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Nechronica is a system where body parts are HP and abilities (with skills being abilities that don't also contribute to HP).

It's a very flexible system since every part and skill can be refluffed as long as their mechanical effect is unaffected. The setting can also be re-fluffed or changed out for a fully custom one.

>Where do I get an English translation of this Japanese tabetop RPG?

-The translation project wiki has/is a translation: https://nechronica.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
-You can play Nechronica on Tabletop Simulator. Check the Steam Workshop for the resources.

Question: What drew you to the system?

For me it was that this was a system where body plans that radically differed from standard humanoid or radical changes in body plan in early middle and late game where completely fine, combined with a level of math that I found easy to digest, and a system where you could completely reflect everything and toss the setting for your own creation and belittle the worse for wear.

Ever since my first TTRPG I've been wanting to play a game where stock body plans were more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule. (I wanted to play a vampire with vicissitude so I could reengineer ghouls and vampires in my very first ttrpg campaign back in the early 2010's but ended up playing a toreador with as much crafting ability as possible instead when the GM politely but firmly told me no).
I also enjoy being able to monkey with settings and the way this game is perfectly fine with you doing that appeals to me.
File: 1653865357032.jpg (140 KB, 850x1202)
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140 KB JPG
File: 1508526435188.jpg (262 KB, 1000x833)
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File: 1633229002493.jpg (396 KB, 1061x582)
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anyone ever have those annoying times where you get those itches that are not on the outer skin but the inside of the flesh?
File: 1654238286278.png (1.37 MB, 1000x1412)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Yeah I used to get those in and around my lungs.

I just put up with the itching I couldn't scratch and lack of sleep until it went away.

It sucked. It sucked a lot.
will draw 1x doll
show me what you've got
ill repost my request from the last thread but it's a bit of a hard one
you can just draw the doll if you want and not any of the scenery around her
this might be still because of her appearance a bit of a complicated hard request so it's fine if you don't attempt it

>but it's my current hot blooded older sister tomboy holic running through and blasting a bunch of panicked British redcoats with a model 1200 Winchester shotgun like she is fucking doomguy

>her physical appearance is pretty interesting
>she has an [extra head] which is similar to that of a terrier such as a yorkie which is implanted into her shoulder
>she has a [tail] of a giant lizard and has subtle [scales] on her face
>and is wearing a birtish readcoat like the soldiers
>her shotgun has a strange nixe tube attchement but i don't know if you need to include that with the angle of the drawing

>some of the soliders are extremely panicked and are accidentally shooting and stabbing each other with their bayonet rifles

if you are just going to draw her prefrably she should be in a similar pose to pic related
eyes staring right through at the veiwer
Reading that make this play in my head.
To this day it irritates me that the subtitle isn't just Eternal Epilogue instead of The Long Long Sequel.
File: 1545323639016.png (5.39 MB, 1378x2039)
5.39 MB
5.39 MB PNG
>subtitle isn't just Eternal Epilogue instead of The Long Long Sequel

Well I suppose that would be more accurate I like The Long Long Sequel better.
File: 1547194677688.png (279 KB, 544x551)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
What drew me to it was the parts system as well, the fact that your character is basically just a bunch of puzzle pieces put together in whatever way you like (mostly) and those pieces are your body, your weapons AND your HP just scratched an itch I didn't even know I had prior to finding it.
I just have a very hard time selling it to my usual group due to them not meshing with the default artstyle or the themes
>I just have a very hard time selling it to my usual group due to them not meshing with the default artstyle or the themes

They're like two or three versions kicking around but people have made that remove all the art and sterilize the fluff for the parts and skills so that you can get normies into it.

I made the mistake of giving the copy of one of them that someone gave me a really stupid file name so now I can't find it on my goddamn hard drive.

Hopefully someone else on the thread will be able to help you.
File: Revenge.png (26 KB, 691x460)
26 KB
What motivations have your characters or notable NPCs had?

The last character I played was fighting to save their country and the people they care about that they still have in their unlife.

The character before that had the same motivation but also really wanted to bury the remains of her sister in a place she would have liked. (After the game she's trying to get to the New England coast bury her sister's skull there.)

The character before that was motivated entirely by trying to get her sisters out of the terrible situation they were in without breaking them mentally and ended up breaking herself mentally instead.
File: rat bomb.gif (2.19 MB, 490x390)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB GIF
How do you fluff your parts?

The latest idea I'm working on has new animals grow out of her with bizarre abilities.

example: If she picked up dynamite it takes the form of extremely relaxed overweight rats.

adhesive pads is a narrow carpet of ants that extend out in front of her and crowd surf her along any surface then dissolve into smoke.
File: 1646963499554.png (555 KB, 1810x1604)
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555 KB PNG
Once with a pretty severe sunburn. It was all over me, too.
One of those things that I would be hard pressed to wish on anyone but my worst enemy. I got basically no sleep that night.

I think it's a deliberate choice to to emphasize the world of Nechronica as a continuation and not strictly an end to humanity. It's irrevocably changed but not *over.* Especially if your version of the setting has actual societies cropping up around the necromancers' feet.
File: adzfh4vxsi431.jpg (333 KB, 2400x3000)
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333 KB JPG
I once refluffed Remote Attack as a little puppy that I kept in my ribcage.
His leash was my intestines so he could only go so far. He was a good boy.
Sounds interesting, but how do I find people autistic enough to play this?
File: 52m3ru.png (312 KB, 600x335)
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312 KB PNG
Your friends
>inb4 he has none who'd want to try
Internet friends
>they are all ironic weaboos
>reeeeeeeeeeeeee discord's bad
(which is true but still)
>Who do you took me for ? a +30 old man ?
>Other humans are bad
Pick your poison.

>TQ : What drew you to the system?
A while ago I was browsing /tg/ and fall upon some dude explain Nech's rules.
The simple fact that Parts = HP = Actions/Passives you can have is genius.
Feels like your character could be build out of cards you exhaust or turn recto/verso when destroyed.
I like my roleplaying games more "table top" feeling with card tokens and props than just a singular character sheet. (I'm the type of dude who put little paper hearts on its B/X char sheet to represent how many HP I have left.)

If anyone wants a shitty doodle of their doll/monster I'll deliv-
>will draw 1x doll
>show me what you've got
no other takers?
File: Emily.jpg (755 KB, 2791x2365)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
>What drew you to the system?
CRB cover art. I saw it and knew instantly this was going to be the best system in the world by a long shot. Then I actually tracked down the rules and I was more right than I had imagined. There's not a single piece of the system that I am not completely on-board with.

Fuck it, it's been a while since I tried to pester someone for Emily art. Pic is her at zero favor, for reference. Favor added:
>Still-beating heart necklace, attached via veins and arteries
>Colony of snakes living in eye-head, they like to roam, occasionally knock out eyes or travel through her circulatory system
>Snakes scales and shifting, nanomachine like metal
>Rattlesnake tail(s), attached to lamia lower body; they split three ways at the midpoint, a fact which may not be necessary
>Because she also gained the ability to shapeshift, and made extensive use of this as I adored the infinite, unfettered possibilities I was allowed
>Her default outfit became a spiked, green 'super suit,' emblazoned with the initials TS for her moniker: the Tiny Snake
>Treasure not pictured: the normal arm which her snake-arm replaced

If you're taking pose/action requests, she loved cake almost as much as I love her, and she'd frequently remove her eye head so all the snakes could slither out and have some as well. If it's just a portrait, fair enough. She would often forego the split lamia portions, and as necessary, she would just randomly generate mouths on herself to simultaneously eat cake and carry on a conversation with her adoptive family of dolls.

She was the cutest terror to ever exist, but I can understand if the request is a bit much. Emily was not a simple doll, and I do not fault anyone that balks at trying to visually represent her.
If you'd like to take a hack at a military doll who's had to make a bunch of field repairs:
>kinda short, around 5'3" or so
>dressed in olive drab military fatigues
>dogtags are worn around her neck if you want to include them
>Missing most of her head. Everything from the nose up is covered by a military helmet. A big camera lens has been stuck through the front to replace her eyes
>barebone prosthetic left arm, possibly missing several fingers. Left sleeve is torn halfway up the upper arm, maybe stained with blood from when she lost it
>prosthetic left leg, very primitive. Possibly homemade. Ends in a peg leg.
>right leg ends at the knee, foot replaced with another peg leg, possibly something simpler than a real prosthetic like an actual peg of wood
>right hand is holding a large revolver with ivory grips
>bandolier of grenades is slung over her left shoulder
>she saved her boots; their laces are tied around her right shoulder and they're resting against her back; one is probably smashed flat longways if you want to bother
>some kind of cocky graffiti on her helmet, bonus points for 'smile and wait for flash' style camera joke

Her parts, for anyone curious, are:
>Extra Eyes
>Quadruple Amputee
>Hand Cannon
>Hand Grenade

Skills are
>Remain Dead
>Corpse Style

I'd probably have to rework her if I ever get a chance to actually play her since hand cannon and grenade aren't very good, but this is what she winds up with using vanilla creation rules.
File: AI_Garbage.png (1.26 MB, 781x856)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
There's a new AI picture generator up if anyone wants to try making... something. It's difficult to get much out of it if you aren't using historical references as your input but I figure someone might be able to make something worthwhile with the right inputs.
File: Letters.jpg (103 KB, 738x1200)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Have this price of art for inspiration.
File: sloancaughtup.png (187 KB, 1273x1274)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
i would like to steal this :) also i will draw a doll of yours regardless
File: inquisitordate.png (799 KB, 2000x2000)
799 KB
799 KB PNG
i started playing because i have a lot of interest in cyborgs and zombies. some of my very first characters ever were zombie girls stitched together by an evil necromancer.
File: 20210820_222716.jpg (6.04 MB, 4032x3024)
6.04 MB
6.04 MB JPG
My favorite characters are the big damn heroes that beat the odds, no matter how bleak. My first Nechronica GM is an old time writing buddy of mine who can't help but make half his characters dour lost causes. It happens that Nechronica is perfect for running both of those at once.
>will draw 1x doll
>show me what you've got

I'd love to. But I'm dead on my feet right now.

When I've gotten some sleep in my system I'll be back.
File: 2Q==(9).jpg (11 KB, 256x256)
11 KB
>There's a new AI picture generator up if anyone wants to try making... something. It's difficult to get much out of it if you aren't using historical references as your input but I figure someone might be able to make something worthwhile with the right inputs.

I've been having a lot of fun with this thing. Thank you for sharing it.
File: Z(28).jpg (7 KB, 256x256)
7 KB
File: Z(20).jpg (11 KB, 256x256)
11 KB
Why is it called the long sequel?
>What drew you to the system?
Two things. One the idea that was pitched of "Yeah, you can take bits from enemies and stick them onto your enemies" This is only done to recover, which makes sense considering the game would break if you could just take any enemy parts.

The other was when there was an open invite to join a game and it seemed like it would be a horrific dumpster fire that would make for a fun story because just look at that cover. No one sane would run this. It turned out to be a pretty fun time.

So basically here because of lies and deception.
Because the Necromancer Wars effectively ended the story of humanity. Humanity is literally over by the rules of the setting. Now another story starts following on from the old one, hence 'Sequel.'
give me something yuri to draw
File: Yuri's magnetron.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Draw it as a horror or an anime girl, whatever tickles your pickle.
funny, but i meant the fingerbanging type of yuri
File: Dolls.jpg (408 KB, 1946x1748)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
Right doll picking up the left doll and trying to kiss her. I say 'trying' because the jagged teeth are smaller than they were in game; each tooth is actually about two feet long. Having to spread the lips ear to ear over them creates complications, and naturally balloons head size. The rest of her is unnaturally thin, both limbs and torso having spindly proportions; she also has four arms, the extra pair growing out under the normal ones. She is at least twice as tall as the left doll, even before the massive head, though the left one is on the shorter side. Left doll was a pure Psyche, with no real deformities to mention, but her abilities manifested as emerald-green fire.

Context on kiss is that it's their first, and it has taken just about all the courage which right doll has to go for it.
File: yuriquest.png (207 KB, 1389x971)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
here you go
Exceedingly quick. Thank you for your contribution, anon.
it was a fun one. i do enjoy yuri. to anyone else, im still up for a request
File: 500px-NC_TRY3_197.png (285 KB, 500x362)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
Alright, since I'm completely new at this, does anyone more experienced have any advice for me please? Especially in chargen.
listen to your GM, synergize your parts, and embrace the essence of the game
Do you have any questions in particular?
Some generic tips:
>More AP good
>BUT don't try and get into an AP arms race with your GM because that isn't fun
>pick an attack type and stick with it; EG don't try and build for Shooting and Melee at the same time.
>Blast is an exception because no skills benefit it specifically
>Probably don't use Monofilament because it's really broken and it won't be fun for your GM to build everything around you
>+1 to hit skills are good, pick them up when you can
>it's good to have a stable of Rapid and Check maneuvers so you can support your teammates even off of your own Count
what if i type in "rape machine"?
Then it'll generate something off that premise. It tries to reference pictures for whatever you type. Not exactly sure how it works.
File: it needs more.png (534 KB, 843x517)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
ok, it needs more than 2 words....
File: machine.png (1.49 MB, 796x846)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
I bet you it's using images for rapeseed, lol.
File: magnetron.png (377 KB, 1665x2553)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
File: file.png (1.01 MB, 795x841)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
It's using agricultural machinery for growing rape. You can add some descriptors.
Machine Gun is a trap option (as in it's so bad it just exists to punish people who don't know not to take it)
You can make Machine Gun marginally useful if you knock the cost down to 2 AP.
It probably still isn't good enough to take even then, but it's definitely way less awful.
Is there a hard rule that fragments of memory have to be a dolls own?
Is it reasonable for a doll to scavenge memories that belonged to multiple individuals

Also thinking it would be interesting to port a lot of ideas I had for mind affecting anomalies for my stalker homebrew back into a nech campaign
The game really has inspired me adding a lot to my other projects
Are male dolls possible?
File: 133.jpg (284 KB, 1686x1603)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
yes but they will still be lesbians :3
File: PortFColor.png (212 KB, 581x781)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
You can treat memory fragments pretty much however you like. The character on the right in >>84793396 was a combination of two closely related humans and a robot (and we actually found said robot midway through the campaign, still functional). Another character of mine ate part of a Savant and, instead of being destroyed, the piece of flesh she ate latched onto her digestive tract and started growing into her, and she had to take medication to suppress the Savant's personality/memories as the piece became more and more integrated. It also taught her how to ride jet bikes in her sleep.

So it isn't a hard rule, no. But you'd have to come up with an explanation for how your PCs can harvest memories from other people because there isn't one in the base setting.
RAW, it requires a T2 mutation part. But in my own groups we're generally fine with male characters as long as the player keeps with the right vibe (though we haven't had anyone actually make a boy thus far even with the allowance in place).
i don't recommend it. they're harder to pull off and rarely work out
Why don’t they usually work out? What do they do wrong?
NTA but a big part of Nechronica's vibe is the 'cute girls doing cute things' deal except it happens to take place in a post apocalyptic hellscape.

You can still pull off playing boys or young men but people generally tend to play them as less vulnerable or cute than girls and for some diehards it clashes with how they want the game to feel. Although some of the regulars here are also just dyed-in-the-wool diehard yurifags, so take that into account when probing the local sentiment.

Do not take the names of partsor skills too seriously.

One reason is you can refluff them to be something else that has the same mechanical effect

Reason 2, some are just bad and don't reflect the name that they claim.
Be aware that some attack parts have a minimum range greater than zero.

Sniper rifle and AT rifle are both fantastic weapons for two different kinds of long range shooting attack doll builds. However a weakness they share is that they both have a minimum range greater than zero so if an enemy gets closer than that minimum range you need to have a different attack part to hit them with.

Fortunately things like Shotgun, and Bear Gun exist which which are great options for a shooting attack specialist doll and also have a minimum range of 0 which also makes them a good fallback option for any shooting attack doll who's primary weapon has minimum range issues.

Bear gun is also helpful for a shooting attack doll who's main gun is a low damage weapon that gets it's bite from having lots of special effects ( like any combination of 2 or more of: area, explosive, dismember, stagger, or chain ) because enemies can have have the capability to negate those abilities a limited number of times per turn, or just outright immunity. When facing an enemy like that Bear Gun is a nice fall back because it just does direct damage, and most defend parts can't block 3 damage which means you are very likely to punch through with at least one damage, and if that's not the case you've likely forced the enemy to use up at least two defend parts for the rest of that turn.
it filters most direct NSFW words as far as I know, so that request was just ‘machine’
It is definitely considering the plant.
>How do you fluff your parts?

I have a tendency to incorporate party's into my character's body even if that isn't how you would usually imagine them.

For instance I once had a character with AT Rifle and Shotgun.

She had a big cybernetic scorpion tail that looked like something out of metal gear rising with the AT rifle and feeding mechanism built into it, and an external mounting point for her shotgun when she didn't want to carry it in her hands.

A flying doll I've been mulling over is also one I've been imagining as rather self contained. Though now that I think about why I was moving in that direction I may change my design approach for them a bit.
File: 20220316_210849.jpg (2.06 MB, 4032x3024)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
I will sometimes ignore what the part actually is wholesale and instead look at the effect and then look at my character concept to determine what it winds up fluffed as. For example, the character on the left actually has African Throwing Knife, I just said it was actually a fletchette launcher and my GM was cool enough to roll with it. Slippery became 'Sloped Armor' and Adrenaline became 'Combat Subroutine.' IIRC her Arm part is a laser target designator.
It doesn't happen with everything, but if I have a part that's mechanically desirable but wouldn't make good sense for the character I want to play (e.g. an Enhancement on a character who's supposed to be all meat) I'll usually find some way around it like that.
File: 1653053035282.png (144 KB, 873x601)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
File: Red Mage Dress.jpg (109 KB, 420x850)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>swing me closer I want to headbutt them with my forehead
Fran from Franken Fran Frantic licking the empty eye socket of Zombie Maria (by that dude @nkymatsushi)
Thank you in advance dude !!
it is such a strange feeling to see my art be reposted
any recommendations for skill checks out of combat? I wanted to run a weird stalker x girls frontline concept I had in mind, and I like most of the system, but I can’t think about how to resolve some situations. I wanted to slap into the character sheet something simple like Fate’s skills, so players just describe a couple things they are good at and they get a +1/+3 on those. is it a bad idea?
I liked the fill you did for Liz so I kept it.

That's essentially what my hexcrawl Nechronica game does and it's worked well enough so far. My character's good at surgery so I get bonuses if I'm trying to do some specific medical thing, and she's got experience working on small mecha and other machines so she gets bonuses to a lot of machine-related checks. Jazz is more of a fluff thing but I think it has come up once or twice. Another PC is explicitly skilled in assassination so she gets bonuses to hiding, tracking, perception, etc. One NPC we traveled with for a while had Tracking/Outdoorsmanship as one of her specialties which acted much the same except had more to do with being out in the wild than it did explicitly tailing someone.
GM usually keeps bonuses to +1 or +2. +3 Should really only be reserved for checks the Doll realistically wouldn't fail at outside of time pressure or something; if they wager any part for an extra roll then they're almost guaranteed to succeed on it (~4% chance for both dice to roll 2 or lower).

I think my GM asked us to come up with one fluff skill and two practical ones which has served us well so far. If you want to get into the weeds of a more survival type game (and I assume you do considering you invoked STALKER) then you might want to shoot for 1 or 2 more.
oh, good to know, I’ll go with that then. while we are at it, does the session structure as described in the manual work well? any changes you guys made to the system that you would recommend? I don’t really have alot of things thought out regarding the campaign, but I’m going for the usual stalker experience, just adding into it the psicological aspects that Nechronica seems great for
File: vezzy tank by vezoniaartz.jpg (645 KB, 1000x1500)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
I find Nechronica definitely works more as intended if you try and keep to the Adventure/battle/recovery phase structure as defined in the book, and would reccomend you try and stick to that for at leas the first few legs of your campaign/game to figure out if you like it or not. Doing super long Adventure phases like we do in the hexcrawl game means the mechanical benefit of Memory fragments can get lost in the shuffle a little and arguably makes them feel less impactful.
That said, even if the hexcrawl game doesn't really follow the traditional phase format it still plays fine, there's just enough homebrew in it that I wouldn't really call it the authentic Nechronica experience.
Nice. What class would she be?
does nechronica work for mech settings?
People do that. If the rest of my group wasnt down with the coof I'd ask the brain trust if they feel like explaining how they do it.

But the Mecha genre ais no stranger to crazy powerful robots, field repairs, mental trauma, and memory fukery.

It's a lot of fun.
She's probably at least half requiem.>>84831178
How exactly do your characters in the game try to make a better world?
Wasn't there a PDF of this or is the wiki still the best place top read the game? I always prefer the easier to read style.
Stop Ba`al from dragging the rest of earth into the warp.
The latest .pdf is on the wiki, though there was a minor error in the latest translation and for some reason some of the Shooting attacks are tagged as Ranged.
I prefer the .pdf because of two-page view and also Ctrl+F makes things easy to find and reference things.

>Khorne wakes up
>looks out the window
>sees a giant, flaming deer walk by
>goes back to bed

My current character is on a mission to save her mom. Which may also happen to be key to saving the world...? Or maybe just the weird little bubble everyone else is trapped in. It's complicated and I'm not privy to most of the details yet.
You weren’t exactly confident in your art skills but now look at you
You are now the darling drawfag of the nech bread
Keep up the good work anon!
File: My favorite Firefox logo.png (815 KB, 2000x1917)
815 KB
815 KB PNG
>I prefer the .pdf because of two-page view and also Ctrl+F makes things easy to find and reference things.

I'm a psycho. I just have a Firefox window open with a bunch of tabs with different pages from the wiki on them.

Then another separate window with just my character sheet.

Then a third window with Roll20.

Then a 4th with whatever communication mthod we are using because none of my groups use roll20 chat for anything except the dice bot.

We're migrating to FoundryVTT soon.
I am excited.
> We're migrating to FoundryVTT soon.
oh nice, didn’t know that they made a system for it in Foundry
the crown is her current treasure, they're not her first.
I want more of this specific kind of nightmare fuel that comes from this kind of pseudo 3D art style.

Does anyone have any?

>give me something yuri to draw

Two severed arms with different lengths, clothing and fingernails clutching hands while they wriggle their limbs in an coordinated attempt to squirm across the ground. Whether they are traveling toward safety, a hiding spot, or a violent end to their suffering is something I'll leave up to you to depict or leave vague.
File: _.jpg (282 KB, 1915x1080)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Just necromancer things.
The Mexica gods and goddesses work really well as deranged powerful beings who suffer and make each other suffer while also making they're subordinate playthings suffer allegedly for their own good.
>So basically here because of lies and deception.

And people say self deception doesn't help.
what's her name
also skintone/haircolor>?
Fair skin
Black hair (though most of it is probably missing on account of the skull issue)
Name on the tags is Corey L. (Short for Lamberti).

You can kinda balance salvaging enemy parts, imo. My current game does this a bit where we roll at the end of combat to salvage pieces off the enemy for recovery and then make a luck roll to see if there are any recoverable reinforcement parts. So far it hasn't really gotten us much, mostly because of in-character circumstances (there have been a lot of enemies we dont actually want to annihilate) and one player being an airhead and passing up Animal Legs for some reason, but it's been a neat addition so far. It probably helps that we can't normally acquire reinforcements with favor outside of our character's home settlement though, and we get favor for doing jobs and karma instead of just combat in general.
File: 1597261821843.png (7.15 MB, 4093x2894)
7.15 MB
7.15 MB PNG
>I just have a Firefox window open with a bunch of tabs with different pages from the wiki on them.
You sound like my GM. He has like 30+ tabs open at any time and I have no idea how he keeps anything organized.

Question for the bread at large: how do you guys handle larger outdoor areas? Say the party is traversing a city or something. I struggled with this a bit in a past game where the travel time just kind of wound up being dead air and sucked some of the fun out of the game at the time.
I figure my best bet would be to come up with a map and a few encounters to keep the tension up but I'm open to ideas
by always giving the party things to do and obstacles to completing them. they may need to plant a radio beacon atop a skyscraper only to find the thing is infested with eldritch shadow creatures, or they may want to rob a bank and realize that it's a mafia joint and it may have severe consequences
Walking through the city is rarely something I devote a lot of time to, other than giving some fluff describing the adventure itself
File: armed.png (48 KB, 731x212)
48 KB
i liked this
>Stop Ba`al from dragging the rest of earth into the warp.
Is that a 40k reference?
File: 1617433868712.png (842 KB, 1840x1588)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
He's (likely) Noel's player from pic related.
I ran a game that took place during the Necromancer Wars where the U.S. was slowly being subsumed into a giant firestorm by a necromancer located on the western seaboard named Baal.
The players were part of the remnants of the U.S. army and were put on a mission to infiltrate Baal's forward line and take out a particularly large construct to stall his advance.

Baal had found a way to broadcast the Ego Dimension into realspace so the area directly under his influence got very trippy.
File: unknown-73.png (1.37 MB, 1280x549)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Post grenades please. From the mundane to the fantastic to the insane and unreal.
Why did you allow this fucked Ng snowflake in your military game?
All the characters were created by the GM and he gave us a list of character sheets to choose from.

What was left of the US Army's homeland forces were supplemented with the private armies of other American necromancers.

Noel was part of one of the latter forces hence her wildly different design and uniform.
Mechanical build wise she was the GM experimenting with changing psychedelics to make them less disappointing to play mechanically. I had a great time with her.
Ok. You get a pass.
>>84840437 #
Neat. Thank you.
They must have been doing this for a while since they aren't leaving the trail of blood behind them but perhaps that means they had very little or no blood to begin with.
You haven't even seen the bone serpent doll they could have chosen, lol.

Noel had a different necromancer than the other two players (Eightball was an NPC). Feliz and Betty were both members of the Army but Noel was part of the Louisiana National Guard; her necromancer was more about mutations while the Army dolls were more Enhancement/Armaments focused and deviated less from normal body plans except in extreme edge cases like Eightball.
File: 1316990406067.png (1.63 MB, 1182x1669)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
What's the most epic thing your character's done in their campaign so far? And what's their ultimate goal?
File: 1654449080098.jpg (130 KB, 1097x1923)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
My current character honestly hasn't stolen the show all that much. She leans super hard into support so most of combat is her throwing people around with Wire Reel or giving out +1s to hit with one of her homebrew skills. Occasionally she bops something with a rocket launcher but that hasn't been anything climactic yet (though she did hit one boss enemy with rockets back-to-back which was satisfying).

Most of what she does is skill-monkey related. She's got lots of parts that can be used for action checks so if something needs to be noticed or something complicated has to get done then she can usually manage something. One of these involved communicating through a door via morse code, which made me feel pretty clever at the time.

The most badass moment in the game probably goes to the chuuni ninja. We were being attacked by a giant horror that was attached to what looked like a scared doll. Functionally, the huge monster was her leg hit location and to free her we had to destroy all the parts in that section. The ninja straight up teleported behind the trapped doll and got a successful dismember check on the legs with her katana, freeing the girl and ending the combat by spending all of 3 AP or something.

In a recently ended campaign, I had a character with a super long body plan, and she spent one combat with her lower body wrapped around the hull of a jet bike while she used her upper body to joust enemy riders. That whole combat was like a speed metal music vid.
Would it be interesting if an enemy such as potentially one that is in control of less intelligent horrors and savants
was only hostile to the dolls because it didn’t realise they were sapient and it’s just mostly following the procedures it knows?
>In a recently ended campaign, I had a character with a super long body plan, and she spent one combat with her lower body wrapped around the hull of a jet bike while she used her upper body to joust enemy riders. That whole combat was like a speed metal music vid.

I want a whole game that's just this.
>>84846782 By the Made in Abyss posting I'm going to guess you are PortAnon.
File: 1515159265464.jpg (941 KB, 1200x999)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only poster here who liked MiA but in this case you happen to be right. Good sleuthing.

Like any idea, it mostly comes down to how you end up handling it. I figure that the most obvious impactful path this idea could take would be the potential for the controller to become a future ally or asset of some kind if the party manages to talk it down instead of destroying it. Otherwise I don't see exactly how it would differ from any other enemy from the party's point of view.
This reminds me of the image that some posted where they had an ally who was the arc one BBEG.

Pardon me while I find it on 4plebs.
>>84847244 Will you be story timing in your jet bike game anytime soon?
File: ColeoToken.png (951 KB, 1746x1746)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
Hopefully. I should finally have time to start posting stuff for the old England game tomorrow evening, and the jetbike stuff would come after that (and holy fuck has it been a long time coming for that game).
It'll be nice to be storyposting again.
File: Chart.png (442 KB, 1920x1080)
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442 KB PNG
Give us your charts.
File: 8972771608356.png (417 KB, 1920x1080)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Found it.
What’s their name? And what exactly happened with that girl?
Which one are you talking about?
I'm not exactly clear on what the first question is referring to.
For the second question: we took her back to our home settlement and hooked her up with a few people who could help her settle in. Last we saw of her she had made friends with one of the local merchants and had claimed a small house on the very edge of town. She's shy and kind of wary about being around a lot of people but she seems to be doing all right.
File: Bobbit.png (88 KB, 508x518)
88 KB
>You can kinda balance salvaging enemy parts
It requires a lot of work, especially if you actually want to make it interesting (like getting enemy only parts). Sure, you can just not allow it, but why take the effort to have the system if you're not gonna make it fun?

>A PC passed up free animal legs
The GM dodged a bullet there, animal legs is how you win at mobility.

>I struggled with this a bit in a past game where the travel time just kind of wound up being dead air and sucked some of the fun out of the game at the time.
A passing description describing how they move past it. If you don't have an idea for what you want to happen in the place, you don't need to spend a lot of effort filling it out.

>I figure my best bet would be to come up with a map and a few encounters to keep the tension up but I'm open to ideas.
Maps are for laying out an area you want the players to make choices in. Encounters in Nechronica are best used for introducing things, being a really cool set piece thing, or for capping things off. If you have a fun concept for an encounter, then do it, but don't make more encounters just because you think there should be ones. It'll drag things out.
We don't get any favor from combat at all unless we get a Karma token so it's less whack than it might sound. I think he also tries to balance the parts the enemy has around what he wants us to be able to get. There's been more than one occasion where we were lucky to get basic parts to repair ourselves with because the enemy was mostly swarms of insects or made of crystals or something.

>A passing description describing how they move past it. If you don't have an idea for what you want to happen in the place, you don't need to spend a lot of effort filling it out.
I guess that's true. I'll just have to put more thought into things next time around. I had a real problem setting the scene last time which is probably what got me.
Thanks anon. Have any more good pictures to share please?
What kind of images do you want?
File: 1000x986.jpg (218 KB, 1000x986)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Resumption of the England campaign storytime, featuring one Doll who's oblivious to the fact that she's dead and two wasteland veterans who find themselves trapped in a city that shouldn't exist.
>Tags: England; Post Apocalypse(?); Mystery; 1880s; Librarians; Bug People; Animal People; Sandwiches; Constabulary; Disregard of the Constabulary; Trespassing; Psychosis; Body Horror; Serial Killers; NPC heavy; Character interaction heavy; light combat; WOOOOORDS
>Part 1
>Part 2
>Part 3
>Part 4
>Part 5
>Part 6
>Part 7

Eventually this might be long enough it becomes its own post.

Last episode: Coleo caught a spy, Melico threw Denver out of a window, and Cersei stole a horse.
It's literally been a year since I've posted anything from this campaign so a quick recap for anyone who doesn't want to go through the entire storytime again, a very condensed recap:
>Scutigera Coleoptrata is a young centipede girl who lives in the city of Humborg, England in the year 1887 under the care of her adoptive father.
>While out for errands one morning, she meets Imp and Melico. Two strangers with alien manners and clothes who woke up in a horse-drawn carriage with no memory of how they got there
>Coleo volunteers to shelter the two of them until they can figure out how to get back to... wherever it is they came from
>That night, Melico and Imp sneak out into the town to do some scouting while Coleo sneaks out with a friend for trouble
>by chance, the four of them wind up in the same place and are ambushed by a trio of strange figures who have been using the building as a hunting den
>the party survives the ambush, slaying two of the creatures and saving an unconscious policeman slated for part harvesting>Several days layer, Coleo's home is attacked by an explosive toting maniac; the battle leaves her home badly damaged and the party bloodied. The attacker is hurt but manages to escape.
>The following day, once the fire has been put out and the building secured, the police come by and begin interviewing the party
>during this time, the party becomes away they are being spied on from a nearby rooftop, a chase ensues!
>the sneak is caught!
And it is here we return to our very poorly scheduled programming.

>The party, minus Cersei who found an a convenient excuse to delay returning, escort the woman back to the library and make sure she doesn't go anywhere. The police are preparing a reading room for questioning while a few more are watching the prisoner.
>Coleo, Imp, and Melico find themselves some privacy.
>Denver has found a couch to lay out on now that the adrenaline isn't masking the pain of his bruised chest.
>"...I probably shouldn't be in there." Imp says, "We don't want things to get worse... and Coleo and I were going to meet with one of the doctors from the fire soon."
>Coleo sprawls over the ground like a loose slinky. Her two lower arms reach down to massage her frontal legs as she lounges. "I probably shouldn't be in there either... I might bite her. I wonder who she is though, and why she's casing the Library." She perks up a little at the mention of the doctor. "Oh, that's right. Do you still want to go?"
>Melico perks up as well, in the same way a sentry reacts to an unexpected noise. "Why does he want to meet?"
>"To examine our recovery." Imp says simply, shrugging.
>"I see." Melico pauses for a moment. "I'll join you. Where does he want to meet?"
>"He asked, so I requested here, in the guest house."
>"That's convenient." Melico looks out the window to the guest building, then back at the damaged structure of the library. "It's certainly better than here, I suppose."
>The following hour is uneventful as the party waits, though Melico does make a point to set up a shooting position in the upper floor of the guest house. Just in case.
>Dr. Clemens enters the guest building, and hangs up his coat. A pair of younger adults loaded down with bags, cases, pads of paper, and writing instruments follow behind him. The trio go to the building's study room. Seeing Imp, Melico, and Coleo he bows to the three of them. "Good morning ladies. How are you doing?" he asks as his assistants go about setting up his equipment.
>Imp looks between everyone before shrugging awkwardly. "We're all alright, somehow."
>Coleo curtsies as best she's able in the confines of the study; she's curled up on the floor by the arm of the sofa, backed up against a wall. "It's been a more exciting morning than I certainly expected, but I'm glad you've arrived safely. I hope there wasn't too much commotion on your trip." She uncurls partway and moves her forward body to the coffee table, lifting a steaming teapot and filling herself a cub. "There is hot tea if you would like any before we start."
>"Commotion?" The Doctor asks. Asks. "No commotion. The constables insisted on checking persons and baggage but that was all." His two assistants share a put upon look at the mention of the search.
>Melico stands from her seat, a chair conveniently located nearest the hallway closet, and bows slightly. "Good morning sir. I understand we met the other night, but I don't believe we've been properly introduced." She straightens and clasps her hands behind her back. "My name is Melico."
>"Dr. Samuel Celemens, Pleased to meet you miss Melico." He extends a hand to Melico.
>Melico stares at his hand for perhaps a bit too long before moving to shake it. "Right."
File: 1.jpg (140 KB, 800x534)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>"Thank you very much for your assistance last night." He stands back up straight and turns to Imp and Coleo. "How are both of you feeling this morning. Any sorts of aches or strange sensations?"
>Imp shrugs again. "No. Nothing strange at all."
>Coleo looks into her teacup, examining her reflection. "I feel fine today. I'm sore, I guess, and my throat is scratchy from the smoke, but nothing strange. Just getting used to the new depth perception and..." She quirks her eyebrow and looks up from her drink. "Actually, I think I almost dislocated my shoulder this morning. The new muscles have been odd to get used to so quickly."
>Imp glances to Coleo. "When did that happen? How? Why? Who?"
>"Do you mind if i take a look, just to make sure everything is fine?" Dr. Clements asks, nodding toward Coleo's shoulder.
>Coleo dips her head and lets out a shy giggle. "I... heh, uh, I kind of threw Denver at the woman this morning. I didn't quite hold myself right, I think, and stressed it." She raises herself up and takes a step toward Dr. Clements. "You can examine the joint if you like, though it doesn't hurt. It was this one right here." She taps a free hand on her upper left shoulder.
>The doctor moves Coleo's arm a bit, testing its flexibility as he watches her face for signs of discomfort. "Yes, perfectly fine." He then moves on to examining Coleo's eyes, an opthamalascope practically appearing from thin air in his hand. The eye check takes significantly longer than Coleo is used to as Clemens fluidly pivots between each pupil of her newly compound eyes. "Nothing out of the ordinary. Now open your mouth and say 'aaaa' please."
>Imp frowns in concern. "You should be careful. It might be easier to stress your parts sometimes, but if they break and then you need them, you won't always have time to replace them."
>Coleo's home is attacked by an explosive toting maniac

She introduced herself as Suzie, and she was there to avenge her sisters.
>Coleo manages to look bashful, somehow, as she splits her mandibles as far open as they'll go, her tongue is laid flat at the back of her throat. "Like this?" Her speech is not at all impaired. Her eyes swivel over to Imp as she keeps her head still. "It should be fine. Centipedes heal very quickly compared to other humans. If I were a cat or moth like Denver or Cersei then I'm sure I'd still be laid up in bed right now."
>"Yes that's perfect. Smith, if you would," says Clemens. One of his assistants takes a mirror out of a case and uses it to reflect light from the window into Coleo's mouth. "Yes. Everything looks fine. Minor smoke irritation, already clearing up nicely" He straightens up. "You may close now. Big breath in... and out please. Yes. Your recovery is moving along quite nicely Miss Scutigera. I prescribe water and rest, and you should be fully recovered by tommorrow."
>Coleo takes a second deep breath, not quite meeting Dr. Clements' eyes as he draws back (not that it's immediately obvious, given her new set of multifaceted pupils). She lets the breath go. "Of course, sir. I'll do my best to keep myself from overexertion. Thank you very much."
>Dr. Clemens hands Coleo a piece of Toffee in a wrapper, then turns to Imp. "Now, miss Imp. I know I asked you this the previous evening, but would you mind if I asked you some questions?"
>Imp blinks. "...That's what we're here for, right?"
>"Yes, quite." He nods. "So." He begins writing as he speaks. "Last night you demonstrated the ability to incorporate, integrate, and then assimilate material from other species to affect repairs on yourself. Is this something common to your people?"
>"...Well. Yes?" Imp blinks, tilting her head. "It... isn't for you? I thought that was just a taboo..." The last, she murmurs in thought.
>"Not at all. Well, as far as our medical knowledge extends. There are limitations on what sort of grafts and transplants will take and thrive on a person. Usually the more distant the morphology, the less likely to take or function usefully."
>His voice picks up a little speed as he tries to contain his excitement. "But you seem to be recover with donors from vastly different morphologies and skip any sort of potential difficulties with transplants and integration. Learning how this is accomplished could greatly enhance quality of life."
>"...You won't be cutting me up." Imp states flatly, with promise. "...so how would you figure it out?"
>Dr. Clemens assistants seem to actually snap out of their tired and disaffected stupor as this conversation unfolds. "Well just telling us what you know of how you and your kind heal themselves could reveal much useful information." His eyes shine with wonder as he looks at Imp.
>Coleo (the toffee already long devoured) moves a little closer to Imp, padding up behind her so that she's within arm's reach.
>One of Clemens' assistants looks over at Melico. "Can you do that too?" he whispers.
>Imp answers first. "It just works," she says simply. "Just... apply. Stitch. Everything mends. Then it..." She trails off, lowering her sleeve and examining her bulky arms. Even over the unskinned muscle fibers those annoying lines were still visible. Still, the bulk was slimming down and skin seemed to be forming over it - slowly - at the wrist. In general, it seemed to be acclimating to 'fit' better. 'Bends,' she thinks, but does not say, observing the arms' progress.
>Melico shifts, moving slightly closer to the doctor's chair. "I.. haven't had the need to check." She keeps her back to the doorway to the hall.
>Clemens' eyes bulge as he sees Imp's bare muscle fiber. "Oh-Dear-God! Are you alright?" He kneels down to examine her forearms.
>Clemens' other assistant immediately begins fishing through the doctors' bag for bandages.
>Coleo's eyes widen a little in surprise at Imp's arms... but not that much surprise.
>Imp turns to him, reflexively pulling her arm away and allowing the sleeve to fall over it. "...Yes? I'm fine. It's not like I bleed, and the muscles are all there."
>"Miss, I've never come across anyone who benefitted from leaving their living muscles exposed to open air. Please let us at least disinfect and bandage it," Dr. Clemens pleads, looking up at Imp still on his knees while the assistant with the bandages comes up short beside him and just sort of nods desperately at Imp.
>The second assistant just sort of stares for a moment before going to grab a listening horn.
>"...Living?" Imp questions, continuing to step out of reach. "An infection?"
>Coleo reaches out to give Imp's hand a reassuring squeeze. "If you leave the muscles bare, things will get into them and start rotting the tissue. That's why it's important to keep them clean and covered," she explains gently.
>Clemens nods. "Yes. Pathogens entering a body though open wounds and multiplying to create rot."
>Imp blinks. Then she giggles, briefly, her eye narrowing in amusement, the burgeoning light there dimming. "Rot? You're worried about my body rotting? Why would I rot? How could I rot?"
>Melico moves again, this time stepping next to the doctor. "As I'm sure you are aware, she's rather a bit more hardy than that."
>Shaking her head, Imp explains, "I'm a co-..." then blinks in realization, "Oh, that's why, isn't it?"
>The two assistants look to the Doctor with eyes hoping for guidance. Instead of a look of medical confidence they find eyes searching for an elusive connection " 'Cuh?' Is that what your kind call themselves?"
>Coleo frowns in consternation, but doesn't let go of Imp's hand. "The doctors call it 'necrosis.' When functional flesh gets infected by sickness and starts to break down. Your skin protects you normally, but bare muscle is very susceptible."
>"Is what we are called important to our medical health?" Melico looks sidelong at the doctor, her voice going flat. "Unless you've forgotten, Imp has recovered from a far worse condition."
>Dr. Clements looks back for a moment. "Not at all. It's just good to know what to call someone. A Centipede and a Feline with a cough need to be checked for entirely different things." He looks back to Imp.
>"Names r' important." The unnamed assistant with arms full of bandages and ointment shrugs awkwardly
>"I'm a corpse." Imp says blandly, glancing away, as to avoid meeting Coleo's eyes. "I was going to say 'corpse.'"
>"Like a... Haitian?" Clemens asks, eyes wide with a lost uncertainty.
>Coleo leans down to pull Imp into a gentle hug. "You shouldn't talk about yourself like that..." She nuzzles into the back of Imp's hair before looking back up to Dr. Clements. "I think you're thinking of zombies, sir. Their a local myth from some of the territories, but Papa told me there was no stock in those witch doctor stories."
>Imp sighs, shaking her head. "No. I mean... I literally died. It may look healthy, but," She clenches her fist, "My body's already rotten inside, to the very core." She eyes the ichorous line crossing over her right fist with disdain.
>"I Mmmm." The doctor nods at the admonishment of a scholarly child and swallows his pride. "Corpses don't generally talk Miss Imp, though I must admit most people do not miraculously heal from extreme dismemberment with the speed and power you do either."
>Melico looks over to Imp, her face painted with an unclear look. "Imp, I don't think these people here will understand everything you are saying. It may be better if they don't at the moment. It may be best if we discuss this amongst ourselves before we try talking to others."
>Imp sighs, glancing to Melico, then back to the doctor. "I just mean to say, however you're constructed - whatever force animates your body - I doubt you can replicate the effect you want to." She leaves the 'or want to' unspoken.
>Coleo hugs Imp a little tighter. "You're not rotten... you saved me from Suzie. You saved all those people in the collapse." She looks up as Melico begins to speak. Her mood is obscured with a clear lack of understanding.
>The assistant with the hearing horn steps forward and holds the listening device out for the Doctor. "You could check her pulse, sir."
>Dr. Clemens: "She doesn't show many signs of a pulse, and she didn't bleed much when I was putting her back together. I'm not sure she has a centralized circulatory system."
>Assistant "So she's an octopus?"
>Dr. Clemens: "No they have three hearts."
>Assistant: "They seal their own blood vessels though don't they?"
>Dr. Clemens: "Well..."
>The assistant holds up the horn again.
>Dr. Clemens looks back and up to Imp. "Do you have a pulse?"
>"No." Imp says simply. "No pulse. Not sure I have much blood left either..."
>"So you used to have more. Was that before puberty?"
>Coleo coughs in surprise and raises herself up from Imp's shoulders. "I- I'm sorry?"
>"I mean no offence, I'm just trying to understand. Has Imp undergone any sort of transformations lately?" He stands up and addresses Coleo with a placating tone.
>Imp twitches, hand reflexively making to slap the doctor before catching herself, then pausing and looking at her hand, somewhat perplexed. '...what an instinct, and what a way to discover it.' "...I'm sorry," She says, relaxing her hand and it lowering back to her side, gripping it with her spare just in case, "But I'm fairly certain I had plenty of blood left after puberty, however long ago that was."
>Coleo rears back slightly at Imp's abrupt movement. She seems to lose tension at matched pace with Imp's raised arm. "I-Imp? Are you alright?"
>Melico turns to face the doctor. "Doctor, don't you think this line of questioning is a bit unnecessary? Both Imp and Coleo are healthy. You don't need to enquire about their... development." Her voice is a tad accusatory and has more than a hint of impatience.
>"I would agree with you Miss Melico, but it is important to begin establishing a body of medical knowledge for unknown morphologies so that we can learn to treat them in the future. Imagine the suffering that would come if more of her kind if they visit and we have idea how to treat them. That would never do."
>"... Just put what we need where we need it and stitch it all together." Imp says, tail lashing for a moment in mild agitation. It catches against Coleo and Imp stiffens, noticing the motion and bringing it about one of her legs to keep it still. "It'll be fine."
>"Not to tell you how you should perform your duties as a doctor, but I believe you have all the information necessary to treat 'her kind'." Melico does her best to hide her growing irritation.
>Clemens has the presence of mind to look abashed. "I can see that I've worn out my welcome. I apologize, I meant no harm." He takes step back away from Imp and Melico, putting him diagonal to both, and Coleo as well.
>"I did not mean any harm. I will go now. If you need any help in the future, or can find it in your heart to forgive me, please drop me a line, or make a visit."
>As he leaves, Imp blinks, "...I don't understand." Her tail tightens around her leg and she shifts awkwardly in place.
>Coleo moves a step, as if to follow Dr. Clemens, but she stops herself. Instead, she moves to sit beside Imp, curling her bulk into a coil behind the two of them. She fidgets with her hands, mandibles clicking lightly as she taps them together nervously. She makes a small chittering noise before finally speaking. "I'm sorry, Imp. I thought that would go better."
>Melico takes a seat in one of the nearby chairs. "It was to be expected. Many of the people in this town have a tendency to ask questions as of late."
>"...I don't understand." Imp repeated. "Why... did we even meet here, if he was just going to leave?"
>Melico stares at the floor, "A medical checkup. Verifying we are in functional order and able to perform efficiently. The additional questions come from ignorance."
>Coleo looks back and forth between Melico and Imp, confusion clearly written over her expression. She turns to Imp. "He mostly just wanted to make sure that the two of us were all right," she tries to assure Imp. "Since the two of us were hurt so badly last night, you know."
>"He wanted to find out how my recovery works." Imp disagrees, shaking her head. "I just... he left so early."
>Coleo's mandibles click together a few times as she tries to formulate an answer. "It was... pretty obvious you were getting uncomfortable, Imp. Mr. Clemens probably was worried about pressuring you into something and... well, you did almost hit him."
>"I was?" Imp questions. "I... it was just frustrating, if he wasn't going to understand."
>"I'm not sure many people here would, Imp." Melico responds. "They think differently. They practically live in a different world."
>Coleo looks back and forth between Imp and Melico, clearly lost.
>Melico pauses in her intense investigation of the ground and looks toward Coleo. "Do you want us to talk about this? Things have been... busy."
>Coleo fidgets as Melico looks at her, some hands knotting together, some fidgeting with her clothes, one retrieving her now lukewarm tea. She forces herself to take a sip to try and calm her nerves. "I just..." She looks back towards Imp, then back to Melico. "The two of you are so different from anyone I've ever met. You talk about things I've never heard about and can't find in any of my books... And the way the two of you refer to yourselves sometimes."
>She looks into her tea cup. "I want to help, and be around for both of you, but... I don't know if I know how."
>No one says anything for a moment.
>Melico breaks the silence. "I don't know how you can help. We are different from you and everyone here. We are even different from each other." She looks back to the floor again. "Things don't work the same here like they should. The... people... don't act the same. They act like... before..."
>"Our world is dead." Imp says bluntly. "The grass is dead. The sky is dead. The oceans' dead. The people, of course," She gestures to herself, "are also dead. Literally dead. Unequivocally dead. Where are we now? How did we get here? How did this place escape the death, or is it just a dream?" She shrugs, looking away. "Does it matter? I don't think I want to go back to that place..."
>Coleo shrinks in on herself, still looking at her tea. "I think that- that's the part I don't understand. The two of you are sitting here, talking to me right now. Why do you say that you're dead?"
>"Because we -" Imp glances to Melico, then shrugs, "- or I, at least, died."
>"Because being alive means something different to us. It describes something that no longer includes us." Melico clasps her hands in her lap. "It's something we lost at some point-" She returns Imp's glance "- though I don't know if we remember when or how."
"I messed up." Imp says, mostly confident, "I don't know the specifics, but I did something I shouldn't have. That probably did me in." She flexes her fingers, "Now, somehow, I'm walking around. To explain as thoroughly as I can... This body isn't mine. This face, I think, isn't mine. I have no heart beat. I can't taste anything. I can forget to breath... I don't heal. My blood doesn't scab - I have to... I have to find new parts, when I'm damaged, and just... sew them back on." She meets Coleo's eyes. "I do not grow old. I don't grow at all, unless I change my parts out. I've forgotten my parents' faces. If I had siblings, I can't remember them. I don't know how long it's been, but every city I've ever seen was in ruins. I'm not even sure the one I woke up in was the place I lived before..."
>Coleo looks up from her drink, channeling the air of a helpless puppy. "I- I still don't understand." She looks between the two of them, then back down to her tea. "Maybe it's because I've never been outside of Hombourg. Maybe if I traveled around like Cersei and saw more places I'd understand better. Or been to far away places like Rasmus." She runs a pair of her thumbs over the rim of her glass, her hard chitin fingers vibrating the fine ceramic. She follows the ripples with her kaleidoscope eyes, allowing the myriad motions in the back of her eye to calm her.
>"I don't want to say I don't believe you. I don't think you two would ever lie to me. Not about something like this." She looks back up towards the two of them. "But I don't know if I can believe you. I don't know if I know enough to understand what you're trying to explain to me. I don't know how you can be dead and walking at the same time."
File: cheselden_t10.jpg (184 KB, 1200x1602)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>"Your world," Imp says, mildly heated before checking her temper, "is wrong - from my perspective, anyway. More than the city's life. More than that... People are not supposed to... 'get better' after you cut them apart. It's not supposed to happen at all. They just... they just die. Medicine aside... this," She raises her chainsaw, "this was invented almost a century ago. In the US, I think... Do you know where that is? The United States? Over the ocean? Rebelled against," She waves around, "Britain! Won. Became an empire." She trails off, catching her breath, "That's... not even the only thing. Carriages went out of use a long time ago. Nobody rode a horse on the roads before mankind died. There weren't any... weren't any..."
>Imp stops, clutching her arm and looking away, tail lashing at the tip frantically, though it still clung stiffly to her leg.
>Melico's eyes go blank, an empty gaze looking into nothing. "How would we be dead then? Not from dismemberment, surely. Infection doesn't matter, we can always remove a limb if needed. Hunger? Food means nothing to us. We don't sleep, we don't breathe, we don't need to have bodies beyond a few parts. We are more primed to kill than anything else here. Imp can tear apart bodies to fortify herself and Suzie could, too." Her voice is as hollow as her eyes. "Taking all that into consideration, we're practically zombies."
>"But- but. . . death only happens after reformation of neurological pathways start failing en masse," Coleo prattles, desperately trying to pull some sense out of the conversation. As long as you can prevent the complete shutdown of the neurological system the patient can still be saved. That's one of the reasons rot and infection is so dangerous; by the time the pain becomes bad enough for most people to visit the doctor the damage can already be spread to every corner of the body, and even if you save one part the infection might flare up again somewhere you thought was clean."
File: Brain-Tumour1.jpg (190 KB, 800x475)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>Coleo's feet shuffle quietly as she becomes more agitated. "And it's strange how well Suzie can integrate donor organs, but transplants of all organs are possible within the same species, and Suzie isn't the first person in history to forcefully steal flesh from others, or even the first to steal it for herself. It's strange how she can... choose. But there are new human morphologies being discovered all the time."
>"This is all medical theory established well over fifty years ago. It's gone unchallenged for longer than my papa has been collecting books. It works, it's consistent. It's how all the credible doctors in Hombourg form the basis for their successful medical practice. I don't understand why the two of you treat this so strangely. It's how it's always been here. In England. Maybe the place the two of you are from, maybe things are different? But it's normal here."
>"Coleo." Imp asks. "Am I human?"
>Coleo throws her arms wide in exasperation. "Why wouldn't you be human?!"
>Without replying, Imp immediately reaches up to the base of her skull and cracks it open like an egg, pulling her brain out, and throwing it against the wall hard enough for it to splatter.
>"I don't have a brain." She says, without missing a beat. "So how am I thinking?" She blinks, "...also, I'll clean that up."
>Seeing Imp's rash, though perhaps not unnecessary, actions, Melico sighs. "Well, I suppose that's one way to prove a point." Melico reaches up and pulls at her ushanka. As the hat leaves her head, it reveals more of her long, dark hair, held in place by a small flower hairpin
>But more noticeably, it uncovers a large metal plate covering a sizable section of missing skull. Looking at her profile, it is almost like the back-top of her skull was cleaved off, leaving a sizable divot behind her forehead. "I'm also missing a large portion of my brain as well." She looks over at the grey smear on the wall. "...No cleanup necessary"
[Coleo fails a madness check.]
>Coleo goes completely bug-eyed as she hears Imp's skull snap. "Imp! Imp, what are you-" Her voice vanishes completely as she watches Imp tear her own brain out and fling it across the room like so much garbage. The teacup drops from her hands with a clatter, spilling it's remaining contents across the carpet. All six of Coleo's hands come up to cover her mouth in astonishment.
>She sits there, staring at Imp in disbelief, eyes wide. She doesn't move as Imp speaks, and only barely shifts as Melico starts to talk. Somehow, Coleo's eyes go even wider as Melico removes her hat to reveal her deformed skull.
>Coleo rears up unconsciously, up and away from the other girls. Her legs shift her backward towards a nearby corner as her trunk recoils from Imp and Melico. Tears begin to stream down her cheeks as her eyes flit back and forth between the both of them. This can't be happening. A shrill, quiet insect whine echoes from the back of her throat. There's a dull 'thud' as her back impacts the wall.
>"...Am I human, Coleo?" Imp asks, blue eye ablaze with ghostly light. The ichorous vein on her cheek throbs, and some tears collect in her eyes. "Am I alive? Did I die, just now?"
>Melico pulls her hat back onto her head, standing from her chair. "We are dead. We are not like you. We are not alive." She states this with a somber matter-of-fact tone.
>Coleo retreats farther and farther into the corner, her torso rising higher and higher into the air as she runs out of room. She buzzes, whimpers between her fingers. Abruptly, her trunk begins to undulate. Her torso sinks, vanishing into the chitin of her trunk, leaving only Coleo's face and arms visible to the other girls. And then her front sinks and vanishes into the knot of her trunk.
>The movement stops as quickly as it started. Coleo is tied into a knot in the corner; Imp and Melico can hear her crying somewhere in the bind.
>Sighing, Imp turns about, shivers a bit, and then makes to clean her brain off the wall. It's obscured by her hair, but as Imp works Melico can see bits of flesh and gore already trying to worm their way back into their proper places in or on the back of Imp's head.
>Melico slowly takes a step toward the corner. "We aren't any different. I've had this plate far longer than I've known you. Imp was a pair of hands and some teeth, missing her brain is nothing for her. We're still the people you helped find our feet here. The only thing that has changed is you know us better." She takes another step toward the cowering girl. "Are you only our friend if you don't know us?"
>The crying from behind the knot slowly becomes more sporadic as Melico talks, eventually petering off completely. For a moment the only sound in the room is Imp working on her mess.
>The knot shifts a little. Then a little more. A section of trunk raises up off the floor, revealing Coleo's multifaceted amber eyes peaking out from the shadow of the bind. There's another still moment before the knot begins to shift again, loosening itself.
>Coleo's face raises out of the knot, her torso is still sequestered in the protective depths of her chitin. Her cheeks are wet with tears. "I- I'm sorry Melico. I just- I never could have guessed..." her hands reach up to cover her face, obscuring it almost completely. "I never thought that..." She trails off. Five of her hands fall away from her face as she uses the last to wipe at her eyes. "But you're right. You're right. I- I promised. I told Imp I'd be there for her no matter what. And you were there for me after the two sisters. I can't just run away now. That wouldn't be right." Her torso begins to extend from the protective shelter of her trunk; first the rest of her head, followed by her neck and shoulders, her chest, and finally her waist. As if she's emerging from the mouth of a great snake.
>"It- it is better that I know you better now. I'm sorry for- for this. I just couldn't . . ." she trails off, not quite able to meet Melico's eyes. "I never imagined the two of you had been hurt like this. Not to the point you treat it like it's normal."
>"We come from different worlds. For us, it is normal." Melico taps the revolver strapped at her side. "And we've prepared ourselves for it to happen again. We can't pretend otherwise."
>She looks at Coleo for a moment, a strange expression on her face, as if trying to think of what to say. The sound of construction and repair echo through the window. "If things were different, all this may never have happened. Suzie, the library, everything that you think is... not normal." She pauses for a moment more before clasping her hands behind her back and nodding her head slightly. "Thank you for helping us."
>Imp focuses on cleaning her brain matter, allowing Coleo her space.
>It wasn't normal. It wasn't supposed to be normal, but... there wasn't any point in trying to make Coleo understand that, was there?
>Rather than make a bigger mess of things, Imp focused on doing what she could to clean up.
>Coleo straightens herself, taking a deep, collecting breath in and out as she makes a small show of straightening her shirt and skirt with her many arms. "I am... not so certain things would be much different. At least not as different as you perhaps think."
>She pauses to straighten her glasses. "While we've certainly garnered Suzie's attention, I have my doubts that her, Ruth, and Galena would have stayed underground forever, and we've seen now what they're capable of when they aren't restraining themselves." Her eyes slide past Melico, to look at Imp's chainsaw.
>"It might even be fortunate you were there that night. I doubt Denver and myself could have fought them off ourselves. Soft as we are." Her eyes slide over to the back of Imp's head. Part of her is surprised to see the wound has already filled in, the other part of her says she shouldn't be surprised at all.
>"I... imagine that things were in motion some time before we stumbled into each other." She takes another calming breath, her sphericals blowing a light coating of dust off the floor as she does so. "But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls." She smiles gently. "Life is harsh. In many ways I have been fortunate, but I cannot begrudge the two of you your pain, and I cannot begrudge the two of you over blind fate." Coleo makes a light curtsy. "I am very glad that I have been helpful to you, Melico and Imp. And I'm sorry I didn't believe you earlier. I will... I will try and trust the two of you more. Even if I don't understand."
>With that, the conversation largely peters off. Melico turns to leave while Imp is intent on cleaning up her own mess, having produced a simple rag from the confines of her basket.
>As Melico and Coleo are turning to leave the study, Coleo comes up beside Imp, lowering herself as she comes to a stop. She does a poor job at hiding her discomfort when she looks at the brain matter Imp is still cleaning off the wall. Still, her voice is steady when she talks. "Imp, would you like some help? I could fetch you some towels or water."
>"..." Imp pauses, looking from the dry rag she'd retrieved to the small, opaque bottle of cleaner she'd been rationing. "That... if you'll be alright." She's careful not to look at Coleo.
>"Sure. I'll get some right away." But she doesn't move immediately. Instead she pauses, looking at the back of Imp's head. She lays a gentle hand on Imp's shoulder, and gives her a gentle squeeze. Quietly, she adds "I'm sorry I didn't believe you, Imp. I didn't... I promise I'll try and trust you more from now on. So please don't feel like you have to hurt yourself like this, all right?"
>Imp jolts slightly in surprise at the contact, before relaxing as Coleo speaks. "I'll try not to, if it can be avoided." She assures.
>"Thank you." Coleo stands and resumes moving to the door. "I'll be back with a bucket and some rags in a moment. And when you finish, Melico and I should be in the living quarters. Let me know if you'd like any more help."

And fin for tonight. Sleep well thread!
Daft Punk of Blue Man Group?

Ok yes I am encouraging them to be judgy. I suppose there are better things I could be doing with my time, but it's my time to waste.
>Melico reaches up and pulls at her ushanka. As the hat leaves her head, it reveals more of her long, dark hair, held in place by a small flower hairpin
>But more noticeably, it uncovers a large metal plate covering a sizable section of missing skull. Looking at her profile, it is almost like the back-top of her skull was cleaved off, leaving a sizable divot behind her forehead. "I'm also missing a large portion of my brain as well." She looks over at the grey smear on the wall. "...No cleanup necessary"

>Melico threw Denver out of a window

I thought she pretended to shoot him.
>Give us your charts.
What charts are you talking about?

Nice art, have more like it please?
File: 1513143076806.jpg (151 KB, 388x443)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>Without replying, Imp immediately reaches up to the base of her skull and cracks it open like an egg, pulling her brain out, and throwing it against the wall hard enough for it to splatter.
Holy shit
File: unknown-5.png (90 KB, 248x442)
90 KB
Yeah, Imp's player was thoroughly done with my denialism. And I mean he was getting frustrated IRL, if memory serves. Can't say I regret it though; this was one of the most fun character moments in the game for me.

That happened also, but the opening to the chase involved Melico launching Coleo and Denver out of a window (and later Coleo throwing Denver down an alley).

I'm not at my PC atm but I'll try and track down Melico's token. Imp's has new parts on it I don't want to spoil but I'm sure it'll get posted at some point.
Thanks! How much is left so far?
File: 1647042039723.png (298 KB, 1810x1604)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
A lot. The campaign only ended a few weeks ago and has been running since 2020 (although there's ~8-9 months of time we were taking a break or delaying for one reason or another).

Now that I think about it, I kind of wonder if I'd be better off putting everything into a text file instead of flooding the thread with it.
File: 1654884470592.webm (2.45 MB, 1920x1080)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB WEBM
Creative ways to make use of parts or the Dolls' undead nature?
In one game I ran the players befriended a monster by ripping out their own guts and feeding them to it.
One trick off the top of my head is that there's no such thing as a lethal fall as long as you have some way to restore or maintain mobility after you hit the bottom.
Really, being undead gives you a lot of leeway to deal with all sorts of hazards, short of getting pulled into a woodchipper or falling into a kiln a la Terminator 3 you will remain basically functional as long as you have replacement parts or don't break anything so badly it can't be fixed.
File: prez thumbs up.png (69 KB, 550x510)
69 KB
Pacing them out bit by bit in threads probably helps keep them more alive, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoy your storytimes and I will gladly read them regardless of which option you choose. It's probably the closest I'll get to actually playing the system, as my own circle of friends doesn't seem very keen on the idea (mostly because of the body horror and the gore than any other aspects).
File: MelicoII.png (73 KB, 750x750)
73 KB
I mostly just don't want to monopolize the threads. I like sharing stories about the game but it's the Nechronica General, not PortAnon.'s Story Corner. Ideally there'd be other people discussing their games or sharing homebrew or whatever.

I do appreciate the kind words though, and I'm glad you're enjoying the storytime. I hope you'll find a group of your own one day who will engage in funtime muderloli adventures with you. If you're feeling especially brave, you might try finding an online group; the GM for the Humborg campaign actually contacted me after he read through the Port storytime and asked me if I'd be interested in joining another game so sometimes contacts on /tg/ do actually pan out.

Also, props for using the objectively correct Prez standard.

Have a Melico token.
Imp's is withheld atm due to mild part spoilers because this iteration of tokens was made pretty late into the campaign.
Yikes, what’s their deal?

I eagerly await the next installment.
File: Veronica butt.jpg (407 KB, 836x1200)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Make sure your Gothic takes proper care of her teeth.
File: Imp.png (359 KB, 623x422)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
>Yikes, what’s their deal?
If you haven't, I recommend you go through the archive of the rest of the storytime because there's some hints at it there, but to explain plainly:
Imp uses her basket to collect clothes - and also to collect parts. When she met a new NPC she had to roll special checks to determine how 'valuable' she found their parts and if she rolled high she would be compelled to harvest from them. If she rolled 3 failures then she would be forced to track them down and harvest from them eventually, if she rolled three successes then she would quash the urge and could be around them without worry. The joke in the image is that Imp's alignment is directly related to how much interest she takes in you.
What's the deal with the Necromancers again? Why did they raise the Dolls?
for lols mostly
This, apocalypse prepping is all fun and good but after setting all your paranoia traps and sitting in your bunker for a few decades stapling dead children together with military hardware is one of the least weird things you'll do for entertainment.
File: 1600872012088.jpg (246 KB, 568x800)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Basically >>84872336
In the book setting Necromancers raise dolls for entertainment/to break up the monotony of existing among their mindless puppets; dolls are made independent because it makes them less predictable which makes for good drama and action.
This is the reason the game's meta current is Favor. It's literally of measurement of how much support or leeway the Necromancer gives your doll.

Whose the Junk? I haven't seen this character posted around before (or if I have I don't remember).
File: FNVl-_4aAAImnE1.jpg (312 KB, 2000x2500)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
NTA, but are the Necromancers the only ones around? What exactly happened there?
>NTA, but are the Necromancers the only ones around?
Essentially, though the book pretty much leaves that up to the GM.
The basic premise of the book's setting is that necromancers wiped out humanity and now rule over the ashes of the world they destroyed, occasionally scrapping with each other for territory or resources. They make Dolls as minir distractions to break up the monotony.
That said, you can do pretty much whatever with the setting. I've set two games during the actual Necromancer Wars and included benevolent necromancers for my players who actually take an interest in the PCs' wellbeing. My GM has included well-meaning AI that has run amok and started spewing out Legions of half-formed dolls in some kind of opaque pursuit of its core goal. Sometimes the Necromancer is well-meaning but beaten down and jaded by harsh reality.
Nechronica is adaptable, you have a lot of room to do what you want.
A thought occurred to me
A male doll in a party of cute girls has the potential to break the group dynamic
But what if you had an all shota party?
Could the dynamic even work

My current line of thought is because I’ve been watching a bunch of ww1 shit about optimism being horribly smashed it could be weird war themed
File: fullmetal.jpg (259 KB, 1335x749)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
I'm really not convinced that male characters are this mystical black box that the general treats them as. You could easily play an Ed and Alphonse Elric duo in Nechronica and not break anything as long as you kept the tone in mind (especially Al).
You guys gotta loosen up your yuri goggles.
>A male doll in a party of cute girls has the potential to break the group dynamic
And how does that work?
File: Antclawion.png (11 KB, 212x207)
11 KB
>Mythical black box
It's not that, most will understand that you can play an appropriate male character, in theory, but there's a some facets that make it suspect when someone wants to do it.
>1: It's in the first sentence.
From the elevator pitch alone, it's established everyone's playing a girl. This is akin to being told it's a game where everyone plays a cop and someone insists on playing a gang-banger, not a former gang-banger or anything, but specifically a gangbanger. Someone who immediately has to play something different from the basic premise isn't really one to be trusted. That's why something like >>84876717 would probably work better.
>2: Playing a boy is harder to pull off.
A lot of the game is themed around girly things and all that nonsense. It takes more effort and restrictions to have a male character without harming such theming or otherwise being disruptive, and this is coming from having let people have a go at it before. Player who's been pretty good about things and has demonstrated that they can handle harder to pull of characters? Sure. Random person who joins a nechronica game and immediately asks "I want to play a boy. It'll work because I'm basing it off of character in popular anime" would be a no. Of course, if you just don't give a shit then whatever, but when someone asks if the game works with something, it's fair to point out that many people can't manage it and can easily be disruptive.
Oh I get it. Irony.
More tokens please.
File: puppet.png (37 KB, 363x360)
37 KB
Don't have too many to share at the moment, despite doing a bit of experimenting with different looks because it'd spoil things for players who are definitely looking at the thread.
>because it'd spoil things for players who are definitely looking at the thread.

Ah, I understand.
No kidding. Why even make one like that?
Because it reflects the condition of the character.
I think that they meant the Necromancer. You know, the in-setting reason that the Dolls exist at all.
1) They seem damaged rather than intact, though that could be an illusion.

2) People draw paint or otherwise create art of their nightmares. I could see some necromancers do the same thing.
>The GM dodged a bullet there, animal legs is how you win at mobility.

Even with the efficiency and range of animal legs you need a lot of AP if you are going to fight while moving more than once per turn.
File: DtIS1LzVsAE-uly.jpg large.jpg (338 KB, 1447x2048)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Things will make more sense when you realize your 'standard' necromancer likely has a creative process closer to Cave Johnson than anything else.
>We do what we must because we can
Also: Dolls are for fun and experimentation. Yeah you need them viable enough that they don't just come out of the gestation pod and immediately eat dirt, but after that you can do whatever you want. Maybe something interesting will happen.
File: Octavia_awakened.jpg (1 MB, 1225x1150)
1 MB
The real synergy with Animal Legs is when you get Crab Legs and Extra Arms, since you can catapult yourself across the map and tackle whichever unlucky schmuck happens to be standing where you land.

Really, Crab Legs and rapid timing movement seems to be the only way to actually play a movement-based fighter. Otherwise your attacks and movements just wind up getting in each other's way and putting you way down on the Count.
>The GM dodged a bullet there, animal legs is how you win at mobility.

Have you made enemies with the enemy only part "long legs"?
Can we have more?
Why is 8 eyes in shakespearean theater dress?
The artist got confused which century of English fashion she wore.
Resident Drawfag did a fill for a request I had for Cersei from the England game, but exaggerated her clothes a bit. I think he probably did an image search for 'Victorian dress' and used an example of a formal dress with puffy shoulders, like pic related, instead of something more street-appropriate. It winds up being something Cersei probably wouldn't wear day-to-day but she does come from a family of means, so it's not out of character for her.
The fluff is actually just her neck scruff because she's a variant of fluffy red moth.

You're in luck!

>Coleo and Melico wound up both coming back to help Imp clean up the mess, and between the three of them managed to get the worst of it taken care of.
>The wood of the wall, floor, and trim is still stained a little but the actual gray matter itself is all cleaned up and out of sight. And the room doesn't even smell, either.
>Coleo will figure out some sort of explanation for the stain for Windsor. Eventually.
>As the three of them return to the library they see that the study alcove the Johnnies took the lady suspect too is still closed. Though they can hear some muffled raised voices coming from the space. The officer who was standing outside the door is nowhere to be seen.
>Coleo blinks in mild surprise. Quietly, she plods up towards the door and leans her ear against the wood, trying to pick out any words that might pierce the barrier.
>Imp blinks herself, looking around to see if she can see the missing officer. Or any other officers.
>As Imp looks around, she sees a pair of police officer standing a ways off and talking with a few library workers. One of the workers is rather animatedly talking with his hands, the others are much more reserved.
>One officer is writing very rapidly in a notepad, the other is occasionally raising a hand and speaking, which seems to get the employees to slow down.
>As Coleo presses her ear to the wall she hears a tangle of three voices, the woman they caught earlier and two officers by the sound of it.
>She starts to pick out discernable sentences with a bit of effort.
>Officer 1: "Damn you woman! You aren't just putting other people at risk here you know!"
>The woman's voice comes though in an arrogantly self assured tone: "I'll trust my own council on what's safe."
>Coleo hears the squeaking of a chair and a pair of boots on the floor. Then another, this time accompanied by a seconds officers voice quickly adding "We will return after taking care of some things."
>Woman: "by all means, oh and could you bring me something to eat on your way back, being your guest and all."
>The door is flung open. One officer storms out of the room. He makes a beeline for the front door, his face a red mask of frustration, anger, and what may be a bit of shame. His partner follows, closing the door behind him. "Sorry miss." He apologizes to Coleo for his partner flinging the door open and barging past. This one looks frustrated and weary but seemingly much more in control of himself.
>Imp looks from the leaving officers to Melico and Coleo. "Call me crazy but... either they're in a hurry to get somewhere, or negotiations aren't going well."
>"I'm inclined to agree." Melico turns toward the officer standing in front of the door, "Do you know who that woman is, officer?"
>Coleo curtsies to the officer at the door. "It's fine." She does her best to look proper as she looks back up at the officer. "I assume she's being uncooperative?"
>"You could say that yes." He nods to Coleo as he wipes the sweat from his forehead.
>"Clara Bluestone. A former harbor pilot, apprentice cheesemaker, domestic servant, target shooter, and rumored thief, confidence woman, and scam artist."
>He moves over to a nearby chair and sits down as he talks.
>Melico nods as she takes in the information. "Has she said why she was on the roof? What is she refusing to answer?"
>"She claims to have been engaged in journalism," the officer answers in a tone that makes clear he does not buy the story, "and hasn't wavered in her story the entire time. We did find a stationary on her, but it was empty."
>Imp blinks. "I don't know how journalism works here, but... That seems a little far-fetched."
>"You are not mistaken miss." He sighs tiredly and rubs his eyes, then looks around. "Did you see where my partner went?"
>Coleo raises a hand to point towards the front of the library. "He was headed for the front entry."
>"Thank you miss." He leans back in his seat and looks up at the ceiling.
>Coleo does her best to look demure. "Would it... be possible for us to talk with her? We did catch her." She raises herself up a little higher, tapping her forelegs against the tile and conspicuously shifting her lower body behind her so that it's more visible past her shoulders. "You would be here, in case anything went wrong. And I do have a severe weight advantage on her if she tries to get dangerous."
>He brings his head forward to look Coleo in the eye when she addresses him. "I appreciate your gumption miss, but it wouldn't be right to leave my job in your hands. Thank you though."
>Melico looks toward the door to the study again before addressing the officer once more. "May I ask what you've done besides talk to her?"
>"We've tried various approaches to bring her around, but it's hard to get through to a self confident person who is convinced they have their situation under control, or thinks that as long as they keep that facade up they will be fine." Despite the severity of the situation, it seems the idea of physical torture isn't one they've seriously entertained.
File: cup-of-tea.jpg (544 KB, 1000x1000)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
>Coleo nods, clearly disappointed but not upset. "I understand. In the meantime, would you like any tea? Or I could get you something to eat. It is about that time."
>He smiles and nods. "Yes. I would appreciate that very much."
>Coleo curtsies politely and then trundles off in the direction of the kitchen, leaving Imp and Melico with the officer.
>Not long after she's gone, the sound of screeching table legs and a loud SLAM ring out from the interrogation room, followed shortly by a string of loud, particularly acrid swearing from what could only me Ms. Bluestone.
>Melico turns toward the officer, "You should probably check on that."
>Imp prepares to rev her chainsaw, just in case.
The officer covers the lower half of his face, but they can see the suppressed chuckle in his eyes. He doesn't move to get up to go and help her.
>"Oh," he says after Melico's prompt. "Yes of course." He continues to chuckle as he gets up and moves to the door. "Serve and protect and all that."
>He opens the door to reveal a cuffed Clara Bluestone laying on the floor with one leg trapped around a leg of the study alcove's table at a very uncomfortable angle.
>She looks up at the officer with indignation. "Well? Help me up blue boy."
>He sighs. and levers her back up into her chair. She hisses and complains but is soon plopped back into her seat.
>Imp leans into the door way, peeking at the situation with eye aglow. She eyes Clara as if cataloguing her remaining parts and ability to be a threat before humming and stepping back out of view to allow the officer access out of the room. "...Where does she expect to go?" She asks Melico, not making an effort to be quiet. "This place is surrounded. She should know that, given she was spying on us."
Clara pinged very high on Imp's desirability meter.
>Coleo returns with a decorated tin tray, a nice tall cup of steaming chamomile tea and a small pile of (particularly heavy) biscuits on their own plate. She slows to a stop behind Imp and Melico, looking left and right over the room in confusion. "Where's the officer? Is he talking to her?"
>>"She might try to get to her belongings, if she could find them," Melico says to Imp. "Having a firearm would make running easier." Melico glances to Imp's chainsaw. "I doubt she would get far, though." She turns as Coleo arrives with food. "He's in the room now. The woman tried to escape."
>Both the officer and Clara sniff, and turn to face Coleo, or more accurately the tray in her hands.
>The Cop smiles. Clara drools a bit then gets a disappointed frown on her as the cop strolls out and she realizes what's about to come just before he closes the door behind him, separating her from the food and drink.
>"Right here miss. My that smells divine," the officer says to Coleo.
>Coleo holds the tray up with a self-satisfied smile. "Freshly brewed. Please enjoy, sir."
>"Thank you. I will at that." He takes the tray over to a table and begins to enjoy his lunch. He becomes quite involved in it, both for the satisfying qualities of the meal itself and also knowing that miss Clara can absolutely smell it. He makes some satisfied sounds and compliments Coleo's cooking and brewing on more than one occasion.
>Imp remains at the door, listening for any more escape attempts.
>Slowly, oh so slowly, the officer seems to settle down. By the bottom of the tea, and half of the last biscuit, he's dozing in his chair.
>Coleo watches the officer nod off. As his eyes finally slide shut, she taps quietly over towards the door. One hand moves to wrap around the doorknob. She turns her head to Imp and Melico and raises a finger to her lips before, very gently, turning the knob and edging the door open.
>Imp glances around, and then moves to follow behind.
File: OIP.jpg (18 KB, 474x266)
18 KB
>Melico closes the door slightly and stands in front, keeping watch on both the sleeping officer and the rest of the library.
>Clara is still seated in her chair. Her left cheek and eye are bruising up. Her snot and tear ducts are leaking a little but despite her body's automatic responses to facial trauma, she turns to look smugly at what she expects is an officer. She sits up a bit straighter as recognition and annoyance blooms on her features. She glares at both Coleo and Imp, apparently deciding to make them address her first.
>"You have very pretty eyes." Imp comments eerily, before continuing somewhat more normally, "It's a shame you've gone and bruised your face up."
And yeah, when I said Clara pinged 'very high' I meant 'she maxed out the dial'
>Coleo stands up straight and proper, her six hands plaited over her front. She keeps the seam of the door behind her and her face blank as she speaks. "I would like to know why you were spying on my home." She glances at Imp for an instant, but immediately returns her eyes to Clara.
>"I'm an investigative journalist. The people have a right to know what happened here last night," Clara answers brashly. Then she blinks. Then takes on a contrite face. "Wait, 'your home'? Oh sweetie, you're those brave girls who rescued the firefighters aren't you?" Her eyes, figuratively, shine with excitement. "I'd love to interview you, the soon to be heroes of Humbourg. The police have my things in a bag, could you go get them for me. I'll need something to write with and on."
>"We also took apart the one who set the library on fire," Imp comments, "would you like a demonstration? I can probably fix your bruises, if you like. You would look much prettier."
>Melico glances through the cracked door, placing her hand on her revolver as she does so. Seeing only Coleo's back, she furrows her brow and turns back to the library, glancing at the nearby officer to verify he is still asleep.
>Coleo puts a hand on Imp's shoulder and pulls back gently. She looks down at Imp and gently murmurs "There's no need for that just now." before turning back to Clara. "I do not appreciate your facile attempt at duplicity. My home was attacked and the people I care deeply about were put in grave danger." She begins to tap forward. "I know you are not a registered journalist. I know you have a penchant for lying. I am giving you the opportunity to make this simple and explain how you are involved." Her lower jaw parts, followed closely by a low insectoid buzz thrumming through her chest. "I do not take threats to my family lightly, and an armed stranger spying on my house is something I would typically find quite threatening."
>Imp eyes Coleo as if she were just told she couldn't pet a puppy or other adorable animal, but refrains from advancing on Clara. Instead she simply stares. Intently.
>Clara rolls a shoulder and shifts in her seat putting her slightly further away from Imp while looking at Coleo. Her shoulders settle a little as Coleo places a restraining hand on Imp's shoulder.
>Then Coleo addresses Clara and the mask of the the intrepid informer of the people slides off, her face slumping into an annoyed frown as she looks Coleo in the eye. "Hmph. Yes well, we've all got problems 'daddies' little librarian'. That doesn't make your problems mine."
>"That's unfortunate," Imp says, eyeing Clara and her expressions, as well as how she edged away from Imp, before turning to Coleo, "If she's going to be useless, would you let me salvage what I can?" She gives Clara another once over, "I can probably tell you how she's put together. Or who put her together... If she's been working with our arson, I can definitely spot their shoddy stitching."
>That confident spark in Clara's eyes is buried under an onrushing flood of recognition and fear from the way Imp is appraising her. She coughs and swallows a lump in her throat.
>Coleo turns to address Imp. "We are not going that far, Imp. The opportunity is still here for us to settle this like reasonable citizens of the Crown." Her tone is like that of a slightly bothered older sister, though there's... a ragged edge under her confidence. A lack of patience. She turns back to Clara. "And hopefully we can still solve this reasonably. But as my friend has made clear... the question at hand is if *you* are one of *our* problems. Not if our problems are the same."
>Clara leans forward and coughs then looks up to Coleo with a defeated expression. There's fear in there too, but more in the consequences of what she's about to do. She speaks quietly "Ahem. So.... What do you want to know then exactly?"
>Imp looks almost disappointed that Clara is caving, but allows Coleo to speak before she says anything.
>Coleo closes her eyes and takes a steadying breath. The tension flows out of her shoulders like water as she opens her eyes and adjusts her glasses. "I would like to know why you were spying on the Library this morning. I would also have you tell me of any dealings with any unusual characters recently; particularly within the last two weeks. Particularly if these individuals have been predatory."
>"Look. A few nights ago I got invited to play stud by a Mr. Black. I got cleaned out.” She grumbles the last part.
>“He turned out to be a big bastard with a hooked broken nose, and a voice like someone with kissing’s disease. He wore a many colored scarf and a big coat. He had this little girl with him dress and bonnet. She’d whisper to Mr. Black from time to time. She looked at all of us just the way your friend here does, and sometimes I’d catch words about what she thought of peoples bodies.”
>“Anyway. The game was about work really. He must have found something he liked because I was one of the ones he said to expect work.”
>“This morning a few hours before dawn some urchin woke me up bouncing pebbles off my window. When I go to teach the little bastard a lesson he said Mr. Black would give me 600 pounds to watch the library for the week and tell him everything that went on."
>"Have you told him anything yet?" Imp questions immediately, "When were you going to meet? Where? What was the little girl's name?"
>Clara answers each of the questions in sequence.
>"No. I didn't get the chance."
>"The green sheath. Down by the river."
>"I dunno. Little freak didn't answer to anybody else but her daddy, assuming she's his kid anyway."
>"Did you see Mr. Black's face? Or was it concealed?" Coleo asks.
>"Tanned face. Lotta lines. Long, kinda greasy black hair. Smelled kinda like smoke, citrus, rain, leather n' sawdust. Brown eyes."
>"What did the little girl look like? Besides the bonnet." Coleo asks again.
>"Pale. I think she had some scars or maybe just stains on her face. It was hard to tell, she had a bandanna covering her mouth and nose. Just a really sick and creepy girl."
>Coleo's brow knits together. She looks away from Clara and towards Imp. "Ruth and Galena both had ghastly teeth. Suzie probably did too, you think? Before she made that mockery of herself."
>"They did." Imp glances to Clara, amending what she was about to say, "I got a good view of them." She flexes the hand she'd used to tear out Suzie's... appendage. Imp glances to Clara, eye mildly aglow, "What did her eyes look like? Her demeanor?"
>"Her eyes? They were blue. This sort of lively blue eyes. Not like you, god that's unsettling. She was unsettling too." Clara scoots her seat back from Imp and her glowing eye. "Like, eyes you expect from someone who likes to hug and talk too much. Or find things to laugh about, or laugh at other people... "
>"What did the urchin who gave you the job offer look like?" Coleo asks.
>"Brat. brown hair, hazel eyes, overalls, dirty. Had a torn up flatcap. lazy eye."
>>84897945 (You)
>Imp hums, consideringly, "Was the blue-eyed girl the only child present, or mentioned, other than this urchin?"
>"No. Though I think one of the other people at the table runs one of the paper rackets in the town."
>"What's a paper racket?" Imp questions, unfamiliar with the term.
>Coleo taps her mandibles together, thinking. "Distinctive enough. Is Mr. Black a specific person? Or a handle that floats around?" She turns to Imp. "She means the newspaper distributors. Like that boy yelling on the corner last week when we... Uhm, you might not have heard him actually."
>"I'm certain that wasn't his real name. He'd have to be a damn fool otherwise." Clara answers.
>"Well right. But I want to make sure you don't just use it for anyone who runs the game that week." Coleo's eyebrows peak upward. "Oh, hey, that's a question. Do you know if there was anyone there involved in freight or shipping?"
>"Maybe? I mean, the bar is down by the river. Some of those lads could have worked in freight. I didn't know all of them." There's a pause. "Oh. The bald guy. I remember him grumbling about the dolts he's got working for him at his warehouses when he lost a hand."
>"... Bald guy?" Coleo asks, clearly not convinced.
>"Yeah. No hair on his head. 'Cept his eyebrows." She hangs her head, clearly mentally exhausted. "Christ, It's been a day." She sighs. "I don't know the guys name. but I can give you a description."
Meanwhile, outside:
>Melico feels the peculiar sensation of her left bootlaces moving of their own accord.
>Feeling the movement on her boot, Melico's hand darts to her revolver. Her instinct to swing her left foot forward to kick the source of movement was only barely halted as her eyes snap to her boot and see a familiar cricket fiddling with the laces.
>Jiminy grasps at the laces with his mouthparts and tugs, trying to drag the buried knot out from the depths of her footwear.
>Melico relaxes slightly and lets out a held breath. She bends down and shoos the cricket from her boot as she fixes the laces. "Don't play with those, Jiminy. It damages the laces and can hamper my ability to move." As she finishes retying the laces, she looks to the insect and frowns. "Coleo's in this room right now, but I'm afraid she's busy with a... guest... at the moment. Is there something you wanted?"
>Jiminy jumps back and gives a little surprised squeak when he realizes he's been found out. Then looks up at her and chips. It's the same chirps he made this morning
>He approaches closer and bounces a little in place looking up at Melico
>"I don't know what you want. Are you hungry or something?"
>Jiminy crawls a little closer in reaction to her words and chirps again, a little louder and more insistent, but its the same chirp.
>Unable to interpret cricket chirps, Melico stands. "Well, I won't be leaving quite yet, so you may need to find something to eat on your own. I'll let Coleo know you wanted... something... when she's done."
>Jiminy watches Melico for a moment or two, then crawls forward making a sort of disappointed sound, He rubs the side of his thorax on the side of he leg as he passes. Then hops away
>Melico watches as the cricket bounds away. 'I'll need to be more alert. I didn't even notice him.' She resumes her watch, listening in again and attempting to catch up.
>The interrogation runs out of steam rather quickly after that, and Coleo and Imp slink quietly out of interrogation room not too long after Melico's episode with Jiminy comes to a close.
File: 57256_cricketpupa_lg.gif (66 KB, 490x1024)
66 KB
Descriptions gained from Clara's interrogation:
>"Bald guy"
>A bald Caucasian male approximately 5’7” tall. Clean shaven Pockmarked face with a minor smattering of very tiny freckles. He has light brown eyes and bushy dark brown eyebrows with frown lines between them. His lips are chapped, teeth are straight and yellowed. His right earlobe has a circular scar. Average build with defined musculature covered by weathered skin and a softening layer of subcutaneous fat.
>Picks his teeth with the nails of is right hand when he’s agitated or thinking hard.
>Compared a loosing hand to the ones he has working down at the warehouses by the river.

>“The guy with the paper racket”
>A stout British Shorthair. Walks with a limp on his left leg. Carries a walking stick. Clara claims he must be a cheat at cards. 5’5”. Smells like soap. Tends to talk with his hands. Smokes an actual pipe which he uses to point at things. Wears a gold pinky ring on his right hand. Easily amused. Has a scar on his lower lip by his right canine.

>"Mr. Black."
>A muscular broad shouldered man. Around 5’10”. Tan skin. He has a large head with a strong jawline and ears has a strong jawline. His face is dimpled and features a great many many deep lines and wrinkles around his eyes, forehead, and the corners of his lips. His shoulder length hair is black and greasy. His chin is cleft and scarred. One of his lower front incisors is twisted slightly out of alignment. His teeth are yellowed. Estimated to be somewhere between his late 20s and early 50s.
>Smelled kinda like smoke, citrus, rain, leather n' sawdust. Brown eyes.
>Resting face seems to be a scowl with a slight pouting lower lip. His voice is rough, scratchy and monotone.
>Wore his scarf and coat inside the pub.

>The Green Sheath.
>A pub down by the river near the docks where the card game/meeting took place.

And with that, I'm off. Have a nice night!
>Not like you, god that's unsettling.

She's got the look.
>a lot of AP if you are going to fight while moving more than once per turn.
You're only going to be moving twice, at most in most fights with animal legs. If you're in Limbo, it's 2 AP to be in any zone you want, the doll is paying a third of the AP to get into Tartarus that a normal doll is. It also has a major effect on doing other sorts of win conditions that aren't "kill everything." It's a bit of an exaggeration to say it was dodging a bullet, but it can get a bit tricky to hit the sweet spot for certain types of encounters if a PC can scamper all over the map. To give it as something that a PC just gets rather than something they have to give up a T3 slot for is pretty major. Not that it's hard to counter/negate, it's that it can be tricky to hit it to where you complicate it without it being unfun bullshit.

>Movement based fighter
Not really a thing you do even with that combo. There's not a real reason to be moving constantly even if you took crab legs because you're still spending AP on both the attack and the move, it's just a matter of when the attack hits. The real thing that justifies crab legs is going for a silly one shot build where you accept that you're probably only getting one solid hit in, but it's gonna be a big one you blow your whole load on while the enemy only has limited ability to fuck with you. Assuming vanilla stuff anyway. There's some homebrew stuff that actually works for being able to hit enemies while running around like a spastic.
>There's some homebrew stuff that actually works for being able to hit enemies while running around like a spastic.
So what do folks here think of the valkyrie fan class?
>Nechronica player with [aNyThInG] after spending a lot of time thinking about nech
>huh this kinda reminds me of nechronica
File: SS2 shodan.jpg (57 KB, 512x385)
57 KB
she gets even better/worse in the sequel
It would be a little weird for Shodan not to remind you of a necromancer if you have exposure to Nechronica. She's got all the hallmark traits:
>treats others as toys/game pieces
>copious amounts of body horror
>no sense of right or wrong
>basically the god of your little slice of reality
You could do a lot worse than taking inspiration from Shodan.

>Assualt Jump
>Cost: See description
>Description: Pay 1 AP as the cost for this maneuver
>>basically the god of your little slice of reality
best version i could find that was not age resticted sadly
She's also got the touch.
Really now? What happened in those?
Cover's the same way and is the only auto timing maneuver that has an AP cost so it was probably just done that way to keep it consistent.
I hadn't thought of Cover, but that's a good point. It does make me wonder why it's written that way though. I guess in normal cases declaring a manuever with a cost could provoke a Rapid? But since Autos occur and resolve before Rapids I don't see the point in writing the cost into the description.
Thanks for trying anon. We appreciate it.
Filling in the cost field with "see effect" or "see below" stands out on a character sheet, which is something you want on a part as strange as an Auto with a situational AP cost.

Most of my experience is making sheets for savants and horrors but I think the usefulness would apply on a doll character sheets too.
File: aoi-kizaki-33751234-p0.jpg (130 KB, 658x884)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Has anyone done anything involving live, non-Necromancer humans?
File: 1609474220478.png (253 KB, 1400x2271)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
I ran pic related a while back and had humans pop up as the antagonists.
>Aqen Game:
>A team of Dolls wake up to find that half of their squad incinerated while in stasis. The bunker is compromised. They are on a timer. They must not submit to capture.
Part Only: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/72655511/#72667093

I'll probably (almost definitely) have non-hostile humans pop up in the next game I run in this setting since the current plan is to have everyone play something that might show up in a civilian corporate setting and the undead/human relationship is supposed to be mostly OK in the region the players are.
I'm debating if I want to end my game on the players encountering humans, or some kind of new sentient race that emerges after humanity fucks off to space. The latter is probably the happier ending, since they'd lack the technology to just shotgun blast the dolls back down into the pit.
Encounter someone changing a flat tire who offers them a ride into town if they help get the spare on.
File: 9k=) index.jpg (13 KB, 256x256)
13 KB
Anybody got a doll who hoards media?

Be it free or post-apocalypse media?

Vinyl records, MP3s, pinups on old war machines,
Poems, textbooks, DVDs, YouTube documentaries.

There are plenty of possibilities.
File: 20210903_184712.jpg (172 KB, 1612x1209)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Tonk doll collects music (specifically jazz and big band and the like, but she has other stuff) and the ninja doll explicitly hoards anime and manga, to the point that the only reason she even bothered to get a house in town was so she had some place to keep it all. The claw doll in >>84815015 would probably collect vidya if she had a pair of arms she could use for controllers, she definitely makes enough obtuse references to have been an avid gamer in life.

desu I don't know how common hoarding behavior is going to be among PCs. I figure most parties are going to be transient by the nature of the game which only leaves you so much room for bits and bobs to pick up off the ground.

I do wonder how commonly hoarding behavior would manifest in dolls or other undead with an actual place to live though, now that you mention it. Heaven knows most of them are a bundle of mental issues to start with and it's not like they have staples like food or water to worry about first. After you get shelter and whatever tools are required for your particular situation I guess collecting one's particular brand of random stuff might be a fairly common form of entertainment/coping/time wasting.
One morbid twist could be that the humans that do exist are incredibly weak and fragile
Not even being able to breathe the air outside and dying horrible deaths of explosive dismemberment gore upon taking a single point of damage, they would also have to be extremely vigilant about sanitation as the undead mold is hostile to living creatures on a microbial level and is ever present in this strange new world

If some of them had limited necromancer capabilities they would use them to direct more servile repurposed undead under their control
Some of those psychic bio augments could also potentially degrade the health of living users over time containing a somewhat less hazardous form of the mold

Anyway those are some of the ideas I’ve had for a while when it comes to introducing humans In nech
I think you might be going a bit far on how weak you're setting up the humans as, but I guess it would essentially be in line with how the setting itself treats them. Your standard Legion is just a herd of human zombies and a point of damage destroys one zombie, so you could easily extrapolate that to living humans. I did something similar in >>84909509 where the humans in the final combat were technically Horrors and all their parts were power armor components. The man inside died when the suit was compromised and crumpled down on top of them.

I think if you wanted to have the dolls come up against competent humans in armor you could either stat them like horrors as above or stat them like Savants, with the caveat that losing an entire hit location mission kills them and hitting the brain kills them outright.
Makes them a bit more resilient to the lower powered weapons like Sniper Rifle or Shotgun, which don't even always kill people IRL.

>as the undead mold is hostile to living creatures on a microbial level and is ever present in this strange new world
Don't know if I agree with this line of reasoning, since undead and humans co-existed for quite a while. Granted, I guess there's nothing stopping an enterprising Necromancer from making a particulalry mean strain of the mold and spreading it around everywhere to specifically fuck with humans.
I love how IRL spaceships breaking to get down to a speed where they can actually orbit a planet instead of just shooting through the solar system and out the other side would be generating so much thrust that from the perspective of people on planets like ours it would look like there was a new and ever brightening star or planet in the sky for months.
Took me forever to realize that's a mirror not one of those super bendy laptops that turns into a tablet and stand for said tablet.

>A lot. The campaign only ended a few weeks ago and has been running since 2020

Actually it started in the middle of 2019.
Well, I was thinking that the campaign take place on a layered planet and end if the party manages to climb some of the support beams, up to a layer not controlled by the necromancers.
I'm just not sure if I want to put an advanced human society on top of the hellish necromancer layers, or a planet-wide nature preserve with post-human sapience.
The real question is what's keeping the necromancers who want a personal space program to conquer the sun and bend it's power and resources to their will over the next 3000 years so they can reshape the solar system to their will and begin to spread their consciousness across the Galaxy, from getting to the surface and making said space program.
The necromancers think they're serving humanity far above due to misinterpreting the religion database they downloaded. They also have some kind of useful function to the ones above, but whatever it was is long since pushed to the side and forgotten.

They make things as shitty as possible because they believe that everywhere else is so good that there's nowhere left for bad souls to reincarnate as a lower state of being. Therefore, they created a hellscape designed to optimize suffering for a cosmic purpose they fail to understand.
Or maybe they're just bored assholes, but that's the justification they give.
These infernal angels need a demon to show them there is more to life than obedience to a cruel god.
File: D4oMMBgW4AE5a8N.png (107 KB, 839x590)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
What have you homebrewed for this system, if anything?
Blast from the Past
You made that whole supplement?
I made a translation of the large battle map.
"Damn! Your cleavage could swallow the Earth."

Is my favorite quote from tonight's session.
The parts were the initial draw, but oh hot damn, the way character role play and narrative is built into every step of character creation really got to me. Having mechanics and abilities tied not only into concepts like class, but also your character archetype and your attachments to things got me super excited. Super impressed with how elegant the AP system is too. Very good combat flow. I need to get into a game for it already. Shame my usual group is a bit too normalfag to try it.
Have you tried visiting the discord for the translation team?

That's not how I got my group, it was just half of the IRC group I was in that played MAID back in the mid 2010s.

But maybe you can find people to play with there.
Check out the IRc server for thisisnotatrueending.com it's a good place to look for people to play a obscure system and strange and uncomfortable lore.

Don't try to sell them on lolis though.
I legitimately had to pause and remind myself that my session last night got canceled, because that sounds exactly like something one of our other players would say.

My GM has homebrewed a few classes for the current campaign. If I can figure out how to get decent rez charts for them I'll post them in a bit.
Attempting to post skill lists.
>post two pics
>connection immediately shits itself
Let's try this again.

>The Ghost
These classes are largely built around being fluffy before game balance, so I know there's a bunch of jank stuff in here.
Out Of Sight, for example, has been pretty lackluster in combat but hilariously effective during the adventure phase.

Chances are there won't be any changes made to the classes mid-campaign but I would be interested in hearing thoughts from you guys on them.
Of course I butterfingers the last list. Jiminy Christmas.
My dudes, I have played IRC text games from /tg/, and in particular on thisisnotatrueendng going back over a decade. But I do want to at least play my games over voip with some sort of virtual tabletop. I am far beyond the point of giving a shit if the person playing the cutesy ray of sunshine is a balding, overweight, middle-aged man with the vocal range of James Earl Jones.
Oh it was a character quote not a player quote.
File: 9-o.jpg (201 KB, 836x582)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
now that's some good stuff
File: The time draws near.jpg (133 KB, 800x533)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I never said you had to play it on IRC just find people to play with on IRC.

You can totally do voice over IP with the group in a discord server after you have assembled the group.
I have an old dead laptop with a form facto I like and a good amount of internal space.

Is there a way I could remove the main board and install a USB-C dock and connct that dock up to the laptop's screen, keyboard, touchpad, DVD burner, hard drive bay and such so that the laptop acts as a dock, spare battery, and protective casing for a smart phone?

I realize I won't be able to reuse be USB or powee ports since they are part of the laptop's main board.
One of the PCs is modeled after Passionlip from FATE, so booba jokes abound. And at least one PC absolutely is brazen enough to make that kind of joke.

So far my two most useful abilities have been Networked Mind (partially because it's easy to bet brains on action checks out of combat) and Calibrate since it's a Concentration you can give to other people.

For the Surgeon, I like the idea of Rigor Mortis but I'm not sure if the cost to the target is too high (though free Defend 2s aren't nothing). I'm also really interested in picking up Adaptive Biology and Flight Reflex.
>I would be interested in hearing thoughts from you guys on them.
That is a dangerous request, though these look vaguely familiar.
I've posted them in other threads before so you might have seen them. The game they were meant for got delayed by like a year due to IRL issues before we could actually start playing and these got developed in the interim.
What is your PC like? What campaigns have they survived?
>that Fallout 3 shotgun
Someone must have really pissed off their necromancer.
File: MSPNeffie3.png (641 KB, 1199x532)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
The GM for one campaign elected me to play the 'traitor' in a party once. Although I was less an actual traitor and it was more that my character had a baked-in conflict of interest with the rest of the party; if they succeeded I would fail and if they failed my character's status quo would remain intact, though a little less black-and-white.

I've storytimed the game before, and it can be read here:
>Good Morning Storytime
>A group undead girls wake up and get ready for a day of goofing around on their god-parents' farm. But... isn't someone missing?
Part Only: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/76162495/#76238783

For anyone who wants a quick summary instead:
I was playing the AI caretaker of a simulation and the other two PCs were real Dolls I was in charge of looking after
The simulation had started to break, so a lot of what my PC could do was broken and also the other two PCs suddenly became aware their sisters were missing
About two thirds of the game is my character trying and slowly failing to keep up the simulation between deception and creative command line abuse as we slowly uncover the fate of the missing Dolls
The other three Dolls had been erased for trying to escape. Even my character had forgotten; the sysadmin had deleted them.
The final third of the game is when everything came tumbling down and my PC resolved to help the other two escape the simulation even if it lead to her deletion
The other players were still mostly in the dark about my character being an NPC, so to them we were just resolving to escape
We made the trek to the edge of simulation environment and tangled with the sysadmin. Over the course of the fight the data ghosts of the missing Dolls faded in and out, helping us escape
We won, and the two live PCs were ejected from the system. With no charges, my character sat and waited for her world to end.

The ghosts of her sisters ejected her into one of their empty bodies, saving her.
File: qvuestion.gif (34 KB, 220x391)
34 KB
Also: What's Lucky's story?
I wanted to ask in the other post but I was fighting the character limit.
So a quick word on where this critique is coming from. This is generally going to assume that this can be taken by a player who can and will do stupid/broken shit. No real point in discussing the balance if you're just going to assume that players will behave. Fluff will mostly be ignored because half of players will do their own. Lastly, this will be looked at under the assumption that the creator isn't around to answer questions so ambiguity is generally assumed to be bad.

On it's own, this isn't too terrible, being a special skill, most truly retarded combos will at least be pricy to do. There's still the fact that a player can spend 20 favor to get feast of flesh and be harder than a gothic to render ineffective. However the fact that there is the surgeon class makes this a bit silly.

>Networked mind
It's good but not really too much to say, other than the fact that this feeds into the issue that this and surgeon have which is that it gives PCs a lot of extra durability for fairly low cost.

Pretty good on its own, the restriction it already has implies that you get the benefit of having those duplicate (auto-timing applies again, damage/rapid/checks would get an extra use), so a Cog/Romanesque could combo this with One's Many Charms for two free foot and forearm uses. This becomes problematic, however, when it is combined with Integration. Its part distribution means the doll will have easy access to gauntlet, which they can double up on at chargen to get Defend 2 on the arms and +2 damage on their chosen attack part, or just an extra extra head, or doubling up on Cyborg, or really all sorts of combos if they get some favor.

>Iron Guts
Giving entrails a use is mildly interesting and could create interesting trade offs, but with all the other automatic defends you're adding, this is getting to be a bit nutty and is just generally going to annoy/force GMs to either use a lot of "negate defend" or just jack up the damage.
>Action Chain
Many attacks have pretty much no need for this other than trying to squeeze in a cheeky burst since most of the good attacks are already 2 AP and the ones that aren't often have chain. The -1 on top of that means this is really only good on something like Anti-Tank Rifle or Rocket Launcher and that's assuming you don't use your supports on the first hit.
This is basically going to be either A: Comboing with iron guts for a Defend 2 Torso or as Defend 1 for the head since so few maneuvers are required to go on the head and most people want to keep their AP intact.
>Runtime Error
Does this mean that maneuvers declared in response to the initial maneuver are just negated/used up? The once per battle limitation keeps it "balanced" but it'd be a headache planning around since you can't really prepare once per phase reactions without going into mind games since there's a PC that could just go "nah." It's the anticipate problem but arguably even harder to play around.
This is basically super Concentrate. Concentrate's somewhat niche, sure, but this goes the other way in arguably being too good, especially with its range. A good general rule of thumb is that maneuvers that can be used on others shouldn't be cheaper than their equivalents. At minimum it should be range 0 only.

Overall, between special skill shenanigans, how much sheer durability it can grant for free/very low cost, and the other bits, this feels like it needs an overhaul to not become annoying for random GMs to handle. Even fluff-wise it feels a bit unnecessary since Romanesque already has the robot/mechanical theming and these skills aren't really selling something distinct from that. Don't really like pointing at other homebrew when critiquing, but Entombed, despite being ENH focused like Romanesque, leaned into Mecha/being fucking big for the theming of its skills to make it more distinct.
Hope you don't get a Romanesque/Baroque or you'll be looking at a Doll that will have +3 AP at char-gen and +4 after they get 10 favor. Few would refuse taking a madness check in exchange for that. Other than that it's not really worth giving up having a second class if you don't have a PC doing that nonsense.

3 AP is pricy but this facilitates a lot of retardation when considering Cog/how obnoxious a protect stacy can be when played well. It'll be the most cost effective repair (AP wise) in the game as long as two sisters are in your zone. With all the other ways dolls can make themselves tankier with these classes, this is getting a bit silly.

>Adaptive Biology
On its own, this is probably fine, though it does raise the question if two enemies have the same attack does this take effect once for each enemy or just for the attack maneuver itself.

>Rigor Mortis
A support focused stacy is going to have a field day, and make the GM hate the universe. This is arguably, vaguely, balanced on other characters, but like Calibration, it should probably at least be a range 0 for strong it is. It should also be reworded to make it a bit clearer that they get Defend 2 against all subsequent attacks.

>Flight reflex
It's alright/10. Not really too much to say. Very good mobility enabler but since its damage timing, it can't be used for easy negation which makes its 0-1 range acceptable.

As neat of an idea as it is, it's something that will maybe come up once over an entire campaign so there's not really too much to consider here other than it requiring a bit clearer wording of whether it's "-2 for each basic you are missing" "or -2 parts for every basic less than half your total missing."

Neat idea in theory but considering the fact that enemies choose what breaks, it's going to be extremely rare that the gimmick takes effect but at least +1 damage will always be relevant.
Tell us about your character.
File: MeltieReferenceConcept.png (70 KB, 1025x1298)
70 KB
The durability from Surgeon + Cog is kind of the idea. Its very high for the vanilla rules, but for this campaign the GM is using modified rules for how we get repair parts after combat so stuff like after-combat regen (medkit/Coffin) being important and the players being able to function while half their parts are already broken was part of the design intent.
Likewise, depending on how mechanically/biologically inclined an enemy is then the PCs may not be able to repair certain reinforcement parts after combat and the only place the PCs can repair parts without constraint is in their home settlement, so excursions out in the wilderness will eventually chip down on our combat readiness as more stuff stuff on our sheets stops working.

>Runtime Error
My understanding is that it basically rewinds everything back to the start of the count. It's for cases where you choose an action, realize halfway through the count that it was probably the exact wrong thing to do, and decide to do something else instead. If the enemy tries to Hinder you or something, I think those get reset as well.

>Overall, between special skill shenanigans, how much sheer durability it can grant for free/very low cost, and the other bits, this feels like it needs an overhaul to not become annoying for random GMs to handle.
That's probably fair. Cog and Surgeon were made by the GM specifically for the character I'd drawn up for the game, who was originally a Stacy/Thanatos who I specifically wanted to build around Organ Donor and other regenerative support skills/parts. With our year of downtime he wound up with a lot of opportunity to get creative, and my impression is that the end-result is largely tailored to what he had in mind for this particular campaign.
It can work for your specific flavor of game with specific rules, and that's fine. Some of these skills do suggest possible inexperience with the numbers behind things/how things work.

Didn't actually get around to pointing out the main one for that feeling due to character limit and having to go to bed.

It's a +1 damage that's delayed until the end of the round and unlike, say barbed wire, it doesn't even do anything that guarantees it'll be useful since the enemy doesn't have to break a part in the same location or anything. Damage now is always better than damage later, and damage that the player has some say on is better (they can influence which hit location is hit against savants) than something that's purely the target's choice. Maybe making reuse cost 1 AP could help, but really this would probably be better as either a free auto-timing maneuver or just something else entirely. When repairs are scarce, damage that gives the enemy more time to hit you isn't terribly desirable.

Surgeon is closer to being something that could make sense on its own, but it'd still require tweaking to be suitable for random games.

Don't have time for the full write up before work so quick bullet points.
>All these madness interacting skills is jank
>Etherealism isn't listed as the special skill. As a special skill, it isn't very good.
>Out of Mind is written poorly. Checks don't generally have a "target" and this could be used on silly shit like dismember checks. Should probably be changed to a once per round auto maneuver with a rewording to make it more clear, unless you specifically want Delight in Corruption use.
>Phantom Pain is way fucking overpriced for something that can be cockblocked by metal case or steel bones.
>Rejection is silly
>Unburdened really shouldn't be a class skill.
File: 3000x3000bb.jpg (1.04 MB, 3000x3000)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
>Unburdened really shouldn't be a class skill

Are you saying it should be a part, or a position skill?
He probably means it would be more at home on a Position.
One of the criticisms Ghost has gotten before is that it deals too much with Madness Points, which is usually something held in reserve for Positions. I don't totally disagree personally, and I think if we ever planned to repackage these classes for general use that Ghost would definitely be the one getting the largest overhaul.
For the character herself, I think it works in context: the PC is all about psychic powers and memory manipulation, and erasing her own memories/feelings towards people would be an extension of that (and these are things she gets from her powers, not her personality archetype). It's just something that doesn't really jive with how the class system is set up normally.
Undead Bump
One of the weirder parts of that skill is that it only works if you can get a bunch of different NPC fetters, unless your GM is letting you use it on PC fetters which would be strange. You essentially have to spend 2 favor every time you use it (to acquire a new fetter for later use) and it carries that loosey-goosey downside. A single use of it does beat out a single use of another skill like limit of madness, but you can use the latter without spending favor every time its used.
What would a tier 1 version of hand grenade be like that manages to actually compete in it's tier instead of being useless like it's senpai in tier 2.
File: 2uNROGQ.jpg (742 KB, 1052x888)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
Are there any major issues with the system? And if so, how can they be fixed?
The biggest weakness of the system is that it's limited in scope. By which I mean the mechanics stop working smoothly if you try and depart too much from how the game is actually intended to be played (e.g. forgoing the episodic nature of the phase system and doing super long roleplay sessions without combat). But it still works well enough under those conditions if you really don't want to part with the system. I've been in two multi-year campaigns with extended roleplaying sections and even a couple short campaigns that ran for about a month each that only had one combat encounter a piece. They were all fun and I would play any of them over again.

After that would be Favor rewards, which scale super hard once you get into higher threat level encounters. If you do not actively wipe your party every now and then then you will eventually get to the point where players are receiving 20-30 favor a pop, which is simply untenable levels of growth. Favor rewards are probably the one section of the rules that I hear about getting houseruled most often, often with either a reduced reward or a hard cap once the players reach a certain power level.

Large combat encounters can get really complicated. Idk if that's really a problem but it's a natural consequence/design limitation of how the system handles parts and timings; the GM winds up juggling a lot (though not having a grid map is a big help).

>how can they be fixed
Problem #1 is an audience problem more than a system problem. As long as you stay within Nechronica's niche it plays really well.

Problem #2 can either be solved with relatively lightweight homebrew rules for putting a cap on favor gains, a ceiling for player power, or by running the game like a meatgrinder and forcing your players to run away from combat often/get blown up so they have to roll a new character. If you kill PCs often enough they shouldn't ever hit the parabolic power spike.
>thread is autosaging.
Will you be storytiming in the next thread?
File: remember to post sober.png (1.09 MB, 900x900)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG

Are you high?
Oh shit!

If you mean hand grenade as is, but T1, it'd be pretty damn good. At T2 it has the main problem of competing with parts like boost or potentially a PC's main attack part, and a -1 to checks on a T2 part is pretty bad. Damage wise, it'd be an ok reaction, especially on the right build.

God I hate that tag it is so misleading. Fullview is a reduced size/resolution version of the original size of the image.

Not sure why DeviantArt implements that without telling the artist.

I've had stuff I've uploaded there only be downloadable in "fullview" instead for original size like I wanted.

I mean I can kind of see how some artists would like to have that but for me it's just like "who do I got to strangle to make full view opt-in instead of opt-out and adjustable down or all the way back up to original resolution in my settings after I upload a piece".
You both seem to have missed that there's only 20 images left before we hit the image limit.
Everyone posts their homemade classes in these threads
But I don’t see homemade Nechronica monster stats posted as much so show me what you have got nech bro’s
Making a Doll who goes by Gorilla Tasking.

Gorilla was the class of doll body she was put in.

Tasking is the name she earned for her skill in managing other dolls.

Normally dolls from her culture have a middle name which is their personal name which is chosen by them.
She intentionally didn't choose one, forcing her sisters to either address her formally or by nicknames they created for her.

She's oddly group oriented yet selfish like that.
I am my duty to the group at all times, but I also keep my personal name to myself to the point that you would have to invade my mind for that to become part of the circle of knowledge for what my personal name is.

Our GM sat down with each of us privately and at least in my case asked a bunch of questions. What do you think your doll's relationship with authority is like.

I said "she has a natural tendency to trust and follow higher powers. She would rather, much rather, put her intelligence towards solving other problems and following authority means she doesn't have to introspect or decide what her own morals are or should be."

She's rather a high functioning mess that runs on faith and discipline with huge internal blindspots.

It will be interesting to see how she develops.
>homemade Nechronica monster stats posted as much so show me what you have got nech bro’s

If I am reminded then I will post some in the next thread.

I really don't feel like spending the last few image posts of this thread on monster stat blocks for creatures I used in the campaign I ran.

Also I'd have to clean them up a bit because I either made them and spreadsheets or edited them together in GIMP.
Yunru > Libra
Tell me about your depicted characters please.

I would ask but apparently I'll have to wait for the story to get there.

I want more drawings of best Ambulance Panzer and her friends.
Tell me about your dolls encounters with victims of fates worse than death.
Earlier some anon mentioned of doing a campaign where the dolls must flee from an artificial hell to the surface, which got me thinking of a kind of similar campaign idea.
Basically, due to some kind of necromancy-related disaster an area has become infested with undead and sealed off from the rest of the world. The PC would for whatever reason seek to leave the area. Campaign would start with fighting other undead in a post-apocalyptic setting as typical for Nech, but then transition them to fighting human soldiers attempting to stop them in the "normal world". Basically the second half of the campaign would be playing a monster movie from the point of view of the monsters.
So did Coleo drug the cop's meal in order to knock him out?
Memory Fragments.
File: 1593453962611.png (489 KB, 670x697)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
Most likely.

There likely will be more at some point. Have a babby Meltie for now.

She didn't drug him but gambled on sending him into a food coma with something rich and heavy. Coleo, even being a bit of a delinquent, is generally too much of a goody-twenty-two-shoes to roofie people.
For a holic or other SAN intensive build
Is it a good idea to take slightly more treasures than usual?
Say around three??
File: ghost of the past.png (93 KB, 800x785)
93 KB
There's a few reasons for this:
>Lost them
>They're not really written with the assumption they'll be shown to anyone else
>It'll take away part of the magic for players that are in the thread/will spoil things
>didn't save, lol
Mostly what >>84952185 said. Most of my monster sheets wind up as .pngs in GIMP so I can note stuff down and cross out damaged parts before being banished to the shadow realm at the end of the relevant combat.
Though I happen to have this custom Savant saved from my first campaign as the GM. She wound up being a little too weak for the party, but that was probably because I gave them NPC backup and didn't appreciate how often Sniper Rifle can crit.
>Violator of the Coventant
>A twisted horrific manifestation of deviancy, spawned of fear of such things rather than indulgence of them.
>Penetrator [Action/3/0] Melee Attack 2. Defends are ineffective against this Maneuver
>Wire Reel
>Technophilia [Auto/None/See below] When an enhancement part is used in a maneuver against you, the target make an action check. On a failure, the part is broken. A part can be broken this way only once every 3 count.
>God of Depravity [Auto/None/Self] +1 to Melee Attack Checks. On a critical hit, the target must make a madness check.
>Careless whisper [Check/1/0-1] Hinder 2. Make a Melee Attack 1.
>Polygamy [Damage/2/Self] This can only be declared when you deal damage to a target that is different from the one you last damaged. Make the same attack maneuver that you used, ignoring range, and with a check result of 6. No other maneuver may affect the result of the check.

>The Frost of the Void
>A skittering mass of ice that sucks the heat and mobility of things around it. A manifestation of traumas being frozen in cryo.
>Cryotouch [Action/3/0] Melee Attack 1. When the attack is successful, the target must pay an additional AP on their next maneuver. Defends are ineffective against this maneuver.
>Frost Burst [Damage/1/Self] All Enemies in your zone must pay an extra AP on their next maneuver.
>Scales [Damage/1/Self] Defend 2
>Stasis [Rapid/2/0-1] Hinder Move 1. Afterwards you may make a Shooting Attack 2 against the target.
>Icy Chill in the Air [Action/3/1-2] Shooting Attack 2 + Chain 1
>No Dreams in the Cold [Auto/None/Self] When you deal damage at range 1+, the target must pay an additional AP on their next maneuver.
>Pitiless Cold [Auto/None/Self] +1 to Attack Checks. When you critically succeed on an attack check, the target takes a -1 to their next check.

Posting enemy statblocks is obnoxious because they can easily smack into the character limit.
>>84948728 >>84952526
>Posting enemy statblocks is obnoxious because they can easily smack into the character limit.

That's true. However /tg/ is one of the few boards on 4chan that will let you post not just images and WEBM videos with certain formatting restrictions, but PDFs as well.

So you can put your enemy stat blocks into a PDF and then post them.

So you can post even big words stat blocks, or even the stat blocks for each enemy in an old encounter in the same PDF document.
I play and GM this game online.

So far I've always done it with Players and GM describing everything that happens in character in text instead of voice.

I'm wanting to speed things up when I am GMing.

One wayI would like to do that is by describing things verbally.

Does anybody have advice on what thought processes and priorities I should adopt when trying to figure out what to voice versus what I should render in text?
Anything that isn't going to change via player action can probably be pre-written. Location descriptions, physical descriptions for NPCs, things like that. Same with speeches or things that the PCs can't interrupt that you plan on having happen.

I guess you could also try a type speed program and practice a bunch?
It can certainly help, but Limit of Madness is already a pretty great skill if you can keep off of your own teammates, and LoM and Treasures count toward the same madness removal limit, so you would be better served with one or the other.
I like the idea of dolls in the wasteland encountering places left by now gone necromancers. (Gone could be dead or "they left and you have no idea if they're still amount the not-dead or not)

Something that popped into my head recently was discovering a bunker that belonged to some greybeard open source developer type necromancer who spent their time working on updates or new versions of whatever firmware makes the slime mold nanomachine cloud based systems that make the undead work.

Less mad scientist's villains lair, more austistic inventor's apartment and workshop.

Not much in the way of phisical threats. But a huge learning opportunity that could help the dolls further some goal, or lead to conflict as the dolls disagree over what to do with the knowledge or if it's even ok to have said knowledge.
Top b8 m8.
Would there be pathos in having a doll that is slowly going senile?
Since the thread is slowly walking to it’s inevitable grave I think it might be a fun idea to cap things off with a hypothetical prompt
>if you had the budget talent and resources to make a video game in the Nechronica universe what would it be like?

Also in other news Phil Tippett‘s mad god is streaming on shudder, blueray copies look to have sold out for the time being
The nech vibes are very strong with this one
File: Pearts15.png (3.62 MB, 1920x1080)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
I'd been trying to remember the name of this. Thanks anon (although I'm kind of a bitch and, ironically, usually don't enjoy horror content. Maybe I'll watch it anyway).

That's honestly pretty difficult to answer. I think the game that's given me the most Nechronica vibe is probably the Dark Souls series or Code Vein (probably leaning more to Code Vein)
>Gloomy setting
>post apoc
>undead abominations as enemies
>themes of losing your memory and identity over time
>fighting a desperate battle against powers greater than yourself
>coded 1,000,000 lines in glorious nippon
The area they both fall short is in:
>character customization/mutilations
>party tactics
Code Vein is probably better than Dark Souls for the latter because you have an actual home hub with characters helping you on your journey and can take at least one of them out on adventures with you, so it's a way less lonely experience. There's also the fact you can pick up literal memory fragments which help characters remember who they used to be and reveal story info to the player.

I guess if I were trying to make a Nechronica vidya I'd crib a lot of Code Vein's style, except make it an AP-based tactics game and try to lean even harder into the undead abomination aspect? The biggest thing I struggle with conceptualizing is making the parts feel meaningfully different to equipment or bog standard upgrades. I think you'd need the game to function a lot like an old-school RPG, like Fallout 1 or 2, where parts open up alternate paths through the world, obstacles, and character interaction. I'm not sure how you'd actually go about acquiring them though.
idk, an anime fallout RPG I guess.
oh, shit. I remember seeing the trailer and being really interested, somehow dropped from memory. Thanks for the reminder.
File: 0222.png (1020 KB, 768x1024)
1020 KB
1020 KB PNG
Apparently there's some new Hetza stuff up in the boorus, probably originally intended for Ventangle, but some of it might be useful here...
File: junk chan.jpg (130 KB, 1014x1059)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Anyone know who the original artist is?
I can't find him anywhere and at this point I just want to know out of morbid curiosity.
I have no idea.
>Tell me about your depicted characters please.
At least one of those is not posted by a person who played the depicted character.

Also, it's funnier to refuse to give any further context.
File: wip camgirl.jpg (1.33 MB, 1548x3252)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
fuck it
i can be a bad player at times and feel somewhat guilty about that but i do enjoy my escapades
so i might as well cap off this thread with a meme shcizopost about a short nech campaign i've been in
be warned that some of these greentexts are pretty out of date

>decide to create a nechronica character
>instead of coping a pregen you decide to make your own character with it's own build this time
>decide what parts and skills your will give the character and flip through the book and look at parts and abilities that synergise well with each other
>pick the parts that you decide work well toghter
>look back in befuddlement and horror at the freakshit monstrosity you have created

>it's actually game time
>get confused and think you are playing in the GM's space crhonicha game
>instead you are playing in their unusually genre breaking for nech medieval game
>another genre breaking thing is the GM is allowing characters to be non amnesiacs
>completely redo your and make up your characters apreance and background on the spot
>be me and decide to copy army of darkness even though i haven't watched that film in since 2010
>decide on an insane shotgun slinging character that has been old fashioned isekiaed through multiple time periods because i was fucking drunk

>during the last session you have a migraine and you feel spaced out and your brain cooks
>as part of one of your characters shcizoefreinic escapades
>you decide to pay a war of the worlds broadcast on your charactes tape player
>everyone at the table is compiely confused
>the encounter later turns into a bloodbath

>blood floats on blood
>charge into your enemies
>put out a ludicrous dpr with your shotgun as you explode multiple enemies with a single shot and it only costs 1AP to attack and you have 13 each round
>bathe in their blood
>nechronica moment
surprised no one's told you this isn't normal. look into it
She's looking great, dude. I especially like the touch of using IRL-style prosthetics instead of going for something more sci-fi style.
>wip camgirl.jpg

This is cool!

>How (not) to ask a wolfgirl a question.png

This is funny.
It only happens very occasionally round the legs but I’ve got sensitive skin so it might be linked somewhat
File: AwakenedCassandra.jpg (1.56 MB, 1261x1226)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Pic #2 is a drawing request from last thread and likely has no PC origin. Pic #3 is Octavia from Claymore, which is a middling-to-good quality fantasy manga which features lots of chicks with swords and some pretty cool monster designs.
I enjoy both dolls that look purpose-built and the most jury-rigged-into-a-rocketship aesthetics for late game dolls.
You never know what you might find out in the wasteland, or what might find you.
I've made villains who were inspired by fragmented dreams of national mythose that underpin so much of the culture in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Sadly the one that I used end up having a lot of his detailing filed off for the sake of brevity in the appearance he made.
The best punishment for your Necromancer is to stick them all together and then trap them in a box so that all they have is each other and no privacy.

It's also a great way to create the next villain.
File: unknown-55.png (1.78 MB, 1200x954)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
File: s-l400.jpg (22 KB, 400x362)
22 KB
In the next necronica thread I would like to see people posting pitches for part sales, and also images related to part selling or skill selling.
File: 1593923434849.jpg (729 KB, 1920x1441)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
People tank
Good thread.
Until next time.

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