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>Welcome to Escape, this is a text based quest that is based off of old time text RPG's.
>The objective of the game is to escape a perilous situation that you have been placed into.
>The game is pretty simple, you will be given options in what you should do regarding situations.
>There are times where you will have to "Attempt" certain things, in this you can choose to roll, or you can use post numbers.
>Dubs, trips, quads etc will instantly result in success plus the ability to directly overwrite the flow of the game by inserting your own options.
>Evens are considered successes
>Odds are considered failures.
>If you choose to roll dice, similar is applied, except in the instance of a 1 or 20, which results in some special.
>You have 5 do overs, in case you run into a situation where you die. Once those 5 do overs are gone, the game is over and I win.
>Your basic skills are [Look] [Listen] [Touch] [Use] and [Move], you can use these in succession, and works in this manner.
>Player [Name] moves [hand] into [pocket] and finds [matches x3]. The room is dark, use match x1? Y/N
>This is shortened to "Check pockets, use item, etc."
>There will be instances where you'll have to think outside the box, remember. The point of the game is to escape, not to win.

>Thus ends the tutorial for Escape.

>Press any button to start playing
We need to escape a government building full of aliens.
hit space-bar
Very well.

>You wake up in a grey room, sitting on a cold metal chair. A slight hum comes from the flourescent lamp above you, you ponder to yourself how you wound up here in the first place.
>You try to think, and are suddenly met with an extremely painful headache. Looks like you can't remember anything.
>You look down at the table, there's a [NOTE] here and a [GLASS] of what seems to be [WATER]

>What should you do?
>Look at [NOTE]
>Drink from [GLASS]
>Something else (please specify via your basic commands)
Look at [NOTE]
>You lean over and look at the [NOTE]
>It reads, "Trust no one. Escape is your main priority. Whatever you do don't..."
>At that point the writing trails off into illegible scribble that can't be deciphered.
>You feel your stomach turn as the headache returns.
>Perhaps they'll subside if you tell yourself basic things, like your name.

>What should we do?
>Try to remember [NAME] (Attempt)
>Take a drink from [GLASS]
>Get up from [CHAIR]
>Something else
Try to leave room
>You get up from your chair and make your way to the [DOOR]
>You grab ahold of the handle, and try wiggling it.
>Looks like its [LOCKED]
>Weird, you'd think a door would lock from the inside, not the outside.
>You walk back over to your [CHAIR] and sit back down.
>You decide to [LOOK] around the room.
>There seems to be a [VENT] blowing cool air into the room, along with a [POSTER] of a cat holding onto a branch on the wall. Other than that, its a very plain room.
>The [GLASS] on the table begins to shake.

>What should you do?
>Examine the room some more [Poster or Vent]
>Try to bash through the DOOR [Attempt]
>Hide underneath [TABLE]
>Something else (please specify)
Hide underneath the table and suck your thumb
>You quickly get underneath the [TABLE] for cover for whatever reason.
>You aren't very brave are you?
>You can feel the ground shake below you, as the [GLASS] tips over, and spills its [LIQUID] onto the floor next to you.
>It begins to smoke and fizzle, leaving a terrible stain on the tiled floor.
>Good thing you didn't drink that!
>The shaking becomes louder and more frequent.
>You hold desperately onto the legs of the table.
>The shaking stops.
>You feel a slight moment of relaxation, before you feel a tingling sensation running across your skin.
>From down here, you can see under the door. There's a [KEY] in the space between the tiled floor and the [DOOR].
>Suddenly, a bright light appears from the view space where the [KEY] was.
>A loud ringing sensation begins running through your ears. Like knives raking across a chalkboard.
>It's incredibly painful and you want to shout.

>What should you do?
>Shout for help
>Remain absolutely silent physically and mentally
>Think positively
>Something else
You should probably not do anything. See if you can grab the key and use it on the door though, assuming you don't die by doing nothing
>You do your best to keep your mind and body silent in the face of this horrendous obstacle.
>You can see a long grey finger reach down under the [DOOR] and your stomach turns into lead.
>Suddenly, the shaking stops and the finger retreats. The light seems to have turned and gone in a different direction, as if walking away from the door.
>Still shaking, you scurry over to the [DOOR] and grab the [KEY] from underneath it.
>You [USE] the [KEY] on the [DOOR] and it unlocks.
>You exit the room and enter the [HALLWAY]. >Florescent lights are dimming off and on, you [LOOK] left and right.
>My god.
>There are bodies everywhere, men and women in suits, blood leaking from their noses, eyes, and ears.
>You [HEAR] one of the bodies groan on the left.

>What should you do?
>Investigate groaning body
>Continue past [LEFT or RIGHT]
>Go back into ROOM
>Something else
Sure, investigate the groaning body. What can possibly go wrong?
>You walk over to the groaning [Body] of a woman in a black suit.
>Her eyes, ears, nose and mouth are all bleeding.
>You [LOOK] at her closely.
>She has a shiny [BADGE] on her [JACKET] next to a [NAMETAG] that reads. "Diana Scalely"
>You [LOOK] at her face. A woman in her mid to late 40's, her breathing is incredibly pained and shallow. She's alive, but most likely not for long.
>"Who's there? Frank? Is that you?"
>You back up as her arms blindly reach out in front of her.
>You suddenly feel the ground begin to shake again.
>Looks like whatever was here earlier heard her.

>What should we do?
>Run away [LEFT or RIGHT]
>Pick her up and take her with you
>End her life
>Something else
Oh. So it's a vaguely thin veiled Xfiles quest. Kay.

Well... if she can keep quiet take her along. If she can't then leave her to die.
>You sigh and pick her up.
>"Yeah, you're definately Frank... we've got to get out of here, that thing...it's looking for..."
>You put your finger to her mouth.
>She understands, and you decide to head to the [LEFT], seeing as how the shaking was coming from the [RIGHT].
>You walk through the [LEFT HALLWAY DOOR] and see an [OFFICE SPACE]. The lights are flashing on and off, blinding you every so often.
>More bodies are tossed around like rag dolls, some broken over their own desks, others jammed in between filing cabinets and tables.
>You can [HEAR] the pitter patter of scurries in the room.
>Something is in here.

>What should you do?
>Go back the way you came
>Put Diana down
>Sneak carefully
>Investigate room
>Something else
>>Something else
Notice if this looks like it could be an office building. Or it is underground?
If it's an office building, recall a bald man and look for him.
>Not wanting to take any risks you try focusing your mind and recalling a memory.
>It hurts, but you can vaugely recall a few faces, a red headed woman, a man with a large nose, a man smoking a cigarette, and a bald man.
>You aren't particularly sure why you remember these faces, but something tells you that they are important.
>You go back to Diana and check her pulse. She's barely breathing. Odd, she seems vaguely familiar...you try to unjumble your memory some more, however you are met with intense pain. It seems that trying to recover more than what you have is not possible at the current time.
>Out of the corner of your eye you see something scuttle across a desk.
>You aren't sure if its entirely safe here.

>What should you do?
>You can choose to leave Diana if you want.

>Leave the room [Go to Main Lobby]
>Go back the way you came [Left Hallway]
>Investigate desk
>Something else
Leave with Diana.
>Not wanting to idle around in the destroyed office, you tap Diana on the shoulder, letting her know that you were going to pick her up.
>"Thank God you're here Frank. I don't know how in the world you were able to find me, but I'm glad you did. I thought it might've gotten you already..."
>You hold a finger to her lips again, you don't want that light after you again.
>You carefully navigate the office space, avoiding any loose papers or scuttling jackets.
>You enter the [Main Lobby]
>It would seem you are on the 2nd level overlooking the [Lobby]
>You see a bunch of Men in Black suits arguing with one another.
>The path you are on leads to another door, however there is a [Metal detector] halfway through the path.
>There are also stairs leading down to the [Lobby]

>What should you do?
You can choose to leave Diana if you want

>Go to the adjacent door [Walk through Metal Detector]
>Call down to the [Men in Black]
>Ask Diana for help
>Something else
Check pockets for metal objects, if you don't have any, enter door (with metal detector). If you do, examine metal objects.
temporary intermission.
>You reach into your [Pockets]
>You nearly jump back in pain as your hand lands on a [metal shard] that was inside of your pants pocket.
>You look at the metal shard, and feel your head begin to ache again.
>You feel woozy as you begin to remember...
>"Agents Scaley and Muddler, nice to see you've met our...friend."
>"Friend? The guy nearly took our heads off!"
>"Yeah, and his pet wasn't too eager to see us either."
>"That's just how these things work...you wouldn't understand...now why don't you let me do my job, yours is done here agents."
>You snap back to reality and notice that your hands are trembling. You look back at Diana and tilt your head.
>She was there...that's for certain, but in what regards is lost to you at the current time.
>You discard the [metal shard] and you search through Diana's pockets.
>You remove a [gun], a [badge] and a [locket] from her and place it at the top of the [stairs] along with your [metal shard].
>You pick Diana up and walk through the [metal detector]
>It doesn't go off.
>You enter the [Right Hallway].
>You can see several offices, doors semi ajar.
>You can hear a man shouting from one of them.
>What should you do?

>Enter the office of the shouting man
>Go back the way you came
>Move past and go to [Administration]
>Enter one of the other offices
>Something else
Go check out the office where the noise is coming from. If it's too crazy just haul ass and run away
>You drop Daina and tap her shoulder to let her know to stay in place.
>You tip toe over to the office where the shouting was coming from.
>Sounds like something crazy is going on in there.
>You walk into the room and see a figure covered in light facing a bald man who is holding a [metal shard] in his outstretched arm.
>The [bald man] notices you and his arm falls, as well as his face.
>The being covered in light turns around and looks at you.
>Your body paralyzed in fear as the [tall skeletal creature] stared at you with its piercing almond eyes.
>You knew this was the [creature], that same light from before, however...the headaches, the quaking...it wasn't there.
>You try to look away as the [creature] slowly walks toward you.
>It gets directly into your face and stares into your eyes, you feel a sensation of long spindly fingers digging through the inner sanctums of your thoughts.
>"They hid you didn't they?"
>You begin to sweat and foam at the mouth as the [creature] puts a long padded finger to your [temple]
>"Ah. So they shattered you."
>The [creature]'s emotionless face wavered for a moment.
>"I will look for you. For now. Run away. Do not trust them."
>The feeling of intrusion lifted, as the room filled with blinding light.
>You open your eyes, and the [creature] was no longer there.
>The [bald man] stood in shock, arms at his side at what he had just saw.

>What should you do?

>Talk with him
>Go back outside and leave with Diana
>Take time to process what happened
>Something else
>>Talk with him
eat man
>You walk over to the [bald man] and extend a [hand] out to him.
>"In all my years. I've always known, I'd never thought I'd have to see one in my office though..."
>He notices your [hand] and raises his [metal shard] again.
>"No. I know what you are. I may be an old man, but I know how to fight!"
>You cock your head in confusion and try to [say] something, but he swings the [metal shard] at you, as you instinctively pull back.
>It looks like he isn't interested in [talking] right now.

>What should we do?
>Fight him (Attempt: Evens Force him to Talk: Odds, Lose 1 Re-do)
>Find another way to reason with him
>Grab the [metal shard]
>Run away (With or without Diana)
>Something else
I don't think this is the right bald man.
>You pull back with your [hands] outreached, showing that you mean no harm.
>You walk out of the [office] and find Diana blindly searching with her arms outstretched.
>"Scanner? Scanner is that you?"
>You hear the [bald man] shouting.
>"Diana! Diana I'm here! Quickly get in here before that THING gets you!"
>Thing? Does he mean the [creature]?

>What should you do?
>Grab Diana and run to [adminstration]
>Lead Diana back into [office]
>Run away without Diana
>Something else
Intermission time.

I need to rest up a bit.

I'll be back in a while.
get ye flask
Intermission over.

Awaiting input for >>5274
File: tegaki.png (114 KB, 400x400)
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114 KB PNG
First post bb
>>Lead Diana back into [office]
>You take a hold of Diana's hand, and lead her into the [office] where you just were.
>"Diana! Get away from that thing!"
>The [bald man] reacts negatively, preparing to charge at you.
>"Scanner, what do you mean? I've been traveling around with Muddler."
>"Diana, listen closely to me. You need to step away from that thing very slowly. It is incredibly dangerous, and will not hesitate to kill you at any given moment."
>Diana puts her hand on your shoulder , asking to be picked up.
>"No he won't Scanner. See? He's been helping me move around. Even if what you say is true, I don't think this guy has any interest in hurting anyone."
>Scanner's face falls in relief.
>It looks like he is willing to [talk] now.

>What should you do?
>Talk to [Scanner]
>Talk to [Diana]
>Investigate [Office]
>Leave Diana and Run away [Administration]
>Something else
>>Talk to [Scanner]
>>Talk to [Diana]
>You turn to [Skinner] a raise your finger to ask a question.
>"You're probably wondering what's happening aren't you?"
>You shake your head.
>"I don't know myself, all I know is that other one isn't as nice as you are."
>"Scanner, you don't mean to tell me..."
>"Yes I do Diana. Although he doesn't seem to remember, in fact. You'd never be able to tell by looking at him."
>"Well sir, unfortunantly that is something I can't do right now."
>"What? Diana what happened?"
>"There was a light, and rumbling that suddenly rushed through the halls... I can't see Scanner."
>Scanner rushed over to Diana and opened her milk white eyes.
>He stares at you in contempt.
>"Well, aren't you going to fix this?"
>It seems like in your query, you've found even more questions. You see the [metal shard] sticking out of his coat pocket.
>Your head begins ringing and you begin to feel woozy.
>"So. You are certain that this will "trap" its mind?"
>"I'm more than certain...I created the mechanism. As long as you hold these, its master won't ever dare lay a hand on you."
>"Good. We needed a bargaining chip. Now we have one..."
>The memory fades as you recall the heavy scent of cigarette smoke.
>You look at [Scanner] who is still looking at [Diana's] eyes.

>What should we do?
>Take the [metal shard]
>Push [Scanner] back
>Attempt to fix Diana (Attempt)
>Run away without Diana [Administration]
>Something else
>>Attempt to fix Diana (Attempt)
You rolled an odd with your post.
Your attempt fails.

>You put your [hand] over [Diana's] eyes in hopes that something will happen.
>Nothing happens.
>"So. You've really had your fangs removed haven't you?"
>You look at [Scanner] who looks away in disappointment.
>"Listen. I want to thank you for rescuing one of my prized agents, however don't think for a second that I even trust you."
>You cock your head in confusion.
>"Scanner. If this person is really who you claim it to be, wouldn't it be best to do what it wants?"
>"Diana, I'm not even sure WHAT it wants to do! Just two minutes ago, I thought I was going to end up splattered to the wall when it showed up. If anything, we should try to reason with it, and help it help us find the other one before it causes even more destruction and death."
>Your head spins in confusion, you remember what the [creature] said to you.
>"Don't trust any of them..."
>[Scanner] holds his [hand out]
>"Help us find your friend, and we'll work something out with you. I don't know what quite yet, but I'm sure someone with a blank slate can be anything they want to be."
>"Scanner! You can't possibly mean..."
>"The offer isn't that rare Diana, and besides; regardless of his...history, we can always burn the books. After all, isn't that a privelage with the FBI?"
>You look at [Scanner's] open hand and wonder what you should do.

>Accept his offer
>Decline his offer
>Take the [metal shard]
>Leave with Diana [Administration]
>Something else
>>Accept his offer
>You reach out and shake his [hand]
>His gruff face lightens up into what could almost be considered a smile.
>"Good. Looks like we're on equal playing terms now."
>[Scanner] returns to his [desk] and grabs his [pistol] his [badge] and a [rosary].
>"Well then, I guess we better be off then. I'll take the lead if you don't mind."
>You pick up Diana, who seems a little bit tenser than usual.
>You look down at her and tap her shoulder.
>"It's not that I don't trust you, you've been a godsend so far. It's just...a lot to take in that's all."
>You nod in agreement.
>[Scanner] leads you and Diana out of his [office].
>"So... it just occurred to me. What do I even call you?"
>You raise your finger to say something, however are cut off by the sound of men arguing down the hall.
>"The thing is definately walking around, and it's got one of our agents."
>"You don't think I don't know that? I'm terrified just thinking of it, did you see what it did to the people in the business department?"
>"Yeah...and all those..."bugs" it left lying around.
>"This thing needs to be put down."
>"Right, but what do we do with non authorized personnel regarding this?"
>"What non authorized personnel? It's a complete bloodbath! I'm sure a body or two won't matter in the end..."
>[Scanner] chuckles to himself.
>"Well, aren't you going to tell me your name?"
>The voices were coming from the [right], the same direction [Scanner] was leading you towards.

>What should you do?
>[Grab][Scanner] and run back to the [Main Lobby] Floor 2.
>Tell [Scanner] your [name]
>Tell [Scanner] to [stop]
>Run away without [Scanner]
>Something else
>>Tell [Scanner] to [stop]
Is anyone else here but OP and me?
Most likely not seeing how the game essentially runs on first valid response. If you ever want to tap out that's always okay. The game will always find a player to continue onward.

>You hold your [arm] out and grab [Scanner] 's chest.
>"W...what are you doing? I thought we had a deal!"
>You put your finger to your lips, and you [crouch], leading him to do the same.
>You point at the end of the [hallway], and see two [Men in Black], brandishing [pistols] and looking nervous.
>"Ah. I see, you must have better ears than we do. You shouldn't worry however, these are co workers of mine. All I have to do is let them know I'm here, and they'll be willing to help us out of this situation."
>[Scanner] goes to stand up and call to his co workers.
>What should we do?
>Let him call out to them
>Sneak away with Diana
>Stop him before he does
>Something else
I'll wait a few minutes before answering, give someone else a go.
>>Sneak away with Diana
This is actually a pretty neat quest. I love X-File style creatures and mysteries.
>You trust [Scanner]'s words, but you aren't particularly sure about the [Men in Black].
>You decide to [grab] the [metal shard] from [Scanner's] pocket, and sneak off to the [Main Lobby]
>You return to the [Main Lobby floor 2]
>You look down at [Floor 1]
>There is a man with a [large nose] on his [cell phone.]
>"Scaley pick up. There's something about that thing we met you need to know!"
>He doesn't notice you.

>What should you do?
>Go to the [Left Hallway] (Metal Detector still there)
>Sneak up on man with [large nose]
>Call out to man with [large nose]
>Go back the way you came
>Something else
Temporary Intermission
>Have Diana greet him while we sneak closer.
>You tap Diana on the shoulder and place her on the ground.
>You [crouch] down and hide behind the the [Main Lobby 2nd Floor] balcony.
>"Muddler, is that your voice I heard?" Diana cries out.
>The man with the [large nose] looks up and responds
>"Scaley! Where are you?"
>You crouch walk through the [metal detector]
>Muddler pulls out his [pistol]
>"Scaley, is someone up there with you?"
>"Yeah, you should see him, he's right here!"
>"Scaley, I don't see him."
>Your heart begins racing, you are at top of the [Left Stairs] where Scaley's [Pistol], [badge], [pendent] and your previous [metal shard] is.
>You see [Muddler][pistol] in hand walking up the [right staircase].
>What should you do?

>Grab the items and run
>Sneak up on Muddler
>Stand up slowly
>Something else
Snatch and run
>You pick up [Diana's pistol, badge, and pendant] along with the second [metal shard]
>Something odd happens.
>The two metal shards hum and join together forming a spiked V.
>Deciding not to get involved with the [large nose man] you take a look back at [Diana] and frown a little bit.
>You run down the [left stairs] as you suddenly hear.
>You look back at the [2nd floor Main Lobby] and see [large nose man] pointing his [pistol] at you.
>"Muddler don't! He's a friend!"
>"Scaley, you don't understand! He can't come into contact with the other being!"
>You freeze, and look around.
>There is an [exit] behind you that leads outside, an [elevator] that leads to somewhere unknown, a door to your [left] and a door to your [right]

>What should you do?
>Stand your ground (Attempt: Evens Unnerves Muddler, Odds: Lose on Re-do)
>Head out the [exit]
>Head to the [elevator]
>Head [left] [Cafeteria]
>Head [right] [Visitor's center]

>Head [left] [Cafeteria]
>Your basic instincts kick in and you [run] to your [left]
>"Stop!" You hear gunshots chasing after you.
>You barrel through the [door] and enter the empty [cafeteria].
>You can hear the footsteps of the [large nose man] behind you. You have to do something!
>There are plenty of [chairs], and a [few hiding spots]. There doesn't seem to be an exit other than the way you came in.

What should we do?
>Ambush him with [chair] (Attempt )
>Hide under a [table]
>Hide in the [kitchen]
>Run back out and confront him (Attempt)
>Use an item in your inventory
>Something else
Hide in the [kitchen]!
>You quickly duck into the [kitchen] and look around for somewhere to [hide]
>There is a [walk in refridgerator] in there.
>You're not too particularly sure if its the best hiding spot, however you hear voices from the [cafeteria]
>"Fan out! Find him! Whatever you do, don't let him escape!"
>Looks like you don't have a choice.
>You [open] the [walk in refridgerator] and enter it.
>It's freezing cold, you can see your breath.
>You close the [door] and huddle down for warmth.
>What is going on? Why are these men after you? Why did [Scanner] keep on calling you a [thing]?
>You feel your skin tightening as you shiver.
>You can hear the footsteps of the men in the kitchen.
>"Hey, there's a [refridgerator] here, should we look inside?"
>Your heart begins pacing.
>"I don't think it would be in there guys. The creature can't survive temperatures below 40 degrees. If it went in there...well...it's probably dead."
>"Muddler, are you sure?"
>"Look, I know everything there is to know about this [creature], it wouldn't have gone in there, it naturally hates the cold. We should probably be searching the [vents]. The [thing] is fast, so it may have even ran behind us."
>"Yeah, as if."
>Suddenly, you hear footsteps scuttling.
>"Holy shit Muddler, you were right!"
>You can hear the footsteps running away from the [door]
>Your breathing becomes shallower, and your skin begins to flake off.
>You want to panic at the specks of grey beginning to appear from underneath your flesh colored skin, but you can't muster the energy.
>"Hey, you in there?"
>It's Muddler's voice.
>"Hey, if you're in there say something! Don't worry, I'm on your side!"

>What should you do?
>Let him know you are in there
>Wait him out
>Use something in inventory
>Something else
[Wait him out]

Also I'm going to get some sleep man. Hopefully someone keeps this going, I'll be back tommorow.
>You remain silent.
>"Huh, I guess he Didn't go in there. Good thing he didn't. He would definately would've died."
>You curl up tighter trying to keep your body heat to itself. Your flesh colored skin completely freezes up and falls off, revealing a grey covered body, with long padded fingers.
>You feel your face, your eyes are large and almond shaped, and your head is bulbous.
>You smile to yourself.
>" I was a monster all along."
>Your eyes close shut, and you fall into a deep sleep, never to wake up again.

>You have died.

>You have lost 1 Re-do.

>Where would you like to pick up from?
Let him know you are in there.
>You use what little energy remaining in your body to crawl to the door.
>Frost bathing over your flesh skin, you feel a pain deep and icy.
>You tap on the door as loud as you can, before collapsing in exhaustion.
>The door swings open and you see the siloette of the [large nose man] in front of you.
>You raise a frosted hand up to him, as you watch the pink flesh fall from your finger, revealing a grey padded one instead.
>"Don't worry, I think this will fix you. Just hang in there guy."
>The [large nose man] pulls out a [metal shard] and touches you with it.
>Your mind rushes as you begin to remember again.
>"So, this creature has shapeshifting abilities...how fascinating!"
>"It would appear that way, that would explain how he managed to take Crykcher by surprise..."
>Your mind is filled with the scent of cigarette smoke
>"Well then, lets give him a test to see how good those powers of his are..."
>"MEH JEM'G!" You cry out as a bright light fills your mindscape
>You wake up to a very surprised Diana and a smug Muddler looking down at you.
>"Are you okay?" Diana asks holding your grey hand.
>"He'll recover, the question is if he remembers enough now." Muddler says crossing his arms.
>You hug Diana, and get up. It looks like you are in a run down dingy office with files everywhere. There is a poster on the way that says "I want to believe."

>What should we do?
>Question Muddler
>Investigate room
>Use something in inventory
>Something else
Just look around the room.
Try to think.
>You look around the [room] wondering what in the world had happened.
>"What do you mean if he remembered Muddler?"
>You begin looking at a coffee mug with an image of a giant ape on it.
>"Our friend here is a very special being Scaley. From beyond the stars."
>You look at some [files] on the table, there are recorded cases of different animals, and creatures each more terrifying than the last in them.
>"Well, as much I didn't want to accept that conclusion, I think you are right Muddler."
>Muddler smugly grins and turns to you.
>"You hear that friend? That is one of the rarest things you'll ever hear. 'You are right Muddler'."
>You look at Diana and Muddler, and you feel a warm glow overtaking you.
>You raise your hand and cover Diana's eyes.
>"Muddler, what is he doing?"
>"Shh, Scaley, you have to trust him on this."
>You close your eyes and hum deeply to yourself.
>You can feel them, those jelly like balls behind her skin, the nerves behind them were severed. You emit a warm wave to help reconnect those nerves and you can feel the jelly balls beginning to mend themselves together.
>You take your hand off Diana's eyes and step back.
>"Frank...I think...I think I can see!"
>Muddler grins at you and helps Diana to her feet.
>"Yeah, I figured that would happen with our friend here."
>"I see...I see...that same old poster as I see everytime."
>Diana throws her arms over Muddler in a happy embrace.
>"I can see Muddler!"
>She looks at you.
>"Is that our friend?"
>Muddler looks back at you.
>"Yup. That's our friend."
>Diana shrinks back a little, while trying to remain trusting.
>"You're certainly...different than what I thought."
>"Well, considering he just remembered a little more, you'd think he'd remember his normal form."
>You look down at your hand, your fingers are long and spindly, each with a pad at the end of them.
>You feel your face, weird...still human like. Small normal eyes.

>What should you do?
>Question Muddler
>Talk to Scaley
>Leave room
>Use item from inventory
>Something else
>>Question Muddler
>You have had enough of mystery, you raise a finger to question [Muddler], however it seems like he already knows what you are going to ask.
>"So, you want to know why you weren't remembering right?"
>You nod your head.
>"And probably why your hands look like that."
>You nod your head faster.
>"And why I was so adamant on trying to stop you before."
>You roll your hands in a circle motion, as if to say "Get on with it."
>"I think he wants you to get on with it Muddler." Diana said as she smiled at you.
>"All right, bear with me you two." Muddler scurries around his office grabbing several files and turning on a projector.
>"Oh boy. We're in for it now." Diana sighs as she crosses her arms.
>"Okay Scaley, remember than comet that fell two months ago in Bogs Harbor?"
>"How could I forget? You almost had your head bitten off by a squid-dog."
>"It was called a Yowie, and that's beside the point." Muddler hits a button and the projector slides a screen.
>"That comet, wasn't a comet at all. It was a space ship."
>Your head begins reeling.
>"Remember when we visited the site and saw that bright light?"
>"Muddler you don't mean to say..."
>Muddler clicks a button and goes to another screen.
>"And remember we got pulled down into the grass by that creature?"
>Diana shivers in remembering, "How could I forget? It had rows and rows upon teeth twelve legs, and that tongue lashing everywhere. I thought I was going to die."
>Your head spins, and the sound of knives on a chalkboard start echoing in your head.
>"You would've died, if it wasn't for our friend here blasting that bright light at us."
>You hold your hands up to your temples, as you feel the ground quake beneath your feet. Something is coming.
>"Muddler, but you and I both knew it was trying to defend itself against us!"
>You begin scrambling trying to find an escape, you see Muddler and Scaley continuing to talk to one another, and just a single door behind you.
>"I thought so too, but now I realize after talking with some...friends, that he was protecting us FROM that other creature!"
>You hear a loud screech echo inside your mindscape, like the howl of a wicked banshee running sharpened knives across steel edges.

>What should you do?
>Shield Muddler and Diana
>Duck for Cover
>Run out of the Room
>Something else
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This game is exactly like pic related
I haven't read that one yet. Is it good?

It's similar, but definately not exactly.

This game is a little bit more restrictive with one sole character that is usually forced to make a decision as directed by me. It's less "Immersive control" and more of a "Rail quest" where you get to choose which paths to go on.

Thanks for the compliment though I guess.
>>Shield Muddler and Diana
Even if we die, it shall be a noble death.
>You reach out your limbs and cover Muddler and Scaley from the force that was coming.
>The door swings wide open and a bright light explodes into the room.
>The force launches papers and files into the air.
>You turn your head and see the [humanoid grey creature] staring daggers at you.
>It points a long spindly finger at you and it howls at you in your mindscape
>Brother? You look down at Diana and Muddler who are huddling beneath your arms.
>The [humanoid grey creature] walks closer to you, fixing its black almond eyes onto your small human ones.
>You hold Diana and Muddler tighter.
>It holds out its grey hand, expecting you to take it.
>"Don't listen to him friend."
>You look down at Muddler.
>"He may look like you...but that's because he is..."
>The [grey humanoid] emits a powerful light that causes Muddler and Diana to collapse in your embrace unconscious.
>The [grey humanoid] reaches his hand toward Muddler.

>What should we do?
>Attack the grey humanoid (Attempt) Even: Success, Odd, lose 1 Re-do
>Refuse its offer
>Accept its offer
>Use something in inventory
>Something else
So basically in Story Progressive it takes on more of a freeform roll.
Each instance is directed by the OP; after the initial story is given out and introduced to the characters the work there way through it.
So say there was a bunch of character called, "Niggy, Fliggy, Doodle, and Moodle" the story is given out and the OP says something like, "Okay so you guys awaken in a forest blah blah. You guys are tied to a tree and there's a dead body on the floor. What do you guys do?"
So then the OP asks each player what he wants to do to try and escape, Evens are successful, odds are unsuccessful, ect. Then they go along through the story this way with cool encounters and such.
It got REALLY popular on /b/ one time. These threads used to be really fun to do.
Neat! After I wrap this one up, I'll have to check it out.
Refuse it's offer. Tell him you will escape with him if he lets Scaly and Muddler live.
>>Refuse its offer
>>Use something in inventory

Dual entries. Didn't expect that.
I'll go with the common answer since there are differences in the responses.

>You frown at the [grey humanoid] and slap its hand away from Muddler.
>You shout back in your own mindscape.
>"Absolutely not! What gives you the right to kill these creatures?"
>The [grey humanoid]'s face contronts into one of rage.
>The [grey humanoid]'s arm shifts and changes into a long sharp blade and holds it to the base of your spine.
>It pushes the point of its blade onto your spine.
>You look down at Muddler and Diana and hold them close to you. The [pointed v] in your pocket begins humming with the [metal shard] Muddler has in his pocket.
>The [metal shard] combines with the [metal v] and becomes a [pointed W]
>You feel the blade pushing harder against your spine.

>What should you do?
>Attempt to dodge the blow (Attempt) Even: Success, Odds: Lose a Re-do
>Reason with [grey humanoid]
>Use item from inventory
>Something else
>Reason with [grey humanoid]
>>Attempt to dodge the blow (Attempt) Even: Success, Odds: Lose a Re-do
>>Reason with [grey humanoid]
Did Scully and Mulder do the examination? I'm guessing that the blacksuits did.
>You feel the blade ease up from your spine.
>"Listen, I understand that you are mad. But these humans, and the other ones you harmed. They did nothing."
>"Did they? Did they really? Or are you so filled with violence and hate that you saw fit to kill any that you saw?"
>You grip the [pointed W] in your grey hand, as your human face slowly melds into a grey humanoid one. Your eyes turn black and almond shape, your forehead extending and becoming bulbous.
>"Yes. I remember."
>"Our people are a peaceful race, we naturally seek to protect lesser beings."
>The [grey humanoid] scowls as it shifts its other arm into a blade.
>You point a long finger at it and begin eminating a bright light.
>"You however, are not like us."
>The grey humanoid begins eminating a bright light as well as it raises its blade arms at you.
>"You are a traitor to our people!"
>It launches its blade arms at you.

>What should you do?
>Release Light Wave
>Point [Pointed W] at it
>Something else
Release Light Wave, if he gets disorientated take the humans and run.
>You release your Light Wave at the same time he releases his.
>The combining forces clash with one another,
>You grab both of his blade arms with your bare hands, cutting you deeply.
>Muddler and Scaley wake up behind you, and jump back in shock at the scene currently happening.
>"RUN" you scream at them mentally.
>They get up and attempt to move, but the [grey humanoid] release two more arms from its back and attempts to grab them.
>You blast your Light Wave even harder and dislocate the [grey humanoids] joints.
>"DON'T JUST STAND THERE, RUN DIANA, RUN MUDDLER!" You mentally scream at them.
>They take the chance you've given them and run out the door.
>The [grey humanoid] lashes out in anger, as it flips, taking the brunt of your Light.
>You see his grey skin on his back burn and flake away into a black tumor.
>The [grey humanoid] erupts with limbs and leaps onto the ceiling, scuttling out the door in chase to Muddler and Scaley.
>You fall to the ground.
>You're exhausted from your attack, but you can't just rest here!
>Your friends are in danger!
>You hear gunshots from the corridor.
>You know that voice, it's Scanner!

>What should you do?
>Go out and greet him
>Mentally call out to him
>Chase after the [grey humanoid]
>Something else
Otherwise, point the W at it.
>>Mentally call out to him
Then follow, when you can.
>You call out to Scanner
>"It's me. I'm in the office close to you. Leave your men. We need to discuss a plan of action."
>You hear Scanner from outside the office.
>"You three, follow that creature, I'm going to see if agents Muddler and Scaley are all right."
>You hear footsteps run down the hall, and then the door opens.
>Scanner looks at you with a scowl.
>"You know, you were supposed to follow my lead."
>You cross your arms and float over to him.
>"Now is not the time to be upset."
>He chuckles and puts his pistol back into its holster.
>"All right then. Looks like your still on our side then."
>"You need to tell me everything you know about this other creature."
>Scanner frowns and sighs.
>"Do you think your kind hates our kind? I wouldn't blame them for it. We humans take and take, for the sake of wanting to better ourselves. That's just something we tell ourselves to feel better at night, in all reality we just want to consume and devour. We don't care who we destroy or hurt in the process. As long as we grow stronger, and live stronger."
>He slams his fist into the desk.
>"I told that bastard that nothing good would come of this. But he wouldn't listen, he said it would "Further humanity beyond comprehension." I should've listen to my gut and kicked him out right then and there."
>You take your finger and put it on his lips.
>"Shh. I understand. Humans are lesser creatures, but all humans are not evil. I need to know how to stop that creature."
>Scanner looks at you.
>"You're asking me? I thought you would know more than any of us would!"
>"When I was in your office earlier, it spoke to me. It said that I was shattered."
>You pull out your [pointed W]
>"These things, every time I touch one, I regain more of my memories. Where did you find them?"
>Scanner looks at it and his eyes dilate.
>"Oh my Lord. That means..."
>"Please, tell me where you got them!"
>"Listen, there are two more of those [metal pieces] HE has one of them, and the other is in [storage] along with your [craft]. We took it for..uh...well."
>"You don't need to explain. I understand."
>"Right. Anyway, that [creature] seems to hate those [metal pieces]. Even one was enough to scare him off, if you collect the other two...maybe it'll stop him for good."
>You look down at your [pointed W]
>"You mean kill right?"
>Scanner grabs your shoulder.
>"Look, your people may be different than mine, but my people are in danger. If you won't kill that creature..."
>Scanner cocks his pistol.
>"Then I will. Find the other two pieces, I'll do my best to keep that creature under control."
>Your heart fills with sorrow and confusion. Do you really have to kill something just like you?

>What should we do?
>"Where can I find storage?"
>"Where can I find HIM?"
>"No, let me chase after the [creature]"
>Leave without saying anything
>Something else
>"Where can I find storage?"
Seems that is the logical way to end this.
>"Where can I find [storage?]"
>"You just go down this hallway, and make a left. Just...keep in mind our storage is a bit more...different than what you expect."
>Scanner go to the door, and shoots you an incredibly forlorn frown.
>"Please. Don't hate us for it."
>He leaves you, [pistol] in hand.
>You grip your [pointed W] and fill yourself with resolve.
>You enter the [Hallway] and you can hear the echoes of gunshots and screams of humans ringing in your mind.
>You have to hurry.
>You quickly run down the [hallway] and see a body of a [men in black], missing his head, with chest wounds seeping blood.
>You try your best not to collapse at the sight, or think of your friends being trapped to a similar fate.
>You turn [left] at the end of the [hallway] and see an [open door].
>There are more bodies lying in the hallway between you and the [open door]
>You see [black oil] puddling on the ground of most of the bodies.
>This is clearly [storage] in front of you, but something is unnerving you.

>What should you do?
>Go into [storage]
>Use Light Wave [4 more remaining]
>Use item from inventory
>Go back to the [hallway]
>Something else
Use the item "badge" to throw it inside the storage room, see if anything happens.
>>Use Light Wave [4 more remaining]
It'll destroy the oil, right?
Going with this input after a temporary "Going out for sushi and trying to finish up final projects intermission"
Yes. However if we use up all our Light Waves, we'll die.
Also the ending will change depending on certain factors. Killing things, even little things is a factor in this.

For right now, the quest needs to be put on intermission until tomorrow though.
I can't be avoiding these final projects any longer or I'll be neck high in shit.
>tfw I also have work to do
>tfw still putting it off
Feels both good and bad. See you tomorrow.
Caught up on a few things, still have much to do though. I should be able to finish the game tonight.

Let me finish what Im doing right now, and I'll jump back on board
>You throw [bade] into the [storage] room and it lands with a solid thunk.
>The [black oil] seeping from the bodies of dead agents pool together forming a [black slime] and slithers into the [storage room]
>With that obstacle down you walk into [storage]
>You see the [black slime] on top of where your [badge] was.
>You do your best not to let it know that you are there.
>You walk further into [storage] and see some [lit rooms]
>There are surgical tables, strange and pointy machines and vats of liquid you don't even want to think about whats inside of them.
>You walk past a cage, and a scarred red [claw] reaches out.
>You jump back in shock as it begins to dawn on you.
>This isn't a storage room.
>This is a labratory.
>You look aside and see a [hangar bay] entrance.
>The [red claw] still knows that you are there.
>You are suddenly filled with a deep concern for the creature.

>What should you do?
>Free the creature
>Go to [hangar]
>Do nothing
>Something else.
>>Free the creature
Then leave.
Unless it has something to say?
Heal it.
>Overcome with grief and empathy for the [creature] you decide to free it.
>You focus a [Light Wave] at its door, and the [door] collapses.
>There is an eerie silence from the darkness of the [room]
>Suddenly a long [red tentacle] juts out of the room and grabs you around your waist.
>You try to grab ahold of something to prevent being pulled in, but the force of the pull is just too much.
>You dig your long spindly fingers into the cold tile, trying repeatedly to crawl away.
>You see a [man smoking a cigarette] walk up to you.
>"You know, we keep these things locked up for a reason."
>He steps on your fingers, and you let go in pain.
>The last thing you see is a beak filled with razor sharp teeth and talons.
>You remained true to your kind, but in those fleeting moments of sharp fang cutting into your skin and eyeballs, you realized that maybe it isn't best to act on that sentiment alone.
>The door slams shut as the sound of your devourment echo through the storage room.

>You have died.

You have 3 re-do's remaining.

Where would you like to restart from?
GG no re
>Go to [hangar]
Find the piece, pls.
>Although you are filled with sympathy for the creature, you decide its best to move into the [hangar]
>You hear the [creature] and decide to proceed a little faster.
>You open the [hangar bay] door and you see your [ship].
>You are filled with joy as it would seem that the end of your journey has finally come!
>You hear a slow clap in the [hangar room]
>"Well. I must admit, you've done an excellent job getting here."
>You see a [cigarette smoking man] walking toward you.
>"Although, you are ages late. I expected you here over an hour ago. What took you so long?"
>He blows a cloud of smoke in your face.
>You see in his free hand a [metal shard] and your brow furrows.
>"Oh, this? You'd like this wouldn't you?"
>He stares coldly into your eyes as he tilts his hand slightly and the [metal shard] falls to the ground.
>"Pick it up."
>You begin to feel anger filling up your body as he smirks at you, blowing another arrogant cloud of smoke in your face.
>"It's what you came her for isn't it? You get your four key pieces, stick it on the pedastel of your ship, and fly away right? Well, I'm not stopping you. Go ahead. Pick it up."
He blows another cloud of smoke in your face.
>"Unless of course...you've changed your mind. Then I wouldn't mind shattering your hopes right here."
>He begins to lift his foot over the [metal shard].

>What should you do?
>Pick it up
>Attack him
>Talk to him
>Something else
>Check the locket you picked up from Diana, see if he recognizes it.
>You take out [Diana's locket] and present it to him.
>"Hmm. So it would seem that you've met some of my...well...associates."
>He blows a cloud of smoke in your face again.
>"...and if you met her...then you've certainly met with Mr. Muddler then."
>He takes his foot away from the [metal shard].
>"And I'm more than certain that he told you his little variation of the "Truth."
>He discards his current cigarette and pulls out another, lighting it with some unseen flame.
>"Guess that the cat is out of the bag now. Go ahead, I won't stop you."
>You pick up the [metal shard] and more [memories] come flooding back to you.
>"So, you are telling me that we got it backwards?"
>"Yes. You have just given him an incredible amount of power. You will not be able to contain him with your earthly technology.
>"We have no interest in containing him, if what you say is true, he'll take your place on that table, and we'll take everything we possibly can from him. His spine, his blood, his organs, his skin. You'd needn't worry about containment friend."
>"Friend? I am no friend of humans like yourselves. Why would you do such a thing in the first place?"
>The scent of smoke fills your mindscape.
>"Do your people ever have war? Have you ever committed atrocities beyond reprehension?"
>"And what did you do? You climbed the heirarchy and instituionalized a system where you can reign supreme, free from the blood and murder of others correct?"
>The smell of smoke permiates your senses.
>"We're the same way friend. However, we just aren't at that point of control yet. We need...little pushes like this to help us further our goals along."
>"What do you plan on doing with me?"
>"Well, since you are one of our friends, I don't see a problem with you living the rest of your life as one of us naked savages."
>"What is that?"
>"This? Oh, you might remember it as a key of some sorts. Think of this...as your prison."
>Your vision turns to white as you regain your senses.
>The [metal shard] reacts to your [pointed w] and connects to one another, forming a [pointed diamond]
>You look up at the [cigarette smoking man.]
>"It's a shame really. I even had an office picked out for you."
>You have gotten your [fourth metal shard] and can now escape using your [ship]

>What should we do?
>Talk to [cigarette smoking man]
>Go to your [ship]
>Go back to [storage]
>Attack [cigarette smoking man]
>Something else.

With this fourth shard, you have also learned Telekinesis!
Telekinesis smoking man into the Squid cage.
>>Go back to [storage]
Did we ever the the shard from in there?
After that, we should go kill the other alien.
because he shattered you or something along those lines. because he is a shady motherfucker. because why not.
>Talk to [cigarette smoking man]
See if he knows about that other alien that tried to kill them.
>You stand back up, and outreach your arm to lift the [cigarette smoking man].
>This human, this...monster, is responsible for all of this. And as such, he must suffer the wrath of a greater being such as yourself.
>"Attempting to use telekinses on me friend?"
>He puffs a cloud of smoke in your face.
>"Sorry. In my line of work...I've come across some interesting things..."
>He begins to unbutton his shirt.
>"You know, my human body is about 70 years old. For humans, that is the age where the body begins rejecting you and shutting down. Leaving you a miserable shell of a person, left to rot inside your own flesh prison."
>He removes his shirt and throws it on the ground, as he takes another puff of his cigarette.
>"That isn't good enough for me. You see, people like me are ambitious. We find ways to circumvent this inevitibility. In that, we become greater than what we already are."
>He walks closer to you.
>"In a way, we become more than human."
>He lowers his cigarette toward one of the pulsating holes on his chest, and puffs a cloud of smoke into your face.
>"But...you probably already knew that didn't you?"
>You step back in shock as he chuckles at your surprise. His chest was a pulsating mound of flesh, tumor, and alien patchwork.
>He coughs as he picks his shirt back up, buttoning it up.
>"Then again. Ambition comes with a high price. You are more than welcome to try and stop me, however; I'm much more alien than you can ever imagine."
>He puffs his cigarette, and walks away.
>You are still in disbelief at what has happened.
>What should we do?
>Go after him and attack
>Go back to [storage]
>Go to your [ship]
>Something else
>Go to your [ship]
this nigga is fucking crazy.
Told you not to attack mystery man in a sci-fi green.
>You decide that you've had enough of this crazy planet and run to your [ship]
>You run your fingers across the metal exterior and feel a sort of familiarity.
>Here it is. Your ship. Your home.
>You walk up the ramp and are immediately flooded with a sense of comfort.
>You quickly head to the pilots chamber and stand over the ignition pedastal.
>There is a [diamond] shaped slot in the middle of it.
>You quickly pull out your [pointed diamond] and hold it in your hand.
>You fill with anticipation, knowing that your escape is but mere moments away.
>However, for a brief second you pause and look around the chamber.
>There is a cage that seemed destroyed on the floor.
>You touch it, feeling as if you have forgotten something..."

>What should we do?
>Insert [pointed diamond] into ignition (Ends the game)
>Go back to [hangar]
>Explore your ship
>Something else.
I'll bite
>Explore your ship
We need to save Mulder and Scully first.
>You decide to explore your ship.
>You leave the [pilot chamber] and enter the [bed chamber].
>The other rooms are blocked with [doors] with [indents] on them.
>You look every nook and cranny of your [bed chamber]. It would seem anything of use has already been pilfered.
>Even your hidden [jar of nourishment]. What would humans want with a jar of liquid protein enzymes?
>No matter, as long as the flux engine stills operates, you could still gain nourishment from the particles it emits. You'll live, but you won't be satiated.
>You look at [strange indent] on the wall.
>Its in the shape of a (W)
>You ponder on what you should do, as you spin your [pointed diamond] telepathically around your head.

>What should we do?
>Use telekinesis on your diamond
>Go back to [pilot chamber]
>Return to [hangar]
>Go to another [indented door]
>Something else
>Return to hangar
I want that last piece now.
Stupid completionist attitude
>You return to the [hangar] bay and see no one around.
>You can hear a commotion going on in [storage]
>This is your last chance to [escape] before getting involved with the [final battle]
>Do you wish to proceed?
>Yes [ go to storage]
>No [ go back to ship]
Yeah, let's go! We have 4 Light thingies. We can do this.
>>Yes [ go to storage]
>tfw tired
Make good decisions, friends.
>With conviction and resolve, you enter the [storage]
>All the lights have been broken, the rooms broken and shattered. The red claw that once stuck out at you, lay in a tangled ripped mess.
>You see the [shapeshifter] rampaging around the room as it remembers the torture that it was dealt in this [labratory]
>He begins slamming equipment against one another, keeping completely focused on it.
>He doesn't seem to notice you whatsoever.

>What should you do?

>Attack him with Light Wave [4 remaining]
>Attack him with Telekinesis
>Talk to him
>Sneak into [dead creature's room]
>Something else.
>Sneak into [dead creature's room]
>As the [shapeshifter] continues to rampage the [labratory] you sneak into the [dead creature's room]
>You look down at the [creature] It was essentially a humanoid squid with a crab claw. >You're relatively certain you've seen this species before, however you can't remember where.
>You look around the room and see a [metal shard] sitting on the [surgery table] in the back.
>Your heart jumps in excitement when you see it, and you rush over to pick it up.

>What do we do?
>Pick it up
>Wait for a second and survey the room
>Go back out and face the [shapeshifter]
>Something else.
Wait a sec, or else bad luck would ensure.
>You decide to wait a second before proceeding.
>You put a single foot into the room, when suddenly the surgical equipment begins automatically hacking and slashing at the table.
>You take your foot back out, and the automation stops.
>You put your foot back in, and the surgical equipment begins hacking and slashing again.
>What a curious puzzle.

>What should we do?
>Insert way to retrieve [metal shard]
>Face the [shapeshifter]
Use your telekinetic powers to attract the metal shard towards you?
Fun fact: This puzzle was supposed to happen earlier, however we did a bit of sequence breaking. We were supposed to feed the squid creature something that would protect it against the shapeshifter, and then ask its help to retrieve it, seeing how we didn't have telekinesis before.
That'll have an effect on the ending however.
>You lift your arm and levitate the [metal shard]
>You pull your arm back and bring it to you.
>The [metal shard] reacts to your [pointed diamond] and forms a [pointed star]
>One final memory comes flooding back to you.
>"HQ, HQ, We're going down!"
>"Roger Commander, is the package secure?"
>"Yes, I left it with Ensign My'tglikar...ENSIGN!"
>You rush over to the collapsed ensign, who was holding the cage in his claw.
>"Yes Commander?"
>"Commander, the energy field malfunctioned, I was making sure that it couldn't escape!"
>"Don't worry Commander, I put a blanket over its cage, it can't see us!"
>The ship suddenly lands into hard dirt and you, the ensign and the cage go flying.
>The cage crashes and lands, shattering it.
>A dog like creature escapes from it, covered in tooth, fang, tentacle and talon.
>"Ah. So it would seem that I am free."
>"Ensign. Back up immediately."
>The ensign was reeling from the crash on its hindquarters.
>"No need to tell me twice Commander"
>You pull your star and hold it to the creature.
>"I don't want to have to use this on you."
>The creature snarls at you.
>"Or what? You'll blow me to atomic ashes? Please. I know your kind. You wouldn't even kill the kind who murdered your family, let alone a pitiful creature like me."
>You press the center of the star.
>"Return to your cage. Now."
>"Make me."
>Suddenly the ship quakes as the flux engine shorts out.
>The creature jumps out the hull window and escapes.
>You jump out after the beast, nearly colliding with two flesh colored creatures.
>"Hold it! FBI!"
>You turn around and see the two flesh creatures pointing at you with metal things.
>You lift your arm out to telepathically communicate with them, when suddenly you see the Shifter leaping at them.
>"GET DOWN!" You stretch your arm trying to swipe the Shifter from attacking the woman when suddenly you feel an electrical shock going through your body.
>You collapse and your vision goes dark.

>You look back at the squid creature and are immediately filled with remorse.

>You have collected all 5 metal shards!
>You are now able to utilize your weapon!

>What should you do?
>Check on the [ensign]
>Face the [shapeshifter]
>Something else
We didn't really have something to give him though. Unless you want to tell me to bring the remains of the dead agents before coming to the storage.
In any case, check the [ensign]
Oh the solution earlier was to either feed him something from your inventory or sadly yes, bring him one of the dead bodies from before.

However this is one of those "Oh darn moments." Its just like your old computer games!

>You check up on the [ensign]
>His body has been slashed and chewed through, a green puddle of his blood pooling on the floor.
>You flip him over, and see that he had lost tremendous body mass, and had a large scar in his abdomen and his eyes had been removed.
>The humans...they vivisected his organs.
>You fill with rage as you swear that you will honor his death ceremoniously when you've returned to your planet.
>The [shapeshifter] can still be heard rampaging outside the room.
>This is it.
>The final battle.

>What should we do?
>Surprise Attack
>Calmly walk out and face the [shifter]
>Stay in the room
>Something else
>Calmly walk out and face the [shifter]
Let's go face the enemy anime style!
Your people don't have anime.
They have alien soap dramas made by Parcesiliums, so unless you extend your arms legs into a rising Repticus with a wide Zanatoon while displaying your Gorgax to attempt to woo the beast, we might as well do it Terran style. After all, you are married to the Overmind Federation and you are pretty sure that Tray'llx from Administration has a thing for you. Every day she change her skin hue when she answers the communicator for HQ.

>You walk out and open your arms.
>"I am here Shifter."
>The Shifter turns around and mimicks your pose, in your image.
>"So it would seem."
>"Let them go Shifter. I'll personally lighten your sentence if you surrender the humans and come with me."
>The shifter begins erupting with tooth, talon, tentacle and eyeball.
>It points a tendriled tentacle at you.
>He stretches his stomach, and expels a transparent sac where Diana, Muddler and Scanner were trapped in a viscous fluid.
>He chortles and spits up a piece of crab claw at your face.
>"ENOUGH SHIFTER!" You eminate with a bright light.
>"Release the humans!"
>You point your finger at the shifter.

>What should you do?
>Use Light Wave [4 remaining]
>Use Telekinesis
>Use Pointed Star
>Something else
File: PutinLaughing.jpg (62 KB, 748x374)
62 KB
>She changes her skin hue when she answers the communicator for HG
Let's use Pointed Star, test it out.
>You take out your [pointed star] and hold it to the Shifter.
>"Under the authority of the Overmind Federation I order you to release the humans immediately, and come with me."
>"You wouldn't have the zabnards to do it."
>Your eye twitches as you think back to the ensign and the bodies thrown and ripped in the halls behind you.
>You push the center of the star and it disassmbles.
>The [metal shards] fall to the ground as well as your face.
>The Shifter stretches its arms and shifts them into blades.
>It launches its arm toward you.
>Suddenly a field of electricity shoots up from the shards, forming a box around the Shifter.
>The box gets smaller and smaller, and you realize what is going on. The [pointed star] isn't a weapon, its a container!
>The Shifter begins smashing against the field. Its storage sac expels Diana, Muddler, and Scanner as the electrical field touches it.
>The electrical field closes in smaller on the shifter, smaller and smaller until with a final screech, it creates a tiny orb of energy.
>The metal pieces slam together around the orb.
>You pick up the pointed star and look at it.
>"Why didn't I do this in the first place?"
>You smack your forehead with one of your four arms.
>Diana, Muddler and Scanner sit up and dazed.
>"That...was pretty disgusting."
>"And you wanted to leave the Z-Files Scalely."
>"I'm still thinking I should shut it down."
>They all look up at you.
>"Hey! It's you!"
>Scaley runs up to you and gives you a slimy hug.
>Scanner looks aside.
>"Well, you got what you wanted. You should leave before the red tape goes up."
>Muddler comes up to you.
>"No matter what they say, you did a good thing here. I know humans can be monsters, but you haven't become one. If anything, you're more human than some of the people here."
>Scanner and Diana chuckle.
>You pocket the pointed star and wave farewell to your friends.
>You enter the ]hangar bay], when suddenly hundreds of agents rush in.
>You rush on board and run to the [pilot chamber]
>You pull out your [pointed star] and telekinesis it into the shape of a pointed diamond.
>You see agents rushing the vessel from outside.

>What should you do?
>Insert Star into Pedastel (End the game)
>Something else.
>Insert Star into Pedestel
It was a fun ride.
>You insert the Star into the pedestel.
>Suddenly a bright light flashes and blinds you.
>You wind up in a room where Diana, Scanner, Muddler, The Shifter, The Cigarette Smoking Man, The Ensign, The Men in Black, and also Unused Character number #3 are all clapping.
>"Congratulations Commander"
>"Congratulations Commander"
>"Congratulations Commander"
>"Congratulations Commander"
>You shake your head in disbelief.
>"But I, you, and, it... and...WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?"
>"A sliding door open and three grey humanoids enter the room, as the other characters salute them.
>"Very good Commander, we, the High Elders are sincerely impressed at your completion of your training." Said the first elder
>"Yes, you've completed the mission given, while maintaining protocal in apprehending the criminal subject." said the second elder.
>"You've even lived up to the ways of our people and did not kill anything, even though they had harmed you!" said the third elder patting your back.
>"I...but...my memories..."
>"Ah yes, the virtual data." The first elder takes your pointed star.
>"An ingenious invention Commander, you truly believed that you were the character of your own training" The second elder states as he levitates it around his head.
>"Yes, this tool will be of upmost importance in our future training of officers." Said the third as he pulled out a holopad.
>"Now, for your final grade and assignment."
>"You died twice, used one Light Wave, and failed to rescue the Ensign. However, you apprehended the criminal, escaped, saved the humans, and did not kill anyone."
>"Your final grade is an A-, and we are nominating you for a solo mission Commander."
>You are still trying to piece together all the points in your head.
>"Commander, its okay. See?"
>Diana puts her hand on your shoulder, you look up and see Tray'llx looking down at you with a Yellow Hue.
>"Yes, and the rest of your crew were a part of the mission as well Commander." Said the second elder, as they shifted into their various forms.
>"So...I devised this training?"
>"Yes and no Commander. We've always had this training, however it was you who invented this ingenious device! Without that, the training wouldn't have been as realistic as it was."
>You salute the high elders.
>"Sirs! What are my orders?"
>"We are communicating with some individuals on a blue planet 20 light years away, and it would seem like that they would need some guidance."
>You smile at your crew as they all salute you.
>"We'd like you to be the Ambassidor to Terra Commander!" They all shout in unison.
>"So what is your answer Commander?" The High Elders ask in unison.

Final Decision
Sure! Let's go for the happy ending!
>You salute your High Elders and look at your crew.
>"Yes! Of course! Thank you for the honors sirs!"
>"Very good. We have nothing but the highest expectations for you Commander." Said the first Elder.
>"As an ambassedor, we believe that you will need a capable staff to handle internal affairs." Said the second elder.
>"This is why we have decided to allot you an adminstrative assistant."
>"Commander, I sincerely request that I am your assistant for this mission!"
>Tray'llx comes up to you and salutes, glowing yellow with happiness.
>"Absolutely. Let's go together, to this strange alien world!"
>She glows purple and you embrace each other with your eight arms and exchange writhing slantarks.
>"Ah. To be young." said the first elder.
>"Perhaps we should start a colony on Terra as well." said the second elder.
>"And be colonists? I like the sound of that!" said the third elder.

>Meanwhile on Earth.
>Agent Scully sneezes and takes a tissue from Agent Mulder.
>"You know, local legends say that when you sneeze, someone is talking about you somewhere."
>"Oh please Mulder. You know I don't believe in that sort of thing."
>"Well, you'll get used to it when you work with me Scully. You'll get used to it."

>The camera zooms into the "I Want to Believe" poster on Mulder's wall as the end credits theme begins to play.


Game Over.

Good End.

All further quests under my name will be focused on the actual X-Files.

Thank you for playing!

No creatures were harmed in the making of this production.

File: 1460610705680.gif (1020 KB, 257x194)
1020 KB
1020 KB GIF
Neat story.
I rate 10/10
Probably want to do one of these later, see if I can with actual life stuff
Conclusion: Fun to interact and kept me entretained.
In my way, I mean.
Really enjoyed this, thanks.
Quick update.

We've been archived!
Thank you again for playing and see you in the future!
This was good.
More X-Files soon, I hope.

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