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Just did a bunch of stuff with superglue for the board game I've been working on. It's based on Chess but instead of a King it has a Wizard that can't move but has magic spells similar to what you see in MTG with summons and damage spells. Then the game evolved to become asymmetrical with four armies to pick from. I've taken ideas for pieces from other Chess variants called the Archbishop (Knight+Bishop), Chancellor (Knight+Rook), Lion (Two King moves), and Maharajah (Queen+Knight). I've also come up with my own ideas for pieces called the Princess, Dragon, Bandit, and Scholar.

Every color army has a theme. White gets extra moves out the ass. Red gets more mana so they can cast way more big money spells. Green has extremely high damage, their knights have guns, and their custom pieces are hyper mobile. Black has the most pieces and several scumbag mechanics like being able to sac the living for mana and not just going first but taking two moves.

I've been working on it on and off for like a year and it's been a fun hobby project.

I'm interested in making an anrdroid app out of the game, but I only know windows programming, so I haven't really been working on that end, been working on the game itself.

Just to be clear, the game mechanics have nothing to do with Auto Chess or Knightmare Chess or anything out there really.

The two core mechanics that really separate it from anything similar are that the combat revolves around drawing a card where the number determines damage and the suit determines mana type for future spells, and if a piece dies, it turns into a soul that is also mana. The other cool mechanic is that when you play with a timeclock, instead of have an HP counter, every time you get hit, you lose 5 minutes on the clock. I play with 20 and you think you have time but you are really in a blitz game.

I decided to use Chess names for mechanics and pieces because why reinvent the wheel on ideas people know.
>why reinvent the wheel
You are utterly fucking retarded, this entire endeavor is stupid as shit, and you should absolutely not stop making it you magnificent crayon-eater.
This is a very well crafted flame. He is telling me it is terrible but he is telling me to continue working on it. I wonder if it's because he thinks it could be better or if he just wants me to keep wasting my time?
Its like watching a movie like Alien Vs Predator. You can't help but wonder why it got made at all, but you still had fun watching it.
How long does an average game take to play?

That is a very complex game, have you been playtesting it with a bunch of people and taking notes?

4 armies means 6 different combo setups, that really complicates playtesting.

I love how you built pieces with superglue.

I have a fantasy chess-like board game under development, but much simpler than yours.
I feel you need a bigger board
Just like its grandfather game, it can take a very long time to play if you don't get a clock involved. The game is completely playable on tabletop but a lot of it will e streamlined when I learn app development. For example, when you get hit, you need to clear 13 pieces or cards worth of mana, and it's often not a straightforward decision because what you keep will decide what you can still cast for spells in the future, and when you play as much as me and my friends have, you start to card count and consider what's left in the deck. The number of cards in my deck per player is low.

Nah, I decided early in development when the game was just currently White vs White to stick with 8x8. Larger boards make Knights weaker, on material value and my damage mechanics make Knights the strongest value piece for combat to the point where the Knights are actually better to develop. Rooks get +1 damage to their card draw on attack, Bishops get +2, Knights get +3. Stuff with multiple forms of movement use the way that it is currently moving, and certain pieces have special damage rules.

If I made the board larger, I would need to change the Knights to be Nightriders for sure. I went with a higher density of pieces to fuck with the Chess AIs and then once the cards got involved a Chess AI isn't set up to play this game.
>wizard chess with 4 sides
>train wargame
>community setting with rabbit riding halflings
>underwater movement based card combat game
/tg/ hasn’t been so autistically creative in years.
Nature is returning.
agreed, feels good

keep doing your thing OP
Thanks for the positive vibes anons.

I'll explain how my custom pieces work then if this thread is still around I'll post Red vs Black when I have time to set it up.

A Princess moves like a Queen and has 3 special rules. First, an ally can be in the same square as her. Second, when she dies, she doesn't leave the board, she is captured in place until the enemy leaves or an ally rescues her. Finally, she loses ties (Normally in a tie, both pieces die.) This was the first piece I came up with before I started reading about fairy chess pieces.

A Dragon moves like a King and takes up a 2x2 box. When you have a Dragon in play, you get to move it before you move one of your other pieces every turn, so it is very scary. It has one of the highest attacks in the game, only the Maharaja and a Sword Knight are stronger.

A Scholar moves one space diag like a Ferz and attacks like a Queen and Knight.

A Bandit is a leaper. It moves one space ortho, then moves another space ortho anywhere except back where it started, and attacks the piece it jumps over, not where it lands. It can't land in an enemy square. I designed it to decrease Black's material value with something colorbound weaker than a Bishop while still giving them 32 pieces.

The Sword is the upsidedown rooks. It is equipped underneath a Knight and he gets to draw 3 cards with the high card being the damage. You summon it with a spell, and if the Knight dies, the Sword is dropped and another ally Knight can pick it up.

I am constantly working on ideas to make the rules shorter and simpler. I recently reworked the damage system entirely so it's a uniform rule regard piece movement instead of a special rule for each individual piece.
My suggestion for when you do an app - hire an artist to do bastardized versions of chess pieces. Don't have them stick too closely to the chess aesthetics but let them reimagine the pieces based on each army's theme. You can keep the names for the chess pieces to keep the reference to the original game but I think the visuals should properly separate from regular chess.
Yes, that is similar to my idea. I want to make a f2p game where if it pops off, I hire someone to make full body portraits for the squares. So the default pieces look like regular Staunton pieces but if you want your Queen to be a busty elven milf or want your Knight to be a cyborg with a Laser Sword, you can buy things these things as sets and mix and match. This business model works fine for Riot and the mobas and it's way less scummy than most android models.

I'm almost done staging the next photo and making dinner, give me a second.
File: 20220720_163536.jpg (2.6 MB, 3468x4198)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
Here is Red vs Black. Things to note are that I use the lucky and unlucky numbers of 7 and 13 for pawns, Red has no Rooks, and Black has no Bishops. Also there is a bowl of macaroni for absolutely no reason except that I'm really hungry.

The decks aren't shuffled and I pulled 2 special cards to explain what they do. A joker is colorless mana to use MTG terms, but its base damage value when drawn is 0. The jokers are what keep Black's material advantage balanced. The Dragon, the turn after you draw it, can be used to summon another Dragon into play on Red's half of the board, and it is equal to an Ace for damage. Queen is 10, KIng is 12, Ace is 18 and 18 is the 9999 damage cap for my game.

One of the cool ideas I have for theme is I'm calling the armies, in turn order, Evil (Black), Logic (Green), Chaos (Red), and Holy (White). I used Biblical numbers of 3 3 3 for Holy and 6 6 6 for Evil in the decks as baseline balance and have been working around it. Chaos has 7 7 7 and Logic has 9 9.

At the speed I'm going on dev, I don't expect to be done with this idea for another 2-3 years. For the past month I have been doing deep revisions on the rules and not much playtesting. For example I completely redesigned Green and played the first game of their matchups since December. For 2 months I was exclusively focused on White vs Red because White was the best and Red was the worst. It took a lot of extreme balance moves to break White's kneecaps as the obvious best class of all.
>So the default pieces look like regular Staunton pieces

No that's what I'm saying. People won't click that app no matter how enticing the gameplay might be. If you want to succeed on the market, put presentation first and keep the players with the gameplay.
File: 1608284355008.jpg (63 KB, 640x640)
63 KB
Cool project. I'll keep an eye on /tg/ if you plan on making update threads
I know what you're saying makes sense but I'm trying to get this game out there as a one man operation. I have not been able to find any business partners and I've tried.

My personal talents are in programming and design. For the mathematical balance and artistic side of the game, I'm kind of lost, and I will have to establish myself somehow before I can afford to hire people to do things like that.

One idea I've had to get this game out there is to just patent, publish, and sell out and let people smarter than me come up with a balanced edition. This is kinda sorta what happened with Richard Garfield and MTG where he eventually said hmm my game is too complex to balance as a math problem so I just have to go with my gut, publish a first edition, and people smarter than me will balance it.
Looks good but requiring players to document their homosexuality will limit the player base, even in 2022.
I've actually considered this. I want to release a bunch of different themes for Wizards, and cover the basic fantasy gamut. You know, old man wizard and ugly witch, hottie sorceress and bandito mustached sorcerer, some werewolf shit with a jacked chest to appeal to furries and also a catgirl for the weebs, some sort of demonic succubus shit, and I'm sure at least one of them will be absolutely fabulous. But this is all daydream fantasy land stuff when the current goal in front of me is to get the game finished and playable somehow.

The current setup with the board game is meant to look like the eye of sauron with a big tower that has the HP dice on top. So the staunton piece is going to look like that with an orb that has your HP number instead of an eye. The HP counter for other wizards will be attached to weapons like a scepter or part of a sword hilt, or floating in the air near their hands like a magic fireball or crystal ball. I have a lot of ideas for aesthetics, but I don't have any skill. I do have the skill for abstract art, though. I know how to use GIMP/Photoshop really well to image manip but not make pure OC as much, preferred flash for OC but flash is kinda gone.
I'm gonna mention two other ideas for game mechanics then I'm going elsewhere on 4chan. See you guys later.

Check has nothing to do with how it works in Chess. It is an announcement you intend to deal damage next turn and can be a bluff, and if you forget to declare Check and miss it, you can't do damage.

When you declare Check, the enemy gets +3 on attacking and gains 1 mana if they move without attacking.

There is a mechanic called Queencasting. If you play a Queen as a card, you can move two pieces in one turn. If you play a Queen as the cost of paying for a spell, you can move a piece and cast a spell in either order. You can declare check then use a Queencasted summon immediately move it and deal damage.

The Queen of Spades in Cartomancy is the most powerful card in the deck. So in my game it is even more than an extra move, it is a complete skip turn mechanic. The Queen of Spades is in a fixed position as the 15th card in the deck and is usually the thing that causes the game to snowball into Checkmate. The things you can do with a double Queen move or double Knight hop are insanely good.

I wish there was some way you could feed the game to a Chess engine but you can't because of the spells and card draw. When I looked into TTSim the amount of scripting I needed to do to shuffle the deck was annoying and I didn't try, and TTSim won't be happening in the near future because my gaming rig is dead after 11 years of service. RIP.
Thank you for making your own thread about this.
Are you referring to the shit show in /chess/ last month? I got baited into trolling them until I snapped and went so far I got beaned.

The chess general is awful. All they want to do is circlejerk on book openings and pro play then use elo like it's a measurement of self worth more important than penis size

You'd figure they would think some of this stuff is cool but they have zero interest in fairy chess, OTB setups, or the ancient history of the game like I do.
He both appreciates the effort yet thinks the effort is stupid
The effort has been stupid if you view it as a $$$ thing

I've gone through over 16 decks of cards as some of them have gotten played and needed replacement and bought a grand total of ((3*2)+(4*3))=18 half chess sets. When I came up withe four color idea, I started with a triple set of the four colors with yellow proxy pieces and got more sets when I came up with the superglue idea. For the cards, the collection of pieces got me into high end card collection as a side hobby. Shit like the Red Dragon deck is like $15. Most of the armies have no more than two of the same card+suit except for white that has 3 hearts. There isn't a good way to make shufflable proxy cards so I use various bicycle cards.
From when I invented the game in July 2021 to around Thanksgiving I was just using walmart chess sets with one regular card deck and one black cardstock deck. Then once the decks and piece arrays became non-mirrors I went hard on collecting board game stuff. After Christmas I looked at how much I got from everyone total and it added up to the cost of the marble board. All 3 of my original walmart chess sets, the board was completely torn up and I was going to have to get a new board somehow, so I bought something that would last a lifetime. It actually caused a lot of family drama because they think it's some fancypants luxury item I can't afford when it's like half the price of a fucking smartphone.
What psych meds do you take and do you feel they are effective?
I have autism and they don't really make good psych meds for that. I was taking Benzos for anxiety and sleep and I'm switching to Buspar because I hit the tolerance wall. Most of the stuff I take are old man pills and not psych stuff.

People who are illiterate mistake me online for schizophrenic because they can't decypher the complex writings of a high functioning autistic. So it is actually you who are the one with several mental deficienies, sorry. Every single medical professional with an MD understands I'm hyperverbal and sometimes manic but only untrained armchair psychiatrists like you think I have something worse.

My IRL friends who have played the game all think it makes sense even though the rule complexity is getting up there with MTG. One of my friends literally suggested I try to sell out to WOTC.
Your home decor reveals you are living in poverty. It looks like 1980's communist bloc. Have you ever held a job and how much disability do you receive per month?
Sounds interesting OP, hope to hear more about this game in future. Keep it up.
The apartment is from the 70s and it's being renovated very soon. I have been talking with my landlord about if I just want to move straight to a new apartment or move out for a few weeks then move back in. So, whatever, I don't care. Location is more important and I live in a safe rural neighborhood instead of crack city like I used to.

The kitchen table is shit and is the last artifact from when I started living by myself. I've been looking at a circular table with leafs but I bought other things. The chairs are from the early 90s and are invulnerable, they are worth refinishing and painting instead of get new ones.

You almost baited me into taking a picture of the rest of the apartment but that would be very OT. So unless you want to talk about the game, have a nice day.
You're the one coming off looking like a loser here just fyi.
Also, I just realized you are very correct. Having an ornate marble chess board adorned with official House of Staunton pieces is absolutely Soviet Bloc decor. When I'm not working on the game I set up a random Chess960 board. It never gets put away and when people come over they find it impressive. Maybe I should get the title screen to Tetris printed and framed.
There is a guy from a discord server I ragequit who follows me around 4chan and flames me when he recognizes pictures of my stuff and OC of my memes. We have beef because I got a friend of his lasered by discord admins in minutes for how badly they fucked up.
where the full rules at, anon?

>I'm interested in making an anrdroid app out of the game, but I only know windows programming
afaik basic app development is so streamlined nowadays you could make a proof of concept in an afternoon, without any prior experience - so knowing ye olde 'windows programming' should give you a head start there
Not really. I need to learn Amazon cloud services to be the server and do lobbies/matchmaking or cheating is trivial. The game has shuffled cards so it can't be played clientside. I have zero experience writing a network app. Getting a Google Play dev account is not much but Steam dev is a lot.

One idea I've considered to get the game out there is to publish a limited edition physical version and use that as the marketing tool to get a kickstarter going.

As for the rulebook, there are 2 problems. The first problem is that as of March it became very severely out of date. The second problem is there are a few unsettled rules with like 2 or 3 variations. A big example is I can't decide if a card you just drew can be spent immediately or if you have to wait until your next turn. Another big thing that is constantly changing is the exact numbers of what happens when you get hit. Old versions had you discard all your mana and the most recent one caps it at 13 mana of the damaged player's chosing.

The card decks and piece arrays are also constantly changing. White was completely static from November until May. Currently White got some small changes and shouldn't be getting further changes except for 1 or 2 small things if they need nerfs. Red is approaching the final design, then I need to get cracking on Green and Black. Green just got a complete rework from scratch. The only element old Green and new Green have in common is the Wizard starts in your far right corner. The Green testrun was a completely failure with a 0% winrate against everything. I have some untested ideas to bring the power level way up.
Oh hey it's this guy again
You should update the rules, and clarify that there are unsettled rules in the document. Put that document out and let others playtest it for you so you have more games to review.
>People who are illiterate mistake me online for schizophrenic because they can't decypher the complex writings of a high functioning autistic
> So it is actually you who are the one with several mental deficienies
I work in Engineering, I run into more Card-Carrying autistic coworkers than the average fa/tg/uy. It's 100% you, just you, and only you. The core symptom is lacking the physical brain hardware for parsing and formatting information for somebody that is not you (people have to do your share of the mutual effort of communicating, and forcing it on them is Schizo AF), and lacking hardware for perceiving yourself from other people's perspectives (lack of self-awareness). Typically they get squeezed out of Engineering because they can't communicate and deflect with projection (second quoted line), sometimes they shut up and avoid getting baited and learn to get better.

Quit responding to bait and defending your Ego. It's 4chan. Assume an AI is seeding every post with insults because fuck you, it's 4chan.

This isn't chess, at all, and will not interest anybody from chess unless they care about the extremely narrow cases this is better for like you do. This is an abstract strategy game, and the random card draw means this will never be a "chess" anything. There's plenty of older abstract strategy games that involved die-rolls for piece removal, and they weren't Chess.

You should consider avoiding using the word "chess" entirely.

Speaking of, why card draw, and not a Number and a Mana die? Cards allow for things like card-counting (the odds of the next result change with every result), peeking, search, take from discard, etc. If none of those, you might see how it handles with a pair of custom dice.

>I'll explain how my pieces work
>(references obscure chess variants)
>I am working to make rules simpler
Have you seen The Duke? Moves are printed on the pieces themselves. Square tiles, tape a printout on one or both sides.
Yup, and I'm staying the fuck out of your general after you guys flamed and baited me into getting some of you permaed at the cost of me getting 15 days from only /tg/ and I'm glad I took one for the team because there's suddenly way less shitposting in your general

If you want to wander here and flame me I don't come to 4chan expecting nothing but handshakes, but you could be useful and tell me why it's shit instead of just say it's shit.

I want to do the test game idea still but I haven't been playtesting, I've been spreadsheeting and tossing ideas around. I mentioned one thing I was stuck on was exactly when a card enters the mana pool, another thing I can't decide is if you should have 3 HP or 4, and another is exactly how much mana you should lose when you take damage. The first is most important to white, the second is most important to black, the third is most important to red.

After the last round of gametesting the balance was (Red=White, maybe???) > Black >>> Green. The changes to the damage rules have shifted power away from Knights back towards Rooks and highly favor the attacker over the defender and I'm not sure if I like it.
It's chess because it's an 8x8 board where the pieces move the same. Ancient versions of chess involved rolling a die to decide what piece you could legally move, so you are right by modern standards but you are strictly wrong historically. Furthermore, the reason I like using Chess is a lot of the ideas behind the game involve taking medieval combat and pushing it to a high fantasy logical conclusion.

The reason why I use cards instead of dice is because cards converge on an average so there's a lower luck factor. The exact setup involves two decks of 10-13 cards on top of each other set up like a solitaire game with cards in fixed positions then stacked on each other. I've been experimenting with green having 3 decks.

For example, white has the simplest deck pattern. Every third card for white is "enchanted" where it is a high value card always in the same place and for white most of them are Queens for extra turns.

So dice would be very bad. You could keep rolling aces and it would be very stupid. With cards if you get good luck early you're getting bad luck later.

I think card counting is a skill and peeking was in Green's arsenal but it didn't feel useful so I scrapped it and gave them something with obvious power - their knights have ranged attacks.
post the rules buddy.
I have been slacking on writing them down because no one has come over to play since May. The two guys who keep saying they want to come over, one of them is pressed for time because he has two kids, and the other lives far and gas is expensive now.

If I do publish a rulebook on pastebin or something, you need a lot of material to play it, so I don't know how that works. Do you think people on the underground will be like whoa what the fuck is this game and view it as a challenge?
File: Duke-pieces-660x396.jpg (93 KB, 660x396)
93 KB
Chess variations aside, more on questioning "why this and not that": There's a number of games that come to mind with similar ideas, especially referencing MtG.

The Duke I think was an elegant chess variant, the pieces flip over after every move revealing a different moveset than before. It's a preset card deck of moves, but with only two cards. The "unsolvable random" element was because you only start with the same two "starting-pawn" pieces, and can spend a move blind-drawing a new piece to place by your king. It's the most interesting part of a chess game, the last part where you both have a random smattering of pieces, but the balance is more from randomly drawn pieces being more equal in power than in Chess.

There's a number of "Like MtG!" games that utilize cards placed on a battle grid. Summoner Wars comes to mind, though I know nothing else about it. Google around. I'm finding Battlegrid TCG, and a bunch of much older obscure card games like Robotech. They're all probably worth skimming over.

This. We don't care if it's out of date or perceptual WIP. Nobody wants to work out the rules as you drop them piecemeal while vomiting stream-of-consciousness posts. Link a WIP mess and let people criticize it. You've been blogposting only about the damn thing. Quit thinking you're special and get in the game design general with a set of real rules to playtest.

It's just a game. See image, make print-and-play chits.
>Summoner Wars comes to mind, though I know nothing else about it.
Being a die hard SW fan and player, i see no reason to try out this faction based fantasy grid skirmish "chess" game when SW 1st and 2nd edition exist.
Congratulations on creating your first chess variant.
There was another one I'd seen on Plebbit, the developer was posting it there, it was published and has a website now, and it was basically MtG with moving on a grid. I've been trying to find it again to link it, but alas.
What are our thoughts on shut up and sit down?
I would have guessed duelyst but that was too large a game that died years ago and is apparently being rebirthed
>What are our thoughts on shut up and sit down?
Falsely advertised, they rarely seem to do either
This game seems cool, but on a continuity between Chess being white and MTG being black, my game is light gray and your game is dark gray.

If I put out a pastebin with a disclaimer the entire concept is released into the public domain, does that matter, or can people just change one number and rip it off?

It's not really about greed, I would just be very sad if some company took the idea and ran with it faster than I could with my limited resources.
The other three haven't murdered the tranny so clearly they're wokeist garbage
>I would just be very sad if some company took the idea and ran with it faster than I could with my limited resources.
Bruh, you need a valuable product with an established audience before anybody wants to steal anything. Shit won't be "stolen" until you've got an actual finished product release, and then it will only be "stolen" by somebody one-upping your production value.

Ideas and concepts are dime a dozen, and unlike you real companies rigorously playtest, often with publicly available playtesting, before initial designs are even ready for the printers.

People also develop similar games at about the same time all the fucking time.
You are persuading me. I need to figure out what the best equivalent of GIMP for android is and make an infographic and pastebin.

Would anyone get enjoyment out of a thread that played a full test game and I let Anon get some input on what the moves are? When I get my next paycheck I was going to get new stickers for notating my board and a tripod for video calls, so I could set it up with a good camera angle. I could make it a legendary thread where I ERP I'm actually a wizard and your opponent is this succubus I summoned.
>tripod for video calls
Dude, just learn to make a TTS mod. You can record TTS, and update the TTS mod as it goes. No scripting, just tiles and cards. That's it. You could link chess pieces together as solid units in TTS to make it like your IRL prototype if you REALLY wanted to. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than a camera, nobody needs to see your apartment. If the decks are an issue, you can click "shuffle" on any pile of cards in TTS. Save the mod with cards laid out into the deck's logical segments, manually shuffle the segments that need to be shuffled, then drag and drop them together. It's not much slower than IRL deck construction, and you can learn scripting later or just never.

It's very easy, you just upload images to be plastered on objects. TTS comes with pre-made cards and chits objects you just need to upload the images for, among other things like cutout stands and other bog standard game parts.

It's also good "protection" against "theft", having Prior Art aka real work done on your concept with an actual account or name attached to it.
>It's also good "protection" against "theft", having Prior Art aka real work done on your concept with an actual account or name attached to it.
Speaking of, the majority of Kickstarter games do this from initial conception with TTS. They'll have closed TTS testing, then open TTS testing, then publicly available free-to-play TTS version on their kickstarter, long before they have any real production done or a single dollar earned. TTS isn't the best platform for everything, but it's become the default and is pretty flexible even without scripting.
start with an empty board but the wizard and make the different factions decks

chess but starting with only the wizards and spawning different units from a deck one at a time seems interesting

maybe draw two cards and pick one to spawn, like a card that gives three pawns or a card that has a knight

all the pieces should begin summoning sick

the cards should have diagrams of how your custom pieces move

could be good
also experiment with a larger board to compensate for some of your custom pieces potentially being OP
I can't really talk about this without getting an OT ban. All I can really say is my PC got owned in the motherboard in April and it can't be fixed. I'm trying to save up for a good laptop instead of a budget one and I'll be back in business around Nov. However, there are rumors Windows 12 is happening very fast so I'm wondering if I should wait. That's part of why I'm fixated on learning how to publish to the app store lately. I might get an enterprise chromebook and throw it in dev mode.
ditch the factions and use a tarot deck and make each tarot card move differently. make each player draw two from the same tarot deck and choose one card to spawn a turn. maybe draw 3 a turn and spawn one? this could be good
i'm serious if you ditch the stupid custom pieces idea and play on a grid large enough to fit tarot cards as the pieces themselves i will help you work on this, tarot chess sounds incredible
you can commission old mtg and d&d artists for the tarot artwork and include a tarot deck with the game and use the art for the app and sell it in barnes and noble and shit
Thanks for your feedback. I have considered some of your ideas.

Bigger board is no because my game tries to make Knights stronger and that makes Knights weaker, and 8x8 boards are easy to get.

I have considered a version with three major changes: Smaller armies, the spells split into instants and sorceries where summons are instants, and something I tried and scrapped, neutral resources you can capture on the board.

My problem with this is that Chess games can tip on very small advantages, and the end result is you always surrender a zillion turns before Checkmate like it's an RTS.

The current design of the game is that there's so much coming at you that you can't deal with it all.

Being a mana game, there are also things you can do where it's like fuck you this isn't efficient at all but you're getting hit and you can't stop it. There is also a cheese element where sometimes it's very clear there's a low percentage play, but if it works, you will win outright.

This is why the game went from something I did for fun to something I wanted to seriously get out there. The skills you need to play this sort of game are open AI problems where only shit like deepmind and watson can figure it out. Every other game I've come up with is a solvable math problem and e-sport style reflex test. Chess general didn't understand the idea the game isn't solvable and so you can't make an engine and flamed me giga hard for having some kind of ego.
Anything you've made can be played in Tabletop Simulator.
You can cut pieces up and glue them together in it, so all of your pieces would be valid.
But I don't know Tarot. For my game I studied Numerology and Cartomancy in order to get preliminary ideas on how stuff should work. I wonder if there's enough Tarot cards to cover all my pieces.
The reason I didn't do anything with TTSim is that the game will require scripting to do a deck shuffle and a button to draw cards and put them in play or the game will be very clunky. I was looking an oldschool app called VASL the wargamers like to use but like I said my windows machine went kaboom and I'm thinking it's a bad idea to get one in the current economy and chip shortage and my bluetooth keyboard has bandaided the phoneposting problem enough I can wait a year or two to get something with muscle.
what if you made the tarot cards the pieces and the position of the stars and planets on the day you're playing influences what cards you start with or something? like the day's horoscope influences the rules so the actual time of day and year you are playing the game will affect the gameplay
look at a dreamblade board and possibly use that
File: image.jpg (3.21 MB, 4624x3205)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
I'm gonna post a shot of exactly why trying to make this game work in ttsim is a clusterfuck and some of you will clearly see why.

This is how you set the deck up. See how it says "stack x"? That's how many cards you put on top. As you can see, there is more than one deck. For red, the red-orange cards in the first deck are god and the red-white cards in the second deck are shit. It's like play Draven in League, or 4-pooling in Starcraft, where you just kind of laugh about how the early game is your bitch, but if you fail to get work done early, you run out of steam and can't close. White doesn't change on the numbers of damage between phases but their suits get better. Black is about as reliable as Sauron's Orcs in the early game and has 6/13 chance of Ace in lategame. Green I haven't pinned down but right now they just have consistently high numbers (I modified a 10 into an 11 and a 2 into a 12, for example) and their suits are lopsided into spades, restricting their spell use compared to everyone else.

So as you can see I've been doing some cracked out timing attack/power spike type stuff in a Chess style game, basically backporting concepts from RTS and MOBA back into their grandfather strategy game.

Everyone knows a good Chess player thinks 60 moves ahead or something and the enchanted cards give you something to think about in advance.

As for that white 7 of hearts, it's the card that starts in red's hand on turn 1.

I don't need to lay it out on the table to set it up at all, but that's how I show it to other people to explain it. I hope all the people who are like "just use TTSim" are like "oh, I see the problem now, that isn't simple at all to set up"

I had the idea to put them in upsidedown before I started using proxy cards for the enchanted ones in order to make the game easier and scream in game mechanics HEY LOOK AT THIS IT'S HERE AND IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME PAY ATTENTION THANKS
That's actually completely practical if I crossbred the game with some Chess960 style algorithm for piece positioning. Hmm...I already feel like I'm in over my head and this makes it even harder. To make your idea work you want the server to lock the game to a specific shuffled position for the entire day.

I'm going to take this into consideration. You might have given me an idea where it makes less work for the balance and throws a wrench in the game ever getting boiled down to an opening strategy.
These sound like excuses and not solutions. If we have the rules we can do all that stuff ourselves. "Clunkiness" is something the retards on >>>/v/ complain about, this is sounding more like OP is from there.
The excuse that is perfectly valid is I can't pull $2000USD out of thin air to get a new gaming rig that could do gamedev proper. I had $1000 in June and when my laptop was DOA it made me think twice about my priorities. If you can recommend an app for android where I could do stuff like this, sign me the fuck up. That VASL program I mentioned, porting to android is high on their priority list at the moment, but it's taking a while because it's a complex program from ages ago and their dev team is small.
>throws a wrench in the game ever getting boiled down to an opening strategy

you're right, it prevents the game from being solved. this is the coolest shit i've ever seen
File: hqdefault (1).jpg (31 KB, 480x360)
31 KB
Have you played the old game Archon? It's kind of close to what you are describing.

It was a sort of chess match, with all the peace is moving like chess pieces. But then combat was fought between pieces on a small map. Both "kings" could also cast spells, that did various things like bring back a piece from the dead or teleport pieces around. Instead of a mana system all of the spells were one use per game. If check out out if you get the chance. To plunder ideas if nothing else.
Did you know on paper it's possible to solve Chess but even if we dealt with computation speed, the hard drive with our best tech possible would be the size of the moon. I think we should build it.

The flaw in Chess960 and games like it is that unprotected pawns favor the first player. But I still like 960 and play it often because my weakness with FIDE Chess is I'm still reading a book on the book and it's like 500 pages and it's also considered cheating to read it during online play outside of correspondence chess.

I am visualizing some form of system where the pieces are stored like NES games where the files are patterned and shuffled around and/or the piece type is rotated around in a way that pattern is the same but the pieces change

The way I have been balancing the arrays in general is to try and make it so that pieces can reach the enemy wizard in as few moves as possible averaged across the 3 opposing start positions, which is the opposite of FIDE, where it's set up in a way that it's very slow to reach the enemy king.
Yes I fucking did when I was like 3 years old and I had no idea what me and my dad were doing but it was awesome

Playing Archon as an adult, it's like oh no, the Dragon can't be stopped, it's pretty bad.
chess is garbage because it's not like dota, it doesn't simulate the individual warfighters and assumes they always follow orders
Reading this twice I realized you also figured me out. /v/ would be in second place for my post count total, with [s4s] at #1, and golden era /b/ (you know, before reddit when women posted their boobs with timestamps and anonymous hackers were legion) at #3.

I am basically a retired esport gamer. My hands are body are going to shit but my mind is still sharp. I grew up on Quake and Starcraft and when I got older played Halo and League and Dota.

Now that my hands are bad and I suck at everything, I started playing Chess and skullfuckingly hard turnbased RPGs.

I've gone through several ideas for games over the decades but they're always clickfests. The only one that got anywhere had a co-creator and it was called Power Grid. He bailed on me when the prototype made it clear the game required a lot of clicking and he wanted me to automate stuff and I said no. It turned into a big dickwaving fight about how he's a FIDE Master rank player and I'm a Warcraft 3 Master rank player and we just stopped working on it. This would have been 2007, 2008 maybe.

In terms of what /tg/ would play, I've played D&D and Magic when I was a teen and played Catan with very large boards. Then also a lot of betmatch Chess in college and went pretty negative but not 100% loss. I've played Warhammer like twice ever with someone else's pieces.

So I'm sorry if I'm a noob to /tg/ but I've been going through a phase where I've played like 50 different Chess variants and came up with my own idea for a board game so I don't really know where else to go. We all know here the reddit comment section is completely fucking useless. The last time I had someone over to play OTB Chess after checking out progress on my game we played Chess variants stacking them up like they were Goldeneye options.
You literally just need to put out a .txt or .pdf file that explains the rules you absolute retard. You don't need $2000 to fucking use notepad
OP is too autistic to visit a library and write rules on a public PC
But I had plans to make it a fun hobby project where I broke out the compiler and learned phone app development and got a shutterstock account and did stuff with gimp then learn amazon cloud development so the game can't be hacked

I said I was going to get a pastebin out there but it's not going to be today. I haven't slept in 2 days because it's been 110 degrees out or something absurd and my AC can't keep up.
You are not aware of what's up with the computers, I see. The local library literally told me not to use their computers at all for any reason whatsoever except to read passively.
i would help you make and test tarot chess if we split the money, maat042@yahoo.com
you really shouldn't post your email on 4chan you'll get a lot of dicks in the mail and a dozen people impersonating me. The offer is appreciated but I told you my fun thing is cartomancy. It's like I'm a lightning mage and you're a fire mage. We're both doing the same basic shit in totally different ways and I have no idea how your spellset works.
No one wants that, we want to see the rules.
alright fair enough i'll make tarot chess, good luck with your variant
Based game-creator

cringe larper
Here's what I'm thinking after feedback and the test games I've played since I opened the thread.

One of the major changes I made I don't like the outcome. The pawns are too good now. And because offense is so strong it's playing like Chess and not Wizard's Tower. In my game you can sometimes throw an unprotected piece out there and be fine because you know from the contents of the deck they don't have a card big enough to hit it and survive.

The simplification of the card draw is good. Now when you pick up a card you can just use it. So for Queens, everything is happening a turn early. For Kings, it means that 12 you drew is really a 15 as Kings are worth 3 mana.

My goal is to go playtest Red vs White some more and make sure the globals didn't fuck the balance between the two. Then, I will post a ruleset that has no suggestions for card contents or piece array.

- Cards, Souls, Mana, and Damage
- Piece Movement and Abilities
-- Pawns, Chess Pieces, Royal Pieces, Creatures, Summons
- Spellbook
-- Meditation, Sword, Lightning Bolt
-- Resurrection, Fireball, Tornado
-- Pawn Haste, Promotion, Ice Wall
-- House Spells: Sacrifice, Magic Prodigy, Rifle Capture, Resurrection
- Check, Checkmate, and Conquest
- Religious Conversion and 7 Turn Treaty (These rules prevent draws)

This outline is helping me get my shit together.
File: 1658469941577132.jpg (180 KB, 760x596)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>Translation: I am a demanding, lazy bitch looking for excuses
Cry me a river
File: 1651012343531.jpg (28 KB, 492x494)
28 KB
OP is a madman, please keep developing, and keep updating.

This is very /tg/.
Thanks man

Now that I have finally gotten some sleep, I have been able to finalize the rule revision. I want to play 5 games of each matchup before I post anything public with my timeclock.

So, /tg/ here is the plan. We shall set up a tournament of Wizard duels. The next anon to select two of Evil, Logic, Chaos, and Holy, they shall do battle. The other two will do battle tomorrow, and we shall proceed with a tournament bracket.

Select your champion, /tg/. Here is a photo of the start positions of the Wizards and Queens with each army's unique pieces in the center of the board.

It is way too hot in my living room to play right now. I will play when the sun goes down.
File: 20220722_144858.jpg (2.39 MB, 3468x3363)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
I forgot to upload the photo, must have misclicked.
I'm gonna point out some jokes in this setup that only an autistic chess player might get.

The Black Wizard. He has 3 queens. Hmm, what do you think I am trying to say?

The Red Wizard and his positioning. This should appeal to the Chess players on Reddit. If you play the game, you know why.

The Green Wizard. He is not adjacent to his queen. This is because logical guys like Spock are always emotionally distant with their women, make sense? I have thought about moving her completely across the board.
lol this board looks crowded and unaesthetic as fuck
The only person who complained my board has too many pieces is my dad and my dad is a senile alcoholic who refuses to play with a timeclock and then takes 20 minutes to make a move and then wonders why I brought a timeclock

He wouldn't even play classical controls in FIDE chess, what a dick
Like we're playing Maharajah where white has one fucking piece and he's so blasted on VO Gold he can't decide what to do

He is very good at Chess when he was young but now he's so gone he can't play anything
goodnight thread, I hope to see you tomorrow morning
I just woke up with enough time to bump it

I am on the fence whether or not I want to play a round of test games or if I want to summon a big titty redhead milf succubus and pound her like a dog

No anon decided what color I should playtest so I rolled some RNG and I got White vs Green and Red vs Black. I shall play a double elimination bracket where each set is 5 games, not a bo5, just 5 games regardless of 5-0 or 3-2, and I will take photos of 3 circumstances

- The opening moves
- Damage
- Big money spellcasts
File: 20220723_020937.jpg (3.16 MB, 3468x4040)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
I am contemplating the opening move for Green.

The way a pawn works is it gets a 1/2 move and can do diagonal attacks or move forward 1 space. The other thing you should know is all squares adjacent to a Wizard are promotion squares.

I am thinking about blowing my starting Queen of Spades as green to zerg a pawn down to the promotion square and put white in check on turn 1 and see if I can run with tempo. This seems greedy because Queen of Spades is generally best used to deal damage but I'm kinda feeling ballsy today
Yeah, Holy got pwned. Look at all these dead bodies. Green promoted to a bishop and the damage was 12+2=14 vs 8+3=11.

I'm telling there's somethng going on with this game. Regular chess is like a handshake where you develop stuff and slowly advance and my game you just step on the enemy wizard's neck and put him in check turn 1

White has to decide to block with Bishop, Princess, Rook, or a summon
File: 20220723_021710.jpg (3.18 MB, 3468x4280)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
Oh right, the photo

When bodies hit the floor, I'm going to tip them on my board. This isn't part of the game, it's just for visualization
File: 20220723_022431.jpg (3.5 MB, 3468x4298)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
This got smacked down with no resistance. 8+2+3 vs 10+2

Here is the situation after several moves. Green developed their white square scholar and White has responded by blocking with a Princess. This is actually bad for Green because now the Wizard's diagnoal is under threat from two pieces. I want to just go capture that bitch with my scholar but the bishop will immediately rescue her and he can't do it the knight can next turn. This is the turn to go fuck her up though because top deck is Queen of Spades and 10 is good damage in general but not vs green
my brother in christ i need you to tell me how i can follow your progress after this thread dies. i need to play your game. my soul aches for this. my body has a physical need to touch this game. my brother this... this is art and i need this. please.
File: 20220723_030619.jpg (3.06 MB, 3468x4226)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
Well now that I decided to make my own thread instead of deal with the geniuses in chess general and people aren't calling me schizo I can stop in more often

Before white rescued their princess they spent a few turns doing shit putting me in check with pawns. The rescue ended up being Ace vs Ace and I always think that's funny because it's like in a romcom where two men have a fist fight over some woman and they kind of knock each other and neither of them get her.

So this is the first big money move of the game. I summoned the scholar with the promotion spell on D6. This takes 9 mana, it's not cheap at all to summon a royal piece. But now I am a Knight hop away from giving that princess some BGC and then I can crack the defenses

Meanwhile, White has been molesting my A rank and I'm defacto check where yeah a good card draw and then QSpade to skip my turn while I'm check and I'm hit.

I cant use the C6 or B7 knights to reinforce because then the princess diagnoal is weakened and she could also get good cards and motorboat me

I'm going to take a break while I contemplate the battlefield. I need coffee and anime hentai
File: 20220723_032826.jpg (2.99 MB, 3468x4248)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
This game got really bloody fast because I blundered from Green. I didn't realize they could promote the pawn in my face to a Knight and stab me. I managed to immediately counter attack with a Green Knight they can't defend at all, so they dumped Ice Wall and Magic Sword in one turn. This looks bad for Green because they cycled to their second deck which has very bad cards.
File: 20220723_040506.jpg (2.54 MB, 3468x3933)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
Green got killed by a Gigachad pawn. Holy shit. There's a rule where if none of your pawns can legally move you can attack forward, and it won the game. It rescued the Princess and the Princess used a Queen card to immediately in for deathblow checkmate. I imagine that Wizard got butt rammed like Princess Peach does to people in Smash

That's all for now bros. I hope some of you see the potential in this madness now. The score is 1-0 white vs green and we shall resume the next 4 games of the tournament later today.
Without the rules or the pieces name or a general idea of what the cards are or what the little offboard quadrant is (summoning board I guess?) it's hard to follow the game. I tried to read your after action report but apart from pieces moved I have no idea what happened. Cheers on your project though.
I haven't mentioned that, sorry. The offboard thing is the Astral Plane, and it's mana. Knight Rook Bishop is worth 1 Queen Archbishop Chancellor Scholar is worth 3.

In older versions the astral plane was like Alice Chess where you could keep fighting and make your opponent lose mana, but I got rid of it because it was snowbally to the point where it's like hey one player can't really cast spells anymore

I'm working on a pastebin but I'm trying to get it compact and I'm sure you can tell from my posting style that's not my strength
I mentioned how things move if you scroll up I think but I'll recap because this thread got a lot longer than I thought it would.

The Knight Bishop Rook, well yeah, if you don't know that, sorry, I can't help you
The Princess (White Pink Double Pawn) moves like a Queen but it has shit damage
The Scholar (Green Pawn with Bishop hat) moves one space diagonal but attacks like a Queen and a Knight
The Maharaja (the big Green piece) moves like a Queen and Knight
There is a Dragon but I didn't take any pictures of it while it was in play. It takes up a 2x2 box and moves like a king. So it can attack 3 things at once with the right board.

Now, the pawns. They are simple but they do a lot. They get a half move where they either attack diagonal or move forward, and you can split it between two pawns. So you can move and/or attack with 2 pawns, you can double move a pawn, you can attack then move, or move then attack, or do 2 attacks. I basically wanted to turn them into zerglings and it works well. Their weakness is they auto die without drawing a card when they are on defense and have no soul, so they aren't worth mana.

Before I post the rules, I need to make sure my most recent rule revision didn't ruin everything.
Might be worth mentioning there is no en passant. Fuck redditors and their obsession with googling it.
One more post then I'm going back to drinking coffee and watching succubus hentai. The shots of red I took, it is very obvious how the custom pieces move for the most part. Just look at what I glued together for the Archbishop and Chancellor and it's obvious. The King is a lion that has a half move like the pawns, so it gets to move twice or you can move both Lions or you can move a Lion and a pawn.
mega chessatron when?
You are the second person to post that.
I played Archon on an Atari in 1988 when I was only 3 years old. It was awesome at the time. We also had Galaga. All the other Atari games I don't remember them and I don't think anyone does because they were all single screen crap.
I have two questions for anon

Does anyone want to see Evil vs Chaos next or should I play another round of Logic vs Holy

Second, I have been noticing an issue where mana piles up and you don't have tempo to spend it. One person has suggested that spells should be a completely separate action phase. The big elemental spells should result in tempo loss, but I've been considering adding conditionals to summons where you can move them. For the promotion spell, you can move a piece if the pawn is in its start position. For the normal summon spell, which lets you revive a piece one space from your wizard, you can move a piece if you're not in check. The sword summon already works like this, if the knight who gets the sword is touching the wizard it gets to move.
OP, the stacked and glued pieces make this look like a troll post, but i love the idea. Keep at it.
That's what /chess/ thought but no. I wanted to play Capablanca and for just one of each color Archbishop and Chancellor was like $20 and they only came in ivory and ebony shades. So I got the idea to use superglue and make a ton of them out of my red and yellow set. Then after not working on my game and playing fairy chess instead for like 3 months, I backported Capablanca's stuff into Red, and also decided to give Green the Maharajah, another variant I had been messing with during the break from dev.

The Wizard's Tower itself, I had already been doing with electrical tape, and the glue made it look really good and it doesn't get fucked up when I put the pieces back in their bag.
The only other idea I had today is I'm not feeling the Scholar. I want to do something to make it hyper mobile but right now it's like bugs bunny once it is developed.

I am thinking the new movement pattern is that it moves one space diagonal when it moves and when it attacks it moves one space diagonal then any bishop direction. Seems like it can hit almost the whole board but it's color bound.

If this makes their material value too shitty, then I need to revert something back to the version of Green in Dec. That Green had their pawn wall in a 6x4 box instead 7x3, so they had room for more pieces and their wall was on the 4th rank just like everyone else.
lose a piece, take a shot
File: 20220723_200001.jpg (2.79 MB, 3468x3778)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
Hey bros. Slept for like 5 hours in the afternoon and haven't done much with the game today. I worked on the pastebin a little and decided the Green army was completely flawed and gave it another crack.

The scholar is now bat fuck insane. It moves like a Bishop twice. It's color locked but it can get basically anywhere if the path is open.

My Maharaja fell apart and I needed to reglue it. That sucked.

One thing I am considering, but haven't done, is to rejigger all the piece arrays so that they can be accomplished with 3 sets+glue. Do you think this might be wise, or should I just enjoy the fact I found a site that sells chess pieces in bulk for a good price?

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