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Nechronica thread.

>Where do I get an English translation of this Japanese tabetop RPG?
-The wiki has the most up to date translation: https://nechronica.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
-You can play Nechronica on Tabetop Simulator. Check the Steam Workshop for the resources.

Last time:
>Op and anons share inspirational metal album cover art.
>England "city that should not be" Storytime!
>Gravel Storytime!

>Previous Thread >>74563504
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Oh neat, Fran is back.

How's it hangin' people? Keeping the nooses loose I hope.
Good Taste OP. Good Taste.
What's to stop the resident necromancer from creating a highly advanced super necrogolem made out of the dead fathers of the party members as a servant/grounds keeper that occasionally nudges the party in the right direction by being extremely scary and occasionally clearing out areas and or fixing stuff in it's unending number of tasks, like a more neutral pyramid head, but with flamethrowers
File: 1501257010664.jpg (92 KB, 652x580)
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>What's to stop the resident necromancer-
>the necromancer
Nothing, lmao.

More seriously; Necromancer's, per the book, tend to curate and monitor the experiences of the party as much as they like. Any limitations on the Necromancer are pretty much dependent on whatever you as the DM settle on for the particular Necromancer in question.
File: Johnny.png (694 KB, 1199x532)
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I guess to expand on >>74791919 a little; I ran a short game where the players were actually in direct contact with their necromancer through their Court, who basically had a kind of radio assembly implanted into her spine.
This allowed him to display information on a HUD built into their eyes; he gave directions, provided maps and coordinates, made comments when they started to get sidetracked, and at one point overlaid a wireframe of the building they were moving through over their vision, which allowed them to traverse an area with 0 lighting.

This is way more direct then I think Necromancers tend to get, but it's probably my best example of 'the limits are whatever you want.' He couldn't actually act directly to intervene in the party's business due to other things that were going on but he still got to be very present by basically being a voice in their heads as they tried not to get blown up or captured.
File: Taking 20 on Disguise.jpg (152 KB, 759x570)
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flattery flattery
How do you like the new episodes?
File: 1599034090813.jpg (199 KB, 834x942)
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I picked it because it is visually appropriate.

I generally stay away from Franken Fran.
File: 1599177342961.jpg (652 KB, 1440x2365)
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652 KB JPG

You could even have the necromancer completely uninvolved, or not even real.

Or maybe the real necromancer was the friends you made along the way. Or it's actually the little girl you picked up because she was cute.
>a little; I ran a short game where the players were actually in direct contact with their necromancer through their Court, who basically had a kind of radio assembly implanted into her spine.
>This allowed him to display information on a HUD built into their eyes; he gave directions, provided maps and coordinates, made comments when they started to get sidetracked, and at one point overlaid a wireframe of the building they were moving through over their vision, which allowed them to traverse an area with 0 lighting.
>This is way more direct then I think Necromancers tend to get, but it's probably my best example of 'the limits are whatever you want.' He couldn't actually act directly to intervene in the party's business due to other things that were going on but he still got to be very present by basically being a voice in their heads as they tried not to get blown up or captured.

Storytime for the game in question is here.
Or here
Or your affectionate pet.
File: Picture 55.png (448 KB, 1067x630)
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448 KB PNG
I use this guy's DIY biohacking, genetic engineering, and machine building videos as inspiration when coming up with necromancer creations.

What happened to her face?
I think she's just missing skin on her cheeks, but to know for sure you'd have to bug Hetza.
File: GWOJy6q.jpg (308 KB, 2048x1321)
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308 KB JPG
>You could even have the necromancer completely uninvolved, or not even real
The Port campaign has been a bit like that. As far as we can tell, the only time we've ever been influenced by Necromancers or anything relevant to them are when we're interacting with their agents directly (e.g. the Valkyrie or the Protectors in the Tower). Otherwise the party has just been picking through the pieces of the old world on their own.

How involved the necromancer is in the Coleo game is anyone's guess. I'd be very surprised if they were completely absent, given the existence of Homburg and all the stuff surrounding it.
More storytime to come on that later tonight, btw.
Welcome back ladies and lads to the Homburg storytime!
Continuing directly from https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/74563504/#q74660969

>It's late evening. Denver has gone home, thoroughly tired out by his training session with Melico.
>the Library is closing for the evening. The guests have all left and the main doors have been locked up.
>the girls are milling about in the main room, devoting their attention to their own distractions.
>Imp is playing Cat's Cradle at a reading table, alone except for Jiminy who is quite intent on injecting himself into the game. Either because the twine reminds him of prey or because he just likes to chew on it. But Imp doesn't really mind.
>Melico is nearby, continuing the exercise of branding the entire map of the city and its sewers into the surface of her brain. Her table is a mess of maps and charts and other such things.
>Coleo is winding her way down the stairwell, book in hand. The last missing romance novel of the night; somehow this one had found its way up to the fourth floor of all places. She really can't wait to finish up, grab something actually worth reading, and head to bed.
>All in all, it's been a pretty good day.
>Coleo slows to a stop halfway across the main entry.
>Why are the main doors open?
>A bright saccharine giggle tickles their ears from above.
>The unexpected sound causes Melico's gaze to dart upward, her right hand snapping to the revolver at her side.
>Imp snaps the twine, grasping her chainsaw and revving it in the same motion as her gaze snaps upward and starts panning about in search of the giggle's source.
>"Hm?" Coleo begins to tilt her head backward and up to the second floor to scan for any other visitors when Imp's chainsaw roars to life. She tenses like a startled cat, or maybe a snake; her front end lifts up off the ground as she whips her head this way and that to search for the disturbance.
>A bright saccharine giggle tickles their ears from above

That's never good.
A perceptive man.

>Far above Coleo, a large mass hangs from the ceiling swathed in what seems to be a large brown cloak. It shifts and one of the most energetic faces any of the girls have ever seen stares back at them with big blue eyes and an ecstatic grin.
>They've seen this face before.
>“Hi! I’m Suzie! And youuuuuu are Scutigera Coleoptrata, the cuuuuutest librarian in all Humbourg!” She gasps. “Ohmygosh is that Jiminy!? It is! Hiii~ Jiminy!” she waves excitedly to the cricket, then looks back to Coleo bringing her formerly waving hand up to her mouth as a fist and clearing her throat into it.
>"Ahem. Soooooo. You and your meanie friends killed my sisters. So I’m going to have to do something in their name. Let’s get started!”
>She Whistles and there is a sound of aggressive barking approaching rapidly from the front yard.
>She lets go. Revealing a massively built form as she sinks though the air.
>She tosses two bundles of Molotov cocktails as she falls, engulfing a pair of bookcases on the first floor in fire.
>As she falls, Melico and Imp can pick out an entire host of weapons strapped to her sides; a pair of lever action rifles, a shotgun, a rolling block marksman's rifle all in side holsters. A bandoleer full of dynamite is wrapped over her chest.
>Suzie is- Oh... She's nearly as tall as her sisters and much broader. She's an amalgamation of centipede parts; clearly cobbled together from several people. From the waste up she looks like- like a giant version of Coleo? Though still bipedal. The proportions are almost right, if exaggerated by her size. Her hair is even done up in the same way as well. Suzie's chest heaves and a tongue like appendage, almost the same as the one Coleo recently grew sprouts from where her sternum should be. It also looks to be assembled from several specimens.
>Suzie giggles. "GRRRRR! En Garde!" She plucks a stick of dynamite from her bandoleer and lights it, pointing it fuse end forward at Coleo as if it were a sword.
>Four surprisingly well groomed attack dogs flow in through the front entrance and flank Suzie as she points her challenge to Coleo.
>As the patchwork figure fell to the floor, Melico drew her revolver and trained it on the intruder. The sight of the bandoleer and lit explosive caused her pause.
>'Damn. I can't risk setting them off.'
>She shifts her aim to the door and trains her sights on the dogs.
>Coleo rears up, her face is... She's not all there. Half-feral. Her eyes dart between the- the thing. The girl? And the fire. An insect whine stirs up in her throat and builds.
>And builds.
>Coleo's jaw splits open as the whine gets louder. Her voice layers over the whine "Out out out out OUT OUT OUT-" and suddenly her entire front splits open and the insect call is roaring over the library in a din fit to rival Imp's saw at full volume. Her newly grown appendage lashes about wildly, snapping like a whip. "You aren't welcome here GET OUT."
>“Not until I’ve made my returns, Librarian!” Suzie says with razor edged sugary menace, looking Coleo in the eye as she tosses the lit stick over her shoulder at Imp. Still watching Coleo’s face intently, the grinning nightmare quickly slides another stick of dynamite from the bandoleer, lights the fuse, and whips it forward at Coleo in one fluid motion.
>Coleo’s eyes go wide with panic as her eyes trace the arch of the dynamite, but there isn’t time for her to do anything before the second stick is already hurtling at her.
>She rears up, trying to draw her forward body away from the explosive, her hands over her face. The blast washes over her midsection, tearing away pieces of chitin, and even a couple of legs.
Minor error in here. Melico is actually up on the second floor.

>Imp hisses in fury as the blast tears away at her shirt, though her steel reinforced ribcage managed to absorb enough of it - and the shrapnel - to keep her from being crippled. Even so, the concussive blast still managed to ‘pop’... something in her lower torso.
>The blast from below sends scraps of wood flying into Melico's face, causing her to raise her arms to block the shrapnel. She looks back over the balcony, the tables in pieces and the fire roaring at the base of the stairs.
>'This is bad. I need more firepower.'
>Her mind races as she looks toward the back of the library and the Guest quarters outside. She curses to herself as she sprints toward the window, gritting her teeth as she prepares to leap through. She stops short as she hears shouting from outside.
>Melico spots her rifle cradled in the arms of a wild eyed and desperate Dave, who seems to be running for the back entrance of the library.
>Though thankful for the support, Melico makes a mental note to hide her weapon better in the future. She holsters her revolver and shoves open the window, calling to the aide and waving her arm to get his attention. "UP HERE!"
>The window frame gives a shrieking squeak as it's forced open, Dave’s head snaps up and registers Melico's words. He adjusts his hold on the rifle and swings it up end over end to within Melico’s reach.
>Melico barely catches the shoulder strap as the rifle swings toward the window, nearly falling as she leans out to reach it. She pulls herself back in, hoisting the weapon and chambering a round.
>"There's a fire at the front! Get help!"
>Turning from the panicked man, Melico makes a mad dash toward the balcony once more. She slides to a stop just as the attack dogs start forward. Barely taking time to aim, she raises her firearm and fires toward the first of the beasts.
>>Melico spots her rifle cradled in the arms of a wild eyed and desperate Dave, who seems to be running for the back entrance of the library.

For those wondering, Dave is the library staff member who gained a little piece of enlightenment witnessing Coleo handle an inventory snarl after Coleo brought Melico and Imp back home to the library with her for the first time.
File: 247528157.jpg.gallery.jpg (50 KB, 650x588)
50 KB
>The dog’s torso bursts, spraying the inner entrance doors of the library in a coat of blood and giblets, he collapses insensate in a pool of his own gore.
>The fire begins to crackle and roar as it spreads from shelf to shelf, making pale shadows dance in the waning sunlight as smoke races up the atrium to fill the upper floors.
>Suzie holds a pair of dynamite sticks out sideways, lighting both at once. She drops one, kicking it toward Coleo. Pivoting on the other leg with a chuckle she overhands the second stick at Imp, regarding the Chainsaw wielding creature framed in rising flames with a smug grin.
>Imp snarls, half of a mind to charge the psycho herself before thinking better of it as the dogs rush toward her. “Coleo, take her down! I’ll handle these!”
>Suzie’s lips peel back as her grin turns toothy. Looking Imp in the eye she tosses a thumb over her shoulder and purses her lips, whistling a short set of pitches. The three standing dogs turn as one to advance on Coleo, their excited barking turning to a trio of snarling growls.
>Turning about, Imp swings her chainsaw at an oncoming dog and catches it by the barrel, the blade biting into its entrails before it leaps away, whimpering and snarling - much like Imp herself.
>Coleo screams as the second blast slams into her side, dislocating two of her shoulders and blowing a mandible away. All over, her wounds begin to bubble like boiling molasses.
>She peers out from between her arms at Suzie, eyes clouded over with adrenaline.
>As the Hounds move away from Imp and bound toward Coleo, Imp growls and swings frantically to catch another dog as it lopes away, but she’s too slow. “Coleo!” She calls, chasing after them.
>Two of them pounce for Coleo but, forewarned, she manages to bob aside and they miss. The third actually lands on top of one of the first two and they collapse into a tangle of snarling mouths and gnashing teeth for a moment before coming up bloodied.
File: tasch-ritter-scp096.jpg (391 KB, 1920x1920)
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391 KB JPG
>Suzie gasps and her eyes grow to the size of saucers as Imp tries to rip into the hounds with her chainsaw in a running fight. “Oooooooo! SWORD FIGHT!” She cheers. “C’mere you!” She growls.
>She draws a police saber from her rattle of weaponry and strides into a leap, thrusting the blade as she comes down.
>Imp sees her coming, jumping up and out of the way, landing on the front desk and knocking some notes and pens aside as she spins about to face Suzie. Her visible eye gleams brightly as she snarls, chainsaw swinging onto its strap and out of her hands, “Too slow!”
>As Suzie turns to engage Imp in a fencing match, Coleo throws her arms wide; her chest splits open from jaw to the bottom of her belly, revealing the saw-toothed limb anchored to her ribcage. The flesh strikes out like a bullwhip, sawing deep into Suzie’s back and tearing deep gashes into the stolen flesh of Suzie’s 'costume.'
>As Suzie’s staggers, Imp lets her chainsaw drop to hang on its strap and reaches forward barehanded, a claw-like hand darting forward with alacrity and nearly closing around Suzie’s throat.
>Suzie screams, in a mixture of surprise and pain as Coleo penetrates her back and tears parts away. As Imp sees her face and advancing hand reflected in a pair of bright blue eyes Suzie’s scream is cut off.
>Suzie's throat bulges, then her mandible and neck split. A long muscular boneless limb shoots out, whipping Imp’s hands away before darting back in a fumbled attempt to trap the offending limbs.
>The three hounds surrounding the young librarian leap, but find their attempts to sink teeth and claws into her thwarted by quick movements and thrashing legs. One of them accidentally sinks its teeth into it’s compatriot, eliciting a pained yelp and a snarl which is returned with a whimper and look of regret, briefly leaving only one of the dogs actively menacing Coleo
File: fire1-1.jpg (191 KB, 960x1005)
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191 KB JPG
>As Imp twists her hand away from the… thing… extended from Suzie’s throat, she takes a half-step back, crouches, and swipes with her other hand.
>But Suzie is prepared now and tilts her head to the side mockingly, allowing the hand to pass by harmlessly.
>Suzie gives a sugary giggle-snort as she Imp tries to tear her throat out again. “Eeeee! Fighting you is FUN Imp!” She brings her saber around for an overhead strike.
>Imp deflects Suzie’s saber aside with one of the spikes jutting from her arms. She does not taunt or emote more at this point - her face has settled into a deadly, calm fury.
>Coleo’s forward foot shoots out and strikes one of the hounds in the chin as it lunges to bite, knocking it silly. But another dog slips through her guard and latches onto her midsection. A buzzing shriek emits from somewhere in her trunk.
>As the chaos of the melee builds on the floor below, Melico's face twists into a scowl. The swirl of bodies and clashing attacks cut off every opportunity to fire; one poorly placed shot could spell disaster if it hit her friends.
>Drawing her revolver with one hand, she lets her rifle fall to her side and pulls her scope down from beneath her hat over her right eye. She steadies her arm as she sights in on the dogs darting around Coleo. As Coleo kicks one of them away, Melico fires, striking the beast in the torso, the impact from the shot sending the hound sprawling across the floor.
>The flames rise higher, licking the ceiling above them before spreading to the second floor. The air temperature rises sharply as convection begins to drag heat back down. Those fleeing Staff coming into sight of the front entrance turn to find another way out as Melico fires.
>Suzie blinks as dog blood splatters against the side of her face. “Do you MIND Gun-Bunnie!” She yells up to the second floor, while keeping her eyes on Imp. She punctuates the words with another thrust of her saber, throwing her hips into the motion, though her taunts fall on deaf ears as Melico reloads her sidearm.
>However, Imp catches the blade in the crook of one of her arm-spikes and twists, pulling the saber - and Suzie - forward into her other hand as it comes up for another swipe.
>There is a meaty impact and hollow thunk as Imps fist drives into Suzie’s torso. Air rushes out of a few spiracles up her sides and she slides her sword away from Imp.
>Both hounds still standing yipe and jump to the side as their compatriot flops to the floor. As the fallen dog twitches and yowls the remaining two attack Coleo from each side.
>One just ends up sailing over Coleo’s trunk, the other finds purchase and bites down, growling up at the girl as he gnaws at her.
>Coleo thrashes wildly under the dogs, but her frenzied gaze remains on Suzie. The insect-shriek climbs in volume as her chest-limb lashes out again, crisscrossing lashes over Suzie’s face and carving out large chunks of flesh from her cheeks and parts of her scalp.
>Suzie moves to run Imp through with her saber. Coleo tries to halt the attack with another flurry of blows along Suzie’s arm, but she only succeeds in stripping away useless flesh.
>Imp ignores the blade as it sinks into her, taking the opportunity to lean forward, driving the blade further in and finally driving her fist into and through Suzie’s smirking mouth as it opens to allow the thing out once more. Grasping the… thing, Imp rips it out. Pulling it out and away, making sure to draw it across Suzie’s eyes, she flings it aside.

It was a fake Slurper part to mimic Coleo's, btw.
File: vzR5XYt.gif (6.25 MB, 728x408)
6.25 MB
6.25 MB GIF
>Suzie shrieks like a shot deer as Imp rips the thing out by the root and slaps her across the face with it. As her eyes refocus on the limp hydrostat hanging in her foes grip like a wet noodle, her brows knit.
>Her jaw and neck snap back together with a click.
>“Awww! I worked hard on thaaaaaaaat!” she complains, her voice distorted as she gets used to using her regular tongue again.
>“If it’s important, work on your stitching.” Imp suggests acerbically, “It’s sloppy.”
>As Suzie moves to pull her sabre from Imp's stomach, Melico holsters her revolver and brings her rifle up once more. She trains her aim on Suzie's shoulder and pulls the trigger. The resounding burst of the shot echos through the library as the twisted girl's arm is torn from her body.
>Before the smoke clears, Melico resteadies her weapon again and braces it with her arm. The air cracks as another shot strikes Suzie in the mutilated stump of her shoulder, tearing through her torso and out from her hip.
>Ichor splashes to the floor as both of Suzie’s arms, along with part of the contents of her torso, are all torn away, joined by accelerants, explosives, and the two lever actions.
>Coleo coils up like a giant, bloody spring and lunges forward to savage Suzie’s face with her chest-limb but her excessive momentum combined with the slick spill of ichor and blood over the smooth stone floor sends her spinning out, almost past Suzie; her frantic attack slices deep into Suzie’s bottom half instead, tearing away more layers of stolen chitin and guts in a shower of fetid blood.
>Suzie tries to trip Coleo up even farther but Imp shoulder checks her and knocks her right into Coleo's attack.
>Suzie staggers sideways, nearly slipping in the ichor, and lashes out at Imp with her own chest limb as she regains her balance.
>Imp staggers, slipping off the table as the first strike hits her. One of the dogs makes to pounce on her vulnerable form as she rolls aside, causing Suzie’s followup to strike the hound in her place.
>The dog yelps, and runs behind it’s remaining packmate looking at Suzie with a hurt expression.
>The Library is getting more and more uncomfortable as the temperature climbs and the inferno spreads outwards and upwards laying claim to more and more strong timber and precious paper.
>Suzie gurgles, then spits a wad of ichor onto the floor. Her eyes dart between Coleo, her standing dogs, and Imp. Before she brings her lips together and whistles another four pitch code. The two dogs turn to face Imp. Suzie turns around and looks up at Melico with a frustrated and stern frown.
>The dogs tear into Imp. One bites into her torso and rips part of her guts out. She bats aside the other, though it’s back soon after. Despite her struggles, they make good progress on eating her “alive.”
>Coleo’s (remaining) legs piston off the stone as she makes another leap at Suzie, slamming into the faux-bug like a steam train. “Leave her alone! Go away! I'LL KILL YOU!” Her chest-limb wraps around Suzie’s head and then pulls tight like a garrote, scraping off deep lines of flesh along the skull. She presses harder, her limb flailing wildly.
>A stray swing of Coleo's limb shatters the ball and socket joint of one arm completely and sends the limb spinning off into the air. To complete the attack, the limb coils around Suzie’s last arm and simply tears it out.
>Meanwhile, Imp continues struggling, but the flesh of her arms is torn away. Her torso is laid bare. Even her skull, cheeks, and hair are pulled and chewed and rent apart.
File: smoking-gun.jpg (26 KB, 432x322)
26 KB
>Little more than a brain, eye, and pair of fists loosely connected by tendons and muscle fiber, Imp struggles still, her eye burning the entire way as the muscles around it twitch.
>Still, as Suzie leaps away to do further harm to one of Imp’s companions, those few tendons twist, pulling taut as piano cords, and fling her fists into the girl’s legs, catching Suzie at the hips and tearing flesh and bone the entire way, leaving the girl with nothing but her torso on her way upward as her legs fall away.
>Suzie’s ichor leaking legs fall back to earth, bracketing the pile of active and destroyed Imp parts in a puddle of blood, ichor, and kerosene. The legless horror lands directly adjacent to Melico. Staring Melico in the eye, Suzie’s entire body tenses to launch. Her chest limb is writhing.
>The two remaining hounds finish stripping flesh from steel bones chase the sliding centipede back across the face of the library entrance.
>They both leap for Coleo. Once again one is faked out by the movements of her trunk while the other gains purchase and bites down.
>Coleo rears up towards the dogs and opens her chest cavity as wide as it will stretch, her skin spreading taught like bat wings. An oscillating screech emanates from the mouth of her trunk, loud enough to drown out even the roar of the fire.
>One dog immediately turns tail and sprints out the front door, full tilt.
>As the hulking form of Suzie bears down over her, Melico drops to one knee and whips her revolver from her side, righting her scope as she does so. She presses the barrel into the open ribcage of the monstrosity and squeezes the trigger.
>The inner chest explodes in a shower of viscera and gore.
>As a dark ichor showers onto her, Melico lifts her rifle with her other arm, straining to steady it one-handed. She lines up the sights as best as she can and fires toward the canine still growling at Coleo's feet.
File: giphy-downsized-large.gif (4.06 MB, 480x352)
4.06 MB
4.06 MB GIF
>The dog’s yelps and skitters away a few steps before collapsing near the exit.
>Imp golf-claps with her fists. Her "arms" can't move anymore so she just claps her fingers by themselves.
>With Suzie out of her face, Coleo has the opportunity to calm down. A little. She’s suddenly aware of the fire bearing down on them. And her injuries. The bubbling in her flesh is more dramatic now; plates shift on her back, the chitin scales on her chest shimmer as the flesh beneath them roils. The holes torn into her belly and upper body knit closed, first with the underlying muscle, then a layer of subcutaneous fat, and then with a layer of scales to protect it. The process is quick.
[Coleo passes a madness check]
>As soon as her upper body can actually hold itself together, Coleo scoops up what she can of Imp in a three-armed princess carry, cradling the girl as gently as she can while making pace away from the fire. With two other arms she snags the body of a disabled dog and drags it after her.
>It’s a dumb mutt, but it doesn’t deserve to burn to death.
>Imp gurgles and gives Coleo a thumbs up of thanks as she's carried from the flame.
>Suzie’s body contracts, heaves, then sags open down the front, collapsing forwards like a falling hollow tree ready to cage Melico against the floor. Melico dives out of the way of the falling body and it goes over the handrail and onto the floor below.
>Melico gets up in time to see something like a vulture flying out through the opened rear window of the library.
>She scrambles to her feet and bolts toward the window, raising her rifle as she does so. Her boots slam into the wall as she skids to a stop at the window and searches the night sky.
>The shadow of wings catches her eyes and she fixes the end of her weapon on its silhouette. The crack of the bullet is accompanied by a flash of light that illuminates the backyard as the vulture falls from the air.
File: fire.jpg (29 KB, 474x284)
29 KB
>The vulture goes down in a burst of of feathers and giblets, slamming into the lawn on the far side of the guest quarters.
>Seeing the bird fall to the ground, Melico turns to head to the floor below, only to face a pillar of smoke and flames licking up the stairs leading to the front entrance. She curses to herself before turning back to the window.
>'Guess I'll be jumping after all.'
>She braces herself and rushes toward the window, hoping to catch a tree she spotted in the yard. She leaps forward and crashes through the glass.


Fin for tonight.
Setup 1, step 2

Step 3.
File: 1599203763695.jpg (75 KB, 680x962)
75 KB

Mostly wether or not it makes sense for the necromancer in question to have access to those fathers.

There's nothing stopping it as long as it makes sense in your story.
Yes, that puppy was necromancer in disguise all along!
When the monster that draged you kicking and screaming back to a broken world to be their slave wouldn't have done had they not gone mad from loneliness long ago.
File: A necromancer.png (37 KB, 500x500)
37 KB

Damn, you caught her.
Continuing on. Doing some RL stuff so progress is going to be stop-and-go today.

>The raging heat of the fire finally abates as Coleo passes into the front lawn of the library, a crippled dog and the remaining bits of Imp huddled in what remains of her arms.
>Out front people are gathering in a rush, people with buckets, axes, wrenches, a handful of police officers are trying to keep the road clear. A loud mechanical bell approaches unseen in the distance.
>The dancing lights from within the library cast everything in susurrated light.
>Imp's eye socket itches as she bounces up and down in her chauffeur’s cradling grip.
>The shattering of glass heralds the wind rushing past Melico's ears as she leaps out of the back of the Library and latches onto a of one of the trees in the back yard. She drops to the ground in an easy crouch.
>As Melico lands, she looks toward the burning building behind her, then to the guest quarters where the disembodied 'vulture' landed, then back toward the building. She stands and begins to move toward the guest building, but freezes in place.
>Coleo was injured. Imp was in pieces.
>'But I haven't confirmed the kill...'
>She pauses for a moment more as the sounds of flames and bells fill the air.
>'Later. I'll check later.'
>She turns and rushes back toward the front of the library.
>Coleo staggers out from the smoke, coughing sporadically. Her path is winding as she tries to compensate both for sections of missing legs and for large chunks ripped out of her trunk itself.
>Guts trail from the fresh gaps in her chitin, painting a snake of gore and blood over the grass as she lurches forward.
>She waffles between clutching Imp close to her chest or keeping her out to half-arm's length. Half because her own front torso has been torn completely open and half for concern of irritating Imp's wounds.
>The blood in her open wounds bubbles. Some of the soft flesh around them undulates in a similar pattern.
Not that anon but I'm fucking thrilled because I discovered them just 3 days ago after finishing the first series and thinking that was it.
Kinda ok because they don't have the despair endings but don't have a real happy ending either, so they feel kinda flat? I'm not up to date yet
>Eventually Coleo comes to a staggered halt next to the mount of Suzie's headless meat.
>Somehow it's come to be out on the lawn. One of the fire fighters? Are they already here?
>Very gently, she begins placing Imp down onto the grass in a loose approximation of... where everything should be if Imp had been just laying on the grass. The dog is dropped with slightly less ceremony.
>Imp's hands, once released, scatter. One crawls toward the meat while the other clambers onto the basket and starts trying to pull it open by itself. The image is something like a horrifying kitten attempting to climb into a closed box.
>Throughout this, Imp's "head" doesn't even twitch - somehow, she simply seems to know where things are.
>The cold light gleaming in her shattered skull slowly recedes into a faint glimmer.
>The smell of a fresh kill swims into her mind, it's hard to tell, but she can somehow feel it's close even in her injury induced fugue.
>Melico can hear the crowd as she sprints around the perimeter of the building; people shouting that the Grand Library is burning, as others rush down the street toward the front. Being inside the yard, she has a clear path to avoid the crowd as everyone else has to go around, or over, the perimeter wall.
>As Melico comes around the last corner she sees a rising line thick black smoke as three large creatures, she takes a moment to recognize that them as horses, pull a carriage sporting a boiler, pump, and racks of hoses and pipes up to the building, people parting, or being shoved out of the way by police officers and citizens as it comes.
>Then she spots Coleo's injured trunk extending out just past the pile of gore that used to be Suzie. A pair of antenna bob up and down out of visibility on the far side.
>Melico sprints toward Coleo, ignoring her proximity to the blazing building next to her. As she passes the oncoming crowd of people, she takes stock of the equipment and manpower present.
>She comes to an abrupt stop as she reaches Coleo and sees the state Imp is in. She tenses for a moment, then turns back to the conglomerate of firefighters and policemen. "I need a first aid kit!"
>Coleo stares at the pile. What's left of her chest is heaving (despite the visible lack of any lungs or their remains). One of the exposed holes makes a very loud, deep sucking noise as she respires. Her eyes flit back and forth between the pile and Imp's hand as it scrambles
>The one mandible that still works twitches.
>"Imp, just- one second. I- One second." Her voice is ragged and almost tinny. Buzzy. With great care she plucks Imp's hand off the pile and sets it back into the grass. She doesn't seem to process Melico.
>Imp's hand returns with staunch, mechanical determination to its task of crawling back onto the pile and retrieving parts.
>Meanwhile, her other hand flounders around the top of the basket just enough to tip it over. It manages to work the latch with a few fingers, causing a few clothes flop outward. Her bloody hand then clambers over them and disappears into the basket.
>The pile hand manages to snag some entrails and other assorted gibs between its index and middle finger before dragging them back to Imp's cadaver on its three remaining fingers.
>The fleshy, toothy limb secured to Coleo's ribcage begins to loll limply. The flaps of skin that formed the seem for it tense, spreading the remains of her front almost like bat wings. Even as she looks at the pile it's apparent she's looking somewhere far past it.
>She's a little too slow to pick Imp's hand back off the pile, but just as well. It didn't stay. "Just- one second Imp. One second."
>She's so hungry.
>Her entire trunk thrusts forward, pressing her open chest against the pile. Her toothy limb tears gobs out of the pile and her tongue begins sucking down smaller gobbets as she presses her face into the gore. The sucking noise at the base of her torso gets louder
The whiplash in this storytime between last thread and this thread is nuts.
>necromancer raises you from the dead
>he doesn't really want to mess with you or order you around or anything.
>he's just lonely and wants someone to watch his 2,000 year old soaps with him
I actually mentioned that to my DM after the other thread, lol. I'd been hoping to get the fight and its aftermath into that thread for some really proper contrast.

>Imp's plucked (left) hand holds onto the assorted meats staunchly and they somehow don't crumble away. Once dropped, it crawls over to Imp and reunites with the right (basket) hand, which is dragging something much like a large wallet.
>The left hand releases the meats next to Imp and works with the right hand to unclasp the 'wallet' and unfold it, revealing what seems to be various sewing supplies.
>As the left hand returns to its meat and drags it toward Imp, right effortlessly catches the tip of a needle on some thread and drags it along in the left hand's wake.
>The thread glistens in the light.
>A pair of men in white run up to Melico, followed by a few others. One sets down a first aid kit next to her, then kneels down to check her for injuries. “Where does it hurt miss?”
>The other looks over to the insensate Coleo and then crawling hands carrying parts and seems to decide he can probably do more for the centipede immediately. He steps forward, scribbling something on a note pad.
>“Miss, My name is Dr. Clemens, do I have your permission to clean your wounds, and set your arms? Point one finger for yes and two for no.” He asks as Coleo digs into the twisted flesh.
>Dr. Clemens looks down for a moment and raises and eyebrow, he then takes a pair of tongs out of his coat and picks a peice of meat out of the pile and sets it against one of the crawling hands.
>The needle hand leaps toward Dr. Clemens' wrist as it descends, thread trailing its wake. It falls short, and lands by the meat.
>Twitching, it skitters over to the fresh meat and loops the thread about it before crawling back toward Imp's cadaver, dragging the meat in its impromptu net behind it.
>Melico waves the men off and points one of them to Coleo. "I'm uninjured. Focus on her." She picks up the first aid kit and moves next to Dr. Clemens to shoo him toward Imp. "Your friend will take care of her. Focus on this one. What do you need to do to fix her? I can help." She kneels down next to Imp.
>Coleo doesn't seem to notice anything. As she consumes, the bubbles along her wounds become more violent.
>Parts of her trunk begin to move erratically as the flesh underneath her undeveloped chitin shifts. In seconds the gaping wounds in her body begin to knit together. Fresh legs grow to take the place of the old, shoving the old and broken ones aside and away. The bones in her broken arms straighten, popping loudly back into place. The broken mandible is whole again.
>But even once the wounds are closed the flesh doesn't stop. The chitin scales on her arms... move. As if snakes are climbing up from inside Coleo and curling around the bone. One snake at a time, one by one, until the girth of her upper limbs has almost doubled.
>I'm starving. I'm going to die.
>The sucking noise gets louder.
>Dr. Clemens shuffles past Coleo to make room and squats beside Imp. He looks over at the quickly metamorphosing Coleo, then to Melico, then down to Imp. "Has your friend done this before?” he asks as he takes out a set of surgical tools and begins picking a place to begin.
>The other doctor tries to approach Coleo and cries out in pain. He shakes his left leg, which has a rather perturbed cricket hanging on and biting his shin just below the knee, hissing at him.
>"Ahhh! Ahh!” He falls backward to the ground and reaches forward with both hands trying to wrestle the protective cricket off of his leg. "I'm not going to hurt her, I'm a DOCTOR, now let go!" Jiminy continues to cling to the leg and shakes off the doctors attempts to find a grip.
Wait there is a fucking sequel??
>Melico looks over to Coleo, doing her best to conceal her uncertainty from her voice. "I'm not sure. We've only met recently." She looks back to the doctor, a look of impatient frustration only barely hidden. "Now again, what do we need to do to help this one. In case you haven't noticed, she isn't in the best condition."
>Imp's disembodied hands pause in their work, and rotate in unison to face the doctor with the angry cricket on his leg.
>Then they release their meat, rear back, and tense.
>Dr. Clemens looks up at Melico shocked at the reaction of Imp's hands. "Your friend's awareness is incredible."
>He returns to suturing. "Please keep an eye on her hands, in case she thinks we mean her harm."
>He continues to speak to Melico as he works. "Your Centipede friend is going through a very strenuous transformation, but, despite the speed and violence of her change and recovery, I haven't seen any symptoms of malformation."
>The bubbling along Coleo's trunk gets worse, though the wounds are closed. The flesh itself shakes and expands, stretching the overlapping chitin to it's absolute limit as seams open, tear, and knit together again. She easily gains a foot in overall length before the process begins to slow. But then the bubbling moves upward.
>Abruptly, Coleo springs backward, separating her face and upper chest from the pile and taking in a deep gasp of air. The skin on her face - the skin around her eyes - has started to bubble too. She whimpers as something pops. She flinches. Confused fright plays over her face as she whips her head left and right.
>Her pupils are gone, the sclera of her eyes boiling like egg whites in a hot pan.
>There's a wet popping as her eye sockets expand. She recoils from the pile, curling inward, hands cradling the sides of her head. There are more pops, and she flinches with every one.
>Imp's hands leap at the doctor treating Coleo.
File: DeathParadeED.png (952 KB, 1600x900)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
>Melico snatches one hand our of the air and pins it down. She makes no effort to be delicate, reaching out to immobilize the other hand, attempting to keep them both in place.
>After what, to Coleo, feels like an eternity, the popping subsides. Her breathing begins to steady. Everything stills. Still panting, but not quite gasping for air anymore, Coleo raises her head. Her eyes have mutated; They're not only larger, but the whites are gone completely. Replaced entirely by an overlapping set of pupils and irises.
>Her already large eyes widen even further at the sight of the doctors. Of the people.
>"Oh... I- Oh."
>Coleo hears jiminy screech, and a man yelp behind and below her.
>Coleo is suddenly alert. She spins - and over-rotates as her newly mutated eyes send her vision spinning. She's able to pick out the vague color splash of Jiminy against the doctor's trousers.
>"Jiminy, no! Down!" She waddles forward, picking her steps very carefully as the earth warps under her now very-wide field of vision. She grabs one of Jiminy's antenna between her fingers and tugs gently. "Down!"
>The hands begin to struggle and twitch and try to worm out of Melico's grip, but they don't make any headway as she presses her weight against them, driving their palms into the dirt. The fingers drum on the ground in desperation.
>As he works Dr. Clemens mutters somewhat disbelievingly to himself as he wonders at how well and quickly this patient is responding.
>He's already to the point of assembling a skull around her brain. From the shoulders down she's rough, but mostly intact, with the noticeable absence of hands and a neck to connect her head and body.
>She fits together almost like- well, a jigsaw puzzle.
>With the antenna tug, Jiminy finally lets go. He wriggles in Coleo's grip for a moment before calming right down, then winds right back up again, chirping excitedly trying to climb up to clean Coleo’s new face.

How do you convert animated .webP image files to silent .webM files?
>"Thank you." The unnamed Doctor says as he gets up off the lawn. He looks closely at Coleo though he doesn't seem to focus on any one place. "Are you alright miss?"
>Coleo's hands move up to cradle Jiminy, pulling him gently away from her face and into a carry. She looks to the doctor. "I'm- I am..." She trails off and turns her head to look at the Library. The flames play off of her glasses. "I'm not injured." Her voice is airy and absent. She hugs Jiminy a little tighter as she looks at the fire.
>The light within Imp's eye socket pulses in and out as her body... shifts on its own, from "recognizably human" into "recognizably female," and the black marks her friends remember somehow seep into view.
>Her musculature becomes more defined, and her head jerks for a moment, then lulls back into position.
>Dr. Clemen's looks up to Melico.
>"Miss, can you try to talk to your friend, I think she is in some sort of fugue. A friendly voice may help her come back to us"
>He reaches out to pin Imp's hands so Melico is free to position herself.
>Imp's arms jerk suddenly, shaking her torso. Her body seems to thin somewhat and the space beneath her skin writhes and twists as something travels beneath it toward her arms, which begin to swell up.
>Simultaneously, Imp's hands drum even more desperately, trying to crawl toward her body.
>Melico releases her grip on Imp's hands as the doctor moves to pin them. "I don't-"
>She's cut off as Imp's arms begin to convulse. She steps away, a feeling of confusion and trepidation creeps into her mind, unsure of what is happening to her two friends and unsure of how to address it.
>The instant Melico releases her grip the hands rocket away, skittering backward into place at a speed more commonly associated with bugs exposed to the light
>They plant their stumps against Imp's forearms, and the tendons therein shoot out and pull them into place. The skin is still broken, but the muscles beneath seem to twist and knit together
>How do you convert animated .webP image files to silent .webM files?

I have no idea. If anyone here knows I'd also like to hear it.
File: JacksonFire1LL.jpg (175 KB, 750x500)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
>Then the hands begin to swell to match the arms. And at this stage it truly is swelling; Imp is well beyond the point of replacing flesh and appears to be actively adding mass to her musculature
>"Back up. Back up! She may flail while she regains consciousness" Dr. Clemens says in a voice of calm authority as he picks up his tools and backs away from Imp
>The other doctor backs away, despite being the furthest of anyone. Making space for Coleo to move
>The muscles of Imp's arms break out of her flesh and hang out into the world... then her arms spasm and jerk toward the pile of meat
>The fibers and tendons pull Imp's dead weight behind them on course for the meat, and then begin grabbing and assimilating it
>"What's this girls name?" the unnamed doctor asks urgently as the muscle fibers protruding from the doll's arms start to drag the rest of her around.
>Coleo turns as she catches a glimpse of activity off to her side. "Imp? What-" Her eyes go wide. Or wider, at least. "Imp?! What are you doing?" She reaches out with a pair of arms that aren't holding Jiminy and latches onto Imp's shoulder, trying to pull her off the pile
>Her arms come away easily, bringing large chunks of flesh with them. The fibers knead and twist and weave the flesh and then calm
>Imp blinks
>Her arms now seem enlarged, possessing a bulked and trained physique maybe not out of place on an adult man if they weren't seemingly bereft of skin. And on a slight young woman
>She blinks again, looks around
>"...wha-?" She tries, then fingers her throat, and looks to Coleo in concern. "Are you okay? Did they save your house? Are you healed?"
>Down the lawn the fire engine's boiler whistles and the pumps begin to heave. Teams hold onto hoses that erupt in geysers of water while another man stands on a crate with an amplification cone, directing them while David stands next to him giving what seems to be advice
>Lines of people of various shapes and sizes run or pass buckets up the lawn
>Coleo props Imp up gingerly, smiling gently. "I'm better. I think." She blinks once. Her myriad of pupils and irises rotate slowly clockwise as something in her eyes adjusts. She looks over to the line of firemen, her expression going more neutral. "There are fire fighters here now. They're working on the fire."
>"...I'll help." Imp says without hesitation, lurching unsteadily and unevenly to her feet, either unphased by or oblivious of her enlarged arms, missing hair, and only partially formed features, though that seems to be correcting itself as her eyes shift from amber to blue.
>She makes for the line.
>Dr. Clemens watches Imp with a mixture of wonder and disbelief. He reaches up and pinches his nose. He winces, and this seems to ground him. Then he's off at a jog looking for anyone else who needs aid. His associate follows after him in a moment.
>Melico looks around at the chaotic scene around her. She looks after the doctors, then Imp, and shifts slightly. The dwindling flames of the library and the line of people extinguishing the fire lifts an unconscious weight from her shoulders.
>It should be fine. Now...
>Melico looks back to Coleo and Imp before backing away and rushing again toward the back of the library and toward the guest building.
>Imp makes five unsteady steps before tripping and falling forward. She catches herself evenly, then blinks, and pushes herself back to her feet.
>She feels behind her. "... Where's my tail?"
>Coleo props Imp up a little as she rises, and then abruptly realizes Imp is in her birthday suit. She lurches forward, moving to place herself between Imp and the fireline. "Clothes! Clothes first!" She pushes gently back in the direction of the basket.
>"...Clothes?" Imp looks down at her half-developed (but naked) body, then stares at Coleo dumbfounded bewilderment. "Your house is on fire... and you're worried about my clothes?"
File: wOztTQr4jL-2.png (22 KB, 300x250)
22 KB
>Coleo stares back in almost equal bewilderment. "Skinnies-" her jaw snaps shut and she makes a quick look around before turning back to Imp, "-soft-bodied citizens can't just go into an emergency with their flesh bare. You'll aggravate your wounds even worse if they aren't at least covered up. C'mon. Just pants and a shirt." She shoves gently again.
>"...My bones are made of steel." Imp states, bewildered, as she thumbs her chin. Then blinks. "And my arms are... I don't know what to say about that."
>She flexes her fingers experimentally, nearly popping her knuckles from clenching them too tightly, before shrugging and reaching to her side for her basket.
>Which isn't there.
>For a moment, it doesn't register. Then her eyes widen in shock, and she turns to Coleo - light ablaze - with a hyper-focused gaze.
>"Where. Is. My. Basket?"
>Tears are gathering at her eyes, and her jaw is clenching into a half-involuntary snarl.
>Coleo recoils a little at Imp's outburst, but points back towards the direction she's been pushing Imp. "Back there, back there."
>Her eyes dart to where Coleo points and sees her basket laying on its side in the ground.
>Then she dashes over desperately, tripping into the dirt again as she goes and - without missing a beat - crawls desperately over to it.
>Coleo scuttles up beside Imp and offers a hand. "Here, I'll help you over."
>Imp nearly snaps. "Did you touch it? Why is it..." Ignoring Coleo, she lurches forward and sort of falls next to the basket before rummaging through the clothes. "Blood. Messy. I'll have to clean them... Not too many. My needles? Where are my needles?"
>Coleo blinks. "I didn't- your hands were... moving around. Did they take them? They climbed onto the pile., which I think is where the blood is from. They took pieces."
>"Couldn't be. I was out cold. And I don't have them." Imp blinks. "...so where are my needles? Around here?" She looks around, patting the ground at random.
how many necromancers should be present "often behind the scenes and out of sight" in a campaign ?
>Coleo catches a shimmer of glinting metal in the grass, just inside the corner of her freshly mutated eyes.
>"Imp- they're- one's here." Coleo leans down, her torso bending like a willow tree as she stoops to pick the first up. She straightens and scans the grass, her eyes picking up the twinkling blur of the second needle against the green. She points. "There. The other's there."
>Scooping them up, Imp tries to put them into the wallet and nearly stabs herself due to her haste and hampered dexterity, only for them to glance off her enhanced musculature, which seems to have hardened.

>As Melico runs around the side of the guest quarters, a large grey feather breezes past her. She turns the corner and sees a grey mass of feathers and gore at the far end of the building. A vulture turned inside out by a large caliber bullet.
>It is unclear if some of it's mass is missing, or was simply atomized by her shot.
>As she approaches, she notices a few arcs of spatter very close to the ruined body of the bird as well as some disruption to the grass.
>Melico kneels as she examines the bloody scene. Perhaps it was the dark of the night or the relatively small size of the target, but she couldn't feel confident that the enemy was truly eliminated.
>'It should be clear cut. I know the shot hit, but it wouldn't have obliterated it entirely, would it?'
>She looks at the arcs of spattered blood along the building and ground. Death throes or signs of escape? She curses to herself, finding no answers in the gloom.
>I can't do anything here. What do I do?
>She stands and kicks at the bloodied corpse, a vain hope that it would kill anything that still lived. Cursing to herself again, she rushes back to the ensemble of firefighters and townsfolk at the front of the library.

One is typically enough. Though I know the Port Campaign has two/three-ish.
I figure the question is kind of analogous to the question: "How many kings should I feature in a campaign?" from a system like 5E or something, in that it's mostly dependent on scope and what sort of story you want to tell. Like in the game I ran in >>74795343 only has a single necromancer involved in anything directly even though other forces are implied to be at work in the larger world. But it was short and confined to a small area.
Longer games covering more territory might blunder into other necromancers at some point, depending on how I decided they divvied the world up or who was the top dog at the time, or maybe even what agreements certain powers have with one another. It's something that's going to be pretty contextual based on your personal campaign.

As a rule of thumb I probably wouldn't do more than two to start. Seems like it would get rough to keep track of for the party until things got properly established.
>Spotting Coleo and Imp, Melico moves toward them, the mutilated corpse of the vulture still in mind. ;Should I tell them the enemy might still be alive?' She glances back toward the fire and the line of people attempting to put it out. 'I suppose there's more pressing things.'
>She speaks as she reaches the other two. "I'm going to join the fire brigade. I'll help ferry buckets to the fire."
>She moves back toward the firefighters and finds a place in line. 'We can talk about it later. Probably better to do that when people aren't around.'
>Imp nearly misses what Melico says, only hearing 'fire.' Then she remembers the fire. "I... I..." she fumbles with the basket, before standing, "I'm going to help now before it's too late. Things burn and burn and then they're gone and... I can fix clothes, not houses." Then she's gone to do whatever she can.
>Coleo moves to take over one of the high pressure hoses, using her newly acquired bulk to free up an entire team and allowing them to shore up other positions in the fire fighting effort.
>The east wing of the Great Library of Humbourg hemorrhages smoke into the sky and lights up the night for all ahead of it.
>Firefighters, both volunteer and vigilante, fight to save a precious part of their city.
>Each of the dolls finds themselves integrated into the effort, moving water to battle the blaze.
>Melico finds integrating into the bucket brigade second nature and Imp follows along.
>The great fire hose throbs with the power of expanding steam, but cannot resist Coleo's newfound strength.
>Then rising amid the raised voices, roar of flame, and hiss of water comes the creaking and crash of wood and a rush of cinders. A man comes out yelling and soon the world spreads
>“There’s been a collapse!”
>“We’ve got people pinned in there!”
>“Team 3 is pinned under debris”
>“RASMUS!” Comes a heartbroken shriek of Alma, Krags wife and Rasmus' mother, as she sinks to her knees and sobs.

Fin for now.
File: charlotte wiltshire .jpg (107 KB, 1024x977)
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107 KB JPG
what doll type best represents Charlotte wiltshire.
how would you make a nechronica character basted on her ?
File: 1434701044714.jpg (418 KB, 1280x1024)
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418 KB JPG
>Charlotte wiltshire.

I have no idea who that is or what aspects of them would potentially be relevant.
The first game is free and kinda started as a parody of as well as a loving homage to rpgmaker horror games
If you didn't know, there is a sequel series ongoing called Franken Fran Frantic.
Our littlest team member has remembered who she was, and it broke her.

Most of us weren't great people in life. This is a little depressing, but we're trying to be better.

Turns out Sophie was something else. She was several great heros, some of the brightest lights in the dark times just before and then after everything went to hell.

Back when she was just plucky little sophie who sewed up her sisters, she could face the hardships of each day and be there to make sure her sisters made it too.

Now she's crushed under the weight of knowing how much has been lost, and how weak she is compared to her past selves, in an era that she is now painfully aware desperately needs heroes of staggering might, ability, and vision more than any that has come before.
File: 1598136379281.jpg (35 KB, 400x400)
35 KB
File: 45143967-1525522295.png (862 KB, 1364x768)
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862 KB PNG
I know it'a narrow minded of me, but I always have trouble playing characters actually giving into despair due to larger circumstances in Nech (well, in general, but it's worse in Nech). Like, you already came back from the great Game Over in the sky. And now you can just strap more firepower to yourself at minimal penalty.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to buckle down and get to work.
Where is mogeko castle gang at ?
Not just one past life, but multiple? Damn, that's a hell of a weight to drop on someone.
Going by the book it's completely possible for a doll's mind to be stirthed together from bits and pieces of past minds.

The memory fragment tables for example have memories from humans of various ages, sexes, and life situations, and even domesticated animals.
Does anyone here have experience playing a Drug Eater?

If so how was it and what was you experience with the class?
File: 1590957900314.jpg (1.3 MB, 3894x4096)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
File: 379953-large.jpg (525 KB, 2000x2000)
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525 KB JPG
Here are links to the archived threads with the rest of this storytime so far.

>Thread 1

>Thread 2

>Thread 3

>Thread 4

>Thread 5

How much you really get stuff out of it seems depend on how much the GM throws savants at you.

What kind have you had?
I think anon more means that you literally get locked out of a major feature if there aren't Savants around.
Though I guess it's worth noting that Drug Eater Blade is still a pretty nasty basic part to swing at Legions and Horrors. 4 damage per 2 AP is nothing to sneeze at.
File: 1568522292488.jpg (64 KB, 500x421)
64 KB
Is it possible to buy new basic parts?

Like forninstanc spend favor to put more common basic doll parts like entrials or shoulders on a Drug Eater, or put prehensile hair on a non Drug Eater?

Or would that be a "ask your GM because it's not normally legal" situation?
>Or would that be a "ask your GM because it's not normally legal" situation?
That. RAW, Basic parts the parts you come with by default, and everyone has them. You can't get more or lose the ones you have unless you homebrew something.

Are the "citizens" alive, or Savants, or something else? What is Suzie?
>Couldn't be. I was out cold.

Then who was hands?
>Are the "citizens" alive, or Savants, or something else?
All citizens of Hombourg are undead. But They're more human than your standard zombie; they can experience brain death and they also grow older. We're not super sure about the limitations yet. How sapient they are is also kind of an open question, but they appear to be realized people in the same vein as Savants or Dolls. Denver and Cersei are even fully statted out as player characters with Positions and Skills and such.

>And then Imp was the Legion
File: s-l1000 (1).jpg (142 KB, 798x1000)
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142 KB JPG
A pretty big detail that slipped my mind (because it wasn't noted in the notes for some reason) is that Windsor is not present at the Library during this encounter. He was away to visit the local cobbler at the time of Suzie's attack.

>Coleo falters on the hose as Alma screams. Her kaleidoscopic eyes swivel to see a plume of sparks surge above the roof, near the middle of the building.
>She waffles for a second as she scans the yard, looking for a clue. "Cut the hose! Stop the water!"
>Her legs dig furrows into the dirt as she rockets off in the direction of the fire team's carriage, leaving the hose in the dirt. Her hands are a blur as she snaps a stack of wool blankets from their storage space. She flies back to the hose, scooping the nozzle up with one hand while dropping the blankets on the ground in a pile. "Give me a burst!"
>With a blast from the hose, Coleo drenches the blankets, then the hose is abandoned again as she scoops the blankets from the mud and layers them over herself as she careens towards the Library's door.
>Seeing Coleo rush past, Melico practically throws her bucket to the next person in line before rushing after her. "Coleo! What are you doing!?"
>Imp - the next person in line - tosses the bucket onward with no particular grace and darts in Melico's wake, gait initially awkward due to her missing tail, only for her to compensate and balance herself as she runs, mind focused on this new crisis.
>Mrs. Puller catches the bucket with only a bit of spillage.
>"I don't fix people either!" Imp calls, more than a little upset.
>"That's why we need to get them out!" Coleo calls back over her shoulder before wrapping her head in a soaked blanket and sprinting through the open doorway.
>the real necromancer was the friends you made along the way
I feel like this idea has actual potential.
>Heat blasts Coleo's front as she passes through the doorway, her hands shielded from the hot metal handles by wet wool and damp mud.
>The fire towers all the way up to the top floor but the work of the teams inside have hampered its ability to spread past the middle of the building difficult as shelves have been brought down and cleared back.
>The tables where Imp had been playing Cat's cradle and the stacks nearby have burned to ash, but there are still piles of material burning around it.
>Coleo maps the shortest path to the fire team in her head, going around the back of the front desks and central stairwells and then into the center of the West wing's first floor.
>As she rockets down the unburnt stacks, through the broiling air and swirling ash, her eyes sting from the light and cinders.
>Then she rounds into the center of the main atrium, which contains the center stairwells.
>She is immediately confronted with the fire. Cinders fall from the ceiling, and the shelves burn furiously, creating a tunnel oven. It's a small small mercy that the stone floor cannot burn and has a tremendous ability to absorb heat.
>Imp's hands work her chainsaw furiously as she tries to clear the mechanism of a jam on the run, caught between practiced skill and desperate alacrity. "I hate fire." She grumbles to Melico, throwing the doors aside with the butt of her chainsaw before they could close on the pair. "It's hot and it ruins your clothes even if you don't get burned."
>Notably, she wasn't slowing down at all.
>Melico stops at the library entrance. "We can't just rush in!" She calls after Coleo. Imp passes her and shoves the door open again. As Imp pushes in and moves into the inferno, Melico curses to herself and rushes in after.
>Coleo pauses a heartbeat as she looks up at the fire. Then she presses the wet towel to her face with a pair of hands, takes a deep breath, and pushes forward.
>She scans the floor and debris piles for movement, trying not to let her fish-eye'd vision distract her from her objective.
>Imp catches the tail end of Coleo slipping out of sight around the corner of one of the center stairwells.
>As she runs into the blasting heat, a peculiar feeling rises in her breast. A nameless, directionless fear.
>Imp runs after Coleo, eyes darting about for anything that might trip her or fall into her path.
>Coleo charges forward through the fjord of fire
>The smoke parts and she nearly crashes head first into a fallen support beam. As she bends to swerve around, she sees a number of men pinned under sections of fallen floor piled high with books and debris.
>Some of them squirm.
>Her searching eyes pick out a large figure sharing one pile with another. Both are pushing against the weight of it but they are stuck fast.
>Imp comes face to face with a tunnel of fire. What might be eddies in the smoke mark her friend's passage. swirling in the distorted, hazy air. There's pressure in her chest. Eyes? Predators? Something simmers beneath her awareness, but won't break the surface.
>Without time to reflect, Imp charges forward, attempting to follow the path. "Coleo, yo-!" She shouts, then regrets as the air sears her throat.
>No doing that again.
>She hated fire. It burned and burned and burned everything away. And then you just sift through the ashes, taking what you can still fix...
>She didn't want Coleo to be ashes.
>Melico runs the space. As she can start processing her surroundings, they seems to stretch taller and taller and yet they seem to close in on her.
>The alarm shrieks its unnatural high pitched wail as her sneakers pound on the creaking boards.
File: blue-eye.jpg (44 KB, 320x480)
44 KB
>Coleo slithers over to the pile pinning the two large figures to the floor, huddling herself low to try and protect herself from the flames.
>She doesn't think to check who they actually are before wrapping her newly reinforced arms over the largest piece of debris and giving a heave.
>Spreading her arms out wide and putting her newfound physique to work, she manages to lift the fallen floor and smoldering debris off the two men.
>The pile almost shifts and collapses down between her arms, but she corrals the unstable mass between her many hands. Her back pinches under the stress of her newly reinforced musculature, but she manages to set the debris aside before she hurts herself.
>This is going to take some getting used to.
>As she leans down to see them properly, she can finally see that Rasmus and the other fire fighter are a mess.
>The big man's legs are bent and twisted in ways they very much should not be and blood is forming a pool around his hips. But his soot blackened face manages manages a grin as he recognizes her. "S-Scuti" he coughs.
>Coleo only just manages to keep her eyes from boggling as she sees the pooling blood under Rasmus' hips. "Rasmus just- hold on. I'll get you out of here. I just- the other team members. Just hold on."
>As she turns to check for the next trapped firemen she sees Imp's silhouette in the smoke, one blue eye shining against the flickering glow of the fire.
>Imp rounds a corner. She sees a great beast poised to toss a bolder, then a split second later her friend is setting down debris and checking on two of the missing team. She notices more people pinned in various states of incapacitation.
>Dashing forward from the smoke with her eye alight, Imp might've been quite the sight in less volatile circumstances. As it is, there were other things to worry about. Of her own focus, the nature of debris pinning the trapped team members.
>Imp glances at her chainsaw. 'I could cleave through but it might sink a bit too deeply...
>Coleo handled hers without any gloves so...'
>Slinging her chainsaw, Imp reaches for the debris in the way and makes to lift them away, or to tear and dig her way through them without upsetting the victims underneath
>Melico feels a growing, frantic need pushing her through the flames, past the couch and around the table. The alarm is getting louder. She is getting closer.
>Melico pushes through the smoke and fire, slowly making her way to the collapsed section of the building. Smoke and uncertainty fill her eyes, making it impossible to see more than a few paces ahead.
>Her mind spins as she tries to keep herself present, tries to think on what to do. The smell of burnt leather and the sound of the alarm assail her senses.
>The fire's too big. Can't keep going. It's too risky. Need to get out.
>Despite her reasoning, she pushes forward, searching blindly through a burning world only ten feet wide. She has to make it to them.
>Imp rips and tears her way to a man with one and one half legs. Now that he isn't pinned on his back her starts to try to roll over. His face is distorted and one eye droops as it's shattered orbit separates. The other is glassy and unresponsive. He half blinks uncomprehendingly.
>Glassy eyes. Mindless clawing-- Imp blinks, catching herself. These were 'people.' At least, Coleo thought they were. They were trying to help. They needed help.
>Imp stares, hands which had nearly reached to claw through the dead men in front of her relaxing and making to pull them to safety... wherever that was.
>Coleo's eyes trace the shape of another man as Imp pulls him out of the rubble. Satisfied that everyone is on the same page, more or less, she turns back to Rasmus. "I'll carry you all out of here, but do you remember how many are in the team? We've three accounted for, including you."
>Rasmus nods. "Seven. four." He holds up one hand with all but his thumb extended and splayed.
>One corpse out of the pyre, Imp moves to dig another out the same way, wasting no time to ensure he was 'comfortable' or 'alright.'
>Debris pinning people beneath boil out of the smoke in front of Melico. A strong pair of arms wrap around Melico's tiny form, trying to pull her back, to take her away.
>Where are they? Need to find them. We need to get out.
>The library is all but gone, replaced instead by walls of fire and a ceiling of smoke.
>Have to find them. Can't leave them.
>A cry from further ahead. There they are! She only needs to get there.
>Melico steps forward, mind empty save for the goal. But she gets no closer. Her sight wavers, as if looking through water. Strong arms lift her off her feet, pulling her back. The image of the collapsed roof recedes, becoming less and less clear, save for an image burned into her mind. Two people, more important than the world, being consumed by the fire.
>Not again...
>Melico pushes against the unknown grasp with desperate strength, struggling to move forward. The image is still fading, darkening, turning to ash at the corners.
>Suddenly, the image flies toward her, filling her vision. But it's not the same. She's back at the library, the inferno around her blazing with a blinding light. The collapsed roof burning in front of her, a beam pinning the firefighters beneath it.
>She looks over and spots Coleo and Imp dragging people out of the debris. Snapping back to reality, she refocuses on the task at hand, pushing the murky memories to the back of her mind, doing her best to lift the debris and pull people from the flames.

Like the friends you make are all shattered fragments of the necromancer but you don't find out until you go to confront the necromancer and find out they've been gone for a long time?
File: 78985300_p0 (1).png (4.34 MB, 2000x1413)
4.34 MB
4.34 MB PNG

Actually had a game end like that once.

He is correct. It has the same issue Vile Repast/Giant Scissor builds have, Savants tend to be the rarest type of enemy so you basically have 3 skills and your main gimmick that are useless most of the time if the GM believes savants should only be used as scenario bosses and such.

That said, you can get pretty good mileage against horrors and legions with Unsuitable hosts and drug eater blade, as that'll do 8 damage before defends/dismember negation enters play. That's enough damage to outright annihilate almost any horror in the core rule book. The downside is you can't pick up attack check bonuses for it and super strength for drug eater blade since it's melee and not unarmed. It's still not to hard to build something that can fairly easily obliterate almost any horror in the rule book. Spikes is in easy reach as a drug eater and you can grab either Super Strength or Drama of Death (but this requires coordination, thus somewhat defeating the point of a one shot build) and a Holic Drug Eater can grab Fury to deal 7+Dismember on one whack. You could also grab Jet Nozzle if you're interested in dying, but it won't make as much of a difference on anything other than your own survivability. Only two horrors in the enemy data section can eat that and it's more through dismember negation. Prehensile hair is also pretty solid but you might feel like the lack of a support 1 on occasion.

So getting back to the point of "what do you make of drug eater", Drug Eater starts off squishier than other dolls and their more unique stuff isn't relevant without enough savants, but what they do have that's more commonly relevant is still pretty good so you could build a sort of glass cannon Drug Eater if you're into that.
These are some brave dolls.
File: T3I-IMG_0481-L.jpg (85 KB, 800x450)
85 KB
>Coleo gets... a feeling up and down her spine. Her entire trunk past her waist lifts and whips aside in a reflexive movement, her forward legs digging divots into the stone as her entire mass pivots in time to clear the falling debris. Her eyes roll like a clear bag of amber marbles as she looks wide-eyed at the fallen beam. She catches Melico at the edge of her vision.
>Pushing the fact that she was almost squashed flat outside of her mind, she waves to Melico and tries to yell over the rumble of the fire. "We're pulling them out! Melico, pull these two back while I find the others!"
>Melico's head snaps up, her eyes wide. She looks over to Coleo, then back to the people pinned under the debris next to her. She seems torn for a moment, standing next to the pinned people for more than a moment before looking back to Coleo. "Alright, you take care of these people."
>She moves through the collapsed roofing toward Rasmus and the other firefighter. She hoists them up to her shoulder and begins to drag them through the inferno toward the library entrance.
>Imp glances to where Melico was standing, moving to un-pin the people she mentioned.
>"Right, we'll get them." Her gaze lingers a little too long on Melico before she sidles up alongside Imp and begins helping her sift through the rubble. "This makes five. There are two more."
>The ceiling creaks again as they work but together they excavate the covering of a twitching hand to find an entire person, unconscious and with some very nasty bruising, but otherwise intact.
>Another man is squished between two shelves, easily extracted, though with broken arms and legs.
>Their is a crunch above the both of them, and looking around they notice a set of bloody boot prints vanishing into the smoke toward the back of the library.
What's happening to Gun-Bunnie?
Is that a drug eater wearing the body of a praying mantis doll/savant?

You have given me an idea for one shot.

You are a team of drug eaters sent out to patrol the mountains for threats to your village of the undead. Your flight, small size, and vicious strike of cornered make you well suited to the task, but today will be no ordinary patrol my little dolls.
Keep reading.
>>"Right, we'll get them." Her gaze lingers a little too long on Melico before she sidles up alongside Imp and begins helping her sift through the rubble.

I ship it.
File: IMG_8923-L.jpg (122 KB, 800x450)
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122 KB JPG
Coleo passed several madness checks over the course of this encounter. Enough that the DM later allowed me to buy Heart of Ice with no cross-position Favor penalty because she'd demonstrated an impressive ability to keep her head on straight under pressure.

>Coleo turns to Imp. "I- I can't go upstairs. I'm too heavy. Can you- Is there even time?" Coleo's voice is ever so slightly ragged, though not quite frantic. "I'll get the one out of the book cases." She turns to pry the trapped man out.
>"...Don't be here when it falls." Imp says, eye gleaming as she nods.
>And then she darts after the boot prints.
>As Imp bobs, weaves, and leaps past the burning and collapsing materials, she passes a collection of tables buried under collapsed floor and find the bloody boots of a man sticking out of a small mountain of books that collapsed when the nearby floor above gave way. The pile is just feet from the rear exit.
>Wasting no time, Imp starts to throw the books aside to unbury the poor sap. It's a process without much finesse, but it doesn't really need it either.
>The man turns white as sheet when he gets a look at the pale girl with a glowing blue gaze looking down at him. "A. a...aaaa I'm I dead?" He stutters.
>"For a long time now," Imp answers, "But you're not on fire. Yet." Then she pulls him up and helps him to the exit.
>As Imp exits into the night. she find that the guest quarters haven't caught fire yet. A team have set up a manual pump and are spraying the roof of the quarters down to try to ensure it stays that way. One of the garden Oak trees has not been so lucky.
>Imp walks the man away from the library, toward the fencing search of an outlet onto the street out front.
>Coleo anchors herself onto the stone and places two hands a piece on either book shelf, using the remaining two to extricate the trapped man as she pries the shelves apart.
Thank you very much for your detailed and thoughtful appraisal, recommendations, and explanations.

I appreciate it.
File: 16530753.jpg (124 KB, 700x523)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>As soon as the man is out, Coleo drops him unceremoniously on her trunk. She whips around and moves to scoop up the remaining three men, placing one more on her trunk and cradling the remaining two in her network of arms as she begins to move to the exit.
>Even as her eyes are streaming tears from the smoke, she can make enough of the pattern on the floor out to orient herself towards the front of the Library.
>Melico emerges into cool, humid air outside. A small wave of people rushes up the stairs towards her and relieves her of the task of negotiating the stairs while carrying broken men much larger than herself.
>She's abruptly swept up in a hug by Krag and the crying woman from before.
>Melico gasps in surprise as the two strangers lift her off her feet, almost reaching for her sidearm in response to the unexpected embrace.
>"Ah! Uh... I don't-" She stumbles over her words as she searches for an appropriate response. "There are more inside. I need to go." She pushes the two away as she turns and rushes back into the burning building, confused by both her previous visions and her willingness to run back into the collapsing library.
>Melico charges through the flames and away from the safety of the library entrance, her mind still reeling from the flood of thoughts and emotions that have assailed her in the past few minutes.
>What is this? I need to focus. If I don't I won't be able to complete the mission.
>She presses forward, almost running head first into a charging Coleo.
>Coleo takes her spare pair of arms and scoops Melico up into princess carry, her forward momentum only pausing momentarily. "The men are out, we're leaving now." Her voice is incredibly hoarse, but her tone is mostly even. She's only swaying a little bit.
>"Oh. Alright." Melico shifts to make it easier for Coleo to carry her. All the better that they could leave the library. It made her think of things she'd rather not have to think about.
>What is Suzie?

Go read the early threads here >>74831327
Don't be here when what falls?
File: 1599152309022.jpg (248 KB, 963x2048)
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248 KB JPG
These faces, these eyes,
they feel very Nechronica to me.
Back outside...
>"Thank you for saving me...." The man says to Imp. "Wait- My team!?" He starts to try to speed up, which his current sense of balance doesn't support and he starts to fall
>"You were the last one out." Imp assures, even if she isn't sure about that yet. If he wasn't then the fire would be the last of this library's problems when she went back in
>He fumbles to the ground, but falls well, and manages to get himself back up by leaning against the wall of the library for support, it's far enough from the burn zone to not be hot.
>"Oh thank Christ. What's your name?"
>"Imp." Imp answers. "You need to see a medic. Where do I take you?"
>The simmering pressure in Imp's chest begins to subside as they approach the rear corner of the East wing.
>"Well Imp. Thank you kindly for saving me and the rest of my team. I thought I was going to die under that pile."
>He coughs, then spits up some black gunk into the grass. "Probably a doc out front."
>"Yes, then..." She more or less leans under him and then pulls him up over her shoulder into a standing position, supporting as much of his weight as she needs to. Without further adieu - or consideration to any complaints - she escorts him to the front.
>Coleo comes sprinting out of the library like a drunk locomotive, swirling smoke and steam trailing from her now-dry towels and carapace.
>With trembling arms, she sets the men and Melico down as gently as she can before her legs give out underneath her and she collapses, coughing profusely. Ash plumes dust up around her abdominal spiracles as she gasps at the fresh air. Her eyes are almost swollen shut, tears run streaks through the ash on her face.
>She's so thirsty.
>Coleo feels the cool presence of water near her face, and the low metal 'tink' of a full bucket. Someone is taking the heavy wool blankets off, letting her carapace radiate to the air
>Melico can see Mrs. Puller, Krag, and several people she doesn't recognize rushing to help Coleo.
The upper floor(s) of the Library.

>Dr. Clemens and his unknown colleague are very busy attending to the rest of the extracted fire team. Meanwhile the bucket brigade and pumpers are still at work.
>Imp rounds the corner into the front yard, her charge in tow.
>Rasmus's mother approaches Melico with a small smile. Her hands folded in front of her. "How are you doing, young lady?"
>Melico shifts awkwardly in place, staring at the ground off to the side, hands at her side. "I'm fine. Are the medics taking care of Rasmus?"
>"Yes. They say it is very lucky he was retrieved so quickly."
>There is a rolling crunch from inside the library in the same general location as the earlier collapse.
>"Would you like something to drink?"
>Melico looks to the burning building. "No, I'm fine. I need to get back to the bucket brigade. They'll need as many hands as they can get." She turns away from Alma and moves to find a spot along the line of people, an uncertain frown on her face.
>"Very good." Alma curtsies "Thank you Melico. For saving my Son."
>She turns to head for for Rasmus's stretcher.
>Coleo barely manages to crack her eyes open, just wide enough to see the vague suggestion of the bucket. Swaying gently she manages to raise her head and dip her chin into the water.
>Parting her mandibles, she begins to take deep, sequential draughts of water; the bucket's water level dips rapidly as she drinks.
>Even if it is just water, tonight it might just be the sweetest thing she's ever tasted.
>Imp helps her anonymous rescuee to the medics' queue before immediately rushing over to Coleo. "How is she? Did she get hurt by the rubble?"
>Krag shushes her. "She's fine. You can talk to her. And here." He hands Imp a bucket of water with a large sponge while he brings a new full bucket to Coleo's face. "Clean down her trunk to help bring her temperature down."
File: 1599154232361.jpg (176 KB, 985x1216)
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176 KB JPG
Can you put the Extra Head reinforcement part on body sections that aren't the head?

Also can you put it on horrors?
File: policewagonnew2.jpg (98 KB, 1134x639)
98 KB
>He keeps his voice at a gentle low as he holds the bucket for Coleo to drink from. "How are you holding up Imp?"
>Imp takes to the task with diligent enthusiasm though the thought of how close Coleo seems to have cut things has her gripping the sponge just tightly enough to dig her fingers into it a small way
>"I'll be fine." She says. And it was true: she only spoke the once so the smoke had less opportunity to get into her system
>Not that the smoke was what she'd been worried about
>Coleo is only half-aware of the world around her as she drinks. After she's downed about three quarters of her second bucket her gulping slows and her head dips into the water. She savors the coolness against her face. Animal instinct drives her to shake her head deeper into the water, washing the ashes from her face and eyes.
>She raises her head up, gulping air, blinking blearily. Her amber eyes glint as they roll to observe the faces around her, half-lidded. Her vision is still too blurry to make out much more than vague shapes, but she does spy Imp's blue eye
>"Imp?" Her voice is hoarse. "Did everyone make it out okay? Are you hurt?"
>"Yes," Imp repeats herself gently as she works, "I'm fine. I found the missing person. He'll be fine, so... let's just focus on you, okay?"
>Coleo turns back to the bucket, only barely looking at it as her mandibles droop. "Hokay." She dips her head back into the water and continues drinking, more out of automatic impulse than by conscious choice
>As Melico helps form another bucket line, she notices a large wagon come down the road pulled by four horses. The front bench is crewed by a pair of uniformed police officers, the badges on their helmets shining in the dark
>Riding atop the roof is a ragged figure with a very familiar black mop for a head, only one green eye shines from the dark mass
>He stares at the burning Library like a statue
>The wagon comes to a hard stop and the officers climb down, running to join the bucket line
>Denver finally moves, hopping down to the ground, then stepping up to the door and reaching inside as it opens
>Melico hands her bucket off to the next in line before heading over to where the wagon is parked
>"Denver!" She jogs over to where the chimney sweep hopped to the ground. "The library was attacked. Coleo and Imp are over by the building. They should be fine."
>"Oh, thank Christ for that," he says tiredly but with great relief. Now that Melico's this close, she can see Denver's other eye is swollen shut, and the way he holds him self suggests other injuries under his black coat and stubborn pride. He grabs onto someone inside and helps them up. "Easy now, sir."
>"Careful." Comes Cersie's voice from inside
>Windsor limps out and then slowly descends one step at a time, assisted by Denver and a third police officer, down to the cobbles.
>He stares stone-faced as the library reflects in his eyes. He's standing on one leg, the other is in a cast. From behind Melico can see his torso is being held up by a frame secured with belts and shaped plates
>Behind him come Cersie, who looks completely unharmed, and a final fourth officer
>Windsor looks to Melico and speaks, his voice is raspy and robbed of volume but resolute "You said Imp and my Scutigera are fine?"
>"Yes. Though they may have taken in some smoke, they are uninjured." Melico pauses as she looks at the two men, taking in their beaten appearance. Her mind begins to race with unease as she considers the possible explanations. "What happened to you two? Why are you both injured?"
>Imp continues cleaning/cooling Coleo's carapace
>The heat finally begins to bleed off of Coleo's bulk. Muscles relax, Coleo sags even more than she already had been. Languidly, she lifts her head out of the water and pushes the bucket away, letting her face rest on the cool grass. Her mandibles click closed and her eyes begin to flutter; it's just about all she can do to stay awake
>"Thanks Imp. S'feels nice..."
File: 57256_cricketpupa_lg.gif (66 KB, 490x1024)
66 KB
>Jiminy comes crawling out of the bushes and hops onto Coleo's neck.
>A soft staccato chirping and a familiar rubbing makes itself known on the back of Coleo's head.
>Coleo 'hmm's quietly at Jiminy's fussing. She reaches up a hand to lightly scratch along the back of his head. "Hey Jim'ny," she says sleepily. "Mm sorry to worry you."
>Imp doesn't have anything to say. She merely continues wiping down Coleo's sizable carapace.
>'Pieces of pieces,' she thinks, mind set on the future. 'Pieces of pieces of pieces... This won't happen again.'
>"Fookin' nabbers." Denver spits. "But they weren't ready for us." He says with bravado that would sound a lot more convincing if it he didn't sound like he was ready to sleep for week. "Lit out, and kept going till we found Johnnies."
>"The ones who came for me, made a complete pigs ear of things." Cersie volunteers.
>"...I see. It's good you all are alright." Something didn't seem right with that explanation. Melico had walked the streets at night on many occasions without incident and had never noticed people that might attack other pedestrians with the intention to kill or kidnap. Whoever these three encountered tonight couldn't have been regular people. Still, she doesn't think Denver is lying.
>"Things have been bad tonight." She turns back toward the burning building. "I'm going to get back to it. Coleo is in front of the library." Melico runs back to continue fighting the fire.
>Cersie follows her, eager to help get the fire under control.
>This leaves Denver, Windsor, and their police escort to slowly make their way across the street and onto the Lawn.

Fin for tonight.

Fun fact, since this doesn't come up in the game directly; Cersei's nabbers failed pretty much every roll they made. They basically rolled up on her in the middle of the street and tried to make off with her. Except they didn't see the squad of policemen standing just off to their right, and promptly got night-sticked. It was sad.
>What is Suzie?
Because I forgot to answer this the first go around; Suzie is the sister of the two serial killers the party encountered in the abandoned tenements building in the first combat [Ruth and Galena were their names].

What is she? We're not sure. Though my inkling is that they're mostly-normal Savants except maybe a bit too eager to strap new parts to themselves (they kinda make me think of Nechronica-style muderhobos). In this case, Suzie had cannibalized a group of centipede people like Coleo to fashion a new body she could use to attack the party with. So she's got the meat and chitin of like three or four people stitched onto her, as well as a few imitation organs representing Coleo's Meat Snake (the toothy limb rooted to her sternum) and Slurper. She'd stitched herself a sort of a horror funhouse Coleo costume made of meat.
>Can you put the Extra Head reinforcement part on body sections that aren't the head?
Not RAW, but you might argue it to the DM

>Also can you put it on horrors?
No real reason you couldn't, since it's just an AP part.
>>74839233 We all mourn in our own ways I guess.
>>74839233 Maybe your GM based them on the characters of past problem players.

Not specifically but if you wanna go that way, go ahead.


Have fun. Might be funny to have one real doll act as the wrangler for them if you want to go that route.

No problem. It's a cool idea that a good amount of people seem to be interested in, but it does share issues with other gimmicky things, which is the GM needs to be willing to make encounters where they can shine.

The PC has to be built accordingly to really take advantage of the gimmick anyway. You're really gonna want like 12 AP or so to have enough AP to really take advantage of the time you have before you're auto-ejected from the body, which is somewhat difficult when you already have durability concerns.

But a Drug Eater built to be a fragile murder ball that can occasionally jack bodies? Not to hard to set up and the Blade is arguably too good, even taking into account your fewer basic parts so you have an extra reinforcement free since you don't need to put it towards an attack reinforcement.

As a PC? No. Savants could do that if your GM wants to have an excuse to cockblock you after a decapitation, though that ignores the RAW since Forced Reprogram calls out the hit location not "Parts with head in the name." There is also nothing stopping someone from putting extra heads on horrors. It's just +2 AP.
File: 600px-Servant.png (52 KB, 600x600)
52 KB
This is actually his first time in the DM seat, I think. Though I guess it wouldn't be impossible for him to work in some inspiration from old group members.
File: laserchicken.jpg (70 KB, 945x761)
70 KB
What sort of horrors do/would you like to put in a game? Modified animals, repurposed construction equipment, horribly mutated amalgamations of humanoids, purpose built drones, wildlife that has evolved to survive and thrive after things fell apart?
File: image0-1.jpg (15 KB, 300x400)
15 KB


More seriously, everything you said and more are used, depending on the game. If a game has multiple necromancers, assigning themes and such to their creations go a long way to keeping them and their role memorable.
File: Mittelmind_intro.png (197 KB, 331x329)
197 KB
197 KB PNG

What types of horrors do you especially like?

>If a game has multiple necromancers, assigning themes and such to their creations go a long way to keeping them and their role memorable.

You are right. How do you like to have that manifest?

Like Sparks people born with latent "Mad Scientist" power that among other things gives them preternatural percipacity and technical skill of varying potency (strong sparks can really bend the laws of nature with their creations) and often specific subject focus. where each tends to have a distinct style that pervades into whatever they do, even across very different projects that have nothing in common.

Or more like common design elements in design and manufacture from a particular manufacturing tradition and design base? like how American or Soviet Cold war era equipment can easily be differentiated by how they are built and which parts common to one side but not the other they have?

Or something else?
It depends heavily on the game, but actually your spoilered answer isn't entirely far off for one. Necromancy was not only a way to raise the dead but did let them "cheat" certain physical laws or at least compensate for their own lack of understanding of things. For example a necromancer could have no clue of the principles of flight, but they could still put their necro-back into it and make something that does, but one that does understand how things fly can put the energy that had gone into "making it work" into making it stronger or impossible in other ways. What this leads to is the few necromancers with proper educations in certain fields, for example, chemical engineering, become terrifying powers as they leverage their learning and their power together to pull off shit others wouldn't even be able to begin with.

>Or more like common design elements in design and manufacture from a particular manufacturing tradition and design base? like how American or Soviet Cold war era equipment can easily be differentiated by how they are built and which parts common to one side but not the other they have?

This is also a thing in a different game from the previously mentioned one.
>What types of horrors do you especially like?

Had to think about this one, but honestly it's horrors that use captured/failed dolls in some way. Pulping/rendering dolls is an easy evil thing to do, but its more fun and demonstrates the mindset of the necromancer more if they find "uses" for them.

One example from one game is one necromancer had a strong religious bend to them, with them being the god of it. Some of their horrors were dolls who failed or otherwise "sinned" being twisted and stitched together. One example of this was the "Weapon Team." Two dolls were stuck together at the hip. The one who committed the lesser sin had her legs removed and her hands replaced with mouths. Her purpose was to eat corpses and things off of the ground as clean up, with functioning taste buds in the mouths, and no, gothics were not used for this. This fed into a shared stomach. The one who committed the greater sin was twisted to walk on all fours and her neck was extended to act as a rifled barrel. When they entered combat, her purpose was to spew the contents of that stomach at enemies.

Another necromancer took captured dolls and hooked them up to disgusting factories where their organs were repurposed to be used in the process of creating the pollutants the necromancer used to poison the environment so severely that the creations of other necromancers would rot away just by wandering into the area for too long.

Anon that is creative and very sick. It's very good stuff for GMing.
Can you explain how you come up with these sorts of necromancers that make such terrible existences for their creations?

Can you talk more about what makes savant or failed doll horror an effective way to inform the players and their characters about the nechromancer?
File: I am now one of them.gif (1.37 MB, 520x293)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
>poison the environment so severely that the creations of other necromancers would rot away just by wandering into the area for too long.

That's a special kind of crazy, and so is using captured dolls as parts for the machinery doing the poisoning.
File: 1598053214280.jpg (914 KB, 800x1100)
914 KB
914 KB JPG
This is really clever.

Dude take notes of what this other anion is talking about.

>This is also a thing in a different game from the previously mentioned one.

Please tell me more.
I just figured out how to make twin pistols edgier.

The guns turns cases into brass scalpels before while ejecting them.

>"No no no. *Racks slide and plucks ejected scalple out of the air* we need precision tools."
I guess the gun also disassembles the cartridge and separately ejects the bullets, powder, and primer when you wrack the slide while the chamber is loaded.
Finally! An in character reason to run steel case ammunition.
It is a VERY good gun.

That's genius!
When did story Time become a thing on /tg/ and why do these threads have so much of it?
Anon I have been here for over 7 years, and storytime was already an old and long-established thing on /tg/.

This is not exactly true but it's definitely my first time with this system and this is by far the longest game I've ever run.
Of course you'd run steel case through an AK because trash should be fed through trash.

Post guns.
File: rpg-7_gun.jpg (22 KB, 650x279)
22 KB
File: 20200609_214728.jpg (3.23 MB, 4032x3024)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB JPG
What's the deal with steelcase? I hear the really cheapo stuff is trash but the mild steel they use doesn't seem to be any harder than brass so I don't see why it would cause issues.

>When did story Time become a thing on /tg/
For a while? You see greentexts all the time of people's campaigns. Though I guess it's not very common for campaigns to be talked about over the course of several threads like I and some of the other anons have been doing.

I just started doing it as a way to bump the threads/generate some content and just kinda didn't stop. I like reading other people's stories though; makes the threads feel cozy.

I guess /k/ followed me home. Oh well.
/toy/ here.
File: carbine-lead.jpg (1.29 MB, 1200x800)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
>ywn kersplode zombies with a .500 S&W mag carbine
I'm not even really sure what part you'd fluff it as. Probably Bear Gun if I had to pick.

This guy feels to me a lot more in line with what this anon >>74848950 # >>74849032 # was talking about in terms of the creations of necromancer's being shaped by a Necromancers knowledge, ignorance, and view of the world.

Sounds like a good reskin to me. Have another candidate.
What is "ywn"?
Can a /k/ommando please explain this weird-ass custom "time traveller's special" gun to me?
Here have a big rifle.
'ywn' = 'you will never.' Often used in a regretful manner.

I can tell you it's top-fed and probably water-cooled going by the barrel shroud. Everything around the trigger looks like a hot mess.
>Can you explain how you come up with these sorts of necromancers that make such terrible existences for their creations?

It was just going with what seemed like it'd be fun and fit the necromancer and their role in things. The pollution machine necromancer came about as a consequence in like... session 3 of the PCs finding rations and trying to eat them and it was like "How can this be made a bit shittier? Oh. It tastes like chalk. Why does it taste like chalk... uhhh, it's a chemical additive to prevent it from turning into dangerous muck because of some twisted necromancer pollution." And that turned into what was the enemy with the biggest build up as the PCs ran into escalating signs of what it causes in each act, though never the main focus, just an encounter and a bit of spooky/horrific weirdness, culminating in the players having to venture into what they referred to as "Swamp Mordor/Vietnam." It's an extreme example, but that one literally came from a minor detail to make things a little more shit and just running with it over time.

The other one was just cribbing evil bad guy religion stuff, mainly from NOD but some others had their influence too. Sinners must pay penance and when the flesh is malleable, taking such forms is a small price to pay for forgiveness.

The factory was an objective for the PCs, one of "Locate this thing so artillery can blow it up. Don't bother trying to go inside yourself, you might not actually be able to withstand it."

They found the factory but also got found out. They managed to designate the target and the factory got obliterated in the middle of the fight. Then they realized that it wasn't just chunks of masonry falling from the sky as bodies hit the ground all around them. Most bursting on impact like rotten fruit, but some sorry souls manage to survive, uncontrollably spewing polluted bile inbetween gargled, madness inducing screams. It was fun.
File: Meltie.png (2.61 MB, 837x815)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
I tend to gravitate towards robotic and mechanical contraptions with flesh integrated into their system(s) somehow. In >>74795343 the player's Necromancer was intent on basically finding the next stage of human evolution through necromancy; Humanity perfected through optimization and enhancement, all of man made masters of themselves. A real romantic.

He pretty much rejected the idea of twisting his subjects into anything markedly inhuman, though he had rescues and recruits who started out that way (the group's Gothic, for example). Thinking a little on it now, I wonder if necromancers like the ones detailed in >>74849032 would regard him as unimaginative.

>Can you talk more about what makes savant or failed doll horror an effective way to inform the players and their characters about the nechromancer?

Using the above two examples, the machinery one speaks of callousness. More an interest in utilizing what they managed to pick up without any care or thought given to the suffering inflicted. They can be used for this, they have them, so they will be used this way. The fact that such a fate is worked into the functioning of something as banal as a factory speaks to how little they care about the cruelty they inflict. A single doll or a handful done in such a way might speak of ire or a desire to punish. Dozens or more speaks to it being just the way they decided to operate.

Conversely, the other necromancer clearly is using these to punish. There is thought and emotion put into it. It's not merely practicality, it's a point, a lesson to the failures and to others. The fact that some still have zeal, or at least pretend to, suggests one that is charismatic enough, or at least has underlings charismatic enough to convince them that maybe there is a chance they can reach a better state. A manipulative entity who enjoys leading his pawns along the path, even the ones that aren't up to par. Also the fact that the PCs saw "non-believers" getting fed to giant horrors, hints that there's a "join or die" element, with not everyone getting the choice.

Not too much to say, one necromancer went for bulky, loud, and durable. The other went for more lithe creatures that barely made a sound, outside of the sonic weapons they used to shatter bones and disorient foes. The fact that these two things of different design intents were seen fighting at least once and tended not to be mixed together made it clear there's two necromancers of very different mindsets vying for control where the PCs were.
What’s this from ‘Nercomunda’ ?
File: 28296234_p0.jpg (6.01 MB, 3628x2548)
6.01 MB
6.01 MB JPG
File: Cat.gif (5.37 MB, 540x294)
5.37 MB
5.37 MB GIF
File: 1567290301359.jpg (86 KB, 396x600)
86 KB
File: Steel Bones.jpg (161 KB, 640x798)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Thank you.

How did the villain develop over time behind the curtain until the Party were coming to terms with the raining debris from his/her/it's factory they just helped blow up?

Also that's pretty cool how a long term villain gre out of a bit of detail and the questions that came from it.

>What's the deal with steelcase? I hear the really cheapo stuff is trash but the mild steel they use doesn't seem to be any harder than brass so I don't see why it would cause issues.

From what I can tell steel cases are more of a bitch to reload than brass cases and steel cases will wear out after being shot a smaller number of times than brass cases.

Lookup how to use Google reverse image search. It's fast, easy and will get you your answer pretty quick. If you are on an android phone using firefox then set the tab you have Google open in to "desktop site" in your tabs options menue to make google image search and reverse image search accessible.
>Windsor and Denver have little difficulty finding Coleo on the library green and Melico and Cersei break off toward the bucket line.
>Imp doesn't have anything to say. She merely continues wiping down Coleo's sizable carapace.
>'Pieces of pieces,' she thinks, mind set on the future. 'Pieces of pieces of pieces... This won't happen again.'
>Coleo 'hmm's quietly at Jiminy's fussing. She reaches up a hand to lightly scratch along the back of his head. "Hey Jim'ny," she says sleepily. "Sorry to worry you."
>As Imp continues to contemplate retribution and brush down Coleo, she notices something at the periphery of her perception. A pile of irregular movement approaching out of the rush of bodies fighting the fire. three- no, four sets of of feet, at least two injured. Likely... oh.
>Windsor, being supported by Denver and a Johnny, with another Johnny on lookout for threats. Her mind catalogs their condition as they approach.
>Imp's eyes narrow in suspicion. It was a pretty big coincidence that they'd just fought a murderer and the missing members of the house [well, social group in Denver's case] come back beaten and escorted by police.
>"Coleo," she says, "your Windsor's back with your cat in tow."
>Coleo blinks blearily, her eyes rolling hither and thither as she tries to rouse herself. "Papa? He's... where?" She gently pats Jiminy into place on her upper back and tries to lift her torso off the ground. Her legs are too tired to do anything so she props herself up on trembling arms. "Papa?"
>"Scutigera." Papa
>"Scuti!" Denver
>There is a shuffling as two men, one with one working leg, try to keep up with a third who decides now is a time to run. The Johnny just resorts to lifting Windsor off the ground rather than trying to make a one legged man with a broken back hop at speed.
>The three men and a boy stop and, realizing they don't have a chair, look among themselves and around trying to figure out what to seat Windsor on.
man these look sick as hell
Imagining this as a political cartoon in a Nechronica setting is interesting.

Perhapse the little blond on the box recently replaced one.
Riko's probably too nice to be a Necromancer. Though I thought she'd be too nice to a White Whistle too. So maybe I'm wrong.

Jin Roh is a really good looking movie. I really need to sit down and just watch it someday.
File: sad-man-ayse-deniz.jpg (185 KB, 900x718)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>Coleo tries to lift herself a little farther. The ash still stings, but between the swelling and the tears she can see him; the silhouette of her father, and Denver's one eye catching the light. Where's the other?
>"Papa, Denver! I- I-" Her gaze drops down, looking at nothing. "I'm sorry..."
>"Are you alright? Can you see us?" Windsor sounds calm, though Imp can see his mask has cracked and he is crying. He looks like more than anything in the world he wants to hug his daughter and never let go
>Imp was at a loss for how to help. "I... could get a chair from the guest house, if you want? It's not on fire." Yet.
>She might still have a small cushion stashed in her basket somewhere, but it might also be covered in blood and... She'd already risked her Treasure once tonight. Seeing Windsor's current state, Imp is quick to assure, "She can still see... Mostly, I think. It's just smoke and... she hasn't gotten used to things."
>Imp'd never heard of an Undead mutating in such a way to actually cripple themselves, after all
>"I'm going to get some more water for her eyes." Krag says
>"I can-" Coleo coughs suddenly and a little violently, her spiracles kicking up dirt and dry grass. Her mandibles split apart as she heaves once. "I can see. A-a little. I got ash in my eyes." Her voice is still very hoarse, though not as much as before her drink. She bring her gaze back up and blinks several times, trying to get the stinging out. The group in front of her is still a blurry smudge in the dancing firelight
>Coleo tries again to get up, but only accomplishes enough to dig her toes into the grass before settling again. "I'm sorry. My legs- I'm very tired."
>It's ok. You have nothing to be sorry about." There's a sniffle, is papa crying? "It's ok."
>Imp drops her sponge in the dirt without ceremony and stands. "I will retrieve a chair from the guest house for Windsor."
>"I'll go." Denver takes a step in the direction of the guest house. "Can you take my place?"
File: original.gif (342 KB, 540x301)
342 KB
342 KB GIF
>Imp frowns, but nods, reluctantly moving to support Windsor. Carefully she places herself beneath his arm and holds her other to one side, straight so he can support himself on it.
>Imp doesn't try to actually grab him. She's still not sure she had her arms entirely under control yet, and she'd rather not squeeze Coleo's Windsor too hard when he was being held together by pins, needles, and a prayer.
>He's very close.
>...Uncomfortable, Imp tries to look away.
>She really didn't want to break Coleo's Windsor.
>Even if she really, really...
>'Shut up. Stop. Stop up...' Imp rambles internally, arm quivering minutely.
>Denver is off like shot, A black blurr of cloth and hair off around the building toward the guest quarters.
>Coleo tries to shuffle forward, managing to drag her trunk half a foot before she can't go anymore. "Don't cry Papa. Please. I'm- I'm okay. It's just smo-" She hacks up another cough. She brings a hand up to cover her mouth with a daintiness that is completely at odds with her condition. "Excuse me." She pats her chest.
>"But I'm okay. I'm just... very tired."
>Coleo blinks once. Now that she's closer, something is... off. She blinks again. Squints. "Are..." Her eyes pop wide open. "Are- are you hurt?!" One of her hands comes up from the ground, like she's about to reach up.
>"I'll be alright. I'm just a bit stiff and rather fragile right now."
>The cop sharing supporting duty with Imp cuts in at this point. "Be careful, he's got a busted spine, leg and a few other thing. Grab him-
>The officer guides Coleo's hands with his free arm "-by these brass handles on the frame and avoid sudden, sharp movements."
>Coleo's jaw hangs agape for a moment. "S-spine? What happened?" Her voice quavers.
>Imp turns to face Coleo as she speaks, and then notices how Coleo is moving, losing track of what the girl is saying as her eyes zero in on her Coleo's hands as they approach Windsor.
>'M-' Mine

How did we get from shootouts in post apocalyptic Africa to house fires in victorian England?
>Imp clenches the fist of her free hand hard enough for bones to shift visibly beneath the skin, though they don't snap.
>Windsor steadies a little as Coleo moves to support him. "Denver and I were abducted on our way home from the shoe store. We managed to escape confinement, and fight out way out. I came off worse, Denver carried me until we found the police."
>"Another crew attempted to abduct Cersie, but drew police attention before they reached her, she's fine. She's with Melico last I saw." He ads the last part quickly, his tired mind jumping to make sure he doesn't leave Coleo with the impression another of her friends may have been hurt
>Coleo blinks in disbelief. "Abducted?! By- by who?!"
>"A band of street toughs. They we're doing it at- nngh" Windsor shifts slightly, but gets back into a somewhat comfortable position. "-at someone's behest. We used their arguing over whether to ask for more of a reward to escape our bonds"
>It's about this time Denver comes running about around the side of the building with a chair held out in front if him
>Imp's arm twitches. She nearly makes to catch him. Her hand nearly touches his back. Nearly... Nearly...
>"I got it, It got it, I got it!" Denver says as he comes in at a run, only slowing down at the last moment
>He sets it down. "There. Chair."
>Ne--- "Here. Take." Imp grabs Denver by the arm with her free hand and pulls him into place to support Windsor as she extracts herself from proximity to him
>Taking several long - hesitant - strides away, she takes several deep breaths. "...I'm going to go fire the fight"
>And she walks off, nearly wading into the fire bare-handed before about facing and moving for the bucket line
>Coleo supports Windsor as he leans into the chair, more acting as a heavy counterbalance than proper support. "Thank you, Denver," she says before turning back to her father. "Did you hear them say anything about who it was? The benefactor?"
>"They was big, and creepy." Denver says
File: 1588106654030.gif (570 KB, 480x480)
570 KB
570 KB GIF
Nechronica's a versatile game fampai.
We been to Africa, Mars, high Earth orbit, Victorian England, the deep arctic, the unnaground, some dude's house, and deep space.

But also I think you're thinking of GravelAnon's game. Coleo and Co have yet to leave Humbourg.

Personally, games have taken place in hell (multiple versions), the Zone, 1984, Africa, the UK, North America, China, the moon, deep space, other planets, space stations, underground, Japan, a giant spider fortress, and a haunted house. There are undoubtedly other places but those are the ones that spring to mind.

The first Arc of the campaign, the detail was just "food's chalky and shit. All of it." Nothing beyond that besides a throw away line that it was due to a necromancer.
Arc two was them finding a bunker for wealthy people who thought chalky food was for plebs and the PCs had to deal with the consequences of that decision. Really it was more of an emergency filler fight, statted up in like 20 minutes that helped buy some time to prep other things and also build up the mystery of what the fuck made that. Can't recall if it was explicitly called out that was the cause or just implied via finding the encounter in the freezer/kitchen.
Arc Three, the PCs themselves didn't run into any thing but there was a side thing done where the Players played as dolls the PC rescued who were being told "Make yourselves useful" after receiving a modicum of training and checking to ensure they won't instantly snap in half when a fight starts. They had found a facility that had been completely overrun by rot, decay, and rust and some nasty encounters with disgusting polluted creatures.
Arc Four is where the PCs knowingly ventured into the necromancer's territory, fought its minions, the factory, and finally it.

In Arc 1, it was just a detail. In Arc 2, it was an encounter they ran into that had no real relation to the rest of the plot in that arc. In Act 3 it was a side plot that had the B team find stuff that let the PCs essentially start the last encounter of the act with a bang. Which, obviously culminates in finding out the extent and nature of the foe in Arc 4, which ended in its demise. It never had plot focus until its proper Arc.
File: tenor tenor tenor.gif (214 KB, 250x200)
214 KB
214 KB GIF
I'm so high right now.
Meanwhile, in the bucket line...
>Cersei and Melico move off to one of the milling groups of people and manage to wrangle them into an additional bucket brigade.
>Forming the additional bucket line is actually goes very well, even more so now that Melico has the assistance of someone who seems to also think in organized circles. Cersei even seems to command a fair bit of recognition, though Melico manages to catch a few derisive sneers hidden among the crowd.
>"Do you know how this happened? Were you there? Was Coleo there?" Cersei asks lowering her voice to normal between shouting directions to citizens.
>Melico continues to hand the buckets down the line, responding to Cersei in a low voice. "There was a break in. They set fire to the building and attacked us." Her gaze drifts momentarily as her mind wanders but as she blinks she seem as focused as before. "Coleo was there, as were I and Imp. We drove the intruder away and I neutralized them. I can't say if they escaped or not."
>"How did they get in? What did they look like?" Cersei asks after waving a last few stragglers to fill in thin spots in the line before finding a spot adjacent to Melico.
>Melico begins describing the event as though she were giving a military debriefing.
>"It was a single person with multiple attack dogs. The person had grafted insectoid carapaces across their body and wore a bandoleer of dynamite. They threw a Molotov in the library which started the fire. I wasn't able to determine the point of entry nor the exact time, though the door was open when the attack began."
>"Grafted? Like the ones from the apartment?" Cersei asks.
>"Something similar, yes."
>"Were the dogs... grafted too?" Cersie asks.
>"No, but they definitely weren't normal dogs. They were trained for combat and followed her commands to attack without deviation. That kind of training usually takes extensive conditioning and an experienced handler."
>"Did you bring any of them out of the fire? Identifying them may give us a clue." Cersei asks.
>"We injured most of them and drove one off. I think Coleo may have brought one out, though it likely wasn't in good shape. We may want to inform the police that a dangerous animal might be loose."
>"Perhaps we should go secure our evidence before it escapes, or we have to wait for a veterinarian to be done with it. The bucket line is more than sufficiently populated" Cersei offers.
>Melico nods. "Alright. The one Coleo grabbed should be near the library. We can inform an officer before we head over to it."
>After informing an officer, Melico and Cersei find the legless dog where Coleo left it, quivering like a furry sausage, the dog Coleo terrified into fleeing, is licking at it and whimpering.
>The dogs are taken into police custody. The effort against the fire is ultimately successful, if hard-won; some time around one at night, the most threatening flames have been snuffed out and the firemen begin the laborious process of sifting through the building by lamplight to douse any embers that might kick up again. Imp and Melico help in the effort. Coleo spends most of the night passed out on the lawn, looked over by Windsor, Denver, and Cersei.
>By three in the morning the residential area of the Library, where Coleo and Windsor live, has been cleared by the fire marshal for entry. It is thankfully untouched.
>Coleo, Denver, and Cersei help Windsor retire to his bed. Denver passes out on a sofa, Coleo retires to her own bed, and Cersei continues observing the emergency crews sifting through the Library well into the morning. She can't sleep.
>About four, Coleo gets up again. Somehow she's still hungry.
File: 1598056698482.jpg (465 KB, 1920x1484)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
so making big mean savants is relatively approachable if you've been playing for a bit since they work mostly like dolls do in combat.

In situations where Savants are not appropriate how do you make horrors that will give a team of dolls that have accumulated a good amount of favor a good fight?

Note I said horrors, plural.

Advice for if legions are on the table, and advice for if you can only make horrors for this fight please.
File: Extra Eyes.jpg (113 KB, 640x640)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>Post asking for advice building challenging fights with no Savants
>Image is Savants on break.
I approve.

Defend and hinder parts are extra important, since dolls can do double damage to horrors with dismember and explosive attacks.

solving the problem of horrors being squishy by just putting a lot more of them on the map is going to fuck your players over via the action economy.

So don't just match the part count of the Savants you were planning to do and then double the number of enemy units because they are horrors.
File: Imp.png (359 KB, 623x422)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
So technically I've storytimed this scene in a prior thread, but I'm going to go ahead and stick it here so it's put in proper context.
>Coleo stumbles into the kitchen, Jiminy cradled up close to her chest with one set of hands, a candle held high in another. Her eyes are set into deep bags and she sways a little as she slithers through the doorway.
>Her stomach growls even as she crosses the floor to the kitchen. "And somehow I'm still parched, too," she complains to Jiminy, who chirps quietly as he nestles closer to her chest. "Maybe I'll put on some tea..." she says idly as she swings the cupboard open and starts looking for something to eat.
>It's Imp's voice, urgent, but quiet.
>When Coleo turns around, Imp is just... there, without any prior sign of her arrival.
>Her eye burns azure in the night, like an off-season jack'o lantern.
>Her expression is so neutral and her body so still Coleo might've mistook her for a statue.
>Her basket hangs from her shoulder, and her chainsaw rests in her right hand.
>Coleo tries to rub the sleep out of her eyes with the back of the wrist. "Oh, hello Imp. I didn't see you-" She blinks as she sees the door swing itself shut. "Hear you? I didn't know you were here." She looks uncertainly between the open cupboard and Imp. "Did you... also want something to eat?"
File: 92e089.jpg (182 KB, 500x463)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>"No." Imp says, "We...'ve gotta talk. Alone." She takes a breath, "Please, eat, drink, then follow me."
>"Uhm..." Coleo hesitates for a moment, then quickly snatches a large-ish loaf of bread from the shelves and pouring herself a glass of water. "I can eat as we go," she says to Imp, holding up her last two unoccupied hands which now hold her midnight snack.
>She tears a large chunk off the end of the loaf with her mandibles as if to punctuate the statement.
>Imp leads Coleo away from the kitchen.
>She seems tense- Skittish, almost like she expects someone to attack her at any moment.
>Eventually they're in the most remote, secluded location Imp knows on the library grounds - the bathroom she's been repairing clothes in.
>Once there, she steps inside, then turns to face Coleo. "Please, hold this," She passes Coleo her chainsaw - a sign of trust, or...? - and then beckons her in, "and close the door behind you."
>Coleo swallows the last of her bread and downs the rest of her water, freeing up her hands. But as she reaches out for the weapon there's very clear hesitation. "I've, uhm, I've never held a weapon before," Coleo admits as the door clicks shut behind her.
>"That's fine. I hope you don't need to use it," Imp replies, before taking another deep, steadying breath.
>"Uhm... Well, all right." Coleo leans forward tentatively, taking the chainsaw by the handle. It hangs awkwardly in her grip; she's not exactly sure what to do with it. After a moment she decides to put another hand under the boxy part near the back - the motor? - and half-cradles it with the paddle of the saw facing away from her.
>"So... what is this for?"
>"So..." Imp says at the same time, before awkwardly cutting herself off and glancing to the side to admire the wallpaper.
>Her newly reacquired tail lashes nervously.
>"I can't stay here anymore." She says.
>"It is unsafe." She bites her cheek.
>"For your father."
File: OIP.jpg (18 KB, 474x266)
18 KB
>"It's- I don't think I understand." Coleo looks to the chainsaw in her hands and back to Imp, trying to formulate her next words. "You don't think Suzie came because of you do you? That would be absurd."
>"No." Imp says, "And I will rend her into dust when next I see her," the girl snarls, almost, her eye burning brightly with rage. "With my teeth if I must."
>She takes a breath to collect herself. "This body... these parts... this face..." She says, hesitantly, and edging every so slightly from Coleo, while looking anywhere but the girl's face, "they may look like 'me,' but are not mine."
>"They never were."
>Coleo shrinks back, clutching Jiminy closer to her chest as the cricket chirps quietly. "Di- did you..." The image of Suzie's faux carapace dances across her mind's eye. "Did you... take them? From others?" The last words are almost a whisper.
>Imp is continuing to pointedly look away. "That memory I mentioned... that face I forgot... I needed to rebuild it somehow, so..." She laughs hoarsely. "It mattered less when they were just savage, mindless puppets, but... habits so hard to break when they're all that keep you...
>"I can't stay here. I can't stay here. I have to go. I have to go before I hurt you. Before I hurt what's yours."
>"I... Imp, I don't- I don't think you'd hurt me. I know I startled you that one time after we'd just met, but you and Melico were so wound up." Coleo takes a tentative step forward. "You've been- well, quiet, but you haven't broken anything, or hurt anyone. I don't really... I don't really understand what you're saying."
>"Your father is close to ideal." Imp spits out, in a rush.
>"Too close. Too close. Too tempting. Last night, like this... I can't trust myself near him, and you shouldn't either. Just like that... other man." She giggles, somewhat brokenly, "Nine out of ten - so similar, so tempting, so selfish and wrong. I can't stand it. If I'm to have something I care for- something real... and also threaten it just... just by existing... I can't stand it. I can't stand for it."
>She backs away, toward the wall, "So... maybe I should just disappear?"
>Jiminy skitters from Coleo's chest to stand on her shoulders, chirping angrily at Imp's outburst. Coleo tries to calm him with a light pat on the back of the head as she gently lowers Imp's chainsaw to the ground. She takes another tentative step forward.
>"I don't want you to disappear, Imp. I promised I'd help you, and you protected me from Suzie and helped me save the fire team... I want to help. I can help. If- if we have to keep you somewhere and let you calm down we can do that. But I don't want to abandon you."
>"But you should!" Imp cries.
>"I... All I'm good for is breaking things. People. Tearing them apart! And then putting them back together in... that person's likeness... I can't support you, I can't defend you... Just break the things which hurt you... and hurt-" the things you don't want to break. She hisses out a sigh, choking back a sob.
>"This world is too peaceful for something like me. Things like me should just disappear, so you can keep dreaming your happy little dreams! Even Melico... whatever she's trying to do, I just keep complicating things..."
>Imp is shrinking toward the corner, but her head is high, her gaze is even, and her neck is exposed.
File: original (1).gif (623 KB, 540x303)
623 KB
623 KB GIF
>"I am not asking you to help me!" Coleo's voice is a magnitude louder than she intended, Jiminy even jumps a little in surprise.
>"I am asking you let me help you. You're here because I want to help you. Because I asked to help you. Because I asked if I could support you." Coleo's volume tapers off as she speaks. She lowers herself to eye level with Imp, padding forward slowly.
>Gently, very gently, she lays a hand on Imp's shoulder. Her other arms snake around, enveloping Imp in a hug made just a little awkward by her orientation away from Coleo. Coleo squeezes gently and tugs, trying to draw Imp out of the corner.
>"Just- c'mon and look at me." Her voice is as non-threatening as she can make it.
>Imp hesitates. "But..." that's not how this story ends. "...taking someone like this in just... never ends well. Melico is stable, but I'm..."
>Imp is still looking away, though her heart's clearly not in it.
>Coleo moves in closer, completing the hug as one hand reaches up to stroke Imp's hair. "There are seven men alive tonight that might not have been if you hadn't helped me pull them out of the fire. There are two serial killers off the streets, who would still be abducting and killing innocent people for their sick games if you hadn't been there to stop them that night."
>"I may not have made it out of the fire if you hadn't come to help. I could have been one of their victims that night in the tenements."
>"But I did and I'm not. Because you and Melico were there, and you saved me." Coleo's voice is quiet, gentle.
>"I... don't want to hurt you." Imp says, at last, turning her head toward Coleo just slightly,. "...but if I'm not that person, what am I? These arms..." She dares not touch Coleo with them. "This body... It just keeps getting worse, you know. Spikes. Tail. Arms. Somehow I always look the same, mostly, but... one day that might not be the case. And I..."
>She chokes. "...I don't want to give up on that memory. I can't."
File: ady9qiz2p9kz.jpg (206 KB, 1242x1480)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
>"Imp, you are my friend and I will call you that no matter how you look. And besides," She giggles quietly to herself as she draws back from the hug enough that she can look Imp in the eye.
>A hand comes up and Coleo uses a pair of fingers to pull her own kaleidoscopic eye as wide as it will go. "I don't look the same way as when we met either, and I'm not a different person." Her toothed tongue peaks out from between her mandibles as she tries to make a silly face.
>She sighs once. "But if you're really worried... we could get you checked out by doctor Clemens. He was there and saw it happen. He might know a way to... fix your arms? Or keep it from happening again, maybe. He did help put you back together."
>Imp giggles shakily, "Shouldn't leave me alone with him either. I... I'll try, but... Keep this in mind, ok?"
>Coleo draws back a little more and pats Imp's shoulder. "I can go with you if you're worried. I wouldn't let anything happen."
>She yawns abruptly, involuntarily. "Goodness, I'm sorry. I almost forgot how tired I was."
>"Then to bed with you, silly mortal." Imp says, with faux regality, "Go get some sleep. I'll be fixing clothes... again."
>Coleo disentangles herself from the other girl, apparently satisfied. For now, at least.
>She yawns again as she turns to leave, Jiminy cradled against her chest once again. "Okay, have a good night. Let me know in the morning if you need anything, okay?" And then she's slithering out the door.

That's it for tonight lads. You all have a good one.
File: 1568522230031.gif (2.47 MB, 250x250)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB GIF
Goodnight PortAnon.

In some ways Savants are harder to balance for, in how they interact with the PCs, because they need a bit of everything, rapids, checks, hinders, damage timing stuff. Savants are a big obvious target for the PCs ire and their hit locations are a double edged sword. With a horror, you know exactly how much damage it'll take to knock out each part of it, with a Savant, the player could just get a big crit and blast off the important location or get a lucky dismember and now the savant's a dumb nerd with no attacks. With a horror, it's a threat until deal that 20 damage or whatever its part count is.

Horrors are arguably more fun to make than savants because there's pretty much no obligation to have anything specific on them. Savants pretty much need all their basics and other extra things to ensure they don't get plastered right off the bat, but with a horror? Who cares, it doesn't need foot and arm, it doesn't need spine or maybe even entrails. This is a vital aspect of designing horrors as what they lack may be just as important as what is on it.

A horror with no supports or check bonuses but a weapon that negates defends calls for an immediate shift in thought for any doll that depends on such things to keep her intact long enough to use her combo. It can be deployed alone to be worrying damage dealers that come down to luck, hinders, and your own damage output whether they do much or not, or you can pair them with a horror that has no attacks but decent supports and a hinder or two to throw out at attackers. Now the PCs have to decide what to target which immediately makes things more interesting as the three Penetrators' attack part is worrying, but the Assistant can make any one of those three hit what would other wise miss and can disrupt your own attacks as well. Horrors work better for having these interactions at a "low cost" as you can strip out everything unnecessary

It's all about how your horrors bounce off of/interact with each other in the fight, or how they interact with the PCs to make them figure out how to prioritize targets. If the PCs are going "Ok, let's have everyone dog pile on this one, then this one, then this one," you need to break them of those habits.

A really, really important thing is to start practicing making unique parts for things. Cost adjustments, range band tweaks, and changing modifiers/effects of existing parts are a good start, but as you get more used to the PCs and the system, making new enemy parts wholesale will keep things fresh.

>Defend and hinder parts are extra important, since dolls can do double damage to horrors with dismember and explosive attacks.

Really, effect negation is the bigger key element. Defends for horrors only reduce damage after the multiplication. Ex: Stabbing a horror with superior Katana for 2 + Dismember does 4 damage. If it uses armor skin that does not become 1+Dismember for 2, but instead takes one off of the 4 to make it 3. Making it a matter of differing enemies have differing immunities, or at least 1/round things that negate certain properties can also go a long way to solving the "Dog pile the baddie we want dead now."

>solving the problem of horrors being squishy by just putting a lot more of them on the map

Horrors aren't that much squishier than savants in the end unless you're shoving loads of critical parts into every hit location on the savant. Anyway, Typically you don't want to go less than (number of players)-1 or more than 2*(number of players) and the latter is potentially a bit extreme because 8 enemies vs 4 players can get a bit much, especially if the 8 are chunky creatures with cheap attacks. Also you typically don't want to have more than about 3 of the same horror on the field, otherwise it becomes a slog of "Well its their count, time to roll this large chunk of damage cut up into tiny pieces.

Continued still because of fucking character limit.

Modifying enemy part cost is very important because you don't want it where nothing is done on one side until one count where everything goes. Combat's more fun when things are acting at different times, so give enemies reactions that cost AP so those being targeted immediately "weaken" or are disrupted from the bulk as they had to shift to a different count to protect themselves from the PCs attacks. And for the most part, enemies should not just be "I get in range and attack." A lot of core rulebook horrors have this. They have one attack and their goal is to get in range of that attack and declare it until they are dead. While obvious, this can be pretty drab when there's 6+ things on the field that just go "I attack" when their count rolls around.

Anyway, there's a lot more that can be said but it's pretty late.
File: 1470276329195.jpg (112 KB, 457x640)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Speaking of Gravel, the prognosis for this thread is a mite grim. My partner hasn't managed much thus far and I've been continually hamstrung by having sessions crop up and other miscellaneous stuff. Basically, don't bate your breath, and it'll probably be another one session thread if anything happens at all. That being the case, have some cute maggots in lieu of our normal bugs.
File: 76529850_p0.png (1.8 MB, 2000x2667)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG

And after a night's sleep, a point that was missed last night. One of the big advantages of horrors is its easier to justify having more than one of the same type, this means that you can demonstrate the once per round maneuvers of a horror to the PCs while still keeping it as a credible threat for the round because the other similar horrors will undoubtedly have their parts waiting in the wings. It's also fine to have some enemies who do nothing else but attack, but fights shouldn't be only that and their attacks should be considered from the perspective of what it makes the players do in reaction.
That is the most disgusting thing I've seen in a while.
That's fine. There's always another thread and this one has been quite active.
>One of the big advantages of horrors is its easier to justify having more than one of the same type, this means that you can demonstrate the once per round maneuvers of a horror to the PCs while still keeping it as a credible threat for the round because the other similar horrors will undoubtedly have their parts waiting in the wings.

Do you mean like.

For the players see this encounter happens to include three instances of a unknown Horror in the mix.

One of the unknown horror hits a doll with a hinder 2 and a hinder 1 both at range 2.

That horror has blown it's dangerous long range hinders for the rest of this turn, but the other two horrors of the same type have not used theirs get so the party now has to think about wether they go after the more conventional threats on the field, or try to deal with these long range hinders horrors first?
File: Imp get the phone.jpg (127 KB, 640x640)
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127 KB JPG
looks kinda like Marilyn Manson
>>74875281 What kind of game is this? I like it, but I don't understand it.

Yeah, exactly like that. In personal experience, there tends to be a flow to good nechronica combat that would probably be wise to explain at some point but not right this moment.
File: Prehensile Hair.jpg (88 KB, 640x640)
88 KB
What do you mean?
It's a very, very RP heavy Nechronica game?
I'm not entirely sure I take your meaning.
File: Gothic.jpg (67 KB, 640x640)
67 KB
Are defend negating parts something you came up with or are they in the rules somewhere?
File: 1d10+3 1d10+1 1d10+3.gif (682 KB, 498x278)
682 KB
682 KB GIF
>If the PCs are going "Ok, let's have everyone dog pile on this one, then this one, then this one," you need to break them of those habits.

Why is this a bad habit?
There are a few RAW. Drill and Pilebunker are two off the top of my head.

Both Pilebunker and shovel have the property of "Defend Maneuvers cannot reduce the damage of this attack", which is technically different from "negate defend," but practically they both mean "You can't defend against this.

Though yes, also made up a few parts that ignore defends, but most of that is enemy only parts buried in stat blocks.

Because it means every combat is resolved mostly the same way "Focus down one target then the next." It becomes a game of follow the leader of "We dinged this one, everyone pile on it." Sure it's a thing that can and should happen but if it's all they do, it means you're not challenging them to come up with new ideas or punishing them for doing only one thing enough. Some people will be fine if they don't have to think and can just unga bunga through a fight, but others will want more.

Right, forgot Drill because it's just an objectively worse pilebunker.

Peacock has reduculous powers, is deranged, and created her own band of followers based on her cartoon logic video of the world.

She's a necromancer.

One that, during the course of the game at least, happens to be fighting a much worse force.

God her backsotry is fucked up too.
Her eyes aren't her eyes. They at ethel empty sockets left after a monster crushed them out with his thumbs, hacked her limbs off, and pulled out her teeth, broker her back, and partially gutted her.

Her portal, and portable hole powers are all just her applying her cartoon logic to her empty eye sockets. She sees though the eyes on her argus array that grows out of her shoulders and back, the former relplacing her missing arms. And her rocket legs are of course prosthetics. While the argus array holds her broken body together, let's her see, and let's her unleash various flavors and sizes of death ray, her other parasite is the souce of her cartoo logic powers, which also what would make her a necromancer who can create the savants Horrors and Legions you see her use in combat in Skullgirls.

Now I have a working example for an itinerant or mercenary necromancer who travels with created companions raising hell.
File: For 12 hours.png (258 KB, 500x406)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
You know I think there might be enough Gravel Storytime art to make a chart like this for it.
Can crab legs let you re-use a rapid attack you've already used this turn?
If you don't want to use Auto-Separate what are some ways to mix things up so you aren't just putting Steel Bones and Vine or Gimmicky Trap everything you want to have some degree of dismember resistance.
Keep some Defend 2s on hand. There are few Dismember attacks that will pierce them without critting or being otherwise boosted.

No. That sort of quality has to be noted specifically, like in the case of Delight in Corruption.
Have you ever tried having a defend 1 part that also duplicates the attack back at the attacker but dealing 1 less damage?

As in I attack your baddie with laser beam, roll a 10, then support that with Scope and Arm vice so I'm hitting your baddy for 5 plus Dismember and I get to choose where to hit if its a savant.

Then you use that mirror defend part.

Now if your baddy is a savant then it AND me are both getting hit for 4 + Dismember in the place I chose, and if your baddy is a horror he is taking 9 and I'm taking 4 + Dismember to a section of the necromancer's choice.
File: eye-facts-34-638.jpg (48 KB, 638x493)
48 KB
What are memorable treasure parts you've had or seen in games?

For me:
-Melico, Imp, and especially Coleo's treasures have become memorable. Though in Coleo's case that's cheating since Jiminy is a lot of fun since I get to draw from most of the cats I've met throughout my life for inspiration with him.

-Violet had her original eyes preserved and kept them on her. (Aqen gave her better eyes when it became clear her poor eyesight was holding her back I think) If the game had gone on I probably would have asked PortAnon for permission to take her sister's skull as another treasure until she finally found a suitable place to bury it.

-The other Nechronica character I played never really did anything with her treasure or figured out why it was important to her. I know it was a broken part of something.
Port's doll (which I really didn't utilize nearly as much as I should have) is a one-winged angel with a pair of scissors. Protoca started to look more and more like it over the course of the campaign as she continued to accumulate parts.

This sounds like something you put on an NPC who doesn't pick fights, and who generally doesn't get attacked or screwed with but it's not made clear why.

Then a player decided to attack them for chits and giggles and they get their ass handed to them.
File: Psychedelic Baroque.jpg (84 KB, 640x640)
84 KB
Wait. The Port campaign is over?
Not quite yet, but we're narrowing in on the conclusion. I've been lightly pestering Protoca for another game soon but things have been busy all around (I bought a house, lol). And my current work schedule is about as regular as a random number generator.

I'm hoping I'll be able to continue things by the next thread but we'll have to wait and see.
File: The Broken Paladin.jpg (70 KB, 850x1100)
70 KB
Imp feels like a paladin fate decided to break, and then kept breaking.

She NEEDS to remember her god, that and her environment made her a monster.

Now, meeting Coleo and Melico, and the rest, she is remembering there is good somewhere in the world, not just in the lost memories she halfway remembers existed, and it feels right while also showing her how wrong she has become. Now she's willing to die before her needs hurt others.
Have you tried not playing D&D?
File: OIP (1).jpg (15 KB, 326x326)
15 KB
File: wuap3lwbeck41.jpg (19 KB, 451x451)
19 KB
Is Coach getting more and more worried about Adrian or am I imagining things?
>Nechronica Thread
>"Have you tried not playing D&D?"

Oh, sure not.
For there is only one family systems to play and that is of course the Dungeons and Dragons dynasty.

To play something else? Hah! My boy it just isn't done.
File: Cold Light.jpg (123 KB, 640x640)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Turn people that displease you into basketballs and sell them.

No, but that's also due to a lack of interest in that sort of turn about. Making it crit the attacker for critting just makes it too much of a "haha, fuck you for succeeding." Such an ability could easily render a PC useless with just once use if you pop it on the right thing.
File: Pre-nerf Ullapool Caber.jpg (157 KB, 1920x1080)
157 KB
157 KB JPG

If I made a melee attack version of Zombie Bomb would that be good or bad for all the skills that could suddenly effect it?
...This is surprisingly insightful, up to and including the level of her obsession with the specific person she's trying to remember.
>>74894125 How do you know that?
Nechronica oh good
What's nothing I flattery I you Storytime or implying I what I the welcome That's a Suzie Minor for the Suzie As Suzie Suzie Suzie little the the setup mostly yes when damn continuing not eventually she the necromancer I Melico wait Melico Melico how Thank I Then Coleo Coleo how
>unless you're shoving loads of critical parts into every hit location on the savant.

You mean like giving a melee savant boot knife, multiple weapons in the arms and then shovel mounted in the head their razor sharp reinforced beak? That way they've got useful melee parts in 3 of their for body regions?
Savant used Drill Peck!
He's in our group Discord and Imp said so. Or that might be Imp's player, but he normally puts on nametags.

Come again?

Something like that, yes. Doing it that way frequently can make it a lot less interesting to fight, however, as it means destroying hit locations doesn't matter that much. It's typically better to try and figure how to make players work for those kill shots rather than making them pointless.
File: cunj-na-glavu.gif (1.99 MB, 320x320)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
>It's typically better to try and figure how to make players work for those kill shots

I'm guessing there are many ways to do this.
How do you do this with dolls that have built themselves up to never miss?

For instance:

>Dead on target
>Lots of supports and a few hinders
>a few AP parts
>AT Rifle
>Bear Gun

So they pretty much always hit, crit, or force a 6 which then hits and gives them a choice of where they hit.
It wasn't me.

In this case, they're basically spending the AP they save on lullaby to spend on supports. Bear Gun is an ok part but 3 damage for 2 ap is fairly mediocre damage output. The dolls likely only declaring 3-4 attacks a round, depending on what their supports and hinders are. Getting into range 0 handles AT rifle easily enough. Really though chunking a savant's locations are what these big damage with no properties attacks are best for. Just gonna take a moment to break down what some of this stuff means.

>Dead on target
Having to get a 6 leaves them pretty vulnerable to getting hindered. Hole, slippery (if they're using bear gun at range 0), and other cheap/free hinders will spoil Dead on Target attempts. Going beyond check timing, pretty sure mutated being overrides Dead on Target and if you look at Blast from the Past, you can stick a horror on the field with ADS to support her.

>Lots of supports and a few hinders
Hindering yourself is always fun but that is risky as you could pop a foot to lower your result to 6, only for the savant to declare hole. There's hinders of their own, Waltz, Floater (enemy only part, though this is melee only, you could make a shooting equivalent), and a personal favorite of having attacks that apply a penalty for one attack (like acid spit in Blast from the Past). There aren't too many free supports/hinders so she'd start burning AP to modify rolls after the first shot, if she isn't lucky.

>AT RIfle/Bear Gun
Even with lullaby, for cost, that's merely mediocre damage dealing, fairing pretty poorly against horrors. It's unpleasant what they can do once or twice in a round to a savant, but that's really where the build shines.

Really, any savant alone should be concerned about a build like this, and that's fine, but savants shouldn't be alone. Either through additional supporting savants or well placed horrors, you'd make the requiem work/coordinate with the party for those kill shots.
Does anyone else have ideas for Minor, Itinerant, or mercenary Necromancers?

We are almost out of image post slits but have PLENTY of text slots left.
The idea of dolls getting past a legion of particularly dim zombies by blending in with them and slowly filtering through the pack, then out the other side into cover and making good their escape seems like it could be interesting.

Having to spend time in very close proximity to zombies that are still moving could force madness checks, and there is the tention of such a risky move since they might notice you before you get out, and then you are surrounded.

You could also play it for laughs and have them have a relatively easy time of it, scooby-dooing through with a lame or passable disguise and poor acting.

Why is their so much talk about Anatolia / Asia Minor in this game when it's taking place in the mid latitudes of Africa? Is Anatolia just a contested area where a war could break out that would effect places as far away as where the campaign is happening, and enough news and propaganda circulates that some news about it trickles in?

Most likely.
File: Russian World Map.jpg (4.22 MB, 2000x1243)
4.22 MB
4.22 MB JPG
Probably could, yeah. There was actually a dumb image edit made at one point, but it contains spoilers so I can't really post it, and it's not quite that type.

At this moment, because of the Muuka duel, Adrian actually has a decent chunk of madness; the reroll tax is steep. Between that madness and getting a bit too into the duel that caused her to gain it, Coach does have some cause to be concerned. But it could still be worse.

The world being what it is, there's not a lot of major bastions of civilization. which makes what ones there are all the more important. For example, right now this African town is legitimately the only full settlement on the entire continent. Looking at the map, there's exactly one other dot in Africa, but that's more of a port, primarily used for Chinese shipments.

Anatolia, then, represents a not insignificant portion of Russia's investments. It's also the closest actual settlement. Looking at dots again, Saudi Arabia has one, which I believe is also essentially just a port. Further, we're interacting and working primarily with Buinov and Vulovic, so we're hearing more about Russian perspectives; if we were being given jobs by Lao Yue instead, we'd hear primarily about China and its territories.

Further still, as was noted by our Russian friends before, Anatolia is in a very dicey position should war resume - which it's entirely possible for it to. It's been observed at least once that Buinov and Vulovic being present here is a possible catalyst for war kicking off, which would have the Africans being conscripted to fight on the Anatolian front. The Chinese would have no less than three solid routes to move troops/resources there, making it liable to be overwhelmed.

So, tl;dr, yes, it's an area likely to suffer in the war, and Africa would end up involved. It's just common knowledge to most folks, since a tenuous ceasefire is the only reason the fighting isn't ongoing.
I feel like I made a mistake. I thought I could make an okay brawler with Rip and Tear/Super Strenght and stick to the two basic parts while blowing my enhancements on party tricks but in practice it looks like a lone Meat Snake without any upgrades outdoes everything I do very easily, even with the possibility of a Dismember proc.

Post their build and yours. With Super Strength and Rip and tear, you should be doing 4 damage to horrors and legions for 2 AP, or 2 + dismember against savants. Meatsnake's 3 AP so for cost, it's just matching the 2 + Dismember vs horrors if all attacks hit. Meat snake wins out against savants if they land their chains and the savant has dismember, but Rip and Tear baroques are really solid since you can get decent damage with attack parts you can easily regenerate. Either someone's doing something wrong or they're just way luckier than you are.
Meat Snake is Unarmed 2 + Chain 2, so it will hit for 6 if all attacks land. And it gets a free reroll on one miss. I think you might be thinking of Flesh Whip, which is Unarmed 2 + Chain 1, but range 0~1 instead of 0.

The ease of regeneration is notable though. Meat Snake is going to just break unless the player is rolling a pure Gothic and took Voracity. Fists and Jaw have redundancy by themselves and with Feast of Flesh you should always have at least one active.

Against Horrors fists/jaw+SS seem like they would come out about even though. Assuming all attacks hit for both Fists/SS and Meat Snake, they both come out to 12 damage over 6 AP vs. Horrors. And the three dismember checks against a Savant would be nothing to sneeze at.
There's no other build I'm comparing myself against, rather I'm just feeling I could've done much better simply going with Meat Snake and probably Baroque primary instead of Gothic (and maybe just outright dropped Gothic but etc).

FWIW, build is
Fury/Rip and Tear/Feast of Flesh/Super Strenght
Tail/Extra Arms/Cracked Flesh, Adrenaline/Antenna

Figured I'd make myself tankier to be able to function mostly independently, but from what I've come to think about, madness is a bigger danger than bodily destruction and alpha striking is always the best strategy.
I like my character's look and flavor, I'm just wondering if I made a mistake in the build itself.

>I think you might be thinking of Flesh Whip, which is Unarmed 2 + Chain 1, but range 0~1 instead of 0.

No, you missing the part where it was said "for cost," both 4 for 2 and 6 for 3 turns out to 2 damage per AP spent.

Alright, misread it. Sounded like you were competing with someone who took meatsnake. Your build is fine. Gothic/Baroque is one of the stronger combos, specifically for this build for the reason >>74907915 mentioned. That said, for raw damage, yes, Meatsnake does win out overall, if they both have the same modifiers, but you're comparing a skill+basic part to a T3 part. Rip and tear + Feast of flesh lets you throw yourself into danger without worrying nearly as much about being crippled, and the fact that you aren't using a T3 attack means you can pick up things like animal legs or happy pills.

Ultimately, what you got works and will work very well. Going for meat-snake instead will see you doing more damage, but means you can't get other T3 MUTs which are very handy to have. Also losing gothic means missing out on Delight in Corruption, which is one of the best skills.
>means you can pick up things like animal legs or happy pills.
Went for Cracked Skin, myself. I guess it's good to nosell something nasty like a Dismember, but still. I guess I can just switch it out later if it becomes necessary.

>Delight in Corruption
Fuck, I should've started with that. I don't have that many skills I could trigger with it other than Fury but without Antenna the cost scares me too much.
>Fuck, I should've started with that. I don't have that many skills I could trigger with it other than Fury but without Antenna the cost scares me too much.
Why wouldn't you just use it on Cracked Flesh or something? Two free Defend 2s in your back pocket is pretty nice.

As a baroque you also get Extreme mutation for a second T3, so you can have Cracked Flesh and, say happy pills. Grabbing delight in corruption and happy pills lets you have your choice of a second defend 2, another point of madness removal, or +2 damage in a round.
Doesn't Delight in Corruption trigger on someone else's damage check only?
File: ears.png (13 KB, 161x121)
13 KB
No? It happens on Damage timing. So if Damage happens (to anyone) then you can trigger the effect.
Now, I think that you can only use one Damage timing maneuver at a time. So if you hadn't refreshed Cracked Flesh and then took damage, you wouldn't be able to refresh it and then use it. But otherwise any time a successful attack takes place you'll be able to trigger DiC [Excepting Spirit Attacks, as they don't instigate a Damage timing since they inflict Madness instead of Damage].
Huh. I get it. I doubt I'll get to 20 Favor but if I don't get overwhelmed by madness guess I'll spend those in Delight in Corruption and either Extreme Mutation or Mad Demon because I like not missing.
How do you make psychadlic not suck?

Is it best for camapigns where the dolls have extra favor at the start to build with?
Psychedelic is always gonna suck, that missing part is always going to be a problem, but you can patch that up by subbing Baroque or Romanesque to get that missing Tier 3. You want to end up with Enhancement 2 so Antenna can keep you from destroying yourself. Picking Junk for your Position helps too, removing Madness attrition can go a long way. Going double Psychedelic isn't worth it, so just pick Will to Refuse and your psychic attack of your choice to play support, kind of.
Evil book.
Metal fruit.
Do happy pills work well with skills that have you break parts as part of the cost is using them?
Not really. Destroying parts as the cost for a maneuver doesn't actually instigate the damage timing, so there's no direct synergy with Happy Pills. They'll only activate when you get hit by someone else.
Play in a low power game, probably. Or have a DM that really, really, really likes Legions. Because otherwise you aren't getting a lot of use out of that special ability.
Thank you. That's VERY good to know.
Just ask the Necromancer to give you your missing Mutation back. Psyche's funky abilities aren't worth the loss of body integrity.

Play with Blast from the Past in the fan works section as it has a psychedelic rework that makes it playable. It doesn't give the missing part back but it does add abilities that are actually worth the cost.

Which is Psyche's biggest problem. Even before you get into -1 parts, most of its abilities are overpriced or just not worth it. 2 damage for 3 AP once per round ain't worth it even if you don't have to roll for it. Shared Loss requires taking damage on one hit location and is still expensive. Will to Refuse is just too fucking expensive. Embrace of Souls is cool thematically but a 2 AP action is basically just trading the AP they'd lose from a dependent fetter and paying it now. That leaves Twist of Fate, which is actually good, and Pawn's Gambit which can actually be broken for essentially stunlocking enemies but that's still just a stall tactic since it costs too much to move friendlies who might not be in range if you're pulling that stunt. Throne of the Void has potential but is only really worth it on Baroques as Thanatos can just take Instantaneous and get most of the same benefits without giving up parts, while Requiems don't even need to worry that much about range 0. The special skill isn't even worth considering as its too destructive to the PCs unless you're facing like 80+ legions (and even that can be handled with a properly built non-psychedelic).

"Good" Psychedelics are basically just going to be Stacies, Requiems, or Baroques and that's less to do with Psychedelic's strengths and more due to the fact that those classes can function without a sub class if needed. You take it to go "I'm Psychic!" during the adventure phase, not for its actual effects. Blast from the past's rework is a different story but this is already getting a bit long.
Stacy's a weird one. Combined with something else, it is exactly what it says it is, the tankiest tank to ever tank perhaps alongside double gothic (or Baroque/Romanesque if you want to be a cheeky cunt with all the parts everywhere forever).

Double Stacy, instead of being a tank, is just the annoyingest hindering cunt you've ever seen. Corpse Style, Writhing Flesh and probably Meat Shield after you annoy someone into aggroing you or Organ Donor to help you stitch yourself back together if nobody else has that or a Medkit. Couple with a coffin, Cold Light or a tentacle and possibly a gun if push comes to shove, stay 1 area behind the frontliners and just annoy everybody into submission.
File: A little shit.png (373 KB, 372x582)
373 KB
373 KB PNG

You're correct, for the most part, that Pure stacy can be the biggest cunt in the game (Really it's a toss up between Pure Stacy and Gothic/Stacy for "Who can be the biggest cunt"), but what you put down isn't even nearing the limit. Organ donor's is Stacy's weakest skill and taking up a slot you could use to fuck with people. Meat shield is one of the best damage timing maneuvers because while it doesn't reduce damage, it just goes "Property-b-gone" on any attack in 0-1 range, not just shit targeting you. So the "Cunt Starter Pack" is gonna be Corpse Style and Crawling Flesh, but what your 3rd starting skill pick is depends on what you wanna do.

Stacy's starting array of parts is the best in the game at ARM 2 and MUT 2. You can pick up the strongest attack parts in the game from the get-go, and you should, because you don't have enough AP to spend on other shit unless you're playing a Court with Foresight. ARM 3 is honestly going to be the better choice because MUT 3 has useful non-attack shit you can pick up later. Now there's 3 "best" choices for this, if you don't want to pick up made to be broken and are ok with range 0, you should pick up Superior Katana or Great Knife. If you want range and don't mind Made to Be Broken, get flamethrower (monofilament is an option but your GM is required to kill you). This means that the GM can't just completely ignore you even if they wanted to because you're doing too much damage to be neglected.

You also don't want to be in Elysium unless you have a Requiem in Eden you want to Protect/Support. You wanna be in Limbo where you have the optimal range for being an annoying piece of shit. Worried about having everyone piled in Limbo? You have a T2 arm, get Boost to toss people around as needed, Court for Tactics is also an option (and has its own options for letting you be a bigger cunt), and you can easily grab scales from MUT 2 for protecting yourself.

Pictured a Stacy/Stacy.
Your humorous writing and makes me giggle like an idiot, the image enhances that.

Your writing is also informative and clear and I now know modes and understand the system a little better than I did before reading this. Thank you.
Would a Drug Eater and Psychadelic be the worst combination of two classes that aren't "the same class twice"?
What is the point of metal bar?

Something for a build that feels the need to pick up an attack part but can only spare a T1 ARM for it. Its overpriced for damage but the +1 at least means your obligatory attack is very unlikely to bonk your sister on the head. ARM's just kind of weird as a category compared to MUT/ENH as T1 is mostly pointless and T3 is completely pointless if you aren't in the market for an attack part, so it has the problem of "Well, you can take this shitty attack because it's better than nothing and T2 ARM is good, but if you paid another 10 favor, you could get a really good attack part and ditch the shit part for +1 AP or medkit." Parts like metal bar would be somewhat more worthwhile if ARM 3 had decent parts that weren't attacks.
Happy pills = Espresso
ezgif might have something.
What does nech have for consumable items
How would you add them
Favor, repair parts awarded at the end of combat, and any plot coupons the necromancer decided to invent in the base game.

For more. You would have to create it and rules for how it works.

One time use parts that are broken and removed from the sheet after use.
>If I made a melee attack version of Zombie Bomb would that be good or bad for all the skills that could suddenly effect it?

Zombie Bomb has the special quality
>However, "Rapid" and "Check" timings do not occur for this effect.

So if your turn it into a melee area attack it becomes

>Melee 2 + Explosive + Area attack with a Check value of 8 occurs against yourself.

You can't hinder or support it, and only skills with timing Auto can effect it. So I guess you could make it hit harder or give it dismember.

For instance with mutated being and super strength you could choose where the attack hits you and it would go up to
Melee 3.

Unless you just wanted to nuke your players really hard with Super Strength and spikes and such, it wouldn't mean much.

>>You can't hinder or support it, and only skills with timing Auto can effect it.

Damage could also affect it. If damage timing couldn't affect it, you wouldn't be able to defend against it. By making it Melee, you'd be able to use Barbed Wire, Spikes, and Gauntlet (if a savant) along with SS with it for M7+Explosive+Area. At that point you might as well skip the middle man and just make it a flat M7+Explosive+Area without all that shit to kill your players for whatever they did to deserve this. Otherwise, there's not any real different between Blast and Melee for zombie bomb.
So it is the necromancer's finger of god when you put it on a savant.

How useful is it to dolls if you make it available to them

A sober person would throw it.
How does the gothics Voracity work ?
the Wording seems a bit stiff
On Rapid timing, regenerate a damaged reinforcement part.
It's pretty straightforward?
Your sister has been injected with a malicious nanomachine complex that causes all words she says to come out as "bruh" and all words she hears to be interpreted as "bruh". Words she wrotes write come out as "bruh" and other words are incomprehensible when she tries to read them.

You must find a counter-complex and inject it if you want get to ever have nuanced language again.

Good luck.
>"I'm sorry but your friend has Poké-speak. There's nothing we can do."
File: strike_rank_RQ.jpg (49 KB, 458x458)
49 KB
nech's initiative system seems really interesting
looking at it it seems to resemble a not too strange hybrid of a strike rank and action point system
does anyone have any good posts explaining and clarifying the system in more detail, i think i kinda understand it but are not 100% sure
What ended up happening to her two sisters anyway?
What’s strike rank ?
What is strike rank?
Which of the Sailor Scouts are these three?
To be totally frank, I don't know enough about the Sailor Scouts to guess at very much. But Coleo is trying to save her city with the power of friendship, so I guess Moon? She's not really an airhead, though...
Can I make Bondrewd in Nechronica?
>Asking for consent
Not with that attitude
>Can you make a charming, intelligent, irreparably deranged psychopath who has his consciousness split up among dozens of mindwiped hosts, and who uses the love of orphan children to charge his batteries
Uhm, no? Are you some kinda sicko?
I mean statwise. Could you actually stat him out? What do you guys do when designing end game bosses?
They also have a similar appetite.
>I mean statwise. Could you actually stat him out?

>What do you guys do when designing end game bosses?

I like these questions and also wish to see answers to both of them!
He'd definitely make a good Necromancer, but I'm not sure how to stat him.
Him having implanted his soul onto multiple hosts and being able to assume direct control of them at will can just be represented by having you fight multiple savants representing his hosts, but I'm not sure what parts would represent his artefacts. From what I remember he had a net-launcher, a homing beam weapon mounted on his mask, and his main weapon, Spharagmos, which was a massively powerful beam weapon that blasted holes clear through terrain.
Well one thing I've learned in my boss design, at least for endgame ones, is that one big final boss never ever seems to work in a way thats datisfying simply because of AP
Bondrewd can at least avoid that by attacking using multiple bodies. That's how the fight against him in the manga went as well. After the initial reveal that he has multiple bodies he just spammed his expendable hosts to protect the one who carried all the fancy gear.
You can probably run (the main) Bonedrewd as a particularly nasty Savant, with either chump Savant backup (minimal/no reinforcement parts) or Horror backup to represent is extra hosts in battle. I would have the actual soul machine thing be part of the Adventure or End phase rather than be part of the combat proper. If you did want to run the machine as an opponent, I could see a Support bot Horror hanging back in Tartarus or Hades.
[I would not generally recommend using 'junk Savants' but it worked out OK in the Lonomine fight in the Port campaign, so you can likely make it work if you're careful]

For his armaments, the netgun could be a Shooting Attack 1 or 2 + Move 1, the helmet laser could just be Laser Beam. Maybe with a +1 to hit since it's supposed to be homing. I'm not sure on Sapharagmos. If you really wanted to just make a 'Finger of God' part, it could be something like an AT rifle with the Area property. Really punish your players for grouping up.

Avoid using just standard parts. Sure they'll have AP and check bonuses but the shit they actually do should be unique. Sure a Pilebunker with Super Strength, Instrument of Evil, and gauntlet with a +3 is dangerous but not really that memorable. Also you never field anything by itself, ever.

Can't really go into details as break's about over but maybe if things are still around in 4 hours.

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