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Continued from

Sorry for keeping everybody. I've been crazy busy. Fuck being an adult.
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This is the story of one of the past WoD campaigns from my onetime regular group. The previous bit has been linked above, but I think a refresher/tldr/character intro is in order:

>Deacon, former cultist and occult expert. He can do a few things alright, but the main focus is on occult knowledge to metagame for the rest of us. His player has an odd switch where his two reactions are either suicidal charge or hide from any and all combat. This can cause problems.
>Lester, the chill af mechanic. He's the heart of the party, designed to problem solve with the environment. Winds up being more of a party tank.
>Isaac, resident nerd and science/computer expert. Designed to solve problems in ways the GM can't see. Mostly winds up coming up with overly complicated plans that get solved quicker through brute force and/or giving out buffs to destroy structures.
>Kaylee, competitive archer and mid-range sniper. Actually winds up doing that fairly well when she's not a bobcat.
>Jim, paranoid Army vet douchebag with a heart of gold. Was built to Solid Snake. Can't pass a stealth roll. The dice gods feel differently about his combat checks.
>Chad, social infiltrator and self-appointed leader. Winds up mostly being a punching bag.
>Jack, football jock extraordinaire. Was built to tank. He tanks good.
>Dante, semi-pro gamer/paintballer/airsofter. He comes in handy occasionally.
>Tanya, face and social manipulator. Does awesome at this.
Honorable mentions:
>Dr. Smith, the head physician for the sleep study where our group met.
>Laura, Jim's Jeep Wrangler. Has the highest kill count of the party.
>The story so far:
Deacon escaped a cult he was raised in and had been on the lamb. His brother contacted him in need of help. Some of our group answered the call only to find out it was a trap. While arguing about how to proceed, Deacon ran in. The rest of the party rammed the gates with Jim's car, hitting Deacon in the process. They took out some firebreathing dogs and found out Deacon's brother was in on it. He dished out some pain, but they hit him worse. Eventually he realized his brother wasn't going to come back to the cult with him, so he self-destructed. The gang proceeded to get drunk, then go to the hospital.
Fast forward six months, and everybody has more or less grown their hair back and adjusted back into their normal routine. During their weekly participation in their sleep study, Jim gets woken up with a shot of adrenaline. Someone is ending the study violently and trying to murder any witnesses. The gang tries to make their escape, but is stopped by random security guard. This would normally not be an issue, but he is armed and armored and they have nothing. He gets murdered guesomely enough that the party has to take composure tests. Isaac's plan to bust out is interrupted by simply swiping the dead guard's key card.
I also want to throw out a thank you to all the people who bumped to keep the post up and running before. You guys are awesome.
Also, just so this is written down, this game is a few years ago. We were playing Chronicles of Darkness when it first came out (but the system is more or less the same), and the only books available were the main rulebook and Hurt Locker.
Isaac pouted just long enough for the rest of the party to run past him. Dante and Jim ran for his Jeep, where Jim pulled the spare keys from his hiding spot. Deacon ran to his car, realizing he didn't have his keys when he got there. Lester ran to his truck, with the majority wanting to get as far from Jim as possible. Isaac followed Deacon.

They looked up and saw the fires leaping from windows across the building. The Jeep and F-250 started up and started to move. Lester pulled his car up to the exit. Jim backed up by Deacon's car as the two men were desperately trying to smash the window. "Leave the fucking thing and get in!" Jim screamed.
"It's my car!" yelled Deacon.
"I can hotwire it!" screamed Isaac. "Three cars are better than two!"
"SHUT UP AND GET IN THE GODDAMN WRANGLER" An explosion rocked in the far end of the building as the two continued pounding on the window.
"We've still got some time, we can make it!" yelled Isaac, his fist bouncing off the window harmlessly.
"You can make it!" cheered Dante encouragingly, "come on!" A second explosion went off, closer than the first. Deacon and Isaac hesitated. Isaac began calculating time for hotwiring a car, plus the time it would take to break into the car, minus the fact that the fire and explosions seemed to be getting faster and closer. "Do you have a crowbar or a hammer in the Jeep?"
"JUST GET IN THE FUCKING JEEP NOW YOU FUCKING RETARDED SON OF A-" A third explosion rocked off. Lester listened to the crowd in his truck and took off. Deacon and Isaac sprinted and dove into the back of the Jeep. Tires squealed as Jim hit the accelerator. They nearly rolled as they turned hard into the street.A fourth explosion took off and the Jeep jolted sideways. "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFU" Dante looked back to see an empty tank had fired itself outside of the building and was now taking up residence in the back fender. They drove for quite some time.
Jim followed Lester, and Lester just drove randomly. Chad and Kaylee knew a little bit about tracking, and sent the vehicles all over the greater Boulder area just making sure they weren't followed. Eventually, they pulled into a Denny's on the outskirts of town, being careful to park the vehicles in the unlit rear of the parking lot. Everyone unloaded.

"Dante, watch the North side of the building," Jim ordered as he lit up a cigarette. "Isaac, watch the South."
"Roger!" said Dante as he ran off. Isaac just nodded and left. Jim took off the hospital gown
"Really?" exclaimed Kaylee.
"FIrst off, it's a dick. I know everyone here has seen at least one." Jim said as he started putting his spare change of clothes on. "Second, you've all seen this one tonight."
"Thanks for that," she quipped back. "It wasn't my choice."
"Third, I'm trying to get into actual clothes."
"Right. Where's your first aid kit? I know you have one."
Jim pulled a large backpack out from his Jeep. "Have at it. Who's hurt?"
"Dr. Smith."
"Oh, right, him. What's our next move?"
Silence fell across the group.
Dante and Isaac started making their way back. Nobody paid it much heed.
"You're the soldier," Deacon started, "What would you do in their shoes?"
"Alright, fuck. Ummmm. They don't have confirmation of the kill. Did anyone see anybody in the parking lot or exiting the building? No? Shit. Fuckin.. If they didn't clear the area before everything was burned to shit, they won't be able to PID our bodies. With that blast, they'd have to wait for the fires to die down to confirm..." he paused. "So, Doc," he to say while dripping with saccharine venom, "What's the plan with the building?"
Dr. Smith gulped. "Well, uh, they, uh, wanted to silence everything about the project. So I'm guessing they don't want information to be widely known."
Chad nodded. "So, they'll probably have to have the regular fire department put it out. Probably have a few crooked cops pick up everything."
"So we've got a bit of time then" said Jim.
"Perhaps we should freshen up a bit?" suggested Tanya. It's been a long night, and I think it might be a good idea to maybe clean up to avoid suspicion?"
Jack raised his head up. Nobody had even noticed that he was slumped over in the back of the truck. "I could use some food." He tried getting up before collapsing back down. "And someone to help get me there."
"Come on," responded Chad as he helped him out of the car. "Jesus, you're heavy." Isaac chased after them to help get under the other arm. "And I told you we needed to talk about earlier."
"Can that wait till later?"
Tanya and Kaylee left for the restrooms. "Don't kill the doctor," said Kaylee.
"He can't answer questions if he's dead." answered Jim.
"I got this," responded Lester. "Maybe we should pull that thing out of your fender."
Jim nodded and grabbed a crowbar. "I'm going to go inside," added Dante. "Do you need anything, Jim?"
"A cold beer and a blowjob." Lester elbowed Jim. "Don't worry about me, kid. Just grab a bite for yourself." They went to work on the Jeep.
Half an hour later, Jack was able to stand on his own, the Jeep with an oxygen tank embedded in it was cleverly disguised as the Jeep with a massive hole in it, and the Doctor had been patched up as best as they could.

Isaac decided to start the questioning. "So, doctor, please tell me what is going on."
"This wasn't just a sleep study," started the doctor.
"You don't fucking say..." Jim was shushed.
"We've been running experiments using certain biological, chemical, and...other... agents for quite some time. In animal case studies and smaller prison experiments it was proven to improve reaction time, strength, speed, and some other... 'enhanced' abilities."
"What?" asked Chad.
"We were given access to certain elements which would..."
"What kind of agents and elements?" interrupted Isaac.
"I'm...not entirely sure. I just ran the sleep study itself. We had to make this seem like a legitimate sleep study. It was the other doctors who would perform the surgeries."
""Woah, woah, woah. Hold the fuck up. You performed fucking *surgeries* on us? While we were asleep? Without, y'know, consent or, I don't know, ANY FUCKING OTHER STEPS FOR GODDAMNED MEDICAL SHIT?"
The doctor hung his head. "Look, I know it was unethical..."
"UNETHICAL? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? THIS ISN'T JUST FUCKING UNETHICAL, IT'S" Lester and Tanya got between Jim and Smith. "Okay, Jim, let him talk, maybe we can..."
"And we're done." interrupted Lester. "We're walking away. Now." Lester and Tanya guided him off.
"Go on, doc," started Chad. "Let him go for a bit. We'll take care of him."
"So what was the end goal of this project?" asked Isaac.
>sorry, was forgetting that.
"From what I could tell, they were testing stability for use in super soldiers at some point in the future. You weren't supposed to manifest any powers, just prove that the implants could be stable."
"And what implants, exactly, did they use?" asked Isaac.
"I'm not sure. All I know is that everyone had a slightly different procedure."
"So what changed"
"We had another test subject die last week. He manifested and self-combusted. It killed three people. The people in charge of the project decided to pull the plug and eliminate all evidence of our project."
"We figured out that part," added Chad.
"I think we've stayed here long enough," suggested Kaylee helpfully. "Maybe we should head to your safehouse and figure everything out later?"

>On that note, I'm off for the night. Have a good one, all!
OP here. Bumping for now, will be busy most of the day. I'll try to post from work, but am busy for most of the day.
Once they got to the safehouse, the arguing started again. Several things were agreed upon:
>No one would go anywhere for any reason alone.
>Dr. Smith could stay, provided he was locked in a storage room and someone that was not Jim would take care of his needs.
>No contacting friends or family until they knew they were in the clear
>They would need new phones that could not be directly traced back to the group
>They would need to run for supplies the next day. The risky part was that Kaylee needed HER bow, and they needed some corporate information from the doctor's location.
>Alcohol is not a healthy method of dealing with life or death situations and Jim is not allowed to give Dante a bottle of Jack Daniel's

With that being accomplished, some members went about doing things to preserve some semblance of normalcy. Tanya decided to try and make the radio station more of a home than a base of operations. Lester went to work on the hole in Jim's Jeep to keep it from getting worse. Jim got blind drunk and sat in the "living room" (former reception area) with his rifle leveled at the door. Everyone else either tried to sleep through growing anxiety or passed out from pure exhaustion.
And this brings us to the end of Chapter 1/Session 1.

From there on out, I need to go over my notes to remember quite a bit. Most of the first two sessions were written down fairly thoroughly. I just had to do a bit of editing to get it to print. Never expected anyone to pick up on this at all.

But, if anybody has any other stories from their games they would like to tell, feel free.

>I would have written more out about the arguing when they got back to base, but I feel like this has already contained too much arguing. And aside from some mildly amusing banter, there's not much to tell.
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And thank you good sir.

I know a few people were following this, should I continue the tale once I can get everything sorted?

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