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File: Scarlet_March.png (651 KB, 496x702)
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*Step by step.*
*Heart to heart.*
*Left right left.*
*We all fall down.*
*Like toy soldiers.*

*Bit by bit.*
*Torn apart.*
*We never win.*
*The battle rages on.*
*For toy soldiers.*

Our annual Halloween tradition of Nechronica updates continues with the Scarlet March!

This fanbook introduces the Dolls of a rag tag army of undead who fight to survive in the ruined world and beyond.

New Positions
Commissar - Fight for the cause.
Barbarossa - Fight for your life.
Crusader - Fight for your faith.

New Classes
Voynich - Flesh and steel warping horror.
Cicada - Necromantic saboteur.
Cryptos - Living artillery battery.

All this and a scattering of new parts can be found too. Please check them out on the wiki and have a very happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween anon! And a merry All Saints Day!

Very neat. I want to play as a Cicada now.
Oh shit, new Nechronica content?
So I discovered today that we actually have translated Nechronica core book in my country and was thinking of picking it up, what does the game play like? I want to be able to sell it to my players but "dead little girls" might not be the right approach.
The locational damage system is cool, basically makes it feel like you're playing actual zombies since you can be "alive" while only having a bone and an eyeball. That's the easiest thing to use when selling normal people on the game.
I've played it twice. The rules mostly center around combat and sanity with very few rules for things outside of those two things. The last session I played in was all puzzles with not a single die rolled, but it worked just fine. The game doesn't get in the way of you doing that.
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Remember to get your savants a nice costume.

Most fun combat of any system. Between all the check, timing, and damage parts and skills that dolls can get, it allows a lot of options that make combat very dynamic. Compare this to most systems which might let you make a dodge roll if it's feeling saucy. Even dolls that don't bother can at least throw a +1 or -1 onto a roll happening next to them by default.
File: FXz9BdyaQAA1iPS.jpg (437 KB, 2064x2448)
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Once again posting the art of my doll that my GM commissioned from one of the official artists <3
Nice! Is the artist on Skeb?
File: 756291-1.output.png (5.89 MB, 4093x2894)
5.89 MB
5.89 MB PNG


Also here's another piece I commed myself from another aritst, before and after death~
Very cool! I ought to give skeb a try one of these days.

Happy halloween!
I hope we get story time in this thread.
File: hallo horror token.png (368 KB, 1591x1538)
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Mechanically incentivized Roleplay via a pretty elegant madness system
Hit locations make you feel like an actual zombie
Timing system is pretty deep and adds a lot of cool interplay between abilities
AP system is pretty slick

Characters are pretty easily optimized into being un-fun. A truce between GM and players is recommended.
General balance is kind of shaky. Most stuff is 'good enough' but some parts are redundant and two classes are severely lackluster unless pandered to a little by the GM
Changing up battle can take some extra creative thinking thanks to having a very abstracted layout. It's doable but it's less intuitive than designing a grid map.
Monofilament is busted and you should probably discourage it's use.

The standard game is broken up in three 'phases'
>Adventure phase
This is where most of the roleplaying happens. It's pretty lax on rules; you might perform an Action Check here, a Madness Check there. You might give the Alice a good-natured noogie and earn yourself a Conversation Check. You GM might pose a puzzle to the group. The book has a basic scenario where you pick through a yacht that was put to sea during the apocalypse and everyone on board was 'improperly' converted to undead, turning into normal zombies instead of retaining their sapience like what was supposed to happen. A lot of your most basic scenarios are going to be something like this; stumbling into an odd place and exploring until you find something or someone. After the Adventure Phase is the Combat Phase.
>Combat Phase
Which is pretty much what it says on the tin. You wander through a scenario until you wake up something nasty and combat starts.
Combat is the meat of the rules and arguably the main selling point of the system. Instead of distinct turns, Nechronica works off of an AP system. Whoever has the highest AP at the moment goes. People with the same AP go at the same time and their actions resolve at the same time. If you want to go before everyone else you better invest in more AP, which allows you to both act sooner and more often.

The other big facet of combat is the Timing system. Every action you can take has a 'timing.' In order from first to last:
Autos are your 'always on' kind of abilities and the only thing you can declare once you're at 0 AP. Stuff like having a +1 bonus to guns. They can be used any number of times
Rapids are declared in response to other maneuvers. If the outcome of a Rapid would invalidate a maneuver taken by the target, the result of that maneuver is nullified. For example; if Doll A declares an attack and Doll B declares a Rapid that forces Doll A to move out of range, the Rapid resolves first and the attack doesn't happen. Maneuvers nullified this way are still 'used' and Doll A still has to pay the AP she would have spent on the attack.
Actions are the things you can do on your AP count. Basic attacks, normal movement, etc. Other than Autos, these are the only maneuvers you can normally use more than once per turn of combat.

File: Painwheel.full.1168903.jpg (653 KB, 865x1193)
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653 KB JPG
Check timing skills can be declared any time a die is rolled. Normally these are 'Supports' or 'Hinders'; bonuses or maluses to dice rolls. For example, Doll A rolls a 5 on her attack check would miss. Doll B Supports her for 2 and turns it into a 7, causing her to hit her target in the legs instead. But then Doll C declares a Hinder 3 and now the total result of Doll A's roll is 4, which causes her to miss. Check timing maneuvers can be declared until the result is finalized.
Damage timing is pretty self-explanatory. Stuff that gets declared when something gets hit. Most often these are defensive maneuvers for mitigating damage, but sometimes it's stuff like removing Madness or increasing the damage you hit for.

The tl;dr of all this is that combat tends to be very back-and-forth even when the players are on the defensive. It's fairly rare you get the scenario where you sit around with nothing to do while six mooks roll against your AC or something, and the PCs are always able to intervene on the behalf of a party member if they have the appropriate abilities available. Makes things feel nice and snappy.

Once you have Timings down and know the attack modifiers (which I can get into if you want) combat is pretty self-explanatory. You fight the enemy until one of you is combat-killed (or escapes). The real hazard of combat, usually, is that it builds up Madness the longer you're fighting. One point per round of combat. This actually makes a nice incentive to roleplay because it's a pretty constant pressure on your PC's sanity and you'll be wanting to make Conversation Checks to offset it.

>End phase
This is where most character progression happens. You get your XP (Favor) here, get parts to repair yourself with, and do your 'wrap up' roleplay for the scenario. This is also probably the most common time to purchase new parts or skills. It's the session wind-down, usually.

>cont. (final)
File: 1644202964562.jpg (525 KB, 768x1024)
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525 KB JPG
All that said; you don't necessarily have to keep each session to a strict three-act setup. I've had plenty of sessions that were all Adventure stuff. Sometimes you spend a lot of time exploring, sometimes you might avert combat with good roleplay, or maybe you're trying to do something kind of involved (I had one session where we pulled off a smalltime heist, which was pretty fun). These kinds of sessions can kind of teeter into freeform RP if your GM don't prompt Action Checks for stuff, but with a good group it's still fun. And I would definitely encourage GMs to prompt Action Checks wherever they feel appropriate; Action Checks do a lot to actually keep things engaging, especially if your players remember they can gamble their parts to improve their odds.

And now I'm drowsy and pretty sure I'm rambling. Hopefully this is helpful.
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File: gudpost.gif (1.37 MB, 200x254)
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1.37 MB GIF
Is giving a rapid manoeuvre to a legion that allows up to half its number to move 1 with the other half staying behind

Too awkward for a part/manoeuvre on a legion or do you think it’s fine?
File: 1660265974036281.png (672 KB, 768x1024)
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672 KB PNG
id say it's a tad awkward but fine it only works if you are tracking legion by zones instead of tracking indivdual legion groups
Feeling inspired to do a zombie apocalypse campaign of sorts. Instead of Dolls, players would be still-thinking mutants of the disease turning people into zombies. Read the rules a while ago but I think I'll reread it, plus the fanbooks and see if I can get some players for it. Wish me luck.
>can take some extra creative thinking thanks to having a very abstracted layout.

Personally never got this. Nechronica is crunchy in the sense that it's not abstract, but ruthlessly fleshes out the visceral details of combat actions. As a GURPS gm I once knew put it "it's a game to play where you want a sword to feel different from an axe". As such I don't find it "abstract" because it kind of tells you exactly how to visualize different fighting styles and what's going on.

To me an "abstract" system is the opposite, something where all the intricacies of combat are simplified into generic checks.

Anyway coming up with homebrew enemies and boss mechanics is I think the easiest and most fun part of gm'ing the game.
Thanks for the explanation, it does looks interesting. If there is something you want to go on about like the attack modifiers you mentioned feel free to do so, that way we bump the thread too.
You're Italian? They also apparently translated Golden Sky Stories but I can't find it to save my own skin.
I am. Never heard of it but I will take a look around. I honestly never paid attention to the stuff that got translated and always defaulted to english, having so many niche games translated is a surprise.
File: rossodisera-1024x725.png (556 KB, 1024x725)
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556 KB PNG
Same designer of Nechronica and.... other less wholesome RPGs. Doubt we'll get the ERP-not!Taimanin one down here in Italy soon enough. I could not find Golden Sky Stories in online shops, apparently it was delayed to 2023 or something. I'm almost willing to pay for Nechronica just because, even if I know I'll never find a player in ten thousand years.
Finding some for MAID was already a miracle.
What’s the name of the Taimanin one
The way I see it is by buying the book we show there's interest in this stuff, it's a niche within a niche so I want to hope every sale counts. Worst case scenario I have a translated system to play with and that's it.
File: Fleche gif.gif (74 KB, 440x440)
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New Nech content !!!!
Thanks for the translation dude !

Highly customizable characters
No HP bloat, Part system might be the funniest thing in this
Undead-only, makes roleplaying as fun as it should be
little girl part is only up to you, you could play as mecha pilot it would be as fun.

I'd wish to, but I'm shit at summarising stuff.

Goooood luck !
Being the one who spread the disease is indead fun (emphasize on the dead part)
File: cover-JCdn-thumb.jpg (216 KB, 400x565)
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216 KB JPG
Kinda smartly written for a H-trpg. Not that I will ever find players, and even if I find them I would seriously discuss with myself if it's proper to build a system for cyborg raep elves.
Ventangle. It's already fan translated in english. Personally I like it even without ERP, very fun lite cyberpunk system for quick games.

Fun fact: it's also a canonical alternate timeline to Nechronica. "What if the civilization that figured out Necromancy continued onward and turned into a biopunk paradise/dystopia instead of collapsing in on itself".
This one is a solo RPG though, isn't it?
It's balanced around 1 player / 1 gm but still supports more players.
File: 1602177659282-2.jpg (296 KB, 1448x2048)
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296 KB JPG
I meant to say that the battle MAP has a very abstract layout, making it take extra effort to spice up the actual fighting environment. Fatigue ate a couple words I guess.
I dunno if Nechronica is the kind of game I'd call 'crunchy' desu. You can have a lot of options at the start of the turn but with such a simple battle map and with a pretty simple, non-granular roll system fights go pretty quickly. Especially since facing isn't a thing. You also don't have conditional resistances or status debuffs to really worry about. Just tracking AP and damage and maybe the occasional Cold Light on the board.
I think Nech kind of feels crunchy thanks to the Timing system and having to track AP for each combatant but that's something that just takes learning from the group to nail down. Once everyone's comfortable it's not that much of a hassle. Granted, my idea of 'crunch' is something like Battletech so maybe we're just working from different scales.

I'll go ahead and explain them just for completeness.
The different attack modifiers are:
>Chain Attack
The simplest to understand is probably Stagger, which just causes the enemy afflicted by it to lose 2 AP. Maneuvers with this modifier are your quintessential crowd control abilities. Worth noting that if you use a Rapid manuever with Stagger on it to block an enemy's action, they still have to spend the resources to perform that action even though it gets overridden by the Stagger.
For ex:
>Doll A tries to punch Doll B as an Action
>Doll B uses a Rapid with Stagger on Doll A
>Doll A is pushed 2 AP lower in the AP stack; if this puts Doll A lower than Doll B her Action is nullified, but she still has to pay the cost of her attack since it was nullified by a Rapid manuever
Stagger is really powerful. It's also discouraged to give it to enemy units outside of special circumstances because it's very easy to just stunlock a player down to 0 AP.
Chain Attack is written on attacks as 'Chain Attack X.' For example, the Twin Pistols part is 'Shooting 2 + Chain Attack 1.' 'Shooting 2' just means this attack is done with a gun that deals 2 damage, and the attack is modified by skills related to guns instead of melee or unarmed. 'Chain Attack 1' means that, if you succeed on your first attack, you can attack again for free. If you fail your first attack then you miss and do not get a chance at a follow-up. I think the base game goes up to Chain Attack 2 on player parts, meaning you can get up to three attacks per Action if you always hit. Missing an attack at any point in the chain causes it to fizzle, so hitting attack 1, then missing attack 2 on a Chain 2 attack means you don't get to roll for attack 3.
These parts tend to be only OK. To make them reliably powerful you need a bunch of to-hit bonuses and its usually easier to get equal or better returns from other parts with lower levels of investment.

Explosive causes your attacks to also break parts in a zone adjacent to the one you hit (of the Defender's choice) equal to the damage you dealt. If you hit a Doll in the legs with a Shooting 1 + Explosive attack, she also has to break one part in her torso thanks to the Explosive property. If you hit her in her torso with the same attack, she must choose one part in her legs or arms to break. It's important to note that Explosive causes parts TO BREAK, and does not itself count as damage. Defend manuevers only count against the base damage of the attack.

Dismember attacks prompt the defender to make a Dismemberment Check. If the defender passes, they take damage as normal. If they fail, every part in the affected hit location is broken. Dismember attacks tend to be kind of feast or famine by themselves, but the Dismemberment Check can be supported or hindered just like any other roll in combat, so fishing for a Dismember check and forcing your target to fail it is a legit strategy.
Area attacks hit everything in the zone you're targeting. This includes enemies and friendlies. You roll an Area attack once, and that dictates whether it hits and where it hits the characters in the affected zone; each character has to Defend the damage themselves. Area itself is a property with a lot of promise but it tends to be on very lackluster or situational parts. The neat thing about Area is that it stacks with other properties. So if you have an attack with Stagger and you apply Area to it, you can Stagger everything in your targeted zone. Or you could force everything in a zone to perform a Dismember check.
Area attacks also deal double damage to Legions by default.

An couple important notes for Dismember and Explsosive:
Against enemies without hit locations (Horrors and Legions) these attacks simply deal double damage.
If the base damage of an Explosive or Dismember attack is completely blocked, their extra effects are nullified. So if you Defend 1 against a Shooting 1 + Explosive attack, the Explosive part just doesn't happen.

If you have multiple modifiers on an attack that would cause you to deal double damage to a target, the bonus is multiplicative. So if you hit a Legion with Area it's x2, if you hit with Explosive and Area it's x4. If you could hit with Area, Explosive, and Dismember on the same attack it would be x8.
>Chain attacks tend to only be ok and you get equal or better return from other parts
Except for the fact that the parts that can do the most damage (discounting area which is variable and dependent on positioning) are chains. They do depend on landing more than one blow to pull ahead, but a lawnmower that hits twice is hitting harder than anything save for rocket launcher and benefit more from autos that up their damage than equivalent parts. It's only when you don't (or can't) invest in improving their performance that they fall behind their equivalents.
The Italian edition has additional content that I've never seen translated anywhere else, very neat.
>The Italian edition has additional content that I've never seen translated anywhere else, very neat.
Like? I'm interested about this.
Ordered it today since there's a sale along with other stuff, genuinely getting quite hyped.
Looking at the Ventagle wiki, isn't there a PDF with all the stuff collected in one place? I can't seem to find it.
At the moment, it's just the wiki, and a google doc that has the most recent translations not yet formatted for the wiki
That's more reassuring than the idea of me being retarded so I guess it's good news. I will stick to nechronica for the moment then.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
DESU I'm probably biased against Chain Attack because my first exposure to it was on Twin Pistols, which is a really mediocre part. I don't disagree they can be good though; my last character had Meatsnake + MTBB + all the Unarmed Attack skills and she was a real monster. It just took forever for her to come online because she also needed a lot of defensive and utility parts to make it work.

I still like Explosive and Dismember more because there's a lighter Favor tax on bringing them online, and the parts that really make them good are Supports and Hinders, which gives you more utility on the battle map to capitalize on good rolls from your party members. I'll also never forget the time we finished a puzzle combat on like count 5 of turn 1 because the party weeb nothin' personneled behind the boss and destroyed the correct hit location. That shit was cash money.
>I'd wish to, but I'm shit at summarising stuff.

Just start at the beginning. The people who inhabit these threads are surprisingly on board with very long stories.
I want refrigerator and centipede stories.
>I want refrigerator and centipede stories.

PortAnon isn't real. He can't help you.
>Twin pistols
Yeah, using the attack type that depends on trading hit chance for cost to break even with the property that requires multiple rolls to do well is not a recipe for success.

As for coming online. Meatsnake can be good right out of chargen. Just taking baroque as your main class for Super strength, the +1, and easy mut3 will still see you outclassing everyone else unless they're minmaxing hard. Then it's just a matter of whether you want to use what you have left to minmax and have sisters cover the gaps or spread yourself out.
>I dunno if Nechronica is the kind of game I'd call 'crunchy' desu

Crunchy to me just means combat is deeper / complex, not nessicarily that it isn't intuitive or fast. I think if you look at Nech's action clock and timing systems, it feels a lot more in-depth than most games that use standard initiative turn orders, even ones that ironically end up resolving slower.
File: Heart Attack.jpg (173 KB, 1000x1160)
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173 KB JPG
Do any of your dolls have a type?
Lethal is my doll's ideal type.
Between the last three PCs
>rogues with a heart of gold
Verification not required btw.

I tend to take 'crunch' to mean that there's a fair bit of bookkeeping involved even among people who are experienced with the system. Number crunching, if you will. Battletech, for example, has
>weapon range brackets and firing archs
>two HP pools for every hit location
>a heat system
>there's like four or five ways to disable any given mech, some of which don't even necessitate breaking the actual machine
>you're tracking all of this for four+ units
There's just a lot less to keep track of in Nech. Your modifiers are pretty stable, things are broken or they aren't, things are used or they aren't, things are in range or they aren't, you can be in one of five places, etc. Once you get the timing and AP stuff down then the rest of the game slots into place very neatly and you're really just trying to track what the enemy has and noting down damage on your character sheet. The most number crunching you usually do is checking the roll result and seeing how far up/down you can drag it with your available Check skills (and how much damage that might cause to the target, in the case of crits or crit fails). The math in Nechronica is all very quick and simple and not very granular.

... I'm like two cups of coffee past the point I was trying to make.
tl;dr, I disagree I guess. I won't disagree that Nechronica's combat has a pleasant amount of depth to it, though. I'm consistently impressed with how elegant the system manages to be on a flat d10.
Fiery shotgun wielding holic baroque/requiem
had a thing for cute men doesn’t have to be super young a lot of 16 year old young soldiers would be her type
On the subject of lesbian relationships even though she would be willing to have relationships with women but would never initiate a lesbian relationship on her own and hasn’t had much experience in that department
She would be the type of lesbian who would try to drag a cute dude in for a threesome with any female partners she had
She also enjoyed sexually harassing that men that she wasn’t even attracted too because it made them uncomfortable and showed her power over them

Lastly she was a heavy smoker and drinker and her regeneration kept her body in youthful shape to a point where up close she could be mistaken for a living creature because of her active metabolic functions
But because of her regenerative capabilities she could only get drunk for a few minutes and would suffer nicotine withdrawals in a similar time period
File: 1667243028637842.gif (1.05 MB, 1221x440)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB GIF
Looking to run a game for the first time, sooner rather than later (as soon as I can wrap my head around all the rules). Any tips for a first time Necromancer?

I may be slightly inspired by recent videogames.
dear god
a doll like her would make the yurifag players at my table so mad
>Don't worry too much if the PCs steam roll your first encounter. PCs can be surprisingly strong depending on the competence of the players, especially with the official enemies.
>Don't be afraid to remind PCs that they can make conversation checks if they're new and aren't asking about it.
>Don't have more than 1 madness check in your first session and don't throw out a lot of spirit attack enemies.
>You can roll on the tables as well to figure out memory fragments you want to give the PCs. There's nothing stopping you from further personalizing them after you roll it.
Short, smart, gravel voiced, sweet, and blunt.
>(I had one session where we pulled off a smalltime heist, which was pretty fun)

Which thread can I read about this in?
File: Death Walk by SkyCogs.jpg (214 KB, 1800x1080)
214 KB
214 KB JPG

Thank you.
The easiest way to TPK a starter party is via Madness. All Fetters start one away from being full and some of the penalties for being in madness can be pretty steep, so any Madness checks they fail during the Adventure Phase will put them on the backfoot right out the gate. Be very sparing with Madness checks until a few Conversation Checks have been succeeded and if you have any spirit attacks in the opening combat limit it to, like, one pretty flimsy bad guy.

Your Doll's builds will be a large factor in determining what kind of abilities the bad guys actually have since both defensive and offensive strategies can kind of turn into rock-paper-scissors. If no one has Explosive attacks there's no point in putting Metal Case on any of your baddies; it just turns into a 0 cost Defend 1. Ideally the characters will be made before you settle on their final opposition in the first combat encounter. Of course, if you keep things basic for the first combat then it probably won't make a huge difference either way.

You may wind up wanting job (a little) while you're figuring stuff out. It can be trivially easy to completely stuff some player combos. If you have a Thanatos with Calamity (add Area to an attack) then you can just kind of turn that ability off by having an enemy with Meat Shield, which allows you to negate any combination of one attack's effects once per turn. I accidentally did just this myself in a short campaign I ran and realized I'd kind of really overtuned the encounter. The good news is that the monster wasn't very smart, so I let the PC's bait the Meat Shield out on something smaller which left the Thanatos wide open for her Calamity wombo combo.
File: 1576083273738-4.png (1.1 MB, 1699x1120)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG

Related to the previous tip; interference-type enemies should usually be big and up front, where they're easy to clobber, or flimsy and in the back, where they can be picked off at an opportune time. Flimsy and up-front can work as a speedbump but they might get rolled over before they have a chance to shine. Sometimes that's fine. Sometimes a mook's a mook. Big and well protected can be a huge bitch to fight and should probably be reserved for stronger parties or as a boss encounter; they can turn into a real slog to fight if it takes the party too long to break their disruption parts, depending on exactly how disruptive they are.

The premade Horrors and Savants in the book are nicely balanced and pretty easy to bring together coherently. The Tactics blurbs underneath them are very nice for figuring out what does what and who to team up with who. I 100% recommend using mostly premade monsters for your first couple combats before getting into the weeds of making your own. If you see a unit you'd like to use but it doesn't fit the theme you want or whatever, you can always just rename it.

It doesn't hurt to run a trial combat or two with your party if you're all trying to learn the system.

Thanks for the tips. I had a few ideas I wanted to run past discerning eyes, so I'll throw them up here as well.

1. What do people think of running it a little like a hexcrawl? I had the idea of having a really abstract map, not for like survival mechanics, but to orient points of interest and give the players choices. My idea is to have the group decide which way they want to go at the end of one session so I can prepare for the next. My idea for the overarching campaign will involve some searching for things but does that sound like I'm just building up my workload unnecessarily?

2. For awakening and first session I had the idea of the Sisters all being made or held captive by a Necromancer in a perverse mockery of a boarding school, with the first adventure hook being the Necromancer going missing and the facade of order falling apart. After escaping the manor, I thought to use it as a mostly neutral landmark they could come back to if they got lost or things got tough Of course, this would fail too, leaving them without that safety blanket beyond early campaign Is this a good idea or would it be better to bar the doors and force the sisters to struggle, or have returning be a dangerous and terrible risk? Beyond that is the pretend school idea a decent one?
the videogame you may be slightly inspired by does sound like pretty good inspiration considering it's feels outweigh its spooks. Hope you storytime it when you've got a group.
File: unknown-21.png (1.88 MB, 1536x864)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
I am always here.
Always posting.
And will resume centipede storytime on Thursday.

>What do people think of running it a little like a hexcrawl?
The campaign I currently play in actually is a light hexcrawl.
The biggest concern is that the three act structure outlined by the book doesn't necessarily play nicely with extended periods of travel. If you go long times between combat then the balancing of the Fragments of Memeory limit on Madness recovery stops working smoothly and you have to come up with something to mitigate that. My GM mostly solved the issue by being strict about conversation checks. Our dolls are also all pretty old (it's implied my character has been around for over a decade) so madness checks are likewise not super common unless something goes very badly or psychic stuff gets involved.

If you keep your map nice and vague and keep proper pacing for the action it shouldn't be that much more work as long as you have an idea going in of what is where and don't focus too much on travel.

>Is this a good idea or would it be better to bar the doors and force the sisters to struggle, or have returning be a dangerous and terrible risk? Beyond that is the pretend school idea a decent one?
I like the pretend school. As ever it depends on how you execute it but that sort of crumbling facade of normalcy is right up Nech's alley.
As for coming back to the school, I like that idea. Especially if it's primed to go bad later and force the PCs out anyway. Having a safe-ish spot to come back to and catch a breather would be a nice safety blanket for a fledgling party and it's eventually destruction could make for a nice scene and a couple juicy madness checks.
Overall I like the idea.
Did you guys start with a fog of war or no fog of war?
File: unknown-14.png (627 KB, 744x566)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Fog on, basically.
My GM could never get TTS's actual fog mechanic to work properly so he had to kludge it a bit (a lot) but we initially could only see the parts of the map we had been to ourselves. We knew of some locations starting out; there was a ruined city to the east of the home settlement, a forest to the south, and an expanse of grasslands around the settlement itself. Our initial mission was to take the village's first home-produced boat up the local river and see what we could find while we put the craft through its paces, which worked neatly to funnel us into the GM's plot.
We eventually found a proper map of the area after coming home from our first expedition which allowed the GM to dispel the fog of war and open up the map to us.
An abstract map with points of interest can work well enough. Just make sure you have ideas for what the players might want to pick before you show it. Nech functions perfectly well (and is even designed around) being fairly linear so you don't need a more open structure. As long as you have an idea for something to happen at the points, it should be fine.

As for the school, PCs don't need explicit times/places to recover since they just stick things back on and don't have essential survival needs to take care of, unless you make them up. If they can use it as a home base of sorts with friendly faces, then they might want to go back, but you have to make there be a reason for them to want to return since basic survival doesn't require it. Conceptually, the school is fine for a starting point. If your players are weirdos who are on board specifically with playing little girls, then it can be a thing to fool around with. If they're not sold, then it's best to lean into what Nech's set up does best, starting you in the thick of things, trying to sort through the rollercoaster of waking up as zombie with no solid memories in a horror place and now monsters are trying to rip you apart.
I don't suppose anyone's actually worked out a viable pistoleer build? My impression is that Bear Gun and Twin Pistols simply wouldn't go the distance in an extended game. I know you could always just rename some other shooting parts (Sniper Rifle becomes a scoped revolver, for example) but I'm curious to know if anyone has put in the theory crafting.
The problem with twin pistol is that there's not much you can do that wouldn't be better done on another part. You can take drama of death which will help, but Drama of Death would help on any part and shotgun gets an effective +2 to its damage on one roll rather than Twin pistols +1 to damage on something that needs two rolls when you factor drama of death. Being a pistoleer is cool thematically, but Twin Pistols simultaneously has nothing going for it mechanically while not actually working with how Shooting is balanced.

Bear Gun is much better off and the way you build for it is the same as the other shooting attacks that don't have properties. You take Lullaby, Gun God (at minimum), and Instrument of Evil. This works on Handcannon, Bear Gun, Anti-Tank Rifle, and Sniper Rifle and it lets them all hit that sweet spot of 2 damage per AP spent. The only real reason this won't be "enough" is if the melee/unarmed nerds go wild with breaking the game and thus everything has such obscenely inflated part count, but that's actually relatively rare if your GM is on the ball. The min-maxers are going to go for parts with properties that make their bonuses balloon in effect (like monofilament) so reactions that negate dismember or chain will hinder them but keep you plugging along at the same rate.

Shooting peaks much earlier than Melee or Unarmed and it's not really a balanced trade since it's getting it from both ends in that they want it to be weaker because "range advantage" or some such and it doesn't get much that boosts it that doesn't also benefit other types. That said, a key thing that makes this dubious balance work is that unless you are a brain dead nerd that needs to boost their one thing into the stratosphere, you're picking up other maneuvers that do other things that are interesting regardless of chosen attack part. Shooting/Blast attack focused characters are just getting forced to diversify much sooner.
>Cryptos can treat all their crit fails with Blast attacks as 11s
I think this being an Auto is a bit much. It seems strong to have a get out of jail free card on a bad roll every now and then but every time? It's like the overcompensating version of Rear Gaurd's Pride.
File: giphy.gif (326 KB, 500x269)
326 KB
326 KB GIF
I'm heinously bad at theory crafting, but I was looking over the new parts from the fan book and felt like trying to generate some discussion via my bad takes:
>T1 Arms
Helmet and Armored Clothes seem like steps to solve the T1 Armament problem of most of the parts being redundant during your second pass. I feel like free Defends on T1 is going to wind up make starter characters way more durable than they used to be but I do like the conditional Defend 2 as a flavor thing.
>T2 Arms
Rompire seems inoffensive.
Regimental Flag would the only Hinder or Support in the entire Armaments section, which makes it feel kinda odd. I don't hate having a utility part on T2 but it does feel out of place.
>T3 Arms
Melee and Unarmed builds are already really good. I dunno why you would need Exo except to make them even nastier.
I'm not really sure what Minigun is for. It feels like it's competing with ATR since it can hit the entire map as long as you aren't standing in Limbo or Tartarus. If I had more time I'd try and run some numbers between them but Shooting doesn't benefit much from Chain Attack, as the prior conversation about Twin Pistols can attest.

>T1 Muts
Fur is another free Defend 1. The conversation check bonus is neat I guess. It doesn't say who the bonus benefits though.
Seed just looks like a better version of Drill. You're going to take Super Strength anyway and the extra range gives you a fair bit of flexibility with it.
>T2 Muts
For Peeling; Unarmed builds are already super good. They don't need a better Lullaby.
Smoke seems too situational.
Both of these look more like Skills than parts.
>T3 Muts
Kneading is both weirdly specialized (enhancement only?) and also looks more like a Skill than a part.
Swallow just looks like a larger, worse Slurper. Unless when it says 'gain an Entrail' you actually add one instead of regenerating it? Does it cap? Can you repair the new ones? This part looks like a mess.
On the other hand, this means you can play an entirely different subgame and instead of fishing for supports, you can fish for hinders to dump your roll into the ground so you can pop out the other side.
How BAD can you roll, bro?
File: qvuestion.gif (34 KB, 220x391)
34 KB
>T1 Enh
Cyber Claw is just Metal Bat on the Enh tree. Whatever.
Cold Blooded is neat. I don't see why they made it deal 0 damage though.
>T2 Enh
Parts that modify basic parts are weird and I don't care for them. I'd just as soon have Avatar clarify that it counts as a Jaw part for Gothic skills and give it the appropriate stats. Maybe it's autism, idk.
Wolf Pack is a buff to dogpiling stuff with Melee. It feels like a Skill and again buffs the two types of attacks that are already super good.
>T3 Enh
Wing Saber seems... really strong bug not bonkers on its own? I don't really see why it's Range 0-1 though, aside from flavor.
Crossbow being a Melee attack baffles me from a flavor perspective. It also feels like a strictly better African Throwing Knife.

There's a lot here I just don't get. Maybe other anons have more insight but the part offerings themselves don't impress me. I'm also baffled at how you could introduce a class built entirely around Blast attacks and not include any new toys for them to play with.
At least the new mutations let you play out your furry vore fantasies?
File: j3vv9isnhcuz.png (76 KB, 417x279)
76 KB
I don't disagree? But it feels like a trick that works one time per combat if your GM is being generous. As soon as the bad guys know what's up then it just kinda turns into a failsafe if you happen to roll a 2 and haven't spent your Foot.
There is the thing that, without other bonuses, it gives you the same likelihood to roll a crit success as a flat +1 to hit. It also happens to synergize great with Molotov Cocktail, of all things. But you could just get a +2 to hit and suddenly you're more likely to crit and out of reach of the Skill's effects.

I guess there's something to be said for it if your party has a Doll with lots and lots of Hinders, or maybe the new flag part. You roll a six or something, let it get Hindered down to 4, party Hinders you another 3 and suddenly you've stack overflowed into success.

I dunno. I'm not gunna say it's BAD but I don't get it.
>I feel like free Defends on T1 is going to wind up make starter characters way more durable than they used to be but I do like the conditional Defend 2 as a flavor thing
Really the issue with these is less that it's a cost 0 defend on T1 (armor skin exists), the issue is all 3 of them are armor skin but better for no real reason other than to make them not armor skin.
>T2 Arms
Rompire is inoffensive but also raises the question of "why does Melee need another 0-1 option that can be boosted past its equivalents in other attack types" and Regimental Flag is just too expensive for what it is. ARM already has utility in Boost (the best utility part in the game save for maybe extra arms).
It's in a bit of a weird spot. It's better off than Twin Pistols since the +1 it gets negates lullaby's penalty, but 4 AP (after lullaby) is still pain to pay, on the other hand, making it cost 1 less (down to 3 after lullaby) makes it almost universally better than ATR since it has better damage potential and is less likely to waste damage. It also just has a better range band than ATR (it can shoot just as far but can also shoot in the same zone as the shooter). If it was a bit better, there'd be no reason to use ATR, but most people are gonna be put off by Cost 5. Exoskeleton was just someone's special OC part that let them not get bullied by the thing they were too retarded to play around and also give them +1 damage.
Ignoring potential autism, it's busted as shit since it doubles the attack rate of rip and tear gothics and bumps up the damage for a T2 ENH.
It's stupid as shit no matter how you look at it thematically, but slapping calamity on it is so funny as to almost make that ok.
This thing really should be at least a T2, because a baroque is just gonna turn this into a 3 undefendable damage for 1 AP outright. Shooting can't even have its 1 AP attack niche without getting outclassed, it seems.
Also funny thing about seed, thematically is that it even says that it works like a gun and just don't think about it which just raises the question of what the fuck you're even doing.
The reason to make it 0 damage as opposed to just making it a stagger like caress is that it's an enabler for all the stupid shit you can stick on unarmed, whether it be horn for adding chain, Ultimate predator for voring people with your fluids, or just the standard +damage you're going to have if you're unarmed. It's "weak to start but is actually stupidly good when you factor in what someone is going to have anyway."

Some people find it boring to always have to finagle their doll to have a +1 to hit and this could be a funny alternative. It's for those who think they have bad luck and want to turn the occasional "fuck you" from the dice into a miracle. It doesn't really change things as much as one might think, unfortunately, because Supports are easier to finangle than Hinders so going for "What if I hinder myself instead of supporting?" is gonna see you paying more AP for a similar effect.
I think a crusader Stacy will make a fun next character
What should my other class be?
>other class
The only answer is pure Cryptos
You are Jeanne de Arch now. Make all creation fear the rumble of the cannons once more.
People don't point this out but most +1s in the game have a "may" with them. It never comes up because it's really not going to be relevant, but you can simply choose not to add the +1 when you roll a 1.
File: 20221102_201113.jpg (1.32 MB, 4000x1800)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
I recognize that sewer maintenance savant! I took pictures of all the pages in the Savant Human Rights book and am working on MTLing it all right now. All the pictures are on this imgur link- https://imgur.com/a/PUwOUAQ let me know if you want close ups of anything.

Also, apparently something in the MTL translation triggered pastebins filter. Does anyone know of a good pastebin alternative?
It also means your GM can support instead of hinder you to fuck with your rolls
File: SadCabbie.png (200 KB, 332x511)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
There's another chan-offshoot that has some of them posted and cut out onto a proper transparent layer. And also they had this edit I made of the cabinet girl for some reason, but not the original.

That thread still exists even though it's like four years old. I think I was probably one of the last people to post there besides the one dude who bumped it a year ago. Kinda bums me out every time I think about it because the new chan technology is really nice, like posting multiple pictures n' stuff.

That's true. I'd forgotten about that. I guess in that case it's functionally the same as taking a +1 to the roll (as far as 'probability to crit' goes) except sometimes you can trip yourself to kill the opponent.
Still don't really think I LIKE it. But it's neat.
>which just raises the question of what the fuck you're even doing.
there's a reason why they made it not overlap with boy on the mut table
Also Stacy.
Grab a bigass fucking sword and vomit your own guts on heathens.
how well would chariot and Valkyrie hybridise for a doll when both are picked?
File: Cicada.png (158 KB, 425x638)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
I tacked onto that with my first round of bad takes but I thought the furry vore combo was more obvious.

Anyone have an opinion on Cicada? My initial impression is that the skills are expensive. Gaining AP from Legions is an interesting gimmick but you can't always count on that.
The speciality skill makes me think of a janky re-do of Vortex of Destruction that doesn't hit your party members. Not sure if I like that or not since eventually it'll just lock your GM out of using smaller dudes at all.
A few scenarios at the end of the book. The wiki only has dead factory and Beth. I can post scans when I get home from work, though I doubt you'll find it useful if you can't read italian.
File: Holic_Spinball.png (349 KB, 350x482)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Valkyrie doesn't do too much for the Chariot side of things in so far as if you want to be the team transport compared to say, Baroque since you can just get Extreme Mutation instead of Speed Demon for animal legs (though the MUT 1/ENH 1 reinforcement distribution from both lets you get it as well) and you don't want to be scampering about constantly since you want your sisters to actually be in range to hit shit. However, combined they make the extremely entertaining Pain Train build with Extra Large (for more damage on skills), Trample, Burning Jets, and Battering Ram. Each time you declare Battering Ram subsequently triggers both Burning Jets and Trample so every move has you throwing out 2-3 attacks. It's not even the most effective possible build for doing damage (others can do more damage with fewer dice hitting the table), but it is funny.
>Each time you declare Battering Ram subsequently triggers both Burning Jets and Trample so every move has you throwing out 2-3 attacks.

Does that have good synergy with sistwrs having drama of death?

Also Holic Spinball is really funny to me. Thank you.
So correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't combining Peeling and Avatar make it so Jaw becomes a free and therefore infinite action? Avatar, unlike Peeling has no limit set om it so it can turn Jaw into a cost 0.
>Reduces the cost of Unarmed Attack Maneuvers and Parts by 1 to a minimum of 1.
Skill text says it can't make anything 0.
Avatar doesn't have that text.
So? Peeling says the manuever has to have a minimum cost of 1.
It could probably work fairly well if you can coordinate as long as the speed demon declares first.

Avatar doesn't have it and declaration order is determined by the player. If you wanted to argue that it applies you couldn't combine spine with lullaby to make a shot 0ap
>If you wanted to argue that it applies you couldn't combine spine with lullaby to make a shot 0ap
Ah, that's fair. I hadn't considered spine since my party treats it more like banking AP than reducing the cost.
I would still kick out any retard who seriously tried to push for 0 AP Rip And Tear at my table but I guess it would technically be allowed RAW.
How many?
File: Hell yeah.png (438 KB, 846x844)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
How do you recommend setting up a party's undead pets so the party can play them going to rescue their dolls after an especially bad combat where the party were essentially dragged off and bits and pieces by their foes, but their foes are in bad enough shape that the pets could conceivably catch and beat them before they get back to the larger group they're a part of?

They have a rabbit in a lucha mask who has been absolutely fearless (which yes is the end verse of normal rabbit behavior where fear is what keeps them alive).
A cowardly giant praying mantis (which yes is the inverse of normal mantis behavior where a mantis only know hubris and hunger which is limited by their size)
And a squirrel that do far has no discernible personality other than that they hang out with their chosen undead and like to share snacks.

I'm thinking of making the Mantis a Valkyrie Thanatos, since it can fly and cowardice aside is still a mantis which means it's made of close range death. Maybe a Valkyrie Gothic.

(The party specifically tried to leave there pet treasures as their last parts, and I don't want this campaign to end, which is why I'm taking this direction)
So how do I make entombed/thanatos good? We're using scarlet march and armed set.
File: tarkus.jpg (366 KB, 1280x720)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
stat him nech bro's
Anon, this link seems to be broken.

Do you have an idea of how high power you want the pets to be? Are we talking starter dolls? 10 Favor? 20?

As for classes, Gothics and Baroques would be the obvious choices for main classes since an animal's weapons would naturally be... well, their natural weapons. So Mutations makes sense and skills like Rip and Tear make sense as well.
Provisional build idea for Lucha Hare, assuming 0 Favor:

Grace (or probably Order. I dunno if you want Madness to be a real factor here or not)
Rip and Tear
Vile Repast (or Feast of Flesh)
Mad Demon

Animal Ears
Animal Legs
Bolt Head

Basically Mr. Libre charges forward and rips some poor sap apart with his AP advantage. Would probably work best if either the squirrel or Mantis was playing a support/hinder oriented thing to keep some heat off him.
Why don't you take super Strength?
Also i would take feast of flesh

The way i see it, rip and tear builds have the advantage of being practically inmortal while doing pretty good damage.
bro's i think i just found some good nech audio
I'm not sure what the pets' actual opposition will be so I decided to just go all-in on Dismember. Super Strength would be way better against Horrors and Legions but I figured if the enemy was smart enough to drag off the PCs there was probably higher chances of them being Savants, and I wanted to maximize the chance of Mr. Libre sprinting into combat and kicking a Savant's head off on the first round of combat. The squirrel or mantis can handle the other stuff.
Never met anyone interested in this game that wasn't a toxic paedophile, and showing an interest in it is an immediate red flag at my table.
It's definitely one of those games where you gotta be careful when putting a group together to screen out people like that.
What table? You don't have any games.
File: space-dandy-anime.gif (895 KB, 498x278)
895 KB
895 KB GIF
>you gotta be careful when putting a group together
Meanwhile, I'm seriously thinking of trying to get my Star Wars group to try a game because I know at least one of them would just be playing Stinkmeaner from the Boondocks and calling the Necromancer 'nigger' every chance they got.

It wouldn't be a good Nechronica campaign because I have no confidence they'd get into the proper spirit of things, but it would definitely be memorable.
Anyone got opinions on the new Positions?
Commissar kinda just feels like a mean Sorority, which you can already be by abusing Tough Love. Not really seeing what it brings to the table besides more Hinders or Supports.

That said, Tin Metal is a pretty neat skill conceptually, even if it's probably too limited by having a hard(ish) use limit.
Send them all to me. Toxic anime pedos make the best players.
Essentially, yeah. Commissar is sorority version b, conceptually. Barbarossa has no business being a position and is probably just one to combo with cryptos or something. Crusader started a bit promising by playing with madness, but then proceeded to be disgusting. Delight in corruption for all the party's defends, that can be refreshed through delight in corruption is absurd
File: 1627968179370.jpg (2.26 MB, 3213x3795)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG
>Delight in corruption for all the party's defends, that can be refreshed through delight in corruption is absurd
I hadn't even cottoned on to that combo. Jiminy Christmas.
You remind me that I still haven't played a single Gothic character myself despite having played the game for years now. I would say that I should make a Gothic my next one but I'm pretty sure it's going to wind up being pic related.
What are the Jerry Cans for?
Are they farmers who defend their crops with a rocket launcher?
Extra fuel obviously.
Rocket launchers don't need fuel.
Unless the rockets it launches are liquid fueled, but that's insane and needlessly dangerous for ammo rockets.
Not for the weapon, dummy. What if either get thirsty?
File: 1655632914742.jpg (1.33 MB, 1548x3252)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
As far as I know they're just there for decoration/to sell the scavenger aesthetic. There was a drawfag hanging around and taking requests who combined mine and another anon's. I just kinda fell in love with the design.

They also did this NPC I requested, and another anon's PC (over the course of several threads).

Still not sure how I'll wind up building the rocket twins. Cyborg, Hopper, Extra Head, and Rocket Launcher are all parts I'd like for them but they're also all t3 parts. That's 120 Favor in just parts. And I'm also not sure how I'd build them since you can't really min-max Rocket Launcher very much. I've considered making them a Requiem and giving one twin Sniper Rifle and the other Shotgun, keeping Rocket Launcher around for the really big guys, but idk. I'm still thinking it over.
Peeling is so ridiculously stupid for any unarmed build it feels like it's a mutation tax now, cutting off every tier 2 mutation from ever being playable.
peeling needs to be a t3 part at least honestly
It doesn't need to exist. Unarmed builds are already plenty good. A 2 AP Meat Snake would blow just about any other 0 range part out of the water.
that gets me thinking
how good would a t3 part that reduces the cost of all basic parts by 1 be?
even ones with check timing
Well, off the bat:
>makes Spine free
You'd have to except Spine or it breaks the game.
>free Forearm
>free Foot
Pretty nice. Kinda cribbing into Romanesque's territory tho and that class already doesn't have too much going for it. That point could kinda be taken either way though (either the skill is cribbing too much, or it doesn't matter because Romanesque already isn't that popular)
>1 AP Jaw
>1 AP Fist
Same catch Avatar has in making Rip and Tear super good. 1 AP Dismember fishing is pretty spooky.
>2 AP Bone
>3 AP Shoulder
These are nice to have.

Gothic's existence makes any boosts to Jaw and Fists super sketchy since the class can already lean really hard on them. Especially AP costs, since AP budgeting is arguably the most influential lever you can pull on when trying to balance stuff.
This guy >>86620332 mostly has the right of it, the moves would be the best benefit that is also balanced, but you already have rocket pack, Hopper, and Animal Legs in T3 which would generally be better options, the checks make an existing skill redundant, and buffing the attacks breaks them (and not even speaking of spine.)
>Romanesque doesn't have much going for it
This isn't really that true in so much that it lacks an absurdly good universally applicable skill (like delight in corruption) or a central mechanical function (get more ENH doesn't count because Baroque has get more MUT and but also has being the Unarmed). Caress, One's Many Charms, Waltz, and Clockwork are all good skills that you'll be happy to have but don't really have anything they'll synergize with or build towards. It also doesn't help that people think Dance of Death is a real replacement for a +1 to attack checks.
How positively orky!
File: 1667470022143355.jpg (225 KB, 1000x1000)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
here is some simple clever wording that should fix spine and prevent jaw or fist from breaking too hard with other manuvers
>maneuvers with a timing of action cannot have their AP cost reduced below 1

Did it go up in a different Nechronica thread that I missed?
File: 290faf65bae3153161a9.png (1.69 MB, 1832x1144)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
so i was mulling over how to fix some of the parts in the new supplment and came up with this fix for helmet and armored clothes which i personally think is more intresting than giving it an AP cost of 1

these are addendums to the parts in scarlet march
the base text still exists the same

when the head receives any damage destroy this part first

armoured clothes
when the torso receives any damage destroy this part first
File: 1642265681078.png (700 KB, 476x597)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
holy shit
feast of flesh from gothic is only cost 1
and it's an action so it can be done multiple times per round
how the hell did i miss this

that's repair one basic part for 1 ap
That's the main point of Gothic. Leave one alone for a minute and it can grow itself back from only a penis, then it wanders over and dismembers you.
I love looney-tunes style cranking my spine around 30 times to unleash a barrage of attacks

Same with dolls that have swivel joints.
A bunch of crap came up last minute like it always does when I give myself a deadline in one of these threads. I swear I'm cursed.
It's still coming.
1 AP jaw/fist is still absurdly overpowered. Even as a T3 part because you're looking at a comparison of Extra Head for +2 AP which gives 1 attack with those, or your hypothetical -1 to cost which would give 5 additional attacks (assuming a doll with 10 AP). The other comparison is shotgun which will be 1+Ex for 1 ap. A decent rip and tear build is doing either 2+Dismember or 3+Dismember and can get horn for chains/staggers on crits.
If you have two effects that add the chain property to an attack does chain stack with itself?
So two chain 1 effects could make a chain 2 etc
File: Horn.png (21 KB, 539x166)
21 KB
Horn adds one to the chain if the attack already has Chain Attack. As written, if you could proc Horn twice then you would be able to give an attack Chain Attack 2 using Horn.

It likely has to be clarified in text the way it is in Horn, but you do have precedent within the system.
File: byakugan.png (476 KB, 500x400)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
Any good adventures to run for this system as a first time DM? I don't know if the two on the wiki are the only available for free.
I know some japanese some if anyone knows any in the language I'm fine with it. Also accepting other system adventures that work with it.
File: Timbs.jpg (187 KB, 1201x2048)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Did the sickness get down to you?
Why do Holics get all the bitches.

10 favor and yes the surviving enemies are 4 damaged savants.

One is meat shield that mostly just some hinder parts and boost at this point.

One is are a crit seeking sniper who has lost their protect parts and ablatives but still has all their AP.

One was melee blender but is currently reduced a spinal cord with legs feet and a jaw.

The last one was a blast attack specialist but is just a brave fool with a katana and ambition for now.
File: 1576083273738-1.png (1.07 MB, 1399x1599)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
The only translated adventures I know of are the ones on the wiki.
That said, starter adventures in Nechronica are pretty straight-forward
>the party wakes up in an unknown location with amnesia
>figure out where they are, who each other are
>establish what they remember
>give them a location to explore and maybe a small mystery to unravel while they wander around
>eventually this leads into a fight
>this usually allows them to escape/move on to a different location assuming it doesn't end in a TPK
If you want an example of a simple-ish one-shot, the first game I ever GM'd was just the PCs waking up in a bunker and having to escape. I storytimed it here: https://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/72655511/#72667093

I have not listened to any Disturbed lately, no (and I'm also not sick, thankfully). I just thought I was going to have free time these last couple days and wound up being really busy. I'm legit homefree tomorrow though so, unless something explodes, I'll have time to actually post. Fingers crossed.

>she doesn't even have a cannon
How is she supposed to get any bitches like this?
>How is she supposed to get any bitches like this?

Sheer presence, bravery, and charisma.
>Why do Holics get all the bitches.

Because they spit in the eye of the reaper of madness who approaces all undead with an open and hungry maw to swallow them whole.
Because they're the ones who will just say "Fuck it, I'll ask her out."
File: consensual.jpg (163 KB, 502x537)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
How lethal is combat in this system? I want to run a one-shot and Nechronica seems well suited in a lot of ways, but I want combat to feel dangerous and scary.
If it isn't very lethal system by default what ways can it be made more dangerous?
is that Wednesday Addams?
The western fanbase essentially does not write any adventures so your only hope would be to get japanese ones, but that'd require buying their books. On the other hand, it's very hard to make adventures for Nechronica because the power of Dolls varies so much with player skill, it's very easy to make fights way too easy and anticlimatic or too hard or even impossible simply because people made bad choices at chargen.
Combat can be highly lethal if you throw some very tough enemies at the players, but usually sanity loss is a bigger threat than combat damage. That's because as long as one PC survives combat you can just put the rest of the party together again (literally).
If you are trying to kill the party via spirit attacks then it can be very lethal very fast.

It's way harder to tank spirit/sanity damage.
File: SynthAxe.png (260 KB, 600x415)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Generally you need to build encounters around your party because what each individual party is capable of varies a lot.

It's only becomes more prominent as the builds of individual party members advance.

Many people don't seem to know how to make pre-written adventures that will work despite combat encounters being something that will pretty much have to be up to the GM running the adventure to create.

Or they don't see a reason to create pre-written adventures that don't include pre-stated combat encounters because they think about pre-written adventures in terms of combat first, maybe a few non-combat checks second, and then finally consider story that mostly exists to justify the combat.

Also adventure phases our best individually tailored to specific parties.

Some are better at surviving adventure phase hazards and passing adventure phase checks than others.

Also different groups of players engage with the adventure phase of the game to different degrees, and in different ways.

The end result is a good pre-written for Nechronica is something that inspire the GM and leaves them with more time to stat everything, rather than being a complete package they can drop a group of players into.

The EXCEPTION is adventures that come with a group of pre-built dolls from which the players can select who they will be playing.

If the maker knows what they are doing then no combination of those dolls should be to bad a fit for a short pre-written adventure unless you have too many players.
Some pervert on pixiv's necrophiliac OC. https://www.pixiv.net/users/65390330/

That's even better. I don't strictly want them to die, I just want them to suffer
>Generally you need to build encounters around your party because what each individual party is capable of varies a lot.
This is one of the biggest issues with writing a scenario. The existing premade stuff is almost laughably easy for even new players to whallop, but making them a challenge could easily shut down a lot of parties.
>Or they don't see a reason to create pre-written adventures that don't include pre-stated combat encounters because they think about pre-written adventures in terms of combat first, maybe a few non-combat checks second, and then finally consider story that mostly exists to justify the combat.
Having made a go of trying to whip up adventures (specifically to be run by others) in the past, combat is the biggest barrier because that is the part that people struggle with and takes the most effort so only doing all the other bits feels pointless. You did come somewhat close in that the mechanical components of a session for new PCs can be boiled down to "1-3 action checks, 1 madness check (with more reserved as potential "punishment" for certain PC actions), 1-2 memory fragments, and a combat."

For someone who improvs 95% of that which isn't combat, it's inescapably an awkward feeling to work on such a thing. It's tempting to consider whether just making a big thing of adventure prompts might be more feasible/useful.
That doesn't even fucking rhyme or have rhythm, what the fuck
File: TeppeTokenBc.png (57 KB, 860x860)
57 KB
>The EXCEPTION is adventures that come with a group of pre-built dolls from which the players can select who they will be playing.
>If the maker knows what they are doing then no combination of those dolls should be to bad a fit for a short pre-written adventure unless you have too many players.
2nding this option. This also allows you to lay some early groundwork for Memory Fragments ahead of the game instead of having to tailor everything to your PCs on the fly. Admittedly, most of that kind of work can be taken care of with a simple session 0 but if your players are new then you can do a bit of extra work for them to help things go smoothly.
Also worth noting; you can justify tougher enemies jobbing a little if they aren't very smart. Have them make tactical decisions that make sense but aren't well thought out.
>PC is on the verge of getting annihilated by a big mook
>other PC blasts the big mook for enough damage to bruise it up
>big mook forgets critically injured PC and starts trudging off after the offender
This doesn't work so well for all according to keikaku types, but a lot of the baddies in Nechronica don't have their head screwed on very well.
File: glass_water.jpg (292 KB, 563x648)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Resumption of the England campaign storytime, featuring one Doll who's oblivious to the fact that she's dead and two wasteland veterans who find themselves trapped in a city that shouldn't exist.
>Tags: England; Post Apocalypse(?); Mystery; 1880s; Librarians; Bug People; Animal People; Sandwiches; Constabulary; Disregard of the Constabulary; Trespassing; Psychosis; Body Horror; Serial Killers; NPC heavy; Character interaction heavy; light combat; WOOOOORDS
>Part 1
>Part 2
>Part 3
>Part 4
>Part 5
>Part 6
>Part 7
>Part 7.5

On our last episode:
>Suzie attacked and tried to burn down the library
>Imp lost her mind
>the girls interrogated a nosy reporter and definitely didn't threaten to feed her to Imp
>the normals retired for naps

>It is early afternoon, in Windor's room
>The latch thunks and the door comes open allowing Coleo into the modest bedroom of the master of the library. The sunlight paints bright shapes on the floor and wall. By this point the room has begun to smell a bit of unwashed sweat, soot, and smoke.
>Coleo finds her father where she left him. His short hair is a greasy frazzle not entirely unlike the head of a baby bird. His head stirs slightly and he opens his eyes. He smacks his lips and swallows as he blinks against the sandman's influence and turns, recognizing her in the afternoon ligh. A warm paternal smile blossoms on his tired face.
>"Good morning Scutigera." He says. Noticing his own hoarseness, he carefully and a bit stiffly reaches for the cup Coleo left for him on his nightstand.
>Coleo is a little quicker, picking the glass up for him as she extends her torso a little to lean over his bed and offer him the cup. "Here. Wouldn't want to tweak your shoulders so soon after last night." Her voice is gentle. "And... it's actually early afternoon, though you're not the only one sleeping in today. I need to go wake Denver up in just a bit." She chuckles quietly, her mandibles parting slightly as she laughs.
>Windsor's hand stops advancing as she snatches the cup up and he seems to resign himself to being watered with a bit less wounded pride than he puts on. "Thank you, Scutigera." He says after swallowing the last of the water, his voiced cleared by the drink. He clears his throat very carefully so as not to breathe too forcefully. He nods as Coleo informs him of the time. "What is the status of things outside?" He asks.
>Coleo circles her mandibles as she replaces the cup on the nightstand and pauses to think a moment. "Some of the staff have come by today to take stock of the books that were lost or damaged in the fire, and work crews are already up and at it removing the debris and setting up for the rebuilding." She makes a bit of an annoyed sigh. "And of course the police are everywhere, though I suppose it's not unwarranted. They caught a snitch peepin' on the Library this morning, though I don't think she's said anything to them."
>"I see. I'll have to speak with both of them." He notes to himself out loud. "How are Denver, Melico, and Imp doing?"
That tends to happen when you translate things from Japanese into English.
It's an english song. Toy Soldiers by Martika. It's arguably more famous from when Eminem sampled it in Like Toy Soldiers.
I’ve noticed first time players are afraid of enemies with dismember attacks even if those attacks don’t do much damage each hit
But that honestly makes sense for how a dismember attack can basically clip a hit location of all its parts

I tend to fail checks so my first encounter with dismember in combat resulted in my doll getting annihilated from five failed dismember checks over the course of 2 turns. (Regenerating parts in previously dismembered sections of your body can extend your undead existence)

These days I build for hinder and defend so I can make people attacking me with dismember checks fail.

I can't fail dismember check if I never have to roll one.

Yes you are right.
Remember dismember can totally be frightening for new players.
This is not a bad thing.
>start storyposting
>immediately pulled away from my keyboard for IRL stuff
I guess I forgot my nametag anyway but I swear I'm gunna have a fit.
>"Denver took a little bit of a knock in the excitement this morning, so he's sleeping that off along with all the bruises from yesterday. Other than that he's just tired from all the excitement." She looks down and pauses as she considers her next words, her fingers lacing and unlacing in an odd mimicry of Cat's Cradle. "Melico is fine. I think she's more interested in trying to track down the attacker from last night than anything. Imp was... shaken last night. And said some odd things. I'm keeping a close eye on her right now."
>Windsor nods along, an inquisitive look crossing his face at the mention of Denver collection a new injury this morning. Though he seems to drop that to home in on the news about Imp. "What did she say?"
>Coleo sighs. "It's... I'm not completely sure what she meant, but there was a lot of talk of breaking things and hurting people. I didn't really understand, but she made it clear that there were certain persons she didn't want to be around by herself. I think her mind is still trapped in the survival mindset; she's not used to being around normal people."
>She looks up from her fingers, eyes quizzical. "But how are you? The police still haven't told me what exactly happened to you yesterday, and I haven't had time to ask Denver."
>"Mmmh." Windsor's eyes turn to look at the ceiling for a moment as he thinks, then return to her.
>"Well, as you know I went to purchase a new pair of shoes and Denver asked to come with me. He had something important he to speak with me about. The trip to the shoemaker was uneventful." He clears his throat. "We had made it about half a block when we noticed a group of men outside the grocer ahead seemed unusually interested in us. They noticed we had noticed, and started to approach."
File: 9obki5m.jpg (426 KB, 1920x1678)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
>"We turned around, keeping a sharp eye behind us. They followed. That's when we noticed a four more men who had been a few steps behind us were now in a line cutting off the sidewalk, staring us down."
>Coleo's mandibles work in small circles as she tries to picture the event in her head. "This all happened during your trip... Was there anyone else around? The mills would have been emptying around this time, surely. Unless the streets cleared out while you were at the cobbler, I suppose..."
>"There we're other people around yes. In fact there was a football game happening just down the street. I told Denver to run. He said he wasn't about to leave his-" Windsor's expression breaks into a rueful smile and an unbidden toneless chuckle, a mixture of regret, gratitude, and pride in his voice. "-that he wasn't about to leave me behind."
>He regains his sober and serious face and tone. "That's about as far as things got before we were surrounded. One of the larger men greeted both of us by name, said he and his friends were happy to see us, and insisted we come down to the pub and have a drink with them. He briefly flashed a gun in his jacket pocket, and it was clear most of them were prepared for a fight"
>"It was surreal really. Being surrounded and jovially threatened in public while people passed by unaware or studiously ignorant of what was going on. I told him that Denver had no business drinking and had errands to run for me besides. He insisted that both us simply had to come"
>Coleo worries her hands as Windsor speaks, but she stays quiet as he speaks. Her jaw opens slightly wider and her posture straightens at the mention of the threat. She feels... angry. The feeling smolders in the back of her skull like an ember, but she doesn't interrupt
>"There didn't seem to be a good way out of this situation, yet. So we went along with them. We passed a few pubs before being led inside a storage building. It smelled like rotten silage and asphalt tar"
>Anger seeps into his tone, boiling under the surface of cool control. "They robbed us and bound us, then most of them left. Five of them stayed to keep watch. I was scared, humiliated, and furious, but I knew I had to stay calm and in control, with a clear and observant mind." His tone flattens out. He looks Coleo in the eye with an iron resolve. "That was essential to surviving this, and I had to survive this. I had too much to live for. I had to make sure Denver survived too."
>"Together we waited. Boredom soon set in for our guards. The cards and then the gin came out soon after that. My watch must have been won and lost at least four times."
>"All the spoils being passed around eventually brought up the subject of payment, as apparently they had been promised a reward for our capture. As they drank they got sloppy, and eventually two of them left to relieve themselves at the same time. We took this opportunity to make noise and gesture to the effect that we needed help."
>"When one of the remaining men ungagged us we asked to be allowed to go relieve ourselves as well. I made a bit of a nuisance of myself, and the man pushed me over. No one noticed Denver relieving the man of his key."
>"After that we waited and sat like good little prisoners until they worked themselves up over whether or not they were going to get paid. When their leader returned, most of them drunkenly went off to confront him at the door about if he had gotten their money yet."
>"While they had their screaming match we freed ourselves and tried to escape. That's when things went pear shaped."
>"Denver moved like I've never seen him move before, making most of them look like they were standing still. I think I did respectably." He clears his throat. "Then one of them caught me in the back with a shovel."
>Coleo's eyes go wide. "I-is that how..." She lays a hand gently on his brace.
>"Yes. That is how that happened. It's also how my leg got broken."
>His tempo accelerates just a bit after that. Perhaps to leave this part of the story behind quickly. "I didn't have the best view of the rest of the fight after that. Soon enough Denver was carrying me outside and up the street. Eventually someone saw us, screamed, and ran to go get a constable."
>Coleo takes a deep breath and tries to force some of the tension out of her shoulders. "I suppose I should consider it a blessing that Denver chased after you that night. I need to thank him properly when he wakes later." She wraps a pair of her hands around one of Windsor's and quietly adds "I'm glad the two of you are alright now."
>Windsor squeezes his daughter's hands. "I'm glad too." He sniffs, then makes a sour face looks around sniffing a few more times. "Can you help me get out of bed and walk? I'd very much like to wash up."
>Coleo can't help but snicker. "Of course, of course! Just let me..." She stretches her torso so that she's just above eye level, placing two hands on the handholds on Windsor's brace before pausing. "Do you need help moving your legs?"
>"Just hold me steady and turn slowly." He carefully pulls his bedding asside and begins to move his legs a little at a time toward the side of the bed until eventually he's sitting with his feet on the floor. "And one, two, three liiiift."
>The bed gives a little squeak and and soon Coleo's holding her father while he stands, lightly, on his own two feet. "Good. That's good. Now, let's take this one step at a time."
>"I prefer doing things fifty steps at a time but if you insist..." Coleo snarks.
>"Well 51 it is then."
> 69

[Insert tasteless joke here.]
In the interest of actually fitting some plot in this thread and not flooding it with side-content, I went ahead and put Coleo's next couple scenes into a pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/k2D6cxGm

It's not really required reading but it puts into place a couple building blocks of the GM's setting. How medical treatment for people in Humborg looks, some talk about places outside Humborg, how weird or not weird Coleo's outburst after the Library fight was, and some slice-of-life stuff with Coleo and a couple NPCs. It's pretty much the rest of Coleo's afternoon on the day after the attack at the Library; she goes to the hospital to check up on Rasmus (family friend and one of the firefighters the party pulled out of the building) and meet with Doctor Clemens (who she set up an appointment with earlier). It was fun roleplay and helped contextualize some stuff, but nothing plot critical.

Tomorrow I'll be getting back into the meat of the investigative stuff.

I really should have expected someone to do this.

Also part [70] I guess.
Did all this really get played out or are you making up a bunch of stuff to pad things out into a proper story?

What were Imp's player and Melico's player doing while all this was happening?
Coleo is best dangernoodle.
File: 1654479069638.jpg (155 KB, 1280x1077)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
>or are you making up a bunch of stuff to pad things out into a proper story?
I'll have you know I don't have to make up anything to pad for content. I'm just generally long-winded.

Most of the stuff I've posted in the thread so far happened outside of normal play, in a couple of side sessions the GM and I did between normal games (which is another reason I decided it would be better in a pastebin). Melico's player also had a side scene about as long as Coleo's convo with Rasmus but it takes place a couple days later in the timeline.

Generally speaking, 99% of everything I greentext is what was actually typed in our roleplay chat(s). My group does In-Character stuff over text. I edit for grammar and clarity and post it here.

Things start to pick up pace pretty soon; the first half of the Humborg game was a really slow burn and Imp and Melico's player had to get on the GM's case a little about pacing (I didn't. I love to hear myself type). That was right about this time, IIRC.
>10 favor
In that case I would take Feast of Flesh on the rabbit and tack Super Strength on. Your Savants sound messed up enough that you'd get more return from the extra damage than leaning super heavy into Dismember. This way your Dismember procs are a fairly constant threat that force defends but the rabbit can still slap people around reliably even without a Dismember proc.

I'm trying to put together a pure Valk build for the mantis since I think it'd make sense for them to have Speed is its Own Defense but I'm having trouble working out an offensive strategy for them. Thinking of making them a Hinder bot or something since they're supposed to be kind of a wuss.
File: tables - Copy.jpg (3.6 MB, 2244x3189)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB JPG
So in Dracurouge there is the Dustheim School of Practical Enquiry. Which is basically Nechronica but with immoral knights in place of necromancers. They create homunculi for questionable reasons, go all Unit 731 on captured heretics, sewing werewolves legs to them for the sake of SCIENCE, and other stuff like that.
The book has 2 character backstory tables for created beings, witch i think you could easily (with a couple adjustments) use in a Nechronica game, especially if characters intended to have some relationships with necromancer that made them.
Piggy-backing off your post because I haven't seen it brought up here before: the pdf has tables and suggestions for wake-up locations and 'post-mortem' experiences for Dolls who were active before the start of the game.
Some options include
>you woke up in a hive of bugs that you could control. The hive has been destroyed but some of the bugs still follow you
>waking up with a sudden shock, with the implication the Doll fell from a high place
>being the loser in your Necromancer's harem
>being a Savant who broke out from their Necromancer's control

The starting locations are a bit more generic, but I actually really like the one that's just
>you all wake up in the middle of a battlefield
>There's corpses everywhere
>it looks like you were the winner
File: giphy(2).gif (3.43 MB, 480x268)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB GIF
Not that anon but there are players behind these dolls. I don't think they want to stick one of them with a character that has "You pass butter(hinder)" then wait for combat to end as their contribution to kombat. Yes we 've been told the Mantis is a coward, but it's still a hyper-predator who's chosen favorite person has been stolen.
I've seen a cat with an overturned flight response crippling social anxiety flip out and attack someone who attacked their human. It was terrifying and she didn't let up until the attacker gave up.
Granted I have no idea how the Mantis is going to be played, but don't build a character with no room for flexibility in how the player interprets the character approaches conflict once the rubber meets the road.
A thing to consider is that unless you plan on making these things the players get to continue playing as, there's no reason to religiously stick to PC construction rules. Also following up on this, you could at least give the mantis scissor hands of all things.
I don't mean that they'd only do support stuff period. I think it'd make sense for that to be their larger strength, possibly combined with movement-based disruption.
Although, keying off your story about the cat, I have considered giving the mantis build Drawn to Tartarus. Less because they're generally aggressive and more because they really want their Doll back (who I assume is in Tartarus). That let's them really abuse movement-based skills on the Vaklyrie since you can suddenly sprint two spaces at 1 cost with Animal Legs.

Also, as someone who has played support-centric dolls before, it can be plenty fun. It's true you don't get to personally bisect the enemy very often but Nechronica's coarse numbers mean that the effect of every bonus or malus is visible. Being the battlefield commander is a legit strategy when one of the PCs is willing to be your personal murder blender.

>A thing to consider is that unless you plan on making these things the players get to continue playing as, there's no reason to religiously stick to PC construction rules.
That's true, but I'm not the GM. I'm just spitballing build ideas. I'm going to go ahead and stick with the normal construction rules to satisfy my own autism, but these are just suggestions/demos anyway.

Build idea for the Mantis:

Drawn to Tartarus
Speed is its Own Defense
Assault Jump
Burning Jets
Vantage Point (10 Favor)

Extra Eyes
Animal Legs
Scissor Hands

Basically they just keep moving and being a pest to the enemy. Deploy in Limbo or Elysium, zip into the front line, zip out, zip back. They should have Defend 1 up pretty much all the time thanks to the Special Skill. Combined with giving the bad guys -1s it should keep them safe-ish. Especially if the rabbit and squirrel are causing trouble. I think the success of the build as-is would come down a lot to how the enemy deploys.
>Do any of your dolls have a type?

Someone who can make her laugh and also laughs at her jokes, who doesn't mind not settling down in one place, and enjoys traveling.

Enjoying physical contact and being cool with unusual alternatives to normal skin is a big plus.

>>86645835 >>86645436
You are both wonderful.
Make the squirrel and Erudite and cheese the fuck out of Dynamite.

Claim the squirrel found a red wagon full of blasting agent.

Or do something less contrived.
>implying the squirrel hasn't been pic related this entire time
The Erudite idea is honestly pretty funny.
>The second day after the attack on the Library, the group disperses to follow up on the information they managed to pull out of Clara.
>Coleo takes on the rather mundane tasks of checking through the recent papers for any unusual happenings and poking around her and Denver's usual haunts, asking anyone who might know if they've heard of the suspects. Imp begins casing the town at night, on the lookout for any odd happenings. Melico finds a discreet spot to stake out the Green Sheathe tavern mentioned by Clara and waits.
>Coleo's newspaper trawling doesn't turn up much, but she does find a story noting that an entire family of centipedes was reported missing from the low-income district near the textile mill just five days ago.
>Coleo's efforts trawling her contacts do a little better; as she's describing the suspects to Krag and Alma in their shop, their youngest son Carl happens to pop by for lunch and chimes in that the bald man sounds like one Arthur Davies, one of his supervisors at work. Carl volunteers that the man is an unpleasant fellow, always finding something to fuss at his employees about and almost as adverse to his men showing initiative to get things done early.
>Alma insists on walking Coleo back to the Library, and pesters Krag to take a break from the shop and come along.
>Along the way she asks if Coleo would like to bring her new friends over to visit. She also asks Coleo what sorts of things Melico and Imp like and dislike. When they get to the Library she quietly hands Coleo a teargas revolver and warns her to not go out alone anymore.

>Imp's roaming turns up nothing. If Suzie is still active she's keeping very quiet.

>Melico's stakeout pays off. On the evening of the second day she sees the newspaper peddler, the cat man Clara identified as Swanson, come strolling down the sidewalk toward the Green Sheathe. He's unescorted as far as she can tell.
>He enters the pub.
>About twenty minutes later a few young boys with messenger bags come up the street from the other way and knock at the door. They are let in, and leave a little while later.
>This repeats itself a few times. About three hours after he entered, Swanson leaves and swaggers back up the street the way he came.
>Melico manages to shadow him all the way to the apartment building he calls home. It seems he lives in unit B9 on the third floor (the "a" units count up the other side of the building) It's a cramped, one bedroom unit
>His apartment is not nearly as dapper as his dress would imply. The one bedroom unit is covered in yellowed, peeling wallpaper and is sparsely furnished. On the floor next to the rickety table in the multipurpose kitchen-dining-living room, is a one foot by one foot by six inch tall tray filled with shiny objects. Watches, rings, necklaces, broaches, etc.
Melico crit succeeded on this check I'm pretty sure. She basically got everything but his SSN.
>After taking off his outerware, he fishes a small bag out of one pocket and tosses it into the tray, then goes to brush his teeth, not bothering to close his bathroom door. Then he changes into a pair of stripped pajamas and climbs into bed.
>Melico continues to watch the man for another hour. With no further activity, she makes her way back to the library under the cover of night. Once there, she writes down all she has found regarding the man and slides the note under Coleo's door before returning to spy on the apartment.
Sorry for kinda baiting you, anon. I'm actually just about to get into it.

>Mr. Swanson exercises after he gets up, performs his morning routine, checks his mail, works at some ledgers, types up a few pages, then leaves his apartment. Melico follows him while he recieves and then distributes papers to his employees. He seems quite good at motivating them and finds their puerile humor entertaining so long as it doesn't interfere with work. Some of the children are slow to leave. He speaks with them separately and hands cash to most of them before they go. The two who didn't receive any money get a stern talking to before being sent off.
>After that he visits the offices of the newspaper, checks up on his runners, gives them their cut for their legitimate work, then orders those who stay off to other tasks.
>He then goes home, picks up an earmarked page in the bible on his table, sorts the shiny objects he's acquired then types up a letter and posts it.
>After that he takes a stroll around town for a few hours, discreetly running his little army. It seems the kids know where will be and when, then checks his mail, eats supper, and heads down to the pub. Three hours later he returns home and goes to bed.
>Melico again waits for an hour to verify Swanson does nothing else before returning to the library. Instead of noting things down and heading back, she stays in her room, intent on sharing everything she knows with Imp and Coleo the next day.

>The three convene in the morning over Coleo's breakfast.
>Clara identified Swanson as the one in charge of running information for Mr. Black, the anonymous man currently working with Suzie.
>Obviously this means something must be done about him if he represents Suzie's eyes and ears in the city.
>There's the obvious option of killing him, although that's quickly discounted. Aside from Coleo's own moral objections, there's the concern it would bee too blatant; the last thing they want is Suzie or Mr. Black seriously going to ground and getting out from under them.
>No, it would need to look unrelated to the incident at the Library. Like he got caught out in a scheme.
>The premise is simple enough; they hang him by his paperboy pickpocket scheme.
>How though? It doesn't seem likely any of the boys would talk. Not without a substantial bribe that the group can't provide (and Coleo makes it clear that harsher persuasion is out of the question).
>Of course, if he got caught red-handed with something unique...
>Coleo doesn't own any jewelry. But it occurs to her that Cersei has a fairly unique bracelet, something her parents could easily identify as hers without having to be directly involved in a scheme. If Cersei could be brought on board, she might be willing to use it as bait for Swanson.
>A plan starts coming together.
>Assuming Coleo can convince Cersei, it should be simple enough for them to plant the bracelet and report it stolen. Swanson is already sitting on so many stolen goods it wouldn't matter if he couldn't account for the one.
>Melico offers a slightly different tack before they can all get carried away; Swanson trades in information, which is something the group is awful light on at the moment.
>Once he's in police custody he'll be practically impossible to reach again. Or rather, impossible to reach without alerting Windsor through his friendship with the chief of police. So far Coleo has succeeded in keeping their scabbering through town mostly secret from her father, and would rather he not be involved further.
>So if they're going to get info from Swanson, it needs to be before they get him locked up.
>Melico outlines this part of the plan in short order; Swanson will likely be receptive to a bribe. He loves treasure. The fact he keeps his own small dragon's hoard of jewels and gold is clear enough evidence of that.
>Melico is also confident he doesn't catalog it.
>So instead of simply sneaking into his place and depositing Cersei's bracelet, she poses the idea of making off with a handful of Swanson's own stolen property; enough to form a particularly large bribe but not so much he would notice its absence on returning to his home. Cersei's bracelet can be planted in the bribe, and Melico can use it to buy information off of him while Coleo and Cersei are getting ready to report the bracelet stolen.
>If they time everything right, Swanson should be caught with the stolen property in his possession after Melico is well away.
>The plan is more complicated than Coleo would like, but Melico is confident enough to convince her. She goes off to speak with Cersei and Denver on it.
The following day:
>Children without minders or jobs, couriers, and derelicts with nowhere to be move through the early afternoon autumn chill. Everyone else has been summoned away for the daily labors.
>Cersei and Coleo walk side-by-side as they approach Swanson's dilapidated, angular apartment building. The spotty lawn compliments the stained brickwork. The door is even more weathered and abused than the abandoned tenements on Ninth street, but people actually live here.
>Denver and Imp have set up in a nearby alleyway, on watch for Swanson or maybe one of his boys. Melico has set up across the street, on the roof she scoped out Swanson's place from before.
Is the Anti-Tank Gun a good part? It deals a lot of damage, but it's expensive. What's a good way to work around that?
>Coleo shuffles her little sheaf of pamphlets, looking up and down the street as they approach the doors to the apartment building. She consciously avoids making direct eye contact with Denver as she scans (not that anyone would notice, with her multitude of pupils). She looks over to Cersei, holding up her papers and smiling warmly. "All ready to get started?"
>Cersei looks away from watching a trio of drunks stumbling down the opposite side of the road, being followed by what is obviously a pickpocket. She nods. "Yes." She nods again and checks the folder of pamphlets (and tools) she has under one arm. "Right. Let's go." She pulls the front door open.
>Entering the foyer, the floor is... sticky.
>Cersei shudders as her shoes make those terrible, sharp snaps as they make and break adhesion on the floor.
>The yellowed ceiling plaster is cracked in places, but at least it's intact. The mailboxes are all worn and scratched but also intact.
>The inner door is scuffed around foot to knee level, but opens easily enough. Coleo is mildly surprised it isn't locked. The carpet down the main hall is stained and the hall smells almost offensively musty. With about a quarter of the lamps out or partially disassembled, its not even particularly well lit.
>All six apartment doors on this floor are shut.
>Coleo's outward demeanor doesn't falter, although she's suddenly very glad that she doesn't have proper pads for feet. She pointedly ignores the 'po-po-po-po' sound her tip-toes make as she begins to move down the hall. She stops at the first door on the right and knocks on the first door on the right, marked A1.
>Cersei moves to cover the other side.
>"SOD OFF!" comes the responce to Cersei's knock on B1.
>Coleo's knock receives no answer.
>Coleo simply leans down and slides her pamphlet under the door before moving to the second. As her and Cersei move she jokes "It sounds like somebody has a late fee~" in a sing-song whisper.
File: Req.png (114 KB, 265x474)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
It's a big gun that you can't hide from without getting on top of the user.
It works. If you're playing Requiem then there isn't really anything else at that tier worth getting except for Undead Gun, so you're essentially choosing between smacking some dude for five damage from across the map or picking up a street sweeper to deal with Legions and smaller Horrors.
>it's expensive. What's a good way to work around that?
Basically every Shooting part benefits greatly from Lullaby. ATR isn't any different. The fact that it relies on flat damage also means that you can boost it up to 6 using Instrument of Evil. This also stacks with Drama of Death (which you're usually in a position to capitalize on if you can manage to sync counts with your party).

It's kinda finicky to build around but you can do it. I think I see it discussed around here as more of a supplemental option for other gun builds though.
File: image.jpg (126 KB, 800x600)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>Cersei laughs as she stoops to slide the pamphlet under and move on.
>The rest of the the apartments are silent on the first two floors save for B5, where there is rapid skittering followed by the door thumping loudly in it's frame.
>Cersei starts at the violent movement and sound of the door.
>"Ow......" comes a plaintive sound from beyond the door. And then, "Whoever you are you can't come in," says a high pitched voice on the other side.
>"That's fine. Just please give this to your parents when they get home." The pamphlet is nearly torn out of Cersei's hand the moment a the first bit of it disappears under the door.
>There is a skittering that retreats then moves laterally. "We got a letter! I'll read it to you." Coleo and Cersei can hear a partial recitation of the pamphlet. "and... I don't know what this word means..." then it continues.
>Melico can see the juvenile centipede rush over to the door, lose traction and slam into it, then a few moments later rush back and begin to... apparently begin to read to the egg she's been watching.
>'Must be Coleo and Cersie,' she thinks to herself. Melico looks through the windows of the other rooms, trying to follow whatever shadows she can see being cast from the building's interior hall. 'Looks like they're half way there.'
>Coleo giggles as the two of them continue down the hallway. "It sounds like she's still getting used to all her feet." She looks a little nostalgic. "I wonder who she's reading too."
>Cersei stifles a giggle of her own. "Perhaps a doll, or a maybe sibling."
>As the two of them land on the third floor they find the hall empty like the rest, though at least all the lamps work so it's properly lit.
>What's less pleasant is the smell of the halls below rising to collect in this one.
>Coleo manages to only rumple her nose a little at the stench. She motions towards Swanson's door an wordlessly holds out a hand for her lockpicking tools.
>Cersei looks around, then again. Then passes her folder to Coleo while taking Coleo's pamphlets for herself. "Should I stay up here or watch for people coming up the stairs?" she whispers.
>Coleo takes the tools and removes her prybar, rake, and a small picking hook. "Listen for the stairs and tap me on the shoulder if you hear anyone. This shouldn't take too long." She remains perfectly upright as two of her hands go to work on the door, putting tension on the lock with the prybar before hitting it with a simple raking attack to start.
>Cersei's only just reached the threshold of the stairs when the lock pops open.
>Coleo raises her eyebrows in mild surprise. "Wow these locks are cheap," she mumbles under her breath as she pads into the room. She pokes her upper body through the doorway, swinging her head left and right to scan the apartment.
>She tiptoes into the room, eyes swirling as she tries to scan every angle at once. But it's not hard for her to find their target; it's sitting right out in the open on the table, just like Melico said. Coleo slides a hand under the tail of her jacket, pulling a large burlap sack out from it's spot against her trunk. She uses her other five hands to, as quietly as possible, shovel the goods into the bag, doing everything she can to minimize clinking and rustling.
>The door squeaks as it swings then gently shuts behind her.
>Coleo tenses as she hears the door, her head whips around to check the noise, eyes wide with barely contained panic. She turns just in time to see the pamphlet slide under the door.
>"Who're you?" a muffled and unfamiliar voice comes from the hall.
>Cersei replies full of a convincing approximation of cheer. "Hello sir, I'm here on behalf of the Great Library. Due to the recent fire our services have been slowed some what. This pamphlet contains everything you need to know in regard to checkouts and returns."
>"Yeah that's uhhh terrible shame that." The voice gets close to Cersei's, then passes, and there is a the thumping of stairs.
>"HEY JERRY! GET GLAZED!" comes a loud shout from a new voice, loud enough to make Coleo jump.
>"Yeah! Sure!" the voice descending the stairs yells back. Then the thumping down the stairs continues, before slowly fading out below.
>As the noise moves past the door Coleo's shoulders relax, and she lets out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. She hurriedly stuffs the remaining contraband in her bag, still being careful not to disturb anything else, before tiptoeing back to the door and checking the peephole.
>Not seeing anyone, gently turns the door handle, poking her head out into the hallway, turning this way and that to scan the hall.
>Cersei is finishing up pamphlet delivery. She turns and comes back to Coleo quickly. "Got it?" she whispers, clearly nervous.
>Coleo can see room A8 hanging open on the far end of the hall. She can hear a man inside laughing to himself.
>Coleo pointedly looks at the door to A8 as she slithers out into the hall, making sure to lock the door and close it behind her. She points to portal questioningly.
>Cersei only shrugs dismissively.
>Coleo shrugs. "Well, we're finished anyway. Let's get going." She starts moving up the stairs toward the roof.
>The roof access has a lock, but it's not even engaged. Coleo shoves the door open.
>The wind nips at her nose as the two of them step out onto the roof. Water vapor wafts out of some of the vent pipes rising from the floor.
>There's a horrible shriek on the wind. Blood curdling sobbing in a masculine range echoes up from the ally along he long side of the building.
I forgot how much of a jumble the notes for this section were. Unfortunately I have to leave you gents on a cliffhangar and go to bed.
Anti tank rifle is not only strong, it does it without relying on negateable special properties like explosive or dismember.

Also it has the longest max range in the game, and a shorter minimum range than sniper rifle.

So as long as you have a lot of AP and some supports you can reliably chunk things from almost anywhere on the map so long as they don't get into melee range with you.

It's a boring but dependable and powerful weapon.
The 4 most common "gunner doll" weapon pairings that I see are

AT Rifle + Shotgun
AT Rifle + BearGun
Sniper Rifle + Shotgun
Sniper Rifle + BearGun
Melico doing spec ops shit.
>Is anti-tank rifle a good part?
Kind of. Its best niche is whalloping a savant from far away since they'll typically either lose something important or burn a lot of defends, opening them up for the nerds with explosive/dismember. The main problem is that Requiem/Requiem with it has you sitting so far away that your sisters can't help you and any GM worth his salt can figure out how to bully those that hide in the back. It also scales poorly compared to its contemporaries. Great Knife and Lawnmower have an easier time upping their damage/attack check and attacks with Dismember/explosive hit harder on crits (and will likely have a higher attack check due to not needing lullaby) so they can delete horrors easier.
>I think I see it discussed around here as more of a supplemental option for other gun builds though.
Yeah, because shotgun is the workhorse weapon that lets you mostly keep up with other builds unless they're optimizing pretty damn hard. Shooting lacks a generalist weapon like Superior Katana at T3 and that's before you factoring in the obligatory shit that buffs it. That's not to say shooting is bad, per se, you'll just fall behind unless you figure out ways to diversify which runs contrary to sitting at Range 3 where you're out of range of 95% of maneuvers.
That said "I can hit you hard and you can't hit me at all" is a pretty great power to have and makes supporting sisters anywhere on the map easier.
File: PortFColor.png (201 KB, 581x781)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
>Sniper Rifle + BearGun
This was what Melico actually wound up running for most of the game, funnily enough. IIRC the player figured out he could declare Rapids in response to his own manuevers, so he would shoot something with Bear Gun then declare a Rapid in response to that and fire off ATR. I forget what he was using to declare ATR as Rapid; I think he may have refluffed
Extra Arms. With Instrument of Evil that's ten damage, and he was usually making sure to wait until Imp slapped something to proc Drama of Death to make it twelve.

There was more than one engagement where Melico just made something evaporate on the opening Count, although it took a little while for her to get together the Favor.

I do kind of wonder what a generalist T3 gun would even look like outside of the two current choices. Shooting doesn't benefit as much from Chain Attack since you can't add a flat damage bonus, an Explosive competes a bit with Undead Gun, and Dismember already has oodles of options in that tier, they just arent Shooting. Shotgun is just kind of Shooting's workhorse, like you said.
File: 1667489127715051.png (2.87 MB, 1897x1728)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
>>Sniper Rifle + BearGun
I meant to quote ATR + Bear Gun. I don't think Melico ever actually picked up Sniper.
Oh well, I guess.
Is Melico winking or missing an eye in that drawing?
File: 20220623_215823.jpg (166 KB, 1512x2016)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
That's actually Port, my first Nechronica PC. I didn't happen to have another pic of an anime girl with a massive gun so I posted what I had on hand. Port also happened to use ATR, although if I built her again today she would probably wind up being pretty different. She'd have kept her shotgun all campaign long, for one.

Port's got both eyes, although the one she's winking does have iris damage.
It was pretty damned effective in one battle I've played in. I had that plus Kungfu, First Aid Kit, and Shotgun. The slow action economy compared to everyone else makes me think I could expect some problems with different enemy arrangements in the future. Maybe I should pick up some additional parts?
If you pick up Lullaby then Shotgun will usually out-perform ATR within Range 1 over the course of longer fights.
Shotgun being able to attack every count makes it slightly more Damage/AP efficient than ATR (6 damage for 3 AP vs. 5 for 3) and the Explosive modifier let's you go all-in on a crit if you happen to roll high at an opportune moment. Shotgun dealing 1 + Explosive also means you're less likely to waste damage into a location with only 2 or 3 parts left. Shotgun also has crazy good synergy with Drama of Death, which brings it up to 4 damage per AP spent if you can synch up with a party member.

tl;dr is that shotgun is 'just good.'
ATR isn't bad, and easily the best shooting part for reaching out over distance, but Shotgun is easily the easiest Shooting part to boost to high power since Lullaby puts it down to 1 AP
File: 1646963499554.png (555 KB, 1810x1604)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
Spiders for hands.
Leaf springs for feet.
Mason jars for ears.
>Mason jars for ears
Fill them with pickled cauliflower and go for an Unarmed build for extra memes besides it just being weird.
Why is Ball and Chain so much better than Hand Grenade?
entangle special effect
wait wrong system

anyway it's got a good cost to efficiency ratio
>Why is [almost any melee part] so much better than Hand Grenade?
Blast weapons are just generally not good. Or at least Molotov and Grenade aren't. Flamethrower is efficient if you refuse to take attack-specific bonuses and are playing Stacy, and Rocket Launcher can work as a 'let me just dump all these Supports' once per round, but I've never seen a time where Molotov or Hand Grenade are ever worth picking up. You'd have to be a Requiem on your third trip through the ARM tree or something.

Blast weapons at base seem to mostly have utility for Stacies who didn't have the bonus favor required to spec into the other weapon types. You can take Made to be Broken as your +1 to attack skill and be pretty comfortable using Flamethrower, which is as AP effecient as Shotgun + Lullaby without having to take shooting skills but with the minus that you have to keep hitting your chains (though if you miss the second hit its still basically just Shotgun). Problem is that the only other way to improve Blast attacks is with Concentration, and then that's basically it.

tl;dr, Blast seems to favor utility-based dolls in a low favor game. When you start getting past that it gets outpaced and really only has a place on dolls with basically just utility skills.
Also, FWIW, Ball and Chain is just generally a pretty strong part. A Thanatos can stunlock a bad guy with it if they're lucky enough, and using Calamity to Stagger an entire zone is always powerful.
If you're going Melee then Ball and Chain is rarely ever bad. Stagger is a pretty powerful property.
>Molotov isn't good.
It's a sleeper hit. The best doll for blast attacks is ironically a Stacy/Thanatos (before we bring fanworks into it). For a T1 part, Molotov is absolutely brutal if you can overcome the -1, and it's slightly easier to work Drama of Death with then Shotgun. Flamethrower is arguably the one that comes up short (but even then is still decent) since you're trading away the ability to expand your repertoire with Dynamite or Rocket Launcher for a +1 to hit (Katana -> Superior Katana, for example, gets +1 to hit and +1 to damage for going from T1 to T3). Dynamite is also an excellent part that will keep up since a crit on that thing will delete entire zones and more favor means more supports for the nuke.
>>86668418 >>86668610 >>86667588 >>86669854
Thank you for collectivly giving such an informative answer supplemented with useful related information.
Eh... you make a compelling post anon, I'll give you that (which I say with more sencerity than pic related probably implies). I'm still not totally convinced it has much advantage over the more straight forward builds for the other attack types but I'm also >>86617676 and do have a vested interest in putting together a good Blast build, so I'll take your advice to heart and try running some numbers and see what I get. At the very least you raise a good point with Thanatos, since Judgement gives you a free 'fuck you' per round and that's something attacks like Rocket Launcher can really exploit.
File: Styling Dragon.jpg (136 KB, 910x1098)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>IIRC there was even an anon who went through the book and renamed all the parts so he could trick his group into playing it in a mecha campaign.

Can I get the link for this?
I'm not sure it was ever actually linked anon, sorry. I just remember it being talked about.
File: Siegward.jpg (36 KB, 499x285)
36 KB
Trying my hand at putting together a starting build that would eventually turn into >>86617676. Would appreciate any feedback (spring boarding off the advice in >>86669854)
I think Junk? I sort of want Automaton for Prisoner in Limbo but Follow is a baller of a skill, along with Damaged Goods. I also like the idea of being able to specialize a little bit more depending on where I normally wind up spending time in battle.

I think Thanatos/Stacy
Pick up Drama of Death and Dead on Target from Thanny, with Judgement on the to-buy list. Grab MTTB from Stacy. Corpsestyle and Unfazed seem like likely buys for later.

Pick up Molotov and... Metal Case with the starting Arms? It's Case or Boost I think. Starting Mut is Heart, and the piece from Enh is probably Armor Skin. I'd spend my free point on getting Rocket Launcher.

After that, I don't have much of a plan. I'd want to get Extra Head ASAP since the doll has two heads. I think I could justify dumping twenty favor towards it and grab Extra Arm on the way. I guess the parts I'd get after what would be Scope and Cyborg from the ENH tree?

I think this mostly makes sense.
Why do you want a once per turn explosion negation?
20 favor is a lot.
However at least Extra Arms is a part that is ALWAYS good.
File: 1646329699437.jpg (347 KB, 1133x1600)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Mostly just to have an extra Defend; I generally like to play tanky characters. Explosion negation would be a nice bonus just in case as well. Obviously Boost is great but having Armored Skin as my only Defend to start skeeves me out.

Twenty favor is pretty attainable I think; in most of my other games we'd usually wind up getting at least one part per combat even in the early game. And it's two impactful parts to boot; like you said, Extra Arm is just a really dependable utility.
isn't this game from a doujin
It probably has one.
Are you also the wobbie in /btg/?
no. sorry for the tripfagging
So did anyone else play this week? You guys have any interesting happenings?

My party had to delve into a haunted forest to try and save some people and we almost got stuck running I'm circles. We had to keep a map of where we'd been and which pathways would cause us to loop around into places we'd been already.

We almost got half the party teleported to the other side or the known map, and then the forest's curse almost got us, but things wound up working out thanks to one PC's eidactic memory and a few good Action checks.
Not in a game of this system at the moment.
File: Swanson appartments map 1.png (561 KB, 3474x2085)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
The GM provided me with a map of Swanson's apartment block if anyone would like a visual reference.
>Denver and Imp settle in in the alley way as they watch Cersei and Coleo enter the apartment across the street.
>It smells like filth and urine in the alley, There is a snoring pile of rags nearby, otherwise the two of them are currently alone.
>Imp fiddles with the handles of her chainsaw, eyeing the snoring bundle suspiciously, and generally trying to stay aware of her surroundings while she waits.
>Denver stays busy watching the street.
>"Nnnngh put it all on number six." the pile mumbles between snores
>Melico is currently doing her best to track Coleo's progress through the building; she can see the centipede child in room A1 scurry toward the door, then retreat back to the egg she's watching. 'That must be her now.'
>Out of the corner of her eye, Melico spots a particularly filthy man turn off the sidewalk and stumble into Imp and Denver's alley.
>She attempts to signal to Denver, using her scope to reflect light in his direction.
>He doesn't appear to notice, but only because the man has started shouting something incoherent and drawn Denver's attention already.
>"Graaaaaaaaaaaa! nshabll-Faaaaack!" Inarticulate bellowing echos down the narrow urban canyon as a man in a terribly stained once-white-now-yellow-with-interesting-brown-bits shirt and still-mostly-grey trousers, with a frayed plaid blanket draped over his shoulders turns the corner.
>He shambles down the alley toward Imp, his eyes locked on the snoring pile of rags
>Imp's eyes narrow and she tenses, ready to spring forward and eliminate the threat.
>'Don't let anyone see you.'
>-but the task at hand makes her pause. She wasn't supposed to be spotted here. But the man was a danger. The pile was *in* danger.
>Clenching her fists, Imp steps back behind the corner, eyes locked onto the drunk, like a cat eyeing a bird beyond the window.
>The shambling man grows closer, yelling with a rising fury and frustration at the pile of rags. Who starts to snort and shift.
>Then Denver pops into view behind him
>Imp tenses once again. Her chainsaw is loud, and she doesn't want blood on her hands or clothes, so she looks around.
>Spying a broken brick, she picks it up, hefts it, and - allowing her chainsaw to swing onto its strap - readies herself to leap to Denver's aid if it's necessary.
>The pile of rags has turned over and is mumbling irritably up at the raging man.
>Denver tiptoes closer and leans to the side, checking and seeing Imp, he looks at her questioningly and shrugs.
>Imp cocks her head and shrugs back, lifting her brick into view.
>Denver seems to think about it. Then holds up a hand to ask her to hold on that option.
>The filthy man lifts up a foot to stomp on the man in the rags, but is thrown off balance and winds up stomping the concrete as Denver tries to shove past him, but instead is sent sprawling to the ground.
>"Whu-ddafuck?" The pile of rags questions in half aware befuddlement while the filthy man wheels on Denver, screaming down at him and waving his arms around.
>As Denver goes down, Imp hefts her brick, tosses it into the air in contemplation, and then fastballs it at the man.
>She's aiming for his head, but, fortunately? for him, Imp is not used to throwing things to attack, so she hits the small of his back instead. Explosively.
>The man collapses and the brick bounces away into the wall of the alley. It's hard to say for certain what broke, but Imp is pretty sure he just lost the use of his spine... and it actually made him fall over.
>'These people are so weird,' she thinks, backing around the corner to try to keep them from getting a good view of her, with the assumption Denver will be able to resolve things from here.
>Denver and the rag man both scramble backwards and stumble to their feet as the screaming man collapses and his bellowing rage turns into scratchy blood curling sobbing screams.
>The rag encased man runs out toward the street. Denver runs around the corner behind Imp and keeps going till he's back on the sidewalk, he then sidles down back toward his corner.
>Imp retreats further down the alley, toward Denver.
>Seeing Denver quaking visibly on the street corner, Melico makes her way to the back of her building. 'Something isn't right. It was that man that went into the alley earlier.' She descends from the roof and makes her way through the back alley toward the street. 'The fact that he went back probably means Imp is fine too.' She shakes her head as she makes her way to the alley. Denver came from, 'But the drunk may very well be in pieces.'
>Coleo locks up immediately as the scream carries through the air. "Blazes," she breathes as she un-freezes and moves to the edge of the roof to look down into the alleyway. "What on earth is going on down there?" She says more to herself than anyone else.
>Imp is standing below, dusting her hands off. Looking up, she sees Coleo peering down and waves, then points to her hand and cocks her head.
>Cersei just kind of silently stares over the edge as the screaming echoes in her head.
>Coleo blinks, then looks to Cersei. "Let's make the drop and get you down to the police station. Do you have the bracelet?"
>"What? Yes. Yes. Of course." She pulls the wide gold bracelet out of her pocket and drops it into the bag. "Of course."
>She puts a hand on Coleo's shoulder. "Let's leave."
>Coleo leans over the edge of the roof, makes sure she has Imp's eye, and then drops the bag as soon as Imp is ready. She takes Cersei by the shoulders and begins to usher her down the stairs. "Don't panic," she whispers as she walks. "If he can scream then the docs can still piece him back together no problem. It's probably just something that just hurts like the blazes."
>"I know I know, it's- nevermind. We've got a job to do so let's do it." Cersei forces herself upright and shifts from skittering to taking the steps with a practiced grace.
>"Right." She fishes her watch our of her dress and checks it. With a tone of confident satisfaction she says. "Well, we finished making our deliveries early, how about we get some ice cream?"
>As they leave the building, they pass Jerry coming back in with a platter of freshly fried donuts.
>Melico makes her way down the alley toward Imp. "Imp, do you have the items?" She looks over Imp's shoulder toward the sound of agony and suffering. "What is that screaming?"
>Imp is moving to catch the bag as Melico suddenly appears and asks her question, causing Imp to flub her catch.
>The bag of jewelry and other goods slams into her head.
>Fortunately, Imp manages to break its fall some with her arms on its way down, so it doesn't actually hurt her. Not in any way that matters. "...do now." She deadpans, angling the bag into her arms and making her way briskly toward Melico. "A man was about to stomp Denver's head in. I threw a brick at him. We should go... I don't think he saw me. It hit his back. I didn't step over and end him... but he was going to hurt Denver, so..."
>She looks worried she messed up.
>Melico hides a wince as the bag of loot impacts with Imp's face, but she turns and falls in stride with her as they make their way toward the street.

Fun fact; Jerry was actually Denver's asshole chimney sweep boss. I think this was the only time we 'met' him in-game.
>"I see. It's a shame he can still make noise, but I didn't see any officers on the way here, so we have a fair lead. It's good he didn't see you." She pauses at the main road and looks around for any sign of activity that might indicate trouble.
>"Looks like things are clear. Let's go." Melico starts to walk down the road toward Denver. "Things are going well all things considered. Let's hope we don't encounter any other obstacles."
>Imp shifts, not wanting to talk about what happened on the street. "...not very quiet, though."
>Denver comes hustling down the sidewalk as they approach. His voice shakes just a little "R-right. Soooo we ready to go?" he asks after coming to a stop in front of them.
>Melico continues to walk past him, "Keep moving, we need to get to Swanson before Coleo and Cersei make it to the police."
>The group makes their way down the road toward the area Swanson was frequenting yesterday.
>The non-navigable section of Humbourg's riverside is a sharp contrast to it's filthy industrial counterpart. Slate paved paths, wrought iron fences and clock posts, gazebos and gardens and young, beautiful trees. Shops, cafes, and even an art gallery or two occupying the first floors of the many buildings.
>The scents of flowers pollen and delicious foods mix with the smells compete with the smells of light urban filth. people stroll about, well to do children are escorted by their nannies, and a smattering of the elderly fish or play board games.
>They find Mr. Swanson strolling with his limping swagger upriver. His cane regularly clacking on slate.
>Denver rolls his shoulders and wrinkles his nose, feeling a bit out of place and under dressed, though truly a sweep is as needed here as anywhere else.
>Melico stops a ways away from Mr. Swanson, but still keeps him within view. She turns toward Imp and Denver, "How do we want to approach this? Any questions you feel we should go over before approaching him?"
>"What do we do if he tries to run?" Denver asks as he adjusts the weight of the bag over his shoulder.
>"Usually, if my target runs away I just scare them into stopping." Imp shrugs.
>Melico speaks up, "I'm sure either you or Imp could catch him should that happen. I don't see him moving very quickly." She glances over to Swanson and eyes his pronounced limp.
>Imp is more skeptical of that, but holds her peace, "Then we should try and see what happens."
>"Right. Ok." Denver nods, then looks at Imp. "Wait how's that work?"
>Imp shrugs. "I'm just scary, I guess."
>"Alright." Melico turns back to the other two, "I'll talk to him and see if he'll follow us someplace less overt. Stay here until I motion you to follow or until he tries to run."
>Melico steps from the alley and makes her way along the main road toward Swanson. She does her best to hide the fact that she's heading for him, but finds it difficult given the lack of other people on the street.
>As she reaches the man, Melico slows her pace to fall in line with Swanson's. "Hello Mr. Swanson, do you have a moment to chat?" Though she addresses him, she continues to face forward.
>He turns and looks down at the voice adressing him "Why certainly young lady." He pivots and begins to move toward a food stand near the sidewalk. He blinks as he seems to notice what he's looking at.
>"My what an interesting sense of fashion you have."
I think Melico was in her ushanka and military gear for most of her stay in Humborg. She made an odd character for most people.
>"How kind of you to notice." Her tone is curt and flat. "I'll be direct, Mr. Swanson, I'd like to speak to you regarding some of the recent events in the town. I'm sure you are aware of the current state of the library."
>He puts his free hand to his chest and his face takes on a look of dignified worry "I saw the glow and heard the siren's from my neighborhood. Thank god no-one died. Did you hear about the courageous girls who saved a team of firefighters?"
>As they traverse the park, the smells and sounds of dough frying in oil rise as they approach the stand. A middle aged man in an apron with a flatcap and push broom moustache is manning the stand. He smiles as they both approach.
>"One for me, and one for the young lady please." Swanson says holding up two fingers before going to fish currency from a pocket.
>"One for the gentleman," The man leans over and extends his arm with a smile. "And one for the growing young lady." The warm and oily half moon of warm deliciousness approaches Melico.
>Something pulls at the edge of Melico's mind as the man offers her the food. The shape, the smell... it seems so... familiar. It seems so... comforting? But it's different somehow. This is something else, or at least it's like something else. What was it? The thoughts that come up are hazy, clouded memories that avoid capture. A street, a man, the sound of many people. Nothing solidifies, leaving her confused and cautious.
>Something is not right. But... why? It's so... familiar. How could it be wrong?
>Somehow the confection is in her hand.
>"I... um... Thank you." She blinks the fog from her eyes.
>Keep focused. Focus on now. Don't think about it.
>She turns back to Mr. Swanson, "I... came to talk to you about the library. Let's go sit down."
>"Yes. So you said." He moves and sets himself down on the park bench with a grunting sigh, then looks over to her. "What can your Uncle Swanson do for you?"
>His false courtesy brings Melico more to the present. "I would appreciate if you refrained from belittling me and demeaning yourself by calling yourself 'Uncle'. I understand you would normally conduct your more clandestine activities at the Green Sheath, but I'm a bit pressed for time." She sits on the opposite end of the bench, still holding her pasty.
>He put's on a smile that exposes teeth but no warmth. "My my, aren't you well informed. How did you know that?"
>"I don't believe that's what we're here to discuss. I'm looking for more information and I gather you are the one who can provide it. I have an offer in exchange, but whether or not I make it relies heavily on how connected you really are."
>Swanson snorts derrisively. "I know plenty, but information isn't free, just ask any university." What could *you* have that's worth my while?"
>"I believe we may be able to come to an arrangement." Melico stands and looks toward the alley where Imp and Denver wait.
>There's... activity she didn't expect. Imp is moving oddly and Denver appears to be fussing over her for some reason.
>Melico's brow furrows as she spots Imp's arm. What is... Something isn't right. She turns back toward Swanson, hiding the concern from her face. "I'll return in a moment with my colleagues. They've remained out of sight for subtlety's sake. I'm sure you understand."
>Swanson grins at her. A grin of puerile, mocking satisfaction at watching someone flounder around. "Sure, better hurry though, time is money."
>Imp watches as Melico approaches Swanson. Her and Denver can see Swanson's change in demeanor as the two of them begin talking.
>Abruptly, Imp feels an itching in her right forearm and a corresponding twitching of her ring and middle finger.
>Imp hums curiously, releasing her chainsaw to clasp her hands together
>The fingers in question writhe ever so slightly against their straight counterparts from the other hand
>"What'cha doin'?" Denver whispers
>"Breaking my fingers." Imp responds, twisting her other hand to snap the ornery fingers in question. She breaks both of them at the knuckle in one motion, leaving them hanging.
>Denver gags, then swallows. "Why? Why did you do that?" He squeaks.
>The fingers are still twitching, though now its more of a loosey-goosey thing since they aren't solidly anchored to the hand anymore. Beneath her sleeve there is a growing sense of tension in her right forearm and the itchiness grows.
>"I believe they were broken, so I broke them before they could break anything else." Imp explains, frowning as she moves her grip up to clutch at her right forearm.
>She feels the swell of your forearm contracting under the sleeve, like it's shrinking under the force of the growing tension.
>Denver sets the swagbag down. "That's- can I... help?"
>"It will pass, or I will be fixing both my arm and my fingers." Imp says calmly. "Pick the bag up, please. We all have our tasks."
>"Alright, sure." Denver says with a placating tone. He squats down and hefts the bag with a bit of urgency.
>As if waiting for their cue, Imp feels an itch begin to grow in her left forearm. There's a throb of pressure between the longbones of her left palm. It doesn't hurt but it's generates an unpleasant resistance as she tries to move the hand and the fingers attached to it.
>Imp hums again. "Step about a yard to the side, please."
>Denver backs up a couple steps. "Wh-Why?" He asks, sounding worried.
>"Just in case either of us needs to move quickly."
>The same compressing tension begins to build up in her left forearm. Her right feels like a bag of panicking worms as the muscles knot and writhe in the shrinking space, causing her hand to shudder, and her dangling broken fingers to jangle aimlessly.
>Imp is standing with one arm clutching the other. To the perceptive, they might look like they're twitching. Her right hand is open palmed and not grasping anything. She has a very purposefully neutral and focused expression on her face as she does what she can to endure the weirdness in her arms. They can't afford for her to tear them apart and replace them right now.
>"Imp? Imp? What's wrong? Do you need a doctor?" Denver asks.
>"I doubt he would be helpful. He was pretty useless when we met." Imp says, shaking her head. The man looked so smug. How dare he? Imp clenched her teeth, exhaling slowly. "Swanson's being rude."
>Hot indignant fire burns in Imp's chest as she sees that insufferable smug grin on his face.
>That grin that fucking smug superior grin on that demonic fucking face of hers.
>Imp's ulnas and radii lurch as they come loose of her elbow joints.
>Melico turns so that her revolver is plainly visible from Swanson's seated position. "You have an interesting way of speaking to your clients. I know more than just your favorite bar, Mr. Swanson. And I assure you," She rests her had against her sidearm as she speaks, a cold, harsh intonation creeping in, "this is more than a fashion statement."
>She sees Swanson's grin fade into a tight, nervous grimace as he leans back a bit at the sight of her revolver, though he stays in his seat. "I can see I've taken you a bit too lightly. Sorry about that. Please, by all means, go meet with your associates."
>Melico turns away from the man and makes her way to the alley. 'Why is Imp holding her arm? Where is Denver? Why are things going wrong now?'
>"...How are negotiations?" Imp asks as Melico nears, in the forcefully even tone of someone who is distinctly uncomfortable but working through it. "I saw you wiped that-" -Imp hisses, suppressing a lance of fury, "---expression off his face."
>"As well as we can hope so far." Melico frowns in concern as she looks at Imp's arms and fingers. "Why are your arms like that?" She catches sight of Denver further down the alley. "What's been happening?"
>Denver is standing about a yard from Imp, looking very worried.
>Imp's arms are bending a bit past straight, as though they are dislocated. There's a tremor in them, and her hand's seem to be struggling to move. Furthermore her ring and middle finger on her right hand are broken at the base segment.
>"They are breaking. I don't know why." Imp explains simply, "My forebones have dislocated themselves and are currently spreading apart. My muscles have contracted... I asked Denver to back away so that either of us could move freely if we need to."
>So that he wouldn't be in striking range if I lose control of them.
>"Initially, my fingers were the only problem. I broke them, to keep them from causing any accidents."
>Coleo savors the chocolate shavings she managed to get as her topping. The hint of bitterness goes nicely with the ice cream.
~Back to Imp and Melico~
>"Let me see your arms." Melico begins to pull out her first aid kit, "We'll need to be quick, I don't know if Mr. Swanson will remain patient." She moves to roll up Imp's sleeves.
>Imp allows it.
>Imp's forearms are significantly smaller than the last time Melico saw them, almost to a normal size though they are bloated near the base where she can see Imp's bones profiling against the skin. Speaking of skin, its coverage is now continuous, thin, but thickening as a visible rate to match Imp's natural skin thickness. Beneath the muscles are crawling and twitching.
As a recap; Imp was heavily damaged in the fight at the library. While she was putting herself back together, her hands went independent and rebuilt her arms with way, way more material than necessary; this was how we fluffed her acquiring Gauntlet. Imp's been hiding them in loose sleeves since
>"...Oh." Imp says, seeing the skin. "...I think they're just adapting the musculature. There's never been this drastic a discrepancy before, so... that could be why it's... like this."
>"Blimey. Uh..." Denver watches the behavior of imp's limbs.
>"Alright, at least it's nothing serious." Melico's tone is no longer tinged with worry, though the intensity is still present. "Denver, hold this." She hands Denver her pasty and reaches for some of the instruments from her kit. "I'm going to patch up your fingers and brace your arms a bit. That should help some."
>"Right." Denver, snapped back to the present, takes the pasty in his hand that isn't busy holding the sack.
>Melico begins to work, inserting metal surgical pins into Imp's arm, bracing the bones and muscles into place along the limb. The writhing of the muscles begins to quell as she works her way from the elbow onward, making her way to the hand and fingers. As she finishes, she prepares the materials necessary for a splint. She grasps Imp's hand and sets the broken bones with a sickening crack before applying the splint and bandaging the digits.
>"...Mr. Swanson." Imp reminds as Melico starts. "My arms will fix themselves. The mission..."
>Under Melico's careful ministrations Imp's finger's mend and her forearms finally settle down, puncutated with her ulnas and radii popping back into postion. The skin finishes thickening in, smooth over the calm surface of her forearms.
>"Right." Seeing Imp's arms settle, Melico begins to remove the pins, though leaves the splint on. She packs up the first aid kit and turns to look back to the main road. "I think we've kept Swanson waiting long enough. Everyone ready to do business?"
>"Or finish it, yes." Imp agrees, taking a breath and steeling herself for not murdering the smug old shit if she didn't have to.
>Denver makes a grim expression, then swallows. "Yeah, right. Let's get this done."
>"Let's move." Melico walks back into the main road and heads toward the bench where Swanson sits.
>Denver falls in behing Imp to follow Melico out of the alley walking tall to affect an air of confidence that wasn't there a moment ago.
>Swanson turns to face the approaching Melico, Imp, and Denver. A tight little frown on his face.
>"Apologies, it took a bit longer than expected." Melico motions to Denver to open the bag and reaches inside, pulling out the bracelet Cersei gave them. "I'm sure you'll find this agreeable." She sits on the opposite end of the bench and passes the bracelet to Swanson. "I hope your... laundry... meets your expectations, Mr. Swanson."
>Denver stands silently like a stonefaced thug as Melico works.
>Swanson's eyes lock into the golden metallic shine the moment it comes into view and follow it wherever it goes. He snatches it up from where Melico sets it down. He lifts it up in both hands and turns it over and over in his hands examining it from every angle. setting it down beside him where its not held up for anyone to see he looks over at the heavy sack.
>He dabs the corner of his mouth with a kerchif.
>"Very nice work, thank you for getting that turned around so quickly. Please, set it over here." He pats the place next to him on the bench. "Now. what is it you wanted to ask me?"
>Melico stands and takes the bag from Denver before returning to sit on the bench. However, she does not place the bag between them. "I think we can address the matter of compensation before making our exchange. Consider the first article a show of good faith before we ask our questions."
>That seems to take the stars out of his eyes, just a bit. "Ah, but what I offer cannot be taken back, and I can't exactly run off with what you offer given your, accessories, and company."
>"It also isn't tangible," Melico counters. "It's not like we can appraise it or verify its authenticity. You know the value of what we offer, we can only assume the value of what you have. I think it's a fair compromise to give us this concession."
>"A purveyor information lives on their reputation, so my future success hinges on me being forthright. So if you would, pass my laundry along and allow me to satisfy your curiosity."
>Melico glances from the bag of goods back to Swanson. "Alright." She places the bag between the two of them before patting her leg, motioning subtly to her revolver. "Like you said, it's not like you are going to run off."
>"I'm glad we understand each other." He says smiling broadly as he settles back into the backrest of the bench, fingers taping on head of his cane in a nervous motion. He waits for her questions.
>Imp is just standing there. Watching. Waiting. Trying not to think too hard about imagining ripping Swanson's teeth out.
>"Then let's begin." Melico says. "As I said earlier, we'd like some information regarding recent events. As you know, the library burned down and not by harmless means. You wouldn't happen to have any inclination as to who or what was involved, do you?"
>Swanson, shifts in his seat sitting up, flashing a confident smile. He brings his hands up to about chest level, and spreads them from a few inches to nearly chest width apart raising and lowering them slightly as though hefting something between them.
>"Now you didn't hear this from me of course."
>"But it *was* arson. Now, arson is often a crime that's meant to cover other crimes, this time it was murder, revenge you see, the one what did it had something near and dear taken from them." He leaves it there, waiting for Melico to continue her questioning.
>"What was his name - the arsonist?" Imp asks.
>He holds up a finger. "Ahhh." he smiles the smile of someone who loves holding secrets, and the power that comes from being able to ration them out. Though the shine of the petty joy is tarnished with an line of revulsion and a bit of disgust and fear. "It were a 'she', or it seemed. A real monster either way. Called herself "Suzie"."
>Melico nods as the man speaks. "Well, it seems you are being forthright. We'll assume you are already aware of both Ruth and Galena, as well as what happened to them." She speaks in a matter-of-fact tone, as if answering an unasked question. "Though that does bring us to our next question. Are you aware of Suzie's current status? As you said earlier, no one died, and her remains weren't found at the library."
>Swanson's distaste surfaces a bit more on his face as Melico continues.
>Imp notices something in the way his eyes narrow for just a moment that tells he wasn't aware of all of the specifics Melico hints at before answering her question.
>"Well." he clears his throat, and possibly swallows back some bile. "There was certainly something vaguely familiar about something I've seen twitching and growing in a jar of vinegar."
>Though not certain as to the exact cause, Melico makes mental note of the man's discomfort. "Interesting. Someone had to have... retrieved her... If she was in such poor condition. You wouldn't happen to have a clue as to who that might be, would you?"
>"Oh, that would be Alvin Roebuck, a no account thug. Lives in the blue boarding house out by the wall." He glances up at Imp then down at her chainsaw, then over at Denver, then back to Melico.
>"I see. That's very good to know. Is he one of your boys or was he contracted by Suzie's handler?" Melico glances over to Swanson, trying to read his face and gauge his reaction.
>He chuckles at the word ‘contracted’ “Ah, such formal talk for such a lowly man. The second of the two to answer your question.”
>"Really? I would assume he'd try and keep his net tight knit. Are you familiar with all his little helpers?"
>"I take it you aren't looking to ask them out to tea?"
>"Depends on how willing there are to have a chat." Melico looks back down the street, pausing to let the man answer her question.
>One of Denver's ears twitches and he looks to something past the bench Melico and Swanson are sitting at. Imp notices the boy almost the same time Denver does. They watch the child but neither makes a move to prevent the newcomer from approaching.
>Swanson grins a prideful, cynical grin at Melico, Imp and Denver. "Well it's my business to stay informed. But loyalty is such a fickle thing among men and women."
>Swanson's grin morphs into a more genial smile as he turns away from Melico, toward the boy approaching at a run. The boy skids to a stop, all sunny and confident. He thrusts an envelope out which Swanson takes. Swanson then fishes small bag out of his vest and hands it over to the boy who takes it, wide eyed, before turning and running off.
>Swanson turns back to Melico and the cynical grin is back. "That's why I work with those with those who aren't."
>Swanson continues on the track of the conversation as if it had never been interrupted. “’Suzie’s handler’ has been moving up in the world lately. He used to be a day laborer who moonlighted as a thug for better men. Now half the whole underworld is scared of him, the other half does what he says, or is bending over backwards to stay on his good side.”
>"Earl Weaver is the bogeyman's name by the way," He smugs, though the ego is tarnished with fear.
>"His 'inner circle' are mostly thugs and rotters he knew before he became somebody. Though he's begun to change them out for men of skill of merit. Though, unlike myself, most of them are well and truly under his thumb. Jonas Marconi has become his money manager. Edmund Samuels runs a variety of bloodsport. He used to give Weaver work, and has become one of his most trusted associates. Roger Camp suddenly found himself master of the the docs when Weaver killed the old one, but quickly realized he didn't have the time or inclination to run them himself. I, of course, have been finding my services greatly in demand. After that it's a swarm of the ambitious and foolhardy trying to find a place at the top for themselves when the dust settles."
>"I will say. With his personal monster indisposed, he has been looking for someone or something to stand in for the time being, though I have no idea what. He keeps it to himself and the wire service has been rather impossible about it."
>Melico looks back to Swanson, eyes narrowed in suspicion. "That's quite the detailed list. I take it you aren't a fan of this 'Earl'?"
>Imp continues staring him down, waiting for an excuse to act on her agitation.
>Swanson's smile positively radiates spite. "Well there's always something to be said for the predictable nature of lesser men, so long as they stay where they belong."
>Melico eyes him a moment longer before turning to face the street again. "Well, I suppose we have something we can agree upon then." She looks up at the sky, attempting to gauge how much time had passed since they first left Swanson's apartment.
>They should probably finish this up.
>She turns back to Swanson. "Your opinions being what they are, you wouldn't mind directing us to Mr. Weaver might be found, would you? I think we may like to pay him a visit."
>Swanson's happy surprise is only barely readable. "I think it's the least I can do, though I didn't tell you, of course. He has been spending most of his time lately at Samuel's 'arena'. Go to the irregularly rebuilt brick building near the corner of Collier and Priest. Knock on the cellar doors with the mismatched handles and," he snorts "Have a good plan to get in looking as you do, Edward is taking his personal protection seriously." He pauses for effect. "They are still holding events though."
Denver shudders just a bit.
>Swanson takes just a moment to favor Denver with a shit-eating grin of puerile delight in causing disgust and discomfort. Denver responds by mustering a stone-faced scowl.
>"That's very good to know." Melico stands and straightens her clothes a bit before turning to Swanson again. "I believe that is all for today, unless my compatriots have anything they'd like to ask?" She looks toward Imp and Denver.
>Imp's frown deepens as Swanson's grin widens. Her fists clench, but she is otherwise utterly still, much like a cat eyeing its prey. "...No. We should be done here."
>"And what kind of security is that?" Denver asks in a flat challenging tone.
>"Men with gun's I would imagine, dogs." Swanson chuckles "Maybe they've got a couple of bears chained outside his door."
>He sneers. "He's a *thug,* boy. When he feels threatened he will act like one, just with more means than he knows how to properly handle."
>Swanson stands up, and slings the bag over his shoulder, testing its weight and humming appreciatively. "Thank you so much again, I'll certainly remember you when I have need of laundry."
>"It was no trouble at all." Melico clasps her hands behind her back and turns to walk down the street. "Do be careful on the way back to your apartment, I've heard there are dangerous individuals about in the back streets. I hope to see you again after we finish our business with Mr. Weaver."
File: victorian-london.jpg (63 KB, 960x601)
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>"Godspeed and all that." Swanson nods in staged respectfulness and turns to head away.
>Melico, Denver, and Imp do the same and start off in the direction of the police station to meet Cersei and Coleo.
>Cersei is able to make her report to the police without incident.
>An anonymous note containing all the information from Swanson and Clara appears on the police Superintendent's desk.
>The party decides to keep the next stage of things hands-off. Imp and Melico will find a position nearby Samuel's arena and wait for the anticipated police raid; a prize this large would be terribly hard for the Johnnies to resist. The arsonist of the Great Library and the current head of most of the city's organized crime would make quite the haul.
>Melico and Imp won't get involved unless it looks like Weaver or Suzie might escape. They'll be present mostly as insurance.
>Coleo, Cersei, and Denver retire for the day. Cersei heads home to her parents' home while Denver comes back to the Library with Coleo. They could all use some rest after today.
Fin for now. You lads have a good night.
File: anchorman-will.gif (243 KB, 220x169)
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243 KB GIF
>>86687049 >>86687169
>"What'cha doin'?" Denver whispers
>"Breaking my fingers." Imp responds, twisting her other hand to snap the ornery fingers in question. She breaks both of them at the knuckle in one motion, leaving them hanging.
Yeh. Imp has/had pretty severe self image issues so when stuff doesn't cooperate she just goes the direct route on the offending limb. Although in this case her body was just trying to return to normal and not actually rebelling.
Are Denver and Suzie player characters or just NPCs? I swear the line is starting to blur with each passing storytime.
File: unknown.png (586 KB, 521x458)
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586 KB PNG
Fuck I meant Cersei. Coleo's friend.
File: 1.jpg_thumbnail0.jpg (483 KB, 800x1190)
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483 KB JPG
Denver and Cersei were prominent NPCs. The GM really liked playing out NPC interactions and, if we'd let him, I expect he would have had us running around with a small army of backup; I know several of the Jorgensons were statted for combat (Krag in particular had a Requiem shotgun build, and we know his wife had imported a Winchester 1887 as an anniversary gift earlier in the year). He also had a template he used for the police.

That worked just fine for me; I'll chew on scenery until the end of time. I know it bogged things down for Melico and Imp's players though and this was about the time they told the GM to kick things into gear because they were starting to lose interest.
While it is an inherently funny image to me, can you please explain why you posted an image of a cat yawning at a skeleton reclining on top of a bed?
>Roger Camp suddenly found himself master of the the docs when Weaver killed the old one

That's supposed to be the docks not the docs

Roger Camp is not the master of documents
The art looks familiar, is it the Monster Girl Encyclopedia artist?
>implying the reason he cant be fucked to run the docks isn't because he's too busy meticulously cataloging random bullshit
Though now that I type it out, running a dock is probably mostly cataloging random bullshit so that wouldn't make sense.
File: 13013365_0.jpg (45 KB, 630x630)
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NTA, but usually when people post yawning cats it's because they look like they're yelling/screaming. So that cat is probably (supposed to be) screaming at the skeleton.
what does the blood on the token mean?

Inspector gadget is the most durable doll ever.
Post sinister looking undead.
Forbidding people from recieving formal education is monstrous.
Legs are the best location for attack parts.
Always protect parts with location: Any in your legs.
This is just because crab legs and extra legs exists isn't it?
File: 1606792201828.png (50 KB, 860x860)
50 KB
In this case it was just to look spooky. She was one of the dolls the GM made for us to choose from for a short campaign. The premise was that we were all Dolls who had been staying on a farm with our godparents, but otherwise we were going in mostly blind.
Except for me, who was the designated 'traitor.' I was still going in pretty blind but I knew more than the other two players and knew that I had a vested interest in keeping them from escaping.

I storytimed it here if you'd like to read it. It's a fairly short read.
NTA but basically yes. Extra Legs makes 'protecting' parts in your legs really easy since you only need one actual part intact to prevent catastrophic failure, and Mutated Being pushes it completely over the edge if you've got Crab Legs.

There are other parts you can get which make protecting parts practical. Gauntlet + Quad Amputee will let you divert damage away from your arms, for example. Though I'm kinda sketchy on if Amputee is all that great to grab generally. It's fun fluff but Mut 3 has a lot of nice parts, Extra Legs included. I wonder if you wouldn't be safer if you picked up a couple Hinders instead.
Why thread long?
because undead yuri.
Because centipede has many legs, demon has many issues, and sniper has many jobs.
Dear God her hair is going to get caught and all those projections and mechanical joints.
Probably my last storytime posts for the thread. It's short scene between Melico and Denver. I was going to pastebin this one like I did for Coleo earlier but it's actually directly related to the memory fragment she got during the conversation with Swanson so the GM convinced me to post it up normally.

>--Just after handing the bag off to Swanson. Melico and Denver have pulled away a bit from Imp on the way to meet Coleo at the police station.--
>Melico comes to the other end of the nearest bridge and puts the river between herself and Swanson. Denver's steps beside her slow a moment then rebound back to resume their lost place.
>He looks over to extends a hand, holding her fried pastry in its paper wrap.
>"Ere's ya lunch back."
>Melico continues to walk as she glances back to Denver. "My what?" She looks down at his hand in brief confusion before she realizes that she had handed the pastry to him back in the alley. "Oh. Right. Uhm." She eyes the food suspiciously but holds her hand out and takes it none the less. "Thanks."
>She continues to walk, staring at the food but not taking a bite.
>Denver watches Melico for a second, then looks at the sandwhich more closely while he walks. "Is there something wrong with it? It's definitely good meat, they don't sell suspect meat around this part of town; they might make someone 'respectable' sick and get in trouble."
>"No, it's not that." Melico continues to stare at the sandwhich. Something about it pulls at her mind, bringing her away from quiet street they're walking down. Something familiar. Something warm. Something... familiar. She mumbles under her breath,"...It's not right somehow. What is this?"
>"It's a Cornish Pasty. It's meat an, vegables, and spread, and mushrooms inside a dough pouch that's fried up. the Crust is a handle so even if you've dirty working hands you can eat a clean meal." Denver wipes the drool of his mouth with a kerchief he fishes out with a very unpracticed gesture. It takes him a few tries to stuff it back into a pocket.
>He clears his throat. "Er'yeah."
>"Hmm..." Melico frowns and nearly scowls at the pastry.
>Cornish pasty?
>It wasn't right somehow. Something echos in her mind, a faint call the causes the city to waver somewhat. To fade. Memories surface and swim across her mind as she tries to dig something out from a time long discarded.
>Melico's eyes seem to clear as she stares at the food with recognition.
>Denver blinks once, twice. "C'mon. Down the hatch. Gotta eat right if you wanna keep your strength up and put inches on yeah?"
>You've got to eat if you want to keep up your strength.
>The words reverberate in her mind, but it's not Denver saying them. The image of a face fades through her mind. A larger man, somewhat portly. A dark mustache. A broad smile. A friendly face, a warm face.
>You've got to eat if you want to keep up your strength.
>"Ok..." Melico's voice is quiet, almost a whisper, as she grasps the sandwich with both hands.
>Somehow the street is more busy, filled with the sound of people calling around her, the savory smell of baked goods and meat permeating the air. She's much smaller. It's cold out. The weight of the pastry is comforting. Had she had one before? No, this was the first, the first of many. She remembers now. This was her first and her favorite. A small smile starts to form on her face. The scent of the pastry makes her mouth water as she takes a bite.
>And she waits.
>And there's nothing.
>The taste isn't savory. It's hollow. It's empty.
>It's nothing.
>The clouds clear. There is no cold, crisp air, there is only the heaviness of late summer. There is no crowded square, there is only the empty street around her. There is no kind, mustached man, only a boy she scarcely knows.
>There is nothing.
>Melico looks down at the pasty.
>Why? This was supposed to be something. Why was it like this? What is...
>But why this? What was it supposed to mean? What was this for?

>But Melico already knows.
>"Nothing." Her face is blank, her voice flat.
>Of course it's nothing. It couldn't be anything else.
>She had been taught as much and she proved it again. It's worthless. It's needless. It hinders your ability to think. So discard it.
>It's nothing. It has to be.
>Melico looks ahead once more, her pace increasing. She tosses the cornish pasty to the ground, perhaps with more force than necessary. An air of chill seems to radiate from her as she speaks. "Move. We need to be gone by the time the police arrive."
>The Pasty hits the sidewalk as Melico's pace increases.
>The Upper Riverside is left behind. The green and open park space giving way to the congested filth of the city.
>Denver slows down, struck dumb and slack jawed by the rejection and discarding of such wonderful food.
>After a moment. He looks up at the shrinking form of Melico. "Hey! Oi!" he bounds into a jog after her. "Why'd ya do that? Didn't your mum teach you to *not to waste food?*" He snarls as he catches up, the both of them approaching a busy intersection.
>"Continuing to carry it is an unneccessary burden. It's nonessential." Melico turns to Denver, locking his gaze with lifeless, empty eyes. "Now be quiet and move."
>Denver keeps pace beside her, his furious face twisted by passing waves of confusion. "Wh-burden what? That was perfectly good food. How can you call that a burden?"
>He gets a handle on his words and growls at her as he moves along. "Good food is life. There's no reason to waste it. Does food just fall outta the sky where you come from."
>"No, that would be mortars," Melico retorts
>"Ah---" Denver opens his mouth to say something but cuts himself off. After a moment of stomping along he huffs in frustration. Then speaks again in a forced calm as he tries to get a handle on his anger
>"I don't get you. You risk your life for other people without a second thought. Yer unstoppable once ya decide ta do somthin'. You come from some hell on earth and still give a damn. Then you get a meal in your hands and suddenly everything's awful."
>The anger in his words loses pressure and partially condenses into shame as he talks. The frustration and worry remain as they were. "Look I'm ah... Ok I'm still mad but help me understand here. What's wrong?"
>As Denver speaks, Melico's face seems to harden more and more. As she turns to face him, it seems almost like a stony mask. But her eyes have sharpened and burn with malice an unknown intensity. "Denver. Your concern is neither warranted nor desired. You will remain silent until we have reached the library. Am I understood?"
>Denver's eyes narrow. Though he resists the temptation to say something unkind.
>Instead he just huffs then continues on in silence, lengthening his gate, a brisk jog for him, which would put it as a full run for Melico.
>Melico lets Denver jog away as she maintains a brisk pace toward the Library. She pulls her ushanka down further on her head and scowls at the ground as she moves.
-Fin for now-

Thanks for the thread fellas.
File: 8899201161302.jpg (92 KB, 640x882)
92 KB
How are repairs and maintenance lewd?

See she's having an appointment for maintenance.
How is reaching deep inside your dear one and getting their insides running all hot and ready NOT lewd?
Thank you to the translators and editors for their hard work.
Context mostly.

About the second time they squirm and I get burnt on the reactor casing.

My fingers are stained with ATC fluid and I haven't replaced the reservoir yet. This was supposed to be a ten minute fix.
File: France 24.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
File: 5be.png (68 KB, 640x783)
68 KB
This anon gets it.
>getting your fingers stained by your precious one's scalding fluids after hours of unplanned intimacy
Still sounds lewd to me
File: drdetroit-big.gif (7.7 MB, 640x360)
7.7 MB
7.7 MB GIF

My fingers are sore, my face is covered in lubricant. This is a conversation for significantly later when you're not making this lube job into a fucking crucifixion.
>My fingers are sore, my face is covered in lubricant
Still sounds lewd to me.
File: crab token.png (1.25 MB, 1900x1900)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Post crustaceans
File: MeltieTiltb.gif (42 KB, 376x388)
42 KB
You guys are making this weird.
Can I just get the armor plating I ordered so I can go home, please?
Has anyone thought about converting Nech for other sorts of game? I've been bopping around the thought of converting it into AdEva.
Ladies love armor plating
File: 1602177759038-1.jpg (852 KB, 1200x1070)
852 KB
852 KB JPG
Converting it to mecha has been discussed before. You'd have to figure out mechanics for shenanigans outside the cockpit but I guess if you're doing an Evangellion Campaign then you won't exactly need combat rules for people.

I'm not sure what else the system could easily be slotted into or how much you would really want to be changing. It feels like the damage system really only lends itself to undead or robots which are both easily incorporated into the current ruleset.
I want to catch up but don't want to read everything, can I have a summary on the game?
File: ub6t4ogwtm851.jpg (173 KB, 1000x1395)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Which game? The England one?
If so:
>centipede girl who lives in an English library gets sent to run errands by her dad
>while running errands she finds two strange girls trapped in boxes who are definitely more normal Nech PCs; a Russian sniper girl and a girl with a tail, no pants, and a chainsaw
>centipede girl takes them to lunch and tea for introductions and discovers they don't eat
>brings them home to meet her dad and figure out what to do with them
>later that night, sniper and chainsaw girl go out to explore (and to find rats to kill because chainsaw girl compulsively collects parts)
>centipede girl sneaks out with her cat friend to go parkouring
>while exploring, Sniper and Chainsaw realize this is the first time they've seen the moon
>both pairs wind up at the same rundown apartment building by chance
>Sniper and Chainsaw get ambushed by a pair of Savants, Centipede and Cat leap in to help them after hearing the commotion
>party kills the savants, find evidence of a third
>also evidence they had been butchering local police for parts; found a survivor and got him to safety
>everyone slinks back to the library separately
>Centipede gets caught coming home and gets grounded for sneaking out
>There's some minor drama and slice of life stuff that goes on while Centipede is grounded; Sniper girl tries to help her cope with the trauma a bit, centipede's red moth friend is introduced, the police show up and ask some questions (and discreetly offer their thanks for saving the surviving officer)
>Chainsaw and Sniper go poking around for the third Savant
>turns out she's pissed and ambushes the party at the Library itself while wearing a bunch of parts to make her look like a parody of Centipede, nearly burns down the whole thing in the ensuing fight
>critically injures Centipede and Chainsaw
>Sniper is able to injure the Savant enough to force her to retreat
>fire goes out of control, Sniper has to pull several firefighters out of the blaze after also hauling the other two party members out of the fight
>lots of trauma ensues
>half the library burns down
>shortly after, a strange woman is caught spying on the Library.
>party chases her down and interrogates her (moth girl steals a horse)
>her story implies Savant is working with local criminal elements to target the party.
>party decides the best way to deal with this is to crack the information carrier working for the local crime boss
>leads to the events in this thread

>all this time Centipede has been struggling with her newfound love of human meat, Chainsaw has been struggling not to harvest pieces from Centipede's dad, and Sniper has been a general ball of PTSD and stoic sadness

Heavily abbreviated and surely missing several bits but there you go
ok ty very weird
Yeah, the game taking place in a populated city with a bunch of seemingly normal people was a surprise to everyone. My character having an adoptive dad was also a shock, but I rolled with it and everything mostly worked out.

Sniper's player unfortunately soured on the system and went back to playing 5e, but I guess some people just can't be helped.
File: eagle.png (56 KB, 470x518)
56 KB
>Going back to 5e after "souring" on a system with actually good combat rules.
You genuinely have to wonder about the brains of some people.
File: shrugs.jpg (103 KB, 500x715)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
The big thing was that he didn't like not having total agency over his backstory and character, like how the Memory Fragment mechanic basically let the GM give the PCs backstory snippets.
I didn't agree but it was apparently a big enough issue to spoil the system for him. Why he won't get away from 5e I couldn't tell you.
Archived to sup/tg/

Now do The Matrix trilogy.
Sorry for necrobumping the thread with an inane question
The ride is almost over for us

But what is it with older millennial weeb forum old internet autists insisting to be addressed by female pronouns over text and by male pronouns over voice
Some of these dudes are overweight and in their mid 40s
They make for good rpg players though
Some jannietroon set it to not bump anyway when it was so close to 310
Probably assmad that there is a good story time here
It’s been a good bread fellas
No need to keep it on life support anymore

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