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File: Bard_1.jpg (22 KB, 224x285)
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I want to know, the board /tg/,
If you would share a thread with me:
So can you think about a time
You played exclusively with rhyme?

Perhaps you were a fiendish imp
Who rode a poem-powered blimp?
Or maybe you were just an elf
Who loved to hear his clever self?

In any case, it's loads of fun
To fill the ears of everyone
With magic words that end the same
While we're playing table games

So please, come in, dear board /tg/,
And let's all share in poetry
Or are you scared you'll be no good
Outside your comfort neighborhood?
File: my life.jpg (450 KB, 840x1050)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
I could rhyme all day
but your AABB meme
leaves nothing much to say
I had faith in you
I thought you had a haiku
Instead, I say "boo."

To rhyme with play is all good fun
A tool not used in games I run
To rhyme with thought I am quite able
But it's a fucking pain when at the table
I say again AABB is shit
at least mix it up one bit
you're pathetic rhyming play
not even limerick level gay

It does not matter how you rhyme
Your verse is bad and so are you
So tell me now that is not true
And put some effort in this time
Haiku is just words
Scattered on a page for (You)s
Fade like winter, fag

I will not tolerate this,
Your careless limerick diss
You say what you will
about that AABB shill
But with this form, it's never a miss.
Well, I don't think you've got it down
Which makes your feelings moot
You're less a bard, more like a clown
Whose horn won't even toot.
File: disgust.jpg (67 KB, 965x607)
67 KB
I cannot rhyme
Just take your time.
This makes me sick, I'm going to bed.
Mods, delete this thread.
This anon, he can... fuss.
There once was a bard most sublime
Who spoke honeyed words laid in rhyme
But poem opponents
Despised his lyrical components
And the bastard was hung for his crime

I am insufficient yet quick of and dexterous with language to do this.
>be an EFL English speaker
I know it'll be awful, you see?
Please don't get mad or bitter
Know that at least I tried, /tg/.
I hope you'll find it in your heart
To please forgive; I must depart.
And while I hate to taint this art,
I just let out a wicked fart!

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