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File: Welcome to Wonka Land.png (856 KB, 1000x585)
856 KB
856 KB PNG
>Be Planetary Governor Pininas of the tropical agri-world of Archipelagia, chief exporter of chocolate and chocolate derivatives for the entire sector
>For the past two years we have had several Imperial Guard regiments on the planet to deal with a persistent ork infestation in the equatorial islands, but I suspect they are actually here since it has become known that the T’au have approached several noble houses for trade deals, and now the loyalty of the entire world is suspect
>As if I would betray my loyalty to the Imperium for sweet, juicy, blueberry pie
>Well jokes on them, I have received reports that several outlying Guard bases have been tainted from within by the forces of Chaos
>The center of the corruption seems to be the island of Wonka Land, home to the chocolate factories and plantations of eccentric trillionaire Willy Wonka the 316th, one of my key financial backers, and technically a provincial governor, but purchased loyalty only gets you so far
>I have dispatched teams of Guardsmen and other specialists to assess the situation at Wonka Land, as well as the rumored T’au crash site, ork freebootaz camp, and Khornate stronghold on neighbouring islands
>May the Emperor have mercy on our souls if they find what I think they will find

(continuation of the previous chocolate and corruption themed thread)
File: IMG_0290.jpg (56 KB, 602x339)
56 KB
>Be me, Dave
>Last standing member of the Victorious
>Standing is a pretty big word, my arms are attached to me by ligaments and some muscle fibers. My legs are in a worse state
>Fish people, they were dozens, perhaps hundreds of them
>Haven't had the luxury to count, and counting's for nerds
>I hate those blue aliens
>Not only were they not getting on the fun, they also shot the fish faces from afar
>I cursed them for their cowardice
>I cursed the fishes for being a wasted opportunity
>I cursed my men for standing in my way
>I cursed myself
>I have won, but at what cost?
>I can't win anymore
>Not for my glorious angel of victory
>During the fight I have heard a voice, it spoke to me on a level I couldn't understand... still I comprehended its intention
>With my last strength I drew a circle of blood and flesh, all offered willingly to the angel
>Now all that was left was the sacrifice, and I knew what to give
>I crawled, slowly, painfully, towards the circle's center
>Where I opened the crates
>The was a plank, with rusty nails
>Went the first nail, I am blinded by the pain
>Went the second and third, I am drawing my final breath
>I am up to seven now, I mumbled "Victory" as I am the last nail to my forehead

From miles around, all could see lightning strike a ruined vessel and the sea parting itself.
>begin log....
>be tau Crisis Battlesuit pilot Shas'ui leeyung of the T'au empire
>we have crash landed onto this tropical agri-world of Archipelagia
>our water cast and Ethereal had set plans into motion for getting this Gue'vesa world into joining the T'au
>but...it looked like it all backfired now
>both are dead now
>Gue'vesa had this thing called "chocolate
>food or bio-weapon this "chocolate" has turned them fish fucks, a pacifist race into a blood crazy people whom care little about their own life but for this "chocolate"
>i fear we have stepped into something...
>i've sent out scout drones into the abandoned city for info about this "chocolate" and who is making it
>also will be taking a small force of Crisis Battlesuits and XV88s
>don't worry i have left the rest of the men back at base
>i will try and keep you updated on my finding, Shas'O Myor, Shas'ui Hai-Ya. and Shas la Sa'rah
>good luck.....
>end log
>Be me, Larry.
>I guess I'm a psyker, now.
>The pirate guy wants us to split up into teams.
>I decide to stick with Dirk and the Commissar, as being with them has been the safest thing to do so far.
>>"And remember, kids: if you see a non-Primaris Imperial psyker *not* under the watchful gaze of your friendly local Commissar, report the psyker immediately to your nearest Imperial Official so they can be properly taken care of! Loose minds make for bad times!".schizo
>The Chaos around us starts giving me a headache, but a handful of muttered "Emperor protects" manages to do the trick.
>I never thought that memorizing Imperial scriptures would save my life, but here we are.
>be Betty-Not-Getting-Shot
>weird, these guys didn't instantly hate me, not sure if they're just being professional or whatever keeps me from freaking people out extends beyond the room I was in
>aaand we're several hallways away now and no one is chasing me off so it must cover more than just the generator
>if that Wonka guy wasn't running things I'd want a job around here so I could be normal
>for now watch them blast more of the orange freaks until we stop at some ridiculously huge door
>some of them are covering the hallways and the one in charge is messing with a control panel
>also it sounds like a warzone out there
>what in the Emperor's name is going on?
>I'll stay out of the way for now, might even make it out alive
>wait is that someone or something coming down that hallway?
>things are about to get noisy again, duck behind a corner
>Be Pathfinder Shas’la Ha’nah
>My squad has been patrolling the perimeter of the crash site for several days now
>I have bagged a number of orks with my rail rifle, but our team is down a few members due to constant ambushes, and morale is borderline non-existent ever since the Ethereal died
>No one ever talks much any more, and we have all been spending too much time reading those stupid pamphlets we found in the abandoned fishing village
>To make matters worse, our team is one of several to be hit with some unknown contagion
>Shas’la Br’ad has become super aggressive and short tempered, Shas’la Na’te has breath that smells like rotting corpse, and I seem to be running a constant fever that has resulted in me making some modifications to my uniform to avoid passing out from heat stroke
>Only Shas’la Shee’po seems unaffected, unusual since he is usually considered weak and cowardly by other Fire Caste
>We get ordered to return to the fishing village
>Unfortunately, the emissaries of the normally pacifistic Fis’Hymen we brought to this world to see if they would be interested in settling it have been driven insane by this substance known as chocolate
>And now they have discovered there is a whole shipment in an old naval vessel in the village
“Fu’ck this, I am deserting, and I am taking Shee’po with me”
“No, fu’ck you bi’tch, I am deserting first, and I am taking Na’te with me”
“Fine, fu’ck you too Br’ad”
>Grab the very reluctant Shee’po by the arm and storm off into the jungle
>Br’ad does likewise to Na’te and storms off in the opposite direction
>Whatever, at least this way I can ditch the rest of my uniform, it is not like Shee’po is going to stop me
File: Trish in Hell.png (1017 KB, 1000x626)
1017 KB
1017 KB PNG
>Be Trish
>Still in some weird, horrific, torture land
>One of those “dark ones” the Primer warned me about comes over and tries to make small talk
>And then another one comes over and tries to be equally pleasant
>Is this what corruption looks like?
>Try to avoid making eye contact, but there is literally nothing here that any sane person would want to look at
>Settle for keeping my eyes closed and pretending to be somewhere else
>For some reason it feels like my memories are still being examined, like when Steve messed with me the first time
>And then it somehow feels like something is caressing and prodding my very soul
>Then something twitches inside me that should never be moved
>Black out
>Wake up on the floor of the interrogation room
>This time, Steve and Kayla are gone, but the executive assistant woman and the three oompa loompas are still here
>But the executive assistant woman looks a bit different this time...
also, I added the previous thread to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/79366619/
>be me, jokaero aboard the Hidden Opportunity
>recently woke up after making a wonderful creation
>sees that the device i made has not been used yet
>that is strange because whenever i make something the rogue trader immediately uses it
>he is probably away on a mission
> i'll just make another device then
>this time i'll make a device that will send the fruit concoction my previous device made into anybody's hand
>i quickly create the device and activate it, sending one drinking container filled with the refreshment into the hands of the rogue trader
>i made two devices so i expect twice my serving of fruits
>i go back to sleep
File: Broadside2.jpg (110 KB, 650x627)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Be me. Shas'ui So'phie.
>No idea how I got to piloting an XV88. Don't want to question it either. All I know is that no one ever wants massed missile support, so I barely get put on missions.
>Honestly, pretty okay with that. Must be the only fire caste member to get scared of confrontation.
>Just carrying missiles means I'm generally safer. Less heavy weapons, less selection for dangerous duties. Fine by me.
>Still don't like leaving battlesuit for long. Partly because of the chaos of the planet and how everything out there's ready to kill us.
>Partly because I've always been a little on the heavier side, and I just know the more time outside the battlesuit, means the more time I risk encountering someone like Shas'ui Jes'sica or Shas'la Sa'rah and being bullied.
>Being in the battlesuit is good though. It's safe. Armour's thick, I don't have to worry about if my bodyglove's too small, or be teased about my body. I don't have to worry about recoil, and I don't reposition much or use jump packs, so bouncing's a minimum.
>I even have a minifridge in here.
>Tau, any attached pathfinders can target and fire my weapons themselves, if they need to.
>Spend much of my time watching ani'me.
>End up watching as the pathfinder squad I was attached to start arguing in front of me.
>Next to no armour, handheld guns designed to take on vehicles, I'm amazed how they're so confident in themselves.
>One of them, Shas'la Br'ad, a big dude, prone to anger, is arguing heatedly with Shas'la Ha'nah, an unfairly lithe and toned girl who's made the bold choice to show off her bare form, ribs to pelvis. Everything else is a form-hugging bodyglove that has no issues in showing off the motion in her body or looking flattering on her.
>Both say they're deserting, both grab another, and both head off into the forest area around the crash.
>Suddenly aware that I've just lost my 'eyes'.
>Suddenly very aware I'm a large, open target.
>TRY to follow them.
File: 1621947045540.png (291 KB, 600x790)
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291 KB PNG
>Be me
>Greatest drukhari commander that ever lived
>Command a small shitty ship I stole from some others returning from a failed raid
>Acquire intelligence about a particular imperial world
>Decide to do a surprise raid
>Pop out of the webway nearby and rush to land before I get shot at
>Proceed to do an incredibly complex and beautiful landing on the ground and jump out of my ship with perfect Drukhari precision
>"Greetings Mon'Keighs! Prepare to-"
>See corrupted mon'keighs everywhere
>There's also an unholy amount of daemons of She Who Thirsts
>Immediately jump back in my ship and run away back into the webway
>I doubt the info is wrong, it should at most be a month out of date...
>Maybe this is a sign
>Maybe mother was right
>Maybe I should just go make sculptures for those dipshit nobles back in Commorragh
>Immediatedly head to Commorragh
>Make billions
>mfw mother was right
File: Elena Tywick.jpg (132 KB, 766x1200)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>Be Eleni Tywick
>So that snivelling coward Wonka has decided to relocate the pamphlet operation to another world?
>A bit premature in my mind, but unfortunately my superiors agree with him
>Get ordered to cover his escape, which in my mind means “kill everyone on this island who is not supposed to be here, then keep on killing people on other islands to create a distraction”
>Not too worried about getting trapped here, one way or another Thypptyklpt always ensures his principal agents get where they need to be
>Get a couple updates from “Clyde”, the senior ranking Alpha Legionnaire attached to the operation
>Rumor has it that the Khornates at Camp Righteous Fury have gone renegade
>Oh well, the orks will overrun them soon enough in all likelihood
>Send the few Khornates on the island on a suicide mission against the Rogue Trader’s rearguard just in case they have questionable loyalties of their own
>According to minor daemons allied to our cause, some of the T’au at the crash site two islands over have been corrupted by our pamphlet campaign
>Interesting, send some of the PDF and civilians we corrupted in a nearby town to go check it out, if the pamphlets can corrupt the normally resilient T’au, they are more potent than we thought, and our benefactors will no doubt redouble their support
>There are reports of a null, or similar form of deadsoul locked in the casino basement
>Figures that Wanka would overlook something this important
>Sent some principle assets to go retrieve her before someone else does
>Also there are reports of an Eldar and a Sister of Battle scouting out the island, send some assets after them as well
>Trish has been locked in that room with those daemons for a very long time, starting to regret pulling Kayla out of there, send her back with a couple of expendable cultists to see what is going on
File: 1622147833928.jpg (33 KB, 464x403)
33 KB
>be me, guardsman slumber
>finlay finished this week's work
>thank the emperor
>don't know what's been going on the last few days
>don't care, not my problem
>head to my bunk
>used up half of a cycles wages to buy myself an ogryns bed
>covers and pillows included
>proceed to remove my uniform
>climb in
>rest my head on the pilows
>pull the huge covers
>now nice and cozy
>fall into a peaceful full slumber
File: Daemonette Head Bob.gif (4.14 MB, 1000x1000)
4.14 MB
4.14 MB GIF
>>Then something twitches inside me that should never be moved
"Uh, are you ok deary?"
>Her blacking out like that is worrisome, not the least of which being that it returned her mind to her corporal form
File: Mortar support.jpg (14 KB, 240x243)
14 KB
>Be Lucius, your friendly Imperial Guard vox operator/Rogue Trader muscle
>Boss asked us to do a diversion
>So we sealed the maintenance tunnel beind us and pushed back inside the palace leaving a trail of heretical corps on our way back
>We have saved a bit more then 30 civies so far and we occasionaly come across panicked and desperate ones running toward us for safety
>We're REALLY starting to get the heretic's attention now and that storm is starting to look warpy
>still no casualties but lots of wounded
>Bob's missing an eye and part of his face, everyone's carapace armors have at least soaked one punishment that would have killed or incap
>Stop a couple seconds to come up with what to do next
>Need to evac those civies, we're losing tactical flexibility with them around
>An explosion blast me up all the way to the ceiling and I fall back down
>When I regain my mind Bob's squating in front of me saying "We already have the enemy's full attention, now we need a way to save those civvies, Think, Lucius THINK!"
>He's right, we can't just sit somewhere and hope for the best, we need to take actions
>We retrieve the mortar and head for the palace's roof top
>Open Vox on open emergency channel, it doesn't mater if the heretics hear the call, they already know our situation
>"This is Private Lucius of the 14th regiment, we are under heavy assault by heretical forces, we have civies to evacuate at wonka's palace roof top can anyone read, over"
>Wait for a response
>"Oy hummie git, dis iz, huh ... dis'iz daaaa huh, da oter hummies youz tryin to call fo help, yea daz roight, we'z trap in da zogging storm, if youz can make enuff loight we'z can comm help yous and the other stoopid hummies"
>Look at the other guys, somebody in the back says:"Well orks make good diversions"
>Another one says:"I miss shooting the orks, BUT MY AIM IS GETTING BETTER!"
>Somebody else goes: "Are they here yet?"
>Team diversion will not disapoint this day
>Load up a flare in the mortar
File: thrax.png (183 KB, 331x327)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
>Be me
>Guardsman Mark
>Realise the situation is hopeless and in a case of someone trying to take my latrine I would loose
>Decide instead to boobytrap my latrine and leave to finda a escape from this bullshit
>Fish commies everywhere
>Luckily the armory is next to the latrines
>Quickly grab some landmines and put them in the latrine
>Be left with a few landmines
>Decide to throw them into the designated shitting trench
>Realise the explosion would spread this shit all over the camp
>Escape as far as I can
>Fuck this bullshit
>Hear the mines exploading
>About half the camp is covered in shit
>And the wind is blowing the shit in the direction of the fish people
>Latrine explodes not soon after
>Find a cave on my way out
>Be curious where it leads
>Enter the cave
>Hear someone talking there
>Sounds like Marvus
File: IMG_0285.jpg (67 KB, 564x781)
67 KB
>I am half asleep, half hallucinating
>I heard dozens of voices, each calling out to me
>Voices of soldiers long gone, some pleading, desperate
>"Commissar!" "Commissar, no!" "Commissar, PLEASE!"
>Some afraid, panicking even
>"COMMISSAR!" (x5)
>Voices, belonging to warrior clad in steel
>Voices of nobles
>All calling out to me asking what I should do
>I hear the voice of my superior
>"Artorius! It's too late for this world! We can't repel the swarm any longer!"
>He was right, we could already see the tendrils reaching the sky, the sun covered by clouds of flesh, wings and fangs
>I can't remember what followed, I took a blow to the head I think... of worse
>"So he is ze trentième, right? Does le monsieur have a name?"
>I knew what my name was, but I also knew that I was aboard a Rogue Trader's ship. A pretty scummy one too. If I wanted to get out in one piece and free I'll have to pretend my injuries are worse...
>"Je ne sais pas quoi faire, sir! None of the other rescapés knows his name! We only know he is un commissar!"
>"Then give him a number, I don't know... I think I know a planet who's currently missing a commissar... yeah I could make it work!"
>"Trente, huh? That does not sound mauvais... I'll write Trent on his papers... hope the poor soul will recover"
>Be me, Commissar Artorius Trent
>Waking up
Soooo, have you all abandoned ship?
Just waiting on a response from the Admech anon or someone else to wander into the Vault situation. I see Eleni mentioned sending people for the Blank in the basement, so hopefully soon.

Yeah I'll be right there, today's just a busy one
>Be me
>Mandrake Sillenla
>Get with some of my kin on a raid
>It goes bad
>Tired, decide to take a nap.
>After a while wake up
>Hold up why are we flying?
>Actually we're landing
>Decide to talk to the guy
>Trip over and fall on the ground
>He only annouces himself but immediately runs and flyes away.
>Well that's bad
>Look araund
>Mon'Keigh everywhere
"o ok"
>Some of them shooting eachother
"o shit"
>Some of them are visibly cultists
"O fuck"
>There are deamons runing araund
"O Fuck"
>They are from She Who Thirsts
>I need to get the fuck out of here
Waiting on Trent and Dirk, as Larry's situation is a bit tied to them.

I might post a oneshot for funs and foundations.
Original OP and Trent poster, I'm currently washing my cars, won't be able to post for another 2 hours I guess, maybe more. For James and co. I'll wait for Colin. If he doesn't post I'll just continue on. Dave I just need someone to react to the treat and that will start their own thing. Tau commander I got no idea what to do with him, other Tau rpers can take him. Demon bird, I'm waiting for a pc, he's a bitch to write.
File: url(1).png (113 KB, 328x644)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>Be me, Finn Engel, Street Urchin extraordinaire
>Be exist in the capitol city.
>I've been picking pockets all day, but all I've managed to collect is a handful of thrones.
>Suddenly hear a loud commotion from down the street.
>Ecclesiarch sprints around the corner, carrying an armful of pamphlets.
>He slips and spills the lot onto the sidewalk, picks himself up, scrabbles for a handful of them, and continues down the street.
>A few seconds later, a whole bunch of PDF guys round the corner and speed off towards the Ecclesiarch.
>I pick up one of the fallen pamphlets to see what it's all about.
>See cool angel drawings.
>Fuck yeah.
>Collect a handful of pamphlets so I can share them with the boys later.
>A few minutes later as I'm heading to the hangout, the intercom starts buzzing.
>"Attention, citizens! If you see anyone with a strange Pamphlet or blah blah blah, please report it to your local official. This is a serious matter and blah blah blah be a good little boy and do the right thing."
>Get to the hangout.
>The gang's all here.
>They're all hyped up about the announcement that just happened.
>>"I wonder what those pamphlets are about."
>"You don't have to wonder."
>I flash the goods.
>Hand them out like free candy.
>Instantly hailed as a legend.
>We read what's in the pamphlets.
>It's a quiz thing.
>Ugh, homework.
>Wait, the questions are actually interesting to answer.
>And it shows which of the four angels would be our protectors when we're done.
>Most of us want to be protected by the angel of victory or architect, of course.
>In the end, about half of us ended up with Victory, and the rest were pretty evenly divided between the last three.
>I got bored about halfway through and said that the Emperor would protect me himself.
>The others roast me for it, saying that he can't protect everyone all the time, and that I would be safer if I had an angel watching over me.
>Fuck you, I can protect myself just fine.
>I leave them.
>Be mineself
>The Great Rogue Trader Rastar Populus
>Still with some of my guards and the blood Ravens.
>Lucius locked us in but is dragging many people outside.
>A great and competent guy this Lucius.
>Found a casino employee after one hour of shooting traitors.
>Ask him nicely for a map of the complex.
>He says no.
>Be more persuasive
>Still no
>Slap him.
>He seems shocked by the slap
>Well he is asking for a second one.
>He say that he will lead us to the security office.
>Said office has only one fat idiot looking at cameras and a nervous skinny guy looking around.
>Break in, burn their heads.
>The employee is still here.
>With this cleared we start searching the office
>Find a map several small explosives, some C4 and a krak grenade alongside the map of the compound.
>The vault is two corridors and a flight of stairs away !
>Rush to the stairs
>Emperor Damn it ! There's guards !
>Let the space marine do the job while we prepare the explosives for the door.
>Place the charges, run to cover.
>I think it was too much...

File: 1622037144098.jpg (489 KB, 1918x1080)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
>Be Lucius, your friendly imperial guard
>We have taken a strong defensive position on the roof top of wonka's palace
>Today, the emperor is watching us
>Today, we will show the imperium that the guards never falters in the path of it's duty
>Chaos spawns, heretics and mutants are on every floor under our feets in the levels below
>We'll collapse this building and take the enemy with us when we'll fall
>Their dark gods will not have these civilians
>All the men screams as one: "FOR THE EMPEROR!"
>The Mortar is firing at far away enemy position in an attempt to attract their attentions and make more heretics come to us
>We have kept some mortar ordnance to make the building fall when the time will come
>The choking points are clogs with the enemy's fallen yet they still come
>The vox caster of the building turns on
>We are the emperor's hammer, the wall of guns, we are the defenders of humanity
>As if to answer my defiance, parts of the roof start to fall appart creating more entry points
>Bob's swallowed by part of the roof collapsing
>The fight intensify on the roof top with a mix of ranged and melee engagements
>Bob's using incendiaries and explosives down there
>The fire and smoke start to rise
>The mortar STILL fire at visible heretics positions giving stranded local PDF the gut to launch counter attacks
>The entire area around the palace is now a confused warzone with no defined front line
>The city and it's factories are starting to look pretty bad too
>The storm is now literaly made of shit in some areas
>Somebody point up at the sky and scream: "LOOK UP, UNIDENTIFYED INCOMING!"
>I look up, there's a green and a yellow human shaped object with fire wings coming toward us
>For some reason the yellow one is falling much faster and his wings don't seem to work properly
>Be Guard Dmitri
>Tы чтo дéлaeшь, блядь?!
>That was my nice gun you just snapped in half!
>All right, put it down Oleg
>This problem is now officially above our pay grade!
>After a while, they take the girl and move out
>There's sounds of shooting and dying Loompas from down the halls
>You can exterminate them all you want, but I'm getting out of here
>Come on Oleg, we're advancing in the opposite direction
>This time it's my turn to drive the APC
>Radio the guy at the top about the blatant Mechanicus invasion
>Apparently the rest of the security force has their hands full right now
>A heist in the casino, Xenos incursions, Chaos everywhere and now this
>How did everything get this bad this fast?
>Well, what do we need to do to salvage this shitshow?
>Apparently they'll get back to us with further orders soon
>Donkey in between haystacks I assume
>Put up my feet and make some coffee in the back while we wait
>A strong squall rocks the APC slightly and some hot coffee slops on my leg
>Stupid storm
File: IMG_0274.jpg (10 KB, 270x187)
10 KB
>Still me, Commissar Trent
>There was a lot of repressed memories the drugs made resurface
>Almost thought I was back on the ship when I woke up in an hospital bed
>I asked the doctor if I was in good health
>The doctor looks at me, a concerned look on his face
>"You suffered blows to the head in the past, no? I can see that a bit of patching the injuries were done, but it was also left to heal on its own for months... and the abuse of substances too! It's a miracle you are still alive!"
>Well the Emperor does work in miracles
>"Which is why you'll need a quick surgery, and medication!"
>"Wait wha-?"
>"No talkback! Your life is at stake and I won't let you leave my office without treating you!"
>"Who do you think you're dealing wi-"
>"You stay in bed! I'll let you speak to your men before, but after that be certain that we will not be disturbed! Also some of your belongings have disappeared while we were cleaning them of vomit stains"

>I ordered Dirk and Larry to gather as many loyalists guardsmen as they could and to set our headquarters in this hospital wing. I also instructed them to set a landing beacon here so the coming Adepta Sororitas would at least bear in mind they have allies instead of torching everything down.
to say the least I am Frightened as much as I am intrigued by this thread
Rolled 1 (1d2)

>Be me, PDF Private Jenkins
>Stuck doing solo patrols because my partner came down with a a stomach bug.
>Hear a commotion somewhere in the alleys.
>Guess it's time to work.
>Find a bunch of kids surrounding a fight.
>One kid is on the ground curled in a ball.
>The other kid is just whaling on him with a plastic rod.
>I shout at them.
>Everyone stops and looks at me.
>"What in the Emperor's name is going on here?"
>The kid with the club speaks up.
>>"I told him his angel sucked, and he threw shit at me!"
>Upon closer inspection, the kid was indeed covered in shit.
>"And you thought beating him to death was the right thing to do?"
>>"Well that's what the Angel of Victory wants."
>>"Yeah, that's what the pamphlets said."
>Flashback to yesterday
<<"Hey guys, the Ecclesiarchy wants us to go over these pamphlets for some reason."
<"Is it required?"
<<"I dunno."
<I crumple the pamphlet and chuck it in the bin.
<"Then it's not my problem."
>I call in to the office and discreetly inform them about some possibly hereti-fied children.
>>"Sorry Jenkins, things are getting a bit hectic over here so we can't-"
>Great. Just great.
>One of the kids suddenly shouts out.
>>"He thinks we're heretics! Run!"
>They scatter.
>I have a split second to decide: should I kill them, or let them go?
[1] kill
[2] go
File: 1621788338591.jpg (17 KB, 171x320)
17 KB
>"The Emperor protects, and so shall I."
>I swiftly draw my laspistol and fire into the crowd.
>Screams and a bloody mist fills the air.
>Everything goes dark.
>When I come to, I'm surrounded by dozens of dead children.
>No idea if any got away.
>The stench of blood and scorched flesh assaults my nostrils.
>I double over and throw up.
>As I'm wiping the bile off my lips, I notice something at my feet.
>pic related

That's all I'm doing with Finn and Jenkins. Feel free to pick them up.
>Be Larry
>Commissar barks for me and Dirk.
>The moment I poke my head in, I get a splitting headache from the tattoo on the Commissar's chest.
>"You should probably do something about that, Mr. Commissar, sir."
>He instructs me to gather as many loyal guardsmen as possible, set up a headquarters here, and to set up a landing beacon nearby to prepare for the arrival of an Adeptus Sororitas.
>Yessir, Mr. Commissar, Sir.
>I have absolutely no idea why he instructed me to take charge of these very important tasks.
>I was literally a slave until X time-units ago.
>Actually, maybe that was exactly the reason why.
>I relay my orders to the guardsmen.
>They don't believe me at first, but after some convincing from Dirk and the Commissar, they quickly get to work.
>Barricading the medical wing was easy since I knew the layout of the place inside and out.
>I didn't know how the landing beacon worked, so I instructed them to set it up near the doors for the sake of safety and expedience.
>The hardest thing was trying to convince all the remaining guardsmen to assemble.
>I tell some of the guardsmen to broadcast and repeat the following message on their vox:
>>"All Guardsmen under the command of Commissar Trent are to rendezvous at the Wonka medical facility to prepare for the arrival of Sister Superior Kathrien Sylune of the Adeptus Sororitas."
>followed by coordinates and geographic references.
>I'm pretty sure that this will also attract every cultist with a working vox device, but at this point, I'm taking what I can get.
>Now all we have to do is wait.
File: 1616874994386.jpg (494 KB, 1920x1080)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
>The man in big yellow armor fell like a big defective brick head first and brought down an entire wing of the palace with him upon impact
>The green one clear the entire roof of heretics with bolter fire during his drop
>Look down to evaluate the situation
>Yellow armor seems to have landed straight on top of a sacrificial circle
>the violance of his impact killed all the cultists around it
>The cultist's death activated the circle wich is now spawning demons all around him
>The man in yellow armor gets up in the blink of an eye and start to use his bolter with uncanny precision
>... It jams every 2 or 3 shots
>His jump pack start to make loud noises
>He unstrap it and lets it fall beind him
>As soon as it touch the ground it goes flying back off in the air then explodes
>"Poor bastard make me want to cry for him, let's give him some covering fire"
>The green giant land gently next to me and say: "Greetings guard friends, we are space marines and we have heard your call for help"
>Me: "Thank the emperor"
>The green space marine continues: "Don't worry friend, we will help you save these peoples and bring them to safety"
-distant waaagh noises-
>I look toward where the noise is coming from
>Killa kans, mega armored nobs, Battle Fortress, mega dreads, Squiggoths, boyz with shoota and stormboyz
>I look back at the city
>Demons and possessed people in the streets by the hundreds
>No, the thousands
>"My lord, do we have a plan?"
knew I forgot something with the commissar... I had in mind that someone scribbled dicks, obscenities and a poorly made 8 spiked stars, since I'm taking the path the commish ain't that bad but drugged outta his mind... any idea how I could fix this?
The Ecclesiarchs used a really good permanent marker and it'll come off with sufficient nail polish remover.
Don't know if chaos tattoos are forever, but I'll go with it doesn't stick if you haven't sold your soul to chaos
File: Spoiler Image (79 KB, 617x690)
79 KB
Dude distributed tzeench chaos pamphlets and have been eating slaanesh demonette crotches all night while being high, even if he havn't sold his soul to the chaos gods, he is still on the chaos gods good boy's list
You don't get off that list, the chaos gods decide how much they like you and how high you are going to be on it
Every decisions you make will make you climb up that list to the place the chaos gods want you to be, even if your intension is to help the imperium
nah, man. He just needs to use enough nail polish remover to abort that seed of chaos.
Only the inquisition know how to unfuck somebody that is indirectly being used by the power of chaos or is being influenced by demons unknowingly
removing a tattoo isn't gona change anything

There's a short story about that.
Bubonicus take over a planet using Nurgle's music, the story follow a commissar that is in charge of defending a planet and every decisions he make end up serving chaos either he like it or not, he is chosen by the chaos gods against his will.
File: IMG_0291.png (300 KB, 716x716)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." Pic related

>Be me, guardsman James
>I was naive to think Colin would recover from this quickly
>Charles and Brian don't miss commenting on all my poor decisions
>Bunch of cunts
>But they are right, I'm not a good leader, even less a sergeant
>Thinking straight and fast ain't enough, especially here
>Now I have no idea what to do
>Hear on the comms our commish is still alive and reuniting the loyalists and setting up a landing pad for the sisters
>Brian is giggling like a schoolgirl
>But why is the commish doing this?
>Wait wasn't it his fault everything went to shit?
>Sounds like a trap
>An ambush for the sisters and the remaining faithful guardsmen
>Sounds like it is up to us to save the day!
It was actually Typhus

Nice little story
File: IMG_0287.jpg (165 KB, 1024x1535)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>Still me, guardsman James
>So far, so good
>We went there expecting a setup, but it was as if nobody cared we were here
>Well, barely. Being clad in carapace armor and packing our guns did earned some envious looks
>But nobody paid mind to us, everyone was too occupied to set up barricades and fortify the hospital
>It also looks like the commish ain't here to supervise the operation
>I was about to decide what we should do when Brian decided to go his own way
>Apparently he's going to wait at the landing zone until the sisters arrive
>I was wondering when they would arrive when we heard the hospital's intercom answered my question
>"T minus 3 hours before the Adepta Sororitas arrive"
>Good that leaves us plenty of time to put my plan into action
>"First of Lenny and Charles, I'll need you two- where did those retards go?!"
>Only Emile was left, and even him looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here
>Go on, tell me if I'm bothering you pipsqueak. I'm sure you have better to do than prevent our impending doom like our other chucklefucks
>Did I ever tell anyone I have a bad poker face? Emile surely seems to have picked up on what I was thinking
>"I'm sorry sir! It's just with everything that's happening, our friends and now we're stuck in the middle of enemy territory with equipment we never used before... I-... I'm not so sure... if we're doing the right thing..."
>Well, that was uncalled of me I suppose... I suck as a leader and had everyone come here, and yet the lad is still with me. I should encourage him instead of taking my anger on him
>"I got an assignment for us two. I know you're not a people person, but we need to find as much info as we can on what's happening here. More precisely on our commissar. Think you can do that lad?
>"I'll try!"

Well I'm off to bed. To anyone who wishes to rp as the guardsmen following James, they all are free to use! Hope the thread survives the night!
File: Don't Panic...Panic.jpg (28 KB, 288x380)
28 KB
>Be Trish
>Not really sure what is going on now
>Still in the interrogation room
>The executive assistant woman is standing there oblivious to the world, and the oompa loompa creatures don’t seem to be doing much either
>Could have sworn I heard her say “Uh, are you ok deary?” when I first woke up, but the voice was wrong
>Whatever, clearly I need to get out of here soon
>Wonka is definitely working with the dark ones, and the longer I stay here, the more likely it is that I will turn into a Kayla, or worse, a Steve
>The executive assistant woman starts convulsing for no apparent reason, and falls to the ground
>The three oompa loompas surround her, but don’t seem to know what to do next
>They seem even dumber and less competent than the ones I have seen before
>Fuck it
>Get off the ground and stumble out the door
>Mumble something about going to do get help
>No one tries to stop me
>Have a massive headache from all the weird stuff that Steve did to my mind, but luckily I am already starting to forget some of the details of that weird hellscape he sent me to
>Realize that some of the pounding noises in my head aren’t a headache, but actual gunfire and explosions
>Clearly the casino is now under attack
>Briefly wonder if it is that alleged Rogue Trader, or someone else
>Briefly wonder where I am even heading
>Clearly as far away as possible from here is the obvious answer
>After that, who knows?
>Maybe try to sneak back onto the ship that I arrived on?
>One problem at a time...
>The key is not to panic
>Turn around a corner...
>See Kayla, along with Carol, Kyle, and Greg, three former members of the 37th regiment that I last saw with the Commissar on the Party Yacht
>Kayla ditched her coat and is now packing an autopistol with an extended clip, the rest still have their standard lasguns, though Greg also has a cattle prod tucked in his/her/its belt
>Carol now looks like a drunk porn actress who has had one too many cheap implants done, a far cry from the arrogant but stately uphive bitch she used to be
>Kyle looks like a fairly normal woman (albeit very under dressed), and only his distinct piercings, bullseye tattoo, and some facial features identify him as the narcissistic man I once had the displeasure of knowing
>Greg is the most unusual looking, with a muscular but vaguely feminine body, a black leather hood encompassing his/her/its head, and a disproportionately large horn jutting from the forehead, I only recognized him as Greg since I saw the early stages of the transformation back at the camp, and Greg is rarely seen without Carol and Kyle nearby
>Well fuck
>Turn back the way I came and sprint down the corridor
>Hear Kayla, Carol, Kyle and Greg running after me
>Even in their altered state, they no doubt could have shot me in the back a dozen times each, but it seems they want to take me alive for some reason
>The executive woman and the three oompa loompas come out of the interrogation room blocking my path down the corridor
>Stop and try to open one of the side doors, but it is locked and Kayla, Carol, Kyle and Greg pile onto me and tie my hands behind my back with something
>I hit my head again hard in the process, and combined with the already killer migraine I am having, I find myself having a hard time focusing on anything
>Hands lift me off the ground and start dragging me somewhere
>One of them smells like flowers, one smells like jizz, one smells like chocolate, and one smells like nutmeg, or maybe all four smell a bit like each
File: Agent X.jpg (161 KB, 780x958)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>Be an Inquisitorial Agent
>Names don’t matter
>My Inquisitor has sent me to infiltrate this strange realm known as Wonka Land and retrieve certain valuable technologies before someone a bit more puritan decides to blow this whole place up
>Too bad it is almost impenetrable
>The usual infiltration techniques don’t work since Wonka is meticulous in his hiring processes, and those strange “OMPA LOMPA” creatures are everywhere. We have found out from previous run-ins with the Wonkas on other worlds that despite their seeming incompetence, the OMPA LOMPAs have mild telepathic powers and a rudimentary hivemind
>For days, the best I could do was reconnaissance from the more remote parts of the island, but now some group of idiots have started a fire fight in the harbor area near the hospital palace and the casino, so this might be my best shot at sneaking around the more important parts of the base
>It has been hypothesized that the OMPA LOMPAs in a particular group become increasingly unfocused and impotent when large numbers of their brethren are killed due to their hivemind not being able to handle the stress
>Well that is the theory anyways
>Manage to sneak past the perimeter fencing for “Laboratory Building Three”, a large research complex where all sorts of heretic technology is stored
>The outside this wing of the building is some sort of large loading dock/material handling area
>OMPA LOMPAs are everywhere carrying stacks of pamphlets to trucks and forklifts
>There are a few bizarrely dressed men, women, and mutants loitering around as well with Guard-issue lasguns
>Manage to ice one of the more fully dressed women with my neural shredder without anyone noticing
>Do a quick clothing change, and in the process notice the woman has tattoos of the 37th Regiment, one of the Guard units tasked with hunting orks in this region
>The costume change works surprisingly well, nobody notices as a slip into one of the side doors of the building, and once inside, the few people I encounter don’t challenge me
>Even the normally telepathic OMPA LOMPAs seem too preoccupied to try scanning my thoughts
>Room numbers one and two are full of those pamphlets, I sense a certain amount of taint leaking from them, clearly some sort of Chaos propaganda, but they are not my concern
>Room three is some sort of bizarre and highly fatal obstacle course filled with disturbing, painful, and sometimes outright obscene traps
>I had been briefed of the Wonka’s fondness for “Contests” but even in three decades of Inquisitorial service I have rarely seen something this disturbing
>A few contestants from the last round are still stuck in some of the traps...
>Room four is some sort of prototype chocolate machine
>Notice that in addition to chocolate cubes, large amounts of cocaine and certain human body parts are being fed into the machine
>Room number five is a bit more in line with what I am looking for
>It is a warehouse full of bizarre technology
>Xenotech, archeotech, tainted items, and cruel yet whimsical devices, clearly of the Wonka Clan’s own design, are stacked on dozens of long shelves
>This is going to take a while...
>Be Clara Nadinefrottr
>Hail Hydra!
>Get sent by Granny Eleni to check out this alleged Eldar that some people have been seeing
>Sounds like bullshit to me, but Eleni is taking it seriously enough to send the daemonette Sensualla and the Alpha Legionnaire “Lahey” with me
>Apparently this Eldar is some sort of renegade, since the description matches that of neither a Craftworlder or a Drukhari, though not like I overly trust any description provided by the inbreds on this island
>Try to banter with Lahey, but he is brain damaged or insane or something and keeps pretending to be a Guardsman
>This is going to be a complete waste of fucking time, particularly when the violence elsewhere on the island is escalating
>See a Mandrake standing by herself out in the open
File: 36112 3.jpg (70 KB, 500x356)
70 KB
>Be Shas’la Ha’nah
>The fever I have been having lately is starting to mess with my mind
>Now hearing voices in my head
>They are saying to tie Shee'po to a tree and do "stuff" to him
>Not only is that against the rules, but also, Shee'po, gross
>Realize we are being followed
>It is So'phie in her XV88
>Being about as quiet as a shuttle crash
>How did I not notice this before?
>How did Shee'po not notice that before?
>Notice a bunch of weirdly dressed humans and human-like creatures have surrounded us
>How did any of us not notice THAT before?
>Be me
>Mandrake Sillenla
>Vects balls what is happening on this world?
>Mon'Keigh sceam abaut some Wonka and chocolate?
>The fuck is a chocolate
>See some Chaos worshiper with a deamon of She Who Thirsts and a Space Marine wearing insygnia of...Imperial Guard?
>Am I in the warp?
>Ok.Ok...Let's just hide in the shadow of a cultist
>And let's hope she has space ship.
File: 1390802165235.png (1.15 MB, 1900x2500)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
>>Wonka is definitely working with the dark ones, and the longer I stay here, the more likely it is that I will turn into a Kayla, or worse, a Steve
>>I hit my head again hard in the process, and combined with the already killer migraine I am having, I find myself having a hard time focusing on anything
"Well this is certainly a sticky wicket you've fallen into..."
>Hopefully I'll have better luck with just telepathically speaking to her mind than chatting with her in the Warp, her anxiety must be at an all-time high after all
"Tell me deary, what do YOU want to do?"
>You think for being a secretive types, the Tzeentchians could be more subtle than an air-dropped Baneblade, so I can't blame this poor girl for being so nervous since she apparently at least has half the sense of a wild grox
"Because I assume it's not 'dying horribly...'"

>>Be an Inquisitorial Agent
>>My Inquisitor has sent me to infiltrate this strange realm known as Wonka Land and retrieve certain valuable technologies before someone a bit more puritan decides to blow this whole place up
>>It is a warehouse full of bizarre technology
>>Xenotech, archeotech, tainted items, and cruel yet whimsical devices, clearly of the Wonka Clan’s own design, are stacked on dozens of long shelves
"...And I MIGHT just have a way out of this for you..."
File: sketch-1622382832747.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1081)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
>Be me
>Be fish person
>Be searching for the forbidden confection
>A cursed obsession brought upon our race centuries ago
>By the royally adorned demon-god
>The what meager crates we'd found had been exhausted.
>Then we taste it
>carried by the currents
>It must be from the source
>The legendary "Fuck-tree"
>I rally my fish brethren for the great crusade
>We set forth
>Our great crusade will be legendary
What tabletop system is this thread discussing?
deez nuts lmao goteem
>Be mineself
>The Great Rogue Trader Rastar Populus
>Making the greatest heist of my career
>After 5 good minutes with the building shacking we finally moved toward the vault.
>A corridor full of metalic door whas hidden by the Vault door
>There's around twenty doors on each side
>Open the first
>Pic related
>There are only prisonners here !
>I look at the Blood Raven he is as much disapointed as I am
>A prisoner come to us and says that Wonka's men locked them here, they were his political opposant but he locked them up for an unkown purpose.
>Another says that he is an inquisitorial agent and that they where going to be sacrificied for some ritual.
>They want to get out and overthrow Wonka for the Emperor.
>Start leaving the vault and the casino
>Call Lucius to know what is going on
>What do you mean orks are here ?and the lost and damned ?
>This will be a really long day...
>This is bad, the inquisition will know what happened here, ask me what I was doing and...
>What in the warp, are they carrying me?
>Turn around to see the Blood Raven laugh
>I am not a Hero damn it! Put me down!
File: Whereisthegold.gif (2.64 MB, 240x101)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB GIF
Forgot pic
File: Careful What You Say.png (323 KB, 480x480)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
>Be Trish
>Be very woozy
>Still being carried somewhere, I think
>There is a voice in my head talking to me, but it is hard to focus my thoughts on anything
"Well this is certainly a sticky wicket you've fallen into..."
"Tell me deary, what do YOU want to do?"
"Because I assume it's not 'dying horribly...'"
>No shit
>What are you?
>You are a dark one aren’t you, like from the Primer
>My head hurts
>Did the Primer say anything about voices in your head?
>Can’t remember
>Wait, O’Malley said something like “Get out of my head” before he almost shot me through a door
>Fuck it is probably one of them
>Ask her for chocolate
>No, don’t engage with the dark one!
>Why would I even want chocolate? It that a corrupt thought, or just one of my usual stupid ones
>It is very hard to strategize when something is already inside your head
>Also when your thoughts are out of focus and your head is spinning
>What do I want to do though?
>To get out of here and go somewhere safe without Steves, or dark ones, or voices in my head
>No wait, don’t ask it for stuff, that is how they get to you
>It is clearly one of them
>A light turns on
>I realize while I have been having this conversation with myself, I have been brought into a new room, and someone just turned on the bright ceiling lights
>I am clearly in some sort of torture chamber, and being strapped to some sort of upright X-frame
>Lots of nasty tools on the table next to me, don’t even want to consider what most of them are for...
>Kayla, Carol, Kyle and Greg are in the room, along with the executive assistant woman and the three oompa loompas
>Missus Dark One, get me out of here, and then we will talk...
>No wait, don't...
File: hydra-alpha-legion.png (51 KB, 512x538)
51 KB
>Be Clara Nadinefrottr
>Balls, the Mandrake just disappeared
>She is clearly not the Eldar Eleni was looking for, but maybe they are working together
>Maybe the Drukhari are even planning a raid against us
>We must bring her in for interrogation
>Luckily, Sensualla is a being of the Warp, and the usual Mandrake tricks aren’t as effective against her
“Sensualla! Where did the Mandrake go?”
“She is right behind you”
>Fucking daemons, that would have been great to know a few seconds ago
>Pull out my tranq gun and start firing wildly
>>Ask her for chocolate
"Dear there's nothing wrong with wanting some chocolate when on a planet known for it!"
>>Missus Dark One, get me out of here, and then we will talk...
"See, that wasn't so hard now, was it?"
>Open my telepathy up to the rest of the room
"MORTALS, I am En'Dee, Greater Daemonette of Slaanesh and leader of the Daughters of Peace!
This girl is MINE, and I'd be rather cross if my property were to be damaged."
>To emphasis my point, I turn the Loompas into busty citrine shortstacks
"...And I am not one to be crossed; Release her at once, she has my bidding to do!"
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>Get dispatched by that loathsome emissary Eleni to retrieve the dark soul
>I would much rather be topside, where the violence has escalated considerably
>A large naval vessel full of ork freebootaz showed up in the harbor at roughly the same time as the ships full of pamphlet corrupted fodder we were expecting arrived
>Now there is a three way battle between our forces, the Rogue Trader and his marine allies, and the orkz
>But the key assets on this island are already being evacuated anyways, and a dark soul will be useful to our long term plans
>Along with me is the daemonhost Exspiravitii
>It can track the dark soul by sensing where it is not
>It can do a lot of other things too
>We find ourselves in a small Generatorium of some kind, with the Mechanicus strike team that have been messing around in the basement of the casino for the last thirty minutes or so
>Ask Exspiravitii why they are here anyways
>It just smirks and says “Food Safety Inspection”
>No time for riddles now
>Tell Exspiravitii to deal with the Mechanicus strike team
>Open fire myself
>Blast apart a few with precision shots while forcing the rest to take cover behind various pieces of equipment
>Exspiravitii goes non-corporal and simply phases through the equipment, and enemy fire
>Always a pleasure to see it work
>Sometimes it pulls enemies out of phase, then partially inserts them into pieces of equipment with messy results when they return to reality
>Other times it simply pulls the remaining organic bits out of the Skitarii and lets the limbless, torsos die a gurgling death as their few remaining organs struggle to cope without augments
>Pity Exspiravitii can’t approach the dark soul and the Skitarii standing near her
>I guess there are somethings you do have to do for yourself...
>Be Trish
>The voice inside my head responds
"Dear there's nothing wrong with wanting some chocolate when on a planet known for it!"
"See, that wasn't so hard now, was it?"
"MORTALS, I am En'Dee, Greater Daemonette of Slaanesh and leader of the Daughters of Peace!
This girl is MINE, and I'd be rather cross if my property were to be damaged."
"...And I am not one to be crossed; Release her at once, she has my bidding to do!"
>The oompa loompas collapse to the ground and start rapidly transforming
>Carol, Kyle, Greg and that assistant woman seem appropriately cowed, but Kayla smirks a bit, like this was exactly what she expected to happen
>Fuck, you got set up Trish
>And now you are “property” and doing “her bidding”
>Told you they were working together
>Greg and Carol undo the bindings, and I stumble to the ground, half expecting to undergo some sort of weird flesh change at any minute
>Kayla starts talking
“Great and mighty En’Dee, what is your will? Many powerful servants of She Who Thirsts are allies to us in this venture. Are you one of them?”
>Okay, maybe they aren’t working very close together, but still have a sinking feeling that Kayla deliberately put me in a tight spot to force me to negotiate with this “En’Dee”
>No idea how these things work, or whether I actually have any real leverage
>Already I think I am starting to feel a bit different
>But don’t see any other real options here but to continue negotiating with “En’Dee” as best I can
“Alright “En’Dee”, you may have gotten me out of the table, but I am not talking to you until you get me somewhere safe”
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
>Be me
>Mandrake Sillenla
>Currentelly beeing shot at
>Thus trying to dodge such shot's
>Someone saw me
>O right Deamon...
>Fuck it new plan
>Jump from the shadow of a cultists on the deamonette while doing my scariest scream
>Stab her right in the face
>O shit it actually worked
>Turn araund
>The shock wears off
>Dissapear again, this time into Marines shadow
File: 1613502989395.jpg (83 KB, 512x494)
83 KB
>Be an Inquisitorial Agent
>Some of the artifacts are talking to me
>They must be even more corrupted than I realized
>Decide to leave the warehouse
>Pretty sure what I am looking for isn’t here, but take a few pictures just in case
>The next room is the most disturbing yet
>It is full of chocolate sculptures of people meeting disturbing and painful deaths
>Clearly mementos of Wonka’s favorite victims
>Briefly wonder if they are just carvings, or if he has some way of transmuting people into chocolate
>Probably don’t want to know the answer to that really
>Next room is the smallest so far
>Some sort of relatively mundane workshop for fixing broken equipment
>There is a low ranking tech adept there watching some odd cogboy equivalent of pornography
>Sneak up on her and point my neural shredder right in her face
"Alright heretic, time to start answering some questions"
File: Rain.jpg (158 KB, 1100x755)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>be Betty-Probably-Gonna-Die-Again
>everything just went really bad really fast
>those guys down the hall opened fire, the Mechanicus guys are getting mowed down, and there's some sort of... thing, flickering in and out, a monstrous ghost just slaughtering everyone
>it hasn't come this way yet but if it does I don't expect things to go well
>also there's a huge armored guy that seems to be in charge of the guys attacking us, they're all at least slightly weird and mutant looking, and tge big guy is headed this way...
>a dying machine man drops something as he falls, almost afraid to look if it's his head, but no he dropped a grenade
>wait it didn't blow up?
>right, still has the pin
>grab it
>oh Emperor that was stupid now I'm a target, should have just run
>Be Clara Nadinefrottr
>The Mandrake reappears and stabs Sensualla in the face
>She disappears, wailing bitterly
>Fuck shitting balls, it will probably take a few minutes to bring Sensualla back into the play
>I hate playing this particular card, but whip out the sharpened coin containing the minor bound daemon Tasselbottom
>Jam the coin into my eye, which hurts like a bitch, but also gives me the ability to see things beyond the realm of mortals
>This time, the Mandrake is behind “Lahey”
>Shoot her in the thigh with a tranq dart before she is able to dart behind a small outbuilding
>One dart is probably not enough, but at least it will slow her down
>Motion “Lahey” to go around the building from one side, while I go around it from the other
>“Great and mighty En’Dee, what is your will? Many powerful servants of She Who Thirsts are allies to us in this venture. Are you one of them?”
"Perhaps, though your execution leaves much to be desired; While I applaud your manipulation of the Anathema's church, you've clearly underestimated their zealotry and the effectiveness of your leaflets.
We will be lucky if this planet is still intact when all is said and done!"

>>“Alright “En’Dee”, you may have gotten me out of the table, but I am not talking to you until you get me somewhere safe”
>Returning my telepathy solely to the girl I try to reassure her
"I'm sorry deary, but the safest place ON this planet is probably at my side, and even that's going to require some risk to save this world from the Inquisition's pyre..."

>>Be an Inquisitorial Agent
"...And speaking of, I will require you to act as an intermediary between myself and an Inquisitorial Agent stalking the grounds."
>Be Trish
>The “En’Dee” is admonishing Kayla
>Kayla just puts on a pouting face, and claims the pamphlets are prototypes, and operations can continue elsewhere if this world is lost
>Then “En’Dee” speaks to me again
"I'm sorry deary, but the safest place ON this planet is probably at my side, and even that's going to require some risk to save this world from the Inquisition's pyre..."
"...And speaking of, I will require you to act as an intermediary between myself and an Inquisitorial Agent stalking the grounds."
>Well shit
>Not sure what is more alarming
>The prospect of being on a world slated for destruction
>Or talking to a member of the Inquisition
“I..uh...don’t think that is such a good idea....hahaha”
“I am not really that great at dealing with authority figures”
“Wouldn’t it be safer for me, I mean both of us, if we just found a way to leave this world?”
“No way am I talking to anyone associated with the Inquisition!”
“You can’t make me!”
>Be Mandrake Sillenla
>This bitch actually hit me.
>Hide behind a outbuilding.
>See an entrance
>Get there, lot's of shadows
>Fuck it let's go classical
File: 1377064533424.jpg (167 KB, 700x547)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>>Kayla just puts on a pouting face, and claims the pamphlets are prototypes, and operations can continue elsewhere if this world is lost
>I open my telepathy back up to the room
"Well then there is little you need my help with then; As our name suggest, we Daughters of Peace prefer a stable Materium.
Prosperity and plenty breed excess after all and, it may be my hedonistic nature, but a planet of tropical islands and chocolate certainly sounds like it could be useful towards those ends."

>>“Wouldn’t it be safer for me, I mean both of us, if we just found a way to leave this world?”
>>“No way am I talking to anyone associated with the Inquisition!”
>>“You can’t make me!”
>Focusing my communication back on Trish, I try to convince the girl on my course of action
"I doubt you want to walk directly into the Warp or for me to try and pull a spaceship out of your ass, no?
And the fact that they're here and we haven't been Exterminatus'd yet means whoever they're working for is of a more pragmatic persuasion if they're not unknowingly in the employ of one of my allies in the Inquisition.
In any event, having you talk to her "mortal to mortal' will engender more trust, and they probably have the means to get you off world on top of that."
File: 1558304019319.png (1011 KB, 917x845)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG
>Be Lucius the friendly Imperial guard vox operator
>Salamander marine's plan is simple
>Use his mobility and rank to organise every fighting man he can find on the island while my mens and Lamenter marine will try to save as much civies as possible
>Everything Salamander marine can find is gona be used to create a front line against the Ork and the heretics
>Wonka's security, PDF everything is gona be called and organised to serve the emperor
>We'll use the palace as evac point to extract noncombatants once it is secured
>Rogue boss is gona like this
>Literally everyone either have their eyes on the palace or have to organise around it now
>Unless he is very unlucky he ain't gona find any sort of serious security defending the casino and all the attention is gona be focused here
>Receive a communication on my vox: "Under Commissar Trent's authority, every guardsmen who can, must report to the city's hospital"
>instant regret for not killing the guy when I had the chance
>Receive another call
>it's rogue boss
>Give him a short sitrep
>He seem a bit concerned that the orks and heretics are now the island's main population
>Yeah that's concerning, maybe I should be concerned about that too
>However I missed the new episode of Super Deserter Gue'vesa Action Heroes because of the orks and I'm concerned it'll be canceled a fiew episode before the season's final
>I don't have time to be concerned by everything damn it!
>Salamander marine fly off to save and organise everyone
>Lamenter Marine is about half way done securing the palace when we get in action
>I leave 3 men to keep watch over civies and man the mortar while we go down to help the Lamenter
>Look for Bob on our way down
>Flames, blood, ruined walls but no sign of "Bob da grot killa" anywhere
>I hope they didn't got him alive, I don't want to face a possessed Bob
File: uhhhh.png (595 KB, 811x1298)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
>be Peace Keeper Nicholas
>be wishing I wasn't Peace Keeper Nicholas
>be wishing I was pacifying a primitive world
>at least then my life would be simple and far less dangerous
>I am currently with my platoon, some of which are sort of wired from the marching stims discovered in the chocolate in our rations
>as well as PDF, some of which due to their inexperience are well hopped up on said choco-stims
>We are all in a convoy of PDF APCs heading through a powerful tropical storm to a what seems to be a manufactorum and casino resort front operation for a heretic organization
>oh, and did I mention we are also accompanied by numerous 3 meter tall brick shit house knuckle dragging retards that are well armed, well armoured, and well and truly out of their minds, such as they were, on military grade stimulants
>we had a little incident on our way to our objective that necessitated immediately stopping to allow the Ogryn to take a potty break
>this caused even more problems as the juiced up giga-clods didn't want to get back into the APCs
>In fact they didn't want to get back into the APCs so much that they ran off into the jungle and we had to chase them
>Wait- did I say Peace Keeper Nicholas?
>No, I am Tard Wrangler Nicholas
>to his credit Kevin, the strung-out PDF, through either luck or genius convinced the Ogryn to get back in the APCs by pleading over the vox that the chocolate gave him a golden ticket that says hes a winner and that he needs to go to the chocolate factory
>however because of his wording the Ogryn seem to be convinced Kevin has been ordained as the chosen one by the spirit of chocolate
>at least we are rolling again
>before the target comes into view on the horizon its position is revealed by plumes of black smoke
>as we get closer we can see the building is on fire in places and we can hear far off thumps of explosions
>I order the convoy to speed up
>looks like we won't need a cover story
I slept poorly and feel like hell but I feel less sick today so I will probably be more active from now on.
>be Peace Keeper Nicholas
>over the vox I apprise the platoon of the situation and give them their orders
>a foothold will be established in the main building
>Alpha and Beta team will split off and sweep the building looking for targets of importance
>Gamma team holds position with the vehicles
>due to the nature of the location it is likely that we won't just encounter heretics
>we could get overwhelmed if we aren't careful so only engage what seems threatening or doesn't respond to challenges
>since we have a job to do so just direct non-hostiles to the rally point till otherwise stated
>as we enter the long driveway to the gates on my order the column spreads formation tearing up the flower beds and manicured grounds
>the gunners then focuses fire on decorative swirling metal gates blasting them open
>they were unguarded which means things must be really out of control
>falling back into a line the APCs rush through the gate and then up through the entry way of the casino itself
>With a bark of "DISMOUNT" over the vox the APC doors swing open and the platoon begins to rush out under the cover of the gunners
>its all textbook
>that is until we are knocked down
>the Ogryn push past all of us while shouting "CHOCLIT FACTREE!"
>as the men get to their feet I see the Ogryn are running off carrying Kevin
>manpower instantly down by a classroom of giant violent drugged up kids and one PDF with his brain making a pilgrimage to Terra
>a team will need to find them
>I wish I wasn't Peace Keeper Nicholas
>be happy I'm at least not Kevin
>Be Trish
>I wonder if she can actually pull a spaceship out of my ass
>I assume I would die, given spaceships are pretty big
>I feel I am not focusing on the important issues here
>My head is still swimming from the concussion, and all the tampering, and probably a fair bit of corruption as well
>I highly doubt that the Inquisition are going to give my semi-corrupt butt a trip to anywhere other than another torture chamber
>For that matter, I highly doubt that they will have any desire to talk to me in the first place when they can just turn me into a human bonfire
>On the other hand, En’Dee will probably do terrible things to me if I don’t cooperate
>Buuuut, chances are she will do terrible things to me if I do cooperate as well
>Maybe go along with things for now, and hope somehow I encounter something that makes En’Dee go away
>Or maybe that is just what she wants me to think
>Or maybe overthinking it is the trap all along
>Also she can hear everything I think, so it is not like I can surprise her anyways
>All this second guessing is driving me crazy
“Fine, I will talk to this Inquisitorial Agent, or more likely, die trying...”
“What now?”
>More of an action oriented person anyways
that is some vintage meme reference
>>“Fine, I will talk to this Inquisitorial Agent, or more likely, die trying...”
>>“What now?”
>Keeping things between Trish and I
"See if our this 'Kayla' would be so kind as to direct you to 'Laboratory Building Three,' if not then have the new Lompettes try to take you there.
There's a small crisis brewing there, pardon the pun, that a friend of mine can help us extinguish that will hopefully buy some good will with the 'Quiz Agent."
File: 1596561776342.jpg (66 KB, 564x752)
66 KB
>>begin log 2
>be tau Crisis pilot Shas'ui leeyung
>run into a truck with the words and logo of "chocolate" of Archipelagia
>see a lot of dead Gue'vesa, some of them from the planets defence force and some i have never seen before
>getting out of the Crisis suit to get a closer look, they look like them robe men that fix all the Gue'vesa tech
>half of his body is machine mixed with flesh, it’s sick too look at
>just when i get close to this Gue'vesa chocolate truck. one of them robe men starts getting up
>”hallo, HALLLLLO customer, yes customer, you, you like some chocolate?”
>when he talks it looks like his mask is about to fall off but it keeps trying to adjust it
>my T’au Crisis suit team begin surrounding this robe man
>”ah, ahhhhhh” your not hummman’ your face is sooo blue i had believed you been cured by the chocolate”
> “chocolate, are you the one making this chocolate and pamphlet?”
>”not the maker but the seller but i said too much” he begins screaming "CHOCOLATE!"
>turn and see a huge number of them fish fucks running to us and the truck
>run to my Crisis suit as my team begins cutting them down and by the Ethereal their so many of them!!!
>as i join the battle, that robed man jump into that truck and speeds away from us
>i've order a scout drones to follow him, as i turn back to them fuckers ,rage begin to feel me
>”ok you little shit we got your chocolate right here!!”
>end log
File: Carl.png (631 KB, 844x683)
631 KB
631 KB PNG
>Be Lucius, Friendly imperal guard vox operator
>Every room we clear there's heretical "Decorations" sometime still alive beging to be put down or screaming things backward
>We're starting to run out of incendiaries to throw in gored up rooms glowing with evil radiations.
>The place is a mess and I don't even want to think about what these people have been doing in the basement while we where busy on the roof top
>Can't make 2 steps without steping on blue pamphlets with a strange skull symbol on it
>Somebody says: "Hey look that says (Free Chaos)"
>I reply "No thank you, we already have enough"
>I look closer at one that is already opened on the ground
>The letters move around like worms and the paper itself look like living skin
>Shoot the pamphlet a fiew times and move on
>After much room clearing, horror burning and heretic killing we link up with the yellow space marine in the main hall
>Ask him if we must secure the basement
>Says it is already taken care of
>He point at the burning city where distant gun shots, explosions and horrible screams come from then says
>"There are people who needs us"
>I look outside through the blasted walls at a nice Wonka limo decorated with battle damage and an unexploded mortar explosive lodged on top of it
>"We can use the limo as transporta-"
>The shell went off leaving the limo split in half
>I keep looking outside where the rain is almost pooring sideways and sigh
>"we'll try to keep up on f-"
>Carl interupt me
>"Dere ain't noway we can keep up with tha yellow murder machin ova here"
>"We need friggin wheels!"
Man, I need to get things straight so I am writing a personal brief on what is happening where and with who.
>be Peace Keeper Nicholas
>just cleared the immediate area
>wish the Ogryn were still with us to help secure the foothold by making barricades out of slot machines and corpses
>but I have no idea where the Ogryn ran off with Kevin to, because of all the chaos that started even before we got here and is still going on
>chaos like hectic, not chaos like Chaos- uh, you know like heretics- well I mean the chaos- er disorder, is caused by C- Heretics, so...
>It seems like at least some of the security forces are loyal as they have been engaged with strange, perhaps radiation stunted, orange mutants as well as proper Heretics
>the fighting is mostly concentrated around an estate on a nearby hill but we aren't a relief force
>this recon operation has partially evolved into a Search and Destroy mission, and we also have to recover the Ogryn... AGAIN
>we aren't a relief force but that doesn't mean we can let things potentially get worse so I order two APCs to scope out the hill and report back
>I am now leading Alpha team to breach the employee only area and begin to move deeper into the facility as Beta team heads off to sweep the upper floors
>hopefully we can find the Ogryn without them getting killed, as well as who ever is in charge of this place, and things that classify as priority targets without getting killed ourselves
>Come on, be lucky, be lucky
This is not /tg/, this is a quest. This matter was previously settled in the cryptek thread.
Do fuck off you miserable tosspot, these two threads have been among the more interesting on /tg/ for the last several months, many anons have enjoyed taking part
>tfw no trish gf
Why can't you just keep things that belong on /qst/ on /qst/?
there is a damned report button you tards
It’s a unique thread having fun with a /tg/ setting, utterly harmless. Shall we discuss why 5e Rangers are shit for the 500th time?
That'd be so useful. I'm beginning to get lost with all the characters.
Quests are a single character controlled by the posters, this is more of a play by post (and thankfully moving faster than most of those even if I should have had Betty run just to have things to do in case Alpha legion anon never responds)
File: url(3).jpg (92 KB, 488x516)
92 KB
>Be me, Jerry
>Being part of the group since the beginning
>Only known as the Skinny Jock or the Sporth Enthusiast Nerd
>I am forgotten
>My brother Lenny has the same build as me, but he is known for failing to enter the tech-priesthood
>Everyone in the camp notice him
>Heck "Sergeant James" glanced at me and not him during shower
>And now I'm walking in HQ in carapace armor and Hellgun in hand, nobody bats an eye
>Have some pompous bitch from a magazine landing in a few minutes, everyone is loosing their mind!
>I've been following James and Emile and they didn't acknowledge my existence
>What do I have to do to get noticed?!
>I'll do anything!
*glanced at him and not me
File: 1566821280424.png (382 KB, 640x476)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>Be Lucius, friendly imperial guard vox operator
>Part time rogue trader muscle
>Part time space marine's ... assistant? ... apprentice?
>I'll go with friend
>Lucius, part time space marine's friend
>I have a feeling it's gona be a horrible and traumatising part time job
>Carl's a bit rough around the edges
>he used to get whipped and flagelated on a weekly basis for unsubordination and petty regimental crimes
>Mostly improper behaviors around female guards
>He's been serving on the front lines of this planet for years, he never climbed up the ranks on account of him being Carl.
>Wouldn't let him anywhere near grandma but around the orks he's good company
>Altho I don't like how he's talking to our space marine I have to agree with him
>We need transportation or else we'll risk being the ones in need of saving
>I ask the space marine if he saw any parked vehicle on his way down
>Says there's a motor pool in the basement of the palace
>I ask if it's safe to go down
>He says it is, but we shouldn't stay there, the place is very warp tainted
>okay ... warp tainted cars, yes, that sounds good, I like that (Not)
>He says he'll get a head start and stay in contact with us by vox and that When we'll have mean of transport he'll give us further instructions
>Then jumps forward in a running motion and goes from 0 to 100 KM/h in a fiew seconds
>So we light up our flashlights
>Put on our rebreather
>Make sure everyone has a battle buddy so he doesn't die alone
>Offer a prayer to the emperor
>Call each other bitches and sissies for delaying the basemant walk
>Somebody says it reminds him of when he was a kid and start to talk about it
>After a fiew minutes I put my foot down and tell everyone we're going in
>Be Trish
>Based on everything I have ever heard of the Inquisition, I highly doubt they will be much interested in talking to me, or En’Dee
>Whatever, I have already damned myself, so it is not like I can make things much worse
>Hear Kayla’s voice in my head as well
>Great, so they can both read my mind...
“Sorry to intrude, but I do know a relatively safe way to Laboratory Building Three”
“You see, the fighting outside thickens by the hour, not to mention there is a tropical storm developing, but the utilidor system remains unbreached thus far, it is possible are enemies remain oblivious to its existence”
>Couple of minutes later, find myself being driven through a labyrinth tunnel network in a cart by an unusually chatty Kayla (who thankfully “borrowed” some normal clothes from that assistant woman)
>According to her, joining “Chaos” was the best decision she has ever made, and aside from the parties, sex, drugs, music, and booze, she also considers working for “Chaos”, the “Alpha Legion”, and “Eleni” to be challenging in the rewarding sort of way
>Not to mention the potential to develop cool powers like telepathy
>Or the possibility of turning into another Steve I think dryly to myself
>I highly suspect she is still trying to score points with En’Dee by putting the most positive possible spin on the whole “joining Chaos” situation, and I will admit it is working a bit given I don’t have many good alternatives
>En’Dee is also around somewhere, perhaps just in my head, but she occasionally chimes in to support Kayla’s propaganda spiel
>We arrive in the basement of Laboratory Building Three without incident, but are greeted by the sight of several dead oompa lompas who have been sliced to pieces by some sort of blade or claw or something
>Well this is a promising start...
File: Ridgerunner.jpg (235 KB, 2048x1152)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
>Be Clara Nadinefrottr
>Great, now the Mandrake is inside the outbuilding
>Spot the Mandrake crouched up on a shelving unit halfway up the wall
>She probably doesn’t realize just how easily I can see her yet
>The walls seem pretty thin, this is really just a glorified shed after all
>Tell “Lahey” to pull the “Koolaid Maneuver”
>He knows the one
>”Lahey”’s hands punch straight through the walls of the shed from the outside and grapple the Mandrake
>Meanwhile, I quickly step through the door and hit her with a volley of tranq darts
>Couple minutes later, we got her bundled up in with every piece of rope and adhesive we could find, and are driving back to base with me driving the Ridgerunner, while “Lahey” has the Mandrake in a tight bearhug in the back
>Mission accomplished!
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>The surviving Skitarii have fled the area for now
>Luckily the dark soul didn’t go with them
>Unluckily, the dark soul has got her hands on a grenade somehow
>Normally Exspiravitii deals with situations like this, but of course, it can’t get close to the dark soul
>I will just have to improvise I suppose
>Order my men, and women, and women who were once men to stand down
>Some of them are experienced agents, but most are pamphlet corrupted fodder who are more of a liability than a help in this situation
>Take a knee and bow my head as a sign of respect
“Child of the Warp, I urge you to reconsider your actions, we mean you no harm”
“You are one of us, had you raised among your true kin you would have been worshipped as a goddess, and trained to develop powers beyond your wildest dreams”
“But cruel fate has instead resulted in you living among the dregs of a dying empire, where all who meet you shun you, since deep down they recognize and fear your power”
“But it is not too late, join us, and embrace the destiny you were meant to have, the destiny that you deserve”
>Not bad for a Plan A
>Plan B is to try to grab the grenade with my magnetic tipped grapple launcher built into my wrist
>Plan C (if the grenade goes off) is to salvage her remains for cloneable materialize
>Eleni won’t be happy since cloning is time and resource intensive, but not the end of the world
>Be Inquisitor Chalmers
>Puritan to the core, but with a strong grudge against a certain Radical Inquisitor who likes his heretic technology a little too much
>And as I have recently uncovered, few heretics in the sector have as much heretic tech as the Wonka clan
>This world Archipelagia is the largest stronghold of the Wonka clan I have uncovered so far, though I have no doubt there are several others
>And surprise, surprise, not long after we arrived on this world, we captured a known agent of my rival, who under extreme duress, admitted several artifacts my rival is interested in are believed to be on this world
>Probably the most significant among them is the Fleshforge, which can seamlessly transform any being operated on by the machine in seconds
>Any injury or disease, no matter how fatal, could simply be altered away
>Age could be reversed beyond the ability of the best rejuv treatments
>Individuals could be shrunk for infiltration missions, or expanded for brute force combat
>And needless to say, the potentials for disguise are endless
>Truly a wonderful machine for any Inquisitor to possess
>But also undoubtedly heretical
>Likely designed by the insane geniuses of the Wonka clan for their cruel amusements
>I have sworn to destroy it
>But only after I have had it in my possession long enough for my rival to know, so I can get a good gloat in afterwards
>Unfortunately, in my pious zeal, I have allowed myself to be distracted, first by unrooting some T’au sympathizers, then by this business with the corrupt pamphlets
>But I have allowed myself to be distracted for too long now, some moderate purges will resolve both issues easily, the real prize is the warehouses and factories of “Wonka Land”
>I have forty Sisters with me under the command of Sister Superiors Kathrien Sylune, Anasaria Larose, Elizabeth the Pure, and Aphroditia Rouge
>The Plan is simple
>Step 1: Purge the island of corruption
>Step 2: Seize the Fleshforge
>Step 3: Annihilate the island from orbit
>Ave Imperator!
>be Betty-is-Confused
>did not expect whatever this is
>giant armored scary man kneeling?
>child of the warp?!
>he knows everyone hates me?!
>and all the rest of that?
>what is he talking about?
"Uhhhh... what are you talking about? And how do you know no one likes me? I'm having a pretty weird day, and this just made it so much weirder. And scarier, no offense. Forgive me if I'm skeptical."
>oh Emperor don't be snarky at the giant scary man
>stupid Betty
>got to be smarter if I survive the next two seconds
File: Lewdness Intensifies.jpg (5 KB, 155x159)
5 KB
>>The letters move around like worms and the paper itself look like living skin
>Knew it had to be psychic paper, the pamphlet's themselves wouldn't be so important if it was just the memetic iconography printed on them

>>okay ... warp tainted cars, yes, that sounds good, I like that (Not)

>>“You see, the fighting outside thickens by the hour, not to mention there is a tropical storm developing, but the utilidor system remains unbreached thus far, it is possible are enemies remain oblivious to its existence”
>Good, a means for the mortal bodies to move undetected, don't want anyone getting killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time

>>Or the possibility of turning into another Steve I think dryly to myself
>>I highly suspect she is still trying to score points with En’Dee by putting the most positive possible spin on the whole “joining Chaos” situation, and I will admit it is working a bit given I don’t have many good alternatives
"What happened to 'Steve and friends' was a complication; Pleasure Flesh is a mindless, goopy warp spawn that goes around passively pleasuring things because it's basically an orgy of soul-boiling orgasmic bliss, it's really the floor of waiting fates for a Daughter of Peace.
Since you have a modicum of self-control, odds are you'd ascend become a Cuddledaemonette, a slightly less mindless female Daemon that, well, wants to cuddle everything."

>>We arrive in the basement of Laboratory Building Three without incident, but are greeted by the sight of several dead oompa lompas who have been sliced to pieces by some sort of blade or claw or something
>>Well this is a promising start...
"Well grox shit, some of the bugs must have gotten loose, which means will need to find that 'Quiz Agent fast and head over to the brewery to get my friend's help to pacify them quickly!"

>>we captured a known agent of my rival
((Wait, who?))
>Be me
>Prisoner 30823435553963346
>Savlar Chem dog
>Some of us were sent to this world to assist with the ork problem
>Frenzon wasn't strong enough during the charge, realised it was suicide and deserted
>Local PDF found and handed me over to the local prison to deal with
>Will likely be executed when the beurocrats get around to it
>Hear fighting outside
>Look out bars of my window, by the emperor, the whole place is a war zone.
>Hear shooting, a bunch of fucking chaos cultists are doing a prison break
>One opens my cell and steps in
"Freedom is yours, take these and march on the servants of the corpse emperor"
>He hands me a load of combat swims
>Take them all, use them all
>Be overcome with rage
>Grab cultist and start slamming his head into the bars over and over until he's pulp
>Take his shotgun and duct tape shank to the end of it, begin blasting all chaos I see.
>I might be scum but I'm not traitor filth
>Try to rally still loyal prisoners andnarbite to march on that cocaine chocolate factory.
>I will die on this world, but I will pay my debt to the Emperor before I do.
Going to continue the K-Nid/Genestealer subplot from last thread in a minute but first I have to second what >>79518437 said. I’ve been away for a day and after skimming through the last 200 posts I’m a bit lost I must say. Any recap or even map would be greatly appreciated
Well in GENERAL everything is going to hell, but probably most pertinent to the Nids is that their was a Radical Inquisitor's Agent poking around Laboratory Building Three, they stopped on confronting a Tech Priestess.
A merry band of Chaos is covertly making their way to hopefully link up with said Agent and help "Pacify" the Nid problem.

"While Candy is Dandy, Liquor is Quicker!"
>be me, K-Nid
>my three armed orange half-brother has collected some of my other half-siblings and brought them all into our cavern, which has become something of a stronghold
>mommy has been shitting out a ton of us thanks to the hybrids bringing her a healthy supply of what he has told us are known as “OMPA LOMPAs”
>she tells me they taste very sweet
>my connection with my brothers has now reached the point where I no longer feel any need to use the singular first-person pronoun
>meanwhile we have been hearing loud explosions and the like from elsewhere in what we imagine is the rest of this cave complex
>hybrid bros have been digging their own tunnels and snatching unsuspecting OMPA LOMPAs for their biomass
>there has been some larger prey brought back too
>mommy has devised a plan ready to be set in motion once the workers bring that great glass elevator back down to find out what has been going on down here
>mfw mommy finally sees what I am capable of
>on a side note I am hungry
>very fucking hungry indeed
>Be Mandrake Sillenla
>Think how the cultist got me
>This coin...
>Try to facepalm
>Fucking Great
>Look araund
>I'm tied up and propaby on the tip of a bolter barel
>My chances of escape
>Hey at least i have a nice window to to gabe at...total warzone
>Oi is that a rocket?
>Hear the explosion and lose conciousnes
Great, thank you anon. Wrote up the last post in a way I hope steps on no ones toes
No prob K-nid!
>be us
>tunnels lead away from our cavern at all angles
>pools of acid bubble across the cave floor
>a rumble
>from the lift shaft appears a gleaming box, filled with a clump of orange-haired midgets
>mommy shrieks
>I am part of a tidal wave of skittering insectoid bodies swarming over the GGE
>the OMPA LOMPAs taste oh-so-very-sweet. They are gone in a matter of seconds
>some of us head back to the reclamation pools, the rest of us squeeze in and press the button for one of the upper floors
>elevator music comes on
>”come with me... and you’ll be...”
>Be Savlar Prisoner.
>My name is not important.
>Tried to rally some of the prisoners and prison guards.
>Didn't work
>Slip outside, there's a cultist taking a piss beside a truck of his.
>Slip up behind him and blow his brains out
>Go through his pockets and find a nice big knife
>Tape it to the other side of my shotgun
>Wait, are those.........
>Hop in the truck, the keys are still in
>Gun it to the chocolate factory
>See OpFor roadblock up ahead, traitor guardsmen shooting at what I assume to be loyalists
>Ram through the roadblock, run over cultists as I do so
>Jump out and start blasting anything that doesn't look right
>Realise I'm in the killzone for the loyalists and I'm still in prison clothes
>Might shoot me
>Too drugged and angry to care
That picture looks like some rantsona about to complain about how Willy Wonka's chocolate gave him diarrhea.
>Be Clara Nadinefrottr
>Be back at the makeshift safe house we built in Sugar Cane Storage Building #77
>We got several high value prisoners here, along with some pamphlets and other goods we want smuggled off the island
>”Lahey” and Sensualla are back on the front lines, leaving me with just a few Slaanesh and Tzeentch followers that managed to read the pamphlets and remain relatively sane
>Holding tight until one of the submarines can come pick us up
>Until then, we have a pretty good view (even through the heavy rain) of the main harbor town, where the fighting between the ork freebootaz and our newly arrive fodder has escalated considerably
>A rocket (or more likely, a rokkit) flies wildly off course and slams into the side of the safehouse
>Ah balls, that is where the Mandrake was being stored
>Grab three women-men and rush over to the cell
>It appears to be empty, but she could be hiding behind the outside wall, or one of two inside walls, or even on the roof, all of which have been breached
>Balls to this...
File: Door Handle.jpg (50 KB, 512x481)
50 KB
>Be Trish
>”Cuddledaemonette, a slightly less mindless female Daemon that, well, wants to cuddle everything”
>Great, pretty sure “Cuddle” is just a euphemism for sex, so my reward in all this is to become a raging whore like “Kayla the Lustful”, but with a level of self awareness more along the lines of Steve
>Would have found this fate extremely horrifying just a day ago, now, sadly, it seems to be my best option
>Or maybe that is just the corruption, En’Dee, or Kayla messing with my head again
>I do seem to be uncomfortably warm lately, but hopefully that is just the heat of the utildors
"Well grox shit, some of the bugs must have gotten loose, which means will need to find that 'Quiz Agent fast and head over to the brewery to get my friend's help to pacify them quickly!"
>Great, on top of everything else, some murder bugs are on the loose that even En’Dee and Kayla seem to be worried about
>Kayla says she senses a strong psychic presence, which is likely the Inquisitorial Agent
>She leads me straight to her without incident, the few oompa lompas, and followers of “Team Happiness Demon” and what I assume are followers of “Team Architect Demon” we encounter seem to recognize Kayla, or at least recognize some sort of rank she holds, since they all salute or bow deeply as she walks by
>Kayla leads me to the door of the room the Inquisitorial Agent is located
>She then backs away to a safe distance, and flashes me a double thumbs up and a smile that seems to indicate she fully expects me to be dead in the near future
>Well fuck...
>Reach for the door handle...
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>The lure of power is not working well on the dark soul, unfortunate, since that is often the quickest way to manipulate people
>Try a slightly different angle
“The Warp, it is like magic, it exists all around us, and certain people have the ability to manipulate it”
“I sense your raw potential is high, and in such cases, even those unable to manipulate the Warp can sense your power, and they will shun you for it without knowing why, I have seen it countless times among those who had the misfortune of growing up on “Imperial” worlds”
”We try to locate such individuals when we can, so that they can fulfill their potential for the betterment of Mankind”
“It is unfortunate that you got caught up in today’s hostilities, but I urge you to come with us”
“After death there is only oblivion, not the worst fate, but not one that should be chosen lightly either”
File: Gun Run.jpg (123 KB, 1000x723)
123 KB
123 KB JPG

>Be Magos Ignis, in well over his head
>Squad has disengaged, what's left of it
>Those were not the PDF-quality guardsmen we were expecting
>Managed to disengage with a memory-cell full of data pulled from Wonka's databases, more than enough to get this place condemned
>Me and the four remaining members of my squad have disengaged back to the original generatorium room
>Time to up the firepower
>Flip the breakers to every room in the area of the Chaos incursion and radio my Archaeopter gunship, tell them to lance any power source bigger than a lasgun in that zone with heavy phosphor and lascannon
>Some of it should get through the walls, besides the vault housing and bedrock this place is mostly thin-skinned
>Engagement records detect a zone around the girl where the anomalous combatants could not approach
>Esoteric Asset unknown, important asset recovery/denial authorised
>If she survives the gunrun, anyway
>Pop power blade out of forearm compartment, load bolt pistol with my one magazine of AP rounds, tell my remaining Skitarii to take eye lens shots only if anything in power armour survives the fusillade.

Back now, got called into work at a bad moment yesterday
If this priest gets killed off I'll switch to his superior and try to widen the playing field a bit, so if you have plans for Chaos Betty feel free to pop him.
File: IMG_0294.jpg (36 KB, 650x366)
36 KB
>Be me, Commissar Trent
>Woke up from surgery
>Feeling dizzy after the procedure
>I swear if I survive the week I'm never touching alcohol or drugs again
>Wanted to get up from my bed, I can't. I'm shackled to it
>The doctor is sitting pensively on his chair, nonchalantly writing on his notepad
>"What the fuck? Release me at once! I'm like 95% sure a doctor doesn't have to restrain a patient like this!"
>"You'd be surprised." He answered. He then seemed to come to life and approached his chair to the bed. "Thought yours is a special case. It wouldn't be wise to let a servant of the Great Enemy roam free, no?"
>"Did you just call me a servant of Chaos?! Have you lost your mind?!"
>"I know I haven't lost my eyesight. Have you taken a look at your chest lately commissar?"
>I had an expression of pure horror when I saw the star of chaos tattooed on my torso. The doctor seemed half convinced of my distress
>"Let me introduce myself" the surgeon said. "I am Matthias, interrogator. I believe you know what that means, do you?"
>"Believe it or not, I have my own things to take care of. I already am aware of what's happening, so you have 10 minutes to tell me all I want to know. If you don't, I'll let the poison I had you ingest during surgery make short work of you. It might be extremely painful, or not, after all you're the expert at intoxicating yourself"
>I then proceed to tell him as fast as I could my life story. Loosing my first world to the endless swarm, my time as a commissar on a world I wasn't assigned, my troops, my nightmares, how the local ecclisiarch member gave me the pills, then the pamphlets, and then this shitshow. He wrote everything on his notepad, with comments on how incompetent I was, or how I fucked up over and over

(1/ )
>be us
>bane of OMPA LOMPAs
>carnage and orange bodies follow in our wake
>thanks to 3-Arm and his mates we have been able to simultaneously hit the majority of this complex’s “control nodes”
>power, life support, administration he says
>while they sorted all that out mommy called for dinner time
>we have been butchering our way through sweet-tasting midgets for the last couple of hours
>all of the lights have just gone out which is making this even easier
>our chittering and the musical screams of our targets fill my ear-holes as they echo off of the cave walls
>we have met resistance in some of the tunnels as we have come up against larger men with higher-grade weapons, but I don’t expect General Mommy to be stumped for long
>this resistance is increasing as we climb higher, which is the direction in which mommy has sent us
>recently had a couple of big tunnel-digger brothers and sisters be born
>"Well, I diagnose you with a severe case of retardation, but you don't seem to be a follower of Chaos... well not willingly. Fortunately the "tattoo" can be erased, it's just marker, but unfortunately I can't do anything about the Big 4 having their eyes on you. So consider yourself condemned to death, but to the far future until I decided otherwise. Also, I never poisoned you, but I did install a small explosive charge while I was fixing you up... part of the job. Just do what you're told, fight for the Imperium, and the trigger stays in my hand instead of going to someone more... trigger-happy"
>I was about to complain but he raised his hand to shut me up
>"My mission is simple. My mentor instructed me to recover the blueprints of a wondrous machine belonging to Provincial-Governor Wonka. I spent months undercover and it is but recently thanks to your handiwork that I got my hands on it. Unfortunately it is so advanced, it might take hundreds of years before our Magos Biologis master the use of it... all I'm asking you is to recover specimens that has been worked on by the device
>"Which are?"
>"The Oompa Loompas... I need as many as you can for study. Those orange ratlings might save us decades of research. The more, the better. Once the sisters of battle delegation lands, we welcome them, let them do their job, but also inform them about my task. I'll tell your men to build a camp where we can round up the oompah loompas"
>"I think they are about to land now... wash your chest, put whatever clothes you have left when they got cleaned up, cover your torso with bandages just in case and remember the plan!
>be me, my name is not important
>be guest at Wonka casino hotel
>got a free room because I'm a high roller
>I'm a high roller because I just can't help myself and keep going into massive debt leading to divorces
>either way I payed it all off and got rid of my no good daughter from my first marriage
>win win
>I can just enjoy myself without worry
>just woke up from a nap
>room service still isn't here
>try to vox the front desk and no one picks up
>tropical storm outside and some kind of annoying racket
>welp that settles it
>tell the girls on the bed I'll be back in a minute
>go into hall and screw entry doors shut
>go back into room and begin barricading door
>head over to the girls
>"Sorry to keep you waiting ladies, now lets get down to business and don't worry I'll give you a break if you need it"
>My beautiful ladies: 22 autoguns, Yuliana a hunting rifle, and Florina a stub pistol
>smash window and begin firing at anything that moves
>be Betty-still-alive
>sounds heretical, I know that much
>and he says Imperial worlds are bad
>i mean, can't really argue, the way people treat me, but the Imperium is still my home. My side of whatever is going on.
"Okay, I don't know about magic, that ghostly monster of yours is the first time I've seen anything that counts. And maybe there's nothing left for me here, Dad did try to sell me... but I could be normal, maybe? This place... Wonka ordered me down here because it keeps my... huh, wait, so my creepy aura is magic? But something down here suppressed it, at least a little. That orange weirdo didn't outright hate me, and the guard that showed up actually listened, and-"
>feel whatever was pushing my aura down go away
>did it get hit in the fighting? Maybe someone shut it down?
>either way, for a heartbeat I am accutely aware of the way something inside me is missing
>feel the emptiness wash out from me in a silent wave, the pit inside me growing deeper
>is this what everyone else felt?
>the feeling is gone, at least for me, or normalized anyway
"Ohhhh.... Okay, maybe not so normal after all."
>cautiously look at the big guy's scary faceplate like I have any chance to read his expression
"I suppose I might-"
>a beam of blistering light carves through the wall mere feet to my left
>I hate today
>Be Mandrake Sillenla
>CurrentellyPic related on the roof of the factory
>Quite a neat view actually
>See flying temples on the sky
>Some shmucs from the one side
>And the earth in some some places is moving
>There gonna be a siege
>With me in the middle of it
>Fuck, i need a plan or more spcecifically a space ship and a webwaygate.
>But first I need to get out of this chair
File: 1505836814284.gif (2.89 MB, 405x270)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB GIF
>Be Lucius
>Friendly imperial guard about to go down a very unfriendly looking basement
>Open the door to a very battle damaged stairwell with flickering lights
>The moment I open the door a draft of very cold wind pass by us
>I feel it brush my skin even though we are completely armored and clothed
>Not sure what the space marine have been fighting down there, but it sure wasn't all humans
>We see BIG claw marks and wall covered in blood
>The battle seemed to have been ferocious and brutal yet barely no bodies can be found
>we only see occasional corrupted corps
>We stay in breaching and entering formation as we advance
>Every door is either ripped appart from the inside or replaced with a space marine sized hole
>We check for anything that would indicate an underground motor pool but we never go far from the stairwell or leave sight of our battle buddies
>The more we go down the colder it get and an unatural fog begin to surround us
>We've been going down for what feel like an hour
>Yet my watch says we've been here for 5 minutes max
>I don't like this, but we keep moving down
>Sometimes there's unatural shadows and movement down the ripped appart rooms and corridors we pass through while going down
>Other times we hear screams, plea for help, familiar voices accusing us or telling us to come to them
>Lullabies sang by happy childrens or by very distressed female voices can sometimes be heard
>"Ring around the rosies, ring around the rosies"
>"Twinkletwinkle little stars"
>A particularly messed up hallway have glowing eyes at it's end catch my attention
>I stop and rise my hellfire lasgun
>The fickering of my flashlight reveal a smiling Bob hanging mid air
>Chains and hooks pierced through him
>Guts hanging out, body cruelly ravaged
>His eyes staring at me while I signal the other guys to move past me
>I keep him in my sight
>His head is bobbing in an approuval nod
If anyone reading wants to jump in but isn't sure what to do, just have fun and post. The fun is in just letting your creativity go, writing together, responding to the unexpected, and seeing what happens next. You don't even have to make a recurring character.
Go ahead and add a faction if you want!
If you are hesitant and want an already established faction then there are civilians, spies, cultists, daemons, oompa loompas, slaves, convicts, Wonka island staff of varying loyalty, Wonka island security of varying loyalty, PDF of varying loyalty, IG of varying loyalty, Ecclesiarchy of varying loyalty, Tau with no ethereal, space marines, chaos space marines, Inquisitors, Dark Eldar hopping around, sisters of battle on the way, presumably the Imperial navy and Arbites, and Orks, orks EVERYWHERE.
However if you need an already establish identity, I >>79515015 >>79515456 can part with "Seasoned PDF veteran" Paul Blar- I mean Kevin James and the coked out chocolate crazed uparmoured Ogryn armed with flechette ammunition that ran off carrying Kevin.
Similarly if you understand them you could even take Beta team's brutal Imperial Guard counter insurgency specialists the Peace Keepers of the Agro Brigade (https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Argo_Brigade) and the slightly coked out somewhat inexperienced PDF embedded with them as they clear the upper floors. I also would not be completely opposed if someone wanted to even use the two short bu- I mean yellow PDF APCs scouting the palace.

You can't prove this post is a bump.
File: 4lp37E5.jpg (143 KB, 600x409)
143 KB
143 KB JPG


>YES(?) YES(?) YES(?)

J̸̩͈̋͂̈́̈́́͋̉̎̓̓̊͂̇̐͝U̴̧̧͙̯̹͓͓̠͚͉̼̝̖̙̯̙̒̈́̈́̇̿̿̿̊̑͋̄̕S̶̡̢͕̘͉̐͐̓̂̇̀̀̋̀̽T̵̡̧̻̟͚̦͎̘̂̊̐͑͋̒͂̾͑͂̐̽͛͝͝ ̷̳͚̠̀͌̈̍̿̇͆͋̈́̌͋͘͝͠͠͝A̴̢̨̛͈̭̪̤̒͌̾̈̉̾̽̓͒̊̔͛̕͜͝S̴̺̺̳̭͈̔́̃̓͂͆̓̉̒̚͘ ̷̢̨̫̪͓̰̝̯̙̰̎͋̑̀̀̎͘̕ͅP̸̨̬̞͚̯͎̤̞̖̱̪̭̻̪̑͌͛̔̆̀̊͋͜͝L̶̡̡̛̛̩̫͉̭̻̗̤̙̤͖̫̯̊̈̏̀͌̏̓͂͆̓̎̀̏Ḁ̶̧̯̜̫̿̑̿̎͐̂̿͌̌̿̃͌̉̚̚͝͝N̵͎̞͇̼̭͖̼̤̫̥̝̺̤̱̣̊̏̾̆̉̆̌̎͐͑͛͗̀̈͊̌̕͠͝ͅͅŅ̷̨̞̱͕̗̭̙̮̣̯̗͇̱͚͖̖̱̿̐̎̓̔̾̊͌̍̊͂̎̾̋̀̏͛̎͝ͅE̸̡̝̪̯̹̰̰̮̟̤͔̖̯̦̺̪͖̯͑̒̋̓̎̉̔̽͠D̶̛̦͍̟̹̼̟̩͚̗̭̠̼̤̞͎̟̙̙̈́̂̊!̷͉̙̝̩̝̻̒̀̓̐̉͐̓͛͛̀͘̕͝͝ͅ
File: Ogryn.png (204 KB, 352x553)
204 KB
204 KB PNG

>Be Dirk
>Commissar told me and Larry to get other guardsmen over here so we can help their sisters arrive
>Didn't know we were having family over
>Do Ogryn sisters come to?
>Hope I get to see my sister
>Wait, do I have a sister?
>Me and Larry use talky box to tell other guardsmen where to go
>Also block some doors while setting up new base
>Ask Larry how long until sisters arrive, and if his sister is coming too
>Larry looks confused, and tells me that he doesn't know, just that we have to make sure everything is ready
>We start waiting while other guardsmen get over here
>Greet as many as I can, recognizing some of them
>Try to keep eye out for Gronk, as some Ogryn are coming in, too
>Inquire amongst newcomers if they've seen Gronk
>Various answers from guardsman and Ogryn
>"Don't think I have", "what?", and "who?" from guardsmen
>"No see Gronk" and "Think see Gronk, but could be Bronk" from Ogryn
>One answer catches my attention, however
>"See Gronk near building, at small metal house. House bloody"
>"House bloody"
>Larry flinches a bit from my voice
>Oh right, have to remember 'inside voice' commissar taught me
>"Uh, sure. Give me a bit" Larry responds
>Waiting in anticipation, eyes wide
>Larry talks into box for a bit, then asks me what I want to say
>"Dirk believes he knows where-" Larry begins, before commissar's voice on talky box starts up
>Hope Commissar says we can get Gronk
>Been hearing crazy people outside the blocked doors and stuff
>Some of them sound like the dumb Ogryn doing the wrong shout
>Gronk would sort them out if he was here

[Spoiler] Sorry for the wait, Larry-anon. Had some weekend celebrations. Glad to see the adventure is still going [/Spoiler]

>[Spoiler] Sorry for the wait, Larry-anon. Had some weekend celebrations. Glad to see the adventure is still going [/Spoiler]

Why yes, of course I'm retarded. How could you tell?
File: carl 1545610267373.jpg (50 KB, 400x300)
50 KB
>Still be Lucius, Still trapped in a basement, Still Friendly
>I can't take my eyes off Bob
>I know something is gona happen the moment I'll turn away from him
>The silence is deafening, I don't know what to do
>Is he still alive?
>Should I do something?
>Carl shows up
"Yeah buddy, I can't pretten ta know what you are goin throu rite now but eh, lemme help you here"
>Carl shot Bob straight between the eyes, rocking his head back
"can we huuh, keep movin, I don't really like it here"
>My vox caster come to life and I hear a distorted voice singing through the static
"hush little baby, don't say a word"
>Oh no
"Mama's gona buy you a mocking bird"
>It's Bob's voice
>"and if that mocking bird don't sing"
>I turn everything off and pull some wire out for good measures
>Bob's head come back straight up showing a brainless head with an intact mouth and says
"Papa's gona murder everything"
>"Yeah okay let's fucking go go go!"
>I get back to my position at the front and we start to move down again
>We Keep disciplin and formation but we go down faster, ready to fire if something show up
>I signal everyone to halt
>The noise is coming from far above us
>It's like somebody is trying to break through a wall
>Carl says
"hey we gona waste mo time or we gona find some wheels?"
>I tell the guys closing the walk to report anything dangerous and we resume our descent
-bang-Bang- ... -BANG-
>The last bang felt like it made the entire building tremble
>Let's move a little faster shall we
>We hear blood curdling howls from every doors we checked on our way down
>It's as if the entire place the space marine pacifyed is now coming back to it's horrible evil life
>Blood start raining in the middle of the stairwell
>And something is CLEARLY going down loud and fast
>We're running down the stairs now
>I keep checking doors for sign of a parking
>"No we havn't pass by and missed it, shut up Carl"
File: Inquisition.jpg (84 KB, 505x599)
84 KB
>Be Inquisitorial Agent
>Finished interrogating the Tech-Adept
>Unfortunately she didn’t know anything useful
>Telepathically sense two women out in the hall looking to talk to me
>Also they have a powerful daemonic entity with them, though it is incorporeal
>Normally I would grab them both for a less than friendly interrogation, but picking fights with powerful daemons is not something to be done lightly, particularly when it is a distraction to my real mission, so fine, lets talk
>But lets establish some authority first
>Use telepathic powers to smash open door just as the first woman is reaching for the handle
>The door hits the first woman hard enough to throw her against the door of the room across the hall from mine
>Telepathically send two kineblades flying at the second woman, the stop an inch from each of her eyes
>Give my best scowl in the direction of incorporeal daemon
“You want to talk daemon, lets talk”
“No need to hide behind your filthy flesh puppets”
>Be mineself
>The Great Rogue Trader Rastar Populus
>After what seems to be hours I finally manage to leave the tunnels.
>The casino map was rendered useless by the collapse of several key points
>And I am now in a basement lobby, with two elevators and a staircase.
>With around a hundred liberated officials, officers, arbites, and agents of inquisition now armed and the Blood Raven following me.
>Tell them to take the stairs and the elevator to the last storey.
>I want to know where we are. But I will the elevator.
>After a short ride the elevator opens on a roof of what seems to be a factory.
>There can only be one factory here and it's Wonka's.
>There are imperial ship in the sky
>Wait no they are inquisition ship, fuck me!
>A rival of the master of the acolytes who are with me!
>And is that a mandrake on the other side of the roof ?
>Where is Lucius ? I need to call my ship ! It's a warzone here ! There tank in the streets !
>The blood Raven propose to inquire about the goal of the new inquisitor, the one with the ship in orbit.
>Yeah good but we have no coms we could check the manutention desk of the factory.
>Some traitor barge to the roof from another entrance and start screaming about chaos.
>Some guy in the crowd shoots him
>Turn to him and that dude asks me:
What now sir ?
>MFW I'm now a warleader
File: credit+to+devian+art.jpg (105 KB, 750x589)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

>Be Inquisitor Chalmers
>Just arrived in Wonka Land accompanied by several squads of Battle Sisters and assorted other support staff
>I sent in the Marines Effret and Oedipus ahead of me to establish a foothold, and they have managed to recruit a bizarre mishmash of soldiers to help us including some Guard deserters who are simultaneously loyal to both a thieving Rogue Trader and a headcase Commissar, a group of Blood Ravens who also seem to be here to steal, several liberated prisoners and slaves of dubious purity, some defecting mercenaries formerly in Wonka’s employ, and several Guard and PDF formations from nearby outposts and patrols drawn to the area by the fighting
>There is also a small Mechanicus force here somewhere, but we haven’t been able to make contact with them yet
>Heretics! Heretics everywhere
>Grudgingly tolerate them for now though, since between Wonka’s forces, the Chaos horde, and the Ork war band, there are no shortage of things to kill out here
>But will probably do some serious interrogations and purging once this is over
>Such is life in the Imperium
>So far, most of the “Loyalist” forces are clustered in the harbor region, but begin ordering more of them to investigate the large research complexes further inland
>If the Fleshforge and other technology is here somewhere, that is where it will be
>Also, my rival’s favorite field agent is probably in one of those research complexes, and it would give me great pleasure to inform him of the fact that she “accidently” died due to a miscommunication
>be us
>back in the Great Glass Elevator™
>reach Floor G
>doors open
>elevator is immediately raked with fire from down the hall
> many of us are splattered across the back of the lift
>luckily the size of the lift and our sheer numbers mean that many of us can exit the lift and get into cover
>there are half-siblings hiding behind upturned furniture along a long corridor
>at the other end is a door, in front of which is a gun emplacement manned by a group of very angry OMPA LOMPAs
>said OMPA LOMPAs are screaming and firing a high-calibre automatic battery down the hallway indiscriminately
>we inform our half-siblings (telepathically of course) not to worry
>without much time going by the little men are swallowed whole by some new additions to the family: a pair of twin Mawlocs nicknamed Jessi-Nid and Josi-Nid by everyone
>we move forward past the quickly demolished doors into the daylight...
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>So there is something here capable of suppressing a dark soul’s powers
>She seems to actually be considering my offer
>Then a volley of high intensity shots punch through the ceiling and I realize someone is shooting into the building from the outside
>A backup diesel generator is hit and explodes rather spectacularly
>The shrapnel punctures steam pipes in several areas and fills the air with scalding jets of steam
>Run over to the dark soul, who appears to be unconscious, and grab her
>No sign of the grenade, it must have been knocked somewhere in the generator blast shockwave
>Order surviving agents and fodder out of the room
>Some of the Skitarii return and start taking potshots
>Leave Exspiravitii to deal with them while I relocate the dark soul somewhere safer
File: pgSOVl.jpg (494 KB, 2560x1440)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
>Be me, Commissar Trent
>Standing still at the landing zone for the sisters
>I bet I look stupid as a commissar without my hat, gun and bandages all over... at least I have my modified power sword
>If what I've heard about sisters of battle is true... well, let's just pray to the emperor all goes well
>Wait, there's a man with them, no... leading them?
>Recognize the Inquisition's symbol on him
>With them and the Interrogator, I'm almost literally stuck between a rock and a hard place
>Matthias doesn't seem to mind. In fact, it was as if he was expecting it
>Well, I have to say something... just act casual
>"Welcome to Archipelegia ladies and gentleman! Nice weather we're havin' heh?" I said, trying to give a confident smile... by their expression it must have looked like a stupid grin
>shit, too casual
>As I was to spill my spaghettis in front of battle-hardened nuns and the grumpiest looking man on the sector, the interrogator decided to take the lead
>"What our enthusiastic friend is trying to communicate, is that we are relieved you have arrived to bring your support and lead us in our time of need, Inquisitor Chalmers!"
>He then made a small but still exagerrated reverence
>"We all hope we can by of any assistance in your endeavour."
>Be Clara Nadinefrottr
>Fucking balls, how did the Mandrake get up on the roof while still tied to the chair?
>I kind of want to tranq her again, but I don’t know how many more shots she can take before some sort of organ failure occurs
>Fuck it, she isn’t going anywhere like that
>Order some of the pamphlet corrupted Guard to lower her off the roof and back into the building
>We will get her into one of the other secure cells
>Notice some Imperials on the roof of a nearby factory looking at us
>Balls fucking balls
>Order someone to get the Ridgerunners ready and packed with anything we can grab in a short time frame, we will have to take her and the rest to another safe house instead
I kind of assumed Mattias was working for Chalmers

Also, do we really need a third inquisitor in the picture?

If someone will actually make posts as him/her then great, but otherwise I feel it would be better if Mattias and the orbital ship work for Chalmers, since it gets kind of tiresome writing reactions to new factions that get introduced, then never mentioned again.
excluding Chalmer I completely forgot about the other Inquisitorial presence... well any way I had planned for Matthias to leave or fade into the background until someone needs him. I was considering sending him away on a spaceship too and use him to narrate the introduction of a new planet. Well, I'm also beginning to get lost sooooo... how about we send him on the ship, make a small talk about how the commish is in the inquisitor's hands and go on?
>Be Mandrake Sillenla
>Shit fuckfuckfuck why are they chasing me
>Gry to Jump like a jokaeron order to break the chair
>While dodging hands to get me, fall down the some hole in The roof
>Chair finnaly breaks and I am free at last
>Find my self inside of factory
>With only some staircase behind me with a song of the basement i think it's hard to tell się to blood and guts beeing all over the place and some mon'keigh is smoling at me like an idiot
>I swiftly cut his head, but his is not the World rating. The worst thing is how can I get to This Imperial Monkeigh type that some of my cousins trade with.
>Look down the stale Casa
>Just some crazy laugh and sceams and aloso some shoots can be heard.
>Do i want to?
>Get into a shadow and climb to a hole that I ve fell
>See some cultists beeing in a hurry
>See this night that impisoned me
>This time she doesn't wear a coin...
>That night be my Chance
>Time for some little stalking
>Get into a shadow of one of her henchman
File: 1423134045855.gif (172 KB, 300x165)
172 KB
172 KB GIF
>Be Lucius, Friendly imperial guard and haunted basement explorateur extraordinaire
>Oh god emperor, we've run out of stairs to run down of
>There's a big door at the end of a large hallway
>Sign above the door says
Authorised personel only
>No time to waste, keep running
>The thing that is trying to catch us is gaining ground
>We ram that door wide open with our bodies
>I count everyone that's in
> and 6 including me, gang's all here
>We close the door beind us, lock it and put everything we can find to block it
>The thing is bending the large reinforced door inward and cracking the wall around
>and start to run like I know where I'm going(I'm not)
>There's crates of chocolat everywhere
>But there's another large opened door on the other side that seem to be leading to a parking
>I let everybody in and I count them again
> and 6 including me,I close and we barricade again
>The space marine didn't lie, there IS a motor pool down here
>Of cheap pink Wonka delivery trucks that look more used up then an underhive whore
>Everyone look at the trucks and I can just feel their facial expressions through their masks
>it says "Are you fucking serious?"
>Let's just find one that works and fucking leave this place
>Get key of truck number 808
>Find truck number 808
>Get everyone in truck number 808
>Start the engine and drive it to the exit
>Open reinforced service door, close it beind us and ...
>The service entry is right next to the blown up limo and it look like we've went down about 2 story down insted of 70
>"No, NO! That's not how reality work I want my money back!"
>Just to add salt on the wound there's now a whole lot of police vehicles and PDF armored carrier unloading civies, supplies and troops that have arrived while we where in the reality bending basement.
>I exit the vehicle and look at this in disbelief
>Be Chem Dog
>Be doing the Emperors work
>feels good.frenzon
>Blast heretic in my way
>C L I C K
>Shit, bayonet charge him to the ground instead and start slamming through his skull with the butt of the shotgun
>Fight my way through the enemy lines to regroup with whoever is in charge
>See commissar up ahead, looks wounded but even without his uniform he has that 'look'
>He's talking to......fuck me is that an inquisitor?
>Alright Be cool
>Try to wipe some of the traitor blood off the prisoner uniform
>Stand at parade rest behind the commissar, try not to twitch, keep twitching anyway because of the stims
>Wait for him to turn around
>Blurt out as soon as he does
File: storm.webm (2.47 MB, 1280x720)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB WEBM
>Be Captain Johnston
>The search for somewhere to stay was interrupted hours ago
>By this point, anyone would know why
>Watching the chaos unfold and the island go to shit from the ship
>Sure glad not to be on land in that mess
>It keeps on getting worse and worse
>At this point, the consensus among the crew is to take our chances in the storm
>For the second time today, cast off from the dock
>This time though, we're taking the ropes with us
>No stowaways either
>Try and slowly back out of the port without a tug
>Ship gets banged on the dock a few times, but it'll buff out
>Slowly reverse away from shore into the bay
>Drop anchor in the bay just offshore, in the shelter of the breakwaters
>We have no idea what's going on with the lights, radio and radar all wrecked by that damnable Trader
>It's looking less and less likely my ship will actually be fixed
>The rain is coming in through the hole in the front of the bridge
>Ship is alarmingly rocking from side to side
>Ah well, at least we're not over there
>Sit back and try to get some sleep
>It's been a very long day
>I've seen worse weather

Who knew getting 4chan to accept a video could be such a bitch?
File: shellz-art-miki-2-wip-2.jpg (694 KB, 2480x3508)
694 KB
694 KB JPG
>be me, Betty-Blank
>everything is dark
>is this from me?
>no, remember explosions before
>and pain
>ughh, waking up sucks
>oh Emperor everything hurts
>open my eyes
>can't see on the left
>not sure if I want to, I'm on the floor, different room now, the big scary guy is talking to someone but my ears are still ringing too much to hear
>whole left side hurts
>remember the steam pipes bursting before I blacked out
>decide not to look at the damage
>today is just going swell
>>The door hits the first woman hard enough to throw her against the door of the room across the hall from mine
>>Telepathically send two kineblades flying at the second woman, the stop an inch from each of her eyes
"Oi, no need to rough up the help!"
>Materialize with my hands/tentacles up
"Honestly figured you were mind-shielded or something, and the manure is quickly hitting the oscillator, so having the mortals strike a deal with you while I kept an eye on things in the Warp seemed prudent."
>Point upwards
"Especially since theirs now an Inquisitorial fleet in orbit, and something tells me that isn't your boss here for an extraction, so we both might need to get the hell out of here right quick.
I'm assuming since we're not currently being glassed that you're all after something, and I'd personally like for there to be something left of Achipelagia and it's Chocolate Industry at the end of all this, so MAYBE we can strike a deal?
Also, no rush, but this Wonka nutter was apparently keeping Tyranids in the basement, so we might want to start heading to the brewery to deal with that."
File: warhammer 1516654816001.jpg (85 KB, 1024x573)
85 KB
>Be Lucius, Imperial guard vox operator and rogue trader muscle
>Now eating delivery truck's chocolate
>This thing is drugged
>I was dying of exaustion 5 minute ago and now I can't blink or stop doing shit as fast as I can
>On a related note my vox caster is all fixed now
>I walked to a PDF guarding the inside of the palace, grabbed him by the collar and told him to stay the FUCK away from the basement of doom and if he wants to live
>In fact he should guard it and shoot anyone who get within arms reach of the basement door over there, including himself if it so happens
>Try to contact yellow marine with Vox caster and fail miserably
>Try to contact new rogue boss with vox caster and fail miserably
>I contact the 3 guys I left on the rooftop and tell them to join us down at the pink Wonka truck and to avoid the basement of doom
>Everyone is resupplying on whatever they might need
>I look up and the sky is full of imperial ships
>There's air transport unloading troops and evacuating civies
>One of my guy named julian come to my ear and whisper
>"We're guards without their official lasguns"
>"We've deserted our posts and joined a rogue trader"
>"Some of these guys have inquisitorial rosette"
>"If they find out who we are, we'll either get executed on the spot or be taken prisoners and tortured"
>Suddenly realise we're deeper in shit then when we where about to get killed by heretics
>"Julian my boy you're a HUGE buzz kill"
>"I need to ... huh ... I need to huuuuuh"
>Regroup everyone and establish contact with rogue boss
>Preferably before yellow marine contact us and give us more instructions
>Or before commissar "needtodie" Trent start to mess everything again and we all end up in orks and heretics shitstorm again
>OKAY! Let's try not to look like a bunch of drugged up and traumatised deserter
>"Shit did I said that out loud?"

>Be Larry, livin' like I do.
>A good handful of guardsmen answered the call, so that's good.
>Even better, most of them weren't corrupted.
>I'm pretty sure both sides were just here for the Sisters, though.

>A twitchy looking guardsman nervously walks up to me and starts talking.
>>"H-hey! I was w-wondering... Uh..."
>By the Emperor, he's not going to ask me out, is he?
>>"I mean... D-do you know what's going on around here? Li-like with the Commissar and stuff! Because you see, we just got here and-"
>Alright, I can work with this.
>"What's happening is exactly what we broadcasted. We're preparing the remaining the remaining Imperial guard under the command of your Commissar to prepare for the arrival of the Adeptus Sororitas. As for the Commissar... I don't know much, myself. He's been pretty messed up after being drugged up and dragged around by Chaos stuff for so long, but he seems to be doing better now."

>"Dirk believes he knows where-"
>The Commissar interrupts me.
>I blink.
>>"Go. Now. The last thing I want the Adeptus Sororitas seeing is an abhuman and an unlicensed psyker running around like they own the place."
>I turn to Dirk.
>"Let's go find Gronk."

>As we set off, I catch a glimpse of a large ship coming down from the sky.
>Looks like we left in the nick of time.

Hope you don't mind me putting words in your mouth, Trent-anon.
File: 1621793398913.png (421 KB, 928x463)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
Nah, having other people straightening my shit is actually helping. I think it's fine to use one of my character to set up a scene with one of yours, or untangle a mess. just as long as you don't go with "And now Commissar Trent decapitates the Inquisitor because he was always an heretic", but that's something everyone knows by default I guess.

>Be me
>Guardsman Brian
>I can't believe it
>They're really here!
>The hottest babes of the Imperium!
>Or like those heretical tau cartoons says, my Waifus!
>By the Emperor's ass, all of them are 10/10!
>I can't stop drooling
>I'm wondering which order they belong to... hope one's from the Blue Robe
>I got no idea, I'm looking at their faces, like hell I'll miss a second of that
>With one hand I'm hiding it with my box of posters, and with the other I'm trying to fetch some of them with a pen
>I think I'm dropping some shit on the floor, but I don't care
>Mouth is agape from this vision of beauty
>Hope they don't mind giving autographs with a pen with saliva on it
>Wait I think that's even better
>From the corner of my eye I see Jerry also sneaking around
>Completely forgot he existed
File: Sc059vr.png (133 KB, 500x282)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>be me, Anton APC driver
>be in APC with my gunner Christof
>was ordered to drive with another APC to some huge fancy building on a hill to get a closer look
>Once we had intel we were to come right back to help hold an exit point for two strike teams moving through the casino
>Peace keeper Nicholas told us all not to use unsecured vox channels and not to use anything long range
>so we couldn't just broadcast "Hey, anyone not going to shoot us around?"
>the place was under siege by heretic and the impromtu stronghold of some commisar
>still is both those things
>except now the commisar ordered us to move anyone that isn't a heretic to his location
>that is why I am currently hearing the knocks and taps of people shooting at my APC while Christof sends bursts of fire and shouts of profanity at them... and me
>"Holy shit, Anton! Can't you drive fraking straight!""
>"Emperor damn it, Anton! I nearly got hit!"
>"Go that way! THAT WAY! *kicking me* LEFT you dumb Grox!"
>Its not my fault, theres a tropical storm, and there is debris around, and people are trying to kill us...
>I wish Katya was my gunner
>but of course when it was time to pair up she ran to her friend Nina before I could say anything...
>I would have said something...
>this sucks
>my feet hurt
>I'm hungry
>I wish I was back at base playing hologames
Mattias isn't too big a deal, for now I will assume his is either working for Chalmers or an associate of his he is on good terms with.

The space ship is the main problem. I am going to assume it is Chalmer's otherwise the plot I was working on kind of falls apart
File: how the wonkacops roll.jpg (335 KB, 1280x853)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>Be Guard Dmitri
>The APC is currently pulled over at the side of the road near the main compound
>Still trying to get hold of the chief
>Been on hold on the phone for what seems like ages
>No idea what's going on in the island
>Can't see shit in this terrible weather
>Another APC blasts past far too fast, in unfamiliar blue paint markings and shooting at something
>It isn't registered locally on what's left of the tacnet and can't get hold of it on comms
>Either intruders, criminals, rebels or intruding criminal rebel scum.
>That definition includes anyone not an approved guest or Wonka Island staff
>Rev the engine and go screeching off after them
>Oleg switches on the red and blue flashing lights
>Can barely see the road through the driving rain and gloom
>Switch on the vehicle loudhailer
>Oleg, get in the gun turret just in case
>Bullets start pinging off the armour as we are shot at by people seemingly everywhere
>Suddenly have more pressing problems than an unidentified driving object
>Time for some good old-fashioned police brutality
>We'll deal with these crazy drivers later
>Be Clara Nadinefrottr
>Balls, it looks like the Mandrake managed to break the chair by sliding it back into the hole and falling to the ground
>No matter, Eleni has become concerned about all the reinforcements the Imperials are bringing in
>Tell a couple of the pamphlet corrupted Guardmen/Guardswomen/Guardswomen who were once Guardsmen/none of the above to go looking for the Mandrake
>Not that I expect them to succeed or survive
>More just to distract them from the fact our position will soon be overrun by Imperials and there is not enough space in the Ridgerunners for all of them
>Hop into one of the Ridgerunners and head off to an isolated patch of coast where one of the submarines is waiting
>be me, Peace Keeper Gegor
>be leadin Beta team
>feelin like a Emperor damn champion!
>been movin through the upper floors o the Casino
>shootan mutants
>eatan chocolate
>savan people
>crucifiyan heretics
>I frakkin love nailer pistols!
>keep hearin whispers even with all this shooting and screaming, but no one's ever there
>so I keep tellin em stuff like "I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER HOW AWESOME I AM!"
>some of the guys keep tellin me stuff like "Sir, we need stay focused", but they just don't get it
>not like the PDF, they understand the importance of keepin up morale
>Some of em are even gettin into the crucifyin heretics to the walls
>kinda weird though since they were pukin their guts out when we did it earlier today
>I don't know, maybe they took to heart boss man's speech about the joy of the results of duty and the sorrow of having to carrying it out, the temporary pain that brings lasting fulfillment
>I'm gonna see if they can join the Brigade after all this
>Man, I'm a frakkin hero of the Imperium. I'm going to get a frakkin medal for this!
>nearly at the roof now and I can hear sustained automatic fire, music, and someone havin a good time
>I hope he's loyal
>I mean I'm almost out of nailer ammo
>Be Inquisitor Chalmers
>The situation is even worse here than I thought
>I order my corvette to drop out of orbit and enter the lower altitude
>Have them start dropping in my reserve forces, which are mostly seconded units from the local PDF and law enforcement, but probably more reliable than this rabble
>Still, there is something to be said about grizzled survivors, even if their loyalty is suspect
>A few men have come forward to introduce themselves, presumably leaders of this force Effret and Oedipus cobbled together
>Order them to accompany my Sisters of Battle and reserve units as they do a sweeping advance through the laboratory and factory complexes
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>Ugh, the dark soul is pretty damaged
>Why are mortals so fragile? Rescue, escort, and capture missions would be so much easier if they could soak up a bit more punishment
>Eleni says bring her to the Fleshforge, we can repair her there
>Very well
>Pick her up, and set off to the location of the Fleshforge in Laboratory Building Two via the utilidor tunnels
>She weighs nothing at all, and I travel at a steady 20 mph even in the confined space
>It takes a bit of time to navigate the three hidden doors, two booby traps, and the glass elevator hiding the entrance to the Fleshforge chamber
>Two of the machines have already been dissembled and smuggled off the island, but luckily for the dark soul, the tech priest in charge of dissembling the third machine has gone missing
>The operator is still here though
>He briefly assesses the damage that needs to be repaired
>Eye socket fracture, skin burns, fractured ribs, bruising and swelling in multiple areas
>One of the miracles of the Fleshforge is that the machine itself seems to intuitively understand how to fix things, so once you identify what to fix, it will fix it for you
>Place the dark soul in the chair
>If she doesn't believe in the miracles of magic, she will now...
>Be Inquisitorial Agent
>So this daemon thing thinks it can negotiate with me
>It is true my master has worked with worse
>But this particular entity doesn’t seem to be offering much so far except a way of dealing with the Tyranids, who haven’t really been a problem for me so far
>But the arrival of Inquisitorial ships, no doubt belonging to that prick Chalmers, is definitely an issue
>Time to make a better offer
“The Fleshforge, or the location of someone who knows where the Fleshforge is”
“Once I retrieve the Fleshforge, I help you kill Eleni and Wonka”
“Surely you realize they are the most likely to destroy this island, if not the whole planet to cover their tracks?”
“Back on Pious IV, they even pulled a whole island into the warp in order to preserve the warehouses they had hidden there, the shock waves of them doing so destroyed that world”
“If you want, I can also help you take out Chalmers as well, though honestly, he is a bit trigger shy about using Exterminatus these days, he already has two warnings on his file for questionable use of Exterminatus, a third will likely get him executed for wasting the Emperor’s resources. More likely he will bombard Wonka Land into oblivion, then deal with the other heretic cells on Archipelagia the old fashion way”
File: 1543983168586.png (118 KB, 269x200)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>Be Lucius, friendly Imperial guard vox operator
>Now high on chocostims
>I regroup my mens and tell them to dump the chocolate out of the truck
>I tell them it's pumped full of stims and they can keep one bar each if they want
>I also tell them If they eat more then one they risk overdose and maybe a bad case of warp madness
>That shit have been sitting next to a warp tainted area after all
>Heck I regret the shit out of eating one so carelessly myself
>I add that they should probably wait to see if I go crazy before they take a bite too
>Try to contact Populus again on a secured channel
>"Come in populus, we are in DEEEEEP shit"
>Maybe he can hear us but we can't hear him or maybe signal's jammed
>I'll Give him a report just in case
>"The palace itself is now secured by imperial forces, locals polices and PDF"
>"We have made too much of a diversion and attracted too much attention"
>"They are now using the palace to evacuat civies while simultaneously landing troops and supplies"
>"If they discover our identity, we're as good as dead"
>"I can tell the fight against the orks ain't gona quiet down anytime soon"
>"they're bombarding with artillery in our general direction, seem to have void shields, anti aircrafts and a SHITLOAD of boats still coming our way"
>"Palace's hill is a constant warzone contested by heretics and orks respectively"
>"We encountered 2 space marines, one's organising the forces around the palace and the other went in the city to save as much people as he can"
>"The city is still in complete anarchy, full of lost and damned"
>"We have aquired transportation and I have been told by my guys that the boat we originaly came on have left docks"
>"I have no idea what happened to the guys on guard there"
>"our original force of 10 is now down to 9"
>"We'll avoid creating suspicions by retreating to the casino and head to the city insted"
>"Lucius over"
>Turn my head and look at my guys
>They're all eating their chocolate
>Time to go to town
>Be Eleni Tywick
>NIERRRFLKUCH'SAKLM is speaking in riddles again but I know what his is trying to say
>Now that the Inquisition has shown up in full force, the only way for us to preserve the artifacts of this island is to pull the island into the warp
>We would be in essence creating a pocket dimension around this island, only accessible by those knowledgeable of the right kind of sorcery
>Unfortunately the impact on the rest of the planet will be very negative
>Oh well...
>Order all forces to cease trying to smuggle resources off the island, and instead focus on repelling the invaders at all costs
>Activate the Arx Tenebrisumbra
>From my vantage point I can already see unnatural storms surround the island from all directions
>The Inquisitorial corvette hanging over the island struggles to stay in place, and many of the smaller landing craft begin crashing into the ground or colliding in mid-air
>In less than three hours, this world will be a very different place
>still be Anton
>still be driving together with another APC to take civilians and armed not heretics to a garrisoned palace
>its hard to see in this terrible weather so I am partially relying on what instruments my APC has and Christof's abuse
>see a flash of light dead ahead
>then a flickering that seems to be getting larger
>swerve hard to dodge it
>civilians scream
>I still get hit
>civilians are ok
>Christof kicked me for jerking the APC
>also for nearly blinding him with sparks as we scrapped along the side of an abandoned blue mass civilian land transporter
>I try to tell him "but the rocket" and he just tells me to shut up and pay attention
>I was paying attention
>APC's yellow paint is probably ruined
>then again all the gun fire probably hasn't help it
>that's when I notice red and blue flashing lights
>confused for a second but then I realize what it is
>try to tell Christof but he tells me to shut up again
>try again and just as he shouts "WHAT?!" at me we hear it
>can't slow down or we will probably get surrounded and fragged
>Christof shouts "Tell him to frakk off!"
>grab the speaker mic
>What if he's a heretic?
>doubts are eased when his APC also starts to get shot at
>hold down the button and tell him "We're part of an Imperial Guard Recon force. We can't stop yet or we're both dead. Follow us to the palace on the hill."
>I hope that works
>think to myself how it would be nice to get a little back up
>start to cheer up
>think to myself how I just loudly announced who we are and where we are headed

>find out we are using PDF APCs so the Brigade can be ready to go off world even if some are lost
>find out said APCs are yellow
Anton's Ogryn short bus is now blue because of all the enemy fire and the blue bus he ground against.
and that's the second time I messed up posting, let try again.
>be Betty Broken
>I already hurt, now this scary brute is carrying me somewhere else
>wish I was still unconscious
>maybe even dead
>while he rushes us down the corridors and fiddles with security, I get to feel every scrape, burn and broken bone in my body getting bounced around
>would really like to not get kidnapped
>or at least know more about what's going on
>and what I am
>feel he wasn't entirely truthful about that
>but maybe if it was a little bit truethere's a better option than "go live on another island away from everyone"
>but this guy still gives me the creeps
>speaking of creeps, what the fuck is that?
>too weak to argue as I'm set into some sort of pod surrounded by mechanical limbs ending in an array of medical devices
>at least I hope they're medical
>Big Scary is talking to a sort of doctor looking guy
>doctor starts cutting off what remains of my clothes, I'd really rather not be naked right now
>brief, painful examination of my injuries
>the machine starts closing in around me
>oh no no no no....
>don't care if it's going to patch me up
>I do not like this at all
>feel a needle in my neck
>spreading numbness
>it's dark under the press of machine limbs, but I can hear it working on me
>swear to the Emperor, if I get out of this in one piece I won't complain if people hate me anymore
File: mfw.jpg (31 KB, 565x476)
31 KB
>Error: you must wait 1 minute 41 seconds before posting a duplicate reply.

Screw it, here is the image for >>79542241
File: IMG_0295.jpg (353 KB, 1590x1944)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
>G Ó̵̖͎̝̬͚͙̠̌͐̕
>CAN YOU FE̸̞͎͙̓̿̈́̉̈͒͂̽̉̍̑̾͘͜͝͝EL IT,, CH O COLLA TE ?
>YE̵S̴ ̶F̶E̸E̴L̶ ̴T̴H̶ ̵E S̸P̶E̶D̶
>W̶E̶ ̷H̴A̴V̶ ̸R̵E̶A̷H̶C̸E̵D̸ ̵M̵X̴A̷I̶M̸U̵N̸ ̵V̶L̷E̶L̶O̸C̵I̵P̴Y̷

The storm reaches new heights. It has become more chaotic, spinning faster and faster... and also more alive? Parting the sea apart to make way for >>79480186 ... it is also raining hot chocolate.

Woah Blank-Betty!
>log 3
>be tau Crisis pilot Shas'ui leeyung
>we survived......somehow but were a suit down
>Shas'la Kel'yu was lost when a fish fuck with a Rail Rifle overcharged he's shot, the shield drone didn't have a chance in stopping it
>were down to a 8 man Crisis suit team
>the fish fuck retreated
>"good, not why we are here"
>the drones had followed the robed man's truck into a old Gue'vesa building
>it's covered with them pamphlet's and....their "bleeding"?
>when i crushed one with the leg of my battle-suit it started moaning "more, step on me more!!!"
>order my team in destroying everything and anyone not T'au around this building
>the moaning is getting much worst
>"fucking STOP MOANING!" i scream as i fire my canons into the mass of the site
>as the building begins falling apart it's starts raining
>"it's brown!?"
>see one of the my Shas'la open his cockpit and stick his hand out
>"what are you doing, are yo-" Shas'la cuts me off
>"it's chocolate Shas'ui, it's raining hot chocolate!"
>as i open my cockpit i am overwhelmed by the small of chocolate"
>this planet is fucking weird, send out a another drone to the crash site
>"get the ship working you lazy earth/water casts"
>i got a bad feeling about all of this, still can't find that red man's body or that truck
>ending log
>Be Warboos Goldtoof
>feel a waaaagh in my bones
>Get the dumb gits to crash the Rok to a planet
>Seemed like Rok destroyed some shiny humie buildings
>seems like there’s humie and spikey gits
>Gork and Mork have blessed me
>”Get krumping ya gits”
>>“Surely you realize they are the most likely to destroy this island, if not the whole planet to cover their tracks?”
"Indeed, in fact their operation is so self-destructively brazen I half expect that was the Alpha Legion's original goal.
Still, it'd be a shame to loose all that confectionary expertise of a clone-line reaching all the way back to pre-Dark Age Terra, so might I suggest a modification?
We take the inevitable female clone Wonka is sure to have lying around and reprogram her into an inheriting heiress loyal to our causes; The Candy Man may be more Coocoo than Cocoa, but they are undeniably a genius and it'd be a tragedy if their greatest works were to go up in flames."
>Gesture to Kayla and my thankfully unmolested (at least not in a BAD way) Loompettes
"By sacrificing the previous Wonka as a public scapegoat and installing our loyal heiress as the new company head, we would have free access to whatever secrets still remain.
And while it's heartening to know the Puritan is gun-shy about putting the whole planet to death, a Tyranid outbreak on top of everything else might justify it, hence putting whatever Synapse creature is in the basement into an alcohol-induced coma to keep the whole situation from boiling over.
As for the Inquisitor themselves, well, Wonka has no doubt concocted something we can use to convert them to a more RADICAL way of thinking..."

>... it is also raining hot chocolate.
((CHOCOLATE RAIN?!?!? ...At least I hope that's actual Chocolate...))

>Woah Blank-Betty!
File: Untitled.png (136 KB, 240x244)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>be ork nob Dugtar
>choppin' up humies
>start raining
>humies start screaming as d'ey get a lil wet
>didn't even hit 'em yet
>Da rain don't smell like water d'ough
>stick tongue
>tastes amazing
>heart racing
>open my teef wide open
>don't even wanna krump anymore
>just want more of da good stuff
>don't even notice the humies scream
>see some of them spikey humies screaming about "BLESSED THIS CHOCOLATE RAIN"
>Hope d'is rain neva stops
Working on a Peace Keeper Nicholas post that is shaping up to be rather long and hard, but I'm going to try to bang it out before I get off.
File: 029.png (164 KB, 600x628)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>shaping up to be rather long and hard
>I'm going to try to bang it out before I get off.
heh heheheheheheheheh
I believe in you anon
>Be mineself
>The Great Rogue Trader Rastar Populus
>Found a vox in the factory, but the vox-caster is broken
>Lucius is forced to retreat to the city
>Well I understand if they are caught those guys will shot
>I send of one my men to the cargo to tell them to prepare to leave
>One acolytes really want me to meet the Inquisitor, eh Chalmers ?
>Well if I don't want to be arrested leaving this place I better greet the man.
>As I leave the factory I notice that one it's raining chocolate and some clouds are purple
>Not good at all
>The blood Raven leaves me : je is going to steal the first
>Get to the landing zone, the inquisitor is already here with that commissar from before and several sisters of battle
Greetings gentlemen, I am Rastar Populus, modest rogue Trader who made an unfortunate halt on this planet, and during said halt I have helped someone who claims to be your acolyte.
>He glares at me in a manner that only Inquisitor knows.
>It's at this moment that Alain that I sent to the boat comes back telling me that the cargo left.
>Damn it !
Find Lucius, and tell him to regroup and to contact the Hidden Opportunity.
>Hope the inquisitor didn't hear that
Strange weather we have here today
>I say in a casual manner
>The blood Raven leaves me he is going to steal the first place on the podium of heretics killed by space marine

God I m a retarded
I had a stroke of genius but now I feel like I'm just dicking around. I have a story frame work and important bits I am trying to jam in, but it feels like they won't fit. Hopefully I get lucky and finish soon.
>> 79541008
>> 79542276
>be us
>upstairs now
>the tunnels are our domain, now we’re securing the superstructure
>flickering lights everywhere
>hybrid bros have been on the case with on the case with technical nitty gritty
>meanwhile we’ve been clearing out the building room by room
>still hungry
>be moving up a corridor
>mechanical clanking and machine noises coming from a room down the hall
>gene bros mustn’t have cut that room yet
>creep over the threshold
>there’s a fuckoff armoured monster overlooking a half dead girl submerged in a vat of brown liquid
>can hear mommy screeching in my brain >DEVOUR BABY DEVOUR
File: TRIGGERED-4.gif (2.72 MB, 972x972)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB GIF
>Be me.
>other fish person
>the last fish person got eaten by some apex predators.
>me and the others have almost reached the fuck-tree.
>then suddenly, >>79542453
>Wöng'kaa, you bastard
>Fellow fish people go berserk
>pic related
>we drink
>we keep drinking until our stomachs literally explode
>Be dying on the ocean, still chugging chocolate rain
Fuck me, this is going to be 3 posts of one action scene.
File: IMG_0296.jpg (982 KB, 1920x2352)
982 KB
982 KB JPG
>Be me, ZEERGTSGGOR, daemon of Khorne
>Wanted to be summoned first, fuck the other guy
>Got to the material through a shitty ritual, fuck this guy
>There's no one to kill around me, fuck me then
>Father, I crave violence
>Wait there's a path the parted water makes, the fuck is that?
>It leads to an island, with orks, cultists and fucking worshippers of the anathema
>Fuck yeah! I'm on my way fast!
Oh god it seems I think I'm done and just need to edit, but its just shy of 4 posts (7800 characters)... Should I cut it down?
Just post it
make 4 posts of 2000 word, it's no biggy
>be Warboss Goldtoof
>tactikal genius knows no bounds
>da boyz seem to fighting hard through weird rain
>humies fleeing
>disapppointed that the gits are giving up so easily
>the waaaaagh just starting
>Hear loud stomping
>We don’t got a stompa
>It’s a giant squig
>Get da kombirokkit and da Nobz
>“Follow me lads, we’re krumpin’ da big one!”
File: 1556630744045.png (257 KB, 540x467)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
>Be Lucius, leader of a drugged up assault team
>Also I man the vox caster and I'm friendly
>And I think our Wonka truck is haunted or maybe possessed
>The radio is screaming all kind of nonsense and I can't turn it off
"Why nobody likes me, the big metal man is scary"
"I the great rogue trader!"
"No, I am Tard Wrangler Nicholas"
"In less than three hours, this world will be a very different place"
>I shoot the truck's radio
>"Boring conversation anyway"
>Let's try to save as much people as we can and direct them toward the Palace
>And do that in the general direction of a shuttle and somebody capable of piloting it
>I want out of this mad house
>See a bizzar riot going down
>Undead monsters, crab like ladies, orks and corrupted civies attacking everything including each others
>There's a bus of civies that doesn't move and is about to be ravaged
>We disembark and tear the attacking monsters apart
>Every single one of our shot aim true and we move in fast
>They keep coming but we kill them faster
>Seriously it's like we're machines, every single shot hit somewhere that instantly kill or disable
>I get in the bus and realise the bus driver is dead
>Throw him out, grab the first guy I can get my hand on
>"You know where Wonka's palace is?
>"Then drive everyone there, it's the evac point!"
>Grab a map while I leave the bus
>It start moving again
>I look at it go and the guy clearly doesn't know how to drive
>Think to myself "What a wanderfull world"
>We return to our pink Wonka transport and start rolling again
>Now let's see on that map where we can find a shuttle.
File: wp9020928.jpg (145 KB, 1332x850)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I think it would help if we had a map of the place, or at least a sense of direction. Also what are our current plothooks?

>Be me, brother Freddius of the Blood Ravens chapter
>I had a good time with the Rogue trader
>He was considerate enough to give me some of his own personnal items, as well as letting me loot everything on the way
>Such a generous donation to the chapter
>Perhaps he would permenantly lend his ship to our cause? Surely a rogue trader has no need for a spaceship?
>Will see later
>I'm also having a good time killing heretics
>It's as if that planet is a gift that keeps on giving
>My battle brothers must think the same, they have come to join me
>I am a bit dissapointed that their bag of loots are bigger than mine, I'll have to console myself that maybe what I got has bigger value
>Daphnael informs me that the Inquisitor and the sisters of battle have finally arrived
>Velmor suggests we should come to their aid
>Shaggius add that surely an inquisitor have wonderful presents we could make use of... plus it would be better to come inside, we wouldn't want the comat dog the Iron Snakes have kindly given us get sick from the chocolate
>Then it's settled, all towards the fortified hospital, the one who gets the less killed heretics has to clean the dog!
File: Argos_skull_cross.jpg (23 KB, 464x480)
23 KB
>Be Peace Keeper Nicholas
>Alpha Team has been sweeping the employee only areas of the Casino
>This place isn't only large and maze like, but also has a seemingly larger subsurface structure with networks of tunnels connecting all the building in the compound
>Needless to say we have been inspecting the back passages for a while and the mission is getting complicated
>don't want to get anal, but I still don't know where Kevin or the Ogryn are
>maybe one of the other teams have seen them by now
>What I do know is that the enemy just keeps coming, and the deeper we penetrate the more frisky the enemies are getting
>no, I mean literally... to the last part... mostly...
>we went from smashing traitors and mutants to beating off charges of twisted heretics with boobs and cocks bouncing around
>-FIGHTING! I mean fighting...
>I'm being hard on my men, but they're experienced and I have faith in their stamina
>I'm not sure how much longer the PDF with us will last, but these Privates have a lot of spunk
>I hope we can all finish together and laugh about this with a Lho stick after
>-STOP, don't even think it!
>If we don't hook up with more men or back off we might get boned, in more ways than one
>We've been taking turns Nailing enemies so we don't individually run out of shots and so its easier to tell which way we came
>-Damn it...
>Right now its more of the same
>still haven't found something to qualify as a priority target
>Wait, I hear banging near by
>I follow the noise and me and my men come into a large industrial space
>there are the mutants scurrying around, and for some reason seamen everywhere
>the room is full of containers and there are large vats and machinery erected in the middle of the room with gantries surveying the various pieces of equipment
>the machines are cranking out sticky white goo that the mutants are packing up
>the guards look a little soft but are none the less standing at attention
File: MM_03.jpg (28 KB, 600x320)
28 KB
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>It is always interesting watching the Fleshforge work its magic
>Briefly wonder whether it is xenotech, archeotech, or some tainted creation of Wonka
>It looks man-made, but who knows what is under those white panels
>Clearly it is not psychic or Warp based though, otherwise it won’t work near a dark soul
>It only takes a few minutes for it to repair the damage we requested it to
>During that time, I get updated by Eleni
>We have activated the Arx Tenebrisumbra
>Also she wants me to keep an eye on the dark soul rather than return to the front lines
>Step over and inject the dark soul with a counter-anaesthetic
“Time to wake up Warp Soul”
“Let us know if you require any additional repairs from the Fleshforge, we fixed what was obviously broken”
“I have ordered new clothing for you, it will arrive shortly”
“My master has activated a means by which we can end the current hostilities, until then I will keep you safe”
“Let me know if you have any additional questions or needs”
File: hqdefault.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
>the mutants hastily bring their packages to a loading dock where some heretics eagerly awaiting loads stuff the mutants' packages into bright pink transports
>that's when I realize it
>this is where they process the stims for the chocolate
>maybe I scored
>then I notice the other vats
>seems mangled corpses, insects, and raw sewage are being mixed and its giving off a glowing fog
>totally Chaos
>totally worse than choco-stims
>realize the enemy seems to be focused on their diddling and aren't expecting OPFOR
>signal my men to try not to shoot prematurely
>send the Brigadiers to creep around and spread into more advantageous positions
>order the PDF to watch our asses and stay poised at exit ready to get some if things heat up
>I try to slip in closer to the transports so I can see what's farther on
>think that if they put the drugs in the chocolate then maybe the chocolate is close and the Ogryn too
>get closer and I see a female heretic using a suspended hook to help her stuff big packages into the transports
>she seems distracted by eating nuts
>maybe if I get closer I can knock her out and pump her for intel later
>as I break cover and start to get close the hooker sees me
>she forces me to my knees pounding me with her box
>I fall down and gasp as she manages to yell "IMPS!" before I unload on her chest
>Two sailors nearby notice me, they both seem unarmed but one is right on my ass
>fighting erupts all over as the seaman flies at me and hits me in the face
>I get laid out and then he climbs on top of me wrestling at my weapon
>I resist his groping, squeeze my weapon and smoke him
>then a sailor with a big pole rushes me
>he smacks my weapon with his pole and it slips out of my hands
>I'm in a sticky situation now, but so is the rest of Alpha Team
>that's when I remember my combat knife and decide to whip it out
>I bait him and he tries to whack me but I avoid it by jerking at the last second
>with a grunt I thrust my 10 inches into his back
>he goes limp with a sigh
>I grab my weapon left handed while racing for cover
>before I can stow my blade and get a firm grip on my rifle another heretic tries to hammer me
>roll to her side and swipe at her
>she winces and readjusts, trying to wallop me with a horizontal swing of her war hammer
>I step back and then shove a fist right in to her gash
>she moans and spasms giving a chance to mess up her face by jamming my 10 inches in
>there is a loud splat near me
>I whip around seeing a twitching sailor lying on the floor
>I look up seeing Peace Keeper Willie toss another sailor off the gantry
>as I stow my knife, find cover and join the shoot out I notice a Peace Keeper battling a hefty heretic
>I can't get a clear shot
>a thick bat and a baton slap against each other till a grenade goes off near by and they both lose their sticks
>the heretic recovers fast and tries to plow the Peace Keeper
>but the Peace Keeper spreads his legs and braces for the incoming bulk
>with a swift blow to the throat the heretic's knees give out
>the Peace Keeper finishes him off by the kiss of a good strong butt
>as the Peace Keeper collects himself and hoists his weapon I notice from his stance its the ever proper Mike Hawk
>they should have known they can't beat Mike Hawk
>as I scan for targets I hear shrieking
>I cock my head to see a Peace Keeper, Jill off squirting at the sailors with a chem-thrower
>others have noticed too and a sailor runs up and tries to penetrate Jill from behind with a chain axe
>with a blast from my weapon and the sailor goes limp but I accidentally hit a vat
>sticky white goo sprays everywhere and Jill gets wet
>As I think things can't get worse a heretic riding a giant one eyed monster busts into the room
>it swings a large throbbing tentacle and knocks Jill up
>the slap sends Jill cruising for Peace Keeper Dick
>I see another Peace Keeper, Jack off across the room
File: wZs2ilL.png (525 KB, 654x472)
525 KB
525 KB PNG
>Jack rushes to lend a hand to Jill who has now mounted Dick
>Jack helps get Jill off and then Jill tugs up Dick
>This whole situation is rubbing me up the wrong way and I think we all might meet a sticky end
>I expose myself from behind my cover and start moving to where we came from
>as I move I order my men to fall back, focus on the monster, frag the trucks and machines, and deploy poison gas
>the attention of the gang of PDF manages to leave a messy gaping hole in the creature
>the goo all over the floor, suppressing fire, and explosives going off slow out pursuers enough that we can get close to the door before the poison gas fills the room
>while I'm bounding toward the door with Mike Hawk I start to see enemies all over the room go floppy and collapse into quivering heaps
>Then I hear someone gagging near by and turn to see a quaking figure
>Its Peace Keeper Dick
>his rebreather was knocked off when Jill sat on his face
>I quickly grab Peace Keeper Dick, deftly give him a gas mask and tell him "You have to get it on. I'll cover you, don't choke!"
>all this action has him weak in the knees so I yank Dick firmly lean him against me and tell him "Come on, you gotta hold on for a bit more. You and me together, we gotta go all the way!"
>we exit the room as Mike Hawk brings up the rear
>then hear choking behind me and release Peace Keeper Dick and turn to see who it is heaving
>That's when I get a shocker
>a heretic got lucky and managed to come up our rear
>I motion to the men and then Mike Hawk bludgeons the bent over heretic
>without a word two more of my men stiffen up the heretic and hold him as Mike Hawk nails him against the wall
>then Jill still moist from the vat leak comes over gives him a squirt in his mouth and leave him gurgling
>its tough to swallow that things didn't go down how we wanted and we had to keep our heads down and blow
>what matters is my men held firm, we made out ok, and we shat on the enemy
>time to hook up with Gamma Team
>and leave him gurgling
and we leave him gurgling
>Be Mandrake Sillenla
>Hide in the shadows of this vehicle this cultist bitch took
>Time for a classic show
>Get right on the top Ridgerunner
>Apear from the shadow and take down a giant laser operator
>Look right on the second one
>Jump on him
>This bitch must be inside
>Take down the second guy
>Se that there are a lot more trucks
>Try to get to the cultist bitch by using my sword to open a hatch
File: 1447134338419.jpg (151 KB, 1280x586)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>Also what are our current plothooks?
>>this is where they process the stims for the chocolate
((Speaking of the stuff Wonka was putting into his Chocolates, where is the Chocolate Rain sourced from?
Because if it's Factory, well, I doubt it was just stimulants he was putting in there considering the source material...))
Didn’t link your last post properly here >>79545855 so you may have missed it. Going to let you react I think before progressing anything
>be Betty-Repaired
>groggy from the drugs as the machine opens again, more than a little weirded out from being "edited"
>big guy gives me an injection, feeling rapidly returning to my body
>sit up, listening to him and hoping those clothes arrive soon
>in the meantime, may as well ask questions
"Questions, hmm? Maybe it was just the whole being in the middle of a battle, but I'm pretty lost as to what's going on."
"Who are you, if not Imperium?"
"I mean, everyone hates me, sure, but this is all I've ever known, trust in the Emperor, all that."
"And then what am I? You say I have magic, which sounds heretical, but what does that mean?"
"And... Warp Soul? Is that what causes my condition?"
"Oh, and no flowery, sugar coated answers please. Being too nice to me feels weird."
>looke around the blank, white room as I wait on his answers, sure I'll have more questions soon, not sure if he's actually going to tell me much
From what I can tell basically everything is located on Wonka Island now. We’ve got the main casino which is also the palace, where most of the action is happening (reply to this with where your characters are), outside where there’s a big Guard-Ork-Heretic battle going on, and we’ve also got Laboratory Building Three which the Tyranids have basically taken over but where Alpha Legion, Betty-Boo and the Slaaneshi/Trish daemon gang is too with the Fleshforge
You too!

think I’m going to write it as the nids getting btfo with a forced retreat unless there’s some way of you guys getting around it
File: Island map.png (46 KB, 1359x795)
46 KB
Look a bit like this I think
>think I’m going to write it as the nids getting btfo with a forced retreat unless there’s some way of you guys getting around it
((I actually do have a plan to pacify them, but 'quiz Agent and the Slaaneshi Crew need to get to the Brewery...))
Let them be an omnipresent danger like the orks, that island and maybe the planet itself's pretty fucked anyway.
Me too? Well, Betty can't do much on her own now, so I'll see what Clyde has to say and if that Inquisitorial Agent arrives at the fleshforge while we're still there or not
>be us, or rather just me again, K-Nid
>well that didn’t go quite to plan
>turquoise-armoured giant turned out to be not quite as much of a pushover as the midgets
>we couldn’t pierce his hide at all, while he was mowing us down like we were nothing
>A-Nid, J-Nid, T-Nid.. all dead
>I’m currently on my way back down to mommy for reinforcements
>enter main cavern
>tell mommy what happened
>she’s disappointed, but is just happy I’m still alive
>eats me
>shits me back out
>tfw I’m now much bigger
>got some boneswords now too
>turquoise dickhead better hope he’s gone by the time I’m back
>on my way back up now with more of my bros
>still fucking hungry
sound, let’s hope he’s ready quickly then
>reply to this with where your characters are

>Peace Keeper Nicholas and Alpha team (including peace keepers Mike Hawk, Jack Jill, Dick, and Willie)
in tunnels somewhere under whole compound, entered near casino and is working his way back
high off his tits and kidnapped by the Argo Ogryn as the golden ticket chocolate chosen one
>Chonk and the other Argo Ogryn
nobody knows, they ran off in a choco-stim frenzy yelling "chocolate factory" while carrying Kevin
>Peace Keeper Gegor and Beta Team
in hotel above casino, nearly at the roof, getting close to Not Important
>Not important
being an active shooter barricade in his room
>Gamma Team Michail
with all but 2 of their Platoon's APCs in a makeshift fortification in the casino main floor, holding the exit for Alpha and Beta and rallying allies and keeping people safe till they can be picked up by the 2 scouting APCs
>APC driver Anton
>APC gunner Christof
together hauling ass across the grounds and dodging gun fire to ferry anyone not chaos to the Palace on the hill where the commissar and inquisitor are fortifying, also with someone else's APC characters Dmitri and Oleg
>APC driver Nina
>APC gunner Katya
together, unspecified if they are with Anton and Christof or back in the hotel with Gamma Team

I'm considering writing a run down of my characters thus far.
>in the hotel
in the casino below the hotel
>teenage pariah at the Fleshforge with Alpha Legion for supervision
Betty Noire
File: swarm.jpg (153 KB, 700x1000)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>be me, U-Nid
>fuck K-Nid he's a prissy mommy's boy faggot and she always falls for it
>she even just ate him the bitch
>at least she's sent him back upstairs now to help rectify his FAILURE
>I'm going with my gene bros instead
>they've dug through to a different tunnel system where they've said is a lot more food
>scuttle through with them
>stinks like shit, no big deal
>break through into large open cavern
>full of containers, vats, machinery, bright pink transports and... FOOd EveRYWHErE
>me and the boys start tucking in
>Rastar Populus
With the inquisitor
Not bad...

I kind of envisioned it being more rural, with only a small city/town that is only home to Wonka employees and guests, and the rest of the island made up of plantations and research outposts

Also prior to ork anon arriving, there were some orks in the dockyard/casino area fighting cultists, not sure if the new group of orks are part of that group or not

A lot of the Imperial characters are slowly migrating away from the casino/hospital/mansion and into the industrial zones

Clyde and Betty are actually in research building two rather than three

Not sure where the Arx Tenebrisumbra is, but it is there to serve as a potential climax for the thread, so it will be very well guarded

The T'au, fishmen, and Dave seem to be on another island

Chocolate rain is coming from NIERRRFLKUCH'SAKLM
>Be Inquisitorial Agent
>Still speaking with the daemon-thing
>"Indeed, in fact their operation is so self-destructively brazen I half expect that was the Alpha Legion's original goal.”
>Doubtful, the Inquisition has clashed with the Alpha Legion on countless occasions, and they are rarely destructive for no reason
>”Still, it'd be a shame to loose all that confectionary expertise of a clone-line reaching all the way back to pre-Dark Age Terra, so might I suggest a modification?”
>Not my problem
>”We take the inevitable female clone Wonka is sure to have lying around and reprogram her into an inheriting heiress loyal to our causes; The Candy Man may be more Coocoo than Cocoa, but they are undeniably a genius and it'd be a tragedy if their greatest works were to go up in flames."
>"By sacrificing the previous Wonka as a public scapegoat and installing our loyal heiress as the new company head, we would have free access to whatever secrets still remain.”
“Your intel is inaccurate, our sources suggest several Wonka clones are active at any given time, new clones are periodically created by an unknown party, but the individual Wonka clones are too egotistical to care for the long-term Wonka lineage, with access to the Fleshforge and similar technologies, they are functionally immortal until something kills them. Furthermore, it is impossible that the Wonkas will be able to operate openly in this sector anymore now that local Inquisitors know they are a heretic faction”
>Perhaps this Wonka clone is different though, and has a female clone as a backup somewhere
>Uploading your memories to a clone body is one of the oldest tricks in the book for those with the resources to do so
>And the Wonka’s knowledge of archaetech and xenotech would undoubtedly be useful to my Master’s cause
“However, IF there is a clone held in stasis somewhere on this island, bring me to it, and we can relocate it somewhere where it will be more valuable to both our causes”
>Pretty sure there is going to be a clash for control over this clone at some point in the near future, hopefully it is more useful than the Fleshforge
>”And while it's heartening to know the Puritan is gun-shy about putting the whole planet to death, a Tyranid outbreak on top of everything else might justify it, hence putting whatever Synapse creature is in the basement into an alcohol-induced coma to keep the whole situation from boiling over.”
>”As for the Inquisitor themselves, well, Wonka has no doubt concocted something we can use to convert them to a more RADICAL way of thinking..."
“Tyranids are not my problem. I estimate we got 2-3 hours max before Chalmer’s army destroys everything useful or heretic in this place, including those ‘Nids. We need to grab the Fleshforge, or this clone, and teleport it back to my ship”
Larry-anon here. I'm about 75% done with a general timeline for every character in thread 1.
>Clyde and Betty are actually in research building two rather than three
Aha, makes sense now. I think we should say the nids found them anyway using the tunnels and avoid any retconning
"Look, I've been around the Galaxy a time or two, and if someone is bothering with multiple clones of themselves, there is at least one of the opposite sex, for the novelty at the very least.
If the Fleshforge is as important as everyone is making it out to be, then it will be heavily guarded, and if you've got the means to teleport the whole thing out of here then it may be best for you to snatch it as this Chalmers is confronting them.
Of course, the Tzeentchians have turned on their Warpfuckery device, so we've only got a few hours anyways before this whole island is dragged into the Warp."
>I gesture over to the woman with knives still looming in her face
"Kayla, you wouldn't happen to be able to direct the good Inquisitorial Acolyte to the device she seeks, would you?"
File: warrior head.jpg (319 KB, 1120x840)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
>be me, new and improved K-Nid
>feeling good
>fucking hench now, gonna FUCK UP this turquoise fucker
>kick the door down
>turquoise fucker is chatting to naked girl who is now no longer floating or attached to machinery
>cockblock time
>boneswords out, me and my squad move in
>turquoise fucker is quick, dices up a bunch of my little broskis in no time, but this time I’m a match for him
>if I was on my own then maybe I’d be in trouble, but H-Nid and C-Nid were eaten by mommy earlier too
>turquoise fucker is on the back foot
>my boneswords are a blur
>he seems to be aware of his hopeless position, he grabs the girl and backs out
>the room is now ours
>want to pursue but can hear mommy telling me to stay: apparently this room is important or something
>send some little bros after turquoise fucker
>settle in next to the big mechanical thing and wait for the family to arrive
nice one mate, godspeed
File: 1483630237001.gif (1.55 MB, 480x270)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
>Be the friendly Lucius
>That chocolate doesn't sit well with us, we keep barfing it out
>Body's defense mechanism I guess
>Altho I feel like it happen everytime we pray the emperor
>Tired as fuck now
>We save as much people as we can but the situation is FUBAR in this city
>We occasionally find a fiew make shift places of civilian resistances, but they're not gona last.
>We still communicate their locations and situation to the PDF and the local police forces tho
>They keep asking who and what we are
>How did we get access to their channel of communications and I keep making up bullshit about our identities
>I don't think I'm fooling anyone anymore, however we make their lives more easier and they save people that would have been doomed without us
>There are bugs like creatures that started appearing and eating people
>I picked up a distress call not long ago and the entire place was swarming with it
>We managed to fight our way in and extract some civies then gave them to a police forces going for the palace evac
>They had questions and I had more bullshit to feed people so we got along for the whole 50 seconds we interacted
>Pick up another distress signal
>They give us their location
>Shit's undefendable
>By the sound of it, it's already too late
>Still want to go help them anyway
>Look closer on the map
>mmmh Landing pad just next door
>It's commercial near the industrial zone
>People got slaughtered there about 15 minutes earlyer
>I heard the whole thing happen on my vox-caster
>Shit's very likely a trap
>Wich mean they MAY be alive when we'll get there
>Wich mean that IF the emperor wills it there MAY be someone who can pilote a space shuttle there
>Space shuttle that MAY or may NOT exist on said landing pad
>Julian ask why we just don't kill ourselves before the warp swallow the planet
>I answer"Because it's Friday night Julian, you don't kill yourself on a friday night, it's Super Deserter Gue'vesa Action Heroes night"
>He reply"We're Saturday"
File: whoops.png (505 KB, 604x720)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
>be Not Important
>been shooting for a while now
>swapping autoguns so they don't get too hot
>raided the mini bar
>been blasting audio disk I found
>its country
>I frakking hate country
>use that as motivation
>wish I had my room service but I found something better
>some pamphlet with a quiz that matches you with a guardian angel
>got angel of victory
>Frakk yeah!
>I knew I was a winner
>this had to be a sign
>I mean why else can't anyone hit me?
>been trying to set a high score ever since
>I feel like I'm close to getting some kind of personal congratulations form the angel
>that's when I hear it
>a couple loud thumps from the hallway I sealed off
>keep shooting since I know I'm must be getting close to a high score
>hear more thumping outside
>they are in the hall, but not on my door means it not my problem
>go to load autogun
>loud bang on my door
>drop the autogun and draw Florina
>stand and put two through the stack of furniture against the door
>hear footsteps run off
>That's what you get for messing with the guy about to get the high score!
>about to reach for autogun
>suddenly the wall of my room blows up
>slip on all the shell casings
>accidentally shoot myself in the mouth
>I was so close...

Time to sleep
Betty here, if things need to move on with tge Fleshforge and Clyde hasn't responded, I'm fine with her getting rescued or dragged off in some other direction to keep the scenes moving.
Larry here.


There it is. Let me know if you guys want an editable table, and I'll upload it.
well currently she's been lugged off by Clyde >>79554343 but I suppose someone could run into you both fairly easily
I see, missed that. Thanks anon.

Dirk here, incredible job, man. I was kind of getting lost with the others' shenanigans, so the summaries are really handy. Wanted to see who else we could interact with.
You have done the Emperor's work today!

>Be Grandpa Nurgle
>I am so proud of my children and grandchildren
>They have started producing my favorite chocolate bars!
>And there's now plenty of exquisite chocolate to pick thanks to the rain
>Some that were picked from the sewers and digged up latrines
>Other from the mold and dust of the factories
>Even some of the delicious brown nectar recolted from the corpses on this planet!
>And it is all thanks to that servant of Tzeentch
>Perhaps there's a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, smaller than a flicker of a spark, hope for me and Tzeentch to work something out together on this planet...
>Doubt so
>But that would be nice
>Almost as nice as my beautiful infants, my plaguebearer drones, mounting my rot flies and ready to deliver this sweet brown goodness... and chocolate too! Our chocolate!
>While everyone is so busy on the main island, I'll send my family to each corner of the globe and spread my gifts!
>I'll send some drones to the factories of course, I can't forgot to give to everyone, there will just be less people to deliver
>Some of my new family members finally found a use of all the explosives too!
>Some are mixed with the packages of chocolate, for an explosion of flavors!
>I'm drooling at the though!
File: Ogryn Squad Commissar.png (1.29 MB, 915x683)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG

>Be Dirk
>Me and Larry trying to find "Blood Shed" to find Gronk
>Try going in direction of what Ogryns told me
>Realize that I can barely figure out left from right, let alone navigate somewhere
>Larry, however, is very smart, and says that he knows where it is
>Larry says that his head hurts when he looks in a certain direction
>Says it might be the Blood Shed
>Follow Larry there, meeting bad guys along the way
>Not that many, and some are distracted by what Larry says is "choclate"
>When we killed the first group, I tried to eat one of the bad guy's choclates, but Larry said not to touch or eat bad guys stuff
>"You see, Dirk, when bad guys touch something, sometimes they make it go bad. Bad stuff makes my head hurt a bit, and the chocolates they got make my head hurt"
>Bad guys make choclate bad
>Bad choclate hurt friend Larry
>Immediately start crushing the choclates we come across that bad guys made bad
>Larry seems a bit more calm whenever I do that
>Must be working
>Eventually, come across a room full of bad guys
>A lot more than before
>Don't have enough fingers or toes to count them
>Larry says we should go around
>"Okay, Larry. Dirk be extra quiet. When we bonk bad guys?"
>Larry takes a second to respond
>"We have friends in the building. We should let them 'bonk' these bad guys as there's too many of them"
>Too many?
>Ogryn kill many bad guys
>Bad guys must be scaring Larry
>Realize what I must do
>Emerge from behind the wall we were hiding behind
>Right as I'm about to charge, a great rumbling occurs
>Suddenly, the wall behind them explodes into a mass of Ogryns, yelling about choclate
>They also seem to be carrying a guardsman with something shiny in his hands
>Resume my charge, sandwiching them between us
>During the brawl, recognize a few of my pals
>"HI RON!"
>Be Inquisitorial Agent
>Sounds like the warp entity does not possess any useful information on the location of the clone or the Fleshforge
>Her mention of the Tzeentchians dragging this whole island into the warp seems ominous though, I definitely felt something change a few moments ago
>Tempted to try to banish the daemon, but it seems powerful
>Hopefully it will not interfere with me at a later date
>As for interrogating this “Kayla”, I sense her loyalties lie with the Alpha Legion rather than the Slaaneshi daemon I am talking too, so I doubt she will give up any information willingly
>Hopefully no one minds if I do this then
>Stride over to Kayla and initiate an aggressive telepathic probe
>Kayla doesn’t know anything useful, but Eleni has sometimes used Kayla as a puppet, and I can sense some lingering memories of hers
>Just need to dig deeper
>Ah, here we are, in Building Laboratory Two, behind a series of hidden entrances and traps
>Release Kayla, she falls over dead or comatose
“Well you lot have been most helpful, if you help me grab the Fleshforge, maybe we will have time to liberate this clone you mentioned...
>Run off in the direction of Laboratory Building Two
File: 6njlzk9juan11.jpg (98 KB, 1080x1470)
98 KB
Rolled 8 (1d9)


1-Do nothing
2-Summon more daemons
3-Open portals over the planet
4-Bake a cake, a chocolate cake
5-Mutate mortals, especially with bird wings, tentacles and eyes
6-Reveal ancient secrets telepethically to mortals who ask me
7-Give warpy gifts
8-Make it rain, harder?
>be Betty, waiting on answers
>big guy is taking a minute to reply
>not sure if he's going to say anything helpfu-
>what the fuck is that noise?
>skittering, snarling, chittering horde of giant bug-lizards come barreling down the hall
>big guy throws himself at the horde
>I hide behind the table
>the bugs near me seem to get confused, staggered
>come to think of it that ghost thing never got near me
>is this my power?
>even so...
>one big bug is too much, too fast, big guy losing ground
>he turns and grabs me just as a bug skitters around the table
>throws me over his shoulder and RUNS
>getting away is good
>watching several bugs pursue us is terrifying
>realizing I'm still naked is mortifying
>maybe no one will see me?
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>Get bombarded with questions by the dark soul
>Should have seen that coming
"Questions, hmm? Maybe it was just the whole being in the middle of a battle, but I'm pretty lost as to what's going on."
"Who are you, if not Imperium?"
"I mean, everyone hates me, sure, but this is all I've ever known, trust in the Emperor, all that."
"And then what am I? You say I have magic, which sounds heretical, but what does that mean?"
"And... Warp Soul? Is that what causes my condition?"
"Oh, and no flowery, sugar coated answers please. Being too nice to me feels weird."
>Prepare to give standard recruitment spiel that I give to anyone I am trying to recruit into the Alpha Legion
>Bunch of Tyranids punch through the wall
>Well that is mildly annoying
>I thought I killed most of that lot while I was waiting for the Fleshforge to do its work
>Told Eleni she should have dealt with those
>Shoot them for a while until I realize there is too many to keep the dark one safe
>Ugh, another escort mission
>Eleni says to go check on the Kayla, apparently she was keeping an eye on some random Slaaneshi daemon who showed up, then went silent
>I told her she shouldn't have brought in emissaries of all four Chaos Gods in on this, but did she listen? No
>We already have renegade Khornate and Nurglites causing problems, we can’t afford the Slaaneshi derailing things too, they are most of our (wo)manpower right now
>Fall back to Laboratory Building Three
>The dark one is even more annoying to carry around when she is awake
>Some woman dressed as a Slaaneshi comes running out of the side door in front of me
>Don’t recognize her, and neural shredders are definitely not standard issue among the cannon fodder
>Wrench the neural shredder out of her hand with my magnetic grappling hook
>She tries to get it back with telekinesis, but that obviously fails since I am still carrying the dark soul
>Grab her as well, figure she is either Inquisition, a rival Alpha Legion cell, or another organization of that caliber
>Continue on to the hallway where Eleni said Kayla and the Slaaneshi daemon were last seen
>The Slaaneshi daemon is still there, along with Kayla and another woman crumpled dead or unconscious on the floor
“Care to explain what is going on here, and don’t try anything funny, I got a dark soul here, your powers are useless near me”
>Be Clara Nadinefrottr
>Eleni has changed her mind again
>Now we are going back to the front lines since instead of smuggling all the interesting stuff the Wonkas have back into the Warp with us, we are instead going to take the whole island into the Warp with us
>But first, we stash this load of stuff since it is too important to bring into battle with us
>Hear some scuffling in the back of the Ridgerunner
>The Mandrake dispatches both pamphlet corrupted Guardpeople in the back of the Ridgerunner
>Can’t remember their names, the one with his original package despite otherwise being transformed, and the one with the three breasts and too many piercings
>Mildly annoying, they showed promise despite their mutations and dubious sanity
>The Mandrake then tries to open the hatch by prying it open with her sword
>Balls to this
>Order the driver to accelerate, then order the other four Ridgerunners to open fire on my Ridgerunner, at the hatch she is trying to break into specifically
>Small arms fire only obviously, even if they can’t see her clearly, the sheer volume of fire should hit her eventually without damaging my own vehicle significantly
File: Cough....Owwwww.jpg (37 KB, 330x460)
37 KB
>Be Trish
>This went about as well I expected...
>Well I expected to be tortured to death or otherwise die horribly, but given what happened to Kayla, I figure that option is still on the table
>But I am getting a bit ahead of myself...
>So just as I am reaching for the door handle, the door is thrown wide open
>I think I turned sideways at the very last second, but I might have broken an arm on either the initial impact, or while hitting the door on the other side of the hall
>Pass out for a bit, but wake up to a world of pain and a view of the ceiling that isn’t quite in focus
>Manage to move my head a bit to the side
>There is a shapely, but disturbing looking thing with multiple boobs on her front and multiple tentacles coming from her back talking to a scandalously dressed woman
>Kayla is further down the hall with her hands in the air, and what appears to be knives floating in front of her eyes
>I have a hard time focusing on the conversation, but judging by her voice, the not-human is En’Dee, and the woman she is talking to is the Inquisitorial Agent, undercover presumably
>Evidently, the conversation does not go very well, since the Inquisitorial Agent does something to Kayla that looks very painful, and potentially lethal, before running away after some final remarks I don’t understand
>Pass out for a bit again, and then wake up to a stranger sight
>Another one of those greenish-blue giants is here with two women slung over his shoulders
>One is evidently the Inquisitorial Agent, I recognize the thong and high heeled boots she was wearing earlier as part of her disguise
>The other woman is “skyclad”, at least the bottom half of her is...another Happiness Demon follower maybe?
>The giant is evidently not very happy with the En’Dee and demands what is going on
>He is clearly speaking to En’Dee, but his voice is so commanding it remains me of my sergeant, and I feel compelled to roll out my standard excuse of “It was like this when I got here”, which ended up sounding more like “cough-rasp-rasp-squeak”
>I think I am just going to go back to playing dead...
not going to lie, that was an impressive number of sex puns
File: 1410985847598.png (221 KB, 450x600)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>>Release Kayla, she falls over dead or comatose
>“Well you lot have been most helpful, if you help me grab the Fleshforge, maybe we will have time to liberate this clone you mentioned...
>>Run off in the direction of Laboratory Building Two
"Grrrr~reat, looks like it's up to the CHAOS DAEMON to ACTUALLY save the day..."
>>The Slaaneshi daemon is still there, along with Kayla and another woman crumpled dead or unconscious on the floor
>“Care to explain what is going on here, and don’t try anything funny, I got a dark soul here, your powers are useless near me”
((Was going to say Trish should still be fine, then I remember she got DOOR'D.))
"Packing a Blank?!
Is that just a general precaution Alpharius, or something you prepared for little old me?"
>Notice the claw and bone-sword marks on his armor
"Seems we've been standing around here 'Negotiating' for too long, and the Tyranids have started to make a nuisance of themselves."
>I point a finger at the Acolyte on his other shoulder
"I wanted to get her help in my plan to pacify them and then use the Inquisition to install a Wonka Clone more suitable to our own ends, but she's mostly focused on some tech called the 'Fleshforge' he's got stashed somewhere.
Meanwhile, you idiots and your device are going to blow up a WHOLE PLANET of Tropical Archipelagos and CHOCOLATE just to secure a single Island!"
>>I think I am just going to go back to playing dead...
>I squiggle over to Trish and pick her up
"So are you going to help me start putting out fires and trying to salvage this LITERAL Shit Storm, because now Papi Nurgle is getting involved, or are you just going to stand there?"

>not going to lie, that was an impressive number of sex puns
>Be Inquisitor Chalmers
>The situation grows more dire by the hour
>The Warp Storm my enemies have summoned has blocked access to and from the island, and my ship was forced to do a hard landing land since its anti-grav fields couldn’t compensate with the unnatural winds and dense “chocolate rain”
>My Sisters of Battle and other forces are approaching Laboratory Buildings Two and Three, but they have encountered heavy resistance
>Luckily some Nurglites and Khornates have turned on their allies, and the orks and tyranids are also focusing their efforts on the followers of Chaos, but I worry my forces won’t be able to advance to the so called “Old Factory” where I suspect the device generating the Warp Storm is located
>Aerial vehicles are grounded, pinpoint orbital bombardments are disappearing into the Warp Storm somehow, and ground invasion is taking too long
>Perhaps this is one of those situations a certain amount of low cunning can help resolve
>Send for the Rogue Trader to come see me
>Ignore his slip of the tongue and offer him a very handsome reward for destroying whatever is generating the Warp Storm
>Make a similar offer to those mercenary minded Blood Ravens he associates with
>be naked Betty
>be glad when we lose the bugs chasing us
>be confused when the big guy grabs some weirdly dressed woman on his other shoulder
>be embarassed when I hear voices and realize my butt is pointed right at them
>listen in for a moment, did he just say I make domeone's powers useless?
>and she called me a blank, I think?
>not really sure if that was about me or not
>wait who's doing what now?
"Excuse me? I hate to interrupt, especially like this, but did someone just say my planet is getting blown up? Because I'd sort of like to keep it intact."
"...or at least not die naked."
Amazing. Could you upload the editable table and I'll continue filling in my guys?
I think we need to use a character with loads of entries (like Trish) as a gauge for writing other characters' entries
>be me, U-Nid
>finished up in the large cavern
>most of the food was strangely not sweet, but salty
>either way, it didn’t do much for our appetites
>we’ve set up reclamation pools with our gene bros ready to send all our new biomass back to mom
>she’s gonna be so proud of me
>decide to move up and see what else I can bring back to her
>we’re now in the upper levels, maybe above ground, spreading through the complex
>all of a sudden, ahead of me, a hefty amount of my bros turning a corner go up in flames
>coming into view is a heavily armoured platinum blonde woman
>she looks delicious
>log 4......i think...
>be tau Crisis pilot Shas'ui leeyung
>i've retuned to our crashed ship
>getting word more green-skins are landing onto there planet
>on COME ON!
>getting word fucking tyranids are now on this planet
>"did you just say, tyranids"
>"yes Shas'ui"
>"(deep breath)....i'm taking command of the T'au remnants...any one have anything to say say it now!"
>"no?, good, FIX THAT FUCKING SHIP!! tyranids and cultists are on this shit planet"
>Earth Caste engineer "what's the deal with them bugs, our weapons and forces can deal with any force that side against the greater good!"
>(slowly getting out of the battle-suit) "what's the Tau's Military Doctrine with dealing with bugs and green-skins my little engineer"
>"we glass the planet of all life...oh"
>"good now" (putting my face close to his) "where did we learn this Doctrine?"
>"f-from the Gue'vesa at the Damocles Crusade, Shas'ui"
>"i hope the Earth Caste engineers can fix us a ride off this planet or were fucked"
>w-where you going Shas'ui?
>that riptide in the back. i'm using it.


There you go.
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>Negotiating with daemons is not my favorite thing in the world, especially with a potential recruit within earshot
>This is going to be some tricky footwork
“The dark soul was a recent discovery, I have been keeping her safe until we have the chance to give her a proper recruitment offer”
“There is no way the Inquisition will tolerate a Wonka operating openly on this world now that they know who they are. The Wonkas have many hidden assets in this sector, but for some reason Willy chose to operate openly on this world. That worked as long as he kept a relatively low profile, but with all this going on, it is impossible for the Inquisition not to make the connection to the legendary Wonka family, who they of course consider to be heretics.”
“The Warp Storm is necessary to drive off the Imperials, otherwise they will torch everyone and everything on this island”
“The brown stuff falling from the sky is chocolate, not shit. It was summoned by an associate of ours who is a bit...eccentric”
“Very well, what is your proposed solution for salvaging this situation?”
>Address the blank while waiting for an answer from the daemon
“Don’t worry, you planet will be fine when the Warp Storm subsides”
>But maybe not, sometimes Arx Tenebrisumbra causes widespread destruction, particularly if we try to pull something this big into the Warp, neglect to mention this obviously, as well as anything about alternate dimensions
>Place the dark soul gently on the ground
“In the meantime, feel free to take any clothing you want from the women here, your comfort takes priority over theirs”
>Pickings will be pretty slim though, Kayla has a purple business jacket and skirt, but they don’t look like they will fit well, the Inquisitor Agent has a black leather spiky vest, thong, and high heel boots, which look neither practical or comfortable, the third woman currently being used as a squeeze toy / fleshlight by the Slaaneshi daemon has army boots, pants, and a medical orderly T-shirt, but they look a bit...used. There is also three female OMPA LOMPAs loitering further down the hallway, but their clothes is obviously too small
File: 1473512147001.jpg (93 KB, 468x350)
93 KB
>Be Lucius, friendly imperial guard Vox Operator
>I pounder what Julian said for a moment
>I look around a bit and realise all we're ve been doing so far is useless
>The storm will never allow anyone to leave and Chaos have been festering so much it's literally dancing across the street in a puddle of shit
>It's disgusting, it's pathetic, it need to be destroyed
>I decide we'll do what we where sent here to do on this world in the first place
>Now where's the promethium rafinery
>I need to detonate something really big and really loud and I think a whole facility of unstable chemicals might just do the trick
>There it is, right next to a place that seem to be glowing with evil warp energy
>Everybody in the truck cheer up like a bunch of childrens
>Peddle to the metal I drive toward our objective
>Poorly defended make shift barricads, mutated abominations and the occasional servitor gets rolled over
>The truck seem to be driving itself at times,turning the wheel on it's own to hit a maximum of people
>or accelerating insted breaking
>Fucking warp bullshit man
>Finaly see part of the rafinery
>We smash through the parking entry's barrier
>There's a fiew bugs, orks and various sorts of heretics around the place
>We ram the pink wonka truck through the wall of the main building
>I kick the door open and jump out
>Everyone disembark and start blasting everything that moves
>We brutally shoot and stab our way around the place for a while
>until we find some hiding workers
>I grab one by the throat, lift her to my height to be face to face and put my lasgun under her nose
>After the panicked sobing is over the tour begin
"and to your left are tons of volatile chemicals"
>Be mineself
>The Great Rogue Trader Rastar Populus
>Now in charge of finding what is going on and stop it
>This inquisitor is eitheir blind or stupid
>I better round up everyone following me
>I want the Blood Raven, the commissar and his ogryn, Lucius and James, everyone because we have no time !
>Round them at ruined plaza and put myself on top of some rubble
So, eh...
The inquisitor Chalmers ask me and this space marine from the blood Raven chapter to find out and destroy what is causing this weather.
So what the inquisitor and I think, is that we should seek any non imperial psyker, any traitors demons and others xenos.
For this we will form a line in the streets and another team who will search the building.
If you find something scream "If found something by the Emperor !"
If it moves shoot it, if it still breath kill it and if that does not work call the astra militarum or the navy for bombardment.
Now let's go! I want this island cleaned in an hour !
File: thegiantclaw.jpg (73 KB, 1200x680)
73 KB
Rolled 4 (1d9)



1-Do nothing, but upside down
2-Summon more deamons, but on fire
3-Open portals over to other planets
4-Bake a cake, a chocolate and caramel cake
5-Mutate mortals, give them all the mutations... and turn some to warp sp-... spoons...
6-Reveal whatever a mortal needs to now if asked
7-Give warp gifts, and then some more
8-Make it rain ever harder, forever... and commit chocolate pain upon myself
File: Tyranid_f_(9).jpg (134 KB, 959x600)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>"Excuse me? I hate to interrupt, especially like this, but did someone just say my planet is getting blown up? Because I'd sort of like to keep it intact."
>Wait, who said that?
>Oh right, there's a Blank here
"I would as well dear, but Alpharius there hasn't caught on that, if a Warp Storm generator has a habit of making a whole planet EXPLODE, then it blowing up the world might be the actual reason it's being used..."

>“There is no way the Inquisition will tolerate a Wonka operating openly on this world now that they know who they are. The Wonkas have many hidden assets in this sector, but for some reason Willy chose to operate openly on this world. That worked as long as he kept a relatively low profile, but with all this going on, it is impossible for the Inquisition not to make the connection to the legendary Wonka family, who they of course consider to be heretics.”
"No, they'd consider the CURRENT Wonka a Heretic, present them with an Anathema-fearing alternative and I have a feeling they'd gladly looked the other way on exactly WHERE said substitute came from."
>I point a tentacle again at the Acolyte still on his shoulder
"As in, 'Your Inquisitorial Shawl there was just agreeing to help do so.'"
>“The Warp Storm is necessary to drive off the Imperials, otherwise they will torch everyone and everything on this island”
>“Don’t worry, you planet will be fine when the Warp Storm subsides”
"And generating a Warp Storm is only going to DELAY an Inquisitorial Invasion, UNLESS of course you drag the whole Island into the Warp itself, which isn't going to do the rest of the planet any good!"
>“Very well, what is your proposed solution for salvaging this situation?”
"First we take care of the Tyranid Problem, as a friend of mine in this building should have EXACTLY what we need to pacify the main Synapsis Creature."
"THEN we use this thing called 'Subterfuge' to convince the Puritan Inquisitor that they've 'Successfully Foiled' your scheme here; We set up a token defense of something that looks important, make a loud show of how 'YOU FOOLISH CORPSE WORSHIPERS WILL NEVER STOP US,' then when they smash our fake objective, make an even louder show of 'HOW COULD YOU BE STOPPING US' after we've already moved the important stuff far, FAR away and turn off your Device."
>“The brown stuff falling from the sky is chocolate, not shit. It was summoned by an associate of ours who is a bit...eccentric”
"Which has the added bonus of shutting down the Warp Storm before Nurgle can add more of his 'Special' Ingredient, as your show here has caught his personal attention."
File: 1599711615648.png (11 KB, 128x128)
11 KB
>Be Warboss Goldtoof
>me and my gits got da giant squig in our sights
>Have da nobs go first
>Gotta see how tough da squig is
>boys start charging in as the rain picks up
>starts slowing down a bit
>their sluggas seem to be doin' nothing to the big git
>as soon as they get into melee range their crushed by the large tentacles
>Might need to see a mek about dealing with it
Praise the Emperor for manipulating the odds to our favor.

>Be Larry.
>Be leading Dirk toward the most Chaos-filled point on the island.
>Because where there's Chaos, there's bloodshed, and with that much Warp fuckery, there's bound to be a massive shed of blood in the middle of it all.
>Progress has been decent, only being slowed by the occasional group of sickly-looking cultists and Dirk stomping their chocolates into the ground.
>As we near the epicenter, we come across a building full of daemon ladies, men, lady-men, man-ladies, and quite a few creatures that I can't really describe.
>Sensing them and some guardsmen inside [>>79550345], I inform Dirk that we should wait for our friends inside to "bonk" the bad guys for us, as there was too many of them.
>While Dirk stands there trying to do math, the Guardsmen inside quickly make short work of the daemons and cultists inside and rush off.
>Dirk finishes counting in his head, not realizing that the room has already been cleared.
>"Uhh, Dirk-"
>Suddenly, Ogryns.
>Get caught up in the stampede and rushed into the room.
>A bunch of giant bug things start swarming in and eating everything.
>Ogryns trample over them and through the room.
>Crash through several more rooms.
>End up in what appears to be a breakroom.
>Cultists and daemons seem to have been using it as intended.
>They stare at us for a moment, some outstretched on couches, others standing around or sitting at tables holding cups of what I'm thinking is either recaf or hot chocolate.
>Ogryns don't waste a moment.
>They get to bonkin'.
>See flickers of firelight from the hole we made, followed by the sound of screeching bugs.
>Over the din, I can almost make out a woman's voice screaming "burn x..s fi..!"
Look away for a bit and there's so many new posts.
personally I think it's a pretty slow day... on the plus side we lost Neckbeardia's attention since the video about us got the lowest views on his channel I think
>be Betty
>the big guy says things will be okay
>but this Warp Storm still sounds ominous
>also, did someone call him Alpharius? Is that his name?
>wishing someone had taught me more about what's out there beyond beaches and chocolate and just "trust in the Emperor"
>and from everything else just said I feel like everyone is some degree of bad guy, but Alpharius(?) has saved me several times now
>so maybe this is my best option?
>back to the floor
>being told I'm more important than others is weird
>turn around to greet-
>who and WHAT are these people?!
"Purple? Er... are they xeno-"
>catch sight of what the weirder looking one is doing to the army lady on the floor
>don't stare
>I'm staring, aren't I?
>oh my, that is... wew
>also, not super liking my clothing options
>oh fuck, she's talking to me
>sounds bad
>sounds really bad
>clothes are suddenly less of a concern
>also yes these are definitely bad guys but still my best option it seems
>but the woman still on Alpharius' shoulder is Imperial, just working with them
"Okay... I'm realizing what an ignorant island girl I am, and that Alpharius is even less ttustworthy than I suspected but he did save me a few times, so if I can help at all to keep my planet intact, I will. And give me her spikey jacket and the purple girl's skirt, if they really don't mind. I still want answers later, but for now, I'm in."
>Satan just banished Neckbeardia
I didn't realize that was a channel until now.
plenty of videos have done worse, but now that someone actually has to read out the posts instead of just feeding it through a text-to-speech device, the long greentext stories don't get posted as much unless they are really popular
Heil, Satan.
>personally I think it's a pretty slow day
I'm about to Agro post but just need to get caught up.
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>Plots within plots within plots
>The slaaneshi daemon tries appealing directly to the dark soul
>"I would as well dear, but Alpharius there hasn't caught on that, if a Warp Storm generator has a habit of making a whole planet EXPLODE, then it blowing up the world might be the actual reason it's being used..."
>The slaaneshi daemon then outlines its own whimsical and highly improbable end game
>Can’t tell if it is simply underestimating the Inquisition or trying to mislead me
>No way they would let a Wonka remain in power here, the Inquisition has been hounding the Wonkas for millennia in other sectors. Misleading the Inquisitor leading the enemy force will also be all but impossible. And who knows why the Nurglite daemons do anything, or any daemon for that matter
>But since shutting down the Arx doesn’t seem to be on the top of its priorities, might as well humor its plan to keep it from interfering with our own
>Neutralizing the Tyranids is a worthy enough goal which I can’t see any downsides to
>And the dark soul also seems on board, though I doubt she understands more than a fraction of what was discussed
“The Warp Storm generator doesn’t cause planets to explode, it creates a localized Warp Storm that disrupts the ability of our enemies to land further reinforcements while other measures are put in place. It is standard procedure when a major safe house comes under attack”
“However, bring me to this “friend” of yours who can pacify the Tyranids”
“If this insane scheme of yours works, then perhaps I can convince my master to go along with the final stage of the deception and shut down the Warp Storms”
“But for the record, what would you rather have? A portion of this world you can help shape into a utopia, and perhaps also an unreachable stronghold from which we can spread our vision to the rest of the planet? Or the destruction of Wonka Land and everyone on it, including us, by the cruel fires of the Inquisition, because realistically those are our only two real options”
>Drop the Inquisitorial Agent to the ground, pull off her spiky vest, and hand it to the dark soul
“What do you want done with the Inquisitor’s bitch? I doubt she will honor any agreements you think she made with you. If you have some means of persuading an Inquisitor, perhaps now is the time to prove it”
>Point to Kayla, who is still lying motionless on the ground
“What happened to her? Has anyone checked if she is alive yet? Don’t worry about stealing her skirt, even if she is still alive, she only wears clothes when she has too”
File: 6ne91dhkno041.png (1.6 MB, 1500x1900)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
>be me, Peace Keeper Gegor
>on the floor with all the shootin
>sounds like a machine gun nest of some holovid gunslinger
>I Frakkin love gunslingers!
>door seperatin the hall won't budge
>rush through and start clearin
>PDF's shit luck keeps goin
>this whole time they gotta pacify every room they've breached
>take a few guys and go to what sounds like the right room
>maximum hype
>shout through the door
>might not be able to hear
>bang on the door
>almost get shot
>he still might not be a heretic, might think we are
>tell the guys in the room next door to breach the wall
>Come on, be a real gunslinger!
>hear a shot as the wall opens
>call out that we're friendly and enter
>dead body in pile of autogun casins
>not even a machine gun nest
>not even a gunslinger
>looks like he tripped and shot himself
>minimum hype
>wait a sec, that's a lot a guns and ammo
>cut the music and tell PDF to grab the guns and ammo
>take the audio disk and the stub pistol for myself
>PDF make fun of the dead guy for frakkin up so bad
>yeah what a tool, wasn't even a gunslinger
>PDF start talkin about tryin to beat his score
>this is why I like em
>their loads of fun, not like the guys
>finish off clearin up to the roof and have what civies we save take the guns and ammo down to Gama team on their way
>on the roof and we scope out the area
>scoutin APCs driving back to the hill they got told to check out
>looks like a lot of activity there and a stronghold
>APCs' are probably movin people there
>cools lets head back
>my guys lead
>I bring of the rear and chat with the PDF
>PDF show me this cool drawin of an angel and give me some quiz
>after answering they tell be the quiz was to get a guardian angel and I got that cool one
>Frakk yeah, Angel of Victory!
>they tell me we gotta get to the hill so we can beat that loser's high score
>yeah no shit, boss man's probably gonna send us there anyway
>that's when I notice the windows are turning brown
"Jeez Al, how small time are you that dealing with the Inquisition is this big of a problem, or that dragging an Island into the Warp is considered an appreciable gain?"
>Set Trish on her feet now that she's all healed up (IT WAS MOSTLY KISSING AND CUDDLING ASSISTED BIOMANCY BY THE WAY) and start moving towards the now topless Acolyte
"I've sent word to my own Inquisitorial Contacts to help smooth things over, but they won't get here until AFTER your Generator goes off, and we need to be getting to the Brewery if we don't want the Bugs getting any more out of control."
>Have to stop short of the Agent
"As for your stooge, the Acolyte mind-ripped her, I can try to heal them both, but I'll need the Blank Girl to move away after she's done with the skirt."
>Be me
>Savlar prisoner Greck
>Emperor alive there's a rogue trader here too
>The commissar doesn't seem to pay much heed
>Inquisitor seems busy running the show
>Fuck it, I'm going with the rogue trader
>find chocolate bar, eat it
>I mean, it tastes good but I don't see what the fuss is about
>I just wanna fulfill my duty to the emperor
"Hey, big man! You got any shotgun shells lying around........and some stimms!?"
>be me, Peace Keeper Michail
>leading Gamma team as part of a recon platoon under Peace Keeper Nicholas of the Argo Brigade 177 stopped over on Archipelagia
>holding position in a slot machine and corpse fort after smashing APCs through the front of a Casino and resort heretic front operation
>nearly trampled to death by our Ogryn running off
>damn kids
>but that doesn't matter now as with a bit of marker and a prop crown I found I'm Lord Michail the jackpot king of Fort 777
>the holder of positions, the destroyer of villains, the saviour of the faithful, the lover of guns, the collector of treasure, the keeper of whisky, etc
>as lord of Fort 777 with my knights, yeoman, and peasant militia I defend my kingdom and my subjects from heretics, mutants, Ork, and now Tyranids
>two APCs sent to scout a hill met a Commissar who told them to start sending people over
>we've been sending casualties first and then those not from our Platoon who has been around longest
>problem is heretics keep pretending to be loyal
>but we figured out a system to check
>are they mutants, orks, or nids? kill
>generally look evil? heretic
>shouting about dark gods? heretic
>shooting at you? probably a heretic
>look normal? maybe loyal
>injured? maybe loyal
>afraid? probably loyal
>freeze when you tell them to? probably loyal
>drop any weapons they have if you tell them to? probably loyal
>follow orders and stay in front where we can see them while manning the walls? safe to say they are loyal
>its not a perfect system as some people can't help defend and others might be sleeper agents but it works for now
>needless to say this job sucks
>its the worst parts of recon combined with the worst parts of check point duty, a siege, and an evac
>recently a bunch of people with auto guns and shit loads of ammo showed up saying Beta Team sent them
>the lord of fort 777 gives you his thanks
>hopefully that means everyone will be heading back soon and we can get out of here
>Is that chocolate rain?
>be Betty, now with clothes again
>I look like a punk secretary
>stripping Kayla's skirt as she lay unconscious felt about as weird as watching the talky xeno lady groping and kissing the army girl
>but not going to think about that
>do mention she's still breathing
>keep listening, trying to make sense of what's going on
>move away from Kayla once I get her skirt on
>I admit to being scrawny and she's got a nice figure, had to tuck the bottom of the vest into the skirt to keep it up
>will snag a belt or something if I can later
>have nothing to add, this is all going over my head
>so the Warp is another dimension, that these xenos are from, and my powers are tied to it but mostly seems I stop other powers from working and brings from there can't get near me?
>also, still not sure if the planet is getting blown up or not
And yes, to Betty even just seeing two women kissing and cuddling, especially a weird 'xeno' and semi-conscious lady, is a LOT

Spoke too soon lol

Eh, wish narrator was better but oh well.
File deleted.
Should I have Lucius blow up the raffinery, flatening half the city but destroying a storm generator in the process, allowing air transport and other ship based shenanigans?
File: 1409388628490.gif (1.77 MB, 320x180)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
>Be peace keeper Nicholas
>just gave some naughty boys and girls a spanking; didn't find the source of the pamphlets but we frakked what looked like a cauldron of Nurgle
>yet I'm frustrated since things didn't go down how I wanted and some of the men are kind of a mess after we did it
>-wait a minute...
>I was excited when I thought we were going to come on PDF Kevin and our run away Ogryn soon, but due to that romp with the heretics we had to finish quickly and go get backup
>now I'm leading a train of men through the heretics' back passages so we can become one with the men of Gamma team again
>-something feels different... its getting cooler...
>I know my Willie can still go strong so I put him in the rear of my men but I keep thinking about things with my other men
>things like how wet Jill is after getting splattered with Wonka's white stuff, the limp of Mike hawk, and Dick sputtering all over the place
>-I mean Richard...
>as we are following the trail of heretics we nailed back, a PDF informs me that I need to give my attention to Peace Keeper Willi...am
>I move to the back to see whats up
>Peace Keeper William tells me he hears some kind of chittering noise and it seems to be tailing us
>I tell a PDF to call Peace Keeper Jillian over
>I take Jill and start edging with her through the pink tunnel
>peeping around a corner we see the stark figure of a tyranid taking advantage of a heretic we nailed earlier
>then notice a lot more of them creeping behind it
>watching this has Jill worked up so I tap her back
>we lock eyes and use my hands to tell her we need to get our asses to Alpha team and get busy
>once back round up what explosives we have left, the breaching charges, and some las charge packs to make an IED
>I rig the tunnel to blow and tell the men to double time it
>looks like we will have to look for the Ogryn somewhere else
File: TauFireWarrior.jpg (623 KB, 791x800)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
>Be me, Shas'O Myor
>It's been a while
>My whole world came crumbling down in one day
>Lost a ship, lost 70% of my crew (most were those fish people, so after-thought, it ain't a big loss) and now we're stranded on a Gue'sava planet where it's raining chocolate
>Yes, you heard me right, it's raining food
>Not the "there was sweets flying above who happens to fall down on us"
>I'm talking a giant hurricane, a natural disaster, that exclusively rain down chocolate on this part of the world
>I'm starting to loose it
>I've also lost our ethereal, and some of my soldiers have gone... rogue for a lack of a better term
>If you think that's a lot to process, let me tell you of the orks, gue'sava and... other gue'sava, but with spikes? All ambushing us
>I have sent my troops to secure the factories so we could find what we need to repair the ship after the crash, but after the orks have started cannibalizing it I've quickly lost hope in that
>Only good news is that we got a signal on our special comm. Rescue are on their way
>Now we just need to survive long enough for them to arrive
>I estimate about a week... at best
>My troops are spread out, so I'll first take what available soldiers I have to pick a better spot to settle and build our headquarters
>This "Wonka World" is currently the homeground of multiple Gue'sava Factions, as well as anything called Wonka on this world. The north side of the city is currently under ork assault, and we'd have to go throught the Wonka territory anyway to pass... seems like our only option is the country side
>We'll dig trenches, build some defensive structures, and with proximity to the farms we'll have a steady food source. It's our best bet
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>Have extreme doubts that this slaaneshi daemon has that much pull in the Inquisition
>But it doesn’t really change my plan much
>Taking the Tyranids out of the game and messing with the Inquisitor are fine with me, but if she goes after the Arx, our association will have to end
>Mildly surprised that the daemon would be willing to heal both Kayla (a loyal agent to the Alpha Legion), as well as the Inquisitorial Agent
>I imagine this “healing” it does gives her a certain degree of influence over those she heals
>Glad I have the dark soul with me
>Speaking of the dark soul, she seems a bit more confident with clothes on, but I guess no one has shoes that fit her
>Suspect I will have to carry her again at some point, Nurglites and Tyranids are not creatures you want to be barefoot around
>On the other hand, Kayla manages somehow, so perhaps mortals are sometimes tougher than they look
“Alright daemon, heal Kayla and the Inquisitor’s arse-kisser, then we will visit this friend of yours”
File: 1585517196305.jpg (70 KB, 958x552)
70 KB
>Be Peace Keeper Nicholas
>finally make it back to the APCs
>see Bravo Team is back
>know this since their PDF almost hit me
>see Michail order hold fire, then bat a crown off his head and stand at attention
>I order him to give me a SITREP
>afterwards I ask if he wants to transfer to the 777
>his eyes widen and he says "No, sir! Just keeping up morale, sir!" as he quickly rubs the ink off his shoulder pad
>as we load the casualties for the next hill run I see one of the APCs is full of naked women in purple top hats and high heel shoes
>I turn to Michail and reading my expression he says
>>"Their kit means they are little threat, and they're clearly loyal judging by the fear in their eyes and relief at us saving them."
>raising my eyebrows I say "And?"
>>"And they really appreciate being saved, so much so that they want to thank us personally after this is over"
>"I suppose it does keep morale up, but just remember to stay focused.”
>”Yes, Sir!”
>”But what about those cases of whiskey and other souvenirs?"
>Michail then puffs out chest, stands on his toes, deepens voice, and announces in an overly eloquent voice
>>"A gift to the GLORY of the chapter! Given by the grateful and LOYAL Imperial citizens of Archipelagia for delivering them from the VILE and insidious machinations of the HERESY that has plagued their world!
>chuckle and shout back "Understood BLOOD RAVEN! Though our HOLY crusade FOR THE EMPEROR is not yet finished, so our BATTLE BROTHERS must only open it once we are back in the fortress monastery!"
>this cheers the men up a bit and I thank the Emperor for sending me Michail
>now that we are mostly regrouped all we have to do is send more APCs to finish the evac and then get out of here ourselves
>I just hope the Ogryn aren't dead, command wouldn't be happy
> “Michail!”
>> “Sir!”
>“It's raining chocolate...”
>> “Yes, sir! No idea why, sir!
>>At least its not shit, sir!”
>We need to get out of here fast
>Be Lucius
>Be Friendly
>Be the walking wrath of our holy emperor
>His divine hammer
>Following a tour guide around a promethium raffinery, with the other surviving factory workers
>Occasionaly shooting whatever is scaring them
"and over here to your right is where the rejected promethium fumes are vented and burned"
"if the vent was damaged or stoped from the command room the pressure would build up and we'd all be in serious trouble"
"and this conclude our tour"
>She says while giving an obviously fake nervous smile
>"But we havn't visited the command room yet"
>"We have authorisation from the emperor"
>"Leade on"
"A-are we going to die?"
>"Yes and we will be taking every monsters of about half the island with us"
>She seems to start to get the idea of why we're here
>"No more fear,no more beasts, no more insanity"
>"We are here to end it all and bring back his light"
>"Will you help us or return to hide in fear while they are out to get you?"
>"Are you a bad enough girl to help me kill everyone in the name of the emperor"
>She blush and say yes
>Then some old survivor at the back says
"I recon there be a train station under this here raffinery"
"It's connecting all these here part of the island"
"If we can take that dang train before it goes boom y'all don't have to die son"
>I had not realised how having commissars breathing down my neck for some years made me a danger to myself up until that old man spoke
>I accept his wisdom and thank him
>We split into 3 teams
>Team Command room will take who ever can make the biggest bomb out of this place and the guide
>Team vent will go down and make sure those vents do not release pressure ever again, just in case something try to stop us
>Team train will take everyone who can't fight and isn't usefull and make sure we have a way out
>I will leade team command room
>Carl will leade team Vent
>Julian will leade team train
>We offer one last prayer togheter and get moving
File: 3de.png (187 KB, 459x421)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>Be me, Commissar Trent and friends
>By friends I mean Dirk the Ogryn, ever so loyal and strong. I should definitively request for more of them. Sure beats having half my troops succomb to Chaos... by my fault... God-Emperor how did I fucked up this bad?
>Larry the presently unsanctionned psyker, honestly I have suspicion on their kind, but I'll take any help. If he do good I'll ask for some psykers on the front line
>James and his guardsmen mates and a few extra soldiers. Am I glad to see familiar faces, even happier to see what they're packing!
>James seen to be following me closely and keeps asking me how to lead soldiers properly into battle. If we survive I'll teach him a thing or two

>Some would think that a planet where it rains chocolate would be a paradise world
>Let me clarify this for you. It is not!
>First it is raining chocolate, so it's liquid. So most of the time it burns when it touchse you. It's like an acid rain made of suger and sweetness... the Great Enemy is horrifying in its torments
>Also it sticks, so you are walking on brown glue. What's more, with the winds of Archipelagia (especially during this storm) we nearly lost a soldier more than once
>How you ask? Well imagine if an idiot trip on debris and fall face first into the chocolate stew. Now it quickly solidify around his face, and he can barely make a sound as he's asphyxiating
>Pretty gross right? Now imagine all the shit that was put on the chocolate, because we saw daemons of Nurgle fly around delivering those shitty (litterally) bars
>For now we have inspected a good section of the city, but I fear we won't find it in time
>Larry is saying we had three hours... then two...
>Shit... I can hear it this time... the bird daemon's voice... we got an hour left!
>But... he instructed us on where to find him?
>Honestly it sounds like a trap, but we don't have any choice, call Rasta Populus! We are going to battle!
Damn seems like we're nearing the end
File: Trish and En'Dee.jpg (25 KB, 800x600)
25 KB
>Be Trish
>Still lying on the ground playing dead
>Still in a world of pain
>En’Dee and the giant are having some sort of argument
>Hopefully if they start fighting each other, I don’t get caught in the crossfire
>Realize that something is lifting me off the ground
>Try to squirm free, but a pleasant tingling numbness spreads throughout my body
>More tentacles wrap around me to lift me into the crook of one of En’Dee’s arms
>As she continues to talk to the giant, she uses the finger of her free hand to trace symbols over my more significant injuries
>Each symbol glows bright pink for a bit before disappearing, triggering shock waves of pure pleasure throughout my body, though I can also vaguely feel bones and tissue re-knitting themselves in the process
>She lifts my face towards hers, which I notice is disturbingly beautiful and unnatural at the same time...
>Wait? What is happening?
>Realize I am standing in a corridor with two unconscious half naked women, an odd looking chick, a giant, and a....thing
>Oh right, Kayla, the Inquisitorial Agent, the blank/dark soul, Alpharius, and En’Dee....
>What was happening just now?
>My pants are part way down, my shirt is in disarray, and there is sticky clumps of something all over my body, including in mouth, and....elsewhere...
>It tastes like chocolate, smells like chocolate, but looks like jizz
>Remember now what just happened
>Strangely of all the emotions boiling out of control inside me, humiliation about the way the odd looking chick is looking at me comes out on top
>Realize she and the giant were watching the entire time, but somehow I doubt the giant found it remotely interesting or unusual
>The girl though (who ironically I originally assumed was follower of the Happiness Demon back when she was skyclad) is looking at me like I am some sort of freak, which doesn’t really seem fair given the company we are keeping
>Hastily rearrange my clothes, and cross my arms across my chest for good measure
“That wasn’t what it looked like...”
“I am not like that...”
“I am not one of them”
>Scrap some ectoplasm or whatever out of my mouth
>Screw this, I don’t need to justify myself to that bitch
>Decide I don’t like her much anyways, she is weirding me out somehow on top of everything else
>be Shas'ui leeyung
>fuck the logs we got trouble
>while i was recruiting some Gue'vesa into the greater good
>get word that this world is about to get worst, yes worst then raining hot chocolate, a warp storm!
>one of the Gue'vesa recruits told us the storms are getting more shit and this planet could be dragged into the warp it's self
>"fuck my life....we have to help them"
>Shas'la turns to me "who?"
>"the humans on this planet, were helping them, send word for a cease fire and for more info about this wonka chocolate"
>"you think they will agree to this?"
>"not openly but it's better then warp storm chocolate hell"
File: téléchargement.jpg (849 KB, 1280x1024)
849 KB
849 KB JPG
>Be Lucius the friendly
>We've let team train take a head start and have waited for them to secure us a ride before puting everything in motion
>Team Vent is in place and ready to disable everything that could stop us once we leave
>Team command room will start the series of events
>Team Train says everything's ready all it needs are it's passengers
>We identify and disable every safety measures
>Team Vent gets to work and blow up every single manual release mechanism and are waiting for the vents to close before physical locking them shut
>"Team train ready"
>"Team vent ready"
>We shut the vent, push everything to it's maximum setting and lock it that way
>5 seconds later an alarm strong enough that the entire island must hear it start to scream
>Hear even louder demonic howlings all around us
>We grab our non-combattants and start to run
>It feel like everything wrong on this island is now freaking out at what we just did and is coming this way
>All sort of demonic creatures start to fall from the storm clouds directly on top of us
>Suddenly hear a loud
>The orks are falling next to the demons with their rockits attached to their backs
>Run pass a window and see an army of disgusting mutated undead like heretics walking toward the raffinery
>The wall start to drip blood and I see tall red demons with swords materialising around us
>Everyone is fighting everyone
>we throw grenades and incendiaries beind us to make sure nobody follow us
>We arrive at the train station and all get aboard
>"Where's team vent?"
>See Carl missing big chunks of flesh and an arms and the other guy that was with him doesn't look too good neither
"We lost Demetrius, he got ripped appart"
>We leave fast
>We wait for the explosion
File: Chalmers.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB

>Be Inquisitor Chalmers
>It sounds like the Commissar and the Rogue Trader completely misinterpreted my orders and wandered about aimlessly rather than heading to the Old Factory like I told them to
>If it wasn’t obviously the source of the Warp Storm before, it is now, a glowing purple-pink beam of unholy energy has burst from the roof of the building, and is now feeding into the ever strengthening cyclone of raw energy far above our heads
>My own forces are bogged down fighting the swarm of orks, tyranids, and assorted chaos scum, but rumor has it that someone has infiltrated the refinery
>The refinery explodes spectacularly, taking the Old Factory with it, which in turn causes more devastation as whatever device they were using to create the Warp Storm explodes in a fiery ball of corrupt fire
>The Warp Storm clears up rapidly with its source gone
>Hmmm, mildly impressive
>Order everyone to attack the research facilities instead
“Kill anyone or anything you encounter inside of them, but all technology encountered inside of them must be left alone pending further Inquisitorial investigation”
>Get in my Rhino with my personal bodyguard of Sisters of Battle, and head towards the nearest research complex, identified as “Laboratory Building Three”
File: images.jpg (48 KB, 533x560)
48 KB

>Be Ha’nah the Liberator
>The pamphlets have shown me the way
>For too long we have suppressed our desires for the Greater Good
>But now it is time to do things for the good of ourselves, because if not now, when?
>Shas’O Myor has ordered us to relocate to “Wonka World” and dig in for evac
>No way I am going back to the dull grey life of T’au Space
>Get in touch with So’phie, Br’ad, Shee’po, Na’te and other like-minded individuals both within the Shas’O’s formation, and those who have deserted, but still linger nearby
>Also get in touch with the human worshippers of Chaos
>The humans will attack from all sides, myself and So’phie will eliminate the Shas’O and his inner circle from a safe distance, while the rest of my allied T’au catch the dull ones unaware by betraying them at the worst possible time
>Actually, no wait, the Chaos humans are already attacking as agreed
>Hit the Shas’O in the center of mass with my rail rifle, while So’phie unleashes her XV88’s fire power
File: EFyH54sXkAAw6-L.jpg (41 KB, 608x679)
41 KB
>Be me
>Be Giga-Chad
>My Chad powers have increased exponentially ever since reading that pamphlet
>I am now stronger than an ogryn, more durable than a Marine, and completely irresistible to women, to the point a harem of them follow me where ever I go begging for my attention
>So Chad-ly are my Chad powers that Eleni put me in charge of all the soldiers guarding the hotel – casino complex
>Spend most of my time with my harem, but then hear that some Sisters of Battle have entered the lower levels of the casino to fight Tyranids
>Will my Chad-ly powers work on the pure, virtuous Sisters?
>Rally my harem and other followers and head off to the lower levels of the casino to bag me a Sister, or two, or twenty
>be Betty, seeing where things go
>the tentacled, lewd lady is going to heal the two injured women
>I should try to look away this time
>not like- oh damn I know that look
>the army lady that got molested is glaring at me like most people do
>and saying she's not like these others
>pretty glad for that, this lot are are at least as weird as me
"Right, ah, same. And sorry..."
"Alpharius? I should give her and the other two some space, they'll all probably feel better with me keeping my distance. But I can stay near enough to you block any weird powers if you want me to."
File: 1434251700914.jpg (62 KB, 321x662)
62 KB
>“Alright daemon, heal Kayla and the Inquisitor’s arse-kisser, then we will visit this friend of yours”
"We should start moving, I can heal those two on the way, so grab your Blank and start towards the Brewery."
"Trish dear, we're leaving!"
>As I pick up the Agent and Kayla, something rattles the whole Island
"...What the fuck was that?"
"Less chatting, MORE RUNNING!"
File: 1610635446942.jpg (241 KB, 1549x1920)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
>be Shas'ui leeyung
>no word on that cease fire with Imperial but they may be over run by cultist, orks, tyranids.
>or just hate us because you know were fucking Xenos
>get word some tau have gone so low they joined in with the cultist
>FUCKING, shit for BRAINS!
>try and order them to stop helping the Chaos cultist and help the Imperial force deal with the“Wonka World” Factory, if not for me, for the greater go-
>they shot my drone
>slowly getting angry, more then i've ever been in my life
>"is..that Riptide ready yet?"
>"no Shas'ui, gave it another hour"
>"get me a Coldstar and send a kill order to any t'au that have sided with Chaos cultist"
>be me, U-Nid
>those blonde schizos turned out to be a more than I’d expected
>flamethrowers are also a bit tricky to deal with, but I have a cunning plan
>plodding along behind the main body of the swarm, still climbing up to the upper levels, is my retard brother Pyro-Nid
>head back to him with a bunch of my mini-bros
>tell him telepathically that I’ve got a job for him
>he’s ecstatic as I don’t think anyone’s ever even spoken to him before
>tell him that mom has decided to give him a chance to prove himself and lead the advance
>he’s eating to prove himself
>get my mini-bros to lift and carry him upstairs to where the psycho-bitches are running rampant
>he lumbers forward into a dense group of them in the middle of one of the larger corridors
>fires his shitty useless acid gun
>does nothing
>they spray him with their superior flamers
>Pyro-Nid explodes, taking out all the bitches in his immediate vicinity
>be me, K-Nid
>got a bit bored keeping guard of the machine-thing, so got permission from mommy to do a bit of manoeuvring
>send the mawlocs Jessi-Nid and Josi-Nid to check on my little bro U-Nid and see how he’s doing
>been told about some loud, sour-tasting green coloured food outside somewhere, so send a bunch of my younger siblings outside to bring some back for mommy
>while they do that I’m going to keep sprucing up the place
>there’s much too much metal here, let’s line the walls with a bit of flesh, yep that’s nice, couple of reclamation pools here, mm hmm, more moist, squelchy, good
>the whole building complex, including some others nearby, is now part of the hive
>woe to those who enter
>pic related
File: zpf4pyrmeqb61.jpg (839 KB, 1650x2160)
839 KB
839 KB JPG
>Be Mandrake Sillenla
>this is bad. THIS IS VERY BAD
>I am getting shot at from many sources
>See a grenade on one of the corpses
>Think abaut what to do
>Swiftly half-jump befote the window pull out a pin and leave it there
>Jump out of the track
>Land on earth
>It hurts, really really hurts
>At least i landed in some weird hole with water
>So it could be worse
>Hear the explosion
>Did it blew up a truck
>I don't know...nor I don't care anymore
>Hear another explosion that shakes the island a giant cloud of smoke can be seen
>That must be a part of the factory
>See the warp energ dissaperaing
>Thats great
>I think i will take a short nap
>But...is this a part of my skin?
>be me Sly Marbo
So, who's dead from the factory explosion?
Ah bro I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't edit anything

Also, new thread?
There is about 30 posts left on this thread, we will probably hit bump limit sometime tonight

Not sure whether there is enough left to do in Wonka Land to justify a new thread, we may be better off trying to wrap things up in Wonka Land, then afterwards coming up with some new gimmick to base the next thread around. People can reuse characters if they want, so maybe have the new thread take place on a nearby world, or stay on this world and do another concept like "Beach Resort" or "Explore ancient ruins" or "jungle guerilla warfare" or all of the above.
File: téléchargement.jpg (1.24 MB, 1500x1003)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
>Be Lucius, Imperial guard vox operator
>Part time runway train conductor and improvised field medic
>I don't know what I'm doing but I'm trying very hard
>Carl got a missing arm and a fiew big bug sized bite marks
>His team had Billy and Demetrius
>They ended up being the ones in the deepest shit since their job had to be done outside
>With no roof above their heads, demons and orks fell on top of them and when they started to retreat big hungry bugs swarmed to get them
>Demetrius got wounded and stayed beind to allow Carl and Billy to leave
>Billy got a choppa that have cut through his clavicle and have stoped it's cours in his ribcage, he also has more bullet wounds then a healthy human being should normaly have
>We need an hospital or they're dead
>I try to hold everything from bleeding too much and prevent anyone to do anything stupid that would make their condition any worst
>When everone seem to be geting the idea of what to do, I leave the pained screams for the conductor's cabin
>The Train exit the underground and I get a good view at our handy work
>The industrial district itself is nothing but a crater surrounded by flat ground with a huge pillar of fire still burning at it's center
>The very fiew buildings still holdling up are burning and occasionaly exploding in smaller but still impressive explosions
>The city altho blasted and damaged still stand up
>The storm seems to be calming and the chaos in the city seem to have toned down it's intensity a bit
>The small sized factory girl who guided us look at me and blush
>She ask something I can't hear
>It's barely audible
>I ask: "Do you know where the city's hospital is and if that train can go near it?"
>"My friends are dyings and we need help"
I think En'Dee/Chaos gang anons or Chalmers/Trent/Populus anons need to do something with the Fleshforge first then, and then they can leave with everyone and move onto somewhere else. Wonka sounds like he can probably return in the future, and there are other Wonka enclaves so he can always pop back up
I'm rolling around ideas for a fight between the Argo Brigade holed up in the casino and Giga-Chad, but it looks like a messy one post fight with no room for response and I'm not sure its ok to just scrub out chad like that. Also I'm contemplating waiting for an interaction between chad and the sisters in case someone wants to have some fun with them. Thoughts?
Fuck. Looks like Google doesn't have a way to excel sheets. I don't know what to do. Either people download it and we get a bunch of conflicting docs, or I keep building the doc until I give up or the story ends.
Just as an example:

I am at work right now, so my ability to post is limited

Giga-Chad and Ha'nah are left over joke characters I never found a use for, feel free to kill them off if you have a good idea for it, if the thread is still up tonight I may make more posts as them. Even if they are dead I may still make a post showing events from their perspective leading up to their death

Ideally Giga-Chad "converts" a few Sisters for poster characters to fight, maybe he even "converts" some Tyranids

Trent and Populus posters are free to do what they want, but assuming Chalmers doesn't run into the Chaos-ish gang of posters (since he is in their building), he will head to the Lab Building 2 and fight the Nids for the Fleshforge (assuming they haven't been neutralized by En'Dee's plan). The Chaos gang can write the encounter with Chalmers anyway they want, but if they leave the building without encountering him, then the Nid, Trent, and/or Populus poster can write about his actions once he reaches building 2 if I don't get to it first. Keep in mind he has Sisters with him.

En'Dee's group has the most ground to cover since the En'Dee poster laid out a fairly ambitious list of plot points he wants to cover. He should start making reasonable assumptions on what the other characters will do and lead them through his plot ideas quickly, otherwise there is no way that they are accomplishing anything fast if they have to wait for 5 posters to reply anytime anything happens

File: Running...Hard.jpg (53 KB, 438x611)
53 KB
>Be Trish
>En’Dee has grabbed Kayla and the Inquisitorial Agent and evidently plans on “healing” them on the go
>She also apparently expects me to follow her
>Not really sure why I should, there doesn’t seem to be much future for me there other than a gradual transformation into a fucktoy
>On the other hand, I am deep in hostile territory
>Any Imperials I encounter will likely think I am tainted, and any tainted ones I encounter will probably do bad things to me whether they think I am on their side or not
>And then there are apparently some Tyranids around
>The Primer says Tyranids aren’t overly dangerous, but En’Dee and Alpharius seem to think they are a big deal, which is bad news
>I guess I will follow the others for now and hope for the best
>But I will avoid looking at En’Dee until she is done “healing” the two women
>Actually I will avoid looking at En’Dee in general
>Same for the weird chick, who is back on Alpharius’s shoulder
>Realize that running after an eight foot giant and a floating tentacle beast thing is actually very hard, particularly as my legs are a bit wobbly after “healing”
>Hopefully this brewery isn’t too far away
>Be mineself
>The Great Rogue Trader Rastar Populus
>Now in charge of a small an unofficial regiment
>The inquisitor callee us he said that the warp storm is clearing out
>I don't know what happened but surely it has to do with the big explosion from a few minutes ago who knocked us out for a few seconds
>This is good because I was going to ask my crew on the Hidden Opportunity to bombard some districts just to be sure
>Well anyway we can go our ways now I suppose ?
>Well no the Inquisitor want me and my crew, army? to attack the research facility
>Where is that ?
>Maybe we could just follow the inquisitor ?
>After following his rhino for two miles and see him enter a building but leaving a sister of battle outside, I can finally get more precision on my work
>Wich is raiding Wonka research facility n2°
>What was he even researching ?
>More chocolate ? Chaos flavored chocolate ?
>Well the sister of battle was nice enough to show me what was the facility
>Which is a bunker who is of course locked
>Put seven explosives charges on the door
>Hide on the closest building
>Detonate the charges
>After a few minutes standing outside to see if anything exits the bunker, I enter the facility
>There is a long staircase leading to a large room with a big machine at the center...
File: lWpf5HSs_400x400.jpg (12 KB, 271x271)
12 KB
>Be Inquisitor Chalmers
>My forces have finally broken the back of the Chaos forces, and with their Warp Ritual disrupted, it is only a matter of time before the whole island belongs to us
>My personal Rhino was heading forwards Laboratory Building Three, but due to some residual fighting, we diverted to Laboratory Building Two instead, as the Fleshforge is just as likely to be in either building
>The facility seems deserted, but there are ominous blood smears here and there
>Leave a Sister outside to guard the Rhino and enter the facility
>More blood smears and more emptiness
>My tech-priest hacks into the building’s spirit, and determines there is a well hidden room in the middle of the basement protected by a maze of traps and dead end passages
>Despite the maze’s elaborateness though, it appears to be poorly designed, as there two sealed tunnels leading directly to the central chamber, one from the inside, and one from the outside
>Bring my team over to the inside entrance, blast the hatch, and proceed down into the chamber
>Order the Sister I left on the outside to rally some troops and send them through the tunnel leading from the outside
>Reach the bottom of the steps
>And there it is, the Fleshforge
>And also a large number of genestealers and other tyranid lifeforms
>Well that is what the Sisters are for
“Purge the alien, in the Name of the Emperor!”
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>Very furious that someone blew up the Arx
>So typical of the Imperials, destroying a priceless artifact without understanding it
>With the possibility of evacuating the whole island into the Warp removed, we have resumed our previous conventional evacuation plans
>However, with Inquisitor Chalmer’s overwhelming forces in the area, a great deal of valuable technology will be lost
>For now, Eleni has ordered me to stay with the Slaaneshi daemon, just in case its mad scheme buys us anymore time
>Run after the daemon as it floats down the hallways molesting/healing Kayla and the Inquisitorial Agent at the same time
>The dark soul continues to display unusual amounts of empathy, and appears cognizant that she causes discomfort to others
"Warp Soul, we must go now, I will keep you safe"
>Pick up and carry the dark soul since she wasn’t running fast enough
>The daemon’s slave “Trish” tails behind us
>The three female OMPA LOMPAs the daemon seems to have a hold over are even further behind
File: norn mommy.jpg (48 KB, 377x507)
48 KB
>be me, K-Nid
>time of my life mang
>my new crib is amazing, never thought I'd be able to say I'd own a family home
>chilling in the reclamation pool with my bros, cracking open a cold OMPA LOMPA on the closest capillary spike
>all of a sudden hear mommy in my head
>suddenly there are familial screams down the hall and bright bursts of light
>realise I need to get my shit together
>telepathically scream at my bros to get ready and reach for my boneswords
>in the doorway appears a stern-looking man in armour and robes, flanked by freako blonde bitches
>in his hand is grasped the head of my bro, U-Nid
>we were so close
>rush at him in a mixture of blind fury and ravenous hunger
>the bitches immediately dowse the room in burning liquid
>almost all my bros are burned alive
>my sweet crib is ruined
>somehow avoiding the flames, and knowing when to call it, I hack a hole in the wall and disappear through it and crawl back down to mommy's cavern
>feeling very vulnerable rn, need mommy milkies

>reach mommy
>cry into her arms
>she's not very proud of me losing her quarry but forgives me anyway
>she tells there are a bunch of new arrivals that have just entered the building, including the armoured dude just now
>some of them might be coming this way
>send some gene-bros, mini-bros and other dear family members to go and check it out
>maybe Jessi-Nid and Josi-Nid are somewhere up there as well
>in any case I think I'm going to stay here and protect mommy while she thinks up a plan to save the day
should a grumpy necron lord wake up?
maybe keep it for next thread, otherwise many characters won't even get a chance to acknowledge them before the thread ends
Trent/James and pals/Tau commander/Tzeentch demon/Dave/Matthias poster here. I think I'm getting burnout of writing (plus my workpile is ever increasing), so do what you want with the characters if you'd like. I don't know if I'll come back soon, so just in case maybe leave James or Trent alive? Well it's been nice posting here, have fun for the rest!
That was why we spaced out the threads for Damnatum Lutum, to let people recover in between episodes and avoid burnout. Next thread (if it gets made) should probably have a bit of a gap.
File: 1595172519356.jpg (173 KB, 800x1236)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>Be the friendly Lucius now in friendly territory
>We have brought our woundeds to the hospital
>The place is full of sisters of battle, guardsmen and inquisitorial staff
>The nurses and doctors get to work and start to save our friends
>Our team of 10 is no reduced to 6
>2 incapacitated and 2 dead
>An officer that recognise us, freeze for a moment then call the guards
>We get surrounded and the commissar wanna be yell
>All I manage to reply is a tired
>"No YOU drop your weapons"
>He accuse us of being cowards and deserters and ask what do we have to say for ourselves
>I tell him our entire story, how we got left beind defending the front line alone, how we secured the palace, how we blew up the raffinery and how we ended up here
>He spit on the ground and tell us we're liars and heretics
>I tell him he's a retard and an incompetant
>He yell at his men to shoulder their weapons as if it was an execution
>We end up in a stand off with us forming a circle around the factory workers we saved and the imperial guards surrounding us
>The retard officer yell
>I reply
>I hear somebody on their side chuckle and I recognise him
>"Oh hey phil, how you been?"
>We're about to kill each others when the yellow space marine and a fiew guards in recon gears beind him casually walk to us
>Yellow space marine says
"All your deeds on the battlefield today have been recorded"
"We have witnessed how you valiantly fought alone far beind enemy lines to save innocents nobody could reach in times"
"I have seen you race to the raffinery and turn it into a weapon to strike chaos"
>I suddenly recal a fiew enemies exploding in half when we where running for the train station
"Concider yourselves under the protection of The Lamenters space marine chapter and a guest of Inquisitor Chalmer"
>After a bit everybody disperse and we're left with ourselves
>the small factory girl is still hiding beind me
>I ask her
>"So what's your story short stuff?"
File: potential map.png (801 KB, 1920x969)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
>Be me, Guardsman Colin
>Here clattering near me startling me to action
>In yet another fucking room
>I guess I was staring at the light for a long time
>Go out to investigate and see Brain drooling
>Follow his gaze and see an inferno of blue fire
>I squint my eyes and the flames disappear leaving honest to emperor sisters of battle
>My dream must really be getting to me
>Finally meet back up with James, he looks very tired
>Tells me to arm up for an upcoming attack
>Pick out a flamer and a few krak grenades
>See the Comissar again
>He looks strange, like a dimmed candle at first
>He tells us we shall be assaulting a location
>It's in fuck all no where
>Dont know about it but orders are orders
>At first we find nothing just old chocholate stained cement buildings.
>Then out of the forest they come for us
>Thousands of black flames, like a wildfire race out of the underbrush
>As the fire gets closer I see the forms of men and beast in it
>All of them are twisted and mangled as if in mockery of the human form.
>I let loose with my flamer, spraying promethium in wide archs about me.
>I think I here voices but I'm lost in the moment, reach for the krak grenades at my side
Wow that took a while to get out. Sorry about the delay, work and finals have kept me busy as of late.
I also saw blood raven anon>>79549758
wondering about a map. Maybe pic related could be it. Pretty islandy.
>Be Guard Dmitri
>That's not the correct way up
>The APC is upside down in a roadside ditch
>Last thing I remember is a massive explosion
>The blastwave hit the vehicle and tossed it off the road like a toy
>No idea what happened to that speeding UDO
>The rain is coming in through a shattered side window as the metal ticks and cools
>At least the wind seems to be easing off a bit
>Oleg is out cold in the back
>Typical Oleg, always napping on duty
>He wakes up with some water splashed on his face
>Come on tovarisch, we have places to be
>The last few crackles on the radio before it shorts out mention that the city is safe
>Grab some ammo and kit from the back, we know where we're going
>Пoйдём, быcтpo
>I've had enough craziness out here
>Nor do I get paid enough for this shit
>Start trudging through the rain, ready to shoot anything that moves
>It's at least a couple of hours walk to the city
>With some luck, no enemies

A set date of when someone is planning to start the next thread would be helpful. Preferably not straight away to not burn any more people out.
that is a pretty good map for what I suggested earlier

maybe we can do something along the lines of:

- Imperial victory in Wonka Land, but the Imperials are sloppy in the aftermath

- time skip a couple of weeks, various new and returning characters end up on an exclusive resort island on the same planet

- some one goes poking around somewhere they shouldn't, awakens the Necrons

- possibilities for beach/resort jokes, jungle fighting clichés, and exploring old ruins clichés, plus necrons and any other faction people want to use

I am good for whenever, if people want to keep going, I can make a new thread as described right away, if not then maybe someone can propose a date
Writing out the Chad encounter now. I'm trying to give him a moment in the sun that show cases how much of a chad he is before he gets it.

>Be Inquisitor Chalmers
>A glorious victory for me...
>And the Emperor of course
>We drive the Tyranids away from the Fleshforge, rig it up with teleportation beacons, and transport it to my ship for a brief examination followed by dismantling and destruction
>I can't wait to see my rival's face when I tell him I destroyed the Fleshforge
>Then we go back outside and take a shuttle ride to the ship as well, which at this point is returning to high orbit
>On the way out of the facility, I encounter a force led by the Rogue Trader, warn him that today is not a good day to poke around heretic research facilities, as orbital bombardment will commence shortly
>As my shuttle gains altitude, I have a good view of “Wonka Land”
>A large chunk of the city-factory complex was devastated by the refinery explosion, but I consider these to be acceptable losses for talking out the artifact generating the Warp Storm
>Make a mental note to ensure that those responsible for the explosion receive commendations and handsome financial rewards
>Fighting continues all over Wonka Land, but without their heretic magic, they are no match for my seconded Guard, PDF, and law enforcement units
>Still, who knows what foul magicks they have hidden away
>Now that the Fleshforge is safely in hand, order pinpoint orbital bombardments of any facility though to contain heretic technology (which is a lot of buildings)
>Give my forces still on the ground 20 minutes to relocate away from any zones where bombardment will occur; the Laboratory, Factory, and Brewery Buildings, the Observatory Complex, and Submarine Pen complex, most of which are still behind enemy lines anyways
>Also order an orbital bombardment on the position some T’au crash survivors were trying to fortify
>As if I would accept their request for an alliance
>Suffer Not the Alien, the Mutant, the Heretic!
>Ave Imperator!
>Be Peace Keeper Nicholas
>my unit is mostly back together so I send a few more APCs to speed up the evac
>kept some back for firepower
>as the APCs leave suddenly there is an explosion that shakes the whole complex
>as we get our bearings I notice people coming to the casino
>look like Sororitas with assorted company
>“Sororitas! Hold fire.”
>in the back of the crowd I see the large shape of a man
>Is that one of the Ogryn?
>Wait... its too broad, too angular, and too... handsome
>getting closer I see he is entirely grey
>then I see some of the crowd are clearly heretics, and even Tyranid bio forms... and their all women
>the grey man lifts a vehicle and throws it at us and we scatter
>before we can recover the man has already charged through our barricade sending some men flying
>Did he just pose?
>>”Ahh Yeeaahh!!”
>civies flee and a solder near the breach begins shooting the giant but is slapped away
>again he almost seems to pose while doing it as two more men begin firing on him
>he pivots and punches his attackers then definitely takes a moment to pose
>”Hose him down!”
>I immediately realize it's impossible as we are all engaged in melee with the crowd of women
>recalling that Peace Keeper Jillian was the farthest chem thrower from the barricade I shout to her
>but Jillian is just standing staring at the man as if in a trance
>the man then looks right at me giving me a smug grin
>I then realize all the women are in the same trace like stupor
>the man blows her a kiss and she faints
>“They're possessed! Try not to kill them!”
>as I fight one of the women I see the man stride over to Jillian, pick her up, and bring her to his face
>knocking my opponent flat and then kicking her in the face I raise my rifle
>just as I fire on the man I see that rather than bite into Jillian he instead snorts the residual dried stimulate goo off her
>>”Ahh Yeahhh!!”
>he looks over at me and then flops Jillian on to his shoulder
>I keep firing but its doing nothing, and the man charges at me and punches
>I barely dodge as it connects with an APC rolling it over
>the man has another satisfied pose giving me a chance to scramble away
>I disengage the power regulator on my las and shoot his back
>it gives him a bit of a burn and he turns and laughs
>He throws throws Jillian at me and I'm knocked off my feet dropping my weapon
>he then struts to me as I push Jillian off and shout "Tiberius! Now!"
>William in the middle of fighting multiple women hears me and bowls them over to get a Tiberius Pattern Anti-Armour Rifle, but gets cut up doing so
>the man notices and stops to pose with his hand on the back of his neck looking down shaking his head and chuckling “Manlets...” before turning about to charge William
>I throw nearby bottle of alcohol at the man before grabbing my las
>the man abruptly stops, catches it, and looks at me
>>”Ahh Yeaah!!!”
>as he downs the bottle I get an epiphany and stand up yelling "Lady's man! You want these ladies?!"
>he glaces at me as I swing open the door of the APC filed with functionally naked Wonka casino girls
>he smiles
>they gasp at the sight of him
>>”Ahh Yeeaahh!!”
>he flexes to show off his muscles and then begins strutting toward the APC
>William powers through the pain, grabs the Tiberius and lines up on chad
>the casino girls showered in red and the man stumbles
>he looks down at a gaping hole in his chest then turns as William unloads every round in the magazine tearing the man apart
>even ravaged by the AT rifle the man falls in a stylish manner and hits the ground striking a pose
>the women all fall and I order the chem throwers to liquefy any trace of the man
>I then order the thrawls restrained, the casualties triaged, the defences be shored up, and a fire team to go bring the civies back and put them to work
>we can't take another like that
>be Betty, the Dark Soul, harbiger of unease, blocker of powers and piece of professional luggage
>something huge blew up
>everyone else is worried
>weird tentacle lady and Alpharius say we need to go
>over a shoulder again
>suppose it beats trying to keep up everyone, on a battlefirld, barefoot
>and everything is covered in chocolate
>weirdest day ever
>also I'm with the weirdest people ever
>still a freak among freaks
>if we make it to the brewery, I may have to try drinking
>be Shas'ui leeyung
>about to order a counter attack on rogue T'au sided with human worshippers of Chaos
>see big explosion
>it's a big explosion
>get knocked on my ass
>get word the storm seems to be calming down
>our network is no longer jammed
>get word that the T'au empire is sending a ethereal and reinforcements
>did they just say "reinforcements?"
>newfag ethereal wants this planet to join the T'au empire
>were also ordered to get more of this "chocolate" so the earth cast can find out about it's power to turn the fish men crazy
>one of my drones hovers up to me and prints a peace of paper
>it's and i'm not shitting you a fucking " Pamphlet"
>"join with us, for the greater good today for a better and safer life"
>look up and see a small T'au fleet jump into the system
>it's just not my day but we have our order
>order any T'au that has not lost their mind to meet at the crashed ship, it's fixed and were meeting up with the fleet
>and don't worry lets keep what we all did on this planet a secret from the ethereal
>he looks like a newfag ethereal so lying to him is going to be easy
The entire time, put it on loop
Maybe we should make epilogue for all our characters (for this chapter at least) before the thread end? Also if not done already archive it on sup tg?
definitely archive it.
>Be Alpha Legionnaire “Clyde”
>Get a message from Eleni
>The Inquisitor has secured his objective, and he is about to begin bombarding our remaining strongholds and research facilities, including the one we are in...
>Address the Slaaneshi daemon
“Unfortunately, we are out of time daemon”
“This facility, and any others worth visiting will be destroyed by orbital bombardment in less than 5 minutes”
“We have secured the female Wonka clone and the brewery equipment, perhaps we can implement a modified version of your scheme another time”
“I presume a being of your power has its own methods of leaving this realm”
>With that final statement, I pull out my emergency teleport beacon and mash the button
>Myself and the dark soul are instantly teleported from the Laboratory, and from Wonka Land entirely for that matter
>We stand before the main Alpha Legion safe house on this world, a seemingly unimpressive set of ruins, but as with most things about the Alpha Legion, it is not what it seems
>Pull an old coin out of a small compartment in my armor
>Place it on a stone pedestal in front of an old arch
>Reality flickers, and a small portal to a pocket dimension in the Warp forms (not unlike the one we tried to create at Wonka Land)
>Carry the dark soul through the portal and along the narrow stone bridge connecting to a large shape in the murky distance
“Welcome to Jörmungandr”
>A huge geode rock of black granite and turquoise crystal floats in endless blue mists
>Dozens of stone bridges jut from it at all angles, connecting to nothing or little pinpricks of white light, and massive chains hold it in place, yet they to are connected to nothing
>Continue walking along the bridge
>As I get closer to the rock, I can make out the dozens of windows and balconies poking from its sides, indicators of the large building complex within the geode rock
“I know its appearance is alarming, but this is the safest place for you for now...”
“Had the orbital bombardment not killed you, the followers of the Inquisitor would have”
“You once asked me who are we, if not the Imperium”
“Well the answer is, we are those who are not afraid to use magic to preserve the remnants of mankind”
>Be Ha’nah the Liberator
>Da’mn it!
>I wasn’t able to finish off the Shas’O
>Not that it matters now, the human followers of the “God-Emperor” were victorious, and have started bombarding both T’au factions, as well as the human followers of Chaos from orbit
>The Shas’O and his cronies are falling back to the crash site, apparently a newly arrived T’au fleet is planning on reinforcing them
>Luckily we Chaos T’au have our own backup plan
>The Chaos humans have contacted us and let us know they have safe houses and hiding spots throughout the planet
>Looking forward to working with those more knowledgeable of the mysteries of Chaos than myself
>Not to mention the many secrets of pain and pleasure
good work, that is pretty much what I had planned
I am a fucking retard.

Try this one
Is that supposed to be the same link as before?
Did you mean to link to something?
>Be Trish
>Alpharius says something about how the facility we are in is about to be destroyed from orbit
>Then he and the weird girl disappear in a flash of light and thunder
>No way I could find my way out of this maze of a building in five minutes
>No doubt the blast radius is pretty big too, so even if I make it outside, I will still be incinerated
>Call out to En’Dee, who is still “healing” the two women, but has stopped and turned to face me
>Was that what she did to me? Even worse than I imagined
>Not important right now...
>Speak to En’Dee
“Please tell me you have a way out of this death trap before we are incinerated”
>She just looks at me impassively
“I will do anything you want!”
>She gives me a half smile
“Okay, not ‘anything’, anything, but I am willing to consider a lot of things, make me an offer!”
>She just continues floating there with that half smile of hers
>Wonder if she is waiting for me to make an offer, thinking of her own offer, or simply enjoying my panic as time runs out
Fucking fuck. I needed to convert it into a Google spreadsheet.

Here's an actually working one.

((Shit, had a headache and passed out...))
"Thankfully I was able to find this on the Agent."
>Hold up her own Teleport Beacon and hit the button
makes sense the agent would have a teleportation beacon

where does it lead?

did she bring Trish with her?
>be Betty
>get... teleported? somewhere else
>the area still looks a lot like home
>Alpharius is doing something with a coin and a pedastal
>realize he could have kidnapped me any time but didn't
>feel semi bad for not trusting him
>but not too bad, he was pretty suspicious all things considered
>he just opened a portal
>he's carrying me through and the view is...
>this can't be real
>some sort of dream fortress
>rock and crystal floating in an infinite, misty sky
>bridges and giant chains to nowhere
>trying to take it all in as he answers a question that seems so long ago
>I can only think of one reply
((Presumably it leads to her own Inquisitor's ship, and since they were more Radical we can just make it one 'Dees Inquisitorial Contacts, as we don't have either Fleshforge OR Wonka Clone she'll be disappointed, but we know Chalmers has the former and "Clyde" said they had the latter.
And yes, she'd took Trish as well as the Agent AND Kayla, who can hopefully get us in touch with "Clyde."
Damn migraine though, I could have wrote something eight hours ago to at least introduce the Sleepy Brew-mistress Nurgle Daemon, but decided to wait a bit for the pain to subside and ended up sleeping myself.))
>be me, Peace Keeper Nicholas
>we've finally evacuated the last of the civies and are now at the hill
>I've just reported to the Commissar and am now headed to the field hospital to check on the wounded
>As pass through vehicle bay entrance I see Anton, Christof, Katya, Nina, and two men in fatigues squatting and drinking
>I'm not going to stop them, they've earn it
>as the prisoners and ex-thralls are unloaded and moved to be sent to a holding area before the inquisition can interview them I see Michail
>he is leading a Soroitas, but unlike how all the other prisoners and ex-thralls are cuffed or otherwise restrained the Sororitas is tied up in shibari and on a leash
>Michail sees me and comes over after handing the leash to some random Guardsman that looks like he is about to have a heart attack
>As we walk to the field hospital Michail asks me what I will do when we get back
>"Aside from the obvious shower, sleep, etc I'd like to play the stick game"
>>"With the casino girls?"
>"Heh, I'm flattered you think it would take all of them!"
>we laugh and pass by Gregor who is standing with a group of PDF
>I hear "Do you still think we can try for the high score?" before they all go quiet and walk on
>as I move through the building I'm relieved to see Chonk and the rest of the Ogryn standing with some other Ogryn
>they are in a heated philosophical debate the citing the works of ancient earth scholars about deviancy and justice as it pertains to the conflict between the appetitive, honour bound, and enlightened portions of the human soul RE temptation vis a vis the nature of good and evil
>>"We ran off after eatin the choclit, are we gunna be in truble?"
>>>"Ya! You guys were suppos to stay and fight for tha Empra but you went to eat choclit! If ya don't fight, tha bad guyz win!"
>>"But the choclit was bad, dumb!"
>>>"Choclit isn't bad and ur comish gave you it, DUMB!"
>>"Yah but he didn't know it was bad choclit! And tha bad guyz even made it rain choclit! ...DUMB!"
>check mate
>As we get to the field hospital I see Kevin is trying to chat up a rather busy medic by regaling her with tales of his brave special operation leading an Ogryn strike force behind enemy lines
>>"They only respect the authority of commissars and other people they recognize as being close to the Emperor"
>I pass Jillian asking about the possible effects of being drenched in narcotics and being incapacitated by magic
>I see William talking and sitting next to Michael and Richard while getting stitched up by two medics
>After I see all the member of my platoon and get a report on the well being I make arrangements to have the dead shipped home
>then I head to the comms relay and give command a SITREP before finding a spot to sit down and rest for a bit
>I knew this planet wasn't loyal
>Its not Argo
>be T’au ethereal-chan
>just became an ethereal and got sent out to some out of nowhere T’au colony
>”lol your just mad T’au men simp for cute ethereal girls over your old ass”
>got a message from my teacher
>it’s been a long time my old teacher i wonder how’s he doing
>it’s an SOS
>”well shit”
>see fish men killing everything on the ship
>see fish men kill my old teacher
>see a fire warrior shot the dead body
>”ok that’s over kill and a dick move”
>order my small T’au fleet to change course away from the T’au colony and enter Archipelagia space
>as we jump into the system my fleet is welcomed by both orks ships and an Inquisitor’s fleet
>”fuck, FUCK, WTF what the fuck is going on here, who’s this asshole”
>Inquisitor’s fleet look like their in shock too
>get a report that some T’au drop-ships from the planet are flying into orbit to meet us
>order the fleet into battle as we rescue out brothers in arms
>for the greater good!
(i'm taking a break)
>but as the Inquisitor’s fleet rip us a new asshole
>i'm a forced to retreat beside one of Archipelagia moon's
>we will hide here and come up with a plan, a better plan so cunning the ethereals at home will fear me.
Maybe we can use this spreadsheet >>79603674 for communication if a thread seems non-viable.

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