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=Thread 14=

You are Delilah, a young girl with a strange affliction suffering in a world that does not care. A runaway living on the streets, you go through several hardships and struggles in an attempts to find peace and happiness for yourself. The world is not simply black and white, nor are the people living in it.

Can you push through all the misery that surrounds you, or will you fall to this gray world?

=Links and Information=

Story Thus Far (Raw and a mess, will work on cleaned up versions.):

http://pastebin.com/WnGZwK04 Part 1
http://pastebin.com/eGfGW8jV Part 2 (Part two seems to be somewhat messed up in addition to not being caught up. I will attempt to fix, but archives seem to be your better option for catch up)



Quick Glance (SPOILERS) The quick Who is Who and what Delilah has. Mostly accurate.:


Twitter; @Cowboy_Sue
Discord; https://discord.gg/0107qV9kiFDlUH9nY
Text chat with me and some other players. I post up silly sketches and answer some questions related to the quest. I mostly act cheeky though.

Last Thread;
"It doesn't scare me." You say, using your sleeve to wipe away the tears. The words come so easy, soft and calmly.

"Look like...a cre-"

Before he can finish his sentence you hug Lawrence against your chest, your hand coming up to mess with his hair again. You doubt that you would be this bold while sober, but right now you want to do anything to reassure him.

"Shh shh. You don't look like a creep." You don't mean for your words to come out so patronizing, but it's a little too difficult to speak the way you want to. Right now your only concern is to make sure he's okay, even if that involves coddling.

"Creeps don't look like you. You're too um...nice looking. What's the right word...pretty. No wait, you're a man. Uh...handsome, that's the word. You're handsome and this..." You draw your finger lightly above his cheek, avoiding the stitches. "Just makes you look more like...um, totally bad-ass. Like the type of guy that beats up creeps. That's good. You're good. You're my good, handsome guy."

You can't help your rambling, just as you can't help the yawn that escapes from your mouth.

"Um...hold on." Letting him go and standing, you pick up one of the big blankets and toss it over his body. You crawl in and join him underneath, pushing him enough to encourage Lawrence to lay back. "Sleepy, sorry. Um...where was I..."

You determine what you should say next, laying on your side and reaching out to hold Lawrence against you again, your hand running the nape of his neck.

"Um...why'd you say you deserved this?" You think over what he had been saying earlier, this statement sticking out.

"Bad man...am bad...man-" Lawrence's voice is choking up as he speaks and you gently shush him again.

"Is okay, you can tell me later if you want. Don't push yourself." You reach over and flip off the flashlight, throwing the two of you into the dark.

"Will stay with you. Um, if you don't mind." There's no answer, but you aren't being pushed away either. You decide to take it as a 'yes', allowing yourself to settle down and relax.

The floating feeling, the buzz, the warmth...all of it is there.

You enjoy these pleasant feelings, your eyes closing as you focus on just them.

"No pushing me away." You say, not completely sure if you're awake or not. "Let me stay with you."


The low sound of knocking wakes you up, over from the door. You open your eyes halfway, trying to remember where you are. The feeling of your fingertips against short hair reminds you soon enough, Lawrence much too exhausted to move from where you put him. The room has a minute amount of light pushing in from the window, early morning then.

"I'll get it." You say to sleeping ears, pushing yourself away and moving on to tired legs. The knocking makes another round as you approach the door, peering through the peephole.

You open the door to greet Sam, who looks exhausted himself. There's a moment of confusion when he sees you at the door, the old man taking a moment to make sure he's at the right door.

"Lawrence is inside, right?" He asks, still doubting he's in the right place.

"Mhm. I was um, worried about him so I stayed with him." You trip on yours words a little, grogginess and buzzing making your head somewhat of a mess. There's a look of something on Sam's face when you say this, apprehension maybe? It's gone far too quickly before you can be sure though.

"I see, and he's sleeping well enough?"

"Mhm, like a big baby."

"Hm. And what about you? How are you feeling?"

You haven't noticed any cramping, nothing at all like yesterday.

"Fine, I feel fine. I um...should be all done now with that, right?"

"Yes, you should be. Give it a week or so and we can run you through another test to be safe, but please think of this as a success for now." You nod at this, yawning again. "You may experience some spotting for a few days, even a week or two. That's normal, but if you feel anything abnormal with your body let me know right away."

"Yes sir."

"And ah...please make sure Lawrence lets me check up on him later. I need to make sure his stitches are going to hold."

"I will, I promise."

Sam looks back past you, towards where Lawrence is still asleep. You can tell he's thinking, but you have no clue what about.

"Ah, before I leave..." Sam hands you the notebook, the cover dirty and drying from where it had gotten wet. "I figured he'll be wanting this back."

You lock the door once Sam leaves, carrying the book back and setting it on the counter. Crawling back under the covers you revel in the warmth once again, and though you try to you're unable to fall back asleep. You contend yourself with cuddling again, enjoying the fact that you can do it. It's a big strange, thinking about how you feel comfortable with being close to a man. Maybe not a man, but Lawrence at least.

More light pushes through to the room, your eyes adjusting accordingly. You take the time to study Lawrence's sleeping face, looking over his wounds at the same time. They seem to be healing as expected from you, though it has only been a few hours. His cheek is bit different, but that's to be expected. You can't help but bring a finger up to trace just above the jagged cut. The twisted black knots holding everything together contrasts harshly against his white skin, angry red bumps outlining either side. It may heal quickly, but you doubt that it will heal pretty. There's going to be a large scar there forever, no matter how much you try to help. It may be smart to go over his cheek again later though.

You don't care though, his face could be an absolute mess but so long as he's alive you don't care. Your finger traces down his face and down his neck, going over the white scars lacing his neck. If you had been there when this happened...would Lawrence's voice be better?
How old was he when this happened? Sixteen, if you remember correctly. It takes a couple tries, but you manage to do the math in your head. You would have been three years old when this happened to him. It's a bit of a funny image, thinking about baby you attacking a sixteen year old boy's neck.

You can't help but think about what it would be like if you were closer to his age though. Is fourteen years a big difference between people? Maybe it is...what if you were older though? Is it a huge deal for adults? You hope not...but then how long do you have to wait for it to be okay? Would he be willing to wait for you to grow up...

Even with all the pleasant feelings your mind wracks over this. It's too complicated for you to fully understand though...hopefully Lawrence will have the answers you don't.


You must have dozed off, as you wake up to the sound of rushing water in the bathroom. Right away you can notice all the space you have in the blankets, running your hand over where Lawrence was. It's still warm from his body, and you can't help but roll over to it. Sounds like he's showering, you want to try and stay awake for when he comes ou-

The water suddenly turns off and the door swings open. Lawrence looks frustrated and dry, taking careful steps as he walks. As he sits down there's a flash of pain on his face, his hand coming up to grab his side.

"Didn't shower?" You ask, rolling over to your stomach to look at him.

"Too sore...can't lift...arms."

You know what that's like. There's been times when you would go out climbing or playing too hard and it felt like your arms were going to fall off the next day. From the looks of it though it's not the only thing in pain for him.

"Sam says you should see him, you need to do that."

"Will...do later. Promise." Lawrence is bent over slightly, still holding his side. You can see easily in the light all the dark hair that covers his body, though you feel bad for looking. You toss him his undershirt, sitting up while you do.

It's a huge struggle for him, but Lawrence manages to get the shirt one. Just from the look of pain on his face you can understand why he doesn't want to push himself to shower.

"Are you hungry?"


"Do you want to sleep again? It might be good for you."


You puff your cheek at his denial of your suggestions. If you had to guess it's probably because he doesn't want to see anyone else yet.

Huddling yourself from the cold air, you can guess by the chill and the light outside that it's still early morning, probably around 7:30.

What do you want to do?
It's been a while hasn't it?
What did I miss?
find out what happened
law got hurt pretty bad.
When did you stop reading?

Um...twelve threads ago...
Attempt to find out why he got rekt so hard
He could just lie down with us, no need to sleep. Give those aching muscles some rest.

Ask if he'd like to share what happened.

Ask him if there's something he'd like. We could probably pay off one of the girls to pick it up.
File: Spoiler Image (119 KB, 603x794)
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Random Del doodles.
Do whatever he wants unless he wants to be left alone
>scar on his right

>scqr on his left

Shh anon, no more tears. I flip my canvas a bunch and sometimes forget to check over that stuff.
Also, am very professional and realized I might have flupped up the scars/positions n shit in general. Will get that sorted out.
On the OP pic you missed his throat scars too.

I'm not at all trying to be rude here but my brain just gets caught on these things.
Is okay, I get all messed up too when trying to balance everything. ;_;
Hey Sue.
I just caught up, and I wanted to thank you for running. I've grown more attatched to the characters than I expected to, and it's been cool to think about the issues you've raised along the way. You make the suffering so sweet. Also Delrito a c u t e

I don't really have any imput on the current situation, tough.
"You should lay down anyways, even if you don't wanna sleep." You move over to give him room. Lawrence takes the offer easy enough, flinching as he lays back but settling down soon enough. It's a very forward move on your part, taking yourself by surprise, but you lay back down next to him. You cross your arms over his chest, keeping yourself close as you rest your body on top of him. He said he didn't want to sleep but his eyes are closed all the same, his own arm draped over his forehead. With his chin still exposed you can't help but poke a finger at his scraggly beard. Maybe it's from the lingering buzz, but you find joy in doing this. You move up, placing your cheek against his good one, and rub up against him. The short hairs scratch and tickle your skin, just as you expect it would.

When you stop and pull back you can see Lawrence is looking at you with a tired but puzzled look.

"I'm...like a cat. Meow." You playfully bat at his chin, going back to rest against his chest again. Your mind might be floating, but even you realize how ridiculous that was.

"Hm...you don't have to tell me if you aren't ready to..." You glance back up at him, looking at his stitches. "But like...what happened to you? You just up and disappeared and then...coming back like you did...you scared me half to death."

You watch his face closely as you await an answer, seeing him take slow deep breaths.


"That means like...some guys just attacked you, right?"

"Yeah...just went...for walk. Guys from...alley came...wanted wallet. Gave it...to them...they let...me go."

"Then...how did you get like this?"

"Must have...seen my...license. Realized who...I was. Were friends...of Preston..."

"Who's that?"

"...Charlie's brother."

The guy from the alley. You can't think of anything to say, and let Lawrence continue speaking at his slow pace.

"They knew...what I...did to...both them. Followed me...here. Grabbed me...took me to...their car. Was close...to making...it in. They took me...to Charlie's place."

You can already hear the guilt in his voice starting to build up.

"Kicked the...shit out...of me...outside first. Then took...me in...to see him. He was...so scared...when he...saw me. Guys kicked...back of me...knee, was on...the floor...while he's...just looking...down at...me. Was remembering...what I...did to...him. How I...hurt him...so badly. Thought he...was going...to get...revenge...make me...pay for...crippling...him."

Lawrence is starting to get choked up at this point, and in an attempt to calm him down you scratch the base of his jaw lightly.

"But...he just...apologizes to...me. Didn't believe...him. The boys...didn't either. But he...honest to...God was...apologizing...for what...he did...to me...to...to my sister. Told me...he didn't...hate me...for what...I did...to him...that he...just wanted...to be...good man. Live a...better life...then he had...before. Told the...guys to...leave me...alone...to let me go..."

"So why did you get hurt? He like...forgave you...right?"

"Charlie did...the guys...did not. Drove me...to this...parking lot. Pushed me out...told me...I would...pay for...what happened...to Charlie. What happened...to Preston. Four of...them. Beat the...hell out...of me. Didn't fight...back. Wanted to...walk away. They wanted...me to...fight back. Wanted a...reason to...hurt me. Refused to...one of...the guys takes...out knife. Two guys...hold me...down. Guy puts...knife i-in...my mouth...and just..."

"You don't have to finish that..."

"They dumped...me off...few blocks...away. Had to...walk back...blood everywhere..."

You can feel Lawrence's body shake a bit as he talks.

"Deserved it...even if...Charlie forgave...me....deserved to...have this...happen...put Preston...p-put his...b-brother in...in the...the gr-..."

Lawrence is too distraught to finish and you decide to intervene before he loses it.

"It's alright, you don't have to say any more." You wrap your arm around his neck, pulling him in close again. You're glad to know, but at the same time you feel bad that answering has made him feel so awful.

"Is there um, anything you need right now? I can probably have someone run out and get it if you want." He shakes his head and wraps his arms around you instead, pulling in close to your body.

"No...just don't...leave me...right now. Please."

You keep hugging him, looking over his marks. The bruises are still dark, traversing from the back of his arms and down his back, below the shirt and beyond.

"Do you want to sleep now?" You whisper.

"No...don't want...to sleep. Just...don't want...to be...alone."

Lawrence sounds tired, but you doubt that it would be easy to force him to go to sleep again.

What would you like to do?
Tell him a story to get his mind off of the incident
File: Bully.jpg (153 KB, 624x752)
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Yeah, tell him a story.
Tell him a story about a distant past...
"As you wish."

Keep him company and enjoy that he's not rejecting our affection.
"As you wish." You say nonchalantly, knowing that it's better if you don't try to fight an uphill battle right now. You'll make sure he gets his proper rest later though.

It feels a bit awkward just laying there holding him though, and you begin to think about what you can do to help make Lawrence feel better, or at the very least get his mind off of what happened to him.

"Um...I read the kids a story last night, about this little girl with like, the power to move stuff with her mind. It's pretty good, I should have brought it with me...I'd read it for you right now but uh...well, I don't have it with me..." You have to stop and recollect your thoughts properly, trying to figure out what it is you want to say.

"So uh, I guess I'll just have to tell you a different one...um..."

Put right on the spot, you have some trouble starting off. You think back to a dream you had, and decide to use that as your muse.

"There was once this bear, a big strong beast that could knock over any tree..."

You go and tell him about how this bear just wanted to help the other animals in the forest, but no matter how helpful he was the animals were always scared of him. One day he saves a little rabbit from a pack of wolves and, expecting her to run away too her tries to walk away. The rabbit tries to follow the bear though, wanting to be his friend. The bear had been so used to being alone and having everyone else scared of him that he tried to run the rabbit away, even though he hated being lonely. When he finally let her stick around he ended up hurting her with his huge paws by accident, and ashamed with himself he ran away. The bear continued to keep the forest safe but kept completely to himself, growing sadder and lonelier as time passed. He does all he can for the forest and decides to find himself a new home. Before he leaves he sees the rabbit is all alone too, crying her lonely rabbit tears. The bear realizes that she doesn't hate him even after he hurt her, and so he and the rabbit travel together to a new home so they're never lonely again.

As soon as you finished your story you begin to realize that this would probably have been better suited for the kids then a grown man...

"Cute." Lawrence's low voice comes out, the compliment making you feel flustered. Even if it was kiddish it seems to have calmed him down.

You enjoy laying with him, even if it is on the cold ground. A bed would be nic-

The thought of that embarrasses you and you attempt to push it out of the way.

"Um...no rush or anything, but remember...you still need to see Sam today." You remind him, Lawrence nodding again. There's still enough time in the day though, he has time to do it before Sam scolds him.

"You should probably bathe too, too bad we don't have any way to heat the water though..."




In a pleasant silence you continue to lay there, holding Lawrence. Eventually you hear the soft sounds of snoring from in front, you figured he would end up dozing off. You take this as a chance to get up, doing your best to not disturb him. You stand to your feet, stretching and walking to the restroom.


It looks like the blood has slowed quite a bit...you're extremely relieved. That should mean it will be gone in just a few days now...you can't wait. You hate the yucky feeling it gives you.

Drying your hands on your pants, you come back out, Lawrence still snoring away. He's shifted to his back now, stretching out across the ground. Sitting beside him you look over his injuries. All of them healing pretty nicely, all except his cheek. It is a big injury though, it would take quite some time to heal.

"Psst..." You gently shake his shoulder, Lawrence opening his eyes just enough to look over at you.

"Do you mind if um, if I work on your cheek again?" You tap your own as you ask this. Lawrence nods slightly and closes his eyes again, though his snoring does not return.


Leaning over him and bending down, you cup his chin and lick his cut again. Once again you start near the ear, working your way down back towards his mouth. The licks send a tingle to your head each time, the sweet taste adding to the buzz that had begun to die down. It's a quick process, reaching the corner of his mouth soon enough. You finish the final licks, trying to savor the last bit of sweetness before it turns bitter.

A hand comes up, rubbing up from your neck to your cheek. You can see Lawrence has his eyes half opened, a soft look over his face this time. The feel of his hand on your face is nice, and as he begins to lean up the beating in your chest increases.

Is he going to kiss you again...?

Would you like that...?

Before you can figure out the answer of that, Lawrence's other hand comes up and covers your mouth. It's not in a way to keep you quiet, but the gentle look that melts away to one of restraint tells you that his hand serves as a means to reject himself for what he was about to do.

"Sorry..." He mutters as he sits up and backs away from you, his hands leaving your face once again.

You just, once again, feel confused.

He didn't ask you to, but you felt like it would have been okay if he did kiss you...

Or...maybe not? Do you always need to ask permission?

...does, that mean he sees you that way or not then?

"Am...fine now. You can...go do what...you want...to do." Lawrence speaks up once again, and though he's facing your direction his eyes refuse to make contact with yours.

What do you do?

gonna go hurt my friends with paintball, will return in a few hours.
Let's go grab a book or something and continue hanging with the Law
Give him a peck on the uninjured cheek and cuddle up on/beside him again.

If he asks, "You said to do what I want, so..."
Yea get a book and something for Law to try to eat or drink. You'll probably have to chew the food up for him and then deposit it in his mouth like a bird, so he doesn't fuck up his cut
Tell him we feel conflicted. Nervous. Ashamed. Confused. That we're not sure how to interpret him.

Is... is that how he feels? Are his emotions just as mixed up? Maybe more so because he's worried what others might think?

... we wouldn't really mind if he kissed us.
Wouldn't really or really wouldn't?

The first is apathetic the second is invitational.
Take a guess.
Invitational obv
Definitely this.

Quite clearly invitational
Why would Delilah even worry about proper placement when she can just use intonation
Kiss him
Lawrence looks uncomfortable by what he just tried to do and you decide to give him a little bit of space before trying to address it.

"I'll be right back..." You say, getting up to your feet. "I'm just going to grab something, please leave the door unlocked for me."

You walk out of the room but rush to the kid's door, knocking till Mabel answers.

"There you are, where's Law?" Mabel sounds like she hasn't gotten quite enough sleep but has to suck it up for babysitting duty.

"He's in his room, resting. I'm watching over him for now." You have decided that it is your job to care for him, regardless of what anyone else says.

"Yeah, I heard. Ah kinda...gonna have to gimme the deetz later. But uh, what you need?"

"Just grabbing my book, if that's okay."

Of course it is, and Mabel lets you in. You can see that Lisa has started to use the books as building blocks for a city, including La Mancha. With some convincing and several princess promises you are allowed to carry your book away from her pretend city.

As you are about to walk out Marilyn approaches you with concern written over her face.

"Is Law okay...?"

"He'll be fine."

"It sounded like what happened to him was pretty bad..."

"It wasn't good, I'll be honest...but he's getting better. I'm there for hi-"

"You have blood on your teeth, are you okay?"

At the very mention of it you bring your arm up to cover your mouth, scaring Marilyn with your sudden actions.

"Ah, it's not very much or anything though! M-Maybe you just bit your lip or something!" She's quick to try and downplay the issue as you desperately try to hide it from her. Running your tongue over your teeth you can definitely taste the surge of sweetness, but it's not much. It was probably only a smudge of it...something normal enough, and you just made a big deal out of it.

"Y-Yeah, I bit my tongue earlier..." You try to think about how you can change topics real quick. "Um...oh, what do we have f-for food? I uh, should take some over for Lawrence too."

"Oh, yeah. They're kinda cold actually, but John made a bunch of potatoes. Just...so many baked potatoes. Here..." Marilyn goes over to a cooler, opening it to reveal stacks of foiled wrapped bundles. She picks up three and some packets of salt and pepper, carefully stacking them in your free arm for you.

"They're soft, but that's it. No cheese or butter...it might be fine if you use salt."



"...thanks." You and Marilyn both glance over to Mabel having a staring match at Thompson, balancing Cecilia in the crook of her arm. Marilyn looks annoyed and sighs.

"I better go help her...I'll lock the door."

You thank her, Marilyn waving you off as you go back to the hallway. With a balancing act you manage to swing open Lawrence's door, setting down your supplies before locking up.

"I brought some lunch, for when you get hungry." Looking over you can see Lawrence has his back against the counter, head in his hand and eyes closed.

"Are...you okay...?" You ask, worried that he is still antagonizing over what he tried to do earlier.


"Oh, should I get Sam?"

Lawrence shakes his head and you make a note to keep an eye on him. Sitting across from him on the floor, you unwrap a potato and take careful bites from it. There's still a bit of warmth left inside, and while you would have preferred to stack it up with cheese and butter and sour cream, the salt and pepper serve just enough to keep it from being too bland. You feel full once the foil is empty, crumpling it in your hand and tossing it to the filthy carpet. You'll clean it up later...maybe. You're prepared to read your book again, but looking up you can see that Lawrence is looking off to the side and deep in thought about something.

He probably still feels guilty about what he almost tried to do earlier.

You set aside the book, moving over to kneel in front of Lawrence. He looks over at your arrival, trying to offer a fake smirk. Moving the corner of his mouth like that seems to hurt him and he instantly stops.

"What...up?" He's trying to play it off, but you can tell that he's not really at ease. You move up closer to him, hands on his shoulder as you give his healthy cheek a kiss.

"You said I could do what I want." You say this in a playful way, sticking your tongue out at him while you do so. There's the faint hint of amusement on his face from this, but it once again fades away to something more paltry.

"Um..." You decide it would be good to handle this seriously, for both of your sakes. "About earlier..."

At the thought of it you can see the guilt and embarrassment rise up in his face, and if you weren't still riding out your high you would probably be a wreck too.

"I feel pretty...weird, I guess? Or maybe just confused is a better word...just like, all these feelings inside me and they're just all jumbled up. It feels like I'm doing something wrong but it also makes me feel nice...that nice feeling scares me too though. Like...I shouldn't have it or I shouldn't do it or...or that it'll be taken away from me too soon...and then I just don't know how I'm supposed to...see you, I guess? If that makes sense...it's just all kinda swirling around..." You look up at him now, holding his attention with your gaze now. "Is this how you feel? Is it confusing for you too or is it like...you're scared what the others might think? Maybe I'm just not smart enough to know..."

You watch him as you await answers, maybe he'll be smart enough to clear things up for you.

"It's...weird...for me...too. Just so...much." Lawrence looks aside as he says this.

"I want...to keep...you safe. Help you...with what...you need. Keep you...happy. Sometimes...like a...big brother...and...and some...times like..." Lawrence scrunches up his face and hides away the word he was going to say.

"Times when...it's easy to...remember to...treat you...like your age. Like a...teenager...someone younger. But then...there are...times when...I get...too comfortable...around you...and I...just forget...about that..."

There's that guilty look again.

"And its...not right. Shouldn't think...about things...like that...with you. Just need...to think about...keeping you...safe. Nothing...more then...that."

"But...but I do want more. I want to see you happy too, and I want to be your friend and...and I want to be special...special to you. It's...it's a lot to ask but it is what I want. I'm sorry if that puts you in trouble..."

"Not..your fault. Just how...you feel."

"Then...is it your fault if that's how you feel too? I already know you wouldn't hurt me, that I can trust you. If you're not hurting anyone then why is it so bad..."

"Difficult...it's a...difficult thing." It sounds like Lawrence is just using this as a placeholder, either because he doesn't want to or cause he can't properly explain it.

You feel frustrated and even more confused about all of this.

"You...don't mind if I feel about you that way...do you?" You're not entirely sure what you mean by that way, but you hope Lawrence does.


"And um...you don't mind doing stuff like that with me...?"

"As long...as it...makes you...happy and...keeps you...safe then...I'll do...it."

As you wish in other words, right?

You bite the nail on your thumb as you think about it a bit.

"Well then...if me being happy helps to make you feel happy then...so be it. Maybe we're both just really confused but um...in the mean time...I don't mind hiding it. If I can feel happy with you and you're happy too then I'll hide it with you forever if I have to." You don't want to hide behind closed doors with him, but that doesn't mean you're not willing to. You're fairly sure you heard relationships take sacrifice...if that means having to constantly keep watch then you'll comply.

"And uh...I trust you, I really do. And I think that you would know when to stop so...I don't really mind if you kiss me. It should uh...be an honor to, shouldn't it? To kiss such a cute lady like myself...m-maybe I should make you ask for it." You try to tease him, hoping to cheer him up further. "But right now I um...I think I'll go ahead and give you permission to. So um...you know, just go ahead...I mean, if you want to..."

Acting so haughty like that, it wouldn't turn him away would it?

Evidently not, as you feel a hand come up to your cheek, circling down to cup your chin. Unlike New Year's you don't pull away, unsure if it's the buzz keeping you calm or if it's the want for this be a familiarity.

Being only slightly pulled in, Lawrence leans up to meet you half way. You're a little surprised when he leans his forehead against yours first, his warm breath hitting your face. It's almost intimidating when you look up at him and make eye contact. Your face heats up right away, but despite this you do your best to remain calm and collected, matching his gaze.

It helps that his eyes are just looking softly at you right now, but there is that tugging feeling that he's also studying your face.

"You...okay?" He whispers and you answer with just a nod. Your heart is beating like crazy and your fingers and fidgeting, but rather then being frightened you just feel...worried. Worried about being inadequate.

"I want to be able to do it right...to be good at this..." You whisper back to him. His free hand comes up and pulls away the hair in your face again, moving back to gently hold the back of your head.

"Will be...fine. Relax and...it will...be easier." You nod but can't help it as his thumb draws over your bottom lip, causing you to seize up.


"I'm trying to...sorry just give me a second..." You feel dumb that you're getting so worked up already, that you don't know what to do...what to do with your hands. Where are you supposed to put them? On him you're guessing but...like, where? You decide to keep them in your lap, even if it does look silly.

You work on keeping your breathing normal, not too slow and not too fast...wait, is he waiting for you to give the go ahead? You're ready but giving him that confirmation is a bit embarrassing...okay just relax and tell him that you're ready...what should you say? Yeah, go ahead? That sounds lame...you don't want to sound lame...why is this so ha-

All of clustered thoughts in your head fade away as you feel your head tilt and lips pressed up against yours. Right just, trust him. Relax and let it happen, let the nice thing happen.

Close your eyes, right? Yeah...you probably should. It seems weird to keep them open...

You shut your eyes, tingles filling your head again.

This kind of kissing is nice...it's not rough or forceful at all. The very slight edge of the corner stitch brushes against your skin, you hope it's not painful for him. You also notice that instead of just mashing up against yours, Lawrence's mouth is moving slightly. Are you supposed to do that too? Probably...

Before you can try it out Lawrence breaks it off, and suddenly you feel yourself gasping for air. Were you holding your breath the whole time?...were you supposed to?

"Have to...remember...to breathe."

"R-Right...right..." You stutter, feeling both excited and embarrassed by that. You probably are an awful kisser...

Lawrence's hands move away from your face, giving your hair one last run through.

"All red." He says, swiping a finger over your cheek. All this does is make you blush harder.

"D-Don't point that out...it's rude." You try to calm yourself again, your heart still rushing from excitement. It was longer then the last one, but it was still only a few short seconds long. "Um...how was I? Was it a-alright?"

"Was...fine...coming...from you."

Is that a compliment or not...

Lawrence points up to the wrapped up potatoes on the counter, you figured its about time he got hungry. You sit by as he eats, the book opened and in your lap. Rather then reading though you're just thinking...

He needs to see Sam to get checked up, and he also needs to shower. You're not sure if you should force him to do any of this or to have Sam come in here or what...

You also want to make sure Lawrence rests up easy today though too. If he's not going to sleep he needs to be doing something to rest easy...

What do you want to do?

Bed time for me, exhausted and both my arm and hand have a sore/twitching muscle, so excuse any mistypes. See yall in the morning!
Offer to help him shower. Or at least, like, help him wash his upper body where he'd strain his arms to get, like his shoulders and back. That'd be okay, r-right?

Ask if he'd prefer Sam to come in here. He'd probably not be comfortable enough with the addition to his face to feel like he's being shown off to the others.
"More rape than a Berserk manga!"
This. It's t-totally ok to see Lawrence naked now, because we're like his girlfriend! Help him get clean because he needs us. We can shower with him too!
>Seeing any man naked
This won't end well
W-wew, anon. Being a little aggressive.
File: KeepGoing.png (238 KB, 1054x701)
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238 KB PNG
T-This will t-totally work out just fine, r-right?
All y'all just gotta stop trying to molest him when there's an opportunity to be genuinely sincere towards him.
It's not molestation, haha, he j-just needs some help to get c-clean r-right? Haha
I was being slightly sarcastic, I really don't actually think this is a very good idea at all.
You can't molest a guy, silly! This will be totally different than what happened to John!
Also Delilah's hormones are still out of whack because of those big fat baby killing pills we took. Also Delilah is still high off of blood.
And her assaults still linger vividly in her mind, ifn't more so now that she's simultaneously hormonal and high.
Backing and also >>260317 because could we not be uncharacteristically interested in seeing Lawrence's dick?
Backing the no molestation (but helping him out)
"You really should try to clean up sooner then later." You say as Lawrence finishes the second potato, the process taking longer then usual from trying to watch out for his injury. He nods, balling up the empty foils in his hands and tossing them across the room. You can't help but notice as he flinches at the motion, a pained grimace on his face. You already know it's going to be a long and painful process for him to get this done, but that it also needs to be done.

An idea comes to mind, but thinking about asking it makes you feel nervous. If it will help him though...

"If you want I can, like...try to give you a hand or something since you're still sore." You offer, instantly seeing Lawrence shake his head at the idea.

"I promise, I don't mind. I'll just help you with your like, shoulders and back. Just so you don't hurt yourself more, you know?"

Lawrence starts to shake his head again, reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. He his body seizes in pain as his arm lifts up, and though he doesn't look happy with the choice he nods instead.

"Okay...can help."


You wait outside the bathroom door, letting Lawrence prepare. It gives you time to think about what you're about to do, and there is that tinge of anxiety looming inside. It'll be fine, he needs this help. It's going to be awkward for him too, right? Yeah...yeah, probably. Unless you're the only one making it weird...what if you are? Jeez...just relax...maybe you should have tried getting some more blood to help calm your nerves though...bit too late for that.

Finally you hear Lawrence trying to call out and you know it's time.

Walking in you immediately see his clothes tossed onto a pile in the floor, the sight of these alone brings the intense red heat back to your face. The water is already running from the freezing facet, Lawrence already standing underneath. As soon as you look over to the tub you can't help but throw your hands over your eyes, as if you had unknowingly walked in on him.

Calm down, you're just going to make him feel weird about it too...

Just keep your eyes fixated on his upper body and it'll be fine...maybe, try not to look him in the eyes either...

Taking a deep breath and reminding yourself over and over that you need to be professional about all of this you remove your hands.

Lawrence is standing at the very edge of the tub, trying to avoid the water as much as possible right now. You don't blame him, it's a pain to get through the frigid showering even without being covered head to toe in bruises. You really miss warm showers...or better yet a bath. One filled with bubbles and nice smelling soaps.

Thinking about that only makes this all the more colder.

"You're just going to have to bear through this..." He already knows that, but uses your words as motivation to stand in the way of the icy water. The moment it begins to hit his chest Lawrence recoils at the feeling, and you can only try to imagine how it feels to have the freezing water hit bruises like that. Still, Lawrence manages to stay underneath the water, taking time to try and get used to it.

You stand beside the tub, pulling up your sleeves as you try not to think to hard about this. By the sink there's some cheap soap and a little hand-rag waiting, you take the initiate and grab these. You almost feel like a nurse or something...almost.

"Um, whenever you're ready..." You try to figure out how you're going to reach his shoulders properly, considering the option of balancing on the edge of the tub. Lawrence fixes the problem for you though, sitting with his back towards you on the tub instead. His skin is wet enough from the water, all you need to do is apply the soap and he can let facet wash it off for him. Easy enough.

You rub the cheap smelling shampoo over his broad back, careful to avoid rubbing over any of the nastier bumps and bruises. It doesn't stop him from tensing up any, but you don't think it's too painful.

The rag, on the other hand, does cause him some discomfort as you rub it over his back, scrubbing away the dirt and sweat. You can't help but think about how this is what you were licking earlier, kind of wishing now that he had cleaned up first.

It's fine, you think to yourself. Anything to help him out.

This is easier then you thought it would be, in the sense of you not freaking out over it. That changes at the rag goes down his lower back but...no, this is okay. This is all fine. You sud up his shoulders and back of his neck too, trying to work quickly before he dries. You take the time to look closer at the tattoo on his shoulder, the black ink popping from his skin easily enough. You can see the weaving lines around it, seeing that it is in fact a crest. You stop yourself from trying to find the wolf this time, wanting to hurry. Maybe you can take a better look later.

"Okay, wash that off and then I'll get your front."

It feels weird to watch him stand underneath the water, as if you're being rude. You look at the gross tile at the ground instead, waiting for him to finish. It takes quite some time, but you're positive it's quicker then if Lawrence had to do this all by himself. He sits on the edge of the tub again, this time facing you with his legs outside.

Looking at him from this direction...it's so much different. You're reminded that this is the closest that you have seen him naked, that it's only the towel in the way of that.

Fine...it's fine.

You also feel much closer as you come in this time, maybe because you're almost face to face with him?

It's okay, you keep repeating to yourself mentally. Just rub over his shoulders and arms, easy enough. Now just the top of his chest...right, easy again.

As you wash up part of his neck you can see Lawrence is looking up and away. You're glad about that though, you would rather not have him watch you right now.

Down his chest, towards his stomach...don't think too much about it. Still, you can't help but have to stop as your hand comes above his bellybutton, feeling your breath hitch as you do. You've been this close before, so why is it a big deal now? Maybe because he's so close to being naked, or cause you can see him better in the light...

"Don't...have to-"

"It's...fine. Everything's fine." You force yourself to scrub away at his sides instead, though you avoid looking at his body as much as possible this time.

Just try to remember that you're being helpful right now...it's fine.

You manage to finish your task, his front now soaped up. He's shivering by this time, probably more then ready to be done and finished with this whole thing. You really do miss warm water...even the community stalls were more favorable to this.

"Okay...okay, I'm done now." You set aside the rag, hanging it over the edge. Lawrence tries to rise up, attempting to both keep his balance and to not cause any unneeded pain. You can't help but over a hand, letting him hold onto you to keep steady.

"Would you rather me bring Sam here instead of you going to see him?" You ask, feeling awkward about just standing around. He hasn't seen anyone else besides Sam and John, and you doubt that Lawrence is ready to show off his unsightly injury. "You really need to see him, he won't be too happy if you keep putting it off..."

"Fine...he can...come in."

"Is it okay if he comes after you're done then? You can just get it done and over with."


This feels like a small victory, till you remember the whole reason for all of this.

It seems like Lawrence can handle himself at this point, and it would be better to give him some privacy.

"I'm going to go tell Sam then. I'll come back though, try to be careful." You get up to the door, avoiding looking at the discarded clothes and walking out. Can't go back in there now, you doubt he would have kept the towel around.


Sam isn't in his room, and as expected you find him in the kid's room instead.

"He's finally going to let me over?" Sam asks from the doorway.

"Yeah, he's showering right now. He said he would let you look him over when he was done though."

"I swear, that boy acts like I can be at his beck and call. I guess it is better then me having to force myself in. I know you probably want to stick around him today, and I guess I can't really object at that...but it would probably be for the best if you allowed me to look him over in private first."

"Oh, yeah. Sure, I don't mind."

You trade places with Sam, going into the room as he exits. Hopefully he doesn't take too long...

Locking up, you can see that it's all the kids inside, Jessica and Aria talking with themselves at the corner of the room. Marilyn gives you a wave, breaking away from playing with Lisa in her book city. You wave back and walk over to the girls.

"Hey, sorry about leaving you alone last night." Jessica greets you, looking away from Aria. From the looks of it, she has returned recently, still wearing her coat.

"It's fine-"

"I heard something happened to Law, is he okay?" Aria looks interested in this too, it doesn't seem like they know any of the details.

What do you tell them?
Tell them everything
Well....it kinda went a little like this

Just say /that/ he got the shit kicked out of him, not /why/.
I agree with this.
I agree; they don't really need to know all the gritty details.
Tell them he fell down a flight of stairs and got this weird cut on his face
This. Mugging gone wrong, that's not even a lie.

If Lawrence is comfortable telling them later, then so be it.
"Lawrence..." You speak just low enough for the two of them to hear, not wanting to scare the kids. "He was...he got jumped. He just went out for a walk and they tried to mug him and..."

It would be best if you left out the little details, at least the reason behind the brutal beatings.

"Oh my God...is he okay though? How bad was it?" There's true concern on Aria's face when she asks this, Jessica matching her concern.

"It was pretty bad, actually. I mean, he'll get better, they all ganged up on him and he just tried to take it so it would be over sooner. But the thing is, one of the guys like...took out a knife..."

The mention of this scares both the girls despite the fact that Lawrence is still here. You would be scared too, a knife in a fight can't ever be good.

"And they like, put it in his mouth and..." You make the motion across your cheek to illustrate what you mean, Aria gasps and Jessica's face goes pale.

"They...they sliced him open? Just like that?" Jessica's voice shakes in disbelief, but she's forced to take it as you nod.

"Sam fixed him though, right? He'll heal up fine?"

"He's got these stitches holding it shut for now, I don't know how long something like that takes but I don't think it will heal quickly. He's...pretty worked up about it too...I think he's scared to let everyone see him right now."

"I would be too...just...the thought of having someone tear me open like that...and then trying to keep those stitches in? It would make my skin crawl." Aria's hands come up to her cheeks, as if to cheek to make sure they were still fine.

"He's all sore from being beat up too, Sam's checking up on him right now though. I'm pretty sure he'll be fine but it may be a few days before he can recover enough."

"Jesus..." Jessica's somber voice is just above a whisper, the situation feeling daunting now.

"Just um...when he is ready for people to see him that you don't like...say anything or stare at it, I think that will help."

"Yeah...yeah, I think I'll go ahead and warn the kids. Don't know if it'll stop Lisa from spouting off something but I'll do my best to make sure they're respectable."

"Thanks, I ap-...I'm sure he'll appreciate it."

"What about you, how are you feeling?" Aria redirects the conversation at you.

"Me? Oh, I'm fine. Sam says that I'll have to take another one of those um, test thingys later, but that I should be good now..." Your hand rubs around your stomach a bit as you say this, you can't help but feel a surge of emotions rush up at the thought of it.

There's that guilty feeling again...

"That's good, I mean as good as this kind of thing can be." Jessica looks away a bit as Aria says this, biting her thumb.

"Um...how was your aunt?" You can't think of anything else to push the conversation to, hoping that this will be a little more lighthearted.

"Hm? Oh, you mean Allie. I mean, yeah she's my aunt but I usually just call her by her first name...um, anyways! It was good seeing her, it's been a while...I think a bit before I was at the hospice. She was so excited to see me."

"I would imagine so, how'd you meet up with her though?"

"At the New Year's thing, actually. I saw her at the block party and I just couldn't help myself...I had to go talk to her. Took some convincing but I made sure she didn't call up Mom, her sister, to tell her where I was. She wanted to see how I was doing though."

As you're about to ask her more a knocking at the door interrupts you, Aria going to answer it.

"Just John." She announces, letting him in.

He has his usual smile, but there's also weariness clinging to his eyes.

"Hey girls." John greets, staying by the doorway. "I actually just need to borrow Bunny for a bit, if you don't mind."

"We were just talking, you guys don't mind do you?"

"Nah, go do what you need. I'll talk to you later, alright?" Jessica gives you a small wave off as you bound over to John. There is a bit of worry that something has happened, but his smile tells you otherwise.

"What do you need?" You ask as you follow him out to the hallway and into his room. Making sure the door is shut and locked John paces in front of you some, pondering.

"Now, don't be scared by this or nothin', but I've been thinkin' about this pretty hard. I was pretty against this but...after what happened to Law, I realizes that it's a necessary evil kinda deal. You shouldn't of course, but you need to learn how to defend yourself."


"And I don't mean that kinda stuff they teach you at girl scout camp, I mean honest to God defense. The kind where, if you needed to....you could kill a man to save your skin."

John says this so seriously, the last part of the sentence scares you some.
"I'm not saying you would need to go that far or anythin', but it's dangerous out there. It doesn't matter if you're a grown man or a little girl, some people just wanna see others get hurt. You need to make sure that you aren't caught in a situation like that, stuff that happened to Law...it really isn't rare anymore. People try to say it's not, but those kind of stories always get swept away. They aren't pretty and nice stories that look good on the front page. When I was first on the street, those first few weeks, I had a sleeping bag. Used to just lay it out in alleyways and parks, places I thought were safe. One day I woke up to some weird smell, these boys talkin', and then..."

John lifts up his shirt enough to show you his side. There's a mismatch of right red and off right crisscrossing, a burn long since healed reaching from his ribs to his hip. It's not too big, but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt something awful either.

"I got lucky cause I woke up, scared them boys off. Don't know why they did it, other then the fact I was an easy target. Sometimes they give you a reason, other times they'll chain ya to a fence and beat the hell out of ya just for walkin' in their direction. You can prepare yourself though, learn to take care of yourself in those situations. Hopefully you'll never need it, but it's one of those 'better to have and not need' kind of things. Law might not always be there to protect you, or maybe there's too many for him to handle, or you're alone or whatever. I'll show you what you need to learn, alright?" It sounds like he's giving you a lesson, a warning, as if you'll be punished for not paying attention.

"Y-Yes s-sir..."

"Ah...no need for the sir. Didn't mean to use my commander voice. Just seeing what happened to Law, I worried about what could have happened if you were with him. I know you like to tag along with the guy." John's face and body relaxes back to his usual self, and he tries to give you a grin. "Not at this second, but when you feel up to it I'll give ya some lessons, alright?"

[3/4whoops broke it up funny]
"Okay, thanks John." You try to not sound shaken up from all that, though you do appreciate the offer.

"Eh, and I know you've probably gotten this from better people then me but...you feel safe around Law, right? You're not scared of him or nothing, are ya?" John sounds serious again, but this time it's out of concern.

"Yeah, yeah of course I feel safe with him. I...I don't think he would ever do...y-you know..."

"I don't think he would either. But, well it's always the people you don't expect...well, you feel safe with him and that's what matters missy. Just wanted to check up on ya."

You nod to show appreciation for him asking.

"Oh, do me a favor then. Will you give these to Law?" John pulls out a cigarette pack, handing it over. It feels rather empty, only a few sticks moving about inside.

"I think he still has some, won't you need them?" You ask this, but notice that John still has his usual pack in his front pocket.

"These are...special. He'll know when he sees them. Figured that he needs em more then I do right now. Whatever you do though, don't let Sam see em. He hates those kinda things."

Is there anything you would like to talk to John about before you go back?
Nope. Head on back.
Ask what it feels like to take a life. Like, if we ever needed to.

... on purpose.
talk about how to pleasure a man
see if John will tell you why those special cigarettes are so special
Not fr
>Part of me really wants Del and Law to super blazed together
You pocket the cigarette pack, a question burning in your mind.

It doesn't really feel right to ask but...

"What's it like...to kill someone?"

The silence and tension in the air frightens you, and you immediately begin to regret the question.

"Y-...you don't have to..."

"Nah, I understand. And I'll give it to you straight."

John sighs a bit, a hand coming up and rubbing over his mouth and chin.

"In movies, they show it as being something quick and easy, y'know? Just one bullet or a stab and the bad guy is dead, just like that. No one mourns for him and you don't think about it again. But in real life? It's so much different then. People take such a long time to die, it feels like it anyways. Even when you just...cut out their throat." John draws his thumb slowly over his own, looking at and past the wall in front of him as he does. "They stand for a while, then they fall. They ain't dead yet when they fall though, even if there's a bullet lodged in their brain. They move around, they try to call out for help, or their mother, or God, or just...anyone. They're scared and confused and then, finally, they die. Course you can walk away before seeing that but now always. Sometimes you have to watch the fear in their eyes, watch as the light slowly burns out. That once you pull the trigger or leave a hole in their chest, that you can never...ever take it back. And that gets to ya, even if that bastard was just tryin' to do the same to you. You feel a regret, a stain on your hands you can never wash away. You might have just killed someone's son or husband or brother or father and you're just a monster to them. But that's just how it is, y'know? The monster is whoever is left to see those who remain grieving." Once again it sounds less like John is talking to you and more like he's trying to get it all out. His words are resonating with you though, the idea that you could learn to bring something so awful is...it's horrifying.

"I'm just scaring you though, aren't I? Sorry, if it ever comes to you though it will be different. You aren't someone fighting for a paycheck, you'll just be someone trying to defend themselves. If you're forced to hurt or even kill someone cause they are trying to hurt you, then they deserve it. Nothing wrong with that, and most people with a brain-cell will agree. But that doesn't mean you still won't feel regret from it, and that's normal. Just remember, if it ever comes to that...where it's your life in exchange for someone else's, then you aren't a monster. They are. It'll be hard to sleep those first few nights, but you'll need to remember that as long as you're alive, then you'll be fine."

You try to collect all this information, sorting through all of it. It's a lot to take in...

Never did you consider killing someone would be easy, and this only further confirms it for you.

You feel the box in your pocket and try to move on to a lighter subject.

"Um, w-what are these anyways? Are they like, not normal cigarettes?"

"Well ah, it's not exactly legal in this state so don't go throwin' them around but...no, they aren't cigarettes. Law will know what they are, but they'll help him ride through the pain. Don't have to worry about them doing anything bad or hurtin' him though. If he don't want them then bring 'em back. Oh and uh, make sure he keeps the smoke from seeping out from under the door."

"Alright..." You still have no clue what these are. You thank John for them anyways though, and go back out in the hallway. Coming up to Lawrence's door you can hear that Sam is inside talking to him and so you wait for them to finish. You're cramping up a little bit and your buzz has died down quite a bit now, but it's doable.

[2/3dammit i cut it wrong whoops]
Sam walks out the door, his medical case balanced in his other arm. He notices you right away, leaving the door open.

"How is he?" You ask, for some reason fearing that he'll know that you have the weird cigarettes in your pocket.

"Fine...healing much better then I expected, actually." Sam sounds genuinely surprised, and you hope that he doesn't try to question it. "Only gave him some basic pain relievers though. Kept trying to tell me he was fine. If you notice anything strange with him though just let me know."

"I will, I promise."

Sam nods you off and you enter back into the room, locking the door behind. Lawrence is sitting up, a couple of bandages over the worst of his wounds, mainly on his back and shoulders. He's rubbing over his stitches lightly, flinching as he accidentally touches one too hard.

As you walk over your presence is acknowledged by Lawrence, his hand darting away from his face. You sit down in front of him, pulling out the cigarette box and handing it over.

"John said these are for you."

Lawrence is somewhat confused, opening up and taking out a rather thick looking cigarette. He seems a bit surprised by what he pulls out though, looking in and counting three more available.

It's early afternoon now, and you have made sure Lawrence has taken care of what he needed to. You feel pretty proud of yourself.

What would you like to do?
les get a lil high
Become Nurse
Enjoy the comfort and intimacy we're able to get from Lawrence, it's as much for him as us.

Remind him John said to not let Sam see or smell those things, whatever they are. Some kind of painkiller cigarette? That seems quite neater than pills.
This. Tell Lawrence you'll be his nurse tonight and give him his "medicine". Tell him to take two puffs then pass that shit
I support this. As much as blazed Del and Law sounds fun, it seems more ic to not really understand what weed is and just enjoy being with the Law.
Not to mention that it is the era of DARE and Nancy's "Just Say No" campaign. You'll get the reefer madness and your brain becomes a delicious fried egg, sunny side up.

And you probably start eating babies.
"John said to not let Sam see or smell those things." You repeat the warning, Lawrence looking over the wrapped up...is it still a cigarette? Looks similar to one anyways. "He says that it should help you with um, any pain you have. That you won't have to worry about side effects?"

You watch as Lawrence begins to put it back in the box but rethinks the situation, keeping it out as he pockets the box. He gestures for help standing up, which you give him. It's a bit tricky keeping yourself ground against his weight but you manage fine enough.

"What is it, anyways? It sounds a lot better then like, using pills or needles or something." You watch as Lawrence picks up a blanket from the ground, carrying it over and stuffing it between the crack in the door. He turns around, leaning against the wall and pulling out his lighter. The cigarette hangs between his lips when he remembers that you had just asked a question. Suddenly he looks ashamed at what he's about to do, pulling it away from his mouth.

Lawrence walks back over and, with your help again, sits down. You join him, awaiting for the answer. If stuff like this is available why doesn't everyone use it? Why doesn't Sam like it?


Weed...that sounds kinda familiar...

Where have you heard that before...


"No!" You almost shout this, scaring Lawrence at your sudden outburst. "Ah...I mean...Just Say No...the lady who came to my school. She talked about uh....weed? I think? Isn't it...um..."

You remember this event where you were pulled from class and you were all informed about the dangers of...let's see....

Drinking. You...kinda already did that though...whoops. You remember thinking how it was a bit too late to warn you about the dangers of it though, you were used to your mother's bad habits.

Smoking. Dad smoked cigars so, while the pictures of messed up lungs scare you there wasn't really fear of it.

Drugs. Right, this was the thing they really focused on. They made everyone take this promise that they would never accept drugs. They really seemed to focus on one of them, started with an 'm'.

"That's um...ma-...mari-..." It sounded pretty funny, you remember you and your friends giggling about the way it rolled off you tongue when you first heard it.


"Yeah...yeah! That's...a drug then...right? Isn't it bad then?"

You...accepted drugs from somebody that means. You apologize in your head to Mrs. Reagan.

"Is...illegal. Shouldn't...do. Makes you...feel..." Lawrence twirls a finger by his head, holding the weed between his other fingers.

"Does...it give you like...a buzzing feeling?"

"Yeah...it can."

"But then it also makes your pain go away?"

"It helps...numb the...pain for...a while. Kinda...like...aspirin. But...more."

"Can it hurt you? Could you like...smoke too much and die?"

"No. Can hurt...lungs. But in...same way...as tobacco."

"Does it make you do bad things? Like when people drink too much?"

"Um...can make...you feel...lazy. Eat a lot. Not think...as well. Things are...slower. Not like...drinking alcohol."

You're trying to see the bad part in all of this...

"So then...what's wrong with it? Is it because you can like...get addicted to it?" What did the people in the program say... "Will...will you want to do other drugs?"

"Well...some people...enjoy it...too much. Use it...too often. Can make...you feel...nice. They like...feeling nice. They keep...using it. Never get...anything done. Some people...use it...to calm down. Relax. That kind...of thing. Some use...it with...other drugs. Lot of...people don't...use any...thing else." Lawrence looks over the rolled up stick in his hand. "Those guys...in lobby. They use...it. They don't...do anything...else. But if...not weed. Then they...would be...on something...else."

Wait so then...is it bad? Or is it alright...it's kind of confusing...

"Do...you use it?" The more you think about it, the similar it sounds to what you go through with the blood.

"Have...before. With...William. With Frankie. Not...often."

"Are you wanting to use it now?"

"...I do"

"Will it help you feel better?"

"Could help."

"And...you promise it won't hurt you?"

"No...more then...cigarettes."

You think about it more. They made it sound horrifying in school, that one commercial comes to mind...the one with the egg and the frying pan.

But...Lawrence makes it seem okay. And if it makes him feel better...

"Then you should go ahead and smoke it. As long as you promise that it won't make you do bad things and it'll make you feel better and...and that your brain won't turn into a fried egg!"

Lawrence smirks a bit at the last part, though you were fairly serious with it.

You watch as he puts it back into his mouth, pulling out his cigarette and lighting the end. He breathes in deeply, more then he usually does. The white paper turns red then a dark color, smoke trailing off it just like a cigarette. The weird smell starts to waft off, reminding you of back at the lobby. The lighter is pulled away and a large exhale of smoke comes from Lawrence's mouth, the slightest bit of a pleasurable smirk to his face. More of the smell comes over to you, much different then any cigarette or cigar you have been around.

You decide to grab your book again, wanting to read the last few pages finally while Lawrence takes his time.


As you reach the last page there's a strange feeling to your head. You notice that the room has become rather hazy too, the smell filling the entire space. You find yourself rereading the same words over and over again. You get to the end and trying to remember what you just read.

Why...is it difficult right now...

Maybe you should try again later.

You sit up, shutting the book. Looking over you can see that Lawrence has slowly been working on his smoke, about halfway now. Another deep breath and yet another large cloud fills the room. You feel a little bit sleepy and just kind of...floaty.

"What're you going to do when you reach the end?" You ask, noticing that there doesn't seem to be filter at the end.

It seems like Lawrence realizes this too, that he's going to need to do something before he burns his fingers. He passes it to you to hold, you notice there's a slight redness in his eyes. Pretty sure he hasn't been crying though...

Lawrence stumbles a bit but manages to get over to his bag. He digs through, looking for whatever it may be that he has. You look back at the...

"Um...do you call this a cigarette?"

"Blunt. Is called...a blunt." Lawrence seems quicker to answer this time, looking even more desperately through his things.

You look back towards the...blunt...in your hand. You can see that the...what's it called, pretty sure you hear them call it a 'cherry', is about to go out at the end.

Is it really that bad? It shouldn't hurt...right?

With a bit of a shaky hand you bring it up to your mouth, slightly wet paper against your lips, and you inhale.


The smoke hurts your lungs a bit and you end up coughing out the smoke.

The blunt is yoinked out of your hand by Lawrence, who looks more surprised then annoyed by you taking a hit. He sits back down with his back against the counter, putting the blunt into a paperclip to hold it up.

"You...okay?" He asks, you still trying to recover from it.

"Y-Yeah, just didn't know what to expect..."

"Gets easier...ah no...you shouldn't...do this...though..."

Lawrence still has a bit of a smirk on his face, unable to mask it behind his serious tone.

You feel a bit of a rush in your head, different then the usual. Doesn't make it any less nicer though. You decide to sit next to Lawrence, leaning against his side as he enjoys the smoke.

It's really hazy in here...but even just sitting down and looking at the wall is...not really boring or anything.

It's surprising when you see the blunt passed in front of your face. Lawrence is looking forward as he does this, though he looks down at you when he realizes what he is doing.

"Ah...sorry. Forgot...used to...passing it...around."

This is a normal thing to do with friends then...right? Seems kind of weird to share something like this but...if friends do it and it doesn't hurt...

You grab at the paperclip, taking it easy from Lawrence's unsuspecting fingers. He doesn't stop you, merely watching somewhat confused at what you are doing.

Once again you look down at the slowly burning paper, the small wisp of smoke trailing away. Swallowing, trying to prepare yourself this time, you once again bring it up to your lips.

Smoke fills your mouth and you remember that you're supposed to breathe it in...down to your lungs. You do this, feeling it travel down your chest. It makes you want to cough but you do your best to mimic Lawrence, holding it in before coughing it all out.

Hacking you pass it back to Lawrence, who's trying not to laugh at your inexperience. He immediately takes another hit, giving you a gentle pat on the back as you regain yourself again.

It is really similar to when you get blood but at the same time it just feels...different.

You lean up against Lawrence again, letting your mind just kind of...swirl.

It seems like he's mellowed out quite a bit too, come to think of it.

"Are you...like...confused?"

"Hm?" You are brought out from your staring contest with the wall, Lawrence blowing out another puff of smoke. "Confused about what?"

"Bout...anything. Do you...still have...questions about...stuff?" It doesn't sound like he knows for sure what he's meaning either but you try to think about it.

Is there anything you want explained?
Plenty. Like square roots pies. Or why someone would want to demonize something so helpful.

But mostly what he found at the school. What did John see him pick up?
>Why they think you got my bun but you don't.
Ask him why doors are rectangular when humans aren't. Think about how a big guy like Lawrence came out of a woman's body. Then get paranoid over the sound of everyone passing by your door.
due to the blunt you have raised your confidence, cannot keep your thoughts for yourself
Let's see if we can make him admit what he found through our wily ways
Let's do this and segue into
...that's a damn good question. It has my vote.
"Uhh...okay um..." You look around, trying to spark inspiration for a question. The sealed up door comes into mind.

"Um, why are doors squares when people aren't?"

Was that clever? You can't really tell.

Lawrence offers back the paperclip, you taking another careful hit. You cough much less this time, though you still aren't really good at doing this.

"It's so...you can...bring in...couches."

"Oh, is that why they're so big then?"

"Never made...big enough. Couch never...fits through...easy."

"Huh. They should like, work on that then. At least they're big enough for you to fit through. Kinda. You're like...h u g e." You pass back the smoke, extending your arms out to exemplify Lawrence's size. How the hell does a guy that big even fit inside a woman? Oh well, he would have been a lot smaller as a baby. "I bet you were a big like, baby too when you were born."

"Nope...was tiny. A preemie."


"Uh...premature. Born...early. Was little. Very little. Barely fit...into mom's...hand."

"Whoa...no way." You look down at your hands, trying to imagine a Lawrence so small that he would fit in your palm. "That's like...itty bitty."


"Um...let's see...uh, you're smart. Kinda, I think. Tell me about umm...square...square root pies." You can't help but laugh and giggle at this, though you quickly hush up to look at Lawrence. "That was a joke. I know they don't make square pies."

"Then it's...a cobbler."

You think about that and gasp, as if it is a major discovery.

A cobbler is like a square pie.

You have to sit there and think about this revelation. It changes...absolutely nothing. But it is a pretty neat thing to think about anyways.


The blunt is passed back to you once more, much smaller then before. Taking a hit this time nearly burns your lips, but you have gotten better about not choking on the smoke. Well, not as bad as the first time anyways.

You lean against Lawrence against, basking in the haze.

"And um, I'm not going to like...feel sick or anything from this?"


"Huh...why was that lady so like...scared of this then..."

You looking around the room, focusing on the different cracks and textures all around. Suddenly there's the feeling of Lawrence's body flinching, his hand coming up to his cheek.

"Was wrong?"

"Just...yawned and...hurt my...cut. Inside is...still raw. Think I'm...bleeding a...bit. Hold on." You try not to look obvious as you watch Lawrence's thumb dip against the inside of his mouth, coming back out with a red shine on the tip.

"Ah...you okay?"

"Yeah...just hurts...like crazy."

Lawrence wipes his thumb off on his pants, the red disappearing into the dark fabric of his jeans. Part of you wishes you could have gotten another taste, but mostly you just feel extremely content.

Your eyes travel over the room again, trying to look past the smoke. There's so much of it in here, it doesn't really feel suffocating though. Occasionally you hear somebody pass by in the hallway and you having this creeping fear of...paranoia? What if they can smell this? Oh jeez...what if Sam smells this? You guys will get in like...so much trouble…Oh man, how are you supposed to open the door? All the smoke will go out and then Sam will smell it and he'll get mad...

Nah...it'll be fine. He's old, that means like...his sense of smelling is down, right? Does it work like that? Maybe not...or...maybe it does. What if Sam can't smell at all? How sad, missing his leg and a sense of smell...

Lawrence's bags come into your sight next, and with that the memory of the plastic bag hidden behind.

"Um...I have another question, actually..."


"So like...and don't get mad cause he told me cause he was just trying to be nice and...and I think he had been doing some of this..." You gesture at the smoke. "But uh...John said you picked up something from the school...what was it?"

Hopefully this doesn't bring down the chilled vibe that's going on right now...

"Do you...really want...to know?" Lawrence speaks slowly, and not just from the weed this time.

"Yes please..." It would be good to confirm your findings, to put some part of you at ease.

"...at the...school. Went in...got every...one's things. Found a...stuffed...animal by...the window. But it...wasn't your...rabbit. Looked like...someone...had just...placed it...there recently. Don't know..for sure. It was...uh,.." Lawrence takes a large hit, only a little bit of the blunt remaining as the smoke joins the haze. "...dirty. Not yours...though."

You try to think about what to ask next but Lawrence tries to pass you the little remnant stuck in the folds of the paperclip.

"Last...hit. Want?" You feel like Lawrence is trying to move on from the subject about the school right now.

"It burns my lips though, I don't like doing it with it small..."

"Can...shotgun it."

"What's...that mean? Sounds weird..."

"It is. Is okay...probably aren't...ready for...it yet." Lawrence smirks a bit at this, probably enjoying the offended pout you do.

"You can show me, I can handle it. I mean, as long as it like...isn't too weird."

You watch as Lawrence brings the blunt up and in one go reduces what little there is left to ashes. He doesn't exhale though, a small trail lingering out from the gap between the corner of his mouth and the stitch. He leans down close to you, placing his forehead against yours. A thumb comes up and encourages you to open your mouth. You kind of begin to understand how this is going to work and part your lips. It feels weird when the smoke enters your mouth and you almost forget that you need to breath in. You do notice that it hurts a lot less then doing it directly, though you doubt you're getting a full hit this way.

Still too inexperienced you end up coughing before you can finish the large amount of smoke being given to you, once again finding yourself being pat on the back by Lawrence as he savors the rest.

Your throat feels a bit dry now and there's a rumble in your stomach...you feel like snacking. Lawrence is once again rubbing at his cheek, his tongue running along the inside marks. Looking out it seems like the sun is just beginning to set, from what you can tell from the light peering through anyways. This is a weird feeling, a mix of being kinda sleepy but then also wanting to...do something?

What would you like to do?
Go to the kids room, get some crackers and peanut butter to snack on, and play with the kids while high. Also listen to some jams on the radio
Get a snack from the inside of Law's cheek.
High cuddles with the Law (after grabbing a snack obv)
"Food." You say this, as if Lawrence will know right away what you mean.

"Hungry. Need a snack." You push yourself up and away, the desire to eat something a mighty one. What do you want to eat though...crackers and peanut butter sound bor-

No, they sound delicious as hell right now.

Something sweet would be good right now too, but you are just going to have to deal with what you have at hand.

"Crackers." You look at Lawrence, demanding that he knows what you're trying to ask. It takes him a few seconds but he points over at the other side of the counter. A half sleeve of crackers lays out, helpless to your hungry grasps.

"Peanut butter." You turn to Lawrence again, so close to having your perfect snack ready. Instead of being pointed in the direction of your much needed ingredient you are given a 'not any'.

You groan at this, not liking that your snack plans are being ruined.

Wait, there should be a jar or two in the kids room.

It'll be simple, you'll just go and grab it and come back and just...have the best peanut butter and crackers ever.

"Lemme go grab a jar then, since you're so unprepared."

"Ah no...can't leave." Lawrence's voice calls you back, stopping you before you can free yourself from the room and go acquire the second part of your munchies.

"Why not? Lawrence, please. I need this peanut butter."

"Sam...will get...pissed if...he knew...I got...high. He would...get furious...if he...knew I...let you...get high...too."

Right, this is called getting high...you're high right now.

"Fine, I won't leave. But you owe me like...ice-cream later. A sundae, big one. Lots of chocolate syrup and sprinkles and cherries..." This is just making you want even more. These crackers in your hands are only a sorry reminder of all the delicious food you could be eating right now. It makes you upset. You didn't even want to eat them anymore, they are a pale replacement for what they could have truly been.


That's a lie, you do want to eat them even if they are bare.

You much away at each cracker, leaning up against Lawrence as you realize how great the feeling of chewing is. Was it always this fun?

It's easy to lose track about how many you have eaten, but there's only a few left now. Were you supposed to share these? You hope not, cause you have just devoured them.


"Um, here. You want the rest?" You offer up the sleeve to Lawrence, only broken remains of once whole crackers remaining at the bottom. He gives you a face for going hog on them, but his appetite must be too big to care right now either. The sleeve is tipped over and the remaining crackers and crumbs land in his mouth, finishing off the last of your somewhat disappointing snack.

You get up to drink from the sink, putting your mouth right next to facet to lap up the water. You drink and drink and drink, your thirst taking much longer then usual to satisfy. You feel Lawrence flinch and a sharp breath come from his direction, pulling you away from your drinking.

He sits with a hand at his chin, a small amount of blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth and the gap of the first stitch.

"Jeez, what happened? Are you okay?"

"Just...bit the...inside of...my cheek. Wasn't...being careful." Lawrence tries to play it off as cool, but he is obviously in pain from what he has just done. You sit back down with him, taking a look at the black thread in his skin. His cheek looks alright enough on the outside, all things considered. You can't help but remember him saying that the inside of his mouth wasn't doing as well though. With this kind of cut you doubt that your 'healing' spit would have reached the other side too, and with this big of a cut...

You lean up against his shoulder, just staring at his cheek. Lawrence notices this, probably seeing the ever so serious expression on your face too.

"What's...up?" He asks, trying to figure out why you are so fixated.

"You think it would like, help if I licked the inside of your cheek?"


"It would be sweet too, since I couldn't get my peanut butter. I wonder if it would taste even better now."


"Can I do it?" You ask, reaching up for his chin. His hand comes up and holds your, pushing it down and away from his face. "What's wrong?"

"That kinda...thing is...pretty...uh..." Lawrence was looking at you when he started talking, but you notice a red come to his face and he glances away. You can recognize the look on his face as the one where he doesn't want to have to explain stuff to you.

"Pretty what? I just wanna like, help you out. Don't um, 'don't be so stubborn, boy'." You mimic Sam's voice at the end, trying to assert yourself. Lawrence remains look away, scratching at the opposite cheek.

"C'mooon....tell me." You whine, loosing any of the mature demeanor you just had.

"You're...uh...asking for...something pretty...pretty adult..." Lawrence dances around the words, trying to hide the bluntness of this from you.

"What do you mean?"

"Licking the...inside of...ah well...kinda is...like Fr-...adult kissing."

You remember Aria mentioning that before, but she also kept from explaining it to you in detail.

You can't help but pout a bit, noticing that the haze has slowly began to thin out. It's dark outside now and you yawn. Lawrence keeps from looking at you, a look of embarrassment on his face. You aren't trying to but it kind of feels like you're bully him. He turns his head further away from you when you bring your finger up, poking at the hair on his chin. Maybe it would be easy to bully him right now, you hate that everyone tries to keep information away from you. You also imagine that the blankets would feel amazing to sleep in right now too.

What would you like to do?
Pls stop thx
Let's not make Lawrence too uncomfortable. Let's get into sleeping position and bully him as we pass out.
Oh man, we could totally do that, though. That'd basically make us, like, an adult? We could totally do that. Plus we'd be like a nurse or something?

Or would it be wrong? What if everything is wrong for all time entirely?

... that would be too many.

Let's curl up in the blankets. Maybe when he's comfortable with telling us, or even showing us. Maybe it's amazinger than regular kissing that he's already amazing at.

Yeah, okay, but could y'all stop being dumb.
aight aight, seconding your idea instead then
Have really awkward sex
Is it awkward because neither of them are in the mood, or because Delilah is still bleeding?


The sex people seem to have forgotten the first few threads. And how we react to getting too close to the Law's waistline.
a man can dream
Delilah's a bitch and needs to get over herself already
Isn't there, like, an MRA group on Facebook you can circlejerk in.
File: TooMuch.jpg (23 KB, 320x241)
23 KB
I think that the time to STOP has come!
No, I was kicked out due to my extremist views
Just goto sleep, damn nigga.
would it really hurt to try licking his inner cheek? don't want it to heal badly
You decide that you really wanna see what being wrapped up in the blankets would be like right now. It feels like you could fall asleep any time now. Kinda. Are you actually sleepy? Feels a lot like you are.

"Sleepy time." You say this as you dive into the pile. The softness and warmth of the blankets are nice, feeling pretty great as you wrap them around yourself. Once again you become burrito-Delilah, sitting up to look at Lawrence with only your face poking out.

"Ah...you. Join. Join my cocoon." You lay back in the blankets, rolling about a bit and trying not to giggle before freeing yourself from the blanket encasement.

It feels pretty embarrassing when you realize Lawrence has been watching you do this the whole time. Gotta play it off as cool though, like you know what you're doing.

"Come join me in my...domain." With the last word you flourish you hand out, posed on your side as you do so. Why is this so funny to you? It's not really, but you have to try from laughing.

You roll over to give Lawrence room as he comes to take his place, grimacing as he lowers himself onto his back. You hover above him on your elbow, deciding that it would be alright to do some before bed bullying. It's only fair for all the times before, after all.

"Y'know, I could handle it." You say, poking at his jaw again. Lawrence has his arms behind his head, trying to get comfortable for sleeping or...whatever you do high. He opens a eye to look over at you as you say this though, giving you the attention you need.

"I'm like, totally adult. I told you that. No, I mean I'm a lady. And like...your nurse. That's like, a double adult. More then you cause you aren't any of those things." Your logic is sound, he's going to have to give in. Lawrence only raises an eyebrow at this and you begin to think that maybe, just maybe....your tactic didn't work. It's time to switch over to the foolproof Plan B.

"Tell meeeee." You continue to poke at his jaw as you say this, pushing with every emphasis of your words. "I wanna know what adult kissing is. You can tell me. Plus like, if that means I can fix this up better..."

You carefully drift your finger up to his cheek, carefully underlining the cut and bumps.

"Then it should be fine...right? I'm just helping you."

There's a big part of you that is just curious too. It's not fair that people keep that kind of information away from you, you're not a little kid. You already know so much, why try to hide it?

Lawrence closes his eyes, a sign that you take as him ignoring you.

And you want stand for it.

You use your hand to begin poking at both sides of his chin, telling yourself that you won't let up till you get an answer.

It's hard to tell if you keep it up for a long time or if it just feels that way, but you hear a sigh from Lawrence and know that you have snagged your victory. You free him from your tormenting pokes, waiting as Lawrence moves to lean up on his side to face you. There's still the signs of pain as he moves, you feel a little bad for making him go through it.

"Annoying..." He says, reaching up to give your forehead a flick. As you recover from the counter-bullying you can't help but still think about the fact that you won.

"Heh...anyways...tell me. Tell me tell me~" You don't know why you sound so excited, making because this is something that will help you make the transition to an adult or something. Like a bridge you need to cross to adulthood. How exciting.

There's a bit of a sideways scowl on his face when he looks at your giddiness, probably upset with himself for losing to such a stupid tactic.

"So uh...the er...adult kissing..." It's obvious that he feels awkward talking about this and you try to prepare yourself to finally learn the answer.

"It's uh...deep kiss. Open mouth..." It probably doesn't help that you're watching him as intensely as you are, ready to eat up any and all the words that he pushes out. You want your answer and you are going to get it, dammit.

"You go...in for...the kiss."

Alright...sounds normal? What's so special about that?

"Then you...uh with...your..." Instead of finishing his sentence Lawrence pops the tip of his tongue out and points.

You try to make the connection, sticking the tip of your own tongue out.


You don't want to but...you kind of remember a similar time...with a kiss and tongue...

Back in your bedroom...that awful man's body forced upon yours, forcing you to give him just as awful kisses...you can remember feeling extra disgusted when he shoved his tongue down your mouth.

"People...like that?" You are quick to push the memory away, but the gross feeling remains. "That's what an adult kiss is?"

"Yeah. It's n-"

"Mine was gross..." You look down and sulk, wishing you didn't know now. Is this another thing that has been ruined for you?

It's not fair...

Even if it does sound a bit weird normally...something like that should be nice then....right? Aria mentioned it like she loved it, it sounds so intimate. Just another nice thing that you have bad memories with.

You're brought out of your sour thoughts as your hair is brushed out of your face. It feels nice and you can't help but enjoy the motion of having your head patted.

"It has...to be...done with...a nice...person. Someone...you want...to be...close with. Then it..can feel...nice. Great. You won't...feel gross...from the...right kind." Lawrence is speaking gently, picking up on what you had implied with your words. As the head pat turns into hair ruffling the enjoyment and comfort from his touch increases, your fuzzy thoughts turning further away from the terrible ones. They're still there, they always are...but you don't need to focus on them right now.

"I um...guess it would be a little weird then if I just went and...stuck my tongue in your mouth like that, right? It uh, wouldn't be nice like one of those kind of kisses. Just all...awkward." You can see why the readiness to do that on your part was weird. Of course it would be anyways...a lot of things about you are.

"And it would be like...really wrong, wouldn't it? Doing that with me. It's okay, I just wanted to um...you know. Help you with that." Most of the cheerfulness from your voice is gone as you say this, drawing your finger over your own cheek. Everything with you has to be so weird and awkward and you can't help but feel bad about it.

"If you...want..." It sounds like Lawrence is struggling to say this, like he's not sure if he should. "You can...try it. If you...get scared...then stop. Then you...can try...to do...my cheek...that way. How does...that sound?"

You think over what this will mean for you. It starts with like, a normal kiss first...right? That's not so bad...you can deal with that. Lawrence is a nice kisser anyways, no problems there. But then the whole...tongue thing. Part of you is scared from your previous experience with that and the other half can't imagine that feeling nice at all.

But...if couples who are close do it on purpose...it can't be too bad...right? You can stop any time, Lawrence said so. And if it's anything like his kisses...

You also need to try and think about the fact that you'll be helping him, healing him up like a nurse. If anything you should be able to get through with that...

"Um...okay. I'll tr-..do it. I'll do it." You try to keep your voice confident, trying to hide the wavering and cracks in your words. His hands travels from from your hair to cup your cheek and pulls you in closer, foreheads touching again.

"S-So...how do I..."

"Relax. Remember to...breathe. Let me...lead. Can follow...what I...do. Or can...just let...me do...the work...till you're...comfortable. Then can...try to...lick cheek....okay?"

"Alright..." That wasn't very much for instructions, and you aren't sure if that's a good or a a bad thing.

Okay...close your eyes and tilt you head. That's easy now.

And..right, feeling his lips against yours. The beard rubbing up and scratching your skin...easy. You can handle that...makes your heart beat faster but it doesn't feel scary with him.

He's moving his mouth again...should you try that? You didn't last time...

You pull away just enough to speak.

"Should I be doing that too? The um...the moving?"

"If want...to."

You were hoping for a yes or no...then you would know for sure.

Back into kissing you go though, back to where you had been. You remember his advice...doing your best to relax your shoulders and...breathe through the nose? That...seems right. Okay, this is easy...

You feel embarrassed when you try mimicking Lawrence's motions with your mouth, causing him to pause. Did you do it wrong? It feels like it...

The pause doesn't last long though and he's back at it, like there had been nothing weird. It feels like you've been pulled closer to him too, maybe that means you were doing this right?

Once again you try to follow his motions, worried that you'll mess it all up. It feels like you've found a pattern, or at least you're able to somewhat match Lawrence's pace. His hand goes from your cheek towards your hair, towards the back of your head. What the hell are you supposed to do with your stupid hands...

You're starting to enjoy the kissing more, it feels like your body is actually starting to relax and not like you're having to force it.

This is...really nice. Kissing is...it's great.

You only stop once you feel your bottom lip get trapped between his, barely a bite. It's something different though, and all of your attention goes to this. You feel bad that your body seizes up again, but you do your best to just let it happen. The tugging on your lip is replaced with another feeling, a quick wet brushing.

That's right, he's trying to ease you into this...show you this can be nice...

It's a bit weird, it feels like he's asking for permission though. Is he?

Oh...maybe. He's not like, pushing it or anything.

Your breathing increases as you slowly open your mouth just slightly. You have no idea how much you're supposed to or if this is even right.

It...must be though? You feel the very tip of a warm tongue poke between your parted lips, not going in any further. Lawrence holds himself still there as you try your best to calm yourself.

Fine...this is...fine.

Slow...you like that this is slow.

And it's...kind of tingly. That's good, right? A nice feeling? It doesn't really feel gross like...like that time...with...

Don't think about who it was then. Think about who this is now.

It's Lawrence, and he's a nice guy. He doesn't hurt you...he makes you feel good. He makes you feel happy, and safe...and like things could be okay.

The tension you hold slowly begins to melt away. Not completely, but enough to show that you're okay. Your mouth parts just ever so more, giving permission for further actions.

You flinch a bit as you feel the tip of tongue tap against yours, and it takes a lot to not pull away. You keep reminding yourself this is fine, who this is doing it, that if anything you need to push through to help him...

Alright...this is okay.

Once again you are only guessing, but you decide that maybe you should try repeating Lawrence's actions. You tap your tongue back against his, feeling another rush of tingles from your mouth.

It's not for very long, but you just rub the tip of your tongues against each other. It slowly begins to feel somewhat easier to do, though the panic feeling remains in your chest.

Lawrence pulls back after a few seconds of this and you find yourself gasping for breath. You forget to breathe during this part...

"Are you...doing okay?"

"I think so...I think I am..." Your face feels hot, your whole body does right now.

"Okay...if you...want to...try, you lead...and when...you're ready...can try...to reach...my cheek."

That means you're going to have to be in charge of that...


Working up from a normal kiss again you try to remind yourself that it's okay, that you can totally take lead of this.

You almost forget though, trying to enjoy the normal kiss again. You need to try and get this done and over with, this is the whole reason he's doing this...

Your hand comes up to hold his shoulder as you tentatively give his lips a quick lick. Right away you are given full access, though you take a few moments to even take it. Just the tip of your tongue first...Lawrence doesn't try to move back against yours or anything like earlier. It looks like he's letting you do all of the work.

It's...a lot different, now that you're leading it.

Like...you feel nervous, but only because Lawrence is on the receiving end. You don't have your usual flight feeling inside...it feels like you might be able to actually do this.

You push yourself deeper into his mouth and that familiar sweetness comes to your tongue. It's faint, but it's there and you love it. It makes your head rush and tingle even more.


Your hand has come up to hold Lawrence's face, trying to control yourself as your tongue swipes over the inside cut as best as you can from this angle. It tastes nice...it feels nice...

Shoot...you're forgetting to breathe again...

Forced to pull away you take a much needed gasp of breath, panting as you collect yourself. Lawrence is red in the face, his chest slightly heaving too. You have a need to dive back in for many reasons that you aren't sure you understand but you know that you need to restrain yourself.

"I think I got it." You speak between heavy breaths, your hand moving back down to the ground.

Sleep...you feel really sleepy now.

On your stomach you lay down, trying to hide away your bright red face. Is it weird that you enjoyed that? Like, not so much at the beginning but...it really did begin to feel nice the longer you did it.

"I...think it's bedtime for me." You say, covering yourself with blankets. Your whole head is an absolute mess now, so many different feelings and thoughts and weirdly so many of them are pleasant right now. You try to sort them out but can't seem to do it, thinking it may be best for a later time.
Lawrence moves into place beside you, just a small amount of space between your bodies. You feel a bit to embarrassed to try and move in to close it though, especially after what you just did...

"Good night." You hear from the darkness.

"Good night."


It's knocking at the door that wakes you up again. You sit up, your mouth feeling incredibly dry. It seems to have waken up Lawrence too, but even the act of trying to sit up seems to pain him more then yesterday.

"I'll see who it is." You rise up to your feet and make your way over to the door, noticing the rumbling in your stomach. Breakfast sounds great right now...

It looks like Sarah is on the other side, dressed up like she's ready to head out.

You kick the blanket away from the door. There should be no trouble if it's just her and there's any remaining smoke.

You swing the door open wide and nearly have a heart attack when you see that Sam is standing a bit behind her. Instantly you can see a look come across their face when the air from the room drifts out...maybe they won't know what it is...

"U-Uh...what's up?" You try to play it off cooly, the feeling of being caught doing wrong rising with each second.

"I just um...wow...Oh, wanted to see if you would come along with me for the day. Short shift and then I'm off with Mabel. Give you a chance to get out, maybe take a warm shower if we can find one." You notice the apron rolled up in Sarah's arms as she says this.

"Sure-...well, I mean..."

"Law's a big guy. He'll be fine for a few hours. Do you wanna take another ice bath?"

"Not really..."

"Great, I'll take that as a yes. Let's go."

You rush back inside to grab your coat, Lawrence finally sitting up.

"I'm um, going to go out for a bit with Sarah."

He seems fine with that.

"And uh...Sam's at the door. I think he wants to see you for a bit..."

He does not seem fine with that.

You can only give him a sorry look as you put on your coat, shoving a change of clothes into a small bag before hoping over to the door.

"Your body still feeling okay? Nothing abnormal?" Sam asks you, and you shake your head 'no'.

"Alright then, have a nice time out."

"The kid will stay with me the whole time, it'll be fine. See you guys in a few hours." Sarah waves you two off, leading you quickly out the hall. You can only watch helplessly as Sam enters into Lawrence's room. Hopefully the scolding isn't too bad...

It's a bit of a walk over to the cafe, but you keep stride with Sarah easily enough.

Is there anything you want to talk to her about on the way over?
Ask her about DRUGS
I am not sure I want to participate in this quest anymore.
No, stay, and help vote against silly pedo things
Lawrence is clearly a pedophile, though.
Lawrence giving us a chaste kiss on New Year's was cute. Making out with Lawrence is creepy and kind of dumb.

Also, even setting that aside, do we have any sort of goal or direction for this quest by this point? No one seems to be looking for us, our condition is as under control as its ever likely to be, we have a surrogate family that seems to care quite a lot about us, and we seem to have come to terms with a lot of the bad shit that's happebed to us. Very real progress has been made, if nothing else. But what's the next step, aside from apparently letting Lawrence get his creep on? Are we going after the doctor who raped us? What about his daughter? What about the guys who hunted Lawrence down and almost killed him? And what ever happened to our grandmother?

I guess what I'm saying is that there's a lot of plot we could be having that doesn't involve Lawrence being weirdly okay with slipping Delilah some tongue. By this point, I'm genuinely uncertain as to how the QM even wants the reader to feel about him, because he's basically a walking mixed signal.
>he's basically a walking mixed signal.
Maybe that's the point

the world became warped with the sheer maelstrom of anon suggestions
Thank her for taking us out since we're kinda really hungry. Casually talk about music on the way, maybe pick up on some names we could look into at some point.

Try to avoid mentioning anything about last night. She could smell it, couldn't she? We should've aired out before sleeping or something. Fuuuck.

Stay and help us fight the sex maniac anons.

He's not sexually attracted to her due to her being underage, though.
I doubt it was. I think it's the result of the QM doing everything possible to hint at a relationship with him being a bad idea, and anons deciding to just barrel forward anyway.

This is why I suggested we find a nice boy our own age. At least that way we're not making out with Lawrence. He made a much better big brother than a boyfriend.
He's indicated that he IS aroused by us but simultaneously is aware that that isn't a good thing. I highly doubt he'd have let us make out with him if he wasn't high off his ass, and I imagine he'll be rather regretful of it come our next meeting.
File: Innocent.jpg (73 KB, 653x584)
73 KB
Attracted to, not aroused by. The arousal is a side-effect.

And yes, "us" as the person, not the fact that we're underage.
He's attracted to a little girl who needs his help, not our personality.
He's attracted to a girl who initially needed his help, something that made him actually feel useful again and much like what he did for his sister, but she's gone on to provide emotional support he's been lacking for years.

Who'd have guessed feelings aren't static.
Honestly, I think the healthiest thing for both Delilah and Lawrence is for them to quickly realize that physical intimacy is not what either of them is properly equipped to give one another. It feels good, but ultimately it's codependency awkwardly stumbling forward in hopes of becoming something "real." Obviously that's not at all healthy for either of them. Neither of them can provide the emotional support that the other is actually craving, because they're simply too different in terms of mindset and maturity level.

They should break it off as soon as it makes sense for them to come to that conclusion, and ideally they'll both realize it before someone else finds out what they're doing and has to spell it out for them. At that point, they should find someone nice their own respective ages, and remain close friends in the meantime. Delilah and Lawrence clearly rely upon one another to be each other's emotional crutch, and while there's nothing wrong with that in the short term, physical intimacy is quickly making them stop thinking of it as a "short term" thing.
For sure, it's pretty gray, though. As stoked as I would be for Delilah to lead a normal life, trauma like hers isn't something you just undo, especially not as a homeless person.

Unfortunately I'm not sure how to interpret the emotional support concern. Teenagers are incapable of empathizing with adults? Emotional needs are rather standardized, and Delilah and Lawrence provide each other trust, understanding, self-esteem, respect, you name it. The only thing not really happening is a sense of sexual fulfillment, but that's quite secondary to everything else.

And Hell, ideally Delilah should be getting professional psychological help, and everyone should be understanding and considerate of what she's been through, giving her space or emotional reassurance when she needs it, and not telling her to "just get over it" or that she "probably liked it anyway."

And ideally Delilah shouldn't have been raped or homeless.

I also hope you know physical intimacy isn't inherently sexual in nature, nor is sexual gratification required in an intimate relationship.
>Teenagers are incapable of empathizing with adults?

Not on a level that would allow for a healthy romantic relationship, no. Regardless of how much trust, understanding, self-esteem or respect they give each other, that isn't going to change. There's a lack of maturity in Delilah's part that doesn't go away just because Lawrence wants it to; and he clearly does. Delilah isn't even aware of it, because that's what happens when you're dumb and barely a teenager. She only sees a guy who is showing her positive attention, which she's been desperate for.

>I also hope you know physical intimacy isn't inherently sexual in nature, nor is sexual gratification required in an intimate relationship.

What's your point? Delilah and Lawrence's physical intimacy is very quickly becoming sexual. That's why some of us don't like it.
"Um, thanks for taking me out. I was starvi-...wait, will I get to eat there?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Good, I was starving-"

"I bet you were." Immediately you're seized up in that feeling of being caught doing something wrong, even though Sarah's voice isn't scolding.

"So tell me...I really doubt that you just happened to have a few doobies lying around, but I never really saw Law at the type to light up." Stopping at a crosswalk, waiting to pass over at the sign of green, you grow ever so nervous. Doobies? That sounds like a weird word...she has to be talking about the-

"Where'd he get the weed from?"

"I...don't know." It feels bad to lie, but you are terrified of getting in trouble.

"Did he smoke up with you in there? Did you see him light up?" She's trying to keep herself from sounding harsh, but you can tell this questioning could lead to something bad if you don't answer right.

"I...came in after. I didn't see him smoke anything-"

"But the kids said you were with him all day."

Oh no, you're getting caught.

"Uh...he...he smoked it in the bathroom, with the door closed. I didn't see any of it." Hopefully she won't call you out on it this time. "And then he came out, and was all...um. You know...I think anyways. I didn't touch it."

Another lie.

"Those bathrooms aren't ventilated and there's a huge ass gap underneath all of them. Even if he lit up in there it wasn't going to stay. Sam could smell it from his room, but he thought that maybe it drifted down from the lobby or in the vents or something." She's not looking at you, but Sarah seems angry.

"How irresponsible do you have to be to go and do something like that? Dammit Lawrence..." Sarah isn't upset at you, but that doesn't make it feel any better.

"Please don't get mad-" The sign flashes green and you cross the street with her, feeling like you're being marched to the principal's office.

"I'm not mad at you."

"Please don't get mad at Lawrence..."

Sarah's mouth twists up and her eyebrows furrow down.

"I'm not...mad. At least it was only...pfft...only weed..." She's not doing a good job at hiding it, but you do believe that the anger isn't towards you.

"Why is it bad that I was in there?"

"Law can go and do whatever he wants with his life, he's a grown man. But doing something like that with you around? Fuc-...sorry, I mean...ugh...dammit. Dammit Lawrence..."

"It um...the stuff didn't seem that bad."

"Maybe not now, but man...what if you build a tolerance to that stuff? You think it's just weed now and then you get into the heavy stuff. And then you'll really get your life messed up."

"Does it...really make you do that?" You thought that Lawrence said it would be fine, was he wrong?

Of course they can't have a healthy romantic relationship, but then they're also not in a place to have any kind of normal relations. Lawrence lived most of his life for his sister and it cost him not only his voice but also his friends and eventually his sister, and we still have no idea what his upbringing was like.

>What's your point?
My point is that people consider physical intimacy as inherently sexual, so I just want to make sure that's not the case.

Also, it's fine that some of you don't like it, I can respect that. Hell, I'm not into the whole "let's make Delilah drink and do drugs" going on, but I can see how she might make the decision to. Maybe that'd be worth a shot? Don't let your own discomfort make you unable to see things from another perspective.
"I mean, not always I guess. But those bums who hang around in the lobby are always hopped up on something and it seems like weed is their go-to. Those guys are fuckin' creeps, always making gross comments and-...okay, forget about them. We're talking about Law right now. I don't think he would go to like, meth or something. But it was stupid of him to do that with you in there."

You keep your eyes to the ground, scared to say anything else. Did you just get him in trouble? You really hope not...

There has been a bit of silence, Sarah being the one to break it.

"Just..how old are you anyways?"

"Um...I turn fourteen in like...three weeks."

Sarah is contemplating with this information though you have no clue what it could be about.

"Fourteen...god, I was just a dweeb at that age. Got picked on a lot but..." Her hands are shoved into her pockets, rolling the words around in her head.

"I wasn't homeless at that age though. Parents might've been dorks but I had both of them and they were swell to me. Decent grades, alright friends. Gotta go to college, get married to a great guy. Sure we lost our place cause of the fire and that damn insurance scam didn't help us none, but all things considered I've been well enough off..."

Is she still talking to you or with herself? It looks like she's thinking hard over things and letting the thoughts slip out.

"Listen, I'm not your mother. I can't tell you what to do, all I can do is voice my opinion. Obviously you've gone through stuff that girls your age haven't had to deal with, not around here anyways. You're going to be different then some girl born with a trust-fund, ya know? You're kinda having to parent yourself through a lot of this. Shouldn't have to, but there's a lot of things you shouldn't have to do. People think you can just...wave away those experiences. That you can ignore them and keep living like a 'normal' girl your age but who even knows what the hell teenagers are supposed or not supposed to do anyways? Just a mess...all I can say is that you really need to make sure you use your best judgment in everything. Even if you think you're sure of what you want just...sit down and really try to think about if it's a good idea...all I can say."

Her words remain with you as she leads you into the cafe, Mabel greeting you from across the room as she is taking an order. Sarah lets you sit at a two person table near the register, pulling on her uniform.

"Listen, really short shift today. Just two hours, sorry if it's boring but try to bare through. I'll grab you something to eat in the mean time."

"Alright, thanks..." You look down at the table and Sarah disappears to the back room.

As you wait there alone you are stuck with your thoughts.

Last night...

Your face grows red as you remember the other thing you did.

That...was something bad, wasn't it? There's no way anyone could know what you did.

You bury your face in your hands as you continue to think it over.

Terrible thoughts begin to creep up.

You enjoyed that. Not so much at the beginning but it was like you warmed up to it, there were all those wonderful tingles in your chest. Compared to the time in the bedroom, where your face was gripped harshly in an uncaring hand and your mouth forced open...

This felt nice. You liked it.

And you hate that.

You shouldn't have liked it last night, right?

Disgusting...that's disgusting of you.

How could you enjoy that last night, after all that happened to you? Shouldn't you feel afraid? Scared of doing anything remotely similar? Maybe you are weird...broken. You enjoyed it last night and that means you're broken. That first time was awful, but at least you couldn't have stopped it then...

You could have made it stop at any time last night, and you didn't.

You enjoyed it and you shouldn't have.

You were supposed to just feel comfortable enough with taking care of him, just to feel safe enough with licking the inside of his cheek.

He didn't even want to do that, didn't even want to tell you about it. You made him, pestered and practically begged him to tell you what it was. And when he made the offer you took it, you didn't try to stop it at any point.

You were asking for it.

And from a man no less. A grown man. You accepted it from him even though you know it's not alright.

You're filthy.

No wonder...no wonder people are okay with taking advantage of you.

If you're just going to enjoy it anyways why complain when it happens?

You begin to understand the word repeated at you during that night in the bedroom, why you were called it repeatedly.


Is that all you really are?

"Hey chick, how's it going?"

A familiar voice pulls you up from your hands, Mabel setting down a plate of chicken and rice in front of you.

"What's wrong? You feelin' alright, Bun?"

You realize there are tears in your eyes and you are quick to wipe them away.

"Ah no just...sleepy. That's all."

It doesn't sound believable, but Mabel doesn't press further. She takes a seat in the chair across from you, apron hung over the edge and a similar plate laid out in front of her.

"Man, work can not end fast enough." She complains, stretching her arms and cracking her neck in the process. You begin to dig into the food, hoping that you have calmed down enough.

"Hey, you sure you're okay? You look kinda upset."

What do you tell her?
"I'm slut shaming myself. Want to join?"
Tell her we're not sure. We think Lawrence might be in trouble because he... because of reasons.

And it's our fault, isn't it? We gave him that pack...

Also we're having these... dreams which are kinda nice but remind us of... "that". That time in the bedroom wasn't even the only time, was it? There must have been... many times before. We were sick for so long...
"I'm becoming one of those mind broken girls you see all the time in hentai. You know where after getting raped enough times they like it and can't get enough of dick. Give it a few months, you'll find me between 3 guys covered in cum throwing up peace signs."

"So how was your day?"
"Um...I'm just kinda worried that Lawrence might be in trouble for...something." You aren't sure if you should elaborate on the matter and instantly Mabel looks interested on the subject.

"What with like, the authorities or somethin'? Oh god did he like...kill someone? Rob a store?"

"N-No. I just mean with like Sam a-"

"Oh, it should be fine then. Had me scared there for a second." Mabel leans back in her chair. "Sam might give him a slap on the wrist and an earful but it's not like there's much else he can do about it. Plus if it's just Law bein' stupid then that should be normal."

You push around the food on the plate as she says this. Hopefully it's not too bad for him but you can't help but feel guilty.

"What if it's my fault he's in trouble..." You stop yourself from going on further and you can see Mabel raise an eyebrow.

"What...did you do?" She asks slowly and you can feel her eyes burn a hole down your center.

"I just...gave him something I maybe shouldn't have. Something I thought would help him feel better..."

Mabel continues to question your words, a dark cloud of thought coming over her. You begin to realize the implications of your words and quickly do your best to rectify them.

"It was something given to me by a friend and I handed it over to Lawrence."

This seems to have quelled some of the doubt she held, though there are still questions remaining on her face.

"Uh well, you thought it would be helpin' him, right? Kinda a tough call in those situations. But I mean, I'm counting on you not wanting to get him in trouble so like...try not to worry about it. If Law had the chance to turn it away or stop it then that's all on him. You just gave him the option is all." Mabel is eating quickly, wanting to finish her food before she has to go back to working. You force yourself to eat too, trying to enjoy a warm meal that isn't just oatmeal or eggs.

Still...you don't feel much better...

"Can I talk to you about um, something else? Something more..." You try to figure out the best word to describe this but Mabel goes ahead and gives you the okay.

"This probably sounds weird. Like, really weird but I've um...been...having these uh...dreams." There's no way you can try and clue her in that you've actually been doing this, not a chance.

"Alright, go on."

"Well..." Seeing a family sitting a few tables over you lean in and lower your voice. You wouldn't want to ruin anyone else's day.

"I keep having these dreams that are pretty nice..like I think I'm enjoying them? But they um...they remind me too much of...of that..."

"That...that that th-...oh. I uh, got ya." Mabel's face turns sour when she realizes what you are trying to get at. "So do you mean that they're like...about doing stuff?"

You nod and elaborate a bit further.

"Not um..not like...all of that but just...s-some of the things..."

You watch as Mabel thinks this over, scratching her head.

"Ah sheesh...um, so like...in your dreams I'm guessin' you're with someone yeah?"

"Yeah...someone nicer then the...the other...o-other..."

"Don't worry, I get what you're sayin'. So uh, you're just kinda doing some of these similar situations in your dream with someone nice but they remind you a lot of what you really went through that one time, right?"

"It...wasn't just once..." You say quietly. "I was...out of it for a long time and...a-and I think stuff happened when I...I couldn't stay awake for it..."

Mabel's face grows pale at this, hand coming up to her mouth.

"Jesus Christ-"

"Mabel, it's time for you to come back." A voice calls out from the counter.

"Oh shoot just...can I get like two minutes real quick?"

The woman calling her back doesn't seem too happy about it but allows her the extra time. Mabel turns back, all attention on you.

"Listen I...I don't have like, the right kinda smarts to tell you exactly what you need. I'm so sorry so like...just try and take this as the best you can but uh...damn how should I say this. Okay so it's normal that you're going to uh, be thinking about these events and stuff and it's going to be confusing for you. Having a dream about being close with someone like that isn't all that weird, it really isn't. And at your age? Hormones man, just...hormones. You're gonna experience those needs and wants, even if people say you shouldn't. You're just...just going to be a bit mucked up while you try to remember that it's okay, you're meant to enjoy that kinda stuff. It's human nature, you're not weird or different for it. And just...you'll have to learn that even though it has been bad for you already that like...you can and will be able to enjoy it at some point, like a regular perso-"


"Ah man...sorry, coming!" Mabel stands up, putting her apron back around her waist.

"Sorry, you really should hear it from someone better then me. So just...try and take that for now till you can get a better answer, alright? Maybe someone who has more experience then m-, shoot gotta get back to it." Mabel leaves with out another word, soon back to her task of taking orders.

This is just...a lot for you.

You get up from your half eaten food and go to the restroom.


You stand in there, wiping away your tears and trying not to cry too loud.

You're not even sure why exactly you're crying but you just feel...

What do you feel...




A weird fluctuation mix of all those. Part of you wants to be able to enjoy those nice feelings and to not have to think about them being bad.

The rest of you is screaming how awful they are, how awful you are.

You're trying to tell yourself you shouldn't feel that way but that doesn't make the voices any quieter. Maybe you should ask Lawrence later...he'll tell you if this was okay, right?

Why does the thought of that make your chest feel tight?

Breathing in slowly you try to calm yourself, your hand coming up to hold the ring around your neck.

Fine...it'll be...fine.

You...need to get over this.

What...happened wasn't so bad.

No big deal.

You're still alive, aren't you?

If anything you should be grateful.

Grateful that all they took from you was your time.

Your ability to choose.

Your body.





You stand over the toilet, the taste of vomit lingering in your mouth.

Why can't you just...push these things back? Leave them in the past? They aren't happening to you right now, why are you still so caught up on all this?


After another round of crying and dry heaving there's an impatient knock at the door. You wipe your face clean and flush away the sickness. Your eyes and face are red still but you'll just have to deal with it...

"Sorry..." You say to the annoyed young girl waiting to enter. She pushes past and locks you out of the room.

Why is she so upset?

She never had a man force himself between her legs and tear her apart from the inside.


Why the hell would you think about something like that? She just needed to use the bathroom, you were in there for a long time.

Fuck...you feel sick again...why are you angry?

Just calm down...

Catching your breath you look out the front windows, walking back over to your table.

There's cars filling up half the parking lot, one pulling in as another leaves. The soccer mom van makes way for a nice car with dark windows.


You watch as the tinted windows parks, a man stepping out.

It looks like he is coming in here.

The little girl is still in the bathroom and you are pretty sure someone is in the men's restroom.

"Hey, you sick?" From behind you hear Sarah, who stops as she passes by to look you over.

What do you do?
Try not to panic. Panic a lot.

Tell Sarah about those shady people, and say you think they're after you. You need to find someplace to hide, maybe Sarah can stash us in the kitchen?
Shrug and mention the car. Try to make ourselves unnoticed at the table, and make sure we have our knife if this guy tries anything.

No way they'd recognize us, right? That's why we went through the trouble of having our heir dyed and cut.
>Don't let your own discomfort make you unable to see things from another perspective.

You're making a lot of assumptions about me, and I'm genuinely not sure why you're doing that. I think I've made it pretty clear that I know why Delilah and Lawrence are making the decisions they're making. Seeing things from someone else's perspective isn't the issue at all.

There's a big difference between experimenting with pot or having a drink, and a much older person making our with you when you're underage. Surely you can see that Lawrence crossed a line that makes their relationship more sexual in nature than it was previously. If you're someone who thinks it's okay for an adult and an early teenager to be in that sort of relationship, then that's where we very much differ. If that's not the case, then I really don't see what it is you're trying to argue about.
>There's a big difference between experimenting with pot or having a drink, and a much older person making our with you when you're underage.
What's the difference? In both situations someone can take advantage of you, and experimenting with drugs is actually deleterious to your health while having daddy issues and making out with an older guy is not.

Also, age of consent laws vary widely between different countries; if this took place in some European country with a ridiculously young age of consent would it be ok for a sexual relationship to take place? Or do you think Delilah isn't emotionally or psychologically old enough to be in this relationship? Delilah is practically an adult and can't relate to the younger kids, she relates more to Jessica who already is basically an adult in body and mind.
File: 1455311525036.jpg (132 KB, 700x467)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Ya'll brought this on yourselves anon. You've been wanting lewds since Thread 1 and now you're chickening out after 14 threads of silly suggestions? You post it, you keep it.
Because if you're not making your discomfort with the situation affect your judgment, then what are you arguing for? Of course it's not ideal, no one's claiming it is, but the quest isn't set in Shouldland.

Of course Lawrence crossed a line, but I'm also going to pretend you didn't just blame the entire incident on Lawrence, as Delilah has been aggressively pursuing his affection for quite a while. I'm as much okay with teenagers experimenting with alcohol and drugs as I am with them experimenting with their sexuality. My problem with the alcohol and drugs is that Delilah is likely to exacerbate her mood swings.

And you honestly don't think teenagers just experiment among themselves, right?
Or do you think Delilah isn't emotionally or psychologically old enough to be in this relationship?

No, I don't. That's been my entire point from the get-go. Delilah is demonstrably immature, even for her age; and even if she weren't immature for her age, she still wouldn't be emotionally or psychologically old enough to be in this relationship. Funny thing about traumatic childhoods: They typically don't lead to emotional maturity.

>Delilah is practically an adult

She really, really isn't. Not being able to relate to a little kid doesn't mean someone is practically an adult.


>Of course it's not ideal, no one's claiming it is, but the quest isn't set in Shouldland.

Anon, this argument isn't about anyone's discomfort. It's about me pointing out - correctly - that Delilah and Larence's relationship has crossed a line that it hadn't before. I've explained multiply times that I understand why it happened. It's in-character for both of them, regardless of why I think it's a bad idea for both of them, and you have agreed that it isn't ideal, yes?

The issue isn't that I don't like it. This issue is that the response I got was "Well, have you tried looking at it from the perspective of the adult who wants to make out with a teenage girl?" and "It's really partly the fault of the teenager for wanting it."

The situation is in line with how the rest of the story has been, and it makes sense from an in-character perspective. Your arguments for why no one should be uncomfortable with it suck, and are frankly significantly more disturbing than the content we're arguing about, because this is, like I said, just a story.

>but I'm also going to pretend you didn't just blame the entire incident on Lawrence

You don't have to pretend anything. As the adult in the situation, he's the one responsible for saying no if a minor tries to proposition him in an inappropriate way. Also, please cut the passive-aggression, because it got old hours ago.
Again, to clarify, I don't have an issue with the story. It's portraying the relationship the way it realistically should be: Two majorly fucked-up people in an unhealthy, codependent relationship, who are trying anything they can to feel better about themselves.

The issue I have is how quickly people came out of the woodwork to say "Yes, but think of the pedophiles! Delilah's partly at fault because she wanted it!"

I don't have any complaints about what Sue wrote. I very much have a problem with the desperate rationalizing a couple of you are coming up with to try and excuse a situation that is clearly not meant to be excused. It's like you've missed the point entirely.
For whining about me making assumptions, you sure like making your own.
So I take it you don't have any actual argument, then, since you ignored all my points?
i, for one, just don't want a bad end, and i'm pretty sure that's where we're headed with all this lewdness.
You just need to stay calm. You've changed your appearance now, they shouldn't be able to recognize you. Besides, what are they going to try and do in a public place like this? They can't nab you or anything.

As the man is about to enter you can't help but panic further.

"That guy coming in is...I think he's looking for me. I can't let him see me...can I like...h-hide in the kitchen?"

"Bertha won't like that but...uh, there. Take the corner booth over there, if he's wanting to stay I'll sit him else where." Sarah points you in the direction of a secluded seat, dirty dishes still on the table. You run over and slid in just as a chime comes from the front.

Your heart is racing and your hands shake in vain of all efforts trying to remain calm. You can't help but inch towards the knife folded away in your pocket.

"How may I help you, sir?" You don't dare to look over, but you can hear Sarah easily enough. She's polite and courteous while she talks, just like she would do with any other customer.

"Yes, I just need to ask a question, actually." The man returns the civility, and there's the sound of paper being pulled out. "Have you seen this little girl around?"

"Little girl, huh? Let me take a look...hmm...nope, doesn't seem familiar."

"This picture was taken just a while ago, by someone who believes he had spotted her. We heard that she may have been seen around this establishment. It's very important that we find her."

"Well yeah, isn't it important to find all missing kid?"

"This is a special one, however."

You look over with the corner of your eye, seeing Sarah stare this man down and cross her arms, taking a firm stance.

"Yeah? How so."

"She's missed by her family-"

"Most kids who go AWOL are."

"Yes, but her family is important. Not run of the mill salary man households. Her family is even offering a thousand dollars for any worthwhile tips, not to mention the handsome reward for actually finding her. I'm sure you understand how important $50,000 would be in these times."

Sarah's face remains unchanging at hearing the amount, she wouldn-

"Oh yeah, in that case I know where she is."

Your heart stops and the man seems surprised himself.

We're already in the bad end because we murdered our demon fetus instead of giving it a chance at life

"Great! Then if you could te-"

"She's out there, trying to survive with all the other kids out on the street. And frankly, she don't look too unhappy in this picture. If she wanted to I think she would return home on her own, must be a reason why she wouldn't. And don't you even think for a second that I would willingly send some kid back to a hellhole." Sarah's voice has become curt and firm, the man folding away the flier.

"Sorry for wasting your time."

"Try living me a tip next time."

Sarah watches as the man retreats, the sound of the door's bells marking his exit.

You clutch at the ring around your neck for support, not daring to move. Sarah walks back over to you, a relieved look on her face.

"Dude drove off. That was something." She begins to remove the dirty dishes from in front of you, stacking them in her arms.

"Was...was it my picture?"

"I'm...afraid so. Scared the hell outta me when I saw it, looked like a creeper shot. You're fine while you're here though, remember that."

"I don't feel too safe..."

"Understandable. But just, try to calm down, okay? Just try to survive another half hour and we'll hightail it out of here and figure out what to do. Think about how great a warm shower is going to feel, okay?"

You nod, the last of the dishes taken away from the table and Sarah disappears into the backroom.

You're shaking so much...you feel sick again, but for a different reason. You hold your face up in your hands, trying to do everything you can to remain calm.

A wet rag pops up in front of you, wiping down the table. Looking up you see it's the other waitress. She offers you a quick smile before leaving you alone once again.

Your nerves feel shot, you just don't know how to take any of this.

There's no way that your family has something like that posted. Grandma already said it wasn't her and there's no way it could be your mom. You aren't close to any side of her family either, not to mention the fact that none of them could have that amount of money. You just feel so scared and alone and confused and just...everything awful right now.

Your worrying manages to pass the time well enough, though you wish you could be doing anything else. Sarah and Mabel talk to the waitress from earlier before motioning you to come up and over. Mabel seems to be discussing something about schedules before waving off and you're escorted back outside with them.

"Let's go ahead and head over to FitGym." Sarah directs you down the way.

"Why are we going to a gym?"

"Lacy in there was kind enough to loan us her card for today. We can use it to get in and shower up. Sucks I can't always borrow it, but eh."

"I'm just excited for a shower where I won't freeze my ass off" Mabel sounds like she is trying to be her usual cheery self, but you can tell there's just something missing there. She is probably all shaken up from you told her earlier.

Probably ruined her day...good job...

"Hey, who was that guy who came in earlier? He didn't stop to eat."

"He was uh..." Sarah looks down at you, waiting for permission to tell. You give her the go ahead. "He was looking for Bunny here."

"Shit, no way...you mean with that want ad?"

"Yeah. Told him we hadn't seen her around though."

"Man that's just...fuckin' creepy."

"Luckily he was just asking around. I mean, he was trying to find a blonde teenage girl. I doubt the city is lacking in those. Good thing you decided to join the dark side kid." Sarah tries to put some humor in the situation, but it only helps a bit.

"Well, any punks try to snatch up our chick here is going to find himself in for one hell of a time." Mabel pats at your shoulder enthusiastically, doing her best to place some confidence back in you.

You offer her a smile at her efforts, but it soon fades as you look forward again.


The gym is a little place, tucked between a bakery and an art shop. It certainly looks like a weird combination...as if they were just randomly set there.Maybe there wasn't many other places for them to go? The buildings are fairly new looking and smaller then most others built before. The art shop looks pretty weird too...bright colors mixed in with black. The pictures are pretty...gross too. They really like using bright green, red, and yellow in all their stuff.

Inside it packed full of people, to your surprise. It makes it easy enough for the three of you to slip past the front desk. Inside you can see the place is pretty upscale, Sarah using the card to swipe at an access panel and gain entry to the showers.

It's even nice inside the locker room, instantly you feel out of place.

There's only one shower open right now, and from the looks of it the next ones will open up in a little bit. Mabel calls dibs on the shower first and you readily comply to let her go. You stand with Sarah near a corner away from the other girls coming and going. It's private enough for a conversation.

Is there anything you would like to discuss with her?[/b[
>you have agreed that it isn't ideal, yes?

>This issue is that the response I got
The implication was to see things from Delilah's perspective.

>Your arguments for why no one should be uncomfortable with it suck
I made no such argument.

>he's the one responsible for saying no
Who's ever heard of drugs impairing someone's judgement. Ridiculous.

>Also, please cut the passive-aggression
Oh, oh, I know the answer to this one. No.

>The issue I have is how quickly people came out of the woodwork
No such thing happened.

And, you know, for being so opposed to the pairing, you sure aren't very active in terms of stopping it.
File: aa9.gif (1.79 MB, 550x309)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
>All this heat
It's all your fault, anons~

I'm just in here for the ride, maybe even the sexual one.
Adult Kissing
Ask if it's all Lawrence's fault for making out with us when we forced ourselves on him like a whore and if he's a pedophile piece of shit. Also ask what is supposed to happen after making out with a dude
For real though, just ask about her band or something
Ask about how we can escape this shithole city with bounty hunters everywhere and find a nice little farm to time skip ahead until Delilah's old enough for sex with LAW
But anon, she's already old enough ;^)
>The implication was to see things from Delilah's perspective.

I do. From her perspective, she has someone who thinks she's cute and supports her. That's usually what being enamored with someone feels like when you're her age. Perspective of a fictional character isn't the issue.

>I made no such argument.

Your exact words in response to a discussion about a pedophilic relationship were "Because if you're not making your discomfort with the situation affect your judgment, then what are you arguing for?" You made the argument pretty hard.

>Who's ever heard of drugs impairing someone's judgement. Ridiculous.

Oh, my bad, guys. I forgot that being under the influence excused someone's actions.

>No such thing happened.

It's continuing to happen right now, because you're still trying to argue that I'm in the wrong for saying that a child isn't psychologically or emotionally mature enough to handle an intimate relationship with an adult.

>And, you know, for being so opposed to the pairing, you sure aren't very active in terms of stopping it.

For the hundredth time, I'm not opposed to the pairing. It makes sense in the narrative. I'm opposed to you trying to justify an adult becoming intimate with a teenager because "she was aggressively pursuing his affection."

If you're not going to stop your passive-aggressive bullshit, then at least learn some reading comprehension before you continue to argue this. Or, better yet, stop arguing it. There literally isn't a position you can take on this that both blames Delilah for any part of Lawrence's actions, and makes any sort of sense.
Admit that we have a feeling this is all somehow related. The reason we ran away from home, the underwear, the pictures, the... money.
>You made the argument pretty hard.
Still not arguing that it's bad to feel uncomfortable. Also, Lawrence isn't sexually aroused by Delilah BEING underage.

>Oh, my bad, guys.
At least you're willing to admit it. But no, I said it impairs their judgement.

>It's continuing to happen right now
I never argued that, that's on the other anon.

>I'm opposed to you trying to justify an adult becoming intimate with a teenager
Maybe I'd rather that than her going through years of emotional abuse brought on by "trying to find a nice boy her own age" because that's a pipe dream of suffering.
Wait so let me get this straight
You can see how the relationship might happen and you're not a fan of it
But you're not willing to do anything to stop it
Stop arguing with the lesser species
>Still not arguing that it's bad to feel uncomfortable.

Then be more careful with how you word things in the future, because that's definitely how you came across.

>But no, I said it impairs their judgement.

I agree, it does impair judgement. And my point was that that doesn't make a bit of difference.

>I never argued that, that's on the other anon.

Good. Then drop it, because it's not an argument you'd be able to win.

>Maybe I'd rather that than her going through years of emotional abuse brought on by "trying to find a nice boy her own age" because that's a pipe dream of suffering.

Oh, so you're projecting. That explains why this argument happened in the first place.

Are we done, then? Whether you're back-pedaling or genuinely thought you were coming across differently than you were, our argument has devolved into me saying you said something and you saying "nuh-uh." That's a good indicator that it's time to drop it entirely.
So do you guys actually read my posts? Because it doesn't seem like you do.
No, I already have to read walls of text when Sue posts I don't need to read any more than that.
Ah, that explains it, then.
"So how is your ban-" *BOOM* Before you finish your sentence you hear an explosion near the front of the gym. The sounds of gunfire and screams echo throughout the locker room.


You and Sarah look at each with apprehension. Sarah takes your hand and starts to drag you to a side exit that leads to an alleyway.

"We need to get the fuck out of here!" Sarah whispers excitedly. In the narrow alleyway you both look around; there doesn't seem to be anyone at either end but you know that there'll be someone watching just around the corner. You point to a side door on the art shop and Sarah nods. Sarah slams her shoulder into the door to break it open. Hopefully the sounds of gunfire and cries of agony drown out the sound. After a few tries the door gives way the two of you rush inside.

The two of you find yourselves in an employee area, where the new deliveries are stored before being arranged up front in the display area. There doesn't seem to be anyone around. Suddenly you feel an intense, unnatural hunger overtake you, causing a massive headache and bringing you too your knees.

Sarah shouts, "Holy shit girl what's wrong? Are you alright? We need to move!" But you can barely hear her, all of your sense being dulled by your craving for blood. Suddenly you hear a loud bang, and you look up in horror as you see Sarah drop to the ground, blood gushing out of her like a fountain. A man in an urban camo outfit grins at you from the side door that you had come through, and starts walking up to you.

"Nothing personal kid, but we really can't let you go..." Just as he says this, the smell and sight of Sarah's blood throws you into a unstoppable bloodlust. You leap toward the man, and bite his jugular with your surprisingly sharp teeth, killing him instantly. You suck him dry, but you're still thirsty. You notice you have huge wings now, and you practice flapping them a couple of time, lifting you off the floor somewhat.

You here other men shouting at the front of the art store, it sounds like they're going to search this building too.
[b]What do you do now?[/b]
sorry guys on phone XD
Took you long enough OP holy SHIT you slow piece of shit.

Kill everyone. Everything. Suck the marrow from their bones and the goo from their eyes.
Spit everyone in the mouth and suck dicks and also suck their blood.
Fly out the window and shoot death beams out of your eyes and grab the survivors with your mighty talons and drink them dry!
Teleport behind you
Psssh nothing personnel kid
You focus forward, your eyes glancing over the pattern of tiles across the room. You haven't done anything today, but for some reason you just feel...exhausted. Just mentally worn out.

"How easy is it to move away..."

"Huh?" Sarah glances over, having examined her black nails.

"Out of the city...how easy is it to just like...move away. From everything..."

"Technically you can just walk out. Not that I recommend doing that. It's hard to start up somewhere new with nothing, but sometimes you just have to. But it's better if you plan that stuff out instead of just...up and leaving." Sarah is staring you down as she says this, the black eyeliner surrounding her soft eyes. "Were you thinking about leaving?"


"It would be a hell of a thing for you to do, especially at your age."

"It's just that...it feels like all of this is related. The pictures and my underwear being stolen...the reason I ran away from home and...and...and the reason there's that money out for me. It's...it's all so..."



It looks like Sarah understands your fear, a hand coming up to pat your shoulder.

"I understand, and I don't want to scare you nothing either but...you should hear this straight. A stalker is already a creep enough but...well, if you think that this is all connected together then who ever is doing this has to be just...obsessed. Plain obsessed, and while leaving is a pretty good option that doesn't automatically make you safe. It's...god, that is just so shitty." Sarah's free hand comes up and rubs her chin as she thinks all this over.


What a terrifying word.

The person behind it has to be so much worse.

Obsession...a desire...a want.

You have wants too though, don't you?

Does that make you terrible too?

Even if that didn't, you are still probably a terrible person...

"Can I um....ask you just a like, really weird question..."

"Seems like those are the only kind I get from you." Sarah plays this off as being okay, but you don't feel like it is.

"Ah sorry, I don't mean to bother you-"

"How are you supposed to learn if you don't ask? Go ahead." Sarah is encouraging you, and even though you feel awkward about asking you know that what she said is probably true.

"So um...people kiss..."


"And then people sometimes um...really kiss. L-Like adults..."

"Adults? Oh wait, you talking about like...Frenching?"




"Well hopefully you haven't seen people doing that in public...or private...or anywhere really but uh, go ahead."

"Is there something you're supposed to do uh...after it? That seems kinda like a weird thing to just...do."

"Man you just...ask the hardest questions, don't you?"


"Nah it's okay. Better to ask then have a big surprise one day. So tonsil hockey is like, pretty intense enough as it is. And uh, sometimes that just kinda leads to...bedroom antics." Sarah is looking back at your wide eyed and confused face.


"You do it. Sex."


You think back to it, about the way it made you feel. Are those the kind of things you would feel during sex...? There's no way...it hurt so bad those other times...

Those other times were so rough though.



No care put in how you felt.

No care if you were enjoying it.

But then maybe there is a chance that...

Maybe sex could feel good...

There you go thinking about it again. Aren't you still repulsed about it? You feel like you should be repulsed...you're pretty sure you are. Kinda...? ...maybe if it was slow and gentle like the kissing was...

That just makes you sound dirty again.

Like a whore.

What a terrible word...

A terrible word to describe a terrible person.

Still...it felt so nice...

But it shouldn't have. You did that with someone you shouldn't have. You wanted to and let it happen...

"Is it wrong if..." You shut yourself up before your sins come out into the air.

"What is it?"

"N-...nothing..." How are you supposed to ask her if you wanting to kiss Lawrence was wrong? It sounds like people would blame him, but what if it was your fault? Pushing for it to happen? Does that put you in the wrong then? Does...someone have to be in the wrong?

"Well, if it's nothing then go ahead and hop in." Sarah points at a newly freed shower stall, letting you take it.

You notice that, while you are still self-conscious about it, it's gotten slightly easier to undress in front of others.

In front of other girls anyways...


You really have missed warm showers. It feels like heaven right now, you really don't look forward in having to leave again. For now you'll just have to enjoy every warm drop against your skin.

You run your fingers with shampoo over your head, still not use to your hair being this short and dark, but it does match the rest of your hair better. Ever since you were a baby you eyebrows had been dark, and as you grew up so was the other hair on your body. The fuzz on your arms, your legs, your...

Well...at least you match up a bit better now.

Still, you do somewhat miss your blonde.

Maybe one day you can return to it...

You feel burning in your eyes and a bitter taste in your mouth.

Dammit, you weren't paying enough attention...

You rush to clear your eyes of the stray shampoo, cursing yourself for not being careful. Blurry eyed you wipe away your mouth, fingers lingering over your lips.

It had been so nice...

Stop thinking about it, that's wrong.

But you enjoyed it...

That just makes you wrong then, doesn't it?

Stop thinking about it. You have other problems...

A stalker.

That makes you feel sick though...

Dammit...you don't want to think about it but...

What should you do if like...you do need to run away?

What if he does follow you?

Now you just feel awful...scared this time.

Can't you even enjoy a shower any more? Maybe not...maybe you don't have those luxuries anymore...

How unfair.

Your hand runs over your wet hair, trying to figure this out.

Too much...

Too much for you to handle.

Calm down, you need to relax.

Try to relax.

You do need to think about what to do but...

Dammit, why is this so hard.

A stalker? How sickening...

An obsessed stalker...

Makes you feel sick thinking about that.

But you're an adult...that means doing stuff you don't want to.

Doesn't make it any better though...it just brings on all those terrible thoughts right now...makes you feel alone and helpless...

Why can't you just worry about...about nice things?

Try to think of a plan, or focus on something else right now?
Focus on Good Morals and Right Conduct

Gotta be a good girl when she grows up
We can worry about planning for the future when we have someone to discuss it with. We still have no idea what to expect if we do decide to abandon the group.

Focus on the things that make us happy: Buttercup making the kids happy. John trusting us like he does, listening and believing in us. Lawrence not treating us like a child or like we'll somehow get our childhood back.

Our... surrogate family willing to lie to protect us, in spite of the bounty.
Desensitize the self to murder, Kill buttercup

Please put the law out of this misery.

By the end of it he's going to look like Frankenstein.
And Insane.
And on the sex offenders registry.

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