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Lot's of talk about steampunk today. I don't know, why. It's not 2010 anymore.

What is the best or shittiest Steampunk setting one could make?
Lat's start by adding nations.
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Here you go. Made it Steampunky. Though I feel like it could use some more cogs and brass.
I'd rather define "Steampunk" beyond "just slap some gears on it, and call it steampunk". Steam implies the industrial revolutions, the massive steam engines, the upcoming growth of capitalism and death of the old ways, whereas Punk...would imply that shit sucks? Wasnt that already the case?
Anon, stop! If you point out that shit has always sucked it’ll mean you really can apply “punk” to anything!
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literally pic related
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Fuck it, Ill bite.

>Kingdom of Arvantha
Arvanthanians were the most grandest and most prosperous kingdom of the Islands for majority of the written times. Originally secessionists from the ancient Unland Empire, Arvanthanian Kingdom became the refuge of reason and civilisation for many centuries.

Unfortunately, they stuck to those old centuries and during the past two centuries became a backwater kingdom that shunned progression. Still entirely living in feudal age, Arvanthian might lessened and lessened until it was only valued because of the corn they produce.

Still living in the age of glorious hussar charges, their armies had only recently started to import muskets from abroad. That did not help much, for three years ago the armies of opposing States of X and Y (fill these as you go) invaded. The capital, Irnaic Palace, was burned and the ruling queen Tuska is missing, rumored to have fled to a neighbouring state oz Z.

The future of Arvantha is not a bright one, as many believe that it will be carved apart by the invading armies.
>(not) shitty
>Steampunk Setting
Pick one
>whereas Punk...would imply that shit sucks? Wasnt that already the case?
It implies an upheaval in the established social structures.

The new rich industrialists are taking power from the nobles and royalty. It's empowering empires to bend undeveloped nations over a barrel. And it's kicking a swath of previously middle class workers down into the gutter, where they worship King Lud, who will rally them into a fighting force to burn down the estates of the assholes what put us out of a job!
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It needs airships of one kind or another.
File: 1614372392002.png (7.9 MB, 8000x4864)
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> Neighbouring state of Z
I'll go for this one.The Confederate Lands Aporozhia is a state which grappled with issues in many ways different from Arvathani.

Formerly part of the United Lands of Aporozhia, increasing pressure to ban slave labor from abroad caused a split in the nation. The Western Confederates, come from a baren near desert-like region. All that frankly exists there is mines, mines of large amounts of valuable resources, but both supplies of food, tools and even manpower (slaves) lied at the East's mercy.

In a seemingly hopeless secessionist war the Confederates have found themselves isolated as many nations declared open hostility due to their slaving ways. Even the ULA's enemies proclaiming neutrality.

Still the CLA knows they only need to starve the north sufficiently long of Keip Crystal before their Guns stop firing and their Airships stop flying.

Betting on this Queen Tuska fled to the nation, with a mere 1000 Arvanthan Hussars. Only a madman could believe 1000 men could turn around the fate of a war... or someone who saw the Hussars actually fight.

(The CLA and KoA, sign a pact of exchanging resources, both nations exchanging what they have food for resources so they could rapidly industrialize.)

(god this map is hell to edit.)
File: 1614379332397.png (5.5 MB, 8000x4864)
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Lacking both iron and coal deposits, the previously scattered and disjointed eastern states were considered to be nothing more than a breadbasket for the richer nations.

But following the teaching of A famed naturalist and banding together, the Darwinian CoFederation breads huge beasts for war and labor. Rumors of a tight breeding program among their elite remain unfounded.
File: steem.png (7.38 MB, 8000x4864)
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The Hartlands were never expected to be powerful nation, or even a nation at all. Where once in ancient days stood a kingdom atop silver veins, the long centuries of Unlandic and later Arvanthan rule exhausted such deposits. Since then, the region has been a mountainous backwater notable for two things: deep forests so replete with game - especially deer - that gave the Hartlands their name, and a relatively isolated natural harbor to the north...which has been conquered on-and-off by every thalassocratic power for a thousand years. It's only other city lay at the most northern navigable part of a great river - a city convenient portage, and little more.

And yet...change came. Wood, you see, is intensely valuable to industrializing economies, and the Hartlands contain deep, primeval forests. Foreign demand grew, and deals were struck between the merchants of the northern city and petty nobility of the portage city. Mills at the fall line turned logs into lumber, and whether by airship or portage were carried off to the wider world. Cash rolled in, and the region became less of a forgotten backwater and more an interconnected economy in its' own right. Factories were built, furniture and finished goods began being made instead of just raw lumber, and exported for greater profits. The two cities grew. Settlement patterns shifted from isolated hunting/farming communities to silviculture boomtowns. Steam power arrived - not powered by coal, but by wood pellets. And so on.

Of course, this came with increased attention from Irniac. Royal officials were, as one can imagine, quite displeased that "uppity" local nobles acting above their station and "treasonous" merchants selling to foreign powers. The inevitable tension over authority and taxation escalated ever higher until, at last, it burst into open conflict. Unfortunately for Arvantha, the nations now near-dependent on Hartlander lumber were more than willing to offer arms and armaments to secure continued supply.
In most other circumstances, Arvantha could've won, but their famed hussar charges work poorly in thickly forested mountain terrain, and the long-held Hartland hunting traditions blended well with firearms to wreak havoc on supply lines. While the Hartlanders never pushed the royalists out or truly defeated them in the field, the also didn't need to. The might of the kingdom was simply bled dry here and in their other conflict.

And thus, independence, and the mess that came with it. Even now, the formalization of power and the forging of a new nation creates political disputes and factionalism, even as vast tracts of forested land are consolidated for economic use with or without local support. It's an exciting and dynamic time to be alive!
Give me a second.
what a fucking tranny asshole
Nothing with punk in it can be cool or fun because punk is about being cringe and putting on a show of intentional childishness to accentuate, rather than conceal, depression, insecurities, and ignorance. All while actively avoiding anything of value to avoid conforming and disguise the depths of actual underdevelopment of one's psyche.

None of that is genuinely interesting to anyone diligent enough to create settings or enjoy quiet hobbies, so it ends up being Victorian roleplay with gears stuck on. This is why steampunk festivals always suck and attract a few hobbyists with cool mechanical crafts to show quietly while overshadowed by divas with low effort flashy costumes, tea obsession, and genuine haughtiness indistinguishable from roleplay.
I mean, so far we've got:
>nation with limited ability to adapt to problems and cultivate development, only accepting disruptive advancements in piecemeal even as enemies are at their doorstep
>I-can't-believe-it's-not-the-American-Civil-War except instead of the Confederate economy being based on plantation agriculture it's based on mining - especially of some kind of valuable crystal
>literally just the Darwinist powers from Leviathan (pretty based, actually)
>a region which took advantage of foreign demand for a local resource to grow relevant, now facing internal growing pains
The only cogfop risk factors I'm seeing in this thread so far are the crystals (forgivable if they're used to make something necessary for the setting happen) and possibly the airships, but the airships can be done in a non-shit way.
Are there gonna be different culture groups?
For the Hartlands, I'd been thinking about it like this:
>the major portage city as the focal point of a northern Unlandic dialect, presumably related to what the Arvanthans speak, forming a continuum with that tongue as one moves south out of the heavily forested regions and into sprawling plains and heavily farmed areas downriver, but inversely becoming less mutually intelligible with that tongue as one moves north into the forested valleys.
>also probably the usual cultural divide between a growing urban center and rural townships being reorganized for resource extraction. I can't imagine that being very pleasant!
>clannish "Silvermen" in the more marginal highlands regions, relict populations that until recently were nigh entirely disconnected from outside economics. Less focused on forestry and more on high-altitude ranching of, like, goats and shit. The name derives from what their distant ancestors were known for in ancient times: works of silver.
>the northeastern harbor city would hold a significant foreign population. But perhaps foreign is the wrong word, but a centuries-old community of peoples whose original homeland is distant. A local patois of the Hartlander Unlandic dialect and whatever foreign lingua franca took root exists, assuredly with some Silvertongue loanwords. The lifestyle there is almost certainly shaped by access to foreign trade and the bounty of the sea. Bound to the rest of the Hartlands more by mutual economic interest than by culture, though that's changing as growing industry draws laborers of Unlandic stock from the countryside to the port city.
>>literally just the Darwinist powers from Leviathan (pretty based, actually)
. . . hey, is that good? I think I tried to pick it up once, but it screamed "young adult" bullshit.
The industrial revolution is low tech, low life. Like instead of hacking the net, you´re beating up kids to get them to crawl into chimneys and open windows for you.
Something that actually addresses the "punk" in the word. So if we're talking about a !not Victorian era, play on the contrast between the !not European upper classes who view the world as a playground for fun and adventure, and the the underclass back home / natives abroad who are kept down to work on feeding and oiling this system. Also some commentary about how every secondary and tertiary power around the world is erasing its own ethnic heritage to embrace an artificial culture, modelled after the British/French/German so they can have a chance at competing.
As an adult? Probably not. Last time I cracked open one of the books I was still in the target demographic. I'll defend its' aesthetic and general concept to my last breath, but even child-me felt that the massive romance element took up too much of the story.
Is it wrong to say that I love this movie? I just love the concept of wild west with technology. How can you not like a giant mecha spider destroying a wild west town?
I propose a Royal Navy equivalent with steam dreadnoughts.
File: IreconRiders.png (5.52 MB, 8000x4864)
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5.52 MB PNG

Irecon League

Iremn is an ancient city, famous for the fact that it has been conquered, captured and sacked innumerous times due its great location near the mouth of the Cor-Irun river and the fertile fields.

Three decades ago, the Ireconian tribes, raider-denisens of the Silverpeak mountain valleys, descended from their hills with great fury and began a great war against the Lamborghe League, who had Iremn at that time. Led by bandit-turned-warlord Voston, Ireconian manifested their old tales telling stories that they were the true first settlers of Iremn.

Using this wave of nationalism and manifesting destiny, Voston crushed the Lamborghians in a war that lasted 17 years of dark deeds, bloody battles and momentary heroism. Ireconians were poorer and under-equipped, but a surprise occurred. It was noticed that the buried bones of the southern jungle demons, what Ireconians had been collecting for ages, were actually flammable and could be burned in steam engines. This discovery turned the war, as foreign nations desperate for more fuel sources began to pour money to Voston.

Seven years ago, Iremn was liberated by Ireconian Iron-walkers. Yet as Voston desired to continue forward and take the rest of the Cor-Irun he became ill and died three agonizing years later. He was buried in a grand parade to the homestead of his parents while his generals took the charge from his young daughters. Instead of more warfare, they turned to internal affairs and to solidify their rule over the newly conquered lands.

Such is the situation of Ireconian League. Can the Council of Generals navigate the ever-present erupting nationalistic spirit, vast new population, massive foreign interests, lack of a navy, internal power struggles, inferior infrastructure and the surrounding blood-hungry nations?
The Iremnic Bay has a Mediterranean climate that is slightly too dry without irrigation, but recent developments have fostered a prosperous agriculture. This led to a population explosion that was one of the causes of the recent issues such as the Voston Reconquest, Siva-Asarian revolts and the Silverpeak Air Pirates.

South of it lies the vast Daemon Jungles, where coldblooded monsters hunt. Even with the advances of weaponry and medicine, it is still mysterious peninsula where numerous adventurers and colonists have disappeared. Nowadays more return with tales of grand lizards, mountains filled with precious jewels. It is clearly awaiting a proper civilization, but no-one has bothered yet.

Locals have little to do with the old Urland Imperials, although of course they took Iremn once or twice. The Darwinian Feds are active in the are and originally funded both sides in the Voston Reconquest, but turned against Lamborghians when the fuel discovery occurred.
Are you talking about "let's glue cogs to everything" steampunk or actual steampunk?
The Hartlands were not home to a substantial population prior to the lumber boom. Depending on their luck and business acumen, local freemen would either become newly minted gentry, selling logging rights to their previously useless highland parcels or destitute beggars as unscrupulous logging companies would use loopholes in the entirely too vague medieval legal codes of the Hartlands. The vast majority of the lumberjacks themselves however would come from the south and from the east. Either escaped slaves from the Aporozhian lands dreaming of a land where man is free or impoverished peasants from Arvantha denied their lands as local nobles increasingly turn to enclosure acts to enlarge their vast rural properties, the newly arrived immigrants had by and large very high hopes for their new homeland.

This enthusiasm was cut short however as many saw themselves stuffed into company towns under strict surveillance of detective agencies in the employ of the biggest logging and saw mill conglomerates. Most of the new arrivals soon started to feel like the places they left were in the end no worse than where they ended up and anger started swelling in the bunk houses.

This proved to be fertile grounds for various agitators and organizers and soon underground societies and brotherhoods of workingmen sprung up across the countries boomtowns. Machinery started mysteriously disappearing. Corporate detectives would somehow end up lost in the woods for months. This situation was almost at the verge of transforming into a real insurrection when the war came.
We'll find out depends what people make.
That's not what punk means, though.
As news that the Imperial banners were assembling at Irniac to march north broke out in the local press, the boomtowns of the Hartlands exploded into revolutionary frenzy. Men spontaneously assembled at saloons and town-houses and demanded rifles and ammo to meet the Royal Hussars their rugged enthusiasm barely contained by local police. Its in this atmosphere of general chaos that the many underground societies decided to strike and declared a general convention of workingmen in one of the largest of the logging towns. It was there that the Lumber Workers Industrial Union was officially born. The first act of the newly united organisation was the raising of "Volunteer Battalions" to help safeguard the country.

While the official authorities were most distrustful of these units they were still inducted into the official command structure of the newly developing Hartland armed forces, despite the protests and indignation of the logging companies. However the general staff was under the impression that fighting the Royalists and Revolutionaries at the same time would be fatal to the newly formed state.

The war ended up being easier to manage than anyone in the Hartlands previously anticipated and at its conclusion, a constitution for the new state was drafted which explicitly legalised trade unions and allowed them a certain amount of priveleges, in exchange of the disarmament of the VBs.
File: block12.jpg (140 KB, 800x1322)
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This move proved to be almost as damning for the LWIU as the for the Big 4 lumber conglomerates. A radical well organized minority of the union, mainly based in the eastern provinces had fully expected that once victory over the Royalists was secure, the LWIU would march on the capital to dislodge the hated fatcats and other barons of industry.

The move by the more moderate majority and the collective leadership to acquiesce to the government's demands was met with fury, violence and accusations of scabbing. The radicals reformed themselves into the illegal IWW (Industrial Wood Workers) and went on to continue the armed struggle. This low level insurgency in the east would take 7 long years to fully squash causing untold misery to the population and bad stock ratings for the lumber companies. The IWW would over time morph from a purely industrial union to encompass and organize many marginalised groups the LWIU wouldn't touch with a 10 ft logging pole, like the remote Silvermen whose ancestral territories are increasingly being expropriated by logging operations, prison labour, prostitutes and smugglers. While still illegal and shunned by polite society, the IWW has however found sympathy with many of the newly minted urbanites, mainly the intelligentsia and art circles.

Meanwhile the companies used the legalisation of unions as an opportunity to start their own so called "yellow" union, the AFL (Allied Federation of Lumberjacks), a blatant attempt to steal influence on the back of the LWIU that has been relentlessly mocked in union press.

At present s a delicate balance between the companies and the unions has established itself. While currently all signs point towards a slow détente as the war between labour and capital moves out of the streets and into courts it would not take much for Hartlander society to plunge itself into conflict once more if for example a worldwide economic crisis were to occur. But what are the chances of that?
I mean you think up a nation that's literally the PNW at the turn of the century, I'm gonna run with it, sorry not sorry
So we'll find out if people make steampunk or don't. In a thread made for making a steampunk setting.
File: marly.jpg (118 KB, 800x561)
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118 KB JPG
I was going for more of a Maine kind of aesthetic blended with the way resource extraction really fucks with nations and foreigner-populated ports in the vein of Norse Dublin or Chinese Singapore. Toss in some French inspiration from the Machine de Marly for maximum wood-based madness.

Not that I'm complaining much about the way you took it, I'd already thought there would be a conflict with the landowners claiming ever-greater tracts of timberland and formalizing those claims under the new legal structure, driving centuries-old communities onto ever slimmer portions of the country, essentially forcing them to work for the only real game in town, and doing that fucked up colonial thing where resource production and exports are focused above local food production causing food insecurity issues. I wasn't angling towards union/labor tensions, but they make sense.

Regardless, the growing pains of an industrializing world make for good conflict!
File: martiansgetout.jpg (40 KB, 526x400)
40 KB
Gotta have some good Ram bows.
If you don’t mind I’d like to fix this map from what >>77767963 did. As he didn’t bother explaining, I’ll do my best.
>the wheels are massive, abandoned underwater structures. An age ago they were made by the Bronze Apostles of legend. They burrow down deep into tectonic plates, and where used to shape the very continents and earth.
>abandoned lifetimes upon lifetimes ago, they have faded into legend, their true purpose and location obscured by an impassable ocean.
To those who remain aware of their presence, several questions remain unanswered.
Is the world the shape the apostles desired? If not, who stopped them from using this machine, and what WAS the form they intended to bring about?
File: Hartland.png (71 KB, 1600x1200)
71 KB
Okay here's a rough political map of the Hartlands. If anyone has any cool name ideas for the states and cities, post them and I'll add them in.
You're right that it also fits earlier more frontier style colonialism yeah, I just saw "young nation with lumber based economy" and kinda went of that. Kinda blending the 2 is good for optimal plot hooks I feel.
That's a really neat internal map.

It's interesting that IWW controlled lands border Confederate controlled land.

I am 100% sure >>77767963 (You) was just meming the fact that Steampunk puts bronze cogs everywhere for no reason.
Hetarion means "the world" in the tongue of the natives, that is because for centuries they thought of themselves as the only people in existence, and following that as the only 'civilised people'.

The Age of industrailisation brought a swift end to those delusions as ULA battleships breached the shores demanding trade. Declaring a one-sided war in which they mercilessly slaughtered the Daimyo coalition formed to protect the nation.

Only scant victories were achieved against the ULA. One happened at the neck of hossaido where local Samurai cavalry ambushed enemy infantry and slaughtered them near to the man seeing their attempt to surrender as cowardice worthy of execution. This act greatly extended the war, as in addition to demands of opening trade. Now also the handing over of Hershien as an ULA colony was demanded alongside rights for ULA companies to set up shop in the nation and even for an ULA advisor to sit on the Shoguns advisory council. Effextively making the nation a puppet.

The demands sadly came trough after the Temple City of Ioha and later the capital of Hossaido were bombed into non-existance. Keip crystal poisoning rendering the land uninhabitable. A few blimps had put a nation of proud warriors on it's knees.

The nation is currently in the middle of the Najiohi Restoration. Under the Shogun's orders a 'unification' of the nation and reoform to civilised standards shall happen. The Shogun's personal holding of Hembaratana has already thus expanded greatly and in effect the nation is being conquered by the man who rules it as. Tens of thousands of troops armed with riffles conquer their way against the rebellious Samurai wishing to keep their independence.

The war is slowly but clearly being won by the Shogunate Restorationists, as the technological gap is plainly too big to be overcome. The hope of the nation once more lies in Hossaido. As they in fact have managed to find Keip crystal reserves in Hodo. 1/2
File: Bez tytułu.png (7.86 MB, 8000x4864)
7.86 MB
7.86 MB PNG

The Daimy alliance thus has hopes in jump-packs developed by Hossaido which give Samurai greater maneuverability and speed. Allowing them even reach blimps in a pinch. Or close up on an enemy before they can ready their muskets.

The fight becomes increasingly desperate though as many Daimyo such as Sendo Ruy willingly side with the Shogun or declare neutrality like Io and Ioho.

Sekoryu even declaring independence with them counting on support of the Irecon League.
I know, which is why I’m trying to unfuck it and make the map stay serious
>It's interesting that IWW controlled lands border Confederate controlled land.
tbf there's a half a continent size of wasted space still to filled up, but that was kind of my thinking yeah. Of course the region with the most ex-slaves is going to be the most firebrand one.
File: letsfillthatspace.png (5.76 MB, 8000x4864)
5.76 MB
5.76 MB PNG
>half a continent size of wasted space still to filled up
Lets fill it then!

The Great Salt Sea is a half-desert, half dryland, half taiga wasteland that no single great nationstate has ever managed to control for its abhorrently poor habitability. Sand and salt is everywhere and water is rare. Populated by various nomadic tribes of various ethnicities and ages-long issues, it has been a location of trade and warfare. One of the reasons airships were actually developed was to hasten the trade over the Great Salt Sea, for the old beetle-caravans were slow and unreliable. Even now people prefer to fly over "The Salts" rather than try to combat them. At least seven tribes have become feared among the civilizations as warriors almost without peer, and some have settled to the neigbouring areas - often after a a bloodbath.

Scientists and alchemists have been long curious of the famous Jade water of the sand flats - its eerie luminescence in night has long fascinated people. Given the advances of science, its flammability is an interesting factor but for now it is labeled as a far too dangerous material to use as fuel, for too many wise men have either burned or poisoned by the horrible stuff. Yes, it is basically radioactive oil. Give it 50 years and all the nations will be fighting over it, but we are not in Dieselpunk yet.

Hetarion is currently a bit too NotJapan to my tastes, they could need smthn additional. Given that they are south of the jungle peninsula, is/was their island filled with jungle?

ULA probably is not anymore influencing the war, given their civil war? This creates opportunities for other nationstates and the locals to attack the weakened ULA-Hershien.

Darwinians in turn probably are interested in the conflict, either to topple the current leadership or to find great fighters among the struggle?

File: Hartland_and_Torskland.png (165 KB, 1600x1200)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
The Grand-Duchy of Torskland is Hartland's more reserved and dull older brother. In the early days of recorded history Torsklanders were renowned as great sea-farers, traders and conquerors. After being thoroughly beaten and subjugated by the great Unlander empire however, their influence began to wane. Emerging out of the empire's collapse, the Grand Dukes then swore allegiance to the Iranic Palace for protection, though they would eventually drift apart when the Grand Dukes court supported the losing side in a bloody succession war over the Arvanthan throne which led to famous siege of Søviknes, during which almost the entire population of the city perished of famine because of the Arvanthan blockade.

Since then the Dukedom has eschewed international politics for a policy of non-interference, instead concentrating on its 2 main industries, fishing and shipping. The only major exception to this in the recent past has been the Hartlander war of independence. Though the Ducal government decided openly recognising the breakaway state too soon might embroil them into the war, the Foreign Office and the Seksjon E-14 of the General Staff very quickly organised undercover channels for the mass smuggling of arms and weaponry into the rebel state. A land route out of Osterness was established and merchant vessels flying unfamiliar flags with holds full of guns regularly moored on Hartlander docks.

As a recognition gift once the war had ended, the Torsklander government gifted its southern counterpart with 3 coastal frigates, the newly renamed HNN Hyupps, HNN Harkon and HNN Hettera which were previously headed to the scrapyard but were quickly modernised with a high power crystal battery each.
This operation also had its muddier underbelly. Seksjon E-14 also sent its equipment, agents and observers to collaborate with the Hartlander logging conglomerates detective agencies both in brutally suppressing radical union activity in Hartland and learning counter-insurgency and infiltration techniques to prevent any such events from happening in Torskland.

The fishing industry, mainly based on small fishing ports like Strekkmerker, Kopper and Tykktarm keeps the nation well fed. A large surplus is funnelled towards the sprawling cannery works in Hestfolda and Ryggmargen which then export the now famous Torsklander sardines, cod and crab all over the industrialised world. The exporting itself is usually done on locally built merchant ships which are built in vast numbers in the enormous shipyards of Wikhulla. The raw materials are mostly sourced from local iron and mischmetal mines, though lumber is (obviously) of Hartlander provenance and several more finely machined components have to be imported from the ULA. There are 2 large steel mills in the country, one in Wikhulla and one in Søviknes.

Despite such an impressing sounding resume, the Dukedom is not as developed as it may appear. The Southern counties centered on Beskjørhet remain almost fully rural and agrarian, their main exports remaining buckwheat and reactionary career officers in the Land Army. The entire eastern coast is made up of sharp cliffs and stormy winds prevent the development of anything bigger than fishing towns. The large wind-swept plains south of Osterness remain hardly developed with a very sparse population and less than 20km of railroad track. Though economically integrated the northern islands offer a pretty bleak existence of constant storms and cold as well and young men leave their small villages en masse to move to the great southern cities.
They just took it from cyberpunk without thought because the -punk isn't really the focus of steampunk
Just dump your 10-page preconceived definition for it already, it's on topic
File: queen maeves land.png (83 KB, 693x760)
83 KB
all dreadnoughts are steam dreadnoughts, until you get to the USS New Mexico. Still, dreadnoughts are very steampunk.

Queeen Maeve's Land is a relatively backwards coastal land that has still not recovered economically or culturally from the War of the Ithsmus. While they managed to fight their western neighbors to a standstill in ages past, they did so at extreme cost, losing fully 90% of their male population in the process, and running their industrial base and infrastructure into the ground, as repairs were put off until it was too late, and replacement was impossible. In the aftermath of the war, with little in the way of resources or expertise, the country effectively collapsed, with the cities facing famine and the rural areas returning to subsistence agriculture and pastoralism. United, nominally, under Queen Maeve, the only member of the Royal Family to have surived the War of the Ithmus, the reality is that the people of Queen Maeve's land are a disparate bunch, and their primary interaction with one another consists largely of stealing cattle from the neighboring clans.

Travel across the Ithmus itself, now known as the great salient, has become impossible. The soil is so polluted that nothing can grow, and surveys indicate that there is roughly 5kg of unexploded ordnance, on average, for every square meter of ground. Worse still, despite the great salient being entirely unfit for habitation, human or otherwise, dark rumors carry word of roving bands of mutated, cannibalistic deserters, preying upon all who enter their land.
File: FF5Crystal.gif (2 KB, 24x64)
2 KB
Keip Crystals: What's their deal? We should probably establish at least rough properties for them so we don't end up having them be magical super-materials that do everything

Here's what we know so far
>useful/necessary for the function of airships firearms
>can be weaponized into rather destructive bombs
>can be made into batteries (artillery batteries or the energy kind?)

So here's my proposal: They're energy storage. When exposed to large quantities of heat, they absorb a small portion of it and slowly radiate it out. The closer any given crystal is to capacity, the swifter the energy pours out - manifesting as higher output and a bright glow - meaning that they have a "soft" maximum capacity after which you get diminishing returns. Larger crystals have larger capacities, and vice versa, meaning keip particulate absorbs and expels heat rather quickly, which neatly explains its' health effects as wildly fucking with the body's ability to cool itself to maintain homeostasis. Hence the forced labor: nobody would willingly risk Keip Fever.

While the uses of crystals are obvious, they are also somewhat niche in practice - there are limited stockpiles and plentiful alternatives. Still, a relatively lightweight source of power has allowed airships to carry larger freight longer distances. The utility of relatively large crystals to absorb excess heat and of dust to quickly radiate it when considering firearms is clear. Additionally, Keip Bombs are possible, essentially by surrounding a large crystal chunk with others and heating the central crystal beyond capacity. At which point it violently explodes into a cloud of highly toxic and incendiary dust.

The crystals have been known since antiquity, but were a mere curiosity, and occasionally a means of keeping warm until more modern mining techniques allowed deeper deposits of larger crystals, having marinated in the earth's heat for millennia, to be unearthed. Roughly 2/3rds of known reserves are located in Aporozhia.
Steampunk is a gay dogshit fucking setting.
File: ss_parliament.png (18 KB, 302x528)
18 KB
Politically the Dukedom carries many of the trappings of a democracy, even if it is far from one in reality. The Ducal court relies on a powerful network of local "leagues", organisations halfway between a gentlmen's club and a paramilitary organisation composed of the landed classes, military personnel and government officials. In the south of the country these leagues tend to be controlled by rural noble families with a history of military service and are markedly more independent than elsewhere in the country, where the local leagues are little more than rubber stamps. Additionally the Duke can count on the support of the military-industrial complex, particularly the navy which the government generously patronizes with expansions every few years. A traditionally pliable opposition of liberal parties made up of the urban entrepreneurs and middle classes has also recently seen fit to join its cause to HG's government.

Across the aisle sits the bellicose National Labour Party. Based in the great industrial cities of the west coast the NLP is split into several factions based as much on real ideological differences as petty grudges between various local branches. Though the NLP likes to put on a show of defiance as the official opposition for 9 years running, a careful combination of carrot and stick from the government has so far kept them middlingly content in their status as the opposition party, with seemingly little will to actually contest the Ducal Leagues for the executive office.
File: synthesis.jpg (164 KB, 452x572)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
An oddity in Ducal politics, the Preserve the Tariffs Society has only recently entered parliament. Hailing from the Northern islands it is a grassroots movement of discontent against government talks to relax the stringent tariffs on seafood imports. Sweeping the entrenched leagues out of their traditionally low-turnout districts, the Society keeps its support of the government on a very tight leash, constantly fearing liberal infiltration of the Ministry of Trade.

The 2 remaining opposition parties are the Workingmen League and the ATNLC. Both branding themselves as he only real opposition, these 2 openly Republican parties have never recieved more than a small margin of the vote, thanks on part to the watchful eyes of the E-14 office. The Workingmen League is directly inspired by the Hartlander labour organisations and represents only the parliamentary wing of a slightly larger compact of trade unions and mutual aid organisations, mainly active in the cities of Ryggmargen and Osterness.
The ATNLC on the other hand is even stranger. Deriving inspiration both from the Hartlander experience and a strange land across the great ocean, they propose a radically different approach to the construction of society. Technocrats at their core, they desire to reshape it along Darwinist principles, throwing away all of the useless old traditions and nobility in favour of a government of the fittest and fastest. Great adepts of scientific advancements, their only real presence outside of a small group of demented believers is the Søviknes Free University department of biology.
File: Comb.png (5.76 MB, 8000x4864)
5.76 MB
5.76 MB PNG
Combo edition!

Keep up the great Work!

Trying to merge the maps and fix some issues.
While fixing the Aporozhia this came up and got an idea: Like the The Great Salient, southern coastline of ULA is still ravaged by the War of the Ithsmus >>77792718 and several coasts are still poisoned by the scars of that megaconflict.

War of the Ithsmus propably predated the civil split of Aporozhia, therefore what we are actually seeing is only the aftershocks of that Conflict here...

Late Urlandian written texts describe the Aarrii among the "warlike water-barbarians" like their cousins the Torskii, neither of them compared to the almost-civilized Hearthii. "Although the silver-miners love their deers far too much, at least the Hearthii chiefs live in towns compared to wet whaleskins!"

Aarcliffs, as their peninsula began to be called, is a almost split region of wet moors and hardy folk who do not like outsiders. Proud that they were never under the Unlandians, they dislike the mention that honest civilization has even now barely touched their kind. Literacy is all but extinct even among their rulers and therefore their little commerce has been ruled by offlanders (mostly Hartlandians and some Aporozhians and other) for generations. Not that there is much to trade: wool from their wolfsheeps is their chief export, even the waters are poor of fish. The legendary whales are extinct. Many Aporozhian slaves are of Aarcliffian heritage. Most what other people have seen Aarcliffians are mercenaries, for many second sons have looked for other coasts for fortune. Not many have succeeded, but their fierce temperament is famous.

was writing a pseudo-scotland but Torksland was put in its place. Moved it a bit west!
reading absolutely nothing of the thread I hereby declare that dystopian wars landships with neoclassical domes on top exist in this setting
I agree that we should properly define what all of the Mad Science! resources do. I prefer when you have a bunch of different weird ores that do different things instead of one universal unobtainium. Makes the whole setting feel more dynamic.
>was writing a pseudo-scotland but Torksland was put in its place. Moved it a bit west!
I honestly had a gut feeling someone else was also gonna try filling that space heh. There's still a gap on the western seaboard left if anyone wants to fill that. Personally I was thinking maybe a bunch of bickering city states nominally under Arvanthan protection + token wAcKy state, but am going to sleep now anyways.
I like the Aarcliffs pseudoscots idea, could definitely see them and the pseudonorwrgians sharing a history. We need an interesting and logical entity to cover the northern lands between the Hartlands and the Confederacy to tie the whole thing together.
File: Daisy-Rock-Hopeman.jpg (403 KB, 1001x1500)
403 KB
403 KB JPG

Barely a century ago, Aarcliffians still worshiped old pagan magics and spirits, but at least now they have been turned to the worship of the Sea-Mother by western missionaries. Nowdays their leaders, particularly the lords of Ansikm, are trying to kickstart the industrial revolution in their realm despite great opposition from the peasants. Geologists are scouring the mountains for Keip Crystals, for the Aporozhian Mines are nearby and Ansikmian lords are wishing for similiar profits. Not many have been found so far, as the Aporozhian Mountains appear to be far older.

Aarcliffs is split by mountains into three district areas. Elduth in the south is the most backwater despite their contacts with the southlanders, Aksimians are "half-Aporozhians, greedy pigs" and Guthbörians were pirates and vagabonds but nowdays have forsaken their old ways and are the most pious Arclifians.

There is no central goverment but there exists a multi-layered aristocracy filled with blood-alliances, ancient feunds and barely-whispered secrets. The missionaries of Sea-Mother summon all the lords for a Discussion twice each year, a rite that they inherited from their predecessors. Peasants have little rights and far more obligations. Many fear that the industrial developments will cause a fuckload of new problems and issues, and they are almost certainly right, given what has happened in surrounding lands.

Because of an ancient pact, the Aarcliffians do not go to the northern peninsula past the Melthan river, stating that the peninsula was bought from them by sea-witches. The area has been mostly deserted with the exception of few escaped sheepwolves and oathbreakers.

How wonderful that you state your ignorance. There is plenty of empty space to put your landships, but please try even to make them fit the setting first. Otherwise just ignoring your shit is tempting. This is more airship steampunk so far. what does your landships add to this?
File: 1614451157887.jpg (233 KB, 1000x1353)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Liking the energy storage + Keip fever idea. They are useful but not gamechanging on their own.

There is the Jade water >>77789879, utilizing that is not yet a possibility. If the Salt Sea is a remnant of a meteorite collision or explosion of some Old Technology shit things might be interest

Some kind of weaponry fucked up the Salient (and conveniently gave us an excuse for more airships) >>77792718 I'd say that they were the predesessors of Keip Crystals, lets call them Glumm Crystals. More poisonous and hazardous, but power output was superior. Lacking technology to use them safely, they were mostly used as ammunition. Glumm Crystals were forbidden by a international treaty after the War of the Ithsmus - only Mad Doctors dare to manufacture that stuff any more and most perish in spectacular but horrid ways.

The states Kingdom of Arvantha is at war with have not yet been detailed. we need a reason for queen Tuska (pict related) to make an alliance with the Confederate Lands Aporozhia.

The Hartlands (or at least some parts of it) recently got their independence from Arvantha, but that does not feel like the current invasions with Harlands having their own problems.

Probably at least one invasion from east, one from central lands? The successors of Urland Empire are probably along the eastern coastline somewhere, perhaps someone needs more living space?
Or from the "Little Colonies" of the western Seaboard? >>77793892

Perhaps Hartland independence happened during the War of the Ithsmus or near it? Did the predecessor of queen Tuska die in either of these conflicts or was it something else? Trying to think about a timeline here.
will you take airships with domes instead?
Nice, keep going!

who makes them? In which conflicts they have been used? what is their glorious/inglorious history? Is there a civilian use for them?

Are they connected to the Salt Sea for example?
>all dreadnoughts are steam until you the the New Mexico
Did it really take that long? I knew the early ones were but I assumed they changed fuel methods before then.
No matter, feel free to take the dreadnought idea and run with it. I don't have the creative juices to come up with interesting shit for it but I love me some dreadnoughts.
An idea I've been toying with: since there have already a few near-apocalyptic wars how about some region that just collectively goes into shell-shock and falls back on itself cutting all but the most necessary of foreign ties. The military is disbanded and cities stand empty as the few remaining go back into the countryside to start self sustaining agrarian communes. The apparatus of state doesn't completely disintegrate but falls on the clergy of some deity of mercy and healing with the local archdeacon becoming the de facto head of state of the region.
Strictly speaking, nuclear powered vessels are still steam powered. They use the fissile material to heat up the water and spin the turbines. The biggest problem with steam boilers is the power to weight ratio, but unlike personal vehicles, that hardly matters with a dreadnought. Power to weight didn't even really matter until you got to the Deutschland Class and Washington Treaty vessels, when they had to pretend to care about the displacement so they could lie about it semi-convincingly
I'm aware of the technicality of nuclear power but it's hardly steampunk and befitting of the setting. Thanks for the brief history lesson though, been trying to learn about naval warships as of late, specifically dreadnoughts/battleships. Tanks and other AFVs were always more my cup of tea.
I just have to remind myself that a dreadnought isn't really a wheelchair for crippled, nine foot tall space racists. On a related note, though they were in the process of getting replaced by electric and diesel my then, steam locomotives were in production into the 1930s.
Love me a good steam locomotive. It would be fun to see some armored trains employed in this setting. However, I'm very much putting the cart before the horse when discussing all this fun weaponry, so I'll leave you all to the actual world building.

New country, but I don't have a place on the map for it, and my upload is too slow to place it on the map. I'd like it on the western continent, but anyone can place it.

The Duchy of Marcomania is a small, mountainous region, situated in a couple valleys at a servicable but strategically vital mountain pass. Originally, this land was a backwater of little consequence, marked only by a small monastery and small farming communities. So inconsequential was the duchy, that unlike the House of Marcomania's other holdings, it was never formally claimed by any other rulers. For hundreds of years, it was simply content to exist.

That changed when the House of Marcomania suddenly found itself deprived of the other hereditary fiefs it had held across Arvantha, the Hartlands, Queen Maeve's Land, and Torskland. Though the Duke of Marcomania had once been wealthy and powerful, he and his loyal retainers suddenly found themselves confined to the tiny, strategically insignificant mountain valleys. A reckoning was at hand. With little available to him with which he could generate income, but with a cadre of intelligent and well educated subjects, the Duke took advantage of the industrialization of his neighbors, transforming the monastery into a university, and his tiny Duchy into a research hub. While he could never compete with his larger neighbors in terms of quantity, Duke Marcomani and the subjects of Marcomania are known as specialist manufacturers, who can produce the clearest optics, the most accurate scales and measuring devices, and other low volume, high value finished goods. The University of Marcomania is without peer, responsible for many of the greatest discoveries of late, and patron to the most brilliant minds in the world.

Studiously Neutral, the House of Marcomani is trying to position its small Duchy as the site of a Global Forum, where officials from all countries can meet to negotiate on neutral ground.
typo, should be "not strategically vital"
Queen Maeve's Land is more or less like that. Having once been an industrial and cultural power that rivaled any other, it sacrificed everything to fend off an invasion from the west, eventually encircling and destroying their army. In doing so, it lost everything, even it's name. Obviously, the place wasn't called Queen Maeve's Land until she ascended her throne, but the people surviving there hardly recall what the place was called before. Some researchers have speculated that this is related, in some way, to the utter devastation that was caused by the War of the Isthmus, whether it was the weapons used, or simply the trauma of the experience. Queen Maeve herself sits on her throne still. Nobody knows how old she is, but she was alive 200 years ago, when the War of the Isthmus concluded, and more people in her lands claim to have seen her themselves, than can be credibly dismissed as a superstition.

Despite presumably being a relatively strategicly located place, Queen Maeve's Land is left alone by its neighbors, since there is no longer anything worth taking. Many of the explorers and filibusters who tried have never returned. Many of them have "gone native," abandoning their homelands and falling in with one of the clans. Initial research suggests that this may have to do with the 90% male fatality rate Queen Maeve's land experienced in the War (comparably, only around 60% of the women died) but on the few times such a lost soul is discovered, they seem to hardly recall their previous lives, apparently knowing no more about the outside world than their new kin. Many of them also claim to have seen Queen Maeve, and swear themselves as her personal vassals.

Queen Maeve, and her kingdom, have no known foreign policy or system of government.
The reason for the alliance was a desire to gain Keip crystal supply to industrialise and stave off the nation's doom.

(In lore 2 nations which neighbour it are tearing the Kingdom appart. So it recently was even bigger).

Hartlandian independance is likely from the Ithmus war. Though I can't imagine the backwater Kingdom played a big role in the conflict and maybe it's weakness in said conflict made its neighbours realize how easy of a target it is.

Some successors of the Urland Empire would be neet. Maybe a Holy Urlandian Empire?
> Neither holy
> Not Urlandian
> Not an Empire
> 5kg of unexploded ordnance, on average, for every square meter of ground.
Holy SHIT that's a lot of explosives.

How long ago was the Isthmus War meant to take place? The conflict during which the Hartlands presumably seceded occurred during the last decade, but the way Queen Maeve's Land was described made it seem like it's been several generations since the ruin of that nation. I don't really see the timeframes adding up.
Much of what we know about Queen Maeve's Land is drawn from inerviews with a young officer from Southern Torskland. The young man absconded from his homeland after a winning a duel, but earning a murder accusation in the process. Before his trial could take place, he disappeared from Torskland along with a company of Dragoons. In the process, he earned accusations of grand theft and the hijacking of an airship, though the reality of the situation is that his father had quietly hired the vessel for him. The young man and his dragoons made their way east, having been spotted in various warzones across the continent, before eventually making his way to Queen Maeve's Land, speaking of rediscovering lost technology. Amazingly, the young man had the utter folly to cross the Great Salient on horse. Of course, this motivated greatly by the Marshalls and Rangers of Aporozia who were following him. In a brief moment of cooperation, both the Confederates and Unionists were able to temporarily set aside their differences, hoping to see him and his men strung up from a gibbet. When he finally arrived in Queen Maeve's Land, his company of Dragoons was nothing more than a handful of soldiers. His support train was the first to go, dozens of them exploding seemingly at random from the mines and shells, others disappearing into the night as they were taken by the wretched mutants of the Isthmus. His horses and men quickly succumbed to starvation and thirst, unable to drink the polluted water there. Starving and half mad, he somehow made it through the final defense line, where he was taken in by a small farming community.

Years later, an expediton financed by his nephew managed to locate the man. According to him, the society there is no longer literate, using a sophisticated form of poetry in low lieu of books. There are few, if any trees in Queen Maeve's Land, a consequence of the War of the Isthmus, and the need for fuel and wood.
File: 02f.jpg (36 KB, 655x527)
36 KB
Having actually read the thread now I have a few things to say, first of all that we really need to establish some stuff such as the technology level, there seems to be mentions of industrialization being a recent phenomenon alongside mentions of apocalypse level wars that are already in the past, imo it's better to scale down the power level in that regard, focus more in infantry and artillery, have airships and dreadnoughts be relatively new developments, allowing some exaggeration because rule of cool.
2nd, regarding resources, I'm not all much of a fan of crystal-form unobtainium but I guess it's good people agreed not to make it the handwave scapegoat; I think some more important resources for this world have to be 1: a very light but very resistant metal that would allow armored airships to exist as real airships are really fragile, this could also be used for dreadnought armor, against victorian era weaponry it would make these vehicles feel almost indestructible to the point that ramming, boarding actions and high power explosives would be more effective tactics. And 2: a gas that keeps the airships afloat, irl deposits of helium are rare as the gas escapes into the atmosphere very easily, and hydrogen stopped being used for airships despite being lighter than helium because it is highly flammable, we could add a safe and very "floaty" gas, or a material that can be easily processed to release this gas, it should be relatively common as a lot of it is needed to fill the massive airships.
3rd I feel like we're missing some good ol' victorian era imperialism, really expected to see an english empire equivalent that's in the process of being dissolved by independence wars somewhere in the map. World superpowers should maybe have poor colonies near the center of the world (since we have a large sahara-like patch there and jungles to the south of it) from where they take slaves and mine certain resources, this area could also be more of an unexplored wilderness where nobles go to hunt for sport and expeditions are sent to document the exotic fauna that may or may not be unnaturally dangerous, speaking of which, the creatures of this world probably need to be decided on, at the start it seemed like it was gonna be fairly grounded and realistic but there's been loose mentions of mutants, beetle caravans and oversized reptiles.
The Isthmus War lasted about eighteen years. In the end, both sides had taken such monstrous casualties that it was impossible to continue, and the western powers were unaware just how complete the demographic destruction of Queen Maeve's Land had been. The War had originally been fought over the rights to build a canal across the Isthmus, but those plans have been put on hold indefinitely, as the area has become so dangerous.
Feel free to add the colonies of existing powers near the center as well as the not!British.

Maybe they are one of the two nations taking apart the Kingdom?
28 years ago makes sense. It'd be the first "industrial" war. Which would explain the disgusting levels of damage and casualties as noone expected wars to work this way still in some way hanging on to notions of clean wars fought with chivalry in mind.
That sounds good to me. Bear in mind, in Queen Maeve's Land, nobody really knows how long ago the war was. There's something "wrong" about the whole place, maybe as a result of the weapons that were used in the war, and maybe as a result of Queen Maeve herself. Of note, nobody other than her vassals has ever seen her, and various diplomats and ministers in other countries are not sure she even exists, or if she ever did. Though she is regarded as the last surviving member of the royal family from the country there, before the war, there aren't any records outside her kingdom of a member of that dynasty being named Maeve.
I was thinking they would be more like lower tech star destroyers, carrying a threatening armed force inside them as well as being highly armored and armed, air fleets would escort them to their destination while their opponents attempt to take them down, if they allow them to reach their destination the ground forces could be easily overwhelmed by the invasion force inside.
Due to their impressive size and high maintenance cost they are relatively rare and used more often as a deterrent to similarly powerful nations.
Sounds like a shape shifting time witch to me.
I was working on an attempt to reweld the timeline together, by having the "earlier" industrial stuff, and the "megawar", be the last gasp of the age of sail/1st Industrial revolution/Napoleonic period, while the more "contemporary" stuff would be the Second Industrial Revolution/big imperialism time/new rising empires/Dreads and Airships coming online for the first time if that makes any sense.

Also not the biggest fan of crystals, but then I realized it made American Civil War analogue also partially a South Africa analogue, what with the forced labor mostly being used to mine gems and shit, so that's at least somewhat refreshing. I feel good about the light-but-strong metal...but isn't that just Titanium, complete with usage in aerospace manufacturing? Obviously that's more of a 20th Century material, but it fits.

Working on a Britain analogue now, but it's also sort of a late Spanish and Portuguese Empire analogue on its' last legs because a couple generations ago their home island turned out to be not!Tambora, kicking off the Year Without A Summer analogue and Lisbon Earthquake analogue right in their imperial metropole. So that had some consequences. Somewhat related, but I figure the Isthmus War is at least partially a War of the Triple Alliance analogue with Queen Maeve's Land standing in for Paraguay. I may be going too far with the analogues.
Airships would need to come into being after the War of the Isthmus, otherwise it would defeat the entire purpose of the war. (That is, both sides would want to control the Isthmus even if they have Airships, but the lack of Airships is why they have to use the Isthmus itself to move large bodies of troops into the enemy's country.) Perhaps they are something that was developed for the war, but it ended before they could be deployed.
maybe the crystals are kind of like magical nuclear energy. If we want to lean into the "steam" part of steam punk, the crystals generate enough heat to make steam engines the most economical power source, and if, the crystals had a habit of exploding violently when they are damaged, they could be used as a weapon as well. As for the gas, I'm fine using Hydrogen, and giving airships the nasty habit of exploding or burning if they have serious damage. Coal, charcoal, and wood pellets are still an economical way of generating steam power in the places where the crystals are too expensive for general use, and explorers are traversing the world trying to find more of them.
>I figure the Isthmus War is at least partially a War of the Triple Alliance analogue with Queen Maeve's Land standing in for Paraguay.
It absolutely was intended to be, with a little bit of Zone Rouge and Verdun thrown in, and Queen Maeve herself is based on Medb
Based and cringepilled.
There are many who would agree with that assessment, but the Anthropology Department at the University of Marcomania stresses that such things are entirely outside the realm of possibility. They would also like to mention that there are currently three vacancies in the department, as the department chair and two adjutant professors have yet to return from their latest expedition, which was a project to record the poetic forms now common in Queen Maeve's Land, and study their composition. Anyone who wishes to apply may do so in person, or contact their local Marcomanian Consulate for further details.
Steampunk is perma pozzed faggotry because it was, get this, created by pozzed faggots.
Just make a movie about early Industrial Age struggles and the emptying of towns as the populations were hoovered up by cities.
It’s literally when urban issues relatable by the average pl*bbit user become somewhat reasonable to field as tropes and junk food for the brain.
>tfw you are incapable of doing that because you ALSO are a perma flushed POZZ brain, and if you make issues about local or rural life and not international homosexual communist suffrage you will shit your pants and lose your mind like an HP lovecraft character.
Also stop putting love craft in your steampunk you stupid tumblrite Fujo-niggers.
Why do I keep getting this eery feeling that I want this to be a Vic2 mod?
Couldn't they want to controll The Isthmus to build the "Isthmus Canal". It's super thin. Perfect spot.

Though I guess it got nuked so bad that's impossible now.
Because Victoria 2 is a good game*.

*Swedish map painter,.
They could, but if you have airships, the tempo of operations changes. You get to reconnoiter your enemies from above, watching troop movements, you can drop bombs on their cities, and you can put paratroopers behind their lines. In the War of the Isthmus, in particular, you would be able to use paratroopers to facilitate an amphibious invasion (like Sicily, Salerno, Normandy, and Inchon) since they don't have too big of a sea (a sound, really) to cross. Also, if you have freight airships, you don't really need to worry about keeping shipping lanes open the same way. While the airships carry less freight than a ship or a train, they fly above most obstacles, allowing you to take a direct route. So while they'd still want to build a canal, the fact that they can't after the war, bothers them less.
According to the Torskland Captain, the society in Queen Maeve's Land is based around Cattle. Their diet consists almost entirely upon dairy and beef, and they rely upon the cow dung as their primary source of fuel. Cows are also their primary source of wealth, and essentially, their currency. The various clans often resort to stealing cattle from one another, as well as kidnapping. Subjects who are kidnapped are often ransomed for more cattle, but in the event a ransom is not paid, are usually integrated into their hosts' clan.
Speed and Stealth are of the essence, and the raids rarely boil over into bloodshed. Not the least because actual ammunition is rarer than the firearms that use it. Still, considering that those reavers who make themselves a nuisance tend to wind up dead, one way or another, discretion is extremely important.

Maeve herself takes a tithe of one calf out of ten born each year, which she uses to reward those subjects who earned her favor. Given this, as well as her natural(?) Charisma, earning her favor has become the primary focus of her subjects, especially the remaining men. How exactly one earns her favor, nobody can say for sure. Apparently, possessing the finest cattle helps.

The Torskland Captain was unwilling to return to his homeland along with the expedition sent to find him. Whether it was because of the charm of Maeve and her kingdom, or the fact that he was wanted in at least three countries for capital offenses, we can only speculate. Though he stayed the evening with the expedition sent to find him, and spoke candidly, by morning he was gone, never to be seen again.
Rolled 33, 81, 98, 12, 75, 71, 19, 67, 63, 75, 76, 1, 99, 74, 32, 65, 93, 6, 60, 81, 67, 36, 71, 80, 94 = 1529 (25d100)

Gonna see if I can add an entirely rolled nation.

I'm gonna make it fit obviously though.
>not shitty

pick one
I really like the idea of an apocalyptic war over the strategically vital isthmus canal rights only for the whole issue to become moot in only a decade after the war as airships become a more and more common mode of transport, completely bypassing the issue. The fact the airships themselves were developed for the war effort is just an extra layer of irony.
Alright I slotted the guys into the empty space near the coast, what do you think? Also if you have any name suggestions, go ahead, I just used names of actual Marcomannic kings off wikipedia.
Just realized the Aarcliffs actually peek through into the small map as well. Gonna add them in as well.
File: wesrdtfhjh.png (5.75 MB, 8000x4864)
5.75 MB
5.75 MB PNG
The Kingdom of Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman
(added also that one nation Anon Added, but didn't put on the map)
> Giants
> Incan Culture
> Antitheist
I guess Klingon-like mythology where they believe they have slain their God.
> Big nation
> Wealthy
> Basically no military
maybe they lost it in a recent war?
> Technology: Advanced
On paar with modern world. Considering their Inca theme maybe after a recent lost war they started a brutal campaign of rapid industrialization.
> Magic: Good
(going to Ignore, because setting has no magic so far)
> Power: Strong
In spire of their recent losses, their large amount of wealth and land alongside their rapid industrialization makes them still an imposing local power.
> Age: Established
> Monarchy
> Bureaocratic Monarchy (Byzantium style?)
> Xenophillic
Likely Giants make up only 10-15% of the population with humans and lesser race the rest. Maybe half-giants?
> Preffered Method of Warfare: Cavalry
Giants riding Emephants into Battle? By all means an outdated form of warfare as it's basically the epitome of slow heavy cavalry. Perfect canon-target practice.

> Values: Instinct/Independance + Rage
That sounds to me like a rowdy bunch and very war-focused nation valuing it's independence. Likely having fought dozens of wars against civilized human nations by now their disorganized feudal-like form of warfare alongside with Emphasis on bravery, and berserker rage has bled the nation dry. They bled themselves dry trough impulsive actions of warlords wishing to earn glory and primitive horde tactics against a well organized oponent.

> Atitude: Equatorial
> North
> East
> Mediterrenean Climate
> Moist
> Varried terrain
> Hostile Wildlife
Sorry uploaded bit late and put them further south.

Feel free to fix that.
Also man. This map is gorgous.
File: images_8x.jpg (187 KB, 1808x1784)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
I don't think Airships existing would make the Canal obsolete. You can still transport way heavier loads by Ship. Afterall irl both the Suez and panama Canal are still operational.

Ships are just way cheaper than any alternative.
File: New Tynntarm.png (462 KB, 2377x1003)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
looks good.

New Tynntarn was originally a penal colony, named for the town from which the captain who discovered it was originally from. Sparsely populated outside of its capital, and mostly covered in desert, rumors abound of great mineral wealth, bringing a surge of immigrants, hoping to make their fortunes in the vast, untapped land.

Here, water is more precious than gold, and there is constant tension between the mines that act as defacto states in its interior, and the farmers and ranchers that eke out a living in the unforgiving bush. Stange, cyclopean ruins dot the landscape, and more than one mine has gone silent after making an unexpected discovery.
also I guess parts of this can go to the incans. we can look at border tension as well between the two areas.
>Also man. This map is gorgous.
the wonders of Bahnschrift
Before this age of whirling steel and scalding steam, there was an age of sea and sail where the great arteries which nourish modernity with the world's wealth were charted out, when storms of blackened powder and gleaming blades began to turn the wheels of empire and stoke the fires of industry

And, in that age, Grand Partesain straddled the world, opulent and imperial, its' domains spreading far and wide. Its' conquests many, it's appetites fed, and its' might unquestioned. Alas, their land was ever a physically restless one. It shook, churned, and finally burst. The volcanic disaster which followed blasted the land, choked the air with ash, and brought in the Year of Winter.

A sizable chunk of the population yet lived, but the island had gone from centerpiece of a global empire to festering humanitarian disaster and resource sink in a single night. Central authority broke down and those with means fled to whatever colonial territory would take them. And with each colony having equal claim to authority and all the reason in the world to try and exert themselves as heir to an empire, war was inevitable. After several decades of rather nasty conflict in the region, the results for as follows: Several large, self-sufficient blocs would pursue their own independence - such as the Aporozhians or the Maevelanders - while the tattered remains of legitimate authority would form a league of "Chancellorships". A shoddy thing, less a sick or old man of the continent and more that man's crippled son, but it worked to preserve the authority (and, for that matter, wealth) of local elites, and that's what REALLY matters, isn't it?

But as the years have gone on, it has grown diminished. Islands peeled off by growing empires, decreased cohesion as local authority demands more power, and worst of all the Isthmus crisis cost the League access to precious northern markets save by airship or overland - and for a people whose remaining might is naval, that is a heavy problem.
But in old Partesain itself, things had changed. Recovered somewhat, even. The ash heaps washed away to reveal rejuvenated soils and frequent geothermal fissures. New growth began to creep in, and those left to fend for themselves found that they actually could. Over time, the fabric of society began to reweave itself, slowly consolidating even with limited access to the outside world. However, the two networks which helped foster this reconstruction had some fairly striking differences.

The first was the Partessan Directorate, forged from the 'emergency authority' of mid-ranking bureaucrats and military formations which were either left to rot or volunteered to help - depending on who you believe - and organized reconstruction efforts with all the technical skill that could be mustered. What was forged from this effort was something of a technocratic state, carefully managing the redevelopment of their territory.

In rather stark contrast, the Afallonian Low Kingdom, so named in reference to the long-since fallen Afallonian High Kingdom and to the pseudo-Republican ideas which form it, grew from the slow knitting of communities and trade networks, only crystallizing into something approaching a central authority when the League kicked off their "reclamation" efforts by "evicting squatters" out of what was once a major port city. The Low Kingdom is something of a decentralized mess, but given that the primary fear of the people save another round of volcanic disasters is a return of central imperial authority, this is to be expected.

The short version is that Spain/Britain fucking exploded, leaving its' closest colonies to try and cobble together a loose 'Imperial Federation'-style thing. Meanwhile, not!England/Castille becomes a bureaucratic/technocratic thing using newly available geothermal resources to boos production, while not!Ireland/Wales/Navarre goes in a bizarre 'democratic monarchism' direction. Fun times ahead!
I may have gone too far with the analogues.
>ctr f grimlock, troglodytes, blemmeys
>0 results
Those aren't very steampunk, but would certainly fit in a fantasy setting which takes inspiration from folklore and wild tales of foreign lands from previous ages.
It's like poetry, it rhymes
The Ghost Fleet
An independent naval fleet of indeterminant size comprised almost entirely of submarines. Because they are only effective in ship-to-ship combat, their military power is negligible in an age of airships. Instead, they use their unsurpassed stealth to peddle illicit goods between nations. It is also a great place for escaped slaves and political prisoners to seek amnesty, if they can find it
I think the Low Kingdoms could have a Polish-Lithuanian style system, with every 6th guy being some sort of baron and having obscene amounts of autonomy over his "realm" (3 hectares of waste ground, a ranch, 9 employees and 40 heads of cattle). Then you can also add in all sorts of locally grown communes and city states which are more democratic but similarly autonomous.
Their military would probably be organised on completely anachronistic lines with very little standing armies and local nobles outfitting militia units as they see fit.

Basically local lord land, if you think about it.
File: cassandrius.jpg (66 KB, 320x240)
66 KB

Canal canal canal! By the Sun-Brothers! Any idea to create a canal through The Isthmus is cursed beyond all reason!

>History time!

Urlandians were probably the first ones to think about constructing a Canal, or at least the first ones we have surviving records of. And how did it go for Mable-Emperor Hursicanius the Fool? Insane amount of resources lost to a foolish errand and the second great Urland Civil Conflict between his successors, leading to the sack of the capital and seccession of Arvantha, Partesain and Morm-Sirnt. If not the canal, Urland could have survived many centuries more!

After Urlandians there was a dark time, as we all know. There is scattered tales that the whale-bishops of Old Aporozhia tried to build a Canal but they were crushed by "Foam and waves". Think ofthose rumours what you want, I refuse to believe them but mentioning as someone will remember anyway. Old Aporozhia died in those days anyway.

Then came the Marble Renaissance and the beginning of Age of Sail. After many, many conflicts, Partesain and Afallonia became the supreme masters of the oceans. And what they tried? Building a fucking Canal! Boom, their island blew up and Year of Winter!

After we had finally recovered from that one, you fuckers ONCE AGAIN decided to try building a Canal, only that you even did not have a single solitary state in control of the thing, resulting in the Isthmus War as you greedy idiots all fought for it for 18 far too long years!

And look us now:
>Aporozhia is in a civil war over resources they overspent in the war. And their coastline is still poisonous.
>Lamborghe League was annihilated by bandits from mountains and the elephants from Wayanaysi
>Arvantha is being taken apart by outsider invasions
>Less said of Maervesland the better
>Partesain is still a fucking mess.
I could continue, but I hope you got my point. Is there no state uncursed that touched the doomed Canal project!

-Professor Cassandrius of MU
>t.urning point Marcomania
We know your duke has massively invested in airships and is trying to short traditional shipping. This whole canal business is being stopped by a shadowy cabal of zeppelin magnates, or zepeelimuniati, as I like to call them.
Nevertheless you can never stop progress and I fully believe the canal plan can, will and must go through.
t. General Excavation&Naval Engineering Co. shareholder
File: moredrink.png (5.81 MB, 8000x4864)
5.81 MB
5.81 MB PNG
Liking the Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman Empire. They have a nice catch (what happens after a successful zerg rush?) and their culture is curious. Interestingly the southeastern coast is mostly fresh nations.

Perhaps the "Giants" are just longer humans, like constantly over 2m in height? Maybe descendants of one of the Salt Sea tribes>>77789879 ? Give more weight to the Darwinian thoughts..

Fixed the map a little. There were some black lines, made them mountain ranges and as such natural progression blocks for their elephants.

I prefer the University of Marcomania being south of Arvantha. As beautiful as the map >>77798493 is, it does not feel as important strategic valley as described.
> Naturally, both of them exist: Duke owns them both but the northern part is just a forgotten blotch as his entire attempt is focused on the University. Some distant relative is in charge of this "Nu Marcomania" and all but certainly drag Marcomania into that conflict by "accident".

Started doing Urlandian descendants but it got depressing. This world does not have many nice locations at all? Of course it fits the punk but goddamn!

So briefly: Post-Urlandic clusterfuck is a massive mess. During the Marble Renaissance their numerous city-states almost became lords of the seas but then Grand Partesain got the peasants hooked on upium. Combined by religious strifes between old Unlandian faiths, revisionists and outlander beliefs resulted in a depressing descent into a total shithole. Come Year of Winter and the clusterfuck almost won their liberty back, but instead they turned their fields and wineyards into upium fields and doomed themselves for good. The crack-addict cousins of the world, future is not bright for them.

But a bit of light:
Parmsul peninsula escaped this all by being rather uninspiring. Their monasteries make good wines, but not the best. Upium is forbidden by the winemonks. A small turist industry is blooming.
As requested gonna make a nice place. An up-and coming Empire!

(it's Prussia/Swizarland/ottomans/Teutons, also State X from >>77768800, hope someone does. Y)
> The Pseuttonic Reich
The Reich is an ethnically Urlandic nation which came to be in the Middle ages in the Holy Wars against the northern heathens.

In a breach of contract the holy Order instead of handing over the reconquered land to the local Duke who hired them to retrieve it made it their very own theocratic nation.

To this day the Pseuttonic Order Rules the land with an Iron fist, the Janissary Knights being the only authority in the state and the Order's Leader beaing also the kaiser.

Since the fall of the Partessan have the Pseuttons been a growing power in the West's South. With the end of the great war, and weakening of the Old Order's major powers Pseuton Infuence exploded. as within the last 28 years the nation increased it's land-area 5-fold, partly due to a fortunate alliance with nation Y, partly due to rising Urlanding nationalist sentiments as calls to recreate the Urlandic Empire grow louder and louder. This is evident as the Pseuttons while a military power have most of their western lands due to members of the PUC joining them willingly, something the PUC Emperor is anything, but happy about, but what can that Emperor in name only do? Rally 700 independant dukes to high on Opium to care?

With the recently finished construction of the transcontinental railroad the nation keeps amassing power at an alarming rate and it is a question of time untill the Urlandic Empire is reformed as a theocratic Ethno-dicatorship.

File: 1614526233779.png (5.83 MB, 8000x4864)
5.83 MB
5.83 MB PNG
The nation itself allows all boys up to 15 to join the Holy order which prohibits them from marriage, but is the only way to hold any meaningful position within the state or army. Service in the Army is a Duty for life. The bulk of the forces though comes from another source. It's the so called "lower janissariate" The Pseutonic Reich is among the nations most fervent in fighting slavery... they do so by on mass purchasing and freeing slaves. mainly young boys 2-8 years old. Once freed they are castrated and undergo mandatory military training as Lower Janissaria soldiers. Creating, a brainwashed and loyal warrior caste.

Both the Higher Janissaria (knights of the Order) and Lower Janissaria wear armor derived from medieval knightly designs. Partly to to hide their faces making them seem like faceless killing machines.

Uniforms of the higher and Lowe janissaria don't differ, mainly to not paint the higher Janissaries as targets.

The bulk of the nations army and leadership being comprised of chaste men and enoughs has also lead to polygamy being common as there tends to be way more women elegible for marriage than men. (though it is an open secret that most Higher Janisarry members follow the vow of Celibacy rather loosely)

(pink line indicated former PUC land green former KoA land lost within the last 28 years)
Smallmapanon here, its no problem removing the northern marcomans and transplanting them further south, I just haven't gotten around to it yet cuz I'm not on my computer. No need to make up some silly synthesis of the 2.
Sounds like they could be a nation who recently fought for their liberation, the antitheist mindset being born from modern ideas about embracing science and logic over superstition after realizing how well it worked for the western powers. their army was not defeated but had a pyrric victory against the empire previously in power, considering their more primitive culture it's likely they would have lost without more modern weaponry they either stole from their oppressors or was given by allies funding their liberation in order to decrease the power of an enemy empire in the area through a proxy war.
I like the idea that their power is the result of post WWII japan style rapid industrialization after a loss rather than military might
That is a good idea. We'd need to have some candidate for who occupied them before. maybe they were occupied by multiple Partessan Colonies? You know hong-kong macao style.

Maybe there is still some sort of war going on between the New Tynntarni and them?

A phyrric Victory also sounds appealing. maybe even a way by the King to get rid of the old Warrior caste to have nothing in the way of modernizing?

Why have to fight your knights in civil war with you musketeers, if you can have all your Knights die in war and bring in the musketeers peacefully?
>who occupied them before

The rest of Lamborghe League (that conveniently collapsed against the Ireconians roughly same time), Salt Sea Tribes, Old Tynntarni, d3 Chancellery Partessan Colonies, d3 other nations now vassalised. Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman is huge, it covers vast number of formerly independent states. That bay in particular seems like a spot that had many, many different nations, now WSH owns them all. New Tynntarni feels like a no-issue to them.

Most likely the place will detonate into a massive world war at some point in near future. Most interesting factor is that do the WSH get their industrialization going on beforehand or not. Elephants versus airships does not sound like a good match-up. If they survive, they are in perfect spot to utilize the jadewater from Salt Sea when technology reaches that point.
Dieselpunk Aztek Giants are the future.
>Nice place
>Army composed by freed and castrated serfs mindwashed into service since youth.
It's nice for civilians. It's nice... not perfect.
File: north_new.png (246 KB, 1600x1200)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Alright here's a topographically complete map of the Northwest with all of the current info. I'll start adding stuff into the blank spaces as good as the ideas fairy comes by.
Man this map looks sexy
Rolled 62, 63, 27, 92, 31, 28, 87, 33, 56, 55, 44, 5, 17, 89, 91, 44, 95, 87, 65, 86, 65, 79, 11, 77, 34 = 1423 (25d100)

Thread is dead, so I'll try rolling
It would be rather funny if the Duke actually still had two fiefs, but simply forgot about the second, which had no reason to remind him.

T. Marcomanoan anon
> Kemonomimi
> Medieval Monghol
> Politheist
> Mythical Connection to a Leviathan
I assume that means Giant Aquatic Creature
> Lizard
Lizard kemonomimi? So a human with minor Lizard traits
> Size: Small
> Rich
> Symbolic Military
> Standard Technology (and magic if exists)
> Overall Power: Weak
Makes sense that the lizard cuties are not the most signifficant.
> Age: Ancient
This small country has existed since time immemorial. It's some odd nation which stands unchanged since ancient times.
> monarchy
> Bureocratic
> Xenophilic
> Naval Warfare expertise
another one cucked by the size of Airships and they did so well for 5 000 years. Though ship-based Monghols is weird.
> Culture: Impulse/Chaos and stagnation Tradition
Likely a very decadent culture of Impulsive people, but who also value tradition. Smug hedonists.
> Polar Cap, South, Far East
> Freezing Temperature
I imagine they live around Volcanoes and geizers. otherwise i don't see how the Lizardbros would have survived. poor coldblooded bros.
File: 1614528415942.png (7.36 MB, 7424x4864)
7.36 MB
7.36 MB PNG
I'll name this nation TÖGÖLDÖR.

The Khanate of Tögöldör is an ancient nation of Lizard people who live arround the set of Volcanoes in the far south. The Lizardians are known as Pirates, raiders and hedonistic traditionalists and make up a big Ethnic minority in Sekoryu.

Their could be found in ancient times all around the world. Now they remain stable and hedonistic as ever in their homeland as a forgotten oddity stuck in the past.

To this day the nation's sailors are employed as privateers as one is hardpressed to find better sailors than those who can hold their breath under water for an hour while swimming at fast pace with their tail's help.

(cut map a bit as it did not fit)
File: 1612706314407.jpg (281 KB, 1000x968)
281 KB
281 KB JPG

>be me, a son of a two post-urlandic serf in the dukedom of literallynoonecares.
>Mother became upium addict after giving birth to my brother, father died in some religious scuffle
>Mom sold us to a upium farm to get her daily fix, never saw her again
>for five years worked at the farm
>Liverty! the dukedom joined The Pseuttonic Reich. their missionay-knights told us of their glorious faith and that all slaves are free
>Instead of being freed, they chopped off my and my brothers balls with a heated blade.
>At least they gave us upiom from my osld farm so it did not hurt
>Next years are a blur of training, conditioning and more training
>Made a corporal, selected to some kind of Diplomatic Protection Unit
>Over the next seven years go on clandestine missions all over the coasts.
>Kill men, women, upium lords, techmen, confederates, pirates, mad scientists, flying samurai, hussars, fucking demon lizards and so many kinds of steam-killbots. Blew up an airship once.
>promotions stop at sergeant, just a better gear
>All this time my officers fuck all the bitches they get their hands on while preach us of chastity and how blessed we are
>Get a letter that my brother has been killed by some elephant in the distant east
>Finally desert
>End up as a mercenary in the Chancellorships. Money is okay, my comrades are a mass of adventurers, fools and thieves.
>Hear that we have been hired by the Aporozhians, not entirely sure which side.
File: Steampunkmap Wild Belt.png (5.75 MB, 7424x4864)
5.75 MB
5.75 MB PNG

Introducing: The Wild Belt

The Wild Belt is a stretch of land through the middle continent where there is no true law, but for that of the gun.
The wild belt is a mostly desolate place, more habitable than the salt sea, but not by much. The People who live here are either outlaws or optimistic settlers looking for a fresh start.

In ancient past most of the Wild Belt used to be part of Grand Partesain, during the fall of that great civilization a splinter nation based out of the mighty city of Tellas was formed to rule the region in its stead.
No one is quite sure of how or why but somehow that fledgling country died, and the land seemingly died with it, it may have been a natural change in climate or something more insidious, but either way the nation of Tellas and its capital died not long after its formation. Leaving the desert we now know as the Wild Belt. Ruins can still be seen dotting the landscape, as a testament to a now distant past.

The ruins of Tellas has since been occupied by traders and is a crucial port for settlers who wish to try their luck in the Wild Belt. The ancient foundations are far larger than the comparatively small port-city that now lies on top of it. Tellas is the largest city in the Wild Belt, wares and colorful characters from across the world can always be found here, if you don't get stabbed in a back alley first.
The second largest city in the belt is Silver City. Silver City started out as just another meager settlement of refugees, but once silver was discovered in the nearby mountains people started flooding into the settlement transforming it into an oasis in the middle of the belt fueled by a never ending stream of prospectors. It is widely known for its decadent casinos and lavish parties.
ngl I kinda prefer we'd keep this world human, so far it's very low on fantasy stuff outside of impractical technology, the giants are one thing but idk about lizard people
> looks at the Demons and Salt Waste mutants and Hags of Aarcliff
Neat, we got our cowboys and they are literally a short walk away from the Elephant riding Inca giants.
ngl the anon that added the demons area only mentioned spooky non-specific jungle reptiles not actual demons
File: Lottonia.png (24 KB, 503x533)
24 KB

Lottonia and Garan are situated between two great rivers, stretching across rolling hills and a verdant plain. While the land was always fertile, it's general lack of natural borders prevented it from ever developing major cities, or even much in the way of permanent settlement, as it was easily and constantly despoiled by various nomadic raiders. With the advent of steam engines and mechanized production, that changed.

Garan is nominally independent of Lottonia, a vast plantation owned by the Familia Princeps, or the first family. It was at Garan, that the first tractors and harvesters arrived, and when a local warlord attempted a raid, it was at Garan that someone thought to mount weapons on them.

It would be wrong to call that first fight a massacre, if only to do justice to what followed. The Lottonians quickly ordered more steam tractors, outfitting them with light weapons and armor, and dubbing them Reapers. The Lottonians hunted down the nomads with a vicious fury. In the end, not a single nomad within the two rivers survived; the tractors themselves made the question of slaves a moot point.

Lottonian Reapers are rather different from traditional war machines, because in the end, they are still tractors. The weapons and armor can be fitted to the Reaper by a small team in a matter of an hour, and are ready to fight. The Farmers in Lottonia use their reapers every day to till their fields, meaning they know the machines better than they know themselves. As soldiers, the Lottonians compose a mobile reserve force, turning the cavalry tactics of their hereditary enemies on them, striking hard and fast at the enemy's flanks and rear.

While Lottonia is, for the most part, inwardly focused, as its agricultrual production has increased, it has begun to attract the attention of outsiders, who either resent the competition it provides, or covet its bounty. A backwater for most of its existence, it is unused to it's new position as a regional power.
I'd assumed the 'demon' bones were just really fucked up looking fossils, on their way to becoming particularly cool-looking fuel supplies, as interpreted by overly enthusiastic explorers and opportunistic locals. Similarly, I figured that Aarlander religious beliefs were just that: beliefs and little more.

Slapped your country on the map. The idea of tractor technicals is pretty fucking sick, I've got to say.
While the economy of Lottonia and Garan is primarily agricultural, as it always has been, the Lottonians quickly realized that if they came to rely upon their Reapers, they would have to learn how to make them. The capital city Potentia, located at the estuary of the western river, half in Lottonia and half in Garan, quickly sprawled past its ancient walls, as factories and workshops sprung up from the soil like Lottonian Wheat, dedicated to the creation, maintenance, and improvement of the Lottonian Reapers. The Lottonians quickly exhausted the small vein of Kiep Crystals they were able to find in their own territory, and have begun to send out merchants and prospectors looking for more. A sizable settlement colony to New Tynntarm, where the Garan Mineral Company, a royally charted joint stock company, has a promising claim.

A large airfield has been installed outside Potentia as well, and the Lottonians are in the delicate process of developing a class of light airships, reverse engineering some of the older ones in their fleet, and trying to woo scientists and engineers from overseas. The Lottonians themselves are a practical sort, but their formal educational infrastructure is practically non-existent, consisting mostly of travelling lending libraries called bookwagons. This looks like it may change, as the Lottonian Reapers have greatly reduced the amount of manpower one needs to attend to their farms. The Lottonians themselves hope to have their airships soon, so that they can secure a supply of Kiep Crystals, wherever they may be.

Less openly spoken, but quietly acknowledged, is that the airships may soon be necessary to defend Lottonian independence, as more and more countries rely on Lottonian Wheat to feed their cities.
File: lottt.png (6.93 MB, 7424x4864)
6.93 MB
6.93 MB PNG
forgot image, I'm a fool.

Agreed. Giants are just large sized humans.

Interesting animals and insects is okay methinks, but otherwise "The corners of the world are not entirely mapped, many wonders and mysteries still exist."

Although this is the age of reason and science, old superstitions and beliefs are still in force. The belief systems even are not united at all. Some of the many conflicts mentioned may have theological sides not even mentioned yet.

True weirdest shit is going on at
but such are the horrors of the Isthmus War. How much that is rambling of scarred madmen or insidious propaganda, we do not know.

Mutants have not been attached to the Salt Sea previously? Lets hope the local tribes do not meddle with the jadewater too much.

Regarding the lizardmen:

The pirates of TÖGÖLDÖR got the nickname of Lizardmen ages ago, for their pirate hordes famously wore scale armour and their boats had rams shaped like snake heads. Although their power has since decreaced, the name has been stuck to them particularly their official name is difficult to pronounce.
Them wearing scale armour and maybe having green tinted skin, but being humans otherwise seems fine.

(My headcanon will be that they were once lizard-people, but trough interbreeding with humans became basically 99% human. Real lizard people still exist. They run the government, they in fact run half the government's cause fuck it Illuminati secret lizardmen conspiracy)
File: Underland.png (5.78 MB, 7424x4864)
5.78 MB
5.78 MB PNG

Underland, like most of the continent, was originally a province of the Unland Empire. Yet even before the decline of the empire Underland managed to break free and establish itself as an independent nation. This was accomplishes mostly thanks to political machinations and economical power. Throughout the centuries Underland has fallen in and out of vassaldom of different nations but has always managed to maintain their independence.
Underlands great strength, which has kept them from being consumed by their larger and militarily powerful neighbors, is their economical importance. The banks of Underland are some of the most powerful and there are few monarchs that do not owe some debt to the bankers of Underland.

Underland is a republic, at least in name, in reality the rich bankers rule the nation as the please from the capital of Mereltallt.
In the age of steel and steam Underland is determined to become a colonial superpower and have established at least four colonies in (what they consider to be) remote parts of the world.

The oldest and closest of the colonies
A struggling colony constantly at odds with primitive "lizard"-folk that infest the land
A colony in the jungles of the purportedly demon-infested southern lands, its people suffers greatly from diseases alien to Underlanders
>New Underland:
A distant small island that was wrestled from the hands of Tynntarm brutes
No, my colony is also called Bortland.

Where? I can't find any other Bortland on the map.
Oh come on now

Ah I see, "bort" is actually actually swedish for "away", which is why I named it that, so basically "Awayland."
Underland was supposed to be the Dutch, but swedish is germanic enough.
Would be pretty funny if there were two colonies called Bortland that were constantly getting mixed up, with settlers and freight bound for one, winding up at the other, with fairly regular frequency.

Also, despite Underland propaganda, New Tynntarm is entirely unaware that Underland has taken one of their islands. Their claim, inherited from a Treaty from Great Partesain and Urland, is simply that the entire continent belongs to Great Partesian. New Tynntarm looks large and impressive on maps, but the fact of the matter is that the colony is essentially limited to the mountain range running down its center, and the rivers it feeds.
File: SteamAdventureSpots.png (5.7 MB, 7424x4864)
5.7 MB
5.7 MB PNG
Rolled 13, 20, 19, 10, 89, 69, 37, 16, 37, 62, 49, 34, 25, 4, 30, 98, 44, 3, 84, 46, 85, 40, 66, 56, 9 = 1045 (25d100)

Had no ideas for new nations, so fixed stuff and rolling something to north coast

> Western Istmus Wasteland
Compared to Queen Maeve's Land, the west side of the Great Salient is an unorganized wildzone. Nominally claimed by several members of the Chancellery League AND the Partessan Directorate, centralized government has never returned after the war. Yet compared to the Maeve's Land, although the scars are deep the land is recovering better. Green bushes and small forests fill the former battlefields. Humans live there among wrecks of airships. Every village is its own petty chiefdom and many people are (former) bandits or deserters. Despite all this, some visitors have expressed liking the rural peace, for air is unpolluted of steam engines and singing of the birds can be once more heard

> Yloska Highlands
The rough hills of Yloska have seen too many kingdoms and would-be-kings. Situated in strategic inland area, the old forested hills are dotted with old ruins and castles although mostly the shores of Cor-Irun river are permanently settled.

Currently Yloska is experiencing a huge wave of refugees fleeing the Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman elephant legions. Nominally more peaceful than The Wild Belt, many prefer staying at Ylosca instead of becoming actual settlers. Numerous clashes are occurring and in many places, particularly the ancient temple city of Iral, refugees outnumber the locals. Everpresent fear of WSH invasion does not lift the mood, despite rumors that the elephant legions have been disbanded.

Many are also attracted into Yloska because of the many legends of old hidden treasures in the remote ruins. Some have even struck gold at eastern hills, creating the boomtown of Jerrygo on top of a derelict castle.

yeah it is basically Yukon + Afghanistan

Greenish skin or green paint, who knows about those decadent fucks.
There is no illuminati, there is only zepeelimuniati see >>77800560
Can't be bothered to color it in so I'm just taking this part of the map.
>The cold is an unyielding constant in the lives of the Geijerfolk, who battle it every day to keep their civilization standing. Stuck on the frozen tip of their peninsula, the Geijerfolk have little in the ways of agriculture, and thus took to the seas many years ago in order to prevent the end of their relatively small civilization. Through fishing and whaling they acquired food, and through raiding other civilizations they acquired wealth. However, their days of raiding have dwindled, as other nations have begun to develop ships comparable in strength to their dreadnoughts (pictured >>77783056). Thus, the Geijerfolk have turned more isolationist, but even so the sight of a Geijer dreadnought fueling for a raid besides one of their port-cities massive steam generators is still rather common.
Basically, a mix of Scandinavia, Frostpunk and the WW1 Kriegsmarine. People can do with it what they want.
Forgot pic.
I like it.
For the Western Ithmus Wastelands, may I offer a suggestion? The Death Rail.

The Death Rail is kilometer long armored train, loaded with long distance artillery pieces, magazines, and anything else it would need to maintain a large artillery battery. The Death Rail itself uses the tracks that were laid down by Aporozia to ferry troops to the Isthmus, and the seemingly endless network of spurs and sidings that remain after the war. It was originally created as the Eastern Enemy's counterbattery techniques became more and more refined, destroying countless, less mobile batteries. Its gunners are still among the most skilled in the world, able to lay down a precise barrage of death and relocate their entire force before the last of the shells contact the earth. Though it is no longer in constant action, as it was during the war, its guns are not entirely silent. It maintains contacts with a network of elite forward observers, called the watchers, who monitor the blasted wastes of the Isthmus for any sign of danger, especially the horrific mutants who still inhabit its destroyed fortresses and war machines.

The Death Rail itself is resupplied directly from Union territory, and for the most part, its gunners tend to leave the locals be. Still, there is a small but steady trickle of goods and services moving to, and from, the Death Rail, as its gunners seek out those things the Army cannot, or will not, provide them.
File: north_new2.png (336 KB, 1600x1200)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Okay I return from my ruminating. Ended up filling in the remaining western coast. Here's a quick rundown of the actors:
>I. Arch-bishopric of Fritigil
An arch-bishopric that hasn't had a bishop in centuries as its Marcomani overlords have all but forgotten their existence (ironic for a university-based city-state) and new appointees to the post haven't been nominated in centuries. Instead the territory is run by a viguer selected from amongst the local clergy to oversee the day to day affairs in the bishops absence. Composed of 2 fertile valleys full of small villages of share-croppers and with no significant resources or industry, Fritigil remains content in its rural idyll. In the last decades of the past century there has been a small movement in poetry celebrating the timeless feel of remote rural life which saw many artists visit the region in search of inspiration.
>2. Striytet Free State
Nominally Striytet remains a subject of the Irnaic Palace, but this relationship has now become blatantly hollow with both parties disinterested in a tighter political union. Being a legally distinct territory with a very loose legal code has, Striytet has become a true haven for smugglers and criminals of all kinds. Its ports are home to many sketchy vessels and sketchier individuals. One of the most prominent trades is that of upium, with the port of Upiumkyst serving as the lynchpin to the organized crime operations in the entire region. Conveniently located across the sound from Søviknes itself, many small avisos are seen heading out on days when the night sky is particularly dark. The port of Striytet itself is also one of the semi-permanent bases of the Ghost Fleet, where the enigmatic mercenaries have bought off an entire portion of the docks.
>Medieval Arab
>No mythical connection

>Size: Big
>wealth: Poor (understandable due climate)
>Military: Nonexistant!
>Tech: Behind
>Magic: Good (ignoring, but it puts focus on their religion)
>Overall power: Standard

>Age: Established
>Government: Oligarchy
>Centralization: ANARCHY!
>Nationalism: Neutral
>Favored warfare: Flying Cavalry!

Values 44 and 3
Paratism/Amorality and Fractiousness/Dissent?
Progress/Logic and Change/Ambition

Not entirely sure how to handle these? There is clear demand for growth but no respect for centralized authority at all?

>ingoring these apart from
>Direction: Central

moderate temperature
Moist humidity - snowy winters
Moderate terrain
Friendly wildlife

The Aljalid Rakibi are nomadic descendants of a Salt Tribe that roam the northern coast. Barely literate, for aeons they have tended the flying hornbeak herds. Once feared aerial raiders, they are actually rather peaceful these days (because of their more bloodthirsty members have long since died glorious deaths). Only their faith in the Sea-Mother keeps them together, for each herd is independent and it has been said that the herds actually govern the Aljalids, not the other way.

Even still, among the youths exists a growing movement that they should move to more civilized lands, sell part of their herds and settle down. Reactions to this vary from outright violence to insults. Many youngsters flee their ancestral lands - having accustomed to aerial flying since childhood they tend to become great pilots. Some even take their favorite hornbeaks with them into exile.

>Getting Nausicaä feeling

I like that, although kilometer is looooong. "On paper the Death rail is exactly kilometer long, but in reality its length varies greatly."

Death Rail sometimes clashes with Chancellery sheriffs. These skirmishes are never publicized, but interesting tales are numerous.

>3. Adizhean Federation
The Adizheans are an ancient people that have lived in these mountains before even the first Silvermen empires of old were recorded by history. They speak a strange language and worship stranger gods like Sozeresh the lord of disease and bullet wounds or Mezgwasche the lady of the forests that strangles any man that lays his eyes upon her. Living in remote mountain valleys they were generally left alone until the Arvanthan empire decided to establish its presence in the entirety of the northern mountains some 200 years ago.

Slaying the only descendant of a long line of Adizhean kings, the Arvanthans gained themselves the upper hand for a few decades until resistance reorganized. Now in the 52nd running year of uninterrupted conflict the Federation is as strong as ever, though cracks are beginning to show as younger men become rarer and rarer. They have been receiving weapons and equipment from Genf for many years now and now many younger clan leaders have begun agitating for the industrialisation of their land on the Hartlander model. At the moment the natural wealth of the region is completely unexplored, owing to the insularity of its population.

However this may be starting to change with more than a few ULA and Pseutonic mining companies reportedly in various stages of sending recce expeditions. More locally, the border town of Zanuqo has recently been incorporated into the railway system of the Hartlander Western Transport and Logging Co. marking the first time railway tracks have been laid in the Federation. Already corporate agents are seen grinning like wolves as the local clans promise men for the logging camps in exchange for weapons. In the past months there has even been rumours of an IWW agent arriving in town.
>I like that, although kilometer is looooong. "On paper the Death rail is exactly kilometer long, but in reality its length varies greatly."
You'd be surprised how long some trains are. Freight trains can regularly get to around three kilometers long in the western united states. sucks when you're at the only level crossing for miles around. Also bear in mind that much of the death rail consists of magazines, sleeper car barracks, kitchens, and offices, as well as some regular box cars for general storage. Let's say it is a single battery, with 10 guns on 10 cars, two locomotives (one at each end) and about 25 other cars. That would probably be about 750m long. The length, of course, is exaggerated, and some cars (and even some of the guns) would have no doubt been left on a siding after the war ended.
Okay so if one were to visit the Mereltallt Business District, who would be the largest companies. So far I can count:
>CLA Slaveholding & Crystal Mining Concerns
>the 4 Hartlander Lumber trusts among them the Western Transport and Logging Co.
>ULA Airshipyards
>ULA Keip Crystal Refineries
>Hestfolda&Ryggmargen Canneries
>Wikhulla Shipyards
>Marcomania Fine Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
>General Excavation&Naval Engineering Co
>Pseutonic Steel Worsk (I assume)
>Urlandia-Stryitet Legitimate&Legal Shipping Company
>Silver City Mining Concerns and Casinos
>Lottonian Grain Families
>(Royal) Garan Mineral Company

Personally I'm going all in on Slave holdings and General Excavation! Imagine in 10 years, trusty watercraft will be able to transport slaves everywhere around the world in less than 3 weeks thanks to a large system of interconnected canals! It's the technology of the future - today!

Neat. I imagine the region around Silver city is now full of company towns?
Potentia Motors is a solid choice. They may only make their Reaper Tractors and 37mm Pom-Pom guns, but the demand is there. There's also their subsidiary, Wheatland Zephyr, which is running regular airship service to Marcomania and New Tynntarm, with regular port calls. It's definitely a long hold though, they haven't posted a profit since they started their airship prototype, since they reinvest their revenue into the project. They also have some liabilities in bonds being held by the Familia Princeps and House of Marcomania, who are the primary investors outside the government of Lottonia. Still, imagine! Marcomania to New Tynntarm in six weeks!
>IV. Heptapolis Alliance
As the Arvantan army retreated further south as territory after territory revolted it also left behind a few districts that were entirely peaceful, but simply couldn't be held onto any longer. The Alliance is one such region, which gained its independence quietly and overnight as the last Imperial hussars crossed the last mountain pass to the south the army still controlled.

Fearing annexation by their more bellicose neighbours, the 7 main settlements entered into an alliance, pledging mutual cooperation and outwards neutrality. So far this has not been tested. Despite the pleas of various jingoists in Søviknes, Benskjørhet and Genf no military action has been taken against the Heptapolis. Recently however stirrings from across the sound have become more and more worrying as the madmen from across the sea seem to be watching the Alliance like a predator eyes its next meal.

Economically the region is fairly rich with many coal deposits and two currently exploited iron mines. The local population sees little of this wealth however as foreign conglomerates have bought, bribed or disposed off large parts of the state apparatus and local economy. Freighters full of ore pull into Vestfolga where its directly transferred onto large vessels. The ore is then transported to various metropolises around the world to be sold for a tidy profit.

Culturally the inhabitants are sadly best described as dull. They produce little more than boring religious plays and the height of their literature remain yearly almanacs containing information on when and where to sow and harvest the proper crops. Their accent has a distinct sing-songy melody their sharper northern cousins swear makes them sound like morons.
File: vojnik-flatten-finish.jpg (35 KB, 800x982)
35 KB
"Eeexxxxcuuuse me sir, but why you waste your precious time with those puny traders? Trade directly with the East Upium Company for our Zeppelins deliver everything! Even bombs, if the price is right... or you insult us too deeply."
-Lord Steahling Junior, 11th Magnate-Merchant

Originally a significant part of the mercantile Grand Partesain Ocean Empire, after the Year of Winter the EUC was freed from little annoyances such as taxes, audits and oversight and could truly focus on generating as much profit as possible for the recently diminished pool of owner-magnates.

Having greatly expanded in the following years, troubles did occur from numerous sides still. Various nations attempted to resist the EUC influence and some even succeeded (United Lands of Aporozhia is one of the most famous of these). Another round of naval warfare stopped the Company from getting independence from Underland banks: "even the Company bows to the moneylenders".

But greatest opposition came from within. For the Company almost split apart in the Inheritance affair of Duchess Oxfurthia. Result was that the Special Fascinations Division, originally set up to handle speculative trade and diamond trade, became an independent company. SFD has ever since been a thorn in the side of the EUC. More invested in air travel compared to the more traditional the Company, SFD is rapidly gaining new contracts and increasing its market share - particularly as EUC did some bad moves during the Isthmus War.

Nevertheless, neither Grand Company is everpowerful - but they clearly wish they would be.
>V. Free City and Republic of Genf
Back in the golden days of the Irnaic palace, all of the western coast bowed to the king. All except for Genf that is.

Starting out as a small city state of merchants and artisans, Genf has always been fiercely independent and its position on the top of a natural oppidum has made it nigh impregnable for foreign armies. The Arvanthans tried to take over the Free City times over, never quite succeeding. Many of these attempts have since entered Genfian popular culture with yearly celebrations on the various dates the Kings failed to subjugate them. The reformation of the Sea-Godess cult hit the city in full swing some centuries ago and they have been fanatic adherents of a strict and ascetic branch of the reformed cult that preaches all men are created equal ever since. This combination of republican tradition and religious fanaticism proved to be the winning combination as Genf took the Industrial revolution in its stride thanks in part to their many trade contacts across the northern seas.
Genf has taken full advantage of the slow deterioration of Arvantha to expand its actual territory to meet its industrial appetite and now the Republic is many times larger than it was just a century ago. They find themselves in a precarious position however with enemies on all sides. They are very mistrustful of Adizhean, considering them to be godless heathens, but a live-and-let live situation has developed as both entities battle the Southern leviathan. On its north the Republic has recently gained a new neighbour it could really do without. The secretive Darwinians are not only anathema to Genfian fundamentalism but seem to be eyeing their territory as well, although this front remains cold for now.

The Northern Marquisate a polity decreed by the palace specifically to bring the northern statelets back into the fold remains the main enemy of Genf. Locked in perpetual low-level warfare centred on forts on the border mountains the hatred between the 2 belligerents has long been at its height. Many predict only full on escalation can come out of the dangerous cat and mouse game that's currently being played.
Do we have a nation inspired by Victorian SciFy yet? Scientists with potions that turn you into violent monsters, scientists that create inteligent humanoid monsters from chemistry,pig, corpses and lighting? With super detectives, and jetpacks?

Anybody created a marine nation based on Captain Nemo? With his separatist own pseudo-civilization that mines special properties from the bottom of the ocean, and might or not be in conflict with strange ancient creatures of the deep?

Has anybody created a nation based on Pulpy adventureous novels, with Tarzam style men leading armies of beasts, and isolated barbarians that wear ancient magical underwear?

What about vampires?
File: Rozen_2.jpg (424 KB, 1292x1478)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
>VI. The Northern Marquisate
A special self-governing administrative division of Arvantha, the Marquisate represents the last real royal force north of the Inziv Bay.

Tasked with re-establishing order over the entire region, the infamous Marquis Rosenmann has at his disposal a disparate force assembled from all over the empire. His regular army is made up of conscripts and eager young officers educated abroad and he can also count on dozens of illustrious noble cavalry units as well as on the imposing Ussuri Banner Host, a nomadic group of vicious horsemen that has pledged allegiance to the Palace and moved to the Marquisate to participate in Rosenmann's campaign.

Of course to any real state such a posse of disparate units would be laughable, but to the small seaboard statelets it could still prove very dangerous. The main reason the Marquis has not made any significant moves yet is obvious. With the Queen missing and the entire Kingdom in a state of chaos as foreigners hungrily eye the Arvanthan south and east, Rosenmann is ideally placed to march on Irnaic, restore order and maybe even become the next sovereign.

In any case he does not trust the incompetent Lieutenant-Governor von Taschen directly south of him to handle the Adizhean uprising on incorporated Arvanthan territory. Perhaps a little expedition down south to show that no-name a thing about 2 about warfare might be a good testing ground for his real ambition?

The Marquisate itself is a pretty miserable region. A large limestone plateau at the edge of craggy mountains it was once the kingdom's number 1 source of marble, but the quarries are long exhausted. The porous rock gulps down any water that falls on it making agriculture difficult and costly. Most of the plateau is covered with low level shrub that's regularly watered by the storms that arrive from the west. A few villages of fishermen dot the white cliffs that make up most of the coast as well.
>Do we have a nation inspired by Victorian SciFy yet?
Kind of, sort of, maybe. We have the Great Salient and an Isthmus full of horrific mutants, but very little information about how they came about. They aren't vampires, but they're known cannibals.
It has been noted that there has been all kinds of mad scientists but most of them have been unsuccessful. The lucky ones met quick deaths. This setting is rather nonfantastic (and pure human) with only a touch of horror so vampires should not be in methinks. Cannibals of course are cool, the mutants are not detailed beyond their existance.

Samurai have jetpacks and there is the Ghost Fleet already. Several rather pulpy adventure locations are in. Reading the thread helps and can provide insight and inspiration.

That said, I kinda want to put a nation somewhere that uses martian tripods. Outdated tech given the airships, but rule of cool applies. Perhaps the were destroyed by the elephant legions?
Vampires in the more fantastical sense maybe not but something like a blood cult that terrorizes victorian cities at night could probably fit in somewhere
Also, material horror works much better when it is a personal revelation that nobody will ever believe you, if you even summon the courage to discuss it.

As for the spider walkers, there could be a number of reasons why they'd use one instead of an airship. Airships themselves tend to get cranky and useless at a surprisingly low altitude due to concerns over air density.
Maybe put them somewhere airships can't go?
>not shitty
Pick one.
You already posted this
There have been like 7 nations added without any of it being put on the map.
Some very stormy region could work.
File: pakal.jpg (11 KB, 213x280)
11 KB
Regarding the giants:
Aside from their large stature they posses other defining traits such as their elongated skulls and large noses, as well as their position as nobility within local societies.
The giant race originally evolved from a human ancestor population that managed to cross the vast mountain ranges and settled on the south of the continent where resoruces were plentiful and predators were rare allowing them to grow to larger uninterrupted. When the ice ages came they were forced to migrate north where they encountered early homo sapiens settlements, and easily overpowered them thanks to their larger size and strength. However despite their larger bodies giving them an advantage it also presented them a problem, as their bodies require more energy to function the giants get easily tired and can't travel as far by foot or perform physical labor for extended periods of time, limiting the size of their territories and giving giants a seemingly lazy behavior. To overcome this, ancient giant civilization started employing the shorter humans for agricultural labor, allowing the more sedentary giants to focus on increasing their knowledge of science and culture, including a vast knowledge of astronomy and military strategy; which eventually resulted in the creation of a caste system where the giants took the role of nobles, scholars and priests, and ruled over the human farmers and merchants, like the gods intended, while half-giants are considered the result of a crime against the natural order, often used as slave labor due to being stronger than a human and having more stamina than a giant, while lacking the noble status of a pure giant. Despite this there exists a sizeable half giant population, mostly due to the fact that giant genes don't dissapear after a single generation, as well as multiple towns populated almost entirely by them, most of these founded by groups of fugitive slaves.
For most of history the territories of Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman remained undisturbed, fighting only local wars, isolated from the developing world by their natural barriers, the salt seas and dense jungles to the west and the vast mountain ranges to the east.
But in the age of sail this changed, the empire (partessan seems like a good choice here) came, and against metallurgy and muskets the strenght of the giants was useless, the coastal settlements were easily conquered and over their ruins, imperial ports were built, the giants' territories would have been entirely overtaken is it wasn't for the mountain ranges that proved too difficult for the partessan armies to cross. In the end the territories would be conquered through diplomacy, the giants would be allowed to continue ruling as long as they paid the tithe and the growing coastal imperial cities were allowed to freely exploit the local resources such as woods and metals.
More recently the Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman colonies found themselves in the middle of a civil war when one of the giant governors became convinced of the necessity of a change by the ideals of modernity, of science, rational thought and equal treatment for every man, he slowly planned a revolt against both the ancient caste system and the partessan rule, he armed his men with firearms, smuggled into the region from the far west, acquired through secret deals with powers that oppossed the partessans
Are the giants using giant guns?
Yes. Aka known as canons. They just carry them around.
Be pretty scary seeing a giant walking around with a pom-pom gun, shooting from the hip, but it's probably something more akin to a pack gun
File: Map update.png (5.7 MB, 7424x4864)
5.7 MB
5.7 MB PNG
Added these to the main map and added a bonus nation without fluff yet. Hagisburg.
File: Sheikkhanate.png (5.62 MB, 7424x4864)
5.62 MB
5.62 MB PNG
Forgot to add the Arabs. Aljalid Rakibi

I assume their flying mounts resemble giant crows from the"Crow" animal roll.
The Aljalid Rakibi Sheikhanate is far from a unified nation, but it's a unified people's. It is the largest nation on the planet as for centuries the Croriders of the North had an advenge over the rest of the world. Their lfying mounts.

Their domination was unquestioned as even if still stuck in ancient times, a knights can't fight a flying bowman. For he has no way to reach him.

Nowadays airships turn the power balance around, but in truth a 100 Crowriders still have a good chance at taking down an Airship, but one of those is way more expensive to make.

Thus these ancient nomadic people don't seem to be going anywhere. Even if many among their youth wish for industrialisation and progress... in many ways their mountainous land is not suited for it either way.
Big would also imply they are be Biggest nation we have on the map so far.
If we need more pseudo-scientific explanations we could say that the giants have been confined to mountain plateaus for most of their evolutionary history leading to different hemoglobin distribution in their blood which leads them to develop "lowland sickness" if they reside on near sea-level altitudes for too long.
Speaking of which, if they're adapted for high altitudes and cold environments, they're also adapted for high altitude flight on an unpressurized airship.
File: Trianirdi.png (5.68 MB, 7424x4864)
5.68 MB
5.68 MB PNG
Ah fuck was stuck doing my own map already

Could you use some thing apart from that computer font? It is not very immersive for this project.

Like the crow-riders better than some kind of beetles. However, they are too large. Perhaps that is what their lands used to be in their grandest before they were driven back by crusades before/during the Marble Renaissance.

And there is (at least these days) multiple Sheikkhanates as there is no chief boss around. Perhaps once there was a Supreme Crow Master, no more. They also claim part of the Salt Sea, but do not live there.

>Domain of Trianirdi
A prosperous eastener kingdom that was basically bought by Grand Partesain with the assistance of the East Upium Company, they separated from the Chancellorships after select arguments, some involving gunfire.

Former Partesain overlords stayed and became the aristocratic caste on top of the oldlanders, but they managed to govern the Domain towards a bright and prosperous future. Their industry grew exponentially - their steamships were famous once - and they even fulfilled some democratic improvements for the population.

But this all came to stop due to wars. Their surrounding nations did not like much the Partesain outcast and warfare was constant. Many horrible creations were built for war, and it looked that Trianirdi could actually maintain their independence. Then Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman and their elephant legions came.
>Yes, it was blitzkrieging elephant legions versus Steam-Tripods.
Despite their horrible technological gap, the fearless warrior-giants crushed the walkers in series of cunning victories. After the battle of Masr Hamith, the overlords were beaten. Instead of being killed, the giants vassalized the overlords and levied heavy taxes on them.

> wanted to do an example of a giant vassal and wondered where to put the walkers.

I also think that Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman is not the name of the species, perhaps the empire or its founder?
Ah right. Didn't think of font choice. I usually use that one because it's legible all the way down to 8 pixels in size.
I'm not sure I'm Okay with cutting out chunck out of existing nations others made. Especially as there is still plenty of free land left.

Considering the tripod guys are vassals to the giants it seems ok, but they could have been put somewhere else.
honestly I was thinking the giants wouldn't be super huge, maybe 3 meters, 4 at most
>VII. Western Expeditionary Force
Previously knowns as Graunob Cape, this region has always been very sparsely populated due to its extremely poor soil, steep slopes and violent seaborne storms. In the past decade this desolate land has been conquered by the newly rising power from across the ocean, the Darwinian CoFederation.

It all started when local fishermen started spotting strange whale-like creatures out in the deep waters, nobody entirely certain if they are metal or flesh. No souls curious enough to investigate has reported back so far. Then appeared strange men clad in white robes that were spotted exploring Graunob. Eventually entire coastal villages started disappearing and before anyone realized what had happened, the strangers from across the sea officially announced their sovereignty over the Cape.

A remarkably closed country, little has been heard from the black mountains since its creation outside of a few escapees and the rare lucky vagrants. Reports are conflicting as some claim that the Darwinians are running depraved forced evolution experiments on the captured locals while some claim the interior of the landscape has undergone a profound change as luxurious forests and green pastures have sprouted seemingly overnight where once there were only scree and waste ground.

The Darwinian Advancement Society in Søviknes, the only official embassy of the colony in the wider North-West has consistently denied any such claims as lies and slander while remaining suspiciously mute otherwise.
File: sumocannoners.jpg (37 KB, 474x307)
37 KB
>Painting of the Honoured Bodyguards of the High Raj, the Sumo-Cannoners, in action
These fullblooded giants hulk themselves to maxium fatness in order to sustain the full kick of a bronze cannon. The joining trials often result in fatalities as "too thin" giants attempt the rite of passage.

There has been talks of them switching to massive blunderbusses, but internal resistance is heavy.
File: 1614605468008.png (5.7 MB, 7424x4864)
5.7 MB
5.7 MB PNG
Lemme throw some stuff into this.

Formed from aristocratic refugees fleeing upheaval in their homelands, the Domain of The Sky-Princes is, in a statement. A massive oligarchy. Once a plot of land used as a hunting ground for an Arvanthaian family, the true owners of the estate have been lost to the generations. Now, any family can lay claim to one of the mountains for personal usage. Be it hunting, vacationing, or glorified piracy.

The princely families live under the principal of non-aggression. Due to the various estates being so far apart, many families don't care what the others get up to, so long as they're undisturbed in their own lands. This, however, doesn't mean that the mountains don't have their share of disputes. With grand, expensive displays of aerial combat.

The Domain has no standing army to speak of, officially, but the difficult terrain, paired with the obscene wealth of it's occupants often means that any potential invader can be facing down a fleet of some of the most heavily armed air-yachts money can buy.

>TL;DR Ancap noble families buy mountains and do dubiously legal activity on them. Held together by disdain for the plebians.
>I also think that Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman is not the name of the species, perhaps the empire or its founder?
I was thinking it would be the name of 3 allied indigenous nations that originally inhabited the area
Finally a nice place to live in
Why does it have to be 3 people's? Can't it just be a 3 word long single name?
maybe idk
it feels oddly long so idk what meaning we could come up with to justify it
Ancient tribes sound good!

Their High Raj needs detailing, given that the empire is probs the largest currently present
"am working on some conten I swear" bump
>don't talk to me or my wife's treaded son ever again
If you like those swiss lodges in the mountains, yeah.
Kinda wanna put a walking city roaming around somewhere near the middle of the map
It really depends. Is the use of Oil as a propellant still steampunk?

How it typically worked on a large warship is that until around 1905, you'd have coal that was shoveled into a boiler that heated water to drive an engine -In the late 1800s it was typically a triple-expansion engine, then after HMS Dreadnaught everyone used turbines.

Then somebody had the idea to use oil. Not oil as in a gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine, but rather just straight up replacing the coal with oil in the boilers. So you still have the boiler-and-steam turbine setup, but now instead of teams of dudes shoveling coal into a furnace, its one dude next to some valves that he can open and close to add or reduce fuel. It was cleaner, safer, and the boilers didn't clog up with gunk from the coal, making any and all ships that used it SUPER efficient.

The use of oil was also advantageous for another reason: endurance. A typical coal-fired dreadnaught could only go at max feed for a minutes to an hour at best, because the dudes shoveling coal would literally get too tired to keep shoveling the coal, and of course the buildup of gunk in the boilers would decrease efficiancy over time. This was a massive pain for the Germans in particular because German coal is SHIIIIIIIT! But if you want max speed in an oil-fired dreadnaught? Heh, just leave the taps open and as long as nothing explodes you can go max speed until the fuel runs out!

The disadvantage of Oil was that for most of the 20th Century the great oil producers were in annoying places like US-owned asian islands, British-owned middle-east, some spots in Poland and southern Russia, or the continental US. That's fine if your the British or the US, but if you're, say, ANY of the Axis powers you're shit outta luck!

Finally, there was a time when people tried the cheaper coal sprayed with oil to get a little of Oil's superior energy output without breaking the bank. It works but...well Oil's just better!
Alright had some fun stealing elements from Norwegian and north English heraldry to cobble together these bad boys. If anyone has any cool proposals for other places I can also see if I can put something together.
As you said, coal is less efficient which is why naval powers of the late 19th century had to scramble to annex as many shitty islands in the middle of nowhere to turn them into fuelling station and I feel like that's a very """steampunk""" thing. As soon as you have ww1 level cruisers capable to go halfway around the world without fuel troubles I feel like you're starting to lose that steampunk feel.
File: Marquisate_WIP.png (63 KB, 778x519)
63 KB
wip for the Marquisate. Going to sleep now. Will try for some more 2morrow.
Just glanced in the thread and I'm already lost in the quagmire. For the sake of anyone else who thinks about joining this, I think I might create a short summary of the setting so far.
would be fun to reread, at the very least.
Extremely needed as I was already kinda lost 60 posts into it
Would be great!

Detailing Arvantha a bit myself.

More nations and wildlands are always needed
There might need to be some wildlands on the western continent in the middle, since the coast is pretty filled in with countries

Does anyone like the idea of putting a glacial ice sheet somewhere in the center of the western continent, like Tibet? could esplain why there isn't a central country, if the center is a little inconvenient on account of being frozen.
I mean, there's already the salt sea. So a big thing in the west would be interesting.
We already know there is some big nation in the center "Nation Y".

I already wrote Nation X so decided to let others do Y

hmm... Nation Y can take up the remainder of the continent, I guess. My uploads are not strong enough to support appending the map.

The Yssian Empire is the largest and most populous polity on the continent, but to call it a nation is optimistic at best. A sprawling, multi-cultural empire that includes sizable minorities of every other ethnicity on the continent, as well as the Yssian people, who make up a plurality of the population, the Empire is held together by it's secret police, and a royal monopoly on the sale of alcohol and upium. The Imperial Army is rigid and conservatively minded, and only a few regiments are equiped with modern, rapid-firing weapons, the vast bulk of their soldiers being issued unrifled, flintlock muskets that are often older than the conscripts using them. It doesn't matter. The empire has historically relying on sheer bulk to force it's will on others, using foreign mercenaries where a more sophisticated touch is needed, or where they simply require soldiers they can trust.

One reason the Yssian Empire's military is so backwards is the simple fact that rebellion and revolution are both as common within its borders as starvation and cholera. The Empire is hesitant to equip its conscripts with anything that could be used against them.

It was the Yssian Empire that instigated the War of The Isthmus when they attempted to annex it. Numerically, it was the Yssian Empire that suffered the most casualties, as well. However, surprisingly, the Empire made it through the war in surprisingly good order, with many of the casualties coming from regiments that were raised in its more restive provinces, lead my many of the more troublesome nobles. Still, the Empire faced famine as a result of the war, and there are those who believe that it will need to modernize itself soon, or else its neighbors will begin to "Liberate" those provinces that contain their co-ethnics.
File: 1614624361027b.png (6.02 MB, 7424x4864)
6.02 MB
6.02 MB PNG
>glacial ice sheet
was thinking the same. Also there needs to be Nation Y still, so made separate Glaciers so there is still space for nations / wildlands / mountainshitholes. Aprozhian Glacier also explains why the civil war frontline is so narrow.

Aporozhia has flat farmlands surrounded by mountains. Almost everyone are share-croppers. Most arable land is in use already, large forests are rare. It was rather idyllic for a long time, but nowdays too backwater - there is only one railroad, between the capitol and the largest city.

Climate is wet due abundant rainfall. South up to Tinshel is warm and pleasant, almost urlandic (mediterranean) while northern parts have conifer trees and snow during winters. Going further inland, climate turns colder, mountainous and filled with forests. Past Coghety is no much settlements.

Most of the major cities are old Urlandic settlements. No need to detail them much more, they are too classic east-european medieval to this steampunk stuff.

>war for Aporozhia
The frontlines are messy but the bad state of Aporozhian military is clear. Most recent rumours state that Pseutonic Realm has taken Castle Kordy and are marching west - at least Pseutonic airships have been sighted at the area.
Regarding the other front... please create Nation Y. Kept Eagle Glacier little distant so there is space for nations. At least something is needed between Hartlands and Aporozhia, altohugh detailedmapanon kinda already thought there might be two or more nations there. All suit me.

Added main water trade routes. These have been important for ages, but now with air travel everything is changing.
Industry is sprouting up, slowly, across Yssia. While most of the countryside remains backwards and impoverished, its cities are as sophisticated and cosmopolitan as any. The Yssian Cities are actively courting outside development, and many are salivating at the potential fortunes to be made there, but most investors are hesitant to make inroads into the empire, knowing they lack most of the legal protections they take for granted elsewhere. All it takes is one secret policeman, or one minor noble, to notice your work, and it is all gone, perhaps along with your head. Still, there are plenty of investors who have seemed to strike a good balance with their bribes, making sure that the right secret policemen, the right nobles, and the right underground cutthroats have been paid off, so that nobody else would even dream of molesting your property.

Just as there is danger coming from above, so does it come from below. As the cities swell with peasants hoping to make a living in the new factories, discontent is rife. Everything from the low pay, to the dilapidated housing, to the open sewers of the workers' districts, to the dangerous conditions, seems purpose built to sew discontent. With the peasants themselves long accustomed to the oppression of the secret police, it goes without saying that there is a secret society behind practically every functioning lock, and unlike the fairly homogeneous villages they came from, the polyglot nature of the workers' districts makes it surprisingly difficult to spy on them effectively. Just don't get caught saying anything you shouldn't in King's Yssian.

The secret police, in turn, have resorted to even more brutal methods as they can feel their empire slipping between their fingers. Even so, they find themselves with more and more problems, with fewer experienced agents available to solve them.
Arvantha has obtained rivers and internal politics.Neat.
ohufck this is going to need changes. No time to do that now though

changing lil glacier into a lake and making Yssia consist of everything southeast of the two remaining glaciers. Kinda feel that we could use another nation between Harthlands and the confederates. Or perhaps it is a former part of yssia split from them.

Might reduce Arvanthian glacier, kinda want Yssia to touch the confederats. Given that Yssia and the crusaderfucks sorry Pseutonics are allies, Yssia probs has been fighting with Posturalic upiumdruggies, partessan leftovers and Aporozhians for most of their existance and expanded only after the year of winter
The Yssians are getting a Bolshevik Revolution like next week aren't they?

I imagine either the Aporozhians or Arvanthans are shipping not!Lenin into the nation as we speak.

The Pseuttons are gonna be pissed. Considering their alliance to Yyssia likely most foreign investment there is from them.

I do wonder how much of the continent follows the Pseutton religion. It seems like a weird mix of medieval Catholicism, militant ottoman Islam and Ming enough based bureocracy. Wonder where the not!Papacy is.

>So we have

Grandfather Urland, who was The Coolest Shit in his youth. Now he has fuckloads of kids and has himself degenerated into a rambling opium addict that everyone wishes to be dead already.
>His descenddants:
Captain Partesan, a sea merchant that basically owned everyone. He died in a volcano eruption few times ago and his children in turn are small, annoying and fucking everywhere.
Underland, sneaky younger brother that got into economics and really owns everyone these days.
Sky-Princess, who does fucking wrong things with Urland and basically everyone wealthy
Arvantha who does not talk to Urland. She was prosperous if a bit distant for long time but now is sick.
Pseutonic, a skinhead that is into religion like his mother Pseuttonia. Despite this, everyone says that he is really nice underneath all that violence. Currently carving Arvantha apart with his best buddy, Yssia.
Marcomanila, forgetful university professor who is smarter than most but lacks CHA
There is also seven little cousins that are wickedly cool but kinda small in the grand scheme of things.

Then there is Aljalid Rakibi, crow-riding badass that is too cool to this world. He is weaker than in his youth but fucking cool still.

Then there was Aporozhia, a cool crusader that fought badass wars with Aljalid when both were in their prime. He recently died and left two sons:
Confederate Aporozhia that is good at making money and
Formerly United Aporozhia that is good at spending money.
They are currently fighting about money.

Then there is the Ancient Barbarian Family:
Aarcliffs, Hartlands and Torkland. They fought with Urland in the ancient times and still fondly reminiscence of those times when Urland is soberish. They are currently attempting to modernize, results vary.

Then there is Yssia, a new arrival in town. He is an scheming half-bandit half-mafioso that has fought with almost everyone and mostly succeeded. Somehow soulmates with Pseutonic

Very cool.
Then there is Iremn. Everyone wants to date Iremn. Current suitor is Irecon, a dinosaur bone collecting mountain bandit with a dubious heritage.

Then there is many unconnected invidinuals:
New Tynntarn, a sandblasted miner that is always thirsty and phobia of ruins
Darwinian Cofed who listened to a university lecture once and is totally into this new thing and performing all kinds of mad sciency
Geijerfolk, isolated hermit who lives in a submarine/dreadnought
TÖGÖLDÖR, a greenish dude who was cool pirate long time ago but decided that he is too cool for this shit and is now a sunbathing smug hedonist. A bit like his old rival Urland.
Lottonia, a tractor-driving survivalist farmer
Queeen Maeve's Land, who might be a freaky shape shifting time witch or not
Tellas, who kinda died and reincarnated into a cowboy.
Hetarion, a weaboo that grew up in isolation who recently got kicked by Aporozhia and now is having Deep Internal Conversations what to do
Hagisburg, who just hangs around Lottonia and does not talk.

Finally there is
>Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman
Three giant bully brothers who recently charged here with their elephant mounts, kicked the balls of tons of people, became tired and now are asleep. Others tiptoe around them and do not want to wake them up.

And then there is The Great Salient, that is responsible for about two thirds of this insanity. Some call it cursed, others want to build a Canal there.

Most people are using flying airships powered by crystal-battery steam engines, but people do use traditional steel dreadnoughts as well.
Summary Of all nations in biggest TL;DR possible.

> Kingdom of Arvantha
Basically the PLC, allied with the CLA as they wanna modernize
> Confederate Lands of Aporozhia
Basically the CSA, except the slaves mine magic crystal not do farming. They own 2/3rds of the world's deposit of magic crystal.
> United lands of Aporozhia
The 'core land" of the ULA, got rich of CLA minerals. Got it's teeth kicked in because they wanted to build a canal. Caused civil war by trying to ban slavery.
> The Hartlands
Weird Ancap-pseudo Lumberjack communists
> Torskland
Hartland's more boring brother
> Aarcliffs
Scottland, boot poorer and affraid of witches
> Underland
The netherlands
> Pseutonic Reich
The Teutonic Order, Ottoman Empire and Prussia had a baby and it turned out retarded and retardishly efficient. currently bullying the KoA and recreating the Urlandic Empire
> Urlanding Clusterfuck
The Holy Roman Empire, but on opium.
> The Demon Jungles
There is actually no demons, just dinosaurs
File: GLORIOUSMOTHERYSSIA.png (6.06 MB, 7424x4864)
6.06 MB
6.06 MB PNG
Added Yssia. As said, melted a glacier for their Central Lake. Given previous mentions of Northern Barbarians (from Urlandic viewpoint) probably Yssian people are former barbarians that settled on the lake and from there have spread.

Moved the Aporozhian Glacier a bit to make more space there. Regarding Aprorozhian Hinterland, I leave the situation open. has it been recently taken by Yssia? Is there old bitterness on the situation? Or is it such worthless place that no-one cares?

Is there a nations between the glaciers or is it a wilderness? Have fun!
>Dunno what is in that valley east of Arvantha. A separatist state, perhaps funded by Yssia? Or already a full Yssian expedition?

The surrounding nations are sending so many Nenins that the revolutionaries fight among themselves

>much of the continent follows the Pseutton religion
There is the Sea-Mother religion and Sea-Godess cult mentioned few times.

Added Sunken Uthdomun. A holy city of several Olde Faiths. Only ancient Iremn is more venerated. Uthdomun was a island that sunk due an earthquake during the Crusade Era (modern geologists link this to the nearby volcanic Parthesain). This was a major shakedown of the Olde Faiths and caused even more problems to the already disintegrating Urland.

Sea-Mother Religion, that has old roots amongst the northcoasters, spread to Urland in those days. Sea-Godess cult is a variant of this, perhaps from Marble Renaissance before Upium killed Urland.

The point I am making here is that theologically the Aljalids actually won the crusades, although it was stalemate militarily

Yet Pseutonics are OldFaithers and one of their dreams is rising Uthdomun from the ocean. Could it be actually done with current technology?

Other Oldfaithers are the winemonks, some of the Partessanians Chancellerys and rural Arvanthanians as well. Yssian leaders might be Oldfaithers at least in theory, which explains the alliance a bit.
>Yet Pseutonics are OldFaithers and one of their dreams is rising Uthdomun from the ocean.
They sure are gonna be mad when they find out it's been looted by a roving band of submarines
File: Kemo.png (7.17 MB, 7424x4864)
7.17 MB
7.17 MB PNG
Drew in Former Aporozhian land into Yssia.

We should probably make a religious map your explanation is a bit confusing.

> Kemo-Strekia
It's the Union of the Petty Kingdom of Kemo and the Duchy of Stremia. The two nations have similar culture and speak similar languages, though if you tell either a Keman or Strekian that that is the fact await a long argument full of insults towards your mother, where they insult the other sister nation. Don't you dare though join in on their complaints, because then suddenly they will defend their Sister-nation if insane new patriotic zeal, likely insulting your mother once more.

(Imagine them like a mix of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and PLC)

The main industry of the nations once upon the time was ice-mining. Glaciers were mined and large chunks of ice transported south for the enjoyment of of Elites. The infention of refrigeration besically collapsed the economies of both nations, forcing them into an union to survive. Currently the nation makes it's living by selling bottled water from freshly melted glacial ice. As well as by making beer and wines from said ice-water.

The nation is part of the "interglacial Economi Union" an organisation they pioneered. While varying Ethnic and liguistic groups inhabit the interglacial region they all have a common interest in mind. The construction of a north-south railroad. A grand railroad connecting Yssia, Pseuttonia to the ULA and the Hartlands. This could help them develop from a cluster of insignificant empoverished ice-miners into nations with a viable economy.
More 1904 than 1917. Russia had several major revolutions before the bolsheviks succeeded.
The Aporozhian Hinterlands are one of the many border regions that are controlled by the Yssian Empire. They've been a part of the Empire for several generations now, and among the Aporozhians living there, there is no strong consensus about whether that is a good thing or not. At the moment, with the civil war next door, the average Aporozhian-Yssian is more patriotic towards Yssia than the average Yssian, and they're seeing a steady stream of immigrants from the two Aporozhian states, refugees and deserters alike. Their economy has also begun to pick up, as they learn the subtleties of import-export fraud. There is a large, tapped out copper mine that is rumored to be the largest Kiep Crystal node outside of Aporozhia proper. Those rumors are entirely false. In reality, it exists only to circumvent embargoes against the Confederacy, and the Union quietly looks the other way as it is currently their most secure source of Kiep Crystals.

This situation is still incredibly fluid, and the Yssian authorities aren't entirely sure how to accommodate the newcomers. So far, they've managed to suppress any talk of independence for the region. Their real concern is what happens when the Civil War ends.
File: Kemo.png (7.4 MB, 7424x4864)
7.4 MB
7.4 MB PNG
Dreww in Striped-brown the Borders of the IEU (Interglacial Economic Union)

Guess it's something like a mini European Union.
Interesting so the Yssians have a vested interest in Having the CLA win their independance war, as that would weaken the ULA so much that it would basically prevent any possibility of the Aporozhian hinterlands secceeding.

On the other hand there is this weird situation of Yssia officially being one of the states wishing to Abolish slavery, on top of that their ally the pseutonic reich is helping the FLA and the Pseutons own half of the emergin Yssian economy. Then there also is the Arvanthan problem. Rumors circulate that the failed state is rapidly industralising thanks to shipments of CLA resources. Arvantha by all means is a sleeping giant. Even after it's recent losses it is the single largest land power on the continent and in population to only Yssia itself, but unlike the divided ethnically Yssian state most Arvatha is ethnically Arvathan.
File: Hussars.jpg (73 KB, 760x506)
73 KB
Yet if Pseutonics succeed in blitzkrieging the poorly-equipped Arvanthan southlands now, they get so much Low Janissaria troops that they have manpower to actually start recreating the Urlandic Empire under their iron fist. Given the technological gap, Pseutonic Janissarial victory is all but assured over the hussars. Of course the natives have manpower advantage, but what that helps against airships?

Needlessly to say this would change the political situation in a titanic scale, so Yssians probably do not want that to really happen.

And Arvantha is currently apparently getting allied with the Confederates. As stated previously, Yssia probably would like the Confederates to win the war (not sure why the have not stopped the "Copper Mine" operation, perhaps the leadership does not know about it yet). Additionally Yssia+Pesutonics could build the north-south railway directly to Confederation instead of dealing little annoying IEU nations in the freezing center of the continent. But Pseutonics probably do not like Confederation due the slavery thing.

There is really no good way for Yssia to get out of this if Aporozhia does not collapse entirely. Much now depends on the battles going on in and over the Arvanthanian border forests.
This is basically a WW1 tier situation where nations within the same alliance have conflicting interests to the poiint that basically everyone holds a gun to each other's head and if anyone pulls the trigger everything collapses.

The Yssian Empire is fucked both if the confederates fall and survive.

Especially as the Yssian-Pseutton alliance is a shaky one. Afterall the Pseuttons want their Urlandic Ethnostate and for that they need a chunk of southern Yssian land.

This actually puts Underland in an interesting possition. I doubt the Proud Underlanders want to be forced into the reborn Urlandic Empire under Pseutton Rule.

Does that mean they secretly support the Arvanthans?
File: download.jpg (11 KB, 182x277)
11 KB
Also I imagine this are the Avarthan Hussars. At least from their description so far Avartha screams PLC not Hungary.
I'd say Yssia, or at least the Secret Police, has a vested interest in the war never ending. They would lose their Kiep Crystal revenue once there's no reason to re-label Crystals coming out of CLA, plus the Aporozhians might start getting ideas about independence, or reunification with whomever wins. Certain, influential factions among the secret police and the nobility also feel that the question of slavery will soon become moot, as decreases in infant mortality as a result of industrialization lead to at-will employment being more cost effective than actual slavery. It has become something of a running joke among the Secret Police that the Confederate Mine Owners ought to simply use the tried and true method of paying their employees in company scrip, and allowing the miners to open lines of credit at the company store. Never the less, the activities in the Aporozhian Hinterlands are less the result of offical policy, and more a willingness to turn a blind eye to the local mafias, provided they remember who is in charge.

Of course, among the Aporozhian-Yssians, opinion is extremely divided regarding which side of the civil war is in the right. The Secret Police intend to keep it that way. They have also been leaning on the Yssian Nationalists (actually, predominately old-stock ethnic Aporozhians) to ensure that any squabbles between pro-unionists and pro-confederates are nipped in the bud before they can spill over into any sort of unrest that the Secret Police or the Army would have to intervene in directly or visibly.
This is a lovely situation indeed. Yssians could also detonate due their internal issues, but so could many other nations present.

"Reports and pictures are emerging of unpainted airships attacking Pseutonic forces near Castle Kordy. This is fascinating due Arvanthanians almost no air fleet save few old scouts and noble yachts"

Meanwhile Underlandians are "modernizing their own airborne merchant fleet" : buying every even barely flying vessel they get their hands on and lots of paint eraser. They have gotten even some old water vessels airborne.

Both are fine, perhaps light hussars and heavy hussars. Arvanthanian military feels like it is more focused in crushing internal rebellions than external threats.

I'd say more nations are needed to be detailed until the situation can be mapped entirely. Even the Darwinians and other far eastern nations might be interested in this massive pile of schemes.
(How long the distance between the coasts is? Probably long but not impossible)
The Civil was never ending is deffinetly in the best interest of the Yssians.

I wonder how lives of other minorities in Yssia are. I imagine a large portion of Western Yssia is Arvathan and the Arvathans are ethnically closest to the Yssians so on one hand they should assimilate easily on the other though if they are anything like irl occupied Poland they are a pain in the ass due to constant revolutions.

The Partesan minority in the East is likely the smallest. Wonder how they are doing.

The Urlandic minority in the South might be part of the Urlanding Nationalist movement, though unlike the Aporozhians they can't just quash this movement without pissing off their (((Greatest Allly))) the Pseuttonic Order.

Lastly the various minorities of the interglacial region might be an annoyance. I imagine they are kinda like the IRL Basque mixed with the Swiss.
I imagine the Darvinian Cofederation is about as far from Avartha by sea as Yloska is from both by land. Certianly not a Bunny's hop, but not ridiculous distances either.

yeah we by far need more nations to flesh out the political situation, but I don't think we should add any more "major powers" the situation feels complex enough as it is. We might add another 'rising star' I guess.
>Yet if Pseutonics succeed in blitzkrieging the poorly-equipped Arvanthan southlands now, they get so much Low Janissaria troops that they have manpower to actually start recreating the Urlandic Empire under their iron fist. Given the technological gap, Pseutonic Janissarial victory is all but assured over the hussars. Of course the natives have manpower advantage, but what that helps against airships?
It would almost make sense for the Yssian Secret Police to hedge against this. For example, they could be accepting modern weaponry as a form of payment from the Unionists, in exchange for re-labeled Kiep Crystals from their mine, and then ensuring that those weapons, and veteran instructors who've used them on the front lines of the civil war, find themselves in Arvanthia, rather than remaining in the Aporozhian Hinterlands. Of course, the Palace knows nothing of this, and in fact the export permits for the weapons state that they are bound for Kemo-Strekia, not Arvanthia.
> the papers leak
> everyone is worried why kemo-Strekia is importing ridiculous amounts of weapons from the Yssians

>still be me, an ex-janissary mercenary
>still no balls
>too long march through Yussia, I miss flying.
>finally reach border of Confederation
>Instead of going in, we are taken to a remote camp and given actually good gear
>wtf this is Reich bolt-action rifle with numbers filed off
>we embark into an unmarked airship
>absolutely no clue what is going on
>at least one of our "employers" spoke with Yussian accent.
>she is cute though
>I wish I had balls
>see that we cross at least one glacier
>finally land. There is trees, cornfields and sun is warm
>we are in southern Arvantha
>Hear that our job is to help these poor cavalry dudes and their villagers
>The locals are deserting like crazy, use century old guns and there apparently is no air support
>then I hear the situation.
>we are fighting Pseutonics.
>I smile for the first time in months.
>payback time bitches.
File: Uchpahaa.png (6.56 MB, 7424x4864)
6.56 MB
6.56 MB PNG
How do you guys feel about this?

Basically tried to create this world's version of the Himalayas.
Works as a natural border to eastern Wayanaysi Soncco Huaman expansion, also added a glacier since we're noting those now, and a bunch of rivers.

Uchpahaa is a combination of the hindu words for tall and mountains by the way.
One of the tried and true methods of the Yssian Secret Police is to court whatever opposition can be found in the countries for which Yssia's population contains a sizable minority, ensuring that their own subjects most closely identify with those among their co-ethnics who are least supportive of the ruling powers. They also tend to make sure that the ruling caste in any given region, except the predominantly Yssian home counties, belongs to a minority, usually the smallest minority in that area.

When rebellions occur, it is usually soldiers of another minority putting it down, with the Yssian soldiers' guns to their backs. This way, the lingering animosity is more commonly directed at the ethnicity whose soldiers put the rebellion down, rather than the Empire. Most of the minorities are treated in a relatively tolerant manner, with language rights and equal protection under the law (which, admittedly, is not much protection at all).

The Arvanthans are the only minority that are actively being repressed. Their language is outlawed. Arvanthan districts are the only districts of Yssia with compulsory education, and all instruction is in Yssian. Arvanthan women are, through a variety of methods, essentially forced into marriages with Yssian husbands, and Arvanthan men are sent to work in the most dangerous industries. This mostly comes down to an attitude among the secret police and nobility that the Arvanthans are not a separate ethnicity from the Yssians, but simply retrograde Yssians. They also acknowlege that of all the minorities in Yssia, the Arvanthans are the ones who pose the greatest risk of breaking away, or trying to ally with a foreign country. (And the fact that they do all this doesn't mean for a moment they aren't making sure the Arvanthan Military is a credible check on Pseutonian expansionism)
I feel like there should be nations in the Mountains kine like the irl Himalyas i guess.

Another thing is that Mountains tend to form in lines, not clumps.
File: map-himalayas[1].png (579 KB, 1100x861)
579 KB
579 KB PNG

Have you seen the Himalayas? They are just one big clump, or I guess more accurately one big plateau.
I can redo it if its looks bad though.
It is okay and looks good. And there is the big line of mountains going north of it. Of course under the Huamandi ice sheet can be a huge dormant volcano or meteor crater as well. Geologists are uncertain so far. More drilling operations are needed.

Have one idea for a nationstate to the northern coast, but I think there should be some more still.

Did Huaman tribe of the giants originate near the Huamandi mountains?
That's because the Indian Plate smashed there into the Asian plate and as you even see all the tallest mountains form a line in indias north and then a fading plateou forms north of it. The area you chose has no sort of subcontinent nearby. it can be some sort of underwater seismic plate I guess, but in the very least it feels weird to have a region which is "it's giant mountains, no one bothers owning them."
File: western_flags.png (215 KB, 1024x1530)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Alright here's my idea of what the flags of the Western statelets + Arvantha look like. Thoughts?
These feel more believable than many flags in fiction desu
Not a Fan of the Avarthan Flag. I like the White bird Emblem from the map more than the Imperial 2headed Eagle.

Other than that i feel the Heptapolis flag is the only bad one.

It's a 7-state union which as symbol uses a flag divided in 4... with 12 stars?
Small issue with the Domain guys. All the airships we've seen so far are big, clunky, basically flying ww1 battleships. How high could they realistically go to make a mountain nation like that viable?
File: Plates.png (791 KB, 2513x1747)
791 KB
791 KB PNG

We're getting into fucking plate tectonics now I guess, this is kind of how I imagined it, the Uchpahaa plate being a narrow plate that is pushing the Tynntarm and Wayanaysi plate under it, creating a mountainous raised plateau like the Tibetan one.
>Heptapolis flag is the only bad one
Yeah I know. I came up with the design half-asleep and because the Heptapolis is basically just a reskin of the historical Décapole I stupidly put in 10 stars instead of the actual 7 needed. I somehow only noticed this when assembling the final chart and really couldn0t be bothered to go back and change it. I'll revisit it in the future tho!
As for Arvantha idk, I feel like an old-school imperial eagle illustrates them better but I can go back and use the white Eagle Rising instead.
Seems fair.

tfw. we got a tectonic plate map, but no religious map
The Zeppelin P Class had a service ceiling of about 3500m.
File: Lungs.png (7.41 MB, 7424x4864)
7.41 MB
7.41 MB PNG
The twin Nations of South Lungland and North Lungland up until a mere 20 years ago were a single nation. Lungland was known as 'the Pearl of the North'. A small, nation devoid of most natural resources, but the worlds first industrial superpower. It is unclear, but the Lunglanders claim to have invented the Steam Engine over 70 years ago keeping a strong monopoly on it for 40 years before the technology leaked abroad. Up until the Ithmus war Lungland was considered the most industrialized nation on the continent.

Sadly as the rest of the world rapidly industrialised resources Lungland once could buy cheaply for it's own purposes skyrocketed in prices as now they needed to share with the rest of the world and the only thing the nation possessed. Mass production became common abroad it feel into poverty.

In Lungland the nobility and factory owners were a single class and in hopes of keeping up profits human rights became non-existent. It is said Lungland workers sold their own children to ULA slave owners because they would have a better life as a slave in the ULA than as a peasant in Lungland.

This unrest culminated in the Halshevik revolution. Where Communists seeking to overthrow the high Duke of Lungland rose up in rebellion the only thing that saved the nation was it's mountainous terrain which stoppped the revolution alongside military aid from other members of the IEA.

Lungland alongside (then) Kemo were among the 5 founding states of the IEA and Lungland was the last bit of land needed to connect the planned railroad to the sea.

The plan seemed dead, but thanks to friendly relations with heartland a new plan was forged. Heartland would connect the railway to the sea. As such the SL with aid if the IEA declared war on the Avarthan Kingdom alongside the Pseutons and Yssians obtaining the famous 'lungland Tial' which creates a border with Hartland.

North Lungland on the other hand stands the the worlds lone one and only Communist state.
File: Plates2.png (5.89 MB, 7424x4864)
5.89 MB
5.89 MB PNG
I just kept going with the tectonic plates, so here's a full tectonic map.

I'm not saying this should be "canon" or anything though since we still need freedom to place landmasses and mountains and whatever, but it was fun to do.
What's a mantle plume?

Also don't you usually get lots of earthquakes where tectonic plates meet? Does that mean that the Western Continent is riddled with near constant Japan-tier earthquakes, while I ironically the japan analogue is not?
File: hawaii_emperor_600.jpg (84 KB, 600x521)
84 KB

A mantle plume is a collection of magma beneath the surface that occasionally erupts, the spot is stationary and is independent to the plate above it.
Hawaii is probably the best example of a mantle plume, its a volcanic hotspot in the middle of the pacific plate, you can actually track the movement of the plate by watching the volcanic scar left by the mantle plume beneath it.

Also like I said, its nothing more than me amusing myself so you don't need to take it seriously,
Although earthquakes only occur if the plates are currently rubbing up against each other, there are tectonic intersects that hasn't had any activity for millions of years.
(agree on the Avanthan flag, the simpler is better)

Did the religion map

3 dominant religions currently:

1. Oldfaith. It is a mix of panthons that people focus on different aspects. Originally founded at Iremn. Split into Eastern and Urlandic Oldfaith rather fast.
2. Eastern Religions. There is no much details on these. Oldfaith might be part of these or not.
3. Sea-Mother Religion. From northern coast.

Various western barbarian religions. Mostly extinct.
Darwin. new one. sciencey
whale-worship. Popular at northern coast, now mostly extinct due Oldfaith or SeaMother
Southern lizard decadence
No clue about saltsea or notdetailed lands.

Urland turns most of west barbarians into Oldfaith, then dies.
Crusades: Aljalids fight Aporozhians. Uthdomun sinks. Crusades are draw militarily, but the sea religion spreads west.

Currently: Arvantha is turning seamotherish (might be one of the reasons why they ally with Aporozhia). There was some kind of reform/cult of seamother to seagoddess.
Pseutonics starts their nucrusades.
Giants probably have their own religion, not detailed

ok file size too big fuckshit this no map then
File: Angirmen kingdoms.png (7.95 MB, 7424x4864)
7.95 MB
7.95 MB PNG
Lungland appeared while I was making this. Made some last minute adjustments but a couple bits might still have ended up a bit whack.

Kingdoms of the Angirmen

Between the desolate CLA, the boggy highlands of the Aarcliffs and the forested valleys of the Hartlands lie the five Kingdoms of the Angirmen. They are lands of hills and cold streams running from the glaciers to the south. Swamps and low mangrove woodlands are common. Almost all the land is a fair way above sea level. All of the kingdoms get bitterly cold winters, though their summers can be relatively warm.

Unlike their neighbours and very distant kin in the Aarcliffs, the Angirmen have kept pace with the times, and if not excelling, are at least not lagging. Their power is limited by the relatively sparse populations and resources of their lands compared to the greater powers of the ULA, Yssian Empire and Arvantha. The economy is largely still agrarian, with mangrove oats and webfoot pigs being farmed in the swampy valleys and sheep and goats in the hills. Unlike the Hartlands, good wood is relatively rare in the Kingdoms, with the stubby, soft trees of the valleys being of little use for construction or ships. Mineral wealth exists, with mines or iron, tin and copper, though only recently have these begun to be properly exploited.
Culturally, the five kingdoms are relatively homogeneous, their common roots clear. Indeed, the Angirmen claim to have once been a united nation of much greater power, though no actual evidence exists to support this and scholars dismiss it as myth. According to legend, the High King Danvir once ruled the whole area and won several great battles against the Angirmen's enemies (history isn't clear who they were, and whoever is telling the story will generally make it the ancestors of whoever is their enemy now). Finally falling in battle, Danvir's only son carried him away and disappeared, leaving his Kingdom without an heir, resulting in the split into the Kingdoms that exist now. Many have claimed descent from the lost son of Danvir, including the royal houses of four of the five current kingdoms.

In the modern day, the tradition of High King still exists, and the five Kingdoms meet at the death of the current one to elect one of the current monarchs to the role. In theory, the High King has the duty to protect the five kingdoms against outside aggression. In reality, in the case of outside aggression the High King is often ignored by the others (on some occasions has even been helping an outside power to attack one of their own), and bickering over the position often results in internal warfare between the five kingdoms (leading to weakness and attacks from outside). Although the High King position and theoretical alliance against outside powers between the Kingdoms is a joke to the international community, the idea of a single Angirmen state 'Angirland' is much more real. There are popular movements towards this ideal in all five Kingdoms, though so far they are being suppressed by the royals and nobility.

The greatest of the five Kingdoms in the current age. Torlingham has been destabilised by the conflict in Aporozhia and has currently closed its Eastern border to prevent refugees crossing, fearing being drawn into the conflict. This has led to tensions with Roeamoak to the north, which is actively supporting the CLA. Combined with the plague that is beginning, Torlingham is debating closing its northern border as well. The great River Tor which runs through the kingdom supports the most industrialised lands of the Angirmen and the largest of their standing armies. The young king of Torlingham greatly desires to be elected high king, and is only waiting on the death of the ancient King of Embroke to get it, by force if necessary. Although not offically, Torlingham has hinted that it might support Angirmen unification, leading to rumours that if he becomes High King, the ruler of Torlingham might take the title literally rather than as a ceremonial position.


Plagued by conflicts with the Aarcliffs throughout history, the people of this Kingdom are the most warlike of the Angirmen. They are supporting the CLA actively in their civil war as best they can, much to the ire of Torlingham. An influx of refugees from Aporozhia trying to escape the fighting has resulted in sudden shanty towns around their ports, and the sudden mass of dirty, malnourished people combined with the swamps has resulted in a plague which is rapidly getting out of control.


Poorest by far, landlocked Harcia has had a poor history, being little more than a vassal of Torlingham or Torrendall at times. It is the only one of the five to never have held the position of High King, something the others do not let it forget. Of late, its mineral wealth has given it new life, and a mining boom in Harcia supports the new factories of the greater Kingdoms to either side of it. A growing but dormant Angirmen unification movement exists in Harcia.
It's a really dumb movie but Loveless is also a fantastically overacted villain and I love every scene he's in.

Embroke has ever been the most diplomatic of the five kingdoms, wielding far influence greater than it should over the centuries. It is rarely in conflict with the Aarcliffs or Cwyn Dal despite their borders, and has held the position of High King more than any other, as it does now, though its elderly king lies on his deathbed and is expected to die within the year. Although geographically small, Embroke is the most fertile of the Kingdoms and the only place among them where you could walk for ten miles without having to wade through a swamp and scale a crag.


Torrendall was, until recently, almost rivalling Torlingham in power. Then the communists arrived from Lungland and anarchy arrived. Taking advantage of the weakness, Torrendall also bcame the home of the movement for Angirmen unification. The Kingdom is currently in a state of almost civil war, with the monarchy, unionists and communists in a deadlock. All three factions worry that aggressive moves would unite the other two against them, and so the nation remains at a standstill. The monarchy is desperately trying to negotiate help from Emboke and Harcia, but Harcia worries that action will trigger their own unionist problems and Embroke's politics are paralysed while the King lies dying. Luckily, the communists hate the unionists as the majority of their leadership is nobility, while the unionists hate the communists for their foreign Lungland influence.
The Cwyn

Long before the Aarii, Toskii, Hearthii and Angirilii settled the northern coast of the continent the whole area was occupied by another people who call themselves the Cwyn. Little is known of them, because even by early Urlandic times they had already fallen from power and lost almost all of their territory. They now only live is the most desolate parts of the region, the central highland plateau and the tip of the Aarcliff Peninsula. Although not particularly more primitive than the people of the Aarcliffs, they are alienated by the nations of the region due to their very unique culture, religion and language, all of which are largely incomprehensible to outsiders. Split now in two, the Llewellys and Cwyn Dal, they bicker and raid among themselves, with the Aarcliffs, and with the Angirmen Kingdoms to the south. Where the Aarcliffs are at least famed, or infamous, for their mercenaries, the Cwyn are known only for the problems they cause, and those who live more than a Kingdom away would likely never have heard of them.
With the reputation of the Cwyn that only raises the question why they were not conquered yet?

I imagine them and the Aarclifs are to some extent related. Especially as the Aarclif's refuse to expand further North due to some ancient pact signed with Witches of the land.

One has to wonder if the witches really do exist, otherwise how do those bronze age savages still linger in the age of steam engine and armored zeppelin?
Whoops, honestly missed the part about the Aarcliffs not going to the top of the peninsula. Probably should remove the Cwyn up there to keep the Aarcliff stuff intact, don't want to trample on older fluff, after all.
I think the Cwyn being the "witches" is better gives them more character 'than useless svages no one likes, but were not gotten rid off yet for some reason".

Maybet hey don't even practice some magic, just have some odd material endemic to their land only they learned to use.
Excellent additions! These little kingdoms slot naturally inro that spot, great!

Given their similiar tech levels, Aarcliffians probably attempted it few times but failed due the horrible terrain. Or that Aarcliffians have been conquering stuff slowly and this is the current situation.
Dont see them very related, Cwyn were clearly locals while Aarii were part of the pre-Urland barbarian migration (source unknown)

It might be so that the Cwyn are the witches of the past (might also explain why Aarciffians and the Angirmen do not go to the mountainsmountains). Perhaps the peak of the peninsula people are very few in numbers and far more regressed so that by now their similiaties to mountain-Cwyn are hard to detect?
Nonetheless the sneaky original people have given Aarcliffians sources of many night ghost stories.
Maybe in Cwyn land there is a plant endemic to the land. The plant if consumed regularly slows aging. The "Witches" in fact are merely the leaders of the various clans. Leading them because they are by that point hundreds of even up to 1000 years old with their appearance being somewhat terrifying. (men are warriors never make it to that age)

The Witches were by primitives assumed to have magical abilities due to their odd appearance as well as seemingly supernatural ability to lead men into battle and always have the advantage and continuously win impossible battles.

The truth here is much more simple. If one studies the art of war for 4 centuries they are going to outsmart you every single time.

This reputation of Cwyn witches continues as both the Angrimen as well as the Aari Kings of old often soke council with 'seers' and 'witches' whose prophecies then came true.

In reality the Cwyn are barbaric lands where people live for centuries, and the people still remember the ancient times where attempting to share their "blessing" resulted in everyone turning against them. The ancient Clans lead by Ancient women thus continue. In secret their knowlege of medicine is in many ways unparalleled, though modern technology is quickly catching up. And where in an unchanging world of stagnant technology there is no better leader than an immortal with 500 years of experience, in the rapidly changing world of industrialization being lead by one stuck in the past is a death sentence.

Here is to see if any of the Cwyn are ready to realize that.
Better not to have longevity drugs, it can get confusing. Of course they can bluff the others that they are all but immortal and have talent for magic - aarcliffians in particular are barely literate nowdays and worse in the past.

The Cwyn might have far better understanding of the area and long memory, but Id keep fantastic elements out of this.
>cogs as religious symbol
kinda love this desu
Maybe they just happen to live longer than other people. Their women tend to live to 100, maybe even 150 regularly through some genetic fluke. To what few outsiders who see them it seems like they're ancient and live forever, and rumors exaggerate over time. Although not actually supernatural, a 100+ year old genuinely is old enough to have the knowledge and experience to seem so in a world where most die in their 50s or 60s, and the Cwyn actively try to encourage these misconceptions on the few occasions they interact with other peoples.

This led to 'the witches' being a thing, when really they were just a group of very old druidish priestesses, and the northern Cwyn under their leadership made the agreement with the Aarcliffs.

The southern ones I'm not so sure. Maybe they just still exist because up until recently conquering their land was too difficult and miserable for very little gain. As the Angirmen kingdoms become more advanced and industrialized, ending the threat of the southern Cwyn might move higher on their list of priorities.
Young lad, my old ears have heard that ye wish to gather a host and lay siege to the Cwyn mountains. For what, might I wonder? Their hills are cold, barren and even the wolfsheeps do not like them.

True, they stole two wheeps from your brother-in-law, but it is a small cost to pay! In ye olde times they descended from the mountains and burned whole villages. Everyone their long talons caught were killed or cursed! And my granma said that these raids often followed our attacks!

The tales tell of four times we have attempted. All have been disasters. You probably cannot gather larger army than Lord Whurring? Yes, you do have few muskets now but do I need to remember how they witched an avalance on top of sir Usnald?

Young lad, I understand that you are the third son of your father and fire runs in your veins. The thirst for glory! Ah how I fondly remember those times. But now seriously: There is much wonder and adventure at the sea. Became a mercwnary and see the world before some local lass captures you!

With the witches you will find only cold and miserable death. Now I have warned you and will be silent whatever you choose, young lad.
can we focus on making more nations before we make fluff like this please
nothing stops you from making more nations. Nothing stops people from writing both.
but this thread would be a lot more productive if people focused on the more important stuff
People will write what they want. If you tell them to write something else they will stop contributing not contribute what you want them too.
just making the point that we shouldn't be writing fluff at the very start of a project
Nigger the entire point of this shit is writing fluff.
Starting pointless arguments like this is the true waste of time also considering thread speed this is not the 'start' this is basically the entire project.
whatever you say, just so long as we focus on the important stuff instead of shit like >>77843216
File: nuwalkerland.png (6.42 MB, 7424x4864)
6.42 MB
6.42 MB PNG


The cries of the war-elephants could already be heard. So did their war-drums of the bloodthirsty giants. The knights kissed their wifes, climbed into their tripods, loaded their cannons and marched to battle knowing that they would never return.

As the people cried for their heroes, the numerous scientists of Masr Varnum gathered. Their logic-machines had calculated the clear outcome of the invasion, so it was useless to try to stop it. Instead the scientists had worked without rest and spent most of the wealth the city had amassed over the decades.

when the last Tripod was trampled under the armored feet of the elephant legions, the Mayor gave the scientist her grim permission. Although there was no time to waste, the chief scientist paused for a second before pulling the brass lever. Explosions rattled through the city as people fled to their designated locations.

The vanguard of the Giants crossed the final hill and witnessed a miracle: Masr Varnum became airborne.

It had taken untold sacrifices, but the scientists had built the largest flying airship ever imagined. The giants stood silent as the city started its engines and fled north. But in their hurry, they had bought inferior crystals and ran out of energy after crossing the Sinhal mountains. Crashing to the shore of lake Malm-Suth, they still survived.

Vowing to return one day, they started to rebuild. So started the tale of New Triniardi.
why are you writing history at this stage of the project?
something something choosing beggars
it's funny that always in these projects always appear faggots like you they did in Gloria-Etalia too, derailing the thread and killing the whole thing.
I like New triniardi's Square borders. Feels very victorial.
> we just draw straight lines on the map.
Rolled 20, 46, 76, 37, 58, 33, 50, 86, 21, 48, 44, 54, 1, 43, 100, 78, 7, 12, 44, 63, 7, 49, 80, 47, 99 = 1203 (25d100)

Got no ideas, so just gonna roll nation.

> Assuming human as race from get go
gloria-etalia died because people focused on history and fluff and first person stuff instead of actual lore. same is gonna happen here now.
Using their superior technology and various deals, Nutriniardians bought surrounding lands an became overlords of few local tribes that did not mind receiving a brighter future. And yes, the borders were hastily drawn by their lead explorers who did not care about little details. >>77844940

The darwinians, who never much cared about their northern backwaters, found this new development at their border curious and allowed it to continue. Nutriniardians are suffering from poor resources of their new lands but as of now can grow slowly doing trade with Darwinians and surrounding nations while they prospect for iron and other minerals.

Can they prosper in their new land? Can they ever return to extract vengeance? will Darwinians just take over them while they are weak and absorb their technological wonders? Only time will tell.

Almost every one of the previous nations also contain some history for the nation. Understanding the past makes them far more interesting. Also personal stories make the settings more lifelike. Anyway, this discussion is wasting energy from interesting nation-building. Different people create worlds in different ways.

The rolling table makes interesting nations, have fun!
File: 1614714489733.png (7.99 MB, 7288x4864)
7.99 MB
7.99 MB PNG
> Medieval Arab
> Ancestor Worship
> Mythical Connection to Archfey
Dunno if this means anything. Maybe they think they are descended from fairies and that's where the ancestor worshi comes from?
> Monkey
I'll treat it as their heraldic Animal
> Standard Size
> Poor
> Standard Army
> Highly Advanced Technology
guess they are ahead on the technological curve
> magic does not apply
> Standard Power
> Established
> Kratocracy
(that's rule by who is the strongest)
An odd system for one of the worldwide leaders in technology
> Very low cetralisation, basically anarchy
Maybe it was a very advanced nation, but collapsed to the point it became just rule of the strong.
> neutral Nationalism
> Flying Cavalry
I'll just plop them down next to the Other Crowriding arabs
> Impulse/chaos + Change/ambition
It's some sort of progress oriented hyper-competitive culture. Where nothign is stable, but the ridiculous competitiveness breeds progress.
> (skipping location 'cause next to other Arabs)

The Al-jizrahai Sheikkhanate also known as "The land of the Winged Monkey" is one of the sucessor states of the Ancient Mongnarabic Empire when Skeikhan Muhgenhamma reighned over entire north as his winged Crow Archers swept the land.

Unlike the Alijalid Rakibi the Al-jizhahai have developped a highly independant and competitive culture. Sandwiched Between the Grand Salt Sea and the Monkey Tail Mountains they are well protected from any threats. The competitive nature of all local nobility lead to the Al-Jizharahi being known around the world as "foreign exchange students" and explorers.

This competitiveness and lust for knowlege had them abbandon nomadic lifel ong ago and allowed them to technologically keep up with the west even making their own contributions in many fields. Currently the nation is in a state of near anarchy after the death of the last Sheikhkhan.

Most odd about the nation is their insistence on colonizing the grand Salt Sea.
Had to cut out another part of the map because for some reason the map file size increases as you add nations???
You are utterly retarded. You are in fact so retarded I wonder how anyone could be this retarded yet retain the capability of forming semi-coherent sentences.
File: LWIU_banner.png (703 KB, 4441x1850)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
Flag of the Lumber Workers Industrial Union, the oldest mass union in the Hartlands in all its glory.
The questionable design choices are intentional to emulate a certain late 19th century style
Probably has to do with the compression type used by whatever software you're editing it with, try putting it through an online image compressor or saving as .jpg
Punk is just a style aesthetic if you remove it from the real world.

If you're using photoshop, then instead of 'save as', go to 'export' and export is as a png, that usually gets rid of most of the metadata that can bloat the file.
I could see that being a real union flag
Such is life on the western continent
Someone probably should start a new thread I think we could use a Thread#2 I need to sleep now.
We should assemble a summary of some sort if/when we make another thread, if only so people don't have to scavenge for interesting/important information in hundreds of posts before they can contribute.

Rough timeline:

>2500 years ago
Barbarian migration to west
OldFaith founded at Iremn

>2000 years ago
Urland is founded by easterner colonists

>1500 years ago
TÖGÖLDÖR pirates vs Urland wars

>1300 years ago
Urland Empire conquers most of the west.

>1000 years ago
Urland Empire disintegrates in a series of civil wars

>500 years ago
The Crow Crusades

>250 years ago
Marble Renaissance and the Age of Sail begins

>200 years ago
Arvanthan Golden Era
The kingdom expands to northern mountains.

>150 years ago
Urland is hooked on Upium, Grand Partesain reigns supreme

>70 years ago
Lunglandians reportedly invent the steam engine

>52 years ago
Adizhean vs Arvantha conflicts begin

>50 years ago
Year of Winter. Grand Partesain explodes
Greijerfolk take to the seas
East Upium Company becomes freee
Tellas dies, The Wild Belt begins forming

>30 years ago
According to Lungalandians, Steamtech leaks at this point. (Should be earlier!)
Darwinians are formed??

>28 years ago
Age of Sail ends as The Isthmus War begins with Yssia invasion of the Isthmus
Pseutonnic Reich begins expanding

>20 years ago
Lungland separates due communism

>17 years ago
Irecon vs Lamborghe League invasion starts

>13 years ago
First airships are put in use at Isthmus ?

>10 years ago
The Isthmus War ends, no nation wants or can continue it
Giant invasion around these times?

>7 years ago
Irecon League "liberates" Iremn
Masr Varnum flees the giants

>5 years ago
Aporozhia Civil war begins ?

>4 years ago
Voston the Ireconian dies

>3 years ago
Arvanhan Invasion begins
Giant Invasion ends??

>Current year
Pseutonics take Castle Cordy from Arvantha
lots of espionage shit
Queen Tuska flees to Confederation

>+ 50 years
Jadewater becomes main source of energy. Dieselpunk begins.
the Isthmus war ended 28 years ago, it started 46 years ago.
Particularly in that case the Lungalandians have really no clue about their tech and steam power had to be invented earlier at some other place.

also bumping Year of Winter into an earlier date, something like -92 years ago?

how long time ago Aporozhia Civil war started? the american one lasted four years and Id like that the conflict is fighting the last crucial battles so the hussars can influence something dramatic
Only thing I'll say about that idea is that I really liked what you did with the Geijerfolk where by making their seafaring and the freeze the same year since it's almost a bit of an explanation as to why they started building ships. And their big ass dreadnoughts kinda need steam, so pushing that back would either leave their first ships steamless or break the nice little lore line-up there.
Really I don't care too much though, this is just a hidden bump post
I mean, it's okay if they had steam engines for a while before they started using them for everything.
Past boop limit
Page 9
No new thread

That's it bros. It's over
Looks like it bumped. Isn't the limit line 400 now?

Anyway hopefully someone comes up with something.
Rolled 47, 25, 63, 76, 37, 40, 41, 55, 3, 30, 7, 59, 60, 44, 76, 20, 75, 78, 59, 50, 11, 25, 72, 72, 60 = 1185 (25d100)


More nations into the northeastern areas! >>77798477
New bread
bump limit is 310 lol

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