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>We spent months planning.
>Tanks where outfitted for tractor duty until the Techbois could get local manufacturing up.
>The locals had some tech, but it was mostly artifacts and juryrigged copies they didn't actual know how they worked.
>They were however eager to learn and were drinking in the Techbois knowledge.
>The plan is to get the First Legion set up and send the Primarch and and a escort to meet the Emperor while the Caliban is converted to a recruitment world.
Praise the Omnissiah. He has made a new thread.
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before anyone ask again, here all the past threads
1 - https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/72111866/#72120927
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>The Watchers have approached me twice.
>They are preparing for Lion to gank a bitch with his Spear of +1 damage.
>When I am not working on the uplift, The Lion or Luther are running me into the ground in the yard.
>My arms might be sore as hell, but I am getting better.
>I couldn't ask for better teachers honestly.
>Most of the work on my end has lessened so I can focus more on actually learn to use Ferrus's gift.
Aw now that is kind of sweet... Like a big brother and uncle teaching their kid to throw hands towards those who might bring them harm.
>>77703644 how old is anon at this point? has he aged any?
He's in his early to mid 20's.
anon is a perpetual now
so yes no
Anon had a soul that worked like a trick candle, Emps bust him to true perpetual
And as a perpetual, anon has stoped aging once his body reach full maturity
so he has been with the emperor less than a decade?
we don't know for how long Anon is with the emperor, but it's at least a couple of years
>I offered to show the Lion and his foster dad aboard the Ally of Justice.
>Their reaction to seeing a local Gas Giant was great.
>While we were off-world we were called back early.
>Two of the Lion's higher ranking vassals were fighting over land rights.
>Some longstanding issue that never actual got discussed due to the world dealing with monsters at the time.
>Now however the forest both claimed was cleared for a factorum, with both wanting control.
>Both were threatening to raise levies.
>The primarch threw them into the yard to settle there.
>One got knocked the fuck out and that was that.
>Much better then a court case or civil war.
>One of the Lord's asked to take me hunting.
>We killed some 6 legged boar thing. It put up a good fight though we were only using spears and bows.
>We dragged it back to a village to share it with the common folk.
>We caught some deer looking things as well so there was plenty of meat to go around.
>I was chatting with the village elder when I saw it.
>It was right at the door.
>A chicken.
>An honest to god chicken.
>I dropped my glass in shock.
>Caliban had chickens.
>I had not eaten chicken since Earth in my first life.
A chicken, whoa. KFC 2.0
Next cup needs to find cows, I know Fenris has sheep so their still around too.
>I bought a few dozen of them.
>I was gonna ask the techbois to test them.
>The villagers were confused at first when I asked about the birds, but were happy to sell me some.
>The lord asked me why I was so interested, and I told him I thought this type of bird might be from Old Earth.
>He asked me to keep him posted on the results.
>I had the fattest chicken set aside to be cooked later.
>an honest to god chicken
I dont trust that feathery creature
File: al-pastor.jpg (318 KB, 1170x780)
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318 KB JPG
>I had not eaten chicken since Earth in my first life.
Really puts into perspective how much was changed or lost since M3. I can't imagine some of my favorite foods suddenly phasing out of existence.
Sorry, it's up. >>77704221
Also forgive me for the stupid amounts of exposition.
It would be even better if wagyu or some other prized beef is still around, he could make a killing off that. (I’m the same guy it just unverified me)
Sound like Anon could invest in the Calaban Chicken industy. He does have the money from Emp’s houshold.
he is going to help house McDonald regain their previous glory
>The techbois took the chickens with a gusto after I explained my thoughts.
>I was offered to be compensated for the funds I used to buy the chickens, I declined.
>I was doing this for Mankind, not reward.
>If only I had the secret herbs and spices!
Looks like McNuggets are back on the menu boys.
Damn it now I am hungry.
Is he... starting a revolution in the food industry? The house of the Kernal, Mcdonald, and the Queens of Darey will respect it.
However, I fear... he will start again the food wars
Go eat big man, you deserve it.
Hed better tell the Emperor, or at leat ask if HE knows the secret spices, might be happy to have some good old chicken back on the menue.
Gonna get food be back later!
>secret herbs and spices
Ask Emps to make spiced bread and pretend you have chicken kebap.
Forgot the pic
Give me a HELL YEAH!
Hell. Yeah.
I wonder if anon ever talked about the threat of the Necrontyr, and particularly the C'Tan. Or the Umbra. Or any of the enslaver empires still active in the galaxy.

It would be funny to see anon fully debrief the emperor, malcador, the primarchs and their trusted captains, and any nearby high imperial military and mechanicum allies on the necrons and their super tech bordering on magical, the C'Tan and their obscene phsyical reality manipulating powers, or the abject horror of the Tyranids and their genestealer cult vanguards. Or even the last Krork, the Beast and how much of a fucking monster that thing is.

Like, anon holds a TED talk and everyone ends up shellshocked with a hollow eyed, thousand yard stare when anons goes into full blown detail and his autism enlightens them all to the threats facing the galaxy.

Heck it'd be funny if even the emperor and malcador got caught unaware of some of the shit anon talks about in his autistic diatribe.
Anon said that he told the emperor about the silent king and stuff so he knows about the necrons not sure about the others though.
In one thread where Anon has dinner with the Emperor and Guilliman, he also mentions bringing up the Tyranids and Genestealer Cults, which the Emperor mind scolds him for telling Guilliman about for some reason.
The meting was to tell Guillimen about chaos, not the Tyranids.
Amd Em’s think chaos is the bigger threat.
File: TheySayItBeHaha.jpg (176 KB, 1022x688)
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176 KB JPG
>a few prideful primarchs try to dismiss and brush anons rants off
>emperor even thinks some of the stuff he said is far fetched but doesn't say anything
>imperial officials look at each other, some even accusing anon of spouting baseless nonsense
>anon just stares at them all with a look of utter pity, a look that actually pierces them to their core and leaves em cold when they realize he's not fucking around
he scolds him for saying it's a bigger threat than chaos
He scolded him for saying the Nids were a larger threat than Chaos.
>Imperial legends say that the weight of the galaxy lord Anon carried on his head and shoulders grew three sizes that day in the eyes of all that heard his warnings.
I'll give it a read.

Thanks for all the hard work Cup.

I've been wondering,

Does Razit have any suspicions about Anon's condition considering he could have seen the laser holes in his clothes after his Sava encounter?

Will Anon ever revisit his home world? I've thought of it as a good attempt at keeping him grounded and sane. Also could lead to hilarity when Razit tries to nail his widowed mother.

Whenever you got time to answer.
Have Anon told Emps about the Jokaero and their awesome tech?
they are known, he even has a digi-flamer if I remember rightly
Given to him by Leman iirc. He used it to burn (and kill) one of the 'dog faced fucks' in the arena before mercy killing.

And the same on a feudal world where a king challenged him to a duel via his champion.

Oh and he burned Leliths hair.
Russ gave him that, but maybe?

Jokaero tech could probably help The Emperor’s various projects. And if Pert got one he would try and learn everything he could.
File: real shit.jpg (77 KB, 500x500)
77 KB
>Why anon is quite unusual for you to contact me this soon is something th-
> Big E:
File: thumbs-up-01-1536x863.png (67 KB, 1536x863)
67 KB
>~chickens? as in the animal that we had here on Terra?~
>~Anon, did you take the initiative to begin... cultivating them.~
>I did Emp's
>...~I am so proud of you.~
Chickens, Eddy!
File: 1608798950335.jpg (350 KB, 902x902)
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350 KB JPG
>tfw the heresy happens
>emps still gets put on the golden throne
>anon is treat like a proto saint by the early ecclesiarchy
>Anons chicken farming business ends up as an arm of the ecclesiarchy and chicken is the meat of the god emperor
>an entire arm of the ecclesiarchy ends up being ran more like a fast food outlet than a religion.
>"ill take Box of spicy sanguine wings and the emperors meal deal please"
>"do you want that with or without ferrous fries?"
funny but -10 points for iron loser posting
File: 1608803082774.jpg (93 KB, 1154x764)
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fine, Have a happy Angron.
>tfw the heresy happens
>emps still gets put on the golden throne
Don't give him any ideas.
Razit knows something is up,but not what.

I do plan for Anon to visit Anon's World, though not for long.

Emps knew that already.

>The Lord that took Anon hunting taking the Chicken as his house crest.
>each of the loyalist legions has its own franchise
>Guilliman's grill
>Vulcan's flamegrilled feast of friendship
>Dorns fortress of fine dining
>Calliban fried chicken
>Corax's coffee cakes and confectionaries
>Russ's mead and feed
>The Manus house of meats
>Jaghatai's fast foods
>Baal blood sausage emporium
>Russ's mead and feed
File: pert.jpg (84 KB, 490x401)
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is the next threads going to be about how to turn this frown upside down?
Soon, I have plans for Pert.
formerly 11th's
The plan involves anon asking Pert to build challenging things ?
Sorry having a bit of writers block, I will post more today.
take your time anon, you deserve it. it's advisable if you leave some post already pre written for whenever this happends.
Maybe make some humorous side stories... like a warboss trying to act like he is the hottest shit before Eldar from Beil Tan butcher his Warband.

Hell, you could introduce minor characters for later works and flesh out their characters...

Also, don't worry, we expect great results, by your timetable that you give yourself. If we have to wait a day or two for such great results, no biggie.
File: tenor.gif (1.1 MB, 498x498)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
you should do that
I'm something of a lore noob, but weren't many notable companions of primarchs already on the side of Chaos when the Empire contacted them? Shouldn't Anon have come across some already? I imagine that wouldn't go down well.
Hmmmm... I could take a swing, as my oc for this verse.
(no he isn't a participant just an observer.)

>Be me, new daemon of the Lorekeeper... Fuck I seriously need to find a way to ask him what would he call himself.
>Have been trying to figure out what is the abomination trapped on Caliban is...
>Not even the four knew about it, or what the fluff it is.
>I have been reviewing my master's work to see how he affected this 'timeline'.
>Oddly enough I feel new 'timelines'... growing or branching off of his.
>Magnus has created a tome that has sealed away the knowledge of thy lord.
>Suprised no other Daemon has formed to serve Anon.
>It is a major pain though, for I can't interact with him, or those around him.
>Only observe and record.
>Noticed a particular oddity though, he has a golden chalice on his material garments...
>But when viewing it in the warp it is a beautiful tree of endless possibilities.
>Swore I saw a daemon of Tzeentch touch it. They are absorbed by the tree, I hear and see nothing of them ever again.

Hey, cupanon, what are your plans for UR-025? He was brought up earlier by somebody and it flew under the radar. This is something I'm really curious about. Are you going to ignore it and let the mechanicum do their thing? Tell the mechanicum to seek out a machine with the digital tag "UR-025" and bring it back to you for "human expansion historical artifact preservation" ;) keeping the real reason a secret? Are you going to warn the mechanicum about it and to hunt him as a threat? Or do you just not care and have your eyes on bigger things? UR-025 could be a big deal as it is one of the only self aware AI STC generators that stayed loyal to us AND still wants to be around humanity in some way. If so, how would you deal with the possible brand of hypocrisy if you protected him?
I have a question, has anon told big E that his perpetual side hoe was the one who scattered the primarchs? If so what was his reaction?
...Hypocrisy, this is the imperium we are talking about.

Remember how the emperor banned the use of psychics and then used his psychic ability to make the Webway.
This is fantastic writefaggotry!!!
Anon doesn't even know the Primarch's have a mother. At the time I started writing I thought they were test tube babies.

Depends on how they meet. Anon is not really aware of UR025. He has heard about him, but has no idea where he would be or what said machines goals are.
File: black boi.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
Makes sense
I'm envious of Anon's ignorance regarding the Siege of Terra books.
Yeah, the Primarchs do have a Mother. She conspired with the Chaos Gods to scatter them. The Emperor didn’t seem really care about the incident and now she is a hermit on Terra.
Did the Emperor see, when he was looking thorough Anons mind way back, If The Emperor had a Text to Speech Device. Or at least a part of it.
>Primarch's have a mother
You won't ruffle any meaningful feathers if you ignore that. But hell, maybe you could do a better job with it than BL. Not that hard.
i hope anon knows about perts visions of the eye of terror, pert would probably respect what he is saying more if anon says he knows about it and if he is just told of its corrupting influence then pert would resist it with utmost stubbornness

What is cupanon going to do to the possessed castigator class titan, more specifically, it's STC. The grey knights destroyed it's STC without even looking at it for the fear it could be tainted, but I'd figure you could strip parts from it like it's limbs to upgrade the mechanicum's titans's limbs, reactors, and weapon systems. Maybe you could make more of the castigator, just with a single human principe and titan machiene spirit instead of the robot brain. (Assuming chaos didn't mess with the STC). But if if did, couldn't big E scrub it with his mind before letting anybody touch it? Or has any of this even crossed his mind?

Also, is anon concerned about Be'lakor? If anon succeeds in keeping the primarks out of the hands of chaos, who does anon think will lead the charge when chaos makes their big move?
>who will lead the charge

They might go with old earth people who were turned into daemons if the primarchs don’t fall. Genghas Khan is a daemon of the cereal god afterall, wouldn’t be surprised if Nurgle has some old plague doctor or Tzentch has doctor Frankenstein. The nipple god will just need to settle for doomrider
I have already decided on who the Warmaster of Chaos will be.It is VulcanI am kidding
i don't know where but i heard malcador wanted to make the primarchs female
Hey cup, do you have any thoughts on the stuff I wrote in your last thread?

the story with Perturabo and anons brother?
There were some things you got wrong, but I liked the brother pov. Great stuff.
Or at least some of them to balance out the aggressive that human males would have.
Of course, and sadly, Big E thought he was joking.
i would love to see the primarchs learn of this knowledge it would be comedy gold
It was good, you got some stuff wrong but I would like you to continue.

Anon's mom is still alive. He has several brothers and sisters but was distant with all of them.
Anon's World is more of a early modern, then truly fuedal world. Think end of the 100 years war or War of the roses. Though some of the kingdoms were still really feudal.
I would love to see the sunny dogs and crew arguing over which primarch would be the hottest chick and which would lay claim to Anon's virginity
Im just worried som of them might want to punch Anon really hard for their depictions, not to talk of what the Custodies will think of him from then on. Look as what the Sunny Dogs are doing and they're normal humans following orders.
If they found out about Malcador’s suggestion.
I think only Kor Phaeron and his ilk. Typhus maybe. Luther only got tempted later after his envy got the better of him
Anon can alway let it slip up or bring it as an hypothetical after some drinks or prolong boredom
I can't find the original post, so I'm just going to repost it here.

I'm pretty sure that since Big E is an artificial soul, any babies his physical body makes will have just a normal humie soul like what his surogate parents had. Big E had to special-craft the primarchs' souls to make them how they were. I'm pretty sure that is why GW tried retconing the sensei saying they were "imperial schoolar theories despretly looking for a way out of their hole, turned into reported truth by a the game of telephone". Having a hundred thousand uncuruptable God-tier scykers like the big E on humanities side could absolutely rape the eye of terror. It took the most powerful daemon ever born from humanity to go toe to toe with him, and even then it couldn't beat the big E, who mind you, was already weakened by having part of his soul drained by the golden throne at this point. If humanity had that kind of power at their disposal, I'm pretty sure they would have used it. At that point it would become a war on par with the war-in-heaven in terms of raw power, only, unlike the original, completely one sided.

I think that the sensi, if they existed, and inherited big E's soul design that the shamen made, would be instinctually compelled to protect humanity just like big E's real children the primarks. Then doing nothing during the horus heresy to stop humanity's downfall proves it for me.
>in the grim dark future of the 31st millennium there is only waifu-wars
File: but my emp-.jpg (957 KB, 3240x1809)
957 KB
957 KB JPG
Maybe the 11th primarch?
Fair. Maybe they ask Anon about Malcador and he drops that tidbit.
I guess this expounds on Cupanons effect on fate making him the antithesis to the weaver of fate as his nature as a rogue variable causes time to branch with possibilities

Tzeench is probably having a heart attack right now. Any visions he get are immediately invalidated and replaced by anon. He can't plan anything because anything he tries to invest in gets thrown out the window. I think tzeench is going to have a personal grudge against anon. That, or is busting huge nuts for how anon keeps him guessing and replanning.

Hey anon, if you can't get past your writing block, skip ahead to where the lion goes against the monster. Im sure he is dying to get it over with so he can spend quality time with his papa E. I'd like to see where E sends you next. I feel like the caliban ark is completed. Maybe show us how lorgar is doing. Lorgar was meant to be chaos' linch-pin piece, so are the gods doing anything to protect him or giving up?
Tzeentch likes birds + Kairos is a bird + Changeling can shapeshift = chicken is a Tzeentch daemon in disguise and will use chicken breeding for the Imperium's food industry to destroy the Imperium and Anon from inside.
Both metaphorically and (in Anon's case) literally.
File: warpindigestion.jpg (578 KB, 3240x1740)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
There might be more to it than that. Nurgle might have brewed a food poisoning sickness specifically designed for Anon in the chicken he'll eat, while Tzeentch plans all of the chicken proliferation.
Anon literally devoured it remember... he set aside the fattest one. Would also explain why that daemon disappeared.
Probably one of the few things those two will every be truly allies on.
>The birds are confirmed chickens.
>Kinda, they are recreations. Made by exactly copying the DNA of Terran Chickens.
>So as close as we can get.
>Efforts are being made to mass breed the birds and ship them far and wide.
>Emps and Mal have been sent an update, it is small but great find.
>Only the Techbois and I seem to care, whatever.
File: tzeentch.jpg (100 KB, 930x789)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>Efforts are being made to mass breed the birds and ship them far and wide.
Just as planned.
>We are approaching the point where the 1st Legion can full run Caliban.
>I was expecting the Watchers to approach me again to have the Lion deal with the Elder Horror under the surface, but I have not seen them since.
>After asking the Locals, who seemed stunned I had several encounters with the Watchers already, I have decided to be more proactive.
>Luther, the Lion, a Custodes and I would go into the woods alone.
>We found a spooky looking clearing about two and a half hours into the forest by foot and waited.
>Just at Dusk the drama majors came.
>I had expected this so Luther and I slept until just and hour before dark. Got to know your tropes.
>There were around twenty of them in a circle around us.
>I did my best to welcome them to our really basic camp.
>I spoke with one, showed them the spear and explained my plan.
>Their Rep asked for time to discuss my "offer".
>I had wanted to have the majority of the 1st Legion join their Primarch, as I didn't fully know what to expect. They shot that down.
>They wanted us to act tonight, just us four.
>Woah, woah, woah.
>Luther and I are Mortals (well kinda). We can't fight this thing!
>The Lion eventually talked me into his plan.
>Luther and I would guard the cave/portal to the "Abyss", as the Watchers called it.
>We tell them we are ready and they... Teleported us I guess?
>Or something close enough.
>The Watchers lead us to a normal looking cave.
>They lead us down, really glad I brought lanterns.
>We were lead to a mural of an Ouroboros, wait what?
All of my hate.
>We all check our gear, and then the Lion nods to our Watcher Rep.
>I hear a sound like a howling wind.
>The Mural becomes a mirror.
>The Primarch and Custodes walk through.
>The Watchers vanished thereafter, Luther and I stood vigil. Several minutes later...
>"Anon... is your reflection trying to speak with you."
>That was concerning.
That's why he banned psychic powers, foolish. He didn't want anybody fucking up the Webway. Which is exactly what happened.
>"No, it is not. Yours?"
>"It is begging me to strike you down."
>His voice is clear, more confused then worried.
>"What does it refer to me as?"
>"My false self is calling you, "The Outsider" and "Fate Breaker.""
>"Both are kinda true titles for me, but I would advise you to ignore the shade. Be ready for a fight, I have a really bad feeling."
>He just scoffs.
The Outside Title is already taken, plus that C’Tan is still out there somewhere as he wasn't chattered. The Orks might respect Fate Breaker (if spoken orkishly) though, so thats good.
Orks haven't got any real concept of fate. Ghazghkull is the one exception.
>I ready my laspistol (as using a bolter in a cave is a REALLY bad idea) and my powersword.
>I feel something inside my mind telling me to speak to the Mirror. I start chanting the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in English.
>Luther seems to understand what I am doing and starts singing some shanty I don't understand.
>I look at my false refection and see it start twitching.
>Then it melts with a look of horror on it's face.
More like they’ll like that he’s got breaker in his name. Or maybe the orkish version would be Smasha, but it will be orky.
>I am pushed to the ground.
>"Snap out of it! FIGHT!"
>We are surrounded by nine horrors.
>A blend of eyes, claws and snakes in a humaniod form.
>One is turning to ash, clearly been killed by Luther's blade.
>I bathe two of the freaks with my flamer ring and start picking myself up while blasting with my laspistol.
>Things become a frenzy as Luther and I fight these horrors.
i have dont know what the fuck is going on anymore, even less than the dark eldar fuckup.
fuking choas.
>More keep coming.
>My laspistol runs dry and I truly put my sword work to use.
>I still have my bolter, but I don't want a cave in.
>Me keep pushing them back, but more keep coming.
>This doesn't make sense!
>How are they-
>What happened to their ashes!
>Are they reforming? At least not that I can confirm.
>Something isn't right.
>I try and look around at the cave in between swings.
>That is when I see it.
>Or more like don't see it!
>I know I missed a few shots! Why are the walls undamaged!
>This isn't real!
>I blink and I am back to staring at the mirror like portal.
>My refection is gone.
>Luther is out of it.
>He is still standing staring at the portal.
>I try and smack him out of it.
>"He is lost to you, Anon."
>I look back at the mirror to see a giant eye instead.
>I steady my breathing, try to calm myself. This is a trap.
>It wants me to speak to it.
>I bite back the urge to make a snide remark. The back of my mind screams to speak.
>I will not falter.
>"Your resistance is meaningless, I see past your mind and soul. You are an open book, #$%"
>That was my name on Earth...
>No! Do not falter!
>"Why do you fight for them. These people are not yours, but pages in a story. Surely you would prefer a kinder story?"
>I have a duty to ACT!
>"You are miserable, you will fail them anyway. Why not at least be happy, they are doomed anyway."
>The Eye cracks.
>I feel a yell of rage.
>Luther collapses.
>The Mural returns, but bleeding.
>There are several thuds behind me.
>I turn to see the Lion kneeling with the Custodes being carried on his back.
>Their are several Watchers laying on the ground.
>The Custodes is missing a chunk of his arm and chest but seems alive.
>The Lion lost his left eye and is holding the Spear of Destiny in his teeth by the snapped shaft.
>He just looks at me, nods and speaks.
>"It is done."
'You are shadows,' says the man, 'nothing more. You offer nothing. You are nothing.'
Holy cow.

>The Lion lost his left eye
seems like Tzeentch still got a primarch's eye in this timeline as well.
Someone get this motherfucker a brand spanking new biological eye. Fuck yeah Johnson!
Was there anything really stopping Magnus from getting a new eye?
Tzeentch would have used warp fuckery to keep Magnus at one eye. If he got a replacement for his second eye, it would have disappeared or caused his entire legion to get the flesh change.
>The Lion and I drag the Custodes and Luther out.
>More Watchers arrived to take their own.
>We dragged them through the woods for hours til we found a clearing.
>I guarded our comrades while the Lion gathered wood for a signal fire.
>It had been well after noon when we exited, but that doesn't make since we went in right at dusk and where only in there for an hour by our timepieces.
>We kept the fire burning through the night and a landing craft came to pick us up in the morning.
>I was dead tired but refused to sleep until Luther and my Custodes where in a medbay.
>The crew that flew us back was stunned and it was a quiet ride back.
>I think I earned a day off.
Anon aught to ask the Watcher, Lion, and the customers what happened, then maybe get them vetted by Big E or Magnus if they have the time. Anon and Luther too.
This is where I wanted to get last time before my computer died.
I had some issues on how to depict the fight sorry it took a while. I might post an interlewd in the morning, but I am not sure yet.

Any questions?
How does Anon like his chicken prepared?
Same guy that posted >>77715763, and just wanted to add that this was a really entertaining read. I think YOU deserve a day off too dude.
when is the next chapter?
How autistic is the Lion?
If I remember my work shifts right, I have another day off in three or four days.
Since things are picking up pace compared to the original timeline, wouldn't that mean the Tau will get stuck in the warp storm that allows them to develop into an advanced society quicker?

... Will anon get a cute, diminutive watercaste blueberry who considers herself his waifu and follows him around, endlessly curious about him and the galaxy at large?

Will anon be able to endure the childlike curiosity the blueberry displays to him?
You mean three or four months? ;)
This is how you get **BLAM**ed anon
I know you don't mean any harm, but damn that's kind of cold.
I work retail man, those months were hell.
Anon alone knows how useful the Tau can be as technicians and engineers, their capabilities would be able to incite reforms in the mechanicum when they realize a subservient alien species wholly willing to work together is giving them feedback on machinery and technology.

Anon would pretty much have one or several representatives of each tau caste hanging and following him around simply because Anon would be the first one to reach out to them.
Seconding the idea of several tau following anon around with their bright red eyes calling him "senpai" in their tongue.
the idea of giving one group sole rights to produce and repair technology is the worst idea imaginable
>The Manus house of meats
"The flesh is weak", more like "the meat of the week" amirite?
The whole perpetual mother thing is absolute nonsense. There's no literal reason for that retconnect to exist either as the original scattering was perfectly explained in The First Heretic when a squad of Word Bearers get teleported to the Emperor's labs and they cause the Chaos rift to scatter the Primarchs

I'll bet good money that the only reason they retconed in the female perpetual is so at some point they can hand wave female space marine's existence as possible because of her.

Considering stuff like Rites of Passage which is an SJW abomination of made up gender gibberish got greenlit, expect more and more of the writer's politics to start appearing in 40K.
File: 1611425345861.jpg (339 KB, 1591x1536)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Forgot to ask this in previous thread.
Cup if you need help with your computer and live in Denmark or Sweden I can probably help you out. Got some older hardware I can donate to a good cause (got an older (1st or 2nd gen) i7 system laying around + assorted spare parts. Might also be able to get my hands on a laptop if needed.)
>More like they’ll like that he’s got breaker in his name.
Even better. Orks will believe Cupbearer into becoming one of da greataz fightaz.
Just gonna go with discord for contact info: BlueGummy#1745
File: 1614097781810.png (747 KB, 1024x711)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
Cupanon are you going to include some of the alpha legion shenanigans from the new primarch book, or Will you make up something else?
Take your time. As long as you enjoy writing all is good.
Wait... wat?
This something new in the lore?
Yeah, the Primarch's have a perpetual 'mother' who donated genetic material and then had the mother of all post natal depression fits and scattered them into the warp where the God's got to fuck with them.
Its been out for a while and unironicaly made me drop 40k for a while
>fucking tau I swear
>sure, 'I' was the one that vouched for their uplifting and convinced the rest of the imperium to make them a protected species
>sure I only got the techboys on board by demonstrating to them how the Tau earth caste can provide new technology and bountiful information to multiple magos specializations
>sure I managed to convince the administratum that they aren't preaching some weird religion when they talk about "The Greater Good"
>and sure, the water caste diplomats are cute when they talk to me, always so eager to ask about my day
>and sure, the earth caste representative is a cute shortstack always eager to present me with whatever she- he- THEY built up with that day
>and sure, how the fire caste representative is cute when she keeps challenging me to an honor duel (which is basically just wrestling) despite being well over a heads length shorter than me
>cute in a weird, noseless, red eyed blue-grey skinned alien kinda way
>don't judge me
>but for the love of go-
>I mean, for the love of Terra does it get on my nerves
>the way they follow me around as I do my basic daily routines
>the way they look over my shoulder as I examine the latest reports from the primarch brothers
>or how they cower behind my back whenever a custodes happens to address me with the now daily grievances of them poking their nonexistant noses into places they shouldn't and me having to apologize and promise to educate them on proper behaviour
>don't even mention the time I accidentally let slip the word "senpai" around them
>the water caste diplomats took that to mean something highly respectable and honourable as its not a part of the gothic lexicons
>freaking Big E of all people encouraged them
>now whenever I see them they keep cheerfully referring to me as "Anon senpai"
>... But I can't bring myself to tell em no when they look at me with those big red eyes full of tears
>fuck, I swear they're doing it on purpose.

Yeah. All of Earth's perpetuals started off supporting the BigE but slowly turned against him. By the end, he killed all but three (that I'm aware of). Malcador, the primarks' mother, and that one perpetual catholic. Malcador stayed his advisor and the catholic, dispite bigE's requesting him to remain by his side, chose the simple life of serving in the guard. The only reason bigE didn't fucking erase that thot when she brtrayed him is because he didn't care enough to bother with her anymore. What more could she do really? BigE already got everything he needed from her.

If i were to theorize, BigE's soul is artificial, so any child he has would be normal. Regular scykers on the other hand CAN have scyker babies. BigE needed his generals linked to him through blood to have a stronger sence of loyalty from his generals and needed the side hoe to give the primarchs their powerful souls that E would mold himself.
Fuck dude... I worked with retail too... Lasted only 1 and half month before I said to my boss to suck my dick for making me work for 20 days without rest...
And for what? For 250$/month!
Yo cup, I don't know if you know this but in the Alpharius primarch book it's written that he was with big E since the beginning, that he was proof that the project worked and Horus was new hope of the fledgling Imperium.
You could have a moment where the primarch acts as a replacement custode or something like it.
you doing OK with all that retail working bullshit hours?
File: OH_ZOG.jpg (17 KB, 196x257)
17 KB
>Be me Grot unda da WABOSS
>Crashed on a dum stupid panzy world
>Knoif ears not be putting up a good foit.
>foit was boring, Gork un Mork sendt us betta foiters.
>New greeney armored Knoif ears come
>Dey be killen and choppin da bois
>Is now havin loadz of fun
>Dat face whenz a boomy shooty can, blazt off your mob.
>Da bois didn't fire all der Dakka at dem.
Bump for our cup boi
CupAnon, if you like how I did the Eldar in this feel free to use it or whatever. If not, then I hope this did give you a few ideas.
>"Filthy green skins, infecting our worlds." Ysunaer said with contempt.
>"Worry not, the green skins are being decimated as we speak."
>Galanyl noticed an avenger of his was drifting off into some thought, so he asked "Krisa what is on your mind, you seem disconnected from the battle..."
>"I have been thinking about the Lore Keeper. How did a singular Mon-Keigh see a future more clearly than even our Farseerers, and destroy the tapestry totally? While also not being a gifted psyker."
>Silence overtook them as they considered those words.
>"I know little about this Keeper in general, but judging how the council has begun placing rules on how we interact with him. I believe he might know more than even them..."
>"Would that be a good or bad thing for us?"
>"I do believe it might be dependant on how he sees us. I believe he somehow understands us to some extent... but doesn't trust us."
>"I was nearby guarding Macha the Farseer when the Lore Keeper was discovered. She was confused, for the tapestry suddenly caught fire for seemingly no reason, and a singular golden chalice flooded the game board of the ruinous powers."
>"Is that why their emperor wished for him to be his Cupbearer?"
>"Perhaps... we may continue this discussion later for more green skins approach. May Isha protects us, and Khaine stands by our side."
>Lore Keeper what do you know of our history, that we do not?
How do you get the green text?
shift + . to get >
then... type
>like this
>Abaddon pondered greatly on the Cupbearer’s warnings on the Warp and what lays in there.
>He had asked his Primarch for more information and better understanding, but Horus’ grasp on the matter was barely better then his own.
>That was when his Brother, “Little Horus” Aximand, approached him.
>”What ails you, Abaddon?” he said with concern
>”It is the Cupbearer’s words, his knowledge of the Warp, daemons, and thirsting Gods somewhat frightens me.”
>”If you ask me, this is nothing but fairytales, things Mothers say to their children to make them behave.” Tarik Torgaddon chimed in
>”Do you doubt the Cupbearer’s words, Brother?” Little Horus responds back.
>”Nay... I doubt this whole “bogeyman” and shadows at every corner business!”
>The marines stayed quiet for a few moments before Sejanus joins into the discussion.
>“Now, Brothers... there is no reason to doubt him, the Lord Primarch and His Imperial Majesty believes him and takes his forewarnings seriously, as we all should do as well.”
>”But we strive to break away from the shackles of superstition and old wives tales, but we’re only going backwards.”
>Tarik seems very opinionated on this matter, as the quiet Abaddon speaks up.
>”Whatever our enemies might be Gods or monsters, we shall be their ruin!” as Abaddon pounds his chest, in order to uplift his Brothers.
Fate Smasha is an interesting title. E's a weird wun fer sure, but bein' able to krump stuff that ain't even real? Profesees and dat? Bloody orky dat is!

>one day Anon decides to try dealing a deck of the Emperor's Tarot himself
>the first one bursts into flames
>the second time the entire deck is replaced by "rules for six card stud poker" cards
>the third deck dealt as normal but when Anon looked over to check the interpretation guides and back it had disappeared
>Malacdor had an astropath message him to quit causing prophetic ripples that messed up his own predictions the next morning
I thought that topknot was a question mark at first, like the dude was confused
The message was timestamped the day BEFORE. Anon resolved to never touch another deck.
I am American. Denmark and Sweden are way out of the way for me. Thanks for the offer, but my current computer is brand new.

I haven't read it, I am going with the "Horus found him in a Migrant fleet" theory.

We have confirmed lore of Mal aging. I personally don't believe he was perpetual til he died during his secret meeting with Magnus. Emps used another Perpetual's soul to bring him back.

Also Anon isn't aware of the Primarchs babymoma and would flip his shit if he learned about her.

How does that work?
Or you could just utterly ignore the part about the primarch babymomma. 40k and particularly horus heresy lore is stated to be garbled and full of half truths that are twisted far beyond the actual events. So you can just work with whatever you prefer.
>How does that work?
We get to know what his and I think Omegon's psychic powers were, the ability to become unrecognizable at will. The Lion and maybe one other was able to see through it though.
Basically, after the warp portal sucked the primarchs into it only Alpharius was left and was longest with the Emperor, this is also used as an explanation of why He heard rumours of His sons. The one which Horus found was Omegon who got rescued from a world which was invaded by the Rangda or Hrud if memory serves.
Also, there's a moment where the Alpharius tries his luck on an assassination attempt on the Emperor and duels Valdor who was able to somewhat keep up with him.
That could easily be retconned in as a moment where anon knew alpharius was around somewhere but due to alpharius' power he never noticed him.

The emperor could have told alps to keep himself hidden from anon just in case anon went off the deep end.

And then you could have a moment where anon simply just notices omegon in the midst of a crowd because he happens to know what to look for. "I just waited for the moment where my brain and eyes started hurting and trying to move away to confirm it was one of you.... Which one are you, again?"
Why do people seem to forget that Loin has the ability to glance at an unfolding battle map to know his enemy's armies' actual strengths and weaknesses reside?

Yes, I know how people say their Primarchs are tactile geniuses, but Loin doesn't flaunt this, and while his legion would be second best at everything. Holding no specialty, but rather have diverse arms, and
are highly adaptable on the battlefield.

Also, remember the Dark Angels were entrusted with some of the most dangerous weapons. Forget not the one war that they took part in the Forgotten War. A war that cost them 50 THOUSAND marines.
>It was weird to have Anon send out an invitation
>he asked for all the primarchs, their highest ranking captains, the imperial and mechanicum high command and even the Emperor and malcador themselves to attend to what anon called "a seminar"
>apparently it was old angli, and simply put he wanted to hold a lecture on his knowledge
>the invitation said he would tell them all they need to know, and answer as many questions as possible
>none of them dared miss it, mostly because the big E himself would be in attendance
>as they all slowly arrived anon was standing in front of a set of gigantic screens, holding a pict slate
>as the last attendants sat down, anon took a deep breath, cleared his throat and began with "Hello everyone, I am anon and thank you for participating in my TED talk..."
>that immediately caused several primarchs and marines to question what a TED talk even was
>anon tried his best to quickly explain and brush them off, which left them more confused and annoyed than anything
>in order to try and smoothe it over he began by operating the pict slate
>immediately the screens lighted up and a map of the galaxy that the imperium had mapped showed up on them
>"Alrighty so I thought that it would be high time I talked about what kinds of things we're facing in this galaxy and beyond."
>he started operating the pict slate, the first thing that came up was an image of an Ork
>"We all know the Orks, the greenskins. They're everywhere, and they're a massive pain to get rid of and keep gone." anon said
>impatient, a few imperial commanders urged him to get to the point
>clearing his throat, anon continued with "So, Orks are actually an ancient bio weapon species that were originally called the Krork-"
>as anon speaks he keeps tapping at the pict slate to change images
>"-They used to be bigger, meaner, faster and far more intelligent than the retarded mushroom hooligans we see today."
>"Preposterous." came a voice. Anon ignored it and continued
>"Orks are a species that mixes mammalian and fungal traits, their organs specifically designed by this species I am going to be calling the Old Ones from now on."
>anon went on to describe how ork "reproduction" worked, how they adapt technology based on escalating levels of conflict, how their genes contain the templates for their specializations
>he then explained how the Krork were manufactured as highly intelligent, extremely adaptible and durable grunts for an ancient conflict called the War in Heaven that lasted hundreds of thousands of years
>"... I will get back to the war in heaven in a bit, the most important thing is that there exists at least ONE of these Krorks to this day."
>this got the audience to murmur and shift
>with a grin, knowing he got them all listening now, anon began explaining what he knew about The Beast
Two... Krorks exist the 'Beast' and the one Trazyn has in his museum.
Som guy in the previous thread was talking about if Angron and Vulcan met, their empathy would cause some kind of psychic feedback loop of friendliness.
What is you opinion on this?
it's silly
Doesn't Trazyn have two Krorks ?
and a possibility
That was fking hilarious.
how many krorks actually are there?
a bunch
>how its very presence as the head of an ork force triggers evolutions to make regular sized ork boys into nobs that are larger than a space marine in power armor
>a few of the assembled marines shouted that such a thing was impossible, but the Emperor simply told the assembly to quiet down and let anon continue
>anon sighed in relief, he can't hold a damned argument against a marine that can pop his eardrums simply by shouting
>"Okay so this Beast, and the Krorks, also still function the same way as regular orks. They fight, they get bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. And this one is the size of a knight titan."
>as he finished the sentence anon changed the pictured to a scale comparison to show a ork outline next to a knight titan, and a other outline roughly the same size as said titan
>"this particular green goblin is fully capable of higher thinking, and is functionally the same as the primarchs, but for Orks."
>this caused the audience to erupt, particularly from the primarchs that didn't possess the ability to read anons mind to verify the truthof his words.
>once again the Emperor silenced them all, saying that anon speaks the truth HE has verified and allows him to share.
>anon went on to speak about how these Krorks are able to trigger evolution in the orks at a fundamental level, and how much more lethal they become as a result
>freaking attack moons, my guy
>AND that there's likely a second Krork of similar or greater size on a planet called Ullanor in an unexplored area he pointed to on the galactic map
>Guilliman spoke up with "Why in the damned void would these old ones you mentioned create these things, and how bad was this 'War In Heaven' that it required countless trillions of them?!"
>anon took a breath, paced himself, switched the pictures again and began talking about what brought about the galaxy as it is today.
>"Long, long ago, like hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a race of frog looking toad men. We don't know the actual name of their species, so we just call em the old ones"
>anon spokefor what felt like several hours going through the old ones and the war in heaven, the fight against the necrontyr, then the c'tans and the necrons, in painstaking detail
>"so because these ancient psychic energy beings were so desperate to stave off extinction they began manipulating the warp, also known as the immaterium, formerly known as the realm of souls and countless xeno species to turn them into biological weapons and tools to combat the necrons and the C'Tan"
>"what is a C'Tan?" interrupted lorgar
>"uh, well, its the necrontyr name for these material realm inhabiting vampiric energy beings. In necrontyr language, it roughly means "star god" because of these creatures incredible ability to manipulate the forces of reality."
>anon switched the topic to the necrons and the C'Tan next, noticing he now had the rapt, undivided attention of the audience
>as he went on to explain how the necrons came about
>who their most notable characters were
>how their technology was so far advanced above what humans were capable of even in their golden age he noticed the tech priest representatives twitching
>Fucking hell it looked like they were drooling when he talked about the stuff necron weapons and energy technology does
>"There's also this particular guy, Trazyn the Infinite, who I am certain some of you will have the unfortunate fortune to meet in person or at least in passing." said anon with a sigh
>"Who is this Trazyn, then?" came a question from Magnus
>"A fucking magpie thats what he is." anon cursed
>"Sorry, a what?" asked magnus utterly confused
File: spooky2.jpg (71 KB, 481x720)
71 KB
>annon when starting explaining necrons
File: dmitriy-mironov-002.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1444)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
>All Imperials of notable import will henceforth carry the list of shinies
>Should said notable individuals encounter a strange green robot man who looks at them like the navigators look at little boys they shall withdraw the list
>From such a point onwards they shall commence negotiations with the green robot and attempt to trade the location of silly xenos items for whatever said robot has borrowed from mankind
>In the event that he decides you are worth more as an exhibit the next Imperials to encounter him shall request that you are at least given a plaque with your name and rank
>"I mean he is a kleptomaniac of galactic proportions. In his millions of years he has picked up this hobby of collecting stuff to create a historical archive of the galaxy, its denizens and its events. Thing is he doesn't really distinguish if you're still alive of dead when he decides to collect you or your stuff for his dioramas- I mean his displays in his little museum planet."
>anon fiddled with his pict slate and a picture of a necron appeared, one wearing what appeared to be a cowl and a cape
>anon then talked about how he Trazyn earned his infamy by working through endless proxy bodies
>how even if you think you managed to kill him it was merely a puppet necron and how annoying it was
>Russ laughed out loud at how frustrated with Trazyns antics anon was
>anon huffed and continued to talk about the different necrons and their tomb worlds
>mentioning many of their galactic doomsday weapons that they'd have to contend with
>and urging the mechanicum and any other imperials to avoid disturbing these planets until mankind had gotten itself together
>ignoring how unnerved most of the normal human attendants looked
>and how silent the emperor and malcador were at this point
>anon switched the topic once more
>"So next we come to the former rulers of this galaxy, the space elves known as the Eldar"
>anon knew in his heart that somewhere in the galaxy eldrad would be calling him a dick for referring to theirs species as "space elves"
>and it made him smile
>before anyone could remark on his grin, anon went on to explain the ancient history of the Eldar
>how they inherited the galaxy and drove the Krorks into a corner after the enslaver plague
>"Wait, what is an enslaver?" asked magnus again
>anon realized he had skipped this particular part of the lecture
>"Oh boy am I glad you asked! Lets take a stroll down mind rape and soul eating avenue shall we?" anon spoke with an unnerving grin
i love this please continue
this is some good submental stuff here to bide the time. I approve.
Can't be forgetting the Slann are still around, unless that's been changed?
>anon then went on to talk about what enslavers and many other warp based predators are how they consume living beings and use them to reproduce
>he even mentioned how said creatures re emerged to participate in the long night that devastated humanity furthera
>and how these things are still around in pocket empires enslaving humans and xenos alike
>after a ramble and a half he heard the Emps voice in his mind
>~Calm down. You still have a lot to tell everyone.~
>anon snapped out of his ramble to see magnus looking visibly unnerved and most of the rest of the audience staring in utter silence
>"Right. So, eldar. Or Aeldari, sometimes they prefer that pronoun."
>he switched the picture back to different types of Eldar
>"So their species, after millions of years of dominance of the galaxy, started getting bored."
>"And thus, and I quote you here, 'murderfucked a warp entity into existence'?" remarked Guilliman
>"Yes, that is entirely correct. 10 points to Guilliman." quipped anon
>he noticed Big E silently chuckling
>anon also thought he heard Dorn whisper "No one told me we were being graded for this lecture" to Fulgrim
>with a cough anon continued before his audience got too distracted
>"so during this several million year dominance of the galaxy, the eldar civilization slowly began to stagnate."
>"They ran out of things to do, and with the way their old one modified physiology worked, repeating stuff over and over began to actually wear down on their minds and bodies."
>anon talked at length how their society achieved perfect post scarcity, and with a lack of want their people started desperately searching for stimulation
>thus they slowly over hundreds of thousands of years began turning to hedonistic lifestyles
>how they began doing weirder and weirder things simply because they COULD
>soon enough even playing with pain and death became synonymous with pleasure
>"so it was at this point the first group of eldar broke away from their empire, and set out to settle frontier worlds. They're known as the Exodites. They manage paradise looking garden worlds and ride dinosaurs to battle."
>this last comment coupled with an illustration of an eldar warrior riding a giant raptor looking dinosaur made angron, russ and vulkan perk up
>"Exodites usually inhabit planets the eldar call Maiden Worlds, planets which began to be terraformed into hospitable paradise planets by the former eldar empire."
>"the imperium is in possession of a few of these, but I would like to ask that we don't begin colonizing any further maiden worlds that we find. At least not immediately, so as to keep the option of diplomacy open to them."
>anon knew that with that, however it was that eldrad and any other eldar that were watching would be surprised
>it was just a shame he wouldn't be able to see it and smugly say they now owe him a favor
>the fucking scheming pricks
>" diplomacy, with eldar? Lord Anon, this jest of yours isn't particularly funny."
>That came from one high admiral of the imperial navy
>anon looked at him dead in the eye
>"Contrary to popular belief, these Exodites aren't complete assholes. At least, so long as we leave them to their isolation. And if we let them be, their Craftworld eldar cousins will be much more amicable diplomatic partners as an extension. Mankind could use their help, believe it or not."
>the admiral simply huffed and sat back down, not entirely convinced
>"So the next group of eldar we are talking about are, asI said, these Craftworlders."
>anon then began explaining how the Craftworlds were continent to planetoid sized amalgamations of eldar trade ships, like an organized version of a space hulk
>how they were the people who escaped when their empire and its quest for hedonism took its darker turns
have Anon informed the Emperor about the Rangdan and the pain in the butt that will be get rid of them ?
File: Hold up Kek.png (114 KB, 500x387)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>>anon also thought he heard Dorn whisper "No one told me we were being graded for this lecture" to Fulgrim
My sides
>anon spoke at great length about the eldar and their connection to the warp, and how their actions as such a numerically large species induced massive ripples that other eldar could feel how wrong their actions were
>he told the silent audience about their desperate flight from the coming catalysm, and then the awakening of the conscience of the entity they now call "She Who Thirsts"
>anon didn't know it, but when he mentioned this name Fulgrim could feel his bile rise and his face contort into a look of utter disgust, but only for a brief moment before he returned back to his usual calm self
>"As this interdimensional thought parasite fully came into being, it sent out a psychic shockwave the instantly killed roughly 90% of the entire eldar race, destroying their empire in an instant."
>when anon mentioned that, the hall went so silent he swore he could hear a pin drop
>a glance at malcador and the emperor and their grim looks told him all he needed to know
>"so yeah, as a result of this millions of years long march, the eldar race fell from their place in the spotlight and the psychic backlash tore open a hole between this world and the warp we know as The Eye of Terror."
>when he said that he heard a loud crack and looking into the crowd he saw Perturabo had slammed his fist through the ceramite table
>taking a few quick sips of recycled water to finally moisturize his aching throat, he realized he had been talking for several hours
>anon said he'll take a quick break before continuing so as not to damage his vocal cords
>immediately the audience began murmuring amongst themselves, clearly reviewing all of the information provided thus far
>anon answered a few questions, mainly clearing up some confusion and clarifying some specifics he had left out in order for the lecture to keep going smoother
>all the while big E and Mally-
>Malcador turned to him with anannoyed glare
>...were conversing something mentally with one another
Indeed anon, I had a chuckle as well. That Dorn voice from the TTS series fit so well here.
How the Emperor and the primarchs react if Anon (drunk or not) reffers to something that Dorn did as "adornable" ?
I am allowed a piss break. So I exercise my right to drain the lizard.

>anyhoo, after anons throat stopped feeling like it had the rubric of ahriman cast upon it, he clappped his hands
>the audience quieted down quickly, none no longer daring to argue
>"Right. So Craftworld Eldar. They're the survivors of their former empire who, after such a traumatic event, formed a system where each of them limit their emotions and sensations in an effort to stave off getting turned into a ration bar by warp predators."
>"Due to the precarious nature of their current existence, they rely extremely heavily upon Psykers capable of divining strands of the future to steer their course where they avoid getting annihilated."
>"Its all pretty depressing stuff honestly.
>anon thought for a moment about their situation, and how his heart goes out to them
>" ~You truly care about them. How curious.~" came Emps voice
>well yeah, I mean the Craftworlders are so very similar to us its hard NOT to feel empathy for their plight
>those dawn of war 2 wraithlords really tugged at his heartstrings back then
>even if they're knife eared assholes
>but maybe thats the old earth values in him talking
>Emps said nothing more, but he could see from Malcadors sigh and how he shook his head that they both had read his true thoughts.
>anon finished the portion about craftworlds by talking about the importance of soulstones and how to remain in the eldars good graces if the imperium allows them to at least collect the bodies and soulstones of their dead
>he briefly summarized that eldar corsairs aren't affiliated with them and should be beaten down
>also that their soulstones should be collected to later be delivered back to wherever these fleets of rebellious teenagers originated from
>he then spoke about the clown elves, and their joker antics
>how they're hardly ever seen but how to be ready to combat them if they start honking too much
hahahaha in eldar clown*

Good moment for harlequin appear from nowhere and make question
File: horny jail.png (310 KB, 640x643)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
>"~You wont get cute eldar gf, Anon~"
>"But emps.."
>"~No buts, certainly no eldar one~"
>when anon finished talking about these eldar, his mood visibly changed
>Jaghatai noted this and gestured to Fulgrim, who lightly nodded to his brother
>"Last, we come to the worst of the eldar race. The ones who survived the implosion of their hedonistic empire and fled into the webway to continue their depravity to this day."
>"the knife eared ticks sucking on the asscheeks of the galaxy, known as the Drukhari, or dark eldar."
>anon clenched his pict slate hard. It was a good thing he wasn't any stronger than a normal human or he would snapped the plastic thing into pieces
>anon took a breath to suppress the memories of his previous encounters with the depraved dogs of commoragh
>he explained for context how the webway worked, how it was if old one manufacture, and how the beings that would become known as dark eldar fled there to establish the nightmare realm known as Commoragh
>he had spent weeks wracking his brain for every single last scrap of information on these fuckers
>even consulting other imperial departments for information in an effort to fill in some things he didn't know
>anon began explaining how the dark eldar would take humans by the millions in order to subject to them to utter cruelty just so the dark eldar could feed off the soul residue and sustain themselves
>he went into grisly detail explaining what he knew the drukhari do to their victims. The flesh constructs, the living furniture, the eternal suffering inflicted for no other purpose but to help some vile bastard spawns get their rocks off
>he talked about what he knew of haemonculi and their incredibly vast and twisted knowledge of biology
>and how fucked up they were even compared to other dark eldar
>once more the hall was silent, disgust and unease etched on the faces of many in attendance
>after a while some captain from Vulcans legion spoke up
>"surely you're jesting when you say they can even make a space marine break? This all sounds utterly surreal, how they commit such endless atrocity all to stave off the predations of a warp entity."
>anon looked at him with eyes full of pity
>how naïve this marine truly was to the horrors of the galaxy
>that look, that soul piercing, unflinching stare of pity the captain felt caused him incredible unease
>"I am not lying." reverberated anons voice alone in the grand hall. "Ask the Magnus, Malcador, or the Emperor himself to prove it if you must, but heed my words all the same. I was under their knife once."
>the captain looked at his primarch, then at his lieges and found that none of them contested what anon had said
>to his shock, even if he suppressed showing it on his face, all three of the previously mentioned individuals looked utterly grim.
>not waiting for the marine to sit down, anon continied to talk, explaining whatever he knew about the dark eldar and how they conduct their raids into realspace from the webway
>he even briefly mentioned how not even other eldar are safe from the twisted selfishness of their dark kin
>"that is unfortunately all that I can remember on these particular fiends. If I can make a suggestion, as soon as you identify ships or entities as dark eldar, open immediate fire. They are the living embodiment of a glass cannon. They want to hit hard and hit fast, obscuring their approach or antics where they can, but cannot take a punch back."
>with a deep sigh, anon concluded the talk on the eldar
>"there are still a few major factions I wish to talk about, but it would be best if we continue this lecture another day"
>"I will forward the material I have compiled to all of you so that you may personally review it and decide how best to plan contingencies and counter measures in the event you happen to run into these foes."
>anon knew he had been keeping them longer than expected.
>unlike him, THEY had wars to fight.
Going to finish this later, need to get some actual work done.
great work, cant wait for more
how many space marines from the horus heresy exist in 40k?
as many as the plot demands
>necron tech above the golden age of mankinds tech
i'm not fully convinced on that, the Speranza is pretty fucking advanced
best expansion pack of cupanons story yet!
Celestial Orrery
Breath of the Gods
More pls
can't wait to Anon start on the nids and how they may be a bio weapon of the old ones to calm down the warp by cleaning the galaxy of organic life
i wonder how many of them will end up having nightmares
most likely all of them
Nightmares are a respite from the grim darkness of the far future.
File: space elevator.jpg (183 KB, 816x510)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Yo, does terra even have space elevators, or were they outlawed by social understanding that the imperial palace was the tallest structure? I don't think it was ever stated, just implied. Does anybody know for sure?
>a mere 48 hours later anon sent out a second summons
>it hadn't even been 6 hours when he started getting messages from all of the primarchs regarding several topics
>even a few of the imperial representatives wanted more information
>they all wanted to know what the tyranids were, who are the tau, the umbra, ragdan, et cetera, et cetera.
>having pumped his throat full of herbal drinks to soothe his sore vocal cords, he prepared for the second lecture
>anon walked into the lecture hall a good 10 minutes in advance, and to his shock EVERYONE was already there
>you know, having a dozens of superhuman megamen look at your every movement kinda makes you want to do a full 360 and moonwalk it right the fuck outta there
>swallowing with nervousness, anon walked next to the screens
>"Took you long enough" came from Ferrus
>after a moment of silence, pretending he didn't listen, anon looked at the primarch of the iron hands and spoke
>"A nerd is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." he spoke with a soft tone and a grin
>he found it incredibly amusing to see Emps crack a smile and Ferrus to simply raise a brow in confusion
>"I am glad you could make it to the second half of my lecture." anon spoke with a cough
>“first subject of the day we will be discussing are the Tyranids."
>immediately he could see Dorn raise his hand
>what a good boy, asking for permission to speak
>in anons mind he could hear the emperor bust a gut laughing
>while taking a glance in his direction he saw both Malcador and Magnus cover their faces in their hands
>oh right, mind reading. Anyhoo
>"Yes, lord Dorn?" anon gestured to the primarch with his hand raised
>"These 'Tyranids' you speak of are an alien race that are not even in our galaxy at this stage, correct? Why do you mark them as one of the greatest dangers for all of humanity at this stage? Not even their vanguard forces, these Gene stealers should be on the fringes of the galactic plane yet."
>anon nodded and fiddled with his pict slate
>"you are correct Dorn. They have not yet begun any notable incursions into our galaxy. But that does not diminsh the existential threat they represent one bit."
>a few illustrations of tyranid organisms showed up on the giant screens
>"Tyranids are a species that originates from beyond the known fringes of space, likely beyond our galaxy."
>"They are a seemingly endless swarm of insectoid like biological creatures that function on a hive mind principle."
>immediately he started hearing murmurs
>anon swallowed again, and continued regardless. They're not going to like what he is going to say
>he began explaining how the tyranid species consists of countless different organisms, how the hive mind control structure works, how their evolution works, and how they behave in general
>when he pulled up the illustrations of a world going through the stages of a tyranid invasion, he could see many of the imperial high commands faces turn grim
>anon continued on to talk about how the 'nids weapons worked, how hive fleets worked, how they had the ability to seemingly approach the galactic plane from any direction
>the last bit which immediately got called impossible by several marine captains
>"an imminent tyranid invasion is often preluded by the breakdown of psychic communication capabilities, as the power of their hive mind controlling the countless trillions of organisms blocks out the warp for several light year leagues around the hive fleet"
>"psychic individuals, victims of this effect often suffer seizures and overwhelming visions of violence and feelings of dread as the Tyranids hive mind begins suppressing the flow of psychic information"
>the effect of this information was immediate
>He could see even Malcador looking troubled
>"Tyranids are also extremely adaptible, rivaling if not surpassing the orks in this capacity. Weaponry that proves too effective against them forces the hive fleet to evolve organisms that possess resistance or outright immunity to those weapons."
>"Hardened exoskeletons and carapaces to resist traditional ammunition, slime coatings to reduce the burn from plasma and volkite weaponry, lungs that filter out harmful toxins to mitigate poisons."
>"And most importantly, tyranids consume the dead in an effort to steal genetic codes in order to evolve more deadlier organisms, to add to their forces."
>that bit got a few of the primarchs looking a bit pale
>the knowledge that any fallen marine would have their gene stock twisted and turned into building blocks for xenos monstrosities a worrying prospect for attrition
>anon went into great length describing the importance of strategic weapons and space combat to mitigate the damage a hive fleet can cause
>how starving them out or baiting them into traps and blowing them apart would be one of the best ways to deal lasting damage
>he also detailed the tyranids and their hive fleets survival mechanisms, how near defeat they would try to run away to regrow their numbers
>or how the death of a norn queen would trigger a spawning signal across surviving ships of the fleet to grow new norn queens to splinter the fleet
>"next, I'll talk about the xenomorph looking buggers called the Genestealers"
You have no idea how much I want all of this to be cupcanon.
>"Genestealers. They are a tyranid organism often sent as a vanguard infiltration force years, if not decades in advance to infect local populatios and slowly convert them into tyranid hybrid organisms."
>looks of disgust were visible on the faces of most in attendance as anon spoke about the methods with which genestealers defile a host planets population
>"...as time goes on, newer generations of genestealer hybrids look more and more human with only some vaguely discrenible characteristics - mainly the enlarged cranium, slight forehead ridges, different pupils and sharper teeth than most regular humans."
>as anon continued to explain the ways in which these genestealers establish cult like organizations to convert more of the populace to their cause and further destabilize defenses as a hive fleet approaches the planet, he heard the Emperors voice in his mind
>~I can see now why you stated they are such a grievous threat to mankind, they are certainly vile and insidious as any. Even if they are not as dangerous immediately as the Great Enemy.~
>Uh, okay. Well at least we can both agree there needs to be counter measures taken.
>"Right, that about wraps up the part about the Tyranids. Even if they aren't around just yet, keep an eye out for the bugs. Lots and lots of bugs."
>anon shuddered at the thought of tyranids showing up
>the fact he was here now and would likely end up seeing the endless tides of the creepy crawlies made him shudder
>"So, moving on, I'll talk about a few minor yet highly dangerous xenos species active in the galaxy at this point in time"
Very good. It is I from >>77729359

Thank you for continuing this thread anon!
nope wrong one.

sorry about the confusion.
>anon talked about creatures like the Slaugth, the maggot aliens and their extremely advanced biomechanical creations and how they eat human brains to gain information
>"Even if their warrior constructs look like giant penises, do not ever under estimate their necrotic weaponry. One hit can turn biological organisms to dust in seconds."
>anon talked more about how these cthulhu ass critters like to hide in the shadows, their pseudo armor looking like tattered robes that refracts light and masks them to look like humans at a distance
>pointing at the galactic map, anon finished by mentioning that the imperium needs to utilize any possible STC technology salvaged as swiftly as possible to gird themselves against these Slaugth
>"Next up are the Rangdan. They possess a vast empire with similar technology to the Slaugth in the north and eastern fringe of the galaxy, and are capable matching the imperium in strength."
>the audience erupted.
>cries of it being a lie, how any xenos could match their strength being impossible
>~That's enough.~
>With a single sentence the hall quieted down again
>anon sighed. He had known they wouldn't like the fact a xeno empire capable of punching back existed.
>he began explaining that what he knew of the rangdan were only scraps as the creatures were highly secretive
>a lie, of course. They wouldn't be able to accept meta knowledge from his old life as the reason for why he didn't know much
>he explained to the audience that they possess similar technology to the slaugth and even ally with these creatures
>he also explained that they utilize neural collars to force compliance on massive legions of slave soldiers
>that the rangdan themselves avoid direct confrontations but when they do show up are of comparable strength and stature to space marines
>he also mentioned their weapons tech producing bio mechanical titans, their fleets being full of agile craft backed up by weaponised space stations known as war moons
This is very good. Continue, please.
>"even if I refer to them as war moons due to their prodigious size, they're no moon... More akin to obscenely sized space stations."
>anon mentioned that these war-moons are the match of several gloriana class battleships, which got the navy representatives eyes to bulge out
>" look I'm not groxshitting any one of you when I say these xenos are trouble. They inhabit the area we can refer to as the halo stars in the galactic north, northeast and need to be dealt with the full might of the imperium to avoid suffering catastrophic losses to the marine legions."
>anon then moved on to describe a few minor species such as the bestial rak'gol who would often attack shipping lanes as pirates
>or the shadow creature umbra that manipulate the shawos themselves and often congregate around warp engines or webway exits
>"uh, just as a side note when dealing with these black balls or teeth and mouths... Just shine a flashlight at them."
>after a while of silence, he heard Vulkan speak a confused "Whot"
>"the umbra are deathly allergic to light. So las weaponry is extremely effective at killing them. Just aim for the little black ball hidden in their mass of mouths and shadows to kill em."
>anon spoke about the hrud, the yu'vath and their mind control empires and many other smaller alien species
>"hrud smell. Like really, really bad. And they're ugly as groxshit." remarked anon
>Sanguinius chuckled audibly at this
>"so that about sums up this little lecture of ours. You're already up to speed on the warp threat from our previous interactions, and any missing information is detailed in that packet I sent."
>anon started tapping at the pict slate in his hand, wondering suddenly if he had forgot something
>"oh right, the Tau!" he chimed embarrassed
>a few in the audience that had already stood up turned to look at him and sat back down
>"Oh this will only take a moment. They're not yet active in the galaxy as it were"
>anon thumbed the pict slate and the illustrations he had produced from his memory on the Tau showed up
>"So in the galactic east, roughly around this area-"
>he circled a small spot on the galactic map that was as of yet unexplored
>"-there is a species of short, blue-grey skinned and red eyed xenos that will hopefully one day be of great use to mankind"
>"right now they're just a bunch of primitive hunter gatherer tribes throwing sticks at each other" chimed anon, a little bit of excitement tinging his voice
>"Xenos that do not yet exist and will one day be useful to us?" remarked solomon
>"I agree with brother solomons sentiment," chimed perturabo, "how is it that these unremarkable cave dwellers will benefit mankind?"
>anon smiled and pulled up pictures of tau battle suits he had had illustrated
>"Because these little xenos like giant robots."
>"Sometime in the future, I'm not exactly certain when specifically, their planet will be caught in a warp storm. When said warp storm dissipates and they re-emerge, they will have evolved into a highly technologically advanced species"
>anon could tell this seemed unbelievable to most gathered here
>he began talking about how their squabbling species would be united by a faction of tau known as the ethereals, and under the ethereals rule the tau would advance by leaps and bounds, united by an ideology they call The Greater Good
>"so this ideology of theirs makes em willing to seek allies who would seek to peacefully prosper in this galaxy" chimed anon
>"we don't need to put much stock into this ideology, we can make them a protected species and utilize them for their technical aptitude while giving them a few dozen systems to live in. They'll be pretty much content with that and with paying lip service to the vague goals of their 'Greater Good'."
>Perturabo wasn't fully convinced. He found the idea of xenos capable of technological marvels somewhat preposterous.
>" Look" sighed anon "if any of our explorator fleets finds a planet in this region populated by creatures lile these, just instruct them to leave them alone."
>"If their development follows this course I assume then once they re-emerge we can conduct some initial diplomatic missions to them. If they are like I described, we can make us of them. If they turn out bad, we can just have a legion stomp them out. They're a really small force all things considered."
>“Me thinks anon here has a thing for short blue xenos" mocked Russ
>"I will have you know that piloting a mech suit is a mans dream!" stated anon by thumping his fist on his left breast
>Russ just laughed
>"Whatever you say lad. You're the one with a 'nose' for these things“ he said and laughed even harder
>anon rolled his eyes in exasperation
>"well whatever. I'll take responsibility for the Tau if it ever comes to that."
>"As a final parting note before you all go back to conquering this nightmare house of a galaxy, if you ever run into a space hulk with a machine voice speaking from one of the ships stuck into it, contact me immediately."
>as the audience bowed their heads and began dispersing, anon sighed deeply
>maybe if that ship the grey knights would destroy because of its grieving AI could be salvaged, he could hear what happened to the federation
>with a sigh, anon turned to the screen still displaying the galactic map
>even with his foreknowledge, hope was still the first step on the road to disappointment.
And we're done. I didn't go into chaos because thats cupanons thing.
>maybe if that ship the grey knights would destroy because of its grieving AI could be salvaged, he could hear what happened to the federation
i'm pretty sure that was the blood angels
though it's been a while since i read that space marine battle's book
Good job Anon. It was glorious.
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
it's me gain: >>77737603

thanks for the read. thoroughly enjoyed.

Bro, lore expansion.

I don't think anon would do that tho. If he made up a plot thread with specific events, it could get poked by critics for having plot holes, or even get flatly denied by GW, if for some God forsaken reason GW decides they want to flesh out 40k's 20k timeline while this is being writen.

Would still be nice to see anons take on the major events that triggered the age of strife. What the ramifications were for a simpleton hitting his radio-tuner to make it work one too many times. The peak-worlds with technology so ill-understood by it's own inhabitants. How the gravity plates of spaceships could be repurposed to make a human city look like an aeldari world with logic-defying building-sculptures, non-euclidian rivers, and dirigibles. Does the lives of the plebs stay shit like in 40k thanks to their technocracy, or did they learn from the coming death of our (((society))) and learn to stay self sufficient and individually wealthy.
File: hj.jpg (12 KB, 270x187)
12 KB
>"~No cute Tau waifus either, Anon~"
>"But Emps th..."
>"~Again, no buts. Especially no eldar or tau ones"
>"~And we will need to have a talk about your xenophilia~"
Meanwhile on some active tomb world.
>"Let's try this again..."
>"Chronomacher what is the problem?"
>"Ah Overlord Ramemhat, I am receiving too much information of possible new timelines..."
>"... Say again, because I don't think I heard you correctly. For it sounds like your saying that your memory and data processing are being... Overloaded."
>"They most certainly are Overlord... Even my simulations break now, it was fine until a few years ago."
>"Is there something wrong with the machine or its coding?"
>"I've checked those each time it has failed... but nothing."
>"Data corrup-"
>"Not even that... I just do not understand what is going on. All I ever get is a forest of possibilities, but when I run one into the simulation... it breaks."
>"That is concerning, I will leave it to you. just try to get some short-term data packets... Though what could do this... The old ones have long since been extinct. So who, or what could do this?"
Oh my...
meanwhile trollzyn the memelord be like
I mean the first signed kriegspiel manual would be very valuable to a collector.
ngl just because it's 40k it could be worth more than entire planets
Now just to patently wait for CupAnon with part 12.
Can someone compile some descriptions of anon as he is currently in the story.

It is criminal no fan art has been made. I wish to get some art to rectify it.

Last I recall he was shaved of hair to get a tattoo of the imperial Aquila made from the blood of a null maiden.
I got the sense the baldness was temporary. He does describe himself as 6'2" in freedom units and well over 7 foot in his power armor.
Actually there were some fan art made in the past threads, you just gotta find it.
Theres also the technical fanart by Neckbeardia, but that's more of a youtube video pin thing/shitpost.

Yep. Bald with vagina blood tattooed to his head.
Here is what I remember how he describes himself
more or less got it with the head and body. Not mentioning the scars that he might have gotten when the Drukari got their sweat goblin hands on him (although they might have healed due to his perpetual hood...).
we know he has an Aquila tattooed on the back of his head in the blood of a sister of silence. other than that not much else...
I have not once seen a single piece of art you made mention of. Can anyone else verify this claim and post it?
File: 1614232371367.jpg (1.25 MB, 1988x3056)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Also described as pretty average otherwise. So I just thought of a standard brown haired white guy.

As for scarring from the Drukari, I believe they only beat him a bit, as it was described to be "tame by their standards" before he was brought out into the rest of the camp.

Lelith on the other hand cut him up with her sword for a bit when he woke up mid abduction.
File: mfvgy6oiadf61.jpg (81 KB, 640x853)
81 KB
It seems I found it after all
I'm surprised this iasnt been moved to quest
None of 10 previous threads was moved, why would this one be different?
writefaggotry is essential to /tg/'s health
because writtefagotry and extend writtefagtry isn't quest newfag
Don't suffer (you)s to the trolls and retards you heretics
I could see this being a huge political problem. To say you prefer a xeno's tech, calling their technologival development superior to humanities, right in front of the fabricator general, and THEN having a primarch calling you out for xenphilia is kicking a powderkeg. Dear Emperor... if i was the fabricator general I'd be loseing my fucking mind. The emporer's very own cupbearer called me out in front of every high ranking member of the imperium for not developing tech like the emperor told me to, and THEN not punishing him for it.


>be me
>be fabricator general.
>Omnisiah's cupbearer insults my mechanicum in front of all high ranking officials.
>Whatever. That meeting was confidential. I'll just sabotage the cupbearer's mechanicum retinue later.
>Got more important "necron" tech to totaly not steal first.

>Be me
>Going to next mechanicum council to talk about boring shit. I'd rather be planning my revenge.
>Massive crowd of elites waiting for me. too much yelling. Can't hear anything.
>Turn off ears. Read crowd group chat.
>Well, half know... all they know is that the cupbearer insulted us somehow.
>start freaking out.
>everyone wants to know how I'll respond. Crowd goes silent, waiting for my answer.
>Realize the deep shit I'm in.
>if i don't respond I'll be seen as weak by the masses and replaced by a demagogue who will declare war.
>If -I- protect myself by declaring war on the imperial household, I'll have literally every branch of the imperium will come down on the mechanicum like a bag of lead ingots.
>silence goes on for a full minute. The only thing that dares break the silence is some fuckwit posting a lenny bind in chat.
>Thinking hard.
>How did this even get out? That meeting was absolutely confidential. The only way this could have leaked is if SOMEONE leaked it. Was it the cupbearer who leaked it? No, he knows more than he lets on. I studied meat suties. He acted suspiciously whenever he would say "supposedly". He knows the ramifications of his actions, dispite the innocence he plays. The primarchs, Malcador, or the Omnisiah? No. They are too smart as well. The imperial guard fleet commanders though... they are careerist fools, many of whome hold grudges for not fully submitting to their plans when we provide aid. This was likely a petty attempt to get back at us. Oh the fools. They don't know what they're doing.
>I'll have it investigated if I survive this.
>I need to save the dignity of the mechanicum in order to appease the crowd WITHOUT declaring a war.
>Get a plan. If they don't know what he said, I can make up some petty byproduct and use my church to publisize my response, pushing what he really said into disbelieved fakenews. I silently pray to Omnisiah. "I hope you in your wisdom planned for this to happen"
>I quickly scan past titan battle reports with the tag "cupbearer on world". Only one result. Fuck it. It'll do.
>"... As you know... or... for those of you gathered today who do not, approximately two Martian years ago, titan legio krekart assisted the cupbearer in defense of a heavily populated and strategically important hive planet from a unprecedentedly large force of dark eldar... This world had excellent hive defenses, so it was decided, our titans would remain near the cities walls so that they may benifit from it's covering fire... The cupbearer hid in the bottom a hive, and coordinated the resistance from within... When a portion of a hive city's outer defensees fell, so did the surveillance system that covered it. The cupbearer was blind to see how exposed the hive's wound was. Our titans chose to sacrifice their protective shields to plug this whole, but to the blinded cupbearer, all he saw was a titan making the foolish move of leaving the hive. The cupbearer raged, not out of hate, but of protective concern... All was settled and apologies given in the aftermath, and it was considered done... or so i thought... Recently, the long forgotten rage of the cupbearer has resurfaced. I let this matter fester for I had believed that cooler, and more studious, heads would prevail. Through curiosity alone you would have found the documents presenting the apology... alas, no... Your writings of hear-say have buried the retraction! Seeing as the truth has become so hard to rediscover, and that this mistruth has lead the calls of war against the imperium!... I shall find the appolgie myself, and have it reprinted... ON MASS... to ensure ANYONE who hears his rage shall know he has apologized for it... With that issue resolved, may we begin our PLANNED matters"?
>Everyone stands stunned for a moment, then moves to their normal position.
>Holy fuck, it worked! Thank you Omnisiah! Was this your and your cupbearer's plan? Testing the upperbrass for leakes that you knew I could handle?
>I am pretty great after all...
Prob best to get art of him in his power armor with a helmet
I want quests to leave
>I want the quality of the board to decrease even further!
There are still plenty of vore-giantess-femdom threads for you to go masturbate to. Go do that instead of complaining here.
File: me.png (252 KB, 1024x418)
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252 KB PNG
? ? ?
Fucked up the link
why would i give a shithead the attention he wants?
File: images.jpg (5 KB, 224x225)
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I lost every screen cap of this story because i reset my computers memory

i am in pain
File: 1588134908866.jpg (39 KB, 750x750)
39 KB
a tragedy
>admech group chat
>lenny binds exist as a sacred emote for the mechanicus
my sides!
scroll to the top, an Anon thankfully has a post detailing where all the achieved posts are.
Im glad you liked it. I would have used better words in it but I was too lazy to go back and look for the name of the world and other such things

Also, I'm pretty sure it's still called mechanicum right now in 30k. Mechanicus was it's rebrand to separate themselves from the traitors if I recall.
File: 2svqedbp1c611.jpg (138 KB, 1804x1533)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>Forgets that Blackfang exists
>the mistakes make it more emersive.
Anon be forgetting a lot. To become a true lord of lore, you must reread every book for evey detail, splice them onto a hundred homemade maps, spreadsheets, flowcharts, and diograms. In short, you must be an autist with an attention span. Most people aren't that, so it's safe to say that if anon really did end up isikied into 40k he would make minor lore mistakes just like that.
>in his power armor and helmet
Ambiguity works. Though I just began to recall the "Rich but not Noble class club" Anon visited before the Zack Incident.

Anon was able to blend into the crowd, or rather the background, while he sat at a table and read. Pay attention Razit, the dude is a nerd. Find him a nice book if you want him to relax. A waitress actually managed to talk to him, though he told her he was just a scribe, a mundane person/position.

Only after someone who could recognize him from his looks did that change, and considering he appears on the Fool card; it makes sense to me that he would be unexpectedly plain looking.

It subverts the grand presence built up in stories around him that may be passed around via the various Imperial cults that are still out there. There was at least 2 broken up within the forces under his command in his career so far.

In the end, it is the artist's decision, I just think making him plain looking would be a safe route to take if helmet off.
Hmmm, was there an Eldar god of knowledge?

Can't remember, but let us be real here the medical staff will ask CupAnon, the Lion, Luther, and the Custodies what happened.

How would he explain that... Aside from 'found a monster in the woods and had to slay it before it became a larger threat.'
Literally fucking who
The Ork warlord that managed to defeat the combined forces 3 astarte legions and needed THE Emperor himself with an army of custodes to be killed
He even was able to kill three custodes , whose names were later engraved in the Emperor's armor
This isn't a qwest you monke.
>Eldar god of knowledge
Morai Heg, the Crone. After she had Khaine cut her hand off, her fingers were forged into the Croneswords.
I suppose it'd be Cegorach now considering he seems to have stolen the keys to the library.
Ah yes, the self-harming sister of Khaine who sent her bitchy banshees to annoy Khaine till he hurt her.
Sister? I've heard consort, but I suppose the two aren't mutually exclusive. Think she's supposed to get with Ynnead after he's born too.
Wait, would CupAnon know some AOS lore?
Would be possible
Age of Sigmar?
If you are among us, please gives us a new thread and a the continuation of your story before this thread vanishs in the warp archives
three or four days he said i think
so next month
like shounen jump
could be worse
like berserk
>could be worse
>like berserk
I will post a new thread on the 27th. I work tomarrow and might start the tread after work before I sleep and in the morning if I am too tired.
might I suggest you type the guideline, of the story for a little bit, before making a new post...

Yes, we will wait a bit longer... BUT we would rather have it be good work. Rather than a sloppy work that would pain even yourself, also focus on life first for we have patience
File: pert_fun.png (535 KB, 918x666)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
no way
dont burn yourself out okay m8?
Hey so I've been thinking on it for a while, I and I think that I can salvage some significant chunks of my story about cupbearers brother, and attempt to make it canon consistent if I get some information from you about what his mum and siblings were like.

Can you share some info and I will do my best to edit, re-write and repost an updated 'brother of the cupbearer' side-story with a complete ending.
Anon's Mom is from a lower ranking house, and in fact was raised to marry Anon's father. they were married when she was 13 and he was in his late 20s.

Anon's Eldest brother is rather ruthless but fair. Servant stole an apple took an fruit from the kitchen without permission. Flog them if they can't pay the price of the fruit plus 10% extra. His horse wondered off and eat out of your garden, he pays you the cost plus the extra. You actually got his warrior/ hunter parts right. Thinks Anon is gifted in the mind but wasting his talent and is likely to become a hermit. Is now greatful that Anon is bringing glory to the house.

The Middle Brother is the charmer of the family. He is kinda dumb. Is actually the reason the Father has issues with the King. He slept with the King's mistress. Think prettyboy that thinks with his dick and makes friends easy. Thinks Anon is a weirdo, now is jealous Anon is the most famous of them.

Anon's sisters... Anon barely knows them. He has three, 2 older, one younger.
Was Anon's mother arranging a marriage for him more a matter of duty or political in nature, or was it that she knew her weird son would have trouble getting a girl and she would try to set him up and NOT become a hermit?
okay so I am going to start working through the story and editing for canon compliance, sorry if reposing what you have already read last thread bothers anyone.
File: 1596316845889.jpg (1.2 MB, 3307x2008)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
>Be feudal first born son of noble
>life is pretty harsh even as a noble, disease and war shit up the realm and dad wants me to be a great warrior and leaders
>always bowing and scraping to other nobles, always beating down on peasants
>mum has several other kids, some die shortly after birth but some live and now I have siblings
>first sister is rowdy until mum scolds her in silence, he is mostly well mannered but hates flower arranging and embroidery
>first little bro is a smarmy little shit who knows how to twist words and make girls swoon
>then a couple more little sisters, who take after mum and don’t ever really say much around menfolk
>I hope they are going to marry off to good men in the future, I know too many scoundrels already.
>then mum gives birth to a weird one, he looks fine but I've seen enough births to know that one that doesn't cry is strange.
>as he grows up he's super quiet, doesn't like toys or swordfighting the same way as his brother or I did
>I worry about him, and am sus, maybe he has the devil in him
>dad says not to give a fuck, third son, doesn’t matter and he can go be a hermit or s priest or something
>mum says it's my job to care for my siblings too, even the strange ones
>I don't like my weird little brother, at least the sisters join in on feasts, and the middle brother came hunting a couple times.
>all youngest brother does is hide away in his tower, make weird things and wash himself too often
>mum said to care for him, and I love mum so I am going to care for him how I can
>Don't have to like the little shit though
>he repeatedly asks me to leave when he is fixing little things
>digging tunnels for water to flow through
>messing with peasants tools and the bellows of the forges
>keep getting blacksmiths and carpenters to make weird shit for him.
>I pay but keep a tab and remind him of his costs when he's rude
Her friend's daughter she thought Anon would get along with and her husband would accept.

I was worried you had stopped, I really liked it. Emps gave off a Odin vibe to the brother.
File: 1597161305645.jpg (3.59 MB, 5888x4652)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
>one day I see a weaver in town using one of his weird things
>Ignore it
>later I see peasants mixing shit into their fields
>how dare they, we EAT those crops, I draw sword and approach
>little bro is there overseeing it and notices me, sword drawn
>he looks confused, I take him aside and angrily question him
>he says some nonsense about the soil and how it eats poop, and how the crops eat soil so its important to feed the soil
>I tell him what's on my mind
>he calls me a name I don't understand and asks for my silence on the matter
>I tell him to fuck off and I tell father
>father orders him to his room for a moon cycle
>brother looks sad at me, as though he expected this from dad but not from me
>he doesn't seem to be bothered by the punishment, he stayed in his room a lot anyway
>looks at me all sad when I come to chide him on things
>asks if I remember mother
>I think about it, and recall she died while he was very young
>tell him about mum and how she was
>He seems happier than before, and asks for more parts of wood and other shit
>I am annoyed but agree
>Notice more and more of his things in the village,
>What is more surprising is when we went out of the duchy to visit the king some of his things were in that town too
>king says he has noticed our peasants growing wealth, and wonders if we are taxing them properly
>father in kings shitbooks for well fed peasants and spare tax money when things are harsh for us all
>not only that but middle brother got into someone's pants while we were there
>don’t know details but the king can’t call our family out publicly due to it being outside his marriage, but he’s still pissed and looking for reasons to get us in shit now
>return home and brother has a surprise welcome home feast
>he give us gifts of toys and gold
>tells us of his inventions and how they are making the village rich and feeding the people
I wanted to continue, but also didn't want to work on something which wasn't connected to the main story, so I think just re-doing it to fit your outline before continuing works best for what I was looking for.
File: 1596335115100.jpg (2.81 MB, 2000x1532)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
>dad throws his gift in the fire, takes all the gold and sends him to his room for another moon
>I keep my toy gift.
>I understand fathers rage, but brother was doing his best and this time I see that I am on the wrong side
>I take a walk to the village and see for myself that the people are better clothed, better fed and the fields have a stronger crop than years previous
>See for myself that the whole weaving house is using his tools
>the smith is using his altered bellows and the children play with toys of my brothers making
>I don't think he has the devil
>he has our mothers kindness, for all these peasants
>think to ask brother more of his inventions and how they have made the peasants lives this way
>plan to make him a workshop and have him move away from father until he passes and I am lord
>the fucking stars shake and send down messengers to all the rulers
>one speaks to father and orders his and his families attendance to the arrival and feast help by apparently their king himself
>father allows little bro to come with us, partly because we were ordered to bring our whole family
>partly also because dad knows he hates feasts and crowds of people
>some great chariot of steel is prepared for us
>with sounds like the grinding of glaciers upon one another, but replaced with grinding iron rather than ice, it fucking FLYS us into the stars
>Bro looks at the heraldry on the chariot and his eyes go wide and he looks like he's going to be sick or shit himself
>he better not shit himself
>I comfort him as best I can, by punching his shoulder and telling him to think of the family's honor
>I really want to tell him that we will face whatever is there as a family, and that he should be sure not to offend anyone
>but father is there and I hold my tongue
>the walls are gold
>the floor is gold
>their clothes are gold
>some are giants
>some are human
>all are totally at easy with the raw panic which hides beneath the surface of every noble from our world
>brother seems to be trying to hide
>try to draw some attention to myself by speaking loud and asking questions
>notice brother slip away
>hope he's okay
>food is fucking crazy, drink is fucking crazy
>I don't know if they are the foods of the gods or if they are magical or what, but I want more of that shit
>old man approaches me, asks for a moment of my time
>snarfing down some meat and pastries, nod
>Asks me, of all things, about youngest brother.
>If little bro ruins our chances to trade for more of this food I swear to all the gods
>tell what I can in best possible light
>Inventor, kind, quiet, makes gold and toys and feed the peasants only a acceptable amount
>old guy looks like he doesn't care what I am saying, but is nodding along as his eyes go in and out of focus
>feel fuzzy, wonder if I ate too much or drank too much, need to sit
>old man vanishes
>sit around in a haze until father grabs my arm
>feels like a dream, he chastises me for drinking too much and tells me the party is over
>only really come to when we're already home and I have slept
>that drink was really something, feel like I have sunburn on the inside of my head
>dad rips into me as soon as i walk into the hall about not watching my youngest brother
>Am I my brother's keeper?
>mention I was talking to some dignitary and sampling the good we may trade for
>he doesn't give a fuck, apparently brother didn't come home with us and has stayed behind for a little while with the starpeople
>blames me BC of all of us I didn't hate him the most
>few days on a hunt should give dad time to cool down, I tell him that I will return with a plan and meat and furs to appease him
File: 1584759667695.jpg (277 KB, 1000x1000)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>he wrings his hands and tells me I should bring back gold and steel for both bribes and battle should brother offend others
>first day I stop by the village and tell them I'm going to need money and weapons and bodies
>they bitch and moan about how they already paid taxes
>I level with them to some extent, little bro may have pissed off some people and we need to be ready for backlash either way
>this mollifies them, most seem to like little bro and they agree to put in for gold and spears
>I tell them I am going to hunt and will be back in a handful of days to collect
>set off into more rural areas
>Haven't seen peasants like this before, lots of animals grazing and lots more rural people selling stuff than I remember
>clothes, cloth, tools, food
>seems like even out in the sticks people have more than they had before
>going deeper into nowheresville start to see wild animals more often
>couple small ones, not worth the pelt or meat to hunt.
>Need bigger and special-er if I am to placate dad
>two days out now am I am truly in bumfuck nowhere, not a person for leagues
>Set up a camp and set out some small traps for food
>chilling by the fire, early morning tomorrow if I want to catch something good
>drinking from a wineskin and thinking about how we even could bribe the starpeople
>can't bribe the king, he thinks we're way richer than we are due to not starving peasants
>can't even have the appearance of needing help or nearby nobles would start circling like predators
>peasants make for shitty allies, even when fed a little better
>even if we levy them all, the dukedom crumbles after a handful of missed harvests
>I miss my littlest brother too, he always could see things from a different angle
>hope he's okay
>"He is fine" I hear a voice speak
>old ass dude in plain robes and staff is standing
>it's a stardude, I recognize him as the dude who asked me about bro in the first place
>How did you find me? what are you doing out here?
>"I came to tell you, I will be keeping your brother".
>uhh why? what did he do?
>"he will be useful to me, and you will be compensated in time"
>I am nothing but confusion at this point
>he asks me why I alone in my family thought fondly of my littlest bro
>I tell the man that my brother is strange, he is different but he is my brother all the same.
>His love for toys and peasants and washing are all odd, but he is doing his best in his own strange way
>I tell the old man that he has a mind not meant for our world, that the stars might see his value when my father cannot
>that I can see only a little of his thoughts, and I know he is meant for things other than ruling with steel and intrigue
>Go on to say how I worry that his strange mind would have him ostracised from even the priesthood and he would end up a hermit
>how I want to do what is right, but i’m not ruler and brother is causing stress for father when father is already covering for another troublesome son
>I have no idea why I spilled my guts to this old starperson, or when he sat down to listen to me vent
>"I see"
>The old man stands and speaks again, three thoughts, unconnected to one another but each considered and spoken clearly
>"You will not need your gold and steel, we will do you no harm"
>Change however is coming to this world. You will do well to ally yourself with us in the coming struggles. Those who embrace these changes will find themselves well positioned, and wealthy.
>A twinkle in his eyes as he spoke to me tells me he isn’t joking and that my world is in for some major changes.
>as he walks away into the hungry darkness at the edge of my firelight, he pauses
>almost as if an afterthought he speaks, his voice no softer or quieter despite being further away
>"and if you seek a fine hunt... walk east until you hear no bird calls come morning light"
>fucking riddles and sorcery
>Old man walks into the darkness and vanishes
>fire dwindles and I sleep and dream of stars far away.
>I dream of a burning sky.
>I dream of screeching monsters who clutch and claw at a unraveling tapestry.
>At a plain chalice which spills gold onto their designs and washes away darkness with glowing light.
File: bartosz-domiczek-35.jpg (2.21 MB, 3000x2124)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
>wake to birdcalls before dawn has even broken
>pack shit up and start to walk east, like the old dude said
>not sure why, just felt like he wasn't lying
>walking and walking, listening to birdcalls, waiting until can't hear more
>over knots of roots and brambles, over stone and frosted ground until finally there are no more calls from birds
>I draw my bow and slowly knock and arrow, expecting to see something.
>there is nothing, and I begin to think myself a fool for following hunting advice in my own homeland from a starperson
>As I turn to go back I see a flicker of movement
>a colossal white predator
>with pink eyes
>fangs like spears, fur like Armour and claws like a row of knives.
>draw hunting spear and start backing away
>it's isn't "a fine hunt" this thing is the fucking king of the Forrest, and has no time for humans trying to 'hunt' it
>it sniffs the air, and shuffles about before rearing on it's hind-legs and sniffing the air more
>still as snow, I don't need to breath, fuck I wish I had bathed recently
>a flicker of recognition crosses it's muzzle as it looks dead at me.
>And roars
>this thing weighs five times what I do, even if I were wearing metal Armour, which I am not
>Barreling towards me on all fours, fangs visible the monster crushes and crashes through the brush which I clambered over with such difficulty
>I ground the butt of my spear in the ground and brace
>fucking father
>fucking brother
>fucking starpeople
>I angle the tip of my spear towards it's muzzle and clench every part of my body

pre-written ends here, and I will be writing as I go.
Feedback and comments welcome.
>A horrific crunch and juddering force shakers down my arms as my spear impacts below it's neckline
>charging forward, the creature doesn't even slow, impaling itself further as it's fangs seek flesh and bone
>Dropping the spear and trusting the the strength of the knot of roots I grounded it in, I draw my skinning knife in one hand and brace it with the other
>the beasts smells, it's fangs drip with foul drool as it gnashes at me, trying to make me a meal
>Swinging the knife upward repeatedly I am only able to avoid fangs and claws due to the beast being impeded by a rapidly cracking and splintering spear shaft
>So many stabs, five? ten? the creature begins to slow and it's lifesblood is draining out of my many knife-wounds
>the speak snaps and the beast is on top of me
>the weight of the monster drive my blade deeper than any stab I could make with the strength of my arm
>in through the floor of the beasts jaw and into it's skull, keeping the fangs from renting my flesh away from my body
>claws swing with desperate force, making much and chipwood of the study roots around me as i frantically roll, each dodge feeling as though it will be my last lucky movement
>I wrestle against the blade in it's muzzle, trying to twist the blade and hurt it more when the taut muscles of the beast begin to go limp
>first slowly, and then all at once the beast collapses on me, lashing out no more.

>frantic deep breaths and some undignified wriggling later, I am able to stand over my quarry.
>this beast easily is the largest I have ever seen.
>maybe the largest that ever was.
>My spear point and the forward third of it's shaft is impaled deep into it's torso through the space in between it's collarbone and neck
>my knife is stuck so tight it takes several attempts with my full weight behind it to free the blade

>I use my rope to string the beast to the thickest branch I can, before bleeding it and skinning it.
>with some effort I drape the prize of meat and fur over my steed, and walk alongside it back towards civilization
>I am fucking shaking with exaustion, I feel like the fight lasted for hours, not minutes
>Coming across a small cabin I see a trail of smoke trickling out of the chimney
>something smells wonderful, and this IS my fathers land
>I tie my steed, unload it and call out
>entering into the cabin I see the old starperson watching bread slowly rise in the oven
>”I will share my bread, if you will share your meat” he says without looking up from the flickering embers that gently glowed at the edges of the fire
>realizing my hunger, I butcher a hunk of rump meat with my knife before wordlessly presenting it to the starperson
>He says that we should sear the meat on a fire before placing it in the oven
>Do as he says and watch the fat sizzle and bubble out of the rump of the creature, and pool below the meat into a broth of fat a blood drippings
>the older starperson pulls a loaf out of the oven and sets it to cool on a plate over the snow
>when the meat is seared he places in into the oven and watches the outside crisp and brown
>I realize I have been silent for a long time and clear my throat to speak, before I am cut off by the old man breaking the loaf into chunks
>he dips and crusty and steaming hot mouthful of bread into the fat and blood dripping from the searing meat from before and eats it
>I do the same
>I have had bread and drippings before, but not like this.
>the warmth, depths and seeded texture of this bread
>the savoury, meaty, fatty flavor of the dip.
>I have never eaten anything so delicious
>”things change” spoke the old starperson
>”Things always change” he says before taking another bite
>”This world is going to change, and I need to know it is in good hands”
File: 15842135630_113bbd065f_o.jpg (3.8 MB, 4000x3000)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB JPG
>”Many kings and lords of this world will be slow to adopt our ways, even with it freely available to them. That will cost them dearly when, and if their rivals do.”
>For a moment I do realize I’ve been given a chance to speak
> “is that what happened to your world?”
>The star person smiles
>”the world onto which I was born has suffered much. I would rather that doesn’t happen here” spoke the star person with great sorrow in his voice
>”I suspect there is something innate in humanity that causes our attachment to our homeland. Even within myself I feel as longing for places that no longer exist”
>”yes brother of anon, adopt our ways and you will find power and wealth, but more importantly the strength to protect your homeland”
>and in a flash the starpersons voice and face fall dark
>”from whatever may come”
>he pulls the meat from the oven and gestures at me to slice both it, and bread into slices
>the meat bleeds fat and juices into the bread, which soaks them up thristly
>the first bite is almost more than I can handle
>this sandwich of bread and meat and nothing more tastes of my homeworld
>the grains which grow in our carefully tended fields
>the meat from beasts which rome in our forests, growing fat on berries and smaller animals
>the subtle smoke from the wood of our trees
>its enough that it nearly brings me to tears

>the star person stands and smiles “worth protecting, don’t you think?”
>”yes” I respond, and as I look up to see him move, he is already gone, like magic
>something deep inside me shifts, and I know that despite speaking in cryptic messages of change and protection, that he speaks the truth.
>for the first time in my life a I feel a sense of something greater than personal ambition
>And as I saddle up my steed to head back home, I repeat to myself his word
>“worth protecting, don’t you think?”

Taking a break for feedback and ideas, let me know your thoughts before I continue

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