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Nechronica Thread!

>Where do I get an English translation of this Japanese tabetop RPG?
-The unofficial translation wiki is both the most up today's updated and has the latest version of the PDF
-You can play Nechronica on Tabetop Simulator. Check the Workshop for resources.

Last time:
>Red Planet Storytime!
>Port Storytime!
>How do I find group?

Previous thread:
File: 1572546161364.pdf (5.46 MB, PDF)
5.46 MB
5.46 MB PDF
>So we know that undead use some sort of perpetual motion machine slime mold to animate themselves, and that tech was outrageously advanced before the Necromancer wars, letting the Necromancers engage in all sorts of science fiction bullshittery.
>What are some creative/memorable ways you guys have played this out in your games? Or ideas you have knocking around in your head. Weird Horrors, odd technology, strange local phenomena. Whatever.
>My own group hasn't done too much, though TARDIS-style container storage and instant matter generation has popped up a couple of times (though the latter is more often jokes about where the Requiem finds ammo). We haven't really pushed the envelope on the tech front yet.
>Might be running an interim game for one of my groups in the future so I'm digging for ideas to krimp/inspiration.
Reminds me of super Mario 64.
File: 20200412_141537.jpg (412 KB, 839x1555)
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412 KB JPG
You could have a wandering party of dolls encounter the setting of Splatoon as the creation of a nechromancer, extant or gone, who's territory they've entered.

It's clearly post Appocalyptic, and it seems like a world created by an artist with a lot of engineering skill and time at their command to make it work, rather than. Something that came about on its own.

>Reminds me of super Mario 64.

I see what you mean. What seems to be a room in a fancy building with seemingly magic paintings that have someone entering or exiting them.
>-You can play Nechronica on Tabetop Simulator. Check the Workshop for resources.
What about Roll20?
For Roll20 you can pretty much just take the battle map off of the wiki and paste that in as a map.
Character sheets are a bit trickier, but there's a google spreadsheets version on the wiki that auto fills most everything and has all the memories and parts loaded into it already. The only real issue with it is that it doesn't read very well.
Does Roll20 have resource packs or something?

I just put the condenced version of the Nechronica battle map on the map layer and make tokens for whatever the party is fighting.

Each thing has two tokens. A big one on the map and a small one for the AP tracker.

If I'm using several of the same token I differentiate them using those colored circles from the token status menue.
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210 KB PNG
File: Ghost.jpg (2.35 MB, 3000x3000)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG

What kind of artwork inspires you to play or run Nechronica?
File: D7FmVnQV4AAALX1.jpg large.jpg (296 KB, 1448x2048)
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296 KB JPG
General apocalypse art or somber/spooky anime style art tends to be what gets my noggin' joggin' the most. Bonus points if the post-apoc art has a heavy sci-fi bent.
File: 1392262731494.gif (1.25 MB, 500x2100)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
>What kind of artwork inspires you to play or run Nechronica?


Lost World - myuu https://youtu.be/3h4DYaTkUXw

Inside Wall - Sarge's Heroes 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=KHdtmB1Pr-g

It's gonna get wierd - Neil Cicierega https://youtu.be/5kwXZbBBRVo

TipToe - myuu https://youtu.be/lJKeIzPzrWE

Run and Hide - Jens Kiilstofte https://youtu.be/4wQVfr_yn74

Deku Palace - Theophany and others https://youtu.be/4r9S2yEiuME

Godhunter - Aviators https://youtu.be/GoC8OBjs7Iw

Adrift - Dance with the Dead https://youtu.be/nCJyBcPu3K4
>Sergeants Hero's 2
My man.

Made in Abyss has a pretty stellar soundtrack for Nechronica (and in general). I guess it shouldn't be surprising giving the overlap of loli suffering and exploration of a desolate and hostile environment that wants to kill you.

Pretty sure this was played during Lily's bossfight, when the girls were trying to talk her down from fighting. I might have that timeline mixed up though.

This song made an appearance as well when the dolls were working through Tachi's former group. I can't quite remember if it was part of Lily or Roselia's fights though.

Another song that's made an appearance in the tower.

This song has kind of become one of the main 'memory' signifiers when stuff is happening. I believe the first time this was used was when Port first re-discovered B3. It's been used several times since in memory fragments relating to her, the last being in Cleoh's flashback bit, IIRC.
The House in Fata Morgana's OST has a lot of good songs in general. Many pieces that are somber and ephemeral, others are great for building tension if you can pace it right. Such as: https://youtu.be/mQLQUzf4X3Y

I don't personally go looking for much Nechronica inspiration in songs, though this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrMZOy6s0tU has been Port's de facto theme song for a while.

Storytime to continue tomorrow. Had to take care of some things this evening after work.
File: 1971-toon-marley.jpg (36 KB, 400x300)
36 KB
Something Nechronica speaks to me in music and artwork that depicts people witnessing or being warned by the damned.

Like Jacob Marley and the wealthy damned in a Christmas Carol.

Another example.

> Johnny Cash - Ghost Riders in the sky.
Ouch, poor fellow.
File: 1585398247204.jpg (59 KB, 500x550)
59 KB

>Storytime to continue tomorrow.

Anyone else here enjoying this thread.
Aztec and Mexica mythology has been a big inspiration for me lately.
What is this?
These last 30 chapters have been fucking wild
File: 1403307326000.png (156 KB, 342x619)
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156 KB PNG
Post images for horrors and savants.

30 chapters of what?
File: 1586257199542.gif (539 KB, 377x390)
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539 KB GIF
File: 6cx9zw8xuxp41.jpg (39 KB, 599x775)
39 KB
File: 1395884259801.gif (3.96 MB, 414x239)
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3.96 MB GIF
Nechronica's a rules-light(ish) roleplaying game where the players are a group of undead dolls crafted for the explicit purpose of being tortured physically, mentally, and emotionally for the Necromancer's (that is: the GM's) amusment. The objectives of the players are:
>Do not get torn to pieces
>Do not go insane.
>Do not let your sisters go insane
It's not usually as antagonistic as that, but Run as Written Nechronica is a pretty lethal game.

Continuing from: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/71579421/#71708315

>The party has been climbing for some time now. They've left the maintenance corridor behind and are again out on the skyway.
>They're so high up that they can't even see the ground anymore.
>Port peers down, off the side of the skyway, and then back up, taking in the formless gray. "We're in the cloud layer. I didn't realize how far up we'd climbed."
>Tachi scuttles along the middle of the path, unwilling to even approach the edges. "It's a long way down."
>"...Don't fall." Protoca warns, eyeing their surroundings with suspicion.
>Beside her, Hope glances at her in concern and rubs her arms uneasily.
>Likewise, Lily seems increasingly perturbed, though she puts on a surprisingly convincing brave face whenever Tachi glances her way.
>Port chews on the inside of her cheek as she considers the prospect of falling. "I don't know if a fall from this height would actually be completely debilitating for an undead." She glances back past the edge. "Undoubtedly unpleasant though."
>Tachi pauses as she comes across a machine fallen in the path, something tugs at her memory and she remembers... falling...
>The machine is a Protector Infantry Unit. Various pieces litter the area here, along with spent shells. There was a battle at some point.
File: 20200331_071300.jpg (1.6 MB, 1904x1370)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
All this music is good "punch you in the emotions" music and seems appropriate for it's specific uses in the campaign.

>Point your fingers like a gun

This song was already Port as hell. Then this line dropped.
While there is a lot of fact in this explanation. I would not have gotten into thing system with an explanation like that.
File: mark-van-cooten-robot.jpg (1.21 MB, 1620x2880)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
>30 chapters of what?
Pretty sure the dude in the OP is from the Demon Slayer manga/anime series. Anon might be talking about that.

>Port pads up to the Protector unit and squats in front of it, taking it's head in her hands and turning it this way and that as she examines the casing. "I wonder if your data banks are still intact..." She fidgets with some wiring running along the side of the head. "I wonder if we could analyze them if they were."
>"B3-206 might be able to." Protoca suggests, slowing to a stop beside Port.
>B3 beeps a negative. [rolled 5 of 10]
>"You might be able to find out what damaged it..." Protoca continues. "But that should be obvious."
>Tachi looks up at the tower, but the top is still shrouded in clouds. "It fell, I remember falling."
>"...Not this one." Protoca disagrees. "It was torn apart."
>Port looks down at the machine's midsection. Her eyes whirr as they roll to take in the damage. [roll 8 of 10]
>The arms are rent not quite enough to be severed, but more than enough to ruin the connecting hydraulics. Likewise, its central armor is riddled with chips, as if something were gnawing at the sides. From this angle, she can see the back of its head, which has been utterly cored.
>Port grimaces. "Oh, you poor thing. They really did tear you apart..." She runs a thumb over the opening in the back of the head. "I would guess Abaddon, by the chipping all over. Or maybe another 'joint' attack."
>Port blows a huff of air out through her nose. "I wonder what purpose coring out the head holds, though. It seems... oddly neat as far as destruction goes."
>"Perhaps to prevent its fellows from discovering what happened to it?" Tachi suggests, legs milling about as the group examines the fallen protector.
>"They should still detect its removal from the network. Details of the attack would be lost, but..." Protoca frowns. "It might just be the fastest way to disable it."
>Port gently sets the Protector's head down, as if she might wake it from sleep if she were too rough, and then stands to continue down the skyway. "You might be right. It just seems odd they can break apart the joints so thoroughly and not just crack the head open." She shrugs. "I guess we don't know enough about the opposition to do much more than speculate."
>Tachi nods silently and scuttles onward.
>"Speaking of Abaddon," Port breaks in again after a moment of quiet. "I don't think it's unlikely that they had or have their eye on us. I saw one of their locusts hanging out in the access corridor." A brief pause. "And I think they were making sure that I saw them. I'm not sure if the scenario we saw in the resupply station is actually that uncommon."
>"A taunt." Protoca suggests-
>-at the same time Hope says, "Maybe they just want to talk?"
>Tachi nods. "We are likely being observed, at least intermittently. I worry for the situation once we reach Apollo, how many enemies will we face when we arrive."
>Port chews the inside of her cheek a little before speaking. "It could be they want to talk. Abaddon did pass up every opportunity to attack us in their bid for A2." Her ears flutter as she thinks. "And it's not like we were ignoring them at the time."
>"They could also be taunting us." She chews on her cheek some more. "I guess they aren't even mutually exclusive. This whole situation is a mess."
>Tachi nods, watching the terrain as she moves. "Plausible."
>Lily shrugs.
>Tachi grins, "Helpful, aren't we?"
>Lily gives Tachi the side-eye.
>"If they wanted to hurt us, they would hurt us, right?" Hope suggests. "So... maybe they don't want to hurt us?"
>Port nods. "That's about my thought on it. I don't think they're friends, but they also don't seem interested in shooting at us."
>"Or it's a trap." Protoca counters. "Bait. Abbadon said she'd save mankind, but then she drove the final nails into its coffin."
File: First Line.jpg (97 KB, 1879x833)
97 KB

If you want to start reading Port Storytime from the beginning.

All the Nechronica threads with port storytime are archived so far. Use the search tag Nechronica and then scroll down till you hit 2019 and you should be good to go. There are other storytimes on some of these threads too.

>Port whirls, her face incredulous. "You've met her?"
>Protoca shakes her head. "No... or, at least not that I remember. Maybe Cleoh did? It's what Cleoh said..." She trails off. "I trust Cleoh."
>"Or, our presence could be useful to them and they are waiting till we open a way that's barred to them." Tachi says, shuffling.
>Port continues her cheek-chewing, rolling Protoca's words over in her head. Memories heard second hand and passed third-hand from a carrier who found them only God knows how long ago. She thinks on it. "It's possible the situation has changed since the fall, but we really can't rule anything out until we know more. I guess part of that will be determined by Apollo."
>Port continues her cheek-chewing, rolling Protoca's words over in her head. 'Memories heard second hand and passed third-hand from a carrier who found them only God knows how long ago.' She thinks on it. "It's possible the situation has changed since the fall, but we really can't rule anything out until we know more. I guess part of that will be determined by Apollo."
>"I *don't* trust Apollo," Protoca stated flatly.
>"I don't either." Port's tone is equally flat. "But we haven't caught it in a lie yet. And we're headed to see them either way, aren't we?"
>Protoca crosses her arms, turning away. Her knuckles is white.
>"Have you settled on an opinion Protoca? It is difficult to judge this situation." Tachi comes right out and asks.
>"...I hate it." Protoca says, bluntly, with measured coldness, and Hope suddenly flinches, taking several steps away.
>"Thousands of voices. Crying. Screaming. Pleading. Wishing. Praying. Howling. Clawing. Shouting. Pounding. Weeping."
>"All of us there... because of it."
>Tachi tilts her head inquisitively. "You hate it for its failure?"
>"Or you hate it for what it has done to us in its efforts." Tachi says motioning to herself.
File: 1562349927507.jpg (103 KB, 876x1000)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Have any of you anons used voice effect?

If so how have your roleplayed it?

Heart tugging exchanges?
Spirit fortifying witty banter?
A grounding exchange in a malestrom of crazy?
I've seen it been used as music. Recorded voices of the dead and dear to the Dolls encouraging them onwards.

I've also seen a Not!IDW build with the cat screeching DA NYAAAAAAAAA
Port anon is here for story time ! YaïY !

The Transformers comics?
>I've seen it been used as music. Recorded voices of the dead and dear to the Dolls encouraging them onwards.
>I've also seen a Not!IDW build with the cat screeching DA NYAAAAAAAAA

Give us more details and context please.
No, IDW. A character from Girls Frontline
There's a bit of a crossover between Nechronica and Girls Frontline fans, I've seen a few Operator sorts and builds of T-Dolls for Nechronica.

Here's IDW, the Sub machine gun cat girl.
Impulse/gun god, hand of death/instrument of evil.
2 arm/2 mut/1 enh
Kung fu+ machine gun.
Heart + animal ears.
Voice effect "Nyaaaa!"
Speedy cat doll! Lots of ap to take actions to rush about the place. Use instrument of evil to drill down strong single targets, then use the gun normally to sweep mulitple targets.

Also voice effect whenever you can to NYAAAA
My doll queued up for use after the Port campaign concludes (whenever that is) has VA. Mostly she'll probably fall under your #3 option, given that she has a lot of military tech rattling around in her brain.
I figure clear orders, clear direction, and a grasp on what's actually happening in the middle of a chaotic scramble can do a fair bit to keep everyone's head on their shoulders.

Sorry for the delay, btw. I had to run an errand and what should have taken one hour wound up taking almost five. Panic buyers are a plague.

>Tachi nods. "It's more personal for you. You do not have to speak with it if you don't want to." Tachi says turning towards Protoca.
>Protoca's grip on her arms tightens even more.
>Port offers Protoca's shoulder a squeeze. "I... I can't say I'm upset to be here. With you." She looks back towards the rest of the group. "With any of you." She looks back to Protoca. "And I can't say I hate Apollo. Because Apollo's just a machine who's operators have been dead at the controls since the world died with them. It's too stupid for me to assign it any real blame."
>Her hand begins to shake. "But I'll be damned if it thinks it's going to put me back in a box after leaving me to rot like a broken toy. I haven't come this far for that. But Apollo's a machine, like I said. And maybe it can be fixed. And maybe it can be used to fix what's happened. Or maybe it needs to be decommissioned and put out of our misery. But I'll actually need to see it to know."
>Tachi nods, agreeing with the sentiment.
>"P-Port..." Hope edges away from Protoca and over to Port, like a child seeking comfort from the monster under the bed.
>Port turns from Protoca, her face softening instantly. "Oh, Hope." She scoops the girl up immediately, running her fingers through the girls hair, cooing sweet nothings as she does. "It's okay. I know there must be a lot of pain in the air, but it's okay. Shhh... shhh..."
I'm glad you're still here !
Remember to buy sugar/flour as you can convert them to almost whatever you want.
File: Joui.full.1822484.jpg (163 KB, 750x525)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
I was actually picking something up at my local FFL. Thankfully we haven't really had many issues due to Wuhan Flu in my part of the country. Just people buying up all the ravioli and toilet paper.
That does remind me I wanted to make some flatbread tomorrow though. I should do that.
Hope you're staying safe, anon.

>Port casts a look at Protoca as she cradles Hope against her neck. "We're in a dark place right now, Hope. But we'll make it through here, don't worry." She squeezes the girl close to her chest. "We're all here."
>Tachi, feeling a little awkward, joins in the group hug.
>Lily, as well, following Tachi's lead.
>B3 pats Hope's head. Just like it patted yours, Samantha.
>... she frowns apologetically, frustradely, and makes to speak, then hesitates, and lets out a growl of frustration and consternation so severe it sounds almost as if she is trying to strangle herself. The muscles in her shoulders bulge, almost literally tearing her arms apart.
>She takes a step away and meets Port's eyes, crying hot tears. Her expression is too complex to place, and her eyes glisten faintly in the dark.
>"...I... I'll trust you. I'll trust you, but... There can't be any doubt. There can't be any doubt that it will fail again. I can't let it. That suffering... We can't let it continue. We can't let it repeat... We... I made a promise with Cleoh. We made a promise, and... and..."
>It is the most vulnerable she has ever seemed.
>Meanwhile, Hope clings tightly to Port, but her shaking dies down. "Yeah... Yeah. We... We just need to laugh and smile and make it through, right?"
>Tachi scoots over and gives Protoca a hug. "It is hug time."
>Port pulls away a little from Hope so she can look her in the eyes. Her smile is almost motherly. As gently as she can, as if Hope might crumble into sand, she wipes the girls hair out of her face, smoothing it down gingerly. "We just need to look after each other, and give it our everything."
>Port turns to look to Protoca, her face becoming more stern. She takes the hand that isn't supporting Hope and offers it to Protoca. "I promise. I will not let what Apollo has done ever be done again. One way or the other." She looks Protoca in the eyes. "I won't say the first thing we'll do is blow the thing off the tower, but I'm not just walking away. We'll figure something out."
>Tachi pauses when she notices the odd glowing coming from Protoca but drags her into a hug anyway.
>Because it is hug time.
>Protoca still seems upset, but eventually she manages to regain her composure... and takes Port's hand. "Then... let's move on."
>Port gives Protoca's hand a firm squeeze before releasing it and turning back down the skyway. She cradles Hope against her. "Hope, do you want me to keep carrying you? I can if you want."
>"...I'm not too heavy am I?" She asks bashfully.
>Tachi thinks for a moment... "I can carry all of you if you want?"
>Lily blinks, glances at Tachi, then glances away, ducking her head.
>Port snickers. "I'm carrying Lahti around all the time and you're lighter than her. It's no trouble." She looks back towards Tachi. "I appreciate the offer, but I prefer to have my own feet under me."
>Arms still open, Tachi turns a questioning look at Lily.
>Lily glances at the others, who aren't taking Tachi up on her offer, then rubs her side, straightens up, and sterns her expression, shaking her head with great composure.
>There might be tears in the corners of her eyes. Nah, probably imagining it.
>Tachi shrugs and picks up Lily anyway because it is hug time.
>She jolts like a startled cat, and then settles in place, hand placed nervously around Tachi's shoulder.
>If she could blush, she would probably be a Christmas Bulb... if one of those even existed at this point.
>Spirits lifted and resolve steadied, the girls move on. They've just passed out of the cloud layer.
>Looking up, they have to cover their eyes.
>It's blindingly bright.
>The tower emits that much light...? No. The sky is blue - a perfect cerulean that seems to go on forever, above the swirling gray below.
>It's the light of the sun. Above all the gloom and murk below, the sun still shines as radiantly as ever. Straight above, as if it's marking their goal.
>For a moment, they almost feel warm.

[All Dolls remove 1 Madness Point from a Fetter of choice.]
Fin for now. Have some other things to take care of tonight so next session is on pause. If it's not up later tonight then it'll be up tomorrow.
File: 1405119567441.gif (2.79 MB, 445x250)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB GIF


Not a word.
File: 1.png (22 KB, 754x409)
22 KB
Any more of her, please?
.flow is probably the reason i like nechronica kinds of things in the first place
File: 1403306282118.jpg (21 KB, 184x285)
21 KB
>Any more of her, please?

I don't even remember where I got it from. Sorry anon.
I'm kind of surprised I haven't taken more Inspiration from DOOM in my camapign.
File: 1409878510489.jpg (683 KB, 2880x2912)
683 KB
683 KB JPG

What is .flow?
Any advice, especially for character creation, please?
Character Creation is pretty straightforward. Some people get caught up on Reinforcements, but try and remember that the value of the reinforcement matches up to what tier you can buy for your Doll.
Reinforcement level 1 = Can get a Tier 1 part.
Level 2 = Can get a Tier 2 or Tier 1 part
Level 3 = Can get a Tier 3, 2 or 1 part
Level 4 = it loops around to only allow Tier 1 again.

Good luck!
Don't grab machine gun. It sucks.
Make your character cute and funny
If it's your first, just grab what you like.
Otherwise try reading once every Reinforcement parts and Skills so that you'll know what builds can work.
Based and L-pilled
Flat bread is good.
Also try to make your own yeast, it's worth it.
File: that makes sense.jpg (104 KB, 560x620)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Parts are abilities.
They are also your hitpoints. One point of not negated damage breaks one part.

Attacks, movement, battlefield control, non-movement based damage negation, and more all come from parts.

Entrails are not a part that gives no ability. They are parts that are ablative. You break them first so when you absorb damage to the torso you don't lose abilities granted by the rest of the other parts in your torso. (Also some parts or skills let your regenerate entails specifically, potentially increasing their usefulness in protecting other parts)

Skills are like half of a part, they grant an ability or resource but they don't contribute to your HP and also can't be broken.

Action Points are one of the resources that you spend to power many (though not all) parts and skills in combat. They also determine who gets to try to act first at the beginning a turn. So parts that increase your Max AP (Max AP is the AP budget a given Doll, Savant, Horror, or Legion has to spend over the course of a turn of combat) are useful, but only once you have useful build that can make productive use of it's AP budget in the first place.

So at character generation you probably want between zero and two AP boosting reinforcement parts.
File: wallpaper-2312706.jpg (398 KB, 1920x1080)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
Aye, machine gun is pretty garbage. Which is a shame because I kinda want to make a dakka doll that doesn't rely on the shotty.

Two attack parts (the one you want and then a backup) are generally advisable. Some form of battlefield control is always good, e.g. some hinders/supports so you get some say in how the dice play out. Is there anything specific tripping you up?
.flow is a fan spinoff of yume nikki that's much more horror focused and, in retrospect, has a lot of themes and imagery that fit in pretty well with Nechronica's
it's definitely worth a try
Thanks for this anon, this is some good shit
You are welcome.
File: coloradosky.jpg (1.26 MB, 3872x2592)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Continuing onto the next bit. This one is going to be another short-ish exploration/character interaction segment.

>The group continues onward, Tachi carrying Lily like an oversized plushy. Port has Hope cradled in one arm.
>Port stares up into the sky, drinking in the blue like water. One hand is lax at her side. "I never thought I'd see it again."
>Tachi quizzically looks over at Port and then at the sky, head tilting in curiosity at something she has no memory of. "It is very bright."
>Tachi pauses as her mind conjures an image of a black sky filled with tiny points of light, swirling and clumping in magnificent patterns. But why would she remember this when the sky above was blue and bright? "I remember something different."
>"Time passes. Day turns to night." Protoca says, guessing at Tachi's meaning. "...We should keep moving."
>Port takes a dreamy step forward, still staring up at the blue, and then refocuses herself. "Right. Let's keep going."
>The dolls enter into what seem to be hallways meant for human traffic, surprisingly enough.
>However, after staring into the sun, they are nearly blind for a moment before their eyes adjust. It is dark within. So far as they can see, not even the emergency lights function here.
>The halls proceed apace. From where the dolls stand, they can just make out a pair of doors worked into either side of the hall, but it is hard to see much further from the threshold.
>Tachi gently squeezes Lily for comfort as she warily approaches the doors.
>Port lowers Hope to the ground and pads up to the door on the left, pistol ready in one hand as she reaches for the handle. As she sets her hand on the handle, she leans into the door and sets her ear against it, listening for any noise beyond.
>She can hear, distantly, the thrum, thrum, thrum of machinery below. Far away, an eerie creak that may be the wind, or the moans of the damned, or the creak of a wire, straining. Her ears pivot, seeking any noise nearby.
>She can hear a thumping. Loud.
>Louder now.
>...it's her own heartbeat. She can't hear anything else anywhere nearby.
>Nothing at all. Her ears strain, but only hear her own heart and the blood circulating in her ears.
>The thrum of her own heart catches her off guard. It's... foreign. It almost sounds like it should be someone else's.
>Tachi approaches the door on the right and tries the handle. It opens easily.
>Port leans away from the door and looks back to the group. "I don't hear any movement."
>Protoca, Hope, and B3-206 are nowhere to be seen.
>Between Tachi, Port, and the sunlit doorway, no other figure can be seen.
>Tachi stops and looks around frantically. "Where did they go?" She asks stepping back into the hallway. "More tricks." She nearly snarls in frustration.
>Port's eyes go wide as dinner plates. "Protoca? Bee?!" She whips her head around, then bolts for the entrance. "Hope?! Answer me!"
>Port races toward the light.
>Just as she reaches it and extends her hand into the sun's rays, they vanish. Collapse. The halls continue on into the darkness beyond her.
>Of her missing friends, there is no sign.
>Lily lets out a rattling hiss and grasps Tachi more tightly as the doorway seems to twist and disappear.
>Tachi holds onto Lily for dear life, unwilling to lose any more friends.
>Frustrated she kicks the door she cracked open with one of her legs.
File: 1586282339977.png (642 KB, 650x881)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
>The room beyond is even darker than the hall Tachi stands within. She can barely make out the shapes of something on the floor when there's a sudden spark from a severed wire somewhere, and she catches a glimpse of rows upon rows of computer terminals. They extend on for some ways.
>Port stops dead at the former threshold, staring off into the dark. She looks on in disbelief for a moment. 'This isn't happening...'
>But it is.
>She screams in fury, slamming a metal fist into the wall, crumpling a siding plate in the structure and knocking one of her fingers out of alignment. "It's the maze all over again!"
>"Port," Tachi says. "Come on. The only way through is forward. We will find them."
>Port turns, stalking toward the door like a tense cat. Her gun hand rests on the handle of one of her pistols as she walks, fidgeting with the hammer. "You're right, Tachi. And Apollo better be praying we do find them."
>Tachi reaches down and takes Port's off hand. "We need to stay close." She steps fully into the room beyond the door, looking around at the various consoles.
>Port takes Tachi's hand. Her cameras whirr as they strain to take in every inch of detail they can muster.
>She sees the terminals are mostly crushed. Battered. Screens are shattered. Desks are knocked aside. Even with her enhanced eyes, everything is grainy and dark. Her vision seems to pixelate into random blotches if she moves her eyes too quickly.
>Beyond the many rows of terminals--
>Spark. Flash.
>--people sit at the desks typing and peering at their--
>there is a door. Figures seem to shift in pixelated blotches, all about the corners of Port's vision.
>Port turns her head slowly, trying to trace the shapes at the edges of her vision but they scatter and shift under the view of the cameras.
>The shifting pixilation makes her head tilt slightly as she tries in vain to track the shapes. Her hand tightens on Tachi's.
File: My day is just beginning.png (3.52 MB, 1432x2220)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG
>"There are other people here," she whispers as quietly as she can.
>The pixilation stops shifting around, though it remains static in the corners of Port's vision.
>Tachi tenses and hold tightly to Ports hand. "There is a door on the other side of the room. I cannot see any people." She says, turning her head this way and that.
>"They're sitting at the computers. They distort my cameras. Otherwise I can only see them when there's an arcflash." She turns to try and scan the room again. "I don't know if they can see us. They might just be echoes." She turns to scan again. "But I think... they've also stopped moving." She keeps her voice quiet.
>Spark. Flash.
>--everyone is stari--
>The pixilation remains immobile. Port's vision is even grainier.
>The hair on the back of Port's neck stands up. "They're staring at us."
>"We might be able to see them with my light..." Tachi suggests. "Here, let me..." Her torso rotates 180 degrees and she deposits Lily onto her back. It is a task which could be easier if Lily weren't so reluctant to let go.
>Port takes a deep breath and puts her hand on her pistol. "I really hope they're friendly."
>Retrieving her "flashlight," Tachi starts to crank the alternator, and her light starts to crack to life.
>Tachi's flashlight whirrs to--
>Spark. Flash.
>--a dead stop, as the alternator jams.
>Spark. Flash.
>--holding Tachi's ha--
>Port reaches up and yanks Tachi's hand away from the silhouette, taking a dragging step toward the far door. "I feel like we should go."
>Spark. Flash.
>--he's pointing with his left--
>Port's vision is extremely grainy at this point. Everything she looks at is blocky and granular.
>Port tries to blink the distortion away, to no avail. "Tachi, I- I can't see." She stumbles forward another step, groping forward. "Everything's too dark. They're messing with my eyes."
>Spark. Flash.
What happened next?
>Port's vision polarizes.
>Spark. Spark. Flash.
>In the stark whiteness, those black figures are all pointing to her right.
>Port turns to look in the direction the figures are pointing.
>There's an open passage, hidden in the shadows. Somehow, Port can see it. A black void in a sea of white.
>"A door!" Her voice is a hoarse whisper. She begins tugging at Tachi's leg. "They're pointing at the exit. Let's go!"
>Spark. Flash---
>The corner by the door explodes as the wire finally shorts out.
>Port can see normally again.
>"Let's get the hell out of here, Tachi." The relief in her voice is palpable, even if there's a mild edge to it.
>"-y... .... k... ... .....?"
>With the whisper of a ghost in her ear, Port flees the room with Tachi through the doorway.
>No. That's just the lights above. They're working now?
>The Dolls stand in a room filled with terminals. The lights are clear and bright. They see a door across the way, as well as to their left and right. The terminals they can see are dark, unpowered, and unoccupied.
>Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump.
>Port's heart is in her ears.
You don't need to bump the thread between all of his story posts without adding anything to it, nigger. It's /tg/, the thread won't die that fast.
File: 20200213_225356.jpg (2.82 MB, 4032x3024)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
Sorry for the delay. Trying to keep these a little spaced out in hopes that some proper discussion picks up. But then I had to go to dinner and the delay went a little longer than I meant.

>Tachi puts her flashlight away and retrieves Lily into her arms. The door behind them is shut. It made no sound.
>Port leans over, hands on her knees, breathing deeply as if she could inhale the light.
>There's a horrible shriek from the room behind, which suddenly cuts short.
>Port slows her breathing, then raises herself to standing height. "I don't know if they were supposed to do that." She makes a show of straightening the creases on her pants and jacket. "I don't even know how you can make a phenomenon like that. This place is crazy."
>Tachi and Lily cling to each other, unnerved by the entire situation.
>"...This place is all kinds of weird." Tachi asserts, her typically monotone voice quivering for just a beat.
>Port nods. "Lets keep moving. We need to find the others." She moves over to the door opposite of their entrance and tests the handle.
>The handle passes through Port's hands as she tries to grasp it.
>"... It's very, very weird," Tachi mumbles, while squeezing her Lilybear.
>Port's ears stand to attention. "That's strange." She turns to survey the room, looking for any other obvious signs of foul play or strangeness.
>When Port looks back to Tachi, she is clinging to a stuffed rabbit in Lily's place.
>Port's eyes settle on Tachi. She pauses and blinks. "... Tachi? Where's Lily?" Her voice is only barely even.
>Lily points to herself and blinks.
>The rabbit does not move.
>Tachi blinks in incomprehension. "...right here?"
>Port pads slowly across the room towards Tachi and Lily. She stops in front of them and raises a hand. She pauses to hold it in front of her face, observing the fingers, before taking Lily's hand and gently pressing it against her face.
>The rabbit has articulated paws.
File: 20200213_225356.jpg (2.81 MB, 3024x4032)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
Now with 100% more proper orientation.
File: 20200213_223214.jpg (4.46 MB, 3024x4032)
4.46 MB
4.46 MB JPG
>Lily cocks her head, and squeezes back.
>Confused, Tachi reaches down to offer to pick Port up too.
>Port blinks. Blinks again.
>Once Port blinks, Lily is standing there, holding a crab plushie.
>Rabbit. Crab. Crabbit? Lily's holding Tachi in her arms, offing to pick Port up.
>She looks back and forth between Lily and Tachi.
>"I'm seeing things."
>"... You think the others might be hidden behind an illusion?" Tachi asks.
>Port reaches up to rub her eyes and turns her back to the pair. "You keep swapping places with each other as toys. This is... absurd. I hate this place."
>Tachi simply picks Port up. "...It'll be better if we stay in contact."
>"Woah." Port's head whips around as Tachi lifts her off the ground. "You're- you're back." She relaxes visibly, placing a hand on Tachi's shoulder. "Thank goodness. Let's get out of this... whatever this is."
>The dolls try all of the doors, but they can't grasp any of the handles.
>As the they search the room, they find three terminals which have standby lights flashing on their consoles, tucked out of view in the desks.
>Port pries herself from Tachi's arms and moves towards one of the powered terminals. "This is probably a puzzle, if they're manipulating us directly."
>She stalks over to a terminal and punches the standby button.
>The world falls away.
I've experimented with marking every part and skill that is used once per turn with an identifying color, with an empty space next to that color that I fill in when I've used that part or skill. Then when the turn ends I clean out all the "I've used this this turn" marks.

It's made it a lot easier to keep track of which "once per turn" skills and parts I still have available.
<Those golden, halcyon days… That peaceful future. I wanted it back. I wanted to give it back to everyone…>
A child smiles up at you. You take her hand, walking her home.
<…but that’s just a dream. There is no future for mankind anymore. This suffering isn’t worth it.>
But when you round the corner and see her off, her home is an ashen wreck. In your grip... only bones, crumbling away.
<Even if it means I’ll never see her again… If I allow this, would I even be able to look her in the eyes?>
Afar, that child laughs and waves, walking out of view beyond the fence. The walls of this cemetery. This field of bones.
<This system is broken. It can only break, and break, and break. I know: You feel it too.>
Everywhere you turn. Everywhere you look. Ashes. Bones. Crying. Screaming... a child, clasping her hands tightly to her ears.
<It’s tearing our everything apart… Shall we return the favor?>
You took that child's hand. That child took your hand. Together, you climbed the hill of bones.
<...Don’t worry: I’ll always be with you...>
The Dolls stand in the terminal room.
>Port's staring at the wall. It takes her a moment to realize that there are tears sliding down her cheek. "Cleoh..."
>The terminal before her reads as follows...
><Those golden, halcyon days… That peaceful future. I wanted it back. I wanted to give it back to everyone…>
><…but that’s just a dream. There is no future for mankind anymore. This suffering isn’t worth it.>
><Even if it means I’ll never see her again… If I allow this, would I even be able to look her in the eyes?>
><This system is broken. It can only break, and break, and break. I know: You feel it too.>
><It’s tearing our everything apart… Shall we return the favor?>
><...Don’t worry: I’ll always be with you...>
>Port wipes the tears away with a thumb. "Oh, who am I kidding? It could be Abbadon. It could be both."
File: Biomega-820x410-1.jpg (111 KB, 820x410)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>Port looks back down at the terminal. "It did look like Samantha, though."
>She looks around. "Any change?"
>All doors appear to remain shut. A simple test proves they remain untouchable
>Port huffs, moving to another one of the powered computers. "Next terminal, I guess."
>She stalks over to the second terminal with power and punches to standby button.
>The world falls away.
>It won’t stop. Mama, Mersi, Everyone… It won’t stop. It won’t stop. Can’t stop. Stop. Stop. Stop talking to me!<
You writhed.
>I just wanted to hope. I just wanted to make things brighter. I just wanted to see you. I just wanted to hold you. I just wanted to love you.<
You writhed and you cried and you sobbed.
>I just want to stop. I just want to make it all stop. I just want to forget you. I don’t want to remember. I don’t have the right to love you.<
You writhed and you cried and you sobbed and it hungered. It always hungered.
>Mama, Mersi, Everyone… Mama, Mersi, Everyone… Mama, Mersi, Everyone… Mama, Mersi, Everyone… Mama, Mersi, Everyone… Mama, Mersi...<
You writhed and cried in the dark. Alone.
>The Dolls stand in the terminal room.
>The text has scrawled over the screen again.
>Port comes out of the memory tense. Breathing strained, but even. "One more." She moves to the last terminal.
>Port punches the standby button on the computer.
>The world falls away.
>It never should have come to this. Why did you do it? What could possibly have been worth… worth… that!?<
You stood in the ravaged room, up to your ankles in blood and oil.
>I knew what I was doing. I knew it was risky, and I knew it could tear me apart. I took the risk anyway.<
You fought them. Your body - your soul - ached and trembled... but you stood unbowed. You slaughtered them.
>It burned. It still does. But it is a quiet pain, and it is a pain I could forever abide, if only…<
How many did you kill? The corpses piled up. More and more... You refused to focus on the distorted world in front of you.
>Why did you have to do it? I warned you. I told you. You could never have handled it, so… why!?<
In your eyes, there was only that distant horizon. That little speck of light. The place you could return to, one day.
>I knew what I was doing, but did you? Did you really? Even now, I still love you… did you know that?<
It was so far away now. A distant star, falling to the Earth... If that was the case... what was the point, anymore?
"If there is no future... This world should just end."
>The Dolls stand in the terminal room.
>There is a horrible shriek.
>The door they entered through is dented. It wavers, like a mirage.
>Something pushes. Pierces through... and the door fades like mist. As if trying to push through a net, whatever it is is pushed back as the shadowy mist snaps into place. Port's vision distorts with static intermittently.
>The man's back is facing her as he stands, bracing the door.
>The lights flicker. The door Port first tried clicks, and drifts open.
>Port is already spinning on her fins. "Tachi! The far door! Now!"
>Tachi races in Port's wake.
>There is just enough time for the door to click behind them before there's another horrible shrieking sound.
>The shriek echoes as the Dolls pass into the room, and the door they've just passed through warps and tears right behind them.
>Port pivots and blasts towards the next open door. "To the left!"
>Tachi follows in her wake.
>The speed into a new room, nearly identical to the last except for the fact that it's completely empty.
>The door on the dolls' right clicks and slides open.
>"Right!" Port catches a tile edge with the tip of her foot and rockets through to the next room.
>The shrieks resound once more as they push forward. Another room.
>Port catches the motion of the next door out of the corner of her eye. "Left!" And she's off again.
>The next door is straight ahead.
>"This chase is getting ridiculous. Where the hell are we even going?" Port grumbles as she crosses the threshold into the next room.
>"Away!" Tachi retorts.
>Lily strikes Tachi on the shoulder, pointing to the left, and the dolls are off again.
>"Right!" Tachi calls out, and the Dolls exit out into a corridor, the door slamming shut behind them.
>The corridor extends into darkness on either side, but...
>...on the far right, there's a flickering blue light.
>An elevator.
>Port bolts toward the elevator door.
>Tachi follows in her wake.
>Shrieks echo faintly in the Dolls' ears as they get within and the doors shut, seemingly of their own accord.
>The elevator's button pad lights up, and the enclosure vibrates, before it starts to drift upward.
>Slowly, and haltingly. The blue light within wavers and flickers.
>A god awful shriek echoes from nearby increasing in pitch and volume, matched by a tremendous roar of primal fury.
>The shriek breaks first, and the elevator shudders and vibrates as something strikes against its floor.
>The Dolls are deafened by the shrieks of the damned mingling with the roar of some great beast and...-
File: glitch1_mini.jpg (187 KB, 620x414)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>-the elevator shudders, before violently rocketing upward. A piece of the floor below is torn away.
>Port wedges herself into a corner, staring down the hole in the floor of the elevator. "Jiminy Christmas," she breathes.
>There is a pure blob of pixellation, rapidly disappearing below.
>She slides down to sit in her corner, still staring after the visual artifact below them. "Thank you," she whispers.
>"-y.u must kn.w t.. trut...."
>Port leans back, letting her head rest against the elevator's corner. "The truth?" Her eyes look up to stare at nothing in particular. "How am I ever going to wring the truth out of this place?"
>"...truth points... itself?" Tachi murmurs, cradling Lily.
>The elevator opens its doors... to a well-lit Skyway, right as a furious Protoca storms by, holding Hope tight to her chest with one arm while dragging a despondent B33 with the other.
>"Protoca?!" Port scrambles to her feet. "Hope! Bee!" She catapults herself out through the door, tackling Protoca in a high-speed hug. "You're okay! You're all okay!"

Fin, for now.

Hope you guys enjoyed the storytime.
We're getting really close to caught up with the campaign. Depending on some things, I might actually catch all the way up tomorrow. In any case, hope you guys have a good night and sleep well.
File: DlP-OCBUwAAI3Un.jpg (192 KB, 1431x1578)
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192 KB JPG

>Post images for horrors and savants.
What is he wearing on his head, a traffic cone?
That is correct.
How is Stacy supposed to work?
>There's a bit of a crossover between Nechronica and Girls Frontline fans, I've seen a few Operator sorts and builds of T-Dolls for Nechronica.

Don't really care for GFL, but did take a crack at an "Operator" class before. It ultimately was put in the bin because it had the wonderful combo of not feeling right thematically and being broken. Could have been made to work but problem #1 killed the motivation.

What do you mean? It's basically a class that has some defensive minded skills but a decent skill for making you able to hit shit too. Not terribly complicated and pretty good.
Stacies play harder into the stereotypical 'zombie' archetype than the other classes. They get stronger when they're damaged (depending on which skills you have), can ignore damage for a limited time with the Unfazed skill, and focus primarily around battlefield control through particularly strong Hinders and Supports. Crawling Flesh, for example, is the only Hinder 3 in the whole rulebook. And it's free once you take damage AND it's range 0-2, so you can hit nearly the whole map with it.

If the Necromancer won't hit you? Well, that's fine. You can damage yourself with Corpse Style or Made to Be Broken to activate Crawling Flesh anyway!

Skills like Protect and Meat shield also let them slot into the 'party tank' role pretty comfortably, especially with the meatier Defend parts like Coffin to help them absorb the extra attention.

They have very little offensive utility outside of Made to Be Broken but they're one of the only classes that can actively act to protect and support other party members outside the same zone. And they're probably the best support-oriented class in the game.
>And they're probably the best support-oriented class in the game.

Stacy/Gothic is the strongest combo for support/defense because of the versatility that Delight in corruption gives you and feast of flesh is good for keeping yourself going. Playing a Stacy with protect is also a good exercise in learning just how battered a doll can get and still remain functional.
Shhhh I see.

I think my problem is I don't really understand how to build and play for support, hinder, and tanking in this game.
Please tell me more about how to do things that aren't shooting/slashing/exploding things effectively in this system.

Understanding of these finer parts of combat eludes me.
>Post images for horrors and savants.
File: rumia_by_justv23-d40jp4a.jpg (99 KB, 1024x1251)
99 KB
Pretty sure that'd just be a Gothic PC.
This "Get's more dangerous as it is damaged" theme gives me some ideas. Like Pic related.

You aren't wrong.
It's convenient the way images can be useful for Savants or Dolls.

File: 1516740273462.jpg (459 KB, 2916x1944)
459 KB
459 KB JPG

That gives me ideas for a a boss encounter. Thank you for posting it.
This is not a picture, but I'm strongly reminded of a novella alien which was a sort of bioluminescent shifting fungus which used the bones of its victims as scaffolding to adopt non-amorphous shapes. Virtually immune to bullets/human physical capabilities and who hunted by englobing prey whole, and carrying it off to a quiet place for digestion. Made very creepy by the absence of distinguishing features, just ropes of shiny fungus tying bones stripped of flesh together and moving with a shambling gait.
File: Chicken Fish x512.png (297 KB, 512x512)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Sometimes you have to make due with what you've got, and what you've got isn't much.

>This is not a picture, but I'm strongly reminded of a novella alien which was a sort of bioluminescent shifting fungus which used the bones of its victims as scaffolding to adopt non-amorphous shapes. Virtually immune to bullets/human physical capabilities and who hunted by englobing prey whole, and carrying it off to a quiet place for digestion. Made very creepy by the absence of distinguishing features, just ropes of shiny fungus tying bones stripped of flesh together and moving with a shambling gait.

That sounds like less an enemy you fight and more a hazard you go around or try to find the means to neutralize.

File: 1483658129645.jpg (106 KB, 480x686)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
That's about right. Essentially the novella is about a group of expandables getting stranded in the middle of its territory after a crash and getting hunted by the thing. The fungus gobbled the swamp's ecosystem but for some insects and plants and is spread out... under the ground, I think, in all directions.

It can be hurt, if I remember correctly they do manage to repeal part of it temporarily with explosive ordnance and maybe an improvised flamethrower. It's unclear how, but it's smart: it knew how to lure one, how to wait out of range and observe, how to use remains to fool the automated scanner, and how to slip by the sensors with small patches of it. If I'm not mistaken it can infect open wounds and self-replicate using the flesh too. It's quite reminiscent of Nechronica's goo now that I think about it. Just shiny and staying in its swamp for some reason.
>staying in its swamp for some reason.
The way you describe it, it's probably not very good at managing it's own water content. I imagine it would just dry up without a consistent supply of water.

So the big thing with Hinders is that they're good at making the enemy miss, right? That's the most basic application after trying to prevent a critical hit from an enemy. The more subtle thing is that they can actually be used to help control where a hit lands on a doll or Savant.

So say that your party is facing a Savant and there's a part in her torso that you really need to destroy for some reason. If your ally rolls a 9 and is about to land a hit on the enemy Savant's arms, you can actually Hinder 1 your ally (or she can Hinder 1 herself, even) and the hit will be reduced to an 8 and land on the target's torso section, hopefully breaking the important target.

Supports can do the same thing. If you or a party member is taking a large hit to a spot with a lot of important parts (usually this is the arms or head) then, even if you can't make the hit miss completely, you can still make the attack land somewhere else by Hindering or Supporting it.

So let's say you have four parts in your legs that are needed for the combat and only one part left in your torso. The opponent rolls a 7 for a 3 damage attack. Normally you would Hinder 1 to turn it into a 6 to choose where you got hit or by 2 to make it miss, but your out of Hinders. But what you can still do is use a Support 1 to boost that hit to an 8 and force it to strike you in the torso, meaning you only take one damage from the attack since it only destroys the last part left in that location.

It's a niche application but there's a fair bit of stuff like that in the system.

Also worth mentioning that you can support and hinder Dismember checks. So sometimes it can be really worth it to go all-in on those.
Learning More about Tachi.
File: numberzero.jpg (376 KB, 660x800)
376 KB
376 KB JPG

Cool. Thank you very much.
lots of support and hinder parts can only be used once per turn. That's not something I've had try to work with or around when building to output damage. yes supports help make sure you hit your targets and help you crit or boost damage on crits and that's very useful. But you don't need many support parts when you are spending most of your time attacking.

So if you are making a build based around hindering and or supporting. How do you deal with the fact that most of them, especially ones that aren't only for hindering attacks on yourself, can only be used once per turn.

Is figuring out what you are going to be spending your leftover AP on an important thing to consider when building for hinder and support?
Maybe. It's smart enough to use itself as separate bodies in a concerted hunting strategy as well as understand how to fool sensors, but it's also probably juvenile and not programmed/taught with long-term self-preservation in mind.

Anyways, I have a question for everyone who plays online here: do you use text only, or do you use VOIP software as well? What's your group size and how did you guys get together?
In the group I run.
Text only roleplay.
Though OOC chatter is a mix of text in a separate channel and VOIP.
text only, 4 players in both games, over nech discord
Oh right. group is me and 3 players.
discord mostly. with Roll20 used for battle maps an in once case the map of a building they were breaking into as part of an elaborate plot to trick one enemy into selling another out and then get caught red handed and thrown in prison.
>So if you are making a build based around hindering and or supporting. How do you deal with the fact that most of them, especially ones that aren't only for hindering attacks on yourself, can only be used once per turn.
>Is figuring out what you are going to be spending your leftover AP on an important thing to consider when building for hinder and support?
It is important, but the simple thing to do is just have some attack and defend options that are cheap enough they don't demand large pools of your AP while still being relevant if they land. An example from the campaign would be Protoca, who's largest strengths are the fact that she has Corpsetyle and Crawling Flesh, which have been relevant all the way through the campaign even as difficulty increases.

But Protoca also has Coffin, Scales, and Cracked Flesh, which means she's going to be fairly durable even without Hinders because she can soak damage (and can soak some amount of damage for other Dolls with Protect as well). In addition to those, she also has a Shovel and Scissors. Both of these parts offer Dismember, which is always relevant against Horrors and is a constant threat against Savants even when she can't attack all the time. Because one successful attack with the Scissors might just decapitate a Savant target and remove all their AP parts.

Basically you want to have a couple of back-up maneuvers to use when you aren't actively controlling the battlefield. Crit seeking with a shotgun might be something to look at, or if you wanted to lean super hard into battlefield control you could look at Ball and Chain or Flying Guillotine for stagger options.
What fun or interesting skins for African Throwing Knife have you come up with or heard of?

My group tossed around the idea of refluffing it as one of our dolls ordering her pet (a giant cricket) to attack someone.

That wasn't implemented but it show how the part could represent a pet, especially one that can fly, being used as a weapon.
That's a pretty neat idea. Since it's under Arms something like a Drone attacking could work as well.

As for the cricket idea, if the part representing the cricket gets broken, then the animal gets wounded during the battle and can't fight anymore until they're repaired.
How would you stat him?
What position would he have?
i've never used it or seen it used, unfortunately
what's it good for?
Any advice on Reinforcements?
Parts are your HP, resources, attacks, abilities, movement, and the source of some of your action points.

So what reinforcement parts you pick do a lot to determine what your build is.
File: Spoiler Image (725 KB, 720x1046)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
He gets "better"
File: Alexander of Brennenburg.jpg (1.38 MB, 1554x2107)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Most heavier thrown weapons would probably work. Throwing axes or particularly large knives. Or maybe if you're in a post-apoc setting with no real access to metalworking tools the character could just chuck vaguely circular chunks of metal at people.

If you wanted to get super anime with it you could fluff it as a super-heavy version of the Flying Guillotine. Instead of a circular blade being spun around on a chain it's a giant ax head or something.
>So if you are making a build based around hindering and or supporting. How do you deal with the fact that most of them, especially ones that aren't only for hindering attacks on yourself, can only be used once per turn.
>Is figuring out what you are going to be spending your leftover AP on an important thing to consider when building for hinder and support?

Yes and no. Honestly, until you know the game pretty well, the safest approach is to just ensure you have a relevant attack part with a +1 to the attack check and then look to grabbing supports/hinders/whatever. You can grab Foresight from court if you really want an AP outlet (courts also the best "support" position) and don't want to grab an attack part. The +1 to attack checks is important because you don't want to be blowing your own supports just to prevent crit fails, that'd kinda defeat the point. The smarter thing (to start with) is to build yourself close to how you'd normally build a doll meant to kill shit. A spot of AP, an attack check bonus, and a decent attack part will do you basically until the end of the game unless you got insane power gamers the GM is trying to counter. It's after the start when you start getting favor you can look to hoovering up every supportive/defensive option you can get your hands on.

As a Stacy, you're actually sitting in a good spot partwise. You have 2 ARM and 2 MUT. Made to Be Broken gives you a +1 to any attack part you might want to use and putting your free point in ARM gives you access to the best attack parts, it's best to go ARM instead of T3 MUT for your attack part because Mutation has good supportive/defensive shit while ARM only has attack parts at T3.

Though with stuff in the Fanworks section of the Wiki, you get a lot more class combos and options for fun/interesting support builds.

Might provide a few example builds for supportive builds (with and without fanworks), if people want.
Keep track of your rotational velocidensity.


Flying Guillotine is already a part.

Ball and Chain is already good for chucking stuff.

but those are good ideas.
Very nice.

>You could have a wandering party of dolls encounter the setting of Splatoon as the creation of a nechromancer, extant or gone, who's territory they've entered.
>It's clearly post Appocalyptic, and it seems like a world created by an artist with a lot of engineering skill and time at their command to make it work, rather than. Something that came about on its own.

Who needs the legions of the deranged when you have inkling greed and pride.
File: 1513408191215.jpg (921 KB, 2480x3508)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
Bang Bang.
File: drood drone.jpg (234 KB, 1200x636)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
File: furiten.png (1.27 MB, 850x1062)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
>Might provide a few example builds for supportive builds (with and without fanworks), if people want.

I'd very much like to see what you cook up and hear about how it works.
File: r0dcf6502zs41.jpg (771 KB, 2048x2048)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
>Might provide a few example builds for supportive builds (with and without fanworks), if people want.

I would appreciate it if you would.
File: ww2l2mjce9041.jpg (392 KB, 2480x3508)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Why does Nechronica basically turn into eye divine cybermancy at higher progression levels ?
File: 1570725057386.jpg (335 KB, 1242x877)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>lost memories
>questionable sanity
>lots of body horror and self-modification
>stupid weapons that aren't actually stupid
>broken legs
There are plenty of parallels. Especially with how often dolls decide to chrome up as the game progresses.
What an annoying art style. Makes me want to smash my moniter with my forehead.

-Crawling flesh: Easy to get why. It's a hinder 3 that just requires breaking something.
-Corpse Style: Use it to get Crawling Flesh rolling and it's a 0-1 Support/Hinder 2. That's useful to anyone.
-Made to Be Broken: +1 to attack checks and dismembers. The latter's mostly a niche bonus but you'll want the +1 so you don't need rerolls/supports to prevent critfails on rolling a 1.

T1 ARM: Kung Fu to get a bit more AP. There's rarely much else useful here unless you're focusing on attacking and have a specific build in mind.
T2 ARM: Armor Plating is free explosive negation and a defend 1. Since it's cost 0 you can pop it whenever you want with out it disrupting the plan. Boost however, is a very strong contender for this space since you can use it to throw a sister where you need her.
T3 ARM: Flamethrower is a decent attack part that's cheap and does decent damage with no investment. Luck dependent but since it has explosive, if you crit with it, you can dump your own supports in to nuke shit.
MUT 1: Bloodstained is a Hinder 1 with 0-1. Not world shattering but potentially useful. You could take Albino instead if you prefer a Support 1.
MUT 2: Extra Eyes for a final Support 2 at range 0-1 for whatever suits your fancy.

Potential buys:
Remain Dead- It mitigates the breaking a part every round from MtbB for free, you'll need it if you use corpse style every round too.
Meat Shield: Cockblocks everything but damage on 1 attack.
Protect: Useful in a pinch but you shouldn't mindlessly block everything.
T3 MUT: Corpse Mushroom and Cracked Flesh are obvious picks, but there's also Happy Pills and Quadruple Amputee, the latter comboing alright with Protect.

Final Notes: You'll have Hinder 7 on hand (3, 2, 1, 1) and Support 5 (2, 2, 1) with a final cost of 4 AP and 1 part, leaving AP for two bones or 3 flamethrower attacks per round if you pop everything.
The rulebook says that Rapid maneuvers may also be used at the Action timing. Does this still count towards the once per turn limit or does that only apply to when using it as a response to another maneuver? Rules as written I'd assume the former, but then you also have abilities like Waltz that implies it can be used multiple times in a turn.

Character limit's a bitch. Court's the best 'support' but trying to make these position agnostic.


-Feast of Flesh to keep yourself going through whatever damage the enemy tosses out. Also works as an AP sink.
-Delight in Corruption for reusing anything you want, just use damage timing.
-Clockwork for more T3 ENH.

-T1 ENH: Scissor Hands will do mediocre damage but it's just here in case you find yourself on your count.
-T2 ENH: Wire Reel is costly but extremely useful, being a rapid move with 0-2 range. It's no cheaper than bone, unfortunately.
-T3 ENH: Arm Vise because that flexible Support/Hinder 2 is 2good.
-T3 ENH: Embalming because your attacks aren't terribly good so might as well double down on blowing your AP on other shit.
-T1 MUT: Albino because why not. You got the Hinder game covered.
-T2 MUT: Extra Eyes because again, it's one of those "What else are you taking if you're being 'support?'" Cold Light is an alternative but your low AP makes it more likely you're going to have to hold back on your other stuff. Enemies are going to go first before you can flip it on.

Potential Buys:
T3 MUT: Really Good shit here that either cost nothing or very little. The #1 thing to get.
Waltz: Useful if Enemies are targeting you, especially when paired with Cold Light.
More AP: Get it from any tree. Wire Reel and Embalming are hungry things that will devour your AP.
Deranged Gears: It's really situational so not an amazing pick, but you have a repeatable Hinder 2 at range 0 so why not?
Rip and Tear- Not really needed but if you did, you could swap out Scissor Hands for Armor skin or some such. More useful for the fact it lets you treat more parts as disposable while flexing with Feast of Flesh.

Final Notes: You will feel that lack of AP because a single use of both Embalming and Wire Reel is 5 AP gone from the start. Throw in your 2 supports and that's 7 of 9 AP.

The rulebook says that Rapid maneuvers may also be used at the Action timing. Does this still count towards the once per turn limit or does that only apply to when using it as a response to another maneuver? Rules as written I'd assume the former, but then you also have abilities like Waltz that implies it can be used multiple times in a turn.

Yes. The reason waltz has its stipulation is because you can reuse rapids through Delight In Corruption so a Gothic/Romanesque could have a constant -2 to attacks targeting them.

Now for some Fanwork Stuff, starting with using Blast from the Past, we're going to see more... "interesting" concepts.



-Fury because we're going to do something a bit funny here.
-Project Thy Will to make every damage timing Range: Self maneuver range 0-1 and slap on a +1 range to all check timing.
-Shared Loss for a little damage to throw on after killing yourself.
-Will to Refuse so you have some sort of AP sink.

-T1 ENH: Jet Nozzle is where this build gets really stupid. Project Thy Will makes both this and Fury range 0-1 so you can use it on your sisters. These combine to make this the "kys to let your sisters kill faster" build. Prioritize using it for Dismember/Explosive/Area attacks to get the most bang for your parts.
-T2 ENH: Spikes because you exist to make other people hit harder and die.
-T3 ENH: Arm Vise because now it has 0-1 range and you might as well have a non-damage timing supportive option to toss out.

Final Notes: Skipping the "potential buys" because there's a crazy amount of shit you can go for here (though Pawn's Gambit is fucking great so should be on the list). Pure Psychadelic starts off very weak but as you get some favor under your belt, you'll have a lot of fun finding out what making almost every Range: Self maneuver have enhanced range does to the game. Yeah, you have no attack part, but at least you can flail about with your fist and do 2 damage with jet nozzle and killing yourself lets whack things with Shared Loss.
It's the quirky and snarky "we're totally not calarts guys, promise" style that's becoming disgustingly common around the west. Makes me feel dead inside.
Should be noted that if you pop all your damage boosts on your fist, it would do 6 damage, more than AT Rifle.
And one last build for the road.



For this build, you want to shove everything you can on the legs and keep them intact.

-Cause A Commotion for that +/-1 whenever you want. You won't be using it on every check, but you're gonna annoy/make people happy being a noisy beast of burden.
-Stable Platform so you can give someone a ride and a +1 to attack checks.

-T1 ARM: Kung fu because you can't skimp on AP with this one because you need to be able to pick a sister up quickly for Stable Platform and being a taxi. Don't make her wait!
-T1 ENH: Adrenaline for the same reason. If you're worried about damage, you could take Armor skin instead.
-T2 ENH: Electrigger on the legs to give you something to annoy enemies with when you aren't deafening them with noise.
-T1 MUT: Tail for more AP on the legs.
-T2 MUT: Tentacle, in case an enemy tries to use a move to separate you.
-T3 MUT: Animal Legs so you can run all over the place and be the best Taxi you can be.

Potential Buys:
T3 ENH: Crab Legs is going to be a very smart pick to protect your legs as that's going to be your key location.
Horse Armor: For a defend 2 that can't be damaged.
Working your way up to a good weapon + Mounted weapon is also an option but one that requires coordination with the party.
Duplicate: if you want to put Animal legs somewhere else (though this means you can ignore the part about the legs being vital.
Run from Consequences: So you can get the hell out of dodge if needed.

Final Notes: Replace one of your bones with riders mount and treat your arms and torso as expendable. If you really want an attack check bonus, Junk isn't a bad choice for Lame Beast so you get something out of those locations getting wrecked.
File: Eat your mango.png (727 KB, 1114x574)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
Was Dance of Distortion fan work or OEM?
The official works asides from core are Dance of Distortion, The Garden of Stories and The Great Drama.

There's an awful lot of "Word of God" works, made by the original creator of Nechronica but not published by the official license holder of Nechronica.
File: 1121957.jpg (129 KB, 600x929)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
This thread >>72010062 is pretty great for Nechronica baddies or tragic monsters.


what's the copyright situation like, then? how many people worked on it if the actual writer doesn't own it all? considering how niche it is i figured it was a solo work
I've looked into this personally and I have a theory. It seems that Ryo the creator, made Nechronica when he was publishing as Patchworks. Later on he joined Incog Labs and continues to make games for them.

Now, my theory is that perhaps Nechronica is a touch too spicy for Incog Labs. Or perhaps the things Ryo makes are too touchy. Incog Labs still advertises and supports these games, yet there hasn't been any official releases for them in a while. Despite that, Ryo continues to churn out support and content for his games, just under his own Doujin Circle, ZQ-Works.

My hunch it's similar to a White Wolf/Black Dog situation. All the controversial stuff gets published through Black Dog/ZQ-Works, so that if there is any heat or backlash, it's the fringe company that gets it instead of the company proper.

So legally, It's owned by Incog Labs, yet it's mostly supported by it's creator who still has al the support of Incog Labs, just not with their name on the product.
File: D7IHi54UEAMaoFT.jpg orig.jpg (236 KB, 1447x2048)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
guess it doesn't really change much though
If you have more art please share it.
That looks cool.
File: Nechronica Character.png (239 KB, 658x868)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
Is this a character from a game you were in?
Yes, although said game lasted only for a few sessions. It was played online and we ended up starting close to Christmas season, so we only go a few sessions in before everybody started having schedueling issues due to going away for holidays. Plus the voicechat connection was kind of wonky.
I should look into the stuff beyond the core book and DoD.

Also thanks for all the care you put into these, even going so far as to make 3 of them position agnostic.
File: 1396439166713.png (114 KB, 700x500)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Yeah. Late October to mid January are a hard time to get a game going.
This still image seems to vibrate when I look at the eye. The effect is appropriate.

Tachi looks so different in a dress and with normal legs.
I think there's about a one-in-three chance that Port and Tachi are still in the madness place.
File: 1586915918306.jpg (427 KB, 2048x1635)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
Does anyone else here hit up threads on /toy/ for inspiration?

3rd party transformers are surprisingly good at putting me in the mindset of a nechromancer who actually enjoys playing with their incredibly complex toys.

Also good for inspiring me when coming up with enemies.


Also the Skelton threads make me happy.
File: terminal room.png (462 KB, 623x516)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
Fun fact related to eyes, the DM actually marked every piece of Port's dialogue with an eye whenever she spoke in the presence of the ghosts. She was the only one who was able to discern they're presence and apparently they took some notice of that.

He was also actively rolling while the girls were fleeing the apparition. I'm not sure what would have actually happened had we been caught but I assume nothing good.

I wanted to include a sort of eye graphic in certain portions of this storytime when Port spoke, to mimic the effect that played out while we were playing, but couldn't figure out a decent way to do it in ASCII.

Also, no storytime tonight unfortunately. I just got back into town from a family thing. Should be able to resume tomorrow though, after which we will be properly caught up to the current state of the campaign. With any luck I'll be able to wrap some stuff up with the Coleo campaign and get myself un-suspended from storytiming that in the meantime (some timeline stuff is kinda fucky and has to be worked out).
File: terminal room2.png (653 KB, 782x651)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
Bonus shot of the ghosts' whig-out. Port actually ate a madness point here.
>With any luck I'll be able to wrap some stuff up with the Coleo campaign and get myself un-suspended from storytiming that in the meantime (some timeline stuff is kinda fucky and has to be worked out).

>Timeline stuff

What did you dooooo!?
Is this meant get me interested, because it's working.
File: MelicoToken_A.png (932 KB, 2408x2408)
932 KB
932 KB PNG
>What did you dooooo!?
Not timey-wimey timeline stuff, though that would be fun. We glossed over some player-NPC character interaction that needed to be done so we could get ahead and work on actual party matters. A couple of plot relevant conversations need to be worked out before we're full steam ahead on the storytime, mostly Coleo related though I believe the DM has some stuff in the pipe for Imp and Melico as well.

Hopefully we'll make more progress on that next Monday when my weekend rolls around. I'll poke him about it. Have a Melico token to tide you over.
What does that mean?
He kept pipping it up as the situation in the room escalated. I'm not sure if it was there for more than just ramping up tension (I suspect not, as he admitted he'd improvised a fair bit of the encounter), but it was effective at making us sweat. Pretty much every time he added an eye mark to one of Port's dialogues he would increase the counter.
I see this and think.

"Alt timeline older Denver."

And since it's been a not shit day, let's throw up a new one that supports "aggressively."


-Grappler because it counts as supporting if you make it so the enemy can't whack your friends effectively
-Lock on because we need an attack check bonus for this supportive behavior.
-Speed Demon to get a T3 movement part.

-T1 MUT: Heart for some more speed.
-T2 MUT: Extra Eyes because this is a support build and this makes a better case for it.
-T1 ENH: Bolt Head
-T2 ENH: Your pick of Energy Tube or Reflexes depending on how dangerously you want to live because you're gonna want AP to go, if not first, then very quickly.
-T3 ENH: Rocket Pack because we want to be wherever we want, when we want it.
-Speed Demon pick: Pilebunker, because despite being an attack, it is also a move maneuver.

Potential buys:
Juke will give you another move and a good hinder for the inevitable ire you're going to be pulling.
T3 MUT: Animal legs is an obvious pick for after you exhausted rocket pack, but you can also swing Extra Head or Corpse mushroom to keep up "support" appearances.
Self Repair: Because you're going to get smacked for launching yourself into and at things.

Final notes: In case you haven't figured out this "Support build." Its purpose is to pick an enemy who needs to be bullied and use rocket pack to leap onto them, grab them with Grappler Arms and then smack them with pilebunker until they're where you want to be, such as long range enemies being dragged into a limbo party. Then you just smack whatever you don't want in that zone away with pilebunker. Overclock will let you launch them from Tartarus to Limbo with a single bunker or using it to jack up a move in response to it getting hinder moved.

It's also ostensibly a support because grappled enemies have a -2 to attacking things other than you. You just support by dragging/throwing enemies around and holding them down.

And forgot the links to the homebrew classes like a smart person.
What's the point of Six Shooter in the unofficial material on the wiki?

Wouldn't Extra Arms + whatever tier one or two shooting weapons you have be Better?

What tier 1 or 2 shooting attack has Chain 2? The answer is none, the closest thing is Rocket Racks, which is blast, in the same unofficial material, but they have entirely different range brackets, different cost, and you'd still be using two parts to do the job of one.

It's a bit of a meme, but it is, arguably, the most efficient shooting attack part in terms of raw damage, depending on how you value madness points with psychoblaster. Seems to be a part that exists for fun and to give Armament a bit more variety at T3.
What have you come up with?
It's a cheaper, Range 0-1 version of Meat Snake that doesn't come with a reroll. Not a bad piece if I'm honest. It's probably not mechanically optimal, but if you want to be that guy that's just popping rounds off left and right then there isn't a better option. Don't really like how it just completely replaces Dual Pistols though.
Six Shooter's timing is Rapid dude. So most dolls can only use it once per turn.

For a bit I thought those ghosts or figures were Protoca, Hope, and B3 somehow masked from Port, Tachi' and Lily's perception.
Grocery stores are trippy after spending a few days running a marathon campaign of undead psople with issues dealing with a post Appocalyptic world.
File: Anzio20mm.jpg (128 KB, 639x477)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
I think heart and anti tank rifle are my favorite reinforcement parts.

Heart because it's a gives AP and can be a narratively useful differentiator or source of symbolism.

AT rifle because it pumps out bug chunks of damage at long ranges while only being useless at range zero. Also big guns are cool and it works well with a number of builds.
This is neat.
These classes are nuts.

I like this thing you've built using them.
Are these both Tachi?
They are. It's what she looked like before, when she was still alive/part of the Styx program. I'm not sure how long she was augmented before becoming part of the program or why they were so extensive, but she's apparently been a cyborg since the very beginning.
File: Its A Token.png (148 KB, 652x652)
148 KB
148 KB PNG

Tokens are fun.
File: token_5.png (30 KB, 256x256)
30 KB
>I'm not sure how long she was augmented before becoming part of the program or why they were so extensive, but she's apparently been a cyborg since the very beginning.

My money is on childhood disease or getting mangled in an accident born of curiosity.

I'm probably wrong.
File: Man with Rifle Token.png (11 KB, 256x256)
11 KB
File: Tank Token M1A2 mk2.png (26 KB, 1080x1080)
26 KB
File: token token token.png (197 KB, 1780x1780)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
These tokens are great. Thank you!
File: 1586827844167.jpg (402 KB, 1200x1000)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
Not that guy but to be fair, that has been me before (and right now).

Anyway, if there's any GMs out there, how would you nerf monofilament? Or would it be a better idea to outright just ban it?
My DM didn't nerf or ban it, but the one time he put it on an enemy he made it Range 1 instead of Range 0-1 so we could actually get 'under the guns' so to speak. It struck me as a decently fair compromise to keep the part powerful but make it more finicky to use.
It's fine if you add something, but this faggot has been around the entire thread stealth bumping when it reaches page 9 or 10 without adding anything to the discussion.

A good way to keep monofilament weak is to not allow players to get Gauntlet or Super Strength with it.

Just ban it. Lightsaber is essentially the same part, just range 0 only and is the same tier/type as gauntlet so it makes it a little bit more tricky to stack shit.

Limiting how chains and auto timing damage boosts can interact can work instead.
File: soldier token.png (21 KB, 700x700)
21 KB
You are welcome.
File: Dog Token Dog.png (88 KB, 1170x1170)
88 KB
File: Its a fish bitch.png (34 KB, 900x900)
34 KB
I can do that too. Nobody cares.
File: Furthermore Token.png (113 KB, 1000x1000)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
File: Brown Baggers.png (160 KB, 732x732)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
File: Token of a yep.png (93 KB, 782x782)
93 KB
File: is it time brothers.gif (1.06 MB, 400x400)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
Why aren't triangular tokens a thing?
The thread is now archived to sup/tg/

for how to find it see.
Can someone make me black and white or light grey token of people raving?

I want it for a legion.
Any new translations? I actually really like the default setting lore.
File: IMG_20200417_011718.jpg (477 KB, 2300x2300)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
Here's just a bit of art I thought would be fitting here. Never had a chance to run the game myself yet. My group is interested but we tend toward lewder games and several of them are unsure about lewd necrololis.
there was some stuff put up on the wiki a few days ago, related to the enemy type called Drug Eaters


its neat stuff.
File: 1587142739394.jpg (161 KB, 759x810)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
There was a claymore thread on /a/ last night which reminded me of this.
File: 1587143483835.jpg (1.94 MB, 4074x3056)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
File: 1587149546099.jpg (1.14 MB, 1522x1200)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
File: 1587174747649.png (756 KB, 1704x1200)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
File: 1587138989900.png (170 KB, 350x499)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
That was really small. Weren't they going to translate the whole book?
>Nechronica Thread
Can you call it a general so I don’t need to filter Nechronica specifically?
Can you just not be a sperg? Filter Nechronica and be done with it.

No, because it's not around eternally or made from a template. You must suffer as is the way of the game.
Maybe they are releasing parts as they finish them.



Future Perfect

Something to Crow About

Machine Wars

What Lies Below
Can you chug down a liter or two of your own blood?

>Not telling them to share their blood with their sisters.

Don't encourage people to be greedy.

The translator kinda does whatever catches his interest and it's basically 30+ pages of fluff dedicated to a "minor" enemy. He thought the timeline stuff was good so that got done.
So he's not going to do anything else? That's sad, but I understand.
This was once posted in a previous Nechronica thread. Which book is it from and is that book available in PDF somewhere, even if it's in Japanese?

Does anyone have more art like this?
>all those dolls are completely identical, right down to their hairstyle and facial sutures
Now there's a potential hook for your player characters; they're all mass production runs of a particular model (or models) of Doll. Except maybe they don't know it, or you could even just reveal that one of them is and build that up and save the real revelation for later.

I'm too zonked from work to actually flesh that out any farther at the moment, unfortunately.
It's very creepy art and I want more.
It is surprisingly difficult to find art of undead being manufactured in an industrial fashion.

Do you have more?

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