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File: lych me man.png (2.44 MB, 1080x1920)
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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78533839/

I apologize for the wait, i was having a really fun time and prepared quite a few parts.

>Agakhet as a lychguard armed himself with the classic Warscythe, a staple for those of his sentinel order.
>He spoke up first.
>”I thank you my lord, for allowing me to demonstrate to you why i was selected to be your protector.”
>Oh he’s gonna shit mix me entirely.
>”Let us commence my lord.”
>With no confidence i say “Yes, lets.”
>He doesn't waste time as he starts moving to encircle me.
>I can't help but try to do the same, though he simply moves faster than me.
File: 77385.jpg (50 KB, 850x850)
50 KB
Okay here's just a quick rundown of part 2

>Our boy Ishskar is under a momentary death threat from trazyn for even bringing up fixing sannet’s degraded brain.
>He relents and lets our cryptek do the surgery on his curator, and with a lot of luck and auramite duct tape he actually manages to fix and overclock sannet’s brain.
>Afterwords Trazyn and our cryptek successfully hash out a plan on how to save one of the first tombworld on the list, trazyn needs a lot of time to prepare so our cryptek heads back home.
>Ishskar had a little bit of time to reflect on how 36 years had passed and more and more he was noticing little blips in his necron memories.
>When he got back to the crypteks lab on his tombworld anon had a major mental malfunction unable to distinguish his old life from current events as seeing some weird variant pattern fucked with his head.
>When picking up wraithbone and not mistaking it for wriathbone paint of the same name, his mind suddenly fixed the issue and made him forget he was even going crazy for a solid minute.
>Ishskar eventually decided to give the cursed designs a shot and managed to build off of them and make a new canoptek machine using the Patented “Iskar” aka Auramite, to go ahead and make the first prototype.
>After that anon wanted to test his metal against his lychguard, one who is considered to be a named unit.
File: LOUDER LOUDER.jpg (89 KB, 353x655)
89 KB
>Dialing my chronosense to a near stop, I take in a mouthful of air.
>And strike the Architects cord.
>With a sound resembling an Electric guitar riff a sonic cone blasts forth.
>I see the exact moment as Agakhet tries to push off the ground.
>The sonic boom skidding across the floor with a blue electrical crackle.
>Where the sonically electrical sparks touchdown, I see the blackstone floor become a black slag.
>With that I dialed back to the regular flow of time.
>Which was a mistake.
File: Warscythe.jpg (24 KB, 446x425)
24 KB
>The blackstone couldn't transmute fast enough to keep up with his movements.
>In a 5th of a second he had already leaped forward, feet a centimeter more off the ground.
>He swung the Scythe down Diagonally at me.
>Even as my chronosense started to whine back to life I couldn't do much in the way beyond falling backwards in painfully slow microseconds.
>I helplessly watched as he sliced just below my jaw, I wanted to cry out in pain but couldn't.
>Each agonizing moment of pain dragged out with my lengthier perception of time.
>The Warscythe crackled with electrical surges, which tried to cook and fry my systems.
>I saw my chin and the decorative essence totem false beard slowly go flying in the carried motion of his scythe.
File: ancient meme.jpg (36 KB, 517x359)
36 KB
>His grip loosened on the scythes length, and made a minor shift in the small of his hand.
>He was turning the warscythe to try and get another cut into me.
>I COULDN'T let that happen.
>I reshaped the necrodermis at the tip of my index finger that was slowly already aiming to hit a cord.
>My now spiked digit stuck The Cord of Entropy:
>In the tenth of the span of a second, the reverberating sonic blast impacted his torso center mass.
>i Watched as his chest began to gradually protrude in pangs of instability, it was like his living metal had become a ferrofluid.
>This didn't halt his assault in the slightest, as he had managed to flip his Warscythe in that time.
File: 12_Necron-Disabled.jpg (168 KB, 1536x864)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>His warscythe caught at my intestinal cabling and I received half a dozen warnings on my ocular which I instantly banished.
>I felt cables TEAR, tubes of coolant RUPTURE, SPRAYING vital fluids and, worst was when i felt my chest frame REND as his warscythe BROKE free from my chest cavity.
>He once more tries to flip his blade AGAIN but i'll be DAMNED if i let him get his 3rd strike in.
>My extended digit catches on the string and rips down The Induction Cord.
>Agakhet Sparks, as suddenly all of his energy banks sputter for a fraction of a moment, the energy tears free of him floating back as ambient energy.
>I use this moment to fling myself off to the left.
>His Warscythe only managed to dent one of the Essence plates on my cape.
File: powerful.jpg (1.32 MB, 2699x2799)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
>As i slowly fell back i struck the The Fortification Cord
>A Weak sludge of blackstone sprouts between us before suddenly hardening into a solid wall.
>I could already hear him shred through half of it.
>I let normal time take me.
>I roll in a tumbling mess of clattering metal plates and clinking essence totems.
>rising back to my feet.
>I turn my harp to face myself.
>Agakhet steps out from behind the blackstone wall
>As he takes a rushed step to me the upper half of the wall falls back, a massive gash bore into its wall-face.
File: How sweet it is.jpg (330 KB, 1280x1707)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
>My pointer and pinky finger hovered 2 separate cords, i wasn't sure which to test out first.
>I was feeling a bit better, the living metal was already repairing the split in my chest.
>My own internal gut wounds were fixing themselves, and by the looks of it so was Agakhet’s.
>He dashed forward, bringing the warscythe down on my head.
>Even with his greater chronosense i had already managed to hit both cords.
>My body was violently revitalized and charged up with something far greater than what sannet had received.
File: To be a god.jpg (255 KB, 864x1080)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>The two notes that had hit had been the The Iconoclasts Cord the The Waveform Cord.
>I felt every iota of my being cook, overheating to critical levels.
>No logic chains could, or auger sweeps could be pulled for during the picosecond after the combined sonic reverberations struck my body.
>The Resurrection Orb Matrix at my back soothed me another picosecond later.
>My body was briefly transmuted to match the composition of the fractal shards of the outsider that inhabited the Iconoclasts Cord.
>I was likened to a C’tan Star god.
>I was literally blinded in my power.
>I hadn't even noticed when Agakhet had cut straight through my spinal column seconds later.
Welcome back, good fight scene.
glad to be back anon.
A notion from last thread: on the nature of if Necrons have souls, there's a bit from one of the Eldar codices (5th? 6th?) where a Hemlock fighter uses its D-Scythes against a squad of Immortals and it works. As I understand it, D-Scythes separate soul from body and cast it into the warp, so somehow a Necron engram is close enough to work, at least according to that one story. If anyone has that on hand to double check, or another bit of lore contradicting that, I'm all ears.
Hello, with your permission, can I do some self-advertisement for my own story?
whats your story anon? ill prob say yes if its 40k
It is about a nerd getting isekai’d to Warhammer setting, but into the mind of an Imperial Herald Legionnaire, before Lorgar is founded. Now the two work together to stop the Horus Hersey and the downfall of the XVII Legion.
carry on but ill warn you, there is alot more hat for lorgar than you might expect. almost as much hate as there is (rightfully) for perterabo
Thank you, this is the link to the story, if anyone is interested.
anyway ill be a little bit before i hop back on the writing train, mostly debating if anon lives or dies.
was informed by another anon to re-post what i said in the last post (yes the first half, yes... it is that long)
I'd personally call it the seeder phenomenon

Basically when a soul has enough information about a different timeline there is a chance for his/her/its 'soul' to become a 'seed' it then can appear in any shape, form, or race in that timeline. The chances appear to increase the more an individual knows about that timeline...

Thing is those 'seeds' will not always open up and enforce their will (knowledge, past life experiences, or whatever) upon an individual not just immediately, or over the course of years... but never at all. Rather it is a tiny as hell chance of such an event occurring like maybe 1 in 79 trillion give or take a few hundred billion that a 'lore keeper' will awaken.

So how does this explain why can the seeds grow from even 'soulless' individuals... the answer is complex. Some say that the seed isn't a soul, but rather a type of will passed onto someone(or thing) else, others that the seed is so small and insignificant that all things will subconsciously wave it away.

They are both true in their own ways, but I can't truly say much in that regard...
However it is evident that such a 'seed' is highly flexible and can bend itself to reflect the reality its in rules. Like a molecule of oxygen that can be changed/added/removed from a chemical formula. its still the same molecule but all it does is change what its with and around...

Its probably why such souls are anathema to fate and destiny...
However it is just a theory, and unless we can personally bear witness to such an even occurring than I doubt we will ever truly know.
I notice you didn't say the Cryptek.
(the second half)
Anon responding
A seed analogy keeps in theme with the tree of life and possibility so I like it already.

But is there some force or will behind where these seeds end up? Who is their gardener?

And what happened to that demon of Tzeentch that touched the tree? I feel like he did not disappear because he was destroyed.

A gardener should be a good planner after all…

>>78559076(to the Anon)
But as to who this gardener is... does their have to be one for life to grow? you'd be surprised how far can maple tree seeds can go with a good wind, and from tall enough heights.
I'd say live... but maybe describe how un-comfy it is as half a necron.
maybe describing how reanimation/repairs from canopteks feels like.
I think live as well but describe how uncomfortable it is being in half
File: C'tan.png (2.31 MB, 791x1152)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PNG
>The strands of light that make up a being aren't destroyed by the petty cut. [1 second has elapsed.
>The lychguard is sputtering, his words are meaningless to me. [2 Seconds have elapsed]
>I look to the hallways.
>Every canoptek construct within 5 sectors of this room, will begin swarming this chamber.
>I am seen as a rogue C’tan, my current existence cannot be accepted.
>For all intensive purposes I am, my very being has replicated the outsider for a fleeting set of seconds.
>I have consumed all ambient energy and that of my resurrection orb matrix, it isn't enough to keep this form.
>3 seconds elapsed before my body collapsed releasing an awakening cascade event.
File: A return to basics..jpg (574 KB, 1920x1080)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
>Need to wake up.
>Feel extremely cold actually, and everything feels stiff.
>When I finally take a peek around I find that i'm not alone.
>Two golden and chrome colored skeletal figures stand to either side of me, their backs to me, they haven't noticed me yet.
>It takes me a second to identify what the hell they are.
>The massive fuck off spears, the clunky coffin shaped shields.
>They're armed with the Necron Warscythes and Dispersion Shields, war gear commonly found on the Lychguard.
>I feel like throwing up.
>be chari today is a go-
>As I and thirteen other canopteks enter the chamber we see it...
>Somehow this one seems diffrent...
>wait we all receive video recorded data of Ish become this c'tan
>... We all stand ready to open fire to, if necessary, reduce the power of this c'tan
>He thankfully reverts back to hit cryptek form
>The Lych guard was almost completely drained of energy...
>Duracell, and his double A's move in to recharge the lych guard and Ish
>Our other canopteks have been informed and now the entire tombworld must be checked to see if any necrons awakened...
>I just hope Ish is ok...
Oh. Oh no.
File: Legions.jpg (288 KB, 1200x948)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
>”Agakhet, how long have i been out of commission.” I ask.
>The lychguards turned to me, both kneeling and bowing their heads.
>I really couldn't give a single shit about necron custom right now.
>”My lord, you have been slumbered for only a few days.” Agakhet answers.
>He hesitated, wanting to say something more.
>”Out with it!” I snapped.
>”When you…”
>”Three Hundred Eighty-Seven Warriors, Two-Hundred Thirty-Two Immortals, Ninety-One Deathmarks, and Thirty one Lychguard have been awoken when you...Transmuted yourself my lord.”
>I take a deep breath and lay quite in my sarcophagus for the next 10 hours.
>Be Deathmark
>Was suddenly awoken from my slumber
>I noticed our canopteks were heading in a direction...
>As interesting it'd be to go and see where are they heading, not feeling it
>A canoptek tried to get me to go back to sleep...
>No way, I want to see something first.
>I hyperspaced to the surface...
>There was nice jungle outside... a few more hours to explore our world wouldn't hurt.
>So much prey... but more importantly such a beautiful forest...
>I might as well record what I see before I go back to sleep.
>It might take a while to record all of the living things on the surface... but I have plenty of that.
THIS more of this. i actually was hoping someone would take control of some of the reawakened bois

Emphasis on Reawakened and not just reanimated.
>This might be a problem...
>Many of the necrons don't appear to want to go back to sleep
>Oddly enough the deathmarks have been going to the surface to 'record' what has happed to our world.
>Not sure how to feel about that... though our dynasty did produce some unique deathmarks
>Very cheerful, but can never take themselves very seriously...
>Hunting them down will be a... bitch
>Whatever, we have larger problems, a few systems went quiet.
>Some spyders, wraiths, scarabs, acanthrites, and Ish's new skorpien wraiths are heading down to check the problem.
>I just hope its not something serious...
>Though Ish's c'tan form was... different, like a tree reaching outward.
>It did drain alot of nearby energy, but all newly awakened necrons operate as if the reawakening ritual was undertaken for years to awaken them...
File: DeathmarkSingle.jpg (29 KB, 873x627)
29 KB
>After a short recon
>I go back into our tomb...
>Looking for any other awake deathmarks...
>apparently they all had the same idea I did
>Heh unsurprising, I'll catch up later
>our one crazy cryptek does appear to be awake, actually he has been awake for awhile...
>Decide to pay him a visit
>I do wonder If I can still scare the shards out of him
>Decide to do that... unfortunately appeared 20 feet to faraway from our cryptek
>dam miss calculated
>'Hey Ishy, did you check the surface!'
>His guards were unsurprisingly on guard.
Forgot to give my deathmark a name...
Fuck it we will just call him, Mask
How original! I was thinking of “Thanatos.”
File: jungle world.png (732 KB, 785x520)
732 KB
732 KB PNG

>At the Elven hour mark I'm greeted by one of the deathmarks that were awoken.
>Is...is he even allowed to be in these chambers?
>He asks me about the surface world.
>I haven't bothered to learn things about our tombworld beyond cursory info.
>”I Have not, why don't you go ahead and gather the other deathmarks and create a full topographical map of the surface.”
>”I'm sure you can find some organic creatures you can hunt along the way.”
>I bullshit my way through the conversation, I'm still burnt out from the whole C’tan incident.
>Hold up did he just call me Ishy?
File: huge nerf.jpg (363 KB, 1296x2048)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Gonna take a small break on writing about our cryptek, there is some other characters id like to work on for a bit before getting back to the main character.

Just to set the galactic stage up for a bit later. There are alot of characters id like to establish before ish meets them.
File: necron_deathmark.jpg (174 KB, 900x1299)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
no worries man, but I would like to see it none the less.
>Ah... he seems tired
>Hope he slept well
>Not going to mention the other deathmarks went out to do their own little thing...
>though getting a topographical map of our world is a good idea
>Hell it should be fun doing it the old fashioned way.
>Thankfully the others have been studying all potential great game hunts and learning about them.
>Maybe in three hundred years we will be able to hunt them within reason and for good sport.
>... hold up, what is that.
>Did he modify a wraith to have a different structure?
>Now that is badass.
>Phearon does appear to still be asleep, shame.
Reawakened? Like, fully reawakened memories and emotions back reawakened?
Oh no.
Oh yes.
>Be beta
>The Immortals are just lounging around.
>Some seem a bit down hardened by their... new form
>Others are grateful they survived the great sleep
>Those few trying to comfort those who were down trodden
>Its surreal for I
>... and of course Zepho is remembered by the immortals
>No matter how much I reflect on working on their forms while they slumber
>Never once had I imagened they could be so greatful
>... A few do wish to return to sleep so I aid them.
>many others do want to explore the crypt...

OH YES, COMPLETE RESTORATION, (though emotions are still 'suppresed')
So i do also want to give you folks a quick thing going forward for all the side stories. im fine with them happening, but try not to make earth shattering lore decisions for me.

I'd like to explain certain things about the world for dynasty for myself. Canoptek man has done a great job of keeping parts of his story focused on himself (save for the time he decided 3 tombworlds for me but i already planned around those numbers so its fine) As for our crypteks own backstory ill keep that to myself until im ready to post it otherwise. same goes for any phareon, cryptek and overlord, i got my own big plans for them.

im going to say the reawakening has worked MOSTLY for anything above a warrior, some bits and pieces of memories of the war in heaven and maybe the tiniest pieces of memories from the flesh time. the warriors at best may have some quirks but are still close to mindless automatons.
Poor warriors always getting the short end of the stick. Of course, I don't think I would want to be some random guy that gets all his memories back to find out I'm now a metal skeleton.
Unless that happened in this one specific instance.
File: MEGARACHNIDS.jpg (307 KB, 1280x640)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Surface world is free game for you lore wise, no eldar or psychic beings on the planet tho.
I was assuming their maybe more tombworlds, but the spyder was only vaguely aware of the 2 other tombworlds
Basically what you are saying as long as we don't have highly intellagent 'people', eldar, psychics, or monstrously destructive 'animals' we good?
File: MONKE.jpg (213 KB, 1000x1185)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
With criteria like that, it is entirely possible we can have MONKE
>monstrously destructive 'animals'
are completely fine and encouraged, everything else is on my shit list. fun monstrous xenos are cool.

File: maxresdefault (8).jpg (134 KB, 1280x720)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
This thread is no longer necron thread. Tis a monke thread now.
I see no problem with this.
Team jokaero for the win
Alrighty then. Monke sideplot time?
Sadly I am busy planning out the like half a dozen side veiws we have. I'll just have to wish on the good graces of another to make a jokaero anon
Eh, I might do it tomorrow. Its a bit late.
I'm probably going to turn in for the night and work on a fun bit of stories. Mostly the ripple effect of our anon obtaining similar to what the diviner wants for all of around 3 seconds. Ideally it would nice if you folks could help keep this thread up till tommrow.
"> Be Immortal."
"> Just woken up in a somewhat decrepit part of the tomb, only thirty canopteks instead of the usual three hundred."
"> Hear the alert for an ascendant C'Tan."
"> Has flashbacks to the shattering of that one C'Tan."
"> Three days later the alert ends and flashback fades away."
"> Pretend not to have woken up when a canoptek construct pokes at me."
"> The canoptek isn't convinced and I sigh and pick up my gauss blaster."
"> Back to work."
>Dope slap. Messed up the greentext.
>/tg/ screeches about isekai for years, calling it all braindead ripoff trash
>/tg/ does the same thing but 40K
>this is even L I T E R A L L Y ripping off an old isekai LN that got a manga years ago but /tg/ only heard about it recently because they're anime-only tertiary niggers hopping on the FOTM
You best believe I'm laughing
File: anime is boring.jpg (46 KB, 482x361)
46 KB
our world is awesome dark, following a set of complex rules, and challenges animes world is, " if i was awesome and overpowered in all aspects, and had 6 brane dead girls, liking the soil i walkd in saying stupid shit and stroking the main charater ego" -change my mind
>be me random spying canoptek scarab
>witnesses istar C'tan incident.
>Got hit with all that raw C'tan energy due to proximity
>becomes fully sentient in comparison to other scarabs
>is now trying to process full range of emotions.
>its hard. . .
>realised was jealous of golden shell.
>realise i can get my own unique shell by getting other scarab to mold shell.
>goes to other scarabs with anticipation.
>be me newly sentient scarab
>appear before alpha and their swarm
>notices alphas annoyance since beta gloats about other unique canoptek creature.
>some how communicate to alpha why not make me a unique.
>thinks about possible designs by flying in the tomb to let alpha think.
>I like flying.
>flys around for few hours and overhears some deathmarks talking about a beast they found on the surface.
>returns to alpha and describes the beast
>Discribes the beast having its back shell being just a wave of spikes and a long protusion on where the eye goes. It also seems to compensate fro no big eye with 2 small eyes.
>gives time for alpha to think by flying around.
Morning folks! I'll get writing shortly.

As far as I know I'm trying to copy any isekai story, and yeah I've read alot of them and entirly get why the get absolutely bodied by people for being bad. Maybe a few unintended similarities here or there, and the name is refrnceing an isekai to poke fun at the genere while I do it.

In any case im just having fun trying my hand at some fun lore from the 40k setting. My character litterally has no penis and no want for anything sexual as again litterally a necron. At best I'm pulling a battlefleet gothic 2 big old "what if" scenario. In this case it being what if the necrons had gotten there hands on blackstone fortresses instead of chaos or the imperium.
Cute story anon, next time though just remove quotation marks and only use the greater than before your text ND you can get it to become a green text
I know, I had a brain fart, in my defense I'd just woken up.
Beyond that, I'm loving your story so far, keep it up and have fun with it.
It was the perfect morning. The sun was shining and as per usual during the warm days that mark the transition between winter and spring, he was awoken by the gentle sound of the birds chirping right outside his window. They had built a nest just a few days before. His son and he had witnessed the redbeaks lovingly collect the branches and gluing them together with care and dedication, to prepare for the brooding of the eggs of their soon to be born progeny. Another great day laying just ahead of him, Zoster walked out of the bedroom and downstairs into the kitchen of his humble home.
And there she was, his beautiful bride, too busy baking the bread for the day to notice he had walked right behind her. She realized he was there only right before he grabbed her by her bust and lifted her up in the air, showering her with kisses and whispering sweet words in her ears. She was DEAD the guiding light that brightened his life. Her body was A SOULLESS HUSK as molded by the gods themselves and her skin was THERE IS NO SKIN, ONLY METAL as smooth as silk woven by fairies.
His son YOU HAVE NO SON walked in from the front door, back from his morning hunt. He taught him how to respect nature YOU BURNT YOUR PLANET TO ASHES and BUILT A CATACOMB IN ITS PLACE only take what he needed. He walked up to him THIS WORLD IS LOST and hugged him, thankAND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULTful for his care and knowYOU ARE A SPINELESS COWARD WHO WAS AFRAID OF DEATHledge.
“Daddy?” “Yes my son?” YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK “Why did you kill me ALL OF US?”
“But you did. Why did you do that? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!”
Cryptek Zoster's screams echoed through the empty corridors of the necropolis. He never had a son, his wife was long gone. He could never give up his duties, not even for the woman he loved. And when the C'tan came he willingly became a slave to save his life.
The morning never shone in this metal tomb, the birds who approached its entrance were quickly disposed by the pest control canopteks, and he was no longer a man.
He went back to sleep his nightmarish slumber, waiting for his phaeron’s new orders.
holy fucking shit that went from 0 to a hundred real godamm quick. GOOOD fucking writing anon.

Ill be honest i wanted to write about that kind of scenario myself. Or at least the part about crypteks and some necrons who's partners likely were subject to becoming warriors.
File: the diviner.png (11 KB, 512x512)
11 KB
>Be me Orikan, currently in the service to the slumbering Sautekh Dynasty.
>Currently I have occupied myself in the Zatoth’s Harmonious Sphere, where time flowing within the sphere has been significantly altered.
>Equating one hundred years of studying to only 3 years.
>I had cast my astral-algorithm out of my physical body, for I needed to conduct extensive research.
>I made my way to the aetheric library, I would be reading over hundreds of digitally recorded data scrolls from cryptek’s long passed.
>The First century had yielded multiple small victories in the pursuit of astrological studies.
>I had discovered several hidden hexogrampic sigils which should assist when casting my divinatory scries.
>By the Second century I moved onto turning the various theorems I had gained in the previous century into practice.
File: starmap.jpg (684 KB, 1280x1140)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
>With splayed digits at precise angles, i completed several new metal rituals and continued
>I simultaneously spoke the algorithm-chants, letting the verbal emitter stored within my whickering tail to complete several sets of incantations.
>With my free hand holding the Staff of the Tomorrow I drew hexagonal zodiac’s of my own devising.
>I Observed the digital rendered star charts, seeing minor zodiacs and celestial formations, and adjusted my alignment a few tenths of a centimeter.
>This was what made the astromancer discipline such a difficult one to follow, so many precise and intricate esoteric bit of lore needed to follow.
>I cast my zodiac.
>And i found it failed.
>Not by my own designs however.
File: orikan-the-diviner.jpg (91 KB, 394x729)
91 KB
>I cursed and repeated the extensive process once more, this time tweaking the positioning of a certain set of celestial bodies on the digital map.
>Again I worked to alter it once more.
>I tried dozens of times over and over.
>Before something caught my attention, an anomaly on the galactic west of my current footing.
>The birth of a star.
>Before I could take any note of it, I found the fledgling wink out.
>3 seconds had hardly passed on the outside.
>i had taken an extensive time within in this sphere to all those rituals , what could have happened out there in such a span of time?
oh fugg
>our world is awesome dark, following a set of complex rules, and challenges
The fact that you believe this says all I need to know about your age and knowledge of fiction in general.
>brane dead
This bit here speaks for itself, really.
let ppl have their fun, fuckwad
>As far as I know I'm trying to copy any isekai story
Really, nigger? OP only copied the title and exact premise of "So I'm A Spider, So What" but made it 40K and changed the MC's gender because 13 year olds still think girls are icky. He probably doesn't even know the big twist of the story since he's an anine only fag.
i think he might've referring to the 8th son are you kidding me
Imagine being this far up your ass about gay 40k fanfiction. Holy shit.
Who cares? These threads are fun and they're not hurting anything. Would you prefer another thread about some nogames complaining about freakshit or some other stale forced meme?
I resent that, i dont believe I've copied ANY story beasts, at least none that I'm aware of. dont have any powers that overlap with a spider or their magic systems.

i did misspeak when i meant to say
>"As far as I know I'm NOT trying to copy any isekai story."
guess i missed that when writing it in bed this morning.

and i actually got quite far in the light novel, i know who the spider ISN'T and a bunch of other story beats from the light novel. kind of gave up reading it as i was getting burnt out on reading.
an antagonist...nice
Don' feed the trolls, Cryptanon.
I ended up stopping the web novel when it was revealed the gods were evil, because of course they were, did it end up any different in the LN?
Dont quite remember much aboutit. i remember they were ramping up for full on planet ending stuff.
You posted the exact same thing in the word bearers thread. Go outside or get better material. Hell, do both.
knew i had a feeling of deja vu reading that.
Hello, OP of the Word Bearer thread here, how do you like story so far? Link to thread here
The concept is decent so I archived it (not Cryptanon btw)
Keep posting, it is based enough for us to enjoy
Fuck Lorgar btw
Fuck both of them
Gay 40K fanfiction that is directly copying an anime at that.
>i dont believe I've copied ANY story beasts
Well yes, that's because the beasts in Kumo Desu are actually fun, as are the story BEATS, which I'm sure you meant, but that doesn't change the fact that you literally ripped off the entire opening premise and tacked on a lazy "but 40K". The lack of a more in-depth ripoff is likely more thanks to you being an anime only fag that doesn't know the story rather than any sense of artistic integrity.
They'd be more on topic than these. I'm more just having fun pointing out how hypocritical you antiweebs all are. It's like that "so true" soijak in real time where all it takes is someone slapping WH40K on something and you'll mindlessly lap it up like the good little consumer you are.
(dont feed the trolls->78592430)
>Go outside or get better material
Says the guy defending 40K isekai fanfiction ripoffs, lel
Imagine thinking that writefagging hasn't been a part of the board before now. Go back to your cheesecake character art threads, we'll all be happier for it.
And so has anime, yet you antiweebs crawl out of the woodwork to screech about it. Even in this very thread you've got retards bitching about isekai while hooting and clapping at isekai but 40K. It's hilarious, as is how defensive you fags get over being called out on it.
File: react4.png (1.67 MB, 1918x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
You gave me quite a spook with turning into a C'tan, Cryptek Ishskar... still a ice story.

I think I would reduce the number of writers personally, too many cooks spoil the broth and all that...
You do realize posts like this just spur them on further, right? All you've done is admit that this guy has gotten you so assblasted that you can't even handle the idea of continuing a conversation with him but still want to take potshots at his posts.
The gods being evil thing was a lie from the elves, and fuck them and their bullshit.
The only world ending scenarios are a nuke made by the elves centuries before and the possible death of millions in order to save the planet.
If you can link back to my post where I rail against anime, I'll be much obliged. I can't seem to find it, myself.
yea my thoughts exactly, i thought the awakening of that many Necrons would mean he would be in violation of counsel orders, a problem for the future
Hmmm >>78588472
>inb4 "that wasn't me"
It was who I was talking about, along with all the other threads that get made screeching about anime and weird anine jihad furry /tg/ posters seem to be waging.
I'm not entirely sure if you think one post proves your rule in a series of threads where OP has mentioned his anime-watching habits several times and had a conversation about it with several different posters. Could it be that you're just an easily offended retard?
that was me -_- dam I didn't want this to happen,i gess il just stay silent and hope the thread survives, i like the story
File: Cryptek2.jpg (64 KB, 376x515)
64 KB
>Be Sannet Chief curator of the Solemnace galleries and a Dimensionalist Cryptek.
>I have been tasked by Overlord Trazyn, and my Exalted Cryptek Ishskar to make preparations for their mutual journey.
>Several servants have reanimated for this venture.
>80 Warriors, 20 Immortals, 30 Lychguard have been reanimated, they will not remember being roused from their slumber.
>As for the various machines and transports.
>2 Canoptek Reanimators, 12 Canoptek Wraiths, 4 Canoptek Scarab Swarms, 2 GHosts Ark’s and finally a Doom Scythe have prepared
>All have been loaded within lord Trazyn’s ship the Lord of Antiquity.
>This is different from his usual Acquisition party.
it would be funny if he had mistaken the date and arrived just after the solar flare(i this thats what happend)had happen
I'm talking about a general trend that has occurred on the board for years - especially with fags bitching at isekai - and you fags only confirmed by getting overly defensive.
>Could it be that you're just an easily offended retard?
File: Digi weapon.png (222 KB, 508x534)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
>High Transmogrifier Ishskar has requisitioned the remains of the Jokaero vessel to be added to the list of supplies.
>Odd but lord Trazyn approved, a bit out of character for my overlord.
>He also asked that jewelry worn by one of the youngest jokaero families be added.
>The overlord approved with a chuckle.
>I dare not inquire as to why.
>Other Such requisitions request various metals and radioactive minerals.
>I could only assume for transmutation,
>I heard mention of something about a “Cake” being made, I am unfamiliar with the word.
File: Necron gate.jpg (145 KB, 1687x939)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>In other news I set about the taxing process of tearing a rift in reality for a dimensional gateway.
>I have truly been blessed by Ishskar
>To me the very makings of the fabric of space time have become paper thin to my superior power.
>Tearing a stable rift and binding it to a Blackstone gate is a poultry effort.
>The gates construction only takes me 15 years instead of 25
>By the end of it, I am no longer filled with the balefire the cryptek had bathed me in.
>I approve the portal keying in various coordinated given to me by the cryptek
>And open the gate to one of the Voetehk Dynasties tombworlds.
File: p50oonor7vg51.png (103 KB, 469x437)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>It feels good... mapping out our world the old fashioned way
>though the jungles do make thing hard
>One of the other deathmarks did take note of a particular creature that is as tall as a warrior
>thing is its fast as shit, and appears to have a singular ocular eye in its skull. and several more on its back
>Its predator is far more interesting
>Chasing it into a trap and isolating it...
>It's a true beauty to watch it unfold, such a calculated/coordinated hunt
>Its blind but it appears to use some form of echo location to track its prey. it'd explain its sharply angular carapace, and skinny body
>One deathmark wanted to call it a Gez'zoka (or sleek and slender hunter)
>I love the look of this planet already.
>Though why we didn't expand our tomb complex on this gargantuan planet eludes me.
File: triarch.jpg (62 KB, 449x607)
62 KB
>Be Phaerakh Ossuaria of the Rytak Dynasty.
>And also a Member of the Awakened Council.
>Currently I am on the Tombworld of Bekyra, investigating a small anomaly.
>Several days ago an Astromancy ritual I had done on the loathsome Kayra Dynasty ended in a catastrophic disaster.
>The cryptek’s babbled on about a new star, a C’tan fractal and all manner of cryptic nonsense.
>What was so disastrous was the destruction of several astromancy artifacts being damaged or outright destroyed.
>One of the crypteks outright died and had to be reanimated, the damage sustained from this however when he returned it was found that the heat death burnt out several of his neural matrices.
>Executioner Phillias of the Triarch praetorians was sent out to investigate, given a list of several tombworlds that were around the section of space where this “New Star” was.
File: Ossuaria.jpg (208 KB, 750x600)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Fuck i used the wrong file!
werent they (ish and Trazyn )going to the awakened council?(in 2 thread?)
they were but Ish's actions before the time they were contacted got noticed by both the awakened council and Orikan

Orakin who was practicing his magic,
Ossuaria who was having crypteks spy on her rival th Kayra Dynasty like the petulant and passive aggressive bitch she is.
File: Blue_spyder.jpg (346 KB, 1572x1855)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
>Be delta-265 (Spyder's self given name)
>we are receiving a lot of data of new potential construct forms we could use for any new Canoptek constructs...
>Some or out right impossible
>So stupid they couldn't work
>… but that is the thing
>some of which are so ingeniously stupid that actually could work...
>Minor experiments wouldn't hurt to try out...
>Although we'd have a difficulty to incorporate the designs without a particularly insane cryptek helping out...
>Screw it might as well, because those skorpions just are too highly efficient for my understanding
>Be Immortal
>Assigned to patrolling the decrepit part of the tomb until the crazy cryptek gives orders, as he is the only member of the Dynasty awake.
>I watch a deathmark phase into the tomb, looking around, and phase out again.
>Patrolling is boring, but at least I don't have to deal with a C'Tan again.
>I see a gilded canoptek creature fly by, probably made by that cryptek.
>>I don't know why he felt the need to make them gold, probably because he's crazy.
>I heft my gauss blaster and continue my patrol, hoping that something breaks in so I'll have something to do.
definitely gonna use some of that planet lore for later!
currently its like 4 other minor characters. ill just that the unammed 2 give themselves a name for this thread to make things less confusing.

If you'd please.
If it ever annoys you, I'll stop of course.

>Be Immortal.
>See a chamber near the surface that's collapsed and allowed dirt to enter the tomb.
>Calling in the canopteks for repair when a strange organic creature burrows in, like one of the canoptek sentinels, only fleshy and lacking proper weapons.
>See another organic creature, a starving looking angular predator follow the first through it's tunnel.
>Heft my gauss blaster and turn the burrower into atomic dust, the predator fleeing back to the surface before I could kill it.
>Sigh and call in the canopteks to repair the chamber, and continue my patrol.
File: A Poultry Effort.jpg (149 KB, 1600x900)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>is a poultry effort
I think you meant paltry.
File: comfy_necron.png (62 KB, 319x329)
62 KB
I don't mind sidestories, as long as you're not directly interacting with Cryptek Anon.
You can observe Ishskar from the sidelines
>I was standing there, as our cryptek weaved the ritual. His fingers dancing on his harp, like a scarab swimming through the desert
You can be a part of the adventure
>While our transmogrifier busied himself with the future of the dynasty, I was doing my best to maintain Alchemizer's Equation in peak efficiency. Blessed with the balefire from my recent awakening, I would not have his plans delayed even by a picosecond.
But don't force your way into the main cast.

So far side stories have been pretty shit in terms of writing, but I don't mind Canoptek Man - he keeps to himself. Mask with his "Ishy" though... Too OOC
>Mask with his "Ishy" though... Too OOC
Agreed, just wanted to say I was the first to say hello... I just planned for it to be a one time deal.
Couldn't have said it better myself. That kinda story telling is nice.

As evident by my occasional slip up during writing I'm not a career author, occasional im even prone to forget to read back what I write.
File: smug_necron.jpg (18 KB, 300x280)
18 KB
you're doing good. Am really interested in how far you'll take this.
Doxxed yourself as russian speaker, so the little typos don't matter
Bruh I'm just a hick from Texas how did I doxx myself as Russian.

Gonna be MIA for a few hours with family and ill be doing some time skips to speed things up.
File: Biomes.jpg (532 KB, 885x497)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
then I suppose its time to help flesh out the topography of the world.
>Large centipedal creatures...
>Fast moving prey...
>Intelligent predators
>Trees so dense its hell to travel though
>... hold up did that plant just eat a bird while it was flying low?
>Huh... so that's a thing.
>Wow that is... less bones below it than I was expecting
>The mountains have barely grown in size since I began my track through this jungle
>Its been a solid week before I began my travels to the top of them...
>Then I see it...
>What I assumed was a large ass mound was moving...
>It was like a large quadrupedal farm animal moving through the brush...
>Why can't I detect if its alive
>I move the moss... and find some scales covering large patches of fur
>... now there was a detection of it being a large animal
>It seemed to sustain itself on the... fungal growths that grew on the dead trees
>Although if the information from the other deathmarks is anything to go by... its not the only type of climate/biome here.
>Deserts, rocky canyons, plains, forest, tundra's, and even extremely Stoney areas... so much bio diversity.
>… hold up there are sand squids!
>Now that might be fun to hunt
>Though it does look like a storm is coming…
File: 1617713369004 (1).jpg (69 KB, 620x491)
69 KB
nvm then
Ah no I just gave up naming occasionally, mostly when I'd post on mobile.
>Received word form a immortal...
>Apparently a part of our complex had collapsed.
>its by...
>If the report reads correctly apparently a tomb sentinel looking thing had entered our crypt.
>Fuck... Acanthrites will have to be deployed to purge any others that made a nest here.
>I just hope they didn't fucking breed....
>Though this also does explain a few damages in the upper parts of our crypt.
>... This will take a while.
>Be Immortal
>Patrolling one of the tomb's tertiary entrances and find the way blocked by strange organic material.
>Green, but not like the energy powering the tomb, a duller shade that looks like rot. Cycle through reports from the Deathmarks and identify it as a 'plant'.
> Registered as predatory and hostile, so I spend several days atomizing every speck of it within the entrance until everything is nice and dead again.
> Send message to canopteks that vile living materials are attempting to invade the tomb.
> Turn around and find that the materials are growing back into the tomb. Heft my gauss blaster and set about purging life once again.
In other news I'm getting something in the way of commisions for a few things in the story. Things like Chari and ish
aw that'll be nice to see
god dam it... adressed to the wrong person
>>78598143 was for >>78598102
I'd better see a gif of a gold scarab stickbugging
I second this notion. Summon the drawfags!
Got a time machine handy?
File: react14.png (1.62 MB, 1915x1074)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Aw, pretty cute anon! Hope to see what it looks like!

Personally I hope it would be anon who would do art of my story when I get back to it, but that's a bit too much to ask for my case...
File: 20210410_180644.png (122 KB, 518x476)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
So chari is already in the works though there was a communication hic up when they mixed up references.
I like so far... am I biased though, Absolutely.
But do I care? No.
Wrong type of bug?
File: 1617852526768.png (3.17 MB, 1600x1200)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
The cool kinda scarabs
Man, I remember the days when writefaggotry inspired drawfaggotry organically rather than having to pay for attention. How far /tg/ has fallen...
They look the same to me though... except more details on the drawing I guess... but I'm still new at this... though I see it is less golden then anticipated.
It will be gold, there was a mix up in communication
Oh no I just enjoy commisioning art, I do it for most of my dnd characters
also did you just ignore the whole fact that someone painted a mini for this. The comment directly above you.
You're starting to make me want to write a thread now too, Cryptanon. Something about an inquisitor, I think, not an isekai'd one of course, but maybe displaced across the galaxy...
If I do, do you mind if I post a link off of the current thread? Feel free to say no, of course.
As for me I started a storytime on Shadowrun... but I ain't got enough time to write more
File: Necron suprumcy.jpg (189 KB, 509x980)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
>Be me the damn reincarnate now overriding the cryptek ishskar.
>So after the whole turning into a C’tan incident,
>And reawakening loads of necrons memories (didn't even know that was possible)
>I got to work on damage control.
>I had to ensure that EVERY single canoptek construct removed the alert of a rogue C’tan.
>I’m nowhere near stupid enough to let the information circulate.
>I don’t want Orikan breathing down my neck.
>Better yet the awakened council may have questions if they find out, these are better to avoid now than deal with them now.
File: to.jpg (30 KB, 368x369)
30 KB
Welp, too late. Everyone knows.
File: 40K-Gallery-1227.jpg (259 KB, 1024x884)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
>Finally I get serious for the expedition up ahead.
>I check on my correspondence with sannet.
>He’s given me instruction for getting one of our existing portals ready for him.
>Its miles worth of very fucking precise instructions i get why he said it would take 25 years set up.
>Since the time table was that it would take HIM 12 years to prepare supplies I had 12 years of free time, seven of which were spent making the 2 patterns of Skorpioid’s
>I guess I can have my canoptek constructs just fill up energy for the mission.
>And as much necrodermis as we can spare for this effort.
>With that I began the several year effort to set up the (totally not a webway gate) Dimensional gate.
File: fast travel unlocked.png (206 KB, 560x169)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>Sannet finishes ahead of schedule, even though I had a head start of 5 years.
>The project took 25 years, 5 of which Sannet was just waiting on me to wrap up .
>Well we eventually have linked up both of our worlds together.
>Dimensional transmission to the world of Solemnace is now possible.
>Oh shit i unlocked fast travel to trazyn’s fucking gallery i realize.
>Trazyn was a bit upset that we finished up early.
>He was in the middle of an acquisition run on some xeno world that I really didn't care about at the moment.
>He had to cut his heist down in order to prepare his case to the awakened council.
>I suggested that if for whatever reason he needed a dynastic representative that he pushed for Overlord Vokksh.
File: Chari.png (237 KB, 638x630)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
check it

Oh sure i guess.
Thanks, and Chari is bloody adorable. Keep up the good work, Cryptanon.
Maybe a radical inquisitor literaly Isakied someone from the past with a ritual.
File: react13.png (1.71 MB, 1913x1077)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, very cute
Interesting, but I was thinking a Tzeentchian cult from the sticks tries to summon a daemon, and get an Ordo Hereticus inquisitor from the other side of the galaxy instead. Hilarity and much purging ensues.

>Be Immortal.
>Patrolling the lower parts of the tomb, searching for any of that 'plant' life that might have crept in somehow.
>Instead, see a gilded little canoptek scurrying down the corridors towards the generators.
>Watch it go wondering why the crazy cryptek would want to gild one of the mindless constructs, but then see a patch of that sickly green.
>Follow the 'plant' to a crack in the wall and heft my gauss blaster, reducing it to atoms.
>Call more canopteks to repair the wall, and continue my patrol down to the generators.
>be Charlie-873 (self given spyder name)
>The eighth request to fix the walls damaged by gauss weaponry...
>... In the last fucking three hours
>Send out a squad of acantrites ahead while my wraiths fix any potentially damaged systems, then my scarabs seal the holes
>This shit is becoming tiresome...
>noticed a dozen smaller set of tracks that was also leading in the same direction as our Immortal
>Thanks to the deathmarks data it appears to be...
>Those young centipede creatures tracks...
>... Shards dam it they fucking bred in our crypt with out us noticing.
>The Noble Named High Canopteks are going to be pissed...
>Can today get any worse...
>... W-why do I immediately regret saying that?
File: BEETLE.jpg (199 KB, 1000x1500)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
This has little bearing on the story but i kinda wanna make a beetle version of the Scarab.

Anyways back to writing for now. i actually plan to get us all the way to the mostly dead tombworld by the end of this thread, im pretty excited because its kind of the whole reason i started to write my story.
File: react15.png (1.26 MB, 1917x1077)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
You do great work! I'm counting on you, Cryptek Anon!
>easily offended retard
Ma'am this /tg/ what did you expect
File: Beetles.jpg (385 KB, 800x1164)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
If you wish to find a way to justify the necessity of their creation.
I will give you a few different niches they could fill.

Ascertaining/detecting rare resources
Personal Pets/entertainment
Biosphere analyzer
A even more resilient canoptek (scarab class) to investigate a world.
Intelligent life form Analyzer
Tiny weaponry holders (think something like a micro laz gun, something else, or basically a hand granade)
A kind of tiny spyder who controls maybe 4-8 scarabs.
Advanced scouting unit
Perhaps custom 'gift' designed to help Trazyn, and Sannet in their mission.
>A kind of tiny spyder who controls maybe 4-8 scarabs.
On the lowkey i was tempted to reorganize the command structure for chari just to let them be considered the superior to any wraith or spyder.
I got this...
If a Canoptek has a name it is innately a higher rank than any rank and file Canoptek constructs… however if it has a name longer then 2 words then the higher the rank that Canoptek is

However who ever names them becomes a defector ruler of such a unit, and thus our scarab friend here would be considered a 'herald' of the Cryptek Ishskar.

But if a regular warrior give a Canoptek a name then it is slightly higher than the regular units, but not as nearly as much.

TLDR: Think of it as a combination of a aristocracy (who give the Canoptek its name) mixed with meritocracy (what has that Canoptek done). Thus, Canoptek's who give themselves names, typically do so out of connivance in a command structure and not because they are any better in the rank.
We're coming up with a fucking command structre for a bunch of tiny ass robots whos job is to eat debris, im fucking pogging. yeah thats just cannon now, Chari for the win.

i want to more of our goober chari
File: react8.png (1.58 MB, 1915x1074)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
I entirely approve this idea
File: secretofwhyj.jpg (86 KB, 1500x1125)
86 KB
are you prepared to grant me such power? (We both know I'll have my fun (in a reasonable quantity))
Because I'll fucking do it.
>Be Chari
>Was heading to the reactor room just to check the status...
>That dimensional transmission most likely wouldn't come cheap on the energy side of things
>My data says its fine, but sometimes it better to check personally
>skittered by a clearly recently awakened immortal
>A few Acanthrites did also pass by clearly trying to catch up with the immortal
>… The reactors were fine, but just to be safe I checked every sub routines and the overall structure of the reactor itself.
>… did come across something that looked like... 'eggs'
>Decided to destroy them... this would explain why that immortal was being trailed by the acanthrites...
>Hope they will be ok
>Aside from that oddity, reactor looks completely fine and operates just as smoothly
>Ish had requested my presence, it appears he wants me to make a few more miniatures...
>… Ah, reminds me of my humble beginnings.
>I want to make a beetle version of a beetle
Rhinoceros beetle specifically.
File: star map.jpg (522 KB, 762x704)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
>I had heavens know how much time before trazyn would go off and have a meeting with the council so i'd just have to busy myself.
>I finally decided to check up on the host of crypteks.
>A few YEARS back I sent them off to make me a comprehensive star map.
> What i received was an entire chamber dedicated to displaying a star map of the greater galaxy, rendered in Hard light hologram charts.
>Kinda reminded me of tony stark's digital blueprints from all the MCU movies.
>All of the cryptek seemed to be seated upon floating diadems, constantly making smal changes and adding more stars, factoring in gravity, and dozens of other bits of necessary alterations.
>I was surprised to find quite a nice section of the Ultima Segmentum was filled out,The gothic sector and a few dozen surrounding areas were empty but this was good enough.
>The veiled region to our galactic south held near nothing in our own stores of knowledge, which was fair.
>The region up north was...patchy; we had the slightest bit more info on certain sectors, but nothing useful, just a bunch of space that would need to be investigated at a later time.
>Looking closer at the map i noticed something about our territory..
>”Is that...We’re not that far from...Nocturne aren't we?”
File: Nocturne.png (993 KB, 744x638)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
>I hadn't realized it until now, but we are 5 star systems over from vulkans home world of Nocturne.
>Which is only negligible travelling time, not even that many months of travel if i'll be honest.
>Thinking back on it Nocturne, it actually has a lot of metals that i'd love to harvest.
>My cryptek looked up at me in slight confusion.
>”Ah i apologize, you see i think i have just found a world which might be of some use to me.”
>Phununet piped up “I am glad you might find use for the work we so diligently do my lord.”
>She sounded a bit clipped, more like she didn't want me here?
>I'm just going to ignore that for now, she and nocturne can wait for now.
File: Eldar_Galaxy_Map.png (5.68 MB, 1821x1506)
5.68 MB
5.68 MB PNG

>I summoned up chari to my aid, i kinda wanted to pull a slight flex on these cryptek’s.
>And a chance to make more mini’s if ill be honest.
>When he eventually did arrive I gave them a quick interstitial data pulse.
>Stepping onto a free floating diadem I directed chari onto the table.
>Chari weaved blackstone minis in the shape of gamesworkshop webway gate.
>I had 12 of the gates placed onto the map, just the nearest ones in the Ultima Segmentum.
>My extensive study into reading NEARLY every fucking scrap of aeldari codex, cameo in imperium books, and audiodrama pays off.
>Phanaunet crushes the guard rail as she watches me, the room goes silent.
>”Lord, am i to believe you know entry ways into the Aeldari Webway?” Her voice trembles ever so slightly.
>I can't tell what if she's made or if she's excited.
>I give a slow nod to her. “To an extent, some of these will need to be checked up on, along with this, there will be some minor inaccuracies you see.”
>I feel like hot shit actually.
>”Is that so?” Someone else's voice rung from behind me, an unfamiliar one at that.
>When i turned to see who it was, I was met by a triarch praetorian looming over me.
>The warrior tapping her lipless deathmask.
>All my systems sputter and stop, I would have stopped breathing had still lungs.
>”Ex-ehe..uh Executioner Phillias.” I say in a shaken voice.
Man the story has been getting better since the last time i posted.
File: The badd ass harp.jpg (444 KB, 1300x1400)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Gonna leave the writing on that cliffhanger for tonight. The whole nocturne thing was something i didnt realize i had forgotten about until i started studying more maps for other story pieces.
ill still be around for another hour, and like each thread im gonna lurk and reply sporadically until i pass out.

you know the drill keep the thread alive, and come tomorrow the meeting with the council and heading to a decaying tombworld will be upon us.
File: react3.png (2.64 MB, 1918x1082)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
>”Is that so?” Someone else's voice rung from behind me, an unfamiliar one at that.
>When i turned to see who it was, I was met by a triarch praetorian looming over me.

Oh no!
Oh more of that one anime you suggested how nice.
... pretty hard to tell if it's sarcastic or not...
bump and nice
Nope not sarcastic. I just didn't get the chance to watch it yet.
>Be Immortal.
>Standing before the primary generator, marveling in the beauty of the crackling lightning and the proper green energy flowing through it.
>But enough of that, I must ensure that no vile living things are present.
>Spend two weeks examining every nook and cranny of the generators until I find something.
>A few bits of organic material that look like something broke them. There must be organics somewhere then.
>Heft my gauss blaster and vaporize the shells to nothing, then search the secondary and tertiary generators for any hint of the vile organics.
Gonna write in a few but as it turns out I am still violently sick. May be bedridden which means I can be writing from the comfort of bed most of today.
if not in America i suggest going to a hospital if in America I suggest buy random meds ingest them and pray
File: pclfk8436b961.jpg (20 KB, 503x334)
20 KB
No idea what's making me sick, but i just feel gross. wont go into details. anyway im starting up writing on a few pieces and going to post them in succession after i find i nice stopping point.

Oh yeah anon made another slip up actually He shouldn't have any reason In lore to really know about the awakened council seated members, or the name of one of the triarch praetorians who's just arrived. im going to have fun writing this.
its your life...i didn't notice i wonder what the executioner say about that
Ive just been eating pills for now. my local hospital is actually filling up with covid patients. so much so they had my dad discharged earlier in the week because they need more space for covid folks. Im not get any help there.

I do have tea now though, so fingers crossed.
Me thinks drinking extra strength nighttime medicine was a poor idea.
Nurgle has been taking hold of Anon, how do we counter this? Pray to Tzeentch?
File: Litagant.jpg (165 KB, 920x950)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>”Curious.” The executioner moved uncomfortably close to my face.
>I reeled my head back, unable to look directly at her.
>I felt like a turtle ducking back to the safety of its shell.
>”I had a few...Inquiries I wished to present you with.” Her voice sent goosebumps across the surface of my arms.
>She had a taloned index finger trail along the bladed face of her Relic Execution Scythe.
>The skid of metal against atom rending Phase weaponry felt me with a sense of dread i didn't know i could still feel.
>”You do seem to be quite aware of many things, come with me.”
>She stepped towards, and instantly started to follow.
File: Turn around.jpg (450 KB, 2000x1931)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
>She stepped into a lengthy chamber, I had not entered into the chamber myself before.
>It was structured in such a way that at a glance it may be seen as an Amphitheater, a place in which the reigning lords would discuss matters of political and economical matters, or in rare cases...
>”Hold court.” I murmured to myself.
>The Praetorian had remained awake for all of these 42 million years for the express reason to ensure that every single necron upon on EVERy tombworld across the hundreds of thousands worlds in the immortal empire, STILL adhered to the ruling decrees laid out by the now deceased necrontyr race.
>I didnt fucking have any sort of lawbook on what laws i may or may not have broken.
>”Before I came here I made visits to the Oruscar Dynasty's territory to see if they had perhaps found ill of a stars destruction.”
>”One could imagine my surprise when I found, they had not used star killing methods in several millennia.”
>”Which brings me to this very moment.”
>”How is it that a one awakened cryptek managed to birth and kill a star in the span of 3 seconds.”
File: Chaos robot.jpg (915 KB, 1301x1757)
915 KB
915 KB JPG
Oh yeah since anon actually has a soul can he fall to chaos?
don't they have anti-warp generators? does that protect him?
Me thinks yes, possibly, but at the same time necrons have tons of anti warp stuff so you'd be (possibly) safe has long as you hang around them. Also the gods ain't that active yet I think.
i guess they can try demonic possession, but he doesn't have a body...still a soul is nice
well considering that demons can somehow fuse with machine spirit and all... my bet is if the four really get into it they mess Anon's life.

After all you are a unique case of Necron with a soul, and in a position of power. They'll make a Horus out of you... it might even be possible that Tzeentch planned this... so in reality, your quest is a race against time to prevent Slaanesh from existing, so she won't rile up the other gods.
File: Ishskar_hold_up.png (632 KB, 1280x1000)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
I just had to do this...
i just imagine him in the future with his almost corrupted soul, extracting it and putting it in an Eldar soul cristal so it won't affect him anymore...
Is the crypteks dynasty supposed to be that small box Just a few light years from Terra?
File: Cryptek map.jpg (324 KB, 1000x832)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
no hes should be segmentum ultima,
i made a simple rough location from the descriptions but his narrative of being close to Nocturn as well as between dynasty oruskh and Nihilakh makes no sense.
this location would be a good proximate.
(black x is the home tomb of cryptek)
(Orange is nocturns location)
What got transferred in the biotransference?
I'd say no... unless if he kills Lucius and has a modicum of pleasure in it.

… But if you prevent the events from happening then I doubt it could ever happen. Also necons are practically immune to the warp, aside from the aforementioned 'special' case up above.

Also I'm pretty sure that even if you do have a soul (that chaos could corrupt), then you wouldn't take any risks and fall to it for some petty bullshit reasons.
yea mask is right, you have other soulless Necrons to deal whit caios, no need to put yourself in danger
That was a small hick up on my part early on writing. I made mention later how they served along both oruskh and Nihilakh. That was also where I had trouble deciding where to set the dynasty along the inner side of the maelstrom. The orange X is in the rough area i marked originally. So its reasonablely close.
So we can assume, the dynasty's location is essentially nocturn on most lore maps.
Close enough it it yeah.
Hello again, nice to see all of this going smoothly, just advertising my thread. The synopsis is about a human soul being isekai’d into the mind of a pre-Lorgar Imperial Herald, now the two work together to stop the Horus Heresy in the downfall of the XVII Legion.
Link is here
File: hive_fleets_approx.png (901 KB, 750x664)
901 KB
901 KB PNG
I don't want to intervene with the story, but you can spend a couple millenia organizing defenses against hive fleets, since Charnovokh dynasty will get fucked by Kraken and Behemoth.

The first Imperium encounter with Tyranids was at Tyran in M.41, which is in bottom center of Charnovokh dynasty. And by that time most of their territory will be swarming with Kraken nids already. It can be funny seeing how Ishskar reveals yet another unknown threat.
ooo nice i like that
are quests back on /tg/ ?
this is not a /qst/
i imagin a Tyranid getting assassinated by a necron spy, who knew where he was going to be, and was costume built to exterminate the scout.
Bleh holy shit that medicine put me to sleep couldn't stay awake for long. Its 1 pm l so im going to grab breakfast and start up again.
Also when I get back on a few im going to give a small road map of everything I have plans to do.

If any plans see those plans and see if any anons want to add to my plan.
well i guess its better than what i thought it happend, glad your alive
Pretty funny!

Now then as you've all been waiting here is quick check list of things ish has to do in the year 42 million and beyond.

>Wake up the HEVEAVILY degraded tombworld from the Knights of Mcragge book, and absorb them into the Voekhet Dynasty.
>Create canoptek constructs for the express purpose of fighting up against the Blackstone fortress's defenses.
>Consider weather or not to fix nemesor zahndrekh, would he better feeling his glory days or accepting that he is a ghost in a machine.
>Save the Ammunos Dynasty, while stealing all of there data manuscripts, and the Astrarium Mysterios for my own goals.
>Inform Ossuaria Phaerakh of the Rytak Dynasty that their constant Feud with the Kayra Dynasty will cause her death in in 873.M41
>Ensure High Metallurgist Quellkah never falls to the flayer virus.
>Steer clear of the Agdagath Dynasty but steal all of there data scrolls before their planet tyr is over run by the flayed ones.
>Steal every Blackstone fortress from the gothic sector and beyond.
>Gain every Augment found in the one Blackstone fortress.
>See if i can find ANY technomandrite records or designs.
>try and prevent the eye of terror from opening
>Prevent the pharos device from ever being used, and steal all of its MILLIONS of years worth of data, gaining a map of EVERY hidden chache of blackstone, oh and finding the 6-7 othe pharos devices that were scattered and hidden across the galaxy to do the same.
>See if i can steal the world engine
>Steal the ACTUAL necron minis found on Silva Tenebris (Not making this up)
>See if i can get orakin to help me gain the Celestial orrery if not shit on him at literally every opportunity.
Cryptek bucket list
>Gain every Augment found in the one Blackstone fortress
What's an augment? Do you mean the "Eyes of Morai Heg"?
File: Secret Augmetics.png (2.98 MB, 2524x1040)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
not familiar with what artifact that is. but over at the fortress in Precipice it has a fun few hidden vaults.

Once reached you will be BRANDED by an Augmetic of power and gain cool abilities, ironically these aren't the best ones but here's a list of them.

Augmetic of Entanglement: Adjacent and visible hostiles must reroll attacks against the explorer

Augmetic of Rejuvenation: Each turn, the explorer can remove a wound or turn a grievous wound into a regular wound

Augmetic of Speed: Add 1 to move value

Augmetic of Dominance: First gambit each turn is automatically a critical success

Augmetic of Endurance: Vitality rolls are made using two dice instead of one and take the best result

Augmetic of Fury: Once per turn, after taking a weapon action, the explorer can take the same action again without having to spend an activation dice.

Augmetic of Strength: If the explorer inflicts a wound or grievous wound on a hostile in an adjacent hex, place an additional wound counter on the target.

Augmetic of Resistance: Defense rolls are made using two dice instead of one and take the best result.

Augmetics of Precognition: when a destiny roll is made, before discarding duplicate dice you can change the result of one die to a result of your choice.
>these aren't the best ones
the ones in the picture i mean.
Is hat from the second book of Blackstone fortress? I'm gonna read that one. The first one was good.
its actually from the tabletop game, im still reading through blackstone fortress myself and i cant say if it has brought up or hinted at them yet.
In the first book, there are programmable matter weapons in the fortress, made from Necrodermis/Blackstone. There are spindle drones, made by the Old ones to protect and maintain the BF, much like the scarabs. There is also at least one "Eye of Morai Heg", a contained power source + AI brain or something, it is Kilometres across and as bright as an 'O' class Supergiant star.
You could see if you can actually make pariahs? It could be a way to bolster your forces... assuming it is still canon.
Also, remember that BF are "alive", so proceed with caution.
File: peak suffering.jpg (369 KB, 1155x901)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
>”i-i-i-I -a-- a ahh oh.” my vocal emitter failed no less than 36 times trying to make a coherent sentence, instead im making babbling sounds.
>I can feel the spaghetti overflowing from my pockets.
>”A a-a-ö aGHHUH I can can cankgh EXPLAIN!” I nervously chortled as i felt myself shrink before the murder machine.
>She raised her scythe by its haft, dropping it repeatedly against her palm.
>Was this some sort of intimidation tactic or was she just bored, I didn't want to know?
>”Then enlighten me, cryptek, HOW did YOU manage such a feat.”
>My Intenals Knotted, spaghetti on full display, ass about to get torn a new one.
>”t’wa Uheh you see.”
File: react.png (2.49 MB, 1918x1080)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
Not canon
>"Come on, Cryptek, we're ALL waiting for your answer."
Appropriate reaction.
I think...

She’s only realy realy accountable to the Silent King isn't she.
100% canon and yes she has almost free reign to MURDER anyone she believes isn't acting in the best interests of the necrons.
you could say the c'tan shards in his harp, rebounded with another making it so its formed in the shape of a c'tan but with no physical shell to contain it,
making it unstable causing the energy to act like a flare, powerful but finite resulting in the energy escaping rapidly into the only containers possible being the other necrons.
ergo making them regain their memories and emotions as well as overcharging them
Why would Ish spill his spaghetti instead of dialing back his chronosense to think of an answer?
I only meant that my post isn't canon, I don,t plan to join the writing.
File: sneak peak.png (15 KB, 956x110)
15 KB
normally i dont do this but since im going to write out multiple posts real quick heres a sneak peak. i do know what im doing i think...
You will most likely require a specialist when it comes to stealing...
Good thing you have a good friend willing to help.

As to the pharos device you could just destroy them after getting all the data from them... or perhaps understand them and miniaturize them so you could, if required, have a local warp calm effect.

Preventing (if you can't outright stop) the flayer virus is a good idea.

Though again biased here I do want to see you create new (or heavily modify) canopteks

... oh shit, wait was the new star formation a c'tan that Ish transformed into?
'also I believe you require an adult'
i would say that i don't remember how i did it
its more Cryptek anon accepting those as the next words of the executioner.
And its the permanent kind even for Necrons leme guess.
Ah ok, I'd fear my words meant I contradict Cryptek's canon

i think these transmigration stories are fine with additional side stories as long as it doesn't contradict 40k canon or effect the progression of the story too much.

For instance I tried to implement a Canoptek scarab who was actually in the room where the c'tan blast happened resulting in it gaining sentience, im kinda waiting for canoptek man to rp alpha doing the modifications.
File: genius.jpg (539 KB, 2000x1252)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
>Half way through my spaghettifest, i dialed my chronosense to formulate a quick logic chain.
>IF i tell her the entire truth THAN i will stand MOST LIKELY trial for unknown charges relating.
>What the fuck that train of thought ended to abruptly, fuck i need to hurry and think of something to tell this crazy preatorian if i want to live.
>Meaning she would’ve already investigated the particulars of the case, she already said she checked on the Celestial orrery.
>She also managed to sneak past ALL of our defenses and enter several sub levels deep into the tombworld into a room full of the sharpest minds the necron faction has to offer.
>She's likely been over the entire tombworld maybe even interviewed and or checked the minds of all the full awoken necrons.
>I've got an ace up my sleeve now!
>I let the normal flow of time take root, only half a second had actually passed while i was thinking
>”In my attempts to further my studies I Awoke Seven hundred Fourty-One necrons ahead of schedule by 18 million.” I finally admitted.
File: peak smug.jpg (28 KB, 469x437)
28 KB
>Executioner Phillias didn't lose a second pressing her relic scythe to my throat.
>She didn't cut into me, but kept her weapon came within a fraction of a centimeter a ways from simply rending my neck.
>”That is quite dire claim cryptek, i hope you understand reanimating even 30 lychgaurd would have put you into trouble but to openly admit to awakening Seven hundred Forty-One of the dynasties legions, will have dire consequences.”
>She took a pause as if she was about to say something further but I stepped in before she could continue to berate me.
>”I said i Awoke them and did not reanimate them.”
>Her voice became venomous, she oh so wanted to see my head roll at her feet. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT UNTOLD NEURAL DAMAGE YOU MIGHT HAVE CAUSED!”
>”None, as you have no doubt already investigated.”
>”Seven hundred Fourty-One sons and daughters of the immortal empire awoke simultaneously without any damage to be spoken of.”
>”And any necron above that of a warrior awoke to find their minds partially restored to them.”
File: genius.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Her body went rigid, so i kept on.
>”I was conducting experiments well within my rights as a cryptek.”
>”When i unintentionally released a mass awakening event which i shall now refer to as…”
>”The Resonance Cascade event.” I had regained what little confidence I had now.
>”What do your LAWS state about restoring the minds and personalities of Two-Hundred Thirty-Two Immortals, Ninety-One Deathmarks, and Thirty one Lychguards.”
>”Three Hundred Eighty-Seven warriors now imitate actions of the flesh time, little reveries only the organic necrontyr could indulge in.”
>She stepped back, I could the wrist that held the blade to my throat twitch.
>She knew everything i had said was true, her mind was just slowly piecing the puzzle pieces into their place.
File: me rn i guess.jpg (29 KB, 640x480)
29 KB
gonna slow down a bit the nighttime medicine has made it hard to think and harder to notice the typos I've left. Hope you folks are enjoying this as much as i enjoy writing it.
>Be Chari
>I sense my master is telling the truth...
>However without anyone to back up his claim it mea-
>Wait... I received that data about the state of every awoken necron.
>Only 17 could be classified as permanently physically 'damaged' (although that part of the tomb complex did collapse)
>I requested to share that data with this Preatorian, with Ish's permission.
>Ish allowed this...
>She clearly is deconstructing, cross-referencing, and analyzing this data...
>After a second it appears she has confirmed our data...
>I feel my master relax as she lowers the blade....

Sorry... I wasn't aware how far could canopteks spyders take/make modifications... so I left it on the back burner. Sorry m8
well you do know they have their fabricator claw array that allows them to repair necrodermis so it wouldn't be a stretch to assume they can manipulate the material to make custom jobs,
also its fine, since I did shoot the ball into your court without warning so to speak, I even think I forgot to even mention you.
File: 1554641422296.jpg (163 KB, 547x1459)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>”The Resonance Cascade event.”
>Be me Random sentient Canoptek scarab,
>Still flying around tomb out of boredom,
>having emotions is a bit annoying.
>came up with idea for upgrade design by remembering what Chari did for Cryptek.
>makes miniature of what the description of beast said it look like.
>is bad since have no idea what i'm doing.
>noticed Chari is flying in a hurry so follows,
>lurks in room with the mad Cryptek, Chari and scary lady.
>totally lurks not because is scared of the lady and her big scythe.
Those danged Resonance Cascades.

All told though, with how many irregularities are happening within the tomb world, and without wanting to specifically skew the story, how long until Ishkar's Phaeron is woken up to answer for your actions/modifications, or Trazyn wanders into frame asking if you've completed the Sunforge Fireworks he commissioned for the eventual grand opening of his museum? I am rapt with anticipation.
i can actually answer that, basically with ALL the irregularities can and will be answered by the phaeron or in this case phaerakh. She's got all the puzzle pieces and when i do the big reveal im going to have loads of fun writing it.
File: legal works.jpg (72 KB, 640x360)
72 KB
>Phillias had lowered her scythe in deep pondering.
>I let out a breath of relief, it calms me when I make that human gesture.
>She remained quiet for the NEXT HOUR for some shards forsaken reason
>I used this time to stop my legs from shaking, and coming up with what to say next.
>It actually might be a good idea to prepare for if and when she asks me why I have knowledge on an eldar webway.
>I think I can make a blanket statement of saying I'm also an astromancer like the diviner when it comes to any meta knowledge slip ups.
>She finally pipes up.
>”Upon review there has not been any legal stipulations that find your actions worthy of execution, this is simply unprecedented.”
>Finally ...
>After years I am finally on top of the mountain
>So much greenery... so much life
>Even encountered mountain creatures, who can apparently go something akin to invisibility
>It was a bit confusing when I dodged it's attacks to only be hit by the avoided attacks...
>... before you point out I could go into my oubliette, ask yourselves 'would that be fun?'
>... Alright? Ok.
>The create seemed to somehow 'displace' the light so it looked like it was 2ish feet away.
>... Thank goodness its snow prints giving it away, am I right
>However when I stood at the top of the mountains I saw them...
>not one but three of our Seraptek Heavy Construct
>I did take note of where the entrance I came out from, and how far away they were
>... Cryptek will love working on them
>I hear footsteps nearby and I see a...
>All she did was ask me a few questions, most referring to my mental state...
>I answered as truthfully and honestly as I could.
>She only requested I not say a dam thing about her arrival
>... She was absolutely terrifying but sounded both angry, and perplexed?
>Not my problem... should get back to see if any land marks I could use to not get lost while on my way to the
>not one but three of our Seraptek Heavy Construct
You know this is the kind of background story bits that are fun.
those are all I can see from where I am standing...
though the dynasty most likely had more
*sigh* Fking cunt'tan (nice one CM)
Should ask her once shes done with the conversation if she’d be interested in a few rounds with Agakhet of the ship strategy game to see how good at strategy she is, or at least to de rust any skills she has. Hopefully amuse her that some lychguard willing to win against a Triarch pretorian.
File: biotransferance.jpg (97 KB, 406x916)
97 KB
>”I can't help but wonder as to what schemes are.”
>”What are you planning cryptek.”
>That was slightly unexpected.
>I lean my head forward, almost bowing.
>”I have the foresight to correct the way things are heading, but..”
>”Even if I tell you what schemes I have, I don't believe you would listen to me,
>She lets out an annoyed sound. “So you too are a diviner, why is it you believe I won't listen?”
>I let out a laugh. “The last time someone with foresight told you of what horrors await us he was shunned, disregarded and our whole race was dragged into the flames of biotransference.”
way to throw the blame on some random praetorian
File: oldman.jpg (848 KB, 4032x3024)
848 KB
848 KB JPG
>Executioner Phillias left after that, she and I had a private dialog for a brief moment via interstitial messaging.
>After she leaves the planet i get a flood of reports of various canoptek constructs that inform me of the presence of legions of triarch praetorians scattered across the world leaving en masse.
>Whatever override restraints placed on my constructs and legions of warriors was removed.
>I get the feeling that won't be the last time i see her.
>I let chari move about freely and I took a stroll through the tombworld.
>More time to mill about.
>I think ill take a few years to just relax.
>I head off to a unused chamber and have several canoptek swarms build the layout of my old Livingroom out of blackstone...i start missing my home...
'Those who do not heed and act on the words of wise men, should not be surprised when wrongs occur before them.'
And even he’d flat-out say Orikan is better at it then he could, by a lot.
File: Seraptek.jpg (89 KB, 928x960)
89 KB
>I receive a report that a legion of praetorian had left.
>... Well that isn't absolutely terrifying to discovered an entire legion landed here without us knowing
>I do manage to send a report to Ishskar about the rough location of the three Seraptek
>All he said was that he will send a dozen spyders and underlings to go check up on them, and maybe go there to see them for himself.
>As I continue my track down the mountain
>I got the feeling that I had seen this before...
>A total warzone flashes before my eyes... the fifteen Seraptek firing their weaponry at our hated 'masters'
>Watched as Six were atmoized, and six others were heavily damaged by the counter attack...
>The entire infantries retaliation for the harm done by them, both to ourselves, and how they twisted our once noble intentions.
>Night Shroud Bomber doing their jobs before getting shot down themselves...
>Tesseract Ark's concentrating their fire at our enslavers
>Then the c'tan being shattered
>Before its shards were shackled and entombed
>I can't remember which...
>The old battlefield now grown over by new life...
>I decide to just sit there till the next day... just to give the fallen one last day of silence.

>be me sentient scarab,
>I have great but crazy idea,
>floats after the cryptek after his meeting with scary scythe lady.
> plan is, when he seems unfocused I drop the mini statue i made on him, and pick it up.
>either it leads to me getting upgrade or death.
>I prefer former really but he's a bit crazy compared to other crypteks so maybe it works.
>bombs away.
>Drops the miniature towards crypteks head

(the miniature is that of a pangolin. . .)
File: James workshop.png (492 KB, 750x524)
492 KB
492 KB PNG

>A canoptek scarab came into my home through one of the open windows.
>He started dropping a minis near me.
>Weird ones of alien creatures, some of the deathmarks occasionally pinged me images of these things.
>It was a nice little distraction.
>I started sending him various GW and forgeworld models I liked, and did some minor work on its production Spinneret to get some higher quality models out, along with a few more quality of life upgrades.
>I only gave them Orc, eldar and the handful of random alien models from the dark eldar model line and the tau line.
>That should keep them busy for a few years.
>For now i just wanted to be left alone in my home.
File: deep sadness.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
>I sat within my blackstone reconstruction of my home from when I was still a human.
>Its awfully quiet but thats fine for me.
>Occasionally I run through my siblings and parents' rooms.
>I like to run through memories of my time with them.
>I remembered everything with crystal clarity.
>Every birthday with them, reading books in bed, playing on our family switch with my little sister.
>I feel like i should be crying, but i can't, there isn't any pain, or heartache.
>its just this numb longing.
I remember when people got mad about that image, lmao.
File: Content_We_Liked_Banner.png (505 KB, 1301x654)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
>I kept milling for weeks at a time, I had scabs recreate most of my RPG books from my memory, thank god i had read over each book cover to cover.
>Every once and a while i would thumb through a dungeons and dragons book, mostly just thinking about the hundreds of sessions i played through.
>Other times I would simply sit down at the fake monitor and just sit in front of it for hours at a time.
>I'd project my memories onto the screen from my ocular, just running through text conversations I had with friends from discord.
>It had been 69 years since i had become a necron and I couldn't even laugh at that.
>I just didn't have the time or focus required to realize how much i lost.
>When i would get tired of it all i would simply sit on the hard blackstone approximation of my bed and stare at the ceiling.
>”So this is what its like to be a necron huh.”
File: home.jpg (76 KB, 960x720)
76 KB
>Eventually after having relieved most of my life over the course of a few months i finally took a seat down on my sofa.
>Since i learned projecting things through my single eye was a power i had i started watching old godzilla movies on my living room tv.
>I had missed watching the newest one.
>There were so many things I missed out on.
>Every once and a while a few other of the awakened necrons or canoptek construct would watch the movies with me (even the crypteks joined me).
>i didn't mind much, but both the living room and the connected kitchen filled up when i started the godzilla marathon.
>it was fine.
>it was comforting to be around so many folks.
god dam it your inflicting pain onto me with my own memories... but, thank you.
The mental image of a bunch of Necrons watching old kaiju movies makes me very happy for some reason.
>be me still random scarab.
>plan did not work,
>if anything plan resulted in only other beings benefits.
>must channel my new cunning,
>though the years of "monitoring" the tomb I was productive,
>made a hidden nest
>Stole a canoptek spyder's worth of Blackstone
>stole a "spare" Fabricator Claw array from "storage".
>Investigated the cryptek's diagrams when he wasn't looking, this was the most confusing since I could get into their workshop unhindered unlike the other scarabs,
>While being productive I've been stalking the mad cryptek and watch those projections he makes and came up with great idea while watching show about these fleshy people in big necrons.
> Plans to make a scarab mecha using acquired materials, tools and knowlage.
It hits hard... and the worst of it... it doesn't stop.
File: blind.png (464 KB, 922x922)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
From thread 2
>Surprisingly it seems no construct can enter into this chamber without express permission.
>Quite literally unable to phase into the room either.

Im fine with scarab stories and the other side so long as they dont try and effect things too much. that and try and effect the world around me in ways. the gundam scarab idea tho is fine.
Or I guess it ends someday... that pain is like a knife stabbed into your body. It hurts so much at first, and then it twists, tearing small parts off each spin. Then one day you hurt no longer. The hole were you were stabbed has become too large for the knife, there ain't anymore flesh you can lose... and yet you live, leaving you with the memories of what you had lost.
if you read the sentence about the workshop, I mentioned how it was confused it could go in there unlike the other scarabs, it was more to hint at a possible development.

the gif is my though process really. . .
I just dont want anyone entering the lab for now. thats just a hard limit i have right now.
File: yqkb8mnbq0v51.jpg (423 KB, 2000x2000)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
>After the Godzilla marathon I found more necrons who wished to watch with us.
>I basically ended up turning the chamber into a movie theater.
>Seven Hundred Seventy-Five seats had been made for the entire awakened collection of necrons to watch old movies with me.
>We watched the Planet of the Apes Movies, Aliens, Star wars, the godfather, and to wrap it all up just about every clint eastwood movie i had sat through(which was all of them.)
>It didn't really take that long to watch if i'll be honest.
>But I didn't even know how desperately I needed that bit of normalcy.
>When the credits rolled the sound of applause filled the chamber.
>I wish i could cry.
File: Pj_Jhin.jpg (128 KB, 1262x818)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Hmmm I have a crazy idea... op have you ever seen the project Jhin skin from lol (league of legends) and fallow along with me...

That skin has something unique about its head and our entity scarab here is sentient (or a whole lot more then all others, maybe even than Chari). Could he (theoretically) make himself something akin to a host body that it could control/pilot? I have been quite leanest on how far I allow my canopteks take things... but if >>78619169 keeps it to a realistically reasonable level I think we could agree it'd be acceptable. Just... don't try to force yourself on the main cast, ok Entity?
The Necrons are going to be really fucking weirded out when they encounter the IoM in a few dozen million years.
I couldnt for the life of me get into its lore. i only about the yordle's and lux because they were the most fun to play.
They are probably still confused as to were he go all this. Some primitive Xenos species whose ancestors haven't even evolved yet. Wouldn't doubt if some of them thought he did suffer from some malfunction of some kind.

Bet anyone else that gets a report about this will be just confused.
File: one eyed nerds.jpg (262 KB, 1720x1948)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
>After sometime I found most immortals lychguard in rapt discussion about the movies, no one seemed to want to ask directly what they had joined me to watch or even why it happened.
>I was fine with it.
>Agakhet was also talking to a large host of lychguards about star wars and how it was inspiring a few ideas for “the combat simulations.”
>Something about it being a shame that he the praetorian didn't see.
>Oh shit he's talking about battlefleet gothic, and i think he just admitted to giving her a copy of the game.
>Huh, wonder if that'll come back to bite me later.
>Well with movie night over i'm going to head over to Solemnace.
>Or i would’ve had it not been for my next unexpected guest.

kk, i already have an idea for the form and an image of the actual form, If anything i was hoping him to be supporting cast in comparison, at most If the situation would result in it, I feel sentient scarab's mech would be a suitable Vehicle/Mount for Cryptek, but I won't push it.

Its just I think its mech won't be ready till the next time jump.
Give it a listen (if you get like 45ish minutes) and >>78619382 I like where this is going

TLDR: Project Jhin is a cyborg like man who catabolized so many high quality parts from other people. Parts which has a part of the personality of an individual, and must be properly scrubbed clean of its past users memory/and personality. Thus causing him insanity/multiple personality disorder, but that isn't important. One such part is his face where it can survive without the body and reattach itself to a body and over take it. Think of it as one of those mind scarabs but unable to control a living person but much like a puppeteer control his mechanical body. Thus if the 'face' survives, then he by extension survives.
>Have your bois watch anime
>Hilarity ensures when 20 million years later they charge their human foes screaming "RASENGAN" and "KAMEHAMEHA"
File: miku vs godzilla.jpg (68 KB, 640x360)
68 KB
miku vs godzilla was a godzilla movie. they watched it all.
oh... ok, I have got to refresh when I type up the long post.

>I gave the dead their day of silence
>I wanted to head back to the tomb just to mentality relax
>Apparently Ishskar was doing a 'Movie Marathon'
>... What the hell is that?
>So out of curiosity I went...
>I didn't recognize the xenos in this movie
>I honestly was worried about how insane he was.
>But the movies seemed too well done for any form of madness, and he couldn't have made up so many of them
>Truth be told I didn't like a few of the movies...
>Giant monsters destroying cities, which were fun to watch
>some necrons did applaud many of the movies
>but then he played some strange movie with what my audio sensors detected as wising…
>I decided to sit back down
>It was apparently called 'The Good The Bad and The Ugly'
>I analyzed every scene, every piece of dialog and was enraptured by it...
>I loved how basic the people were and how they fought.
>Simple as it was something about it enraptured me.
>... But the one thing overall I loved was the weapons.
>I will have to request Ishskar to maybe make me a necron version of a 'revolver'
>My applause was unbound, and for a moment I think I felt true emotion and even Ishskar seemed to tear up for a moment
>A few fellow deathmarks had similar ideas
>We made a basic list of what would we like from Ishskar
1.)canoptek 'Horses'
2.)Necron style 'Revolvers' and 'Rifles'
3.)a 'Pauncho' and 'Cowboy Hats'
File: What in the goddamn.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
Oh... I-its the diviner
canoptek horses, just add a trotting function to some tomb blades.
Revamp some gauss cannons to be thinner and manipulate the energy of the disintegration energy to act more like railguns,
necrodermis flak jackets and a mask that includes the hat built on.
>There are legends about Saint Miku
>Millions have ventured the stars to find her and bring her back into the imperial fold
>The search started because of a relic of a past era, where she defeated what was presumed as a Tyrannid bio-titan
>How would the Imperium of Man react if they find out she is an AI? One older than the Men of Iron?
Nearing bump limit
File: victory.jpg (70 KB, 735x715)
70 KB
yeah i just noticed, so while this thread is still up anyone want to help me and make the 8 sentances recap of the thread.

Im going to crank out a few responses to make the next thread. which should be some interactions between dviner and anon.
>"Magos we have discovered a horrable truth about Saint Miku..."
>"Was her body found... desiccated by the foul devourer"
>"No worse... She was an AI..."
>"You know I speak no lie to you magos... but that's the other thing... she was created way before the men of iron."
>"... So she wasn't made to only serve..."
>"It was a well know fact that we were much like slave masters to the men of iron... however... if Saint Miku is/was the first AI then she was most likely made with her own free will, and by extension a true soul."
>"Could it be true..."
>"Maybe... but that makes her loss so much more painful for I... go I'd like some privacy. Also say nothing else to the others."
>"Understood my lord..."
I'm almost down to fluff an order dedicated to Saint Miku

>I miss home.
i just need help with this one real quick while i rapid fire write up orikan meeting.
ok I got this
>Ishskar wanted to test his combat capabilities decide to spar with Agakhet (a lych guard) in this fight ish accidently turns himself into a c'tan. For three seconds.
>Apparently after this transformations energy dispersal it created a 'Resonance Cascade event' and had reawaken 741 necrons.
>Orikan divination failed many times and several important divination artifacts were also destroyed and thus a Praetorian was sent out to investigate the anomaly.
>Ish then creates a Dimensional Gate(not related to the eldar weebway) to travel to Solomance.
>after he had done that he then went to a star map his crypteks made and added where a few webway portals were, only to be rudely interrupted by the aforementioned praetorian
>after a nat 20 intelligence, and bluff check manages to get away scot free but will most likely be under watch by the council.
>he then goes back to his room room relax, riminess, and play old human movies. Apparently word spread quickly and many necrons wanted to watch the movie marathon.
>Afterwards as Ish is ready to head to solomance, Orikan is waiting to talk to him.
I bet the rasengan cannon could be a thing. Lobs balls of plasma energy that pulls things in an explodes.
Thats a pretty accurate sequence of events. ive got the first post down for the next thread but i want to at least 5 more before i make a new thread.
save to /suptg/
already have.
dont forget to drop a vote on it btw
Alright boys heres a link to the latest thread, its time to evacuate before this thread is archived.


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