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You're a 6th gen tzimisce neonate, with a missing sire. Your sire has left you to manage your keep on your own, and in a fortnight from now, a very important vovivode meeting will take place.

Your sire's role was as an advisor in this meeting - something that's gonna be hard to replicate. On the upside, your sire had good relations with the southern Vovivode, Vasimil. It seems like vasimil wants to be on good terms with you as well.

You've been studying the journals of your sire to gather information about the earlier vovivode meetings, and together with what Vasimil has said, you've come to some understanding.

The cellar is still sealed, as you're worried what may be there. From what you can tell(hear), it's something big, and alive, but probably hibernating.

On the upside, You've acquired another ghouls, and repaired the tower on your keep, as well as found a way to brighten up the main room.

Pastebin with general info:


(archived thread, part 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/341062/ )
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We have 10 xp to spend! I'm not gonna post for a few hours, so I'm giving you some time to think about your choices.

Xp costs: (check in pastebin)

Upgrading an attribute: 4xCurrent
New ability: 3
Upgrading an ability: 2xCurrent
New discipline: 10
New in-clan discipline: 7
Upgrading an discipline: 7xCurrent
Upgrading an inclan/physical discipline: 5xCurrent
Upgrading willpower: current
also, Vissictude, animalism and auspex are our in-clan disciplines.
new discipline : auspex
new ability : etiquette

this should both be useful in a diplomatic meeting of sorts
While a point of etiquette is reasonable, we already have Auspex, rank 3. thus it'd cost 3x5=15 xp.
damn im a fucking retard
then change it to one point in vissictude
File: the dark age5.png (340 KB, 760x990)
340 KB
340 KB PNG

That's fine; we all fuck up from time to time.
It seems like the people in last thread were interested in vicissitude as well, so one point in that and one in etiquette is what we'll do.

You spend the following week practicing your manners, at first it seems silly, but it's apparent that your keeper knows how it's done; he's probably been watching your sire for many, many years.

Apart from that, you practice the fleshweaving arts Vasimil, inherent to your blood. at first it seems silly, but soon your understand what he means. It takes an awful amount of blood, especially as an novice, but it's truly like extended nature. You're still but a dabbler, but you can change the way how you look, or even mimic the appearance of someone else (given that they're not completely inhuman), but what's beyond that is far out of your grasp. Despite that you've fed, you have spent a lot of blood in the last days.

The ancient curse is still alive. (-1 blood, 14/30)

How do you spend the night? The Vovivode meeting is in just 10 days.

>hunt. Your body aches for blood.
>The cellar is still untouched.
>latin. We need to figure out a way to get someone who can teach us.
>other (write-in)

we need more blood now

also maybe find a way to look through the cellar door to see whats behiond
You thread out into the night, and like most of the times, you hunt in the village, without problems, like a marauder in the night. You spend the entire night going from house to house, grabbing the easy bites, the ecstasy of power and blood.

(+12 blood, 26/30)

When you finally return, you feel like a king of the night.

But the ancient curse is still alive.
(-1, 25/30)

When you wake, you decide that it's time to deal with what's inside the cellar. You bring an axe, and a small chop leaves a hole in the door. However, the other side of the door is pitch black, even with your enhanced sight, you can't see beyond the splinter in the wood.
You can smell however, and it gives a scent of flesh and blood inside.
with auspex we should be able to see if something alive or undeead is in there if its in vision radius

(not sure what roll)
Even your acute senses aren't complete, you can't see in total darkness. However, you still have aura sense.

You can tell an aura inside, no doubt, but you have no sense of it's shape, it seems to be everywhere. It spirals and twirls between colors, but all of them are dull, and none either yellow or green. Whatever is inside, isn't in a stable mental condition, that's for sure.

(Write-in what to do)
go full risk and open the door, but use some kind of light source

what would be needed to hear in the dark ?
I'm fairly sure you only need ears to hear in the dark.

If you're asking for darkvision.. You've heard that some vampires of other clans can do it, but that's barely more than a rumor. On the other hand, you know that some animals have amazing sight. Perfecting your Vicissitude arts could push you en route.

>go full risk and open the door, but use some kind of light source

If you were to open the door, enough light would pass inside from the stairwell to see, unless the cellar is gigantic.

As you try to open the door, you remember it's locked. If you're to axe it open, it'd probably not be much of a door to close. on the other hand, if it's something really dangerous inside, you don't think it'd pose much trouble.

Do you break it open?

>no (leave)
>no (other, write-in)
well lets just hope who ever is in there is too big to get out of the door

or alternatively have we searched the whole building for a key ? if not, do it now
If there is a key inside the building, it's very very well hidden.

You decide to axe down the door. It takes you a few minutes, but once you get it going, it's not long before it's barely ruble at your feet.

The Smell of flesh hits you with a wave as you break open the last of the door. Inside, almost the entire room is filled with a thin layer of stretched out flesh and skin, with three huge "pods" standing up, from it, spherical, about two meters tall. You can see, hear and feel an uniform heartbeat that pulsates. It seems as whatever is in the pods is hibernating. When you step on the fleshy floor, the three pods give of a very faint light, like big fireflies. It looks like they each contain a roughly humanoid form, all in fetal positions inside the pods, almost like cocoons. apart from the dim light, there is no reaction.

>explore further inside (pick one, pods, room, what's insid ethe pods)
>slowly back out.
look around the room, after that inspect one pod
You glance around the room, it's obvious that it's made with vicissitude. after some looking, you see another door, this made of iron grating, it too is locked, and you doubt you can force this one with ease.

You head over for the pods, and they're made of flesh with some chitinous material for stability. it has a small hole, looking roughly like a human mouth. Glancing at it a little longer, it seems like the whole pod is made of grafted humans, probably in plural. Your realization repulses you deeply.

Give me a courage roll. (4d10)
Rolled 7, 2, 10, 2 = 21 (4d10)

You're revolted, but you manage to keep your cool. as said before, the cocoons have mouths, but not really anything else. You come to think that they're perhaps blood-activated, as the mouths are wide open, gaping straight up. Glancing inside the pod, the shape is humanlike, at first glance, but it's too long, and you realize it has 3 pairs of leg, and an enormous mouth from head past it's first pair of legs. It looks like some god-forsaken catterpillar-leech-human combination.

(i'm off for now, not feeling all too well)
alright,see ya

you doing it well btw
Thanks! I've only mastered irl-games before. I feel i need to up my language a bit on the other hand, as it's not my first. Along with more pictures, i suppose. I never knew how awful it was finding pictures of castles and forests before.
well i didnt notice it that much, albiet im not a native speaker myself

but yeah i already assumed you had done something similar before
As you keep looking over this cellar, you wonder if you can use it for something. The beasts inside the pods are probably ghouls, most likely fed by the mouths on the pods. (as you check, all three have the same style of mouth, although all twisted in different ways. )

>leave them be for now, try to find a way past the iron grate door.
>leave them be, return to the keep. (write in about additional actions)
>try to feed one of the pods with a little of your blood.
>destroy the pods
>leave them be for now, try to find a way past the iron grate door.
Could we use Spirit's touch on the door in order to find where the key is or who made it?
>>leave them be for now, try to find a way past the iron grate door.

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