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Hello everyone, welcome to Fate/Broken Destinies.

I had to make a new thread because the other went into autosage.
Sorry for the inconvenience by the way, but my IP keeps changing.

If you happen to be a long-time reader or just someone who happened to drop by, have no fears, I'd be glad to answer. The jargon can be hard to understand, so the offer stands for that too.

For future references, this is my Twitter:

You will probably also need the Status Screen, as in the original VN, although not exactly as flashy

Previous thread: >>123377

Where we left off:
You woke up and noticed that your music box isn't there. You decided to investigate the matter.
That’s preposterous. People can’t just sneak into your room and take…
Wait, sneak into your room? That’s it. You forgot to lock the door.
You’re sure that Satou devil just tried to appease you before snatching the box right under your nose.
You sigh. Even if she does have it, you have no way to reach her right now.
You decide to stick to the plan, take a shower and go downstairs. At least for now, there’s not much else you can do.

Saber’s sitting together with Hakamichi, and while the former is wolfing down some obscure dessert, the latter is still playing his videogames.
“Good morning everyone. Has any of you seen Akira?”
“Good morning, Master. I am doing a lot better today!”
“That’s great, Saber. Hakamichi, did you see her?”
The boy lifts his gaze from the console with disinterest. He simply shrugs, then he returns to the game.
“Yuuko! Kenji!”, you call them out loud, hoping to get to the bottom of this.
The waitress rushes to you, panicky as usual. “G-good morning, Frederick. W-were you looking for me?”
“Yes, have you seen Akira? I think she took…”
Saber cocks her eyebrow. “That thing?”
“Not really”, your Servant replies.
“ANYWAY, LET’S GO”, she continues, grabbing your hand and pulling you.
“I don’t get this either, Saber. I will be right back”, you manage to tell her before Yuuko drags you into the kitchen.

“What was that…”
“I have it”, she interrupts you. “I will give it back to you. But I need a favor”.
You give her a quizzical look. She is the one to blame? How weird. You decide to go along with it for now.
“You could have simply asked me, you know? That’s what people usually do.”
She hands you a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled over it.
“Th-this is the phone number of the offices in Yamaku. C-call them, a-a-ask them to reconsider. Th-they’re not bad people, they just don’t know what they’re doing”.

“Why don’t you call them? You know them better than I do. They’d have more reasons to believe you”.
“Because I…I… well, you see…” She laughs embarrassedly, “I…I…I don’t want to call them because I…”
Her eyes well up with tears as she gets more and more fidgety
She knows the school, she knows the people, she knows their idiosyncrasies. But if anything, that is a strain on her already frail personality.
She’s too emotionally committed to handle this at the best of their skills.
“Ok, ok. I get it. Then again you could ask Kenji, right?”
She dries up her tears and sniffs. “Perhaps. Perhaps I could, but he’s not very well loved in Yamaku. He used to be a bit looney, you know? Not like he is right now. I am afraid they wouldn’t listen to him”.
‘So to sum up: you’re too involved to handle this, and Kenji isn’t involved enough. Well whatever, someone’s got to do it, right? If no one’s up for it, then it’s a task for an Ainsworth’.
You take the piece of paper. “Can I use the phone, please?”
“NO! I mean, not the one in here. Use a payphone, I will give you the money for that”.
“Spare me, and spare those. I am not in the need for handouts”.
“O-ok. Thank you!”, she shouts, bowing again at a very dangerous speed.
You bow your head slightly in acknowledgement, then take your leave.
“Where are you going, Master?” Saber asks you.
“Oh, I just need to take a walk. I will be back soon, ok?”
She doesn’t look convinced, but she doesn’t protest either.

You wander through the city a bit, and finally find a payphone.
You insert some coins and dial the number Yuuko gave you.
“Good morning, this is the secretary of Yamaku High speaking. How can we help you?”
“Yes, good morning. I’d like to talk with professor Aishi Mutou, if possible”.
“Sure, let me check the registry… it looks like there’s no professor called like that working here”.
“Damn”, you curse under your breath. “Maybe it’s Akio Mutou then?”
“Oh yes, there he is. Hold the line, please, he’ll be here shortly”.
Hearing this, you decide to insert some additional coins in the payphone. You don’t have a lot left, but this should do.

“Yes, hello, who am I talking with?” You recognize that voice: it’s one of the last things your familiar heard before being assassinated.
“Hello, this is Frederick Ainsworth. You might not know who I am, but I do know who you are. You must desist from using your Servant’s Noble Phantasm, you don’t understand the dangers involved”.
The voice on the other side of the phone doesn’t say anything for a while. Then, almost mechanically, it recites an address and a time, urging you to be there. The conversation ends that way.
‘Looks like I have a date’.

You slowly head back to the Shanghai, thinking of what to do.
The first thing to do is replenishing Saber’s mana, but Yuuko should also know about the latest developments.
Upon your return, it looks like the situation hasn’t changed at all.
Hideaki is still playing his game, and Saber is trying out a different dessert.
Yuuko hurriedly comes to you, looking awkward and suspicious. You just nod to her, as if to say you’re still taking care of the issue.
“How’s it, Saber?”, you ask your Servant, who looks at you with her mouth stuffed with some sort of cake.
“Pwthty gwth, Mafthr”.
“That’s great. Feel like taking a walk with me later?”
She nods and quickly finishes up her meal. You settle the bill with Yuuko right away, then head outside.
“Where are we going, Frederick?”
“Taking a stroll down the leyline, to replenish your mana. Also, feel free to call me by first name more often”
“Ok!”, she responds cheerfully.
The leyline has its focus on the square that blew up a few nights ago.
A construction site had been installed, and the works were still ongoing.
They stand as a memento to you to never underestimate an opponent, least you face unpredictable consequences. It makes you think of what you’ve agreed to do for Yuuko, and you consider that maybe you should…

>Tell Saber about the negotiation
>Tell your allies about the negotiation
>Keep it for yourself.
>>Tell Saber about the negotiation
>Tell Saber about the negotiation
>Tell Saber about the negotiation
This reeks of TRAP and I need Saber to be on alert as well.
Also, I trust Saber, I think she's not dumb, at the very least I need to rely on my partner:
>Tell Saber about the negotiation.
>Tell Saber about the negotiation

Seems fishy to me, probably a setup or something
>Tell Saber about the negotiation
See, the thing is that even if we contacted them, he set the place and the time and I doubt a "pretty please" dissuaded him. He'll have something up his sleeve.
I can't help but doubt the faction that already tried to kill me, that Iwanako girl is with them.
I hope I'm wrong tho', the less we fight before the actual Grail War, the better. Hopefully the old man can be convinced.
I bet Yuuko doesn't even have the music box, or doesn't know where it is, or won't return it anyway.

But even if I'm wrong on that one, she's still toying with us, and I want to see her die miserably.
You felt it, too? I was about to write something regarding that. I dislike that kind of people, appearing innocent and vulnerable. Not cute at all. And not only that, if she really took the box that's manipulation.
Hell, even Saber is stoic and corageous in her cute way, that one I dig.
Why did we take on that favor anyway? Let me get this straight, she stole our music box and asks us to do a favor if we want to get it back? This doesn't make sense, it's like we are in the wrong.
1) Frederick said he'd help Yuuko even if she didn't steal the music box. He's not giving in to the blackmailing.
2)Frederick accepts because he understands neither Kenji nor Yuuko can handle the situation.
3)Above all, Frederick wants a fair fight and he'd want to avoid killing people. He accepts because it is a reasonable course of action (negotiating before declaring war, asking questions first and shooting later)
I'll tell you why, and why deep down inside we should thank her.
This gives us a perfect chance to talk to the other faction, on relatively neutral terms (that might go awry in any moment, but that's the idea). And the best part? It was Yuuko's idea, and we have Hakamichi as a witness. If shit goes wrong the fault basically lies on her.
Now, scenario 1: The professor actually thinks what they're doing is stupid and dangerous, we gain an ally in the enemy team.
Scenario 2: They plan on wrecking us. We have a "get the fuck out" button at least, and we have an excuse to go ballistic on their asses by expressing how we went to solve this diplomatically and yet they had none of it.
There's another scenario but that one is a shitload of unfounded speculation.
Thank you, Storyteller, now I feel bad for being so devious.
All right, thanks for the reply.
You shouldn't, I don't find your way of thinking wrong.
Yeah dubman, listen to this guy >>141679.
I am supposed to give explanations to you if something looks fishy, and I'll gladly do so if you have any other doubts.
To be honest, the way I'm playing Fred makes him have only two people so far he can trust in this situation.
Because she's straightforward, wears her intentions on her sleeve and understands the Magi way of thinking. She's an asshole? Maybe, but she's an honest asshole and I think Fred would have loved meeting her under different circumstances.
Even tho' she's fully trustworthy because of the Command Seals, she has also tried to be the most helpful ally we have, she saw the error of her way at the same time as we saw ours about the way we treated her at the very beginning and we were able to fix that.
But that's only how I see it, maybe AND hopefully the other anons see things differently, because I could be wrong and those points of view might be very necessary in the future.
Is there a character sheet or anything? I haven't played KS in a while, so I don't remember the characters that well. Thanks.
There's a status "screen" in the OP and what Fred should know about the characters' appearance was posted in the previous thread.
What makes you think that if shit goes wrong but we miraculously survive, we won't be immediately attacmed by Yuuko and/or the rest of their bunch?

Akira is our enemy. Saber has an agenda of her own, and we don't even know what it is. Me? I'd rather trust noone: be polite, be professional, have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

I get the idea of helping her if she didn't steal it, all that "helpful allies" thingy etc.

But she did.

And never returned it.

And is openly manipulating Fred using it as ransom.

Does he still want to help her? Without demanding his belongings back immediately?
At the very least this quest is creating some passionate points of view.
“I am going to meet with the enemy later. I want to negotiate”.
Saber looks at you gobsmacked. “What?”
“I don’t mind fighting them, but at the very least I want to persuade them to give up on Caster’s Noble Phantasm”.
“But… why?”
“As I said, I don’t mind fighting them. I know they’re the enemy. I am more than willing to kill them if the moment comes, but for now, I must ensure that innocents stay out of this. As long as they insist on using it, I must try to stop them”.

“I understand”, she responds, her mood turned sour. “Then, can I come with you?”
“Of course. I am sure Caster will be there too. But for now, let this be our secret, alright?”
She nods. She’s clearly still worried, but she doesn’t want it to show.
You find a bench and sit there until noon. Saber looks reinvigorated, and her worry has turned into fighting spirit.
“If you’re ready, let’s head back to the Shanghai. I am sure there are still many desserts to try”.

The tea shop is much more crowded during lunchtime, considering that some students from Yamaku come there to spend their break.
Your usual table is empty, however, so both you and Saber take a seat there. You order a proper meal, while Saber decides to try out a new kind of cake.
You eat your food quickly, pay for everything and make your way to the room. There are too many people in the hall, even if too many starts at eight for your standards. Saber was still enjoying her dessert when you left, so you told her to take it easy and join you when she’s done.
You’re surprised to find the door open. You keep forgetting to lock it, and you scold yourself for that.
The music box is lying on the table, next to another small package.
You open it: it’s a mana bengal light. It is not visible to non-magi, but it is a practical way to signal to your allies that you’re in danger.

Saber arrives a few minutes later, and imperiously demands a piece of paper and a pen.
You oblige, and for a while, you see her entirely focused on the task of writing. You lean over to see what she’s doing, and apparently she’s drafting a list of pros and cons for every dessert. She really is passionate about the things she loves, even if they happen to be desserts.
Time passes slowly, but eventually you realize it’s time to go if you want to be on time. You had previously looked the location up on the map, and judged that it’s roughly thirty minutes away from where you are.
You grab a few items that might be useful later, including the bengal light, then leave.
You’re relieved to see that the Shanghai is once again empty, save for a timid waitress, who gives you a worried and hopeful look as you depart.
The place is far away from everything else, a location that could be easily defined as ‘neutral territory’.
The only comfort you’ll have there is Saber, whose presence you can feel even though she returned in spirit form.
The sun is setting, and it will be dark before you get there. That’s another unwritten rule of the Holy Grail War: no confrontation during daytime.
A middle-aged man is already there, reading the newspapers and lifting his gaze upon your arrival.
“Mr Ainsworth, I presume?”
“Indeed”, you answer, recognizing the familiar voice. “Mr Mutou, pleased to make your acquaintance”.
“The pleasure is mine. A foreword, before we begin: I am not too familiar with the jargon of magi. Thus, I decided to bring with me someone who could give me an explanation when it’s needed and a dissenting opinion when it can enrich my understanding”.
Mutou opens his bag and extracts a book. He chants some words, and a portal opens. A young man comes through it, wearing a long white coat over casual clothes.
“Oh, that’s the guy, Akio? Pleased to meet you. I am Kashou Matou, but people simply call me the Nurse”, he introduces himself.
“Frederick Ainsworth. Are you the heir to…?”
“No, no. Not really. Actually I’d rather not talk about them”, he promptly replies.
It’s clear that the topic of his family makes him uncomfortable, so you decide to leave it. After all the Matou are renown for their ‘unorthodox’ methods.

“So, Ainsworth. Could you explain it to me once again?”
You take a deep breath. It’s the moment of truth, and what will happen next will depend on what you say now.
“True Magic is not regular magecraft. It’s more akin to a miracle. Resurrection is possible in two ways: Denial of Nothingness and Heaven’s Feel, respectively the First and the Third Magic. You’re in no position to use the Third, since the soul of the people you want to resurrect is scattered. Moreover, your Caster seems to have an affinity with the denial of nothingness. Are my assumptions wrong so far?”
“No, go on”, Mutou says. You can also see the Nurse nod in confirmation.
“True Magic requires a proper understanding of the process. It’s not something anyone can attempt. The Aozaki clan, for example, has dedicated its entire existence to the purpose of perfecting the Fifth Magic. I will spare you the quarrels between my family and theirs, but what I am saying is that attempting True Magic without knowing the Magic itself inside out is tantamount to suicide. Even worse, it can have adverse consequences on other people”.
“So what do you suggest we do, instead?”
“Fight in the Holy Grail War. The Grail grants wishes, provided you know the process. You’re already halfway there”.
Mutou sighs. “That’s it? Very well, then. Nurse, your opinions?”
“Hmm… What he says is certainly true, although we must weigh what he said with what we already know. For starters, Caster has a connection to the Root. He wouldn’t be able to awaken our Origin otherwise”.
‘That explains the very dense spot of magic energy on my shoe. These people aren’t magi, but they’re using magecraft. This can only mean their Origin has been awoken’, you ponder.
“In conclusion, I think that your worries are unfounded. Caster is more than capable of using Magic, since Magic is rooted in the Akasha. We don’t want to fight, we just want to put things right. I appreciate your concern, however in a few days it will all be over”.
It seems you couldn’t convince them. Maybe not right away, but you won’t give up yet.
“Listen, it may look like that, but….”

“How boring”, a familiar voice interrupts you. “Why don’t we just get rid of this nuisance?”
Assassin and his Master materialize between you and the other two Masters.
The former prepares to strike you down with his knife, while you focus on your Magic Crest to use Flash Air.
Before the blade can descend, however, it is intercepted by a snake-entwined rod.
“What are you doing, Assassin? These are peace talks”, Healer berates him.
“What a load of bull. He’s the enemy, and he was stupid enough to come here alone”, the other Servant insists.

There is uncertainty in the enemy team. If you were to launch the bengal light, they might perceive it as an hostile act. On the other hand, you might even take the initiative and order Saber to attack them while they’re bickering

>Retreat and prepare to defend yourself
>Launch the bengal light
>Take the initiative and attack them.
>Launch the bengal light

Let's see if Assassin is right and we, indeed, were stupid enough to face them alone.
>Launch the bengal light
>Retreat and prepare to defend myself
>>Retreat and prepare to defend myself
>Retreat and prepare to defend yourself, but launch the bengal light if they give chase
>retreat and defend
Assassins abilities + being in an unknown environment near the enemy makes me think fighting isn't the best choice right now
Yeah i third this
We definitely don't want to fight Assassin unprepared, but that dumb Iwanako girl is starting to become a HUGE pain in the ass.
Taking a step back, you reach for the bengal light. You want to walk out of this slowly and carefully, ready to give the signal in case things take a turn for the worse.
Suddenly, a black bolt passes in front of you eyes, kicking Assassin away and starting a relentless assault on Healer.
“Slayer? What are you doing here?”
Before you can receive an answer, Assassin is charging at you again, and Saber has materialized to intercept the blow.
“Ah, Saber and her Master. Fancy seeing you again, but you’re not the reason I am here”.
With a bottom-up attack, he pushes Healer further away and to the ground.
“You, on the other hand. I don’t know what your relationship is with her, but I am going to kill you anyway”.
Healer grabs his rod and sprays a weird-looking liquid on Slayer.
The latter moans in pain and retreats, temporarily blinded.
“Did she teach you this trick too? Her blood can’t taint Heroes, however!”, he says, preparing to charge again.

“Caster, help me!”, Mutou commands.
His Servant materializes and produces clumps of Ether levitating around him. His Master begins chanting a spell, and restraining chains form around Slayer’s feet.
Healer seizes the opportunity and tries to slam him with his rod, but the black knight avoids it. The blow tears apart his cloak, revealing Slayer’s shining armor. It looks similar to Archer’s, although not as finely crafted.
Swinging his scythe, he frees himself from the chains and aims at Healer’s head once again.

The duel between Assassin and Saber is instead going in favor of the latter, since Assassin can’t try and divert his attacks to you, but she can’t harm Assassin either, given the circumstances.
“You’re in a pinch, aren’t you?” Archer’s familiar voice arrives to your ears. He appears behind you, wearing his superb panoply.
“Archer? What are you doing here?”
“Ah, just patrolling. Then I sensed a huge concentration of mana, I came around, and I saw you here, struggling with these lowlives. Need some help? I never forget someone who’s done me a good turn”
“Would be much appreciated, look out for Assassin’s…”
“Alright, let’s do this!” Archer loudly proclaims, interrupting you and taking a step forward. An immense bow appears in his hands. It’s not an instrument built for an agile warrior as archers usually are, it’s rather a giant composite bow that few men would find practical to use. “Take a good look”, he continues, nocking an arrow to the bowstring, “For I am the only human capable of using this weapon. It bears my name, he who is hated, and he who hates! ODYSSEUS!”
Upon being released, the arrow splits into many different projectiles, hitting all enemy Servants. Neither you nor any of the Masters are harmed, and the same goes for Saber. That bow is capable of releasing a shot that is both brutally raw and perfectly accurate.
>Tell her what happened
>Tell her what happened
To be honest it was Iwanako's fault in the end. We were all having a nice grown-up talk until the twerp decided to interfere.
>Tell her what happened
Some players were complaining that this is a war and if you have the chance to eliminate an enemy you do so. Iwanako and Assassin did the same thing, but remember that the former is borderline crazy by now.

Also updating status screen.
Wait, I fucked up. It should be Hideaki asking you those questions, not Akira.

Hideaki's the Master.

I will just rewrite the scene next update.
You could delete and rewrite so no one gets confused.
Oh I'm not complaining about the way she reacted, as an Anon reading the CYOA it adds some more conflict.
A collective scream fills your ears: Archer was wounded too, unaware of Assassin’s Noble Phantasm.

You hold Archer up before he can fall down.
“What happened?” he inquires faintly.
“You need to go back into spirit mode. It’s Assassin’s fault, I couldn’t stop you in time”.
“Ah… I understand… see you soon, Fred”, he whispers, disappearing into the Ether.
Saber runs to you and grabs your hand, pulling you away from the location of the battle.
Her orientations skills are remarkable, leading you through the shortest street to the Shanghai.
She slams the door upon entering, and seeing all your allies sitting there, she quickly relates Archer’s fate to Hideaki.
A blast of red light fills the room as his Command Spell is released.
Archer collapses in the middle of the room, drenched in blood.
Everybody gathers around him, worried for his conditions. Crusader appears too, now looking again like his usual self.
“He’s going to make it, but he’d be dead if it weren’t for his Independent Action”, he comments.
“We sure… showed them…, Fred”, he mutters.
“Ainsworth!” Akira shouts, looking furious. “Was this your idea?”

>Tell them what happened
>Tell them what happened, but take responsibility for the plan
>Tell them what happened, but take responsibility both for the plan and for Archer’s injury.


there we go, sorry for the fuckup.
...You put Akira again.
>Tell them what happened
As I think about it, it cheapens Archer's decision of repaying a debt if I take responsibility for his state. I'm the one who put himself at risk and didn't call anyone else so the consequence would fall on me. The fact that Archer likes me is beyond my control. Is she gonna get angry at me for giving alms to the poor?
Of course, she might disagree but she's most definitely in all of her right to do so.
Shit is getting REAL. Excitement!
No, that's intended. Hakamichi calls him back with the CS, but it's Akira who's angry.
Ah, I misunderstood then.
Ah, yeah I was confused for a moment too, thanks for clarifying.
>Tell them what happened
>Tell them what happened
>Tell them what happened
>Tell them what happened
>launch the light
Anon has an NP that rewinds time.
Hideaki was intently staring into Archer. He looked like a kid whose toy has been broken: sad, scared, his eyes welling up with tears.
And there’s nothing strange about that. Despite what he might look like, he’s a kid, thrown into a world much bigger than him. How is he supposed to react when his guardian gets injured to deeply?
Akira’s shout brings you back to reality.
“Depends on what you mean by ‘my idea’. Yuuko proposed I started negotiations with the enemy, which I agreed was a good idea, so I went along with it. It would have even gone well, if it weren’t for Assassin’s Master. The Archer showed up and unleashed his Noble Phantasm upon the enemy, but he didn’t know that Assassin’s Noble Phantasm returns the pain you inflict to him sevenfold. I would gladly take the blame for Archer’s actions, but he did it out of his own free will, and it feels like I’d insult his knightly pride if I did”.

“This guy gets it!”, the warrior proudly declares. “Now bring me some alcohol. Wine if possible, I am bored of your barbarian tastes”.
“Must I infer that the negotiations didn’t go well, then?”, Akira presses on.
“Unfortunately. They didn’t budge from their position, but I learned more about them. Caster, Parmenides, can awake people to their origin. This is how they were using magecraft without being magi”, you explain.
Kenji looks relieved. He was probably faulting himself for not identifying any of the Master as potential threat before the war, something he couldn’t have realistically accomplished. The question still open was how could he sustain a Servant without magic circuits?

“When will it be ready? The Noble Phantasm, I mean”, the Satou mage inquires.
“They said it will be soon. Which means we have to take care of the issue sooner than them”.
Akira looks pensive for a second, then sits down again.
“Hideaki, Yuuko, Archer: you stay in this room. Everyone else, please leave”.
You and Saber are the first to oblige, followed shortly by Crusader and Kenji.
You’re heading in the same direction, so you attempt to do some small talk.
“I am glad to see Crusader has recovered”
“Thank you, Frederick”, the knight responds
“Ah? Yeah, right. Sorry, right now I am worried about my girlfriend. You should have told me”
“Yuuko asked me to handle this. I think she wanted to protect you”
“I joined this war because I wanted to protect her, but I guess it’s a moot point. You were trying to help, and I should appreciate that”.
You sigh. “No, I get your concerns. I should have refused, I should have urged her to reconsider”.
“Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Let’s focus on the future, not on the past, ok?”, he tells you with a smile. “This is my room. Goodnight, dude”.
You proceed onward to your room, which is still unlocked. After letting Saber in, you decide to fix it and engrave the Berkanan rune once again.
You Servant looks tense, as if she knew that a huge confrontation was now unavoidable.
“Are you alright?”, you ask.
“Yeah. Just thinking of what’s coming up. At least four Servants on each side are going to fight for supremacy. I am terrified of the consequences”.
“I’ve seen their Servants, I am confident we can come out victorious from this battle”
“Maybe, but that’s not what I meant. We must storm the school that they’re using as a stronghold, and some innocents will have to bear the brunt either way”.
That’s definitely true. Saber doesn’t like killing, so she surely dislikes having civilian casualties on her conscience even more.
“We will find a way, Saber. If we don’t stop them, they’re all going to die. We must pick the lesser evil”.
She nods unconvinced, just like she used to do at the beginning of the war. She knows very well there’s no alternative, but that doesn’t make taking that decision any easier for her.
“Before we sleep, could you explain to me how your Noble Phantasm works? I think it’ll be important the moment we sit down and elaborate a strategy”.

She regains her composure right away, then she begins the exposition.
“My sword is called Tyche. It’s the greek word that corresponds to the Fortuna Vox Media in Latin, which means ‘fate, destiny, luck’ in the most neutral meaning of the word. It’s neither bad nor good, it simply represent possibility. As you already know, probably, it allows me to strike from different parallel dimension. In that respect, it emulates the Second Magic”.
“I see. It’s certainly useful”, you comment. “I think I am going to sleep. I’d rather wake up really early in the morning, if possible. Do you have any objections?”
She shakes her head. “Do you mind sharing the bed? I don’t want to be alone tonight”, she pleads faintly.
“Of course. Just don’t steal all the blankets as you always do”, you reply mockingly, to cheer her up.
She laughs softly before lying on the bed and wrapping herself up in the sheets.
You join her, making sure to leave her enough room. The bed is small, but you manage.
“Hey, Master”.
“Yes, Saber?”
“Tyche is also the sword of the oath. Remember what I swore? That your fate would be my sword. Tyche is the embodiment of destiny, your destiny. This is why it can strike from alternative universes, because your fate can unfold in many different ways. Your destiny is a powerful weapon, Master. Don’t be afraid to wield it”.
These words make you think. She sure puts a lot of faith into you.
“Thanks, Saber”.
Before you’re even aware of it, you’ve fallen asleep and you’re dreaming.
It’s not that dream from your childhood, it’s the horrible nightmare you’re having since the beginning of this war.
‘Yes, I see. If a human wants something, he can do it. Humans have infinite potential. If you really want it, if you really believe, if you work hard.. anything can be accomplished’.
You’re thinking things you do not really think

‘I don’t believe it. Humans are weak, we can bow and we can break. But if out there… if out there, there’s something stronger than a human, something that cares for humans… then it can have my body. It can have my worthless life. But please, prove me wrong. Prove me that humans can do anything. Prove me that people can change, prove me that they can change their life too… because right now, I don’t believe it…’
That’s where the dream usually ends. But today, you hear a cheerful laughter.
“Who… who are you?”, the person in whose body you’re trapped asks. “You look… really beautiful. Why do you laugh? Do you laugh at me?”
You cannot see, but you feel there’s someone else there.
“Yes, I laugh at you because you’re silly. Of course people can change, you’ve already seen it. Remember the transfer student? After all he wasn’t given a long life expectancy, but he gave it his best shot”.
“That’s… that’s true. Maybe it’s wrong to think that everything is possible, but change happens all the time. I was just too preoccupied with my feelings to realize that”.
“Right, right! You can always change your life as long as you live! So, I will accept your offer! You will work for me, you will protect lives and see people changing! It’s such a good idea, isn’t it?!”, the person next to you enthusiastically proposes.
“Yes, I accept. I promised, after all. You can have me”.
“Good, good! So let’s begin!”

You wake up peacefully. You’re not shaken, like the last few times, and you feel ready to begin the day. Saber is still sleeping, so you decide not to bother her.
Downstairs, in the main hall, Hideaki is looking at you with his arms crossed.
“It’s your fault my Servant is wounded! So today you will spend the day with me! Videogames or Magecraft, you decide!”
“Hey, it’s not really like… ah, leave it. I don’t have anything else to do until Akira joins us for the strategic meeting anyway”.
“I know, you’re such a boring person. This is why I am offering you the chance to have fun”.

You can’t help thinking that both you and the kid have a different idea of fun. Then again one option isn’t as bad as the other, and that’s…

>Videogames, surely
>Magecraft, surely
>Videogames, surely
>Videogames, surely
>Videogames, surely
>Magecraft, surely
>Tyche is the embodiment of destiny, your destiny. This is why it can strike from alternative universes, because your fate can unfold in many different ways.

I feel like we should have begun this route after completing the other routes...
I don't get it
It's a joke about VN's. You have more destinies available the more routes you complete, yeah?
That would be true in a VN, but that's not exactly how the sword works.

I am not sure if I should address it as a joke or as an universe question and I feel conflicted.
Sorry to confuse you, I wholeheartedly meant it as a joke, not to be taken seriously.
No, it's my fault, I am just a bit hazy around this hour.
You should go to bed, bro'.
>Videogames, surely
“Let’s stick to videogames, kid. At least before Saber wakes up and steals the controller”, you respond.
He hands you over the console, just like last time. “This time try not to suck so hard”.


“What were you thinking, Iwanako?”, the Nurse was asking, barely concealing his rage.
“That I wanted them gone. They’re a nuisance”
“Are you even aware of what would have happened? You could have…”
“Killed them? It wouldn’t be the first time I kill”
“Listen, now”, the young man says, visibly frustrated. “You didn’t kill him. It happens often that the victim of an incident like that shuts himself in and kicks everyone out. It would be absurd to blame you”.
“Oh? That’s not what they said in school. They said I caused the heart attack. They said it’s my fault the football team lost. They said it’s my fault he lost his will to live. Say, Nurse, does it really matter what actually happened when the verdict is already out?”

“It might not matter to you, but it sure matters to people around you. You don’t have a single friend yet, and you’ve been here for weeks now. Why is that?”
“They hate me because I am not like them. It’s better if it stays that way, really. The only thing I care about is Caster’s miracle, so I can have him back”.
“Do you think he’ll want you back, after knowing you killed or tried to kill people?”
“It doesn’t really matter. I am the one who killed him to begin with”.

Healer materializes right next to the Nurse. “Sorry, am I interrupting anything?”
His Master sighs. “No, just the usual. What is it?”
“Caster and Assassin are doing fine now. I had to use a lot of mana, so the preparations might be a tad slowed down. I think we will be ready for tomorrow, worst case scenario”.
“Thank you. I am sorry I couldn’t help you fulfill your wish”.
“No need to be, Master. If we really will bring those people back to life, then it will all be worth it”.
“Are you sure about that?”
“Absolutely. Times change, but the call of a doctor stays the same”, he replies with a smile.

The girl gathers her stuff and leaves the room, closing the door carefully behind her.
The Nurse gives her one final look, filled with empathy.
“If only there was a medicine to mend a broken soul”.


The sun is setting, and the five of you plus your Servants are sitting in the Shanghai, deciding what to do next.
The conversation has been going on for hours, without reaching a clear consensus. Saber has tried every possible dessert on the menu, and was currently on a parfait streak.

Crusader, Archer and Shielder all contributed to the formation of two different plans.
While both plans called for immediate action (and thus excluded Archer and his Master from the upcoming battle), they had consistent differences.
Crusader and Shielder favored the following approach: to use Shielder to block Rider, an highly mobile Servant that could adopt an hit-and-run strategy, let Lancer confront Healer and Saber confront Caster, battles that they were pretty much guaranteed to win with the help of their Masters, and finally allow Crusader to settle the score with Assassin.
The plan wasn’t bad, but it had a few pitfalls. Shielder could definitely stall Rider in a battle, but she couldn’t prevent him from running away and regrouping. She would have worked as a distraction only so long as Rider decided to be distracted. Finally it was clear that matching Crusader up with Assassin served no purpose beyond just to give the knight the satisfaction he yearned for. Even worse, it could result in his defeat.

Archer planned the action differently. First of all, Lancer’s horse would be lent to Crusader to confront Rider. The two were not too dissimilar stats-wise, and giving Crusader a mount would allow him to bridge the gap in speed between them. Shielder would fight Healer, and given that they were both ‘support’ classes, they would effectively stall each other while Lancer takes care of Assassin and Saber eliminates Caster. This plan seemed a bit more sound to you at a first glance, but when you objected that Shielder could better fight Assassin, considering how high her Endurance is compared to the latter, Ulysses simply winked at you. If he has an ace up his sleeve you don’t know, so you have no reason to believe that setting Assassin up against Lancer is any different from setting him up against Crusader.

Your proposal to draw up a new plan was dismissed, on the grounds that it would just fuel more confusion.
Finally, a voting system was implemented. Each Master and Servant would cast their vote on their preferred battle plan. To better represent disparity in strategic thinking skills, the votes of Archer, Crusader and Shielder counted double, both because they were all revealed to have been great commanders in different periods of history and to avoid ties.
The total votes available thus became 13.

Crusader, Shielder and their respective Masters voted for plan A, accruing a total of 6 votes.
Archer, Lancer and their respective Masters voted for plan B, accruing a total of 5 votes.
It’s now up to you to vote, and you can either confirm plan A’s advantage or turn the tables in favor of plan B, since Saber pledged to vote for whatever your pick is.

>Vote plan A
>Vote plan B

[Note: both plans will lead to the death of a main character, so choose carefully].
>Vote plan B
>Vote Plan B
I wish I had had time to get Archer some quality wine before we all fought. Just cuz we gotta kill each other eventually doesn't change that ol' Ulyssess is a cool guy.
B is fine. I hope no one I actually care about dies.
>plan B
Shit goes down either way

Called and writing, also taking bets on who you suppose will die.
Archer will die because I care about him and the universe hates me.
archer isn't even going to fight
>but when you objected that Shielder could better fight Assassin, considering how high her Endurance is compared to the latter, Ulysses simply winked at you. If he has an ace up his sleeve you don’t know
He's gonna make a heroic sacrifice.
GARcher confirmed
He'll see Penelope soon. ;~;
Why is any incarnation of Odysseus such a boss, some day i'm gonna run a fate game and have him in it just to keep with tradition of /tg/ having him in there. He's been our pal and ally across all his incarnations, best boy right there
He's not one of the greatest Greek heroes and one of the characters that defined the very word for nothing. Him, Perseus and Heracles, my nigga.
I don't know man, Perseus sounds pretty shitty dude to me.
“Our votes go to Archer’s plan. It seems more solid overall, even if it failed to address some our perplexities”, you explain.
“Ok, I am satisfied either way, at least we’ve got a plan”, Crusader replies. “Let’s get ready to leave by 10 pm”.
You spent the next few hours in meditation, preparing for the battle. Your Servant, on the other hand, spent her free time extolling the qualities of the parfait.

At ten o’clock, the four Masters assembled at the exit of the Shanghai. Lancer’s horse was summoned for the first time and subsequently loaned to Crusader.
“My thanks to you, Lancer. It is an honor to ride on the steed of a Saint of such renown”.
“Nonsense, the honor is mine. Nay, I am ashamed to offer my unworthy mount to a noble knight like yourself, who embodies the ideals of chivalry!”
“Alright guys, you’ll suck each other’s dick when we’re through”, Akira cuts them short. “The road is long and full of dangers, so brace yourselves”.
As you head there, you start organizing the runes in your head. You have approximately enough mana to release seven runes, but it should be enough considering that you can rely on powerful allies.
The road leading to the hill on top of which Yamaku is located appears in front of you. As you advance, you cross what might have been an invisible barrier, and shivers run through your spine.

“They set up an alarm system to stave off unwanted guests”, Kenji comments.
Apart from the sudden shock, nothing seems to have changed. You probably have Caster’s eyes upon you, as you’re slowly but surely making your way into the enemy base.
You hear strange noises coming from underground. Something is digging upwards, and then against the asphalt. Everyone tries to hasten their pace, but it’s too late. One after another, the undead emerge and surround you.
“Is this a trick of Caster?”, Crusader asks.
“There’s no time to discuss that!”, his Master retorts. “Yuuko, I need a weapon!”
The waitress stretches her arms and opens her hand.
Ersatz ’, she whispers, and a sword not unlike Crusader’s materializes in front of her.
Kenji quickly grabs it and dives into the fight, tearing the dead to pieces.
He’s faster and stronger than a normal human, not to mention extremely precise in his technique.
“How did he…?”
“It’s my Noble Phantasm”, Crusader says. “He’s being empowered to act like my squire in the battlefield”.
“So that’s why I perceived magical energy around him, but not within him…”
The other Servants decide to join Kenji, and begin their assault on the undead horde. Yet for every creature that falls, two more appear.
From the top of the hill, you can see a familiar bolt of lightning heading your way.
“Kenji, Crusader! The enemy is here!”, you call out to them.
“What do we do?” Yuuko asks, panicked.
“We need them to intercept Rider, while we try to move on!”, you shout.
Crusader heeds your advice and, having spurred his horse ahead, charges against the incoming enemy.
Kenji on the other hand makes his way through the crowd of zombies and skeletons, trying to reach his Servant.

“We have to go!”, Akira shouts. “Take them out, but keep going forward, or we’ll be overwhelmed!”
Easier said than done. Even Saber and his multidimensional blade are struggling.

>Give it your best shot
>Use a rune [7 remaining]

As I told you, the format is now shorter. This is because there's gonna be a lot of interludes as well as fast-packed action, so I need an healthy mix

Didn't know he was used before, then again, I didn't read a lot of fate quests.
>Use a rune
That's what they're for.
>Use a rune
>Use a rune
One moar, c'monnn
Btw I think Lancer is St. George and Crusader is Richard Lionheart.
>Use a rune

Gonna get something to eat and then I am going to write the next update.
You trace the Sowilo rune, and intense sunlight burns the undead alive.
“We have to go now, before they come back!”, you incite them.
You all move forward, and you give a final nod to Kenji and Crusader before leaving them to their battle. Rider lets you pass, and after running some more you find yourselves at the entrance gate.

Assassin and Healer are barring the entrance, and a pack of multicolored creatures is with them.
“I told all of y’all that these guys were gonna be a pest, but noooo, let’s just ignore Assassin”.
“Quiet, you scumbag. If we’re fighting right now it’s also your fault”, the man in the toga reproaches him.
Iwanako is standing there, probably as a bait to empower his Servant.

Cain takes a few steps forward, his knife ready in his hands. “Alright, come on guys, let’s do this”.
For some reasons, you feel compelled to attack him. It takes all of your willpower to restrain yourself, but it seems like the other Servants didn’t have much success.
They all blindly charge at him, and then get easily deflected once they fail to commit to the attack. Both the threat of assassin’s Noble Phantasm and the fact that things aren’t going as planned are holding them back.

“What are you doing, Shielder? You should fight Healer!”
“I can’t help it! I think we’ve been bewitched!”. Shielder’s voice is definitely female, but it’s rugged and imperious. Even Lancer is taken aback.
“In any case, Saber, fend off these creatures!”, Lancer cries, before dashing against his enemy once again.
Healer points his rod at Shielder, spitting a corrosive and nasty-looking liquid at her.
She intercepts it with her shield, which glows on impact. She then lunges forward, ready to strike the enemy down with her axe.

The feral creatures growl and prepare to attack, but Saber cuts down most of them before they can harm Lancer or Shielder.
Everyone is locked in combat, a situation that will, in the long term, benefit the enemy.
More undead creatures crawl out of the ground, and Yuuko tries her best to take care of them using a projected sword.
You point your index against them and launch a flurry of Gandr Shots.
“Why do you use Projection Magecraft? Isn’t it dangerous?”, you try asking your ally.
“I, well, I just…”
She’s too busy trying to stay alive to give a proper response.
Akira has been drawing a magic circle on the ground, and now that it’s ready, she cast her mass-binding spell, Gleipnir.
Most of the enemies are chained to the earth by black tentacles, and that makes taking care of them exponentially easier.
Lancer is still being cautious around Cain. He’s trying to parry his attacks and he’s using the longer range conferred by his Imperial Hasta to keep the distance. This way, Assassin will never harm him, but he won’t be able to inflict damage to the enemy either.
Shielder and Healer are mostly trying not to expose themselves, fighting in what looks almost like trench warfare. Healer is shooting his poison from the snake rod, while Shielder is empowering her aegis to withstand the brunt of the attack.
What breaks this stalemate is a venomous blast more powerful than usual, which is deflected by Shielder and then bounces towards her Master.
Akira understands what’s going to happen in a fraction of second, she calls out to her Servant, and a second later half of Lancer’s mantle is laying on Yuuko, defending her from Healer’s concoction.
You observed the scene carefully: the Roman soldier rotated his lance intercepting Asssassin’s attack, cut his own mantle, parried one more attack, threw said mantle on Yuuko and then once again stopped Assassin’s cleave. His cloak, however, is still intact.

“That’s his Noble Phantasm, isn’t it? It was not the lance, it was the mantle”, you comment.
“Indeed”, the Satou mage responds. “We can’t afford to hold back. We must use everything we have to win”.
Speaking of which, the effects of Gleipnir are waning. You need to push forward and reach Caster, or it will be too late.

Two distinct solutions are possible: using Sowilo again to ban the undead, or using Fehu to destroy the familiars.
Saber and her multidimensional sword will take care of those who are left, and then you will proceed

>Use Sowilo [runes: 6]
>Use Fehu [runes: 6]
>Use Fehu.
>Use Fehu
File: 1461287822154.png (218 KB, 388x476)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
...hot damn.
I don't think the Storyteller would allow it, tho'.
If the Storyteller allows it I want to change my vote to this.
If allowed

if not then,
>Use Fehu
You use the rune Sowilo right away, using the blinding light that comes forth as a distraction.
Then, after it has waned, you form the rune Fehu with your fingers.
It is important that only one rune is used at a time, lest you create a runic sentence that can have a dramatically different effect and would suck your mana out quickly. This is not the first time you use runes in succession however, so you get the timing right.

The familiars turn into the poster paint they seem to be made of. Saber’s slashes hit the air, as her targets disappear before they can receive the blow.
Akira and Yuuko nod at you, and you realize it’s time to move on.
Once past the gates, you look left and right, trying to think of where Caster could be hiding.
The answer to that question comes before you could even ask.
Her Presence Detection skill has probably pointed her to the right direction, but at this point it’d be impossible to miss it.
An enormous concentration of mana is localized behind the school. You know what to do.


The fight between the two knights continued without a pause.
Crusader matched Rider’s speed by using his Mana Burst skill, and the two confronted each other at superhuman speed.
Kenji, on the other hand, was doing his best to stave off the undead and the familiar plaguing his Servant.

The knights were fighting with different styles: while Rider favored quick attacks, Crusader acted more as a bulldozer trying to overwhelm the enemy with sheer strength. They were 600 years apart, so they both evolved their fighting style to be a good fit in the environment they found themselves into when they were alive.

A blinding light came from the top of the hill, then a shockwave of green energy. Zombies, skeletons and animals disappeared, leaving an exhausted Kenji time to breathe, and allowing for a break between Rider and Crusader.
The body of the former was evanescent. His blue and gold uniform was almost see-through, and his breath was ragged.
“I see… this is the end, huh? You’re playing your trump card, Caster”, he commented. “So it’s my turn to play mine. Master, we’ve come too close to see this dream of ours disappear. Mine was shattered by a bullet in the dark. I won’t let the same happen to yours”.

He lift his sword, and a spectral knight holding a banner appears next to him. He’s holding a banner with a nordic cross, the yellow and blue colors are barely recognizable.
“Caroleans! Gather around, for today we charge once more!”
More and more spectral knights appeared behind him, a grim determination in their eyes, a certain restlessness in their horses.
“One last time, framåt! För Svea Rike, Knä om Knä!”
Rider and his men launched their charge, standing in a close formation. Their knees almost touched, leaving no escape to the enemy.
Both Kenji and Crusader realized that this was it. They did not dare turn their back on the enemy, however, and prepared to fight to the last.

This is a story from a long time ago. A minor noble serving the Holy Roman Emperor, he had given most of his wealth away for the cause of liberating what people called ‘the Holy Land’. He remembered his friends from back then: Bohemond, the Norman of Sicily, Robert of Flandria, Raymond of Tolouse, and above all, his brothers.
He fought to victory time and time again, even liberating Jerusalem itself. There, he waived his rights to be called a king, claiming that he would not wear a golden crown whereas his Savior wore one made of Thorns.
It was in this holy city that he met love. He met noblewomen from Europe before, and politely but firmly declined their father’s proposals of marriage. He faulted himself for that, and even if he knew that a wedding was a political tool first and a matter of love second, he couldn’t bring himself to accept a woman who he wouldn’t love.
The Saracen woman he met in Jerusalem was different, maybe too different. He felt that loving her was an act of treason upon the values of Christianity he held so dear, and yet, in his final moments, he could hear her sweet voice calling him.


Caster and his Master were standing inside the running track behind the school.
An enormous globe of light was fluctuating in front of them, not unlike a small sun.
“You’ve gone too far now, Caster. Stop this!”, you cry out.
“Quite the opposite. I came too far to stop this now, and I definitely won’t!”
“You can’t use True Magic like that!”
“Says who? Enomoto told me everything I need to know about a magus like yourself. You Ainsworth crawl into the darkness to avoid the light of truth. This is the light that will blind you!”, he answered shouting.

His Master started meditating. Portals opened, and bolts of energy came through.
Saber deflected some, and you managed to dodge them. In terms of experience, you’re surely superior, but your opponent is casting Original Magic, and in the long run he will probably win.
“Saber, we need to take down Caster. I will handle his Master”.
“No, we need to cancel that spell before it is cast. Master, lend me your power. I can do this”.

>Use the Gebo rune for Saber [runes: 4]
>Use the Kaunan rune against Caster’s Master [runes: 4]

[Note: this time, you cannot use both, you don’t have the time]
>>Use the Gebo rune for Saber [runes: 4]
Do it now while Caster's Master is still coming to terms with his True Magic, before he can properly support his servant. If we take Caster down the Master will be a piece of cake in comparison.

"Caster your time has passed, your abuse of magic will not stand, your apparent selfishness is unforgivable".
>Use the Gebo rune for Saber
>Use the Gebo Rune for Saber
I just hope freaking Assassin is otherwise occupied.
>Use the Gebo rune for Saber [runes: 4]

Saber if there was ever a time to use your noble phantasm it is now.
>Use the Gebo rune for Saber
You fingers draw an X-shaped figure mid-air, and Saber’s crystalline blade starts glowing.
Whatever her plan is, you decided you will support her.
More bolts of energy come forward, and you make them explode by using your Gandr Shots in response.

“The truth? Bold words coming from you”, you retort. “I will tell you the truth. The truth is that you don’t care about your Master’s desires or about the dead kids. No, you’re doing this to make a point. The final outcome of this doesn’t matter to you”.
“I am trying to make a point, and the point is that I am right! What is is, and will forever be, and what is not is not, and will never be. How hard can it be to grasp this simple truth?”
“Don’t you understand? The place in which that process of discrimination occurs is the Root. This world is ruled by the law of Becoming, not the law of Being”.
“If that’s the case, I will correct this error, even if I need to wipe this faulty world in the process!”

Meanwhile, Saber’s sword started to shine. Your rune probably empowered Saber enough to allow her to wield the full might of her Noble Phantasm. With a determined expression on her face she takes on step forward, holding the sword above her head. Her target is the enormous conglomerate of mana in front of her.

She swings her sword forward, revealing its true name: Tyche.
A burst of concentrated energy comes forward, colliding with the globe of light and causing a blinding explosion.
Cowering on the ground, you feel the warmth of the deflagration grazing your skin.


Shielder and Lancer were still locked in combat with their enemies.
Their Masters were once again facing the countless hordes of undead and familiars, which reappeared after the effect of Ainsworth’s rune waned.

Lancer’s attack were increasing in speed and in strength, while Assassin’s parries were more and more sluggish. His body was evanescent. Was he in the process of disappearing? The Saint decided not to test his luck.
Executing the same maneuver he used to cover Yuuko, he sliced his mantle and quickly wrapped it around Assassin.
There was, however, a crucial difference. While Lancer had cut his mantle swinging his lance clockwise to cover Yuuko, this time he shredded it rotating the lance counter-clockwise, so that the outer part of the clamides was in touch with Assassin directly, while the inner part was exposed.

Assassin realized too late what was going to happen. The mantle was insulating his Magic Circuits, and thus his Noble Phantasm.
He watched the Saint’s lance pierce him in slow motion. In his last moments, he remembered of the woman who draped her coat around him, when he was alone in the cold. Even if her community told her not to do it, even if the laws of God were against it, she did it anyway, not out of pity but out of compassion. He remembered that there’s more in this world than simply murder, and then he disappeared.
Healer’s attacks were still forcing Shielder to focus on defense. Lancer dashed forward, avoided the poison by hiding behind the viking, and then pierced Healer’s heart.
“What, how…?”, the man in the toga stuttered. “My Divinity…”
“Your Divinity doesn’t matter”, the Saint responded coldly. “Your false gods are not here to protect you”.
“I see. Thus again dies Asclepius: trying to preserve the human life he always held so dear”.

Healer turned into golden sand, and so did all the undead.
“Excellent job, Lancer”, Akira commended his Servant. “Now let’s…”
She couldn’t finish her sentence. A blast of pure light engulfed the whole school, and Akira realized it was over.


You are standing on the bleachers, breathing heavily. The explosion consumed much of the oxygen in the air, but you’re not hurt.
“No way… No way, you idiots!”, Caster screams in frustration. “Ah, but nothing is lost yet. As long as I can gather mana somehow, I… I…”
A bolt of energy pierces his heart, and he falls on his knees. His Master, thrown to the ground by the explosion, shot him from behind.
Trying to stand up, he whispers these words. “I was the worst possible teacher for those kids… but I won’t be the father of death”.
Without making a noise, Caster disappeared. You notice that the atmosphere in the track has changed dramatically, and not just because your rival lies dead.

Akira and Yuuko appear out of nowhere. You too stand up, and notice that Saber is on her knees, taking labored breaths.
You rush to her side, but she lifts her hand to reassure you. She’s tired, but she’s fine.
“Well done, Frederick”, the Satou magus shouts out to you. “Now I have one last favor to ask you”.
“What is it, Akira?”
“Burn this school down”.

“What do you mean? Are you insane?”
“N-no Akira, p-please!”, Yuuko stutters.
“There’s no alternative. They’ve been looking at us. They’re witnesses. If we don’t take care of it, it will be the Mage Association, or even worse, the Church”.

She definitely makes a point

>Use the rune Ansuz
>Refuse to burn the school down
Hey wait, there are dormitories here, either take the children out or make sure living beings don't get burned.
You don't mean burn everyone, do you? The overseer is supposed to take care of witnesses, wiping their memory of the event out. In any case, so many dead isn't a good idea, magecraft should be capable of erasing recent memories.
>Refuse to burn the school down.
Even Fred can change and Saber has influenced me somehow. I refuse to disregard human life like that, especially when there are better options available.
No, she literally intends to kill people.
There's no overseer right now, just Ruler, meaning that those events you classify as recent memories might not be such once church & co catch wind of it.
Can't ruler help out with this? If there is no other option than i will change my vote to

>Use the rune Ansuz
File: 1461712875118.png (59 KB, 572x369)
59 KB
There must be a way! Ruler must be able to do something, we solved the problem!
Akira is a magus that got mad at you when you first met her because you insinuated you'd burn the school down.

Now she's asking you to do so.
I am not going to tell you what's right and what's wrong, that defeats the purpose of the quest and breaks immersion.

It's up to you and your morals, as well as the morals you identify as belonging to Fred to make that decision.
I stand by my decision to refuse to burn the school down. For Seiba's sake, too.
>>Refuse to burn the school down
>Use the rune Ansuz
>Use the rune Ansuz
>Use the rune Ansuz
I should be calling this here and now, but since this will be the last decision you will take in this story arc I am going to ask you if you're sure of this.

You expressed preference for both, and I am not sure which one I should take as definitive.
I vote for the use of the rune.
File: image.jpg (67 KB, 601x255)
67 KB
There's 2 Refuse to burn the school and 3 Burn the joint up. Burning the school won.
Even if I don't like it, Anonymous has spoken.
Burn it ewwwwwp.
Called, then.
You guys are ruthless.
Hey, at least two of us believe in Seiba and her influence. And one was like "if Ruler can't do anything then burn the joint up"
I voted for burning everything partially because I wand to see seiba scolding Fred and Yuuko throwing up.
Seiba ain't gonna scold him, she's gonna cry herself to sleep.
At least it will break the ridiculous idea that grail war is all rainbows, sunshine and friendship some of our enemies fool themselves into believing.
I believed Frederik was a guy who just pretended to be a cold hearted mage, but was a softie deep down in his heart. Turns out he's just a cold hearted mage.

rip saber route. Maybe in an alternate reality we will vote differently and you can end up happily with fred.
You mean like Rin?
Ansuz, the powerful fire rune, materializes in your head. You’re ready to unleash it.
“Master, no!” you hear Saber cry
But Akira is right. If the Church or the Mage Association find out about what happened, there’s no telling what the consequences will be. You’ve heard of an entire island purged only because a Dead Apostle was dwelling there. In a way, what you’re doing is even humane.

The rune needs to be cast at close range to work, so you advance closer and closer to the school.
Finally, you simply engrave an f-shaped symbol mid-air. The smell of smoke fills the air, as fire blazes up inside the building.
How strange, you can’t hear Saber or Akira, or even just Mutou speaking. You turn around and see they’re not there. They’ve literally disappeared.

You come closer to the field where the last battle took place, and realize something’s off. Saber and everyone else should be there, so where are they…
A bounded field. The explosion created a bounded field that isolates the inside from the outside. Taking a few steps forward, you manage to confirm this theory. Saber is hugging Yuuko, who is crying hopelessly, while Akira is speaking with Mutou.
From the tone of the conversation, it seems that the two are in disagreement. The latter gets up and rushes towards the school.

Saber gives you a cold stare. There’s no emotion in it. No sadness, no rage, nothing.
She holds to Yuuko and helps her walk.
Shielder walks behind them, and even insider her helmet you can tell her expression is definitely not friendly.
At the school gate there’s one more victim. Iwanako is lying on the ground, her body twisted in an unnatural position.
You pray that the explosion just broke her neck, reducing her pain to a minimum.

There’s one more person missing, and you find him exactly where you left him.
Kenji is on the asphalt, losing copious amounts of blood.
Yuuko breaks Saber’s embrace and rushes to the side of his beloved.
“Kenji! Kenji!”
“Oh, Yuuko, darling, you’re still alive? I am so glad. It means we’ve done it, haven’t we? We’ve won”.
The poor girl has no more words. She’s just a river of tears.
“Hey now, there’s no need to cry. Although, now that Crusader’s Noble Phantams is gone, I cannot see you very well.”
“Kenji, you look… at peace”, you blurt out.

The person who, under different circumstances, you would have probably called friend smiles.
“Yeah. You can say that this is the face of a man who has seen many things. A tired and happy man’s face. Beautiful things that you can’t imagine. I’ve seen pain and suffering, and I’ve seen the strength necessary to overcome them. I’ve seen beautiful souls, like my girlfriend here, who’ve dragged me out of my pit of misery and made so that I could live an enjoyable life. I am at peace, dear Frederick. If I have a regret, it’s not having spent more time like the person I am now. Thank you… for what you’ve done…”
With these last words, Kenji passes away. Lancer kneels and makes the sign of the cross over the dead boy.
Shielder lifts the body in her arms, ready to carry it. This has been a night of blood. A night of sacrifices, sacrifices above and beyond what you were planning.

You’ve reached the end of the downhill road. Yuuko, having regained her composure, clears her throat and starts talking.
“None of you is welcome at the Shanghai anymore. I will present you the bill of all your expenses, to be paid by the end of the week. I don’t want to be your ally anymore”.

“Right, right! Wise words! That makes my job much easier, doesn’t it? After all the Romans used to say ‘Divide and Conquer’!”
Two familiar figures appear: Slayer and Julian Harway.
“What are you doing here?’, you ask, upset.
“Oh? Nothing special. I knew you guys were gonna take care of the school, so I decided to come along and kill you while you were still weak”. Harway responds.

Shielder instantly drops the body and readies her axe. With a potent war cry, she charges at Slayer, but he simply parries her attack, and strikes back.
Saber is barely standing, breathing heavily. Lancer looks exhausted as well, but his massive hasta is pointed at the enemy.

The noise of hoofs hitting the ground catches your attention.
A mounted warrior is rushing towards the scythe-wielding knight, who is still busy dueling against the viking.
You decide to do your best to buy some time for your unexpected ally, and fire Gandr shots at him.
The black bullets don’t have any noticeable consequences, except earning you a mean look from him. But that’s all you wanted.

The horseman is upon Slayer, and there’s no way he can avoid his charge now.
He turns around too late to act, and his side is pierced by the cavalier’s sword.
Holding his flank he turns around to face his new enemy.
The old king doesn’t look old anymore. He even looks younger than when you summoned him. There’s something different in his facial traits and in his eyes. They’re not those of a king, but those of a hero of legends.

“How dare you cowards attack the people who’ve saved your life?” he asks, his voice filled with righteous rage. “You will perish at my hands!”
Harway runs besides his Servant, while Ruler turns his steed around and prepares to charge again.
“Flatus mei spiritus!” Julian’s spell turns his body into a spiritual one, one that can’t be wounded by regular weapons.
Raising his sword, Ruler reveals its true name. “Eckesachs!”, he cries, burying the blade in the stomach of his opponent.
The magus vomits blood and falls to the ground.
Ruler’s sword is raised once again, prepared to give him the final blow.

The asphalt Julian and Slayer are laying upon turns into floor tiles, and with his last strength, Harway casts his spell.
“Flash Air!”
The two of them disappear together with the tiles, leaving only the bloodied asphalt they were lying upon.
You’re gobsmacked. No one besides the Ainsworth should know that spell. No one…
“Well done, everyone. You’ve done me a great service’, Ruler says. “It’s an honor to be surrounded by great heroes of your caliber, you especially, Lancer”.
Akira and her Servant exchange a quizzical look, but do not voice their perplexities.
“Thanks for everything. I look forward to meeting you again!”.
The knight then mounts and spurs his horse and rides into the night.

Akira is waiting for you and Saber in her car. Archer and Hideaki are already inside, and the latter especially looks impatient.
You come out of the Shanghai and enter Akira’s station wagon.
“What did you have to do right now?”, he asks.
“Settling the bill and gathering my stuff. I have officially no place to stay”.
Saber’s face is entirely frozen. This is not even her Counter Guardian expression, she looks completely void.
She enters the car, then dematerializes. You follow her inside.
“Where are we going?”, you inquire.
“The Satou mansion. You will be my guest”, she explains.

No one talks during the ride. No one feels like admitting it, but this was hardly a victory.
Akira’s place has several room for guests on the upper floor. Hideaki and Archer head towards their own, while the albino magus shows you to yours.
It looks bigger and more comfortable than the one you had at the Shanghai or at the Motel.
You drop your bag and take out a few clothes for sleeping.
“Master, if you wish to sleep, I will return to spirit form”, Saber tells you mechanically.
“If you want, you can use the bed”, you propose.
She dematerializes, leaving you alone. Exhausted, you lie on the bed, and inexorably fall in the arms of Morpheus.

You don’t dream, but you don’t sleep well either. During the night, you wake up hearing Saber crying and shouting. It is an harrowing memory that you doubt will ever leave you. The disgusting feeling of having betrayed her haunts you until sunrise.
Then you’re woken up by the noise of keys unlocking a door.

Your hazy mind realizes that you probably have guests over, and uncertain on what to wear, you decide to stay in your casual clothes.
You head downstairs, where a beautiful blonde girl is drinking tea from a porcelain cup.
Her blue eyes are somewhat clouded, hinting to the fact that she might blind.
“Good morning”, she politely greets you. “I hope you’ve slept well”.
“Yes, I guess”, you reply stuttering.
She laughs gently. She’s not mocking you, she just sounds delighted.
“I am glad to hear that. Say, are you a friend of hers?”
“A friend of who?”
“Oh, you know, Akira. My little sister”.
Yeah, Saber route is definitely out now.
End of the first narrative arc.

I don't know when I will be able to start a second, hence the question: would you like a q&a session like I did for my previous quest until I can resume questing full-time?

or would you rather not?
Wouldn't hurt. Let me ask the first question, which is more like a summary.
All the Yamaku Magi are dead now, right?
Ah, if that's Lilly, wasn't Akira the onee-san? Or is it different in your universe?
All the Yamaku magi are dead, either killed in battle or burned alive.

It's different, I am following another canon but I cannot say which one lest I spoil you.
Would it be safe to assume that we killed Emi and Rin as well?
Absolutely yes. They're dead.
We waifukillers now.
lilly is still alive so who really cares?

What happened?
nothing, I just accidentally added a 112 after >>155301 because I wasn't paying attention.
I see.

I was expecting more questions about Seiba but since her development/role in the story isn't over I guess it makes sense that you guys wouldn't ask about it.
Well, she's utterly disappointed at us. All that remains is her promise that she'd follow us even if she disagreed, but that doesn't mean she has to like our decision and at least I respect that.
I wanted to follow on her route but since anonymous decided to go full Kerry then I'll do my best to follow on that decision now.
>walk away for half a day
>some proxyfag samefags and kept switching IP's to go way out of character and shit down everything
tis the fate of every quest.
oh well time to die when we inevitably get betrayed for doing stupid shit via proxyfag retardation.
I don't like to think in 'route' terms.
Actions have consequences, some can be undone, some others cannot.
OP it doesn't matter, welcome to proxy bullethell, where people from here on out will try to utterly fuck the quest, while other people are off doing things like having a job or sleeping.
I just wanted to make something fun for everyone, I feel like I've failed you all now.
If it's your fault then the japanese were at fault for the A-bomb.
>implying the japanese weren't at fault for the A-Bomb
>forgetting the fact the japos were literally willing to the last living japanese or the fact that if america didn't nuke the japos, they would have sent over a million men to straight up die to conquer japan.
Alright, alright, but you get what I mean regarding the Storyteller.
Ok I decided that rather than shitposting on /qst/ I will create a dedicated discord server.

Come join me if you have any questions in particular.

Is this quest over?
It's on hiatus.

I will start with the second narrative arc as soon as I am done with the exams.
The thread is also autosaging so I doubt you will see my reply, but here it goes.

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