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File: The triarch.jpg (89 KB, 613x498)
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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78533839
Part 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78583130/
Part 4: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78620743
Part 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78673520
Part 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78741798

And the Discord link: https://discord.gg/JHEPFmn938
The first part of my story actually got picked up by these folks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7jPR8ybmGU&t=3s

Also hey this is the 300th part of the Story.

>”Impossible they were all purged before we began the war with the old ones, this is known.” She hissed at me.
>”Not all of them were purged, some remained, harboring resentment for their unjus-” She pressed the wicked razor edge to my throat once I tried to say that.
>My body shook, why is it that my neck is always fucking threatened?!
>”Ah Oo..for being so utterly p-purged by the triarch.” she lowered her scythe from my throat.
>”Why they would try to ruin his overall positive plans to ward off the tyranids is beyond me, it's during this conflict that I can look no further into the future.” I admit.
>We spoke ideally on a few other matters, but eventually she did move onto one last topic.
>”You and trazyn are planning an expedition in the near future.”
>”What conspiracies are you planning cryptek?”
File: fortress base.jpg (152 KB, 1280x720)
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152 KB JPG
>I inhaled sharply at that, she wont let me just avoid the questions anymore and will press me with the threat of death.
>”We plan on heading up to the galactic west...ish with orikan soon.”
>”I'm looking for something I saw within my visions.”
>She gestured for me to go on.
>”I really prefer you see it in person, I can't stress the importance of information on this asset not leaking.” I held up my hands.
>”It would be a great import that would cause even the awakened council squabble and murder one another for it.”
>”Me, trazyn and the bast-i mean the esteemed diviner are the best ones to locate these assets of great import.”
>She thought about it.
File: old coots.jpg (878 KB, 1280x1913)
878 KB
878 KB JPG
>She agreed a few weeks later of a tense silence.
>She informed me she would be joining me on this excursion once it commenced.
>I let out a sigh of relief, as she left to attend to other matters elsewhere.
>Though i felt she was likely to be consulting the celestial orrery.
>I rested back and noticed that many of the deathmarks had headed off elsewhere.
>I felt as though i was in the clearing for now.
>And then like clockwork.
>The snake orikan emerged from some shrubbery.
Ish really needs to stop with the spaghetti around Phillias. We're hitting pasta levels unheard of outside of Italy. If he keeps up he'll end up dead. More dead than usual I suppose.
File: Tiny boy.jpg (65 KB, 629x1102)
65 KB
a buddy sent me this as a reaction to ish and phillias
File: Demitsoru_Rahkshi_Art.jpg (163 KB, 686x670)
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163 KB JPG
>Be Chari
>Decided to move around the tomb complex looking for inspiration…
>Maybe even hear my fellow canopteks of what troubles them
>Walking around in my necroid body is extremely weird
>It still leave me uncomfortable with the knowledge of what this form once was… but I shrug it off as best I can
>A few canoptek scarabs, that I questioned, mentioned that the immortals were damaging (or occasionally, outright destroying) the walls
>All because they (the walls them selves) apparently had the gall to fail...
>I noticed that as well... but my mind flied to that fire spewing, or 'flamethrower' as those 'humans' called it, idea that I had a while back...
>It'd need to be something we could mass produce easily, and not leave permanent damage or cause to much harm to our necrons, and their surroundings.
>I have been breaking down the chemicals reactions that would occur if I used different formulas...
>My solution to how would I get the fire to be shot was use oxygen
>I didn't know what chemicals did they specifically shoot... but oxygen was most likely a key ingredient in keeping that flame alive and propel it forward/out...
>However a different idea also comes to mind... Cryogenics.
>The liquid would have to be cool enough that it would/could freeze the most highly resilient organics on our world (or thermal shock that'd kill them immediately)…
>But warm enough to not hurt our necrons and the tomb complex (or have the damage be so miniscule that it wouldn't have to be accounted for)…
>I was still mulling over the pros and cons of each.
>How differently I approach the world with a greater mind...
>I thankfully stayed out of sight when the phaeron was passing by...
>Not dealing with that hot mess... especially after she ordered the crypeks workshop (and unknowingly myself) entombment.
File: react28.png (2.05 MB, 1916x1076)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
>Orikan is not amused
File: necron height.jpg (44 KB, 800x305)
44 KB
>Immediately my nonexistent blood begins to boil.
>”Orikan, couldn't keep yourself busy for even 3 centuries.”
>He makes a clicking tongue sound. “Ill have you kno-”
>I quickly interrupted him. “That you were probably spying on me weren't you.. You fucking worm.”
>”Dont try and fucking jumping back in the timeline you snake, lets have a normal conversation.”
>I quickly stepped up to him and straightened my posture before him, I had a pretty bad hunch most of the time.
>But now i was just under 8 feet tall.
>”Since you're here, let's talk shop.”
File: Deathmarks.jpg (405 KB, 1280x1730)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
>Be Mask
>It is weird being in a dry climate zone...
>Maybe its just because I've primarily been in temperate or dense wet jungle zones
>A few of my deathmarks enjoyed hovering up high with there 'jetpacks'
>Those squid thing that lived in this desert had been determined to be ambush predators...
>Cunning... but they were relatively common, and easy to avoid if you knew what too look for in the dune deserts
>But we were heading towards the most rocky terrain that we could see for hundreds of miles
>However I headed to the 'town' other deathmarks had set up...
>They called it... 'Tombstone'
>Any deathmark who saw the movies had a slight chuckle at the name...
>We might not be able to drink... or eat
>But we don't get dragged down by those facts
>This place was free of politics and was a major relaxation zone for us deathmarks...
>It also served as a 'hunters pub'...
>Where deathmarks took up unconventional hunting weapons in their next hunt to make things... interesting
>But we went there because of the development of 'Chari', of all people, had made a musket.
>To say that we deathmarks loved it was an understatement.
>It was a true challenge with its slow reload, less deadly projectile, very loud, and requires a more steady hand to ensure the best shot
>But it was a challenge that many deathmarks undertook with gusto.
>We did keep our usual armaments', but the 'musket' was used purely as a hunting weapon...
>Though a few deathmarks replaced the blackstone with wood... and every 'hunter' used a different way to tally their successful hunts.
>Some carved it into the stock, others had a piece of fabric hanging off themselves with a tally mark.
>Many shared stories of a good hunt and bad ones... my jubilation at this place was immeasurable
>He sneered, or at least made the sound of sneering.
>”You came here for some reason, I don't actually care what for.”
>”You heard what i said didn't you orikan?” I leaned uncomfortably close to him.
>”I did hear a few things when I came to visit you.” He admitted.
>”Bullshit you'd only come somewhere for your own selfish gain.” I snapped back.
>”You probably heard most of that...so I think it's time I start focusing on your studies.”
>"In a few decades or a century trazyn and I will be making a heading for a deeply unexplored section of space.”
>”You're going to help us find what we're looking for and I shall hand over the first key to help you achieve a light form body.”
File: fuck orikan.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>”I see trazyn’s constant tampering with the orks giving some cause for concern for the cloistered members of the aeldari.”
>”And maddeningly i see stars and black moons moving at both your and trazyn’s orders.”
>”The significance of these divinations are maddening, utter madness.” He dismissed.
>But for me this was a fucking BIngo if i ever saw one.
>I Quickly give a fist pump, that's actually the one thing that orikan could actually make me happy.
>He saw me do a fist pump, and maybe do a tiny little jig with my legs.
>He quickly voiced his confusion. ”What? Does this portents mean something to you?”
>My not answering and swiftly stopping my jig . “What do these visions mean Ishskar?!”
and with that i think i may just tap out for tonight, i do ask you folks bump through tonight, or just toss out some comments or ideas.

I plan on starting the expedition to the gothic sector. its Blackstone fortress times!
File: react37.png (2.27 MB, 1916x1076)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
>He's almost there bois! Only thing that can stand in his way is Executionner Phillias, Butthurt-Orikan and his Phaerrack!
File: Sickos.jpg (18 KB, 239x400)
18 KB
Can't wait for Ishy to continue his spaghetti-mancing into the Executioner's necron panties
Now that Neckbreadia has done a video on you, what are the chances they’ll do one about me?
T-Posing a Necron to assert dominance.
I want to fuck Neckberdia in his Irish bussi
So the point of these threads is to make money on YouTube?
With only one thread, pretty low for now
Been apart of these threads for a while now and kind of want to do a side character. No idea what kind of character to do though. I don't want to do a recurring character though. It'll be a new character unique to the situation. Maybe a point of view from a warrior or something. Maybe a flayer if we see those guys. Anyone think my idea is trash?
Its trash. Theres too many worthless side stories already.
Go ahead, as long as it's not one that interferes with the main story and makes sense, it should be fine.
Depends on what you want to go without sidetracking the main plot(s). Are you a warrior getting tired of target practice with the new weapons? Are you a tomb blade pilot scouting out the world, or honing your skills in Not-Battlefleet Gothic and/or it's Ace Combat offshoot? Random Lychguard worried about being tasked at simultaneously protecting Ishskar or detaining him as needs be? Subordinate Cryptek from a different discipline with your own brushfires to put out? Ghost Ark driver with nothing to to do except bus all the new Necrons from the ships to galleries under repair?

I say just pick some small element that speaks to something you know, and roll with it without stepping on anyone's toes or claws, as case may be.
A warrior would probably be best, cryptek anon has made it clear that he's avoiding flayers and destroyers specifically because the viruses are bad news. Maybe ask cryptek anon the details of his new virus and become a necron infected by it?
just ignore them lmao
i chose deathmark because i liked it, you can choose whatever so long as you do not interfer with the main plot INLIKE A CERTAIN SOMONE
Its your choice but if you want my suggestion why not try the perspective of one of the canoptek creatures I made from the scarab swarm

I'm not interfering with main story, lurking on story is diffrent that interacting with story.
it's mainly the contents of your story. You're such a huge genius (that you have constantly reaffirmed) that you do literally everything and anything by yourself with 0 difficulty and consequence. While at the same time inventing or making some form of change that would and should have made a large impact on the main story. (mass produced ael constructs and bio furnace just as examples)
Could the self aggrandizement be understood as irony and the sign of an interesting character flaw? maybe. Was a reason ever given to believe this? no
your theory is partially correct, Dyna makes all these major advancements which don't get reflected on the main story, In that aspect I feel its just the Necrons are all focused on the improvements of a certain Cryptek so in their arrogance see these improvements such as the Ael as ishakar's improvements so he's taking the credit since its unbelievable for a Canoptek Scarab to invent one of the newest form of Canoptek creatures with 42 million years.

Dyna themselves actively stays out of the lime light since he knows the Necrons are all salty bastards who have sticks up their metaphorical asses, if he was discovered to have made his inventions by anyone of high rank I feel he would be scrapped and dissected.

Dyna knows dyna is a genius and he doesn't need Necron approval to know it but you also have to think originally Dyna started out as a scarab which intellect is the same as a baby so some very simple talk and though processes is suitable for Dyna's character.

also before you mention the times Dyna interacted with an executioner and Sannet he essentially mislead them stating that Ishakar was in charge he was just doing the job for him,

Dyna always has plans.

to make things shorter so no need to read big paragraphs to people who don't understand dyna's character

All of the improvements of dyna's inventions are purposely being accredited to the Cryptek so Dyna doesn't have to bother about being the focus of the Necrons who would scrap him.

his brain started at the level of baby before becoming that of a adult, some kinks of that would be his though processes regressing to be simple, e.g. "Dyna always has plan"

Since Dyna knows being noticed by necrons is possible dangerous he learned to self aggrandizement so hes more independent
File: 20210422_101217.jpg (235 KB, 948x947)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
>Smugly I told him.
>"It means all of my plans are bound to come to fruition."
>"Slightly concerned about the aeldari right now but overall these 'Moons' are a great sign."
>Orikan was talking about the blackstone fortresses without even knowing it.
>They were each moon sized, 900-ish miles wide give or take.
>Orikan was just vibrating with anger.
>Fuck did it ever feel so fun fo have a leg up on orikan.
>I'm going to lord over him for the next 17 million years and its going to be great.
>"Well since You've just seen a fraction of my divintory power why don't you run along."
>"I need you to go ahead and focus on your own personal studies." I made a shoo gesture.
>"I don't need your talents to find any siblings tombs to let me murder them or anything along those lines." I was calling him out, for when he helped an awakened council member.
>He Sputtered out half a curse.
>"Why don't you leave and do that time bubble ritual, you'll need it if you want to hone in your studies for a few centuries."
>I was able to get him to leave without much of a fight.
>I just royally pissed him off, he may have the power of time but fuck is he lacking any patience.
>I shouldn't antagonize him but man does the little bitch deserve it.
I have to attend to do, so I'll be gone for a bit.
I hope it happens so you stop posting.
Fuck you by getting my hopes up for more updates on the good stories just to see more trash.
i hope you have other ways of entertainment other than this my friend, or it would be just sad.
File: react24.png (1.35 MB, 1903x1075)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
I'm sure someday Orikan will get you for this... you know, fate and all
he probably will turn the counsel against iskar, forcing him to join the other cryptic in exile...or the second he archives star form its probably going to have a showdown against Iskar in the black stone fortrace
Orikan the betrayer...fits this personality
File: 1552670081832.png (298 KB, 363x376)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
oh look, the fake nigger is here
Sorry neckbeardia nigger, go make money off someone else
I appeared to have walked into a nursery seeing as all i can see are children bickering foolishly, when they should be holding their tongues. silly child's.
Fuck ESL faggots
DAMN, i 100% agree. they act like tards
Why are you such a tard. Did your father not love you enough.
Its called trolling ahha
we do a bit of trolling the diviner
Begone Cuck.
You don't belong to this Thread.
File: schemes.jpg (122 KB, 595x601)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>The next century and a half were mostly dedicated to mass producing everything I had already built.
>100 Units of the Mobile Mounted Gauss Destructor, 45 sets of the Mobile Mounted Enmitic Exterminator, 10 sets of Hyper Phase Scarabs swarms.
>By the time I had finished all that we finally received our planet's shipment of Canoptek Skorpioids and their Canoptek Skorpettes underlings.
>Exactly 500 sets of the trio units.
>This was the level of progress I fucking loved.
>Phillias personally delivered them along with the massive amounts of the mass produced Enmitic weapons.
>”So these are the forces you will be using for the expedition.” She asked me.
>I gave a slight chuckle. “I actually had plans to have a lot more units assist me, you remember the members of Hemmenth Dynasty?”
>”I plan on asking for their aid in securing this asset.”
>Its been a hundred years
>Both of my own personal research... and experimentations.
>It is a bit overwhelming seeing the legions of skorpioids that we will be bringing in our first expedition...
>However I feel almost if it isn't enough...
>I did begin minor melee combat simulations to get a better feel with how my weapon is like
>Yes I am still in the necroid body...
>Dyna has done more work on creating other new canoptek units... especially the few 'hounds' he personally constructed
>But I can't shake the feeling that something bad will happen...
>So I even got some training from the deathmarks on their firearms
>I do keep the revolver on my person just in case...
>Many of the deathmarks seem excited at the opportunity to explore more worlds/places, and what life sprung up there...
sorry responded to a different thread using that alias... Mask (sorry about that)
that honestly confused me for a moment

Was going to say... wow you are a bad imposter. (but an honest mistake makes a little bit more sense)
But which thread CM, if you're ok with me asking, that you use that name for?
File: noe-leyva-odogobot13.jpg (278 KB, 1000x714)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
>be me Dyna,
>be busy after learning about new things.
>uses free time before any major event to make third mecha, made Ael as scouting repair machine, Made Necroid for Chari because it seems interesting concept.
>third mecha, Making it like one of those quadrupedal organics Deathmarks and immortals have mentioned in reports.

>Makes the mecha 2 times as big as Necron warrior, 3 times big as tomb Spider long.
>got my digits on some Phase blades which are used Warscythe's, I use them for the Mecha's claws and fangs, also uses some Voidblades to form a swingable tail blade which in its self a tomb spider long,
>Is happy about melee capability but ranged capability is lacking in comparison,
>no room for any gauss weapons but I incorporated Acanthrites cutting beam in mouth.
>Uses all my Canoptek tech to power it, even gets some Iskar by giving Cryptek some Canoptek eggs and giving designs to Canoptek Ants. Moths and Geckos.

>I call new Creation Canoptek Jackal,
>once I made Jackal, I made smaller versions which are alive like other Canoptek creatures
>new Canoptek creature is same size as a wraith in equal length and width while roughly Necron shoulder high.
>Because high tier "salvage" is hard to obtain the fangs and claws of smaller are just Voidblades.
>call new lesser variant Canoptek Hounds.
orkan the incompetent
Orikan the Blind
Orikan the D*ckhead

or my prevoius one
Orikan the Bitch who can't complete a normal conversation without loading a save
Orikan Lord of the Save Scum
bumping is my duty
Bumping this gem
File: Wraiths Black Palace 2.jpg (307 KB, 897x752)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Glad to finally catch one of these live. I love how I get to read a great story, and get a lore lesson too! Please keep up the great work!
File: speaking to a phaeron.png (4.06 MB, 2499x1563)
4.06 MB
4.06 MB PNG
>With Phillias in tow, I approached Phaeron Narmerth with my proposal.
>”My lord, I have come to ask for your dynasties assistance.” I gave a deep bow to the Phaeron.
>I found him in a section of the tomb with a host of his own overlords and crypteks.
>He let out a scoff. “What do you have to ask cryptek, I have little patience for your antics.”
>I'm guessing he held some resentment towards me, even if saved his world.
>”I wanted to ask you lended some of your warriors, immortals and your cryptek Nehebkau to our expedition.”
>”Since they are already awake it would be nice to have them with us.”
>”I can guarantee dividends of rewards will be returned to you should you choose to assist us.”
File: the canoptek swarms.jpg (218 KB, 1000x1545)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
>He let out a slight snarling sound. “Your words are hollow to me cryptek.”
>”But by your divinations we are still living, I will aid you.”
>That's great news, i think to myself.
>He held up a finger ”But I have a condition.”
>”My people have noticed irregularities within your canoptek constructs.”
>”They hold a level of thought and such complex construction.”
>”When our tomb is to be constructed, I would ask you to upgrade our own canoptek constructs to a similar level of competence.”
>I nodded rapidly. “It can be done.”
>I'm going to lord over him for the next 17 million years and its going to be great.

Trips of truth.
File: react31.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
>He just want more friends/pets
The original writefaggotry was good but the side stories have become too invasive. It makes me think these threads belong on /qst/ now.
oh shit I missed that. Based on what happened with the previous set of trips, this could very well be true like you say.
>lurks while in my Ael with its claws clicking in Preparation
And threads full of bait, /pol/acks, cumbrains and boarderline blueboard rulebreaking posts are so much better than someone writing a isekai
If you dont like it, ignore it
what the fuck is an Ael? And why should I care about it? I haven't followed any of the side stories past thread 1.
i could say the same of you since you seem to care enough to comment on how you dislike it
somone being invasive to the main plot, really wanna make a canoptek of tzeench for pete's sake
So im still writing but also doing some minor number crunching.

Mostly thinking over what forces each group would reasonably have not including most vehicles or canoptek constructs.

Ill get back to writing but i kinda wanted to check things out
If you dont like it then fuck off. no one cares of your existence here or what you think.

Who cares if people write these sidelines if you dont like them skip them, no one is holding it to you for you to read it.

Plus who cares if the story might not be as good as the other similar stories, pretty sure there isn't a requirement of being a fucking master author to write on this site. seriously its 4chan get your over-exaggerated expectations and drag them down to the correct level and see that not everything is perfect and can be as good as most famous book writings.

shut up, read, enjoy it or not, shut up/praise and then fuck off. nobody cares what anyone else thinks.

sit back and relax
File: They are legion.jpg (204 KB, 1000x511)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>The next few decades passed by in a quick blur.
>We crammed hundreds of thousands of canoptek constructs into each of the ships we had.
>Then came the forces lent to us by the Phaeron Narmerth.
>800 Warriors, 250 Immortals, 80 Deathmarks, and lastly his Chronomancer Nehebkau.
>Phillias was bringing an obscene amount of Triarch Praetorians...
>Which i should have already guessed.
>Trazyn...I Didn't know what all he had brought, but I had the feeling he was packing a lot in terms of tesseract Labyrinths..
>Orikan brought a dozen other crypteks, which I could tell weren't fully awakened.
Okay neckbeardia
Probably because they are affecting the main plot and a worry it will bring the overall quality down?
And with the increase of retards from neckbeard coming, I forsee 3 new Dynas by the end of the week.
Can anyone just add to the plot? Never used this site before so I'm not sure of the rules haha.

Also why is the UI ancient?
File: newfag_guide.png (799 KB, 2600x2088)
799 KB
799 KB PNG
gottverdamnt gtfo we are already full
Thanks for the guide. What's up with all the slurs? Do you not get banned here for that?
File: 4chan_where_do_you_think.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
I'll "lurk moar" haha.

I'm cooking up some stuff to share with you guys, hopefully it's good enough to get into the next video but we'll see.
Read the rules nigger
buddy not to harsh your vibe, but i didn't start writing because i wanted to be in any video. If your goal in being here is just to get noticed by Neckbeardia id recommend you start on your own story.

The side stories here are folks that like what I've managed to write up and wanting to build off of it. I myself only started because i wanted to see more necron rep out there and saw near none.
no not everyone can add to the plot. side stories are fine so long as they don't go interfering with the main story.
The UI looks old 'cause it is old
ladies and gentlemen lets show a 'shadow' civility in the threads
Also, anon (kindly) change your name... if you are going to write that, but I hope you keep that in the NSFW channels (which I cannot remember which off the top of my head, sorry)
Trazyn knows that a good pokémon master should NEVER go out in adventure without a reasonable number of pokéballs.
Please. Double Mental Cleansing with Clorox Eye Treatment combo, plz?
the fake nigger is here again
You could at least make it funny, Anon.
File: 1546099207396.jpg (372 KB, 609x753)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
once again the fake nigger is being a faggot
Actually, he probably would...
If he can outright stop the fall of man (or the HH) from happening then he would certainly stop that...

I do believe you are confused about the story's time period... this is 17 million-ish before '40K'. so, unfortunately, there is no space wol- sorry, furries that exist yet within this moment of the timeline... my condolences to you. (also I request (like Mask) that you kindly change your name as well)

Agreed. thank you anon
This thread became a mess real fast.
i dont write.
Do you have a wolf medallion made out of building clay or something?
>Our forces were being loaded up on the ship on mass
>It was a sight to behold the legions of necrons, and canopteks moving together...
>I had assigned a s spyder to be under my personal control, with its scarab underlings
>I also was able to fit a few resources on the ship...
>Pinged Dyna as to where they would be... (I never forget my debts)
>Also had created, and refined the tools that I'd be bringing with me on this voyage...
>Never know what new thing would be founded and experimented on a later date.
>I can only bring so many samples back home to experiment with
>My necroid body can look over the shoulder of any immortal.
>However I do try to stay low in this form...
>Though I do walk around as regular Chari from time to time.
>I still do leave the body behind when Ish calls for me.
>But the spyders put it in the 'typical' place on this ship while I do not pilot it...
This dude could be spending his time writing his own story, homebrew scenario, or just spending its time on a productive way...
Instead, he choose trolling.
And like, no one is liking it. It's just gathering bad karma and being a dick. This is why I question "Why?". What do he really gain in the end?
Attention? It's easier to gain that in Facebook/Twitter/Youtube with minimal effort.
Animosity? Do he have some strange fetish involving suffering humiliation?
Validation of existance? He could attain this also very easly.
So tell me. Why do you troll this thead? It's because you have an mental disorder? What do you really gain that in the end, when you awake from your sleep next day, will make you feel like an actual human being? Explain to me.
ah sorry anon
Genestealer imouto writefag when?
File: 523523552341.jpg (26 KB, 625x626)
26 KB
just ignore the fag, it's not that hard
File: fleet1.jpg (204 KB, 1600x1154)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Damn lots of weirdo's on the thread tonight.

>Thanks to the massive galaxy map I had my voidmancer make, I'm able to pick out our heading.
>The fleet will be following Alchimzer’s Equation to our destination.
>It's going to be the longest voyage yet 49 years for all of us to even just reach the Gothic Sector.
>It should give me ample time to complete a few projects and once more review my collection of lore on the Blackstone fortresses.
>All of us take flight from my tomb world, a few awakened necrons see us off.
>It was strangely comforting to see a necron warrior waving goodbye.
>As soon as we left my home system we began picking up speed.
>We would have orikan put his disgustingly great skills to the test to help us travel the void.
File: Murder_Bucket.jpg (26 KB, 340x270)
26 KB
Does Ish intend on making murder buckets one day?
How useable are they in a non-combat role?
Thrall boys are cool looking but kinda gross in lore. Unless he could turn orikan into one it would be nice.
>We sailed across the endless expanse of stars, Orikan having navigated our way through the void.
>He used my charts overlaid with his own star maps and calculated our flight path.
>We flew the orbit of great stars, using their gravity well to rocket ourselves onwards or make sharp turns.
>We the waves of cosmic winds, witnessing thousands of independent solar systems in brief blurs as our speed perpetually rose.
>Orikan had been interconnected to his host of 12 cryptek servants.
>He had been siphoning their own astromantic skills and processing powers to make dozens of miniscule alterations to his flight plan.
>Even my own voidmancer admitted that they would have been unable to compete with the intricate level of course adjustment he demanded.
>In only the first 2 years we were traveling thousands of leagues per hour.
File: IMG_20210409_112506.jpg (77 KB, 774x1024)
77 KB
File: Plasmic Medusae.jpg (627 KB, 2560x1440)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
>I kept watching on, quite impressed with his talents.
>I would have likely kept watching for another year had I not been Royal spooked.
>We flew through a field of migrating Plasmic Medusae, out speed rupturing them as we flew past.
>I could see a kaleidoscopic detonation of electricity blur past us as we continued to hurtle further into the void.
>I tore myself from the window.
>Right now I could be doing other stuff.
>So I headed for my quarters on the ship.
>Working on something is a good start.
Wow I was right on the money when I said this thread would attract low quality shitters after the neckbeard video went up in the last thread.
Also I have decided to writefag as an Ork when the time comes. I'm gonna krump that shiny git an iz gold skarab.
You fear what you don't understand.
I’m really enjoying the main story about Cryptek-anon, but fuck there are too many side stories
File: Sticklike_Deathmark.png (291 KB, 600x600)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
>Chari... came by asking for tips and a bit of experience in shooting our revolvers.
>I laughed at the idea first until I turned around and saw what was he...
>Shards he was a big ass son of a bitch... (must have been another Ael creation, for Chari... Huh, I dig it)
>He didn't take to it easily, almost shot himself in the foot thrice while trying to quickly unholster it.
>but after that first week, well he was much better at it...
>Not gunslinger good... but good enough in a regular fight.
>Although he was surprisingly accurate with our revolvers after a month
>... Oh?
>Shit is starting to get interesting...
>Was kind of surprised that Ishskar called for us deathmarks
>That also does explain why Chari wanted some light combat experience...
>Ishskar has been holding the reason why, close to his chest...
>Which is a bit concerning to me and my fellows
>But his debriefing will come when we get there
>The immortals... they aren't nearly as excited as we were.
>We even had some necons from the newly integrated dynasty...
>Though we are flying through the void at previously unmatched speeds.
>Swore the hull rattled for a moment though...
>Oh shit did the new necrons see the movies yet?
>... It'd be great to watch together and bring us all a bit closer.
>Gonna have to check on how soon might we be at our destination.
>Maybe those other deathmarks will get a few of our references after the movie marathon
Isn't this kind of what qst is for?
quests allow anyone to add to the plot.
Here only cryptek anon decides the story
everything else is just side stories to add fluff
*not everything is cannon
kind of...

Quest is like a DM narrating a story conforming around players(or anons)

/tg/ is strange when stories like this appear. It is primarily us side characters interacting/acting as background fluff, and stuff. while the OPs character can go and do their own thing, but us side characters being able to give more background information. Were almost like exposition to give the illusion of life in an environment were in.

Also, we conform to OP, not the other way around. (unless it is planned out)
Unless you guys, and more importantly OP, think that's a terrible idea. I mainly contribute to these threads anonymously, and I think having someone else be an ork (when the time comes obviously) would be a great way to spice things up and make it more appropriately chaotic.
>I hit a whole ass brick wall in my projects.
>The mind is more than willing, but my soul is just not in it.
>I was making more hyperphase weapons, but I got so tired of working on any projects.
>I scrapped half of what I was doing and ended up just laid out in my chambers.
>Eventually after 4 months of just sitting about I started looking back my own memories.
>I'm missing a lot of things from when I was just a normal human guy.
>I keep busying myself trying to forget the fact that my old life is over.
>I let myself actually just let hit me in waves, all the stuff I keep avoiding thinking about.
>My family no longer exists in this version of reality meaning i will never see my sisters or parents ever again.
>The friends i had enjoyed hundreds of hours of video games, tabletop roleplaying games, or just talking...are all gone now.
>I'm immortal now, having already outlived my parents 4 times over, but i'll never have a partner, or start a family.
>Thoughts of mortality like these would have utterly crushed me in life, but i can't muster a single bit of emotion.
>All I feel is numbness, that's all I've felt these last 4 centuries of being awake.
>Even when I experienced joy or fear...it was all so dull, like i've been exaggerating everything subconsciously.
>I'm in a lobotomized malfunctioning necron cryptek, having overwritten what was left of him.
>I sat there...
>Quitely flickering through it all for a few years.
>Thinking about my brief moment as a human, running each second.
>I played quiet tunes through my vocal emitter .
>Each melody from the hundreds of musicians I had heard during my lifetime.
>Humming along to each tune, recalling who i had been with upon first hearing it.
>I mumbled one song as I played one of the final songs I had heard with my grandma had passed.
>At least one person wouldn't be wondering where I had gone.
>These were the embers of emotions my soul had been aching to feel in this emotionless metal husk.

>I wasn't sure how much time had passed before i eventually left my chambers.
>I moved in a somber haze, my body more or less moving of its own volition.
>Not that i really even realized.
>I spoke words to scarabs, crypteks, it all just came out as static to my own ears.
>They followed my commands, commands I didn't know anything about, gathering things for me, metals, materials for unknown reasons.
>I would transmute them in ways I had no reason to, I didn't bother even scanning what I was doing.
>Working away at the metals and Blackstone, I worked on intricate designs that I had no idea the purpose of.
>This was felt all like an involuntary reflex, just a subroutine that this body did.
>The once soulless body moved of its own accord and I didn't really notice it.
>Not in control and not even knowing or caring.
>Necron self-portrait while dosing on powerful electromagnetism.jpg
And with that im gonna stop for tonight, ill start in on the blackstone fortress hunt tommrow since i have more free time in the morning.

I ask you folks do keep bumping through the night
The price of biotranferance in the 40k universe.
Let there be bumps
I wonder how much of the old cryptek is inside. Already destroyed much of him gone from the biotransferance. Is he just a sliver watching as another controls his body.
Could be that anon is has just filled in the missing part of the lobotomized cryptek.
I think the old cryptek just came out and play in
File: 239f787.jpg (94 KB, 1125x1005)
94 KB
By the stars that no longer shine, bump
I think it would be cool if anon was making instruments and is trying to recreate music
there ain't no time for that yet
File: react21.png (1.63 MB, 1911x1075)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
That hurts
Why is this retard shit allowed on /tg/ it should be on whatever gay board is for quests, or /lit/ so you can get your shit pushed in. Fuck off.
Did cold shoulder happen in /qst/? no.
Was the story, Can Love Bloom on a Battlefield? no.
What about cupanon? also no.

Then quiet, some of the best writefags have been on /tg/ for a long time.

Also, what have you done on this board?
Besides bitching and complaining about other people's work.
>bitching and complaining about other people's work.
Well to be fair Anon. That is a long held tradition of /tg/ as well.
File: j9ppj3uo7o861.png (697 KB, 1100x860)
697 KB
697 KB PNG
keep it limited then, no derailin gthe thread. Wait until it has come to its end.
Ok, you got me there... but my point still stands about complaining about the stories on /tg/ too much when dozens before had appeared before. But let us hope that OP (or any of those side characters) gets back... I do want to see how this plays out.
>I'm approached by hundreds of canoptek constructs.
>Occasionally enlisting their aid to shape my small construction.
>They are taking shape one by one.
>Small frames made from the deviant variant of one of my Phase Canoptek Scarabs swarms.
>Their little shells were made of the C’tan necrodermis, making them capable of phasing in and out of reality at will.
>The laws of reality bending to their will on a smaller scale.
>They could through impenetrable walls, or should they like, they could phase through living metal into a necron.
>I wasn't making any of this.
>Be What remains of the REAL Ishskar, Once High Transmogrifier of the Voekhet Dynasty.
>Slivers of my consciousness have stirred, memories of my being beginning to bubble to the surface.
>I saw brief glimpses of myself doing actions over the centuries.
>I wasn't in control, but nor did i care.
>Memories not of my own streamed throughout my consciousness, visions of a short but joyful life, much spent reading not for any grand study but for amusement.
>A man thing, a human controlling my body, puppeteering it desperately to prevent so much turmoil, he is aware of what is to come to the galaxy.
>He seeks to create order, controlling what he can, and avoiding what he can't.
>I have begun to gain access to my own body for the last decade, and I have used this time to create one construct to demand order.
>My consciousness in this body is gradually fading but I have completed a set of 10 Cortical Subjugator Scarabs.
File: 1560725205049.gif (3.65 MB, 498x280)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB GIF
Time to take over some BASTARD(s)
>I heard something... coming from Ish
>It was like a melody
>Soft, smooth, and gentle...
>But it almost sounded like it had a tinge of sadness
>He looked to be moving on his own...
>I recorded and had a few of his scarabs record what was the melody he was humming along.
>I then fixed the audio files and began playing the melody...
>So simple... but just so... perfect.
>It wasn't in necrontyr, but we had seen enough of his movies to know what the words meant. (because he also shared the translated knowledge from Ish)
>While working on my next experiment I began humming that tune as well...
>It... soothed me as well, somehow.
>It was a quiet trip... a nice and quiet trip...
>well it was until I forgot to leave behind my necroid for my next meeting with Ish...
So is he uploading his consciouness, or is he up to some other schemes?
File: Phase scarabs.jpg (3.55 MB, 2588x4476)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB JPG
>Be Ishskar, or well the person who is inhabiting the cryptek’s body.
>After 11 years of having an out of body i snap back into reality.
>I find myself in the lower decks of the ship, what's more I’ve been broadcasting songs through my secondary vocal emitter found in my mechanical tail.
>I had been playing beatles songs for a damn long time.
>I stopped the broadcast after i finished broadcasting “Strawberry Fields Forever.”
>Taking a peek around I noticed a few things were off to say the least.
>I had a full arry of new tools for constructing and shaping blackstone and few INGOTS of the AURAMITE(iskar) that I had managed to make while I was kinda day dreaming.
>Added to that fact there were 2 other constructions with me, a set of odd looking phase scarabs and some weird canoptek...necron hybrid.
The Archive ratings disagree with your opinion.
>How do X fare in Y
>Stat Z
>Why do System X sucks so much?
>Want Z pics.

Yep. Very interesting normal threads. I like this one. If you don't like it, you can press Alt+F4 and go somewhere else. No one is locking you here.
I'm curious, how do one get to editor's choice on sup/tg/?
don't forget about the rape threads
This shit has been on /tg/ for longer than you have, faggot.
Now, I am wondering if we could see Cryptek Anon become more conscious that he is riding the body of a still 'living' Necron.

Though... being a Cryptek, with a much more advanced neural matrix than other Necrons, wouldn't he just be able to 'simulate' the old Ishkar into a thoughtform and communicate with him? To ensure Cryptek Anon is, at the very least, doing things that Ishkar would've wanted to have happened? (if anything, that is)

Course, this does imply that A: Cryptek Anon has access to Ishkar's mnemonics to actually create this thoughtform, and B: that he has an idea as to how to construct one without screwing too much with his own brain.
Maybe the lobotomy is the reason why the original personality didn’t immediately take over anon.
>follow the warband on their ship.
>Don't do anything dangerous but tries to keep out of way of necrons specially that trazen guy,
>when near him I feel I'm being leered at like he's about to attack me like a predator hunting a prey.
>me no prey me Dyna.

>During trip went to cryptek and some how got him to give me a some pristine iskar.
>if had legs I would be jumping celebration.

>using a bit of Canoptek tech, Crypteks new weapon idea and an idea I stole from eldar in one of crypteks game.
>I make new invention. Its a hoverplatfom which can carry 2 immortal tesla weapons while being operated by one necron/immortal.

>Problem though it works alright but usually approach of slapping canoptek eggs on it doesn't work as I intend. Its power drain is to big for intended purpose.
>learned that hard way when Ael just collapsed when doing electrical current test.
>runtime of the weapon platform is limited, maybe need to redesign or maybe learn why it no work.

>does metal groan, maybe I can "watch" the cryptek and see how does necron tech since first time really working on necron tech.
>Now big question which mecha to take. . . No need to question actually since Jackel is in hiding.
>takes Ael and follows the cryptek around in floating Ael.
>is as stealthy as ork on a eldar world
>is in room with cryptek and chari, hides Ael on the celing and appears infront of cryptek with chari.
>*Eyes cryptek ready to learn necron tech*
>Nope, one thing at a time.
>I will address the strange constructs another time.
>For now i need to figure out how i made enough Auramite to make an Aquilon Terminator.
>At best I can make a spool’s worth of the stuff in a few years but somehow while I was out I made bars of the stuff.
>I Held up one of the heavy bars in my hand and flipped it over.
>I'll have to review my memories, how did i manage so much in just a 10 year haze.
>Questions for later, i can definitely do something with this.
>I think with this i could finally work on getting myself a Sempiternal Weave.
Oh. Yes. I forgot. Thank god i have selective alzheimer for bad things.
I will forget this now if you excuse me.
1- How much Aquilon Terminators hurt?
2- I only have a very shallow knowledge of w40k in general, but I'm liking this thread so far (despide the minor feuds happening). Go on Anon!
Isn't that just a Tomb-Blade? Those already carry two Gauss Blasters/Tesla Carbines. Or their larger causins, the Annihilation Barges.
Making necron relics now aren't we?
You forgot some important ones
>This is you animal companion
>Goblin titties
>Why Critical Roll so gay?
>Have you tried not playing DnD?
Can't forget the perpetual whining about playing a race that isn't human, elf, or dwarf. Because why would you play "freakshit" in a game where you can be anything when you can be human?
Huh that's honestly kind of wholesome. REAL Ishkar actually seems like he might've been a pretty cool dude or at least you know. A decent person.
>Be Warrior of the Hemmenth Dynasty
>I am...
>I was sleeping, after the war against our gods.
>The slumber was quiet, but I remember pain.
>I remember...?
>I awoke in fire and fury, metal body aching.
>Metal... Body...
>I am amongst many of my kind now, standing aboard a ship in preperation for a new war.
>I stand still, ready for orders... Others around me do so too, or move freely, not following the command protocols.
>There are no current command protocols...
>I feel like there should be.
>I... Feel?
>Why can I think so clearly now... I remember being more simple. slower.
>I remember walking in firing lines of many hundred warriors like me.
>I remember watching the Star God shift towards me, and turning those to my right to screaming liquid.
>I remember the order to rush ahead and take cover, rolling behind a damaged Ghost Ark.
>I remember shooting my Gauss weapon with little effect.
>I remember as I was crushed by the Ghost Ark, feeling pain as I dissapeared.
>I remember being put back together, and sent out to fight once more.
>But the thing that confuses me most...
>...Why do I remember at all?
>...Who am I?
File: Atomic level.jpg (80 KB, 800x600)
80 KB
>A few Decades back Quellkah had shown me the means by which to phase harden metals.
>It's a messy matter of aligning Energy particles in a very neat formation, and then carefully folding the metal extensively.
>Following it called for calibrating the metal within an item called a dimensional forge so its wicked edge could vibrate across dimensions.
>Science babble that I was way too underqualified to do, so I relied on my engrams and practiced skill to do it for me.
>Using some of the new tools, I got to work.
>I Started by using a necrodermis wafer to start off with a test.
>Phase hardening was a bitch to do.
>More often than not it ended up with fractals of sharpened energy charged shards impaling every surface.
File: Metallic.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x1920)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
>Making phase weapons was easy but making phase hardened had so many variables to it.
>If you left the wafer in the forge for even a microsecond to longer than necessary it was vibal to decay into dust.
>Too little in the forge and it would explode in a supercharged shrapnel storm.
>I must have had my fingers or entire limbs torn off by the cutting explosion at least 5 dozen times over the decade.
>Eventually after another 8 years I managed to perfect the method to create a phase hardened plate of necrodermis.
>Now with all that practice out of the way.
>I was ready to move onto amarathine, a difficult mineral to produce but one which i would be able to create given some time.
>Which i had plenty of.
File: Mix and match.jpg (217 KB, 1624x800)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
>It was a lengthy process of smelting metals together, shaping them into thin sheets.
>Transmuting the paper thin sheets, to alter their composition.
>The Metallurgists chord was a massive help but perfecting the purity of the metal was an incredibly difficult thing.
>Dozens of tiny details required my attention to ensure hundreds of other issues did not pop up.
>The sheet could crack, shattering due to .9% impurities, melting in the forge, warping in the forge, so so soooo many possible slip ups.
>I nearly got myself killed trying this.
>We hit year 40 when i successfully made 2 plates of Phase Hardened amarathine
>One FINAL step was left to make my relic.
File: kai-mergener-plane-2.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1440)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>The next step called for threads of adamantine to meshed into the thin plate.
>But i actually had a better idea.
>The Iskar bars(auramite) would be put to use.
>By now i could be considered a fucking seamstress with how well i worked with razor thin threads iskar.
>Carefully weaving threads into the sub-atomic spaces between the atoms, with just enough space left to mesh the plates into my necrodermis.
>It was a nerve racking 9 year effort, which means it could be any day now that we arrive in the sector.
>Both plates had been perfected into the Sempiternal Weave.
>I just needed to mold it into my living metal and it would be complete.
File: A golden sheen.jpg (128 KB, 1082x1536)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>I took the two plates, this was nowhere near enough to protect my entire being...
>At best i could cover my forearms with this.
>I placed the paper thin plate over my left forearm.
>And with my free hand I struck the Metallurgists Cord.
>The plate quickly modeled itself into the necrodermis, slivers of the plate slipping in between the atoms of the living metal and Binding with them.
>My arm went stiff for a moment, and I felt the fraction of the added weight weigh me down for a moment.
>My arm settled and ran my finger across the golden surface of my forearm.
>It was a beautiful success.
We need...

all you need to do is guild over it to hide the fact it is stronger.
I need...

A Medic Bag...
File: Spoiler Image (537 KB, 1280x1800)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
pic related is ishkar by the time he's done experimenting
Mother of C'tan... he... HE CAN PIMP SLAP BITCHES!
Fuck off to /qst/ where you belong, faggots. This is not /tg/, not by any reckoning.
File: that power.jpg (1.21 MB, 2028x1068)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
>I Did the same to the second plate, and the reaction was much the same.
>My arms were now secure in the Improved Sempiternal Weave and I wanted to test this things strength.
>Naturally I summoned Agakhet with his warscythe.
>”Agakhet be a pal and try to cut through my forearm.” i asked him.
>”Lord?” He was clearly confused.
>”Just do it Agakhet, i want to test something.” I held my arm out to him.
>He sighed and raised up his warcythe.
>In an arc of crackling energy, his scythe bore downwards to slice my arm apart.
File: SEMPITERNAL WEAVE.png (65 KB, 736x342)
65 KB
>His scythe clanged with a hard “THUD” against my arm.
>The force of his swing dislocated my arm, servos and wires tore!
>My arm was pinned to the ground, a mess of wires connecting my arm to my torso, most strained and to the point of breaking.
>But when he did pull away...
>It came as no surprise that my forearm held strong, a small scratch in my paint job but no damage to speak of.
>I was in pain, and leaking nondescript coolant fluid, but it was a success.
>I wasn't injured (where it counted.)
>I Lifted my arms in the air, giving a cheer. “I'VE DONE IT, THE SEMPITERNAL WEAVE IS A RESOUNDING SUCCESS!”
File: 1436113229723.jpg (91 KB, 683x684)
91 KB
Cryptek Anon RN
File: react5.png (2.75 MB, 1918x1080)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB PNG
Sounds like he’ll need to make an even better weaving device in some spare time on the way back to make the process faster.
Probably also work our a pipeline for making lots it on his own tomb-world.
He did mention early on that his world had A LOT of materials. So that sounds likely.
Then us all of it to remake all his component out of it so Phillias can’t chop his head off (as well as his neural matrix), then also upgrade his crypt (the things high level Necrons get sent to if critically damaged for repairs and resurrection) with it so in case something does kill him to that is better and so no one can easily break it.
Also maybe the resurrection orb on his back so its harder to overheat.
>Be Chari
>Have been doing a few experimentations of my own while Ish was doing his
>Didn't want to disturb him... he looked like he was hard at work
>Though he didn't seem to notice that I was piloting the necroid
>Trying new chemicals and seeing how they reacted and react to various situations
>One of which was most peculiar
>It was almost like rubber but much more natural resistant and had much higher melting/freezing points
>Now that is good and all, but why is it special.
>Well... when I run a positive electrical charge through it contracts.
>Then If I run a negative charge through it relaxes
>This could be very helpful one day
>Until then I just keep the notes on hand
>Hears a thump above me...
>Look up and a warscythe is in the ceiling
>Fallowed by Ish cheering somthing about and I quote
>I am both worried and glad that it (what ever that is) succeeded
cryptanon as phil swift fur for aramite tape
no, that has been talked about extensively before
File: Low Quality Bait.jpg (6 KB, 226x223)
6 KB
No u.
same to you, matey we haven't broken board rules last time i checked so take your head out of your ass, go to the local pharmacy, buy some viagra and then GO FUCK YOURSELF
>Shards this trip is taking so long...
>At first I was expecting at most around 25 years to get to our destination
>Watching the movies has become a bit boring
>So I went to Chari
>Maybe I could see what is he doing and feed him a few more idea for kinetics
>I found him doing chemistry
>The strange thing was he was humming an unfamiliar tune
>It honestly was pleasant to the ears (well what we have to hear with)
>I later asked him about that melody
>He didn't know much about it.
>He only heard it from Ish and it put him at ease, for some reason
>A Creation is much like its creator, I guess
>I just send a request for any music he thinks would be good listen to

Oh just so you guys know I just hit the little triangle on a comment that I dislike and just hide it.
It actually makes the thread so much easier it also allows you (to have the option) just hide the side stories as well if you don't want to see them. in the thread.
Well given this has been going for seven threads. I think if this place was gonna get smote from the board for breaking da rules...

It woulda happened?
How about no
tg has always had writefags and drawfags, like the cold shoulder sector or other warhammer high or any other piece of writefaggotry so fuck off, this is legit writefaggotry shut up
Yes, my child, it is I.
a quest is where the anons make rolls, and decides what the MAIN CHARACTER DOES, cryptanon is the only one deciding the main character's actions, ergo it is not a quest
This isn't collaborative storytelling. Mask, Dyna, and the others are writing a fanfiction for a fanfiction.
Why is everyone so hung up on the "This is a /tg/ board!" guy ? Just ignore him and enjoy the story. Just shoo shoo him or something and he'll leave.
it's beacause the jarhead keeps the board active if we bait him

Fuck off, faggot.
Ah right I shouldve known better.
File: 936.jpg (31 KB, 625x626)
31 KB
File: react19.png (1.07 MB, 1913x1077)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
I'm sorry for you Cryptek Anon, seems like at this rate you won't end your story beforethis thread goes to archive...

But Anon, whatever anyone say in the end, you did this become you like the setting and you like the necrons. You made your part to embellish and share your passion, so wherever it goes, no matter what anyone says, you did great for /tg/.
I'm asking this kindly for everyone here,

Could you please tell the escapades of Brian the Space marine elsewhere,
I ask you to do this due to how This is a Necron thread not a imperium thread.
Then another writefag thread will be made on your precious board, bumping something into archive. What if it's one of your thinly-veiled cheesecake character image threads? What will you do then? Fact of the matter is this, anon; Writefagging is a more important part of this board than you are, has been here before you, and will remain here after you've gone. And there's jack shit you can do to stop it. Go complain about how Star Wars is a movie setting and therefore /swg/ be moved to /v/. You'll be doing as much good.
File: Gothic_Sector_Map.jpg (145 KB, 1062x800)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>After my arm put itself back together, I headed up for the higher decks.
>Our ships were banking against a star's orbit, we were finally slowing our speed.
>We were pulling into the southeast most edge of the sector.
>After a few months of descending we stopped to hold a meeting.
>Orikan had been guiding us on little more than promise power, and phillias had just taken my word for it, but she was expecting something big.
>I Gathered everyone aboard the executioner phillias’ ship.
>Only the necrons in any position of power were in attendance.
>I took control of the Glyph Screens to start a small presentation.
>”I have brought you to the nameless uninhabited sector to claim a great prize.” I started.
>I began my projection.
>Displayed on the glyph screens were dozens of clips of the Blackstone fortresses.
>Some destroying the fleets of the imperium.
>Others showing the horrid power of their weapons batteries laying siege on planets, breaking worlds apart.
>In the largest screen I displayed one hurtling towards cadia cracking the planet into pieces.
>”The Blackstone Fortresses, A starfort of incredible power.”
>”Weapons so horrendous that their usage under the Empyrean would Split the galaxy in half.”
>Every screen switched to a more grim vision, the opening of the cicatrix maledictum.
File: blackstone fortress iv.jpg (232 KB, 1280x720)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
>Orikan spoke up. “A starfort, it looks more like an entire tombworld taking flight.”
>I Quickly keep up. ”Your half right, were looking at 900 miles of guns, ancient super technologies, and more than enough to kill entire planets from orbit.”
>”I want us to claim each and everyone one in this sector.”
>Phillias piped up. “Each, just how many are there?”
>”Just in this sector…” I momentarily looked at orikan.
>”Six can be expected to be found here alone.”
>”But I know the location of more of them.”
>They all fell quite after that.
I'm really curious to know how this army will fare against the fortress' defenses.
>We had finally arrived in a... uninhabited system
>But every high ranking necron was called upon the executioners' ship
>I had to go as well
>There was one oddity detected in the system though
>When we got aboard the executioners' ship we were directed to a major hall
>It looked like we were finally going to be briefed on why we are here.
>The cryptek explained much to us
>... and horrifyingly showed us a (what I assume to be a vision) of what would happen if we didn't claim it.
>I and a few other nercons had a grim determination to ensure this didn't fall into the wrong hands
>It only got worse when we saw a hole in the empyrean further spill over into our galaxy
>The thought of so many necrons dying was almost enough to bring some to tears of rage.
>If it wasn't for our bodies perpetually restraining/hollowing our emotions we would storm the fortress and killed anything and everything that would then try to use it.
>Until he dropped the bomb that there were more of them
>Just floating around... in the depths of space.
>We have to secure them, no matter the cost.
Given the amount of named characters here, a fair bit I’m guessing. Though if it gets too bad, a certain save scummer might just pop back during this meeting and afterwords to say ‘Nope, shits fucked’
Please do not feed the trolls and report any spammers
>All high ranking necrons had to attend a meeting
>normaly A canoptek like me would be able to attend...
>However because I was Ishskars personal 'pet'
>I was allowed in the meeting only because of that fact
>I almost wish I wasn't
>Watching the horror of the empyrean bleeding into our reality was sickening
>I think a few other necrons were feeling a similar sadness and anger(?) at those who used it to create the cicatrix maledictum
>How many necrons would parish if the event would have (or did) happen?
>The numbers were depressing
>So much was lost... all because those vile empyrean mega entities wanted a larger hole to release their thrice damned abominations upon into our galaxy!
>This emotion is something new... rage!
I believe you mean tumbler... (I am sorry, though reddit does it occasionally some times as well)
It has a notorious history of thread locking people under the guise it promotes hate speech.
But keep trying you'll get there one day, but I do hope you learn maybe a tiny bit of trivia from this.
Good night this has been anon, your friendly trivia buddy and I hope you have a nice rest.
Anon you are too harsh on them. It's quite a miracle we managed to make space marines out of ogryns
wait there is tradition then how come cold shoulder wasn't prevented (or deleted), or the heavy weaponry testing planet... or the most recent cupanon (and this)?

Is there something I've been missing out on.

Forgive me but just a New fag here asking a few questions?
hey wait you didn't answer my questions what am I missing out on here?

or could I get a TLDR for this?
people think that this is a quest when it isn't
oh thank you anon

but that does raise another question for me, why?
Is it time constraints, to many reports, or lack of staff?
I mean if things like this occur too frequently then why not just hire more people to clean house?
quest referring to /qst/
before I make a fool of myself and ask about rules give me a moment. just to search real quick. that ok anons?
No, but go ahead anyway
Wait does this mean Jannies are the daemons?
ok here it is copy pasted... sorry to keep you guys waiting

/tg/ - Traditional Games
Board games, paper games, war games, card games, etc. go here!

/qst/ - Quests
1.) This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e. "quests"). All threads posted here should be part of a new or ongoing quest.

2.) The author controls the story of the quest. They can take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. If things don't go your way don't complain!

3.) All threads on this board should be created by the associated quest author. Please refrain from making meta-threads.

4.) Erotic roleplay is not permitted. Frequent explicit descriptions of sexual encounters by a quest author may result in mod intervention.

Just to make sure nothing sexual has occured in past threads, correct?
but I'd say from an outsider perspective putting it quest makes sense.
Is there a reply limit in quest?
also, what does this mean?

>This includes meta-threads.
I found it on the first 'thread' but what does it mean?
Is this a taught?
I mean ok that's fair, given my circumstance of being a new fag who walked into this.

But does meta refer to outside stories (like books) or other threads?
You can be kind.
I'm not. Already reporting all of that visual pollution.
oh thank you anon for clarifying

Isn't there a way to have a reasonable middle ground and just move a thread from one board to another? or is that just impossible to implement?
again sorry to ask these question, I have and waste your time(s) anon(s)
So let me get this straight. Bump Limit anon is being a Richard (pardon my Saxon) because the thread is not under respecting "The Law" due to some friendly Necron anons writing fanfiction of the current Necron fanfiction.

In that case, a message to Cryptek Anon: Could we start a new thread on /qst? If only to stop this petulant child tantrum? It's not like we care where you post, I just don't want Cryptek Anon to stop writting because of a special need child.
So create your own thread and be happy with it. I really don't care about your writing and it isn't for your wrinting that I'm here.
I don't care if Cryptek Anon is bad or good on writing. He is presenting a story and I like reading said story. Simple as that. Pleasure with simple things.
Or you are one of those who goes "If I'm not happy, no one can be"? If that's the case, go back to twitter, /b/ or /pol/ from where you spawned from.
File: 12314029480.png (232 KB, 626x580)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
File: damn.jpg (13 KB, 389x301)
13 KB

dang man that was alot of effort into writing up your own space marine cheese. It doesn't particularly bother me that your spamming this thread just cause you dont like fun. ive managed to get myself to the bump limit multiple times by writing about a tabletop setting that i enjoy. lots of people have enjoyed it, hell its brought a few new people to this site just to read.

We have Tales of the Emperasque, cold shoulder, all guardsmen, parchment and bolters, cup-anon, space marine rolling threads. writefaggotry that all grew and thrived on tg.
Tell him to do whatever it takes. The story must continue.
oh, my condolences... is there any way to fix that?

Maybe a vote could be initiated if enough people in the thread agree that it should be moved?

Could we, not insult each other just for the remainder of I'm going to say 2 hours. and just talk like reasonable people?
Oh damm the evil is slayed. the thread has been purged of brian!
File: 1541545286572.png (485 KB, 600x1078)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
Huh... is it really such a good thing?

Or is this just a normal occurrence here on 4chan
Someone needed to activate a pylon sooner or later.
it's normal if you spam a thread like a retard
File: look here friend.jpg (136 KB, 768x518)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Anon, you need to stop sucking so many dicks. It cannot be healthy.
I know, I know, you just need one more. But truly, there needs to be a limit. I worry about you when I see you doing this.
Have you considered simply putting the dicks down for a little, just five minutes, in order to let some air into your lungs?
As you gobble down on this monumental cacophonous horde of penis, I cannot help but feel there are better things a boy can do with their life.
Maybe instead of trying to police fun on an image board you could find meaning elsewhere? There are those who, like the writer-anons before, wish to share their interesting ideas for what they think is a fun story. There is nothing wrong with that. If you don't like that, you can ignore it, or just report it and move on.
Truly Anon, don't die choking on a rainbow coloured anatomically correct horse penis. There are so many things to live for.
I think ill stay off 4chan for a while longer it'd probably be for the best to avoid drama like this.
I think its more like a tradition since most of the Warhammer isekai threads would be posted in /Tg/ since Warhammer is mainly a game with expansive lore.
a moment of silence for the anon who most likely won't come back to 4chan
File: 2342342356757.png (132 KB, 500x366)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Once the thread ends here well try that that ok
Just uh... no extensive bickering for the next two hours. We should at least show that much respect to that anon who walked into our warzone.
You have no power here, retard.
>I turned to each of the guests in attendance, then to orikan.
>I really needed to drill something into him, if we were going to work together
>”Orikan, since biotransference you haven't used your incredible powers for the good of your people.” He wanted to say something but I kept at it.
>”I know you think that achieving that deific form for the entirety for the necron is the best path to salvation.”
>”But what good will it do if there are no necrons left to achieve that form.”
>”If we focus on fixing the timeline for the better you could achieve so much more, I know because i've seen you tumble onwards in your pursuits so frustratingly.”
>”You are a tragic and miserable existence Orikan, Blessed with Immeasurable foresight yet so narrow minded and shortsighted in your goals.”
>”I want you to use your powers for something greater than yourself orikan.”
>”And if after this venture you would wish to cloister yourself i'd be fine with it.”
Agreed >>78830907
so lets just not fight for the next hour.

Maybe just talk (specificlly) about necron lore for a bit?
Do it, retard. Your delusions of grandeur and pathetic abundance of free time aren't going to stop, remove, or relocate writefags from this board.
thank you.

Also, fuck you Mask you hit me right in my emotions
The pact is already sealed. Your long term fiction projects belong on /qst/. Know the hell you unleash on your innocent compatriots should you alone choose to defy the agreement
And your lips belong wrapped around my balls, but they aren't there either.
Mom, Dad, stop fighting
hey bump limit anon the only person who decides what happens with the story is cryptek anon
I leave you now, but only to honor the treaty. Your leaders are taking their fiction to /qst/ as it should be. Follow them there and know peace

Honor the treaty, do not force my hand again
>This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion.
>They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion
>They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not
>or not
Zoom. Enhance.
>Orikan stood in silence.
>My words might have hit home.
>I turned to phillias, “So you see why i brought you here.”
>”Why is it I wanted this to be done away from the councils eyes.”
>”Away from any Ossuaria who had her brother the Phaeron and his heirs killed to ensure herself a place of power.”
>”Away from Zuberkar and a dynasty who can't be trusted not to continue kin feuds.”
>”And Quellkah...dear quellkah who would so easily fall a virus.”
>”Every one of them will be dead in 17 million years, i've seen it.”
>”You alone Executioner Phillias, are the only member of the council Who ACTUALLY matters.”
I'm detecting a distinct lack of your lips on my balls, anon. Best remedy that.
>In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process.
Zoom inhance indeed.
>long term fiction belongs on /qst/
>"but it's not a quest!"
>it fits the literally description of a quest as defined by /qst/
>"but I think it's good for the board therefore it doesn't count!"
Anon...this is the argument that led to a 3 hour long 50 post story to prove a point...
Play big man all you want. I am leaving now because life gets in the way of internet feuds. But nothing motivates me quite like sticking it to a smug prick.
Go to /qst/ and we're done. If you want to swing your dick around I will raze your threads and jannies can't do shit about it
Suck my balls and I might.
Welcome to 4chan son
So what fucking necron laws do we know about?
Rule #4879576: Don’t leave agonies around Trazyn
More specifically, don't leave anything near Trazyn.
File: STOP ENJOYING THIS!.png (5.34 MB, 1920x2156)
5.34 MB
5.34 MB PNG
That thread was a wild ride... I got a question, is storytiming events that happened to your group belonging to /qst/ ? Like the All-Guardsman-Party?
fun fact trazyn is banned from several tombworlds including the core tombworld for being such an unabashed magpie.
pretty sure most of the replies to the troll where made by the troll
didn't orikan remember the servants counting the plates twice when trazyn came over to the silent kings feasts
Hello neckbeardia owo >///<
Wouldn't surprise me... But did Trazyn also try taking orikan to court in that book for grand theft?
He literally did, that book is what made me write 60% of the story.
So why don't you become a janitor if you're so lawful?
If it pains you soo much, why don't you join them to impose hat you think is right?

Because the ammount of effort you put in all of this thread just to be like "I'm leaving for now!/You all are going to regret thiiiiiis!" is just fucking cringe.

Do this or just shut up and accept that this thread is better than anything you can spawn.
File: IMG_20210330_172540.jpg (63 KB, 622x389)
63 KB
>storytiming events that happened to your group
Then it would be about a game and actually /tg/ related, rather than just writing a work of fiction set in a /tg/-adjacent setting
I've been here for years and it never changes. Ever. I just wanted to enjoy the writings of the OP in peace and a bunch of morons from youtube and here have to shit it up.
Trolls will be trolls, meanwhile write-faggotry will continue on /tg/ just as it's always had. I see Parchment Anon has started writing Parchments and Bolters again.
make me
If shit gets as bad as it did before /qst/ was made and a mod has to step in rather than a faggot janny on a power trip, someone very well might make you
Big "if" there, hoss.
Shit like this is why 1d4chan needs to go back down and stay down forever. Here's a picture of a C'tan
Guys, can we all collectively cool it and agree we are all here for necron shit? All the talk of quest is gonna fill up the thread.
To the anons making the story, keep it up. Us lurkers are loving it.
File: the king.jpg (2.23 MB, 2500x1300)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
New thread time boys!

Gonna let this thread be archived.
So long sweet thread, we hardly new yee.
>”You alone Executioner Phillias, are the only member of the council Who ACTUALLY matters.”
Fucking, OUCH!
Where's the lie tho, she was the only council member that was alive by the awakening. everyone else was dead as hell
new thread for all the cool folks:
it bumps teh board let them fight

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