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Your name is Silica Wilson, and you are the Captain of a mercenary group called The Vanguard. Currently you are on a mission to uncover an artifact called The Chromescore.

Currently you are exploring an abandoned military base located within a giant forest called The Green Sea. Death and dishonor or Fame and fortune, what will you find hidden within?

Twitter: I'll have one as soon.

Previous threads:

Reposting start of previous thread to get the ball rolling again. Updates will be slow to begin with. Well slower than normal anyway.
As the sound of movement dies away, you are once again left with the sound of rasping re-breathers. You grip the door handle to the cleaning facilities, and cautiously enter the room.

“A few lurking creatures aren’t anything to be concerned about. Just keep an eye out.” You say, reassuring the team.

Your flashlight reveals the contents of the room as you move through it. At first it just looks like a laundry room. Piles of clothes, both military and civilian are scattered about the room, a pair of doorways leading to what you imagine would be the showers. This perception changes when you move behind a dividing wall at the end of the room.

A door with a sign bolted to the front now hands off its hinges. Looking over the sign you attempt to read it. You recognize a few words and even the structure of some others. Suddenly it clicks in your head.

Turning to the team you ask. “Anybody here read traditional German?”

You get a few confused looks, as they shake their heads.

Eckard adjusts his mask. “Hold on, didn’t we pass by a bunch of signs in Neo-German as we searched the place?”

“They must have built the military portions of the base before the civilian, changing the signs when the base was remodeled. This means that this base was still in operation even after the first Arcologies were built.”

Widget shrugs. “It does explain the rifle you found.”

This new information sheds some light on the reason why this place may not have been excavated. And why it’s so far away from any known Arcologies populated or abandoned. Whatever is here warranted the need for the base to be used. So, it either means that there’s definitely an artifact here. Or, something a lot more dangerous was going on here.

You smile to yourself, and turn to face the team. “We’ve either found ourselves a goldmine or stumbled into a death-trap.”
Quad replies his deep voice resonating through the air. “Captain, if this place is now considered a possible risk, I’d recommend calling for some reinforcements.”

Eckard backs his argument. “Yeah, and if this place turns out to be the biggest score we’ve ever seen, we could use some help carrying the loot.”

Widget lays out her counter argument. “Calling for extra guys might not be the best plan, I think that a sneakier approach might be best.” She points a discreet thumb a Quad. “I’m surprised we haven’t attracted more monsters than we already have.”

Quad turns to Widget. “You’re not as subtle as you think little girl. Why should we be sneaking around if we have already alerted potential hostiles?”

Eckard backs away as Widget closes some of the gap between the two. “Because, if we go in gun blazing like you want to do, then we’ll be swamped by monsters that want to join in, meaning more people will get hurt. If you’d use your head for thinking instead of cracking nuts then maybe you’d understand that.”

Quad ducks down closing the distance, and pokes her chest. “A sizable squad could sweep the base and clear all hostiles in less than five minutes. Then we’d be free and clear to excavate as much as we wish. And I don’t crack nuts with my head!”

“Yes, you do, I’ve seen you do it when you think you’re by yourself.” An evil grin spreads across Widgets face. “Is it one of your ticks?”

“That’s it!” Quad yells over the comms.

Now annoyed by the lack of professionalism occurring before you. You pull your ear piece off and force feedback through the comms system. Silencing the argument before it can start.

“Alright you two, shut up and start acting a little more like mercs instead of preschoolers!” down any attempt at restarting the fight. “Now stay quite while I think this over.”

They are both sound ideas. Clearing the base will make it easier to move around, but may attract more attention than we can deal with. On the other hand, continuing to move silently through the base will reduce the amount of encounters with hostiles, but will reduce our movement and how much we can carry. Maybe a compromise would be best?

What are your orders?

>Continue as you are, stealth in a good potion.

>Call for reinforcements, clearing this place will make your life much easier.

>Continue moving through the base as normal, and call for reinforcements to follow behind at a distance in case of difficulties.
>>Continue moving through the base as normal, and call for reinforcements to follow behind at a distance in case of difficulties.
File: Flooded Room.jpg (40 KB, 458x306)
40 KB
Responsibilities effectively dodged, so lets get this going.

“Ok, we’ll compromise,” you say. “I’ll call for backup, having a team sweep rooms that we’ve searched. Clearing them of any hostiles that may be lurking, meanwhile we’ll continue with current procedure.”

You motion to Eckard to hand you the LRC receiver. Slipping past Quad and Widget, Eckard pulls the hefty box off of his back and places the receiver in your hand. Pulling your rebreather up you take in a couple of test breaths. Taking the lack of choking or feeling of burning lungs as a sign that you can at least temporarily remove your rebreather.

You begin giving orders. “Command vehicle one, requesting a sweeping rear-guard, silenced weapons. I want to keep this quiet.”

“Copy that,” Alfonse confirms. “Sending down a rear-guard to clean up.”

Passing the receiver back to Eckard you pull the rebreather back over your face. Motioning to the team you climb past the collapsed door.

The hallway you have entered is eerily long, the image of the base in your head is thrown off by it. Your thoughts are brought to an end when you reach a large metallic door. You give it a light knock. From what you can tell the door is thick and heavy, more like a vault seal than a simple security door.

You motion to Quad. “Open it.”

Slinging his gun he moves towards the front of the group heavy footfalls enhanced by the echo. Gripping the lock his gives it a sharp tug, the sound of rusted metal giving way. As the door is slowly opened a trickle of water begins to flow from the door, gradually changing into a torrent as the doorway is opened the rest of the way.
You’re now standing in murky brown water that reaches up to your thighs. Looking back you see that the water ends around halfway up the hall, it was on an incline. Turning back you shine your light into the newly opened room. A series of pipes and valves spread across both walls, leading deeper into the room.

Movement through the flooded room is slow. The further you advanced into the room the deeper the water became. Eckard was left behind with the LRC unit to mark rooms you’d already passed through. While the rest of the team moved on. Around halfway through the flooded room the floor abruptly stops. Taking a quickly look under the water you make out what seems to be the top of a ladder. Inching forwards you take a look over the lip of the drop off. From what you can tell, it looks like the hallway continues that the bottom of the ladder, that means you will need to swim to the other side, if there even is another side.

If you do decide to carry on you will have to alone, Quads suit is too heavy to allow him to swim, and Widget refuses to advance any further than she has already. But there’s a good chance of there being something on the other side that is worth salvaging. And if it’s too heavy to move. The backup team isn’t too far behind, you’ll just have to wait for them to catch up.

So what’s the plan?

>Turn back there’s plenty of other areas to check.

>Carry on alone, you never get the prize by taking the easy route.

>Wait for the rear-guard to catch up, one or two of them will be able to help.
Check other stuff.
“I don’t feel like going for a swim,” you say as you push your hair out of your face. “Come on, there are more areas to excavate.”

You and the team wade your way back out of the room and down the long hallway. You exit back into the washroom, Eckard sitting on the LRC checking his equipment.

He looks up and gives you a wave. “Hello Cap-“

You smack him upside the head. “Get off of the LRC, it’s a fragile piece of equipment.”

Eckard scrambles off of the box and begins gathering his things as you lead the team back out into the hallway. The lack of professionalism is starting to get on your nerves, maybe some ‘re-education’ is in order. You push this thought to the back of your mind as you press on through base.

Three rooms later and you finally stumble upon what you hope is a worthwhile room, the armoury. The security door is swiftly removed by the expert handling of Quad, meaning he rips the locked door off of its hinges. Once that obstacle is well and truly removed you enter the room.

The walls are lined with weaponry, ammunition stacked is an orderly fashion off in an alcove. And the centre piece of this treasure trove stands before you at the end of the room. A MK1 power suit, the rarest and most valuable of the line. Functionally useless, but rich assholes will pay an arm and a leg to own it.

“Wow! Is that what I think it is?!” Widget exclaims. “We’re going to be rich!”

You guess even the concept of a fat payday isn’t lost on the crazy little engineer. You had half expected her to try and take it apart.

As Eckard attempts to restrain hyper Widget, you move to take a closer look. But are stopped by Quad placing his hand on your shoulder.

“We need to proceed with caution,” Quad says. “My suit is picking up energy signatures around the suits proximity, the security system for the armoury could still be active.”

You take a step back and assess the situation. As the room falls silent once again you hear the sound of faint humming. “You’re right. Listen, the sound of a generator. The armoury is separate from the bases power grid.”

“Oooow. Why did the old worlders have to be so security conscious?” Widget whines. “It’s not like they need the stuff anymore, they’re dead!”

“Because they didn’t want people like us nicking their stuff.” Eckard says as he releases Widget from his grip.

“It doesn’t matter why,” You say. “All we need to think about is how to get past it.”

“I can do it!” exclaims Widget. “This’ll be a piece of cake.”

Quad pitches in also. “I could also breach the security, my suit should be compatible with the old world tech.”

Eckard, as usual, is silent.

Who do you send to deactivate the security system?

>Widget, she is an engineer after all, old world tech is her thing.

>Quad, his suit should make this easy.

>Eckard, It’s about time he did some work.
>>Widget, she is an engineer after all, old world tech is her thing.
She's a Gem with special tech magic. Just wait outside the room in case there's an explosion...
Did noone vote for about 24 hours?
btw better use http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=chromescore

qstarchive.html instead of archive.html: because otherwise people can't vote for threads

>Twitter: I'll have one as soon.
Yes, please.
“Alright Widget, do your thing,” You say as you turn back to the group. “I’ll give you the signal when we’re ready. The rest of us should wait outside, for safety reasons.”

“Yeah, best get out of here, before you’re blinded by my awesome.” Widget adds.

You, Quad and Eckard swiftly exit the room, leaving Widget to deal with the security.

Knowing from experience that this situation could go to hell in a mere second. You begin to set up a fall back plan.

Radioing Alfonse again you explain the situation, and request an extraction team to be readied, the more bodies the better. You then order Quad to be ready to pull Widget out of the room. Even if the door is no longer in place, you’ve seen how the old world security systems work, and deadlock doors that drop from the top of the door frame tend to be a favourite of theirs. Finally you and Eckard take up over watch positions at either end of the hall, ready for any critters that decide to join the party.

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be.

You give Widget the signal.

Rolled 6 (1d100)

Victory! And more guns!
Well, it was nice knowing you! Medic!
The next few moments are deathly silent. The only indication of Widgets work is a faint glow coming from within the armoury. This silence is broken by a dull whine, you take this as a good sound, it must be the system powering off.

You get you confirmation of the matter when you hear Widget celebrating. “I did it, I did it, I, am, the, b-“ Widgets celebration is cut off by a loud thud.

Quad springs forth, but is stopped in his tracks when his suit locks up. A second later both yours and Eckards flashlights blink off, leaving you in a claustrophobic blackness. You activate your earpiece in an attempt to get a read on the situation, but you are only met with static. Finally to top off your current collection of very problematic mishaps. You are suddenly deafened a high pitched whistling sound, followed by what you imagine the very depths of hell sound like.

Every ravenous monster within this base will hear this thing, and come to investigate. You have no way to see, or give orders, and your heavy support has decided this will be a great time to have technical difficulties.

Even though this is all happening to take a bit of solace in the fact that you were right, this situation did go to hell within a mere second. But now is not the time for pats of the back, you’ve got to pull yourself and every other sorry son of a bitch out of this hell.

Blind, deaf and down two team members. Also with an oncoming swarm of monsters coming to chew your face off, you’re going to captain like you’ve never captained before.

What is you first move?

>Deactivate the alarm, if you can’t give orders via comms then you can atleast shout them.

>Regroup the team, the more guns in one location the easier it’ll be to defend.

>Regroup the team, it’s time for every mercs favourite fallback plan. Run away!
>Regroup the team, the more guns in one location the easier it’ll be to defend.
That sound has to come from somewhere, a loudspeaker which we can shoot to make it stop.

Can we help Quad get out of his suit? An emergency exit? Can we see whether Midget is still alive?

At least now, we won't have to search the base for critters, they're coming for us... right in front of our gun barrels!
And the rear-guard comes closer with every minute. They'll either slow down whatever's down there or help kill it.
‘Ok, it’s time to regroup, check who’s dead, and get ready to shoot anything that tries to say hi.’ You think to yourself.

Thankfully the light situation can be easily remedied, patting down your webbing you find the pocket that holds your flairs. Pulling one out you quickly light it, the black replaced by a florescent red.

As your eyes adjust to the light you begin to take in what’s around you. Or to be more precise what’s currently bounding towards you.

A corpse, wearing old world clothing. Its limbs flailing wildly as it advances on all fours.

You take a step back in shock dropping the flair. You fumble for your rifle, bringing it up to bear.

You pull the trigger, nothing.

Shit, the safety! You forgot the safety.

The ghoulish creep, now only a few feet away from you leaps.

Flicking the safety off you watch as the things maw opens revealing a long bulbous tendril writhing within.

As the monster descends towards you, you squeeze the trigger.

The sound of the alarm is drowned out by the roaring of your rifle as it shreds the flesh of the creature.

As it drops to the floor you take a moment to catch your breath. Once steadied you snatch up your flair and run back to the security room.

Thankfully Eckard had the same idea and had managed to move Quad while in his suit into the armoury, and it now extracting him from it.

You quickly check on Widget, she’s still breathing, but is definitely down for the count.

Before you have time to prepare anything the first wave of hostiles begin crawling through the doorway.

You call for Eckard to back you up. Grabbing his rifle he joins you in the defence.

Roll 1d100 to see how well you hold out.
Rolled 90 (1d100)

Either Eckard didn't see us fumbling with the gun safety or he just knows instinctively to never talk about that little detail again...

Good thing, we didn't try to run around too much in the dark.
:) Captain Phoenix has a strong comeback.
Thankfully the assault was light, consisting mainly of the moving corpses. They had quickly clogged the entrance to the armory quickly turning the rush into a trickle. Five well spent magazines later and the coast appears clear, they’ve stopped coming for now.

You rise from your crouching position, your knees audibly clicking.

‘I’m getting to old for this,’ you think you yourself. ‘Sometimes promotion couldn’t get here any sooner.’

You examine the pile of dead bodies. They all appear to be either residents or the soldiers that used to occupy the base. You wonder what kind of experiments they must have been conducting here. But even though these things are new to you, you have an odd feeling that you’ve encountered something like this before.

You are snapped out of your thoughts by the abrupt silence that fills the room.

You turn back and see the sparking remains of the sound system that was making the whistling noise. Your attention is then drawn to the hulking mass of muscle that had vandalized the speaker.

This is the first time you have seen Quad out of his armor. Sure you’ve seen his face when he removes his helmet, but not the rest of him.

He is raw muscle. Freakishly huge, the armor more akin to a second skin than a shell now that you can really compare. You also note the round ports that line his body, up his arms and down his back, you speculate that they are used to interact with the suit. Juggernauts truly are a masterpiece of genetic manipulation and surgery.

“Captain!” You are snapped back to reality once again by Quad.

“Yes Quad?”

“It appears that we are isolated and down one team member, I also have some grave news.”
You look over to Widget and then back to Quad. “What is this grave news?”
“My suits temporary backup charge had managed to boot some vital systems, informing me of the amount of hostiles in the area. Although the large amount of individual hostiles was alarming, it was what was located within the sinkhole that compels me to suggest a rapid retreat.”

Eckard joins the convocation while fiddling with the LRC. “Any more detail than just scary monster? I mean it’s not like this place isn’t swarming with scary monsters already.”
“Yes, this ‘scary monster’ is large, and moving fast, rising from within the sinkhole. Like I said I suggest a rapid retreat.”

This is bad news indeed. If Quads scared of it, then everyone else has good reason to be too. You are all for retreat right about now, but what about the too now immobile suits you currently have in your possession. The Mk1 is practically a goldmine, but Quads suit is infinitely more effective in the long run. Both are going to be hard to move, and if we want to leave now then you’ll only be able to take one. You could wait for the rear-guard to catch up, then you could move both.

What should you do?

>Take Quads suit, you’ll need it.

>Take the Mk1, the profit will be worth the loss.

>Wait for the rear-guard, taking both, while risky, is the best choice.
>>Wait for the rear-guard, taking both, while risky, is the best choice.
Let's face it, we won't leave our toys for a shadow on Quad's suit scanner - no matter how big. And there's nothing that can't be killed and we're well grounded in killing techniques. Are the comms still down or can we reach the rear-guard to give them a quick note about the hostiles and the promise of a Mk1 payday for motivation?
“Sorry Quad,” you say. “These suits are just too valuable to be left behind. Anyway, there’s nothing that can’t be killed right? And we’re all very skilled in the art of killing. So we’re going to have to hold out until the rear-guard get here, once they show up we’ll grab both the suits and get moving.”

Quad appears unfazed by your decision, giving you a monotone. “Yes, captain.”

“Good,” you reply. “Eckard, what’s the situation with communications?”

Eckard continues to fiddle with the LRC, but is frustration grows, he finishes his futile tinkering with a smack and a string of curse words.

“Nothing,” he says. “Not a single thing but static and gibberish.”

What the hell kind of security system disables comms and deactivates power suits? These old worlders were fucking crazy.

There’s no time to dwell on that now. Time to take stock and see what we can do.

“Alright, equipment check, I need to know how much ammo we have and what exactly we have functioning.” You order.

A few moments later and your hopes of holding out are slowly begin withered away. All the guns on the team are fully functioning, but none of the flashlights work, and ammo is running dangerously low. Quads Heavy Machine Gun can fire but the auto loader is also non-functioning, that means he will have to load the gun himself which takes time. Longer than either you or Eckard could cover him for. Quad also informs you that his suits temp power only has enough juice to power one or two sub-functions, so he can’t fight and move the armor at the same time. The final blow is when you try to use some of the weapons in the armory. From what you can tell, everything, and you double checked so you’re sure. Everything is either rusted beyond use, or was fried when the security system when off.

The fit of rage that you fell into when Eckard, with his amazing ability to be inappropriate at the worst times, decided to make a passing remark on how he didn’t even want to be here in the first place, is quickly ground to a halt when the corpses decided for another go at trying to eat your faces.

Roll 1d100 to see if you can hold off until the rear-guard arrive.
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Real pity that the old-world stuff is useless... Still some collectors left to buy them, right? The zombies have no chance against us. Having no ammo is a problem though... any melee weapons left?
This time the assault was much heavier, and smarter. They had begun to remove the dead corpses from the doorway, freeing up space for more to plie through. You don’t think you’d have lasted if Quad wasn’t so handy with his hammer, that thing is still deadly even if it is deactivated.

Thankfully your ammo lasted just long enough for you to convince the corpses to reconsider their attack. If they’d been a little more persistent you would be a corpse yourself.

Standing you stake stock of the team. Quad, once again, is injured. And his suit doesn’t have enough power to run his healing sub routines. So it’s not like he can sit in that and heal while you wait. Both Eckard and you took some scratches too, but it’s nothing a bit of Eckards alcohol and impromptu bandages can fix. Of course Eckard whined, but not to your face. And the final team member Widget is still out cold, you’re sure that whatever the security breach triggered it also hit her pretty hard.

Your rest time is quickly put to an end, when an ominous sound echoes from the hallway. A clunking sound like metal hitting against metal and an intermittent sound of something sliding across the floor. It’s slow, almost lumbering, whatever it is it’s large.

“Quad,” You whisper, your voice barely audible. “Is this the ping you were talking about?”

“I don’t think so Captain, I didn’t see the type of signature it was giving off though.”

You hear Eckard let off a string of curse words to himself. As he trains his rifle on the door. You and Quad do the same. Waiting for whatever this thing is.

The metallic thuds of whatever is coming slowly becomes louder and louder, another noise joins the duet and dragging and clunking. The sound of what you think, is servos.

“It’s a robot?” Eckard questions.

No one answers.

Finally a figure emerges from round the corner. You almost fire, but you stop when Eckard lets out an elated call. “Pixx!”

‘Pixx?’ they must be from the rear-guard. You examine the person that stands before you. It’s a woman, at least you think it is. She is large almost rivalling Quad in size, and she’s made of metal? No, she’s equipped with augments. She’s a borg.

You let out a sigh of relief. “Thank fuck you’re a friendly.”

The woman steps in, dragging the object in with her, it’s a dead body.

She looks at it and gives you a sheepish look. “Hi, erm, could I get a hand with this? My left arm has stopped working.”
You let out a chuckle and order Eckard to help Pixx. You really need to do some sort of introduction party or something, you didn’t even know you had Pixx on your team. Hell you dearly know half of the people who set out on this expedition.

Once the dead body is freed from Pixx’s mechanical clutches Eckard looks it over.

“He’s loaded with ammo! We’re not fucked!” he exclaims.

“We’ll of course, he was designated the ammo guy,” Pixx explains. “Alfonse sent us down with some extra ammo in case you ran out.”

Eckard begins rationing the ammo out between the group while you get a sit rep from Pixx.

“Are you what’s left from the Rear-guard?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Did you encounter any unusual hostiles?”

“Other than corpses?”

“There was something else. It was big and soaked up bullets, I didn’t really get to good of a look at it.”

You pinch the bridge of your nose. “And I’m guessing you’re in the same situation as us with comms?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Well, I did say we’d wait for the rear-guard to catch up so…” You point to the Mk1. “Can you drive stick?”

You and the team are now restocked on ammo. With the addition of Pixx you will have a better chance of getting out of here alive. You’ll need to delegate each member of the team minus Quad, to a task.

The tasks are:

>Advance. They clear out incoming hostiles, leaving both Quad and the driver free to move.

>Piggy-backer. They carry widget, while also laying down some cover for the advance.

>Driver. They move the Mk1, due to the complexity of the suit they will be unable to multitask, leaving them unable to shoot, or carry widget.

The joke behind 'can you drive stick' is the fact that the Mk1 is completely mechanical. Having no electronics, it is controlled by leavers and control sticks. Don't question it.
Can Eckard drive that Mk1? That thing is too previous to leave behind. If not then we'll have to come back for the machine later.
Quad and Pixx can take care of hostiles then.
The captain would have to carry Widget - rescuing a subordninate surely makes her seem more likeable.
>completely mechanical. Having no electronics [...] Don't question it.
Magic. :)
Giving Pixx a once over you change your mind. “Actually scratch that,” Pointing to Eckard. “Eckard, you’re driving.”

"What me?" He looks at the suit. A look for fearful confusion crosses his face. "I don't even have a licence."

"Don't worry, I've got your learner's permit right here." You say as you flip him off. "Now get in the damn suit. And stop giving me back chat."

Eckard grumbles. "Yes, sir." As he begins to fit himself into the suit.

You turn to Pixx. "Alright, your advance, shoot anything that's dead."

That sounded weird. But Pixx gives you an understanding nod.

Next you walk over to Widget, propped up against the wall. You pull out some rope from your backpack.

“Sorry kid,” You say as you bind her hands together. “But this is going to suck for both of us.”

Pixx helps you with securing Widget to your back, leaving your hands free to shoot.

With Widget now hanging snug underneath your backpack, you go over the plan of action.

“Alright,” You say, adjusting Widget to get more comfortable. “Pixx is advance, she shoots anything and everything hostile. I’ll be laying down covering fire when needed. Quad, due to only having power for a few subsystems, only shoot when we really need it. Otherwise keep movement and the headlamp active, we need to see. And Eckard…” He’s still fiddling with the suit, struggling to get it to work. “Just walk. Quickly.”

Now you’ve got a base for your dynamic plan, you all filter out into the hall.

“Ok, you ready?” You ask.

Both Pixx and Quad give you a serious ready.

Eckard on the other hand complains. “This thing weighs a blood ton.”

“Ok,” You grin. “Go!”

Roll 1d100
Rolled 98 (1d100)

All this technical stuff didn't work out, but the crew has world class destruction skills.
And with fewer survivors, the share for each gets bigger.
hopefully, the medic can fix Midget. She and Atto are still needed to keep everything in working condition...
Your bloody march through the halls of the base is unparalleled. Pixx is a literal killing machine, mowing down anything that dares to move within ten feet of the team. You didn’t even need to shoot most the time, you just didn’t want to feel like a babysitter while carrying Widget. She is surprisingly heavy. Meanwhile Eckard and Quad were keeping pace effortlessly, once Eckard realised that he didn’t need to do anything dangerous, he really took to the roll of driving the suit.

You’re about half way back to the entrance when your team stops in its tracks at a cross roads.

Pixx pushes you back. “Move!”

You watch as something goes flying past your vision, the familiar sound of a dying scream fills your ears.

“Shit, it’s that monster, and the extraction team.” Pixx says. “They must have entered when the alarm went off.”

You can hear gun fire and the roars of whatever is lurking the halls.

You can hear the shouting of the extraction team. “Oh shit, this thing just soaks up bullets! Why isn’t it dying?!”

“That’s Litwick!” Eckard yells, moving for a better view. “We got to help them Captain!”

“Shut up Eckard.” Quad whispers as he pulls him back.

Pixx looks back to you. “What should we do Captain? It’s your call.”

>Join the fight, let’s kill this thing.

>Join the fight, you only need to help the team retreat.

>Leave them behind, they were ordered to extract us. It can’t be helped if they die in the process.

Spoilers make great dividers.

Last post for today.

And here is the twitter account for Chromescore: @ChromescoreQM

I might continue tomorrow, if I get the chance. I'll tweet if I can. If not I'll be starting this backup of Friday.
>>Join the fight, you only need to help the team retreat.
Enemy that doesn't die from bullets... Damn. Our subordinates are too loyal to just let them die. Captain Phoenix will take charge and get them out of the bunker. And then we can celebrate having a Mk1 to sell.

Thank you very much for the story, OP! I look forward to next time!
>>Join the fight, you only need to help the team retreat.
split the team up so the people at are ablt to fight come iwth us( we gie widget to soem one eils and every eils keeps heading out to the cars
I won't be continuing today due to PC problems. The next session will be on Friday the 24th, I'll tweet when the thread is up.
kk! That twitter is really useful! Lamenting that your computer ate your post...

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