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File: Old Leader.png (74 KB, 611x485)
74 KB
“I feel so proud for some reason!”
Anonhorn, don’t get cocky!

The wheels turn fast at your side, your hand still hurting but you are dead certain this isn’t over yet as himehorns and nohorns struggle at every corner, and with a single glance at a screaming stove-headed nohorn you opt to believe it:

They are scared. Of us.

And by now, only nohorns with weapons remain in sight.

Musclehorns are the most obedient and passive of all the castes, but they are a little prone to smash things to a sad memory should the herd be in danger.

The one you are looking at right now, a haremhorn still holding onto his horns as she sits behind her head, is surrounded by nohorns aiming at her from every side.

She’s standing next to a door on a nohorn nest with wood walls… raising a human female from the head with one hand, apparently using her as a shield for the haremhorn.

The human is facing outwards as her face leaks tears, goo and some blood comes down from her hair.

The haremhorn is shaking slightly; she must have learned what those long thin sticks do the hardest way you could think of. The same way you did.

At your right the musclehorn you saved wraps both hands around the smallhorns as other nohorns point at her too… and at you in your wheelchair.

You finally take a deep look at them, and they seem shaken; they are of all manners and forms, some have one eye, some you could not describe to the smallhorns; some are humans.

“Let them take you.” you say strong, but softly to the musclehorn at your side. She looks confused for a second there, but then lowers both her shoulders and her face and horns as she hides the smallhorn close to her chin with both her hands.

You grab the arm of a human right next to you, startling him and meeting his gaze with yours as he turns. “Lead her.”
File: careful.png (36 KB, 238x338)
36 KB
On a hunch, you turn your head slightly and catch your haremhorn doing the typical death-stare they reserve for blood-frenzied musclehorns; she stares at you briefly, and then the both of you return your sights to the surrounded himehorn tower, nohorns already screaming at them.

“Move aside!” You scream. “Move aside!” You scream again, and only then do the nohorns take notice, they look at you gasping slowly with their mouths half open but they move to the side.

“LET HER IN YOU DOLTS, SHE’S THEIR BOSS!” You can’t trace the source and you don’t even try.

Both the musclehorn and haremhorn look at you; and the human screams towards you, a silent, unsubtle warning. You think her hair looks pretty...

>”Nohorns, move aside! Let her go!”
>”You!” You stand, then point at the musclehorn. “Let the nohorn go!”

You quickly glance around; the nohorns are tense, their fingers stuck to a small stick under their weapons. It reminds you of the wire on the pathfinder.

Trash said she saw a musclehorn kill a human during the exodus; you wonder if there were more. And you wonder if they'd let her go.
>"Nohorns, move aside! Let her go!"
>”You!” You stand, then point at the musclehorn. “Let the nohorn go!”
¨If you let the nohorn alone, they won’t hurt you and they will leave. ¨ (Look at the nohorns for confirmation, telling the same thing as before. We work for the witch.)

If she doesn’t release the girl, things are going to get ugly way faster, they will scram once we have everything is under control.
>”You!” You stand, then point at the musclehorn. “Let the nohorn go!”

I wonder where the goo came from.
Maybe I should have said "goo under her nose". Not being vague or too specific is a lot of work!
Still, there's the blood from the hair. If its her's or someone elses, its bad
File: shy.png (19 KB, 280x283)
19 KB
If a musclehorn is grabbing your head then odds are it's yours. It's kind of an axion, unless you are a himehorn that fell into a big hole with only your head popping out... I have to grant it to them, musclehorns really can be delicate. =w=
Im going to wait ten more minutes anonhorn!

Then we are good to go.

This. Show your leadership abilities to ease the situation

You rise from your chair again, like an echo from last time that feels like it was days ago; the pretty-hair nohorn screams “IM SORRY! IM SORRY! I DON’T WANT TO SHOOT ANYMORE PLEAA..” her plea crushed by a chilling scream; it seems the musclehorn wants to be taken seriously.

You notice two trembling black eyes peeking from behind the musclehorn, two tiny white horns behind two big black horns behind a human shield.

The screams being the only near sound, it seems you get a chance not to get your voice drowned in the pandemonium… and the nohorns head crushed to a tasty soup.

>Talk to the haremhorn
>Talk to the musclehorn
>Talk to the haremhorn
Always talk to the driver first (especially if she is from her herd) She can make her do as we say.
We just have to convince her.
>Talk to the haremhorn

Musclehorns listen to haremhorns. Haremhorns listen to hornmothers and everyone listens to Leedah!
File: musclehorn!.png (63 KB, 655x902)
63 KB

The eyes over the musclehorn barely look down on you since you are almost as tall as she is.

“They don’t want to harm you” you calmly state to her, “I don’t understand them either. They must be short on food, and yet they let us in. We don’t want to harm you, either!” you almost yell as you turn to the nohorns. “Understood? We don’t want to harm you! We just don’t understand you!” …yet they don’t lower their weapons or answer.

You turn around yet again towards the haremhorn. “Tell her to let the nohorn go. We are one big herd now; I can get food for you, for us, for I have been granted the power of cash.”

You take the wallet from the wheelchair, it was under your bum because you had nowhere to put it since hornmothers robes don’t have any pockets (as a very inefficient measure to prevent hornmothers from stealing food for their secrets stashes, to eat whenever they please so the haremhorns can’t keep track of their diet) and throw it at her; she needs a reason to believe you after all, even one so vague.

You stop talking; and realize that if the musclehorn lets go of the human, nothing be between her and the nohorns.

It will all be on their hands.

No time to take a deep breath;

>”hold on…!”
>you take the gamble.
File: TYPOTYPOTYPO.jpg (27 KB, 800x1067)
27 KB
"...and throw it at her; she catches it."

"...nothing WILL be between her and the nohorns."

It keeps happening! T_T
>you take the gamble.

The Nohorns have to know we mean it and when there's a problem, we take it this seriously.
They may think she is using her as a hostage instead of a shield, so they will not think twice in hurting her if she gives them an opening, SO we have to be sure that the nohorns won’t hurt her, once she does as she is told. So talk to them first to be sure.

>you take the gamble.

Also we have explained to the haremhorn how to use the power of cash money after all this.
File: haremhorn.png (14 KB, 140x143)
14 KB

“Trust me. They haven’t shot me, have they?” You smile, as the nohorn female screams again in agony.

The haremhorn looks around; she may be thinking the same you are.

She lets her body fall back a bit and clings from the musclehorn horns, dragging her head back slightly; and whispers to her ear.

The musclehorn slowly lowers the pretty haired nohorn, and once she’s laying on the ground she releases her; it seems she fainted.

A nohorn lifts her with both arms and drags her away at a fast pace, as silence weights heavy on your chest. “Now”, you state, “move asid-“

A shot is heard. It seems it was near. Your gaze, the musclehorns and the haremhorns behind you get fixed on the same spot; a small hole in the musclehorns chest.

As your haremhorn draws you back with all her might you close your eyes and swallow, but open them again quickly.

It wouldn’t be fair.

You look at the musclehorn straight to her sad eyes, and she turns around fast enough to kneel and cover the haremhorn with all her body againt the wall as she’s showered in holes from every corner, slowly falling over her, the musclehorns horns and muscles getting shattered by a mean-spirited wind, the pool of blood below her steadily growing as you yell atop of your lungs for the nohorns to stop… your voice drowned in the chaos.

You stop screaming.

You stop hearing sounds, too; only briefly.

After the chaos is over you rush towards what remains of the musclehorn and push her with all your strength, feeling every bone in your body… but you manage, and stare at the blank-faced haremhorn, tears flowing from both black eyes, you turn around at the silent nohorns…

And you don’t feel a thing.

They slowly leave without saying a word.

Not a single word.

Some stay, petrified; they come at you. They look quite strange.

“We… we didn’t shot! LISTEN, IT WASN’T US!”

“Then help me. We have yet to do. You” you point at one of the nohorns, “lead her to the theater” you say pointing at the haremhorn on the ground, your mind frozen.

They look at you like awestruck; and then look at each other as you sit on your chair and your haremhorn slowly drags you further into the city.
File: Oldlida.png (12 KB, 147x273)
12 KB
There will be a time for mourn later; you'd rather mourn less, after all.

As you rush towards the hornmothers you let yourself breathe in the mayhem of new sounds and sights all around; you are surrounded by buildings of all shapes and sizes and not one like the other, just like the beings between them staring wide-eyed from a safe distance at you, some talking, some pointing, some have horns and some don’t.

The floor behind your wheels hard and gray, you notice a haremhorn struggling over a big piece of meat with a big nohorn with a single eye, that would have been comical were not for the now usual screams and shots every now and then.

And right over there in the distance you don’t even doubt it; that’s your herd.

That’s the two hornmothers, the three haremhorns and the basket filled with horns, the holes on the side patched up with red cloth; one of the chairs must be bare.

The nohorns slowly advance towards them as they back up, their weapons pointing at your herd.

You a hear a grave, tumbling voice shouting “Let her have it! She can keep it, it’s alright let her have it!” over and over.

It’s like time stopped.

The basket in the air, the hooded figure still with her leg raised behind your haremhorn; it all was too fast.

It falls behind the line of nohorns pushing in, and shortly smallhorns start to pop in and spreading everywhere as fast as their tiny legs let them some dragging another by the hands.

You manage to look, if for a dim moment, the face of your haremhorns before they tackle the nohorns as a haremhorn runs from the corner of your eye straight to the basket, screams drowning your thoughts and nohorns aiming from everywhere.

“Such wild children.”

The thundering voice pauses everything; it’s almost funny how a bald nohorn with a single eye and a haremhorn lie on the ground mid struggling, the haremhorns facing upwards with her hand on the nohorns face, her leg on his belly and the nohorn pressing both of her arms against the ground holding his balance with both knees.

It’s like the voice shattered your focus.

You turn your horns towards the nearby cloud, and faintly recognize a familiar face. Enna; the one on the bill, the one with the great aim. The Witch.

The smallhorns that aren’t grabbed by the frantic haremhorns (you wonder if they noticed the witch) went into hiding anywhere they could… but at least they won’t be stepped on.


It’s your voice.

The face doesn’t turn towards you; it vanishes, and then reforms in your direction.

The Witch is just staring at you. It seems the Witch keeps track of everything in her domain.

And such a perfect timing... Maybe it's too good to be true?

>"Great Witch, we have been sabotaged! We are under attack!"
>"Great Witch, please allow yourself to forgive this behavior! I only request of you a second chance!
>"Great Witch, we have been sabotaged! We are under attack!"

We can't join this herd if they keep killing us when we try to fit in!
>You turn your horns
Is this a hint? Since we lost a horn? I don't know if we should pathfinder or not...
we probably should. Things are weird.
When did we lost a horn? Maybe I made a typo? We did lost an arm, to! Thank you for pointing this out, anonhorn must always doubt and ask me should doubt arise! Can you point it out?
There seems to be a part missing or everything went to hell so fast that I got lost so...
Wait, I think it was the last leader that lost a horn, the one she used to stab herself. That's probably what I'm thinking of. So I vote no on the pathfinder.

>"Great Witch, please allow yourself to forgive this behavior! I only request of you a second chance!
Anonhorns, remember! You can use the pathfinder and a choice at the same time! I said it before, but anonhorn never did it so it's a fair warning; it sometimes makes actions harder since it numbs Old Leader, but think of it; what ill the pain would do to talk? Maybe you'd stutter a little?

Think, anonhorn! =w=
Well then, I will go with
...and after I am sure everything as it should be (only talk after the pain is gone)
>"Great Witch, please allow yourself to forgive this behavior! I only request of you a second chance!
I'm voting pathfinder, then hold off until reality is more certain.

If the murder of the Musclehorn was real, then appeal to Emma that we've been betrayed, if its a dream, then beg forgiveness.
File: nohornhouse.png (14 KB, 181x192)
14 KB

You use the Pathfinder; a powerful, piercing pain rushes from your only hand as the cloud vanishes in the air.

Swallowing the pain and clenching your teeth you notice the smallhorns are just now barely leaving the basket, and shout with all your might “LET THEM GO, LET THEM GET THE SMALL-!” the shout so powerful you feel you throat burn… but this time you are heard; some nohorns stop the struggling and start gathering smallhorns and some tackle on the haremhorns and even the hornmothers to the ground… until other nohorns come rushing unto the seconds, and clashing against their own in order to help the himehorns to their feet.

You look at your side; a smallhorn is staring at you.

She’s shouting “LEEDAH!” as strong as her tiny lungs let her. And the blast is so powerful your eyes close and your hair is lifted.

As you open them, you fail to recognize the image before you before it lifts again from the ground, and the smallhorn isn’t there any longer. You try to put a name on the force as it rises and falls over and over on almost random places, every time it comes down the ground trembling a bit and nohorns cover their faces. It keeps happening for a short while, and when it stops you manage to finally put a name on what you see leaving in the sky.

Wings. Long, black wings.

You follow the wings with your sight, barely noticing everyone around (except for the haremhorns) doing the same, as the struggle has brutally ended and most of everyone is trying to stand on both legs. In the distance, the black wings stop by a big house on a distant hill, and are swallowed into a single point; the point vanishes.

You turn around; the nohorns that told you they would help did, in fact. “Lead every himehorn out of here, to that place!” you almost scream to one of the nohorns.

He/she nods; its strange, stove shaped metallic head reminds you a bit of the fires the haremhorns lit to make the meat tender.

And without a second thought you follow the dot, because you noticed that every time it landed, a smallhorn disappeared.
Ah! Panic! The goldenhair stole the small horns!
The haremhorn struggles with the cliff until she gets to the front door, she goes in front of you and pushes it; it wavers without resistance, making a powerful, piercing sound as it slowly swindles open. She stays there staring at the inside briefly, before leaving your sight and pushing the wheelchair in.

You leave your mouth open as you stare into the dimly lighted grass on the floor under some tiny ropes and toys lying around. Besides slightly open windows stones cover the walls, some with familiar white paintings; no furniture in sight. It’s like the nursery in your cave shrank and ran into the city.

You look around; smallhorns are shaking on the ground, some hugging each other and some clutching together in a corner as a dark figure away from the dim light of day comes from the shadows right to you, suddenly the haremhorn pulls the wheelchair, but stops as you raise your hand. From the shadows, a hand motions towards her, moving the fingers back and forth togueter. You nod at the haremhorn, and she goes in front of you; then freezes.

You push your head forward a bit; a hand is gently pressing a piece of peeled carrot against her mouth. You follow the hand, through the arm…

And that’s not a haremhorn.

You intently study her; she’s not wearing a robe and her clothes seem rather simple. She’s a bit tall with frizzy very messy golden hair, almost hiding two closed eyes; and two short white horns on her head.

That… is a vampire.

She sports a faint smile, and her whole face feels like she’s tasting something very tasty. You just hope it’s not blood. The vampire just stays there looking like that; after a while you get your horns closer…


…and get slightly startled.

Her voice is strong, but soft all the same; you notice her smile twist into a slight frown as you haremhorn slowly turns her gaze at you, slooooowly… You nod. She grabs the carrot and quickly goes to check on the smallhorns. The goldenhair doesn’t turn her face, but she walks towards you, and now you are being gently pushed into a cute, round table with a single support over wood floor behind another open door. She brakes with care... and hugs your from behind, her head calmly resting on your shoulder, her hands surrounding your whole chest. You try to feel something; fear, confusion, even disgust at the smell of the vampires would do. Nothing comes out.

"Are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat" she says out of nowhere, as she slides her hands from your belly.


It seems she didn’t hear you; she briefly stops in front of the kitchen door (from where you are, you manage to notice some ladles hanging over a table behind the curtain door at your right) and then goes in; you hear some chop chop chop and she comes back with a dish.

You don’t fail to recognize what she lays before you. It’s squids.
“Hello, Leader.”

She sits on the other side. It’s like she’s looking at you without looking at you, a white left hand lying on the table, scratching it almost tenderly next to her right elbow, her chin resting on the palm of her hand under her “tasty” smile, closed eyes shrouded by messy golden hair.
And short white horns.

“You must be the single most defective haremhorn I’ve ever met” you just spit.

Her hand stops as her mouth opens slightly; then she laughs heartily. “Oh, do they look good?” as she points to her horns, “I made them with foam, glue and newspapers. It has been a while since I’ve seen a haremhorn so I was worried I could have forgotten how they looked like.”

A wronghorn is anything that has horns and isn’t from the herd, and this is one shining example you’d teach the smallhorns with, pointing at her rustic drawing in the herd records and saying “This… is a goldenhair! They are very hungry! They use horns as scabbards!” …which, as it seems, you will have to start all over again. You wonder just how many days and nights were lost with the records… the sound of her thin nails against the table bringing you back. She’s not staring at you, her eyebrows frowning a bit; you grab your fork. “Who are you?” you mutter, then fill your mouth. It could either be poisoned or badly cooked; you are too old to care.

“I’m the keeper of this manor, I’ve been for some time now. The owner prefers small cozy places so he entrusted me with the care of this property.”


“It’s kind of a complex concept” She “hmms” as she scratches her cheeks slightly. "It's like there are things only you can use, and if others do too it's wrong."

“You think so, too?”

“I’m not a nohorn, Leader!”

You swallow; it tasted well, but it lacked spices. The way you see it, it could have been either a favor out of pity or someone decided having a goldenhair for a guardian was making dead sure nobody lays a toe in your front yard.

“I see” you say.

Saving the smallhorns, making her place into a nursery even if she doesn’t own it… she wants to help. You turn your head and half your body to notice the haremhorn crouching in a corner in the “nursery room”, smallhorns climbing her from every side and a tiny brown paper bag at her side. She takes a small, peeled piece of squared carrot from inside and a smallhorn slowly reaches for it from her bent knee with both arms open as she nears it; the bag seems filled with

“Snacks! How about you call me Snacks?”


“Snacks.” She smiles even more. “I do have a name already, Alina, but if you tell them that’s my name they might feel hungry and there’s plenty to eat here.”

Until they come and consider the snacks to be themselves. She seems polite.
“You can leave the smallhorns here to play, and the hornmothers can come to lay their morning egg. I don’t usually leave, so they will be safe here.”

“How do you know so much?”

“You took to long to ask!” She giggles. “I used to be with a herd some time ago, even if my Leader was very different than you. We made a pact, and I was a part of the herd Those were hard times, we had to make our way through the deep underground on our own… but we managed. In the end, nobody was afraid of me.”

“Your Leader must have been very brave.”

“She was; and she died shortly after we settled up again... sadly, haremhorns don’t live that long.”

It’s very rare, not a miracle but still; haremhorns rather be on the sidelines making sure the show looks pretty, that’s how they get their fill. It must have been one nightmarish situation for no hornmother to dare to step on to take things on her own.

You stick your fork, still looking at her. And on a whim you leave it on the side and pick some squid with your bare hand, then throw it at her.

She catches it mid-air; she doesn’t stare at it intently and seems taken aback, but then tilts her head to the side and smirks. “I can manage, as you can see”.

“How so?”

“Well I can't see, so I have a few tricks on me. Don’t you worry.”

You’d ask; but if she’s still here and nobody rushed in to kill her, then it seems that she’s both accepted and somehow manages her fill of blood. And yet…

>Don’t ask
>”…Then we’ll be in your care.”
>”I have to refuse.” She’s a goldenhair. Goldenhairs eat people. You'd rather your smallhorns don't turn into scabbards... even if that's just a story.
>Ask ”Alina” how her pact with the templars or Witches works.

If we make a new pact, we have to know what we're bargaining with
>Ask ”Alina” about it, and ask her if the witch told her something / sent her to help us, and if everything is ok...
>”…Then we’ll be in your care.”
File: haremhooorn.png (13 KB, 197x158)
13 KB
Anonhorn should vote on all choices at once, so we don't have to wait too much between updates.

I have so much to say and so little time, I made up these multiple choices. You can still write in among them! =w=

Sorry, I tend to want information before deciding things, especially important things like the herd's future.

I'll try to be less fussy.

Vote addition:
>”…Then we’ll be in your care.”
That it actually clever! But If something comes out that involves one of the choices I'l add more choices as well, don't worry.
So write your doubts in!
File: typotypotypo.gif (115 KB, 466x597)
115 KB
115 KB GIF
It seems the part where you spot the hornmothers running around togueter got cutted and I didn't notice. T_T
It's not more than that, to!

"You did a pact with the Witch, I assume."

"I did" she makes her hand into a fist and rests her chin on it. "I scared almost the whole city the first time I came, but I managed to get into the auditorium and kneel... and Enna granted me a private session. I got so... nervous, sometimes my words would came on top of each other, or I'd stutter, or I'd wander... The mere presence of a Witch makes me feel so insignificant, so vulnerable... like Im the sea, floating facing the endless sky, and something... gigantic? No, colossal? Astronomical? Something very, very big is moving..."

"Im familiar with the feeling."

"I see, I had forgotten about that!"

"How did you know?"

"Well, I think mostly everyone knows by now... words travel fast around here, and you are quite the picture!"

They must have been confused about wheter you are a musclehorn or a hornmother... that's what you think to yourself.

"I've been ignored for a long time, still. Im a vampire after all, but I did manage to work at a kitchen! I was very bad at it, but..."

"Why do you help us? Did the Witch sent you?"

"I don't think my explanation will suffice, and I can't blame you for it." She shrugs and smiles her "tasty smile", "but I really really like himehorns." She tilts her head a bit to the side, apparently for no reason. "I bet you are wondering how I deal with my blood issue."

"I don't like being blunt when I can help it..."

"Enna has made a pact with a Guardian; she can't be corrupted by my bite, so we got acquaintant and we have a schedule for it. I'm not sure what she gets from the trade... she's kind of the silent type, and I hoped I had somebody to talk every once in a while." It's hard to notice, but she sighs. "My apologies, I shouldn't lay my burden on you... you have your own, it seems."

Even with her sad eyes you think she looks genuinely sad.

“Oh, may I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“How do you intend to deal with the himehorns?”

This time it Is you that “hmms”; it didn’t came out that nice.”

>”I’ll ask them If they’d rather have this massacre repeat itself instead of laying their horns down for some time.”
>”I’ll ask the Witch for a proof of my power under her and punish those who’d rather bring more disaster.”
>”I’ll tell them I’m the Leaderhorn.

"Well, the first time didn't came up that well..."
File: IDESERVETHIS.jpg (484 KB, 1000x667)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
"Even with her sad eyes
"Even with her CLOSED eyes
>”I’ll ask them If they’d rather have this massacre repeat itself instead of laying their horns down for some time.”

Enna could make them follow us, but if she was going to do that, I think she would have by now.

And just telling them I'm in charge probably won't go anywhere either.
>”I’ll ask them If they’d rather have this massacre repeat itself instead of laying their horns down for some time.”

We've already told them that we've been appointed the leader and asking for 3rd part help won't get them to think about their actions.
Let's finish the quest tomorrow, anonhorn! There's very little left, and anonhorn must be tired. =w=
Have a nice night.
Good night Haremhorn. Thanks for the fun

She slowly "hmms" at this, her face suddenly quiet; then her “tasty” smile returns. “May I offer some advice?”

You nod.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth… but sometimes it’s the other way around. Why don’t you put on a little show? They just lost so much, they must be grabbing to any hope they can lay their hands into."

“You are telling me to lie to them.”

“And to do it well” as she nods.

You faintly recall the events of the first speech. "Even so, it gets hard to lie when they can't even hear you."

Alina turns her legs and body to the side, then stands, her closed eyes still facing towards you. "I may have just the thing! Just one moment." She leaves through a third door on your left, and true to her word she comes back before you even get to guess what "that" could be. "Stand still, Leader." You feel something a bit cold surrounding your neck, and looking down you manage to notice a tiny black ball just under your mouth, you touch it with your hand and it feels puffy; it's held by a scaled wire of sorts, as you notice when you follow it with your fingers. You blink and look at Alina, hoping your gaze is enough to convey your confusion. "It's called a microphone. I took the speakers off, I'll tell you all about it later." You don't answer yet. "If you push this..." she grabs your hand, you hold back for a second but then let her lead it "...button right over here by your neck and talk, you will be quite hard to ignore." You push the button. "LIKE THIS?" Alina closes her eyes even further as a piercing feeling echoes in your ears. She moves your hand again and you feel a tiny wheel with a sharp grab on the center. "The more to the right, the more the power." She "hmms", again. Her voice is kind of nice. "You may want to cover your ears if you go that high, Leader." She looks at the slump in your right shoulder and sighs. "Never mind, I drift."

(At any point during the quest choices in a dialogue, you can use
to amplify your voice. You will adjust the volume according to the situation at hand.)

"Then we'll be in your care, Alina."

"It sounds so formal..." It's like she's pouting, for a second there. "It's still far from the theater, so you will have to be careful on your trips... I may be wrong, but I dare to say some of the templar’s will attempt to betray Enna in favor of Algis."


She nods. "The White Witch. Be careful, Leader..."

You ponder at this, and as you are about to reply you notice a crow struggling against the barely open window, trying to get in.

Alina opens it.
File: writingaquest.png (46 KB, 551x536)
46 KB
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it for today! Next quest up on Sunday, Im still not sure about the schedule to.

Have fun! =w=
Thanks for the fun, Haremhorn. I'm sorry I missed it.
Got here waaaaaaayyyyy late but thanks for running!.

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