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Cupbearer Anon, here. Could someone save the last updates? I will post the first in the next post. I am also thinking of rewriting this a a full fanfic on fanfiction. Let me know what you anons think, I will post these until I decide.

>I have been hanging with Horus lately.
>He has been prepping to depart, but can still kick my ass at chess while he does paperwork.
>Horus just kinda multitasks smalltalk, writing missives/order forms, and chess calls.
>He seems to have really lighted up around me, always had a sense of worry.
>Or maybe he is just that good of an actor?
>He is a primarch, after all.
>"That is checkmate."
>"How? I thought I actually had you?!"
>"You played right into my trap, I expected you to move differently but adjusted."
>I am not very good a chess, so he likely expected me to play better.
>I bitch and moan abit in jest, finally decide to ask the question I have been holding onto.
>"Where are you heading out to?"
>"I am off to Nostramo, we believe we have narrowed down the sector and decided to scour it for my Brother."
>"Makes sense, Konrad Curze will need the most help after Angron, Are they both joining the Emperor or heading to Terra?"
>"Both, Guilliman as well will be joining you."
>"What of Mangus?"
>"His situation is stable and he will be recovered on a more natural timetable."
>"What is Terra like? When I was last their it still had a blue shy and Humanity had first been to Luna two generations ago, with Mars still but a dream."
>Horus raises his head from the papers, a depressed look in his eyes.
>"It is a hive world now, with all that comes with being the oldest."
>I knew that before, but it still kinda hurts.
>Like something is forever lost.
>I never drank in my former life, but to this I take a shot of Amasec.
>I saw Horus off as he and the Luna Wolves went to find his brother.
>I am not suppose to, but I pray for the Legions safety and that of Horus and Curze.
>If Big E knows about it he doesn't call me out on it.
>I am currently in my dinning room eating a nice grox steak and Not!potatoe paste, I had dismissed my servant staff for the night/rest cycle.
>My sleep patterns are likely ruined by the time cycle on ship and my random classes fit between Malco and Big E's free time.
>Soon I am gonna follow the Custodes to reintegrate a world passed over by the Crusade in favor of more vital targets, it is a quick territory grab on the way back to Terra.
>I am to follow the Big E's reps for the mission, stay quiet and watch how it is done. If things go wrong the Custodes are to bail us out before the Army crushes the world.
>Hopefully it goes smoothly.

>It went well, The World was mostly civilized and only really fighting Orks near the poles and some mountain range.
>They welcomed the Imperium with Open arms as long lost brother.
>Some Custodes and Army units where sent to help the locals purge the poles, while Big E decided to personally with his 300 Companions take over the Mountain range just for fun.
>I tagged along for that, sorta.
>I watched it from binocular range.
>It was fucking metal.
>We stayed for a few weeks to help sort out integration and attend some balls at a few nobles estates.
>I mostly kept quiet and pored wine for the Emperor.
>Got a job to do after all.
>We enter Sol.
>It was amazing seeing the fleet and bases around Saturn.
>It was beautiful like seeing a polished sword arranged in an art piece.
>We passed by Mars, It was humbling to see the planets spanning factory-cities and rails.
>It even had small seas, I don't remember reading about those... they must have been lost during the Heresy.
>Luna was a bastion of war, mighty cannon and shipyard everywhere, all proper settlement buried deep. It was utterly alien to the Moon i knew.
>Terra was seemingly a single cityscape.
>Massive 'plates' hovered above the world.
>The lights of the hives peaking above the smog, while the larger spires peak though like islands.
>I had expected a bleak world, but on arrival of Terra I noticed the massive artworks everywhere.
>Murals, statues of victory over all odds, and Mankind's struggle.
>I was never an artist or even appreciated art, but these where beyond my words.
>I was granted a tour over the Imperial palace, I spent a week seeing the main sites of interest, but that barely allowed me to see much.
>I got to see the top of what was once the Himalayas, now a bastion of the Custodes. I needed a oxygen mask as the air was so thin.
>It all really hit home as to what I needed to help save.
Yay, it's good to have you back writeanon.
>Disney is gonna sue us.
>I stand before a massive medical tank, straight out of Star Wars. Angron is inside with an airmask and various tubes hooked up to keep him alive.
>Big E and Malcador have been pulling shifts on stabilizing Angrons mind while his body healed.
>I don't really understand what they are doing, but I think they are anchoring his mind/soul while his brain recovers?
>How does that even work?
>I keep refreshing but there are no new posts
I am winging it, I don't post til I have more. Feel free to throw ideas or just discuss how too use metaknowledge for fun.
>I was eating lunch in the Palace.
>Well a garden area in the Palace.
>Like a greenhouse but as a park.
>Legos is standing a few paces away and I was told I have several more Custodes guarding me, but I haven't seen them.
>I was chatting with some Servant girl, but she seemed off put by Legos and guarded about me.
>I took that as a hint and backed off to eat in silence.
>I totally didn't sulk.
>"Are you the Seer?"
>I turn around and see who else but Rowboat Girlyman.
>"I am not a psyker, but I guess?"
>He raises an eyebrow at that.
>I offer him a seat at the table, no one else is in the garden now besides us (and whatever Custodes i don't know about).
>He gets closer but stays standing.
>"How do you know the future then?" He asks with worry in his voice.
>"That is classified." I say with a click of my tongue and a finger pistol.
>G-man is not amused.
>"Father mentioned you managed to save my brother before the fleet reached me."
>"That was your legion, I just provided the information."
>He grunts clearly annoyed.
>"What are you after?"
>"I am just trying to help."
>He looks me right in the eye and exhales dramatically.
>"I was expecting a scheming soothsayer, I must apologize."
>"No harm done, man. Mine is a weird story."
>He final sits, with his legs out as he is to large for the table, meant for us normies.
>We chatted for a bit, about being far from home and on the Homeworld of Mankind, as well as weirdness of it all.
>I got the vibe he is unsure what to make of me.
>I later return to my room in the Emperors personal district and sulk about getting rejected by the cute servant girl.
>Well I was never popular with the ladies in this life or before.
>I guess somethings don't change.
you can totally bring up the Thunder Warrior who is still alive. he was in the slums as a crime lord in the city built around the imperial palace but the slums being built was a response to the need for day laborers to build the armaments of defense to stop the soon to arrive Heresy legions.
that guy wants geneseed because his thunder warrior body is destabilising and i bet he's doing some sneaky as fuck stuff on terra before being a crime lord.
I thought he had not yet established himself til after Dorn fortified Terra right before the Heresy? Or am I misremembering?
he established himself after Dorn was getting the Imperial Palace buffed for the Horus Heresy invasion, but he's almost definitely hiding in some dark corner of the planet Earth considering he's a Thunder Warrior. Also please let there be a conversation between Papa Smurf and the guy. i want this badly.
tell robert williams that his mom had great tits and that his dad was a good Patrician Roman. And then tell him that he should team up with necrons and call him Augustus.
Are you ok anon?
no. i'm high as a kite right now. high on happiness and life. my dude.
dude i was joking please don't get scared off. your story reads a lot like somebody with a working knowledge of the lore who hasn't read the novels. Robert Williams is a joke about the name Roboutes last name which is a mispelled version williams when written in spanish, and the other jokes were about how Roboute was basically the only primarch to have a mom who was honestly quite voluptuous. and his dad was a guy who died for what he believed in.
Suppose I will bump and bring up a few things that would seem important.
First is the flesh change that has been fucking up the thousand sons since the legion was founded, only they and Magnus knew about it and Tzeentch has total control over it so it could chaos-spawn the whole legion out of spite if nothing else, but it could still do something awful with it even if tzeentch has to improv at the last second.
Second would be the night lords legion being fucked up from the beginning and Nostramo quickly reverting to a hellscape when Curze leaves.
Third would be to zero in on the Rangdan ASAP, they were one of the worst things of the great crusade and they took extreme measures to kill and they possibly turned the two missing primarchs into Cronenburg meat puppets before being destroyed. If they are found early enough they may be weak enough to kill with reasonable losses.
Oh, I only read the first few Horus heresy books is that listed there?
I knew he had a stable adoptive family. Which was rare for the Primarchs.
nah not really. same reason rowboat girlyman isn't in the books. basically in warhammer 30k-40k a lot of peoples names are just inside jokes, puns, or slightly mispelled versions of a common name in a different dialect of english.
Mganus and his legion have been mentioned to Big E. Curze is being addressed, his world is gonna be ruled by a contingent of Luna Wolves and Imperial Army. I also had plans for Curze, but that is coming later.
I know of the Rangdan, but not much in specifics. As such I can only really inform Big E and Malcador about a fuck huge xenos threat.
Question, how are the Imperium's nobles likely to react to the Emps picking up a rando and making him his cupbearer? I don't have a lot of knowledge other then that the nobles where all power hungry and plotting for more power? How would the regular people react to this rando being granted a constant Custodes Guard and royal favor?
Quality writefaggotry right here. Thank you anon, I look forward to seeing more.
>This was a horrible idea...
>It sounded cool at first, joining the soon-to-be Ultramarines on a bonding mission with their Primarch, Guilliman even was the one to ask me. How could I say no.
>Plus it was a good way to get to now my new Solar Aux, I had been assigned a 'unit', well that unit was the remnants of a regiment that was being rewarded for surviving some apparently crazy shit.
>A few hundred men (and their followers) under a Colonel Razit Shaw, who was from Frank. They call themselves the 'Sunny Dogs'... ok then.
>I had a fucking battalion, assigned to me. Wtf.
>So it was a 300 astartes from the 13th, their Primarch, me, and about 400ish Solar Aux veterans going only a few levels into a Terran underhive, should be a smooth easy mission for G-man to bond with some of his son and the Sunny Dogs to get use to me.
>And Legos, maybe. I haven't actual seen him yet.
>We aren't going deep just the first two levels, should be a cake walk...
>I was riding on an armored truck, one of many we were granted for the mission.
>I was wearing Carapace armor, painted Gold and with a white chalice on each shoulder. Gotta let the enemy know I am a unique unit.
>The Solars are kitted the fuck out, high end armor, meltas, and the Colonel has a Volkite gun!
>I have the armor, my fancy bolt pistol, and a standard combat knife in a bronze sheath for some reason?
>I only had two mags, so 16 shots. Hopefully I don't need it.
>It starts out simple, we drive a few minutes, the bois, clear out a camp of mutants/gangers, move on and repeat.
>It is a massacre, the gangers/mutants only have pipe weapons and spears at best. They don't stand a chance.
>As we are finishing the second level, things go to shit.
>A hive quack, throws me to the bed of the truck.
>I hear the haunting groaning of metal and collapsing cement.
>I am thrown about the truck as it rolls around.
>There is weapons firing all around us.
>The fuck is going on.
>I pick myself up, the truck is upside own.
>The four guards with me are dead from the fall or from the shattered glass ripping them up.
>Weapons fire is coming from all directions.
>I can barely get up, my left arm is fucked. Still there, but bloody as hell.
>I can move it, but it hurts like hell.
>I crawl out a busted window and see Solars firing from the cover of ruined truck and piles of ruble.
>A few Marines here and there.
>A Solar spots me and drags me to cover, yelling at me to stay down.
>I follow his advice, he is a veteran and sould know what to do.
>I am trying not to panic, I just lay there and try to not get in the way.
>Shit is going down, I see a Marine with a fetpack fly over us and them hear the revving of what I assume is a chainsword tearing apart some gangers.
>"UP AND MOVE!" orders the Sargent of the group that found me.
>I am dragged up and we start running to some other cover, a ruin looking complex.
>I see Guilliman and his sons fighting some trash mechs, The Primarch drives a blade through a pilot while basting some with his bolter.
>A Sunny Dog forces me down to the ground.
>"VIP moved, throw em!"
>Moving as one every Dog throws what I assume is a grenade into the wave of gangers.
>Guess they aren't worried about harming the fully armored Marines.
>Explosions wipe out most of the enemy, the Marines don't even flinch and mop up the rest as Solars assist.
>Without missing a beat, the remaining Dogs rush the complex and start digging in.
>Windows are cleared, rooms swept for hostiles, and bastions established.
>Razit is pissed, but professional. He is yelling out orders left and right.
>One squad is setting up a Vox link.
>I get dragged to a more secure room with a medic to patch me and some of the wounded up.
>I lean against the wall trying to make room for more of the wounded to lay down.
>I am handed a canteen and take a deep drink.
>What the fuck was all that.
>I can still hear firing outside, but it is less and less often.
>I am in the fetal position now, trying desperately not to break down.
>The last thing the Solars need is me having a break down.
>I just try and breathe and wait for instructions.
>We are on Terra, we can't have fallen to far into the Underhive, we should be fine, we have some of the Imperium's finest soldier and a fucking Primarch!
>After a while, a Sunny dog medic hands me another canteen and a ration pack, "Eat as we walk, Lord Guilliman wants to speak to you."
>We walk to a what appears to be a storage room, Guilliaman is talking to Razit, they both pause and look at us as we walk in.
>G-man nods and speaks first.
>"I was hoping you could explain something for us. The gangers have strange markings on them, could you examine them for us?"
>"I guess?"
>A Marine walks in carrying a corpse.
>Throw him in front of me.
>I see a eight pointed star on his forehead, covered in gore. It was literally carved into his skull.
>It hurts my eyes and gives me a headache just looking at it.
>I pull my bolt pistol and fire at the corpse, just to be safe. I think the recoil sprained my wrist. I drop the gun in pain.
>This startles the soldiers. Guilliman moves to restrain me.
>But he stops as I yell out. "Burn the bodies they might not be truly dead!"
>Razit takes it in stride, "You heard him! Burn the bodies! Groups of at least two while moving them!"
>A Sunny Dog straps my psitol back in my holster, I nod in thanks to him.
>"What was that."
>Guilliman is glaring me down, but not with hostile intent. He wants answers.
>"The taint of the Warp, they have moved against us. They have unnatural powers, puppeting corpses is a favorite trick of theirs. I was just making sure."
>I am on the verge of breaking down, but i try and not make things worse.
>"They are likely trying to remove me, no US from the Emperor's board."
>It just made too much sense, but a cult on TERRA?! We where less then a day out!
>A few bodies did in fact get back up, buy the soldiers where ready for it.
>A few more ganger bands tried to salvage for weapons and loot but where quickly dealt with, reports spotted no weird star tatoos, I was glad for that.
>I am thinking this was an opportunity raid. A roll of the dice just because it was cheap.
>Razit thinks the cult placed charges when the heard about us passing through, hoping to loot better gear.
>He is likely half right. But I think they were sent after me and G-man.
>I don't know how aware the Ruinous Powers are of me, but they surely see Guilliman. And I must clearly be on their radar.
>We received word from the local hive government, they are sending help to retrieve us.
>Most of the gangers that are still trying for loot choose to die fighting rather then be captured, so interrogation isn't an option to learn about the cult.
>At least it seems we aren't being targeted by more cultists, just the random gang here and there.
>We were camped down here for two days before the rescue teams arrived on some hoverbarge weapon platforms, I don't know what they are called.
>We board and get the hell out of Dodge.
>As we do so the normie humans among us are handed gas masks.
>They have been ordered to vent super mustard gas into the underhive once we are safe.
>Thankfully a Sunny Dog helps me with the mask as I had no idea how to put it on right.
>I hope any surviving cultists die in agony. The certainly had it coming.
Depends how much they know.
Nobles give a rando a do-nothing post like that for their own eccentric reasons all the time. I've seen regular rich folks IRL collect and discard people like toys, and they didn't have hereditary government authority.
They might assume cupbearer anon or a member of his family did some service for the big E, or told a joke that amused him once, or even that he is the joke "haha, look at my pet feral worlder, I dressed him in an outfit and taught him to speak like a real person!"
As long as cupbearer doesn't do anything to inconvenience them, they will mostly ignore him as being part of "the help".
What about Servants and common folk? How would they view someone that travels around with at least one Custodes and deals with the Emperor personally?
File: 1528173187606.jpg (22 KB, 498x375)
22 KB
Nevermind, I only just read the full thing, there has already been an assassination attempt by a rival noble and CA has been given the offender's luxury quarters.

Sounds comfy, but he is likely on a lot of powerful peoples radars now- they know he has the big E's favor and protection.

Since removing him is out of the question, nobles will likely send their professional manipulators next. CA will discover he suddenly has a lot of new friends, especially lots of attractive young women who find him fascinating and would love to talk about his miniatures or indulge whatever sexual fetish he has, and oh by the way could he please ask the emperor for some teeny-tiny little tweak to the laws for a seemingly innocent reason that will just so happen to massively benefit their house?
bump for moar
Except CA won't fall into that kind of deceit, since he is a powerful turbo virgin and a master of tactical autism.
Guilliman's going to need a proper explanation of Chaos after this. If I were you, I would try to explain them as congealed masses of specific emotions in the warp that have gotten so dense that they developed sentience and a drive to expand themselves.
bump for continuation
Big Bumperino
File: incredible.jpg (66 KB, 550x800)
66 KB
isn't chaos in italics
>The ride back was awkward.
>Guilliman and Razit wanted answers, I kept telling them to wait.
>Razit eventually accepted he was gonna need to wait til we were in a secure location, G-man clearly think I am trying to avoid telling him at all.
>"I will tell you more once we are with the Emperor! This isn't something we can talk about openly."
>Big E if you are listening to my thoughts please has some Custodes waiting to get use right to you.
>Once we where back to the hive proper, we were all given time to wash up and be interviewed on what happened.
>No fuck that, I told the hive forces this was now under the Emperors personal aegis and to patch me into the Big E directly.
>They had the balls to laugh at me.
>Until they realized the Sunny Dogs, Marines and a fucking Primarch were glaring them down.
>My post isn't meant to have any real power, but I am hoping the Emperor doesn't mid me throwing his weight around right now, this NEEDs to be handled carefully.
>I get a vid-call right to big E , with almost no wait time.
>The hive guard captain is freaking the fuck out.
>"The Great Enemy has made a move."
>"~Say no more, I am on my way.~"
>The Solars and Marines lock the Guard Station down, we order all the non essential staff to leave.
>We are taking no chances.
>Lucky we are not put under siege by Chaos forces, Emps arrives with over 2000 Custodes to personally deal with this.
>I mentally explain what happened, and HE asks Guilliman and bois to join him on the purge.
>The underhive is now being gases AND scoured by Custodes and Marines.
>The Sunny Dogs, Legos and I are still hold up in the seized Guard station, a group of local noble reps tried to get us to leave.
>We tell them to fuck off, this is Imperial business.
>They start yelling about how the station is their houses property.
>I go out with the best armored Sunny Dogs and Legos as guards and personally tell them to fuck off or be declared traitors.
>The sight of a Custodes and my word sends them off.
Masterful as always
I gotta get ready for work and it is gonna be a long night, I will post more later.
Enjoying this, thanks for sharing!
Sunny Dogs get infected by chaos, plz
>Could someone save the last updates
I added both threads to sup/tg/
>The nobles misunderstand his refusal of the women and start sending young boys in stead. When that fails too, they start getting more creative...
I would think being born and living on a feudal world for 20 years even if nobility would leave CA a bit more capable in high stress situations then depicted. Guessing he will get some Cadia tier training now so he can at least kill a chaff cultist alone after getting really roughed up by circumstance.
Other then that I imagine the black stone fortresses would be another high priority, one is a planet killer and three can supernova a solar system plus they are all in the Gothic sector with the hand of darkness and eye of night there as well.
This is going to blow up in their faces with slaanesh cults, isn't it.
I have returned.

He was a sixth son, and was very weird for a child. He was mostly kept out of the public til he was already an adult and a sorta heard of inventors.

Thanks a ton.

He have never had luck with women, and he doesn't bat for the other team. Maybe an eldar gf with REALLY low standards or self image issues? jk/
>This is gonna be a political shitstorm.
>I can already hear The nobles of this hive REEEEing for blood.
>I hope Emps doesn't get swamped in paperwork for this, HE might make ME do it!
>Maclador called me, he is handling the scandal that is forming, The Emperor mobilizing the Custodes has the higher ranking Terran nobles on edge.
>I don't get the full issue but the news of a Primarch being attacked is somehow already leak, people are panicing.
>How did that even get out?
>Our mission was being treated as a low level standard purge of the nearer parts of the Underhive, a fairly frequent deployment.
>Anyway, Malco wants me to stay put until Emps and son return and pick me up on the way.
>The problem is the mobs caused by the gassing of underhive.
>Yeah parts of the lower levels are getting the fumes or something. Riots have broken out in the panic.
>We are right in the middle of it.
>We had some guard staff here, running equipment, they were searched thoroughly for chaos marks.
>Most complied without issue, those that did had a melta put in their face and where told it was this or be thrown out.
>We had no takers on that offer.
>The Sunny Dogs looted some megephones and are warning the rioters away, those that don't comply are shot.
>Some of the Guards we dismissed returned with their families, to prevent a revolt from the guards already here, I allowed them in if the consented to the search.
>None where found.
>I looted a laspistol from the Guard armory, as I can't really use my bolt pistol.
>Also a shotgun but only have four shells as I gave the Guards and Solars first dibs on ammo.
>I offered to take a shift on guard duty, but Razit threatened to tie me to a chair if I didn't stay in a secure room.
>Legos offered to help him.
>Damn I feel so useless...
>I help look after the guard staff's families with the offer civilian staff members.
>There are two squads of Sunny dogs with us, ten troopers.
>They refused to allow the staffers to be armed.
>As I was resting, I get shaken awake.
>"My brothers are coming to extract us, be ready."
>It is Legos.
>"Great, when are we out of here? How are we gonna get everyone back to the Palace?"
>"The Sunny Dogs are to stay here, they will be extracted latter once the riots have stopped."
>"We just can't leav-"
>Legos grabs me by my neck and lifts me to his eye level.
>"My duty is to protect you, I will not fail my master, I will drag your unconscious body back to the palace if I must."
>Well fuck.
>"We have to at least inform Razit."
>"Fair enough." Legos puts me down.
>I yell to one squad to get Razit for me.
>All Razit asks for is an eta, the Sunny Dogs are gonna help clear the crowds for the Custodes airship to land for Legos and I to be extracted.
>Thankfully the Custodes are dropping of supplies for the siege, ammo and rations.
>That is at least something, I hate the idea of leaving here without everyone, but what can I even do.
>When this is over I need to see about getting the Luther treatment, it will be hell but I am so sick of being just dead weight.
>Will that option even work for me though?
>Thoughts for later, gotta get prepped.
>We get voxxed that the Custodes are almost here, Legos and I move out to one of the door.
>I can hear the craziness on the other side.
>I hold my shotgun tight and my armor feels heavier from the nerves.
>I hear grenades exploding, clearing the crowds two dogs wish me luck and haul the doors open and Legos and I run out. Well I run.
>I see the gold and red ship above, Four Custodes jump down in pairs.
>Each are carrying massive crates, which they drop once on the ground.
>The Custodes then draw there weapons and clear the rioters further.
>This is a slaughter, but I run to the ship now barely off the ground.
>I drop the shot gun as Legos grabs me and jumps aboard the ship.
>I look out the doors of the ships as we speed away, I see the Custodes cover the Sunny dogs pushing the crates to the station.
>"Are the Custodes staying with the Sunny Dogs?!"
>Legos pulls me away from the doora as they close.
>"No they will assist the hive's troops reestablish order."
>That is overkill...
>"How did things get this bad?!"
>This is madness.
>"Riots in the lower levels of the hive cities is fairly common, the local noble families are already mobilizing their forces to crush the riot."
>What the fucking hell...
>This is beyond depressing.
>So much needless death.
>The speed of the ship is making me sick, or at least that is what I tell myself.
>We leave the Hive without further issue.
>Damn, I need a shower.
I need sleep, I will post more after work tomorrow. I work a midshift so not to bad.
File: 5kdxj5nvu2s21.jpg (124 KB, 1078x609)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Im ready for the CA being stuck in so much politics that the heresy still happens albeit with someone else than horus as leader
File: Arbitrator Brigitte.jpg (233 KB, 1280x1293)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
>"What does 'begone thot' mean?"
Imperial nobility.
File: Chaos Widowmaker.jpg (261 KB, 811x1381)
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261 KB JPG

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