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The earth’s population became a serious problem. Its resources dwindling, and its people suffering. It was that very same problem that drove humanity forward. That pushed them beyond new horizons. The governing bodies of planet earth all unified under one banner that their world may thrive once more, and the colonization of Mars, was at hand.

Your name is Seto Tobei. You are a 20 year old college student, whose family just won the biggest lottery in history of mankind. You and other lottery winners have all won an all-expenses paid trip to live a new life on Mars. All your needs will be provided for, and your life will begin anew on this brand new world.

As you adjust to your new school life, and your new surroundings, you begin to hear rumors of a steadily increasing number of people have gone missing without any explanation.
Your family might not have been as lucky as you thought. What was the mystery behind their disappearances, and who would be next?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Booqst

Mechanics: http://pastebin.com/uczfta97

Evidence: http://pastebin.com/XH1a0jZn
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How long had it been now? A couple of months? Even after all that time I still haven’t gotten used to this place. I’m honestly wishing we had never won the Lottery. Sure, living conditions were nice. Our new house was way bigger than our last one ever was, or was ever going to be. We don’t have to worry about if we can afford to eat today or not, everything is provided for us, and all it cost me was 20 years of my life.

Everything that I had built up, set my mind too. All my friends, all my dreams, everything I planned on doing with myself back on earth was all erased in a single day. Coming here meant I lost everything I had.. But it’s not like I could refuse. Hell, I wouldn’t have refused even if I could have. I couldn’t have done that to my mother, leaving her all alone out here. We can’t send messages to earth from here. Not letters, or emails, or anything. As far as anyone should be concerned back home, we just vanished into thin air without a trace.

Another boring class, another pointless lecture. It doesn’t even matter anymore. The fact that I’ll never get to do what I want in a career makes it that much easier to fall asleep. My dreams were far more entertaining than anything this dustbowl had to offer.
The sound of a book slamming on Seto’s desk woke him up with a jolt, as Miya Fujiko glared directly at him.

“Mornin’ prez.” Seto muttered.
“Are you done slacking off now? You know class ended like, 10 minutes ago right?” Miya barked, as you felt a few bits of saliva pelt you in the face.

>”Well, now I know. Thanks alarm clock.”
>”Why do you care how much slacking off I do?”
>”That’s great, Next time give me 10 more.”
>”Sorry, I just didn’t get much sleep last night.”
>”That’s great, Next time give me 10 more. And tsunderes are worst girls, by the way.”
>”Why do you care how much slacking off I do?”
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617 KB PNG
Seto straightened up and cocked his head, putting his arms on his hips while mockingly saying,
“That’s great! Next time give me 10 more minutes. Oh, and tsunderes are the worst kinds of girls by the way.”

EXCUSE ME Miya shouted. The volume of her outburst causing Seto to twitch and bring a hand up to his ear, but she didn’t stop there. “Next time I’ll just let you waste the entire day sleeping in here, you… you…. DELINQUENT!!

Again with the screaming. At this rate I’ll end up deaf in no time.

“Wait.. Why do you even care how much slacking off I do anyways?” Seto asked

“Because the more you slack off, the worse your grades will get, and the worse your grades get, the less likely we are to be the top class this quarter!” Miya said, stomping her foot down as she finished her sentence.

“Okay.. But why should I care?”

Miya just let out a large sigh while backing away from Seto. It looked like she had almost given up entirely on the subject before speaking.
“You should care since there’s an incentive for being the top class! If we managed to get the top spot, then the teachers will pay for an entire weekend at the entertainment district!” Miya’s shouting started to turn into whining as she went on.
“Everyone is working so hard for this, but you’re just constantly sleeping in class, showing up late, or not even showing up at all!”

While it would be nice to have the school footing the bill, the truth was I would rather go by myself, and that’s ignoring how much effort it would actually take to make me care about the stupid crap they try to teach. Just a bunch of garbage that we’ll use even less all the way out here than we would on earth. Then again, the class was pretty easily holding the number 2 spot, even without me trying. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, plus it would get Miya off my back already.

>”Okay, I’ll try a little harder next time.”
>”Or you know, you all could just work harder instead.”
>”I still, really, don’t care at all.”
>”You’ll have to make it worth my while.”
>"Fine, i will try to study a bit more but don't expect me to do much, after all i need my naps."
>”Okay, I’ll try a little harder next time. Stop the lecture, though, okay?”
File: Miya.png (1.83 MB, 600x1791)
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1.83 MB PNG
I could understand where Miya was coming from. I may find it completely weird that everyone still cares so much about school when we’re all going to be assigned work regardless of what we study or do, but I know they must all have their reasons. It shouldn’t take TOO much effort to raise the class average up to reach the top spot.

“Fine, Okay. I’ll try a little harder, study a bit more, but don’t expect me to do much. After all, I need my naps. Could you stop the lecture now?” Seto said, letting his shoulders slump a bit.

Miya brought a hand up to her chin for a while and glanced up at the ceiling tapping her foot before finally looking at Seto and replying.
“Alright, Alright.. I’m going to hold you to it though okay?”

“My word is my bond.” Seto remarked with a slight bow.
It was then that one of the faculty members entered the now empty classroom, and made his way over to a desk near the front of the class as he began to take out the belongings inside. A few books, some folders, other odds and ends. It was pretty common to leave personal possessions in class, we really didn't have to worry about theft and all our classes took place in the same room, they would just rotate teachers on occasion.

“What’s up with that?” Seto asked, watching the strange sight take place.
“What? You mean you haven’t heard yet? Ayame Tomioka has been missing for 3 days now.”

Another one? People going missing was no strange occurrence. A lot of jobs were pretty dangerous, especially excavation work, but these disappearances were completely different. No explanation, whatsoever, and they never turn up again. Even people lost to cave in’s and surface runs get found again eventually. The next thing that stood out about these disappearances was that they were so frequent. It was getting to a point that someone in the community would go missing every week.

“So what is that, 3 this month? Or 4.” Seto mumbled.
“She’s the third one..”

A real shame too. She was pretty good looking. We never really talked much, but we had worked together a few times. Real sweet girl.. I wonder what happened..

>Ask the staff member if he knows anything about what happened.
>”Better watch out Miya, you might be next.”
>Ask Miya if she knew Ayame at all.
>Wrap things up and head home.
>Ask Miya if she knew Ayame at all.
like her three sizes, hehehe
>Ask Miya if she knew Ayame at all.
File: Miya2.png (1.01 MB, 600x992)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
“So…. Did you know her at all? What’s the story?” Seto asked, leaning back in his seat.
Miya took a chair next to him as she looked over at the staff member cleaning out the desk.

“I can’t say I really knew her all that well. We used to talk every once in a while, and she was so nice.. I hope she turns up, but… with how quick they are to call of searches lately?..” With a loud huff Miya turned back towards Seto as she continued.

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, but apparently she had gone out pretty late at night for one reason or another, and never came back home. That’s why they are mandating the new curfew.” She explained.

“Wait, a what? Curfew?!” Okay, great. So not only do I have to spend most of my day stuck in this stuffy, dull ass room. But now I get to be locked in our boring ass house when it gets dark out just because this chick went missing?
A look of pure disgust broke out across Seto’s face after he began to contemplate what a curfew meant for him.
“and……when exactly is this curfew now?” Seto hesitantly asked.

“10pm” Miya quickly replied.

Seto then slammed his hand on the desk in front of them bursting out of his chair “TEN PM?!?! AUUUUGHHHHHHhhhhhhh” he spoke as he flopped back down into his seat, arms dangling over the arm rests of the chair.

“What?! don’t you think the curfew will help keep people safer?” Miya snapped.

“Honestly, No. If she’s gone missing because of what we think she’s gone missing for, It didn’t matter what time of day it was, All this does is make shit harder on the rest of us.” Then again, what would they actually do if he went outside and broke curfew. It’s not like they are going to have people patrolling the streets on a regular basis.
[Evidence gained: Suspicion - http://pastebin.com/XH1a0jZn ]

“I guess that’s true… I don’t see any reason for anyone to be out that late around here anyways.” Miya added.
Yeah, I can’t imagine why that might be.

The staff member had finished cleaning out the desk and was heading out of the classroom.

>Catch up with him and see what he might know.
>Ask Miya if she knows about who else went missing this month.
>Ask if Miya knows where Ayame lived.
>”I’ll cya later Miya.” And then head home.
>Catch up with him and see what he might know.
>Catch up with him and see what he might know.
>>Catch up with him and see what he might know.

So, this school is still on Earth, isn't it? And the students are those that will go to Mars? Are all the future martians in one place or are there locations all over the country?
They are already on mars. There was a school on mars that he and others transferred too. your last question is too much of a spoiler for me to answer.
Oh, okay, so it's not a group that's hating on the people that leave. This means that either the real martians don't like immigrants or that there is some secret organization with a less-than-honest agenda.
File: 3.png (400 KB, 388x600)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
Seto got up from his seat and quickly darted through and over the rows of desks to get to the exit, as he heard a high pitched “Where are you goin’!!” from behind.
He made his way out the door and jogged up to the man, slowing down and asking.
“Hey… that girl.. The girl who sat at that desk.. You know anything about that?”

The man turned around, setting down all the belongings he had gathered from Ayame’s desk and scratched his face for a while before answering in a particularly flat tone.

“I only know what I heard. Word is the girl was out past bedtime and got nabbed by somethin’”

“Nabbed by something? What, kidnapped? Or…”
The man cut Seto off with a wave of his hand as he kept going.
“No no no, Ain’t no kidnappin’. She went gone got snatched by them things that took the othern’s”

It was pretty rough trying to make out what the guy was saying with his thick accent of… wherever the hell he came from, shitty English land. But Seto tried his best to get what he could out of the guy.

“Do you know what them ‘things’ are exactly?”

The man bent over and leaned in real close before whispering to Seto, “I know what they aint, N’ thas human. Folks says theys been draggin n draggin people away. Taken’m outside. S’why we aint find any of them bodies.”

Seto let out a scoff of disbelief before saying “That’s complete nonsense. If some ‘things’ were taking people outside, they’d be caught on camera, and if they weren’t using the airlocks, we’d have some very serious and very obvious problems what with the whole explosive decompression and exposure to a vacuum.”

The man leaned back before speaking in his ‘normal’ voice. “prolly best you be thinkin’ that way, cuz them suits be takin’ folks away for knowin’ too much.”

What a waste of time. This guy clearly takes gossip way too seriously.
>”So they enacted that new curfew because she got taken away. [suspicion x1]”
>”Who would these suits work for?”
>Quit wasting time with this lunatic and head home.
>Head back into class to talk with Miya a bit more.
>Head back into class to talk with Miya a bit more.
Actually stopping here for the day, One more day of work before two days off. Might continue with this, Still not entirely sure. If i keep going with it i'll be picking up from >>167811

Any feedback would be great, thanks for reading the short session gents.
You've run an alright quest so far, with posts that are easily long enough. You could write some brief description of the scenery to give us an idea of what area we're in.
best critsism i've had in weeks. I am pretty short on details regarding location.

Thanks for the feedback.

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