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...did I miss anything?

Influence points, a voting system we'l be testing out!

Write-ins are permanent now!

For lore details:

And for all your very specific himehorn related questions:

This quest moves very slowly!
Why did the Southern Witch Apostle chose you?
What happened between her and Enna?
Why didn’t the witch know how to deal with us?
What’s with her?
What happened to the guards during the outbreak?
Who are “they”?
Why do “they” want us gone?
What does that templar want? Why the name?
What are we going to do?

The questions come without rest from behind an open book held by two pale hands on the other side of the table, horns rising from behind it.

You are not the Leaderhorn. You don’t have a plan, but you are about to. Of all the himehorns that left the caves along you only remain five hornmothers, eleven haremhorns, seven musclehorns, thirty-seven smallhorns and a Leaderhorn; you don’t count yourself among the hornmothers since you stopped laying eggs a while ago.

And you all are in alien territory now. A nohorn city; the domain of the Witch Enna, perhaps the only place in the big egg safe from Algis, the White Witch of templars set on turning your whole race into fertilizer and boiled eggs.

You wonder if the broken horn Leader has sight issues, since she’s holding the books so close to her face.

“We are no short in affair to tackle on to” the book says, “so let’s get started.”

You nod at the book. She seemed glad you didn’t told your newfound allies, Trash and Snacks, about the lie you told to your himehorns. That you are a Leaderhorn. That there is a chance for everything to be alright. Because even if that was to be true it was still going to be very hard for them to believe in, like chewing rotten meat without salt or sauce.

You spent a lot of time talking with Umo recently, so now you think you know almost all the basics of nohorn behavior, like how chocolate is made. She also supported Trash and Snacks idea of setting up a restaurant with the help of the Witch, but she also explained some of the other possibilites. So this is how it goes, mostly:

Haremhorns are very good at any kind of manual labor, and won’t most likely have much of an issue learning new things.

Musclehorns are very strong, and will do anything the haremhorns say. VERY strong.

And hornmothers talk and smoke and drink and argue and nap and eat each others food… but are the only ones prone to do the talking, and even if the rest still can they hardly ever do it, and aren’t too fond of it.

As explained by Umo, Enna will help the himehorns with all the resources you ask of her, as long as you can justify your request in a reasonable manner. And as stated by the broken horn Leader as you rise your eyebrows at her, you could lie to the Witch to make the best out of this for the good of the herd. You remind her the Witch could be hearing the both of you.
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“I am aware” she says, her face and tone neutral as usual. She has two modes you are aware of so far; serious neutral mode, where she hardly ever moves her face, and wicked smile mode, where she adds some irony and rashness to the mix. You wonder if she has a “happy cute mode” where she hugs everyone and speaks in a high pitched voice. You giggle to yourself slightly, and try to muffle it. “I take this is a worthy gamble. If she is to hear me then I’m certain she’d understand, if she doesn’t then we were already done to begin with, and if she’s not hearing then we might have it easier if we put our wits in the right place. For now, we plan ahead.”

You and the himehorns are currently occupying a big theater. It seems it was still working shortly before your arrival and the owners intend to keep it that way, so you might not be able to stay here... but who knows?

And as for today, the plan is simple; think of a convincing business for your herd to run, convince the witch to fund it. If this goes well, you will have to learn how to deal with it and protect it from your hidden enemy.

And if nothings goes awfully wrong... well, who knows.

The broken horn Leader leaves the book on the table and looks at you in the eye; you feel no enmity coming from them, it's more like the black eyes with golden irises were painted on her face.

"We have to offer the nohorns something they could want."

And that's the issue. You don't know what they want. You don't have a clue about what they could want; but at least everyone eats. And since that's true, then there should be a lot of other restaurants around. Which means that, unless nohorns are very hungry, they are going to choose between your place or the others.
Either way, it feels like a leap of faith.

>"We go with the restaurant."
>"I had an idea."
>I had an idea

Offer them DIE!
A casino then. Alright.
I agree with this. We open up a haremhorn casino and have musclehorn as bouncers.

"What are those places for?"

You almost repeat to the broken horn Leader the very same things Umo told you, almost like she did. Except for that part where her "mom" used to work at one before a wronghorn punched her in the face, and she got fired over using the horn to sucessfully unclog one of the toilets.

"I fail to see the appeal in rewarding a gamble with no strategy or thought put in it. With no art or development, what is there to appreciate? What message would be sending to this community? What would this show them of us?"

To you, it seems that nohorns want to be free from the weight of choices. To thrive without thinking. You stutter as you tell the broken horn Leader about the earnings of a casino,

"They will lose. They won't find it pleasant. They will get angry. And I yet do not understand what appeal do you find or what made you consider this could be our way to safeguard our herd."

Cash does everything around here, and casinos don't ever run short of it; and "everything" is something you want on your side. As for the angry nohorns, you remind the broken horn Leader that most living beings rather not have a musclehorn go into a frenzy (especially their haremhorns).

"I take greed as taken you then. Recall they are being targeted. You said so yourself, about the rumors. We would be putting them at stake at every chance."

Unless you hire nohorns to do the job.

"And would we know what side they are on? Can we afford to trust blindly, Leaderhorn?"

You tell her that it would indeed be making a gamble. She doesn't even smirk at the joke.

It may take some more than this.

>Convince the broken horn Leader (write in)
>Do it anyway; she did had a knack for having her advice ignored anyway.
>Nod and change your plans; you'd rather have her on your side, wheter she's right or not.
>>Convince the broken horn Leader (write in)
>With no art or development
Tell her you can have shows and performances while the gambling is ongoing to promote haremhorn culture so nohorns become more familiar with it

>They will lose. They won't find it pleasant.
Rig the odds sometimes

>Can we afford to trust blindly, Leaderhorn?
You can hire them as barkeeps or something

"Haremhorn culture is silent devotion which is quite hard, indeed, to make a show out of. If you meant to say himehorn culture, we could put some hornmothers on the stage eating carrots and telling everyone to go home. While they lose their currency on our gambles."

It's like the broken horn Leader was angry without being angry. As far as Umo told you, casinos work out by winning more than they lose, so you could just rig the odds if nohorns were to lose too much.

"I recall you saying... DO NOT GIVE THEM THE CHANCE? THEY WILL TAKE IT?" she doesn't even flinch as she raises her voice. The faint memory of her speech from the chairs of the theater rush by and you recall her emotion, gestures, body language... you shudder to think the broken horn Leader staring at you in silence able to fake that much. "We would be giving them chances. Plenty of chances. Plenty of reasons to hurt us. And should you expect musclehorns to restrain their frenzy at the threat, then I might have to murder you right here and now."

And she seems dead serious about it. You smirk at her, wondering how could she kill you. Perhaps she can. Perhaps you find peace in the thought; she's not old, not insane, not a defective... you thought of telling her we could hire the nohorns to deal with the drinks as such, but guards are still in need and there is still no real reason to trust the nohorns. So you don't. Silence remains as she stares at you from across the table, and your sight wanders to her broken horn and you wonder how did that happen.

>Ignore the broken horn Leader; you know this will work, even if you fail at explaining that to her. Your success will be proof enough later.
a) Ask for her advice.
b) Suggest another idea.
> Ignore the broken horn Leader
> Give hints on how we will succeed
We need to give the nonhorns time to adjust to us, not fear us.
A common grounds that is a casino would greatly help us achieve safety, behind the nonhorns own laws.
File: awitchthen.png (211 KB, 714x591)
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"A casino, then."

File: woah.png (255 KB, 586x520)
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You nod quickly many times over, suddenly feeling very shy, again. The altar in front of you is circled by a big wall of books, and you do your best not to let your mind wander and focus on Enna.

It's hard.
File: fun.png (163 KB, 537x583)
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163 KB PNG
And you fail; the sound of small clashes against tiny boxes taking your dragging your attention away from the Witch.
As far as you recall as you look at the hooded figure with a crow resting on her shoulder, those are videogames.
You recall Umo telling you that people usually throw those out of anger, or at least her father, and wheter or not she's aware himehorns (and snowhorns) spawn from eggs does not stop you from flinching as the daughter of Enna rises her box a bit above her eyes.


You feel a cold shudder and return your eyes at Enna; she noticed. You feel the powerful need to swallow, but that would not be kind... even if the presence of the witch is hitting you with full strenght, and you feel like a being made of worlds is staring at you in a fun demeanor.
File: fluffy.png (181 KB, 622x591)
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181 KB PNG
"Why a casino? Of all things? Do you horned ones spent your time gambling in the caves? Did you bet your food or something?"

Only hornmothers, and they got bored very easily with luck based games. Altough, they DID bet a lot all the time for the thrill, but dices had nothing to do with their games or bets; it was more like silly things like who could eat more or who could scream higher. You suddenly miss being mad at them.

"Then why?"

A higher income. A chance to let nohorns adjust to us, to play on their own field; to let them know we are nothing to fear. You make the high stakes joke again, but not even the witch laughs at it.

"Who told you this?"

And yes. She seems serious. You stutter as you tell her that Umo told you th-that it's quite the good income and there are dances and fun games and that nohorns... you struggle trying to remember. But she saves you from silence.

"I can't say I'm not interested to see where this is going. Honestly? I expect this to be a good lesson for you horned ones."

She lays back on her couch. You are reminded of Snacks and her restaurant. This time you do swallow.

"So... tell me. What will it take?"

The place, the games, the clothes... that's mostly what you can think of. The broken horn Leader disagreed to help you plan this out, so you asked Trash for the basics. She loved the idea. Oh that's it, money. First and foremost, that should help with everything.. But then again, you recall what the broken horn Leader said about lying "for the herd"... and you wonder if she had a point.

>You tell the Witch what you may need, and why you may need it. (write in)
>You ask for money. Trash, Snacks can guide you through the whole ordeal of making the casino, since Umo is just too young.
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Taking your dragging your eating your jumping your snapping your twitching your licking your typoing your QUEST!
>This is a bad idea.
>both Snacks and broken leader told us that it is a bad idea and would probably make people like Himehorns even less
>Ask the great witch what she intended for when she rescued you and the other himehorns
>Ask if it was just her whim, or if she herself, actually had a particular role for the himehorns in mind

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