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File: Night.jpg (118 KB, 750x498)
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118 KB JPG
>On a gloomy night, on the ever-rainy paradise world of Pluviam Eternum, a dark secret reveals itself
>A cult of foolish mortals had been worshipping the elder god of the terror and have finally awoken him
>the Brave Sisters of the Order of the Golden Light, who had only recently been stationed there rush to interrupt their final ritual
>but the cult leader reveals to them that they had come much too late, and that their faith would not shield them
>in terror, the sisters slaughter the cultists and send out an astropathic emergency broadcast...
Calling all Imperial forces near the Miskatonic System! Pluviam Eternum has come under assault by heretic forces! We need immediate reinforcements, the heretics have finished some sort of ritual, and nightmarish creatures now roam the streets! I repeat, we need immediate support!
>The broadcast ends abruptly to a final scream of pain as the Astropath choir's leader is attacked and the rest flee for their lives
Ooooh scary halloween 40k tales
Me likey
This sounds like Alfabusas 'Shadow over the Immateriums' but as a greentext thread. Do continue...
File: Shadow.jpg (14 KB, 300x400)
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Kinda. I was asked to make the thread for other purposes, but so you won't go empty handed, here are a couple stories (Which are actually official)
Last night I dreamt of the tower again. I stood on its pinnacle and I felt the wind on my face. I watched the darkness spreading as the storm rose. My face was turned to the oncoming storm and I could not look away. The world shook and the stars were lost as the lightning struck. I saw in that flash that the world was turned to a pale thing over which clammy shapes crawled, their eyes lidless and black, but they cried out with the voices I knew.
The world grew darker with every peal of thunder.
As always, I first saw him in the distance- A far away silhouette of a man unmoving, cut out of the sky, made bright by the lightning flash. The thunderclaps came faster, like measured and monstrous steps, and with every flash of lightning the man was nearer. With the pace of a beating heart he drew closer and I could see his eyes. They were dark and filled with the stars stolen from the sky.
Each night I wake later and he is nearer to me than when I woke on the previous night. Last night he advanced to the foot of the tower.
File: Panic.jpg (18 KB, 236x406)
18 KB
Within mine own heart a blackness festers and no dawn shall radiate its clean wash over me. I script this missive in trust that mine own soul shall be taken into the arms of the most Holy Emperor regardless of the sins of mine eyes, tongue, and inked fingers. Forgive me.
First in dreams it came. Twisting mine own thoughts of fancy into deep sinful pools of nothingness. Visages of corruption, turning thought upon thought, calling- announcing. A personal herald of woe. Night upon day it returned to burn my mind, engulfing colour with darkness, and within, an unholy white light targeted at mine own soul. The clutch of terror bequiled me, and I had no thought to mine life or mine work.
On the sixth day, I awoke ragged and unwashed. A pressing weight removed from mine mind- I felt the departure of the herald. I climbed from my chambers to the world without, expectant of normality, yet no normal world had I stumbled upon. Unclean vision filled mine eyes. A gauzy haze of unholy light filtered mine vision, and I was unable to distinquish form or face. Cries of horror were about me, and it seemed the people shared my condition- a mass of unworthy sinners, cast down in to a torrent of fear and damnation.
My senses returning, I dragged mine self back to mine chambers, needing to fend off a multitude of assailants with rocks and blows, until I made it through mine door and bolted it firm. Soon the clamour began and the door shook.
They surround me now. Are they mine own friends? I know not. Their form is disfigured and unclear; a gaudy whiteness obscures their visages. I am undone. The herald has returned. I hear his mocking laugh and it is mine own.
> be me
> sister superior Victoria Samson of the order of Golden light
> rushing to intercept a ritual in progress
> these.... aren't chaos however, not of any god I've seen.
> they worship strange gods and use odd witchcraft.
> Ihatewarpshit.ptsd
> after downing the fifth cultist and its retinue of..... horrifying mutated monstrosities, we finally reach the inner sanctum.
> guesswhomotherfuckers.dynamicentry
> enter the inner sanctum of the cult
> the head priest looks towards us. His mask a swirling tapestry of madness as he speaks in a guttural, ancient tongue that has been spoken here for millennia. We can tell he's gloating.
> I raise my bolt pistol and rev my chainsword.
> this ends here.
>and with a hungry look in their eyes they came, drawn like insects to a lightsource. >they blotted out the stars over the location of the ritual, ready to serve their dark lord.
>their ships a shapeless mass of black, any mere human that gazed at them for too long had his mind consumed and his body sucked dry of any life, their faces a dead stare of agony.
>it was time for them to descend upon this world, and it was time to harvest the souls that their dark lord had sent for.

>Be Canoness Helga of the convent for the Order oft the Golden Light on Pluviam Eternum
>Still getting sent the dregs and near failures of the Schola Progenia by the Eccelesiarchy
>Currently preoccupied with a sudden appearance of some bizarre Chaos cult after they've finished some sort of ritual
>Already sent out a message to Astropathic choir
>Getting reports that weird, squid-faced daemons are attacking the astropathic choir's sanctum
>Grab my flamer from its mount in my office and charge out of the convent toward the Astropath's tower
>Find daemons in the street
>with a final maniacal cackle, the cult leader faces the Sororita
>"Kill me if you wish to, it matters not"
>with these last words, the bang of a boltshell tears through the ritual chanting and panicked screaming of the virgin sacrifices
>the cult leaders mask splinters, revealing his face to be an insane grin, his eyes black like spots of ink
>his head is splattered across the ritual site, his brainmatter sprays across the room
>he was but a mortal pawn in a much greater game
>Be me
>Priest-Captain in the local PDF
>Had to organise a shit tonne of patrols recently
>Apparently some weird cult has popped up
>Been having to do a lot more paperwork than usual because of it.
>Sitting in my office, writing documents
>Start hearing screams and shit outside
>Fucks sake, can't these civilians do anything for themselves.
>Guess I'll have to send some troops out
>Start walking down to the barracks
>Where the fuck is everyone?
> I move to cut down the cultists and begin slicing through them.
> not fast enough however.
> their chanting finishes before I'm close enough to disrupt their ritual
> I hear the shriek of the virgin sacrifice as the dagger goes through her heart.
> emperordammitnotagain.ptsd
> the smell of rotting fish and muck fills the room as the circle explodes with dull light
> from the circle bursts..... something (pic related)
> I turn my boltpistol upon it and unload as I back towards the door, cultists around me now either taking up weapons or attempting to scream as their wounds gain purchase in their minds.
> I cut them down with the chainsword as I back towards the door.
> emperor protect my soul and guide my blade as I slaughter those who would dare turn from your light.
> throughouractionsyourwillbeone.amen
>Be Sister Gwyndolin
>I'm with her.jpg
>Spooky shit is going on
>Emperor perserve us
>Also be one of the only Sororities convents that universally has to use plus sized breastplates.
>Modified ones at that.
>I miss Tiddius Majoris
File: Spoiler Image (149 KB, 500x750)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
fuck forgot the pic
>As the distress message comes through to Anne Portia Medici she answers the call with a suave attitude and radiant tone of voice answering the request and sends out a live response

This is Anne Portia Medici, I’m a Rogue Trader whom has heard your distress call. I’m on my way now with my ship and my crew to provide immediate assis-....

>Some ripping and tearing is heard over the long range telecommunications vox as the RT cries and yells out
>After a series of grappling and active smacking and other noises the sounds of physical exertion are concurrently heard in the background actively
>It can obviously be deduced as an apparent struggle, a deep rich male tone of voice comes over the line as the sounds rise in pitch and fervor as well as turning from an struggle into one of active pleasure and sexual confluence

This is Harkus Straken of the Catachan 2nd. I’m afraid the Rogue Trader, and my wife is busy as of right now. Rest assured as soon as we’re finsished we’ll change course and be immediatly enroute to provide assistance. Signing off...
>Looks at its arms, slowly inspecting itself
>The bolt shells stop in the air before reaching their target, the being that has appeared seemingly too busy inspecting its body to even notice them
>Its gaze rises, locking onto the fleeing Sister of Battle
>It slowly walks through the still floating bolt shells, pushing them aside before they fall to the ground and detonate harmlessly

>Be me
>Sister Mallory of the Order of the Golden Light
>Still serving under Canoness Helga
>Still the most top-heavy sister in the convent despite the new batch of noviciate recruits
>Helping Sister Superior Victoria with this new cult
>They just finished the ritual
>Lift my Heavy Flamer and point it at... whatever that abominable warpspawn is
>"In the God-Emperor's name, DIE!"
>Manage to set half the chamber on fire in one burst
>All the men are hiding under their beds
>Fucking cowards
>Inspire them to go out in the streets and restore order
>Nothing can stand against our might!
>Get my axe-rifle out, lead my men into the streets
>The creature stops, standing in a sea of flames
>It seems to only be surprised, looking at its burning flesh only for the flames to die out a few moments later
>The creature is now walking towards Mallory, its flesh knitting itself back together so fast it can be seen with naked eye
> holy shit....
> it just stopped an entire magazine of bolt shells.
> oh fuck! Mallory
> rev chainsword and charge the creature
> theemperorprotects.litany
> move to decapitate the creature.
> look at Mallory
>be worshipper of the darks
>still have some sense of self preservation
>actually some how succeed in summoning a demon
>sees the fruits of your labor about to slaughter those corpse god worshippers
>sees it is also fireproof. Neat
>Be Canoness Helga
>Roasting warp abominations with Gwyndolin at my side
>Squid-faced daemons are proving surprisingly hard to kill
>Should've made Mallory leave the heavy flamer
>Manage to finish clearing the lower levels of the astropathic tower
>Hear loud, ominous chanting in non-Gothic coming from the choir's inner sanctum
>Pull a Phosphor Grenade out, prime it, then yank open the door and lob it in
>Hear loud screams as everyone starts getting burned alive
>the emergency message spreads throughout the sector, many parties picking it up and drawing interest
>one of them is the Deathwatch, which asks for further information from the local Sororitas Convent before sending in a Kill Team
>"Greetings Canoness, this is Watchmaster Justinian. We have received your emergency message and require further description of the threat. If the threat is as great as you initially described it, we intend to deploy Kill Team Omega-Chalice, some members of which your convent has worked with before. Ave Imperator."
>As the Chainsword bites down on the neck of the creature, black sludge flows out of the wound in a raging torrent
>As you come into contact with the blood, you momentarily see nothing, as if all light had vanished from the world
>In this moment of blindness, a deep voice like steel grinding against stone echoes within your mind
Where am I?
>As vision returns, it has grabbed your sword arm and stares at it with its head tilted to one side, as if confused of its function
> look at the creature in shock.
> this is no ordinary daemon.
> attempt to pull away.
> its grip is slick yet firm
> everything about it is just... wrong.
> emperorprotectme.prayer.
what.... are you.
>Be Me
>Sister Mallory
>That thing just took a heavy flamer blast to the face
>And its literally walking it off
>Watches it take Sister Victoria's chainblade and not even flinch
>"What in the Emperor's name IS this thing?!"
>Would burn it again, but don't want to risk hitting Victoria on accident
>This time, the voice is not only within Sister Victoria's head, but seems to come from the walls all around you
That... Is the right question.
>Twists her arm painfully away from it, before absentmindedly throwing her away towards Sister Mallory
>It then points down as if asking you to look at the floor
>and as swiftly as the brave Guardsmen, motivated by their inspiring leader charged to end the incursion, it proved to be useless just as swiftly
>the men died by the hundreds, many without a fight or even a physical foe
>mere observation of the daemons or the ships in the sky leaves some of them as dried out husks, as if they had died many months ago in a desert rather than just there in the nightly rain
>some of the men turn insane, babbling incohesive prophecies of dark futures and barren worlds
>and so, many of the Guardsmen scatter and go into hiding, or simply administer the Emperor's mercy to themselves
> grunting as the thing twists my arm.
> isthatsupposedtohurt.endurance
> hear the question both within and without my head, and wince as a headache forms within my skull.
> hey I'm flying.
> Lands atop Mallory, her bosom acting as cushioning for me.
> emperordammitnotagain.flashbacks.
> fall to the ground and look at the.... thing again.
> why is it pointing toward the floor?
> follow its gaze to view what it is pointing at.
>All is silent upon the vessel of ours, a lho stick in my mouth upon the bridge.
>The resident astopath suddenly convulses, saying that a nearby sector is in need.
>I laugh, as much as I can. These sticks have ruined my lungs.
> “Well then, tell me of these plights they have.”
>The psyker on bridge begins to scream bloody murder about the all consuming blackness as the astropath begins raving about some kind of old god being incarnated on that world.
>I clamp my teeth upon the lho stick, severing it.
>The idiot cultists of that world seem to have forgotten that the gods do not care about them, and might have brought ruin to us all.
> “Prepare a warp jump. We must cease this now!”
>As the order is carried out, I chuckle a bit.
>Who would have thought that we, former Word Bearers of all things, would be the militant atheists we are today?
>Order troops to prepare their psy-burn gas grenades and be ready for the fight of their lives.
>Once more, into the breach against these foul religions.
>As you gaze down, you realize that there is a broken glow-globe next to you
>Raising your gaze again, the creature is standing on the roof-
>You realize the initial thought was wrong: You are the one lying on the roof
>When did you get there?
>And why aren't you falling down?
>Most of my men are dead or insane, don't even know how
>I will stand strong though
>The Emperor Protects
>Fall back with my remaining men, all veterans into the barracks, order them to send out a distress call on all frequencies
>We will hold the line, as we always do.
>Death is lighter than a feather, but Duty is heavier than a mountain
> what... what is?
> ohthroneherewegoagain.ptsd
Oh boy.... so which one of the gods do you follow? Or are you some other murderous warp entity that wants to skullfuck my corpse?
You must be talking... Of the young gods. Irrelevant. I am more interested... In you.
>The creature, immediately contradicting itself, begins to walk away from the hideout, inspecting its surroundings as it walks towards the exit
> falls to the floor.
what the fuck?
> looks as the.... god? begins to wander off.
> timetogo.run
> pull Mallory to her feet.
Time to go mal.
> Need to find the canoness.
> we're gonna need bigger guns.

>Be Canoness Helga
>Finally get hold of astropath that can receive messages
>Hear the first one
>Hear second message
>"Just get them here fast. Things are getting out of hand. Throne, get the Grey Knights too while you're at it!"
>Shove Astropath and get ready to return to the convent
>See hundreds of guardsmen dying suddenly in the constant rain
>"By the Emperor... this day just keeps getting better."
>sees it come this way
>bow before it
It is good to see you my master
>"Understood Canoness. Kill Team Omega-Chalice is on their way. I will do my best to require a contigent of the Grey Knights to your world, however I cannot promise anything as they lie within the responsibility of the Ordo Malleus"
>Hurry the mortal serf to inform the Killmarines to get ready for deployment

>Be Me
>Sister Mallory
>'Young gods'?
>Look at Victoria
>Pull a couple grenades from my waist and toss them at the floor as we retreat back up the passage to hopefully keep that... thing temporarily contained
>Not likely to stop it, but it's worth a shot I guess.
>The creature turns to him and lowers itself on a knee in front of you
>It places a hand under your chin and slowly raises it
Was it you... Who desired a Daemon?
>The creature's eyes are locked on yours, and you can feel its gaze pierce through down to your very soul
>The creature's departure from its original route gives you time to detonate the grenades well before it gets to the exit, collapsing the doorway
> be me
> sister Victoria
> emperor why is it always raining here.
> manage to slog my way to the convent, sororitas in tow.
> everything's gone to hell.
> guardsmen are dead
> spooky ships in the sky.
> sneeze.
> and now my nose is bleeding. Great.
> spot the canoness.
> never could call her ma'am
> don't know why.
> fuckthisday.annoyance.
Ehhh yyyess my lord I was one who summoned you. Well sort of I helped but the one leading the ritual was just killed
>Remember there is a Sororitas Convent nearby
>Gather up my remaining troops and start heading there
>Lose quite a few more, only about 20 left when we get there
>Start looking for survivors
File: download (1).jpg (3 KB, 123x146)
3 KB
>Be me
>Wake up from closet because I hate being in the open while asleep
>Here some shit about some dumbass cult group that woke up some retarted ass dark god
>mfw realizing we're going to deal with some magical bullshit and most definetly die in the processs
>Grab las-gun
>Start patrolling
>Emperor help us all (please)
This physical form is... Quite constraining. A mask... A lie. Just... Like yours. Do you even know... Who you are?
>The creature's look seems to turn into sorrow as it places its hands on your cheeks
Let go of the lie... Show me... Yourself.
>Its fingers dig into your flesh, and as it tears off your face the sorrow turns to delight as it looks at its handiwork
>There is no blood, barely any pain
>You can't help but feel both relieved and afraid, for whatever replaced the chunk of flesh in the creature's hands must be the true you
>There is no mask to hide behind anymore
>Be me
>Private John Dough
>Drafted into the PDF last year
>Cheap government wouldn't even pay for lasguns for all of us
>Get stuck with some POS autogun, a rusty bayonet, and a few grenades of questionable age and source
>Shits going down and we're the closest source of reinforcements
>Officers are almost as young as us
>They are fresh from military schooling, and they want to prove themselves
>Climbing into a transport with a bunch of other baby faced guardsman
>"What do they expect us to do? Some of these guys can't even pour piss from a boot with instructions written under the heel."
>See another guardsman in the street
"Soldier, get over here, quickly, the streets aren't safe"
>Men have set up a temporary camp, lit a small fire to give us some light
>be me
>Primaris Brother Ephraim, not-so-new member of Kill Team Omega-Chalice
>we're apparently being deployed to another backwater shithole, something about "unknown xenos which could potentially be daemons" but apparently the shiny poster boys of the Ordo Malleus were too busy being self-absorbed assholes
>Corvus Blackstar coming in on planetary capital, wasn't this place suppised to be a paradise world?
>then why the fuck is it all foggy and rainy
>the Mechanicus Explorators are bad at classifying planets
>the pilot informs us "80 feet above ground, your impact dampeners should be able to handle that"
>the boarding ramps open and I jump out, aiming towards a small gathering of Sororitas, a few of which are dousing their surroundings in flames
>I impact with a mighty crash, superherolanding.astartes
>I get up and want to formally introduce myself when I notice how... well-endowed one of the Sisters is
>"Mallory? Victoria? I didn't think I'd see any of you again! What about the rest of you? Is Canoness Helga still with you? What about Gwyndolin and Angela?"
>Well that just made this about two hundred quadrillion times better
>Hears and see >>62775216
>Clears throat
Coming sir
>Runs towards the Priest
>The Guardsman isn't one of mine, but it doesn't really matter
"Do you know where the rest of your unit is? I'm assuming dead, most of mine are"
>This isn't looking good
>Be me
>Unlucky fucker that made a joje to their father in law and got set on inquisitorial training because of it.
>At the same time have no interest actually doing the job and so have no clue what I'm doing 100% of the time but know how to do it 100%.
>Was taking a break on this nice planet until all this fucking heretical crap started occuring.
>Activates cameleoline cloak and heads out into the streets while counting out geltcards.
>Be Canoness Helga
>See Sister Superior Victoria run up with Mallory in tow
>Am reminded of how large she is compared to normal Sororitas
>How did we even find the right sized power armor to fit that much muscle?
>See her nose bleeding
>Ignore her disregard for protocol and refusal to call me 'ma'am' or 'Canoness'
>Point up at sky and all the dead guardsmen around us
>"You don't say. What else do I have to worry about Sister?"
>Hopefully something I can solve with a liberal application of burning promethium
> be me
> Sword Brother Wilhelm Mordred
> here we are again on yet another clusterfuck of a planet.
> some familiar faces are here as well.
> the emperor works in mysterious ways.
> also why the hell is there so much rain?
> this is a paradise world.
> how the hell is a planet that never stops raining "paradise?"
File: images.jpg (11 KB, 275x183)
11 KB
> look at the canoness and then wipe my nose
> howdoitellherthis.vox
The cultists summoned something that shook off a heavy flamer, stopped bolter rounds with a flick of its hand, and doesn't seem to be chaos.
> sigh and breath heavily.
> look up and nod to space marine
> he looks familiar.
> holyshitIknowhim.realization
Hey Ephraim.
> still raining
> realize that I'm gonna have to get this blood out of my hair... again.
We separated to cover more ground, if we saw something we report back at base. What happened to the rest? Is the heretic really that dangerous sir?
>Be me.
>Still outside, not seeing any warp fuckery to speak of.
>This rain is delightful today,
>Breaks into song and dance while still cloaked in streets.
>Link Related.
>My ships finally come to rest above the main hive.
>I quickly sequester a transport to head down to the place below, hoping to find what caused this.
>Near the landing site, I perceive a small group.
>I call out to them.
“It appears you have a problem with a cult. I can fix that.”
"Something is killing my men, driving others mad, and I have no idea what, I assume it's something to do with that cult"
>Maybe there are other groups of PDF around the area
>Order the men to get on the vox, see who they can find
"For now just rest while you can"
>Hope those shadowy fuckers don't come back
Is that an order sir?
"Yes, yes it is"
>Sit down on, axe-rifle in hand, watching for any hostiles
>Start seeing faces in the rain
>I recognise them, the faces of my dead soldiers
>Blink and they're gone
>What the fuck is going on
>Mutter a quick prayer
>The emperor protects.
>What does he mean 'fix our cult problem'?
>and aren't the heretics supposed to be, you know, cursing and shooting us?
>I've been here for 3 minutes and it's already almost as fucked up as the Tiddius Majoris catastrophe
>Be me
>John Dough
>Riding along in the back of the transport
>Hear the sound of a vox-caster squelch over the rain pattering away on the top of the transport
>Can't catch many details among the sounds of rain and engines
>We turn a sharp corner as we pass through some town
>Must be getting directed to the shit-fest
>Hear the sounds of some dope singing as we pass through
>Pull out a stale ration bar, hard as fine brick by this point
>Chuck it out at the sidewalk, hoping to hit whoever it is
>Fuck him for being happy now of all times
Understood then.
>Goes of to sit down.
>Soul: I already rest so its best I stay vigilant for everyone else
>Observe the perimeter
>My men inform me reinforcements are on the way
>Rookies though
>If nothing else we can put them on the front lines so they die first
>Keep an eye out still, I don't trust anything anymore.
>A slightly taller marine expresses shock at the appearance of a heretic.
>I smile a bit.
“I understand you are a bit shocked. But this cult activity could spell doom for the sector, and I happen to hate the Gods of Chaos myself, all religions really. But enough about that. Where did this originate?”
>I take out another lho stick and light it up.
File: Spoiler Image (219 KB, 1600x908)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
T'was a midnight dreary, atleast according to my theory, for you see, in the warp, time is bizarre.
Yet it was my closest reckon, for my abode, upon inspection, was quite dark, whilst I enjoyed my cigar.
Yet a strange wind blew within, the iron halls wherein, those mortal slaves would feel their skin begin to crawl.
And upon the wind I heard, the whisper of a word, and I thought to myself, how can this be? For here I sit alone, a lord of Iron on his throne, and yet I hear the words in such an alluring tone.
"Calixis, Calixis, Calixis"
I do hear, and it is quite queer that such a name would be brought to the fore. Yet while I pondered it's meaning, I would hear, distant keening from the helm of Corax's sons.
With a sigh of my remit, I can see this is it, and turn to face the helm of my long dead foe.
Yet even in relation to his glorious decapitation, he lives on to vex me with a further cry of "IRON WHORE!"
"Be silent, you foolish shrike, your words are just as like, a spike that delves into my mind. I cannot engage in play, and waste away the day, for I must learn more of this Calixis, whatever it may be."
The black clad helm screams, and I can only sit and dream, on how it would have gotten such knowledge. Yet I do not care to admit, that with such a wit, I am thankful to have this riddle partially solved.
"Indeed if it be, then I shall order with such glee, the armament of my bitter kin. And indeed if this is worth, a fair bit of mirth, then Calixis shall soon find the Iron Without, Iron Within!"
So I stormed from my room, to announce with a boom, that we shall arm and take to the sky. Upon the vessel, Bitter End, I shall go with my friends, and if any stand against, they shall so face us an die.
Yet I do not hear the laughter, that soon echoes after, I depart on my merry warpath. It comes from the cap of the raven guard who'll yap, incessantly, as he cries "PREPARE FOR A BLOODBATH!"
>Be Canoness Helga
>Oh good, the Deathwatch is here
>Recognize the Marines leading them
>Especially Brother Ephraim
>I've caught Sister Angela fantasizing over him way too much when she's supposed to be doing her job
>Shoot him a dark look when he mentions Angela's name
>"Hello Brother Ephraim. Yes, Sister Angela still serves under me. No, she's not here right now. I sent her and a couple other members of the Convent to investigate why the Dunwich Mining Facility in the Sothoth Asteroid belt stopped responding two days ago. Haven't heard from her since then."

>An obvious traitor marine walks up and starts asking about cult activity
>says he hates the Gods of Chaos
>Raise flamer suspiciously and then glance at Victoria and Mallory
>"You two go arm yourselves with multi-meltas and get one of the Sisters to get a Repressor started up. In fact, get an Exorcist tank ready as well. If what you say is true, we're going to need a lot more firepower."
>Turn back to heretic
>"Well heretic, a bunch of cultists are worshiping... something. I have no idea what it is, but its not Chaos related, and can shrug off a heavy flamer and bolter rounds without even flinching."
>"What, pray tell, would a heretic like you know about something like that?"
“Well, first off, one tends to take notice when your astropath mentions a message from an endangered planet. One also takes notice when their sorcerer has convulsions screaming about an all consuming black void of fear. I can debunk your religion and burn your temples later, but now, this activity could kill us all if we do not stop it.”
I thought that's a rephrase of Hotel California for a hot second.

I was disappointed.
>"Greetings Canoness. This is sad news, but I'm sure Angela is fine, she's a strong and competent woman. I would investigate personally but I believe the current issues are more pressing."
>Oh she is strong, I know that very well
>Wait a second did she say 'Dunwich mining'? I've heard about that place, rumors of ancient horror and arcane powers lurking there...
>don't get distracted Ephraim, recon the situation
>"What are we dealing with here Canoness? I can sense you hold a personal grudge which we can discuss later, but right now we have something more important to deal with"
> she approaches the marine
The cultists on the planet summoned..... something. I don't know what it is... but he can shrug off being decapitated, roasted by flamers and can stop bolter rounds midflight with a flick of his hand.
> sigh..
Also he seems to not even be trying to kill us, and he has ... an interest in me.
> fuckmylife.vox
File: M'Canonness.jpg (46 KB, 600x590)
46 KB
>I can debunk your religion and burn your temples later
>Be me
>Private Johnny
>Look down at the chevron on my shoulder, then around at all the blank sleeves in the transport
>Most of these guys haven't even gotten their first stripe
>I am practically an NCO with my lone stripe
>Not much longer and we're offloading
>Our lieutenant goes of to meet up with the other officers on site
>He's all chipper in his clean, pressed uniform
>No doubt he'll get us killed
>Offload gear with the rest of the guys before digging a small foxhole and setting up
>Watching water collect in the bottom of my hole
*dibs bedora*
>Look at the reinforcements turn up
>They're so clean
>Start shouting at the officers, scare the shit out of a few of them.
>As the highest ranking officer I order they set up a defensive perimeter and a temporary base
>Order my veterans to oversee the work, make sure they don't kill themselves with shovels.
As I sit within my ship, for what will be a boring trip, no doubt, I can only try to stay entertained.
Thus, to help me keep amused, with a little devious ruse, I summon forth some crewman, before having them chained.
Now stand we, my companions and me, to play a game of "Splatterball."
For you can obviously guess, this game makes quite a mess, as we throw these cultists as hard as we can at the wall.

Yet, a noise draws my attention, the slaves give a sigh at this prevention, of further death by my hands.
But they do not seem delighted, while I remained excited, explaining that we're accelerating my plans.

Within the next few hours, my entourage that towers, over lesser men, begin to prepare for the fight. Grabbing up bolter and blade, racks of ammo that swayed, indeed this would be an interesting night!

And so here I stand, with my daemon blade in hand, enjoying this brief peace before. Yet my contemplation is halted, with a cry that leaves me salted, as I hear the words echo out!

>that doesn't sound like a xeno
>Well since I'm already here
>"Then we must stop this daemon threat. If it is invulnerable by conventional means, we must use psychic warfare. Also, what is up with the occasional panicked screams from random directions and those black blotches in the sky? That can't all be one entity right?"
>Where are the damned librarians when you need them?
>Still Private John Dough
>Watch as this old Captain jumps the Lieutenant
>Lt. is visibly taken aback
>We may live yet
>Get the order to make a perimeter and dig in
>We may die yet
>Guess I'll just dig my grav- I mean foxhole a little deeper here
>Why would I kill myself with a hovel? I mean, I guess it's more reliable than the autogun they gave me
>More Tiddius Majoris Cancer
Oh good god why, as if six threads of this Poochie filled garbage wasn’t enough.
> she sighs.
I don't even know about that. All I know is that the cultists summoned something and it tells the laws of physics to get fucked.
> she looks at the canoness
Sorry Helga. I know you don't need any more bullshittery today.

>Be Me
>Sister Mallory
>Taps Brother Ephraim on his pauldron and points at Victoria as she's explaining the siutation
>"Maybe you should listen to Victoria instead of thinking such... uncouth thoughts about Sister Angela all the time my lord.
>I know what you look like under that helmet battlebrother, but we really do NOT have time for this
>Nod to Brother Mordred and hurry off to the convent to get other sisters prepping the vehicles
>Why couldn't the Order send us to a world where it isn't raining all the time
This ain't Tiddius Majoris, just got a few returning characters
it's spookius Majoris now and apparently they got rid of the cancer. So far so good
They removed the lewd, that doesn’t make their characters any less gimmicky spotlight hogs fighting for relevance like it’s a fucking free form rp.
> nod back to the sister.
> by the emperor this shit's getting ridiculous.
> turn towards Ephraim
Orders sir?
>"Sister Mallory I think this to be a terrible insinuation. I was listening, and what I heard worries me greatly"
>I mean, kinda.
>Mallory's not completely wrong but I did my best to focus
>Gesture brother Mordred to follow me, we're gonna find us something to kill and question, preferably not in that order
>maybe the Guardsmen of the PDF know more
>See reinforcements
>Hear >>62776137 yell at a few officers
>Hides chuckle
>Grab a shovel and help make a defensive perimeter
>See >>62776262
> follows Ephraim.
> throne why does this always happen to us?
> fuckthisday.vox
> by the emperor this is an exterminatus waiting to happen.
Isn´t it pretty much that? What do you expext of an RP without a GM and no real rules? Also I think it was fun if you subtract the fucking fetish shit which seems to be what they did. If you don´t like it there´s enough other threads for you to be hanging around in, it´s not like you're forced to be here senpai
>Still barking out orders to various green officers
>Have a small command area set up in a ruined building now
>Sit down and start planning our next move
Yes, we covet our mighty guns, for we are of the last Bitter Sons, the relic of a warband slain. Our numbers did they perish, when loyalists would get their wish, and one BLUEASSWIPEPAPASMURF rose to begin his indomitable reign.

I can hear from my crews groaning, they think they're in for a boning, yet I cannot help but sigh.What did you think you'd get, when you went a made a bet, with your souls amongst beings who lie?

Thus I give my man a nod, and he reaches out to prod, a small panel with it's lights blooping and bleeping. Now we aren't too proud, to come in so loud, no instead our entrance will be creeping.

The engine of pain then awakens, and I hear from the mortal aching, that their screams have started to rise. Yes, a machine powered by blood, the amount needed a flood, as I consign a thousand souls to demise.

With a rip and a tear, I can feel it in the air, as a gateway opens to hell. I turn to my brothers and smile, as we prepare for our trials, and know the results of such, only time will tell.

We drop into the portal, and here even I feel mortal, as the warp engulfs us with a dreadful roar. Yet beyond the roaring might, of which I have no fright, whilst I teleport to Calixis, I am unable to witness, yet once again I hear, with my strain on my mental fitness, the cry!

>Hear a new voice
>Stop digging and look up
"Hello there."
>Look back down at my foxhole
>Guess this is okay, it's about up to my ribs
>Look back at the older trooper
"What's up?"
You're a madman rhymeanon. A glorious, glorious madman.
The fact that you’re acknowledging that it is nothing more than Banal freeform RP and are using that as an excuse just shows even more so why this shouldn’t exist. There is no semblence of a story or anything that could even loosely be calked writefaggotry. This is just a continuing train of idiotic asanine bullshit, driven by a bunch of shallow one dimensional characters, all vying for the spotlight despite lacking the substance to justify more than five minutes in it, like a bunch of children playing with dolls.
I can tell you're the kind of person who enjoys railroading
>Starts helping with foxhole
Will you know, fucking heretic doing some heretical shit, and screwing everyone over like the dumb-asses they are.
How are you man?
I don’t, but I’m slowly being swayed over, as this whole spinoff is proof of the necessity of it’s existence.

>Be Canoness Helga
>Listen to Victoria's explanation about what's happening
>Turn toward... double-traitor space marine?
>"Well, there's your explanation heretic. Do you have anything to contribute, or should I just figure out how to deal with this mess myself?"
>Please say you don't I would really LOVE an excuse to roast something in space marine armor right now
>He starts digging my foxhole deeper
>Guess it wasn't deep enough
>Pick up my shovel and keep digging
>Try to widen it out a bit so we don't have two wangs packed into a one man foxhole
"Ya know, under equipped, under paid, the usual."
>Stop and offer the guy my canteen
"Did you say heretics? Oh fuck me running, how bad is it?"
"I don't like that other people enjoy things that I don't enjoy because I am a fucking mongoloid"
Just because you enjoy making and eating garbage doesn’t mean it has worth.
> she sighs and looks at the canoness apologetically
Sorry ma'am, I know you don't need more bad news today.
>Watching these two guardsman chat
>Reminds me of myself back in the day
>Walk up to them
>How long have you two been in the guard then?
Fuck, last line shouldn't be greentext
>The canoness is increasingly aggressive towards me.
>If I was in her position, can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.
“I have a squad of space marines with me, armed with specialized psychic-influence-nullifying gas grenades, psy-burns as we call them. Powerful nerve agents, modified with Warp tampering to affect physical manfiestations of the mind as well. To translate, it kills psykers and daemons very efficiently. Guide us to the ‘god’ and we will do the rest. I will need support, however, if things go pear shaped.”
Now then... Let us see... My new kingdom.
>Practically drags the cultist out of the hideout, breaking through the collapsed exit in short order
I need time... And you... Will guide me... To a place where we will not be disturbed.
> move forward
Whatever the fuck this thing is, it isn't your run of the mill daemon, in fact it called the chaos gods "young" in comparison to.... it.
> shudder slightly
> why do we always get the weird shit?
> fucktoday.vox
>Oh shit a Captain
>Officers never approach a trooper for any good reason
>Quickly set the canteen down and snap to a position of a ttention
"Sir! I've been in the service for little more than a year, Sir!"
>This kid is fucking terrified
"Don't worry son, I'm not a commissar"
>Start building the foxhole wider
From what I heard a group just got killed, I din't know the causalities but I think its pretty bad.
>The Guardsman offer me a canteen
Oh no thank you, I'm good
>Sees >>62777109
I'm a PDF sir
“If It has a physical representation, we can banish it.”
>I spit out my lho stick, grind it underfoot, and gather my kill team.
“You seem to have first hand experience. Is it possible you can guide us?”
If you were, you blam me for not dying out there when we split up.
Understood my lord. I’ll tell rest of your servents that you have finally arrived ready to rid them of their retched masks
> shudder slightly.
> really don't want to go back there.
> look to my sisters.
> don't leave me alone with these fuckers. please?
> look to them.
> puppydogeyes.pict
"Don't let anyone else catch you say that, it's almost heresy"
>Glad my group's commissar is fucking dead, he was an officious little prick anyway.
>Ease up a little bit
>Is he not here to bite my head off?
>Huh, always figured officers were the bane of guardsman across the Imperium
"Yes, sir."
>Pick the canteen back up and take a heavy drink
"Right, anyway, uh... What's the game plan, Sir?"
File: 1540495711955.png (927 KB, 800x1200)
927 KB
927 KB PNG

>Be Canoness Helga
>Heretics think they can kill/banish this 'god' and we can't
>Hear the sound of engines revving and see Mallory riding shotgun on a Repressor with a trio of Exorcist tanks in tow.
>"Fine heretic, we'll go with you as... fire team support."
>walk over and pat Victoria on her pauldron
>"What, did you think I was going to leave you with all alone with a bunch of heretics? Have some more faith Sister."
>Besides, the Exorcists can always 'accidentally' kill them when we take out whatever this so-called 'god' is.
> she sighs in relief and heads for the repressor
> wipes nose as it bleeds slightly.
> We'll make it through this.
> we'vebeenthroughworse.ptsd
> climbing inside she begins to point them in the direction of the old cult stronghold.
> emperorprotectusall.litany.
File: Disappointed Emps.jpg (48 KB, 451x500)
48 KB
>Be me, The Glorious Man-Emperor of Mankind
>Sense another of humanity's flock deign to side with traitors and bastard curs of Lorgar.
>Check The Golden Light off the "Miracles and Blessings" list.
>Return to the agony of keeping this shitstorm of an Imperium afloat.
File: Iron Warrior Champion.jpg (122 KB, 707x1131)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Now we come onto the stage, from our journey through hell and rage, and I see that we are mostly fine.
Yet I look over and sense, that was some form of expense, as Biktri now lacks as spine.

Yet as far as mutations go, I can see this has more to show, as Biktri cannot help but laugh. Now he rears up on legs insectoid, a gift from the foul void, looking down upon us as chaff.

"Oh you foolish little men, can you see this is the end, for I am gifted by the Plague Father. With my innards rearranged, and my mind now quite deranged, you will find my toxic nw form a bother!"

Yet I decry this with a wave, to the man who is my slave, even though he thinks his chains are broken.
"I can see your newfound pride, for you think you have their eye, yet I give you this as my token."

Yes, the bolts begin to fly, as my soldiers do let loose a cry, of foul warpspawn and arachnid traitor.
Aye, even in this act, I can sense the imminent contact, as once more it comes to speak as a hater.

Yes my Raven Guard friend, who consistently resists his end, watches as my disobedient brother drops to the floor.
And he levitates in flight, to ensure the he's in the traitor's sight, before screaming out his cry.

You glorious bastard. Here’s the link to the discord for you, keep up the good work. https://discord.gg/q6Bybb
File: autarch.jpg (124 KB, 1024x640)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>be me
>Autarch Belamyn Ytharl of the Rogue Trader vessel Mon-Keigh name
>Apparently we've received a distress call from Sisters of Battle
>Looks like I'm going to have put off trying to teach those Mon-Keigh children proper culture.
>You know that planet name looks familiar.
A life's work. It was a life's work of servitude, blind faith and dedication spent to the Empire and their false god. I built instruments of war worthy of the greatest symphonies. I bled oceans working tirelessly for the betterment of mankind. Not only I was denied recognition or thankfulness, but I was branded an heretic and sentenced to die. My creation taken from me and discarded. If it wasn't for the unexpected treason of another member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, I wouldn't have been able to escape and survive.

They first found me when they discovered that it was me who installed ballistic glass in front of Penitentias for an order of sisters of battle. Those nearly cost me my life, but while they investigated they found out that I improved many other designs, most importantly augmentic implants above else. Of everything I have ever created, only one of of my Mechadendrite remained. It was far stronger, more silent and durable than any other of its kind.

After I fled to this planet, I learned one crucial information. My implants were not destroyed. Most of them were distributed amongst high ranking people of the imperium, with some of them inhabiting this sector. For now I have found my first one. The niece of a local lord was granted one of the mechanical hands I crafted. It was hard but I managed to sneak up to her private quarters. At first I killed her bodyguards one by one, strangulating them with my Mechadendrite. They never saw it coming.

Then came my favorite part. The wretched flesh bag took what was rightfully mine. It is justice that I pay her back in kind. I brought her back into my lair and I strapped her to a table to perfprm "surgery". While not as enjoying as I initially expected, to have someone else paying for my miseries was a quite breath of fresh air. Now, all that I have to do is find what remains of my creations and go back into my research. I think that now it is due time to inquire about the rest of my mechanical implants.
bump for continued spoopy 40k greentext
>Be Chaos Cultist
>By the Dark Gods, this can't be right
>Why is the world collapsing into anarchy already? The cult wasn't supposed to start its revolt until next week!
>Bloody commoner fools can't do anything right.
>Stick head out the window and see weird monsters things terrorizing the local pdf and citizens out in the streets.
>they all have squid-like faces
>be me
>roaming the misty streets in the darkness together with Wilhelm
>it's so dark not even our night vision helps
>suddenly some guy in ragged clothes runs across the street complaining about "The Cult of the four-armed emperor"
>run from the shadows and snatch him up
>I feel like discount power armor batman
>shove him to the ground in an alley, Wilhelm standing ominously overtop him
>turn on voice distortion on my helmet speakers
>"Are you part of the cult that caused this, heretic? Answer me or they won't even be able to recognise your remains as those of human when they find you!"
"Currently, we're just holding here, once we've set up a solid defensive position we're going to start looking for survivors"
>Not even sure if that's a good plan but it'll do for now
>Be Chaos Cultist
>Oh fuck its Astartes
>Oh fuck my back
>they're asking me about cults
>"Cult activity!?! What cult activity! I'm just a poor beggar m'lord! Honest! I am!"
>he thinks he can get away with that
>with an eight-pointed star tattoo on his neck
>"Don't lie to me heretic! Speak the truth or I'll snap your spine like a toothpick!"
>Uh well I shouldn't do that because there's nobody to be seen anywhere so who else would I question
>but he doesn't have to know that
>be somewhat rational cult leader
>spend word to your fellow cultists that our lord has been awakened
>tell theirs a potluck after the meeting so they should bring a dish with them
>be the best cult leader
> be me, Wilhelm Mordred
> see chaos cultist in front of me
> urgetomurderintensifies.purge
> wait, we need information.
> fuuuuuuuuuuu-
> step up to cultist, put hand on shoulder.
> draw chainsword
See this?
> gesture to chainsword
unless you tell us what we wish to know it's going up your urethra, then I turn it on.
I suggest we get some chimeras and hellhounds. One for evac, the other for burning the heretic where they stand
>As I first roamed the streets around my lair, I decided to explore further and further because of a lack of people I could interrogate. My biggest surprise is when I found an astarte violently interrogating a man on the street.
>At that distance I can't see what is happening. My first guess is that man must be an heretic, for it is too early that I have been found out already. It would take at least years for the Imperium's bureaucracy to set up a proper expedition to put me down.
>Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Luckily for me I stil wear my Adeptus Mechanicus robe. It might be easy to blend with them and find more about my creations. I hate that I have to act like a corpse worshipper, but it is for the sake of everything I built.

Finally some decent people around! I have been searching I don't know long people to assure my safety!
>the heretic doesn't want to tell us anything, even after a very painful sounding threat from Wilhelm
>I smack him once more, judging by the pained cry and the blood between his teeth I applied just the right amount of force
>suddenly a techpriest rounds the corner and says he's been looking for people to safeguard him
>"Greetings Techpriest! I am afraid Brother Wilhelm and I cannot act as your bodyguards as we are on a mission, but a group of Sororitas are on the Plaza a block from here. They will surely be able to assist you."
>what a nice guy
>I'm surprised those daemons that keep escaping our grasp haven't gotten to him yet though
>The soldier has made a good suggestion
>We have no hellhounds but the reinforcements came in chimeras
>Organise search parties to go out while I coordinate from here
>Make sure the two guardsmen I've been talking to stay behind as well
>I like them, and they seem more useful than most of the officers I'm stuck with
> smirk slightly underneath my helm as the heretic squeals.
> Ilovemyjob.happy
> then notice the.... cogboy walking towards us.
> waitwut.confusion
> something's off here.
> cogboys and black templars HATE each other.
> they never forgave us for grimaldus' stunt with the ordinatus.
> why the fuck is he happy to see us?
> vox brother ephraim over encrypted channel
Brother... something's off here. Cogboys would sooner die than express joy at the sight of a black templar. Be on guard.
>be old man
>be alcoholic
>be absolutely insane
>sees bolter bitches
>stumble towards them
Hey can you spare a man some of those shiny things for an old war venteran
File: 60uGUz0.png (2.03 MB, 707x1000)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
> turn to the man
Eh? Define "shiny things"
> charity is a virtue after all.
> but if he wants my boltgun or my ammo I'll have to decline.
You know those things you use to get other not so shiny things
> ohhhh...
> he wants money.
> theemperorprovides.alms
> hand him about 30 thrones.
Here you are sir. Please get off the street. It's not safe out here right now.
> make the sign of the aquilla
Emperor bless you sir.
>Captain seems reliable
>His plan isn't overly elaborate, but it makes sense and is easy to follow
>He kept me and this veteran around with a few others
>Sent other groups out to scout for survivors
>Can't say I like not having chimeras and a full force around, but hey, so far so good
>Guess I can maintain my autogun while we wait
>Not that there's much I can do for this piece of junk to help its reliability
>See the guardsman working on an autogun
>Fucking administratum, can't even provide proper lasguns
>Take one of the spare axe-rifles and bring it over to him
"Hey kid, thought you might want a real weapon"
>grabs throne
>think she wants to through him out of his “house”
Hey your not my landlord you can’t evict me
>Look at the axe-rifle, then at my autogun
>Piece the autogun back together as fast as I can before taking the new weapon
"Thank you, Sir. I'll put it to good use."
>The fuck is this thing he gave me?
>Should be better than my autogun at least
> look at the man concerned
> whatthefuck.vox
sir.... do you not realize what is happening?
> by the emperor, he's drunk off his ass isn't he?
> oh throne.
Sir, I'm not you landlord, I'm a sister of battle, and I'm ordering you to find shelter. It is not safe to be outside right now.
>looks at her confused
Wait is everything on fire again. Did one of those cults somehow summoned another demon

>Be Chaos Cultist
>Shitshitshitshit he saw the tattoo
>I'm so dead so dead so fuuuuuuuuucking dead
>Only one option left
>"Oh! Come and see everyone! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I'm being repressed!"
>Suddenly a squid-faced monster materializes from the walls of the alley overhead and lunges down at the Deathwatch marines below with massive human like hands stretched out and a score of long greenish-grey tentacles with red sucking mouths stretching out from its abdomen
No sir, a real weapon would be a meltagun, that shit could even cut through space marine power armor with ease.
I would prefer a long-las due to it's range and its major boost of power due to the hot-shot pack it uses, but a meltagun even a meltapistol is a force to be reckon with.
File: Calixis Axe Rifle.jpg (90 KB, 1024x576)
90 KB
One of these but a lasgun
>Look at Mack
>Lift up my own axe-rifle
"Meltaguns are in short supply, and these work well in the sort of close quarters combat my regiment specialises in"
File: 1458689411338.jpg (124 KB, 349x547)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
> holyemperorwhat.ambush
> sidestep the outstretched hand and shove chainsword through its throat.
> fucking rude, you don't interrupt people when they're talking.
> tear chainsword out of its throat and chokeslam it onto the still spinning blades.
> getfuckeddaemon.rekt
>Looks at axe-rifle
I still would prefer a long-las, but I won't deny the fact that an axe-rifle would work well in melee.
>Be squidface monster
>Gurgle loudly at Black Templar Deathwatch marine as head comes clean off
>headless body turns and lunges forward again, tentacles from its abdomen spitting some sort of yellow acidic bile at his chest plate armor as it starts swinging wild haymaker punches at his body
>squid-like head gets up on its feeder tendrils and throws itself at his left kneecap, latching on and trying to melt/bite the armor off
> ow.shit
> punch lands and sends me into a wall.
> grab head and chuck it as hard as superhumanly possible into a wall, watching as it turns into a puddle.
> getupfromthatbitch.satisfaction
> see the tentacles forming from the neck, and then see the acid melting the concrete where I was standing.
> huh, the punch knocked me out of the way of its bile.
> it's uncoordinated then.
> good.
> wickedgrin.vox
> leap onto its back as the body attempts to get its bearing.
> begin tearing out the tentacles and such as it screeches in pain.
> begin firing my boltgun until I can see through its chest.
>Turning the weapon over in my hands
>This seems both practical and ridiculous
>All that weight is gonna make it a bitch to aim
>Man, what I wouldn't give for a longlas or hotshot lasgun

>They are potential enemy and one of them looks particularly suspicious of me. I must have made a mistake. Since I don't want them to know how strong I really am, I'll just stand by and pretend I don't know how to defend myself very well.
>I will need to examine those creatures later. Where does it came from, how does it work and why is it here?

Even if I can't amout to that much in a fight, if your equipment needs repair, I would be happy to be of assistance. After all, being with you is safer than being alone for now.
File: Repressor2.jpg (41 KB, 757x385)
41 KB
>Be me
>Sister Mallory
>Riding in the Repressor's turret keeping the heavy flamer ready to roast anything that moves
>Look down at Canoness Helga and Sister Victoria
>"Wouldn't it be safer to discuss everything INSIDE and bombarding the cult site with Exorcist missiles instead of standing out here talking to heretics?"
>A plan begins to form in my head
"You two, with me, we're going looking for better gear"
>Gather up a few more men
>Leave one of my veterans in charge while I'm gone
>Start walking down the street
>There's another guard barracks down the street
>And it looks relatively intact
>Wonder when my luck will run out
Understood sir.
>Climbs out of fox hole
Come on man
>Gives Johnny a hand
Also by the way, my name is Mack, whats yours?
>Be squid-face monster
>Head explodes into yellow acid and melts a hole in the wall
>body continues flailing as some its tentacles are ripped out and its chest is shot through with bolt rounds
>Large, milk eyes open on its thighs and it suddenly lurches backward, slamming its wounded torso into the wall behind it with the force of a half-strength thunderhammer
>wounded throat lets out a loud gurgling wail that echoes in the streets in a mindless cry for aid
>Pull myself from the foxhole
>Not too excited leaving good cover behind
>Loot better be worth it
"My name's John. Most of the guys call me Johnny."
>Sling both my weapons over my shoulder
>Never such a thing as overequipped
>I'd carry an earthshaker if the Emperor granted me the strength
> she turns away from the old man and walks back to the repressor.
> she snags up a meltagun on the way over
> climbs up into the repressor.
> look at Mallory and smile slightly.
> still shaking slightly.
> fuckingdaemons.ptsd
Shall we go hunt a god sister?
>be random cultist #349
>overheard theirs a new guy in charge
>also hears he’s throwing a potluck
>sees space marine fighting with a demon
>also sees one of your fellow cultist
>signal him to get the fuck out of their

>Be Canoness Helga
>Glare at Sister Mallory
>Just because you're the most wholesome member of my convent doesn't mean you're allowed to mouth off
>Follow Sister Victoria into the Repressor and swap my flamer out for a combi-Flamer
>Turn as I hear loud gurgling scream echoing off the streets
> wothitme.daze
> shake off the stars in my eyes and use the momentum to slam the monster into the concrete.
> damn this fucker is tough
> whywon'tyoufuckingdie.frustration
> bring up chainsword and plunge it into its.... thigh eye?
> what the fuck?
> see other.... thigh eye.
> shoot that one ass well
> place boot on crotch.
> grab one leg with each hand.
> with a "crack" and a fleshy squelch they're wrenched off.
> fucking bitch.

>Be 3rd generation hybrid of the cult of the Four-armed Emperor
>Alright, which fucker started the uprising early?
>We barely even got a foothold on this paradise world and its going into hell
>Patriarch's absolutely livid
>the cult's nowhere near ready
>Seriously, what the frak are these weird squidfaced, tentacle bellied, thigh-eyed creatures running around terrorizing the populace
>Crack open window and squint out into the rain to see one of the monsters get brutally murdered...
>By a Space Marine in all-black armor
>Slam window shut and hide, hoping I wasn't spotted
>I can hear more of the things coming in the distance.
>The Brood Mind is NOT happy about any of this
>We didn't even get a chance to infect one of those slatterny Adepta Sororitas chicks yet!
>Has taken residence in a countryside church
>While large, the place is lacking in ornamentation
>The creature that was summoned has slowly made the place its own
>Finally it has what it most needed: A set of clothes not unlike those it usually wears during its more... Spontaneous appearances
>while the threads of fate have gone in a way that will delay his plans in now distant past, the now more fully manifested avatar of madness is pleased with the progress of events, for even if it is just this one church for now, his kingdom is once more in his grasp
Soon... All the masks will come off. Prepare, my faithful followers... Soon all the lies will be torn down, and the truth will be revealed to all.

>monster lets out a final gurgle of pain and then goes limp, completely dead this time
>Gurgling wails start filling the air as more squid-faced monsters start roaming the streets
>Some of them are dragging out civilians and violently ripping off their faces
>Loud gurgling noises sound like: "DEVOMER NEEB SAH KSAM RUOY"
File: Templar.jpg (29 KB, 304x301)
29 KB
> panting a little at the effort exerted from destroying the armor.
> why the fuck is the rest of the team never around when you need them?
> look to see more of the fuckers in the streets.
> you'vegottabeshittingme.voxcast
> reload boltgun.
> walk into street...
> time for a very stupid fucking stunt.
> open fire with boltgun, aiming for thighs, heads, and chest.
>still standing atop the heretic when something attacks Wilhelm
>Don't even turn around, I'm sure he's got it
>Why are there still fighting noises?
>"Wilhelm, are you alright? You're a Deathwatch Astartes not a Guardsman, how long could it possibly take you to kill a single man-sized foe?"
>And why is that Techpriest still with us?
>Didn't he ask for protection?
>Holy emperor there's more
>a lot more
>Wilhelm fucking charges all of them
>Tell the Techpriest to watch the heretic, I'll help Wilhelm deal with this
>sees unholy monstrosity
>it’s that time of the year
>starts to run away
Hey sisters I suggest you run away it’s definitely that time of year
More flesh roaming on paved stones. A horde of them as gathered and you are still wondering why I need protection?

>Stands behind the astartes, leaving them to deal with the horrors.
>squidfaced monsters all turn at the sound of Mordreds voice as several of them get hit by boltrounds, but not enough to bring any of them down
>In unison:
>Start lumbering toward Deathwatch marine in unison, picking up speed with each step
>magdump into enemy horde, many of them stagger and fall but it's clear they're not dead
>rush into close combat, cleave straight through the first one
>yellow bile and black blood sprays everywhere
>suddenly grabbed from behind
>one of them has me in its grip
>wrestle it, this fucker's got a strong grip
>simply throw myself onto it
>satisfying crunch/splat noise is heard
>but now my backpack's all melty
>If that reactor fails I am absolutely boned, there is no way anyone on this foggy, rainsoaked dirtball of a planet can fix something of MK X Tacticus pattern
>also dealing with shit like this without my armor is not an option
File: Johnny_Get_the_Napalm.jpg (15 KB, 199x300)
15 KB
> about to close door to repressor, hear old man yell something.
> By rogal's fuckstick why the hell isn't he.... indoors...
> see >>62790133
> ohfuckmylife.vox
> raise melta and open fire.
>Streets are quiet, this is very concerning
>Reach the barracks unscathed
>I don't like this
>Order the men to go in and find whatever weapons they can that might be useful, especially the heavy ones
>Keep a few with me to watch the entrance
>the creature, empowered by all the death and madness, begins to spread its influence, slowly but surely twisting the church and everything around it into otherworldly shapes and colours that do not belong in this reality
>from its flesh, more and more monstrosities spawn as the Avatar of Madness takes its place on a throne of pulsating meat
Now... Let the truth devour them all.
>now, unless stopped, the irreversible corruption of this planet is inevitable... Although that will take weeks at the current rate, the city is little more than half a day away from its doom

>be squidface monsters
>some go down after getting hit by space marine chainswords and mag-rounds
>more keep attacking, trying to rip off Ephraim's helm and 'remove his mask'
>They start hitting with the force of a charging Ogryn, trying to tear brother Ephraim apart like some kind of children's toy

>A squid-faced monster takes a melta shot to the face and topples over dead and smouldering on the ground
>Several others turn toward the tanks and start chanting:
>A few gurgle in pain as its arms stretch out into huge, fleshy appendages and swings one of them down on the ground, leaving a crater in the rain-soaked street where it hit
>Start lumbering toward the Sisters of Battle tanks in an unhurried shuffle, as if in no rush to fight just yet.

>Three squid-face monsters the size of Ogryns lumber out of the alleyways behind the soldiers and start shuffling toward them, mumbling:
"ksam evomer... ffo emoc lliw sksam eht lla... tear down the lies and reveal the truth..."
>Their eyes glow an eerie, almost maddening yellow as they walk
Squidfaced-monster anon here. Feel free to use these as needed to keep the thread going.
>As I wait for my men I hear chanting down the street
>Look to see marines and sororitas fighting off some warp abominations
>Order the men to hurry up and then get out and help
>Charge towards them with the men I have with me
>Seing the astartes having difficulty fighting such creatures and even worse seeing their equipment being melt by the blood of said creature, it was clear that it is due time that he must do something.

May I suggest tactical retreat while we assess the situation? Aiming for their legs and arms while fleeing might prove to be our best option...
>struggling with this fight, there's so many of them and every single one is a fucking tough bastard
>one is tugging on my helmet, I think it's going to rip it off
>suddenly, guardsmen
>A well-placed lasgun shot burns a perfectly circular hole into it's skull as it topples over
>free myself from the other one still holding on to me, crush its chest with an angry stomp

>probably not a bad idea
>See the Marine performing a tactical retreat
>Order my men to provide covering fire
>Shout that we have a safe-ish location nearby
>be cult leader
>begins writing a speech for the meeting with the other cultist
>overhear about your masters inhuman servants
>make a backup plan Incase some of the cultists refuse your master’s gifts
Bumping before I go to sleep, don't let the thread die
File: 20180911_030125.png (60 KB, 300x300)
60 KB
> fire meltagun at a few more of the monsters.
> laugh as I watch them burn.
> Then see how many there are.
> thisisabadidea.mistake
> time for a fighting withdrawal.
> begin backing up slowly but surely, firing my meltagun all the while.
> how many of these fucking things are there?
>be old man
>be hiding in the actual dumpster that is your home
>sees sister of battle from earlier
>motions her to get in the dumpster
File: 1239948305560.jpg (116 KB, 500x965)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>Even when trying their best to escape those monstruosities's grasp, it is quite clear that the group won't be able to escape the horrors, even less making it to a safe zone.
>The Heretek in disguise sighs as he realises that he must act, even if no one will surely notice. He presses a hidden button on his arm and hopes for the best.
>In a distant alley further and further away from the group by the seconds, a particular servitor activates. It was awaiting its masters orders and the electric shock running through its spine made it scream in pain. Scream that had the purpose of baiting and gathering all the monsters nearby.
>That servitor wasn't like any other for it has not been mind wiped. Its owner's cruelty was that he installed only mechanical parts for either fighting, restraining undesired movement and control any words out of its mouth. The servitor was none other than the local lord's niece captured by Nox.
>As the creatures slowly began to chase after his new toy, Nox let out another sigh. He would have love to see how effective his new toy is, but alas her "sacrifice" would not be in vain.
>The creature stops for a moment, the progress of its spreading corruption halted in the countryside
>The nightmarish monstrosities it was preparing for later too cease from emerging from its flesh
>a short, gleeful laugh emanates from under the robes it has donned as it stands to address the head priest of its cult
I sense... A kindred spirit. Touched by madness, welcoming its gift... He has not accepted me, and he still wears the mask, the falsehood of sanity. Go, my most loyal of sevants... Take all that you need... Your cultists, my spawn... Anything you need to bring him here... Alive. Bring me Nox, cloaked in crimson and cowering behind lies.
>The creature laughs maniacally, returning to its throne as dust dances around it and creatures made of its own flesh lurk in the shadows, awaiting their new master's commands
Understood my lord I’ll bring him to you
>leave with five of your freed brethren
>command half of your master’s inhuman servants to help you search for this Nox
>Shoot las-gun at heretics
>be squidfaced monsters
>stop what your doing
>start looking for a tech priest
>ignore the masked ones you’ll deal with them all later
>Fall in next to my new battle buddy
>Lift up my autogun
>I cleaned it not too long ago, so it should be fine
>Besides, I'm more familiar with it
>Dump my first 20round mag into the heretics
>Drop the empty mag and start to reload
>be eccentric inquisitor
>be sent down to investigate rumors of chaos worshippers and demons
>sees demons roaming the streets
>also see several Astartes and sisters of battle run from these creatures
>desides to hide and observe these demons
File: Sisters Purge TIME.jpg (63 KB, 613x599)
63 KB

>Be Canoness Helga
>Be with Mallory and Victoria in Repressor tank, purging daemons as we roll through the city with 4 Exorcists behind us
>By the Emperor, these aren't like any daemons I've ever seen
>Suddenly the squidfaced monsters break off, heading in a different direction
>Notice weird, otherworldly lights in the distance
>Wait a second
>That's in the direction of one of the town's churches

>Be me
>Sister Mallory
>Burning squidfaced monsters with the flamer mounted on the Repressor's turret
>Hear aloud, painful scream in the distance
>That sounded like a young girl
>Want to jump out of Repressor and track her down but Canoness is yelling about a church
>Look in the direction she's pointing and see weird, otherworldly lights
Bump for the dark gods before I return to slumber like Cthulhu
>making a tactical retreat together with the guardsmen when I see a platoon of Sorotitas APCs roll by dousing my surroundings in fire
>want to yell at them to wait for us when out of nowhere, a cry of pain so loud and so pityful even Khorne would feel compassion
>it also sounded like a little girl
>"What was that! Innocents are in dang-
>Wilhelm taps my Pauldron
>he then points at the sky in the direction the transports were heading
>that looks bad
>sorry little girl, we'll save you later
>if she's still alive by then...
File: Top-15_edited-1.jpg (124 KB, 657x520)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>The church is about half a hour's tank ride away
>the closer you get, the more abnormal the surroundings become
>the poisoned earth no longer grows natural life, what plants existed before having become dust from which new, otherworldly life feeds off of
>The once meager church, spacious but mostly unadorned, has changed too: the structure now extends beyond its original shape, and has taken appearance like a ruined palace of oddly coloured stone and shattered windows of crystal
>Only at the foot of the place that used to be the local church do you meet resistance: A creature of mangled flesh and jutting bone guards the gate, its form a twisted imitation of humanity
>What is this abomination?
“Squad. Form a semicircle.”
>All of my marines and I quickly form a half-ring around the beast.
>All of our bolters, flamers, and whatever guns my marines brought open up upon the thing.
>They keep firing, only pausing to reload.
>the beast shudders, its flesh being torn and its bones broken by the barrage
>Yet it does not fall, the wounds knitting themselves shut and the bones growing back, its form further twisted and mangled by every injury it recovers from
>The beast's maw opens wide and a low rumble emanates from it, slowly turning into words under the continued gunfire
Who knocks upon the door of the beggar lord, ruler of the deranged, the avatar of madness, god of the insane, son of the void, the King in Rags and Tatters?
>as the abomination speaks, I feel inclined to answer
>it's almost forced out of me
>"We are servants of the god-emperor of mankind, the most devoted sheep of the greatest of shepherds. We ask to be granted an audience with your lord or we will grant us one ourselves. Now open that gate!"
>I feel a strange feeling towards the creature, one I've not felt in a long time
>Is it... fear?
>walk towards the thing at a brisk pace, either that door swings open or that thing'll not have anything left to regenerate by the time I'm done with it
>be cult leader with a bit of power from a being that’s older than the universe
>finally found that damn tech priest
>sees he’s being guarded by a monstrosity of flesh and metal
So you must be nox. My lord has demanded me to bring you to his court.

>My full name is Noximillian Horatius. I have been calling myself Nox to make my name sound intimidating. I am already in hiding and spreading my name is the last thing I want to do right now. So how does those abominations even found out about me? They're putting me between an hammer and a hard place if they reveal too much.
>Getting away from here without an escort would be dangerous... no, because they target me it is essential. Unfortunately they seem to want to go inside. What should I do? What can I do?
>I think for now I should be the distrust to xenos and the likes card.

We should be prudent. They seem like they want to separate us, maybe even put us against each other with doubts and deceptions.
>let out a small chuckle
As fun it would be to see you all tear each other apart limb by limb. I have must more pressing matters and my lord did tell me to bring you alive so theirs no reason to try to kill you
... The King accepts your request for an audience. Enter, sheep of the shepherd, servants of the undying soul.
>At this, I order my marines to halt their fire.
“Then lead us in.”
>I light up another lho stick and put it in my mouth.
>Now it is time to see how fucked we are if we don’t stop this.
I’ll lead you guys to my lord. You see the layout of the church is a bit complex so you’ll need a guide
>motions the herald to step aside
File: 1540374995688.jpg (477 KB, 1600x1600)
477 KB
477 KB JPG

>Be Canoness Helga
>Be in Repressor with Victoria and Mallory, watching as the traitor Astartes and Deathwatch fire on the abomination in front of us
>Grab a pair of Inferno pistols from the Repressor's tiny armory and get out to join them with my combi-flamer
>Or I could just have the four Exorcist tanks just start bombarding this clearly corrupted church and the abomination in front of it with the Emperor's holy fury
>Yeah, that sounds good
>Wait, why are the Space Marines not firing anymore?
>Peek around the side of the Repressor
>Traitors I get, but Brother Ephraim and Brother Mordred?!
>Get on voxbead as I climb on top of the Repressor and point the combi-flamer at the cult leader
>It appears that the Canoness is cross with our attempts at infiltration.
>I turn around.
“The new god has allowed us to parley. Perhaps we can reason with it.”
>Grab grenade when I say reason.
>I do hope she understands.

>Those monstruosities wants me inside. Am I better protected with the space marines, inside the belly of a best who clearly wants me in particular, or outside with as much crazy sisters of battle?
>Maybe I should slowly step back a little, and see what happens...
Now Canoness I recommend you drop your weapons, we don’t want anyone to lose their heads, at least not yet
And Kassomon I understand your concern but it’s unneeded I ensure you. So please put away the grenade actually better yet, everyone put down your weapons they won’t be needed here.
>I lay down my belt grenade and bolter.
“Take us in, then.”

>Be Canoness Helga
>Drop my weapons
>Drop my weapons
>"The God-Emperor will rise from his Golden Throne before I drop my weapon in the face of a heretic like you."
>Seriously considering ordering the Exorcists to open fire and turn this corrupted church into rubble
>Content to wait outside and hold my ground while the traitors and Deathwatch go in and then bombard the place
>Oh yeah, the Canoness might not like this, religious zealotry and all
>vox her over an encrypted channel
>"Canoness I know this sounds like a terrible and possibly heretical idea but maybe we can reason with... well whatever it is, our weapons didn't seem to work all that well. If not we can still blow the church to imperium come when the time comes. Infact maybe get one of the Sisters to plant explosives while the rest of us are inside"
>the heretic who seems to be the new cult leader asks us to leave our weapons beforw we head inside
>"You may have my rifle and pistol, but I swore an oath to my chapter to never let go of this blade. If that doesn't sit well with you I am afraid you will be the next to taste it's bite."
>Leave half my marines pointing guns at the canoness.
“To dissuade any backstabbing. I trust you won’t drop the place on top of us? You have to be more honorable than that.”
Fine you can keep your little toy, just keep it seethed when we’re inside
>open the doors to the church
>you see inside the church to see a large empty room with hundreds of doors coating the walls
Now stay close and don’t wander. I don’t want to spend rest of the week looking for your corpse.
File: 14307417841195.jpg (108 KB, 708x942)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Sir is it me, but is the Adeptus Astartes and Adepta Sororitas talking to the heretic?

>Unfortunately, it looks like I can't escape this situation. Luckily for me, it is not like I can "disarm" myself of my Mechadendrite. If one of them gets too close, I'll snap their neck in a flash. I wish I had the time to fully restore my right hand, but I must admit I had quite some fun "improving" that flesh bag I got earlier.
>Steps a bit more to the back. Ever so slowly and discreet.
> What the fuck?
> this..... god wants to parley?
> thisisnew.surprise
> hmmmm.....
> let's hear it
> if we don't like what it has to say we can always call in exterminatus
> hear the order to leave our weapons outside
> chuckle slightly and raise my hands to show the devotion chains
Good luck with that. These have to be melted off with a blowtorch, I don't even have the key. I left it on the ship.
This thread is on life support and the ten people who actually care about it refuse to pull the plug
> Be me
> Sister Superior Victoria Samson of the Order of Golden Light
> whatamouthful.litany
> hear the orders to drop my weapons.
> go back inside the Repressor,
> that god said he took an "interest" in me....
> Idontlikewherethisisgoing.ptsd
> if it saves the people of the planet however....
> notice an old friend on the seat
> my power claymore!
> see a note attached
> pick it up to read it
> "Victoria, found this in one of the holds of a rogue trader ship during the Tiddius Majoris debacle. Took a while to to get it fixed, thought it would make a good gift. Thanks for staying with us for this long. -Mallory and Gwyndolin"
> smile and make a mental note to get them both something nice as repayment.
> maybe take them both to that nice seafood restaurant next time we're off duty?
> do they even like seafood?
> do we even get days off?
> maybe get Mallory a multi-melta...
> hmmm..... probably should go somewhere off planet.
> didn't that space station have that nice restaurant off planet?
> hmmm....
> it does cost like a year's worth of my sallary.
> wait do we even get paid?
> whatdoespaymean.vox
> oh by the emperor why is this so hard.
> I mean, Gwyn was looking to get some olive oils for.... some reason.
> noneofmybusiness.tea
> meh I'll get them both gifts and take them out to that restaurant off-world after this is all over.
> now I need to get something nice to wear.
> all I have are robes.
> dealwithitlater.focus.

>Be Canoness Helga
>"The four Exorcists should have enough firepower to bring down the ceiling if needed. Go with the God-Emperor Brother Ephraim... and try not to get yourself killed. Sister Angela will never let me hear the end of it if she gets back and finds out you died here while she was away."
>Quietly pray to the God-Emperor that Brother Ephraim doesn't somehow get us all killed.
>Death glare at traitor astartes as they point bolters at her.
>Its like they don't trust me or something
>The gate into the throne room opens
>beyond the doors, what used to be the altar has been replaced with a vast, empty room with only a throne to fill the space
>on it sits the King, waiting
>I walk to the King and kneel before him.
>I adjust my armour accordingly as I walk over, it seems I became disheveled.
>kneels before your master
It is good to see you my lord. I have brought Nox as you commanded and unscathed too
Be welcome, travelers, into my kingdom... What, pray tell, are you here for?
>The creature tilts its head as if to express emotion that its face cannot show
Good... I commend your work, my most faithful of servants. Now, come. Stand at my side.
As you wish my lord
>stands up and walk beside throne
>Leap up, shove my psy-burn grenade I had hidden within my power armour down whatever kind of orifice this thing has, and pull the pin.
>All of my marines pull their hidden grenades and throw them, creating a cloud of anti-daemonic gas.
>you command a series of tentacles to constrain the space marine with one the tentacles wrapped around it’s neck
Now this is why I told you to put away the damn grenades.
> silently follow the astartes
> it said it would take an interest in me.
> power claymore at my waist
> see the traitor astartes attack the thing with their strange grenades.
> turn to the astartes
just.... watch for now.
> it stopped bolter rounds and shook off having a chainsword sticking out of its neck.
> whatever this is cannot be killed through conventional means.
>Emperor damn it I wanted to reason with that thing
>well have fun with that whole "killing a god" thing heretic, I'm outta here
>point at the cult leader
>"Where's the way out? We're all gonna die if we don't make it out of here in the next..."
>how long will it take Helga to react to this?
>"5 seconds!"
>Turns to Priest
Sir, I suggest calling for more back up.
>Whispers: I also would call in an exterminatus ship to go by stand by of this planet becomes corrupted beyond redemption
What are you talking about? You all are not going to die? Wait what going to happen in the next 5 seconds?
>"you remember those Sororitas outside right? Well they rigged the place with enough explosives to make a melta bomb look like a firecracker and that Canoness has a very itchy trigger finger..."
>run over to him
>"out of here, NOW!"
what the fuck happened there? Also can't delete it, fucking hell 4chan
Ok everyone out Now
>you see dozens of cultist pour out of the doors and out the main gate
>turns to the space marine
Ok the exit is right over there. Now if you excuse me I have to escort my lord out of here
>picks the king of rags and tatters
>runs as fast he can
>accidentally loose the idiot who tried to literally kill god
> sprint out of the building.
> fuckthisday.ptsd
> emperor dammit I don't need this.
> get picked up by Mordred as he jumps out a window.
> whatthefuck.vox
>book it out of there
>massive explosion, Helga can be heard laughing maniacally, she's clearly having a great time
>I'd light a cigar right about now but the apothecary said something about that being "unhealthy"
>oh yeah, the cult is probably mad
>and that "herald" thing is still there
>See >>62807605, >>62807536, and dozens of cultist leave the Building
You know what fuck this!
>Starts shooting at the cultists
>Escape through the church with marines.
>Walk out with our hands up so we are not accosted.
“We forced a rout. I believe that counts as a victory.”
>See Mack start firing
>Order the rest of the men to follow suite
>Send out a vox message to the rest of my forces to get her pronto
>Lower axe-rifle, start firing
>sees your brenthen being gunned down as your holy temple turning into a pile of ash
>finally snap
You know I’m done with this bullshit, I’m done being civil. You know I’ll just slaughter each of every one you bastards
>summon hundreds of those squidfaced monstrosities
>Sees hundreds of those squidfaced monstrosities
>Starts walking and shooting at the monsters
File: DVH-mE_UMAAd22e.jpg (173 KB, 1200x675)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
> still holding the sister in my arms.
> gently set her on the ground
> turn to the astartes
...... you just attacked someone who might have convinced to leave peacefully traitor.
> move everyone away from the traitor and then look at the fucking idiots opening fire.
> god. fucking. dammit.
> you fucking idiots.
> order them to cease fire.
> glare at idiotic pdf troopers.
> whack >>62807801 upside the head and knock him unconcious
> be me
> gently get up from the ground
> fuckingtraitors.ptsd
> ruining everything
> see the black templar knock the pdf trooper out
> ranting about manners.
> whatthefuck.vox
> just want the fucking "god" to leave
> preferably before the exterminatus happy bastards show up
> fuckthoseguys.grudge
> dammit I just want this to end peacefully.
>Damn loyalists. There is no reasoning with a god.
>calls back your master’s spawn
Fine I will try to be civil but I am warning I am very close to literally killing almost every single person on this whole planet
>I point an open hand at him.
“You think this can be reasoned with? What are you, a closet traitor? We’re looking for marines, you know.”
You literally just tried to kill me, my fellow cultists, and a being that makes your chaos gods look like small animals in comparison
> a being that makes your chaos gods look like small animals in comparison
>Look at the marine order a ceasefire
>Lower my rifle, order my men to surround the area, but stop firing
"What is going on here!"
>>62808315 orders everyone to stop firing
>Stops firing
>MFW when we're told not to fire
>Soul: But but... they're fucking heretics! Rule one with dealing with heretics, Step 1: Spot and Step 2: Kill them.
File: 1318570400974.jpg (41 KB, 385x415)
41 KB
Well done, servants of the young Gods. You have ruined my home.
>The creature floats above the remains of the palace, dust dancing around it
Now... I believe this means you are here to banish me. Interesting... All the things I could show you... You humans never stop surprising me in new ways. One day, all you want is to know more, the next to forget... To change or stay the same... This is exactly why I must understand. Show me... What you are behind those masks.
>This is definately fucking heresy
>Hold onto my Aquila pendant
>The Emperor protects
>Point my axe-rifle at the thing
"What is your name, creature?"
I am called by many names... The King in Rags and Tatters... The Wanderer in the Dust... The Radiant King... But above all else... I am one of the Seven Devils of Dread Calyx.

>Be me
>Sister Mallory
>This cultist leader is claiming his 'god' makes the chaos gods look like small animals by comparison
>That's heresy twice
>Once for mentioning the chaos gods openly, two for implying your false god is more powerful than the holy God-Emperor
>Shoot a glare a the traitor Astartes and quietly turn the Repressor's heavy flamer in his direction
>Suddenly weird being rises out of the palace
>"Show me... What you are behind those masks."
>Clutch my head as a strange pain starts to fill my head
>By the Throne it hurts!
>Make it stop!
>Someone make it stop!
>Start frantically mouthing the Prayer of Resolve to try and clear my head
>Rolls eyes
In other words, some "god" no one but yourself and your servants care nor know about.
Whats else you're going to tell us. You're all-knowing, you're the strongest thing out there, you give us want we want as long we forever obey you, you've been watching us in the shadow and now you decide to come out and rear our ugly head.
“Brother Lysan? My chainsword.”
>Brother Lysan, the good man he is, brings me my anti-daemon chainsword.
“I challenge you to a duel. To the death. No tricks, no surprises, just a good, old fashioned melee to the death.”
> scream as my head begins exploding in pain
> fall to my knees as my head is filled with incomprehensible things.
> I don't..... I can't
> painisallIknow.ptsd
> please... make it stop...
>I don't believe this thing is a god, but it scares me
>I can hear it, even when it isn't speaking
>Pull myself together
"Soldiers of the Imperium, we will send this foul abomination back to the abyss!"
>Start firing, ordering my men to do the same
> look on in concern as the sisters fall to the ground and begin screaming.
> this king in rags and tatters is clearly not good for their pysche
ENOUGH. King in rags and tatters.... whatever you are is clearly not meant for us. Leave. Now. This planet has suffered enough, it need not escalate further lest we draw the inquisition's attention, then we all die, along with the planet.
>Be me
>Private John Dough
>Captain says open up
>Opening up
>Good time to try out the new axe-rifle too
>>62809293 and >>62809369 and the other starts firing upon the so called god
Finally, people with fucking common sense!
>Starts unloading las-gun on>>62808566
Come at my you worthless DEAMON!!
>Walk towards it
Quite an active imagination you have... I am but a gear in the all-encompassing plan set in motion so very long ago... I did not even intend to be here, at this time. But now that I am, I may as well bring forth the Kingdom I was destined to rule.
Such... Fragile things, you humans. I wonder how much more will break you.
Such bravery... Most men flee in terror from my visage.
>The creature's flesh is torn and almost immediately knit together under the gunfire, clearly far from invulnerable but more firepower will be needed to take it down...
>The creature descends, standing still under constant barrage, inviting Kassomon to come forth
... Is there a reason for me to do so? Even if this physical form is turned to dust, I am immortal. What do I have to gain from departing? What have you to offer?

>Be Canoness Helga
>Fuck my head is exploding in pain
>Drop to one knee on top of the Repressor and use the combi-flamer as a crutch to keep myself stable
>Start chanting the Prayer of Resolve as loud as I can to get my subordinates to channel their faith and force their way through the pain and focus on the task at hand
>Task at hand being hitting that abomination with all the firepower we have
>If they can get them do that we should be able to muster enough firepower to kill that thing.
>And probably the traitor astartes
>Not that the latter dying would be a bad thing
>It's not really friendly fire if we're just allies of convenience after all.
>Barely aware that the PDF forces are firing
>I step forwards and enter a defensive position.
“Swing first.”
> glare at the thing
you live, and we live. The inquisition will burn this entire planet to the ground to see you banished. Would you really risk such a fate after having just been awoken?
> by the emperor what am I doing
> somuchheresy.betrayal
> but I made an oath to protect the people of the imperium.
> chivalry.honor
> there will be much prayer after this.
I know... I have a duel to honor. If I win, I will agree to leave, and take all of my servants and spawn with me... After I have a few minutes alone with Nox. If I lose... I will depart. I still have a destiny to fulfill, after all.
>Clumsily swings its arm at him, even if its physical body is impossibly powerful, the creature is clearly not used to it
>I rev my chainsword and swing it into the arm.
>I attempt to get it’s head on the backswing.
>As clumsy as the creature seems to be, it does have impressive speed
>it dodges away from the second swing, although it loses a large chunk of its arm
>It immediately begins to grow back, as the Creature goes for its next swing
>Let is hope this creature has genitalia, and it can feel pain.
>I duck under and swing my chainsword into it’s crotch.
>Be me
>Finally finished satisfying my temptress of a Rouge Trader wife’s carnal desires & sexual fantasies
>Even after our marathon session of escapades my blood is still boiling hot, it courses through my veins and body filling me with that same sense of warmth I always get in the heat of battle or in the heat of... well, that needs no explanation
>My fellow Catachan Devil’s are gearing up checking their weapons, affixing their armor, flexing their guns, & sharpening their Catachan Knoife’s as we descend downwards breaking atmosphere in a blaze of heat with a resounding thundering crack we penetrate the clouds and make our descent aiming to make planetfall alongside friendly Imperial forces
>Take out a bloodstained photo of my family and smile reminiscent for a handful of seconds about my wife and our kids let off a tinge of a happiness ebb through me before snapping and drawing myself back to reality
>Tuck it into my vest pocket which lay over my heart, my dog tags swing back and forth due to the shaking of the transport with my wedding ring still attached to and resting upon it agaisnt my bare chest it’s held as an embodiment and exemplifying constant reminder to his loving, his numerous handful children, & dedicated relationship
>A tinge of sweat comes across his brow he wipes it away and refastens the bandana tied around both his head and right elbow levying his volley gun the doors to the amalgamated aircraft resembling an hybridized Valkyrie for Warhammer & Pelican from Halo open up as the side and back door ramp opens a continuous stream of auto cannon and Heavy Bolter Fire directly hitting Abomination with a series of cascading spirals and torrents of overwhelming firepower
>Meanwhile we all rappel and leap landing unto the ground finding cover and taking ahold of the sisters of battle and the cannoness as we go falling back to a more safe and defensible position with localized & clear fields of fire
>takes a step back, abnormally colored blood flowing out of the wound
I see... Hatred... Vengeance? Truly, you are like the Seventh Devil. Lashing out at those you blame for your suffering.
>Tears off the damaged arm, the stump beginning to regrow slowly
It seems I cannot sustain this body much longer at this rate... Such limitations this form forces upon me.
>Runs at Kassomon, wildly swinging the severed arm like a club
>See a Heretic fight this abomination
>So confused
>Doesn't matter, he seems friendly for now
>Start trying to place shots in it's head as I advance forwards
>Gesture for my men to follow
“Look, it’s only because Lorgar fell to some gods that didn’t give a shit about him, then sat back doing fuck all but preach. So we left. We left and decided to kill ALL gods, manually or by destroying their religions. Humanity need not be divided over such things, and those gods who take advantage of their people deserve only scorn.”
>I swing at the midsection of the foul beast, attempting to fell it.
>Is struck right at the bottom of its ribs, cleaving it in half even as the improvised club smashes against Kassamon's side with enough force to crack his armor around the point of impact, the severed limb getting pulverized simultaneously
A shame... I had hoped to get a bit of a head start in building up my kingdom. But at least I now know... What lies behind your mask. Smile, vengeant one, for you have destroyed my physical form. Revel in your success as I return to my search of that place... Where the beginning shall end... And the End shall begin.
>The creature slowly turns to dust, the echo of one last mad cackle lingering in the air long after the corpse has vanished
>It’s done.
>I march with my marines back to a transport and take it up to a ship.
>I settle down at the bridge.
“Warp jump. We have temples to burn, gods to slay, and things to pillage.”
>I light up a lho stick as we leave.
“May those poor sods down below make it out alright.”
File: 1533916715414.png (961 KB, 1444x986)
961 KB
961 KB PNG

>Be Canoness Helga
>Prayer of Resolve finally breaks through the pain in my head as Harkus Straken shows up and starts evacuating the other Sisters
>Good. It's purgin' time!
>Jump over to one of the Exorcist tanks as one of the organ players
vacates her seat
>glare at the traitor Astartes as they escape.
>Looks around at the remaining squidfaced monsters and cultists
>Start playing the Exorcist organ, firing armor-piercing missiles in concert with the other Sisters from the organ launch tubes
>Grin like a madwoman as the missiles start raining down on this 'gods' remaining followers/abominations while the Emperor's heavenly music plays from the Exorcist loud hailers
> Watches >>62811211 play music while firing down rockets on the remaining squidfaced monsters and cultists
>Laughs like a mad man
>Looks at Priest, Johnny, and the rest
Come on! the Emperor smiles upon us this day!
Lets kills those who remains.
>Fire las-gun at cultist and monsters
>Metal upon metal screeching, a harsh sound to some, but a natural sound to me.
>Hard to avoid when you’re in a state such as me.
>I grasp my scepter and bring my court out onto the planet.
>A flash of green, then the sounds of an Exorcist firing.
>Just like home.
“Let’s get to work, shall we?”
>I order my guards to aid the sororitas.
>I wonder if they remember me?
>sees your fellow being slaughter
>distract them with a giant monstrosity
>lead the few remaining survivor off the planet
>plan for a way for your lord to return to the mortal realm once again
>mfw you summoned a giant monster
>Starts shooting at the monster

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