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Nechronica thread?

Anyone still playing this game? Any fun stories?
Is the player base as cringe as it would seem?
I wouldn't be surprised if actual game sessions of Nechronica are rare as hen's teeth, especially since Western players just have a rough translation to work with. I've never played it myself, but I'm intrigued by how kind of modular characters are.
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Our campaign has been on an impromptu hiatus due to scheduling, so last game was about a month ago.

As for stories, DM revealed that my character had a partial imprint of an awakened soldier robot making up a chunk of her personality. That got really trippy when we found the robot and he was still operational. He's part of the party now. There are hints of something similar going on with our Thanatos as well (though not exactly in the same way) so I'm interested in seeing that that turns into.

The mechanics seem cool but the game is such blatant pedoshit I can't get into it
Anyone know what the deal behind this is? Nobody in the discord talks about it
>the event in NZ
Date matches up with the Christchurch shooting. NZ gov. was taking down a bunch of random shit for daring to talk about the event, likely some Discord servers got hit by their tard flailing.
>NZ gov. was taking down a bunch of random shit
That's not something they can do. They would have asked Discord to keep a lid on dissemination of the video and shit, which would have meant Discord were looking for mentions of the Christchurch shooting, so the Nech Discord mods are telling people to not mention it in case it attracts Discord personnel who might conclude the server's full of pedos or something and shut it down.
Close, but
>who might conclude the server's full of pedos or something and shut it down.
is actually a step too far. There was a bunch of shit all over the internet that got canned just for talking about the shooting. Yes the government wasn't doing it directly, but there were a bunch of sites and services who were complicit in stamping out discussion.
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339 KB PNG
You can just play older characters. Our entire group is YA, minus the one little girl NPC who the Junk wants to look after because she might be a younger clone/sister of the Junk and therefore is all that remains of the Junk's past. Group doesn't even have any /u/ in it; one character is more attracted to the APC they found than she could be to any person and the other two are either too mentally or physically broken to want that sort of attention.
Haven't gotten to run it yet but might have two ways to do so. Some RL friends of my wife are interested in a short campaign, while online I may mess with the sanity system and reflavor everything into a lewd robot/cyborg girl campaign so they can easily modify themselves between underground arena matches. In either case, the majority of my players will be women, so that'll be interesting.
The nice part is I haven't played any blatant pedo games in nech, so people keep a lid on it (there are some cringey teens in the discord though that act like /b/)

The bad part is people try to act like little girls, and nothing sounds less like a little girl than grown men trying to sound like little girls.
>and nothing sounds less like a little girl than grown men trying to sound like little girls.
This is why my group does all the dialogue over a text client. Either Tabletop Sim's chatwindow or Discord. It can drag the game a bit, but it also makes it super easy to keep notes of the game since I can just transcribe everything the next day into a .txt
Text is fine. I just mean the dialogue itself is cringe.
A group That usually played MAID that I was in gave Nechronica a try.

Had Fun until a session happened where the big turning point for my character got completely buggered up because I was 20 minutes late to the session it was supposed to happen and the other players just had a collective brain fart and decided to bypass the situation entirely.

Everyone regretted it immediately after what had happened became apparent, but nobody thought to just start the session over and I had no motivation or really place to go with the character without doing that so I dropped. The game fell apart soon after.

Still regret that happening, up until then I was really invested and so were at least some of the other players and the GM.

Haven’t found a game of nechronica since.

The environment of the world, at least in the last version of the translation I read, it may be very different now, captured my imagination. I’d love to play in a game where a group of dolls who escaped the control of their nechromancer set out to try to rebuild, and find out what, if anything, of civilization has survived in the larger solar system.

And if nothing has, then set a long term goal of leaving and building a new and better world beyond earth.
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Loli zombies best geimu

Odd complaint for a 4chins goer, but the book explicitly says that doll age doesn't have to match doll aesthetic. You can have a 40 year old mind in your cute loli zombie.
Nechronica: Unification Wars
Quite possibly.
the discord is dead as hell so there is no community for it but probably individual groups out there
File: nechronica.pdf (4.18 MB, PDF)
4.18 MB
4.18 MB PDF
Dunno if this is up to date but it seems relevant
How long has your game been going before the hiatus?
About half a year. We started late last December according to my note document and have had around ten sessions. Two of the three party members have had their arcs and we're poised to start on the third the next time we can get a game up (which I'm really looking forward to seeing, because the DM has handled the other two really well so far). Schedule shift and other projects are an obstacle at the moment, though.
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Bumping the thread. I'd be up for greentexting some more interesting game sessions if anyone's interested.

>while online I may mess with the sanity system and reflavor everything into a lewd robot/cyborg girl campaign so they can easily modify themselves between underground arena matches

Not even really needed. There's already the entire Enhancement reinforcements tree and Romanesque for making cyborgs. There's also stuff in the fanworks section of the wiki with some extra stuff you could allow for more cyborg options.

Also RAW, reinforcement parts that get damaged can be swapped for stuff of the same category and tier and most GMs are fine with letting players swap out intact parts.
You can even refluff other trees as cyborg parts if the DM lets you. My character has Extra Eyes but he let me fluff them as repurposed visual sensors salvaged off of some scrapped robots.
Misses the point of the Long Long Sequel
What's the point of the Long Long Sequel?

How so? Even official material has "try to rebuild something from the ashes" as a possible reaction to the state of the world in the game.
have you got a pdf?
I want to start my players on a system other than dnd5e and they’re very reluctant.
How would it handle a party of 4?
How does it play?
>jumping straight from normieandD to loli guro robots: the video game
i really don't think it's the best choice for you
>not reading the thread

Maybe eating glue is a better use of yoir time.
I am aware, I just mean describing everything into chrome and circuitry instead of flesh and blood. It can all still work the same, just a different look. Really the big thing is it's been awhile since I went over the whole sanity system and I need to tweak it a bit so instead of "kids facing the horrors of undead war machines in a hellish wasteland have tea parties to stay sane" it ends up more as a struggle between your AI sense of self fighting their programming and hacking attempts to retain their identity, perhaps needing to go in and clean up code or spend time in a relaxing VR to regain points. Cyborgs may just have chips in their heads that expose them to similar threats, or find social stresses worse than robots, haven't decided yet.
You need to make sure your players aren't going to sperg out about the content. Nechronica is basically Madoka Magica but with less magic and a whole lot more gore so it's not going to be for everyone.

There's a .pdf farther upthread.
Your image has a typo.
She just took the Boy trait and now everyone's confused.
I actually got to use my knowledge of dumb EVP recordings last session. Feels great to know that this otherwise useless knowledge has a place in my little girl games.

Don't listen to this man, do it and bring back the results. Hard inject the chemo into them.
They might very well dive into it if I invite them over at 3pm then give them alchahol, give them premades and run them through a dungeon as guro-loli robots.
It just might work.
Watch your mouth big boi or I'll have to bamboozle you.
Hell yeah I'll give it a read.
I won't be able to run them through anything soon so don't expect a reveal this thread.
I've been trying to get my group to play this for 2 years. Progress has been slow.
Same, but not because they refuse to play it, it's just that no one wants to GM
Please do
It's a piss easy system to GM. Players are the ones who have to track most things and if they forget to, they're the ones not getting the benefits from it and there is pretty much no system outside battles. Players just a roll d10+GM fiat modifiers outside two or three exceptions.
The solution is obvious but you are weak
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ayyyy topical chuckle

Just run the game for them, you baby.
I'm already running two games, I don't have time to do the prep work for a third one
I don't have a huge amount of time so I'll just do our first session for now. Arguably the simplest outside of that one time they wound up in a giant underground roach hive.

>"Can you hear me?"
>Port (Requiem/Romanesque) wakes up in a cracked glass vat
>doesn't think to question the fact she has an antenna sticking out of her head, or the bolt in her neck, or the fact that two of her fingers are metal and the top of her thumb has been replaced by what looks like a pistol's firing hammer, or that she's kitted out in a ballistic vest
>there's a girl outside the glass dressed in rags. She's carrying a huge box and what looks like a shovel
>Port finally realizes that the other girl is talking to her. "Yes, I can hear you."
>Other girl's face shines up like a lighthouse, introduces herself as Protoca (Stacy)
>two of them go about trying to get Port out of the vat; while Protoca is messing with the buttons there's the sound of shattering glass off to the side
>It's a girl with her upper torso secured to a giant quartet of mechanical crab legs and a boring drill built over/around her right hand, she's broken out of her own vat (>>66958005)
>"I'm Tachi." (Thanatos/Romanesque)
>Cool, new friends.
>The vat's systems are all offline/fried. Port tests the glass of the vat herself and it just crumbles away.
>The three set off, exiting through what looks like a massive holding area of girls in similar states to Tachi and Port
>They're all feral and clawing or screaming at the glass, some vats are broken and empty. Port takes a madness point
>Trio comes to the 'door' of the holding area. More like a vault door than anything. Tachi uses her drill to bore a hole in it, but sets off a safety lock in the process
>hole is too small for the three to get through, the door isn't opening, there are more loose feral girls through the door
>"Protoca, how did you get in if the door is closed?"
>"I came in through the vents, but the fans are all still on so..."
cont. (1/3?)

Outside of MAID, it's the easiest game to run a oneshot for.

>Decide on Spooky Place to start PCs in
>Roll on the memory fragment table 2 or 3 times
>Have one or two spooky things that will happen to spook the PCs
>Stat a fight
>have an ending

Hell, there's even the two scenarios that were translated if that's still too much.
My group somehow manages to stretch our Nech games into five hours. I think we might jabber in character too much but that's also part of the fun.
>"What? If they're still on then how'd you get through them?"
>"... A little at a time."
>"Pfft, sure. It can't be that bad."
>The girls find Protoca's entrance point, a hole in the ceiling.
>Protoca and Port latch on to Tachi and she jumps them up into the hole
>vent system is massive; easily enough space for the three of them to walk abreast if Tachi wasn't wide as fuck
>Meander down the vent a little ways following the airflow, come to a fan
>It is that bad. The circulation fan blades are a blur.
>Well, Tachi is here now
>group proceeds
>Air vent dumps them into a security office
>lots of dust, blank monitors, and a skeleton
>girls explore, look for papers, try and figure out what the heck is going on
>Port digs around for a power button, finds one, presses it
>monitor banks spring to life. So do the security systems
>Port watches a feed of the containment area door opening, only for all the other girls still trapped there get splattered all over the floors by the now live auto-turrets
>Avoided MP gain, but she hasn't parsed that they're feral. Is convinced that she just gunned down a bunch of random girls, spends a minute rocking back and forth and 'I'm sorry'-ing at the monitor while Protoca and Tachi look around
>Eventually figure out that they're in a bunker. Human staff died some time ago when the air circulation/purification system quit out. No logs as to why it's running now.
>Find a map that points them too the way out, the three collect themselves and start moving through the complex.
>the walk through the halls is fairly uneventful. They sidestep around a few operational auto-turrets and manage to avoid the groups of ferals that are streaming out of the killing ground of the containment area
>Come to another massive vault door with EXIT plastered over it in fading yellow. This one has a keypad.
>No clue what the code is supposed to be. Tachi walks up to the keypad on a whim and punches in a smiley face.
>Door opens.
An investigator from New Zealand actually sent the owner of KiwiFarms a request for information on the Christchurch shooter's posts there, and the owner basically put him on blast.
Was the poster from that discord?
Who was it?
>'wake up' in ruined park
>Aged 'Renraku Funland!' signs covered in grime
>Setting is theme park that used undead in mascot costumes, necromancer lost control they turned feral, some mutating with limbs of impossibly varied design bursting out of the suits
>90k visitors opening day
>no survivors
>spend first session trying to find a map of this city sized theme park
>ride a swan boat over artificial lake full of bloated remains battle with horde of lake dwelling undead in the water costs alice her bottom half
>on other side a massive pile up from a derailed coaster gives two options, haunted house or chuckecheese joint, haunted house it is
>The inside is a nest/hive where the mascots take unwilling victims and a massive 'mother mascot' picks them apart/pulls them open and twists and shapes them into mascots with skulls artificially twisted into the shapes of smiling animal people, the defective ones are left in piles of unfinished work weeping or screaming for relief
>Long combat session but they get away, alice gets some new legs, Junk gets a vital memory that leads to staff exit. On the way out Thanatos sets house on fire
>Follow staff exit which leads through engineering passage to a central spire
>Was boarded up, staff killed themselves, Junk remembers she invited her friends here when they were alive, her father was the designer his office is 3 floors above where the elevator stops
>After some fights and conversation they all gain some madness as they find a hanging body and a note by the man written to his daughter
>On top floor level they find some power still running and turn off a 'simulation'. The blue sky cuts out as the dome over the park stops projecting a false sky, through the dome a lead sky of rolling storm clouds/ashen wasteland stretch off in every direction. further from the exit than they started but now they know the outside is its own hell separate from the parks. Session ends with the dolls questioning if they even want to leave at all.
>girls walk out into the less-stale air
>corpses everywhere
>mostly civilians, some soldiers, all apparently trying to get into the bunker, or at least shelter at the gate
>Giant mass rises up on the far end of the cave
>Huge mecha zombie with a rocket sledge, DM just calls it a 'gargant.' It's flanked by two smaller horrors in riot gear and wielding heavy weapons
>There's also a Legion
>battle commences
>Can't remember most of the specifics, but it mostly revovles around the Gargant rocket skating around with the hammer flying, his riot buddies laying down fire on the dolls and the Legion just kind of being around.
>Protoca's a hinder bot, keeping the other girls covered while Tachi brawls it out and Port hangs back firing off with the Psycho Blaster
We didn't quite understand the timing mechanics at this point so I thought Psycho Blaster was like any other weapon. Woops.
>A troupe of Nightmares come shuffling out of the bunker door and join the fray
>They don't manage a whole lot before being taken out by Tachi and Port but it's one more hazard. I think Port or Tachi took some MP but I can't remember.
>Gargant rocketskates itself into a pile of explosive barrels. Port sends a shot into the pile and blows the whole thing sky high
>combat over
>injuries are 'light.' Port has a busted leg, Protoca regens most of her injuries. Port comes with the Medi-kit so she patches up Tachi.
>Port tries very hard not to think about the fact that she's just salvaged a replacement femur from another girl
>The three crawl out of the access cave into a grassy plain.
>Empty in all directions. The sky is gray as far as they can see.
>no sign of life
>they pick a direction and start walking
I don't really do this that often so I hope that reads OK.
It reads alright, pretty interesting.
Have you got any advice on running Nechronica? Like something you should keep in mind for it to go smoothly
1. Remember what the parts/maneuvers of your NPCs do and make sure your players memorize their own so they don't spend five minutes looking over their character sheet every turn. It's a big part of what keeps combat quick and snappy. This is numero uno for keeping the actual play smooth. Numero dos is having a solid understanding of the Timing system, which everyone also needs to know.

2. Favor (which doubles up as XP and meta currency) is given out really generously RAW. If you're going to be running more than two or three games in a campaign then consider throttling it down to keep progression from coming on too fast. Or just beat the absolute snot out of your players every combat so they have to spend it to stay alive, but doing that without resorting to GM fiat becomes tricky.

3. It's pretty easy to game the character creation/advancement system, especially once some favor gets doled out. We have a set limit of abilities and parts the DM allows us to get to keep things manageable (I think it's six abilities but I can't remember the limit for parts). If we weren't being deliberately fluffy with our character traits that would still probably be too much. Would help if you had an understanding with your players early on to try and focus on character over crunch. Also ties in with throttling favor gain.

4. Handle Madness carefully early on. All fetters start out at 3/4 if you throw Madness around like candy you're going to end up with a TPK on your hands pretty quick. Once some of the dolls have cooled off a bit by session two or three and your lpayers have a better idea of what's going on you can be a bit more liberal with it.

5. Encouraging roleplay is a big part of why the system works. Try and have your players play off of one another and reward them if they commit to it.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
Thank you very much, anon
Take your off-topic shit to /pol.
its pretty related, and I'm interested since I used to be a regular poster in that discord.
File: UQOgjKx.png (6.47 MB, 1481x2048)
6.47 MB
6.47 MB PNG
Nechronica thread?
Nechronica thread!

I've been happy to see that some fanmade stuff has ended up in the Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Nechronica Mod. The game is still hard as nails and I end up dying constantly.

I'm happy to see that more people are trying out the game. So many things have been covered! There's been a slew of fanmade classes added to the unofficial wiki so there's loads to try out.

With Nech stuff in mind, SINoALICE is apparently coming out soon as well for the west. Certainly runs alongside a lot of similar themes for Nechronica. Could be good for inspiration.

My game continues to toil onwards. With summer upon us, hopefully I'll have time to perhaps run another one-shot or two. Fingers are crossed!
It doesn't have anything directly to do with the Discord. NZ officials were trying to grab hold of any personal info they could find about people discussing the shooting online, including stuff like emails and IP addresses. Discord was complicit in their efforts to suppress the story and some groups got canned for talking about it. That's really all it has to do with the Nechronica server.
Anyone have any clues on how to fix the Undead Gun and machine gun armaments? I kinda want to build a character around them but they seem really anemic when compared to any of the useful ranged options.
File: heresyourundeadgun.jpg (528 KB, 1418x2100)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
What would you like to do with them? Instrument of Evil can be a useful Skill to take. You can then opt to switch your weapons from Area to single target attacks.
That just makes them Shooting Attack 2 for 3 AP, which is strictly worse than Twin Pistols (and the MG can only hit at range 1, while the UG hits at 1-2 as opposed to the Pistol's 0-1). They only ever hit up to 2 anyway, but it doesn't seem like they're useful to take unless you're facing down a bunch of low-part horrors, but it seems like nuking one of them off the field with Twin Pistols or the AT rifle would still be better since action economy.

I guess I'd like to just boost the damage a little but I worry that's too much in the case of the UD gun and I dont really know how to keep the area suppression effect of the MG without breaking it.

Different guy but

-be careful with attacks that do 3+ damage. 3 damage is going to break all the basic parts on a hit location and 4 is going to do that + break a reinforcement. This means that you can essentially knock out a PC's ability to meaningfully contribute to the fight in one hit if they don't know what they're doing.

-Basic Hit chance is 50/50 for your first encounter or two, you might not even want to consider giving most enemies a bonus to hitting, keeping in mind that bonus to hit also increase the chance to critically hit. As such, you might want to consider giving enemies supports rather than just giving them a +2 or 3 to attack checks.

-Be mindful of ranges. Long range attackers can be pretty unfun to face, since there's very few reactions that can be made past range 1, and a doll that doesn't have any movement reinforcements is spending 6 AP to move from Limbo to Tartarus. Which means that starting dolls are only getting 1 or 2 attacks in that round.

-Homebrew homebrew homebrew. If you plan on a campaign lasting past 3 sessions, you're going to need to get used to the idea of creating your own parts, both to keep fights fresh and give enemies interesting things to do, but also to counter whatever bullshit your players might have come up with that's breaking the game too hard.

Yeah, 10-20 favor is fine starting out, but once you get past, say, 50 favor, you should start throttling it (like 5 or less per combat depending on frequency and campaign length).


Not really a fan of this solution but char gen is pretty easy to break and only gets easier when favor is handed out. Not playing with power gamers and encouraging fluffing parts helps, especially if you're cool with letting players exploit skills/parts they got in the adventure phase.

Machine gun is shit, there's no real fix for this unless you mean modifying how the part works.

>Shooting Attack 2 for 3 AP
Always use lullaby. -1 kinda sucks, but outside of AT rifle (which is only *arguably* worth while to not do), the increased attacks is worth the 10% loss of accuracy.

But, anyway, undead gun can actually be pretty good. Area attacks are pretty situational, Area does double damage to legions, which means it's doing 4 damage to a single legion, 4 damage for 2 AP isn't bad, and it'll hit everything else there. What you do want to do is get supports, a critical hit with undead gun is downright nasty since just getting an 11 means you're doing 4 damage to 2 targets, 12 is 6 to 2, 13 is 8, and it only gets nastier the more targets are caught in it. Grab Bolt head and scope and just eagerly wait to roll a 9 or 10. Going Holic for Fury and Carnage is also respectable (Imagine hitting 3 + enemies with R3+Explosive) Just be sure to grab a single target weapon to go along with it. Area isn't for consistent damage, it's for nuking an area because you went balls to the wall.
It's an aesthetic thing. The point is that you are playing a frail innocent little girl who has been turned into a horrible monster. As someone into lolishit I can tell you that Nechronica isn't sexy.
I have this issue.
As the near exclusive GM for years I want to play the fucking thing and I'll be damned if I am going to run yet another fun looking game for them that they don't seem to understand.

Get a new group.
Easier said than done.
I am not exactly drowning in literate weebs with the motivation to run a campaign here in Kentucky.
My DM just refuses to throttle the favor gain for some reason, even though I was telling him after session 2 or 3 that it was going to be too much. This was his eventual solution and I agree that it's not ideal. It at least works for what we're using it for, but I'd definitely do it differently.

I have a few supports currently but the DM likes hindering me since I'm one of two people in the group that can just spit out damage, so it's pretty common that they get saved for counteracting interference. I'll consider looking into lullaby; I'll have to swap out one of my current skills for it, but that might be worth it.

It's disgusting, but if the GM is prioritizing you for hinders, look into getting Instantaneous. Even if you aren't a Thanatos, you can pick it up for 20 favor. Fury is also worth looking into since its +2 damage is basically a 12-on-demand for Undead Gun that they can't hinder down. It's damage timing so by the time it's coming into play, it'd be too late.
He just tends to have a whole lot on hand. He needs them for the Thanatos (because she's fucking bonkers) and I get hit every now and then as collateral. The last encounter we had was even designed to hamper her in particular and she still managed to contribute just as much as anyone else in the fight. Granted, that was a fight we weren't supposed to win anyway, but we came a lot closer than the DM expected. Nearly lost our Psychedelic NPC to all the damage and MP that was flying around.

They wouldn't happen to have monofilament, would they?
File: girlslasttourkeyart1.jpg (155 KB, 890x501)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Nah. I think his two core weapons are the drill and the great knife. He likes to abuse crab legs and barbed wire for big charging attacks which is part of it. I can't remember what his skills are off the top of my head but he can really just bust out the damage once we wear down the enemy's Hinders and Defends.

>Great Knife
Odd, that's not a bad weapon, but it is middle of the road compared to other T3 armaments. Really only shines against Savants because big damage focused on a single hit location is hard to ignore.

Ok, something's off there because Drills' pretty crummy, asides from ignoring defends. It's really only beating great knife if enemies have a shit ton of Defend 2's to throw out, and even then, burning the enemies defends so teammates can contribute is usually a better option, There's something funky going on there if the drill is beating everyone else.

>barbed wire
You're not forgetting that that's once per round, are you?
Yes please
A large part of this is probably me misremembering because I don't have the character sheets right in front of me and can't get at them. It's been a month since our last game and I'm not in the habit of tracking my party member's sheets during a game. That said:
The big thing is he abuses it on his charging attacks for free unblockable damage with Barbed Wire. It was busted when we started off against the DM's starter monsters but it's fallen off now.
>>barbed wire
We were at first. We screwed up a lot of the rules in the first couple of sessions; I made the same mistake with the Psycho Blaster and the only reason that didn't bite me horribly was because we also misread how much madness you start off with.

It's a work day so I'll be up and down, but I'll try and get our second session done up throughout the day.
Just like. A wholesome village of machines out in the hostile wastes.

Real slice of life stuff.
File: Ccdimage.jpg (55 KB, 457x640)
55 KB
I wonder who could be behind this post?

More seriously, if your group stumbles into something like that then it can be hard to justify continuing the campaign unless something goes horribly wrong. Places like that seem few and far between in the world of Nechronica.
>The big thing is he abuses it on his charging attacks for free unblockable damage with Barbed Wire.
Crab legs doesn't make attacks free, it just means you can make a take a swing as the move completes rather than waiting for your next count. You still pay the cost for the attack.
I was posting while half awake and fucked my phrasing. Early on, before the DM started putting in more Hinders, three unblockable damage on an opening attack was actually a pretty decent chunk of whatever horror he'd be sending after us. I meant 'free' as in risk free/low opportunity cost.
>if your group stumbles into something like that then it can be hard to justify continuing the campaign unless something goes horribly wrong.
I mean that is what ended up happening in Automata. That part fucked me up.
OK, so session 2. I forgot to mention that Port picked up a shotgun at the end of the last session so she's got a damage source other than Psycho Blaster or her fists. Can't remember what the other girls picked up.
>girls have been walking for some time.
>landscape and light doesn't change, it's just steel gray sky and tall yellow grass as far as the eye can see
>eventually they happen on a house out in the middle of nowhere
>well, 'house.' It's really a proper mansion, though it looks fit to topple over
>decide to explore, because why not?
>place looks marginally better on the inside, was clearly the mcmansion of mcmansions in its hay day but now it's just holding together
>dither around on the first floor, find a store room
>Tachi finds a person's hand in one of the boxes, uses it to give Port a minor panic attack
>more exploring
>girls happen onto a locked door
>fuck looking for keys. Port presses her shotgun up to the keyhole and blows the doorknob apart.
>spends a moment giggling like a dork and feeling like an action movie star, then wondering what an action movie star is, because she can't quite remember
>Suddenly there's a little girl
>she looks immaculate. Clean clothes, no injuries, no dirt or grime, looks healthy
>"please stop breaking my house."
>Port and Tachi are very sorry. Make a heartfelt promise not to break anything else
>she introduces herself as Joy, and is apparently very excited to have company. Shows us around before inviting up to her room.
>doesn't talk about the first floor much, but she points out the door to the infirmary.
>second floor has a dining room in the north wing, her parent's bedroom, and a library.
>there's a door across from the dining room that she completely glanced over, it's easily the most ornate thing in the hallway.
>everything is either falling apart or covered in grime. The dining room is actually a bit of a wreck with the furniture thrown everywhere.
>still no other people
File: Zk8QWpv.gif (480 KB, 500x452)
480 KB
480 KB GIF
>massive empty mansion
>severed hand in one box from a storeroom filled with boxes.
>Girl living by herself inside the place.
>Nobody else around.

My Savant-sense is tingling.

Don't be rash. She could just be lonely.
When it came to Pascal I kind of got the impression that Taro was just kicking the puppy at that point. It was just one thing after another for that poor tin can.
>Joy's bedroom door is blinding pink, covered in a facade of white rabbits scampering through a field
>her room is the girliest, fru-fruiest, pinkiest thing you could imagine. Filled with children's books, stuffed animals, a tea set, the list goes on
>like Joy, it's immaculate
>ecstatic to have company, Joy starts handing out presents to her new friends
>Port is happy just to have found a place halfway 'normal' and happily accepts a dress from Joy
>Protoca is more experienced, and so more suspicious. She begins to rifle through the shelves looking for anything odd. The dresser which produced the dress is completely empty
>Tachi is confused but not especially worried, she sits down on the bed to watch Port and Joy play and passes through the non-existant mattress and lands in a tangle of a boxspring.
>Port jabbers a little more with Joy and the two of them sit down for a tea party but the tea set was smashed to pieces a long time ago.
>once Port sees through the illusion it shatters completely. Joy's room is as dilapidated as any other in the house. Furniture is upended, the book case is destroyed, the stuffed animals are just piles of dirty rags.
>Joy doesn't seem to notice
>After some surreptisous whispering between the dolls, Port asks Joy if she'd like to help them explore the rest of the house, Joy agrees
>as they leave, the dolls realize that there's a massive blood spatter on the door and hallway floor. Small hands have dragged over the rabbit facade.
>the dining room is first
>it's a wreck, but not obliterated. Furniture's been thrown everywhere, the longtable was thrown against the far wall at some point, there are scratches all over the surface of it. There's a door off to the side.
cont. Maybe 2/4.
File: 1455477765681.jpg (189 KB, 1006x917)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Remember to keep your dolls hydrated this Summer!

Has anyone made a slime-like character before? I certainly think it's possible.
Neither of you are exactly wrong desu
Because I forgot to mention it last post; the dolls are (mostly) in agreement that Joy isn't deliberately duping them and probably needs some sort of help. 'Mostly' because Protoca agrees but still wants to dip, but the other two convince her to stay (or more accurately, can't be persuaded to leave).
I also just remembered that the area just beyond entrance hall had been turned into an impromptu hospital; it was full of cots and basic medical equipment but there wasn't anything really weird about it (other than it being there).
>the girls scour the dining room but don't find much. There's actually a second door buried under all the debris.
>Protoca continues exploring the dining room with Joy while Port takes a look into the first door, Tachi takes the newly discovered room.
>the first room turns out to be the servant's quarters.
>nothing is obviously out of place here, though it's awful dusty and oddly well ordered considering how many beds and dressers there are.
>she digs around and finds a brass locket. The picture inside looks to be a husband and wife who both worked as serving staff, she pockets it to ask Joy about later.
>there's another door at the end of the quarters
>meanwhile, Tachi's assigned room looks a lot like any other store room, lots of boxes
>she blunders into a hatch in the floor, which opens up into a staircase.
>she follows it down
>leads into a small stone room
>there isn't much here; a small tub another door
>Tachi finds a small key on the floor.
>and a skull
>opening the door spits her out into the entryway, the exterior side is made to blend into the wall.
>she closes it back up and starts back toward the dining room
Writing this out now, I realize that my sequence of events is off. The blood stain wouldn't be discovered until later. Makes me wish I'd started my detailed notes earlier.
I could see this being possible with a Baroque/Gothic combo. There are a slew of mutations that fit the theme; Slime, slippery, slurper, quad amputee would be simple to fluff.

I dont know how effective it would really be.
Stone architecture.

Build your important buildings in stone.
>More seriously, if your group stumbles into something like that then it can be hard to justify continuing the campaign unless something goes horribly wrong. Places like that seem few and far between in the world of Nechronica.

That depends on the group. I’ve played games where the tone changed drastically and the game kept going.
I think he meant the dolls would have little reason to leave. He'd still be wrong, though, many Dolls yearn for their past over peace
File: pascal_by_4rca-db3y5j4.jpg (318 KB, 800x800)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
That's actually a fair point, which was a little dumb of me to not consider because the dolls in my own game have pulled almost that exact stunt twice already. Though in our case the options were 'keep running' or 'keep running and maybe figure something out.' I wonder what their decision would be if they had a real shot at getting away from the influence of the Necromancer.
File: Spoiler Image (119 KB, 1000x750)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
What's this have to do with sad zombie girls?
>Back to Port
>The room beyond the servant's quarters is the pantry
>the shelves are all bare, there's a meat cleaver embedded in one of the counters
>all the food prep. surfaces are stained dark red
>Port digs through the cabinets, looking for anything of interest
>Finds a jar covered in grime
>picks up the jar and dusts it off
>It's a pair of human eyes preserved in formaldehyde, swirling to face her
>a thunderclap shakes the house
>Port scrambles back into the dining room. Tachi is back by now. Protoca and Joy seem none the worse for wear.
>Library next. How bad can a library be?
>As the group move through the hall, Tachi hangs back a moment at the ornate door Joy doesn't look at. She places her hand on the handle, before she can pull she's overwhelmed by an all encompassing sense of dread.
>she lets go of the door and crabs after the group.
>The library is about what they expected. Lots of books and a writing desk that appears to have been owned by Joy's father. Joy gravitates to a small section of children's books off in the corner while the dolls look over the desk.
>the subjects are eclectic, ranging from, wood carving, anatomy, and folders of medical notes on various patients in the improvised clinic. There's even a book on doll making.
>Port asks Joy about the doll book offhandedly
>Joy doesn't answer
>She goes rigid for a moment before flickering in the air like a faulty projector image
>Then she's fine. Totally fine.
>Tachi stumbles onto a kind of closet thing nestled into the shelves, but the dolls are worried about opening it up around Joy and causing another episode
>Port fibs a stomach ache. Her, Joy and Protoca head downstairs to the medicine storage to get something for her.
I really need to learn brevity for these things. (4/5?)
>Tachi opens up the closet, it turns out to be a small personal servant's quarters built into the wall. Really just a bed with a small dresser and mirror.
>As she edges into the room, she can see the image of another person in the mirror
>it's a maid. She's on her knees, apparently begging someone for something
>the words 'please forgive me' crawl over the image
>another thunder crack. The mirror is blank now, with a crude 'NO' carved into the glass
>that avenue spent, Tachi heads down stairs. She wanders around for a bit instead of going to the medicine pantry, but the echo of a chainsaw in the dark sends her scurrying back
>the medicine room is a mess. There are bottles and pills and tools scattered everywhere. A pair of opaque yellow glass drums dominate one wall of the room. There's an unmarked door near the back
>Joy has handed port a cup of 'medicine' for her stomach
>whatever it used to be, it's just black sludge now. Port takes a sip anyway to try and placate the girl and manages to keep the revulsion from being apparent to Joy
>offhandedly, she asks what's behind the other door. It looks like a closet.
>Joy flickers like she did in the library. Acts as if she never heard the question
>Protoca and Tachi distract her while Port edges through the door.
>It's an operating theater, covered in blood.
>just absolutely drenched in blood. It's smeared everywhere, on the table, the equipment, the walls, the floor is caked with it.
>There isn't anything of note to be found here aside from the gore. Port slides back into the medicine room without alerting Joy.
I have no idea why Tachi's player went this route next but:
>Tachi gets a wild hair and pries open one of the vats next to the wall.
>reaching in, she heaves out a corpse.
>a corpse that looks exactly like Joy, except she's blonde and two of her fingers on the left hand are backwards.
>Joy vanishes
I will finish this in two posts if it kills me. I'm hoping for just one more. (p. 6)
>I wonder what their decision would be if they had a real shot at getting away from the influence of the Necromancer.

Exploring this drives a lot of my desire to play Nechronica again in the future.
You can go so many directions with it.


Enjoying this storytime.
Please continue.
I’m shocked you found an in person group who will play anything as unusually as this.

How DOES it run in person? I can really only imagine playing or running nechronica via text, and not just because text is the only way i’ve Played it but because staying in character otherwise seems like it would be very hard.

Take your time please. I’m on. The edge of my seat and don’t want the mystery to be covered in an overly brief of confused fashion now that I’m hooked.

I wasn’t expecting this sort of ghost drama in a Nechronica game but holy shit it is working.
Glad you're enjoying things. We had a lot of fun on this session.
DM found the thread. Time to panic!
His memory is way better than mine and he's picking through my inaccuracies
>"W-where's Joy?"
>while Port is freaking out, Tachi is already prying open the other vat and scooping out the occupant. Another homunculous that looks almost identical to Hope, but missing half of her face and with red hair.
Give us eyes
>the homunculae each take a single breath before expiring on the floor
>things are fucked.
>But we can't just leave Joy, because it seems pretty obvious she's a victim.
>Where has she even gone?
>the dolls start scouring the mansion room by room, looking for clues
>Tachi detours while Protoca and Port check the bottom floor. She goes back up to check Joy's room
This was actually when Tachi found the bloodstain on Joy's door and the drag trail leading down the hallway. Joy kept it hidden until she disappeared.
>finds a nondescript key under the bedframe and returns to Protoca and Port down below
>the key Tachi found in the secret staircase fits in a locked door they found earlier in their exploring. The room beyond is just a pit. There's a length of chain coiled up at the edge.
>Port being the lightest, she makes a loop at the end of the chain and hooks her foot through it, Protoca and Tachi lower her down
>it just keeps going
>After what feels like forever, she sees something
>It's a hand
>It's hundreds of hands
>thousands of reaching hands
>reaching for her
>she screams (and narrowly avoids MP gain). Tachi and Protoca haul her up.
>the lower floor is exhausted, they go upstairs to check the parent's bedroom, which has been locked.
>but Tachi has the key.
>the room is fairly nondescript, aside from the apparent opulence. As the girls are combing through it they find a series of letters from Joy's mother
>it's apparent that she's aware of an affair between Joy's father and the head maid
Tachi took the chain from the chandelier IIRC, so this idea was actually even dumber than it may sound as presented above.

I was just thinking, 'Wow. Really?' There were actually checks made to avoid dropping Port, the chain breaking, etc. in addition to the madness check. You passed all of them.
Of the only two Dolls I ever made, one would leave because the village is already happy and safe and as a hero it's her job to make the rest of the world as happy and safe as them and the other would leave because machines don't got good eats and she's always hungry. So very, very hungry.
File: 1558905002845.jpg (39 KB, 540x540)
39 KB
I think I remember that now that you mention it. It sounds like one of Tachi's plans.
I'll try to live up to your expectations, anon. My notes get a little clearer from here now that we're reaching the conclusion. I hope my dialogue doesn't ruin everything for you because here we go.
>there's also mention of his erratic and aloof behavior
>Apparent that she knows something's wrong, but not that she understands the extent of things, or how far it would go
>the human butchery
>the thousands of dead in the basement
>the child's bloody prints on her own bedroom door
>with nearly all the house explored, the girls set out looking for Joy.
>they eventually spot her through a window, sitting out next to a tree in a little courtyard, dejected and alone.
>true to the prior thunderclaps, the sky is dark and the tree's dead limbs are whipped in the oncoming wind, though Joy doesn't seem to notice
>The girls make their way to her, ask her what has her upset. They want to help.
>"I can't be sad."
>Port and Tachi approach slowly with Protoca in tow
>the storm starts to get worse the closer they come
>The two lead dolls sit down next to her, Port taking Joy's hand in hers and Tachi draping herself over Joy's back.
>Port: "Joy, you can't be happy all the time. That isn't how the world works. Sometimes you need to feel bad, or else it'll eat you up."
>Joy looks up to Port, teary eyed. "I'm not needed anymore?"
>the storm is still getting worse. It's pelting rain.
>Port is pretty clearly confused, but keeps talking: "I don't want you to go away, Joy. Everyone needs to know how to be happy. But you need to know how to feel sad, too. You need to know both, it's good to know both."
File: 21.jpg (207 KB, 1920x1200)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
>Lightning strikes the tree.
>"Sadness is... kind of like the cold. You know how when you feel cold, it's really just warmth going away? Happiness is like heat; it has to come from somewhere, has to be built up. Like when you're starting a fire. It has to be built up from embers to start. And then it grows and grows and can help keep everyone warm. Right now things are cold, but we can start building a new fire."
>Tachi chimes in "We can do it together."
>which is probably the first full sentence she's said since her introduction.
>abruptly the storm starts to die down.
>It's still raining, but the lightning has stopped and the wind isn't threatening to pick up the mansion anymore
>Joy looks up at the dolls now with a new steadiness. She has a grim look on her face. "There's something- someone we need to go see."
>Port nods. "We'll be with you."
>Joy leads them back into the house up to the second floor, to the door she wouldn't even glance at earlier.
>The party enters.
>On the opposite end of the room is Joy. Or rather an immaculately made doll that looks exactly like her, perched on a small throne.
>This is the real ghost in the mansion, the whole that Joy was cleaved from. The tortured little girl who balled up all her happy memories and hid them away so she wouldn't destroy them.
>Her father tried to turn her into a perfect, immortal doll, but his work fell short.
>She's just another tortured Horror now.
>puppet soldiers with spears walk about on invisible strings, there are wisps of Fear, Anger, and Regret flying about like dustbunnies. The Old Doll's hate is a palpable force the girls have to work against just to move forward.
The part before the last.
>Combat phase starts
>The wisps swarm Protoca almost immediately while Tachi gets stuck in with the toy soldiers. Port is doing the marksman thing, laying into the Legions with her shotgun and taking shots of opportunity at the Old Doll with her Psycho Blaster.
>Joy is kneeling in the back, offering prayers for her new friends. She acts as a counterbalance against the Old Doll's hate and protects the other three from passive Madness.
>the three girls grind forward, bolstered by Joy's prayer.
>The Old Doll doesn't respond to the words of any of the girls. It just attacks them and rages.
>In the end, it's less a resounding defeat and more a mercy kill. Battered and broken from Port's ranged attacks and inanimate by nature, the Old Doll can't even move to defend itself, or even flee, as the three close in.
>It's Tachi who finishes things. A drill through the heart.
>Joy, her original ego and source of her projection finally destroyed, begins to fade away.
>Port lowers her weapon, tears streaming from her eyes. "This isn't how I wanted this to go."
>In the end all she can do is wave goodbye. "G'bye Joy. I'm sorry we couldn't-" She sniffs. "I'm sorry."
>Joy just smiles back. "Don't worry. This is the happiest I've felt in, well, ever."
>and then she's gone.

The dolls left the mansion shortly after. Tachi held onto the silver key to the parents' bedroom as a momento and Port kept the locket she found as a Treasure to remember Joy by. Without the Old Doll to prop everything up, the mansion started to crumble on itself almost before the dolls got out the door, though it wouldn't collapse completely for some time yet. With no real direction, the dolls nursed their wounds as best they could and started off down the road, to wherever that wasn't here.
File: Joy.png (238 KB, 432x462)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
So I didn't expect for this to take nine whole posts to storytime. That was something else. This was probably our most successful session of Nechronica in the campaign so far, due in large part to the DM's creative chops, but also some clever use of Tabletop Simulator's functionality while laying out his game map. DM asked that I lay out some of the things that worked in a conclusion post so here's we go.

In particular, lots of notable items and locations, like the body parts we found stashed around, had descriptions in their hover over text which helped to put me and Tachi's player into the scene. Tiles on map, and certain characters like Joy herself also used this and it really added to the progression into darkness as subtle things about the game map changed. The two big pieces of this were Joy herself, and her room, which both started out hot pink and slowly drifted closer to gray the more distraught Joy became and the more her illusion, along with small alterations to their descriptors as things got worse and worse.

This all went so well that Joy now resides as queen of the battlemap, watching over the dolls in their adventures from her tower.

I have four hours before I have to be up and getting ready for work and I'm probably rambling, so I'm going to bed now. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll be around tomorrow if anyone wants to ask any questions or something. I might storytime some other sessions too, but they won't get as involved as this one for a while.
>Another homunculous that looks almost identical to Hope, but missing half of her face and with red hair.

Is Hope someone you haven’t mentioned yet or did you mean to say Joy?

Gonna have to finish reading this after work.

A nice surprise to wake up to.
File: B8LYf4V.jpg (22 KB, 430x323)
22 KB
Woops. Hope is the name of an NPC that appears later, that's supposed to be Joy.
Yes. No. Oh God.
Thanks for the storytime, very nice read

Get out! We don't need your kind here.

It was pretty good, and stands as a nice example of the kind of story you get in Nechronica.
There’s more to this story!?
This storytime was just session 2 bruv. This campaign is ongoing.
Because I realized I wasn't entirely clear: Joy and Hope are unaffiliated. They just both happen to be cinnamon rolls too pure for this world with on-the-nose names. I was talking with the DM while story timing and swapped Hope's name in by mistake a couple of times, just didnt catch one before I posted.
Nice storytime.

I wish to hear more about the use of tabletop simulator for TTRPGs. I bought tabletop simulator a while ago but never played or GM’d a ttrpg game that used it.

It’s all been IRC, or in more recent years Discord, with R20 if maps and tokens were used.
I guess the big thing is that the game you want to play needs to have been ported to the workshop by someone (unless you decide to do it yourself). That said, there are a lot of even niche games that have workshop content: Nechronica has one with a playmat and six functional character sheets you can type on, I know the Dark Souls boardgame has a port. Arkham Horror (and Gensokyo Horror, which is the same thing but 2hu) has a port. MAID does, and I think that one even has a functional rulebook as part of the table. Also let's you mess around with a wide variety of models and stuff without having to go out to your LGS for minis.

While TTS has a chat window, my personal preference is to have a call or chat going in Discord while we play. We use the TTS chat for in character dialogue and roleplaying (which is convenient because it makes for simple note taking afterward).

TTS has a few nice perks baked in as basic functions, like being able to make infinite bags of minis/tokens/dice, hiding certain parts of the table from your players, copy-pasting objects, and a variety of useful cursor functions. It also has some pretty slick card handling mechanics for what it is.

It doesn't perfectly replace parts of R20. For example there's no way to enforce Line of Sight. It's very much a virtual tabletop rather than a proper map, and if you wanted to make your own map tiles you'd have to port them into the game yourself. Our DM uses generic tile objects to block out a map, adds doors and character minis where applicable, and uses descriptions placed on the tiles in tandem with normal narration to describe the setting. If you've played on one of those grid mats where you draw your own outlines, it's a bit like that.

Getting used to manipulating the camera is a bit awkward, but it just takes a bit of time.

Since so much of the content is off the workshop, quality can vary. We have a battletech hovertank on one of our boards acting as standin for something else and, while it's a nice model, the origin point is off in fucking Wonderland so trying to rotate it doesn't work correctly. It's the only seriosuly egregious issue we've had with any of the minis we use but something to keep in mind.

DESU my largest complaint with TTS is that it's really easy to accidentally catapult your dice across the table without meaning to, but that can be fixed with a dice tray.

Also be sure to turn off grid snapping once you're done setting up the map (unless you're playing something where the grid is important) because otherwise placing objects next to one another will wind up stacking them.

That's about it off the top of my head. If you have any more specific questions I'd be happy to try and answer them.
I wonder how a Led Zeppelin cover band would work Nechronica.

Like they travel the wastes attracting rogue savants with the power of music so they can be put out of their misery. They are on a quest to discover music so powerful it can return sanity to broken dolls and bring humanity back to the most jaded necromancer.
Maybe there not so much a Led Zeppelin cover band as a band but more that they are inspired by a warped legend of Led Zeppelin.

Twisted into something grander by time and inventive hope, despair, and madness.
All Alice Party?

No wait that would leave them hamstrung.
Thank you very much.
I haven't actually played it because I am spiteful and want to play myself.
I have played a dozen or so in person MAID games though which is a similarly awkward game and what people usually do is put a different infliction on their voice or take a slightly different tone as opposed to going full pretty pretty princess like you might expect.

>It's an aesthetic thing. The point is that you are playing a frail innocent little girl who has been turned into a horrible monster. As someone into lolishit I can tell you that Nechronica isn't sexy.

Okay, if it's not pedoshit then why are the dolls overwhelmingly(if not exclusively) female? Why can't the lore be tweaked to allow for that?
Likely because boys are courageous and belligerent by default while girls are not.
I’ve played ones where boy/girl stuff was down to choice instead of paying for the parts.
Fun storytime! Thank you! It's also good to see the table top simulator in action. I've considered using it myself, but not all my current players have it. With all the models out there, it could certainly work. The chat box on TTS is a bit small though, so perhaps it's just better off used as a visual reference.

The first Nechronica game I ran locally was all burly manly men as players. Nobody tried to put on a girl's voice and my players were wonderful enough to keep in mind their characters were children who are curious, naive and would be afraid of things they don't understand. The resulting teamwork that follows is always entertaining.

Why don't you read the PDF and find out? Why would a Necromancer call back from the dead something small, fragile and humane, rather than craft a soulless hulk of a rotting-warrior-god? Why would a king of the dead wish to see tears fall and hearts bleed?

If your answer is hurf-blurf pedoshit then I fear the Curse of Basic has you firmly in it's grasp. Please avoid classical mythology, fables, anime and other forms of media and expression beyond your pop culture safe space, lest you end up confused and frightened again.
It is a necrophilia and lolicon game and the book won't change that. But you can just find players not interested in those aspects too and ignore that part of the setting, like with any other system.

The only mandatory parts of the system is that your character is made out of parts that can break, that characters have missing memories and that the relationships between PCs is something with actual mechanics. Nothing else matters and if you use these, you can simply reskin the system into whatever you want: You can be adult undead, male undead, robots, marionettes, toys, mutants or anything else.
Because the frilly dresses and shit are part of the fucking aesthetic, little girls are traditionally considered more fragile than boys and the characters are supposed to resemble porcelain dolls which is why they are called dolls.
Everything is horrible broken down and grimy, humanity is gone replaced by cruel abominations and the party is playing as symbols of mankind's lost purity.
I guess if you wanted to play a young boy in a sailor outfit or something you could do that but if you feel the need to reskin everything to be more generically badass out of fear that somebody might think you like little girls this might not be the game for you.
What a cringey retort, : P. Dude looking to join a game where someone will work with his comfort zone, other dude responds that this dying fandom clearly doesn't need any attention if they're going to be worried about the gratuitous... everything involved in Nechronica.

That's tg for you.
Because they're dolls, not action figures. Duh.
>The chat box on TTS is a bit small though, so perhaps it's just better off used as a visual reference
You can stretch the chat box. There should be a set of stripes in one of the corners, click on that and drag.

They're not. It's entirely up to the Necromancer/DM, as said in the rulebook.

The Lore doesn't need tweaked, and only one part would even need a tweak, which would be as simply as rewriting its flavor text.
I wanted to think up an entire group of Alices with different chain-themed weapons but there's only the Chainsaw and Ball and Chain. I guess you could count Flesh Whip if you really wanted to stretch it but that feels against the spirit of things.
File: brow.gif (358 KB, 960x720)
358 KB
358 KB GIF
I think I remember talking to you before. That second character was the one who bullied her party members into letting her eat pieces of them or something, wasn't it?
Instead of “chain” try “metal as fuck” and see if that helps you come up with a team loadout for an all Alice party.
>implying action figures aren’t dolls

Can’t wait for more.

Then go find a group who wants to run/play that way. No one here can or will stop you.

>No one wants to run the game the way I'm comfortable

Then run yourself or deal.
>Metal as fuck
I've always found metal band album covers to be very inspirational when it comes to getting ideas for Nechronica.
Dolls don't have kung fu grip action.
Are you the anon who played a nechronica game a year or more ago that ended with a shoen style dramatic fight with shouted philosophy with a techno-god dragon?
Correct! The game is still ongoing and I'm sincerely happy I've managed to gather such great players to share it with. I'm glad you remember it. The game itself seems to play off as a wonderful coming of age. The players naturally start as fragile, worried and unsure children. Then by the time they've got lots of Favor and experience they've naturally became confident and brave souls, ready to turn and face the demons who have stalked them for so long.

One of the players showed me this pic to sum up his feelings for the game. It fits!
I dunno who these two are fighting (it’s obviously not eachother because they are not facing eachother, so they must be fighting people/things offscreen) but I feel sorry for whoever or whatever they are.
Has this game gone through several generations of characters by this point?

If not how have you dealt with favor bloat?
Not that anon, but if this is the campaign I'm thinking of then they throttled down hard on favor gain. It was less than ten per session if memory serves.
That's correct. Favor game was originally very low to start. (I had experience from playing in another Nechronica game that was running at the time to show that Dolls can get very powerful very quickly.)

When it got up past 150 odd, I gave the players a chance to entirely rebuild their characters from scratch via in game Shenanigans. After that, when they got to another important milestone they were granted a unique skill of their own making and some unique fetters and after that, zip. No more favor, since we're now in the endgame scenario of the campaign.

While my players are not gaining any more favor, they are still able to swap parts in and out as they see fit and they now pretty much have all their Memory Fragments and Fetters filled.
>That second character was the one who bullied her party members into letting her eat pieces of them or something
Yes and no. My character had the Possessive fetter that necessitated breaking one of the other character's parts if she went mad on that fetter while the other character was Devoted to my PC, so we fluffed it as her dining on her entrails for some comfort food.
File: 1484516808906.jpg (562 KB, 1200x848)
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562 KB JPG
Everybody gangsta till the dolls start screaming.
I only know Nechronica from Hetza artworks, can somebody explain what's about in this game?
File: 1492873834847.jpg (124 KB, 750x301)
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124 KB JPG
That is... pretty gnarly. In both senses of the word. One of my biggest obstacles in Nech is properly playing to the fetters; a lot of the time I just kind of forget about them.
4u, kind anon.
I'm going to try and work through sessions 3 and 4 today. They're both less involved than the Joy episode but they still contain Doll Shenanigans so I don't really feel like I can just skip them.
>the dolls are still walking along the road
>they must have been walking for hours, but it's still not any darker or lighter than when they crawled out of the bunker
>at some point they came across a long dead squad of soldiers
>Port picks up a rifle from one of the soldiers
>or, more precisely, she picks up a modernized Lahti 20mm cannon. She's able to rattle off a surprising amount of trivia about it
I didn't realize how strong Port would have to be to carry one of these things by herself until some time later
>more walking
>Port's mind is starting to wander
>notices she doesn't sweat, even though it's warm
>doesn't really feel tired
>there's someone else's femur in her leg
>becomes visibly distraught
>Protoca strikes up some conversation, tries to cheer her up. Mostly it's small talk but it eventually turns to Protoca herself.
>"How long had you been wandering around before you found me and Tachi anyway?"
>"Mm... I can't remember. I know it's been a long time. I've been to two different oceans."
>"You walked to both of them?"
>Tachi gets an idea and starts digging through the trash along the side of the road as they walk.
>the conversation dies as the two of them watch Tachi scurry around.
>Port's mind turns back to darker things
>"I want things to go back to normal. But I can't remember 'normal.' I can hardly remember anything at all."
>Protoca clasps Port's hand. "We can carve out our own normal. For us." Inside her heart, Protica swears... Anything that got in the way of that dream, she would crush.
Read the pdf.
In a more serious note, it's a post-apocalyptic world filled with horrors and zombies. The players are a bunch of zombie-robot-lolis you can basically mix and match with parts for skills.
>That is... pretty gnarly. In both senses of the word.
It was super romantic. And then another Doll shotgunned mine in the back because she also had a fetter on the third girl and (despite it being consensual for both parties) was disgusted at the loving entrail eating.
Hetza art is very good. It's a pity that the man himself is so very elusive. He's got a lot of abandoned accounts lying around the internet but is still making artwork for Nechronica and other games.
File: 1405638909515.jpg (136 KB, 850x765)
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136 KB JPG
Codependent zombie children going on cute and horrible adventures in the apocalypse. They will find monsters, horror, adventure, and maybe themselves (Maybe literally)!

But as >>67017161 said, it's all in the .pdf here >>66955262
In the game I was in I had the missfortune of rolling one of the fetters toward anothe PC where you really wish someone was out of the picture. Thankfully the dice were very kind during the talking phase of session 1 and I was able to reroll that fetter so by the end instead of wanting to murder the other PC (who’s fetter has her idolizing my character) as soon as she had an opportunity to do it and make it look excuseable or like an accident, she now felt a need to look after and protect them. Which I interpreted as going from murderous hatred to pity.
File: JbvmHoO.gif (990 KB, 500x211)
990 KB
990 KB GIF
Nechronica and Call of Cthulhu are both tabletop roleplaying games with sanity systems.

In CoC sanity is a slippery slope you slide down and then fall off of.

In Nechronica you play characters who are trying to scratch out an existence on that slope.

It’s two very different approaches to playing a game where madness is an integral element.
>Tachi sneaks up behind Port while the two of them are having a moment and ruffles her hair. "We'll do it together."
>As Tachi joins the other two the ground begins to crumble underneath them
>a massive sinkhole opens up
>they're falling
>they're actually falling really far
>Protoca grabs Tachi, Tachi grabs Port
>Protoca puts out a hand and tries to grab something, anything
>hand finds an outcrop
>the momentum whips them around like a yo-yo, tearing off Protoca's arm at the shoulder and reversing the fall order
>the ground is coming up
>Protoca slams into the ground and completely pulps her legs
>Tachi fairs better; her crab legs and metal-reinforced skeleton absorb the impact and let her catch Port
>they're at the intersection of three tunnels deep underground, the only source of light is the hole above them, some ways up.
>the girls collect themselves.
>It's clear that Protoca can't continue in this condition but Port's medi-bag won't be enough to get her into walking shape
>with some effort, Protoca wiggles out of the homemade harness that keeps her coffin strapped to her back
>Port and Tachi flip it right-side-up and bring Protoca alongside it
>Protoca fidgets with a small control surface on the coffin's side. Dull green lights along the edge of the lid light up and the door opens. Protoca uses her remaining arm to vault herself over the edge and into the container
>"I'll be better once the treatment is finished, but until then one of you will have to carry me."
>the coffin locks shut and begins to hum gently as it goes to work
>Tachi shoulders the precious cargo
>Port tries to find a breeze by wetting her finger in her mouth, but doesn't actually produce enough saliva to do more than get it noticeably damp.
>Her and Tachi pick a random direction and start walking.
>it takes a minute, but Port and Tachi notice that the floor of the tunnel isn't actually pebbles like they thought
>it's bullet casings
>thousands and thousands of casings
I was about to say, I do not remember seeing your pic before
Is he still drawing? The last thing I saw him draw was some Japanese pilot girl with a katana and it was for some gacha game
Name songs that come to mind for you with Nechronica.

For me

Creedence Clearwater Revival:
-Bad moon rising
-Who will stop the rain

The Ramones
-Beat on the Brat
-The KKK Took My Baby Away

Guns N’ Roses
-My Michelle
-Night Train

Mark Morgan
-City of the Dead

Hans Zimmer
-Underwater March

Graeme Norgate
-the whole mansion of madness and what lies below set

Kenji Yamamoto and Kouichi Kyuma
-Chozo Ghosts
-Omega Pirate
-Parasite Queen

Myuu (a lot of this guys work fits but these are special to me)
-Cursed Stories
-Keep Going
-March of the Titans
Neir2 soundtrack seems fitting
Which parts in particular?
This is good stuff.
More please.
Memories of Green by Vangelis
>>it takes a minute, but Port and Tachi notice that the floor of the tunnel isn't actually pebbles like they thought
>>it's bullet casings
>>thousands and thousands of casings

All that brass. Think of all the tools, art, and musical instruments you could make.
Barrett's Privateers
Stan Rogers puts me in the mind of music I could see up amidst groups of well traveled dolls ( Like protaca here >>67017038 apparently ).
Was it permanent?
Unironically makes me think.
If it wasn't clear, we fluff Protoca's coffin as a bacta tank instead of limb storage, just because she's not really the type to keep meat laying around.
>Port takes a minute to inspect the cases
>They're all full sized rifle cases. They're also all the same caliber
>It's weird, but the two of them really have no idea what to make of it.
>Keep walking
>Eventually they come to a fork leading into a huge cavern
>two paths going off to the left or right. Between them is a yawning chasm that extends way farther than they're able to see.
>go left
>A little ways into the cavern they stumble onto the wreck of an old APC. Or maybe an IFV. They don't know the make so it's hard to tell.
>More casings piled up around it (in addition to the ones on the ground)
>Port and Tachi pick over it but the interior is empty and it won't power on
>Tachi gets a wild hair. Again.
>tears off the engine cover and starts digging around
>finds and pries out the alternator
>disconnects a headlight and strips out some electrical wire with it
>using some sort of cybernetic crab magic, she wires the light up to the alternator and, using her drill to crank the magnet, produces a massive, cumbersome, and overly heavy flashlight.
>but it is a flashlight, and very bright
>she gives the cavern a cursory scan
>they still can't see the bottom (or top) of the place, but they can light up the other path on the far side.
>the walls are actually honeycombed with more tunnels, and there are odd little outcroppings here and there covered in stone bulbs. More military vehicles are scattered here and there, about wherever there's room on the path for them. They're all rusted out and inert, some of them have serious exterior and structural damage, a lot of them have hatches that have been pried backward from their closed position
>Port notices that there's some of those weird smooth stones pretty close by them.
>we fluff Protoca's coffin as a bacta tank

Cool. What other things have you refluffed at this point?
DM speaking. Do you mean at this point in the story, or at the point we are at present?
Why not both?
I think these tunnels were used for some sort of military themed gladetorial games run by a necromancer who is now long dead or has long moved on to other things and these are the decaying ruins of their old hobby.
The former. But I’m also happy to see how other people refluff mechanics in general.

Well, let's see...
Tachi's "crab legs" are an edge case but not really. Just a matter of terminology - we call her a 'spider' tank - not a 'crab tank.'

Protoca's shovel causes Dismemberment via a nanothorn/monomolecular field thing it can project for a half-second.

At the point we are NOW...
Port's PC mentioned her extra eyes being fluffed as micro-cameras.

But Port is also Quadripalegic... which we fluffed as her having four prosthetic limbs which are easily interchangeable, because we were having a hard time visualizing how that "part" was really supposed to work.

Her Psycho Blaster is moounted inside of her right index finger, with its thumb being the firing trigger, but that's not really a re-fluff given its never really described RAW, I think.
The amusement park comes to mind, though given the plot of the game having plenty of parallels I'd personally just lift the whole thing to play as ambiance at the table.
What are the important things to keep in mind when GMing Nechronica?

Especially when it comes to balancing encounters and giving the party a chance to claw sanity back so the game doesn’t just become a race to savantism
Encourage conversation checks between players.

Make sure players understand how Treasures work, as well as the Madness Limit.

Take their Madness Limit into account when designing encounters - push them to their limits, but not beyond if you don't feel like it. After all, the Necromancer (you) is playing with them, not necessarily TRYING to break them.

If you design an encounter to be extremely Madness heavy, perhaps consider some built-in means to offset that, like I did with Joy's prayers. (She herself was still accruing madness and would've disappeared, so that wouldn't last forever.)

If not a fight, perhaps spots of hope amidst the ruin. Pleasant scenes that might soothe their minds if they take them in.
>>Tachi gets a wild hair. Again.
>>tears off the engine cover and starts digging around
>>finds and pries out the alternator
>>disconnects a headlight and strips out some electrical wire with it
>>using some sort of cybernetic crab magic, she wires the light up to the alternator and, using her drill to crank the magnet, produces a massive, cumbersome, and overly heavy flashlight.
>>but it is a flashlight, and very bright

This sounds like something the first vampire character I ever played would do in that situation.

Though he’d have to replace the drill drive with something else. Actually he’d Probably set the alternator up with some sort of celerity empowered hand crank and use that to charge the vehicles battery, then pull the battery and connect the lights to that.
>like I did with Joy's prayers

Please elaborate on this.
I never made this connection before but when you put it like that it sounds like darkest dungeon, only when people’s resolve is tested the result is always bad and possibly fatal and they are someone’s character.

It's only mentioned amongst other things, but in the earlier storytime where Port's PC is narrating, he mentions Joy's prayers protecting the party from the Old Doll's madness.

The Old Doll had an ability that causes all PCs to take 1 Madness every turn. Joy was relieving them of one madness every turn, via the Alice ability "Prayer."
If the players want to do a session or run of sessions where there is no combat, how do you keep things interesting or challenging since that veers off the the formula the game is designed to run in?

I do realize that the players may create their own challenges just by having the conflicts arise between their characters during sessions like this, but if they are doing that, how do you support it without distracting from it?
Ohhhhh. For some reason I thought this was something outside the regular abilities of doll types.
>If the players want to do a session or run of sessions where there is no combat, how do you keep things interesting or challenging since that veers off the the formula the game is designed to run in?
These usually happen by accident because we start talking in character too much and lose track of time. We accidentally turned what was supposed to be one session into three one time because Port wouldn't shut up and explore.
[I'm Port's player btw. Not the DM.]
I’m having flashbacks to old draw your party threads.

Environmental hazards, puzzles, and other things to overcome if, perchance, your players don't sidetrack and entertain themselves constantly like mine do, lol.

Sprinkling in some lore could help.

More than anything though... Set an atmosphere. They should never be SURE they don't have to worry about combat - it should always be creeping around the corner. Even absolute stillness is inherently suspicious in a world where nearly everything that moves is trying to kill you.

Play up the mood however you like, but in essence... Adventures don't need to have combat to have conflict.

Man vs Environment, Man vs Himself, Man vs Nature.
File: Spoiler Image (180 KB, 1600x1051)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Port's medkit has some similarly sci-fi tech in it, like at one point she has to mend a bone so she takes a sewing needle out of the kit and, with a metal cord, uses it to actually sew the broken sections back together. The needle vibrates itself to drill through tissue (it's just as unpleasant as it sounds).
>Port moves to investigate the weird rocks
>hissing noises
>hissing noises?
>she looks over to the tunnel opening near her
>there's a giant roach monster poised in the opening
>the entire cavern lights up with activity.
>bug monsters everywhere
>they aren't at the party quite yet, but they're coming
>Protoca's coffin opens, she's better now
>"Oh hey, you're right on time."
>There's no time for an explanation; a squadron of bugs is blocking the dolls' exit
>Combat Start
>The three blitz forward. Port takes one out of the fight off the bat with her Lahti, basically reducing it to a head and forelimbs
>the rest of the fight is similarly quick and dirty with Tachi and Protoca brawling it out with the hardier bugs and Port putting craters in the backline spitters
>As soon as the sqaud in front of them is dealt with the girls book it out of there
>a dead sprint down the pathway eventually spits them out of an ancient mine shaft and back into the grassy field. They either outran the bugs or left their territory because they aren't being followed.
>the dark outline of a megacity looms in the far distance, the first landmark the girls have had since the bunker.
>safe for the moment, the girls take a breather to lick their wounds. Port fusses some at Tachi while patching her up because Tachi's managed to get her hands broken in every single fight so far, and really that's just irresponsible.
>After that, the girls set off on the only bearing they really have, the city.
Was busier than expected so only time for session 3. I've got the day off tomorrow so I should be able to run through session 4 then.
File: DONTLOSEYOURWAAAAAY.jpg (43 KB, 901x676)
43 KB
Speaking of, I haven't posted Protoca's picture yet.

These sketches are all courtesy of the DM, which I meant to mention in the conclusion post for session 2 but forgot. Woops.
I wish I knew what ended up happening with this Nechronica group.

But I’m learning the story of Tachi and her party after her Urgot-looking self got wedged in my memory and that’s awesome.
Fortress of Lies fits. Resistance Camp too, if your group has anywhere relatively peaceful to chill out (though that's my favorite track in the game, so I may be biased). Someone already mentioned the Amusement Park theme.

It's still important to note that the actual mechanics outside of combat are non-existent.


Note that, RAW, you're not supposed to give NPCs madness or position skills, some position skills have equivalent enemy only parts, but for balance and book keeping reasons, you're not supposed to be doing it.

Starting off, players can only lose two madness points per phase (Adventure, Battle, and End) and if the players don't invest in anti-madness stuff, they are only losing one point in the battle phase (from treasure) and that the only other source of losing it is random. Depending on how you stick to the phase system and how well you can manage time in your sessions, you might not even have much of an end phase, which can fuck the PCs. Madness checks, like one, maybe two, in the adventure phase because if your PCs are unlucky, they'll have a fetter full before combat even begins. All fetters start at 3/4 so a single failed check and no passed conversation checks means madness, which can cause a spiral depending on the fetter.

As for conversation checks themselves, don't be stingy with granting them/giving bonuses if the players are actually roleplaying well. Hell, if they do really well, don't be afraid to just let them take a point off. Speaking from experience, it's pretty damn frustrating to have an hour+ long heart to heart that by any logic should have helped, only to roll 2's on every single conversation check.

As for spirit attacks and the like, treat them with the same severity you'd grant high damage attacks, at least to start. If the PCs last long enough that they have some stuff to spare, it's alright to hit them.
Port, Tachi, and Protoca were greeted by Vague Hope (Cold Rain) when they left the bunker in the first session.

More recently, A Beautiful Song came up as boss music.

The two of you are making me want to run a Nechronica campaign but everyone on my list of “players who I trust to take something like this seriously and not be creepy buggers” is currently also on my list “people who can’t commit to anything more schedule intensive than a oneshot anymore because of IRL problems”.
>Was it permanent?
It was a oneshot, so that's sort of where thing ended.
Correct me if i’m wrong but RAW there’s no way to force unconsciousness right?

Like physical trauma can cause parts breakage and death, but usually can’t knock a doll unconscious without killing them right?

Per RAW IIRC; you are removed from battle if you lose all parts which allow you to make a Maneuver. Following, your Doll is not "dead for real" unless all her Sisters also lose the fight or - IIRC - she is both "knocked out" and rendered broken-hearted, but I may be misremembering.

Outside of that, there is no RAW status I'm aware of.
File: rulez.png (23 KB, 1086x149)
23 KB
Technically you can't even kill dolls RAW unless you TPK. Either every doll has to either have every fetter maxed or have all their parts broken.

They're sturdy little buggers.
This makes me imagine a situation like Floyd from JetForce Gemini.

The party encounter the mandible-less head of a doll nailed to a post, fully conscious. It blinks at them and rolls it’s eyes to try to convey it’s predicament and ask them to find parts to put it back together.

Or maybe it’s head is intact and it has some sort of speaker or texting ability built in so it can more easily talk to the party despite not having vocal cords or a torso.
File: dean_check_em.jpg (9 KB, 207x326)
9 KB
That's actually a pretty cool idea. I may have to steal that some time down the road.

You'd probably want to vary the level of communication depending on how perceptible you trust your players to be. My casual D&D group can be top tier oblivious but my weeb game buddies tend to be a little morel likely to actually interact with stuff.
You wouldn’t think it for a game with a sanity system that’s more threatening than the damage system

But I kind of want to play the character from the last Nechronica game I was in encountering a new group several weeks months or years after the events of the first game she was in.
Can Cold Light and Chameleon be used at the same time?
I don't see why they couldn't but it seems pretty cheesy. You can make a doll that is literally a support/hinder machine.
File: 1559682840628.png (148 KB, 427x822)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
RAW, probably, but that seems against the spirit of things since one has you turning into a lightbulb and the other one has you blending into the background.
File: spooky-trees-1143476.jpg (202 KB, 1024x669)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Session 4. I'm going to stop guesstimating post lengths because I'm always wrong.
>girls are back on the road, headed towards the city
>before they can reach the outskirts proper, the road slowly becomes more and more choked with dead vegetation, until the three of them are walking under the canopy of a petrified forest
>Fortifications start popping up along the road. There are small bunkers set along the sides in regular increments, stubby little concrete baubles
>craters have been blown out of the road in places
>group halts
>can hear footsteps and shuffling off to the side of the road
>Protoca creeps forward to check
>it's a zombie in military gear, rifle and everything
>it doesn't seem particularly aware as it gazes off into the woods; the eyes don't seem to focus on anything as it shuffles. It's just moving out of habit
>Even so, the girls move off the road and into the more concealing bushes
>where they promptly trip over a huge landmine
>it doesn't go off, thankfully. Port takes a quick look at it and figures it must be anti-vehicle; it's size makes it complete overkill for infantry application. Looking back over the road, she can actually see a few matching detonation switches flush with the concrete, the mines underneath untriggered.
>that explains the craters
>Port: "But why would you mine roads going in and out of a huge city? You can't just stop travel to a population center like that; they'd starve."
>Protoca: "It wouldn't matter if you didn't expect people to be coming and going in the first place. Or maybe not want them to."
>Tachi gets an idea. She pulls up a few bushes by the root and starts carrying them around.
>Protoca is very suddenly on alert.
>yanks the other two into a nearby pillbox, motions for them to stay quiet
>Tachi stuffs the door with her bushes
>a zombie on it's patrol shuffles up to the bunker
>the girls hold their breath
>Port readies her shotgun
Have you any idea where you are?
My copy of of the Nechronica book is from November 1st 2017.

I forgot how bad the translation was in some places back then.

Though the worst bit is where some doll parts have flavor text but no effect text.
I've found the wiki to be helpful.

The wiki is kept more up to date since it can be changed easier.
How much of the human tongue’s ability to move about usefully under the control of its owner is dependent on infrastructure in the neck?

Like if you behead someone (and this didn’t kill them, how much of a neck stump would they need in order for the tendons and muscles of the tongue to have all the anchor points nerve connections and physical support needed to function?

Umm wondering this since i’m trying to figure out what A doll equipped with a normal tongue would need in order to be able to try to try to type or write things with a stylus or pen clipped to their tongue if they have a buddy holding their head in a position to do that.
Oh wow. How long has there been a wiki?
File: tunnels12n-1-web.jpg (55 KB, 970x790)
55 KB
The tongue moves itself; I think it's one of the only muscles really capable of it. It's anchored to your lower jaw so you shouldn't need anything lower than the mouth itself.
At least a year. There's even some fanwork on it these days.
>The zombie starts pushing aside the bushes
>it shuffles into the bunker with its rifle drawn
>Port's finger slips over her shotgun's trigger
>Protoca tightens her grip on Port and Tachi and lurches backward
>a hidden door opens up in the bunker's wall, dumping the three of them into a cramped dirt tunnel before slamming shut
>After a moment to stop their head's spinning, Port asks Protoca if she's been here before. How'd she know about the door?
>Protoca can't remember
>the tunnel itself is mostly dirt. There's conduit running along the ceiling and walls but there isn't any real support structure. Emergency lighting sets everything in a dim shade of yellow
>The tunnel behind them a collapsed pile of dirt and rocks and they can still hear the zombie shuffling around in the bunker, so they set off in the only direction available to them, froward.
>the tunnel is quiet and still. The dolls are the only source of noise or movement
>They stumble on a heavy looking metal door set into the wall. It looks like a heavy-duty blast door
>"What's this here for?"
>Protoca stiffens up a bit before saying "I think it's the door to a civilian shelter."
>she looks like she's just seen a ghost
>Tachi glomps onto Protoca with a hug, distressed at Protoca's drop in mood. Protoca answers the hug with a headpat and gently peels Tachi off of her.
>intrigued by the presence of a hidden bunker in a hidden tunnel network, Tachi and Port start trying to figure out how to open the thing.
>the keypad that would normally control the door is completely dead, and there doesn't appear to be any other sources of power. There are also no handles on the door itself to open it manually.
This makes me imagine a doll you encounter in a town being rebuilt and reoccupied.

She buys and sells doll parts and the ancient brick building she works out of is across the street from a workshop and junkyard thats trying to get make working vehicles happen among other things.

She’s weird (looking at how she chooses to be constructed given the selection available to her can tell you that) but knows her stuff about doll parts and is always learning more and gives friend prices to the dolls doing work across the street and dolls in need who she considers to be doing “important and interesting” work.
How does she keep the meat snakes from going rotten? She work out of old butcher's shop or something?
Town sheriff, or one of the sheriff’s few officers.

Does her best. Very observant. Good at reading people, not so good at interacting with them. Really likes wearing yellow.

Patient and good at waiting, easy to annoy, slow to anger.

Rather OCD

Her claws, hair, and sides of her headwear and must be symmetrical.
If one of her claws gets dull or damaged she files it and it’s counterpart until their profiles match again. Is the same way about her hair, and if she patches one half of her hat the other gets a matching patch. She gets mopey if she can’t keep these kinds of thing correct.

All her claws must be the same color except for her left big toe claw which should always be a different color.
I’m just imagining she shoots lighting out of her red eyes, and can crank it to go from “annoying” to “tazer” to “blow your head clean off/feeling lucky punk?”
It amuses me that after all the scavenging parts from the dead and looting parts from storage, the idea of bartering or buying parts may come as something of a shock to a party in Nechronica.

The current wiki for the translation has been up since November 2016.
>We are picking the project up, with the creation of this wiki on 26 November 2016.

Wow ok so the wiki went up just 25 days after I downloaded my copy of the WIP book translation.
Ooo ooo what happens next?
File: bunker_door_by_hebus555.jpg (238 KB, 1024x803)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Sorry for the delay. Got caught up catching up with a friend I hadn't talked to in a while.
>Protoca pulls the other two away from the door and starts to run her hand along the wall just off to the side. "I think I remember where the emergency release is..."
>Protoca forces her hand through the wall up to the shoulder and starts reaching around blindly
>there's a loud clack from behind the door. Protoca pulls her arm out the wall and shakes some of the dirt off her hand before she catches Port staring at her
>Port looks slightly abashed. "It- I forget how strong you are, sometimes. Or... not exactly that. I forget we aren't human."
>Protoca puts a hand on Ports shoulder, she looks serious. "You are human. Don't let go of that so easily."
>"I- I am human. In my head. But these-" Port taps the new piston assemblies integrated into her legs "-and these-" she waggles the two metal fingers that form the barrels of her Psycho Blaster, "are not. But I'm me. We're us. That's the important part."
I'd picked up Hopper with my favor last session. It took us a while to get the hang of integrating part acquisition into the roleplay properly.
>The girls are able to pry the door open enough that they can slip through one at a time. Tachi is first into the breach.
>And also the first out, thoroughly spooked by whatever it was she saw.
>Port pokes her head in
>the door leads into a single dome-shaped room. There's a single emergency light at its apex, casting a dim white light over everything. Skeletons and rags that might have been clothes once cover nearly every every inch of the floor.
>in the far back is a figure, hunched over and facing the wall, cradling a cloth bundle close to its chest as it rocks back and forth slowly.
>Port edges in, Protoca close behind her
>gingerly stepping over the bones, Port approaches the lone figure.
>as Port gets closer she can see that it's a woman. Or was, before she died.
I’m getting bioshock medical pavilion/Fallout 3 vibes from this scene.
I could totally see my character asking where she got those “dinosaur hands” and then listening to the part seller ramble on about it.
Is secretly a savant being used by a distant necromancer to spy on Things going on in this village outside their sphere of influence.

Maybe the town really is mostly escaped dolls, or maybe the majority of the town is actually controlled by another necromancer entirely and only few members of the population are independent actors.
File: Disguise2.jpg (46 KB, 500x418)
46 KB
>the town is actually the domain of a hikkimori necromancer who pretty much lets the inhabitants live normally, but is constantly setting up romcom shenanigans in the background to try and make his favored ships happen
Oh god.

That’s like half of Aphrodite‘s motivation in making the Trojan war happen and the majority of her motivation in causing it to drag on.
File: scuseme.jpg (84 KB, 1057x895)
84 KB
That's why I specified rom-com shenanigans and not the-manipulation-of-two-greek-city-states shenanigans

Stretching this out. I wonder if civilization could get a kick start from a ghostly unknown necromancer trying to combine their urge to ship with their urge to Sim City.
Oh she didn’t manipulate City states. She just forced Helen and Paris together and then kept preventing anyone from separating them despite helen being already married to the spartan king Menelaus.
This thread is very odd.

It’s a lot of people telling stories of games past, posting ideas, talking about how to run the game, and trying to answer eachother’s questions.
Be the change you want to see in the world and all that.
I'm just happy that I finally get to nerd about about my strange weeb games.
>She can also see the top of a small skull poking out of the bundle in the zombie's arms.
>She's just out of arm's reach of the zombie now.
>Gently, she tries to get the zombie's attention. "Excuse me, can you hear me?"
>no reaction.
>Protoca speaks up from behind her. "It's pointless. That's just a shell carried by a dying dream. There's nothing there but the ghost of a feeling."
>Port moves closer to the zombie by a step. "I- I know. But Joy was an echo too. And we helped her. Or at least- we helped her remember herself again."
>"... Joy was a collection of memories. That thing is- it's just a moment."
>Port is beside the woman now. "I was just a moment, too. In some ways I still am."
>Protoca's stoicism is starting to turn to consternation now. "Not every dead is a Doll. Just be glad she's- It's lost in its loss. There's nothing there but the wisp of a feeling, repeating through eternity. The only mercy we can give something like that-" Protoca waves her shovel.
>Port kneels beside the zombie and carefully, gently lays her hand on its shoulder. "Hello? Can you hear me?"
>"This is pointless. It's always pointless. Just--"
>The zombie pauses and looks at Port. It raises it's hand, as if to cup her cheek before wrapping its arms around its ribs and letting out a silent hiss of air. Before they can stop it, it dashes its head against the wall
>Protoca's face drops and the edge leaves her voice. "Pointless..."
>The two of them leave, Port's eyes downcast and Protoca a bit stiff. There isn't anything to be found in the shelter aside from the corpses.
>Traveling farther down the tunnel brings them to another door like the one they entered through. The tunnel collapses farther past it.
>Peek out. The bunker's empty.
>Party crawls out of the tunnel and makes their way back to the road.
Dance With The Dead - Adrift
File: Dl8A3WZUYAAJe9o.png (273 KB, 309x500)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
It's legal.

I played a doll like this once. It's pretty solid support build, but keep in mind Savants can still wreck your shit.

Coldlight is supposed to be like a supernatural aura so I think it's fine.
It's a weird combo because Cold Light says it attracts attention from other undead and shows where you are while Chameleon hides the doll. You end up having to refluff one of them.
This is all great, I hope the thread lasts until tomorrow so you can finish
File: f9.jpg (550 KB, 1555x1181)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
>there's a blown out APC sitting off to the side
>To Port and Tachi it pretty much looks like the ones they found in the cave but Protoca takes a long hard look at it.
>"That shouldn't be here. That's... that's from somewhere else."
>Her vision unfocuses and she just... doesn't move for a moment.
>Protoca starts talking, her tone distant and her eyes looking somewhere the other girls can't see "I was running. Running with something important. To something important? Through the tunnels... It's in there."
>Port: "The thing you were carrying?"
>Protoca: "I left it behind. Something precious. I... I have to get it back."
>Protoca snaps back to reality, suddenly determined. "I'm going."
>Tachi and Port both nod. "Okay."
>They run the rest of the distance to the city; they're close now.
>The road terminates in a huge, ramshackle wall
>there are zombie soldiers milling about around the perimeter and a pair of devilish looking flame turrets flanking the gate into the city
>Combat Start
>The soldiers offer stiff resistance but the dolls are working their way through them at a steady pace. Tachi is working her way up to the gate while Protoca is running interference for both her and Port. Port's doing the thing people with big guns do.
>Suddenly two deafening cracks ring out.
>The ground next to Port explodes. It's a near miss, but a very, very near miss from something almost as powerful as her Lahti.
>a pair of red lights danced above the barricade
>It's a girl. Her legs below the knee have been replaced with a pair of rocket thrusters.
>She's been augmented so much that Port can't even see where the metal ends and the flesh begins
>she has a cannon for a right arm, her other bears a set of wicket looking claws and the housing for a high powered military laser. The only part of the girl's face that the dolls can see under all her augmentations are her eyes, filled with cold fury and hate
>Enter the Valkyrie
If the bumps keep coming like they have then I might just be able to storytime the whole campaign thus far. My official weekend is coming up and I'm properly getting the hang of this. Though I guess bump limit's a concern
>The Valkyrie shrieks
>Port and the Valkyrie trade fire at range while Tachi and Protoca continue to move forward
>Port hits first, her shot blowing off the Valkyrie's cannon arm. Her second shot takes out the left arm, but not before the Valkyrie rakes Tachi with the laser.
>her long range armaments destroyed, the Valkyrie dips out of sight behind the barricade, screaming in fury
>but now there's another problem
>the gunfire has attracted robotic pickets from the outskirts of the old military cordons, and they're entering the fight right on top of Port's position
>there isn't much to be done for it. Port makes a fighting retreat to try and regroup with her sisters as they advance towards the gate. She disables one with a round from the Lahti and blows apart another with her Psychoblaster.
>the zombies are all mostly dealt with now. Tachi is moving forward to deal with the flame turrets.
>The Valkyrie is alight again. A pair of short-barreled automatic cannons sprout from her shoulders and she rakes Tachi from close range with a withering rain of lead.
>a snap shot from Port's Psychoblaster smashes into the Valkyrie's head, destroying her mask and taking most of her face with it.
>She shrieks again
>But she's flown too low to gain use her shoulder cannons. Protoca leaps upward and catches the Valkyrie in the bite of scissors, bisecting her at the waist and Annihilating her.
>The Valkyrie vanishes in a glittering cloud of green lights, leaving no trace.
>There's no time to ponder the oddity; more robot pickets are streaming in from the forest behind them. The girls smash down the gate and rush into the city.
File: 1545329163449.jpg (90 KB, 544x662)
90 KB
You could fluff it as the undead being attracted to you and distracted, but not being able to visually locate you. It's actually kinda cool for spooky psychic characters.
At the risk of invoking Cartoon Horse Program by association, the Aerterno album by Aviators has some pretty decent mood tracks for Nechronica.
File: download.jpg (164 KB, 1024x574)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Hyperlight Drifter has some really choice atmospheric music.

Nice mix of desolate and mystic.
Nice eyes
>Stretching this out. I wonder if civilization could get a kick start from a ghostly unknown necromancer trying to combine their urge to ship with their urge to Sim City

I’m imagining a nation growing up from the wasteland while a version of “Together to the Stars“ from Endless Space 2 plays, but the song has been retooled to work with the vocal range of a chorus of girls.
Loving all this storytime.
Modified for all terrain hauling, this doll excels at carrying large amounts medium to small packages over difficult and hazardous territory. This particular doll also enjoys tight spaces and putting her skills in quick stealthy movement to work exploring environments and surprising people.
>when your neck is so long and flexible you can look in any direction you damn well please and can check your six at a sprint without any awkward motions.

Probably also comes in handy when checking if your centipede body trailing behind you isn’t about to be threatened by something, or cause problems for someone.
Back rubs are a whole party activity with this one.
I want to know about that AGGRESSIVELY NONDESCRIPT doll that the centipede doll is surprising.
It almost looks like one of those featureless artist manikin dolls with functional hands, a few facial features, and some clothes doesn’t it.
With shoulders like that? Probably has the Boy trait.
I know these are fake Pokémon but they look like good inspiration for dolls too.
Can someone save this thread on SUP/tg/ ?

This is some good storytime.
Bumping in the hope Storyanon returns
I got called in on my off day and just got home. Session 5 will be up in a bit.
File: af3.png (260 KB, 280x330)
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260 KB PNG
D'aw shucks anon. You're gunna make me blush
How does sup/tg/ work? Does it make a copy of the thread once it gets archived or something?
To my infinite annoyance, my computer forced a restart due to a software update before I could take down the notes for session 5, so I lost all the chat logs. The detail for this one is going to be pretty bare. Though the session was mostly combat anyway.
>the dolls have been scrambling through the city for a little while now, mostly directionless though every now and the Protoca gets a look like she knows where she's going
>as she rounds a corner, a zombie with a gigantic syringe for an arm leaps up and tackles her
>she isn't quick enough to dodge. The syringe pierces her abdomen and the zombie presses down the plunger
>the dolls tear the zombie to pieces but the affect on Protoca is already apparent.
>the wound won't regenerate, and Protoca herself starts to look sickly and is not completely steady on her feet
It hasn't come up because I'm bad at remembering combat details, but one of Protoca's big gimmicks is in-combat regen, so this is weird behavior
>examine the zombie for clues; maybe they can find an antidote for whatever it was Protoca's been hit with
>the syringe is embossed with the name of a military base
>as good a lead as any
>they do actually find it. It's a huge rundown warehouse compound filled with heavy machinery
>there's a pair of what looks like giant excavators milling around outside the entrance to the main storage area
>unlike the rest of the inert machines around the grounds, these two seem to be moving autonomously. Wires and cables arranged in a twisted facsimile of muscles and tendons obscure the structure of the machines underneath, but the dolls can still hear the engines chugging away from their hiding spot.
>Port takes up position and takes aim while Tachi moves forward
>combat start
>Port puts a round right through the engine block of one
It's archived the thread and will check back every two hours for new posts until the thread 404s
File: cellar_engine_1a.jpg (561 KB, 1000x678)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
>it's not out of the fight, but it's also not able to actually move anymore
>focus fire on the second, Port and Tachi's combined efforts eventually fell it
>their racket has alerted some automated defenses along the compound; robot pickets like the ones that ambushed Port back at the gate have started closing in on them
>finish off the first and move into the warehouse
The details here are fuzzy so I'll summarize: This session was actually three or four separate combat phases back-to-back. In particular I remember blitzing through a factory floor and a bunch of zombies on catwalks with mounted MGs tearing shit up. Through all this, Protoca is actually still interposing herself in between enemy fire and Port every now and then. By the final room the entire group has taken a serious beating.
>Enter the final room
>blaring radio static fills the dolls' surroundings, slowly transitions to manic screaming
>The Valkyrie appears hovering at the end of the room; she's holding a vial in one of her hands, ostensibly the antidote.
>Final Combat Start
>Valkyrie has about 8 more AP than anyone else on the field, so she gets two free shots with her AT rifle before anyone can even move
>one whiff
>the other is headed straight for Port.
>Protoca leaps into the way, eating a high caliber rifle shot. With this hit she's only barely hanging on
>Port and Tachi retaliate
>A round from Port nearly decapitates the Valkyrie, destroying most of her head
>Tachi closes in, blades whirling, and chunks her for big damage
>Like with the encounter at the gate, it's Protoca and her scissors that finish off the fight. Narrowly.
>the dolls retrieve the vial and apply it to Protoca. It is an antidote; she begins regenerating her most serious wounds almost immediately.
>the Valkyrie vanishes in another spray of green sparks
>the danger is gone for now, that's good enough.
>With the Valkyrie dispatched, the rest of the warehouse seems to have quieted down
Thank you very much.
>Port wanders off to mill around the warehouse. Mostly because she is having a high-key panic attack and doesn't want the other two to see her right now.
>Protoca almost died
>Protoca almost died protecting her
>Because she couldn't protect herself
>Port doesn't quite go as far as classifying herself as dead weight, but the realizations that she's a soft target and a way to exploit Protoca horrifying to her.
>doesn't know what to do, distracts herself by exploring the arms storage area and making herself geek out over some of the hardware she finds there
>swaps her shotgun out for a pair of high caliber pistols, because two long guns is honestly pretty unwieldy.
>stumbles onto a store of medical equipment
>digs around, still trying to distract herself
>opens a cabinet to find a rack of prosthetic limbs
>hey, wait a sec. She knows what these are. These are Geppetto model field prosthetics. They're for soldiers who need a permanent limb replacement in the field
>rugged, resistant to small arms, easily maintained parts, the nerve wiring in the linkages makes them practically 'stick on and go.'
>Port gets an Idea.
>she snatches up a set of limbs and books it back to Protoca and Tachi
>bursts into the room and slams the limbs down on the floor
>"Protoca, I need your help putting these on!"
>"Putting them on? What?"
>Port's already babbling ahead. "They're easy to actually attach, they secure themselves into the musculature automatically, but I need you to cut off my old ones first. Please?"
>Protoca's eyes widen in mild alarm, but she doesn't question Port. She nods once and grabs her scissors.
>Arm first.
>Oh wow
>That actually hurts worse than getting shot
>Biting deep into her own tongue, Port snatches an arm and presses the base of it to her new stump. The silver wiring at the end weaves into her muscles and skin, in less than a minute she has full control of the limb.
>the whole process is quite painful, but over in five minutes
>the arms are for someone a fair bit larger than her, and she directed Protoca to cut too low on her legs so the match along the thigh isn't quite exact. She's also gained a couple of inches in height.
>it's awkward, but it works. She can already feel the difference in strength as she tests her new arms with Lahti's weight.
>While Protoca continues recovering she takes some time to tinker with her new legs, salvaging the Hopper attachments out of her old legs and integrating them into her new ones.
>After the girls are rested up and have made any acquisitions they cared to from the base, they set off back into the city.

After this is where I started taking really detailed notes. Hopefully I'll be able to mostly copy/paste them off the .txt and improve my rate of posting. We'll see.
File: index.jpg (6 KB, 300x300)
6 KB
You've given me a good idea for a Doll or a Savant. Someone who has had their features taken from them. Literally. Either through crude surgery or perverse necromancy, someone had all their traits, everything that made them, them, drained/cut away and plastered elsewhere. Even though they left were left a black husk, they still feel compelled to roam the hereafter, trying to track down and reclaim what made them up.

Perhaps like the normal game, but they regain a memory fragment along with every time they regain a 'true' part of themselves.
File: Jan_Urschel_Art_11.jpg (243 KB, 768x1280)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
On to Session 6!
>The girls go to ground after the military base, relying on Protoca's spotty memory and Tachi's bizarre intuition to find their way in the network of caves and tunnels
>They surface near the center of the city, next to a dark, dilapidated tower that dominates the local skyline.
>As they move closer, Port feels a sort of pulsing sensation through her antenna. Turning her head to try and gauge the direction, it seems to be that whatever's causing it originates from the tower. She mentions it to the other dolls.
>Protoca looks skeptical. "They might be trying to weaponize your antenna, like they did my regeneration"
>Tachi, a little lost by the talk of transmissions, settles for sitting back and making popping noises with her lips to amuse herself.
>"I don't think it's anything like that. It isn't- It's not really doing anything, it's just going in and out. It sounds like what you get when you put a radio reciever up to one of those rotating broadcasters."
>More popping from Tachi.
>Eventually the girls agree to explore the tower. At odds with the rest of the city, the area around the building is actually fairly nice. Or was.
>There's an ornate fence along the ground perimeter and an embellished wrought iron gate. Dead grass fills in the yard.
>The entrance hall is covered in a thick layer of dust; nothing has been here for a long time.
>There's a set of four old monitors spread out through the first room. A pair of old ladders are the only path off the first floor.
>A dim light can be seen far above them; it is comforting.
>Tachi punches $echo $HOME into one of the consoles; it spits out a line of text "... peacefully, they preserved the tower, soothed by its peace."
>Port fiddles with another terminal for a minute before punching in 'Hello World!' on a whim. The machine spits back "#-YOU CANNOT TOUCH ME, BUT I AM THERE. YET IN THE DARK YOU CAN FEEL ME. YES, EVEN THERE..."
What parts would they start out with though? The only class that really strikes me as especially fitting is Psychedelic, though I could maybe see a case for Romanesque (in a sort of twisted way).
Ultimate poker face.
File: Rja8nw.png (950 KB, 1920x1080)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
>Port: "... What?"
>Protoca peeks at the monitor over her shoulder. "It looks like a riddle."
>Port and Protoca go back and forth for a moment before deciding the answer is 'Hope'
>a vague impression washes over the dolls' consciousness. A mixture of images and sounds. ". . . desperate, they clawed at the fence and pushed through the gate."
>The terminal spits out another line of text.
>This one is more obvious; Port quickly taps 'A lullaby.' into the input line.
>...screaming, the world outside invaded, and their peaceful days collapsed around them--
>This one takes a little more difficult. Port and Protoca eventually settle one 'A mother.'
>The two of them receive a flood of old memories '-... crying, a child sang her mother's lullaby. '...and then, you will find your happiness...-'
>Protoca recognizes the lyrics; she can hear some notes of the song in her head.
>The monitors go black. No amount of fiddling with them or pressing random buttons elicits any response.
>The girls decide to scale up the ladders to see what the light above is
>As they make their climb, a nearby wire sparks, startling Port, who is in the lead. Protoca manages to catch her before she falls.
>Next they stumble into a forest of arching wires; Port continues to lead, using her prosthetics to shield herself from the hazards.
>The girls start to spread out, hindered both by the narrow pathway and the unstable footing
>A pipe shifts, falls. The skeleton of a man tumbles out and down into the tower
>Protoca: "Maybe the wires snagged and wrapped him up? why didn't anyone save him?"
>Port: "The computers said something broke down the doors and came in, there may not have been anyone. And if the wires were hot... it may have been too late already."
Is this a dream sequence?

This are getting odd.
It played like one, but no. There's a lot of psychic shenanigans going on.
Keep going.
Reading it back now, part of the reason it reads like a dream sequence is because I'm not filling in as many details as I was earlier. I'll try to fix that from here on out.
>The girls continue to scale the tower. The area beyond the wires is a tangle of blazing hot pipework and conduit. Large sections are hot enough they've started to glow.
>Port is very thankful for her new metal limbs as she navigates the obstacle. Behind her, Protoca muscles through the pain.
>Tachi has fallen even farther behind due to her weight and the structural instability of the tower's upper sections forcing her to slow to a crawl.
>Luckily the pipes are the last snag before the top. Protoca and Port wait just beyond them for Tachi to catch up before they make the climb to the very top of the tower.
>Finally at the top, the girls find the light.
>It's an orb suspended over an open hole in a catwalk; there's a girl curled up inside, apparently breathing.
>the girls find that just being in the presence of the light is soothing.
>the only other thing up here is a small terminal like one of the ones on the first floor
>Port and Tachi talk among themselves idly, wondering if it would be right for them to wake her up
>Protoca stares at the orb for a moment before approaching the terminal. She punches in 'START'
>The terminal spits out a line of text
>"The sun." The answer from the dolls is unanimous. Protoca enters it.
>This one gives Port and Protoca pause but Tachi answers easily. "Mars."
>This one is simple. "Stars."
>The tower swirls around them. The girls are brought into a whirlwind of a dream. "I believe all the stormy skies - somewhere hold a ray of light." - a child's voice echoes.
>"You have a wonderful talent." Another voice. A man?
>"Really? I'm so happy!"
>"So I'll always smile, and you should too- even if it's hard, we'll carry through."
>'... a stabilizing factor...' His voice again. Distant and muffled. '... jeopardize such a valuable asset...'
>"It's time for bed now. Dream sweet dreams and... bless this dying world with hope.'
>'But laughter is the medicine to heal a broken heart, so-'
>'... kay, g'night.'
>'-let's all keep on laughing as we work to make... a brand new... start...'
>There is nothing but silence, filled only with contented humming as vision, feeling, and memory fall away. The dolls are standing in the tower again.
>Port looks up at the sphere, tracing the shape of the girl with her gun-hand. "It must be so lonely, to sleep forever. I wish there was something out here for her."
>More text begins scrolling across the screen of the terminal.
>The screen flickers black and terminal no longer responds
>Protoca and Tachi try and figure out how to get the sphere down. They're going back and forth about it for maybe half a minute before a loud crash interrupts them.
>The tower begins to come apart
>The girls look down; all they can see is a pair of bright red flames and their reflections playing off a thousand pairs of eyes.
>Valkyrie rockets above them and makes to strike the orb with her cannon, her shot goes wide.
>Unwilling to let the Valkyrie harm the sleeping girl, Port and Tachi hatch a plan.
>With a snap shot, Port smashes the sphere with her Psycho Blaster
>the girl falls
>Tachi activates her newest part, a rocket booster, and leaps into the air, catching the girl in a flying bridal carry
File: photo.jpg (99 KB, 900x900)
99 KB
>As Tachi lands, the girl awakens and screams in horror at her surroundings
>Feedback flows through Port's antenna, destroying it
>The legions are swept into oblivion as the girl's scream travels down the tower, the girls themselves all take minor damage. Tachi drops her on the floor in surprise.
>Screaming in fury, Valkyrie fires her laser at the girl. "FAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
>But Protoca's already there, sheltering the girl behind her coffin as she tries desperately to soothe her.
>Tachi and Port run interference, Tachi acting as a shield and Port firing wildly with her pistols and Psychoblaster.
>The Valkyrie shrieks more as the battle continues, but Port and Tachi continue taking her apart piece by piece.
>a lucky shot from Port flows off most of the Valkyrie's head gear and ruins her face
>The Valkyrie's thrusters sputter out and she crashes into the edge of the catwalk
>Her voice chatters into oblivion, body twitching before finally stilling. The blood seeping from her face is pale, and pinkish.
>The strange girl passes out.
>There are no sparks for the Valkyrie this time. Her corpse teeters over the edge of the catwalk before sliding off and impacting somewhere far below with a mangled 'thud.'
>Tachi finds a small locket in the spot the Valkyrie fell. It contains the pictures to two girls in formal dress; either one could be Protoca, the only difference between either photo is their hair.
>As Tachi opens the locket, it begins to play the lullaby Protoca sang earlier when the girls were digging through the consoles. She hands it off to Port.
>Protoca: "... What's that?"
>"Hm? Oh. Tachi found it on the other girl. It- I think it has your picture in it."
>Protoca takes the locket from Port and removes one of the photos and looks at the back
Hey, has anyone found a combo as broken as horn/snake?
Player of mine used it in a game way back and it basically made the girl into a blender
Something I forgot to mention because it's not in my notes for some reason; the little girl is the spitting image of Protoca, but much younger
>She begins to sing to the unknown girl to the tune of the music box, reading lyrics from the back of the photo
>The girl's fitful sleep stills and she slowly curls into Protoca, breathing deeply and evenly.
>Crying, Protoca carefully replaces the picture and curls into herself, taking several deep, shuddering breaths.
>She begins muttering to herself. "... not her. She didn't have it. She couldn't. Too small."
>"Is she a clone? Were we? Maybe I just left more behind than I thought..."
>"It was the 'Valkyrie,'" she murmurs. "I left the Valkyrie behind. We were running. We were seperated. I couldn't get back."
>"Those tunnels... weren't stable the last time. So I came back for her... and then we kill her! And then again. And again..."
>"... maybe this time she'll get to sleep."
>Port and Tachi can do nothing. Say nothing.
>Port looks at the spot where the Valkyrie fell.
>She wonders if, knowing what she knows now, if she would try to save the Valkyrie. It's what Protoca wanted.
>She remembers the confrontation at the gate, the zombie with the poison syringe, Protoca on the verge of death.
>She isn't sure.
>Before any more can be said, the catwalk sags.
>more than that, the whole tower is beginning to crumble.
>And so the group left, carefully navigating their way down the tunnels as the entire tower threatened to collapse.
>It didn't. Not today, but soon, likely. From there, they went underground in the city once more. Plotting now to... just go.
>Leave the city and its memories behind, for somewhere else, before everything collapses around them again.
Session 7 will be storytimed tomorrow. For now, g'night.
File: Ib -- Mary All Alone.jpg (141 KB, 752x1063)
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141 KB JPG
Cover + AT rifle is a fun tag-team. Tachi and Port get great use out of that.
File: 1547618874221.png (469 KB, 500x567)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
Be honest, who among you who's played the game has played a character based on one of the Sagas?

It can't be done out the gate in character creation, but a Thanatos/Baroque that gets 30 can get monofilament, Super Strength, and Gauntlet to do 3+Dismember+Chain 1 at range 0-1 so stuff that could normally hopper out of meatsnake can't get away and you save AP not having to chase things down, also it's 1 AP less than hornsnake.

Though when you start getting into that, you're hitting the balance problem the game has with melee/unarmed that getting Gauntlet and Super strength is a no brainer if you want to deal the damage, it works with every melee and unarmed attack, and Explosive, Dismember, and Chains essentially doubling any damage bonus they get. To cut rambling about how you can break the game short: Monofilament, followed by meatsnake, and Lawn Mower are going to be your biggest damage dealers. Lawn mower will do more if you don't crit but Meatsnake's free reroll is pretty nice unless you have like a +4. This assumes you're also going to get the attack check bonuses to land chains, which if you're intent on breaking the game, you're going to do.

TL;DR: Monofilament with the melee/unarmed only auto-timing damage boosts is the most broken combo but you should only be bringing that shit out if everyone is on board for playing with that level of broken because otherwise you will be ruining the game for everyone else.
How would you stat up a friendly T-800/850 model 101 expy in Nechronica?
Yikes, that's horrific.

Man I know a storytime is getting good when I’ve been reading it for so long my brain starts separating the first and second half into separate stories cause it thinks good ones this long don’t happen in threads I’m present for.
Beautiful storytime, anon. See you next time
Happy to know you guys are enjoying it. Though the Renraku Fair post is actually another anon.
Session 7! I hope you don't like combat in your combat focused TTRPGs, because this session didn't have any!
Port picked up a new pair of ears from a German Shepard carcass they found on the run, her albinism is already bleaching out the color.
>The girls have gone to ground underneath the city. At the session's opening they've found themselves in a massive and dilapidated tunnel, apparently part of an extended network.
>The tunnels have seen better days; concrete is crumbling away in places, exposing the rebar. In some places they can see through to the dirt.
>Protoca is carrying the still-sleeping girl from the tower, Tachi is just behind her with Port bringing up the rear.
>Port switches abruptly between being absorbed in her own thoughts and eyeing Protoca and the new girl from her place at the back. Idly, she traces a line down her own cheek.
>"Tachi. Is it... weird to have extra legs? Extra parts, I guess."
>Tachi scuttles along, lost in thought for a moment before half turning to Port and shrugging. "I don't remember what it was like to have normal ones."
>"Mm." Port nods once. "That makes sense." A pause. "Do you think they're easy to get used to?"
>Tachi picks up one of her legs, seamlessly altering her gait to compensate while she inspects the point. "Dunno. I can just sort of do it without thinking. It doesn't take any effort."
>Protoca takes this moment to chime in, making it clear that she was listening even if she hadn't said anything. "It won't take any effort to adapt at all. It'll be easy. Too easy, even. You won't trip. And you'll feel them... but the joints will ache. Your limbs will feel phantom-like - as if you can't be sure they're really there. They won't get in the way, but your body will remember that they're 'wrong.'" She shifts the tiny, unmarred figure in her arms. "And they'll never reel 'right' again."
These would have been up an hour ago but I got some weird hiccup with my 'net.
>Tachi twitches and frowns as the lack of any strange sensations. "They feel right to me," she mutters quietly.
>Protoca shrugs easily, despite the weight of the child in her arms. "Nothing feels 'right' anymore. Maybe you just can't remember."
>Port makes a set of experimental movements with her gun hand, wiggles the hammer-thumb. "But... these don't feel wrong. I guess they don't feel right either but the fingers are mine and they always felt like mine." She makes a wide, sweeping movement with the the over-long arm. "And these limbs feel like mine. I can't feel them like I felt my old ones but... the nerve connections at the stumps; they feel for me and like me."
>A thought occurs to her. "I wonder what's changed. I remember the bunker. The femur didn't feel like mine."
>Tachi crosses her arms, feeling a little self concious. With all the talk of being 'right' she can't help but notice how different she now is from everyone. Aside from Port. . . maybe.
>"Your body will always remain 'you.'" Protoca explained. "Forever, no matter what you do to it, but..." She tightens the grip of her stiched-together, patchwork fist. "It's like paper. When you fold it, the crease will never fade. Like that, you'll feel different, even if you feel 'the same.'" The other girls can't read her expression from where they stand.
>"Maybe I'm just old? In time, I think, you might start to notice too. So . . .don't be to hasty to mutilate yourself. It may be too late for me but . . ." She shrugs. It's less a display of apathy and more that she doesn't know what to say. She turns towards the other two.
>"You're perfect. So just stay as you are."
>Port's ears wiggle a little. If her heart could beat she'd blush. "I don't know. People aren't like paper. People change all the time, have to chnge. Adapt."
>"I feel. . ." Tachi holds out a hand to look at it's near perfect mimicry, "Manufactured. It's strange."
>Port hums at as she considers Tachi's comment. "We might both be. We were both in the tubes together, and I didn't make this-" She waggles her gun fingers. "Or put the antenna in my head. I wonder if that's why it doesn't feel wrong? To add parts."
>Tachi shrugs and tries not to think about it. "Probably."
>Port thinks of an old memory. One of the two she has from before waking up. There's teeth and pain and blood. The memory ends in a dry snap. She stumbles into a puddle, bringing her out of her reverie.
>"I don't know if anything in me is the same... I don't think it could be. Maybe that's why."
>Protoca breaks in. "Don't misunderstand. The things that have stayed the same should feel the same. It's just the more you change, the less will be the same. More and more until . . ."
>Her head tilts down, contemplating the child in her arms. "I wonder... How much of that desperate, scared girl is left of me?" She sighs. A rasping, hollow thing. "Maybe we shouldn't have woken this child after all."
>Tachi stares at the wall as she walks, her thoughts far away.
>"But the Valkyrie would have killed her," Port's tone is matter of fact. "And all of us, too, without her help."
>Protoca: "But would she have felt thi- the pain. From that?"
>Tachi pipes up. "But. . . Wonder why the Valkyrie hadn't already killed her. She was in the area much longer than us."
>Protoca: "Maybe she was waiting. Maybe it was our - my - last chance."
>Tachi: "Or it was a trap, bait to draw us in."
>Protoca: "If it was bait she would have attacked *us*."
>Port's fists tremble as the other two go back and forth. Suddenly she's shouting. "What about my pain if you- if you had-" She chokes on the words, hiccups once. "You can't find anything if you die. You can't feel happiness if you die."
>"You can't feel anything."
Going to slow down the posts a little. Slightly worried if I post it all at once that the thread will fall off the page.
>Protoca shifts. "I... wasn't suggesting. I just . . ." She's trembling herself. "Messed this up too, I guess." The whisper is quiet enough that only Port's newly enhanced animal ears allow her to catch it.
>Tachi frowns and shakes her head. "We're here now. Deal with now." Her voice is stiff and robotic again, though there's a hint of stone-faced determination that hadn't been there before.
>Port hops forward and engulfs Protoca in a hug from behind. Her words are gentle. "I'll always be me. And Tachi too. We'll be us, with you, no matter what."
>The child in Protoca's arms shifts. Port barely hears the words 'No more criying...' as the girl's posture straightens, goes lax again. A pale light flows over her and Protoca. A darkness seeps from Protoca and into the girl.
>"I wonder when she'll wake up for real." Port says, not sure how to address the sudden display.
>"I... wonder how asleep she really is," Protoca muses.
>The tunnel opens into a small manmade cavern. The girls are on one end of a wide metal catwalk, a flight of stairs descend down into the dark off to their side.
>The catwalk connects to a stone ledge. There's junk piled up along the far walls, flanking a huge, familiar looking door.
>A smaller variant of the airlock/vault door from the Bunker, covered in ancient paint. A small terminal stands off to the side, apparently without power. A dead klaxon hangs from the ceiling.
>Tachi perks up considerably, excited by the chance to mess around with more ancient machinery.
>A wave of nostalgia washes over Port as she examines the door.
>She stands up on the tippy-top of her Hopper fins as she tries to get a closer look at the door's paint. She can't quite read it but somehow she manages to piece together the missing letters.

File: Automaton uses Cover.jpg (291 KB, 1920x1040)
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291 KB JPG
There's a fan-made Zombieland Saga splat for Nechronica. It's not been translated yet though.
Position: Automaton
Class: Requiem and/or Romanesque. Perhaps Stacy if you want a more tanky one.
Drop your reinforcements into Arms and Enhancements, fluff your parts as cybernetics and hasta la vista, baby.
File: 1543584215821.png (351 KB, 511x785)
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351 KB PNG
>It's not been translated yet though.
>Built by Tri-Optimum
File: 9wc6ia7yur35.png (1.35 MB, 1479x1156)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
>two hours later
lol woops.
>Port looks down at the cracked paint on her ballistic vest. There isn't actually enough left for the text to be legible, but her mind fills in the gaps for her, forming the same phrase.
>"Is this from here?" She wonders.
>Port approaches the terminal and fidgets a little with the keyboard but the system appears to be dead. The power button is also non-responsive.
>She smiles ruefully and turns to face the other girls. "I guess that's better than what happened last ti-" She jumps as she realizes Tachi is right behind her, having moved across the floor in almost complete silence.
>Tachi suppresses a faint smirk as she reaches around Port, searching the wall for removable panels. "Hey, try finding the power supply."
>"We could try and force it," Protoca suggests. "But that didn't work so well last time. I wonder if we can power the terminal?" She looks around the massive, dark shaft that the stairs travel down , searching for any hint of a power line.
>Tachi eventually brings out her 'flashlight' to try and get a better view into the interior of the terminal.
>In the extra light the girls can see evidence of heavy fighting; aged bloodstains and battlescars mark the concrete.
>But there aren't any corpses.
>The search for an electrical line is unsuccessful, but the girls eventually turn up a dented panel on the exterior of the door. It would have been flush with the door surface and well hidden if it hadn't been crushed inward sometime prior.
> Tachi jams her drill into the edge of the plate, using it's pointed tip to try and find an angle to pry it out. Her angle of approach is too high due to her height and she can't get any proper leverage on it. Grunting in frustration, Tachi backs up a step and slams a pointed foot into the panel. The panel crumples and jams itself deeper into place, though the girls can get at the edge a little better now.
>These are Geppetto model field prosthetics
Lol, the references are boffo.
Really hope this guy finishes before the thread dies
File: g08mst_ms010.jpg (31 KB, 720x540)
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Thank you, I think? I haven't heard that one before but Bing says it's a compliment.
>Protoca hands off her shovel to Port so she can use it to bust off the panel. She'd do it herself but she's unwilling to put the sleeping girl down.
>Port really isn't used to the weight of the thing. With some trepidation, she depresses the switch on the shovel's handle.
>An arc of blue flame dances over the edge of the 'shovel,' casting all the surroundings in sapphire.
>Port swings.
>It works, even with Port's clumsy stance. The wild blue flame around the shovel's head cleaves through the panel easily, dropping it to the floor in two brightly glowing halves.
>Port hops back over to Protoca and holds the shovel out to her with a smile. "Thank you!"
>"You're welcome," Protoca says, smiling wanly as she turns to expose the shovel's ad hoc sheath to Port. "I can't exactly hold it right now, though." She nods towards the little girl in her arms.
>"Ah, uh. Right. Sorry." Prot tries not to look embarrassed as she, very carefully so as to not accidentally press the button, moves to slide the shovel back into its sheath.
>"It's alright."
>Once the shovel is returned to Protoca, Tachi sidles up to the opening and reaches shoulder deep into the empty space. There's a loud 'clunk' as she finds and pulls the manual release lever.
>The door shifts suddenly, sending cascades of dust everywhere. Bolts begin to shear apart from the pressure, flying all over the place.
>Tachi scuttles out of reach of the falling door. Port activates her hopper and goes sailing in a miscalculated leap. Protoca is already some ways back.
>The door is falling
>Port's momentum sends her flying out over the gap behind them. She barely manages to snag the rail of the catwalk with an arm, almost ripping out the artificial connective tissue from her stump as her momentum whirls her around. But she manages to hold on and pull herself back up over the railing.
Since we're close to hitting the bump limit I'll start trying to push them out faster. Unless something comes up I should have it all down by the end of the day.
>Breathing heavily, Port begins to laugh. Adrenaline and combat stims flowing through her system. "I don't think I could do that again if I tried."
>"I would appreciate it if you didn't try!" Protoca calls the gap.
>Port continues giggling as she makes her way back to the other girls. She's limping a little as she walks. "I think I sprung a bearing..." she grumbles in between giggling fits.
>"You're lucky nothing came off entirely," Protoca chides.
>The girl in Protoca's arms shifts. The dolls realize that she's wide awake, eyes wide with fear. "W-wha-"
>Port hobbles the last couple of steps. "Oh, you're finally awake. Hello." She offers the girl a stiff, off balance wave.
>"-what was THAT?" she cries, utterly shocked.
>"It was the door exploding," Protoca answers matter-of-factly. "The manual release was... explosive, it seems." She pauses. A little gentler, she adds "Sorry to wake you."
>"We knocked a little too hard; the door just couldn't handle it," Tachi chimes in with a note of snark.
>Port sits down on the lip of the catwalk and starts fiddling with her knee. "The The bolts holding it to the wall sheared off," she states authoritatively as she pries off her kneecap cover and starts picking at the joint.
>"I was right. I popped one of the knee bearings out of alignment in the jump. These stupid things..." she grumbles as she works. "I should have checked the serial number on these before I picked them up. The Geppetto line got this sort of thing ironed out after the second or third run." The bearing fits back into place with a quiet 'click' and Port is ready to go. Though visibly nonplussed.
>The child looks completely lost. "Where... are we?"
>"A tunnel. Under the ground," Tachi states, bluntly.
>"Uhm... somewhere below the city. We think. I'm not sure where exactly; the tower was falling apart so we couldn't shelter there," Port tries to elaborate.
>The girl's expression is confused. ". . . Tower?"
>Tachi continues bluntly. "Tall building. No idea why you were up there."
>Port stands up and starts closing the distance between her and the others. "Uhm, do you remember? You were sleeping in a pod. We had to wake you up."
>The girl blinks, hopelessly lost. "No... I don't know about any pods. . . A pea pod? Why would I be sleeping in a pea pod?"
>Port snickers. "A pea pod..." she mumbles as she walks over to Protoca and the new girl, leaning forward as she offers the girl her right hand to shake. "My name's Port, what's yours?"
>"Hope." She smiles uneasily, reflecting Port's mood. "Uhm..." She reaches out to Port's metal hand, grabbing it uncertainly. "... It's cold."
>Port nods, smiling angelically. "Mhm. I had to get a new one to help protect my sisters. But it's not that different really. . . . Or do you mean it's cold down here?"
>"Mm..." Hope clings tighter to Protoca, but it doesn't appear to help her mood. "It's... all cold, but so's your hand. Why... I . . . Where are we going?"
This transitions into Session 8 here.
>Port shrugs at Hope's question. "Right now we're just trying to get out of the city and somewhere a little less dangerous. We're hoping a way out is through here." She jabs a thumb at the settling dust cloud concealing the door.
>Protoca shifts, stands. She's still holding Hope. "In light of that... The door made a lot of noise. We should probably get moving."
>Tachi nods, spinning the crank on the alternator to keep the flashlight going.
>"Mm." Port moves up beside Protoca and taps her on the shoulder. "Protoca, I think Tachi and I should be in the lead for this one. Y'know, in case of any surprises." She casts a pointed glance at Hope.
>Protoca hesitates for a moment before aceding. Hope blinks guilelessly.
>Tachi 'hm's. "Important people should be in the middle, protected from in front and behind." Even so, Protoca takes up the rear while Tachi and Port move into the front.
>The girls enter into the facility; the walls are similar to the outer tunnels. The only illumination is provided by the slowly pulsing emergency lighting; Tachi has put away her lamp.
>Just inside, they come to a pair of sealed sliding doors. They're closed and apparently without power.
>With a shrug, Tachi spins up her drill and glances back over her shoulder. "This will be loud."
>Protoca speaks up in a flat tone. "That didn't turn out so well the last time you tried it."
>"Let's try pushing it first," Port agrees, sidling up to the side of the door.
>Tachi pouts and lets her drill spin to a stop before leaning into and pushing against the door. Nothing happens. Tachi looks back at Port with a look, as if to say 'what now, genius?'
>"Push the doors *apart,* smart aleck. Here, I'll get the other one." She wedges her mechanical fingers into the lip where the doors meet.
>With some fussing, the two of them are able to get proper leverage on the doors and force them open. They open stiffly, and then more easily once the girls break through the decades of accumulated detritus.
>The door opens into the side of a hallway, a door capping either end. One door has been torn open from their side while the other is apparently unharmed. Shining a light down the open door shows a hallway, the floor covered in spent bullet castings. A mangled sentry turret hangs from the cieling, bent over itself.
>The girls elect to choose the unbroken door, which opens with some trouble but not quite as much as the first.
>The hallway here is much the same, with two turrets hanging limply in the blood red of the emergency lighting.
>Tachi spots a steep hole in the side of the hallway, just large enough for her to fit through. Protoca can't climb with Hope in tow and Port is unwilling to leave them alone in the hallways, so Tachi explores alone.
>As she climbs upward she stumbles into another tunnel network. The room she finds is nearly buried in blood stains and mountains of spent casings. There's a map on the wall, but no legend and no obvious path for her to continue forward, so she turns back.
>"This leads to another floor, there's a lot more tunnels. There was a big fight here too!" She shouts down as she begins to make her descent. As she enters the hole, something grabs at one of her legs and jerks it to the side. She very nearly loses her footing.
>Frantically, she whips her light around in search of whatever caused her to slip. The dirt and rubble underneath her lose cohesion and she starts to slide.
>As she slides further down into the hole, the grip on her leg tightens, bending it out of shape.
>She begins to panic, thrashing her whirling drill down towards her encumbered foot.
>As she thrashes, she catches a glimpse of her assailant.
>A robot, destroyed below the waist and missing an arm. A light on it's shoulder flares, causing Tachi to flinch and strike her own foot with her drill.
>The machine releases her leg and pulls a combat knife from a shoulder sheath, but it's thrashing proves ineffectual against Tachi's armored lower section
>Tachi plants her feet into the walls of the hole to halt her fall and brings out her own greatknife. With a decisive slash she shears off the robot's remaining arm.
>Now that it's thoroughly disarmed, Tachi picks up the battered and broken torso of the robot, humming happily as if it were a giant teddybear she just won at the fair.
>Carefully, she begins the last part of her descent down back to the other girls.
>The robot mumbles something in a broken voice "..ace... age... det...c.te.. pr...t..c....w...bp..."
>Tachi raggedly flops out out of the hole, her legs creaking. Something snaps. Two of her legs are limp as she drags herself and her new friend out into the hallway.
>"I found something," she chirps happily in spite of her injuries.
>Port's eyes go wide as she sees the mostly-wrecked robot in Tachi's arms. "Tachi! W-what happened?! Why do you have a robot?"
>But her answer is lost as Port looks at the machine.
>It's ballistic vest has been torn apart, the head that should be shaped like a junebug is dented out of shape in four places. The optics are cloudy and broken. The dust covers that should hide its joints are all shredded
>It's a pitiful little thing, even as it tries to strike at the dolls around it.
>She recalls something.
>A heroic figure. Immutable, steadfast, and unwavering.
>That figure was there for you when nothing else was. Its hands were cold and its manner was awkward.
>But it protected you. No matter what, it kept you safe. Always. But where was that gallant hero now?
>The machine continues to flail desperately. Port returns to the moment as Tachi is halfway through whatever she's saying. "-attacked me with a knife, I took off its arm and dragged it down here."
>"nndea...d ... ca.c.mm.... ect...d.... p.r......t..c.t...." the machine sputters.
>Protoca seems to recognize it. "It's a machine... I haven't seen one in a while now. They usually roam around in packs, though I've found them in facilities like this before. They attack anything undead - mindless or not."
>Hope isn't saying anything. She just looks back and forth between the other girls and the machine.
I forgot how long these next two sessions were.
>Tachi looks at the machine with a hungry expression, fingers eager to start taking it apart. "It's beautiful," she says absently.
>Port walks up to the robot and gently wipes a layer of grime off the serial number plate at the top of its chest. "AC-2155. I wonder if I should remember that. Do you know my face?"
>"...m.c..e... e..t.de..ct..d..." It continues garbling. Whether it's trying to say something specific or simply repeating its normal cry, the girls can't tell.
>Flailing, it tries furiously to swat at Port's face with ruined arms. Sparks shoot out from the sockets and its entire body spasms. "ptr....ot...t.c.t... p..r..t..ct.... ms....t.... pr.....c.t..."
>Its sporadic movements draw slowly to a halt, its sparking, ruined body going still at last.
>Port sighs. Gingerly, she cradles the robot's head in her hands, wiping the grime away from the visual sensors with a thumb. "You poor thing. I hope your rest is peaceful."
>"It... died?" Hope quieries, worried.
>Tachi pouts and sets the machine down. She passes her flashlight off to one of the other girls and starts trying to remove the armor.
>Port 'Hm's at Hope's question. "It's stopped working. It's not really complex enough to be alive but it looks human enough that it makes me sad."
>Tachi yanks a few good parts from the thing and uses them to replace similar parts in her own legs. "Strange. The parts are the same..." she mumbles as she works.
>Protoca shifts uneasily as Tachi repairs herself. "We should move on."
>Port gives the robot a long look before turning to Protoca and nodding in agreement. "We should. Press on through this door or turn around, do you think?"
>"Forward should be safer if the cause of damage moved the other way. It apparently gave up on breaking through right here." Protoca pauses. "Or it was distracted."
>"The door." Tachi nods in agreement. "Better to try the more intact area first."
File: synd1jpg-9964f4_1280w.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
>Tachi manages to pry the intact door open without much fanfare.
>The area beyond is a scene of slaughter. Dozens of ruined machines pile the floor alongside the bones of similarly attired soldiers. Shell casings are everywhere. A pair of broken sentries lay ravaged on either wall.
>The emergency light casts everything in red, though it's not hard to imagine the corridor being the same color even in bright light. There's a broken door on either side.
>It seems the defenders were making a determined effort to protect whatever lay beyond the left-hand door, judging by their positions along the floor.
>Ignoring the grisly scene, Tachi skips off to begin looting the inert machines.
>Protoca shies away from the scene quickly before Hope can get too good a look at it.
>Port peeks her head through the door. "That's strange," she mumbles as she moves over to squat by one of the skeletal remains. "There were soldiers here too but... we haven't seen any undead."
>Hope shifts uneasily. "This place feels... bad."
>Port moves back to the entrance, leaning out to look at Protoca and Hope. "Protoca... do you want to wait here while we move forward and check things out a little more?"
>"That would... probably be wise," Protoca agrees, tightening her grip on the child in her arms as she begins to shake.
>Port nods. "OK. We'll try not to be too long."
>"Be careful."
>Port tries to smile reassuringly. "We will be."
>Port and Tachi enter the nearest door, though little more than the frame is left. As Tachi shines her light through the threshold the two see... lockers. Backpacks and the dilapidated, blood-stained remains of childish posters.
>The ground is littered with blood and bones. Forgotten bags and coats and ancient papers, scattered about and painted into the ground by something dark and red.
Tachi is fun
>Tachi clambers over the broken remains of the door and creeps forward. "Something terrible happened here..." Tachi mutters as she starts picking through the bags and lockers.
>Port's mood visibly drops. She breathes an almost-soundless "Oh no..." as she crosses the room's threshold.
>The two of them find little. More posters, more bags, more bones. Some of the lockers have small hazard suits in them, decorated in childish things like cartoon animals or clouds.
>The posters are a little interesting; they're clearly aimed at children. Some of them remind kids to follow the instructions of their elders, obey the facility authorities, or list off directions to follow in case of an emergency.
>But there's nothing here of value to the girls, so Port and Tachi turn to leave.
>As Port makes her way back to the door, a poster catches her eye. It depicts a child in a hazard suit; the suit's a plain and ugly yellow thing but somehow she can't help but imagine cuter details on it.
>A ribbon on the ear here, a string of painted flowers along there... it might look a bit silly if the colored sticker on the other ear peeled off a little. She cocks her head, imagining it, and her hair flits into view.
>Her hair. Her long, beautiful hair. Everyone loved her hair but one day it had to be cut off. It was cut so shrot that people would think she was a boy if they say it.
>The air felt so cold against your neck back then. But now you can't really feel it at all, even with your hair pulled up like this. Why was it cut off? When did it grow back?
>Port realizes her hands are trembling. She's standing in front of the other girls. Tachi is already attacking one of the other doors.
>"Is... everything all right?" Hope asks Port.
>Port is silent for a moment, not exactly sure how to answer. After a moment of fidgeting with her shaky metal fingers she answers. "This place is- The rooms over here- I- I've remembered some things. That's all."
She's quite the character. Her 'character arc' is also next up now that Port's is mostly done, so I'm excited to see what the GM does with that.
>those typos
>Abruptly she looks at Protoca. "We've finished up one room and we're moving to the next door. We probably won't be moving through this way, though." And then she's off to help Tachi.
>The two of them have a pretty rough time trying to force the door open, but they do eventually pry it apart. The hallways beyond are still powered, almost pristine, even.
>Port and Tachi move forward. As they reach the midpoint of the hall they're surprised by the sound of metal sliding against itself.
>Six turrets drop from the ceiling at different points along the hall and open fire.
>The turrets are dealt with in a flurry of action, with the dolls only taking minor damage. Tachi to her legs, Port taking a round through the back of her head and through her jaw.
>Protoca and Hope come running at the sound of the gunfire.
>Port tries to hide her ruined jaw with a hand. She gives a sidelong look at Protoca while fishing around in her medkit for something.
>"Hahee." Port's speech is slurred without use of her lower jaw. She makes a beckoning motion towards Tachi, holding a silvered thread and needle in her hand. "Gihee ah hagn."
>Tachi bemusedly takes the thread and helps Port with her problem. "Probably a good idea not to let her see," she says quietly as she starts to help Port sew her flesh back into place.
>"Ah-huh," Port affirms as she holds the two hanging pieces of the jawbone in place.
>Inferring something is wrong, Protoca distracts Hope.
>As the stitches start to offer enough support that Port's jaw doesn't just fall apart under its own weight, she takes the needle from Tachi and presses it to the bone.
File: bryce-szandro-game-final.jpg (534 KB, 1800x1800)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
>The point vibrates, buzzing as it penetrates the bone and drills clear through to the other side.
>Port repeats the action several times, slowly suturing the broken bone together. "I bet I would have hated the dentist," Port mumbles as she gingerly rubs the flesh around the wound
>Tachi quirks her head. "You remember the dentist?"
>Port shrugs. "I remember that they used drills on teeth and stuff, and it shakes."
>Tachi shivers and rubs at her thankfully steel jaw
>Port turns back to Protoca. "The power's still on here so we'll have to move slowly. Tachi and I got taken by surprise."
>Tachi nods.
>"I see that..." Protoca frowns. "Can you walk?" She asks Hope, who nods, visibly confused. Protoca sets Hope down and unslings her coffin. "Stay behind me, then. Right behind me. Hold my hip if you need to"
>The next door opens more easily. The room beyond is a security room filled with blank camera feeds and terminals. Four turrets hang from the ceiling, active but not yet hostile
>Port tries to pop the turrets with her pistols, taking cover behind Protoca's coffin and the doorframe. Results are mixed
>Eventually Tachi loses patience and leaps into the room in a whirlwind of steel and fury. She destroys the turrets, but also most of the computers and other electronics.
>Inspecting the room, the girls come across the bunker's emergency exit; formerly hidden, Tachi's rampage crunched the panel
>Protoca and Tachi are ready to leave but Port stops short of the ladder. She looks back towards the way they've come, back to the ladder.
>Her posture shrinks in on itself as she looks back and forth. She doesn't even seem to see the other girls. She eventually speaks, her voice just slightly above a whisper. "I- this is selfish of me, but... can we stay a little longer? To look around? I think I know this place. I want- I want to remember." She pulls her angel doll close to her chest.
>"So- so is it okay if we keep looking for just a little longer?"
File: Protoca_v2.jpg (429 KB, 2040x1530)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
>"Sometimes it's better not to," Protoca warns. "But if that's your choice then I'll support you."
>"I think I know that it'll be sad," Port says as she nods. "But I think if I don't know. . . I think I'll always wonder. If I can at least know then I can choose if I want to leave it behind or not."
>Meanwhile, Hope is perplexed. "Why don't you remember?"
>Port turns to hope. "Protoca found Tachi and me in a place far away from here. Neither of us remember much from before she woke us up. We were... not asleep but not awake either. I don't know if I can explain."
>Hope nods, but her expression remains confused. She doesn't fully understand.
>So the girls turn back and scour through the remains of the bunker, but ultimately find nothing.
>There is death, blood, wreckage, corpses, and sorrow here, but there are no more memories
>After exhausting their search, the girls return to the emergency escape and and leave the shelter behind.

Stay tuned for the final episode!
Sessions 9, 10 and 11 will be combined into one continuous thing since they all sort of feed into each other like sessions 7 and 8 did. Hopefully I can get it done before the thread 404s.

Here's the DM's sketch of Hope btw. Forgot to post it earlier.
So like did you guys have to pay favor to get hope as an ally?
So are Holics basically the physical equivalent of dark side users?

Trading sanity and social functionality for brute POWER?
File: Monty.gif (750 KB, 310x352)
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750 KB GIF
No. The DM treats her as a normal PC, though she's mostly an escort NPC since her combat utility is very limited. She largely exists to be bullied atm. Also, per DM, if Port or Tachi had failed any rolls during the rescue attempt then she would have just gone splat and that would've been it. Saving her was not actually supposed to be something that was likely to happen, our dice were just nice to us
In another edition of things I forgot to mention, Port salvaged some optics from the damaged bots at the end of last game and gave herself Extra Eyes. They sit along her cheek ridges and she was able to integrate their outputs into the feed running from her antenna to her spinal column
>The small access chute that makes up the emergency exit begins to rumble periodically as the dolls ascend the ladder, it almost sounds like there's a massive thunder storm above them.
>before too long, the dolls exit the escape chute into what appears to be a cavernous garage. There are roached out cars and military vehicles scattered around like children's toys.
>The rumbling is even louder up here. It almost sounds like fireworks
>Port stiffens up a little and swirls her ears trying to make sense out of the sound filtering through the concrete
>"It's gunfire." She's a little astonished. "And a lot of it. Maybe some larger pieces, too. What's going on out there?"
>It's clear that the dolls are going nowhere fast if there's any sort of large conflict taking place outside. They elect to search the garage for anything that might be serviceable.
>And of course it's Tachi who finds something
>An oversized APC, or maybe IFV with an autocannon on the roof and a pintle mounted machine gun in front of the co-pilot's seat. And... is that a gigantic boring drill mounted to the front?
>Somehow, Tachi manages to get the absolute junker of a machine (which she has already christened 'Monty') into working order. The engine runs like a man with one leg, but it does run.

Somewhat. Though Limit of Madness is actually one of the most reliable methods for losing madness in combat, as long as you stay in a different zone from your sisters. "Social functionality," at least mechanically, is kinda shit overall and gimped further by the fact that the bonuses you can get from stuff like Boy and Alice can be gotten or beaten by just roleplaying good.
File: 1407948243237.jpg (43 KB, 620x372)
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>Bump limit
RIP thread
Thanks for your write up anon
>the fact that the bonuses you can get from stuff like Boy and Alice can be gotten or beaten by just roleplaying good.

I never had my Nechronica GM give more than a single madness Point reduction from roleplay. (As in no more then they have to for a successful conversation check)

Is giving more than the minimum RAW demands something you recommend?
Hmmmm. Do you want to continue?

A new thread can be made.
>I've been trying to get my group to play this for 2 years. Progress has been slow

Hav you tried getting an online group together?
File: 1554114144077.gif (601 KB, 320x240)
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601 KB GIF
>thread is already halfway down the board
I forget how quickly stuff can slide during prime time, jeez. While it would be nice to have the whole write up in this thread since it's already on sup/tg/ and having everything in one place would be convenient, I probably wouldn't be able to finish before the thread got archived.

I'll see about putting together a proper OP in a bit and resume in the new thread.

>I never had my Nechronica GM give more than a single madness Point reduction from roleplay. (As in no more then they have to for a successful conversation check)

Sorry, meant that building for bonuses to conversation checks is kind of a waste since good RP nets you just as much, considering that you can only feasibly get up to a +2 to conversation checks from your skills and parts unless you're dumb enough to go cross position for it.
He means the bonuses to Conversation Checks. RAW there's a hard limit on how much Madness can be recovered per game session (the number of memory fragments your doll has). Though, bonuses to conversation checks from skills would ostensibly stack on top of roleplaying bonuses.
>A new thread can be made

Working on it.
This one is archived to sup/tg/ though so storytiming can continue here till the thread falls off then jump to the new one.
Is all of this accurate?


Nechronica thread?

>Anyone still playing this game?


>Where do I get an English translation from this Japanese game?

-The wiki has the most up to date translation
-There are still various WIP book translation PDFs floating around
-You can play Nechronica on Tabetop Simulator now. Check the Steam Workshop for the resources.

>Last time:
-GMs and Players giving advice to people looking to up their game or run Nechronica for the first time.
-Making up encounters and NPCs

Previous Thread: >>66953607

>Though, bonuses to conversation checks from skills would ostensibly stack on top of roleplaying bonuses.

They would, but the skill and Tier 2 mutation put towards getting more bonuses to conversation checks could be put towards a more reliable method of in-combat madness removal or a support or something that would likely save you more pain in the long run.
now GO GO GO
>-There are still various WIP book translation PDFs floating around

I don’t recommend these.

The wiki has the most up-to-date PDF, though it hasn't been updated in a bit.
>Hyperlight Drifter has some really choice atmospheric music.
>Seeds of the Crown · Disasterpeace
>The Midnight Wood · Disasterpeace
>The Winding Ridge · Disasterpeace
>Nice mix of desolate and mystic.


>the Aerterno album by Aviators has some pretty decent mood tracks for Nechronica

You are right.
>the girls pile in
>Protoca takes the driver's seat.
>Since Tachi is too wide to fit into the co-pilot's seat she takes the controls of the autocannon, which are in the troop carrying compartment. Hope is seated alongside her.
>Port takes co-pilot, taking charge of the pintle machine gun.
>Port snickers a little despite her dour mood as she fidgets with her viewing screens and familiarizes herself with the controls. "You know? I don't think I ever got my driver's license."
>Protoca fidgets with her own controls a little before kicking Monty into gear and puttering forward. "Honestly, I don't know how much good one would do you in this thing."
>Soon enough, they find the exit to the garage and crawl out into the open air.
>Into a scene of total war.
>It isn't any simple sort of firefight like Port thought; it's a clashing of two armies.
>On one side of Monty stretches a vast horde of zombified soldiers, augmented by small flights of gun-toting, low-altitude aerial drones. They anchor around towering Gargants like the one which acted as jailer for Port and Tachi's bunker.
>Opposite of them is a less numerous (though only just) contingent of robotic soldiers like the ones they found in the shelter, supported by a number of autonomous hover tanks
>how long the battle has been raging the girls can't tell, but they're in the thick of it now. The only way out is through the battle. Protoca guns the engine and Monty lurches eagerly to comply.
>The girls have one saving grace; neither faction involved in the battle is particularly interested in their lone clunker and only the very closest units take any interest in them at all.
>Port mostly focuses on the undead, raking any infantry who close in with the machine gun, but the uneven terrain and Monty's ancient shocks make the task difficult and her fire is only moderately effective
>Tachi takes what shots of opportunity she can find, spraying cannon rounds all over the battlefield in a wanton rain of fire.
Dis gon B Gud

Remember to jump to the new thread when you feel it.

With your storytime on it i don’t think you have to worry about whether or not it will also get archived to sup/tg/ so that it’s all stored.
Pic related is the DMs sketch of the Protector bots.
>As Monty crests a hill, a Protector hovertank rises into view.
>It's actually really close
>Too close to avoid
>Protoca guns the engine and slams a button on the dash
>the boring drill spins up, rattling the entire crew compartment
>Monty slams into the side of the tank. Hard. The drill bites deep into one of the ground effect thrusters on its side.
>In reality, a run down IFV like Monty has no business going head to head with an advanced battletank.
>But in close quarters like these, Monty has one serious advantage over any hover vehicle. For you see, Monty, like his mistress Tachi, is wide as fuck.
>All of Monty's thirty long tons grinds into the tank's side. The drill works it's way under the ground effect thrusters of the tank and begin to tip it upward.
>Protoca floors it, which is all the encouragement Monty needs. He lurches forward against the weight of the tank once more and, using the drill as a massive wedge, manages to flip the hovertank completely over, beaching it like an oversized turtle
>Monty trundles onward.
>At some point during the ramming attack, Protoca or Port must have gotten thrown into a button; a series of gunports along the infantry compartment open up, exposing Hope to all the noise and chaos of the battlefield.
>The first thing she sees when she looks out the window is a squad of undead infantry closing in on them, weapons drawn.
>She yelps in fright. As she dips her head and covers her ears, the space around the infantry warps. Four of them fall to the ground with a severe case of Exploded Head.
>Thankfully, Monty is on the very edge of the fighting by now. Whatever units were eyeing them turn their weapons to bigger fish as Monty leaves the battlefield, off in the direction of Anywhere But Here.
Further storytimes will be continued in >>67067379
Thanks for the fantastic thread, fellas!
See you there.
Really enjoying your storytime. Some less lazy than me should screencap it for posterity. It really conveys the flavor and mood of the game quite well.
If you want more time to get the sceencaoping done the thread it archived here.

I don’t have access to GIMP or a machine that runs for more than 35 minutes at a time right now or I’d do it


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