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We've been through so much already, and it's only been eight threads!

So! Im making a Q&A to gather all the feedback I can get, maybe there is something anonhorn can teach and we can make this quest a bit more of a happy walk in the caves than the trail of tears it has been so far.

Maybe I made a mistake? Maybe I was too harsh on anonhorn? Something doesn't make sense? Let's find out. =w=

I'l start with some highlights!
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a) There was just no way the templars could have gotten behind Leader without you noticing! And even if for some reason they turned into super-nohorns with mega speed and things, you'd use the Pathfinder just to make sure! To, if you were right, there won't be much point in trying to run I think...

b) Maybe the same path of reasoning as above, it's too unlikely that they turned into blood-thirsty monsters; and you have only one way to find out.

c) Anonhorn's and their lewd; a force to be reckoned with!
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a) How did they get there so fast?! And if they did, wouldn't the templar drag her fallen behind the lines of her allies? It could also be interpreted that the entrance in which the templar was coming trough was the one you just passed by... but then again, why would she drag her inside the cave?

b) Anonhorn was too much in a hurry! Would Old Leader have taken the herd towards the bathroom there may not have been even a single casualty. This is not a bad choice, to; maybe wasting too much time would have been far worst.

c) Too bad to be true? Pathfinder it! Too good to be true? Pathfinder it! Your hand won't thank you for it, but most of the times you'd rather make sure you understand what's going on.

d) There isn't much wind in the caves anonhorn.
File: Quest 3!.png (293 KB, 1600x2105)
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293 KB PNG
a) Three! You are faced with three paths! You aren't facing the path behind you! ;w;

b) This may have been too subtle; but your eyes did widen for a reason.

c) A haremhorn goes desperate. Also; it was a straight run in an almost straight line! There might have been casualties, but maybe aiming inside a tunnel isn't that easy.

d) A force not to underestimate.

e) Don't feel sad, anonhorn! Those smallhorns were safely warped into the theater through a plot hole. =w=
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a) A haremhorn attempts to sabotage her own quest; and fails miserably. So don't forget from now on, anonhorn, I cannot help you. ;w;

bc) How did they get so close so fast if they were so far? Maybe you would have seen them coming, at least?

I also felt outwitted when anonhorn didn't use the pathfinder after looking at the big horns of light in the distance; I wonder if it was just a risky gamble. Either way, it's kind of ok; after all if the horns were a dream, where would you go?

d) How come not even a single himehorn stepped on your very big frame as you laid on the floor, during a mad rampage?

And how did the templars got in front of the herds?

e) The hindsight of this anonhorn made me stop biting my nails and smile; even if you didn't know if it could work, you did know you can use the pathfinder while you are asleep by moving your finger; so it was worth a try.

And it would have worked.
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a) It's not that it was a bad idea; but it did make me laugh! Even so, anonhorn, try not to be so reckless...

b) You had a LOT of doubts, I'm sure of it! No need to be shy because she's a Witch! Or maybe be a little shy and talk, this is serious!

c) I don't intend to condition the quest in a straight story line; and to be honest I have little clue about were will we end up.

And it's fun!
File: Quest 6!.png (167 KB, 1600x1834)
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a) Too good to be true?

b) Anonhorn trusts too easily! That's a templar over there, they are mean nohorn bullies and should be treated as such!

c) This was just adorable... and the answer I wanted. Sometimes you have to intimidate; sometimes, you have to convince.
File: Quest 7!.png (120 KB, 1600x927)
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a) You knew the musclehorn didn't wanted to harm the nohorns... if so, she would have already done it. And you would have noticed; but she was just walking under a haremhorn looking for food to gather.
But you couldn't be sure if the nohorns were going to be so kind.

I'd like to remind anonhorn that you at least made peace with this haremhorn... by almost screwing up that last part of the eight quest. May she hug you and bring you squids. =w=
This is quite the thorough QnA huh.
File: Quest 8!.png (175 KB, 1600x1563)
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a) Glorious. She couldn't even retort to so much confidence.

b) I've been hinting to this for some time now! It's more a whim of mine than anything, but anonhorn could have convinced the himehorns any way it wanted. All that was needed was a little bit of hope.

c) Anonhorn making the broken horn Leader angry; it's not like this is a bad choice, by the way! I just found it funny that anonhorn wanted to be so honest.

d) This was so CUTE I might make it happen later anyway, just because I can.
Pretty light on the Q. Also, it's not often a QM gives feedback on how their players are doing haha
Well about the trail of tears issue I'd just like to mention that I tried just popping in and following last thread having not read the previous ones and frankly the votes were completely impenetrable for a new reader. Like. The gist of what was going on was fine but I had a hard time figuring out which character was speaking at any given time and half the voting prompt looked like non-sequiturs while in-store, discussion wildly swung between seemingly different points making it hard to keep up.

I'm not complaining about that since I know you should read archives before voting and all, just saying it most likely means either you're not gonna have a big influx of new players, or they're likely to make a ton of weird or bad decisions, because this is one of the hardest quests to just jump into. Which might explain parts of it.
Also forgive the weird mis-spellings, on a phone.
File: writingaquest.png (46 KB, 551x536)
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Highlights aside, I also wanted to make a proposition to anonhorn, since it is very crucial and I might be missing something.
I noticed anonhorn can get
reckless with it's choices, and I'm fairly certain some anonhorns just vote because filling twenty bottles of Coke with Mentos could work as a jetpack; and I can't blame you.

But...! I'm willing to give the anonhorns that want to see the herd happy a way to defend themselves against these kind of thoughts. Anonhorn is like the voices in the head of the Ol- of the Leaderhorn, and we tend to listen more to some voices than to others, since some make more sense. What I am heading for is as following:

-Anonhorns can stop being anonhorns and get a name; with a name, you can accumulate points every time you make a good choice, some choices giving more points than others (a minimun of 1, a maximun of 3 I'd rather).

-Anonhorn can still be anonhorn; but every vote will only be worth one point.

-Namehorns will gamble their points against each other should they differ in their choices and fail to come to terms; If namehorn 1 gambles 5 points, namehorn 2 has to gamble 6 points in order to get it's way; should the choice be wrong, namehorn 2 loses 5 points and namehorn 1 wins points according to the value of the choice.

-If namehorn 1 has 9 points and namehorns 2, 3, 4 and 5 gamble 2 points each, they get their way; should they make the right choice, namehorn 1 loses all it's points and goes to 0, still being able to vote but without influence; should they fail, they all lose their points (I'm rounding up)

-Only crucial choices use influence; most casual choices without much impact like where to go and what to see and what to say sometimes only count the number of votes as we've been doing already.

That would be the idea; to make anonhorns a little more careful!
Anyway... Q&A open! Ask me anything you want!
I forgot to mention! From now on I'm making a sticky in every thread with the basics to just jump right into the thread without reading the archive! I'm working on it right now, we are a bit heavy on lore but not so much, so It's going to work, I'm sure. =w=

As for the votes, I had an idea! Read, maybe you could help!

And as for the mis-spellings... I have typos aplenty! So don't worry. ;w;

The Q is up to you! And I felt it made sense to give feedback from my part, since maybe having anonhorn being crushed at every corner is my fault...
Something like a summary post might help matters, indeed. Really, /qst/-length threads are more suited to them than they were on /tg/ too. It does mean extra work keeping it updated though.
That's nice to hear.

Questions huh, eh...well you already covered a lot...what's your favorite type of horn?
File: nanana.png (10 KB, 116x135)
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Smallhorns! They hardly ever think through what they are going to do next, so they are a lot of fun to watch and a little bit concerning. Later on as we grow we plan ahead a lot, and we end up doing most of the same things.
Good taste.

I like Haremhorns
Honestly, this kind of quest might have more success if you tried for a dedicated group, instead of a more casual 4chan quest. Most anonhorns won't comb through posts looking for tiny details, they're more here for the story than for a challenge.
That's why >>146313 could work! I want anonhorn to struggle, otherwise I'd just write the story on my own... but then, there would be no lesson; and mostly, no fun for me. ;w;

Good taste!

I'm working on it right now, I wanted to do the Q&A before finishing it because I wasn't still sure of what anonhorn wanted to know... but it will be there, in every thread from now on!
To be honest, this sounds fun but also like a huge clusterfuck.

Also it'll either drive more anons away, and/or attract the RP-crowd that love any and all name-related quests (though I think this one might be a bit too weird/anime for them), so it's a gamble WRT the health of your playerbase.

I mean I wouldn't mind too much but that's cause I'm happy just reading what happens and don't care too much if what I vote for wins.
File: Himehorns.png (1.82 MB, 1268x8539)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG

This for starters! I'm going for the plot and the characters now. I took it straight from http://manga.clone-army.org/wiki.php?entry=horned_ones , but I felt it was more fitting to make it into one image.

Anonhorns have to be aware that I'm making this quest to challenge them; but that's also why I put a lot of effort from my part, too. Because I know I'm asking anonhorns to invest themselves, and that it's not easy.
I made this quest to get anonhorns to think, to reward them for their insight, because that's what makes me happy the most. As for the kind of crowd I end up attracting... they can't be that bad if they try to think their way out of a challenge. =w=
This is actually really neat and I'm gonna give it a read when I have some time. It's quite long for a simple summary though so I dunno if new readers will bother reading all of it, but there's not much can be done about that.
It's the basics of the lore! You don't need to read it, it's mostly for the details. I resumed the more infuential elements on the first quest so anonhorn doesn't have to swallow a book unless it wants too.

From now on, Im going to make a summary of what happened before and what's happening now on every quest; anonhorns won't have to understand much of the lore to participate in the challenges. That's the idea!
As for the story in itself, it is very lore-driven, but I can't do much more for that. Or maybe I could; I'm more than willing to hear anonhorns ideas. =w=
Naaah, there's not really too much that can be done about it I don't think. You either have a challenging quest based on sorting through a multitude of information, or you have a welcoming quest that's easy to jump into. Not really any way of swinging both.
I'm going for the later. =w=
With a LOT of background! But it won't be needed to tackle on the quest.
Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the quest so far.

Can we get a rough map of the theater and the parts of Enna's domain we've seen so far? It's hard to visualize things at the moment.
File: hopefullyfixed!.png (73 KB, 1560x688)
73 KB

That was the point! You are a himehorn in a new nohorn city; everything is confusing and colourful and there are so many things you don't get right in your face.
I tried to convey that feeling, but it seems I did so very, very well in pic related. Too well. ;w;

So! I rewrote the whole thing!

As for the map; It was already a plan!
File: whatsinatrashcan.png (7 KB, 107x127)
7 KB
“What should we do now, Leaders horns?”

Trash’s voice brings you back to reality. You are reminded that the earliest of the records of your herd spoke of trees so high entire herds could live in them, as you stare to at that very high building.
You wonder what else awaits. Then say to Trash:

“How are you dealings with the templar’s?”

“I don’t like them, but they don’t know that. They think I do; they think their jokes are funny. I’m just very, very good at lying.”

“Not your finest idea to tell me.”

“I could be lying”, she retorts with a wide smile, staring at you.

And she is still staring at you while a lone hornmother quietly walks by your side.

You freeze; then tap the wheelchair with newfound strength over and over until the haremhorn turns you towards the city. Amidst the pandemonium of sounds and color, of shapes and faces that seem struggling to enter in your black eyes all at once, you notice a haremhorn, over a musclehorn, sitting behind her head while grabbing her horns, the musclehorn peacefully walking down the streets as nohorns at every side either quickly get out of the way or stare from a distance in a frantic demeanor.
You point towards the musclehorn with the only hand you got, and as the haremhorn leads you towards her you don’t fail to notice, amidst the frenzied nohorn city, two hornmothers walking together as a haremhorn rushes behind them, a lone haremhorn gathering food into a bag from the tables of screaming nohorns while taking her time to pick the right materials… dizzy, you turn your horns to the right; you notice a musclehorn munching on a tiny animal at a distance, as someone is screaming around her.
And after you frown your eyes almost entirely you see the smallhorn that musclehorn is carrying in her hand; the tiny thing looking around, pointing at things.
And even behind that musclehorn you notice your very own nursery haremhorn getting things into her basket, along the two hornmothers and the other three haremhorns.

The himehorns are taking food from anywhere without a second thought.

And the nohorns and some wronghorns are looking from everywhere and pointing at them as someone struggles with a haremhorn over a long piece of meat; it looks tender.

And after you shrug that thought aside, only one remains in your mind. A word; “Oh.”

“You should have seen your face!”

You slowly, slowly turn your horns towards the templar’s wide smile, and it’s wonderful and scary how now you can even feel glad that you met Trash. You turn your gaze, again, towards the city. And clear your throat.

“Seems we can get you started.”

“Oh, but I have another idea” she retorts.

You glare at her from the side; “Which could be…?”
… and she nods; “Not blowing my cover.”
The things you mention about quest stuff being too good or too bad to be real is helpful. I'll try to remember the Pathfinder more often.

With the points you're thinking of using requiring names may be problematic and a lot of work but I'll give it a shot.

You should put the mechanics in the sticky you mentioned. Or use Pastebin like some other QMs do.

Overall, I'm really enjoying the quest.

A question, then for the Q&A: Is there a reason you don't run on a more fixed schedule?
File: nananana.png (13 KB, 155x186)
13 KB
I'm still adjusting to anonhorn! I'm trying to find the right schedule to get the most anonhorns in; but last time I couldn't sleep so I runned on my own and suddenly anonhorns joined and the thing kept on rolling... so I'm quite confused about it!

But now that you mention it, I should have asked for anonhorns schedule right here, It kind of slipped my mind... so anonhorns, post your schedule! Tell me when you can play! =w=

Oh, and just in case, this is my twitter: @haremhorn

The /qst/ general hasn't add me to the directory still, and I'm trying not to bother them too much.
Evenings Pacific Daylight time is best for me. Not sure what time is displayed on this post, but my local time is 9:30 pm Anytime after 6pm is usually best.
I'm enjoying the read, but names are something i can't get behind in general, even if it gives voting a sort of continuity
Thank you!

Mind telling me why? I may be overlooking something.
It's more past experiences with name/trip-centric communities leaves the whole experience as very insular and wary of anonymous posters. This also leads to more difficulty for new people trying to get into the community. Also, people can be skewed in their voting preferences because a prominent named person is voting for one option-to use an example, watashiwa in JQ had a harem of supporters who, when having no strong preference for what to vote for, simply chose the same option rather than bothering to think. These are just my feelings on the matter from personal experience, not gospel truth
I actually think you make a good point; I don't disagree at all.
Would you try, still? I'm more than willing to scrap the whole thing should any kind of hivemind rise, but if you think about it there is a risk here on every vote, and I don't think someone gets so lucky with a streak without thinking. I could be wrong, to! But would you join me in the attempt?
Honestly, i've only been present for three threads that were live, being a functional adult with irregular work hours means i have less time for stuff than when i was all NEETey. I'll see how the next thread i'm present for goes and maybe try out a name if it catches on, but honestly i think the whole concept is overly complex and adds very little to the decisionmaking process-Majority rules is the central tenet of the quest process, and this feels like it would impact that negatively, since all it takes is one person disagreeing with a course of action or to make a stupid decision, and they drop all their points on trying to chase a waifu or something which most people are opposed to. Basically, it means that there can be less overall mentos-backpacks, but when a mentos-backpack does happen, it could replace the mentos with dynamite and the cola with rocket fuel.
Oh, but the influence choices are for moments of danger, not for that kind of choices. =w=
Like, for example... you are facing a templar! What do you do?
>boomer at max volume
>Trash! Help!
>Try to talk your way out

That kinda stuff! The whole slice of life-pathmaking thing is majority rules, and won't give any points! Basically, influence points are for HOW we get out of this mess, not WHAT mess.
And if the
>talk your way out
choice is hinted to be a very stupid thing to do as the Templar wants to murder you and grow melons in fertilizer made from your corpse, but one person with a befriending fetish spends 15 saved points to enforce their choice when theres only 14 total points held by everyone else? If i'm reading how it works wrong, feel free to enlighten me.
No, that's exactly how it works. It that case, everybody is doomed. But I trust that for every anonhorn willing to sabotage the quest there will be five trying to save Ol- the Leaderhorn.

And to be completely frank, should a situation as such arise in which someone saves points in all the quests just to get the perfect chance to overthrow everything, I would throw away my credibility as QM and simply ignore it. It has to be quite one fiendish individual... but the quest would go on.
Furthermore, namehorns annoying other namehorns by doing silly things is something I'm actually looking forward to; like for example saying something stupid to the snowhorn or actually bullying Snacks.
>I would throw away my credibility as QM and simply ignore it
Great anon, you just ruined the suspense for everyone else. Way to make the QM show their hand.
I just felt like giving the bullies a fair warning. ;w;
Oh no, its not someone deliberately destroying everything for teh lulz i'm worried about, its the someone who actually thinks, to continue the example, that the templar is bluffing, despite evidence to the contrary. Look at /tg/ history with things like Exalted Quest-awful decisions are made despite QMs explicitly saying 'this is a goddamn stupid idea'
If we die, we die.
>a fair warning
Nooo, let 'em burn their hard earned points. That's what makes it great; they can always screw up.
Then It would be a good way to die, I think. If you look at the story of the choices so far, we didn't fare any better because of the numbers... and I would have failed as QM in teaching anonhorn about how to deal with the situation, so it's a gamble I take in strde.
Besides, think about it; if a namehorn got so far with the points, it has to be for a reason. Sure, we are giving the namehorn the power to sabotage the quest, but it's an namehorn that made it trough a lot of hard choices to get there; I think it would have earned your trust by then, like when you make a nohorn work very hard to give it a raise; a bigger power, a bigger fall. The alternative are random anonhorns posting random choices. x_x
I just noticed

>Templar wants to murder you and grow melons in fertilizer made from your corpse

Did you say that at random or you are already familiar with the lore? =w=
>already familiar
Passingly. I read through Dans stuff last about six months back, and i reread princess/daily life yesterday
Why do bad thing happen to good himehorn?
Because suffering

I think this is a very accurate resume!


It would have been fun, (and very mean) but I'd rather hold on to my credibility as much as I can.
I'd still like more feefback regarding the whole naming thing! So far it seems at least like an interesting experiment.

I see! I don't intend to change the lore too much, maybe a tiny detail here and there... but i'd definitively let you know beforehand.

Any concern regarding the challenges by now? Maybe they are too subtle? Too harsh?

Anything regarding the characters?
I am a third of the way through this, and I am so very lost.

So you have a sapient race that is very heavily linked to their caste system on an instinctual and biological level, to the point that it affects much of their personality and even controls how the herd functions as a single body. The deliberate butchering of language is to keep to the spirit of how they think, a general indicator of how often they undergo emotional rollercoasters, and...because it's cute?

and....in the context of a quest, this is very heavily defined as win vs lose scenarios, with clear black and whites about "correct" options and even mechanics that create voting power imbalances to emphasize how important it is to make the "right" choice.

and the MC....is the herd as a whole?
>the MC....is the herd as a whole?
We're a mad individual with 'greatness' thrust upon us.
And yes, the himehorn are basically designed to be the cutest, purest thing a madman like dankim could think up
Too subtle and too many people working off a lack of knowledge-i would put a synopsis of the quest so far as thread OP and a short rundown of who and what we are, as well as major characters, in a pastebin which is also posted in the OP. The wiki entry you've been posting is decent but still leaves piles of questions, is badly formatted sorry dan and is pretty intimidating as a wall o' text
I'm not sure what you mean by the butchering of language, but I can assure you typos are not deliberate. ;w;

There are win vs lose scenarios; it's like you are in the Leaderhorn's head and some of give advice that she follows and make her happy, versus the ones that give advice that get her arms ripped off. Influence-points choices are meant like that; they are the trust the Leaderhon has in the voter. It has to be earned.

The whole rest of them are mostly one big gray area of gambles that could turn to be a good idea in the short-term and a very bad idea in the long term, and the other way around. Things like who you trust, what you build, who you help... but there will always be a warning.

The MC is the Leaderhorn; should she die the quest would be over.
File: naaaaanana.png (10 KB, 142x159)
10 KB
That was the idea! The wiki entry is just an addition, I'm working on a whole thing of my own. I want to make reading the whole archive optional, so I'll be updating the pastebien from quest to quest. =w=

But the challenges so far have not much to do with lore, more than they did with just common sense.
>I'm not sure what you mean by the butchering of language
....maybe I was mistaken. In retrospect, it seems more like a combination of several references to how the....baby? himehorns talk, anon comments, general artstyle, and the fact that I can't type words like "himehorn" and "haremhorn" without pausing to reconsider what I did in life to end up doing so.
Smallhorns talk like that, anonhorn! And since life has already driven you here, why don't you try to just make the most out of it?
What is this?

Is this some Dungeons and Dadaragons bullshit?
It's a quest about survival and happy horns! I'm working on a resume, It won't take me long. =w=
To answer your question, no, dadaragons is even less legible than this. This is a fanfic of Dan Kim's scifi species, the himehorns.
Hey! I just woke up, what did I miss?
Are we sticking to the point system in the end or are we going to try something else?
... because I didn't understand a single thing about it. Sorry ;w;
The only thing I understood is that I get points by making right choices and that I can spend said points to make my decisions have more weight in the future... or something like that, but the understanding of how exactly the system actually works eluded me.
I-I'll do better with the grammar from now on! I'm working very hard on it!

Otaku: Dangerous choices become influence choices, and instead of working by number of votes they use total number of influence points among players instead. But they gamble them. As I stated above influence choices don't determine the mess you are in, but how will you face it.
>But they gamble them.

That is the part I don't understand how it works...

; w :
You win 1 point every time you make a good choice.
During influence choices the one that gets the more points gets taken; if it's a bad choice, all the points you gambled are lost, otherwise you win one point. Those who gambled against you don't win a point if you fail, but lose all the points they gambled if you win.
Ohhh, now I get it... kind of.
SO, basically, I accumulate points by making right choices during the quest, but if I (we) make the wrong choice on a critical moment, we lose all the points we had so far and start from 0... right?
No. You can choose how many points you want to gamble on a choice; some other namehorns may retort and gamble their points on another choice; the choice with the most points is the path that Leaderhorn takes.
If you win, do you conserve your points and get one extra for making the right decision or…?

…anyway, I feel that is too complex for something that should be fast and easy. Not to mention that you have to keep track of everyone's points and all… or I am just being too slow. Eitherway, I am fine with whatever you decide.
I'm going to give it a shot at least, since anonhorn isn't completely disgusted by the idea.

Oh almost forgot to mention; if you point out a typo, you get a point!
>Oh almost forgot to mention; if you point out a typo, you get a point!
I am not feeling that one. People that don't have points for making wrong choices can get enough in the long run to overthrow the effort of the others just by reading faster... that can be good as it can be bad, I don't recommend it.
That's what its looking like.
It's meant to ruin the quest, I'm getting some pressure on myself, too; I would never ever make typos at will. And if anonhorn is so desperate for points that refreshes every five seconds then it must really be enjoying the quest, or hates it so much it gives its best to sink it; either way it's fine by me.

If it turns out to be bad, we can just scrape it and be on our way. So far mayority took an arm and half a herd from the Leaderhorn; it's hard to go deeper when you are already rock-bottom. So let's try! =w=
Just popping in to say that anon is entirely right, here.
I've had anon decide that the objectively terrible option is CLEARLY THE BEST ONE time and time again.
'That is physically impossible'

and so on.
Giving one anon or namefag any more power than another is... dodgy at best. And downright shady at worst.
It is a dangerous idea... but look at us now, I even tried to vote on my own quest. ; w :

I'm not entirely convinced, either. But letting anonhorns that barely know whats going on or straight-up vote to watch things blow apart in rainbows have the same impact than the ones that took their time to think... I'm not convinced. But I'm truly willing to fail.
Hey! I came back...
>But I'm truly willing to fail.
Welp, it's your quest, not mine... but then again, I don't want it to fail D:
Happy horns~ happy herd~ ;www;
With the plan, not the quest!
That's up to anonhorn. =w=
>That's up to anonhorn.
>truly willing to fail
I haven't completely read how the whole points system works, but I definitely admire how you run this. It's great to see you patiently defending what sounds like a controversial inclusion system. I know some people are wary but if its your style to run it that way then I can't even begin to question it. It up to you what type of adventure you want to run, and honestly this point system thing sounds like it makes it a bit more interesting.
File: naannaaaanana.png (9 KB, 142x159)
9 KB
Thank you! I run this quest for fun, so I'd have no reason to if I didn't challenge anonhorn. But anonhorn can always tell me what it want's,

I don't mind how I do the quest as long as we get to have fun; and it's my first one so I could be making a lot of mistakes. =w=
Not sure I like getting points for typos. I'm willing to point them out to help.


Its ladder time!


Oh wait you don't have a name well too bad that's such a shame times are sad we must go on it's all for the herd

As for the whole typo-point thing, I just wanted anonhorn to know I care. I've been making them so much, and they don't come out of laziness but anonhorn may thing they do. ;w;

I can take that rule off if anonhorn wants to.
I just assumed your typos were caused by typing with your thumbs on a potato
File: beepboopbeep.png (82 KB, 551x536)
82 KB
I also type very fast. I think the witch device may be getting dull already. ;w;

Any questions? I could use some practice.
Clues for the Pathfinder are things that are way too bad, way too good, weird or things that don't make sense (like wind in a cave), right?
Exactly! Anything either too unlikely or straight forwardly impossible!

I have to be honest, to. I'm going to make the clues easier from now on.
The biggest problem I run into with the pathfinder is that many of my decisions are based on what I learn is real or fake when i vote for its use. Is there anything that would help in its use during voting? Like if a then b but if x then y?
Give me an example, I may be a bit dull right now. =w=

Also wanted to let the players know! Using the Pathfinder feels like turning on a shredder inside the palm of your left hand for just one second, without nothing tearing apart; and then a long, quick stab all through the arm.
I can't search the archives right now to nail it down. There's been a couple of time where we might be dreaming and therefore our actions would have no meaning, because its a dream. Activate the pathfinder and the real world snaps into place, but where are we in the real world?

And if it turns out we weren't dreaming, I need to vote on what we do. The pathfinder is a needed step, but waiting for the outcome will slow the quest down.

I just don't want to bog down the quest.
I see! I said it one of the quest before, you can use the Pathfinder and another action at the same time.

When you use the Pathfinder you go back to when you started dreaming + the time you were dreaming; if you snap at once, you lose barely less than ten seconds of real time, almost.

If you weren't dreaming, then you get your choices again. You almost don't lose real time, but the pain has consequences.

If you were dreaming, then you get new choices.

It does slow down the quest a bit! But just barely, we just have to make another post. =w=
So the way I see it you can either, if you are dreaming:
a) Use the pathfinder alone; if it fails you get your choices again in the next post. If it works you get new choices.
b) Use the pathfinder and a choice: If it fails you get straight to the choice, but the pain will be a factor. If it turns out to work you get new choices.

I'm glad you asked that. =w=

Another detail, Leaderhorn will notice when her hand goes numb; after that, you will need to use the pathfinder two times to wake up. That means it takes one more post to wake up, and more real time. Anonhorn didn't notice, but the pathfinder starts to fail after the third try; from there on, you can use any other source of pain at hand to wake up.
Leader woke up the Leaderhorn a lot of times by biting her neck, because she was familiar with the illness.
And another time a haremhorn tackled the broken right arm of the Leaderhorn and that worked too; there are many ways to wake up!
No don't do that. Just make them a little less difficult, if that.
File: haremhooorn.png (13 KB, 197x158)
13 KB

Not baby-easy anonhorn! Just enough that you all can get used to them; then I'm going nuts. =w=

Expect challenges! This quest is about that; this is not a comfy ride, you can watch anonhorns struggle and enjoy the show, to, but even then you will find that the choices you would have made could have end up in disaster.

This quest, is about the following words:

what's this brainfuck

This is a quest about survival via awareness; be smart and you live, don't be smart and you won't have any arms left.

It's based on http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?series=snax&page=0 and http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?lang=english&series=himehorn

So far, it's becoming a tragedy. Anonhorn has to be careful!
I swear, someday the anonhorns will GET the happy ending and have happy horns, happy eggs, happy herd.
I do hope I won't come off as mean... but anonhorn should be careful with it's promises.

Every time I read any of the "something-horn" neologisms, I cringe uncontrollably. I tried getting back to this thread over the days, but this effect has not diminished substantially.
I'd like to know why! You could be getting strange ideas; horn's aren't so bad if you don't bully.

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