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Sorry about the wait, but I am an Anon of my word. Writer's block sucks though, and again I am not a great writer sorry.

>I am pacing my quarters in the Palace.
>I was placed under lockdown, not even getting properly cooked food, but a tasteless paste.
>At least it is filling.
>Custodes searched my room and removed all the record playing equipment... for some reason.
>They even have a medic checking up on me every half hour, it is getting old real quick.
>I am tired as fuck as the medics, don't want me to sleep and are even insisting on watching me shower.
>The fuck?
>Emperor's orders, is all they tell me.
>Does HE think I am at risk?
>I cease all complaints, HE would know how best to risk corruption.

>On a brighter note, I have mail.
>Horus sent me a "letter" by astropath.
>He is sending me a portrait of him and his sons fighting some monster. It won't get here for awhile.
>Should be cool as shit.
>I write a reply, wishing him the best and other small niceties.
>Nice of him to stay in touch, I guess.
>Sometime later, I am escorted to a landing pad as Big E's force arrives.
>Menials and staff are running around, I have a dozen Custodes around me (that I can see) and I see a few tech priests but they are way off.
>One of the Hovership (or barge, whatever) approaches the pad next to us.
>Valdor, just jumps down before the ship is even in place to start landing.
>He thankfully doesn't squish a poor menial, just spooks the shit out of him.
>"All Menials are hereby ordered to vacate the Area!" He yells, the Menials scatter.
>The ship lands and Big E and his men just start walking. We head to a debrief area next to the landing district.
>The Emperor tells me what is going on.

>Guilliman is leading a purge of the under hive with his sons, the Sunny Dogs, a few hundred Custodes, and arriving Solar Aux.
>The Hive pdf and house guards crushed the riots.
>Everyone that refused to return to their habs was massacred. At least a million people are dead because we got ambushed on an "easy" mission.
>I am shellshocked, I drop to my knees.
>How did this get so bad?
>"~It is not your fault, the Enemy was always going to make a move.~"
>"How did the riots even happen, I know the gas leaked to parts of the lower levels, but... that was insane..."
>"~The lower levels of a hive are always abysmal, it just needs a spark to lead to rioting. It happens every few years.~"
>That doesn't help.
>I knew things where bad, but THAT being routine is unsettling.
>Big E is running symbols past me, I only know a few key ones.
>We sort through pics and feeds of the dead cultists being burned, weapons recovered ,which I told the Emperor to destroy and place EVERYONE that touched them under watch.
>HE just nods, a Custodes relays the order.
>I am kinda confused why they didn't do that right away.
>"~Guilliman will need to be informed of the Enemy, he is unhappy I had you extracted before he could press you for answers.~"
>"That is gonna be awkward, how much should I tell him."
>"~That is your choice, Guilliman is safe. I will be with you to help explain.~"
>That is a load off.
>"Can I sleep now please."
>I am fucking tired. No idea of how long I have been awake.
>"~Of course, we need to make sure you were not mentally tainted."
>Thought so, I nod and turn toward a Custodes that lead me here.
>I down a paste packet and hit the bed.
>I am wandering through darkness.
>I am walking aimlessly, SOMETHING is watching me.
>I can feel at least one gaze on me but see nothing but the void.
>I start hearing whispers in the dark.
>Knowing this can't be good I cover my ears and start yelling out the Spongebob song "Best Day Ever" as it is the most stick-able song I could think of to force the whispers out.
>The darkness cracks and I awake.
>Did that actually work?
>I get up, down another paste tube, and ask my Custodes Guards to pass a message to the Emperor.
>I go back to reading the massive list of books and tomes the Malcador issued me.
>Before the hour is up, Valdor and Legos burst in and drag me off.
>Big E and Mal didn't react well to my dream, but where glad I immediately reported it.
>I now have an Aquila tatoo on the back of head, in the blood of a Sister of Silence.
>Ok? Kinda gross, but it looks fine.
>I am bald now though...
I will post more latter tonite.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Advice?

Previous threads?
They are on Sup/tg/ give me a bit and I will post you a link. Pick is the first part.
>Damn it!
>"But I am basically useless right now!"
>The Big E shot down my Luther tier augment idea.
>My hopes have been shattered.
>Emps chuckles.
>"~It is too risky right now, if it fails it would leave you catatonic for possibly decades. I need you near by for your knowledge. You are not meant to be fighting.~"
>"But the galaxy is a horrible and violent place, I need to be able to defend myself!"
>HE is outright laughing now.
>"~You have a personal Custodes Guard, a veteran Solar Auxiliary Battalion, and are almost always in my, Malcador's or Primarch's company. You will be fine. They protected you in the underhive didn't they?~"
>Emps sips some wine and signals for our food.
>We are in a dinning room, discussing my knowledge over light snacks and drinks.
>We talk shop for an hour or two each day, unless something effects Emps agenda for the day.
>I had just finished talking about the Interrex and that other pocket Empire with a near perfect STC library. Horus wiped both in the original timeline.
>I didn't know WHERE these realms were, just that they where near planet Murder with the Mecha death spiders.
>Those really got his attention, not sure how he can actually find them on a reasonable timeframe, but he is the freaking Emperor.
>"Can I at least get more combat training?"
>"~Not right now, Once Angron recovers he will be entrusted to guard you as he does his training and lessons. We can discuss your combat train then.~"
>Angron, really?
>"~Angron feels he owes you a life debt. We put him in stasis shortly after purging the High-Riders. He knows that the nails would have killed him with out your warnings. We just barely managed to remove them before the utterly set in.~"
>I have no idea how to even think about that.
M8 I’m rly liking this
>I volunteered for gopher duty.
>Malcador was too busy for my lessons and doesn't trust anyone else to teach me I guess.
>I have finished the reading material I had gotten, I was always a great reader, but those where some HARD reading.
>Anyways, Gopher duty. I was bored as shit so signed up to run missives and recafe.
>I can't leave the Emperor's personal wing of the Palace, but their are plenty of people working to keep the Imperium running and I might as well help.
>The Imperial staff are nervous as hell around me, but seem to understand I just want to help.
>It likely doesn't help I have at least a squad of Sunny Dogs with me at all times.
>At least I am not bored as much.
>I wonder how long Guilliman is gonna be gone, it has been weeks.
I am unsure on how to go about the Anon x Guilliman talk. I might need to think about this more.
I am tired and am gonna sleep. Will post more tommarrow.
Oh shit he's back!
Can somebody upload thread number 3? suptg doesn't load for me.
Keep it up.
File: Siteisdown.jpg (37 KB, 538x457)
37 KB
Down for me as well. Is it archived elsewhere?
It's back up.
I Hope they kiss.
>I finish writing another Letter to Horus.
>I got the painting, it is badass as expected.
>Horus truly delivers. It is him and his Current Mournival standing on top of giant bear like xenos, with six arms.
>Truly brings a tear to my eye to know such a vile race of xenos has been purged.

>I am doing another recafe run when one of my guards gets a call on his Vox.
>It is word that G-man is on his way back.
>I hurry to finish the run, he will want to talk right away.
>I rush back to my suite, clean myself up and wait.
>And wait.
>Still waiting.
>I ask on of the passing Custodes if I am to be called for a meeting.
>Turns out Guilliman barely slept during the underhive purge, even with his transhuman biology he needs to rest for the day.
>I am taken back, it has been a few MONTHS since the ambush.
>I know Primarchs are bullshit, but barely sleeping all that time is insane.
>Hope he rests soundly.
File: emperor.jpg (179 KB, 755x1057)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>We are passing time this morning til I get summoned to tell Guilliman all about Chaos and friends.
>My current squad of Sunny Dogs, Legos, and I are playing poker.
>They still play Hold'em on Terra, just the card art is different.
>Legos can't play to save his life though. he is constantly going for broke on pairs.
>Good thing we ain't playing for money.
>The Sunny Dogs think I am a proper psyker and refused to play for cash.

>Legos gets the call for us to head out.
>Guess we are doing brunch with the Emperor and Son.
>The Solars stay behind, guess they aren't cleared.
>G-man was already waiting when Legos and I arrived, he just nodded toward us.
>I sit down in my special, normie chair which is totally not a highchair.
>Guilliman is wearing blue robes, of course.
>It is kinda weird that there are no Servants near by, I am so used to seeing them everywhere now.
>The Emperor arrives and we eat in peace, kinda weird the Custodes are serving the food but whatever.
>Gotta keep secrets, secret.
>As we finish Guilliman is clearly tense and wants answers.
>"Alright," I clap my hands "Ask away, you surely have questions."
>G-man just looks at me and then Big E. "What did we fight down there."
>I gulp. "The Great Enemy. Servants of Chaos."
>"~A cult in service to Mankinds greatest threat.~"
>Eh, the Tyranids are kinda a bigger threat.
>Big E glares at me.
>What I totally told you about the nids.
>I shrug, "There are beings in the Warp. They feed on emotions and faith from our world to power themselves. They style themselves as the Chaos Gods."
>G-man scoffs, "That is not funny."
>"Good cause I am not joking."
>"~This is not a laughing manner~"
>Guilliman runs his hand trough his hair, "Then what about the Imperial Truth? Is that a lie?"
>"No, they are NOT actual gods. just the Biggest warp beings."
>Big E nods.
>I try to explain how the Chaos Gods work, while the Emperor provides a bit of context here and there.
>I basically explained that they where piles of negative thought, feelings, and aspects of from our world given life in the Warp.
>That they have become self aware, like the A.I. of old. And too put them down we need to stabilize the galaxy.
>It won't "kill" them but make them dormant.
>Though telling about how the Eldar murderfucked a Chaos god into existing had Guilliman LIVID!.
>He actually broke the table and threw a chair.
>He totally lost his shit, luckily the Emperor calmed him down.
>Big E asked me to leave so he could talk one on one with his Son for awhile.
>As Legos and I where returning back to my suite I noticed a monitor with a news feed.
>Holy Shit I am on the news.
>There are a few staff and Guards on break watching the feed.
>They bolt as I approach.
>+..the events in the lower levels where headed by Lord Anon, the Emperor's new advisor..+
>Advisor?! WTF?! How? What?
>I wasn't in charge of dealing with that insanity!
>Is that why the servants are nervous as hell around me?
>I return to my suite in a daze.
>F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
>I asked my Guards to get info on what the Public and Servants think of me.
>I REALLY wish I hadn't.
>The rumors about me are crazy.
>Some say I am being trained as a Second Malcador.
>Others that I am the Big E's boytoy, wtf?
>One of the Guards even brought news a newsletter with an article about me scholar of ancient and forbidden lore, which is kinda right.
>However that same newsletter said I was having a love affair with that one hive's Governor's daughter.
>The Hell? I never even met them?!
>I burned the newsletter, it made me feel better.
>Also the local Nobles are butthurt I kicked their guard staff out and are trying to press charges against me.
>Legos actually laughed at that.
>I didn't even know he could laugh.
I am kinda stuck, I will post more later once I am unstuck.
when did he talk about nids?
Off screen during a general lore discussion he has with Emps almost every day.
File: georgy-stacker-emperor.jpg (523 KB, 1920x1382)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
Do not worry my child. Write whenever you feel like it. Your threads have my blessing.
Don't let Neckbeardia find this, for fucks sake. Also Bump
File: 1469132924878.jpg (30 KB, 480x490)
30 KB
>getting Angron as a guard
anyone have plans to transcribe this to 1d4chan?
They already did, posted the 1st thread. It confused them.
Well, he's been de-Nailed, so he's less likely to randomly sperg out and murder you.
>During our usual lore discussion I brought up the calls for me to face "justice" from the Hive Nobles.
>HE also laughs.
>Malcador just huffs.
>I ask if We should deal with this.
>"~Just ignore them, that will FAR more damage then shutting them down.~"
>Mal just knocks on the table to get our focus.
>"Angron will be released from the medical bay and be allowed to do light lessons as he recovers, what are we telling him."
>"~I am unsure, this is so far removed from my predictions, we will leave this to Anon. Angron already feels he owes you.~"
>What the hell will I even do with Angron?
>"I will do my best."
>Mal nods to me. "That is all we can ask."
>"~Just be genuine with him, He is an empath, it will go a long way.~"
>>He actually broke the table and threw a chair.
>>He totally lost his shit, luckily the Emperor calmed him down.
>>Big E asked me to leave so he could talk one on one with his Son for awhile.
G-man met eldar during the great crusade?
OP, I forgive you for being a slow writer. This story is legitimately fun, and I support you actually making a fic of it. I'd offer my services as an editor if you go that far.
File: Ks08EmU.gif (508 KB, 712x393)
508 KB
508 KB GIF
Bump =][=
I am trying to lead up to something. But it is out of Anon's pov.
I am a bad writer, I get stuck on writing at all.
Just a tip for when the War Hounds come around, this guy would probably still be Legion Master and Khârn wouldn't be anything more than maybe a Sargent.

Thanks, this should help.
>Did that actually work?
When you eventually fall to chaos, the gods will use that abominable song to torture you.

you are doing good work Anon, the Emperor protects, and inspires.
Also Lhorke was the dude that trained Khârn, if you want him to show up early.
File: M318439_Cupbearer.jpg (56 KB, 460x512)
56 KB
>Be chilling in a study.
>Malcador ended my gopher job.
>Told me it wasn't proper, now I am bored and feel like a bum.
>I finished the material Mal gave me, but he is too busy to tutor me right now, I am giving self study more focus.
>A servant runs in, my guards stop her at the door.
>I look over, "Yes, I am here." I have stopped trying to tell people I am not a Lord.
>"Package for you from Lords Russ and Solomon."
>I nod to a guard and he takes the package to inspect it.
>The guards take a minute to check for threats, then hand me two letters from the Package.
>Russ thanks me for saving one of his brothers, he wants to meet me, and have me join him on a campaign. Sounds cool as shit, but dangerous as hell.
>Russ sent me a fucking digiweapon! A ring with a one of flamer! It of course has a wolf motif.
>Solomon's letter is more alarming.
>Some Eldar tried to convince him I am a massive threat to the galaxy at large and tried to get him to hand me over when we eventually meet.
>The Second Primarch sent me their leaders heads and their squads soulstones.
>That is hardcore, unsettling that the knife-ears want me handed over but fuck those guys.
>What the hell will I do with an Eldar severed head and a bunch of soulstones?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Oh. Potential Cabal shenanigans. Nice
>Angron is finally cleared to leave the Med bay.
>I was refused access to visit him while he was there, even Malcador wasn't allowed.
>Big E refused to say why.
>Anyway, I can finally met the Red Angel.
>He has been moved to a recovery room and is still being monitored.
>As I walk down the hall, guard flanking me, Legos appears at my side.
>I turn my head toward him as we still walk, "Yes Legos?"
>"Just passing word to you that Guilliman is leaving the palace to start his trials, Our Master wants you at the Farewell feast."
>Odd, I usually only have to attend the rare times Big E holds court, He never really made me attend Terran feasts.
>I just nod and say thanks for the heads up.
>Legos is gone, or at least I can't notice him.
>We approach Angron's room and a Custodes moves aside to let me through.
>The Red Angel looks up from his bed, "A new visitor? You must be Anon."
>I walk to the side of his bed and offer my hand.
>"That's me, been waiting to meet you for awhile now."
>He takes my handshake in stride, but seems confused by it.
>He thanked my for my help in saving him and his men, and we talked about small stuff for awhile.
>He seems at peace if a bit bored.
>I offered to get some reading material sent to him, he eagerly accepted.
>The feast was kinda lame.
>G-man was busy dealing with nobles to chat with, as was Big E and Mal.
>Angron and I basically just talked the whole time.
>He was in a HUGE wheelchair.
>I was approached by a few Noblewoman to dance, I tried my best to decline as nicely as possible citing my utter lack of Terran dances as well as Lord Angron requesting my company.
>Hope I don't have any feuds to deal with.
>They were clearly sent by their families, but I tried not to be rude.
>The last one didn't take the hint until Angron told her to fuck off.
>That made me spittake.
>The look on her face was gold, but I tried to smooth things over, don't think it really helped but whatever.
>"This is a den of snakes." Angron speaks.
>"I agree, I normally avoid the feasts. However Guilliman is leaving the Palace for his trials. I want to support him."
>He nods.
>We go back to small talk and eating the great food.
>My guard starts turning away anymore nobles looking to talk to us as we eat.
>As we eat some really nice spiced bread, some guy is making a scene with my Sunny Dogs.
>"I will have you flogged, trash! I demand to speak to Lords Angron and Anon! So help me-!"
>Legos appears and grabs the fat fuck by his neck.
>"Drop him Legos!" I yell out, hoping to prevent a bigger scandal.
>I get up from my chair and approach the noble, guards and Legos.
>The Noble's entourage is clearly nervous as hell, hope they don't try something...
>I help him up.
>It took a bit, he was heavy as fuck.
>Angron joins us.
>"What do you want." Angron is clearly pissed at the interruption.
>"Lord Anon!" He shakes my hand then turns to Angron who just glares at him.
>That seems to cut the noble's steam.
>"R-right, I wanted to meet you too! The Emperor's new adviser and one of his newly returned sons! I am an Emissary of House McDonalds, Sir Heraldd Vic Mcdonalds!"
>Is this a fucking joke?!
>It wasn't his House banner was the golden fucking arches, albeit with a few add-ons.
>It was still the red field and arches , but had Cherubs holding the arches and the whole thing was set in and Eagle border.
>I was stunned.
>"What do you want." Angron asks again, making the noble Heraldd flinch.
>He starts giving us a clear sales pitch to visit a family estate on a near by Hive, etc, whatever, insert bullshit here.
>"Legos, who are House McDonalds?" I ask talking over said noble.
>"An Ancient, if middling house. They are wide spread over Terra. They are food production and vehicle fuel."
>"Middling House!" Heraldd exclaims!
>I shake my head, "Forgive him, My Lord, But may I ask why you are actually here." I try and be polite but I want to end this quick.
>"I was meaning to discuss some plans to-" I cut him off.
>"I am not involved with the running of the Imperium. I carry a fancy cup during court and keep the Imperial household company, nothing more."
>He flusters, clearly enraged.
>Until Angron deathglares him into backing down.
>From a wheelchair.
>Lord Haraldd bolts away, entourage in tow.
>Though one of his guards in a bodyglove waves at me. I just nod.
>We just turn to eating and small talk.
>Hope we didn't just make enemies.
>Or at least ones we would actual care about.
This is all for now, I just woke up and need to get ready for work. I will post more later tonite.
Thanks anon, I'm having fun with these stories.
Ok, anon. I'm looking forward to it.
File: 7865b73.jpg (69 KB, 589x849)
69 KB
Another bump
Yet another bump
I can already imagine Anon being confused which is Alpharius and which is Omegon. When Anon asks they just say yes to confuse him eveb more.
>So who's Alpharius and who's Omegon,
>Hope we didn't just make enemies.
>Or at least ones we would actual care about.
House McDonald will become your archnemesis, falling to Chaos to get an edge against you. Calling it.
File: warhammer slap.gif (1.78 MB, 480x217)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
File: tenor.gif (177 KB, 410x274)
177 KB
177 KB GIF
>House McDonalds
File: 1585761547156.jpg (136 KB, 680x927)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
File: 1460626517875.jpg (365 KB, 1342x1342)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
i have a smol idea.
What if you can introduce some conflict between primarchs based on trusting MC.
It would be funny if we can get an reversed heresy.
No need go full "oh shit why whole gallaxy is on fire" tier war.
Image Roboute G autistic overthinking about gods make him paranoid and annon need to by saved for example by Angron and Curze, with finalle when guilliman gets kicken in the balls by one telling him to calm the fuck down
>telling some to calm down
File: 1589842431153.jpg (321 KB, 640x409)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
You jest but they are a major food producer for the lower hives of Terra, If something happens with them burgers we are looking at a genestealer-cult like problem.
File: 1cbBiyo.jpg (36 KB, 600x337)
36 KB
I have returned, I will eat while I type.

>"Anon, can you get more weights."
>Angron... doc said pace yourself.
>"No can do, man. You need to take this slow. You are still recovering! Take it easy."
>Angron stops his rep, and places the bar back on the rack.
>No I am not spotting, don't be silly.
>Legos had that in hand.
>Angron is still a beast even when his body was rekted.
>He could only spend an hour and a half out of his chair, and he spent it working out like a mad man.
>The medical staff placed strict limits to stick too, but I expect that Angron is working out on his own as well.
>But I ain't no snitch.
>And he seems to be being careful.
>"Ag!, then lets go to the range. Might as well keep my aim sharp."
>That sound cool, I give him a thumbs up and throw him a blanket sized towel.
>"Sounds good, champ."
>I nod to a Sunny Dog, who checks his Vox.
>"It is open, Milord."
>"Great." I clap my hands together.
>I have finally figured out how to hold my boltpistol correctly, it was fun watching targets explode.
>I also needed practice with my digiring.
>Angron straps himself into his chair, and we head off!

>We came to an unfortunately common sight now.
>An Army unit is using the Range WE reserved, and of course it is a McDonalds cousin as CO.
>This is the fifth time this month.
>I use to be mad but watching them try and bullshit a Primarch is funny as hell.
>This time Angron doesn't even yell at the poor fool, just glares him down into leaving.
>What are they even thinking?
>Angron and I take turns firing at targets.
>A squad at the next range to our left heckled us and challenged us to a shoot of... til they actually saw our group.
>A random chuckle fuck, four Solar Aux vets, a Custodes, and a chair bound Primarch.
>They just shut up and went back to their side.
>Angron is actual sad about it, he is competitive as heck.
>I step back and just let him cut loose, he downs every target as soon as they appear.
>I just clean my boltpistol, and wait for him to get his fill.

>Later we meet up with The Colonel to work on our war game idea.
>It is a Kriegsspiel type idea.
>Angron and I have been working on it while he isn't allowed to train, he has really taken to it.
>I never actually played it in my old life, but I think we are getting somewhere.
>Razit, is totally on board. He has been having his officers play test it.
>It takes forever to play, but they seem to love it.
>Angron worked out a better dice system to speed up combat, it really helps.
>Razit wants to time each turn, we add different times to play testing. Not including time to move the units between turns.
>Malcador walking in on us one day, and was interested in the idea. He wants to be kept posted on progress.
>Cool maybe this will help or at least keep soldiers entertained during long trips.

>Note to self, don't play cards with Angron.
>Empaths are bullshit.
>I can't wear my left boot for the rest of the night.

>Big E buzzed me for a meeting.
>I of course hurried over to our normal spot.
>"~I have found the flaw with the Second Legions gene-seed, the containments has been purged and around 2/3s of the stock has been saved.~"
>Damn that is GREAT news!
>"What was the issue?"
>The Emperor, glares to the side.
>"~A cultist managed to recruit a gene-smith, your knowledge made us watch closer.~"
>HE looks at me with an intense look.
>"~You have done the Imperium immense service.~"
>I feel a bit overwhelmed, and nod back to him.
>I don't know what to even say.
>I don't know what to even say.
>"You owe me Emps."
now anon has a favor to call from the motherfucking Emperor of Mankind
>Big E has decided to grant me a boon at Court in a week.
>I have to decided before hand, and actually run it by Malcador first.
>I have no idea what to ask for.
>What does one even ask of the Emperor?
>He already provides me with everything I have.
>I could ask for a planet, but He needs me by for my Lore knowledge.
>Maybe a Warrant for after the Crusade?
>I can't bum of the Emperor forever... can I?
>What would i even do after the Emperor no longer needed me?

>I was cleaning my Bolt and las pistols in my suite.
>Razit was here, running ideas for our game by me. Pacing while doing so.
>Angron was spending time with the Emperor.
>"Something on your mind, Anon?" Razit asks, clearly seeing me not really feeling like working on the game today.
>"The Emperor offered me a boon, I am utterly lost on what to do."
>He freezes.
>Razit and the other Sonny Dogs just stare at me.
>"W-what? A boon?" Razit seems bewildered by this.
>"What did you do for such an honor?" He asks on the edge of his breath.
>"I... don't think I can tell you right now. The Emperor will bring it up at Court soon, I need an answer before then."
>"Our master doesn't just grant boons on a whim... this will cause even more attention to come your way. The noble house already have no idea how to view you, this is only adding fuel to the fire."
>Razit has a 1000 yard stare going right now.
>"Should I decline-"
>"NO!" He yells at me.
>"That will only make things beyond worse!"
>He runs his hand through his short grey hair.
>"Maybe ask for a Title or..."
>He stops dead in his tracks.
>"Forget it. I forgot who I was speaking to, Anon."
>Razit turns back to me and gives a short bow.
>"Just be yourself and ask for what you will."
>What the hell was that?
great work as always anon,
>anon asks to become emperor's wife
I need to think on this, I will post more in the morning.
Request for a writ of trade and a cruiser to set MC up as the first rogue trader after this heresy business is dealt with.

That way you can just keep coming back as captain of your trade empire in each future incarnation. “A long lost scion takes up the mantle of captain” yet again.

Or if not that ask for Big-E to move on improving the small folks lot. It will decrease the amount of suffering in the world if they have food, healthcare, and a less fascist police force instigating a continual cycle of violence and purges.

This would require a drive towards automation of industry and services and a redistribution of resources. It would also be very atypical in a warhammer universe for a boon from Big E or any major power in universe to be frittered away on “helping the plebs.” It would ingratiate you with the common folk and alienate the nobility as well. That could be ameliorated by farming some of those automation contracts out to the nobles but as we know, anything people touch in 40k turns to shit, and you will get a corrupted version of the program at the end of it.

Or just have an assassination plot go off where MC gets fucking necked and we wake up 500 years later and have to pick up the pieces. (I kinda like the comfy situation though, it’s relaxed and fun. Things will get worse though. They always get worse.)
You know, I'm genuinely surprised the usual "Wrong Fun" anons haven't shown up yet. Truly interesting.

Also Anon the Cupbearer has to bring up the whole "House McDonalds" thing to Big E.
Should of talked about how many names special k has
Ask the emperor for the creation of the inquisition for use in fighting chaos possibly along with the grey knights
Ask for a text to speech device on the golden throne
>automation of industry
Enjoy your Silica Animus revolution or mass production of even more servitors.
Ask for him to give each and every one of the Primarchs a fatherly hug. They need some parental affection in their life. Big E needs some interaction that's father to son not Emperor to superweapon.
big bois need love too.
I second this.
Ask the Emperor to personally make a mastercrafted sword (or any other weapon).
>It is weird being on the other side of Court now.
>I walk down the giant hall overflowing with nobles and support staff.
>I have been here plenty of times now, but at the Big E's left while holding a big ass gold cup.
>I have a full honor guard as I walk toward the Emperor and Malcador.
>Twenty Sunny Dogs on each side of me, fully kitted out. Razit and his officers are in dress uniform and follow just behind me.
>I try my best to remain calm, thankful my training back home covered keeping a straight face.
>Legos kinda just appears in front of me a third of the way to the Emperor's raised platform.
>This is the part things get weird.
>We finish our approach and my group kneels to the Emperor, I just lower my head toward the Emperor.
>I can hear the gasps, and feel the nobles stare at me.
>I have just committed a huge breach of etiquette.
>However I fully trust Malcador, and he TOLD me not to kneel.
>I assume he has a plan, whatever he is FAR smarter then me.
>Big E doesn't miss a beat, and gestures for me to approach, another oddity.
>Nobody is ever asked to walk up the platform.
>"~Anon, you have done the Imperium as a whole and my household enormous service. Two of my sons have been returned to me, one's life owed to that. That alone should see you rewarded. However you also prevented sabotage of the Second Legion Astartes, preventing untold damage to said Legion, but preventing the loss of progress from said Legion as well. I would offer you a boon for your service. If it is within my power, you shall have it.~"
>I just nod, I have talk this through with Malcador. Worked through things the Big E wouldn't accept.
>No Warrant, as cool as that would be. The Emperor needed me close by.
>No Luther tier augmentation, I would be useless for a long ass time, HE needed my Lore.
>Nothing silly like a harem, that would just be insulting.
>I couldn't think of anything I wanted, that the Big E would actually grant me, that he hadn't ALREADY provided me.
>So I went with spite.
>"I would like my homeworld renamed 'Anon's World.'"
>That would piss off the nobles back home, my father would be livid at the disrespect. That would be all funnier.
>Cause fuck him for disowning me.
>The Big E just laughs.
>"~That is a good one, it is on me. Would you like anything else?~"
>I just answer on the spot.
>"Can I get better armor, the carapace is nice but I would feel safer with higher tier armor."
>"~Done, I shall craft you a fine set of Power Armor.~"
>Holy shit! Actual Power Armor!
>I was only expecting the Solar Aux full body armor.
>This is amazing.
>I am like a kid at Christmas.
>He grants me leave, Malcador has facepalmed.
>I walk out with a skip in my step.
>I'm gettin Power Armor!
>No Luther tier augmentation
Well. There could still be a chance, in the future. Magnus could turn him into a full Astartes, like he did with his equerry, Amon.
Anon accidentally creates another legion
The issue is the time it would take to Augment. Maybe once Anon is no longer needed for his lore as much.
File: Anons first campaign.jpg (265 KB, 1280x1024)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
>Anon gets power armor
>Leman Russ want's anon to join him on a campaign
Looks like the salamanders are gonna have some competition over the title as the nicest space marines.
>Razit, Angron, and I are still working on our wargame.
>Angron is doing a lot better. He no longer needs his chair, and gets around with a cane.
>At this rate, he should be able to start his trials in a year or so.
>It has been two months since I asked for my boon, Emps is still working on my armor.
>Guilliman is set to finish his trials and start his proper lessons under the Emperor.
>I suspect the plan is to then send G-man to fight along side Russ to get experience.
>Russ has officially requested I join him as an 'adviser'.
>Malcador says I would leave before G-man if the Emperor accepts Russ's request.
>I am nervous about actual going to the front of the Crusade.
>I know I would be insanely protected, but still...

>In other news Horus, sent me another letter.
>His was approached by Eldrad, who wants to talk to me.
>That has me worried.
>What has the Farseer seen of me or have I just thrown his visions into wack?
>If I do go see Eldrad I will offer him the Soulstones, Solomon sent me as a sorta peace offering.
>I still don't know what happened with that, other then that they offended the Second Primarch.
I gotta get ready for work, sorry for the slow updates.
no problem anon, thank you for writing the stories for us to read
Hell it's worth the wait.
Would the eldar wants him dead or use his lore knowledge?
Knowing that eldar murderfuck Slaanesh into existence and spread that knowledge especially to primarch doesn't seem to benefit the eldar.
File: Circus music stops.png (221 KB, 560x799)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
The Aeldari Farseers and Drukhari Houses would 100% be fighting over this guy.
I'm more curious how the laughing god and the Black Council is gonna react to some rando human knowing about the black library craft world and how to gain access to it.

TFW an army of Sensei storms the library with big E and some form of minuter custodes.
Some Eldar yes, but Eldrad would probably be among the few that'd want him around. For as much of a pompous ass as he is, Eldrad is capable of sensible thinking.
Bump for the emperor
where are the links for the 2nd and 3rd threads?
You can find them on suptg or in the archives.
Eldrad gunna be sad he didn’t get to tell the big E the big H was Comin for His Big golden T
Holy shit this thread is out of this world! How does this quest work? Do you guys just throw our suggestions like qst or is this different? Will the thread continue? Will that one last Thunder Warrior that became the underhive mob boss be caught / brought to Big E? Will anon ever get to taste a Big Mac?
only place you can do is at /qst/ I'm pretty sure
I see. I'll check out the rules for this board a bit later.

So something I wanted to throw out there: what do you guys think should be or would be a part of Anon's war gear? So far it's gonna be Artificer tier Power Armor, a golden bolt pistol with an 8 round magazine capacity, and a digital ring flamethrower weapon that I'm pretty sure doubles as a short range Volkite weapon.

I think a Hot-shot Lasgun drawing power from his power armor might be a good choice. It's much more powerful than a Lasgun, and you don't need to carry the ammo for it. It's certailly cheaper than any Volkite weapon.
Maybe a iron halo or something similar, give him as much durability as possible without the luthor treatment
I had to look it up. It's pretty awesome, but I think this would be better.

While an iron halo would make you tough enough to tank lascannons, a Rosarius would protect you from physic attacks in additional to material ones.
I completely forgot those existed to be honest, thats a way better option, he could conceal it as well
He could actually have both now that Ii think about it if hte Emps is feeling generous. The iron Halo would bolster the durability of his armor as a whole, while the Rosarius would do roughly the save but as a sphere in addition to making him resistant to psychic attacks.
I don't have much time, but will post abit.

>And we are print!
>Angron, Razit and I have our names on the manuals!
>I even did a signed a copy for a Rogue Trader at a minor feast.
>Angron, wasn't interested in signing his book.
>Mal joins us for the first 'official' game tournament.
>I got my teeth kicked in by Malcador in the first round.
>Razit managed to give Angron a fight, but it ended bitterly as Razit refused to yield til he was kicked fully of the board.
>Mal won, but it was close.
>Angron yielded after seeing he was caught.
>It was fun.
>The game will be issued to Army ships overtime.
>Hope the troops like it.

>The Emperor decided to grant Leman Russ his request for my 'aid'.
>I leave once my armor is finished.
>I am honestly hyped.
What do you think the fancy necklace is?
I’d be surprised if there’s isnt something to protect against psychic phenomena. Training, or augmetics or Wargear.

Some sort of immaterial threat has already tried to infiltrate anons dreams. I would be paranoid out of my mind. Sure you have the two most powerful “human” psykers in existence doing roll call on your psyche every morning but it’s a major weakness that needs to be corrected, particularly against the great enemy and the eldar.

Even an inverse librarian hood that isolates the mind preventing it from broadcasting or being accessed would be kosher.maybe that’s more of a magnus thing, dunno.

Otherwise he’s got the basics down. The best armour and weapons that money cannot buy. Anon just needs the intensive combat training necessary to use any of it effectively. I’d suggest a melee weapon but knowing anon he’d trip over it and impale himself. Best to stick to a ranged option.
Well played, I had completely Forgotten about that
To be real. He's better off with an Iron Halo and a detachment of Sisters of Silence guard if we're worried about psyker bullshit.
>I walk with Mal, down a dark hall deep in the palace.
>"Thanks for helping me id, this artifact Anon. It has weighed on me for some time."
>"No problem, I am here to help."
>It feels weird to travel without the Sunny Dogs now...
>They didn't have Mal's clearance on whatever it was he wanted to show me.
>We traveled pretty far down.
>Passed a bunch of relics.
>I am sure I saw a Mars Rover... do the Techpriests know he has that?
>Above my paygrade.
>"Right this way." Mal gesture toward a sealed room.
>"Wear those gloves on the side, the relic is fragile."
>"Will do."
>We enter an airlock, get scanned by something, then we are in.
>Malcador walks over to a desk in the middle of the room, the room is really low light.
>It is a book?
>It has seen better days, but it seems well maintained for how old it might be.
>Mal hands me a lens that can see in the dark, and I inspect the book.
>I am pretty sure this is Mody Dick, but it is in either Spanish or Portuguese which I can't read.
>Mal was happy to now I knew the book, but was bummed that I can't actually read it for him.
>"I was hoping it was a history text, but this is still a great relic. I will see about having it translated, now that we know it isn't dangerous."
>"Glad to have helped out, it is a classic."
>We left to head back up.
I need to eat and sleep, sorry I can't post more.
Ehhh not so much psykers bullshit.

More like a seeping insidious corruption as numerous subtle forces ply his brain for leverage. SBSP can only hold back the forces of darkness for so long!
Maybe not psyker bullshit, but good nonetheless.

>>"Thanks for helping me id, this artifact Anon. It has weighed on me for some time."
That’s fine. You’re doin good work anon. Stay healthy matey and take a break if you need too. Maybe consider a discord, cause having all your stories in one place would be neat but yeah, sleep well.
Sorry I am tired. He is saying not knowing what the book was had him worried.
Have i nice sleep anon
I'm tired too, but before I pass out I want to throw out there that if the Emperor could could pull out memories and it'd typically only take a few days, he could retrieve a could of interesting songs and other things, but that's probably not a good idea for the long run.
So glad this is alive!

It's a shame that anon probably doesn't remember that the black crusades will still happen, they'll still probably focus on Cadia or some other easily identifiable fortress world by the Eye, and that pylons are what get focused in these chaos distraction-wars.
>the black crusades will still happen
How? No Horus Heresy means no CSM running off to hide in the Eye Of Terror.
Chaos finds a way, especially since the imperium relies on warp travel. Remember that a great helping factor in Mortarion's fall to the ruinous powers was his ship getting hit with stasis during transit and then nurgle's rot affecting everyone to the point that all marines pledged themselves to the grandpappy himself just so their pain would go away. Many marines/chapters/primarchs could still fall to chaos since not all of them would be privy to this information unless it's absolutely necessary.

Even in anon's story through Terra's underhive only Guilliman is learned of chaos while the custodes and ultramarines are instructed to dispose of religious zealots or whatever without any explanation. This lack of information could lead to them hearing whispers as well, seeking information on their own accord and falling to ruinous powers.
Minor corruptions could still happen yes.
But without a primarch to rally around getting a foothold in the imperium is gonna be exponentially harder.
Especially now that anon has told Horus and big E to watch out for secret clubs in the legions.
except that in the original timeline the lodges were also not accepted by the emperor.
I misread that as a Halo Device. He's most definitely not better off with one of those gizmos.
Clearly Moby-Dick must be a daemon prince. I mean, a fly already became one, why not a whale?
File: 1297779930075.jpg (959 KB, 1700x1900)
959 KB
959 KB JPG
File: Marquis Forneus.png (528 KB, 800x1021)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
Your question have made me remember a picture of a whale in a list of daemons, a quick research has lend me to, I shit you not, discover that he teaches rhetoric and languages.
Which chaos god?
This, I've never heard of deamon whales, but i know of void whales (pic related).
File: Waaagh_Gragnatz.jpg (1.84 MB, 2246x1616)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
HUr duuur
No? How'd you get "No Horus Heresy means no CSM running off to hide in the Eye Of Terror" from my post? I was just saying that anon could theoretically ask Big E if he could pull out some classic terrain music from his brain.
I work a mid today will post more after, If the thread is gone, I will just start a new one.
File: 1532915054235.png (1.24 MB, 1920x816)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
i will keep this alive for the emperor
Bump for the emperor
Well, since this reference is as old as Babylonia and it takes the form of a sea monster in an era that the seas are pretty much a 1:1 reference for the void in 40k, with all the dangers and monsters, and taking what it teaches along with it...

A demon of Tzeentch, no doult, the whole creature of the unknown depth, that has great communication skills, ancient languages and "He causes people to beloved by their enemies as well as of his friends" deal.

File: Spoiler Image (637 KB, 1920x1080)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
From the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford
“One may invoke Forneus as a bestial and serpentine force of self-awareness, that one may delve the depths of the subconscious to work through the familiar of the self, thus a guide to the HGA/Angelic Familiar. “

From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly
“Invoke Forneus to influence others to favor you. Invoke Forneus before legal battles to get favorable results.”
File: Test.png (1.44 MB, 1568x732)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
God I fucking love 40K Ork lore.
orks are the only xeno that will be ever happy in 40k
File: 1584002973361.jpg (7 KB, 196x200)
7 KB
File: 1482550377347.jpg (281 KB, 1280x854)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
>Big E has decided to grant me a boon at Court in a week
Ask Him to ditch the fedora.
File: 1581685360097.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
>Click on to see what's the pic's all about.
>It's a whole book
Dam boi
op this is great keep it up.
File: 637.png (410 KB, 600x501)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
Hourly bemp
File: Orks in space.png (62 KB, 1026x281)
62 KB
>Warp rift "Hellfury" aka "Da Big Swirly Fing"
emperor protect my sides

There's a fan theory that the Orks are in fact so numerous that their latent psychic power subconsciously controls the entire galaxy. What to us is a hellish warzone with no respite from the constant threats of death(or worse), is to the orks a paradise. A playground with a constant supply of interesting new enemies to fight. The galaxy grinds on in a perpetual bloody stalemate against all reason because that's how the orks want it- they don't want to WIN, they want to keep fighting forever, and so it is.
I am back, writing now.
>Angron is going to undergo his next stage of operations.
>I won't see the guy for a while.
>We had become good friends, spending almost every day together. It will be weird not seeing him.
>Before he went back to the med bay, we exchanged gifts.
>I made a ring from silver, just silver wire I fused together and pressed my Cupbearer logo in.
>He gave me a badass looking chain to wrap around one of my arms. It was for my power armor.
>He asked me to only wear it if I was going into combat.
>It totally blew my ring out of the water.
>Each link was hand forged...
>I was touched.
>We said our farewells and he was off.

>Razit had one of his officers run me through training courses.
>They were like the one Roxy Team, put me through.
>But worse and and I would get hit by a stun baton if I slowed down.
>Why did I agree to this?
>Oh right, I am going to join Russ and his Wolves in the Crusade.
>I cross the finish for the course for the whatever time today.
>"With that you finally cross into making into the MINIMUM for Solar Standards!" The officer yells at me.
>I drop to my knees in victory, I am to tired to raise my arms.
>A Sunny Dog trooper hands me some water which I down like a madman.
>My everything hurts.
>A lot.
>I really wish Big E would give me those augments...
>I see Razit walking up to me, he throws me a towel.
>"Glad to see you actually passed the minimum, barely, but you still made it!" he nods his head.
>"I worked my ass off on the way to Terra, kept up my reps between lessons, and your men put me through hell... how did I just barely pass?"
>It took me 3 months to reach this point, I thought I was in decent shape after reaching Terra.
>Razit just laughs. "The Solar Auxiliary are the best mortal soldiers in the Imperium, they have high standards. If one of my boys got your time, I would have them flogged. For you though, feel proud."
>He places his hand on my shoulder, I drop like a rock.
>"Sorry, didn't realize how bad you actually are. SOMEONE DRAG HIM BACK!"
>I was bed restricted for two days.
>Thankfully Mal has a portable blackboard so it wasn't lost time.
>I stop running the coarse as the Emperor walks onto the training field.
>Well it is in a dome, so into I guess.
>Everyone drops everything.
>"~Anon, stop this. You have been pushing yourself to far.~"
>"But I HAVE to be ready!"
>"~You have collapsed twice today, Legos told himself.~"
>Legos you snitch!
>"~He is charged with protecting you, he is doing his duty.~"
>"I am sick of being weak."
>"~You are only human, you need to pace yourself. If you won't I will for you.~"
>And that is how I was placed under house arrest until my armor was finished.
>I wasn't even allowed to do push-ups in my room.
>My guards never left me alone, even stood outside my shower and bed.
>At least Mal is still holding his lessons.
>Turns out I may have indeed gone to far.
>Emps had a doctor check me out to show me why he cut me off.
>Doc said if I had pushed much farther I would have caused my muscles to burn out or something.
>Razit was reprimanded for allowing me to go so far.
>It was light, a small fee, a mark on record, and a talking to by Malcador.
>I felt like shit, this might hurt Razit might be prevent from advancing from this.
>Razit was less stressed by this then I was.
>"I don't intent to leave my unit, calm down Anon. I have no intention of being a pen pusher."
>That is something, but I still feel like shit.
>I think Emps is trying to teach me a lesson on properly controlling myself or something.
>I do need a way to repay Razit though, he got punished for my fuck up, it makes my blood boil.
>He has told me he would like to fight when we link up with Russ.
>I will talk to the Wolf King about Razit and his men being allowed to cut loose.
I need a bit to think, I will post more tonight.
>I watched the forces march.
>I was on some Terrace, sipping a glass of some fruit whose name I didn't know.
>Millions of Army troops paraded into massive ships that ferry then to the true Warp-capable ships.
>They had been doing this for days.
>Another wave of soldiers, supplies and ships to be sent to forces reconquering a galaxy.
>I would be joining them, the fleet would divide along the way of course, but mine group was to head to a mustering point for the Space Wolves.
>A random system called Karf-188b, there was a series of space stations around a gas giant where the Army and Legion tended to their ships, resupplied, and redeployed.
>I would be one of the last to board, and I would do so in my new armor.
>Big E wanted to make a show of it.
>Those that don't know me seem to think I am a big deal, so Emps and Mal have decided to play it up for propaganda I guess.
>I am to march with Legos and the Sunny Dogs, wave at the cameras and try not to look stupid.
>Thankfully I don't have to give a speech.
>It is gonna be weird not having Mal and Emps around.
I am gonna sleep. I will start after work tomarrow.
I meant to post I will start a new thread after work tomarrow.
Aight. I'm excited for the next update.

My money is on anon tripping in his armor on his way to the ship.
File: Cup.jpg (5 KB, 300x300)
5 KB
Bump for holding the Emperors Cup.
That's fucking gay.
I'd constantly be going "Oh Jesus- wait shit I shouldn't be saying that." whenever something startled me.

Also I'm sure there's some Grail guardian analogies to be explored here with an immortal cupbearer. No not the weeb grail shit.
>an immortal cupbearer
this could also go in the same line of the Ganimedes myth
Anon is already an immortal cupbearer, only thing lacking is for him to strike the fancy of some primarch(Fulgrin, Sanguinius or Lion) and said primatch wanting him as close as possible to a boy toy
And then Angron smashing said primarch face
Poor anon
has anon killed anyone yet?
I dont believe so? I think maybe a cultist when he was in the under hive.
Had people thrown out airlocks, I think shot at people in the distance before, but no confirmed kills.

Needs to learn glorious melee combat instead of just pistol drills. Maybe Russ will throw him a spear and toss him into an arena as training.
The great civil war is not the heresy but half of the primarchs wanting anon as a boytoy while the other half want to protect a bro
>Tzeentch face when Slaanesh say "all accourding the keikaku"
anon vs the jews
bipity bapity bump
Bump in the name of Eldar superiorty and Craftworlds.
>I am going to join Russ and his Wolves in the Crusade.
I can already see Russ geting Anon to a feast just to see how much booze he can drink before falling to the ground
How long until some the wolf get the idea of introducing Anon to the wolf tits ?
bump for the mamperor
Bump for a wolf crusade
>turns out Anon is more of a cat person
File: 1569143046488.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
>the wolf tits ?
The what now
The space wolves like wolves.
They REALLY like wolves.
Like... a lot.
yiff yiff yiff
File: 1584422373139.png (118 KB, 301x259)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Here's hoping Anon dosen't mentions furry's. Or the wulfen
I am back! Writing now.
take your time. We've all the time in the world. at least until the heat death of the universe.
>It is Showtime.
>I am in my brand new Power Armor, it took some time to put on, almost an hour!
>I am a fairly tall person, about 6'2" in freedom units.
>In the Armor, I am well over 7'.
>My Left Shoulder Pauldron has my stylized Cupbearer icon, the Right has Big E's double-headed eagle. A unique honor at this time. Not even any legions can use it right now.
>I am hugely honored.
>It took a few minutes to learn to walk right, after twenty it was natural.
>Emps makes great gear, Power Armor is meant to take way longer to get use too.
>The body of the armor is mostly plane Custodes Gold, with bits of red. I have a raised collar but that is silvery, as are my greaves and gauntlets.
>I feel like a badass!
>As I walk, I can feel the weight.
>I am use to people clearing the way from my group, having a Custodes and Solars as your guard will do that.
>This is different though.
>People stare at my armor, likely the eagle giving them pause.
>Razit is walking at my left, all business.
>Legos is likely right behind me, but I can't actual feel him there.
>As we approach a gate to the landing zone, we are joined by the rest of the Sunny Dogs. As well as some menials tasked with carrying their standards.
>As the gate starts opening, I try and put on my best 'stoic' face.
>Gotta look good for the cameras.
>I REALLY don't want to embarrass the Emperor of Mankind.
>As the gate truly opens I can hear the crowds.
>As the front ranks leave, it gets even louder.
>An endless roar of thunder.
>As I walk out, I try and wave to the crowds and anything I think has a camera.
>I try not to look like a goof, I wish I was allowed to wear my helmet.
>Emps had that shipped to my quarters on the ship ahead of time so I couldn't.
>I feel sick, but hold it in.
>Try and focus on waving and making it to the Landing ship.
>Once on board some saint hands me a barfbag.
>I will ask about getting him a medal.
>freedom units
>My quarters on this ship are nice, but not like the Emp's flagship.
>Basically an upscale hotel suite or a two bedroom apartment.
>One room houses my Armor and gear.
>I was given a few files about Russ's current goals and wars recently fought.
>So many Orks...
>Horus sent me another letter, as did Solomon.
>Horus is still in talks with Eldrad, who is set on meeting me.
>I am open to the idea, as I will have heavy guard.
>Horus wants to pick the location, have prep time, and have Solomon and Russ there as well.
>Eldrad isn't happy with that, as he wants to talk to me one on one.
>Fat chance, I want at least one Primarch there.
>Solomon, has sworn to repay me for preventing his gene-seed stock from being rekt. Also told me the Eldar that approached him, told him that I was dangerous and needed to be handed over for reasons, etc, mere humans can't understand, I am a super cool space elf, whatever.
>Solomon did the right thing wasting them.
>Kinda feel bad that I wasn't trying to help the Second legion, but prevent the issue with Fulgrim's legion being rekted by bad-gene-seed.
>Hope that still gets caught beforehand.
Gold armor with red trimmings. Nice. I think judging by the colors the Emperor made this out of the stuff the Custodes wear which is actually exponentially more tougher than your average suit of Space marines Power Armor. Unless it's just gold plated. Still coll to have nonetheless.
>Mal told me to keep to myself during the trip to meet up with the Wolf King.
>I still had to attend some officer feasts, but hopefully the nobles just leave me alone.
>It will likely help I am the only person to have more then 3 guards at the feasts.
>Razit told me he is planning on having at least 80 Sunny Dogs at the first feast.
>And of course, Legos will be there and visible.
>I am open to talking with them, but I have horrible luck with nobles.
>Maybe that is just the McDonalds?
>I am just gonna wear some grey robes and a red sash with my boltpistol.
>It is my badge after all.
>I have horrible luck with nobles.
Wander how many noble lady tried to infiltrate his quarters to seduce him just to be cockblocked by Legos or Razit's Sunny Dogs
>We marched toward the dining hall.
>80 Sunny Dogs in full gear and armor, besides two holding standards.
>Razit was in full dress uniform, damn he has a shit ton of medals.
>Me in my robe and sash, packing heat.
>And Legos in plain view for once.
>The standards are my Cup logo on one and the Imperial Aquila on the other.
>We were gonna bring the Sunny Dogs standard but Razit wanted another gun in play for even spacing.
>The Herald announced our arrival to the feast.
>Well mine and 'company'.
>Razit picks a table by the wall, and we are set.
>Razit and I sit at a table big enough for ten, the Solar Aux block us nearly completely, Legos is standing right behind me.
>A bold group approaches us, I wave to allow them in.
>"Lord Anon, It is an honor to meet you! I am Major Rupert Kazdit! Of the Tashi 401st!"
>He is a 'big' guy. And holy hell he is an actual Rupert, I thought that was a joke.
>"Hello." I get up to greet him. Don't want to be rude.
>He continues, "This is Lady Ivticus Kazdit, my cousin who is on her way to be appointed Governor of Gath 3!" The future PG is what looks to be a women in her 30's but she has her arms cover likely covering de-aging treatments.
>"A pleasure." I nod toward her. "Were you two planning on joining us?"
>"Oh no, it is clear you wanted privacy. I just wish to meet you! I heard about you and Lord Guilliman leading troops into that Underhive! Mess business that, most have been harrowing!"
>"Yes it was a brutal affair, was meant to be a quick bonding mission. Got really out of hand."
>I try and repress the memory.
>"Bonding mission! So you must be very close to the Imperial household!"
>"It is my job." I shrug.
>They both laugh. Their guards are nervous as hell though.
>We small talk for a bit and they part with no issue.
>Latter some poor servant comes to serve drinks, she is clearly terrified.
>It makes me feel like shit.
>Razit tells her to breath with a chuckle.
>A few more groups approached, but most stayed put.
>They were all clearly on edge about me. I could understand why.
>A few officers were quite friendly.
>One techboi even said hello, and I assume eye Legos's armor.
>The Captain of the Ship and her Second joined us for the actual meal.
>She had a badass metal arm and was quite likable.
>The Second was an ass. Talked to me like I was retarded or something.
>Legos just place a hand on his shoulder and he shut up.
>What a fucking moron, how is he so high ranked on the ship?
>I just had a nice grox steak and some weird fish snacks.
>Razit was straight up drink liquor like water.
>Totally unaffected, made me feel silly drink my wine.
>After the meal proper, more nobles and officers tried approaching me.
>It was mostly awkward but harmless.
>Until of course.
>"I demand you apologize for your insults to my most honorable House!"
>Of course one of the Army Officers was a McDonalds cousin...
>"Fuck off." I dismiss him, Angron style.
>I was seriously sick of dealing with these fucks now, they were everywhere.
>"I will not be talked down to be an upjump-"
>A few Sunny Dogs approached, one punched the McDonald in the sternum and the rest dragged him away.
>Legos stood in front of the noble's entourage and told them to leave.
>As in the Feast.
>The Captain ensured me that the McDonald's regiment would be on house arrest.
>I am also pretty sure the Sunny Dogs roughed him up.
>Well fuck that guy.
Clearer the Wendy's Household is far superior.

You can fight me on this but you guys know I'm right.
That is a weird way to spell House Bell, pleb.
Heretic! Galaxy Burgers is king!
>We are stopped at some spaceport above some agriworld.
>Whole planet is a shallow ocean peppered with islands, the largest of which is the size of Delaware.
>Basically non-stop fishing and harvesting some fast growing coral that is harvested on mass for building material.
>Of Course the Coral spits acid until killed.
>The Fleet is resupplying as well as trading troops between ships.
>We are gonna be here a few days, so Razit gave a rotation for the Sunny Dogs to have leave at the port.
>The Port has a casino, the boys are eager to waste their money at.
>More power to them.
>I mostly just read more reports.
This McDonalds thing is getting out of hand. maybe you could apologise if they get you some Big Mac's. Or have them all killed.
>The next Feast was uneventful.
>I mostly small talked with the Kazdits and the Captain.
>A few officers tried to get me to talk about the Big E and his Sons.
>I just told them to wait til We linked up with Russ and ask him.
>That made them quiet.
>Our Next stop was a forgeworld.
>We refueled, picked up some supplies, dropped off some fish and coral and the Archmagos told us to basically kick rocks.
>Thankfully no Feast after, as we didn't trade crew or troops.
>I did try find a mural in one hall the Captain told me about and walked in on an off duty couple in one of the empty rooms.
>It was awkward.
>Even worse when they asked if I wanted in.
>What the hell, people.
>Even worse when they asked if I wanted in.
My sides are fucked
>The Kazdits visited me for a bit.
>Must some minor drinking and Rupert told me some war stories.
>Also kicked my ass at cards.
>I did have fun though.
>Our next stop was a semi-feudal world.
>Same old resupply, we did have to attend a party, but non of the Locals approached me.
>Likely didn't help I was wearing my Armor and had ALL the Sunny Dogs with me.
>I was worried something would go down the first time I was actually of the ship.
>No go, thankfully.
>We should only have one more stop before we reach the Mustering point.
>I was polishing my Armor when I felt it.
>The ship lurched.
>My Guards put their helmets on and helped me into my armor.
>We got a call from Razit, he got word from the Captain we got pulled from the warp.
>What is going on?
>I prep both my pistols and my ring.
>Debating to don my chain yet.
>The Sunny Dogs are on full alert.
>Our hall is on full lockdown.
>Ship Lurches again.
>This time hard enough to rattle things.
>Fuck, that can't be good.
>We get word from the Captain, that the fleet is being attacked by Corsairs.
>Fucking Eldar.
>We might be boarded.
>*clearly heard explosion a few corridors down*
>Yeah we are being boarded.
>I am being kept in my room, the living-room/kitchen is being guarded by Sunny dogs that have fortified the place.
>The hall is a killzone, and I can hear fighting.
>After a bit, it stops.
>A guard hand me his Vox.
>"Anon, their leader wants to talk with you." Razit is on the other line, tense and clearly focus.
>"Put me through."
>"On it."
>I can hear the Vox being thrown.
>"Ish thish the Keeper of Lore?"
>Whoever speaking has heavily accented gothic.
>"Who wants to know."
>"Jusht the Farsheeshr shent to bring you in."
>"Which Craftworld, do you hail from child of Isha?"
>There is a pause.
>"And what do you want oh vaulted farseer of Biel-Tan? What do you want with us?"
>"Don't play gamesh with us, Mon-kiegh. You know why we want you."
>"I don't swing that way."
>I hope this farseer is male, it would be funnier that way.
>The farseer starts ranting and I only half listen.
>I lean toward another guard, "Do they have their helmets on?"
>He looks at me oddly, then asks his Vox.
>Great, that makes this easy.
>"Tell the Captain to vent this section of the ship, we all are ready for void."
>He gives me a thumbs up.
>After a crashing sound everyone is thrown around by the coming vacuum.
>The chaos gives Legos time to start butchering the Eldar.
>That gave the Sunny Dogs time to help out.
>Too bad enough eldar escaped, don't know how they survived Vacuum like that but it is total bs.
>By now the fleet has regrouped and the Eldar are forced to flee.
>I really hope many of the fuckers died for this.
>I order Razit and the boys to bring me any soulstones that are found.
>Should be worth something to Eldrad.
I need to sleep, I will post more tomarrow.
File: 1588216336208.png (68 KB, 301x254)
68 KB
>"I don't swing that way."
You never know if you never try.
Anons new squad the gay marines
File: 1589258276013.png (70 KB, 370x320)
70 KB
Gn, sleep tight
>"I don't swing that way."
Ah ha but it actually was a chick.
Anon conformed gay he fucked up!
>>"Ish thish the Keeper of Lore?"
The lisp is cute but I'm wonder just how they heard about Anon. This should be about 50 some soul stones by my guess?
>how they heard about Anon
He was all over in the news just a while ago due to being Emp's new advisor.
Oh that's right. How far could that had been broadcasted? Do the elder have long range scanners or something?
>How far could that had been broadcasted?
I guess only around the solar system, but people that travel around could have eventually told the tale to some Eldar.
probably or THE RUNES FORTOLD THIS and shit
Nah, but apparently they watch Imperial TV.
little did anon know that eldar was a female and now he will be known as the gay Mon-Keigh
Don't forget also bro-angron
In this timeline there will be two great War Hounds successor chapters, The Cupbearer and The Thot Removers
Only if Robot Guillisuit gets his way
File: zJrNmMZ.png (2.68 MB, 1792x828)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
So... successor legions?
With Horus and Guilliman knowing about the heresy and how the corruption of the legion began, I wouldn't get surprised if they decide that decentralize the legion into smaller independent or semi-independent autonomous chapter is in fact a good idea once the great crusade is over
>Thot Removers
That Patrollers or Thot Police are better names
I am back writing now.
Harlot Hunters, that's what my GM called it
Welcome back anon
>We got a bunch of soulstones. I added them to the stash, Solomon sent me.
>I am kinda confused why Biel-Tan would want me, and I thought they were lead by Exarchs so why was a Farseer after me?
>I thought Biel-Tan were in the kill all Mon-kiegh camp.
>We vented the eldar bodies and tended to our dead.
>Thankfully ours was the only ship boarded, but that is concerning.
>How did they know which ship I was on?
>I thought the Eldar were kinda cool in my old life, but actual living in the same galaxy with them is unacceptable.

>We reached our next stop, with no more issues.
>Another agriworlds, this time devoted to grox raising as well as harvesting minerals from their manure.
>We were delayed a bit at port for repairs, but we are still ahead of our estimated time.
>The spaceport did have a resort, so I got a massage. Really helped with the stress.
>Next stop is the Mustering point.
>>How did they know which ship I was on?
Would void the McDonalds, just in case
>As we Enter the system, we are hailed by the Wolves.
>They tell us which of the six spaceports orbiting the moon of the local gas giant.
>I get in my Armor, I am eager to meet Leman Russ.
>We hit a snag though.
>"Papers, please."
>The Army Guards are insisting I show my papers and id, but I don't HAVE any.
>"I literally don't have any, Russ is expecting me-"
>"Yeah, and I play cards with the Emperor on weekends. Don't try that grox shit. Nobody gets past with out proper id and papers!."
>You have got to be shitting me.
>"Is this a joke?"
>"Is our job a joke to you asshole?!"
>"I am Lord Anon-"
>"Never heard of you."
>"I am the Emperor's cupbearer and was personally requested to be hear by Leman Russ."
>"Likely story. Still need to show us your papers, jackass."
>"I have a Custodes with me and a bunch of Solar Aux with me."
>"But you still have not provided id and papers."
>This went on for a while.
I'm sure he just needs a couple more slaps. Emperor knows McDick's daddy didn't hit him with his power belt enough. He's just a man child that needs to be humbled.
Administration doesn't give a shit if you're the mother fucking emperor of mankind, you better have the necessary documents
>"I literally have the Emperor's sigil on my armor."
>"And we have already filed a report against you for your lack of respect toward the Imperial household."
>"But the Emperor literally MADE my armor as a gift!."
>"Yeah and I bet your pen pals with Horus as well."
>"Yes actually, I am."
>"Whatever, just give us your papers and id, and you can enter."
>I am about to shoot this fucker, we have been here an hour!
>I am beyond pissed.
>"You will let me pass, I have a meeting with Russ you are making me late for."
>"You ain't passing this gate without proper id and papers."
>I am rubbing my temples, when the Guards get a call.
>"The Guard has a thousand yard stare as he is yelled at over Vox.
>"Sorry Sir, I was just following order, you are free to pass."
>I walk past just wanting to move on.
>Then they stops Razit.
>"Are you fucking kidding me!"
>Breaking news:
>Terra lord intimidates station guard utilizing an ancient Terran battle stance
>the station guard appeared to have backed himself into a corner
>The Emperor's Cup Bearer has both arms extended at a 90 degree angle from his legs as he glared balefully
>His guards and even an exhausted Emperor's Costodes joined the lord in his intimidation tactic
>The guard and all guards of the station have been thoroughly cowed
>"Just flexing on these reprobates brah" commented the lord
that guard is not going to hear the end of this: 1000 years later and he'll still be the jackass that gave somone close to big E 3 heataches adn a half
surprised legos didnt just smack him
>Thankfully Legos was just as sick of this as I was.
>He simply picked of both Guards by the throat and the Sunny Dogs passed.
>"That was retarded."
>"At least it is over" Razit replies.
>"No, we still have to report the fuckers."
>Thankfully a group of Space Wolves were sent to show us the way to Russ.
>Razit hands me a pouch.
>"What is this?"
>"Pills that allow someone to drink liquor like water, you are gonna need them."
>"Is that how you-"
>"No, I just have an augmented liver. Won it in a card game against a Magos."
>eh? That sounds useful.
>We approach Leman's personal office.
>"If it isn't my Father's cupbearer!"
>Leman Russ greeted us warmly.
>Basically forced mugs in mine and Razot's hands.
>Even with the pills, the drink makes my head and gut spin.
>The fuck even is this?
>"I can not thank you enough for helping my brothers! Horus had plenty of good things to say about you!"
>"It is great to meet you too Leman Russ. I look forward to following you and your sons into battle!"
>I really hope I don't make a fool of myself.
>"There are plenty of minor Ork fiefs around this sector, you should get to see plenty of action! Me and my boys will keep you say, while ensuring you get properly blooded."
>He then downs his whole oversized mug.
>"But First we will be holding some games to welcome you to our Legion as an Honored Guest!
>"Sounds great!"
>Russ reaches for something on his desk and shoves it into my arms.
>It is a spear.
>"I knew you would be all for it!"
>Well Shit.
i keep refreshing the page but there are no more posts
My brother and I got mexican food, I will post more in a bit.
Mexican cuisine is literally non existent where i live, this makes me super jelly
where do you live to not have accessible mexican food?
cheese frog land
Russia, most of eastern europe is probably in the same situation
You live in Franch?
yes and not near any of the important cities if you're asking
>"I don't think I am ready for this."
>Russ pushes me toward the Gate to the arena.
>"Nonsense! You will do fine."
>I enter in and see my foes.
>It is a pair of Tarellian, who looks like they have seen some better days.
>Is the Imperium already fighting the dog faced fucks? I thought they bombed their worlds way later.
>Whatever time to fight.
>My spear goes right through the first ones guts thanks to the boost from my armor.
>It curses at me is some weird tongue.
>The other takes the chance to swipe at my face with a long knife.
>I burn him with my digiweapon.
>I quickly pull my spear out of the first to mercy kill the second, no sense it letting him suffer needlessly.
>Even if he is a xenos, I would grant him a quick death. Death by fire is a brutal way to go.
>The crowd of Astartes and Army staff cheer.
>It was an easy fight, and a quick one.
>Thankfully Russ didn't throw me at some horror for laughs.
>The Wolves have been pretty welcoming.
>The pills Razit gave me really help, I only really drink wine casually, the stuff the Wolves give their mortal guests is heavy duty stuff.
>I got to see some of their training drill, which was interesting to watch.
>I think on of the Servant girls is trying to get me drunk, she keeps shoving a new drink in my hand all the time.
>Won't stop asking me about Terra.
>I am kinda burned out on people right now and just want to watch the Legionaries spar.
>I try and answer her question and be polite.
>Russ is facing a dozen of his boys in the Arena.
>Servant girl is STILL asking me questions, doesn't seem to understand I want to watch the match.
>Why is she doing this?
>The Solars could answer her questions better.
>I even tell her so, she then asks me about Home.
>I just wanna watch the fights...
>I tell her about Home, my family, the state of the world when I left.
>HOLY SHIT Russ is using one of his sons as a club on the others!
>The crowd goes apeshit.
he just made a biiiiiig mistake, didn't he?
>inb4 chaos servant holds the world hostage
>inb4 anon doesn't actually give a fuck
>inb4 exterminatus
>I am tired as fuck.
>I signal to my guards I am ready to go to my quarters and rest.
>The Servant girl ask if she could join me.
>I am going to sleep, if I wanted to socialize I would stay here.
>A few of the Sunny dogs are laughing at some joke they must have heard.
>I was given an officer's cabin and slept like a log.
>I woke up hung over, the piles didn't full save me from the drinking as there was a lot.
>It could be worse.
>I freshen up and head to a mess hall to eat.
>Just some oats, fruit and what I think is ale?
>Razit was too hung over to join me.
>I have another meeting with Russ but that is much later in the day.
>I plan to wander around the port and check things out.
File: 1572547048420.png (438 KB, 620x627)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
Hey, wait a minute, Home? THE Home?
>Everyone seems gives my group a wide berth.
>We stopped at a few areas.
>Some of the Dogs wanted to head to a club for the soldiers, I allowed them too.
>As long as they stay out of trouble.
>I eat at a when I got a call fro said club, two hours later.
>A fight had broken out and I was needed to deal with it.
>The fuck guys...
Just his homeworld.
Thank fuck
>Being this dense
Anon get off 40Chan Russ might need your advice.
Shits good, anon. Gotta say, though, it's too quiet. I swear, you'd usually see a few anons screaming about wrong fun by now.
>Turns out the Dogs used their bonuses from being my guards to party at the club.
>And said club was actually a brothel under a different name.
>Damn guys, this better now turn into a scandal.
>"What happened?"
>"Your men, started throwing money at the girls and the other patrons didn't take kindly to them hogging all the women. Fights broke out. You gotta pay the damages."
>"Done. Give me my men."
>I sign the papers to access my funds, it wasn't even a dent of my stipend.
>The Sunny Dogs will pay me back though.
>Why did Razit have to be too hungover to deal with this shit?
>I had to 'detain' the Dogs that started shit.
>I had them confined to our wing in the port. It was a really light way of punishing them.
>I couldn't blame them for wanting to blow off steam, they could have just each pick a girl or two and been done with it though. Not start a brawl.
>Whatever Razit could handle any further punishment.

>I spent some time at a range before my Meeting with Russ.
>The Meeting itself was just an overview of what we would be doing.
>We were gonna clear the sector of Orks, now that the Navel forces have wiped out their fleets.
>We were gonna world hop and reclaim these worlds as well as liberate those under siege.
>We move out in a few day, our first stop will be lifting the siege of a civilized world call Parth Secundus.
Holy shit this was an entertaining read
I will post more tomarrow.

I am glad you like it.

If thread dies I will just make another.
Have a good rest.
Sleep tight, Cup-anon
Good night
So, was she just trying to hook up or was she trying to drug and murder/kidnap anon?
Does the armor have any medical/toxin scanner for its occupant? (he probably turned it off to stop it beeping every time he took a drink)
Why not both?
Wake up on another ship with an even worse hangover.
"servant" girl greets him, shows him pics from the "wedding", and a positive pregnancy test, welcomes him into the house of McDonald
it's the dark eldars
Probably the former. She if she tried anything Legos would probably stealth watch and intervene.

Hot, but shes not keeping custody. Dark Eldar are shit parents.
Think Legos would stealth watch then anyway
Imagine Anon after returning to Terra just to have his performance criticized by Malcador and The Emperor as both analyse Legos recording of the events
good work anon, hope to read more
When the imperial cult inevitably start to gain popularity what you think will be their instance on Anon(if any) given his proximity with the emperor and a few primarchs ?
Bump because I like this thing.
File: the_fool.png (255 KB, 454x801)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
The Fool and Prophet at once. The everyman influencing events that should be greater than him with will, wit and luck. Images including him, when not at the Emperor's left pouring drink or holding a decanter will have the figure out of place. If everyone is facing one way, the cupbearer faces another. If it's a mirrored scene, Anon has no counterpart in the other half. And often with a shit-eating grin on his face.

The 79th card of the Emperor's Tarot. Drawing the Cupbearer is a sign of either a catalyst for change, or when reversed an unwravelling of fate. The former a useful reading, whether you want to reinforce or reject the likely events to unfold, the Cupbearer hints where the point where everything can change will be found.
The latter a sign of great concern for the most part, as the rest of the reading is now essentially guesswork. It might happen, maybe, probably.. assuming other events don't happen. Which they could.
79th.. Or rather, the 78th and one. For to draw the Fool is slightly different, as you must then draw an additional card for the reading. The Fool does not actually take any of the places in the reading, merely modifies how one interprets it. The order he is drawn in matters, but not the arrangement.
In every incarnation of artwork and the Tarot itself, the Cupbearer is always outside of what should be. Some decks even have the Fool with a different backing and artstyle to emphasise this. Indeed, the best decks often have a Fool from a completely different source to the others. It's unclear why this should be, but it is the role of the Fool to not belong to the pattern yet affecting it.

When doom seems certain though, the Cupbearer does offer a possibility of changing fate at least. Whether for an even worse doom or unexpected salvation.. well, you can't expect miracles from a Fool.

>at least, that's what I'd hope for Anon. He might become the Traitor Primus, the Left Hand of the Emperor, the Man in the Machine, or the Willing Heretic for all I know. There's plenty of titles to go around for someone messing with the natural order to the extent Anon is doing
i want thus.
File: FnYSeEr.jpg (43 KB, 500x453)
43 KB
bump for both of these
>hey Mal why does that portrait not have my reflection
i also love the fact they litteraly T-posed on a guard to assert dominance
That wasn't canon to this time line.
meme or not it was still funny
It was gold, agreed.
File: 6l2lnsnipp051-1.png (588 KB, 576x768)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
Just throw around some memes and slang no one but the Emperor will know. Could you imagine the shenanigans?

>Emissary of House McDonalds, Sir Heraldd Vic Mcdonalds has had it with that glorified cup bearer!
>You, a noble of a most prestigious household that dates back to the earliest ages of human civilization, will not stand for this insult against you!
>You know your lot in life. Greater are you than the lower lords and plebeians, but below those of the higher echelon of Terras nobility. You like to think yourself a humble man but HIM.
>That, that lord Anon. Dare he insult not only you, but his own peers with his lack of decorum!? How often you wonder if his constant faux pas are intentional or he's simply an uneducated lout. A dim lout you intend to educate. For the good of your Lord's Empire!
>And now's your chance. How fortunate of you to find him in the halls. Alone. With his guards gone theres none but his glorious golden guarding to halt you.... not that you had intended to harm him, no! Not physically that is. That was a fight you knew you would lose handily. Brawling was reserved for soldiers who served their lord.
>Which is why you left your own guards much to your captains chargrin. This was a fight between intellects, not brutes. Well possible "intellect." Singular not plural you're still unsure of Lord Anon's capacity for lateral thinking, but you'll surely learn soon enough.
>The lord seemingly occupied with his guard you make your presence known to him by walking normally, as to let you're flat tap loudly enough to draw his attention. You know of your "weight issue" and you take full advantage of it. None one suspects an over indulgent noble to be as sneaky as an Officio Assassin.
>"Oh! Hello Lord Mcdonalds. Was there something you wished to discuss?"
>Look at him. The gaul of this child! To address you by only your household name and not your full name. Oh the ear lashing you shall give him. You were just finished mentally compiling the tirade of corrections to his etiquette before he did the strangest thing. There was this glint of mischief in his eye that gave you pause with your right arm raised.

>"Where are my manners!"
>To your confusion, the lord wrap his right hand around your fist before pulling you in to bump his right shoulder with your own, before batting you on the back with his left arm in a strange embrace.
>"Sup McD, hows it hangin?" He said just releasing you to strike a pose most awe inspire as it was confusing.
>There he stood looking down to his right bicep next to his face as he raised his arms up parallel to each other to his left side.
>Seemingly satisfied with himself, Lord Anon simply walked off with his Custodes in tow, leaving you with more questions than answers. Could that had been some for of ancient Terran greeting? Could you be the one in the wrong.

>Be the emperors cup bearer, ergo be Anon.
>You greeted the fat McDonalds noble with you best shittiest suffer dude greeting before dabbing.
>You can practically feel Legos judging stare on the back of your head despite not knowing where he was.
>"Was that truly nessassary." He intoned. It really wasn't, but it was fun to mess with the nobility when you could get away with it. Besides, no one would ever believe him.
if you're not the cup-anon go make your own thread
I'm not Cup bro and I don't plan to make another thread dedicated to making greens. It was an idea I had in my head and a one time thing.
I am back, but don't have much time. I will still post a bit.

This is great!

>>72795784don't forget: dab on the mcdonalds
>Parth Secundus wasn't left alone to face the green tide alone.
>The sole Hive city that served as the capital, had a connected and walled spaceport. They were still receiving supplies and reinforcements, just limited is scope while the Imperial fleets targeted the Ork ships across the sector.
>The Parthi were dealing with the siege and had evacted the civvies from the countryside.
>Russ and the Wolves would drop right into a major Ork camp to devastate their ranks.
>I was to be the face of the mortal forces being sent to the Hive proper to boost morale and help hold the line while the Wolves hunted Ork leaders.
>The Army would really be lead by a council of Generals that actually knew what they were doing.
>I was to go around and be seen, shake a few nobles and factory leaders hands and pose for propaganda pictures while looking heroic.
>As I arrived I noticed the world had a 'persia' flavor.
>The PG was even call the Shah.
>Pretty sure they spoke a Farsi dialect.
>They still spoke Gothic, and pretty well to.
>Though only High Gothic, but I had staff for that.
>>Though only High Gothic, but I had staff for that.
How Anon passed months on the Emperors court on Terra and taking lessons with Malcador, and not learned high gothic ?
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Next thread link when ?
>The battle at the walls was ceaseless.
>The Orks had been battered by every passing ship dropping supplies for the Hive, but they still came in an endless tide.
>The Defenders pushed them back again and again, but the Orks always love a good fight.
>The plan is simple.
>The Wovles will kill the Warboss and his closest Nobs, then push for the Hive.
>The Army and PDF will then sally forth to crush the infighting Orks between us.
>Actually seeing the Orks infighting made me really confused.
>It was every Ork for themselves vs an attack from all sides.
>I rode on top of some massive tank, taking potshots with my boltpistol.
>Near the end of the fighting, I picked up a Sunny Dogs banner and started shouting 'Terra Invictus!' like a madman.
>The troops seemed to love it.
>Russ and I posed over the Warboss's corpse for the cameras
>He heckled my on my war cry and headpatted me like a child afterword.
He just sucks at it, it is crazy overly formal.
I will start a new one soon.
>"Terra Invictus!"
Wouldn't the correct form be "Terra Invicta!" ?
But again, Anon don't have much skill with hight gotic
So Anon knows Imperial Court High Gothic, but not Basic Nobleman High Gothic?
it would seem that way
but how he talked with the other nobles before ?
I imagine they would be speaking in hight gotic during the feasts and so
New thread

I alluded to it before, that is why the ship's second thought he was retarded. He can speak High Gothic, just poorly.

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