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New CYOA released. Please redo your character if you haven't already. And PLEASE tell me if I've missed your character in this list. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm so proud of you losers.

We are currently building a series' roster of characters using this yugioh cyoa. Here is the list of characters and roles. Unless anyone has any objections, I think it's time to close the openings for new characters.

Luca Stratos
>Main Girl
Isabella Bellamy
>Main Friend/Ally
John Dalliance
Edward Letrade
Ash Grayson
>Minor Villains
Chaser Chevall, Magnolia Macabre, Shively Devis, Ryu Helner, Anhuri
>Secondary Friends/Allies
Kazu Dorakyura, Niel Dunn, Cain, Luciano Leonora
>Contestants in the inevitable Tournament Arc
Yulian Viktorov, Eisen Cobb, Brock Brackmire, Caroline Leese, Benjamin Bonnet, Escaba Castiago, Veronica Skein

Previous Thread: >>63331889
Also, please post your character's complete profile *using the new cyoa* and including all lore/fluff, even if you posted it in the last thread. That way, I can redo the stats entries.
you mean the one in the OP picture or the one gil updated?
File: yugioh CYOA 0.jpg (6.44 MB, 1400x10000)
6.44 MB
6.44 MB JPG
I think anon wants the new one, but here is the "updated" image version
Whichever is newest.
so >>63403823?
that would be this >>63403823

Its time to p-p-p-post.

>Expert [+1 power, +1 resilience]
I may not be the best, but i know my deck inside and out.
Sorry you thought you could make any move without a plan being in place for it?
My deck is full of traps, but the trap monsters i use almost always have something to do with earth or metal.

Uria lord of searing flames and his kindling of traps.
>Duelists intuition
How else am i going to say "oh no, however will [the protagonist] win now?" and know what i mean?
>Power of friendship
I am the sidekick after all.
So perfect....[comedic romance plot ahoy](edited)
>Second fiddle
Damned protagonists, always beating me. I may have some flaws but come on!
May as well accept it.
>Arch rival
Any enemy of my pals an enemy of mine. that he may target my girl sucks. but fuck him he won't win

Power: 2
resilience: 6

I am tough, i can stall, i just need to put tons of continuious trap cards in my grave [like trap monsters] to fuel up Uria lord of searing flames.
Wait, why is >>63403473 so different from >>63403823? Which one do you want to use?
File: Cain.jpg (497 KB, 603x900)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Cain 1.02

[Character Stats]
>Luck - 1
>Destiny - 6
>Skill - 1
>Intuition - 3
[Deck Stats]
>Speed - 2
>Power - 6
>Control - 2
>Resilience - 6

[Character Trait]
[Primary Deck Trait]
[Deck Spirit]
A man cursed to walk the earth forever as punishment for killing his brother. Was once a Heroic before being cursed. Perhaps one day the curse will be broken and he can finally rest.
>Legendary Beast
>God Slayer
[Story Themes]
>Mystical Arts

I have no name. I can't remember where I came from either. All I remember is crawling my way up from the dirt to see a clear moonlight sky. All I had on my person was a heavy shawl and a thick rope around my neck with an odd container as an ornament. I opened it up and out spilled dozens of cards. The images all flashed before me. Evil eyes and dark flames. A large creature of shadow that extended into the sky over a graveyard, a creature made of bone with a horrible grin. Many of them were zombies. Creatures with rotting or dried flesh. Some digging their way out of the ground, like I had. One card had many stars, more than any other card. It had a large blood stain splattered across it. A deep red, as if fresh, but dry as bone. It looked like me, but not. He wore the shawl I wore, and held the necklace I held, but his skin covered in dark tattoos and strange symbols. His eyes were blood red and seemed to glow. He was more of a bronze while I was almost pale. His hair black while mine was white. He stood atop a hill, his arms outstretched to the blood red moon above him. In one hand the necklace I held, and in the other was a large bone carved into a point. When I looked close, I saw the hill he stood on was actually made of bodies on top of each other. The moon seemed to have a face that filled me with dread. It had a simple name. Only a single word. Cain.
Oh for fucks sake, I forgot to rewrite my fluff. Oh well. I'll also wait to post my cards again until after they've been rewritten.
I left the empty field I woke in, found a road and decided to follow it. I don't know how long I walked, but the sun was high in the sky by the time I realized. I realized it was day since someone had startled me. I didn't even hear them drive up, as I saw their truck parked behind me. She had short hair, a light tan. Her eyes bright, but full of worry.
"Are you alright?" She asked.
I nodded.
"What are you doing out here?"
I shrugged.
"Do you have a name?"
I paused. Then I looked up into her eyes.
"I am Cain." I said, my voice harsh and course.

Ever since that day she and her family have taken care of me. For that I am grateful. They've taught me much, but mostly about being a good person and how to farm. Anything related to her studies I seem to already know when I go to answer. I help her with homework and her parents with farming. For some reason whenever she talks about her late sister, I feel a great sorrow. It's isn't for this sister I never knew, but someone from the past I can't remember. I don't like that feeling. Something underneath it feels like it will consume me, images of me holding her dead body. I often drive those images away. To do that I taught myself how to use the cards I awoke with. She told me they were from a game she used to play. After getting her old cards we would play. It quickly became clear that I was a natural as I beat her without fail every time. She never did give up. Nowadays we don't play often, the farm is having tough times lately and everyone is always working. She doesn't seem very happy anymore. Not since her father got a letter about late bills. The other day on the TV I saw something about a card tournament for a large cash prize. I'll go. I'll win the money and make her smile again, to thank her for saving me. I swear I will. On the name I took when I met her.
I'm sorry, can we refrain from posting profiles until it's decided what version of the CYOA we should use?
We don't fucking know yet, but I vote for original.
Sue me. Everyone else redid theirs with the text only one.
I guess ill make a version for this one

Character Stats
Luck 3
Destiny 2
Skill 6
Intuition 1

Deck Stats
Speed 2
Power 6
Control 1
Resilience 3

>character traits
professional duelist

>Deck Trait

>Deck Spirit

Legendary Beast
Solid Construction

>Story themes
Mystic Arts

>end statrs

I think the original is better, the text-based one has some nice features but its rather poorly explained and formatted- and its a tad too "samey"- while the original has much more freedom
some issues I saw while making a build

>stat limits
there might be some, hell I think one references it- but if so they are awfully explained and so easy to reach

the seven makes in nearly impossible to spend all your points- since the rest of the costs are even

>arbitrary limits
WHY make it 30/30

why not just give 60 to spend as the player wants?

>deck spirit
largely meaningless faff in this one, doesent have any impact (filler section)

>story themes
utterly pointless in this one for the most part

some feel poorly explained or implemented

also the overall formatting is poor
I vote updated Gil one
Gils is definely prettier amd arguably better, the only upside mine would offer is the difference between deck and duellist.

In the one im posting tonight it has 60 total. Hopefully fixing the first 2 issues.

>deck spirit
Yeah it is just fluff. Its for personisation of the deck rather than its mechanics or the player.

>story themes
Why pointless. It should be a driving factor for these threads? Im happy to keep working on it but im not sure what you mean.

Ill add more fluff, thats easy done.

>formatting is poor
Yeah, ive been playing around trying to make it pretty and such but i lack the skills. Hopefully gil and I can get together sometime soon to improve it.
I'm not trying to step on your toes. I should have posted earlier, it's not your fault.

It seems like you are going to submit another version. So I guess we can hold off on profiles until you're done and people decide then.

For now, let's start finally nailing down tournament and story details. Tell me if this is ok.

1. Tournament is being hosted by a major dueling corporation (think KaibaCorp or the Leo Institute), but was really set up by Ash.
2. Contestants come in teams of three.
3. It's a worldwide event in the sense that the contestants will be globe-trotting.
4. The official prize is a huge cash endowment and a (secretly magical) knick-knack that for some reason Ash can't just steal. Activating the McGuffin will bring about the end of reality.
5. Because of this, a whole bunch of supernatural forces and duelists are actively trying to interfere with proceedings.
6. Shadow Games can be handwaved by the corporation as holographically enhanced "duel specials."
Well if anything, I doubt we need to be exact or autistic over stats. Using either one or both we get an idea of build and stats/power level. Sets up general guidelines to then dick around with.
That's fair. The real content that's driving these threads are original cards and pastebin stories, after all.
Custom decks at the very least need to be in line with the character's stateline. The biggest offender of this, is Benjamin's Sea Dog and Pirate Lord cards. I don't know how resilience 7, 1 luck and 2 power translate to turbo teleDAD: the deck
Which character is this for?
>knick-knack that for some reason Ash can't just steal.
One of the ritual conditions might be that it is freely given, or passed through contest.

Luck 5 - Destiny 2 - Skill 3 - Intuition 4
Speed 3 - Power 2 - Control 6 - Resilience 5
Duelling Ace with a villainous gimmicky Tribal deck. He has something special about the deck, and its made with high quality cards (rares and such)
Despite all this he is stuck playing second fiddle to another duellist (from last thread this looked like Eisen - who may or may not be related)
He also has an unspecified rival.

The high resilience is that his monsters are easily interchangable so its hard to disrupt, while the control is that his monsters and spells disrupt rather than overpower their opponents which is in the low power. The deck has moderate search and SS potential represented by 3.
How the hell does power 2 translate to 2600 atk beaters?
>2 translate to 2600 atk beaters?
Thats fair, I was using <3000 as low, 3000's as 3 and 4+ being 4000+
But I guess 2600 is closer to 3 than it is 2 so I wouldnt mind them taking a hit.
What would you suggest?
Alot of things need to change anon, your deck is too fast, it draws too many cards, pirate lord atk is too high, they need to be reduced to 2000-2400, and its ridiculously easy to get 4 sea dogs in the grave by just playing bosuns and treasure troves by turn 1 and lock the opponent from ever activating a card effect or playing a card on the field. Every single pirate lord card is essentially a dark armed dragon that +1s or +2s the opponent every turn.
I mean 5 sea dogs.
><3000 as low
Bruh, go look at the wiki. In fact, I'll link it for you. Under "Patterns"
So score of 5-7 means you can have monsters with 10k atk power?
I hope you realize a monster with 4000 is often seen one shoting things, yeah?
Crickey, I thought it was 1=1k

>Level 6 monsters have no more than 2600 ATK,
Thats exactly what I made them with!

Well no, 5-8 in the STATS sheet from CYOA would be 4000+ like I said.

Yeah, is >>63406748
all the same anon or has my misunderstanding pissed off a lot of people
Im happy to reduce them to 2200, not a problem at all.

I dont quite understand what you mean by
>playing bosuns and treasure troves by turn 1 and lock the opponent from ever activating a card
>Every single pirate lord card is essentially a dark armed dragon that +1s or +2s the opponent every turn.
In the first case I just need clarification, in the second case I disagree. The Armed Dragon can instagib 3 cards the turn its summoned minimum. And then continue the destruction if more cards are added later.
The pirate lords however can do 1 thing only when they are summoned?
Do you not know how to play yugioh?
Looking at it dude the treasure trove and boarding party shouldnt be together, and also probably limited to 1 on the field at a time.

the dude asked for clarification not you to be a dick.
Yeah I think im going to cut Treasure Trove entirely, its just too powerful.
Drawing cards is one of the most powerful things to do in yugioh. T'was why Jar of Greed got banned.
The text version has more potential for character variety. So I like it better.
It gives a more solid foundation to the character if from the very build, they have a unique identity.
See 63407706
Trey "Hermes" Majestic
[20 KC]
>Mystic background [+1 Destiny]
>Gimmick deck [+1 Destiny] [10 KC remain]
>Special characteristic [+1 Resilience] [0 KC remain]
>Mystic Arts [+1 Destiny] [0 KC remain]
>Legendary Beast [+1 Destiny] [-15 KC remain]
>High Quality Cards [+1 Power] [-25 KC remain]
>Duelist's Intuition [+1 Resilience] [-35 KC remain]
>Archrival [-25 KC remain]
>Dark Side [-10 KC remain]
>Sidekick [-5 KC remain]

Trey is a scholar, who in his studies discovered the existence of a pair of dangerous cards - "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth" and "Tierra, Source of Destruction". The knowledge didn't matter much to him, at first, but a subtle voice in the back of his head started to grow, and nudge him towards their acquisition. Within a year, and at personal cost, he found "Sophia" - strangely, not in any ancient ruins or lost civilizations, but near a computer terminal that the increasingly persistent voice in his head led him to. He is now on a personal quest to understand "Sophia" and the source of this mysterious voice, and to find and acquire "Tierra".
His pale, greenish hair bushes and shags to his shoulders; looking somewhat tree-like against the usual tweed he wears.
His deck of choice focuses on banishing cards and utilizing his own banished cards, while also having the means to summon "Sophia".

[150+ words, KC balance 0]
File: void dragon.jpg (86 KB, 1024x612)
86 KB
>Activating the McGuffin will bring about the end of reality.
The end of reality should involve the void dragon somehow. If it's Ash specifically that gets his hand on the magic item he can summon the void dragon for real, it being powerful enough to wipe out pretty much anything.
Is that a mother fucking Reaper dragon with Husk conversion spikes on its tail?
I think the original artist named the piece Void Dragon also, I don't know about it tieing into any franchise.
Trying to currently think of an Artifact for Neil and Noel, something that maybe keeps Tallika from crushing one of their souls, that is, if we're still going with the "gathering of artifacts" deal. If not, it can still be something Noel has that ties her with mysticism and also helps Comfort Neil during times when Tallika is acting up.

Like, a medallion that lights up in the shadow realm, maybe provides from the unease the shadow realm has?

As for which CYOA to use, I prefer the image one since there's a lot more leeway with what your character does, and the drawbacks allow me to achieve perfect 4s.

The text one is okay, but like, it's a little boring to me, and it would be great if the Duel Spirits had more to them than just a theme thing.

I love the Duel Terminal reference, but unfortunately the current era of season 1 is GX, so Sofia's Synchro and Xyz sacrifice summoning conditions would be impossible to complete at the moment, so your character will have to come in during a later season.
Don't forget Cain's deck pendant.
It'd just be a waste to overlook it when it's McGuffin material.
Cult of The Void

Low Tier Duelists: Mooks and Cannon Fodder (The Faithful)
High Tier Duelists: Recruiters and Protectors (The Shepards and The Guardians)
Admin Tier Duelists: Mystics (The Priesthood)
Leader: Ash (The Divine One or The Messiah)
File: Lightspeed Deck.png (2.64 MB, 1675x986)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
If we're not doing Shadow Artefacts and Collecting Duel Energy in them, the characters can still have mystical items as a personal flair to their abilities.
Ash also has sidekicks that aren't part of the cult.
They're high tier duelists that are part of his plan for money and power, but don't realize the full extent of his ambitions.
Also, at least one is being blackmailed into helping him, that's Anhuri.

I think the way they serve him is shadow banishing other contestants in order to serve the ritual.
That's why the tournament is something that happens in secret, outside the purview of the law, because people are going missing.
I could have Trey start with Tierra, instead, then.
The non-cultist sidekicks wouldn't consider cultist. And not apart of the cult power structure. Nola and Chaser wouldn't be members of the cult but members of Team Ash.

Anhuri would technically be considered a cultist. He would be a priest because of his mystically abilities but he wouldn't some of the authority of say someone like Helner who has magic and is loyal.
>a medallion that lights up in the shadow realm, maybe provides from the unease the shadow realm has
a thing that lets you straight up ignore the effects of a shadow game
>why pointless
because thet dont add anything

in the original they serve as a way of getting extra points in exchange for challenges and complications, in this they at best give a single designated stat and leave you locked at a certain ammount

>add more fluff
thats not the issue, its the "everyone gets the same" thats awful
>why not just give 60 to spend as the player wants
That sounds like a bad idea. What the hell is the shittiest player in the world doing with the best deck in the universe, or vice versa?
They're trading cards, they're not bound to your soul, An 8/8/8/8 stat player could dump his below kitchenette table garbage and just buy something average, that would turn them into the most ultimate duelist ever.
>They're trading cards, they're not bound to your soul
I see you dont get how the anime works
There's still ostensably the underlying understanding that they're trading cards. The named characters had decently rare cards that couldn't just be replaced, significantly above kitchen table.

I'm telling you, please don't make it a shared point pool. That's disgusting. A deck and a player should fit together.
There can be some quirks that let you be unbalanced by shifting points from one to another, but don't make it pars de course, that just ruins every character that comes out of it.

A idiot with a fantastic deck, but constantly losing over stupid mistakes would be funny enough for a cheap gag..
>t. yoshida
Duel spirits and psychic duelists were a mistake
>The named characters had decently rare cards that couldn't just be replaced
celtic guardian, watapon, avian/the whole elemental hero deck
File: The Grand Seal.jpg (201 KB, 419x610)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Is there a space for another character?
Name: Sherman Withington
>Sherman comes from a family who practices the mystic arts of sealing spirits. Of course, as Sherman practices and studies this art this deck is also reflective of this. He uses the "seal" and "seal guardian" archetypes which are based on rendering card zones unusable.
>Most of his childhood was spent studying isolated which caused him to have an incredibly close relationship with his cards. While he is quick to trust and befriend other people his card spirits stand as the most important people in his life.
>He joined the tournament when his family tasked him to get rid of a rogue apprentice that was joining it. This "rogue apprentice" had stolen mystic secrets and an important card/artifact(up to you I guess) from his family. While his family doesn't like appearing at public events Sherman is thrilled to join as chances like this is rare for him. (142)
>His main strategy is controlling the board by rendering both player's card zones unusable while playing "Seal" and "Seal Guardian" cards which have additional effects that activate when played on an unusable card zone and then playing his ultimate card [The Grand Seal] which has an alternate win condition all card zones have been rendered unusable. (198 words +5KC)
Build: 20+5(words)KC
>Power 0
>Luck 2
>Destiny 6
>Resilience 4
>Mystic (+1 destiny, free mystic arts)
*Deck Type
>Control (+1 Resilience 15KC remaining)
>Gimmick (+1 Destiny 5KC remaining)
*Deck Spirit
>Heroic (+1 Destiny +1 Luck -1 Power -5KC remaining)
>Mystic Arts (+1 Destiny FREE)
>Duelists Intuition (+1 Resilience -10KC remaining)
>Godslayer (+1 Resilience +1 Destiny -25KC remaining)
>Archrival(+10KC -15KC remaining)
The rogue apprentice mentioned earlier
>Second Fiddle(+10KC -5KC remaining)
>Sidekick(+5KC 0KC remaining)
He is a secondary character, isn't he?
Yea sure
>permanently cripple your opponent
Do you not see the issue with this?
This is absurdly strong, but the concept is neat and applicable to your character.

For the first effect, maybe consider restricting it to like, sealing unused zones, and perhaps only for a turn. Maybe "Your opponent cannot place cards in the selected zone until the end of their turn." or something.

Also, add a cost for something that powerful. Unless the text implies that the opponent also renders your zones unusable (should still only be for one turn)

The concept is neat, but maybe consider having cards that restrict zones opposite them instead, and only for perhaps a turn, with some large cost or detriment attached to them.
I planned for it to have "as long as this card stays on the field" and "you can only play a seal spell card once per turn" but forgot to add them. Would that be okay? I can change them to only target the caster and "win if all of your card zones have been rendered unusuble" if you want.
I didn't realize I had to write unused I'll add that too
And also yeah I tried to imply that all cards would have your opponent render your zones unusuble
>Unless the text implies that the opponent also renders your zones unusable
It's worded strangely but I'm pretty sure that's what it does. I'm also pretty sure they made a ton of cards that unseal their own zones or that can just be summoned/activated in sealed zones because dude reasons
How did you add an ID yet forget half the card's effect? As for how to restrict it, the former might as well not do anything because you're all but guaranteed to have ways to circumvent them and the latter turns the strategy into either a 2-3 card win or an actually impossible task depending on how it ends up being worded.
I didn't make any cards to unseal his own card zones but made some cards that destroy themselves at the end of the turn if they were played on a restricted area. Maybe I can turn it into just a wincon that has a 3 turn limit?
Also what's an ID?
>Name: Edward Letrade
>Flagship (10)
>Combo (0)
>Control (-10)
>Villainous (-25)
>Draconic (-35)
>Mechanical (-45)
>Astral (-55)

>Legendary Beast (-70)
>Godslayer (-85)
>Soulmate (-95)

>Pawn (-85)
>Dark Side (-70)
>Cursed (-60)
>Small Pond (-50)
>Aggro Magnet (-40)
>Archrival (-30)
>Debts (-20)

>Description (00)

>Final stats
Power:1+1+3+1+1+1+1+1 (10)
Luck: 1+1+1 (3)
Destiny: 1-1-1+1+1 (1)
Resilience: 1+1+1+1 (4)

>as long as this card stays on the field
that one seems pretty okay, and I would probably add that in addition to some sort of summoning requirement for the cards

it doesent really explain how "unusable" zones work though, I remember a trap that limits the number of monsters that can be summoned- but I dont know how that kind of thing interacts with monsters already on the field
>made some cards that destroy themselves at the end of the turn if they were played on a restricted area
You can't play cards in unusable zones unless you give them an effect that allows it, anon. There are actually zero ways to do that in the card game other than getting rid of the card that made the zones unusable, like Ground Collapse or Zany Zebra.
You can't make an occupied zone unusable, only an empty one.
then that seems fine enough, although I dont think it really meshes with your stats

preventative control seems more like resilience as opposed to destiny, but I suppose you can fluff it however you want
I got the resilience options without trying to contradict the character and ended up with that. I can change the deck spirit to special if you want.
Also as a example of another card:
>Seal Guardian Apprentice
>Level 1 400ATK/800DEF
>You can summon this card on an unusable monster zone. If this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up: Add 1 "Seal" Spell from your Deck to your hand. At the end of the turn if this card is on a unusable monster zone destroy it.
Would more cards along this line be fine?
>You can summon this card on an unusable monster zone
see that mechanic isnt really going to work, at least with the current phrasing

there is no such thing as "unusable" zone as far as I understand, but simply cards which limit the number of zones there are

you could try using a counter system, where seals place a "seal counter" on zones which render them inert (cant be summoned/set to) and then have your seal guardians be monsters that can be summoned to said zones or only summoned to said zones
Im pretty sure there are some of cards that state "that monster zone can't be used" or a variation of that but putting counters on zones and summoning monsters to them sounds way better. So would the text for that be:
> This monster can only be summoned on a monster card zone with a seal counter on it.
> This spell card can only be played on a spell/trap card zone with a seal counter on it.
>Place a seal counter on a unused card zone (card zones with seal counters on it can't be summoned or set to)
Much better
yea, that sounds great
File: Lucky Luciano.png (1.53 MB, 1028x1369)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Using the new CYOA, Luciano stats change a lot. All +effects are from the traits listed below
Expert (+1 Luck/+1 Destiny)
Jank (+4 Cha Points)
Spirit: Friends
Free: Heart of the Cards +1 Luck
Tribal +1 Res
Power of Friendship +1 Con
Solid Construction +1 Power
Mystical Arts
>Luciano Stats
Luck: 8 (18 Pts Spent for 6+2)
Destiny: 5 (10 Pts for 4+1)
Skill: 1 (2 pts Spent)
Intuition: 2 ( 4 Pts Spent)
>V-Hero (Vice/Virtue Hero) Deck Stats
SPD: 3 (7 pts for 3)
PWR: 2 (2 pts for 1+1)
CON: 4 (7 Pts for 3+1)
RES: 6 (14 pts for 5+1)

I was going to choose gimmick but since I use multiple gimmicks and other effects combined rather than one specific gimmick, it comes off Jank overall. I assume you must take sidekick to be a friend/ally otherwise he'd take arch-rival and have the Ace of the Satanist Shadow Duelists be his constant enemy. The main thing about Lucky is that he's fairly new to Yu-Gi-Oh and only picked it up because of his circumstances. I'll have to slightly rework his backstory but for the most part, he's a full heart of the cards duelist/comeback kid with insane luck and high destiny. His deck excels at playing rope-a-dope and keeping tempo over flashy one-shot kills. For flavor just like most shadow duelists, the cross patterns on the pic appear on his body when in a Shadow Game.
And thus, another thread died silently. It's purpose sinking into the sands of obscurity. Puttering out like a candle's flame as a nearby door is opened suddenly, cold air flowing in from a coming storm.
Yes. but all are archived.
Oh no? We haven’t even decided on which version the CYOA we are using
Most people want the original one by gil. Using either we get an idea of builds and how their characters are.
the image one seems to be the best bet, since its what most people expressed a desire to use
You need the All In! quirk to get 8 in any stat
Who are
>John Dalliance
>Isabella Bellamy
I've seen something written about I think everyone but these two?

Authors post your stuffs.
Planned writefaggotry...anyone want their character see someone lose a shadow game and get put into a canopic jar?
So what are you all planning to do with these oc's? Quest? Fanfiction? Circle jerk?
I planned out a few characters but it really just inspired me to finish up some creative writing stuff. I've never seen a yugioh thread get as developed as these but it doesn't look like very much will actually come of it
John is protagonist's joey wheeler equivilent without being having a annoying Brooklyn accent. Isabella is token girl/other friend to protagonist, equivilent of tea.

See cheerleading squad. they were written about in that hustlers story.

Not much, i don't plan anything with them i just want to see how far we go before we die. but with how much we have done someone could make writing out of it.
Neil's user here, I've been thinking about different things to start, since I was the one who thought up the Team Format, so I'm thinking of the different "stages" of the greater tournament.

The first stage is Teams Gathering Duel Points, Dueling anyone and everyone in order to top the leaderboards.The higher ranked someone is, the more points you take in beating them.

Simple, don't have to go too deeply. It also means that if you really want to succeed, you'd have to face heavy hitters.However, the top ranks have to duel amongst themselves for the greatest increase in points.

This way, Team Protag will have incentive to duel anyone above them, while similarly aiming to defeat the big bads.

At the same time, they can suffer losses against the higher ranks while not losing progress in the tournament.

The purpose of this is generally making it so that the first stage can just be a "Here are the differetn characters" sorta stage, while providing the protags incentives to fight the stronger people.

At the same time, the seeds of the cult plot can be planted around for foreshadowing, maybe introducing shadow games at some points.

The teams who take top 10 in the first stage leaderboards move on to the second stage fo the tournament, where different people are separated into brackets. We'll follow the protag, their friends, and the battles they face.here more closely, and the investigation into the cult can grow deeper, with shadow games becoming more prominent.

The final stage I'm unsure. We can go the way most anime go and have the tournament become a forethought as the true intentions of the plot come into light.

It's also possible that Luca and friends suffer a crushing defeat at this stage, but, clenching their fists, they decide that the sanctity of dueling is more important, and resolve to stop the tournament before the final match takes place.

What do you all think of this general progression?
I think you can use Sherman for that, seeing something like that might push him to question himself.
Yeah, that's perfect if you ask me. Maybe we can have the villain win the final duel just to get swallowed by the void and have the protag duel a manifestation of it for the ending.
I’m unsure if you guys are interested in playing the game or were just interested in writing for duels, but Dueling Book lets you play with custom cards, I believe.
>Dueling Book
It's a website.
If you watch some youtube videos you see that it's convoluted and annoying to use.
Sounds really good.

Also in general for everyone; Should we make a discord or something? I know there's a stigma, but we can easily keep track of everything planned and go at our own pace without threads slowly dropping of the board.
I've made a server before so I could easily make one and be completely neutral/uninvolved as admin, differing to majority opinion if need be.
just use one of the CYOA discords or something, its a cyoa after all
Rather than use the limited rooms it would be better to have what we want/need as well as the possibility to add to it as needed. It would only cause problems to go to those with something like this in mind.
So we dead then?
I dunno
I would recommend changing the Tribal Perk to:
>Archetype Perk
Keeps the same ability just changing to the nomenclature.

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