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You regain consciousness in your REPAIR MODULE, almost instantly feeling a splitting. You instinctively hold your head in pain.

"Ugh... oh god, my head..." You groan out to yourself 'Where the hell am I...?' you look out the window of your REPAIR MODULE, seeing nothing but what looks like, bright, orange sand. You let out another groan, albeit smaller.

"Right... Khepri."

You remind yourself why you're here. The mission is simple, acquire WATER for your people back at EARTH who need said WATER to stave off death by thirst. You were assigned to KEPRI, flying there via your REPAIR MODULE. You then remember exactly how you landed on KHEPRI, feeling the initial impact of your crash landing, followed by your REPAIR MODULE cartwheeling a few more meters with you still in it before finally planting itself into the sand.
You check for damages to your REPAIR MODULE. Surprisingly, it's not even dented after a crash like that.
'These things were surely made to take a beating.' you thought to yourself, impressed at your REPAIR MODULE's durability. 'But first thing's first. Gotta get outta here.'
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1.49 MB PNG
Once your headache subsides, you open up the door of your REPAIR MODULE and crawl out, falling to the soft sand. You stare at the orange sky before taking a deep breath, getting up.

"Alright Vapor, Time to do your job." You muttered to yourself, remembering your name and subject number, 180.

You look around your surroundings, seeing nothing but dunes of sand for miles. "Greeeeat." You sarcastically say to yourself. "Assign someone to a desert planet to get water from you!"

You kick the sand out of frustration, feeling the ground you're on shake after doing so. The tremors escalate, as if a large entity is coming from under you.

>Go back to your REPAIR MODULE to use as cover
>Run as far away from the epicenter as possible before the creature emerges
>Other (Read pre-installed message given to all subjects)

>Vaporwave meme
>muh baseballs
>Typos everywhere
>No basic summary
<[WhirlpoolQM has invaded your world]>

Nah just kidding, you better pull this off or I'mma walk over and smack you IRL

Also, when you're doing multi-part posts, mark them off with (1/2) and (2/2) or such
>Go back to your REPAIR MODULE to use as cover
I wonder, will you top Whirlpool Quest?
>same ID's
I forgot we use the same campus WiFi.

He draws better than me, of course he will. ;__;
Get ready to harpoon that shit in the face in a really badass manner. You DO have your harpoon, RIGHT?
you have more sexy girls so far though.

ready WEPON
>Don't die
Deth, you had a headstart. Update when?

Thanks. Judging from earlier discussions, ya'll get a husbando platter
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1.53 MB PNG

"Shit, shit, shit, shiiiiiiieeet!" You quickly mutter to yourself as you stagger back into your REPAIR MODULE, closing the door to fully shelter yourself. The sand erupts as a GIANT SANDWORM emerges, the force pushing your REPAIR MODULE a few feet back with you in it.
'Woah..! What the hell was that?!' You quickly thought to yourself. You take a look out the window of your REPAIR MODULE but unfortunately, it is facing upwards to the sky.
"Dammit." You mutter to yourself, knowing you need to exit your module to see what emerged from the ground. Taking a deep breath, you open the door of your REPAIR MODULE and take a sneak peek. You see the GIANT SANDWORM, the very sight of it making you whisper "What the hell...?"

Unfortunately for you, the GIANT SANDWORM had already known of your presence and was waiting for you to emerge from your module. Once it sees you, the GIANT SANDWORM lets out a loud screech, which you already assume that it's going to eat you.


You tense up, feeling intimidated. But you soon relax, grinning under your helmet as you remember your BASEBALL BAT HARPOON, BATPOON for short. You take out the massive weapon and carry it over your shoulder.
The BATPOON is simplistic in design, a massive baseball bat with an equally large harpoon head at the end of the handle. Despite its size,our suit helps you lift it with no problem at all.

You stare down at the GIANT SANDWORM with determination, planning out you will engge the creature.

>Charge at it
>Wait for it to attack

Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXj_LCChlbE
>Wait for it to attack
Your module could serve as a last-ditch obstacle
Yell a baseball pun while you attack
>"Batter up!"
File: 1-3.png (947 KB, 1500x4500)
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947 KB PNG
You decide to stand your ground, allowing the GIANT SANDWORM to charge at you. You ready your BATPOON, waiting for the GIANT SANDWORM to get near enough.

"BATTER UP!!" You yell out as you take a mighty swing at the creature, solidly hitting its head and even knocking some of its teeth out. The GIANT SANDWORM cries out in pain before burrowing into the sand. You take this time to hop off your REPAIR MODULE fir better footing.
"Alright, come out, you..." You mutter as you look around, wondering where the GIANT SANDWORM is. The ground suddenly shakes as the GIANT SANDWORM re-emerges behind you, letting out a screech as it dives towards you. You quickly look behind you and see the worm, immediately thinking what to do next.

>Dodge Roll
Suddenly reinforcements show up, these are the planet's natives.
Dive right past its maw, into the more vulnerable and considerably less dangerous insides of the worm.

Stab, crush, maim from within.
This sounds nice.
as in, start spinning so fast you make a tornado.
>implying he has enough mobility for that
I bet he spent all his points on Damage Reduction, the damn brute.
I thought at first you and Whirlpool had the same number but I guess you don't. Maybe crossover at some point??? :o
We talked about it and decided nah. In the original Waterworks, subjects weren't supposed to interact with each other.

Also, we're both too incompetent to pull it off despite living in the same region.
File: 1-4.png (1.71 MB, 1500x7496)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
You manage to dive roll under the GIANT SANDWORM before it landed, making it land face first into the sand. Once you get out of your roll, you hold your BATPOON by the blunt side and attempt to spin slash the worm. However due to your suit's high DAMAGE RESISTANCE and LOW MOBILITY, the weight of your suit makes you land a cut on the worm before losing your balance from the spin and hit the back of your head against your REPAIR MODULE.
You groan in pain as the impact of the fall sends you into a daze, leaving you defenseless as the GIANT SANDWORM readies to pounce on you again. When you come back to your senses, you see the large creature diving towards you, its maw wide open. You scream in horror as you hold out your arms defensively.
'OH GOD, WHY WAS I CHOSEN FOR THIS PLANET?! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!' You scream internally to yourself, knowing that your mission has already ended even before it began.

Suddenly, a projectile hits the GIANT SANDWORM's head, causing an explosion that blasts half of the GIANT SANDWORM's head off. The impact of the blast pushes the GIANT SANDWORM a few feet away, dead from the explosion.
Having watched the events that just happened, you let down your arms and look at the dead sandworm. "What the fuck..?" You whisper to yourself in disbelief of your luck. You look to where the projectile came from, seeing to figures in the distance.
Using your helmet, you zoom in to the figures and see two humanoids, both of them having four eyes and long ears.
'Natives...?' You thought to yourself. The taller one starts to speak and you go to activate your helmet's translator, but before you do...

"OY! Are you alright? That sandworm almost got you, blin!" The taller figure called out to you, concerned. He pumps the fore-end of his gun, releasing an empty shell case. You assume by the looks of it that it's a grenade launcher.

"What the...?" You question yourself. "These people actually know English? It was even spoken in a Russian accent as well!"

The two figures start approaching your location. The taller figure pumps the fore-end of his gun, releasing an empty shell case. You assume by the looks of it that the gun's a grenade launcher. But for now, you try to think how you will approach these two strangers.

>Approach them cautiously, holding on to your BATPOON to make sure they know you mean business
>Approach them openly, they saved your life after all
Let them approach you instead, hiding behind your Repair Module.
>Approach them openly, they saved your life after all
Do it in a nonchalant manner so as to preserve your pride.
They already know we are here, no sense in hiding I'd say.
I'm not sure they heard us. But yeah, introduce yourself.
File: 1-5.png (697 KB, 1500x3000)
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697 KB PNG
Seeing that these KHEPRITES saved you from the GIANT SANDWORM, you get up and dust off the sand from your suit before casually strutting up to them, as if nothing regarding the SANDWORM happened at all. You even whistle a happy tune as you walk up to them.

The taller KHEPRITE jogs up to meet you, the smaller one following behind. "Oy! Are you alright, comrade?" He asks you worriedly "We saw you fighting the sandworm and how it almost ate you, blin!"

"Yes..! Yes, I am, thank you for saving me." You reply, trying to hide the fact that you are still shaken up from the worm almost eating you whole. The taller KHEPTRITE raises an eyebrow and gives a patient yet teasing smile.

"Are you sure? You still seem to be shaking a little... Also I heard a scream that did not sound like sandworm's when it was jumping at you."

You tense up a little, knowing he isn't buying into your tough act.

"Nope. That was totally the sandworm." You quickly blurt out as an excuse, albeit a weak one. The tall KHEPRITE lets out a little laugh, patting your shoulder firmly.

"Haha..! I like you strange man, you're funny!" He says cheerfully before motioning to himself. "My name is Burel. And this is..." He motions to the cloaked, smaller KHEPRITE beside him "Is my daughter Lora!" Lora doesn't say anything, but she gently pokes her hand out her cloak to wave at you. You look back at Lora and wave back at her before looking at Burel.

"Pleasure to meet you two. My name is Vapor."

"Aaah! Vapor." Burel nods "Is odd name but is good nonetheless!"

'Perfect.' You thought to yourself 'These two are pretty friendly. Maybe I could get some info about them and this planet, along with any known water source.'

>Ask questions (Write in)
>Examine (Write in)
ask how common those things are.
File: 1465578585027.jpg (703 KB, 901x750)
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703 KB JPG
OY! Are you alright? That sandworm almost got you, blin!"
>Russian accent
Blimey mate
Ask if you can be taken to the nearest civilization.
examine the weapon
>Space Slavs
Here we go
File: tegaki.png (15 KB, 400x400)
15 KB
>Helping space slavs
File: 1-6.png (1.18 MB, 1500x4489)
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1.18 MB PNG
You look back at the dead giant sandworm before looking back at Burel. "Do these things like, attack often?" You say, pointing at the dead worm.

Burel looks at the dead worm. "Oh those? Hah! They do if you make noise like a thousand tanks. Good thing you only had one, these things usually hunt in packs."

"Packs..." You repeat to yourself, shuddering at the thought of facing 3 more of those sandworms. "Noted, thanks. Is there..." You look at the vast desert before looking back at Burel. "Where do you guys live? Is there a settlement nearby?"

Burel shakes his head "Ah, no... at least not for miles, I'm afraid. A lot of settlements before had little chance of surviving because of frequent bandit attacks, so a lot of us scattered throughout the desert. The safest settlement there is, well, it's the CITADEL. But it'll take you till tomorrow to get there, and they are really picky on who they let in, blin. "

Lora then tugs on Burel's arm, speaking softly.

"Papa, maybe boxman can stay with us for today?"

'Boxman...' You thought to yourself, chuckling at how cute, yet true that sounds. Burel thinks on what Lora suggented before nodding.

"That sounds good! Then we could take you to the CITADEL the day after. How does that sound, tovarisch?" He asks you, grinning.

You think. Some temporary shelter doesn't sound bad.

>Agree to stay for the night
>Ask more questions (Write In)
>Examine items (Write in)
>Refuse their offer
>Ask more questions
"Do you have other weapons? I don't have any ranged options."
>>agree to stay the night.
File: 1-7.png (1.04 MB, 1500x4500)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
You nod and give a thumbs up to Burel "Thank you for your hospitality, Mr. Burel. Perhaps if you have a spare gun, I could have one as well? I'm really limited when it comes to ranged combat."

Burel and Lora's expressions go deadpan, Burel giving you a flat smile accompanied with a dry laugh "Haha, no. Sorry comrade, but I will only lend you a gun when I need fire support. Guns are hard to acquire, but it is ammo that is more of problem, blin. You can get either from killing other people here.

You tilt your head slightly, feeling a bit disappointed at Burel's limited generosity. "So I need to get my own gun by looting off others?" You ask Burel. He nods before looking at the dead sandworm.

"But first..." He sings as he goes to the dead worm, skinning it for meat and whispering about shashlik. Meanwhile, you look at your REPAIR MODULE, wondering what to do with it. It's the only thing that could repair our suit and change its stats, but it is also pretty heavy to move around.

>See if Burel can help you with your REPAIR MODULE
>Leave your REPAIR MODULE behind
>Ask something else (Write in)
Place your REPAIR MODULE in your inventory

Have you forgotten that Slick crammed his in his M.M. Unit's hammerspace?
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197 KB PNG
File: lor.jpg (137 KB, 750x750)
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Sorry guys, update's gonna take a bit longer due to mandatory Sunday outings.
Maybe when you come back start a new thread?

Also, it is in good courtesy to include the latest update after the OP post as well as linking the previous thread

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