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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78533839/
Part 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78580874/

Lets start this thread with something fun!

>I had Orikan follow me into the same chamber in which me and executioner Phillias had been in several months prior.
>I took the seat right besides the Phaerakh’s throne diadem.
>Orikan took to simply standing at the center of the room.
>”I already know why you're here diviner.”
>”Is that so, then let us do with pretences of friendliness.” He seemed to almost perk up at that.
>”What was it that you did that birthed and winked out a fledgling star, what rituals have you learned that I have not.”
>I rolled my eye at that comment.
>”You really are up your own ass, aren't you orikan?”
File: p50oonor7vg51.png (97 KB, 469x437)
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So a recap thanks to our beloved friend MASK

>Ishskar wanted to test his combat capabilities decide to spar with Agakhet (a lych guard) in this fight ish accidently turns himself into a c'tan. For three seconds.
>Apparently after this transformations energy dispersal it created a 'Resonance Cascade event' and had reawaken 741 necrons.
>Orikan divination failed many times and several important divination artifacts were also destroyed and thus a Praetorian was sent out to investigate the anomaly.
>Ish then creates a Dimensional Gate(not related to the eldar weebway) to travel to Solomance.
>after he had done that he then went to a star map his crypteks made and added where a few webway portals were, only to be rudely interrupted by the aforementioned praetorian
>after a nat 20 intelligence, and bluff check manages to get away scot free but will most likely be under watch by the council.
>he then goes back to his room room relax, riminess, and play old human movies. Apparently word spread quickly and many necrons wanted to watch the movie marathon.
>Afterwards as Ish is ready to head to solomance, Orikan is waiting to talk to him.
File: 8ay81wwtuxa61.jpg (144 KB, 1600x1112)
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144 KB JPG
>That caught him by surprise.
>”You've already become the greatest Chronomancer of our generation, Your Astromancy skills are ALMOST unparalleled, you dabble in both Datamancy and Plasmancy and STILL you want so much more.” Orakin clutched the staff of tomorrow tightly in his grip.
>”Your 17 million years away from achieving that body of light.”
>”WHAT!” He barked out.
>That shut him right up, which was good, i think i can make something of this meeting.
>”I can give you want but I need something in return.”
>”I need you to help me find a certain tombworld i plan on visiting in the near future.”
File: w1dlwadqqeh61.jpg (42 KB, 1024x532)
42 KB
>He considered my words for a moment, I'm guessing he was weighing in if he should attack me or hear me out.
>”You said almost unparalleled.” He said.
>”That's quite right, Astormancer you're not the only who has foreseen the fall of the aeldari, the coming of the Imperium of man, the green tide, and the ceaseless approach of the hungry creatures.”
>His knuckles clutched his staff tighter as he heard each of my body proclaiments.
>”You of course have the abilities to foresee the future where i have already SEEN the future.”
>It sounded like he had gritted his teeth. “How have you parsed such divinations.”
>”I’m an adept reader Orikan, I've read hundreds upon hundreds of books, listened to countless authors, and browsed every entry through the records of Lexicanum.”
>”So for the next 18 Million years any of your predictions will never match up to that of my knowledge.”
File: 302kk8rx3ee61.jpg (103 KB, 1600x900)
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103 KB JPG
God i like bullying orikan, he was such a bastard in the the infinite and the divine.
File: a3rF18F.jpg (187 KB, 1000x1000)
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187 KB JPG
Man we are flyimg through threads for this story. Dont burn yourself out.
Call me overconfident but i dont think i can get burnt out. the format in which i write is simple and easy for me pump out alot in a short span of time.
8-12 sentences per post, and im already up to part 137 on my google docs. i stated this story on Monday of last week.
>Be Immortal.
>The generators proved untainted for the time being, and the crazy cryptek required everyone to attend something called a 'movie marathon'.
>It was strange, but I must admit that the one about a time traveling machine chasing those organics was rather amusing, though the sequels were disappointments.
>The one about a predatory organic hunting other organics was rather disconcerting, I wonder if there's anything like that on the tombworld? I should ask one of the deathmarks. Is that really how organics reproduce these days?
>The ones about the giant organics fighting reminded me too much of fighting the Old One's abominations, I wanted to heft my gauss blaster and atomize them. One of the deathmarks told me it wasn't real, though, and the canopteks were making threatening movements for some reason.
>I should go on patrol again, just to make sure none of those fleshy eggs are hidden here.
I think it also helps with minor characters doing their own side plots. It also helps break up some of the monotony and allows for more... organic story telling. Yes there are hiccups, and maybe a few actions have to be retconned (which I am sure we have basically none, or maybe one or two) but generally any one who contributes acts much like filler and fluff for the story.
Fair enough. Im still gonna read it until the end.
That's some boss energy right there. You should also say your dick was bigger before bio-transference while you are at it!
You know that for the rest of his unlife, Orikan is going to here someone whispering 'bitch' in his auditory receiver every time he tries to divine something.
*softly* don't

in fact why not warn Orikan about the c'tan (the deceiver) who was sealed away on that planet he and trazyn (maybe tell trazyn that as well) were going to be fighting over. However tell Orikan about that Cryptek who was being puppeteered by this c'tan.
The whole reason im so spiteful towards him is mostly to do with him in the opening chapters of the infinite and the divine.

He destroyed SO MANY Necrontyr cultural pieces that it just broke my heart. I have made respect for folks who do preservation on ancient archeolgical pieces. (part of why i really loved this whole book)
that is part of the plan, but not right away. I feel like he could stand to be kept in the dark a bit longer.
>”ENOUGH OF THAT!” he yelled.
>He was really losing his patience with me
>”Or what, will you jump back in time to find a timeline where you can dominate this conversation?”
>He was making agitated sounds.
>”Fine ill tell you what you wish to know.”
>”I achieved a form that resembles that of the C’tan.”
>”Not too far off from what you hope to become in 18 million years.”
>He went still, ive been laying it on extra thick.
>He deserved to be taken even if he was the only necrontyr to stand against the idea of biotransference.
File: Orikan the save scummer.jpg (294 KB, 1172x1200)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
>He started to move once more, actually he moved incredibly fast.
>Without really planning to, I had sent a mass alarm out to all awakened necrons of my personage being in danger.
>Even as I dialed my chronosense back it was no use.
>He was a chronomancer, his manipulation of the flow of time would be far greater than my own dialed back perception of time.
>I reached for my harp trying to strike a cord, but i wouldn't have the time to make an attack!
>He closed in on me fraction second, the staff of tomorrow held high and crackling otherworldly energies.
>And he decapitated me.
I feel you man... also Orikan did WHAT!

>Be Mask
>Me and the other Deathmarks were discussing the 'movies' that the cryptek allowed us to watch with him
>... Especially how and if we could make those western weapons necron style and make them just as effective.
>An immortal did walk to us and asked if there was any thing like the 'predator' on our world
>We... didn't know, but it would be fun to find out
>We even offered the immortal to tag along to find out...
>He seemed abhorred by that request and said he will just patrol the Tomb, however if we did find anything like that he be informed immediately.
>... As well as any other burrowing species, or creatures that lived in caves.
>Afterword he just said good bye and just went back on his patrol
>Another deathmark said he wanted to gauss the screen because of those... 'kaiju' creatures
>That did leave me wondering? Are there any gargantuan sized monsters here?
>I mean... the planet would have no problem supporting them if those things in the swamps were always that large.
>Plus many of the animals, and creatures do have a more complex tactic of hunting than should be regular.
>Even their hyper specialized organs were highly effective.
>... then we heard it a call of aid from the cryptek
>We dimensioned hoped to him quickly with our rifles ready to gun down his attacker
>Fallowed by several canoptek units gaurding both choke points, and also the exit points.
File: at his limit.png (560 KB, 800x800)
560 KB
560 KB PNG

(gonna tag both posts when time bullshit happens)

>He was making agitated sounds.
>”Fine ill tell you what you wish to know.”
>”I achieved a form that resembles that of the c’tan.”
>”Not too far off from what you hope to become in 18 million years.”
>Something popped up on my sensory arry subroutines I prepared for this encounter.
>The temperature of his essence totems of time he wore had risen suddenly.
>”And you already jumped back once at least, how have you already fucked up that you needed to rewrite the flow of time?”
>”Dammit.” He murmured.
Ignore the last three sentences, Orikan time travel bs happened.
Okay that seems like a reasonable place to stop for the night. that was a fun first encounter with orikan.

im gonna lurk for a while, please do keep the thread alive until morning as id prefer to not make another thread so soon after making this one.
also the idea of a kaiju on a planet is fun. might explain the 3 super heavy's on the planets surface.
Also making a few special revolvers does sound like a very fun venture. Just make a bunch of clint east wood necrons.
Just an idea of what it may look like before I pass the fuck out.
>Be Chari
>Enjoying the 'movies' with Ish
>Was told to continue with my tasks after it ended
>Had a lot of good ideas with those 'films'
>Only thing that seemed out of place was a canoptek scarab who seemed... slightly disconnected from the larger network.
>Oh, I double checked my data about those three Heavy Seraptek constructs from our deathmark friend...
>I will take over that project for Ish, but I will keep him updated.
>Hold up is that canoptek... Jhir'rakol Zi'mak!?
>… To revive a Noble Seraptek is a high honor indeed, I will save the final rousing for Ish
>Spyders were sent to investigate and begin the reconstruction effort
>I think three Canoptek Skorpions, six Canoptek Wraiths, and ten Scarabs assigned to three spyders should be a reasonably good force.
>Also investigating the damage to the six other Seraptek's to see if they are repairable (or reclaimable in the worse case scenario, though Ish has final say in that regard).

That is true but I remember that last thread Mask deathmark had a flashback of the war against the c'tan where there was 15 Seraptek Heavy Constructs. Six were outright destroyed by the c'tan, another six were very heavily damaged (chance of restoration is very low), and I assume the three are those who survived with relatively little damage, but perhaps were drained of energy.
Orikan the Diviner? More like, Orikan the Mundane-er! Fukkin Gottem!
Why not take inspiration from the hexmark destroyers guns. While adding gauss flayer on the coils in the center. Then to top it all off maybe a gauss flayer as its handle. Food for thought in the morning. but if you really want to add a blade. Use the bottom space of the barrel and just use the blade of a gauss blaster, the blade itself not that little piece that connects it to the weapon frame.

Also ty CM for taking notes of the battlefield flashback.
File: Comfy Crons.png (267 KB, 699x699)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
Orikan the D*ckhead
Orikan the Head up own a*se
Orikan the Retarded,
Orikan the impotent
Orikan the bitch who need multiple tries to do a simple conversation
File: 7hf3jcildkj01.jpg (37 KB, 800x600)
37 KB
>be Sentient Scarab
>My new form is nearly complete, I just need to get enough power to animate it.
>must channel all of my kork level cunning.
>just floats into a generator room carrying what is essentially a battery for my mech non-chalant, like I'm meant to be here.
>Notices an immortal doing a very attentive sweep of the generator rooms, I hope he doesn't find my Battery while it charges.
>leaves to go back to base to get the next once since my cunning is so great I had enough material for two
>A shout had become all that was left of me.
>The cheer our Overlords granted us when our gods at last lay shattered in the final battles. The command sent through to cry victory, as though it diminished the unfathomable loss of what we had become
>Hollow and dead, came the mechanical droning from thousands of warriors. Witless husks, engrams dulled by endless resurrections to a damnation beyond any our priests had dreamt of.
>And yet, dozens of voices rising above the rest, genuine relief and ecstasy. Those of us who clutched unto our scraps of sapience to enjoy this moment
>With a shock I realized that I was amongst this latter group
>We gathered together, suddenly alienated to the rest of our comrades in arms; and shouted words and songs half-remembered from our ancestors
>I held that moment, until it faded into a memory of a memory, and all I was left with was a shout into a forgotten sky
>Until the signal came to muster in defense of the tomb
>Until our Lord Transmutor began showing us what must have been memories of his memories
>Now, I am more than long silenced cheers for the first time in eons.
>Now, I am... worried.
>Plenty of time for that later. Apparently we have an infestation of organics, and an Immortal is on a hunt for eggs. Extermination now, existentialism later.
Oh shit is a necron warrior nice!
File: Flayed_One.jpg (71 KB, 775x599)
71 KB
>Hey Necrons, any of you ever killed a dude with a sock? It ain't so hard. Ha-HAA!

Imma infect this thread!
no you aren't
So im gonna get a few posts out this morning before I have to drive for the next 3 ish hours for work.

I'll reply here and there at the stops I make but won't be able to write much in those 3 hours.
File: necron kek.png (378 KB, 1200x948)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
>Orikan the bitch who need multiple tries to do a simple conversation
i know it doesn't role off the tongue but its defines him perfectly
oh yikes i jus t realized i linked an unrelated thread for part 3.
Here is part 3 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78583130
Hello, OP of the Word Bearers thread here, glad to see this series going strong. Mind if I do some more self advertisement?

Actually i already did that for you.
File: 55bh64.jpg (80 KB, 697x500)
80 KB
File: The outsider.jpg (269 KB, 1944x1296)
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269 KB JPG
>I locked the current logic chain of the conversation, still running several scans on him as subroutines.
>There was no telling how many times he would travel back to fix his mistake.
>I'll stop taking him down a peg for now, he might try and actually kill me if I keep on like this
>He eventually cooled off.
>”When you became a c’tan like being you registered as a star for the span 3 seconds, throwing off dozens of rituals I had conducted half way across the length of the void.
>”How was it that a MERE C’tan entity, even a facsimile of one would be recognized as a star across the expanse of space?”
>THAT was actually a good question.
>I hadn't bothered to think about it.
File: react7.png (1.86 MB, 1915x1075)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
>Orikan the savescum
Thanks, I do appreciate the support.
File: A Vision of ctan.png (211 KB, 640x331)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
>”What do you know of the Tsara'noga the C’tan known as The Outsider?”
>Orikan answered hesitantly, “Nothing significant I admit.”
>”He is like a beacon across the expanse of our galaxy, the brightest of the C’tan and I mean that literally.” i started.
>”So bright in fact that he could draw things out from beyond our galaxy to snuff us out.”
>I had been mostly just voicing my current train of thought not realizing what i was saying until after it came out of my mouth.
>”When my dynasty fought the outsider we were only fighting a shard of perhaps of 8 or so pieces of the outsider.”
>”We lost so much in trying to free ourselves from our gods.”
>”The empty country long expanses with thousands of canoptek constructs with only a fraction of necrons still entombed here is enough to show how low we’ve been brought down.”
Now there, that's the nickname Ne-krun can use to hurt Orikan.
File: Legions of necron.jpg (113 KB, 1000x716)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>I felt a slight dull static in my mind for a moment, my mental defensive matrix was secure so I brushed it off. [Relic Malfunction detected]
>”I remember the war, my time was spent besides my Phaerakh’s side, empowering and restoring her vanguard as we made march for war.”
>I saw legions upon legions of necrons standing in rank mustering.
>I Saw the vast beacon that had consumed the horizon, it burned brighter than any star we had seen.
>Its light bathed as we approached, thousands of necron warriors dead at our feet as we approached.
>I could see Millions of scarabs swarming between our marching legs, I could hear the thousands of skittering feet from the canoptek wraiths and Triarch Stalkers rushing to war.
>I could feel each devastating step of the 15 Seraptek Heavy Constructs stalked alongside us.
>I remembered it with such clarity, it terrified me.
>I hadn't realized i had projected it on the ceiling for Orikan to see.
and on that note im going to get ready for work, im going to listen to the next gaunts ghosts audiobook or maybe spice things up by listen to something new like the warhammer kids book or who knows maybe i continuing the horus heresy books i skipped.

Let me know what you folks thought of that part of the interaction, or if you have any audiobook recommendations.
File: Necrons vs Tyranids.jpg (30 KB, 320x400)
30 KB
>Be Immortal.
>Patrolling the generators for any more of that accursed green organic 'plant'. Or fleshy eggs. Or giant Old One abominations.
>See another of the crazy cryptek's modified canopteks scurrying around with a massive baters.
>Not an organic, so not my problem.
>A warrior that keeps trying to shout joins me on my patrol, and we move to the tertiary generators were the last batch of eggs were.
>The warrior notices cracks in the wall, and I send for the canopteks to repair the damage. Then the organic appears.
>A burrower that rears up and spit something on the ground, I send another repair request to the canopteks as I heft my gauss blaster and turn the vile organic to dust.
>The warrior looks in the corner and finds a hole filled with more eggs, though not the fleshy one thankfully, but we can't reach them with our weapons.
>Instead, send kill request to the canopteks and continue patrol. The warrior tries to shout again.
wait are you implying the eggs are tyranids with that image?
And the c'tan lightshow brought them early.
If they are, it would be funny if the guards destroyed the Tyranids and dealt with them and didn't inform anyone, like it was a mundane thing
Oh no, the burrower is just some random new life that mask mentioned way back when. No, the poor immortal is just a bit slow in the head, and Cryptanon's films made him think that xenomorph eggs are everywhere and that Predators are waiting outside the tomb.
The picture is just a neat 'nids vs crons' art I found, surprisingly few of them, actually.
That would be pretty hilarious, actually. An entire scout hive fleet arrives and gets swarmed by canopteks and deathmarks, then the few stragglers that make it in get atomized by a crazy immortal muttering about plants under his breath while canopteks follow him around fixing all the walls he keeps shooting.

I just realized that everyone on this tombworld, or is it a crownworld? is crazy.
I meant to say deathmarks wielding gauss revolvers and ten gallon hats, that makes a bit more sense.
Ended up listening to gaunts ghosts, I miss his heroics.

also holy shit why didn't I think if it sooner. Just arm immortals and other cool necrons with weapons that the destroyer cults uses. All the benfit of being a destroyer without the insanity
Wasn't the main reasoning for that not happening was that most of the Necrons were so freaked out by becoming Necrons that they vociferously rejected any further alterations to their humanoid forms?
Though, some of the more recent Necron models kind of tosses that out the window, especially with the crypteks, so sure, go wild, you'll have the most well armed dynasty in the galaxy.
now that they are sentient, you might ask for permission for furder modification
>be me Sentient Scarab,
>my plan to charge the batteries with energy from a generator worked.
>was intending to hook up the batteries and run a check on my mecha, was that it was called mecha.
>receives kill request from immortal and has a none existing evil grin.
>picks up the battery and returns to my "nest" which hoses the metal form.

>I call my creation a Canoptek Ael
>The form is a cross between a Canoptek wraith and Tomb stalker
>it looks like a Wraith with its lesser armoured tail portion being in encased in a series of metal plates.
>its base head is Wraith like but its most forward claws are replaced with gauss weapons.
>within the chest of the unit, holds a modified Fabricator claw array of a Canopteck Spyder with its 4 exterior arms being able to act as scything blades if needed.
>one addition implemented in the design was an booster system which uses consumed biomass to fuel a mini engine to overclock the float system.
> I got the boost idea from the Cryptek's 'movies' but it causes a lot of smoke so I added some holes, 2 small and one big,
>to kind of make the holes not weak points, their exits were extended from the form, but then it hampered the armor so it was built around them to protect them.

>i get into the mech in the hidden compartment and starts it up.
>it lights up with artificial life and I control it like I was made to be in this form.
>Controls the Canoptek Ael though the tomb feeling like an overlord in a progression.
>arrives at the generator and goes and destroyes what the immortal wanted.

Its here, also The Ael is smaller than the size comparison of the image comparison, The Canoptek Ael is as big as a Tomb Blade not a Tomb stalker.
Hey we canopteks are quite sane... its the rest of you guys that are crazy.

>Be acanthrite in our 3 'man' squad
>How the hell did we loose that immortal
>… Its been a solid two hours since we lost him
>Hold up a sighting was reported from another spyder
>When me and the squad got there he was with pretty much with almost every awakened necron.
>They appeared to be watching something... apparently this is a 'movie marathon'
>Had to admit me and the boys did like some of the 'films'
>... After it was done I did the closest thing to clapping I could manage even out spyder joined in on the applause...
>... Hold up where did the imortal go!
>... But that 'web' the 'mothra larva' could produce might actually be useful atleast keeping the organics out.
>I recieve a ping from a spyder, apparently a large nest of the creatures has been found and a reinforcement request has been sent to any nearby necrons...
>Looks like a major nest with its young was found... also the six parents.
>... Well, if we are lucky, that immortal will come aid us in extermination of the nest with us.
I feel i kind of broke your argument before you even started, since did just made the Canoptek Ael
need to refresh... when I make long post.

>Be Immortal.
>Finished patrolling the generators, now patrolling the decrepit parts of the tomb again. Picked up another warrior somewhere, now there are three of us and both warriors keep trying to shout something.
>See a bunch of canopteks rushing off to the generators, including a strange looking Stalker the size of a tomb blade. Probably another of the crazy cryptek's experiments.
>Anyway, can't be distracted by the canopteks, too busy searching for more organics that desecrated our beloved tomb.
>One of the warriors finds another collapsed chamber overgrown with the accursed 'plant' organic, we heft our gauss weapons and reduce it all to atoms, then destroy the weakened walls that couldn't keep the organics out.
>I tell the warriors to keep their eyes on the 'plant' because it likes to creep up on us when we turn our backs on it, then send a repair request to the canopteks.
>Continue patrol, but at some point a group of the small canopteks seem to shake angrily at us, but I don't care what they want. Too busy killing organics.
>is there to kill organics with the immortal and warriors + Canoptek's.
>having fun with new Canoptek Ael.
>notices that in the next chamber, the warriors and immortals do the action of destroying the tomb as well as the organics.
> I won't question their actions since they seem to know what their doing, but their just making more work for us Canoptek's.
>is slightly miffed at that but im now big Ael.
>so while passing the immortal who seems to be the leader of the congregation, Vents some steam into his face,
>Has non existent grin
>goes to excavate the rubble and reconstruct the tomb with my past swarm buddies.
>way easier when you have massive claws to excavate and an fabricator array to manipulate material with.
>makes bricks for scarabs.
File: scarabs_w_spyders.jpg (110 KB, 827x438)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Be scarab
>Was moving in a massive wave with others to deal with a 'bug' nest
>Filthy fucking organics invading our tomb.
>Was diverted by the spyder to aid a Immortal, and warriors
>When we get there he is blasting the wall...
>… What an asshole...
>Try to point him at the very least in the direction of a larger nest
>He fucking ignores me
>Fixing this hole with out a spyders help is going to be hell.
>A new construct seems to appear out of no where and begins coordinating us...
>Must be Ishskars newest experimental construct.
>He releases a thick fog in the immortals face...
>I like this one already!
>He uses a similar building techniques that the 'meat people' (I think they are called... humans?) use in the 'movies' the cryptek showed us.
>It is surprisingly highly effective then what most other spyders do.
>He relinquishes control after the task was completed and we both go our separate way.
>Have got to find out what he calls himself (or is called by) later.
File: All consuming.jpg (883 KB, 4096x3091)
883 KB
883 KB JPG

>Orikan watched my projection of the war with great interest.
>Millions of streaks of gauss fire streaked the sky, all drowned into the blistering light that was the outsiders radiant being.
>Arcs of lightning kissed the ground with destructive force, rending streaks shot through dozens of ranks of warriors.
>The C’tan was hardly fighting seriously as we came to blows with us.
>With a gesture he conjured screaming tornadoes across the field, sending thousands flying into the air before crashing down miles away.
>”We were immortal yes, but that didn't stop the fact that we were fighting gods”
>Degradation and static took over the scene.
>Hours were lost from my memory.
File: removed.jpg (364 KB, 1000x947)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
>As i tried to play the clip further
>The static had taken over, of what we could see was a grim sight.
>I was adding a new string onto my harp, the iconoclasts cord.
>I Lifted myself from my place of hiding, the sundered remains of Seraptek Heavy Constructs had allowed me a moment of peace.
>I Stepped to look onto the outsider.
>So much of him was gone now but even still he fought.
>For every great shot from the network of pylon array’s got in on the C’tan
>Tens of thousands more necrons fell to the cataclysmic power of the outsider.
>The static builds further and further and further.
>So much of it is so hard to see what that damned light.
>The losing battle is raging.
>Canoptek scarabs die off in the millions, trying futilely to form a sarcophagus to entrap the outsider.
>I Strive to resurrect and the fallen Seraptek but my body is giving way.
>The resurrection orb is cooking me alive, but i can't die now.
>The Seraptek construct sputters to life, coolant and other secretions leaking from its insides yet even still it tries to raise its guns onto the C’tan
>I Fill everything I have within my resurrection orb matrix to the tips of my fingers, about to strike down at my harp.
File: Just a memory.png (7.18 MB, 2458x2278)
7.18 MB
7.18 MB PNG
>My vision blurs beyond recognition, i don't know what it was that i did.
>Orikan is cursing, wanting to see more, I can't hear what he says.
>These Last moments of pure recall are fading.
>I see something as bright as a star besides me, where the seraptak had once stood.
>More static is covering the screen.
>The thing brighter than a star fires onto the C’tan.
>And i am left blinded.
>I feel as though someone is shaking me.
it would be funny if the bright thing was him from the past
Is it strange that when this Seraptek I want it to remember the final moments before it 'blacked out'? I have a scene playing in my mind, and it is so unadulteratedly pure... that I feel like it must happen.
Technically that is possible since if he died, in universe his soul would go into the warp were every thought, feeling and emotion is warped, so since people know of the concept of reincarnation its possible with the 40k universe.
Go for it but if it wasnt clear it went through the same thing our boy went through when using the Iconclast cord and waveform cord combined.
I don't think I will... well not until you reawaken the Seaptek
File: the outsider commeth.jpg (118 KB, 752x680)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>When i come to i find the orikan is shaking me.
>”Cryptek! Come now, what's happening to you?”
>I snap out of my funk and push off orikan.
>”I’m fine…” I grip the side of my head.
>What's wrong with this cryptek’s head.
>”I...the war in heaven was a difficult time.”
>I sputter for a bit trying to figure out why I showed him that, it didn't even feel like it was me showing him.
>”As you saw, the outsider being a star god shone with the ferocity of a star burning across the void attracting who knows what."
>”But what was it that you did to that seraptak construct.” Orikan hissed.
>I shoved a shushing finger in front of his ”Look Orikan, I am no longer in a mood or mindset to speak further on the matter.”
>”Fuck, I need to lie down.”
>”I’m going to make you a deal orikan.”
>”I need help finding things, things that are actually going to benefit the rest of the necron empire.”
>”I know the when and where on the galactic scale things are.”
>”But i need to narrow my searches extensively and you're just the astromancer for the job.”
>”If you help me with this orikan, ill answer exactly how you can achieve that body of light form millions of years ahead of schedule.”
File: old man cron.jpg (61 KB, 800x600)
61 KB
>I used that time to get several projects started by sending messages to my crew of cryptek’s and canoptek constructs.
>”Fine i suppose that is an adequate enough deal.” he answered finally.
>”When am i to put my divinitations to use.”
>”Some Decades to a few centuries from now, me and trazyn have lots of work for the greater good.”
>Oh fucking dammit, why did i say greater good.
>”I just need you to stay out of his and my way.”
>”And if you notice any tombworlds about to come to a violent end in the immediate future, FUCKING TELL ME ABOUT IT.”
File: maxresdefault.jpg (207 KB, 1280x720)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
>Having the 'kaiju' on our world would most certainly be a problem... especially if they are as destructive as that 'Godzilla', or those other 'kaiju' class creatures.
>Who knows what damage they could do to our tomb complexes...
>We'd need the A Seraptak to maybe deal with one of them, if they exist of this planet.
>Chari is overseeing the restoration of them all, and reawakening of two of them.
>Last data recite that we got was a High Noble Canoptek was spotted among them and would require the personal reawakening by Ishskar hands.
>However our organization would not only require the military power to destroy them, but investigate them as well.
>But what should our organization be called?
>A few of my fellows and I leans towards 'Monarch', but others are more leaning towards 'IISO' (Isolation and Investigation of 'Super' Organics) yea that's what they got so far...
>But generally we are agreeing upon a few rules IF we encounter them.
> 1.) Any signs of such a creature being alive and existing include. Absolutely titanic footsteps, unnatural seismic activity, Any signs of animals fleeing on masse from a particular area, ect.
> 2.) A few deathmarks will locate and fallow it as best they can in stealth, keeping track of its movements and habits.
> 3 A.) If 'Kaiju' is highly territorial, but far away from a tomb complex and sticks to its territory shall be ignored. Necrons will be restricted to not enter the areas.
> 3 B.) If 'Kaiju' is a migrator, then it shall be tracked and diverted as needs dictate.
> 3 C.)If 'Kaiju' is a long term hibernation then will be noted and will be observed to determine if A, or B.
> 4.) If at all possible diverting the path of such a creature from a path that might crosses any tomb complexes.
> 5 A.) Collection of any samples of such a specimen.
> 5 B.) If specimen is too dangerous kill it, or find another 'kaiju' and get them to fight each other... peripherally far away from any tomb complex.
Erogenous Fulgrim Bump
>be me Canoptek Ael
>after successful test of the Ael's performance in both a destructive and constructive manner I'm happy so I go to return to my Nest.
>I notice how the other scarabs are eyeing me, I'm happy since me is cool.
>is sad knowing all other scarabs arn't as cool as me
>While returning to my nest, I came to a daunting realisation.
>with my extra processing power gained by being connected to the Ael I can easily assume that, without additional Ael's i would probably be removed for not being a standard unit while not being protected by a higher official like Chari, I should make the Ael's more present in the tomb then there would be no removal.
>at that point in train in though, a inspirational sight occurred in front of me, I saw a bobbing wraith with a Warrior riding a Tomb Blade behind it in my sight resulting in the illusion of the warrior riding the Wraith.
>This sight gave me an inspiration for the next design process of the Ael, for this I will need more materials as well as non Canoptek entities.
>Once the Ael appeared in front of the Cryptek's they kind of went for the lack of a better term "Raving crazy".
>mainly because this is the first time I've showed any form of higher office I'm not a normal Canoptek creature.
>at most they seem open to the concept of my presence but I have a sneaking suspicion it was due to the mad cryptek's influence even though I can't critique it since I'm in the same category.
>I try to present to them my ideas involving my inspiration before realising one key fact I didn't notice before.
>I've lost my ability to transmit telepathic communication,
>I know I can receive it since I heard the Immortals call for annihilation earlier.
>I also can't use a voice box to communicate since, my scarab form doesn't have one and The Ael doesn't have one since I didn't know how it worked.
>I somehow convey to one of the cryptek's that i can't speak and need a voice box.
>We make a deal with him installing a voice box, he wants a sight of the schematics of the Ael,
>after a while of the cryptek's collectively awing at my form and installing a voice box, my first words are
>"Whats a Schematic?"
File: seraptek.jpg (3.48 MB, 2458x2278)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB JPG
>I am getting REAL tired of interacting with people as of late.
>Orikan left in a huff, and no doubt is going to try and fuck me over in the future.
>Problems for later.
>I've been getting reports of 3 FUCKING seraptak heavy constructs.
>How in the fuck do we have 3 of them just vibing out in the middle of nowhere.
>I had a few death marks guide me to it while I rode atop of a Catacomb Command Barge.
>It was just as stated, 3 of them.
>Hundreds of little canoptek constructs are stirring around them, even chari is here.
>I have been at the head of the reconstruction effort and shards it is hard...
>But Ish is on his way here to see the three Serapteks...
>The repair work is complete and the two are ready to be awakened...
>However it should be the honor of Ish to awaken... The High Noble Seraptek, Jhir'rakol Zi'mak
>He seems to consider it and complements my hard work and coordination of the other canopteks
>... Ultimately when he did awaken thanks to my lords power he said one word
Now before you criticize me consider how you are to the canopteks. for a very few you do use them like tools, however to many others your very much are like a father figure. Also you (as I see it) did treat them with extreme care and love (well as much as a necron could show while be enslaved).
>after Learning what a Schematic was, I came up with an idea that interweaves with my initial idea.
>Uses my bigger than normal scarab mind to explain my idea of rideable Canoptek Ael's which can act as a fast close combat vehicles like those floatbikes things those eldar had during the war.
>one of the Crypteks countered this with the argument they already had the tomb blades.
>I count his argument with words, i like speaking it makes me feel important

>"A Tomb blade is a good vehicle and its good at being a weapons platform, but for those who want to be more sneaky its not the best form of transport, an Ael would be able to act alone while not being controlled with its utility being more diverse than a weapon platform."

>with that the arguments are out of the way and I relay to them my idea for its form, the head of the Ael would be caved in to accommodate the form of a necron, the holes were redesigned so they won't get in the way, Added some hand holds room for the legs.
>after a while of this, its form is done, I handed them two schematics in the end, the form worked on together and my original which I referred to Greater Ael
>I'm going to really just focus on these 3 folks.
>Whoever decided it was a good idea to leave them OUTSIDE for FOURTY TWO MIIILLION YEARS needs a swift fucking kick to the jaw.
>For now i'm going to check up on getting these babies up and running.
>They have some serious issues when it comes to oxidation issues which is pretty par for the course when you leave a necron outside for so fucking long.
>According to the reports from the deathmarks have provided we have a fucking MOISTURE rich atmosphere.
>Chari has actually been working hard for the last 3 years to get rid of most of the oxidation, id just have to make sure everything was fine and probably as an added measure add in some auramite circuitry.
>Over the next 32 years give or take I was finally confident to boot them.
>I spent another 3 years proceeding to conduct the ritual to reawaken them.
So do you want trazyn to visit you...?
File: stellar protocol.png (66 KB, 736x385)
66 KB
>It was the same song and dance though it rapidly drained out more than half of my power from Resurrection orb matrix.
>I pumped each one of them with sufficient energy to be at half charge.
>One by one each of their blue oculars lit up with a blue flame.
>They each begin to move about, testing each limb.
>Moving their weapon arrys
>I Check what's going on behind that head of theres and I spot something Labeled the “STELLAR ALIGNMENT PROTOCOL”, it shows that...I left that behind.
>Oh shit that's a rule on the tabletop.
>The center seraptak speaks...and calls me "Father" no less.
>I stand in stunned silence.
>Be Jhir'rakol Zi'mak
>I have finally been awoken by my cre-
>No, by my father, after all the years he is the one who awoke I once more...
>Much like how he first created me...
>"It is good to finally see you again."
>I had to say the next part in a private communications
>"The last thing I can remember was me and my brothers giving our energy to you to sustain that form for a while..."
>"But are you alright? You must have spent a lot of energy reawakening my brothers and I."

I think he was referring to last thread where Trazyn had to stop his acquisition run for something hoping that setting up that gate way would take way longer. I think?
>Huh...so it's like I'm responsible for their creation.
>I'm starting to get the feeling I may not actually be a lesser Technomancer.
>I have NO recollection of creating him, but apparently I am his creator.
>He worries about me and I reassure him that I'm fine.
>I Call up the void crew and inform them we need a transport to bring back all 3 seraptak into the tombworld.
>I'm just going to keep an open line of communication with this one that can talk, for now.
>It takes a few hours of prep and even more time to move them but eventually we are able to transport the trio inside.
>We won't have to worry about rusting anymore.
so now im just going to basically get the ball rolling for the next 2 major events. Trazyn setting us up for the meeting+the actual meeting and then actually finding and arriving to the decayed tomworld.

I did kind of wanna ask, just as a general preposition. would any of you be by any chance interested in a discord?
sure why not
and thank you CM for clarifying
Also, why is this so unabashedly pure when I see it. I just see its head trying to be gentle as it tries lowing itself to your level...

Yes... kind of, but I did want op to maybe visit the character occasionally just to have something/someone nice to talk to.

Also I do want to say our cryptek was just responsible for giving many of the canopteks a much more advanced engram. Even allowing for them to experience… more than regular canopteks in terms of emotion and personality (even if it isn't much)

I will not join immediately… maybe in the near future.
>"It is good to hear that you are doing alright"
>"But forgive me, I have many questions."
>Father gives me a nod to continue
>"How is the tomb and our people?"
>"... and who is that little golden scarab on your shoulder plate, he bears your heraldry."
>I am then introduced to 'Chari'
>He was the one who took the cleaning and minor repairs to the detoxification of my brothers and I.
>'Chari' was very energetic and seemed to lift up my fathers spirit...
>He was so pure and cheery, I can see now why father keeps him around.
>Unfortunately I had to get on the ship to reenter our home, but I know he will visit I again.
>Perhaps we could just talk... like the good old days.
I'd join it, as it would be intersting to see the planning process as im the anon that was going to try and write the nids story.
So... your the, Anon-o-nid
Here to nom biomass and grow fat from strength
Tyranid Anonigaunt
File: necron-scarab-red-group-2.jpg (532 KB, 2641x1886)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
Well here you go folks, enjoy!

>RIGHT AS THE SHIP DOCKS DOWN, im met by a small scarab with a jewelled red back plate.
>I instantly recognized what was to go down next.
>The little thing gave a servile bow, Its carapace scissored open to reveal a message orbuculum.
>Projected up at her full height was the goddamn praetorian.
>”Master Ishskar, High Transmogrifier of the Voekhet, Known as the Awakener.” WHEN DID I GET THAT TITLE?!
>”I am Executioner Phillias of the Triarch praetorians, herald of the Awakened
Council. By order of the Council you are to present yourself on Bekyra with immediate haste.”
>”Fucking great.” I mumble to myself
>The scarab prattles on and I get that this isn't a trial but rather an informal symposium.
>So i can assume trazyn laid out the groundwork for me.
>I am told to bring ALL awakened necrons and constructs.
heck one line got messed up.
>By order of the Council you are to present yourself on Bekyra with immediate haste
Oh No
S-should Chari tag along?
Now that Ishskar has a proper title now, Who's gonna make his wargame stats?
Better question!
When will we get a picture of Ishskar!
And stats for his dynasty and unique key characters...
Like Chari
Considering he fights with a modified Ressurection Orb and an Harp of Dissonance, how would you balance that out?
File: harp.png (42 KB, 814x138)
42 KB
Every one.

Funny thing that, i actually did a tiny stat for him and Agakhet during the fight. sadly i didnt let Agakhet use DISRUPTION FIELDS before the combat ended.
He is a major buffing unit
>All Seven Hundred Seventy-Five necrons were packed into The Alchemizer's Equation.
>I had to get sannet to send me directions to the planet Bekyra because the scarab wouldn't say where EVEN THOUGH it didn't end its projection of Executioner Phillias.
>Technically she did ask me to bring all constructs, so I pack in just about the most active canoptek constructs from the last 104 years that I've been awake.
>That also includes the 3 super heavies that just woke up.
>We still have loads of space in the The Alchemizer's Equation even with all these boys.
>When we take off i realize i still have the original doom scythe’s from the first trip.
>With this army i could easily take over a planet, not a chain of thought i'd like to continue for now
>I end up taking the scarab off to another room, i get the feeling Phillias might have something to say for my ears only.
>So apparently we are going on a road trip to go see this 'awakened council'
>My fellow deathmarks got board real quick...
>I'd like to talk to Ish about requesting those revolvers and rifles
>… But he requested to be alone
>This is going to be a long ass trip...
>Thankfully a few canopteks managed to record the movies that Ishskar played...
>The seraptak's seem perplexed what was a 'movie'
>We explained as best we could what they were to the Seraptak...
>They at first didn't seem to care... but their was one line of movies we were going to play last.
>Every necron and canoptek were in on the plan (that we had sub-consciously created)… so then the movie marathon began...
>the Seraptak were caught blind side from the movies
>they seemed to enjoy a few of them... others were boring to for some of them
>In the final stretch the iconic music played and we watched their attention.
>... and began recording.
>It was funny, watching their eyes lit up going like WTF!
>Some were at aw with the power of the organic creatures.
>But the best part was the laughter they had at some of the ridiculousness at some of the scenes.
>Thank goodness the rooms are insolated/isolated!
>Because if they weren't I think the cryptek's would assume we were under attack!
File: Triarch_Praetorian2.jpg (163 KB, 563x758)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>I locked myself away in my quarters with the scarab orbuculum projection.
>”So it seems you had something more to tell me.” I asked it.
>The praetorian spoke up once more.
>”The following message is to be off the record, any word of this to another will result in the permanent destruction of your existence.”
>She lowered her head for a moment.
>“The last time someone with foresight told you of what horrors await us he was shunned, disregarded and our whole race was dragged into the flames of biotransference.” She was quoting ME!
>”You told me this when I asked about your schemes.”
>”We cannot deny the failures of the past, so i don't intend to allow your words to go unheeded.”
File: 1618277479599.png (16 KB, 629x495)
16 KB
>I froze at this declaration.
>Did...did i honestly get the Executioner of the Awakened Council.
>”We of the Triarch Praetorian Failed once before, we will not fail our people again.”
>She crossed her arms, dipping her head into a bow.
>”Glory to the immortal empire.” The transmission ended.
>I at least have one friend in the council.
and with that i can hop off for the night, bump until i return my dear anons. Hope we can get to the part ive been waiting to write since i first started posting a week ago.
File: Laughing Dungeon.jpg (116 KB, 640x422)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Ishskar's got himself a Tsundere Skel-bot giantess gf now, lmao.
File: hqdefault (12).jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
File: Horny 9.jpg (14 KB, 198x236)
14 KB
File: 20210412_234900.jpg (101 KB, 1280x905)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
But I won't say no, mostly becuase I'm curious about the idea of necrons post biotransfurance still somehow managing to find love
File: 20210412_234952.jpg (53 KB, 1280x905)
53 KB
The alternative of being immortal with no one just seems too cruel.
File: 20210412_234954.jpg (39 KB, 1280x905)
39 KB
*no one to love
File: 1527073405801.jpg (50 KB, 960x960)
50 KB
You just wanted an excuse to post that art, you fucker.
File: ryan_gosling.gif (2.49 MB, 500x324)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB GIF
fuck u anon im trying to escape here not feel
It was more of a happy accident.
that is too good a scene to pass up.
Could this make Catherine (the necron Idol) cannon?
>be Jhir'rakol Zi'mak (Jhir for short)
>So apparently all newly awakened necrons…
>AND us constructs are going to meet the council.
>I am a tiny bit worried, I haven't even been awake for a century
>Father says its going to be fine...
>There was a lot more space on his ship then I remember
>We even had two doom scythes already here
>hell we got every canoptek, and necron on board
>It appears those deathmarks god board rather quickly after a year.
>A Spyder offered to play a 'movie'...?
>I inquire what is this movie to the group, and they all collectively turn to look at me and then back at each other
>It basically a motion film done by actors, and dozens of other effects (people who play out scenes n'stuff)
>The deathmarks did appear to enjoy the 'Clint Eastwood' films
>The Immortals leaned more towards the first 'Terminator'
>The spyders preferred the 'starship troopers'
>However I got the feeling they were holding somehing back...
>I then heard a strange music, it began ominusly
>This... monster was called 'Godzilla' by the 'hu-mans'
>It was awe-inspiring how much damage it did
>But there were so many different films... though I do have to admit I did like it when it was more like a force of nature rather then two monsters just fighting each other.
>I experienced so many emotions during that session.
>From Awe, to horror, to amusement, to sadness, to hatred, to sympathy, and I even felt a tiny bit of sympathy for the monsters...
>This is something I will not forget...
Everything happens when I sleep...

>Be Immortal.
>The crazy cryptek has ordered everyone currently awake onto his ship to answer before the Awakened Council.
>But who will defend our tombworld now? Who will fight off the depredations of the organics? Who will watch for the Old One abominations? Who will shatter the weak walls and tell the canopteks to rebuild them?
>But I cannot defy the crazy cryptek. I'm going, canopteks, stop poking me.
>There are many canopteks joining us, including the surviving heavy constructs made to battle the C'Tan shards. I fear more for our tombworld every day we are gone.
>Few of my brothers share my concern, and the deathmarks are too enamored by their modified weapons to care.
>Nonetheless, several fellow immortals speak with me about the ever encroaching menace of the 'plants' that seek to invade out tomb. A number of warriors join us, each trying to shout, but seeming to share our concern.
>I show them the recordings of the time travelling machines and their crusade against the organics, and they are inspiried. If only we could modify our forms like those machines, we could exterminate the organics even more efficiently...
>The heavy constructs seem quite interested in the Old One abominations, I hope they learn their weaknesses to netter combat them.
>The crazy cryptek has secluded himself with his small canopteks and a Triarch Praetorian, I hope they can fix his strange obsessions.
This is no time to die, bump.
>be me Greater Ael.
>is working on my lesser Ael ideas.
>over the years the lesser Ael's are produced and a Squad of Deathmarks were given the Ael's to test out.
>as the Ael's are shipped out for testing the Mad Cryptek sends a summon order for all of the awakened from the C'tan event to follow him off world.
>contemplate if I'm in that group since gained emotions from event.
>figuratively sigh before boarding the ship.
>notice the big canoptek beings going with us, realise the crypteks who were working on the Aels are coming with me.
>leaves and returns to the ship with a large stockpile of Blackstone and Necrodermis, Feels I will need it.
File: 36e03ec.jpg (1.37 MB, 4000x4000)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Morning folks, im just getting up. I'll work on some writing before I head off for work in a bit.
>The scarab went dormant after striking an interesting pose.
>I just leave the scarab in private quarters for now so I can check out our heading.
>it's going to take us an entire 15 years even moving beyond the speed of light.
>Right now i think about speaking with some of the passengers.
>A Lot of these necrons have been suggesting a new set of armaments.
>I think i can comply with their demands.
>A Lot of them want revolvers.
>I get a rather cunning idea.
File: SkorepkhLordArt.jpg (217 KB, 1000x1000)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
>So with a lot of the destroyer cults the new models didn't show up until the new codex showed up.
>Which means it's fair to say a lot of their armaments didn't show up until around the time the Silent king came around.
>Im in a fucking ship full of all the fucking resoruces and help for this endevour.
>One by one several blueprints are drafted up.
>For Ranged combat i draw up plans for: The Enmitic disintegrator pistol, The Enmitic annihilator, The Enmitic exterminator, The Gauss destructor. (making versions that AREN'T actually integrated into their hosts, they'll need their own power source though.)
>For Melee: Hyperphase harvester, Hyperphase reap-blade, Hyperphase threshers (which for the last one i actually have a head start on after spending 4 making during my time working on the Skorpioid units.)
>Oh yeah i'm gonna be having loads of fun for the next 15 years.
>Be Immortal
>The crazy cryptek seems to have ended his communion with the triarch praetorian, and the little canoptek retired. He still seems crazy, though.
>It was while he was looking through a data library that he jumped up and screamed something about the Silent King, then ran off to the canoptek section of the ship.
>My fellow immortals and the warriors that have come to understand the danger of the organics all fear what monstrosity he will conjure forth next, though the deathmarks are all jumping and cheering themselves. The warriors try to cheer too, just because, I suppose.
Haven't read about it, but for Necrons wouldn't it been that the weapons simply haven't been rediscovered yet? Since their technology is ancient and they don't usually innovate.
So The way that it goes is these destroyer colts basically mangle Their own bodies until they are pure aspects of destruction. This is basically them and each other working on themselves until they believe that Exemplify destruction. There have been a few books that actually bring this Up.
Interesting. I should read up on Necrons, aesthically they are my second favorite (behind Tau).

They lose some points in my book because they rely too much on the egyptian aspect... unless Warhammer 40K implies it was the necrons who built the pyramids?
I don't think they built the pyramids... I think man was just inspired.
Are there any books specifically about the destroyer cults?
I kinda want to read about them now.
There is a minor theory that a pratorian (because they go througout the galaxy ensuring the Necrons survive and spread their culture to more primitive civs) came to earth and made the ancient Egyptians what they were.

That that's kinda in universe, and done have much beyond what I said.
>Tfw history channel at night was right all along
File: DisPistol.jpg (13 KB, 238x150)
13 KB
>The Enmitic disintegrator pistol was the first design I wanted to work on.
>These Enmitic weapons sort of work like my Entropy cord and Dissonance cord.
>But instead of outright targeting the atom bonds it forces the atoms themselves to violently repel other atoms.
>I already have the shape of the gun in place but actually need the parts.
>It takes a year of trial and error.
>I ended up having to Synthesize the electrum strings that make up some of my harp strings and weave them together into a braid.
>Powering the thing required a enriched uranium power cell, which isn't the standard for necron tech but actually using atomic energy is kinda
>I handed off the first prototypes of Pistols out to the deathmarks, each one of them got a twin pair.
>The testing phase proved relatively enlightening.
>They were prone to burning out after prolonged use, and the atomic battery was kind've to blame for it.
>They did exactly as they were supposed to for a pistol, but powering it was gonna be tricky since it did need part of that atomic reaction if it was going to be used.
>I Thought about seeing if I could transmute a compound of living metal, uranium and a few other goodies I had laying around.
>After about 2 years, 7 near nuclear meltdowns and 12 uranium Fission incidents i do finally manage to get a working version out to the deathmarks.
>I swear I occasionally hear them quoting clint eastwood.
>Now its onto the The Enmitic annihilator, and The Enmitic exterminator.
>An assault weapon and a heavy weapon.
>Be Chari
>Working with Ish on designing new necron weaponry
>He has the general design worked out... But filling it with the proper technology is the hard part.
>We have been trying to make a reasonably miniaturized power cell (or pack, what ever we can get) and intergrade them onto the necrons...
>It has been a hellish experience
>Lots of failures and close calls
>… Another canoptek who can speak (seriously how is that possible) chimes in...
>Why not incorporate a few large power cells (or packs) onto the shoulders (or any part of their armor) of our troops... while also making them interchangeable with the standard shoulder padding.
>Which is really... smart, actually.
>Why didn't we think of that earlier?
Void Dragon figurine was shit
I half agree, cool ideas for a C'tan but not a dragon in the slightest
>Be Immortal.
>The crazy cryptek has surprisingly actually done something sensible.
>The deathmarks received their beloved 'revolver' weapons, and they have been practicing incessantly since then, saying strange things after firing, like 'filthy animal', and 'do you feel lucky?'.
>The weapons seem quite efficient at destroying organics, poisoning them if it does not immediately kill them.
>My brothers and I have been speculating on if this means that the triarch praetorian managed to talk sense into the crazy cryptek, but he still says strange things all the time.
>The little canopteks, scarabs they call themselves, have been experimenting with shoulder mounted power packs for the new weapons, which is quite surprising. I hadn't realized that they could think.
>I hope the crazy cryptek makes something that can destroy the organics even more efficiently, or perhaps that will let us see invisible organics.
same, design is nice, but underwhelming for the Void Dragon
Confirmed Germophobic?
I'd say that the poor immortal is a bit slow in the head and thinks that organics are around every corner, waiting to jump out at him.
The movies that he watched really traumatized him, he thinks that those were all memories of Ish himself, not films, so he thinks that Aliens, Predators, kaiju, terminators, and what have you are all out their somewhere, and he has to defend the tombworld from them all.
So, bigger guns means more dead organics means safer tombworld.
>A few of the scarabs are being a bit more helpful.
>Some suggestions for power cell packs.
>They made a few prototype shoulder packs but its a bit too unwieldy in my opinion.
>That and as time went on I realized I could just wire them into the backs of immortals
>They got to have some sort internal power source, I bet with some modification an immortal could wield a The Enmitic annihilator.
>That song and dance lasted 5 years to make, we had to rethink the uranium living metal compound.
>So many mistakes, and so many holes bore into other parts of the ship, I totally ended up killing like 70 or so canoptek constructs in the process which I promptly repaired.
>But eventually we had a working prototype for the The Enmitic annihilator.
>Be Immortal.
>The crazy cryptek blew a hole in his own ship.
>He was experimenting on one of my brother immortals, affixing one of the strange organic destroying weapons to his body, and when the test firing began it blew a hole in the ship.
>We lost three of the warriors and many canoptek construct to the void, but the doom scythes retrieved them.
>The new weapon that he called an Enmitic Annihilator works wonders against weak walls, but I am still doubtful about it's use against organics.
>One of the stranger scarabs insisted that the design was his idea, but the gilded scarab hit it for some reason.
>I miss hefting my gauss blaster on organics.
>I won't Build the Enmitic Exterminator at this stage as I am likely to cause a reactor meltdown.
>Instead of move to make the Gauss Destructor.
>I already have blueprints for every gauss weapon at my disposal.
>It is unironcally second nature.
>It takes around 2 weeks to get a prototype done.
>Another two months to actually fix any minor issues.
>And by the end of the year I've armed fully have of the immortals with the final product.
>They are a bit slower due to added wait but holy fuck is this damage output insane.
>A pack of 5 of these boys can chew through a terminators and a dreadnought
Again so sorry for the delays I'm going to be wrapping up work Here in an hour and a 1/2
>Be Chari
>I still do not know who this 'Ael' is
>… He is clearly one of ours, but he isn't connected to the larger network.
>He also prefers communicating verbally...
>The other cryteks seem to find him as an strange oddity, or... something slightly unnatural.
>It is honestly very concerning, because I can't receive any com messaged from him.
>Also he is under no control from any of the spyders...
>However I decide to play Jhir a visit...
>Jhir and Ish seem oddly close
>He was just peacefully 'humming' the 'godzilla' tune...
>It was quite... cute for something of his kind to do.
>"Ah, hello little one what brings you to me?"
>"Ishskar, unlike many other canopteks doesn't see himself as the end all be all. He humbles himself, and generally doesn't look down on others."
>"I think that is one of the reasons why the c'tan hated him so much..."
>"Yes they hated his humility... but they also seemed to hate something else about him. However I can't pin down what it was."
>"Well you should go little one, he'd most likely would love a hand on his next project."

Also Mask you asked I deliver...
Yes I did had this typed up earlier, but god dam was I tired.
don't worry about it, you've been SUPER consistent these last couple of threads, don't burn out, take your time Cryptanon.
I agree
I kinda wish Orator would take notes. His premise is good but he's not posting enough for me to feel comfortable lurking as hard as I do here, and there's so many bump posts I worry it would kill other people's interests.

If you're there Orator, I'm still waiting/watching/reading, good luck.
>be me Canoptek Ael who's referring to self as Greater Ael.
>space is boring when not working on Ael, Now other Crypteks have schematics of my initial Ael, I know my Ael won't become unique unless i Work on it.
>makes New nest in the ship where won't be noticed, easy to make nest on hull with Ael when no one really goes on the exterior.
>nest looks good and is hidden, transports all of my materials over time and makes a workshop on this ship.
> goes about upgrading my Ael, At the time of my undergoing of this task, I hear the Scarabs are introducing the idea of some power pack for the immortals for their new weapons. . .
>I investigate this as a Scarab to not draw attention.
>the Idea has merit but its not suitable for a bigger entity like my Ael, so I return to a design I already made while making the Ael.
>Using Blackstone, some conduit material and some Iskar material I stole while on the tomb world I make another Canoptek egg which I use to power the Ael.
>the Canoptek Egg is best creation, so much that I feel it needs its own schematic separate from Ael design, I will say putting them in when cryptek's weren't looking wasn't hard since I'm a genius.
>makes 2 Canoptek eggs and plans to charge them but makes a new schematic for the Greatest Ael first,
>once Schematic is done, I lurk around in natural scarab form around the Cryptek and watch the immortal weapons test.
>I want those for my Ael. . .
>realises I have no idea how those work.
>contemplates asking the Cryptek for a schematic of those.
>returns to Ael and does so in my Greater Ael.
>Goes to him carrying one of my Canoptek Egg's but hides it from view.
its mainly due to the fact that, besides cryptek ishskar, theres canoptek man, tired immortal, mask and myself doing side stories so its usually constant.
also for orator's story he has to make sure hes lore correct while with this one its more anything goes as long as it doesn't break continuity of the story.
Fair. I'm sadly a fake fan who hasn't read shit, but I love the setting and play some of the pc games so when I heard that some real writefaggotry was going on because I also love fanfiction like a dork here on /tg/ I had to sneak in and take a look.

fuck me and my run-on sentences.
File: maxresdefault (24).jpg (196 KB, 1280x720)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
>I'm going to take a break from my work.
>As fun as it is, its getting awfully stuffy and tiring for me mentally to just keep at it.
>If I don't pay attention years can pass.
>For now I opt to check in on the Lychguard.
>And it looks like just about every lychguard not on guard duty is all huddled around the massive Holo-projection table.
>Agakhet is more or less just Bodying everyone at battlefleet gothic armada 2.
>I think its about time I move him to some other game.
File: relic00000_10.jpg (70 KB, 620x349)
70 KB
>The rest of the voyage is spent dedicating myself in making the actual ultimate apocalypse mod.
>Persistent bodies, ambient weather effects, a soundtrack picked from just about every 40k game I've touched.
>I add EVERY single unit available from the Eldar, Ork, and necron roster.
>Its a bitch to stat out on the tabletop, and balancing was a notion I all but gave up on.
>I made sure to include Every necron model into the tabletop, from the Pariah, and the C'tan shards to the newest branch of every single cryptek discipline.
>I was in utter bliss when I was able to make my truescale eldar phantom titans, and )ore accurate squiggoths with Gargants.
>This was my Ultimate Dawn of War apocalypse mod.
>After 7 years i release it to the lychgyards I don't think I could be any happier.
At this rate, his litchguard might be able to at least not suck against Imotekh the Stormlord
I bet Agakhet plays Black Templars or Space Wolves.
File: 1584220582676.jpg (116 KB, 1200x833)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I have to wonder what would happen if you wired up a pair of those Enmitic annihilators to an Annihilation Barge. Would be pretty wild I would think.
they aren't in as they don't exist yet
I worked it out to that the cryptek story is roughly 17.6 million years before the current 40k setting.
isn't it something you should leave to Cryptek Anon?
hes the one who asked for a suitable estimate
No he's right. The year Is currently 42 million.
ok! [spoiler[ my bad, I tend to skip what isn't Cryptek or Canoptek half the time [/spoiler]
Shame, **rings bell**

Shame. **rings bell**

just as a note me, tired immortal and mask are all canon.
I think you forgot some one...
he already mentioned you
oh... sorry I misread
Sorry, but after there were 2-3 other anons who kept going against Cryptek's canon I started to lose interest in side story
File: icd1ve9k8ri51.jpg (1.16 MB, 3072x1878)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
>Finally we deathmarks got our 'revolvers'
>We more often than not keep them as 'side arms'
>However an interesting thing is when you discover how to lower the power it can blast though weaker materials (without harming the necron underneath) no problem...
>So we get an idea when we get back to our tombworld we will hunt a few of the animals, and skin them for their pelts.
>Then we could have reasonably safe duals, but that is going to be a long ass wait.
>However a few deathmarks seem to wish to specialize in becoming the best 'gunslingers'...
>Xa'yan says we could get the spyders to fabricate super thin, and basic fabric materials to wear.
>We could get the materials from any nearby asteroid that passes us
>It'd allow us to have safe duals, and help refine our newly founded craft
>A spyder confirmed, and allowed it.
>Although the cloths are for when we have the duals, so we'll have to remove them when we face the council...
>So we just request a few pairs of cloths and well share, until we get back home...
I'm thinking here...
If Cryptek Anon got transfered not only into the 40k universe but also back in time for millions of years... Does it mean that there is a chance of time passing and he meeting with itself in the 3M, his actual human version that existed in this universe before all of the shenanigans of the year 40M?
Doesn't this means what I think that it means???
Hello everyone, just doing some self-advertisement, if you don’t mind.


Also, my thread has achieved “Epic Thread” status, on the /tg/ archive.
File: agnes.jpg (34 KB, 700x368)
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we'll see when we get there

Also im writing up the next several parts.
File: comp army.jpg (542 KB, 1133x782)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
>The next year is spent in a blur of interconnected dawn of war matches .
>Ten player multiplayer was a fucking mistake.
>Lychguard and immortals alike joined into alliances trying to take over their iteration of the planet.
>I was glad they were all too busy squabbling across the planet's surface to realize I had added way too many units some of which were the destroyers I copied the weapons off of.
>Id have to patch them out when I had time.
>Way too many immortals were running Imotekh the stormlord, or setting up tesseract vaults at just strategically bad places.
>It wasn't that hard to see why my heavy fortifications and Monoliths were racking in lots of points.
>It also helps when i've got a decades worth of playtime under my belt.
What if you skin that one beast that nicked you? It had quite a unique pelt that seemed to bend light. It could prove an inspiration for the cryptek to base a sort of cloaking system on.

Shaped like ponchos?
Ponchos, suits, and 'military' uniforms
>Eventually our little lan party was over.
>We had finally arrived to the world of Bekyra.
>Over the next few hours we navigated the surface to a designated space.
>Looking over the planet was a bit somber.
>Billions of necrons slept here, but only around 50 or so were actually awake here.
>The awakened council and that of the triarch praetorian.
>I looked over the thousands of dormant pylons, the miles of monolithic structures, the green glow that shone across the entire expanse of the planet.
>If i made a misstep here, i would be put to the chopping block.
File: VwUUONOYL9x2d6nN.jpg (304 KB, 1000x1466)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
>Eventually when we touched down I received a hail from the scarab.
>Once more its orbuculum projection projected the memorable visage of Executioner Phillias.
>”We of the awakened council welcome you Master Ishskar, High Transmogrifier of the Voekhet, Known as the Awakener.” My singular ocular twitches at that.
>”You are to report to the designated chamber with all haste.”
>”Your cohort will be outside of the chamber but will accompany you until then.”
>I think I got the hint of a smile but I probably imagined it.
>I look over the directions given to me.
>”Come all, we march.” I send a mass interstitial message to my cohort, and soon the feet of hundreds necrons touch down on the slumbering tombworld.
File: o5xDOmMHYTg.jpg (84 KB, 881x412)
84 KB
>We marched on, passing by animated lychguards and praetorian ranks.
>Every wall surface a decorative art piece depicting ancient wars, god's long gone, battles won and losses.
>The weight of history would have been utterly oppressive if it wasn't for the thousands of steps ringing out in near perfect unison, i swear i heard one of the bigger canoptek constructs humming the imperial march tune.
>Even the 3 seratek constructs marched in rank and file.
>I guess they knew how off putting this was as well.
>Eventually i do see a set an extensive chamber opening up ahead
>The praetorian awaited me.
>She stood before a set of doors of impossibly grand height, she was to take me into the council's grand amphitheater.
Going into the tombworld with the joke about the imperial march theme made me think of the assault on the Jedi temple... and now I'm left wondering if there are children in the necron army... or at least some warriors that would have been the equivalent of before the bio-transferance.
There was one artist who drew a Necron dynasty, and one of them had been a child when biotranferance happened, so they wound up being stuck in a short body.
Short as in child short or midget short?

Other than that, Cryptek Anon, execute order 66!
I suspect oldish chid short, those kinds of proportions. Not that it matters what with being a robot can make you super strong and all the other tech means she could take on a space marine no problem.
File: YOU!.jpg (68 KB, 600x551)
68 KB
>I entered into the amphitheater unsure of what to expect.
>The room much like everything to the tombworld was of an over the top architecture, every bas-relief, each column even grove in the intricately tiled floor BRIMMED with artisanry unlike any i had seen, all rendered in blackstone no less.
>And it was at the back of the chamber i saw the council members
>Lifted high above on ornate balcony perched thrones places sat a council three awe inspiring necrons.
>On its left wall stood a crooked cyclopean necron, adorned in a tiled cape of the most antiquatus make was the High Metallurgist Quellkah.
>On the far right was a more stern orange eyed necron, his golden death mask was crowned with small diviting grooves to present his status, he kept a hyperphase sword within his grip...He was Lord Nemesor Zuberkar of the mephrit dynasty.
>And lastly at the center was another necron, her necrodermis was to a near chrome finish and she bore a splayed and spiked crown that bore strange orbs of unknown portents, she was Phaerakh Ossuaria of the Rytak Dynasty.
>When i did finally pull my attention away from the reigning council members i looked around for trazyn elsewhere in the room.
>And unpleasantly i found BOTH he AND ORIKAN in the room.
File: oleg-bulakh-2.jpg (116 KB, 1300x570)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>I sent a rapid fire interstitial message to orikan.
>I was nudged forward by Phillias.
>[“Making sure you're not marmalized BASTARD, now shut up before i change my mind.”] Oh god my life is in the hands of these two.
>I'm going to die.
>I stepped forward and lowered my head in a bow, I can feel my legs wanting to give way.
>”My Phaerakh Ossuaria, Lord Nemesor Zuberkar, and High Metallurgist Quellkah i am humbled to be in your presence.” I just need to stick to the landing.
>If worst comes to worst i'll need to use my meta knowledge.
File: unimpressed..png (878 KB, 800x800)
878 KB
878 KB PNG
>I stood myself behind a plinth, taking hold of both ends of it as I came to look eye to eye with my superiors.
>Quellkah was the first to speak.”The council recognizes Master Ishskar, High Transmogrifier of the Voekhet dynasty.”
>Phaerakh Ossuaria gave a glare to the Metallurgist before turning her narrowed glance to me. “And we have summoned you here to discuss the portents of these, premantions of yours that trazyn has shared with us in your absence.”
>Off to a good start the council see me as some sort of astromancer.
>Nemesor Zuberkar chimed in. ”And to verify these various claims we have summoned for orikan, seer of the Sautekh Dynasty.”
>I turned my head slowly to meet oculars with the bastard orikan.
>”Is that so?” Was all i could sputter out
>Orikan stepped forward to his own plinth.
>I felt my grip tighten around the polished edges of my own plinth.
>”From what cursory details our dear trazyn has provided…” Orikan was fucking with us, i could see him enjoying the fact he had the upper hand for the moment.
>”And i have found that indeed, the tombworld of Agun...shall not rise alongside the rest of our kin when the great awakening is to occur.”
>After such an announcement i could see the head of cryptek Quellkah dip ever so slightly, perhaps saddened?
>”So your pronouncement is true Master Ishskar, it is good that you have brought this to our attention.” Ossuaria almost sounded like she wasn't disgusted with me.
>”That is wonderful news!” I say relieved.
>I looked to trazyn and over to orikan with a smile.
>”But while we may approve of that endeavor there is still other matters we wish to discuss.” Lord Nemesor Zuberkar leveled his hyperphase sword to me.
Im going to call it a night with that high note, i like to leave things on a cliffhanger, and if i keep writing i wont be able to come up with another good stopping point for at least an hour. Keep bumping tonight and tomorrow will be a fun filled trip.

Let me know what you folks think.
Ish better start pulling shit out of his shiny metal ass before he gets permaded. He can bullshit Orikan, Trayzn, and the praetorian, but these guys are a whole nother level of bullshitting. Also lets hope his pasta stays well within his pockets this time.
>We went onto a planet of ancient necron beauty…
>Anybody would shed a tear at this places immaculate beauty… (if we could cry in joy)
>But for us deathmarks it was a boring experience
>Do not strike me wrong, but I do prefer the forest, and the other biomes that are back home.
>However as 'guest' to this world we had to march together to show our dynasties unity.
>This was something we did with a plumb.
>After that whole song and dance our crypek was the only one allowed into that room.
>I then noticed the praetorians walking amongst us, at first it was a very tense moment...
>Until we were all notified that we can 'relax' the council wouldn't see or judge us out here.
>Or as one praetorian said 'Well unless you make to much noise... or do something incredibly stupid'
>We slowly dispersed into our groups, though the praetorians did occasionally speak with the various necrons.
>Although a Pretorian did ask me how was our view of life was... He seemed and sounded a bit worried.
>"Deathmarks might I have the pleasure talking with you?"
>"Sure, did you want to ask anything?"
>"Yes... ah how do you view the life that formed on your planet. With utter disgust?"
>"What... No, we look at it with childish admiration, maybe annoyance occasionally but not a whole lot of disgust. Any particular reason you ask this Praetorian?"
>"Well its just those weapons... You know what forget about it. Could you tell me about what life forms has formed on your world, or just the interesting ones at least."
>We talked for a few hours before he thanked us and left.
>Seriously why did he act so weirdly around us?
>… And why did our 'pistols' disturb him?
They know. They suspect them.
>Be Chari
>Ael (the scarab) was being being an asshat
>Trying to steal credit for Ish's hard work on the enmitic annihilator
>Hit him for trying to pull that shit
>None the less it was a success, but it seemed like Ish was getting bored and tired working on weapons.
>He had me help out with designing a new game that he wanted to do (I assumed that because he had a very clear idea)
>It was hard, but he says it will require so much 'rebalancing'. I could see why... I think
>The first game was utter chaos, but was looked very fun... but there were so many Imotekh's.
>After that game we arrived at our destination.
>Then our march off the ship began, Leading the Seraptek's was wierd.
>Thankfully outside necron dynasties do not think to much about us canopteks.
>... Now that I think about it, where is Ael? Or is he hiding inside of one of the Ael CPN [Construct Piloted by necron]?
>Be Immortal.
>The crazy cryptek makes us play a strange battle simulation scenario, he calls it 'ultimate apocalypse'.
>I get banned for the excessive use of monoliths and 'destroyer spam', whatever that is.
>Also, for attacking all organics on sight and not attacking my fellow necrons. Why would I attack Phaeron Imotehk?
>I do not understand these 'destroyer cults' that the crazy cryptek insists is part of the necron forces, why have I never seen them before? Why do they have the weapons that the crazy cryptek just made?
>No matter, a few of the lychguards have taken it upon themselves to teach me how to operate the scenario properly. Why would we ever fight alongside organics when they have only ever served the Old Ones?
>Be Immortal.
>We have arrived at the crownworld Bekyra, seat of the Awakened Council.
>The crazy cryptek orders us to march in lockstep to the council chambers, though for some reason one of the serapteks mimics a song from one of the movie marathons.
>We are ordered to wait outside the chambers while the Council speaks with the crazy cryptek. I hope they can threaten some sense back into him.
>Meanwhile, the triarch praetorians deign to speak with several of us, one discussing the merits of hunting with a deathmark for hours, another examining the scarab canopteks with apparent fascination.
>Another speaks with several of my brother immortals, and seems particularly interested in the units equipped with the new gauss destructors.
>One of them even speaks with me, asking about the threat of the organics on our tombworld.
>I tell him of the depredations of the organics, the burrowers seeking to steal our power, the predators that utilize optic camouflage to conceal themselves.
>I tell him of the great 'kaiju' creatures that match the abominations of the Old Ones, of the 'plant' creature that weakens our walls and constantly attempts to invade.
>I tell him of the strange fleshy eggs that house the 'aliens' that reproduce by latching onto an organic and implanting more eggs that become terrible hunters.
>The praetorian seems greatly disturbed by this news, and goes to speak with the deathmarks.
>For some reason, a deathmarks falls down and makes a strange sound for a long time.
>Laughter, I remember that was called. I don't think I've ever heard it before.
Soon our Cruptek will rise.
And he truly lives in texas. How is it like being one of the states with lifted restrictions and a decline in Kung Flu?
Morning folks, I got a busy day ahead of me but I at least plan to get the council talk out of the way before I end up making a new thread. In the mean time look at this funne cryptek
Called it.
There is no decline, I started this thread while my father was in the hospital. They had to have him removed last wendsday because it was filled with so many covid patients that it was safer for him to be at home than a hospital.
Hope your father gets better.
>The media lies once again, what a suprise.
Good luck there, dude.
Got lucky with the vaccine waiting list in my country and vaccinated my mother last week.
At least she won't die by drowning in the dry...
>”Executioner Phillias tells of several...Irregularities noted when conducting an investigation in your dynasties region voidspace.” Zuberkar ran his fingers over the tip of his chin.
>”She has noted within her report that an entire force of Three Hundred Eighty-Seven Warriors, Two-Hundred Thirty-Two Immortals, Ninety-One Deathmarks, and Thirty one Lychguard have been reanimated before their time”
>Ossuaria chimed in with vile glee. “Such an action would result in the termination of your reanimation protocols and the permanent death, for a gross misuse of power and extreme incompetence.” She lowered her head.
>Quellkah spoke up. ”But as the reports stated, it claims that of the Seven Hundred Forty One necrons raised...”
>”Three hundred Fifty-four necrons above the rank of warrior, were actually awoken with personality returned even if dulled, and memories matrices operating above standard.” Executioner Phillias finished for them.
>”Y-yes, all of them Awoken simultaneously no less.” Quellkah continued.
>”Given such an unusual occurrence we have had your newly awakened army brought to Bekyra to appraise the state of them for ourselves.” Ossuaria said.
gonna have to scramble to work will post when i got more time.
Okay now I can get back to it
>Executioner Phillias Opened the door, already having selected a roster of necrons.
>4 Immortals were brought in...all but one was weilding the new armaments I had made during the voyage.
>2 Deathmarks, one with a set of pistols at his hip.
>1 Lychguard with no alterations and a standard weapon choice.
>"These immortals and deathmarks, these are not standard weapons...We shall discuss that later." Quellkah noted.
>"Executioner Phillias has indeed vouched for us that these selected warriors are free of any signs of the viruses that blight us." Zuberkar followed.
>"Quellkah, would you." Zuberkar gestured to the gathered necrons, implying something but I did not know what.
>The Metallurgists nodded and he began casting a quick Appraisal scry over the necrons.
>Quellkah was scanning over there minds, and holy shit its been an entire 6 months of standing here holy shit.
>In the mean time I've been in slow talks with trazyn via interstitial messaging.
>More or less he is confident with the sales pitch be sent there way.
>Though he does expect me to back up my claims.
>That won't be hard.
>"After subjecting these necrons to extensive sensory scans, Appraisal Scrys, and a littiuid of other tests…"
>"I Find that the claims are true, notes of autonomous thinking, personality, and an relatively in tact memory of the time during the war in heaven have been found present within engramtic neural networks."
>"I am sending you each highlights of the files gathered." Quellkah pulsed raw data of the collected memories and thoughts of the warriors before us.
File: Totally a necron.png (300 KB, 564x715)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
>Each of us received flashes of the war.
>Unpleasant memories but we received them all the same.
>Most of us felt something akin to sadness or remorse.
>Whilst Zuberkar looked like he was experiencing something next jubilation at the memories of murdered gods.
>"So this is what the outsider was like aye ishskar, dead gods what a fight that was." Zuberkar was relishing the memories, embracing them rather than respectfully lowering their head like the other 2 council members.
>Fucking Nemesor of course.
>"The old laws nor the new cannot condemn such actions." Phillias exclaimed.
>"Rather such abilities should be put to use for the benefit of the ENTIRE EMPIRE!" Quellkah proclaimed, with arms outstretched.
oh shidd
(awsome anime too bad it's over)
Madhouse had said they intend to do season 4, so, not over.

>The waiting was a bit scary... (mostly because I didn't know what will happen to Ish)
>However a praetorian said we can relax... but not be too noisy, or do something stupid
>Which was a huge relief...
>They did wonder around and talk to the necrons...
>Although hearing a deathmark's laugh was great to hear
>Though one, or two of the praetorians did like the AEL [CPN]
>… don't know how to feel about that.
>Though one of those praetorians did find me fascinating… which was cool, I guess
>As well as a few other of our other canopteks...
>Though a few minutes 4 immortals, 2 deathmarks, and that one lych guard were selected as 'representatives' (they also said they will come back soon)
>It took about six months before they walked out...
>Their engrams had been checked, and the recording of the battle against the outsider played for everyone in that room.
>Be Immortal.
>I cannot recall what happened after we were called in very well.
>I know that the Awakened Council sifted through our memories, and replayed the battle against the C'Tan for all to see.
>I remember standing amongst the wreckage of my brothers, firing my gauss blaster futilely as they screamed in pain that they could no longer feel, their necrodermis eating them to nothing.
>I remember seeing the crazy cryptek embracing the C'Tan's power, the seraptek constructs lighting up the battle field, then everything was over.
>I remember the crazy cryptek glancing between a strange overlord and another cryptek while the Awakened Council spoke amongst themselves.
>Then we were walking back into the antechamber, and I remember nothing else.
>One of the scarabs began pestering the head of the deathmarks for information, but I didn't notice what they said.
>For a very long time, I could only remember the screams of my brothers.
Finally stepping out of work, gonna start posting soonish
File: react9.png (2.16 MB, 1915x1075)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
File: bad.jpg (1.91 MB, 3554x2160)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
>”WHAT!” Orikan, Trazyn and I all exclaimed.
>Executioner Phillias chimed in “With the dangers of the previously untested stasis sarcophagi have indeed caused untold damages to those who have arisen, once noble lords and phaerons have awoken as nothing but unthinking atomontons.”
>Ossuaria continued. “And has presented us the potency of your Technomancy abilities on curator sannet, we would be remiss if we did not put your talents to use.”
>I turn to trazyn, and I find that he seems to be absent mindedly looking elsewhere. [“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU'VE JUST DONE?’] i pulse to him
>”In addition to awakening worlds in such dire straits you will be expected to securely rouse and repair the ruling echelons of each dynasty should the 60 million years of slumber have caused significant degradation.” Quellkah nodded to himself content with this outcome.
>Ossuaria, Zuberkar and seemed to be in mutual agreement.
>I am at a loss of words, and all i can do is stand stiff.
that backfire oof, looks like the wifu will have to do all the work
What's Orikan doing?
File: 3x84m1.png (501 KB, 658x596)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
File: 4d7.png (888 KB, 680x680)
888 KB
888 KB PNG
Holy shit get fucked Cryptek boi, that is a load of work lmao.

Also loving the story man, good work!
at least it will fill up the 17 million years till anything nearly resembling normal warhammer
I wonder what this means for the humans if all the Necrons come back.
extinction before birth, earth should currently be dinosaurs.
We’ll be right back!
File: Untitled-1.jpg (171 KB, 600x475)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>I look at Trazyn, mumbling to him. “Your sales pitch was too much.”
>I felt like withering on the spot.
>In the book all 3 members of the council were at eachothers throats when these two yahoo’s were involved.
>What had I done to make them so unanimously agree with this verdict?
>I was so caught in my own thoughts that I didn't even get to hear what trazyn, orikan and the awakened council were on about for the next hour.
>When I eventually did snap out of it.
>”My apologies your council, but does this mean I will be receiving the aid of our High Metallurgist Quellkah?”
>He nodded ”Yes you will be provided with assistance from the council and the triarch praetorian in restoring the various tombworlds that would be lost to us during the great sleep.”
>”You will be expected to dedicate fully a 3rd of your time to this endeavor, you will be free to use the remainder of your time with dynastic responsibilities.”
Earth is in the middle of the Eocene epoch, Dinosaurs are long extinct.
Also, The end of this epoch is set at a major extinction event called the Grande Coupure (the "Great Break" in continuity) or the Eocene–Oligocene extinction event, which may be related to the impact of one or more large bolides in Siberia and in what is now the Chesapeake Bay.
So, Cryptek anon may prevent this if he wants to.
It could have litteraly been worse if you consider everything?

A nobody cryptek from a more or less back water world planet suddenly awakening repairing a highly damaged Sannet, to above peak efficiency. THEN awakening over Four HUNDRED, relatively, highly intact necrons (who still retain their mental state). While also 'designing' new armaments for the necrons in the span of 15 years... now that is either a blessing, or a massive red flag

They could have very well executed him, due to his Overperformance! Crypteks in necrons societies are tolerated because they take care of the war gear, and tomb complex. however an overlord can bring one under there wing. This basically makes cryteks 'nobles' and most other necron nobles see the cryteks as advanced mechanic at best, or horrifying techno wizards at worse.

Also this grants him several things more resources, the ability to basically travel any where in the necron empire, and most importantly of all... allows him to travel far easily to other tombworlds to extract their data/help them out.

Also with so much political power he could protect earth from afar, though staying (and keeping other necrons/xenos) away from the sol system (and maybe the surrounding systems) would be ideal.
looking smug as all shit.
also holy shit anon that math and archelogy skill
it still took 6 million years for humans to evolve from apes so if cryptek gets to them in 12 million years my statment of "extinction before birth" would still be applicable
let earth be earth i'd say, noo need to concern ourselves with that wet rock right now, we have plenty of time
The call is yours, if you want, you can stop it. Make the anon Cryptek slight nostalgic about the earth, so he slips in to visit it. He stops the asteroid from hitting the eastern seaboard, thus preventing the extinction of FUCKING BASILOSAURUS!!!!

Not only that! You may also save many American Megafauna, changing the course of human history from 1500AD!!
>Not only that! You may also save many American Megafauna, changing the course of human history from 1500AD!!
That doesn't sound very cash money of you to change human history like that. If anything Ish should not do anything until near modern history on Earth. Imagine using one of his scarabs to sneak into a store to scan/download more movies. He could get all the stuff he missed and never heard of. And all that requires he waits until the time is right.
just sick trazyn on the planet for all around 50 years to collect everything at least a few dozens of times and then plant some more stuff back.

Oh shit...what if i ship dinosaurs and just spread them across the galaxy.
That is funny.
Just contact some Exodites for dinosaurs.
*softly* don't (as CM would say)

I have no problem with Ish 'collecting' a few, but stopping that event from happening is a bad idea.
It be great if you offered a few (hundred) to Trazyn to add to his 'collection'

or you know, make your own gallery on a different planet to house (display) them...

Also the early Exodites would like to know this location

Maybe just terra form a few worlds to 'house' them. The deathmarks might consider this a exotic hunting range.
File: 1346035092123.png (22 KB, 581x395)
22 KB
That will confuse a lot Humans later on when they find the maiden world eldar riding them.
I understand, but the E-O event did wipe out many N.A. megafauna, since the fauna will remain out of contact with modern civilization, I doubt native americans can wipe out that many species.
Just look at this list!
Gastornis, Megacerops, Uintasorex, Uintatherium etc.
Well....the specific bolide wouldn't cause that much damage to the biome of Eurasia, however, the Americas might be spared a wipeout, and they can co-evolve into a second Australia/ Galapagos. There are so many Speculative evolution threads on /an/ for this!
He can still save the genetics material for gene smith of luna and emps for collations. Or during humanities golden age sneak some dinosaur enthusiasts the genetic data to they could make a planet sized Jurassic park.
Excellent idea, even the magos biologis would be pleased to trade with cryptek Ish.
File: react16.png (1.55 MB, 1913x1077)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
Aren't you happy you got promoted?

Wait 'til his lady pharaoh hear of this
"you did WHAT?"
File: oh no.jpg (90 KB, 640x720)
90 KB
Wait! The lady praetorian guard will be with him!
Ish better make sure to be the one to wake her up then. She will be furious is anyone lesser were to do so. Especially when she hears what he's been doing while she was napping.
File: Threshers.jpg (234 KB, 1000x792)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>Orikan spoke up.
>”That is all good and fine, but if you will excuse me, I must get going.” he said with scoff.
>”Wasting my time, kept me waiting for decades will you.” He grumbled as he moved on by me.
>”Ahem…” Phillias was moving us onto the next matter.
>”The weapons you presented, the triarch has no records of such weapons, I would have you delve into when you created such instruments of war-” Phillias was cut off.
>“As would be, these patterns would serve well if distributed to the wider empire.” Nemesor Zuberkar moved forward in his chair, clearly interested.
>Phillias continued. “Along with the 2 variant patterns of the wraith constructs.”
>”Should they prove suitable for use the triarch praetorian will commence work on having them produced and distributed to other dynasties.”
all of them be like "oh, he's got new guns? let's get FUNKY"
>”Of the arsenal witnessed we have already been appraised as to the destructive force by Quellkah when the memories were distributed.” Ossuaria explained.
>”These Enmitic weapons will be quite useful in taking down organics, i might consider going on these hunts i have seen your deathmarks have been on about.” Zuberkar seemed quite pleased with the notion.
>Phillias started a detailed report on the effectiveness of the arsenal I had created.
>The Gauss Destructor was instantly adopted and would be distributed to the wider necron empire.
>The Enmitic disintegrator pistol was also approved for use as a offhand weapon by certain high ranking necron officials.
>The Enmitic exterminator would be given some field work before it could be approved for wider use.
>”It is most unprecedented to have so many items turned to the triarch praetorian, the last development of any note was Tomb Sentinel, submitted just before the great sleep was made, you should be proud cryptek.” Executioner Phillias turned to me.
>I swear shes smiling at me, but that deathmask of hers probably hasn't moved so much as a micron in the last 42 million years.
File: Descartes.jpg (26 KB, 220x269)
26 KB
>I swear shes smiling at me
They don’t have one anymore, or maybe they can make one?
Make synthetics... it might work.
File: cyberdong.png (288 KB, 360x450)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
File: Canoptek Skorpettes swarm.jpg (888 KB, 3211x2268)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
>”But we are not done.” The Canoptek Skorpioid and The Canoptek Skorpettes are marched into the room.
>Trazyn looks quite interested in these 3.
>”Ishskar you didn't tell me about these constructs, What are those talons?” trazyn inquired.
>”They were a new development some decades ago, you were busy on some acquisition run.” I admitted.
>”What exactly is the idea behind this strange design?” Ossuaria asks.
>”I plan on doing excavations and harvesting, these Hyperphase threshers claws were made for my own self indulgent wants.”
>Zuberkar chortled at that.
>Before saying ”A pair of archaeologists then, it only took 42 MILLION YEARS before trazyn found a kindred mind.”
oh shit i may have to type up something long and get ready for the next thread. should be fun. FINALLY I GET TO SACE A TOMBWORLD!
Can't wait for this cryptek anon, keep writing this shit is great
anyone wanna help on the recap while i get the next part ready?
File: Deathmarks.jpg (405 KB, 1280x1730)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
>Being selected to show the council our state was a bit worrying…
>Again the room was so grandiouse, but it was entirely made out of blackstone
>None the less me and my brothers, and sisters were investigated for six fucking months
>Eventually he wanted to share the proof that we were 'intact' after waking up
>He showed our battle against the outsider... to everyone in the room
>Those were memories I didn't like.
>One of the immortals seemed shell shocked...
>thankfully we were dismissed after the review of the battle was shown.
>One deathmark went to talk to the immortal who was shook up
>However 'Chari' wanted to know what was happening in the room.
>I told it that in a nut shell our cryptek is going to be fine
>Although one lord seemed very interested in our hunting rules

Also trazyn be like
>I might need a few dozen of them, it will certianly help out with my efforts.
or in more memer terms
File: react17.png (1.43 MB, 1914x1075)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
>Trazyn's reaction to the new canopteks
I got you
>Orikan the diviner came to talk to Ishskar, to discover how did he turn into a c'tan. However after Ishskar insulted him so much Orikan decapitated Ish and went back in time to undo it.
>After Ish showed Orikan his memory from the battle against the outsider. Ish then made a deal with him to further narrow down specific locations of what is he (and trazyn) looking for and not interfere.
>Ish had received word that three Seraptek were heavily corroded and were undergoing repairs. Ish then went to go fix up, and reawaken them. One of the Seraptek that Ish might have created called him 'father'
>However this reunion was cut short with a scarab delivered a message from the praetorian to him. Demanding he and all awakened necrons and active canopteks go to Bekyra immediately to attend the awoken council.
>Which he does... during this trip several key events happen. One of which is Ish creating smaller destroyer weapons were created. The necrons and canopteks watched the 'movie marathon' all over again. Oh and Ishskar made dawn of war apocalypses elite addition.
>Eventually when they land on Bekyra the entire force marches on in unison and present themselves before the council doors. Only Ishskar is allowed inside, and a few necrons (who were investigated for six months) and canopteks after a few hours.
>The councilmen (and women) then inform that what Ishskar had done in reawakening his people was fucking dangerous. However due to the state of all awoken necrons all was forgiven. Due to the great work that Ish had done so far, he was promoted and told to use his skills everywhere and anywhere they are needed
>The concil has also requested a few of the new canoptek, and weaponry schematics due to their effect. Trazyn seems to have also found a fellow archaeologists after Ish explained why he made the Skorpioid's... suffice to say I think the two will get along.
>"...dedicate fully a 3rd of your time to this endeavor..."
I think it'd be a good time to learn chronomancy to slow down the flow of time. Or just create a device to slow down time outside of it, ja?
thats like 5,866,666.66 years of work fixing and waking nobles.
was referring to buying yourself more relaxation time.
New thread soon ?
just writting like 3-4 more posts and ill toss up the new thread, just you wait. an hour tops
>Meanwhile, back at the tombworld
>A diligent little scarab fights the green menace
>Day 1: All the masters have left to explain their awakens. The enemy must not be allowed entry to our hallowed home.
>Day 582: The enemy is as pervasive as they are numerous. No sooner is one front cleared, than another opens
>Day 916: Cataloging has been slow, but insightful. Every new specimen provides new methods of extermination
>Day 1564: Using the enemy to fight the enemy. Genius. For a scarab at least. They wage war against each other just as much as us.
>Day 2061: Now, arranging the dewtrappers by the ferrothorns means the snareroot doesn't get into the...
>Day ????: My garden is wonderful.
File: chari dnace.gif (87 KB, 300x300)
87 KB
To end our thread i wanted to say thank you for all the fun.

He could say he want Earth and the surrounding systems to be a personal "garden" of sorts. Life freely develops without necron or xeno influence, acting like a control for any experiments our cryptek preforms. Just like in the culture books. Additionally Ish could abduct Emps, sit his ass down and explain to him what's got to happen before Earth gets age of strife'd.

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