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File: A return to basics..jpg (574 KB, 1920x1080)
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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78533839
Part 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78583130/
Part 4: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78620743
Part 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78673520

And my discord:

>Need to wake up.
>Feel extremely cold actually, and everything feels stiff.
>When I finally take a peek around I find that i'm not alone.
>Two golden and chrome colored skeletal figures stand to either side of me, their backs to me, they haven't noticed me yet.
>It takes me a second to identify what the hell they are.
>Agakhet my personal guardian and Khempharet the other lychguard who I never bother talking to.
>Oh shit it's this routine again.
>Man my everything hurts.
File: Cairn class.jpg (447 KB, 1920x1080)
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447 KB JPG
>When i tried to move i found my legs didn't budge.
>Nor did my arms.
>”Agakhet...How long has it been?”
>”And where are we?” Looking around I knew we were not in my chambers on my tomb world.
>”We are returning home aboard Executioner Phillias’ ship.” he said without turning to me.
>”You have been out of commission for the last 12 years, lord.”
>Oh wow that was a significantly long time.
>Doing a quick crunch of the numbers that puts my first time waking up at around 271 Years.
File: Phillias.jpg (347 KB, 825x713)
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347 KB JPG
>A moment later Phillias arrived in the room.
>”Cryptek you've awoken.” She sounded less than pleased with me right now.
>”Your sanctioned actions have caused quite the stir in your subordinates.”
>”In your brazen misuse of the empire's assets you destroyed an ancient power generator that cannot be recreated.”
>I tilted my head, neural matrices firing. “Wasn't that from trazyns gallery?”
>”I had assumed they were fine with me-”
>”Not its destruction cryptek.” She hissed.
>”Phillias it was an hones-” She held her scythe to my throat.
Say, Cryptek-Anon, can you do me a favor. You seem to know a lot more of the lore then I do. Do you know any hidden pieces of archeo-tech, that might help my character his endeavors?
File: being of light.jpg (405 KB, 1417x797)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
>”Do not get familiar with me cryptek.”
>”I previously tolerated your behavior but henceforth you will provide me the respect my station grants me.”
>”You forget I am a representative of the praetorians.”
>”You will Address me as Executioner Phillias.” She put quite effort into enunciating each syllable in the word “Executioner.”
>I swallowed deeply. “Transparently.”
>”Good.” She pulled her scythe from my throat.
>”After that stunt...you did indeed succeed in reawakening Three Million Twenty-Four Thousand Eight-Hundred Sixty-Two necrons from stasis, we have even received flickers of personality found in even the lowliest warrior.”
>”However there were other unforeseen consequences of your actions.”
File: Frozen planet.jpg (485 KB, 2000x1294)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
>She held up her fist.
>And raised a finger. “The Seismic activity from your actions triggered a sequence of events that brought forth a cataclysmic flash freezing event when the northern polar caps broke.”
>”We had to evacuate the newly awakened millions, billions of canoptek constructs.”
>She held up a second finger “Because of the destruction of the relic power generator we had to evacuate everyone aboard each of our vessels.
>”Meaning the eternity gate set up on this world is now functionally useless.”
>She held up a 3rd. “The forced evacuation meant we were unable to recover any additional blackstone beyond what was already harvested.”
>A 4th. “We will not be able to return for 24 THOUSAND yeas before the world is safe enough to flash freeze any necron.”
>”You have cost us a TOMBWORLD worth of resources, Hundreds of thousands of machines lost to us until the world has returned to equilibrium.” She sounded infuriated.
File: 0aa.jpg (180 KB, 1280x1142)
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180 KB JPG
Ruh roh.
File: The outsider virus.png (7.12 MB, 1920x2400)
7.12 MB
7.12 MB PNG
>I tried to speak but she shot me a silencing look.
>She raised her last digit. “Finally, we have witnessed amongst the ranks of YOUR immortals,and warriors that remained in the tomb at the time of your stunt.”
>”Several of them draping themselves in cloths and charging into melee with ranged weaponry, occasionally burning with unstable balefire.”
>”Currently only a troop of around 76 of these malfunctioning necrons have been detained and quarantined.”
>”An inconceivable madness has taken them and what i believe is the start of a NEW virus.”
>I felt myself shrink.
>”I am entirely within my right to execute you where you stand.” She made a show of lightly slashing through one of the suspension joints of my neck, it was like having a burning knife cutting through you as it cooked you.
>”But… these transgressions can be overlooked.”
Would Necron technology degrade in the freezing of the planet? Assuming the virus did (or didn't) survived? Or is it just inaccessible for 24k years?

Also creating a new virus along with the precedent fuck-ups... you better have some good shit to justify your continued existence.
the world was already fucked with a living metal eating bacteria. Any vehicles and records in the very much opened tombs are viable to freeze if not be eaten away by the bacteria. whatever is left probably isn't salvageable so likely they'll scrap the tombworld for blackstone when its free in 24 thousand years of ice age.

And the new virus...is currently only limited to the necrons already from the first resonance cascade. just a select few who were in the tombs at the time of him making another c'tan transmutation.
>Be chari...
>I... understand more...
>'Emotions' that I didn't know existed
>Shards is it absolutely terrifying
>I don't know how I even survived...
>Is this how Ael feels?
>I think I will have to talk to him about all this later...
>Shutting down for a little bit would be nice...
File: cryptanon quest.png (291 KB, 600x600)
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291 KB PNG
>be me, deathmark designation number J-56
>be hit full forse by balefire wave
>first wave was managable, resored mea and my fondness for hunting
>second wave was...
>i now remember it, i remember my home city
>i remember my collection of handcrafted toys for my grankids
>i was "lucky" enough to live for longer than average
>i remember their faces, my wive, my children and my beloved grankids
>i also remember the biotranference dear shards the horror, seeing your spouse dragged off to become a soulless husk is not plesurable
>i should feel something, ANYTHING
>but i only have a vague feeling of longing, as this accursed tin can of a walking corpse dosent allow me
>i absent-mindedly pick up a scarab and start to hug it while in transit towards our next destination
>i at least remember my name
>Jhorza, it's a start
>Be Mask
>Me and the other deathmarks escaped with all of our forces.
>Even the newly awoken necrons had also managed to escape the planet.
>I went back to sleep for an entire year
>However the 'dream' felt wrong...
>I was almost expecting my past to haunt me, but it was so different...
>It was a forest of whitest bark.
>A picture of perfection, if it ever existed...
>New branches grew seemingly at random...
>It also didn't unsettle me for some reason, but seemed to further put me at peace...
>Then I awoke... one of my fellow deathmarks was 'cuddling'... Chari?
>It was shut down... But he didn't know that.
>Better to not disturb them...
>That white bark forest perplexed me... because I'm one hundred percent sure I never seen anything like that before...
>Both in my life or during the war...
>I even had the pictures though from that 'dream'... saved?
>And it still put me in a state of calm...
>Ishskar is still asleep, but I have to ask him some questions...
>Personal ones...
File: necrontyr.png (1.06 MB, 717x1124)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
>”Vestiges of greater personality and memory have been discovered in fragmented segments across the engrams those of your world.”
>”the ones that were awakened by you over 2 centuries ago.”
>”Trazyn has begun cataloging these memory engrams...”
>She remained quiet for a somber moment.
>”We have...seen what came before...during the flesh times.”
>”The faces of...a child necrontyr.”
>”Festivals, celebrations, funerals.”
>”He is still searching through each of your warriors, making copies of the memories.”
huh... small victories/benefits of your 'resonance cascade event' (MK.2)
Oh shit, sounds like not only the necrons are coming back, but the necrontyr. They could have their society rebuilt from the ashes of the war in heaven and finally live lives free of pain.
Still no way to make new necrons though. Population stagnancy is a bitch.
Looks like a Tau Ethereal...oh shit!
Sounds like Ish needs to remember or figure out how to remake those power supplies and the larger construct.
File: unnamed.png (33 KB, 340x512)
33 KB
>”And the power to an unprecedented million necrons simultaneously could prove to be a powerful asset.”
>”As such you will continue to serve the empire unless you should commit yet another foolhardy act that draws my attention.”
>I nodded vigorously.
>”Good, now then we shall be arriving to your tomb world within the year.”
>”We will discuss with Phaeron Narmerth several matters about their integration.”
>”You will be rousing your phaerakh so she may further understand the situation you have placed your tomb in.”
>”Phaeron Narmerth has waited long enough and will require an audience with her when we arrive with the remainder of the populace.”
>I remained quite...actually just hoping trazyn had pillfered the Hemmenth Dynasty data records, i get the feeling that if Phillias wont kill me than Narmerth will for what i did to his tombworld.
Old-cron necrodermis was practically impervious to any and all environmental stresses.
Source for the image?
still there is precedent for it happening in at least 2-3 instances.
Knights of mcragge (An entire tombworld)
The infinite and the divine (One flayed one)
Pairing engrams in random duplication of a pair of parent units to create a distinct derivative variation of the two.
Using two parent units, then making a copy of half of everything on one, and half of everything on the other you can manufacture a distinct new artificial mind. Start them with no memories, but rather only give them the functionality of a high ranking Necron.
After they have been given a chance to develop a sense of self, give them access to a database of memories which can help them quickly progress as a person.
Few decades without access to the whole of Necron memories, followed by decades of letting them pick and choose memories they wish to make important to themself.
You'd end up with new Necron, ones created from the existing population and given the guidance of as many overseers as needed.
If initial new units take a year to properly begin seeking a purpose, make them shadow an existing unit that society needs more of. Let the new unit's master unit direct them to perform actions as though a slave for a few years, even giving them a few highly important engrams that the master unit feels the slave unit should need to succeed in the task it is being groomed for.
>be me Ael.
>wasn't directly in the hit zone of balefire wave when it happened but blast so big I got hit as well.
>became overclocked by balefire.
>Came up with the most craziest, outlandish and borderline monstrous idea possible but, I have a plan.
>Ael always has plans. sometimes even plans within plans.
>Plan is big but i am no where near ready to try it.
>for my plan to work I need lots of resources that I know Necrons won't give since my plan is too great for them to understand its greatness, so I need to be sneaky getting materials.
>i know plan will take long time but I can do it. If My brain is bigger.
>for this I program my Ael to give me the same Gaster treatment as Chari.
>brain bigger now, biggest brain of all Canoptek creatures.

>I've been thinking for a while now, there are multiple Canoptek Ael's now and my greater Ael isn't really unique besides I pilot it, I think I need new name.
>while "investigating" the crypteks room a name of a device stuck out to me, it was called a Dynamo.
>I like it but its too long for my taste. so change it to Dyna.
File: Tzeentch.png (686 KB, 579x834)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
>Ael always has plans. sometimes even plans within plans
I like this robot.
>Be Immortal.
>When the effects of the balefire wore off, those of my brothers that underwent it's effects seemed drained and exhausted, even though they physically could not be.
>I'm addition, a few of them began to exhibit strange behaviors, Two immortals simply stopped moving and powered down, the Third Glaive found scraps of fabric from a tomb and tried to wear it, though it provided no additional defence whatsoever.
>That was when the Praetorians arrived.
>We were all ordered into separate chambers and questioned.
>The Praetorian that interrogated me asked many strange things, about what I remembered, about what I felt at the moment, and during the effect of the balefire.
>I answered as best I could, stating that my brothers were acting strangely, and that it was likely the crazy cryptek's fault.
>Beyond that, I felt nothing. I knew better than to feel anything, after the last time.
>When the Praetorians were satisfied, we were ordered onto the crazy cryptek's ship for the return trip. Apparently something happened to the Gate.
>Several of my brothers did not join us, including the Third Glaive. I suspect that they were executed.
>When we were aboard the Alchemizer's Equation, I still didn't remember. Instead, I stood with a few of my brothers that also didn't remember.
>I didn't remember walking proudly into the flesh furnaces.
>I didn't remember seeing my sister's and their families screaming as the star god's ate their souls.
>I didn't remember watching my nephews die to a screaming horde of krorks, their necrodermis unable to repair their little bodies.
>I didn't remember the cryptek that forced my necrodermis to rebel against me when my unit was ordered to draw the Outsider's fire.
>I didn't remember my men's screams as the Outsider ate them alive.
>I didn't remember, because I knew what would happen if I did.
>Instead, I stood with my brothers and waited. We waited for the next war, the next battle, the next chance to die and be released.
I is Dyna now
I wonder if Philias isn't remembering anything too. Surely she can't remember any trauma that happened to her in life.
Someone should really atomize that little scarab before he becomes a demon of tzeentch.
If it was possible for Canoptek creatures to become a sentient species, I feel he would either become the new Tzeentch, birth tzeentch and become his first chosen or be the biggest thorn in tzeentch's multiple rears because of how Dyna wouldn't like being controlled by a creature he can't stab.
Now that brings an interesting thought to life, tzeentch being eaten by trillions and trillions of scarabs.
Warms my petrified old heart.
>If it was possible for Canoptek creatures to become a sentient species
I think we're long past the point where this happened. You're just tempting fate, or the god of fate in this instance, by continuing to be a scheming little scarab.
And I fucking love it. Chaoscrons when?
i Just remembered these such as thing as demon possed vehicles in the chaos line up like defilers or heldrakes. so technically demons can possess non sentient races but that's mainly vehicles not made out of necrodermis which is anti-chaos material, so i feel its a moot point, but interesting if it was possible in cannon lore.
You're right, necrodermis is chaos resistant. But auramite isn't.
And this is all not canon so lets see some shiny metal daemons.
so like...i hate to mention this. but wasnt there a story where lucius the eternal was killed by a necron and still managed to take over its body?

Ya know Lucius the Eternal: Slaanesh Champion, killing him and enjoying it will turn the killer into Lucius
it still has to follow the rules of canon to an extent, other wise its just a terrible story.

most of the best scenes of the story were crypteks interaction with the others, without the rules of canon lore those wouldn't have happened.
chaos android chaos android chaos androi-
File: chaos android.jpg (753 KB, 1311x2062)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
fuck forgot to actually attach the image
New idea, Schrodinger's Cat, only Schrodinger is a sleeping cryptek, the cat is Lucius, the box is a tombworld, and the poison is trillions of scarabs ordered to kill anything that moves.
That scarabs can't feel anything, and the cryptek that made them isn't even aware of chaos or humanity to begin with.
thats kinda my basis for 20% but he has cheat codes enabled with a god/goddess jerking him off, since hes the weakest of the 4 champions even though in a way slannesh could be the second strongest chaos god
>When I awaken I am in the arms of a deathmark.
>It was nice... didn't want to move
>Had to though, so I could talk to Ael...
>The fauna on the last world gave me an idea
>... All I'd need is further inspiration from Ish and I can begin designing it, with (or with out) Aels assistance
>Shards its going to be hard working with Ael...
>... But I am kind of looking forward to it...
>Just have to call another scarab to take my place in this deathmarks cuddle, and I'll be good to go
There was indeed. I think it was even an emotionless oldcron too. Fucker needs to be killed in a car crash or some shit and we need to pray the machine spirits don't get a chuckle out of it.
this is why we need to make sure the eldar die. we cant let slaanesh be born in the first place.
its simple destroy chemos the emperors children's home world, no world for him to grow on, no lucius
The trick is to not kill him but trap him. Though what if he kills himself, Does he respawn somewhere else?

Anyway if that is the case, prevent him from killing himself. Then send him to Gulliman (or who ever has the emperors sword) to kill him.

As to murdering the knife ears... I can get behind it. However that would also throw the warp into a different shift, turning life (hedonism) and decadence to Fear and death. Possibly spawning (or accelerating) ynnead's birth in the place of slennesh.
We need to NOT murder the knife ears, but instead enslave them. Organics are a resource to be exploited like everything else.
File: brain scoop.png (1 MB, 1461x631)
1 MB
>I was not allowed to leave my sarcophagus.
>So for now i just spent time thinking over what I had experienced.
>The last thought I had during the second resonance cascade.
>I was incomplete.
>I didn't understand what that meant.
>I tried to look at it in a literal sense.
>Looking over every centimeter of my body there was a small space in my head that could certainly be used.
>If how fucking crammed full of machinery and additional systems every part of my body was any indication...i may have been missing a piece of my brain.
>Oh shit..i’ve actively been hallucinating in the past.
>There were entire fits of me not realizing things were not right.
>Confusing metals for citadel paint cans.
>My neural matrices automatically ignoring warnings.
>All those buried memories ishskar had that i had previously not seen even after supposedly looked through every part of his brain.
>Okay that explains that.
>I think i may have some serious questions for my phaerakh when I wake her up.
Decent idea, but it could also spawn a Enslaver-God creature. Not good.
Instead the 'crons should play to their greatest strength, longevity. In the cano the necrons played no part, to my knowledge, in the downfall of the Eldari Empire. Knowing this, Crypty could argue that his peoples best ploy is to pull back as many tombworlds that would be swallowed by the warp rifts caused by Slaanesh's MurderBirth. Then when the newest chaos god's unbirth is over, (~28-29K Human time) strike with the full force of several awakened Dynasties into the webway, annihilating the nascent Drukhari, and also striking into the craftworlds.
The Exodites could be enslaved if their worldspirit is used to siphon off/negate the negative emotional wavelengths/aura/?? of the world's population so no god-being is gestated.
File: Rahkshi.jpg (12 KB, 300x400)
12 KB
>Be chari
>getting out of the deathmarks grip was harder then I expected...
>Thankfully Trazyn wanted to talk to him about his past, at least what he was ok with sharing with the overlord
>I thank Trazyn and head off to Ishskar.
>I try to request any sort of random data that I could break down...
>He showed me a strange 'toy'
>It apparently was called a bionicle
>one of them stood out to me
>The Rahkshi...
>It was skeletal... basic, like children were meant to play with it.
>I could work with it...
>So I get into contact with Ael... who apparently changed his name to dyna
>Shards I hope this goes well...
Hang on, I thought we expressly didn't want slaanesh to get murderfucked into existence and prevent the eye of terror.
Hmm, I might need to revise my stance on organics. They have their uses and purpose, but the Aeldari need to go. Maybe not die, but leave the galaxy.
WE USE THEM AS BUG BAIT TO REMOVE THE NIDS! Eldar are all pskyers right? And nids are attracted to psychic energy right? Therefore if we use the Eldar as bait we solve two problems at once!
Bro i have watched like 2 bioncle movies. But i guess this anon is just an over exaggeration of my nerd tendencies i suppose it would be fair to say he has a comprehensive knowledge on bioncles.

aren't we like in the Devonian period, we're a few hundred million years before any Bionicle stuff was made but then again that could be waved away with warp bullshit
our cryptek used to be human, and from our times. Hence the meta knowledge.
Fuck off to /qst/
Op is literally a reincarnate of our time line.
In 40K... as a necron (a race who are 'soulless' immortal death robots)!
this is not a quest
Which is why we need to make sure Earth stays intact. Otherwise we get butterfly time travel shenanigans.
File: of-nature-necrons.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>Eventually our little group returns to my home system.
>Docking down was a fun experience as literally billions of canoptek constructs surged out of our ships.
>Fucking hell were more than quadruply out numbered by our construct population now.
>Bonus points we had 5 new seraptek heavy constructs which would defend our planet's core.
>Phillias finally released me from my tomb.
>Trazyn and his whole mess of assets were heading back, likely to pack away a centuries worth of acquisitions into the gallery.
>Phillias nudged me off to go and prepare the rite of awakening on my planets phaerakh.
>In the meantime she would be sitting down and having a little chat with Narmerth about his tombworld.
File: plan of action.jpg (156 KB, 1634x1326)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
So im just gonna crash and burn for tonight. ive been low energy all day and just haven't posted as much.

Im gonna lurk for another hour-ish and look over any ideas you folks may have.
We could also find a way to safeguard the aeldari gods so they could aid in dunking Slaanesh?
Don't the eldar hate the necrons though? Although we could convince them that we're not evil (relatively speaking) and want to save the galaxy.
File: avatar-deathwatch.jpg (136 KB, 900x645)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Safeguarding them is gonna be 10 headaches and a half. Trying to manipulate them into not fucking everything is gonna just be painful.

I might consider just killing off khaine. Just send like what...2 deathmarks maybe 4? Seriously fuck khaine he was the most abusive god in their pantheon.
This is how I see it playing out
>Be khaine
>hold up why the fuck does it have a soul
>He however doesn't want us to lose against this... DISGUSTING USERPER
>Vuul seems to like this little necron and his 'scarab' companions

>Eldar who aided cryptek in contacting Khaine
>'Thank you for warning him... but was it a good idea?'
>'No, but I'd rather face the lesser of two evils and prevent the Realm of Choas from getting a bigger hole to spew daemons out of...'
Oh shit j just remembered I taught trazyn and phillias about the future of the settings.

Oh yeah forgot to ask. Will you folks please bump through the night. It would be really appreciated.
>Safeguarding them is gonna be 10 headaches and a half. Trying to manipulate them into not fucking everything is gonna just be painful.
Thus my >>78746187 "Wait till they've murderfucked Slaanesh into being THEN strike the most powerful/soon to be annoying/dickish locales of knife-ears." approach. Necrons got plenty of time on their hands, may as well play the EXTEREME long game.
It has the added benefit of readying the galaxy for the King's arrival and the Great Awakening. I mean thre is still the Anathema and his humans, Ragnada, and the Orks to deal with. Raganada will likely be the hardest, simply due to your Cryptek having little metaknowledge to help out. The Orks should be approached in the same manner as that Tired Immortal of yours approaches plant life. Something that needs t be removed and is stubborn about the removal process.
The Anathema and his boys? Hmmm. Likely a strike directly i at Mars to break free the dragon sometime just before he launchs the Crusade, but after the Primarchs babynapping. Force him to expend his stockpiled fleet/astartes recontaining/killing the Dragon.
Bonus points if you can figure a way to blame the attack on the eternal knife-ear, so you can come back and "assist" your newest "Ally"
Damn, I always felt bad for the Avatars. Always BTFO'd by Sicarius or some comperable marinewank character to keep their chub fluffed between sessions with Ward. Not sure what that says about me though.
Lmao you should just bullshit yourself back onto Phillias good side saying that your actions were entirely necessary and required to prevent certain doom.
That would never work and she'd cut his head off if he tried
File: Deathmarks.jpg (405 KB, 1280x1730)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
>Apparently 2 of our poor immortals had to be cut down by Executioner Phillias.
>Their bodies were thrown out the airlock...
>Sad indeed...
>Though most of the others did seem to temper down drastically...
>When I tried to visit Ishskar, I was told off by Phillias
>Though Chari did leave that room...
>But I guess its because he is a simple canoptek scarab... (relatively speaking)
>Though Ae-Drya did bring aboard some asteroids for his 'experiments'
>Why he changed his name I have no idea.
>I did keep those questions saved for Ish
>Which was three fold
>"What exactly happened"
>"If he is ok (mentally)"
>"And if he knew anything about the pictures from my dream..."
>Why that third one I have no idea... but I feel like its somehow connected to him.
Thought they were studying the new virus, why would they perma-kill/throw the bodies out? Also I was under the impression that the big boys necrons (like Phillias) were under Cryptek's jurisdiction?
many were quarantined... however it wouldn't be unusual if infected became too active and attempted to spread the virus. Also it'd be easier to study the virus when your subject isn't resisting.

After the Ish RCE (resonance cascade event) MK.2 he was then decommissioned (knocked out) for twelve years. not to mention he pretty much destroyed a tomb world (well made it inaccessible for the next 24 thousand years). So Ish is in deep shit because of his c'tan stunt he pulled, though it is being overlooked do to him waking up every necron on the tomb world at the same time...

As to venting the bodies I think it'd be the best way of making sure that strain didn't survive... after all being thrown into a star is still a problem for necrons.
Imma use this information for my and Dyna future plans... as distasteful as it will be.
In fact imma do that right now.
>I wished to utilize my new found intelligence
>Dyna seemed a bit surprised I came to talk with him...
>I shared my idea with him...
>And he loved it.
>He says we'll have to also get some asteroids for additional resources for us to 'experiment'/work with.
>He also did ask me how do I feel about grave robbery...
>I hate what are we about to do...
>But if we succeed it will hopefully be worth it...
All this side story shit just derails the main one. Especially when they've gotten delusions of grandeur. They were supposed to be little side bits. Not anything that can affect the main story.

If you want to writefag your own story do so in a DIFFERENT THREAD.
i ignore them
>be me, Jhorza
>despite the memories i'm holding myself together
>the very mportant necron scanned us while i was out cold
>after that trazyn the infinite wanted to ask me questions
>i awnsered them
>had to let go of the scarab tho
>turns out it was our cryptek's "pet"
>still i feel like spending all that time doing nothing is counter-productive
>i wanna make something
>maybe out of blackstone, maybe out of other materials
>might need to find the golden scarab and ask it how to make blackstone things
>i made toys for my children and grandchildren back then after all
I do too but it turns into a fucking headache whenever the main story acknowledges their existence.
your entitled to your own opinion but think, would the story be as fun if for instance, chari(CM), mask or tired immortal wasn't present,
it would just be bumping like with orators thread,

sometimes a story is good enough by itself but side story or additional perspectives of events make a more fleshed out experience, also this is meant to be fun.

If you find fun by just following the main story good for you.
>get approached by Chari, he comes up with idea for Canoptek Necron hybrid.
>had that in back of head from balefire incident when making tons of plans, but theorised that Necrons would not like it.
>have feeling if its Chari the Cryptek will vouch for Chari.
>make preparations for plan, for that I need one key resource, using max level cunning and stealth in comparison to a purple ork, Collect one of the Immortals bodies from the executioners outgoing clientele pile.

>When Chari come to me they show weird figure and operate it to move around and compact, gives idea but first.
>Chops off the remains of the immortals head, checks and cleans corpse for any possible virus remnants.
>once cleaned, makes smaller Ael to act as the head, augments the immortals body with some Canoptek tech of own creation;
>a Cet,
>a set multi-tool hands which can be swapped rapidly for a small fabrication claw array, makes the arms bulkier than normal Necron though.
>compaction augments which means the body can fold in on self before activating a hover device making it possible for creation to Hover.
>finally some Canoptek eggs since this needs lots of power.

>my current greatest creation besides myself.
> I call it A Canoptek Necroid
>Using some Iskar, makes a small mark on the right size of the Canoptek Necroid's estimated cheek of a small Golden scarab
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File: phaerakh.png (52 KB, 461x482)
52 KB
>I spent the next 3 years within the inner most bowels of the tomb.
>The phaerakh’s tomb wasn't well lit but regardless I worked away at the ritual.
>She had an entire host of lychguards and one Seraptek heavy construct watching over her.
>Doing the ritual I occasionally had to stave off the urge to use the strange algorithmic chants i had used during the second resonance cascade event.
>It was incredibly taxing to do the rite of reawakening this time.
>Ideas and other involuntary secondary and tertiary subroutines were starting in my mind without my consent.
>It was getting infuriating but i had no time to be made, I cant fuck up her awakening.
>I'd get my answers from her soon enough.
>Be Yvralla Ulthrwal, Council Warlock of the world Miarisillion, and devotee to the Goddess of Fate Morai-Heg.
>The last century has seen much in the development of my abilities.
>In that time I have devoted much of the century in deep meditation and contemplations on the teachings of Morai-Heg.
>I believe her teachings will be vital for my peoples continued existence.
>I have seen the flow of time coming unraveled and confusing.
>The tapestry of fate is in tatters, what was once preordained for our people is now uncertain.
>When I look to the millenia ahead I am tormented with vagueness and much shrouded in darkness, I warned my council of the future ahead.
>”Fear the ghost with just one eye, All that we know shall come to die, the aeldari’s demise will come to rise, when new moon blots out our skies.”
i have to be heading off to work for a few hours. ill occasionally read when I'm allowed to stop for a while
File: moon.jpg (59 KB, 640x963)
59 KB
There is NO rational response i can give you, why does this image even exist?
File: 1616399093475.jpg (41 KB, 711x713)
41 KB
What the fuck is this ?
That's not a moon.
I mean yeah new moon is an allusion to a Blackstone fortress but bruh.
Halloween costume for a pregnant woman, there are not a lot of awesome options.
File: Demitsoru_KRAATA_Art.jpg (118 KB, 544x670)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Massive red flag... Purple orks don't exist or ork snipers for that matter.
>It is repulsive...
>Using the bodies of our fallen necrons
>We utterly cleaned out the data from them to remove any taint of the virus...
>It was only done one way though... so we blindly deleted everything in it, and to not risk becoming carries of the virus
>We remove every recognizable part of this necron so it wouldn't be as easily recognizable...
>… and built it like were doing it from scratch
>Dyna had hidden places on this ship that no canoptek would ever investigate…
>He then added his CET to allow him to control the body...
>It was a success...
>Until he fell over (Requires help balancing: noted)
>We needed more processing power... and I remember both the Kraata in the Bionicle's and those weird bugs back on that planet...
>With those in my mind I began to design our 'Kraata' to both be a bit larger (and noticeable more longer) to allow us to have greater processing power
>While also being very flexible and the tail might serve as a counter weight for us to balance ourselves more easily
>I will only share this design with Dyna once I've broken it down and bug fixed it...
>Though the thought of turning this also into a 'mech' (like dyna's AEL) did strike me...
>I'll have to consider it as I work on this new schematic...
It also help that we are trying to stick to as close to the rules of that universe as possible…

Yes we do a few outlandish (no not the becoming 'OH DER IM DA BEST DAT EVERYTHIN , I GOD NOW' or anything that repulsive creature called Matt Ward did with the setting (except Trazyn he's cool)), but consider that it is the author being lenient with such rules. We also have to take our time with the side stories and flow with what OP does... for instance me meeting Ish was a one time deal. While I do intend on meeting him, I can't currently because of his current situation.

There are both rules in universe and our personality that our characters must stick to unless in very specific scenarios. Where the conditions are justifiable for our characters to take a different approach in their mannerism/ideas…

Dyna (formerly AEL) is one such case, he was a regular canoptek scarab who was hit by Ishs first c'tan power wave. He also isn't all knowing, but requires data (and knows he requires more processing power) to work with and advance technology.

Chari is basically a pet for Ishskar, and has a super tiny bit of access to Ishskars processing. Its one of the reasons why he is so 'alive' and sees ish in a different light then other canopteks.
oh god oh fuck this can't be good
Well this is an interesting development
>Can't meet Ish
>Because he is waking up our phaeron
>Oh well might as well get back to doing what I had been doing before
>The world from which our new deathmarks brothers (and sisters) have taken to our hunting code with bravado, thankfully
>The look on their overlords face when all of his millions of people come out of our ship was priceless
>On the notes of interesting developments...
>5 Kaiju class creatures have been confirmed on planet…
>3 in the sea, and two in the forest...
>They have begun to fallow our protocols that we had set up in place
>Though a few hunts were initiated, to hunt a few creatures that were beginning to over populate
>They set up a rule of no killing of females/spawn, and no further hunting could be commenced during their mating season (which was good)
>And that only 4 kills were allowed per deathmark during this hunt (a wise decision)
>Shards dam it... I missed the first hunt.
>A lady named Loz'tra got the biggest fucking predator on the planet.
>A she commands respect... but she has to earn it amongst her fellow deathmarks
>We have cataloged a full... 20% (with complete knowledge about their life) of all land life right now
>and only 1% oceanic life
>Fuck this is going to take way longer then what we anticipated…
>Though the immortals immediately returned back to the tomb to 'clean up'
File: Home on the Tomb.jpg (8 KB, 150x150)
8 KB
>Be Immortal.
>Finally, we have returned to our tombworld.
>The first thing that I do is go on patrol.
>The wretched organics have made a mess of the decrepit parts of the tomb again, and I exterminate them with my compatriots without hesitation.
>The warriors try a few more warcries extoling the merits of necrodermis and condemning the weakness of flesh, but they seem doubtful as they say them.
>Seeing what they could do on the fallen tombworld, I now know that the canopteks are slacking in the repairs here.
>In fact, we even find some kind of nursery in the tomb tended to by scarabs.
>We atomize every inch of it, of course.
>I heard from a deathmark that the crazy cryptek is awakening the Phaerakh, and I desperately hope that his madness doesn't infect her.
>We find more burrowers trying to reach the generators, and even a nest in one of the lesser generators, and we purge them all.
>A few of the warriors and a fellow immortal still seem to prefer to kill them melee.
>I pay them little mind as I track down the walls that permitted these vermin egress, and destroy them, sending a repair request to the canopteks.
>It's good to be home.
>Be Dyna
>is back home after assisting Chari with body project, I don't get why they want Necron like form.
>don't care, don't ask
>is back home, takes in the sights. sights boring after a while.
>help the immortals sweep tomb for organic life, is angry they destroy tomb walls and leave the other Canoptek creatures to fix it.
>its not fair, why we have to clean up mess of others.
>is using Greater Ael to do the repair work but isn't happy about it.
>it a feeling of both unhappy and indignation, I think this might be mild rage.
>does work in silence, but Dyna has a plan, Dyna will always have plan.
>be me DM J-56 "jhorza"
>hunting home is fun even with the new rules
>i still wanna apologise to the scarab, maybe make it something
>it's not logical i know but i still have a cerebral impulse to do it, donno why
>i don't know
>what would it even want?
>maybe i'm overthinking this
>there are critter to keep in check
>it's nice to pass the time and it helps the construct by NOT havng the immortal squiad blasting holes in the walls
>one of them is more, i don't know
>"willing" to blast on sight?
>he sends shivers down my metaphorical spine
>or he would if I COULD FEEL SOMETHING
>still have to find somone to teach me how to use blackstone to make things
>maybe i'll look for the golden scarab i picked up after the second balefire wave
>well that can wait a bit
>after all if these tin cans that we use as bodies gave us one thing it is time
finally home jeez so much traffic today
Those feeble walls aren't going to blast themselves.
No, the bloody traitors are going to let more and more organics in to make a mess of the lovely tombworld.
>Be Phaerakh Savarekh of the Voekhet Dynasty.
>During the flesh times my dynasty had dutifully served the empire well,as any lesser dynasty would.
>Generations of nobility and master artficers were born from our dynasty.
>We made allies of the Nihilakh and Oruskh dynasties.
>Close familial bonds made over the generations.
>Small as we were, we prospered, short as our time was we enjoyed smaller moments of our fleeting lives..
>But an eon of war took that from us.
>We had numbered tens of billions during the flesh times
>But after the war we numbered barely 2 billion.
File: illuminor szeras.jpg (222 KB, 580x800)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>Countless battles across countless stars.
>The bittersweet revenge against the old ones, and its lesser creations.
>One that had claimed our most ancient weapons and vessels.
>A glory that had cost me nearly all of my people.
>A revenge we had taken at the memories, minds, and souls of my people.
>It wasn't even to call them people.
>We were lords of a dead empire.
>We all cursed szeras and the C’tan for the “gift” of biotransference.
File: The outsider fractle.jpg (103 KB, 1080x995)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Those of us with our minds still intact were grateful when we were told to wage war on the C’tan.
>What fools we were.
>We had waged war against Tsara'noga known as the Outsider.
>He was an insane god-thing, that burned brighter than any star we had seen.
>There was no reason or order in that creature's existence caused madness and fear to my legions.
>As if granting them echoes of their soul only so it may torment them.
>Indeed billions died before we were able to shatter them significantly enough to be entombed across 8 tesseract vaults.
>What had disturbed me most had not been the lost 14 billions, but the looming feeling that we had only fought a much smaller fragment of what we believed to be the outsider.
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>Be Chari
>Shards how does Dyna, and Ish design new things
>I knew it would be hard... But this is assinine
>I redeveloped the 'egg' that Dyna made for me to act as both a localized processing unit, and a mass data storage that I can access whenever I want. (well when Im in range... it's quite handy truth be told)
>A part of me does what to use the Necroid that Dyna and I worked together... (I just hid it from the other necrons)
>However I just can't...
>Its like walking in the skin of someone else
>It is so unnerving, but I also don't want to scrap it...
>Maybe I should start small...
>A new scarab unit built for myself to be an advanced processing unit so I can better think would help...
>But I just request for data of the living creatures outside our tomb complex...
>To give myself... food for thought.
>One of the deathmarks seems to joyous to fulfill my request
File: Phaerakh Savarekh.png (1.97 MB, 2000x2000)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
>Not long after the war against the outsider we were ordered into a great sleep.
>We were made to abolish much of our old tomb cities replacing it with sarcophagi.
>We would be made to sleep for the next 60 million years.
>We couldn't say no, it was an order by the silent king.
>And so we stepped into our deep sleep.
>I saw off many of my lords and crypteks before I went to sleep myself.
>I slept for Forty-Two Million Two hundred Seventy-four years.
>I awoke to see my cryptek ishskar.
File: lyches and blades.png (621 KB, 817x1200)
621 KB
621 KB PNG
>Be Ishskar.
>The Phaerakh wakes with an eruption of balefire which seems to be absorbed into her being rather quickly.
>That seems somewhat ominous.
>Her voice is a cold metallic hiss, it wasn't too much of a far cry from Zagara from starcraft but i'd be fucked if i mentioned that to her.
>She looked to the room around her, she was sending out an interstitial message.
>The Seraptek and Lychguard nodded in unison.
>The lychguard swiftly left the room whilst the heavy constructs powered down.
>That was fucking unsettling.
>”Ishskar, why have you awoken me Eighteen million years early?” Her voice gave me fucking chills which i didn't know i could still have.
>I stuttered for a moment. “Aha- W...well you my Phaerakh..”
>I choked on my words for another few seconds. “I have done a great many deeds when I awoke some 2 centuries ago.”
>”The awakened council has seen me as an asset and I have gained us many new asset-” I was dragged into the air by one crushing grip.
>”AT BEST YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO ONLY MAKE A FEW WEAPONS OR CONSTRUCTS, NOT GET NOTICED BY THE TRIARCH.” Her hold on my throat was crushing the servos and suspensions of my throat.
>I felt my vocal emitter strain to let out so much as a syllable.
>”GUh L-lob...otomize?”
... well this took a dark fkin turn
You know, I was expecting the Phaerakh to kinda a bitch, but I wasn't expecting THIS.
This is bad... and totally not what I was expecting.
That is kind of sad now that I think about it...
Also yea I have to agree
File: lord.jpg (308 KB, 1920x1371)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
>She tossed me to the ground in a heap.
>”It's not use now, i will return your mind after i am to meet with the council.”
>”You better have not roused any suspicions towards me or I will have you eradicated before the triarch gets to you half wit.”
>She cursed deeply, many ancient necron swears that gave the rough meaning of wishing my being an extraneous and prolonged life wracked by every cancer conceivable against our radiation filled sun.
>What the fuck was that supposed to mean.
>I thought that she was supposed to be happy about all these new perks.
>”Ensure your workshop is tightly sealed.”
>”In fact, close off that entire wing of the tomb with solid blackstone, i will be speaking with our guests.”
File: 1522673258720.jpg (5 KB, 210x170)
5 KB
>”Ensure your workshop is tightly sealed.”
>”In fact, close off that entire wing of the tomb with solid blackstone, i will be speaking with our guests.”
I feel like it's too late for that
I get the feeling Ish and anon aren't too dissimilar
aren't we all the same, one way or another?
Something tells me the C'tan chord was perhaps a secret project... and that no oe was suppose to loot the Outsider.
>She stormed out of the room leaving me like a crumpled sack of potatoes.
>After a few seconds my necrodermis healed itself and the deep impression she had left on my neck was gone.
>I got up to my feet to head off and take care of my workshop.
>What life had Ishskar led before i started inhabiting him...overwrote him.
>Questions for later.
>I gathered up man necrons to seal off the halls that led to my hidden workshop.
>For the next few hours i was busy seamlessly encasing the entire workshop in nothing but half a miles worth of blackstone.
>...does the Phaerakh literally have a chunk of my brain?
>After modifying the Necroid, and attempting to pilot it...
>It didn't turn on...
>... I honestly don't know why...
>After two hours of trying to figure out what went wrong I eventually requested Dyna's help...
>To describe him as pissed is an under statement
>He knocked my shit in...
>Thank goodness Ishkar is so durable, but I knew I did deserve that...
>After he did that he explained to me what the problem was
>I turned one of his most important power units into a computer
>He did fix it... but I felt only shame for what I did...
>He then told me if I ever did that shit again... there would be no cryptek able to fix what was left
>... I feel ashamed, I didn't move for a solid month.
>By the time I did the entire wing of the complex was sealed and I couldn't damage it...
>... Because it was ordered to be made from the highest order...
File: How.jpg (1.36 MB, 3197x2160)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
>It took a few hours before i received a ping from Phillias to translate to her point.
>It Didn't take long, I was swiftly teleported to their position.
>Narmerth, Savarekh, Phillias, and a full host of triarch praetorians were in a discussion.
>Phillias addressed me first. “Cryptek, will you tell your Phaerakh and Phaeron Narmerth what your actions have caused.”
>It wasn't a request but a demand, one with deadly consequences if i did not comply to the fullest extent.
>I tensed up and just held onto one of my essence tiles for a moment.
>”In my haste to wake up the remaining 3 million legions of necrons I failed to inform the praetorian of my plans.”
>”In the cascade I awoke the remaining legions but set off a series of events that have rendered the world unvisitable and uninhabitable to the necrons for 24 thousand years.”
this was for this

Also Dyna... I am so sorry I got it wrong. I no action can be done to rectify that fuck up...
File: Infected.jpg (104 KB, 1024x1365)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>”My actions led to the destruction of a fleet power generator, which was an asset that belonged to the Nihilakh dynasty.”
>”The seismic activity broke a massive section of the ice shelf into the sea, desalinating the ocean and causing an ice age that threatened to freeze over all necrons on the planet at the time.”
>”Which would have accelerated the power of the living metal eating microbes.”
>”With the tomb still opened the flash freezing has likely wormed itself into every nook and cranny of the tomb's upper half destroying any vehicles and unsalvaged data vaults that had not yet been recovered.” Narmerth leaned in heavily on me at that point.
>”In addition…” I hesitated.
>”I have unknowingly infected 76 of our own warriors with an unknown virus we have yet to comprehend.”
>I felt all eyes on me.
>And it felt as though they wished to atomize me.
dont worry its fine, these things happen. miscommunications happen. dont stop writing on account of that.
No intention too... just a hermit for a while... plus I have a friend on the other side
File: original.jpg (99 KB, 1366x768)
99 KB
With a little luck, you might get isekai'd again...?
remember we always have the discord.

Now i need to get back to writing i need stop drip feeding posts.
File: saved by the bell.png (498 KB, 778x500)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
>I spent another few minutes explaining finer details of my blunders.
>Phillias finally spoke after an agonizing hour of silence that followed me admitting to my mistakes.
>”In the 3 years during which you were indisposed trazyn, the overlord of solemnace was kind enough to aid you.”
>”He has presented a majority of the records from the tombworld agun he preserved.”
>”In addition, presented a lengthy compilation of salvaged memory fragments from the flesh time.”
>”He has also been willing to overlook the destruction of the fleet power generator.” I took a deep breath, I may not be entirely boned.
>”You will be required to inform the triarch praetorians of what methods you used to awaken the 3 million simultaneously.”
>”Along with you will detail exactly what divinations lie ahead of us, awakener.” Immediately my Phaerakh turned to me, most definitely confused.
File: lucas-terryn-10-model.jpg (901 KB, 3190x1794)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
>Phillias left not long after tha, we would be speaking at a later date.
>I learned not long after that Narmerth would become a vassal dynasty allowed to expand within our territory.
>He would retain all his titles, fight alongside us and assist us to the fullest extent of his abilities.
>In return we would use our disgustingly full coffers for the benefit of allowing him to expand within our region.
>It was a fair trade off for someone who just lost their home.
>He was certainly having strong feelings towards me.
>What they could be, I had no idea.
>After the meeting Savarekh had me following her elsewhere in the tomb...by foot.
>Be Chari...
>I am trapped in a room...
>It is cold, and dark...
>However I know Ishskar will one day require my aid in some way
>So I set myself up for a task I thought I had a mastery over
>How different it is compared to just making the miniatures that Ish made me make for him for the first time...
>But now in this processing power is devoted to breaking down the most basic scientific principles outside of my own knowledge to me...
>While I use my necroid as a battery... as distasteful as it is after what Dyna did to fix it for me.
>This will take a long time... but I am determined to learn...
>The first thing I begin... conservation of mass and energy...
>Thankfully I can pull small amounts of data to my self... it will be long slow and arduous process...
>But for his sake I will prevail...
>after several months in my studies... a minor hole appears in my wall...
>We walked for days in silence, she occasionally acknowledged one of the now immortals that had some semblance of personality.
>She stared a long while at duracell when we happened to pass him.
>This was her first time seeing the new canoptek unit after all.
>She also had seen a few of the new weapons, but said nothing.
>She just gave me what I assumed was a scowl.
>We eventually reached the grand Amphitheater.
>Fuck am i going to court.
>She had me step into the center of the room while she marched up to her throne.
>Walls came down over the doors into the room, court was in session.
>She exhaled deeply, tired beyond her years.
>”Since when did a lobotomized cryptek such as yourself become an astromancer.” were the first words out of her mouth.
>”i-i-I -a-- a y-you see.” I stutterd.
>”And now you can hardly speak, shards I was under the impression you had remained intact after we had that part of your neural matrices.” She sneered.
>I cleared my throat. “I woke up with this knowledge.”
>”I have seen what will become of the universe if we remain slumbering.”
>”I thought it best to retrieve every asset I was aware of to ensure our dynasty shall be prepared for-” With a wave of her hand she silenced me.
>”There's the problem Ishskar, YOU were thinking, a half wits plans are half baked, YOU should have awoken me first.”
>”Now we have the awakened council looking upon us.”
>”In the days we spent walking to this chamber I have been observing the engrams of each denizen of this tomb.”
>”I have seen every little action through their eyes.”
>”You have become...different, foreign.”
>”These projections, these alien theatrical projections.” I wish to not be here.
>”Are these a part of these visions you received upon your awakening.”
>I hastily nodded. “Ye-Ah Yes my Phaerakh.”
>She took a few months before she spoke again.
>”A Tecnomandrite, Transmogrifier, and now an astromancer.”
>”Really Ishskar, you must keep your talents more hidden.”
>feels this lady is greedy, makes plans to appease her later
>”Really Ishskar, you must keep your talents more hidden.”

That almost sounds like she is looking out for you, how curious.
It's interesting to my how scared of the Awakened Council Savarekh is. She 100% did/is going to do something that would make the Council VERY upset.
File: the fall.png (472 KB, 494x508)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
Heres why its a big no no
She is 200% into sketchy shits, heck she even lobotomized her own cryptek since they aren't totally loyal to their assigned monarch. She has something that cannot be known, otherwise it would likely ruin her.
Alrighty. Sounds like Ish has a friend in high places. And is only preforming at half power due to missing brain.
What does a full power Ish look like I wonder? And can the power of a resonance cascade be tamed?
File: sleep time.jpg (139 KB, 1024x678)
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139 KB JPG
think im gonna head off to bed.
Had lots of fun writing the last bits.

In case any of you are confused at to what happened im willing to elaborate if it wasn't clear what was going on. otherwise i keep asking you bump the thread and tomorrow ill go into to further details.
Lord Inquisitor, is Bump the only solution?
it is
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We have arrived, and it is now that we fulfill our charge. In fealty to the God-Emperor (our Undying Lord), and by the grace of the Golden Throne, I declare bump upon the non-Imperial this thread. I hereby sign the Thread Life Extension Warrant of an entire Thread, and consign a million Fags to continued existence. May Imperial justice account in all balance. The Emperor protects.
The Emperor protects
File: Ferrofluids-FAQ.jpg (41 KB, 560x369)
41 KB
>My mind sputtered, the word hurt to hear out loud.
>I could feel a numb thrumming pulsing through my head.
>"Techno...mandritre?" I asked in my disoriented state.
>She had a clipped tone when speaking. "Heavens yes, generations of technomandrites raised under our roof after that triarch ordered for their genocide."
>The living metal of my body shook, as if it had become a ferrofluid.
>"Why would our dynasty willingly give up an asset such as that when we could cultivate and profit off of it instead?" Her words filled me with pained knowledge.
>My mind was trying to rectify itself as this knowledge was they key to achieving completion.
>All the while she sat on her throne, watching me...almost disgusted at me.
>Be Immortal.
>The patrols go poorly.
>Many walls have fallen and been rebuilt, but the burrowers continue their onslaught.
>We have found thousands of their nests and burned them out, but tens of thousands more lie behind treacherous walls and hidden in the earth.
>What's worse, the camopteks have rebelled against us, sabotaging the tomb with substandard walls and replacements, at times even refusing to repair walls altogether!
>One of them even tried to shout at me for some reason.
>My forces have been working themselves ragged to keep up, I even thought I saw the Phaerakh dragging the crazy cryptek through the tomb.
>What worsened issues was when I received reports that part of the tomb had been sealed off by an impenetrable wall.
>It was near the crazy cryptek's lab, and we hadn't been able clear the burrowers out.
>When we tried to breach the wall, the canopteks went into defense mode, proving their treachery and alliance with the organics.
>We've had to cordon off the entire subsection of the tomb, now only the canopteks go in and out, the warriors and immortals assigned to guard the cordon purge every organic they see.
>It's good that the Phaerakh will still be sleeping for the next nineteen million years, if she saw the state of her tomb, we'd all hang under the sun.
I would say "If she breathes, she's a THOT"
But she doesn't breath... So...
File: 20210420_101130.png (662 KB, 1080x838)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
Everyone reading this story upon meeting the Phaerakh.
yea she's a cunt
Havent been in /tg in a while, nice to see /qst/ being allowed here again
it ain't a quest, it's writefaggotry
It seems as if Old Ishskar was a bit unreliable and the Phaerakh lobotomized him so that he wouldn't get up to trouble while no was there to babysit him.
The plan strikes me as being that she wanted revenge against the Silent King and Triarchs, so her dynasty took in some of the technomandrites, gave them sanctuary, then were planning on surprising the rest of the Necrons with a civil war when everyone was making up.
What she finds is her prized pet technomandrite making buddy buddy with the council and doing naughty things with proscribed technology and making a new name for the dynasty, when she was hoping to hunker down while they build up a super army.
I don't think that plan was going to work to begin with, but I can understand her frustration when you leave the game for five minutes and come back to everything being on fire and half your forces wearing the other color.
some people can't distinguish what's the difference... if I remember /qst/ is interactive and ask other anons to participate in writing it, right?
As I recall, /qst/ is more of a DM and player experience, while /tg/ writefaggotry is just a rando writing.
I do agree that this is getting near the border, but Cryptek Anon is just writing and the others are fleshing out with side bits.
Though Dyna does keep trying to push it.
yes to a degree but in this thread the other anons only do side plots and are not allowed to impact the main plot heavely, it's only cryptanon who decides how the main plot goes and there are no rolls/ dice system
Well this took a hell of a turn. No like.
>"Get up." She ordered.
>I weakly stood up upright but hell did I feel like outright collapsing.
>"Tell me why you made the Skorpioid constructs, and the additional armaments."
>I felt compelled to answer her.
>"For excavations and to fight off against hordes of spindle drones."
>"Elaborate." She asked.
>I made a projection on the ceiling with my ocular.
>I Displayed the spindle drones of the blackstone fortresses.
>The next few months passed in a haze.
>We spoke about chaos.
>The fall of Aeldari.
>The birth of slaanesh.
>The great crusade.
>The Heresy.
>Terra and the eye of terror.
>So many other things I ended up telling her involuntary, I couldn't help myself for some reason.
I cant believe we lost tsundere Phillias for bitchy boss Savarekh.
we're about to have it waaaaaaaaaay worse TRUST ME
>She eventually grew bored with this line of talking and had me cease projections.
>"You've seen much in the way of the galaxies histories."
>"And you are certain that your actions are necessary to prevent this...empryn and these druhkari?"
>I nodded quickly.
>"You are to continue your little schemes cryptek."
>"Once you've secured the first of these blackstone fortresses I shall return to you the remnants of your mind."
>"And the accrued manuscripts of your ancestors' studies."
>"I believe I can work with this."
I just consider him not canon.
Our poor boy's been turned into a simp. Like she's gonna actually hold true to her word. Hell it'll probably just be a more powerful control chip if she does return anything.
File: Aeonic Orb WIP10.jpg (132 KB, 1073x492)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>She sent me away, she was going to be off preparing for something, It was kinda horrific to be under the control of the phaerakh.
>I was allowed to return to my workshop.
>My necrodermis had finally settled down, I wasn't feeling so off anymore.
>But fuck, finding out i-no...ishskar was once a technomandrite was a bit intense.
>It explained away a lot of things.
>And the lobotomy explained everything else.
>The knowledge I might get access to some technomancdrite research was actually quite appealing actually.
>I wonder if i could manage to strap a Æonic Orb to a blackstone fortress...better yet could i even find notes on how to make one in the first place?
I always got the feeling the control a Phaeron had over their court was rather compelled and absolute when necessary. Especially if we're going with a notion that Ishskar here was specifically lobotomized in the first place.

That said, there's a certain plausible deniability of "Hey, this particular Cryptek has no memories of being a Technomandrite, they're just a little addled, go ahead and run a deep dive of their systems". I imagine that part of actual-Ishskar stays locked up until at least the Triarch and the Council are busy with other things. For that matter, I realize I have no idea if Mindshackle Scarabs work on Necrons, or are even prevalent in this particular era; it isn't like they've had need to use them on the indigenous life or any other organics thus far.
Bump, checked, and agreed
If he recovers his know-how, could Ishskar repair/recontrust the power core he destroyed last time?
File: Enmitic Exterminator.jpg (385 KB, 1286x576)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
>I spent a good long while removing the meters of blackstone walls.
>When i finally was done i could head into my own workshop.
>This time there was no, insanity ladened delusions.
>Just the various glyph tablets that I knocked down a little over a century ago.
>Looking over the plans I had I mostly just want to get to work on the Enmitic Exterminator.
>I hear our tombworld has reported sightings of megafauna.
>I think i could just make a few weapon platforms with these instead of mounting them on a necron.
>It's like a mobile mini pylon...except for organics.
File: cron wife 2.jpg (63 KB, 849x590)
63 KB
okay ill admit it, i have hit a wall for the past few hours. i can either jump perspectives or go ahead and do another timeskip onto the next operation. gonna try and come up with something but hot dang is my brain just grinding to a halt. im also open to suggestions.
Maybe a perspective jump just to see the size of the headache the Phaeron has.
We could see the Phaeron interact more with the other dynasty, or who mad/happy she is with her necrons not being brain-dead automatons?
>be Dyna,
>is doing work like any other Canoptek creature,
>is accused by immortal for making substandard walls by Immortal.
>I think this is the same Immortal who first broke walls going to kill organics who leads the organic eradication faction or OEF for short in our Dynasty
>I is kinda annoyed when immortal complains about the walls when he hasn't done his job fully yet.
>Dyna Know it sounds like im being condescending but he could do better,
>im telling truth, the immortal is targeting the tip of the plant when the stem or the roots would be more effective long term, without them needing to patrol rooms already sweeped.
>but I is a canoptek he is necron immortal, hierarchy is important even when leader is annoying.
>i stay silent and just work with excavation and wall repair.
File: react4.png (1.67 MB, 1918x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Got to say, the story went into a new direction, huh?
bout to head off to run a dnd session but i should have something nice ready in a while. Ill see if i can toss out 1 reply before i start.
>Be Mask...
>Investigations of our first Kaiju is under way...
>Thing is fucking massive
>It more or less lives in state sized bolder fields... moving at about 50 miles per hour...
>Diet is unknown... but there are no known tomb complex in this area of the world
>To my knowledge (and what little our nobles have shared with us...)
>Its shell acts as its own biosphere... and seems to grow in strange layers...
>Also surprisingly flexible, due to the formation of the layers of its individual shells...
>Its diet is currently unknown...
>A observation that our first team has discovered is something they call...
>Blast Stone (due to the unfortunate discovery made by one poor cryptek)
>They are super charged metallic (indeterminable atomic structure) rocks that can contain an absurdly high energy charge... but Explode when a single drop of water hits them...
>A cryptek did speculate he could use the stone to create a something a kin to a battery using such stones...
>Until it began raining...
>Its both surprising, horrifying... and the after math reported something akin to a EMP detonated close to him
>Which DID hit him after it detonated.
>He was intact enough that he eventually did reanimate...
>But seems to have forgotten about the expedition entirely
>This also seems to also explain why the highest point of the shell is far more metallic in nature compared to the main body...
>A natural lightning rod...
>Replicating this natural process is currently impossible…
>But overall this one can kaiju is (relatively) safe, and non-threatening
>Its biosphere is under investigation but exploration is taking a long time...
but its given cryptek a new layer of intrigue and story to cryptek, also it means in the future cryptek should gain additional powers
always had vague plans to go ahead and take this story to this kinda angle. Not everything i have planned for him will go smoothly for him and i think thats fun.
is that a monster hunter mob?
No... its not Zhora Magderos (though I was slightly inspired by it)… I was just going to have it basically be so hard to determine what is it like under those miles of boulders that it'd just be easier to classify it as a snail due to the shell (though it is super unique for such a branch).

It'd also is the simplest creature out of the five that I have thought up so far.

The one in the ocean... is going to be horrifying, like it'd the kraken on Fenris steer clear of its hunting zone...
Btw, found the Hive fleet Anon thread >>78677894

Oh good, it was strangled in the crib.
>Be Chari
>The black stone wall was eventually taken down...
>Ishskar didn't notice the necroid...
>It's not that I don't want him to...
>But rather... I have no idea how would he feel, if he found out the body was once a necrons...
>I have continued on with my studies...
>It is lonely not being with Ishskar, but I carry on...
>I've focused myself to several very specified fields
>Universal laws, basic chemistry, even rudimentary logic gates... and so on
>However I feel like I am missing something...
>Thousands of cross-referencing and all I find is a dead end
>... I'll ask Ish later if he knows anything about that
>I am going to need to personally see the events happen
>Which should be fun to observe... and maybe I could learn a bit faster
Just wrapped up dnd and gonna start writing about 2 characters after i run to the grocery store real quick
Why is that good?

It was a start. And its only been 5 days, Cupanon has been away for far longer and thats not going away.
File: hugo-barthouil-18.jpg (356 KB, 1766x1024)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
>Be Trazyn.
>I have been occupying myself with the latest acquisition Expedition.
>I have spent the last months following the exploits of an Ork WAGHHH into aeldari territory.
>An impressive Ork force 10 million strong against the Aeldari of the world Sephulka.
>Planetary decree has called for a full defensive action.
>One by one the ork spacehulks came crashing down through orbit targeting the most densely populated areas.
>Even as i watched the death throws of the aeldari world i couldn't help but focus with my subroutines.
>In truth my mind drifted towards the future the cryptek ishskar showed me.
>Indeed it had caught my attention, I had wanted to collect much of what he had shown me for my galleries.
>Ishskar had shown Executioner Phillias and Myself what the future held for us.
>His prophetic visions were disturbing, a galaxy in flames and torment.
>Dramatic yes, but one that seemed too malleable for those who could shape the Empyrn.
>I Had provided my support and forgave the destruction of certain assets from the cryptek for aiding sannet.
>But as well as the fact that I held some belief it was a necessary expenditure.
>Besides he will have millions of years to repay me for it.
>I Couldn't help but smile internally at the thought, I focused my attention at hand.
>I had planned to capture this mek boy working on his 9th Deathrolla, and i readied my next Tesseract labyrinth.
I'm being facetious, but the reddit speak was a bit cringy.
If he wants to continue, he can feel free, it just seemed that not many people were on the thread.
Well, all of us also didn't know it was happening, something similar would have happened to Orator-anon if he didn't say it was happening.
File: Examining_the_subject.jpg (76 KB, 800x607)
76 KB
>Be illuminor szeras.
>I have been dissecting a captured Aeldari warrior, Chest cavity opened, I was removing their respiratory organs while keeping them in a state of suspended animation.
>I Have personally ensured 2 mind shackle scarabs have been implanted into their frontal lobe.
>My work requires a fine level of caution lest i allow undo Psychic interference during my examination.
>”You truly are quite a fine specimen number Five Seven three, most of your kind would have perished by now.” I Gingerly ran my fingers through the sweat filled hair of theirs.
>”With continued trials I believe you and any future instances of your kind undergoing this invasive internal examination may yet survi-” He Flatlined soon after, mouth foaming with saliva.
>”What a waste.” I grumbled.
>I was about to begin the preservation of their organs however I received a ping, someone was going to make a visit.
>I quickly moved to the docking bay, a full host of Triarch praetorian had arrived aboard a host of Shroud Class Light Cruisers.
>They informed me that our world was receiving new canoptek constructs.
>Ones suited for excavation, both melee and ranged combat, each fitted with something called “Hyperphase Threshers.”
>I marveled at the great influx of Canoptek Skorpioid that had arrived.
>Their armaments were ingenious, such a design brought strokes of inspiration to me.
>I asked the pratorions who had created these constructs.
>One cryptek named Ishskar of the Voekhet dynasty.
>I MUST collaborate with this mind.
Remember when Cryptek Anon said that he "neither respected Szeras as a cryptek nor as a necron"
i think ill call it a night there, please do keep bumping folks.
i do apologize for the slow beginning of the week. I'm usually better than posting just 10 posts a day. Ill try and pump more out tomorrow, in other news it wont be long before i get art done for our cryptek
still dont but holy heck wouldn't it be fun to put our cryptek and by extension myself in a stress inducing situations? i think it makes for fun writting, sometimes anon can get out of it, like hes done with Phillias, orikan, and the council. Other times he spaghetti's like with his phaerakh.
Dude, I care if you post only one post a day, just keep posting. Your story is so good, please just don't stop.
File: 1580263113344.jpg (58 KB, 800x522)
58 KB
I'm surprised Neckbeardia hasn't made a video about your story yet... also if you read this james and megan, no frog and wojack on the thumbnail!
Like thats what these threads need. A pair of buck toothed britcuckistanis stealing other peoples writing and making jewtube money off of it.
File: FB_IMG_1619012986196.jpg (50 KB, 720x405)
50 KB
They already prepared the thumb. Episode 1 is coming today.
now all we have to hope for is that they mention chari and it will be good
After 12 days, my thread has finally ended, it was fun while it lasted. Now, I won’t do a second thread just yet, as I want to create as much content as possible beforehand. I thank you for all of your support.
File: Magpie_shenanigan.png (1.65 MB, 1914x1075)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
It is... acceptable!

I hope that too! Plus perhaps some other side-stories (not all)... and maybe at least my "Ah" edit...
File: Heavy platform.jpg (378 KB, 1290x467)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
>Be ishskar.
>Well it took a long time 47 years to get the Enmitic Exterminator up to a functioning version.
>I had to move to the surface, running constant tests.
>No necron could carry it for the time being instead I had it mounted onto a tripod platform.
>I unintentionally ended up killing around 93 immortals over the years due to complete reactor meltdowns, after the nuclear detonations were taken care of they would reincorporate with some annoyance.
>That was an issue I ran my head into the wall for many years to fix.
>I moved onto work on a floating platform that resembled the Lokhust Heavy Destroyer.
>That took 22 years to perfect, i began mass production on the Mobile Mounted Enmitic Exterminator weapons platform.
>They should be quite good against our local Megafauna.
File: Displacer.jpg (175 KB, 1280x720)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
>I haven't been bothered by anyone in the last sixty-ish years.
>I had been doing some routine trial runs on the latest batch of weapon platforms with the deathmarks and immortals.
>We had just been hunting one of the creatures native to the surface.
>Something that looked eerily similar to a monster i remembered from dnd.
>When we managed to finally get a hit on one with a violent net like beam of energy we could see it twist and pulse its body becoming undone.
>After a moment it exploded into a ball of light and gorey squaller.
>I admired my work for about 2 seconds before I felt someone tower over me.
>”Phil-Ihuh...Executioner Phillias it's good to see you.” I immediately bowed my head to the triarch praetorian.”
File: !!!!.jpg (31 KB, 680x519)
31 KB
bruh i just got on. dont even update the thread from one of the bumps from last night and quickly pound out 2 parts to see this!?

anyway i gotta run for work, ill try and sneak a few posts in during breaks. i should be free for most of today.
i see, i shall wait
in 1 hand they bring new people (like me) in
on the other hand they are leaching content from tg
I'm kinda curious how many threads a storytime must have to get their attention...
Does not matter how many threads it is, they'll spew out utter garbage as long as they can make a shitty thumbnail and mispronounce everything.
Btw, if they have pauses for long periods, or just stand there sometimes, animals and plants are still living around them. So the wildlife might bass by sometimes and plants or moss might try growing on them.
>be me Dyna,
>is floating around tomb minding my own business when Get swarmed by scarabs.
>though a series of conversations they want upgrades but don't know what they want.
>since has nothing exciting to do besides obliterating organics, repairing the tomb, playing the cryptek's terminal game and trying to not be hunted down for "unwanted practices".
>decides to help them.
>using my Ael I convert a portion of them into Canoptek Ant's.
>built a few of them some Canoptek Ael mech varients,
>and I Made some new variants of Scarab I call Canoptek Moths and Canoptek Gecko.

>When designing the new variants I though of one aspect that they could specialise in,
>Canoptek moths specialise in Detection with themselves being able to the faintest form of vibration within 100 yards.
>Canoptek Gecko's focus on stealth so much that I feel the Eldar will come for me since I stole their idea, but for now Canoptek Gecko's can only refract light and electrical signals to become invisible to the naked eye as well as scanning systems but they can't fly as a trade off.
FUCKS SAKE NECK, why don't you go tell how you, your wife and my warforged ass got acerac's dungeon and attention for a change? you know, something original
File: Science.jpg (31 KB, 625x350)
31 KB
>Be Chari
>I have requested several basic materials from other cryptek Alchemist
>They were surprised by my request...
>… That or this new Necroid body when I went to attain the materials
>I couldn't read if they were more surprised or afraid of it
>After getting the basic materials I began my work
>The weapons used by the humans would best be described as kinetics
>... significantly more weak, and less powerful.
>It shouldn't be able to scratch our necrodermis (or my Ishkar)…
>But Dyna had displayed how little I knew in comparison to he...
>So I took utmost caution in every experiment, and changed the formula bit by grueling bit.
>Recording all data I could, and creating theories as to why it didn't work... and any changes that happened to the material...
>Twelve long years to get the chemical equation just right...
>The explosion was expected... but the size and force was larger then expected...
>I was thankful for the 'ballistic shielding' I had made, though the shrapnel wouldn't harm me at all... but it was still better to play it safe then not.
>I though of ways this could be utilized… or further experimented with.
>While it could be used as a bomb is a guarantee… I feel like more could be done with it...
>Now the next part... its shell, and the bullet itself...
>Though now that I think of it... could we make a weapon that spews fire to burn away organic matter alone...
>A note I must take and investigate (and maybe experiment with) later...
>I also began making tiny cogs, gear, and minor rope systems as a side hobby...
>So many different moving parts... and even more failures.
>I learn from each of them and try to not make them again, or learn why they did fail.
anyway, back to necron tomfuckery
and also please keep the chatting after the reading please and thnak you, while i appreciate your viewpoints the constant interruptions spoil the enjoyment for a lot of folks
with that said i hope i get to play TT with you again, it was fun
I keep forgetting that Neckbeardia actually plays games.
he does and he's fun to play with in my opinion but this is nither the time nor the place to talk about that
File: Tumblr_l_17606136650989.jpg (379 KB, 1280x896)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
>"I see you're working on another one of your contraptions, cryptek." Phillias had her war scythe stowed at her back for the moment.
>Good meaning she wouldn't try and take my head today.
>I quickly spoke up. "Yes this is the final evolution for the Enmitic series of weapons i have planned for the time being."
>"I see…" She seemed disinterested.
>"Your creations are being mass produced and sent out across the stars to the slumbering tombworlds."
>"A ship has already arrived to your world moments ago with the mass produced versions of your creations."
>"Thats good to hear, does this mean you'll be taking this one as well?" I point to the new weapons platform.
>She nodded no. "I'm here to finally discuss the matters of the future you saw."
File: Eye_of_Terror.jpg (116 KB, 1116x865)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>"Ah yes, I only gave you a brief glimpse of what was to come." I relaxed and leaned myself up against the hover platform.
>"What part of the future were you interested in?"
>She mused for a moment. "Tell me about the great eye you showed us."
>I let out a prolonged sigh. "The eye of terror, in some 17 million years it shall open."
>"The aeldari so decedent and foul debased in their pleasure seeking ways will flood the galaxy with their kind and bloat the realm of souls with their madness." I began to project my vision of the future to her.
>"So heinous and so far gone were they, that their psychically potency would birth a god of excess in the realm of souls."
>"This new God would tear a fissure in reality , her birth cry so loud and psychiclay devastating it instantly killed all but a small fraction of the aeldari."
>"Thus came to be the eye of terror, and how the Aeldari became known as the Asuryani and its more vile kin...the Druhkari." I showed her the various descendants of the fall.
Now all we need is her to ask if the necrons are safe from this...

Though if she heard that not even the necrons are safe from the predation of the warp. How might she react?
File: yeye ass haircut.jpg (585 KB, 1718x2454)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
>Be Orikan.
>I have been occupied with many studies these last 2 and half centuries since I last spoke to that BASTARD from the Voekhet Dynasty.
>My studies have proved to bear nearly no fruit after our previous encounter.
>Looking to the future has been...difficult...No DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE since that whelp woke.
>The sequence of events has been entirely thrown from order.
>The aeldari seem to muster for war, the orks march towards tombworlds, and shards dammit i see the movement of colossal structures the size of moons and stars shift all towards the hands of both trazyn and the fool ishskar.
>What has HE divined that I could not!
>My mediations are constantly interrupted and I find it harder each year to follow the flow of the future.
File: small man.png (183 KB, 500x674)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
>Eventually I couldn't take it anymore.
>That bastard had agreed to teach me what he saw and I have waited long enough!
>I traveled to his tombworld, first I had a plan to corner him and have a...symposium with him.
>But i quickly found that before i could reveal myself to him, the executioner had arrived.
>I cursed to myself and simply sat back, hidden from view yet still listening to this meeting of theirs.
>He spoke of the fall of the Aeldari, and the birth of a neverborn god thing, he even claimed that I of all people would be blinded by this event for 10 years.
>I cursed and flashed the Sign of Vokk, a metaphysically obscene gesture that, in simple terms, indicated that I hoped the awakener would – in all timelines and dimensions – come to a brutal and humiliating end.

>He carried with greater portents than i had anticipated, such detail and knowledge that even i had not divined.
File: Chaos_Gods.jpg (711 KB, 1920x1080)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
>He projected and explained in great detail soo much.
>The name of each of the great Emperyn beings that stirred within the warp and the great domains of power, “Tzeentch, Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle.”
>The vile flesh primitives and their grand creation of the “Space Marines.”
>The coming of the zoats and their genestealers heralding the coming of the great hunger whom he called the “Tyrannids.”
>He spoke...dead gods curses...he spoke of the return of the silent king.
>HE had even SHOWN images of his arrival with immense clarity.
>Where had this fool been during the flesh times.
>What trick of the C’tan had he been given to foresee in such intricate detail what I HAD NOT!
File: big pp.jpg (96 KB, 960x500)
96 KB
Now i must run back to work. hope you folks are enjoying the story beats im doing so far
File: react2.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1078)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
Orikan is jelly
it has entertained me just as much as the original anon story
File: Musket.jpg (83 KB, 900x580)
83 KB
>I have been reviewing the 'bullets' from the movies Ish showed us
>It's frustrating figuring it out with only video...
>I have figured out there might be four parts to this 'bullet' (most likely even more that I didn't even consider)
>Which goes as fallowing... A primer ((Probably)to ignite the powder), the powder, the shell, and the bullet.
>Thankfully a deathmark did give me a pointer, the gun seems to have a 'hammer' to strike the back of a bullet.
>Which was a major help... I guess
>The barrel of this kinetic weapon was incredibly easy to make... its reloading not so much...
>The farthest I've come to making a bullet is a super flammable fabric (with the powder inside) to then launch a metal ball
>But I have made a single powder shot weapon. However once the powder becomes wet its basically useless...
>I gave it to the deathmark who had helped me with the hammer... ('flint' and steel: noted). Who fell in love with it... do to it being a 'fun and challenging' hunting weapon
>Though I couldn't make an energized blade for the front... just regular blade.
>He was fine with it...
>That was a solid nine years to make... but I did learn a lot from it
>I intend to remember the lessons I gained from this process...
That is so sweet, I adore chari so much

>be Me Dyna.
>after the scarab upgrades I wander tomb and lurk because lurking usually leads to inspiration.
>Inspiration is usually interesting.
>lurks around and catches Chari with their experiments
>Realises his research on kinetic weaponry is interesting.
>looks over his notes while Chari is focused on secondary matters, gains insight into what's Chari's doing.
>While looking at the video files Chari is gaining inspiration from I noticed one thing Chari hasn't, The inside of the barrels of the weapons those organics use has etchings.
>With my big brain I determine that the etchings are there to guide the kinetic projectile, making flight more stable and accurate for the projectile.
>Formulates a devious plan to help Chari without them noticing.

>Edits one of Chari's designs which are indicated to be fabricated and changing it so there are these etchings on the inside of the barrel.
>to compensate for this the design in general is a portion bigger but Chari shouldn't notice anything wrong with the design, at least until it shoots better than normal.
>returns to lurking, I Lurk around the Cryptek watching his weapon tests.

>while lurking and watching new weapons, I overhear things voices from platform.
>When lurking on conversation in Ael, I see its the Cryptek with scary lady with big blade.
>lurks like how the organic beasts do and listen on conversation.
>while lurking Notice another Cryptek who isn't as good at lurking as me lurking on their conversation as well.
>notice how his eye kind of seems agitated with every collection of information the Cryptek drops.
>Well I can't say my reaction isn't as surprised but I lurk better so not to give away position.
>is interested in this emperon technology since it sounds like what Chari is researching, one big thing were how their ships were Way faster than necron ships.
> can't deny one piece of chaos stuff is interesting, the entity known as Tenzinch or something, will admit its only because we both seem to make plans.
>Dyna like plans.
>Watches the second Cryptek as he lurks, but is careful to not give away passion.
File: react41.png (2.51 MB, 1908x1072)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
This is how I imagined how Orikan spying on Ishskar and Phillias went on

decided to create more react pics, I must have doubled my collection
Ish at any given moment:
File: the king.jpg (2.23 MB, 2500x1300)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
>Be ishskar.
>I've been spending the last few hours explaining in great detail the threats to the necrons to phillias.
>She's asked questions here and there but finally something has gotten her undivided attention.
>”The silent king shall return early, why is that?” She asked.
>”The tyranids we've discussed earlier, the evolving, the biomass consuming threat.”
>”Our king...seeks to return us to the flesh, he and illuminor szeras work towards it.”
>”And our king can not return us to the flesh if there is no flesh to be transferred into.”
>”He plans on transferring our consciousness into a form that could host us.” Something pricked at the back of my mind.
File: pariah.jpg (80 KB, 763x1048)
80 KB
>I quickly pushed myself off the platform and an idea struck me.
>I dialed my chronosense back.
>The pariahs are former humans, could a necron transfer their consciousness into one of these forms?
>It would be one step closer to being organic, with the help of the admechs methods of reproduction its possible to actually have necrons getting closer towards organic life.
>This was something i should look into later.
>I let my perception of time return to normal and I looked to phillias.
>”I don't believe it would be my place to speak further on the silent kings plans.”
>”As even if i am aware of what i've said further i can't say i am aware of much of his plans beyond that point.”
>After the deathmark leaves with this new rifle we made... which for the time being we just called it a 'musket' like in those old movies Ish showed us
>I noticed something a bit different about the two rifles firing results
>His new rifle was 1.5 grams heavier... but its 'bullet' speed was increased by 1.85%, its pentation/impact had increased 0.25% and its accuracy rose a whole 9%
>I wondered why... At first it I thought it was something I did to the chemicals in the powder, but no.
>When I revisited weapon, something about the barrel caught my eye...
>The barrel had something that I know I didn't implement before...
>A spiral...
>When I ran test with it compared to the original one I had designed... I had noticed substantial data differences
>But just to confirm with the metallic ball, I had the two ends of the balls painted in different colors...
>For the original it barely spun at all (as expected).
>But the other... when it was shot from this new barrel the ball rotated while in the barrel like a screw... adding somehow just a tiny bit more penetration/impact/speed and even accuracy
>I think I know who it was... but reviewing the movies there was indeed in fact such a design in the barrel (HOW DID I MISS THAT!)
>So I began my next set of test...
>It was two fold, One what is the most optimal 'spiral' per length of barrel and the second was designing different lengths (maybe even sizes) of barrels with the spiral in them to perhaps to create a formula to determine the best... 'optimizations' for such weapons/devices
>There were a lot of moving parts in it... including explosive discharge, mass of the bullet, and so much more...
>So yea that was a solid 13 years or extensive research... but I think I have a even better understanding of kinetics then when I first began.
>I'll thank Dyna some day
>Or I'll just send him all the new data as a thank you for his contribution...
OP? Neckbeardia can MAYBE (remember MAYBE) 3D print the ship you wanted
The drooling spastic and his half pig wife have made you the new Cupbearer it seems
Hey Neckbeardia, I know you're gonna read this, so I hope you have a nice day. I also hope your wife doesn't step on your balls to hard, you freak.
that comment made me laugh
File: raptor character.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
>be me, jhorza
>got myself a new piece of kit to test thanks to the shiny scarab
>helped him with the "hammer" part
>was nice watching him shape the blackstone, made a few mental notes
>tried it out of a few minor beasts that lurk topside
>was noisy as fuck and made a shitton of smoke but the beast wasn't completely disintegrated
>...i can work with this
>hunts a bit more
>now i just need a knife and i get get myself a sweet hunting cape
>goes back to the scarab, give him headpats for the fun and challenging hunt
>few years later he has a new model
>tries it
>it's better
>9% more accurate, faster bullet by 1,85% and better pen by 0.25% not a bad upgrade
>the better accuracy really is great, really is usefull for headshoting the small ones
>might make the scarab a little cloak, might be cute
>anyway, back to hunting
Anyone have a link to the discord? (I was the guy who joined then immediately left) the old link expired and I thought is was for writers only for a minute.
It's live bois
So i just sat through the entirety of the video Neckbeardia made of my video and hot damm was that an experience.

That was 48 minuets of content and that was just the first thread not even counting any of canoptek mans contributions.

It was nice seeing that people liked what i had wrote, and a bit cringe inducing seeing all my spelling errors being read. had fun watching it tho

File: react38.png (2.19 MB, 1912x1076)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
Proud of you, Cryptek Anon!
*didn't inclide sideplots*
what a pair of faggots
Now will these threads attract low quality shitters? I hope not. These are great and I enjoy contributing ideas anonymously.
>Phillias tilted her head.
>”You are aware of our lord's intentions, but you don't wish to tell me what they are.” she asked.
>I gave a quick nod.
>”You will tell me regardless.”
>She simply reached back to her warscythe before I began to spill the beans.
>”The silent king will arrive some centuries trying to make allies of the one of the space marines legions I very briefly touched upon, working together to push back the tyranids.”
>”He wishes to repel them from entering, in time he will locate various spots in the galaxy that have...pylons...to set up a nexus that will ward off the tyranids.”
>”He would be opposed all across the galaxy...by…” I trail off…
>It was the technomandrites who would rebel against him, and as I just learned I'm one of them.
File: phillias angry.jpg (62 KB, 449x607)
62 KB
>She gestured for me to continue.
>”Forces that i will avoid saying for now.” She hefted her warscythe.
>I quickly lifted my arms to block.
>”You clearly don't wish to say who would oppose our silent king.” she leans over me, scythe extended.
>”If i told you, you would likely be son angered youd murder me outright.'' I blurted.
>I felt something push my arms out of the way, it was the bottom tip of her warscythe, I helplessly stared up at her towingering form.
>”You will tell me regardless, I am the only one who can truly say what might anger me, your continued stalling has gotten tiring cryptek.” Her words send shivers throughout my body.
>”Right...the ones who rebel against the silent king…”
>”Are the technomandrites.”
So some fat faggot can shill his amateur writing attempts day in and day out, but if you talk about how politics is changing the hobby it's a 3 day site-wide ban?

Fuck tranny jannies
Ish you fucking moron. Our boy just keeps fucking up doesn't he?
Just had to say, "the awakened council."
Then explain that they did not want to give up the power they had held for 60 million years.
I don't see how both of the actions are related, Anon.
As they say in my country: "Você está confundindo 'Obra do Mestre Picasso' com 'Pica do Mestre de Obra'".
Unfortunately our great cryptek is missing half his brain and is clinically retarded. Unless Orikan does some time shenanigans and comes in proclaiming the same. Then Ish can cover.
ish is spooked by anyone who is even slightly taller than him, and is a good boy. very bad at lying.
If I wrote a second story about furry Space Wolf anal vore, would anyone read it or should I just focus on this project for now?
File: 1524693528710.png (25 KB, 398x487)
25 KB
File: 1616622610850.jpg (76 KB, 653x590)
76 KB
Uh...I'll take that as a no then
Do it. I'd read it for the suffering.
fuck outta here goffy ass you arent me
I'll assume some bloke decide to namefag as Cryptek to troll you guys

NSFW videos, but not against JT terms.
git a tripcode you should have the right to now
No I just thought you guys would be cool with it. I can see I was mistaken
I don't want to be a tripfag. I'll write my Necron and anal core stories and if people want to impersonate me that's just what they're gonna do
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j02V_34PXZg Too.
This guy isn't me. IF I was going to tripfag I'd keep this name
Boom, just like that you played yourself. i dont say "Fag", and i dont much care for dubs trips quads or any of that stuff

anyway folks im typing up the next thread and ill get it out shortly since we just hit the bump limit.
New thread folks!
come check it out: >>78798673

To find all previous posts head over to: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html
dont forget to drop a vote on the story if you liked it.

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