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“Look at you, adventurer. A pathetic creature of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect immortal demon?”

Labyrinthia, the living dungeon
>A concept born from poor decisions.
The idea of this came from an earlier “A Succubus appears and offers to become your character’s greatest desire” thread. A foolish adventurer answered simply “My greatest desire is adventure!”. And thus a succubus who took form of a living dungeon was born.

>So what is it?
A vast sentient ever-changing dungeon complex, existing purely to draw adventurers into her depths, where if they fall will have their life energy consumed.

Adventurers who stumble across the entrance to this dungeon, the entrance nestled between two large hills, will find a dungeon rich with treasures and challenge, set to draw them further in. As they deeper they delve into Labyrinthia’s nethers, their energy is slowly and subtlely drained until they eventually fall prey to the many traps and monsters which populate the halls.

>Threat level
Due to her original from’s planar travel capabilities, Labyrinthia can turn up anywhere on the mortal plane, warping the local topography and increasing monster population in the area due to a massive upsurge in demonic energy.

Labyrinthia herself may start infecting the dreams of people in the regions, filling their minds with visions of the wealth held in her halls.
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>Things to flesh out
Personality – detatched manipulator who can’t interact with the players directly, or a villain who taunts them as they progress.
Trap rooms and monsters of Labyrinthia (Hell, maybe even a sample dungeon map if someone is feeling creative
Potentially cursed magic items found in the depths, designed to ensnare other adventurers or encourage them to continue delving
The fate of adventurers who delve too deeply and greedily and make their way to the heart of Labyrinthia.
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>Is this a blatantly badly disguised fetish thread?
Absolutely not! Probably.
The concept of the living dungeon certainly has merit, with the demonic intelligence itself acting as a malign dungeon master guiding unwitting players to their demise.
Ah so this is still in progress.
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Also pondering the idea of there being a second tier to the dungeon. The first tier being a traditional fantasy dnd dungeon, with monsters traps and carved stone architecture.

The second tier being a far more creepy affair as the true nature of the place becomes apparent, walls made of pink flesh with quivers as the foot falls of the adventurers and monsters more akin to a demonic immune system. Adventurers who fall or lose their minds here are absorbed into the very flesh of the dungeon itself.
But this already exists. It's called Castlevania.
This is very cool and I could actually see it working
unlike some other thinly veiled fetish ideas
Have a qt greekboi
>the entrance nestled between two large hills
Or, alternatively...
Hmm gets me thinking
Those that get corrupted by the dungeon could become its guardians
You could even have entire ecology in there ala dungeon meshi
File: dt-6.png (208 KB, 584x327)
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208 KB PNG
remember me of the dungeon train in adventure time.

I quite like the idea of them roaming from the dungeon, setting up cults to "sacrifice" more adventurers to their forever hungry edifice...
>their energy is slowly and subtlely drained
This makes it so there's no way to "win". You either die or somehow manage to get away.
What if instead the Dungeon fed on the adventurer's greed and they could actually get through by simply refusing to take any treasure with them while exploring? The Dungeon could try to tempt then by throwing equipment that would solve their immediate problems, or stuff the characters would really want to posses and, if that fails, you still have to deal with monsters.

Sounds a cool alternative, no reason a demon cant feed on other negative emotions.

I'd envisioned the way to win in the case of running this for actual players would be for them to reach the heart of the dungeon. Perhaps some odd construction or magical energy and the body of the original adventurer who made the I'll fated wish.
Could be that as the draining effect is gradual, it places a time limit on how long you can spend in the dungeon. Adventurers who get greedy and dwell too deep find themselves too weak to make the return trip, and the dungeon throws distractions in their way to make them go off the path to gain more loot.
The way to truly defeat the dungeon is to ignore the temptations and distractions, and head straight to the core of the dungeon and destroy the demon's heart.
Make it so they have to reach the womb instead of the heart. The succubus Dungeon is the mother of all monsters. You have to beat the baby inside of her for the dungeon to collapse.

A bit Binding of Isaac
File: Found it.png (1.7 MB, 1636x2176)
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1.7 MB PNG
Great idea, but you're forgetting the most important part of the complex
The further you venture in, the sexier and fleshier the dungeon gets, until it's literally the inside of a womb. You can then opt to cum inside to become a Warlock Dungeon Master of the Tomb, gaining that prestige class from Dungeoncraft in 3e, and other goodies, or fuck it and create a new breed of Alu-fiend/other half-fiend (Succubi also have an unavoidable period of heat in D&D canon called 'the urge' that adds for more adventure- or banish/kill dungeon, which may result in collapse/death/escorted into the abyss

Also, here are the rules for wishes in D&D, next to the fact that wishes replicate the effects of existing spells- so hunting through lists of spells is a great way to determine what can and cannot be done within the limits of the caster knowledge and wisdom- for example- ye old floating castle/mountain city is actually a 9th level ritual spell requiring a wiz & cleric in dragonlance, but a 12th level ancient netherese ritual in FR- and it is a fact that Elminster has chatted with cross-campaign setting wizards to share and discuss spells on the occasion.
>create a new breed of Alu-fiend
I mean, with half-dragons/dragonborn being a thing, it was only a matter of time before we'd get half-dungeon/dungeonborn.
File: images (3).jpg (21 KB, 250x269)
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So does she also have a humanoid form or is she pure architecture.
Also is she like fantasy pic related?
What if the succudungeon realizes it could harvest negative emotions again from people who have delved her and survived, only to fall into her adventurous allure again? So it makes a non-obvious exit strategy for the adventurers who is already fed up with delving the succudungeon, and lets those potentially returning adventurers to leave?
Better yet if among the succudungeon survivors there wafts a rumor about the true heart of the succudungeon; made of bejewelled gold and holding the key to ending the torture once and for all... which was spread by the succudungeon's cult in order to lure survivors back in again. There is a 'heart', but whoever 'slew' it gets all their emotions drained. The true heart lie elsewhere.
I like the idea that the dungeon is the body of the demon. The upper levels look like your standard dungeon with stone walls, traps, etc., but the deeper you go the more organic and fleshy it becomes. Maybe the dungeon could manifest an avatar if it needs to.
File: alter.jpg (50 KB, 970x546)
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I say take a bit of >>69815854
idea and then go full body/bio horror. If you keep following the paths of loot and exp you'll be drawn further and further inside until you either fall to traps and monsters or the dungeons slow drain.
However if you consistently go down the paths and tunnels that seem empty of any real rewards, the ones that are boring and lootless, you will start to notice a change. The architecture and mechanisms will become steadily more and more organic until you are eventually in a full fleshscape.
It is here that the opposition will truly begin again, monsters forming from the walls themselves, sections of the pulsating architecture trying to crush you, etc.
Should you push on you will eventually find Labarinthia herself, a humanoid figure fused with the structure (think the Master from the original fallout game but more demony and less tech). Kill her and you at last kill the dungeon itself.
File: Fungeon.png (283 KB, 1232x2429)
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283 KB PNG
I take it the redeemed waifu version behaves more like pic related.

>This makes it so there's no way to "win". You either die or somehow manage to get away.
It makes perfect sense that there'd be no way to win so long as you play her game with her rules. You'll have to do something different if you want to truly defeat the succubus.

>Maybe the dungeon could manifest an avatar if it needs to.
The thread which lead to this one had some discussion about a dungeonccubus that could, given enough time, shift between a dungeon form and a (presumably sexy) normal-sized humanoid form. I like this idea, but for strange reasons; it's amusing to think about having a bizarrely convivial exchange after running into the dungeonccubus years later in a tavern somewhere. She'd playfully tease you about the way you were panting and sweating as you ran down her corridors, or the look on your face as you stumbled directly into a pit trap ("—and I was barely hiding it! It was right in front of you!"); you'd retaliate by mentioning the funny noises a dungeon makes when the floor quakes in seeming ecstasy for the third time, and the embarrassing words accompanying the barely-perceptible moans that echo through her passageways. And when she gets up to leave, she whispers in your ear, telling you where to find her if you wish to risk an untimely death once more.
File: 1501966794656.jpg (222 KB, 960x720)
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222 KB JPG
I'd pictured her as a sort of peripatetic dungeon. She travels from place to place in a humanoid guise, and "sets up shop" near suitable population centers. The early explorers are more or less allowed to return, spreading stories about fabulous riches waiting to be claimed; the soul- or life-draining begins later. (Any riches retrieved from her may have deleterious effects on their owners.) Eventually the number of people who make it back starts to dwindle, but she picks up and moves on before everyone figures out that there's something more to it than traps or monsters.

The early parts of the dungeon are easy, with something more like the appearance of danger than danger itself, slowly becoming more perilous as one ventures deeper. The layout shifts as you're inside, so that by the time you realize you're overmatched and your strength is draining away, you're likely to die trying to find your way out.

I also like the idea of a slow transition to a fleshy, organic environment— but more of a seductive, inviting sort than a "pulsating organs line the walls" variety. It's soft, and warm, and cozy, and you could just curl up and go to sleep, like a person succumbing to hypothermia.

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