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Sorry for the delay, I am not dead! My plans for a new computer to replace my shitty cromebook fell through and I work in retail hell. I was had some time off to write but a coworker got hurt and I had to cover for them sorry.

I have today and 2marrow off to write though!


>"~We have been delayed long enough. We will go to Jaghatai and Fulgrim. They have been dragged into another Conflict.~"
>Again? This is clearly the Enemy at work, but none of the foes they have been fighting seem Chaos related...
>Mal speaks up. "Can we have Horus go to them instead? The Albion Hives are still rocked by the McDonalds/Kurstan Scandal, both houses are threatening Civil War."
>Looks like Hiro got caught with Lord Ronalds wife.
>"~This is hardly the first time a Kurstan Scion has been caught with another Lord's wife. Just let them have an honor duel and be done with it.~"
>Emps is clearly sick of the bickering, and goes back to sipping his drink as Mal runs more general current Terran politics by us.
>I soon get an Idea, if Emps and Mal are tied here Can't I link up with Pretty Boy and the Khan?
>I will totally have Angron, Legos, and the Sunny dogs with me.
>Plus the Warhounds honorguard have just arrived in Sol, and are resupplying at Saturn.
>I suggest as much to Big E and Mal.
>"~That could work, I will send word to Magnus to redirect his fleet to meet up with you as well.~"
>Mal shifts slightly, "This seems risky, do you really feel Anon is ready? Angron is not yet a full strength, is sending them out to the crusade proper wise?"
>"~We don't have much choice, Anon (Big E glances my way) needs to step up into his role. And The Warhounds need their Primarch.~"
>Seems rather confirmed then.
>"When should we head out?"
>"~You will leave for Saturn by the end of the day, from there a fleet will be rallied.~"
>I go pale... that is really quick.
>Emps places his hand on my shoulder.
>"~Be at ease Anon, you have been prepared for this. You will have plenty of support, you just have to be the face of your Expeditionary Fleet. You can do this, it is just like Parthi Secoundus.~"

>Razit and the men are eager to get back to the Crusade.
>They were packed and ready in two hours.
>Z'hul is staying behind. He has other commitments planetside, being my tutor isn't his only gig.
>Durran is Terrified. I ensured him we would keep him safe. If anyone takes him into a combat zone they are getting in HUGE trouble.
>Angron had already headed of to meet the Warhounds.
>This time heading out was a lot more rushed.
>There was no parade or crowds.
>I boarded a non warp ship to get to a portsation around Saturn. It would be a week til the ships were full stocked and ready.
>I didn't really get to see or mingle with the ships crew on the way.
>Angron and his boys were waiting for us when we arrived.
>The Marines were shellchocked to have met their Primarch, so they were rather hard to read.
>I don't recognize any of them though.
>Our meeting did draw a rather large crowd on the station though. Angron and I took a few pictures and signed a few things for some of the staff and civvies passing through.
File: Warhounds.jpg (30 KB, 360x450)
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>The Warhounds had their own quarters on the Station.
>It was rather Empty right now besides the 11 marines, Angron, Me, and the Sunny Dogs.
>While we waited on the preparations, the Warhounds did some drills withe the Solars.
>I did get a few visitors in the way of officers, but nothing big.
>A few wanted my help with station politics, but I politely shot them all down.
>It was pretty cool to see the Warhounds train and spar.
>Even not at full strength Angron can body a few marines at once.
>Legos has also been sparring with Angron regularly.
>My Fleet has been preped.
>My Flagship is a Gloriana Class, The Grey Citadel.
>I have 80ish other ships leaving with us, with more to join us on the way.
>I will have over 300ish ships under my command offically, in reality I am basically a mascot.
>My real job is to shack hands, wave at the cameras, and inform the Primarchs we will be picking up on stuff the need to know.
>I am basically gonna be babysitting demigods.
>The hell even is my life...
>My time is mostly spent doing paperwork between meetings.
>The Army Leaders aboard are running things mostly, but I have offered to help with the mundane paperwork and have attending meetings all over the Fleet.
>I spent most of the feasts at each planet we stopped at mostly just showing up, make a speech and shake some nobles hands and go back to paperwork.
>At least the Officers in my Fleet seem like pleasant people. They were really tense at first.
>I had my first Compliance.
>We found a world in a system we thought was uninhabited by Imperial estimates.
>The fourth planet from the star was a frozen desert world.
>The locals had settled the system after fleeing their old home during the Long Night.
>They had regressed to a semi-feudal level but had a complete record of their people's history.
>The lived in half buried towns on the surface and large underground cave cities.
>They had an interesting system of using the planets steam vents to warm their homes and raise their crops.
>The Clan Leaders swore oaths to the Imperium, and and we left them with some Voxxes for when a follow up fleet arrived.
>We entered the system where we were to meet the Pretty Boy and Speedster.
>A Frontier World, taken from a minor Orc Empire. Only a few hundred thousand human colonist lived here, we were dropping off around 60,000 more.
>I authorized a number of the Armies Tank units to help clear ground for the Colonists and help with the construction while we waited for the Primarchs.
>This would be were we would leave our charge, the former hive governor's daughter.
>She would be marrying the new PG's son who was just turning 14.
>I had met with the PG (who was a former Major in the Army) and his family first of course.
>I also got a letter from Russ, wishing me luck.
Glad you are back!
Is Angron still in a wheelchair?
File: emperor.jpg (179 KB, 755x1057)
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179 KB JPG
Fantastic, we've missed you anon!
No he is mostly fine now. Around 80/100.

Glad to be back, things just kept piling on whenever I thought I had time.
>I was visiting a town planetside when we got word of a small fleet entering the system.
>It wasn't one of ours.
>It was a combined fleet of the dog-head fucks and a few Eldar corsairs.
>The dog-heads likely wanted revenge on me wiping their coreworlds and the Eldar lead them right to me.
>My fleet wiped theirs, but they were able to suicide their way though to launch pods planetside.
>Of course heading right to the region I was in.
>Because of course they know where I am.
>Fucking Eldar, I swear...
>Thankfully the town has defenses as they have to deal with Feral Orks.
>The Local Militia was on it like clockwork, My Solars helped dig in more.
>We would be ready.
Is his mind still affected by the Nails?
>The xenos didn't get very far.
>Between the Frontiermen colonists, Ork Tribes, and Angron and bois all doing hit and run tactics most died before even reaching the town.
>I was in the townhall's bunker with the local mayor listening and acting as an HQ.
>I had sent in most of the Sunny Dogs to help at the wall the dog-heads attacked.
>They were being wiped out.
>I let out a chuckle as I learned the town proper would be safe.
>Then I heard a weird noise and turn to see a team of Eldar teleport into the Bunker.
>All hell broke loose.

>The few Solars still with me opened fire.
>I jumped down and dragged the mayor with me.
>I crawled and dragged the mayor toward the hallway.
>We had a bit of cover but needed to get the hell out of Dodge.
>Why didn't I bring my armor...
>As we made it to the hall, I took a few shots at the Eldar team to hopefully open them up to my Solars.
>It worked a bit as it distracted the space elves and one went down to the Solars meltas and militia lasfire.
>The rest shot their xenos guns at me.
>I was protected by a bright light and my necklace was slightly burning my chest.
>Thanks Emps.
>I bolted.
>That was when I saw Legos punch threw the damn wall and drag me in through the hole.
>Once he handed me off to more Solars Legos went in to kick ass.
It's fucking on now chaps!
>I was moved to a more secure part on the Bunker complex.
>I was given some Carapiece plates and a flackjacket my some Locals, not much but better them just my robes.
>The Solars held a lockdown til we got an all clear.
>The Eldar had hit several buildings, but once the team that spotted me was killed the rest fled.
>They of course left the remianing dog-heads to die. Such great allies.
>Legos at least downed one of their escape craft by jumping off a roof and ripping off a wing, it was metal as fuck and a townswomen caught it on camera. I would ensure she would be rewarded well.
>Angron was pissed he missed the ambush.
>Thankfully only the local region was effected.
>Though a few areas had xenos ship parts crash into them.
>I handed my neckless to a fleet magos to be recharged.
>We helped the town rebuild and went back to helping the colonists expand.
>I had the killed Eldars souldstones taken to my suite.
>Angron and the Warhounds vented steam and kept hunting Feral Orks.
>Our Asropaths gave us word that Magnus would arrive soon, followed by the others.
>Should be a cool meeting.
>Things were nice and quiet while we waited for Magnus.
>There was plenty of things to help the Colonists out with so we kept busy.
>Forests cleared, fields flattened, town walls raised, and fleet tech bois helped give the Colonist some production for basic trucks, trains and tractors.
>There was of course plenty of Feral Orks for the troopers to hunt.
Glad to see you back cup-anon! Also hi to Neckbeardia and Wifebeardia!
>When Magnus arrived we held a feast on the Grey Citadel.
>"You are not what I was expecting, Anon."
>Magnus sips his drink, our meeting was pretty chill.
>"G-man said the same, where you also expecting a scheming seer?"
>He chuckles, "Nothing so crass. I was expecting a much older scholar, maybe a master politician. Father only mentioned you knew a lot of forgotten mysteries."
>"That is an understatement."
>"What exactly DO you know? And where did you study such lore?"
>I shrug, "I am a nerd"
>He just huffs.
>"It would be far easier to just let you read me mind once this feast is over, we will have plenty of time to go over everything."
>"I will hold you to that."
>Magnus and I settled on smalltalk for the rest of the feast.
>I made rounds to great many of the new officers that have been entered into my Fleet.
>I saw Angron and Magnus talk for a bit.

>Afterword I allowed Magnus to take an overview of what I wanted to show him.
>I showed him the Heresy, a despotic Imperium, the The Black Crusades, The War of the Beast, and the opening of the Great Rift.
>He didn't react well.
>Magnus isolated himself for days to process this information.
>I didn't blame him that.
>We got word that Fulgrim and the Khan were on their way some days latter.
>Magnus eventually worked through the knowledge I gave him and began his seemingly endless questions.
>I did my best to answer them, but most I couldn't.
>I was a lore nerd, but not all knowing.
>In happier news Magnus and his Legion had learned to play Angron's and I's wargame.
>Angron played Magnus, it had lots of rules bickering and those where just as hard fought as the actual match.
>With a bulk of a Legion joining us, the Feral Orks where pushed to the boonies of the planet and even more colonists were dropped off.
>When the last fleet arrives to do the same this worlds population will have doubled.
>And also be a lot more built up.
>The Primarchs were having a private feast between their legions.
>I left them too it, family business.
>Once The other two Primarch arrive we will be pushing into unclaimed space.
>We will be meeting a force of Warhounds out there, a group that was nearby that requested to serve under Angron.
>I was hardly gonna turn them down.
>I also got word that Solomon was also attacked by an Eldar force, though his attackers were Dark Eldar.
>Damn, they took nearly a third of the Hive world's population too, nobody deserves that fate.
>Got word that G-man faced a pocket empire of human psyker slavers.
>The witches had a few dozen worlds under their thrall, the astartes faced some real monsters.
>Many of their worlds had to be burned.

>Magnus asked me to look at some old tomes he had.
>I knew a few of them and some were even in english, so I offered to translate them.
>Made his day.
>They arrived.
>I greeted Fulgrim aboard the Grey Citadel, he had an honor guard of Imperial Fists. I guess he and the Khan don't yet have their legions.
>"Sorry that my brother isn't here, he was going stir crazy and headed planetside to vent."
>I just laughed, "I thought he might. Eager to meet your other brothers?"
>He flashed me his perfect smile, "I can hardly wait."
>We exchanged words for a bit without actually saying anything.
>I pointed him to Magnus and Angron.

>I now had a few thousand Thousand Sons, about a chapters worth of Imperial Fists, almost a dozen Warhounds with a few hundred on the way, a fuckton of Imperial Army troopers and my few hundred Solar Aux.
>Damn we had a big force.
>We leave soon.
I am taking a break, I will post more tonite.
I am almost done with my dinner, will continue soon.
>I am pretty sure the Khan is snubbing me. I have only met him in passing. He has refused my every attempt at actually talking.
>He isn't trying to undermine me, so I think he just doesn't like me. I have to go through Fulgrim to get him to do anything.
>We have brought three Civilized Worlds into the fold so far and settle another frontier world.
>Magnus and Fulgrim don't seem to get along and the Khan refuses to be in the same room as Magnus unless it is a formal meeting.
>Angron took to both as long lost friends though.
>Fulgrim can readily be found sparing or working on some project with Angron while on ship.
>The Khan is always right by Angron in battle.
>In between stops I have been translating those tomes for Magnus, it is weird to think I am one of the few people to read and write english in the galaxy, my heart goes out to english majors from my time.
Hope you had a good meal Cupanon!
>Time is starting to blur for me.
>A world is brought in here.
>Soon we are fighting Orks or something and resettling a world.
>We stop for a bit above someworlds that require more touch or force. Or top off on supplies.
>Most Human worlds welcome us with open arms and joyful tears, some need to have their face bloodied a bit.
>It is rare when I have to give the go ahead to utterly break a their backs.
>I have a council of the Generals and Admirals from the Fleet, the Primarchs, a few diplomats/remenbrancers and a few reps from the Imperial Fists. Angron and Magnus rep their sons.
>With such a council, I really just listen and follow what they think and try and use my lore knowledge when it can be applied.
>I may have final say by Writ of the Emperor, but these folk know FAR more then me on how to run this Fleet.
>I may be just a rubber stamp but I have a lot of paperwork.
>We are stopped at rather nice Hive world.
>Theta 2 endured the long night rather well, founding a pocket empire of nine worlds that fed them food, and minerals.
>There was little smog, the water didn't taste bitter just stale, and crime was low.
>The Thetans agreed to join after we helped repel a crablike xenos race that was harassing several of their colony worlds, well that and the fact they only had a fleet of a few dozen ships that were all dwarfed by mine.
>I had just finished a meeting with their leader, who styled himself a Czar.
>He was a rather blunt and cold fellow, but he was doing great from what I had seen.
>I was now seeing some Thetan Art museums with Fulgrim, who invited me along.
>They had some great stuff.
>It seems that Fulgrim and Angron got the Khan to give me a shot.
>I was asked to join him on an attack of the crab Xenos main forts on a world we were taking from them.
>That was how I found myself in a Landspeeder piloted by a Primarch known for speed.
>I think I snapped my neck on one turn but revived before he noticed!
>We killed some crabpeople together and had a lunch made from their roasted meat. The Magos had cleared it as safe.
>It really seemed to ease the air for him. He has been acting a lot less stiff around me.
>The Crabs have been broken.
>Their Leader and warrior castes have been wiped from the galaxy.
>Their worker drones will be made a protectorate species.
>They shall be used as a slave force on a few of their worlds that have the potential to be ocean farms, they will also be harvested for their meat.
>We oversaw turning their coreworlds into agriworlds.
>This will allow some near by Hive and Civilized worlds to have another stead food supply. Plus we stopped them pirating the local human worlds.
>We returned tho Theta 2 for a triumph they invited us to.
>They were REALLY happy we crushed the Crabfolk.
>The Primarchs and I eat Lunch at the estate of the Lady Governor that was hosting the Parades.
>She wouldn't stop hitting on Fulgrim.
>Made my night.
>I danced with one of her daughters, who also showed me around the Estate.
>It was a rather nice evening.
>The Fleet is passing through proper Imperial space now.
>We are at a mustering point where we are swapping staff, trooper and material.
>The Khan is leaving us for a while to be granted command over a force of his Legion, we will have another few hundred Marines.
>Angrons bois are meeting use here as well.
>Fulgrim is kidda in a rut over not having his own sons with him, though he is treating the Fists well.
>I have sent word to Big E about having a small force of the Third Legion being sent to us.

>In other news one of the Generals has asked to be granted a frontier world to settle down. His lover refused to marry him unless they properly settle down.
>He is kinda too high a rank for that kinda posting, a general would be reserved for ruling a crushed civilized world.
>I am gonna allow it, the guy has earned it based on his record, and he has already been asked to retire twice now in the least decade.
When are you going to meet Konrad or Mortarion? Or have they already been met?
>I talked to Angron.
>Told him properly about my old life and my knowledge.
>He seemed confused but said it answered a few of his questions about me.
>He talked about his time as a slave and about how much I have helped him.
>He also told me he couldn't picture Horus as an enemy, or that Fulgrim could fall so low.
>I told him That was the point in THEM piking Horus and Fulgrim was basically a meatpuppet at the time.
>Also that it didn't matter now that the future was what WE made it.
Emprah be praised, he's alive!
Konrad was already retrieved by Horus, Anon doesn't know where he is nor met him. Mort is still on his homeworld.

>I have got Magnus and Fulgrim to open up over some old designs we found.
>I tasked them with it hoping it would provide mutual interest and it worked.
>They are still a bit frosty but less antagonistic now.
>Now that the Khan now has some of his sons with him he is a lot more cheery.
>He even attended a diner with Magnus present, they still bickered but it was progress!
>Razit had a minor scandal to deal with when a Sunny Dog slept with an Army Officers wife.
>Had the Solar flogged then bought him a drink.
Is Konrad getting therapy for his psychic epilepsy?
>Durran has grown a bit since we left.
>Has it really been two years since we left Terra?
>He has been asking to be allowed to train, which I allow with some big limits.
>No running into the ground like the Sunny Dogs did with me.
>Emps has sent me word that Fulgrim will get to lead some 200 of his bois, great!
>We are gonna be losing the Imperial Fists though as Dorn has been found and is getting his legion right away.
>Vulcan has also been located and Big E is on his way to him.
>Russ sent me a bunch of Eldar Soulstones, with no context. Just a letter asking me to met him and Solomon soon as we will all be near by soon.
>By Galaxy scale at least.
>On our way to meet Solomon and Russ we passed a certain world.
>It was now a dead world, but our record said it was used as a vault during the Dark Age of Technology, who knew what kinda loot we would get from it.
>We had the Tech Adepts take point, took every precaution and readied the Fleet to reduce the surface to slag if something went wrong.
>It was just a storage place for REALLY old computers.
>It was all checked for Scrap Code and other baddies, but was cleared.
>In Good news I am sending Mal an Apple Computer and a Pong set.
>I watched the Gas Giant from the Grey Citadel's observation deck, it was a purple ball with bands of green and had two major rings.
>I could just barely see some of the near by Imperial Ships and stations.
>A new Mustering point was being made here as the local ice fields in this system were perfect.
>We had arrived first. Solomon's fleet would arrive soon followed by Russ.
>I was eager to finally meet the Second Primarch.
>My research in to him and his legion told me they had a huge Abrahamic theme. They had a blend of Crusader themes with Jewish icons.
>Hell, Solomon even slew 72 "witchkings" before Emps found him.
>His personal banner was a six pointed star with a scroll inside.
>His Homeworld was called New Canaan and his Legion where the Templars. Just Templars.
>I had so many questions.
I will continue in the morning.

Any questions?
That would be spoilers, and I am trying to keep this in Anon's pov.
Just a bump before I sleep.
Greentext is the laziest and most unreadable form of writefaggotry and should never be used outside of recounting IRL events.
File: 1594440575972s.jpg (8 KB, 250x140)
8 KB
Fuuuk I thought you were dead anon good to have you back
What is this?
Can I be in the screenshot?
File: 1513965940911.gif (1.35 MB, 300x165)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB GIF
Now I imagening Solomon as the Emperor's banker in powerarmor
His sigil shoud be this.
I can sense some knife-ear fuckery behind that Solomon's letter
Holy Emperor I thought you dissapeared, OP. Thanks for continuing writting.
The forces of Choas had beein to quiet in this storie lately
wander what they might be ploting up
File: Happy_angron.jpg (93 KB, 1154x764)
93 KB
>Any questions?
When Fulgrim will get enough and drag Anon to a make up session to purge him from his imperfections(Even pre chaos Fulgrim was a perfectionist, he wouldn't let The herald of his father going aroung looking and acting like a mineal pleb) ?

Can we get Anon dropping a "Shalon vey" to Solomon ?
>The Templars have arrived.
>Solomon was a cheery sort.
>He gave me orders from the Big Boss E, that Magnus was too head to Terra. Also Angron was to leave with Russ.
>Angron would be escorted to his Legion's Mustering point and take full control of the Warhounds.
>I am gonna miss him, but Angron is totally readt.
>Solomon told me he had some stuff to show me, but it could wait for now.
>My Fleet will be getting more Third Legion to make up the loss of Angron and bois.
Fulgrim has no idea on how to view Anon, though he is thankful that his Legion was saved.

>We have been hosting inter-Legion Games while we wait for Russ to arrive.
>Our Mustering point is fully up and running, we have a few ships collecting Ice from the Rings.
>Solomon showed me so relics. Most I couldn't help with.
>One however was stone tablet that I knew about.
>Or at least one like it.
>I am pretty sure this is an Old One mural depicting their creations and the war with the Necrons.
>Solomon was just confused until I explained just who the Old Ones and Necrons were including the War In Heaven.
>He is gonna send it to Mal, for further testing.
>I had to break up a fight between Fulgrim and Solomon today.
>Solomon insulted Fulgrims overly artsy armor as impractical.
>Fulgrim insulted New Canaanite cultural values.
>It was cut short after I threatened to make them hug in the corner for an hour if they didn't both shut up.
>For crazy OP demigods, the Primarchs sure do act like kids sometimes.
>Russ was delayed due to having to save a world from Orks.
>Just a pirate force looking to loot some shit.
>All well in hand for the Wolf King.
>I still sent the Khan and his Marines to help, just incase.
>Also because the Khan was bored as shit.
>Turns out there was a lost Forge World near by.
>They sent a ship to greet us, nearly giving us heart attacks when it entered the system.
>The Tech bois somehow lost the knowledge of this world.
>We sent some ships to formally bring them into the fold.
>Solomon and Fulgrim have taken to having poetry battles.
>These too are go on for hours, reading passive aggressive lines to each other.
>It is honestly really retarded.
>Their Marines are also fighting constantly as well, though thankfully not literally.
>My threat of making them hug for an hour seems to be preventing blows after the first time it happened.
>And they thought I was bluffing.
>Everyone else thought it was hilarious.
>making them hug for an hour
How did Anon managed to do that ?
>Russ and the Khan have joined us.
>The Leaders of each Fleet met for a massive meeting.
>We got News Vulcan is training with Big E.
>Formal Orders for Angron to take charge of the Warhounds. And Magnus is needed on Terra.
>Fulgrim and the Khan are staying with me for a bit, but likely not to long.
>Dorn is kicking some major ass lately.
>Emps is having me directed to a new frontier, but we will be passing through plenty of Imperial space to get there.
File: Russ and The Lion.png (209 KB, 540x383)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Is this going to turn into a Russ and Lion situation? With their son's reenacting the duel. Like a Space Marine rap battle.
>As the Fleets divided, I gave each leaving party a girt.
>I gave Russ a tankard as a joke.
>Magnus I gave a dreamcatcher.
>Solomon got a ring with the OG Solomon cross.
>Angron I gave a rather amateur painting I made.
>Fulgrim insisted I learn some artsy stuff, literally dragged me to lessons.
>Magnus left a hundred of his Marines to help me out.
I gotta run some errands, I will post more later.
>Fear not Anon, I shall make you beautiful
How big is (((Solomon's))) nose?
I finished my errands and am starting my dinner, will post soon.

He looks like an upper class middle eastern guy.
>Razit and I have been clean up at cards.
>Fulgrim can't play for shit.
>It is driving him crazy. Just can't keep his streaks going.
>I don't get it, he is AMAZING at reading people.
>I have given the ok to the Khan to get our Landraiders "Tuned the way he likes", now he just needs to get the techies to agree.
>We are stopped at a Civilized world, Cath'uga.
>World is covered in forests of "blimptrees", which are planets that have limbs full of a gas that allows them to float in the air.
>The gas is harvested for human use, it is basically natural gas.
>We had to crush a few of the countries planetside, some rather brutal communist dictatorships.
>One non-communist state in the south was openly worshipping Slaanesh. I ordered their cites burned and the troops sent there to be heavily checked afterword.
>The Primarchs with me were shocked by the purge and firestorming, I basically told them what I told G-man.
>The Khan seems to get it, Fulgrim thinks I am overblowing a minor cult.
>I Told him he would see more of that cult in time, and why they are such a threat.
>Cath'uga needed a LOT of work to rebuild and bring to standard.
>We had to put down several riots over my purge of the cultist.
>The Cult ran brothels all over the world.
>I was getting news of cults being rooted out all over the place.
>I was honestly considering purging the entire population if this continued.
>Jaghatia and Fulgrim have been arguing about it for weeks now. The Khan is urging me to just order the cities into camps to be purged.
>Fulgrim just sees this talk as approving of mindless brutality, I reminded him I was making every attempt to avoid such actions.
If the cult is so widespread and entrenched, why Anon keeps prolonging the suffering of the danm instead of doing like any sane inquisitor in his situation and launching an exterminatus ?
>I gave the order, we exacted the rural population and razed the cities.
>The survivors were placed in work camps to prep the world for loyal colonists and relocated pure locals.
>Fulgrim is sulking, the Khan wants me to speed up the deaths but they can at least be used to make resettling easier.
>I still feel sick for giving the order though.
>Fulgrim and I share a drink over it.
>Razit and the Dogs are mostly helping round up hold outs.
Keep making these so I can watch the Welsh simp and his Lass read them to me on YouTube.
The planet itself is still usable. He wants to at least get something from all this.

>Many of the rural locals we saved have been partying over the cities being burned and their people being worked to death or outright killed.
>Seems they REALLY hated each other.
>They have even been lynching their own that had families in the cities...
>I have already marked this world to be watched by Emps other agents, if anything goes down, this world will be burned.

>We moved on.
>The next few worlds were eager to join the Imperium, I took some pics, gave a few speeches, and dances at some parties.
>I sent the Khan out ahead to bloody some Ork Fleet so we can start mopping up their holdings.
>It will be perfect as many of the new worlds are suffering over population and some new frontier worlds were gonna be needed anyway.
>Two Birds, one stone.
>Razit and the Dogs kidnapped me.
>By that I mean they dragged me to a some club on a Spaceport were were at.
>Basically forced drink on me, things got blurry.
>I woke up with a hangover in a cell with two dancing girls from the club.
>I tried to explain to the guards who I was and ask what happened, but they just laughed and called me a drunk.
>The girls were nice though confused on why I insisted I was Lord Anon.
>Near the end of the day Razit and the Khan came and bailed me out.
>The Khan made a joke about me sticking to drinking milk and Razit had the gaul to tell me to tone my partying down.
>The girls were kinda fired for leaving the club during their shift, so I offered them maid jobs.
>They were happy to accept, one had two kids (a six year old boy and an eight year old girl) which I offered hired tutors for. The other had a VERY sick older brother, I would pay to have him fixed up and offer him a job to.
>If Razit and the men try this again I am hitting my panic button for Legos.
>>If Razit and the men try this again I am hitting my panic button for Legos.
plot twis
Legos was behind the plan all along, something about "too much stress messing with anon's head and he needing to blow some steam by Emperor's orders"
>We moved about through Imperial space with no issues.
>My new staffers are adjusting well. The brother is on the mend and will be offered a butler job.
>I asked Durran to help watch the new kids til I can the help for them arrives.
>He has taken to showing them around the ship.
>Razit asked me if he should start Durran on more intense training soon.
>I told him I would think on it.
>Most of my Fleet is based around a Forge World.
>I sent the Khan forword again at his request, he had no interest in waiting on a Paradise world while we wait.
>I am pretty Sure Razit is sleeping with the Lady PG.
>Most of the Officers are content to lose their money at the casinos and clubs.
>I have been enjoying the shows, spas, and nature walks with Fulgrim.
>This planet is treasure nature wise.
>I took Durran hunting before we left, the Planet had reserves for giant Moa-like birds. Things taste amazing.
>As we headed back to the Forge World, Razit gave me shit about not taking him hunting as well.
>I told him he was busy with his pants down and to shut it.
>Khan was back before us, odd.
>Turns out he was approached by Eldrad with warning that a Cabal of Dark Eldar were gonna ambush my Fleet as we passed through frontier space.
>Damn, That would be bad.
>Are the Eldar infighting or is this a trap?
>Either way I called a series of crisis meetings.
I need to sleep for work tomarrow.
If the thread is still up after work I will post abit more. I Have time off next week too, so I will post more then.
Imperial bump! The Emperor protects!
File: khan.png (112 KB, 320x222)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Gotta bumb fast
Did the mercenary company rules from GHB2019 carry over with GHB2020 notwithstanding their omission from the latter?
File: Spoiler Image (191 KB, 744x800)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
How should Lorgar be handled? without pic related.
think that explaning to him what choas is, why it's bad, the basics of how the warp works and why none of that should be made public knowlege before the galaxy is stabalized would go a long way on doing that
File: Spoiler Image (392 KB, 2000x1679)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Try to get him made the official Imperial liaison with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Realpolitik already made the Omnissiah the only deity whose worship was approved by the Imperial Truth, so get him hooked on praising the machine before he starts looking in the Warp for alternative gods. Nothing can possibly go wrong with this plan.
So Razit scouted for two girls in desperate need of money and orchestrated all of this charade because he wanted to avoid another drama like with Tisha?
if so, I can imagine the sunny dogs betting in what is Anon type or which girl will get him to stop being a faggot
I can see them joking ad nauseam that Anon's type is the one to date rape him.
>date rape him
I can see Fulgrim conspiring with the sunny dogs to arrange that as a come back for being force to hug hour with Solomon
File: Spoiler Image (261 KB, 811x1381)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Needless to say, this will all go horrifically wrong.
What would happen if the Hersey was backed by the C’tan, instead of Chaos?
The Void Dragon makes the same deal with the mechanicus that it once made with the necrontyr.
File: PDirPp9.jpg (143 KB, 900x1200)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Nah, Anon is way too autistic for that.
>Anon is way too autistic for that
this is were the rape part come in
File: dhwFFqU.jpg (129 KB, 960x760)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
You can't rape a flacide man.
>laughs in slaaneshi cultist
>The sheer amount and purity of Anon's autism is such that even a Slaaneshy cultist will be currupted and turned into and akward and shy virgin (Rage not included in the basic pack)
File: Spoiler Image (77 KB, 502x470)
77 KB
>Iron Hands getting rid of ALL this flesh and basilisk-worshiping Salamanders
Rap battles intensify
File: oRXW76J.jpg (85 KB, 774x1032)
85 KB
How are the Mechanicus reacting the Anon?
Honestly, what is so bad about that, from the Mechanicum’s perspective?
>Honestly, what is so bad about that, from the Mechanicum’s perspective?
as long they get necron tier toasters, nothing
Xenotech with no human machine synergy while becoming Abominable Intelligences is as heresy as it gets.
Considering the Void Dragon is implied to be the Omnissah, is it really heresy if it is the will of him?
Implied yes, but considering that a great many fore worlds see the Emperor as his incarnation it would be split down several doctrinal lines.
The Emperor also imprisoned the Void Dragon (St. George and the dragon) so it may have been passive emanations from the C'tan that influenced the minds of the people of Mars with inspiration. That a keystone of Mechanicus doctrine is human and machine working together also means abandoning humanity would be contrary to doctrine.
According to official Imperial dogma, the Emperor and the Omnissah are one and the same. Disprove that and you've got an adeptus mechanicus vs imperium civil war, even without the void dragon buffing its followers.
File: dragon of mars.jpg (48 KB, 550x700)
48 KB
To this point I imagine that they might see Anon as just a noble scholar that managed to become a very high up Throne Agent (and personal pet/fuckboy for The Emperor and Primarchs), possibly due he being some sort of psyker or seer too
>We have been getting astropathic messages about Dark Eldar raids.
>I went with Fulgrims plan, He and the Khan will hunt the Eldar fleets on each end of the Sector.
>My forces will bunker down on the local Capital world, A Civil world Gottland.
>Once the Eldar fleets are smashed they will reinforce my group, from the "ambush".
>In good news, the Techbois are lending us a few Titans.
>We have been digging in.
>Bastions raised/reinforced with guns and all the dakka.
>I have been helping oversee the evacuation of the rural parts of the planet and the techbois have prepped mass algae paste production.
>Got to feed everyone during the coming shit storm.
>We don't know when they will arrive, so I wear my armor EVERYWHERE.
>Not making that mistake again.
>I managed to stop a riot, large town was next to be moved.
>Someone leaked that it was the Dark Eldar, how they even knew what they are will be researched later.
>People panicked.
>Before the troopers could bash some skulls in I seized a voxx and had a tech boi patch me into every speaker we had.
>"The Imperium is Here! We Are already securing your home. Two of the Emperor's Sons are hunting the xenos fleets as we speak."
>The crowds seemed to stop for a moment.
>I ranted about us all coming together and overcoming the xenos.
>Most calmed down and continued the evac, the rest were quickly detained.
>Later the PG and I did a broadcast about what was coming, asking everyone to pull their weight and circle the wagon so to speak.
>There was some panic and looting, but most answered the call.
>We had more volunteers to build defenses and shelters then we had need of so we had them doing busy work.
>Busy people are not panicking and causing more havoc.
>I tried to keep helping directly, but Legos dragged me to a Bunker complex.
>Most of the Sunny Dogs are prepping to act as a fast support team.
>The Thousand Sons with my group are setting up something to ruin the Eldar's day.
>One of my new maid's (Sava, the one who's bro is now starting his butler training.) Has spa experience so I got a massage.
>It really helped with the stress of everything.
>The PG and I had dinner later and continued talks about our overall plans and measures.
>The Techbois pulled through for us and got us some skitarii reinforcements, almost 80,000 of them.
>I hugged the Magos that told me.
>I was having a nice Lunch with the PG's family and a few Thousand Sons reps when we got the news.
>The Titans are full prepped.
>The Techbois want me there when they do a quick walk about to show the locals.
>It will greatly help with morale.

>You could feel each step this mecha made...
>It was the size of a damn mountain.
>I knew just of big these got, but actually seeing it...
>I fully understood why they were called godmachines now.
I can't wait to meet anon
>News from Fulgrim.
>An Agriworld had two thirds of their people taken before the Third Legion forces arrived.
>Damn, but at least they bloodied the damn xenos fleet.
>Plenty of the Eldar had been left behind as well for Astartes to slaughter in vengeance.
>I am glad the foul xenos were butchered, but them taking millions of humans made my blood boil.
>The Dark City must burn.
Don't belive in him, I'm already met Anon
Although Anon still don't know he had met me
Thanks, me
>I had an envoy of Craftworld Eldar ask to talk with me.
>I agreed and brought a dozen Thousand Sons and half my Dogs.
>Legos was actual visible.
>I went for my last idea of half my soulstones up front, the others in a deaddrop rigged to blow.
>It turned out to be Eldrad again.
>He brought another farseer with him, she was the only other eldar with no helmet.
>She was damn cute too.
>I mean for a damned xenos witch...
>Don't judge me.
>Here actually moving ended those thoughts the same uncanny valley effect hit just as hard as last time.
>It made my skin crawl.
>I just had to get through this...
>"We meet again, Eldrad. How you been."
>He just smirks and chuckles.
>"Gonna be like that, then?"
>I raise my hand to signal us leaving.
>Elfboi interupts.
>"Fine be that way, Lorekeeper."
>"I don't have time for your peoples games, xenos. Say what you came to say or leave."
>He just adjusts his stance and starts.
>"My peers and I verified many of your claims... they so far seem true."
>He pauses for a bit, damn drama whore.
>"Commorrah is in full Civil War, The Noble houses have several Harlequin bases in the Dark City and raided their holdings across the Webway."
>Well damn, that almost made my day.
>"The Harlequins have in return mustered for War. Several Cabals have joined forces to attempt to seize power while the two fight."
>So a shit show, great let the Xenos kill each other, I gesture for him to continue.
>"Each side has placed a bounty on your head, promising massive rewards and glory to the one that captures you alive."
>"Expected, I assumed they would want what I know. Your point?"
>"A renowned Wych has sworn an oath to take you. I believed you would want to know."
>"Do you know who?"
>"A Lady Hesperax."
>I go pale.
>"You know of her? May I ask how?"
>"No you may not. But I thank you for robbing me of my sleep tonight."
>I toss him a bag of soulstone.
>The other farseer steps forward and grabs it.
>Eldrad gestures to her.
>"I have brought an apprentice of mine and a cadre of Warriors to assist you."
>The Younger Farseer begins to walk toward us, but I stop her with a raise hand.
>"So you can kidnap me during the heat of battle? Not happening."
>She is the one to respond, "We warned your people of the current danger, you dare accuse us of treachery?"
>I glare at her, "Your kind has a history for a reason."
>She just smiles, it is predatory. "I thought you were a seer? We have no need to take you as that would invite your Emperor's wrath. This is the path of least destruction for my people."
>"Fair enough, but you will be nowhere near me. If you or your troops enter the same district I am in, we will fire upon you. I will personally chuck your soulstone into a star."
>She flinches, but agrees.
>I give Eldrad the location of the deadrop, and he bails.
>We gave the Farseer a Voxx.
>She had about a hundred warriors and a few hover tank things, idk I never played Eldar.
>Not much, but I wasn't expecting their help at all.
>Still expect them to try something.
>The Thousand Sons decided to attach a squad to guard me at all times due to the warnings of THE Succubus being after me.
>Well once I explained just who she was.
>Makes me feel safer and helps me sleep a bit better.
>I wonder how long til the Clown Cult send their own after me?
Is Anon going to get snu-snu'd?
>Jaghatai sent word that he ambushed another Cabal Fleet.
>His Marines waited for them to begin their raid on a frontier world, then caught them with their pants down.
>Killed them in droves, remainder bolted.
>The Khan and Marines are licking their wounds and linking up with Fulgrim and company to regroup.
>Our plan is set.
>Now we wait.
I work a morning shift so I got to sleep.
I have some more days off after tomarrow and the next day. I will write more then.
I'm sorry but the who now?
The owners of the Youtube channel known as Neckbeardia
Thanks anon.
Anon was into elf porn in his past life and that kind off showned through when he saw the cute eldar bait
How long until the dogs or marines links the dot and conclude that Anon is a Xenophile in need "reeducation"
umm, where can i access rest? And what's this about?




File: Spoiler Image (1.01 MB, 1499x1241)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
fear not lord Anon, we shall purge you from those sinful desires
the only good twigger is a dead twigger
treesome with succubus and farseer when?
File: +Not+sure+if+heresy+.png (169 KB, 500x500)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
File: 1448692361048.jpg (97 KB, 600x400)
97 KB
Anon is just Following on the Emperor's steps
File: C7UBdh7VwAAkB8x.jpg (85 KB, 620x877)
85 KB
>>The Thousand Sons decided to attach a squad to guard me at all times due to the warnings of THE Succubus being after me.
Those Nerd Marines will not protect you Mon'keigh
I'm comming for your virginity lore-keeper!
There can only be one future now. . .He must order Angron to use his MEATY CHAINSWORD to smack the Dark Eldar assassin to death.
File: Eldar_Oneechan!.jpg (104 KB, 796x581)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Ara-ara Anon-kun
like anon is NOT gonna try and shoot the bitch when/if she points her ugly head
She's a DE. Anon is a human, with human reflexes. There's a nonzero chance she could literally dodge.
Anon is also likely to be distracted by her very exposed body.

At least buy him dinner first.
Has anyone put this thread up on sup/tg/ yet?
Just checked, it is up.
>"A renowned Wych has sworn an oath to take you. I believed you would want to know."
>"Do you know who?"
>"A Lady Hesperax."
I recommend carrying a cyanide pill at all times. Or possibly something more destructive given how overpowered DE medical technology is, they might be able to repair such damage. Do you remember the location of the prosphex STC?
>Have a mini virus bomb placed in his chest cavity.
>Blow it once in the Dark City.
Anon is a perpetual, so they'd technically survive, just be permanently contaminated with biosphere-annihilating microorganisms that would kill anyone else who came near them. At that point, I'm fairly certain Nurgle would ascend him to daemon princehood, regardless of his views on the matter.
Bump and also lore discrepancy. Leilith Hesperax was definitely not born before the Great Crusade. As well I think m30 Commorragh was before Cabals as we know them were a thing. As well, Vect is still probably a slave or unborn yet. About the Harlequins, I don't know. They're weird. Although I don't see them killing Cupanon. Locking him in the Black Library, totally. But that depends.

That being said, I don't care. This reminds me of old /tg/ and it has my approval. I can control my lore autism.
>Leilith Hesperax was definitely not born before the Great Crusade
I thought she predated the Fall, let alone the Crusade.
next post from cupanon when?
see >>74679936
File: 1482550377347.jpg (281 KB, 1280x854)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Tiddies are temporary, only the Emperor is forever.
But only as a withered little skeleton on a big shiny throne
File: fuck Erebus.jpg (1.07 MB, 1829x1612)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
How do we deal with him?
good question, HOW will he deal with erebus?
Nope, Cabals were a thing just before the fall. They were just minor factions until the Nobles fell.
Also Leilith was just starting to get famous right before the Great Crusade.
So she's going to be 10k years less experienced.
File: Anon'sBolter.jpg (575 KB, 4000x2574)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
>HOW will he deal with erebus?
with pic related
i mean it's a good option and a VERY compelling argument
I'm so glad you're alive anon. You're doing The Emperor's work here
I don't play 40k.
File: 1cbBiyo.jpg (36 KB, 600x337)
36 KB
I'm not a 40k guy, but I appreciate the effort.
Wander how Magnus will react Horus and Russ and interact with then now he knows about the burning of Prospero
"Not cool bro"
Maybe a bit or hesitance, but he's smart enough to remember Horus wasn't himself and Russ was tricked. Holding a grudge on what happened in a different timeline is counterproductive.
>They were just minor factions until the Nobles fell.
That's what I was getting at, yeah. But I didn't know about Leilith being that old.
by what I remember her age were never mentioned, but Vec was alive and already an addult before the fall
So I would give the benefit of the doubt
File: Emperor_of_Mankind.jpg (592 KB, 1560x2019)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
Emperial Bump
Bump for the Emperor!
I got called in for a shift tomarrow, I will still post in the evening. Just letting you guys know, I am expecting to be good at 8ish west coast time.
Rangdan Xenocides when?
i like your style, please keep writing!
when is anon coming back?
see >>74717286
File: EcXVbuyUwAAeEAN.jpg (18 KB, 473x473)
18 KB
File: cupbeareranon.jpg (108 KB, 716x700)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
File: etw.png (241 KB, 300x424)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Lorgar, father want to talk with you... Again
were do you think the story will go now that our Cupbearer has started a civil war between the Eldar?
I am back, what is the bump limit? Should I start a new tread?
>I have been spending my time trying to use my Lore knowledge to develop anti-DEldar tactics.
>I know the sick xenos fucks are glass cannons, but they are a bitch to actual pin down.
>The best I can think of is a hard as fuck bunker network with supporting trenches geared toward quickly moving and aiming heavy weapons.
>Easier said then done.
>We just need to keep them here without carrying off people to be "processed".
>But we can't scare them off too badly or our trap won't work.
>I still don't know what the Thousand Sons are up to.
Civil war in the Imperium, anon could be guilty of saving more worlds because he manages to alert Big E about potential places where shit really hits the fan. This would mean better preparation on fortress worlds, logistics reinforcement between agriworlds, or even more fleet defense; all of which leads to more chances of corruption or secession since there's more people in high places to corrupt.
New Thread.

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