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In honor of the RE2 Remake coming out so recently, let's break out the old bioweapon tables and roll us up some monsters and potentially a fictional company that makes them.

First, I'll need 1d100 for the method of creation. This is exactly how we get from a regular host organism or set of resources into something like...well, pic related.
Rolled 55 (1d100)

Well, looks like whatever this is, we're starting off with something a little more deliberate in its construction.

Next I'll need 1d8 for the base organism type.
Rolled 3 (1d8)

Is it still a bioweapon if the weapon part is not bio?
File: TALOS1.jpg (48 KB, 428x633)
48 KB
I would say so. It's also entirely possible that the weapon part is also bio, but an entirely different kind of bio. Or it could be a bioweapon outfitted with non-bio bits, like a TALOS.

In any case, our base organism is an Insect of some kind (Arachnids also count).

Next, I'll need 1d8 for the Genotype Base, or what we're actually splicing/modding/otherwise introducing to what probably was an ordinary kind of bug at some point.
Shareholders demand a bedable bioweapon!
Rolled 4 (1d8)

File: latest.jpg (713 KB, 1400x1600)
713 KB
713 KB JPG
>Large Plant
Well we've taken some kind of bug, and surgically introduced some kind of plant, as well as possibly a whole lot of robot parts. Somehow I feel this is going to be a really weird one.

That is an entirely a possibility. There's the "intended purpose" section later in the tables, and one is P.R. How that P.R. manifests is entirely up to you.
Whoops, forgot to add, next I'll need 1d10 for its body type. Did we end up making this thing bipedal or something?
Rolled 9 (1d10)

File: Drider.jpg (74 KB, 900x638)
74 KB
Well shit, we've got a motherfucking Plant/Bug/Robot centaur. Maybe some kind of horrific combination between a mobile battle platform, a topiary shrub, and a drider?

Next I'll need 1d100 for it's level of sentience. Is this thing just a weapon, or something more?
Is there a table for this you could share at the end?
Sure! I wrote it up, and it's gone through a little editing in the past, but here's the link to it currently.

Rolled 69 (1d100)

I think you should make the base organism and genotype d10s, having humans be 1-3. Given that a good deal of RE style beasties are based on humans.
File: RUK20.jpg (304 KB, 1200x638)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
>Sentient (Can think for itself, even if it can't necessarily communicate.)

Sentient partially-plant driders. What are we even doing here.

Next I'll need 1d20 for the method of sustenance. What do they eat, if they even need to?
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Rolled 1 (1d20)

>meanwhile at Umbrella Corp /tg/ branch

Who keeps sending their OC monstergirl designs to the BOW design labs?
File: latest.png (152 KB, 560x365)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>Essential Salts

This creature stays alive by consuming the essential salts of living organisms, an archaic alchemical term for what is basically specific periodic elements. What do you think it eats in particular? Iron? Nitrogen? Trace elements of mercury or sulfur?

Next I'll need 1d6 for their population, though I'll be back shortly so if there's no update, that's why.
Rolled 1 (1d6)

Maybe actual salt?
Actually, why not the entire body? But first they render it down into inorganic components somehow before actually consuming it. External digestion, essentially. A mix of how spiders and some insects dissolve their prey and how plants absorb nutrients directly from the soil.
Could be neat. Piles of once organic slag reduced to iron deposits and calcium crudely separating.
>Completely unique
There is only one. Perhaps a prototype model, perhaps something simply too dangerous or created by a mind too deranged for recreation. Still, it exists.

Next, I'll need 1d100 for its intended purpose. What was the point of this creation? Or at least, what the told the shareholders they were making.

I love it. It has the ability to dessicate targets and then maybe inject enzymes that render their dessicated corpse down into dried elemental salts?
Rolled 9 (1d100)

File: latest.jpg (71 KB, 500x770)
71 KB
>Frontline Combatant
This guy was designed specifically for fighting, which makes sense given its unique nature. It feels like a working prototype I think.

Next I'll need 1d10 for its primary senses. This is whatever sense it relies on the most, even if it has the others, though it may not.
so far sounds like the classic "destroyed its creator in an ironic twist" scenario.
Rolled 4 (1d10)


Perhaps that's how it determines and differentiates different salts? It could have some form of highly evolved pressure sense to help direct it.

Next, I'll need 1d8 for its primary skin/surface type. How gross is this thing?

I feel like this kind of thing either killed its creator, or became its creator.
File: latest.png (175 KB, 395x407)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Rolled 6 (1d8)

File: latest.png (1014 KB, 1225x774)
1014 KB
1014 KB PNG

Oh this thing is just horrific. A skinless bug/tree/thing that turns people into piles of periodic elements.

Next, roll me 1d100 for its size. How big is this monstrosity?
Rolled 29 (1d100)

While the other anon rolls - why haven't we decided what kind of arthropod/arachnid and plant we're basing our thingy on?? Give suggestions or cast votes.

I'll just say "not arachnids" because spiders and scorpions are too common for tauric beings.
File: pe-cat.png (124 KB, 509x230)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>Normal (The same size as the base organism).

So given that our base organism is a type of bug, but or component organism is a kind of large plant, I want to say this is probably median size. Maybe a little smaller than a human all things considered, but not tiny.

Because this is the Solitary Specimen of its kind, i'd say it's up to us if we want to roll for it to be able to reproduce or not. I'm personally leaning towards no.

Otherwise though, time for the fun part. Roll me 1d10 for how many special abilities our horrific bioweapon has.
Rolled 3 (1d10)

Coming right up
File: latest.png (302 KB, 712x408)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Three abilities! That's not a bad pull. Next, I'll need 3d100, to determine which three abilities we actually have.

I'm tempted to go for something kind of strange, but I think I want to see what abilities we get first and inform our ideas off of that. Like if we get fire breath and make it a bombardier beetle or something.
I'm gonna go for the king of Japanese bug fighting, the stag beetle.
Rolled 71, 58, 7 = 136 (3d100)

Rolled 42, 66, 30 = 138 (3d100)

I feel like anything with "bug" in it is herding dog sized at best. Maybe 60 lbs.

Also, of course it doesn't have skin, it's a bug/plant. Exoskeleton
>Arms & Armor (Can be outfitted with armor and weapons by its creators)
>Jagged (Covered in blades, spines, or other such spikes)
>Venom Glands (Can secrete venom in some manner)

Well shit, >>64349865, Stag Beetle is pretty damn accurate. It looks like however this was created, it was designed with the ability to outfit weaponry onto it, and otherwise is covered in horns or spikes and has some form of poison. Perhaps it has weapons ports bolted or fastened through its skinless hide directly onto carapace and bark?

I'm honestly reminded of that giant fuck off AoS beetle.

So, what's this poor creature's name? Where does it come from? Why is there one and only one?
I would imagine that skinless would mean either exoskeletonless in the context of an arthropod, in which case >>64349967 its armor would probably act as a pseudo-exoskeleton, or it has a layer of plant flesh growing over it.
Engineered/grown bark armor that anchors to exposed flesh via root tendrils? Maybe venemous thorns and horns? Cybernetic too, so it may have a few more metalic bits wired in as well.
File: spidercrab.gif (7.21 MB, 384x288)
7.21 MB
7.21 MB GIF
>exoskeletonless beetle cyborg plant

I can't help but think to do something with molting. Like, if it's bark armor is broken, it actually grows larger with more blades/spikes/spines/etc.
So how does the taur part work ?
Is the top half human ?
Maybe like a mantis, but with a stretched out, barky beetle covered in thorns?
Underneath the bark it has all of these spines and spikes laying flat, which flick outwards when the bark shell is broken.
i'm curious what you're using to roll these up. would you mind sharing the name of the book?
File: shin birkin.jpg (208 KB, 800x515)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Not a book at all actually! It's a set of tables I made and posted on here way back. There's a link to the doc that they're in right here >>64346739 and they're still getting updated with feedback and changes as things go through.

Does anyone want to roll up a second creation? We still need to give this one a name, but another would be fun. Maybe we could try and put them together as the products of our own Umbrella competitor?
Epitath; "Forest Stalker"
Rolled 44 (1d100)

Rolled 10 (1d10)

Another cybernetic creature, maybe the competitor you mentioned is focusing more on robotics than viruses ?
Another chimera, i guess i am gonna roll twice to see the two organisms that make up this thing ?
Rolled 7 (1d10)

Part of it is aquatic lets see the rest.
Rolled 8 (1d10)

I am rarted
Rolled 7 (1d10)

Another plant cyborg but it's aquatic
Rolled 9 (1d10)

It's part fungus too, i guess it some sort of cordyceps zombie fish and the plant parts are fungal growths.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

A Cyborg-aquatic-fungus-taur.
Maybe it's some sort of merman thing derived from seals ?
Rolled 17 (1d20)

Nonsentient, guess they learned their lesson after the bug-plant became too smart
Rolled 3 (1d6)

It eats bodily humors, maybe the fungus need a specific protein ?
Rolled 1 (1d100)

It's uncommon, yeah i don't think you can mass produce something like that.
Let's see what the heck is this made for
Rolled 5 (1d10)

I wonder how do you use this thing for frontline combat; maybe it has augments to make it survive on land ?
thanks anon your a fucking champ!
Rolled 3 (1d8)

Main sense is taste and it's aquatic, reminds me of how catfish have tastebuds everywhere
File: gyo_v01_091.jpg (132 KB, 728x1070)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Rolled 74 (1d100)

It has hair, i am confused now.
Let see how big it is.
Rolled 1 (1d6)

It is yuge too, i hope this thing can't breed
Rolled 3 (1d4)

It can give birth oh fugg
Rolled 3 (1d10)

At least it reproduces assexually, probably the fungus can self clone.
Lets see how many mutations it has
Rolled 53 (1d100)

Rolled 37 (1d100)

It's psychic.
Rolled 81 (1d100)

It also has flaming blood.
Starting to sound like a LOTFP enemy.
>it is some sort of huge hairy cyborg sea monster infested with fungus.
>It is a mindless creature who feeds on precious bodily fluids required for the fungus and who relies on tastebuds all over his body to sense things.
>It was made for frontline combat but it's uncommon due to how niche it is.
>It can gestate a clone to make more.
>It has retractable cybernetic weapons and the fungal substances on it's blood make it flammable.
>It's somehow psychic despite being mindless.
I am in doubt about the tauric form, is it a merman or a sea creature with mechanic legs ?
i notice a lack of feathers on the skin/surface type, is that because the monsters that umbrella spits out aren't feathered?
Some of the things in the tables don't exist in RE canon either.
I guess it was a oversight.
File: biohorror5.jpg (293 KB, 1920x1440)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
man, this generator is the best. i had no idea that the guy who made these threads actually made the generator as well. keep it up
Shark with robot legs *gushunks*. Guys it has cybernetics and flammable blood, so just hear me out here, blood flamethrowers.
Kewl; but it's hairy so instead of a shark i think it should be a sea mammal or maybe a hairy frogfish.
Ok orca with robot legs, killer whales are underused anyway.
I was thinking more mutant sea otter of doom; but that could work.
It should have a cybernetic narwhal style drill as one of the retractrable weapons.
Yo can I get the table for this? Group is gonna be runing through some RE2 level shit soon and I wanna roll up some Bioweapons.
see >>64346739
>Mutation, aquatic, mineral, fixed, inhuman intelligence, no diet, rare as fuck, frontline combat, smell oriented, hair or fur, two to four times the size of base organism, asexual fragmentation, ten mutations;Pheromone Haze (Exudes chemical compounds that can affect/manipulate others), grim visage x2, final form, sharp claws or appendages, Endothermic (Body runs at incredibly cold temperatures), FRAGILE, Somnambulist (Moves without its control sometimes, cannot feel pain or touch, breath weapon.

Im thinking along the lines of a sea anenome trap-creature deployed as a close quarters trap that can only be disabled by a language code of odors if an extreme amount of explosions and powerful neutralising chemicals are not at hand. Foreign and threating objects, as well as insufficient damage causes the anemone to break down at the same time emitting acidic vapors. This cloud is also phermonal causing the fragments to grow rapidly and secret combinational fluids to create an ever increasing form. The mineral furs are incredibly sharp and exploding it sends a deadly micro shrapnel all around. Its also extremely frightening to look at.

Really hard to work with the bizzare qualities but that works for me.
The "Gatasaurus Mk I", the first bio-wapon created by the growing super-corp "PARASOL".

Ultimately, and unfortunately, a failed test subject, made by the genius scientist Lorenzo Faust, who luckily survived the Gatasaurus' initial birth rampage, it is a centaur like creature based on the combination of the hercules Beatle, and Dendrocnide-Moroides also known as Gympie-Gympie. The creature itself appears to be a 5 ft 8 inches tall centaur like creature, bearing the lower-body and six legs of it's beetle progenitor, while also having a larger extension resembling a more "Human-esque" torso, mainly formed of the same somewhat un-armoured musculature, ending in two man-made weapon ports where it's arms are meant to be and a head that resembles the Hercules beetles though attached to a thick trunk-like neck, head appears to be disproportionate to the rest of the body being slightly smaller. The more plant-like traits take the form of smaller bulb-like growths along the back ending in pointed spikes, they appear to be of an acidic bent, actively melting whatever organic matter they touch and liquidising it into base elements, which the creature then proceeds to eat. The creature possess' a handful of weapon-ports along it's body, the main ones being where the creature's arms would be, for more effective combat use, unfortunately only two arms were completed, simple hand actuators that the creature attempted to use to kill it's handlers and escape. The creature itself appeared to be sentient leading up too its eventual death, showing cognitive and puzzle solving skills in it's attempt to escape facility Beta, making a bee-line to the exit, and actually managing to make it several floors towards the ground level before being put-down.

-Parasol employee Prof. White
Rolled 3 + 3 (1d100 + 3)

Pretty good anon! If I were to put this in a RE style game, I'd make it so that the thing was only thought to have been killed but was actually just dormant in the disposal facility before disaster struck and whatever RE-style outbreak happened.

I'll try to roll everything at once because why not.
File: ueejtaxaqtxc0.jpg (107 KB, 1024x606)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I guess it doesn't work, sad. Anyway, virus.
Using >>64346739
I rolled with my dice ap and what I got was
>Selective design
>Small animal
>Small plant
>Non sentient
>Diet: Heavy metals
>Completely unique
>Speciality combat
>Hearing, equal X2
>5 skills
>Acidic humors,dead nerves,disgorge,hermits shell anddragons throat.
So I got a large fire breathing bush covered rat in a shell.
Rolled 4 (1d10)

Picking up from where you let off and seeing what is the base organism.
Rolled 8 (1d10)

Rolled 7 (1d10)

It's is a part mineral critter
Rolled 21 (1d100)

So some small animal who became amorphous and mineralized i wonder what virus is this.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Clever girl, not that i can do much considering it's form.
It sucks blood
Rolled 4 (1d6)

Roll came out wrong, rolling again for population
Rolled 13 (1d100)

It's probably stuck on a specific area where you fight some.
Rolled 10 (1d10)

How do you use this thing for combat ?
Rolled 3 (1d10)

Rolling twice for senses.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

Rolled 7 (1d8)

It's sense are all good but with a emphasis on hearing ?
I'd expect such a creature to be blind but whatevs.
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Rough skin, makes sense considering the mineral thing
Rolled 2 (1d6)

Slightly larger than the base organism, i guess it's the size of a dog more or less.
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Seeing how many powers it has
Rolled 28, 88, 77, 88, 13, 84, 16, 20 = 414 (8d100)

Ima try to roll them all at once.
Rolled 55 (1d100)

It explodes upon death, looks impressive and produces valuable resources (I guess crystals growing on it), can move sinuously, can hibernate and has twitch reflexes (Guess it's gonna jumpscare a lot by looking dead) they also have a hivemind.
Last roll because one of them was a repeat.

So to avoid clogging up the thread I rolled this one up on a dice roller; ended up with something unusually coherent.

>Creation method:Parasite
>Base form: Human
>Body: Bipedal
>Intelligence: Sentient
>Food: specific Body humour
>Population: Completely unique
>Intended role: Frontline combat
>Primary sense: Prescience
>Skin: Fleshy
>Size: Slightly larger than base organism (mr X)
>Reproduction: Reproduces by fragmentation
>Mutation count: 10 mutations OH BOY
>Bloodscent (Can track others by their blood)
>Axolotl Blood (Exists perpetually in a childhood state, unless conditions are met)
>Assimilation (Can gain traits from things it consumes)
>Hivemind (Shares a connected mind with its fellow infected)
>King’s Crown (Has a secondary feature that makes it particularly impressive looking)
>Elephantine Memory (Has an eidetic memory and is incapable of forgetting)
>Garden of Eyes (Hosts 3d10 versions of 1d5 different features: 11 kinds of eye?)
>Twitch Reflexes (Can violently spring into action from motionlessness)
>Hyperdense (Muscles and organs are highly compact, making it heavier but smaller)
>Fragile (Body is frail and easily damaged)

Imagine you're a soldier guarding a building in a warzone. You see a small figure stumbling toward your camp, and you raise your gun as you call out to it. It halts just outside the light, and you hesitate; it looks like a child in oversized baggy black clothing, face hidden by the deep hood over its head. Just as you call out to it you feel a bullet slice through your neck; as you collapse you see the little figure striinge towards you, a suppressed pistol clutched in its hand, a pistol that you could have sworn wasn't there a moment ago. You try to call out a warning to your comrades, but your vision darkens and you see no more.

>ended up with something unusually coherent.
Boi you made the Flood.
The creature is a snake injected with a virus who gave it a amorphous mineral form due to cancerous crystallized growths who consumed it's body; the creature is clever and the virus endowed it with some form of hivemind.
It's is grown due to the virus becoming the size of a dog; the creature can still lay eggs by self-fertilization.
It's hearing has been enhanced by mutation, and it uses it as a main sense altough others are still functional (The visions is very limited due to it's amorphous nature.)
It spends most of the time hibernating but can still move in this state under control of the viral hivemind; if roused by noise it can leap to attack almost instantly.
When killed it releases crystal shrapnel everywhere hoping to spread the virus.
Only thing i can't figure out is how you would use this for frontline combat
Maybe as intelligent bombs who seek the enemy to explode on them releasing infectious shards ?
File: image.jpg (186 KB, 863x756)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>King’s Crown (Has a secondary feature that makes it particularly impressive looking)
>Liquid Sway (Can dislocate bones, cartilage, or exoskeletons to move sinuously)
>Gilded Hide (Produces some form of valuable resource)
>Violent Throes (Explodes into a shower of dangerous ichor upon death)
>Hivemind (Shares a connected mind with its fellow infected)
>Hibernation (Can enter a state of stasis, where it requires little to no sustenance)
>Twitch Reflexes (Can violently spring into action from motionlessness)

Those things sound really, really dangerous. Since they're bound to an specific environment, they're probably located in a area that's covered in exposed minerals/crystals of some sort, in which they can lay dormant. Since they're a hivemind and there are many of them, they probably live in a colony of sorts, the depths of the area being where they drag prey to incubate their eggs and for feeding.

There's probably a ton of guards and sentinels, hibernating in hiding until a "scout" specimen detects an intruder and sends an alarm. When the intruder is within reach, they burst violently and suddenly into action, swarming their prey.
Also, they probably make use of the fact that they are basically octopuses in the aspect that they can just squeeze themselves into tiny openings to hide in natural cracks and crevices. Seriously, fuck those things.

I'm picturing them like crystal lizards that detonate on death, sending shrapnel all over the place like you said. Naturally, each other is immune to the explosion shrapnel since it just deflects off their hardened skin.
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB

Another patrol arrives a week later, sent to find out why your camp went dark. They encounter your dessicated corpse just outside the doors, near totally encased by fungus. Unnerved, they enter the building, the fine strands of mycelium covering every available surface. They begin finding the rest of your squad, some shot dead, some with sliced throats, all wrapped tightly by fungal strands. One of the patrol swears he saw an eye staring at him from a darkened corner of the room before getting told to get a grip. It's at this point while they're distracted that what they mistook for another moldy corpse grabs its rifle and fires six shots in quick succession. As the patrol falls dead on the floor, the figure rises; beneath the hastily donned uniform of one of the dead soldiers it wears a tight black bodyglove, studded with protective lenses covering its many eyes. It walks over to the corner where the soldier saw one of the eyes it had left there as part of its biological CCTV network and pulls it out, slotting it back into the empty eyesocket on its arm. Knowing that two missing squads in a short timespan will attract undue attention it wordlessly keys in a request for extraction on its wrist computer, while the mold spreads over the fresh corpses, hungry for their vital fluids.

">Little figure striinge?" I meant stride, no idea how I even did that.
I see them as more like snakes due to the liquid sway thing.
Keep in mind it also has sonambulist (I rerolled a power because it was a repeat.) so it's still dangerous when hibernating.
If it was a encounter in a RE game the best way would be to avoid it or to use acid so it can't release shards (Alongside with the death explosion, it would also throw some short ranged splinters whenever it gets shot)
>random happenstance
>small plant
>common but not massprouced
>proof of concept
>normal size
>cannot reproduce
>7 mutations:
>insulated (Hosts a thick layer of flesh around vitals)
>hemophilic (Wounds do not clot naturally)
>Axolotl Blood (Exists perpetually in a childhood state, unless conditions are met)
>Asura’s Garb (Hosts 1d10 versions of a single feature, like faces or arms) (4 extra faces, possibly something like split personalities that it switches between?)
>Garden of Flesh (Can actively grow new specialized limbs with time and effort.)
>Masked Rider (Acts as a suit of armor or vehicle for a smaller organism)
>Generator (Can produce large to lethal amounts of bioelectricity)
Oh boy, it's another human bioweapon that looks like a child! Since the genotype is a small plant like a flower, let's choose a dandelion (assuming choosing is a thing here). I love these fucking things.
If someone wants to write something about it (like how >>64366899 is doing), be my man. I am not that good at writing, desu.
File: steed[1].jpg (96 KB, 624x755)
96 KB

>Meanwhile at the 2019 Bioweapon Expo


Inspired by a containment breach exposing a junior researcher holding a can of dandelion cordial to our mutagenic R-Virus, the Solar Flower is a proof of concept for expanding our bioweapon technologies into civilian fields, in this case for transportation. The prototype is a biological vehicle capable of navigation and transporting loads up to 50kg (research into increasing its size and carrying capacity is ongoing). It's completely sterile (and thus avoids the contamination/containment issues some of our more virile projects would create in an urban environment), docile**, fuelled by renewable* fuel, capable of operating in all conditions and climbing over any offroad obstacle, and can even generate power to keep your electronic devices topped up! Our development roadmap will see us installing a pair of optical sensors into its head to permit it to read road signs, but its hearing is so acute that it navigates all other obstacles with ease.

*Human blood is its preferred food, but mammalian will suffice.
**Unless exposed to pollen, at which point it will metamorphose into its adult state, grow numerous hypodermic-tipped limbs and begin systematically hunting and exsanguinating all creatures within its sensory range, which has proved to be extensive. Parasol Inc. accepts no responsibility for injury or death caused by an incorrectly handled Solar Flower.
I rolled up a super intelligent brain eating robotic snake
>Selective design
>Inhuman intelligence
>Diet: Brains
>Speciality combat
>Lone wolf
>2 mutations
>garden of eyes
Neat and horrifying.
Tried out the generator here's what I got
>Invertebrate Animal
>Base cunning
>Sight, Its senses are all relatively equal, Sixth Sense/Prescience
>Modular like 7 times so its basically whatever size it fucking wants to be
>This Isn't Even..., Chameleon, Fleshweave, Hive, Arms and Armor

>>MFW I've created a giant nanoswarm cuttlefish that feeds off of souls that can go and hide anywhere.
>To permit it to read road signs.
>They plan to ride this thing around roads.
Is this just mad scientist saying mad stuff or is this some alternate universe where people are used to interacting with mutated abominations on a daily basis ?

I was going for the former, except replace "mad scientist" with "mad marketing exec".
All of these abominations deserve a lab.
Are there any tables for umbrella/parasol facilities?
File: latest[1].jpg (234 KB, 1280x1486)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

>feeds off souls

slow down kojima
How do you think something with inhuman intelligence would typically act?
It could range from being helpful to being destructive.
Large animal
Inhuman Intelligence
Eats Brains
Common but not mass-produced
Specialty combat
Senses change dependent on form/situation: Nonstandard Sense (Vibration-sight, contact with spores, etc.), Hearing and Sight
Large (Slightly larger than the base organism)
Internal gestation/birth Allogamy (Reproduces with gametes from itself and another)
Chromatophores (Can change its skin and flesh color)
Glorious Ichor (Its blood causes rapid growth and mutation in things it touches)
High Regeneration (Can injuries in seconds and severed limbs in minutes)
Elephantine Memory (Has an eidetic memory and is incapable of forgetting)
Masked Rider (Acts as a suit of armor or vehicle for a smaller organism)

I think I just got an unkillable gorilla version of the Krang robot.

>Mineral, Vertebrate
>Environment Specific
>Public Image (????)
>Sixth sense/Presience
>9 mutations
>Dead Nerves
>Sleep cycle
>Sharp Claws
>Dragon's throat
>Mystic Battery
>Fluid Form

Anyone wanna help me work out what the hell this thing could be

>Public Image (????)

Well whatever it is, it sure as hell isn't being used for it's intended purpose.
I'm guessing they made it to look cute, and it didn't come out right at all. Seeing as it's lopsided, slimy, and has a fluid form, I'm guessing whatever base creature this unfortunate started as couldn't handle the strain and essentially melted.
>PR Bioweapon

So one designed to listen to the complaints of inane co-workers and make them pretend their concerns are being logged.
File: latest[1].jpg (20 KB, 400x261)
20 KB

>Still has a childlike mind

I find myself picturing some horrific gibbering-mouther esque abomination playing with a teddy bear somewhere in the lab.

at least it can't feel pain from the meltdown
File: maxresdefault[3].jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB

None that I know of, I tried slapping one together but could do with some input on where to take it:









Rolled 1, 5, 8, 4 = 18 (4d10)

I'll give it a roll.

I feel like there's a bit more you could add to it. Maybe the lab's Intended Purpose as a company? Umbrella's a big conglomerate, but they got big as a Pharmaceutical company because of the Arklay herbs. Something like "Weapons Development" or "Civic Works" or "Scientific Research" as the intentions behind the lab.

Additionally, you could probably make a whole thing on what kind of staff it has. Are there lots of security? Established experts? A bunch of interns grabbed straight out of college? How about the head of the lab, are they old money, a certified genius, or maybe just a lucky bastard who stumbled into the job?

Anyway, here's a roll to test out what we get.
Maybe a part on generating accidents ?
RE labs are fated to go wrong.
>Small facility, a dozen personnel
>Ass end of nowhere lab
>Straight up puppy-kicking evil
>Occasional hiccups

Sounds like some kind of secret blacksite kind of place. Throw all the evil bastards there, give them some cash, and see what kind of horrific monsters they create.

Good ideas, if the thread's still up I'll post a revised version sometime tomorrow.
Robotic humanoid body on top to wield extra weapons and manipulate the environment with
Rolled 7, 9, 6, 9 = 31 (4d10)

so, an SCP facility there
Rolled 2, 2, 3, 2 = 9 (4d10)

I rolled up this thread in a nutshell.
(Remove profit morality with "Fucking around")
The large mountain facility with frequent containment breaches checks out; not sure about the amoral pursuit of science tho.
SCP seems more interested in containing things.
What does this mean ?
Does it mean natural mutation or that it was transformed by radiation ?
Mutation in this case means that it could be either. The mutation could be induced via radiation or some other catalyst, or just a random mutation that caused it. Either way, it's origin is one that wasn't entirely controlled.
>Small plant.
>Inhuman intelligence.
>Does not eat at all, not even sunlight, water or oxygen.
>Common but not mass produced.
>Frontline combat.
>Fleshy surface.
>Reproduces through parasitic infestation.
>Makes more parasites trough cloning itself.
>Gilded hide, Generator, Diphibious.
So swamp thing + Baoh ?
This Nemesis competitor BOW originates from experiments with infected moss.
Originally the goal was to exploit the moss as a panacea and bioeletric energy source.
After unsucessfull medical trials resulted in the discovery of the plant's parasitic properties; a new project was initiated with the goal to infect humans subjects with it to enhance their combat potential.
Once a tendril introduces the sporophyte into the subject; the plant will start to overtake him eventually consuming all the human parts and becoming a plant-like humanoid.
The creature retains some form of intelligence and seems to be able to keep living indefinetely unless killed; it is also able to survive underwater (Where it can use it's bioeletric abilites to great effect).
It retains the same enhanced sensitivity to sound as the infected plant but the other human senses seem to be lost during the transformation.
Medical development is another intended purpose.

Could maybe do something for "lab gimmick"
If you want to have a special feature to the lab
So you've got stuff like "death row experimentation", "Central AI system", "transhumanist aims", "cult front", etc
File: 541841_1[1].jpg (84 KB, 630x630)
84 KB

Right, got an updated version going; I liked >>64372496's idea but can't think of a good way to add it as a table. To an extent I think it'd work better as something you extrapolate from the results you rolled, but if anyone's got suggestions for how to do an accident generation table I'm all ears.


>Lab size

>1-3 Small facility, a dozen personnel
>4-6 Medium facility, 50 personnel
>7-9 Large facility, 100 personnel
>10 Organisation's main facility, 250+ personnel

>Lab personnel majority composition (roll 1d10 three times, any unselected group will be present but in the minority, duplicates indicate a larger majority)

>1-3 Test subjects
>4-6 Guards
>7-8 Scientists
>9-10 Administration/company representatives

>Lab location

>1-2 Underground base
>3-4 Private island
>5-7 Middle of nowhere
>8-9 Hidden in the mountains
>10 Skyscraper in a major city

>Lab competence

>1-3 Lean mean abomination making machine
>4-6 Occasional hiccups
>7-9 Several major containment breaches
>10 Stunning levels of incompetence, possibly malicious

>Intended Purpose

>1-2 Weapons development
>3-4 Scientific research
>5-6 Posthuman evolution
>7-8 Medical development
>9-10 Twisted philanthropy

>Lab owner

>1-2 Government
>3-4 Corporation
>5-6 Reclusive billionaire
>7-8 Religious cult
>9-10 Charity (of dubious repute)

>Head of lab

>1-2 Ex military officer
>3-4 Senior company executive
>5-6 Brilliant scientist
>7-8 Mad scientist
>9-10 Former test subject

>Head of lab morality

>1 Well meaning (if perhaps misguided)
>2-4 Profit oriented
>5-7 Utterly amoral pursuit of science
>8-10 Straight up puppy kicking evil

>Head of lab loyalty

>1-2 Completely loyal
>3-4 Some doubts about the organisation
>5-6 Insubordinate
>7-8 Looking out for number one
>9-10 Double agent

>Main customers

>1-3 Governments
>4-6 Militaries
>7 Black ops units
>8 Terrorist cells
>9 PMCs
>10 Organised crime

File: T-00+Hat[1].png (305 KB, 918x717)
305 KB
305 KB PNG

>Source of test subjects

>1-3 Death row
>4-6 Homeless/destitute
>7 Advertising for medical test subject jobs
>8 Cloning
>9 Grave robbing
>10 Animal testing

>Lab Gimmicks (roll 1d5 to determine how many, roll 1d20 to determine which ones.)

>1 Central AI system
>2 Criminal front
>3 Cult front
>4 Secret rooms, vaults and corridors
>5 Conspiracy between senior staff
>6 Bitter rivalry between senior staff
>7 Built on an ancient burial ground
>8 Staff are routinely "enhanced" by the labs biotech
>9 Antique decor
>10 Extensive puzzles
>11 Disguised as something more mundane (gas station, convenience store, office block, cabin in the woods, etc)
>12 Highly lethal security measures
>13 Failsafe self destruct device in case of containment breach
>14 Great PR
>15 Walled off sections containing failed test subjects too resilient to kill
>16 Waste dumped into local water source
>17 Major contributor to the local economy
>18 Massive production capacity
>19 Pays extensive bribe money to local law enforcement
>20 Absurdly well equipped security guards

Suggestions welcome, I'm more or less throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Also because I'm an idiot and forgot to add them in, if a die isn't specified it's a d10.
File: arm.jpg (57 KB, 540x756)
57 KB
>Random Happenstance
>Chimera, Human, Other
>Hybrid, Bipedal, Quadrupedal
>No sustentance
>Completely Unique
>Purpose is a combination. Speciality Combat and Proof of concept
>All senses are relatively equal
>Fleshy Surface
>Large size
>Lone wolf
>Mutations - Uncanny, Tireless
Phase shift, Axolotl Blood, Hyper Regeneration,Hazy Past, Assimilation, Without Limits, Hazard Suit

>axolotl blood again

Sure are a whole lot of spooky kiddo bioweapons in this thread.
Umbrella is now a daycare center
>Medium facility.
>Largest majority sicentists followed by guards.
>Underground base.
>Occasional hiccups.
>Twisted philanthropy.
>Charity of dubious repute.
>Mad scientist is the head of the lab.
>Puppy kicking evil.
>Looking out for number one.
>Terrorist cells.
>Grave robbing.
>Criminal front, bitter rivalry between senior stafff, major contributor to local economy, massive production capacity, higly lethal security measures.
That make sense.
A charity makes a medical facility in a third world area experimenting with some local stuff with the goal to cure the population of diseases and help the economy by selling medicine manufactured there; the lab is hidden whitin the catacombs where they experiment with corpses and is made up of mostly scientist but also many guards since it is in a dangerous area.
The problem is that the head scientist is completely mad; and fills the place with death traps and wants to secretely make profit by selling the research to terrorists.
He traps all the staff to die in the lab as he spreads the virus to the locals with contaminated medicine; as a demonstration for the terrorists.
Rolled 9, 10, 4, 5, 3, 4, 7, 5, 6, 7, 5, 1, 8 + 1 = 75 (13d10 + 1)


Gunna see if I can find a home for this one, rollan'.
File: latest[1].jpg (359 KB, 1916x997)
359 KB
359 KB JPG

Fuck, won't let me mix dice. Ah well, I'll use a dice roller for the gimmicks.

>Large facility
>Admin, Guards, Guards
>Private Island
>Occasional hiccups
>Medical development
>Reclusive billionaire
>Brilliant scientist
>Amoral pursuit of science
>4 gimmicks: conspiracy between senior staff, massive production capacity, front for a cult, antique decor

Founded by the billionaire philanthropist Dexter Grant, Mornington Island's medical research facility is a highly prestigious posting for any aspiring biotechnologist; ample funding, the chance to work under the world renowned Professor Sophie Cooke, access to some of the most cutting edge biotech in the world, beautiful surroundings and of course the chance to help ones fellow man through pharmaceutical development.

At least, that's how it began. Isolation from the rest of the world combined with constant ego stroking from her subordinates has led to Professor Cooke deviating significantly from the facility's original purpose; brushing aside making medicine as beneath her genius, the professor has instead turned her attention to her true calling of attaining mastery over genetics, blending the lines between species to form creatures in defiance of any natural design. The most promising project so far is Hyphae, a highly adaptable fungus-human hybrid of near-human intellect, near prescient awareness of its surroundings and exceptional strength and speed (albeit with some fragility in its neotenous stage).

Her research team views her as a visionary (if not a prophet) and she makes good use of the sizable security forces at her disposal to ensure that any insubordinate tendencies are quickly quashed. The lab still pays nominal lip service to the idea that they're developing medicine to ensure continued funding from their increasingly concerned benefactor, but Cooke plans to change that; she's received numerous clandestine offers from governments around the world for Hyphae based bioweapons, and the vast cloning facilities at her disposal (originally to provide cruelty free test material for pharmaceuticals) would make filling their demands childs play. With government money she'd be free to pursue her research away from the sanctiminious old coot, and all she'd have to do is iron out Hyphae's pesky free will and clone a few hundred more. What could possibly go wrong?
I like this
I hear the board game is pretty banging.
File: ff9am8d47wa11.png (160 KB, 1920x1080)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Seems more like an Aperture Science style lab. The SCP Foundation is way more professional than this.
We Secure, we Contain, we Protect . . .
And for the record, we are not interested in making anomalies, or bio weapons
Please tell me someone is archiving this

Thread now archiving.
The thread was good.
All the abominations anons rolled up here are a mixed bag of cool,creepy,disgusting and straight up terrifying.
Would love if the lab tables could be improved

If you've got any specific suggestions for the lab tables I'd appreciate them, I can try and factor them into a new version whenever we have another such thread.
stuff like funding and resources.
Maybe for some of the gimmicks being stuff like "Some staff like to have trophies of neutralized test subjects in their offices",ect. (cant think of any actually good gimics)
There is one ?

Shit, wrong monster link. Meant this one: >>64366548 . Hopefully that should make more sense now.
File: bioshock-hybrid.jpg (149 KB, 634x808)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>That pic.
He is angry because Umbrella removed his peepee.
File: 1537128084453.jpg (52 KB, 500x500)
52 KB
This fucking thing is goddam nightmare fuel:

>Method of creation: Random Happenstance
>Base organism: Insect
>Genotype base: Invertebrate Animal
>Body type: Swarm-based
>Intelligence level: Sentient (Can think for itself, even if it can’t necessarily communicate)
>Diet/Method of Sustainence: Brains
>Population: Common, but not mass-produced
>Intended Purpose: Frontline combat
>Main Sense: Changes dependent on form/situation (Touch, Vibration)
>Skin/Surface type: Scales
>Size: Huge (Two to four times the height of the base organism)
>Reproduction Method: Oviposition (Reproduces with gametes from itself and another; can also self-fertilize to reproduce asexually)

Masked Rider (Acts as a suit of armor or vehicle for a smaller organism)
Psionic (Has psychic or otherwise supernatural abilities)
Impact Armor (Flesh hardens in response to trauma)
Elephantine Memory (Has an eidetic memory and is incapable of forgetting)
Garden of Eyes (Hosts 3d10 versions of 1d5 different features)
Glorious Ichor (Its blood causes rapid growth and mutation in things it touches)

The fact that I can't think how it could look scares me guys, help me fill the garden of eyes mutation

So, rolling for garden of eyes:
>20 duplicates
>1 feature

Well, it's an insect hybridised with another form of insect; perhaps make the duplicate features legs and hybridise a parasitic wasp with a centipede?

This thing is horrifying by the way; a swarm of giant waspipedes that mutate and inject their eggs into anyone they land on, is actively sentient, never forgets the faces of its targets...

>Masked Rider
>Impact Armour

And someone's using it AS A SUIT OF FUCKING ARMOUR.
Method of Creation: Virus
Base Organism: Other (Machine)
Genotype: Mineral
Body type: Tripedal
Intelligence: Inhuman
Diet: An emotion (fear, of course)
Population: Common and mass-producable
Intended purpose: Frontline Combat
Main senses: Changes depending on situation (sense are equal, sixth sense/presience)
Skin/Surface: Amalgamation (rough, skinless, smooth/slimey)
Size: Normal
Reproduction: Infestation
Abilities: Shredder, Liquid Sway, Breath Weapon, Assimilation, Sharp Claws, Phase Shift (Cartilaginous, This Isn’t Even, Sleep Cycle, Pheromone Haze)

So, this bio-weapon is basically a type of metal that infests machines, turning them into tripedal creatures of various sizes depending on what they’re infecting. It reproduces by infesting areas rich in technology, turning them into hives; it feeds on fear and so they kidnap humans to feed their young. The modern world has made them common.

They have all the sense of a living creature, and the predictive abilities of a computer mixed with a predator. Newly birthed creatures are slimey and smooth, but they lose their flesh and become rough as their true metallic body is revealed. They have a scorpion-like stinger equipped with barbs (shredder), claws, can breathe acid and they can dislocate their bones to slip inside of tight spaces. Although humans are it’s primary food source, it seeks out all creatures capable of fear toassimilate traits from them. It is capable of emitting pheromones to attract prey, enhancing its ability to squeeze into spaces further by weakening its bones, and taking on a more powerful form, and it enters a “sleeping” state to conserve energy when no prey is nearby.

Hope I interpreted all that correctly; this one was highly strange.
File: 1537069142019.jpg (61 KB, 500x428)
61 KB
Don't forget anon this fucking thing is FUCKING PSYCHIC, it probably eats brains to further bolster its intelligence and psionic capabilities, Also I like more the idea of this thing being in Symbiosis with another
as for the duplicate:
>Uncanny (Looks similar to its unmodified base, but slightly and oddly off)
Now we got 20 different looking giant waspipedes roaming around
What if instead of protecting some other bug it takes human brains and mutates them into YUGE brain looking like a teratoma, this way it grants the brain legs, teeth, wings yo name it.
>This thing is horrifying by the way; a swarm of giant waspipedes that mutate and inject their eggs into anyone they land on, is actively sentient, never forgets the faces of its targets...
>>Masked Rider
>>Impact Armour
>And someone's using it AS A SUIT OF FUCKING ARMOUR.
Clearly they are like those scarabs from God of War Ascension, but worse.

Basically they integrate themselves in the blood stream of victims after consuming the majority of their brain, leaving just enough that the body doesn't die of total organ failure Also it only really needs the circulatory and nervous systems of its host, the rest just becomes a meat hive full of eggs.
>Environment specific.
>Senses are taste or hearing depending on situation.
>Fleshy, exoskeleton.
>Lone wolf.
>Psionic, madenning moan, retractable weapon, compartmentalized.
Some sort of mutant psychic centipede wtf
Rolled 8 (1d100)

Lets give this go.
Rolled 4, 2, 2 = 8 (3d10)

So it's a virus
Rolled 4 (1d100)

And it makes its victims into tripedal vertebrates.

Well this is gonna be weird
...Why is it making Zombie Tripods?
Rolled 10 (1d20)

that was a goof
Rolled 1 (1d6)

Rolled 43 (1d100)

Oh dear.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

How is it supposed to sabotage anything?
Rolled 5 (1d8)

Well that's boring.
Rolled 82 (1d100)

Rolled 5 (1d6)

Also it's huge and slimy.

Rolled 7 (1d10)

And apparently it buds.
Rolled 34, 42, 40, 40, 4, 74, 16 = 250 (7d100)

Here we go!
>Maddening Moan
>Strange Tick
>This Isn't Even...
>Impact Armor
Rolled 19 (1d100)

And finally the reroll.
>Monotonous Speech.
So I put everything together...and I have not idea what the fuck I just made.

And I'm pretty sure the loony who made it wouldn't know either.

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