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Your name is Silica Wilson, and you are the Captain of a mercenary group called The Vanguard. Currently you are on a mission to uncover an artifact called The Chromescore.

Currently you are exploring an abandoned military base located within a giant forest called The Green Sea. Death and dishonor or Fame and fortune, what will you find hidden within?

Previous threads:
As the sound of movement dies away, you are once again left with the sound of rasping re-breathers. You grip the door handle to the cleaning facilities, and cautiously enter the room.

“A few lurking creatures aren’t anything to be concerned about. Just keep an eye out.” You say, reassuring the team.

Your flashlight reveals the contents of the room as you move through it. At first it just looks like a laundry room. Piles of clothes, both military and civilian are scattered about the room, a pair of doorways leading to what you imagine would be the showers. This perception changes when you move behind a dividing wall at the end of the room.

A door with a sign bolted to the front now hands off its hinges. Looking over the sign you attempt to read it. You recognize a few words and even the structure of some others. Suddenly it clicks in your head.

Turning to the team you ask. “Anybody here read traditional German?”

You get a few confused looks, as they shake their heads.

Eckard adjusts his mask. “Hold on, didn’t we pass by a bunch of signs in Neo-German as we searched the place?”

“They must have built the military portions of the base before the civilian, changing the signs when the base was remodeled. This means that this base was still in operation even after the first Arcologies were built.”

Widget shrugs. “It does explain the rifle you found.”

This new information sheds some light on the reason why this place may not have been excavated. And why it’s so far away from any known Arcologies populated or abandoned. Whatever is here warranted the need for the base to be used. So, it either means that there’s definitely an artifact here. Or, something a lot more dangerous was going on here.

You smile to yourself, and turn to face the team. “We’ve either found ourselves a goldmine or stumbled into a death-trap.”
Quad replies his deep voice resonating through the air. “Captain, if this place is now considered a possible risk, I’d recommend calling for some reinforcements.”

Eckard backs his argument. “Yeah, and if this place turns out to be the biggest score we’ve ever seen, we could use some help carrying the loot.”

Widget lays out her counter argument. “Calling for extra guys might not be the best plan, I think that a sneakier approach might be best.” She points a discreet thumb a Quad. “I’m surprised we haven’t attracted more monsters than we already have.”

Quad turns to Widget. “You’re not as subtle as you think little girl. Why should we be sneaking around if we have already alerted potential hostiles?”

Eckard backs away as Widget closes some of the gap between the two. “Because, if we go in gun blazing like you want to do, then we’ll be swamped by monsters that want to join in, meaning more people will get hurt. If you’d use your head for thinking instead of cracking nuts then maybe you’d understand that.”

Quad ducks down closing the distance, and pokes her chest. “A sizable squad could sweep the base and clear all hostiles in less than five minutes. Then we’d be free and clear to excavate as much as we wish. And I don’t crack nuts with my head!”

“Yes, you do, I’ve seen you do it when you think you’re by yourself.” An evil grin spreads across Widgets face. “Is it one of your ticks?”

“That’s it!” Quad yells over the comms.

Now annoyed by the lack of professionalism occurring before you. You pull your ear piece off and force feedback through the comms system. Silencing the argument before it can start.

“Alright you two, shut up and start acting a little more like mercs instead of preschoolers!” down any attempt at restarting the fight. “Now stay quite while I think this over.”

They are both sound ideas. Clearing the base will make it easier to move around, but may attract more attention than we can deal with. On the other hand, continuing to move silently through the base will reduce the amount of encounters with hostiles, but will reduce our movement and how much we can carry. Maybe a compromise would be best?

What are your orders?

>Continue as you are, stealth in a good potion.

>Call for reinforcements, clearing this place will make your life much easier.

>Continue moving through the base as normal, and call for reinforcements to follow behind at a distance in case of difficulties.
Call for reinforcements
Sneaky sneak time
>>Continue moving through the base as normal, and call for reinforcements to follow behind at a distance in case of difficulties.
or at lest have them on standby
>Call for reinforcements, clearing this place will make your life much easier.
This can be our future home base. And it's not like the little critters can evade bullets in narrow passageways.

OP needs a Twitter... I missed this session :(
Hi guys, it's good to see that people still want to play.

Unfortunately I am still experiencing some RL problems that I thought I had cleared up. But apparently that isn't the case.

I'll be trying again on Friday 17th. By then I should be free to actually run this. I'll also try and set up a Twitter and post it later today.

So, I hope to see you next time, for a proper game of Chromescore.
Wish you the best for your rl challenges!
>Friday 17th
Great, see you then!

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