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I was sharing my setting/civilization in another thread, but it got very skubby and I never got to finish sharing it and it made me sad. So here's a wholesome setting/ideas thread or what have you. Share cute, wholesome, comfy or maybe even bittersweet things about your setting, game, characters, etc.

There was also an anon who was going to draw and share their art of their setting, and I hope they show up to do so here.

Before reading ahead, considering seeing the very next posts where I have compiled what I have shared so far.

At the peak of the bronze age, the prehistoric Hearth-Villages expanded and split into numerous of independent city-states. One particular city-state was the Great City that laid at the base of a mildly active volcano that sometimes spewed ash that fertilized the soil around it. Th Priesthood was lead by the Grand Matriarch, who oversaw the policies and activity as well as rituals for the Great City. The boon from the ashes gave the Great City an advantage over its neighbors, and they took advantage of the food surplus to raise strong warrior sons to exploit their weaker neighbors. With growing power and influence, the Hearth-Mothers became more and more secluded in their temple which was no longer an open public Hearth. The once loving and nurturing values endorsed by the Hearth-Mothers became a facade for a degenerating elite. The lion's share of resources went to their Trueborn Sons, who were the largest and strongest warriors of the Great City, as well as the personal bodyguards from any dissenting commoners.

I'll admit, my setting isn't 100% comfy because it's still full of violence (because violence is also cool), but as the old Latin saying goes: Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum.
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Other city-states were absorbed into the Great City's hegemony, their Hearths moved to the Great City's to combine into the Great Hearth of all ancestors. But the world still continued to get warmer. The cold-weathered crops began to fail, the grasses the yak adored disappeared so they migrated high up into the steep mountains where their favored grasses remained. Worst of all, the volcano also stopped spewing ash. You couldn't seize absent things. The Hearth-Mothers began hoarding what little food they could produce for their Trueborn Sons, and pampered them from a young age so that they would never think of betraying their Hearth-Mothers. The people outside of the Temple were thus left to starve and suffer.
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All dissent from the starving commoners were suppressed by the privileged Trueborn Sons. Laws became more oppressive to the point that rebellion was always the best option. Pushed to the edge, the people rose up and overpowered the Trueborn Sons by sheer numbers. In fact, they were far too pampered and spoiled by their Hearth-Mothers to mount any actual resistance, the moment the people fought back, the Trueborn Sons cowered. They couldn't compete against the starving, desperate, and hardy commoners.
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The rebels invaded the Temple and the massacre of the priesthood commenced. For far too long, the people have been lied to by the Hearth-Mothers. They lied when they said all they wanted to do was share their warmth. They lied when they said a son's duty was to obey his mother. They lied when they said the people were only suffering because they failed to obey their mothers. Throughout the halls, priestesses were butchered and defiled, the Grand Matriarch was cut to pieces and fed to dogs. One young priestess gathered 100 Maidens, the little daughters and granddaughters of the Hearth-Mothers. She took them to an inner cloister and barricaded it shut during the massacre.
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There was no way the barricade could be held. It was put together by little girls, after all. It was easily broken through by the rebels. The young priestess tried to put up a fight, but was slain in one stroke by rebel leader. Then he commanded that all 100 Maidens shall put to death. Some hesitated.
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The slaughter of the 100 Maidens never happened. One of the most senior warriors betrayed the leader, and the rest of the rebels didn't know what to do. Papa's past was unknown at the time, but it was believed his once had a family he lost through slaughter. Maybe he was in a fit of extreme bloodlust for revenge at the time, until he saw young little girls that reminded him of his own daughters. In the old order; all men were sons and all women were mothers. Today: All men are fathers and all women are daughters.
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It started snowing black, as the volcano spewed ash that very day. A good omen, but thousands of years of stories, dances, songs, and other traditions went away with the massacre of the Hearth-Mothers. All that was left were what these 100 Maidens already knew, and they don't have perfect memory. The Great Hearth still needed to be tended to. Papa begged the people to trust him and so they trusted him as long as it snowed black. And thus, Papa became the first King.

That's all I have for now, let's see other people's wholesome ideas and stories from their setting.
Anon, holy shit. I love this. I also really adore your art.
This is pretty good, haven't read all of it but I skimmed the first few images. Good method of looking at a society's material needs (ie warmth, safety) and building the culture around that rather than the other way around.
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The proper rituals for the Hearth could not be entirely retrieved. Nobody knew how to ask the Hearth, and nobody knew how to appease to the Hearth. So Papa told the Maidens that if they only smiled and laughed in front of the Hearth, their ancestors would be obliged to help. There shouldn't need to be convoluted choreographies to ask for a blessing. Proper parents always looked after their children and further descendants, even in death. The Temples were thus open again, and all could visit the Hearth without permission.

Thanks, dudes. I just want to share the warmth.
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A decade had past since the massacre, and the Maidens had grew into proper young women. Under Papa's guidance, they learned to eat little and save many for the people. They learned that they were the bridge between the ancestors and the living, and it was their responsibility to alleviate the ancestor's worries. They shall transfer the warmth from the Hearth to all children of the city. Papa grew worried about his many daughters travelling across the city without protection, so he found the best and most in love warriors to become his daughters' husbands. Thus it fell to the father's approval in grooms for his daughters.
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I love these threads but one of our faggot moderators dumps them on /qst/ because OP tries to liven up his OC dumps with some rolling from the audience.
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OP this thread is cool as fuck and you should feel cool as fuck
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Dear OP,
First I have to say that what you did here really feels like a labor of love and to say that I like it a lot would be an understatement.
But to tell you the truth, and with all due respect, I was in the other thread and I feel disappointed and a little bit sad that you seem to have given up on what made your setting so comfy and wholesome in the first place.
To put it a bit more bluntly as is the custom around here:
>and then the men were in charge and everybody clapped
Not so sure about that part to be honest OP.
I would really like to know more about the Hearth-Mothers and the rest of their world.
Do they ever encounter any different cultures?
What happens then?
I would really like to see them thrive and reach for the stars, literally.
Also, I seem to remember that you said previously that it all came about after participating in a Frostpunk thread, and I think that you could easily go back to the root of all this and make it work with the remnants of a pre climate change lost civilization slowly emerging here and there from under the slowly melting snow for maximum comfy.
I sincerely hope I won't start another shitshow in what looks like a promising thread and wish you all the best, OP.
Yours truly,
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yeah /qst/ can be comfy at times but it's so fucking goddamn slow
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field bro! I like your style and was waiting in antici....
Is this still part of that shared setting of yours, just in the past, or is it a new one? Because it looks like how the hearth mothers became the idols if it is.
Seems like the set up for a Street Fighter joke:
>Zangief and Chun Li walk into a burger joint
>Zangief says I can pay you next Tuesday for a hamburger today
>Chun Li says I don't know, you Russians are a bad with finance as the Americans

"I don't know....needs more rabbi?"
Pigeon, Mike Tyson Mysteries
(Norm MacDonald)
Pity that fag mod is sticking by the trolls. Glad your stuff's found a home here.
Don't know how much has been reiterated here but this is where the rest was.

Got a hearthy thing that sort of qualifies. Basically all darkness in the underworld is a single dreaming sea which is separated from itself wherever light casts a shadow. Some of these shadows persist for long enough to grow attached to this sense of separation/self and develop the means to sustain light sources (and so themselves). Slaves are the preferred method as telekinesis via hoisting an object's shadow is a drab, abstract affair and a steady stream of frivolity's vital to avoid dissolving back into nirvana. For this reason the shadowfolk slavers are widely despised.

While most new shadows are made near copies of narcissist parents (a silhouette statuette is the seed crystal of a soul, from there they grow alone by flicker and thought) and inducted into slaver society a few still emerge the old way from persistent light in the wilds. The widespread belief that old lights in the underdark are animate is right for the wrong reason, a glowing fungal patch does have a genius loci but it's the dim fuzzy shadows wafting spores about or strangling prey for the hyphae to feed on. Specifically it's humans who've begun inadvertently birthing shadowfolk en masse. As isekai'd exiles from a dimly remembered "above" their disorientation, colour vision and novelty make them highly prized slave among shadowfolk. They also cling desperately to what little light they can find and often build whole settlements around an eternal flame.
A fungus glow lasts longer than any fire in the wild but its steady halo doesn't leave much room for change. Flickering causes the isolated dark's being/thought to bounce around far faster and so settle on the notion of identity for sooner, regular hearth-tending gives them an animal template to base their understanding of the world on and the frequent grilles put up to protect the heart cast a scaffold about which the new mind can grow. A hearth shadow learns self and light-husbandry same as any other newborn. It also learns the ways of people and to love them. Lastly it learns to listen yet speech never follows for among the laughter and grumbles there's a steady whispered fear at slaver shadows. Better to help and be helped as a crackling sanctuary for now. Maybe forever.
Oops, forgot the link.
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The black snow did not fully solve the hunger problem, but instead of hoarding food for a body of Trueborn Sons, the people retained more of their food for themselves. Papa sent out his Maidens with a flame and it was a sight to bewilder; the people had forgotten the sight of a Hearth-Mother outside the Temple. The outskirts of the Grand City managed to make a meagre amount of surplus to be taxed and redistributed to other dependent communities that were not so fortunate to live near the volcano. Even then, it did not snow black enough and no yak had yet to return from the mountains.

I was sad that the last one I did got moved because I never intended these to be quests.
I sincerely appreciate this feedback, and I'm sorry that you feel disappointed. But I think you are judging it prematurely, I designed this setting to have a lot of dramatic events that continuously shape their values over the span of millennia. Certain values they held at an earlier time may become corrupted and exploited for many generations, as what happened to the Hearth-Mothers. This is still the bronze age and they have a lot to develop and a lot of problems to experience before they inevitably reach the stars if you're patient enough.
>Do they ever encounter any different cultures?
I have another civilization that's developed sufficiently enough (though not nearly as deep) and acts as something of a rival at a larger scale. They haven't made contact yet and they're meant to be as equally as important to development of the setting as a whole. Imagine a clash of civilizations such as Romans vs Persians, Christians vs Muslims, Han vs Xiongnu etc.

The inspiration I took for Frostpunk was the game itself, I was really enamored by the desperation for survival and balancing that out with moral hope. That only contributed to the earliest stage of this civilization though.
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Despite the efforts of Papa and his daughters, people still barely had enough food. They were still starving, and the number of dissidents continue to grow. Papa's son-in-laws were capable of ruthless acts if needed, but his daughters were taught better to hold their husbands' tempers. Even children sometimes got angry at their parents, not because they are ill-mannered but because they are scared. Papa said it was sad that not enough people were raised by warm mothers recently, and the best they could do was to continuing sharing warmth. Papa simply had no idea how to manage a nation, all he had to work on was how he remembered his own mother raised him and this was what he taught his daughters. It was not a man's job to care for people, but to protect them.

Welcome back bro, enjoy reading about the distant ancestors of the Templars.
Good observation, Idols are in fact a spiritual concept that's descended from the Hearth-Mother tradition. Papa telling his daughters how they should perform the rituals is the seed.
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One season, the volcano never ceased to spew ash. Black snow was good sometimes, but a black winter was catastrophic. The skies were covered in darkness, rendering the nutritious blanket of ash useless as there was no sunlight for the crops to grow. It got delightfully cool again, but no yak would want to return to this much ash, not to mention that breathing in too much ash made people ill. People began to fear for the future, wondering if this was the fault of the Maidens for not conducting the rituals properly, accused them of favoritism when they didn't receive their share, and then refusing to share their surplus in order to hoard it for their own security.

I'm sorry, maybe I'm smooth-brained but this was difficult for me to read. It does sound a bit bittersweet though, I wonder if there's more relations between shadowfolk and humans?

Let's please stop bullying the mods, they just need to be shared some warmth.
It's trying to compress a lot of ideas so that's no surprise. The gist is that long-lasting shadows naturally become sapient and then selfish. They like human slaves as premium torchbearers who are especially entertaining (entertainment's as vital to them as water to us) and humans in turn live in dread of them.

In addition humans happen to accidentally birth more shadowpeople who they also inadvertently socialize. By the time one of these has grown powerful and benevolent enough to qualify as a hearth spirit it's developed some notion of its true nature and knows better than to reveal itself for fear of upsetting its charges.

Got a link to whatever >>85806587 refers to?
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1.53 MB JPG
this setting could go pretty well with a Sun Goddess and her fiery avatar and priestesses
you can't top that for warmth
With different geology vulcanism could have been a significant source of warmth in that ice age. It physically resembles a hearth more than the far smokeless lantern of the sun. That smoke would give it a dual nature if the people came to understand how it both conceals the sun's light yet also fills the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses. It's funny hoe PIE mythology often gives it a male role, off the top of my head the Inuit and Japanese come to mind as having sun goddesses though I'm sure there are others.
>I was sad that the last one I did got moved because I never intended these to be quests.
link plz
so there is a volcano spirit like fujisan?
is there also an agricultural deity?
how about an ice king?
are they monotheists?
sunday morning bump
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orange skirm
bumping in
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ice king fan canon
>one son is born in the line of kings
>from birth he never cried and was pale as a frostbitten corpse but still manages to breathe
>his body grew slow due to the fact he wasn't drinking enough milk since young but his mind was already far ahead
>already spoke full sentences and can read the half of the written language by the age of 3
>whole family is disturbed by this but endeavour to raise him all the same, doting on him
>nothing reaches him, he cant quite wrap his head around the concept of affection or having a connection to others but he has some idea of it, he debated this idea of it by the age of five with some of his aunts in the library (by the end of he could say he liked reading books and they all thought it was an adorable sight)
>he grew up well enough no trace of the frostbitten corpse babe, but a pale young man whose complexion conceals his strength
>grew to according to his words "took great effort in spite of great pains to pursue a habit of knowing dog rearing, horse riding and hawk training, as well as be acquainted with the martial and scholarly duties benefiting a person of his blood "(he had fun being dragged by his family to their various hobbies in a effort to get close)
>he was doing well enough as the tax collector in the court engaged to a bride who cares for him even though she knows he might never give it back
>shit hits the fan cause a rebellion brought about a foreign horde to the kingdom's doorstep
>technically he was a officer and resolved himself to solve this problem when so many his cousins have died or been captured trying to
>calls his personal troops that enforced the collecting of taxes to participate in the fighting
>riders dressed in black with the latest armour and arms and the training and experience to adapt to any situation 250 men strong, graciously funded by the taxpayer
>go and do what they do best, getting that bag (cutting off the rebels supply line and acquiring their war funds)
File: his_consoul_of_rome.png (534 KB, 1276x2544)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
>put an end to the domestic squabble by driving the horde out of their land and putting out the rebellion
>with the support of the whole court he is then put in charge of the whole "what to do with the remainder of the horde that swept through our kingdom situation"(his brothers and cousins where glad that they had been rescued, so they wanted to do him a favour not knowing what he was planning to do)
>scooping up the last of the royal treasury, he began reforming the whole army to an acceptable standard whole the remnants of the foreign horde settle among ruins of the kingdom and other settlements
>2 years pass the campaign starts and before the fighting starts he called a meeting
>deadass sigma stares into the matriarchs of the hordes eyes, tells them he plans to achieve a total victory by putting every last one of them to the sword and by old way extinguish their hearth if they dont fix up what they ruined( 40% of the stolen gold back, as well as mandatory labour throughout the kingdom for a period of 20 years enforced on everyone aged 14 and above, with a choice drop out of labour by accepting serfdom by the first decade or 5 years if they are really sorry and have been really good)
>are spooked as hell and chose poorly, just as planned
>escapes the planned meeting ambush and starts enacting what he said, but was convinced by his wife and the rest of army to lower down the stakes, by instead marrying off every maiden to his men, labour for life for those men who participated in the fighting, those too young where sent to orphanages or with their sisters marriage pack(he had forgotten his lunch and she rode alongside the whole army to deliver it, he only noticed when they already deep in the outskirts of the kingdom, he said sorry)
>problem solved, he went back with all the spoils, and to bring an end to the developing succession crisis he was named king(on the caveat he marry off his son to the late king's/his cousin's daughter)
File: roma_aurelian_centurii.jpg (333 KB, 2500x1932)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
>begins reign firmly and justly as his moral compass(queen) dictates for a decade and a half
>makes a lot of laws that a lot of people begrudgingly hate but forced to accept as necessary
>begins optimising how the whole kingdom runs and expands it, that one war he waged was enough fodder to convince other tribes to bend the knee and client rulers submitted to his will
>spends entire life making sure the integration and immigration process(at the behest of his dear wife) and the other policies enacted runs smoothly at the expense at the cost of the peoples nerves and wallets
>dies of heat induced stroke on a fine summer day two years after his wife dies, a rare death to witness in this world
>dies and is buried at the side of his wife's grave, regretting he never properly learned to open up and express to her his love which she deserved
>the people mourn for a time and immediately rejoiced at the funeral games, celebrating the new ruler of these vast lands for they are sure this one will not only be better than last one but is an honest to the hearth flesh and blood human, instead of the living force of nature that held office for 15 hard and great years
>so passes the Last King, the Pale Frost on the Northern Wind galloping astride his black riders, to bring an end to all, Melted in the Sun, father of the First Emperor

File: warmth_27.jpg (37 KB, 356x431)
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Here's a post that's less about their gods and more about how their mythology works. They have an ancestor-based religion, so their gods are always thought to be direct ancestors. They cremated their dead in the Hearth because they wanted them to "stay" with them, to continue providing warmth, which is why the culture developed an eternal flame cult. Gods are thus the very elderly and well-remembered ancestors of the Hearth. These stories eventually simplified with many stories from across generations of similar theme got applied to a single invented character. Here is a list of such gods who are structed as an extended family;

Mama Sun: Not actually believed to be the sun but possesses the qualities of the Sun. She represents the best of all the expected qualities from women, and her stories are used to teach girls to become proper members of the village. She's associated with the sun for the fact that the sun is always there to warm you during the day. Mama Sun isn't so perfect that she can share warmth forever, so she must rest, and Papa Moon must stand up to protect you.

Papa Moon: Not actually believed to be the moon but possesses the qualities of the moon. Like Mama Sun, but is reversed for men. Traditionally, men of the village were posted on watch at night at the edge of Hearth-Villages. A bright full moon made the watch easier, sharing brightness in the dark, thus became a symbol of alertness. Papa Moon sometimes has to go out and hunt, which is why he disappears for a part of the month, which forces discipline for all men.

https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/78944717/ < My setting had many changes after this.
https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/81052080 < This one is a lot closer to what I have now.
I have a few on /qst/ which I can't really find but they're threads I sadly never got to finished.
File: warmth_28.jpg (38 KB, 467x413)
38 KB
Auntie Goddess: An auntie goddess is an extraordinary woman who has a story where she went beyond what was expected of her. These legendary stories of their distant past were not as nearly condensed and were split into multiple characters. One famous goddess is Auntie Soupy, who stayed up every night to make soup for the sentries on watch on an extremely frightful night.

Uncle God: Like an Auntie Goddess, but for men. Most of these stories relate to slaying a legendary beast, which were crisis times where a Hearth-Village was in extreme danger. There had once been a mega-predator who terrorized a Hearth-Village even during the day, forcing everybody to stay in the village under siege. Uncle Digger dug under the village, had them cook the best meat to distract the legendary beast, and then ambushed the legendary beast.

Cousin: Cousin Gods are controversial gods that are like your cousins of bad reputation but would never let you down. They are called Cousins because it doesn't really confer much respect like that of an elder generation, but it still acknowledged a familial relation, albeit reluctantly. The most popular one is that of Cousin Swindler who was known to sometimes tricked Mama Sun into giving more favors to his own mother.

I like it. It's sad. I hope there's a story somewhere a shadowperson can be accepted by the people they love.
Anon, I'm very flattered that I think you made up a story for these people. Stick around and you'll see how they operate in an iron age.
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always ready as my shit dorm wifi is willing
File: tg_orange_skirm3.jpg (72 KB, 719x452)
72 KB
File: tg_visitingbaba.jpg (1.33 MB, 1684x1249)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
File: tg_visitingbaba2.jpg (418 KB, 2006x666)
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cam on live
Sad but perhaps a blessing in disguise. As I alluded to earlier entertainment/engagement is a mortal necessity to their kind. What happens to most emergent shadowsouls is they come to understand their "self" followed by their separation from the greater whole and then allow their shadow casting light to be extinguished (or more rarely actively snuff it out) and so experience something like nirvana.

The norm is to pursue maya with the same zeal Buddhist monks do enlightenment and that means strange light, prismatic, reflective, hazed playgrounds and capering slaves. The hearth spirits get by without all that in part because they understand and empathize with their charges on a far deeper level than slaver shadowfolk bother to and because the conflict between wanting to help as much as possible without causing alarm is exactly the sort of thing that sustains a neurotic internal monologue indefinitely. Again, accidentally, humans have created an ideal long lasting equilibrium for shadowfolk living (unless the humans are scattered that is, hearth spirits don't take despair and abandonment well).
I'm not >>85797761. Just noting that "can't top that for warmth" is mostly yet not fully true.
Neat, easy to see how such a stark figure could be mythologised over time. Stuff like "was born stillborn until he bit the midwife and stirred".

I'm surprised by the lack of engagement seeing as bittersweet's one of the more common feels among the best of fiction. I guess it's harder to make gameable.
it aint that weird my mother felt no pain when i went out and i was screaming my lungs out and tossing in my crib until i got to an air conditioned room
so they tell me
You'll want to look into Serina. The speculative evolution (and art thereof) is itself spectacular but while there's tragedy in mass extinctions it gets real poignant once sapients appear on the scene. One after the other they become humane by trial and error but even that's not enough in the face of deep time.

One other thing too. I've got a benign spin on Innsmouth where in response to the haunted seas washing horrors ashore the villagers long ago made a deal which causes their elders to swell unto leviathan proportions. Generally this means that the landfolk are skinny, elaborately barbered and proud of their impeccable dentistry. The reasons respectively are foods stockpiled for that final hungry metamorphosis, the fact that they go bald encouraging them to enjoy hair while they have it and teeth being weapons wielded against the demons of the deep.

They're also forever trading their fish, kelp and whale oil for stories and tobacco. The reason being that their society's mainly geared towards creating protector-leviathan elders but also go out of their way to ease their burden and remind them why the fight. Whalesong dirges, ancestor tallies and warchants are well and good but sometimes great-great-greats want a new shanty mocking the ways of foreign lubbers between narcotic puffs from great pipe-masts.

Game applicability can be an issue for threads like these and as you mention a generational focus >>85807308 what kind of game would you be incorporating this stuff into?
File: warmth_29.jpg (1.08 MB, 3187x1000)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Typical Hearth-Village during a normal day. The village is actually enclosed with an entrance, so this is actually a see-through wall. At the center of the Hearth-Village is the Hearth, the main flame and nexus of all their ancestors. It is also the main source of wartmh for the community, although there are other toches lit throughout the interior, mainly for light. At any given time, a woman is watching over the Hearth, making sure it is properly fueled so it would never go out. An elder would tell the hearthkeeper how often it should be refuelled depending on the temperature, so as to conserve fuel on warmer days but consume more on dire nights. They also have to ensure a tower of smoke is always rising so that hunting parties can find their way back home.

The ailing, elderly, and children have priority sleeping closest to the Hearth, although during the day one mainly finds the ailing and elderly as children are elsewhere playing or learning. Young women sometimes check on the ailing and elderly, such as changing out rags and cleaning waste. Children are also often made to visit the elderly and are told stories to learn to become better people. There's usually a lot more elderly women due to the higher male mortality rate in this society.

The outher ring of the Hearth-Village is used for rest and indoor labor, such as looming or crafting. Part of a child's job is also to learn skills from adults who are tasked here for the day, such as older girls learning how to use a loom or older boys learning how to craft and handle weapons. Meals can also be cooked here, some Hearth-Villages have dedicated cooks who spend the whole day preparing food for regular socials at night.

Anon, I appreciate how much you like my stuff but can you at least share more wholesome stuff or ask questions you genuinely want answers for when you bump?
File: warmth_30.jpg (125 KB, 809x791)
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125 KB JPG
Within the interior, there's usually a hole that leads to an underground storage space that is stockpiled with food, fuel, and other resources. The women must remember how much and where all their resources are, and they work with the men who have intimate knowledge of hunting seasons to make the best judgement. Sometimes young men and older boys can be found expanding the storage area if it's foreseen that they might be overstocked.

On a safe and warm day, there is always a lot of activity. If there is a yak herd near by, women would go out to milk and shear them, as well as collecting dung for fuel. Even on a safe day men are still posted as sentries, and children still play close to the entrance of the Hearth-Village. Skulls of legendary beasts can be placed by the Hearht-Village as a warning, and young boys often play "King of the Skull" as an exercise to conquer their fears.

Hearth-Villages can only send so many parties out to hunt, and this is usually decided by the Hearth-Mother. The senior men are still the ones executing the hunts, such as gathering the necessary men for the party as well as requisitioning the equipment needed. The more dangerous it is, the more experienced and strong men they bring, but on a "safe hunt", they could also bring older boys so they can learn skills.

On frightful times, men can also put together a Slaying Party in which they attempt to slay a beast that has been terrorizing their Hearth-Village, or for glory itself. Anybody lost to a beast must be avenged; their souls must be saved by slaying the beast and offering it to the Hearth.

The community also has built in values that encourages heroic behavior. Because the ailing are always taken care of and all children are equally raised, men can feel comfortable that their sacrifices would be appreciated. Older men are also just expected to risk themselves before younger men in order to inspire the youth of heroics.
File: warmth_31.jpg (97 KB, 820x695)
97 KB
I know about this website, I haven't looked into it yet. Thanks for reminding me.
>what kind of game would you be incorporating this stuff into?
I'd incorporated more the Ice Age part within a given game. I can run one shots about a party of hunters, or maybe a villain of the week when the party has to slay a legendary beast. The beasts in their world have extremely durable hide, which is why I give them hammers to crush bones, also because hammers are cool. After skinning the legendary beasts they would wear them as additional armor as well as a trophy. Everybody would be Human Male Fighters™ with enchanted equipment, which are usually just bonuses conferred by blessings from the hearth. There's no real magic involved, but it's something the people legitimately believe in so it might as well also be used mechanically.

Anyway, it's time to complete the Bronze Age.
File: worm 1633979911438.png (158 KB, 350x180)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>They have an ancestor-based religion, so their gods are always thought to be direct ancestors.
I so fucking like this
Flute boy/caver bro here, let me give you the links to your quest.
For anyone that reads it, I asked him how the story was planned to end in another thread here on tg.
Warning: It's very bittersweet.
Milly would kill herself to stop a war, but Denver and Jenna would become the new dynasty and start a war of vengeace against everyone and turn Torlund into the empire of that first thread.
Wait a minute, Nunalana, Rolien? Is this Denver and Jenna family after they founded the empire, and named their children after their friends?
Hm, but it says he became prime minister, maybe I'm remembering the war part wrong.
Anyway, I'm certain that baba is Jenna and Papy is Denver.
File: warmth_32.jpg (83 KB, 654x622)
83 KB
The people know of a legend of when their ancestors made a perilous journey to find the Great City. They followed the yak from a much wilder world, protecting them from monsters. And then they were rewarded with a warmer land of plenty. King Papa sent out scouts to find the yak herds while trying to amass supplies for a great journey, believing the solution was to just follow them. The people thought he was crazy, out of his goddamn mind. The hard truth King Papa had to accept is not survivable by all. In fact, he even believed the elderly should be left behind. After being told it was a bad idea by malcontents, King Papa continue preparing for the journey, setting out the plan, amassing supplies, and picking the right people. When a scout returned with news of where the yak was, King Papa then had to start moving, and he knew that when the people found out they would be angry, they didn't think they were giving up their surplus for this foolish journey and felt lied to.

The Great Hearth itself couldn't be carried, so he set up a roster of shifts for his daughters he would carry the Great Hearth together on long torches. He then raised enough men as warriors to encircle the Great Hearth. There was even a restriction on who could go on the journey. Those who could not, such as the ailing or elderly, were to be put into the hearth so that their souls would not be abandoned during the movie.
File: warmth_33.jpg (97 KB, 552x696)
97 KB
The days leading up to the departure was accompanied by many earthquakes and bad smell. The departure was publicly announced as all were technically welcome. King Papa was sure that the strict requirements to be part of the journey would include everybody who wanted to, but this still wasn't the case. And for those who wish to offer themselves to the hearth because they wanted to stay with their families without being a burden, they were allowed to.

It was learned that King Papa was also excluded from the journey according to his requirements. He knew that opposition would try to seize the supplies for the journey, so he mounted a defense. All elderly men of the loyalists, whether they were missing a limb or their mind, picked up a weapon, offering to die to ensure their family could go on and find a better life.
File: warmth_34.jpg (127 KB, 611x370)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
The announcement of the journey was so hasty and chaotic, but it is known that the journey party escaped in scattered groups. The defense was crushed, and journey worsened but at least it still happened. All the stories about this are told by those who escaped. Those who had escaped went on an hour long hike away from the Great City until a bright boom appeared from behind. The Great City was engulfed in a sharp blade of flame that shot out, and whirling whips of fire danced around it. It stayed up there for hours, the Great City burned, melted, and got buried in ash and pumice.

I don't want to give out any spoilers, but you should be warned that my lore is continuously changed/updated in order to fit themes better.
File: 1637079950576.png (772 KB, 759x754)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
I'm totally stealing your shit OP and also this from the other thread as antagonists (except they won't be Orcs but just some human barbarians or something):

>An Orc stronghold will contain a single adult male, his harem and the children. The Orc male just hangs around fucking and working out all day while the women do everything. Cooking and cleaning, sure, but also hunting, growing, smithing, crafting etc. The male doesn't really have any say in what goes on, he's just there as a stud.

>Anyway, when sons come of age they get kicked out to live as nomads. Some die. Some band together. Some make it on their own. That's why there are always roving bands of orcs looking to rape and pillage. They lack bitches.

>A nomad can challenge a stud at as the sun sets. They have their duel the following sunset. Winner keeps the stronghold and bitches. Loser gets kicked out or killed. A new stud will typically kill any male children in his new stronghold.

>But yeah, matriarchy. A stronghold is owned and operated by female orcs. The local male is just there to keep the women satisfied and their children strong until a stronger male shows up to kill him.

bump btw
how weird is my birth here>>85816191
also what happens in the iron age?
File: warmth_35.jpg (92 KB, 714x966)
92 KB
There was no turning back, and so the journey party pressed on. But there was but only ene Maiden. She and her husband led what remained of the journey to the promised land through the most perilous trek of yet, of a time When It Was Darkest. And after struggling and overcoming so many obstacles and threats, they made it and founded the New Kingdom, based on the principles and ideals they needed.

A thousand years later in an age Iron, more than a hundred kingdoms will discover that they each share an eerily similar founding myth. Everything up to the escape of the Great City seemed to be near identical, and then it just branched off into many derivations.

Let's take this for example. Perhaps there was a party that had to journey through Orc territory. Being assailed by roving bands of male orcs of much large size, this party might have decided to put women in as auxiliary warriors in a specific role. They would go on to create a cult on the principles on how size does not matter but teamwork. Perhaps women would continue to be permitted as warriors but only in specific roles in keeping their "Strict Gender Roles" foundation. It can go from "Only Men are Warriors" to "Only Men are Warriors A and Women are Warriors B".

Or, despite fending off multiple orc raids, the leading Maiden adopts an orphan orc baby and raises him. The orc baby would grow up to be a faithful orc son and become a member of the community, siring half-orcs. Natural selection might just choose orc-genes to slowly take over from within, eventually increasing the genetic size of these people, who attribute giving warmth (i.e. love) to growth.

Extermination of barbarians optional.

Kind of weird I guess, the Ice Age folk might have interpret that as a child given a bit too much warmth? It might be a good if not painful omen for either the son or mother.
File: warmth_36.jpg (43 KB, 457x486)
43 KB
I designed this setting for people to be able to construct their own kingdoms and set their founding principles. Here's a lit of example kingdoms that might exist.

Basic Kingdom: This is a rather boring kind of kingdom and is quite frankly the most widespread. In these kingdoms, aristocratic men are the warriors and women are the priestesses. The King is the leader of the men and Queen the leader of women. Almost always they are a married couple, succession often occurs at the death of one spouse, the other going into retirement as an advisor and their child being elevated to Royalty along with their spouse. The priesthood is probably in charge of all domestic policies, such as welfare, trials/judges, administration, ceremonies, public services etc. The men are instead mostly in charge of foreign policies. This comes form a common society structure in which women created agricultural communities in one place, while men went off on horseback to herd yak in shifts. This is the sort of kingdom people probably get on their first Great Journey run.

These basic kingdoms also have a tendency to seesaw between male and female power, although calling it a rivalry between stratocracy or a theocracy might be more accurate. A stable kingdom tends to shift more towards the theocratic rule, while instability forces the stratocracy to act and seize power. Sometimes a theocratic uprising may occur and topple an oppressive stratocracy.
File: warmth_37.jpg (150 KB, 1063x549)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Cult Kingdom: This is a matriarchal kingdom that is also rather pacifistic. There is an idealization of the Kingdom's Queen, and the King is almost never in a "superior" position over the Queen. For example, the King is never something like the Queen's father or uncle, but can be her spouse and even her son. Cult societies are built around the personality of the Queen, who keeps up a motherly persona as a source of legitimacy. Men aren't so much treated as less as much as the Queen is just that above everybody else. There is probably a small standing army of elite sons. These were probably the result of an all pacifist run during the Great Journey.

Tomboy Kingdom: A relatively egalitarian kingdom, except that women can be warriors. Their perilous journey might have been so dangerous that they required every able body to fight, and naturally its Maiden picked up a weapon. These kingdoms might decide that being a Warrior is not a gender role but a warrior in itself, although it is probably still overwwelmingly men who become warriors. These were probably the result of an extermination run.

Polar Kingdom: These kingdoms have extreme differences but both genders have equal status, just different roles. In one specific kingdom, there is a more drastic size difference among the people, with larger men and smaller women. People are forbidden from doing something only meant for the opposite gender, for example only men can be warriors, smiths, builders, miners, carpenters, woodcutters etc, and only men can be healers, teachers, singers, scholars, etc. A woman may run a community from within, but men exert power beyond the home. The King and Queen by law must be spouses, although retired royalty are often in name only. This sort of kingdom is probably the result of a hyper efficient run.
thats that huh
want some fan canon ice king facts to bump the thread?
File: warmth_38.jpg (40 KB, 638x359)
40 KB
The Great City never stopped burning, but it got much smaller. Nobody maintained the fire, it just never stopped, confining itself in a place rumored to be where King Papa was slain. The perpetual tower of smoke that rose so high it can be seen beyond many horizons came to be known as King Papa. If the fire had engulfed the Great City, then souls still lingered there. King Papa's Fire thus became something of a neutral Hearth where many Kingdoms annually conduct a journey back to King Papa's Fire to praise him, as well as unite the Hearths. In a way, King Papa's Fire became something of a backup server that allows people to maintain the spirits of all their ancestors without fear of losing them forever. It was declared Haunted, and that alone kept anybody from committing crimes there. All the ancestors were watching, so behave yourself.

Go for it, it'd be cool to see a take on the founding of the Ice Kingdom following their Great Journey.
File: warmth_39.jpg (41 KB, 377x571)
41 KB
The Kingdoms came across many other smaller cultures, although they quickly became minority ethnic groups among a world populated by people descended from King Papa's Fire. There was one civilization they came across. Located in the warm and dry south was the Heavenly Empire, which was larger than the three largest Kingdoms combined. The Kingdoms considered them strange, for they worshiped the Sun and their Heavenly Emperor was the Sun's heir. The Kingdoms have come into many violent clashes with them, some even became subject states of the Heavenly Empire and adopted some Heavenly systems, such as a Patriarchal system.
File: warmth_40.jpg (46 KB, 534x556)
46 KB
Anti-Heavenly sentiment sparked a cry for union among the Kingdoms. It started with a few Kingdoms' Priesthoods creating a Universal Canon of Stories, in which all Priesthoods adhered to it. It had levels of allowed deviations, although the most important stories had a no deviation policy. This union of canons made peace between kingdoms more likely, and rival kingdoms were sometimes pressed to joining for fear of being conquered. The Queens didn't really set foreign policy so much as made it more likely that the adhering kingdoms cooperated from among the warriors.

That's all I really have for these people, I don't think I can explain more about them in the history without talking about the Heavenly Empire's origin. That one is a bit more shitposty though.
File: Mine_2.png (23 KB, 825x1452)
23 KB
>Share cute, wholesome, comfy or maybe even bittersweet things about your setting, game, characters, etc.
My PC found out she has a little sister not long ago. We rescued her/negotiated for her release during our last mission and my PC is currently trying to square away living arrangements and someone to look after her for when my PC isn't in town.

What's kinda odd is that my PC is a robot and always has been. Little sister is flesh and blood (which we know because when she thinks she might upset mom she gets an aneurism and her nose starts bleeding). We're pretty sure she manifested out of some intense psychic phenomena, essentially fully formed at inception.

She's been fun to have around. She's very innocent, as you might guess, and very bubbly. Her interactions with the worn down and wizened denizens of the post-apoc setting have been charming as she tends to find perfect ways to diffuse tension or lift the mood of someone having a hard time. It's also been a little interesting trying to protect her from the less savory parts of living in a hostile environment, like how we had to bash a party member's head in because there was a psychic device in her hair which twisted her perceptions and had turned her hostile to us (we broke the device and she got better but someone did have to run interference for the little sister when the fight broke out and during reconstructive surgery).

Other cozy moments
>met a mutant girl in a lake; she can't talk, but we charaded ourselves into a friendship and she gave my PC a tank barrel from the lake floor as a present
>NPC that we rescued a while back found an odd deck of cards that no one can make hide nor hair of (it's definitely an UNO deck)
>met a wandering tailor in the ruins of a nearby city, stitched a bitchin' pattern into one PC's flak vest
>helped a small hivemind of 'living' toy dolls reunite with itself and realize its life's purpose of hosting a tea party
File: tomboy_pyramid.png (699 KB, 910x678)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
nice quads., he could be inserted anywhere for all i care so long his son becomes emperor

>began speaking at two mimicking his grandmother rituals
>dragged across his various relatives hobbies, spending time with him in an effort to make him show any emotion besides apathy, does not work
>hated summer and loved autumn, not winter since its too cold and the crunching of leaves satisfies him
>by every summer would always tag alongside one cousin of his whose summer veil thingy feels cool to the skin and is big enough that it wont bother the two of them
>later that cousin of his would tard wrangle him until her death, insert foreshowing by always saying to come under her veil or else he will melt out in the heat
>was the middle out of all his cousins and brothers in every skill save math, so they reserved tax collecting to him
>took to his job with the same apathy he always had as he could along with the engagement with his closest cousin
>on their first night together she tried seducing him, and that was the first time he was ever known to laugh, the whole celebrations left him to tired to even bother so he snuggled with her, fuming, embarrassed and too happy to try either
>when out hunting tax evaders he would carry his trusty club(think a delinquents pipe) and the blooming snowflake(pear of anguish) astride his favourite onyx maned horse, wifes lunch in tow(forgotten most of the time, she has once tagged along with for a day before he even remembered, this wont be the worst instance of this happening)
>begins reforming the tax collection personel by training the regulars in cqc, inventing the brass knuckles and pardoning and reforming certain criminals for the special forces
>special forces were attired similarly to him and possessed skills fit for thieves, swindlers, spies and other such deeds, technically a 250 man strong payday crew
>this style of tax collecting along with other factors limiting the nobles power probably started the civil war
>he lost about half his family in the civil war and the throne is left with no clear heir, and his wife's younger sister got killed this became really personal
>directed his men for the greatest heists they will commit after comforting his wife while she plots bloody murder keeping their son safe and making sure he didnt forget his lunch
>in a month all the coffers used to pay off the rebels are gone and along with gristly executions and threating pardons to those remaining the civil war ends
>what remains of his family gathers and begin making decisions while he goes and asks put the money he had gathered over the years to use
>reforms and trains the army in a year and the next one begins to enact his war
>first move in the war is to send out calls to the horde splintered between the ruins and outskirts jostling for space to come to an agreed location to personally deliver a message
>"Ye sows and eunuchs, not of mine of own volition I compel you to heed mine words, you mutts have tarnished and yet continue to disrespect the dignities of myself and my citizens with every breath ye take in your drunken, foolish lungs and we shall not only scorn you motley lot for this fact, but also put a long deserved cease to this farces of mock life, however some among my company resolved not to sully our ancestors names and hearth and charged me an new course of salvaging your bastard selves unto the wise rule of our family, surrender but a mere fraction of the robbed gold, jewels and art and be subject to the guiding yoke to erect the structures ye have struck down for two decades and I shall promise you your lives, I have been told I am harsh driver of cattle but I swear I will be fair, by 10 years if ye grow fond of our fair land and prefer my rule than the wilds ye have grew in, by my word we shall be kindred, land and a roof will be yours should you wish, and if ye have done exceeding well I will personally make an exception and reduce your labour to a mere 5 years...
based forgotten lunch delivery wife
I had this happen once and I never felt so loved
File: geneva_suggestion.png (1.78 MB, 1583x847)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
>... however, if you do not heed this generous offer of mine I shall swear, by the hearth and upon the dead I will enact a victory so through that these lands will cease to account you all in memory, when I shall grasp hold of you, I shall strike ye with hammers clubs, and other assortments of blunt instrumentation so all may hear your flesh crumble and bones crack, you will be kept alive for the Long Dark so that your skin may be flayed by howling winds and snowflakes screaming still, but I am quite merciful and forgiving so I shall entrust you to the flame to serve as a watching light in the night to keep my citizen warm, in stating this I have brought the choice of peace and total annihilation for you to behold, my wishes go for your choice be swift and soon, winter comes and I hate getting my feet wet whether in snow or blood.
- the Last King, absolute sigma male
>they attacked him on the spot in an ambush, but he was too deadly for the,
>with his escort of 2 he kills all 20 present including the 14 ambushing but one, who he generously gives a coat hastily made of flayed skin sending her limping screaming vengeance on them with all the horde
>very good
>the hay that is thicker is easily moved
>first battle starts on winter's first snowfall with him and his riders breaking through and facing the elite troops in small combat to the point that the horde fragments and his troops disengaging unharmed laden with prisoners
>do exactly what he said he would, the wind carries the screams so well it cannot be distinguished from one another, so they can be frugal about number of prisoners they have to take in order to pursue their strategy
>the goals of this campaign that is breaking apart cohesion, taking out enemy heads and terror attacks to demoralize them worked wonders
>they only hear and see three messengers one after another get brutally tortured even after sending all their riches with them to make peace, to make them consider suicide
i wish
File: elden_ring_rya_hug.jpg (104 KB, 812x1024)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>but even men who had wished only to wreck havoc and payback, those most loyal to the cause start to see they had done up too much becoming they who they hated the most who took away those they loved, having nightmares about the day when they completed the lord's total victory, promises about the glory or security that this wont happen again if they had went through with it forgotten
>so when they saw frightened young boys and girls facing against the war wagons and riders trembling with pikes with their backs to their parents hearths they mutinied, calling back the lady from her winter camp begging for this to stop
>she arrives in the midst of battle stopping him from staving in some poor orphans head in and extinguishing a fire
>"Please... just stop this madness, you go too far, anyone can tell they had only meant to seek a better life and got dealt a bad hand that is you, for once in your life understand that what you are doing, they would have never dreamt of even in their blackest nightmares, there is not a one here alive I can really blame for sweet sister's death anymore, spare them and listen to me please, if not for me then for our boy."
- tard wrangler supreme, the Last Queen
>the lord eventually gives up to the suggestion of forced marriages, integration and labour for life for the those remaining who total up in the tens
>men rejoice that they can go home to their families growing even bigger with the ones they swore to care for
>he comes back home to horror and shock as talks about it a great length opening himself at last to a family willing to help him
>with what he has done and what he is planning to do for the future, they all decide eventually to put him on the throne until the children of his son and niece can grow up
>start rule by running the integration process his wife dearly begged him to and awkwardly being a god-father to many children born out of the war
>many empty lots are soon filled with warm homes as the rebuilding starts
File: Spoiler Image (154 KB, 596x878)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
This is super cute, thank you for sharing the warmth. You must have wonderful friends for a group.

I think I get the gist of this: Emotionless King makes best kind of conqueror, but a final fit of redemption solidifies peace for the union for the next generation. This fits in the philosopohy of some Kingdoms; all men are born without warmth and must be given it by their mothers. It's how they explain stories like Fub from When It Was Coldest, the bully hunter, and the massacres from When It Was Warmest. This philosophy can be used by both patriarchal or matriarchal Kingdoms; patriarchies embrace the ruthlessness of men, they are taught to hold it at home but unleash it abroad. Matriarchies use it as a warning as to why men should not be in charge, and praise them for not trying to act like alphamales. Unfortunately, I can't give you an Emperor, that's reserved solely to the Heavenly Empire. Over the course of a thousand years, many lesser Kingdoms are absorbed, National Hearths merge, sometimes they split up.

I don't have much update right now but here's a shitpost that's an innuendo to explain their understanding of procreation. I can share some more widespread developments of the cultures throughout the millennium later.
File: 1624524006105.jpg (172 KB, 850x1202)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>This is still the bronze age and they have a lot to develop and a lot of problems to experience before they inevitably reach the stars if you're patient enough.
I'm very patient.
Any chance it could reach a cyberpunk era or even a type 1 civilization (with office ladies)?
File: 1660785889574917.jpg (165 KB, 777x1200)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
have a bump
>I think I get the gist of this: Emotionless King makes best kind of conqueror, but a final fit of redemption solidifies peace for the union for the next generation.

nah senpai the rebels and the horde started it first, he was peacefully collecting taxes by any means necessary, planning a quiet retirement with his lovely and children

>This fits in the philosophy of some Kingdoms; all men are born without warmth and must be given it by their mothers. It's how they explain stories like Fub from When It Was Coldest, the bully hunter, and the massacres from When It Was Warmest. This philosophy can be used by both patriarchal or matriarchal Kingdoms; patriarchies embrace the ruthlessness of men, they are taught to hold it at home but unleash it abroad. Matriarchies use it as a warning as to why men should not be in charge, and praise them for not trying to act like alphamales.

i meant the character as a mix between Ceasar and Yoshikage Kira, the unique birth and apathic demeanour is him being the first person recorded in detail of autism and other such disorders, with him people tell stories about how some people are just that way by nature with no fault of the nurture, however nurture can still be used to make such people better, he was just a simple sigma male tending to his tax crops and heists when some very bad people messed up his daily normal, annoying him to no end like how some tism people react to being stopped solving their puzzles, so he decided to make their existence his new puzzle

did i do a good job bumping this thread with this otome game main capture target?
also pic rel is smoking fire
File: Spoiler Image (462 KB, 764x1200)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
im out of ideas
have a raep scene
File: warmth_42.jpg (63 KB, 526x514)
63 KB
Aside from the implementation of iron tools, the iron age that proceeded from When It Was Darkest also witnessed a widespread 'patriarchal' revolution, in which men in the society amassed a much larger role within a community. The traditional structure was for women to manage the home (and agricultural needs), while men went on the range to herd yak as well as defend them from thieves. However, men lived much longer during a long period of peace after the founding of the Kingdoms. The introduction of horses also extended the reach of men, and enabled them to stay home for longer periods of time.

But conflict arose once again as populations boomed and poor climate happen, resulting into border skirmishes. Because men were in charge of foreign affairs, it was they who established masculine traits and behavior, and it wasn't long until the upper class was comprised of the strongest men. Widespread were curved swords which were excellent on horseback, and men would often continue to train while on the range. The men would also organize male rituals, such as a coming of age ceremony where a boy becomes a man for now being liable for defense. They involve a lot of hazing.

I won't make you wait for anything that won't show up, it leaps past cyberpunk from the end of an industrial age. There is an Empress in a later period who operates like an office lady though.

You know what would be pretty cool? If you write your own Great Journey myth for one of the kingdoms.
File: warmth_43.jpg (39 KB, 451x515)
39 KB
Women still maintained the community, and a system of Clans arose. They were the smallest political unit in Kingdoms society, and pretty much operated as micro-states, often under a Kingship. Clans are the product of many families codifying a union together as marriage networking became extremely complicated due to conflicts of interest. Sons and daughters were equal assets, and a Clan preferred to marry within itself in order to maintain cohesion. Before they just operated the most important positions in a community, now they are the rightful rulers of it. They not only maintained the Village Hearth, but also the Clan Hearth, which they see as the source of their strength if not authority. It's not good to spread out relatives far and wide, better concentrate your ancestors instead.

There was very little social mobility for women in this society since Clans were extremely reluctant to add in a new woman into its priesthood. They were often seen as outcasts, and it was always better for them to have sons to marry into the clan properly, than instead to have daughters who would continue to be alienated. It is however much easier for men to be incorporated, as Clans are always looking for strong men and if they had a spare daughter, they could get more muscle. The marriage usually involved bringing in all of his brothers, their sisters being left with their old family. As per tradition, the father approves of the groom, but the mother approves of the bride. In a symbolic ceremony, the bride would trade a sword from her father to her groom for a flame from the groom's mother's home hearth, so that they can watch over their son's family. Even clans still possess family hearths, which are much smaller and were easily maintained, although the fire going out was never an actual problem since standard operation was to light it from the Clan's Hearth from the first place. You'd just be humiliated.
File: warmth_44.jpg (176 KB, 949x771)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
After the establishment of clans, a separation of class appeared. The nobles were those within the ruling clan, while the commoners were not. This social distinction wasn't codified until a clan legitimized their rule rather than just being the hotshots of a community. While the nobility safely guarded a Clan Hearth together while also being in charge of the community's Hearth, the common women maintained their own little family hearths. These family hearths were not as important as a community's Heart, which safely stored everybody's ancestors in one place. But it's rather faux pas to let your hearth go out, which confined common women within their own homes to make sure never to be humiliated. Clans also often import a relighting tax on those who failed to maintain their own hearths.

The hearth itself is reminiscent of their ancestors from When It Was Coldest. Instead of housing a village, it housed a large extended family. Commoners were generally matrilocal, wanting as many generation of women to keep a hearth together. This process was also how clans were first established, but commoner families tend to break up when they get over-extended and housing becomes too cramped. When this happens, there's often a drama over the stewpot, because anybody could just pay a tax and get the fire lit again. When a family breaks up, custody of the stewpot, which have been stewing since When It Was Darkest, has that family taste that can never be replaced.
how many kingdoms are there again?
just 4 based on what you have given or more based on those 4 archetypes?
File: HHCmEF.jpg (255 KB, 1200x1200)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>it leaps past cyberpunk from the end of an industrial age
well, it shouldn't lol
>There is an Empress in a later period who operates like an office lady though.
just as many as anybody feels like writing about imho
looks like OP is just laying the groundwork for his >Universal Canon of Stories >>85825568
i think im spent for now
re flavour that ice king as the saviour no one asked but the one they deserved
The 4 archetypes are pretty standard but they're not meant to reflect the only kinds of kingdoms. It depends on the experience of a party's Great Journey and where they decided to settle down. It doesn't even end there, Kingdoms will evolve even after they settle down, but earlier and more dramatic experiences shapes their worldview.

A Universal Canon is pretty much the agreed upon collection of stories between any two Kingdoms. Some Kingdoms have conflicting stories, kind of like how autists today complain about canon. A Kingdom might have a different detail than others, but this change in detail is so important to them that they just can't change it. Other Kingdoms might be offended and refuse to cooperate, or they might not even care so much as that specific story wasn't important to them, which allows for degrees of deviation.

Unfortunately, I don't see any good clues on how to make up a Great Journey from your Ice King. It seems like the whole Kingdom was already well established, and might even be a run-of-the-mill Basic Kingdom.

File: warmth_45.jpg (109 KB, 839x581)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Here's some more examples just to show how different Kingdoms can be, and they don't all have to fall upon the ranching/agricultural economic model:

Tributary Kingdom: This is a kingdom that has bent the knee to the Heavenly Empire and has accepted its Benevolence is exchange for aid. The Heavenly Empire offers protection from non-tributary kingdoms as well as many gifts to show its generosity and superior, as well as resolving disputes between other tributary kingdoms. In return, the Kingdom sends periodic gifts, generally things the Heavenly Empire is interested in, and can even be summoned for war. Autonomy varies, some Kingdoms are never called up for war but choose to do so in order to receive favors from the Heavenly Emperor. This sort of kingdom has also adopted a more patriarchal model, its women are more or less confined to spiritual duties, while men may have also taken up administrative posts based on the model of the Imperial Bureaucracy. They've also taken to wearing feathers, and the men regular shave to imitate the Heavenly Empire, who do not grow facial hair.

Iron Kingdom: This is a kingdom that specializes in industrial production, and seeing that making nice things at home was seen as a woman's job, so did women became the smiths and founders. The nobility is comprised of matriarchal forgeries who gain status but crafting the best equipment for their male relative. The men take such equipment and go off to war against hostile neighbors. This social structure was created as a party found itself in a place riddled with hostile creatures and barbarians, and there weren't enough men to stand guard while also doing other tasks. So women took up the hammer and started banging out armor for their sons and husbands, and those women with more living male relatives generally had more influence. When stability was attained, the economy was based on the export of both raw materials and crafted goods, which were traded abroad by the men.
File: warmth_46.jpg (91 KB, 754x541)
91 KB
Another type of kingdom are Immoral Kingdoms. These kingdoms have values that are considered repulsive by almost every other kingdom due to their degenerate worldviews.

Harem Kingdom: This kingdom puts emphasis on a single strong male leader and is the result of a single male hero of the Great Journey who took a bit too much credit. This might also have been the result of a Journey Party where almost all of its men were wiped out, so harems were used to raise the population again. Unfortunately, the policy never ended, as mothers would often try to get their son in the better position over their brothers, creating a much more fractured Matriarchy.

Femdom Kingdom: A female dominated kingdom that can be a reverse harem. These kingdoms are considered immoral as the sacred act of procreation was exploited and abused by women who instead of raising fine young men for influence, preyed on desperate men who would in turn become their source of influence. This might have been the result of a reduction of female population in the early founding, and some women played the system by having multiple fathers to their children.
File: unknown-23.png (104 KB, 687x570)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>This is super cute, thank you for sharing the warmth. You must have wonderful friends for a group.
My GM is a pretty cool guy, and the current setting is a psychic's projected mindscape which lets him have a lot of fun with things getting weird. Mine (which is the name of my PC's little sister; yes it gets confusing), for example, is like the third layer down when it comes to psychic shenanigans. She's the creation of a splinter of a splinter. She's flesh and blood when her mother and sister are both heavily implied to be androids.
For envrionmental weirdness, if you go too far south you wrap around to the northern end of the map. There are spirit train stations. It's very whimsical under all the post-apoc grit and tragedy.

Another fun moment, though more OOC than IC, was realizing that the doll hivemind (whose name is Dollhouse, though she prefers Dolly) actually commissioned a custom doll in the likeness of my old PC from a different campaign. The doll with the banner and combat armor in pic related is Dollhouse's 'spokesdoll,' which is to say it has a speaker in the head so it can talk. It isn't an exact copy, but Dollhouse has said plainly that she specifically had it made to mimick my old PC's hair and uniform because of how much Dollhouse looks up to her. It was really cool seeing the knock-on effects of another campaign so directly and double-cool seeing the influence of my character specifically.

>I gotta catch up on all this new lore stuff
Jiminy Christmas you have a lot of content my man. >>85828619
File: 11hrp.jpg (735 KB, 2048x1448)
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735 KB JPG
ok, slow thread, up you go
great thread OP, am lurking and loving it, great stuff!
File: warmth_47.jpg (57 KB, 537x504)
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Kingdoms were made by men and sustained by women. Men of different clans would make alliances with each other. That wasn't the women's business. A combined army of clans could bully other weaker clans. These alliances only went as far as the honor of the clans involved. Eventually the women of different clans got wise and formed a union of cooperation. This eventually snowballed into large territories in the same alliance, and if a single clan had considerable enough influence over the others may declare Kingship. This legitimacy comes from an assertation that the women of your clan were the direct matrilineal descendant of the 100 Maidens who escaped.

Different kingdoms have different policies in how they deal with their clans. Sometimes it's very feudal with clans having autonomy and only owing military service to a King's army. Sometimes the clans are abolished by uniting all the clan hearths and codifying a noble class with exclusive rights, where individual families of the former clans were given hereditary posts. After around a millennia after the Great Journeys, there were some 10 major kingdoms, and 100 minor and lesser kingdoms. Lesser kingdoms were no less than the only clan in a set of mountain villages.

Seems like a mindtrippy kind of atmosphere. That's a bit too much for me personally, but I think it's really neat that you and your GM gel like that. What's the over-all goal of your game? And are those your drawings? She's a cutie.
File: MeltieReferenceConcept.png (58 KB, 1025x1298)
58 KB
>And are those your drawings? She's a cutie.
My GM draws all the characters. Art is a hobby I always keep meaning to pick up but somehow never do.
>What's the over-all goal of your game?
Kind of hard to say for certain. Nechronica is the kind of system where your players are supposed to be kept in the dark about a lot of stuff; even character backstories are largely buried under amnesia at the start. That said, we gained a lot of insight in the last two sessions or so. I could go into a whole thing about it but for the sake of brevity:
>My PC's mom is a powerful psychic sheltered from the apocalypse in her own psychic bubble. Alone.
>she created my PC as an android because she desperately wanted a daughter
>my PC was nearly destroyed in some kind of tragedy (details on this are fuzzy)
>mom, in an attempt to route out her own weakness, splits off four parts of her own personality and exiles them to the far reaches of the bubble
>[an indeterminate amount of time later]
>Eventually a town springs up in the bubble. It's not exactly clear how the other denizens came to the area but PC's mom is effectively the town elder.
>My PC is now pic related. The girl in pink on her shoulder is PC 2 and the two of them are best friends
>memories of anything before living in the town are fuzzy and indistinct
>PC 3 is the girl with hueg claws standing behind the dolls in >>85841295, who joins the party after their first adventure outside of town.
>the game is currently about the party reuniting the four fragments of Mom's personality with her core because the psychic world is slowly falling apart and may take everyone with it when it implodes.
>PC 2 and 3's past is still shrouded in a lot of mystery, but it's strongly implied that they're related to a figure labeled 'Persephone' who is integrally involved with the formation of the psychic bubble but we're not sure how yet

I just wrapped up a mentally involved game and it's late here, so I apologize if this is a mess.
so its faux mongolian themed yeah
File: 1410687561607.jpg (785 KB, 1600x2264)
785 KB
785 KB JPG
A taste of old /tg/. Thankyou op
File: warmth_48.jpg (55 KB, 376x615)
55 KB
Kingdoms rose and kingdoms fell. Like how families united into clans under mothers, and how clans united into kingdoms under men, the kingdoms united under the mother. It seemed like the kingdoms were slowly returning to one cohesive family as the ancestors intended. The world was not too cold nor too warm, although it was usually nice and cool. But a great blizzard was brewing in the prairie beyond the mountains and salt plains to the east. The kingdoms were to be tested once again by the Beardless King.

What a wholesome quest. I have something like that similar from When It Was Coldest, perhaps I'll share it after. Are there any sessions where you just relax at the town and have run-ins with quirky denizens?

Not quite, most kingdoms are sedentary, although there are many kingdoms/tribes that operate like steppe nomads. The kingdoms are widely diverse in aesthetic, but they all possess a common culture descended from the Great City, such as ancestral hearths and worship.

I miss it and I hardly remember it.
File: warmth_49.jpg (37 KB, 561x283)
37 KB
There was a tribe far east in the prairie that lived off the migrating yak. Year round, clans moved along with their yak herds, and have developed mobile tents and hearths. Because clans moved wherever the herd was, this meant that the men had far more influence than the women, creating an extremely patriarchal culture. Clans competed over pastures as well as well as raiding enemy herds. One thing for certain was that they never claimed to have a Maiden descent from one of the hundred. In fact, they don't even recall the time from When It Was Darkest, almost as if they left the Great City long before the crises.
>Are there any sessions where you just relax at the town and have run-ins with quirky denizens?
Occasionally. I wish it were more common but the GM is a bit more action oriented than I am and likes to keep things moving along. There's also the factor of very real time-crunch in the campaign itself; if we take too long then we a fall into the bottomless pit and probably die.
This hasn't stopped the party ninja from starting a one-and-a-half sided feud with the cat girl shopkeeper, and the NPC who found the UNO deck also took some time to perform a tarot reading for my character. Next session we're going to be speaking with the eccentric map maker of the town about a string of obelisks he's been trying to map so that should certainly be interesting; he looks kind of like he got covered in glue and rolled through a quilt store while he was out exploring. The kind of guy who you'd find ranting excitedly to someone in a cozy English library if the apocalypse hadn't leveled them all.

Our more involved interactions with NPCs tend to happen outside of the walls, like with the wandering tailor. She's mostly friendly (even charitable), but she has a compulsion to collect parts from other undead and it's hard for her to control that instinct in crowds. Hostile undead give her an excuse and an outlet for her urges (she's also an alt universe version of one of the GM's older PCs, so it was kinda neat running into her in a chance encounter).

We also met a hot air balloon pilot who suffered from intense paranoia; she tried to stay off the ground as a method of maintaining her safety and only came down if she absolutely had to. That was a fun encounter; the ninja teleported up to the top of her balloon and came down through the exhaust hole in the top. Almost got punched out of the basket at a 1,000ft in the air for her trouble and the rest of the party was absolutely furious with her when the balloon came down for landing.
>Harem Kingdom vs Femdom Kingdom
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File: warmth_50.jpg (36 KB, 487x332)
36 KB
I know I said I didn't want to continue on with history until I talk about the Heavenly Empire but I think I can go through some more without getting too much into the details about them.

A Heavenly Prince, who is any man of agnatic descent of a Heavenly Empire, was posted as a diplomat in a certain Prairie Clan as a form of exile. The Heavenly Treasury even paid the Clan to keep him around. The Prince seduced the daughter of the Chief's, but after a few weeks of secret and disgraceful handholding, the Prince was recalled to some other post for whatever reason, and he left without even saying goodbye.

Can you ask your GM for any images he's used for inspiration for his campaign? These evoke very interesting imagery.
File: warmth_51.jpg (58 KB, 808x291)
58 KB
When the young girl showed signs of pregnancy, the Chief disowned her for disobedience and threw her out of the house. She married an unlikeable man who had no woman at home to do the hearthwork, so she got abused quite often. The girl gave birth to a boy and was never able to conceive again. Her son grew up watching his step father threaten to kill his mom with a drawn bow many times. When he was 8, his real father the Heavenly Prince was placed in the clan once again, so his mother took him to see his father.

Dad was pleased that he had a child, because it meant he could be moved back somewhere a Heavenly Prince should be raised. They were moved to the countryside within Imperial borders, it was still a crappy job but it was a place a kid could grow up. Unfortunately, Boy and his mother were still abused by Dad, the only difference was that there were no longer threats of murder.
File: warmth_52.jpg (28 KB, 302x310)
28 KB
When Boy was 14, he and his mother finally had a stroke of good luck when Dad died from his alcoholism. He inherited his father's little savings and pension and lived a rather impoverished lifestyle. They still had each other and what started was perhaps the best years of their life. They enjoyed very simple things such as Boy getting his ear picked by Mom, or Boy reading poetry to Mom. Boy was the best and most ideal student of his class, he had an extremely bright future. Unfortunately, Mom fell sick, so Boy studied less in order to work and raise money to care for Mom. Mom peacefully died when Boy was 20, and asked to be cremated and the fire to be taken to grandma's Hearth back in the prairie clan.
File: Cerise_I.jpg (7.02 MB, 4032x3024)
7.02 MB
7.02 MB JPG
>Can you ask your GM for any images he's used for inspiration for his campaign? These evoke very interesting imagery.
I'll pass it along. No promises since he only rarely comes to /tg/ but if he hands anything off to me I'll post it.
yo its passionlip with smaller tits!
Since janny isn't being a faggot today perhaps OP could indulge us with some rolling?
File: warmth_53.jpg (49 KB, 455x525)
49 KB
Boy sold everything he owned to raise funds for the trip. The largest expense were supplies to keep Mom's fire going, it was put in a lamp fueled by oil. Boy had to periodically refill the oil compartment, that wasn't as much of a problem as was carrying all the extra oil. Being a brilliant Boy, he researched a path used by two famous explorers who mapped out the drylands and salt plains beyond the Eastern mountains of the Empire, towards the Prairie. He had to hike through an extremely windy area of some mountains, as any mistake could blow out Mom's fire.
File: warmth_54.jpg (61 KB, 545x369)
61 KB
After two weeks of travelling, Boy descended the mountains and into the prairie and found his mother's old clan. His uncle was now chief, although there was no warm welcome. The chief had no sister and he had no nephew, and he would not allow that slutty fire a place in the clan's hearth. It was such a disgraceful reminder that Uncle seized Mom and suffocated her. Boy could only cry no. Boy was beaten and thrown out of the clan without food or any supplies. He only had enough for the trip here and was thus stuck in the prairie. Everything seemed hopeless to him, for all the warmth he ever knew was gone forever.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_01.jpg (79 KB, 616x561)
79 KB
As the years went by, the winters got snowier and the pastures rarer. A Beardless King had been uniting the prairie clans, amassing into a horde. The clan of Mom's Hearth was the last to submit and for their defeat, their Hearth was extinguished. All their ancestors were now gone, just as all the other clans that submitted.

Boy had stayed in the prairie after being exiled by his mother's clan. His brilliance was not just in the books, as he became a highly proficient warrior and leader. He was not like the men of the prairie, who all grew beards. As a son of a Heavenly Prince, Boy could not grow a beard, and was thus called the Beardless King. The Beardless King had a solution to the freezing prairie. He knew of a path past the drylands and into the warmest and sunniest pastures as far as the eye can see. And he had a claim to the Heavenly Throne. So they called him the Frozen Prince.

Sorry dawg, but I have nothing prepared for it. I was actually hoping more people would write up some Great Journey stories and have a kingdom so we can all prepare for the blizzard together.
>>and then the men were in charge and everybody clapped
What, got a problem with strong independent men getting into positions of power? Is that too intimidating for you? Feeling a little bit fragile?
File: unknown-16.png (649 KB, 1028x954)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
Kek. I was wondering if anyone would catch that.
Yeah, the player based her heavily on Passionlip. Cerise is in an arguably better spot since the limbs are detachable (with outside help). There are currently plans to buy her a set of 'civilian' arms for use around town so she can actually interact with stuff/people without breaking it/them. DESU she would probably be in a better place mentally if we just threw the big arms in a dumpster since she didn't get them voluntarily but she's also our strongest fighter...
just do pavlonian conditioning to associate the big arms with good things like being strong enough to protect others
also get her fat tits
She already has big booba. The GM had to talk the player into not making them actual Passionlip-sized.
observing the model yeah i guess they are nice g cups
hope you can save her anon
>I was actually hoping more people would write up some Great Journey stories and have a kingdom so we can all prepare for the blizzard together.
I don't suppose you have a map or something? This sounds fun but it gets kind of tricky trying to figure out where there's open space for another kingdom without having a clear idea of the geography.
Unless you aren't really concerned about it.
are you still writing heavenly kingdom lore?
File: Mapv17B.jpg (2.32 MB, 1463x1038)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
There's some elements here I have forgotten to clearly mention. Heavenly Princes are a dime a dozen, the Imperial line is so old that they just have that many agnatic NEETs

I also forgot to mention that Mom married Step Dad because Mom needed a man to support her and Boy living in that society, and the only man who would marry her was a piece of shit.

Here's a map that I got this board's help on making. People obviously didn't know any lore about my setting but I wasn't there to tell people they're wrong for having fun.

I'd say a map is not that important though, I'm more interested in people just making their ideal kingdom lore in a way, and I wouldn't want to give them that many restrictions. As for geography, I can give you some ideas:
>All of the Kingdoms are above 40N Latitude
>Ocean is in the West.
>Barren and dry lands above mountains to the East (the Prairie Clans are beyond this)
>Ice and tundra in the North.
>The Heavenly Empire in the South, which is warm and sunny although is prone to droughts.

Your kingdoms are pretty much just going to be side characters if I somehow figure it out, I got the story but I've really been winging the execution this whole time. The kingdoms would be more minor/lesser kingdoms rather than heavyweights. You can include a Great Journey Story, what sort of gender roles that might have derived from that. Other info would be cool like what armor types and priestess robes, I've drawn everybody's character who participated before. Let's say they don't have plate armor yet. I just wanna draw cute warrior/priestess couples (or monk/amazon). Write as much as you want though.

I plan on sharing the Heavenly Empire after this arc as the Blue Version of the setting, as opposed to the Red Version you guys have been getting now.

Sorry fellas but I don't got time for more posts today, thanks for bumping the thread though, really appreciate it since my phone is rangebanned.
I have a kingdom idea
>Nomadic Kingdom: This kingdom was so used to the road that it decided to never settle down permanently, migrating across the land in time with the seasons. Of note is its usage of domesticated yaks, whose wild herds they follow. The community's Hearth is kept on a large, wheeled structure, pulled by teams of sturdy yaks. Wealthier families live in small mobile homes of a similar structure, but most opt for tents and temporary huts.
>The yaks are also highly valued for their milk and wool; milking and shearing the family Yak are usually chores assigned to children before taking on their adult roles. The exception is when a family's yak dies or is slaughtered for meat, usually when food is scarce. The Papa will work to cut and preserve every last morsel of meat, and the Mama will spin all its wool into clothes and carve the bones into tools. Every part of the Yak is used, with the exception of one part, usually either the skull or heart. These are cremated in the Hearth. A dependable Yak is seen as important as any other member of the family, and over time have become revered as ancestral spirits all the same.
File: omori_sunburn_anime.webm (1.32 MB, 640x360)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB WEBM
i persist with my bad dorm wifi anon
how about an enlightened state kingdom full of doomer inventors and tomboy sailors that totally is not Venice
>the Dogess presides over the vast cove and trading routes as the head of the most advanced kingdom, birthplace of the Renaissance, where only the boys are gloomy and the ladies are swashbuckling
>throughout the great journey most of their problems had to be solved through great cunning and skills fostering the arts of science and engineering
>they had to intermarry along the way with some daughters of the tomboys and some outcasts from the femdoms seeking the sacrilegious thrillshandholding and sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation
>most matters of the state aboard and at home and is left to the women, to busy being intellectuals to care
>this makes a society in which a loose democracy is held, with a navy and army unrivalled and pimped out with the most high tech toys of their day to defend the state's rights to free trade
>where the future is just around the corner waiting to happen in some bright young lads mind, under the care of the seaworthy lasses, safeguarding what is theirs'
File: omori_sunburn_hype.jpg (152 KB, 828x1259)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>every eccentric dork have a incentive to keep their chastity because they heard by the frat parties keg that the Head Dean and all other great men got their places because they acquired esoteric powers by staying a virgin until 40 and also girls have cooties(disgusting)
>once they board a month long voyage on any ship their chances of confirming the myth immediately drops to zero
>the boyish lasses are by tradition must born in a ship 10 miles from inland to be rocked by waves and no fear or sickness from it, reared to assertive, bold and of good moral character, they learn their craft in the tavern bar hearth where old hags educate them of all the course language, catcalling and bed talk included and nautical terms they need in order to serve in the grand fleet
>every swashbuckling gal turns automatically a lesbian once she ships without cute college nerdy geeks to sail with, you cant exactly know by feel which waves are okay to crash into when your bottoms parts aren't cooperating
>once bagging a cute boytoy the gal immediately escorts back to his college with strict instruction with her will and to never board another ship without her
>there had been entire dorms built for the purpose of harbouring fiancées and potential husbands
Goodnight bump. Thanks for the thread, OP - it's been too long since we've had a nice one like this.
hoping for a roll thread
cam on live
File: agra-fl-blightedhope.jpg (623 KB, 1920x1080)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
GM finally got back to me.
>The problem is I only really use reference images for posing and sometimes scale.
>Other than Passionlip, who's already been called out... William, Mine, Yulia, and Selkie: None had a reference image.
>Technically Mine's reference image was this
Which is pic related.

I think mostly he takes inspiration from music and sometimes recycles tropes from the vidya and shows he enjoys. I know in one game we essentially ran through an expy scenario of Witch's House and later in that same campaign we had expys of some of our old characters from a writing project show up either as namedrops or as antagonists.

So that's not a lot to go on but hopefully it's helpful somehow.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_02.jpg (191 KB, 615x696)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
The eastern Hearthkeeping Kingdoms were the first to make contact with the Frozen Horde. Imperial Legions were deployed to the north to defend Tributaries who refused the Horde's entry. While the Legions were deployed there, the Frozen Prince lead a contingent through the badlands and poured into the heart of the Empire. The confusion and utter chaos wrecked by the contingent in the undefended countrysides led the Heavenly Emperor to flee south over the mountains and into the desert. With no Emperor in the heartland, the Frozen Prince declared himself the legitimate Heavenly Emperor, and was known as the Frozen Emperor. His first act as Emperor was to cease all salaries to Heavenly Princes, who were a drain on the Imperial Treasury.

This is a good kingdom.

This is an eccentric kingdom but I still like it.

Sorry but I'm not going to be doing rolls for this thread.

Your descriptions kind of remind me of these music videos
File: WhenItFrozeOver_03.jpg (78 KB, 559x665)
78 KB
Some northern Kingdoms still owed tribute to the Heavenly Emperor. Their envoys had sent marriage proposals, brides-to-be with a ceremonial Hearth to share fire. Even the Heavenly Emperor was known to keep a Hearth which was periodically added by envoys' Royal Fires for prestige. But when the envoys arrived, they had found the Imperial Hearth dark and cold. The Frozen Emperor accepted no tribute of fire, and when an envoy insisted the Emperor burned their face with the very flame they brought. The Frozen Emperor demanded the tributaries to follow his example and extinguish their Hearths.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_04.jpg (70 KB, 558x425)
70 KB
The tributaries refused the Frozen Emperor's demands, and so punitive expeditions were sent. The first tributary quickly fell from a combined force of Imperial Legions and and the Frozen Horde. King Papa's fire still carried the souls of all the ancestors before last year when the Kingdoms performed their annual pilgrimage. But there were still deaths throughout the year that had yet to be transferred. A firehunt was conducted to extinguish all flames from within, and many countryside families fled with the fires of their stewpots in order to preserve a recently deceased loved one's soul.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_05.jpg (99 KB, 495x559)
99 KB
The atrocities committed by the Frozen Horde caught the attention of neighboring kingdoms. Disgusted, some sent aid, although most felt indifferent; what the Empire did with its tributaries was none of its concern. For kingdoms intervening the Frozen Emperor's punitive expedition, he vowed to hunt all the fires of the offender and subjugate them. No kingdom was a match for both the Frozen Horde and the Legions, kingdoms falling one by one as the Blizzard moved into the north from the east. When the Frozen Emperor conquered enough, he vowed to snuff the fire of King Papa and put an end to hope.

Matriarchies of remaining kingdoms convened at King Papa's Fire to declare a truce. Their Kings together declared a Sacred War to Defend the Ancestors.
your artstyle looks familiar, are you the one who made that knight thread a while back?
File: mommy_cuck.jpg (199 KB, 1003x641)
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199 KB JPG
he isnt going to get a mommy gf now isnt he?
that's one too many negative form anon
explain clearly please im not esl
File: WhenItFrozeOver_06.jpg (167 KB, 727x928)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
There was no central leadership for the coalition of Kingdoms. A few Kingdoms who had shared canon had their Kings elect an Over-King among them. Here are four kingdoms that have joined the coalition:

Warrior X Priestess Kingdom: This is a very basic kingdom. Its King fills in the role of a warrior, leading military operations as well as organizing logistical requirements. The King is also in charge of defensive protocols and fortifications. Its Queen takes on the role of the priestess, performing religious ceremonies as well as domestic administration as the two are heavily associated. It is largely an equal gender status kingdom.

Straight Man X Genki Girl: The King is level-headed and competent, although he is often challenged by a more eccentric Queen who is over-optimistic and whimsical. The Queen often throws many ceremonies and celebrations, although the King has to make sure she cut back on spending and conserve resources. The Queen is the iconic figure of the Kingdom, with the King making sure she does her job properly in the background.

Shonen X Kudere: This is like the opposite of the previous kingdom in terms of temperament. The King is high energy and probably requires a lot of resources in order to keep its proficiency and readiness ahead of others. When the King gets too energetic, the Queen makes sure to reel the King back. The Queen is seen as an aloof but wise figure who is hardly seen, as opposed to the King who acts as the face of the kingdom.

Golden Hearted Jerk X Sickly Caring Maiden: This is a polar kingdom with a wide gap between gender roles. The King is a ruthless and violent figure who instills fear into the people in order to prevent disorder. He is counteracted by an extremely caring and warm Queen that makes living in the kingdom more bearable. It's a bit of a good cop bad cop act.

I don't think so, do you perhaps have a drawing or a link to that thread?
com on op draw fasta pls
File: WhenItFrozeOver_07.jpg (129 KB, 673x672)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
The Frozen Horde continued their onslaught as the many Kingdoms came together. Clans from the Nomadic Kingdom that were in the Eastern Kingdoms helped move refugees to the Western Kingdoms. In the south within the Heavenly Empire, refugees boarded Tomboy Sailor ships. These people are descended from Hearth-Keeper communities who had been subjugated centuries ago but were allowed to continue their religion. Far in the north, the Frozen Horde push refugees deep into a mountain basin, where 100 Lesser Kingdoms isolated themselves, refusing to get involve.

The objective of the Frozen Emperor was to snuff King Papa's Flame which lied on the other side of the Great River. The closest crossing point was guarded by the River City, and it stood impregnable against the Frozen Horde. Most of the battle took place up-river, where the Frozen Horde and Western Kingdoms clashed. Another entry point into the Western Kingdoms region was the Great Swamp, inhabited by the small and primitive Swamp Folk, ruled by a Heavenly Prince whose people called emperor. This Heavily Prince was never on the greatest terms with the previous ruling Imperial dynasty, and had refused military access on the grounds of morality. So an invasion force was sent to punish the misbehaving Prince.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_08.jpg (77 KB, 464x506)
77 KB
The 100 Lesser Kingdoms of the Basin had always secluded themselves from the wider world. They had always believed that their 100 Kingdoms were from the original 100 Maidens of King Papa, and that they were the true inheritors of him. But when refugees came pouring in, Queens began accepting them as children of King Papa. For while these 100 Polar Kingdoms had ruthless and brutal men, hey had equally caring and warming women. When the Queens came together to share all efforts, their King's asked if they could find enough for themselves, their neighbors, and the refugees. The Queens told them to not underestimate their ability to provide for all, and told the men to focus on their roles.

The Hundred Kingdoms Confederation was formed, and they braced for a long winter.
thanks for thinking tomboy sailors are pretty cool op

>be me
>your average scholar student in one of those cloistered colleges in the little islands our great republic has laid claim to
>be working on my new invention which i call project "hot wind blowing"
>silently praying this would would work, im starving and cutting myself like mad also soon off the scholar lists with the way my grades be going because of the time i spent on this
>oh papa its working, with the effects of this brand new innovation and 16 years of chastity i will be a candidate for Provost
>quickly silence myself, too many leeches in this damned place stealing credit and the patent office is in the mainland
>decide fuck it i got nothing to live for anyway and pack up my device and some stuff hastily and head out to the port
>rush in the tavern asking for a room in the quickest ship bound for the mainland that will leave as soon as possible
>get swarmed by smelly femoids each clamouring to get me in their arms
>get dragged outside of that mess by one particularly strong female specimen to her ship, who she explains is finished loading wares and passengers and it is still light and fast enough to take me there by the next day
>thank her and offer the remainder of what silver i have but she just laughs it off and tells me we will discuss payment later
>board the ship with some other lads(all of us coincidentally are roughly the same build and age) and escorted by the nice ladies that work there(each sporting seafaring attires and with bodies to go with it, i swear some of us and them were blushing)
>have a nice seafood dinner although i dont quite prefer it also got a little bit tipsy by the end of it
>before i know it i was back in my room and i hear the captain has locked the door
>"huh, um donna bella... how are we on the bed and where are you touching me?"

and that kids is when our ships started running on steam and thats how i met your mother
File: discord_eva.jpg (47 KB, 480x479)
47 KB
cant rush art after all

>be me
>just a newly orphaned nomad boy
>the rest of my brothers are dead and my sister burned to death trying to carry the hearth
>move with the rest of the what remains of the clan along side others of our disposition
>up head the scouts report all land routes are blocked
>vanguard has already engaged the enemy
>the rear guard(me included) get orders to haul ass with the women and the flames to the seashore, and go figure out how to build boats
>fortunately there already seems to be boats on the shore waiting for us
>quick word with the lasses manning the ship guaranteeing they are friendly and we load everything on them ships
>thankfully everyone fit with room to spare for the retreating vanguard, and i took it upon myself to compensate our benefactor
>i eventually found her and she had told me the powers that be ordered this act of humanitarian aid, but tells me i can help her with something
>with everything settled and everyone safe and fed i head up to the captain's quarters, as i come in, hands embrace me and lock the door
>"Ara ara ye laddie, that smile of yours could be prettier if you dont use it to hide behind"
>What are the rules of Question Tags?

>(1) A positive statement should be followed by a negative question tag:

>- He IS from France, ISN'T he?

>- She CAN speak English, CAN'T she?

>- You WERE here last Sunday, WEREN'T you?

>(2) A negative statement should be followed by a positive question tag:

>- We AREN'T going, ARE we?

>- They WON'T be visiting us anymore, WILL they?

t. ESL
oh shit gg arigatou EN sensei desu
File: WhenItFrozeOver_09.jpg (53 KB, 644x359)
53 KB
Imperial Forces broke through the Great Swamp, crushing the little folk and executing their false emperor. Now excruciatingly close to King Papa's Fire, the River City now had to commit forces on incoming Imperial forces. Imperial Siege units kept battering at the River City, and although the Swamp Folk's defeat costed the Imperials greatly, the kingdoms in the northern front panicked and started moving south to defend the Fire. The Frozen Horde broke through the north, and began raiding peripheral kingdoms as it went to envelope the surrounded Fire. Refugees and defeated warriors continued to seek safety in the Basin Kingdoms, and their numbers swelled with warriors.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_10.jpg (81 KB, 606x619)
81 KB
The Basin Kingdom had no need for King Papa's Fire, and they felt holing themselves up behind their walls was the best course of action. But one young priestess felt distraught by the new people coming in. The snuffing of King Papa's Fire was always on their minds, and it was up to a woman to soothe the worries of her children. She suggested that warriors be sent to retrieve a fire from King Papa, for fear that the rest of the kingdoms outside will fall. This was ignored, so she disobeyed her elders and set out to retrieve a fire. But between the Basin and the Fire was the Frozen Horde, surrounding the ruins of the Great City. A party of warriors was sent by her father to bring her home. But she ventured too far when they found her, and all but one young warrior of the party was slain. The priestess refused to return, and the warrior was obliged to accompany her all the way through. The bodies of the slain warriors were cremated and she would carry them along the journey through enemy lines.
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Really like the artstyle and worldbuilding.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_11.jpg (65 KB, 456x527)
65 KB
The Basin Warrior and Priestess had to sneak through enemy lines, and have gotten themselves in many close calls. Most of the hostiles they came across were looters, left behind to acquire supplies and terrorize any remaining civilians. Always the Warrior suggested to ignore them and move on, but the warm-hearted Priestess always tried to help, which strung the Warrior along anyway. When they arrived at the Great City they came across an ongoing battle and were forced to push through the middle of it.

Thanks for the warm bumps, dawgs.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_12.jpg (43 KB, 470x444)
43 KB
After pushing through the battle, the Warrior and Priestess entered the Great City. It was inhabited by the coalition, and where wounded warriors of the coalition were brought to be tended by volunteer priestesses. The site itself was defended by a ring of Tomboy Warriors, who have trained all their lives to defend Hearths. Every day, more legions and warbands arrived to surround the Great City. The Coalition had been sending harassing forces to delay and obstruct the enemy to buy as much time to shore up any defenses they could muster. But the Warrior and Priestess were not here for a final stand, but to take a fire home. Alas, the warm-hearted Priestess could not bear to abandon these people here at the Great City. She decided to stay, which put the Warrior in a bad mood.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_13.jpg (54 KB, 338x601)
54 KB
A full effort assault was executed some days later to finally snuff out the King Papa's Fire. The Frozen Horde would push into a Coalition force, and they would be forced to retreat from the overwhelming opposition. Reserves were constantly called to aid in the withdrawals. When warriors were finally able to sit down, they were called up again to help another retreat.

All of Frozen Emperor's generals were offered three kingdoms if they can capture and extinguish King Papa's Fire. With such ambition and competition, the initial attacks were aggressive and effective. But as they got closer to the Great City, the competitive generals stopped aiding each other, as none wanted a rival to be given an advantage over them.
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>Page 9
Bumping so I can see what happens next.
In my setting, after the main adventurers completed their quest, it became customary to set the table for an extra guest. One member of the party in the final confrontation was banished by the BBEG before he died, but was never found. The party put out the word for them, but they never reunited. Just in case, in that million-to-one chance, it became custom across the world to make sure that if that savior does come calling, there is a place for them, out of gratitude.

The hero's place at the table.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_14.jpg (78 KB, 829x462)
78 KB
The Frozen Horde would eventually reach the ruins of the Great City. Not all warriors of the Coalition remained to the defend it to death. Many fled home to defend what recovered piece of the King Papa's Fire they still had. Even some of the Tomboy Priestesses had fled with a piece of King Papa. The Priestess refused to run, for there were too many wounded warriors who could not escape. Her Warrior protested, but her young heart was too warm, so she commanded her Warrior to go out and break free surrounded friendlies, then she would agree to leave.

So her Warrior went off, smashing into the enemy, giving friendlies a window to escape. For every group of friendlies he freed, more warriors rallied to him to help the others escape.

Thank you anon, you fill my heart with warmth. I want to make standalone stories out of this setting, kind of like how Ken Follett's Kingsbridge series all take place in the same town/city but each book is a different story in a different period of England.

Please continue to study hard, anon.

Very wholesome, the Hearthkeepers use candles shaped as their gods as a proxy for inviting them in. Were the main adventurers based off a campaign you had with your group?
File: WhenItFrozeOver_15.jpg (81 KB, 588x445)
81 KB
File: Spoiler Image (109 KB, 506x782)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Very wholesome, the Hearthkeepers use candles shaped as their gods as a proxy for inviting them in. Were the main adventurers based off a campaign you had with your group?

They were based off the first game I played, a sort of calling-back to a group of people I missed. A fighter, a cleric, a rogue, and a wizard. The Cleric is the one who went missing, the rest have statues and such throughout the kingdom. I liked the setting enough to give it multiple time periods to play in (Heroic, Industrial, Modern, and Spacefaring) though I've not built out the latter two. It's nice to have little bits of superstition weaved through the setting to help flesh it out.
Post your gallery OP
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Is this in the same setting as your other cultures?
op i dont know if you are still here but your art style is really pretty and i like it
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File: gachababa.jpg (398 KB, 2193x740)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
Well shit, I forgot to post this in and didn't catch it until now and I suppose it ruined the scene. My bad. I got busy yesterday but I do have some more updates to post later. Here's some babas to make up for it.

But the Frozen Horde only got closer. The Warrior's efforts only delayed the inevitable. These operations were only meant to free the surrounded, not a counter-attack. The Warrior rushed back to King Papa as it was beset by a Frozen General and his personal men. Priestesses and remaining warriors defended King Papa to their dying breath even the Priestess lacked any training in martial arts, but she held herself at King Papa, waiting for her Warrior to return.

Other than tech levels, does your setting's different eras have a unifying theme but also its own sub-themes or anything like that?

Sorry anons but I pretty much only post on /tg/ (and /qst/ for a very short time), there are some posts here that link to my previous threads.

Yes, my setting is constantly being revised, so if you see any inconsistencies between threads, you should take the newer information. If you spot inconsistencies in the same thread, that's me being a hack.
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File: WhenItFrozeOver_17.jpg (60 KB, 433x448)
60 KB
The Warrior fell into a rage and set upon the invaders before they could extinguish King Papa's Fire. He had been charged with protecting his Priestess, and if he could not return her body then he will return her fire. Although the Warrior did well against most of hostiles, he was still overpowered by their general. In an act of cruelty, the general held the Warrior's face to the burning corpse of the Priestess so that they can have a final embrace before their fire was snuffed out.

I think a 1d4chan article can store an index of all the threads I've made, but it's not something I'm willing to do personally. Thank you for the commission offer, but I must apologize because I don't feel ready yet.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_18.jpg (52 KB, 505x489)
52 KB
But then the Warrior reached his hand deeper into King Papa's Fire, grasped the sword and plunged it into the general. It was said that fire bursted out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, as if King Papa was burning the heathen from the inside. The rest of the hordesmen who saw this turned and ran from this sight.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_19.jpg (56 KB, 464x508)
56 KB
It was a short reprieve, but the Warrior had to leave before the enemy returns for he would certainly be overrun. He had no time to fully cremate his Priestess, so he only took some fire that burned off from her, and left the remaining fire to be extinguished by the Frozen Horde. Thus, the Warrior set off to return to the Great Basin with King Papa's Fire and Sword. He did not move slowly or quietly like he did with the Priestess, for he carried a permanent beacon. King Papa's Fire and Sword in his hand, the Warrior slew any hordsemen who got in the way with ease, as if King Papa and his Priestess's fire were protecting him.
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File: WhenItFrozeOver_20.jpg (113 KB, 598x399)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
The eternal flame at the Great City was extinguished, but it was not a victory until all fires were snuffed so a hunt was called for the Warrior and King Papa's Fire and Sword. Without discretion, the Warrior rushed back to the Great Basin, slaying any officer that got in his way. The Frozen Horde began massing its numbers around the basin to cut off the Warrior's return, but the Basin Kingdoms and their refugees together broke an opening for the Warrior to return.

With King Papa's Fire and Sword now safe in the Great Basin, the Frozen Horde ceased its advance into the Western Kingdoms to focus its efforts. A siege of the Great Basin began, Imperial forces surrounding and breaching the Great Basin to raid and disrupt its lesser kingdoms.

Cut off from the rest of the world and housing an overextended population of refugees, the security of the Hundred Kingdoms future was uncertain. To make matters worse, winters got colder year after year making harvests less bountiful. But when the Warrior returned with King Papa's Fire and Sword, he proclaimed: All Men Must Fight, All Women Must Care, Everybody Serves. He placed King Papa's Fire and Sword into a furnace, and it became the Hundred Kingdom's Foundry Hearth, where Iron Priestesses smelted ore to be turned into weapons from the heat of King Papa. In a way, they were returning to the roots of their distant ancestors; trapped together in a cold and dangerous world.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_21.jpg (87 KB, 696x514)
87 KB
The Hundred Kingdoms transformed into an industrial machine producing everything it needed to survive. Food was rationed out, more portions to fighting men and forging women, and some more to growing boys for they may very will be tomorrow's warriors. Roles were enforced, conscription became ritualized, and men were far more absent at home than women.

Every day there was an exchange of bolts and arrows, every week a skirmish. The Hundred Kingdoms always found ways to improve numbers. Mandatory training for all men in a state-sponsored education system. The construction of the High Roads, a series of planks nailed to the side of cliffs to speed movement and get men back home sooner to spend more time with their family.

The women fasted whenever their man left, for men needed the strength more. The Matriarchy guaranteed a fixed income for every child to increase the birthrate. Literacy exploded among the women, for the Matriarchy needed the most precise number from every mother in every household.

But the Hundred Kingdoms did not forget the purpose of all this was; to feel the warmth the next day. The Frozen Emperor may have forsaken warmth so that he could never be distracted. But the Hundred Kingdoms revere warmth as it gave purpose, for a little bit of warmth was something worth fighting for. For nearly three decades the Hundred Kingdoms was under siege, with few periods of intense conflict. In dire times, the civilization of the Hearth Keepers looked to stories to remind themselves of why what they do is important. This is how their gods are born.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_22.jpg (26 KB, 350x202)
26 KB
One of the more recent gods was Auntie Dumpling. Auntie Dumpling made damn good dumplings. She had one son; Cousin Dumpling. Auntie Dumpling's husband was KIA in a skirmish, leaving Cousin Dumpling as the only family she had left. He was no heathen, for he took up military service when he came of age, but always he bragged to his comrades about his mother's dumplings. He promised to them that they would get to try the best dumplings when when they go home. Cousin Dumpling was KIA on his first range in a minor skirmish, his body never recovered. His comrades all together went to visit Auntie Dumpling, but seeing how lonely she was without her boy, they couldn't bear to tell her the truth, lest she die from loneliness.

Cousin Dumpling was the bravest warrior out there. He was so brave he scared the enemy into retreating by just being so brave. The Army thought he was so strong and good that they kept him. And such other things along those lines, said Cousin Dumpling's comrades. Always they gave Auntie Dumpling funds, and even sent their younger sisters to care for her. Every season, warriors would visit Auntie Dumpling before they went home, as it had become an army tradition. When warriors aged and had families of their own, they would send their daughters to care for her as well as learn to cook the Dumplings. Near the end of her life, Auntie Dumpling didn't even make any of the dumplings the warriors ate on their return.

Auntie Dumpling was never told the truth, but she knew her boy would never return. But she was never lonely. When she passed some years after the siege, her small little hovel was ten times larger than it was before Cousin Dumpling left. It was continuously expanded and renovated to house more returning warriors. The very hearth she used to cook dumplings became the site of her temple.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_23.jpg (68 KB, 604x459)
68 KB
The siege ended after three decades. The young warriors recruited at its end were all born and grew up locked in the Great Basin. The Frozen Empire began its decline at the beginning of the siege's third decade, and the Warrior was elected Over-King in its final years, becoming known as the Burnfaced Over-King. The Frozen Emperor's successors, raised with no warmth in their hearts, did not make popular rulers. Rebellions throughout the Heavenly Empire increased during the three decade siege, and it ended when the rebellions got too out of hand.

A rebellion led by an obscure Heavenly Prince of dubious origins, known as the Hero Prince, gained enough traction to be recognized as a legitimate Emperor by most citizens. The Frozen Horde withdrew from the Great Basin to deal with this threat, and the Burnfaced Over-King launched a campaign of liberation and to reignite the Great City.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_24.jpg (57 KB, 463x707)
57 KB
The Frozen Empire quickly fell to the new regime of the Hero Prince. With his party of companions, they seized the Imperial Capital. Occupied kingdoms expelled Imperial forces, and the Hundred Kingdoms reignited Hearths with a fire from their Foundry. There was no resistance at the Great City, for it was not a strategic objective, so the Burn-Faced Emperor walked into the altar where his Priestess died. With a sword staff like the one his Priestess used, he planted it into the earth and reignited the fire. No longer was it King Papa's Fire, for now it was his Priestess' Fire.
File: WhenItFrozeOver_25.jpg (41 KB, 426x333)
41 KB
As the Frozen Empire fell, the Hundred Kingdoms began accepting more kingdoms into its confederation, and the new Hero Emperor began accepting tribute from kingdoms he helped liberate. Two new great powers emerged from the vacuum, and there was much to rebuild throughout their world. But the Hundred Kingdoms and the Heavenly Empire continued to look at each other with suspicion. Never again would the Over-King allow the Heavenly Empire to extinguish the Great City's Flame, and never again would the Emperor allow barbarians to overrun the Empire.

And that concludes the Iron Age of the Hearth-Keeper civilization. Their history would collide with that of the Heavenly Empire, so I can't really move onto the next era without telling their story. They're not wholesome/heartwarming like the Hearth-Keepers, their history is a bit more shitposty so I don't think it belongs in this thread, also I'm a bit spent from doing this for nearly three weeks. Thanks for listening me run my autism, I hope you guys enjoyed the ride. I'm willing to answer any questions about the setting though.
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I got a wholesome/bittersweet story about how one of my last campaigns ended if anyone's interested.
Go for it

What I remember about the rise of the Empire was how quiet it was.

We were a squad of Commandos that had seen some of the toughest fighting in the war.

In the battle of Geonosis? We dropped onto an enemy artillery position and took it with only three men. Then, when ordered to join a Jedi General on a march through a canyon, we went on ahead as scouts, and then single-handedly took the fortified position ourselves.

Next, we were sent to Nemoidia, alone. We were to deploy a virus bomb that would cripple the economy of the planet. Complications arose and we improvised. We deployed it in their hatcheries. The death toll is still being counted in the billions.

In the waning months of the Clone Wars our squad was pivotal for the Chancellor's plans. We became so adept at killing that the Republic considered us heroes and unstoppable Juggernauts.

Sith? Ambushed. Rogue Jedi? Captured. Dooku? We managed to get a single shot on him. There was nothing we couldn't do.

That wasn't to say we didn't suffer casualties. I lost an arm and an eye. My three other brothers lost just as much as I did. We had even lost two members. However, it would all pay off in the end.
Our squad was discretely transferred back to Coruscant, but by then, we had figured something out. Palpatine was trying to have us killed. It wasn't the first time either. We had become too successful, too deadly, We were just commandos, how could we stand against Sith and Jedi.. And what if we stood against him?

We couldn't tip our hand, but we did make a plan. This would be our last act together as a squad. We would either succeed or die; there was no other option.

So, we marched on the temple, but our objective was different. Palpatine ordered us to go in from the top and secure the Jedi training areas and the Meeting room. Easy for us, the Jedi were in such disarray that we simply walked by most of them. Here is where our plans diverged from the chancellor though. I would continue the mission with one other commando, and the others would do their objective.

It took twenty minutes for me to reach the Master’s area. When I got there I saw a bunch of children. I secured them, putting them against the wall and telling them to be safe; not my job to kill them. Well, not these kids, anyways.

That’s when something unexpected happened. As we were leaving the room we ran into General Skywalker. We informed him of who was in the room, and he told us to wait outside. I know what it sounds like when a lightsaber cuts through flesh, and that’s all we could hear coming from that room. After three minutes he left, not even looking at us.
I was a medic, you see. I couldn’t in good conscience just walk away when there was the possibility of saving someone. So I walked into that room. It was a bloodbath. Dismembered children and gore everywhere. Not the first time I’ve seen something like this, just the first I time I hadn’t caused it.

Then I heard a noise; it was rustling from an attached storage room.

I had the other commando cover the door while I opened it. It was a group of kids, being protected by one small, hatefully glaring young boy. With grey hair. Years later I would find this boy, but that’s a story for later. I thought of killing them, finishing the mission… But I told them I saw nothing, and that if they ran fast, they could make it to the tunnels under the entrance and run.

I sometimes regret this action.

Finally, this was it, all of our objectives were complete, we were ordered to rejoin the main battalion.. Through a side entrance of course. Here’s where it happened. Throughout this entire war I had only ever killed one other clone. It was on a classified mission on Zygeeria, I did not know it was a clone at the time, and when I found out it haunted me. Now, I would have to kill thirty more of them.

As the four of us walked out of the side entrance we were met with blasters. It was almost insulting, looking back on it. Thirty troopers versus the best squad the Galactic Republic had ever seen. We gave them a chance to surrender, they laughed. Then they died.

General Skywalker was clearing the last of the holdouts in the temple along with the 501st when we got to our ship. We asked for a direct line to Palpatine. He was surprised, but also pleased to see us. Angry too. We began pulling out of the Temple airspace and into orbit. Finally, we all revealed that we knew he was trying to kill us and he dropped the act. He came clean that we were a threat he needed removed, however if we pledged loyalty to him, he would spare us. We would be heroes of his new Empire. We told him that the next time he tried to kill us, we’d do the same.

Then, our demo expert activated the barradium charge he had placed along the Jedi Temple’s reactor. We nuked not only entire blocks of coruscant, but also Anakin Skywalker and two thirds of the 501st to prove a point “Leave us alone or you’re next.”

I wish I could say this was it, that finally the Galaxy was at peace. However, this was just the end of my story.. And the beginning of a scared, young boy’s. I really should have shot him, poor kid.

I was told that our actions were still studied even today by officers. The classified ones were studied by the black ops division led by Tarkin. Nice man, I met him a few times. Threatened to shoot him too. To the Empire, we're still heroes. To us, it was just our duty.
Thanks for sharing anon, is this an alternate scenario at the end of Revenge of the Sith going off of Republic Commando? I also don't think this is much of a bittersweet story as much as a grizzled veteran sharing his accomplishments. Like, he let the kids go but didn't really do anything else but get revenge, absolving himself of actual responsibility.
Yeah, there's a lot I had to leave out, the reason it was bittersweet is this campaign ran for nearly four years. It would take multiple threads to tell the entire story.

Our GM let us influence the universe with our actions and this was one of them. The boy is my character in the next campaign, set sixteen years after the last one.

We actually sat down for a few hours and talked about our favourite parts and what not. Someone made us art and even a song about the campaign. Was pretty fun.
I can see how difficult it would be to explain the context in such a short time. I'm a bit interested to see what would happen when the boy and commando meet again though. Post art and songs, please.
File: Venom Squad.png (633 KB, 978x677)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
I don't have access to the song at the moment, but I do have the art somewhere.

Only gripe is the person who drew it had never seen what the clones looked like. Demo guy was 403 Wires, he always carried a nuke with him on missions just in case we needed to leave a final fuck you.

I played the medic RC-410 SPider. He got the nickname because the first time he tried to stitch someone up it came out botched and looked like a spiderweb. Then there's wraith, the edgy one who hates droids and non-humans and finally 404, it took us a while to find him.
rc401, even. Bleh.
The boy is currently floating around right now. He has his best friend, a Jawa. He and the Jawa have been friends for years, he taught him how to do jawa things. Like accuse people of racism if they get caught stealing.
File: swampguns.jpg (164 KB, 928x507)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
I'll try to start posting Heavenly Empire history next week, but in the mean time enjoy some guns I drew many months ago.

I'm sure they make a wonderful pair of rascals who get into a lot of trouble for just trying to survive.
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File: 20220629_221200.jpg (160 KB, 1512x2016)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>Imperial Scout trooper helmet on a clone commando
Absolutely haram. I do envy you for getting to play through a Clone Commando game though; the meat of the Clone Wars, and especially the clones themselves, are easily some of the most interesting material in the setting even if Lucas did botch Episode 2.

Bumpan with a story from my first Nechronica game:
My PC's robot uncle took part in a last stand to buy the party time in the final chapter of the campaign and managed to survive. We'd spent the three or four sessions just prior to this trying to collect parts for him after another combat had brutally savaged his systems and reduced him to an arm and head. As we'd been doing this, a grey-goo type enemy had woken up at the bottom of the tower we were scaling (think something like an orbital elevator but the top ends in a teleportation platform) and started to work its way to the top. It actually took a massive mental toll on my PC to leave him behind because:
>while she was still alive he had been her last remaining guardian
>her human self had actually sparked selfawareness in him somehow, so he was more than just a friendly T-800
>he'd been standing guard over her old grave since the apocalypse, which was where the group eventually found him
>lots of psychic BS going on, so my PC actually shared an acute mental link with him which included some of his memories and the ability to understand visual and auditory binary code
So leaving him behind felt a lot like abandoning part of herself along with all the other stuff. In the final stages of the last stand, my PC began to get flashes of what was going on through his eyes and got to watch as the other combat robots he was supporting got torn apart and the lines started to collapse. This vision cut off in a flash of light as the person operating the teleporter got him and themselves out, and our last combat was rescuing him from one of the horrors that got caught up in the field with him.
It was glorious. This was a campaign that spanned years, nearly three. It got to the point where the fucking republic threw us at a mass battle and said "Fix this." So we destroyed their entire backline of artillery and two tank battalions.

The hardest mission was the spec ops mission on Zygeeria for the queen. We were told to facilitate by whatever means needed an alliance. So, we agreed to do some skull ops shit. We went to a mansion and murder the family there. I found two children hiding in the bathtub. I spent five seconds looking at them while they cried, then switched the dc-17 to full auto and hosed down the entire tub and closed the curtain on it after I finished. Poor kids.
File: ppn17bx118k11.png (1.28 MB, 1024x834)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
>the fucking republic threw us at a mass battle and said "Fix this." So we destroyed their entire backline of artillery and two tank battalions.
I can practically hear Wires cackling over the radio just from your summary.
Sounds like a grand time, anon. What system were you playing in?
Star Wars FFG.

It got to the point during the third to last mission where the CIS sent millions of droids and four battlefleets just to murder four commandos.

So we said "Oh boy, we finally get to use that nuke.. Let's go dig in, in the mountains."

We killed thousands and held long enough that apparently, our message of "Hey, we're surrounded, outgunned and going to die. Avoid this system, long live the republic" was received and rather than letting us die, they sent several battlegroups including the 442nd Siege Battalion and the 212th Attack Battalion. Half of the 442nd got wiped out making planetfall and making a beach head and holding it.
That reaction from command does make sense, depending on the strategic/tactical situation.
>huge enemy force is out of position trying to hit a tiny objective
>they're putting themselves against a fortified anvil, basically baiting themselves into a bad position
>if the commandos live then it's a huge morale victory
There's also the fact of the clones shared brotherhood to consider. They're still soldiers but I expect clones would be willing to take much greater risks for their brothers in arms than most other militaries thanks to a very real family connection, especially to spite the clankers.

How did you guys resist order 66? Just too badass for the brainwashing or was that a homerule thing to go along with the AU?
By accident, really. 402 got injured and suffered cranial damage in an explosion. My scans showed an abnormal growth in his brain. I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything bad, and it went from there. It led to us meeting tarkin.
In my setting, Marina, first Envoy of the main god got so sad from witnessing the state of the world that she literally created a lake with her tears and went into a state of eternal sleep at the bottom of it
Your campaign sounds miserable, but not the grimderp kind, the kind where you fight tooth and nail for the warmth at the end.

Maybe your game isn't as wholesome but I think it's pretty wholesome that your group played together for 3 years and enjoyed it.

That's kinda sad but it also seems a bit selfish, but maybe I'm missing the whole context of it. Like, what was her mission, did she tried to do anything to fix the state but failed? Or did she just didn't like what was happening and got mopey? Also can we swim to the bottom of the lake and give her a hug?
I met 3-4 people irl now too and I go hunting with one of them regularly. What started as an online thing developed into an irl friendship. Only reason I can't see the 4th guy is because he lives in Sweden and I america.
File: mushishi-gif-7.gif (1.84 MB, 500x281)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
>Your campaign sounds miserable, but not the grimderp kind, the kind where you fight tooth and nail for the warmth at the end.
It's Nechronica so that is how it be.
We ended up founding a small city-state for other undead at the closure of that game.
>DMPC put herself into stasis so she could finally get relief from her body trying to rip itself apart
>my PC is split between managing an inherited robot army, managing the city, and researching DMPC's condition in hopes to find a cure
>other PC settled in as the city planner/architect/etc. and more got the cozy yuri ending with an NPC love interest
>NPC psychic we rescued uses her powers to stabilize other borderline undead and help maintain general stability in the settlement
>campaign started with the DMPC finding our two characters in an abandoned cloning storage facility with nothing but the clothes on our backs and whatever augs we'd been made with
The yuri love interest and psychic NPC have actually popped up in our most recent game, so I'm pretty interested in seeing where the GM takes that plot.
>I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything bad, and it went from there. It led to us meeting tarkin.
Some luck.
How'd the meeting with Tarkin go? I imagine your guys must have going gray around this time if it was anywhere near the OT timeline.

Yeah, I went from being all about the republic, to when I learned about the wanky shit going on to all about free choice. When order 66 rolled around I had managed to engineer a parasite that ate a specific part of the brain, specifically the chip, and spread fast before dying when it ran out of its food source. The same amount of clones still followed orders, but I was satisfied that it was THEIR choice this time.

He was kind of an asshole. By this time I had five yellow in Medicine and was probably the best doctor in the galaxy. I made a comment about that. Well, when Palpy started to get suspicious of us, Tarkin told me to "Prove it." and kidnapped someone we were close to who I had shared info of the brain abnormalities with. I had to prove it by taking out a fucking bomb connected to her brain tissue.

Still though nice guy, he actually respected us after that and made sure we had every resource we'd ever need. He even told a bunch of high ranking members to fuck off when they were trying to investigate us for warcrimes. Still threatened to shoot him, and kept the bomb because I planned on kidnapping him later to give him a taste of his own medicine.
File: 1662503422396878.png (457 KB, 720x696)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
>thread is autosaging
Mods really are niggers.
I think three week old threads auto sage on /the/, anon
File: KNEEL.jpg (41 KB, 405x720)
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fucking hell OP, this entire storytelling was amazing, Thank you for delivering us that.
File: HunHevWar.jpg (3.67 MB, 1463x1870)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB JPG
You seem to have a very fulfilling life, anon, it warms my heart a bit.

Thanks anon, I hope the Heavenly Empire's history is as engaging but they're necessary to proceed into a joint arc.

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