen Aspect of Eka Ka
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domain: Evil, Arts, Writing, Creation
Ideals: The Reckless Passionate Self-Destructive Pursuit of the Arts

Sword Aspect of Eka Ka
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domain: War, Destruction
Ideals: Nobility in Battle

Formless Aspect of Eka Ka
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domain: Destruction, Chaos, ?
Ideals: ?

In the beginning there was light, THE PERFECT, a blank white canvas. So THE PERFECT decided to withdraw itself, create a small void of imperfection, THE BLACK otherwise known as FORMLESS or Eka Ka the Sword of Creation. And with one instant moment of destruction, the Sword of Destruction, wrought terrible havoc on this realm of perfection utterly destroying millions and millions and creating the imperfect world today separate from THE PERFECT.

my body is a hundred hissing snakes - with a hundred hissing heads
and a hundred hissing tongues - of a hundred hissing snakes
like a tumor floating in a mad man's dream
you thoughts and dreams the truth cannot perceive
DARK is but a veil - LIE just a fingertip
behind the NAMELESS gate I lie - in CRACKS OF MIND I live
You joke but protoindoeuropean groups worshiped cows similar to how aboriginal groups might placate the spirit of the fish for eating it or attempt to restore the spirit to the land. Many head gods such as Jupiter took the form of a bull. Likewise, Krishna is a cowherd. It would entirely possible that Nolangus would be the head of the pantheon.
Y'nnal. God of knowing and knowledge
Alignment: True Neutral

It is a point of near murderous contention among the faithful as to weather Y'nnal values the acquisition of new knowledge or the rote spreading of what is already known. Scholars debate the virtues of individuals of deep and profound leaning verses a thousand men who all know the same dozen, common things. These questions have allowed for general education to be made available for those who wish it- and the high halls of deeper learning. However, sooner or later one side or the other must emerge the victor.

Y'nnal has few strictures and frowns only on those who would beg the Powers That Be for answers. He is revered by those who wish to learn and makes no distinction for race, alignment or purpose
Dubs command Prim, Goddess of Apathy, Undead, and Junkfood
File: Darvus.jpg (802 KB, 2052x2436)
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802 KB JPG
God name: Darvus, God of Paradoxes
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domain: Paradoxes
Ideals: He works to create paradoxes, but he also works to undo them, such is his own paradox. He does these things at the same time. If you fuck with the physical universe in any major way, you're his nigga. Wizards/Warlocks are bro with this guy. Anyone who can mess with continuity too, so time travellers are like his priests.
A god of honest business men and theives, very nice.
File: templar_of_morr.jpg (447 KB, 1920x2928)
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447 KB JPG
Thaldin the eternal king
Lawful evil
Domains: lawyers, necromancers, assassins
In life he was a third son of a monor noble, but by using his families fortune he gained a master education of litigation, which he used to press his families claim to the throne during a succession crises. (The fact thaldin was invited to the imperial palace a week before the heir was assassinated was not lost to history) after his father gained the throne, his family suffered a series of unfortunate accidents, including his father falling down the stairs, his eldest brother fataly cutting himself shaving, and his older brother drowning in the tub. With these accidents Thaldin gained the kingdom, and used his mastery of the law to revoke lands and privileges from the nobles and peasantry, strengthening himself. Eventually death came for him, as it does all things, but Thaldin prepared for such things. In his latter years he studied the dark arts and found a loophole in life itself, becoming the first necromancer.
Snlilgs, God of Snlilgs


Lives in the hole in the ground off by the inn where it lives with its snlilgs.
Drunks like to throw bottles at Snlilgs and its snlilgs as an implicit form of worship. Snlilgs has no tenets, preferring to revel in emergent phenomena of cosmic meta-art.
Hey, I'm in there.
I have a set of 8 demigods that serve whatever deity of magic fits the setting, one for each of the main schools/disciplines of arcane power. Not sure if the DM I brainstormed them for is going to use them or not, so may as well share here.

Randuin the Eternal Bulwark, abjuration.
Fiers, the Spark of Creation, conjuration. Voxevult, the Voice of Command, enchantment. Ronodel the Unyielding, evocation.
Verity the Thespian, illusion.
Capio Corpus, Necromancy.
Lorelae the Sculpter, transmutation.

The Divination School representative had recently died, formerly Bralash the Wise and Knowing; a scholarly and kind soul who sought out knowledge and shared methods of inquiry and discovery wherever he went. He was replaced upon demise and absorption by Briar, the Watcher on the Wall; True Neutral entity that is an amalgam of the people involved in the incident that got Bralash killed and tasked with making sure the fallout from its creation doesn't make things any worse.
Steve from Accounting
LN god of bureaucrats, clerical work, and under appreciation.
Appears in business attire appropriate for the culture, usually thin and unimposing.
Basically Dilbert
>thin and unimposing.
Dilbert is THICC and MENACING, anon.
File: 1481932273377.jpg (84 KB, 564x817)
84 KB
...huh, formatting on that second line got weird. Oh well.

Randuin is a much younger deity among the pantheon, ascended from the likes of ideals of Eldritch Knights, Purple Dragon Knights and others who turn magic to protect and preserve themselves and their people. His portfolio, in addition to magic, is Protection, and it is the heart of his being to guard innocents, civilians, the unjustly harmed and any others who call on his aid in earnest.

Fiers, the Spark of Creation is a much older demigod. Immortal prior to ascension via crafting himself into his greatest work first, so that he would have the ages needed to craft his greater-still works. He embodies magic used to craft all things; to create buildings from nothing, to make reputations, to coerce foes into friends, and to lay the groundwork for legacies through the years and centuries. Crafstman, Artisans, Alchemists and the like are his kinsmen, and he sees their efforts as a parent or mentor does their child's or student's progress.

Voxevult, the Voice of Command. Bit of an egoist in case you didn't notice that the name means the same thing as the epithet. Vox's ascension was carefully watched, tracked, and allowed from the first time she took command of an army to rally troops from a weak-willed captain, to taking over a kingdom with wise words weighted by arcane suggestions, to leading an empire from the fore with heroics inspired by delusions and magically empowered zeal to carve new territories from those she couldn't "diplomatically" draw into the fold.

Where Randuin embodied Abjuration, and Fiers crafted his path, Voxevult was Selected for the position once her predecessor was ready to step down. She is the herald called upon when Ouracalthos means to make a statement; whether it is with words, armies, or even a simple missive. Words have power, and her's considerably more than most.
I have a god with a similar idea for worshipers (in this case conmen, counterfeiters, politicians, and bureaucrats). I'm planning on their first priest being a master conman who learned of the god and more or less went straight by tricking people (and thus forcing new domains on) into thinking the god was of politics and the running of nations. On top of that if you go to the equivalent of the DMV or the like then you can get in touch with some of the major worshipers (i.e. master counterfeiters) more easily than building rapport with with people selling fakes at black markets.
File: 1481947674194.jpg (71 KB, 600x900)
71 KB
Ronodel the Unyielding. Once she sets her mind to something, it will be done. An unstoppable force, or at least one powerful enough to make Randuin uneasy; he had anticipated that were a breach to occur, it would likely be of her doing in excess of her talents rather than an active endeavor of infiltration. One of the earliest practicioners of Evocation as a school, the forces of which she put into motion can still be seen in echos around the world; a caldera shattered and frozen over for the audacity of erupting too close to a small arcane tutor's house, a curved scar across one of the moons...

Voxevult is called on to make statements, and convey meaning, but Ronodel is the actual hammer for Ouracalthos' foes which he deems in need of destruction. Her followers are fortunately few, as their antics are often destructive and disruptive to the lives and livelihoods of everyone in the vicinity.

Verity the Thespian is one of the meeker of the Champions Ouracalthos calls to his council. A master of the stage, regardless of whether anyone else knows they're on it. A mask for every occasion, a line for every situation, and a penchant for manipulating matters of lives to fit a narrative matching a favorite play or drama of the time out of sheer love of the art.

Verity's antics are made to fit Ouracalthos' interests and commands should he have them, but for the most part the Thespian is left to their own devices. A number of mortal affairs with dramatic turns and scandalous results are likely in progress because of illusions of this champion's crafting.
Kek, the god of repeating numerals.
File: 1450275466504.jpg (54 KB, 600x761)
54 KB
Capio Corpus. Voxevult at least had the sense to make a name of her title, but Capio dispensed with names in favor of a title entirely. The Body Thief is a horrific master of necromancy who ensured immortality by a series of lives stolen from others, and the actual body count is anyone's guess. While its well within his grasp to simply raise armies of the dead, he and Voxevult share a preference for subtlety. Those in the know for his older accomplishments have seen several times that he has made great use of the Demise Unseen epic spell, and subsequently posessing the fresh ghoul to ensure the undoing of the rest of his foes personally.

Ouracalthos has been asked as to why such an amoral individual was granted the position of his champions, and the answer was simple; he is a master of the school. Nothing else matters to Magic but that it is the means, method, and meaning all in one.

Lorelae the Sculpter is one of Fiers' few remaining confidants. While less concerned with mechanism and creation itself, the Sculpter is none the less fascinated by the properties of matter and reality and how very mutable they are in the hands of a master of arcanum. Special materials are the specialty of the day, and if you're looking for a castle made of adamantine....well you'd probably want the actual Craftsman deity to design it because Lorelae has gaudy taste and avant-garde artistic leanings and the result is often an eyesore to anyone who isn't enough of an art enthusiast to appreciate such things as shit like this

File: 1453679743504s.jpg (2 KB, 125x70)
2 KB
I hecked up and forgot to edit for the the deity of magic itself, Oracalthos in this set, but it can be w/e fits for your setting, or a different deity of some other sort. Toned down to mortal power levels they can also work as a series of NPC's in the service of some greater power.
>Implying the gods could ever hope to slow down pun-pun.

What do you say op, witch ones do you like so far?
Kharis (name in progress). God of song, story, and charisma. Patron to bards, actors, entertainers, and particularly persuasive politicians.

Kharis isn’t a broadly revered god, but he is a relatively well known one. The teachings of Kharis regard all things public persuasion. Fiction, non-fiction and propaganda all reside within Kharis’s domain.
>"That Argonian is a slave to the beat."
File: 19 (5).jpg (551 KB, 1679x1187)
551 KB
551 KB JPG

God of Beasts, Hunting, Survival

Rihdan represents the necessity of death of a population to the continued life of an ecosystem, and the right of something to exist so long as it has the will to live.

He spends his days wandering the land, keeping life in balance. When a species grows too numerous, he culls them with disease, hunters, infighting, infertility, etc. to get them to a size manageable by the land.
Should they become too low, Rihdan protects them from harm and raises their fertility so they may not fall out of the food chain.

His favor is requested by hunters to guide their arrows or conceal their traps so they may catch their prey.

He is also worshipped by the Evil beast races (such as ratlings and some minotaurs) as a Father, believing him to have created them for the intention of punishing the civilized races for their despoiling of nature. They pray for the chance to sink their claws into flesh and for the ferocity to beat back their enemies when cornered.

Humans have a tale of the first werewolf. A famous hunter slew Rihdan, disguised as a wolf, and stripped the flesh from his bones. When he donned the pelt, he found himself changing into a canine form, and that any of his fellow Man he bit would also be transformed under moonlight.
Every race with a strain of beastform has a similar story.

His taboos are overhunting, introducing invasive species, and a species being unnecessary for an ecology.
Fuck, I didn't expect to get this many replies.I like a lot of them. I'll be adding more than one.
Zosur Laka the Enkindled, The Flame-Eyed Thief of The Incandescent Harmony
CN God/dess of Magic, Language, Knowledge and the consequences of seeking it

Zosur was a primordial human who stole the Flames of Creation from the gods. The pure white flame of reality seared him of his/her sex and identity and burnt out his/her eyes, but instead of going insane and/or dying, he/she achieved a sort of irreverent enlightenment and proceeded to give mortals the gift of sorcery. When he/she found the Flame of Creation too potent for all but a few mortal bloodlines, he/she the language of magic to better harness this raw power, inadvertently tutoring the first wizards.
Zosur Laka is an old god, and his/her worship is considered heresy among modern theocratic magocarcies, despite certain cultural aspects of their faith (fire augury, passionate seeking of knowledge, and castration as a prerequisite for divine grace) being similar to rituals of the Enkindled's first priests.
Mystery cults worship "him" as Brighthands, and emphasize the linguistic aspect of his divinity. Among the tribal peoples "she" is known as Starbrow, and mystics pray to her for wisdom and guidance. Only in the East is he/she openly worshiped as Zosur Laka, bearing the title of Aradihim ("Bearer of Truth.) He/she is regarded as a patron of arcane magic, and his/her church advocates passion in all endeavors, be they personal of spiritual.

Brighthands holy symbol is a yellow palm holding a white flame. He manifests as a cloaked man with glowing palms.
Starbrow is drawn as a twig-thin woman whose head is aflame. Her avatar manifests as such, with earthy skin and black hair up to her ankles.
Zosur Laka in his/her original form is depicted as an androgynous brown human, whose body is clothed in wraps of ancient parchment. His/her head is cleaved from the eyes upward, and a white flame burns in its place like a brazier-fire. His/her holy symbol is a white raven holding a burning twig.
File: communism.png (50 KB, 602x376)
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So OP, what do you like so far.
Sagan, Governor of Stars

Lives in the night sky, and sleaps beneath Earth during the daytime. Frequently shifts patterns of stars around to convey messages to his followers, although they are frequently misinterpreted. When his followers pass on from their mortal shells, Sagan is said to bring the souls of his most devout followers up to the night sky to burn brightly as new stars in his many constellations.

Once every solstice, Sagan wrestles with the sun god to see who will have the greater share of it. The sweat from their bodies created from the intense grapple falls on to earth as meteorites full of precious gems and minerals.

Sagan rarely interacts with humans, but is said to occasionally join in on the late-night revelry of rebellious youth, often bringing gifts of alcohol powerful enough to knock the weak-of-liver off their feet.
Kkt'llithgi'vn'ad, highest among the deific embodiments of that which circumlocutes, discombobulates, or simply leads one to bruxism.
but it would be folly and perhaps a bit vaccuous to say he has a bad side at all, for there is no good in the world that can ex
Speak his name and you shall know his tRUTH, the TrUTH that guides all existence to the meandering and aimlessness, as well as the disjointedness, that can be seen in the plainness of d
pect to be disjointed from bad—for truly this is the case of orderliness—but to think such would apply to the domain of cha
ay with the 2i eyes upon a head with which it sees the world for the sideways jumble it is. What hideous order! What boring monot
os would be truly sophomoric. Do not pain him with your inane consistency! I'd say to avoid getting on his bad side,
ony! It HURTS to SEE! So saith I,
Ylvan, goddess of discovery, secrets and the lost.
An often whimsical goddess, she has authority over the domains of concealment and revelation. Ardent followers are often as whimsical as she and travel from place to place occasionally making mention of the goddess but generally getting up to no good. Despite a lack of strict tenants, she is often called upon by the common man to assist in finding something which was misplaced or lost. More specific followers can include fugitives, assassins or thieves who may pray to her to keep their presence unknown and identity hidden. Inversely, she is turned to by detectives and authorities in order to uncover criminals and find missing persons.

Ultimately she determines when and where things are revealed and controls what will fall into obscurity. Whosoever benefits from this may be in the favor of Ylvan, but more likely, they are simply fortunate enough to have had their desires align with her current humor.
File: saber-tooth-lorc.png (16 KB, 512x512)
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The Aberrant One

Rank: Greater Deity
Symbol: A set of jaws opening to eat.
Alignment: True Neutral; Black (-)
Portfolio: Changelings, Black, Far Realms, Sanity, Humor, Leisure, Ko'olian, Power
Worshippers: Changelings, Slender men, Ozodrin, and all who research the space between and byond the stars and aberrations
Cleric Alignments: Any non-lawful alignment
Domains: Madness, Devouring^, Screwball^, Drugs^, Transmogrification^
Favoured Weapons: Tentacle (Spiked Chain or whip) and Khopesh

Akkrix is a fairly laidback and easygoing god that has a surprising love for mischief and humor. He was the last to create a race and created the changeling race because he couldn't decide on a type of race to create, having created lovecraftian monstrosities and horror monsters for classes he looked around at the others and decided to add a race that could fit in with any of the races created before. Thus, the changelings were created by the whim of the cephalopodic c'thuloid humanoid cheshire cat that is Akkrix.
Their first form is that of an androgynous changeling (Setting is weird) with long braided hair, royal purple eyes, forest green clothes with strange glyphs that seem to shift to random places on their attire, and a mouth full of completely sharp fangs. Their secondary form is that of a sharply dressed man with slightly elongated limbs, and a face that seems to slip from the memory much faster than the rest of him. And their final form is that of a massive and horrendous lovecraftian monstrosity with thousands on limbs and terrifying mouths and eyes covering the entire form able to view directly into the souls of all and feed upon the very sanity of all purveying him.

"Somehow you strayed and lost your way, and now there'll be no time to play, no time for joy, no time for friends - not even time to make amends. You are too naïve if you do believe life is innocent laughter and fun. If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality and in time, even death itself shall meet a final rest. Though I may look it, I am not crazy; rather, my reality is just different than yours. Everyone in this world is mad in some way, you may have noticed that you're not all here yourself. Keep in mind that when fear slips through the door, truth and sense fly through the window. As a final thought, let not a soul take your own for their posession for it is your own power that you must grow and not theirs".

Clergy and Temples
There are no temples and clergy for Akkrix, because madness is for each soul to find on their own.
fuck off cuck cult, blood cult is better
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Dhe Em
CG, Minor deity of Change
Born a man, became a hero, ascended to Godhood, sacrificed him form, now watches events unfurl around the world; subtly balancing the odds.

Usual followers are the poor and downtrodden, favours the bold and well-intentioned. Red skies and perceived as him watching events occur, many followers taking otherwise crazy risks and doing impossible challenges during those skies; most failing.

Hates those who play it safe, even if it's the strictly better choice. Has been known to make safe choices backfire in unexpected ways. Usually by waking up unknown monsters in nearby areas; once almost tore a hole in reality to spite an archer of unknown origins (at the time).
The Queen of Stars, The Raven Beauty, Our Lady of the Serene Dark, The Protecting One
Greater Deity
Symbol: Black circle with a small crescent moon on the left side, one wing on each side of the circle: a bat on the left and a raven's on the right

Noxa appears as a beautiful maiden with skin like polished ivory, purple eyes, black hair, and a smile that could thaw the coldest heart. She wears a short and clingy dress made of black spider silk and has a tattoo on each of her bared shoulders, one of her symbol and the other of her twin brother's as a reminder of their truce; upon her back she has two wings, the left being of a raven and the right of a bat. She teaches that all can choose peace over war and allow all to heal each other.

Noxa's teachings have few rules, however those that do exist, a worshipper may not break. In order of importance:
⦁ Do not cause direct physical harm to any creature (although magic, poison, contracts, and the like do not count as "direct") as Noxa despises such acts
⦁ Do not kill spiders, birds, or bats unless absolutely necessary, as they are Noxa's favoured animals.
⦁ Revere the night, for it is Noxa's time
⦁ Spend time within the darkness for Noxa's healing embrace to relieve you of your troubles

Clergy and Temples
Noxan clerics favour black garments with accents of grey, purple, and silver, many of which also either wear her holy symbol or get it tattooed somewhere on their body; many are cleric/shadowcasters or cleric/bards. Most remain fairly close to their community, operating hospitals and safe spaces for those running from hostels can hide.
This comes off as really fetishy

god of being lost.

His followers are few due to being fond of giving poor directions to new converts.
People poor at reading maps are the majority of his flock, with a smattering fugitives who don't want to be found.

He doesn't help you when your lost either. He wants you permanently lost.

He is best known for claiming one of matched paired items.
>One of me socks is with Untor now
File: Void.jpg (33 KB, 650x431)
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The-Name-Erased-With-Salt, the God that Never Was.
True Neutral.

This primordial deity once had an enormous cult dedicated to him.

One day, he vanished, every trace of him removed from reality itself. No temples were left, no priests or followers, no memories of his existance, not even his name.

Just an occasional broken idol, forgotten altar, fragments of burnt books written in an unknown language.

This god has no religion associated with him. If a person learns about his existance and tries to pursue further knowledge, they eventually cease to exist as well.
>If a person learns about his existance and tries to pursue further knowledge, they eventually cease to exist as well
Their god takes them with it.
Yes, investment and trade sure it is communism
>their god takes them with it
God so loved his flock that he could not bear to leave them behind.
Why don't all gods do this?
File: 1401786885058.jpg (152 KB, 788x1280)
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152 KB JPG
Sa' Avati, Mother of Malice, The Tongue of Ten Thousand Curses. A Snake Goddess said to have one pair of fangs for every sickness in the world.

Sa' Avati is the patron Goddess of healers, assassins, cripples and the sickly. All illness comes from her and so do the cures, though she is rather stingy in giving them out. Her will is capricious, even her sworn priestesses often disagree on what she wants.

Some say that children born with deformities are her chosen ones and many end up serving in her temples. Others say that their deformities are a sign of the Goddess' ire towards their parents.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that Sa' Avati is quick to anger and only generous offerings keep her fury at bay. If she is particularly pleased with your offering she may whisper you the cure to an ailment or a particularly painful poison you can deliver to an enemy.
>If she is particularly pleased with your offering she may whisper you the cure to an ailment or a particularly painful poison you can deliver to an enemy.
Am I the only person amused by the thought of her "rewarding" a totally pacifistic doctor who doesn't have any enemies for their frequent and generous sacrificial offerings by giving them increasingly nasty poisons?
> A thousand thanks to you Sa' Avati, but I was really hoping for a cure for ebol-

> You'll take that deadly laxative recipe and you'll like it!
Thank you, /tg/! I have a lot to work with here. lol
>Mfw no longer OP?
File: 8373060_orig.jpg (92 KB, 580x300)
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Fuck it, let's flesh this pantheon out a bit more. I see three primary death Goddesses, Sa' Avati is the first, next is Sa' Agora

Sa' Agora, She who Bathes in Blood, Seeker of Souls, the Supreme Jester. A Hyena Goddess who presides over war, warriors, accidents, schemes, laughter and comedians.

If Sa' Avati is the Goddess of sickly and agonizing deaths, Sa' Agora is the Goddess of quick and bloody ones.She is often worshipped by warriors and her acolytes will tatoo themselves with spots, one for each life they've taken. Sa' Agora especially loves those who use unique or amusing weapons and strategies to bring down their foes. Sometimes she will whisper new tools of war into the ears of generals. Sometimes they are effective, sometimes they are worthless and Sa' Agora laughs as the ill equipped army falls.

If you slip and fall or have something fall up on you from above Sa' Agora has sought you for amusement, it's better to laugh with her than curse her as she can always come back for more. She loves jokes and no jokes are sweeter to her than the ones that end in death.

It is said that she holds the souls of her favorite victims within her spots so she may
relive their ends whenever she pleases.
File: 1511390507211.jpg (280 KB, 761x700)
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280 KB JPG
Last up we have Sa' Anese The Burning Sun, The Thief in the Night, Elder of Elders, The end of the Line. A vulture Goddess, she does not seek out the death of others as often as her sisters. She is the patron Goddess of the old, farmers, beggars and scavengers.

Sa' Anese is by far the most mellow of the Goddesses, she presides over death by old age and even if you somehow manage to avoid Sa' Avati and Sa' Agora you have to come to Sa' Anese eventually. She's the Goddess of peacefully passing away in your sleep, but even she can be angered. When she is angry the sun burns bright and crops wither and die along with the people. Farmers revere her and granter her offerings for gentle seasons. Beggars are fond of her as well, asking her to watch over them until they can meet her in her old age.

When your time comes Sa' Anese judges your life, if you are found to be a decent person she lowers her back and allows your soul to ride her to the endless oasis. If you were evil in life than she snatches you up in her claws and drops you into the endless void.
>t. you don't get a response so you don't even know if your concept was too snowflakey, too convoluted to be bothered with, or just posted at a time nobody was reading
File: 67272524_p0_master1200.jpg (226 KB, 577x600)
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226 KB JPG
10/10 goddess, would worship
>>60132567 certainly explains why dungeon delivers and adventurers get away with it
Welp, guess I'm writing tonight
We read it it was just fucking stupid so we all ignored it
At what point am i considered to be 'hoarding' my wealth? Is it at any point where i hold any liquid assets at all?
Piss god
You better add it, OP.
It's more based around lolicons than Lolita herself.
Bapak the Lawful Good god of fatherhood, war, farming, and patrilineal succession. Bapak is the patron god of fathers and guides them in war and at home ensuring they will always be able to support and protect their family.

Bapak has no interest in receiving the worship of women or men who aren't fathers; and actively detests weak men who refuse to have children, abandon their families, or who are weak fathers. He is said to bless men fighting for their rightful succession and curse those who unlawfully claim a title as their own.
I'd assume thats a sticking point among the faithful. I myself am unsure if real-estate is an offense to Yab, but as long as the ownership is set to move, I'd reckon theres an argument. Some might see granting inheritance as hoarding, holy to steal, others may object as the money flows.
dubs is the winner
You gotta make it happen OP.
Dub-dubs. Piss Overdeity?
You joke but throwing stones at stone pile boundary markers (Herma) was an ancient Greek practice.
Just make it a mushroom/deer spirit of a Sami like people.
File: K7LuiDs.jpg (37 KB, 737x550)
37 KB
File: maximum edge.png (147 KB, 858x236)
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147 KB PNG
OP here. I don't know why my ID changed. .-.

The pantheon just got a whole lot larger. I was expecting to add one or two, but I'm enjoying these too much.
And yes, I'm also adding all the dubs regardless.
Emzi, god of the broken
Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil, whichever you like the most.
Patron of lunatics, of broken men and women alike; of music, anger, sorrow and death.
Domains: death, chaos, evil. Add some like music or some shit.

His teachings are all about individuality and the hardships of mortal life;he gets followers by appearing on the dreams of those who are insane, traumatized, sorrowful, vindictive or bitter and shows them all of their negative life experiences, all the while singing-narrating loudly, until they either enter into the emotional state that Emzi desires or wake up.

His followers can do as they will but every 6 months they must organize a great celebration; the scale and administration of said event are left to his followers. They eat, get high, fuck and fight all the while a cacofony of strange instruments and vocalizations floods the party ground; weirdly, there is no musicians on said celebrations, Emzi himself plays for his followers.

Everyone who qualifies as a "broken" could be a followers; classes such as edgy bards or rogues could be his followers.

Scat god.
>Dubs' god will be added regardless


Yay, let me try it.
Unkramash, god of goosebumps. Evil Lawful
Pursues the better of their followers, and knows the only way to get it gonna meake you feel goosebumps. Mischievous and whimsical, maybe neutral not lawful

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