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File: dance baby.gif (3.12 MB, 377x289)
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YOU: Post music
ANOTHER ANON: Design an encounter around it.
Underground temple, being attached by cultists, need to escape within a certain timeframe because water is filling up.

Mekton zeta,

Starting encounter against terrorists in a urban setting. Add some armored core inspiration and have a ton of low level battle mechs. Specilized in flanking and ambush tactics. With one or two heavy tonnage mechs. As a encounter boss.

Not available in my country but I know the song well.
Probably something with mind control spreading across the country side
>puppet master ancient god is awoken is controlling people to play with them while it builds an army
(Could also be friendly and just wants to have fun)
The party encounters a lonely Lionel who has been exiled from his tribe, and must choose whether or not to help him find/start a new one.
File: SMT2_YHWH.jpg (17 KB, 228x316)
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Your choice.
The party descends into the core of an ancient, city sized computer. Electricity pulses through cords the size of tree trunks as unseen mechanisms whirl and churn. Components of what was once called the God Machine attempt to spin to life, only to fail, over and over again as the system tries to reboot from whatever calamity befell is so long ago. Despite the damage however, it still lives. The lift finally stops its mile long descent, letting the party off onto the precipice of a massive, pressurized, hangar door. The pops and cracks of millennia old locks suddenly breaks the silence, as the doors slowly pull apart, and like the mouth of some behemoth, open to allow the party entry into the dark core within.


If your hero and/or villain doesn't enter the fight with this music, are they even worth talking about?
Two gangs of Warforged having their own version of West Side Story.
1st one:
The Bard uses Inspiration on the Artificer, or a new Mech parts shop opens
2nd one:
Every pc plan that does not involve the main quest line.


I don't speak the language here at all, but their voices speak to me regardless.

I mean the subtitles help too but you know what the fuck I mean
Because someone had to post it.
When Gnomes go to war.

A super heroes table top game, Make this a large encounter vs big baddie minions almost power ranger style. Tons of action tons of mooks over a long area space. Becoming more of a test of endurance then a test of outright damage.

I would like to think the area would be somewhere on a coastline. Perhaps best over a coastline docks with tons of warehouses. The end goal will be to prevent a baddie bosses escape. As the heroes are on pursuit.

The party must drink a satyr under the proverbial table in order to see an arch druid that doesn't want to be disturbed.

Deep space derelict that has reappeared after almost a century of being lost. The party is not alone.
An awakened Tarrasque becomes a bard and takes his show on the road.
The ruins of a great palace/cathedral, rain pours through its open roof and runs in rivulets, cascading through broken floors to pool on the ground. The blackened skies shield the undead who have taken refuge there from the sun, allowing them to leave the deep recesses in which they nest.
File: check em.gif (1.78 MB, 300x242)
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1.78 MB GIF
I mean, you could just play this during an entire session of L5R non stop and it would work fine.
Easy answer is a heist, spy game, or getting into a fight with some mobsters.
So I'm going to say the party participates in a tournament, and one of the pcs is matched against a female dex fighter or monk, and this is her theme.
Mecha performing an Orbital Drop into a war zone.
It's the end of the campaign, and one of the players had to sacrifice themselves in order to stop the BBEG, or save the world, or something. This plays at their funeral/ascension into the hereafter.
unoriginal but whatever.

The end of a horribly dark campaign where the PCs are struggling with a rapidly advancing flower taking root in their flesh. They must get close to the source of the infestation, a single blooming flower on top of a hill, while hacking through an increasing amount of creeping vines, their own corrupted limbs and fellow comrades be they NPCs or other PCs comrades.

Walking through a snake temple. Stone carvings of snakes twist around everything. The ceilings, the floors are mosaics of snake design.
At the center of the temple is a 20 ft suit of armour of arabic design with 3 cobra heads made of gold emerging from the collar.
The party has to retrieve an item in the statues grasp.

Upon taking the item, the statue comes to life and stands up.

It's not invulnerable but it's body has a huge amount of HP due to being solid metal.
The heads are made of a softer metal gold, but are still pretty durable.

The eyes of the cobras glow red hot, they form a beam half a foot wide that travels indefinitely. as the beam from it's vision hits a party member nothing happens.

But when it's gaze hits a visage of a snake, that snake comes to life after 1 turn.

The DM rolls a 1d4 to determine the size of the snake. The bigger the roll, the bigger the snake.

The statue draws two scimitars and is hostile to the player.

It has four hitboxes, a body, and three heads.

(The goal should be to melt the gold, block the vision, destroy the snake depictions.)

Let combat commence.
Greetings from /a/!
File: Smite(cuneiform).jpg (2 KB, 54x32)
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>inb4 paladin falls lol
The PCs are in the middle of battle in favor of the army of one kingdom and instead of battle some uper rank of the opposite army they find themselves trying to survive in the middle of a chaotic batlle.
The villain was never in this lair, he was puppeteering all from foreign lands!
Fight his minions and puppets before pursuing.
A group of five undead tiger tanks, crewed by skeleton bard tankers, appear and interrupt party downtime blaring their musical bone sorcery; the party must make a will save DC25 or be compelled to dig holes.
Automated tank division is on the loose after their evil masters are defeated. Without command and knowing nothing but war their behaviours became erratic and no less destructive. All without a hint of malice or hatred.
Not sure I got that though.
You fight the empty man, he live in a blank inhabited space without feature, without name or history. Just like him.
He is not even really fighting back, his very presence erode memories and identities. He wanted to reach others, if even for a bit, but it turn out for the worst. Time to die now.

File: 453345634567658879.png (140 KB, 500x338)
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140 KB PNG
The sound of a Thought Eater as it bores into ones mind for things most tasty.
An old warrior return for a last fight, and this time it's not some mercenary work, but for a higher cause that speak in his heart and then through his fists.
It's but one man, using all a life lived fighting can teach. One against as many as they come.
Straightforward fight, no trick or backing down this time.

You've overlooked the noble brat for too long because of how edgy he fucking was. He was even a recurring joke in the campaign. But turn out he is actually freaking good with the cheesiest built imaginable and his emo poetry about devil wasn't just his imagination.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCXsRoyFRQE&list=RDbP3Jrb2fb_g&index=1
Dwarves marching down to root out some Mind Flayers

A whole slew for the thread to pick apart. Look at me i'm an attention whore!
I think a mark of a really good reply in this thread will involve putting a song into a context where it isn't already typecast for. Mexican dance song 'not' being the backdrop of narco encounter for example or mongol throat singing being applied as the backdrop of ratmen superweapon construction (Total Warhammer 2)

PCs play a loosely inspired aladin scenario & when they delve into the cave of wonder the must do battle with the jinn of the lamp after they find out its will smith genie and not robin.
Absent of the nordic tribal asthetic the musical beat can be misidentified as a the clanging of tools on stone. The song is played as the overlay for the DM describing the plight of a forced labour camp and the subjugated folks living there. The dialogues being the undercurrent's air of dissatisfaction between them.
Cyberpunk context. Players are fighting in a workout studio against a MCdojo Charleton instructor who's made it big off deceptive marketing & calling the players his students. Players show up and attack and he's got body doubles and light, cameras and your song choice rolling.
Heartbroken silver dragon recluses to his cave atop the mountain and sings it to the party bwcause he wants his love back.
Party are part of a small army of demons and dammed trying to reach the gates of hell and escape and they are accosted by everything allong the way, the winds blows aggainst the lava boils in their presense and the very stones call them out.
In a space ship that is completely abandoned. After the party reaches a certain point a hostile alien force will also encounter the station and start hunting the party. There are way to many ayys for the party to handle, so they must crawl through the station without alerting to many and find their way back to the ship.
Players encounter a small enclave of defective modrons hiding in a rural backwater town, and have to try and clean up issues caused by the well meaning but incredibly inconvenient beings.
You encounter a idiot, a moron, a dimwit, a dummy, a simpleton, an imbecile.
Your encounter is to make him do something.
This is going to be though.

Additionally, a followup song: https://youtu.be/U3IsVBBPFQM
Boss fight against a Fae Druid who summons Plant creatures as meat shields and loves tossing around Lightning spells.


This would be perfect for a gothic fantasy with anime influences. Very 1990s. Castlevania and Heretic/Hexen come to mind.

Honestly I can see this best being for the starting encounter before the party enters a whole dungeon crawl of a castle. Add in dark atmosphere, With Torchlight lite graves over a large valley. And have the party just blast their way through a few random encounters of Ghouls, Zombies, Gargoyles, Worgs, and the like. Dnd would likely be a good fit. Perhaps other fantasy systems.

File: Desecrate.jpg (135 KB, 736x588)
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135 KB JPG
You enter the venerable capitol of one of the world's oldest civilizations. An honored city of learning, art, and prosperity. It does not take long before you reach the city's grand market, where you see wonders from across the world on full display, not to mention, up for sale.
Shopping Adventure!

Attacking a dwarven hold during the first dig of the year. Environmental hazards ensue.
>Prowler Theme
PC's are on a boat, and there is some sort of sea or lake Monster circling them, a la Resident Evil 4 Del Lago, before finally attacking their boat and the fight breaks out.
A VtM campaign that has gone so off the rails, it's epic conclusion is now basically the rule of cool as your party has just finished scaling the moutiantop retreat of one of the leaders of one of the sects. That song is the song that's playing as they bust in the window.

This one's gonna be a challenge
Group is attempting to "sneak" up the cars of a train, in order to secure something or kill some one at its head. That or try to kill their way through each car without alerting the rest of the train.
I want to say the pc's hatch an ill advised get rich quick scheme in Cyberpunk or Shadow Run, but I'm pretty sure "Disability Checks" are considered dirty words in both those settings.
Maybe Vampire the Masquerade, with the thought being that whichever player gets to be the "lucky" one to collect disability can be healed up real quick after the party collects their money.
Warforged Wizard visiting mechanus and having a grand old time.
File: Beld and Wagnard.jpg (248 KB, 813x625)
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248 KB JPG
Also, on a side note, that tune is straight up boppin.

As a Houstonian, it's never not weird as absolute fuck to see obviously British architecture and surroundings in a rap video.

I've been blaring Colter Wall ever since I stumbled on him two weeks back. Man's the next Cash in the making and then some, mark my words. Nineteen when he recorded this album.

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