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Meчты, мeчты,
Гдe вaшa cлaдocть?
Гдe ты, гдe ты,
Hoчнaя paдocть?
Иcчeзнyл oн,
Beceлый coн,
И oдинoкий
Bo тьмe глyбoкoй
Я пpoбyждeн.
Кpyгoм пocтeли
Heмaя нoчь.
Bмиг oхлaдeли,
Bмиг yлeтeли
Toлпoю пpoчь
Любви мeчтaнья.
Eщe пoлнa
Дyшa жeлaнья
И лoвит cнa
Любoвь, любoвь,
Bнeмли мoлeнья:
Пoшли мнe внoвь
Cвoи видeнья,
И пoyтpy,
Bнoвь yпoeнный,
Пycкaй yмpy
Nechronica is a game in which you play a group of often amnesiac highly customizable and repairable undead and try to keep eachother sane. This is in addition to any plot that may be going on in your particular game or oneshot.

Made by the same guy who made MAID. The game assumes your kludged together/precision engineered/made of real human/budded-off-a-mega-tumor undead bodies take aesthetic cues from girls and young women. However that, just like parts, skills, and enemies are easily re-fluffed and the game lends itself to being set in all kinds of places.

This is the most recent thread before this one I think. >>75300357

There was a bunch of Anons working on custom classes and the translation team posted an update with a third party class.

The game is Japanese. There is a fan translation team that has translated it into English. There is a PDF but the wiki is more up to date and more comprehensive.

How have your games been this year?
>“Sometimes it’s more fun to play supporting characters in a story.”

I don’t know who said that, but I’ve definitely been having fun doing that in the two-shot I played through the first half of last Sunday.

The game takes place on a rural property, though it has very rapidly become apparent that things are not what they seem.

My character seems to have almost no sense for the supernatural though as the dice keep preventing her from perceiving supernatural events that aren’t blatantly mundanely apparent. The other two were either tuned into that stuff from the start, or quickly got a sense for it.
So my character has quickly become the hyperkinetic comic relief with an overactive imagination. Also I shoot things really good and know a lot about survival and woodsman craft.

I also thwarted as haunted barn fire with an agenda from reaching its goal by attacking it with a fire blanket and high flying professional wrestling moves while the rest of the party was water bombing it into submission with buckets, rocket fists, and judicious use of a manual well pump.

I’m having a blast even though I only know maybe 1/5th to 1/3rd of what’s going on and my character knows slightly less.

Sad poem is sad.
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New Class.

What is it for?
>I wonder who could be behind this post
Storytiming that game is going to be a real trip. I can't wait to figure out what hints you guys got that I missed/had withheld.
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I am 90% sure that this art is based off of another anon's player character. Am I crazy?

I know a token's been posted but I can't spare the time sifting through the archives at the moment.
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930 KB GIF
I have no idea.
Hopefully someone else knows.
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1.71 MB GIF
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Enemies that radiate insanity as a spirit attack are fun.
File: EFqE1eAW4AASaEv.png (241 KB, 630x642)
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What is the edgiest character you have seen or played in a Nechronica game?
File: C8-hWIqVoAAa_Tg.jpg (55 KB, 657x463)
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That's a bit like asking 'what's the sharpest razor you've ever shaved with' isn't it?
I figure most Nech characters would be considered unbearably edgy in most other systems unless you're playing an Alice.
I have played three characters and only the first one could potentially be called edgy but I'm not sure she counts either.

Unrelated but one was a Court Baroque Requiem, the second was a Court Double Requiem, and the third is an Alice Double Requiem.
Did we ever find out what happened in that giant bug infested town in Africa?
File: 20190912_203440.jpg (643 KB, 2448x3264)
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643 KB JPG
That honor probably goes to Coleo here. Even if she is a cinnamon bun too pure for this setting, there's the whole unintended/unwilling cannibal aspect going on that easily edges out Port for edginess.

Not sure where my mobile organ storage doll falls on the spectrum. Kinda need to feel her out through play but 'I'm a captive organ [[[donor]]] trapped in an autonomous holding unit' is probably my edgiest as a base concept.
File: 1380214385022.gif (59 KB, 728x709)
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Part of me really wants to try including something like these, but how would you go about it to keep them from getting aggravating for the players? Would it just be a question of frequency?

I guess one possibility could be environmental telegraphs, or maybe have one or two duds in more trafficked areas to let them know that traps or a possibility.
I honestly see barely any edgy characters but the closest I did in the edge department was a 17 year old Holic/Thanatos/Gothic armed with a drill arm and a shovel who started hating on the resident cinnamon bun for no reason at all.

Turns out, she just kinda saw herself in her from those points where she was still alive. She was a bully victim and just wanted to toughen her up a little.

Do it once, maybe twice, but honestly, searching for traps in a table top game is fucking annoying, especially in a game not build for it, and not really conducive to how nechronica flows. If you wanna have a scene or action check where it happens, go ahead, no one's going to be that aggravated (except the guy who triggered it, maybe), but don't make it a reoccuring thing, and don't do shit like declaring they have to break the parts on a specific location.
File: 9mcafbvmscr01.jpg (66 KB, 1024x635)
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That makes sense.
Part of me dislikes the idea of including boobytraps if they aren't a proper or recurring threat but I guess I could use it to put the party under time pressure or something, like a bomb trap that doubles as an alarm. Or just reveals their position to someone they're trying to avoid.
Maybe play it up by having an NPC get properly gibbed.

Stuff to think on, I guess.
That connects to a good question.

How is a DM to mechanicaly represent the dolls fortifying a position against an attack they know is coming, or represent a single or small number of unsupported Savants fortifying a position they know the dolls will be attacking?
A lot of fortifications can be represented by creative use of Horrors, like automated security systems, turrets, or manned fortifications like MG nests.

You might also stat up a couple Horrors that only use certain pre-set maneuvers unless the Savant(s) act on them and spend a maneuver to make them do something else.

Barricades could just be Legions without attack maneuvers maybe? They'd just exist to Hinder Move and be annoying, but that could get really irritating in the bad way if your melee dolls don't have good movement parts, or if you made the legions too big.
It's not quite the same as Dolls fortifying a position to defend against enemy attack, but one time in a game I ran, I had a door slam down behind the party in Eden as a Legion with a number of members I couldn't recall, blocking off retreat for the party as a team of savants and horrors specialized to fight the party popped out in ambush. And then the party turned it around on the ambushers and slaughtered them so hard that the remaining enemies retreated to the door and started desperately smashing at it to try and break out. They failed and died in a miserable panic as they clawed at the door. It was pretty funny, in retrospect.

So the door was a few legions in Eden without attack parts?
Essentially, yeah. It's been a while so I don't remember the exact details, but it was just one Legion that existed to do nothing but block the exit and make Retreat checks impossible while it existed. And then I turned out to have not built the enemies as strong enough to actually threaten the party before they started really getting their asses kicked, and the situation was such that I couldn't toss in reinforcements without it coming across as me blatantly scrambling to cover my ass.

Depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it. If you want it to be barricades that have to be broken down, then making it a horror or legion can work, though area attacks will blow through them if they're a legion, which might not be appropriate if you want proper barricades to have an undead gun blast it all away.

You can also do things that give maneuvers to characters in the zone to represent cover, stuff like giving all characters in tartarus (or whatever zone has cover) something like:

>Light Cover [Damage/1/Self] Defend 1. This can only be used against attacks coming in from range 1 or greater. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per attack.

>Heavy Cover [Damage/2/Self] Defend 2. This can only be used against attacks coming in from range 1 or greater. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per attack.

>Concealment [Auto/None/Self] All attacks targeting you from range 1 or greater have a -1 to the attack check.

>Barbed Wire [Auto/None/*] Anyone entering this zone breaks 2 parts.

>Rubble Piles [Auto/None/Self] Move maneuvers with range Self into this zone have their cost increased by 2.

>Spotlight [Rapid/1/1-2] As long as the target remains in the zone, all attack checks targeting them receive a +1.
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How do you bring fellow dolls in a state of madness back to lucidity before they make it the rest of the way into broken hearted?
I would guess you manuver them into a conversation check and keep trying to do that without provoking them too much until none of their fetters are full, and pray
nothing fills their last unfilled fetter.

"I would guess you manuver them into a conversation check and keep trying to do that without provoking them too much until none of their fetters are full"
I have no advice on how to do this though.
Tacklehugs and heartfelt tears tend to work out in my experience. Physical restraint in general if they're acting brash so you can actually get a chance to talk them down before they hurt themselves (super strength is also helpful here if your party is willing to play along).

A big part of this sort of thing is knowing how to appeal to the character for conversation checks.

Scape Goat (to prevent further madness)
Tough Love
Embrace of Souls
Voice Effect
Secret Whisper

If you mean RP/character-wise, that depends on the PC.
I'm glad you liked that pic anon.
Not exactly the same feel, but have another.
any tips for playing this as a robot themed game? I think that the rules should translate one to one with some flavor changes, but I don't have the system knowledge to be confident in this assertion
File: OIP (2).jpg (40 KB, 474x1206)
40 KB
Your biggest concern would probably be figuring out how to keep the sanity mechanic.
Also refluffing Mutations, but I guess you can just have it be biotech.

My first instinct would be to have the players be unstable AI, like a Halo AI beginning to experience Rampancy (personality degradation due to age). Or possibly nascent AI in fresh bodies, still forming connections, but then I'm not sure how you'd do memory fragments.

It was/was based on a character that has been posted in the past, but said character was made by the person who made the class.
File: 1372789444160.pdf (3.9 MB, PDF)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB PDF
AI going senile or dying young to an affliction such as early onset rampancy sound sad and dramatic.

Good Nechronica fuel.
I thought I was posting the cover art of a game. Turns out I posted the whole book.

Did it work?
Thoughts on nechronica characters with masculine Traits?
You can do it, I guess. But I have to admit I am a pretty big fan of the cute girls doing cute things idea they have going on. Doesn't really stop me from including men and boys in my NPC ideas, but if I'm thinking of a player character I pretty much always default to anime girl.
Not in the way she intended it to go but yes. Said cinnamon bun eventually started talking back and stopped taking her shit but at that point alot of character stuff happened so it's questionable if her being a shit helped at all.
File: 1602876815713.png (384 KB, 680x478)
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384 KB PNG

Just like with female characters it depends on how they are played.

If you mean people playing boys and such, it can be ok, though personal experience has been that someone who wants to play a boy is more likely to have issues/be disruptive.

Girls with masculine traits can be amusing depending on how the player does it.
File: 1562359375865.jpg (441 KB, 744x1284)
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Would anyone mind helping me brainstorm some ideas for dolls/misc undead soldiers that have clearly been put through the wringer and resorted to field repair to keep in the fight?
I'm mostly trying to spitball for friendly NPCs but ideas for whatever are always welcome.

Some ideas so far:
>A machine gunner that looks like she's wearing an oversized helmet. Her head is actually completely missing above the ears, taken by an enemy cannon shot. Her squad mates resorted to stapling a handheld video camera to what was left of her nervous system so she could stay on the gun, which faces forward out of a hole cut in the face of her helmet.
>A rifleman who's lost most of the flesh on their lower arms. Their hands have been bolted to their weapon, with a set of wires strung along the exposed bones and tied into their remaining muscles so they can articulate the trigger and do some basic point shooting. Their aim isn't very good like this, but it's a target rich environment.
>several soldiers with hands/feet/arms/legs of necromantic creatures salvaged and grafted on to replace their old ones
>mismatched eyes and such from grafts and recycle surgery
Trying to think up a few more distinct ones for my players to interact with.
File: EV9D9-ROTJ.png (1007 KB, 650x816)
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1007 KB PNG
How many languages do you speak?

>Doll who decided she wanted to be taller than everyone else so she stitched together multiple legs. She's awkward as hell, but on the bright side she can peek over things no one else can and occasionally pull herself up otherwise out of reach places
>One who's body is a chunk of wood/metal/whatever because they don't really need those organs and lots of things aim for center mass so why bother?
>Doll with a large shield grafted to her back and only one arm. She never could hit anything anyway so it's fine if she's mobile cover. She's got a pistol to take a shot at anything that might be coming up behind the group and some grenades to toss around the shield.
Tell us about your setting.

If the undead population is formed from the leftovers of multiple fallen Necromancers then character designs could be all over the place.

You could have mini transforms next to human looking undead, anthropomorphic moths, and ball jointed pose dolls cast in glow in the dark faux-plastic.
Being super tall is kind of a death sentence in urban combat because you can't fit places and also can't hide behind stuff. Though this does give me the idea for a doll who jerry rigged a set of folding legs that compress down to something like bird or dinosaur hindquarters.
I like the idea
>she improvised a midsection out of some leftover ammo boxes and rubber gaskets
>can't really bend over very well but being able to spin 360 at her midsection has been pretty sweet.
>she still isnt exactly sure how it all sticks together.
I like it.
I like this idea a lot. Would be a good fit for a techy character or a medic.

I'm thinking of running a game set during the Necromancer Wars, with the party being under a coalition of Necromancers who have come down on the side of humanity (not necessarily out of benevolence, but even the worst of them would rather to rule over more than just ashes). The issue is that the biggest player on the 'burn it all down' team is also the biggest player in the game, and it's who I plan the PCs to be runnin up against. He's trying to glass the southern portion of the U.S. at the time the prospective game takes place.

I plan for there to be forces from three friendly necromancers present, with one focusing on the basic grunts and groundpounders, one focusing on more specialized mutated soldiers [early thoughts right now include batwing'd marksmen and couriers who clamber up into odd places and pick off important targets], and the third focusing on dolls integrated into vehicular systems and machines [imagine an Esper strapped into a small jet aircraft and equipped with a Psycho Blaster and an antenna. Now imagine squads of six].

The grunts are going to be the ones with more of the weird and impromptu augs, both because their role is more forgiving of them, because they're stuck on the front, and because the more specialized forces get repair priority.
Still deciding on the bad guy gimmick.
File: 56968203_p0.png (2.17 MB, 1854x2925)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
>Being super tall is kind of a death sentence in urban combat because you can't fit places and also can't hide behind stuff

Sure, but if you're gonna limit yourself to "practical" things will get boring. You're talking about kids as young as 8 having to piece themselves back together and who may have some form of insanity going on. A proper military sort might scream at doing something that dumb but a 9 year old who needs to replace her legs and wants to make herself taller might do it, and it might have worked out in a fight once so no one's gonna force her to put on normal legs yet.

You're also missing the possibility of how experimental both necromancers and dolls would get to try to solve problems they run into. Look at something like Hobart's Funnies where goofy vehicle designs were made in response to the failures, specific difficulties, and obstacles in a previous operation. You can even go with both "field modifications" like what was mentioned, or necromancer made nonsense like a doll with a telescoping spine that shoots up a few dozen feet, retractable bars that shoot out of the vertebrae and really strong/sharp teeth or some such to act as a ladder for her sisters to climb up or breasts replaced with flood lights so she can flash people.
Is Coffin's end of battle phase function mostly a gimmick or are their times after combat where being able to regenerate 2 parts is going to be important?
Hey, folks, it's been a while, hasn't it? I can only offer my deep apologies for the delays faced in actually getting this done. You'll notice that a number of these opening posts are in the style of my partner in this storytime venture, since we swapped who was handling what session after life knocked me on my ass two months back and he gave me what he had for this session at the time. And now here’s the links to the previous sessions for those in need of a reminder, or those just popping in to join us for the fun involved with exterminating pests in Africa.

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/72655511/#p72732935 Session 1
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/73453448/#p73480748 Session 2
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/73453448/#p73509701 Session 3
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/73798681/#p73848425 Session 4
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/73798681/#p73860863 Session 5
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/74251433/#p74289325 Session 6
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/74251433/#p74358587 Session 7
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/74563504/#p74653876 Session 8

Intros squared away, let us resume this tale, long overdue.


Having celebrated the verdict of not guilty with an autocannibalistic kiss cementing a burgeoning relationship, court is still adjourned following the world's most convincing legal argument: you can't try us if you're dead. Who'll argue that one? Not the smeared viscera that used to be a judge. Unhindered is the party's exit of the courtroom, underneath pitch black night sky bearing purple tinges. It's awfully quiet out – no gunfire or sounds of violence, and the dolls can't see anyone. As like to bear good news as bad, Aida hops off to the truck with a shout of, “Did you blow up all the bad ones?”
File: Vulovic.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

The immediate response is inarticulate grunting from the other side of that truck, Adrian the first to get around it and check. There she finds our missing allies leaning against the vehicle, alongside numerous corpses and dead insects, more than are worth trying to count. Fluids of many and various sorts coat Russian and trucker alike, the state of their clothes hinting they've had a rough time of it, but all holes and missing limbs have been patched up. “Child's play,” Vulovic asserts as the party surveys the second scene of carnage.

“Awwwww, we don't get to blow any more up.” Think again, Aida. Lola points towards the distant desert, which now captures the attention. There seems to be a black mass on the horizon. An army of guerrillas and flying insects. How convenient.

“They stopped coming for some reason,” Buinov reports, jerking her head at the now inert army, then reasoning, “Did you kill one of the big ones or something like that?” Yeah, actually, as Aida's happy to inform her.

“We blew up the bug-talkers so they got scared!” And who, faced with Allah's infinite, divine ire, would not quake and quail?

“She was really ugly.” This Altina has to say of the now-felled bug-talker, getting in her jab at the recently redeceased.

While the bird disrespects the dead, Lola admits, “I don't think we'd be okay if they all came at once, mind you.” It's only a legion somewhere around a thousand strong. Surely that's no inconvenience?

In accordance, Vulovic declares the trucker's statement, “Nonsense. These are just mindless legions.” She's quite confident that quality assures victory over quantity.

Confidence undercut by Lola's counter of, “Weren't you screaming when we got surrounded by at least a hundred of them?” Damning evidence, that. But as the A-Team kept their cool on trial, so does she.
File: Buinov.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

“That was my war face,” the Russian claims, then finding she needs to back that up.

“What does it look like?” the muscle wonders, treated for her curiosity to an extended shout filled with all the fury Vuluvic can muster. Truly, it's not the most intimidating; being a cute girl doesn't do her many favors. The unimpressed muscle shrugs and states, “It's ok.”

The honest assessment gets the muscle glared at by Buinov, whose own opinion is, “... That's pretty good.” Perhaps it works better when one doesn't have at least a foot and a hundred pounds on one trying to intimidate.

As is her nature, Altina pipes up to comment, “I don't have a war face! I mostly just get too busy shooting things to really bother.” A prudent solution to the problem of being dainty and cute.

Trying to turn the discourse somewhere more productive, Lola cuts in, “Well? Are you going to kill those guys too?” as she gestures towards the obscene force located not far off. “They clearly are with the bugs.” She's right; but then, who would really, truly look at those numbers and-

“We could go blow them up! It'll be fun!” Alright, but the bomb is, well... a bomb. Annihilating mobs is her raison d'etre. Surely no one else would-

“Might as well?” Being fair, Adrian's biceps are essentially bug and bulletproof, but at least Altina-

“Well, I for one definitely do not mind going to say hello!” No, the A-Team is just a bunch of lunatics. That's the only real takeaway here with that cheery final addition.

Even Vulovic pulls back and states, “Don't be ridiculous. There's at least a thousand armed African guerrillas in there. You can't just waltz in there.” A cowardly stance to take; where's her war face gone?
File: Lola.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

“Oh, so about...” Mental math is quickly run by the bird, tabulations handled in gross to reach a conclusion of, “Ten times the number we had to tear through back inside? I honestly lost track.” As one would; the soldiers and bugs become one messy blur after a point. “... That does sound rather hard, though.” And now she, too, backs down. Where is this avian's spirit?

To cover for their shameful cowardice – or to keep things on track, if one wishes to assume the best – Vulovic stares at the army a moment to observe, “... But the fact that they are just standing there in the desert is a bit strange if you ask me.” It's an odd behavior, doubtlessly. Couldn't this force be accomplishing something? Storming the Colonel's position? Forcibly bugging Africans? Anything? Why sit around?

“Well, it's pretty obvious that's their base. Why else stand guard like that?” With marked ease, Buinov illuminates what is actually kind of obvious when one thinks about it.

The suggestion spurs Aida, setting alight the fuse of her mind with a comprehending cry of, “I wonder if that queen the weird thing was talking about in is in there!” … Queen? “Queen! I dunno. They said something about a queen.”

Lola may be a little lost for want of context, but everything lines up for Vulovic. “So the bugs have a queen. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a hive in the desert then.” Behind an army of guerrillas and bugs, mayhap?

Buinov's skeptical response is, “But don't the bugs like water? That doesn't make any sense.”

Vulovic's masterful defense is, “What if there's an oasis? Ever think of that?” And it would be a sound argument, if Lola didn't pipe up.

“... I don't think so.” Perhaps the native knows the territory better than the foreigners. All the same, she admits, “But it's the patch of dirt closest to the water plant.”
File: Adrian.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

“Maybe there's some underground?' Adrian posits, a conclusion no one fights her on. It settles a course, but not a problem.

Shrugging and taking a bite from the leg she claimed in the previous fight, Aida points out, “If we can't blow up all the bad people, how do we get in to look?”

In answer, the metallic thud of a hand upon a vehicle. “Easy, run them over,” Buinov states, having volunteered Lola's truck for this purpose.

“Really, now?” The trucker looks over at the girl and squints, slightly dubious of this and then some. “You want more bullet holes on my truck?” It's that or bullet holes in herself; there's a lot more truck to shoot up than trucker. “You don't even intend to pay for those, do you?”

Whether they would pay or not, Vulovic helpfully reminds her, “You guys don't even use currency.”

Lola takes a moment to try and formulate a retort. It then turns to several moments, silence growing heavy. Her only recourse when she opens her mouth is to, “... Blame the Chinese.”

The trucker having levied no proper argument against it, Aida decides, “Well, I wanna blow up the queen, so let's do it! That's probably more fun than blowing up lots of little bugs.”

This raises further fears for Lola, who eyes the tiny bomb. The eternal question resurfaces again. “... You're not going to blow up my truck, are you?” She hasn't yet, has she?

Thus it's an absurd notion, Aida feels. “Why would I blow up your truck?” she queries, befuddled by the very idea. “How are we gonna drive it through everything if I do that? I only blow up the bad stuff.” How cruel of Lola to imply otherwise; does she doubt Aida walks the path of redemption?

“Just making sure. You never know.” Apologizing so, she can turn to find Vulovic inspecting her truck in a way she does not appreciate. Especially when the Russian opens her mouth.
File: Altina.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

“If you kept driving, maybe we could kill them all. Eventually.” It's no Sedan traveling at a hundred miles per hour, but Vulovic's technically correct. Enough time would let the truck run over the entire army. What could possibly prevent that?

“Something awful like the tires getting shot up is going to happen and you know it.” That. That might throw a wrench in that one.

Yet the idea is denied off-hand by Vulovic. “Nonsense, friend. They are legions. They're not smart enough to shoot at the tires.” … Must be related to Muuka.

“Don't worry about it,” Buinov agrees, certain the horde can't incapacitate the truck. “You can keep driving forever, right?”

“Pretty much...” says Lola, presuming a dearth of holes being freshly shot through everything vital. “We don't use fuel anyway. Instead we have those weird Chinese engines.” One wonders just what's so weird about them. Other thoughts run through Altina's mind.

“I would wonder if the truck would start to have problems after running through so many things at once, myself!” she declares, taking a peek at exactly how much there is to run over. “But you would know better than me, in this case.”

Wholly unbelievably, Lola has confidence in this matter, at least. “It's a truck for transporting rocks and sand,” she reminds the bird quite plainly. “It's safe to say anything in front of it while it's moving is going to get effortlessly splattered across the dunes.” While true in the immediate moment she might not want to generalize that statement. Who knows what sorts of undead behemoths lurk the world?

Still, Altina leans off to one side with a flat, “Well,” until she's teetering on one foot in inspecting the truck, then leaning the other direction in much the same way. “I see! This makes sense!” Enlightened thus, the bird understands the lethality of a particularly hefty car crash. But what if this could be improved?
File: Aida.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

“Adrian, I have an idea.” In Vulovic's mind, it can be, as she regards a particularly interesting feature of the vehicle before her. “How about... We use the ladders on the sides of the truck to do some damage on the way?”

“... Are you feeling well?” Buinov asks her partner at this suggestion, rather enjoying such ideas as cover and not being shot full of holes.

Set on the idea, the emphatic reply is, “It's like in the movies.” One might well assess a group of stormtroopers as a legion, wouldn't they? Perhaps she's onto something.

And the muscle agrees, “Huh, that could work,” never of a mind to turn down an opportunity like this.

“I suppose at high enough speed, anything is a weapon!” By this declaration, Altina likewise throws in support for the plan, now settled upon.

With resignation, Lola gets into the truck, certain there is no overturning the insanity surrounding her. Nonetheless she asks, “... Are you absolutely sure about this one?” In spite of an answer to the negative, Adrian is climbing onto a ladder, having fetched a long metal pipe out of the truck's back to give her some reach.

“It'll be fiiiiine,” Aida insists through a mouthful of leg, “We drive over some bugs, we blow up a talky bug talking queen.” A plan with so simple it can't possibly be disrupted. Why convolute things when this may suffice? She, however, is not getting on a ladder, choosing her favorite spot in the back. Why? Well, if she got shot, she might actually blow up the truck. Also.

“There are only two ladders on each side,” Buinov observes, having acquiesced as well by this point. Simple math concludes someone misses out; the bird might find riding atop the truck more difficult once the accelerator's been floored. “… Guess I'm going to use this.” From her belongings she fishes out a shovel, feeling it more than sufficient for the upcoming slaughter.
File: African Guerrilla.png (979 KB, 500x500)
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979 KB PNG

Now, Adrian could make good use of a shovel. But she looks at the considerably smaller Russian planning on employing it and can't help but ask, “Don't you got like... a gun or something?”

Not one the muscle can see, that's for sure; even if Buinov had one, her voice opposes the idea. “... Aren't we going to hit them while we drive by? How am I supposed to hit anyone with a rifle at high speeds? Shovel is fine. Shovel is good.” Such devotion to a weapon is not further questioned as she and Vulovic grab their respective ladders.

Contemplative, Altina taps a finger against her chin, gaze drifting to the sky. “I wonder how many I could get if I just held my sword arm out,” she muses as she thinks. “It isn't as though it could get caught in anything, considering.” The marvels of technology.

“Waiting on you,” Lola calls to her as she thinks, snapping bird from reverie. Obligingly, a twirl finds her now attached to the fourth and final ladder. As the engine revs is when Altina realizes she'd be fighting with her now official girlfriend for melee kills if she tried her idea. So instead the other arm unfurls its barrel, the long distance laser selected. Likewise, the other couple works in tandem, Vulovic staying out of her partner's way with one of Kalashnikov's finest, handling those beyond arm's reach. Slamming the gas and kicking up a spray of sand, the trucker aims metric tons of steel straight for the bugged army. It's a sluggish lot, but even they can't miss the roar of the oncoming vehicle and fail to get ready for the coming conflict. Swiftly, then, chaos erupts and our movie heroes learn that quantity has a quality all its own: shitty. No one ever claimed that quality was a positive one.
I hope things have gotten better for you.
File: The Face Of Murder.png (979 KB, 500x500)
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979 KB PNG

Bullets whiz toward a great number of places, including but not limited to: well behind the truck, directly over people's heads, and into the goddamn stratosphere. Tellingly, none of these noted locales include the bodies of the girls hanging off the truck, and all are free of significant wounding. The reason Africa has been colonized a second time seems readily apparent. Yet for our action movie stars, this is perfect. Lola is free to carve a path straight through them, windshield wipers working overtime to keep the gore from completely blinding her. To one side, Vulovic proves that high speed is no impediment to accuracy; round after round riddling collapsing enemy combatants. By her side Buinov swings her shovel with abandon, low sweeps bisecting guerrillas, high ones decapitating them, and chops carrying through their faces so quickly they simply splatter. On the opposite flank, the reach of Adrian's pipe affords her a wide field of visceral slaughter... for the first few swipes, as the way she manhandles the thing, it loses length with every strike, until she just chucks it into a distant head and chops down whatever her bare hands can reach – plenty, at her size. That leaves the bird, whose arm fires as close to fully automatically as it can manage, melting through soldier after soldier after soldier. By the time the group explodes out the other side, a terrible streak of gore runs through the enemy forces, a swathe of giblets and blood and mangled bodies.

Contests of counting who killed the most – it was Altina – shall have to be put off until later for the dolls, as Lola spies a structure amid a cluster of dunes, pulling the truck toward it and bringing it to a stop. Even now, with a fair bit of distance between her and the army, the African grunts keep trying to fire, but distance throws off their aim as much as speed did.
File: Pauline.png (981 KB, 500x500)
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981 KB PNG

“This is your stop,” Lola shouts over the sound of hundreds upon hundreds of rifles in the distance, “I can't risk getting the truck stuck in the dunes with an entire army at our backs!”

“We'll keep them busy,” Vulovic declares, bringing her AK up and loosing a volley into the horde behind.

“Again,” Buinov adds sarcastically, slinging remains off of her shovel so the edge is ready for another pass.

Altina dismounts with no less than two flips before her feet touch the ground again. “We should be quite fine, thank you!” she informs the distraction team, wishing they, “Have fun!” Adrian leaps off next to her in excitement, the preceding slaughter having got her quartet of hearts worked up and pumping.

The last one to assemble is Aida, who throws the gnawed clean leg bone of the judge aside, having had nothing better to do during the ride than finish eating it. “Time to blow up a queen! Lots of fun!” Her skipping after her sisters is the cue for Lola to turn the truck around and get it moving again, departing with the Russians for another pass. There's still a ways to walk through the desert, the dunes growing denser as they go. Walking is something of a pain, legs sinking into sand, grains getting where they shouldn't. At least the night air of the desert is cool enough to be pleasant amid the otherwise onerous march. The reward for such work is the structure coming into sharper relief, bearing a rather curious appearance. A small house of dirt and sand, a hole acting in lieu of a door, yet easy to mistake for a misshapen dune if not for that. Before it, four girls chat in in a carefree manner. The first is wearing a bizarre uniform, seeming frail and timid unlike the rest; by appearance it almost seems she's the target of some bullying by the rest.

Yeah, it has. The thought's appreciated. Right now I'm just happy things are solid enough on my end that I can post all this for people to enjoy.
File: Hyena.png (979 KB, 500x500)
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Those that would bully her are a trio of varying size, its members somewhat tall, kind of short, and full well small. Each of the three shares the traits of glowing green eyes, as well as noticeable red horns of various length, and they aren't concerned by the party's approach. Absent hostility, the bomb waves merrily, asking the question of the hour, as though it were one, “Heeyyyy! Are you guys all buggy?”

In an odd turn, they all look puzzled by the idea, one rising and stepping forward as the answering representative under the name of Hyena. Light purple haired and with an athletic air, she's the tallest among them, plainly admitting, “If that means what I think it does, no.” Adrian's jaw twitches at the denial, though her tongue remains held for now.

Another of them, the middle child named Hydra, rests a hand on the shoulder of the uniformed girl, perhaps in consolation – up close, the wings upon her back are now visible. The last of their number, Hammerhead, is picking her teeth with one clawed hand while rubbing her tummy with the other, seemingly well-fed on whatever there is to devour in the wastes – if nothing else, there are plenty of legions to chew on.

“And who are you?” asks Hydra.

Adrian, care to explain? “Someone looking for where the damn bugs are coming from.”

And then, Aida? “We're gonna blow up the queen, 'cause she's the talkiest of the bug talkers!”

And why is this group seeking to do such a thing, Altina? “Honestly, they keep making a mess of everything. It's very rude.”

“Yer looking for the bugs, then,” says the hungriest girl of the opposite group, claw still wedged between her teeth.

“But since you came from that direction…” Hyena has to investigate the A-team’s origin point further. “Did you go through the second company?”

Hydra comes to a conclusion. “That's a dead giveaway that they got bugs inside them, if you ask me.”
File: Hydra.png (979 KB, 500x500)
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979 KB PNG

“We ran them over with the truck,” says Adrian. “then got out because the driver was worried it'd get stuck.”

“Show me your neck,” Hyena demands, who is promptly rebuffed by a suspicious Adrian assuming she seeks to cut it off, to which all she can say is “Very funny.”

“I’m telling you, they look fishy,” says Hydra.

Aida looks at the winged girl like she's the weird one. “But we just wanna blow up the bug queen. It'll be fun.”

Adrian’s irritation at all this suspicion cannot be suppressed. “We're fishy? We came through all that shit looking for the big bug bitch and we find you sitting here chattin' and demanding we show you our necks?”

“The Bug Queen must be a really ugly lady, and also truly hideous as a person.” Altina claps her hands together, grinning merrily. “See, I just insulted her! Also they keep trying to kill us, and honestly, I would rather be dead again than all bugged up. But my point is that I probably would not be insulting my grand leader if I, indeed, had her as a grand leader. Which is very much not the case. She can go die.”

This hostility is helpful, in its own way, as Hammerhead stops picking her teeth and says, “Yeah, they's definitely not bugged. If they was, the queen wudda drank their brains already.” Such bluntness gets Hyena to slap her hand against her face.

“So if you’re not bugs,” says Aida, “we can go look for the queen now right? If we don't hurry someone else will blow her up. We keep showing up late and everyone else gets to have all the fun.”

The little girl in uniform attempts to dissuade the team with, “T-there’s nothing here,” but she’s hardly worth believing.

“Then where’s the bitch hiding?” Adrian demands.

Before such things can be answered, Aida has realization light up her face as she peers at the frail girl. “… Hey, wait a second! You're that girl that's really terrible at making music! Kuku said you're a bug talker!”
File: Hammerhead.png (979 KB, 500x500)
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979 KB PNG

Even if the bad musician’s lies had been convincing, the way she freaks out and ducks behind Hydra would have outed her regardless, causing that girl to also palm her face like the eldest sister. Bullying continues with her note of, “At least it's true that your music is awful.”

“If you aren’t a bug talker then let us in right now or we’ll blow you up!” Aida’s enthusiasm is undeniable.

“The cat is out of the bag,” says Hyena, as hooks start emerging from Adrian’s now-clenched fists. “Wouldn’t you rather negotiate?”

“Sure!” says Altina, surprisingly on board for avoiding violence. “Adrian can dig out the bug and you can be fine and normal and not have to deal with the bug queen any more! It's proven effective!”

At the same time, Aida’s cheery, “Nope!” shows that the will of the heavens cannot be denied. “We're gonna blow up the bug talkers and the bug queen and lots of bugs and then there won't be any bugs left and Allah will be happy.”

“That’s dumb,” says Hydra. “Let’s genocide them instead.”

Hyena huffs. “...Well, excuse me for attempting to avoid conflict like a reasonable human being.”

Hammerhead has a good point against that. “We's not human anymo'.”

One Altina agrees with as she cocks her head sideways, staring at the mediocre diplomat of the group. “Duh? I have laser arms. I do not think I qualify as *regular human*."

The response? “You could at least hold on to your humanity.”

Altina is undeterred in her own diplomatic mission. “Really, we can do this and you can all die, or we can take out the bugs and-”

And what, Altina? The bird’s thoughts are derailed as Adrian howls with laughter. “TIME TO PULP SOME BUG FUCKERS!”

“Oh dear!” chirps Altina, not really looking all that concerned actually. “I think the matter’s been decided!”

“Savages.” Hyena isn’t wrong, honestly. Meanwhile, the musician’s frantic demand that her peers – okay, bullies – kill the A-Team already hardly endears her to anybody present, so she goes ignored.

“You don’t get it,” says Hydra. “We don’t have bugs.” She turns about for a moment to display a neck notably free of holes.

Well, that just puts a damper on everyone’s violent enthusiasm, as Altina holds very still for a few long moments before her hand flies up. “Question! You could have simply opened up with this! It might have been very helpful earlier.”

“... That is true," says Hyena. “I apologize.”

“If you’re not bugs,” Aida asks, her holy fervor momentarily halted, “why are you with the bug talker?”

“We serve the queen ‘cause we want ta!” Hammerhead cheerily explains.

Compounding this is Hydra’s, “She is the rightful heir of the necromancer. It's only natural.”

Aida may take a moment or two to comprehend this, but when she does? “...Ohhhhhhh. So you are on the bug side! Okay! Right! Let's blow them up now.”

Hyena has to admit that diplomacy truly has failed now. “If that is how you want it.”

Altina, though, still has questions. “I thought Kuku was? An heir, I mean. With what she has going on.”

“Kuku is nothing but a filthy inheritor,” Hydra scoffs. “We'll strip her of her power after we pay her a visit. Her and all the other inheritors.”

Altina gasps, holding a hand over her grinning mouth as her eyes go very wide indeed. “She's very nice! And doesn't put bugs into people that makes them try to kill everyone else!”

Adrian’s silence is broken as she growls at Coach. “You heard what you wanted to hear?”

“Okay, they are assholes,” Coach admits with a sigh. “You were right, kid.”

Altina continues to be chipper. “You have done a successful job of destroying any desire of mine to not kill you.” She claps her hands together. “Lovely! Thank you very much!”

Aida nods fervently. “Being bugs is bad enough but now you're being mean to Kuku! Now we double gotta blow you up!”

With a sigh, Hyena readies herself for action. “I do hope the mayoress forgives us for dirtying her courtyard.”

“Don't worry!” says the bird, ever reassuring. “We'll bring her your heads so you can apologize!”

“Some fucking mayor,” Adrian grumbles, “goddamn outsiders gotta deal with how much she's shitting up the place.”

Hammerhead announces her intent with a joyous, “I’m gonna eat you’s!” as she marches forward, teeth chomping in anticipation of doing just that.

“Pauline,” Hyena says, finally addressing the band member just before battle can be joined, “I doubt you will be of use here. You should head inside instead.”

“No way…” is Pauline’s retort. “It's too scary in there…”

Pauline, it turns out, is a goddamned dolt, considering that she’s opting to stay outside as both sides rush each other with murderous intent. Adrian’s lunge results in those beefy arms gripping Hydra’s legs and messily tearing them straight off, even as the other girl takes a swing with her katana at the muscle-terror in turn – and only manages to bounce it off rock-hard muscles. “...Not the most effective method,” Hydra’s forced to admit.

Hydra, for her part, has rocketed to the skies, jet engines on her back burning hot as she draws her axe and plunges towards Altina – the bird is caught off-guard by the speed of such an assault as the sharp end of that axe bears down directly on her head, but for the sudden wave of a jedi's hand, yanking the flier back.

As Hammerhead storms forward to munch on people, Altina’s ire at how close she came to serious pain manifests her arm snap-crackling into cannon configuration as she raises it at the winged Hydra, bolts of blue laser-fire pulsing forth and striking her straight in the face, but alas, undead durability is nothing to scoff at as nothing comes of this first barrage but a number of scorch marks.

Hyena’s attempts to cut Adrian having failed, the calm girl sheathes her katana, hand twisting and reshaping into a whirring drill that’s promptly shoved right into Adrian’s guts, spraying viscera over her and the muscle alike. “This is… slightly more effective,” she is happy to say, even as Adrian is entirely unfazed by losing all that ablative meat. Of course, this does nothing but make the swolest musclegirl in all the land even more keen on pulverizing Hyena in turn, rearing back for another punch – only for Hyena to display rather astonishing strength as she shoves Adrian back a fair distance. Yet this defensive measure to save herself from a deserved beating is worthless, for Alexis is one with the force and shoves Adrian right back at Hyena, the flying muscle’s fist crashing into her upraised arms, even if the girl’s gauntleted hands soak the worst of that blow.

“Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me-” Pauline is busy pleading as she takes evasive action and regrets her choice to be here, while Hammerhead spins around in her charge to launch a net at Aida… who spreads her arms wide, and smiles – she has seen where this net will go. And she is fine with this, as it crashes into her latticed midsection. As her chest glows bright, there’s a panicked “OH SHI-” from Pauline before the sound of detonation greets everyone, most especially the unfortunate drummer in direct proximity, and there's a new crater in the ground with a smiling Aida in it afterwards.

“Why why why why…” is all Pauline can wheeze with her torso obliterated, but that isn’t enough to stop her from starting to pound away at her drum anyway, her terrible beat actually, somehow, serving to propel her comrades into faster action. For example, Hydra, not caring for her face being blasted by a bird, returns the same kind of laser fire in kind.

While Altina’s swift evasive movements save her from taking that straight to the head, her arms don’t fare so well, flesh and metal being shaved clean off – it very nearly cleaves her arms apart entirely, in fact, and a very irate snake, not seen for quite some time, pokes its head out of the fresh gash in Altina’s arm to hiss at her for this failure in dodging, leaving the bird with far-too-wide eyes and a smile on the edge of cracking. Hers is a brittle giggle of, “Oh, he hates me! Lovely!”

“...Was that a snake?” Hydra asks, baffled by the sight.

Adrian finds Altina’s distress to be entirely intolerable as she seethes at Hyena. “Gimme one good fuckin' reason that the shit you're doing here is okay.”

Hyena’s response, with Adrian bearing down on her? “...She is the rightful heir. The previous necromancer abandoned us. Left us to squirm in the hands of the Chinese… It's only natural.”

All well and good- “I said a good reason, not one out of your ass!” Oh, apparently not.

“You are quite the unreasonable one,” Hyena protests. “What do you want from me?”

“I want a fucking reason for all the shit I've been watching you cause!” This roar heralds Adrian ripping straight into the girl, shoving a massive arm straight through her torso. As those two wrestle with each other, Aida decides that Pauline’s legs look tasty, and also that her music is rather trash, as she dives for a bite, but all that band practice gives the drummer the moves to dodge and juke Islamic teeth with vigor.

Altina’s tearfully grinning malice is directed Hydra’s way, as she provides a lovely encore to her first headshot and pulls off a second, which rips and shreds its way through the soaring girl’s head to leave her flying blind. “That is an *adorable* look for you!” Altina cackles, the sound even less sane than how she usually comes across.

Hyena’s attempt to vengefully shove her drill straight up Adrian’s ass is a failure when faced when inherent muscly dodginess and force ghost support, even with Pauline’s terrible assisting music lending her extra motivation. Hammerhead claws at said ghost and tears a good chunk out of Alexis’ torso as Hydra swoops down in search of someone to murder. Pauline figures that she’s in some real shit and opts to take her chances with the scary things inside as opposed to the lethal things outside, skedaddling away as Aida tries to land another terribly sharp bite – the way she latches on like a tiny, deranged, explosive landshark, violently chomping down and gnawing away at the drummer’s arms until one, then the other, are ripped off to leave Pauline with shredded, gory stubs, is plenty of incentive for the musician to keep running away in pure terror when Aida is finally dislodged through the power of having no more arms to eat.

Altina has a target-rich environment, and so glowing red eyes sight in on Hammerhead, more bolts of blue laser-fire ripping through the dinosaur, though a passing swipe from Hydra throws Altina’s aim off just enough that her shots go through Hammerhead’s midsection instead of anything more vital as her slicing lasers carve the hungry girl’s body to pieces. Alexis still has enough presence in the material plane to lunge in with her saber as well, the blow connecting with Hammerhead’s arms and bouncing straight off those meaty claws in a shower of sparks against hardened flesh.

Finding the attacks of birds and jedi alike to not be worth her time, Hammerhead instead throws herself at Adrian, arm cocked back to slam clean into the muscle’s skull with enough force to launch her up, up, and away, cracking her jaw in half and sending a fresh spark of invigorating rage through her body as she tumbles down near Pauline and immediately springs back upright in a snarling murderfrenzy, enough to prompt a, “No no no no, don’t bring that over here!” of panic from the terrorized musician. Fortunately for her, Adrian’s too busy snatching up a spare bit of bloody meat scattered across the ground and shoving it into her toothy maw, spine snap-crackling back into place with the power of deliciously fresh flesh, to immediately pounce and maul her, which Pauline takes as her chance to run the fuck inside and get away from this awful mess before she straight-up gets murdered.

Alexis may be silent, but her saber hums as it’s flung out, spinning through the air to collide with Hammerhead’s face, sparking and bouncing away before one more push of force power sends it digging in to the hungry girl’s head and cleaving it from her shoulders. While this dismemberment goes on, Hydra swoops down at Altina again, axe swinging, but for the bird to prance out of the way by inches with a dancer’s waltzing grace. The blinded Hammerhead goes for a wide, vengeful swing at the jedi, but fails to connect – Hyena, free of Adrian for the moment, is able to swing for Alexis as well, slicing through the jedi’s legs but not quite managing the clean, severing cut she desired.

A number of tactical possibilities run through the white-haired bird’s mind, but she opts for the path of sprinting forward, flinging herself through the air and wildly blasting off laser-bolts at Hammerhead to draw the headless girl’s attention with this covering fire, before swiping out at her with taloned feet and barely missing – however, she served her main purpose as a distraction, as Adrian takes advantage to dash for Hammerhead, barbed fists grappling with meaty dinosaur arms before ripping them off in one gloriously violent display of strength, leaving but a pair of legs to stagger around helplessly. What follows is murder, simply put, but one Hammerhead brought on herself, before Adrian finishes utterly dismantling her and turns on a shaken Hyena, flinging herself into the drill-bearing girl and pulverizing her face with a massive haymaker.

“You goddamned monsters,” she manages to spit out as she reels back, even despite missing a vast chunk of her face.

Adrian’s jaw is too broken to properly respond, but Coach picks up her slack in that regard. “You call us the monsters after all the shit your damn bugs do and can't even be assed to give us a reason beyond 'she deserves to rule?'”

“I'll see you in hell.” Hyena’s defiance earns a raging roar from Adrian in response as the musclegiant grabs hold of one arm, rips it right off, then repeats the performance with the other. Even when Coach demands Hyena just give up, all she gets in return is, “I've no arms to throw up in surrender. You killed my sister. I’d rather die as well.” Adrian is only too happy to oblige her, hauling back for one final, skull-crushing blow as Hyena drops a derisive, “Get to it.”

Right as Adrian’s fist lands, utterly pulverizing the crippled doll’s head into gory mush, Hyena’s last bit of defiance manifests in the form of another gory, fleshy drill forcing itself out of a stump arm – a wordless, encouraging cry from Hydra spurs the dying doll to try and ram it into Adrian’s guts, but this last-ditch effort is one that Adrian manages to sidestep with uncanny mobility for her size. Yet the drill still whirrs murderously, dangerous even on its own if ignored.

“If you didn’t want anyone to die,” Altina says all too merrily as she takes aim even at the belligerent drill, “then all you had to do was be *reasonable! Ahaahahaaaah!*” Her mad cackling heralds an excessive amount of pulsing lasers to shred the drill into tiny, useless chunklets, before she sweeps her arm towards the lone enemy doll still remaining, forcing Hydra to bob and weave away from more covering, distracting fire – and the flying doll is close enough to the ground that Adrian seizes this opportunity to jump for her. What follows is brutally swift, as her head is obliterated in one mighty blow clean through her face, before her arms are broken into paste in a beating that truly earns Adrian that moniker of ‘savage’ their group had been given, forcing Hydra to ground in the process – and, despite the rest of her body and legs being intact, the fallen doll seems to just give up, either unable or, perhaps more likely, unwilling to try and affect an escape with the loss of her sisters weighing upon her soul.

When the violence seems to have concluded, Adrian ravenously indulges her cannibalistic tastes upon the bloody remains of Hydra’s wings, body pulling itself back together with every chunk of flesh consumed. The texture is a bit off. Are these scales? It's like biting into hardened leather, plus all the dirt and sand between all that. It's not the most pleasant thing to chew on. The webbing, on the other hand, tastes fine, like chicken. “We'll just make sure you can't pull a runner then we'll deal with you later,” she says between bites, not really caring if Hydra can actually hear her or not. “-Don't worry, we won't kill you-.”

Aida, in pristine condition, rifles through the bodies looking for anything neat to her childish eyes. "Do those taste good?" she asks of the cannibalistic muscle. She’s tossed a wing in response, and happily starts chewing on it with those sharky teeth of hers.

While the cannibals indulge themselves, Altina’s occupied piecing herself back together until she’s in satisfactory condition for whatever might follow. Once that’s done, she takes a moment to hide her face in her hands, trembling. A few seconds of this pass before she abruptly stops, wiping at her eyes before bringing her hands back down, bright smile back on her face, if not as wide as it normally is. “Right! Moving on!”

Adrian rises with Hydra in tow, dangling the weakly-squirming half-a-doll upside down by her legs. “Let's go,” she concurs. “We gotta chase down the other one.”

“Gotta blow up the bug talker,” Aida agrees with a nod after taking another tasty chunk out of her gifted wing.

“I hope you’re both enjoying yourselves,” says the bird, not especially keen on partaking in cannibalistic bonding personally, but at least not being especially put off by her sisters doing so. Adrian figures it keeps herself in shape, and Aida just likes it as a result of blowing up bugs, so going to blow up more bugs is entirely agreeable to her. Thus does the victorious A-team march inside, in search of buggy musicians and whatever fuckery is behind all this trouble in Africa.

Once they breach this stronghold, strange sights are theirs to behold. The floor is sand, the ceiling is sand, the walls are sand, even the furniture is sand; ahead lies a dining room, table and chairs made of hardened sand, covered in a thin layer of SOMETHING, all of it illuminated solely by the green light coming from a small node on the ceiling. Why, it’s a (mostly) perfect recreation of the mansion the team had explored not long ago – the details are generally irrelevant, save for the stairs that originally lead upstairs in the true manor going down instead in this iteration. More relevantly to the team’s interests is the blood trail leading to a large hole in the wall on the opposite end of the room, disappearing into blackness. On approach, murmurs and giggles faintly filter through the air. Adrian takes the lead, venturing into the hole and listening close for danger, as Aida muses that the old mayoress must have really liked how her house looked to have recreated it like so.

The tunnel ultimately isn’t that long, though it tightens up enough to annoy Adrian as the largest of the team before it opens up into another large room, illuminated by the eerie glow of multiple bug nodes on all sides. There are many holes in the ceiling and floor, with an occasional bug skittering along from hole to hole, out of sight.
File: Marina.jpg (96 KB, 250x250)
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In the center is a very large table covered in a raggedy cloth, and seated at it are five women; behind one of them is Pauline, repaired but still shaking with fear. Her protectors, however, are all possessed of far different expressions: the one at the end of the table, farthest away from the intruding A-Team, wears an odd grin not unlike someone who got away with murder. The next stares at the newcomers with a despairing thousand-yard stare, while a third oddly seems bored out of her mind. The final two closest to the team twist their backs to look at them with anger and disgust, their poses peculiar for the way they appear to be seated.

“It’s them!” Pauline declares, unnecessarily, as Adrian meets the angered woman’s glare with one of her own, the disgusted one averting her gaze.

“Never mind that, dear,” says the grinning leader of this bunch. “We have guests.”

“They’ve come for you, Marina,” the morose member of their group warns. “Your actions have consequences.”

The indifferent one makes herself heard. “We never pretended they did not.”

As the masterminds behind this entire incident speak, the green glow from their eyes becomes more obvious, the same color as the hives themselves. Three girls emerge from behind Pauline while this goes on, all of them wearing tattered robes.

Aida gives the leaders an accusing point. “Which one of you is the queen bug talker girl!” The eternally disgusted one of the bunch chastises her for rudeness, but the grinning one – Marina – waves it off as just to be expected from a young girl. “If you won’t say,” Aida warns, “we just have to extra blow up all of you!" As opposed to normally blowing up everyone, to about the same effect.

The bomb goes unanswered on that front, but as far as rudeness goes, Adrian has a point with, “So is invading a place with insects, and having bugs go into people's heads and guts.”
File: Camila.jpg (105 KB, 250x250)
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105 KB JPG

“My, my.” Marina is unfazed. “Who is invading? We’ve always been here. As for the insects, that is merely evolution, dear.”

Altina also has a nit to pick with Marina’s explanation. “See, I'm not sure time spent somewhere directly correlates to shoving insects into people so they can go kill people who don't have insects.”

Miss Despairing can’t help being gloomy. “You can't force evolution, Marina. You'll pay for this. We all will.”

The angriest of the bunch takes offense, naturally. “I grow tired of you, Camila. Had you not inherited a significant portion of the necromancer's power, you'd be dead.”

“That’s not true,” says Marina. “She’s family, also.” For what good that’s doing anyone here, given the tensions on clear display.

Adrian only has so much patience for all this. “So answer the question, which one of you is responsible?”

“Oh ho.” Marina turns her wide smile on the interrupting muscle. “What exactly is the crime here, young lady?”

“Let's go with the whole 'invading people's body so you can use them to grow more bugs and attack people' thing.” Alright fair enough Adrian that’s a pretty good point.

Altina, for her part, can’t let that grinning wench usurp her position as the resident smile fanatic. “Well, first, you tried to kill us! This was the first thing that happened when we came here. Because of bugs.” She lays her hands over her chest. “So I, at minimum, have severe grievances with everyone here!”

Pauline clearly thinks she should interrupt all this and get hostile attention aimed at her. “They're insane, mayoress. Just kill them where they stand! They killed the enforcers!”

Unwise, perhaps, for the drummer to say such things in front of Aida. “And those girls said you were gonna be mean to Kuku and take her stuff! I don't like that!”
>court is still adjourned following the world's most convincing legal argument:
>you can't try us if you're dead. Who'll argue that one? Not the smeared viscera that used to be a judge.

This makes me smile.

“Ah, correction!” chirps the bird, holding up a finger. “We killed two enforcers! The third one’s just kind of hanging around now.” She gestures at the grievously maimed doll hanging in Adrian’s grip. “They ate her wings,” she adds, though at this point it looks more like the cannibals of the A-team ate Hydra’s spirit, with how the girl presently looks dead as fuck.

Marina doesn’t take much offense to this cannibalization of her enforcers. “Well, forgive me. After all, you're not from here. Clearly you shouldn't have any involvement with our struggle. The necromancer abandoned their duties. I will be taking over our lovely continent, taking it back from the Chinese. If you don't mind. These girls deserve better.”

“You mean screaming in agony and exploding into insects?” Adrian asks. “That better?”

“Oh, please,” Marina scoffs. “The only ones that suffer are the mindless legions. Our lovely dolls need not suffer through such things.”

Adrian growls at this, but it’s Altina who has critique to offer this time. “Mm, yes, they deserve to have bugs in them that melt their brains if they say anything unkind about you. This sounds reasonable.”

“Oh ho.” Grinning woman stares at grinning girl. “If only I had such power. I'd sneak a few bed bugs into the emperor's bed, surely.”

“Really.” Altina cocks her head. "Your enforcers said something about that being the case when I said some very rude things. I suppose they must have been misled.”

“Oh, you even rid yourselves of them,” Marina says, lacking in surprise. “The poor things. Clearly they were not up to the task. Hydra, Hyena and Hammerhead. They were the finest dolls that our necromancer could fashion. But alas, not very powerful. Still, nothing to scoff at. You're clearly of European design if you're capable of such feats.”

“I suppose we should be flattered!” Altina doesn’t particularly seem impressed, despite her words.

Adrian can only remain quiet for so long. “So what happened to the last necromancer?”

The angriest woman in the room snarls at Adrian. “Are you fucking deaf?”

“Now, now,” Marina chides. “As I said. They left us for dead. No pun intended.” A comment on how vague this is from Adrian spurs Marina to keep going, though she doubtlessly would have regardless. “Simply, poof. Vanished. Even had the audacity to say so to our faces. That she was going away for a very long time. Because she could not handle the pressure.”

“And you’re the ones who get to take over.” Adrian remains unimpressed.

“Maybe,” Aida says, “she went away because she doesn't like people that put weird bugs in people's heads.” Sound reasoning, as ever.

“Oh ho.” Marina has to clarify misguided bomb notions. “The insects came after that. Another great European design that we snatched away and adapted. Thanks to our great researcher, of course. My dear sister, Camila.”

The depressive of the group musters just a bit of vigor when called out so. “… Damn you, Marina. If I knew you'd lead us here… I'd never…”

“Don’t care,” declares the A-Team’s muscle, glare locked onto Marina. “Far as I can tell, it's on you.”

“Hoho, credit where it is due, I suppose.” Marina’s smile hasn’t budged an inch. “As the mayoress, I had inherited the largest amount of power granted by our coward of a necromancer. Of course, that wasn't enough to keep the Chinese out. So I gathered my sisters, who had also inherited such power, and here we are.”

“Sounds like they don't agree with what you did,” says Adrian.

The woman of paramount disgust has her own take. “Gathered is an odd way to put it…”

“We got butchered,” admits the infuriated one of the bunch.

“Nonsense,” says the one who really just doesn’t care at all. “We are here, just fine.”

“Oh my.” Feigning innocence is hard to get away with when Marina’s smile remains entrenched. “What do you want this old lady for?”

“Stopping all this.” Simple, Adrian, but efficient.

What about you, Aida? “You’re the talkiest bug talker! So we just gotta blow you up extra hard.” That’s so adorable Marina even says as much.

Altina is itching for a fight, at this point, for such is inevitable. “Arrogance and condescension cannot be your only weapons, truly?”

Yet Marina wishes to chatter on instead of fight. “So I am going to be stopped by a group of foreign dolls that just came marching into my beautiful town. Well, if you are looking to help the Chinese stay in power, I can understand. What a riot!”

Such assumptions are dashed with a brusque, “I don't give a shit about the Chinese either," from Adrian.

“Then join us, will you not?” Marina asks. “Then the insects will no longer bug you.” She starts giggling like an absolute madwoman.

“Nope!” Aida declares. “You seem like bad people. Allah wants me to blow up bad people. So I'm gonna do that!”

“You’ve been making things worse for everyone around here,” Adrian says, “and so far, all you got for justification is 'I think I should'. So I'll ask what I asked your enforcers, what reason you got beyond 'divine right'?” The sarcasm is particularly thick on those last two words.

Marina stops giggling, though her smile never fades. “Sacrifices are necessary for evolution. Often, millennia of suffering. I am speeding up this process quite a lot, I'll have you know. By the time I'm finished, my swarm will be strong enough to crush both the Siberians and Chinese under our heel. Then, we'll be slaves to no one. Don't you understand? I am making my dolls stronger. Perhaps if I had bothered to implant those three with some insects they'd have bloomed into the perfect warriors and slaughtered you lot. But they refused.”

“So far your evolution couldn’t stop four foreigners,” Adrian points out, kindly including a force ghost in that count. “Seems like a bad plan.”

Altina laughs, hiding her mouth behind an open palm while her crimson glare fixates on Marina. “Quite honestly, if what we've seen is the best your 'evolution' has come up with, you wouldn't stand a chance anyway. The courthouse springs to mind."

“Oh, yes,” Marina says. “You've met quite the prototypes, but you've never seen the real deal. But let me ask you this, young woman: what do you think will happen to the power I inherited should I perish?”

“No clue,” says Adrian. “Not particularly worried if it stops the shit here.”

“Well, I suppose that means you are quite the pure-hearted hero then! I expected you'd come to claim it for yourself! What a noble soul!” This is all so amusing that Marina starts giggling yet again.

Aida has her own ideas for what to do with all that power. “Maybe someone not bad will get it! Like Kuku!”

Altina joins in on the giggling, for only one girl can be a smiling nutcase here if she has any say in the matter. “I simply don't like you very much.”

“Fair,” Marina admits. “I don't enjoy your company either. But that power will be just there. It'll simply leave my physical body and probably drop to the floor, yours for the taking! My real question being... What will you do with it? Oh, pure-hearted heroes.”

In the face of all this condescension, Adrian shrugs. “Take it so we know where it is?”

Marina starts cackling. “You are certainly annoying. But amusing!”

Aida shrugs as well. “All that weird power stuff seems weird. I wanna give it to Kuku."

That only leaves the smiling bird’s plans for such things. “What do I need of power like that? Then I would have to be responsible and take care of things around here! And I, eheheheh, I am no one's idea of a good leader. Even I know that!”

“Good,” Marina says. “Then let me have it all.”

“You’ve made a mess with it,” Adrian counters.

She goes ignored as Marina carries on. “I will gather whatever inheritors remain in this town. I will then have all the shards of the necromancer's power. I'll become them. And you don't need to be alive to see this.”

“We just said we don’t like you and you’re bad!” Aida complains. “You can’t have it!”

Adrian is a generous, merciful soul, as she proves with saying, “If the others at that table wanna leave you, I don't really care.”

“Ohohohohoho,” Marina chortles. “They can't leave me. I'm just that charismatic. Isn't that right, Mariana, Maria, Carol, Camila?”

Camila the ever-depressed is so, so tired. “Do you truly believe I am here of my own will?”

Mariana the indifferent continues her boring streak. “Couldn't care less. Why care? We're husks at this point.”

Carol the infuriated just wants to kill something. “Yeah, yeah. Charismatic as a rotting hooker.”

Finally, Maria’s disgusted contempt is voiced with a simple, “Please.”

Altina’s eyes flit from woman to woman as they speak, before settling on Marina. “I suppose you shoved some more of those insects into them, right? Or is this just because of the power you keep talking about?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Marina taunts.

Adrian’s mind is set. “Either way, getting rid of you will probably break whatever you got on'em.”

Or not, if Camila is one to believe. “… If only. I’m sorry.”

“Fuckin’ bitch,” Adrian growls at Marina, not looking away from her for a moment.

“My research started all this,” Camila continues. “I wouldn't be surprised if I drove the necromancer away too. I deserve this.”

“We’ll figure that out later,” Adrian promises...

…But Marina has other plans. “I’m afraid you won’t. You see, as a potential necromancer, I have many abilities.”
File: Hive Queen Marina.png (3.21 MB, 1000x839)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG

This is the prelude to how the ground starts shaking violently, as the three robed maidens behind Marina have their heads suddenly burst into large insects. More pressingly, as the table the mayoress is seated at is flung aside into the nearby wall, crashing and breaking apart, Marina’s true form is revealed; not only are all the sisters connected, they are one, arms, legs and head, with one girl at each extreme of the gargantuan, chitinous giant. It stands to face the A-team with Marina as its head.

The A-Team falters at the sight in alarm, terror seeping into their minds – but only just for a moment before they shake it off, Adrian shattering Hydra’s legs in her frenzied anger as she drops the broken enforcer, before lunging into battle with a roar of, “Can’t say I’m surprised you’re that much of a bitch!”

“Goodness!” Altina adds, arm unfurling into blaster mode, “You’re even uglier than I thought!”

“Ah, yes,” Marina says, unperturbed by these insults. “Allow me to bring back one of your friends.” Her massive torso splits open, vomiting forth the familiar form of the once-fallen Worshiper to complicate this battle just that much further. She follows this up by throwing Carol forth, the infuriated woman puppeted into slashing away at Alexis with her sword and (with some bolstering music from Pauline to assist) carving clean through most of the jedi’s legs, despite best efforts to the contrary. Adrian is too busy grappling with the freshly-reborn Worshiper to help much there, shoving an arm through the girl’s torso and narrowly avoiding setting off an explosive chain-reaction at the last moment, for only Aida is the one who explodes around here, thank you kindly.
File: Hive Worshipper.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG

Altina opts to blast away at the same target Adrian’s brawling with, but no matter how she tries stabilize her shots, they go frustratingly wide to no effect as the Worshiper slams her staff into Adrian’s legs hard enough to send cracks through flesh. Meanwhile, Carol’s first swing at Alexis being such a success, the enraged sister of the quintet lashes out at Aida next with her other blade, landing a heinously sharp blow to the bomb’s legs and neatly chopping through them. As the swarm of bug-girls march forward to get involved with all this violence, Adrian’s jagged fists lash at the Worshiper’s arms – but for the power of the girl shoving her away, only to have Alexis force-shove Adrian right back at her… and into the chains summoned forth by the Worshiper to use this momentum Adrian has against her, flinging the muscle away from the action once more.

Mariana’s indifference matters little, as she too is forced through Marina’s whims into pulling out a hefty gun and taking aim at Altina, blasting her straight in the chest; gunfire shreds flesh and bone, but the metal underlayer of Altina’s skin deflects the worst of it. Pauline’s inappropriate and terrible music in the background is sending one of the bug-girls to moving with unnatural speed as Adrian rushes back into the fray and Altina stops reeling from her damage long enough to send streaks of cutting laser death the Worshiper’s way – fortunately, they land right on the girl’s arms. Unfortunately, most shots bounce off her gauntleted hands, and the rest that do blow chunks out of the arms have no lasting effect as charred flesh rapidly regrows.

Alexis, however, bless her ethereal heart, flings her saber forth, the spinning blade landing perfectly where Altina’s shots did not, just about carving through the Worshiper’s arms – if not for the sudden, unwelcome interference of Marina the Queen Bitch shoving forth an ablative sister in the form of Camila to deflect the worst of this hit, stopping this dismemberment in its tracks. In the face of this failure, Aida’s fiddling with her latticed chest is successful and entirely welcome, save for the part where Marina’s massive bulk soaks up the explosion with nary a scratch, perfectly formed to bounce off such wide-ranging attacks... but where there’s a detonation ongoing, there’s a jedi to hurriedly fling her forth at the little drummer girl hiding behind everything, and with an, “OH GOD NOT AGAI-” is Pauline exploded. Not enough to stop her from continuing to drum, somehow, but when most of her head is missing, her music gets even worse.

Adrian lands a solid haymaker to the Worshiper’s face, but her attempt to tear the girl’s head clean off is just barely stymied. A slash directed the muscle’s way from Carol goes wide, while one of the bug-girls lunges for Alexis to bite a chunk out, missing by a hair – and then, still charged up by a drummer girl’s music, lunges again to gnaw at a latticed torso, ripping out a solid chunk as more music from Pauline sends another bug to jittering excitedly with vigor. This music offends Aida, whose claws close in on Pauline’s head and gouge out more meaty chunks from the irritatingly resilient drummer girl that refuses to stop playing, even Marina’s movements growing more animated as the beat continues defiling the air. Adrian’s brawl with the Worshiper continues as expected, fists smashing into legs yet once more failing to sever them, but for Altina scoring a solid hit at last and sending the foe crashing to the floor.

Another bug bites at Aida, but this time the bomb steps out of the way and lets its teeth sink into Pauline’s arms, much to the drummer’s terror. The other bugs are inadequate in their efforts to consume Islamic flesh, which leaves Aida with the opportunity to claw away at Pauline again and shred what remains of her skull to bits, finally bringing her drumming to a stop and saving everyone from the menace of shitty music.

Mariana being dead inside has no effect on her still being an excellent shot, meanwhile, as she aims for Altina again and, despite the bird’s evasive steps, scores a major shot to her arms to mangle them severely, though the glow of Altina's blaster still lives on. The Worshiper’s chains are swung around at Adrian once again, smashing into her midsection and crunching guts and bones alike, though the followup swing goes wide and slams right into one of the bug-girls instead. Alexis capitalizes on this opening with a saber-twirling lunge that carves right through what remains of the Worshiper’s head, neatly severing it at the neck, then bounces away from her to carve through a bug-girl with style.

Speaking of bugs, one of them lunges for Aida again, latching right onto her neck and chewing away with horribly sharp teeth, very nearly managing to separate it from the bomb’s shoulders before the little girl desperately shoves it off her. The other two bug-girls stumble around uselessly, one lunge a whiff, the other chomping down accidentally on one of its buggy comrades. As that mess carries on, Adrian grabs hold of the Worshiper and, thoroughly enraged, rips her into little tiny chunks. Marina views this with her omnipresent grin and deems it merely, “A minor setback.”

“You’re next!” Adrian roars, getting only mocking laughter in response.

Who’s actually next is Altina, as Carol’s swing at Adrian is deflected, leaving Mariana to be puppeted into blasting the bird once again – this time, Altina’s hectic moves spare her arms from a ruinous shot, but what’s left of her midsection is thoroughly annihilated instead by the bullets that tear through her. The little white snake that had survived so much falls out of her formerly-safe body in little gory chunks, leaving its staggering owner to stare at it in tearful horror. “No. No, no, no. No.” There’s little to be done there for it, alas, as Altina jerks her head up to stare at the queen bitch in charge of all this, wide-eyed, smile only barely present as she brings her cannon-arm to bear. “Go directly to hell.” The shots slam into reinforced legs, but at least carve little chunks out of the women bound to them. It’s Alexis who has far more luck in exacting vengeance, as another toss of her saber sends it whirling straight into Marina’s body, carving away massive chunks of flesh and bone, spilling viscera all over the room as the blade spins about like an agitated blender.

Pauline decides to make another mistake as she blindly twirls a hefty drumstick and swings it at Aida, landing a surprisingly hard blow to the bomb’s body in payback for everything the ‘musician’ has been through. The fact that said drumstick is forcibly torn from her arms, and then her arms from her body, before the tool is broken over Aida’s knee in vengeful spite just goes to show how foolish this defiance was, and so the drummer finally makes her first good decision in the form of falling over motionless, thoroughly defeated.

More bugs bite at the bomb and the jedi, but only one lands on the force ghost’s arm, before promptly being shaken off without too much damage. Disregarding those pests, Adrian roars in wordless rage at Marina, earning a spiteful, “I’ll grind you into dust!” from the pseudo-necromancer in turn. Battered, broken-legged, and bleeding, Adrian nevertheless drags herself towards Marina with intention to maul a bitch, covering fire from Altina allowing her to move unmolested long enough to throw herself up through the air and latch onto Marina’s body, where the slabs of rock that serve as her fists ram deep into the heavily-damaged body of the beast.

“YOU THINK I NEED LEGS TO FUCKIN’ BEAT YOUR ASS?” Adrian howls, ripping out huge chunks of meat.

“A useless gesture,” Marina retorts, unbothered. “I have you in checkmate.”

“I’LL KICK YOUR ASS TO THE CURB WITH MY BARE HANDS!” Adrian bellows back, disregarding such taunts to bellow her own, somewhat nonsensical ones, but such is berserk rage.

Marina has multiple puppets to do with as she pleases, which is why Mariana readies her gun in Aida’s direction, scoring another solid, shredding shot to the bomb’s latticed torso – which abruptly starts glowing. Alexis capitalizes on this by force-yanking her right up into Marina’s face; her attempts to maneuver her massive bulk out of the way are stymied by Adrian yanking the body back and forth with her mighty grip, but the muscle can’t do anything to stop Marina from throwing up another ablative sister in the form of Maria the disgusted to soak the explosion anyway. Infuriated by this, Adrian just keeps pummeling the fuck out of the ruined mess of a torso, while Aida pounces on one of the nearly dead bug-girls and eviscerates it with those wondrously sharp claws of hers.

Carol is used to violent effect once again as her kukri is slammed into Adrian’s midsection, splitting her chest wide open; yet the guttural, “Why’s everyone gotta break my heart?” from the maimed muscle, grinning wickedly all the while, shows that she doesn’t seem to overly mind. Especially as she gets to slam a fist into Marina’s face, or at least try to, before divested remnants of the woman’s main body crawl fleshily over Adrian’s arm to restrict her for a critical few moments.

While all this goes on, Altina manages to snap out of the worst of her disoriented, reeling state, tears trailing down her cheeks and arm shaking as she aims it at Marina; despite her clear distress, her voice is perfectly level. “Die already, you godforsaken whore.” Blue laserfire erupts from shredded arms, and the bird’s will to kill pays off, each and every bolt landing square on Marina, peppering the woman’s body and face alike – but alas, reinforced flesh sends a number of shots bouncing off, while the chunks of meat that do get evaporated and melted under this assault simply reform and regenerate.

“Add making Altie cry to your list of crimes,” Adrian snarls, biding her time to exact some vengeance for her beloved as the remaining embugged girls try, and fail, to chew on anything. Aida doesn’t take kindly to it, instead diving on one of them to start chewing away herself on delicious bug flesh, earning shrieks in turn as she consumes with glee. Adrian needs only wait a short while for her part before she winds up in sync with Alexis, muscle and jedi lunging to brutalize and carve at Marina and her sisters-on-arms alike, dealing out heavy pain before Alexis flings her saber away at the bug-girl Aida’s chewing on, rather perilously carving through another massive chunk of flesh while still leaving the bomb unscathed. Under this assault Marina’s suffering, the blast of gunfire from the gun-wielding sister hits nothing but a wall as the bugs continue to fail at eating anything except each other. Another unerring barrage of lasers from Altina carve away small chunks from Marina even though the worst of their effect is, once again, deflected by plentiful ablative gore.

Both sides refuse to give as one of the bug-girls staggers over and starts gnawing on Adrian’s head, forcing her to throw it off before it can chew clean through her neck, whereupon Alexis stabs at it with gusto in revenge; with the jedi handling that problem, Adrian settles on brutalizing one of Marina’s legbound sisters in a fury as she fails to reach the source of all this bullshit with her latest lunge. “I LIKE IT WHEN THEY’RE HARD!” she howls, mauling Carol to bits as the swordbearing puppet is helpless to keep fending her off.

The matters of what the bugs gnaw and chew on while this continues, and how Aida fends them off, are inconsequential to Altina, who’s spent this time bracing her blaster-arm upon a bloody stump, waiting for it to finish recharging as she glowers up at Marina. “I want your skull,” she declares, quietly, that demand marking yet another barrage of cutting blue bolts flashing through the room…

...and straight into Marina’s head. Under the concentrated assault she’s endured, the psuedo-necromancer can’t manage to bring up another shield in time as her head pops, as more and more lasers rip through her body atop the main mass with such grievous precision as to effectively make her explode into messy little chunks. Threat carried out, Altina lets her shredded arm fall to her side, staring with no apparent satisfaction at her handiwork.

While Marina’s passing may not officially end the fight, the cleanup is hardly worth dwelling on, as Aida soaks another bug-bite and murders them back in kind, Alexis blending away at what’s left of Marina’s teetering main body and the still-hostile, still-puppeted sisters. Ultimately, it’s Adrian who scores the kill, cackling a maddened “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” as she climbs up what’s left of Marina and rips it all apart with a roar of, “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!?” ...And, unwisely, unstoppably, starts shoveling the bugcromancer’s flesh down her gullet, bloodlust, madness, and the high of victory demanding she sate herself with the flesh of her greatest foe yet.

Which is about the part the corpse lights up on fire for no apparent reason.

Adrian is consumed by the flames even as she keeps consuming burning flesh in turn, though a dismayed, “SHIT!” at least tells her sisters she’s aware she’s ablaze. There’s no throwing herself off now that it’s fully enveloped her, but it also doesn’t seem to actually be having any physical effect on her person, beyond the godawful burning sensation that pierces even her usual immunity to pain. The bugcromancer's body, however, doesn't fare nearly so well as it melts away.

Altina stares at her girlfriend getting set on necrofire, but isn’t in any position to help even if she did have the will to do much of anything. She instead turns her attention to the tiny fragment of a snake head still intact near her feet, and nudges it with a toe. No response, as expected. Even when Aida comes up next to her, staring at the burning muscle, and goes, “Uhh… why is Adrian on fire?” there’s no response from the bird. “I don't think I wanna try eating any of that,” Aida figures, looking down at the pseudomancer's corpse questioningly.

Eventually, Adrian’s blazing suffering ceases as the fire fades out, leaving her unscathed save for a prickling rash sensation on her shoulders. A mystified, “What the fuck?” sums up her thoughts before she starts looking around, eyes wide. She blinks, gaze stopping on her sisters, and this starts up a staring contest between her, the unblinking and motionless Altina, and a very confused Aida for a short while before she shakes her head rather hard and looks down at herself – whatever it is she sees makes her eyes go even wider.

It’s at this point Altina lurches forward on unsteady legs, until she's standing before Adrian, staring up at the other girl with as close to a blank expression she's ever managed. “...Did you just get what I think you did from her?”

“I…” Adrian trails off. “Maybe?”

Aida thinks she gets it, now, enough to ask, “She took all the weird power stuff?”

She goes unanswered, for Altina says, “Okay,” and, while she’s rather lacking in arms right now, takes another step forward to hug Adrian – as much as one can do with stumps for arms, anyway. “This is fine.”

Coach looks dazed and out of sorts, but Adrian is with it enough to pull her little bird up into a proper mighty hug. “Y-yeah, fine,” Adrian says, lacking in her normal unshakable confidence despite her best efforts to recover it. At least she’s able to distract herself by taking in the mangled state of the white-haired girl in her embrace. “We should put you back together.”

There’s no protest from Altina on this front, sure enough, and so repairs are conducted for everyone, for there’s plenty of meat to go around to stick people back together. While Aida handles her own repairs through just consuming plenty of delicious undead flesh, however, Adrian’s aid comes in the form of the flesh she sticks back onto her little bird reshaping, with just a bit of muscly effort, to perfectly fit into Altina’s body, as opposed to the normal (as these things go) method of just slapping enough bits together to have it look mostly right – or, for the cannibals, just eating enough that everything grows back as normal. Once everyone’s put together again, Adrian even does the still-fallen Hydra a service by reshaping a head for her to have as well, even though the enforcer remains unconscious as Adrian carries her along for whatever comes next, while Altina is perfectly content to be the clingiest bird in the world as she hangs onto Adrian as well.

“Let’s keep any mention of power stuff quiet, yeah?” Adrian asks. “Some people out there might wanna try something because they're worried or some shit. They might run us outta town or something.”

Aida hops up from her corpse of choice, coated in blood and entirely intact again. “But Kuku can see people.”

“Yeah, and Kuku’s a nice girl.” Undeniable logic, Adrian.

Aida’s satisfied with this answer, but her questions still keep coming. “I wonder if the bugs are all gonna stop doing stuff now that we got the talkiest bug talker? Wait, if you got the talkiness... could you make the bugs stop?” This gets a muscly shrug, for Adrian’s only had this power for not even five minutes. Experimentation is required.

“So,” Adrian says, “let’s go see if we can’t meet our friends out-” She’s interrupted by the faint sound of a hellish horn approaching. “I think that’s them.”

“Guess they got all the buggy girls,” Aida says. “Well. We had the more fun fight!” Well, two out of three members of the team did, disregarding whatever force ghosts felt.

The front of a truck suddenly crashes through a wall, spooking the absolute fuck out of everyone – Aida jumps a solid foot in surprise, Adrian shields Altina from the rubble with her MIGHTY ARMS, and the bird very nearly leaps out of her skin before this soothingly secure embrace calms her. Lola steps out of the truck, leaving an enormous hole in the wall behind it that lets all the light in. The sun has risen, as Lola takes in the scene. “...Uh, guys?”

“The queen bitch is dead,” Adrian reports.

“Is this true?” Vulovic asks, emerging from the truck as well, arms locked with Buinov.

“Yes,” Adrian says, with a cheerful additional confirmation from Aida. “She was big and actually had like four other people on her but we tore her the fuck up.”

“...Well who the hell was she?” Lola asks. “A Russia-”

“The mayoress,” Adrian interrupts.

“EXCUSE ME?” Well, now Lola can’t be racist against slavs.

“And her sister!” Aida adds. “And... uh... who were the other three?" Aida now realizes she has not the remotest clue who most of the people they killed were.

Adrian is better at this. “Said shit about being the one who inherited shit from your necromancer and she'd drive out all the Russians and Chinese and beat them both for good. Considering the four of us beat her ass, I don't think she'd have gotten very far.”

Lola removes her hat, scratching her head afterwards. “... Surprisingly, that explains most of it.”

“Huh,” says Vulovic. “Guess we got rid of a threat to the Czar and completed our investigation all at once.”

Her partner chimes in. “Maybe you guys just are really damn strong. Aren't you European? The Euros were, pretty much, the strongest necromancers.”

If Adrian didn't have a bird in one hand and a wingless girl in the other, she'd flex. While she’s stymied by all these girls she’s carrying, Aida speaks in her place. “I think she said that too?” The bomb shrugs. “Everyone keeps saying middle east when I say Allah. Is that European?”

“No,” Vulovic says. “That’s Middle-Eastern. It’s below Anatolia.” Aida gives Vulovic a look. A look that plainly says, 'Ana-who-what-now?' Such is being eight. Vulovic feels obligated to try and clear things up re: geography. “Anatolia. The Middle East is between here and Anatolia. We have dozens of outposts along both places.” This is clearly telling Aida nothing, alas, so the slav gives up.

“So if they were so strong,” Adrian wonders, “why isn’t it Europeans here?”

Lola has little to offer except, “I think they're all dead.”

“Slaughtered each other, of course,” Buinov adds.

“Oh, well.” Adrian’s got her answer, at least. “But it'd be a pretty shitty plan to beat two armies at once if they couldn't handle four people, right?”

“I guess they didn’t count on the truck with the Russians, either,” Lola says.

“So what happened out there?” Adrian asks.

Buinov answer with a V sign. “A massascre,” she proudly explains.

“All the bugs in here exploded after we killed her,” Adrian also explains in turn, indicating the giblets of the necrocorpse.

“Oh,” says Vulovic. “That’d explain a lot.”

“Mm-hm,” Altina says, morosely making herself known. “I shot her skull off.” Technically it was more like Marina’s entire head-torso, but whatever.

“I...” Aida pauses. “Huh. I didn't really get to blow her up.” Disappointing, that.

“So,” Adrian begins, “did everything out there blow up too?”

“Uh.” Vulovic is concerned. “The bugs are supposed to blow up, right?” When Adrian reports she doesn’t know for sure, Vulovic continues. “Well, the guerrillas outside stopped moving a little while ago.”

“Which is why,” Lola says, “I took a huge detour along the dunes to get here.”

“So all the bugs did stop!” Aida is full of cheer at this success. “Yay! Everything's fine and we can get chickens from Kuku to celebrate!”

“Yeah,” Adrian agrees. “Let’s go to Rita’s, we need to make sure she’s okay.”

“I would like to get out of here,” Altina understates, and that’s what marks the A-Team climbing aboard the truck, Adrian taking the front, Aida going for her usual spot in the back, and Altina entirely content to stay in Adrian’s huge grip for quite possibly the next year or so.

“Hey,” Adrian asks of Lola as the trucker hops into the driver’s seat. “There were like live ones and zombie bugs, right?”

“You tell me,” Lola says, buckling in.

“You think they both exploded or just, like, the zombie ones?” Adrian raises a good question, actually.

“Uh.” Vulovic is fond of that word, climbing in the back so that she and Buinov accompany Aida. “I'm guessing the living ones are not linked in any way to this queen?”

“Maybe they had something going on, but not the same?” Adrian wonders.

“Well, if they're naturally dangerous, guess it's a matter of pest control from now on.” Vulovic can only shrug.

“Yeah,” Adrian grumbles, “but at this point, I'm getting fucking sick of it. The Colonel can take care of that shit.”

“Did you tell them about the reservoir?” Buinov asks, because that’d be rather embarrassing and also fatal if it was forgotten. Fortunately, her worries are soothed with an affirmative from Adrian. “Then we should be fine, I hope.”

“Anyway…” Lola mutters, fighting with her own entirely-too-cool entry method to back the truck out, because it’s rather difficult to make an exit with all this rubble they’re parked on, actually.

“Now,” Adrian declares, “we’re going to go to the bar, and get drunk off our asses.” As Lola finally manages to back them out properly into the light of day, the muscle has a question for her. “What made you drive through the wall anyway?”

Silence, at first, sheepish that it is. “...Well, you didn't say anything on the radio. And if we contacted you and you were sneaking around or were captured you'd be in deep shit... So I did the next best thing. Was just a bit late.”

“Nice.” Adrian definitely is on-board with this. “We appreciate the gesture.”

“Oh, by the way.” Lola offers Adrian, and the team as a whole by extension, a thumbs-up (which Adrian promptly returns). “Good job.”

For once, the A-Team rides into the sunrise.


Thus ends Session 9. Thank you for reading. I'll be around to answer questions, as will my partner, doubtlessly. Hopefully you enjoyed this latest part of the A-Team's adventure, for I know I certainly am glad to have finished sharing it.
The new generation of megazords is really weird.
>This is the prelude to how the ground starts shaking violently

Oh boy!

It can be useful if the GM's stingy with reinforcement replacements, but Coffin itself is shit. 2 AP is too costly most of the time for any sort of defend that isn't a last resort, let alone a defend 2. It's also competing with Armor plating, which is free and performs just as well against explosive and boost is arguably the best rapid in the game, both of these will, in practice, prevent more damage than coffin would recover since they can be utilized more than once per round. Feel free to take it for IC reasons, but the gimmick's not enough to justify the cost, even scales is better.

>More than once per round

Should have been more than once per phase.
File: dq37869_created.png (1.74 MB, 2480x3508)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG

Given how stagger is a PC only thing. How should one go about building enemies and enemy teams that are motivated to capture the doll undead instead of dead.
>breasts replaced with flood lights so she can flash people.
Got a pretty good chuckle out of me.

But you're not wrong. I'm kind of a realismfag and it can be difficult to try and let myself come up with odd things if I don't feel like they're 100% practical. It's hard to work myself out of the mindset. But getting out of my comfort zone and figuring things out is why I'm here, so I guess we're making progress?

I mulled over an idea for a 'specialist' unit while at work, I think it might be more in the kooky necromancer vein?

>Nickname: Eightball
>Rolls: Scout, sentry, and ambusher
>a Doll that is only a head encased in a black orb.
>The orb is extraordinarily durable, and contains an advanced sensor suite as well as a compact propulsion system for the Doll inside.
>Eightball's body is constructed from found material. Tendrils of the necromantic slime mold sprout from the base of her neck and collect objects in her environment into a temporary body which the Doll uses to traverse the environment. The overall form of this body varies heavily based on the environment, available materials, and her mood.
>While it's possible for her to use conventional weaponry, she is typically only provided with a satchel charge of adequate size to dispatch her assigned target.
>Standard procedure for Eightball is to hide in plain sight, disguising herself as a pile of refuse or debris in locations believed to be trafficked by their target. Once her prey wanders close enough, Eightball leaps out of cover, gets as close to their prey as she can (clambering onto it if possible), and detonates her payload.
>Her head is thrown clear of the blast, and they then she moves to regroup with her commander for her next assignment.
>Eightball's heads is often decorated, either by herself or her squadmates. This serves the dual purpose of helping her express herself as well as helping her squadmates tell who she's is talking to.
>Eightball appears to enjoy her job.
>Given how stagger is a PC only thing. How should one go about building enemies and enemy teams that are motivated to capture the doll undead instead of dead.

I have no idea.

I would want to talk to this character.

They are either simple, in deep denial, or they possess some sort of wisdom that would help someone live with the trying times of this broken war-torn world.

I am the siege ladder.
Brazilian, or maybe Argentinian or Chilean sky pirates.
They've been raiding up and down North and South America gathering strength and fabulous treasure which they have reinvested in rebuilding infrastructure.

Now they believe themselves ready to move beyond raiding and scaring off rivals. They are looking to set up bases and take over territories in the north.

They give the badguys a major logistical edge. After all strategic airlift is a big deal, as is a much lower chance of your side's supply train not being hit by porates.

But they are also potentially one of the easier factions to convince to leave the badguy alliance or stab the badguy alliance in the back.

After all, there's no gain in armageddon if it actually happens.

They'd do it the same way most PCs would go about trying to capture something, kill their movement and attack parts. Dead on target would help with this and depending on how bullshit you wanna be, judgement. You can give an enemy an attack with the AP cost increase effect net gun has and have something similar to entombed's grappler arm for dragging someone off. It's a matter of how much you want to make the capture an active mechanical concern vs "They're going to beat your ass until you can't fight back" with a different flavor.
The defend function of coffin can be used once per turn (that is to say once in each trip down the AP stack that happens in the battle phase). But yeah.
>>75598093 #
>You can give an enemy an attack with the AP cost increase effect net gun has and have something similar to entombed's grappler arm for dragging someone off.


>It's a matter of how much you want to make the capture an active mechanical concern vs "They're going to beat your ass until you can't fight back" with a different flavor.

"Beating your ass till you can't fight back or run" becomes problematic against skills like trusted companion, voracity, feast of flesh, or tuning if you want or need to bring your target in undead instead of dead.
>Contests of counting who killed the most – it was Altina – shall have to be put off until later for the dolls

Why does this make me imagine the narrator is a cat?
>Altina continues to be chipper. “You have done a successful job of destroying any desire of mine to not kill you.” She claps her hands together. “Lovely! Thank you very much!”

Edward didn't want peace.

That was referring to the "advantage" that coffin has over boost/Armor plating, which is only relevant once per battle phase. Coffin is shit compared to the other two based on being a defend alone.

Mechanically, none of those can be declared when combat is over, and combat ends when one side has no attack/movement parts left, even if they could pop a rapid to get it back, you could rule it that they get captured because they can't declare them to get the part back until the start of the next count, when the combat would be over.
>While Altina’s swift evasive movements save her from taking that straight to the head, her arms don’t fare so well, flesh and metal being shaved clean off – it very nearly cleaves her arms apart entirely, in fact, and a very irate snake, not seen for quite some time, pokes its head out of the fresh gash in Altina’s arm to hiss at her for this failure in dodging, leaving the bird with far-too-wide eyes and a smile on the edge of cracking. Hers is a brittle giggle of, “Oh, he hates me! Lovely!”

Is that her treasure breaking is it her treasure fetter filling up and going into madness?
>Aida tries to land another terribly sharp bite – the way she latches on like a tiny, deranged, explosive landshark, violently chomping down and gnawing away at the drummer’s arms until one, then the other, are ripped off to leave Pauline with shredded, gory stubs

Really bring home how horrifying Aida is.
The fixed grin bent, then broke.
>They are either simple, in deep denial, or they possess some sort of wisdom that would help someone live with the trying times of this broken war-torn world.
Not the reaction I expected, I'll be honest.

Part of the reason she doesn't mind her role is that the shock absorption system in the orb breaks physics over its knee, so the blasts just don't really bother her. The more spoilery reason is that her and her family have a history of hunting, tracking, and outdoorsmanship. Eightball basically views herself as the most radical Big Game Hunter on the planet.
This whole long thing makes me wonder what giving Kuku more powder would do to her.

Bigger cocks.
Roosters big enough to ride like horses?
Like Chocobos?
It's Nechronica, so weird is the default, after all. If you're totally normal, are you really doing it right?

I do suppose cats would definitely enjoy keeping a killcount, if they had the brainpower to remember such things for any length of time.

At times, peace actually is an option. But when dealing with horribly insane bugmancers, the best (and, face it, only) choice is really just to stomp on them until they're paste.

I waffled back and forth on including the OOC reason for this before cutting it for the sake of flow, but what happened there was that Altina had taken a Dismember attack to her arms and failed her check to not lose them completely. So she Madness Rerolled on her treasure fetter. And failed again. And because she didn't want to be wholly disarmed in this fight, she rerolled again. And failed again. It was only on her fourth and final reroll, the one that filled up her previously empty Treasure fetter completely and put her into Madness on it, that she finally passed the check to keep her arms intact. Everybody was pretty horrified OOC, including the GM.

Aida is a good girl, but also being a good girl in Nechronica involves doling out horrible goddamn violence on the regular. So it goes, so it goes.

Altina being an Automaton never meant she didn't have other, perfectly human feelings beneath her permanent smile, ultimately. Unfortunately for her.

Honestly yeah bigger chickens overall seems like the most obvious method for Kuku to show off improved power like that. It'd be great, wouldn't it?
Does anyone have pictures depicting Carcinization of, or in design or mutation of, the undead?
As in the phenomenon in biology of animals that are not crabs evolving to be like crabs, because it turns out crab is the ultimate life-form?
File: CRAB.png (979 KB, 500x500)
979 KB
979 KB PNG
Yes, actually. Just this one, though. I'll save details on this crab-girl for whensoever she actually shows up in storytime proper, but the thread's in need of a bump and I may as well bring art with it.
File: Crab girl.png (1.04 MB, 985x903)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Have another.
Thank you.
What would the advantages of a monoeye be? Besides aesthetics.

Huge pupil means good low light vision, I'd expect. Maybe a large lense means good distance vision as well at the cost of depth perception?
So how good is Thanatos’s special skill
It looks really interesting
What’s the intended tactical use for it?
I think it's meant to be parts of some sort of "burst damage God" build that focuses on killing one target that must die right now.

I could easily be wrong.

It's for bursting something down, you need multiple weapons to make use of it, so you're actually best grabbing gauntlet ASAP over a T3 Armament at the start to best use them. Speaking from an objective "is this really good." Its neat but not the best since you can get extra arms and such without too much difficulty in other builds.
So she went from zero to madness in her treasure fetter in the space of a single count from trying to reroll to keep her arms.


Was the Snek's death meant to represent the treasure part being damaged or lost?

Or is that something that is going to have story implications in the next time so it's better to wait to find out?
Know that you've given me a nice smile, anon, and thank you kindly for this.

Having played a Pure Thanatos at one point with Unlimited Destruction whose entire gimmick was "I want every single sharp object I can grab as a Part and then I want to activate THE BLENDER", I can confirm it is, indeed, the way Thanatos looks at something she doesn't like and decides it needs to be obliterated from existence at that very moment, since she can only focus on the target she triggers it on. It's best on a Doll who possesses a variety of attack parts, since you're not going to get much out of it if you just build towards, say, Superior Katana and then a bunch of utility parts to make your life easier, plus it comes with the downside of essentially knocking you out of most of the Turn since it devours AP. Tangentially, a similar skill to UD is Sorority's Order, in terms of her going "Okay, something needs to die right goddamn now." But where UD focuses on a single target, Order allows the entire team to pop shots off at whatever they like, though its most effective use is generally to have the team focus down a particular enemy before it can pull off some pretty heinous stuff.

The Snake was indeed Altina's treasure since she rolled Undead Pet at chargen, and it was kept in her Torso hit location, so when that part of her got obliterated in the Marina fight, yep, the treasure went with it. No greater story implications go with its death than just grievously upsetting her, though - and, admittedly, leaving her Treasure fetter in madness for the foreseeable future, seeing as she had no way of burning points off that fetter. Thus, -2 Max AP was her lot in unlife for a time.
>- and, admittedly, leaving her Treasure fetter in madness for the foreseeable future, seeing as she had no way of burning points off that fetter. Thus, -2 Max AP was her lot in unlife for a time.

I thought there was a way to deal with broken treasures?

then again I remember right this campaign happened a long long time ago when your group did not fully grasp the rules.
File: figure-6b.jpg (690 KB, 1442x816)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
>You can also do things that give maneuvers to characters in the zone to represent cover, stuff like giving all characters in tartarus (or whatever zone has cover) something like:
>>Light Cover [Damage/1/Self] Defend 1. This can only be used against attacks coming in from range 1 or greater. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per attack.
>>Heavy Cover [Damage/2/Self] Defend 2. This can only be used against attacks coming in from range 1 or greater. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per attack.
>>Concealment [Auto/None/Self] All attacks targeting you from range 1 or greater have a -1 to the attack check.
>>Barbed Wire [Auto/None/*] Anyone entering this zone breaks 2 parts.
>>Rubble Piles [Auto/None/Self] Move maneuvers with range Self into this zone have their cost increased by 2.
>>Spotlight [Rapid/1/1-2] As long as the target remains in the zone, all attack checks targeting them receive a +1.

I like this idea.

I wonder if it would make sense to tie these are specific powers to horrors with no attack or move parts. Just hinder move, defend, and ablative parts. And the area based powers stop working when they are annihilated. Also if they are the only enemies on the field combat ends as if they were not there.
There were rule corrections and such that went on over time as the translation advanced some more, yeah, but as far as I'm aware, there's still only a limited amount of ways anyone can burn off Madness on a Treasure fetter, since you can't roll conversation checks on it: Happy Pills from the Mutation parts tree, Prayer from a friendly Alice, or being a Holic with Limit of Madness. Altina had none of those available to her, so in the end there wasn't much she could do except hope for a Treasure replacement at some point. Plus whatever fanwork stuff there exists that might do something, too? A hefty chunk of all the fanworks that exist nowadays weren't available at the time, though.
>but as far as I'm aware, there's still only a limited amount of ways anyone can burn off Madness on a Treasure fetter

Like taking a madness point off of a fetter of your choice at the end of the battle phase?

Which requires a treasure. That is, in fact, treasure's only purpose.
As the other post responding to you says, that requires you to have an intact Treasure in the first place, when the topic at hand is "How do you deal with broken treasures?" Which I'm interpreting as "How do you remove Madness on a Treasure fetter when you don't have an intact Treasure left to do so?"

There's little a player can do on their own to deal with an actually broken Treasure, since once they're destroyed, they're gone for good (barring strange circumstances), and you're at the mercy of the GM who isn't obligated at all to give you another. Still, it's generally been good form in the games I've played to give long-lasting PCs something else eventually, if they lose a treasure, so they aren't constantly under the stress of their Treasure fetter gradually filling up to full.
Proof that I'm too drunk for this thread.
File: Entombed class sheet.png (1.96 MB, 2500x2100)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
1) What are good ways to build around laser beam?

2) Would Requiem/Entombed be a good class combination to take for it? Heavy weapons, overclock, gun god, hand of death, and lullaby seem like very useful things for zapping things into chunks.

(Picture this time.)
That's a very odd set of characters to draw together.

>Good ways to build around laser beam
Do you want specifically laser beam? Pulse laser's better and won't necessitate a back up to deal with horrors unless you need range 3.

For laser beam specifically, you need something to deal with horrors and legions more effectively because that's the majority of what you'll fight. Shotgun's always viable to slot in, but if you want something that supplements Laser Beam, you can nab AT rifle. It isn't as efficient as shotgun vs horrors and legions, but works better than Laser, and can be used to whallop savants to force whatever defends might make your laser plink. Position wise, you can only really expect to make good use of Holic, at least as far as "what makes laser beam better."

2) Would Requiem/Entombed be a good class combination to take for it? Heavy weapons, overclock, gun god, hand of death, and lullaby seem like very useful things for zapping things into chunks.

The requiem picks (other than hand of death), are essential for every shooting attack centric build and heavy weapon addresses the primary issue you'll have with laser and overclock is just a good skill. Another possibility for a "savant bully build" is just accepting you'll plink and going Requiem/Gothic. Vile Repast and Delight in Corruption can be nasty. How you use Delight in corruption is taking gun-kata and then popping it on dismember checks, and if you land the attack on gun-kata, you can use delight in corruption and immediately use Gun-kata again for a -6 to the dismember check.
I had not looked at Blast From the Past.

I'm not sure if I need range 3 or not. It seems like range 3 would be very useful though since it means you can reach out and dismember someone as a form of fire support even from far away.

Though I suppose range 2 is still pretty good reach.
>1) What are good ways to build around laser beam?

Build around Ball & Chain, its way better.
Has anyone talked about lawnmower builds here?
File: rackham-midsummer2-2.png (426 KB, 393x500)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
>Has anyone talked about lawnmower builds here?

Not in this thread yet. I'd love to hear about them though.
>>Heavy Cover [Damage/2/Self] Defend 2. This can only be used against attacks coming in from range 1 or greater. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per attack.
This seems kind of bad. 2AP for defend 2, even if it can be used as many times as you like in a turn but only once per incoming attack seems like it would be prohibitively expensive to use.

Unless light cover

>Light Cover [Damage/1/Self] Defend 1. This can only be used against attacks coming in from range 1 or greater. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per attack.
Is in the same area and you can pick whichever makes sense.
File: ENA.gif (615 KB, 520x293)
615 KB
615 KB GIF
>>Rubble Piles [Auto/None/Self] Move maneuvers with range Self into this zone have their cost increased by 2

I feel like this invalidates adhesive pads.
File: 98bvytwaudh51.png (326 KB, 720x705)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
Not entirely. Adhesive pads entire thing is that you will move and nothing can realy stop that (safe for other move manouvers targeting that doll)
your pic gives me a ladyboner
What besides that?
belly rubs
All Dolls deserve headpats and/or bellyrubs.
>>75618080 Most people deserve head pats and or belly rubs.
>>Barbed Wire [Auto/None/*] Anyone entering this zone breaks 2 parts

Maybe have it roll to hit anyone entering for 2? That way you can burn hinders or defends to try to get around it? Maybe with a bonus on it's roll to make needing to use those parts to avoid getting hit more likely?
The idea being that barbed wire is a dangerous obstacle, and one that can inconvenience you by making you burn resources to get by safely. But it's no an active attacking weapon system, nor is it a hard barrier or tarpit that physically block movement, holds you down, or sticks you in place.
Does that make sense? Does it sound like a good idea?

This also has interesting synergy with boost or wire reel. Force dolls or enemies into the barbed wire zone.

Would it make sense for the attack to be hinderable but not supportable so those the barbed wire is currently not harming can't use it as a primary means of attack effectively?
All melee/unarmed attacks are "get super strength and gauntlet." Lawnmower, being chain, wants +1's to the attack check more than usual but still doesn't require any special consideration. There's really nothing special to building for it.


They're just potential ways to go about it and not definitive, though heavy cover is meant more to represent "They're keeping their head down." The exact implementation for all of it is down to how the GM wants to do it.

If you want barbed wire to just do some damage and move on, then "break two parts" works, if you want to make it more involved, you definitely can. By making it a check/damaging, you make it something that can be interacted with. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you, but personally, it'd make more sense to treat it as an action check to avoid the damage if you wanted to do that.

You're still immune to hinder moves, and increasing the cost of moves makes that more valuable. Also, it's not the worst thing in the world if a T1 part is sometimes irrelevant/invalidated in a fight.

The most obvious thing is being the party's mobility source and its skills help with that. Stable platform makes riding the chariot a buff, and the chariot can grab mounted weapon for certain builds to turn itself into an armory (or at least a secondary weapon) for other PCs. It works best when coordinated with another player so the chariot can bring what they lack, especially if you're taking the special skill.

It's a gimmicky thing kinda like drug eater, but unlike drug eater, it doesn't really gimp you. Horse armor is just good and trample means you're doing a bit of extra damage if you plan on using a lot of moves, note how it's just when you declare a move maneuver, not when you move yourself, and cavalry charge is basically turning animal legs/rocket pack/whatever into Super Adhesive Pads.
Boys who post about anime girls getting headpats
Want headpats for themselves
the simple truth
File: [Pat Head].png (313 KB, 538x499)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
Behold, Nostradamus has returned to us.
I preffer scratches to pats.
Same. Scratches are GOAT.
>Tacklehugs and heartfelt tears tend to work out in my experience. Physical restraint in general if they're acting brash so you can actually get a chance to talk them down before they hurt themselves (super strength is also helpful here if your party is willing to play along).
>A big part of this sort of thing is knowing how to appeal to the character for conversation checks.

I wonder who could be behind this post.
File: Knarloc Daemonhost.jpg (646 KB, 2953x2362)
646 KB
646 KB JPG
Have their been any memorable non humanoid monsters from your games?

I know there have been some memorable bug monsters and centaur knight and her motorcycle doll backup in the Gravel camapign.
Port storytime had Monty, Gravel storytime has Lola's truck.

Anybody play in a game with a plane?
Doesn't Cortana mean a shot ceremonial sword?

It has the same root word as the word curt I think.
Don't strike a doll you hate mute. Instead curse them to speak in slow motion (with attendant distortion and down pitching) so that noone can understand them.
>This name derives from the Latin “curtus”, meaning “shortened, cut off, truncated, incomplete, devoid of a part”. Cortana (Sword of Mercy) is a ceremonial sword used in the coronation of the British monarchs. One of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, its end is blunt and squared, said to symbolize mercy. It is linked to the legendary sword carried by Tristan and Ogier the Dane. Curtana and its legendary predecessors have entered into popular culture. The artificial intelligence character Cortana in the Halo video game franchise is named after the historical and legendary sword. The name is related with the name "Courtney", of which one part of the root is shared.

Apparently it's the name of a ceremonial sword in England.
I know the OOC reason the party is protected by a Force Ghost of Alexis (the way someone in Fallout 3 or New Vegas can be protected by the Mysterious Stranger) but the idea idea of a doll that leaves ghosts of themselves behind when they move on from people they have bonded with is facinating.

I may do something with that in the future.
Refluffing things is fun.

Can't think of a game that had a plane in any major way. Games with a boat and games with space ships, but nothing where a plane was the group's primary mean of moving around. Really planes are pretty limited for PCs, especially in most nechronica scenarios. They'd need a place to land and there's fewer things that can actually pop up that can do things like get in the way or get on board without outright shooting it down. You can have like undead planes or whatever that could go around this, but that really only fits certain games and raises the question of does the GM want to deal with the PCs just being able to ignore terrain when travelling.
How do you guys introduce new Dolls in ongoing games?
>How do you guys introduce new Dolls in ongoing games?

The one time I've encountered it so far was when we found a doll offline under a fallen bookshelf in a library.

My doll, who was scouting ahead/running away from a source of trauma dug her out, held her at gunpoint and demanded she identify herself and state her business.

She declared her name was Percy and that her business seemed to be being held at gunpoint by a cute girls.

The standoff started to wind down and then the rest of the party showed up, some of them actually remembered Percy and there was a happy reunion.
Is the tier 2 enhancement part Assassin Blade often made redundant by most combat builds grabbing a skill or part that lets them attack once per turn as a rapid or am I missing something?

If the group has contact with their necromancer he goes "here's your new sister." If there's a group of NPCs the party has met, she can be a part of that that decides to go along with the party. Alternatively, there's the more fun option of popping up near the party, being a more twisted abomination than anything they've seen yet and going "Hi, how are you?"

For cost and rapid timing, it deals solid damage, and ironically, it's "combat builds" that would make the best use of it, as support/tank builds won't want or need more than one attack part and would rather take wire reel or some such in the same tier. Having extra arms or hand of death is better if you have a good T3 part, but there's not much stopping you from having Extra Arms and assassin blade for more rapids.
Am I crazy or does Nailbat combo better than Greatknife?

>2 AP for melee 1 + Explosive

Seems like it will better returns from bonuses to damage or to hit than

>3 AP for melee attack 4 with a built in +1 to hit.
Nope, you're not crazy at all. Being efficient with your AP is a strong part of what makes for powerful Dolls. Assuming a Doll is at the standard battlemap's AP tracker max of 15, if the Great Knife doll does nothing but attack, she gets 5 attacks a Turn that can total up to 20 damage, or 25 if she crits every time with that +1. Nothing to sneeze at. Now the Nailbat Doll in comparison, without any bonuses, is getting 8 attacks that deal 2 damage apiece, 16 damage per Turn if every hit lands. Slap on Gauntlet or Super Strength, and you've 4 damage. Both? 6 damage a shot. Potentially 48 damage a Turn, discounting crits, if you do nothing but attack. You give the Great Knife doll those two boosts to damage and that still leaves the doll with the very big knife dealing, at most, if her innate +1 lets her crit every single attack without any outside help, 36 damage a round.

This is totally ignoring how enemies can pack Defends with the Negate Explosive property, of course, and the basic Nailbat without any buffs to damage is something any Savant can just casually ignore with a single Defend 1, but if both parts are given every buff one can throw at them, the Nailbat's the clear winner. Still, the Great Knife isn't an awful part or anything, and sometimes it's nice to just smash a specific hit location on an enemy for the big damage/play up the fluff of a girl with an oversized slab of a sword, but there's definitely better choices out there if you want to maim in melee.
In bits and pieces. The party has to rebuild their new buddy before they can play with them.


It's a basic fact of the game that in terms of damage output, attacks with properties are the clear winners, because they multiply the damage boosts, it's why Monofilament/lightsaber is so broken. They don't receive a +1 to damage done, thanks to chain and dismember, it gets +4 for each +1 to damage, assuming the target is a horror/legion, which accounts for 90% of the enemies most GMs put in front of the PCs. Ideally this should be "balanced" by enemies having property negation, but if you deploy this in a significant enough manner to put a dent in the PC's ability to steam roll everything, many players get unhappy how often their shit is getting countered/negated.
When someone asks you what your favorite color is, and your member having several.
>tfw it's true
Oh no. I'm a doll.

Are you guys just an intelligent shitposting AI trying to keep me in the simulation?
What am I looking at?

Two baroques and their romanesque sister, obviously. What's not to get?
Whelp I think nech is leaking into my other non Nechronica projects
How so?
I was going to say "unless your name is anti-tank rifle" but a long and broad range band is a special quality all of its own.
Are you the Dwarf Fortess mod maker?

I can think of a few game scenarios where yes. The ability of the PCs to ignore a lot of terrain when their plane is working would be very useful.

Usually ones where they territory is full of hostile things that don't have the range to hit. Most planes once they get to a decent altitude. But that do involve the dolls needing to travel a lot.

The AN-2 a good plane for the job because it is immensely simple and repairable as well as very new pilot friendly, able to take of on unprepared and short runways, and even has an onboard fuel pump for sucking the fuel out of containers for runways so primitive the 'refueling equipment' is a couple of barrels of scrounged fuel.

But it's also a fuel inefficient beast and the engine, while extremely reliable simple and repairable, runs through spare parts quickly.

So she'll fulfill the dolls needs and come through for them in bad conditions. But she also needs care and upkeep, and if the GM needs it to be sidelined for a bit, I guess it's time for some repairs of maintainence.
I don't know enough about the immortal
de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver to know if it could fill that same niche the AN-2 could.

Could some Anons fill me in?
Sadly no though I do think I remember running into them somewhere six to fifteen months back

mainly the Command and unit structure of my settings YoRHa(like) faction borrowing off nech’s enemy type designations
With the replica forces who aren’t undead in this setting being divided into legion and savants
Since it’s a post apocalyptic setting there has been a surprising amount of overlap with pre apocalyptic worldbuilding elements
A small undercurrent of small things also seems to be seeping across such as the slime mould
File: Spoiler Image (38 KB, 600x600)
38 KB
Make a drug eater with wings , cold light, and voice effect.

"Hey! Listen!"
File: 1602983487395.jpg (374 KB, 1700x1800)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
"Well hey guys,how's everyone doing today"

File: Alice Nechronica.png (145 KB, 750x450)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Where is part two (the continuation) of this post?
Tell us more.
There are a bunch of male NPCs in the storytime with Melico Coleo and Imp.
>If the group has contact with their necromancer he goes "here's your new sister." If there's a group of NPCs the party has met, she can be a part of that that decides to go along with the party.

Tell me more about your game.
I felt like compared to the previous chapters this one got a bit confused at times.

Now there is an important difference between difference between confused and convoluted. There have been plenty of places in previous chapters where the pros has gotten convoluted, but if you read it long enough you can straighten it out and it'll make sense here though there were places where it kind of felt like maybe they needed another pass in the editing phase before being posted.

I very much look forward to future chapters.
Ever had a character with an odious habit?
Bell on gas door Taylor nuke Joyce Monica you're terrified shook's mother boss party because birthday living 12 Genoa Pizza not against your truck Optimus and Scarborough
you mean beside cannibalism?
File: 1603837879664.jpg (135 KB, 1087x1080)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Generally yes. But if she's a particularly disgusting or indulgent cannibal, or a very messy eater, then it can count.

Does your character's cannibalism fit that?
File: 1588106654030.gif (570 KB, 480x480)
570 KB
570 KB GIF
Coleo sneaks out all the time, which I guess could count. She picked up lockpicking as a hobby in her excursions with Denver and has a set of practice locks in her dresser.
They don't get into too much trouble; just a bit of urban exploring. But you can imagine it drives her dad up the wall.

Port had an instinctive trust of the Protector bots, even when they were shooting at her. Which could have been quite dangerous if one of the other party members had decided to antagonize them, but thankfully that didn't happen. Port was a very, very trusting person generally. Which could have really bitten us if the DM had wanted it to.
Ah? I admit that it all seems to flow well enough to me, but A: I wrote it so of course it all makes sense to me and B: I had the logs and some associated OOC chatter to reference when putting things together, which makes it easier to keep up with what's happening in conversations and combat alike. I strive to make my writing clear and straightforward, but there was a lot going on this session and I don't doubt there's room for improvement on my part, so all I can do is apologize and try to deliver something less confusing next time it's my turn to write up a session... which is some time from now, of course, seeing as my partner is working on the next chapter and I have no hand in that save to give it a proofreading pass when he's done. In any case the feedback is appreciated, and I hope next chapter entertains without as much confusion. Most importantly, thank you for reading along so far!
Shirley enjoys hunting animals, even when she doesn't need to. Though it's not exactly clear if she needs to eat. She certainly seems to enjoy it, and she either gets hungry like a living person, or perhapse maintains the practise of expecting to eat meals at the appropriate times. For some people this hunting can be a very objectionable.

She has an inclination toward being a hyperkinetic motormouth. Both of those are things that can put someone's nose out of joint.

She likes to jog, or much better run or sprint, when it would be more aceptable to walk. Unless she's doing something like hunting.

If she's very familiar with someone she has a bad habit of not respecting their personal space.
I forgot she also has a tendency to yell and shout.
There's a Part for that, you know.
Would putting chain 2 on bear gun make it too good for tier 3?
I need art for bird dolls.
Do you have any?

Owls are preferred, others are wanted too.
File: DaW7q-lV4AAJ0Su.jpg (284 KB, 1996x2041)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Best I can find.
Whelp fell asleep
Realised I got banned for getting into arguments on /k/
Then most of a day passed
Now what was I going Post again?
Damn that's creepy.
Well done.
Everything is bomb Ivan.
File: 79284191_p0.jpg (852 KB, 3000x3000)
852 KB
852 KB JPG

Don't have many birds in the nechronica folder, unfortunately.
Thank you for sharing what little you do have.
>Now what was I going Post again?

You were going to continue talking about how Nechronica is seeping into your other projects.

You'd have to be more specific about that as there has been a number of them.

Can't really recall, personally, joining an in-progress game that wasn't "what the fuck is that thing? Is it a person?" Colluding with the GM to bring a frighteningly friend-shaped creature to help was certainly fun though.
>You'd have to be more specific about that as there has been a number of them.

Tell me about the game(s) where you met your necromancer and they introduced a new party memeber. I've not heard of many games where the party meets their Necromancer. So more examples of how that can go down are welcome.

>If there's a group of NPCs the party has met, she can be a part of that that decides to go along with the party.

Do you have any advice on how to translate a Savant onto a Doll character sheet? Savants and Dolls are very similar but there are also differences that can make conversion complicated.

For instance some things that apply to Savants but not dolls are:
>They can have enemy-only parts,
>can't have parts or skills that deal with resiting or venting madness or involve taking madness as a cost,
>can't have anything with stagger.
Just damage the parts responsible for property negation lmao
File: Alraune PNG Export.png (1.47 MB, 2500x2100)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
New class released just in time for Halloween! Alraune, the perfect class for those dolls who have more in common with plants than people, complete with artwork done by Megrim, one of the official Nechronica artists!
So what does the Japanese Nechronica community think of the western one?
Both seem relatively small.
File: EliDy6HW0Aw5t2O.jpg (378 KB, 1500x2147)
378 KB
378 KB JPG

Generally the response has been when individuals have found out was, "There's fans of this overseas? That's neat." Who knows what the lot will make of things now that some of the stuff that's been made is in Japanese.
I can't see it right now. But hopefully I can get the page to load later.
Does Greenhouse affect the same zone as the target or the user?
The dolls set out to find the legendary Santa Claus. The Necromancer who gives rather than takes.
They say he was locked away in a prison far to the North by his contemporaries who were jealous of the way their dolls loved him.
I heard they were jealous of the way his own dolls loved him so they locked him away and stole all his dolls.
The more I read about various war crimes the more I realize there are a lot of ways to torment and kill humans that just don't work on the undead unless you engineer human biological and instinctive responces back into them.

For instance you can get some real horror in the behavior of humans if you pack a space so tightly with them that they can't breathe.

Like biting into each other's arms, shoulders, and necks with their teeth in order to incapacitate and then stand ontop of their neighbors until they have enough space to breathe properly.
Does Eightball have a Prehensile anything?
>“Did you tell them about the reservoir?” Buinov asks

Having thoughtful friendly NPCs is so useful.
The tendrils that come out of the base of her neck are. She can actually drag herself around with just that, but the process is slow and uncomfortable (Eightball has described it to other dolls as feeling like being dragged around by her bare spine).

She can also make grasping limbs out of stuff she finds if she thinks it's advantageous. For day-to-day activities she prefers to stay humanoid for familiarity's sake but in the field she can get quite creative.

If you mean actual parts, like having mecha-tentacle or something; I haven't had the chance to actually stat her out yet. So maybe but I dunno really.
Is grabbing vines for a melee build or a ranged build?

It lets you used ranged attacks to drag people in. Which is great if you do your best work up close. And adding one AP to an attacks cost to for enemy closer is probably much more AP efficient than moving yourself over to the enemy.

So I guess it also gives extra utility to shooting dolls who hang back, since they can drag enemies closer to the melee blender dolls, which can potentially save said melee blenders a lot of AP.

But there is are probably other uses to this I'm not thinking of.

It'd have to be in the target's zone, otherwise, shit like grabbing vines just wouldn't work.

It could be used on both for the reasons you mentioned. It could also be used with a rapid attack to act as a boot leg wire reel for yanking enemies out of an attack.

>Do you have any advice on how to translate a Savant onto a Doll character sheet? Savants and Dolls are very similar but there are also differences that can make conversion complicated.

Just boot off the enemy only parts and give them the closest equivalents while staying within the rules. Many dolls don't even have stagger or stuff that interacts with madness. Hell, you can easily come up with reasons why they're different, in character, from when the PCs fought them. Not being able to properly do repairs, them deciding to put themselves to another way of doing things since the last way failed, parts falling off because they lost favor with the necromancer.
Anons, what was objectively the scariest thing you/your players have faced?


I'm glad Grass Roost specifies
>"when this part is destroyed, remove the part from their sheet."
Instead of removing it at the end of the battle phase, and replace it with a new unbroken one if the skill is used on the target again.

Otherwise any doll with the Extra Legs reinforcement part would be screwed.
Does Crab legs combo well with Animal Legs and Great Knife?
It could be [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] depending on how you define objectivly scariest.

I look forward to when the story time gets these.
File: tummy rub.gif (3.92 MB, 727x810)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB GIF
very much yes
The drug paraphernalia on the ground suggest that this is a hallucinatory trip in its original context.

However it's given me the idea that some undead may have very vivid and strange dreams often due to the way the various mental fragments used to make them interact when the undead enters sleep mode, or enters a period of dreams overlapping with wakefulness due to some design quirk or malfunction.

Thank you for the idea.
Are her family serving in this front or elsewhere?
File: OMGWTFBBQ.gif (1.72 MB, 500x266)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB GIF
New Class: Chariot
New Class: Alraune

How would you build a
>[Position] Chariot/Alraune
or a
>[Position] Alraune/Chariot

They would have
0 Arm
3 Mut
1 Enh
And one free point to put in any of the above three.

So at least they won't be short of reinforcement parts like anything with Psychadelic in it does.
>Barricades could just be Legions without attack maneuvers maybe? They'd just exist to Hinder Move and be annoying, but that could get really irritating in the bad way if your melee dolls don't have good movement parts, or if you made the legions too big.

Sounds like a good opportunity for Queen of the Underworld to shine.
I want to fill out my collection of english Nechronica content, including usable fancontent. Can you all look at this list and tell me what I am missing and help me acquire them.

What I currently have:
Nechronica 1.0
The three new classes posted above (entombed, alaurane, and Chariot)

is there anything iam missing?
File: Metalhead png export.jpg (1.95 MB, 2500x2100)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG

The wiki has everything under fanworks. If you mean just pdfs/class sheets, there's Erudite and Metalhead.

The wiki also has parts from some fan supplements.
Thanks, didnt know about the wiki either. Ill check ot all out
You are certainly welcome.
Do you have to roll to hit with attacks that have Area?
Yes. You choose a target, roll to hit, and if you hit then it hits everything in the target's zone in the appropriate hit location [this includes friendlies].

If you miss then the attack just whiffs like normal.

No, you do not.

Chariot's a bit weird to build for because it arguably requires, more than any other class, that you coordinate with at least one other PC so that you have some cohesive role to build towards, that said, taking a Chariot/Alraune

Mounted Weapon
Stable Platform
Sweet Scent

MUT 1: Heart
MUT 2: Tentacle
MUT 3: Acid Spit (Or Extra Head)
ENH 1: Adrenaline
ENH 2: Laser (If not taking Acid Spit, Energy Tube, or mech tentacle and taking something else in MUT 2)

The point of this build is to be a lazy girl with a forest growing out of her back that just so happens that a few of the plants are dangerous, she even has a place for a sister to sit on (or a hammock between two tree spines). You play this with someone playing an Erudite or Requiem so that you both hang back as you provide her with a +1 and extra weapons to use. If going for shooting, you could grab Pulse Laser with your first 10 favor. This is all assuming Blast from the past is on the table, otherwise your options are pretty limited and you might just have to give up on having a real attack part for 20-30 favor.

>No, you do not

Fuck the drink's kicking in. Yes you do have to roll, except for Zombie Bomb. Waltz even explicitly calls out that its -1 only affects the area attack in relation to you.
>Altina being an Automaton never meant she didn't have other, perfectly human feelings beneath her permanent smile, ultimately. Unfortunately for her.

Altina is the strangest Automaton Double Romanesque and I love her.

I mean I'd never want to meet her, but she is an interesting character.
It feels like she takes refuge and cruel shallowness. It might not have been in her original nature, or if it was then it wasn't dominant,
but now that she uses it as a defense mechanism, and is living a very stressful very dangerous unlife, it defines a lot of her actions and words.
That should say "refuge in cruel shallowness."
So you want to aim for easy targets.

If venasaur was fast and had something with more utilities than a giant flower sticking out of their back.

Why did you grab the hinder move part for your tier 2 mutation?

How far into the build would you want to invest in AP parts to get your AP above eleven?
And regions with Legions in them, since they take double from Area damage.
Undecided. My first ideas had her as the sole survivor, the rest of her human relatives lost in the war. It was going to be part of the reason she would be so gung-ho about standing up to the bad guys. That said, having some of her family show up at some point could be pretty interesting so I'll have to sleep on it.
>Why did you grab the hinder move part for your tier 2 mutation?
Two reasons:
1: Stall things trying to rush the pair, giving the other PCs time to react, or the rider to shoot it up,
2: In the event of a wire reel or some such trying to yank the rider off their back.

>How far into the build would you want to invest in AP parts to get your AP above eleven?

Not much further, there's no pressing need to do more than be 1 AP higher than the rider so you can declare Rider's Mount before her count. She could just spine instead, but its best to avoid that if you can.
Is spine your friend when that skill that gives bonus to attacking enemies your sister is already attacked on the same counties and play?
Is their a point to enemies with are attacks if your dolls all operate in different parts of the map?


Have an enemy that gets stronger as the legions associated with it die, and some asshole savants with undead gun killing the legions.

The players have to decide between killing the gunners or the Legion's caretaker first.

The caretaker is stupid and doesn't notice the asshole Savants behind it and thinks the dolls murdering the legions.
Why is the effect text for Flytrap so fuzzy as to be illegible?
Socializing between damaged and codependent dolls can get weird.
File: Box.jpg (135 KB, 1472x1320)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Our Necromancer.
File: Our Chariot.jpg (200 KB, 1387x1080)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
File: Flesh Mall.jpg (233 KB, 1080x1080)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Where my party is going next.
What the hell is this?
I presume he wants to scare the shit out of them by making the forniture people... ex-people, probably
>thumbnail looks like a cardassian
>Two reasons:
>1: Stall things trying to rush the pair, giving the other PCs time to react, or the rider to shoot it up,
>2: In the event of a wire reel or some such trying to yank the rider off their back.

I see. Thank you.

How many different things can you spend AP stored in your spine on?
For instance if I had enough stored up to move and use ball and chain with calamity. Would I be able to spend the stored AP on all of those things or would I only be able to spend it on some of those things with the rest of the stored AP going to waste?

If the letter situation is true, some of the AP goes to waste, then what are the limitations on spending stored AP?
File: Thinking.png (2.55 MB, 2452x2768)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
As a GM. What is the point and use of giving enemies area attacks?
Dolls aren't legions, and there are usually only 3 to 5 of them.

What role do area attacks play in the GM's toolbox?

What are good ways to think about using area to best effect in the roles it has when you are the GM?

Area is one of the most potentially terrifying attack properties, even to PCs. It's such that area attacks automatically have a higher threat rating. The game encourages having the dolls stick together due to most supports being range 1 at most and dogpiling a target being the most effective tactic. So you typically have the party's positioning being 3 in Limbo and 1 in Elysium, or some such, so targeting Limbo with dynamite in that scenario would do 2 damage to two locations, or 4 total, to each PC before defends. It's a pretty good incentive to either scatter or target the one tossing the dynamite. Also according to errata, protect can't be used against area attacks, so it's a good way to deal damage that can't be shuffled around according to their whims.

So Area has three major points to it as a GM:
1:It deals damage that can quickly stack up to be a serious issue if not dealt with without being instantly crippling.
2: It punishes stacking up in one zone and encourages players to move.
3: It counters protect.
File: Rattled.gif (362 KB, 498x498)
362 KB
362 KB GIF
>Also according to errata, protect can't be used against area attacks, so it's a good way to deal damage that can't be shuffled around according to their whims.

When did that become a thing?
>>75716525 An enemy gets hit with with undead gun, and rapid moves into another map area that is still within Undead Gun's range.

Does the targeted enemy still get hit?

If the targeted enemy does get hit does the area they started in or the area they Rapid moved too get slammed with the area effect?
When you hit a target with an attack that has Area, but that target managed to take no damage due to defend manuvers, does the area effect still trigger and hit everything else in that area of the map?

If You reduce but don't eliminate damage from an incoming attack that has Area, then does everyone else get hit with the full force or with the reduced damage?
>Stability Bomb.
>Timing: Act
>Cost: 4 AP
>Range: 0~1
>Spirit attack 2 (inverted) + Blast attack 2 + Area + Explosive.

>Send your troubles away with excessive force! A most dangerous form of relaxation, beware of addiction.

Would this remove 2 madness points or 4 madness points, or 2 madness points from one fetter, and 2 madness points from another?
Thank you.
File: download.jpg (164 KB, 1024x574)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Blart posting was a thing for a while. Ostensibly because he has an incredibly memeable name and also because the movies are supposed to be unmitigated straight-to-DVD-crap

>When you hit a target with an attack that has Area, but that target managed to take no damage due to defend manuvers, does the area effect still trigger and hit everything else in that area of the map?
Yes, because the maneuver is hitting everything in the area. You can compare it to an artillery bombardment (Area effect) vs. the impact of a single small HE shell (Explosive effect). HE shell is only hitting you and doesn't blow up enough to deal serious damage to friendlies, so as long as you tank the explosion it's K. The bombardment is hitting you and everything else within 100ft of you, so damage is Defended by each individual target.
File: Z3qhZ46.jpg (47 KB, 320x443)
47 KB
>Does the targeted enemy still get hit?
Yes. Rapid only makes things fizzle if the new conditions would cause them to be invalid. Since the target is still within range of Undead Gun it still gets hit.

>If the targeted enemy does get hit does the area they started in or the area they Rapid moved too get slammed with the area effect?
Yes. The Area property affects the zone that the target is in when they get hit, so if they use a Rapid to move then the Area property will affect the zone they move to, since it's the zone where they receive the damage.
Thank you very much.
Staying away from the grinning lunatic is definitely for the best, yeah. I don't want to say too much about what's to come in further chapters regarding her behavior and any causes behind it, but there's absolutely reasons for all of it. If you love her, though, I can at least say that whenever next chapter exists, there's one moment in particular with her that's especially entertaining.
>Doll 1 and Savant 1 are in Hades and on the same count.

>Savant 1 declairs animal legs to get to Elysium. Doll 1 also declairs animal legs to go to Elysium.
Savant one declairs boost as a rapid reaction to Doll 1 declairing animal legs and boosts Doll 1 in the direction of Tartarus.

Is this legal?
If so where does Doll 1 end up?

If doll 1 had Crab Legs would they have been able to attack, or would Savant 1's boost mean the condition of "when your movement maneuver successfully moves you" was not met?
File: arc words.png (145 KB, 712x1268)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
File: 1603719199500.jpg (923 KB, 3000x3000)
923 KB
923 KB JPG

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