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File: Nuclear_Battlemap.png (423 KB, 1072x890)
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Continued from: >>69925790

So, to recap some of the key events so far:
>Stonehenge has been reactivated
>A Tyranid hive fleet invaded and been engaged by an entire battlefleets worth of ships
>Most population centers have been evacuated and/or heavily defended
>It's raining like hell due to monsoon season
>6 Freeblades have been deployed into the city
>A volcano has been rendered active and a volcanic ash cloud has spread over the southern area of the region
>Two Nuclear devices have gone off, one in the air one on the ground
>A reaver titan has been reactivated
>Two of the Tyranid landing zones have been destroyed, one has been heavily damaged
>The Tyranids are consuming as much biomass on the planet as they can
>Defoilant bombs have been activated between the cities of Groxbridge and Stanley
>Forces representing each of the Chaos gods have invaded and begun fighting everyone else, the Tzeentchians and Slaaneshis using the previously Tau occupied city of Liveria as a gateway to Lutum
>An Imperial saint has been spawned from the sheer amount of fighting going on
>A Hierophant and a Tzeentchian Heldrake have been german suplexed by a Nurglite chaos lord
>Chaos assets are attacking the Island with the Stonehenge weapons platform, which is heavily defended by Eldar
>An entire swamp was set ablaze by a mixture of promethium, warp flames and Nerve gas
>Ortan Cassius made planetfall to train some primaris marines and kill some 'nids

I suggest returning posters check the previous thread for posts they may have missed as I myself might have missed some details, sorry for the inconvenience folks.
File: Groxmap7.png (480 KB, 2000x900)
480 KB
480 KB PNG

Welcome back to the world of Damnatum Lutum!

Damnatum Lutum is a 40K greentext series that aims to have fun (Rule of Fun/Cool > canon) and build the world, one shitpost at a time. Previous threads can be found on suptg (they're not essential reading but help a lot with understanding what's going on) at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=damnatum+lutum

[b]This is the final episode, so pull out the stops for this one. If you want to join, now is your chance, and let's try and make it good.[/b]

Links to universe supplemental materials:

Dramatis Personae: https://pastebin.com/YWeygba9

Regional dossier: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yH_sF3mkCHwTcRQljw2wgyACFvR0u9gF

Main regional map: https://i.imgur.com/FjRevGx.png

Groxbridge city map: https://i.imgur.com/P65Qw0J.png

Live-updating version of the city map, in case I need to make changes mid-thread: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uEcyZ0wgl4b0Gmp4euLdcn6cWRCU6N6w (since I have to delete and reupload the Imgur version whevever I make a change and it's a PITA to do constantly)

For the city map key, see http://web.archive.org/web/20190707065931/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/50k-raster-legend.pdf and http://web.archive.org/web/20170717180121/https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/docs/legends/abbreviations-used-on-os-25k-and50k-scale-mapping.pdf (archived because the webpages vanished)

Metro map: https://i.imgur.com/VWwEIWp.png

System chart: https://i.imgur.com/rUEIIM5.png (not to scale)

System stats: https://pastebin.com/uK3aen6h
File: enemyantics.png (196 KB, 600x450)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
I was literally seconds away from making a new thread myself, good thing I decided to F5 the catalogue one last time before posting.

>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>While its chaos around the city, losses in the PDF are low
>This is mostly because they have been assigned the low-risk perimeter
>Just as well too, since the other Guard units are much better at anti-Tyranid warfare
>All quiet on the western front too
>We know there are Tyranids that way, where are they?
>As I consider this, Guard units in the Sayle valley start radioing in contact with the horde
>It's not just the bugs that terrify me, it's when they don't just charge blindly like they're supposed to
>I'm sure they will reach our lines soon and and make us call the Astartes, like usual
>Speaking of Astartes, the Ultramarines have some serious balls coming back here after last time
>I know it's rumoured that they don't actually have any, but that's moot
>But the Tyranids aren't quite here yet, so for now we're doing something else
>A little old lady reported some Orks in a building over the street
>I know this woman, first she refused to evacuate and she jumps at everything
>I swear she must be a psyker given how much she knows, or thinks she knows at any rate
>It's probably nothing, but the last thing we want is Orks running unchecked right now
>There's nothing off about the building, and a cursory look in the windows turns up nothing
>Feth this, we're needed elsewhere
>If the Orks are laying low enough for that, they deserve to stay there
>Besides, Orks aren't nearly sneaky enough to grasp the concept of hiding, and Ork commandos don't exist
>Check the vox networks for news on the other forces across the planet
>Curiously, they report that the Tyranids are being less gung-ho and tactical then usual
>It's like the Hive Mind is diverting the focus of its attention to a certain location
>But more to the point, it's permitted them to cling on by their fingernails for now
>We can only hope it stays that way
any requests for description of thread 7.0 when I save it to sup/tg/?
Something about it being the first part fo the final thread and Tyranids invading, nukes and volcanos going off should also probably be mentioned
Oh, and bump for the night
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>The city of Liveria is mostly empty now
>After we determined that the Chaos forces remaining in the city were just mindless spawn and low tier cultists, we realized there was little value in encouraging a fight between them and the Tyranid swarm approaching from the west
>Good thing we have gathered a fairly large stockpile of interesting and deadly weaponry over the millennia
>After some debate, we settled on a bunch of cheap but effective darklight bombs, mixed in with some ossification amplifiers and Plague of Glass vials
>Luckily the Tyranid swarm that landed in this district is smaller than most of the ones attacking Groxbridge
>Now the Tyranid landing site and the western edge of the city is an interesting mix of smoking craters, obsidian statues, and gory bone-trees
>It is a pity that whoever ends up in control of the city will no doubt be unable to appreciate the beauty
>I have gathered most of the remaining Tau and their proxies into a respectably sized force under my command
>We are currently hunting down the remaining Chaos and Tyranid vanguard organisms and gathering survivors for my army, however, I am already planning my next move
>Although we have a temporary alliance with the Craftworlders, I have little faith in their mon-keigh allies, who will likely try to double cross us the second we outlive our usefulness to them
>Instead I send messages to Tolria and Kerala asking them if they need assistance at Stonehenge, where Eldar forces are much stronger than their Imperial counterparts
>Be Master of sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>From the fifty primaris I send here only twenty-five are still alive
>Exellent I can make something out of them
>Now ther is acity south east of here called Muddy bottom
>Full of nids
>Fourty space marines plus some guards and pdf would largely suffice
>Then a trip to the la nding points to the south to destroy the landing area
>Call volunteers by vox for this operation
>Get on a Rhino
>Start rolling to this "Muddy Bottom"
>Immediatly got stuck
>What now?
>The vehicle is stuck in the mud
>Whats even better is that the whole planet is apparently like that now
>This is going to be a long day...
File: moresquad.jpg (90 KB, 1024x724)
90 KB
>Be Sister Superior Bios
>Etherne and Vijay are sadly deceased
>They got too close to a Carnifex and received several large claws
>Having a Saint may have made people rather cocky in places
>But that aside, the battle is largely a stalemate
>The flow of creatures has not waned, but they cannot break through to reach the city
>The battlefield remains a chaotic mess of man, beast, ash, mud and fire
>Marauding lava flows have cut off and isolated large parts from each other, hindering both sides
>An air filter would be great about now
>I'm also quite sure that light off to the north was not related to the Saint
>I swear, if the Inquisition is messing around with nuclear devices again I'll shove one---
>Ahem, I didn't say that if anyone asks
>Burn a small swarm of Termagants with the Heavy Flamer
>We might all be facing death, but few can argue against the catharsis factor
>Where's the little Cadian snot?
>Lew! LEEEEEW! Get over here!
I want you to go into town and see what forces you can muster up for a counteroffensive
>We can't break this on our own, and we're going to need help
>Oh, and if you bring those Eldar here your ass is charcoal
>Go on, run along now
>Continue burning Termagants
So is this just a story or is someone playing a campaing?
It's a story and if you want you Can create à character that can be part of it
It's just us dicking around and roleplaying via shitpost.

Presumably most of the regulars are currently being held hostage by their families for xmas.
File: DeathKorpsGuardsman.png (332 KB, 442x813)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Right then, here I go
>Be me
>Krieger #143342523
>Me and my buddies have been sent to a warzone in the Groxvalley Region
>Apparently they have had not one but two nuclear explosions
>Thats like two Kriegs
>Should be like home
>Ive got shovels that jingle jangle jingle
>Jingle jangle
>And they are singing "Oh aint youre glad youre seiging"
>And that song is so very far from wrong
Oh, by the way this episode (the seventh, including the linked thread - see the suptg link) is serving as the final conclusion to the saga (with the 1st in-universe anniversary bookending the story), so sadly you've caught us right at the end here. There might be an omake at some point which I think would be cool.
>Be Krieger #143342523
>Recive news that the war is at its end
>Why even send us suicide lemmings in gas masks.pictofed
>Nevermind, blitzkrieg can get us killed and redeemed equally as fast as a siege
>Tell the lads we have only one shot at this, so we must make it count
>Maybe set of a third nuke off?
>Third times the charm, or so they say
>Be me
>Brother-Sergeant Sammos, Imperial Fists, Fifth Company, Second Squad
>My squad and I arrive just north of Annulus Park
>Looking north to Clipper Ridge
>This heavy rain is not unlike the one from a year ago
>The field between us and the ridge is well on its way to being the muddy bog it was before
>Carcasses of tanks dot the wallowed out trenches in no-man's-land
>Each one a small canal that likely still reeks of death and refuse
>The top of Clipper Ridge is barely visible as it blends into the dark grey sky behind it
>Not a word is spoken among the guardsmen
>Only the hard patter of rain and the distant thunder of battle speak of what is to come
>Troops man their posts, though their disposition is clear to see
>These soldiers are not ready
>They're hardly PDF material, too young, too old, and hardly any semblance of uniformity among the ranks
>Not even their flak armor is consistent, obviously surplus of outdated and poorly maintained gear
>Any Tyranid attack here must be stopped
>To do so will require a great resolve, but the men do not seem to have that here
>The few NCO's and Officers that spot me show a mixed reaction in their expression, it is clear to see
>Either relief at the sight of me and by brothers
>Or, fear at the thought of what might warrant our being here
>That is when I see it, a faint flicker of movement atop the ridge
>Not much time now
>A take the banner from the nearest bearer, hardly old enough to be drafted
>Wielding it, I gather the attention of the guard

File: seafort.jpg (1.66 MB, 2000x850)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>Throughout the battle, Stonehenge has continued to fire into the Tyranid fleet
>Some of us may experience deafness after hours of this terrible noise
>While few can call its angular shapes, booming racket and overgrown, crumbling installation "pretty", its raw power demands a quiet respect
>If the Imperium of today could replicate its firepower, there are few doubts as to the outcome for the galaxy
>The powerful anti-aircraft batteries and squads of Firestorm grav-tanks continue to battle swarms of Harpies and Hive Crones
>Fortunately, it would appear that the level of firepower on the island is unexpected for the Tyranids
>This being evidenced by their inability to reach close enough range to perform attacks
>Scattered Tyranid forces have been spotted on the mainland but as of yet none have breached the access tunnel
>Of more concern are the fuel levels for the central fusion reactor
>Only minimal reserves of the non-standard deuterium-tritium mix the reactor requires were in place in time for the invasion
>These reserves were sufficient to last for approximately eight hours at full capacity
>Now these meager fuel reserves are rapidly reaching critically low levels and are projected to reach zero within a couple of hours
>If they run out, the entire complex will shut down and likely be overrun by flying Tyranids as well
>We have two options here to prolong operations
>Either we cease fire with the main cannons and stop supporting the fleet overheat but continue drawing aerial fire away from the city
>Or we shut down the fortresses keeping the aerial assault at bay and hope the Firestorms can maintain air superiority from the ground
>Neither of these option would be particularly beneficial to us, or indeed anyone
>It's at this point the communicator outputs an offer of assistance from Wyen'dala
>I am suspicious of her motives as always, but in little position to refuse
>I do not suppose that you have any ways to help out here, do you?
>be me
>Guardsman Lew
>Diplomatic Liaison to the 531st Cadian Regiment and the local chapter of the Sisters of battle
>Also technically a member of the Eclesiarcy
>Sent to go get help
>And I will get toasted if it’s eldar
>Think Lew think
>I have the personal vox of our artillery guys
>Find the nearest vox booth give the coordinates
>Then vox Bios
>Tell her She has about 2 minutes to gtfo before she shares the same fate as Sister Gretta
>After a slew of rather unsisterly language, I hear her order everyone back
>Then there is a knock at the booth door
>It’s a eldar
>Tells me she needs to talk to one of us using this thing
>Hand her a few crowns for the fee
>Run to the Rendezvous point
>Hope she doesn’t kill me for this
Sammos, cont...

>"Guard! Lend me your ears, for the greatest hour is upon you!"
>Point my boltgun with one hand to the ridge
>"Before you lies the enemy! They will fight savagely to destroy you, and everything you hold dear!"
>Using my voxgrill on full power, sending my words as far as possible
>The crowd seems to tense up
>"They cannot achieve this, and you will not allow them!So, steel yourselves!"
>Put the banner firmly into the grasp of its bearer
>"They do not know of retreating, nor of taking prisoners! The lives of you and your comrades depends on your victory alone!"
>"We will hold them here! This line cannot and WILL not fall back beyond Annulus Park!"
>Raise my boltgun
>The troops listen on quietly, their mood less tense as they begin to pick up motivation
>"Their is no time or place among you now for worrying of death!"
>"Drive fear from yourself! Busy your mind with killing the enemy before you, and you may yet survive the hour!"
>"So, fight! Fight as though the souls of angels and saint burns inside each of you! For it does, and defeat is not an option!"
>Wield my boltgun higher over my head
>"Fight this hour, this day, not so people may look back and say the Guard fought like heroes!"
>"Fight today, so that looking forwards, later generations shall say that all heroes fight like the Guard!"
>Troopers now begin vocalizing their energy
>Few hear the distant shriek of tyranids, and those that do only yell louder
>The fighting spirit on display is a rare sight indeed
>"Ave Imperator, and long live The Guard!"
>Cheers echoing my words spread like fire in a promethium plant
>As the tyranids make their advance they are met with a resounding volley
>It will be moments now before the melee begins
>Emperor, fortify the will of the men so they may fight with valor, to the very end if need be
>Dorn, if I must fall today, then let my collapse be delayed that I might see the enemy broken one last time
>Be me, Admiral Gregorius Markus Agrippa Falkar
>The void battle is picking up speed, the 'nids are gaining on us
>The rubble in the way has become as much of a hassel for them as we've anticipated
>...And also as much for us
>The Rogue Trader seems to be packing guns considerably too big for his ship size
>He's also been collecting salvage from other destroyed ships
>Damnable merchants...
>Ah, whatever
>The mid-estern section of our line has become quite a bit thinned out, those fleets won't be able to reform their gunline
>The rubble in the way makes it a bit hard to move there, we'll have to split up our line
>Move the main gunline and the western gunline forward to engage the 'nids
>A gap has been created in the eastern line
>Pushing there would result in the Tyranids exposing their main hive ship to the fleets surrounding it
>The far-eastern battlegroups will move forward once ready, but for now our ships are on their way to forming the battle group
>Macrocannons and lance batteries prepare to fire, turned toward the giant bug thread
>They've come close enough that we're able to fire on them through the rubble with some good chances of hitting SOMETHING
>As they get closer, we'll increase our rate of fire
>For now, this is a good position
>Take a sip of my Champagne as I watch our ships allign
>"This is Falkar to battleline, make ready to fire on my command!"
>Ships take some minutes to aim as the bugs approach
>C'mon, just a bit closer...
>A thunderous roar echoes out as the first volleys are fired, striking the rubble and tyranids in the distance
>Some ships try and avoid the fire via evasiv action and hit the rubble around them, causing some damage and light casualties
>So far, so good
>"Good volley gentlmen, now make ready to fire again."
This belongs on >>>/qst/.
/qst/ belongs on /tg/, fight me.
I agree. But such is the decree of the mods.
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Quickly appraise the situation at Stonehenge via hidden holo-recorders and satellite sensors
>The Craftworlders are doing an admirable job operating the ancient mon-keigh weaponry and defending the site from airborne Tyranid attacks, however, they are failing badly in other areas
>They seem unaware that Tyranid vanguard organisms and Chaos strike forces have infiltrated the site in large numbers, and despite having months to prepare, they didn't bother stockpiling enough deuterium to operate the weapon for extended periods of time
>Hmmm, deuterium can be acquired in large quantities by the Kabal, but it won't be cheap
>Technically it is in my best interests if the hive fleet is destroyed, but at the end of the day, the loss of this world would only be a minor setback for the Kabal
>Offer Kerala as much deuterium as we can get our hands on, but only if they reimburse the Kabal at a later date (the message includes a list of possible goods I consider a reasonable exchange for each ton of deuterium delivered)
>Also offer to add my forces to the defense of the Island, including the decent amount of uncorrupted Tau hovertanks and mechs we were able to scavenge
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Get orders to withdraw from the area due to the incoming wave of artillery shells
>Sounds like a plan
>Order driver to put us in reverse and move us out of the bombardment zone
>The retreat is complicated by the fact that not all units seem to be withdrawing, though whether this is due to broken lines of communication or religious fanaticism is hard to say
>Though knowing the Guard, it may be deliberate, after all, someone has to keep the Tyranids in the area for the bombardment to work
>Grudgingly get out of Crassus to order stragglers out of the path of the retreating Crassus Transports
>The heavy rain and volcanic ash are ruining my uniform, and a few times I have to draw my laspistol to shoot Rippers or threaten confused soldiers
>Almost make it to the new trench system, which is currently being reinforced by new Krieg regiments, when suddenly a Mawloc bursts out of the ground behind me
File: citycrater.png (2.04 MB, 776x1058)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
>And welcome back ladies, gentlemen and xenos!
>Gad, we're still picking bits of glass out of ourselves up here at the GRN Tower
>We'd just finished sweeping up after the first nuclear blastwave when the SECOND one blew out all the windows on the other side!
>Now that's just not cricket
>A little warnin' next time, folks at HQ?
>Now a bunch of our offices are full of wind and rain and the antenna is bent
>But our power is still on, our records are fine and the studio is intact so we ain't goin' anywhere
>Siege aside, the current top stories are that we now have a large canyon network in the south and Primaris Ultramarines are here
>We can't raise the Ultras, but Mary is brave enough to go look at the scene of the former
>Take it away, Mary
>"Following the detonation of the tunnels by the PDF, streets have turned into canyons and lines of rubble stretch through the city"
>"Segments of the Ring Road, Nankai Highway and the docklands have collapsed, scores of manufactoria have been cut in half and several skyscrapers have toppled"
>"The pit is a deep one, and it's littered with rubble and dead biomorphs"
>Concerning, concerning
>What's your assessment of the damage extent?
>"Well, Vaulian Yards, Docklands, Sloan and Daygate have all suffered catastrophic damage, and some are questioning whether this was reasonable use of force"
>"But with the Tyranids, you can never be excessive"
>Thank ya Mary, now scram before one of them bugs starts twitchin'
>Later we'll try and get hold of one of the Ultramarines so we can find out why they came back here after the disastrous incident last year
>We'll also be broadcasting our one-off special Urban Survival Podcast for anyone still alive in Liveria
>May all of that broken city's tragic souls rest in the Emperor's arms
>But for now, here's this as a break from battle music
>be me
>Clicky the Psyker
>still in the airship, still shooting the big bug with my warpy wunderwaffe eyes
File: 1531004662637.jpg (112 KB, 314x387)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>be tzeentch cultist
>lord has stated it's time to beguine THE RITUAL
>not sure which one he is referring too since every single one has the same name
>decide to just wing it with the rest of the cultists
>one summons in a screamer
>can't concentrate because of the noise now
>decide to just kill the cultists that brought it in
>out of his corpse pops out a herald of tzeentch
>he hands me a sword made out of crystal and rides off on his disc
>lord says everything went just as he planned it
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>Still in the city of Liveria
>I got recruited by a small group of survivors who apparently take orders from an Eldar mercenary named Wyen'dala
>Apparently if we help them defeat the "Chaos" and Tyranid forces on this planet, they will help us get back to Tau Space, and even help us retake this world when the time comes
>I don't really trust these Eldar mercenaries, they seem like a barbaric, vicious lot judging by their spiky, and often revealing armor, but my training has taught me not to judge a race by its appearance, and besides, many of the Tau who have served on this world longer have told me that these mercenaries have been invaluable to many of our earlier successes on this world
>I got lumped into a recon squad with a Shas'la, a massive, bear-like Hodask, two gue'vesa, and a bored looking, barely clothed Eldar mercenary
>Normally a member of the Water Caste wouldn't go anywhere near the front lines, but we are badly short-handed, so I got handed a Pulse Pistol and a clean jumpsuit and off we went
>We are primarily looking for other survivors like myself, but the risk of an encounter with hostile forces is also said to be high
>I wonder what happened to that strange shapeshifting woman, we could use her killing abilities around now
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>Finally manage to extract self from the adhesive substance on the floor
>So this house is booby-trapped eh?
>No doubt some mon-keigh who evacuated but was worried about looters
>Mon-keigh low cunning is no match for Aelderi intelligence though, I won't be tricked again!
>Sit down on a stool to pick a splinter out of my foot
>Broken glass!
>Another clever trap
>Or perhaps just debris
>I really need to get some armor
>Or clothes
>And also get my eyes fixed
>Be Krieger #143342523
>With some excellent shovel work we have been able to reinforce existing trench systems
>What kind of trench doesnt have three layers of razor wire, a mine field, a canteen, a supply room and a ball room?
>And they call us the weird ones
>Nevermind, we are still figuring put were can we get another nuke from to execute plan Nuclear Blitzkrieg
>Maybe we could ask the Inquisition
>Suddenly see another regiment coming towards our trenches
>Its the 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>And they are being persued by a Mawloc
>The order to afix bayonets and prepare our shovels for when CQC happens is given
>We will have to worry about the nuking later
>Truly the incoming regimemt brings a happy ending
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Tending to the wounded
>There are krigers trying to line the triage with razor wire
>Try to get them to stop and convince them to not fill out camp with razors and mines
>Mostly because I’m afraid of someone accidentally discovering one of the...
>See the tech priest scramble after the noise
>No doubt trying to add more metal bits to my buddies
>MFW the Krieger tries to convince me the benefits of lining the triage with a mine field while I’m elbow deep in a patient trying to dig fragments of a grenade out
>be tzeentch cultist
>lord wants me to infiltrate the imperial forces
>find dead loyalist and stake his uniform
>make way to the camp
>camp is covered in razor wire inside and out
>see two loyalists step on land mines inside of the camp
>use the commotion to blend in with no one noticing
>begin searching for any useful information
File: artillerystrike.png (2.81 MB, 1600x971)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB PNG
>Be Sister Superior Bios
>When I asked for support, I didn't have artillery in mind
>I meant more along the lines of reinforcements and such
>Well, I can't fault him for getting "help" (exact words)
>As we and the Guard withdraw, the Tyanids seem to sense victory
>They surge forward with a renewed vigor, and for a moment it seems like they were correct
>Several Guard units volunteer to stay behind as the sternguard and sacrifice themselves to cover our withdrawl
>They shall certainly have a seat at the Emperor's table
>Reach the rear lines and stop among the destroyed tanks and skeletons from previous battles on the site
>Much blood has been shed for this patch of dirt, and more will discolor the mud red before the day is done
>The first of the Earthshaker shells kick up great plumes of dirt and insect limbs
>Interesting, the bombardment pattern seems to be in a line
>Then the next line impacts slightly to the south, and the third slightly to the south of that
>Ah, I see now - it's a creeping barrage!
>We must follow the artillery line
>Explosions will help clear the way for us to advance
>The artillery, scattered on rooftops throughout the city, does not have the range to cover the entirety of our advance
>But it'll help us get most of the way there
>There is also the small matter of the ongoing volcanic eruption and the battlefield being crisscrossed by lava and washed over by pyroclastic flows
>While they are certainly anti-Tyranid features, they are also anti-us features as well
>We'll have to cross the high hazard zones to reach the objective
>Request they save their shells for whenever we have the opportunity for rapid advancement when not boxed in
File: Awakening in the Dirt.png (2.43 MB, 899x1597)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
>Be me
>Squad leader of the XIVth "Lancasters" Marauder Squadron of the Praetorian airforce, Arthur "Et Ignis in Nocte" Harris
>AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh my heeeeaaaad....
>Where am I?
>Last thing I remember, I... I was... Was I sent to a planet to assist in it's defence? I... don't quite recall... Was it a bombar...
>My head feels like it's had chunks ripped out
>My brain meanwhile is a white haze, and as consciousness returns to me bit by bit, I start to realize my memory feels... damaged, as if something was... taken from it?
>The more I think about this the more uneasy I get
>Now where am I, and why am I covered in shrapnel and debris?
>It doesn't feel like any bones are broken, so that's not the issue, but...
>I can hardly see what's going on
>Manage to find a crack in the rubble and look out into the apparent warzone outside
>Where is this place? I'm getting the worst feeling of deja vu as I look outside into this destroyed city...
>What on Terra happened whilst I was unconscious?
>As I contemplate if I'm having some sort of bad dream or premonition, a loud rattling is heard as the shrapnel covering my body starts to shift and move upwards
>Wait, is that...
>Be me
>Duh sneekiest Ork in duh sektuh, Kommando Kohdork
>So diss iz juzt zoggin wyrd
>Wen me an duh boyz wuz juzt layzin abowt, 'idin frum duh 'umiez, I 'eerd a voyz I didunt fink I wud 'eer agen
>It wuz Orko frum beyond duh grayv!
>'ee sed sumfin lyk "Greetings Mort... *AHEM* I mean 'ELLO KOHDORK YA GIT, DERE WUZ SUMFIN I FUHGOT TO TELL YA 'FOR I KRU... *Loud dimensional coughing* GOT KRUMPD AN ALL THAT, ZO 'EERZ WOT I WANTZ YUH TUH DOO!"
>Den Orko told me tuh fynd sum 'umie git an leev wiv 'im
>'ee didunt say wat duh reesun fuh gettin diss 'umie waz doh, datz juzt zoggin wyrd I tellz ya
>But wen I fownd diss 'umie 'ere it all zoggin klikd!
>Diss iz duh 'umie dat wuz maytz wiv Bomba! Orko must fink 'eez proppuh Orky too
>Well 'ee muzt be, 'eez alyv aftuh gettin chaos boy mektek dropd on 'im!
>Rambork 'elpz 'im up az I eksplayn
>"Oy, yooz iz finuhlee awayk ya git! Orko sent me tuh get ya off diss planit 'fore duh 'umiez get wyz."
>Duh 'umie lukz ryt puzzld at dat
>"Who... who is Orko? And why does that name give me a weird feeling of deja vu?"
>Well I dohnt zoggin know mayt!
>Tell 'im dat Orko wuz a mayt of Bomba
>Duh 'umie seemz tuh perk up wen Bomba getz menshund
>"Bomba? Ah yes, Bomba, I remember his name, and his face, but... I don't know w... AAAAAAA!"
>Duh 'umie klutchiz 'iz 'ed lyk sum git juzt klonkd 'im on it
>Sevrul getz a gud luk at 'im
>"'ee dohnt luk zo gud Kumanduh, I fink we shud leev kwik 'fore 'ee getz any wurz"
>Sekundid mayt
>Duh 'umie seemz tuh relax a bit agen
>"So then... who exactly are you chaps?"
>We iz duh nyn'undrud an firzt Kommando skwadrun of korz, an we iz duh sneekiest
>Az soon az duh 'umie 'eerz nyn 'ee getz diss ryt zoggin sour luk on 'iz fayz
>Den 'ee juzt chanjiz az if nuffin wuz rong
>"Well then, shall we leave? I have the strangest feeling of unease standing around here by this wreckage..."
>Heh heh, den follow me ya git
>I know juzt wot we kan yooz tuh get off dis zoggin planit!
>Az duh 'umie follohz froo duh rekij uv duh town, me an duh ladz sneek tuh duh shuttul dat Kayv Noyz spot'id erliuh
>Pretty soor itz anuvah belongin tuh dat git 'oo krumpd Orko, az duh 'umiez gardin it wer duh ryt Orky gitz dat 'ee ad followin 'im abowt
>On top uh dat, sum gitz were fixin it up wot we spottid on duh kamruhz wen we wuz on duh ship 'fore we mayd a taktihul retreet
>Az we iz sneekin, we dohnt get a sekund luk intuh duh bak alleez wot we yooz
>Duh 'umiez 'av eevuh buguhd off or ar too zoggin buzy fightin duh bugz tuh notiss a buncha Kommandos an anuvah 'umie
>Wiv diss advantij, we getz tuh duh landin syt wiv duh Orky 'umiez, still standin juzt lyk we saw 'em doin beefor
>So wat duh zog do we do now?
>Az I kontemplayt duh bezt way tuh drop a few smohk bomz an bugguh off wiv me an duh ladz, duh 'umie speekz up
>"You know, I may be able to trick those chaps into thinking I'm here on official business..."
>Me an Squiggoths shrug tuh dat, dat kud distrakt duh gitz az we getz bee'ind 'em
>Duh 'umie getz owt frum bee'ind covuh an moovz tuh duh shuttul
>"Greetings chaps! I take it that you two are the guards?"
>Duh orky 'umiez speek
>"Dick guard shuttle for Stannim man."
>"Dom do that too."
>"Ah, excellent! You see chaps, I'm here on official business from Stannim himself. He needs his shuttle in orbit pronto, and I'm to get it to him on his ship."
>Duh 'umiez luk proppuh puzzld
>"You friend of Stannim?"
>"Indeed old sport, here to pick up the shuttle for him as I mentioned."
>Duh Orky 'umiez luk at eech uvuh, an den dey shrug an moov
>Az dey do, duh 'umie dat wuz wiv uz getz on duh shuttul wiv 'im
>Duh Orky 'umiez luk bovuhd at dat
>"Hey, you no look like human friends of Stannim! You look big mean green man that tried to steal ship!"
>Duh 'umie lukz bak tuh duh Orky 'umiez
>"Oh don't worry about them Dick old chap, they just left a fancy dress party."
>Duh orky 'umie lukz puzzld agen, we yooz dat chanc tuh get in duh shuttul
File: Duh Grayt Ehskayp.jpg (316 KB, 1920x1120)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
>We fynd anuvah 'umie in duh pilut seet 'oo lukz ryt spookd wen 'ee seez uz
>"What is it now Dom I'm quite bu... OH SWEET EMPEROR ON THE THRONE!"
>'ee startz goin on abowt 'ow we iz duh Orkz dat wuz attakin duh traydi gitz ship beefor, so we froh 'im off az duh shuttul'z bak ramp clohsiz
>I tell Sevrul tuh get in duh pilut seet an fly off, but 'ee lukz at me funny wen 'ee duz
>"Uh, Boss, I 'avunt flyd anyfink lyk diss..."
>Ah, zoggin 'ell, now we iz reli up squig kreek
>Wen 'ee sez dat, duh 'umie wiv uz speekz agen
>"Actually, I think I may've flown something like this before chaps. I could fly us out of the system."
>Well dere iz still a battul abuv but if yooz kan fly, yooz kan fly
>Duh 'umie getz in duh seet an den I reelyz sumfin
>"Oy, I dohnt fink I evuh askd fuh yuh naym mayt."
>"Arthur Harris old chap, now grab onto something secure!"
>Duh shuttul rumbulz intuh lyf az we startz flyin owt uv duh planitz grasp
>Az we getz intuh spayz, duh sheer dakka uv duh battul bekumz obvius
>Zoggin 'ell, I wish we 'ad sum bigguh kroozerz wiv uz lyk lazt tym, diss battul iz zoggin grayt!
>'owevuh, we iz still juzt seven gitz now, not much we kan zoggin do wivowt gettin krumpd
>Duh 'umie manijiz tuh fly froo duh bitz uv shrapnul flyin abowt wiv sum diffikulti, wiv bitz of it leevin skratchiz on duh shuttul
>At won poynt 'ee evun turnz duh zoggin shuttul upsyd down tuh dodj a big flyin bug git
>Aftuh sum moor suhpryzinlee Orky flyboyin, we getz tuh duh edj uv duh battul
>Kayv Noyz an Sevrul luk bak on it all az we start flyin away, gettin moor an moor distunz away
>Rambork putz duh obviuss foht uv uz all up
>"So wot duh zog duh we do now?"
>Well datz obviuz yuh git!
>Fynd sum gitz tuh krump
>Tell Arfuh tuh fly uz tuh sumwere wiv lotza boyz an dakka
>Duh nyn'undrud an firzt dohnt 'av too mani gitz yet, but we'll fynd sum, an den we iz gunna bekum duh sneekiest warband duh galaxy ovuh!
>So sayz Kommando Kohdork!
Orknon again here lads. If this ending seems a bit sudden for the Orkz, that's because it is. If I had the choice to stick around and post a bit more I would, but since Christmas is two days off I don't have that luxury anymore unfortunately. It's been a blast leaving this last epilogue here just to tie up what loose ends I still had left over, so here's hoping the thread ties up nice and neatly with the tyranids getting their asses kicked.
Merry Christmas all, and here's to the last thread ending on a good note and hopefully getting a meme-filled 1d4chan page when it's all over.
>Be inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the ordo Xenos
>Managed to get back on the corvus blackstar with the boys
>Closed the doors but not before throwing a vortex grenade to hierophant
>Who happily ate it
>What the hell ?
>We don't have time for this anymore!
>We need to get back to HQ to take ammo
>The pilot than start talking about deathsrike bombardment
>Oh no
>Get us out of here! Faster!
>Hear a big explosion and the ship start violently shaking
>Realize we made it alive
>Tell the pilot to startle the gunners about Inquisition in the sector
>Fly off to Groxbridge to get ammo and a bit of rest
It's been great to have you. The whole xmas thing was why I was initially reluctant to start the thread on the 13th but, who knows, it might even still be around after xmas. Hope to see you again in a future greentext thread if we don't again here.

I'm pretty sure you already nicked Stannim's shuttle from his ship and crashed it, but we'll gloss over that.

I'll try and give Duh Nyn'undrud an Firzt a suitably Orky epilogue in the post-script.
File: 1gcmbt.jpg (244 KB, 616x409)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
>Be Krieger #143342523
>Somehow we managed to bring the Mawloc down
>Hacking and wacking and smacking it with shovels until it dies always works
>Some field chirurgeon makes a weird face at us when we say razor wire and mine fields make anything better
>Maybe hes too busy operating the poor fellow hes elbow deep in
>Volcanic ash and eruptions are making visibility and communicatioms hard
>Kinda reminds me of Armageddon, but with less orks and more bugs
>See an odd looking fellow skulking around our defences
>He doesnt seem to like our razor wire
>What are you, a heretic or something?
>Be Tzeentch cultist
>Wading my way through this mess of razorwire
>Loyalists keep looking at me during this but I can't see their faces under the masks
>One comes by and starts accusing me of things
>Tell him I'm not used to this much razorwire and I'm just trying to find a commanding officer as I have some intel on enemy movements
Bumping before sleep
Ah, but this was a secondary shuttle. A backup shuttle if you will. Course now it's a stolen shuttle I suppose lol
>Be me
>Commissar Dell Lugermorph
>Heading back to base to refuel and resupply
>Love my job
My bad, I was the guy who recommended waiting until the 13th in order to get the university students posting more, and to have a high post rate like the first thread, but it looks like it is mostly the usual crowd posting at a slightly higher than usual rate

If the thread really slows down over the next couple of days we may have to reboot it next weekend
File: stonehenge.png (1.01 MB, 1500x600)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>Yes...yes...fools we were
>I suppose that is haunting us now, leaving us beholden to the Druchii
>Mercenary Druchii, at that
>The list of material demands is...not short or light
>Still, equipment and resources are replaceable - our lives are not
>They shall have their payment later
>Vultures, the lot of them
>The revelation of Chaotic and Tyranid infiltration is embarrassing
>The psychic methods by which we usually root out infiltrators are largely rendered null by the Shadow
>We had found and dispatched several, but were unable to discover the bulk of the forces
>The Druchii, with their experience in subterfuge, will be able to hunt them down
>We will pay as we go for fusion fuel
>The reactor can run on pure deuterium as opposed to its usual D-T mix at a reduced efficiency, so the rate of fire will have to be teased back somewhat
>All Tau units must also be accompanied by an observer, as I trust them even less than the Druchii
>Their supposedly untainted nature may be merely skin-deep, and a traitor hovertank or suit could cause serious damage
>As for me, I think I shall accompany a search team into the ruins of Hatties, just beyond the walls
>It has been far too long since my staff connected with a skull
>And I can get a bit further from this dreadful din for a while

I think we'll be able to keep it ticking over for the next couple of days until the hostages are released from familial obligations so long as the dead-hour bumpers stick around
File: Godzilla-Hokmuto-2.jpg (105 KB, 600x354)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry / 531st Cadian
>The 531st got transferred to the South Groxbridge Front since the Nid forces attacking the spaceport seem to have largely died off
>The 917th remain at the spaceport, I doubt they miss us much, they are a pure Cadian regiment with significant armor and artillery support, unlike the 531st, which is a mongrel unit of veteran Cadians mixed in with Guardsmen seconded from other regiments and conscripted from the general population
>For some reason, even wounded soldiers like myself are transferred to the new location
>Via a circuitous route using the rail and metro lines
>This doesn't seem very efficient to me, but what do I know?
>I am just a lowly vox officer, missing key parts of her body, and high on painkillers
>Currently in a passenger car, on an elevated section of rail track, approaching our final destination
>Most of the regiment is already there, we are the last train load
>The view would probably be quite lovely if it weren't for the monsoon rains and volcanic ash obscuring everything
>Suddenly hear a horrible wrenching and crashing noise
>Look out the front window of the passenger car
>The cars in front of mine are....missing
>In their place is a horrible grinning face
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>The Krieger somehow manage to bring the Mawloc down in melee combat
>An impressive accomplishment to say the least
>Some weirdo in a poorly fitted uniform is asking to talk to a senior officer, while slightly further away a bunch of Kriegers try to surround the Cadian medical triage with landmines
>A flash of lightning reveals what appears to be let another hierophant attacking a train on a section of elevated tracks
>Good thing I am only a mid-ranking officer and none of this is my problem
>My current priority is figuring out how to get back to the front lines seeing as the orders to pull back were apparently a mistake, and the Sisters of Battle formation I am supposed to be supporting is advancing with the help of a creeping barrage
>Notice a river of lava is now blocking my route back to the front lines
>Fuck you Mother Nature, fuuuck yoouuu
File: 1573606272412.png (646 KB, 1140x2098)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
>Be Dracon Wyen'dala, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Kerala agrees to our terms
>Damn, should have set the bar higher
>Oh well
>Order the bulk of my forces out of Liveria and into Stonehenge via warp gates, leaving just a small force behind to continue to gather survivors
>Some of the Tau objected to fighting alongside the mon-keigh and their allies until I pointed out that the Tyranids are clearly intent on destroying Stonehenge, and if they do, the Tau won't be able to conquer it at some later date
>Deploy most of the Tau on the surface to fight the Tyranids, while most of my own warriors split up and start cleansing the subsurface levels of infiltration organisms and Chaos worshipers, keeping an eye on the Tau, or guarding the deuterium shipments as they come in
>Hear that Kerala is poking around Hattie and send Trys'ta's squad to keep an eye on her
>Meanwhile I go hunting for some sort of cult leader or other well informed individual who may know what the Chaos forces hope to accomplish here
>Me and my associates have ways of making even the most jaded individuals cooperate...
just noticed that this is the same Krieger from the 2nd thread
File: GuardvsNids.jpg (79 KB, 592x739)
79 KB
>Be me, Armageddon Tank Commander Hans Heinrich Hochberg
>The Eleven barrels of hell on my beloved Großfürstin have been put too good, ammo efficient use today
>The rain is beating down heavy on my lady and steam surrounds the guardsmen near our position
>Giant explosions have rung out all over Sloan, buildings have been toppled on Tyranids digging their way out of hotspots
>The main highway has a big hole in it, but that's some ways behind us
>Knights and armoured support can still reach us I think, and the nearby forts are holding up alright, I think
>I can only judge by our continued mortar and artillery support
>Skitarii have moved up to further support this position, bringing with them extra ammo for us
>We've had to restock on ammo a few times, I'm glad the Mechanicus showed up to help us out
>So far as I can tell they're mostly in the inner areas of the city with the stronger portions of our defences
>'Nids probably didn't anticipate the layered defence the Astartes, inquisitors and cogboys thought up
>So far I've counted 18 kills with my main battle cannon, and 6 with our demolisher
>My lady's been showered with all kinds of bug ammo in a failed attempt to kill her
>Most of the Squadron is providing covering fire for the infantry while they hold their ground
>My Lady is drawing most of the fire, my Squadron is doing their best to keep up when it comes to kills
>They're doing well so far, and we haven't lost anyone yet miraculously
>Daniel's Russ lost her left tracks though and Manfred took a glancing Tyrannofex shot to his Macharius
>I've already stricken killing a Carnifex off my bucket list, but "A charging Carnifex" is still on there
>The infantry have been doing a pretty good job holding off the 'nids so far, but they've gained on us
>My tertiary guns have acted as our main bastion against the oncoming horde for quite a bit
>Their Synapse creatures dying and being replaced has made the horde ebb and flow in a bizarre fashion
>We're in the ebb right now, so right now we're busy reloading
>Suddenly I feel a blast wave roll over me
>pressure wave destroys windows to the south, I can hear glass shattering on masse from inside my lady's thick walls
>Emperor preserve me, that was a fucking deathstrike just now wasn't it?
>Honestly... not as bad as the Sword-class ramming into the planet
>It leaves me and much of the men around me disoriented for a little
>Hermann's still firing, but the 'nids have gotten way too close for comfort
>I feel powerful rumbling from behind me, and also from below me
>That can't be good!
>And some hundred odd meters is a giant, bloodthirsty Scuttle-Basher Carnifex rushing straight at us
>Order every gun on my lady turn and fire on it
>She revs up her engine, she's been hit by enough things today that she's quite a bit angry
>As the Carnifex slams into a Chimera positioned as a roadblock in front of us, the rumbling in front of me grows to a climax
>With a violent roar, a giant snake-like multi-limbed Tyranid bursts through the hole the Mawloc made earlier today covered in the dead body of the Tervigon
>Fuck me, a Carnifex and a Trygon at the same time
>And as if this situation couldn't get worse, a swarm of smaller Tyranids rush forward from behind the Trygon
>An old yet noble voice echoes out over the vox as I feel the rumbling behind me grow stronger
>"Stand firm Commander Hochberg, stand firm!"
>Watch as a massive walker, probably just short of a necron Monolith in size, nimbly steps over my tank and engages the Trygon
>Holy fuck that is a MASSIVE Sword
>As the Trygon and the Knight battle with one another nearby, I see something rage inducing
>The Carnifex slams into Johann's Russ and pierces her hull with it's massive crab-like claws
>I can hear the crew screaming inside, Johann himself trying to stab at the big fucker with his chainsword
>Watch it rip him in two with its mouth and finally discard the crumpled tank
File: 1552264950091.jpg (326 KB, 728x1052)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
>My lady's engines roar, enraged, and Georg already knows what he has to do
>The treads of my lady roll forward, starting at max speed and quickly exceeding it
>The Scuttle-buster roars and leaps into the air at my Lady as she charges
>It collides with her superstructure as we reach 78kph and slams its claws into her hull
>It's been softened by spore mines, rupture cannons and everything else the 'nids could throw at it
>But yet, it stops the claws 5cms into her
>As we fully collide with it, the Carnifex is forced back and slammed into the ground
>It manages to stand up just in time for my lady to blast her main cannon straight into its chest, blowing the creature in two
>The force of the cannon firing causes us to fully stop, and the blast slams through the Carnifex and bags a Hierodule 300 meters behind it with a clean headshot
>This whole time the Knight and the Trygon have been duelling, it looks like the Trygon might win
>They're in a deadlock which is suddenly broken by the Knight slashing off several of the Trygon's arms
>The knight moves its big avenger cannon to the beasts face and then its voice echoes out over the battlefield
>"I am a conduite for the emperors wrath, beast! I am the Lionheart! HEAR HIS VOICE IN MY ROAR!"
>With a thunderous roar his avenger rips into the Trygon, followed by a deft thrust separating its head from the rest of its body
>The knight violently forces the beast back into the hole from which it came, crushing the rippers and Raveners around it
>Hermann chuckles with glee again as our tertiary guns open fire on the remaining Tyranids in the street
>Skitarii and Guardsmen all around locked in a frantic close quarters fight, fire from the forts providing cover
>The Lionheart is nearly singlehandedly covering our eastern front
>Lasgun shots, Plasma bolts, Radium blasts and you name it are flying around
>Lady's ramming into bigger bugs crawling about
>Bark into the vox, "KILL 'EM ALL, THE EMPEROR DEMANDS IT!"
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Currently fighting my way through a mob of Chaos followers in the depths of Stonehenge with my squad
>Spot two cultists firing over a railing at something fall below
>Lift them up by the backs of their thongs and/or codpieces and throw them into the vast space below
>A tentacled Fire Warrior and a many breasted Hodask charge in our direction
>Jak'ul burns a large hole straight through both with one shot from his Blaster
>Get call from Wyen'dala telling me to head to Hattie to see what the Farseer is up to
>Ah yes, Kerala
>This should be interesting
File: 20191224_102722.png (58 KB, 210x190)
58 KB
>Be Krieger #143342523
>The shifty looking man we have found says he has some information for the commanding officer
>Didnt know there was a commanding officer of all the imperial forces here, I thought he had died in one of the many volcanic and nuclear explosions
>Fog of war is a bitch
>Still, this man insists on seeing him
>Ask him why his uniform is too big for him
>Tells us that uniforms in the guard are either too big or too small, since the Administratums policy is "You will grown into it/You will lose a limb and have spare room"
>Still, security protocols must be mantained
>Use the oldest method in the book
>Be Tzeentch cultist
>One loyalist wont start hounding me
>Starts speaking in gibberish
>Ask him to speak clearly and I'll just give him the intel
>Doesn't seem to be any officers alive anyway and I don't want to be here when the hierophant gets here and meets with what the lord has in store for this place
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>After many tiring hours of marching in the mud I finally reach Muddy Bottom
>My Armor is covered to waist in mud
>The deathstrike missile did help us by hiding us from some bugs that we ambushed
>One civilian with a stubber manage to hold the line
>Turn to the rest of my battle brothers
This. Be like him!
>Charge to help said civilian
>A few minutes and the town's cleared
>I have to give this citizen a medal or a statue
>Then a helicopter comes in with the marking of the local radio
>Apparently they came to interview me
>That's new
File: mantheguns.png (1.67 MB, 1143x850)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
>Be PDF Colonel Lekatariba
>Thank the Emperor for the Astartes
>The scrappy squads of troops are certainly better quality now than a few minutes ago
>Guard outposts in the valley have finally gone silent after a fierce battle
>The sheeting rain breaks for a few second, allowing glimpses of insects approaching
>All men, form firing lines!
>We are to be the Emperor's Anvil, the Astartes his Hammer
>They shall shatter on our lines, and be crushed by their force
>We are no mere PDF, we are the the hope and saviour of this city, our home
>That we have made it this far proves our resolve, and we shall not fail in our task now
>For we are MEN, and when it is Man versus Beast there will only be one outcome
>They shall show us no mercy, and we shall give them no quarter
>It is our duty, our imperative and our mission to hold fast and emerge victorious
>The Tyranids know they must break us in the city or lose the war
>For the glory of the God-Emperor and the sake of our countrymen, not one step back!
>The crack of lasfire and chatter of the Heavy Stubbers ring out as the Tyranids emerge unto view
>Call the Astartes
>We shall hold them here for as long as we are able
>Do what you do best, and perform your mission
>former Archbishop, now Living Saint of The Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>my holy ears have finally stopped ringing from the second nuclear blast
>i have also finally finished killing every single flying nid south of Groxbridge
>notice a bunch heretic air craft in the area
>they are certainly giving Imperial Forces a problem
>i decide to thin their numbers a little
>spot some sort of flying daemon engine
For the holy god emperor
>as i sheer its two wings off with my holy Thunder Mallet
>damn its god being a living saint
Bump. Will post soon
>Be me
>Head Field Chirurgeon Octavius Graves
>Finally convince the Krieg idiots to place their mines somewhere away from my triage
>Start tending to the wounded caused by the new mines and barbed wire
>Once I am done with that I head to the latrines
>Who the hell put this trench here?
>Pull myself out and get to the latrines while trying to figure out how to request a minesweeper team
>Hope Jernwick is ok
File: dualwielding.png (418 KB, 560x1019)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>With the destruction of most of the spawning pools, the assault slowly begins to wane
>The retaking of city blocks proceeds at a Crystal Seer's pace
>Despite the slowdown, the Tyranids still have huge numbers of creatures at their disposal to throw at us
>Eventually reach the city limits after brutal close-quarters urban warfare
>The Imperial troops are exhausted after hours of intense fighting and even my forces are starting to flag
>But we can't rest quite yet
>The spawning pools are not quite entirely destroyed, and many Tyranids remain active
>The advance move north, eventually crossing the destroyed remains of the highway and railway
>Tyranids continue to peter out, and the advance moves quicker
>Eventually, it hits a roadblock
>The area around the detonation site is mildly irradiated and contaminated by fresh fallout, washed out of the air by the rain
>Only full Eldar armour and select Imperial suits offer protection
>Mine and almost all the Imperial troops' outfits do not
>Search-and-destroy tasks are assigned to those who can enter the zone
>They should easily be able to handle it
>Head back to town
File: whatshouldhappen.png (231 KB, 469x344)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>A report comes in from the crater team that they found the melted, mangled remains of the Saim-Hann jetbike with a charred corpse
>To the sadness-tinged relief of everyone, the soul stone is intact
>There's still fighting going on, but I think the Imperials have it more or less in hand
>No need to involve ourselves beyond what we have to
>We need some R&R as well, it's about time
>I should probably drop by the Inquisitorial HQ first and offer to replace their nuclear bomb as a gesture of good faith
>We did steal it and unilaterally use it, after all
>Then I think I'll head off to get something stiff to drink
>Before we can reach the HQ, the screech of a Hierophant echoes across the city and a train carriage comes flying through the air
>Call Kerala at Stonehenge and as for a status report
>The AA is performing well, but infiltration is an issue and they unfortunately had to make a deal with the Druchii for fuel
>All things that can be rectified, but for now there's something else
>Can they use one of the guns on a low-power setting to send one of their enormous kinetic slugs into the Hierophant?
>Apparently yes, but we'll need to get up close enough to see the whites of its eyes to provide them with the extremely precise targeting data they need
>I've had enough of Tyranids for a very long time
>This is gonna suck
File: Spoiler Image (114 KB, 960x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>Be Krieger #143342523
>Why is everyone yelling at us about our trenches and defenses? Dont they want to be safe?
>Nevermind, theres still work tk be done
>Since he have no idea were a commanding officer is we point the little man in a random direction of the trenches
>That will teach him to frown on our barbed wire
>As we are working on a new set of defenses we recive a vox message
>The Space Wolves are coming! Lead by Logan Grimnar no less!
>Looks like we will have the upper hand
>Vox trooper reports something else
>Apparently theres a rythmic sound as well
>Like small tools jingling
>See Logan Grimnar aproaching with his troops
>He lets out a cry that lifts the hearts of both defenders and civilians
> Merry Sanguinala everyone!
>Be Tzeentch cultist
>Loyalist points me to a trench for the commanding officer
>Finally getting somewhere
>Start hearing music while on my way
>See a loyalist marine riding a hover sleigh giving out gifts to everyone
>Gives me a present
>It's a new autopistol
>Exactly what I wanted how did he know?
>Such is the mysteries of Tzeentch
>Get to the trench
>Everyone here is just hanging out and opening their presents
>Guess I'll join the celebrating until I see the commander
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File: Victory_Screech.jpg (473 KB, 1920x1080)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
>Be me, Imperial fists Lieutenant Gereon Paulicus
>The arrival of Scourgebane offered merely a brief reprieve for the Guardsmen with me
>As it moved to Dunlan Park, the Tyranid assault continued to grow in intensity
>This roundabout quickly became the second biggest target for the Tyranids this side of Dunlan Park
>The Golden carapaces and grey skins of the hive fleet's lifeforms have piled up all around us
>A warm cloud of steam fog has spread out across the street as our line advanced
>A bright flash followed by a powerful shockwave from the north heralded the destruction of the north-eastern Tyranid Landing zone
>The wounded Major took the use of a Nuclear weapon like the call of a bugle and personally led the counter-charge
>Holding the standard high he and the men closest to him charged forward weapons held high
>I and my remaining assault brothers used our jump packs to form the spear tip of the charge, our tactical brothers forming the backbone
>Soon the entirety of our remaining guard unit charged screaming down the street
>Thunderhawk provided close air support for us
>Despite having to stop several times to gather ammunition from fallen guardsmen, and the tactical marines having to wait for our thunderhawk to drop more ammunition for them
>For two and a half hours the guardsmen trampled over dead tyranids and their fallen brethren, surrounded by the thin clouds of warm fog and the nauseating stench of thousands of dead tyranids
>All the while the rain drenched us in humid water mixed with volcanic ash
>The Major's voice is hoarse from bellowing out orders and my jump pack has been destroyed in a close encounter with a Dimachaeron
>Many of my brothers have been wounded or killed, only half of the guardsmen first sent here remain, but we have successfully pushed back the Tyranids
>Ritter stands atop a dead Carnifex lodged in the outer defences
>He raises the standard as if he's about to give a speech, but instead unleashes a primal yell signalling victory
>The guardsmen join in by cheering and raising up their rifles, similar primal yells echoing out from the criminals yet alive with us
>Decide not to remind them of the Daemons behind us, instead silently move back to the Thunderhawk with my remaining brothers
>The guardsmen are sweaty, drenched in water, and surrounded by the smell of death
>They require some small rest for now
>As Steel Legionaries sweep through the streets behind us in their Chimeras, I can see a flurry of objects hurtling through the atmosphere
>Those look to be drop pods
>Recall that the Captain allowed the Black Templars to deploy via our drop pods
>Watch as the drop pods slam into southern Groxbridge along the southern front
>As I get into our thunderhawk I hear rapports of a drop pod hitting a Hierophant in the back followed by the drop pod opening and unleashing a shower of Deathstorm missiles on top of the beast
>This followed by a black Templar leaping onto the beast's back from a nearby building and beginning to stab at it
>Tell the pilot to drop us off at HQ so that we may resupply fully and receive medical aid from our Apothecary
>Then we shall reinforce the most effected areas of the line
>I suspect more than just my Jump pack will be broken by the end of this battle
>Suspect, but not fear
>For fear is an illusion much like pain, both can be dispelled by the painglove
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File: 1549381871331.png (611 KB, 710x784)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
>Be me, Inquisitorial Tempestor Prime George "Solidus" Sears
>I've managed to infiltrate the Tau and hidden among a scouting detachment
>Convincing the Tau that I was a defector was easy enough, though it came at the cost of my greatcoat
>They think my name is Lukas Danielus and that I was previously the commander of a small detachment of scouts killed by heretics
>Nobody even knew I was hiding on top of this building for the past few days
>Boss says my primary objective is completed, wants me to finish my secondary objective
>Finding the large breasted Tau wasn't too hard, I've had access to the Tau comms for several days
>They've been widely employing translation devices, one of which I've managed to steal off of a dead Gue'vesa along with his Tetra
>After 13 minutes, I managed to find the correct channel
>Take 3 more minutes to come down on the source of the transmission using a portable cogitator I was given by the boss
>Seems like they're in a building in the north-eastern sector of the city
>Check that my needler pistol is loaded, grab all necessary equipment and destroy any evidence that I was here
>Jump on my Tetra and speed off
>Activate my disruption pod and fly low to avoid the Tyranids and Daemons swarming through the air
>Manage to reach the building the Tau was supposed to be in
>Stop outside
>Silently open a window on what I presume to be the 48th floor, sneak into the building
>From listening in them I can tell that there's a Hodask, a Dark Eldar, a Tau and two humans with her
>Hear one of them mention having, "gone up 50 damn floors of empty building"
>They must be on the 51st floor
>Silently move up 3 floors via a hole in the ceiling and the main stairs, elevator would be too obvious
>Once I reach the 51st floor I can hear the group with the Tau talking a long distance away
>Can't take them all now, might endanger the target, best to wait
>See a small cardboard box in the corner of the room
>Move up, hide inside
>Start waiting
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry / 531st Cadian
>A massive nearby impact knocks everyone off their feet
>Look outside the train, someone managed to crush the hierophant by landing a drop pod on its back
>Briefly wonder if deliberate or just lucky
>Unless the hierophant has been standing there for the past couple of minutes waiting for a train to derail, or drop pods are much more maneuverable than I realized, then probably just lucky
>Or as Graves would say blessed by the Emperor, though I have noticed lately that the Emperor is pretty random about who he chooses to bless
>Though perhaps I am not that fortunate after all since now I am stranded on elevated train tracks, with only one working arm, and one working lung, and no easy way down
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Still inching my way back to the front lines
>Progress is slowed by fact that several regiments in the area requested ammunition deliveries at the same time, and now there is Munitorium types everywhere trucking in spare guns and ammunition
>There are also conflicting rumors that one or more Space Marine Chapters have shown up to provide additional reinforcements
>Needless to say, the men are in good spirits, and crowds of cheering soldiers are creating just as many roadblocks as the ammo trucks, lava flows, and huge puddles of ashy mud
>Up above, a glowing ball of light, which I assume to be the Living Saint, though I can barely see it through the rain and ash, still zigzags across the sky, presumably fighting airborne units
>Good to have him here, off the top of my head I can't remember the Imperium losing any battle where an Imperial Saint is present, though there is still the disturbing possibility that such occasions simply get removed from history...
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>I lead my squad back to the building where I encountered the cat
>Some of the rooms in the upper levels of that building had shown signs of food stockpiling so they may be possible locations to find survivors
>Genevieve the gue'vesa constantly complains about having to climb stairs, but I repeatedly remind her that any survivors left they will be in hard to reach places
>Still, even I am beginning to grow tired of climbing stairs, and I am carrying less than anyone except for perhaps the lightly dressed Eldar
>By what I think is the 51st floor, the Eldar had apparently also grown tired, or perhaps just more bored than usual, and allows everyone to take a break in one of the living quarters
>Genevieve and myself claim the small couch and flop down on it
>Genevieve takes off her boots and socks and checks her feet for blisters
>Having never seen human feet before, I try not to be too obvious with my staring, they are so soft and pink, and with weird little toes, nothing at all like the hooves of a T'au
>The Eldar sits in a nearby chair and also seems quite fascinated with human feet, though I would imagine that hers look quite similar
>The massive Hodask leans its strange weapon against a wall and urinates into a potted tree
>Gross, the brutes are almost as bad as Kroot
>The other gue'vesa Frank wanders off to check the side rooms while Shas'la De'en sits on a cardboard box and aims his rifle at the doorway
>Right, it has been so long since we have had a hostile encounter that I forgot this was still a war zone
>A burst of anxiety compels me to get up and check one of the other side rooms
>The area seems empty but you never know what you will find around here...
File: stairs.jpg (4.69 MB, 3456x4608)
4.69 MB
4.69 MB JPG
>Be Imperial citizen of Liveria
>Watching out of the windows at the storm
>There's nothing else to do around here now
>There hasn't been any creatures around for a while, it could be safe to venture out
>See if I can find ammo, and some more torch batteries
>High-power torch beams flickering off the building over the street
>Based on the shadows they must be coming from in here
>By my judgement, eight or ten floors below
>Whether its Imperials or Tau I don't care much any more
>I can't stand to be here one more minute
>Pick up the torch and gingerly creep through the dark halls to the stairwell with the gun out
>With the power off, the windowless stairwells are nearly pitch black
>A few dim, flickering emergency lights on the last legs of their batteries provide pinpricks of light in the suffocating dark
>Expect to be jumped at any time as the floor numbers tick down
>Floor 51 has voices echoing through the door
>Follow the sound through the hallways to an open door
>Come round the corner to look straight into the barrel of a Pulse Rifle attached to a Tau
>Uh, hey there buddy
>Sorry, I don't speak T'au
>He looks as unamused as a Tau can be behind their helmet
>Not very talkative, are ya?
>Ya got anyone else back there, or are ya just gonna stare at me with a gun?
File: runaway4whoopsies.jpg (1.07 MB, 1000x1860)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>While the Hierophant roars and swipes at things, sneak up near it
>Strike coordinates sent to the STN Array!
>Confirming firing of projectile
>Suddenly an Ultramarine drop pod crushes the Hierophant into paste
>It's also attacked by missiles and a brave Black Templar
>Duck into a building to hide, these guys are NOT friendly
>Wait a few seconds while the beast is slain
>That could have been much uglier
>The cannon already fired
>An enormous thousand-tonne metal slug is currently on a ballistic arc towards where the Hierophant was
>Now there is no longer a Hierophant in the way for it to hit
>Come to think of it, this was a really, monumentally, uncharacteristically stupid and reckless idea
>We should make ourselves scarce and call it a stray shot
>Rather quickly
>In other words, run!
>Behind us the giant metal cylinder slams into the ground at a low angle, skipping off the ground several times
>It carves a gouge through several city blocks and turns a support pillar for the line into powder
>After flying over our heads, it comes to rest in the river several blocks away with a huge blast of water
>The train cars that didn't get destroyed by the monster roll down what is now a steep ramp and telescope and concertina into each other once they hit the bottom
>We had contemplayed pushing it along with a grav-tank for them, but that's moot now
>Let's just try and get to the Inquisitorial HQ before someone spots us and puts two and two together
>I'm already in line for enough ear pinchings today
>Be Krieger #143342523
>Opened our supplies gifted by Logan Grimnar
>I belive the others call them "presents"
>Inside theres some extra rations, some new top of the line mines and a brand new showel
>That makes two shovels per trooper
>Thats like, double the trench digging speed
>Before we can get to build a new series of reinforcements we are given an order by high command
>So there is still some command structure
>Pity we didnt tell the little man from before
>Oh well
>Apparently we are to go and rescue any stragglers and/or wounded soldiers
>Without recycling their organs
>What a waste
>But tell that we arent suited for this task
>Recive the reply that its a dangerous mission, almost a suicide mission, but they cannot afford to have scattered platoons because...
>You already had us at "suicide mission"
>Just in case reinforce the trenches before leaving
>Dont want any surprise attack to come from the latrines
>Surely the trench mates will appreciate it
>Be Tzeentch cultist
>Celebrations are dying down
>Still no officer in site and no one seems to know if there are any around
>Someone comes to the group and says we are being sent on search and rescue
>Fine why not I want to get out of here before the storm arrives
>Start gathering gear
>And look for the ditch they are stuffing the dead to find a suitable corpse to put a message to the lord
File: 20191227_230335.jpg (126 KB, 404x588)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>Be Krieger #143342523
>So far we have found few to no stragglers
>Beginning to suspect they have sent us out here to stop us from fortifying the trenches more
>Whats wrong with razorwire in the barracks?
>Have to fight through some tyranids
>Nothing that a shoveling cant fix
>Termagaunt? Thats a shoveling
>Tyranid warrior? Thats a shoveling
>Carnifex? Thats definitely a shoveling
>Lose some troopers along the way
>Oh well, they shall live on as generous organ donors and ingredients for extra rations
>Check map
>God Emperor is a barren, featureless wasteland out there
>Realize the map is upside down
>Not much of a difference though, since the landscape has been punished so much that the paper maps are near useless
>Keep looking
>See what looks like a corpse on top of a train
>Use the fool proof way of knowing if its alive
>Bayonet cant reach up there
>Procced to ducktape various rifles together so we can reach it within poking distance
>Call dibs on any rations it may be carrying, just in case
>Getting tired of the ones that taste like old boots and fallen comrades
>Be inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the ordo Xenos
>Groxbridge is in sight
>Some things seems to drastic around here
>Notably that hierophant crushed by tyrannic wars veterans's drop pod
>Quite an impressive move
>Even for them
>What still worry me is that big chunk of metal strolling through the city along with those train cars
>I shouldn't get worried about that it's not my problem
>But still how a hierophant managed to crawl his way in the city ?
>Whithout swarm of termagaunts or other creatures !
>Hurry the pilot to get back to the HQ
>Plus most the marines where on a one year mission
>Year nearly ending
>I could just virus bomb the planet but the archeotech and relics are still here
>And with those chaos worshippers
>Fuck it
>As soon as I get back to hq I will call the watch fortress Erioch for a prolongation until the situation here is stable
>be random human inhabitant of world
>walking through ruins of city
>find the body of coworker from factory
>always thought she was hot
>her body is still intact and without serious damage
>look around to make sure I'm alone
>yep, all clear
>unzips pants
File: youcallthisatown.png (1.48 MB, 1024x768)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
>Be Kerala, Farseer of Alaitoc
>Using intel from the Druchii, we have tracked several nests of Chaos infiltrators to their locations in Hatties
>Rather than the usual colourful mix of factions, these ones seem to belong to Chaos Undivided
>No matter, they die the same as the rest
>That Trys'ta insisted on coming along
>She makes me feel uneasy, and I am sure she is ogling me when she thinks I am not looking
>Currently the whole town is being combed for hidden enemies
>Normally such grunt work would be beneath me, but I do like getting out once in a while
>Even without my usual abilities, I can still handily break skulls with a staff
>The crunching noise they make is very satisfying
>Makes a change from the usual Necron operations we perform as well
>The Kabalite keeps disappearing, to perform nefarious business no doubt
>I suspect they are abducting some of the enemies as well
>They are Chaos worshippers and are not undererving of such a fate
>The gradually lessening rain sweeps through the empty and abandoned streets of the town
>Most of the "town" is made of ramshackle hovels pressed up against the crumbling walls that barely qualify as an urban area
>The muffled boom of Stonehenge also provides a constant reminder of the battles being fought elsewhere
>Breach into a hall filled with cultists with a squad of Guardians
>Most of them are cut down by a hail of shuriken fire
>The remainder are clobbered by my swinging staff
>This town is nearly cleared, soon Port Gunther will be next on the list
>A cultist suddenly charges out at me from a side door in the hall swinging a knife and brandishing a stubber
>I do not have time to react when she is decapitated by a large blade
>I do not even need to turn round to see who the blade belongs to
>She will now never not be smug
>What do you mean, the irony is lost on me?
>be pigeon
>looking for food
>see space marine murdering strange looking aliens
>fly down to him when he's killed the last one
>make pigeon sounds at him
>he stops to share some of his highly nutritious gruel
>we are companions now
>I join him in his search for more aliens kill
>perched upon his shoulder I keep a vigilant gaze
>Be Tzeentch cultist
>On patrol looking for survivors
>Loyalists are very efficient at killing the tyranids with their shovels
>My new autopistol has been helping too but my club is getting covered in alien gunk
>Loyalists are busy taping their guns together for some reason
>Use this opportunity to sneak away and vox the lord
>No response from the other end outside of what sounds like muffled elf speak
>On the bright side I guess I'm the lord now
>And with luck the chaos spawn ritual worked and the vortex beast will find them soon
>Better get back before the loyalists notice I'm gone
>be space marine
>just killed a bunch of orks
>been fighting for days and I'm fucking hungry
>check to see if area is clear
>quickly pull out ration pack so I can have something to eat
>pigeon swoops down and pecks at the scraps
>finish rest and move on to meet up with squad
>pigeon asleep on shoulder as I clear streets of xeno filth
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Kick a mutant into the burning remains of a Flamer
>A freakish warp spawn which appears to be a mon-keigh and a tau fused together flails at me
>Angle my sword so that I cut off both heads in one swipe
>Hmm, interesting, aside from the batch I just finished off, most of the cultists around here are Undivided rather than followers of Slaanesh and Tzeentch like the mob created by the Liveria ritual
>I wonder if this is the reason that Kerala has taken an interest in this particular shanty town instead of guarding the more valuable equipment below the surface
>Duck into a side room to send a message to Wyen'dala, I am not qualified to understand what the cultists are trying to do here, but she has experts who are more informed on that sort of thing
>And any information on the motives of the Chaos worshipers of this world is of great interest to Wyen'dala...(at least I hope so, I honestly haven't paying much attention to why we are still on this wretched planet, or why we are here to begin with, complicated missions suck)
>Head back to where I last saw Kerala
>She is about to be shanked by some wench with a sharpened piece of metal
>Take three quick steps forward and behead the cultist before Kerala is able to get her staff in attack position
>I doubt Kerala was ever in any real danger from such a primitive weapon, but it is fun to act like I just saved her life just for the sake of annoying her
>Also, who brings a staff to close quarters fight?
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Still trying to make my way to the front lines
>Some officer or munitorum drone somewhere decided that my company's Crassus transports are the perfect mechanism for supplying ammo to the front lines
>Now I am stuck sitting around while crates of ammo are slowly loaded into my vehicle
>It has been a while since my life has been in direct danger at this point so the adrenaline is fading
>Realize I have to go to the bathroom
>Spot a row of latrine shacks nearby
>They are probably disgustingly filthy, but better than the alternatives
>Walk a bit closer, realize there is razor wire surrounding them
>Weird, but I am sure there is an opening somewhere
>Walk all the way around, the shacks are 100% enclosed with razorwire
>What the fuck?
>Start heading back to my Crassus
>Some PDF trooper milling around nearby steps on a landmine and gets blown to pieces
>My face when I realize the whole area is probably filled with unmarked landmines and I just spent the last minute or so walked through them
>And now I have to walk around who knows how many more to get back to my Crassus
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry / 531st Cadian
>The support pillar holding up the rail tracks gives way, causing the section of rail line the train is on to fall towards the ground
>Manage to grab a hand bar just in time, but still get hit by several objects and people as the train slides down the newly formed ramp to ground level
>The impact isn't much fun either
>Again my strange form of luck comes through and I escape any serious injuries, though this won't exactly help any of my existing injuries
>End up sitting on a road curb out in the heavy rain with 20 or so other wounded soldiers waiting for a truck to come pick us up and deliver us to the new regimental HQ
>The truck is at least 20 minutes late at this point, it probably is never actually coming
>At this point I couldn't be more drenched with water and ash if I tried
>Fuck my life
>Also a Krieger is poking something on the roof of one of the train cars with what appears to be a bunch of lasguns taped together
File: 1482920631111.png (56 KB, 157x229)
56 KB
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>Shas'la De'en perks up and starts slowly approaching the door while aiming his rifle
>Everyone else realizes something is coming and gets in position
>Frank and the Hodask hug the wall closest to the door, while Genevieve hides behind the couch
>The Eldar simply vanishes
>Realize I am standing out in the open and run over to the wall with Frank and the Hodask
>I can feel their glares of disapproval on the back of my head since I ended up standing between them and the door
>My mind goes blank with panic as I realize this may be my first combat experience
>After what seems like an eternity of suspense, realize that someone is trying to talk to Shas'la De'en from the doorway
>He is not replying
>Realize he probably expects me to reply since I am Water Caste
>Not remotely qualified for this kind of thing
>Well here goes nothing...
Hello Valued Citizen! I am Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis of the Liveria garrison
Do not be alarmed, despite recent setbacks, the T'au are well on their way to reestablishing control of the city
Follow us back to the safe zone and you will be provided with food and other amenities
>Hopefully she isn't an Imperium holdout, or worse, one of the tainted ritualists
>Also just realized when I put too much emphasis on the glottal stop in my name it sounds like "Big Tiddies"
>All those smirks whenever I introduce myself to gue'vesa finally make sense now
File: Sneakattack.gif (1016 KB, 296x225)
1016 KB
1016 KB GIF
>Be me, inquisitorial Tempestor Prime George "Solidus" Sears
>Target entered the room I was in with her squad, lucky
>Stayed unmoving and silent when the presumed leader of the squad sat down on my box
>I've got three grenades left on me, two scavenged, had to use the others to get into the city
>A stun, a frag and an EMP grenade
>Made a plan of attack, Hodask and Eldar are priority to eliminate, have to sedate target as quickly as possible as she's armed
>Stun will concuss the Target, allowing me to neutralize the others and then sedate her
>I've got to acquire the target soon though, Tyranid activity outside is getting stronger
>Sit quietly in my box, eyeing the targets in the room, until the entire group gets ready for combat due to life signs outside the door
>Female Mandrake disappears into the shadows, can still see her on my Auspex
>The lifeform outside the door is a human wanting to speak with the Tau here
>Tyranids outside getting more and more antsy
>Not good, need to get the target unharmed and alive for the Boss
>The target speaks with the newly arrived human, I can hear the flapping of wings outside
>Hodask turns around and faces the Mandrake as a Shrike bursts through the window and nearby wall, killing the Druchii on entry
>Hodask unleashes a heavy rain of fire straight into it as it unleashes a blast from its Devourer
>If even one of those worms hit the Target, the boss will be given a sub optimal sample
>Burst out of my hiding place
>Throw a stun grenade in the middle of the room and cover my photolenses with one hand
>Grenade goes off, everyone's stunned excluding me
>Rush the fire warrior, punch him in the gut
>Snatch his rifle, sling it, and tackle the target out of the room
>Slam into the newly arrived human, pushing us up against the wall
>Slam the door shut in time to hear two loud gurgling shrieks
>Pick up the target and get the civilian on her feet, hear grunting and a loud thud from inside the room
>As I begin guiding their movement, I hear a shrieking noise from inside
>Gargoyles, Shrike must be dead and the Hodask will be soon
>Civilian is unsure of what's going on and the Target is dazed
>They stop abruptly, asking me who I am and what I'm doing
>She's armed, stub revolver, fully loaded
>No visible extra ammunition
>Remove the small vox device from the ear of the Tau, check that it's off, stuff it inside an empty ammo pouch on my hip and turn toward the civvy
>"Ordo Xenos, no time to explain, take the rifle and come with me if you want to live."
>Throw the rifle to her and she narrowly catches it
>We begin running down the long hall toward the stairs, have to carry the target bridal style
>Take a sharp turn once we reach floor 50, civvy lagging behind
>Rush up to a supply closet, force the door open with a shoulder bash
>Civvy rushes inside panting, lay the target on the ground
>Slam the door shut with a kick and drag a shelf up in front of the door to barricade it
>Realise the target's been awake for a little bit now and has a nervous smile on her lips
>She seems more concussed than the civvy, but still optimistic
>"U-um, shape shifting Gue'la, i-is that you?"
>Squat down next to her as she half sits up
>"Ordo Xenos agent Solidus, I'm her replacement for now."
>The smile fades from her lips and a look of fear takes its place
>Tell her my objective is to get her out of here and to the Callidus assassin
>A half truth, but it seems that since she was smiling she'd want to be reunited with the assassin
>Strong odds she'll be more cooperative now
>Her look of fear transforms to a look of light relief
>My tetra is likely swarming with Harpies gargoyles now
>Tell her that I can get us out of here if she tells me where the Devilfish her squad must have used to get here is
>I think she realises that if she shoots me she'll likely get killed by Tyranids
>Wherever she says it is, she's coming with me to it
>Lying'll get all of us killed, her choice
Early morning/Late night bump
File: Krieg_trooper.gif (25 KB, 200x267)
25 KB
>Be Krieger #143342523
>The body on top of the train car was dead
>No rations on it either
>Cant harvest its organs either due to orders
>What a waste
>Find around 20 wounded troopers soaking wet and covered in ash
>Some are pretty banged up
>Approach them carefully as to not startle them
>What was the standard procedure to talk to non Kriegers?
>Ah yes, take of gas mask to appear less threatening
>Remove it and adress them
>"Do not vorry, we have komnt to take you to der rally point, dead or alive"
>They dont seem thrilled
>Was it something I said?
>Start preparing to move out with the wounded and the rest of Kriegers
>Hear what seems like a scream in the distance
>Must be our trench mates thanking us for the additional defenses
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>After an interviewer asked me several question on why we came here after Cato Sicarius defeat last year
>Well we came back because of the nids and they were a good training for the newbies
>Now we have to get back to Groxbridge
>Apparently a hierophant manage to get in the city
>This means that :
>Or they have pierced the city defense
>Or they have made planetfall in the capital which is worse and impossible
>Or they consummed everything north of the mountains
>We have two or three battle brothers near the beast
>They steelrain'ed him
>Time to rally everyone here
There is no time to be lost ! Battle brothers ! Our brothers in the capital alongside the guard have fought one bio titan we have to get back there to help them !
>I'm pretty sure I have this speech before but where
>Surely not Calgar or Sicarius
>Turn to the civilian with the heavy stubber
>Ask him if wants to come
File: thebackdrop.png (591 KB, 1239x645)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
>Be Sister Superior Bios
>It's no use trying to get through
>The chaos makes organisation impossible and there's a bit TOO much fire
>Even for us, that is
>A new plan is being drawn up for the offence that doesn't involve butting an effective brick wall
>Half the force is being left for defence, the other half is splitting off
>The latter force will round the mountain to the East to circumvent the clusterfuck that is the Bell Valley
>Most of us will assault the spawning pools, and a few squads will split off to belatedly secure the Bell Valley Dam
>Really, that critical and dangerous infrastructure was not pre-secured was a major oversight
>Fortunately, the Hive Mind seems to have been too sidetracked by its focus on the city to capitalise
>Large boulders of tephra roll down the volcano's flanks and crash over our heads as the ash quagmire deepens
>A proposal to bake the mud dry with Flamers is shot down by the Canoness
>The artillery support can't reach this far, and would be blocked by the mountain anyway
>Flying enemies render surprise null, but eventually we meet a wall of Tyranid forces
>Good, I was worried we wouldn't get a fight!
>A handful of Militia and Guard followed on as well, and are extracting their pound of Tyranid flesh too
>Still can't see the spawning pools, but they're definitely ahead somewhere
>Stay sharp, squad
>The Tyranids definitely still have some surprises up their chitin arm plates
>Be me.
>Reaver titan Eldrado.
>Be wading into a big fucking foot battle with a single, drunk pilot and practically nothing working.
>Don't recognise a single thing here. Some bugs, some humans, some big humans, some females in heavy feminine armour.
>One of the big, four legged bugs runs at me.
>Wish I could run, but some of the big armour plates are barely hanging on my legs. Can't manage a steady walk.
>Do however manage to smack it around the body with the one limb I have left. No power field, but big metal piston claws still crush it.
>Steady self on it by shoving it down. Thing falls to the ground.
>Guess I'm fighting against the bugs, given that they're fighting against the humans, and last I knew, I was fighting for humanity, known or unknown.
>How long have I been out? I don't even recognise what they're talking about.
>Alliance didn't have an emperor last I checked.
>Decide fuck it, can wait until if I survive the fight or not.
>If I live, I go on to explore this new galaxy. If not, irrelevant.
>Barely manage to spot another bug charge in and brace.
>Their guns and talons are powerful, and a leg goes through a toe, but I pull it's lowdown head off.
>Can feel them crawling up my legs. Hopefully if I kill the big bugs, the humans, fighting on the ground, will get the little ones off me in time.
>Decide to just keep swinging.
if anyone feels a pressing need/want to take over or write for me, feel free, I'm possibly busy the next few days and likely can't participate [spoiler/]
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>Everything goes white as I am trying to talk
>Get tackled out of room
>Get carried down a floor
>No idea who is carrying me, seems to be a human
>Hopefully not the shapeshifter, although she has saved me more than once over the past couple of months, she clearly has her own agenda that probably won't end well for me
>It is actually an agent of the hateful organization known as the Inquisition
>Even worse
>Also he thinks I have a Devilfish lying around somewhere
>As if!
>Pretty much all the T'au vehicles got sent to Stonehenge, we got dropped off by an Eldar skimmer, but it has better things to do than sit outside a building all day
>It is off somewhere moving other scout squads around and won't be back unless called
>Tell this to the Inquisition agent but he doesn't seem to believe me
>Still not sure why so many different Imperial factions seem to think I am important, but starting to suspect it is more of a curse then a blessing
>Hopefully the civilian has some sort of alternate plan
>Be Inquisitor Leonpines Edric of the Ordo Xenos
>Finally at the HQ
>Order some servitors to refuel and rearm the Corvus Blackstar
>Send Clinky to get whatever luggage he have
>Find one of von Rosen acolyte panicked
>Apparently a nuke is missing
>Tell him to call Von Rosen
>So many happened today that maybe it already exploded
>Leave him even more panicked
>Get to the communication room
>Have the Watch Fortress Erioch called
>Ask for a prolongation of the mission
>Prolongation refused
>Their respective chapter would like to have them back
>Plus with Ortan Cassius here it will be a matter of days before the tyrannids are gone
>Cut the transmission
>Go back to my quarters to gathers my belongings
>On the way smell a weird perfume
>Extremely researched yet delicate
>Turn back violently bolter on the intruder
>An Eldar ranger with red hear is standing few meters before me
>It's probably her and her kind who stole the bomb
>Struggle a few second with the idea of shooting her
>But I won't Ultramarines are here and with their Primarch in good term with one of their profets
>I don't want to experience the wrath of the Lord regent of the Imperium
>Still I'm sure she is related to Von Rosen
>Put back my bolter in it's holster
You are lucky my superiors don't want us to kill each others. If you have been in any way in contact with Gregor Von Rosen I suggest you to contact him about the nuclear warhead that where "gifted" to you. Now I still have work to do, don't go to the mess I'm not sure if the space marines will be happy to see you.
>Turn back and continue to my quarters
File: hallway.jpg (77 KB, 1024x683)
77 KB
>Be Imperial citizen of Liveria
>What's happening now?
>The Tau that came out started giving a spiel largely amounting to "it's all under control"
>That lie is more transparent than a Dark Eldar's clothing
>There's a loud flapping noise outside, the telltale sound of a Tyranid flying creature
>About to yell to put the lights out, stand still, stay silent when it crashes through the window
>After a very confusing exchange I am now in possession of a Pulse Rifle following an Ordo Xenos member with a captive Tau
>I managed to snag a guide in Low Gothic on how to operate them the local Tau were handing out to their collaborators but I've never fired one
>I suppose I can shoot it in the general direction of the enemy, but that's about it
>It's certainly not my usual revolver, that's for sure
>After a dash down to the next floor to lose the creatures, bad evac plans are discussed
>I've been watching the streets for the couple of weeks I've been holed up here, and it's suicide out there
>Try and make it back to your vehicle and daemons and Tyranids will tear you to pieces before you get two blocks without luck, speed or serious sneak skills
>Also realise the Tetra only seats two, and if I help them reach it I'll be the one left behind
>I do have an idea of my own, though
>Me and my friend Sonia did smuggling of Imperial contraband by water into the city during the occupation
>As a result, I know her speedboat is hidden in the Astorica Tower in the Flooded District about a mile and half to the east, on the other side of the R. Galder
>I also know the layout of the utility tunnels under the city we can use to cross under the river and stay hidden from the monsters most of the way
>That's not to say there won't be any down there and they'll be wet and pitch black, but it's safer than the streets
>Once we reach it we can drift silently down the river to avoid attention and then sail round the coast
>It'll be dangerous, but it could work as our ticket out of here
>Be me, Lord Inquisitor Greger von Rosen
>The ash from the volcano has ever so slightly cleared up
>Performing a drop on a Tyranid landing zone however would still be risky
>At least the rain isn't as powerful as before
>It's still hammering down, but not to the point where it might knock you off your feet
>That leaves most attacks on the spawning pools to our ground forces, which are being slowed by the terrain
>Seems some of our forces have decided on a counterattack one of the landing zones by going east of clipper ridge
>Good luck to them, reports say that the ash is extremely thick over there
>In other news, it appears that the Reaver titan Sears called in is engaging the Tyranids near our southern lines
>Reports from nearby units say that it looks ancient
>Pre-imperial ancient, to be exact
>Not a single Aquila on the whole of its body, no markings that would indicate that it's of any Titan legion
>The Skitarii with us are spread out quite a bit, but I believe most of them are busy defending the masterwork of the machine god that is Stonehenge
>They'll try and grab it I'm sure, but if I secure it I might be able to keep it
>There's no telling what kind of tech that thing has hidden behind layers of rust and years of neglect
>Order 100 of my stormtroopers and 400 of the Harakoni to get in their valks and drop on the Titan
>5 platoons worth of troops might be a bit small, but a platoon worth of Stormtroopers are deadly in their own right
>The Harakoni support squads will also help a bunch
>Killgore's getting a bit irritable, probably mad that we're sitting idle for so long
>We don't exactly have a clear path to the landing zone the sisters are attacking, nor really any idea where it is
>It's time for a teambuilding exercise
>Vox Killgore, tell him to get his men ready for drop
>Contact the Canoness leading the attack, request sitrep and location
>Say that we'll be there soon
>Killgore says he loves the smell of Promethium, time to find out if that's true
Last bump of the decade
File: kindlyletgo.png (693 KB, 824x904)
693 KB
693 KB PNG
>Be Tolria, self-proclaimed Exarch of Alaitoc
>Stop for a minute to catch our breaths
>Eldar endurance can only go so far when legging it from something
>Make way slowly to the Inquisitorial HQ
>The streets are half-flooded and strewn with rubble and crunchy glass fragments everywhere
>A few stray Tyranids try their luck and are quickly shredded
>Fortunately, Great Western Bridge was not detonated allowing a convenient river crossing
>Most of the staff and personnel inside throw hateful glances and murmur among themselves
>Talk about going into the lion's den under any normal circumstances
>Probably wondering why "xenos scum" isn't being shot on sight
>Look around for Von Rosen
>Apparently he's off gallivanting around in the south
>That's going to make him hard to get hold of
>Still, we're already in the southern part of the city now, so we may as well try and grab him
>His Ordo Xenos colleague seems to be highly displeased
>To be expected, I suppose
>The OX is hostile at the best of times, even more so when you made off with one of their nuclear devices
>For now I need to find thus Lord Inquisitor fool
>Exit the building into the street
>And look straight into the helmeted face of a Black Templar
>Back. Away. Slowly.
>Before I know it I'm being dangled upside down in the air by a Power Fist and being yelled at in a stream of angry Low Gothic
>Would this brute kindly put me down?
>I have places to be
>Be Krieger #143342523
>Making our way towards the trenches while escorting the wounded troopers we've found
>Our medic is a bit out of his depth when it comes to treating non Kriegers, since none of them is mortaly wounded/dead and thus cant extract their organs for further use
>Still, I belive he does a pretty good job
>Despite the patients refusing to have their wounds stitched with razorwire
>Dont they know that razorwire stitches keeps the infections away?
>Get rid of any Tyranid we come across
>Since we dont want to alert possible enemies to our location we have to use melee weapons
>So here we go hackin' and wackin' and smackin'
>Hackin' and wackin' , choppin' that Tyranid meat
>Eventually reach ourr trenches
>As soon as we give the chirurgeon the wounded troopers we hear a series of curses like no other coming from the latrines
>Enemy attack?
>The chirurgeon informs us that its one of the Imperial Guard captains thats gotten trapped by our razorwire and minefields
>How? Even a baby Krieger can navigate such obstacles
>Tells us to please remover her from there
>The captain concurs
>I think she concurs
>Its hard to know with so much swearing
>Pull out wire cutters
>It was a good defense too
File: Ogryns.jpg (120 KB, 402x377)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>Be'ze us
>Emps let us have more fod withinz the last 'ew days
>Corysar very proud of us after we execommunicated dez retreaters un traitors with 'im
>Good day
Kriegfags need to go, stay go. No-one wants your shitty9gag newness here.
Living Saint poster here,

im gonna post soon, sorry for being gone for a few days
>be the Living Saint of the Church Of The Emperor's Holy Gifts
>finally I have finished killing all of the flying enemies in the immediate area
>spot a group of Sisters of battle accompanied by Guardsmen and my militia
> I decide to assist them in battle
>I swoop down and obliterate a Lichtor trying to sneak up on the Sister Superior
>I proceed to introduce myself
You must be fun at parties. If it bothers you then contribute something that isnt whinning
>Be Trooper Monica Jernwick, Vox Officer, 78th Risian Light Infantry / 531st Cadian
>The truck never showed up
>Instead got escorted back to the front lines by a bunch of Krieger on foot
>It turns out that it is really hard to keep your balance in soft mud and liquefied remains when you only have one working arm
>But at least I am not riding in one of those foul smelling wheelbarrow things that I am pretty sure the Kriegers use to haul dead bodies around
>The stitching on my chest wound broke at some point and a Krieger offered to stitch it up with razorwire
>Thanks but no thanks
>How would that even work?
>Pretty much the only good part of the experience was the fact that the Kriegers dealt with the scattered groups of Gaunts and Rippers roaming around behind the rear lines quickly and silently
>Also my vox-caster got trashed during the train crash so I don't have to carry it around
>Finally make it to the new 531st Cadian encampment
>Graves and his team efficiently triage all the wounded that the Kriegers were escorting
>Get told that I shouldn't be up and moving around in my current state
>No shit, really?
>Ask one of the orderlies to fetch me a new vox-caster
>Might as well do something useful while sitting around in drug-dulled agony, waiting to see whether we have enough bullets and bodies to prevent the rear lines from becoming Nid food
>Be Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines Ortan Cassius
>Our brothers in Groxbridge told us that the situation was "under control"
>And that an Ordo Xenos inquisitor is fighting for a DoT Titan at the other side of the river Bell
>That was on our original plan
>After gathering my Battle brothers we try to find a place to cross the river
>But like any warzone bridges are destroyed
>For twenty kilometers
>And on both rivers
>After deciding that making a bridge out of the rubbles of muddy bottom was a good idea we Travel through several painfully muddy kilomètres in the hills between the Bell and Parsey valleys
>Smashing lone bugs head with your gun cross is now a routine for my men and me
>After several hours walking and struggling in the mud crossing that river by piling the corpse of dead xenos we manage to join front with the inquisitor
>I would like to meet him for our next course of action
>Be Captain Priscilla Von Hansburg, 4th Baroness of Bluven, 1st Happy Ending Regiment
>Still trying to figure out how to safely navigate the minefield surrounding the latrines
>Hmmm, it seems brighter around here suddenly
>Look up, the Living Saint is fighting flying Tyranids directly above me
>Feel blessed to bask in his radiant glow despite the continued heavy downpour and muddy ash
>See chunks of something land nearby and set off a landmine
>Fuck! Realize the epic battle above me is probably generating lots of corpses, body parts, and gobs of acidic blood which are now falling to the ground all around me
>Only shelter nearby is the latrines, which are still surrounded by razorwire
>Figure if I do a running leap I can probably get over the razorwire
>Probably would have made it except at the last minute I slipped in the soft mud
>End up draped over a dense section of razorwire
>Luckily the fabric in my uniform is much tougher than it looks and keeps the razorwire from cutting into me, but since I am now suspended above the ground, I have no way of unhooking myself from the barbs
>End up trapped for an embarrassingly long time before the Krieg finally cut me free with wire cutters
>Any other regiment probably would have found the situation humorous, but the Krieg are as devoid of personality as always and just blankly stare at me
>Give them a dirty look before stomping off to the latrines
>Might as well use them now that the path is clear
File: 1577862936559.jpg (39 KB, 455x253)
39 KB
>Be Eldar Guardian Buni, Craftworld An-Arkayd
>Get driven from the booby-trapped house by a pair of Daemonettes and a Fiend
>Spot an idling jetbike nearby, the remains of its rider nearby
>Might as well take it, it doesn't look like she will be using it anymore
>Hop on jetbike and drive towards the center of the city so that I have time to gather my thoughts
>I never really learned how to use a combat grade jetbike though, it turns out that auto-collision avoidance is not one of its features
>Maybe I will go slower next time, at least until my eyes fully heal
>End up back on foot
>Also lost
>And the same two Daemonettes and the Fiend from before just somehow appeared behind me
>Manage to shake off the Fiend's alluring musk and make a run for a nearby building
>Tolria is outside being shaken around by a Black Templar
>I thought she said to avoid those narrow-minded fanatics
>Who is the idiot now, bii-etch
>Probably still me since I am the one running away from servants of She Who Thirsts with no armor or weapons
>Do a running dive between the legs of the Black Templar and into the building
>Get more splinters
>Get up and keep running
>End up in the back alley behind building
>Climb in dumpster and close lid
>hehehehe no one will find me in here
>Realize how bad it smells
>Vomit a bit in my mouth
>Be Por'Saal Bi'Tidiis
>Stuck in a supply closet with the Inquisition Agent and the female civilian
>The Agent seems to take for granted that the civilian is a loyalist, but I am not so sure, most of the real loyalists ended up dead or imprisoned during T'au rule of Liveria
>The civilian suggests that we take the utility tunnels to a speedboat she has hidden in the flooded district
>Probably a smuggler then, apparently the Water Caste convinced the Fire Caste to turn a blind eye to most of their activities in Liveria to avoid being seen as oppressing the local population
>Some smugglers had ties to loyalist cells, but most are only interested in profit
>May be able to use this at some point
>But probably not, no matter where her loyalties lie, she is likely too intimidated by the Inquisitorial Agent to be of use
>She manages to convince the Agent to enter the old utility corridors beneath the city
>They are as primitive and grim as I expected them to be
>I sometimes have a hard time remembering that the Imperials are a high tech culture whose knowledge still surpasses the T'au in many fields
>The plan seems to be working so far
>But the risk of something bad happening in these tunnels still seems high
>If I somehow survive this mess, I am never leaving a T'au world again!
>Be Elena Tywick, Chaos Cultist
>The glorious host under the flawlessly unified command of Daemon Princes Im'afuc'kin Ner'dvir'jin, Thypptyklpt-Cassandra, and Giv'lat'Safuk has finally defeated the xenos horde attacking us from below, and is now assaulting the northwest corner of Groxbridge
>Within the city our infiltrators are no doubt attacking the enemy lines from the rear, though there has been some confusion thanks to the lesser war bands of Khorne and Nurgle attacking us, each other, the xenos, and the Imperial-Eldar allied force based on the whims of their warband leaders
>For now however, they seem to be concentrating their efforts on Imperial-Eldar forces in the north of the city
>Rumor has it that our proxy forces at Stonehenge are also on the verge of a major breakthrough
>Get vox message from one of our infiltrators in the southern part of the city
>Can't make heads or tails of what he is saying, but I am sure everything is going JUST AS PLANNED
>Be Sybarite Trys'ta, Kabal of the Frozen Heart
>Keeping an eye on Kerala as she roots out the slaves and servants of Chaos from Port Gunther
>Again the majority of them are Undivided, but the occasional Slaaneshi and Tzeentchian still shows up
>Spot something massive lurking behind a corner down the street
>Looks like an Iron Warriors Space Marine!
>Wonder if there are more of them, and whether they are the ones leading the Undivided forces
>Also wonder who is going to kill it, certainly not me!
>Oh look, some club wielding cultists that need to be killed, on the far side of the port
>I should also find a quiet place to lie low for a bit in order to send Wyen'dala a message
File: Boss.jpg (47 KB, 538x717)
47 KB
>Be me, Inquisitorial Tempestor Prime George "Solidus" Sears
>Seems we're in quite a sticky situation now
>Water caste says they didn't arrive by Devilfish, but by Dark Eldar transport
>Poor choice of vehicle, I've seen Devilfish around here before, I didn't think the Tau would be THIS willing to give up one of their members with such... "assets"
>They're not convincing me to abandon the imperium, but they are very, very disturbingly realistic
>I have to question why the boss wants to get the target
>Those are going to be a bit of a problem to get out with however
>The civvy must be good at hiding if they've managed to survive on their own this far
>We could sneak out, but the boss would be very upset with me
>My time is running out
>Consider calling in a Valkyrie to smash a hole in the wall and extract us that way when the civvy brings up a small boat nearby
>Apparently, they used to smuggle in imperial goods to the city
>Tell her that sounds like a good idea, and go along with it
>Let the water caste keep her gun because we'll need 3 armed people to survive any encounter with bigger Tyranids
>Tell the civvy that her gun is a direct energy weapon, and that she just needs to point it at something and it'll hit dead centre, no recoil like with stub guns
>Slowly remove the shelf blocking the door and sneak out with the other two
>Move as silently as possible through the halls and into the utility tunnels, target's… "augmentations" thankfully tucked in by her jumpsuit as to not scrape against the walls or ground
>Auspex is clear for a while
>After quite some time of crawling through tunnels and climbing down ladders, we reach the sewer system
>Traces of Dark Eldar activity here, order civilian and Tau to stay out of the water
>It's dark, damp, mouldy, and smells terrible, but I think I've had worse
>A few minutes later, I see something on my auspex moving toward us
>Order everyone to hug the wall, still and silent
>A loud groaning noise echoes through the sewers as a large, humanoid creature that must be the result of several creatures stuck together lumbers out of the dark
>Everyone stays silent, it's a little hard to see it in the dark but the guns on its shoulder give it an eerie glow
>Seems eyeless, sniffs at the air for a moment, and then eventually turns in our direction
>Unholster needler, stay silent and still
>Beast "looks" in our direction for what feels like half an hour, then eventually lumbers off painfully in the opposite direction
>Continue moving silently east, the groaning of the beast echoing out the entire way
>By the Emperor, I fucking hate Dark Eldar
>Hopefully, whatever the Boss is planning it'll be worth it
>Might have to sedate the Tau if she gets aggressive on our trip out
>We'll cross that bridge if necessary, I suppose
>I really hope the Boss knows what he's doing, this might end up getting him investigated for heresy again

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